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No. 20.
Vol. 1.
agent for the celebrated
Raymond Sewing Machines
and in fnttiro will carry a stock of the Luton Stylos of Machines, also
Noodles, Oil, &c, &«.     Prices nro so low and tonus so easy thnt
It will not pay you to be without one.
Every Machine Guaranteed.
still selling
Stoves at Cost.
Hardware, Paints & Oils, Tinware, lirnnitcwure, etc,
A. GODFREY, New Westminster, B.G.
Parnell & Gunn,
The Westminster Grocers
and Feed Merchants.
Call and see them, and Save Money
when  in Town.
Opposite 0, P. R. Station, 807 Columbia St,,.WestmihSter) B. C
.11 ——. Si ^—
• »»-;iiiC.
Wm Johnston*,
in ail grades bf
Sole agent for the celebrated
English "K" Boot.
out or siout.
Now Wa.trnlnsl.ri B. C.
i    •       - I     '       t I   li'
Harvest is in full swing,
Suuiiky Council meet* to-morrow
(Saturday) at 1 p. ni.
Mu. D. M. Robertson shot a
targe boar at Tinehead a few days
Tiik root crop would be greatly
lienelitted by a good fall of rain.
Grain is too far advanced to lie
Pkofi Robertson will be in at-
endance at Westminster exhibition
witli tlie traveling dairy. He will
likely deliver a couple of lectures.
For all hinds of Seeds, Brain, Chopped Feed, Flour, Meals, Sc„ go to the
Brackman S Ker Milling Company,
543 Front Street, New Westminster,
Hay not lining a satisfactory
crop lately, as regards price, a
number of farmers hero intend to
plow up part of their meadows and
now to grain.
Tiik air was thick witb white
cinders on Sunday morning, wafted hy tlio Wind from neighboring
bush tires, Tho nppearanco was
liko a light shower of snow,
Rkv, Mr, Best, of Now Westmin
ster, will exchange work with Rev.
Mr. Howell on Sundny, 25th inst.
Mr. Best will prench at Tinehead
in the morning, Clayton in the afternoon) und Cloverdale in the
The run of salmon in the Fraser
river on Sunday last was the best
of the season. Some boats brought
in us muny as 700 to 800 fish, the
average being 200 to 300. The
price dropped to 15 cts. per fish.
The Victoria Times has changed
its weekly edition to a sdmi-weekly,
an arrangement that is bound to
give satisfaction to its subscribers,
The Times twice-a-week is a most
desirable family newspaper.
At the InBt meeting of the Westminster city council the Fraser
bridge by-law was read a second
time. The thing has grown flat,
and ho one here has ahy enthusi-
asm to invest in it: One sKeary
alderman may weaken confidence
in the entire board.
Rough & Dressed Lumber,
.      Lltlli BMnftlW, Mould Inn, I'luin nml Forney I'l'-kt't-, Doom, Window-.,  Frmiiei, Bllodl, Turne.1
w.'H.. .-■<■., ,ut.| ,.,u kin-is ui Interior rlulih.   l'lnln mnl Curved Mimteli, Storo mnl oilicu
l-'iu iti.'c.    Fruit iri'l SiUmon Boxu, N.'Mlii.i!*, AC   Importtiri nl Flute; Faocy und Common
i     WimJuw OlitH,   M^. Vnrila und •t'tuetiouicf, ColumbU Street Weil,
R. JARDINE. Loc&l Manager.
Choice Groceries,
And General Merchandise,
MAI $ STRBBTj CLOVERDALE, (Corner MoLlellan Roiul).
floods lill  Irtish  ii lid bf thb choicest quality:   Nfcw stock constantly
arriving;   Prices down to lowest notch, on the basis of ''small profits
and quick returns."   gf/T (live us a trial.
Cef the Best Foot-wear You CaH!
The Cloverdale Shoemaker,
Wakes Hoots and Shoes to order, and guarantees all work turned out
fifr* Repairing promptly attended tn nn *l*hrt Blrtr«8i
Tlio grey horso cumo down
On his neck it dingling boll,
And no doubt ho felt some boat,
As party'to such it sell ;
But when Jack Smart laff'd at hint
Ho gavo a neigh,
And shook his nock with vim,
As though to say :
I'm no old cow,
1 tell you now,
But a bold steed of stout years—
Don't you think this boll
Sounds mighty well,
You fellow witli the long ears ?
Tho Blii.va Is 111,' Ilrst Proliant of imr n.tt
1',.1-try Oilmlor, lmriurt.4 lor buhbiy Timbb
at oiinrmiiiis s>jij.oiisu.
Mn. Andiikw LbaHY Is creditod
with making n ''rind" of a whole
mound-full of prehistoric skeletons,
itrrow-hoiuls, otc.,at Boundary Bay
few days ago. Wo suggest a
search-party to Blaokie's Spit, for
it Isn't to be imagined that that
delightful beach and sequestered
vale could havo boon ovorlookod by
tlie long-headed prehistoric gentlemen as a most desirable camping
location on tho way to tho happy
hunting grounds,
Tiik fine Ayrshire bull, purchased
last year from the Ottawa expert
mental farm by Mr. Thos. Shannon,
of Cloverdale, has changed hands.
The new purchaser is Mr. T, E.
Ladner, of Ladner, and the animal
wus taken to Delta on Monday.
The bull is four years old) and the
calculation is that his strain will
improve the Delta dairy herd. Mr.
Shannon will procure another bull
of the same breed.
Anyone wanting to procure
black currant bushes may obtain
them at half the usual price by applying at this bffice. Thoro are
live or six hundred vigorous plants
available. Will exchange for
Mn. J. A. MCi.ki.lan, representing
the Seattle Post-Intelligencer called upon Surrey Times on Monday.
He is Canvassing B. C, for subscribers and reports good success.
If jro.1 want to tray Plotttt Drain.
Chopped V.cda, Bran, HhorU, Rollril
Oats,itu. ate, rttllr.r whol.aal.or r.lallj
try V.odkll 4> UlnMair, Fruil ■<».■,
N.w Wa.trnln.ti-r.
The 1895 prize list Of the Royal
Agricultural and Industrial Society
has been issued and is very complete. The exhibition will be held
at Westminster on Tuesday, Wednesday) Thursday and Friday,
October 8) 9,10 und ll. It is expected that the exhibition will
surpass bhy held heretofore:
In a little while the farm work
will be pratically over for the season, and it will be in ortler for the
ranchers of Surrey to seriously
consider ways and menus for improving the agricultural prospect,
more especially in the dairying
branch. The time ha" arrived
when Surrey must manufacture
either butter or cheese on improved
principles in order to keep up with
the procession.
At tlie recent game of lacrosse
in Westminster the usual rowdy
performance took place. Lacrosse
is called the national game of Canada, a pre'tension that many respectable native-born Canadians
repudiate; It wus perhaps the
national game of the Algonquin
Indians, but the race in possession
of Canada today is past tlie bar-
barous stage, anil a lurg1, humour
of the good specimens nr* not of a
kind to delight in rowdy Sport.
About 1,000 crows visited our
orchard on Tuesday. , They sut
about in the trees, criticised tlie
fruit, got off dark jokes, chewed
the rug generally, aud exprctnriited
in regular crow style. We were
highly indignant und giit after
them witli bur Remington. Bung,
bang I one crow dead) and 9!)!l went
off whooping and hurrahing to inspect neighbor Shannons fruil
supply. If they come back here
wo will gtt Dr. Kay after them
with his Greener, and then it will
be u inourhtul day for crows.
There has been no change in the
weather the past week—days hot,
nights cool, atmosphere Smoky.
The ground is agape witb thirst.
The grain crop now being cut iB
panning out fair) and the Sample
is excellent.  	
Potatoes are now quoted at (12
to $14 per ton in Westminster,
Surrey Times till the end of 1895
for 25 cents cash in advance;
eiererdale School.
Cloverdale   public    school
A Willi,K ago wo mentioned thnt
a pedlar was doing business in
Surrey without takingolit a license.
Since then the parties, Messrs.
Ritchie & Co., of Vancouver, have
taken out a license In due form,
nnd now call at settlers' houses in
opened with an attendance of 44
pupils. As this is the largest country school in the PfOvincej Mr.
King is erldeavoring to lessen the
twelve grades caused by late promotions.
A thorough cleaning of buildings
has hern made by the trustfees) and
all look forward to a pleasant and
profitable session.
One test given ih spelling tin
Huge Port III, was the following
uniqut!composition froht the North-
west Magazine, the minimum ibis
takes Ming 2 and the minimum 27
"A right suite little buoy) the
son of a kernel, with a rough rotind
his necki fine up the road as quick
us a dear. After a thyttie lie slop-
lied at the house and wrung the
belle. His tow hurt hymn nnd lie
kilendcd wrest. He wad two t'rctl
lo raze his (are. pail face, and a
feint nirlwn of pane roso from his
lips. The made who herd Ihe belle
was about to pair a pure; bill she
through it down and rim witli all
lier mitts, for fare her guessed would
uot weight, but whan she saw the
ii tie won tiers stood in her eyes at
thf site. 'Ewe poor dear. Why do
vou lye hear ? Are yew dyeing ?'
'Know,' he said, '1 am feint.' She
boar hiiii inn her arms, as she
ought, to a rbam where he might he
qtii'.|, gave him bred and meet,
held a cent bottle under his knows,
untitle his choler, rapped him up
warmly, gave bim a suite drachm
frohi rt viol, till at last he went
forth aS hail as a young hbarse."
Langley Township.
Corrusimiulimrs! HUlillKV Timks.
Tho Reeve and Council of the
Municipality hold thoir usual
monthly mooting at Riddell & Davidson's Hull, Murray's Corners, on
Saturday lust, when amongst other
business it was arranged that the
rebate on taxes should be extended to the 1st of October, an advantage which will he appreciated by
those ratepayers who through tlie
dullness of tho times, though desirous, wero unablo conveniently to
meet tliis annual obligation earlier.
Tho moonlight excursion to
Langloy organized by the Knights
of Pythias was a great SUOOeSS, some
250 of tlie brethren and their
friends having takon part in the
trip up river in favorable weather.
The party wore mot at the landing
hero by tlio local Knights, with a
cordial welcome, and condueted to
tlie Town Hall, the whole of the
building having been prepared for
their reception. The Royal City
Band accompanied the visitors and
discoursed sweet music during the
evening. Dancing was kept up until midnight when the warning
whistle was blown, and the Knights
and thoir friends had to depart re-
lunctantly on tho return journey,
nil regretting that they had to
leave all to soon for the down river
trip to their destination, but hoping
soon to repeat tho Visit, when it is
hoped provision will be mado for a
few hours longer stay amongst us
The members of the band whose
performances were so acceptable
were, Messrs. G. Turnbull, S. Campbell, J. Jackson, E. Peel, B. ToWns-
end, Wi Jackson, G. Cunningham,
D. Bray, J. Boyes, J. Working, D.
Ellard, B. Peel, and E. P, Darcy,
band muster. The harmonious
piaying of the instrumentalists
gave great pleasure to all preset, and
reflected high credit on the skill and
training of their teacher in bringing his pupils to such a degree of
The public school opened here
on Monday, when 12 of the pupils
attended. Mr. G. Simpson, trustee
and secretary, attended to initiate
the new school toacher, Mr. A. H
P. Matthew, previously of Clover-
dale) into his charge. During the
recess the inside of the building
and the seats were painted, and the
room presented a bright and invif
ing appearance. Mr. Matthow has
just passed a highly creditable ex
animation, nnd obtained a first
class certificate tenable for life, and
entitling him to teach in any public School ih the Province. He had
applications for his services from
three other localities) but which) although more remunerative, he declined; having previously promised
when seeking an engagement here,
tbat if appointed, he would riot accept a position as teacher elsewhere.
The Kev. William Bell of Surrey
held the usual fortnightly service
of the Church of England in the
school room on Sunday evening,
when there wus a good attendance.
Langley, Aug. 13th, lli',15:
 a~i-^i Uj
Winnipeg,   Aug.   14—Advices
from the cast state that about 3,000
men have left for Manitoba to
work in the harvest fields.
1'h-j ti'iiitiin- nl thi* im cr nit: in-.- to nil tor
tho tli-ru--It'll of full le. lAMttfll Ul ciiiimu We
«r ■ not iv-jonmlrk- (or tlio opinion* id currOaV
To tho Kdttur ol sran.Y Timbs.
Sin,—in your report of the last
meeting of the Surrey Council, I
am represented ns entering a protest against the dyking tux. 'ibis
item, as  it is; misrepresents  my
Miscellaneous Items,
Winnipeg,   Aug.   12.—Premier
Greenway says that  Manitoba's
answer to the latest communication from ihe Ottawa Government,
on the school question, W0U,t be
considered until nftor the hurvest.
London, Aug. 10. -A despatch lo
tho Times from Berlin suys it Is
stnted there thut tho Pope bus
written to Emperor William requesting him to tako the Catholic
missions in China under his protection.
Philadelphia, Aug. 10.-H. H.
Holmes is occupying his time in
prison by writing a history of his
life, which is to be 300 pages in
length. It is said lie hus already
found a publisher, and that the
story will bo out inside of a week.
District Attorney Graham said, today, he expects important developments within the next few
Winnipeg, Aug. 10.—The first
sample of new wheat to reach the
city was received, yesterday, by the
Lake of the Woods Milling Co.
Tho wheat came from the farm of
Mr. Livingstone, near Melita. It
is of a very bright color, plump,
and remarkably hard for this time
of the year, and weighs 64 pounds
to the bushel. It is pronounced' to
be an exceedingly fine sample of
red Fife.
Winnipeg, Aug. 14.—During a
heavy wind storm, yesterday, the
barn of John Haverty, of Stoney
Mountain, collapsed, burying men,
horses, and a vehicle under the
debris. Mr. Van Potter sustained
a Sovero fracture of the right leg.
The storm Was moro serious near
Poplar Point, On the road from
Portage la Prairie, three dwelling
houBes wore noticed completely demolished, fortunately with no loss
of lifo. The old Methodist church
at Asslnilioine is also blown down
Philadelphia, Aug. 9.—The British ship Prince Oscar, from Liverpool, Capt. Henderson, collided in
midocoan, July Kith, with an unknown sailing vessel. Both ships
sank in less than ten minutes. Six
members of the crew of the Prince
OBcar and all on board the unknown vessel were lost. The survivors, seventeen in numlier, were
rescued by the ship Dharwur, alter
being in ail open bout, without
food or water, for three days.
They were transferred to tlie steamer Capac and brought to this port
last night.
Ottawa, Aug* 12.-The tariff ad
revised at the lust session of Par-
linnlent, provided that the duty on
fresh salmon shall lie one half cent
per lb., provided that it may l.e
admitted free of duty upon proclamation of the Governor-Gcneral-in-
Council, which may be issued when'
evef it appears to his satisfaction
that fresh Salmon may he imported
into the United Slates from Canada free of duty. Tlie Government
having been notified that salmon
is admitted free of charge into the
United States an order was passed
to-day abolishing the duty on
salmon coming into Canada. Can'
tula's exports of fresh salmon tn
the Republic last year aggregated
in values #125,430, whereas the
imports from the United States
were valued at only «J55.
— «v > I	
Victoria Times: H. Thrift and
C. I). Moggridgl) form a deputation
representing the district including
Hail's Prairie, Belmont, Lochieh
Hazelmere mid Glenwood, who
have come lo the capital to seek
aid from the government in building n roadwajl out to White Rook
oil title water"; and to endeavor to
induce   Victorians   to   put   on   a
position and requires explanation. I ,ttameJ to White Hock. " Thev met
On n rout contract which I have Mayo( Tcugiie ami City Clerk'Dow'
lately completed, the Council  owe; ,„, [h|g motnM 4nfT Will Inter scC
me the sum of *111 .Ml, from which (|iu L'ov..rni»eiit und Board of Trade.
they havei deduotad municipal and U^ roil(1 u^ f„r i,, „ McMfltjj
dyking lux anil interest amounting: ,„ „iv(J ,|,enl „„ nu,iet f„r market
to 186.05, leaving thut amount,Lng „„ in|pt tor supplies. The
•36.95, due inc. .Sow,sir, I do nol Mtt|Br, bav« done considerable
object to paying the municipal tax,, W(irk on th(, rilll(li lm, it Kl\, Ui^
but 1 certainly do tlie dyking tax, fonorj to complete It nnd put it in
on the following grounds: 1st--■ j 0(,m|jti„n, Victoria is the
Tlie present Act is illegal  und un-1"
H. Frye, a government surveyor,
ufrivfjd back in Victoria on Sunday evening, with his twelve-mnn
party, having since the ?thof June,
the Municipality every alternate i penetrated the Chilcotiij country to
week selling groceries, etc.; or ex-' its heart, proving that district, it is
changing them for poullryj Ac. said, to be ricrl ih agricultural
Mr. Ritchlej in going through tlife' land of excellent l|linlity and vast
country has discovered that Siriikv I extent. Favorable weather pre-
Times finds its way into almost | vailed during the greater part of
every, house, and he appreciates ithH time the surveyors were in the
the advantage of an advertisement • field, and the work, in consequence,
in this paper, which will accordihg- • proceeded with more than usual
•f h» fnnnd in this Issne: i ritpidily:
natural point to which ihey would
come for trade, and a boat put orl
between Victoria or Sidney anil
Mud Bay woultl give them a satisfactory service. The trade is ol
considerable importance) and, as'
one of the Victoria friends of the
delegation remarked this morning!
"The city should wake up, stir itself
a little and get the business.'1
Notice is given in the Gazette1
that the Lieut.-Governor in Council has heen pleasetl to adopt tM
"British Columbia Log Scale" fof
tlie measurement of saw logs and
satisfactory ; 2nd, The Council arc
not in a position to collect it ; 3rd,
It is not clear at present who will
bo required to pay it, tlie dykers
themselves or the amount spread
over the entire municipality ; 4th,
I object decidedly to this mode of
collection—it is not creditable to
the Council for the reasons already
stated of the position of the Act,
and in doing so they are simply
taking a mean advantage of those
whom they think ennnot help
It is time, in the interest of the 	
municipality, that  this   Act was i timber in this province.   A book
. .i     .       ... ,      _  ..Lw : .,     _.   ..it L.i 1.....ii    ...... milt. ..1   niwl
duly lcgnlized, or otherwise thrown
in the waste paper basket,
G. A. BooTimovn.
Surrey Centre, Aug. 13; '95.
of tables has been computed and
copies can he obtained from the"
provincial timber inspector at Van"
convert upon payment of (SiSOraenl
. V^*»A J^.YN
B. C.
Ho atalU nml statu mnl staid und staid.
tS]inili(iiii4iit ho'd lu'vorno,
liu was U "transient"   Uml wasull-
Aii'l imi lior iin11if r "lii'im."
Hi- Btnltl uml Btulil, islin pluyotl mnl played,
From symphony to Bung,
Wlillo wWtliur In hor Inmiwt hoart
Thai Im would Btiftloiiff,
Ai lust Im saidi "l'iit> Minnie, Bwcflt Homo,
['iuvory fondoflhst."
Wlillo alio rejoiced, in lotion of gtoe,
"Vim realty du Qotsooui in bol"
And Hum ho id it Ida hat,
—Polly T'v in Now Vork Recorder.
Aj-u 11/ (liu VYurlil.
Ovor 8.000 yours ago tho Greok R0I100I1
(reared thu world uaoE Indafltittu initio, ill*
ly, uml tuny apeak of traditions 10,0110 or
1 i.tiiii) yi'ni'n liuforo tliulr Unions fne 1.4 not
<iutubluititbla from tliulr uuthpiliy.   lluck-
1(111(1, frOllt geological  t'liiii'lllslotiH, SU)*S It
i-, millions or yours since tlio world wim
created, nnd tlio only question Ih, Mow
Many million yeursr blfioruut views havu
boon culcrlnhied ns lo thu carlIt's forma-
ti ai, one being that. It, hus ooolod down
front a lluld to ii Hiilld mass, Sir William
Thomson Investigated tlm question of tho
cooling of tho earth  nnd  regards tint In*
crease of temperature front tbo Btirfaua
dowu word as proof of tbo constant low
or bout from tbu globe, thn bent radiating
into space without  sensibly olovtltlng thu
tontporaturo of tin1 upper orust through
which It. jitiuses. Thi* continuance ot BUOll
it Iobb of heat IliVOlVOS litdh'f in tlio occur-
ronoo of a portotl at which tbo earth waa 11
Hu ill iitasH, and tliu Hatno Rolotil isl bltfl fix-
edthut pt'i-lod at uot less than 800,000,.
HOI) nor more than 4011,000,000 years ago,
thu probability being that 100,000,000 nf
yOHW Ih tint limit uf geological hlHlory,
uml thnt prior to thntthnetho earth's Hiir-
fuua wim unfit for tin* muintotiunoo of animal or vogotnblo Ufa Our kliowlotlgo Ih
not sulllcicnt to lis thu piTinil when thu
earth became habitable or when It shall
ceasu t<> ht> ho. Tho organic world does
not furnish any guide to thu BOlUtlott of
thu problem, ami therefore It Ih only u
speculative question nn fur. Hugh Miller sayst "As certainly oa thn huh in thu
center of our system niuatouroartb have
revolved around ft for millions of years,
Thot'iirtb Ih of an antiquity Incalculably
vast, Thu 0,000 years uf human history
form hut a portion of tbu geological day
which Ih passing over ita. Thuy do not extend Into tbu yesterday of our globe, far
It'HH touch tbu niyriailn of iigus aprcud out
beyond,"-— Brooklyn tingle.
A l-'ele Pny In Spain.
A correspondent of thu Hunt on Tran*
Hcrlpt tlitis describes it fi'iu day of tbuVirgin iu tho Spanish city of Orihuula:
"Towers uml oastlca, bombs and rook*
cts of well combined colors fill thu big
eiiuuro with a golden rain. Tbu pyrotechnist-burin* over tliuroof of a three Htory
house ami cries to tbu crowd hulinv, 'Well,
bow does sbo «o?' And everybody yells
"Then, 'Hurrah for tbo Virgin of Mou-
" 'Viva-u-a-al' (Whish, li/./„ liz/.iiooin!)
" 'Hurrah for God)'
" •Vlvo-a-a-al' (llonni, (Ims, whis-stl)
*■ 'Hurrah fur tbu Inhabitants of Ori*
hucla-a-a-a I*
"'Viva-o-n-al'(VYhish, wbisb, whlsb,
whisli, boom!)
11'Hurrah for thu strangers within our
" '\'ivn-a-a!'(Hoorn, hooni, hoi mi, boom,
" 'Hurrah for the strangers within our
gates!' Can we let that pass? Never I
on* with your imts, Amorlcanosl
"Here's to Orlhtlela! Here's to ths
Spaniard! A better nation never walked
thu earth I In matter of wealth uml boast
eil clvlli7.nt.u11 behindhand in the race per-
Imps, hut 111 the sterling qualil iis of ehlv-
airy, generosity and hospitality .leaving
tho rent of tinropu bull down at the burl-
cun. Viva Bspanul"
Tlio liigitlilnlt-r l.t*i*i'011 In,
Durham Is nut much luwt good In prose
than tu verse, and bo manages 1:1s alternations nf gruvu nud gay I ti verse itself
with 11 Skill a I must equal to tliOUgb less
delicate than that of l'racd. who probably
guvu him sutuc lessons. Ills beautiful last
lines "Ah I Lay A thinking" do not nf
quint tlie not very authentic antiquity of
their spelling tu givu them charm.
Ho had scholarship, which, when it dues
not prevent n man frum writing, it seldom without effect on (lie quality of what
he writes, lie had tlie wide, vague muling
which scholarship nowadays too often excludes. He hndgoud humor, good feeling,
good breeding, nn iiuniiiiHe amount or
fun and an lncxhnuslihle fund of rhymes
snd rhythms just suited for bfs purpose.
—Macndllon's .Magazine.
Aniimpmiint Hearer. Hut——
1'irst Small Hoy—Mninmn has gone out
and locked uh In thu room.    Wot shall
we do to 'miisu ourselves?
Hucnnd Small Uny --Where's the matches?
"Wo don't have   rnntcbes any  moro.
This Hat ban 'tectric lights, you know."
"I forgot. There's DO stove or fireplace,
"No.   Nothing hut steam bent."
"I'll tell you wot we'll do.    Let'l piny
seesaw  with the fnhliug   bud." —Good
IIUI Time l.t-BMMt»r«.
Tlio R«V, Zcplmiilah Willis, who hnd
he, 11 a minister of Kingston, .Mass., for
nearly .Ml years, wiih n mcmhcr<>f the Mas
RSObUMttJ legislature of I NIII, and In a
letter ho Wrote to iii'* family 111 that timo*
occurs tho following: "There are only four
inemherHWhn retain nud wear the short
clothes- Melville nnd Williams of Boston,
I "arris of Newhuryport nnd myself."—
Iloston Transcript.
G. V. Smnlloy Describes the Sensations nt
1. Ilullet Wouud In tattle,
"I don't BUpposo that many of you hnvo
scon a field of wheat out down by tmlluts.
It's had form to cut wheat t hat way, but
on tlii> day ihot I left thu service thu ono*
iny was doing just that for tlio farmer
whoso Held my regiment was oeeupylng,"
tiahl 10. V. Sinitlley at a hoc lit) gathering
lu Kt, I'aul, as reported h.v Thu I'lomiur
"It. was In llm Vftlloy of Virginia," continued Mr. Smnlloy, "Tlm din of battle
•—and how few know what that really Ih—
was torrlfld Thoro woro above nil tho tn'
inondtiim roar of thu cannon ami thn shrill
dutmiailiin of thu rifles, hut these things
WOro perhapH forgotten In tho incidental
happening" of thu halt In, Thu shriek of
the shells, tlie sharp whistle of thomlnlo
halls and ping of thu hulluts as they found
tliulr billots, the screaming of thu burses
aud Iho groans of thu wounded men—-thoso
mingled with thu sights that accompanied
thom, 1 lie plunging of thu horses und dropping of men, tlie sudden aeeunitilatlun of
pools of hlood In the wheat and the thm
of the woundiHl ami dying—these were the
things wu saw, and as wo noticed them we
forgot thom, for there wiih tu It all the exhilaration of Imi tie and the sense thut everything was beyond one's control,
"Thoro Wits no appreciation of personal
merit ■ just a series uf mad rushcH mu\
equally mail ivpulses, and thu scent of buttle was In It alt, ami we knew nnd cared
littlo for tbo dutallH. It was In thu heat uf
11 fray that had banished all thought of
personal harm that I camo lu a standstill,
earned by a Imllut.
"A dotnohmunb of tbo enemy waa stmt
In force tu turn our left Hank, nnd wo went
runt to reptd the assault. I remember distinctly that I was In tbe nut of climbing a
fence when I was put out of tho light. I
wns full of thu enthusiasm that hud como
with tho beat of buttle, nnd I bellevo that
I was on top of thu fence shout ing, us wero
tbe rest uf our fellows, when 1 suddenly
fult that lt was duo to my findings to shut
"I felt n heavy blow on my right thigh.
I wns right un the top rail of t he fence and
fult no attendant pain, yet, after balancing
there for a fraction of a minute I pitched
headlong tu thu ground and lay them
There was yot no sonsu of pain, but somo*
thing nf a sickening sensat Ion und then I
felt thai my right lug wan becoming paralyzed and looked ut It. The blood waa
flowing freely from a bullet wound and os
tt dawned on 1110 that I had boon shot 1
grow to know tbat I was oppressed by a
great sense of pain which nearly overwhelmed mo.
"But presently I regained my presenco
of mind under tho lmmlncnco of greater
danger than I bad yet Incurred, ond I was
seized by a desperate resolve to get off tho
fluid as soon as possible. It was not tbat
I cansl to havo tho wound attended to so
mueh as that I wanted to cscnpo boing
taken prisoner. I bad hoard much of what
a prison was und was madly desirous of
escaping capture, for I felt that Imprisonment, In my condition, mount death.
Tbat wo wore bound to ho defeated by
strength of numlmrs thoro was no doubting and I wanted to bo off tho field. A
couple of comrades passing attempted to
take mo with thom using thoir muskets to
lay mo on.   This wns found to Iw lmpossl- , ,     -    »....,,*. ... r . ..-
hie ond I wns agonised by the pain of my I ln« »° **»»<*■■- »*■ footgear. Watch them
log. My friends laid mo down on a pllo of | am,J0H *,-" ** ,lmt t.u>y are. ^ ou wll
rolls, and I lay thoro for I don't know how 1 !!!0_t.bf_m.i.bi?i°!', T"*.w.Ltl.l_lra[!s. ?™
long with tho bullets flying around mo
ouiau linn Everywhere Which Hakes netting Lively—Skating '" Slippers—Ths
F it mon ■ Dutch Hull—A Dosen In Line
witli a Swift Leader,
If you have lived In Holland, in n village, we will say, yon know how tho first
frost seems to quicken everybody, Vou
hnvo been asleep nil through November;
thick heavy mints nil day; quiet, unlet,
no sound save the drip from the moisture
laden boughs and the sad fall of leaves—
all the world dying. Hui on II sudden everything Is changed, Von awaku ono
morning. Outsiile your window a warren
Is sieging a song with but two nolOB, Thu
BUR has come out; Ihe mists have gone; it
Ih crisp aud cold; the witter cntcklcHin the
jug ns you pour It out-
Down stairs everything is warm; the
maids are Btnglngnnd attentive, "Itfroze
last night, Mevrouw," Ihey say.
Vou know now the frenzy Is beginning.
The man comes In from tllQ stable. "It
froze last night, Mevrouw." Thu postman comes. "It froro last night, Mt>
Vrouw, Iho pot la full, now wo will have
tbo cover."
All uf which menus that tho rituals are
full, thu holders are covered with water,
and now a good, hard front will make life
wortlt living,
If you mil's the maids, you may know
they aro trying Iho ice on the moat with
pchlilcs. out on iho one villago street the
ilttlu boys nro whistling around the blacksmith's shop, where thu big boys ure having their skates sharpened or bargaining
for now ones, Dytbu canal—anil whnt
Dutch village Is without Its cnnal f—there
in a crowd. If It were not Holland, you
might think something dreadful was hup
peuing, ami ind I there is, lnr the skipper who goi's to the market town with bin
tri'kschiiit every till)' Ih being harangued
ami scolded because he had noma thought
of spoiling thn leu by pulling his boat
through. "It Is closed. Let il stay closed,"
they cry, ami he gives in, whether to public
opinion nr bis own desire who shall say?
And ho tt freescssteadily for a week,
quietly and smilingly, without wind, thu
ono ami only enemy to skating In Holland. Several hoys, in thu nieuntlme, too
venturesome, have been lugged out of the
canal and kicked ami cuffed for spoiling
the Ice. And then ouo morning It Is fro*
/.en .solid, and ull Iho Jlolhmdmi ure happy.
In the summer, for tho pi asant. It hns
been nothing but grind, with the exception of n few days' klrmess, which leaves
nn aching head ami empty pocket. Now
there Is pleasure without paying. Vou
may go tu tho uttermost parts of thu
earth or Holland, which Is the sume to
them, for nothing, and so tlitre nre happy
junketings on the Ice, distant friends aud
relatives to be visited-—else never seen—
and engagements to be kept which were
made tho winter before.
Tho whole country Is a network of cn-
nals, and they servo three purposes—no,
four—as means of communication, ono
canal leading into another* uh drains to
keep the land dry and habitable; In placo
of walks or fences or hedges, and, tho
fourth purpose, to skate upon.
Herein lies thu fascitis! ion of skating In
Holland—you can go somewhere, anywhere, everywhere. And incredible is the
speed nnd endurance of thu Dutch ou
skates — although Donoghuc did beat
them. Donoghuc, like Ohnuis, Is a genius
—all Dutchmen cannot win the diamond
sculls—but I doubt If In long distances
nny American enn outspeed the Hollander. We flkote better—that Ih to say, wo
dn things on ourskatesn Dutchman would
never dream of doing, hut for long distances tbe Dutch would outlast uh.
Near the village it Ih like 11 scene from
n comic opera. Girls nnd hoys, men nnd
women, all guy and boisterous, nil in a
maze of delightful color—gold and silver,
Inco covered head dresses—surmounted,
alas, too often by hideous modern bonnets
—bright skirts, gaudy aprons and colored
cloaks among thu women. The mon more
somber, but none the less picturesque.
Most of tbe men nro In slippers. If you
nre new to the sight, you will look with
amazement—red velvet nnd black, embroideries and carpet cut slippers—slippers
everywhere.   You wonder If thuy nre go
nad whistling with thoir wicked Ittlo 'sip'
Into tho rails about mo. Dozens of stragglers woro getting to tho rear as fust as
some with string*;, skates so long and low
that tbey must huve descended from tho
Finnish snow. Skates—nnd nil so loose
you wonder bow they can skate on thom.
An Incident Which I «-i to nn .Explanation
of the SiijMTHtitiiiik.
In India thore Is n common superstition
to the effect thnt tho Jeweled cobra, a most
poisonous reptile, can never be found
without Its precious stone. Tho MXttvefl
assort that us soon as a cobra loses its
stone or bus it taken away It eventually
dies a lingering death or oouiniltaauloldo.
These sunken are rather rare; otherwise
thla superstition would have ceased to exist. However, au entomologist of an inquiring turn of mindland a dabbler in electricity, recently returned Irom India, tells
tlie following Incident, showing how electricity can even serve tlm double purpose
of exploding mines ami false theories:
It appears that hu was anxious to catch
a number of Indian llrellles, aud as a decoy he used a half candle power Incandescent lamp, current being furnished hy a
(.mall sulphate of mercury primary battery, The battery ami lamp hu deposited
upon tbu ground lu a neighboring thicket
or jaiiglu and awaited developments. It
should here be mentioned that ouly thu
male fly Ih provided with the brilliant
light, white thu female gives but a faint
glow and iloes ind. leave die ground,
The first night that the lamp remained
ou thu ground very few of tlie mule (lies
came near It. This he surmised to bittlun
lo the fact of Hie light being so Intense,
Ho the next night bu set (lie decoy aguin,
dimming tho lump, however, hy covering
It with some tissue paper, lie laid this
down hy a tree, uml net In hand awaited
tlie coming of the male IHch,
They came, loo, In short order, nml In
qUltO a little while he hnd secured a lot of
Bpi'clmona,   Suddenly, however, the air
WIIB freo from fllOS, They disappeared uh
if by magic, .lust then tlie entomologist,
thinking that the cnusuof I heir Midden
departure must be due lo something unusual, looked down lo sie if ihe lamp was
stilt burning. It had gone out. Stooping
d»m n In thu darkness, he placed his baud
where hu thought the lamp ought to be,
and to IiIh great horror ho found that he
had touched the molstsklnof a living
cobra. The reptile had swallowed the
lump, thinking It to be n cobra's jewel.
It Is almost needless to say I hat there
was a mutual surprise, but it was comparatively easy to tell which was the more
Irightfiicd. Tlie snake slurred off, ami uh
the battery huh a little loo heavy for him
lo drag along, tbe wires being strong, the
lump wns forcibly removed from IiIh
This Incident led tnun investigation,
nml It was found that tlie cobra while
young makes a search for a phosphorescent pebble. compOHcd probably of barium
sulphide, which, upon being slightly heated, produces a light which resembles that
emanating from the female lire!!,v. This
lie lays upon the gruund Immediately In
front of his mouth, and as the winged Insects approach they become nt) easy prey
to this most venomous reptlie—Klectrical
A Curious Clinton,.
A curious custom pruvaits among tho
street peddlers und  small   storekeepers of
[low Vork  that Iiiih Its origin with the
Husslim Hebrews,   In Baxter street tbe
clothing men nud in Division street thu
milliners insist thut u sale must be made
before 1) o'clock ou Monday morning. Xo
matter what the price and regardless of
profit or loss, some piece of goods hus to
bu turned into coin by that hour. Otherwise tho week will prove an unlucky one.
This explains why shrewd coreligionists
hang around these places on the fateful
morn. They mny hnvo had their eye on
a pair of trousers, a coat or a Isnnct for
weeks, and tbey patiently await the chance
to secure the coveted article at their own
figure. If they seu thnt no business Iiiih
bean dono with uninitiated patrons, they
jump Inside a few moments before I) nml
fix the price on whnt they wnnt to suit
I learned of this superstition through a
match peddler. He entered the barbershop
where I was being shaved lust .Monday
j forenoon at nbout 8:80, He offered tbo
proprietor a paekngo of a dozen boxes for
I 10 cents. "No," was the reply. "I'll
glvo you n nickel." The fellow pleaded
until the bands of the clock pointed to 3
minutes of ft. Then ho took tho Scent
piece nud departed, while thu barber explained. Later I met the peddler on the
street aud asked, "How much for matches?" "Fifteen cents n package," hu replied. "Will you sell me two packages for
n quarter]"' "Xo, sir," was tho answer.
Ho hnd mado bis first sale, ami after that
cut prices "didn't go."—New Vork Herald.
they could and Tknow that tho end was ! ™7 0re °n ^l fCCt BWSlryln.8 S
not far off. And Just as I was looking for j fln<1 M *ou wotch J™ BC0 tl,° ri'al Duteh
tho Confedornto uniforms tho rescuo camo.        '•
"I looked up with tho glnnco of despair «<»r by a lot of young people aro wrnn-
and saw, coming toward mo, a youngster ! «»**K over n long pole, liko a burber's pole
In tho uniform of n Fodornl artillery bu- | nnd Ȥ ROJ-y painted, with a knob on one
glor. Ho was mounted and was leading a em- of ft* They nru ,r>''»B todeolda which
bone, I shouted to him with all my i 1" the Htrongrat They are nil the strong*
strength and ho rodo up. Thorn was no ; »*-apparently but dnnlly the owner of the
room for conversation and tlio boy dls- ! pole Is elected leader, lie takes the pole
mountod without a word. Ho helped mo ; •»*•» M" f'«bt *rm',h,J» left ,mml "rmly
up until I stood on my good leg and then gTMptag the knob. Dehlnd him 10 or 15
I mado tho effort of my lifo and got astride people—men ond women-are ranged, nil
of tho led horso. Words would not do- gwsplng tho pole In the same manner,
scrlbowhnt I suffered iw thobuglorstarted \ Jjf* n »troI1B n'nn »■ ( '« lulddleimd an-
tho horses on tho trot for the roar, but wo j other on the end.
got thoro safe enough. It waa only a mile ' »•■*« *»«■ «™ f»« rfgnaji "Ready,
away that wo found a number of ambu- j •*•»!» And owuy It is, with one great
lances nnd surgeons, nnd thoy took mo off 0,irvf to .»• ,r|Klltm,frn,» onfl Hi,,u "r ,l,°
tho homo and loaded mo Into the third l*™to "• **■» ?*}** {w \Mttla ffbllo
story of an imilwlunoo, thnt was already >°" bear the leader s'Ttchts, Jinks!" and
loaded two deep atid-woll, hern I am, and *_** tl,B ,ne ?' «™yl»g bodies gliding
that Is bow It fools to bo shot." I fartlier am-tarthv* ''oni1 »■>« «Ml until
It liecomes merely a gray wriggle.
As we have said, thu only enemy to
skating in Holland Is the wind, which almost always blows, lining with the wind
is of courso delight ful, but it is tlie returning lu thu teeth of ft that Ih unpleasant.
It lain skating ngainst the wlud thnt
the long poles are especially useful. Tbe
lender of course takes Ibe wind and bears
fhe buffet, while those behind get little
AlchemUt** Alliiyp.,
The alchemists of thu middle nges were
Incessantly occupied with thectidcavorato
transmute metals. Mnny alloys were
known to them which nre lost to us, and
their recipes contain many useful hints
worthy of the attention of modern scientists. There is n curious hook In the Illbll*
nthetjue Nntlonale entitled "1.liter Sneer-
ilotum" ("The Hook of the Priests"). Jt
Ih supposed to have been written by tbe
Jewish priests, but probably dates from
the eighteenth century. Here is one of
thu curious recipes contained In this book:
Mix n quantity of iron tilings wit ha quarter of Its weight of red urplmetit. Press
thu mixture in n linen cloth. Inclose In n
smelting pot and leave it for a whole night
In a heated furnnce. Next ndd some oil
ant) natron und just nn much copper filings ns therein iron. Melt nil together,
and the result will be a flue material for
hammers.—New Vork Ledger.
Nam* Dared Touch tbn Sacred Ilread.
In Venice n number of thieves, who
maiiiigtil to get themselves locked tn tho
church of the Hun-footed Friars, during
tho night broke open tlm talsTiuudu and
slolo tho golden capsule with tho communion wafers, ','uo of which went strewn lu
tho neighboring streets.   Nit ono dnred to
touch them, and tho priests went out In   „ taM        ,,. ,.    , ,       - ,
pnoostlOD tu pick them up. Tlie patriarch *l '0,,e' ■ ul tl'effl^wa ImpttUisends
Offend ,M.nlteLtsonlceslnallthoohuroh-1,k  "°!   "2 ^Affiff' . .1.
es In Venice, and a telegram was sent to ' n " wt"*J ,ut i» 5° ", "it flpWl1 h°
Homo to communicate what Itad been dono TO. uVJl V 0l "1 U" f T PftS
tn.hnnmw. I but ft » wry great.   If you take a long
10 1110 popo.  trip with n lot of good skaters, you will
Two Lo«r. and a Snake. And, moreover a delight In this manner
_,     .   , .       . ,...,, ' of skating which no other can give, but
Thoakolctono   n snake 4 feet long was   yott will Sesd great power 0   endurance.
^^^^m?^^f?e.^^?S   There la no failing out of line, and yon
rSS5f0!2t,i-SM iV'i^^^^^SSSlil wmhove l«trn«i nt tho end of tbe day
n tragedy which Is said to havo occurred thllt |t ,„ ^ ,v|                  ,   „ ,,     , £
in tho block mnny yearn ago, when j^ (|o flg f||e m]awiJ ||o JJ J,™ <„     „
scum held forth there.   A snako charmer, §kate((    y                      ... fi             fa
, A young woman, was bltton by ono of her BMV   ,            Tbn  «.ht..f,.a   o wf/m   in
AproconsuIwssorlglnallynHorasocoo-    serpents and diod In a few minutes.   Her )uy;cDTaLu„rtt^
snl, who at the close of his term of office [ bvS diod of a broken heart a few minutes JJ*§£j£ »,^^SKTfi JJft
was sent to govern a province.   Kxccp- .Inter.  In tho meantime tho reptile escaped I ™ «£ thrTcollec^tlesK
tlonawcre oftea made, however, and In ■ into tho building, ond It is supposod it bo- IS[£_%2^OUWlttheshavlngs.and the
later times It wsa not required that the   camo fast and diod.
proconsul should have been a consul. 	
II it-t .111 Coin mnn.
In a Spanish hook of travel, "Costum-
brcH Yankees. VlajeH por la America del
Norte," by .lose Sanchez Somonno, Ih the
following account of the origin of Uostoii
common: "A great philanthropist named
Common hnd tho happy Idea of presenting
the children of Iloston with a leafy grove
of great trees. "—Sun Francisco Argonaut.
Aqueous i'recl|illall(ia.
The general law nf aqueous precipitation may bo briefly stated. Whatever lowers thu temperature of the air at nny place
below tbe dew point Ih a cause of rain.
Various causes may conspire to effect thla
object, hut it Is chiefly brought about hy
thu ascent of thu air into the higher regions of thu atmosphere, hy which, being
subjected to less pressure, it expands, anil
In doing so lowers its tempc rut ure. These
ascending currents nre caused bythe beating of tlie earth's surface by tbe sun's
SoletitlQu Men Who Hnlleve That TUey Afford Proof of the'Boul'l InilepunUeut Activity— Cutqiilimii-'H llnlm That llreams
Always Aocoiii|rntiy sleep,
"Dreams," anyH Homer, "descend from
Jove." Thero ure thousands of Intelligent
•unple who still entertain that belief. The
1 pinion commonly held by physicists Ik
Jiat, If tho whole bruin is locked up In
deep, there is no dream. If a portion of
it. is emancipated, thoughts peculiar to
1 hat portion arise, and those thoughts are
dreams. According to Ur. David Hartley,
ihey are nothing buttle imaginations,
fancies or reveries of a sleeping person,
ind urn duo to houio peculiar statoof the
itomach or brain, to impressions received
while awake, or to tbe effect of association.
In thn same vein Andrew Baxter declares that most of the representations offered to tho soul In sleep ure not ouly not
produced by It, but there 1h no consciousness of any action of thu will to introduce them. They nro Involuntarily obtruded upon tt. Uu cannot oonoelvo of auy<
Ihlug more absurd than to suppose thnt
the soul, ns lu a nightmare, would lay n
plot to frighten ttsidf. In reply to thu nr*
minietit of those who contend thnt dreams
Indicate thu activity of the soul separate
from ami Independent of the body, Dr.
Priestly asked 1 Why does not this Independent entity contemplate thu slate of
the body nnd brain during steep, which
might well afford It mutter enough for
reason and reduction^
Ho, too, Dr. Cromwell, In his work on
Tbo Soul and thu Future l.lfc," assorts
Ihnl- drcuuiH lake plueu only when the
ilei'p Is unsound nnd arise from part lal returns of activity of the brain Itself. These
views fairly reflect tho consensus of opinion regarding I ho origin nud character of
the phenomena,
on tho other hand, thero is authority
us eminent for the belief I hut all dreams
an not bo Mitlsfnotnrily explained on the
it-rounds above staled—that them Is ■
something left out which it Ih of the high-
^t consequence to iiiiilcrstniul before a
posliivu Judgment can bu pronounced.
The student of Xenophon will recall thu
remarkable passage which the historian
puts into thu mouth of the dying Cyrus
tho Klder: "Nor do I feel convinced that
the soul will ho devoid of sense when It Is
Hcpnruted from tlm senseless body, hut it la
probable that when the mind is separated,
unmixed nod pure, It is then also most
intelligent. When thu frnmeof man la
dissolved, every part of him Ih seen returning to that which is of the same nut ure as
Itself, except thu soul, which alone Ih seen
neither present nor departing. Hullect.
too, that nothing more closely resembles
the death of mnn than sleep, hut It Is In
sleep that the soul of man appears most
divine, and It Is then that it foresees something of the future, for then, as it seems,
it Ih most nt liberty."
The let tern of tho great Kuler to a tier-
man princess contain the following statement: "Sleep furnishes something tike an
example of the state of tho soul after
death, ns tbe union of the soul nnd body
Is then, In a great measure, interrupted,
and tho soul censes uot from activity, being employed In tho production of dreams.
These ure usually disturbed by the remaining Influence which the senses exercise, snd we know by experience that the
more this Influence Is suspended, which Is
the case In profound sleep, the moro regular nnd connected are our dreams."
Hlakcwell affirms thnt to lie able to see
without the eye, to hear with tbu ear and
to feel without touching objects, as we do
In dreams, are facts which afford direct
proof that the percipient principle Is independent nf the organs of sense nnd lead
to tho inference tbat tbe material organisation of the brain, by which tbe impressions of external objects are originally
conveyed to the mind, must lie distinct
from tho power that receives and retains
these Impressions; otherwise it would 1ms
Impossible to account for the activity of
the perceptive powcrduring the time when
the brain censes to bold any direct communication with the material world. Lord
Brougham cites thn Inconceivable rapidity of the mind's operations ss a proof of
Its independence of matter and capacity
to exist without It, and after adducing a
multitude of facta chiefly connected with
tbo phenomena of dreams suysthtit "nothing can bo conceived better calculated
than these facta to demonstrate tbe extreme agility of tho mental powers, tbelr
total diversity from nny material substance or action. Nothing better adapted
to satisfy us that the nature of tho mind
is consistent with Its existence apart from
tbo body."
There Is no denial by the advocates of
the latter view tbst drennia cun ordinarily lie accounted for on tho hypothecs generally accepted by medical men. Impaired
digestion, a feverish condition of the body,
Intense nervous strain, snd other physical causes, it ia admitted, may lw reasonably adduced to explain the phenomena.
Hut there nre well authenticated cases of
dreams of a character so remarkable ss to
render the theory of physical causes wholly inapplicable to them. Tbey seem to
demonstrate the power of the soul, during
sleep, to evolve clear Ideas ami new development* of thought which nre not the
result of automatic or unconscious sclles
Coleridge tells us tbst "Kubla Khan"
was composed entirely while he slept, "the
When Denied Whisky, no Gets Drank an
Cologne, Lemon Extract and Red lak.
At best the Indian la a poor Judge of
whisky. Anything thut produces an In*
toxicnting effect satisfies him. If ho cannot gut whisky, hu will accept uny substitute, and thu result Is thut a large number
of Intoxicants huvo been discovered which
aro popularly supposed to bo Innocent of
that which produce! h redness of 'thu oyes
and contentions without cause, Tho favor*
lto stimulant In (he territory, says tho St.
Louis ltopublle, is a beverage culled Choctaw boor, lt was introduced hy tho Welsh
coal minora working at tho Lehigh mines,
and lu ItH pure condition la a muilntoxl*
eating, unforinontud hop brew. To pro*
ducn Intoxication It Is spiked wlih navy
tobacco and pure alcohol. A "Jag" acquired by ttds decoction brings out alt tho
lunate cussetlnesH In a man and fills him
with diabolical Inspirations and murderous tcndenuluH.
It docs not curtail his capacity for moan*
ness hy making him drunk In Ihe legs. It
transforms him Into a giant physically
aud a maniac menially. While In this stalo
ho generally runs amuck nnd Is given tho
right of way hy peoplo who are wise enough
to consider tl I scret Ion the butter part of vol*
or. Mnny of the nuinunniH murders committed In thu territory during thu past tun
years wcrocnminltlod by persons under thn
Influence of t'hoctnw beer.
An Iron tonic, or Btoinooh bitter drink
prodUOOB an opposite effect, as tt is stupefying In Its effects and dulls tho mental
and physical energy td tho bibulous devotee of Ilai-chus whoso taste Is so perverted
ns to idlow him to drink such beverages.
The retail druggists In thu territory at ono
timo found It difficult to keep on hand n
stock of tonic or stomach hitters largo
enough tc supply thu demand, Tho con*
sumption of these two drugs In the Indian
Territory attracted great attention among
tho wholesale druggists In tho cofntry,
and for a long time It was thought their
popularity was duo to tliulr incdh-tnal virtues, hut when the United .States deputy
marshals served .warrants on tho retail
druggisth for retailing Intoxicating liquors
tn thu shape of drugs containing a larga
por cent of alcohol tha real cause of the
popularity of stomach hitters and tonics
In tho territory became known, and today
thoy aro contraband articles of commerce
In that part of tho country.
After boing deprived of tho Joys of an
iron tonic drink the convivial natives cast
about for a substitute and discovered that
fruit and flavoring extracts would produce
that joyful fooling. Jamaica ginger and
lemon extract Immediately sprang Into
groat favor, and retail dealers coined money supplying tho demand for tho fluids.
Undo Sam stepped in nnd deprived tho red
man of those luxuries also, and ho was
onco moro disconsolate.
The genius of discovery was aroused in
the breast of tbo poor Indian, and It was
not long boforo bo was Indulging in an
awthotlo drink produced by cologne. Every "two bits" many of them could lay
hands on went for perfumery, and tho suspicions of tho deputy marshals wero
aroused, and thoy had the snlo of cologne
The natives of the different tribes, who
aro not in favor of signing tho pledge, have
lately developed a literary taste, and they
gratify It with red Ink. They do not uso
tho Ink for writing purposes, however. It
Is too precious, tn their opinion, to wosto
In that way. It will produco a much mors
agreeable "jag" from an aboriginal point
of view than any other liquid. A red Ink
drunk Is as vivid as tho color of tho Ink.
It brings forth and developa ovory element
of Intent "cussed ness," Tho person who Indulges tn lt exemplifies tho vices of tho un-
regenerate. Its tnspirat Ions are of tho samo
order as those produced by Choctaw boor.
An Indian on a red Ink drunk Inn fiend
Incarnate. He will mount bla pony and ■
lope up and down the streets of at town
and discharge his pistol at anything ho sees,
animate or loanImate, and Is not particular as to who tt Is or what lt Is either.
Tho Indian pollen and deputy marshals
havo found It woll nigh Impossible to stop
tho solo of Ink, ae It la regarded as n necessity, and while tho supply holds out tho
Indian Is bound to enjoy a unique drunk
produced by thla fluid.
A Uhlao Deserter*! Ad*raatttns.
At tho timo of tho Franco-Gorman war
a uhlan belonging to tho Fourth Uhlan
regiment deserted.   He waa apprehended
recently lu Alsace and taken tu his regiment.   Tho uhlan has Just been tried by
court martial at  Thorn for deserting tho
colors and sentenced to flvo yoars' torar-
imagea rising up More him ss things with I comtlon In a fortress. Ho haa boon sent to
s parallel production of the corresponding [ 8pw«tau to undergo tho aonteiice.   This
expresslnna, without any sensation or cou
sciouanesa of effort." Forsmnu of hla peculiar temperament that doea not seem so
si range an experience, but that thefnmoua
mntlicmatlcfnn snd philosopher, Condor-
cct, saw |n bla dreams the final stage of a
difficult calculation which hnd puzzled
him during tbe dny Is n mnstextrnonllnn-
ry fact nnd ono thnt Is scarcely to be ex
my., or, In fact, by anything whioh raise,  K^A ™'mT. „ ""» •'""J™"1
th. tarapcrntuM of ih„ raporinoumbint  ", ,™,",tl° '.'',„,,"."* ',' "° "' mluh"
ai,. .mi  ii  iu .■„.., ni„.i„„0 11,.., .i      soundness of   i olqulioiin's dortrliic,  wo
air, and  ft Is very obvious "that the con-     h „ h fl(*   unte f      j
tintialdlschargeof hirgeptecesofonlnaiice    ttnn     „„ «,.i„#Ji„^i  »,._*  a • ™-
wfll have a considerable effect In raising
the temperature of tho air lying on the
earth's surface, which will ascend, expand
nnd discharge in aqueous particles In tbe
form of rnin for the foregoing reasons.—-
Brooklyn lyigle.
Replenishing a Wiinlrobe.
She (cooxingly)—Your little wlfey Is very
anxious to see her mother again,
He— Yob, of course—er—very natural,
(■•he—I cannot go to visit her, you know,
without a complete new traveling outfit,
Paris was tbe first great city to have n
public morgue for tbe reception of dead
bodies. In London, each parish along the
Thames cares for tbe people who are
drowned or die friendless In tha strssts.
A Toothful Father. I very *ltt*0 snon. „m, 80 nn|ch *w „„*.„ jt
A French conscript has broken the rcc-   n paradise for skaters, nud the nbandon
; ord by claiming exemption on the ground   und gayety of the winter season ndd to the
! that ho Is, at tho ago of 90, tho father of   pleasure.—Cor.  Louisville  Courier- Jour-
, f*et get wet and cold. >     .    . -. , -   .
1    Many foreigners come to Holland In tbe I «■{ J few new drt-sses for extra occasions,
winter to skate.   The fact that there is I b»t If you feel very poor, my love,   can
tion. He maintained thnt dreaming Is
the exercise of an original spiritual energy; tbnt It Is an effort of the soul to man-
ITcst itself free from material trammels;
that ell aleep Is accompanied with dreaming, and that, In the case of tho soundest
sleep, dreams nre not remembered because
the aoul has not notified tbo scnsorlum of
them. Therefore we only catch glimpses
of the soul's activity In sleep when tbe
sensibility of the corporeal organs la not
altogether suspended, and these glimpses
ure celled dn urns.—New York Times.
uhlan deserter made off at tho timo of tho
slegoof Parts, fled to China and entered tho
Chinese army, In which ho served fur
U years. Ten years after thnt ho returned
to Germany and obtained a situation as
overseer In a manufactory In Alsace, which
ho retained up to tho ttiuo ho waa arrested
as a deserter.
four living obttdren.
stay at home and have mother come beru,
you know.
He—Poor 1 Nonsense. I'm making money right along. Hero's a check.—New'
York Weekly.
Thomas Taylor, M, I)., In hla report to
tbe department of agriculture, says tbst
mushrooms that change color when cut
are not nlwnys poisonous, while, on tbe
contrary, the writer knows of several of
tho nonedible amonltsa that do not chaugo
color wben tbey ore out.
■trat flatelda U Great Salt Lake.
Mrs, Ada Andrews, aged SB years, who
was deserted by her husband, Kugetio Andrews, plunged Into tho bosom of tho Great
Bait lake and was token out a fow minutes
later a corpse. Her body was found floating faoe downward about 260 fuet from
where sho entered tho water, Mrs. Andrews Is tho first person who haa ever committed suicide In tho lake, ns tho water le
so buoyant that the body will not sink.
Boaad to Do HU Doty,
A Nowark (N. J.) policeman has concentrated upon himself tho ridicule of his
associates because ho discovered two dogs
fighting In tho street and arrested the aggressor and actually locked the animal In
a cell In the station house.
Internal* Jarors.
In Mexico two substitute Jurors sit near
ths Jury box In a trial. If one of the regulars falls 111, a substitute takes his plsoe
and the trial proceeds. If
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest V. S. Gov't Report
i'l 11 mi {-em cut.
Nobody likes being managed. The
Brent of inmiugoment ia uot known to
nil, bul those who huvo learned it from
tlio good fairies who preside over domestic tranquillity huvo attained brevet
runic utnotiH tho fortumttoof tbo world.
There in everything in titkiiiK peoplo nt
tlio right moment uml in Hii^cHting nn
11 mm gum out Inntoud of ordering un ur*
i ituirv din ngo of Iiiiho. "My cousin ;
Conn Iin," hi id n Indy, "ulwuya haa
her own wny, without over Booming to
want It. .Iiilcz. her liiishnnd, constunt-
ly proptmes things in u nitistotftll fnsh-
ioti, which ho iiniigluoa litKl oirttrrcd
to bin 0WI1 bruin, tho truth being thut
ho Is tneivly currying out whnt Cor-!
ni'li.i (lib iiiiiiuil upon beforo tho good
IUI111 luid mi much im hud a glimpso of
tho llttliltlotl,"
A srciel id' ndccetwftll intuwigemunt In
tho IttililO t'tlliiimlgli is briefly siuted In
n sciiiiiiei'. "Keip your temper and do!
not mitiigotilso uny one." "I urn lonv*
ing luitiio lorn weelt," n muther ob« |
sorvt'd, "mid l huvo given Phyllis
charge of tho house, her liithur nml tho
"Hut Dorothy Is Iho older daughter,
la she liolV" was tlm inquiry of thu por*
Hon tidtlrosRCtl.
"Vi's. Dorothy is tbo older, but not
tho wiser iu this particular instance,"
fluid tho mother.    "Dorothy never con*
dilutes.    8ho assorts mid endeavors to
enforce her wishes.   Tlm result laatrifo
uml  bitterness,    Phyllis is gentle, and
patient.    She yields in minor matters .
ami only nuiltcs a stand where some*
thing worth struggling for is involved, i
1 go uwuy <vilh a light heart when it Is '
a question id  dropping my cures Into
tbo hands ot Phy 11 is."    Harper 'h Bazar, j
Binip'r   fori jc-r.1 burdeai tor this? H-ls-
liiiKt-'lio   |>[|-..   I-   £J    TtiO   ntlit-r ticket  in
leonii i   Lo kept an wh n you make a presaut
ot ihe ii tl le.
recovering from
the illness at*
tending child-
■ birth, or who suf-
Wfer from the cf-
Jifccts of disorders,
' derangements
. and displacements of the womanly organs,
will find relief
and a permanent cure in Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. Taken during
pregnancy, the "Prescription"
by preparing tbe system for parturition,
thus assisting Nature and shortening
" labor." The painful ordeal of childbirth is robbed of Its terrors, and the
clangers thereof greatly lessened, to both
mother uud child. The period of confinement is also greatly shortened, tbe
mother strengthened and built up, and
nu abundant secretion of nourishment
for the child promoted. ^^
CONTAGIOUS     rn .11 iu «««.
ajwn ■ huivww      completely .radical.
BLOOD POISON "11-vs-s.s. 01*1.
■»¥»» « vmoii |i;||l,   sores   and
jlcers yield to its heating powers,    It re-
iiovcs the poison ami Imfinfl up the system
/•luiMr irelli.r m |1m llltHU .lli'l lt> tfMlmtni milled Ut*
SUM' I   ••"I'CMilC Ml . Allan!■   fit
And   the   Lone   l.lmli   Is  Not   lli«<   Only
IteiiHDii foe IteeclvliiK " flOVerU-
 it Howard Kltlier.
iMiun Journal, U'wlxtnn, Me]
SltUluol K. .Iiirdiin hns just givon the
Journal un iiooouufc of his lifo, whiolti
in vimv of bin oxtl'Otlloly hard lot for
tho past fow yoars Will bu road with
"I mn 'IK yoflVS old nud huvo always
lived iu Now Portland. 1 unlisted iu
thn army in IHO:) as u private in Cum*
l»aii.v A, aisih Muitio Voluutoors, My
army oxpoHoilOO iiijuricd my health to
Homo extent, nlthough 1 work oil ut
lilnekMiiithing BOUlO purt of the time,
when suddenly, BOVOral yeui'H ago, 1
wan prustrated with what aide pliyat*
ohms prononuood Louomotor Atnxiu.
At first l enuld got around somo what
yet tho disease progressed quito rapidly
until 1 had hnrdly any feeling iu my
legs und feet, they felt like sticks ol
wood und 1 grew so mueh worse thut 1
could not move for three years without
help, ns my neighbors and friends ean
testify. 1 employed several physicians iu my vicinity, nud elsewhere,
and they all told me that medicines
would not help me, thut they could do
nothing to effect a cure and that in
time 1 should become entirely helpless.
1 become discouraged. 1 was a great
care to my wife and friends. Shortly
after I met an old army comrade, Mr.
All. Purlin, a resident of Madison, and
ho iucidcntly mentioned how ho had
tried Dr. Williams' Fink Pills for n
severe case of rheumatism and a spinal
und mulurial trouble, thut ho hud
suffered iu consequence of his army
life, aud had been greatly benelited by
their use. By his earnest recommendation I was induced to try tho pills.
After taking them lor a timo I began
to feol prickly sensations in my logs
and n return of strength so 1 could
move thom a little. After a fow woeki-
I began to feel a marked improvement
in my conditions. I soon was enabled
to walk around a littlo with tho help
of crutches. Aftor taking for somo time
I can uow walk without crutches, my
general health is much improved aud 1
havo regained my old-timo vigor. 1
cun walk about and enjoy lifo once
more, for whioh I feol vory thankful,
und this happy result iH duo to tho use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
Peoplo nro not a patent medicine in the
souso that name implies. They wore
first compounded us a prescription and
I usod as such iu gouoaral practice In
an eminent physician. So great was
thoir efficacy that it was deemed wist
to plaoo thom within tho reach of all.
They nro now manufactured by the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Company,
Schenectady, N. Y., uud aro sold in
boxes (never in loose form by tho dozen
or hundred, and tho public arc cautioned against numerous imitations sold in
this shape) nt 00 cents a box, or six
boxes for $2.1)0, und may bo had of all
druggists or direct by mail from Dr.
Williams' Modiciuo Company.
A rMfMMBl of Uh bmnju **ch< W » n«**"as«7 •«
ikr. |i 11 ■ .1 .r, *IV>* >''ir*» Hfawl'ctiB. lirlfliMn tha
.-iNLr.tiilf l-'.irttwt^riniilt-iioiilwllMlMnctiiBiirtki
iw i"<tt'<f ■rliieiwrfielH-n,   T<i wntlnrn idu, we
1",.. ,». •-■.!-, -.-.,..--.fun.«.-*■•-:'«•. Nilnir
Ths Urst.1 Uinuftwlunra or
On till* Continent, hart rtcsUed
from Ihe (Treat
Industrial and Food
Caution: fcAtMl,
ofl!io lahrl.snrt snippm on our
....... n I...I1IH i..l-oui.l ii.r.Bc .ilto
r.hr, our it-re rr BU)BS4r1a<,i
noisr:., ISor. h..U-r, S.O,,.,
tiunuuslLii will ISKSsfiC.
mra CAJCfi a ex, ccrchester, mass.
H. P. N. U. No. 002-8. F. N. V. Ko.87«
A Llttt. Girl'. Original l»c(lnltlon In Court
of "What la > sin'/"
Au Incident worth recording occurred
boforo Chief Judjio Scdgowlck ot tbs
anperior conrt in tlio trial of tho action
brought in behalf or Ida Goldberg to recover f 15,000 damage, from Edward
Ridloy & Sou. for Injuries received iu
being knocked dowu nud run ovor by
ono of tho wngon. of tbo firm. Tho girl
hnd her arm fractured. Tlio dofouso wa.
that alio was responsible for tho accident by hor own negligence.
Lottie Uoldbcrg, a Bister of tho plaintiff, who is ouly 11 years of ago, was
called to Iho witness chair to testify to
tho circumstances of tlio accident. Sho
wns such a littlo child thnt sho wns
questioned as to her understanding tlio
nature of an ontlt, In order to ascertain
whether sho should ho allowed to tostlfy.
"Do you understand tho nuturo of au
"Yos, sir."
"It Is a »woar."
On cross examination tho little girl
was asked:
"What do you moan when yon »ny it
I. a swear?"
"Woll, It Is that I havo to toll tho
"If yon don't tell tho truth, what
"Thnt would bo a Bin."
"What Is a sin?"
"A bad mark from Hod," auswored
tbo littlo ono.
Tho vouernblo chief judgo was visibly
touched nl this nuswor of tho child and
remarked, "This Is a very intelligent
ebild and porfectly understands tbo obligations of nn oath." Sho was then nl-
lowoil to give ber testimony.—Now York
Tramps Walk.
Johnny—Pnpn, where do tramps got
all their money to make European trips?
Papa— Who said tramp, made European trips?
Johnny—Nobody I know of, but
there's bo much In tho pnpers about
tramp steamers tbat I thought they all
did.—Roibury (Mas..) Uaz'tta
no Kent Ills Own Counsel linn tlie Jour*
ne> KuUeil und Then nitveil Ills Neek by
Explaining—Tlio Old I.ml) Willi Simmy
lu Her sin.i. Hail tu Qlva Up.
"One day In 18*0," snid titiold stage
driver tu u newspaper num. "the Black
Billscoacb leftCheyenuofor Cemlwood
with eight puisengera—seven were men,
ouu was ii woman, As ihey Journeyed
toward Dondwuod they conversed nuimig
themselves. Bliuh expressed dillerent
opinions its to tlio probability uf u holdup. Some said they would hide monoy
ninler the cushions, othets would surrender whnt bills or gold they might
possess, whilo two ur three men exhibited revolvers uud vowed Hint they
would make resistance. Tlm woman
said she und only if 100 In the world,
She hnd eoinonut west to mala1 a living
hy keeping a restaurant in the mining
lumps and hud done very well until a
are destroyed hor property nml her In.
Vestment, Shu wus going bnck to her
.on in New England to spend Iho re-
uialnder uf her days upon Iho larin.
Tlie Hiil'ust plaeo imaginable, in her
opinion, wiih tlio solu or hor loll foot,
and she luid accordingly placed two J.'iO
bills inside her hIioc.
There was a hiiiiiII man seated in
tho comer next to Ibe driver. His hut
wiih pulled well over bis eyes, uud he
kept constantly in his lap a small black
vullso. Hu took no part in tlm convur-
sutlon, and it was not loug until the
passengers, who received rather curt
responses to snch questions uh tbey ud-
dressed to bim, begun to regurd hi. nc-
tioiiH witli suspicion.
"Woll, tlm couch rolled on toward
Ooiidwood. Next morning toward 0
o'clock tho expected robbers appeared.
Tho messenger wus shut und slightly
wounded, thu horses were held und huth
diiver und nicsscugor compelled to dismount and put up their bunds. Tbe
passengers were ordered out of the
couch, und it is needless tusuy thut they
obeyed with alacrity. Tbe threo mou
who woro to resist the robbers were so
uwed by tho presenco of severul Urge
revolvers thrust in their fuces thut they
guve up their treasures with little remonstrance. Suid one of tho robbers,
It's agin our rules to bother women,
so, old girl, wo won't search you.'
While two of the desperadoes went
through tbo pockets of the men uuotber
happened to see the small muu in the
corner. 'Hollo,' suid be, 'here's one iu
tbe couch. Come out of there.' Tbe
man appeared, but without his little
bluck valise. He wus very poorly
dressed, thin, pule und affected by a
bucking cough. Said lie: ■ lioys, I hain't
got much—only u fow dollurs. I am
going buck cast to die. II you tnko
what littlo I got, 1 won't have no money
to get meals. My railroad ticket ulu I
any use to you. If you will let me
alone, I will tell you where you cun get
"At this tbo poor old women turned
pule und some of the passengers begun
to mutter.
" 'All right,' snid tbo spokesman of
tho bandits, 'wo'll search you, and if
you ain't lying wo'll let yon go if you'll
tell us whore wo cun get thut #100.'
"So they searched him und found f*
or $8 in silver in bis pockets, which
tbey let bim keep.
" 'Now,'fluid tbe consumptive looking man, 'if you'll muke this old woman tuke off her left shoe, yon will Und
noxt to tho sole two *.',o bills.'
"Thorobbers compelled tbo old woman to loosen ber shoe and found the
money. Upon this they took tbeir departure, tho pussengcrs mounted tbe
couch, und tho journey towuid Dead-
wood wus resumed.
"Scnrcely hud they entered when ■
torrent of ubuso wus poured upon the
smull mnn. 'You villain.' suid one.
you ought to be bung.' One of the men
culled to tho driver to stop. Tue menu
mun in the corner wus dragged out of
tbe coach, and the excited passenger,
wero ubout tostring hiiuuptotuo nearest tree.
' 'One minute—just one ruinate!'
pleaded ho. 'It is only 10 or Iii miles
lo the next station, and it is customary
in this country to give u man a little
.how for bis life. I beg of you just go
thnt far, and if I can't properly explain
you can hang mo.'
"Tbo driver told the passengers that
tho men at the atutiou would not interfere if the suspect could not make *
proper defense, eo they all re-entered
tbe coach nnd proceeded npon their
journey. Thero was little snid during
the next bour and a half. The mcuii
man waa closely watched by the male
pussengera, and cscupe for bun was impossible.
"A. the buildings of tho station earns
into view upon the couch suddenly
swinging uronuil u bend In Iho read the
■mull mun brightened up considerably.
Now,'said he, I will tell you. We
are perfectly safe here, us this end of
the lino is treo fioin robbers. I have
125,000 iu my grip, and the only way
thut I could snve II wna by diverting
tho attention of tho robbers to somo one
in tbe party. Unfortunately thai one
hnd to be tbe lady. Thut is why I have
kept ray own counsel during the journey.'
"As the conch rolled np in front of
the postoffice ho opened his vkIIbc. presented the old ludy with six *-J0 bills
and in addition gave each uf tlie other
passengers sufficient money to covel hi.
expenses to D.udwood."—Sun Fran
Cisco Examiner.
.Ul'S.   l.lllllltlfclllll'.   tlullls.
Mis. C. P. Huntington recently got n
now ninid. She instructed her nbout tho
iirrniigonient of her bath. "You will
prepare my bath overy morning and
every night, "sim began. "Men Dieul"
oxalnlmed tho new inttld, "two baths n
day I Why, ray Inst lady look one in u
wook, nud tlm little children only look
one a week too. " "Hour littlo wrotcbesl"
exclaimed the new mistress. Aud sho
tells tho story iu the samo spirit, hut
sho does not lull whom her ninid lived
witb before sim got her. Thu two baths
n day aro supposed tu huvo ml effect in
keeping down lier flesh,—Philadelphia
Tu tho Manner Horn.
(.rubber— What a well bred man
Mixer is!
Dninloy (who doesn't like him)—Be
ought to be. His father Is a baker.—
Tin' i-lili'l Inn tlm! ul llii' k.ilm-y. Is 10 spear-
uie Innn Ills li 1, In 11. )i.Niu;i.[|iriiiisli tin-in,
im I'l-nnlli iiiijiiirillisiiii,! will.ly iiarlli'li'sivlilnli
nuiBt- llielr Ileal exit thriniBh tlie l,l»ililer. I'll"
litieti ut UieiOIII eiilisl'i|ueiiri>ur I sollvlly
nl the kt liii'isls eniiltiells.. ut Hrl.til s it sea-e,
,lr'i|"V,,:|sli'li", ulliiii.l.inrls snil u li. r Mats-
'Hi", noli a Ileal leliileney- Hosteller'* H "luai'll
II iters, a lilulily sniiiiiiutieil nlnn-tlr sn I lilo.il
ii l.tiri'iil, linjs'h ilic klilneys wtii-li lllsohv.. to
ii'ii.'w tlii'ir sililna llllli't on, unit alrait, .nun
Mn' v lal eiineiil I tn pu > lues wtiteli Infest It ami
threaten llielr ii-vn ixist i..'e sb or.alis nt lliu
'miiy. Cstflrtli ot tin- lilinlili'r, a HM'lsinl reien-
lliui el the nriiie siual-o nistsil us arreslod or
svertoil l»y this buntau primmer anil res era-
live nt ni'itsiilii sciliin Malsrls, rlie inislisin,
li.insll|isllnll, biliousness ami ilvsfioiisla also
yield to me lilltTs, wid ih IssKoapuuiilly buue-
Hem] lo thu tvesk unit nutv.ilis.
DodRe—I alt'nihil a rosn-e last nl.ht. Tlie
modliiiii oi. led un the splillotNupoleiiii. Loilau
iVnul iih'.nsui'lines lis lemlT limine He lie*
ides everj IbniK ami r.t< i amis an liiVeati.allou.
We offer On. Hundred Dollars Reward
for any ease of Catarrh that cannot be
cured hv Hall'- Catarrh Cure!
P. J. CI1ENKY 61 CO.. Props.,
Toledo, Ohio.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the past 15 yeara, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all tuiaine..
i runsaotuina and Hnaneially able to carry
out any obligations made by th.tr nnu.
Wkbt it Tboax,
Wholesale Drilgai-t. Toledo, 0.'
Wai.iuno, Kihnah & Marvin,
Wholesale DillgglBls, Toledo, 0.
Halt's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting direcily upon the hlood and mucous
surface, of the system. Price, 75o. per bottle. Sold ny ail Druggists. Testimonials
On Kast from Portland. Pendleton, Walla
Walla via 0. It. & N. tu Spokane and Qreat
Northern Ha-lway to Montana, Dakota.. St.
Paul, Mlnueapiih., Chicago, Omaha, St
Louis, East aud Sulllh. Hock ballast track;
tine sneneiy; liewequipuieiit; Ureal North-
-Tti Palace fleecers and Diner.; Family
Tourist Cars; bullet-Library Cars. Write
C C. Donovan, Oenerat Agent. Portland.
Oregun, or F. I. Whitney. 0. P. & T. A.,
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la published ovory Friday ovouluKi «* tlio olllco.
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Duutl.H, blrtllB, aii'l inurrliiKUH, jiliv  euntt (or
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Uomtnorolnl advorUioimaUat BrautlyrodtiMid
J>i icon, Wtljoll Will liu iiiiiiIii klliiWU im M|>|ill
autloui W'i'iiii'iiy oontraoti,
AddroiB nil oommuntoatlouB to
Clovordulo, n. 0,
Tho reoonl nppolntmout by Iho
Govornmont of two ot three nf the
long promised log seniors, calls lo
miiitl the faroloal examination nf
log mon thnt was hold in Vancouver about n year nun. Although
[t has been known for that length
of time who were the successful
candidates at the so-oalled examination, uml although the need of appointing offiolol scalers had been
agreed to hy the Government years
before, still it is a fact that tho appointments were not made till the
other day, the reason being Unit
the Government was afraid to face
tho music while the memory of
that wretched "examination" was
still fresh in the minds of tho public of the  Province.
Let us recall some of tho particulars, so that Ministers at Victoria
may rejoice in their appointments.
There were Some forty applicants
from all over the Province gathered
at Mr. Skinner's office that first
day, to be examined i'egarding
their knowledge of measuring lumber in the log. The writer was
one of the number, and was the
only candidate present who might
fairly he called a "green" hand.
The others consisted for the most
part of mon whose business had
been for years the buying or selling
of saw logs. All came in good
faith, and almost all left Mr. Skinner's office with a realizing sense of
the fact that they were not wanted
there. The first exercise was tho
computing of the amount of lumber
in a certain number of logs according to ti printed table of scales.
The principle upon which logs are
measured was never referred to. In
this exercise, which required only
rapid exactness in transferring and
adding figures, those few scalers already engaged about the mills of
'•nurse had a walk over. In that
game practice is everything, and a
Working scaler would walk over a
mathematical professor. Moreover, the candidates were not
pleased with the manner in which
the business was sprung upon them
in Mr. Skinner's office. The remainder of tbe examination consisted of the "practical test." A
number of old and condemned logs,
Were put into a boom at the Hastings Mill, and the candidates invited to scale them. No such boom
was ever seen in B. C. waters before,
nnr will likely ever be again: Almost nil the logs were culls, and it
was current at the time that the
examiners themselves had great
llifliciilty in arriving at a lumber
value for the boom, and, even then,
tif course, it could only be tin arbitrary one. As two of the three
examiners represented mill companies, the candidate was placed
In this ililema : that most of the
logs being Unmistakably oilllSj if
he allowed anything for lliem be
Would practically be accusing the
mills of robbing  loggers in times
past, while if bo tlid not allot" anything for them bo would be antagonizing the very spirit of Ihe
Log Scalers Act. Men frotn a distance were put upon the boom first,
and of course its peculiar inakc-up
was entirely new to them, and they
bad to think quick and decide!
Ipiick. The Vancouver scalers!
bame hist, and as the "circus" had
been in progress for somo two!
weeks; with a holiday for (he boom |
•very  wet  day  and  Sunday;  the
city candidates had not only time
lo obtain pointers where thoy J
L»mldi but also opportunity to crlrc-'
"illy go over the boom time and
•Iguili. The insult of the cxamln- i
''tion was that one man from Nnni-
Hlmn  ,r>i«»il, one from  the njiper |
country, and all the rest (six, we
believe) belonged' to Vancouver,
Thirty old ami experienced log-
gors were thrown out, nftor being
put to tin expense of probably
threo or four hundred dollars, upon
it "fool's errand."
Ho  it understood,  that  no ono
disputes the qualifications of the
mon who have now been appointed
scalers. Indeed, at that first meeting in Mr, Skinner's office, tbey
woro freely oritised as tho coming
appointees, and while many loggers
openly Intimate a "put up game,"
this writer has no inclination to
urge anything worse than a bungling examination, The examiners
were obliging and courteous from
start to finish, but it surely was a
mistake lo so arrange the method,
Unit scalers In practise bad all tho
advantage inside, and resident
Vancouver scalers tbo advantage
In any event, the hand-loggers
of H. c. feel that tbo Government)
while apparently listening to them,
was all tho while laughing at them,
and they will bear that in mind
when election time comes again.
A laic despatch from London re-
spectingtrade returnslnakcs things
appear a trifle awkward for our
sprightly cotemporary, tho Victoria Times. That journal is an
ardent admirer of free trade doctrine, and being over zealous in
tho caUse of Mr. Laurier, is disposed occasionally to view happenings in a porverBe light, so that its
utterances are Hot always discreet.
Some weeks ago a Paris despatch
stated as follows:
"The director of customs at Paris
reports Unit during the first five
months of Ibe present year French
imports decreased 240,000,000
francs as compared with the cor
responding period of 1894. On the
other hand exports increased 100,-
000,000 francs during tho first five
months of 1895."
The Times, with a peculiar bins,
presented the above item to its
readers Under the headirtg "Protection Causes an Enormous Adverse
Balance of Trnde ill France."
SubrbV Timks took exception to
that Way of viewing the matter nnd
endenvored to show thnt nn increase of exports anil decrease of
imports was a national benefit, and
shortly afterwards the Times entertained its renders with an article
teaching that a bnlnnco of trnde
against a nation is a sure token of
prosperity. Now Something has
transpired thnt tbe Times did not
reckon upon when it permitted
over zenlous pnrtisnnship to bias
its judgement and lend it from the
path of plain common sense. It is
this, the identical same thing thnt
happened in protective France has
happened in free trnde England,
ns witness the following telegmm :
"London, Aug; 10.—The Times
financial article' this morning remarks that the great increase of
British exports to America for the
Inst month is indicated by the Board
of Trade returns amounting to £5,-
32(i;(i73 over 1864, while the imports have decreased £2,900,179 for
the same period."
To be consistent our Victorin
cotemporaay must now nnnolincC
to its renders that "Free Trnde
Causes nn Enormous Adverse Bnlnnco of Trnde in England)" and
that whereas the American imports of England do not equal the
exports, therefore Englnnd is being
impoverished and A mericii is getting
rich by virtue of these transactions.
Sauce for goose, sauce for gander.
" leave the same before il is tho-
" roughly extinguished, and any
" dniiitige shall result therefrom,
" and any person who shall ignite,
" or knowingly permit to bo ig-
" nited, in the open air, upon his
" own land any Inflammable nin-
" terlal, and shall, by reason of
" gross carelessness and negligence,
" permit any lire originating there-
" from to escape on to any adjoin-
" ing or adjacent public or private
" property, whereby damage shall
" bo done or timber destroyed . . .
" shall for every such offence, for-
" feit and pay a sum of money not
" lees than $50, and not exceeding
" iflfil), with costs of prosecution,
" to bo recovered before uny two
" Justices of the Peace in a sum.
" mary manner, and, in default of
" payment thereof, shall bo im-
" imprisoned for any poriod nol
" exceeding three months." Half
the lino is to go to tho informer,
nod besides the minimum fine of
$50, the offending party is liable
to civil suit for damages. Our
Westminster cotemporary, doubt-
Icbb without due consideration of
all the circumstances, urges that
the law should bo enforced, ami
recommends au increase of the fine
and of the defaulting penalty. No
doubt, as the Columbian says, the
smoky atmosphere is very disagreeable, but in this regard oyes and
nostrils are just as sensitive in the
country ns in the city, whilo in the
former the risk is very much greal-
ter from forest fires. Yot in tho
country, people accept tbe smoke
with perfect equanimity, because
they know the August fires menn
incrensed ncrenge of cultivated
W« hnvo talked on this question
witli some of tho oldest and best
settlers In Surrey, and all agree
that if they are to be in any way
hampered or made liable to penalties for burning their "slashings"
during the dry months, the only
senson nt which they enn be burned) then it is time to pull up stnkes
and get out. As a matter of fact,
August has always been, and is
noW) the accepted season in this
country, for putting fire through
the "slashings" the first time preparatory to logging, and nccessnr-
ily bo, because at other seasons the
fire would not run. The question
of damage to Standing timber is si
small matter compared to the advantage of bringing land under
cultivation: In the settled district
of the B. C; coast country, timber
is a burden on the face of the earth
nnd the one one grent. evil fnrmers
have to contend with. It can only
be handled by fire, and the sooner
it goes up in Smoke the better for
all concerrned. Severe penalties
against fires in Manitoba are undoubtedly wise, for there the flames
trnvel with Ihe wind over hundreds
of square miles of territory in a
night. It is absurd to make similar laws for Ibis province where
fire rarely leaves the brush hespfc
and will not run ih the heavy forests. There nre records that a wide
forest fire once raged in Westminster District, but the oldest inhabitant cannot state  tbe time, nnd
like soiling goods under fnlse pro-
toncos. Tho provision of "gross
carelessness" needs to be defined
beforo it cun bo said to protect the
industrious settlor who "slashes" in
the winter and'burns in the sum-
mer. Surely there should be no
ill-considered legislation placed in
Ihe way of the cloaring of the land.
Kitty to a hundred years ago the
choicest districts of eastern Canada
wore going through tho experience
that wo hero are contending with
The C. P. R. Mail Subsidy.
Ottawa, Aug. 8.—Tho following
reply has been mude by tho Postmaster-General to the criticisms in
the Liberal press on tho recent arrangement of the Government subsidy to tho 0. P. It.: "Tho proper
time to discuss tho reasons for an
expenditure of tbo public money is
when Parliament is asked to voto
that money and it would bo altogether irregular to discuss in advance reasons which might influence
the Government in asking Parliament for a grant of money which
may ho required in a future session.
The relations between the Post
Office Department and railways in
so far ns the carriage of mails is
concerned, nro clearly defined by
Statute The Postinasler-llcncral
has power to require every railway
to carry the mails on such terms
and conditions and under surh
regulations as nro niatlo by the
(lovernor-in-Council nnd there is
no instance on record in which any
arrangement of this kind bits been
discussed iu Parliament Until Parliament was asked to vote the
money required to cai'ry it on.
The action of tho Postmaster-General has been in strict accordance
with the law and whon Parliament
is asked to provide the money required, the Postmaster-General
will be in a position to defend his
action in the matter. Wben Sir
Richard Cartwright, (Hiring the
discussion on the Estimates, asked
how much was paid for tho railway
mall service, the information was
was given at once) and the
Postmaster-General was quite
correct in stating on the 12th
of July that there was no increase
in the amount for which he was
then asking."
Killed by His  keepers.
Chicago, Aug, 10.—Geo. Gough
and J. It. Anderson, attendants at
the insane asylum at Dunning, are
locked up, charged with the murder of Geo. ISudizy, a patient in
the asylum. Budizy wns n violent
maniac; and wns confined first in
the Alexis Brothers' Hospitnl, and
from there was taken to the Dunning Asylum on Thursday, where
he Was given in charge of Gough
and Anderson. Budisy seemed in
excellent health) but ih the morning was found dead in bed. The
attending physician at the asylum
suspected something wrong, examined I' a body; and found thnt the
flesh .11 over the chest wns bndly
benten and bruised. Budizy hnd
been literally hammered to death
Every rib in life body was
broken, nearly all of them in two
places, and several fractured four
times. The breast bone was broken
in two places, and the abdomen
was one mass of heavy blows, several of which had inflicted injuries
on the intestines Sufficient in themselves to have caused death. In
several places on the chest and
side tho blows luid been dealt So
viciously that tbe flesh was literally all tori! from the bone, nnd was
hanging in loose shreds. Supt;
after the  coroner's jury
that ancifent nnd isolnted fact must j rendered a verdict to the effect that
not be permitted to influence the I Budizy had been pounded to death
clearing of land now.   It may be #   «»k»»«''\ Pe"P,e>  l^ked out
" ,. ,   , /,      Gough   nnd Anderson   tiS the two
wise to attempt to guard old log- Lwfrnos't, likely to be guilty of tW
gingcamps, but sooner or later lire,orime; they having hud .•barge bf
The Westminster Columbian of
Saturday last contains an article
under the above bending treating
of the law in regard to bush fires
and the desirability of enforcing it.
Sl'iniKV Timks, as representing a
purely agricultural community,
feels in duly bound lo take exception to Suggestions contained in
that article.
Our concern is with fires set nut
for the purpose of clearing agricultural lands. The Columbian quotes
the law as providing thut "Any per-
" son who shall, (luting the months
" of Mliy, June, Jiily, August; Sop-
" lembtfr or October, ignite in the
" open air, in nriv forest or Woods,
" being the property of nny person
" or the property iif the Crbwn, any
" mHummithl" mmerinl) and shall j
is bound to get into these combus
tilde precincts, nnd wo are not Sure
but the less delay the better.
The law us quoted by the Colilm-
bian, is an iniquity so far us it applies to fires BUI out to clear lands
for agricultural purpose. Neither
do we believe thnt it is law)
only a pnrotli of it
place, tbe right of a mun to set out
lire on his own property for his
own legitimate benefit, without
malicious intent, is an underlying
principle of the laws by which we
hold property ; nnd such u mnn is
under no obligation to extend perennial protection to his neighbor's
property, by letting his own lay
wild and waste or otherwise. AgniOJ
the Government disposed of the
agricultural lands of thn Province
upon conditions, always implied
nnd frequently stipulated, that a
certain pnrt of them should be
elctired for cultivation, nnd to then
step in and say that the settler is
liable to a penalty if he clears at
the only time he "can dean looks
the ward during the flight;
 .  *  .
Vernon News; Mr. Wm. H.
Bullock Webster lias been temporarily appointed to succeed Mr.
Moresby ns ohiel constable of the
Westminster District, and bus been
Installed in his new office by Bupt,
utjllusscv, of the Provincial police
In IhVttrit 'ow9'. «•• BiilWk-Wehstcr has
I served for some tune as constable
•it Osoyoos, and has given much
satisfaction to thb public by tho
Very efficient ninnner in which ho
hns performed his duties. In Win
the police department has a
thoroughly trustworthy officer, and
we congratulate him on his promotion, which wits certainly Well
johnson i Mckenzie
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shnrk in Fitzhugh Sound; The
shark, which wns nbout 30 feet in
length, made a charge, apparently
straight for the vessel, when Engineer Jameson seized a rilic nnd
fired ht it. Just ns the shot wns
tired; the shnrk turned on its back,
as if to seize its prey, and struck a
heavy blow on the Blonde's bow,
mnking the vessel shiver from stem
to stern. The shnrk must have
been hurt by the contuctj for it
went off in n htirry.
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r. 0. Addrc,B-Mt. I'lcaiont, Vancouver II. 0
Fine Acclimatised stuck of Trees)
Plants, Vines, Shrubs, Roses,
Bulbs, etc., etc.,
Growing on my own Grounds.
- 'niporlcr ol OblnBM .oil .lapnn l.lll'f.', Aaallaa
i OiincllB', l'rillt nml Ornamental 't'rooi, Hull.in.I
| nil.I.*, Ac.
j ajlk'nlrr In flint MHtlnl'iclnror ot Aurlrullurfll
jTinpletniMit.. uca II...'. and Bupplici: 6pra*
I I'uuipi, Wlinlo Oil Soup, tti-.
Montreal, Aug. 10.—Towards
the close of the afternoon sitting of
the Police Court Investigation into
the case of the firebugs, Charles
Jenkins nnd Harry Hnynes, the
former while under cross-examination, stated that his share for tl^e
burning of the Boyd, Gillies & Co.'s
warehouse was*4,200, five percent'
on tlie insurance; and five per cent:
on lnpse of lensft of eighteen months'
Wfitelions" feltt!
Black Currants.
Thu tiinkT-iiiiiu'i ii i* ivumi hundwl yoiiiii*
llluck ClirrHiit Im-in ■ m■■(■.• Hum liu 1* ubiu tn
-i'l mi:, mnl win ii:-].i- nf tlium nt vury !"«
■ ntt-n in I'unntltlci to in.t imrtluiHur, \>iii tnla-
(■OtHtODI Hi I'XCtltttiLTO. Ill'ii-a. i-urrniLt- nn- the
rooit rolliiMu nf all fruit cropiiHltd nt i ten,'ut
prlffl will tiToJtico ti> 0 apt Wte ll pronvrj'
unltlvntuil. J. K. (lAl.llllAlTH,
Surrey TltOM OfllMi
Columbia Street, New Westminster
of everj? description in American
rind Italian Marble.
Scot oh, Swedish, bibrador and No* Hti'tin-
wick Granite.
Host ol material and workman-hip.
KugraVlng ol luhcriptmiii ftti;»cdnlty,
„   ALEX. ItAUitTON. I'ropriotor,
I'. 0, JloS IU!
Now iiC pHiio (MtatQgUQ mnileit on rOOOlpt »>(
your mldrvi', Gil it ut onm nud keu'ill lui
(iituro roluroi.ct'.   \\ will i>uy you.
Addmii,                     M. .1. I1KNI1V.
lllIX IS, Mrnnn |'l, mt,
Vi.iifiuivcr, li. l\
HOliAN BROS.,  Proprietors.
Tho ii.ir la,applied witli inparlor Manor, mid
pjoico 0tg.ni mnl tti. vaiinr. an) .il.tiuv.
nml  oozing,
front Blri'ot, opposlt. tho lorry l-mnllnc.
Choice young Boars and Sow's ol
different ages.
Writ, for Wflhtl, or come aud bco Block.


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