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Slocan Mining Review 1906-12-06

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Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Dec. 6, 1906.
Single Copies 10c.
J. M. Harris came in from Spakane
on Monday. He was seen at tlie ollioe
of the Star Mining and Milling Company by our ieporter, and he was in excellent spirits at being among so many
of his old friends again and at the decision of the full court in the Star-
White case. Asked for bis opinions of
the various decisions in the celebrated
cafe iu which millions of dollars aro involved, Mr. Harris said while tlie matter wns sub judice he preferred not to
give anything out for publication.
" I suppose, though, you are confident
of Ihe ultimate retultj" queried the
A big smile broke across his clns-icnl
features. " Well, I should say ! " he
cJBCiilaiid. "We've won our p*int;
the exploratory work we aeked lo do to
prove the fault on has been sanctioned
by the full Court, and the end is not far
off. It is quite probable that 1 will be
in camp for the remainder of the winter.
Work, uuder the snpervi.-ijn of Mr.
Zwickey, will lie began right away, ns
the money it in the bank at New
" What," luked the scribe, ���' are your
ideas on the apex rights in this particular ea-e ? "
At this Mr. Han is grew emphatic.
" You may put me on record ns saying that the Apex Laas of this or any
other c untry do not gire a man or a
company the light lomine outside their
own lines cast, wist, north and south at
one-time, ns has been done in this instance."
*' Its a complicated cise," replied the
reporter, "aud we hope the right parly
Will win."
" I hope so, t'io," was the significant
reply. ���       	
New Denver.
Whilst other towns are covered will
a two foot mantle of snow, the Lucerne
has to record but a slight downfall.
Top-coa'tS, like conventions, are itrictly
unsi'iisonable and out of order.
Unnatural feline! Rancher Wherry's
Thomas cat had chickens on Sunday.
Colin J. Campbell la burning the
midnight ol^ at his assay ollice. Colin
hai a reputation for honest assays
which is well defl rved, and he is kept
busy ill consequence, lie is the only
private assayer in the silvery Slicm,
mid prospectors and mining men shoul 1
make a note of this. He is a cons tan'
advertiser ih thp Review, and we wish
to add that his tccplime number is
3, New I'enver.
New Denver mail-order emporium to
the local kids re cobles' the reccpti n
room of lieaven, and that enterprising
young paragon cf energy who has surrounded himself with a galaxy of toys
and novelties i< to the young idea n
veritable St. Peter. Busy is not the
wu.d for it. Charles F. has not even
time to talk politics. Nelson's store is
convert d into Wonderland, and his
stoek of Xraas nove'tics is tremendous
C.P.R. station agent Simkin has ie-
signe 1 his position'! to the regret of his
many friends. C, A. Harrington, la e
of Shields, B.C., arrived on Tuesday to
relieve him.
It is said that a certain few who
have their eyes on political jobs have
cxpri ssedtheli desire to dine ex lusively
on live editor on 'Christmas Day.
The pa s> ng'-ii" o'i thcs.s. Sloe in were
thrilled for a few moments whilst at
New Denver mi Monday. There invariably is a large crowd of sightseers
watching the incoming and departure ol
the boat, and tbey, too, bad a momentary spasm ot fea". Little Ethel Burgess was playing with some other children, who suddenly missed her, and a
lady on the saloon dick who wns watching tl.e youngsters, saw the little girl
fall backwards from the wharf into tlie
water, A minute olapsed before those
on shore conld realize what was being
shouted by passengeis on the steamer,
but a man, whose name wo coul 1
not learn, jumped down and rescued
the little one. Sho was stunned and
very cold when taken from the icy
water, but we are pleased to report that
nu serious complications are feared.
The incident, which might have [roved
tragic and a whole family thereby
plunged into mourning had not the
accident been noticed by tlie lady passenger, should appeal strongly to the
C.P.R. toerect railings at these danger
points. Agents, too, should be firm in
prohibiting children unattended to loiter
around the wharves, and parents might
tlmw the attention of their offspring to
thi3 paragraph, and administer a salutary lesson
i Whilst at New Denver on Monday,
our representative had an opportunity
of inspecting tlie maternity hospital
there. It is not gonerally known that
such an institution exists in the Slocan,
ajidjwe experienced great pleasure in visiting such a well appointed villa. Mrs.
J. 1<\ Delaney has ebargc of the institution, and tlie fers quoted were most
moderate for board and medical attendance, Tlie house is furnished In a splendid manlier, and every modern convenience is installed,
McGuigan   Items.
The K. & S. bridge gang are busy in
the vicinity.
A ten-dollar bill pinned to a letter
was picked up near the depot thiB week.
The owner can have same by calling at
the Review office and broving identity.
Charlie Far roll and Nick Nickolovitch
have gone up to the Ruby Silver. Considerable difficulty is being experienced
packing cordwood to tlie properly, situated as it is above tlie timber line.
Good reports arc to band from the
Rambler. An upraise from the lowcBt
level has beon made for about 150 feet
and a crosscut begun to tap (be ledge.
Your correspondent is pleased to report
that the ledge has been caught and
good ore has been encountered.
Robert Hardy of the Eureka mine
leaves Saturday viaC P.R. for Liverpool
sailing by C.P S.S., Empress of Britain
leaving St. John on 18th inst. arriving
at home in time for Christmas.
Ben Finnell, an old timer of '93 has
returned to camp after several years absence. Old Ben has lately put in a
good deal of time around the Similka-
meen and Tulameen, but he is of the impression that Silverton has now got its
second wind and he wants lo bo in on
the ground floor. He ii the locator
of the Thomp-on group of five claims,
which is, perhaps, better known as the
Comstock. Finnell creek, a tributary
to 4-mile creek, owes its name to Ben.
Already citizens aro talking Clirist-
nia9. J. T, Wils in, the merchant prince,
is piling his shelves with toothsome delicacies for tlie festive Benson, J. T. I.as
the happy faculty of supplying the local
demands in every line, and in consequence there is no excuse to Bond good
Silverton ducats to Tinioiiy Starveout.
W. II. Brandon, writing from Winnipeg, speaks of tlie intense cold pievaling
there. He has gone on a lengthy visit
to his ol 1 home in titielph, Ont., and
will return when Hie robins nest again.
In tlie meantime lather Dan whistles
" Home Sweet Home." and ' Chip, Chip
Chip and a chirrup." The ky of the
Selkirk hotel was thrown away months
The annual Christmas Day ball will
ag in he a leading feature in Silyerton's
holiday' programme. The miners' union
lilt 11 lui�� been secured for that date, and
Simpkins orchestra will supply the
uiti-tc for tbe dance s. TJh.0 eimmittce
promise good.management, good floor,
nnd good musi'*.
There is a feeling of intei'sc satisfaction at the bright futu'c ahead for Sii-
ViT-ton. The principal mines are working steadily and it is known that other
mines will be worked on a large scale
next year.
Duncan and Mrs. Grant are tasting
tho sweets if success at the Windsor
Hotel. This excellent hostelry wds
recently purchased outright by Dune,
for a big figure, and the new proprietor
is bent on giving his patrons such
creature comf rt, that the Windsor
may be correctly termed a home. Silverton is extremely fortunate in having
throe first class hotels, and the Windsor
will compare favorably with any in the
Kootenays. It ii well lighted and
be it'll thr ughout, and tlie rooms are
furnishcl in a handsome manner. It
has all the necessary ttpurtinputs which
go to making a lirsl-cla:8 hotel, such as
office, parlors, r odding rooms, sample
rooms' etc., and tlie proprietor is have
ing hot and cold baths installed. Mrs
Grant Is superintending the culinary de
pai'tmint in a manner which is most
satisfactory to patrons of the hojl'O.
Fred Liebsohcr, the merchant tailor,
has no political aspirations, his sole energies are. being devoted to giving his
patrons fits.
Bill Hunter, liko a good many more,
is wondering who was tlie local delegate to the " convention."
Work at the Buff.do is proceeding
merti'y. The lessees have 30 tons of
their well-known high grade ore ready
to ship. This is Ihe second carload
since Ihe Fall. Con Stewart, Malcolm
McKcnsie and other; are to be congratulated.
Ninety-three tons of ore have recently
been shipped from Wakefield by Duncan Grant. There is now awalttng ship
moiit 40 tons of galena ore and CO tons
of'zinc. Thus do Slocan leasers win
Sam Wilson gave a lecture on "Political Economy" before a select audience
on Monday lrght.
Bob Spencer is now firmly csconScd
as mine host at the Victoria Hotel.
This splendid establishment will become famous under the capable manage*
ment of the Spencerian ioterie. Could
the Victoria Hotel be lifted and dropped
into one of our coast cities, the nows-
pap l'S would give the glad shout because a truly well equipped hotel had
been discovered.
Scholars present every session.
Anthony Huston, May McKenzie,
Mary Mclntyre, Lila McKenzie,
Harold Waite,
Absent one session.
Parkman Huston, Mabel Thomey,
George Huston, Eieic Thomey.
Roll of Honor for industry and attention to work:
Mabel Atherton, Margery Atherton,
Anthony Huston, Mary Mclntyre, May
McKenzie, Lila McKenzie, 1'ercival
Ransom, Geoigina Ransom, Hector
Ransom, Elsie Thomey.
Georgina Ransom and Margery Atherton promoted to se. ond reader; Robert
Waite and Mabel Thomey to first reader.
Present enrolment 18, average 83 per
cent of enrolment.
M. A. Clement.
Win. Cantfell left this morning for
N.S. He will stop oil"at Montreal for
a consultation wilh a medical cxpeit.
Mr. Cantfell has tht) entire sympathy
of Snndon people, and we all hope he
will soon have his sight restored.
$ .Xocal ano General. I
*   Pinked up liy Hutting In Everywhere.   ���:-
Two cars of ore are being shipped
from tlie Great Western. In the ob-
eince of Manager Hinde, Harry Lowe
made the shipment.
J. A. Whitticr is having a csr ol
gtlena and a tar of zinc ore rawhided
down from the Grey Copper.
0. K. Ostby, whoso efforts are meeting with such great success on the California!), informs us that bo is prepared
to consider any good leasing proposition.;
From the Last Chance two cars of ore
have been shipped this week.
Tlie Alps and Alturas will bo worked
on a large scale next epring. Experts
assert that the largest known body of
antimony In the world has been uncovered on this property.
There is 100 tons of ore on sight at
the California, 'which is being worked
undrr le��BC by E. O. Ostby. Fifly-MX
tniiB have bet n recently shipped which
give "inciter returns of 84 ounces silver
und 52 per cent. lead. The lessee expects to ship 40 tons more before Xnias.
Good reports still arrive from tbe
Payne mill aud mine workings which
the Cliffo-leenor syndicate have leased.
The mill ia working splendidly and is
exceeding ita average capacity. Tin*
feed from the mine is, exceptionally
rich just at present.
The Sunset is makingn  shipment of
six cars of ore this week.   Ge>. Hughes
farrived from Spokane early in the week
and visited the mine.
The ajft weather of the pist week has
greatly disappointed curlers and skaters,
and the grand opening arranged for last
Monday night did not materialize. The
skips, however, held a meeting an-!
drew for rinks, 60 everyone will be
ready when thu next COM snap comes.
Services'in the Catholic Church on
Sunday next. idnight mass will be
celebrated at Kaslo on Chrislnias eve
by Rev. Fr. Jeannotte.
Mrs. McAllister was a visitor to our
sister town on Tuesday.
There are rumors abroad that a departmental store will be staite.l in New
Denver in the near future.
From our exchanges we gather that
Geo. H. Goebel, tho Socialist orator who
held forth here last week, is lecturing lo
large audiences throughout the Koot
may. We also iwtt with s ttisfaction
he spoke of pork at Nelson.
The time for completing the duties
of tho Courts of Revision and Appeal
for tho Slocan and Rossland Assessment
DistrictstPPI^ ''<**n further extended
from the ... ,,"ember,  1800,  to 31st'
January, 1907.
The Bchool children are practis'ng
assiduously for their Christmas entertainment,
Sandon is to have a great treat in the
way of Christmas attraction". Un December 27th the Great MeKwen will
appear at the Opera House, and an en-
(eitainment causing bewildering wonderment and innocent mirth will be
given. The Great McEwen is in a class
by himself, and we shall be greatly Bur-
prised if a bumper house does not greet
this modern wizard. On January 1st
the Polmatier Sisters will occupy the
board", and having lmd the great pletis-
of hearing these talented sifters on a
previous occasion, we can aSsli'e our
readers that a gro:it musical*treat is in
storo for them. The troupe wi 1 also
appear at New Denver on Jan. 2nd.
Invitation Isextendel to all denominations to attend the anniversary services at the Methodist church on Sunday next, and also to the Social in the
basement on Monday evening. Rev.
Newton Powell, of Nelson, will conduct the services. The collection will
be in aid ol the chinch debt fund.
E. A. Baker, representing tbe J. C.
Wilson Paper Co.,.was here un Wednesday. He is a brother of "Jim," tlie
well-known socialist.
The weekly letter from .our Whitewater correspondent is unavoidably
crowded out.
The younger brother of the Towgood
boys, a recent arrival from England,
left for Greenwood on Monday.
Tempus Ftigit! The following note
was found on our desk last night: " He
walked right in, turned around, and he
walked right outagain. Signed, P. Mc.
I." Will the writer kindly return the
alarm clock he lifted.' when he took the
"out turn."
Late news item. The curling ice is
in lino condition. The (first game for
the presidents prize will be played on
Saturday night by 'skips Goium and
Tlie Eureka rcpt.rt two cars of ore
ready for shipment as soon as admiral
Power can get it down to the C.P.R.
This looks pretty good to us.
Wedding bells will ring on Monday.
Coal oil cans might "    " Tuesday.
A'strike of a foot of ore is reported
from the Corinth.
The Canadian Pacific Railway announces a series of low round trip rates,
first-class three (8) months limit, from
Kootenays to all points in Ontario,
Quebec, Maritime Provinces, and the
Old Country. Rate from Sandon to
Toronto, Montreal, Windsor, and intermediate points, is $82.35 ; Halifax or St.
John, in connection with ocean passages, $08.35. Tickets will be sold daily
November 24th to December 81st. Corresponding rates will bo quoted to all
eastern Canadian points from all Kootenay stations. This is an unusual opportunity to visit Eastern Canada or
the Old Country at Christinas at a low
Detailed information, sailing lists for
ocean steamers, li St class or tourist
sleeper reservations on application to
local agents, or write, J. S. Carter, D.P.
A., Nelson B.C.
Whereas it has come to the' notice of
Britannia Miners' Union, No 210, W.
F.M>, that British Columbia is now receiving a big influx of Hindus, wild are
a very undesirable clues of people for
this country, as are all Asiatcs; and
whereas these people in' a great many
cases appear to be paupers, and in their
great stress for food linve ���br-k-n into
houses and frightened women whose
husbands were away; and whereas all
Asiatics have a tendency to degenerate
and demoralize onr white children,
Therefore be it resolved that this union
does urge the immediate passing of a
bill by the Dominion Legislature at Ottawa which will come into effect at once,
that will tt"P forever the influx of Asiatics of all kinds into this country, thns
making it'possibl ��� for Canada to bo pco-
pl' d will white people who will develop
the resources of the country and kexp the
wealth in tlie country; and be it further
resolved that a copy of these resolutions
be sent to Sir Wilfrid I.aurier, also lo
"The Miners' Magazine," " The Western Clarion " and Ihe "Slocan Mining
Review " for publication.
���, it. .*, ifi ,��i,., i*i ,*, I*, ,t, ,*, ,t, it, tk it, ,ti ,ti iti rfi i* ���!' it. ��tc 'I. ill H
I flotes ano Comment. I
The Cody and Jokor, famous silver-
lead claims of Sandon, were hi ought
back into court last Friday in the suit
between Eraser II. Lantz a.*ainst John
McQuillan and Dr. Can oil, in a dispute
over the last three payments by the defendants for Lanlz's interests in the
That interest wis sold for $8009, of
which ff'JOOO was in cash, nnd two
promissory notes each for $2000, the
first of which has been paid. Now the
defendants dispute the claim or the
other contending that Mr. Lantz-greed
to get Crown grants of the claims. '1 he
plaintiff, through Mr. L. Blyea,says he
made no such agreement, and the court
to-day rave him an order for particulars.
Mr. C. AV. Craig appeared for the other
AU's grist which cunes to tho mill.
Our representative oomph ted a dunning
tour on Tuesday, and acting under instructions to secure cash or a quid pro
quo in kind he laid upon the kitchen
table the following 'Subscriptions" to
our wint r provisions. Items:���one
side of bacon, three pairs of boys rubbers,
orders for* two cords of wood, ditto one
ton of coal, 1 sack of onions, ditto cabbage, ditto spuds, 1 leg of mutton, 7 lb.
of sausages, 1 pair of pants, 1 bag dog's
buiseuits, 1 incuhalor, 7 lb. butter, 1
sack flour an 1 1 jag. Admirers who
prophesied failure for us will greatly
oblige by glancing at the new paystreak
on last page, and extending sympathy
ior curtain lecture received for last item.
an Extraordinary General Meeting of
1897), will be held at the office of the
Reco Mining Company, at Sandon,
B, C, on Monday, December 10th, 190(1,
at the hour of two o'clock, p.m., for the
purpose of executing a lease and bond
upon the mineral claims belonging to
this company, and lor the transaction
of such other business as may properly
come before the meeting.
Dated at Spokane, Washington. U.S.
A., November 13th, a.d., 1903.
J. M. DAVIS. Secretary.
T *
J.AJJ, �����. .*. .*. .*. ...... �����..������......... ���*.... .*���....��. .*. ���*. .���.... .*���...
-��� ����� ����� ������ ���*���***���y���l" T TTTTTTTTTt **" W ���**���*���**
At the recent annual general meeting
of the Nelson Fair, held in Nelson, Mr.
G. O. Buchanan, on behalf of Kaslo,
reiterated the protest of that town in
the matter of the C.P.R. award at the
Nelson Fair, but it was promptly ruled
out of order. Can this be possible ?
The subject isone that will vitally all'eet
tbe future of the Nelson Annual Fair,
aud yet at the annual general meeting,
where such things should be minutely
discus'cd, the matter is dropped like a
hot cinder. Are the actions of a few
directors so sacred that they may' not
be criticised or disapproved by tlie body
that made them directors? It must
go on record, then, that the award was
secured at tho expense of Kaslo hy unfair means. The directors are to blame
and the Association by its apathy
assist in the perpetration of a great injustice. Tlie press ol Nelson has taken
sides, and to its credit, be it noted, it
sides with tlie right. The citizenB of
Nelson, while expressing themselves
feebly in Kaslo's favor, have notenougli
" sand " to openly attack the big bigs
who are blighting the prospects for the
1907 Fair. Now, Nelson; you stand
convicted of awarding a $100 caBh prize
to a division in charge of a director who
waa allowed to break the rules to secure
that prize. Kaslo faithfully adhered to
the code ot your own drafting and is
shabbily treated when a legitimate protest is entered. The eyes of the Koot*
enays are upon you. In plain language,
what are you going -o do about it ?
�� #
It is now generally believed that Ihe
MeBride government will Bit through
its full term ot office. Reports to the
contrary, emanating from tlie fertile
brains ot grit editors, have been served
up regularly, and those people who
placed any reliance in the spasmodic
know-it-all effusions of Iho opposition
press foil somehow tbey hare been left.
One or two Conservative papers have
made a stab at tho day Daniel will be
brought to judgment, but those days
have come and gone. The fact of the
matter is nobody knows the first
lliingabout.it, and the only stable government British Columbia ever had is
stronger even now than it were before.
That strength has been accrued by the
administration of legislation which the
people asked for; by the growing attributes of its cabinet ministers; by the
.statesmanship tit premier MeBride; and
by tlie excellent business qualities of Finance Minister Tat low and the chief of
the big spending department.
Tlie prognostication of our esteemed
contemporary down the gulch that a
four-cornered contest would prevail in
the Slocan is as unreliable as the
gloom, gloom, impenetrable gloom jibe
which was dished up by its mining
contributor a few weeks back. We have
recently covered the Slocan riding, and
in doing so failed to detect symptoms
Which would give credence to such a
supposition. It is generally believed
that Win. Hunter will be nominated to
d) tattle lor the Conservatives and that
the present member, Win, Davidson,
will seek re-election on a straight
Socialist ticket. Mr. A. B. Docksteader
has been nominated Liberal candidate
by delegates Irom Slocan City and New
Denver, and we understand he will
contest the riding.
*    #
There are two men in town who bear
such a close resemblance to one another
that ludicrms mistakes often occur.
The parties under mention are Jay-Jay
of ours and S. J. Towgood. We were at
Silverton and New Denver this week,
and our reputed double was there also-
We were the other fellow and he was
the printer. Is fin<> to bo the brewery
man, but what's his opinion of the
profiesh. We hope S. J. is a good man,
for we have enough troubles of our own
without carrying hi". Our little girl
went to the depot here ou Monday to
meet the papa who was not on tlie train.
S. J. was, however, and he looked good
to her, for papa was claimed. Miss
Margery says sho doesn't care; oven
Mike thought it was papa. Now, that's
too bad too good.
It is refreshing lo note the cocky way
in which some ofour curlers carry them
selves now. Antedelnvian and moss-
covered stunts hitherto urged on the
"guid wide" for late home-coming have
been shelved for the next four months,
" Been down lo the rink, my dear, " is
perfictly in order, nn', " Watching the
glass, my lovo," might do, until the
mater asserts curiisity as to the con
tents of the crystal.
From the trouble and divorce cases
in foreign marriages we would advis'
Slocan girls to marry home boys and
not look for royalty.
* #
British Columbia's politics are complicated more by personal than by public qucsions. Tlie province is the rich
est in the Dominion, and that immense
wealth makes a perpetual opening for
the great leader and statesman who will
make it yield proportionate rovenue.���
Toronto Globe.
It is quite possible that Enrico Caruso, the Italian tenor, who has been arrested on the charge of insulting a
woman, is the victim of error.
All this of course is on lhe assumption that the woman smiled at Caruso.
It may be that the Italian is a liar as
well as a tenor. The combination isn't
unique. But granting Caruso spoke tbe
trui h, admitting that the woman smiled
at him, what can be said in defense of
the haughtyand contemptuous manner
with which tlie Italian ignored the
greeting. Let Signor Caruso tuck this
fact away, that " Hell and New York
hath no fury like a smiling woman
Perey F. Godenrath, of Victoria, B.C.
was married at noon, on Thursday, in
St. Mark's church, Seattle, to Miss Eva
B. Duncan of Belmont, Ky. Mr. Godenrath writes over the pseudonym of
the "Traveller" in the Victoria Week,
and liis recent tour through the interior
gave bim many pointers with which he
regaletl the Week readers. Now Percy
has joined the Benedicts we suppose the
hobbles are around his ankles, and the
" traveller's " future experiences will te
confined to midnight sentry-go with
little Percys on each arm. All who know
the " Traveller " will wish him a long,
prosperous and happy married life, and
the Review hopes that his progeny will
be as numerous as the hairs of his head.
Nelson, B.C., Dec. 8rd, 1906.
Editor Slocan Mining Review.
Dear Sir,���In your issue dated 29th
November, 1900, there appears an editorial under the head lines of " Bamboozle nnd Humbug," which could only
h ave bi en written under false informa-
lion, otherwise you are a distorter of
the facts with a purpose in view, both
as regards the Literal Convention held
at New Denver, B.C., on 26th November, 1906, and as to my position regarding the nomination, but I prefer lo
believe you were wrongly infumed an 1
respe'cttully ask you under the circumstances to give this letter the same publicity through the columns of your
paper as the editorial above mentioned,
thus in fairness helping to protect not
only myself but Slocan district from
any " hole in the corner " nomination
as you insinuate the recent one at New
Denver to have been. I had no part
whatever eiiher in the caUing of or
work of the convention other than my
address and in addition the replying to
various questions.
Tlie call for the convention was duly
extended to all the various points in
the Sl'can district, and good and sufficient notice thereof given by tbe executive resident member of the Interior
District Liberal Council, the convention
had a good representative attendance,
lhe delegates from those points not personally represented at the convention
having reported their being in accord
with the action of the convention nnd
even your own town Sandon I am
pleased 11 say was represented in person by a sturdy miner Irom that burg,
yet it might be impossible for a Liberal
Convention to bo repreeentati o in the
eyes of an opposing partizannewspaper;
however if there was any dishonesty of
purpose as you ilisil tune it did not and
does not lie with the writer, as I would
not toleiate for a minute the idea of
accepting a nomination at the hands of
anything but a representative convention, and I plainly ask that any liberal
who peruses this letter and who may
have the slightest suspicion as to the
trunk, open and above board manner in
which the convention was held that
he immediately tegister his kick in
writing to the Executive member of
tho Interior Di-trict Liberal Comic I,
D. Arnot, of Slocan City, so that should
such disapproval as you stale have any
real ex stenc- tlf6 matter may he deah
with by the Liberals mid their different
associations, otherwise hold ids or their
P'tice, as it rests entirely with the Liberals of Slocan district, the fight being
entirely thei'S, not mine, while I may
add it is only exploiters of lhe people
who seek nomination through other
than open methods.
1 admire an honest opp nent and a
fair light and I will put up ihat kind of
fight and that only, thus lean accept
as a compliment your insinuation as
to my speech (which you falsely say
was " never uttered') as probably tlie
ideas referred to wero unexpected by
your responsible government being foreign to the practise ot our present administration in B.C. I have evtJry coil;
fidence in the intelligence of the work
ing men ol Slocan district and believ
ihey will apply common sense in dealing witli the present governmenl fairly
ou their past record, without much regard to the prattling of pnrtizans.
In conclusion the Nelson people of
any class or "clique" had nothing whatever to do with this matter, and the
Liberals of that city even including
Editor Dean had no more knowledge ot
my nomination than yon had, until the
proceedings of lhe convention were reported to the " Daily News," and the
complete accuracy of those proceedings
and ray speech so reported can be verified by every gentleman that was present at that Convention.
You will be welcomed to our meetings
at Sandon as a Newspaper man when
the fight actively opens and I would
sincerely hope for your own good Hint
von may report only the truth aud not
falsehood as you have dono in this case.
Yours truly
We publish the foregoing communication in its entirety so that Mr. Docksteader and Irs parisans will have an
opportunity of answering the charge
made in the columns of our last issue
that the so-called " Liberal Convention "
was not a representative gathering of
Slocan liberals. In this we cannot retract o*ie word. We Biid then, nnd
we again repeat it, that a clique from
Slocan City and New Denver were tlie
whole cheese. Iho bluff is not strong
enough, and Until we aro furnished with
the names of tho delegates outside tlie
two wc mentioned, we shall  continue
to stand pat. We are no! n "distorter
of tlie facts," but we have "a purpos
n view." We purpose giving Mr; Docksteader every show to deny the allegation that no official delegates were present from Sandon, Three [Forks, McGuigan, Roseberry or Nakusp. The
fight is not ours, and forjtliatj'cason'we
will ask our correspondent not to quibble or dodge the question. It will be
noticed that the letter above contains
but one name other than the signatory.
It will also be noticed that apbantasmic
" sturdy miner " was there from Sandon. We were at New Denver on Monday and Tuesday last, and on challenging the Grits there to name the delegate
from Sandon, it turned out to be " Mr.
er-er, Mr. er-er���or, Mr. Mr. Mr. can't
think of bis name for a moment." Wo
enquired also the names of the delegates
from Iho other points mentioned, but wo
are still waiting. Perhaps Mr. Duck*
Bteader will rise to tho'oooasion. Wo
may bo misinformed, but the information was received direct from those in
whom he is putting Ids trust. We prefer to think Mr, Docksteader has b*cn
fooled into believing that the packed
meeting was a representative gathering
of delegates, for he speuks manly as to
his sincerity of purpose.
We do nut deny that invitations wero
si nt out, but we know that tho senders
had no more idea who would receive
them than the man in the moon.
1 iTherewas no particular hurry that we
know of for the nomination, and wc do
think that a nominee before accepting a
candidacy should bo absolutely sure he
is receiving tho whole-hearted support
of his parly. Mr. Docksteader infeis
that his nomination was unsought for,
and if he is to be believed, for Ihat reason
he should be doubly sure of unanimity.
But he is not, and he palpably shows
his weakness.
Mr. Docksteader should be the last
to prattle of pat tizan newspapers. Did
not tho Daily News give his elcciion
address premier posiii'n on its front
page and not charge the usual advertising rates ? Oh, yes, Deansey is innocent, all right.
Wo are pleased to receive so many
bouquets from the nominee. If he says
that verbatim rep it in ourcotepi. wns a
really accurate one, wc shall have to let
it go at that, but at tho same time the
"reporter" must be very imaginative.
Let the reader imagine a nominee expressing surprise at receiving a nomination ai d a few minutes later r'sing
and digging down in his pocket for a
yard or two of prepared manuscript.
Oh, no; it wasn't cut and dried. If Mr.
Docksteader can cough up a fifteen hundred word speech on such short notice, '
ho will certainly bo there with the goods
on the stump,
We shall certainly accept the invitation to the Sandon meeting when tho
tight is on, and we sincerely hope for
the candidate's own good he has something more tangiblo to submit to tho
discerning electors of this burg than
the comprehensive rigmarole which
heavers fell from his lips and which
we read in his party paper of Nelson.
Around Three Forks.
From Our Own Correspondent.
John Cameron aud McGutfey left for
the coast Monday.
Harry Lowe is breaking in his high
stepping mare to the cutter.
Howard Pepin and Paul Wood went
out to the head of the lake on a hunting
excursion. They are back, and that's
all there is to it.
Johnny Cory has resumed operations
at the Silverite. Three men are now
Joe Martin has secured a lease on a
property nt Rosebery,
Messrs. MeCnaig and McCorvle are
working the O. K.
Geo Clark has opened upa blacksmith
shop.   He is inundated with orders.
Mems. from Slocan City
From Our Own Uorrespouden t.
George Goebel, organizer for the
Socialist party of America, addressed
an audience of about fifty people at the
miners' union hall on Saturday evening last. Win. Davidion, M.P.P., also
On Sunday afternoon a preliminary
meeting for the organization of a Socialist Local at Slocan look place in the
M.U. hall. J. M. M. Benedum was
elected president, and Georgo Stall 1
D. St. Denis has gone to Summit on
a business trip.
Father Jeannotte, of Sandon, was in
town this week.
Mrs. Fred Swanson, of RevelBtokp,
matron on the tug "Sandon," is staving at the Arlington Hotel.
Slocan has had no snow for over ten
days, and the temperature has been remarkably uniform, about 32 degieee.
Notwithstanding the heavy nature of
Ihe roads, Hugliio Cameron's fast mnre
driven by Ed. McLeod last night completed the full distance from Threo
Forks to Sandon in nine hours. The
previous record was hold by Old Man
H   AatlMr erf "A. Woman's Veng-eajice," "Which Loved Him
Best," "Between Two Loves," "Fairy Gold." Etc.
(Continued )
' "H** found o'urselves in a situation
to which there was no other Issue.
Only 1 wanted to find another pretext,
not wishing to mix in this quarrel
the name ot tbe young girl who has
since become my wife."
"The captain was known to lie n
formidable duelist."
"I know it, Monsieur, and ii lias
boon insinuated that fear drove tne lo
murder; in a word, I am accused ol
cowardice, I appeal to all nn" of honor, to all men of my education; Is
such a thing possible?"
There was lu his voice such an accent of truth, so much vibrating Indignation, that a murmur of approbation floated through the audience. It
was quickly repressed, however, and
the president reminded the accused
that ho was thoro to reply to the
quesllons addressed to htm, and not
to plead his cause.
The witnesses wero then called.
M. Bertrand, brother of the victim,
was tho first to give his testimony. Although It was known that he could
throw no light on thn matter, he nevertheless excited a deep curiosity. He
was a man of about forty, of sallow
complexion, and wilh sharp, restless
eyes. It was evident that to him the
guilt of Robert d'Ancel admitted of no
doubt. When reminded that the captain and himself had never shown
much fraternal affection, ho protested
that they were of the same blood; that
this blood now cried for vengeance;
that he would never rest until justice
was done! He then related his arrival
on the scene of the crime.
"It was Robert d'Ancel," he went
on, "who sent me the despatch; he
alone knew my address. During his
school days he often came lo spend a
holiday nt my home with my brother.
When I saw him, therefore, I went to
him with outstretched band; but he
pretended not to see il, and merely
bowed, ns If to a stranger, lie seemed
much preoccupied, very gloomy and
exceedingly bored by the questions
addressed him. This uneasiness
struck me. I had been I old that Robert d'Ancel and my brother were in
love with the same young girl and
that the chances seemed in George's
favor. Notwithstanding a certain
roughness, my brother was always
successful with women; he knew well
how to soften his voice and his glance
when he was in love, and the contrast
between this sudden gentleness and
his habitual bluffness was very seductive. When Robert d'Ancel refused
me his hand, it gave me the impression that he was not a stranger to my
unfortunate brother's death."
"Why did you not mention your suspicions at the time?" Interrupted tbe
"How could I, Monsieur? M. d'Ancel was known and esteemed through
the whole country, and seemed to hold
an unassailable position. Beside, what
proof could I allege against, him?
None. But the more I reflected
over this sad affair, the more
convinced I became that my first
Impression was right. George
was a stranger in tho vicinity and
could have no enemies; if he had a
few discussions, It is not admissible
that these light quarrels would excile
nn Implacable hatred. On the other
band, it is well known that Robert
d'Ancel was passionately in love; it
was the lovo of the man of study, of
a man who has really had no youth,
n sudden explosion with a violence
that bordered on madness. As soon as
he was rid of his redoubtable rival,
his somber humor disappeared. His
Joy could not be concealed; he was
so triumphant, that tho contrast with
bis former gloom Struck everybody.
When the news of his arrest reached
me, it seemed to me that I had expected It since the day when I saw him
standing beside my brother's, body.
The servant, Iscdore Benolst, was
the next to testify. He "was an ill-
favored man, with a low brow, thick
lips, and seemed very proud of the
importance given him by this affair.
At first he chose his phrases very carefully, but relaxed somewhat as be
went on, feeling sure that this brilliant assemblage was listening attentively.
"You pretend to have overheard a
violent quarrel between the accused
and Ihe victim?" asked the president.
"Yes, Monsieur, I went, with my
companions to get lhe remains of lhe
breakfast, but was alone at that moment. As I could not hear plainly, I
went nearer," replied Ihe witness.
"You have, no doubt, a habit of listening at keyholes?"
"Ob. no; for I might be caught. But.
I admit that I am Inquisitive, and was
anxious to be well Informed."
"What Interest could this altercation have for you?"
"Well, you see. Monsieur, we have
few distractions in the country, and
the affairs at Cote-Boisee were often
discussed in Iho kitchen. Each had his
candidate; mine was the caplain.
First, because M'llo Levasseur encouraged him, Ihen���"
"Then���go on."
"Then, Monsieur, people say that M,
Robert d'Ancel should have married
the elder, and not the younger sister.
In fact, I was- much amused by the
affair, and was anxious to know what
was going on. I did not reach the spot
until the end of tbe quarrel, but I
swear I heard threats."
"From M. d'Ancel?"
"Both were much excited; they were
talking at the same time and not
listening to each other. Finally the
captain hurried away, and I had
scarcely time to conceal myself behind a tree���"
"It was owing to your gossip after
the crime that you were dismissed
from service? Without proof whatever,
you accused M. d'Ancel of being the
"I was sure of It. As to my dismissal, the lady was a foreigner, and I
was tired of waiting on a table where
I could not understand a word that,
was said. I was on the point of leaving, when she gave me notice. Before
another week, the whole country was
ns sure as mysolf that tho baron had
done the deed."
"It was to you that tho peasant remit leu the revolver when found?"
"Yes, Monsieur. I paid ten francs
for It; but I do not regret my money,
for in cleaning it I found tho initials
R. A., and I immediately biought the
revolver to the authorities. My plan
was to have him arrested by iwo gendarmes before the ceremony. But
tjiero was some delov. Besides, M. lc
ProcUreur, who knew the high standing of the iwo families, wanted to
avoid scandal as much as possible.
He went to the chateau himself, and
I am told, was mistaken for a guest."
After this testimony the interest
flagged. A few neighbors and friends
who had known Robert In his childhood, were called, lint their testimony
was of no Importance.
There was a ripple of excitement,
followed bv a deathlike stillness when
thf president said:
"Call  Mile. Levasseur."
Fatigue was forgotten, and all eyes
. ->7i,l  ears  were  sLraillod  to   see    and
hear the most Important deposition of
the day.
When she reached the court house,
In the midst of a surging throng, Marine appreciated the kindness of her
old friend, the Marquis, in obtaining
permission to await her turn in a
private room. In her nervous state it
would have been exceedingly painful
to feel herself au object of curiosity
or compassion. Sho had slept but little the previous night, and was almost glad that the moment had come
when she would rid herself of the
nightmare that haunted her���like the
wounded man who is anxiously awaiting the coming of the surgeon, and
repeats to himself that once the opera-
lion is over he will bo left in peace.
Yel, in spite of all, sho still believed
In that long-expected miracle; convinced that nt the last moment the
real culprit would cry out: "That man
Is Innocent!" How often her imagination had evoked the scene���then she
saw Robert free, proud and happy,
and herself once more shut up in her
solitude, burying her secret with herself. And all would be well. Robert
would never know that sho had loved
him with passion: Edmee would never
suspect at what price her happiness
had been bought. The modesty of her
soul, that sacred modesty, would be
respected. The horrible sacrifice would
be unnecessary.
Aud in the solitude of the little
room In which sho found herself, she
held her breath in expectation. Sometimes a confused murmur would reach
her from the court-room. She knew
that if the scene evoked in her poor,
tired brain was produced, this murmur
would be transformed In acclamations,
that nothing could prevent the burst
of joy and applause. Then she would
But time passed on, and this absurd hope became weaker and weaker, and finally vanished. Her agony
now increased; sho asked herself if
her strength would carry her to the
end. It must, since she alone could
now save Robert. He would be saved!
He would emerge from this place,
where he was now seated like a vulgar criminal, with head erect. In the
midst of her anguish, Marthe felt a
sentiment of divine joy in thinking
that it was from her hand, that hand
he would not take, that he would receive freedom, tho happiness of his
whole life.
Your sis   . orus   des*!roved    this
���estlmony. According to hor. you w��rr
oo ill to go out. On her return s\\r
'ounl you exacth- as she hail left you
a prey to such pain that you could
scarcely lift your head."
Iffere the attention of the audience
became such that even tho slight mur
mur of the throng ceased.
In the absolute silence, Marthe'*
sweet voice rang out, clear and distinct:
"Monsieur, I have never told a falsehood. I would rot lie, even to save
my brother-in-law!"
"Your brother-in-law, it is possible.
Pardon me. Mademoiselle. If I allude
to a very delicate subject. But In your
neighborhood you were believed lo
be betrothed to the Baron d'Ancel."
"It was a mistake, Monsieur, we
were never betrothed. "���
"Although there may have been no
engagement between you, a Sentiment
more tender than friendship might
have led you to utter a heroic falsehood. A woman who loves will sacrifice everything, even her reputation,
to save the man she loves."
"I have lold no falsehood, Monsieur.
When in spite of serious family reasons 1 consented to receive ICdmco as
my sisier, 1 took solemn engagements
with myself In regard lo her. Sho is
eight years younger than I, and 1 con-
���Idered her somewhat In the light of
a child. 1 believed I was doing my
duty on that day In thinking of her
(To  be Continued.)
Canadians  a   Wed-Houscd   Pcoplo   According to Di. Goorgo Johnson.
Dr. Geo. Johnson, sx-Domtnlon Statistician. Is now taking life easily running an apple farm In the, land of
Evangeline. He finds time between
campaigns against caterpillars and
moths lo write entertainingly on statistical subjects In Chats on tho Census In the Wolfville (N. S.) Acadian.
In the last of these he shows that Canadians are a well housed people.
"Just a preliminary wold or two
about the census results In the large,"
writes Dr. Johnson. "There are a million families Inhabltating the Dominion, that Is there were when the census of 1901 was taken. They are Ideally housed, for nearly every family has
a house by Itself f ir a home. In the
census returns the condition of all
families of the Dominion was Investigated excepting those living in the unorganized territories of the Northwest,
and some unorganized districts In the
Province ot Quebec. 1,018,302 families were studied to see how they were
housed, leaving 52,445 famlles of whom
particulars were not obtained. Of these
1,018,302 families, 985,153 occupied each
a house. There wero 29,503 houses in
which two families dwelt; 2,018 In each
of which there were three families, and
968 which sheltered four or more families. Nearly one half of these 985.-
163 families occupied houses having
from six to ten rooms. There were
488,780 such families or 49.6 per cent.
That Is, nearly 50 families in each 100
were comfortably and roomily lodged,
seeing that the average family In the
Dominion has about five persons, over
13 families In the hundred have flva-
roomed houses; over 14 have four-
roomed dwellings; about 10 have three-
roomed shelters; about 8" have two
rooms, and over 7 in every 100 ot our
families dwell In mansions having
eleven or more rooms. These particulars Indicate that the people of Canada have reached a very fair condition
of living, and need not be envious of
the  people of any other country.   We
-Sag SLisj} -ft.- a^rwtt-sa
Nevertheless, as she caught a con-   nomes*    	
fused glimpse of the judges and the _.    -.���.,_, icu..m!��.....
excited     throng,     she     Instinctively The Qua,nt   Hermitage.
shrank back for a moment. It was no Perhaps the quaintest summer resl-
doubt thus, that Christian virgins, in I oence along the shore of Lake St.
the days of persecution, faltered for Louis Is what Mr. Leary, "the choco-
a moment when they found themselves I late man" of Montreal, Is pleased to
suddenly in the arena, the center of , call his "old bachelor's shack" at Dixie,
attraction for thousands of spectators It Is known as "The Hermitage," lies
who had come to see them tortured, on the water's edge, and was original-
Then, Marthe turned to Robert. As >y a boat-house and stable tn connec-
she saw him, so altered, pale aud tlon with the villa, now the Country
emaciated, she was invaded by a Club, lying further back among the fol-
compasslon that almost transfigured 'age with which the scene abounds,
her. He had suffered greatly, and she "The Hermitage" is built ot wood
would put an end to his sufferings.       and consists of a  large and a small
Sho mechanically answered the pre- room. A board-walk skirts the shor-,
liminary questions, but as she went and a jetty runs out into the water,
on, she detected deep respect and com- Mr. Leary has transformed the Inter-
passion in the voice of the president, lor of the old boat-house. Bunks rang-
This gave her courage, and her an- ed above one another have been fixed
swers came more distinctly and firm- up. There are lounges and easy chairs,
1V- and cushions galore.   Chinese lanterns
"Rest assured, Mademoiselle, that are strung in profusion, and these are
this trial, to which we are forced to ��t on fete night,s though a reading
submit you, will not bo of long dura-, 'amp and several old-fashioned brass
Hon," said the president, kindly. ships* lamps serve ordinary purposes.
"I am at your orders, Monsieur," i Curios of many kinds hang on the
she replied. walls, and a collection ot old silver Is
One of Marthe's greatest charms particularly interesting and decorative,
was her voice; it was singularly pure At both sides of "The Hermitage,"
and sweet. Even when speaking low, where were the broad entrances tor
it was distinctly heard. It was also boats and rigs, Mr .Leary has fixed
felt that each word she uttered must up flno wire meshes, serving the double
be true and sincere. Besides, her ex- purpose of lighting and cooling the In
tiome pallor, her evident suffering, terlor. There Is an alluring Bohemian
excited the sympathy of all. She re- alt* about lhe whole place, and Mr.
plied very simply, without a gesture,
her hands clasped together in her
muff, her eyes fixed on the president.
"You have known the accused for
many years, I believe?"
"Since we were children together.
His mother and my mother were Intimate friends."
"Was he violent and passionate In
his childhood?"
"Not at all, Monsieur. The child
promised what the grave and studious
man has become."
"You never heard him speak of his
comrade, George Bertrand?"
"Never. Robert was at the Lycee,
and we met less frequently as he grew
older. I saw Captain Bertrand on the
day I met my sister at the Honfleur
station. I heard his name for the first
time when M. d'Ancel introduced him."
"He was very soon admitted into
tfce intimacy of your family?"
"He was   constantly    with   Robert,
From the use of Bit an* both rich
and poor are every day benefiting.
One cor esputident -ays: "I had to
do laundry work to fret the money
for , course, but they gav*. me
health " As a contrast to this. Sir
Charles Clifton Browne, of Deal
IKent), "ays! "Bilean- cured me of
biliousness and bilious headaches.
1 think they are a really good
ronui'ty." See Facsimile Box for
some of the ailmen's Bileans cure.
Uf all dni-CfcrislM at 50c. a box, or
post free from the Bilean Co..
roronto, upon receipt of price (6
boxen ior *���_'..Vi).
Leary's guests always hasten back.
It Is probable that more summer
houses like "The Hermitage," which Is
the envy of many lake shore residents,
will spring up next season, says The
Montreal Standard.
Her Dowry,
It Is said that u London lawyer once
gave as a dowry to bis daughter, who
married a young barrister, his briefs
and Interest lu a chancery suit which
he himself had inherited from his father.
The Flr-t Blanket*.
In the reign of Edward  III.  there
were at  Bristol  three  brothers  who
were  eminent   clothiers   and   woolen
weavers and whoso family name was
Blanket   They were the first persons
who  manufactured  that  comfortable
JlonsIeurT"an7rrs"Robei*rwks"almoVt   material which  has ever since  been
considered as a relative, tho captain's   called by their name aud whieli was
visits were quite frequent. Moreover,   then used for peasants' clothiug.
we were receiving a great   deal   of I
company at the time, as I desired to
make my sister's stay in the country
as agreeable as possible."
"Did you not soon perceive that the
captain was in love with your sister,
and that M. d'Ancel was jealous?"
Marthe hesitated a moment, then
replied, firmly;
"As soon as I understood that M.
Bertrand was interested in my sister,
I tried to warn her against him. I did
not believe he could make her happy."
"And from that moment you thought
of marrying her to your neighbor?"
"No, Monsieur," she said, after
another moment of hesitation; "I did
not think of It. at the time. It was only
later, when I understood that they
loved each other, that this marriage
was decided."
"Pardon me, Mademoiselle, If I am
forced to question you on your private j
sentiments, but I am absolutely forced |
to it. At tho time of the arrest, you I
tried to save the accused by declaring'
that on the day of the crime you j
vr-ro conversing with him In the park. I
For Family Colds
Three Views of the   Great   8t. Paul's
Cathedral  of  London���An  Impression  That  Is  Bewildering.
Everything about St. Paul's Cathedral Is on a grand scale. It is strikingly so in the great grey cupola, familiar landmark, seen below in the southern roadway, from the river, or the
north tawer of the Crystal Palace.
Yet the grandeur, within and without,
grows dwarf-life when surveying from
the outside galleries the wonderful
panoramic scene of London. Dome,
chapels, monuments, the gold and alabaster of reredos, the rich color of the
spandrel mosaics, all are forgotten In
the vast prospect around. It is not only
an Imposing scenic spectacle but the
finest of living pictures, says a writer
In Lloyd's Weekly News.
It can be seen from three points. The
view from the ball (reached by 616
steps and capable of holding eight persons) Is disappointing. The chamber
gives a sense of confinement; the windows are dim and their outlook chiefly
on streaks of vapour. Hence the room
Is rarely visited, and then mainly from
curiosity. The proper "oolgn of vantage" from which to see London outside St. Paul's la the Golden Gallery
above the cupola. There is a climb of
500 steps to the gallery, delightfully refreshing In its breezy air after ascent;
while tho prospect Is wonderful.
At first the impression Is bewildering.
The eye only seems to rest on church
towers, a huge network of streets and
thoroughfares, chimneys sending forth
streams of simoke, and on the horizon
"haze clothed and steady hills." Soon
vision concentrates, and the London of
historic memories, commercial renown,
and swarming humanity reveals Itself.
The Toiwer and its bridge; "the forest
of masts below London bridge"; the
glittering river; Fleet street, the highway of journalism; Westminster Abbey; the Law Courts; Houses of Parliament; St. Jomes's Palace; the cupola
of the Reading-room of the British Museum; the Embankment, with its trees,
all distinctly meet the eye.
There Is a mysterious charm and
varied magic in the sights and sounds
of the huge scene beyond description.
Douglas Jerrold has sketched It very
prettily in his last play, A Heart of
Gold. Maude, the heroine, telling of tha
wonders of her visit to the top of St.
Paul's, says: "Along the streets little
specks moving sometimes in twos and
threes, and then altogether In one long
black gliding thread. And the beautiful
smoke In millions of silver fetters���it
came from the chimneys up amd up���
and then somehow joined In one large
shining sheot and went floating over
houses and church steeples with hundreds of golden weather cocks glittering through. Then there were far-off
hills with such a stir below, and they
looked so beautiful and still as though
they never heard and never cared for
the noise of London; a noise that when
we listened hummed from below for all
the world like a hundred humble bees,
all making honey and upon one bush."
On exceptionally clear days, like
several of those in the past August, and
some In September, the far-reaching
view has been most striking. Lelth
Hill, and the uplands about Northern
Middlesex, the lovely bits of landscape
in Surrey and Kent, and the country
���stretching to tlie Essex side of the
Thames, have been beheld In all their
tranquil beauty. But "places of nestling green" much nearer St. Paul's always gladden tlie ej-e under an ordinary
atmosphere. Spots like the Temple gardens, the trees in Pinsbury square, and
even the foliage In Wood street, Cheap-
side, are among the oases in the vast
metropolitan Sahara of factory blocks
and dwelling-houses.
Wren's epitaph in St. Paul's, "If you
would see his monument look around
you," has its echo beyond the ipreclhcts
of the cathedral. The sound of the
words lingers looking east, aurveying
the Monument and Greenwich Hospital,
both designed by the myriad-minded
architect. Nothing has been achieved
In modern architecture surpassing tho
beauty of many of Wren's campaniles,
not only from their variety, but elegance. These qualities of his art are
specially witnessed in St. Mary-le-Bow,
Cheapside, with Its dragon vane, and
In the plain, but impressive, spire of
St. Vedast, behind the postofflce.
���/Elephant*' Teeth.
Elephants, like human beings, have
two sets of teeth. The milk teeth, which
are smaller than the permanent molars,
fall out when the animals are about
fourteen years old. These baby teeth,
which are nevertheless enormous, are
occasionally picked up by circus men
among the fodder and preserved as curiosities.
1*1- Peculiar World.
This Is a peculiar world, says an exchange. One is struggling for justice
and another is fleeing from it. One
man is saving to build a house and another is trying to sell his for less than
Within the city's din and dust.
Its heat and toil and friction,
I dwelt, as many mortals must.
Till saddened Willi affliction.
I called a doctor, one 1 knew
To be a skilled reliever
Of human Ills.   Said he, "Sir, you
Are stritken with hay fever."
Then to a cool resort I fled
As soon as time would let me
And felt all right In heart and head
Until new grief beset me.
She is a widow���oh, such grace!
How can 1 ever leave her?
A pretty grass one.   Fatal case!
Once more I have hay fever!
-Nixon   Waterman   In   Woman's   Home
Too Many Els-s*a.
Biggs���Don't you think that all this
talk of egging actors is all rot?
Miggs���No. I was ouce on tbe stage
for awhile, and 1 left It Just on account of eggs.
Mlggs��� Yes. You see, like every other actor, wheu tlie season started iu 1
wns filled with eggspeetancy, but 1
found that at the best one could only
earn a bare eggsisteuce, and the constant eggslteuieut was eggsasperntlug.
The oue night stand hotels served
eggs, eggs, eggs, nnd everything else
was eggstra. The plays were tilled
with eggslts, mill so were the theaters.
Each night Then the play sturted my
fellow actors would egg me on to tlo
my worst, uud when I did the audience
would egg me off. Aud the next morning the critic would remark thut good
ictors are now eggstluet. So 1 quit.���
Her Wlih.
A clergymnu wns about to lenve his
church one evening wheu he encountered nn old lady examining the carving ou the frjnt. finding her desirous
of seeing the beauties of the church,
he volunteered to show her over, and
the flustered old lady, much gratified
at this unexpected ofl'er of a personally
conducted tour, shyly accepted It. By
and by they came to a handsome tablet
ou the right of the pulpit.
"That," explained the good mnn, "Is
a memorial tablet erected to the memory of tho late vicar,"
"Tljere now! Ain't it beautiful?" exclaimed the admiring old Indy, still
flustered nnd anxious to please. "And
I'm sure, sir. I 'ope it won't be long
afore we Roe one erected to you on
t'other side."���London Tlt-Blts.
Knrul   Simplicity.
"It's dreutlful queer." said the housewife, "that the potatoes you bring me
should be so much bigger at.the top
of the sack than they are at the bottom."
"Not at all. mem," said the honest
farmer. "It's jest his a-way. Potatoes is growin' so fust Jest now thet
by the time 1 dig a sackful the last
ones dug Is ever so much blgger'n the
fust ones."���Harper's Weekly.
"Can you tell mo who was the greatest pitcher that ever lived?" asked the
baseball fan.
"The greatest pitcher that ever lived
was a ��� oman," replied the old historian, with n smile.
"A woman!   Absurd!"
"Not nt nil."
���'Then who was sbe?"
"Why. Molly Pitcher." ��� Chicago
Too Sleli to See the Doetor.
The country doctor had driven nine
long miles In the middle of the uight
over rough, dark roads to answer un
emergency cull. Wheu he entered the
house u voice called from above, "Is
that you, doctor?"
"It Is."
"Well, this man Is too sick to see yon
tonight. You'll have to come again."���
Woman's Home Companion.
A Runaway Houae.
A run iway house Is certainly ���
novelty, but a record performance by
one Is reported from Butte, Mont. It
mas moved on rollers, broke away, ran
a distance of three blocks and killed
four horses, as well as tearing down
telegraph poles nnd wires and wreck-
lug vehicles. A house that has not
been trained to stnnd quietly Is danger
ous to have around.���Baltimore News.
Heart relief In an hour.���A lady in New
York State, writine; of her cure by Dr.
Agncw'H Cure for tho Heart. Bays: "I feel
like one brought back from the dead, so
f*rca> wan my suffering from heart trouble
and no almost miraculous my recovery
through the agency of this powerful treatment    1 owe my [lie to It."���19
I'aritehollril   Ku.K   fruj-e.
The first pasteboard egg trays, divided into square compartments, such
as are used so widely nowadays for
transporting the perishable product ol
the bcu, was the Idea of u farmer's
'I'lie Dinilellon.
A good time to exterminate the dan
dcliou is in the autumn, It cannot II
done by digging up the plant, for It it
Impossible to extract all of tbe root.
and later ou twice as many plants will
spring up. Tho best way Is to pour
gasoline all around and luto the center of the plant, and Iu a few days it
will shrivel up and die.
A reliable rough and cold cure should
be always in the house ready (oi use the
moment lhe first symptoms appear.
ltis always easier, cheaper and l-.it-t cost to get rid of it.   One man is spend-
to check a cold in the very beginning. ]ng all the money he can make In tak-
L\.c tl"^00,      .    .,       .    , Ing a girl to the theater and sending
Shiloh. Con.ump.ion Cure  the Lung h     fl m ^    h f       k,
Tonic,   has   been tested lor  thirty-three .        ., ' ...     .,r      ...        ."
years, and tens o( thousands ol home, in her   nli-   *���---.   ���hlle   hl��   neighbor   Is
Canada and the United Stales to-d��y are spending what gold he has in getting a
never without it. divorce.   One man escapes all the dls-
A dealer wrii-r.: " SliiU'iConiumptlon Cure eases that flesh is heir to and gets kill-
^XAt^XIXZ ��- ��- ��- ���<"'�����"���<-������   Another escapes with
willbuynoather.-L.Eiiley.Naiugsweys.Ont." a scratch and dies with the whooping
If it were anything but the but would cough.    One man stands off his credl-
ihiibeso?   Try it in your om family tors and goes traveling while another
pays his debts and stays at home.
Light anil tlie Eye*.
The effect of artificial light on the
pigment of the Iris Is to make It paler;
also prolonged eye work will do this.
Eyes never become quite blanched, like
the hair, but they do fade, nnd very
The Mark
That Tells
If it does not cure, you get back all it cost
you. We take all the chances. Neithei
you nor your dealer can lose. Isn't thai
lair} 25c. is the price. All dealers in
medicine sell s0]
Too Unas- Then.
"How fur did de mule kick yon?"
"Don't ax me. Think I bad time ter
measure de distance?"���Atlanta Co����-
Tiode e(org
Trad*. Trucked thus in a
variety of .tylei, fabric, ana
price. Inr women, men snd
children. Form Fitted.
Dealer, sre authorized to
replsce irutandy a.vlat our
coit, sny Pen-Annie garment faulty ia materi-1
or    making.
Pen-Angle trademark (in red) on
every Pen-Angla
garment, tells you
it will tit and won't
own dealer so
guarantees it.
Underwear thua
trademarked is
softer, warmer,
more flexible,
better wearing.
Many Dwellers on the Prairie Have Learned
to Depend Almost Entirely on
Dr. Chase's Medicines.
Living twenty-two miles from a
drug store the writer of the letter
quoted below tells of the benefits obtained from the use of Dr. Chase's
Medicines in times of sickness anil
In thousands of lonely homes
throughout the northwest the family
depends almost entirely on Dr.
Chase's Medicines and the receipts
contained in Dr. (.'base's Receipt
Hook as a means of maintaining
health and combatting disease.
Mrs. Thos. Shiels, Stoughton, Bask.,
writes: "We have used nearly all of
Dr. Chase's Medicines in our family
with splendid results anil send direct
to you for them because we live
twenty-two miles from n drug store.
"In Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
we found a cure for constipation, biliousness and kidney disease.
"I used several boxes of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food for nervousness from
which 1 had been a great sufferer and
it built me up and strengthened me
"Some years ago I had an ulcer on
my ankle and though I tried many
treatments of one kind and anotner
could get nothing to heal it until I
used Dr. Chase's Ointment, which 1
have also found an excellent cure for
itching piles. We would scarcely
know how to get along without Dr.
Chase's Medicines."
The confidence which people have
in Dr. Chase's Medicines can oniy be
accounted for by the fact that they
never disappoint. For nearly half a
century they have been before the
public and had a record of cures unparalleled in tlie history of medicine.
These family medicines are sent by
mail postpaid on receipt of price. Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, 25 cents
u box, Dr. Chase's Nerve Food 50
cents a box, Dr. Chase's Ointment 60
cents n box. At all dealers or Ed*
iniinson, Hates k Co., Toronto.
So.entitle Wreck*.
The Gcrmnu government has taken
possession of n slmrt strip of track near
Berlin and Is plnuning to execute a
unique series of railroad "neeldebts"
made to order. Every variety of misplaced swltcb will be tested, every pes-
Rlblo defect In Wheels, axles and ear
equipment will be tried out. and the
lira ltd Quale is to bo an immense head-
on collision of locomotives. Tbese spectacular exhibitions arc not planned by
tbe government ns a national amusement. Tbey are for the purpose of scientific experiment, so that the engineers and railway exports may study
ways nnd menus to prevent accidents
ot all kinds in the future.
Railroad disasters have occurred with
alarming frequency In tbe German empire. It Is estimated that tbe German
railways lose $1,2(10.000 annually
through dntnages, After tbe causes and
effects of each variety of wreck have
been noted It will be tho task of tbe
government officials to devise safe-
guards.���St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Rutterflies aro considered nutritious
and delicious food by tlie aborigines ot
Eye Color.
Tbe gray eye Is nn almost universal
characteristic of people of great Intellect. Black eyes Indicate an ardent
temper, while llglit blue eyes, which
are found chiefly among the Scandinavians, denote a cheerful disposition and
a constant nature.
There is no coal   in   and
many western towns.
Tnlle-t Hlu'li School Student.
Carl Fletcher, standing six feet seven
and a half Inches In his shoes, a member of the class of '09 of the Seattle
High school, will hnrtlly have his claim
disputed to being the tallest high school
student in lhe United States. Sophomore Fletcher is out eighteen years
old, so that by the time be reaches
"mail's stature'' he should have added
at least three more inches to his height.
The abnormal development of Carl
Fletcher "upward" is not readily ascribed to heritage. Fletcher pcre Is but
five feet five Inches, and the scnooi*
boy's mother is four Inches taller than
tier husband. All of the members ef
Ihe family are of normal height, although an elder brother, mnnager of
the Latona drug store, Is six feet two
Inches.���Seattle Times.
Still  Bitter.
"Well," said lie, anxious to patch up
their quarrel of yesterday, "aren't you
curious to know what's lu this package?"
"Not very," replied the still belligerent wife indifferently.
"Well, It's something for the one I
I'ove best In all the world."
"Ah, I suppose It's,, those suspenaers
t'ou said you needed!"���(Jatholic Stand-
trd and Times.
I was cured  of   a  severe   cold   bj
Oxford, N.S. R. F. HEWSON.
I was cured of a terrible sprain bj
Yarmouth,  N.  S. Y.A.A.C.
I was cured of Black Erysipelas bv
Inglesville. J. W. RUGGLES.
Hea-ared   lhe  Time.
An old sailor was being exumined In
au assault case by n cule young lawyer, who questioned his veracity regarding a matter of lime.
"You hud no watch, and yet yon ore
positive that the defendant was only
ten minutes absent. I doubt If you are
able to estimate ten minutes of time
correctly," he said;
"Try me," saltl the old tar.
The lawyer drew Ids watch from his
pocket null said. "When I cull out
'Now' you allow ten minutes to pass,
nnd when It Is up call out 'Time's up.' "
The old salt nodded, and the lawyer
called out "Now." Slowly the time
passed, and the lawyer, with watch in
hand, tried lo wheedle him into au admission that time was up. The sailor
paid no heed and exnetly at the end
of the ten minutes shouted, "Time's
up." The bewildered lawyer turufd
round confused nt the court's loud
laughter, and Ills eye lighted on the
courtroom clock behind him, which hud
assisted the oil sailor in his task.
Helpless and  Bent with  Rheumatism
���Cured by Dr. Williams'
Pink  Pills.
"1 was a helpless cripple. I wus
bent in form and could not straighten
Up. Clutches were my only means
of moving about. 1 tried muny medicines, but they ull failed until I begun using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills-
they cured me." George Schaw, of
Short Beach, N.S., made tlie above almost startling statement to a reporter
a few days ago. Mr. Schaw is now a
well-built muii, strong and broad-
shouldered. Like thousands of other
Nova Scotiitns, he is a fisherman, and
is constantly exposed to all kinds of
weather, just the conditions to set
the rheumatic poison in tlie blood at
work. Mr. Schaw adds: "It is impossible to overrate the severity of
tlie attack. The trouble was located
in my back and right hip. I had to
quit work and was mostly indoors.
There was a time when I never expected to stand erect again, but Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills straightened me
ip again, not only that, but they
made me the strong, hearty man you
lee me to-day. I can never describe
the awful pain I suffered before I
ised these pills. I tried many med-
cines and had treatment from sever-
ii doctors, but to no avail. My legs
became so stiff that in order to move
it all I had to use crutches. Finally
the doctors decided that I was incur-
ible, and told me they could render
io further assistance. I continued to
uffer day and night, and then came
he turning point of my life. A friend
rom a distance came to see me and
t was from him I learned that Dr.
.Villinms' Pink Pills were a great
���ure for rheumatism. At once I got
i supply and began to use them. The
irst indication that they were helping me was when the pain grew less
-evere. In a few weeks more the
welling in my let/a and hips began
to lenve, then my joints seemed to
oosen up, and then it was not long
intil my crutches were thrown aside
ind I could straighten up. Then I
began to go outdoors and soon was
ible to resume my .vork as well as
iver. Since that time I have never
been troubled with rheumatism or
lame back. I can tell you my neighbors were all astonished at my cure;
ihey all thought I would always be a
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure
rheumatism by going straight to the
root of the trouble in the blood. They
make new rich blood thnt sweeps out
tlie poisonous acid and soothes the
jangied nerves. That is how they cure
all troubles rooted in the blood, such
as anaemia, indigestion, neuralgia,
3t. Vitus dance, general weakness and
the special ailments that only girls
and women folk know. Sold by all
medicine dealers or by mail at 50
::oiits a box or six boxes for $2.50
from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Out.
Peasants are suffering from famine
in several ol tlie interior provinces of
No "Deadhead" Trip.
One of the most famous of American
shipping lines in the palmy days of our
marine was the Cope lino, which ran
between Philadelphia nnd Liverpool,
says the author of "Memoirs of Charles
H. Cramp." By this line Johu Randolph of Roanoke determined to go to
Russia when lie had been nppointcd
minister to that country by President
���Jackson. Entering the office of the
company in Philadelphia, he said to a
clerk In his usual grandiloquent manner:
"Sir, I wish to see Thomas I'. Cope."
H> was shown to Mr. Pope's office.
"1 am John Randolph of Roanoke,"
lie said. "I wish to take passage to
Liverpool in one of your ships."
If he expected to bo tendered a pass
he was grievously disappointed.
"I am Thomas Cope," replied the
head of the line. "If tbee goes aboard
the ship and selects thy stateroom and
Will pay $150 thee may go."
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Venetian  Itlalto.
The RialtO lu Venice, where Antonio
girded Shylock many a tlmg and oft,
has stores ou either side full of cheap
Camera Shatter*.
If the shutter of the kodak falls to
wove when you snap a picture, try
putting it Into the hot closet (not oven)
of the range for two hours or more.
This dries, tho moisture and Is often
sufficient to put it back Into commission.
W   N    U    No.   613 tfHE f&OOAN  MIXING  REV1KWV SANDON, B. C-.
Operation Advocated-Saved
by Pe=ru=na.
Mm. Louis I.acomb, Hayward, Wis..
"f have followed your treatment as
closely as I could and am now entirely
"We had two doctors and one said
that I would have to have an operation performed before I could re-
Rain my health.
"We t;. ii decided to write you as to
ay Condition, as 1 had been 1 suffering
u'-orh u year with severe pains and
lif.'ulii, i,fH at times so that 1 could
�����' aracly stand up.
"Now I feel so well after a short
treatment with your remedy, and am
���o grateful that I do not know how to
express my thanks.
"I thunk you many Union for the k'nd
advice I have had from you.'
John S. Miller, who probably will
be chief defender of the Standard Oii
in the government case, says congress
should  provide for u  body similar ti
the interstate commerce commission
which  shall  have  control  of corpora'
The Canadian Pacific Ky. are running u series of Winter Excursions tc
Vancouver and Victoria, H.C. from
��� i stations in Manitoba, Alberta and
Corns cause intolerable pain. Hol-
lowity's Corn Cure removes tlir
trouble. Try it, and see what amount
of pain  is saved.
Tlie struggle ngninst the house ol
lords, which is approaching fast, it
is said, is to be the greatest poiiticai
fight of a century, and will arouse
all England.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
Western cattle suffered heavily during the great storm.
Snsrar Mill*.
The machinery of the modern sugar
mill Is so complete that from the time
tbe cane enters the crushing rolls until the same is emptied from the vacuum pans no human labor is required
to manipulate It.
250 Year Old Pipes.
During excavation under the council
chamber .of the Town Hall, Thame
(Oxon), two small Clay pipes were unearthed. They are believed to be the
earliest form of smoking pipe, made 250
years ago.
You DO NOT have to know what your
goods are made of when you use
The New and   Unm*   r>Va>
imi-roved nome uye
Drink   In   the   Middle   Aces.
The middle ages lasted about 1.000
years, and in that period the feudal
lords bullied the fox or lhe stag all
day and went to bed dead drunk every
night of their lives. Their existence
was one grand carousal. Kings,
princes, lords and vassals lived In their
A Bait* of Coin.-.
At Lulliugebone castle, tbe Kentish
residence of Sir William and Lady Emily Tart-Dyke, is preserved a leather
bag of coins. The tradition is that
whenever the heir is married he and
his bride must place a coin in tbe bag.
The legend further enjoins that this
matrimonial offertory bag must never
be counted or some dire misfortune
will overtake the newly wed couple.
Diamond Teaf.
There Is a very easy and simple way
to tell if a diamond Is genuine, says an
expert. Make a small dot on a piece
of paper with a lend peiuil and look at
It through the diamond. If it shows
but a single dot. the diamond is genuine. If it shows more than one or the
mark appears scattered, it Is false.
i Itullan  <.'i-s***ir-.
"'��� Italian cigars look like I'ittsburg sto
I gles,  with  bits of straw sticking out
I of them.
t'olil  Al-raaloti.
A gold coin pusses from one band to
another 2,000,000,000 times before the
stamp or impression upon it becomes
obliterated by friction, while a silver
coin changes hands 8,250,000,000 times
before it becomes entirely defaced.
Neapolitan Cab Hor-ea.
Neapolitan cab horses are nil stallions of a diminutive breed. They are
driven without a bit. The bridle carries a device for closing the nostrils,
operated by the reins.
KlliU'llfN*   rillirirrr*.
During the middle ages so heavily
burdened were lhe horses of the
knights with their own armor and flint
of their riders that only the largest and
strongest .animals could be employed.
Frolssart says thnt between iiihi and
700 pbunds weight was carried hy a
knight's charger.
Eyes and Nose Ran Water.���C. G. Archer,
of Brevier, Maine, nays; "I have had oatarrh lor several years. Water would run
irom my eyes and nose for dityH at a
time. Aoout four mouths u.o I was induced to try Dr. At*new h Catarrhal Powder, and since using the wonderful remedy I have not had ull attack. It re-
iieves  in   ten   minutes."   50 cents.���17
The British house of commons has
provided a penalty of ��50 for persons
making false representations to emigrants,
Have  You   Insured Your Skin?
A North-West farmer died rocentlj
from blond poisoning following the
prick of a rusty nail. A tin tack on
which he trod, penetrated a Chicago
boy's toe, and he died later from
lock-jaw. Both tiiese deaths could
have been averted if a box of Zam-
Buk hail been handy. The air is full
of poisonous germs and microbes
which settle on wounds and���and
what!- if left to go their own wa\
they set up festering, suppuration and
frequently blood poison. If Zam-Buk
it applied these harmful germs are
killed and the wound is healed.
One of the greatest living chemists
has proved that Zam-Buk has more
power to kill liiinnfui microbes in
wounds than crude carbolic acid, and
does il painlessly. A little Zam-liuk
applet! to it cut, a sore, a burn or a
bruise which breaks the skin, prevents the wound from taking the
wrong  turn,  and  speedily  heals  it.
Mrs. Bright, of Johnstone, N. B.,
says: "I got my finger poisoned by
the prick from a needle, and as it got
very bad I applied some oldfashioned
remedies. It continued to get worse,
and I then tried Zam-Buk. This both
cleaned the wound and healed it and
soon all trace of the injury was gone."
In eases of cuts, burns, bruises nnd
other injuries Zam-Buk is tiie best
"insurance." It is equally good for
eczema, chronic ulceration, ringworm,
scaling sores, abscesses, inflamed
patches, running sores, bad leg, old
wounds, etc. Also for chapped hands.
Of all druggists at fifty cents a box,
or post free from the Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, upon receipt of price. Six
boxes for $2.50.
At the January elections 115 Ontario
municipalities will vote on local option.
When rheumatism doubles a man up
physician and sufferer alike lose heart
and often despair of a cure, but here's
the exception. William Pegu, of Norwood.
Out., says: "I was nearly doubled up with
rheumatism. I got three bottles of South
American Rheumatic Cure and thev cured
me. It's the quickest acting medicine I
ever  saw."���18
A Surprise in Biscuits
Every box of Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas you open���you will
find a new delight in these dainty
When you want to surprise yourself,
give your appetite a treat with
-*.    Mooney's     -��
Perfection Cream Sodas
n*n hk .skr or he nsn
���ft- tarn, s
ha- stood for the &E3T
durinfl   seventy /ears of
increasing sulci.
Remember this when/ou want waterproof oiled coat*, suits, hats, or horse
foods for all kinds of wet work.
Why They Should  Alivfiy- lie Cooked
In  UoliiuK Water.
Pare potatoes with a sharp vegetable
knife just as thin as possible, for that
part of the tuber lying close lo ihe skin
Is richest In mineral salts, and put each
potato as peeleil into n pan of cold water to prevent discoloration. Have
ready meanwhile a kettle of boiling
water and when the peeling process is
complete take the potatoes from the
colli water anil, covering them with
boiling sailed water, set them ou the
range, covered, to boll. Twenty uilu-
utes usually sutllce, but to test them
use a skewer or fork, and when they
can be pierced easily remove ut once
from lhe lire, pour off all lhe water
and set lliem on the back of the range,
uncovered, to steam dry, assisting that
proces'* occasionally by a slight shak-
lug of the kettle.
If one asks tlie reason why potatoes
should always lie cooked in boiling water try the following experiment for
proof: Take two cups, in each of which
has been put a teaspoonfnl of ordiuary
starch. I'our over one u quarter of a
cupful of boiling water and over the
other the same quantity of cold water
and observe the' result. The one over
which the boiling water was poured
stays in shape, a compact mass, while
the one with the cold water dissolves
into a soft paste. The potato is largely
composed of starch, and from this
trial any one may draw his own conclusions. If you wish a pulpy, watery
potato use cold water, but If n dry,
mealy, snowy ball that: would delight
the heart of Epicurus himself always
use boiling water.
Willie   Allium*"  Cus'l  Smell.
'Tine white animals," said a pet
stock dealer, "have no sense of smell.
Hence they are coutluunlly eating
things that disagree with them, and in
eight casus out of ten poison themselves and die. Pure white pigs should
never be allowed to run loose in the
fields and woods. Kor, without the
protection of a sense of smell, such
pigs, when they get out, ent all sorts
of poisonous roots and berries nnd die
off rapidly. "Iu Africa the white rhl-
uoceros poisons Itself by eating the
euphorbia, and pure white sheep are
difficult to rear because they ore continually munching shrubs and grasses
that don't agree, with them,"
In Nature's Storehouse There are
c'ures. ���Medical experiments have
shown conclusively that there are
.neiiicinul virtues in even ordinary
plants growing up around us which
give them a value that cannot be estimated, it is held by some that nature provides a cure for every disease
which neglect and ignorance have visited upon man. However, this may
be, it is well known that Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, distilled from roots
and herbs, are a sovereign remedy in
curing ull disorders of the digestion.
Training for Sunday School Workers.
The Committee m charge of tne
Fifth International Sunday School
District proposes holding the 'triennial Conference in Minneapolis sometime between the 15th January and
the end of February next. The district includes the States of Wisconsin,
Minnesota, South and North Dakota,
and the Province of Manitoba, Canada. This Conference will last for
three days. All members of State.
Provincial, County, Township and all
auxiliary associations are members of
the conference and are invited to attend.
Following the Conference, there will
be held a three duys' School of Methods for all pastors and workers, in
every department of Sunday School
work. This will be u week of inspiration and edueution never before
equalled in the north-west. Those in
charge of this work are���S. B. Harding, Waukeslin, Wis.;,A. M. Locker,
Windom, Minn.; Rev. F. P. Leach,
Sioux Fulls, S. I).; Rev. J. Orchard,
Fargo, N. 1).; and W. H. Irwin, chairman, Winnipeg, Man. Particulars in
regard to exact dates, the place of
meeting in Minneapolis, entertainment, speakers, etc., will be announced later. For full information, address the chairman, or any member
of (he committee.
Wearing apparel.
But don't wait until an animal is
injured. GET IT NOW���and you
have the remedy t' at CURKS all
lameness in horses.
If your dealer does  not  nandle
it, send 60c. to
National Drug & Chemical Co., Limited,
Th* Tnnic, the Toga and the Leather
Drcaa of lhe Ancient*.
Ancient wearing apparel was not cut
to fit, as is our modern clothing.   Having no definite shape of its own, it did
not disguise the wearer's figure, nud
the grace and beauty of Greek drapery
are dependent almost entirely on the
perfect  proportions  of   the   figure  beneath.  The tunic worn by both Greeks
awl Romans was little, if at all, fitted
j to   the   wearer   and   when   ungirded
' hung In folds all round, while the toga
! was little more than a sheet and was
| worn In all sorts of ways, according to
the prevailing fashion.   The Jews of
old seem to have worn breeches, but
the  rest  of  their  clothing  seems   to
have been simply wrnpped round them,
for It wns difficult for them to run or
even walk fast without first "glrdiug
up their  loins."   The clothing of the
northern   races  was   probably  always
I more of a fit than that of the southern,
for they used leather, which does not
I lend Itself to simple draping, but our
ancestors   probably   wore   an   almost
Every mother who uses Baby's Own
Tablets for her little ones has a solemn guarantee that this medicine does
not contain any of the poisonous opiates found in so-called "soothing"
medicines and liquid preparations.
Tiiese Tablets always do good���they
Cannot possibly do harm. They cure
indigestion, colic, constipation, diarrhoea nnd simple fevers, break up
colds, prevent croup, expel worms and
make teething easy. Baby's Own
Tablets have done more to bring
health, happiness and contentment to
little ones than any other medicine
known. You can get Baby's Own
Tablets from any-dealer in medicine,
or by mail at 25 cents a box by writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Out.
The London Daily Mail has offered
a prize of $10,000 for the first member of an aero club to ride in one day
from London to Manchester.
The Demon, Dyspepsia.���In olden
times it was a popular belief that demons moved invisibly through the
ambient air, seeking to enter into
men and trouble them. At the present day the demon, dyspensia, is nt
large in the same way, seeking habitation in those who hy careless or unwise living invite him. And once he
enters a man it is difficult to dislodge him. He that finds himself so
possessed should know that a valiant
fiiend to do battle lor him with the
unseen foe is Parmelee's Vetretable
Pills, which ate ever ready for the
The likeliest successor to Sir Mortimer Durand is regarded as Gerald
I.owther, formerly secretary of the
Biitish embassy  at Washington.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Britain has been advised to consider the formation of a navy of airships.
$100 REWARD $100.
The resilers of this psper will be pleased to lours
Ihst there Is St least one dreaded disease that solum*
has been able to oure in all its stages, anil that ii
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only posltlvs
cure now known to the medical fraternity. 'Oatarrh
be:ne a couilitulionel disoaie. requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Oatarrh Cure is taken in.
temally, acting directly on the blood and mucouc
.urtaco. of the systc.ni, thereby destroying tbe fnuud
etioa of the disease, and giving the patient ctrenath
by building up the constitution and assisting nuturc
'u doing its work. The proprietors have ���*' much
faith In its curative power* that tliey offer Ono Hun.
tired Dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send
for llstof testimonials.
Address: F. J. CHENEY <t Co.. Toledo, O.
Bold by druggists 75c.
Tske Hall's Family Pills for ooustlpatioa.
The C.P.R. liners.will, during tin-
winter, start from St. John, B. C,
culling at Halifax for mails.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured In 30 minutes bj
Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Against the Flag.
London. ��� A motion to insert a
jiiiuse in the education bill making it
compulsory to fly the union Jack on
the elementary schools wns negatived
by the house of lords without discussion.
Walter Wellman has arrived in
New York and says Peary's experience demonstrates that the only way
the pole can be reached is by balloon.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget   in
A deputation of four Samaritans,
headed by Isaac, son of Amran, second high priest at Nablus, the Shech-
ein of the bible, is now in London
trying to sell a manuscript of the
Pentaeuch,   dating   from   1050  A.D.
Practically all makers of good
clothes in Canada use HeWSOIi
Tweeds. * Look for the tag
that guarantees PURE WOOL.
shapeless tunic belted nt tbe waist.
Ano'Jier striking difference Is found.
In the gradual monopoly by women of
the ornnmentiil element In dress. Once
j masculine dress wns by fur tbe most
splendid, and woman, holding nn nbso-
lutely subordinate social position, lind
to content herself with humbler attire.
As she has won her wny (o freedom
��� nd equality she has annexed not only
the beautiful, but the extravagant elements of costume and left man to content himself with a condition o* colorless utility.
That's too bad! We had noticed It was looking pretty
thin and faded of late, but
naturally did not like to speak
of it. By the way, Ayer's
Hair Vigor Is a regular hair
grower, a perfect hair restorer. It keeps the scalp
clean and healthy.
���' I am well acquainted with Ayer's Hr.tr
Vigor and I like It very much. I would ��ape.
dally racotumeud It as an excellent dressing
for tne hair, keoplng It soft and smooth, and
preventing the hair from splitting at the
ends." ���MlNNlI I'niT", Vcedum, Mich.
A Made
by J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell. Mau.
Al:  *
lso manufkoturere of
>      SA��SAP*JULLs_
cnauT i-rrrn-ju.
The government ot the Unitei
Slates is preparing to attack next tin
gunpowder trust by suit in the courts
and by asking congress for appropri
ntions for plants to manufacture tin
supplies  needed  by  Uncle Num.
The eflicney of Dickie's Anti-Con
sumptive Syrup in curing coughs and
colds and arresting inflammation o*
the lungs, can be established by hun
dieds of testimonials from all sorts
and conditions of men. It is a stand
arc! remedy in these ailments and nl'
affections of the throat nnd lungs. Il
is highly recommended by medicine
vendors, because they know nnd appreciate its value as a curative. Tit
A charter of affiliation with the
American Federation .of Labor has
been granted the National Federation
ot Post-office Clerks, formed two
months   ago  in  Chicago.
Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Hoid cures
any form of Piles. Internal, External,
Bleeding, Dlind, Itching, Suppurating,
etc., are simply names of the stage
through which every case will pass if
it continues.
Piles are caused by congestion o'
blood in the lower bowel, and it takes
ail internal remedy to remove tin
Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Roid is a tablet taken internally, mid no case o'
Piles has ever been found it failed t<
cure.    Money back if it does fail.
$1.(10 nt any dealers) or The Wilson-
Pvle Co., Limited, Niagara Falls, Out.
Brlilsre   Denliriif-r'"   Ccu-iou*   Winh.
Henley bridge, Iu England, was designed about 17S0 by Thomas Hay-
ward, who expressed the wish that h-
mlgbt die ere tlie work wns commenced
and thnt his body might be Interred
under the center pier. He died before
the bridge was completed, but was
burled lu the churchyard clos�� by.
Torrent Title.
The Provinces of Saskatchewan and
Alberta have now taken over the Land
Titles Offices formerly carried on under the direction of the Federal Government. The new provinces have
made a few changes, which the experience of about twenty years In
Manitoba has sh iwn. to be desirable.
Of the general superiority of the Tori-ens system over the old registration
system, even in Its most efficient form,
as seen in Ontario; there appears no
manner of doubt In the minds of
Westerners. In Ontario the Torrens
system Is steadily, though very sbwly
growing in favor, and the titles of tin
iltcB of many of the largest building-
In Toronto are registered unrler thi
"Torrens svsteifl ai Osgoode Hail,
of Red
Cures Coughs
GRAY'S SYRUP does that oue thing,
and does it well. It's no "cure-all," but
a CURB for all throat and lung troubles.
GUM Btops the irritating tickle ��� takes
away the soreness���sooths and heals the
throat���and CURES COUGHS to stay
None the less effective because it is
pleasant to take.
25 cts. bottle.
The Mont  Ancient   Fin-in   Wan  Simply
���turned l.liiifNlom..
Cement, concrete and especially "re-
enforced concrete" will, according to
lome nuthoritles, solve many of the
hard problems confronting the architects and builders of modem structures. Cement is known to have beeu
used by the Chaldeans, Egyptians,
Greeks and Romans. The most ancient
form of cemeut was simply burned
limestone, more or less pure, used very
much as ordinary lime is used nt the
present time. The Uoiunns were the
first to adulterate lime by adding certain clay soils and slate for the purpose
of making u cement of a hydraulic nature���that is, one which would set or
harden under water. Pliny, who lived
In the first century A. 1)., describes the
method of modifying ordinary burned
limestone nnd converting it Into a form
of hydraulic cement.
In ancient times it wns believed that
the best cement wns made from tbe
hardest rock, and this opinion wus uot
modified from the time of the Romans
down to the eighteenth century. However, John Smcnton, the man who built
the second Bddystone lighthouse, In
course of examining tlie various hydraulic cements for use in the foundation nnd masonry made the important
discovery that the Quality of hydraulic
cement depends upon the amount of
clay in the limestone. This Is conceded
to be the most important discovery in
the art in nearly twenty centuries.
On the isle of Portlund, in the south
of England, there are certain quarries
of limestone which have been worked
for many years, iu former limes producing building stone. In lBJSi an Jung*
lishniiin named Joseph Aspdln of
Leeds, pateutetl a process for mixing
nnd burning lime nnd clay. The product looked so much like tlie Portland
{limestone that he culled It "Portland
cement," from which the commonly
known name given to nearly all kluds
of hydraulic cement was derived.���Chicago News.
���''���nil  a.tullo.v   Snml.
Captains of fishing smacks In the
North seu have found that codfish at
certain times of the year take sand into their stomachs as "ballast." This, it
would appear, is done when the fish
nre about to migrate from the shnllow
water covering lhe southern bunks of
the North sen to the deeper water farther north. It lias beeu observed that
fish caught on the southern banks just
before the migration begins and those
caught iu the northern wuters after it
is completed have sand in their stom-
uchs und that the saud is discharged
after tbe arrival of the fish at the
southern banks ou the return migration. In proof of this it Is stated that
the sand found in the fish often differs
In color aud quality from that of the
bottom where they are caught���Washington Post.
Is Being Exploited by Us on Account of Its
Vast Superiority Over Japans.
40g, 50c and 60c Per Pound.
The Gugenheimers, one of the largest mining companies in the States,
have invested about twenty millions
of dollars in properties along Bonanza
creek, at Yukon, alone, and they are
working these properties on an extensive scale.
That Cutting Ar.ld that arisen from the
stomach and almost strangles, is caused
liy fermentation of food in the Htomaih.
It is a foretaste of indigestion anil dyspepsia. Take one of Dr. Vor. Stan's Pineapple Tablets Immediately after eating,
and it will prevent this distress and aid
digestion,   60  in   a  box.  35 centH.-16
The Canadian I'acilic Ky. are again
running their annual excursions to
1'jjsteru Canada from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the tickets being on sale November 24th to Decern*
bi'i Slut and gooil to return within
three months.
The superiority of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is shown by its
good effects on the children, Purchase a bottle and give it a trial.
Clipped Horses.
A correspondent of   Breeder's   Ga
sette s.iys: Hereafler we Will make Ita
rule to clip all our work teams. We
try to take the best care of all our
work horses. Every evening after we
unhitch them from their day's work
they gel a good brushing down. Wa
And by experiment that our clipped
horses stand tho work better, keep In
better condition and are far morn
pleasant to work. With a good stifl
brush and a plentiful supply of good
rubbing rugs you can keep your horses' cor.ts sleek and in far better con
dition in less than one half the time
that you can when they are not clip
During the Inst trip of the Pacific
liner Tartar, which is now at Vancouver, a lire broke out, but the captain kept tlie news from the pnssen*
gers and avoided a panic.
There is Only One Eclectric Oil,--
When an article, be it medicine or
anything else,  becomes popular, imi-
jtntions invariably spring up to derive
advantages  from  the  original,   which
| they themselves could never win on
their own  merits.    Imitations  of  Dr.
] Thomas' Kcleclric Oil have been numerous.,  but  never successful.      Those
I who know the genuine are not put off
I with  n   substitute,   out   demand   the
i real thing.
That British Columbia's fight
against the entering ol the Hindoo,
lind some justification received proof
when .1. I.nviolette reported to the
police Unit his wile had been snnd-
lii.gged by two masked Hindoos Weil-
liesday night when -he refused to give
them monev,
But the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
" Our doctor said there wa- no cure for
my wife as both her lungs were affected,"
says Mr. L. H. Walter, of Pearl Street,
Brockville, Ont. "It was a sad disappointment to us both, just starting out in
life, only married a short time. But before
���he had finished the first bottle of Psychina
Ihe pain in her lungs quickly went away,
and after taking six bottles Mrs. Walter
was a new creature and perfectly well
That is just one of the many families
into which Psychine has brought hope,
health and happiness. It is a living proof
that Psychine cures Consumption. But
don't wait for Consumption. Cure your
LaGrippe, your Cough, your Bronchitis,
your Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with the
remedy that never fails���
A 1'imv correeiiou*.
A few things picked up from a child's
���choolbook: Never say, "I dou't think
It will rain." What you meau Is, "I do
think it will not rain." "All over tho
world" Is bad; say "Overall the world."
"The reason why" is uot only Incorrect,
hut doesn't sound ns well ns "The reason that." In tho King James version
of the Bible, quoted by sjnie authorities as u standard of pure English, one
may llutl the following, which occurs
lu Isaiah xxxvli, SO: "Then tbe angel ot
the Lord weut forth and smote iu tbe
camp of the Assyrians a hundred and
fourscore and live thousand, und when
they arose early lu tbe morning, behold they were nil dead corpses." In
other words, Hie corpses arose early lu
the morning' and found themselves
dead. Don't say "A man fell oCT Iho
dock." A man might full into a dock,
but to say thnt he fell off a dock is uo
better thun to sav he fell off a holn
Sulphur  I'mler Qnlckruincl.
Most of the sulpuiir consumed in the
United States conies from Louisiana,
where are vast deposits at a depth of
from COO to 800 feet. As there Is a
layer of quicksand a hundred feet
thick above the sulphur, it was impossible until lately to get out paying
quantities. Now, however, It is secured by driving down two pipes. One
pipe carries a jet of steam, which, coming iu contact with the solid bed of
sulphur, melts It into a liquid. This is
then forced to the surface by air pressure through the other pipe.
(Pronounced Si-keen)
50c. Per Bottle
La-far slxaa SI and ���".���all drusrs-lata.
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, Toronto.
A slight burn of Urge kru is often
worae tlumitlfiHp "iiiall oiiw. The iir.it
thine to do i�� to exclude the air. Cover
tlie burn with cotton batten and satu-
rate that with the always ready relief,
CflN'S   ANOO.T.-
Removt tbe cotton in a few minutes
and smear with vaseline, and dust with
talcum powder or flour. Occasionally
lay over this acloth wet with Liniment.
25 cents, three times as much 50 cents.
I. 8. JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mass.
$5.52 Brooch
Does it strike you as "almost
too good to be true" ? It is
only one instance of the price-
attractiveness of Diamond Hall's
stock ��� backed by its half -
century reputation for quality.
This Brooch (Catalogue No.
31683) consists of a \Y\ inch
crescent of solid 14k. gold,
supporting a lily-of-valley spray
set with 16 pearls.
It is sent post free in dainty
satin lined case.
We send upon request free of charge
our large illustrated catalogue.
Tbe Mao Who Thinks
He Must Pay Big Prices
in order to get satisfactory
Underwear, has never enjoyed
the ease and comfort of
It is made by Canadian
for Canadians���in sizes to fit all
figures���and weights to suit all
Canadian climates.
And it does not cost much,
Just *sk your dc-ler to show you
STANFIELD'S-the  U-derwe-i
Ihat won't shrink.   Every
garment guaranteed.
The Footwear Question
Answered ���
A NeiT  rnlnti). I
Vegetnrlnns will doubtless hail with
delight the ndvent of n new potato,'
blue of skin and yellow of Interior;
which Is about to be placed upon the'
market. This potnto Is known ns the
Salanum commci'soni violet and Is the
result of scientific cultivation at Reading, Euglaud. It has n distinct flavoij
of Its own. Epicures describe It as n
combined flavor of turnips and aspara
*   \JsSolid\.(
���\    \comfo^t,
Tbe Woman Who Knows
Slocking Values
is the woman who most appreciates
"Dominion Brand" Stockings.
The silky yarns���their typical
British strength���the warmth and
comfort of every pair make them d
delight to every woman.
Dominion Brand"
"T>| Ibsl Islli"
Mfttk.1  0*
label is your protection against ill-
fitting, cheaply made
W    N    U    No.   613 fiacocaeaaaaasaaaaaeaaeeaaaaaoaaaaeceooeoeaaeesoeaaaa
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,000,000.      -      -      REST, $10,000,000
President���iLobd Stuathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gkohge A. Dui.'MMons.
General Mannger���E. S. Ci.oukton.
Branches in All The Principal Cities in Canada
�� A General Banking Business Transacted.
At the Kootenay Hotel.
Sandon,  B.C.
:=   OPEN ALL NIGHT :���
Under the management of JACK
MAXWEtL, who will always
be found on deck to feed the
hungry with good things
at Popular Prices.
Come and get a good square before turning in lor the night.
Note the Address :
Tlie Kootenay Hotel.
Notice i3 hereby given thnt sixty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Vicioria, B. C, for permission to purchase tho following ties
cribed lands starting at a post north
of the north-east corner of Lot 897,
West Kootenay district, thence souih
75 chains to A. T. Walley's north-west-
corner, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 30 chains, thence west 80 chains
more or less to Kuskanax creek, and
to follow south bank of above creek to
point of commencement, containin;-
tj40 acres more or less.
Thoa. Abriel, Agt.
Nakusp, B.C., Sept. 10  1906.
Sept 27, 'Ofi
No. 5. Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commisioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands in West Kootenny district: Commencing at a post marked
P. J. Gallagher's N.W. corner, situated
on the west side of the north fork of
Cooper creek, about 4J.j miles from
main stream, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chainG, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of  commencement.
I). McLachlan, Agent.
Located Nov  5, 190G.
No. G. Commencing at a post marked D. McLachlan's N. W. corner, situ-
at''d on the east side of the north fork
of Cooper creek, about 5*.�� miles from
main stream, thence cast 80 chains,
thence south SO chains, thence west 80
chains, Ihence north 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Located Nov. 5, 1900.
No. 7. Commencing at a post marked P. J. Gallagher's S.E. corner, situated on the east side of the north fork
of Cooper creek, about 1 mile from
main stream, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to point
of commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent.
Located Nov. G, 1906
No. 8. Commencing at a post marked A. Jacobson's S.W. corner, situated
on the north side of Cooper creek,
about 5 miles from its mouth, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent
Located Nov. G, 1906.
Nov 15,'06
;.   ARE
Do not Delay your orders for Xmas
Cakes and Puddings.
| ijfios    {peels    ftluts
Warrants     '.Raisins
fflMnce flDcat   3ams ano fellies I
|;       Wagstaffe's Lemon aud Fig in i lb. glass is delicious.
T. I-
IcNelson's Druq Store
'Phone iO,  NEW DENVER.
Dainty Brooches and Plna in Gold and  Silver, and very many other lines of
Jewellry nnd Silverware,
Peautiful Pieces of Cut (ihss nnd China,
Pretty Pat lor .Clocks, Toilet Cases und all hinds of Fancy Goods.
Send for Our Li��t or Come and Fee for Yourself.
Slocan fHMniit-a IRevtew.
Subscription $:?.oo per nnmun, strlctfy
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnvnnTisixa Ratbsi
Notices jo Delinquent Owners - $13,00
for Ci'ov, n Grants    -   -    7.150
"      " Purchase of Land   -    7.50
"     " License to Cut Timber 6.00
AU locals will be charged for at the rate
of 16o, per line, each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
all Communications nnd make
Cheques payable to
.   J.   ATHERTON,
Editor and Publisher,
CJ     i                  '
<4^';;'- ��>��>
Wo are a d.iy late this trip. Too busy
to apologize.
Mm. J. Crawford and son, Edwin,
accompanied by Mis.Lyons, left Friday
for her home in Fernle,
Little Hex Towgood fell "gainst the
piano stool one day laetweek and severely cut his left ear. Dr. (ionim inserted
Mvernl stilchcs.
We hear on the highest authority
that the Lucky Jim will resume about
tlie fiiet of January.
Don't forget the Methodist Anniversary Sei'vicesand Soeiali Vt'> and lOih.
Sixty drtys after date I intend making
application to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works at Victoria, for a
special license to cut and cany away
timber from the following lauds: Com"-
meucing at a post planted on east shore
of Upper Arrow Lake, running ihence
east 80 (ihains, thence smith 80.chalns,
Ihence west SO chains mme or less to
lake chore, Ihence norlh 81) chains, following lake shore to post, of comII onee-
nient, containing 040 acres more or less.
Located Oct. 8rd, 1000.
11. NICHOL,    *
Oct.-ion Nakusp, 15.0
To Michael Pen rose, or to whomsoever
he may h��vo transferred hii Interest
in tho " Voung Rambler " mineral
claim,    H'niited    near   MnGniean,
��� located the 8r.l day of October, 1000
recorded  the 17tli dav of October]
1000. in tho Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District,
You are heron* notified that I have
expended *',102.."i0 In labor and Improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
c'aim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 00 days from the
ia*e of this nolice yon fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of theahove-
mentioned sum, together with  nil costs
of advertising, vour interest in the said
claim will become tbe property of the
undersigned, under  section   4 "ol   tbe
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1000,
Dated Jat  Sandon,  this  27th  day  of
November, 1000.
nelsonT b. c.
A. HRUDER Local Agent.   Parcels left
Filbert Hotel receive prompt attention',
Zbe Slocan Ibotel
tSforee tfcrfes,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Whereas at  the Last Chance aud Surprise mines,  Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to tbe exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
organization, Sandon Minors' union No.
Notice is hereby given *hat 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands: Commencing at a post
marked A. Jacobson's north-east corner
post, planted about four chains south
of Saw Mill CreeK, and about one
mile from its mouth on Slocan Lake
in West Kootenay District. Thence
160 chains west, thence 40 chains
south, thence 160 chains east, thence 40
chains north to point of commencement. T. J. LLOYD, Locator,
Acting as agent to A. Jacobson.
Oct 11 06       Located Oct. 4, 1906.
5 011-
ii t alt*
position to the employment of Orientals
within its jurisdiction, strongly condemns the position taken by the management of the properties in question,
and counsels working men everywhere
and those favorably disposed towards
organized  labor to be governed by this
A. 8HILLAND, Secretary.
Silverton, 36.(3.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners aud Mining
Meu to be the Best Hotel ill
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
TR. fife. Spencer -�� prop
Hurry up
and Purchase
As we have decided to keep
. on Selling  our entire stock
at Slaughter Prices until ail
is sold.
Save Money
Get in on the
ground floor.
��� -���-���*0-��O��K��������O-;��090O0tJ��
Certificate of Improvements.
"Chteagn Fractional" and "Pullman Fine-
tliiinil" ininerul 1'lnimn, 'Unaie lu tlie
Slooau Milling Division of West Kootenay
district, in hero located!���On Cody Orcek
slope of "Freddie Iced" mountain.
Take iioti*o thnt I, A. II. Dookatoader, as
agentfor FranH P. O'Neill, free miner's cer-
iii'.ate No, B781160, Intend, 00 <]n\n from ihe date
hereof, to apply to tie Mining tteoorder for a
Certificate ef Improvements for toe purpose
of obtaining a Crown U rant of thoauovoelaiinn
And further into notice that action, mule
lection :i7, must be eoliimoncod before the isse-
mice of ouch Certificates cf Improvements,
Dated this 10th day of November, A. I) loot
:.  Ibotel .:
TTHIS Well Known
w Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Glass.
| Silverton * B.C.
Notice is hereby given thnt 30 day*
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, li. C, for a
special licence to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
lands:���Commencing at a. post marked
"A. Jacobson's North-east corner,"
said post is planted on the west
title of Slocan Lake about 3 miles from
the lake, and about 12 chains North
west of McKay cieek, thence smith 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence rait 80chaiiiB,
to place of commencement.
Located Oct. 22nd 1006.
fly T. J. LLOYD.
Acting as agent to A. Jacobson.
Nov 1 06
Review Job Printing
With Through Tourist Car to Chicago.
To Toronto, Montreal and Point* West
Round  <PQ") or
Trip      ^OsC*0>J
Tickets on sale Nov. 24lh to Dec. 31.
Round trip First-Class Tickets:
St. Hyacinth*) (Quebec)  (83.65
DalhouE.fi (N P..)     93(15
Halifax (N.S )  100.80
Sydney   10125
Good for three months with privilege
of extending ticket. Goin< by Cliicaeo.
stop-over allowed eaBt of Detroit and
Port Huron.
G. E. MoCREADY, Agent, Snndon, B.C.
S O. Yerkec, P. H. Bnrnham
Seattle, Wash.    Grand Porks, li.C.
��� ���������I **> **)"-H"> **> + �� ������-���-H-r-f ���++������*>-��� +4-+++*~��+++4-++++4-+++++ ������++���������>���
Zhc Sanson Ibotel I
IRobt. Cunntno proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Choicest liquors, TKRtnes ano Clears.
+������������������������������������������������������� �������-r*H��T���� + 0 + +���� ++++++++++*���
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always on hand.     ::    An excellent Pool Table.
���> ���K**h|"{".'.i" ������".".' ***���>'. ���<".**.**'*H'**l*   ^^���������I',>*,><',.*vv't'*t,i',r,r,H'**j***;"}'.**
M". ������H**.******   iVf* *������. ���.���������H'*vv'i"'*,i
��� .-.*.
i For the Iicst, Cheapest and Freshest
For the Celebrated
Royal Household
The best iu the market
For the Celebrated
Quaker Canoed
Leclde's Mfliner's
��    J
You stilfl have time to order your
Suit or Overcoat for Xmas
CometoMACDONALD'S and get the Best Satisfaction
aud Value.
anoon ����� ����� 1
t   "
-i..;.^..;..}..*..:. ;..;-���;.���: .:.':.'j"t-:":- :������;.>:"}���;-:.-;.+ Uh ��fct}��'t"t''t*>t''t*-t1 't*'jc��� >*���*<*>t*'t*'t*���J**t'4''t*rt*'t1 -t**!;
There is no better house ill tbe Kootennys for
the Mining Man to nmko his Headquarters,
Visitors will lind an up-to-date style of doing
business, and the iinrkceps are artists in their
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery.
FamiMes Supplied
Fresh Groceries
In Adjoining Premises,
N0..81.      W. F. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30
p. m. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A. Shilland, Secretary,
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 85^,    ,
Meets in Frntenity Hall the last Monday evening of every jnonth.
J. R. CAMBROiN, W. President.
J. G. PorrnH, \yV,Secretary.
Send in your subt
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Filbert
5andon, B. C.
Weabquavters for HDining ano travelling flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
tRooms llaroe. Clean ano Coey.
Bennett & 'Bruder.
��� +++***+4>++++<>*++*>+*4>4>+4>4>4>*4)*4>4��4>4)4>4>4>4}4i
J. R. Cameron j
The Kootenay Tailor *
; ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������>������{
Put up ill Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York B:
Sanbon flMners' XDinton 5Ho8p(tal.
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subscription $1.00 per month, Non-subscribcra $2.00 per diem.
 Hospilnl SlnfT	
W. K. WABKOW. - -    WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
Provincial Assayer
'New Denver, % C
St. James' Hotel
New Denver. B.0,
.'isitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, Will lind this hotel
to lie thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Hal*.
Excellent boating. Grand nccnery.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
special attention given tp Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter what bis occupation, may save
money by getting li is
Shoes Made to Order.
For a Mining Slioe
Ihc-re is nothing heller
than the famous ISA I,
with it good, solid,
hand made hoi torn	
These shoes enn only bo got by
leaving vour older with
Shoemaker - Sandon
TOlinter Excursions!
Montreal, Toronto
and all points west thereof in
Ontario and Quebec
QU R H EC, ST. .1011 N.I IA LI F A X
on Application.
Ticket* on i-T.le daily November 24
to December 31
Old Country Kates
$93.35 lleinni
Return Ocean Fares:
Saloon Second        Steerii"e
|96.00 *7fl.OO ?54.00
and ii(i according to steamer.
For detailed Information; sailing*,
oi'-nii Hteamers, First-CiasB or
Tourist Sleeper reservations,
apply to local agents or write to
10. .1. OOVI.K, J S, C.UCTER,
Vancouver Nelson.
. A. M. Lowe
Visits Sandon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and Gerrard regularly.
Head Office: KASLO, B.C.
)��. TO. TOtbbowson
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, each, $1.00
Gold-Silver..$1.50     Silver-L'ivl. .$1 50
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. 3.50.
Prompt-attention  given to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon live sauiplcs.
P,0. Drawer, 1108 Phono A65*
IIS the Headquarters for All
Mining Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout iu a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming fummer
Excellent  Boating, Fishing
and Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.


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