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The Nugget Dec 25, 1903

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Vol. I. No. 4
Poplar, B. C. Deoehrer 25,1903.
$2.00 A YEAR.
«HWfWMN»m«Mfm I °f .the Defiance    Royal Crown   Royal
5 NEWS OF THE MINES. * Prmce> P°ya' Kmg' ^"^ """
Between Gerrard  and. Kaslo, a distance of about 55 miles, there is a continuous mineral   belt   from   10   to 15
miles in width, on which locations h.ive
been made, some of them six years ago.
The earliest  locations were, of course,
copper or silver-lead,  as until the past
summer,   when  the  rich strikes   were
made on Poplar Creek,  more by accident than from any  other cause.    But
when the  high  gold  values  were obtained on   Poplar,   prospects were soon
located in every   part   of the district.
Much of the territory was of course run
over,  and  stakes  planted   where ever
sufficient  mineral  could  be  found on
which to make a location.
Orphan   Boy.     The   owners   of  the
claims Messrs. F. Kaiser, C. VV.  Hart-
man, Aug. Buffalo,  A.  O.  Ostby and
Theo.   Dufresne,  intend  to   syndicate
and do the development  on the whole
group at  one point.     The  main lead
runs   through   the   Defiance,     Royal
Prince, Royal  Crown and   Mammoth.
This is four  feet  in  width and carries
high values in gold, with  a  small percentage in copper.    The lead lies between porphyry and  schist.     Surface
work has been done on all these claims.
On the Royal  King and  Orphan Boy
there is also a four foot lead which carries high values.
About   ten   miles   from   Poplar,   on
Meadow Creek are agroup of claims—
six  in   number—known  as  the Great
Britain group on which  between seven
and eight thousand  dollars  have been
expended in development.    This group
is owned by Greenhow and Larkin, the
former a   Montana  mining   man  and
the latter of Spokane.    The claims are
crown granted.    About 300 feet of tunneling and sloping  have been   done.
There are two leads on the group, one
4 and the other 12 feet in width, catry-
ing gold,   silver,  copper and  lead, a
sample from which sent lo the Spokane
fair assayed  $155  in all  values.    On
the same lead Joseph Carton and J. VV.
Power own   four claims,   the Hidden
Treasure, Last   Chance,   Copper  King
and Mountain View.    On this group a
tunnel has  been   run  103 feet, besides
crush-cutting  on    the   surface.      Also
the North   Star  fraction,  on the same'
lead, located by Carton, but since transferred to J. W.   Power,   of McGuigan.
Mr. Canon  also owues a one-half interest in three claims south  of and adjoining  the  Mammoth,  of the  Great
Britain group.    The lead runs through
two of them.    There is another lead
running at   right  angles  lo  this and
carrying high values  in gold.    Development consists of a tunnel 97 feet and
open cuts.
About two miles below this group,
on Meadow Creek, Andy Erickson
made locations some six years, ago on
a lead assaying frOm $10 to $52 in
gold. The formation in all these
groups is a contact in schist and
On the middle branch of Cooper
Creek, on the pass going to Whitewater, a lead of copper bearing ore has
been located carrying a good percentage in values and is about 20 feet in
The Kokanee group, on the divide
between North Meadow and Cascade
Creek, is another promising group,
which has been crown granted, and
carries silver-lead values.
W. F. Teetzel has purchased from
Frank Carlson and Simon Plaff, the
Golden West and the Crown King mineral claims in the Poplar creek section.
They are located only a short distance
from Poplar and adjoin the Sweede
group on the north and are next to the
Walker and Carlson Group. The price
paid was a good sized one and the payments run over a period of nine months.
The tunnel of the Lucky Jack is now
in about 270 feet.
Jno. Fostell left Wendsday for Halcyon, where he will  remain  a  month.
A. Garvey left on Wednesday for
Rossland, where he will spend the holidays.
John Hambly's new store building
on First street will be completed next
One of 'he neatest butcher shops in
Kootenay is that of Ostby, Jost & Co
in Poplar.
Parson Smith delivered a discourss
on the immortality of the soul, Sunday
afternoon. .
A meeting of the Poplar branch of
the Provincial Mining Association will
be held Friday evening, January 8.
VJ. H. Lee, representing Reisterer &
Co., brewers, Nelson, was in camp
D. P. Barsalou left on Mondav's train
The property is in a good  location and 1 for Ferguson where he will  do  assess-
has some excellent  surface  showings,   ment work on his claims.
It is probable that a joint  stock com-      r#   j.    Martin   left   Wednesday  to
pany, made up largely  of local people,  spend ihe holidays  with  his  family at
u ill be formed to operate the claims.— Atnsworth.
Nelson News.
>*. j»i. •»■■«>■"-
Larry Hickej came in Monday from
the beconJ Crossing. He had a number of samples from the Maple Leaf
and Shamrock claims, owned by himself and Jas. Delartey. On the claims
are three leads, one a free-milling ore
and the others galena. It is the intention to work the ptoperties all winter.
The claims are about a half mile from
the Second Crassing.
B. Crilly, assistant manager of the
Gieat Morthern Mines, came in on
Monday and left for Camborne on
Wednesday. All the properties of the
company are showing up well with development. Although the mill at Camborne has not been working on the
richest ore, it is expected the clean-up
will be a good one.
Next week development will be commenced ort the Royal group o( clarms
on Meadow creek,    The group consists
On the group of placer claims south
of the town the shaft is now down 25
feet. It is expected that bed-rock will
be reached in the next ten feet. Some
very rich specimens of float have been
taken out, and considerable fine gold
has been found in the last five or six
Prospect work is being done on the
Swede group at about 300 feet below
the apex of the lead with excellent results. Fifteen tons of ore were shipped
this week to the company's stamp
mill at Camborne.
A contract has been let to run a 25-
foot tunnel on ihe Bertha K, aneasterly
extension of the Lucky Jack.
The tunnel on the Home Run is in
30 feet. Work has been discontinued
until after the holidays.
for president, vice-president and secre
tary-treasurer.     The   officers elected
were:     President,   E.    M,   Morgan;
Vice-President, Frank  Holton ; Secretary-Treasurer, E. L. Masterson.   The
election of executive committee was deferred until the annual meeting, which
will be held on the 8th  January 1904.
After the organization was completed
Mr. Keen made a short speech outlining the work which  had been done by
the Provincial Association, and  its policy for the future, after which a membership roll was opened.    Nearly all
present became members of the association and paid the membership fee which
was placed at $1 per annum.
A vote of thanks was tendered Mr.
Keen for his efforts as official head of
the Provincial association, in bringing
to the notice of the government the requirements of the mining camps of the
The local branch bids fair to become
one of the strongest in the province,
and there is no doubt but that much
good can be accomplished by every one
joining and giving their support to the
officers of the organization.
The membership will be in the hands
of Mr. E. L. Masterson, the secretary,
and all having the interest of the camp
at heart shoo'J become members.
~"J. ot. Harris will commence work
on the electric light plant the begin-
of next month.
A. O. Ostby left Wednesday for
New Denver. He will return Wednesday next, bringing his family with him.
Henry Magnusson was in Nelson the
past week en route to Southern California, where he will spend the winter.
Young scotch couple, want situation
in hotel or camp. Can do anything in
their way. Address, W V., Nelson post-
Oscar Nelson, Orange Hamilton,
Wm. Schmock and G. G.% Day are
spending the holidays in Trout Lake
and Ferguson.
Jas. and Bert. Cameron, sons of J.
J. Cameron, came in from Nelson on
Wednrsday to spend the holidays with
their parents.
Tuesday last A. O. Ostby purchased
Oscar Johnson's interest in the Miner's
hotel. Eric Strand also disposed of his
interest to Hansen & Ostby, who will
in future conduct the business,
Mayor Archer of Kaslo came in Monday and left Wednesday. The firm of
Archer & Hodder will commence building their new store in Poplar early in
Mining Association.
A meeting to form a branch of the
Provincial Mining Association was held
in the reading room of the Grand hotel
Friday evening. There were about
fifty persons present. John Keen,
president of the Provincial Association,
was elected  temporary chairman and
1 *•■•» *«*«**. .•    *-
Trades Committee.
Poplar Trades Committee was called
to order at 8 o'clock on Monday evening, with President McQueen in the
shair. The minutes of the last meeing
were read and approved.
It was moved by Mr. Keen and
seconed by E. M. Morgan that a committee be appointed tc make out a list of
appropriations we require from the
Provincial government on roads, trails
and bridges. The committee to report
at a meeting of the Trades to be held
Thursday evening Dec. 24th. The
motion was carried, Messrs. Keen,
Morgan, Chataway and Strand were
appointed. Mr. Keen very generously
offered to donate a certain tract of land
(inside the townsite limits), to the town
for recreation grounds, and asked that
three trustees be appointed to hold the
deeds from the townsite. Mr. E. M.
Morgan moved and seconded by Geo.
Hambly that three trustees be appointed to accept Mr. Keen's generous
offer and hold the papers for the town
until the town is incorporated. Messrs.
Edward Baillie, Alfred McQueen and
E. L. Masterson were appointed as
trustees. Moved by Geo. Chataway
and seconded by E. M, Morgan that a
vote of thanks be extended Mr. Keen
for his generous donation to the town.
The motion was unanimously carried.
A number of communications were
read and placed on file. Moved by E.
M. Morgan and seconded by Mr. Keen
that the meeting adjourn-until Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. The meeting
to be held in' Mr. Baillie's office.
Messrs.   E.   Baillie,   J.   Keen, A. G.
George Chataway temporary secretary.
Mr. Keen explained  the objects of the  Johnston were added  to the member-
association and called   for nominat ons   ship list. Poplar, B. C, Dec. 25, 1903.
Is published every  Friday at Poplar, B. C.
and i» »ent to any address for &2.00 a year.
Commercial advertising is *1.50 an inch for
four insertions. Reading notices 15 cents a
line each insertion. Legal advertising 10
oents a line first insertion, and 5 cents a line
oaoh subsequent insertion. Certificate of
Improvement notices, *7; Delinquent co-
owner notioes, $10. Address all letters to The
Nuoobt. Poplar, B. C.
B. T. LOWERY, Phowuktor.
A number ot business men are advocating the incorporation of Poplar.
We believe it is a little too soon to
think of incorporation, and nothing
could be gained by such a course.
The prospector has a nature that is
heroic. He abandons the comforts
and luxuries ot home and civilization
and with a pack on bis back he
he plunges into the wilderness in
search of treasure. He spends the
best part of his life fighting the ele
ments, dodging silver tips, and buck
ing the evil effects of doughy bannocks and mildewed sow belly.
Once in a while he blazes a trail that
leads many to fortune, while too
often his share of the wealth is dissipated swiftly against the three things
that gild every camp with a touch ot
hell. No government officer, or city
mining paper warns him that he is
taking awful chances against an
untried formation. Oh, no; they
have nothing to do with the poor
prospector. When he does discover
a country that shows unmistakable
signs ot natural wealth, they too
often deery his offorts towards inducing capital to assist the good
work that he has commenced. Possibly afraid that some fat millionaire
might lose a few dollars in developing a claim that would pinch Such
officials and papers are willing that
the poor prospector should take all
the risks and then be damned tor attempting to sell their property.
The legislature has 'Jshut up" for
the holiday season.
The Nugget is not getting out a
special holiday number thin year,
but copies of ''Float" can still be had
at 50 cents each.
Peace and good will is a very nice
sentiment, but with a Dominion election coming on in a few weeks, it is
just as well not to be too outspoken
in our praise of those of a opposite
political faith.
Now that the Nelson Tribune predicts the expulsion of two members
of the McBride government from a
secret organization, it is difficult to
determine where the Houston "incident will end. A bas the perfidious
McBndeites 1
John H. Tonkin, late manager of
the Crow's Nest Goal company, appears to have the happy faculty of
keeping his name prominently before
the public About a year ago he was
having bouquets thrown at him by
the papers of British Columbia because he kept a gain* of detectives
watching the company's mines. Now
he is receiving free puffs from the
same source because the detectives
are trying to get within watching
distance ot him.
Duncan Ross, publisher of the
Greenwood Times, is one of the candidates for the Liberal nomination in
Yale-Cariboo. The other two candidates are lawyers. The Nugget
favors Duncan, the man from Bruce;
not because he is a Liberal, for
he is that by heredity; not because
he is an editor, for he is that on account of a natural inclination to
benefit mankind; but because he is a
good judge of oatmeal. If elected,
Mr. Ross will make an able and conscientious representative.
Now that the "peace and good
will" season has arrived, the Nelson
Conservatives might arrange for another convention.
Hon. Clifford Sifton will doubtless
consider his Christmas dinner a very
cheap affair in view of another contest in Brandon constituency.
The meeting Friday night to form
a branch of the Provincial Mining
Association was all that could be desired in both numbers and enthusiasm.
New Wertminster has an artesian
well. Any one who has been there
in the winter season might reasonably
consider an artesian well the least of
the necessities of that city.
The Nugget wishes a Merry Christmas to all its subscribers who have
paid; to all who have subscribed and
haven't paid; • and also to those who
haven't subscribed and wouldn't pay
it they did subscribe.
The B. C. Mil.ing Record roars
about Pool's methods ot conducting
his business, but it fails to tell of the
many weary months he spent in
prospecting the Lardeau, and the
many men in Revelstoke, Calgary,
Macleod and other places who are
rich today trom their belief in Billy
Pool. A paper that knocks those who
are using exery effort to make something ot this very rich country befouls its own bank account; and sows
within itself a germ that will eventually push it over the dump.
The Nugget is still $2 a year.    No
one can afford to do without it.
Few men are appreciated until they
take up their resilience in a  cemeterh.
Fortunate is the man who doesn't
have one-half the trroubles his neighbors think he has.
Does This
Interest You?
We offer Rio Coffee of
best quality, fresh roasted :
6 pounds $1.00
50 pounds, per pound.  16
100 pounds, per pound.  15
Kootenay Coffee Co,
* *
I Queen Cigar Store §
*         — IM NELSON  to
The Poplar Laundry
And Bath House.
Send CA Cents
And get a copy of
Written and compiled by
Address all orders to The
Ledge, New Denver B.C.
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rV.*\   ' '       '
Sells many kinds of goods, including
Groceries, Provisions, Hardware,
Tinware. Canned goods of rare
quality always in stock. Supplies
delivered to any part of the city.
Postoffiee in the building, and mail
sent to any part of the universe.
In New Denver
Is ope of the cosiest hotels in
the Slocan for a man in
search of food, drink or a
downy couch.    Ask for
when you get inside the door.
Is convenient to the depot and has accommodation for 50 quiet guests. The nerve-
bracers in the bar are free-milling, and an
orchestra provides music while the guests
are at dinner. The landlord has studied
human nature from Brazil to Alaska and
knows the way to make a stranger feel at
home. FRED KAISER, Proprietor. THE NUGGET.
Poplar, B. C, Dec. 25, 1903.
Is the oldest hotel in Poplar,
and adjoins the C. P. R. depot.
The wet grocery department
contains pare goods, any brand
of which will produce optimistic
[Boundary mines   shipped   75,000
wot ore last month.   This passes
II previous records; -*■ -   ;
For the four months ending October,
utada exported 15,023,000 lbs. ot
>pper valued at $1,433,000.. ...
The North Star,. £'«st Kootenay
thirty men wdfkiBg. Shipping
to be resumed in the near future.
Hydraulic machinery  on an ex
jnsive scale is to be installed at the
fa|l river mines. *
The Jumbo  mine,   Rssland   re-
;ntjy shipped 125 tons ot op; »o the
| ran by  smelter.\  Thfc is  the firtt
upmetit from Rowland to Grand
The old vein at the Reco is being
[ereloped again. * Work on it was
upended in 18 *7 and not resumed
[mil recently. Some ot the richest
liver lead ore ever mined was taken
>m this lead, arid is showing up
|eU|s ^am.
U is now* estimated that the total of
he ore shipments of the  Boundary
|»r thnfull year frf 1903 will be about
J75,0C0 loiis, or about one-third more
lan for the previous year
Active diamond drilling at the Vol-
into mine, x>n the North Fork of
Settle  river,   has  been started by
>yles Bros., the contractors.    Alex.
lead, M. E.,of Marquette, Mich., has
frrived in the Boundary to assume
ie positirn of engineer for the syndi-
ite that lately bonded the Volcanic.
Five years ago ten cars of coke a
fay Was sufficient to do all the smelt-
ig in the Kootenay. It now takes
arty of coke to supply the demand,
that instead of a pile' as big as the
Canadian Pacific railway siatton
[hoveled into the firebjxtsof the land
tnd marine engines every day,
British Columbia transportation commies will daHy use a pile ot coal
[hree times as large in five years.
The Snowshoe company will erect
smelter at their mine, in the Boundary, next year.
The tunnel on the Chicago, near
>andon. has cut the vein, exposing
fwo feet of galena.
The second clean up from the Eve
ftamp mill, at Camborne, has yielded
>ld bricks valued at over $6500.
On the Rossland claim of the
Oyster-Criterion group the three and
>ne half foot lead gives average val-
The Thunder Hill Group, at the
head of Fre Valley, has been sold to
the Lightening Peak Milling Company for a large sum.
Says the Sandon Standard: "Word
reached town last Sunday ot an important strike made a few days before at the Rumbler.   While extending development in the 700 fort level
a two and a half foot body ot ore was
broken into which assays between 150
and 200 ounces ot silver to the ton.
Little was said about the matter at
the time, Manager Zwicky being desirous of defining the extent of the
new body before it was known on the
outside.   Drifting was immediately
commenced and   its condition  has
every appearance ot a  permanent
character.     This  makes the  third
rich strike  on  that property since
early in the summer, which  proves
beyond doubt  the stability ot this
noted mine. No dividends were paid
the past year, the money being put
to better advantage by thoroughly
developing the property."
 »—i '■—"- ;—
The new assessment act ot the government; is being very severly criticized by the various people interested
in railways, lumber, farming, etc,
who will come within the scope of its
operation. Whatever may be the
result ot the numerous amendments
proposed, it is to be hoped that s jme
method will be evolved of making
collections, so that in the future, all
those who should contribute to the
maintenance of government in the
province, be made pay their quota,
be made pay in a reasonable time,
and that the provincial taxes should
not be allowed to awttmulateV—Nel
son Tribune.
Love can neither be bought nor sold
but it can be exchanged.
When a man deserves respect he
does not need to look for it.
Don't owe your neighbor a grudge;
cancel the debt at once.
Some females are relegated to the
spinster class because of their cuteness.
Sleep as long as you can, but employ
your time judiciously while you are
When the downpour is heavy and the
clouds are black people somehow lose
interest in the silver lining.
Notary   and  Commissioner
Wholesale Merchants
Starkey & Co., JSSrfi \
Fruit. EggB, Bacon and other Provinion*.
A. R. Heyland, fiSflS
vejor, Kaslo.
D. J Robertson & Co.
The art of keeping the  mouth  shut
should be taught in every school. ,
General Jlerchant
Mining: Supplies,
Dry Goods,
Gents' Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes,
Groceries.       Agent for
Hamilton Powder Co.
Bring You
to this office. It will not hurt
you, and will help the editor to
live in luxury.
k*3MK<t %%%*!%*
Furniture Dealers and
Funeral Directors.
It is the coming City at the Second Crossing.
Wholesale dealers in Wine, Beer, Liquors and
Cigars. The famous Pabst Beer always in
stock.     A  special line  is  Dawson"s  Extra
Special Scotch Whiskey
This noted fluid is a nectar fit for the gods
and Poplar pioneers, and a sip or two of it
will bring surcease of sorrow to any soul
weary of bucking bitter fate.
v I
Poplar, B. C, Dec. 25, i9°3-
* The *
Best Henu in the City
Bed Rooms Large and
■• j
We Sell Liquors
Just as They
Gome from the
Jacobson & Anderson.
A Merry Christmas to all readers of
The Nugget. ,
Casey & Murphy will open their hotel
at ihe Second Crossing on New Year.s
day. '
Building operations are at a standstill owing to the delay in lumber arriving.
Case7 & Murphy of the Second Crossing gave their friends a swan dinner
Sunday last.
A dairy has been started in Poplar,
and the "condensed" will soon be out
of the running.
A. E. McDougall has a car oi' lum
ber on the   road   somewhere between
Grand Forks and here.
John Keen left on Wednesday for
Kaslo, where he pill remain during the
holiday season.
George Morgan left for Ferguson on
.esday, where he expects to reducing the winter.
& G. Woodward,^ publisher of the
Lardeau Eagle, passed through town
Monday on his way to Nelson.
Jim McDonald, the contractor, passed
through town this week on his way to
Nelson to spend the holidays.
Jpl the copies of Float sent to this
office have been disposed of, but another consignment is expected in this
£. M. Morgan, superintendent of the
Lucky Jack and Swede groups, will
commence the erection of a residence
as soon -as lumber arrives.
The time is near at hand for good
resolutions. Those who have any
second-hand resolutions lying around,
should stuff them off to make room for
the new stock.
D.J. Robertson & Co. of Nalson,
will give special rates to Poplar and
Lardeau purchasers of their furniture.
They have the largestjstock in Kootenay
to choose from.
R. T. Lowery has issued the first
number of the Poplar Nugget. It is
brimful of interesting matter relating
to the new gold fields. It bears the
earmarks of Lowery's breezy style.—
Greenwood Times.
A letter has been received at this
office from North Dakota asking the
selling price of Great Northern Mines
shares. The writer states that he is
the owner of 1500 shares of the company. The par value of the shares is
$1 each. All the stock placed on the
market has been subscribed, and local
(holders, as a rule, do not care to sell,
as it is believed the stock will advance
rapidly. It is very probable that the
stock will double in value in six months.
However, if the Dakota man wishes io
sell he will have little difficulty in disposing of his stock at par;
The Records.
Following are the records made at
the Poplar office during the past week:
Dec. 19.—Royal Crown, Meadow
creek, Theo Dufresne.
Royal King, C. W. Hartman and
A. O. Ostby.
Orphan Boy,  Meadow creek, A. O.
Ostbv. ,
Dtc. 22—Defiance, Meadow creek,
C W, Hartman and T. Dufresne.
mammoth Ledge, Meadow creek,
Fred Kaiser.
Royal Prince, Meadow creek, Aug.
Buffalo. '
Few men are appreciated until they
take up their residence io a cemeterh.
Fortunate is the man who doesn't
have one-half the trrouhles his. neighbors think he has.
I s
2 Has cocktails for the nervous, J
2 beer for the delicate, whiskey 8
5 I
9 for the   hardy   mountaineer, J
§ and cigars for. those who pre-
S fer narcotic to alcoholic stimu-
8 lants. S
2 aae—f Inflate •       -   Baauuer j
ffl Poplar  Transfer Co
)H| Freight moved to any pan of theclty oi*he
\f\ hills.   A heavy  team of horses and a
JL* string of husky mules always at the ser-
Wi vice of the public.   Lots cleared in any
■JJ part of townsite.
Poplar Townsite
See Future Ads.
The Miners Hotel
Kaslo Hotel
Kaslo, B. C.
Is a pleasant halting place
for pilgrims on their way to
Cockle & Papworth.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and w orks for permission to
J purchase the following landtt, situate in
kootenay district on Lardo rirer. about
three-quarters of a mile east of Lake creeks
Commencing at a post planted about three
quarters of a mile east of Lake creek and
about eighty chains from the Lardo river,
marked " John J. If alone1 s North- West Corn er
Post," thence east SO chains, thence south 40
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenoe north
40 ehains to the point pf commencement.
Dated December 12th, 1006.
Hanson Strand & Johnson.
Dominion Hotel
Has ample accommodation for a
large number of people. The table
is supplied with the best in the market. The bar contains the popular
brands of liquid tonics and cigars.
Hambly & Nelson.


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