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 (1 i'V' i'
We" JUI, ,.   18
/•/f'l'M*.,   I',.
'  - S r„ C
No. 14.
Vol. 1.
Musi rouIjui ou our sloiik.     Want money, ami must have il.     ]l you
waul Ihe goods give US, a call and you will fjnd it wi|l [my you.
.stoves AT ACTUAL COST stoves
Parnell & Gunn,
The Westminster Grocers
and Feed Merchants,
Call  and see them, and  Saye (Money
When  in Town*
fmf~ Opposite C, 1'. R, Station, 807 Columhia St., Westminster, B. C.
W, S. Collister & Co,
- Succsssors to R. P. Freeman & Co.,—
Millinery & Mantles.
• SAMPLES   SUM' ON  application, a	
Agents for Butterick's Patterns.
Send for Monthly Fashion Sheets.
Wm. Johnston,
in ull grades of
Sole agent for the celebrated
English "K" Boot.
OUT OK siuiir.
New W.fl(n,lnat.r, 11. C.
Rough & Dressed Lumber,
). ith, Klilimlcf,, Moulding!, l'lnln nnd Funoy Picket*. Poors, Window*,, Frainp*, minds, Turneil
Work, oto.. And «U kind*, of Interior Klnhh. l'lnln ntid Curved Mniuvls, s ore ntul OIIIol'
I juiiu'K. Fruit fi'i.i Sulinmi BOttl. NuMI-mtn, Ac. Importornof Piute, Fitiioy ami Common
Mludow <:.h-*\   VB^ Yuri.*, mnl Warobotisef, Columbln street Wcit,
R. JARDINE. Local Manager.
SiuiuuY Council meets to-morrow
(Saturday) at 1 p, m.
The pic-nii'. to Blacklegs Spit on
Dominion Day was a vory successful one.
Rbv. Mu. Bust uud family, of
Westminster, huvo l|eeu visiting
wilh friends in Surrey this week.
At llm Tinehead school  cleclion
mi Saturday, Mr, 11. S. IngliB was
re-elected trustee by acclamation.
Mil, .los. Mai'C.m.i.iim liasilccidcd
to remove with his family, to Alberta as Soon all li'o cal) cllnpoBQ of
his ranch at Clayton.'
Mu. P. .1. Mai'Khnsie teacher of
the Port Usury school! is, spending
Ihe holidays with his parents in
Clover Valley.
MlBSBfl Watson. Ludlow, arid
Bailor), of Nicomekl. paid a visit
to Vancouver tins week to witness
thn Dominion Day celebration,
For all kinds of Seeds, Grain, Chopped Feed, Flour, Moots, &c, go to the
Brackman & Kerr Milling Company,
543 front Street, New Westminster.
Mils. Rah, of tho well known dry
goods store of Westminster, return:
ed lumie on Tuesday alter spending
11 holiday with the family of Rev.
Mr. Bowell.
Ci.ovkukai.u was*a very quiet
hamlet yesterday. The Oddfellows
celebration at Blaine, and the
Methodist Sunday school pjc-nic
to Langley about cleared out the
Miss Cordelia Evans, of BJaine,
whp has bpen visiting with the
family of Mr. John Bond, returned
home on Wednesday, accompanied
by Miss Phoebe Bond, to takp in
thp 4th July celebration.
Mn. S. Muhciiison, of Nicomekl,
returned home on Wednesday,
having been absent a couple of
weeks engaged in painting the
house of Mr. Eric Anderson near
the eastern boundery of Surrey.
Wk gjvo this week a fairly complete report of the Clovprdale
school, {f the teachers of other
schools in the district would send
us reports of their respective schools,
we would hp glad to publish them.
M11. R. L. Reid and Mrs. Rpid,
of Westminster, drove to Jllackie's
Spit on Monday with a party of
city friends, to takp part in the
pic-nic arranged for that favorite
sea-side resort, All enjoyed the
holiday immensely.
On Saturday, Mr. Jos. McCal-
lum, of Clayton, heard a racket in
a field noar his house, and on going
to investigate lie found a bear fast
in a trap that had been set for the
purpose by Mr. Murray. Mr. Mc-
Calluin shot the bear, and stopped
the racket.
The short supply of strawberries
tliis season resulted in fair prices
being obtained by those who had
any to sell. Othpr fruits are likely
to bring poor prices, as the crop is
large and the market limited. The
average price of small fruit during
the past few years has been too
low to warrant its cultivation.
TllERE was a spocial car attached to Monday's train going north.
Tlie passengers were General Traffic Manager H. L. Shute, Assistant
Traffic Manager P, P, Shelby, and
General Freight Agent G. 0. Snm
ers, of the Great Northern. The
party spent several hours in West
minster, and then proceeded to
Victoria by way of Vancouver.
Tiik house-fly, as everyone
knows, is 11 great nuisance, especially during the month of August,
when their numbers increase tremendously and they become very
aggressive, Fresh broods are
hatched out every day by the
warm sun, and the nuisance is
then very difficult to check. One
fly destroyed in June or early July,
before tlie eggs are deposited, is
equivalent to the destruction of a
thousand in August. Ten cents'
worth of fresh fly-paper put out
early In the season and attended
to, will free the house from flies
for the balance of the year, and
without the filth of tlie dead and
dying insects being noticeable. If
not attended to till late In the season, no remedy is satisfactory.
Dealers recommend a disgusting
preparation called "tangle foot,"
because there is ten times as much
money in it for them, hut the old-
fashioned arsenic fly-paper will do
the work satisfactorily and at a
trifling charge if resorted to in time.
The poisoned paper, however, must
be freshly made, and not old stock
carried over.
At tlio Surrey Agricultural Exhibition next September, Ihe first
prize for 25 lbs. of butler is stated
in the prize, list to be goods lo value
of |.r>, given by Mr. A. Godfrey, Ihe
popular hardware merchant of New
Westminster, At the time of giving the prize Mr. Godfrey said that
ho was arranging for something
specially upat to offer, but could
not then give details. In a letter
to tho secretary of the Association
yesterday, Mr. Godfrey describes
liis premium as a water set consisting of four tumblers, jug and tray.
The name of the winner anil what
Ihe prizi; was awarded for, uijil also
of Ihe Association, will be engraved
on the jug, thus constituting it a
diploma as well as a handsome
prize. The value of the set without the engraving is sj*t>. We are
.lire Mr.Godfrey's gift will bo highly appreciated, and there will no
doubt be keen competition for it.
INTIMATION has bceii received
that, owing to the need for Ihe
personal supervision by Professor
Robertson of Ihe lilting up of tlie
refrigerator compartments on
hoard thp steamship for tlie carriage of creamery butter to Great
Britain, It will bo Impossible lor
him to visit British Columbia next
month. He had hoped to make
his visit here and get back early
enough to take up the refrigerator
work. Now, lie does not see that
it will jie practicable for him to
visit the Provincp until somo time
in the Autumn. Ho expects to
either tiike or send a travelling
dairy hpre by that time, and arrange to have it visit most of the
settlements on the north and south
sides of the Fraser River.
Wednesday's Great Northern
train going north was loaded with
excursionists en route to Blaine and
other pojnts in Uncle Sam's territory to help celebrate Independence Day. Thero were not many
south hound passengars yesterday,
though the engine was gaily decorated with evergreens and flowers,
and graced with miniature flags of
the "greatest nation on earth " and
the red, white and blue of that
nation's mummy.
Tiik brpthren of Surrpy L. 0. L.
No. 147) will meet in their lodge
room on Sunday next, July 7th, at
1 o'clock p. m. and from thence
will march to the Methodist
Church, Cloverdale, where special
services wi" be conducted. Members are requested to be at the
lodge room at 1 o'clock sharp, All
ancient brethren are cordially invited to attend.
Yksterpay proved an unfavorable day for the pic-nic at Murray's Corners. The forenoon was
threatening, and the afternoon wet.
There was a large turn-out from
Surrey and Langley, and the arrangements were all excellent, but
the rain put a considerable damper
on the anticipated enjoyment.
If yon wstiit to buy Flour, Grain.
Chopped Feeds, bran, 81,0(1., Itolleil
Oafs, dec* die. either wholasaleor retail
try YouiUll ill Klncliilr, Front Street,
Nrw W6.lsnln.ter,
Bishop Past, the new incumbent of Westminster diocese, has
written to Rev. Geo. Ditehum, that
he will sail from England on August 1st, with Mrs. Dart and their
three sons, the eldest of whom is
13 years of age. The Bishop expects to reach Westminster about
the end of August.
The weather the past week was
bright and pleasant until yesterday,
when it rained all afternoon, ami
last night there was an unusually
heavy down pour. To-day tlie indications are for line weather again,
which is needed for the haying,
now in progress.
It is noticeable that prominent
men from Cariboo and other upper
country districts on being interviewed by press men, usually
manage to utter a caution to working men to keep away from these
localities. The caution is no doubt
a wise one,
Mn. Logan, W. Davis, of Tinehead, paid a visit to Cloverdale on
Tuesday. He had not been here
for a couple of years, and said
things had changed so he nearly
got loBt,
We have been informed that
Mr. Baguley is again in possession
of his cattle which were sold for
poundage fees a couple of weeks
ago. We do not know the details
of the transaction.
The Brunette Saw mills and
Laidluw's cannery at Sapperton,
were destroyed by fire yesterday
morning. The loss is estimated at
$150,000, partly covered by insurance.
Clorerdale School.
The public examination of tlio
Cloverdale school look place on
Friday afternoon last, and was fairly satisfactory. Tlie attendance »f
visitors was fair, though perhaps
not us large us it ought to have
been. At the close of the exercises,
brief addresses of a complimentary
character were made by Rev.Messrs.
McKlnion und Bowell, and by
Messrs. Galbraith, Bond, Shannon,
Breen, Cavers and Hill. Tbo
ladies, of whom there were several
present, declined un Invitation to
express their views.
A programme of readings and
recitations by the school children
followed, ufter which the promotion
roll was read unit the prizes awarded to the successful pupils, which
brought. Ihe proceedings lo a close.
Following is a list of Ihe
1st Classes—Part 1 to part 2—
Daniel Sullivan, Huxley Galbraith
Theresa Appel. Part'2 to part .')--
Bessip |lreen, John Howell. Part ,'i
to part -I—-Annie Armstrong, Perry
Starr, Annie Appel. Part -I to '2nd
class—Vivian Galbraith, William
2nd class to 8rd class—Ethel
Galbraith, Lottie Breen, Arthur
Breen, Gordon MoEiinon,
Ilrd class to 4th class—Bereneise
Sullivan, Beatrice Bowell, Lillian
Bowell, Jay Starr.
4th class to 5th class -Cornelia
Galbraith, Gertrude Galbraith,
John Starr.
iioxoit uoi.i.s,
Thp three rolls of honor annually
issued by the Education Department wero awarded as follows :
For regularity and punctuality,
Maggie Sullivan.
For deportment, Mubcl Starr.
For General proficiency, Bertha
The teacher, Mr. A, 11. P. Matthew hud contributed a number of
suitable books to bp awarded in
prizes, and had induced several
parties interested in the school lo
contribute others, to which was
added a scries by the board of trustees. These wors awarded in the
various classes as below :
First class—Spelling, Win. Jones;
writing, Annip Appel; arithmetic,
Vivian Galbraith.
Second class — Spelling, Ellen
Harrington ; writing, Lottie Breen;
arithmetic, Arthur Brcon ; geography. Ethel Galbraith,
'fjiird class — Writing, Edith
Richmond; arithmetic, Jay Starr;
geography, Bereneise Sullivan ;
grammar, Beatrice Bowell; composition, Edith Richmond.
Fourth class—Writing, Muriel
McElmon; arithmetic, George Robertson ; grammar, Cornelia Galbraith ; composition, Cornelia Galbraith ; Canadian history, John
Shannon; English history,Cornelia
Galbraith ; anatomy, Cornelia Galbraith.
Fifth class — Writing, Mabel
Starr ; arithmetic, Frpd. McElmon;
grammar, Bertha Bowell; composition, William Bowell; English
history, Reuben Breen ; anatomv,
Bertha Bowell.
The teacher bad also provided
suitable books for all the pupils
who had been promoted but had
not won prizes, and neat curds for
all the other pupils, so that none
were overlooked in the distribution.
There was an unnusually small
attendance at the annual school
meeting on Saturday. Mr. John
Bond was appointed chairman and
Mr. A. Milton secretary. The annual report of I lie Trustees was submitted and approved, The election
to fill tho vacancy on the trustee
board resulted in tlie re-election by
acclamation of Mr. J. F. Galbraith
wlio had consented to accept iinnii-
; nation with the understanding
| that he would probably not serve
longer than one year.
For some time Mr. Matthew had
been contemplating retiring from
Cloverdale school, and on Monday
lie handed in his resignation, to
take effect ut the end of the current
month. A meeting of the trustees
was held on Monday evening, and
the resignation of Mr. Matthew accepted. The secretary was instructed to advise the retiring teacher of
the good-will of the trustees and of
the confidence they reposed in him
as a pains-taking teacher of high
moral character.
The Board decided to continue
the policy of the past, and secure if
possible an experienced mule teacher, married.
Applications will not he asked
for until a reply is received from
j the Education Department regard
ing Iho salary attiiehed to tho Clo
verdalo school, which is tho largest
in Hie province conducted by one
teacher. Tlie average daily attendance for the year just closed was
44.1,1 uguinst 86.68 lust year, while
the total number of pupils who attended Ibis year was (ill.
Langley Township.
Corr.Bponil.iioo BuniiRV tihi:«.
The river bj again rising and
bus utliiined to the highest point
il bus reuched Ibis year. It
shows a tehdenoy lo reach a still
higher level, probably owing to the
Inorpasod heal of the last few days,
The road leading io the town i.
parlliilly covered, anil iJ impassable.
to loot passengers except by wailing ; teams, however, can Continue
to orosi without difficulty,
To-day und yestorday the thermometer registered 80 degree- Fah-
renheit in the shade iu tlie coolest
spot, and seldom fell lower than
70 degrees at night.
I'mler present favorable conditions, the meadows will soon I,;
ripe for mowing] and potatoes are
making rapid growth, and the early
varieties ready for use
A melancholy accident happoned
near here, on tbe 24th instant, tin-
little four year old boy of Jason
Allurd having unperceived fallen
into a well which his father had
been sinking a short distance from
his house. He wus missed after a
few minutes, and extricated alter
a lapsp of about a quarter of an
hour, but all effort,! to revive him
failed. His remains were interred
in tbo local cemetery, a large
number of Mr. Allard's friends including (Jhiof Csssimer, and othei
Indians from the adjoining ranch-
ery, attending iu sympathy with
the family, the bereaved and
sorrowing parents being held ir,
much esteem hy them and all bis
neighbors In the absence ol un
officiating minister, Mr. James M
Drummonil, .1. P., read tlie iunera!
service of tlie Church of England
at the grave. Much regret ia felt
for tlie afflicted parents, the child
having been bright and promising
and a great pet in their home.
A telegram to Mr. James Klkin-,
one of our oldest settlers, was received late on Sunday night, announcing the death at the Victoria
hospital oi his son-in-law William
Warren, at the early agg ol 25
years, after a short sickness, licensed was a marine engineer by
profession, and had not long returned from Skeena when he wa.,
taken ill. He leaves two children
ami their mother to deplore his
loss. He had a numerous acquaintance by whom his demi.-e
is much regretted, and who sympathise with Mr. Blkins and his
widowed daughter in their -ad
To-morrow evening the i*th instant a public meeting Is announced to be held in the Town Ball, fa
consider theadvisbility of establishing a Central Creamery here, with
local receiving depots. Mr. Phillips of New Westminster is to address thoso present. This is a forward movement, and it is hoped
that something beneficial will result from it.    If successful a  greaj
Impetus would i* given fur the improvement Of live stock, and the
profitable management of dairy
I farms : a market being thus made
i available and convenient for the
. prompt disposal of hotter and
milk as well ;\< oilier products nf
| tlie farm.
I Tho annual midsummer examination of the children attending
! the public school, will lie held here
on Friday, when the usual rolls ol
honor will be presented to the BUI •
cessful pupiU. ft' in addition to
these, premiums were also given,
by the Departmental Education, a
j strong stimulant to juvenile efforts
j to acquire knowledge would he
afforded especially if there were,
say, three al least premiums given
in each division. The result of the
examination may be looked for in
next issue.
Langley, June 27th, 1898,
Boston Tom, the Indian who was
cut with an axe in the drunken row
on the reserve near the boundary
line ten days ago, is likely to recover. On Saturday last the
chances of life were against him,
and he made his will, being the
iowner of some 140 acres oi land.
During tlie la-t few days there has
been a noticeable Improvement,
I Tue Dumfries and Plucnix can-
jneries, below Steveston, were destroyed by fire on Wednesday morning. Tbe loss is estimated at $80,-
000, and is believed to be covered
i by insurance.	
Wm. Moiiesiiv has been appointed warden of the penitentiary. The
appointment of   Fitssimmons  as
deputy lias been cancelled. SURREY TIMES
Bo bought n in I'm' umbrella
Wltli -Mll-I.irllull Bl'im,
Likewise U llfu im-mTVi r hl|*
In uutHl liit'd Imvit to hwiiii.
Ili» bmujlit it iliitniunil 'im- nml hold
A hundred st* Homo,
A iHiirorflnmvBhouMtorliii root
111 OflliU I ll.ll  It ■■Imtliil HlltlW.
A bOOll Of mnili-rn mIjiiij; In' ffnt
Ami loimiod ii piiHu by imgo,
Ami iifiii in' wm. v<|Ulp|iou to K"
Upon thu i ni atuao.
-Tom UlUtt 11 Now York Hun.
FoiIH, til   I tn-  lliiiiiii'liitlilt' Aiiiioiiiii'iiiiriiU
Mint   A pi<< iat-  In AiihIiIkii   l'it|><|-H.
Anitrlnu Matrimonial advertisements,
nooordlng in u contemporary's onrro-
iiiuntii'iiL nt Vloiiiia.nro marked hy an no*
UOptllblti lminoruiiH audacity, Hero, for
instancd, in ono Unit ran fornix or B0V011
days: "Wanted.—A rich huly, no unit-
tor Imw old, who will nuance ft stii-
(Unit of mudlolue nu til such timo as ho
obtniilB Ills degree, wlmu liu ougugos to
niiirry Ilia benefactress."
And Another in quoted whoroiu a
young prince seeks n handsome girl with
u dowry of not lose than £):JijO,oon,
When tho desired mate is-obtallied,
all ono's needs are apparently sutisllod,
judging from this advertisement for a
purchaser for " ii woll trained monkey,
a talkative parrot and a beautiful sym-
pathetio cat," which belongs to a lady,
who, owing to hor approaching marriage, has no further uso for them.
Tho most amusing of tho advertisements quoted by our contemporary is,
however, that of tho vory Irish poru-
quier, who makes wigs for "men of intellect, philosophers, scholars and politicians, whoso sovoro mental labor iu
the causo of humanity has filled thoir
brains with genial ideas, while depriving their heads of thoir natural capil
Jury envelopes." Thoso "artistically
finished wigs,'' tlio advertiser continues,
"wlnlo extremely useful and highly ornamental to thu wearer, aro guaranteed
absolutely invisible to tho spectator.
They can bo seen any day iu my privato
A Fraudulent Banker.
Tho other evening a stylish and gen-
tlomanly looking individual stopped into ono of the leading restaurants in Paris, took his scat at a table and ordered
a dinner tros rochcrcho. When it was
served up, he tackled tho dishes with
the placid delight of a genuine epieuro.
Whon ho was half way through the dessert, a closed cab drew up at the door
of tho establishment, and a very grave
looking gentleman requested permission
to look through tho premises, as be expected to find thero n lradulent hanker,
whom ho ns a detective was instructed
to take into custody. Of oourso his demand was complied with, ami no sooner
had lie entered the dining room than he
pointed to tho luxurious reveler and
whispered in tlio landlord's ear:
"You see, our information was correct. Thero ho is. But for your own
suko wo prefer to avoid a row. Please
tell tho gentleman thnt his friend Baron
jL is outside und wishes tospuak to him
for half n minute."
Ou receiving tho message our gastronomist immediately roso from the table
aud went out on the boulevard, whore
ho wus taken possession of by tbe detective, who put him into tho cab and
drove off with him Next day the res*
tauraut keeper went to tho nearest police oiTico to recover payment for the
"fraudulent banker's" dinner, amounting to about GO francs. But neither tbe
commissary nor his subordinates kuew
anything of tho supposed capture. In
tho end it turned out to bo nothing moro
or less than a clever bit of comedy got
up for tho purpose of enabling one of
tho actors to havo "a good blowout."—
Ar.tonlal.lng an Oriental.
Mohammed Aba Said, "Chief Spoon
and Lad In Maker to tho Commander of
tho Faithful," camo to know what
Owen thought about the phenix and
whether tho bowl of a ladle which ho
brought with bim for examination was
not mado from the beak of that bird. It
was identified as coming from a more
authentic source—tho he)meted bornhill
of Ceylon, of which thero was fortunately a specimen iu tho museum.
"Tho head and beak wero brought into my study and handed to tho oriental.
Ho examined it vory deftly, comparing
tho beak with the bowl, and then exclaimed, with astonishment and rover-
unco: '(iod is great. That surely is the
birdr "—Academy.
DtoeMe* of Slight Importance tteoamo )v
tal When Ffttlentl Suffer drier.
Grief does not kill, and It is indeed
very seldom that honvy sorrow aausoa
death ta nny ono whon in a healthy condition. It is, however, very ofton tho
indirect cause of death, either by bringing disease to a climax or hy rendering
thu Kiitl'erer more liable to its attack. If
a man is convinced that his grief is
more limn ho can bear, those who have
Itudiod thn matter agree that, through
tint force of his own imagination, the
man will actually dio from a "broken
The great Napoleon was killed by an
internal disease, hut it is supposed that
it would not havo been faial had not
his Spirits been so depressed through
exile and defeat. William Pitt, the orator, is said to havo died from a "broken heart,'' caused hy his great grief at
tho failure of his cherished hopoH and
plans. And thero havo boon many other
such instances iu tills country. When
plagues aro raging in a town, statistics
show that as many die from fright and
imaginary causes as from tho real epidemic, so great a hold has the fear of
death on some people.
If a man is condemned to bo shot, it
has often occurred that on tho word
"fire" he has dropped lifeless, although,
through accident or design, no bullet
has in reality left the gun.
Thore is a queer ease on record con-
corn ing tlio daughter of a celebrated
novelist, who was deeply interested in
ono of her father's stories. It appeared
in installments, nud the heroine was suffering from consumption. As thu girl
brooded over the sad fnto of tho heroine,
sho, too, suddenly manifested tho same
symptoms. A physician recommended
her father to restore Iter to health,
whioh he did a fow chapters on, and at
tho samo timo as the girl in tho novel
recovered so also did his too sentimental daughter.—New York Dispatch.
Tho nhlnncoru*. Is A'trt Qnlto tp to Dot*
In Matters of Etiquette.
Mr. Oswoll, an English sportsman and
explorer In South Africa, says thnt tho
rhinoceros seems to bo out of llino, t«.> havo
belonged to a former state of things and
to have been forgotten when tho change
was made. Mis manners are had, ami lie
has a disagreeable way of using his horn
, aud the euurniuus muscles uf his neck,   A
Tin* Oaua Voyage, vVlileh Tlinokaray Took,
the No Called Overland Uouto and the
Bool Cnnal Way— tntereitlng Feature* nf
tiiv Latter.
"You recall perhaps," said the re* I
turned East Indian, "thatColouol Now-
COltiQ in making his final visit homo
from India camo hy tho so called overland route, across the desert from tho
head of thu Uud sea to CnlroV Thaelco-
ray, himself an East Indian hy birth,
was scut to Knglaud as a child, hut ho
nunc by way of tho cape of (iood Hope
nnd Kt. Helena aud caught a gl in ipso
of the exiled Napoleon. Thorn must hu
yet a few persons living who recall tho
lime wboil Thackeray's voyage wuh tho
one everybody mado iu going from India to England, nnd thero are, of course,
thousands that have mado tho caravan
journey, as it is only a quarter of a century since tho opening of the Bn6Z canal. That last oven has done muru than
any other ono thing to mako life in
Britisb India endurable, for tho cutting
of tho canal has reduced tho journey
homo to a fortnight less and brought
the round trip ticket down to £85, Tho
price one way by Iho caravan route was
£180, just about tho cost of a trip
around thn world in our day. Thackeray's journey wns a matter of mouths,
CohinelNojyconni'Hnniatterof weeks    Etatwout by." it'sli-pped" short nnd   sewage from the sonlh side of London
that oi the hast Indian now a mutter of   began walking toward tho horse nud Ids  is poured into tho Thames,   It comes
1,1 KK.
white rhinoceros onco throw tho hunter
and his horse clean Into the air. Mr. On-
Woll's adventure Is thus described lu The
Youth's Companion;
Bow DtuMiiiriziii-f U Done****strange Things
Got Into tho Soworsof u Great City—The
People Tttko All For GriWtCd end Don't
Know How Thi ii KM Aro Done.
Londoners in general uro wonderfully
apathetic about mutters which coucern
them closely uud which conduco to their
health, happiness and comfort. We
tut u on a littlo tap and nro at onco supplied with abundant light or plenty of
water, but little heed is given to the
previous deep thought and Incessant
care which havu brought us to this woll
arranged statu of affairs. Water pipes
und gas pipes minify through overy
street nnd lano and alley, distributing
their valuable contents to tho inhabitants of the dwellings therein. Then
then are huge sewer pipes, which carry away fur ns all that is disagreeable
and unwholesome We do not say that
( ii- present supply of gas and water is
perfect, nor that our mode of dealing
with the disposal uf our sewngo is perfect, but nt all events they uro on the
On his way back to camp ono evening highroad to perfection
ha saw n long horned white rhinoceros      it was ono day, whon cogitating on
standing close to the path.    Dismounting the vast machinery miuisito to moot tho
from life horse, a fearless and f«.t, animal, douinil(te of Londoners, and mure espo-
he   red.   Tho shot wufl too high, and the     , ,,   .   ,       .,       ,      i    ...   „..A
wounded hens. ranolT. The hunter jumped oi,,11y *" k«eP  he» !n ft ft1^"?1,?'
Into the saddle, and passing the rhinoceros -7 condition, that 1 wns led tu visit the
pulled up und fired Iho second barrel ns tmtfull wurks of Crossness, whero the
days. j rider,
j "Lieutenant Waghnrn was tho man ' Tho hauler sat si 111, so unexpected wilfl
I to lay down and establish the caravan the movement, thinking Iho beast wus tn
1 route. It soon became a regular freight J,H "Hurry" and would fall dead. The
i and passenger lino. It was from Sue/, to 5™.*™ « ","*' \ "lll*l'H">< 08 his r her
i'' . I?. , „,.    ,, ,,     and did uot instantly answor the rein, The
Cairo, n distance of iO miles, usually   ,l|IHl„ltllin vml ,,,,„ hu nri, fo, whon be
along iu a sewer 11 feut 0 inches in diameter. The main pumps hit thu sew-
agu into ruHurvoirs, where the sewage is
treated chemically with lime and proto*
sulphate of iron iu tbu proportion of
four grains of lime per gallon and one
The Authority an Fet Reiluelng Enlarge*
III* Direction!.
Professor Schweninger recently gave
this elaborated summary of bis treatment to n correspondent of Tbo St.
James Uazetto: "Eat as much an yoa
plenso as often as you liko, but not too
was carried ou tho backs of camels, nud   against llli
tho pnssongers rodo in a rude diligence   getting out
•■ best and prevented him from
if the Wtty of tho beast,
made in about throe days.   Tho freight   t'uriied'i'ds'head'rV.umliiiVilVk "bush wns   of protosulpbtito of "Iron,    Tbo sewage
in tho course uf treatment Hows along
largo reservoirs.
The (low iH vory slow, in order thnt
the majority of solids may he deposited.
It (lows finally over a weir wall, aud
thence into tho river. This is called the
diluent. This treatment necessitates
the use of 1.1 to IN tons' f lime per day,
Tho rhinoceros, si ill walking, drove his
horn lu under tho horse's Haul; and fairly
threw both him aud Ids rider Into the air.
As the horse turned over Oswoll rolled ulT
and fell tinder tho stirrup Iron, which
scalped his head for four inches In length
and breadth,
Scrambling to his knees, Oswcll saw I nnd 4 to 5 tons of protest.Iphuto of iron,
tho horn of l ho rhinoceros actually within , The sewngo iH drained off tho resorvoirs
tl10J,on*!,"f .V!rtA*'K" „Ji11' *'Ll*a;t*V."11 ^'"'" 1 «very two days, und men go down und
erod, und with tho energy of self preservation tho huutor sprang to his feet, intending to run. lie tottered, tripped nud fell
to the ground within n foot of the animal,
which passed without touching hint. A
natWo rodo up with another gun, nnd Os-
drawn by mules.   Thero wero caravan
saries every live miles, whero thu mules
were changed, nnd nt somo of those
thoro waH  food  to bo had.   The great
standby was 'spatchcock.' When tlio nu-
tivos iu chargo of n caravansary spied
an approaching caravan, thoy instantly
rushed out, caught Homo fowls, wrung
their necks, uud au hour later served
them, scarce dead, to tho travelers;
much at a meal. Drink no liquid at any j hence the name spatchcock. That jour-
meal. When thirsty, drink a littlo good ' ney ncross tho desert was most trying
aerated water, with a fow drops of loin* , to women and children, nnd tho railroad
on or orange juice squeezed into it, but < from Sue/- tn Cairo in IK.V.i was hailed
only an hoar boforo or an hour aftor   as n vast Improvement ovor tlio caravan   well pulled Win from his pony, mounted,
meals.  You may also take a littlo white   method of travel. overtook the rhinoceros nnd killed him,
wino or eider thnt is not sweet or now |     "Ton years later camo the canal. Tho   Tho horse died from his wound.
and then a cup of ten, but novor coffee,    digging of tho cnuul  prnctically   do-      On another occasion Oswalt's dogs bad
Smoko a littlo and indulge with rood*   stroyed Suoz, for tho port is somo tils-   brought n lioness to buy, but the thickness
oration in tbo other littlo luxuries to ; tanco from tho city, and a busy town   f ™ Imsh pn.ven.cd him from seeing
Whioh yon have been accustomed | with a large hotel and many small ones   &^
Batlio often, bat do not wot tlio on- nan boon transformed into a dust heap tcr ea,ls,.|i nnu to |UrI1 y, Ml,„u ti,0
tiro surfaco of tho body nt ouce. Ejer- in Iho desert. Tho cnnal, in destroying lioness was clearing n patch of brush not
rise should bo regular. Change your po- lone town, built up tho others, for Port   so yards oir.   Jamming ihe spurs in, the
Bition as often as possible.   Do not ro-   Said und Ismniliu nro creatures of tho   hunter tried to gallop off, but tho lioness I two for nurunlng the shidge from the
main standing or sitting or lying too ' cnnal. The former used to he ono of tho   WtjJ*[l.At tho tblrt bound she .at  .,Bag8 ,&„ & to the .hip."  Thore aro
long nt a timo nor pnss too many hours   worst places ou earth, and at ordinary   uP_m mim '"'"■ I * i„j*..*.„„ -„n„.„„ua *i.Q .,nnnn.
in bed. Tako your meals at a different times one of tho dullest. Tho vicious
hour every day. Nover eat at regular Levantines, of all en-tern races, and
hours, bat whenover you nro hungry, tho equally vicious Europonns from ev-
und, if it bo uot too soon beforo or after   cry part af tho continent seemed to
thoroughly clean nil the sludge out,
which is swept down to a sump and
pumped from thero into tho sludge settling channels, where it undergoes a further draining. It is then letdown into
a lower sludge storo and pumped trom
there ou to ships and taken to sea. Fifteen to twenty thousand tons per week
of sludge aro sent to sea.
There aro five sludge ships altogether,
which aro seut out at every tide. They
go somo 40 miles uway to the Barrow
deeps. Two engines ore required for
pumping up the sludge from the reservoirs to the sludge settling channels, and
With BI(fi» Especial IU'iVr»>noi< to Drain
Pipe nnd Tomato Can Chlmneyt.
"Spunking of chimneys," said an old
soldier, "thu chimney such as ono not
infrequently sees made of glazed drain
pipo always interests mo greatly. Wo'vo
seen such chimneys run up outsido uf
shanties, and wo'vu seen them carried
from tho tops of chimneys over to tho
sido wall uf some much higher building
erected next door and thencu on upward
above the tup uf it. Thero is ouu thing
about thoso drain pipe chimnoys that always surprises me very much, nnd thnt
is thut thoy stack 'em up with tho
llango end uf tho sections up. I nover
saw oue built tho other way. I nover
could understand this. I suppose the
pipe is usually set up with cement or
mortar in tho joints, hut I should think
those upturned flanges would catch nil
the rain, and thai it would work down
tho pipes, nnd that frost would get In
there iu winter nud all that. I should
think it would bu immensely butter to
stack 'urn up with tho smooth end at tho
top, nud I don't know why thoy don't
"1'orliaps my groat interest in this
simple form uf cylindrical chimim/ is
due to n more lntfinnte acquaintance
with and a groat afleutiun for another
kind of cylindrical chimney, ouu moro
simple in form nud construction. 1 refer to tbe tomntoenn chimney. Emblem
of domestic pence nnd coin fort as tho
chimney undoubtedly is, it is not always
so, and the tomato can chimney, perhaps more than nny other, cbaracleri/os
thu livelier vicissitudes of life. I know
thnt my own first acquaintance with tho
tomato nun chimney was in tho army
lu timo nf war. And yet even there it
hus somo flavor of peace nbout it, fur
wu never hud nnu except nt times when
wo woro moro or less settled in camp
and worn within reach of a settler.
"And tho tomato can chimney is by
no means confined to army life. It is
built hy hunters and campers nut, by
squatters nud pioneers and hy early settlors in now regions pending thu building of n moro substantial chimney, nml
so I suppose it may be snid of tho chimney, nfter all, that wherever it may bo
set up and of whatever it may bu constructed it has about tlio samo savor of
the hearthstone. "—Now York Son.
Having jumped short, she fulled to get I foor precipitation reservoirs, the capac-
hold wlih her mouth, but drove her front j UV of two being0,250,000gallons each,
claws well into the hurso's quarters and n : and that of the two smaller ones 8,125,-
hlnd foot underneath him and so clung.   000 gallons onc'b.
.   . The horse, maddened by fright and jmiIu,       In the warm weather the effluent is
a meal, drink whenever y.m aro thirsty,   wake into notivity only nt tho npproach   became unmanageable and ran under a   deodorizedby meansof manganateof so-
Better oat a dozen times a day than   of a ship.   Then dnncobonsts. gambling   pn.jecHng bnugh, which swept the rider   dn mid sulphuric acid in tho proportion
~" grain
™ costs Lnn*
worse, for iu these days a single com-   doH, ,0* „m y^ thnt^iiVflu^Md nt  doners just £'100 a day, so that it is not
Practicing a Fit. p:iny pays i„oro than $1,000,000 a year   faing swept from the horse's book, turned   continued longer than absolutely neces-
Crossing City Hall park ono day a re-   in tolls, and thoro is nu almost contin-   to light with them and took no notice of  sary,   Ciossuess Outfall works employ
porter saw an Italian boy suddenly fall   nous procossion of ships through tho  iho prostrate man, When he camo to htm- ~
flat on bis back on the povemont.   Sov-   canal. wlf. he saw Indistinctly tho combatants,
oral companions instantly knelt by his ,     "Tho Suez cnnal is In somo respects   Arcd and wounded a dog.   Tho llonuw
side, somo slapping tho palms of his   tho most wondorful waterway in the   •**■?•»■-     	
bands, samo rubbing bis face.   They   world. As soon as tho traveler enters it A DEAD STRAIGHT CROOK.
Better oat a dozen times a dny than   of n ship.   Then dnucahoasis. gambling projecting bough, which swept the rider   da and sulphuric acid in the propo
overload your stomach ut two or three   hells and every Bortof evil resort opened from tho saddle against tho lioness, mid I Qf 0Dfl    ^ of mangnmite to i75 {
heavy meals at long intervals.   Do not   Wide their doors to tho delayed traveler. *)£» "J*JV" "ii?**? KStllno hi. ' of sulphuric acid per gallon of effli
eat tho samo article of food too often." | Perhaps Jfc^ fo better now, «josribly ^^SSiTJim   The d.'gs i"L so   Th.» deodorizing at Crossness costs
woro all laughing very much, and after   he realize* that ho is in the bunds of tho
aminuto or two of this work the boy   French.   A Fronch speaking pilot takes "Moke" Murray indignantly n**wnu tha
roso and In two or threo moro minutes   possession of tho ship, and all ofllcors of Imiinaatlon That lie !■ a stout Pigeon.
repeated tho gamo, this timo all being   the canal are Frenchmen. Tho garos, or "Moke" Murray, Ihe pickpocket who
) serious, especially so when thoy noticed ' turnouts, whero a ship waits to let nil* was recently sentenced to three years In
that tho somo man was watching them,   other pass, aro in tho chargo of old HlngHIng, made the following complaint
Tbo boys who wero doing tho slap*   French soldiers, nud it is charming tc u* • J^ v,,rk w"rh!,roDOrtw ]H}IoTO ho
plug and robbing looked ont from un*   see how they beautify thoir arid sar* *™JIl ,  T. IT       n i          wit
der their tangle ofhair and grinnedlat   ronndinga When tho sand of the desert ^dTlTSot. tea%Sl>USC
tho reporter a littlo at first, and then j is watered, it almost bursts with bow- i lmUli ,,n,\ i nQTQr mVo n ,M,i aWa- m IIiy
became serious again.                              I ers, aud nt overy garo are a neatly paint- life,   The man who says I did Is altar!
"What is tho game?" tho reporter   «d littlo houso nud a blooming garden, "You don't know," added "Moko" in-
asked a newsboy who was also watching,   while grass edges tho canal, and tho dlgnnutly, "how It hurts a man's foollngs,
"Dom kids ia pract'ein a fake," ho   dreariest region on earth is transformed o«peotaUy a man who Is so widely known
replied.                                                   by French thrift.   Ono of tho most In- M * m*>™ called«'stool pigeon' In tbt
"A fake?'                                          | torestiug sights to tho canal lu early '—*"
"Suro, having fits t' work guys. Any : days wns to seo ouo ship meet another.
old guy takes pity on a kid wid do fits
and gives him a nickel. See?"—Now
York Suu.
Tho passengers on oach crowded forward with greetings and tho waving of
handkerchiefs, and thero wero tears
from tho outward bound at tlio thought
of what the homeward bound were soon
to sea   Tho meeting of ships is now no
Proien Milk.
Tho French industry of icing milk is
an original departure in tinned commodities. Tho milk is frozen and placed
in block form in tins and on tho purt of
the purchaser requires to bo melted previous to uso. Being hermetically sealed,
tho commodity thus iced preserves its
form until it is required, when n minute's exposuro to tho sun's rays or to
tho heat of tho firo is all that is necessary to reduce it to a liquid condition.—
Baltimore Sun.
Webster lo tha Water.
River steamers wont down to City
Point  occasionally,  daring   tbo war, ■. ,.      « .
with prisoners to exchange As there ! J°«J» ™*g* * onco ^countered
wero torpedoes in the river anywhere 'ho Klll'th,vo J^JJ &&**£* W'
from Dru7y8 bluff to Trent's beach, h1arera »» boaril, oa wo passed through
and below, their captains ran great!tho canaI; °/ f°™ EiKfi? "2
riska On one occasion two boats wore J,11™-*0 °f th? lodi()8^ut Tow"k mtX
returning from City Point, fortunately D« ^^ who *" l,is «"£ cnmo
with no passengers, when ouo of them < **« tl,e "P01™11 bpm? S^*?"1
struck a torpedo and immediately went »»d wo manned the yards with native
down. A boat went from tho other ; M0» in l,ouor of tho *wa , , ,
steamer and found tho captain strag- I „ JM*"1 P^BO is .undo in from
gling iu tho water, with a Webster's 17 to 24 hours and since tho use of
Unabridged Dictionary in bis arms. As P0*"'"1 oltfrio, ,,«hta h" !,,n! °, ul*ht
ho was pulled into tho boat ho said, "I »«"'8»tiou in the canal possible the
did not havo timo to get it on."   Ho   jf'«niey from I^igland to India is mado
thought ho hnd seized a lifo preserver.
—New York Dispatch.
To Itrmovo Ink Stainn.
Ink stains on carpets or woolen goods
can bo removed while thoy aro fresh by
taking common baking soda or salera-
tus, rubbing it woll Into tho spots and
then rinsing with warm water. Tho
samo process will remove dried ink
spots from cotton goods if tho spot has
not been wet with water beforo tho sal-
eratus is applied.—Jewelers' Circular,
Mnny Crippled German Proferwore.
An American in Germany was surprised to find a number uf cripples
among tho celebrated col lego professors,
meu whoso high standard of learning
makes thorn famous tho world over. Ouo
Berlin professor is wheeled into bis lecture room every day, und thero aro
others similarly, though, fur tho most
purt, less painfully, afflicted.   This is
with few serious delays. It used to bo
that all tho coal for ships traversing
tho Bed sou was carried across tho isthmus on (ho backs of camels. Ships now
commonly con! nt Port Said. Ono of tho
curious features of navigation in tho
canal and the Bed sea is tlie absence, of
largo sailing craft. Tho Bed son is su
hemmed in with mountains on either
coast that the progress nf a largo sailing   somotlmos got Into ol her "people's pockets,
ship would bo extremely slow nnd nt-   uud Hint I have boon nabbed at It nn a
tended with danger frum sodden squalls,    nuinheruf oooailbns, but I make It n ]M>int
iwo    miijiu vwmn    _    Such a passage uf the Bed sea would bo   never to rob iho pour, [simply lake things
fiiiA niirHw ^"thn'ftii't"ilmPimdnr tlm almost intolerable, fur  tho  heat is op- ,'"' *'"•'       '   ,   . „ , _.   ,
duo partly to tno met imu, minor mo , , ..    ' ' "I mn prove that I'vo never boon a stool
military regime in Germany, when n"     " m r,,n ■""" 	
...... he
from 100 to 200 men. They have an engineers' shop on the spot fitted up to
carry out the various repairs that are
constantly required to be done.
Some strange things get into the sewers of London, nnd now and again babies have been found. Such are some
of tbe most important features of a section of tbe great machinery of tbe metropolis, which never rests, never sleeps.
Notwithstanding the room which exists
for further improvement In the disposal
of its sewage, the reduction which has
been brought about in the death rate of
London in modern times is as noteworthy as it is satisfactory. In the latter
half of the seventeenth century tbe average mortality of London is said to
havo been not less than 80 per 1,000,
at the end of the eighteenth century it
had dropped to 00 per 1,000, while in
1800 it bud fallen to 10.8 per 1,000.
Tho main intercepting and principal
branch sewers which have been constructed for tbe conveyance of the sow-
ago of London to tbe two outfalls into
tbe river Thames at Barking and Crossness respectively measure about 80 English miles. As illustrating tbe magnitude of London, it has been computed
that the streets and roads within tbe
metropolis, if placed end to end in ono
continuous line, would measure about
2,500 miles, equal to the distance from
London to Land's End, thence across
tho Atlantic ocean to the mouth of the
gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada on the
west, or going eastward would extend
across the entire continent of Europe
and beyond the Ural mountains iuto
So one can  understand at a glance
what it means to coutrol its drainage,
water supply, etc.   Supposing wu were
to employ animals to do the work which
hokk" MtintAr Ionr 0"8'"e9 do for usiu pumping water
|8h0winK the oinVenos lietwon a dead f,nd ****** wo should require four
ntniiRht cruok omi a stool pigeon.] | Nniea the number of horses in the entire
nowsimpers. His friends think ho has been British army, both at homo and abroad,
stabbing them in tho back without them This gives some idea of tho labor in-
knowing It. I don't deny that my hands volved in giving us our water and taking away our sewage.—Pall Mall Bud*
pressivo ami the monotony of the arid   jj^^^Xi*
......l   l.tllu   nul..*....     ...      ,£..l,n.,a   1...*'..i,r1   A«._        I . ■    .  . . a
wi,. eh. Did.
HuBband—For hoaven's eako,
makes you talk no niuoli?
Wito (ploasaiitly)—Yon do, love. 1
havo to kocp talking bo you will not
havo so imitiy opportunities to m\y rude
things.—Detroit Free Pren.
Tho first London street to be lightod
with gns was Golden lano, lu ISO?.
Two yoars later gas lamps wero put np 600 miles long,
on Pall Mall, and between 1814 nnd
1830 tho entire ooutral distriot of tho
utotropolis was thus illuminated.
Bar Tap Was Different.
The mechanical figure of a woman
hnvo lava in orison   """ tnp8 "n th" win(,ow »' ■"• Asylum
__        .... ?lKulKE ■**"*•«<>'« *»th her fan to attract the
prcBBlon.   Thoro nro llgbthotun nlong  whoknowi Anything ubout crimeTknowi  "tt<,nti™°f tlie pnssersby became au ob-
thoHhores, and thero is no drearier lot   tlmt u .tool pigeon never goes to prison.   M of curiosity ton lnborer In the street,
than that of tho lighthouse keeper ou   You bco, It's this way: Tlie detectives go and leaning on tho handle of his pickax
tho Hod Ben.    Few persons on this sido   lip to n otook nnd toll him If hmvlllglvo  ho stepped up to hnvo a nearer look
of tho world rnnllzo that tlio sen is 1,-   away his pals they will protect! hem. And  Ono of his companions called out to him
tho uvtc'tlvcs hoop thoir jrorjl, I "Fwat Is it ycz nro fiirtln wid, Moike?"
I don't mind the publicity of having ..p|lw|8t, t4re|  pat-   Bcda.1, Z «•
boy Is disqualified for tho n'rmy, be is  i™^')1" •»??? 'jL'"!"""," toyo"*".l  th! biggest purt of my lite, nnd miyono
trained for sciouco or tho law.
York World.
llarbeswero coverings for the lowor  Kff!?^SilSl,li!j'm. ta.imr!,».T.,.1^  ™o'"«»™°" °'"'' °"^!~™"' w^?» *•
The Hauiage Machlue.
Tho Chicago girl had been unusually
manifest. Sho had told them all about
tho Auditorium—not mentioning its external dirtiness—and tho waterworks
building, which Oscar Wilde describes
as looking like a choice collection of
pepper pots, and sho had naively and
casually referred to ono World's fair.
When tho New York girl said something about a municipality npon the
island of Manhattan, tho Chicagoun assumed a blank expression and remarked: "Oh, yes, I remember; wo bad to'
pass through it on our way to Europo."
Then she began to boast of ono of Chicago's proudest works of art, not wholly
unknown to the others, ns, indeed, what
is thero belonging to Chicngo tbat is
permitted to remain unknown? It was a
sansngo machine of somo sort, nnd it
wns remarkable forits celerity. "Why,
yon put tho live pig iu at tho top,''
bragged the Chicago girl, "and in less
than ten minutes tho loveliest link sausages that you ever saw como dropping
out below."
Even tho placid sonl of tho Philadelphia maiden was stirred at this. "Indeed," sho said calmly, "Well, onr
qniot Quaker City methods go nhead of
thnt. Wo hnvo a machine in Philadelphia whero you pnt tho loveliest link
sausagos that yon over snw in at tbe top,
and in less than ten minutes tho live
pig drops out below.'' Whereat tbe Chicago girl's jaw dropped with a heavy
clang.—Now York Sun.
Silencing a Nnltance,
Speaking of tho young man who talks
in pnblio places, I heard a rotort made
to him last Thursday night which was
so good I was surprised nover to have
heard it before. It was at tho theater,
and tbe yonng man bad seen the play
beforo. He let ovorybody for four seats
around know that, and ho kept telling
just what was coming and just how
fnnny it wonld bo whon it did come.
He had a pretty girl with him, and ha
was trying to amuse her. At length he
"Did yon over try listening to a play
with your eyes shut? You've no idea
how queer it seems."
A middle aged man with a red face
sat just in front He twistod himself
nbout in his seat and glared at tbe
yonug man.
"Yonng man," Bald he, "did yon
ever try listening to a play with your
mouth shut?"
And thu silence was almost painful,
—Washington Post.
cause n fellow In iny uUlinoM has got to
port of Iho face. They reached from the  ^".j£fc™a"i itVt«™ihot to lot IW  v""   "n. >'0,ln8." ."Aw»y «*l *«.
uoso to tho waist.    In Italy and Frnnoo (,& think thnt I tlltl thorn wroag.   I  »er ould ooman cud nover pound wid
Common knives for belt nnd table uso   widow, wero by law compelled towour  CJ1II Klnn,| anythlug but being called a  her phiat ou the windy wldout breakiu
cost 40 oontl apiece at Floreuoo in 1600. . them. |'.tool plgoon." " . 'ho glass."—Hartford Port.
A Letter From Grant.
Major James W. Hinkley of I'otigh-
koopslo says that somo future prosidont
of tho United States will be greatly as-
tonishod Bomo dny by tho receipt of a
lettor from General U. H. Grant. Mr.
llinkloy and Colonel Fred (leant wero
ondots together nt West 1'oint. General
Grant nnd his son Fred were both graduates of West Point, and tho general
wns vory nnxions thnt his grnndson
should nlso bo educated nt thnt institution. Boforo he diod ho wrote a person-
nl lettor to tho man who should be
president of the United States at the
time when his grandson should reach a
suitablo ago asking him to appoint the
young man to a oadctshlp at Wost
Point This lotter is now in Colonel
Fred Grant's possession.
Talking ltock.
Australia has n postodlco named Talking Rook. Tno origin of tho namo is
thus stated: Some ono discovered In the
vicinity a largo stouo upon whioh had
boon painted the words, "Turn mo
over." Itreqnirodoonsiderahlostrength
to accomplish this, and when It was
dono tbo command, "Now tnrn me
book und lot mo fool somo one else,"
was found painted on tho underside of
the stone. I
U. S. Govt I
Baking Powder |
Tests. 1
ft      'TNIK report of the analyses of Baking Powders, made jj
»        1   hy the U. S. Government (Chemical Division, Au'l P
Dep't), shows the Royal superior to all other powders, £
and gives its leavening strength and the strength of each JB
of the other cream of tartar powders tested as follows: E
ROYAL, Absolutely Pure,
TESTED nro reported to contain both lime and sulphuric
acid, and tho best of them to
be af the following strengths
Por cont.
Oiiblo 111. nor or.
.     Igl.■
III. 6
These tests, made in the Gov't Laboratory, hy impartial
and unprejudiced official chemists, furnish the highest
evidence that the " Royal " is the best baking powder.
Hltn Hulli-tl Mlio n WHflli mnl HngaffMl In
Mini' Trade* Tliir.ll Oii«'.
A yotlliH Bttodo owno to this country
in 1801 with 801)10 money nnd tho in-
toutioii of ImililiiiH a crnft to bo flttat
up fur jiiiski'iihith to tlm World's1 fiiir in
London, fur thin purpoKo im Imtntml
hlniBOlf at Portsmouth, aoiitrnatod with
BlllpbUildorfl who Innl nlifpynrdH ot
Eliot, just opposito Portemontbj for a
nhip of nbout 1,000 tmiK, wilh oipon*
sivo at Lit It nrruiiKomoutd for ptiKHOiigerft,
Tbo modol of tno Hhip wits tbat of nu
extrmuo clipper.
Wlmii nearly coniplotod, tbo projflo*
tor foil short of inonoy. Musts, spurn and
mills bud ull boon contracted for and
woro In n ntnto of forwardness. Tbo
moobuiiicti ooncludod to complete tbe
•hip ntul put ber in tbe hand** of Governor Uuodwiu of Portsmouth for nalo,
each contractor to tako bis pro rata of
his con tract.
When completed, tbo ship, under
mechanics' lien, wus transferred to tbe
governor, brought to Boston, purchased
by Sampsnii & Tuppun, • named tbo
Nightingale mid under the command of
a Captain Dumuresque Bulled for Australia with a cargo valued nt $135,000.
From them she proceeded to China,
where she took tlio highest freight of
tbe season, £'3 per ton for London. To
test her merits Messrs Sampson & Tap*
pan published in tbo London Times a
challenge to the British merchant fleet
to raco from tbo Downs to China and
back for £10,000—a distanco of nearly
80,000 miles. Out no one could be found
to accept tbo challenge Sho waa after*
ward sold to a Salem house, who sent
her to Rio Jaiiicro, where she was sold
aud sent to (be coast of Africa as a
slaver, was captured by a United States
cruiser, tbo slave* liberated and tbe
vessel sent borne. She was subsequently used by tbo government daring the
rebellion, ami aftor tbo olose of the war
was sold and put into tbe California
trade. Tbo Nightingale made tbeahort*
est known run from tbo equator to Melbourne— 23 days. Her whole passage
from New York was 08 days.—Proceedings of tbo Bostoninn Society. ______
Nad th. Traitor.
The celebrated trotter Ned la hi town.
Ned does not belong to tho equine fraternity of sprinters, ns ono would suppose, but, on tho contrary, is nothing;
more nor less than u phenomenal jog
trotter, ready to trot against any othor
canine living, or against any pony undei
Ml hands in height.   Thu dog Is a beau
*    JOHN CARLE * SONS, New York.    *
.. LIEBIC ft CO.,
Doctors for Chronic. Print
md lasting tar
nr. Debit's Invlgorator tti** gnausl '■•«»«■/ to
hfiiiniHl acHkii.'**;. Uim nf MniiIkhkI ftiid Prlvai
|H>«-M-.^sJU.Hr-- tiii'i. l'reni»liirt'i.i*r»r.tnJ jire|»r»-
•ll fur marl im* I**—*!* ■Iinlf'. pWLBUrSI »■"* NipCM
■Itilllll.".; •ItrWWUl'flVMOrMpI iftfjft M
iint* tiH-iTiimitt miiiiiiiiin*.; mil »r tvlilrei"i 4onuf«r
Ml.. iirivKlfi'iil'ini'H W. Mnhiiii Si., nan KranciK.
Brecon BLOQDPUHincR.
.— CURCS' '
N',,1   Mfr,-l,v   lli-in-r From  an   IiibIbjiiIII*
«a,il   .illtiiettl,  Hut a   Human
I.If,'  IllVOlVI'll.
Tile newsgatheror on his daily searuh
for Items of interest often comes across
happenings of more than passing note.
It was during u recent conversation
with Mr. A. H. Crausby, the well-
known commorcial traveler, with the
(loohrun Lumber Company, that a reporter of the Commercial learned of a
wonderful mine. Mr. Oranaby is well
known iu Memphis and surrounding
country, nud now residos at I.IN Kerr
"JnBt ton years ago," said he, "my
wife noticed a small lump In hor
breast. She thought nothing of it, but
it increased iu size rapidly, aud soon
broke through tbo skin, aud commenced to discharge. She was put
under treatment of the best physicians,
but tbey very soon found that they
could do her no good, and simply prescribed antiseptics to keep the placo
clean. Both her grandmother aud
annt, by the way, had died with cancer, and when apprised of this fact,
the doctors told me that thoy would
not attempt to save her; that she was
inenrable. Although the cancer had
by this time beconio deep seated, and
hor health very low, I had one of the
moat noted specialists of Now York to
treat her. After treating her awhile,
this doctor admitted that the case was
hopeless and further treatment useless.
It is difficult to imagine how despondent we all became, knowing that she
must die, and unablo to givo her any
relief. I had spent over five hundred
dollars with the best medical skill to
be had, and felt that there was no further hope.
"One day I happened to read nn advertisement of 8. 8. S., rceommending
this remedy for cancer, and In view of
tho failure of the moat eminent physicians in the country I confess I had lit'
tie faith left in any human agency.
However, I purchased a bottlo of 8. 8.
8., and tn my delight it seemed to lien
ofit her; after she had taken a couple
of bottles, tbe cancer began to heal,
and as astonishing as it may seem a
few bottles more cured her entirely.
You can probably better understand
how remarkable this cure was when 1
explain that the cancer had eaten two
holes in the breast two inches deep.
These healed op entirely and although
ten years have elapsod, not a sign of
tho disease has ever returned and we
are assured of the permanence of tbe
euro, whioh we at first doubted.
"1 certainly regard 8. 8. 8. as the
most wonderful remedy in the world,
and it is truly a (Jod-sond to those
afflicted with this terrible disease. Yes,
sir," he conoludcd, "you may bo sure
that 1 shall always be grateful to that
remedy, for without it my homo would
now be desolate and my children
motherloss."— Memphis, Tenn., Commercial.
 „—JDM'ltll  ._
L-rs Itrliuia. cllocUn.a v-n  	
Preaaisls ur Bull. Dr. Bat
tlful KiiKlit.li pointer, liver ntul while
licked, nnd stands i!.U Inches Ii.kIi. His
weight is 71 pounds when in condition
for » speed trial, and lie can cover a milo
easily in threo minules.
"No prlcn can bo attached to tho dog
at nil," said Mr. Medio when interviewed last night. "I havo Hiiid Homo-
times thnt he whs worth (10.000, but to
toll you tho truth I would not sell him
for twice that amount. Ho haa made
moro than that for mo and can mako
much more. Ned is just 11 yearn and 0
mouths old nt present, and no dog alive
enn trot with bim, und uot u great many
horses can nt uud bin gait cither."
Ned has nover yet boon dofeated in a
match. Ho has trotted with 73 ponies
under 12*) hands in height, and ulso 52
bicycle riders under 15 yearn of ngo, nnd
won nil of tho contests. This ia quite a
remarkable record.
Nod pulls a pneumatic tired Bulky
weighing 20 pounds, A boy weighing 00
pounds bundles the ribbons, but then he
is only a "dummy," for Ned is nlways
given his head, und tho instructions to
the youthful driver nro to sit still and
mind bis own business. In other words,
the dog ia given full credit for all he accomplishes.—San Francisco Chronicle.
The Age uf Animals.
A butterfly lives only a few weeks, a
crow may live more than n century, and
swans are said to live sometimes over
800 years. An eminent naturalist tells
of a falcon that was 162 yoars old. A
white headed vulture, caught in 1700,
died in 1826 in the aviary of the palace
of Schonbrunn. neur Vienna, where it
had been in captivity 118 years.
Again, parrots and ravens think nothing of tumbling about tho world for
a hundred years or more, and some of
the sea birds and water fowl outlive
several generations of human beings. To
come down to some well known birds,
the ordinary cock lives from 20 to 25
years, aud a pigeon lives for about 10.
A nightingale may live 10 yenrs in captivity and a thrush 15, but when free
tbey live much longer.
Of quadrupeds the elephant lives much
longer than any of his friends and brethren. He may reach the ago of 400 years.
And, you will think, he looks as if he
was made to last a long time. A camel
Is old at 40, a horse or a bull ut 25, a
lion and a bear at 20. As for tbe whale,
it disports itself iu tbe sea for some 300
years, and no tortoise is considered to
have attained a ripe old ago before it
reaches 00 years.—Exchange.
A Young Violinist.
Miss Leonora Jackson, the young girl
whose beautiful playing on the violin
has attracted much attention of late, is
a Chicago girl whose talent must some
day make her renowned. During ber recent sojourn of 10 days in her native
city she so captivated the select audiences before which she appeared that
some of Chicago's most influential society leaders have become interested in
her. A brilliant future is predicted for
this little artist by all who have had un
opportunity to judge of her gifts. She is
still a child, with unassuming, childlike
ways. Her health is perfect, and with
her rare talent she combines a strong
character—energy, patience and determination.—Chicago Post.
S*>wing Song.
I have a little servant
With a elnirle eye.
She always does my bidding
Very faithfully,
But hho eats mo no meat.
And she drinks mo no drink-
A vtry clever servant, aa you well may think.
Another littlo servant
On my linger sits.
She the one eyed servant
Very neatly fits.
But she eats me no meat.
And she drinks mo no drink—
A vtry clever servant, aa you may well think.
SuVeil by i. U'utuuU.
An incident during tho disturbances in
Sicily is related by n correspondent in
Palermo. At Terrasini, a village of about
7,000 inhabitants, tho people rebelled
ngainst tho comnmnul administration.
burning tbo bureaus of tho taxos. A
company of bersnglieri arrived to put u
stopto the disorder, nnd the lieutenant
ordered his men to inuko ready to lire.
At that moment u woman ran up lo the
lieutenant, and holding out to him a portrait of Queen Margaret asked him to
kiss it, while at tho samo time tho riot-
era, men aud women, suddenly sank on
their knees iu front of tho soldiers, crying out, "Kill us; wo aro already dying
of hunger." The lieutenant ordered the
soldiers to retire, und thu riot was ut an
A New Nut Inn.
A new notion Is that of marriage cards
conveying, 111(0 their Easter and Christmas prototypes, Iho proper sentiments Of
the occasion, good wishes, and tho rest,
which may accompany the wedding
gift or merely arrive, per se, as nn evidence of good will. It remains lo be
seen whether brides will tako kindly to
this palpable aid to tlio nonpreseut giving quest. An avalanche of these pasteboards ou tho wedding day, however
artistic and proper they may be. will
hardly be n relished substitute for even
llshkuives and sirup jugs-  ' *   *■
WeiillVrOii" Hundred Hollars Reward
for any oatts of Oatarrli that cannot he
eureii by Hall's Catarrh Cure!
F. J. 0HHNBY A CO., Props.,
Toledo, Ohio.
We, the Undersigned, have known V, J
Cheney for the last IS years, nnd believe
liiiii   perfectly lionomlile  in all  business
iriiiiMii'.tiiiiiH nnd limine,ally nhletocarry
out any obligations made by their tlrni.
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Wai niNO, Kiknan A Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O,
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
noting direotly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces or the system.   Price, 7.ric. per bottle.   Hold hy all Druggists.   Testimonials
BESI IN IH. WOULD.    V^I^f**1"
It wi'ii'ltii(i|iiallllct.areiiiiB<irpaBBCil,aaluBll)
oiiiHsllnalwolmiesof any oilier brand.  Frw
from Aiilmnl nil-. <iKT trial HKNBINB.
anil Dealers gcuorall*.
liiKliav HltiiaR'ioil Hay 1'r.BS.
Will* as Iut In ormatlon.
uinlllll      imi'Vii.ki w. ..ll all Hi.
""HlflH      bmi flrstt class BloyolM.   «'rlto
  I .r t:„t limn1.
SSA Hush Street,       Ban Kranelscu-, Cal.
i'lease mention thli Paper when writing,
Died While the Doctors Quarreled.
Here is the latest episode of Parisian
life. Tbo cold weather of Into hus been
rather severe on the simian population
of tbo gay capital, and It wns keenly
felt by Maurice, tbo ornng-outung of
the Jurdlun d'Acclimntation. Wben
Maurice fell ill, It was decided by the
mnnngers of theJardin that inasmuch
as Maurice possessed far more resemblance to a mun than to nn nuiimil, a
regular doctor should bo summoned
and accordingly the services of a physician were invoked. On his arrival how-
over, tho doctor declared thnt, as the
patient occupied an intermediary place
between tbo qundrumsnes nnd tho humane*, its treatment should devolve
npon a veterinary surgeon, who. bow-
ever, hesitated to assume the responsibility on the ground tbat Man-
rico was moro human than beast.
While tbo discussion was in progress
between the two medicos the monkey
died.—Boston Herald.	
Woman Knocks at Ita Door.
A bill is pending in the Virginia legislature for tho admission of women to
the University of Virginia. Hon. John
E, Mussey has argued in favor of tho
measure before tho committee on schools
snd colleges. The bill Is based on the
recommendation in tho governor's message that provision be made for themort-
Uberul education of women.—Exchange.
Tlm chicl (unction of thoildmiTl Ih to««p*
iitdit- ir.nu die iiiii.ul, In I'l jmiirijiK,' thniuiitt
iht'iii, uf rertiilu IniMiifik'iiiini wat'-ry imrtlrk'H
wnlOil iniiko tlu-lr 11 nut flit tliruUKh thu i>1r<1
tier.   The ii'ti-tiMon o( tlii'NC, In c-ni*-*'>.| .- nf
IlllKltiviiy ol tin- klduvi'N, In \f< ilm U> .■ of
liiiniit's -liM'„M\ tlro'JKv, afabfitHi, Hltnimlntirla
mnl olber iii«luiiifn wub ii IhikI tflodonoy, iin,
inter's Hiuiniii'ii Ull i'in, h lilnlily miiicUo I
iliiiii'iii'iiini l.l I depunmti hnHn thu kid-
ni'VN wlieu IliiU'lhu lo iL'tiew li'i'ii mClIiu: Iuih-
llun, ntul htniin from the Vilsl cm run I in |iiirl-
Uf)1 ivlih'h infest ll ami llnvaii'ii tlu-lr own ix
isli ui-i' «>. siriiinih of Mie umly.   di in rli of Iho
.iinUt'i, Ki'uvfi innl ivi.■iitiniMif "in1 mill.' aro
al-o mil ml leu ur run led or nverluil by IIiIh bunhtii
i.n nin in i in nl rehioriillvu "( Mi'Kiiult: nut loll. Mil
I ilia, Hu iniiiiij-.ni, uoUltlllSl oil. IiMI'mimu-s
nil i ily'iii'jisUiilmi yield to Hie lllllwrs, wlileh It
hImi *.ji. t* itly beiluUi lal tn tlio wuttk and titjr-
'■Well,' ■■■Mill thu monkey tn ihe ori'minrlinler
riN lit! mil on ihe (Op nl tnu niumi, "I'm nimjily
iirriuii m, iiy with thu innaie."
(i i East from Portland, Pendleton. Walls
Walla via O. It. A N. to H|iokane and Great
Nun her ti Hie I way to Montana, Dukotas, Ht.
I'mil, Mmiieitpiilis, Chirupi, Omaha, Ht
Louts. Knst and Honth. Knck ballast track;
line scenery j iieweipiipnipnti Great North-
ni Palace ["deepen and I>m«r-.; Family
Toiiritti, Curs; lltiU'ei- I.ilirary i'iu'm. Write
(', 0. Donovan, tie lernl Agent, Portland,
Orsgotl, or K. I. Whitney. O. P. A T. A„
St. Paul. Minn, for printed mutter ami In*
formation utiout rates, routes, etc.
I could not Kpt along wi'hottt Pleu's
Cure for Consumption. It til ways oures,—
Mil". 10. ('. Moulton, Needham, Mass.,
Oct. 22.1804. _
IHITHIU HTOItK-Wilev I). Allen Co., the
oMuhl, thu larneit, yil Flrnt .St., 1'ortlaud.
Ctilckerlnir, Hiinltnioi, FlHcher 1'lmion, Kstey
OrKnnn l.'iw prluox, uasy terms.
 ~ HU-tK	
-Send (or cataloBUUH.
(iiinrd yo'ir-eit   for Mtinmnr mnlnrla,  tired
lei'iiiiK, i»y uhIiik now ortyoii Blood I'nrifiur,
I'rv GinMRA for hroartfatn
B&naparilln more than any remedy I have
evertuken. I have never been robust und
was subject to i-evurc headaches, and hud
no appetite,   Since taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla
tvnd Hood's Pllla I nm u well woman,
huvo a irond appetite and sleep well.
1 cordially recommend tlood's Ssr*>
snparilla.—Mrs. ti. M. (Johiiam, Fillmore
Il<.itue, Fillmore, California.
laumsss, betdache
.rroa-oa. STAV£R J WALKER
sjyjvifi and all derangements of the
—•——. Stomach, Liver and Bowels,
Of atl druggists,
Both the metliod and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
trcnlly yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses tho system effectually, dispels coUs, headaches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
<-ffccts, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, iti
many excellent qualities commend it,
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and tl bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on band will procure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
CItJiAit KAMI   -Av,tl;
■t jnnticle of Vie Halm uf
up into the notrils. AfU
a    moment   draw   rtriaii
breath through the note
Use three times a tl •y.afU
meals preferred, andh-fmr
KI.Y** L'ltKAM ItAI.H  Open? mnl olSSliie*
ihe NhhhI Pti.pwKL'H, Allnys Pa-n nml itiil.ir.iiim
tion, Ne.iK th'i Hiiri-n, Prnic'-iB iin* Mombrstlt
from oojjis. itesioren Ihe Hsitiu <»' Tails ind
Smelt.   The Balm 1» ipiiekly abSOrtKO and Rive*
relief Ht llliCC.
A fBAiflelu if npi'lli-d iiitct cnrti nopitrll, and ll
iiKreetil.il.. I'liuc, 60 OtOtl at IJr'iKiaTiMl-* or le
fit. W.irn-li BtfOBt, New York.
Tb. Lsnjsst MiBUhctursts of
C0C0A8 and CH0C0LATE8
On tbU Contlmnl. hart rtetlvtd
from the gnat
, Industrial and Food
I Caution: a*UMS
I of tlm Intu-li intl vraprwri on our
rpmiili, i-diiniinirnlinulil milkr mra
Lthm our jil.iie of nuinnftirlure,
Pnimrlv. Durrhcfller. Hon,,
liliriuludiiii eucti |UKluga.
 nentoftti'»bnwulit «ulnli7» Docemurtot
hoilth, ThfHWpilU- ■'■ V wh»t thn ijwtaoi l»ki to
mika it t-oftular. ~\ j cure H«d»ohB. brithWn tti
Kfe*, »nd clear th   Joiap'BifonWMrthnnixwMUof.,
General Agents for Aultman A Taylos
— Have for Sale —
Aud other Machinery of .Stun r & Walker
mock to < low out eheap.
Write for Cntalniiae and Prices.
Room 500 Worcester Block, Portland, Or.
Ifv.'utile the I'tlnlum"
Incubsura S Briwdcrt.
M;ike money while
others are wanting
time by old proeesKti
CntiiliJ«telisall ulimit
It.iniduencriheii every
article needed Tor the,
poultry buslueu.
ttif> li.mn'.t"--' the Btst
wheel. PntufrtraoiisJ,
|W<  are I'aeilic  CDSSt
•ifints.  Btsycla cats*
lugue.mailed fre«,i[ive«
rtc. aof*»ti w\xrrrt
HiiAM.it UoVhK, in S M.iin St.. I.i/*> Ainfiitfi
Palmer & Rey Branch
For sale br all l.raaaUts. -.". Oala a bvltls.
Merchants   in   Gordon   anil   Peerless
Presses, Cylinder Presses, Paper
Cullers, Motors of all kinds,
Folders, frinting Material.
Patentees of Self-Spacing; Type.
Sole Makers of Coppcr-Allny Type.
N. P. N. U. No. 600-*. F. X. U. Xo. D77
1 have bought from the RECEIVER ol F. L. POS80S A
SON, the Btiwk, lixinri'H anil gooil will ol the .eel btulflMI
lately tarried on by Ihern and will i-onlinne ihe same at 2i)S
Third Street. BUELL l.AMBEK.-ON, Pokti..xd. Or.
Mixes with c'ld water.  Improns IhewooL
Preserves all kinds of Fruit without cooking, and retains their
natural flavor.
Now, one more little servant.
Through the single eye.
Dues both the others' bidding
Very faithfully,
But she cats mo no meat,
And she drinks mo no drlnk-
4 rery clover servant, aa you well may think.
A needle, and a thimble,
And a spool ot thread, ,
Without tho lingers nimble
And the knowing heat),
They would never make out
If thoy tried the wliolo day
tn ssw » squats of patchwork, as you well may
"* -flt Nlobols*.
—(IN KBG8 0R I.UTII.K-.)—
Second to untie— TBI it...
Ni.tiih lerwtiere I ..m. I'OltTI.AMl, OR.
S fob j PURE
is the whole story
.1 Imitation trad. |
aaarfca ana labata. I
W\ AilP HA/\^ffi SOPA
\tt 1l!ir1rtlflrOC Cosls,M,mM*,h»n other pickaire soda—never spoils '
I IU P*lviy«§v3'flour—universally acknowledged purest In tne world.
Hate only tyr CHDRCH k CO., Ifev Tork. Sold bj grocers eTerjwaere.
Write tor Arm and Hammer Book of valuable Beelpea-FRSB.
Jn jmlilhlic I ovory Friday ovbbtnffi >t tho oltlco,
KIiik Btroot, I'ldvuriliilo, by
BpOBCjtimoM Phioh—ono dollnr porYonti Six
Mouths, fifty oouu,
Tronilont iVdvorttiomontg, tea oonts per lino
imeii ItiKortloR, Nonlift'oil inoiutiiromout—
oqtiftl tn twotvo linos to tho luoli,
Bttorl notlooa ol lost, found, oto,, ono dollar tor
throo insertions.
.Ktnthi, blrth«, nud lunrrlnBOi, illiy cunti lor
'    ouu InHorlloii,   I'roo to HiihNerihurit.
, lommorolnl iniyortUoinonti nt Rrently roduood
1    lutuoi, whieii win liu mado kitowu oilnpnll*
<•.iii.ni.  Quarterly ooiuriio..,
A'lilru.'s nil ooDunuuloatloiii tn
rjlorerdalo, D, 0,
A lottor recently published In tlio
pltawn l.'iiizi'ii by Joseph Martin,
iM. P, for Winnipeg, puis tlm Manitoba school legislation of 1800 In
a very different light from that in
which it in generally viewed hy the
people, of this Province. Mr. Mar-
Iin was Premier Green way's first
Attorney-General, and it was he
who drafted tlie now famous school
legislation, of which he was nlso
credited with being the prime mover, and much censured accordingly
by (he weak Opposition for his
"godless" schools. His utterances
upon tlie subject may therefore be
taken to be authoritative, and it
iviil no doubt lie n surprise to
many, as it has been to this writer,
lo leiim that tho legislation of 181)0
did not provide for non-Bectarion
schools, but for Protestant schools,
and those not acceptable to the
wholo Protestant body. It will he
even more surprising to learn that
at the time of introducing the legislation Mr. Martin considered it unjust to the Roman Catholics, and
indeed savoring of "rank tyranny."
Tlie Attorney-General, it appears,
favored purely secular schools, but
seems to have been overruled by
his colleagues, and rather than
surrender his portfolio, consented
lo introduce legislation that he esteemed unjust to a large minority
of the population. This is certainly not very creditable to Mr. Jos.
Tbe letter referred to was a response to certain views published
in a previous number of the Citizen
and said to lie held, by Col. Ouimet
representing Catholic sentiment.
Mr. Martin, after quoting these
views, proceeds as follows:
"There has been all along a
serious misunderstanding between
tbe Roman Catholic church and
■Ihe people of Manitoba if the above
is an accurate statement of the
position of the church.
"I suppose, however, that we
must take for granted that Col.
Ouimet Is in a position to formulate tlie wishfis of Roman CatholicB
in connection with this question.
If so then I may say at once that
there is no need of any remedial
legislation in order to bring about
such a state of affairs, i believe
I bat the people of Manitoba would
be willing to give to the Roman
Catholics all that is asked for,
Everybody wishes that a solution
of the question may be found without any coercion on the part of the
Jioniinion parliament and if the
demands of the minority are correctly expressed by the minister, I
:im very much at sea in my acquaintance with the views of the
Manitoba people if they will not
bring about of their own accord all
that is asked.
"When I introduced the school
bill of 1890,1 pointed out that in
fo far an it provided for religious
exercises in tlie schools it was in
my opinion, defective. I am one
of those who deny the right of the
state to interfere in any respect, in
matters of religion. 1 said then,
nnd I still think that the clause of
llm 1800 act, which provides for
certain religious exercises is most
unjust to lloman Catholics. If the
state is to recognize religion in its
school legislation^ such a recognition as is acceptable to Protestants
•inly, and, in fact, only to a majority of Protestants, is to my
mind rank tyranny. The desire of
those with whom I think in this
matter is to eliminate every question of a religious nature from the
school laws and to make the schools
jiurcly secular.
"This lias not been done in
Manitoba and that course is apparently not supported by a majority of Ihe people there. That
being so, surely it will be admitted
that the nature of religious exercises
or religious teaching (I am unable
to make any clear distinction between the two) shoubd be such as
i.- agreeable to the consciences of
those  whoso  money is  taken to
support the schools.
"i havo sufficient faith in tho
liberality of Manitoba peoplo to
declare on thoir behalf that if a
final settlement of tliis question
can be reached upon /he lines suggested hy Col. Ouimet, they will
do their'part. What Manitoba
has insisted upon is that tbe lloman Catholics shall not have a
system of separate schools such us
existed prior to 1800. whioh were
exempt from tlie several laws as
to ellicienoy. If tbe Roman
Catholics are willing ti) accept the
schools as they exist at present,
and as tbey may from time to time
be modified wilh the the addition of
such religious toaohingas {.hoy may
desire, then there would bo no difficulty in reaching a settlement of
ibe whole question without any
leglslnti in the part of tlie Dominion parliament."
PnoFEsson Huxley, tho greatest
biologist of 11)0 century, died peacefully at his home In England u few
days ago. The dead scientist will
be mourned all over tlie world, and
tho force of his mind will bo a power while civilization lasts. lie was
great in science, great jn contriver-
:y, a master In everything he
touched, and lie had the art, possessed in like degree by none of his
scientific contpmporarlos. of being
ablo lo write on abstruse subjects
wilh a chiinu of style and a clearness of expression absolutely de-
ligblful to his lay readers. The
wide acceptance of the theories of
tlie late Mr. Darwin was due tp a
very large extent to Ihe advocacy
of Prof. Iluxlev.
Tiik Victoria Times professes to
believe that that country is the
most prosperous against whioh the
balance of trade is largest. That,
for Instance, a country that buys
i million dollars worth pi goods
and sells five dollars worth, is in a
better way than (lie country that
buys five dollars' worth and sells
a million dollars' worth. Anyone
that thinks different tlm Times sets
down as a, ''preposterous/' "old
fashioned economist.'' For twenty
years the editor of this paper lias
been wrestling with the idea of
prosperity contended for by the
Times without being able to discover any truth in it. If it is
true, then the fact of so much butter, eggs, hay, potatoes, etc., being
shipped into IS. C. and so littlo of
anything shipped out, would be
positive evidence of prosperity, and
the larger the imports the richer
our people would become. Under
the theory, Ihe efforts that are
being made to encourage the production in the Province of the sup-
plios needed by the Province is
mere "old fashioned" economy, and
should cease in deference to the
newer economy of supplying all
our needs by foreign purchase and
getting prosperous by virtue of the
balance of trade against us 111
Neither is the Times happy in
taking England as an example of
a country constantly growing richer under an adverse balance of
trade. A. retired man pf wealth
may be absolutely wasteful in his
expenditure, and still be well with
in his income. England is in that
position, and though a loser in
trade relations with other countries
may still, and no doubt does, grow
richer by reason of the huge income
received from all civilized nations
on account of loans and other investments not reckoned in the trade
Again, the argument from the
profit realized by the British mer
chant who traded a cargo of hardware at New Orleans for a cargo of
cotton, is a fallacy. Of course,
the cost of carriage both ways by
a British ship increased to that ex
tent Britain's wealth. As to the
exchange of goods, Ihe merchant
at New Orleans probably gained as
much as his British confrere, and
in both cases the profit necessarily
came from the consumers of the
goods. Jf the cargoes were ex-
changed at just values there could
be no profit in the simple transaction, but presumably the merchants, acting as middlemen, ar
ranged the trade to profit them
selves, and this profit was paid to
the British merchant by the British
public and to the New Orleans man
by the American public. Neither
nation was richer or poorer. It
was a simple case of taking money
out of one pocket and putting it in
the other. The nation can only
gain in trade by having more value
to export than she needs to import.
Tliis may be "old fashioned" economy—indeed it undoubtedly is, for
(here is reason to believe that the
ancient Egyptians had an idea that
a man who consumed more than he
produced could not get rich on
those lines.
Ottawa, July 2.—All Ibe British
Columbia members were present
yesterday al the unveiling ceremony of ilie.Macilonald monument.
The statute was unveiled by the
Premier, and speeches were made
by Sir Adolphe Caron, Lieut. Governor Kirkpatrick, of Ontario,
Llput. Governor Daly, of Nova
Scotia, and Lieut. Govornor llmv-
htnd, of Prince Edward Island.
Tho following is from tho Columbian and as the item referred to also
appeared in SurbeV Timks, it is
only just that wo should likewise
publish the correction : "Mr. Tims.
Morrison writes from Langley with
roferonco to the Horn which appeared in these columns on tho
]()th inst., regarding tho alleged
"mysterious disappearance" of a
loam loft in his charge by John
Montgomery, whon Messrs. Morrison and Montgomery came to tho
city on the 18th inst. Mr. Morrison writes that tbe I cum was bis
own, and, consequently, he had
the right to do with it as he pleased.
What induced Montgomery to report to the police that the team
was his, is bard to Imagine Mr.
.Morrison is justly annoyed over
the affair."
Toronto, June 28.—A London
cable says that the Hon. Edward
Blake's subscription of £1,000 to
the election fund of the McCarthy-
ite wing of the Irish Nationalist
party has created a good deal of
enthusiasm among his colleagues
jund the action is favorably com-
■ inented on by the Irish press.
Stabbing Affray in Vancouver.
From Woiliusdiiy's Nows-A'lvortlsor.
Frank .Sutherland and David
McDonald, both well-connected
young men residing in Westminster, camo over lo Vancouver last
Monday to take In Ihe eelebralMn,
and now tho fii'St-ninned is lying
in a precarious condition at his
home in Westminster with four
knife wounds in the leg and two in
the back, while his companion lies
at tbe point of death in the St.
Paul's hospital wounded twice in
tlie back, one of the stabs having
penetrated a lung.    An absolutely
Identic recital of the facts leading to thp tragedy could not be obtained, but as is by no means uncommon in affairs of this nature, it
is pretty certain there werp women
in it.
The two young men were, in fact
accompanied by one or mare disciples of the demi-monde and in the
course of their nocturnal rambles
they reached the savory npighbor-
hood of Columbia avenue, and
there encountered a third male
party, whose identity is doubtful.
The entire party had been drinking
not wisely but too well, and the
conversation ranging from grave to
gay, from lively to severe, culminated in an affray in which the
third male party woundpd both
young men in thp manner previously stated.
Both afterwards managed to
reach the Boulder saloon, while one
of the women ran towards Abbott
street, hailed a hack, and the
woundpd men wpre subsequently
conveyed to the office of Dr. Langis
who dressed the wounds. It waB
then found that McDonald's condition wus serious in the pxtreme,
while Sutherland, though badly
hurt, was in a fit condition to be
conveyed to Westminster in a hack
early yesterday morning.
Officers Butler and McLpan were
the first to learn of the affray,
somewhere between 2 and 3 o'clock
yesterday morning. Officer Butler made a thorough investigation,
which resulted in his ascertaining
the circumstances above narrated.
Some time before, about mid-night,
he noticed a woman running in
the direction pf Abbott street; saw
hpr hail the hack and then return
in the direction of the Boulder. He
also traced bloodstains from the
latter to the scene of the affray,
where he found a dollar and 15
cents in silver on the ground, also
a cuff and collar button and a hat
on the other side of a fence on a
vacant lot. He identified the
hackman and learned from him
that one of the men had been taken
to the hospital and that the other
had been conveyed to Westminster
accompanied by the lady in question. The evident intention of all
the parties implicated was to keep
the matter as quiet as possible,
Bince no information whatever was
given to the police.
However, with the foregoing data to work on—the wounded man
denying all knowledge of his assailant—the acting Chief set to
work, with the result that at 7 p.
m. yesterday a rather tough char-
actor known as George Green was
"annexed " on a warrant by acting
Chief Johnston and Officer Purday
in the Glasgow Hotel. The Chief
was not prepared to state fully the
grounds for this arrest, but it is
understood that he can produce a
witness whose statement will make
a strong case against the prisoner.
A probable and charitable assumption is that tlie assailant—whether
Green or some other person—was
trying conclusions with McDonald
and Sutherland and used a knife
in self-defence.
McDonald is a nephew of McRae,
a tailor in New Westminster, and
Sutherland was at one time Captain of the tug Brunette.
l.oclislov II. Lucas, of Ladners,
well known to many people here,
wus arrested at Westminster on
Saturday last, on the strength of a
warrant charging bim with obtaining money under false pretenses.
Thp charge is that he gave aoheque
for *i2fi on the Bunk of British Columbia, in which lie had niiaceount
anj no funds, to Mr. Atilay Morrison. The chargo if, laid under
that section of the Criminal Code
which gives a remedy against a
person who obtains valuable security under false pretences. Mr. Atkinson, Police Magistrate, fixed
bail at $2,01X1, of which $1,000 is
personal, and two sureties of $r,(M)
each. On Wednesday, Lucas was
oojnmittefl for trial.
Edward Bilield died at Comox,
Saturday night, in convulsions,
the supposed result of a tight with
A. .1. Lepla. On Tuesday, tho two
men, who hud been drinking iu
the 101k Hotel, hud a fight upstairs,
They were parted, and Bilield
was locked in a separate room.
Whether as a result of tho lig|it
with Lepla, or from some other
cause, Iiifield was taken with convulsions and fell or jumped out of
tho window of the room. He wus
picked ttii and put to bed, but
never rallied, and died Saturday
night. Chief of Police Hutchison
immediately arrested Lepla, pending the result of the inquest.
London, July 1.—Professor Huxley is dead. The end was very
peaceful and quiet, being perfectly
in keeping with the retirement
which he had sought when he took
up his residence near Eastbourn.
His failing health became noticc-
able about March 1st, Bronchitis
followed an attack of influenza.
The lungs and kidneys were then
affected, He rallied several times,
but sustained a severe rplapse, and
since that time there has been no
hope for permanent improvement.
His wife and daughter were present at his deathbed, but his son
arrived too late. During his
dying moments Professor Huxley
displayed great fortitude and resignation.
Washington, July 3—The United States Consul at Santiago de
Cuba reports cholera on the increase
there. He says it is impossible to
give the number of cases, owing to
thp fact that physicians in private
practice do not report cases. He
says nineteen deaths occurred in
the city from this cause during the
week ending July 22nd.
s     *     .	
Subscribe for Surrey Times.
$25  REWARD.
A REWARD Of 188 Is horoby oiTorert by tbo
Municipal Council of Surroy (or men. In-
I'irumtioii nt will IoikI in thu convict.on of lite
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Cloverdale Blacksmith Shop.
Practical Blacksmith, does light and heavy blacksmithing of nil kinds '
on short notice and at moderate rates.   Horseshoeing a specialty.
Columbia Street, New Westminster
of every description in American
and Italian Marble.
Bcotati, Swedish, l.ibr.ilor and New Ilruns-
wick Oranllo,
Host ol material and workmanship.
Engraving ot Inscriptions a specialty.
ALEX. HAMILTON. Proprietor.
P. 0. Bol 1SS.
Choice young Boars and Sows of
different ages.
Wrlto lor wants, or come nod boo stock.
Clerardale, 11. V,
and Florist.
obhkn HorsE A.NII  S'UHSKKYl
G04 Westminster Road, Vancouver.
P. O. Addrcra—ML l'l.'asanl, Vancouver ll, C.
Fine Acclimatised stock of Trees,
Plants, Vines, Shrubs, Hoses,
Bulbs, etc., etc.,
on my
Importer of Chliieip aud Japan I.lilies, \/. tlln*.
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Dealer lu nnd Muiiiitui'iu'u.- or Agricultural
lmTt.uii.ciii', Hco iiIvub nml suppling, Uprny
Pump*., Wuiilu Oil Bonpi utc.
New "(I pfU'ii Cutnlogua mnlled ou receipt ul
ymir mid rose. Got It nt onco uud keep it (or
luting raltirouo'.   It will pay you.
BOX 26, Mouin I'leiiii. <t,
Vruisouveri li, c.


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