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188    . . ,
^ hrrn
«1K 7s?
No. 13.
Vol. 1.
ui       c-r        ^
o       ^       ^      |?
9   ^   M   §  2
<■   *       9$       £       9      '»
Musi realize ou our stock.     Want  money, and must have it.     If you
wnnt Iho goods give us u call and you will lind it will pay you.
stoves fly ACTUAL COST stoves
Parnell &. Gunn,
The Westminster Grocers
and Feed Merchants.
Gall  and see them, and  Save  Money
when  in Town.
afaaf Opposite C. P, R, Station, 807 Columbia St., Westminster, B, C.
W. S. Collister & Co.
- - Successors to R. P. Freeman & Co.,—
Millinery & Mantles.
Agents for Butterick's Patterns.
Send for Monthly Fashion Sheets.
Wm. Johnston,
in all grades of
Sole agent for Ihe celebrated
English "K" Boot.
ttw ouit   I'liicKS leave   COMPETITION
X.'.v Weafilthlilvr, 11. C.
Rough Ik Dressed Lumber,
ritlij-siiiiiKico; Moulillntrs, l'lnln nnri Ftincy Pickets Doori, Window*; t'ramei. Iillrnl*!, Turned
VV'nrl:.ota.,antl nil KllldtOl ElltOriOr Kltlljll.     Plnlu >flUd  I'nrvoil  Mimicl*. H:ore nml 011)00
uHtlitw*.   Fruit nml Snlmou llnxon. Net-Hunts, Ac,   Importcrit ot l'lnln, rancy mnl Common
nffiaow CiiusF. WW- yards nnd wawhouioi, Columbia street Wcit
& JARDINE, Leeal Manager.
Uasi'hki!iiii:s nre commencing to
Tim currant worms are again Infesting tbe currant and goosoberry
Kims are selling In town al 80
ots. per dozen, and are scarce.
Butter is hard to sell at any price.
Tim residents of Kensington
Prairie are arranging for a plc-nlo
to Blaokio's Spit on Monday noxt,
Dominion Hay.
■I, N. Piiai'kii's appeal against
Ibe decision of the Surrey Court of
lleyision lias been sol for hoarlng
nt a fill lire dale, before .Indue Hole.
For all kinds of Seeds, Grain, Chopped Feed, Flour, Meals, &c, go to the
Brackman & Kerr Milling Company,
543 Front Street, New Westminster.
Tin: many friends of Miss Richmond will regret lo learn that
Unit young lady continues lo be
very ill. All will earnestly wish
her a speedy recovery.
The Delta creamery building
was completed on Saturday, but
owing to Ihe non-arrival of machinery butter mulling will not
unmence until about the middle
of July.
The weather this week has been
exceedingly warm, and very favorable for the growing crops. Hay
promises fine, and will soon he
ready for the mower. Commencement will be made in this locality
next week,
Mas. Isaac Johnston and Mrs.
Jas. Johnston, of Mud Ray, were
in Cloverdale on Monday, and like
most people think the location is
very pleasant. Their business was
in connection with a celebration on
12th of July, Many Surrey ladies
take a deep interest in the affairs of
the Orange Order.
While Mr, A. Richardson was
standing at the door of Richmond
& Co's. store last Monday morning
ibout nine o'clock a large bear
crossed oyer the railway track and
back again, a couple of hundred
yards north of the town. Rears
have often  been   noticed crossing
ie truck in the same locality during the past couple of years.
Ox Thursday the 4th July the
Methodist Sabbath schools of Lang'
ley and Cloverdale, with the I. O.
G. T. of Langley, will have a picnic in a very pleasant grove a half-
mile west of Murray's Corners, opposite Mr. Trigg's place. A cordial
invitation is extended to everyone
who feels like uniting with the
above, to come and take an active
part in the pic-nic. Teams will be
provided to take all Surrey friends
who have not conveyances of their
own, to start from the Methodist
Church at Cloverdale at 8 a. in.
A PEW day's ago, in Victoria, 22
boxes of California apples, which
were badly infected by codlin
moth larvae) were condemned and
destroyed. They were part of this
season's erop and had just been received from California. A few applications of this medicine will put
a stop to the shipping into this
Province of infected fruit, and the
benefit to local growers will not
only be in tending to keep the orchards clean, but in protecting the
market. In this regard, the Horticultural Board is doing good service.
On the day ot the pic-nic last
week, the be»s at Surrey Centre
held a pic-nic of their own. An
immense swarm issued from one of
Mr, Boothroyd s hives, and formed
in three separate clusters. Scarcely
had these been secured when one
of Mr. Churchlund's hives sent out
an unusually large swarm, and
this separated Into two clusters,
which Were also successfully re-
bived. It is ii very unusual Ibing
for swnriiiing bees to divide Into
sections) and the bees appear to
have been having a Special jollification.
Ox Saturday evening, which Is
the regular  meeting  night of the
Oddfellows here, till;  Indies of Ihe
Presbyterian ohnrch hud prepared I
an  exquisite little ice-cream festi-'
val as a surprise for the brethren, I
in   token  of appreciation  of the (
kindliness of Iho  lodge in giving
the Hall for fhe recent entertainment.    The evening proved   ex- [
ceedingly   wet   and stormy,  and |
only four Oddfellows put in'an appearance, much to the disappointment of the ladies.   However, those
'or whom the feast  was prepared
failing    attendance,   guests   were
gathered   in  from   the  highways
and byways, and a good time was
had after 'all.'
In regard to the big Orange celebration nt Victoria on 12lh July,
Ibe following are points lluil will
likely interest many of our readers : The arrangenienls for Ihe
celebration nre very complete, aud
In every respect il is expected to be
the most successful affair of the
kind ever held on this coast. The
sleainer Ynsemile will leave West
minster at I o'clock on the morning of ihe 12th, and will call nl
Ladners and Bteveston on tlie way,
The fare will be $l..rili for the
round trip. The 'fransfor will make
n special trip from up-river points
to connect with the Yosemlto,
Parties desiring to go to Victoria
ou buslnees OOll take advantage of
the excursion rate, and on application may have their tickets extended a few days. The terms are
certainly very Inviting and a good
contingent from Surrey is hoped
for. Excursionists leaving here to
catch the steamer in the morning
would find it best to go to Ladners,
as there would be no means of
crossing the river at Westminster
at so early an hour.
The trailing blackberry is the
best wild fruit that grows on the
coast district of B. C, and is a
great favorite for preserving. Last
year abundant supplies wore
gathered by the people of the
neighborhood at the Royal City
camp, four miles south of here.
The vine thrives on a poor soil,
and grows naturally in the clearings before being plowed up,
Mu. W. 1). Bhown, of Hall's
Prairie, was going in to town on
Wednesday, and when opposite
the house of Mr. McCauley, on the
Yale road, he noticed that the roof
was on fire. Tho alarm was immediately given, and with the assistance of some neighbors the fire
was extinguished. Mr. McCauley
and the family were away from
home at the time.
Monday will be the anniversary
of Canadian Confederation. There
will be a big celebration in Vancouver, Dominion Day being the
favorite holiday of that city, but
money is too scarce to permit of a
large attendance from this neighborhood. Here the day will be
passed quietly.
The Surrey Council is offering a
reward of .$25 for the conviction of
the parties who recently mutilated
animals at Hall's Prairie. The
action is wise, if only to show that
sucli viciousness will not lie permitted to pass with impunity,
Ox Monday, a four year old boy,
son of Mr. Jason Allard, Langley,
fell Into a well near the hoiisc, and
although the accident was observed
and immediate measures taken,
life was extinct before the child
could lie got out.
Ox Tuesday morning a drukon
row on the Indian reserve near
Douglas, just this side ni the
boundary, nearly resulted in murder, nud may prove hi yd. An
Indian known as I'owiehan Jimmy chased his father-in-law, Boston Tom, w'ilb an axe. Tbe latter
fell, ami Ihe axe was buried in his
buck near Ihe hip joint, making a
frightful wound, Constable Lester
was sent mil In Investigate, ami
Bueeeeded in arresting Cowichan
.liiiiniey. Dr. Sutherland win called In to ii I tend the wounded Indian, whose chalices of life are
about evenly  balanced.   Jlmmey
has tlie reputation Of being il  bad
BOUNDARY. Bay, in Delta Municipality, is a favorite summer resort
for city families, Tho conditions
are all charming and the bathing
facilities excellent. Already tents
are going Up, and in a few days
Iho sandy beach will present the
appearance of a canvas city.
School Elections to-morrow. In
the Cloverdale District Mr. J. I,
Breen is tho only one mentioned,
and he will likely be elected by acclamation.
Creamery Meeting,
The public meeting held in the
Town Hall, Surrey Centre, on Saturday last, to consider the advisability of organizing a creamery
company) was very well attended
hy interested farmers, notwithstanding the untimely hour. Mr.
Daniel Johnston, of Mud Bay. was
appointed to the chair, and Mr. A.
Philip, tho convener of the meeting)
was then called upon to explain
the business in hand. Mr. Philip's
proposition was to establish a central creamery, to be supplied wilh
cream from stations conveniently
icaled in the surrounding Country
where the farmers would bring
their milk to have it separaleil, returning home with the skimmed
milk. Mr. Philip presented the
rosy side of the proposed scheme,
and a general discussion followed
in which those who took part manifested a keen appreciation of the
merits nud risks of the proposal
under consideration.
Finally a committee was appointed to decide upon what further action should be taken, The
committee) of which Mr. D. Johnston is convener, consists of: I),
Johnston and E. Loney, Mud Bay;
Wm. llroWn and A. Milton) Clover
Valley; C. 1). Moggridge and D. \V.
Brown, Hull's I'rairie: Jos, Parks
and I). M. Wiltshire, Poll Kells.
This completing the business the
meeting adjourned.
A few suggestions here occur to
the editor of SuKltEY Timks, viz.:
Mr. Philip being the prime mover
in the scheme and  professing to be
The regular meeting of Surrey I much interested, how much stock
L. 0. L. No. 1471; falls on Wedncs- i "ill he take in tho proposed coin-
day  next.   A  full  attendance   ofipany'.
members is desired, as there will I ™I proposed investment being
not be another meeting before the considerable and the season well
12th of July. ' '   " :'   '-"'■ ■"■■'■''"■
Tiik well-known shoe store  of
William Johnston, New Westmins-
iidvauced, would it be wise lo take
any further action at the present
time '.'
What about waiting to get some
If you wnnt ,., Imy Flour, ('rain.
Cho|l|t(-tl Fr.iU. Unit,. Mii.iu. Knllf.t
0,.u,.Vr., Ac. rlllMT ,,li,,l..„l.or .flutl
try \...i.l.ill di Mlni-lalr, Fruxl Hlrri-I,
New WeMtmlnxt.'i.
ter, is doing an extensive trade in | authoritative Information from
the popular "K" boot, which is j I'rof. Robertson, when he comes to
proving a great favorite with the I lecture next month ?
I    Seeing that  a  creamery   under
J good auspices is about to commence
operations at   Ladner'si would it be
I prudent to "go it blind,"  when by
(waiting a few  months  the experience of others may* be profited
Mn. E. M. Caiixciioss, tax col- ty'     _       __^_
Surrey Council.
Council met on Saturday, 22ml
lnst») at one p. in.
Reeve Armstrong ill the chair,
with Councillors Moggridge, Cameron, Keary. Burnett) and Hardy
Minnies oi previous meeting
rend nml confirmed.
Communications were rend us
I,. LanJllowne Cottell re. crossing
at Brownsville,   Clerk to reply.
The Imperial German Consul,
notice of appointment.   Filed,
li. 0. M. Dockerlll re. an old account.--Clerk lo look it up.
II. R. Townsend, sec-treasurer
lector, has been ill Cloverdnle the
last few days, preparing Ihe roll,'
and will soon he at work gathering
In the shekels for the municipality.
The ruins of Inst week did  harm
to Ihe strawberries.   On the Belle-
meade farm, where there is ii large,
area under this fruit,  the damage
was very considerable,
Tin: prize lists of thoJSurrOy Ag-!
rlcultural Society are printed, ami
ready lo issue. Members here may
obtain  copies by calling  at   (his.
,Mu. J. I. Biiki'X has been "swopping" calves for horse flesh, and
now sports n pony and cart outfit
that delights tlie hearts of the jun- N. W. I!. A.    Received.
ior llrecns.                                       i    ll. II. Males  re. contract Clover
ThEpublio examinations In the Valley road.-Clerk to write eon-
school here are in progress as   WO "«    »   -..
go   to   press.     Particulars   next ' ■   * "ttnn  re.  PkWty  »<
,»■„,,]{■ Illume, 11. C. -Clerk to answer.
  . W. J. Mathers re. an appropr'la-
Im:  attention  of bridge con- tion on certain roads,—Councillor
tractors is directed to advertisment Cameron to report at next meeting.
ol Surrey Counoilln this issue for;   Samuel Walta re. cutting this-;
a bridge over the Nicomekl river.    I ,]?e on tlie Keith elate.
. STitAWiii:K.ui77ro   selling   in '. A petition from Messrs. Harrison,
Westminster at ifl.7")  per  crate.
'•'he supply is short.
any more ibis year to Ihisflfoad.
Tenders were accopted aw follows!
\V, .1. Small   ami   \V. lir.i-c, for
work on lljorth  road at $1,36 per
li. Rotltloy, work on l.altioier
road at $SJV80 per chain.
W, Preston, work on Clover Vnl-
I ley road al if I per rod.
;    J. Crutchley, work on Campbell
j river road, $-10.
I The Clerk was Instructed to call
for tenders for a bridge over the
Nicomekl river on the Kensington
\& Mud Bay road,
Coun. Burnett wns authorized to
[expend $66 In repairs to the road
[and bridges at and near Brownsville.
It was resolved to offer a reward
of $20 for evidence to convict the
perpetrators of the mutilations recently committed on animals belonging to Messrs. If. T. Thrift and
A. Verett, Hall's I'rairie.
The Clerk was instructed to notify the 0. N. R. Co. to have crossing on North Bluff road put in, as
work could not be proceeded with
otherwise, also to have the thistle-
cut on the right of way.
The finance Committee recommended tho payment of the following hills:
A. Ward, work on Clover Valley
road, $ol ; A. Philip, Secretary
Municipal Association, «J6; A. A.
Richmond, #18.75 j Cray & W:!-
liniris, contract on Boigstrom and
Newton roads, 4175.20j !.. Wolf,
work on Manson road, $■'!.
Council adjourned to meet on
Saturday, July iltli, at 1 p. in.
Langley Township.
CorraspoadflDca bbrbey Turn
The weather during the week
has been variable. Ileavv r:,; i,
which interfered with out door
farm work, and in some degree
with the statute labor now being
carried out in the municipality,
fell occasionally, ami the tempera-1
turcontho whole, particularly at
night, has been low for thi- time i
The summer iV-he; in the  Fra-
Iser is gradually subsiding, and
green patches are showing themselves on the submerged lands, -<
that the cattle which are  allowed
| to pasture on the prairies from the
surrounding farm-   will   in   a   few
! weeks he again  able  to  return   i.i
: their favorite pasturage.
The promise of an abundant1
fruit harvest is being shown in the
I prolific bearing now developing i n
the plum, apple  and  other  rrn--.
I the crop being heavier on the
branches than for some year- past,
and small berries are also luxuri;
ant in  their growth.    Farm  pr--
Iduceis growing apace and meadows
look heavyj and ii not lodged by
the rain, will give a tine yield next
I month if favorable weather -ets in
for saving it.
The farmers who are sulking
wells and re,|iiire pump- may procure them from  V. J. Mcintosh)
I residing near the post office, who ■
acting as agent here for Mr. Robl
j Nelson, of Mi-sion City, manufacturer of   wooden  pump-,  barrel.-)
i butter tubs and oilier similar ware
I Specimens will  soon beonview.it
: Mr. Mcintosh's place, where also a
pump will lie seen in action in the
newly sunk well on his premises
Trices are promised to be reason'
i able,
An election for a public school
trustee will take place on the 89tb
instant, in the rooms of Mr. I. M
DrUmmOnd J. P., who retires in
rotation.     Several  candidates  are
'said to be iii the field.    Mr. Iirum-
inond is, however, eligible  for  r,-'
election should he allow himself t"
lie nominated,
Langley) 22nd June, 1806:
: Corra,poo i.iicc -riuiBv Tikf.b.
Your  racy  description  of the
Tinehead -etil'-nicnl -ceni- to have
given general satisfaction, Such
notice- g" along way to bring in
new -eiiler-. There nre however)
two slight "rrors which should be
rectified. The kaih.y settlers had
nothing to do with the naming ol
the district. The honor of applying1
such an appropriate name is due"
to Mr. I». M. Robertson, as is nl-o
the credit of securing a post office1
for the district which, however."
by a scandalous piece bt jobbery
.was badly located again-: tin1
wishes of nine-tenths of the settlors'
The result being that   iMOre  letters
!are still carried from Clayton than
thromrh   Tinehead.     Time
Srnscnini: for Surrey Times:
Stein and 14 others re. opening of
the Manson rond.—Coun, Burnett
.said he had spent aj50 and had $10
I yet to spend) but coOld not give
however will cure this matter.
 .   m   .
Smith, ihe supposed murderer ot
Benson, at Read island, last .W
veinber, was committed for trial ut
Comox and brought toWestminstW
on Saturday. He will remain in
the Provincial gaol mitil the fall
nssir.es! SURREY TIMES
B. C.
It (luitnlH tlio Th nml mill U i» I'^-teethm
AkhIiinI  I ur I ii I  I'unil.tajja).
H in to Im lnai'iul ihdi tun iniuiy iln-
prlYO thoinsolvos of what Bhnkosponro
culls "valor's I'MTiiiit'in" without
counting tlm posBiblo (Hist. Whether tlm
bonrd bo un ornnuiont tn thn lnnsouline
eountouunoo wo must lonvo tlio indiestn
decide. It oortnluly has its usos in hid-
lug n wonk chin, mnl in somo oases it
BOOllll to Im cultivated us i. vicarious
oomponsutlot. fur ii hitlrluHH sculp. lt.it
not, howovor, iii its oosaiotlo hu inuoh
UH ill its hygienic aspects thud till) bloss-
odlioss of thu bonrd—in whioh term wo
include tho whole ot tlm harvest usually
claimed by tbo riwor*—is most apparent.
Thnt it iH h safeguard to tlto throat la
generally admitted, Tlio writers <>f mi-
thtirity liuvu irisistort un itH vnluu iw u
protootlou against taotbaoho nud facial
neuralgia. ThiH is ti fondly sum uf ad*
vnutngos tu tlm orodlt nf thu board*
Dr. Ohnbbort nf Tnulnuso hus, huw-
ovor, yot more to say in its favor.   Aa-
oordlug to this practitioner, tho beard
BOOMS  to ho  n vory ollUdeiit dofunso
agahlSt Hint form  nf facial paralysis
whioh is caused byonhl.   This utVootinn
ia far mnro common in women than iu
men, though tho latter nro nf courso
maoh moro exposed to tho onnse wblob
produces it.   Whon facial paralysis n
frlgoro does nncur In mon, thoy nro nl-
must invariably individuals to whom
nut uro has boon stepmotherly iu  tho
matter  of  board   or havo wantonly ,
thrown nwny tho protective covering |
with which sho hnd clothed thoir faces. J
Dr. Oliabbort aitOB the experience of bov-
oral physicians, iu addition to his own,
is support of his opinion. Professor An- j
dro of Tuulouso hns soon several onsos of |
tho affection In question iu women, but
not ono iu man.   Ho hnd henrrt of ono
Indeed which would appear to bo un ox- j
collont oxmnplo of tho oxcoption whioh
proves tho rule, for tho putiont wns n
"lyrii! artist," with tho faooin di must-
00 so distasteful to Lord Byron.   Pro-
feasor Pitres of Bordeaux hns soon 12 \
cases in woiuon nnd only two in men.
Huth tho latter shaved, though us ono of
thorn  underwent   thnt operation only
twice u vvi'i'k his enso perhaps does not
count for much unless it hu hold thnt
his faco was mnro vnlnorablo after thoso !
periodical denudations.   Similar obsor-
vntions uro quoted from Dr. Olivier of
Toulouse and Dr. Kudo of Carman.
Thoso facts, though hnrdly sufllciont;
to found mi induction on, seem at lonst
tn establish a prima facie 00BQ for tho
utility uf tho beard against, facial paralysis of tho kind referred to. In these
days, when man's traditional privileges
aro ouo hy ouo being invaded by the
"new woman," ho mny perhaps bo forgiven for making tho most nf such advantages as mny bo considered exclusively bis own.—British Medical Jour-
Dr. John T. Nuk1"'» I'lnu For FurnUlilug
EtUploytUOUt to Men Out nf Work.
Dr. John T. Nnglo, registrar of vital
statistics, hns COUIO out with a novel
suggestion for furnishing work to tho
unemployed, lie advocates tho building nf a groat transcontinental boulevard tu extend from tho Atlantic tu the
Pacific, in tho building nf which euch
statu   through which   tho boulevard
passed nl 1*1 contribute its Hharu fur
llm employment nf labor,
"1 havo hnd tlm Idea in mind fur
BOfflQ time," Dr. Nnglo said, "mull
fool mire that gigantic ns would bo tho
scheme il WOUld pay in tho end, Such
u buuleviird, laid nut with a liincadiun-
i/i'd rondwny uud with oruamontnl trees
along its walks, would certainly enhance tlm value uf property in its iiu-
nicilialf vicinity. It would furnish a
driveway for tlm owners of fast hurses
all over the country, and the bicycle
riders would bo there by the thousands,
Thoro might he a million nf these riders
nn the mad at mm time. Tlm boulevard
Would bo ono of tlm greatest sights in
Christendom. Thero Would bu inns nt
dIfforont points along its entire length,
Mansions would hu built along its route
too. Tlm construction of such a rund-
wuy would give employment tu hundreds of thousands nf workmen aud
keep them busy fur two years at least.
"I dn not believe thnt it Ih a moro
Utopian dream. Anybody who has
been iu the City uf Mexico ami has seen
tbe superb bnuh.vuid lending fur miles
out frum that city, with its giant eucalyptus trees nud ut her monuments, can
readily Imagine what a magnificent
thing such a boulevard would bo, Engineers will tell you that tho idea is
practical, ami that the cost wo*Id bo
nothing compared to tbo benefit that
would accrue from ita construction."
—New York Sun.
The Cont of Powder I'nlTi.
Au English journal warns tho London
ladies that their powder puffs, thoso
airy necessities of the toilet, aro heavy
With the blood of slaughtered innocents, j
It is stated that as many ns 20,000
young swans—cygnets, as thoy aro
called—are killed ovory year to supply
this dainty tluiT, to sny nothing of in- ;
uumornblo young birds of tho eider duck
and wild goose variety. Tlio bulk of j
thoso nre imported, tho swan and guoso
from tlit islands of tho Baltic and from
Norway and Sweden, nnd the eiders
from tho northern ami moro ico bound J
Ono cygnot will mako nearly a dozen !
average sized "puffs," whioh show
how many woiuou must bo, to a greater
or less extent, addicted to tho uso of
Thu puff trade is highly profitable, as
mny bo judged from tho fact that tho
down of a cygnet costs littlo moro than
25 cents, tho poor creature often boing
plucked alivo so that it may bear another crop, while tho puffs are sold at
from 75 cents upward, nicely mounted
in bono and bluo or pink satin, which adjuncts amount to comparatively nothing.
Tlm ladies of Paris aud Vienna aro tho
largest consumers of puffs, owing chiefly
to their fastidiousness in casting aside
pulls as Nuon as they lose their pristine
Glva Proper Foml.
Liehig says, "Tho uso of spirits is
not tho cause but nn effect of poverty."
Tho craving fur stimulants In children
as shown by tbo desire for ten and coffee
often conies frum tlie samo source—that
is, hick nf a stifilch>nt nnmunt uf thn
right kind nf fond. When a laborer
earns by his work less than is required
to provide thu ni mt or kind of food
which is Indispensable in order to restore fully his working power, an unyielding, inexorable law nf necessity
cnmpels him tu have recourse to spirits.
lie must Work, hut in consequence of
Insufficient fund a certain purtlmi uf
his working power is daily wasting.
Spirits by tluir actinu upon thu nerves
enable him tn maku up the deficient
power ut the expense nf hislmdy, tn consume today that quantity which ought
naturally to have been employed n day
later.—Table Talk.
lirnwth nf Hie If-tlr.
The Influence of diet on tho growth
of hair has often been discussed. It has
been shown that stnrohy mixtures, milk
aud many other foods recognized as DO*
iug highly nutritious nre, in fact, sure
death to hair growth. Chemical analysis proves that the hnir iscnuiposed of 6
per cent of sulphur, and its ash of BO
percent of silicon and 10percent of
iron and manganese. The foods which
Contain the larger per cent of the nbuvi
named elements aro meat, oatmeal mid
graham. Henry pointedly says, "Nations which oat most ment hnvo the
most hair.1 — St Louis Globo*Demoorat
A Couulei f.lt aftO Hill That In n I'.'ii *.i<l
ink sketch on Government Paper.
Thomas T. Callahan of tho government secret service department was in
Brooklyn tho other day looking for an
exceedingly clever counterfeiter, who
recently counterfeited a $50 bill, using
only pen and ink. The paper was the
regular silk fiber paper, made only by
tho government. Tho counterfeit bill
was passed on a Now York bunk nnd
wns only detected when It reached tho
Bubtreusury and it was found thnt tho
word "Series"hadbeenomltted. There
ia no clue tu the artist,
This unique counterfeiter Ih supposed
to bo a man who has for years defied
tho efforts of tho United Stutes secret
servico officers to detect him. There
uro specimens of bis work on exhibition
in Washington. His work has always
been so perfect that it wan almost impossible to defect a bill be made from
tho genuine article. It is all dune with
a pen and ink and on tho same quality
paper that is used in the genuine bills.
The great difficult in tho way of his
capture is that ho has no tools. Ho is
nn artist Ho sits down nnd draws a
hill as an artist draws a picture. Even
if ho wus captured in his room with a
bill in his possession, thero might be
no evidence to convict him. as ho could
say ho had received it from somebody
else. It must require a lung timo for
him to complete n single bill, nnd the
skill ho displays at his work is nn indication thnt if ho devoted bis talents to
honest employment ho would make more
Transatlantic Mull Service.
Tho discussion of tho question of
American mail routes, which 1b perennially revived in the English newspapers, has at Inst taken n common .sense
turn. Tho British postal authorities are
being roundly denounced because they
refuse to send the mails in fast steamers unless they carry the Britisb flog.
Twico last month the Saturday mails
wero Bent on a slow Cunarder, when
they might have reached New Voik
two days earlier if dispatched by tho
American line. Tho fust German boats
leaving Southampton on Sunday and
Thursday get no mail, except specially
addressed correspondence. The British
authorities persist in limiting tho mails
to America to two por week, although
four weekly mails aro Bent from Now
York. The protest is becoming so loud
that it is barely possible that a reform
may Iw effected in tho course of time,
—London Cable.
An Unwelcome Yliltor.
Word has been sent to the courts of
Europo that tho ahiih of Persia intends
to visit Berlin, St. Petersburg, Paris
and Vienna next spring. He will start
nu his journey in May or Juno and will
remain iu Europo several months. The
rulers whom he is to honor aro in an
unhappy stato of mind already un account of tho proposed visit. No living
sovereign, in nil probability, is a moro
unwelcome guest than tbo shah, but
his cousins in Europo are obliged to receive him with nil thu honors due to his
rank. Entertaining him is mure expensive than entertaining nny other
monarch. His retinuo is almost a legion. —Berlin Correspondent.
Can Steer Thli llalloon.
An important series of experiments
nt the military balloon schoul of instruction near Chatham is approaching
completion. Thu utmost secrecy is
maintained, but it is reported that Major Temple has at length found an aerial steering apparatus which he relies
upon to act satisfactorily in all conditions uf weather, except an actual
sturm.—London Letter.
My eye fell nt once upon the gentleman
who sat near me lu the pnrlor oar. His ftp'
penranoo was shocking, nnd at the same
thuiiit was thnt of a gentlumim. I novor
saw u face mure terribly battered and
bruised, nud sympathy for him was a»
quickly stirred us curiosity to know how
hu had received such injuries. Etta words
to the conductor, with their soft mid big
yard enunciation, betrayed to me Ids southern birth, am) as the southern nature Is BO*
olable, genial, easily appronohod and does
not repel klndnosB ami poll Lo nous us Intrusive, I soon managed to open conversation
wltli Colonel Harden. (The southerner
does uot travel Without his title.) Willi
delicacy the colonel referred to his condition, seeming In feel that he must, be u repulsive sight to all who looked upon him.
lie told mo tho following experience, watch
Increased not' only my sympathy, hut my
admiration fur the fearlessness whioh had
been willing in cucnunler a desperate foe:
"My home is in Alabama," the colonel
begun. "I am on my way hack to It now.
A month agu 1 was called to St, Louis ou
business and was Invited to stay nt thu
home of my friend there, Judge Hyan. IIIh
house, located un 11— street, was ft fine
one, uud 1 was charmed with his family—a
wife and two daughters,
"It wns just the kind uf house that would
prove a temptation to burglars, for wealth
find filled It with everything to reward the
entrance of such nocturnal visitors.
"It was the Lhird evening of my visit that
we sat around thu library until so bite an
hour we were all prepnred for speedy and
sound sleep.
"It must have been nhout two hours past
midnight when a wild, piercing shriek
from Miss Ryan's rooui made mu spring
from my bed in full consciousness that
danger caused the cry. In nu histaut shu
screamed ngnin and continued to do so.
Stopping only long enough to jerk my
trousers un, I rushed into the hull and
iKiuuded toward her door. As I did so a
lurgc, rough looking man, the outline of
whose form 1 could see by the light uf a
lump lu the side street, dashed hy me, ji
tling mens wo came together. Witt, tho
ipiick comprehension which danger awak-
ens; 1 took in the situation. A burglar had
entered Miss Ryan's room, had been discovered and was now ou the hound for
freedom. (Quicker than a flash 1 was on the
hound for him as he went leaping blindly
through i he dark hull, with which he wns
evidently not as familiar as myself. So
unexpectedly pursued, hu did nut, In Ids
terror and excitement, take the menus of
exit which we afterward found lie had provided. I got my band on his shoulder, but
with a violent plunge toward tbo floor he
pulled from my grasp and darted into the
bathroom with a bang of the door, which
he locked.
"By this time all tbe family had reached
thu hall and were demanding aud pleading with me uot tu risk my life, but that
wild cry of Miss Kyau's and the sight of
tbe burly, dastardly villain bad fired my
blood. I fiercely threw myself against that
door, ordering him to open it, or he should
dlu fur his villainy.
"The wretch replied with anger uud bitterness that lie was united to the teeth and
ready for me if I attempted to get Iu. His
words and tone only inthimed my determination to get my hands on his miserable
throat. I launched myself against tbe door
with ull tbe force of body which I could
command. It gave way, dashing me so
violently against the brute that he staggered buck to the wall, nnd his pistol fell to
the floor.
"He could not recover himself before 1
was ou bim uud ut him with Mows that
stunned uud partially disabled him. But I
did not have things my own way. He
fought like u wildcat, ns my wounds and
bruises uttest, kicking, biting uud striking
in every way possible, but I got bim down,
seized bis pistol from thu floor and placed
it to bis temple till Judge Kyun, who, being
un Invalid, had uot attempted to aid me,
rusbed in with a policeman, summoned by
bis telephone. The wretch, frothing, cursing nud threatening vengeance, wns handcuffed and landed safely iu jail. Wben I
saw him leave the bouse, a terrible reaction
overcame me, and I sank upon my bed weak
and unconscious. I bad received blows over
my bend nnd about my temples and heart
tbut gave tbe physician who was called
grave fears of my recovery, but I came out
all right, burring this terrible laceration
und bruising about my face and throat.
"It turned out that I hnd fought and
brought to justice one of the most notorious characters on the continent—a criminal whom detectives bud been tracking for
years without being uble to lay hold of.
There being more than one charge against
bim, the length of bis sentence will likely
give him ample time to forget who was instrumental In closing bis inglorious career.
"Now. my friend," and here a gentle
smile played over the colonel's face, "now
comes the romance of the tragic affair. I
am not a married man, but my battle In
Miss Ryan's defense has won me the hope
and expectation that I soon will be—an
Boon Indeed ns I cun stand at the altar
without looking as if I bad just come out
from a street fight or a barroom fracas,
"The burglar aud I were both taken prisoners In Judge Ryan's home—he by the officers of tbe law, I by bis sweet faced daughter. It was worth all tbe damage I sustained to have that lovely creature coming
daily to inquire for me and asking over
and over again what she could do to repay
me. I never put but one value on the service rendered, and when I told ber my price
one day, right in her father's presence, for I
was too bouoruble to attack ber otherwise
or to take advantage of her sympathy for
me, she lifted her beautiful eyes, lirst to
rte, then to ber father, and said with a
smile that made me think of heaven:'Father, don't you think it's worth it t I am
sure neither of us might to question his
right to what be asks.' "
Here the hero was overcome—be was too
full tu say mure. My heart went out to the
colonel. I grasped his hand and begged
to be informed wben his wedding came off.
In a few weeks un invitation eume to me,
and I never bought a wedding present with
such pleasure in my life as the one I sent
the colonel's br.de.—Cincinnati Post.
Mutt (iei .i New Mantle.
Several European sovereigns aro ro-
nowned for the length of timo which
they wear their clothes. Tho record in
this respect, however, is broken by tho
rector uf tho Berlin university, who
has just been compelled to order n new
official mantloat a coat uf 2,400 marks.
The ono which ho has worn until now
was made exactly 103 years ago.—Berlin Gazetto.
Sir Walter Hslelgh'i Harden.
It Is now 800 years since Sir Walter Raleigh lived In Ireland; but, according to Sir
John Pope Hennesy, many truces of his
residence there can still be seen. The richly
perfumed yellow wallflowers that he
brought to Ireland from the Azores nnd the
AfTune cherry are still found where he first
planted them, by the Hhiekwater. Borne
cellars he brought to Cork are tu this day
growing at a place called Tivoll. The four
venerable yew trees, whoso branches have
grown and intermingled Into a sort of summer house thatch, nre pointed OUtRShaving
sheltered Raleigh when he first smoked to-
baeeo in his Youghul garden. In that garden be also planted tobacco. A few steps
farther on, where the town wall of the
thirteenth century bounds the garden of the
warden's house, is tho famous spot where
the first Irish potato was planted by him.
-Garden and Forest.
A Living Plutiire Smote, the  Hural Cheek
uf Aiiiia tltniliI'M HiinIihiuI.
Thero is now playing as a "living picture" in a Chicago theater a eninely young
woman who bonsU that sho once slapped
thu royal oheek of Count Un Cnstolliiuc.
Miss Gertrude Corey is the mime, uf this
nudaolous girl, and the Incident she describes oeourrod In New York about four
months before the Ciistellane Could nuptials.
"It was not on account uf myself, but iif
my cliuiii, Ninette Itimliilns, that I struck
him," said Miss Corey to a Chicago Tribune reporter, "She was always a dellcnto
girl, end somehow I fell Into the habit of
defending her at nil times, lie made au
offensive remark to hnr, und it occurred In
my rooms, un Thirty-first struct, between
Broadway nnd Fifth avenue, I asked bim
to repeat it, Haying 1 thought I did not
quito understand him. lie repeated It,
and I—'Well, I huve a quick temper," she
sntd an if In extenuation, "ami, quick ns a
flash, I bud shipped him on the loft cheek.
His face Unshed scarlet, aud ho said, shutting bis teeth very tight, 'If you Woro a
man, I would kill you!'
''Whnt the count said wns really uot so
bud, but I really think I took extra offense
because he was a count. You know we
do nut cure much for that sort of thing,"
she said. "Wo may ho Itnhemlans. We
don't claim to he anything else. Hut wo
urn Americans, nnd wo nro Independent.
After 1 struck htm," she continued, coming hack tuber subject, "ho begun looking for his lint, nnd ns ho went out nf the
door"—nnd here she. laughed, showing nil
of hor wide mouth full of white, oven teeth
—"Ntnottu threw ufter him a big hunch
of pink und white roses, three dozen of
them, which he had sent up In the afternoon. Wu had had a littlo supper party,
as wo often do after the theater, but thu
supper was over, nml tho trouble wns that
tho count thought lie might to bnvo nil tbo
attention, I suppose, because he was n
count, und my friend did not care for him
and turned her back to talk to ono of tho
other gentlemen. After it occurred thu
mon who wore with him, un attorney nnd
two Kngltshme.il, staid nnd tried tu chat a
littlo while us If nothing hnd happened,
Thon thoy left," sho concluded.
Waa Fortunate In Flaring the Rscee and
Became a 1'rofeMlonal Tlpiiter.
Mrs. Ida Cohen of Hun Francisco Is tho
newest typo nf tho new woman. Sho not
only plays tho races, but has invented a
system fur picking winners thnt has proved
so successful thut she lias become u professional tipster.
Within tho lust two months she has
gained the enviable reputation uf boing "a
marvelous picker," nnd already lias a large
following of tho frequenters ot the raco
track. Business men, sports and evon
jockeys go to hor for advice, nnd each day
she finds tho room bnck of her husband's
store crowded with women anxious for
tips. So singularly accurate huvo been
hor tips that the sporting gentry bnvo
dubbed ber a witch, mnny attributing hor
foresight In racing events to tho hluck art.
"Isn't It funny," she said to nn Exam-
iner reporter, "what foolish notions peopl i
got. Somo folks think I concentrate my
thoughts on the races every night and
dream thu winners for tho next dny's
races. Others believe I huve n system nf
telling by curds, which is equally absurd,
for I havo nu confidence in olthor cards or
"The only thing I havo any faith in,"
sho went on, "Is my system, and I tell
you candidly I expect to make n fortune
out of tbo races,   My luck is great, and I
nover havo any fenr ubout losing. My
system Is entirely original. My first attempts woro haphazard, but tho mure I
looked Into (ha thing tho morel became
convinced there was something in It.
Thon I made a systematic study nud am
now familiar with tho record of every
horse on tbo truck. My system Is tbo result of study uud experimenting. What
Is ltr Ah, that's tolling. It's unusual—
so unusual thnt If I woro tu make It
known it would create nn excitement
among tho bookmakers, nnd thoy would
ell be (looking around hero to know tbe
whys and wherofores. Why, I wouldn't
divulge my system for $1,000,000. I'm nil
tbe timo studying races. I enro for untiling else. I always pick from threo to four
winners and tho samo number of plncos
ovory day. I havo tho greatest luck on
long shots. I plok my hurses boforo going
to tho track and know nothing of tho
odds, and almost Invariably I como out
winner. I know a good horse for hurdle
racing—that's my specialty."
Method In III** Madness.
Tho Modlcnl Press tells n story of a gentleman who wont to visit a frlond who
was an inmate of a burnt le asylum. Whon
ho had boon thero about half un hour, ho
looked at tho olook and nsked If It wns
right. Tho lunatic gnzed nt him with a
look of compassion for a minute or so and
then said, "Do you think It would bo hero
If it was right, you lunatic?"
Once upon a time, lu faraway Persia,
there lived a merchant who hnd a very
beautiful parrot, lie had bought the bird
of a trader froinlliiidoostau. He kept It in
u fine large cage and took tlie greatest possible care of It. Hut I lie parrot pined lor
his native land and often implored his muster to let him nut so that he could go free,
The merchant, however, always refused, as
the bird was a very wise unu, and he valued
it exceedingly,
One night the parrot heard tho merchant
laying plans Tor a journey to Illudoostnu,
undlhccunuing bird laid a plan uf lilsnwu,
so that he, ton, might go there uu his own
Recount. The next day the merchant tuld
his friends what he pro posed to dn and
lisked them what presents they would like
him tu bring back frum the wonderful laud
nf jewels and elephants, whither he was
piing. Bo each of them chose Something
they would he pleased to have him get for
them. The merchant then asked the pnr-
rot whnt present be would like. The parrot answered:
"Dear master, 1 only want you to take a
message from mo to any other parrots you
may meet in HlndooHtiin. (live them my
L'oinpllmenls, Tell them I am shut up in
n big cage here, but that 1 do nut forget
them. Tell them also I would like their
advice and instruction.   Tbat Is all."
The merchant promised faithfully to deliver the message, 1 bough he wondered
somewhat at the words in which he was to
address the parrots, Then hu set out un
bin journey tu Hiudnostan.
In due time lie arrived there safely, uud
for awhile be wus so busy ho forgot ubout
the parrot's message, Hot one day as he
was pausing through au open field be saw
several parrots iu a tree overhead. Then
he remembered what he had promised tn
his own parrot, and stopped hlslmrseunder
the tree. He called lu the parrots und delivered the message to them, taking cure tu
give It exactly us his parrot bail worded it.
The parrels above hliu listened very attentively, uud for awhile after they seemed
tu be considering. Then oue of the purrots
suddenly begun to tremble and dropped
down dead.
Tbe merchant, perceiving this, was very
mueh grieved at heart and blamed Ids own
parrot for sending a message thut bad resulted In the death of one of Ids feathered
relations. Hu went on bis way and pro
ceeded to finish his business In Hluduostun,
and upon t hut being accomplished returned
home. Ills family and friends welcomed
him joyfully, uud to oaoh he gnvo the present they hud chosen. Then the parrot
asked him:
"Where Is my presentf Tell mo what
you said to the pnrruts in Hlndoostau and
what they said in reply."
"Vuur message was the message uf a
fool," returned tbe merchant, "and I was
a fool also to deliver it!"
The parrot appeared greatly astonished.
"My lord," said he, "why this repentance,
why this wrath, why this sorrow*" And
the merchant answered, "I stated thymes-
Biige ton flock of thy relatives, and ono of
them so felt the Incense of thy grief ut being ii captive thut be fell over and died of a
broken heart." When the parrot beard
this, it, too, began to tremble, and falling
from its perch died likewise.
When the master saw this, he was overwhelmed with sorrow because of the deuth
of his bird friend, und cast bis cap on tbu
ground as a token of his grief. Then hu
took up the body nf-the parrot und cast it
out into the garden, when, lo! the cunning
bird flew away to n high tree near byl At
this bis master flew Into a great rage and
demanded an explanation for bis deceitful
Whereupon the parrot answered; "Dear
master, you huve been very kind to me, but
liberty Is sweet. How would you like tube
shut up in u cngef Hut know that the parrot who fell dowu dead wben he heard my
message wns only acting a part. By doing
so lie meant to convey to me through you
tbe menus of escape. I am now going buck
to Illudoostnu, but I will return ngnin mid
bring you a present as a reward for your
kindness to me as a captive. Farewell!"
So saying the parrot flew away. He was
absent so long the merchant concluded thnt
be bad forgotten all about his promised
present in the joys of bis recovered liberty.
Hut one day when the big Persian ."uses
in the merchant's garden were ull abloom,
and he himself was walking about and en-
Joying their fragrance, be heard his name
called, and looking up beheld his old friend,
Mr. Parrot, perched on a branch overhead
and holding something in one crooked claw.
"Here, muster," said tbe bird, "I havo
brought you your present. Wear It and it
will preserve you from ail misfortune and
harm. Held uut your robe, and I will drop
it iu." Tbe merchant did as be wns bidden,
und the parrot dropped a shining something within its folds and Immediately
after flew away, never more to return.
The shining something proved to be a
most wonderful emerald, cut in tbe form of
an eye, and engraved ou the back with mystic symbols. The merchant showed It to
the wise men of Bagdad, and tbey one and
all agreed tbat not unly whs It a priceless
gem, but that the parrot in ull probability
bud pecked It out of tbe eye socket of some
Hlndoostan Idol. Thereupon tbe merchant
ordered it set in a gold frame, and wore It
ever after as a charm against the evil eye,
an tbe parrot had directed.—Pittsburg Dispatch.       	
The Sixteenth Century Gentlewoman.
In an old book published in the sixteenth
century and entitled "The Accomplished
Lady's Klch Closet; or. Ingenious Gentlewoman's Delightful Companion," it Is
"A gentlewoman, being nt table, must
observe to keep ber body straight aud lean
not by any means with ber elbows, nor by
ravenous gesture discover a voracious appetite. Talk not when you have meat In your
mouth, and do not smack like « pig, nor
venture tu eat spoon meat su but that the
tears stand In your eyes, which Is as unseemly ns the gentlewoman who pretended
to have hs little a stomach us she bnd a
mouth, and therefore would not swallow ber
peas by spoonful, but took them one by one
aud cut them lu two before she would eat
them. It is very unseemly to drink so large
a draft that your breuth Isulmost gone,and
you are forced to blow strongly to recover
yourself. In carving at your own table, distribute the best pieces first, and it will appear very comely and decent to use a fork
—so touch no piece of meat without It"
Labor and Capital.
There is nn nncient legend to the effect
that the angel of life whs sent out to And
the place where happiness dwelt. He went
first to a palace, but tbe monarch there enthroned wore a golden sorrow. Then ho
flew to a hovel, but as he there heard cries
for bread be hurried away. Tben the angel
was told to measure the distance between
tbe rich and tbe poor, and in the center to
plant a beautiful lily. Then the monarch
was directed to walk toward the hovel,
and the beggar toward tho throne. Midway tbey met, and there they lived the remainder of their lives In happiness and
peace,—Ram's Horn.
Au Kuraged Kiwlueer Uuvo Them a Hoit*fti
itidfl un u New Rand.
A party of sedate Maine clergymen,
who recently wi nl over the new Bangor
and Aroostook line from Brown villa to
thu West Bra och, had n little experience
lu railroading thnt mado their hair
Btund un end for A timo. They wero
Btowod away on tho eonstruotiou train
at IJrnwuvi'llo on thu top of a lot of
pressed hay lit n box ear. nnd spread out
their blankets on tho bales, oxpootlng
In bnvo u very comfortable ride. Just
boforo Blurting northward from Brown-
vlllo, nn altemiiinii iii'usn between tho
conductor and eiiginci'f, mnl ft r u few
moments tlm nit- was sulphurous,
Then tho rlllo began. The engineer,
a hut headed follow, was mad all
through! and when ho opened thu
throttle ho did it no half hearted or uncertain way.   oil'sped the train ovor
thu rough und uneven roadbed, not yet
made ready fur trials ul speed. Faster
nnd faster sho wont, tho curs lurching
nud  pitching up uud down nnd  frolll
sido tn side iu a manner thai inggoitod
momentary dorailinonl and ovorlnBting
smash. The trees beside Iho mad Hew
by liko streaks ul' lightning. Tlm bay
bales bounced ahnut and bumped on. k
nt her without mercy, and all the while
the clerical party reeled nud Jostled liko
tipsy follows on 11 spree.
They hung on for ihnr life tn keep
frum breaking HHr necks or from getting crushed. Thoso who have Iried it
know flint llm inside of It box car does
not afford mnny points of vnntngo for
ono to steady himself, and really nil
llm ministers could *U> Wllfl In thump
each other whenever i union tillered.
The entire run to North Twin station
was mado ut an average no) very Car
abort uf n mtlo a minute, and ii was
with H high of relief that ihey alighted
from tho train, It pleases them now
to nay Hint Iho engineer was reported tn
Super)ntondoul ('nun ami was promptly
bounced boforc ho had oudnugerod any
mum lives ur llm property of tho com*
puny.— Lowlstou Journal.
One Young Woman's Novel Advertisement
tu .tHriii'i ii II iinIiuihI.
There was a small red llag stuck upon a chunk uf ice which Hunted down
thu river the other day. Tho chunk
drifted into an eddy near the bridge,
aud ono of tbo workmen becoming curious went down and looked at it. Them
wus a letter pinned on the flag, dated
Niobrara, Keb,, Dec,5, "I uiu an unmarried girl," began the letter, "and
would pass anywhere from is to -!0
years of age. 1 would like to marry
somo man from -n to Till years of agu.
"Whnt great fun it would be fur you
to cumo up aud win my heart for ;.
Christmas present I First come, first
served. I might say that 1 am nut only
good looking, but a good cook. Indeed
my light bread is the talk nf miles.
Tho accompanying tintype is n poor
picture of me. 1 am not freckled. This
letter is fur you, dear. 1 am very affectionate. Sallle Killerford, Niobrara.
Neb." Tbo tintype was gone, and
some ono must have taken advantage of
the special holiday offer. The message
wns sent adrift again.—Leavenworth
(Kan.) Times.
Cotton In TiKirkUtmi.
The Rusfians, since their occupation
of tho district embraced by the virileys
of tho Syr Duiru aud tho Znrafshaii,
havo given a very great development t
to tho cultivation uf cotton, and with
tho view of increasing the yield and also tho quality havo introduced several
American varieties of the plant, notably
the upland. At first thu natives wcru
so prejudiced agninst tho new plants
tbat thu experiments failed, but tho
Russians persevered, nnd whereas nine
years ago Tuurkistnn produced only
8,300 ponds of cotton worth 8,805
rubles thu quantity exported in lM'i)
was about 2,0UU,HU0 poods, of an estimated value of t.l.iino.iHio rubles. Simultaneously with this rapid extension
In the cultivation of American cotton
in Toorkistnn, factories aro being built
for cleaning tho cotton before exporting
It to Russia in Europe, und at thu beginning of this year more than 50 such
factories wero already open.—Revuo
Scion titique. /•
I'mncngrm Huve lllgittl.
Mr. Thomas C. Weeks, an attorney,
obtained a judgment for $5 and costs
against the Traction company for failing to carry him to his destination.
The case was tried before Justico of tho
Peaco Thursby. Mr. Weeks boarded ;.
Druid Hill avenue cable car about 7 p.
in. Dec. ti to go to his home, on Kast
Baltimore street. When tho car reached
South and Lombard stieets, the passengers wero told to get nut, and thu car
was sent west. Thu passengers in tho
next car wero similarly treated. Mr.
Weeks demanded the return uf his tarn,
which was refused, and ho went homo
by another route. Tho company has
appealed tho case.—-Baltimore Sun.
The Color Line In Cosily.
Mrs. Mary Place, proprietress of tho
Colonnade hotel in Worcester, was fined
$100 in the central district court be-
cause sho refused tu entertain tho Fisk
Jubilee singers, a troop uf colored peoplo, a fow weeks ago. Quarters had
been engaged for them in advance by
tho Young Men's Christian association,
under whose auspices they appeared,
but wben the company arrived its members wero refused admission to tho dining room. Colonel Ruckwuod Hour defended tho hotel keeper, while ex-Senator Thayer's partner acted fur tho prosecution,-—Boston Transcript.
KuliliiRtoln**. I'lme..
Rubinstein hns declined an offer of
$120,000 for a three months' tour, nnd
henceforth ho intends to stick tn his
own music. Ho proposes tu givo threo
recitals uf his own pianoforte works nt
Berlin this winter, but no charge will
bo mado for admission, which will bo
limited to muBlo students,—Berlin Correspondent, a*? J*
Highest of all in Leavening Power,—Latest U.S. Gov't Report
Once It llelniiifnd to Missouri, hut Now It
In I'm I of Kiiiindm.
In Iho Missouri river, nour Lenven-
wnrih.   (here  ia an   island   which  has
furnished tho land law officers of tho
gnvcrnmeiit a imvol prublem. This Island was ou thu Missouri sido when It
was sutvoyod lu 1658. Now it is a legal pnrl of Kansas. Hut that Ih nut the
queer thing about it. Islands in tho
Missouri treip My shift their allegiance,
• The trouble With this Island isthatit
litis boon growing! When tho government ofllcors Mirvcycd it, they found
500 aci'OS, and thai was the amount on-
'"tered In the lecuhls. When two LOBV*
on Worth men, .sklllings and Dillon-
tlurf, took mil. patents tur the whole Is-
laud ihe amount ul laud put in Iho pat-
outs WUB flOO acres, Hut tlm island has
boou'growlng through ull of thoso years
In a way Missouri river islands havu a
fnshiou ul' doing, Them am now 1,400
noros in the island, A conlbotl, it has
been discovered, runs under the island,
und that tends In mako tho luml mure
Recently sqnattors havo tried tu take
poBsosston of thu surplus over und above
tho 51)1) acres claimed by llm patentees.
Thu later set up u claim to tho growth.
Thu laud lawyers of tlm government,
niter taking plenty of time to think
about tbo enso, have derided that Shillings and DifToudorf am entitled to tho
Whole island under their original patents.—St. Louifl < J lobe-Democrat.
'•flioktoil Turk. .
During the entire summer of 1804 tho
main exhibition buildings will stand in
Jackson park. The public will be admitted ovory whore in the park free.
The work of beautifying thu park will
progress steadily. On tho first day uf
tlm new year tlio park commissioners
assumed control. All stuto nml foreign
buildings will ho nut uf tho north mid
of tho gruunds by May 1. The commissioners will ut once begin the work
of restoring that end of tho park to its
former appearance uud continue to improve it. Whnt may be done with the
buildings tho following year cannot be
snid. Tho bunrd will tako no action on
that matter for somo time.—Chicago
El -Cabinet Officers In the Sonata.
There ure an even half dozen ex-cab*
inet officers iu tho senate, and they comprise some pretty nblo men. Only one
of the six is a Democrat, and that is
Vilas uf Wisconsin, who played tho dual
rule uf secretary of the interior and
postmaster general during the first
Cleveland reign. Proctor of Vermont
was the warrior nf tho Harrison admin*
istration, Chandler of Now Hampshire
wns secretary uf tho navy under Arthur, and Teller of Colorado secretary
of tho interior under the same regime.
Cameron uf Pennsylvania was secretary
of war under President Grant, and John
Sherman wus President Hayes' fiuan-
cier.—Boston Advertiser.	
What au ordinary man eats
and the way he eats it would
be enough to give dyspepsia
to an ostrich—unless the ostrich were wise enough to assist his digestion
from time to time
with an efficient
enmbi nation   o f
vegetable   extracts.   Such a
preparation   is
_7 A*aV*tor
J*     M ^ XW l>r." Pierce
J      AT     ^. Pleasant Pellets.
\*y ff s^    Br-—   They are the pills
* par   excellence
'for those who
sometimes eat
the wrong things and too much. They
stimulate action in all of the digestive
organs. They stop sour stomach, windy
belchings, heartburn, flatulence and cure
constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, indigestion, sick headache and kindred
Once used tbey are always in favor.
Tliouldlil Hot under tho nwo tree fair)
The pink hails swell In tlio soft Mny air;
On snowy wIiikh la her 11 renins she mun,
With mutei ulaymatos l» pnrudirw-
Aini iho years lilt hy.
The maiden MiuiiIh hy the nmo tree fair,
la the perfumed breath of ilu< summer alri
Him prosiM her hand on her IhronliliiKbreMti
I.lie hnih hrnught her ipicrdon at love's be-
JlUMt  -
And thn ymira flit hy.
Tho mothor kneels by the rum, tree fair.
In a mournful iuii.ii i>r iiiu evening «in
Mn- ililnk-.nl' tho tri'iomrutiiir vnnlslii'd yearni
Iter oyes aro bi'lnunliui with hitler team'
And the yearn Hit liy,
The mirth wind hnih nilihml the ruse tree fair;
Iirtimre bouBhsswny iii the frooty air,
IieiM'tiiii it tlm wlthored loavesarospread.
Ami the moiimlI limy oatHiSis « inoiiml of the
dosd -
Ami tho roars (lit by.
-From tho Qormnil of Kerrund hy Berths F.
Nlioilily Miiuuriieliiro.
Shoddy manufacture, according tu the
Improved systoin uf production now In
vogue, is Mild   In Include only Hlich niale-
rlals an soft, woolen uud worsted rags, p.ir-
tleuhirly the clippings from tailor shops,
nu aoeoUtlt nf I heir eleiirneHH nml softness,
an ossolltlal point, however, being tint
they he fulled but Utile, as the lens they
have been felted and matted the lens grinding Is required to separate the fiber. In
addition tu these clipping" ninth stuck ns
east away woolen kultgarmontsandstook*
lligH which have been but moderately fulled are acceptable material, ciciming nnd
ullliig, nn mny be nocessnry, having twen
resorted to, the material is subjected tn
the grinding operation, neenm pi lulled by
means of a system of powerful steel pointed cylinders uud rollers. The substuuees
tn lie ground ure fed onto u table ur feed
Sheet and conveyed to two fluted rollers,
nn emerging from which tbey nro vigorously seized by the rupidly revolving teeth
of the main cylinder, thu latter containing
iiliout 1.SOI) strong, -sharp steel teeth, turning at the rate of sometimes 750 revolutions per minute, This high speed results
In tearing tho rags npurt nnd sepnratlng
tho threads nud liber in such a manner,
snys The Tradesman, that tbe whole is
dually reduced to u soft, woolly condition.
—New York Sun.
Wolfe & Co.
Have just received a full line of
Tailors' Linings, Finding-.-, and
Purchased under the new tariff,
Wo arc enabled to give the
Very Best Prices...
Scud for Samples	
A Coln'i Return.
It 1b not often thut a marked coin once
put into circulation is returned to the person who mnrked It. Mr. George Troup,
superintendent of Forest Lnwn cemetery,
before ho left Scotland, had bis name
stamped upon a coin of the issue of George
II. It wns done in fun, and at thnt time
be never d mimed thnt the coin would ever
be returned to bim. The coin was put into
circulation, und a short time afterward
Mr. Troup came to this country. More
than 80 years passed by, nnd he thought
nothing'moreabout the circumstance. One
day a friend of his at lodge said to him,
"I have a coin with your name npon it."
"I asked bim to let me Bee the coin,"
said Mr. Troup, and when I looked at It
I found it was tho identical piece thnt I
had marked so long ngo. I wrote to the
man who wns present when the coin was
marked in Scotlund, and he recalled tbe
circumstance, nnd I got the coin from my
Buffnlo friend, und now I would not tnke
a good sum of money for it. Where that
coin had been during tbe 30 years no one
knows, but it is n strange coincidence that
It should have turned up to me in Buffalo,
the home I had adopted. "—Buffalo Express.
The Unsociable.
We envy neither the men nor the wom-
eu who cannot speak tu n fellow creature
out uf tbeir own circle ur to anybody without thu formality of an Introduction.
There Is no computing thenmount of profit
as well ns pleasure such persons lose by
hedging themselves In with this stupid
fence of fust iillounnenn. We huve always
found more of this feeling among persons
who were more touchy ou their uncial position than among those self respecting
persons who thought nothing about It.
A great denl nf intelligence Is floating
round tbo world without being labeled,
and those men or women who have the
good sense to recognize this fact and act
upon It not only nre educating themselves,
but conferring that pleasure which we are
all bound by tbe common ties of humanity to exchange with one another. It seems
to us tbat it is only tbe snob mid pretender who take a different view of this question.—New York ledger.
imiitmloM A llrooilertv   |
Make money while
others ere waiting
Mine oyoldproccstcSi
Catalpgtotiiall about
It aim ue.wr.bes every
article needed for the,
poultry business.
mechanically the beet
iwheel. Prettleitt model-
We are Pacific Coast
Agents. Bicycle cato-
logue.mailed free.glves
MTAtDsU radUBATOt .C0>(*Ntslssis,Csl*
Ukakcii Houbb. txi 8 Main 6t„ Los Angela.
A Fun* Made About ft Half Inch.
A Maine man from regions whero land
Is tolerably plenty nnd nn ncre does uot
seem n very Inrge piece Invested lu a lot In
tho suburbs of Boston und set ubout grading nml nrrnnging bis fences much as he
would in Maine. Uncovered up one corner
bound and theu built his fence "about"
where ho thought tho lino wus. Imagine
his surprise when tbu adjoining owner appeared In a grent flutter over bin proceedings. Tho line wns relocated by a surveyor, when It wns found the Maine man'«
fence encroached one half an Inch on his
neighbor, nud he had to Bet it over. As
much fuss was made over It as a 10 ncre
piece would cause In bis Maine home.—
licwiritun Journul.
Tobacco Jlmjnms.
Horace Bar mini, who, after using tobacco for years, discontinued its use a
few weeks ngo, was recently afflicted
with a kind of tobacco tremors. He is
so badly off that it is reported thnt he
may have to be taken to the insane hospital in Middletown.—Bristol Letter in
Hartford Times.    	
Algy—I bad a most horwlbly embar-
wnssing accident once. Took off me cutaway with me topcoat In church, don't ya
Reggy—Aw, that wasn't half bad. Why,
yesterdoy me twousera came unwolled on
Bwoad way.—Life.
A man went homo tho other night and
found bis house locked up. After Infinite
trouble ho managed to gain entrance
through a bnck window and then discovered on the table a note from his very
thoughtful wlfo, rending: "I have gone
out. You mny find the key on the side of
the step."
A View ot the Woman Who CAQied a Ul*
Torou In American Illicit Lite,
Neilin Nnustrcttcr, the corespondent in
the recent Vtiudorhllt divorce ouso, Is n
rather tall hloutl woman ubout :.'<. or UH
yours of age, said to have gono to 1'iirln
from JlniHrinla aud tuifure that to huvo
lived In Holland. Some say iho Is Swedish or half Swedish. Sho Is dumirlhud now
us thu luektest. woman In Paris ami wns,
before Vnmlerhllt took her up, in rather
hard luck, but wns not known at any time
to frequent queer plaoos.
She Is Inclined to Im reserved, qulot and
shrewd, Prior to tho Vmtdurhllt regime
she wan somewhat freo, hut held hersolf
well In hand and always estimated herself
highly. Sim Is not wonderfully handsome,
but yot aoummnmllug and rnthor striking
woman in appearance. She Is not known
by tho numo uf Nell in Noustrettor nt present. Sho Is tho mother of two ohlldron.
Ono of these Is very young; tho older Is
little moro than n year old,
The details concerning Minn. Noustret-
ter's life may bo freely published so far aa
she Is concerned, for publicity la the ataplo
which women of hor class most ardently
desire and thrive upon. Thoro aro hundreds of women liko hor In Paris and lu
many othor Europonn capitals. She Is not
tho host of hor class In appearance or in
voguo. Sho may bo called a middle olaas
person In tho sooloty In which she moves.
Tbo foregoing account of hor Is sent from
Furls to tho New York World by ono whe
had tboadvantngeof personal observation.
Artetuus Ward's Protector.
While In the show business in Pennsylvania Artemus Ward was put to sleep In
an attlo where the sash had been taken
out for ventilation, lu the night It turned
cold. Artemus got up nnd wub busy nt
the window. "Whnt nre you doing, Arte-
mun?" bis cunipnuion asked. "I'm so
c-cold," he chattered. "I was hanging up
someof these hoopsklrts. I thought they'd
keep the coarsest of the cold out,"—San
Francisco Argonaut.	
The prospect of relief fiom ilni-l c cntliartlcs
for iiTHiiim tmiVeil with couallpatloii Is poor
indent. True they not upon the bowela, but
this they do with violence, ami their oppratlon
tends to weaken the liiteatlnts, and is prejudicial to the stomach. Hosteller's Stomach Hit -
ten is an effectual laxative, but It ml'her
grlpps no: cut- ebles. Furthermore. It promotes
dlneatlnii and a regular action ot the liver and
tbe kidneys. It la an etllcleut barrier against
anil icinerjy for malarial comjilHlnts anil rheumatism, aud is of great benefit to the weak, ner
voui aud aged. At a medicim-l stimulant It cannot be surpassed. Physicians cordially rt coin-
muni It, and Its profess In ii al indorsement Is
full)'borne out by popular cxperteu<e. Appetite and sleep are boh improved by this agreeable luvigoraut anl alterative.
Just be'ore the dawn: .lungers (weakly face-
iIoub)-TIi-Think I was u burglar m' dear!
Mrs. JiiggeiH No, a burglar wouldn't have
taken half the time to get In.
The different organs of the body are very
sympathetic One is very apt to feel tbe
pain of another, and it is not alwuys easy
to locate tbe trouble exactly. A weak back
not infrequently occasions a pain in the
side, and one limb often aobes out of sympathy for another.
Ali-cock's Porous Plaptkrb are just tlie
remedy iri such cases. They a'e soothing
in their effect, and draw out the pain so
that the back or side or limbs are supple
instead of stiff, and free to perform their
They hove been tried by thousands and
millions of people iu every land, and with
one uniform result, entire satisfaction.
BbahDBBTH'i Pills will relieve rheumatism. 	
Far Western peoplo will not send
Their klda to Sunday school
Because remarks there to offend
About the (.mitten Kule.
MUSIC NTOHK-WlUw B. Allen Co., the
oldest, the largest, VII First St., 1'ortlanil.
C bickering, I turd man, Fischer Pianos, Kate*
Organs.   Low prices, easy terms.
10-CKNT MUsIC--Send for catalogues.
to wet and cold U very often the
drat step to Pneumonia, Consumption, Rheumatism or other serious
diseases. Often we say, "Ob, It's
nothing," when really our health
for years or for life la hanging In the
scale. A cold Is the thin edge of tbe
wedge of disease. To keep 11 out la
Important—and time la everything.
When your temperature una been
suddenly reduced by wet or cold
take a teaapoonnil of
In a half glass of water or milk
(warm if poaatble). Reaction begins
atonce, relief ta Immediate and yon
will have no cold, cough, sore throat
or ■tltTneas to reckon with. This
sounds eaay, and la easy If you have
the Paln-KIUer at hand. Get a
bottle and get acquainted, It kills
ull forma of pain and Is worth Ha
weight In gold. Sold everywhere, at
25 cents a bottle. Prepared only by
t.it'nile Annie wus the girl who went forth
when ihe spring time came tn gather wild
Unworn--daisies stbng the hillsides, und \
torgol hor rubbers. Hue oamu buck with
wet lent, followed hy tlie worst onae of inni-
rftlgld she ever hud. .''ultimately she wus
told and had Ions; known that lor any kind
Of neuralgic all'eetiou, Ht. Jucubs oil is thu
most remarknlile remedy ever used, All
tho year round any une subject tu such at
tacks should not, mil tu have it iu the
home. Kor all aohes and pains which ut
all times beset us, there Is nothing to eipuil
It, Nerve pains especially are brought un
by sudden changes iil'temi ornture, hut the
great remedy, applied promptly, will surely cure,
Thu PaloiiHu, Wiisli., Sugar Boot
Mniiufiictui'ing Company hus wired an
order to California, for ur.o pounds uf
BUBAT boot sued. This sund will Imi ro*
tailed at cost prion to farmers or others
who wish tn grow bouts.
Thu lli'st woman to Ikj npjiuinted u
railroad division surgeon is Currin bio-
big, who will havu charge uf thu
Northern at Hopu, Ind.
HtatkokOiiii), <-itv ov Toi.kiio.I „
I.uean County I
PRANK J. Ciiknkv makes oath thnt be Is
llm senior partner ol tbu linn ul K, J.
Oiirmsy A* Co,, doing business in the City
uf Toledo, Coiiuty und Slate afuresald und
that said llrm will pay the sum of ()NK
Hl'Nhltl'.n Dill,I,A ItH lor each and every
OSSSOf Catarrh that oannot he cured hy
the use uf Hall's Catahhh Cihk.
Sworn to before me und subscribed In
my presenoe, thisilth day uf December, A,
.JTk'aTJ A.W.fll.KAHIJN.
<—.~> Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
and acts directly on the blood and mucous
mirfaces of the system. Head for testl-
munials, freo,
F. J. CHUNK Y A CO., Toledo, O.
IVHuld by Druggists, 7uo.
We have not been without Piso's Cure
for Consumption lor UOyeurs.—IjzxirFkh-
uri., Camp Kt., Jlarrisburg, Pa., May 4,
That  Tired   Feeling
Brings comfort and improvement nnd
tends to ncreonnl enjoyment when
rightly used. Tho many, who live better limn others and enjoy life more, with
'ess expenditure, by more promptly
udupting tho wo.ld's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
'.lie value to health of the pure liquie
uxntive principles embraced in thi
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleasant to tho taste, the refreshing and trul}
beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c andtl bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
Ely's Cream Balm
Cleanses the Nasal
Passages, Allays Pain
and Inflammation,
Restores the Senses of
Taste and Smell.
Ileitis tbe Sores.
Appljr Balm Into rach nintrll, I
Kl.V BBOS., 66 Wf.mii St., N. V.|
Its wearing qualities are <inBUrpaBae<1,aot»all>
outlasting two boxca of any other brand. Free
from Animal OIIb.   OUT TIIK GKNDINat.
and Dealer* generally.
Ladles' and Gents'
All Slzes...Alt Weights
S45, 880, 800,  880, SIOO
su'imilhsi'il Wheels (or ssb* mnl etrbsuge
Send lur catftlngue. FKRE.   Live sgt'l wsutcil
327 WitftliliiKt.iii Bt .     POKTLAND. OR.
lancer-lulu Indication of impure and liu-
puvcrlsuod blood, if your blood could
always be rich nud pure, lull ■ f tin
rad corpunles upon whioh its vitality
dflpOlldl. }tiu WOUld never lie wenk, ur
Nervous! Dolls, pimples, srrufuln, sail
rheum, would never trouble you, Hut
our iniiilo of IlvliiK, sbut lu ull winter
In poorly veniiluted buiuus nml wimps,
depletes tlie bluuil and tliere Is loss uf
appetite, ami weakness. Hood's Bursa*
ptrillali the standard remedy for this
oundltiuu. It purifies. Vitalises and
enriches tlio blood, iivercuiues thnt
tired fooling, butldl up tlio nerves nnd
K'ivi'H perfect health. Head tills:
"Our daughter, Hlnnclie, when four years
of age, buii u humor break oul on her
bunds aud foo«, which our physicluu
pronounced OCKetUQ If the cold uir
reached her fine nr bunds tliey would
swell up, look utmost purple, and
headed Misters would form nml break,
Discharging ft watery fluid, and the burn*
Ing and Itohlng would drive her nearly
wild. Unless wu encased her littlo
hiimls she would tear p&tCtlOl ul skin
frum her fitcn nnd hands. We tried
many doctors nnd nmiiy remedies, and
nl Inst guve Ihe QOSe  up us hopeless.
Hut our daughter Cora tried Hood's
Siirm.piirillii, to cure n BOrofUlOUS lump
neurtbo h'tt h-unst, which cuusod her
much pain, und aftor taking I buttles it
disappeared, Hluuc.hu, who Is now
eleven, bad spent seven years of miller*
Ing, mm 1 concluded to give her Hood's
Hiirsnpurltlu. She look 0 bottles, and her
fine Is BlUOOth and sofi 01 a huhy's, the
color of a ruse petal Her bunds aro
soft und white, where four m< >ntli <
iiK" they were blue and red, ami
calloused nearly like lent her. I cannot express my gratitude by pen ur
mouth, It seems » mlruclu, and our
friends srn surprised."— Mas, Anna
I., c'uhk, I'd K. -llh tit., Dututh, Minn.
Hood's  Sarsaparilla
Is the Only
True Blood Purifier
$10 Reward fur information as to tbe
present whereabouts, ur death uf Ansel
White, who left Mania Cruz, Cal., in lHfB.
Address Win. I'brrepunt White, Palace
Hotel, San Kranolsoo, Gal.
Tst Gbkhia for breakfast.
j_mX__* Vfilt ADORE.
A mcrnimsnt of llm bnwuls MOU daj is nrnvMiiur tat
huaUth, Tliwwi pUJs supplj what thn »)*lrm licks to
maks It ittiulatf, Tbey cum UMduhs. tirigliUn tb*
Jba, and oImt tha Oomplufon (guar tfisn ntmnstka.
Thtj tififthfir frliw nor sloknn.   Tu contlnrn iimi, wa
Is llie iniwt (Toiitiilile rr.in tu plant <m dry IhihI
vii'iiiN'j.'iiK) liu-. sliellcl coin suit twelve ions uf
(miller. <"hii bu pliintc I till July ami Imr v.-si.-ii
with iinllu iiy niHchlnes. Semi |l i>ur ncre fur
sent deslied tu
Hm<thiii«>ii1o lllvfir Niirsrr*/ Cn.,
Wttlnut (Iruve, CuliToni!*
Ask for Dyke's UIiiiiiddiI or uviil Niilm himI K1'
vuIviiik Ihili IniiiiLiiiK s nre whiUUms Fur sale
hy leiiillint Hlior ilealers. Knn-kii Hule {,'«,, 21 Kruiit
•fraet. I'urllsml, Or. Agents wanlMl. Tu-rllnry
fur side.
MMiii wnnt wnrk, or van nrKimlw a totlxe, wrlln
10 tlm order of Fralcrinil Armiiiiiin, lUmiussT anM
nn. Iiiinohof imililliiij, Hun Friiiiciru.-o cm.
Portland. Wills Walla,
H|KiKKiie, viaO. R AN.
Railway and Oreal
Sort lie i n Railway to
Montana points, si.
Paul, Minneapolis,
Omaha, 8t. LOUIS. Chicago and Hast. Address
nearest agent. 0. (*
Dtiiumui, (it'll. Agt.
_ venS.Oen. Agt.,Seattle,
Wash.; C. ti. Dixon, lion. Agt.. Spokane, Waiti.
No dust; rock-ball nut track; line scenery; palace sleeping and dlntngcars; buffet-library cars;
family tourist sleepers; new equipment.
' rMMl.trallBnatta, UOoU.MtW ,
M. P. K. V. No. MS   H. F. N. V. No 070
Ws would not lit** mi" ii-icl
duins talvinliini, for which «• niwl< no sttrs that**, hwl
Intra nut btan mtrlt In tt 0*)rtnitlDf enmi.n m c««iin« iha
strotii but inuti pcrlihabU on linn th»tti ni'iii tttwl, »nh
tha alnioat inilnirurtibls (etau «i ■ r, •■-i. Inia] ksutt, mn
and aluminum. K llttrt wera H"l imi mrnt in iiltinmnf,
donna would pay H <"'•'• f"f aal>*inir"1 Urinal wire „r -h*H
Iron than un|>lvaniir><l emit \t »<■ Hcia tatSiRt , ..;.r<J
Wlndmilla IfrtUy, wa sliouM furnish an
Thai la • fowl fine* for an if-* palmett wmimn
WI fillLU rtlH THS 11,1 •>. WK mn lit *.i.T III
■ BT*L ■il.Tf.l/r.U SirOHI  SriMi PIT  l«i.,M UMl. If
nut) wmi.ii civ is uiitsts mnt ton ir.    w> >.„ ■)
Iht haat wa knew, and knowint Ibai | ■■ ; -,■! i..n ihaall in
practically wurthlati, ■# ho* i,i'i|t,n( lu -lu * ,tu ti -t,     I',,
■Uf lira
■ R Ht t i.
wHI mi . |.r.'. •■■il". <lt:|.,,i ..ii..,, at
SHKRTH Ut HUrit tno MlttR IMI mil
aPrSHfftRU WIIKKI.1 IIS ll*.MItUlii»i,il.tt«l/M>
* HKSTS HUT IH T HKif ttoi in 111! HI* Hi. Jmir*.
till SWISH, 1HU IKK, THlHIMiHS. »•)! -• HOOO .«
rilNTKU IISKt. II,nt anu iwutTH ■■>■< I" %~ /»"••• ' •'
petintett wintlmtlt* on J pnitM t-m-m, or >*.»■ -.«(» „■. ,/
\t I'litmtnl mntrri'ti, cut,   ,1 ' §)nd pmm ■■•■• nflm tha til-
MalrMf i» ■/'!«, etintmtu h. ,,r!„,K^t fv i/t. t,„t m,„ mmplt
1-kutti,*  thru,  a,a  ,./„ I  .,/!/,,  r.,.'«»  ,,/  ,t,,t„,*>l>ru4     1*1
now|aI>am e tr4mrilD| alur it n asiliU ..-.,,■• y i
nut.      Wa |alv,f   tS With Ih. wail libinwI   ■ ■     ■ ual   n
tha tnott |,nfwl I
The lirmr.i i
riittett Mil. mn.iJ.fni tmj , fawi
immartrtl ,« miit*t MaV
thin'until tt oWwiWaW
aiutmnnitiff ntTf
rlnoril up tin&mtl*-
molitn   mit.il,  ux.l
pirrrt nimiMHina; tkt
*>Itt*rt<t emit u.t,i-l
thtll   fou   ha.a   •■ mi-
dunm and rtliaMa.   ll
duaracannnt affiinliixti
aluminum mall*! •'•nn
Hii-.tf uhit. nw,lin,f u-lt
alia*-, vtit-h ttinu t Im
tUltlitruetibHt.   Inmir,r,..
pritts   ot,  wlaal* mull,
iilu'iMiii.n   of what « ,
KIDlriUIIHLl   SStLb    !_-■-
Ttts orrr.a or *^ *Li.iTrrL <iht. -
flTTKIL WORTH fill 10  I HI. M  OO,   t
SS1T All. WK Hit 4 I.I. Ull III )•»   -MUtFrtllli. i|-   *nu.
flUATKB ISTUinrr.    Aormotor Co.. '■'■'**»•
W.L. Douglas
ay 35 HOE it .oa a kins.
~~~~~   'a.   CORDOVANT,
nwKK4nAaaiurji our.
» 3».« POLICE, i solo.
*2.»17» I30YS SCrHBL3rrO£i
Over One Million People wear Um
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All our shoes are equally aatlafactory
Thty flva th* best value for tha anonew.
They squat custom Shots In style and fit.
Their wearing qualities are unsurpassed.
Tha prices era uniform,—-sumped on sola.
Prom $i to $ j saved over other makes.
11 your dealer cannot supply yuu, we can.
Ol Imitation
traits marks
and labels.
Insist on
in packages
Costs no more than inferior package soda—
1 never spoils the flour, keeps soft, and is imi.
; versally acknowledged purest in tbe world.
Hale only by CHURCH k CO., Sew York.
fall aj iiucua .iu i hSb...
WrH. Uf Im aid BaaaaM. taaa a| HkaM, aMlaa-fSSa
Thru 'lowisonly.  1 rv It.
ache? Does everv sU>p seem abtuden! Youneet!
In* o.Pntradlu Him vlela bt ouce lo
uI'lW'"1' p"-« remedy.
hkh.uls dlnrtlr oa pan. «IT«rt«l, .l«»H»i«"nir-
SSflHSi.^iSS.'S *"" a">rt«'«. Bl»orB.tnn,m .1.
Lu. Itflbla., .Rhudjb a ti.nnan.nt on™, rnc.l o.
BnujalM. or auu, Br. Uo.uuliu, I'Blmda.'p.;
Estab. iseo.   CORBITT A MACLEAY CO.   mo. itro
IUPpRTBB8,8H|PPlNOsndCOMUW8IQN MKKCIIANTS. Liberal ailtHnrc made on approted
cniisliinmcnts of Wheat. Flour, Osls, Wool and Hop-'. Bpeclsl Import! from China, Jnnan and India: Tea, Coffee, Rice, if al tint and RUfS, 8|»lrcs, Hair»i, Taplors, ("hlna Nut oil,etc. From Liverpool: Liverpool Fhif,<iirir»''and Lump Roci Hit, ChentoalS of all kinds, Tlnplate, selected
No. 1 returned Wheat Rurs, Hop Burlap. Roll Brimstone, Bas* Ale, Gotliasss1 I'orter, Bootoh and
Irish Whisky, Brandy and wine*, for sale In quantities to suit the trade.   I'OI.TLaNh, OR.
In Convenient Form
(To be di.ntcd with water for use,
Write for Descriptive Pamphlet and   Prices
Mannfactur.'ii by
Ii publUlipd ovory Prtotw ovftnlug, nt tlio ofllo.
King tUreoti Clovordnle, by
OU uu; a ! r|i   &  CQ,
BuDBCTUirioN 'l|,|',|i quo dollar nor Ycjnr; BU
Muiillm, 111ly 001)11,
*. ItVi'.HTISlNti    RAT] 6 !
Tniii.siont Xdvortlio'nionts, ton cchin por lino
giioti liiicrtlon,   Nonniroll i loasiiromout
equal iii i vcivu tlllos to llm llivli,
siiuri iiotloos'ol tost, [outuli ol<9,, ouo Uoltttr for
throo Itmortlous,
ppntlm, b(rth<, nud mnrrliifloi Miiy oonts for
onn iiiHrrtloii.   I*ret* to NiihicrllnrN.
Uommorolnl ndyortlioinouti nt greatly reduced
jltlooi, whlih will hu uiiido knowu ounppli
ootloii,  (jiiiii'turiy ooittmqti,
Addrois nil oominuiilofttlous to
clovorilnlo. ii. r.
A codpiiK ot ivi'i'ks ftgo :i new
.•nlniiiii cimnory commpncod opor-
jitinns in \Vu8tmliiBlor, on tlio
water front. ImniodlatpTjj aliovo tlio
tarry landing. Tho editor of Sun-
li'lSY Timrs liapponod to )>c In lown
at Ilia timo ami ourloslly lqc] litiii
in Inspdol the promises, M'phavo
/in intention of desorfbir)g the panning process, suffice ii thai there
was ii largo quantity of frpsh-paughl
salmon beinguinnipuliiiril by fcomo
twenty ot thirty men, npd that
Iho fittings, ami ihe ptooess gone
rally could not lie objected to In
regard lo cleanliness. The feature,
however, In which objection may
justly lie taken by every white man
and woman In British Columbia
who works for a living;, is the fact
that of the whole staff of men engaged in the cannery on the occasion of our visit, only the engineer
was white ! Tho rest were Chinamen 1 Now, (his cannery is in this
respect no different from nil the
other salmon canneries in li. C,
and as Ihe total number of Chinamen employed no doubt exceeds a
thousand, it is plain that labor representing a large amount of money is being year after year withheld from deserving Canadians
and placed in Iho bands of ioreign-
prs not held in much favor by the
public of this coast, and not esteemed anywhere out of China for
Iho cleanness of their habits, their
only merit the supposed cheapness
pi their labor, and that a fallacy.
We are aware that the cannprs assert that the salmon puck cannot
be put up profitably without the
advantage of Chinese cheap labor.
That assertion may safely bo put
down as a lie straight. If every
Chinaman was banished from
(he Pacific coast, the canneries would not close down. Nobody is silly enough to believe
such trash. The truth is the candors are too greedy. They have
made money fast, and Iho influence
thus gained they have used lo manipulate a rich public resource in
such manner that the white public
gets the least possible benefit, and
the whole wealth of tlie resource
goes into tlie pockets of the can-
ners. If the salmon industry will
riot pay to lie workod by white
people, it would bo better for British Columbia that it remain undo*
veloped, u promise for the future,
rather than that so valuable a resource should be exhausted to foster a horde of Chinamen and enrich a score or so of greedy and
inconsiderate white men, dinners,
who happen lo have tbe "bulge" on
the public,
This is a matter that every labor
organisation should take up, and
never rest until it bo established
that Canadian labor has a first
claim upon the development and
operation of Canadian resources.
Those newspapers, too, llint like lo
po-e ns friends and allies of the
working man, might drop caul for
n time and lake up this mailer
ready to their hand, to the end
that the labor of die canneries be
while labor, and then perhaps it
will imi again happen tbat Intelligent ntul industrious white men
will bo glad lo work for their
lioard, as has happened too frequently Ibe pnst year.
Ottawa, June 26.- Joseph Martin, M. P. for Winnipeg, in a letter
to the Citizen, says that, evidently,
there has been a misunderstanding
with the Roman Catholios on the
school question, and lie believes it
can lie settled without the interference of Parliament. If the Catholics only want religious teaching,
us Mr. Oumct says, Manitoba will
grunt this.
The   Surrey   Pound    By-law,
passed by tho Council"of 1800, is n
curiosity. By il the ponmlkecpoi
is allowed lo collcol fill cents por
head per dny for keep on all animals except pigs and sheep, and
thoso call for 2ii cents per head
p"r dny. As the pbfll of pasture
does not amount lo 10 cents per
bend pot day, il will be soon that
the poiinjkcepcr hiif. a pretty good
thing, e.-peciiilly if Ihe impounded
animals bo calves or other young
slock thut do not coi;t lib} cents
per month for keep.
A few weeks ago Mr, Win.
Ilugnley, who lives on the Yule
loud near the eastern boundary of
Surrey, losl four yearling heifers.
lie i in ii in 1 i .i I c] y commenced a
search for lliem, instituted inquiries in eveiy likely  plucc, but  the
animals wprp not to bp found They
wore, in fact, iu the bands of
I'onndkeepi'i' Fnllowfield, of Kensington Prairie, eight miles from
homo. Boforo Mr. ilaguloy got
any intimation of the [apt. the four
animals woro sold for poundage,
nnd ns scarce half-a-dozen people
knew of the sale, Iho whole four
brought some $28, while the fees of
tbe poundkeeper amounted to b)86.
Just Hunk, four young cattle,
nearly IK months old didn't bring
the cost of two weeks ppundage.
This jri iniquitous.
Whether Mr. Fallowlicld did or
did not conform to the provisions
of tlio by-law under which he was
appointed to keep tho Municipal
pound, Is ii mutter upon which we
offer no opinion, tbe more especially as the matter is likely to como before the courts, but in regnrd to
tbe wretched by-law one need not
hesitate in condoning it as it disgraceful measure.
Tho fact is, in u rural district
such as Surrey, there is no need
whatever for a public pound.
Power should be given to every
settler lo impound shay animals
and to collect fair charges for keep,
and if anything the charges should
be on the low side, so as not to
make it an on inducement to any
one Ip bo too ready to shut up animals, that aro doing no damage.
The party shutting up a "stray "
should be required to advertise the
fact without unnecessary delay, in
a suitable newspaper, describing
the animal and calling upon the
owner to take it away. Tho advertisement should appear for at
least three weeks, and be a charge
against the stray. This is a custom that is recognised all through
Canada, and under it, with proper
details, no one need be aggricyed,
while it would work smooth from
the start, because thp idea is familiar to the public. In any event,
it js tlio duty of tho Council to
take immediate action in regard to
the old by-law, or it may prove a
bill of expense at any time. No
one acquainted wjth it believes it
would stand the test of a law suit.
An agent of the Manitoba fiov-
ernment has been vjsiting Britisli
Columbia with a special view to
providing a market here for Manitoba bullor. He is reported to be
satisfied with the prospect. As the
freight on butter from the Prairie
Province is a considerable item,
and us moreover this coast offers
many advantages for dairying,
butter makers here should bo able
to deal with this competition. The
shipments will likely be made in
the fall aud winter, and tbe flnl
effect will   probably  be a collapse
of the market, whioh will be bad
for all, bill will no doubt result in
putting a stop to the Manitoba
shipments, for makers there as
here seek u profitable price for their
produce. The duly on foreign butter should he increased to bar out
the California product, if indeed an
analysis would not bar it out under existing regulations, for no
adulterated butter is allowed to be
shipped into Canada. Tlie California butter sold in Vancouver a
few years back wns all adulterated
to the extent of being readily detected by the taste. It was nicely
put up, and the dealers bought it
cheap and sold it dear. Tlie Provincial authorities would be well
within their duty in having a test
made of the California butter now
on the city markets—Vaucover especially. '
British Liberals Go Out of Office.
London, Juno 24. Lord Rose;
bery bus resigned, and Lord Salisbury Is summoned to London.
Windsor, June25,   The Marquis
of Salisbury bus formally accepted
tlio I'l'i'iiiiership.
London, June 85 It is announced that liight Hon, Jos, Chamberlain, Unionist, leader in Iho House
of Commons, bus been appointed
Sporetarj of Stall, for tllO Colonics,
It is also announced that tho liight
Hon. A. J. Balfour, Conservative
lender in the Mouse of ('ominous,
bus been nppoiul.nl Kirs I Lord of
tin: Treasury.
The Marquis of Salisbury bus
received assurances thai tho outgoing Ministry will assist the new
Covernment in passing the estimates in time in enable Parliament
lo dissolve by July llllh.
A grout deal of interest dining
tlie present crisis centres in the
course Mr. (Ilndslone will decide Iii
adopt, His secretary, when questioned on tbe subject, said thp groat
Liberal leader does not intend to
issue n manifesto.
Mr. Justin McCarthy, leader of
the Irish Nationalist party, bus expressed himself as confident that
the appeal for Kinds to enable mom-
bers of his party to eonlest sents in
Iho coming general election will be
met with prompt response.
The HpalyitpB will undertake an
independent campaign, nnd they
nre snid to be confident of securing
a majority among the Nationalists
in the new Parliament.
Mr. John Itedniond, Parnollile
lender, announces the intention of
members of bis party contesting
ovory sent in Ireland,
The Situation.
From tlio statistic Nows-Ailvurtlser.
The close of the first half of tbo
year affords a convenient occasion
for a brief general review of tlie
business situation and outlook for
British Columbia. On the whole
there has certainly been considerable progress made towards a moro
satisfactory state of things than
prevailed at tho beginning of tlie
year. In the first place there is
more confidence felt ijiat trade will
improve, and the existence of Ibis
feeling will itself play no unimpor:
tant part in tlie improvement. But
at the same time it is well to utter
a word of warning. Some of tlie
reports which have been sent from
British Columbia by the correspondents of eastern newspapers are
greatly over-colored, both as to the
actual prpsent condition and to the
probabilities of the ensuing six
months, and, as a result, were thoy
accepted without qualification,
there would unquestionably be
much disappointment causpd to
those who received them. As an
instance, we read recently in one
eastern trade journal a statement
from u correspondent here, tp the
effect that the production of gold
in British Columbia would be greater in 18115 than in any previous
year in the history of tlie province.
Now, as in the early days, the placers along the Fraser River yielded
several millions of dollars in one
year, tliis is equivalent to saying
that the gold production for 1895
will amount to, perhaps, $5,000,000,
Any one who is competent to give
an opinion on the subject, must be
aware that, short of a miracle, such
an output is impossible with the
present development of hydraulic
mining here. The real facts are
such as to afford ample satisfaction
to everyone concerned, and the real
interests both of the Province and
of individuals, demand nothing
more than a truthful and conservative statement of things as they
actually are.
Although British Columbia is
not an agricultural country, in tlie
sense that Manitoba or Ontario is,
yet our farming community is at
present the most Important section
of tbe people outside of tlio popu-
| lation in the Coast cities. Both as
producers and consumers, therefore,
the condition of the agricultural
class is ii matter of the first consideration. It is satisfactory,
therefore, to know that from nearly
I ever j agricultural section of the
'Province, favorable reports are
being received.    In  the aggregate
there appears to bo no doubt that
j there is u largrr area under cultivation than at nny previous time
in the history of the Province. The
present condition of the crops,
j whether cereals or fruil, is reported
to bo good, while the meadows are
j likely to yield heavy crops of hay.
I The dairy industry bus, during the
! lust few months, received especial
1 attention, and as no portion of the
j Dominion is better adapted for its
J prosecution, this renewed interest
| und effort is a feature that is very
satisfactory. There is a general
recognition of Hie fact that old
methods must be abandoned and
the dairyman adopt a system like
that which prevails in other industries, where a division of labor,
concentrated capital nnd the most
modern appliances are all utilized
to produce an article which finds a
ready market from its uniformity
and excellence of quality.   While
prices still remain low for all kinds
ol agricultural produce, any movement is in an upward direction
with rensonuble prospects of ti per-
lnunonl advance in quotations
being secured.
.l.M. Browning, of Vancouver,hns
been notified of Ibe result of the
first clear) up Ibis season on the
Cariboo olalni, The run wn.i 172
hours, during which time onlv 100
miner's inches were worked. Tho
result of the oloari up is 000 lbs. .'!
oz, gold, or utlfLS per ounce, $11,-
810, Thn product will he sent
down in burs nnd nuggets. The
rich clinructer of the gravel is indi-
oatod by Iho discovery of a nugget
weighing 2.1 ounces nt. a height of
10(1 feet above Iho bed-rocks. The
find of gold has averaged about
♦2,000 por flay ol three shifts, tho
water supply throughout lniving
been irregular and deficient. When
tho supply in Policy's lake is lapped and with a longer season much
boiler rcrtills are exjieclod,
London, June,'21. -William David Weltel'i who was bunged with
.lobn lletuiershott, tnnile u confession of guilt other Ihiin the secret
one made to Rev, I).' Spencer. Ho
told turnkey Kdwartl Lnngan, just
before hip ijxoutlon, that he alone
committed (be murder in the
woods bill that John llendersholt,
though not present planned it.
Welter says be struck his victim
over the back of the head with an
axo and foiled him In the ground,
that Heridorshott staggered to bis
feet and started lo run, and he
picked i,p a wedge followed nnd
repeatedly struck him over the
bead with it. Thp wedge, ho baid,
be afterwards buried in tho ground,
which accounts for its non-up-
. . «. .	
Toronto, Juno 21 —A new party
has boon formed here, under [he
litlo of the "Canadian National Association.'! Some of its objects are
the fostering of national sentiment,
working for tho removal of the
prpsent system of dual languages,
for abolition of separate schools,
so that there will bp but one official
language and ono system of schools
for Canada, and to disseminate information concerning Canada's
mineral, agricultural, marine, and
lumbering industries. Only Canadians by birth arc allowed to join
the new organization, and thousands of applications have been already received,
Nearly 800 men are now at work
on the construction of the Kuslo
& Slocan Railroad, and a good
deal of grading in spots along the
line, has already been finished.
The time limit of the company's
chartpr expires on September 5th
next, and an earnest effort will be
made to get the rails down by that
 *  *■.'.«	
Tho University of Ottawa College has conferred the degree of
Doctor of Law on Chief Justice
Davie, of British Columbia.
TENDERS will bo rocolvcri l»v the tii)(Ionilt*n-
ml up to ono p. m. ol .-Al 1'ltPAY, JULY
lliu 6th, lor ttiGarcCtlnn • I i IlriU|iu urur tno
Nicomekl River, on thu Kcntiiigtou. nml Mud
Flam nml sped fictitious mny ho men nt the
■ •ilko of tha uudorslKueit. or ut thu rcilduuuo of
Mr. T. w. IJiuily.ElKiii.U. C.
The Inwettor §117 tender not neeomrily ac-
Municipal Clerk.
Cloverdnle Juno '.'I, 1805.
A REWARD OK 185 li heroby oiTorc.I by tho
Muulc)|iA'Council ol Mirrvy for mien ill*
lurmttlou u> will lend to tho conviction o. liu-
party or partloD Riiilty of the recent mutllati 11*.
ot niiitnn ■■< bclmiglDff to II. T. Thrift nud A.
Vomit, UbI.'j Prairie,
0. u, c
Surrey, Juut2i, 18M.
HOClAN BROS.,  Proprietors.
Tlio dnr U.uppllld with superior Liquors and
c-i3loo Cigars, and tho waltars arc attentive
and   nbllKhiK.
front Btrcot, opposite tba Ferry Landing,
JF. GAI.HRAITH. Convoyaneer A Notary
,   1'uUlo.   OIUo.,Stl»lv Tints, Clovetdal.
Men's Suits from $5 upwards.
Mon's Blue or Grey rivottoil Overalls, |1,
Men's Plannelptle Top-Shirts, 2!) cents.
Men's Wool Socks, 10 pairs for $1.
Men's Untler-Shirts, DSt-pnt*.
Boys,1 Suits, $2, $2.25, &o.
Men's Braces, 16 cents nnd upward,
get" DolumWn Street, New Westminster,
johnson & Mckenzie
7  ,
Choice Family Groceries & Provisions.
I-chL .assorted stoojc in tho City nt tho most .thhoihiIiIi; pi'leef.
GOOlll (loUVOrotl t<> llll pnrtiof tha City, WttlUf , nml Train*, with ijiiiek il«t|iutali nml trM Ol
till irgO,   All union l>y ntif.ll ur inii.'i',.Din' |iruiii|'ilv nml aurcluliy uttuitduil lo.
Teltplmno flu.     1'. i). "ox J7I. nu* tt'Ksi'MINsKKii. ii. r.
Choice Groceries,
And General Merchandise,
MAIN STREET, CLOVKUIUf.K, (Corner Mcl.iplliin lln.nl).
Goods nil fresh and of llic choicest quality.   New slock constantly
arriving.   Prices down to Iqivpst notoh, on thp ttasis of "small profits
and quick returns."   /SW* Give us a trial.
The Starr Hotel,
The tiilile is supplied with the hest the market affords.   The rooms :tc
pleasant, comfortably furnished, and thn beds clean.    A good home
Hotel for families while waiting to locate.   Charges moderate.
Get the Best Foot-wear You Can !
The Cloverdale Shoemaker,
Makes Boots aud Shoes to order, and guarantees all work turned out
gtSF' Repairing promptly attendee) to on short notice,
Cloverdale Blacksmith Shop,
Practical Blacksmith, does light and heavy Macksmilhing of all kinds
on shor( notice and at moderate rates.    Horsoshoeing a specialty.
Columbia Street, New Westminster
of every description in American
and Italian Marble.
Scotch, Swaill'ti, l.ibrAdor aud New Ilriuis.
wick UlBtlltC.
Host ol material and workraanihln.
Engrnvliig «f ItiBcrlptlom a specialty,
V. O. Box 194
ALBX. HAMILTON, Proprietor.
Choice young Boars and Sows of
different ages.
Write Tor wauts. or oomo und ico itock.
Clovvrdalw, U, c,
and Florist.
004 Westminster Road, Vancouver.
P. O. Aildro*.—Ml. I'lWiatll, Vanciiuvur D. (.'.
Fine Acclimatised slock of Trees,
Plants, Vines, Shrubs, Hoses,
Bulbs, etc, etc.,
Growing on my own
Importer of chlucac and .lapan Mlllo.i, A/nilm
Cnuiellii*, Fruit and Ortiamvntal Trcui, lltiUiiuil
llillba, Ac.
Denier In nud Mniiufiicluror nf Airr(cultural
Implement*, duo llivci nml Stippliea, ssi>r«y
Pumps, Wlmlo Oil donp, etc.
N«W !'0 pntjc Oitiili>):ui> itmil.'il on. receipt of
four iiddr«B#.    Uot It at oiinj nod kvop It for
iituru relereuoo,   It will imy yon.
Addreii, M. .1. HENRY,
Uoifel, Mouut I'k'iiniint,
Vauaouvtr, U, 6,


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