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Slocan Mining Review 1908-01-23

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 Devoted   to   Advertising-   the
Mineral Resources and Large I
Fruit   growing   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.     '   .
.-*.*" -j *. -^ ������������,--_��� -.-.���.���-_ -q ���-y-\-/-raai
*r. JlMsi-a _,. ;; rT-'__^*riJ*&
Printed  in New. Denver,   the
Beauty'Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No.   22     Vol.   2.
NEW DENVER, British Colum")ia, Thursday, Jan. 23, 1908.
Oyer 3,000' Feel of Work
Bone-Beep Mining Is .
It was tbe editor's very great pleasure
lust week to pay a visit to the Standard
mine,  and  thanks to  tbe cmrtesy of
Mr. Aylard we were permitted to inspect
all the workings.     This  property wss
staked in 1893 by Mike Grady  and hit
partner Briggs, who after shipping the
outcropping* drove a  crosscut to tap
ledge lower,   but after going about 40
feet   they   ceased altogether   and   Ihe
luture big  producer was left in a dormant state until tome two  and a half
years ago,  when Messrs. G. H. Aylard
and J. A.   Finch   eecured control,  and
continuing the   crosscut  they  at   hist
struck the ledge, and drifting, Bhortly
afterwards found the heart-gladdening
ore.    Then  No. 2 tunnel was  started
below,  and the  vein was picked up at
40U feet in.     Tlie  pftystreak   ;as tUill
found to be as good as abovo,  and 150
feet more of work was done on  the dip
of tlie lead, and several ears ol ore extracted.     The values holding out and
tho vein going down, number 8 tunnel
was begun and pusliod to a depth of
500 ft. and they drifted for another 70ft.
on the lead  after striking it.     Here it
was  seen  that the property bote  the
earmarks of a big  mine,   tbere being
three to four feet of solid  ore,  and  the
indications of tetter, down further.
No. 4 was begun and driven for 300
feet and a raise wus niada on oro for
150 feet, and connection established
witli No. 8. A crosscut GO feet long was
driven to the footwall, and two other
crosscuts of 50 and 70 foot were made
in No. 4 to the. footwall. Sloping was
going on ixUn ively between 8 and 4.
Tlie value of the development thus far
is shown in the fact that tbey have a
virgin* stopinz area of 100 feet vertical
and 150 fe��t on the dip, with "all indications of the values continuing down
the hill.,
Operations to determine the continuity of tlie lead are being proceeded
with. No. 5 level is in 400 feet, and
they are now about 17 feet on a crosscut
for lead. It is estimated that 50 feet
further will biing them to the ore body.
So confident are. the owners that the
values go down that a sixth level is
being pushed simultaneously with No.
5, and that is in 300 feet also. Two
crosscuts, one 25 feet in and tlie other
50, are now heading for tho ledge.
When tbe ore is tapped at this depth
they will be 1000 feet vertically below
the outcrop, and then it is reasonable
to consider the Standard in the front
rank of Slocan banner mines. It will
also bu one of the dtepest mines in the
Other work done consists of a parallel
tunnel on footwall of No. 4, which is in
100 feet, and a crosscut not already
mentioned in No. 4. There are also
two intermediate tunnels between 2nd
and 3rd level, aggregating 1.0 feet. In
No. 8 there is a crosscut in zinc and
quartz for 46 feet.
Tho Standard is a silver-lead proposition whicli will play an important part
n the future of the camp. Abovo the
third level there are thousands of tons
of concentrating ore left standing, the
body of il running from 2 to 4 It. wide.
Several thousands of tuns of this oro is
also lying on the dumps.
Last year, despite the fact that u
program of development was pursued,
<;,.() Ions of ore, averaging 80 ozb. silver
and 05 per cent. lend lo the ton, was
sent to the smelter, and since tho new
year started, 85 tons more have been
Abovo lho Standard, on the same
lead, is located tlie Alpha claim, bul
owing to a disagreement among the
partners, the properly has been tin-
worked for ton years. Prior to this dispute nbout 000 tons of high-grade oro
���was shipped from the properly, and
nearly a thousand dollar's wortli of ore
was taken from just below the surface,
the extraction of  which  required little
Last Might's Ice Carnival.
The skating rink last night presented
a gay appearance. Upon the ico
there was a cardinal, a monk, a Spanish
count, an Knglish knight, Indian
princes, a Knight of the Bath, Hindoos,
cowboys, dudes, bakers, gold dust twins,
hoboes, hayseeds, Boers, bascballers,
downs, niggers, and numerous nondescripts. Among tho ladies there wero
represented Cinderella, Winter, Hard
Times, Mama's Baby, Scotch fislier
girl, Highland lasses, Cow girls, Queen
���f tlie Fairies, Nymyhs, Sprites, Ladies
n Waning, Sheperdess, Bo-Peep, Cot*
I ton Picker, etc., etc.
Judging began  at  nine o'clock, aud
the awards were as follow-:
Ladies' costume Queen of the Fairies
Miss Ethel Burgess.
Best lady skater Highland Lassie
Mis3 Hilda Macdonald.
Best girl skater Cow girl
Mary Gordon
Gent's costume...Early English Knight
A. Jacobson.
Comic costume Dutch Fruit Grower
Angus Mclnnes.
Boy's costume Hindoo
Ivan  Brduse.*
Single Copies 5c.
1. Dry ore (silver sulphides in quartz)
Original Conceu-   Per cent
assay       Tailings     hates   Extraction
Silver 19.3     *(i0 77.4 96.8
Gold.     ,03   .005 .(15 85.5
%oo\l uno General,
XV. Dacre, Vancouver mine, who has
been a paiient at the hospital with
renal colic, is now fully recovered and
will leave Saturday.
BoitN.���At New Denver, on the 20th
inst., to the wife of Geo. S. Aylwin/,
a. ton.
il Coo! flaiery.
A daring robbery in broad daylight
was committed ao Sandon on Monday.
Station-agent McCready of the K. and
S. railway, had just taken from the till
in the oflico an envelope containing
paper money to the value oi $80, wliich
he intended to hand to the conductor of
tlie train due to leave for Knslo in a few
minutes. Just as he laid tho envelope
down he was called to the wicket to
i6suo a ticket, and on looking for the
envelops a few minutee later it had
mysteriously vanished. Tlie agent has
no recollection of any person entering
liis office whilst he was at the wicket,
and lie will swear that ths door was
shut. No doubt Chief Lawson will
solve the iiiysleiy.
Letters fo The Editor.
[It must always bu distinctly understood
that tho Editor is not responsible for
the opinions of correspondents, uor
does be always agree with them.]
Dear Sir,���I would like to ask your
correspondent, Pro Bono Assinorum,
why donkeys have such long ears?
In case ho cannot solve the question,
I will relieve hirh of the task: '"That
they may liateu to their ovvii music!"
Tiie discordant sounds emanating
from the Bridge of Asses (assinorum
translated) have destroyed the peace
and harmony for which New Denver
has been so long noted, and caused thc
two young asses (pointed at and publicly identified), to bray and kick furiously, not for bristles, but for humane
What are a few wild oats in a world
of wheat 7 The greatest saint upon
earth cannot but acknowledge early indiscretions of youth. Assinorum should
bear in mind that 'ho bas sons of his
own growing up, who may in time to
come cause him Berious trouble, and
would recall to liis mind how he injured
the characters of two young asses and
wounded the feelings of those who
trained them.
Assinorum may be reminded that
there is ona in his own stable who
should be bridled and broken. Charity
begins etc., etc.   Yours truly,
' New Denver, Jan. 10th, 1008.
G, W. Martin wife and family moved
In from Rosebery on Tuesday. They
have taken Louis Scaia's house.
GET READY ! On Wednesday, Feb.
,19th, the Knights of Pythias will give a
grand Masquerade Ball.
The man who kicks at New Denver
weather this winter ie a candidate for
I lie dippy house.
E. Brookman,  deck  band  from the'
Str, Slocan, who has been in tho hospital with typhoid, is taking his   disohatge
this week. i
J. McKenzie came down from the
Ruth mine Wednesday for the day.
Now Denver and Silverton's winter
raiment is but four inches thick.
The Neglected, a property just outside the town limits, has been reopened
with a crew of three by J. C. Harris.
Cameron and Kennedy, the Slocan
City packers, have taken a contract to
rawhide 160 tons of ore from the Millie
Mack on Cariboo creek.
Another car of oro is about to be raw-
hided down from the Westmont. Packer
Rae has the contract. Five men are
working at the property.
Silver was 55>_ yesterday; London
lead ��14 10s.
[This concludes the discussion. Our
correspondents have begun to be too
lavish with tlieir bouquets.���Editor,
or no milling.
The owners of the Alpha are N. F.
Hockey Club Meeting.
At a well attended meeting on Tuesday night to appoint a Captain in tbe
plnce of J. E. Cornwall, who has
esigned, II. Judson Byrnes was elected
unanimously, with II. R. Blunicnauer
asssistant. It was decided that tho
secretary write the Sandon Hockey Club
and try to arrange a game here sometime next week. J. E. Cornwall waB
elected lion, president of tlie club.
Harry Walker, who for some time
ran a magazine at Now Denver In tlie
interests of himself, free love and physical culture, IniB a scheme on to print
and publish something similar nt a
Bjiot near thc New Denver Glacier. Its
a capital idea, and one that will recom
McNaught,  Senator Hiinsboroiigh, and  mend   itself  to   all lovers of elevated
Alex, Mackenzie. thought.
E. R. Atherton was down from Sandon yesterday.
J. A. McKinnon, the Sandon transfer
man, visited the Standard Friday.
Mra. Wereljr left on Wednesday for
Nelson to visit friends.
A largo crowd of friends of J. E.
Cornwall were at Ihe wharf on Wednesday to bid hiin good-bye.
Colonel Pierson has arrived from
Douglas Anderson, Sandon, was down
to hatha in Ihe sunshine Monday.
There is likelihood of another Masquerade Carnival Feb. 10th if tha ice
holds out. Last night's carnival was a
great success. Twenty-one Silverton
visitors were present.
The current issue of tho B.C. Gazette
contains the appointment of tho following Commissioners for taking affidavits
in the Supreme Court for the purpose
of acting under tbe Provincial Elections
Act in this district. Such appointments
expire on tho 31st December, John
Ground, of Winlaw; Geo. Graham, s.s.
Slocan; Robt. I. Kirkwood, Jas. M.
Karrell, Angus McVicar, Robt. D. Kennedy, Denis St. Denis, Geo. Henderson,
Wm. J. Wildon, all of Slocan.
Services will be held next Sunday at
St. Stephen's church. Evening subject: "Temperance versus Moderation."
Mrs. T. II. Wilson, Silverton, was in
town Monday.
Glorious sunshine throughout the day
makes living in lho Lucerne a blessing.
.Tlie Misses McKinnon were visitors
from Silverton Monday.
R. L. Phelps, the Victoria drummer,
was hero Monday.
The curfew law is being enforced in
town and all boys and giils under 16
are " sboo'd " off the ico and tho streets
at 0 p.m. We might remark that wc
beard aomo disgusting language from
the lips of several boys at the rink last
night.   It was fluent from habit,
M. McLean and J, A. McDonald have
returned from a business trip to Nelson.
Harry Lowe bus liis fingers in bandages, owing to blood poisoning.
An alarm of fire was turned in Inst
night, a small blaze having occurred at
Delaney's residence through defective
Splendid prizes for tho masque ball
are on view at Nelson's store.
Owing to snowslides caused liy soft
weather the past few days the K. and
S. train did not reach Sandon one day.
Peter McLaren, who sprained his
knee recently at the Standard, is in the
hospital and is progressing.
Aylmer MePhee, the 16 year old son
of T. G. MePhee, met with a painful
accident on Sdtnrday, Jan. 18. While
ski-ing near his homo at Whitewater,
he ran against a tree and fractured his
thigh bone. He was taken to the Miners' Union hospital, at Sandon, where
tbe fracture wss set by Dr. Petersky
and where he is now residing comfortably.
We are afraid thnt tbo children did
**<>t take ua seriously i.-i '.ho competition
we offered for their benefit hist week, as
nly one competitor sent in a list of
news. As that competitor is a member
of tho editor's own family, it wouldn't
work, for tlie very good reason that we
missed our notebook on Monday. .
The B.C. Saturday Sunset, which is
an elegant weekly newspaper produced
at Vancouver, the contents of which'
are eagerly devoured every week by us,
should have a wide circulation. We
can confidently recommend it to any of
our readers who may be^ looking for
something good. The issuo of the llth
inst. contained in a column article a | j0e Melrose
beautiful panegyric to tho memory of
the Into "Dad" Allen, which should
be read by his army of sorrowing friends
to be appreciated.
Well, supposing tlie temperance reformers close down tho whiskey mills
and Slwash tbo populace. A genius
lias recently discovered that whisky can
be made out of elm sawdust, so what's
to prevent a fellow going out with a
bucksaw and getting jagged on an old
fence rail ?
From our Correspondent.
A Buctessfnl mapqueradeball was held
at the Leland hotel on Monday evening
last. Tho followrns captured tho prizes:
Best dressed lady, Mrs. A. N. Cowan
llest dressed gent, Mr. R. Clark
Comic lady Mrs. L. F. McDougald
Comic gent . Mr. L. F. McDougald
Robt. Abbie was awarded the prize for
the bc;t comic lady,' but when it was
time to unmask he was found to be of
tbe wrong sex, so the prize was awarded
to Mrs. McDougald.
A large gathering of residents was
held in Abricl's Hall on Tuesday last
to discuss the prospects of a new Government building for tho town, which is
badly needed.
Mr. A. Harris, while working at tho
shipyards, fell, and injured liis hack.
He was taken ly the hospital at Nelson
and is reported to be doing nicely.
The freight crew have  been removed ,
to Nelson, with the result that on passenger train  dnys the passenger train
crew do all the  work  and  leave  here
from one.to two hours late.
2. Dry ore (galena in quartz with iron
pyri tea-
Lead     7.9     .35 38.5 00.4
8. Dry ore (galena in quartz)���
Silver 13 3oz. l..*( 120.4 00.0
Lead. 5.0p.o, 1.0 05.7 00.0
The cost of treatment, including interest on plant, was less tban one dollar
per ton.
The average cost of placing ono ton of
dry ore at smelter is about t.20 to .80,
according to situation. This equals a
silver content of from 80 to 45 ozs. All
ore containing less than this amount
must be thrown over the dump as
waste. Under the Elrpore modification
j process such oro can bo made to show a
good profit, as the following will show:
100 tons dry ore assaying 25 ozs.
equals 10 tons concentrates.
Value of concentrates $1462 00
Coals treatment at $1 per ton..    100.00
Costa ou Concentrates at .30...     800 00
Last Week's Ore Shipments.
Tho output from the district again
shows a decided increase over last week
shipments, This ha", been brought
about by lho increased tonnage from
Silverton mines. Smaller shipments of
concentrates from tho Vancouver mill
may be looked for, as the Hewitt company takes over tho Wakefield mill at
nn early dale. However, steady shipments of milled goods from the Hewitt
will be made, ns that company has
enough ore blocked out to keep the mill
running at, its fullest capacity 025 tons
pot day) for two years.
Good reports aro to hand from thc
Slocan Sovereign, where Messrs, Ransom and Wotnant are sacking a ton of
good, ore a day. The leasers of the*
Bluebird are preparing for a big shipment, they having ru.n inlo a line body
of rich ore. Tbe Sunshine 1ms again
entered tho list with a half-car cot.'sign-
Following are the shipments to Trail
smelter for week ending Jan. 18th.
Keep in mind the Nakusp Dramatic
Club ball on Feb. 14th.
The following are the charter members of the Illustrious order of Grand
Snipes, founded Dec. 1st, 1007 by Chas.
McGregor, No. 00, late of Hong Kong,
The Hon. J. McAlli.ter,       King Snipe
D. T. Bulger,        Advfser to King Snipe.
James MePhee, Grand Secretary
R. H. Smith, Grand Treasure:*
L. F.  McDougald Grand Auditor
J. A. Dotigall Grand Chaplain
Fred Atkinson Grand Master
O. S. Strauss        Muster of Ceremonies
Grand Tyler
Grand Lecturer
Senior Snipe
Junior Snipo
G. It. Tillett
F. Routley,
P,  Peterson,
T. Borne
E. Crosby
B. Haigh Master of Entertainments
Net values  $1002.00
This equals more than .10 per ton on
the 25 oz. ore.
As the entiie plant costs some $4000,
it will be seen that a 500 ton dump of
25 oz. ore would be sufficient to pay the
entire cost 'of J installation. Aa an
accessory to the. ordinary milling process tlira concentrator stands to repay
itself over and over again in connection
with zinc savins;.
At present zinc milling cannot be said
to be a success in the country, because
the high grade product  require*} in the
market is not possible without exclusive J
losses in the tailings.
As, however, the tailings are in exactly .the condition required by this concentrator, tho zinc can be recovered
from them ie marketable form ami tho
losses reduced to l-10thof what they
aro at present. The ollioial figures for
zinc saving aro as follows :
Blende and quartz gangue���
23.9    /    2.5 50.7
Blonde with slate���
5.5 0.0 44.5
Blende and Spathic iron���
5.9 1.27        48.1)
These last two are about the average
ol tho tailings in the country, and tho
costs, including interest on plant, only
amount in thiB case to 25 cents per tou.
Captain Amos   Thompson    occupied
the chair,   and    facing hlm    was  the
toastmaster, Charles F.   Nelson.   AfteV
the good things had been tucked  away,
he evening was devoted to oratory ami
music.   Shortly before twelve the r.s
seinbly joined  bands and sang  "Auld
Lang Syne "  in    a  manner   befitting
the occasion, and cheers for tho departing guest were given  wliich made the
bottles in the bar dance.
Following is the toast list:
"The King;" "Our Guests," responded to  by J. E.    Cornwall;   "Province
and   its Government,"   A.    Mclnnes;
"Town  Irnprovemedfc Society," C. F.
Nelson;  "Our  Banking   Institution,',
Hi G. Fisher; "The Press," J. J. Atherton ; "Fruit Raising Industry," J. C.
Harris; "The Ladies," Frank Lindsay;
"Our Host," H. Stege.
Interspersed  throughout the evening
were tho   following selections:    Song,
"Play in Your Own  Back-yard,"  (en-
400.00 I cored)   "Rocked  in  the Cradlo ol the
Deep," A. St.C. Brindle; Specialty act
consisting of hand balancing, contortion
splits and somersault throwing, by H.
Stege; banjo selection by. J. IToIden;
song, "Bonnie Brier Bush," J. B. Smith ;
song, "Fjernc Syd Du Sjon Ne Spnngen,"
Andrew    Jacobson;   song,    "Goo-Goo
Eyes," J. E. Cornwall; Anecdotes from
Ananias, Dr. J. E. Brouse, J. C. Bolander, and J. T. Black; song, "Killaloe,'**
J. J.   Atherton,   encored,  "When   the
Gentle Breezes Blow";   song,   "Pipers
Awn," T. T. Rankine,  encored, scotch
anecdote;  Song,   "Pass   the  Salt,"  J.
1 Diiggan ;song (original) "Dollars,Dimes
and  Peanuts,"   J.    C.  Harris;    song,
"Down east among the Shady Maples,"
Harry Lowe.   Particular mention must
be made of the acrobatic  performance
by Herr Stege, it was startlingly original and quite unexpected.   The  evening
wss a thorough  enjoyable one, and  we
hope somebody else will soon pull  out
so that we may have another good time.
Heard at the banquet:
"Rubber." .
(Toast: The Ladies) Frank Lindsay:
"All girls look alike to me, with.the
exception ol red-headed ones."
"That reminds me," J. C. Bolander
and Jack Black.
Farewell to a Hood Fellow.
^inB* _., Tons.
Vancouver, Silverton  g_
.���, ."      ,         "        (milled) .'.'.'.'. 400
���Vlutewater ,  28
"           (milled) , 280
Reco, Sandon     ���    20
Ruth, Sandon ..*,.'!! 11"
.Standard, Silverton  8S
Sunshine, Sandon ',., ];
Hewitt, Silverton .....'. :.'("
Canadian Group, Sandon ....'. 22
Sunset, Saudon  g]
Total     J082 I as follows
Recently the Ore Concentrating Co. of
London, England, has conducted a
series of experiments in ore concentration by a modification of tbe Elmore
Oil process. These experiments have
been so successful in cases where the
ordinary milling process fails completely, that all thoso interested in concentration processes should be acquainted
with the details.
This process ie based on the three fol-
fowing facts:
1. When oil is added to an ore pulp
in water it selects and adheres to the
mineral particles and not to tho rock or
gangue matter.
2. When gas is evolved from the pulp
by addition of a little aeid.it adheres
to tho oil-coated mineral particles and
not to the gangue or rock. . i
8. Whin the pressure is reduced
above the ere pulp the oil coated mineral particles wilh gas attached rise to
the surface of the liquid, while the
gangue remains at tho bottom,
Actually the apparatus used consists
of a ilume shaped tank with a revolving
bottom, with inlets for ore pulp, oil
and acid ; an outlet at the surface of thu
pulp for the coneentrat.es, and another
towards the bottom for tho waste rock.
The upper portion is connected with a
suction pump, so that the pressure can
be reduced at will.
These concentrators have been testod
by eminent engineers of good standing
and the results of tests mado on a great
variety of ores has been published.
Thu details given of experiments in dry
ores and zinc concentration are of
special interest to us,   The results were
Bank-accountant Cornwall   was   the
guest oi tlie evening at a   sumptuous
banquet given at the New'lnarkct Hotel
on Saturday evening last.   Like  Niobe
(all siuiles) some  40guests partook   of
the epicurean dishes served up by Count
Senior Steward  Stege,   The New  Denver Rifle assocla-
Junior Steward   tjon ,���;,' u,e honors to a departing  com-
rude, and they loaded him  up with delicacies In and out of season and  yards
of (lattery.    By tfie way, he found his
hat after tbe skirmish, and it still fitted
him.   Mr. J. E. Cornwall has occupied
the position of teller-accountant at the
local branch   of tiie Bank of Montreal
for  the past three years,   and during
that timo lie has boen one of the  prime
figures  in  athletic and  social circles.
His promotion to the'Spokane branch
while being hailed  with delight by his
many friends, has  left a  vacancy here
whicli will take a  lot of filling.     Mr.
Cornwall   was tbe  crack   shot   of the
local rifle association and last year won
the annual handicap from scratch.    He
was the best hockey and football player
in the Lucerne, and the swiftest sprinter
in the Slocan.   Ho is an  all round athlete, and one of those sort of young men
who nre found In the thick of anything
doing to help out tbe town.     Whether
it was   threading needles  at a  quilting
bee, or building new sidewalks,  he was
always Johnny-on-the-spot.    Ho would
ring the church'bell (ur the minister with
one  hand and  lend you a 5 spot with
the other.   He could admire  your garden   with   his  right optic,  and  make
goo-goos to thc girls at the same  time.
Uo eould  toll  you  the   latest market
price of silver and wheiethe best grouse
shooting was to bo had.   He could rake
in a jackpot as neatly as Soapy Smith,
and escort you to  your  church pew  as
graceful as Beau Brummel; and last bul,
not   least,  be   wore  lhe  smile  whicli
never slipped for tho three yeais he has
been   counting   scrip    and    throwing
American   silver  in   the coal  scuttle.
Small wonder then that bis many friends
of tho. rifle association  should  gather
him in for a final  blowout, and  so said
"Is that original?"   Let it pass.
Everybody do something to advertise
the town."
H. G. Fisher: "Mr. Cornwall has
waited long and patiently for a well
merited promotion,"
Angus Mclnnes : "The B.C. Govern-
'���"���������-��� 19 doing g,*,i���d work for the pro-
vice, and Win. Hunter has dune good
wont: for the Slocan*;
Jno. MePhee (after Andy Jacobson
had sung a Norwegian song) ��� "That's
the song my mother used to sing mo to
sleep with."
Amoa Thompson: "Gentlemen, wo
have in our company to-night a vocalist whose abilities none present here
but myself know of. I allude to my
old friend, Sandy McKay."
"Do it again, Henry, I wasn't look
J. B. Smith: "I'm sorry gentlemen,
but the song I'm about to sing is like
Mr. Bolander's jokes���old.
T. T. Rankine: "Mr. Chairman, I'm
in a fix. I've been practising a song
all afternoon, and Mr. Brindle has just
sung it."
During the evening Mr. Cornwall was
the recipient of a bouquet of flowers
evidently from a "male" Iriend. Upon
it was a card inscribed "Hopeless-but
The menus were gotten up in embossed silver letters and contained these
words: "Complimentary banquet tendered lo Mr. J. E. Cornwall, Jan. 18
1808, by lhe Noble Elect of the Lucerne
Butterfly Shooters."
A recently arrived foreigner employed
as a clerk was nsked by bis employer to
send out a polite dunning* letter which .
would bring lesnlts. The results were
phenomenal, every delinquent paying
his Recount in full. Tho letter road as
Dear Mr���: If you do not do its (he
extreme honor of paying all the dollars
end all the cents of this accounting,
which ymi so lung owed to onr business.
we shall, lo our regret, begin to do
something that will cause you the utmost astonishment.
Don't forget the  Whist Tournament
at the K. of P.  hall to-night.    Be  in ���������
your places at 8.80.    Everybody attend
as the funds go to now sidewalks.
Information is sought by tho local
police, relative lo tho whereabouts of
Charles McLean, a young man 27 years
old and of dark complexion. He is a..
native of BftddOck, C.B. McLean's
father was *t blacksmith by trade and.
familiarly, known as "Mickie Charlie "
all of those invited to participate in the I _.!"." ,? l"""  k''-pl �� ,*��*e1'     The
send-off. 'S    bel��nstoth,i *������ Catholic THE BLOCAN MINING REVIEW, SANDON, B.  0.
i/V   *
���*   *
��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans,"
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc
It was a long, tiresome ride tor
grandpa, from Honedale to Aikenside,
and as he was not in his wife's secret, he accepted thankfully the doo*
tor's offer to take Maddy there himself. With this arrangement Maddy
was well pleased, as it would thus
afford her the opportunity she had
so much desired, of talking with the
doctor about his bill, and asking him
to wait until she had earned enough
to pay it.
To the aged couple, parting for the
flrst time with their darling, the da}
was very sad, but they would not
intrude their grief upon the young
girl looking so eagerly forward to the
new life opening before her; only
grandpa's voice faltered a little when.
in the morning prayer, he commended his child to God. asking that she
might be kept from temptation, and
that the new sights and scenes to
which she was going might not beget
* in her a love of the world's vanities,
or a disgust for her old home; but
that she might come back to it the
Same loving, happy child as she was
then, and never be ashamed of the
parents to whom she was so dear.
There was an answering sob from the
chair where Maddy knelt, and after
the devotions were ended she wound
her arm around her grandfather's
neck,  and said earnestly:
"Grandpa, do you think I could
ever be ashamed of you and grandma?"
"I hope not, darling; it would break
our hearts; but finery and things is
mighty apt to set folks up, and after
you have walked a spell on the velvet
carpets, you'll no doubt think your
feet make a bir_ noise on our bare
kitchen floor."
"That may be, but I shan't be
ashamed of you. No, not if I were
Mrs. Guy Remington herself." And
Maddy emphasized her words with a
kiss, as she thought how nice it would
be, provided she were a widow, to
be Mrs, Guy Remington, and have
her grandparents live at Aikenside
with her.
"But, pshaw! I'll never be Mrs.
anybody; and if I am, I'll have to
have a husband, which would be such
a bather!" was her next mental comment, as, leaving her grandfather, she
went up to help her grandmother with
the breakfast dishes, wondering when
she would wipe those blue cups again,'*!
and how she sbould feel when she
Quickly the morning passed, and
just as the clock struck two the doctor's buggy appeared over the hill.
Up to this moment Maddy had only
been happy in anticipation; but when,
with her shawl nnd bonnet on, she
stood waitiiie* while the doctor fastened her little trunk, and when she
saw a tear on the wrinkled faces of
both her grandparents, her fortitude
gave way; and 'mid a storm of sobs,
she said her good-bys and received
her grandfather's blessing.
It was very plenSant this afternoon,
for the summer breeze was blowing
���eool across the fields, where the laborers were busy; and with the elasticity of youth, Maddy's tears stopped
their flowing, but not until the dear
old home had disappeared, and they
were some distance on tbe road to
"I wonder how I shall like Mrs.
Remington and Mr. Guy?" was the
first remark she made.
"You'll not see them immediately.
They left this morning for Saratoga,"
the doctor replied.
"Left! Mr. Guy gone!" Maddy repeated in a disappointed tone.
"Are you ver,v sorry?" the doctor
asked, and. Maddy replied:
"I did want to see him once; I
never have."
It would be such a surprise to find
that Guy was no other than the terrible inspector, that he would not undeceive her, the doctor thought; and
so he relapsed into a thoughtful
mood, from whicli Maddy aroused him
by breaking the subject of the unpaid bill, asking if he'd please not
trouble grandpa, but wait until she
could pay it.
"Perhaps it's wrong asking it when
you were so good, but if you only
will take me for payment," and Maddy's soft brown eyes were lifted to
his face.
"Yes, Maddy, I'll take you for payment," the doctor said, smiling, half
seriously, as his eyes rested fondly
upon her.
Even then stupid Maddy did not
understand him, but becan to calculate out loud how long it would
take to earn the money. She'd heard
people say that the doctor charged a
dollar a visit to Honedale, and he'd
been so many, many times, that it
would take a great many weeks to
pay him; besides, there was the debt
to Mr. Guy. She wanted to help pay
that, but did not see how sbe could,
unless be waited, too. Did the doctor think he would? It seemed terrible to the doctor that one so young
as Maddy should be harassed with
the payment of debts, and he felt a
most intense desire fdr the right to
shield her from all such care, but
he must not speak of it then; he'd
rather she should remain a little longer an artless child, confiding all her
troubles to him as if he had been her
��� "There's Aikenside," he said, at
last, and it was not long before they
passed through the gate, guarded by
the great bronze lions, and struck
into the road leading to the house.
"It's grander, finer, than* I ever
dreamed. Oh! if I could some time
have just such a home! and, doctor.
look! What does make that water
go up in the air so? Is it what they
���call a fountain?"
In her excitement Maddy had risen, and with one hand resting on
the doctor's shoulder, was looking
���round her eagerly. Guy Remington
would have laughed, and been gratified, too, could he have heard the
enthusiastic praises heaped upon his
home by the little schoolgirl as she
drove up to his door. But Guy was
away in the dusty cars, and only
Jessie stood on the piazza to receive
her teacher. There were warm words
of welcome, kisses and hugs; and then
Jessie led her friend to the chamber
she  was  to  occupy.
"Mother wanted you to sleep the
other side of the house, but Brother
���Suj' ^Qi*i. ne* ^ou^hrrjld ___!_����_&.. a
pleasant roomfana wnen iTuy-says
a thing, it's so. It's nice in here,
and close, to me. See. I'm right .here,"
and Jessie opened a door leading directly to her own sleeping room.
"Here's one trunk," she continued,
as a servant brought up and set
down, a little contemptuously, the
small haircloth box containing Maddy's wardrobe. "Here's one; where's
the rest?" and she was flying after
Tom, when Maddy stopped her, saying:
"I have but one���that's all."
"Only that little, teenty thing?
How funny! Why, mamma carried
three 'most ns big as my bed to Saratoga.    You can't have many dresses'.
What are you going to wear to dm,
ner?" .
"I've been to dinner." And Maddy
looked  up  in   some   surprise.
"You have! We never have it till
five, when Guy is at home; but now
they arc gone, Mrs. Noah says we
will have it at one, as folks ought to
do. To-day I coaxed her to wait till
you came, and the table is all set
out so nicely for two. Can you carve,
and do you like green turtle soup?"
Maddy was bewildered, but managed to reply that she could not
carve, that she never saw any green
turtle soup, and that she supposed
she should wear to dinner -the delaine she had on.
"Why, we always change, even
Mrs. Noah," Jessie exclaimed, bending over the open trunk and examining its contents.
Two calicoes, a blue muslin, a
gingham, and another delaine, beside,)
the one she had on. That was the
sum total of Maddy's wardrobe, and
Jessie glanced at it a little ruefully
as Maddy carefully shook out the
nicely folded dresses and laid them
upon the bed. Here Mrs. Noah was
heard calling Jessie, who ran away
leaving Maddy alone for a moment.
Maddy had seen the look Jessie
gave her dresses, and for the first
time there dawned upon her mind
the possibility that her plain apparel
and ignorance of the ways of Aikenside might be to her the cause of
much mortification.
"And grandma said they were so
nioe, too���doing them up so carefully," she* said, her lip beginning to
quiver, and her eyes filling witrftears,
as thoughts of home came rushing
over her.
She could not force them back, and
laying her head upon the top of the
despised hair, trunk, she sobbed aloud.
Guy Remington's private room was
in that hall, and as the doctor knew
a book was to have been left there
for him, he took the liberty of getting it; passing Maddy's door he
heard the low sound of weeping, and
looking in, saw her where she Bat
or rather knelt upon the floor.
"Homesick so soon!" he said, advancing to her side, and then, amid
a torrent of tears, the whole came out.
Maddy never could do as they did
there, and everybody would laugh at
her so for an awkward thing; she
never knew that folks ate dinner at
five instead of twelve���she should
surely starve to death���she couldn't
carve���she could not eat rhud-turtte
soup, and she did not know which
dress to wear for dinner���would the
doctor tell her? There they were, and
she pointed to the bed, only five;
Bhe knew Jessie thought it mean.
Such was the substance of Maddy's
passionate outpouring of her griefs
to the highly perplexed doctor, who,
after quieting her somewhat, ascertained that the greatest present trouble was the deciding what dress was
suitable to the occasion. The doctor
had never made dress his study, but
as it happened he liked blue, and
so suggested it, as the one most likely to be becoming.
"That!" and Mnddy looked confounded. "Why, grandma never let
me wear that, except on Sunday;
that's my very  best dress."
"Poor child; I'm not sure it was
right for you to come here where the
life is so different from the quiet, unpretentious one you have led," the
doctor thought, but he merely said:
"It's my impression they wear their
best dresses here, all the time."
"But what will I do when that's
worn out? Oh, dear, dear, I wish I
had not come!" and another impetuous fit of weeping ensued, in the
midst of which Jessie came back,
greatly disturbed on Maddy's account,
and asking eagerly what was the matter.
Very adroitly the doctor managed
to draw Jessie aside, while as well as
he was able he gave her a few hintB
with regaid to her intercourse with
Maddy, and Jessie, who seemed in-
intuitively to understand him, went
I Trnck to the weeping girl, Boothing
her much as a little mother would
have soothed her child. They would
have such nice times, when Maddy
got used to their ways, which would
not take long, and nobody would
laugh at her, she said, when Maddy
expressed her fears on that point.
"You are too pretty, even if you do
make mistakes!" and then Bhe went
into ecstasies over the blue muslin
which was becoming to Maddy, and
greatly enhanced her girlish beauty
The tear stnins were all washed away
Jessie using very freely ber mother'**
eau-de-cologne, and making Maddy's
cheeks very red with rubbing; the
nut-brown hair was brushed until it
shone like satin, a little narrow band
of black velvet ribbon was pinned
about Maddy's snowy neck, and then
she was ready for that terrible ordeal, her first dinner at Aikenside.
The doctor was. going to stay, and
this helped to relieve her somewhat.
"You must come to the housekeeper's room and see her first," Jessie
said, and with a beating heart and
brain bewildered by the elegancies
which met her at every turn, Maddy
followed to where the dread Mrs.
Noah, in rustling black silk and a
thread-lace collar, sat sewing and
greatly enjoying the leisure she had
in her master's absence.
Mrs. Noah knew who Maddy was,
remembering the old man said that
she would not disgrace a drawing
room as fine as that at Aikenside.
She had discovered, too, that Mrs.
Agnes was opposed to her coming,
that only GuyJB determined will had
brought her there; and this, if nothing else, had disposed her to feel
kindly   toward   the   little
singular type oi beauiy���a Deautyun-
tarnished by any selfish, uncharitable,
or suspicious.feeling. Clear and truthful as a mirror, her brown eyes looked
into Mr3. Noah's, while her low
courtesy, so full of deference, found
its way straight to that motherly
"I am glad to see you. Miss Clyde,"
she said, "very glad."
Maddy's lip quivered a little and
her voice shook as she replied:
"Please call me Maddy. They do
at home, and I shan't be quite bo���
She could not say "homesick," lest
Bhe should break out again into a fit
of crying, but Mrs. Noah understood
her, and rememberinR her own experience when first she went from home,
she involuntarily stooped to kiss the
pure, white forehead of the girl, who
henceforth was sure ol one champion
at least at Aikenside.
The dinner was a success, so far as
Maddy was concerned. Not a single
mistake did she perpetrate, though
her cheeks burned painfully as she
felt the eyes of the polite waiters
fixed so often upon her, and fancied
they might.be laughing at her. But
they were not, and thanks to the kind-
hearted'Guy. they thought of her only
with respect, as one who was their
superior and must be treated accordingly. Knowing how different everything was at Aikenside from that to
which she hnd been accustomed, Guy,
with the thoughtfulness natural to
him, had taken the precaution of
speaking to each of the servants concerning Miss Clyde, Jessie's teacher.
As he could not be there himself
when she first carne it would devolve
upon them, more or less, to make it
pleasant for her by kind, civil attentions, he said, hinting at the dire displeasure sure to fall on anyone who
should be guilty of a misdemeanor
in that direction. To Paul, the coachman, he had been particular in his
charges, telling him who Maddy was,
and arguing that from the insolence
once given to the grandfather the offender was bound to be more polite
to the grandchild. The carriage was
to be at her and Jessie's command,
Paul never refusing a reasonable request to drive the young ladies when
and where they wished to go, while
a pretty little black pony, recently'
broken to the saddle for Agnes, was
to be at Miss Clyde's service, if she
chose to have it. As Guy's slightest
wish was always obeyed, Maddy's
chances for happiness were not small,
notwithstanding that she felt so desolate and lonely when the doctor left
her, and standing by Jessie, she watched him with a swelling heart until
he was lost to view in the deepening
Feeling that she must be homesick, Mrs. Noah suggested that she
try the fine piano in the little music
"Maybe you can't play, but you
can drum 'Days of Absence,' as most
girls do," and opening the lid she
bade Maddy "thump as long as she
Music was a delight to Maddy, who
coveted nothing so much as a knowledge of it, and sitting down upon
the stool, she touched the soft-toned
instrument, ascertaining by her ear
several sweet chordB, and greatly astonishing Jessie, who wondered at her
Bkill. Twice each week a teacher came
up from Devonshire to give lessons
to Jessie, but as yet she could only
play one scale and a few simple bars.
These she attempted to teach tp Maddy, who caught them so quickly and
executed them so well that Jessie waa>
delighted. Maddy ought to take lessons, she said, and some time during the next day she took to Mrs.
Noah a letter which she had written
to Guy. After going into ecstasies
over Maddy, saying she was the nicest kind of a girl, that she prayed
in the morning as well as at night,
and looked so sweet in blue, she asked if she couldn't take music lessons,
too, advancing many reasons why Bhe
should, one of which was that she
could play now a great deal better
than herself.
It was s<*vernl days before an answer came to this letter, and when
it did it brought Guy's consent for
Maddy to take lessons, together with
a note for Mr. Simons, requesting him
to consider Miss Clyde his pupil, as
well as Jessie.
Though greatly pleased with Aikenside, and greatly attached to Jessie,
Maddy had had many hours of loneliness when her heart was back in the
humble cottage where she knew they
were missing her so much, but now
a new world, a world of music, was
suddenly opened before her, and the
homesickness all disappeared. It had
been arranged with Mrs. Noah, by
Agnes, that Jessie should only study
for two hours each day, consequently
Maddy had nearly all the time to'her-
self, and well did Bhe improve it,
making so rapid progress that Simons
looked on amazed, declaring her ease
to be without a parallel, while Jessie
was left far behind. Indeed, after a
short time Maddy might have been
her teacher, and was of much service
to her in practicing.
Meanwhile the doctor came often
to Aikenside, praising Maddy's progress in music, and though he did
not know a single note, compelling
himself to listen while with childlike
satisfaction she played him her last
lesson. She was very happy now at
Aikenside, where all were so kind to.
her, and half wished that the family
would always remain as it was then,
that Agnes and Guy would not come
home, for with their coming she felt
there would be a change. It was nearly time now to expect them. Indeed,
Guy had written on one Saturday that
they should probably be home the
next, and during the ensuing week
Aikenside presented that most uncomfortable phase of a house being cleaned. Everything must be in order for
Mr. Guy, Mrs. Noah said, taking
more pains with his rooms than with
the remaining portion of the building.
Guy was her idol; nothing was too
good for him, few things quite good
enough, and she said so much in his
praise that Maddy began to shrink
from meeting him. What would he
think of her? Perhaps he might not
notice her in the least, and that would
be terrible. But, no, a man as kind
as he had shown himself to her would
at least pay her some attention, and
so at last she began to anticipate
his coming home, wondering what
their first meeting would be, what
she should say to him, and what he
would think of her.
(To be Continued.)
The Striking Way an Oxford Notable
Won a Nickname. -
Dean Stanley once went late to dinner with his collar flapping. His hostess ventured to ask hlm If he knew.
"Oh, yes!" answered tbe dean. "Dol
you mind?" "Not at all," said the]
lady. "Then I don't mind, either. The,
button dropped off while I was dress-,
Ing." And the dean continued his conversation. , ,
Rev. W. H. Tuckwell Is responsible!
for the history of how an Oxford nota-:
ble ln the thirties got his nickname
"Presence of Mind" Smith. He went
boating wltb a friend and returned
alone and was asked what had become
of his companion. He explained that
his friend had fallen into the Thames,
"and If I had not with great presence
of mind hit bim on the head with a
boat hook the both of us would have
heen drowned'."
The late Joseph Joachim was a great
favorite ln London and for more than
sixty years rarely missed a season
there. A certain nobleman told him
that he was going to St. James' hall to
bear him, and Joachim later asked him
if he had found it tedious. "Not at
all," serenely nnswered the titled personage. "I enjoyed myself Immensely. I did not recognize you at first
under your disguise as a nigger, but
later I laughed all the more." The nobleman bnd strolled by mistake into a
minstrel show Instead of the large concert hall.
Scotch Shipbuilding.
According to a report that has just
been issued, the first eight months
of this year make a record in the
Scottish shipbuilding industry. Altogether 381 vessels of 459,763 tons
were launched. On the Clyde the
output consisted of 239 vessels of 421,-
083 tons, an increase on last year���
the previous highest���of 38 vessels
and 5,172 tons. During August 42
vessels of 58,614 tons were launched
in Scotland. -Of these 25 of 51,387
were from Clyde yards. An exception-
aUy large tonnage of new contracts
was reported >n August, the total
amounting to about 90,000 tons, of
which over 80,000 tons was placed with
Clyde bunder"
Williams' Pink Pills Came to the
Rescue After Doctor's Treatment    Failed
Has  Been Used by the Good Sisters of the Academy of the Grey
Nuns in Aylmer, Quebec.* and at St. Joseph's Hospital..
*       Victoria, B. C. with Great Success.
Their Words  of Praise  and  Recommendation Need  No Special Qualification ~
and will inspire hope in many a Drooping Spirit���They Know
whereof They Speak.
The wonderful record that PSY- prompt answer to our order. We are tbe following letter came to Dr. T. A.
CHIN!*; bus made for itself in restor- In receipt of the six bottles of Psy- Slocum, Limited, Toronto:���
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had    considerable    experience    with it to many of our houses, and I think I , Superior.
PSYCHINE. you will receive orders from them.   I  St. Joseph's  Hospital,  Victoria,  B.c]
On June 28th, 1907, this testimony  enclose   a  check.    Many  thanks   for |    This  was  followed  by  these'conn
came from the Sister Superior of the  y��***"   kindness."   Respectfully,
Academy of Grey Nuns, Aylmer, Que-1 SISTER   &UPERIOR,
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We have found    PSYCHINE
kindly send two more bottles as soon
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Academy of Grey.Nuns, Aylmer, Que.
This   was   followed   by   another   on
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attention you have given to orders for
Psychine. Will you kindly send by
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Still  further  words  of  praise,    on
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"We  are  very  grateful    for    your
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Still later comes the following from
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We thank you for the good work this
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Aylmer Convent,  Aylmer East,  Que.
To this we add the "good words"
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St.  Joseph's Hospital,  Victoria,   B.C.
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sale at all druggists for 50c and $1.00
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Street,* W��� Toronto.
Radium Deposits I Alaskan  Opportunities
Professor Jily, who made a geolo-j "To the man without means, but
gical examination of the stones and with a capital stock of willingness
the debris collected during the con- and ability to work, Tanana will be
struction of the Simplon tunnel, re- found a great field of endeavor," says
ports that he has found rich traces of an Alaska paper. "Wages paid in
radium,   indicating    larger    deposits  tlie mines range from $5 to $7 a day
The life of anv constant traveller is I than  have yet  been  discovered  else-  and board.    In Fairbanks, where all
X11C   snow*   ...  ,                  _.      ,    ,     _���*.���*    .,._         ,     , ,    ,      	
always a hard one, but those whose
work compel tbem to take long, tiresome drives oveT rough roads, exposed to all conditions of weather, are
in constant danger of losing their
health. The extreme heat of summer or tho piercing winds of winter
sup their strength, the kidneys become diseased or rheumatism sets in.
What is needed to withstand this
hardship is rich red blood���the pure
blood that Dr. Williams' Pink. Pills
alone can make. These pills are the
travellers never-failing friend. Concerning them Mr. George Dalpe, of
St. Eloi, Que., says:���"I am a grain
dealer and am obliged to mako frequent trips, sometimes very tiring.
I returned home from one of these
trips last summer verv much fatigued. I was overheated and tried to
cool and rest myself by lounging on
the verandah till late at night. I
caught cold and the next day I did
not feel at all well. I had a headache, painB in my stomach and was
very weak. I went to see a doctor
but he said I would be alright in a
day or so, so I started on another
trip. I had not gone far before I
felt very ill and had to return home
and go to bed. I bad chills, bead-
ache, pains in my stomach and kidneys. The doctor came to see me
and \v> said I was overworlted. He
treated me for several months but
instead of improving, I continually
grew worse. I wasted away almost
to a skeleton and really thought I
was going to die. One day my wife
returned from tlie village with a supply of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sbe
urged me to take them as she said
they had been very highly recommended to her. I did so and bv the
time I had taken four boxes I felt
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boxes. Tbey fully cured me and today I ain able to go about my work
without feeling fatigued."
Fatigue, on tbe lenst exertion is a
sign that the blood is poor. Replace
the bad blood with good blood and
labor will be a pleasure. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make pure, red
blood. That is why tbey cure anae- j
mia, rheumatism, kidney trouble,'
indigestion, heart palpitation and the
nerve-racking ills of girlhood and
womanhood. Sold by all medicine
dealers or by mail at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams Co., Brockville, Ont.
whore in Europe. He believes that
the existence of so much radium caused the'abnormal heat developed in
the construction of the tunnel. He
is continuing his researches. Although
scientists believe that Radium, discovered by Mme. Curie in 1002, is
widely distributed over the world in
minute  quantities,  the  present  prin-
the year round employment is assur
ed, the average pay is $200 a month
while the work only obtainable occasionally is paid for at the rate of
$1 an hour. Skilled labor is paid
higher. Many men have saved sufficient from their wages to obtain
small prospecting boilers and supplies
with   which  they  have    gone   afield
oipal  source  is  the    pitchblende    of  tlieir   trips   bringing   in   fortunes   in
Joachimsthal, Nortli Bavaria, where
a few grains of radium appear in a
ton of pitchblende. A pound of radium, if it could be bought, would
cost about $900,000.
discoveries  of  rich  claims.'
A Cure for Costiveness*
comes from the refusal of the excretory organs to perform their duties
regularly from contributing causes
usually disordered digestion. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, prepared on
scientific principles, are so compounded that certain ingredients in them
pass through the stomach and act
upon the bowels so as to remove their
torpor and arouse them to proper action. Many thousands are prepared
to bear testimony to their power in
this  respect.
Pleasant  as  syrup;  nothing equals
it��as a worm medicine; the name is
I Mother Grave's Worm  Exterminator.
I The  greatest  worm  deptroyer  of  the
Costiveness | aBe*
"There's a Wall street man out inj
front," announced the shop boy.
"You wait on him," said the jeweler, "I'm busy with this farmer gentleman. That Wall street feller does
not want anything more than a collar button, I judge."���Washington
Not   in   Need
Austere Person���I can't tip you,
young man, unless you have- change
for a tenner.
Waiter (sizing him up)���Keep your
dime, air; I haven't a nickel about
me.���Chicago Tribune.
The population of the British Empire consists of 54 millions of white
and 346 millions of colored people.
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses, blood spavin,
eurbs, splint.., ringbone, Sweeney, stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, coughs,
etc. Saye $50 by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Oure
ever known.
rants are exceedingly bard sub
���stances���s�� bard that wben we wish t��
be emphatic we sometimes say that s
thing Is hard as Mint, yet all tbe flints
In the world are supposed to have been
formed from soft sponges, for by examining small pieces of flint under s
microscope the texture of the sponge
in a fossil condition Is often seen and
She had expected to see her rather I the  spicules  peculiar to sponges
pretty, but was not prepared to find " recognized.
hex. __ha_..al_e was.    Maddy's __*__; a
Injustice in Literature
"There is a great deal of injustice
in literature."
"Yes,"    answered    Miss    Cayenne,
"they still insist on putting the name
of the  author on
that of the man who makes the hand
some    cover    design."��� Washington
An unbroken list of forty two vicars
ot the parish church at Scarborough,
England, takes it buck to tbe lime of
the Noruiuu conquest
The Rev. Frederick J. Kinsman, professor of ecclesiastical history lu the
General Theological seminary. New
Vork, has beeu elected vice rector of
St.' Paul's school. Concord, N. II. Mr.
Kinsman Is un alumnus and former
master of the school.
Rev. Frederick Mueller, pastor o* the
Fourth Reformed church of Albany,
has entered the Albany Law school ln
the freshmun class. He will not become a lawyer, but believes that a law
Bchool course will give hlm a better
command of the English language.
The University of Leeds bas conferred the degree of doctor of letters on
Rev. Robert Collyer. the well known
Unltarlun clergyman of New York,
who will be eighty-four years old ln
December. He was born In Yorkshire,
England, and started life as a blacksmith.
The task of uniting all the free
churches of (Jreal Britain and tbe colonies Into one great federation has
been undertaken by Rev. F. B. Meyer,
who is working now iu England and
will go next spring to South Africa
nnd then to the Australian colonies
and Canada.
K4l "V^WniS.
W.    N.    U.    No.   664.
The affairs of the Japanese royal
. _�������_ JVf.Sl-S i family are conducted by a council con-
Blstlng of all tbe adult males of the
family. Tbe consent of this council ls
necessary for all Japun's royal marriages.
Prince Mlrko of Montenegro, uncle
of the queen of Italy, noted as a
spendthrift, buys all sorts of things
for which the king of Italy ts compelled
to pay In order to save the family
from disgrace.
The sultan of Turkey does not drink
from the ordinary water supply of tbe
palace, but bus sealed barrels brought
specially for his own use every morning from a distant spring. Tbey are
closely guarded to prevent any attempt at poisoning.
Princess Elizabeth of Liechtenstein,
who owns no less ^han thirty-one motor cars, ls certainly tbe most enthusiastic motorist of all tbe Imperial women ln Europe. Prlnoess Elizabeth is
I the younger daughter of Archduchess
Marie Tberese and niece of tbe emperor.
Evelyn���Some of our proverbs are
so ridiculous. For instance, "Where
ignorance is bliss "
Ethel���What's  the  matter now?
Evelyn���Why, you know, Fred gave
me my engagement ring last wefsk,
nnd I simply can't find out how much
it  cost him.���Judge.
An Ancient Peer
Sir Lancelot���My faith, a most
sour-visaged waitress, this!
Sir Galahad���Nay, speak more softly of the damsel, knight. Who can
deny that she is passing fare?���
Kansas City Star.
Seventy-nine thousand six hundred
pounds has been spent on the new
sewage works at Henley, England.
The United States has the largest
foreign population. Argentina, where
12 of every 100 ure foreigners, ranks
Picture of 46 wild animals in colors,
gun and trap catalogue, price list- of
raw furs, hides and skins, sent post
paid for 4c in stamps. N. W. Hide *
Fur Co.,  Minneapolis,   Minn.
Liniment    Cures    Diph-
8am   Houston   on   Education.
One of the provisions fh the will of
General Sam Houston read:
"My will is that my sons should receive solid and useful education and
that no portion of their time may be
devoted to the study of abstract science. I greatly desire that they may
possess a thorough knowledge of the
English language, with a good knowledge of the Latin language. I request that they be instructed In the
Holy Scriptures and next to these that
they be rendered thorough In a knowledge of geography and history. I wish
toy sons early taught an entire contempt for novels and light reading."���
Fort Worth Telegram.
What Dropped.
"I heard you let something drop ln
the kitchen just now, Katie. Did you
break anything?" asked tbe lady of the
house when dinner wns being served.
"Only one leg of the chicken,
ma'am!" replied the girl inr-oeent__r_-��
Yopkers Statesmar.
Shaving Mirror, ��6.50
FOR the man who shaves no gift
would bring quite as much pleasure
as this Triple Shaving Mirror, as it is
very much superior in every way to the
ordinary style.
IT has attachments so that it can be
either secured to the wall or stood
up on a table.
COR travelling it is very convenient as
* it -an be folded up to occupy only
a small place.
The Price ia $6.50
Our handumaly illuetratecl
Oatalo_.ua la yourafor tha aekisig*
Ryrie Bros.,
134-138 Yonfte St.
"Easy and Warm
You don't have
to wear arctics,
rubbers or overstockings with
Elmira Felt Shoes.
The {��**lt itself is lighter than
leather. Your feet can't get cold
in Elmira Pelts, no matter how
low the temperature falls.
Look for the trademark���shown above
���on the sole. _-*aiat oa having the
���genuine BJmlra Felts.
SalsJ by UasJInt  Dealera        38
MONTHS, and your wholesaler is in a position to supply your requirements In what is acknowledged to be
"Always���Everywhere in Canada���Use   Eddy'.   Matches."
'      Of Montreal, Canada.
Another  Triumph  tn Canada.
President Edward Bousquet Lauds in
Glowing    Words
Mr. Edward Bousquet, 248 a Panet
street. Montreal, Can., president of
Barber's International Union, Local
455, writes:
"For several years I have suffered
from catarrh. I tried many remedies
with little or no re.-iults.
"I was advised by a friend to try
Peruna, and inter using a few bottles,
I am much relieved.
"I believe Peruna to be the greatest
known catarrh remedy of the age. I
cheerfully recommend Peruna for catarrh."
The truthfulness of Mr. Bousquet's
statements cannot be questioned. He
has given a clear and frank .recital of
his experience with chronic catarrh,
and how Peruna helped him when all
other remedies failed.
The boy stood on the bridge of a
schooner beside the captain on a starry night. It suddenly became necessary for the captain to go below, and
he said to the boy:
"Here, take the wheel. I'll be back
in a few minutes. Steer by that star
and you will be all right."
The boy began to steer the boat,
and soon he got her out of her course.
The star now appeared astern instead
of ahead. He shouted down to the
"Hi, skipper, come up and find us
another star.    I've passed thut one."
���Philadelphia Record.
It has been discovered* by a scientist that whiskey kills germs. If
whiskey can kill such an ornery,
tough, measly, low-down, generally
unkillable animal as a germ, which is
so strong that it can kill a man without half trying, what will it do to the
man himself?���Exchange.
The efficacy of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup in curing coughs and
colds and arresting inflammation of
the lungs, can be established by hundreds of testimonials from all sorts
and conditions of men. It is a standard remedy in these . ailments and
all affections of* the throat and lungs.
It is highly recommended by medicine vendors, because they know and
appreciate its value as a curative.
Try it.
She���I always think of motoring
as the poetry of motion.
He���Yes, until the machine breaks
down. Then it becomes blank verse.
������--London Opinion.
Americans Find Farming More Profitable   In  Canada.
William Redwood writes from Canada to The Western Daily Press, Bristol, England: Reference has been
made to the large number of people
coming into Canada from the States.
| This movement, we are told, does not
find its motive in any political or
religious condition; neither jb it because the American farmer ha3 failed
on the broad acres of the States.
On the contrary, the American farmer has prospered, and in many instances has become rich. Agricultural
pursuits in the United States have
been satisfactory and remiinerative.
The farmers who come into Canada
frorrwthe United States are, as a class,
very well-to-do. They have money.
They have made money and they want
t;i make more money.
The majority of them went into their
homesteads when land was cheap���
from $10 to $25 per acre. They have
made money by farming. Moreover,
the land that cost from $10 to $20 to
$25 per acre will now sell for $40, $100
or $150. The shrewd American farmer sees three things: He sees that it
is hard to make six per cent, net on
his land at present market values.
He sees that there is no reasonable,
prospect of the price of his land advancing materially in the next decade. It has reached the limit, and
he realizes that he must go to a new
country to secure farms for his sons.
Hr cun not do it in the home state.
With the money obtained from the
sale of 160 acres in the States the
farmer can go into Western Canada
and buy 640 acres, or even more, and
his Canadian land yields more in
crops per acre than the farm in the
States. It is no uncommon thing for
nn American to pay for his Canadian
farm and its improvements out of
the first crop, and besides, the value
per acre of his larger Canadian farm
is increasing nnd will continue to increase just as his American farm did
io "the past decade. In other words,
the American farmer can exchange
each acre of his land in the States
for from four to ten acres of more
productive and more profitable land
in Canada, and at the same time reap
th' rich harvest of the inevitable rise*
in the value of the lnnd. Thus he can
secure a large Canadian farm for him-
selt and one for each of his sons with
the money derived from the sale of
the home farm.
When Told That  Nervous  Exhaustion and  Prostration Are Thoroughly Cured By
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
What is more discouraging and disheartening than trying to cure nervous exhaustion and prostration by
means of ordinary treatments? Because you do not look sick and are
riot suffering great pain, and because
they cannot realize your feelings of
weakness, helplessness and discouragement, your friends fail to show
much sympathy for you, and most
doctors are-simply helpless in the face
of exhausted  nerves  .
Of course you need not expect Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food to work a miracle and cure you in a day or week
but you can be absolutely sure that
you will be benefited to at least some
extent bv every dose of this great restorative that is taken into the system.
The dreadful weakness and helplessness- which makes life miserable
to you and leads to all sorts of dark
forebodings, will gradually and certainly give way to strength nnd vigor
under this treatment, headaches will
disappear, your appetite will improve, you will sleep and rest better,
and you will find that day by dav
your nervous svstem is being built
up to health and strength.
Tbat Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is actually bringing about just sueh cures
is proven in thouca���tf_ of cases of
which records are kept on file in these
offices. The invigorating, upbuilding
influence of this great medicine will
surprise you if you will only persist
in its use.
Mrs. W. R. Sutherland, St. Andrews, Man., writes:
"In February, 1903, I was stricken
with paralysis, fell helplessly on the
floor and had to be carried to bed.
The doctor pronounced it a bad case
as I had no power in my tongue and
left leg. I remained in that condition for six months without obtaining benefit from the doctor's prescriptions or other medicines.
"My husband advised me to try Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food and by the use
of this treatment nil symptoms of the
disease disappeared. I enn now talk
plainly, my leg is nil right and I can
do my house work. How grateful I
am to be cured by so wonderful", a
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. 50 cents a
box. 6 boxes for $2.50, at nil dealers
or Edmonson, Bates _. Co., Toronto.
There l�� more Oatarrh in this ���"*������������'�����< nf 1
the country than all other disease** put /
tofether, and until the last few years
was supposed to be Incurable. Por a _������ eat
many years doctors pronounced it. a local \
disease and prescribed local remedies, and
by constantly failing* to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable.
���Science has proven catarrh to he - constitutional disease and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Oure, manufacured by F. .*. Oheney A
Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the onlv constitutional cure on the market. It -'<- '"ken
internally In doses from ten drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on thc blood
and muoous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any case
it falls to cure. Send for circii'n**-*, and
Address: P. J. OHENEY A CO., Toledo, O
Bold   by   DrUR .Ists.   75c.
Take  Hall's   Family   Fills  for  constipation.
Thirty streets and open places in
Paris are named after eminent chemists, the latest being Place Berthelot;
and 32 are named after famous physicists.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
An   Important  Difference
"Don't be afraid," said the woman
on the front step,    "that dog    likes
"Yes, madam," answered Meandering Mike, "I do not question your
assurance thnt he would like me.
But do you refer to him as a seeker
for companionship or as nn epicure?"
���Washington  Star.
Hair Germs
Recent discoveries have shown
that falling hair is caused by
terms at the roots of the hair.
Therefore, to atop falling hair,
you must first completely destroy these germs. Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula,
will certainly do this. Then
leave the rest to nature.
Does noi change the color ef the hair.
nl�� with ..oh botll.
Show It 'to your
ASk kill .ko-at It,
then d. M h. ttjt
Recent -Tiscoveriet have sis* proved tbat
dandruff it caused by germs on the scalp.
Therefore, to cure dandruff, the first thine
to do is to completely destroy these dandruff germs. Here, tne same Ayer's H sir
Vigor will give tbe time splendid results.
I ��� Matter IS) t.B.A*mO*H LeweU. ataaa.���.
Franciscans  Desire to Remove Bodies
of Deceased Brethren.
Considerable discussion is being indulged in over the attempt of the
Franciscan fathers to obtain the bodies of their departed brethren, especially the saintly Brother Didace,
from the crypt of the Anglican Church
of St. James, Three Bivers, Que.
The opinions among the congregation of that church are divided on
th*; subject. Some of the members
favor ullowing the Franciscans to take
up the bodies on the terras which
they propose, that is, to restore the
churcfi to the state in which it now
is, and pay any damages tbat may
be considered reasonable. Others
again, object that their church should
not be invaded by the adherents of
any other creed, as the church was
granted to the Anglican rector by
King George.
Various comment is also indulged
in as to the reasons set up by C. G.
Ogden, who represents the church beiore tlie court in the matter. The fact
that the nhurch was given to the
Anglican Church by direct grant is
invoked against the interference of
the court. The opinion expressed by
many is that the grant from the King
does not exclude the church from
the jurisdiction of the courts of the
land which are established to administer the King's laws in this portion
of his Empire.
Some years ago, an attempt was
made by the Franciscans and some
of their friends to purchase the church
property. A price was offered and some
of tlie congregation considered it sufficiently high, but others thought that
if the Franciscans wanted the church
they should be prepared to pay more,
and the deal was never put through.
The renewal of the interest in the
matter has caused many visits to be
made to the crypt of late, to view the
place where the bodies lie. There is
a conflict of opinion on the identity
of the parties who were buried there.
The Franciscans state that so far as
they know nobody was ever buried
there since the church was forfeited
by the crown from their community,
while on the other hand it is said that
during the first years of British occupation some Anglicans were buried in
the crypt.
Drinking In Montreal.
The annual report of the Chief of
Police was published recently. That
the liquor habit has a very strong
bold on many is shown by the fact
that last year men arrested for this
offence numbered 2,234. The number
of women arrested for the same cause,
though much less, still footed up to
349. The total offences of all kinds
among men for whicli arrests were
made numbered 7,110. The women
irrested for various causes numbered
1,247. Continuing, the report says it
is absolutely necessary that the entire force shouid be strengthened. The
police and detectives recovered stol-
���u property last -year to the sum of
Not a Sparrow Falleth.
An amusing incident occurred in
Hie of the city churches on a recent
jundiiy morning, say The Brantford
lourier, In some manner an Kng-
ish spurrow got into the edifice. It
flitted about here and there, over the
leads of the congregation and the
.ingers in the choir gallery, causing
considerable dodging and amusement,
lust as the first hymn was drawing
to a close it lit on the head of one
of the male members of the choir,
who captured the songster and liberated it through a window. The choir
a few minutes later rendered an anthem, beginning "Not a spafrow falleth," and a broad smile passed over
the audience and caused not a few
audible titters. The anthem certainly
proved quite appropriate.
Aa Usual.
Newpop (wearllyl���It  must be time
to get up, my dear.  Mrs. Newpop���Did
you  hear tbe clock strike 0?    Newpop
--No, but tbe baby bas fallen asleep.
"The Man Behind the Gun."
Recruit (to Instructor at rifle practice)���Please, zur. do 'e 'ave to pull
much 'urder at thick 'ere five 'undred
nor at tbe two 'undred yard*?���London
Toronto Newspapers Say Hundreds of
People Will  Welcome This Advice if Only Partly True
What will appear ..very interesting
to many people here is the article taken from a Toronto daily paper, giving a simple prescription as formulated by a noted authority, who
claims that he has found a positive
remedy to cure almost any case of
backache or kidney or bladder derangement, in the following simple
prescription, if taken before the stage
of Bright's disease:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kargon, one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three
ounces. Shake well in a bottle and
take in teaspoonful doses after each
meal and again at bedtime.
A well known druggist, when asked
regarding this prescription, stated
that the ingredients are all harmless,
and can be obtained at a small cost
from any good prescription pharmacy
or the mixtur, would be put up if
asked to do so. He further stated
that while this prescription is often
prescribed in rheumatic afflictions
with splendid results, he could see
no reason why it would not be a
splendid remedy for kidney and urinary troubles and backache, as it has
a peculiar action upon the kidney
structure, cleansing thes�� most important organs and helping them to
sift and filter from the blood the foul
acids and waste matter which cause
sickness and suffering. Readers, who
suffer, can make no mistake in giving it a trial.
Natural soap baths are not an unmixed blessing. The curious soap
spring that forms the wonder of a
village in Timor, East Indian Islands,
consists of a small elevated mud cone
from which bubbles up water heavily
charged with alkali and radium, the
discharge giving the appearance of a
miniature volcano. A disadvantage
of such a washing place is that vegetation is ruined for ^milea  around.
>ew Zealand has an ivy which does
not climb, but grows in tree form.
Its name is the panax.
Considerate   Bridegroom
A Belleville girl nnd a young man,
both of whom hnd stendy jobs, were
married the other day. The day after
they were married the girl said to
her fond husband:
"Oh, George! now that we are married, there is only one .thing'I regret
and that is thnt I have to give up my
The fond young husband stroked
the silken tresses of tbe young wifey's
liair  and  soothingly  replied:
"Now, daring, don't worry. You
needn't give up your position. I'll
give up mine."
Give Holloway's Corn Cure a trial.
It has removed ten corns from one
pair of feet without any pain. What
it lias done once it will do again.
Apropos  of  vanity,  Secretary  Root
! told  at Yale  about a politician who
fthe day before he was to make a cer-
I tain speech, sent a 41-pnge report of
it to all the papers.   On page 20.appeared    this    paragraph:     "But  the
hour  grows  late,   and  I  must  close.
(No,  no!    Go  on!-   Go  on ! '."���Argonaut.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget In
Cows. i
In Germany about 182,000 horses
and 7,000 dogs are slaughtered annually for food. Horseflesh \s generally advertised in the German newspapers., and advertisements appear
regularly in the German newspapers
for dogs to be slaughtered.
I was cured of a severe    cold    by
Oxford, N. S. R. F. HEWSON.
I was cured of a terrible sprain by
Yarmouth, N. S. Y.A.A.C.
I was cured of Black Erysipelas by
Inglesville. J. W. RTJGGLES.
Curious  Marriage  Notice
A recent number of the St. Petersburg Russi, contains this curious
marriage notice: "To the public:
All relations and friends are notified
herewith that the undersigned have
agreed to become man and wife without civil or religious ceremony, and
thnt we hnve each of us, taken upon
ourselves the duties and obligations
which are imposed upon married
people in lands of culture. Inasmuch
as it is not possible for us to be married according to the rites of the
Church, and to comply with the requirements for civil marriage, we are
forced to this method. Should one of
us fail to keep this mutual agreement
the other will submit to divorce.
Maria Grigorjewna Ogus. Alexander
Alexandrowitsch Restor."
J. E. Clifford, general press representative of the big Sells-Floto shows,
recounts a good one on Senor El Ca-
zador, who, with two handsome young
lady assistants, does a thrilling em-
palement act with this circus.'
In Wallace, Ida., two rough-looking cow-boys sat quietly watching the
show until this feature appeared.
Nudging his companion, one of
them said:
"Come on. Bill; let's get out; this
show is rotten."
"What's the matter?" queried tho
other one.
"Why, that guy has thrown sixteen
knives at those girls already, and he
hasn't hit either one yet "
A Symptom Which Meat Be Attended
to to Keep Young.
This does not refer to the hair by
sny means, althntiRli the expression
"Iron grvy hair" is hIwh.vs drennVfi by
over> woman. It refers to tbe mental
wear and tear which ull of us feel with
advancing years, and it Is n symptom
which must be ntteuded to promptly
If yon would keep from contra/tlng a
chronic habit of looking at life through
the dull gray of a November evening.
"The iron gray feel lug" It is uot
exactly old. but it is tending that way.
The blush Is o!T the rose. About the
liest recipe Is to hunt up all the young
people you know and enter Into Iheir
joys and pursuits nud endeavor to
make them happy, to play tbelr games
und sing their songs, to know wbat
ihey are talking aiiout. Turn nbout ls
fair pluy. and whnt you gave to their
youth their youth must repay to your
declluiug yenrs. As you reap, so you
nill sow. aud It's wonderful how those
voung people like to have an older person enter Into their little games aud
sympathize with their small woes,
which seem very real to their limited
experience. Make them love you, trust
you; trust them und love them. Why.
there is so much you can do for them,
and the person never yet tried fo help
nnother but be derived more help than
be gave from the effort. So If you feel
really selfishly inclined think of thla,
for believe It, before you have gone
fur you will have forgotten In absorbing Interest of tbe game you are playing to think of yourself at all, and
then you will begin to he truly happy.
Walk with them, talk wltb them, make
them I ill stories, encourage them to
talk t�� you. You will be surprised to
learn that you soon will feel "just w
young as you used to be."
Nip Disease in the Bud.���It is difficult to eradicate a diabase after it
lias become seated, therefore it is
wise to take any ailment in its initial stages and by such remedies as
are sufficient, stop it in its course.
Cold is the commonest complaint of
man, and when neglected leads to
serious results. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil will cure the severest cold or
most violent cough. ���
That a satisfactory cup-drawing result must
of necessity depend upon the qua'lty used.
Is Absolutely Pure.    Lead Packets Only.    40c, 50c and  BOo
Per Lb.   Highest Award. St. Louis, 1904.
���'You look  worried.      What's    the
"Oh, we're all upset at our house.
There's been another drop in copper."
"But I thought you never speculated."
"I don't Our cook let the coffee
pot fall on her foot, and' she has had
to go to the hospital.'���'Chicago Re
Forty thousand sixpences were
paid last year for the privilege of
seeing  Shakespeare's  birthplace.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Merchant (entering his office suddenly, to his clerk)���Ah, caught you
this time.
Clerk���What do you mean, sir' I
am working, am I not?
Merchant ��� Yes, that's just it.
Strange to say, you are.���Lustige
No mother can expect her little
ones to escape all the minor ailments of childhood, but she can be
reasonably sure that her child will be
healthy if she gives it an occasional
dose of Baby's Own Tablets. And
she can feel absolutely safe in giving this medicine, as she has the
guarantee of a government analyst
that it contains no opiate or poisonous soothing stuff. Mrs. Uria Cress-
man, New Hamburg, Ont., says:���
"I- have used Baby's Own Tablets
for stomach troubles and constipation with the greatest success. I always feel safe when I have a box of
Tablets in the house." Sold by all
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville. Ont.
It was at the Saturday night ball
in the East end of London. They met
at the second dance and sat out and
danced alternately until, just after
midnight, he resolved to unburden
his bosom of a load of care.
"It's funny, Ethel," he whispered
tragically, "but thnt glum-looking
chap over there by the conservatory
door is a-follerin' us wherever we
goes. Whnt's 'is little game? Who
is 'e ? "
Ethel looked in the direction indicated and answered noncliulnntly
" 'Im ? O, 'e's the bloke wot bought
me my ticket."--Tit-Bits.
The following* remarkable cures are con
viiicin*. proof that Zam-Buk la the mo_l
wonderful skin cure known. Zam-Bul,
succeeds when all else fails, aud no holm
is complete without it.
ECZEMA. 25 long years Mr. T. M
Marsh, 101 Delorimier Ave., Montreal
wore gloves day and night���his hand.*
were so bad with Eczema. Five doctor,
failed to cure him, but Zam-Buk triumph
ed.    Ask him about it. *
CHRONIC ULCERS. 40 years' puffcrln.
from Ulcers whitfh covered her body madr
Mrs. Jane Beers of L'Orignal (Ont.) Ion*.'
for death. A few weeks' trial of Zam-Bul*
brought complete restoration. If you suf
fered like Mrs. Beers and received such .
wonderful healing, you too would say a
she did: "The like of Zam-Buk has no*
been seen since tho Great Healer left th(
50 cents a box of all druggists one'
stores, or post paid on receipt of pric
from Zam-Buk 0o��� Toronto.   3 bows .1.25
"How will you know when you
have really crossed the pole?" said n
Washington debutante to Waite*
"Oh, that's easy," responded Mr
Wellman. carelessly. "The north
wind will become a south wind."���
Success   Magazine.
A Successful Medicine. ��� Everyone
wishes to be successful in any undertaking in which he may engage. It
is therefore, extremely gratifying to
the proprietors of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills to know that their efforts
to compourtU a medicine which would
prove a blessing to mankind have
been successful beyond their expectations. The endorsation of these pills
by the public is a guarantee that a
pill has been produced which will fulfil everything claimed for it.
"How lovely," said the lady who
had poetry in her soul, "it must be
to be mated with one who possesses
the  divine  fire!"
"Yes," replied the poet's wife, "but
it would be still more satisfactory to
be mated with one who could hire a
man to look after the furnace."���
Chicago Record:Herald.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every farm of contagious Itch on human or animals cured In 30 minutes
by  Wolford's  Sanitary  Lotion.
The Mystery.
"Tour husband knows a great deat
about the horses?"
"Yes," answered young Mrs. Tor
kins. "He knows all ubout what thej
have done and whnt they ought to do
But he can't And out whnt tbey are
going to do."���Washington Star.
'Prices Reduced,
Quality the same
Windsor Salt is actually
cheaper than inferior imported
salt, which is bcingsold
throughout the west. Windsor
Salt is absolutely pure.    It
requires   less   to   properly
season food-goes farther���
kthus is more economical.
You save money by
usineT ,Mw
Sal t
We Guarantee
to cure your cough or cold
No"ifs"or"buts"���just a
straight statement-Shiloh's
Cure will cure your cough
or cold and do it quicker
than anything you
ever tried, or your druggist
will return the purchase
price. Get a bottle to-day, *
and cure that cough or cold.
Shiloh's SiS
Shiloh's Cure is A safe and sure
cough and cold medicine for
children. It has been effecting
cures for 34 years. All drug-
*   gists���25c, 50c., and $1.00.
John's Little Joke.
Mrs. Stubbs (angrily) - Tbe Idea,
John, of tbat man wanting $5 to trim
pur hedge! Why, I think be ls a regular bog!
Mr. Stubb���Not a regular hog, Martha. I think he must be a hedgehog.���
Bt Louis Republic.
A Grammarian.
'Tbat borse thief over there Is a great
stickler for correct English."
"He Is?"
"Yea. He always finds fault wit*
the Judge's sentences."���New Yort
Hospital Trolley Car.
Milwaukee has a novelty in trolley
cars. It ls a hospital car which has
recently been put in service. The Interior of the car Is fitted with three
leather upholstered permanent stretchers. Hooks are placfd in tbe sides near
ihe ceiling, which Support a fourth
stretcher. At each end of the car are
stationed cabinets supplied with complete surgical outfits, consisting of all
necessary instruments, ns well ns
dressings that might be called for ln
emergency cases. The car is electrlc-
ully heated, and water ln a two gallon
tank fed from a larger receptacle may
V heated In the same manner. The
car ls not designed for city work, but
In outlying districts flrst aid will be
directed on the ground instead of taking the sufferer to tbe citv.
Large   Tracts   of   Land   Set   Aside   in
Western Provinces as Permanent
Forest Reserves
By the "Dominion Forest Reserves
Act" of 1906 a number of tracts of
wooded country throughout Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta were set
aside as permanent forest reserves.
Of these a number had previously
been set aside by order-iii-council*
the area of some were, however, lessened, while a few new ones were
added. Tlie total areas now so reserved in the different provinces are as
follows: Manitoba, 3,575 miles; Saskatchewan, 740 squnre miles; Alberta,
186 square miles; Britisli Columbia,
890 square miles.
In Manitoba there have been set
apart six reserves. The largest of
these is the Riding Mountain Forest
Reserve with un urea of 1,535 square
miles. A short distance to the north
is the Duck Mountain Forest Reserve
comprising some 1,250 squure miles;
and to the north-west of this reserve
is Porcupine Forest Reserve No. 1,
with an area of nearly 325 square
miles. West of Lake Manitoba is tbe
hake Manitoba West Forest Reserve
the area of which is nearly 250 square
miles. Part of the area covered by
the Turtle. Mountains is included in
the Turtle Mountain Reserve, with
an nrea of nearly 110 square miles. A
pnrt of the sand hill country ..southeast of Brandon has also been set
ipart ns a forest reserve, and within
this experimental work in forest
planting has been done; tlie area of
the Sprucewoods Forest Reserve, as
it is called,  is  110 square miles.
In Saskatchewan there are four re-
���erves. .Of these Porcupine Reserve
*.o. 2, the largest, adjoins Porcupine
Reserve No. 1; it has an area of 360
iquare miles. In the Moose Mountain
iistrict, north of Areola, the Moose
Mountain Forest Reserve, of some 160
���qunre miles in aren, bus been created. The Beaver Hills Forest Reserve
in the Beaver Hills, west of Yorkton.
���overs two townships (ranges 9 arid
10, Township 26); nrea 72 square
���niles. South-east of Prinze Albert is
'The Pines" Forest Reserve, cover-
ng 145 square miles.
In Alberta there are but three reserves. The largest is the Cooking
Lake Forest Reserve, east of Edmonton; its area is 114 square miles.
Right down in tlie south-east corner
of the province, having the international boundary line as its southern
limit, while its west-em limit is three
miles enst of the fifth meridian,-a
township and a half of land Iras been
formed into the Kootenay Lakes For-
ist Reserve. Another small reserve.
the Cypress Hills Forest- Reserve
consists of half a township (the south
hall of Township 8, Range 3. west of
the fourth meridian).
All the forest reserves in Britisli
Columbia arc within the railway belt,
i. e. the strip of country twenty miles
on each side of the C.P.R., ceded by
the province to the Dominion. These-
���eservos are eight in number. The
lames and areas are as follows:
Long Lake Forest Reserve, a short
distance south-west of Kamloops, 190
iquare miles; Monte Hills Forest
Reserve, a few miles' east of the Long
Lake reserve, area 106 square miles;
Martin Mountain Forest Reserve, a
unall trnct of 18 square miles lying
iust west of Bolean River; Niskon-
lith Forest Reserve, lying west of
Lake Niskonlith, with an area of
nbout 125 square miles; Tranquille
Forest Reserve, an area of 149 square
miles in the Tranquille plateau, north
past of Kamloops Lnke; Hat Creek
Forest Reserve, around the headwaters of Hat Creek, with an area of
206 square miles; Donald Forest Reserve, adjoining the C.P.R. on the
north and east sides for sortie distance on each side of Donald, 72
square miles in extent, and the Larch
Hills Forest Reserve, lving between
Salmon Arm and Mara Lnke and having an area of about 25 square miles.
The oldest silver mines are in Germany, but the richest are in Spain,
More Than 70 Years Married
What is the longest time that a
married couple have lived* together
ancient churchyard of Perranzabuloe,
in Cornwall, gives particulars of Philip and Grace Mitchell, of that parish, who died, one in 1862, the other
four years later. Each wns a hundred years of age, and they "lived together in wedlock for more than 70
years." It is probable that this record will take a good deal of beating.
���London Chronicle.
Getting Ready for the  Division
"Sammy," said a Germantown mother recently to her youngest bom,
"when you divided those seven pieces
of candy with your brother did you
give him four?"
"No, mn'nin," replied Sammy, "I
knew tliey wouldn't come out even,
so I nte one before I begun to divide."- Harper's Weekly.
More than five hundred thousand
Jews, according to figures compiled
at St. Petersburg, have emigrated
from Russia to the United States
since 18Sfl"
But dou't wait until an animal is
injured. GET IT NOW���and you
have the remedy that CURES all
lameness in horses.
If your dealer does not handle
it, send 50c. to
National Drug __ Chemical Co., Limit,*.
vRdOF fdr tl
llfears to Come1
Just one roof is guaranteed in writing-
to be good for 26 yean and it really good for
a hundred.   That's a roof of
Put them on yourself���oo mm on sense and a
hammer and snips does it. The building
they cover is proof against lightning;, nre.
wind, rain and snow. They cost less because
they're made better, and of better material.
Write us and learn about ROOFINO
RIGHT.   Addresa ��oj
The PEDLAR People S3!
O'llmwa, Montreal Ottawa Toronto London Winnipeg
Nurses'  and
Mothers' Treasure
���safest regulator for baby. Prevents
colic and vomiting���gives healthful rjest
���cures diarrhoea without the harmful
effects of medicines containing opium
or other injurious drugs. 48
Cures    9Sc���*' <'rB*������,to^**������   jl\
National Drug* & Chem* _____P
-      ���     e^p
National Dnig & Chem
"I tell you. Ma'am, you ought to use
St George's
Baking Powder
if ml** for the rcaaon that it ia whole,
���one and healthful."
"The knowledge that ��ou are NOT
eatln-r alum, lime, ammonia and acid in
yonrfood���should count for a great deal."
"ST. CKORGS'S la made otog.qof pure
Cream of Tartar."   Try it.
Write/or free cofy of oar new Cook-Booh.
National Dnift & Chemical Co. of ,
Canada Limited, Montreal. in
f*To   chemicals   are  used   to
whiten Tooke Collars.
" Colonial" Collars (here
illustrated)   sell   for   _jcv   '
esjch,   2   for   25c.
Sizes 14 to  18,
for Wonea
is a luxury, as well as
a winter necessity.
It holds its shape with
unwrinkled grace ��� and
always fits^. perfectlj/,
because it is absolute]-/
Stanfield's Underwear
conies in 3 winter weights
���and all sizes from 2*2
to 70 inch bust measure.
At all dealer's. 1..6
W.   N.   U.   No.   664. T5
iJUi'*   btrUCA*
frr.TVV.r-;. b. c
��a/iA of (Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL rAID UP.$14.4)0,000.
REST. $11,000,000
��� President���Lobd fiT8_Tncoi*u and Mouxt EotaL.
Vice-President���Bon. Gbokok A. Daw-mono.
General Manager��� li, 8. Clouitok.
Branches la All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Winter Wear'For
The Children*
No   need  for parents  in  any  part ol
the Slocsn tn send east (or their
Children's wear!
A* ***************
;*** **i ******************** * ���>*���-*���
For the Cough that Keeps You Awake Nights and
Bothers You AH Day a's Well
And at prices that will suit you.
If you live in New Denver, call nnd
inspect my Block. If you live at Slocan,
Silrerton, Rosebery, Nakusp, Three
Forks or Sandon, drop me a line, we
can certainly do business together,
Slocan fiDtnino -Review.
.-Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.    No pay, no paper.
Aiiverttsixh Bath's :'
Notices to DelinquentOwners. - .19.00
"     for Crown (irants    -   -     7.80
" r*urcha��e of Land   -    7.M)
"     " Lioenss to Cut Timber 6.00
All locals will be charged for st the rste
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient, rates  marie known on application.    No room for Quacks.
Addrws nil Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Genera! Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
For January we will .all (or s*K.t cash
tin- following:
Granulated Sugar, 30 lb. sack .1,20
Coal oil, per oase, S.W
Coal oil, per gal. A0
���1 sacks eait 35
il burs Bath snap oO
Kippered Herring, big can 15
Crorsn ct I'lackwt'lls pickets
Big Bottle !15
2 ib. packages Pearline 25
Koyal Yeast Cakes, per box 5
Parlor Matches, 13 boxes io
Wheat Hakes, Bit. prize pkg, 25
New Denver
Ileal Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
aud  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game aud
Fish in season.
Virglnea mineral claim, situate in the
Arrow Lakes Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Whore located:
On Kooskanox creok about 8 milts
from its mouth.
Take notice that I, Samuel Walker,
,oI r*3urton City, Free Miner's; Certificate
No. B.852b5, intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for tbe purpose) ol obtaining a
Crown Gant of tbe above claim.
And furlliT take  notico  that action
tinder section 87, must be  commenced
before Ihe issuance  of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of Kov. A.D. 1907
District of  Wtst Koolenay.
Take notico that Andrew Wallace,
acting as agent for the Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Bilverton
B.C., Contractor, intemKto apply for
permission to purchase tbe following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted on the east shore o! Slocan lake
about one mile south ofRossbery, and
marked A. W.'s Bouth-west corner,
thonce easfabout one chain to tlie right
of way of the Nakaep and Hlocanrailway
thence north 20 chains, along the railway to the shore of the lnke, tbence
southerly along the lake ehore to point
ol commencement, containing five acres
more or less,
November ISth, lf!07.
Slocan Ln nd District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clare Lilian lbewry,
of Kelson, B.C. Intends' to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described landi-i*. Commencing at a
post planted at the S.W. cornerof lot
8853, i hence soutli 20 cbuius, thence
east 40 elitlns, thence norlh 20 chains
thenco went :10 cliains, containing U0
Nov. 88th, 1907.
Slocan Land District���District of
West K* otonay
Take notice Unit Henry Allen McMillan, of Nelson B.C., occupation rancher,
Intends to apply for permission to pur**
chase the following described lands.
Commencing ut a post on the S.W.
corner of lot, lot 788i, thenco nortli 40
chains, thonce went 20 chains, thence
south iO chains, thence oust SO chains,
to point of commencement, containing
HO acres.
Nov. 28th, 1907,
'flr.i ��j i
__,.,.._ -*^r**_r*&wgtn
It is a simple,   harmless   remedy,   and has  been used
very successfully here for years.
Situate at Now Denver, B.C., the moat beautiful place ln
British Columbia, this modem and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating* and angling may be indulged in all the, year round, an uninterrupted view of tbe
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.. ���  Apply to
-       -        PROPRIETOR
Wi *fre*****tt*^*Tr**Hr****+***^'tt*v'.-<--i'< ���r*.~l'<r**.**S,'b**+
General Merchant   - -  New Denver
professional (Cards
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hp.rdware,   Mine*
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
Is offering good values In lien's underwear, in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands, also shirts of
various kinds, Fome specialities Ior miners and men in logging camps, gloves, tnikt*^, socks in large variety, collars, ties,
Sweaters, overalls, bUtnke.B and comforters.
Cull and Inspect our stuck ; it will bo appreciated,
^\..   CD.  Ostby
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block   :    New Denver, B.C.
P. O. Box ��7.   .
' new office
Ljo-w�� cSc I-Io.11
mining promoters
Capitalization .5(0,000
First-class Rooms; Flrst-olaos Moals; First-class Bar; Special
j attention to Tourists; Luxury und comfort when visiting this
J favorite Bummer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides fur-
jj dished for Hunting and Mountain Climbint. Parties.     Gasoline
launch   in   connection.      Incomparable  Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and gWcier this bote! offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
I^A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
I a -. ���., _��� o a o o ���_* o a �� J o a s o u o _ ���-* ��� *Ju-a ,*, a �� .* <> *> o o o s r> r> o a o o tt o �� ��� *o f> ��� ��� ��� e o
* mb��� nisi ��� ��� ~" *���* ��� IT*1-    Musi main u ii   mmss���ms ilmssnn -. t ���Ml       -,     - ���    -, - ,     ,     -��� hiiumi      m  im in inns aaaeamam
For those  who   could  , not get
away during the busy holiday
season, we  reccomend
JwoUer and
Lnte with J. O. Fatenauda, Nelson.
Slocan Lund District���Distiict o[
Take notice that Sidney Yates Brock-
wan, oi New  Denver, accountant,  intends to apply tor  permission to purchase tbe   following    described   laud.
Commencing ��t a pott planted at  the
N.E. corner ollot 8101,  thence east 80
(Cliains; thence aouth 4. chains; thenc
west80 chains ; tbnica nortb 40 chains
to point of commencement and contain-
ng 320 acres, mope or      6.
Sept* *H.h t��07 at t
Slocan Land District���District of
West  Koonenay.
Take notice that A. Owens of New
Denver)  mill  operator,   intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:���   Commencing
nt a post planted on the west shore of
rilocan Lako about one half mile in a
southerly direction from Mill  creek;
commencing nt a post marked A. O.'s
S.E. corner post, thence 20 chains west
thence 40 chains north, thence CO chains
oast,  thence.40 chains south  to place
of commencement, containing 80  acres
more or lebs.
Dated at New Denver, Oct. 31stl S07.
Hlocati'Land   District���Diatrict ol
West Kootenay.
Tnko notice thutvHenri Robt, Jorand,
of Slocan, barrister, inteurl_ to apply
for permission to purchase the following
dencribt'd land. Commencing at a poat
planted at the north-east corner"of Lot
883, thence south 40 cliains; thence
east 20 cliains; tlu-nce nortli 40 cliains;
tbence west SO chains to p;iint of jOoir.-
inencpment and containing , 80.. acres
more or lea.
November io, 1907.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Tcke notice that Charles Clnrkson
Rhodes, ol Nelson, B.C.,hook keeper,
inunJs to apply for permiss on.to purchase the following described land.
.Commencing at a "post planted on tbe
east b-OUn'dary of lot, 882, at a point 40
chains south of the north-east corner
of said lot, thence south 80 clmins;
thence enst 20 chains; theme nortb 80
chains, thence we*-t 20 chains to point
of commencement,  and containing 100
November 16, 1807. -v**25
My stock of CANNED GOODS
is always Fresh, snd -very customer receives  honest value for
money spent.
Have you seen mv line of Lalios Blomtes
and the assortment of fancy goods
I am now displaying ?
Pay uie a visit.
ts*   Matheson,
.   Ebree forKs,
35. (D.
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excel-
lent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Local Salesman Wanted Tor
New Denver
And Adjoining District to represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right sice and ��g* for British
Columbia planting. Grofin on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived tban
coast tress.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved *, Pay   ���.-oeitly ; i"r._ outfit.
Write foT partlcoUrs.
Stone & Wellington
(Llcenssd by B.O. Government.)
TORONTO       -      - ���      ONT.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special  attention to mail orders.
Sandon. B.C.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Saudon at any time, call at
tbe   Kootenay  and let iid. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorita lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
This far-famed sanitarium with,
its sulphur springs and accomodation is JUST THE PLACE to
build up and get a fresh start.
This company  operates through
standard sleeping  cars, dining
cars, aDd First Class Tourist
For rates, Reservations cr any   h
information desired, call on,   or
E. J. Coylsi, A.G.P.A.
Joni. Moi, D.P.A., Nelson.
Fresh Milk delivered to any __
part of tho town.
Outside points suppliod regu larly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
Put up ir. Piut Bottle.*- for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
MAOB   ��V   TUB
Ladies' Dress 10c
M      Silk Jllouso or Ball
Gown 50c
Towols, har.derchiefs, petticoats, Eocks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pco.
Collars 3e. Shirts Inc.
Special attention to shipping orders.
w        sis    *. *��__-
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant   in
connection.   Excellent Pool Tabla.
Bar well Stocked.
Caneupply you with all kinds of CAKES, COOKIES and small .lull's for Parties or At Homes at
short notice. When yon order your BIRTHDAY
CAivG have it made to contain a eterliTn; silver enko
e.*t. ThiB affords enjoyment for tbo young folks as
well aa for adults.
Box 44
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan lake a. owEN8, Man^r      P.O. Box 20.
SKverton, S3.��.
Recognised by tbe Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with thechoicest.quenchers.
\Wo\to99aa99M\att9ttaa^aa9 \%\\e MV
���Spcnctr * prop
Slocan Land District-District of
West Kootnnty.
Take notice that, tlie Ontario-clncan
���Lumber Co., Ltd., of Slooan, ��� B.O.,
Lumbermen, intend to apply for a special timber lic-ause over the following
described lands: Commencing at a*
put planted directly opposite tbe 17
mils board of tbe_N. i__8. Railway ar-d
on tlie soutli side of Bonanas ''.reek and
marked "Ontiulo-iloean Lumber Co.,
Ltd., N,E. corner," tbence soutli 40
chains, thence west 180 chains,   thenco
noith 40 chains,  thence east 160 chains,
to point of commencement and oontAiu-
iiigG-t^acriif! more or lus** and covering
tlie flun.2 ground formerly csvered by
Tlnib.T liens ��� N'o. 108.-8.
December 4th, 1007.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
Watch for spring and  summer
samples   about   February
lBt, from
Tlie Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Oni.
Every suit guaranteed.
Send your order early to
funorals ooiHluriBd on Short
noun, s.t t.ny pnlnt Id the district.    Shells slways lu stuck.
flD flDcXean, W^tt.\
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, .lobn D. Reid, of
Slocan City, B.C., prospector, intends
loayply for permissi'in to purchase the
following described land:
Coruninnriin* at a post near Ten Mile
Creek, Lot 8428, about 400 feet souih
of post marked "J.D.R." running south
20 chainB, east 120 chains, north 30
chains, went 20 chains to point of oom-
Dated S-.pt. 30th, 1907.
i, D. REID.
O .0 7
Colin J. Cam
Notary Public
P.O. BOX 10
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Marion Mclnnes,
Atifru** Mclnnes, ai_ent. of New Denver,
Spinster, intend to apply for psrmii.ion
to purchase ths following described
land*. Commsncirg at a post planted
nt lhe north-west corner of lot 2,50;1
01.1., Kootenay district, thence west 30
cliains, thence south 30 chains, thence
cast 20 chains, thence nortli 20 chains
t<> the place of commencement containing 40 acn-g more or less.
Datod Kovemher 23r 1, 1U07.
A. Mclnnes, Agent.
Slocan Land  DiiUrict���Diatrict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Koy Black, ot New
Denver, miner, intend* to apply for per-
lnii-iiion to purchaso the following described land- Commencing at a post
planted on the shore nl Mocun lake one
mile north of New Denver at the weet
boundary of tho Molly liughos ("roup of
mineral claims; thenco northerly 20
chains, thence west 40 chaiiiH, tlu-nce
south 20 cliains, thence east along the
sho-e of Slocan lake to point of commencement and containing40 acres moie
or less.
December 16, 1907
Slocan Land  District���District of
West Kootenay,
Take notice that Martha Ann Smith
of New Denver, B.C., married woman,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on tho
north boundary of timber lease 435,
near the Nakusp and Slocan Rv., Martha Ann Smith S.B. corner planted on
the norlh boundary of liml'er lease 435
and at the south west corner of limber
limit whicli was numbered 8678, thence
north 60 chains, tlience went 10 chains
more or lens to the east boundary of
Bertha Wingge application to purchase
tlience south 60 chains, to, the north
boundary of timber lease 486, tiionce
East ,10 chains more or lans t<*. 'be | luce
ol Commencement and containing (iu
acres more oi lie**-.
Decern' er Oth, '807,
J. B. Smith, ngent.
}*2-irich to i*/�� inch, nlso )4-inch
Galvanized Pipe.
yi, }(>  anc*   ?>* Brass Pipe and
Fittino.; for Launches.
Rubber Packing Always Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks, Lead traps, etc., etc.
Beaver Waterworks
Company, Ltd.
��� Manager,
Slocan Land Dislrict���District of
Weit   Kooteniiy.
Take notice that I, Andrew Jacobson,
agent for J. E, Brouse, of New Denvf r,
phyalcian, intend, to apply for permission to purchase tho following described
land: Commencing nt a post wliero
lot 8680 inlersscts with lot 4S5 snd
marked J.Krli.'s N.E. corner pes'
thence south 15 chains, thence east 40
cliains, thence south 20 clislns, tbence
wist 80 chaine tbence north 25 chains
more or leas to the boundary ol lot 8606
G.I.. thenoe oast B0 chaina more or less
to tho corner* of lot S('03, thenco north
10 chains, thence esst lo chains to the
pointof commenVc'.uent, containing.200
acres more or lei.s. The land is situate
about ?,_ Ol a mile from the head ul Slocnn' lai<e.
Paled*NoY.ml.er ..ml, ifKi7.
J, 80. Andrew Jacobs**!, Agent.
"Companios Act, 1837."
Canada, I
Province of British Columbia. \
No 420.
This is to certilv (hat "The Westmont
Bilyer Mining Company Limited" U
authorised and licensed to carry on
business within the province of British
Coluinbiu, and to sarry ont or effect
all or any of tho objects of the Company
to which the legislative authority of tbo
Legislature of British Columbia extends.
Tbo heal office of the Cotnnany is
situate at tha City of Toronto, 1'rovince
ol Ontario.
The amount of the capita! of the company i�� aixtv thousand dollars, divided
into sixty thousand shares of one dollar
The heail offlco of the campany in
this province is situate at Slocan Gity,
and II,K, Jorand, Barrister at law,
whote ad'lressjs Rlpnari City aforesaid,
ii the attornev for the Company.
Given under* my. hand and seal of office at Victoria, province of British
Columbia, tlvs twenty-third day of l)u-
combcr, one thousand nine hundred und
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies'
The object" for which this company
has been established and licensed are:���
(a.) To acquire, own, leans, prospector, open, explore, develop, work,
improve, maintain, and manage
mines and mineral lands and deposits, and to dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, asnay, analyse,, reduce, amalgamate, pipe, COUTey, and otherwise treat
ores, metals or minerals whether belonging lo the company or not, and to
renrler tlie same merchantable, and to
sell or oth>*rwis* di��poso of tbo same or
any part thereof or interest therein, and
(b.) lo tako, inquire and hold an
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for gondii supplied or for work dnnel by
ccmiraet or otherwise, shares, .leben-
tures or other aeourltie** of or in any
uthor company having objects "jmilai
in whole ot' in part to fioa* oi the company hereby incorporated and to sell
aud otherwise dispose of the same.
aiocAh Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
TaJce notice that James McVicar, o
Slocan City, minor, intends to apply
for permission topurclnse tbo following
described lands: Communciug at a
post planted 400 feet from N.E. corner
of lot 860, if. D. Curtis owner, claiming
0 chains east, the ice 30 chains south
thonce 4 iliains west, thence 80 chains
north to point of coniineucment.
Jam-'j McVicar, agent,
John Wafer, locator.'
December 7, 100V,
Kasio Land District���District of
Y/ast Kootenay,
Take notice that George Hendereon,
of Slocan, B.C., rancher, intends to apply for a special timber lle_ng8 over
the following described lands: "Commend iik at a noat planted on Goat
ci eel? about 2 miles easterly from the
N.E. corner of Lot, 7161, thence east 120
chaina, thence eouth 80 ehains, thence
west 40 chains thenca north 40 chains,
thence went B0 chains, thence north 40
chnins to Ihe point of commencement,
ahd containing 040   scren moro or  less
November 10, 1907.
A meeti**g of the stnciholdprs of 'the
Star Mining and Milling Co., Ltd., Lty.,
wi'l be held at the office of tho Company
at Sandon,  HC���  on   the third day oi
Febrnr.ry, 1808," nt 10 o'clock, a.m. for
the purpose of elcctinga  board of Dir- ,
i r.tors for the ensuing year and transact-
itig other business.
Sandon. H.C,
December 30, 1007,


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