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Slocan Mining Review 1907-07-04

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Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . I
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
������ Review,"   it's  so.
No. 45    Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, July   4,
Single Copies 10c.
Celebration Was a
his  slock o'f.y^Knard's liniment   same
Tlie youngsters   were  then given   a J through the rock, the under nose of thc
At the conclusion it was found  that*
tbo three first teams  had driven sheer ;
y ****** *** -IP***************
Xocal anb General.
How Silverton Celebrated the Glorious First.   Wakefield
Team Secured Big Prize.   Sandon Retains Football
Championship.   Big Crowds Witness Sport.
Dominion Day '07 will long be remembered by all who participated in
Silverton's celebration.' Time was
when a similar demonstration would
have drawn together several thousands
of Slocan's best, but e'en though the
halcyon days of long ago carried away
the crowds of pionears and tha accompanying train of human flotsam and
jetsam which ever drifts with tbe flood,
there yet remains the substantial
element which comprise the backbone
of a country just emerging proudly from
a baptism of depression. And uf such
composed tbe crowds which converged
toward bonnie Silverton on Monday
Success, writ large, is tbe verdict of
all who shared in the glorious day. All
reap in a ill o vied with each other in au
endeavor to loyally entertain tho
visitors, the latter also showing their
appreciation in a frank manner. Then
the weather, too, wss in a propitious
mood. For the previous ten days the
heavens had poured down a sheet of
water which appeared to have become a
a permanency, but though the weather
prophets held no hopes of a change and
the wisearres prognosticated wet, Old
Sol pushed his _no,ie through tbe
ominous black clouds, and ere an hour
bad passed he had assumed tho mastery.
Secretary Wilson was tbe first in
tlie arena, so from the first blush of the
smiling morn there was, iu the slang of
the day, " sometbin' -Join'."' A tremendous amount of Hamilton powder
was utilized for the peep o' day feu de
joi, and the sleepy ones were forcibly
informed that the day's fun had begun
and tbat Silverton was " there with the
goods at the first crack out of tbe box."
������ Many visitors bad arrived early tlie
previoiisday, the ciowd being augmented
the same night by the boys from tbo big
mines. All ths mines closed for the
occasion, so that by tlie time the whistle
of the boat was heard the streets *���* ere
thronged with a many crowd.
When the steamer Slocan rounded
the bend a roar of welcome went up
from the shore. George Long touched
the fuse and several cases of blasting
powder belched forth a salute. On Ihe
btat was a large crowd fiom Sandon,
Three Forks, New Denver and Rosebery,
and as soon aa those wore safely landed
the program was begun. It was also a
great crowd which arrived from Slocin
and Enterprise, and these wcia also
accorded a rousing welcome.
The first event was the single-handed
drilling contest, for which there were
three entries, A. McGillivray, Slocan
City, Malcolm Mackenzie and Frank
Johnson, both of Silveiton. These
three young miners were heavily backed
by their partisans, and tho excitement
throughout the contest was tense.
McGillivray appeared the general
favorite, and cheered on by his supporters bo struck a 75 gait which looked
like the money winner. " I'll lay 20 to
10 on tho Swede," roared Krn. Itowo;
"Take yer," came back th? deli of
little Stoll. McGillivray at eight minutes perceptibly tired, and the last minute found bim weak at the wrist. When
time was called be had drilled 10 inchei.
Then Johnson peeled. "Twenty to ten
that tbe Swede bests that by two inches," Bhoute��l a Cou-in Jack, and the
long greens flew around like hailitones.
Johnson started out at a 70 bat, there
being ginger and judgment in every
blow. He never let up on this stroke,
aud despite the discouraging remarks
of one of his adversarsies over-enthusiastic supporters be wag pounding the.
steel stronger than ever the last half
minute to go. " Pretty work," "Well
done Sweden," "Now she's cutting,"
"Posh it right through," " Zck, Zek.
Z'.'k," came frulil the crowd; "Ah,
g'wan; you're no good, you're no 'good.
I could mako a better hole than tbat
with nie finger." Then the Swede
showed his great staying qualities, for
when time was Called he was striking
a powerful blow at a -00 a minute gait.
The result was a 11',; inch hole, which
considering the hard nature of tlie
granite, is thought to rank with anything ever done in open competition.
Malcolm Mackenzie's effort was rather
disappointing to bis crowd ot friends, be
only accomp'iahing 8'.,' inches.
The time allowed was 10 minutes, the
steel used being Jd.
While the abovo event was in progress the launch rare for the Hunter
Cup was run off. In this there wen-
eleven boats lo start, tho competitors
being in sight ol the spectators the full
course.   A big surprise for all wai made
good time.   Every boy and girl secured
a prize.
The launch  race for the Ginlzberger
cup was an  interesting  feature ot  the  could not be found.     Tiie judges, how-
day, Eddie Angrignon's Leader winning j over, afler turning the rock and exam-
boulder breaking at about three inches   f   P'oked ��P by Eutiiug in Everywhere,
from the edge.     This  gave   cause for' **************************
much argument, as the piece broken off
from scratch,
ining tho boles rightly decided to award
the   prizes   to   the   longest  appearing
The football match Bandon vs. Lake-  ones.    All   tins performances  were ex-
siders was rather disappointing to the
latter. After their bravo show . gainBt
tho champions of the Selkirk* nt New*
Denver on Victoria Day, tliey fondly
cherished the hopes ot victory on this
occasion, but the result of four to nil in
Sainton's favor is an over-ripe lemon
they did not expect. Our reporter
started in to write up lhe game, but
before many minutes had passed it
resolved itself into a chewing match.
At limes when the verbal warfare hud
Inl'od there wis a semblance of football
in which the Lakuaiders bid the hi st of
the exchanges, but thc refer.o was too
freely criticise 1 to permit ot a harmuu*
ious ending. Just prior lo half limo.
Cornwall made a long shot at thc Sandon goal which the goalie mulled. The
Lakesiders claimed a goal. Tliey
thought the ball had gone through,���So
did our reporter, but the referee thought
nay, and tbe chewing match was renewed vigorously. Half-time arrived
witli nothing to write of.
Shortly after the resumption it looked
tramely meritorious ones, and it was
not lo be wondered that challenges filled
the air. Tiie teams will be given an
opportunity to light the battlo over
again at Sandon on Labor Day, when
a big money piize open to '.lie Slocan
will be put up.
Tlie steel used in the drilling contests
was a credit to its manufacturers, the
Canton Steel Co., of Pittsburg, Penn.,
not a break occuning throughout the
when Harry Lowe's "Cas'away" beat m ���'everything would go smooth, but
the flotilla from a back mark. Tbe it was not lo bo. Soanlan scored a
lucky owner bad to bear much goad beauty for Sandon, and a few minutes
natursd  chad' on his possible victory, | ,ftt��� Qunt got .wav anJ mnde a  pa���
but at the finish ho bad the grin���and
the cup. The Maple Leaf (A. Mclnnes'
wus second aud the Nelson (Fisher)
t .ird.
The double scull rice was called off
for lack of entries.
Tho running high jump secured seven
entries, C. Huscroft, W. Hicks, P.
Illumtnaue, J. 10. Cornwall, I?. McMillan, V. Lindsay and A. H. Sanderson. Rod McMillan, cf Slocan eo-
cursd first prize with a jump of 5 feet,
Cornwall coming second with 4 ft. 11 iu.
The broad jump was also won by It.
McMillan, who cleaied 18 ft, 2 in. Cornwall being the ttinner up with 10 ft 4 in.
The pole-vaulting entrica filled well,
a tine cltar ef 8 feet securing for W.
Hicks the first money. Earl Scott was
second with a 7 foot jump.
A. II. Sanderson had  an easy win in
to Fingland who again banged the
leather through, to the accompaniment
of "off-sido " music. Tbo referee allowed the goal, and from that on there
" was nothing to it' " Three of the
Lakoaidors left the field,���rather an unsportsmanlike proeeoding, as the Sandon
boys wore not to blauio for any discrepancies of the raf.
Sandon quickly put on two more goals
and ran out winners 4 to 0. We cannot
allow the oecusion to pats  without   ex-
On Wednesday, July 10, a garden
party will he held in the Vicarage grounds
New Denver. The grounds will be
illuminated by Colin J. Campbell for
the occasion, and the Sinipkins' orchestra have kin liy offered their services.
The party is being bold with tbe hopes
of raising sufficient fund, to embellish
the exterior of tlie Anglican Church.
The woik is being undertaken by the
Ladies Aid and Missioner Baynes.
Lost.���A collio dog, answers lo  mime
of   " Kike," or "Michael, Be Jabers."
Finder please put him on Sandon   trail
and receive  the  thanks of the Jav-Jay
I family.
George and Miss Kitty Hope left for
! Ottawa on a two months visit to relatives
Big catches o: trout are reported from
Bear  Lake.     Ihrte   youngsters  from
���f I town caught sixly beauties one day last
weak.     Mitchell's summer resort is becoming very popular.
Ern Towgood has missed his vacation.
He would have made a fortune ere this
as a knight of the pigskin. The way he
landed Dolly Grey a winner without the
aid of spur or whip was a treat to lovers
j of horses and a good race.
Did you   hear about that rancher in
! the Okanagan who lost his grip
I pi nigh lun lies, aud  bro
Slocan's .Railway Grievance
Sandon is now resting on its oars and
awaiting developments. It has been
decided by the business men and mine
managers to appeal to tbe Railway
Commission if they fail to get any satisfaction from Iho C.P.E., and in this
of the  they have the sympathy and support of
lis ne,k in j ",e diatiid*.    But at  the present mom-
falllag. ent the CP.lt. ii showing a disposition
M.icdonald ia the sole agmt for I.eckie  to delve more deeply into tin griovance,
b iota in SinJon. I nnd until Mr. Whytc has visited the
The Launch rare'(.-cratch) lady slecr* on Tlll*r**day.
ing, was won by Un Lancet with Dr. The Sunset shipp'd a car of ore this
Brouse at the engine and  Sire. Brlndle w*-e*-.
at the holm. El. and Mrs. Angrignon D.C.Coleman is paying a visit to
in tbe Leader were the first to reach New Denver and Silverton to-day, in-
home, but the boat was penalized on a vestigating the railway grievance.
2 per cent,  basis, and Ed.  in reaching
home ten seconds before his ti mo evid
ently forgot that.
The   log-sawing  contest was keenly I
Jimmy  McKenzie   left for the coast
Colin.  J. Campbell has reopened   his
assay office  at New  Denver.     This  is
enjoyed, the winter, turning up  in W. j __������,.-.,��� |lgn of t,,e wiv,, of milling -���
Cropp and J. Jost, who ripped  through ,*._ sloc���n_    M���  c,lmpbt,,..s Bbility  ������
18 inches in 37 seconds.    Rod McMillan , 00 ���._-, known t_ need _���., recolimu,n.
and W. Hicks s-cured   Becond money j ,*       from rs
witli -10 sees.
For this event there were four entries,
Harry Lowe's Dolly Gray, Roy Black's
Prince, Angus Cameron's Itay, aud Ern.
Towgood's Pinlo.    The race was run in
heals, the best two in three to take tbe
pot.   Distance three furlongs.
Betting:   Evens  Dolly Grey, H to 1
Ray, 4 to 1 Prince, 10 to 1 Pinto.
1. Dolly Grey ...Ern. Towgood
2. Rav Allen ,
8. Prince Sloan
In the evening a grand ball was  held
which was very well attended.   Sinipkins
pressing ourselves freely on the matter,  orchestra supplied the music in their
We admit the referee was rattled, but
the rag-chewing which stftlted from the
first blow of the whistle would rattle
Jack Lewis. Both teams were so much
in earnest that the fall of lha Roman
empire was in proportion, a white chip.
Tlie teams mixed after the match and
shook hands all round���which was good.
That   practically  cinched   the matter,
the shot putting contest, his b��st put'. but we hope to *ee the same te.ims line
being-ll! feet 8 in. W. Ilieks waa second up again in a few weeks when a referee
with <15 ft. 2 in.,  and It. Turner third ' should bo carefully chosen.   No referee
own  pleasing  manner and  W.   Hicks
mado au efficient M.C.
Thus closed  one of the most  enjoyable days in Slocan history.
with 34 ft. 5 in.
The 100 yards dash was won  bv J. E.
was ever porfect.    He is always a son of
a gun anyway,  but we  believe that  if
Cornwall in easy fashion, Chas. Garrett thB u��ys *��������� roun'* determined-on play-
being second. ing on the "silent system," they would
For the veteran's dash seven toed the e"i^ -*-����-*��lv��Nl bolter and it would
mark. Angus Mclnnes beat Aua0. bo best for the game and best for tbo
Thompson for first plaoe by a foot, Ed, ai"',lttl""-*
Shannon and J. J. Atherton were disqualified lor beating the pistol, boring,
roping, and other questionable taclics.
The miner's race furnished an exciting
finish between W. Hicks and C. Garrett,
the former getting there by inches. Ed.
Towgood was a good third.
An ovunt which created much interest was tbo Baby Show. The judges
were Missioner Baynes and Qeoige
Lovatt, whoeo choice fell upon Violet
Towgood. Tbe judges wero severely
criticism', as was to be expected, but
our only wonder is that a lynching has
not to be recorded.
Mrs. J. II. Pinchbeck's baby wos
highly commended.
Wo suggest for another year that all
the habits receive prizes. This race
suicide has got to he stamped out.
Then came the Ladies
Colin J* Campbell
Notary Public
P.O. BOX 10
Tho teams lined up as follows:
Sandon.���A. Stonier, goal; If. Kelso
and It. Turner, backs; C. Plant, A.
Forrest and J. J. Fingland, half backs;
S. J. Towgood, Ed. Towgood, A. H.
Sanderson, Dave Scanlan and (.'has.
Garret, forwards.
Lakesidors.��� J. Cloyely, goal; B. Mil*
loy and J. Byrnes, backs; P. Walker,
J. E. Cornwall and Earl Scott, half
baukB; J. Cotillbard, H. Daw.on, P.
Barbour, W. Bertram and R. I'lumen-
aue, forward*.
W. Laws in, referee.
W. Ilickeand J. II. Pinchbeck, lines-,'
men. :
Then came tke big event of the day��� '
the miner's double-handed rock-drilling j
contist. The prizes in this event woie]
$100 for'the winning team and $28 for
Wages $3-75 to $4 a Day.
Nail  Driving  **,e genond.   Tho ring  was surrounded
contest, for which there were olaht fair     *.t -.    ���      n ,*
, *.*,_._   ���,*__ _iHii. i-_r  ^jj-jj eaj.er spectators dUrltfg ths  entire
rivals.   Dr. Brouse was 0:1  hand wilh a *.* . , . ,, ...
"'     iv COi���|)__|ti_ii, which must be written as
liberal supply of arnica and court plas- \thmbut ,-rer witnessed In the Slocau.
tor, but the entrant, proved themselves The lime al)owed each teftm WftB (*,,���.���
as adept as driving nails as they are reputed at bargains. Each contestant
waa given a hammer ami sixij-iu. nails,
and at the word go nil began lo pound
ihe nails into a batten. There was
more fun in it than a caiload of christenings. One lady hit the wrong nail
at the first clutter nnd retired as gracefully aa it was possible with a thumb in
her mouth.
Another most carefully
miuutcs, 7-blh s'.eel being used. The
rock worked on was a bard, fine crystallized granite. Tbo judges were
O, V. White, Slocan Star, George
Aylard, Standard, and George Slillwell,
Hewitt. Alex. McMillan ot the Queen
Bess was timekeeper. Canton steel whs
used, Geo. Long sharpening for all with
the exception of the Slocan City team.
Tlie contest concluded as undur :
He's out for  business
nnd we know be will get his share of it.
Rev. Fr, Cocollo will conduct services
In tho Catholic church on Sunday,
morning nnd evening.
A banquet was held at Silverton on
Saturday night in honor of J. R. Downey, M.P.P. for Guelph, Ont., who is
visiting his old school mate?, Dan and
Will Brandon. There were about 15
���.nests at a table set in the Selkirk Hotel, a very pleasant time resulting.
Wm. Huntor, M.L.A., occupied the
The many friends of Miss Wetleihuus,
Miss Citvnn, and the Simpklns family
are uniting to give a farewell dance in
their honor on Friday evening next in
the Bosun Hall, New Denver. All will
leave"for fresh fields about lhe loth, and
it is thought that tlieir individual and
collective popularity will draw a large
crowd of friends together. Special
efforts will he made to make the function a swell one. Dinco programs will
he printed, a dainty supper will be
served, and Sinipkins' orchestra will
furnish the music. The tickets will be
That's the blend,���Irith and Scotch.
We congratulate Pat Harding and M.
McKenzie on their great victory nt Silverton.
II. G. Giegerich,'of Kasl", was in
town several days Ibis week looking up
business. Another of Kai-lo's rustlers
who ia keeping tab on this end is J. W.
Power.    Ho was in Thursday.
Three cars of zinc ore are being sent
this week from the Ruth mill to the
"ampler at Kaslo.
J. A, Whittier is about lo resume operations on the Grey Copper.
The Reco lias been opened up again.
Thirty men are needed.
Ten men arc at work on tho California,    More arc wanted.
Dr.Goinm i.��a'luugore at the Ya-Yit,
A severe windstorm swept the district
district and  Mili-fi..*d himself as to tho
The Eureka is reported lo b3 looking
fine.    A big crew are working.
on Wednesday. It blew a few good *"na*Met of our'trouble**, the matter
miners in from tho outside. Blow, wi" rema,n '" ��*��y*P0��*. although no
Boreas  blow I letup  will be  made in  preparing the
case for the higher tribunal.   In answer
to lhe urgent message forwarded to Mr.
Whyte, word  ban   been received from
Miners, come to tho Slocan.    Why go i tlmt gCntleman that ho was about to
to Nevada and be  baked to a slat when   make a t,.|p t|,rol,gIl the Slocan to por-
you can live in this superb  climate for  Bonally  investigate   the   grievances   of
a dollar a day and save three ? mall, train  and  steamer.     D. C. Cole
man, distiict superintendent   made   a
All tbe Sandon folks who took in tlie  t0lll. ,vitu the same o' jeet ill view yos-
Nalcusp celebration  report a  fine pro-   terdny.
gram  and   an  enjoyable limo.     Heir
Binder  wont down  to give the girls a < tWflftllSP   1ROtC0.
treat. '
On July 1st, Nakusp had a great days
spoit.   Rovels.oke football  team came
Big barg>iii3 are reported at the old
curiosity shop.
We did not notice any railway Conductor's names in tho King's list of
birthday honors. There waa oue printer,
but we were overlooked again.
Denver and Silverton strawberries
are out. Ths ohange from cool to warm
i* being attributed to the fact that the
Premier of Canada ba? set his fuee
homeward. It takos Sir Wilfrid to
make tbo crops come along.
There is no truth In the report that
Hon, Richard MeBride wore out the
knets of liia pants at the foot of the
We're late Ibis week. Our only
apology is a good one. The staff were
at Silveiton Monday���and Tuesday���
and Wednesday. They arc borne again,
but wbero, oh where ia Alike ?
BoiiN.���At New Denver, 0:1 Thursday,
the 4th inst, to the wife of Oliver McKay,���a s in.
Bob**.,���At  Silveiton, on Thursday  the
27th ult., to the wife of Duncan Giant
���a ton. '
A very enjoyable farewell dareo was
given in the Opera House on Wfldnes
day in honor of Miss Kitty Hope. The
.music waa supplied by Geo. Hope and
N. llurihtirt. Miss Wilbelmina Tattrie
was Introduced into society at the sam
Miners wanted! Married, men with
families wauling s'eady jobs at big
wag**s should look into this. We have
Al public schools, good residences at
very niodersisa rentals,���and no mosquito*.
Fourth of July passed off unnoticed
here. Everybody saving up for Labor
W. Reade, late of lhe Bank of Montreal, New Denver, has been promoted
to the Nelson branch; We are nil sorry
to see'���tV. idle " depart, hut congratulate
hlm", nevertheless, upon his step toward
fame nud fortune.
J. If. Werely hopes to make a quarlrr
of a million out of his  ranch this   year
Mrs. Law and Miss Walker, of Slocan , Largo eoi slgnnii nts of fruit are leaving
City are   visiting  Mrs.   McAllister,   at. evcrv duy (when lhe t rain runs)
Cody. I 	
who's next? ti,, ci,an,,io*��� of tu. SaD-don Ms of CeleMiii]
Selkirks are  prepared lo  defend   their
searched the board for any cra.cks to get  1- M.    Mackenzie    and   P.   Harding,
���_._���.,���   , i *,   ���   ,, ���   i ,   , . ,.    , I Wakefield mine 88 1-1(1 in.
u start on, while a  third held the ham-1 ���    .    ���,  ,   xr    ���,���_.,,
13. A.  McGillivray  and   N.   McMillan,
mer with both hands nnd pounded with Slocan City 3G 7-8 in.
Mrs. Liobsolier was the  8, 1". McDonell and 0, Isenor, Buffalo
mine 80 1-8 in.
scant success
ultimate winner  with  two  nails ahead
��� -t, Johnson   and  Eiickson,   Vancouver
ot Mrs, Swan.   Charlie Nelson sold out j       mine 82 11-10 In,
The -Most Beautifully situated
Sanitarium in British Columbia.
Da inedioal waters are renowned
for curative qualities. "That
Tired Feeling " complotoly cured.
A certain remedy for Rheum tism
in its varied forms. A sure cure
for Metallic and other poisonings.
Two mails a day and telegraphlo
facilities. Rates���$12 to $18 per
week. For further particulars
apply lo
<s ���������o
titlo against any football  team  west of
the rocky range.
During lhe  rext   few days  an effort
will  li;i mado  bv the  business  men   of
Dan Hurley is visiting towns in   the, Sandon to  forniu'ale u program for a
Crow's Nest Pits*. L.,b r Dav celebration,   'ihat is lhe right
Mies Joan And.ew, a sister uf Mrs. kind of lalk. We'promise* to do every
J.J. Fingland arrived hem Glascow, *llIn8 on��at l*m*t topttsh lhe scheme
Soot.', on Wednesday night. She reports |al��"-' ns 'vo lwli*'vn ������*���������'������ B��od will
a rough passage on the "Numldlan," ac,;,u0 fron* BU311'-' colohratlnn. The.
it taking 18dvysti cross the Atlantic. |*�� <- wrong impression'abroad ihat San
We beard many flattering remarks
re the Silverton programs which wero
produced at the R.-view   ollice.    It  was
don is deader lhan a door-nail, so il
would offset any sueh fe'llng, Sandon
has always done lhe right thing when
her iitr-ter towns have oelobrate I and we
have bosH led to believe they are anxious
to ricipro'tile. Anyhow, push Ihe good
thing "long. It has already been decided to givo lbs miners a rock-drilling
tend Iho grand hall at Silveiton held J contest, hut whi'e wear, at it we might
an Al Fresco concert at tho Victoria as well do the thing lj* style. One sure
Hotel. Songs word rendered hy Harry J thing is that Sandon can do i*. A meet
Dawson, Paddy Barbour, P. U. Mitohcljing with this object in view will be held
Krn. Roive, W. S. Barrie', J. Coulthard in the City Hall on Monday night at 8
J. Giant, W, Simpson, and P.  Walker,   sharp.
generally conceded they were the slickest souvenir programs ever seen iu the
A largo crowd who wero unable to at-
down and banded out a sc ire of six to
nil to our boys. The first half was good
playing, Revelstoke only scoring one
goal, but in the second tho suporior
condition of the visitors told and tbuy
mado five more goals. In tho bssebnll.
match Burlon made a runaway game,
easily defeating our team. Nakusp nas
weak in the pitching line. Tho chil-
drens events an 1 the Caledonian sporls
provided good fun. In the horse race
Mr. Sam Harlow's littl.) horse captured
first, with thc Fire Valley horse second
and iVm. Sutherlanda grey flyer third.
It proved to be a close exciting race.
In tbe first beat it was neck and neck
and in the second the Harlow horee
won easily. Considerable money
changed hands en the event. The lain
in thc evening spoiled the dance in the
.���pen i.ir pavilion, but rn enjoyable
dnice was h. Id in Abriei's I.a'l. Ex-
c.-llent music was provided by Mr.
Ritshton. Visitors were piesent from
Revelstoke, Slocan, Burton, Edgewood,
Flra Valley, Rosebery, Sandon and Halcyon.
Mrs. St. Denis and children of Slocan
aro visiting Mr.. R. Abbie.
Mrs, U. S. Thomas, of Revelstoke, is
visiting Mrs. Norman Thomas.
Master Morvyn Edwards, who is attending college at Victoria is home for
lhe holidays.
Miss Moore, our school teacher, left
for her homo in Victoria.
Mr. Rusdl Nichol, who has been
C.P.R. linesman lure for about six
years, has re.-igni d his position and
leaves shortly for the Noitbwest. Ilia
place will be filled by Mr. Julius Dou-
Mr. Thomas A'oricl and Messrs. Ham-
ling and Wenslcy are bi n n; into town
the finest strawberries to be seen in
Britisli Cjlumbla,
Few ptopb have nny idea of Ihe remarkable increase in Ihe amount of'
money given away each year in prizes'
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puses, whfle thin year tho prize list,
exclusive of nice money, amoun's to
n little more ilinn. 15.000. There is no
reason why the ranchers in lhe Inland
emp'ro should not claim the greater
pad of this sum nf money, and tb��y can
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w st raises better frill', grain or live
it *ck.
The incense in lie fruit and grain
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lull i formation In regard te the
1'i'lz s offero.1 hy llu Spokane Interstate
Fair, and al o thu r.ie* program for
1907, is contained in a 112-page book,
which has just been published, Thia
wi 1 be mailed entire**.' f.oe of charge on
request to R. II. Cosgrove, Secretary,
810 Lind lie Block, Spokane, Wash. THE SLOClN MINING REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.   C.
<|HY, good evening. Is tbat
you?" struggled somewhat
hysterically through Beverly's lips. Not since the dear
old days of tbe stolen jam and sugar
bits had she known the feelings of a
culprit caught red handed. Tbe light
from the park lamps revealed a merry,
accusing smile on the face of Yetive,
but the faces of tbe men were serious.
Marlanx was the picture of suppressed
"It is the relief expedition, your highness," said Yetive warmly. "We
thought you were lost ln the wilds of
the Jungle."
"She Is much better protected than
we could have Imagined," said the Iron
Count, malevolently mild and polite.
"Can't I venture into the park wlth-
���ut being sent for?" asked Beverly,
ready to fly Into the proper rage. The
pink had left her cheeks white. "I am
proud to observe, however, that the
relief expedition ls composed of the
most distinguished people in all Grau-
etark. Is there any significance to be
attached to the circumstance?"
"Can't we also go strolling ln the
park, my dear?" plaintively asked Yetive.
"It depends upon where we stroll, I
fancy," suggested Marlanx derisively.
Beverly flashed a fierce look at the
head of the army. "By the way, Baron
Dangloss, where Is -the Incomparable
Baldos shot a startled glance at tbe
two men and ln an Instant comprehension came to him. He knew the secret
ot Haddan'a constant companionship.
An expression of bitter scorn settled
upon his mouth. Dangloss mumbled a
reply, at which the Iron Count laughed
"I am returning to the castle," said
Beverly coldly. "Pray don't let me
Interfere with your stroll. Or is It
possible that you think it necessary to
deliver me safely to my nurse now that
you have found me?"
"Don't be angry, dear," whispered
Tetlve, coming close to her side. "I
will tell you all about It later on. It
was all due to Count Marlanx."
"It was all done to humiliate me,"
replied Beverly, indignation surpassing
confusion at last.   "I hate all of you."
"Oh, Beverly!" whispered the princess In distress.
"Well, perhaps you were led Into
It," retracted Beverly, half mollified.
"Look at that old villain whispering
over there. No wonder his wives up
and died. They Just had to do It. I
hate all but you and Count Halfont
and Baron Dangloss," which left but
one condemned.
"And Baldos?" added Yetive, patting
her hand.
"I wish you'd be sensible," cried Beverly most ungraciously, and Yetive's
soft laugh Irritated her. "How long
had you been listening to us?"
"Not so much as the tiniest part of
a minute," said Yetive, recalling another disastrous eavesdropping. "I am
much wiser than wheu Baldos first
came to serve you. We were quite a
distance behind Count Marlanx, I assure you."
"Then he heard something?" asked
Beverly anxiously.
"He has been ln a detestable mood
ever since we rejoined him. Could h<��
bave heard anything disagreeable?"
"No; on the contrary, It was quite
All this time Baldos was standing at
attention a few paces off, a model soldier despite the angry shifting of his
black eyes. He saw that tbey bad been
caught in a most unfortunate position.
No amount of explaining could remove
the impression that had been forced
upon the witnesses, voluntary or involuntary, as the case might be. Baldos could do nothing to help her, while
she was compelled to face the suspicions of her best friends. At best it
could be considered nothing short of a
clandestine meeting, tbe consequences
of which she must suffer, not he. In
his heated brain he was beginning to
picture scandal with all the disgusting
details that grow out of evil misrepresentation.
Count Halfont separated himself
from tbe group of three and advanced
to tho sedan chair. Marlanx and Dangloss were arguing earnestly ln low
"Shall we return, your highness?"
asked Halfont, addressing both with
one of his rarest smiles. "If I remember aright, we were to dine en famllle
tonight, and It Is well upon the hour.
Besides, Count Marlanx is a little distressed by your absentmindedness,
Miss Beverly, and I fancy he is eager
to have It out with you."
"My absentmindedness? What is ft
that I have forgotten?" asked Beverly,
puckering her brow.
"That's the trouble, dear," said Yetive. "You forgot your promise to teach
him how to play that awful game called poker. He has waited for you at the
castle since 6 o'clock. It ls now 8. Is
It any wonder that he led the searching
party? He has been on nettles for an
hour and a half."
"Goodness, I'll wager he's ln a temper 1" exclaimed Beverly, with no remorse, but some apprehension.
"It would be wisdom to apologize to
hlm," suggested Yetive, and her uncle
nodded earnestly.
"All right. I think I can get him Into
good humor without half trying. Oh,
Count Marlanx! Come here, please.
You aren't angry with me, are you?
Wasn't It awful for mo to run away
and leave you to play solitaire Instead
���f poker? But, don't you kuow, I was
so wretchedly tired after tbe ride, and
I knew you wouldn't mind If I"��� and
so sbe ran glibly on, completely forestalling him, to the secret amusement
of the others. Nevertheless, she was
nervous and embarrassed over the situation.    Jbere  was  every. ..rea.son, .to
rear tbat'the Iron Count bad hcfiftrand
seen enough to form a pretty good opinion of what hnd passed between herself nnd Baldos lu this remote corner
of the park. A deep sense of shame
was takiug possession of her.
Marlanx, smiling significantly, looked
Into her brave little face and permitted iier to talk on until she had run out
of breath aud composure. Then he
bowed with exaggerated gallantry and
informed her that he was hers to com-
iumuI and that It was not for him to
forgiv:, but to accept whatever was
be." gracious pleasure. He called upon
tbe chair bearers, and they took up
.- their burden. Beverly promptly changed
I her mind and concluded to walk to the
castle. And so they started off, tbe
chair going ahead as If out of commission forever. Despite ber efforts
to do so the American girl���feeling
very much abused, by the way���was
unsuccessful In the attempt to keep
the princess at her side. Yetive deliberately walked ahead with Halfont
and Dangloss. It seemed to Beverly
that they walked unnecessarily fast
and that Marlanx was provoklngly
slow. Baldos was twenty paces behind, as was his custom.
"Is it necessary for me to ask you to
double the number of lessons I am to
have?" Marlanx asked. He was quite
too close to her side to please Beverly.
"Can't you learn In one lesson? Most
Americans think they know all about
poker after the first game."
"I am not so quick witted, your highness."
"Far be It from me to accelerate
your wits, Count Marlanx. It might
not be profitable."
"You might profit by losing, you
know," he ventured, leaning still closer. "Poker ts not tlie only game of
chance. It was cbauce that gave me a
winning hand thla evening."
"I don't understand."
"It shall be my pleasure to teach
you in return for Instructions I am to
have. I have tried to teach your excellent guard one phuse of the game.
He has not profited, I fear. He has
been blind enough to pick a losing
hand lu spite of my advice. It is the
game of heorts." Beverly could not
but understand. Sbe shrank away
with a shudder. Her wits did not desert ber, however.
"I know the game," she said steadily.
"One's object ls to cast off all the
hearts. I have been very lucky at the
game, Count Marlanx."
"Uump!" was his Ironical comment.
"Ab, Isn't this a night for lovers?" he
went ou. changing tack suddenly. "To
stroll in the shadows, where even tbe
moon is blind, Is u joy tbat love alone
provides. Come, fair mistress, share
this Joy with me."
With that his band dosed over her
soft iirm above the elbow, and sbe
was drawn close to bis side. Beverly's
first shock of revulsion was succeeded
by the distressing certainty that Bnldos was a helpless witness of this Indignity. She tried to Jerk her arm
away, but be held it tight.
"Release my arm, sir!" she cried,
hoarse with passion.
"Call your champion, my lady. It
will mean his death. I have evidence
that will insure his conviction and execution within an hour. Nothing could
save bim.   Cnll him, I say, and"���
"I will call bim. He is my sworn
protector, and I will command him to
knock you down If you dou't go away,"
she flared, stopping decisively.
"At bis peril"���
"Bnldos!" she called, without a second's hesitation. The guard came up
with a rush Just as Marlanx released
her arm and fell away with a muttered Imprecation.
"Your highness!" cried Baldos, who
had witnessed everything.
"Are you afraid to die?" she demand*
ed briefly and clearly.
"That Is all," she said, suddenly calm.
"I merely wanted to prove it to Count
Marlanx." Tact hnd come to her relief most opportunely. Like a flash she
saw that a conflict between the commander of the army and a guard could
have but one result, and that disastrous to the latter. One word from
her would have ended everything foi
"Stop;" almost shrieked Beverly.
Baldos. She saw through the Iron
Count's ruse as If by divine Inspiration
and profiled where he least expected
her to excel In shrewdness, Marlanx
bad deliberately Invited the assault by
tho guard. His object hnd been to
snare Baldos into his own undoing,
and a horrible undoing it would havo
been. One blow would have secured
the desired result. Nothing could have
snved tho guard who had struck bis
superior officer, but Beverly thought
ln time.
"To die ls easy, your highness. You
have but to nsk it of me," said Baldos,
whose face was while and drawn.  ,
"She hns no liitentjpt-^f d_>ninn_jng
sucTi a pleasant sacrifice," observed
Count Marlanx, covering his failure
skillfully. "Later ou. perhaps, she may
sigu your death warrant. I am proud
to hear. sir. that a member of my
corps has the courage to face the Inevitable, even though he be an alien
and unwilling to die on the field of battle. You bave my compliments, sir.
You hnve been on Irksome duty for
Several hours and must be fatigued ns
well as hungry. A soldier suffers many
deprivations, not the least of which is
st irvntlon In pursuit of his calling.
Mess Is not an uuwelcome relief to you
nfter nil these urduous hours. You
may return to the burracks nt once.
The princess Is under my care for the
remainder of the campaign."
Ballos looked first at ber and then
at the sarcastic o'd general, Yetive
and her companions were wailing for
them nt the fountain a hundred yards
"You may go. Baldos," 6ald Beverly
In low tones.
"1 am uot fatigued nor"��� be began
"G.i!" marled Marlaux. "Am I to
repeat u command to you? Do you ig-
nor.' tho word of your mistress?" Tbere
wns a significant sneer In the way he
said it.
"Mistress?" gasped Baldos, bis eye
blazing, his nrm half raised.
"Count Marlanx!" Implored Beverly,
drawing herself to ber full height and
staring nt bim like a wounded thing.
"1 humbly Implore you not to misconstrue the meaning of the term, your
*iighi!ess," said the count uffably. "Ab,
rou have dropped something. Permit
ue. It is a note of some description, 1
lie stooped quickly���too quickly���am"
recovered _roui the, ground _$_!*���**___";
the bit of paper which had fallen from
her baud. It was tbe note from Itavone
to Baldos, which Beverly bad forgotten
In thc excitement of tho encounter.
"Count Marlanx, give me that paper!" demanded Beverly breathlessly.
"Is It u love letter? Perhaps It la
Intended for me. At any rate, your
highness, it ls safe against my heart
for the time being. When we reach
the castle I shall be happy to restore
It. It Is safer with me. Come, we go
oue wuy uud���have you not gone, sir?"
In his most sarcastic tone to the guard.
Beverly was trembling.
"No, I huve uot, und I shall not po
until I see you obey the command of
her highness. She bus asked you for
that piece of paper," said Baldos,
standing squarely in front of Marlanx.
"Insolent dog! Do you mean to
question my"���
"Give over that paper!"
"If you strike me, fellow, It will
"If I strike you It will be to kill,
Count Marlanx. The paper, sir." Baldos towered over the Iron Count, and
there was danger in bis daredevil voice.
"Surely, sir, I am but obeying your own
Instructions. 'Protect the princess and
all that ls hers with your life,' you have
said to me."
"Oh, I wish you hadn't done this,
Baldos!" cried Beverly, panic stricken.
"You have threatened my life. I
shall not forget it, fool! Here Is the
precious note, your highness, with my
condolences to the writer." Marlanx
passed the note to ber and then looked
triumphantly at the guard. "I dare
sny you have done all you can, sir. Do
you wish to add anything more?"
"What can one do when dealing with
his superior and finds him a despicable
coward?" said Baldos, with cool Irony.
"You are reputed to be a brave soldier. I kuow that to be false or I
would ask you to draw the sword you
carry and"��� He was drawing his
sword as he spoke.
"Baldos!" Implored Beverly. Her
evident concern Infuriated Marlanx.
In his heart he knew Baldos to be a
man of superior birth and a foeman
not to be despised from his own station. Carried away by passion, he
flashed his sword from its sheath.
"You have drawn on me, sir," he
marled. "I must defend myself
against even such as you. You will
find tbat I am no coward. Time Is
short for your gallant lover, madam."
Before she could utter a word of protest the blades had clashed, and they
were hungry for blood. It was dark
In the shadows of the trees, and the trio
were quite alone with their tragedy.
She heard Baldos laugh recklessly ln
response to Marlanx's cry of:
"Oh, the shame of fighting with such
carrion as you!"
"Don't jest at a time like this, count,"
aald the guard softly. "Remember
that I lose, no matter which way it
goes. If you kill me I lose, If I beat
you I lose. Iteni.-uher, you can still
have me shot for insubordination and
conduct unbecoming"���
"Stop!" almost shrieked Beverly. At
the risk of personal Injury sbe rushed
between the two swordsmen. Both
drew back and dropped their points.
Not a dozen passes hnd bees made
(To Be Continued)
DODD'S ���'���?���_
I kidney!
Assisted   Politeness
She���Mr. Blooin does not pay his
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Keyham Now Occupies First Position
as Naval Stronghold.
The dockyard extension at Keyham
marks a new development in the his-,
tory of the western port which places
it in the foremost rank of Great Britain's naval strongholds. The enlargement of the twin establishments;
at Devonport and Keyham, which isi
now officially known as the North!
Yard, has brought into existence two*
new large basin*,, three double docks)
and a single one. The work has been|
in hand exactly eleven yeara.
Devonport  the  Old.
The history of Devonport, which,
prior to 1824, was called Plymouth,
goes back to the days of hemp and
canvas. Keyham was founded as an
outcome of the modern steam navy.
It was to the foresight of Lord A tick*
land that the prompt introduction ol
a new yard was due. This was in
1846, four years after the -team fri-
igate Firebrand had marked a first
stage in the revolution in the propulsion of warships. As at first planned, Keyham had two large basins
and three docks, and it wan mostly
used as a repairing yard. It was also
the training ground of our young en-
|gineer officers before the amalgama*
;tion scheme for the training and edu*
ication of officers in 1902 swept away
jthe different branches, and brought
all the cadets together at Osborne for
common training.
Keyham, the New.
By tlie completion of the Keyham
Extension Works, as the new undertaking was first called, the old anc?
the new are welded into one. Devon-
port remains the name of the yard,
but Keyham is the spirit ol it ��� the
spirit of machinery and engines, of
'vast complicated boxes ot steel and
brass, in which our seaman of the
future will move aa familiarly as his
forefathers moved among spars and
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Mr. Sydney Olivier Is Highly Popular
With the Jamaicans.
Mr.  Sydney  Olivier,  who succeeds
Sir. J. Alexander Swettenham as Governor of Jamaica,  iB highly popular
with the Jamaicans, and enjoys their
confidence in a marked degree.   From
1899 to 1904 he was Colonial  Secretary   in   Jamaica,   and during   three
years of  that  period  he  was  acting
Governor of the colony.     So greatly
'were his aervices esteemed that when,
following  the  calamitous earthquake
that destroyed Kingston recently. Sit
j Alexander Swettenham asked for per-
imiBsion to retire, there was a unani-
imous wish on the part of the press
;and  the    people    that    Mr.   Olivier
1 should receive the post.   In the quarter of a century during which he has
'been associated with the Colonial Of-
ifice Mr. Olivier has filled various positions connected with the West Indian
colonies, and has undertaken several
important missions, one of which was
! as secretary to the late Field Marshal
.Sir Henry Norman's Royal Commis-
.sion on the West Indies.    In 1890-91
Ihe was  acting Colonial  Secretary  of
; British Honduras, in 1895-6 Auditor-
General of the Leeward Islands, and
in  1898 was  sent to Washington  to
assist in reciprocity negotiations    on
i behalf of the West Indian colonies
; Apart from his distinguished servicer
Iras a colonial statesman, Mr. Oliviei
is a writer of graceful verse and prose.
In  1881  he  published   a volume  oi
"Poems and Parodies," but his work
in prose  has  been confined  to  bril
iliant essays and magazine articles on
I Socialism, economics and art. He has
I been from the beginning one of the
leading lights of the Fabian 8ociety,
and  was  its  secretary  from  1886  to
1890.   He was one of the contributors,
.with Mr.  George Bernard Shaw and
[others, to the famous Fabian essays,
[which represent, perhaps, the great-
i est effort of the society in the popularization of Socialism.
Girl Masquerades aa Boy.
A remarkable story of a girl who
,was induced by her mother to mas*
iquerade as an errand boy in order to
rob her employer was told at the
. Liverpool, Eng., Police Court recently.
Emily Barnes, an intelligent girl ol
fifteen, said that after conversation
with her mother she dressed up as
a boy some months ago. and obtained
work running errands. A few weeks
ago, under the name of "Harold
Barnes" she found employment in the
shop of Mr. Jacobus. Noticing where
the money was kept she hid one night
in the cellar. In the early hours of
the following morning, Bhe broke open
the till with an axe and stole ��4, subsequently giving the money to hei
mother. Suspicion, however, fell upon the supposed boy, and she was
charged at tlie Police Court without-
her real sex being discovered. It
was only when remanded to tha
workhouse that she confessed to being
a girl.
An  Accommodating  Peg
One of tlie disadvantages of modern shoemaking is that the peg
won't fit itself into the hole. Time
was, according to Mayor E. F.
Blown of Marlboro, when it was
much   more   accommodating.
"One duy," he recently informed
the Boot and Shoe club, "my father,
a pioneer in the business, hit the
oeg nnd it flew up. What happened? Probably you won't believe
me, but it's a fact all the same. The
peg hit the ceiling, came down exactly into the hole, and was driven
in. But, you know," added Mayor
Brown, with a smile, "we don't peg
dioes that way nowadays."���Boston
The  Pleasant  Husband
Mrs. Oldgiri���Don't you think,
dear, the baby gets its good looks
from me?
Mr. Oldboy���I guess so; and it
seems to have got about all you
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House
It Has Many Offices���Before the
German soldier starts on a long
inarch he rubs his feet with tallow,
for his first care is to keep his feet
in good condition. If he knew that
Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil would be
of much better service he would
throw away his tallow and pack a
few bottles of the Oil in his knapsack.    There is nothing like it.
A Washington man. wishing to
take his family into the country for]
the summer, one day crossed over |
to the Virginia side of the Potomac!
to look at a small farm with a view j
to renting it. I
Everything was to his liking,  and .
negotiations   were   about to be eom-
ileted,  when  the  question  of  hiring
also i'.te  fanner'.,  cow came  up.    It. j
was  an  excellent    cow,    the  farmer
declared, and even after  feeding her |
calf   she   would   give   six   quarts   of,
nill* a day.
"Six quarts a day!" exc'aimed the I
Washington man. "That is morel
than   my  whole  family   could  use."  |
Then,  srddenlv  observing the  calf j
following  its  mother  about  the  pasture, he added:
"I'll   tell   you   what   I'll   do!    I'll
"Pedlar" Palmer, the English boxer who beat Robert Cheat to death
on April 24, has been found guilty of
Galvanized Steel
The cheapest good
They do shingle ia the
costless  ������Oahawa."Good
for ��� century's
weather-wear. Guaranteed
for 26 years without your
even pamtm*_>-"Oshawa"
double-galvanized shingle*
need no paint to outlast
any roofing there ia.
Make roofs fire-proof,
too, ��� guaranteed in
every way you want
Cheap in first cost as com-
mon wood shingles, yet
more durable than slate.
Sold under a written guarantee that really means
something to the buyer.
lire    the    small    cow.     She's    just    ^K^/smnM^^mmi^f^i
about  our  size."���Harper's  Weekly
Minard's  Liniment Co.,  Limited.
Gents,���I have used your MINARD'S LINIMENT in my family
and also in my stables for years, and
consider it the best medicine obtainable.
Yours truly,
Proprietor Roxton   Pond   Hotel  and
Livery Stables.
Ton cant
afford any
other kind
With a hammer,
Kasy to a snips, and horse-
put on sense anybody
can roof buildings
right with "Oshawa " Galvanized Steel Shingles.
They need no cleats. They
lock on all FOUR sides.
Made in only one grade���
of 28-guage semi-hardened
sheet steel in the patented "Oshawa" way
������Oshawa"   *
Shingles are
an Investment, cot an
Ia a rmall town in Pennsylvania
are two brothers who are engaged in
the retail coal business. A noted
evangelist visited tlie town and the
elder brother was converted. i
Fo" weeks after his conversion he I
Kideavored to persuade his brother |
to join the church. One day he said |
to  him: j
"Why can't you, Richard, join the
Church as I did?" I
"It's   all   right    for   you   to   be   a
member    of    the    church,"    replied!
Richard,  "but if I join who's going
to weigh the coal?"
nil li.ird, soft or citlloutiod lumps and blemish***!
from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints,
ringbone, sweeney, stifles, sprains, sore nnd
swollen thro.it, coughs, etc. Save .50 by use
of ono bottle. Warranted the most wonderful
Blemish  Cure ever known.
H a father gave 19 cents to one of
his sons and 6 cents to the other, what
time would it be? A quarter to 2.
If a postmaster went to a menagerie     A collection will  be taken   up   by
and was eaten by one of the    wild the school children of Oregon to aid
beasts, what time would it be? Eight the Peary North Pole expedition.
p. m.
If a guest at a restaurant ate a lob-' The directors of the Crow's Nest
ster and a second guest did the same. Pass Coal company decided to leave
what would be the second guest's tele- to the shareholders the matter of in-
phone number? 8-1-2. .creasing the capital stock by half a
* - -   ��� - ��� ~ ��� ��� ���        million.
More than 100 farm
Lightning buildings were
proof, too damaged in Ontario alone last year
by lightning. Not one of them
would have been harmed if
they'd been "Oshawa"-roofed.
These shingles insulate a building���make it safe against every
element Let us tell you what
it will cost vou to roof the
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book 'Roofing Sight-
before yon
Hoof a Thing
Ft *nm-    *D
Of Oshawa       *
Montreal      Toronto        Lordon
Kl-�� Cra.g W.     11 Colhorne        68 Dundaa
Ottawa       Winnipeg     Vancouver
4 3 Su-tMX        TO I/uiiibard A16 Pender
Those who use it get well.
A certain cure for all run down conditions and wasting diseases.^
Highly recommended for Insomnia.
The following Is a
sample of thousands
of testimonies to the
wonderful merits of
PSYCHINE In the most
difficult cases. Doctors are prescribing*
PSYCHINE in their
practice with the most
satisfactory result*.
"Several years ago
my wife was so seriously ill of lung trouble as for months to
be unable to walk, at
which time a noted
physician told me
that thc aext dress
that I would bay for
her would be a
shroud. She used
now reasonably well
Rev. C E. BtntRSix,
"Baptist Minister,
Forest. Out'
For Coughs and Colds take PSYCHINE.
For Throat and Lung trouble take PSYCHINE.
For Catarrh and Consumption take PSYCHINE.
For after-effects of La Grippe, Pneumonia and
Pleurisy take PSYCHINE.
"Years ago I was almost a physical wreck,
and was suffering with lung trouble. Friends
and neighbors thought I would never get
better. I began to despair myself. Losing
faith in my physician, I procured another one
who recommended the use of PSYCHINE.
It was surprising beyond description the
effect it had. I seemed to gain with every
dose. Inside of two weeks I was able to
attend to my housework again. There are
oo symptoms of consumption about me now.
For Loss of Appetite take PSYCHINE.
For Indigestion and Dyspepsia take PSYCHINE.
For Chills or Fevers take PSYCHINE
For Run-Down System take PSYCHINE
To Feel Young and Keep Young take PSYCHINE.
An Unfailing Cure for all Throat, Lung and Stomach Troubles.
A Reliable Remedy for diseases caused by exposure to cold or wet
For sals) at all dru__-_;l��t_. BOc
and C1.00, or Dr. T. A. Slocum,
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Saves time, because it
makes ironinsr easier.
Saves linen, because it
fives a better gloss with
alf the iron-rubbing.
Saves bother, because it
needs no cooking. .. just
cold water. And it
CAN'T stick.      Buy it
A Slight Joke
It was 11.30 p.m. according to the
gyrations  nf  the cuckoo  clock.
"There is something tbe matter
with my watch," remarked DeBorem
"It doesn't go."
"Perhaps,' rejoined Miss Weary
un, as she vainly tried to strangle n
yawn, "It is due to the unconscious
power of personal association."���Chi
cago News.
The baby who suffers from indiges
tion is simply starving to death. It
loses all desire for food and the lit
tie it does take does no good and
the child is peevish, cross and rest
less. Mothers will find no othe
medicine as prompt to cure as Baby':
Own Tablets���they always do goo
���they can't possibly do harm
Mrs. James Savoy, Little Lameque
N.B., says: "I believe that had il
not been for Baby's Own Tablets my
child would have been in her grave
She was completely run down
would refuse food, and was rapidl
failing. Nothing I gave het did hei
any good until I began the use ol
Baby's Own Tablets and these have
changed her into a well and glowing child." Sold by druggists, or
by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
"Any stamps?" she asked as she-
entered the drug store.
"Yes, ma'am," replied the proprietor.
"Let me have a two-cent stamp,
"Got a prescription? It's Sunday.
and we can't sell you a stamp without a prescription, ma'am !"���Yon-
kers  Statesman.
"I am 65, but sound as a dollai
and good for at least 85." With
these words on his lips James Had
field, a witness in an action at Des
Moines, Iowa, fell dead in a local
court  room  from heart  disease.
In a certain Massachusetts village
the town clerk combines business
with his official capacity. A notici
board at the edge of the town reads
"Automobiles must not go faster
than eight miles an hour.���J. Olcott.
Town Clerk. Get your gnsolen
from J.  Olcott."
lanot reach the seat of the disease,
'atarrh ls a blood or constitutional dls-
ia=e, and ln order to cure It you must
lake Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh
Sura ls taken Internally, and acts dir-
ictly on the blood and mucous surfaces.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of the
��eBt physicians ln the country for years
ind Is a regular prescription. It ls composed of the best tonics known, combined with the best blood purifiers, act-
ma directly on the mucous surfaces.
The perfect combination of the two In-
Redlents Is what produces such wonder-
1 results In  curing Catarrh.   Send  for
testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO.,  Props.,   Toledo.  0.
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"Speaking of borrowing, I have
an acquaintance who has had a
brand new overcoat of mine for a
long time and he won't give it up."
"Who  is  it?"
"My  tailor."���Silhouette.
Minard's Liniment Used by Physicians
"See here!" indignantly cried the
transient guest, "there's a collar
button in this  beef stew."
"Oh, that's a mistake, sir," said
the bright waiter.
"A mistake! Well, I should
"Yes, sir; we never give extras
except to our regular customers."���
Catholic  Standard  and  Times.
A Strong Tonic Vithout Alcohol
A Body Builder Without Alcohol
A Blood Purifier Without Alcohol
A Great Alterative Without Alcohol
A Doctor's Medicine Without Alcohol
Ayer's Sarsapsrllla   Without Alcohol
Wa publish our formula!
W* banlih a-oohol
y    from ourmadioiDf
W* urc�� y o�� to I
con cult your
Ayer'a Pills are liver pills. They act
directly on the liver, make more bile
secreted. This is why they are so valuable in constipation, biliousness, dys-
fiepsia, sick-headache. Ask your doctor
t he knows a better laxative pill.
s by tha J. O. Ajar Co., LevsU, M-us.���
The Simple Life
i< best. To live naturally; work
during the day, keep your temper,
eat three meals and take a Beecham's Pill regularly, as required.
There is no medicine for the simple life, or the strenuous, like
-told Everywhere.    In boxes 25 cents.
Some Species Are Immune to the
Most Deadly Drugs.
W.   N.    U.   No.   638
This Bristly Little Creature Can Make
a Meal of Arsenic or Opium and
Wash It Down With a Draft of
Prussic Acid Without Discomfort.
Poison ls surely one of the most
weird of nature's bizarre contrivances.
A tiny speck of an Innocent looking
white powder ou the tip of the tongue
means instant death If tbat powder
happens to be the deadly drug aconi-
tiue. A moment's whiff of unseen va-.
por, and if tbut vapor rises from pure
prussic acid all human aid is too late.
The strangest fact about that curious
group of bodies called poisons Is tbat
sometimes tbey are not poisons. Of
course every one knows that when
kept under control by tho skillful hand
of the physician poisons are most valuable medicines. But few persons are
aware of the still more curious fact;
that poisons wbeu taken by certain animals even in large quantities are quite
Yet, strange as It may seem, this Is
perfectly true. Take, for Instance, the
hedgehog. This bristly little animal Is
absolutely poison proof. It can eat
without discomfort as much opium as
a hardened Chinese can smoke hi a.
fortnight and can wash a meal down,
with as much prussic acid as would
kill a regiment of soldiers. It ls capable of swallowing arsenic with just
as much relish as it eats cockroaches.
It is quite immune to tbe venom of the
snake, though tbe prickly hedgehog,
has little need to fear tbe approach of,
such a reptile. It bas even been stated
that it can swallow corrosive sublimate, and yet this is a virulent poison
which human beings must handle with
caution, for even a solution of it externally applied has been known to cause
Cyanide of potassium Is another
deadly substance of which the hedgehog need have no fear, and yet the
merest trace of tlie poison is sufficient
to cause a full grown man to foam at
the mouth nnd lose the power of bis
limbs. Truly tbe hedgehog is a strange
freak, and yet not so inexplicable as
the poisons by which he refuses to be
Man Is said to resemble the monkey
ln more ways than one; but, whatever
characteristics they may have In common, the ape differs from the human
being in this respect���he can take with
Impunity as much strychnine as would
kill two men instantly. The monkey,
curiously enough, shares the immunity
to strychnine poisoning with inverte-,
brate animals. Another phenomenon is,1
the rat. The number of rat poisons!
sold by druggists Is legion, but there is'
oue poison which never enters intr^
their composition���namely, digitalin,1
the active principle of the foxglove/
One-half grain of this poisonous prin-,
ciple suffices to kill a man within three!
quarters of an hour, but the rat absolutely refuses to let it kill him.
When It ls discovered that a human
being has swallowed oxalic acid, the
first thing the doctor does ls to give his
unfortunate patient a good dose of
chalk, technically known as calcium
carbonate. Strange to relate, chickens
are not poisoned by oxalic acid, for the
simple reason tbat their Intestines contain tbe antidote in the form of quantities of calcium, which combine with
the poison and render It quite barm-
less. It is interesting, however, to
mention tbat If oxalic acid is injected
into the blood of a fowl It would be
poisoned. It Is only when given by the
mouth that the acid conies in contact
with the antidote. However, as chickens are not provided with hypodermic
syringes, tbey are not likely to run any
If China were Inhabited by pigeons
Instead of by people who speak pigeon
English, a costly war and no end of
controversy might have been averted,
for pigeons are not demoralized by
opium. You cannot put a pigeon to
Bleep with the "drowsy giant," simply
because there is something In the bird's
Interior which resists the narcotic Influence of the morphine to which
opium owes Its activity.
There is little to connect the Russian
peasant with a goat���unless it is beard
���yet nevertheless both have one trait
In common���neither ls harmed by hemlock. It was the juice of the hemlock,
so we hnve been told until we are tired
of bearing It, that killed Socrates. Ever
since then it hns been on the poison list
as far as civilized beings are concerned; but, all the same, roots of hemlock
are eaten as food by tbe Russian peasants���and by goats.
In one respect the peasant of the
Austrian Tyrol resembles the hedgehog, because be can take ln one dose
as much arsenic as would kill several
Americans. This is not because tbe
peasant is provided with any special
mea*��. of combating the effects of the
drug, but because he habituates himself to it. The Tyrolean finds that arsenic Increases his power of endurance.
He commences by taking nn eighth
part of a grain for a dose, which is
gradually Increased until he can take
without any 111 effect five or more
grains at a time.
Experts hnve not been able to make
up their minds why these ppon'o become tolerant to tbe drug. The most
plausible theory put forward up to tbe
present is that an antitoxin is formed
by the administration of the poison
which Immunizes the sublect, just as
calf lymph Immunizes us against
"Havo you a good deniriflce?" asked the customer.
"Yes, ma'am," answered the druggist's young son, who hnd been left
in  temporary ohafga  of the store.
Turning to the shelves back of
bim, he took down n half pint bottle of some kind of hair restorative
and  banded it to her.
"This isn't what I want," said the
customer. "This is for the hair.
What I nm looking for is a preparation for the teeth."
"That's all right, ma'am," tbe boy
assured her. "It's just as good for
one as tbe other, and it's only 50
cents."���Chicago Tribune.
Zam-Buk is compounded from pure
herbal extracts, is highly antiseptic and
applied to a wound or sore kills all bacilli
and disease germs which otherwise set up
festering, blood poison, eto. It heals cuts,
burns, scalds, bruises; and cures eczema,
prairie itch, salt rheum, poisoned wounds,
ulcers, etc. All stores and druggists sell
at 60o. per box, or post free from Zam*
Buk Co., Toronto, for price. 6 boxes
for $2.50.  Send lo. stamp for trial box.
Sale of the Great Pablo  Herd to the
Dominion  Government Arouses
Public   Feeling
The fact that" the Canadian government caught Uncle Sam napping an..
purchased the big buffalo herd ai
Pablo has aroused public feeling
greatly in the United States. The
New York Tribune voices this sentiment when it says: "The last oi
the great herds of buffulo is about
to disappear from American territory. For several months Presid.-n
Roosevelt has bsen making ever,
effort to round up the famous hero
on the Flathead reservation. It con
sisted of some 200 head of the largest
and finest in the country.
"Despite the president's watchfulness, however, and his earnest efforts to keep the herd in the United
States, the buffalo have been driven
off before bis eyes, so to speak, by
the Canadian government to make
their permanent home in Canada
The price paid for the herd was
about $150,000. So disappears from
the countrv a famous reminder ol
the past. President Roosevelt mean
while is inconsolable. He has been
in communication with scores of
persons on tbe subject, using all hit
influence, and on his own ground
and in his own game be has been
"The herd originally contained
some 500 head of buffalo, young and
old, but it has been reduced by th
sale of small numbers to zoological
societies. The herd is the propeit
of Michael Pablo, and is at present
grazing a few miles from Missoula.
Montana. Pablo journeyed to Wash
iugton some months ago to see the
president about selling the buffalo
The president, with characterise
energy, sat down and in the presence of Pablo wrote several letter.*
to various representatives askim
them to assist him in buying the
herd. It was his intention to plac
them in the Yellowstone nationa
park. Since their purchase by the
Canadian government the preside: t
has expressed his disappointment in
no  uncertain  terms."
Comment from  Boston
Lovers of the splendid buffalo, thc
most typical animal of all Ameiic.i.
the one which suggests most strongl
our early days of pioneering, an<5
one of the grandest creatures on the
face of the earth, says the Bosto:
Journal, will hear with sadness tha
the Pablo herd on the Flathead reservation, Montana, has been sold
to the Canadian government. Th*
bulls will be moved to Canada aboul
May 1, and the cows and calve
will be sent north in July. There
are between 400 and 500 buffaloe
in the herd, which is the largest in
the world.
Thus passes to another governmen'
that which it should have been the
pride of our own to retain. How
could the pitiful $150,000, the price
said to have been paid by Canada,
have been permitted to stand in the
way of our retention as national property of this splendid and unrivalled
group  of  buffalo?
At present nearly all of these animals that we have are privately
owned and are thus liable to the
changes of time, the whims of heirs
or the needs of sudden poverty.
The buffalo cannot be regarded as
safe from extinction until large and
increasing herds are owned by the
government forever. Canada sees
the importance of such a system, and
we honor her for it.
Park  Prepared  for Them
Forest and Stream says: Mr.
Douglas, superintendent of the National park, Banff, will superintend
the shipment of the dry stock and
bulls the third week in May and the
cows and calves will be shipped in
August. All arrangements are completed. The shipment will be made
from Revallie station by wav of Missoula, Helena, Great Falls, Leth-
bridge, Calgary, Edmonton, I.amont,
on the Canadian Northern railway,
and from thence by trail two miles
to the Elk Island park, some fifteen
miles east of Fort Saskatchewan.
The Elk Island park contains sixteen sections of land fenced in by
a woven wire fence.
These buffalo originated from a
pair secured by Messrs. Pablo &
Allard some twenty-five years ago,
about the time the last of the wild
buffalo disappeared. By careful
breeding and handling thev have
raised the number to some 400, the
whole of which have been secured
by the Dominion government. Mr.
Douglas bad charge of the deal.
There can be a difference of opinion on most subjects, but there is
only one opinion as to the reliability
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.    It is safe, sure and effectual.
Telegraphers on the western lines
of the C.P.R. have received an increase in pay.
Very many persons die annually
from cholera and kindred summer
complaints, who might have been
saved if proper remedies had been
used. If attacked do not delay in
getting a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kel-
log's Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that never fails to effect a cure.
Those who have used it say it acts
promptly, and thoroughly subdues
the pain and disease.
Pride and Poverty
"I'd be ashamed to go around begging," said the prosperous citizen.
"Takes all kinds uv peeple to make
a world," rejoined the hobo. "Here
you is too proud t' beg, an' I'm too
proud  t'  work."���Exchange.
"Miss Pechis," said Mr. Timmid,
at the other end of the sofa, "if I
were to throw you a kiss I wonder
what you'd  say."
"Well," replied Miss Pechis, "I'd
say you were the laziest man I ever
saw."���Philadelphia Presa.
.Many Men Say They Like It, but They
' Don't Like It
In a paper read at a meeting of an
association for tbe study of tuberculosis an eminent doctor said tbat ono
of the curious facts connected with tho
'practice of tbe cold bath In the morning is that so mauy of its votaries positively declare that they enjoy It He
contends that tbey do not and cannot
enjoy It. Tbe doctor is doubtless right
as far as he goes, but be does not go
for enough. He misses the main point
perhaps the only point worth emphasizing.
Tfetre Is abundant reason to believe
that tbe most curious fact connected
with tbe cold bath ln the morning Is
that so many people who insist that
they enjoy It do not take it. There Is
vicarious atonement, and there Is also
vicarious bathing, and it Is a very easy
matter to enjoy a bath that Is not taken, the bath of somebody else. Almost
anybody gifted with a little Imagination can sing the praises of a cold bath
In the morning. There are the pleasurable, even delightful, shudders of the
first dip and splash; the brisk rub with
a coarse crash towel; the warm, health
���giving glow; tbe new man feeling, exhilarating, uplifting, as one gets Into
ills attire for tbe day's work, and,
above all, the sense of cleanliness Imparted by the cold bath every morning.
And it ts equally easy to take a cold
bath every morning. It only remains
to turn on tbe hot water faucet and
enter the tub. Or both faucets may be
turned on and, without entering tbe
tub, oue may stir the water violently
with bis bands, draw long breaths and
shiver, not perceptibly, but audibly.
It will all sound remarkably lifelike,
this performance, wonderfully like taking a cold bath. Even an alert and suspicious sentinel, stationed at the door,
his ear delicately attuned to what is
_,*olng on within, may be readily deceived by the cold bath In the morning.
Contemplate, some broiling August
forenoon, the man who tells you that
ie fairly revels in the cold bath on
Winter mornings as he gingerly steers
his bare feet through the ripples that
are lazily lapping the beach at a sboro
resort, and believe In him and trust
bim if you can. Watch him advance
as If he were going to meet his doom,
hesitate, glance shoreward longingly,
retreat, immersing himself slowly, reluctantly, Inch by inch. Suddenly ha
remembers tbat he must wet his head
If he would avoid a chill, and he pauses
to shampoo his hair In the sad sea
waves���this hero of a thousand frigid
baths on a thousand frozen mornings!
As a matter of fact, what a man may
do alone with his sponge In his bathroom no other man may know, and
what he pretends he does may be al
"false  as  dicers'  oaths."
Things Not to Do at Table.
Eratmus, the old Dutch philosopher
and theologian, in his curious essay
"On Behavior at Meals," remarks tbat
It ls "very rude to blow one's nose on
the tablecloth" or to "wipe one's fingers
on one's neighbor's coat." He also advises the guest "not to give dogs your
bones to crack under the table or feed
the cat or encourage animals to jump
on the table. This may offend your
host or lead to the soiling of his carpet" An admonition that might well
be observed In the present day. "Above
all," he says, "do not lick your plate.
It Is an act tbat ill becomes a cat, let
alone a gentleman."
How Did She Know?
"You've been making love to soma
���***her girl."
"How do you know?"
"Because you've Improved s_>."���Life-
The Mark
That Tells
l/Me r\ori(
Trade m-irked thus in a
ranety ol styles, fabri-s and
prii^es lor women, men and
children. Foim hit'ed.
Dealers are authorised lo
replace instantly and at our
coat, any Pen-Annie *ar*
-lent faulty in material
QC    making. "-"'"
Pen-Angle trademark (in red) on
every Pen-Angle)
garment, tells yoa
it will fitand won't
shrink, ���your
own dealer ao
guarantees it.
Underwear thus
traden.arked ia
softer, warmer,
more flexible,
better wearing.
Yon cannot
a better Cocoa than
A delicions drink and a sustaining
food. Pragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system In robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
In i-lb. and i-lb Tins.
Por Internal end External use.
Kt.lievt-8 rheumatism and neural-la.
Curaa lama or aore lunacies, atralua,
81)raina or aoranesa anywhere.
2.1 and A0 canta. Bold by druggist..
I. S. JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mm.
Are   Some    Customs    In    Connection
With Parliament of Britain.
It is worth knowing, says Answera,
that there are six boys who have a
right to sit in Parliament, in tha
House of Commons, though they cannot take part in the debates or vote,
of course. But they have the privilege of claiming seats in the special
gallery which is allotted to them,
whenever they wish for such, and
each day the authorities of the House
send down to Westminster School to
ask if the "King's Scholars" there
desire to use the six seats which are
their right, or if not all six, how
many. And a list has to be sent to
the Clerk of the House from the
school, stating the names and positions in school of the scholars who
intend to avail themselves of this
quaint privilege.
Another curious claim which these
Westminster "King's scholars" have
the right to make relates to tha
House of Commons, and is always
allowed when requested. This is the
right to use the Terrace of the
House as their strolling place on
Sunday afternoons! And that will explain why, on a beautiful summer
8unday, passengers on the river
steamers are so often surprised to observe clusters of boys, in cap and
gown, promenading on the terrace as
though it belonged to them.
Same flavor as Japan, only perfectly free from adulteration of any kind.
It is to the Japan tea drinker what 'SALADA" Black is to the black
tea  drinker.
Lead   Packets  Only.    40c,  50c  and  60c   per  Lb.
Difficulty   Not  the   Problem
Emanuel I.asker,  the chess expert,
was  discussing  tbe  ethics  of  a  certain style  of play.
"Well," he ended, laughing, "I
suppose it is all right, but it is intricate, eh? It is like the subject
discussed in the debating society, 'Is
it wrong to cheat a lawyer?'
I "The decision, after three hours'
argument,  was:
I " 'Not wrong, but too difficult to
pay for the trouble.' "���Buffalo Enquirer.
So Sweet of Him
I "Hello, old man!" exclaimed Dudley at the Literary Circle reception.
"It's a pleasant surprise to meet you
| "Good of you to say so, old chap,"
plied Brown.
] "Yes; you see, I was afraid I
| wouldn't find anybody but bright
' and cultured people here."���Philadelphia Press.
Aborigines In Queensland Encouraged
to Start Banking Accounts.
Blacks with banking accounts constitute the latest development in
Queensland. With a view to the encouragement of thrift, the department
in charge of aboriginals in the state
is pressing their employers to pay
them wages, and at the same time
urging on the blacks themselves, both
male and female, the importance of
banking the money, with tbe result
'lint most of them have banking accounts. The system was recently in-
mgurated in connection with the inmates of the G��rambah aboriginal station, many of whom are employed in
clearing and farm work, and alrendy
fifty bankbooks show a credit of ��150.
Vs far as possible every native within the care of the department is being put to work, many of the girls
being sent to Brisbane, where they
enter domestic service. There are
���bout 120 girls now in Brisbane, and
all have banking accounts. The de-
nartment is also supervising the expenditure of the money by sending
the lady inspector with the girls when
making purchases.
Adventure   at  Windsor.
The Prince of Wales had an interesting adventure on Good Friday afternoon which incidentally revealed
His Royal Highness' kindness ol
With the Princess of WaleB and
Princess Mary he was motoring from
Frogmore to Windsor, when, near the
entrance tc Beaumont College, the
royal party came on an overturned
carriage, with the horse imprisoned
beneath it by the fetlock, and a party
of four young people standing disconsolately by the roadside. The
driver of the carriage was vainly endeavoring to release the horse.
Making enquiries, the Prince ol
Wales ascertained that the party consisted of two young London men and
their sweethearts, and that they had
met with the accident through the
borse kicking over the Bhaft and overturning the trap. The prince took
iff his overcoat, had the tools taken
int. of his motor-car, and directed a
series of operalions designed to releasa
ihe imprisoned horse and set the trnn
on its wheels. But the motor tools
were not strong enough, and th.
prince despatched a man to Vtunny
mede Lodge for an axe and a crow*
bar. When these implements were obtained, the prince, who all this tine
had remained unrecognized, worled
with the driveT of tbe oarriace and
the chauffeur with all the energy ol
a trained workman, but it was found
that the carriage would have to ba
taken to pieces.
At this moment a soldier rode up
on a bicycle, recognized the prince,
and imparted to the crowd the fact
that the friendly motorist wns the
Prince of Wales, whereupon a hearty
cheer was raised. The prince senl
the soldier into Windsor for assistance, gnve him half a sovereign, and
resumed  his  interrupted  journey.
A Cure for Costiveness���Costive-
ness comes from the refusal of the
excretory organs to perform their
duties regularly from contributory
causes, usually disordered digestion.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, prepared
on scientific principles, are so compounded that certain ingredients in
them pass through the stomach and
act upon the bowels so as to remove
tlieir torpor and arouse tbem to
proper action. Mnny thousands are
prepared to bear testimony to their
power in this respect.
Upton Sinclair during a recent reunion of Columbia men said that he
thought athletics too often exerted a
harmful inliuence on undergraduates.
"When I was in Chicago," Mr.
Sinclair said, "making notes for 'The
Jungle,' I knew an old lodging-
house keeper, and one night the old
man said to me, suspiciously:
" 'Do you know, I don't believe
that there student who lias taken
my fourth floor back is a student at
" 'Why not?' said I.
" 'He studies too much,' said the
old man."
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
"Does your wife always talk back
to you?"
"How do you manage to control
her so?"
"I don't. She always talks first."
���Baltimore American.
Ask for  Minard's  and Take  no Other
Minard's   Liniment,   Lumberman's
Tommy���I don't believe that cat
story. How could a cat have seven-
league boots?
Bobbie���Mebbe a giant threw 'em
at 'im one night.���The Catholic
Standard and Times.
WniTF.     l-Or-t    PHI.I,;. !���
Daniel Cbisholme is the lone student in the school of bricklaying
which was intended to be one of the
largest departments of the Carnegie
technical  schools,  Pittsburg.
A Successful Medicine���Everyone
wishes to be successful in any undertaking in which he may engage.
It is, therefore, extremely gratifying to the proprietors of Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills to know that tlieir
efforts to compound a medicine
which would prove n blessing to
mankind have been successful beyond tlieir expectations. The endor-
sation of these Pills by the public
is a guarantee that a pill has been
produced which will fulfil everything claimed for it.
Murdock McLeod, a well known
mining man, discovered two nuggets
of gold, each weighing twenty-five
pounds, near the Larder lake district.
Victoria Day
Fare  and  One-Third
For the round trip between stations on the
Tickets good to go   May   22nd   to
May 24th,  Inclusive.
Return  until   May 27th,   1907.
Any      Canadian      Northern      Ry.
The  many    Manitoba schools that   A��ent W,M b�� mor�� tnan P|eas'd *"
have closed for lack of teachers will   furnish   fullest   information.
have opportunity   for   re-opening  af
ter June 1 when 133 now teachers wil
be available.
Fox Jumps   Into Cradle.
There was an extraordinary termination to a run with the Duke of Beaufort's hounds recently. The run had
been a long one, and they knew thai
the !/ox was almost spent. Suddenly
the scent turned abruptly from the
open, leading straight into the garden of a cottage in the little villag.
of Castle Coombe, Gloucestershire,
Those who were following wondered
what had happened, and were more
astonished still to see the entire pack
without checking for an instant, dasb
through the open door into the little
room. A shrill scream waa heard, and
when the whipper-in threw himsell
from his horse and gained the threshold he Baw a sight which probably
no foxhunter has ever met before oi
since. A white-faced woman stood
clasping a child in her arms, and righl
there in the cradle from which thi
infant had just been snatched, 18 cou*
pies of fierce hounds were struggling
;to devour their fox.
Where the General Was.
Lieutenant-General Sir Charle.
Knox, who is a thorough-going motorist, tells the following amusing
story in The Automobile Owner: "Mjl
determination to do everything on the
car myself once led to a somewhat
funny incident. I waa commanding
the Fourth Division on Salisbury
Plain, whan one day a new staff officer joined. On reporting himself ba
came round by mistake to the back
of my house, where my car was. I
happened to be underneath it, clad U
overalls, making an adjustment. H.
came up and looked at me, and inquired, 'Can yon tell me where th<
general isr" 'Yes.' I said, 'at tbi
present moment he is underneath thi*
car.' That sWf officer's fane waa I
Wood and Iron Ships.
An Iron ship weighs about 20 per cent
less than a wooden ship of the same dimensions. Its walla are thinner, and
It will carry about 10 per cent more
cargo on less draft of water.
fills the demand for a furnace possessing the largest amount of grate surface in proportion to the
diameter of the top of the
fire pot. It possesses all
the advantages of a return flue construction.
The "Admiral" has
the largest ash pit of any
furnace on the market,
ius permitting the free removal of ashes.
Wood or coal may be burned in the "Admiral" furnace.
Write for Catalogue
Ifoundr.es ��t MONCTON, N.B ��* MONTREAL. RQ.i
The palatable and nutritious Shredded Wheat Wafer. Contains in
moat digestible form all the nutritive elements oi the whole wheat
kernel. Its continued use will prevent nearly all the stomach and
intestinal disorders  known to mankind.
Try   BISCUIT   for   Breakfast; TRISCUIT for Luncheon.
All Grocers���13c a carton; 2 for 26c.
well prove It to von.  COILED  not, rrimi>efl.   Thin
vleo.   It stays lu.ul.     I'..iutoU WHIT'S ovor heavy
Made of High Carbon Wire,
makes it still stronger in sorv
galvanlrinpr���rust Tiroof.  Experienced dealers to erect it.  L*ads all In sales
eo9   -a* in morlt.    Got illustrated booklut and 1907 l.nci-s   bofovo buying^
Wr.liH.-irv'11-3,  Toronto,   Mout'eal.   ��.   Jolm.   Wii��nlpo_f ���.  ^kT-^ ���*�����
Bank of ^Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,000,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���I*��d Stkathcoha and Moumt Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Geckos A. Dbuhmond.
�� General Manager���E. B. Cloustox.
2 Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
* A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan flMnlno "Review.
���Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
ln advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advibtisinq Rath :
���Notices to Delinquent Owners - $13.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.60
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.60
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 16c. per line each issue.
Tranilent rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Horen, the Canadian champion ski
jumper, arrived in town this week and
has joined the force* at the Eureka.
We extend congratulations to Dune.
-Grant and Oliver McKay upon tbe arrival for each of a son and .heir.
Billy Bennett haa a 260 acre patch of
huckleberries he will Bell cheap. Two
bits an acre.
T. H. Hoben left on Wedueiday for a
Tilit to his old folks In New Bruniwick.
Geo. Hughes wai up from Spokane
-Hit week.
���Mrs. Hermann and daughter Grace
have airl ed to join Mr. Hermann.
Jimmy Anderson was in from Kaslo
on Thursday.
You might tell your friends when you
write to them how Sandon is pic king
up. They'd be glad to know and you
ahould be only too glad to tell  them.
The libel suit of R. F. Green vs. Vancouver World will be heard about the
23nd of the present m< nth.
Keep your eye on Sandon. Heal
jstate will be away above par in tbiee
J. C. Laing has gone to the Lardeau
to do some assessments.
Whitewater depot is choc-a-bloc with
Whitewater zinc.
D. P. Kane was in town last Friday
.adjusting the fire insurance on Dan
Hurley's residence,
Local Salesman Wanted for
And Adjoining District to represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and ago for British
Columbia planting. Groan on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
const trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Write for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government )
TORONTO       -      - '      ONT.
are necessities if you
wish to ward off any
disease:that threatens.
These can both be
secured by taking
which is a simple
compound of Sarsap-
arilla and Oregon
Grape Root with Saline laxatives.
.NClSOIl'S Drug Store
New Denver
New  Denver
Vicarage Grounds
Wednesday Next
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
At Coat
************************** ��*J*t-t*54tW��*SmM<.������$�������'
Go to Wilson's for
Heavy Goods,
f****$<i$*tyH tmo^******** \>w+*>********w**m^$** $
To Michael Penrose, or  to whomsoever
lie may hare transferred his interest
in Ihe " Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated    near   McUuij-an,
located tht Srd day of October, 1900,
recorded  the  17th  day of October,
1800, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You  are hereby notified that I have
expended .102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cats of this notice you fail or refine to
ontribute your proportion of tlieabove-
mentioned sum, together with  ail costs
of advertising, your intarost in the said
claim will become  the  property of the
undersigned,  under   section   4 ol   th*
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated st Sandon, this 3rd day of
April, 1907.
Notice ii hereby given that (50 days
after date I intend to apply to tho
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works tt Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
fullowiog described lands situatad
on the west shore of Slocan lake about
'_ mile in a southerly direction from
Mill creek. Commencing; at a post
maiked A. O.'s S.E. corner post, thence
20 claim went, thenco 10 chains noith,
tlience 20 chains enst, thmce -10 chains
south to place of commencement, contain ing 80 acres moie or less.
Daled May Gth 1907.
Jy. 18 locator.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Zhvcc 3forl.0.
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silvcr-
I^ead Miuing Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Certlfleate of Improvements.
"Independence"      Mineral     Claim,
situate in  the Slocan   City  Mining
Division of West Kootenay district.
Whsre located:���On   Lemon  C>��ek
adjoining   the    Crusader    Min��ru!
Taka notice that I, H. R.\Jorand, Fieo
Miner's Certificate No.  B78,800 acting
for myself and as agent for W. J.   Bhat-
ford free Miner's Certificate No, B4,685
intend,  60 days from the date heicof
to apply to  the Miuing  Recorder  for a
Certificate* cf   Improvements,   for tho
purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further titko  notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the  issuance  of Such Certificate
ol Improvements.
Datad this 2nd day ol May, A .D. 1907
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
afier date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Cnief Commissioner ol LSndl and
Works at Victoria, B. 0. for permission
to purchase the following described
lands situate in West Kootenay Dietrici ;
Commencing at a post planted at the
eontli-ea��t comer of lot 7547 and marked
J. St. D, S.W. corner, thence north
along the enst line of lot 7517 20 chains,
tlience east. 20 chains, thence south 20
chains to the north-east coiner ol lot
8127. thenco following along tho line of
lot8127, 20 chains to the pointof commencement aad containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, R.C. April SOth, 1007.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 day
after dale I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Work) for permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Knot
enay Dislrict: Commencing at a post
marked "II. Ringrose's N.W. corner
post," said post being at N.E. corner of
Lot 7, Block 882, Group 1, West Kootenay District, thence souih 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence noith 40
chains, thence west 20 chains to point
of commencement, containing 80 acres
more or loss.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
Jy.4 II. BINGR08E.
Notice is hereby given that 60 day
after date I intend to apply to tlie Hon.
tho Chitf Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase tin
following described lands in West Koot
enay District: Commencing at a pus
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Cornei
post," said post being* at south-east
corner of lot 7 Block 382, Group I
West Kootenay District, thenco soutl
80 chains, thence ecot 20 chains, thenci
north 80 chains, thence West 20 chain,
to pointof commencement, contaiuini
160 acres more or lets.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
7-4 A. J. WATSON
Silverton, 36.(3.
Recognised by the Travelling |
Public,   Miners   and   Mining '
Meu to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan.    The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IR. ($>. Spencer 0 fprop
provincial Hsoaper
ano -Xbemist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Uold, Silver, L-ud, Copprr, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, 41.60 each.
Zinc,   Antimony,    Hulphnr,   Gold and
Hilver, ,3.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Hilver, **2 50.
Silver, Ziuc and Lead   *fl 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron. $4.00
Special Hat*", tor Mine and Mill Work,
Examinations for the position of Inspectors of Stc.iin Boilers and Machinery, under the Steam Boilers Inspection
Act, 1901, will be held at the Parliament
Building., Victoria ommencing on
Monday, Juno 24th, 1907. Application
and instruction forms can be had on
application lo the undersigned, to whom
the former must be returned correctly
filled in not later lhan June 16ih. Salaries, |110 and *,116 per montli.
Chief Inspector of Machinery,
New Westminster, B. C.
To Rent
Several Residences at
Very Small Figure
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco     ���?
Sandon, B. C.
HeaOquarters for flMntng ano Gravelllno flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
���Rooms Xaroe, Clean anO GO02.
train 1
Two Me Days of PLEASURE ood SPORT. |
Mooday   and   Tuesday,   July   1   & 2   Wn
List of Events larger and more olaborale than ever. iv
$5000.00       PRIZES   |
Grand Parade ��� Children's
Sports -Lawn Tennis
Cricket��� Pony Races
Firemen's Sports
Trap Shooting Tournament
Grand Street Parade of the
Voeckhel & Nolan Minstrel
Show with their own Brass
Boat Races    Launch Races
Canoe Races
Concluding* with an elabor-
orate Pyrotechnic Display
and Illuminated Parade
The^ Nelson City Band will
bo in attendance each day.
Excursions Rates from all
Wm. Irvine, Chairman O. Uoretead, Fecretary
His Woiship the Mayor, W. G. Gillett, Honorary Chairman
"Kobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to tlie wants of Our Patrons.
���stu��is-u��-ssi_Ll-__i��� ���������>man il minjr ��� mi ���>w'mtaa,i__��� .maimmmssjua
(Sboiceat liquors- H-CUne-a anO Cigar-a.
***** ********** ********************* *** *** ***********
�� William Bennett &
�� **************************************************,*
. Cameron
The Kootenay Tailor
************************* *************************}
Put up 'n Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trad*!.
We guarantee its "Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon Miners' TUnfon Hospital
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subacrip'.ion .1.00 per month. Non-subscribers ...00 per diem.
 Hospital Stall	
C.E.ANDERSON. - -     WM. B. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To Tbe Secretary
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and  Cigars
always ou hand.     ::    An excellent Pool Table.
A************************ IM   ************************^
Spring ano
from Crown
tailoring Co.
7 The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
In the Country,
1 In Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction gutrunteed.
! Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions \
Also complete Line of Gent's..Furnishings and Supplies.
1 .Hotel.
9 Sj___c3___; sy-EMi-sTm^^ia^^
There In no b-lWr house in the Kootenays for
tbe Mining Man to mako his Headquarters.
Visitor, will find an up-to-date stylo of doing
bli.in.il, and the.Barkeeps aro artist, in their
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Projos.
OSSSS ���"���mBi 2sgn*xBS*__^W3"��aK^SS__*ass3ra
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Vioitora to Now Dmnver, tho beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to b- thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked liar.
Excellent boatim.. Grand  scenery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Denver.
.RATES $3 to a.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No malWr what his oe-
r*.ip��tion, may sar��
money by getting his
Shots' Made to Order.
For a Minim* Shoe
there li nothing belter
than the famous IU L
with a good, solid,
hand made bottom	
These shoes ran only ho  got by
leaving your onler wilh
St Louis .02.75     Chic-*.*   $81 7
Toronto    .81.25    Ottaw  \    5.8*
Montreal .88,76    Ht. Julius .98.7*-
Halifax $104 55.
Tickets on Sale
July 3, 4, 5. August 8,9, 10.
September 11, 12, 13.
Corresponding reductions from
all Ko.teiiav points. Ticliets
nvailiilile for lako ionic including
nienis nnd berths on hi Ic* steamers.
Through note- quoted io any stti-
i >n Ontario C_u��hoc or Maritime
rorincison amplication.
* TV   ���
Shoemaker - Sandon
fi. TO. TOibbowson
Gold, 8ilv*ir,'C ipperor Lend, each, **1 00
G.ild-Silv.r..$1 50 Silver-Le��d.'.sjl 50
Zinc. .$2.00 Gold Silver with Copper oi
Lead..  S.50.
Prompt attention  glren to all .ampl*..
U5 per ci*nt. discount upon five samples
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phona A87
7THIS Well Known
W Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
���with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly Pirst-Class.
| Sflverton - B.C.
Sixty diiya nf er date I intend to
apply lo tho Hon. Chief ("omniim-ioner
of Lands and Works at Vic'orh, B.C.,
for pi'imis'ion to i)urclia��o iho following
disc ibod landa. situate in .Wt Koiten-
av D.strict : Commencing at a post on
the north uble of r'u-lil. nf way of N, A B.
Railway, thence 23,258 chains noiih
bIour went boundary nf lot 7H34, Iherce
east a'ong north, b.uinbiry of lot 7684
20 chains, theme north 20 chain",
thence ivnl 20 i*l in ins more or li hs IoS.E.
co-U'T of lot 7547, liience along south
boundary of lot 7547 10 clmins mora or
le��s. ilirtice north 20 i-hiins, thence
��*>st 30 chain*', theme north 20 chains
thence west 30 ch-'iiig more fir lei. to
IObs*. si'o of righto! way of N. __ S.
Hai'way, therce alon*, Enst boundary of
V, c*i S. Baibvav rijillt (if way to a po nt
40 chains eou'h, thuieu west 28.04
chains, thenco south 20 cha'iis. thenoii
cast 10 chains, tliencr s*intli 10 chai'iis,
thence east 20.899 chains to intersect
wilh N. A S. Railway li.ht of way.
thenoe Bonlheily alnng enst Me of
N. & S. Railway right of way to point
of commencement, and containing 403.78
nrrra more or le*"
Located March 83rd, 1007.
Jc27 Per D, S*.Denis, af-��nt.
(T:*illvili," mineral claim, "itufttd in the
Slocan City .Mining Dui-ion of West
Kootenav District. Where located:���
Abotll 2,OHO feet in r westerly iii.ee-.
tion from HowHid Fraction, nbout one
mile north of Nor.b Fork of Lemon
Take notice that T, Henri Robert Jorand, Free Miners Cei'tiHcatc No. 1178,300,
as a*.cni for Anna Ferguson, Executrix
of the h'St will and te.ilanirnt of William Hinry Frranson deensed, Freo
Mitmrs Certificate No, 114719, intend, 60
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a certificate of
iinprovomrnta for tlie |*m.po*e ot obtaining a Crown Giant of the above claim.
And further take notice, that action
under section 87, must bo commenced
before tbe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated thia 25th day of A pi II, A, T>. 1807.
Jc��7 11. R. JORAND.


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