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 i lW- an i A n t ti
H9- 16-
Vol. 1.
agent for the celebrated
Raymond Sewing Machines
and in fnture will carry a stock of tho Lates Stylos of Machines, also
Needles, Oil, &c, &c.    Prices aro so low and torms so easy that
it will not pay you to be without ono.
Every Machine Guaranteed.
still selling
Stove? at Co$t.
Hardware, l'aints A Oils, Tinware, (irunitowuro, oto.
A. GODFREY, New Westminster, B.G,
Parnell & Gunn,
The Westminster Grocers
and Feed Merchants,
Call  and see them, and Save Mpney
when  in Town.
/SW* Opposite 0. P. H. Station, 807 Columbia. St., Westminster, B. C
Wm, Johnston,
in all grades pf
Sole agent for the celebrated
English "JC'Boot.
OF- ouu  prices leave   competition-
OUT   OF  610KT.
N.i. ,y..tmlnat.r, B. c.
, Rough & Dressed Lumber,
J .Fit ll. ^'ll-i'.-I--. M niMlug,, l'lnln iiikI J-'iiiirv I'lckfts Poor*, Window, Franici, Ullrnls, Ti.rncil
VV'irL.ftf., nii.l nil Ki ii'lt of lt>t"rmr Kltlllh. l'lnln 'f-i Ohvid Miitncls, Siorc nml Office
Klttiu.fi1. Fruit it'i'i Snlni'iti Jinxes. NuMloutg, &c. Importen nf Pluto, Fancy nud Couimuu
WinOjOHr Olmfc   U^ Vardu niii, WHrehoiJicfij Colli in life Street Wcit
R. JARDINE. Local Manager.
And General Merchandise,
MAIN STREET, CLOVERDALE, (Corner McLlellan Road).
Cioods all frcsb and of the choicest quality,   New stock constantly
arriving,   Prices down to lowest notch, on the basis of "small profits
and quick returns."   gST (live us a trial.
Get the Best Foot-wear You  Can !
The Cloverdale Shoemaker,
Makes Boots and Shoes to order, and guarantees all work turned out
ghaf Repairing promptly attended to on short notice.
The dn.ys begin to bo appreciably
shorter; ''	
The small boys arc naiy enjoying
green peas'—and colic,
Tiik crooks arc drying up ami
tho wells are getting low, as usual
at this season. '
PnpF, Caiui, of New York, is visiting tliis const and is spending a
few days with Mr. Thos. Shannon.
Tiik writer has a gooseberry
bush 'of (ho Downing variety, four
years set out, that this year bore
24'1 poUndsof sound ripe fruit.
Mas. T. Bonnio arid Miss Urine,
if Wpstniinstor, havo been spending the wpok In Cloverdale, the
guests bf R'ev. Mr. and Mrs. Bowell.
For. all kinds of Seeds, Grain, Chopped Feed, Flour, Meals, &c, go to th[e
Brackman & Kerr Milling Company,
543 Front Street, New Westminster.-'
John Montoomkhy, of Langley
I'rairie, was lined $25 a few days
ago for selling a fawn out of season. Ho was not posted on tbe
Game, Law, and committed the offence in ignorance.
Tiik members of Surrey Orange
Lodge who joined in the celebration
at Victoria' on the 12th, report a
lurgp attendance, an inspiring parade, stirring addresses, and a gen-
eral success/,
Mn. P. Dksbmsay arrived over
from Bear River camp yesterday,
and will remain a few days. He
says work is progressing finely at
the new camp. "Deb's" friends till
over Surrey will rejoice to see his
smiling countenance again.
Master Charley Richmond is
home again after spending a couple
of months in Vancouver under the
tuition of Mr. Sparling, preparing
for thp teachers' examination, The
many friends of the young man
will join in wishing that he may
have passed a successful examination.
Wk direct attention to the new
advertisement in this issue of A.
Godfrey, the popular hardware
merchant of Westminster, Mr.
Godfrey has lately been appointed
agent for the well-known Rayfnond
sewing machines, and can sell them
on terms to suit all. Call and investigate.      	
A dispatch from, Ottawa states
that tho Dominion Government has
decided to reduce the price of land
to actual settlers in the Yale and
Westminster districts to one dollar
per acrpr This is proper, and Messrs
Corbould and Mara are to be congratulated on the success of their
efforts jn this matter.
Ml«s Phcsbe Bond has gone; to
spend a few weeks with the family
of Mr, Evans in Blaine, Miss
Evans had been visiting here, and
returned home for the 4th July,
and on the following Monday their
house and contents were destroyed
by fire. In the confusion Mrs.
Evans fell down stairs and broke
her ankle, Miss Bond has gone
over to act the part of good Samaritan towards her friends,
James Hamilton, of Port Kells,
who was wpll known here, having
taken part in several entertainments in the vicinity, was drowned
last Saturday afternoon at Pitt
Meadows, He had been working
for the B, C- Dyking and Drainage
Co., and on Saturday he and a
friend started to go over to Port
Kells to spend Sunday at hnome, In
shoving away from the dyke the
canoe upset and both men were
thrown into the water. Mr.
Hamilton could not swim and was
drowned, The body was recovered
shortly afterwards, Deceased had
been in the Province about seven
years, and leaves a widow and two
The committee appointed to inquire into the practicability of arranging a milk separating station
here lo HUpply cream to the Delta
creamery, met on Saturday evening
us agreed upon. It was found that
no more than rive ranchers, representing 50 cows, could be induced
to combine for a start, others preferring to hold back until they had
better assurance of the scheme
working advantageously. As 100
cows would be needed, according to
the estimate, to make the station a
success, it is not likely that any
further steps will be taken here at
this time. We are informed a number of Mud Bay settlers have decided to join with the Creamery.
It is highly probable that measures
will be taken here after harvest to
ensure some means of manipulating the milk product next season.
By noting the advertisements in
this puppr from time to time the
peoplo of Surrey can learn at n
glance (ho business house's in Westminster'that are making efforts; for
tlio (.rndo of this section of tho Province,' Those aro tbo houses to
deal with, for depend upon it the
liiiin wljo does not consider your
trade worth looking after will have
no advantages to offer you. Tho
trade of Surrey is by' all odds the
most important rural trado that
goos to Westminster, Surrey Timks
goes into almost every houso in the
municipality, and the merchant
who fails to use it to roach tho people lacks business capacity.
A NUMBER of Westminster peoplo
aro under canvas at Blackie's Spit-
on Mud Hay for a summer outing.
This is'tho first time that the Spit
has hopn brought into requisition
as a resort for pity familips, and it
is sure to grow in favor. Thpre is
a fine beach, splendid bathing facilities and delightful groves of
wild apple trees. The Nicomekl
and Serpentine rivers have their
mouths there and add variety to
the landscape besides offering entertainment to those who take
pleasure in angling.
Mas. JuD(iElCELi.ooa, of Fair-
haven, and her daughter, Mrs.
Welbon, of Seattle, who are obi
friends of Mr. and Mrs. McElmon,
arrived at the manse ypsterday
from' Fairhaven with horse and
carriage.       J	
The weather during the past
week has been cool and cloudy,
with constant indications of rain,
though, none f.el 1 here up to going to
press, Meantime a {urge quantity
of hay has been put under cover in
prime condition.
A nANn of six men have bpen engaged for some time cutting the
brusrj along thp Grgat Northern
track, thpy are now working near
Clayton, going north. The brushing
decidedly improves the appearance
of the line.   	
Up to this date no less than
applications have bpen received for
the teachership of the Cloverdale
school, besides several young teach
ers who called personally pn the
secretary,      __
Mr. Galbraith, of Galbraith &
Sons, Westminster, was in Cloverdale ypsterday on business. The
firm has suppfipd thp. finishings for
a good many buildings jn this
If yoq want to buy Flour, Praln.
Chopped Feeds, Bran,' Shorta, Dolled
OBIS.&S,. die, either wholesale or retull
try Youdall A Hlnrlalr, Front Street,
New Wsatmtn.tcr,
The Rev. A. Mogee, of Langley,
will fill Rev. B. K. McEJmon's appointments at Tinehead, Clayton
and Cloverdale, next Sabbath,
Miss Carrie McMillan, who has
been attending High School in
Westminster, is home to Cloverdale
for the holidays,
Now is the timp to gather supplies of wild blackbprries. In another wppk the crop will weaken.
New potatoes are quoted in
Westminster at $20 per ton,
 ,—«..-• .
Hairs Prairie,
Corrc-TKinilcuca bUBB.Y Timks
The people of this vicinity, if we
may judge from a meeting recently
held, are determined to get a trunk
road to White Rock as a shipping
point for their bulky produce. The
movement is much to bp commended as the distance of road required
to be built falls short of three
miles, and will open up one of the
finest farming settlements in the
Fraser valley.
Mr. Morrison and family, of Chicago, is visiting with his cousin
Mr. D. W. Brown, post master.
The trees on the Moggridge Bros,
fruit farm are making a splendid
showing this season,
Mr. Norman Oakley, one of the
owners of thp "Stender farm," was
out a few days from Vancouver.
He was much pleaspd with the
prnsppcts and intends becoming a
permanent settler this fall.
Mr, Lutze Lutzp, who was quite
ill a week or so ago, is recovering.
Mr. A. Gilfillan,at an average of
$1.75 per crate, sold 2,400 pounds
of strawberries off his garden. Who
says farming doesn't pay ?
Mr. Gus Newman was up from
Whatcom last wepk visiting his
brother, Mr. Carl Newman.
The Crutchley brothers have
completed their contract on the
Campbell river road. The boys
understand how to make a road.
From reports received from Postmaster Brown, Joe Jetzner and E.
C. Johnston, the honey crop this
season promises to be very satisfactory.
A Farmers' Convention, linger
the auspices of tho Fruit Growers'
and Dairyman's Associations and
tho Central Farmer's Institute, will,
be hold ut Agnssiz, on Thursday
nml Friday, August J uud 2, 181)5,
commencing at 4 o,clock p. ni. It
is expected Lieutenant-Governor
Dewdney will preside and that addresses will bo delivered by the
presidents of tho dilieront association represented: by i'rof. W.
Saunders, Experimental Farm,
Ottawa i Prof. James Fletcher, Dominion entomologist anil Botanist;
T. A. Sharpe, Experimental Farm,
Agasiz; officers of the Department of
Agriculturo'; members qf the
Board of Horticulture and many
others. Special fares have hpon arranged on all rajlway and' steamboat linos. This is an opportunity
which should not bo missed and it
iB hoped by thp prqmotorp that
the attendance will prove that the
deepest interest is being taken in
the science of agriculturo and horticulture by till our people, Reasonable hotel fares will be procurable. Parties exporting to attend
will do weji to advise pither Mr.
Anderspn or Mr. Macgowan of
such intention, and those desiring
the discussion of any special subject will please forward request for
same to eithpr of those parties.
A Street Cgr Collision Neap Toronto.
Toronto, July 15.—On Saturday
afternoon a car of the Toronto pipe-
trie sprvicp, with a trailer attached,
started with a joyous load of the
pupils of thp SuckviUo street Mission Hall, accompanied by their
teachprs, bpnt on having a nierry
outing at Victoria park, op the
lake about seven miles east of the
city. On approaching Soarboro
Junction, motorinun Graham was
horrified to see Lalla Rookc, the
Scurhoro oar, coming down a
steep grade at a terrible rate. He
at once reversed his motor, but not
in time to prevpnt a fearful crush ;
both cars wero broken into kindling
wood, and the road was covered
with bleeding philrdpn, and their
cries for hplp were hpartrending.
Doctors wore quickly on thp spot,
and two lads, Stewart andGraham,
removed to thp hospital, Ihe former
dying almost Immediately on reaching thp institution. The children
were taken into npighboring houses
and received prompt medical attention, and were nearly all removed in ft few hours to their homes,
and it is confidpntly hoped that no
further deaths will result. When
the first news of the accident was
received in the pity the most intense excitement prevailed, and a
special squad of police had to tip
sent to the general hospital to prevent thp crowd forcing their way
in to ascertain who were injured.
A number of bicycle riders happened to lie passing along the road at
the time of tho accident, and thoy
did good service in riding for doctors and giving information to the
police and taking messages to the
parents of the little sufferers.
Frank Townsend, aged 13, has
his left log broken and his right
cut, and his condition is serious.
Miss Nettie Lamb is suffering from
internal injuries and it is feared
that she cannot recover. Motor-
man W, J. Graham has both legs
broken below the knee and a'double amputation will be required.
Con Northam has injuries about
the head und face, and R. H. Dun,
accountant of thp Toronto type
foundery, is suffering from internal
 «—•—. ■
Murdering tha Innocents,
Toronto, July 15.—This afternoon, the long and vigilant search
of Detective Seyer, of Philadelphia,
for proof of the guilt of H. H. Holmes, insurance swindler, now under sentence for fraud ut Philadelphia, was rewarded. In the
cellar of a vacant house in St. Vincent street, the detective found the
two dead bodies of the Pietzel
children, who the detective asserts,
were done (o death by Holmes, or
through his instrumentality, in
order to secure insurance money.
Mr. Neudell, clerk in the Education
Department, to-day recognised a
photograph of Holmes us the man
who rented the cottage. He only
had it a few days, but long enough
to kill and bury the children. The
little girls were stark naked and
were buried without n collin of ony
kind. The house was searched
and the cellar last of all. Here
the ground was dug up and presently the bare shoulder and arm
of a little body were discovered.
Then the whole body came into
view, and under it another one
was found. No truces of wounds
were found, nnd it is thought that
Holmes decoyed them into the
trunk under some   pretext   and
took them to the houso. Then gas
was Inserted by means of a pipe
through a small hole. The trunk,
with u hole in it, nearly oovered
ovor wilh a strap tacked down. 11a.-
been found in one of Holmes'
mums. No trace of the other boy,
Howard, a bid of eight years, bus
been found, but he is thought to be
undoubtedly (load. The bouse bus
been taken possession of by Iho
Toronto, July 18,—The finding
of the corpses of the two children of
Pictezol proves conclusively what
has long iieen suspected, that Holmes is a 'multifarious murderer,
and leaves no doubt that, in addition to the murder of these two
children, hp has also killed Howard
Piptezel, a younger brother of the
two victims, their father, li. K.
Piptezel, Annie Williams, and Minnie Williams, six in all. The
bodies of the two children were removed to the morgue this morning.
Coroner Johnston opened an inquest thispvening, and ndjourned
it for u few days. Drs. Caven,
and R. B. Orr, assisted by several
other specialists, will make a post
mortem examination of the remains and will try to discover by
what means the children came to
their dpaths. Efforts will be made
at once to extradite Holmes, and
he will bp given tlio benefit of Canadian justice.
Toronto, July 17.—The inquest
was continued to-night on the
body of Alicp Pietzel, whose remains were found in the cellar ol
Np. IB St. Vincent street. Detective Geypr, of Philadelphia, was
thp first witness examined. He
gave a succjnet history of the case.
Geo Dennis, nigl|t clerk of the
Palmer House, stated that by request of IJolmes hp went to meet
the train from Detroit, and took
the two I'ietzel girls to the Albion Hotel, where he left them
The bookkeeper of the Albion
stated that the children stayed
from the 16th to the 25th ol October. Mrs. \ui|i.'ll, who owned the
house, 1(! St. Vincpnt street, testified thut u mini, whom she identified by his photograph as Holmes,
hud rented the house and paid
one month's rent in advance.
Mr. Ryves, who resides at 18 St.
Vincent street, wid thai Holme.-,
on onp occasion, borrowed u spade,
saying that he wanted to bury ■
supply of potatoes in the cellar.
The inquest then adjourned until
to-morrow!' An autopsy ha. not
yet been performed on the bodies,
Private advices received here
from Philadelphia say that H. 11.
Holmes has invented u clever ru^e
to prevent hi. being tried before ■
Canadian jury. He intends to plead
guilty to the charge of murdering
Howard Pietzel in Detroit. As
there is no capital punishment law
in Michigan, Holmes' sentence in
that State would prevent his l*ing
extradited to stand the charge or
murdering the Pietzel children in
Toronto, and by this means he will
pscapp tlie gallows.
Victoria, July 15. —A. W, Presley, of Chilliwack, wanted in connection with the alleged conspiracy
to burn down his own store, was
arrested here yesterday, on the arrival of Ihe \anaimn train, bvCon-
slubles McKcnnu, nnd Wallls,
Thp police have been on the lookout for him, m>, after his flight
from homo, he was known io huve
gone to Nnnuimo, Presley took
his arrest very hard, and, at Ihe
police headquarters, tried to turn
a revolver, which was in his coat
pocket, cocked and loaded, on himself. The gun was taken from
him, but he threatened hp would
kill himself yet. He will bp held
to await the warrant from Chilliwack.
Chilliwack, July 18.—A. W.
Presley, charged with conspiracy,
wus brought up here to-day by
Constable Lay. On the way up
he wns vpry restless and paraded
the bout from .-tern to stern almost
nil the time, but the constable was
] watchful nnd kept with him. On
I arriving ut tbe landing, however,
when the ollicer's back was turned
for a moment, Presley took a header into the river. Fortunately,
there was no strong undercurrent,
and he floated on the surface like
a cork. He did his utmost to
drown himself, but a liont wns got
OUt nnd he wns caught and lately
 >    *    s	
London, July 18.—It is estimated this evening Ihnt the Conservative majority in the next House of
Commons will nnmber from 150
to 175. __       ^^	
Ottawa, July 13.—It is rumored
that Mr. La Riviere is to get tho
Manitoba Governorship, and Sir
Hector Langevin run in Provenclier. SURREY TIMES
ffltniu Mon Taken I'niiii un Iri' I'I.h' Wliloli
Wa» Carrying l'hew to Cortnhi ii«i*tii.
Cu.itnin L. 0. Lhwhuii, Williimi P.
Kity nml W, W, Willum-un,members uf
tlio  EvUUStOH lil'o wiving crow, Innl u
narrow OBuupo from death tho other
morning while utteinptlng to clear un-
clinr I (jo nwuy from tlio witter Works in-
Id. Tlui mon woro in a hiuuII rowliunt
ami woro ontiglit between lurgo cokes of
Hunting km and carried two iuIIob oat
Into the liiliu, Aftor n hard light with
tlm flouting ioo thoy woro rescued by it
volunteer party constating of Hum Poo«
ui'y, chief engineer nt tho Qvanaton waterworks! John Monro, iho lighthouse
koopor, ami Bob Sky lea and Byron Daw-
BOll, llreiiien ut thu waterworks,
Barly in thu morning wator wns ruu-
niii'.: vory fllowly into thu largo main,
mnl foiirlug nnotbor water famluoCup*
tain Liiwflonuud IliaoompanioiiH started
tor thu Intake, which in one tailo off*
hin u-e. a heavy wind had boon blowing
inuhoro all night boforo, and thu Hhnru
was lined with grout cukes of lee. After working hard tho men succeeded la
launching their boat and .started
tn rough tbo bobbing nikoBfor tho inlet.
When ubout halt tho distaneo had been
covered, iho mun noticed that tho wind
had changed and was blowing hard
from offshore, and that a lurgo Hold of
lee wim forming in a solid imma about
their littlo craft and lloating rapidly
out into thu hike. Pike poles woro used,
hut it hood became apparent that unless
coinu aid came soon tbuy would bo curried far out.
A white handkerchief was tied to nn
oar, and thu men took turns waving it.
Thu signal was seen by John Moore,
who wiih at work ut tho top of tho light-
bouse tower, He hurried to the waterworks, a short distance away, aud told
Engineer Peoney, nnd both men, realizing tho danger In which thoir comrades
were, called Skyles and Dawson, and
hurriedly manning another bout tho
four men started to tho rescue. The offshore wind hy this time hud cleared tho
shore water, und tho rescuing party
soon reached tlio ice floe, in the center
of which was tho boat containing tho
three men. A lifo line wns thrown
across to the prisoners, und ono niter another they jumped from cuko to cake
uud reached the rescuing boat. Thoy
wero forced to abandon their own bout,
which was fust in tho lee. Tho men
were u!l brought to tbe waterworks office.—Chicago Record.
Ilewtan to llellrve Thut We Will Have to
<Biu.nl Anultint tlm Plague This Year.
For over two years the Asiatic cholera
bus been epidemic in western Russia,
hut as wu havo hnd reports of the subsidence of its ravages during tho winter months there was hope that there
might not boa incurrence, this spring of
the unhappy experiences of thnt seuson
in 180a and I81K). Wo regret-that the
dispatches at hand aro unfavorable.
There huvo been violent outbreaks of
the disease during the past week at a
number of the populouj centers of the
western provinces, ono of tho most violent of them as fur west as the city of
Warsaw, and from that place both tier-
many and Austria ure again directly
There is reason, therefore, to fear
that New Vork will have to be on the
guard tor yet another year, and that
thero will he need for tbo utmost vigilance on the part of the officers of our
quarantine service. Wo do not doubt
the ability of these officers to maintain
tho safety of the city.
It is to hu hoped that tbe European
governments represented in tbe international sanitary commission which has
held n conference in Paris will provide
for tho prompt execution of those defensive measures which have met with
tho approval of the delegates. This authoritative commission was organized
for the express purpose of preparing an
unticholera programme acceptable to tbe
leading powers of the world, and It will
be a public shamo if the recommendations it has mado this year shall be neglected, as wero those mado at its session
of last year.—New York Sun.
Torture In .Spain.
A new form of torturo has been devised in Spain which is said to quite
transcend any of the terrible machines
formerly employed by tbo inquisition.
It bus, however, bad the result of extracting complete confessions from all
tbe anarchists guilty of bomb throwing.
As soon as arrested Codiua, Ccrczuelo
and their companions wero put on a
diet of salt codfish and bread, without
water. After several days of this treatment they wero led before tbe jugo
d'Instruction. On tho judge's desk
stood a hottto of water and a glaBS.
Each prisoner instiuYtivoIy threw him-
self against his guards in a vain attempt to reach tho water. Tho judge
promised twocaraffea of water if the
prisoner would confess, but threatened
hiin with a contlnunnco of the codfish
diet If ho remained intractable. Not
one pnssed tho ordeal.—Madrid Correspondent.
Mount Blanc In Winter.
The Mont Blanc observatory is undergoing its presumably worst season,
and tho moat Interesting news of the
kind during the coming spring will be
tho account of how its occupants passed
tbe winter and what observations they
were enabled to make. But It Is not
expected that much can be dono in
winter, except in connection with meteorology, and wo must look for whatever discoveries are to come through tho
advantages of high altitudes to the
South American and California observatories.—English Mechanic.
Bo was thn Ki.liu.it engineer
Of tt ,-i:mt dynamo,
Bho wini: tu thu wires nil dn; long
WIthAohorusof "Hullol"
Ho loved thlH tclophonio mntil
Till his heart'» vlhrntttiK pint*
Wim mapnottsod uud polurlzud
At inllllumperlu rutu.
nit) lovo ho oxprassod In ohniH
Ami am pores er even In vol in,
In vellum expressions mid dynamo n>
Or cur Hints und nro li,;hin nnd bolts.
Hniii he; "My thogroat brokoit circuit,
or, mnro, i>y tlio Rulimkorff etril.
YoilP IH'RHtiVa lUlSWOrS will drive mo
To hi.iiio subway under the soil,
'Net n spark ef Induetlvo affection,
Net a iniHilive 'Yen' Imve I had.
I'm afraid tlio win* huve grounded
li) favor of somo other hid."
Then ni-ret, llkoa aalvnnomoter
Or uu astatic n He, It Hinuti, hor,
And iho Kind, "(if leva I hnvo inns
ahhii'unk as an Bdison motor,"
Ho Im oponed tho circuit mnl olnNpoit hor
Iii arm nturo and hold her thero,
And ilio was thu hell elneirln
Or Mill thermu (jlcetrlo pair.
Young Dr Westerlleld hurried from Pad-
llimtnn stni inn, and In a quarter of an hour
ho was at boms,
".My dear Arthur," exclaimed Mrs, WVs-
terlleld, SIlO put down her pen and dropped the blotting pad hastily over somo writing.   "I didn't expect you until tomorrow."
Wes turtle Id mimped uud kissed his wife.
"I'll go baok If you Ilko, sweet,"
HeetUled her sweet because her name wns
Krmyntrudu. Besides he wus quite a young
"1 had an engagement for tonight," sho
said thoughtfully.   I hud better put It olT."
"Not at all, I shall huntitat that lecture."
"(iood!" with an air of relief. "What's
your book theref   Let mu look ut it."
"Better not, dear. I only bought it just
to kill time."
"Sounds like a criminal olTcnsc,"
"To read mnny of these things," salt]
Westorllelil, takhignway tho French novel,
"Is to get a vague impression thnt there is
no honesty or sincerity in the world; that
every household is a uieiiugu a trots."
"1 know whnt you mean. My new book
will huvo nothing of thnt In It,"
"If It respects tbe proprieties," remarked
Westerlleld, "people will think thut tt mun
hns written it."
"1 can't help wishing I hud knocked about
more," said .Mrs. Westerlleld thoughtfully.
"Knocked who about?"
"There nre nucha lot of situations In life
thnt 1 hnvo ueverexperienced. Now, a mnn
CSU run about und go just where he pleases."
"I'm afraid it can't be remedied, dear,"
be suld.
"That's Just why I'm grumbling. I've
been down lu tbe cast end while you have
been away."
"Not alone, I hope?"
"Oh, no, dear. No. Not alone," Mrs. Westerlleld laughed. "I bud some one to accompany me."
"I 'iu glad of that. Von can't be too careful."
"That's whnt I thought. Did your speech
go really well ut tbecougress!' I bought up
all tbe pnpers that hnd reports about it. It
seems to me, mister, that If I dou't hustle
you'll get more talked about than I."
"I liketokeepasnearyouas I can, dear."
"Unhand me, sir, as you value yourlifel"
At which challenge Westerlleld of course
came from tbe other side of tbe table and
kissed her ngnin
In his uh.seiitmlnded way, Westerlleld
went round to the Koyal institution after
dinner without asking Kruiyntrude about
her appointment. Tbe lecturer did not appear, and be came back. On the table of
his study wan a card.
"I am going to Hammersmith with Lieutenant Kincham.   Back late."
Ur. Westerlleld went on with the novel
At page I IT he suddenly stopped.
"Who tbe devil la Lieutenant FiucbamF"
be cried.
There was no one In tbe room to answer.
He pressed the bell.
"Yes, sir."
"Do you know"—he picked up tbe card—
"do you know any one named Lieutenant
Finch am?"
Maria repressed a broad smile with difficulty.
"Oh, yes, sir," Mariaglggled, and coughed
a little to pass it off. "Yes, sir, quite well.
Called here twoor three times since you've
been away."
"To see your mistress*"
"Yes, sir. They had dinner together one
evening. Seemed very thick witb each
other, they did. And one night a Captain
Somebody called as well, and you should
'eard tbem two carry on."
"Is—Is Lieutenant Fincham young?"
"Mejuni uge, sir. Not what I should call
einctly good looking, and, on the other
'and, not bad. Of course some of 'em In
tbe army, as cook says, are perfect bird
frighteners. Cook used to have a young
man In the grenadiers, and he told cook a
rare joke about oue of 'em. It appears"—
"You needn't wait, Maria." He spoke
with such unexpected decision that tbe
maid quite started. "If your mlstressoomes
In, ask her to wait for me."
"Very good, sir."
"One moment, Maria. Do you happen
to know to what address your mlstreoabas
"Oh, yes, sir.   1 know."
"(Jive ft to meat onre," be said sternly.
"Come, now, let me have no prevarication. This is a matter of nearly life and
"(inw bless my soull" said Maria, with a
confused, flurried manner. "Fancy It coming to thisl"
"Give me the address, I say."
Marin gave the address, and Dr. Wester-
field took It down. Tbe maid fetched bis
coal and hut.
"1 am going out, Carey." Dr. Wester
field wns stopped at tbe door by a friend.
"I urn JiiHt off to Hammersmith to make
some Inquiries."
"I'll come with you," said Mr. Carey.
"I've only just finished work ut the Temple, and I was calliug to ask when you
were expected borne. I know Mrs. Westerlleld sees scarcely anybody while you are
"Scarcely anybody."
"I liked her last book," went on Mr.
Carey.   "What will tbe next be like?"
"It ought to be very lively," said We*
terfleld as calmly ns he could. "She seems
to be taking a lot of trouble over It."
He caught sight of hts reflection In a mirror tn the hull. We are not all of a military uppenrsnee, and It occurred swiftly to
Westerlleld that he possessed distinctly a
civilian style of features.
As the hansom went along Hammer-
smith way Westerlleld thought out the
flr~L speech to be addressed to bis errant
"My wife baagone out," said W«sterfleR
leaning over tbo splashboard, "on some
business, nnd"—
"Sho Is u done* of a ono to work," said
Mr. Carey. "Lust time I met hor aho cross
examined muou certain potutHuf law, and
1 found at the ond that I had told her
nearly all 1 knew."
"The Information Is sure to he useful to
her," suld the other grimly. "1 want to
ask you something, If you wnnt u separation from your wife, how would you set
about it?"
"As I'm not married," snid Mr. Curey,
looking at the Whito ash of his cigar, "there
Is no Immediate necessity for me to get a
"I don't mean yon In particular," said
WeHtcrih'ld, with 80U10 impatience, "I
moan anybody, Supposing I wanted to get
rid of my partner,"
''It's a very odd thing, old chap," said
Mr, Carey, "but tbat Is precisely thu question, word for word, that Mrs. Westerlleld
asked me nut long since."
"A very natural Inquiry on her part,"
"Hut whnt Iii the world can you wnnt to
know il for? You're uot writing u romance,
are you?"
"Nu. There's no romance on my shin of
the game, Carey,   It's nil dend earnest."
"Hud a row?"
"Not yet.   doing lo have one, though,"
"NoilBOnsot" erli-il Mr. Cnrey Joyously.
"I'll bet you a hulf sovereign you dun't,"
"I haven't hnd n bet since I left school,"
suld WcHtt-rflchl, "hot I'll take that."
"Wlih young married people," snid Mr.
Carey wisely, "it is bo easy for little disputes to create a great deal of trouble,
Now, if there's anything of that kind,
Westerlleld, lake my advice nml givewny,"
"I'll givo anything else," snid Wester-
Held, "hut I'll he Imaged If I'll give way,"
"There's no question of hanging," suld
Mr. Cnrey. "It's not it cnpitnl offense. Alt
you've got to do Is to use savolr falre."
"Hero she Is," cried Westerlleld.
His young wife, warmly wrapped In furs,
was hurrying along. She did not look
aside, she did not even glniieoattho lighted
up shop window.
"Let us get out," hiiIiI Mr. Carey, putting
his umbrella up. "And mind, Westerlleld,
nn unnecessary nonsense. I want to win
that half sovereign."
It. appalled Western eld to see how calmly
his wife accepted their sudden nppearaiice.
"I wnnt to get some cigars," snid tho
adroit Mr. Carey. "You two go ou. I shall
cateli you up."
Thu two tall young people walked on side
by side. The hustle nf busses and passing
tratllc made a serious scene out of the question.
"I'm glnd you hnvecomo down, Arthur,"
she said brightly. "I was goltig to meet
some one, but—but tbey didn't turn up at
the time."
"Anylwdy I know?"
"Oh, no. Oh, dear, no. I shouldn't care
for you two to meet. I'm afraid there
would be n terrible argument."
"Thnt In quite likely," he suld. "lam
afraid there must be some argument as lb
is. I strongly object, Krmyntrude— I very
strongly object to these excursions of yours.
Tbey are uot seemly, they are not discreet,
tbey are not"—
"But I don't go alone," she urged.
"I urn afraid," he answered decidedly,
"that that does not Improve the aspect, so
far as I am concerned."
"My dear Arthur," she said, "you must
please allow mo some liberty."
"I think," he replied sillily, "that I had
better give you all that you want."
"That's what I mean," said Mrs. Wester-
field, with eagerness. "For instance, take
Lieutenant Finchum."
"I will leave tbat for you to do."
"Don't be absurd, dear. Now, there's a
case where by a little assistance I have
been able to get capital stuff for my book."
"Really?" Arthur Westerlleld laughed
wildly. "Of course unything Is justified
bo long as you get 'copy' out of it."
"Almost anything, dear," she corrected
him sedately. "One has, of course, to draw
the line somewhere."
"Is thero any necessity for that? It seems
to me"—
"Now, just look here."
There was a group round a lamppost. A
red banner with lettering upon It stood behind a semicircle of uniformed men and
women. A woman was speaking breathlessly with no stops.
"Ho yes my friends come tonight do not
delay. I know you're all black hearted
" 'Ere," said the crowd remonstratlvely,
"cheese It."
"Ho yes you nre!" (Still in the same
high pitched voice. The speaker pulled her
black bonnet a littlo forward and stuck out
one large foot determinedly.) "Ho yes you
are all black come and be washed come aud
be made whiter than snow once I was a
sinner like yourselves and I went to theaters I did aud I used to go to dawnces"—
"I want to speak to her," said Mrs. Westerlleld, "as soon as she has finished. I told
you, didn't 1, thnt she had been very good
In giving me information. Tbe poor girl
tells me she Is going to be made a captain
Westerlleld put one band on ber shoulder.
"And her name Is—In Finch"—
"You've guessed it, mister," said Mra.
Westerlleld, with her comic affectation of
a nasal twang. "You've guessed it In once."
"I'll say good night to you two young people," said Mr. Carey. "I've got a man to
meet at 10."
"One moment, Carey."
Westerlleld felt In his pocket and produced a coin and banded It over.
"1 thought you'd lose," said Mr. Carey.—
St James Budget.
A Harried Mao'a Right*.
"I say," said a friend thu other day,
"you are an old bnnd at It. I have only
just got mnrrled and don't understand
much about the bnsiucss. I should like to
know whether a married man has nny
rights left when bo takes unto himself a
"KlghUr Yes, lots. He has a right to
pay nil tbe bills"—
"Stop! I mean this. Let me give you
en Instance. Kvery box, every chest of
drawers and portmanteau, nnd, in fact,
every available receptacle of every description Is stuffed full of my wife's property,
and when I want to put away a few cuffs
and collars"—
"Hold hard. I know what you mean.
Listen, young mnn. If your bedroom were
300 yards long, lined from tbe floor to the
ceiling witb shelves, nnd you wanted a place
to stow away a couple of shirts, you
couldn't And a nook that wasn't full of
hairpins, old false fronts, scent bottles, odd
gloves, powder puffs, little bits of tape, so
just accept the Inevitable. Wrap your per
eotial property In nn old newspaper parcel
and hide it under the bed."
He grinned Ironically, but passed on, a
sadder aud a wiser man,—New York Advertiser.     	
WIN Blot.
Thero la no doubt hut thnt If the paper
milkers porsevero they will succeed In
evolving a blotting paper which will he
utterly Impervious to ink.—Rockland
T rib una
Divided In Opinion as to tlie Oonrae That
Should Be Taken—Thu I iut Inot uf nn Indian Boy—A Marveloiisly lleuiitllnl Mirage Which Showed tlm Way.
We wero lost. It hud comu to such a
nou that oaoh of us was emphatically positive that thu little Hudson liny company
post wu wished to reach lay In another
ilii'iTiiuu from that in which we were traveling—aud the three sepuratu opinions were
nil different. lOuch of us wereCtrtalll that
his two companions were lost, as we ga/.ed
liboitt us over tlm seemingly limitless snow
(overvii prairieuceau which stretched on till
tides as far ns the eye could reach, yet wit Li
cut one distinguishing landmark.
Wo wore journeying across ouu of the
fireat plains of northWOStUM Canada, the
country whose main Industry Is trapping—
If trapping may be culled an Industry—the
fur land of thu world, ami, lu truth, the
writer felt Its Immensity inorethaii ho had
ever been conscious of It before or hopes
ever to bit again. For four loug days wu
had seen absolutely no sign that even siig-
yesled I lie existence uf 11.1111.    We,uiir dogl
and dog sledge, seemed almost liilliilleslmal
alums upon this vast expanse of rolling,
white robed landscape.
It had become dinioult fur oneof us Americans to feel that a person could ever rouoll a
given polntover I his track less wlldenii'ss by
the successive spans lu I lie com puss of It per-
sun's step, Due of us bail a suspicion that
we hnd passed onr destination upon ono side
or the other. Noone who hns not I ia versed
atraeklcss waste can realise how hard it is
to reckon the distance traveled each day uf a
longtrainp, that n calculation of one's position ntnlghtfull mny bu formed with any degree of exactness.
Wo finally decided thut, each should go
his way when the Journey should again
hu resumed. This plan would most certainly result filially fur tho two who
would bu nimble to reach shelter beforo
the seanly supply of food which would
ho their sharu would become exhausted.
There wns a possibility of meeting with
sumo plain Indians or uf hugging sufficient game for food, hut only a slight
possibility. However, one's self concern
Is strangely blunted by tho biting cold of
this iileak country. None of us was
greatly concerned over tho fearful ehniiees
to hu taken,
Tho ultimatum as to the separation was
reached nt night. In thu morning we
prepared to part company. Kach of us
was to taku a dog along "for a companion," we Americans told ourselves, trying to put the thought from our minds
that the animal might, iu a great extremity, be made uso of in a far less
pleasant personal capacity, llaptiste, thu
young Crce Indian buy who drove for us,
took this mutter with less unpleasant
anticipations. He pinched the buuuchcs
of Shout inga, thu cur becoming his lot,
in an indifferent manner which caused us
to look the other way.
Ilnptlste was a wood Indian, not n
plainsman. Ho bad bad little experience
eveu in the woods, having been boy to one
of the Hudson Ray company's ofllccrs ut
out'of tho larger posts ever since he was
old enough to be of any use. Our skilled
guide with whom we hud started out
had been disabled In a quarrel at a stopping place, aud no .substitute could then
be had, or wo never should havo attempted crossing this great prairie ocean with
the boy.
We wero destined to have more faith
in the instinct of eveu an unskilled wood
Indian lad than we bad. When we hud
actually parted from one auother, each
going bis sepuruto way, nouu of us cared
to display the wavering cownrdicu of u
glance backward. We only turued ngain
In response to a low cull from Ruptiste.
The Cree lad was pointing a mlttened
hand toward the sky iu tho direction be
had taken. 1 am sure tbat I shall never
gaze on any phenomena of nature with
tbo thrill of wonder and satisfaction that
I did upon tbe one to which Raptiste
then called our eager attention.
The sun had just risen. An Infinite silence bud stolen over tbe trackless, wavy
snow expanse about us. The heavens In
the west were one great blaze of yellow
glory, warming tbe glistening crystals of
the frozen laudscape into orange, opal, sea-
shell tints. Tbe inverted plain hung, lined
in dreary, Incandescent emerald, far above
our heads—another, a spirit world! The
patches of sage, poplar uud aspen of the
country about us were minutely reflected
there, though tbey might ho hidden miles
beyond tbe horizon attainable by our vision,
Distance wns annihilated. Tbe pictures
seemed almost unreal. Every feature came
out with tbe photographic minuteness of
detail of the scene upon tho ground glass
of the camera.
We gazed aloft breathlessly and witb
somewhat of the fear that if we spoke the
whole weird panorama would fade away,
as do the ghost forms when verbally addressed, about which we read. We became
motionless, awkwardly capoted statues,
aud doubtless parts of a like reflection to
be seen far above us.
Half a dozen small log buildings and
high bark stages, upon which lay game
and other provisions safe from tho dogs
and wolves, were dimly discernible nt a
point toward which Ruptiste pointed. We
! recognized them quickly as belonging to
the little post which we had left some
months before, and to which we were
wearily returning.
Tbe mirage—ever changing, ever growing clear, then faint again—faded away
Into the clear daylight ot the new day.
But wo knew now thut the littlo Hudson
R.iy company post itself was to be found
directly under the point lu which It had
been so providentially mirrored in the sky,
Tha Kfintucklan'i Peril.
It Is not so very long ago since a successful candidate for congress from Kentucky gnvo a now turn to tho tradition
concerning his native state. Ho wus nt
tending nn aftornoon tea. Absentmlndcd'
ly ho took a cup of tho Innocuous bevorngo
which had tho honor of christening tho
occasion. Ho wns ubout to take anothor
when tho voico of his wife staid his hand,
•'My dear," sho snid firmly, "you must
not drink another drop of that You will
ruin your constitution."—-Kate Field's
Washington. ^^
Smelling Salts.
Good and Invigorating smelling salts,
•ervlccnblu and lasting, nny woman can
mako for herself aftor this recipe: A few
cents' worth of lump ammonia cracked
Into bits as big as green pens should bn
put Into tbo vinaigrette thnt ought to bo
of gloss, with a top of any metal. On thu
ammonia pour good cologne until tho bottle Is full, cork tt up tightly nnd do nut
open It for a whole day. After that It mny
bo freely used and will for two or three
months remain fresh and fragrant
tnt the Second Time He Leadi the forlorn Hope.
If Cuba command!) me, 1 am beta to
obeyl" Thus spoke Tomas Estrada Pftlma
whon Informed
that thu Cuban
Insurgents who
nro battling so
valiantly for liberty hud chosen him
president of tho
republic thut thus
far exists only In
name. President
Raima is a resident of Central
Valley, N. Y., hut
will leavo fur tho
scene of thu war
as soon as he Is
rttEBlDENT PALMA. oflloilllly notified
of bis election. "lam not too old to don
littlo lighting," lu> says quietly.
President 1'alnm now conducts a largo
nmlnacy for the education uf wealthy Cubans at Central Valley, hut for years has
been Identified wilh schemes fur tho liber
Btlon of Cuba, Ho was burn In Rayomo,
Cuha, 110 years ago, nnd In IHtlft, at tlm beginning of tlm famous tun years' war, was
elected lo llm chamber of deputies nf tho
provisional government nnd tonk tlm field
with a largo body of Cuban troops, Hi*
courage and his marked ability for leadership wnu for him mm high ullleo aftor aunt hor, and In 1875, boforo tlm great war
rinsed, lm wns chosen president of tho republic
In IH77 President Paliiia was captured
by Spanish troups and placed in prison.
Whon tlm war ended, a year later, ho was
set at liberty aud made Now York his
homo. A number of yours ago he founded
tho Institute Mslnida Paliiia at Culttrni
Valley und bus about n(> pupils, tho majority nf whom aro Cubans. Ills wlfo was
tho daughter of a rich Cuban, and dm onu-
plo havo live bright, children. President
Ksi rada speaks .Spanish, French ami Kng
1Kb fluently, Is exceedingly well educated
and hus tho uinnunrsnf a courtier. I.lku
must ('ubaiiH hu Is short lu slat uro, but. ho
oarrlos his 111) years lightly nnd senilis lo hu
goud for many a hard campaign.
In explaining his election President Pultun modestly saysi "This revolution is
considered a continuation of the Inst, war,
and as 1 thou had thu hoiiorto ho president
I am not surprised that they wish urn to
eontlnuo In Unit .olllce. (shall Imprest
dont only ho long as Iho war lasts, and
when lt Is at an end tlm peoplo will ho
called upon to ohooso my successor. Our
men will im able to maintain thoir position in thomouutuinous revolutionary districts for years without surrendering. If
wo freo Culm and I am chosen president
ngain, I shall endeavor to establish a unionist republic, as Cuba Is nut yot rlpo fur
tho federal system. Iu all other respects I
shall follow tho example of the United
States, tho model republic of tho world,
for I want for my country a freo pooplu
nnd n strong govornumnt."
Recent Golden Weddlug of Mbit A. Liver-
more and lier Husband.
Mrs. Mary A. Llvormore, tho famous
tomnoranco reformer nnd womnn suffragist, and ber husband, Hov. Daniel Parker
Llvcrnioro, recent ly celebrated thoir golden
wedding at Mel roso, a suburb of Roston.
They wore married in Roston May U, 18-15,
havo each devoted half n century to conscientious and fruitful effort toward tho bot-
torment of tbo world and nro still enjoying
good health for people of thoir advanced
years. Mrs. Liver more was born in Roston
Doc. 19, 1831, nnd wns tho daughter of
Timothy Rice, who served In tho United
States navy during tho war of 1812. Sho
was graduated from tho Roston public
schools nt tho ago of 10 and received one
of tbo six medals distributed for good
scholarship. Sho next completed a four
years' courso nt Charlostown Female seminary In two years and waa olocted a member of tbo faculty.
In a short timo sho removed to Virginia,
where sho officiated as governess on n largo
plantation and gained n very unfavorable
opinion of slavery. She returned north a
radical abolitionist nnd neglected no opportunity for spreading ber views. At the
ago of S4 sho became-tho wlfo of tho Rov.
Mr. Llvcrnioro, who had begun bis ministerial career at tho age of 10.   Tho tastes,
habits of study and alms of the couple
wero alike, and for 60 years thoy havo boon
congenial companions and coworkers.
In 1857 thoy removed to Chicago, then a
small town, and Mr. Llvcrnioro becamo
proprietor of a Universalis! newspaper.
Mrs. Llvormoro was hts assooiato editor
and often, In his nbsonco, conducted tbe
entire business and editorial management
of tho paper nnd at the samo timo contributed stories, sketches and letters to eastern
periodicals. Sho also did considerable report orla! work and was tho only woman
reporter present whon Lincoln was first
nominated for tho presidency at tho Chicago convention. During tho war as an
associate member of tho United States
sanitary commission she wns untiring In
her efforts to relieve tho sick and wounded
soldiers, and sho delivered numerous public addresses, organized sanitary fairs and
did n groat work that will long bo remorn-
Since the war she has written a number
of vory successful bouksnnd lias been vory
prominent In woman suffrage and temper
nncn reform work. Sho Is a believer In
nationalism and regards socialism, as expounded in America, as "applied Chrlstl
unity." Sho hns traveled many thousands
of miles as a lecturer and is without doubt
ono of tho ablest women in tho United
Socialist Soap In Parts.
Socialist soap is now offered to the peoplo of Paris by t be so called national conn-
ell. Thoro ore two sorts of soap, tho Tros
Hult, at 40 centimes tbo cuke, and the
Chnmbard, at half that price. Tho artioles
sold by tho association aro guaranteed to
bo woll manufactured and perfumed. Tho
society Is formed fur the purpose of enabling toilers to benefit as woll as the commercial classes by the produce of their
A Three Foot Dwarf.
Hnrtland, Mo., has a dwarf, Merle Bart-
lott, who Is 18 years old, 80 Inches high
and weighs but 44 pounds.   He is Intelligent and well formed In tvtar way.
Kept Illui In Biding 81s Pays nnd Helped
Him til Reach Virginia Tlm HeWnnlot
•300,000 Oll'.red h.v thu Government
Had Not thu I'otrur to Movu Hint.
There diod In Ohnrloa county, Md,,
not long ngo Thomas A. .ToilOB, at tho
ago of 74, Jones hold a pn.sitiou in tho
Washington navy yard, bnt wus dlB*
mlHHud through tit" inllueiuifi of Congressman jMuihl of Maryland, who hnd
Informed tlio ueorotary of tho navy that
Jones had played a prominent putt in
tho escape of John Wilkes Month, tho
assassin of President Lincoln.
"It's quite true," admitted Jrmos at
tbotimoof hisdlsiulsKiil. "JollU Wilkes
Booth, with a brokou anklo, sick and
suffering thu tortures of tlio dniniiud,
was placed In my hands to bo spirited
across tlio river, nnd llm |u00,Q00 reward, or oven $0,000,000, would not
havo caused 1110 to turn traitor to Iho
southern Coufoderaoy, tho pooplo I
lovod, and surrender n man whoso Ufa
was In my keeping, ovoil if 1 did know
bo bad Olinsiluntod PraaltM Lincoln,"
JoilQl afterward told how BuothOuUlO
into his hands. "It wiih on thn morning
of tllO llltb of April," ho said, "when
friends of Samuel Cox caino to my
houso on llucltloberry farm, Maryland,
and tcld WO that Cox wanted lo sou mo
at 01100, I had heard Iho evening beforo
that Lincoln had boon killdd. I bad it
borso saddled and rodo ovor to Cox's,
who told mn that Booth mid David
Harold had been thoro nml wanted assistance to get ncioNH tlio liver. I was
told whero tho mon were—In a pi 111)
thicket about it mllo and it bull from
tho house.
"I was given instructions how to
roach them without being shut—certain
signs by whistling, uie. Upon reaching
thn dunso pines 1 mot floroltl, lo whom
1 explained that 1 wiih sent by Cox. I
was thon piloted to where Booth was,
Ho lay on tho ground wrapped iu a pilo
of blankets, and Ins face horn truces of
pitin. Booth nuked many questionsM to
what people thought of tlio assassination. Ho appunrod to bo proud of what
bo had dono. 1 ut tho timo thought ho
hnd dono a good act, but, grout God, I
soon saw that it was tho worst blow
ever struck for tho smith I
"1 did tbo best 1 could for the poor
fellow. I carried him pnpora to read nnd
something to cut nud tried to kcop him
In good spirits until 1 got u clinuco to
send him across tho river The country
was full of soldiers mid detect ives, uud I
did not know how soou 1 could got him
"I think it wns tho following Tuesday
I went np to Port Tobacco to see bow
tbo land lay, and it wus there, in tho
barroom of Brawner's hotel, that Captain William Williams, chief of tho
United States secret service, said he
would givo $1100, OUO to any man who
would toll where Booth wus."
"That's truo." admitted Captain
Williams at tho timo of tho above interview, "nud he would have been General
Jones instead of n discharged employee
from the navy yard if he had given tbo
"I did tho best I could for Booth ond
fierold," continued Jones. "1 did not
know them, but when Cox put thom In
my beeping nothing would have tempted mo to betray them. I could havo
placed my bunds on Booth, but honor
and truth woro worth moro to mo than
the entire wealth of tho government
"At tho expiration of the sixth day I
heard the officers givo orders for the
cavalry to go down iu St. Mary's county; that tho assassins wero there. That
was my chance, and I mado good timo
to whero Booth and Hurold worn concealed. Booth was glad to know that his
time to get Into Virginia had come.
"Tbe night was dark, nnd IJerold and
I lifted Booth on to my horse. Our progress was slow. Wo finally reached my
house, and 1 wont in to got thorn something to cat. We then proceeded to tbe
river. Booth was lifted into tho boat
and was placed iu tho stem, whilo Her-
old took tbu oars. 1 then lighted a candle and showed Booth by his compass
how to steor to get intoMacbodoo creek
and gave him directions to Mrs. (juesen-
berry's, who, 1 thought, would tako
enre of him. That was tbe last I saw of
"When notices woro posted np tbat
to furnish bread or water tu Booth
meant death," wont on Jones, "1 felt
pretty shaky. 1 know thnt Booth bod
hit tho Virginia shore 1 was arrested
and taken to Washington, whero I was
held for seven weeks. Thon 1 was discharged because nobody believed I knew
anything. "—New York World.
Beat or tlie Thunder God.
"Trembling mountain," a massive
pile of peculiarly arranged rocks lying
on Rogue river, almost directly north
of Montreal, was known to tho Indians
by a combination of words signifying
"seat of tho thunder god. "According
to thoir traditions, tho thunder god formerly used a brood and deep indentation
on its summit as a seat, and thnt therein he wonld sit for threo days iu spring,
seven in summer, fivo in nutnmu nud
two In wintor. They also hulioved that
during the time he was present groat
chasms would open In tbo sido of tbe
mountain, from wbicb firo would stream
for hours without ceasing. Nothing is
known concerning tho early history ot
tho mountain, but it is thought thnt
tbe legend refers to old time volcnuio
aotion, an opinion strengthened hy its
geographical namo of "Trembling
mountain. "—St. Louis Republic,
An Opening.
"Why don't yon quit tho stage nnd
start a secondhand book store?''
"1 don't see why there Is any especial
oall for me to start a secondhand book
store any more than any other business." replied the actor haughtily
"Oh, 1 thought it wonld suit you
pretty well. It is the very placo for back
numbers. "—Cincinnati Tribute. MP
Highest of all In Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
It Hiim noon iiiiiiui That Pollution In Thli
Nl renin llll'l'euNWl Ibe Di'.illi Hate.
Tho city of Lawrence, Muss,, is experimenting with a "(liter hod" with
which It hopoa to purify tho water of
tho Merriniiic river, tho sourco of the
water supply of Hint city, Tho sum of
ftll),OOt) already has been expended for
tho purpose, Tho experiment Is being
Itiudo lu pUMllflllcO of the discovery
inndo two yeiiiH ago by tho statu hoard
of lietl I til of MnsNiu'huHetls Hint certain
cities which hud sulfered especially
from typhoid fovoi woro using water
from polluted rivers. Tho hoard gave
HHHiiranco thnt by tho use of (liter beds
DM per cent of ihe Imeteria organisms,
some of which nro harmful, would be
Tho tillering was begun Bept. 80,
shieo which   lime daily   investigation
shows that this proportion of tho boo*
toria is removed limn the water, nml
al: o that   the water Is so purllled thnt
throe*fourths of tho remaining •) per
cent din before Iho water reaches tho
dwelling houses. Tho fact that tho
number uf deaths from typhoid fever In
thut city liming Iho months uf October
and November of last your was only
onoouull month, whilo formerly the average for live yonrs was live each mouth,
scorns to furnish conclusive evidence
thai thero Is u virtue In the plan recommended by the Massiichusotls bourd.
—Troy Press,
New Yen■■'•i Curd" In franca.
Thu custom in Franco of sending ono's
visiting card lo acipialutances on New
Year's day is rapidly increasing. Even
tbo establishment of u society tor the
suppression of complimentary visiting
cards has been powerless against tho
progress of fashion. Tho French post-
office officials hnvo made au Interesting
Cilluulatloil on the subject. It is reckoned Hint in the department of the Seine
alone, which of course includes Paris,
8,710,000 visiting card were delivered
by postmen on the 1st of January, 1881.
The following year it had risen to
0,500.000, the year after to 13,000,000
nml finnlly. in isiu, it reached nearly
10.000,000.—Paris Journal,
Armour Met the ICmrrgoncy.
Philip I). Armour is a man of vast
resources A few months ago an attempt wus made by n grain corner to
liuei'zo him. His own granaries were
full, nnd thcconihimitiou refused to let
bim huve u square inch nf space in
their elevators, Armour hail 8,000,000
bushels of wheat to place und 80 days
iu which to do It. Ho sent for his builder, told hiin what ho wanted, and lu 28
days tho largest und finest grain elevator in Chicago bud been erected and tbe
grain stored in it.—Chicago Correspond-
His Epitaph.
A yonng Swede was recently scalded
to death by the explosion of a holler In
Oregon. As the young fellow bad been
Very popular among bis associates a
cominmei; wus appointed toerect a small
monument over his grave. After considerable hard work tbo committee produced a stone with tbe following inscription:
"Sticrctl to the memory of our estearn- j
ed friend, Lars Larson."—West Coast
niAMi loNsmr.
In all the out door sports ot the season
the weather is playing champion to knock
out and close up gati es. A change will
come, «>f course, and with hot weather will
come the fiercer struggle to make up lor
lost time. All tnh menusagreateramount
ol wear ii d tear in the body, to its muscled.
nerves and buiies. What the damage in
all *iil he from sprains, bruises, wounds,
hurts, iiillaiiiiustious, contusions and tbe
like, no one can tell, but there Is a championship to be won. Important lo all, to
which few give an indent consideration,
and mat is the triumph over all these
pains and mishapi in the surest, promptest wav. St. Jacobs Oil Is the champion
remedy fir nil such ailments; it does not
dis.tip nnt aud never postpones a cure for
any cause whamver.
1'i-ns (ore Im a wonderful Cough medicine—Ma. W. Pies 1ST, Van Stolen aud
ttluke Ave-., BlOtiklyn, N. V., Oct. 20,1804.
MURK: stimik   wi:.* B. Allen Co., the
oldest, (he Urice-i, :11 Flirt 81., I'ortlatid.
Chick ilntr. Hiiriii,mi, Fee tier I'luiui*, Kstey
Ont'oi-.  t.-iw nrinn. R*-y term*.
lofiiM MUilU-Saiid for catalogues.
mu wlui hs- ii".tT lisil the Inolhsctae does
inw th. real plenum there Is la not hav-
I'av liiNM for breakfast.
Foul breath is a
discourager of affection.    It is al-
ways au indication
of  poor  health —
l bad digestion.   To
[bad   digestion   is
I traceable almost all
Miiminn Ills.    It is
pile starting point
of many very serious   maladies.
Upon the healthy
action of the diges-
_ tive organs,  the
blood depends for its richness and purity.
If digestion stops, poisonous matter accumulates and is forced into the blood
—there is no place else for it to go.
The bad breath is a danger signal,
Look out for it! If you have it, or
any other symptom of indigestion,
take a bottle or two of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. It will
straighten out the trouble, make vour
blow* pure and healthy and full or nutriment for the tissues.
Bomeuiaklng am)   llumekeeplni Built on
Men and women don't mind to swing
clubs to brenlt up homo concord. A
miner und a wnspifih tonguti will hoqulto
ns nlleeiivo. .Sarcasm nud nagging aro
to tbo utinosphoroof lovo what hiukI (lies
nnd lions aro to suiumer. Who would
not prefer nu ooouflioiiul brush with a
roaring JntlO bug to tho torment of a
Ilea you can't untiiliP
IJnJtlilged, neeepleil, tmuted tti Mm end.
A mun muHthiilil his friend.
Thorn Is moro than ono virtue thnt
has guile out uf ditto along with town
pumps nud tallow candles. Thorn Is tlm
old fashioned trick of loyalty to ono's
friends. Thoro aro plenty of friendships
whioh, like OOStUDIOJ, nru put on and
olf to suit eireuniKtallocs, but tho custom of "stinking up" for a friend, ns
our grandmothers called It, through all
trouble and calumny, whether deserved
or imt, wont out with calashes nud kimo
buckles How many understand the deep
nml iluliuitu inclining of tlm words Huth
spoko so long ngo to Naomi, "Thy
friends shnll he my friends!"' Wo nil nf
us number so culled friends upon thn
ephemeral records wo keep whoso lips
aro ready to traduce, unolmllongud by us,
thu mimes of others for whom wo vow
nu equal regard It should bo ns Impns-
lihlo for us to listen to n word of reproach against any ouo whom wo lovo
as it would ho to say tho slanderous
thing ourselves. What does thu sensitive plant do when rudo touch approaches its blossoms? Just whnt wo should do
when tbe breath of scandal touohos our
if loyalty Is ont of date, so is modesty. 1 do not iilluda to the modesty
that would Intorfero with n woman's
plan to go half dressed Into a theater
box or to a public reception. 1 pass that
by aud tako up tho question only of
such modesty us keeps a young girl diffident and preserves bnshfulness iu a
boy liko tho bloom on a plum. "He Is
green!" you say of such and suoh a one.
So Is April I Who would uot prefer soch
greenness to the withering blight of
bay and a midsummer drought? Nover
condemn a yonng person because thore
Is enough sap left in his soul to flutter
a green loaf lato in tho season. 1 lovo to
see that modesty whioh makes a youth
deferential to his elders. It's horribly
ont of date, I know, but I lovo bashful-
ncas and modest, unassuming ways are
mighty sweet to see.—Amber in Chicago Times-Herald.
To Start the Story.
In writing a story tbero ore authors
who do not plan the courso of events in
advanco because they do not know
thom, bnt tbey writo on, certain tbat
some Ingenious complication will suggest itself—in short, tho story is to
write Itself.
I confess I beliovo in ond rather follow this system, for tho reason that tbe
incidents seem moro liko real life
wheie the unexpected so often happens,
and whore oveuts turn np In a capricious way. However this may be, ( have
always fonnd that everything depends
on getting woll started—that is, started
with such eagerness and enthusiasm
tbat yon could sit down then and there
and write on and on to tbe end.
Others deliberate and potior, as it
wore, hover on the brink, hesitating to
make the plunge. Tho moment of departure is pnt off and put off, aud when
at last a start is made it becomes a task
and a drudgery and is virtually no start
at all, because it is so labored and uninspired that yon feel yon have not begun.—"Memoirs of an Author." Percy
Dr. da Korea's Letter.
At a recent exhibition of dolls In Chicago u doll was shown which once had
* lettor addressed to it by the late Dr
do Koveu, the great Episcopal high
church leader. It was as follows:
My Deaii Wax—I am glad to hear of your
birth, and tbat you were named tor me, and
that you are of wax. Von could not be of bet
tcr stuff for a minister. Von will look sweet
This will pleas* the yonng. You cannot talk
too much. This will please the old. You can
wink at things, which you will have to do
You will eat little; yon will need but small
pay. When yon ore bruised, you can be put on
a shelf without a word, and a doll, new, fresh,
and with red ckoelts, will take your place. If
you have to be a martyr by Uro, you will melt
easy and savo pain to those who havo to put
you In, but If you do good to oven one little
girl like O— your life will he worth a groat
deal. 8ogoodby,from your uffocttonat© friend.
t     i ox K
Sooth African Haiti men.
Civilization is making rapid strides in
South Africa, bnt tho bushman yet
makes bis own knife ond with considerable iugonnity. Tbey dig a little iron,
find a broken hatchet or a hoop from a
mm barrol, and ont uf these parts they
form evon axes, adzes, hammers and
about everything they need In that lino.
These implements aro of course very
crude, but the native has much patience.
John Herscbel could remember every
Again of tbe long nnd abstruse mathematical calculations made in his astronomical work Ho often made a loug
calculation, then called his amanuensis
aud dictated the whole from memory.
Presented With a Throne.
King Behanzin's throne has just arrived In Paris, a present to tho city
from the victorious General Dodds, and
has been placed in the Trocadcro museum. It is a curious block of wood,
carved witb rude reliefs representing
the king and bis court.—Paris Journal.
the Faeuliar Personality nf a CallAmtin
Woman of Property.
The story of tbe achievements of
Miiriu Beusley hns become familiar
through the recent attempts ut settlement of thu Oonsloy estate, Tho story
of tho woman's personality Is more re-
mnrkiiblu, As ouo evidence of hor peculiarities it may bo cited thutshu wore
a coat of mall.
Tho woman wns tho wife of John
Bonsloy, once a (liuinciiil power In Han
Francisco, When bo failed and lied,
after hiding his property tu escape his
eieditors, sho reiiiiiined to fight them
und proved herself u diplomat, After
several transfers sho got hold of the
Bensloy property, iu turn disposing of
it to a fictitious woman, irom whom
the had no trouble in securing a power
if attorney, "Mrs, do Turonte" she
culled this fictitious woman,'and neod-
lehs to Hiiy, when Mrs. Buiisley desired
tu dispose of any property, Mrs, do Tar-
unto never dissented,
Whilo Beusley was away his wife
found herself in ninny t ryIn;- situations,
and when she became a widow her
nonce of mind wus still disturbed by
Iho Importunities of creditors nud thoir
recourse to tho law. Mis, Bensloy traced
her pedigree hack to nuhlo families
Hint never existed, nnd her pride was
based mi titles that wero never bo-
itowod, Bho had fow conlldants, and
the onoinloa her husband had tie<|iilrod
readily transferred their attention to
her, Kho was worried and looked It,
Him grew thin und feeble, but lost no
whit nf her pluck,
Ono day Mrs. Beusley wns dining nt
tbe i'leiisuutoii when a iiiessugu wns
brought lo her, She rend it, gasped and
fainted. As she fell from hor chair she
struck the floor with a clung. Peoplo
who mined the attenuated form won-
ilcrcd ut Its weight. When medical attention wns called, tho mystery was explained. Inclosing the woman's body
wns it coat of mull, steel linked and
bulletproof. In her contentions and her
scheming to keep creditors from getting
their dues she hud learned to fear vengeance. It Is believed that until death
Mrs. Beusley woro hor armor. Wben
stricken witb heart disease, she was
still in tho midst of a legal fight, still
maintaining her frauds und bad as
much reason as ever to believe herself
In danger of violence.—Sun Fruncisco
The Limited Art Gallery In the Depart
ment of State at Washington.
The department of state at Washing*
tun has now nn nrt gallery, limited toa
certain class of paintings, of which
there is no superior collection in tbe
world. This collection has been recently
bung with much good taste in one of
tho rooms devoted to tho reception of
the diplomatic corps when any of its
members cull to seo tho secretary.
The collection embraces the oil portraits of every secretary of state, beginning with Thomas Jefferson, down to
and including Thomas F. Bayard.
Some of tho likenesses ure suld to be
most excellent, and u fow are thought
by experts to be wretchedly poor. Mr.
Bayard's is ono of the latter, although
the government paid a handsome sum
to thn artist for her work. All these
portraits were on exhibition ut tbe
World's fair at Chicago and have recently been received nttbe state department. Whero they are now bung visitors cun reudily see them without the
formality of red tape or the granting of
authority by nny of the functionaries of
the department. The collection is a
most valuable one and will soon be in-
creased by portraits of Mr. Blaine, Secretary Foster and later of Secretary
Uresham. A striking fact in the collection was the number of secretaries
who preferred to wear no hirsute adornments. John C. Calhoun was the only
ono prior to Secretary Blaine who wore
whiskers.—Baltimore Sun.
nolTT'8   SCHOOL   TOR   BOYS.
Europe's Buffering Poor*
The suffering among the London poor
this winter is not so great as was expected, says a correspondent. It has
been about an average winter for the
unemployed. There has been only about
a week of severe weather, which fact
has greatly mitigated suffering, London
is now rejoicing In pleasant skies and
springlike air, influences nnder which
the grass has been always green, and
shrubs are now putting out their leaves,
ind trees are beginning to bod.
A very different story comes from
Bastern Europe. In districts in Russia
the winter la so severe that wolves are
unusually fierce. The other day at
Saratoff a peasant woman walking neai
the village was surrounded and devoured by a pack of nine wolves. Another peasant going to market was set
npon by a pack of wolves and torn to
ihreds. Nothing was left of man and
horse but a few bones and tufts of hair.
His Name*
The mania for giving a large numbei
ot Christian names to one and the same
person Is particularly prevalent iu Italy.
An Italian gentleman named Campag-
na, who has just been naturalised a
Frenchman, has given some little tron-
Me to the French foreign office clerks in
registering his full designation. Here
It is: Vlncendo Salvatore Maria Gen-
nnro Francesco-Sales Francesco-d'As-
iis. Francesco de Paolo Hocca Micbele
L'rocifisso Emiddio Pasqiinle Uiovnu
L.inseppe Ueitrude Carlo Uattana Alfonso Ciro Andrea Luigi Giornn Geral-
do Antonio-dl-Para Anton io-Abatte
Campagna,—London News.
Annexation at Boston.
The Massachusetto legislature la moving In tbe direction of a "greater Bos-
Ion," It Is proposed to annex to the
Hub all towns and cities within 10
miles of Boston and all the seashore
from Murblehead to Hull. The consolidation will give Boston a large area
snd greater population and will benefit
the other places by giving them im-
provementswbich they could not otherwise afford.—Detroit Free Press,
Ira O. Holtt, Ph, D., Master at BurUn*
game, San Mateo county, Cal., is one of
the best schools for boys on the l'auillo
Coast. ■
Aitornoy-Youisy, wntm vou lUked lilm tor
llm iiiiniey, lie mud bluiptieiitftiis Unguium T
Klley I did mil, Mur. 1 suld lie mvuru si urn llkn
ii truouur.    	
Tito uhlof (mif'thm of the kidneys is to lensf*
Mil hum Ihe hiunil, lu lUpHSfSBSltirOlllll Ilium,
oi ri-i mm nn(iiiruieHiiiiii wiit.-ry parlleluawlMOtl
muke tliulr Ileal exit tlinmu h thu lil.iildur. Tlm
iI'd iitluii of Mu'ki iu uoiluqitOllCQ <>f liiimlivliy
ul (he kl humh Is iTiniiirilw ni Hrlghl h <l lOA'th
ili'iiin-y, iilnli"li!*, nllni'iiliiurlu mnl "'ll'T limit-
•Hen Willi H UHtll InlHliilHiV, lliisli'l|,T'» H "linn ll
liu tern, s li In lily nuiiiu uniuil •lliuelic and hlO'iit
■ It nun-Ill, liii|ieh the kl'llievB, wlieli liiuemv tn
rtnmw tliuir mfiiiiK lUtlnt OH, mnl Mrum mm
Hiu vital eniu'iil |ui|>iullliih whli h lnil*-1 ll ami
threaten their own exist nre im urgitiiN nf llio
liQtly,   I'rilinili nl ihe hliiililer, in.,el mnl ien<n-
ll I llm llMlii' me nl-ti   limlmlu's  nirr-lnl i"
nvertoil hy thIh IiuuIku |inuiiu ur mnl mm inn-
(lvit in nrgHtilu acilnii Midnrhi, rhuniiuitlaiiii
t'iiiiMi|>iiilnii, lilliiiuNiieii ami ilyMioiwIa also
\lcld In the Hitters, will 'h U nLu N|iii»illly In-ur-
tliilnl In thu wuHk mnl uorvniiM.
"Wns Iin wannly remilvcd uiinti thu nOOSllOII
ul hlri il, I'm III tiHKl-ilvf" "Wtiriiily 7 Why
lliuy liml tu rlim ilimn ihe hhIii'miih iiiritiuT"
As nnnt|)iillilun hu-r iee« It li'tinmrs liarler
mill IiiinIit f,,r ihe li iNlllU'Minaii uimieeii.il, nml
in iei.Ju.illK.il ui ill m Im I, the iiulMle Is -if I. n
inli.nneil llml llilx ur Unit  IIiIuk Iihm '■euino to
klay."   A *Imiik |>nr,-iinii Ik u I, hut iIdiiik ilu-
tlilliH iNHVeii hi'ller Hin-ul die mr'H'ikI Mlliy-
it. wu kiiuw nf Im I'lihi-Klllur, the ii<l.»rllMi>-
ini'iilH of Which Wi) il.' 1'iliilliK elM'Wlieni.
'Jhl« ImiiniiB i,id futility ri'inedi )m« Mnwui tu
the hniiniHiif llnnioniilry Wi yeiiiM, Hinl In iiiihiy
iiuir.- iinjniUr tnmi uior, 'IIiihuiiu Uut (iroves
Un viilue, mill iinik'H aruuini'Nl uiiiii'eie>Miry.
Ilnuly ii'itiHiiiM fur the |ini| rieiors (km lli»v HfO
limy nluil) I" rUlllUlil "Hell (lilitllUV tfl'IILTtttliill
I Inn fur iiver lull a eentury l'«*n K ilj.r Iiiin
In en luiwulieil it« ihu lunuliuiii, Hiiruit nud
(illi'HiiUNt euro for tho common ills uf Immunity,
aud lliata bouiuon their fhelf will stimier ur
later savo them iruiihlu and aiillerlug and
WeolferOne Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured bv Hall'" Catarrh Curt-1
F. J- OHKNKY A CO.. Props.,
Toledo, Ohio,
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the pam 16 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
transaction! and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
Wkht A Tbuax,
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Wai.iuno, Kinnah & Masvih,
Wholesale lliugglsts, Toledo, O.
Hall'H Catarrh Cure is taken internally
sciing dlreoily upon Ihe hlood and niucout
lurluops of the system. Price, 75e. per bottle. Suld ny all Druggists. Testimonlali
If You are Tired
AM Ihe time, withniil apeclal exertion, w
Und in tbe mnrnlnx aa when yi u reilre
«t night, vou ihbv depftnrl upon It. your
bl I Is impure nnd Ih lacking; In vitality.
That la why it does not supply atrenijtb
to n.rve. and muscles.   You need
Hood's Sarsaparilla
To purify and enrich your hlood. A few
bottles of this treat medicine will uive
you BtreiiKth and viinllly b-cause It will
mike pure hlood.   Get lloud's.
I t^eT***********************1******** I
Ursnrl'e Dillc on™ hublMial rtill,tl|»
nOOO S rlllS tiuu.  n.mv,aim..
Ely's Cream Balm
Cleanses the Nasal
PasHitRcs, AllajH Pain
nnd liilliiniiniitlon,
RentoreB the Scnuesof
Tnttte and Smell.
Heals the Soros,     j
Applr llnlm lull wii'li mmtrll. .
Ki.v Ilium.. M WsrrenBt., N. Y.
Palmer & Rey Branch
Merchants  in   Gordon   and   Peerless
Presses, Cylinder Presses, Paper
Cullers, Motors of all kinds,
Folders, Printing Material.
Patentees of Self-Spacing Type.
Sole Makers of Copper-Alloy Type.
Ifyim use tlie Petslua*
InnibsUrs • Drwdcri.
Make money while
oiliera are wasting
time hy old processes,
Culniog tells all about
srllcleneededfor thr
poultry buslneu.
The "ERIE"
wheel. PretUMt model,
We are Facl6c Const
Agents. Bicycle cats-
logue.miiled free,glves
KTAtDMA IHCUBlTOt CO., Petslams,Csl.
Branch Hoqbb, tji 8 Main St., tos Angeles.
a ma PHwe.
AnusBBmsBtefUwDowolsaMadajis nocssssalor
hosllb. Tbrt. pills suppl, wbst tbs sjslera Iscks to
msks it ropulsr. The, cur. Hsusab., Iingbtsn the
i'hs, neither Krtp. Dor sloken. To convince toil, we
will tnoiissmnl. Irso-or. (nil bos for lie. Kolrt ersrj
Mia,     DOSANEO MED. CO., HiUolphis. fe
and nclicn of an annoying nature, a torturous nature, a dangerous nature, can be quickly and surely cured with I'nin-Killer.
As no one is proof against pain, no one should be without
Tuin-KiHer. This good old remedy kept nt hand, will save
much Buffering nnd ninny culls on the doctor. For all summer complaints of grown folks or children it has stood without nn etpinl fur over half a century, No time like the present
to get o bottle of
Pain-Killer 1
Hold OVOryWhorOi The qnnntlty hns hean doubled hut the prh'e remains
tlio lamOi BfiOi Looh out (ot worthlOHl luilUttluua. lluy only Uie guuuiue,
bearing lliu naiiiu -1'kuuv   Havih At Hon,
I havu lionuht from tlm HKOKIVKIt ol F. I.. P08S0N A
HON, thn Hook, fixture, anil kooiI will ol the f*ml liiiBlner.
lattilv .-..rri.-sl on by tht-iii ami will i-onlimw iIih .am. at 2U5
Tlilril Street. 1IUKI.I. I.AMIIKItSUN, I'oiiti.am), Uu.
Mm I'M ulih cold whIit.   Imp'ov<jn the wool.
H.coticl to nolle T   V IT.. '
N  r WI i.e. (ram.      I oltTl. . Ml, OB.
Preserves all kinds of Fruit without cooking, and retains their
natural flavor.
t.t.b. ised.   CORBITT & MACLEAY CO.   "«>. >m
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(ii'iihl. nimmlMof Wliciil, Umir. Osih, Whip! ami IIhiih.   Mi,i-ci«1 Impiirt* from Chins, Jh[m  In-
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iT|niol:   I.Iviti 1 rfinc, ConrH'-Hinl Liiiiiji Itnnk Mill, Ch- inli'iili. of all klmtp, TinpUtt **>lw't«il
\o. t ri'Mirneil Whestfi ■«»«, Hun HmInn, Kul llr<ini>loiie, Hsu  Alii •liilnScsi' Porter, fiis'ii-l. sad
Irish Whl-ky, IlrnM.lv hml Wine ,t rSSlfl In quSlltlUi'H to llltl -ho IftWle,   I'OltTl.AS   , OH.
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illllCIIIKH-I'KU IUKMK Al, CO., UsSI  BlaelUM h,"T|-HI 1.1 lirl THI A. I
*    JOHN CARLE et SONS, Nnr York.    *
PonlHnd, Walla Walls,
Spokane, via O. K. A N.
Hallway ;snd Great
Northern hallway to
Momana points, St.
1'inl, illnncHpoi Is,
Utnana, St. Ixju-s, Chi-
f-NKU and Eiut. Address
inearcM s^eut. C. C
Dnnavaii, (icn. Asrt.
imm, _ __ I'ortland.Or.jK.C Hte-
i^eW ■ rens, Oen. AKt.ieittle
Htmh.; 0.0 Dlx(iii,Geii.Ag(.,8pflkHni%Wash. No
dust; roek-ballmt track; fine r-oiiery; palace
•ileeplng and dining cars; buffet library cars
Irimily tourist sleepers: new •jqulpment.
Artificial Eyas
Elastic Stockings
Trusses . . .
Grutohss . . .
Writ, far Print...
...Parll..., Or*,ea
SIIT IK IHE WO.LD.    \ail*i EHvE
Its wesriiiKijualliti-sare iiiisiir,*ssed,.ctiiall«
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Irom Animal Oil.    «KT THK liKNIIINK.
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Kogglsu or null. Air. bawako, i'allavda.. Vau
If. P. N. U. No. 601-8. F. N. U. No. 678
lh*jie en«lne« are acknowledge by expert *b
Jllneers to t* wnnhy ot hlgheM nimniviidailou
t»rrtm|il cl y,liiKh-gra>l« material and mt[i«ri<sr
workniHii»hi|i. Tliey dt-rvlup the lull actual
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For piimi'lng uu flu. for Irrigating purposes
no better viiglue can be fouua on the I'acitic
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For hoisting ouiflis for mines tbey bare met
with higher-1 spproTal.
F»r liitcrmitu.nl power their economy It no-
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is published overy li'rlduy uvoiiIiik, at tUeofllao,
I King rttrout, cinvurdalu, by
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, ll.1
I.Al'lill-:i! FAILS TO CONN LOT,
Tlio oxollomont in llm Dominion
IIiiiim'nf Commons iii aonnpollon
.villi Iin-  SOllOOl i|li|.:-linn, nf which
JVO gavo  details  in mil' lusl it'stto,
appoui'B In huvo completely (uhytd-
od nml things jiiiliiii-iil nl-ti again
pursuing their  ordinary course.
(()n Monday Mr. paurlor, seeking In
iiinlio some parly gain out of a
question serlouB enough to be held
/roe of party tactics, and himself
too cowardly to offer patriotic advice, moved the following resolution : "That this House regrets (lie
failure of the Government to deal
with the Manitoba sohool question
in a iiiannet demanded by tbe best
interests of Ibe country, nnd  is of
.opinion tbut ibe Ministerial declarations In regard to the question
are calculated to promote a dangerous agitation iniiimg tbe Canadian
people.1'   Upon a division tho resolution  was  rejected, "0 voting for
and 114 against,   This is probably
tho last tbat will  be heard of the
Question in tbe House this sessiop,
hut just  think of tho truckling,
oflice-seeking leader nf tbe Liberal
party, an exposed coward on this
vory question, mouthing bis cant
about what  is "demanded  by the
best interests of the country,"   Tbe
best interests  of tbe cotpitry demand that (lie  Liberal party shall
lend Its power to the (Inveniment
of tho day to  settle once for all by
overwhelming authority a question
that undoubtedly does threaten tbe
peace of tbe country.     But does
any man  believe that that power
will be  forthcoming for that purpose ?   tin the contrary, is it not
absolutely certain that the Liberal
power will bo at all future turns of-
Ibe question  in the same position
(is heretofore, namely, timidly peep-,
ing around corners for party advantage.    Show Mr, Laurier and
his deputies the path that leads to
office, and  little thoy will concern
themselves whether "the best interests of the country" lie in the
same direction,
Undoubtedly the Government is
jn a critical position. The vigorous resolutions passed by Orangemen at various points of celebration on Friday last, though touched
a little no doubt with the enthusiasm of tbe day, show clearly
enough the temper of one set of
ordinary supporters, the retirement
of a French Cabinet .Minister indicates the position of another, while
over all is the restriction contained
in the judgment of the Privy Council, at present a disputed quantity.
That tbe majority of the Canadian
people favor non-interference with
Manitoba will scarce admit of question, and it should be sufficient for
that majority lo know that in the
first test of strength in the Cabinet
their cause won. Outside of the
Ministers no one knows just how
much was won, and the majority: (subject to revision, as to its form,
may   safely  rest it  there in   the by  Ibe  City  Solicitor) the agree-
meantime.    No aid In  the way of
adjustment can  be hoped for fr.nn
(be Liberals,
will fail of a remedy wben they
fail, but it is not yet. Let us 'bide
ti wee.      	
Tbo lahwl dovolopinents in regard to tho Fraser brldgo are of a
kind to Inspire somo littlo conll-
donco that the work of construction
will be prnceeilod with in Ibe hear
future. It is truo that the wearisome delays and froquont disappointments that havo heretofore
occurred in the prosecution uf the
work have a liiiiilency to throw
doubt upon any fresh nsKimuicos
Ibnl Ibe business is at last in shape
lo be promptly pi ceded with, and
Ibis is especially Ibe ens.i when
llmse  nssiii'iiii'ais nre  based  upon
arrangements in oonnootlon witb
the ohartoi' of Iho B, Life F, V.
Hallway, n ohartor obtained for
speculative purposes and beldal «
pi'loo for some years pnsl. Never-
Ibeless,    tho   unlikely    souiuliiues
happens, and 11 must bo admittod
that the offer now being mado by
.Mr. li in i, l carries a business- air,
On Saturday lusl a public meeting was held iu Weslininstor with
the announced inlention of reaching COnolufionS on bridge mutters.
The meeting was largely attended,
and was taken part in by the ablest
men in (he oily, it was shown to
ibe satisfaction of thp meetjng that
Mr. Rand's London principals were
now willing to undertake the con-
si ruction of bridge and railway
and as an earnest of good faith had
deposited Iho stun of $10(),0(}() in
the Hank of 1!. N. A., to be put up
by Mr. Hand as a forfeit iu case of
failure to carry out any arrangements entered Into with the cities
of Westminster and Vancouver for
the construction of the works men
tioned. Such bping tbe position of
affairs, and the people of Westiiiin
ster having decided to again give
Mr. lli)ml their confidence, there is
no reason why the people on this
side thp river should not have reasonable hopes of the speedy consummation of an undertaking that
tbey have bad in anxious expectation for many yeurs. .Should the
"Hand scheme" again fail, it is
safe to say the public will tolerate
no further dallying, in so far at
least as relates to the bridge bonus
granted from tho public funds of
the Province.
The people south of the river are
not ut all concerned in the interest
Westminster had in view in preferring to give Mr. Rand a bonus
to build a brldgo for the 13. J. & F.
V. Company rather than to incur
all the cost and t|ie city own the
structure ; bnt it is certainly satisfactory that the lines chosen by the
city are those most agreeable to the
country also. Presumably the
bridge arrangement will be an aid
in securing the construction of the
Fraser Valley Railway, and the
mere building of that line will bo
of great benefit to agricultural interests here at this time, to Bay
nothing of the permanent advantages |o the important section of
country to be served by the new
railway. Everything considered,
the prospect is decidedly encouraging, and in the present promise, we
will forget past disappointments
and wish hearty success to the
"Rand scheme."
bors who. are ■ without, doubt most
anxious for Ihirimmediiiloconstruction of the bridge., are by no moans
pleased with the position Iho business has got into, Thoy eithor
buvo no faith in Mr. Rand's ability
to carry out tho undertaking, or on
grounds of policy they object to
tbo "Rand scheme" of building tbo
bridge, .lust which is not clear
from the newspaper reports. It
would ecrliiinly bn mure satisfactory lo people hero if lliese known
friends of bridge construction woro
in hearty sympathy with the now
arrangement; but in any event the
limit of lime allowed to Mr. Rand
to put tip his deposit is so brief
that Ibe public need nut be loon in
doubt regarding tlie good faith of
Iho transactions now in progress.
Ily resolution Mr. Kami was given
lop days in which to put up his
guarantee of kj'10,000,
Tun British elcclions as far as
yc,t held havo resulted In Iho overwhelming defpat of the Liberals.
The latest returns show 206 Conservatives and III Unionist.!elected,
a total of 240 ; against ">2 Liberals,
28 McCartbyitps, (i 1'anielliles and
1 Labor, a total of 77,
' At tbe regular meeting of Westminster City Council on Monday
evening, bridge matters, of course,
comprised tbe principal business.
Acting upon the expressed wish of
the meeting of .Saturday night, the
Council passed the following resolution :
Tbat this Council hereby accept
incut between the corporation of
tho City of New Westminster and
the llurrurd Inlet & Fraser Valley
Ihe (,.n,ervaiivM Ra|fWfty t'o., us reported by tbe
ji.int committee on the bridge plans;
and calls upon the said company
to deposit its guarantee of £H,(H)0
sterling, according to the terms of
the said agreement, und that this
Council will, us soon us satisfied
that tbe said guarantee has been
deposited, proceed to submit to the
ratepayers, at the earliest possible
date, u by-law to enable this Council to do all things necessary to the
currying out of the said agreement."
The foregoing resolution, which
Manitoba Orangemen Pass Resolutions.
Winnipog, M'ftU, July 13,—At
tho Orange.demonstration, yesterday, thi) following resolutions wore
passed :
"Tbat tho Orangemen and Pro-
testunts Of Manitoba apd the Northwest Territories, now assembled
from almost evory township in tho
Province, on this 12th' day of .Inly,
do most solomly renew our protests
against Interference with the rights
and liberties of Ihe Legislature and
people of the Province, in thoir
right to establish usybtoni of public
sclioob, and to withhold public,
funds from the propagation of any
slate church, creed op dogmas, uud
we consider this a fitting opportunity to thank the Promier of
this Province und hfs worthy colleagues for the noble and patriot!,
stand Ihey buvo taken in resisting
to the, utmost of their power, the
threatened remedial legislation und
the invasion of oiu'lilnu-lies as a
free people ; and wo hereby pledge
ourselves,  in  tho pifsem'eof this
vast assemblage, that we will, oven
to the j'licrilioo of out lives, defend
our schools and the liberties of our
children in this grand heritage
which (,oi| has given US,
"That one representalive in tho
Cabinet, from this Province, namely, Hon. T. M, Daly, |f, P., for Selkirk, be asked lo place bis resignation, at an early day, ill Uie bunds
f His Exoellenoy, the Governor-
' thut A. W. Ross, M.
; N. Boyd, M.P., for
Muripietlc, und Hon. T. M. Duly,
M.P., for Selkirk, be asked lo explain bow far lliey cun justify
themselves in supporting a Government whioh threatens our Province with such dire cubimity, and
which, no doubt, if curried Into
effect, will jeopardise Confodora-
General, und
for Llsgar
It is expected that thp Dominion
Parliament will be prorogued tomorrow.	
Cyclone in New York.
Now York, July 15.-The first
cvclono in many years struck Now
York and vicinity Saturday afternoon, killing several people ami
wrecking a largo amount of valuable property. Tho aloud whoa
first seen was funnel-shaped and
bung very near tbo ground. At
tho upper pnd was a red spot Unit
appeared more like an incandescent
light than anything else. As it
moved on its course trees were torn
down, telephone, telegraph and
trolley wires demolished and houses
unroofed or totally wrocked. At
Chorryhill, a small village a few
miles from Hackensack, it developed cyclonic fury, attended by the
demolition of thp village and a
number of deaths. Within a minute after the storm broke, twenty-
seven houses, nearly the entire
number in the village, were wrecked. The cyclone made a clear, path
through tbe centre of thp place,
currying everything with it. Houses
were unroofed or thrown down,
trees were uprooted and the crops
in the fields levelled to the grouud.
At the present time jt is known
that five were killed and the injured by scores, many of them it is
believed fatally. Great masses of
wreckage were carried through tbe
air by the gale, adding to the destruction. Among the buildings
wrecked was the Dutch Reformed
Church, a structure recently erected. Three large beams, picked
from the wreck of other buildings
by the wind, woro borne, end on,
against the side of the Church and
they went through the walls like
cannon balls. The depot, standing between the tracks of the New
York and New Jersey Central railway, was demolished. The freight
depot was also wrecked and the
big platform carried several hundred feet from its place. The cyclone wrecked thirty houses at
Woodhaven and a very large school
house there. There were 20 residents of Woodhaven injured by
the cyclone and two deaths. Several people were picked np by the
wind and carried a block or two.
Trees and chimneys sailed through
the air as if they were no heavier
than feathers.
Sun Francisco. July 17.—The
ease witb which the Japanese captured Port Arthur, during the recent war with China, is explained
to some extent by an article In the
Japan Gazette which arrived on
the last steamer. According to
the Gazette, one of the commanders
..f the Chinese forts was a native of |0eivC(1 from Mm retmin(r to the
Japan, who acquired favor In the kindness which her mother showed
Chinese councils, through long re- him, Inquiring nb,out the old pen-
sidonce In the Flowery Kingdom, ,loner Smith,and enclosing a sum
Wid Intentionally caused'he shots of mnnev in repayment of Mrs.
from tbe guns .to be misdirected, | smith's outlay in his behalf.   He
speaks of a probable visit to
Chinamen Employ White Labor.
Says the San Francisco Cull of
July -Ith :
Labor Commissioner Fitzgerald
yesterday received the information
that u largo number of white
women und girls nre being employed by Chinese orchardists in Fresno country. His informant stated
that a short time ago several
Chinese purchased the Mulger
ranch north of Travpr, and up un
til recently used cooley help to
work in tbe orchards und hurvest
the crop.
For some reason, supposed to be
the scarcity of coolpy help, the
Chinese ranch owners this year
are employing white woman and
girls, fhe latter are. engaged in
picking and packing fruit, and, of
course, under the direction and
orders of a Chinese boss. Such a
condition of affairs was predicted
nearly twenty years ago by a number of political economists, who
stated that the day would come
when the white people would
work for the Chinese.
Mr, Fitzgerald will send to Fresno county for a full statement us
to the number of white woman and
girls thus employed by Chinese
and the wages they receive also the
conditions that load to such a
state of affairs.
Men's Suits from 65 upwards.
Men's Blue or Grey rivetted Oyoralls, 11.
Men's Flanrtelctto Top-Shirts, 25 conts,
Mon's Wool Socks, 10 pairs for «J1.
Moil's Undor-Shirts, 25 conts,
Hoys' Suits, $2, $2.25, &o,
Men's Bracos, 15 conlij and upward.
'Mf. Columbia Streot, New Westminster,
johnson i Mckenzie
Choice Family Groceries & Provisions,
Host nHHortod stock in tlio City at thu moat reaflonajrip prfegs.
DOdl ilullvurcil tn nil |iiirln of tlio city, Wluirl , nml T ml ns, with qtllok doHputoli ami (rut'
oli'irifu.  AU ardors by mall or talopiiotio promptly nnd anniullyhttoudml lo,
i lo-Ouinu ISO,      I', n. D0X H4,
The Starr Hotel,
CLOVKRDALK. 11. ('-,
Tbo table is supplied with the best tbo market affords. Tho rooms are
pleasant, comfortably furnished, and (be bods, dean. A good homo
Hotel for families while waiting lo locute.   Charges m,pderate.
Story of Chief Justice Dane's Boyhood.
The Perthshire People's Journal
of June 8th has the following
parugraph : "A romantic little
story conies from Blairgowrie.
Some 28 or 2!) years ago, a little
lad appeared in town, hungry and
ragged, He had no friends, and
his pitiful case awoke the sympathy of an old soldier named
Smith und of Mrs Bisset, Well-
meadow. It was found out that he
hud run away from sohool in Surrey. .Mrs. Bisset housed him for
a week or more, rigged him out in
some of her own children's clothes,
and paid his fare hack to Surrey.
The young lad has since developed
into the present Chief Justice of
British Columbia, Mr. Theodore
Davie, who was premier of that
Colony in 1892 and onwards. That
Chief Justice Davie has not forgotten his early adventure in
Blair it. shown by a letter which
Mrs. Bissot's daughter bus just received from
A public school teacher in the
Evening Post, Chicago, says of the
cigarette evil: "In this section of
the country this evil is worse then
the nlcohol habit, for it seems
actually to threaten extermination.
There are babies, two of them only
live years old, who say they huve
been smoking for two yeurs, nnd
the stutement is coroborutcd by
their elder brothers. One of the
tittle ones was a pouting-lipped
cupid but two years ago, now his
tiny face is pinched and wrinkled,
fl.oil bis mouth hangs loose and relaxed, like an old umnV,"
has the appearance of being eminently business-like and to the
point, was carried without a dissenting vote | nevertheless, it was
manifest enough from the general
proceedings that the majority of
the Council, comprising those mem-
they would full short of the Japanese warships. Having betrayed bis adopted bind for tbo bind of
bis birth, this Commander is said
to have appeared before tbo v[q.
torious Japanese generals, acknowledged bis treason to tbe Chinese,
and then committed suicide in their
That  the Japs hud un easy tusk
subduing   the  Chinamen,   is
Levis, Que., July IH.—For three
days  the  inquest   in   the Craig's
Road   railway  horror    hus   been
going on  here.   All  the evidence
goes to show that McLeod und Perkins, the  engineer  nnd   fireman,
were  asleep  and   went   to  their
death in that manner.     Several
abundantly "evident from the offl-1 heavy actions for  damages have
cial figures published in Japan re-j already been entered against the
garding   the   Japanese   invading Grand   Trunk   Railway   in   the
force. Its total strength wns only
60,970, and of these only 734 were
killed in battle, and 231 died of
thoir wounds. The deaths from
disease increased tho total to 4,110.
A statement of losses by China
would read very differently.
Courts by the victims who were injured. The property loss was
some $150,000, and the damages
will probably exceed that. The railway will, in all, be called upon to
pay nearly .5250,000 for the smash-
Cloverdale Blacksmith Shop,
Practical Blacksmith, does light und heavy blacksmithing of all kinds
on short notice nnd at moderate rates.   Horseshoeing a specialty.
Ottawa, July 13.—At the Orange
demonstration, here, yesterday,
Clark Wallace denounced Bishop
Gravel for trying to influnce Ihe
Judicial Committee of the Privy
Council. He also stated his posi.
tion on the Manitoba school .piestion, He said: "For my part;
and I speak under a full sense of
the responsibility of my utterances,
I say frankly and firmly that I
favor the maintenance of non-sectarian schools in Manitoba, and, if
our constitution permitted it, I
would advocate a similar system
throuhout the whole of Canada. I
propose to await events rather than
anticipate those which may never
ooour, Nor do I Intend to be influenced, no matter from what
(piarter. Our duty is to adhere resolutely to the ground of the principle of swerving neither to Ihe
right nor to tbe left, nnd in this I
hope to huve your support, und
that of the great majority of the
people of Canada. (Cheers).
\V. T, Bambridge, assistant fore-
mun in the World office, Vancouver, wns drowned while bathing in English Buy, on Saturday.
It is believed he was taken with a
cramp. The body was recovered
later in the day. Mrs. Bambridge
was on the beach at the time and
witnessed the drowning of her husband.
StinscRiBK.for Si'urky Times,
IpOR half: BY TSNDBR. orQp of Broil, mostly
1   timothy, ou lorty-nuru Bold nt Blitlii,   Ten-
• <.■:» ructiivwil lip to 17th  .lu.y, me UIIVO,    Ttio
liiifiii'-t »r nny ton.lur ii.,t tiouoft-iirtly urcupWil,
To view, i.piilv tn .'tin. SU'Wiiri, Llulti, 11. C
Addrwn tuudun to.    Hy. D, CllASiltKlX,
Blulitt, SVAih,
Teacher Wanted.
iti'huol, Sidney, Mi p.'r moutli. A iniirriml
nvui pr-Moiroil, Mutt gtudu nt lonit khcoiiiI
i-la-P. AptilliMti >»• wi 1 lu r-.'.'i.'ivu I up to 7
o'flioct p. ui. ol batur<iiiy,Jutv27th.
Uer. cinvurdiiiu School Hoard.
ClOTOtdile, July 10,1885.
HOGAN BROS.,  Proprietors.
The llsrlfl supplied with suporlor Liquors and
e.uolce Cluars, aud the wallers aro attentive
and   obllalnlt.
front stroot, opposite tha furry Landing.
JY. GALBRAITH, Convo.ancor « Notary
s   l'ubllo.   UUlcs,»n»BBV Tinas, Clov.ldal.
and Florist,
G04 Westminster Road, Vancouver,
I', o, AJJrc.s-Mt. Plinsaut, Vunconvor II, C.
Fine Acclimatised stock of Trees,
Plants, Vines, Shrubs, Roses,
Rullis, etc., etc.,
Growing on my own Grounds,
Importer ot i.'hiiK'seiiiid Jnpim MlHos, Aznllni
i'iiim-lin■, Fruit uud OrmniiQutttl Truei, llolluud
BlltlH, &i,
HonliT In nnd Mniiiifiicturar of Agricultural
IiiiplemiMiti', Boo Illvei uud Buppliaa, bpruy
1'iuup*. Wh.ilc Oil So ,p, etc.
S'jw 30 pnito CrttnlogUO mulled ou rucclpt of
ytnir ftddroM, (tL't it nt once aud keep It tor
(utuio rolorouoo.   lt will pay you,
Addrcai, M. J. HENRY,
Box 28, Mount licasitiit,
Vancouver, B. C.
Columbia Street, New Westminster
of every description in American
and Italian Marble,
Bootoli, Swedish, Ltbrador and Now  Iiruns.
wick Uraulte,
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Engraving of Inscriptions a spool nil)-.
ALEX, HAMILTON, Proprietor.
P. O. Box ISA
Choice young Boars and Sows of
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Cloverdale, V. 0.


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