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 1 /vw> ^ *
Surrey Times.
No. 19.
Vol. 1.
agent for the celebrated
Raymond Sewing Machines
end in future will carry n stock of llio Latos Stylos of Machines, also
Needles, Oil, &c, &o,    Prices aro so low ana terins so easy tbat
it will not pay you to bo without one.
Every Machine Guaranteed.
still selling
Stoves at Cost.
Hardware, Paints (fe OllB, Tinware, (.iriinltown.ro, otc,
A. GODFREY, New Westminster, B. C.
Parnell & Gunn,
The Westminster Grocers
and Feed Merchants.
Call and see them, and Save Money
when in Town.
Opposite C. P, It. Station, 807 Columbia St., Westminster, B. C.
Wm. Johnston,
in all grades of
Sole agent for the celebrated
English "K" Boot.
tw oca  rnices leave   Competition
out or SIUHT.
Pl'HLlC   UnRAKV   H('ILD1\0|
New H.stlHIn.ler, B. C
-   ■    •■
2s h-vv whstminstbr:
Manufacturers of and dealers In
Rough & Dressed Lumber,
Mtbi 8hInRlc«, Mould I u», l'lnln mnl Kniiry I'lckot*. \.aatr. Window*-, .Frame*, Bllndi, TuruvO
Work, etAiendlll kimUof Interior nnljnt l'lnin mnl Curved lunteli, Piore nnd omco
Flttiiiit*. Fruit iutd Unlmon t)o*c»; Nvt-HontR, &c; Importer* nf PUte, Fancy ind Com mon
Window liln.s.   l*fe. Viir.li mid •VnrcbotiKt, Columbia Street Wett
R. JARDINE. Local Manager.
And General Merchandise,
MAlrl STREET) CLOVERDALE, (Corner McLlellan Road).
floods alj frcsil and ot Ibe choicest quality:   New stock constantly
Hrriviilg.   Prices down to lowest notch, on the basis of "small profits
and quick returns.'1   gmT" (live us a trial.
i •     • ,- ii   ■
Get the Best Foot-wear You  Can !
The Cloverdale Shoemaker,
Makes Boots and Shots to order, and guarantees all work turned oilt
8tr Repairing: promptly «tl»nrl»f> it, «n s'hMr'k tmiatli
Mikh Hoover, of Ferndulo, WuhIi.,
in visiting with Miss McMillan.
it. L. Laffebh, li. A., has beep
appointed teacher of (lie Steveston
Tiik pastures aro getting driod
up and the cows aro falling away
In their milk.	
Du. Suthkhlanii is groatly improving bis rosklonco on King
street by the addition of an arlbitic
verandah and other improvements.
For all kinds of Seeds, Grain, Chopped Feed, Flour, Meals, So., go to the
Brackman S Ker Milling Company,
543 Front Street, New Westminster.
Cai't. Anphkw Hamilton, honorary secretary of tho East End
London Emigration Society, now
in Victoria, expects to vlf.it Cloverdale, Nicomekl and Hall's I'rairie
beforo returning Imino.
Mn. John McMillan, of Whatcom, who makes annual business
trips to Cloverdale, in quest, of
watches ntul clocks to repair, called
Upon old acquaintances on Tuesday, having made the trip up by
Tiik weather during the past
week has been dry and warm. Rain
would be of considerable benefit to
tho growing crops, but the indications ure that harvest will get here
first. A good many farmers in this
vicinity will commence cutting
next week.   ^_^__
The Bettlers of Hall's Prairie are
making a stout effort to obtain
shipping facilities at White Rock
with Victoria. On Monday a deputation consisting of Messrs. C. D.
Moggridge and H. T. Thrift went
to the capital to try and interest
prominent parties there in the enterprise. We did not learn the result, but hope they Were successful
in their negotiations.
The ietter in this issue from Mr.
R. 8. Yeomans, of Surrey Centre,
contains a suggestion well worth
consideration. Our modesty prevents ub from 'Strongly advocating
a proposal of personal advantage
but certainly official Surrey might
do worse than expend a bunds*!
dollars in makihg known the superior advantages of the municipality as a. field for immigration.
Wk had o call on Wednesday
from Mr. T. Nosse, Consul at Vancouver of His Imperial Majesty of
Japan. Mr. Nosse, who has been
an extensive traveller) is taking a
trip through Surrey and adjoining
municipalities to inspect the agricultural resources of the district,
and is much pleased with appearances so far. He iB accompanied
by Mr. Wm. Shannon, of Vancouver) an old settler here) and whose
acquaintance with the coUhtty is
certain to add interest to the trip.
TilE Indian Boston Tom, who
was so badly slaSlifed by Cowichan
Jimmy a few weeks ago at Douglas,
has been taken to Westminster,
where with proper food he has a
better chance of recovery. The old
man was existing under pretty
tough conditions at the Douglas
camp. If he gets better, which is
doubtful, he Will be prosecuted for
a murder committed twelve years
ago, A number of Indians went
to the train tb See Boston Tom off,
and his daughter) Mrs. Cowichan
Jimmy; cried lustily.
PARTIES needing ntirseri1 stock
will do well to read the advertise-
meht of Slirrey Nurseries in another column. It is a sound principle
to patronise home industry. Mr.
Robertson has premises thoroughly
adapted to the propagation of vigorous frUlt trees, iintl with hie experience In the business there is nil
reason why the nurseries at Tine:
head should not develope large pro;
portions. A great many young
fruit trees must be grown to plant
the orchards that will some day
grace the high lands of the coast
district of B. C.
i'uiNiis are certainly very dull in
Surrey, and cash deplorably soarce,
yet every one finds employment of
sumo sort, and no one needs to go
buiigry. One noods to visit tlio
cities to hoar a continued wail of
bard times, whilo compared with
parts of Ontario this country is
nourishing. In the neighborhood
of Woodstock, Ont., cows are selling
at |'2 lo $5 each, and sheep for 00
cents to 11.
Tiik annual exhibition of Delta
Agricultural Association will bo
held at Ladnor on Wednesday,
October Kith. The Delta show is
usually ono of tho best rural exhibitions in the Province, and a
particularly lino display of produce
may be looked for this year,
Me. J. W. Kino, the new teacher
for Cloverdale school, arrived by
this morning's train, and will enter
upon his duties on Monday. Mr.
King holds a first class Grade B.
certificate, and has had several
years' experience in this Province.
He Is unmarried.
Anyone wanting to procure
black currant bushes may obtain
thom at half the Usual price by applying at this office. There are
five or six hundred vigorous plants
available Will exchange for
potatoes.       _____
The moths of the tent caterpillar
have been depositing unusual quan
tities of eggs on the fruit trees here
during the past couple of weeks,
They may be best destroyed when
the leaves are off.
Mn. J. MotiTON, of Clayton, is
civilizing the landscape by the
erection of a commodious bank
barn on bis fine (arm, adjoining
the Great Northern railway.
Master Lloyd Siiannok, of Vancouver) has been visiting with the
children of Mr, Galbraith. They
were old neighbors in the terminal
If yoU want W, bny Flour; Grain,
Chopped Veflch, Bran, Hhorta, Rolled
Oal.,dtei, Ac, .tther whol.aal.or r.tnilfl
try You.Ull sfe Hlnclalr, Front Sire.,,
New Waatntlnater.
TiiltEK tramps have been camping this week Under a box-car of
the Great Northern that is sidetracked here, front whfence they
made periodical tripe around the
neighborhood for "grub." One of
thtm overreached on Tuesday. He
went to a house where lib had been
geniirbusly treated, and finding no
one at home, boldly entered the
kitchen nnd clbsfed the door after
hilll. He was arranging for a big
supply, but the lady of the house
had witnessed the game from the
other sidti of the garden; and put
iii nn appearance to the utter discomfiture of the tramp; who was
obliged to make tracks empty-
The gale of Tuesday liight Shook
the orchard trees but without doing
any serious damage.
The public Schools throughout
the Province re-open on Monday
The air continues thick and disagreeable with the smoke of bush
Potatoes are now qubted at 118
to 416 per ton in Westminster.
Surscrire for Surrey Times;
 ■ <■ •	
Corr..pond.nc. BnaaiY Times.
Beautiful weather has been experienced during the last fort-night,
and no time has been lost in getting
the hay crop finder cover:
Great satisfaction is expressed
throughout the entire settlement
that a new high grade teacher has
been engaged. The acute friction
caused by the last teacher in
punishing the Children loo Beverly
could not be tolerated) hence hiB
The painting and repairs oil the
school house, left unfinished by the
contractor who built th* addition
in 1S!)2, are still neglected. In-
spectoi' Wilson, when he held the
inquiry in May last, ordered these
items tp be performed at the contractor's expense during the vacation jam! n lively time is expected
Should these not be attended to.
Deer are vbry plentiful In the
district and good BpUrt is expected
(his winter;
Make Our Adtantages KnoHn.
To th. Editor of 6VR..Y Tin...
Brit,— Please allow me throUgh
your paper to suggest to the Surrey
Council the propriety of the Council putting an advertisement in the
Suhiiey Times of say one column,
tb let the world know something
of oUr neighborhood. Surrey is
how the leading rural municipality
bf British Columbia. Farmers
come here lo get awav from the
mountain floods that do so much
injury to other neighborhoods; and
tHife shoilld be made known ns well
as many other things. Let Us toot
I our owii liorn a little lis well as
I bthbr folkb. Other municipalities
I advterti8ti and why shottld not we ?
Surrey ought to have a population
of 10,000 by the next census. The
Times should be sent to all the
Presentation at Surrey Centre.
On Sunday evening last, at tbe
conclusion of the services in Christ
Church, a most pleasing evont
took place, being the presentation
to Miss ltoxall, organist, of a handsome gold watch in toVen of tbo
esteem in which sbe is heltr,.by the
congregation. The presentation
was made by Rev. W. Bell, who
read the following
apokess :
Surrey Centre, Aug. <lth, 1805,
Dead Miss IIiixai.l,
Wc, Ibe undermentioned members of the congregation of Christ
Church, Surrey, desire you to accept
this small present of a watch as a
slight tokon of our appreciation of
the duties which you have faithfully and constantly performed
during the past 8 years, ih connection witb your position as organist of our parish Church,
We are well aware that you have
experienced many difficulties, and
that the undertaking has been
somewhat uphill work, but trust
the future may witness a gradual
improvement in some respects, and
that you may bo spared for many
years to sustain us in this portion
of our church Service,
Sighed on behalf of the congregation,
Yours sincerely,
Lucy M. Rioharuson.
Ernest M. Wiltshire.
MiSB boxull was so entirely taken
by surprise, that she was scarcely
able to express her appreciation of
the kindness manifested towards
her, and now avails herself ot the
columns of Suhiiey Times to tender
the following
To the members of tbe congregation
of Christ Churchi Surrey Centre:
LapiEs anp Gentlemen,
Permit me to express my deepest
gratitude for the handsortic testimonial presented to me on Sunday
evening last, at Christ Church, by
the Rev. William bell on your behalf. Not having received the
slighest intimation that stlch an
honor was contemplated) I was
wholly unequal to acknowledge
yoUrkindhessatthetime. ItIiuh.i1-
wuys afforded me nilich ■pleasure to
preside at the organ, and I trust I
may be able to continue the duty
to your satisfaction, fof many years
to come.
YoUrs sincerely)
E. Nesta Boxai.l
Surrey Centre) Aug. (ith, 1898.
Fishermen tirAwneii
Woilii'.'.lnv's t'.ihlmlilnn.
Several deaths from drowning have
occurred at the mouth of the river
since Monday afternoon, when a
gale came up and caught many
fishermen far out on the Sandheads,
and unprepared lo weather a
storm. Fifteen men are missing
and four are known to be drowned.
Ot the fifteen) nothing has beeri
heard Since Monday evening, and
it is feared the most Of them have
met a wutery graVe. They were
ohtside when the gale came on and
may have been Swept down the
Gulf. It is hoped Borne of them
may nave reached shelter, and
will turn up again when the gale
moderates. Two Capsized boats
have been picked up, and there is
little chancS of tlieir crews ever
being heard of again.
A boat containing a Swede fisherman, named Johnston, and his
partner, was upset at the mouth of
the river by a heavy sea. Several
boats were close at hand struggling
to teach the shelter of the river,
but they could render no assistance
without imperilling their own lives,
and thli unfortunate fellows were
sw»pt awav and drowned. The
name of Jolthsdh's partner was
not known.
A Jap, name unknown, fell overboard Monday night, while hauling in his net, and wus drowned.
During the fierce gale last evening; the Str. City of Nanaimo; while
opposite Stevston; ran into and
sank a fishing boat containing two
.Iiips. One was saved, but the
other went down after making n
fruitless struggle to reach the
shbre. The Nanaimo had just entered the river and was making for
a landing place when the boat containing the Japs swept across her
bows, carried by the forcfe of the
wind and  waves.
last seen was battling with the
waves for bis life, but he never
reached shore.
Later—Only six of the fishermen who wero reported missing remain to bo accounted for. Nine
have turned up safe and sound,
though thoir experiences wero oi
the roughest kind. It is known
that Peter Christiansnn, one of tbe
best fishermen on Ihe river, wus
drowned. He was a hard working
man and bis death is deeply re-
Three boats and their crews,
mostly Japs, are still missing, but
it is hoped tbey may yot turn up,
though their long absence—three
days—looks ominous for their
safety. _____
Surrey Council.
Council mot on Saturday, Aug,
3rd at 1 p. m.
Members all present,
Communications from Mr. G. li.
Boothroyd re. protest against dyking tax.—Laid over.
From C. S. Corrigan re. register
office fees.—Clerk to reply that
the council did not authorize assessor to incur expenses,
J. Sprott, ro. certified vouchers.
Mr. A, G. Hill, C. E. re. tracing
plats, etc.
Thos. Foster, M. P. P. ro. government grunt.—Filed.
Messrs. Howay & Ried re. ii.
Cann, olalming damages from
ditch along bis ranch carrying loo
much Water.
Mi K. Harrington asking an extension of time on bis contract, wai
granted Until the 1st of September.
Wood & Baker, re. Insurance on
Town Hall.
C, G. Major, re. tax sale of 18ii2.
—Clerk to reply.
John Armstrong, pentioner, re
the removal of gravel from his
ranch. -Filed.
On motion A. J. Hill C. K. ml
authorised to make a set of bins
prints of 40 sub-division«.
Coun. Keury wus authroued to
repair the bridge nn Hall's Prair.e
road, near Mr. Campbell') ranch,
cost not to exceed $50, work to }■*
let by auction on Monday Aug 1'2'ti
at three o'clock.
Tenders are asked for work on
the Coast Meridian mad ; also work
on ' the Clover VaJ,Iey rood, ne..-
Mr. Hick's place.
Coun. Burnett wa. authorised Id
expend $100 on the Johneton mad.
$30 on the Archibald road, $50 en
the Hjorth road, 1.10 on the Quiblc
road, and $25 on tbe Hunt mar!
Mr. Murphy was allowed J of 78
cts, per rod for work on the town
The Clerk was authorized to notify J. Parks to retnove his ror.l
house off the Clover Vulley road.
Orders issued by Jas. Merrier on
his contract, on motion were re
ceived and will lie honored as noil
as sufficient work has been performed to warrant the payment oi
The collectors report for Jult
showed $607.(30 collected:
The revenue by-law passed it?
final reading seriatim.
The  following   account?    were
paid by cheque :
G. M. Thrift, on contract, $20
Wi Robert, work on  Boundarv
line; ♦■").
C. D. Moggridge, indent., $45.
J. Borgstrom, workon Borgstrom
road] $7.
B. Eyles, work on Township
line, $18.35.
John KearJ'i indenu $50.
E: M. Carncross, on commission!
Galbraith & Co., printing, $10.30:
D. D. BUrnetti indfcm., $25.
A. Murphy work on the HallV
Prairie road| $?.
Forest Boothroyd, on contract
Bose road, $35:
John Gillisj work on Clover Vulley road; $50.
Anton Appel; work on Hall'*
Prairie road $20.
Coun. Keury gave notice of uf
amendment to the Pound by-law
Council adjourned to meet on
Saturday, Aug. 17th at 1 p. m.
It is stated that the Kansas City'
Consolidated Smelting & Refining
Company hns decided to erect a
large smelting plant at Nakusp, in
West Kootenay. Representative!''
of the company have lieen for some
time  carefully  looking  over the
district  and  have   decided   thai
Capt.  Rogers,; Nakusp is ihemosteligible location'
fbarhig an accidentj was proceed-jit is understood that the Canadian
Ing at half spbed, and the moment Pacific Railway hns done every
the Japs went across the vessel's!thing possible to secure the estiih'
bows he had the engines stopped lishment of a large smeller in  llrij
and reversed.   But the tvlnd con- tish Columbia, by giving special
reading rooms of the Provincfe, to I tinued to carry the Nanaimo for- facilities in the matter of freight
those ol eastern   cities;  and  be! ward and she cut the boat in two. on shipments of bullion.
placed bn file at the principal emi-1 The crbw of the steamer were ready j * * '  .
gration offices of Great Britain.       , to assist the struggling men  and i    Winnipeg, Aug.  7—A  general
R. 8. Yeomans.     hauled  one  out  in safety.   The strike has been declared bv IM'
Stirrer" eentrei Aug. 7, '95; | other w*B carried away, and when I fortune lumhsrmen' SURREY TIMES
 B. C.
In » MiHliMtt Ovor Who Klmll Unit,, While
Mllnti |*UI0I net u 1'ntrltit.
Tho frugal Servians just now uro turn
by conflicting emotions, ftng Alexander
uml his erratic, disreputable father have
managed between thom to alienate what
littlo lovo Imil been left in Sorvlu Tor thn
Obrenovltsoh dynasty, aud if the Kara-
georgovitoh protoudors wero reasonably
respectable nml fairly disinterested thoy
could obtain tho throne without much
dlfllmlty. lint Prlnoo Araonouud Prinoo
Petor uro, in thoir way, nut much to bn
Iirol'-'iTi'il to ex-King Milan ami IiIh Htm,
Thoy aro aniiiiiiotiH, autooratlo, extravagant and lioavlly in debt, and their morula
will not boar severe Borut)ny,
They aro surrounded by impecunious
Hmmlan nobloB and loose people ot both
sexes, ull of whom will havo to Im liberally provided for in the event of the
Karagoorgevitoh restoration out of the
national treasury, and, to crown thoir
disadvantages in the eyes of the Servian
farmers, they claim tho retrocession to
thom of tho enormous ostutos which
were formerly the prlvato property of
thoir house, and which woro confiscated
to tho state whon tho head of tho Kurn-
georgevltoh family watt ussussinutod and
all his relatives woro kicked out of tho
On tho whole, therefore, Arsene and
Peter would lie more expensive than Milan and Alexander. Ah tho qtieHtlon ia
mainly ono of monoy, tho latter will in
all probability remain in Belgrade, tho
eatablishment of a republic boing entiro-
ly out of the question, Meanwhile Milan poses as a patriot. Ho pines for Paris
and ItH BUprome delights, which it ia impossible to enjoy in Hciuibarbaroua Belgrade, but a intern Bonne of duty keeps*
him at his nun's side. Privately ho ia
haggling with tho ministers aa to tho sum
which Khali bo paid him to clear out. Ho
baa hinted that if his price bo not paid
he will have himself appointed generalissimo and inspector of tho army and settle permanent ly in tho country, Tho appalling proHpect thus opened is likely
materially to haHten a settlement.—Belgrade Letter.
An Explorer'.. Disregard af 11U GampM-
lont' Advice C'iihIm IIhu HU Life.
Death front either starvation or oxpo-
auroin the biting winter weather of southwestern Alaska or perhaps suicide as tho
only mean* of avoiding tho horrible fato
in storo for himself— such is tho fato of
M. Gross, a Canadian surveyor.
Gross, with four companions, left Fort
Wrangle on the 2()th of January, tho
party intending to hunt, fish and perhaps
do somo prospecting, When they got to
Portage bay, they made permanent camp.
It waa parly morning, and Gross told his
companions that, ho intended to divo a
littlo into tho interior and would bo back
beforo night,
He waa cautioned against going ont
alone, as it was known that ho was not
familiar with tlie surrounding country,
and it was feared that ho might get lost
in the woods. He disregarded tho advice of his companions, however, and at
6 o'clock tho same evening tho other
members of tho party heard a shot in tho
brush somo few miles distant, They
hailed and by other signs tried to guide
(Iross bock to camp, but wero not successful. Tho whole of the next day was
spent in tho search, which had to bo finally givon up.
Gross is said to havo been from Victoria. Ho was last year a member of
tho Canadian survey party sent up to
Alaska to officially determine tho territory's boundary line.—Seattle Press-
The Train Ran Five Mil** Without Steam.
A marvelous race, up grade and down,
in which momentum was the motive
power, took place on the Consolidated
road Saturday. Five miles below Stamford the cylinder head of tho big engine,
No. 247, blew out while tho train wus
mnking express time. Instead of stopping and getting stalled, Engineer Seo-
field let the machine have its head and
pulled into Stamford station on time,
and not oven tho conductor knew that
anything was the matter until tho engineer called for another engine and No.
144 was put on and pulled tlie train to
this city. Tbo five miles wero run without a pound of steam and solely on the
momentum tho train was under when
tho mishup took place.—New Haven Palladium.
Hlitorle firsts* Knocker.
Trifles light as air havo interest sometimes, and apparently nothing is too
trilling to feed American curiosity. A
new brass knob has just been placed npon Mr. Gladstone's front door in Downing street. It replaced ono which hud
dono tlio stato much service and hud
been grasped by the bands of a century
of prime ministers, from Pitt upward.
Hearing of this treasure trove, an enterprising nnd sympathetic antiquary
purchased tho discarded knocker for 5
shillings, and lt is now upon its way to
New York, accompanied by half a mile
of attractive personal legend, for exhibition in tho United States.—Huntly (England) Express.
Illuminated Lifebuoy.
Some trials have just been made at
Kiel on board of the German war vessel
Worth with an electrically lighted lifebuoy, the invention of Captain Molter.
The buoy was thrown overbourd when
the vessel was proceeding at a speed of
about 10 knots. For a space of about U
seconds it was lost in tho eddy currents
caused by the twin screwB of the vessel,
but then reappeared. Tho new lifebuoy
will be found useful at night, and the
experiments resulted so successfully that
it is probable that it will be adopted generally in the German navy.—Iron and
I ritnk  11 nt Ion lltirtewn In Fitnetlnuii HtyU
lenatur Morgan'! lliiwiiltitn I Union.
Some dayi In the sweet by and by perhaps, wo shall know exactly what Senator Morgan's report tin the Hawaiian investigation really means, We shall know
whether it is intended as a manly demonstration of American Houlhucut or a
suave aud servile whitewashing of a discreditable blunder—whet her il is UHhrick
of the noble bird of freedom or tho still
small warble "f the lowly cuckoo,
For tlie presont we aro able to disentangle from the bewildering labyrinth of
iis language one isolated fact of moment—tlm fact that Mr. Morgan and a
majority of tho eonimitteo with him believe in tho annexation of tlio islands.
Out tif that wild and tossing sea of rhetoric wo havo succeeded in snatching
(IiIh lonely derelict. Hut all the rest of
It Is enveloped lu a tender lut/.e of volubility, which, while it accomplishes wonders in the way of stimulating guesswork, Ih valueless as a guide to definite
Conclusions,   The utterance appears to
be confused with howovers and notwithstanding^ and moroovers, and (hern isln
it au opulence of "if so, why not." profundity that bullies exact analysis,
According to this astonishing document, everybody connected with tho
Hawaiian incident behaved liko a states,
man, a scholar, a hero and a patriot,
Mr. Stevens was correct, and so was Mr.
Blount, President Dole is a great mail
on the right track, and Liliuokalaul a
perfect lady, If somewhat in distress.
Tho United States authorities acted
wisely in recognizing tho queen's downfall, and tho administration has kept
well within its lawful powers in trying
to sot her up again, In a word, tho re*
port furnishes a common ground upon
which all men may meet and where all
sorts of optutonB can find encouragement and sympathy.
As we say, thero is just ono downright
proposition to which tho bewildered citizen may cling, aud that is tho clear, unequivocal and unmitigated declaration
by seven out of tho nine parties tt) thn
report that thoy favor tho annexation of
Hawaii hy tho United States.—Washington Post,   	
Conviction nf Vot«rn Who Came Frum New
York's iiiiirhii Prison.
Threo men were convicted in thocourt
of oyer and terminer ou Monday (two of
them pleaded guilty) of tho offense of
voting from tho Tombs in violation of
section 11 of article Si of the stato constitution, which declares that "no person
shall be deemed to have gained or lost a
residence by reason of his presenco or
absence whilo in the service of tlio United States, or whilo kept in any almshouse or other asylum at public expense,
or while confined iu any public prison."
The case of tho defendant Cady, who
was found guilty by a jury, was peculiar.
Ho had voluntarily resided for seven
years, without commitment for any of-
fonso, in tho Tombs. Ho hud no other
homo. He was not qualified to vote from
nny other domicile. Ho registered and
voted from the city prison, from which
ho readily obtained egress, and he was
tried and convicted. .Judge Barrett announced, however, that lie would give a
certificate of reasonable doubt, so thut
the question whether a man without n
home, except such as ho obtains for himself in a city prison, is actually nnd totally disfranchised, might bo decided by
n higher court. Tlio situation is certain*
ly an odd oue.—-New Vork Suu.
Heavily Iitnnred Monarch*.
Tho crowned beads of Europo seem to
take a grout deal of stock in life insurance. It is announced that the king of
Portugal has just taken out a .$200,000
policy on his life, but that 1b an insignificant investment compared with those
of some of tho other potentates. The
lato Emperor Frederick of Germany wus
insured for $4,000,000. Tho queen regent of Spam has her life insured for a
largo amount in behalf of her two little
daughters, following tho example of her
husband, whoso death mulcted the various companies in which ho was insured
for 15,000,000.
King Leopold of Belgium's life is heavily insured, aa is also that of Queen Vic*
toriu. Tho queen's husband, tho lute
prince consort, waa insured for close upon $.5,000,000, the income of which has
been enjoyed by his widow. About the
only sovereign in Europe who is not insured ia tho czur of Russia, the companies
regarding him as too unsafe a risk on account of tho nihilists.—Boston Herald.
nigh I'ralie For the Landlord.
Two well dressed strangers came to
the Virginia hotel four days ngo and registered from Louisville. They left yesterday, leaving their bill of $17 unpaid,
and the following note:
"Man's inability to successfully portray Ids thoughts, his mental powers being incapable to correctly define his
meaning, is why I will nut endeavor to
burden you with an attempt ut expressing my thanks for your treatment so
gentlemanly, etc., during my stay. Extend to your menials nlso my thanks.
May your shadow never grow less, and
may continued prosperity shine in unclouded warm rays on your benevolent
heud."—Staunton (Va.) Dispatch.
The Khedive's Favor.
It is well to be on good terms with the
khedive of Egypt. This young monarch
has lately presented a beautiful bracelet
to a young English woman who took his
fancy, tho value of which is beyond calculation. It is gold set with scarubei,
and each stone is upward of 4,000 yeurs
old. Some of these belonged to high
priests in the days of the pharaohs, nnd
tho inscriptions on them relate to magic.
—Alexandria Letter.
The Canon Smolcei Cigarettes.
Those who delight in discovering inconsistencies in personal conduct are
pointing out that Canon Wilberforce,
tho new canon of Westminster, is nu inveterate cigarette smoker, says a London correspondent, Ho has for years
waged a fierce crusade against intemperance, the opium trade and vivisection.
SnlnnlUI.. uml   NmilliMiiyiTH  romitInfiMitory
in xiioir Attemntod BipUimtlonii— Rome
or iii« interpretation! Given ny tha Nagtm
of Long Ago.
Hniimtists explain that dreams nro
but rellnottniis of our waking thoughts
nml notions, We who dream kllOW it is
not so, Wo know that sleep brings visions not of planes and things ami people
we have seen, but. of strange, weird images and happenings that our mortal
eyes never saw and meditations novor
The llible tolls of tho interpreting of
dreams, and auoiont exports divined
according lo principles now unknown.
Those wlso floors, believed In dreams us
foretellers of future events, of good and
ovil to the dreamer, whose sleeping
hours wero til led with visions of delight,
or mayhap wilh phantoms of horror,
Thn sage, Abracadabra, in his immortal treatise on tho signification of
droanis, snys among a host of wise nnd
Witty conclusions: "Jt is fortunate to
dream of little pigs, but unfortunate to
droinu of big bullocks." It may occur
to tho feeble intellect groping for eausu
and effect that this can bo explained hy
tho self evident fact that "little pigs"
nre barm less, but "big bullocks" uro
thu opposite.
"If you dream you buvo lost n tooth,
you will hood limn n friend," remains
prophetic. Indeed the loss of a molar or
uu incisor Is to bo deplored, and pent liven turn tho first premonitory twinge of
an exposed nerve has caused the dream,
Hut how explain "If you dream your
houso fs on fire, you will soon have news
from a far country," and "to dream of
dear water is n sign of grief?"
Perhaps tho modem system of interpretation may bo summed up iu tho
torso aphorism that "dreams go by contraries," So if you dream of receiving
monoy you will likely loso It; if you
dream of kisses, fond uud sweet, you
havo blows in storo. "If you dream of
tho doud, you will hour from tho living. "
It is moro conducive to comfort of
mind, on tho whole, tu return to tlio
nuolent sages. Abracadabra may again
bn quoted as declaring that thu "most
fortunate of nil dreams Is to dream that
you nro up to your neck iu mud aud
mire." But, again, "to druam that you
stand naked iu thu streets is a suro sign
of trouble, distress and perplexity."
Not to bo wondered at suro, oven iu a
dream I
Let ns go back still further and consult a mueh older authority than Abracadabra—tlio wiso and learned Tyrosao-
pbomus. Ho gives a loug list of significations, embracing almost ovory known
tree and plant, vegetable, flowers nnd
fruits. To dream of tt leafless tree is a
sign of groat sorrow; of a troo without
branches, despair and suicide; tho yew
and tho older mean sickness to tbo
young and death to tho old.
"For a maiden to dream of stripping
tho bark from any treo is a sign of loss
of character," declares tho hoary old
sago, for a married woman it moans bereavement. Iudood Tyroscophornna divides his significations according to tho
box uud condition of tho dreamers. Thus
to a man tho stripping of the bark por-
tends an increase uf fortune. Tbu limn
troo means n voyage noross tho ocean;
tho elder troo is auspicious aud tho fir
troo moro so; to dream of tho onk portends long lifo and prosperity—fitting
is this, decidedly—and tho ash treo fore-
tolls a long journey.
Only limited by tho number of known
shrubs are their significations. To
dream of dock loaves moans a present or
possibly only a visit from your country
rolatlves. Of artichokes wo aro told tbnt
thoy signify favor from an unexpected
sonrco. Sorrel menus tlio approach of
calamity which will require ull your
courage to faco. Of tho sunflower, tho
loved of tbo (esthetic, a deep wound to
your pride.
If a fair mniden dreams of daffodils,
sho must, alas, mistrust hor lover!   He
will beur watching.   A snd futo with
which to burden tho innocent posy.
Heart's easo means heartache.   Lilies,
joy; to droani of roses brings happy lovo
not unmixed with sorrow. Tho fragrant,
modest violot, whoso perfumed  petals
givo swoot odor without stint, if seen
and carried in dreams, brings sorrow
and evil to tho unwodded, bnt tho opposite, joy and good, to tho married.
Water lilies appropriately portoud dangers from tho sen. Yellow flowers betoken
j jealousy.   Of fruits, pomegranate Is tho
j best To dream of this rosy fruit denotes
i happy marriage to tho single and poaoo
1 between   quarrelsome couples.    (»recti
j figs mean embarrassment, but dry ouos
' mean money to tho poor nnd mirth to
tho wealthy.   Quinces Indicnto pleasnut
, company, and lemons tell of separation.
!    To druam of aloes in bloom betokens
n legacy.  Without a blossom, long lifo.
Tho broom flower menus nu increase of
family, nud tho delicate nuoiflonn is a
: sign thnt you will soon full in lovo or
: bn mado lovo ta To dream of asparagus
; lu bunches, ns ono buys It from tho
i market stalls, is a sign of tears, but tf
iin your dream yon boo it growing it
moans good fortune. Cauliflower is hotter to cat than to dream of. It dignifies
whon yon soo it in your dreams that all
your friends will drop you for no worse
roason than poverty.
Thero aro moro disagreeable significations to dreams than pleasant ones.
To dream of vermin is a sigu of sickness. I bnvo found this truo in my own
oxperionoo. To dream of serpents, false
friends aro about you. A falling rain
foretells tears and broken eggs a qnnr-
! rel. Eggs unbroken denote good lack
and prosperity. To dream of fruit of
any kind ont of season menus anger
Without reason, which Is a rhyme at nil
events.—Emma I. MoLngniiinSt Louis
mumo Novel IiIuiih Thut Will lutereit Fi*lr
Tho bloomer bicycle costume, which
gives free play to tho limbs and minimizes tho dangor of nooldontii is no
lougnr a pronounced novelty, but ia uf-
ton B00U on thon nigh fares much fro*
quontod by fair cyclists. Iu fact, bloomers uro so common that many variations
of tho original stylo aro observed. Ono
unique and handsome costume consists
of bloomers reaching lo thn boot tops,
it full skirt somewhat shorter and a
Russian blouse.
An enterprising New York woman
has adopted a costume modeled after
tho viviinillorn uniform of the French
army.    The hat and feather are black
Tlio vivimdioro jacket is of bluok cloth
trimmed with cortl. Tho skirt is short,
mado of black cloth uml worn over
bloomers. Imitators nf this costume
will, of course, omit tho littlo barrel
worn ut the side, which is a rather awkward encumbrance, on tho wheel, although it was a necessary accessory of
tho real vivnudiere's outfit. The real
vivimdioro, by tho way, has disappeared,
und tho French army has lost ono of its
most picturesque features,
"Cigarette on u bieyole is an idea to
startle admirers of Ottida's popular
heroine, nud when this up to duto can-
tiuioro of New York pedals through the
park sho is tho cynosure of all eyes.
Gnllygascoyi.es, commonly corrupted
to gnllygnskins, wero a combination
breeches uud hose.
The How Uml nrothera Kipect a Fortune
When 31m. Green Ki|tlrert.
Two gray haired men in California
wonld probably Iw able to restrain thoir
grief should Hetty Green, tho woman
with many millions, but no home, conclude to end her earthly career. Ono of
them, Captain John Howlnnd, is a night
watchman ou a city dock in Kan Francisco, and tho other, .lothum Howlnnd,
is u Napa farmer. Neither of tho brothers is well supplied with this world's
goods, but uooording to their story tbey
havo "great expectations." Mrs. Green's
father, Edmund Mott Robinson, tho ship
chandler of Now Bedford, Muss., loft her
a great mnny millions, und the Howlnnd brothers claim that $.1,000,000 wns
loft in trust for them. Tho money is to
be paid to them ufter Mrs. Green's death.
Tho Howlaud brothers wero nephews
of Mrs. Green's father, und it is snid
that ho remembered them in his will be
muse of the fact tbat his father-in-law,
Gideon Howland. assisted him materially in making his first suctwa in life.
His gratitude has not thus far improved
tho condition of tho Howlands. Hy tho
terms of tho will Mrs. Green is unable
to cut them off, but as tho money does
not revert to them until sho joins the
great majority they mny both die without ever seeing n cent of it Thus far
Mrs. Green hns succeeded admirably iu
increasing their fortune for thom, but
aho bus nlso insisted iu keeping ovory
mill of tho sum in her own bands.
Tho brothers left their New England
homo iu 1840, nud dot hum became a
farmer, whilo John spent many years on
tho sea as master of u whaler. Since
Mrs. Green became tbo richest woman
in America sho bus ignored the existence
Of tho California residuary legatees.
AuntralUn Butler In KngUnd.
Fresh butter has boon transported
from Australia to England and sold at a
profit for 2R cents n pound. Tho freight
amounts to ii cents a pound. Tlie next
Australian experiment will bo with
poultry. i
Thi'lr Hi piriliilliiiiri In dirnUoliU iiihI Vi'B-
ulu.ilii r.ilrliio. i'luiy Am llmlly Ciiuijht
III SpltV "I   Much < umiiiii;     1 iiiltuiiiliMil
uyOnunl Unllrtlng,
Of all the queer creatures, including
(TiiwIIhIi, turtles, bullfrogs, etc., which
Infest tbe shores of thn i'ntniuuo near
Washington, affording sport to small
boys gil'lcd with an appetite for thn
chase, nut least interesting is thu musk-
Muskrats, though timid animals, seek
thu neighbor!) I of human habitations.
They have learned that tho presence of
mail assures them an abundance of food,
while ut the sumo time their natural
enemies uro fewer. Hereabout they
lloutlsh, being to a great extent undisturbed. They uie not destroyed by funnel's, though in certain regions thoy uro
dreaded enemies of agriculture, Of corn
they ate extravagantly fond. They will
eat it nt any stugo of its growth—thu
seed from (hu ground, tho young plant
from tho furrow or Iho "roasting our"
from the stalk.
They visit the cornfield at night, cut*
ling down the stalks nml currying away
Ibn juicy ears, At limes streams flowing through "bottom lands" where this
Cere ill is cultivated aro fairly covered
With (touting stalks--thn result of the
nocturnal forays of tllOBO vermin, In order to make tlm flinty grains tender they
will sometimes depoait tbo ears in water for two or three days, These animals urn fond of many kinds of vegetables, robbing apple orchards nnd patches
oi turillps uud parsnips, lu winter uud
early spring Ihey subsist iu gteat purl
ou the Ileal) of river mussels. Probably
thoy aro driven by hungor to ihls diet
ot shellfish,
Records of thishuhit uro preserved lu
tbo bunks of many canals, where aller-
ntitn deposits of sheila cleaned by musk
nils ami of sediment may bn seen in
places reaching to a depth of some feet.
The mentis by which lb" animal obtains
the mussel from Its shell has been much
discussed, Probably it is often done by
inserting llm paws or teeth between the
valves and tearing them apart. If tha
mollusk cannot bo caught unawares,
tho edges of tho shell aro broken by
means of the teeth. Tlio heavier species
of mussels, it is believed, uro carried
out upon the bank uud left until they
become weak or die, when tho valves
can bo easily separated.
Muskrats, you see, nro vory clover
creatures. Funnels attribute to them
nn appetite for young ducks, hut it Is
probable that they am wrongly credited
with u destruction actually committed
by turtles.
These rodents nro very unsuspicious
and nro eusily captured. Many of them
aro killed by means of poisoned apples
or turnips placed near their burrows.
One of the most effective traps for them
is a barrel without ends placed upright
neai the bank of n stream, so aa to be
about half filled with water. Inside of
it upon tho water are put grass and
weeds with some pieces of parsnips.
Every night the barrel ia likely to capture from ono to half a dozen musk-
When n rat gets inside, it is impossible, owing to tho depth of the wuter,
for it to stand upon ita hind legs and
cut u hole in tho staves above water
line. At tho sumo timo it cannot get
out at tho top. Wben several aro taken
tho sumo night, a fight usually ensues,
resulting in tho death of ull of tho captives either by tho sharp teeth of their
companions or hy drowning. Tho musk-
rat ia very ferocious when cornered. Its
worst enemy, next to man, ia tho dog.
Hawks, owla, foxea Hnd mink nit prey
upon It. These rodents buvo sometimes
been found in the stomachs of large catfish, but tbu fishes wore so tainted with
tbo flavor of tho food us to bo unfit to
With tho building of canals in various parts of tho country baa como a
change in the life of tho muskrats iu
mnny localities. They have actually
abandoned to a groat extent tho streams
to take up their habitations along tho
banks uf these artificial waterways. No
doubt they renliza the greater security
afforded them from floods und other
dangers. These animals will rarely occupy bunks of gravel or sund, preferring
lnain or light clay. Advantage has been
tnken of this fact by railways, which so
long ns they construct banks; of giavel
and keep thom free from vegetable
growth nro rarely bothered by tho ro-
donta. Otherwise great damage is done,
tho burrows caving in, undermining
tho trucks and doing other injury.
In early spring tbo greatest damage
Is done. With tbe alternate freezing
nnd thawing nt thut timo of tho year
tbo coverings of tho underground pus-
sages full in, exposing cavities of sui-
prishig extent tu ono who does not know
tho amount of subterranean work these
animals uro capable uf doing. Much
vigilance with eyes nml euia is often required to prevent such caving from
causing disastrous Injury to property.
Tho burrows commonly extend into thu
bunk lor a distance of from 10 to 30
feut. Thero aro usually two openings
from which passages lead backward and
upward from thu stream very crookedly. They end in a large gallery, which
is the homo of the muskint.—Washington Star.
Tidal Wavei.
Tho question whether thore bo such a
thing ns a tidal wave I onco asked tbe
captain of an Atlantic liner. "Oh,
yes," he answered; "we keep a tidal
wave lor tho passengers uud tho newspapers. If you want to know what It really is, I will tell you. It is whon a powerful ship Is driven through a head sea
ut such speed thnt before sho can clear
herself of one big wave she is Into a second. The second and first togother aro
too much for the ship, and sbe carries
uwuy u deckhouse or brldgo or u boat or
two. Tlmt is a 'tidal wave.' "—Cor.
New York Tiibuue.
Tbe Tnulo III MiiIiiii AmImh.
"Maiuu bums more llrowoud to koup
Wnnn winters than tiny other eastern
Htntn," says u Maine iniiii who bus been
in the business. " Tlie wood ia of bettor
quality and makes better lU'hcathan can
bn collected   ill   Miimiichliautta ur  Now
Humpsbirn, uml thorn's u sharp demand
for Aluino iishes iu tho middle nnd
SOUthortl states tor agricultural purposes. Grout quantities aro used iu
Massachusetts nlso. There urn a number of dealers iu lioslou who iniiko a
business of collecting ashen through
Maiun lor shipment, Carloads and carloads of thom go out of tho statu by rail
yearly, und shiploads arc sent to Floildu
and Georgia, whom they want thu best
hard wood nrticln, They send north phosphate rock, aud wo send thorn ashes,
and thu trade is a benefit to both sections,
"Them aro some parts of Mulno do-
noiuiuuted 'prime'hy thu dealers, bu-
CUUSO they ate in bind Wood, maple nnd
birch regions uud do uot burn much suit
wood, lu some of these localities thero
ll a Sharp Competition in thn business,
Leached ushes from the potash nud soap
factories used to bu shipped mostly, but
they've gone out, and dry ushes urn
wanted. So much is this tho ease that
one potash man 1 knew, a dishonest fellow, dried his leached ashes and shipped
them us uuleaclied. The potashes nud
local soup factories of Maine nro run
under by the deiuiind for dry ashen uud
uro going out of business, Probably Iho
dliy 1b not far dlsliml wllOII dealers in
Portland, lluugor and other Maine
towns will look alter Ihls trade ami do
thn shipping direct from Maine ports to
tho southern Males. Thero Is a largo
profit In it, if  1 am not mistaken."—
Lowiston .loiiriuil.
In (li'io'iin Vt Rllllltgtnil'l Arm*.
Ill Or, Mines' volume of reminiscences, " A lour Around Now York."
tllO Ullthor devotes a paragraph lo tho
attractions Of Hutlcry park nud adds a
pleasing littlo story of a timo beforo his
1 remember n dear old lady who
loved to talk nbout tliis park und tell of
thu peoplo hho had met hero uud tho
scones BI10 hail witnessed, ami of these
one man nnd Olio inutiihig's adventure
stood out most prominent.
A littlo thing iu white, her nurse had
brought bur to the park to witness a
civic ceremony, uml the crowd prevented her from obtaining a good view of
thu pageant.
Aa with n child's iuipatieucushu tried
to press through thu throng a tall and
handsome elderly gentleman, clad iu a
suit of black velvet aud with a dresa
sword at his side, stooped down to her,
Inquired pleasantly about hor trouble
nnd then lifted her upon his shoulder
und bold her thero until tho procession
hud passed.
Delighted with whnt sho saw, the
child thought little abniit thu gentleman
who had brushed away her trouble, but
thanked biiu when ho released her with
a kiss and set her down upon the ground.
As he moved uwuy tho nurse in au awestruck voice asked the child if sho knew
whose arms had held her und then told
her thut it wus President Washington.
Thu littlo eyes watched bim ont of sight
uud never forgot his stately appearance.
I think dear old Mrs. Attorbury was
prouder of having been thu heroine of
this incident than uf all tho social honors thut afterward fell to her lot.—
Youth's Companion,
Detained by Public lltulneu.
Mrs, Upjohn—Henry, you have kept
us waiting dinner u long timo. What
detained you?
Mr. Upjohn—Business, Couldn't get
away uny sooner. Looks liko snow,
doesn't it?
"Yes. What was the nature of tbo
"Public matters thnt wouldn't interest you. Thnt coffee smells delicious.
Is tbo steak nil right?"
"Yes, the steak is ull right. What
were tho public matters?"
"Tremendous crowd tn front of a tall
oflico building. I gut right in tbo thick
of it nud couldn't get away. Yon had
a headache when 1 went down town this
morning.    Is it bettor?"
"Yes, the beudacbe is all gone.
"How about these folks noxt door?
Havo thoy decided to rent their upper
flat to thnt family from Kenwood?"     ,
"No.    They uro going to let it to a^
newly married couple from tho North
Side.    Whnt wus the crowd doing?"
"Why—why—why, it was—it was
watching sumo men raise a ante to a
sixth story window. Scematoinoyou'ro
mighty inquisitive,"—Chicago Tribune.
PhiiUh In t'.nivermttlnn.
Dean Swift once said: "Thereare two
faults In conversation which appear
very different, yot ari.-o frum tho samo
root uud nro equally hhimublo. I mean
au impatience to interrupt others and
the uneasiness of being interrupted our-
selves, Tbo two chief ends of conversation uro to entertain uud improve thoso
we uro among or to receive those benefits ourselves, which whoever will consider cannot possibly run into cither of
those two errors, because when uny man
Bpenkoth in company it la to bo supposed
he doth it for his hearers' sake and not
hia own, so tbat common discretion will
touch us not to force their attention if
thoy nro not willing to lend it, nor, on
tho other side, to interrupt him who ia
in possession, because thut ia in the
grossest manner to givo tho preference
to our own good sense, "—New York
Commercial Advertiser.
How He Felt.
It is told of ono of tbo most austere
bishops of tho American Episcopal
church that once when catechizing a
class of boys be called attention to the
disobedience of Jonah nnd tbe consequent punishment. To enforce the lea-
sou he said in a stern way, "And, now,
boys, how did Jonah feel when the
whale swallowed him?" Ono bright
lad answered, "I think ho felt down in
the mouth."—Philadelphia Press. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
ItfHtorullmi ul Hullo'* link.
A romarkablo and indeed twlquo process of resloiuliou hns been carried out
In tho interior of a tree. Thu treu ia tho
I'nuiotiH "Hollo's oid;," which is to bu
seen within an rjftgy distance of Koueii.
It )b declared to bu thu identical oak
Upon a branch of which thn first Uuko
of Normandy used to hung his gold
chain tOROQ if any of his subjects would
Ilko to hang there instead, if it isn't,
It is, ut any rule, so old that it hns completely lost lis inside nml was liable to
OOllapSO at uny moment. It, hus now
been relieved of this liability. An nr-
borieullurul genius has lilted It wilh n
solid new Insult, of masonry. Tho masonry is mado to follow nml fll every
turn uml twist mid guml of the patient,
nud thoi'O is the veteran nolld us a rook
aniiin.    Then the (Issures and erucks ou
Ills exterior  lime I u  uenlly tilled up
With eeiueiil, nnd the ceinetil  lias I n
urlihtii-nlly colored, so (hat you would
never know it Irom the nalurnl hark. It
is oxpeefeil and believed that thn tree
will imi know the ditlerenee either nml
take to Nourishing again as it did a few
centuries ago. Still, lis 110 troo hus over
been thus rejuvenated before, 1(h Ih-Iiuv-
lor is being Wlllohod with somo mix
luty. — 1.1 unloii Letter.	
Wlnit riiiiiiMi'V n»JI HO.
If bim   been   hiiIi)   that a ei'iitnry Ih the
natural duration nl thn liuinan body) thnt
It dcoaya I'ui'llcr hnoniiHull does not rcoolvu
liroper earn 111 licidtll nnd dlsimio, In regard to this biltir, here In a miggcstloti
from a mnn who protesls ugntnst mi mueh
reionroh In olcolrloilyio the negltwt of
oliomiatry. Me uiys thoro aro ~n oTomonts
of matter onpublo nf entering Into un Infinity of ooiublnntlons and ooueludei
llierefot-e "that a loriu of matter lUUIt be
capable of oxlstonoo, and must tboroforo
be within tbo nowor of eheiiilonl reKearch
todtBcovornud prupnro, whioh «in pimm-HH
any aulguable or cuttcolvable potouoyor
iutlueiice over any form or BpuolOB of matter, dead or living," if this be true, then
It Is possible to chemistry to find sub-
Stoili'es which Will   lielllrali/eiill the   ml-
tons generated by disease gerniB and kill
dlseai-e  the  niniliflit   it  In   illrictivwd.—
Pittsburg Times.
The "LaUffbhiB Plant" of Arabia.
The Inugldng phuit produces black,
bcnnllke bociI, Biniill doacsof which, when
dried nnd powden tl?Intoxicate like laughing gnu, The person Indulging hi the
drug tlnncoa, shouts and InugliB like a
inadmaii for about an Imur, when be lie-
minis exhausted anil falls into a deathlike
sleep, which often lasts soveral hours nnd
leaves the victim hiaiinwful stall of nurr-
qub eollniwo.—St l.euii Keimbllo.
Walter Baker & Co. Limltea,
The ].trjir.l M«nufkwtiiTfrt of
Cocoas ami Chocolates
On Dili I'nni i milt, tuvff m*lv«d
from the flrttt
, Industrial and Food
/Caution: j" #%&&
Oftbl tlbetlllld *r»|ipfr» nn our
'l'hiiI.. n.n >< t. .Ii'iulil make *ur«
ihat out |>l-<'- of inmiurtiitt,
inimdv, Il.ir.hf•Irr, M»M.
li .iiinkil on mi n |iftck*vt*-
ftl.'iHlleiuiey I'liril.-il Out U|IUII FraOtlOftl
Linen-Why Hu AviilUi.il tlie Hicli Ntmnl
OuUltle a IIi'hIuiii-iiiiI, imi Nttvur HiiggtMl
l-'nnii tt Hungry Looking Man.
Ilu wus n wrntehnd looking olmp, so
thinly nlud thut he was really nn objeot
nf pity. Me had sought n secluded oor*
nor ut tho on trail oo of aoheaprostanruut
near Horald squnro, nud for awhile it
| Roomed as if he hud olioiou thn spot
PHYSICIANS ARE ASTOUNDED BY   "'^fy? rH11,,J',,.tllt,.J1,lllin« hlmtH "\
tho cutting wind,    Many  men passed
into tho plneo, hut he spoke to noun,
Finally ouu who hud Just eompleted his
meal eame forth, Thu man started forward, hesitated n moment nml then resumed his former position, Honn another
man, apparently in a great hurry, oumn
from thn restaurant, buttoning his emit
A   Young  Mini   In Nli-lelten   Willi   l.itn-
dry'N I'linilyMlH unit In I'uri-U hi
Ulglil Mmillm.
Km in IhoTlmoi, I'blUdolphlsi I1" I
Btrlokou with Landry's Paralysis as he walked. In a inument tlm poor
nndyet eurud. Thut U100UI but littlo to follow stood in tlm way und hurely bud
the a verge layman but it means amir
nolo to u physlolnn, Hueh is tho ex-
porloUOO of O.K. Hull.more, now a
resident of Miulison, N. .1,, and a rare
experience It Is, i
"Yes, it's truo that 1 had Landry's
Paralysis," snid Mr. Dallimoro to a ro«
ho uttered his retjiiest fur help when bu
wai rewi.4'iid with u dime,
A moment later a group uf young
mnn in very high spirits passed Into thu
restaurant To uu ordinary student thuy
would have been just tlm right men to
approach for iilms, but the beggar saw
porter," or else tlm most oolobrutod  them imt.    It was only tn certain men
physlelnus of   London wero  llliHtukoil,   t0turnl«8  to the  street that Im made
"ltwasont.be IOth of nliiroh, this ' hhusulf known. It was hut, thn work of
yoar," hn ooutiuuod, "when   1 was  iu j '• nioment to pink nil uetpmlutunuo with
It is the medicine ttliove
all others for enlarrh, and
it worth it" weight in gold.
I can nse Ely's Cream
Halm with safety and it\
does all that is claimed ftn
it—B.   H\ Sperrg, Hurt
ford, Cbtin.
Kl.Y'S UttKAJr! HAI.M Openr; nml rleatnte*
llieN.imil 1'H-KiiKen, Alliiyn I'aiii titni Inlliimma-
timi, HeiilH thn Hiavw, i'rnle«'Ui tlio Membrane
from coldl, KeHOru the Setiscw ol Tawle and
Smell.   The Halm Ih quickly abwrtwd Hiitl give*
relief atoncp. .       ...     ..
A pnrtlele ft applied into wiob noitni.anau
agreeable. Pi.ce.Moenti at DriisttitV or by
M Warren street. New York.
Now York uity, thnt 1 first felt the
symptoms of my t mu bio. I had ox*
porlouood dlllloulty iu going up stairs,
my legs falling to support mo. 1 ouu*
suited a physician who informed me
that 1 had overy syinplom of Looo.
motor Ataxia, but as thotiusn developed
he pronounced it a oiiho of Landry's
Paralysis, and knowing tho nature of
tho disease advised mo to start for my
homo uud friends. 1 gavo up my work
and on April 1st started for London,
tint. A well-known physician was
consulted, but 1 grow rapidly worse
uud on Saturday, April 7, several eminent physicians hold a uoiisultutiou on
my case and informed mo that 1 was
ut death's door, having but three to six
days to live, still I lingered on, by this
time completely paralyzed, my hands
and fuet being dead, I could hardly
whisper my wauls and could ouly
swallow liquids. Uh, tho misery of
those moments uro beyond nil description aud death would really huvo been
a welcome visitor.
"Now comes the part thut has astounded thu physicians. Kov. Mr.
Gundy, a clergyman who hud visited
me iu my last hours, as ho supposed,
told mo of thu marvellous euros uf par*
alvsis thut had been performed by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Palo Pooplo.
I started to tnko tho pills about April
28 nud a week nftor thnt felt an im*
provement in my condition. Thero
wns a warm, tingling sensation in tho
limbs thnt hnd been entirely dead and
I soon begun to move my feot uud hands,
thu improvement ooutiuuod until May
28 when I was taken out of bod for
drivo and drove tho horso myBolf. By
tho beginning of July 1 was ablo to
walk upstairs alone and paid a visit to
"Slowly but surely I gained my old
health and strength, leaving Ontario
for New York on Ootober 11 and be
ginning my work again on October 26,
1804. Cured of Landry's Paralysis in
eight months." To confirm his story
beyond all doubt, Mr. Dallimoro made
tho following affidavit.
Sworn uud subscribed before mo De
uember .1, 181)4.    Amos. 0. Ruthbuu,
(Seal.) Notary Public
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all
the elements neacessary to givo uew
lifo nud richness to tho blood and restore shattered nerves. They aro for
sale by all druggists, or may lie had by
mall from Dr. Williams' Medicine
Company, Schenectady, N. Y., for 50
cents a box, or six boxes for 13.50.
Special Doctors for Chronic, Prlntt
and Wasting Diseases.
Dr. l.lehlK's liivlK.irnhir III,' KTrtilcsl remedy fttl
HeuniiHl Weakness. I I Manhood ami 1'rfvate
Illsciisi's. (Ivi-rr t I'reinalur ss slul iin'liares
all for miirnuK.' I"'''s 'Imli's. pleasures and rcspon.
BlDllltlaal ,1 trial bottloasvanora.nl Ire. to any
oneilesiTll.1 lis sJiii|H"ii's:call'iraddressinoneary
m„ privat. auirauofl sv> HMor. si., nan Pruolaw.
•   whUTcalimilB "I .IAMM M. NHWAltD,
linsliniul,.! Klicn M. Nosnl, whetheri alive or
dead    Itesld ,1 hi M.iy.ville, C.I.. in 1K7I
dim P. o. Ian '-'•''IN Ban FtBiiolMO, Cal.
It„lilM l'll,..knn..i. 1» i.,..i.l»re Hk" wrfXjj&dSg,
ml>.|i». H.liiii|..wln'Mvnii'i. IIii.Iiiitii snilUIInd, BIwsj.
Inir or Protroalng riles > irltl i.t one,, lo
I.js llriima. .irerlina. ffnnsnenl eere.   Pm.lJ».
Uraaaisn. nr mul Ur. Ilusuoko, 1'ullnda.. fa.
"" nt-ugfUli,  -■"• *'»-nttt» t>eltl*B. j
u from ttio errnrn, In*
if, exowos o( youth,
ki oi ihe renroduq,
ih, alt <>f whlc'i leHil
■•r tie-iuiiiy if not treated In
Hm-'. onn n'ml vkihiinknt ecus farcorwipond'
im, win a-, tinr romndloi nro onaorsod by tlio
muttt>Mi iirofetnlon, NoQvackr
 'Kl>slll.im ti.ti).,H
.Manchester, Conn
ah** Wilted Him.
Thero Ih oue patron of the North
Pennsylvania street lino who bun tho
reputation of being must dreadfully die*
agreeable. The conductors Hay ho is a
kicker, and the neighbors Hay bo haa the
dyspepsia. Anyway ho generally creates
a 8C0110 wherever hu goes, but bIiico a
recent oxpericucu bu is u littlo particular about his conduct on a street our.
Ho boarded a crowded car at—well,
some street between Ohio and Seventh.
Tho uisle was filled with persons holding on to tho straps. Ho stood for a second lu thu doorway nud glowered at
thoso within. The conductor placed bis
hand on the shoulder of tho bad tempered man and snid:
"Push on, please, and don't stand in
the door wny 1"
Thu ditsugrocablo man turned his head
a bit nnd sunpped In return:
"Don't get guy. Stop your pushing,
or I'll report"—
Thu unfiirtumitii man, while mnking
this speech to tho conductor, did not ob*
serve thut a woman was attempting to
puss out. Like many others, ho thought
tbo cur hnd stopped for bim mono. Hut
his crabbed remarks were cut short by
nn energetic shove from tho lady passenger. She thought his cutting remarks
wero aimed at her, nnd in a high pitched
voice she roplied:
"You aro insulting, sir, nnd very un-
gentlemanly. I must got out, and if yon
are uot ouough of a gentleman to allow
mo to pass I shall do somo reporting."
Tlio bad tempered man tried to explain
aud apologize, but the woman brushed
past bim. All tho passengers board the
remarks aud witnessed tho incident, and
tho disagreeable man looked truly
ashamed. —-Indiunapolis Journal.
llullt by rontafffi NtnmiiN.
St Trudon, u Christian village on the
banks of tho Kongo, colonized by negroes eduentcd by tho missionaries, is
tho product of postage stamps. Over
40,000,000 used stamps woro collected
in Brnamb, from tbo snlos of which the
monoy needed wns obtained. Tbe Kongo
State gavo the land.
the ftdlow, and when he found I was
interested he talked freely of his plan.
"I hud to do a good deal nf thinking
nbout It when I first started In," ho
sal.I. "1 can't get work now, and whon
I have work I enn only keep nt it for a
little while on account of rheumatism.
When I saw I had to beg, I thought I
might ns well do it right or not ut all.
If you know anything about nmn's faces
and clothes, you don't have to do nny
guesswork at all. I can tell long beforo
I get near a mnn whnt my chances nro
with bim, and if I don't think thut it's
ten to one I will get something I don't
try him, for there's no good in wearing
y i inrstd f out nud getting common. Somo
fellows go along tho street nud try to
touch every woll dressed man thoy moot
They couldn't do anything worse, for
everybody sees whnt they're doing nnd
knows they aro professionals and steers
clear of thom. The only time to go np
against well dressed men as a straight
thing, without regard to thoir faces, is
when thoy aro full aud feeling happy
over it.
"Tho average woll dressed mnn or
woman is the hardest kind of a porsou
to hit. Thoy do lots for chnrity, but it's
in a ditlerent way—societies, schools
for liids, kindergartens and missions-—
and they think they aro doing enough.
If nny ono hits them an tho street, they
put them down for a professional. You
have got to judge tho well dressed peoplo by their faces and general manner
and lot their clothes count for nothing.
"Whenever I have to do nny street
work, I always select, the peoplo of tho
lower middlo classes, who don't put on
any front—women especially. I mean
people who livo comfortably, bnt haven't
got any too much money to spare. Hay,
yon may think I'm stringing you, but I
wonld rather havo ono nickel from ono
of them than a quarter from a follow
who could stnnd It nud had it to burn.
Funny, but I feel just ns sentimental
about that sometimes as if I was earning It, nud I would earn it if I hod tho
"Now, yon tako this stand of mine
hore today. There's threo men who gavo
mo something—two nickels and a dime.
I hnvo boon hero half au hour aud I've
only struck five mon. I missed two.
Well, three out of Ave don't look like
bad guesswork, if you wnnt to call it
so, does it? This is the cheapest restaurant in tho neighborhood. There's
tho Imperial, Marlborough and all tbo
other big hotel restaurants I could
huvo taken, but I'll botl wouldn't have
got a thing from tho peoplo who camo
from nny of them. Tho mon who go in
here don't pay over 25 or 110 cents for
what thoy eat, and I'm willing to tako
my chances with them right along.
"I always wait till a man oomee ont.
Somo people think it ought to be the
other way, for the reason that a man
who was hungry would be more apt to
give out of sympathy for tho man who
was hitting bim for money for something to eat Bnt I didn't figure it ont
that wny. Yon see, theso aro pretty
hard times, and there's more people in
hard luck than there ovor was before.
Now, it's bad enough to bo in hard
lock, but it's worse yot to bo hungry,
nnd wlien a man is np against both
games littlo things will bother him that
wouldn't affect him nt nil if he hud bis
stomach fall. I reason that pretty nearly overy man who comes in hore is either iu bard luck or else ho Is a miser
who don't wnnt to spend any moro than
Is actually nooessnry. If It wasn't so,
you know they would all go to the big
restaurants In tho hotels, for yon know
ns well as 1 do that tbu right kind of a
man likes good things to eat and uloe
clean service if ho can afford it.
"Will, lam onto the misers, and I
leave thom alone. Whon the decent
mail comes out, ho foels better for having had his dinner. Ho is rendy for
business, nnd life is u groat deal brighter to him than It was half an hour boforo. I ask bim to belp ma He says to
himself: 'Well, I fool pretty good. This
fellow is in worse lack than I am. I
know whnt It is to fool hungry. I won't
miss tho nickel very much,' nud thon I
get it. When hu bauds it tome, be feels
better for it, nud ho looks it, too, and If
ho hns been doing things thnt are not
quito up to tbo limit ho consoles bim*
self with tho fact that he ain't inch a
bud fellow nftor all. And ho ain't either. So you soo them's two of us happy,
.md If thero was moro of it tho world
would bo happier.    Thanks, boss."
Tin n tho philosopher went in to dinner.—New York Herald.
I trunk "oil llm Minis!,'.'."
Seine years tlj'n, In llni'liester, UU K|iis-
DOptil clgrgyilltlH received u call In the
BYWtllllg frOHl il couple who desired In be
intirrli'd. lie nun-rled tliiui nud reeelvnl
fer his fen what, necini'il to lilm u very |lt ■
milhirniic. ll consisted of a CO colli ploco,
ft DA uon t pleat1, udhne, a nickel nud-I cents.
He mi lit nothing.but .vuiidured ft grout deal.
The whole mutter wns explained when,
two mouths afterward* thu bride culled
til hi 111  mid  desired him, mucli to his
surprise, to uuitinrry her. lie told her
Ihnl this was beyond his power and asked
her why ulie w Islicil to lie unmarried,
She Mild her husbniiil wnsa ln/.y, worthless, drinking man, and Unit when he got
iniirrleil he had to borrow $1 with whioh
toptiy the clergyman Ids fee, nud that on
tlm way with her to the minister'^ limum
Im slopped ut a Hnhiou to get n drink, for
Wllloh 1)0 paid 0 cents, leaving the dollar
Minns ft cents w llh which In pny the minister. Thus taking ii drink at the expense
nf (ho minister explained to him tint p«-
ciilhirlly of the fflO,—HostOtl llerutd,
GamboHn'i Tiiblo*
Thero. Is u curious story told of the table
ut wllloll (I'ninbetia wrote. A previous
owner, (ictiernl huh It to, minister Tor for-
OlgtlftlTftlll In IB-ID, dismissed his eotdl-
ilciitlal servant, because he believed Ihnl
In- had stolen a large sum of money In
l.iinii franc hnuk notes. Vears afterward,
when the table had lobe repaired, the
Jollier QUI ployed for the work found the
missing bundle of blink notes between the
lllflllligniiy board of tho tnlile nud thu
drawers below. They had lain there un-
noticed for 11 yen is, Unfortunately thn
storylines not goon le say Hint Ihe poor
servant and his mlslnkou master werunllvu
lit the time of the discovery, uml that the
Olio's character wnscleared and theotIter's
confidence restored,—Sim Francisco Argonaut. ,
TIIK    KKYMTONK     OP     TIIK     Alll'll
N.iwhere nre boys better chiiiI   lor uud
more thoroughly taught than at Hutu's
School, Burjmgaine, Hun Muteo county,
(Jul. The school Is in charge of Ira ti.
Iliutl, I'h, I)., und will reopen Augmtt nth.
-8,1>\ Ohromole.
■i.ir.|.ni Oh I Id roll niicu Hiy tunny UiIukn
.liiiiipii|inu uniiMieiih ) Yt't,; tun uuvur tunny
iiiuuiKii in lie rnputt lull.
(in Kasi from Portland, Pendleton. Walla
Walla vln O, It. A- N. to Spokane aud Ureal
Northern Hud wny to Montana, Hit kolas, St.
hud, Minneapolis, UhleUKn, Uliiulut, Ht
boms, Kastuud Houth. Itoc.k ballast I nick ;
tine scenery ; new equipment; Ureitt Northern I'ahiee r~lee|iers ami Diners; Family
Tourist Curs; Mullet-Library Curs, Write
0.0, Donovan, Ueiieral Agent, Portland.
Oregon, or S\ I. Whitney. 0, P. A T. A„
Ht. I'nni, Minn,, tor printed matter and information uhnnl rules, routes, eto.
MI'HH! NTOItK    WlM-y   H. Al Co., Die
nlilem, Uie In-KOt,  .'II First Ht., t'lirilHiut,
fli li'Ie iIiik, I hint mnn, KiM'her t'linin*., Kmey
OrHiillH.    Isinv iirlei'K, ci,-y lenin-,,
II)CUNT M.INIC   Hiiml (nr (ir.Uln(Ttltil.
l use plio'a Cure fur Ooneuntntton both
In   inv family ami practice    Dr. (I, W.
r.vriKithnN, liikHtur, Mhih., Nov, ft, iwn.
Try (Ikhmka for breakfast
All Out of Sorts
Tirol), w»uk and weary, If <lil" la y""'
condition, stup and IIiIiib. You an >
aulrBTW Irom dyapapaU and grout misery
iiwalta you If you do not ohook It now.
llood'a Sor.auurlll. is llio bert DwHolna
you oun tnko. It bus poiiilinr powor lo
tone and strengthen tue utuinudl.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the only true blood purlller prominently
lu tbe puliliu ay. many.    |l| 8 lor ia,
Unnrl'a Dillc"" liarraoiiliiuslr vlth
MOOU S fills II I'« -iir-n|,.irlllH- .'■■'■.
In the I'lllilcnf hcHllli In vIkiii, wtilch menu*
not inurolv mnmniliir nnoniy, but ftn ttntivu ills-
elmrnti uf thu i/iii'loiiH (iiiii'thnis uf tlm hotly,
mill, iihtliKi'Stltili, HiT-etloiiiif the bile, the nc-
lluii of thu buwolH, thu elri'iilHtiiiii of the tiltmil.
NiithitiR mon iictlvely or tliorntiuhl'/ euntrlli-
nt en to thu unlicil ticrforuiMiice ut ttiuau fane-
itniiH than the ruunwiiuil tunin ami roffultUtr,
llfiNtetler'H rttninnrli Hlttnrs.   Thu rtiHllll »f liu
une is s ineedi khIh Iu itrenstli. toKutiiurwlth
tlie rhicchIpIc t'tinsi'liiusiii'HM Unit thu tenure nf
life is hultlfl Ntretmlhi'imil- that ono Ih litylllf-
itpHHtore of vitality ngftlnit thu luuvnl'lutile
ilrmnthtH whioh old Hgu ihhIcci upon tliunyntoui.
The InrtlfyliiK Influence <>f tho Illtturn nniHti-
tutu it A relhililn Hiift'Kiirtnl tiHtttimc nmbtrla,
rheiimiitlNm mid klihiuy trouble. Apputttu una
HJeep Improve throiifih Hi aw, mnl It pro tee tn
the syitein BBAlnnl tho effeeU nf coliln mid
"Willie, ltnve vim boon hi another flk'lit?"
"No, iiihumuh. Till! feller OUtcltUlud mo. unit I
wain't in It.	
We oiler Oue Hundred Dollars reward
for any crhb of Catarrh that cannot be
cured t>v Uall'tt Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY it CO,, Propa,, Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, huve known F, J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out uny obligation made hy their firm.
West A: Tbuax, WholemYleDruggists,Toledo, O.
WALmjfu, Kinnan & Mabvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous stirfticrs of the system. Price, 75c per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials Free,   	
ItHiism'N Microbe Killer cures cancer mid
ulcers.   Agency, ;ii;u MorrlHon Ht., Portland, Or.
.to recovery, the
young woman
who Is taking
Doctor Pierce's
Favorite Pr
Bcrlption. In
maidenhood, womanhood, wife
hot.d and motherhood the' Pre
scription" is a
Bupp'rtlng tonic
and nervine
that's peculiarly
adapted to her
needs, regulating, and strength
cning the system
and curing the
derangements of the sex. Why Is It bo
many women owe their beauty to Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription? Because
beauty of form nnd face radiate from the
common center—health. The best bodily
condition results from good food, fresh air
and exercise coupled with tbe judicious
use of the "Prescription."
It reaches tbe origin of the trouble and
corrects it
Both the method and reaulta when
Syrup of Figs ia taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
cenlljr yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, head-
nches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to tbo stomach, prompt in
iis action and truly beneficial in its
"fleets, prepared only from the most
healthy anil agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale In fiOcs
nnd $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will procure It promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. bo not accept any
lOUISVlllt. *'■ new toss, H,t.
General Agents for Aultman A Taylob
TllHBallRBH, Tii.utiun K.NtiisKb ami
~ Hnvo for Bale—
AudOtliOr MiU'liliiiTy ofHiHvir A Wulkur
Murk to i iDMiMiut ollUp,
Writ* fur I'tUitloKii* nml Trim*.
Room uAU Worcester Illuck, Portland, Or,
Radam's Microbe Killer
Il thn only known remedy thnt will deitlroy
thu Mti-rohe In tlio lllnod wuliniit Injury to the
Dyitoni. MltlliniHuf |n'ii|ili) testily to tin wonderful omen.
Advlrofree, Try a bottlo,  100 DoiOl Kl.Oo.
Write for elreularit mid n-itlinoiiUlii frtjc
Radam's Microbe Killer Company
.100 Horrlaon Btrent     POKTLAMl, OU.
A miiviitniintM tbibiiwiiU0Hnda.ru tu«*—u\ri tmr
hualtli. Tlinna pill* mipi»I» wliat tlw wntwii Utk« t,i
niakii It. rt'ifiiUr.    'jjtF ■'<■*!' ll*taut»>'l)n  lirialLlmi th*
Btm nnd oltariba Omtwiioa bfUww"
Tlmv mihet urivtt n«r «oli»>n.  T» com
Tiwy nitltliMf «rtii0 nor «okm. T» convmr., i.hi. *•
will mail umntp (m*i. nr n, full bqi tm \fa Wfl "'n-
wlwru.     lIDHANliti «EU. Uu.. fUiUt.-lui.tt.Jrw.
Ifi >u uric the IVtn tura*
liKirliatcri t lli'iMiilert.
Mi.ke money white
oiticra are wonting
time byoldproci'SHci.
t'uliiioitellti.'ill almut
U,anaaewCnbea every
nrticleneededfor the,
puultry butinetw.
The "ERIE*
meclinnlcalty the I
Wheal, Frcttieit model,
™-iWe are Politic Cos •'.,
J\frent§.   Bicycle cm..
logue, mailed free,giv-.-tf t
I fntlrtc«Tlntlqri,pr!i*ei,etc.,AO«NTawAKTi'n.
PETALOMA IH{iOBAT0IC0..Petilnmi,Crl.
i Bhahch Hopbb, 131 a Main St., tea Angclw
• The BEST •
JOHN CARLE * SONS, N.w Vork.    *
•1ST IN THI W0SL0.    UI\60*B
IlawoarlDRqualltlefl an mmirrsus*..!. srtua.ly
nutlastliiK two boxes of an. other brao.l. Pre.
Irom Animal oils   <ikt thi: iikniiimb.
and Dealers Kenera.Hr ■
W. P. N. 0. No. 604 -S. F. N. U. No. «8l
*——————^^<a^*»—a*~^ —***—»•—■ Ja,—.-a%T—. -.1
Merchants   In   Gordon   nnd   Peerless
Presses, Cylinder Presses, Paper
Cutters, Motors of all kinds,
Folders, Printing Material.
Patentees of Self-Spacing Type.
Sole Makers of Copper-Alloy Type
Lord Clivo was thin and koon faced.
He hnd tho nppoaranco of n man always
vorn dowu by laok of food aud rest.
From early child-;
hood until I,
ECZEMA srr&sj
trying to cur. ma I
ot this disease. I visited Hot Springs i
and was treated by the best medical J
men, but was not benefited. When'
allthingshadpnftiifaited I de-|
termined to LII11II try SS S-1
and in four! 11U HI montha wasi
entirely cured. The terribl: eczema t
was gone, not a sign of it left My <
general health built up. and I have I
never had any return of the disease. I
yet known a fUlan to euro.
OKO-W. IBWIN, Irwin, Pa. ,
I Never tells to cure,'
I even when all other (
remedlor-have. Our i
fctreatiwon blood and i
I akin diaeawM nailed ,
W free to any addreaa. i
o, laaiutloa trad,
mark, and labatB.
is the whole stray
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"   Write tor Arm aud Hammer Book ot valuable HcclncM-FBZE.
. ay ay W'a***'*""""' *■' " ' '     '■* — ■».>» a»s.»s a.
MIxch with Cold WatW,   Meltable himI ««l"
JIMES LUIDLJIW & CO.. Pail-nd. Or.;
Kill 11 i 'nlJiilliTits m/i>. e\\:\!i tier tlHui-mul; I per fi-iit OBlb dltOoVBt
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ConTHpoudi'iice nolMtvd.   Siunplrn Bent on MppllcHlIon.
-(IN KKtiS OK B01TLK.-)-
Second to uniie- TltY IT..
No nutter where from.      num. % n D, OR.
Preserves all kinds of Fruit without cooking, and retains their
natural flavor.
in publiibod evory Friday
Klugbfroet, Ulo
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'enliile, by
CuiiswurTiuN Prion* ono dollar porYoari fjix
*< MuiiMin, titty rents,
TiutiHlunt Atlvfrtlsoiiieiim, ton nontn pur lino
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Dijlllil In IWuh'H Hue* |0 tllO llll'li.
abort noltcQiaf in.ii, touudi Bta,,Qtio dollar for
'    ilirou iii.iitrtiHi, -
lliiiitliK, birth-,  1 iiiniTl.iMon, tltly   OlMll tO!
ouo lUHorllon,   I'l'.'n lo r>ul'rit'rliiurn.    -
Uominoi'oltil atlyortlaotnttutN »t Rrantly roduood
'     ptlnoN, which lylll tro iiinitti Umvitninipjill-
tmtloii.   (Jiliirtirily OOHlrtlOtl,
AildroiN nil (loiitiiiiiiili'iitlniir, (o
BUIti.l.l1   T1MK
u lb volatile.
It, 0,
Tlio fiirniiM-s' oonvontion lioltl nt
AgAjBll Oil Tluirsilny nml Eric|ii_v
of last week tnu us suoooasful po
doubt, ns those Bort of llilngs usually urn. Some ft>rly or lifty In.
(elllgeilt men wereliriitiglit tOgJthw
who discussed in a formal way tlio
yarioup branches of industry con-
peoted "/Ith iho tlljJng of the soil.
nnd neoMBMily a good mnny truths
of more or less practical character
jvore gone ovor. No doubt, too, all
present enjoyed tho holiday vory
thoroughly, bnt it is safo to say
that nny farmer who invested five
pr ten dollars in tho convention
.with the expectation of receiving a
corrcspopding benefit in the prosecution of his profession, would find
himself left on that count. Looking through thp report? of the addresses thp ofily items pf prnctical
import to cultivators pf the soil
appeared to be the following two
statements regarding fruit culture:
Professor Fletcher, of tho Central
experimental farm, condemned the
use in this country pf keroseno
emulsion as a spray for green aphis,
staling that it wus hurtful to thp
foliage. This is contrary to th.e
teaching of the porticultural Association, but the experience of fruit
growers in this neighborhood
teaches that Prpfessor Fletcher is
right. Kerosene emulsion should
not lie recommended as a spray for
fruit trees..
Mr. T. A. Sharpp, manager of the
Agnssii experimental farm, gave
Ihe following varieties of apples as
rnost desirable to grow in the coast
(district: Yellow Transparent, and
puchess for early, Wealthy for
medium, and Itibston Pippin for
fate. He also recommends Jersey
Sweet as a desirable cooking apple.
This list is of consequence, us being
bused on carefully considered experience under exceptionally favor.-
iilile conditions.
Sir Mackenzie Jlpwell, Premier,
Mon. T. M. Daly, Minister of the
Interior, and party, arrived at Vancouver on Saturday last. They
were met at the Junction by Chief
Justice Davie, Judge Bole, and Mr.
J. 0. Chile, inspector of Customs,
and op arrival at Vancouver
were waited upon by Dr. I). H
Wilson, President of the Vancouver Conservative Association, and
revernl prominent members, F. C.
Cotton, SI, P. P., Mayor Collins,
Mr. Win. Skene, secretary of the
Hoard of Trade, and a number of
Pther leading citizens. Sir Mackenzie Howell, Hon. T. M- Daly,
and Messrs. Hayter Reed, and J.
M. Unwell went ii], the coust on
Monday ns far as Metlnkahthv in
order to inspect the Indian coast
settlement*, returning by way of
Victoria. While in Vancouver the
Ministers were interviewed nn several Importanl matters of concern
to lliis Province, and tho replies
given  were  verv Satisfactory, nnd
Indicated nn Intimate acquaintance
witli the needs nf the roast country.
The Nor'-west Farmer says ♦ill,-
OOOJHX) represents the value of the
181,000,000 bushels of wheat imported Into llrenl Britain last year.
It the price had been the same as
in 181)2, Ihe total would have amounted to 1181,821,000, so that by
the fall in price the wheat exporting countries suffered a loss of over
#■10,500,000. This large decrease
in wheal value is credited to a considerable degree to ihe comparatively new competition of Argentine, which lust year exported
UJ.OOO.OOO bushels, against (1,500,-
000 in 1893, Jt is expected that
Argentine will be a permanent
competitor, nnd that her output
will increase in volume.
The Holmes' Murders.
Port Worth, Tox., Aug. 1—While
Holmes, or Pratt, as be wns known
hero, wus living in this city he
stnrteil to put up n large  building.
Tlie authorities havp maihi an Investigation of the building, which
leaves no doubt that he had planned it as n ilenlli trap. One room
ut the top nf the house hus twelvo
exits by whioh n person call crape.
An enolospd chute runs down to
tlio basement nf tho building, iu
which u body could be transferred
without uny one boing the wiser,
Jn J ho biisoinent a large iirrlnviiy
hnd linen built over tho sewer In
suoh a wny Unit he could easily
put iu 11 Imp door opening into the
sower. Under Iho Hour was found
a huge pit, the intended uso of
which   cun  only   be   conjectured.
Holmes probubly Intended his
bulltllilg to bo used us lie ufter-
wurds used Ids hoi|so In Chicago,
phloAgO, Allg.8,- Chief llndeliueh
took Mrs. Quinlan nnd her husband to Iho "castle" ye.'terday.
Tlio object 'of this trip was more
for the purpuso of letting Quinlan
and hij wile meet than nny 'other.
Thoy wero closeted together alone
for an hour in the room in whioh
Julia Connor's enrppt lies and a
chair belonging to the murdered
woman stands. What took place
between (hem no one knows, but
Chief Hadenoeh and the dptcctivos
are nparor a solution of tlio Holmes
mystery than pvpr beforo. The
Chief now has proof positive that
Mrs. Conner and Pearl, her daughter, or Corn Quinlan, were made
away with by Holmes for tho purpose of securing t|ie insurance
wliiph Mrs. Connor carried on her
lifp in favor of her daughter, or in
whiph Cora Quintan's lifp cut an
important figure. Further, Quinlan aiul his wife have proved to tho
police that Mrs. Conner became so
well aware of the schemos which
Holmes was operating, thut it became necpssary for Hojmes to put
the woman out of tlie wuy.
A Rawhide Cannon,
A rawhide, muzzle-loading cannon was tested rpecntly at Sandy
Hopk by the Ordance Hoard of the
United States army. Thp gun resisted a prpssure of 30,390 pounds
to the square inph, when further
tests werp made impossible by the
breaking of the iron gun carriage.
The gun is to bp further tested
within a few days.
It looks like going back to first
principles—to aboriginal artillery,
as it werp—to construct a gun of
rawhide and to load it at the
muzzle. The gun is thp invention
of Frederick ha Tulip, a Frenchman,
who lives in Syracuse, New York,
and the moneyed man of the concern is a saloon keeper, J. H. Link,
also of Syracuse, ha Tulip has
patented other things made of rawhide, and believes that his leather
gun is going to revolutionize modern warfare.
The army officers expected to
see the gun blow out of existence
at the first test, which wan 5,471
pounds to the square inch, They
made quite a joke of the affair, and
nobody was so astonished as these
expert* when the improved iron
carriage was finally brokpn, leaving
the queer hide gpn intact. The
principal claims made for the gun
are that It weighs only about one-
half as much as an ordinary steel
gun ; that it Is just as durable and
much stronger than steel, and that
any number of shots can be fired
in rapid succession without heating.
The mndel gun which is being
tested is 5 feet 8 inches long and of
21-2 inch caliber, weighing 156
pounds, nnd is made up of layers
of steel, rawhide and copper wire.
Major Phipps of the Ordnance
Hoard says that the gun must be
breech-loading to be of pratical
valup. ha Tulip says the rawhide
is just ns good for breech-loaders
as for muzzle-loaders.
.   a   .	
A company, composed principally of Oregonians, who hove been
engaged in the cannery business
on tho Columbia River, have
started a salmon cannery nt Port
Angeles, nnd will commence operations in a few days. They will
fisli in tlie Straits, for which purpose they havo bad several large
nets made. One of the nets is
mile long. A steamer will tow the
boats out and will also tnko scows,
on to which the nets will be
emptied. Tho gentlemen interested
arc all exjierienced men, und, having thoroughly investigated the
matter, believe that they have a
good thing. Mr. J. W. Grifiths,
formerly of this city, who is interested, wns here a few days ngo interviewing Dominion Government
olliciuls as to whether the company
may fish in Canadian waters. It is
understood thnt the answer wus
a satisfactory one—Victoria Times.
Missionaries Murdered.
London, Aug, 5.--A Shanghai
despatch to the Times says : The
mission und sunitiuiuni ut Wlui-
Bang, ncnr Ku fining, Province of
Fokeln, has been ttttaokod nnd the
sulijoelH killed. Hov. Mr, Stewart,
jvifo and child, were burned in
their houso. Tho Misses Yellow
und Marshall, nnd two sisters
named Gordon, and Steelie Ncw-
cuiiibo, were murdered with spoars
nnd swords. Miss Cnrdington wus
seriously wounded about the bend,
und Stuart's eldest child bad a
kneecap badly injured, while the
youngest bail an eye gouged out,
Jtov. Mr. Phillips, with two Americans, Dr, Gregory and Miss Hartford, wero both wounded, but arrived snfely at Fooohpwfoo, Thu
prefect, of Chenglu, who was on
tho enquiry commission, is seriously implicated in the Cbengtu outrages.
The Slumlord's special from
Shanghai says that Ihe news of the
massacre was suppressed for three
days by thu Chinese officials. J.
McCourtney llixson, the American
Consul at Fooch'owfoo, wilh several
volunteers, went to the scene in u
Steam launch and brought back
the two wounded Americans. "Their
experiences," the ' despatch says,
"wero torfiblo, and death was the
leust part of the Bufferings of the
butchered women." The indignation here is intense. The mandarins endeavor to "throw nil thp
blame upon sccrot societies, but it
is known they wore encourgod by
responsible officers. Tho (Jhinesp
aro repenting thejr old tactics of
cutting telegraphic communication.
Another Fooohpwfop telegram
says that all the murdered ladies
belonged to thp Church of England Zpnanii mission. Miss Hartford was fearfully injured, and
bears evidence of the tearful treatment and cruplty sho received at
the hands of thp mob! Spvpral
English and American children
huve been killed. Tlie massacre
commenced early pn Thursday at
Whasang, near Ku CJiapg. The
bouses were fired, and eight ladies
and a man and child were killed,
and several wpre wpunded, two
probably fatally. Thp bodies nre
expected to arrive af Fooehowfoo
London, Aug. 6.-.-The corres-
spondent of thp Times at Shanghai
says that the missionaries killpd at
Ku Chong were murdered by an
organizpd band. The correspond
dent says ; "The ladips begged for
their lives promising to yipld the
property and valuables, but the
leader of the bund shouted out his
orders to kjll them outright. A
corrected copy pf the victims is as
follows : Rpv, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, Miss Npllie Saunders, and
Miss hena Irish, burnt in the
house: Miss Stettio Newcombp
was speared and thrown down a
precipice ; Miss Marshall had her
throat cut ; Miss Gordon speared
in the bead ; Miss Topsy Saunders
speared in the brain ; Master Herbert Stewart, skull fractured and
brain exposed ; Miss hena Stewart
died from thp shock." The correspondent concludes: "Four other
Stewart children and Miss Cod
rington were seriously injured."
hondon, Aug. 7.—Archdeacon
Wolf oables from Foo Chow, say
ing that the Chinese soldiers sent
to protect the mission at Ku Chang
broke into and plundered it, He
adds that no reliance can lie placed
upon the Chinese authorities.
B    »—•	
hondon, Aug. G.—An extraordinary scandal has just come to
light in connection with Russia
and the Behring Sea patrol. About
the middle of last winter a firm of
fur lirokers |n Hamburg received
5,000 sealskins, with instructions
to forward them to hondon in
time for the big February sale,
which occurs here every year, lt
was noticed that the packages did
not bear the usual marks nnd
what also struck the peoplo as
peculiar was that not one of
the skins bad a bullet hole in it.
It is now reported on good authority that these skins were sent by
the officers of the Russian war
ship which left Robin's Island lust
September, und it is presumed,
that the enterprise was tlie private
speculation of those who wero sent
to protect tlie seals. The Russians
were encamped on the island for
four or fivo months, and, as is customary, no one was allowed to land
on the island during their stuy
there. It is presumed thut Ihe
crew employed their time in clubbing these seals. The skins were
sold at Lampoon's here last February.
Spraguo, Wash., Aug. a.- Tho
Northern Puci'lic Railway is thu
lieavist liwor by the lire on Saturday, which swept over 320 acres of
territory and destroyed property
valuod nt ovor u million dollars,
Tlio losses include 2'J locoiuotivos
und 54 freight cars, value, $825,000;
shop uinchinery, etc., #50,000)
headquarters station, warehouse,
oto., $125,000. Half a mile of
track was destroyed, together with
7,000 tons of coal, und' 5,000
cords of wood, bringing the Northern Pucilic's loss up to $750,001).
hondon, Aug. 2.-Tho International Geographical Congress
lias passed u resolution to the effect
that explorations ot the Antarctic
region formed the greatest work
still to be undertaken, und that in
view of the addition ol knowledge to
overy branch of science ' which
would result from such exploration,
the Congress desires the scientillc
societies of the world tn urge in the
most effective manner Unit the
work do undertaken before the
elosp of the century.
 .a*   a -  —
Seattle, July 80.— Yesterday
work'began on tho Ijlling in of the
tide (lilts and the digging of Ibe
South Canal into Lake Washington commenced. 'Hie celebration
in honor pf the oveni was witnessed by thousands of peoplo nnd the
enthusiasm knew in) bounds. Tbe
work will take live years lo complete, will cost (17,000,000, and
will give Seattle lino of tho ijnest
suit and frpsh water harbors ii| the
Ottawa, Aug. 5. -There wns on
dpppsit in the Post Office Savings
Hunks on June ,'IOih the sum of
#2(!,H05,5I2, or #5I7,(|7I more'than
at the close of the previous fiscal
year. The average sum at eaojl depositor's credit is $22^.22, tho average of the previous year having
bepn #215-St, The accumulated
interpsl on savings during the fiscal ypar was #87(i(i)-l!). In ten
years the savings havo increased
ovpr #11,000,000.
 .   a   •	
The seven Chinosp, headed by
Lem Kow, who made' ii savage attack with knivps on the white foreman of thp Britannia cannery, two
wpeks ago, apppared before Pajice
Magistrate Atk|nson, at Steveston,
on Saturday, for preliminary trial
on the charge of rioting. The
charges were proved in each instance and the whole seven wpre
sent up for trial at the next assizes.
Toronto, Aug, 0.—The World's
Montreal correspondent says that
it is understood that the Canadjan
Pacific Railway has a couple of
surveying parties at work just npw
in sections of the Crow's Nest Pass,
in British Columbia, but it cannot be learned if it is the intentipn
of thp company to bpgin operations
on this line in the near future.
Winnipeg, Aug. 3. —Preparations
are being mude for a trial shipment
of buttpr to Japan.
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Yokohama, Aug. 5.—Continuous
rains have ruined the rice crop in
many parts of Japan,and a famine
is fenred. Many lives have already been lost, and the damage
done is enormous.
Toronto, Aug. h—The deptli of
wnter in the bny is still on the de-
ereuse, and is becoming alarming.
There nre only nine feet of wnter
in the Western gap, while the
course to tlie island hus to be picked out so finely thnt severnl of tlie
ferry lioats will be taken off in order to run no risk. Yesterday tlie
wnter had fallen to the lowest
mark kown to the Harbor Commissioners.
A by-law to provide a Municipal
Revenue and for interest and
Hinking fund on Pykjng Debentures.
W1IEKKAS Ull naoMiarr mid expedient to
iirovhien rv¥ui.ii« fur tbu Municipality
oi tno IHitrlot of Murrey for tbo curruiit yoitr,
Ur* iTTHK.ti.Foi.1 ikactiP by iho Municipal
Council uf ttio mild Dlitrlot Miiuk-iimlUy M
I, All tux** ■lull bf delinquent oo tbo Bnt
dny of Octobur,
% That tlio porlftdlcj.1 mini to bo paid by any
|i■■r-.im for a irii-lo limine for tho inir[in*o« aul
nut iu ncclliui - I o. tbu Mtiulnpil AUahall t*
tlm ir>ii-.linum amouut rtapoiulroiy mantuinad
»r j.r«iMk''l fur In tbo varloi.1 iiu-iectlona of
the mid netilloti 2>'t.
1 That tboro alir.ll le mUo<t, Igvle;) and col-
luctoil un annual tax of two and <>n* lialf p«r
cent Upon iho ai'iiiHOil vnlijo of ail wild laud
within tlio Munlaipallty, winch .mail bo parable
on the I .'.ih dny nf Auguit In order tn untitle the
fwrnon uir:aiod to an abatement of ouu etxth of
tbe ami iitit thureof.
I Thftl thero ihall be lovlod and colltrled
up in ii.I tlio rcnl pro*Bur(y lu tbo Municipality
other than wlht lutid un nniiual rate ol » \ mill*
on tho dollar on thf a*<ei*«il value tiH-ruu', aud
the aald tax ihall Lt p-iyable on the I.V.b day i>f
AURilit In order to entitle the penou aate-HH
io au abatement of one ilxlb of tbe amount
;<, Improvement* ou land for the current
yoeraball be Hftmpt from taxation.
i. I Lori' >hall be raliod, levied and collected
In addition to all otbertaxoaa rate ol *B tnllti
ou Iho dollar lo prov'i>H> lutvrcet and K m'" • on
tbo dollar to provide vIhsIur fund on tnu Surrey
liyktutf Dobwiiuri", lo the exleut of (II.O0U)
Thirteen Thou<-niid Italian.
7, Thero aball bo railed, lev.ed and oolloeted
In addition to all other luxee on the properly
mentioned In the nohedule to thetiuney Dyking
Act a rate oi |Uj Willi on the dolltr to provide
uitcro-i, and ■■■> mill* on the dollar to provide a
• -tnkliiit fund ou Ihe Hurray Dyking Duluniiirei
to the extotii ol (12,000) Twelve Tbomaiid Dol*
Thla l.y-:nw may bo cited at the "Kovouuo
Bylaw, IWhV"
Pnneil iu open Council thla -Mill day of
July, IM.
#_^-i Ko-couaidored and Anally pan-ed and
) -f-At.}    the noal 11 iim > " piTiiiifci ordered to
(-^ -*- S    he niii xuii thli ,1'd dny ol Auguit, i- ■:•.
A. A. RICHMOND. Keeve.
C. M. f.
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I'riiotitiiil Blncktrnlth, does light and heavy hlttck.-mlthlng of nil kinds
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P.O. Ilox 11V
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SKAI.KD 1 KM "Kit* will be Mtelv.il by the
iiikIl'MiMK I Up to linOU of Aiiir-i-t 10th,
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l'lants, Vinos, Shrulis, Hoses,
Bnlbl, etc., etc.,
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ThaaLwo 1. atra. copy ol a by-law pss... by
tho Municipal ooiinoil ol tho Otslrlcl ol Burr...
nn tho am .lay nt Au.usl. INS, and .11 parson, aro
horohy rcniillad lu I.Bo nolle thai an,on. dr.
.Irons ol appl i IO| lo ha., salil by.,att. or any
n»,l lhort'1,1. nussliod, inu»t mako app.tuition
lor that OJiipo olo tho lopram. lour; within
mi. month iioxt alt.r th. puMiration ol this br.
I.w lu tho llrltlsh Coliiint.lB O.isctio, or h. will
lu loo l.lo to l» h.srJ In that MB.lt,
IV >l. C
Choice young Bonrs nnd r>ows of
different ages.
Write lor vani*, or oomo nnd tee itofik.
Cloverdale, lie,
Importer pf OblMMUd -'apii > LllllfJ. Al ilita
t'atuella', I nut aud oruiunentnl Trw*. lloiliiiid
llulb), &c
Dealer In and Miintilncltirer ol Acrtnilinrnl
Imp ■ijii-ni', Uro   lllvra aud  Bupplic-, t>|iniy
Pmnpi, What! oil »u.ip, etc.
JF, OAMHIAITH, Conveyancer A  Notary
,   Public.  omoeiBPiiHYTtMXi.cioverdale
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utnto ruiiMi'i.o.-.v  It will pay you.
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MiolcoCiRan, nnd the wnttara are atteutivu
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j-'rowt itrooti oppo-lte the Ferry Lmidluf,


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