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Slocan Mining Review 1908-07-23

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���o a
,    ,v>
Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources aud L,arge
Fruit   growing   Area in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
ocan Mining Review.
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
aud the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 48
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, July 23, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
Goodeve of Rossland Chosen
To Oppose Smith Curtis.
The Convention of Conservative delegates, which was held in Nelson on
Tuesday,.was the most representative
party convention ever held in tlie Koot;
enay. Of a total membership of 108,
there were 86 actually present and 18
more represented by proxy. It was
characterized by a most unusual degree
tea" ** of harmony, enthusiasm and confidence.
There \}jero six names placed in nomination for Conservative candidate in
the next election: R. F. Green, W. R.
Ross, M. L. A., R. S. Lennie, W. A.
Macdonald, A. S. Goodeve, J. H. Schofield, M. L. A. All the nameB were received with hearty applanse. Messrs.
Green, Lennie, Macdonald, and Schofield declined the nomination, and the
b .Hot resulted in the choice of Mr.
G lodeve, which was made unanimous.
In Mr. Goodeve the Koote lays have
chosen a man who is   well  hnown as a
most brilliant orator and one whose devotion to the principles of conservatism
g^  is  almost  a  by-word.    Mr.  Goodeve
claims Guelph, Out., as  his   birthplace
"**       and first saw the light of  day  in   the
year 1860.   His public  carei-r  may be
Baid to have opened in 1898, when in the
second year of R Ireland's incorporation,
he was elected aldeiniiin and served on
the board for the next three years, once
in the responsible position of chairman of
the board of works and twice as mayor,
being re-elected otter Ecrving one turn
during the most tiying  time  of   Ross-
hind's short career.    He   then   reiircd
from municipal  life  and   devoted the
next two years to  lhe  development of
his private business at the end of whicli
time, at the urgent request of his parly
lis a>ain entered politics and was select-
by the Picniei* of the province, Hor. R.
MeBride, aa his provincial secretary.
The Nelson News in Breaking of hiin,
says: " No better man in tlie whole of
Hoot-may could have been selected to
look after Smith Curtis in a dominion
election campaign than Arthur Samuel
Goodeve, real estate agent of Rossland.
"No man in Kootenay knows Mr.
Smith Curtis and hia lit'le ways half as
well and as thoroughly as dors Mr.
Goodeve, and beyond question, with the
loyal support of the conservative party
in this ennstitu.-ncy, as thinly promised
yesterday, Mr. Goodeve will satisfactorily account for his former townsman on
election day."
St James' Hotels
\ irst-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists: Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.    Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
Charged With Obtaining Goods
Under False Pretences.
. ON . .
The mWMAKW V*%
_ n n      ,.*__    ���j-   **Knn���tl**,il nlant* in
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern arid picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
local ant> General-.
Good News for Sandon,
Another good omen  ol   the  reviving
time in mining is the imminent  operation of tlie Last Chance mine  at  Sandon.   As is well known  the litigation
with regaid to this  properly has been I
stopping its operation  for  some   time I
past.    Last Saturday a  meeting  was
held in Nelson at the offices of Me.-srs.
Lennie  &   Wragge and the opening ol
the mine and its operation was determined upon.   The operating company
ia to be known as the Silver Cord.   At
Saturday's  meeting   it   took   over the
property of the Last Chance and other
allied claims, which will now be worked
by the new company,  whicli  has completed the taking over of tlie a***sets of
the old company.
The officers appointed for tlie new
company are as follows: \V. H.Stimson,
of Los Angeles, president; Bickerstaft"
Wilson, of Victoria, vice-president; L.
Pratt, of S.uidon and Nelson, secretary;
W. J. Wilson, of Nelson, treasurer, and
X M. S. Davys, now of London; T. L,
Greenougii, of Spokane, and R. 8. Lennie, of Nelson, directors. A plan of
operations was formulated and will be
immediately acted upon.���Nelsm News.
The " Vancouver World" publishes a
report, which is said to be well founded
to the effect that Premier MeBride will
resign and contest Victoria at tlie next
general election. Should he do so,
Mr. Bowser will succeed him as head of
the local administration.
Mr. Geo. R. Smith, of Vancouver,
arrived on Friday last to assist at the
ding store whilst C. F, Nelson is ab-
Dining tho summer season Nelson's
drug store will close at 1 p.m.
Mrs. Matlirson, who has been spending a few weeks at the coast, returned
on Friday and feels considerably improved in health.
The lumber for the new sidewalks
arrived on Tuesday and work is now
going on merrily, and many willing
helpers are available. The versstile
Stege has been whipping up the gee-
, gees hauling the lumber from the
Thc one and only Lowery, who has
already owned and edited 22 newspapers
in different towns, is at present seiions-
ly contemplating liis 28rd, The name
for his next venture lias not yet been
Chalie Nelson left on Wednesday for
Boston, Mass.. to attend the Supreme
Lodge of tho K. of P. Ho will afterwards journey to Edinburgh, Scotland,
to spend a holiday. He will be away
about three months,
Ern. Brindle, brother of A. St. Clair
Brindle, arrived hero on Tuesday, to
spend a holiday and to renew old ac-
iHiiiintanc.es. He resided here some
time ago, and eince leaving he I.as become a Benedict. His wife accompanies
him on hia present visit. He is located
[at Pasco, Wash., where he is tunning a
successful business as a jeweller.
A successful and enjoyable dance was
held at the Rosebery Ilo'.el, Rosobory,
on Monday evening.
Rev. W. M. Chalmers will conduct
services in the Presbyterian Church
next Sunday at 7.30 p.m., Silverton at
11 a.m.
Tho Standard mine shipped two cars
of oie laat week and the Alpha one and
about another 100 tons waa shipped this
P. Couldrey, of the Vancouver min��,
spent several days inspecting that property during last wepk. He reports work
steadily progressing both at the mine
and at the compressor* plant whicli is
heing newly erected.
Numerous enquiries continue to come
to Silverton asking for information regarding fruit lands. AH those who
have seen and carefully examined the
land are invariably pleased with it. As
a result several projects are now under
way to clear up choice tracts.
Work is progressing favorably at the
Neepewa mine, recently leased by Oie
Slattebrek and Martin Jacobson. A car
of ore will be ready f_r shipment tlie
end of this mouth.
Fred Fern, a Dutchman, who until
recently was employed nt4he Sunset
mine, Snndon, was on Monday arraigned
before magistrates Smith and Mclnnes
on a charge on having obtained goods
under f.,lse pretences, to the value of
about $43, from J. F. Delaney.
The case for the prosecution was to
| the effect that on Monday the 13th inBt.
Fern,  representing  himself   as   being
then employed at Ihe Sunset mine, obtained the   goods,  agreeing to pay for
them on the 15lh,  after  receiving   his
wages, also stating  afterwards   that he
had an interest ou the Mountain   Chief
property, which lie   Jiad  sold   out   for
$4000, tne money for   which   would be
forthcoming in a few days.   Tins latter
statement aroused   suspicions  and enquiries being made, it  was   found that
both statements were absolutely untrue.
T. Becker, of the Sunset mine, on being
communicated with,  replied that Fern
had left his employ on tho 7lh and haJ
been paid up that date.
In the meantime Fern had shipped
the goods to Ymir ami' waybilled them
to "Arthur Tiacy.0 leaving shortly
afterwards for that place himself. On
arrival there, J. A. Fraser, provincial
constable, who had been communicated
with, arrested him, and a warrant having been issued he was brought back to
New Denver on Saturday.
Prisoner in his defence pleaded being
under the influence of intoxicating
liquor at tlio t^mo of making the purchases, nnd in a lambling statement,
gave as Iiii tea?on for leaving Snndon
uuder an alias that as he owed money
to several people and coul i not then
pay them, it would be easier to get
away in that manner. As he had previously met a man named Arthur
Tracy, who advised him to UFe his
name and had offered to find hiin a job,
it was bis intention to return in a
month's time and pay the money he
Robert Cunning, proprietor of the
Sandon Hotel, Sandon, testified to prisoner's honesty in all his transactions
with him, and characterized him as a
man who could be relied upon to pay
his debts in full.
After a lengthy discussion between
the two magistrates, Mr. Mclnnes announced to tlie prisoner that, taking
into consideration the seriousness of the
charge and that others were pending,
lie would be sent for trial to a higher
court, held at Neleou.
He left, in the custody of J. T. Black,
for the latter place on Tuesday.
[It must always be distinctly understood
tb.it the Editor is not lesponsibte for
the opinions of correspondents, nor
does he always agree with tliem.
All communications must bear the
writer's signature, though not necessarily for publication].
July 18th, 1908.
To the Editor.
Sir.���Referring to comments made iu
your issue of the 16th instant, allow me
the report given yon, ou your return
from'tlie East, was both inaccurate and
" injurious."
My term of office ceased tlie end of
June, when my successor was expected,
and Ins non-arrival is Ihe only cause of
St. Stephen's Church being closed for a
brief period.
I enclose copy of letter received from
Archdeacon Beer.
Yours truly,
Lnte-in-charge English Church
Mitsion, New Denver, B.C.
Kaslo, B.C., July 2nd, 1908
Dear Mi*. Baynes,
Youi* telegram reached me this
evening. I also received your resignation of the Mission when I arrived
I accept your resignation, and it
may terminate next Sunday na you
Had it not been the wish of a
number of the church pe >ple, at both
Sloran City and New Denver, that a'
ordained man should be placed ii
charge, I should have been content t<
continue yourscrvictslonger; alihongl
of course, I am the bettor pleased to
have an ordained man, since it lessens
iny labor, relieving mo of the nere-s-
ily of going so frequently to New
Denver and Slocan City.
Wishing  you success in  your new
' life,
I am, Yours truly,
At the.request of many, I am handing
yon for publication the  detailed marks
of tlie successful   pupils   at  the recent
Entrance Examination.    With tlie parents kind   indulgence I would  like to
point out one fact  noticeable   ln them,
viz : the comparatively low  mailcs obtained ill the subjects to the  getting up
of whicli home preparation is required.
Especially do I refer  to   History,   the
results in whicli are personally   rather
discouraging.   Might I solicit the aid of
tho   parents  next  term in seeing that
the home work of  the  pupils   is  done
more regularly,  and  that  outside distractions are not permitted to interfere
with school work to the extent they did
lust winter?   I ask  this  both  for   the
sake of the children and for the sake of
our town; for I must say I am ambitious
that we turn out pupils   who  will   not
merely pass the Entrance, but will pass
it in a manner whicli will centre attention on us,
I am, &c,
100   100 |100   100
Marion L. Mclnnes.
Win. L. McDougald
R. J. Blumenauer
Ethel E. Burgess...
Russell R. GorJou..
Jessie Cropp	
Charles W Nelsan..
Hugh E. Nelson....
John A. Williams..
Gertiude Vallance..
07    75
The   home   paper  is   the  mirror in
which those at a distance see us.
75    40
51    87    58
80 I 80
53    45 I 34 I   53
Spokane Interstate Fair.
A granite rock, Iho hardest that can
'ie secured in the North-west, will be
used this year for tlie rock drilling contest at the Interstate Fair. The drilling
contest will be put ou al the Fair, which
will be held at Spokane this fall, October 5 to 10 Inclusive. Tlie big boulder
will stand 0 feet in height and wiil be
two feet thicker than the one used in
tlie rock-drilling contest last year, which
was drilled through by tho prize winners
of last season.
The Spokane Interstate Fair will give
a prize of $1250 for three rock-drilling
contests this year. This purse will bo
divided as fjllows: $1000 for a double-
handed contest, of whicli amount $750
is for first prize and $250 for second
prize; $200 for a single-hand contest, of
which $150 i* f n* first prize an<l $50 for
second; $50 fora b..y.' drilling contest,*
for boys 15 or under, of which $40 fs
for first prize and $10 for second.
Competition will be open to all and
an entrancs fee of $15 will be charged
for each man, $10 being refunded to
those who diiil. Any one entering tho
contest and not drilling will forfeit tho
entire entrance fee. There will bo no
entrance fee charge in the boys' contest.
Tho time allowed in two-baud contests will he fifteen minutes and (he
time allowed in single-hand contests ten
minutes. The boys' contests will bo
five minutes' duration. All tools are to
be furnished by contestants and any
weight hammer will be allowed.
Two assistants will be allowed to each
learn in the two-hand contests and one
assistant in the single-hand contest.
The rock-drilling contest was one of
the features at the Interstate Fair last
year, and the big tent iu which the
contest was conducted was full to
overflowing at each test. To accommodate those who might bo unable to
get near the drillers on account of
crowds, the drill will he put on this
year in front of the big grand stand
oacli day of the Fair. One or more
teams will drill between the races, and
the team having the highest score in
the stipulated time at the end of tho
week will be awarded the prize.
From present indications some of tho
most noted rock drillers of the west will
he in attendance, and the event promises to he one of the most bitterly contested drills in the history of the   Fair.
Superintendent of Education,
Herbert Cue, secretary Town Improvement Society, still ciiutiniies to receive
letters soliciting information regarding
fruit lands. He is in receipt of two this
week from such fur-away places as
Nainl, South Africa, and Madagascar.
Another is from a business man in England, who states his intention of coming
here with his family to take up fruit
land, as soou ns be can dispose of his
Louis Scaia, of the New Denver Lumber Co,, has very generously given a
portion of the lumber for the new side
Many more towns die for want of confidence on the part of the business men
and lack of public spiiit, than from opposition of neighbouring towns and
adverse surroundings.
. ���������. ���
Slocan Fruit Lands
Mr. Claudet of Rossland arrived at
Silverlon this week, and we understand
is on business in connection witb the
Hewitt mine.
Ed. Shannon and Murdoch McLean
were delega'es at tho Conservative Convention, held at Nelson on Tuesday.
There will be no service next Sabbath
in the Methodist Church, Sandon, as
Mr. Gigord is preaching that day at
Part of the booty that was secured by
the  burglars   who   recently   rifled the
store ot the  Wood-Vullance Hardware
Co. at   Nelson,  has   been located.   It
happened that a box car was run on to
the Hunter mill siding at Roeobery one
day  last  week   for  a load of ties, and
upon opening the car, one  of   the employees of tlie mill found a gunny  sack
hanging above  the  door,   which   was
found to  contain  26   superior   pocket-
knives, 20 safety razors, and four guns,
Browning and Ivor Johnson automatic
type.    No clue to the ownership being
lorlliciming,   tho   finder  proceeded to
distribute the goods among  his  fellow-
workmen, but it leeked  out and Chief
Ellis, ol Nelson, nppoared on the scene
Wednesday night, and gathering in the
goods, packed them back to Nelson.   It
is supposed that the  burglars thought
thc box car a safe   hiding  place  until
they could get away witli Uie booty,
We have them in large and small
blocks,   in   every  portion  of the district,
at all prices*    Write me for particulars.
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
Brydges Blakemore & Cameron
NEW DENVER, B.C.       ******
"We have heen talking for twenty six
years oh this subject of a probable timber famine, and some time ago I was
asked where was that predicted timber
famine. I said,'You havo been asleep;
it is on us already, for when prices rise
continuously at rapid rate there must
be a famine.' Not au absolute absence
of material, but an increase of prices
makes a famine; and tlie prices have
risen very steadily, as yon see.
"This more or lczs horizontal line,"
referring to a diagiam exhibited at tho
meeting, "indicates the prices before
1899, while this rapidly ascending curve
represents the pi ices since that year,
and from the character of the curve,
you can see that this rise in prices will
go on, as may also bo predicted from
other data, I assnro you. Every year
you pay just eight per cent more for
your wood than you did the year before.
Have you no interest in that ? I mean
has the public in general no interest In
the fon stry question? It seems to ino
they have. Everybody must have an
Interest in it because it touches his
I ocket.
"There i3 another point I wish to
make, namely, that while before-1899
prices went up an 1 down from year to
year, hut on lho whole remained level,
from the year 1889 prices of all gaades
of wood began an upward course. What
in the reason? . . . The explanation
is simple. In 189!) the data collected by
the United States Census regarding supply and demand of forest products became known, which showed that in predicting this timber famine we were not
bo very far out ot the way.
"Not supply and demand, but knowledge of supply and demand makes
prices, and the trouble has been in the
pa.t, the absence of knowledge as tu
our timber resources, and this lack of
knowledge still works against our work
of reform. During the la��t few yenrs
the knowledge has increased and tlio
result has been th.it prices luvyo risen
aa it became known that the Biipply
was less than bad heen supposed."���
Dr. B. E. Fernow, Dean of the Faculty
of Forestry, University of Toronto, at
annual meeting of Oaiiadi.in Forestry
Associn'ion, 19i)8,
Author  of   "The  Return  of   Sherlock
Copyright, 1803, by Harper & Brothers
FOR nearly a week the king was
constant to his new humor.
The routine of bis life remained
unchanged, save that it was the
room of the frail beauty rather thau of
Mine, do Maintenon which attracted
him iu the afternoon. And in sympathy with this sudden relapse Into his
old life his coats lost something of
their somber hue. His walls wns brisker, and he gave a youthful nourish to
Ills cane as a defiance to those who
had seen in his reformation the first
symptoms of age.
And as the king brightened, so all
(he great court brightened too. The
snlous began to resume their former
upleudor, and guy coats aud glittering
embroidery whicli had lain In drawers
for years were seen once more lu the
halls of the palace. The Montespan
anteroom was crowded every morning
with men nnd women who had some
suit to bo urged, while her rival's
chambers were ns deserted as they
had been before the king first turned
'a gracious look upon her. Faces wliich
had been long banished from the court
began to reappear in tbe corridors and
gardens unchecked and unrehuked,
while the black cassock of the Jesuit
*" nnd the purple soutauo of the bishop
were less frequent colors in the royal
But the church party was never seriously alarmed at this relapse. The
grave eyes of priest or of prelate followed Louis in his escnpnde as wary
huntsmen might watch a young deer
which gnmbols about In the meadow
luuler the impression tbat it Is master-
less when every gap and path Is netted and it Is lu truth as much In their
liands as though it were lying bound
before them. They waited, therefore,
and they silently planned how the
prodigal might best be dealt witb ou
Ills return.
To this end It was that his confessor,
OPere la Chaise, and Bossuet, the great
���bishop of Menux, waited one morning
tipon Mme. de Mnintenon iu her chamber. With a globe beside her, she was
endeavoring to teach geography to the
lame Due du Muiue and the mischievous little Comte de Toulouse, who had
enougli of their father's disposition to
make them averse to learning and of
their mother's to cause them to hate
a-.iy discipline or restraint.
Mme. de Maluteuou dismissed her
two pupils and received the ecclesiastics with the mixture of affection
und respect whicli was due to those
who were not only personal friends,
but great lights of the Gitllicaii church.
The last few days had cast a pallor
over her face whicli spiritualized and
refined the features, but she wore unimpaired her expression of sweet serenity.
"I see, my dear daughter, that you
Jiuve sorrowed," said Bossuet, glancing
at her with a kiudly aud yet searching
"I have Indeed, your grace. All last"
night I spent in prayer that this trial
may pass away from us."
"And yet you have no need for fear,
madame���none, I assure you. Others
may think that your Influence has
teased, but we, who kuow the king's
heart, think otherwise. A few days
may pass, a few weeks at the most,
nnd once more it will be upou your
rising fortunes that every eye ln
France will turn."
The lndy's brow clouded, and she
glanced at the prelate ns though bis
speech were not altogether to her taste.
"I trust that pride does not lead me
astray," she suid. "Hut If I can read
my own soul aright there is no thought
of myself In the grief which now tears
my heart. It Is for the king I grieve,
for lhe noble heart, the kindly soul,
���which might rise so high and which ls
dragged so low."
"For all that, my daughter, you nre
ambitious. Would you not love to
turn the king toward good?"
"I would give my life for It."
"And there ls your ambition. Ah.
can I not rend your noble soul 7 Would
you not love to see the church reign
pure and serene over all this realm, to
see the poor housed, the needy helped,
tlie wicked turned from their ways and
tbe king ever the leader in all that is
noble and good?"
Her cheeks had flushed, and her eyes
shone as she looked at the gray fnce
of the Jesuit and saw the picture
which his words had conjured up before her.
"My daughter," said Bossuet solemnly, "it is time lor plain speaking. It
is ln the interests of the church that
we do it. None hear and none shall
,cver hem* what passes between us now.
Regard us, if you will, as two confess-
|Ors, with whom your secret Is inviolable. I call it a secret, and yet it Is
.none to us, for It Is our mission to read
the human heart. You love the king."
"Your grace���father!" She turned Id
confusion from one to the other.
"There is no shame in loving, my
daughter. The shame lies only in
(yielding to love. I suy again that you
love the king."
"At least I have never told him so,"
she faltered.
"And will you never?"
"Mny heaven wither my tongue first!'*
"But consider,  my daughter.    Such
love in a soul like yours is heaven's
gift and sent for some wise purpose.
We speak for the interests of the holy
church,   and   those   interests  demand
that you should marry the king."
"Marry the king!" The little room
swam round her,   "Marry the king!"
"There lies the best hope for the future. We see in you a second Jeanne
d'Arc who will save both France nnd
France's king."
Madame snt silent for a few moments. Her face hnd regained its composure, and her eyes were bent vacantly upon her tapestry frame ns she
turned over in tier mind all that was
Involved in the suggestion.
"But surely���surely this could never
be," she snld nt last. "Whnt king of
Franco has mnriicd a subject? See
how every princess of Europe stretches
out her bund to him. The queen of
France must be of oueenly blood, even
as tne last was.
"All this may be overcome."
"Aud then there are the reasons of
state. If the king marry. It should be
to form a powerful alliance, to cement a friendship with a neighbor nation or to gain some province which
may be the bride's dowry. What is
my dowry? A widow's pension and a
"Your dowry, my daughter, would
be those gifts of body and of mlud
with which heaven has endowed you.
The king has money enough and the
king has provinces enough. As to the
state, how can the state be better
served than by the assurance that the
king will be saved in future from such
sights as are to be seen iu this palace
"Oh, if It could be so! But think,
father; think of those about him���the
dauphin, monsieur his brother, his
ministers. You know how little this
would please them and bow easy it is
for them to swny his mind."
The faces of the two ecclesiastics
who had dismissed her other objections
with a smile and a wave clouded over
at this.
"My daughter," said the Jesuit gravely, "that is a matter wliich you may
leave to the church. It may be that
we, too, have some power over the
king's mind and that we may lead him
In the right path, even though those
of his own blood would fain have it
otherwise. The future only can show
with whom the power lies. But you?
Love and duty both draw you oue way
uow, and the church mny count upon
you nud you upon the church. It will
serve you if you in turn will but serve
"What higher wish could I have?"
"You will bo our daughter,our queen,
our champion, nnd you will heal the
wounds of the suffering church. The
Huguenots must go. They must be
driven forth. The gouts must be divided from tbe sheep. The king is already ln two minds. Louvois Is our
friend now. If you are with us, then
nil will be well."
"But, father, think how many there
nre!   And think, too, of their sufferings
should they be driven forth!"
"Their cure lies lu tlieir own hands."
"That is  true.    And yet  my heart
softens for them."
Pere la Chaise and the bishop shook
their heads.
"Y'ou would befriend God's enemies,
"No, no; not if they nre indeed so."
"Can  you doubt it?    Is It possible
that your heart still turns toward the
heresy of your youth?"
"No, father; but It Is not In nature to
forget that my father and my grandfather"���
"Nny; they 'have answered for their
own sins. Is it possible thnt the church
has been mistaken in you? Do j'ou,
then, refuse tlie first favor which she
asks of you? You would accept her
aid, and yet you would give none In
Mme. de Maintenon rose with the air
of oue who hns made her resolution.
"You are wiser than I," said she, "aud
to you have been committed the Interests of the church. I will do wbat you
"You promise it?"
"I do."
Her two visitors throw up their bauds
together. "It ls a blessed day," they
cried, "and generations yet unborn will
learn to deem it so."
She sat half stunned by the prospect
which wns opening out iu front of her.
Ambitious she hnd, as the Jesuit had
surmised, always been���ambitious for
the power which would enable her to
leave the world better than she found
It. But close at the heels of her joy
there came a sudden revulsion to
doubt nud despondency. Was not all
this fine prospect a mere day dream?
And how could these men be so sure
that they held the king in the hollow
of their hand? The Jesuit read tbe
fears which dulled the sparkle of her
eyes, and answered her thoughts.
"The   church   redeems   its   pledges
swiftly,"   said   he.     "And   you,   my
daughter, you must be as prompt when
your own turu comes."
"I have promised, father."
"Then It is for us to perform.   You
will remain In your room all evening."
"Yes, father."
"The king already hesitates. I spoke
With him this morning, and his mind
was full of blackness aud despair. His
better self turns in disgust from his
sins. I have to see and speak with
him once more, and I go from your
room to his. And when I have spoken
he will come from his room to yours,
or I have studied his heart for twenty
years in vain." They bowed low to
her, both together, and left her to her
An hour passed, and then a second
one, as she sat In her fauteuil, her
tapestry before her, but her bands listless upon her lap, waiting for her fate.
Her life's future was now being settled for her, and she was powerless to
"Marry the king I"
turn In one wny or the other. Daylight turned to tlie pearly light of evening, nud thnt again to dusk, but she
still sut waiting In the shndow. At
lust, however, there cnme a quick,
sharp trend, crisp nnd authoritative,
whicli brought her to her feet with
flushed cheeks and her heart beatlug |
Wllaiy. ine aoor openea, ana sne saw
outllued against the gray light of the
outer passage the erect and graceful
figure of tbe king.
"Sire, oue Instant and mademoiselle
will light the lamp."
"Do not call her." fte entered and
closed the door behind him. "Franeolse,
the dusk is welcome to me because It
screens me from the reproaches whicli
must lie In your glance even If your
tongue be too kindly to utter them."
"Reproaches, sire! God forbid that I
should utter them!"
"When I last left you, Franeolse, It
was with a good resolution in my mind
I tried to carry It out, and I failed���I
failed. I remember that you warned
me. Fool that I was uot to follow
your advice!"
"We are all weak and mortal, sire
Who bas not fallen? Nny, sire, It goes
to my lienrt tn see you thus."
He was standing by the fireplace, his
face burled In his bunds, and she could
tell by the catch of his breath that he
wus weeping.
"I cannot do without you, Franeolse!" he cried. "I nm the loneliest
man In all this world, like one who
lives on a great mountain peak, with
none to bear hlm company. Who hnve
I for a friend? Whom can I rely upon?
Some are for the church; some are for
their families; most are for themselves.
But who of them all Is single minded?
You nre My better self, Franeolse. You
are my guardian angel. Whut the
good father says Is true, and the nearer
I am to you the further om I from nil
that Is evil. Tell me, Franeolse, do
you love me?"
"I have loved you for yearB, sire."
Her voice was low, but clear���the voice
of a woman to whom coquetry was abhorrent.
"I had hoped It, Franeolse, and yet
it thrills me to hear you say It. Will
you be my wife, Franeolse?"
And so the moment had in very
truth come. Sbe paused for an instant, only au instant, before taking
this last great step, but even that was
too long for the patience of the king.
"Will you not, Franeolse?" he cried.
"May God make me worthy of such
an honor, sire!" said she. "Aud here I
swear that If heaven double my life
every hour shall be spent in the one
endeavor to make you a happier man!"
She had knelt down, and the king,
still holding her hand, knelt dowu beside her.
"And I swear, too," he cried, "that If
my days also are doubled you will uow
and forever be the oue and ouly woman for me."
And so their double oath was taken,
an oath which was to be tested In the
future, for each did live almost double
their years, and yet neither broke tbe
promise made hnnd lu hnnd on that
evening In the shadow girt chamber.
(To   be   continued.)
Ape Artistic,
Easily applied, Cannot
Crack nor Fall Off
Sand u* a skatoh ahowlng ahapa
and axaot measurements of your
ealllnga or walla, and wa will
submit daalgna, eetlmatea and
Illustrated booklet frae.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
. (_*L
797    Notre    Dame    Ave.,    Winnipeg.
Ah    Me 1
Ah, me 1  'tis strange we cannot lead
A life without alloy.
For somehow it bus been decreed
Grief shall bo mixed with joy.
'Tis very nice to get u check
For long outstanding debts,
But then to find the bank has failed
Is apt to bring regrets.
The change of dietary that comes
with spring and summer has the effect in weak stomachs of setting up
inflammation, resulting in dysentery
and cholera morbus. Tlie abnormal
condition will continue if not attended to and will cause an exhaustive
drain on the system. The best available medicine is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. It clears the stomach and bowels of Irritants, counteracts the inflammation c.\d restores
the organs to healthy  action.
The Czar of Russia witli 90,000,000
acres, is tlie biggest landowner in
the world.
Tablets. Druggists refund money if
it fails to cure. E, W. Grove's signature is oh ecoh box.   25c.
A story is relnted of a young man
who wus recently married to * the
daughter of a wealthy merchant, says
The Tattler. The groor** aid not have
a penny, but lie was honest. He was
so honest that he would not even
prevaricate in the marriage ceremony.
He wus repeating what the minister
"With all my worldly goods I thee
endow,"   read   tne  minister.
"Witli all thy worldly goods I me
endow," repented the groom.
Thia wus real lionestv.
Sir A. Colvin's Story of Deadly Peril
In  Egypt.
Sir Auckland Colvin, the distinguished financier and Indian civil
servant, died recently at Suffolk
I House, Surbiton, the residence of one
; of his daughters. Sir Auckland, who
was born in 1838, filled from 1858 to
1879 a variety of "posts in the Indian
Civil Service. In 1880 he became
Comptroller-General of Egyptian Finance, and two years later he was appointed financial adviser to the Khedive. When Arabi Pasha was about
to muster the mutinous Egyptian soldiery in the Abdin Square at Cairo,
Sir Auckland advised the Khedive to
put himself at tlie head of the two
regiments that remained loyal, and
boldly to demand tlie submission of
the rebel leader How Tewfik's nerve
failed hiin nt the critical moment Sir
Auckland Colvin himself has told in
the  following  words:
"The square was entirely occupied
by soldiers, drawn up round it, and
keeping all spectators at a distance.
The Viceroy advanced firmly into the
square towards a little group of officers and men (some mounted) in the
centre. I said to him, 'When Arabi
Bey presents himself tell him to give
up his sword, anil then go the round
of the square and address each regiment separately, and give them the
order to disperse.' Arabi Bey approached on horseback; the Viceroj
called out to him tc dismount. H��
did so, and cnme forward on foot,
with several others and a guard with
fixed bnynnets, and saluted. I said
to the Viceroy. 'Now is your moment.'
He replied 'We are between four
fires.' I snid 'Have courage.' He
took counsel of a native officer on his
left, and repeated to me, 'What can I
do? We are between four fires. We
shall be killed.' He then told Arabi
Bey to sheath his sword.
1 The order was obeyed, and he then
asked Arabi Bey what all this meant.
Arabi Bey replied by enumerating
three points, adding that the army
had come there on the part of the
Egyptian people to enforce them, and
would not retire until they were conceded. Tlie Viceroy turned to me and
said 'Vou hear what he says.' I replied that it was not fitting for the
Viceroy to discuss questions of this
kind witli colonels, nnd suggested to
him to retire into the Palace of Abdin, leaving me to speak to the colonels. He did so. and I remained for
about an hour, till the arrival of Sir
Charles Cookson, explaining to them
the gravity of the situation for themselves, and urging them to retire the
troops while there was yet time." Negotiations with the mutineers followed, and in the end the troops were
drawn off in perfect quietness to their
respective barracks.
Boxer's    Friendly   Challenge   to   thc
Lord  Chief Justice.
Lord Alverstone, the Lord Chief Justice, was one of the guests at a recent dinner of tlie Sphinx Club at the
Hotel Cecil, London, Eng., when the
hero of the evening and principal
guest was Tommy Burns, the champion heavy-weight fighter of the world.
Mr. R. Balch presided, and amongst
those present were Lord Kiunoird, an
ex-intornational footballer; Mr. Guy
Nickalls, one of the Oxford coaches;
and Mr.  Vane Pcnnell.
Lord Kinnaird, in a neat little
speech, advocated clean amateurism
and  clean  professionalism.
Mr. Guy Nickalls said he wns of the
opinion that where commercialism and
money crept in sport crept out. Sport
should be a pastime entirely.
Lord Alverstone agreed thnt, for
healthy and good sport, the more publicity the better. He would like to
see betting eliminated from football,
as it did a great deal of harm amongst
clerks and others.
Too much publicity was given, he
thought, to people who made records.
There was nothing so deleterious to
sport as the unhealthy rushing after
record-breaking. He wanted not only
to encourage the man who mnde records, but to elevate the general standard of sport among competitors and
those   who   played
Tommy Burns wus called upon to
make a speech and simply said: "My
lords, Mr. Chairman, gentlemen. I
cannot hope to beat the Lord Chief
Justice as a speaker, but I wouldn't
mind taking him on with the gloves!
(Loud cheers, during which the Lord
Chief smiled a grim smile.) My opinion is that if you have no publicity,
you have no sport. I consider the
Press boys my best friends, and I
consider every knock they may give
me a 'boost-up'."
This little effort of oratory was
wildly cheered.
As Lord Alverstone left the room he
shook liands cordially with the champion.
King and Empress.
Referring some time ago to the visit
of the Dowager Empress of Russia to
England to see her sister, Queen Alexandra, writes an English correspondent, I mentioned gossip which was
going around Mayfair regarding tlie
supposed ill-feeling thnt existed between King Edward and his sister-in-
law, or rather the coldness wliich hnd
been very long-standing, and that this
yenr, as last, the Dowager Empress
was just waiting for tho King to go
off to Biarritz to come again to England. This gossip coining to the ears
of the King, he took very effective
measures to kill it. He postponed his
departure till after his sister-in-law
had arrived. He was with the Queen
waiting her arrival at Victoria station,
his jovial, genial face beaming with
pleasure. Gently, courteously, he assisted her t*o alight from tho royal
train, affectionately embraced her,
not on both cheeks, as most of the
correspondents reported, but full on
the lips. Then, after other greetings
had been exchanged, he led the Dowager Empress to a royal carriage and
drove alone with her to Buckingham
Palace, to the intense delight of the
crowds, Queen Alexandra and Princess Victoria, who had driven to the
station with the King, following in another carriage.
A wise mother will never give her
Iitle one a sleeping-draught, soothing mixture, or opiate of any kind,
except upon the advice of a. competent doctor, who has seen the child.
All tiiese things contain deadly
poison. When you give your bnby or
young child Baby's Own Tablets you
have tlie guarantee of a government
analyst that this medicine does not
contain one particle of opiate or
narcotic, and therefore cannot possibly do harm���but always do good.
Mrs. Geo. M. Kempt, of Carleton
Place, Ont., says:���" I have given
Bnliy's Own Tablets to my baby
since he was two weeks old. He was
a very small thin baby, but thanks
to the Tablets he is now a big, fat,
healthy boy." Sold by medicine
dealers or by mail ut 25 cents a box
from Tlie Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Out.
Hotel Clerk���What's the renson that
you're going to leave us, Miss de
Swelle? Are you dissatisfied with the
service here?
Miss de Swelle���Oh, not at all; but
the stationery at the Smith House
has such a benutiful crest on it and
looks so much more genteel than yours
that I've taken rooms there.
Itch, Mange, rrairie Scratches and
every form of contagious itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford'a Sanitary Lotion.
They talked during dinner of the
recent anarchistic activity.
"But, papa, what is an Anarchist?"
little Willie asked.
"Well, my boy," replied the futher,
"he's a person who is always blowing
somebody up."
The child turned to his mother.
"Then are you an Anarchist, ma?"
he said.
"My clear professor, why have you a
hole in the front of your unibrelln?"
"Because I like to know whether it
is raining or not,"���Sbutok.
"What) is the matter with the mnn
who is sprawling under that automobile?"
"I rather think it is a case of nervous prostration."��� Baltimore American.
Minard's   Liniment,   used   by   Physicians.
Interior of the Earth.
Science does not know what the Interior of the earth is. The best scientific opinion is that the central core
of the earth. Borne 7,600 miles in diameter, is in a gaseouB state, but exposed to such a tremendous pressure
that it behaves like an extremely rigid
body. Outside of this gaseous core is
liquid matter, perhaps a hundred
miles in thickness. Upon thia rents
the crust of the earth, thirty or forty
miles thick. The enveloping atmosphere may reach anywhere from .0 to
150 miles.
Russia's Billion Dollar Navy.
Just let tne c/.ai* this warning take
Before  he's  closed  the  deal:
Steel ships will not a navy make
Without the hearts of steel.
China raises and consumes morn
ducks than any other country in the
Housework    and    marketing    are
taught in the public schools for girls
in Belgium.
��/ Am
Glad To
Write My
Of The
I Do So
yulia Marlowe.
ANY remedy thnt benefits digestion strengthens the nerves.
Tlie nerve centers require nutrition. If the digestion is impaired,
tlie nerve centers become anaemic,
and indigestion is tlie result.
Sixty Thousand Dollars Found In
Cabin of Miser Brothers.
The death of James Ison in the
Dartford Workhouse Infirmary recently recalls a remarkable story of the
lives of two brothers who were known
as the Bexley Heath misers. About
two years ago William Ison, aged 79,
and his brother James, who was his
iunior by nine years, were found in
.aurel Cottage, Bexley Heath, in a
wretched condition. They had lived
alone in the cottage for thirty-four
On Good Friday, 1906, the elder brother died from mortification, and the
doctor who was called found the
rooms so insanitary that he suggested
burning all the furniture. Hardly a
window had a blind to it, and nothing had been done to the inside of
the house for over thirty years.
The brothers allowed no woman in
the house, bought only the barest necessaries for themselves and used a
milk can to boil their tea in. They
always left the house together, but
wh *n outside they took different sides
of the road, remaining apart till they
When, they were discovered, deposit
notes for large amounts were found
scattered on the floors, and after a
search securities, including share certificates and scrip, banknotes and deposit notes on Parr's Bank "to a total
of $60,000 were found. The brothers
were sons of a baker who was admitted a freeman of tlie city of London
ln 182G. The two and another brother
were survivors of six sons and one
daughter, all unmarried. Relatives
appeared after the story became
known, and James Ise.i wns placed
In tho Dartford Workhouse Infirmary,
where he remained till his death recently. The guardians were paid the
full cost of his keep, nnd they made
him so comfortable that he got quite
attached to his new quarters. It is
believed that he has left a very large
Our Early Naval History.
The naval history of the Revolution
Is not wholly of privateering. Enrly
In 1776 congress collected u fleet of
eight ships ju Philadelphia. They were
merchantmen slightly remodeled nnd
armed. As they sailed down the Delaware n yellow- flag was seen flying
from the masthead of the flngshlp, and
on the ting was n curious device���a
sort of American cost of nrms���n pine
tree, n rattlesnake coiled and the sound
.���ounsel, "Don't trend on me."
* Peruna  is  not  a nervine  nor a *
* stimulant.    It benefits the nerves *
* by benefiting digestion. ���
Peruna frees the stomach of catarrhal congestions and normal digestion is tlie result.
In other words, Peruna goes to the
bottom of the whole difficulty, when
the disagreeable symptoms disappear.
Mrs. J. C. Jamison, 61 Marchant
street, Watsonville, Cal., writes:
"I was troubled witli my stomach
for six years. I tried many kinds of
medicine, also was treated by three
They said that I had nervous dyspepsia. I was put on a liquid diet
for three months.
"I improved under tlie treatment,
but as soon as I stopped taking tlie
medicine,   I  got   bad   again.
"I took the medicine for two years,
then 1 got sick again and gave up all
hopes of getting cured.
"I saw a testimonial of a man whose
case was similar to mine, being cured
by Peruna, so I thought I would give
it a trial.
"I procured a bottle at once and
commenced taking it. I have taken
several bottles and am entirely cured.
��� ���������.���____�����_____���_
��� "I   have gained in strength and ���
��� feel like a different person.   I  be- *
��� lieve Peruna is all that is claimed ���
��� for it." ���
Nervines, such as coal tar preparations, are doing a great deal of harm.jg
Sleep medicines and headache powders are all alike,���heart depressants,
and should not be used. Tlie nerves **���
would be all right if the digestion
were good. Peruna corrects the digestion.
A  Gentle   Hint.
Senator Fulton at his annual Oregon salmon dinner in Washington
told  a tipping story.
"In Astoria," he said, "there used
to be an old fisherman who brought
me tlie first of every montli a present
of a splendid salmon from his master*
I always gnve tlie old fisherman a tip.
"But one morning 1 was very busy
and when the old man brought tlie
fish I thanked him hurriedly, and
forgetting his tip, bent over my desk
again. He hesitated a moment, then
cleared his throat and snid:
" 'Senator, would ye be so kind us
to put it in writin' that ye didn't give
me no tip this time, or my wife'll
think I've went nnd spent it on
rum.'"���Washington Star.
PAZO OINTMENT   is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in    6 to U
days or money refunded.   60c.
A   Point   Overlooked.
"What is tlie advantage of knowing  Esperanto?"
"Why, when you meet another fellow w!j.o knows it, you can talk to
each  other."
"That's -so. But it seems almost
as true of any other language, doesn't it?"
Thia was the point thnt the enthusiast had overlooked.
"Work," recently remarked a western preacher, "is tlie common lot of
mail. At present, however, an uncommon lot of men.can't get work."
A Pill for All Seasons.���Winter and
summer in any latitude, whether in
torrid zone or Arctic temperature,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills can be depended upon to do tlieir work. The
dyspeptic will find tliem a 'riend always and should curry them with him
everywhere. They are made to withstand any climate and are warranted
to keep their freshness and strength.
They do not grow stale, a quality not
possessed in many pills now on th_
Worms in children, if they be not
attended to, cause convulsions, and
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect tlu children
from these distressing afflictions.
Alpha ana Omega.
If you would make your money last
In strict economy be verped,
And even then you stand aghast
To think you've got to make It flratl
Without Prejudice.
An abscntmlndeil counsel at lingiisii,
Dnlmatln,-created much amusement In
court by arguing in fnvor of his own
client's opponent. When he realized
whut hnd happened lie begun all over
again, disproving what, he had previously maintained.
To Mend China.
Tnke n thick solution of gum arable
and water nnd sllr into It plnster of
purls until the mixture becomes a
paste. Apply It with a brush to the
fractured edges nnd stick them together. In three dnys the nrticle cannot be
broken iu tbe same plnce. The white-
ness of tills cement renders It doubly
A Simple Fire Extinguisher.
Iu Gennnn varnish factories nu easy
woy to extinguish u burning pan of oil
has been found In tbe use of a" fine
meshed wire net. As soon as this covers the burning surface the iron wires
conduct off the heat so rapidly that the
gases can no longer flame. It Is tho
principle of the Davy safety lamp and
might be employed in various ways to
extinguish burning gases.
W.    N.    U.   No.   689.
The Corsicans.
Even today Corsicans wish good fortune to a newly born In the ominous
words, "May you fall a victim to the
gun," and those who perish ln vendetta
struggles are honored *���*_- uuUuiul
Bacon���How does your wife get on
with her horseback lessons 1
Egbert (whose wife weighs ]90)->
Has three men to put her on.���Yonkers
The Maid's Lament.
If he only wouldn't send me rosee
Each day, the stupid thing,
In a few weeks at present prices
He'd save enough to buy a ring.
���Detroit Tribune.
'I understand thut they belong to one
of the best families."
"Yes. They have advertised their
yacht for sale."���Chicago Kecord-Uer-
Not Painful When Dull.
"Dull care," I'm sure, disturbs me not
At that I would not carp.
For every blooming care I've got
la most uncommon sharp.
���D-nver News-Time*.
Mansfield and Marston.
Richard Mansfield was once ln Richard Murston's studio looking over some
scenes he hnd ordered for a new production. The famous scenic artist had
known Mansfield during the short period the latter did come painting In London. Mansfield at the time had met
with little success on the stage and
very likely thought he could paiut better than he could act
In his commanding wny he told Marston to take dowu a certain scene, In
which be said tbe color was not properly laid out.
"That Is not what I want," he said.
"I know something nbout scene painting.   I was a scenic artist once."
"Yes, Mr. Mansfield," snld Marston,
with peculiar emphasis. "I was an ac-
lor once, but I was a bad one."���Kan-
lae City Nowsbook.
"Ah, my dear Mr. Briefless," said
Mr. Hardcash, seizing the young
barrister's hand and shaking it warmly, "I am so immensely obliged to
you. Thnt case the other day, you
know���I won it."
"Thanks," replied Briefless, "but
did I represent you?"
"No, my dear fellow," replied Hard-
cash; "you represented tlie other
man."���Home Herald.
Ask for  Minard's and -take no other.
The   Use  of   Profanity.
Tlie marching of 14,000 members of
tlie Holy Name Society through the
���itrects of Hoboken, N.J., as a protest
against profanity was an impressive
reminder of a widespread evil in America. The use of profane language
is an ugly habit. Some men are
thoughtlessly profane; others are intentionally so. In either ease it is a
bnd habit and one which answers no
good purpose. It may be that such
organizations as tbe Holy Name S>
ciety can niter tlie common view and
break up a bad habit. Ugly words
soil the tongue; more than that, tliey
bend the mind downward, and force
thinking into vulgar grounds, when
the mental tendency should be upward, toward higher, nobler and holier things. Tlie man often lives as he
thinks; thus, tlie profane speaker often thinks and lives profanely, and
Unit is a social tragedy.���Seattle Post-
A man has to do a lot of drinking
so as to make himself think he is a
good  fellow.
Vitality at
Low Ebb
The usual spring condition until  Dr.
A. W. Chase's Nerve Food is used.
Vigor comes from good, red blood.
Almost everybody's blood is thin
and watery in the Spring.
Hence  tne tired,    languid feelings,
tlie loss of energy and ambition, and
the  general  weakness  of  the  bodib*_
organs. *^
Tlie appetite fails, digestion is imperfect, the filtering nnd excretory or-      e,
gans are irregular, and, in short, life
is a burden ilisteau of being the joy
it should be.
You can feel yourself getting
strength and vigor when Dr. A. W.
Chase's Nerve Food is used. The
blood is made rich and pure, the appetite sharpened, digestion improves
and every organ in tlie body feels
the benefit of tlie rich, red, life-sus-
taining blood.
Stimulants give temporary relief.
Whnt is absolutely necessary is rich,
red blood such ns is formed by tlio
use of Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Food.
You can avoid all the discouragement .and suffering, the pains and
nelips, the depressing effects of spring
by the use of Dr. A. VV. Chase's Nerve
Food, 50 cts. nt nil "doalers or Ed-
manson, Bates & Co., Toronto, Ont.
Portrait and signature of A. W. Chase,
M.D., the famous Receipt Book author,  on  every box. flit   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
for Spring
To purify the blood and cleanse the
system use Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-
Liver  Pills
All winter poisons have been collecting in tlie system,
Hence the tired, languid feelings of
Spring, the indigestion, tlie pains and
nelies, the discouragement and des.
These poisons can only be eliminated by the healthful action of kidneys,  liver and bowels.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills promptly enliven the bowels and
quicken the liver and kidneys in
their work of filtering poisons from
the blood.
The blood cannot possibly ha purified except by the action of tlie liver
and kidneys���hence mere physics and
purgatives do not accomplish the desired results.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills ensure prompt action of the
bowels, but do more thnn this���they
restore to healthful and vigorous action the liver anil kidneys.
For this reason tliey ore tlie greatest of Spring medicines nnd nre bound
to do you good. One pill a dose, 25
���ets. a box, all dealers or Edniunsoii,
Bates & Co., Toronto, Ont. Portrait,
and signature of A, W. Clinse, M.D.,
the famous Receipt Book author, on
every box.
Her Hint.
"J'wiih leap year, so she gave a hint,
(The wedding soon will be);
A Van Dyck he wns raising, and,
"I see that ynu are coming to
Tlie point ut last," suid she.
The Oil of the People.���Many oils
have come and gone, but Dr, Thomas'
Eclectric Oil continues to maintain
its position and increase its sphere
of usefulness each year. Its sterling
qualities have brought it to the front
and kept it there, and it can truly
be called the oil of the people. Thousands have benefitted by it and would
use no other preparation.
This is also that annoying season
when, just as you are enjoying a
good laugh at tlie man who is chasing his hat down the street, your own
blows off.���Indianapolis News.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
,      F.J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, have known
F.J. Cheney for tlie last 15 years, and
taX believe him perfectly honorable in
all business transactions and financially able to curry out any obligations made by his firm.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price
75 cents per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation.
H. G. Fiske, president of tlie National Humane Alliance, said recently in New York in an address upon
"Humanity abolishes thut cruelty,
often thoughtless, whicli keeps current speeches such ns one I overheard
a boy of ten make to a boy of eight.
" 'Say, Jimmy,' so ran this speech,
'give us a suck o' that orange o' yourn
nn' I'll let you drown one o' our kittens.' "���New York  Press.
Countless have been the cures worked by Holloway's Corn Cure. It has
a power of its own not found in
other preparations.
Visitor���They* tell me you are a
trusty. What were you before you
were sent here ?
Convict No. 1,318���I was a trustee,
Minard's    Liniment,   Lumberman's
"Say, there's a mistake in this bill
you sent me the other day."
"What's wrong with it?    Is it too
"No, but���"
"Any mistake  in  tiie figures?"
"No.    It's not thnt.   It's���"
"Don't you think that bill lias been
running long enough?"
"I reckon so,  but���"
"Then what are you kicking about?"
"That's  what  I  am  trying  to  tell
you.   There's a mistake in the name.
You sent it to the wrong man, confound you!    I don't owe you a cent,
and never did I���Chicago Tribune.
"Tlie late Lord Kelvin," said a Harvard scientist, "had a wonderfully
origini'l mind from his childhood.'
"As a little boy, as little Willie
Thompson, tliey tell a quaint story
about him in Glasgow.
"It seems that once he suffered hor
ribly a week with toothache. Finally
he had the tooth out. After it was
drawn he rose from tlie chair, held
out his little hand to tlie surgeon and
" 'Give it to me.'
"The surgeon, with an accommodating smile, wrapped the tooth in
paper and extended it to the lad.
"'But what arc you going to' do
with it, Willie?' he asked.
" 'I'm going to take it home,' was
the reply, 'and Oram sugar in it and
see it ache.' "���New  York  Times.
Where is
Your Hair?
In your comb? Why so? Is
not the head a much better place
forh? Better keep what is left
where it belongs! Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula,
quickly stops falling hair.
There is not a particle of doubt
about it. We speak very positively about this, for we know
Does noi change Ihe color of lhe hair.
JFormul* with 8Mh bottlt
Show It to jour
_Ok him abo��t It,
then do ������ ho ia*f ���
They Were Known In Japan ns Early
as the Year 1682.
Though Americans have got the Idea
Into their heads that this country takes
the pnlm for the use of patent medicines, it appears tbut It falls far behind Japan.
A report by one of Great Britain's
consuls lu Japan shows that the "Yankees of the east" began to develop the
putent medicine business long before
the United States was more than a
few little Atlantic coast hamlets���that
ls, in the year 1082.
The buslneus had its origin at Toya-
ma, on the west const. Its founder
nud patron wus Prince Seiho Maeda.
While daymio of the province his making of medicines for the poor attracted
such attention that Bundnl Jokan, a
physician of KntakamI, brought a supply of Han-Gon-Tan ("medicine that
culls buck the dead to life"). This was
distributed from door to door, to be
paid for wben convenient, and from
thut time bus lieen a popular remedy.
The Industry took root nnd flourished. Medicines were distributed ln the
last century by thousands of agents,
who made collections once a year, taking buck unused supplies.
The medicines���none being In liquid
form���nre usually given suggestive
names, like "brain healing pills" and
���'heal everything powders." Toyuma
bus ti special guild for lonulng capital,
n dealers' club of 3,000 members, a patent medicine school and a patent medicine magazine.
He Was Killed With an Arrow by the
Sheriff of Kent.
One of the mysteries of history ls
that surrounding tlie arch trnltor Jack
Cude. Nearly nil lilstprinhs have described liiin as an Irishman. He wan
reully born In Sussex, where lie was
ns n youth u servant to one Sir Thomas Dngre.
This Sir Thomas Dngre. or Dacre,
was n Sussex knight of grent eminence, who hnd seats nt Ilurstmon-
cenux and Ileathfield, In that county.
Cnde has lor several centuries been
n common name about TMnylield nnd
llentlilleld, as is proved as well by numerous entries In (lie parish registers
as by lands and localities designated
from that family, After his defeat
near London Cnile took to the Sussex
woods, nud he finully would have escaped If his reckless courage had not
brought him out Into the open.
It ls traditionally related that he was
engaged lu n game of bowls in the garden of a little ale house nt Ileathfield
when u Kentish squire. Sir Alexnnder
Ideu. sheriff of Kent, taking him una-
wnres, killed bim with au arrow.���
London Saturday Review.
First Surgeon In St. Louis.
Dr. Antoine Francois Suugrulue settled lu St. Louis hi 1800 and was tbe
first surgeon to locale west of tbe
Mississippi river. He spent all of his
leisure lime in experiments in chemistry nnd wilh electricity. The Indians
were frequent visitors nt his laboratory aud. not understanding tbe mystery of his experiments, held biro ln
grout awe und wanted to worship him
as u god Before the village of St.
Louis was Incorporated Dr. Snugralne
acted as postmaster. He tied the mall
up in u blue silk handkerchief and left
it on the doorstep. WheD any citizen
WUdtcd to know If lie hud a letter he
untied the handkerchief, looked the
mull over, paid for the postage In a
piece of coonskin. which was legs'
tender, nnd walked on. Tbe first lucl-
fcr mutcbes ever made In this country
were made by Dr. Saugraine. The
small wooden sticks were dipped, oue
at a time, In the combustible substance and then lit by friction, as at
the present time. He ulso made the
first thermometer used in the west
Funeral on Skates.
Among the Wends, a remnant of the
ancient Slavonic race Inhabiting the
Spreewuld. a region inclosed by an arm
of tbe Spree river, about fifty mfles
south of Berlin, are seen the most curious funeral processions of the civilized world._ As In Holland, the thoroughfares are waterways. In the winter time, when these are frozen over,
funeral processions pass along the ice
on skates. Tbe coffin Is carried on a
sledge drawn by six mourners on
skates. Tbe Immediate relatives of
the dead, men and women alike, skate
along behind the cotllu surrounded by
their friends. The women carry a Bt-
ble In one band and wear tbe ancient
national costume.
Vain and Perilous Effort to Scale
Mount McKinley.
The long trail to the nortb brings out
the best In men and the worst, declares
Mr. Robert Dunn In "The Shameless
Diary of an Explorer." As a member
of a party which made a vain attempt
to reach the top of Mount McKinley
he tells something of the hardships of
one day's travel:
Furtively, imperceptibly, the steepness had stolen a march on us. As
one line of footholds gave out we had
to slide dexterously to another. The
steeper slope was swept cleur and hard.
Steps hud to be cut.
We have only three Ice axes. As I
never gave them u thought this morning, all of them were gobbled up when
we started, and I was left with only
one long willow teut pole. It was never
meant to balance you In half cut steps
tbut may or mny not hold your toe.
As the steps changed from e stairway to a stepladiler the other three
betrayed no excitement, no uneasiness.
Neither did I at first, but I felt both.
It was uot dizziness, not vertigo, but
simply that ns I looked dowu tbe sheer
2,000 feet from where we clung by
our toes Imagination rcsistlessly told
over how It would feel, bow long It
would lust, what the climax In sensation would be, were I to fall.
As hour succeeded hour I lived each
minute only to mnke the false step.
Courage Is only u matter of self control anyway.
Climbing the highest mountain on
tbe continent with a tent pole! Sometimes I boiled In those dizzy, anxious
places that I hnd put myself In such
a position with sucb ineix Yet I must
reap my own sowing. Once I asked If
It wasn't customary to rope on such
steep slopes, but no one but Fred nnswered, and lie* snld: "Y' ain't goin' to
ketch me tied up to anybody. A man
don't want to take chances with any
one but himself, hauliu' him down
from these places."
One requisite of explorers besides
aversion to soap nnd wnter Is Insensi-
tlveness. Tbey cuu't see; tbey can't
feel. They couldn't do these stunts If
they did.   *       	
It Is the Most Marvelous Machine In
the World.
The human brain Is tbe most marvelous machine In the world. It occupies less space in proportion to Its
capabilities than nny machine It ever
Invented. It sends a special nerve to
every ultimate fiber of some COO muscles, to many thousand branching
twigs of arteries, to every plnhead
area of the numerous glands which
keep the machine properly oiled, heated or cooled, to some sixteen square
feet of skin, which Is the outpost
guard of Its castle, with such completeness that the point of a pin cannot
find an area unguarded. It possesses
special quarters for the reception and
translation of a constant stream of vibrations that nre the product of nil
things movable or still In the outer
world. On the retina of every open
eye Is a picture of the outer view, a
focused Imprint of every ray of light
and color, and In the visual chamber
of the mental palace stands a vlbra-
scope, a mnglc lnDtern that receives
the retinal picture ln Its billion speeding series of light waves and throws
them upou Its mental screen as a living moving picture of light and shade
and color. In the chamber of sound Is,
a vlbraphoue, over whose active wires
passes every wave of sound from the
dripping of the dew to the orchestral
fortissimo, from the raucous screech
of the locomotive to the sighing of the
wind through the meadow grass. In
the chambers set apart for scent and
taste and touch are the secret service
guards to report upon the air and food
which give sustenance to the palace
and upon the solid qualities of the tactile world. Aud, wonder of all wonders, this complex human brain can
think ln all languages or lu no language and even conceive Its own physical mortality���Edward A. Ayres ln
Harper's Magazine.
A Few Human Bromides.
Now tbat surgery bus advanced to a
point where diseased or defective parts
of the human body may be removed
and replaced with those from an animal, It ls presumed tbat tbe following
will no longer be regarded as mere
nature fakes: The inun wltb the eagle
eye, the mnn with the lion heart, the
man with tbe chicken liver, the man
with the bull neck, tbe man with the
pig head and the' mau with the dog
His Card Tricks.
Mrs. Stryver���We had a most enjoyable time at Mrs. Hunter's tea. Count
Tedout was tbere and kept us mystified for nn hour with his tricks with
the cards. Mr. Stryver (dryly)���He
kept ns mystified witb 'em for three
months nt thfc club, but we're on to
him now.
Indeed, the one greit leading feature of
our new Hair Vigor may well be said to
be this ��� it stops falling hair. Then it
goes one step further���it aids nature In
restoring the hair and scalp to a healthy
condition.   Ask for "tbe new kind."
tmtmnatttt tj tht 1.0. Ajar* 00., Low all. ateaaettm
He Meant the Ashes.
Hewitt���Gruet uses very appropriate
language, don't you think so? Jewett
���Well, when I asked him what he
thought of the Idea of cremation his
reply wus, "It Jars one."���New York
The Mushroom's Life..
The mushroom's life Is measured by
hours, but It flourishes long enough for
an Insect to hung Its egg on tbe edge
of tbe "umbrella" and for the egg to
become an Insect ready to colonize
the next mushroom tbat springs up.
Gold Money.
The earliest trace ot the use of gold
as money Is to be found In the pictures
of tbe nncleut Egyptians weighing in
seules heaps of rings of gold und silver.
There li uo actual record, however,
that tiiese rings were wbnt mar bo
termed coins wltb a Sxed value.
Where the Tips Go.
"But I can tell you something you
don't know ubout the tipping system
fn the cloakrooms of some of tbe large
cafes," remarked a midnight diner to
his wife.
'Why, don't the small boys Just
pocket nil they get?" inquired she.
"Pocket! Their uniforms are made
without n slgu of a pocket so that none
of the tips can Uud a lodging there.
Those boys get nothing but a salary,
which Is paid by a mun who has purchased the check room privilege for as
high as five thousand a year. The tips
are all turned Into him. You can
Imagine whut the privilege Is worth
when he can pay dowu that sum for
the right."
Large sample
mailed free
on request.
1 heavy work
with common
cooked starch.
pleasant, successful occupation with
Starch. Requires no rub*
b i n g* ���j u s t
s o a k s i n.
Irons don't stick���there's wax in
the starch. Vour gtocer has it���
or can get it. 21S
CeVW\o\<i StavcYv
Never Sticks.  Requires no Cooking
The Brantford Starch Works, Limited, llnmtfonl, Canada
Indisputably  So.
Adam    looked    at    ills    helpmeet
"Well," lie said, in his emphatic
way, "there's certainly one honor
thnt is indisputably yours, my dear."
"And what is that. Ad?" queried
our first mother.
Adam suddenly smiled.
"Nobody can dispute the claim Hint
you are tlie first lndy in the land,"
he said.���Philadelphia Telegraph.
Disappear   Under  a   Treatment
with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
There can be health ami vigor only
when the blood is rich and red.
There are thousands of young men
just approaching manhood who need
the* rich, red blood that only Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills can make. They
have no energy, tire out at the least
exertion, and who feel by tlie time
tliey have done their day's work, us
though the day wns a week long. In
some cases there-is a further sign of
danger in the pimples and disfiguring
eruptions wliicn break out on tlie
face. Tiiese ure certain signs thnt
blood is out of order and thnt a complete breakdown may result. In this
emergency Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
is the medicine tiiese young men
should take. Tiiese pills actually
make rich, red blood. They elear the
skin of pimples and eruptions and
bring health, strength and energy.
Here is tlie experience of Adolphe
Rolland, of St. Jerome, Que., a
young man 19 years of age, who says:
"For more than a year I suffered
from general weakness, and I gradually grew so weak that I was forced
to abandon my work as a clerk. My
appetite failed me, I bnd occasional
violent headaches and 1 begun to suffer from indigestion. I was failing
so rapidly that 1 began to fear Hint
consumption wns fastening itself upon me. Our family doctor treated me
but I did not gain under his care. 1
was in a very discouraged state when
a friend from Montreal came to see
me. He strongly advised nie to try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. 1 did so
and inside of three weeks I began to
feel better, my appetite began to improve and I seemed to have a feeling
of new courage. I continued the pills
till I had taken ten boxes and I am
now enjoying tlie best health I ever
had. My cure surprised many of my
friends who began to regaid me ns
incurable, and I strongly advise other
young men who are weak to follow
mv example and give Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills a fair trial." Bad blood
is tlie cause of all common diseases
like anaemia, headaches, neuralgia,
rheumatism, sciatica, indigestion, all
nervous troubles, general weakness,
and the special ailments that only women folk know. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills nre the one cure, becnuse they
go right to the root of the trouble in
the blood. They change the' bad
blood into good blood, and thus bring
health, strength and energy. You
can get tiiese pills from any medicine
dealer, or by mail at 50c a box, or
six boxes for $2.50 from the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Reflect upon your present blessings,
of which everyone has many���not
upon your past misfortunes, of which
all of us have some.
They Soothe Excited Nerves.���Nervous affections are usually attributable to defective digestion, as tlie stomach dominates oil the nerve centres. A course of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will still all disturbances
of this character, and by restoring the
stomach to normal action relieve the
nerves from irritation. There is no
sedative like them and in the correction of irregularities of tlie digestive processes, no preparation has
done so effective work, qs can be testified to by thousands.
A platter of six bundles of lettuce
and  some radishes were  brought in.
He���Why, denrie, there are enough
vegetables here to trim your next
"Merry Widow."
She��� I guess there's enough for a
cow breakfast.
The Oldest Encyclopedia.
The most ancient encyclopedia extant ls Pliny's "Natural History," ln
thirty-seven books and 2,40'i chapters,
tientlng of cosmography, astronomy,
meteorology, geography, geology, bot*
suy, medicine, the arts and pretty nearly every other department of human
thought known at the time. Pliny,
who died 70 A. D., collected his work
la his leisure Intervals while engaged
in public affairs. Tbe work was a
ve***** high authority In the mlddl>> **<sres.
the Child's Advice.
Little Arthur stood peering down Into
the countenance of bis baby sister,
whom the nurse was singing to sleep.
"Say, nurse," be..finully whispered,
'It's nearly unconscious, Isn't It."
The nurse uodded in the affirmative
nnd sang on.
"Then don't sing any iiore or you'll
kill it!"-Lh_!ilucoU's.
Delia���Ye can get a suit Just like
your missis' velvet wnn for tin dollars
In Bargain Brown Brothel's. Norah���
Ye.*., an' I cun get wan fur nuthln' by
telling me missis nbout the wan In
Bargain   Brown   Brothers.
Persistent Girl.
Ethel���Have you beard of Jack's engagement to Eleanor? Harold���Dear
me, no! Then Jack has dually succeeded ? Ethel - Ni- S>*���"cunibed. r*
London Tatler.
I cured n, horse of the Mange with
I  cured   a horse  badly  torn  bv  a
pitch   fork,   with   MINARD'S   LINIMENT.
St. Peter's, C.B.        EDW. LINLIEF.
I cured a horse, of a bad swelling
Bathurst, N. B.
Dick���How did your brother die?
Tom���Too much union labor.
Dick���How so?
Tom���He was carrying a box of dynamite one day when the whistle
Its   Would   Be   Desecrators   and   the
Poet's Imprecation.
The fact that would be desecrators of
Shakespeare's tomb bave not dared to
risk the falling of tbe curse invoked in
the lines cut upon his tomb ls a striking testimony to the powerful effect
upon mankind of sucb an Imprecation.
J. 0. Halllwell-Pblllip'ps, writing in
the eighties, said:
"The nearest approach to an excavation ln the grave of Shakespeare was
made In the summer of tbe year 1796
ln digging a vault ln tbe Immediate locality, when du opening appeared
which was presumed to Indicate tbe
commencement of tbe site of the bard's
remains. The most scrupulous care,
however, was taken not to disturb the
neighboring earth In tbe slightest degree, the clerk having been placed
there till tbe brickwork of tbe adjoining vault was completed to prevent
any one making an examination. No
relics whatever were visible through
the small opening that thus presented
Itself, and as tbe poet was buried ln
the ground, not In a vault, tbe great
probability ls tbat dust alone remains.
It ls not many years since a phalanx
of trouble tombs, lanterns and spades
In band, assembled ln tbe chancel at
dead of night, Intent on disobeying the
solemn injunction that tbe bones of
Sbakespea/e were uot to be disturbed.
But the supplicatory lines prevailed.
There were some among tbe number
who at the last moment refused to Incur tbe warning condemnation, and so
tho design was happily abandoned."
' A correspondent of the London Athenaeum wrote In 1881: "I remember on
a visit to the grave of Shakespeare. In
1827 or 1828 reuinrklug tbat It was little creditable to the authorities that
the raised coverlug to the tomb sbould
bave been allowed to fall Into sucb decay, for I could see Into the grave
through the hole formed by the sinking
of tbe stones. The reply was that, 'on
account of tbe anathema Inscribed upon
the tomb,* no workmen could be persuaded to meddle wltb It."
An earlier Incident Is thus set forth
by a contributor to the Moutbly Magazine of Feb. 1, 1818:
"Notwithstanding the anathema pronounced by the bnrd on auy disturber
of his bones, the church wardens were
so negligent a few years ago as to
suffer tbe sexton In digging the adjoining grave of Dr. Davenport to
break a large cavity into the tomb of
Shakespeare.   Mr.   told the writer
that be wos excited by curiosity to
push bis head and shoulders through
the cavity, that be saw tbe remains of
the bard and tbat he could easily bave
brought away his skull, but was deterred by the curse which tbe poet Invoked on any one wbo disturbed his
The attempt at a later day to meddle wltb tbe tomb had no more effective ending.
"Biggest and Best"
Chewing Tobacco
South American Animals.
Many curious animals haunt the
marshy parts of South America north
of tbe pampas. Progs big and ferocious (the ceratophyrs), given to making vicious springs when closely approached; the capybara, a cavy "contented with the bulk of the sheep;" tbe
huge coypu rat and the swarthy tapir
are frequently seen. Along the forest
margins troops of peccaries are often
met with, occasionally the jaguar,
sometimes the puma; likewise that
toothless curiosity the great ant bear,
long In claw, long nosed and remarkably long tongued. Very plentiful, too,
are those "little knights lu scaly armor," the quaint, waddling armadll-
loes. Long toed jacanas pace about
upon the floating leaves. A familiar
object Is tbe greut jablru, a stork with
a preference for the desolate lagoons,
where It may often be observed statuesque on one leg and wrapped ln pro-
Big Tips For Little Favors.
"It Is surprising," said a veteran
Pullman porter, "bow big a tip a porter sometimes gets for doing a very
little thing."   He added:
"A passenger once tipped me extra
because be said I did not leave his
shoestrings colled up Inside bis shoes
after 1 had blacked tbem. He said
nothing made hlm madder tban to slip
on bis shoes In a hurry ln a sleeper
only to find tbat he bad to take them
off again because the shoestrings were
Inside. Ever since that time I bave
been careful not to leave shoestrings
Inside of the shoes I black, and more
than one passenger has thanked me for
being thoughtful. But it wasn't me
that did tbe thinking. The tip did that
for me, and I never forgot it"
In the Right Direction.
Bishop Bloinfield wus ono of the
many witty Englishmen whose good
things bave found tbelr way into a
volume of reminiscences, "Leaves
From the Notebooks of Lady Dorothy
Bishop Blom field was led Into a controversy one time witb a learned man
as to tbe mental superiority of tbe
east over tbe west, and his opponent
as a parting shot said:
"Well, at any rate, you can't dispute
tbat tbe wise men came from tbe
"Surely that was the wisest thing
Ihey could do!" retorted the bishop.
A Futile Boast.
"Love me and the world Is mine," he
"What's the use of saying that?" she
replied. "I've beeu loving you for
weeks and you haven't even succeeded
In getting a good job."
Marriage ls a lottery In which men
.take tlieir liberty and women tbelr
happiness.���Mme. de I'leui.
W.   N.   U.    No.
Later On.
A Scottish architect was in Palestine
when news reached him of an addition to his family circle.  He provided
himself with some water from the Jordan for the christening of the infant
and   returned   to  Scotland.    On   the
Sunday appointed for thc ceremony he
went to church and sought out the sex-
on in order to hand over the precious
water to his care.   He pulled the flask
k from his pocket, b**t the sexton held
; up a warning hand and came nearer
V to whisper,   "No,  the   noo,  sir,"   he
jsaid; "no the noo.    Maybe after the
I kirk's oot!"���Edinburgh Scotsman.
Mi9s Mary Levesque, 313 Stadacina St, Hochelaga, Montreal writes :���"I hare found Zam-Buk an excellent remedy for
skin eruptions. Up to this Spring I was bothered for almost
five years wilh a red rash, small pimples and suies on ray (ace and on
the scalp thro' the hair. Noihii-.g 1 used would clear this ta.h from lhe
skin until I began using Zam-Buk. This salve hai effectually and I
believe permanently taken oil those unsightly pimples and sores from
both scalp and face. I shall recommend Zam-Buk to all my friends."
For h.��lin_ cc-eemi and .11 skin disease Zsnv
Bilk is without equal. It is good for i lieu mat ism
when well ruhbad in. I'il.s also yield to ZanvBuk
All .lores and drug gists, sac. or Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto. r it       ������� ��..,_, _.���. __..
Make the Farm Pay
A Fairbanks-Morse  Jack-of-AII-Tradci
will pump water, saw wood, shell corn,
run cream separator, in fact furnish
power for any purpose.
Every Farmer Should Have One.
Cut out this advertisement and send
It to
92 & 9*1 Arthur St., WINNIPEG.
Please send me  (without cost to me), your catnlop-ue with
full  Information regarding your Gasoline Engine for farm use.
Satisfying Breakfast for Five   Cents.
Dear Living Yields to
Two Shredded Wheat
Biscuits with a pint of
milk will supply all
the energy needed for
a half day's work���and
the  cost   is   about   five
Combines Health with Economy.
When Freda wakes, the day's bright eye
Has Bcarce Illumined the eastern sky.
The busy swallows 'neath the eaves
Are just astir, and through the leaves
The morning zephyr steals and quakes
When Freda wakes.
When Freda wakes���her maiden charm
Being startled by the clock's alarm-
She goes down in her brief attire
And hustles up the kitchen tire.
With husky arm the furnace shakes
When Freda wakes.
When Freda wakes she starts a song
And keeps It up the morning long.
My pillow's wet with bitter tears.
'Tis vain for me to stop my ears.
I even hear her mixing cakes
When Freda wakes.
When Freda wakes she slams the door
And kicks the cat across the floor.
She drops the girdle on the sink.
(She does It just for spite, I think.)
The ridgepole of the building shakes
When Freda wakes.
 ,���Chlcago New*.
Doctored Tea.
Tho tea Importers are asking that
the inspection of tea be transferred
from the treasury to the agricultural '
department, ou the ground apparently
that the scientific experts of the latter
will he lietter able to detect and stop
fraudulent practices. Cheap teas, they
say, are frequently adulterated with
Indigo and talc to make them resemble
better grades, and these adulterants
nre said to be unwholesome.���New
York .Globe.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house
"So you tried to drive a sharp bargain and got cheated again," said
Mrs. Corntossel.
"That's what happened," answered
the farmer.
"Mnybe you will learn after awhile
that you can't get something for nothing."
"No, I can't. But it seems like the
other fellow can."���Washington Star.
The person who has once experienced the pleasure of a cup of delicious "Salada" Tea���that feeling of
satisfaction that its purity and flavor
guarantee, is not easily persuaded to
accept a substitute. 28
Rufus Choatc once endeavored to
muke a witness give an illustration
of absent-mindedness.
"Waal, said the witness cautiously, "I should say that a man who
thought he'd left his watch to hum,
an' took it out'n his pockot to see if
he had time to go hum to get it���I
should say thnt feller was a leetle
absent-minded." ��� Everybody's Magazine.
From October to May, Colds are try
most frequent causes of Headache
moves cause.   E. W. Grove on box 25*
They wear longer, fit easier,
and cost no more (often less)
than the inferior kinds.
Ask your dealer���unless he is
prejudiced he will tell you they
are the best.
Breakfast Table Story.
There is a certain English univer.
sity college whicli is largely patronized by wealthy colored gentlemen
who come over to complete their education. In connection with that college a story is told whicli will doubtless be of some interest to tlie Soutli
African students of the bnited Kingdom.
A white member of the college already mentioned went out to Africa
as a missionary, but, unfortunately,
in tlie course of his work he was captured by cannibals. The latter had
prepared everything for tlieir feast
except tlie stuffing, and while waiting
for this very necessary commodity to
be brought, they overhauled the unlucky missionary's baggage.
All at once one of them sprang up,
and, holding in his hand a college
blazer, exclaimed: "Oh, I say! We
can't eat him. He's a man from our
ENGLISH SPAVIN LINIMENT removes all hard, soft or calloused
lumps and" blemishes from horses,
blood spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone,
Sweeney, stifles, sprains, sore and
swollen throat, coughs, etc. Save $50
by use of one bottle. Warranted the
most wonderful Blemish Cure ever
They Prayed Running.
Harry and Ethel were crossing a
field on their return from Sabbath-
school, when they encountered a bull.
At tlie animal's approach they fled in
terror. Faster and faster they ran,
yet nearer and nearer came the bull.
"We must pray," panted Harry.
"You do it," Ethel pleaded. "We'll
kneel down right here."
"No, we'll pray running. You
ought to do it; you're a girl."
"0 Lord���0 Lord-*-! can't, sobbed
Ethel.    "You do it."
The proximity of tlie bull demanded
immediate action, and Harry rose to
the occasion. Loudly and fervently
they prayed:
"0 Lord, for what we are nbout to
receive, make us truly thankful."���
Success Magazine.
It was sentence day in the city
court. A man in the prisoner's pen,
who had been sentenced to two years
for larceny, began to cry softly. The
big man next* him, who was going to
serve seven years for bigamy, said:���
"Aw, wotcner sniflin' about?"
"I'm���I'm���th-thinkin' about leav-
in' (sob) my���my���family. Lea-leav-
in' my wife "
"Aw. cut it out! Look at me. 1
ain't cryin', am I? An' I'm leavin'
two of 'em."���Everybody's Magazine.
At a children's party, Margery, tho
four-year-old daughter of a certain
"realistic" author, was called upon
to tell a story as a forfeit. This was
the story complete:���
"There wa's once a little girl who
lived in the mud."
"But what happened to the little
girl���how did tlie story end?" waa
"Nothing happened," resplied Margery, indignantly. "There isn't any
beginning; there isn't any ending.
She just lived in tlie mud."
There Is Only One
"Bromo Quinine9"
Thai is
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Always, remember  the  full   name.    Look
for  this   signature  on   every   box.    25c.
e^rrri^tat* TIIE   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW.   NEW   DENVER.   B. C.
Bank of Montreal,
Slocan Land District���Diatrict of West
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President��� Lord Stuathuona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gkobue A. Dkummond.
General Manager���E. S. Clooston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan tlMning Kevtew.
Subscription  .2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   Nu pay, nu paper.
Advertising: Ratkh:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $13.00
"    for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
'���      " Purcliase of Land   -     7.50
�����     " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will he charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates mado known on application.   No room for QuackB.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
<_bove rates and Save Trouble.
Kaslo Land District���Distiict of
West Koolenay.
Take Notico that Lilian E. (lething,
of Blooail City, married woman, intends
to apply for permission to purcliase Ihe
followin*. described land: Commencing
at a post planted at the south-west coiner of lot 3810 about five miles from
filooan City, thence _outh 40 cliains
tlionce west 20 chains, tlience north 40
chains theifce east 20 cliniiiB to point
of commencement, containing 80 acres.
George Henderson, Agent.
April 37th 1908 Jy30
Take notice that John Thomas Bla.-k
of New Denver, B.C., provincial con-
sable, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land :
Commencing ut a post planted ou the
noith boundary of Lot 485, Ihence norlh
30 chains, tlience west 30 chains more
or less lo the shore of Slocan Lake,
thence south along the said lake, 30
chains more or less, 10 lhe north-west
corner of Lot 485, thence east 20 chains
more or less to point of commencement,
containing 50 acres more or less.
Dated tbe 14th day of Ju'v, 1908.
Nelson Land District���Distiict
of West Koolenay.
Take notice that A. E. Haigh, of
Nakusp, loco fireman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the fallowing
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the west side of Lot 8805,
about five cliiiiiiB from Box Lake, tlience
north 20 chains, tbence west 20 chains,
thence south 20 chains, tlience east 20
chains, to the point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated Juno 17th, 1908.
61ocan Land District���Dislrict of
WeBt Koolenay.
Take Notice that I, Harvey Fife, of
Slocan, miner, intend fixty dnys from
the date hereof, to anply to llm; Cliief
Commissioner uf Lani.s and Works for
permi-sion to purchase tlie lollowing
descriheir lands: Starting nt a post
planted on CPU. survey line, running
enst to Lot 8701, tlience nortli to corner
of lot 7702, thenceeast 40 chains, llicnce
south 20 chains, ihence west, to C. P.R.
survey line, fallowing said line tu point
of commencement, containing 120 acres,
more or less.
John Uiotind, Ageut.
May 2, 190S.
WANTED���to know the whereabouts of
Frank Sutcliffe, who when last heard
of was working as a miner in this district. Please communicate with tlie
"Review" office.
Here is a wrinkle which is guaranteed
to keep deer away from nn orchard :
Take one pair of dirty socks���the longer
they have heen worn, lhe better���one
dirty shirt that lias seen better days.
Hang both on a line in tlie orchard, and
the deer, after one sniff, will not again
come within a mile ot the orchard. Wo
give this information gr.itiB, but should
any of our ranchers find it effectual, a
crate of fruit sent to the "Review"
office will be thankfully received.
Slocan Laud Distiict--Distiict ol
West Kootenay.
Take notice that John D. Reid, of Slocan, fi. C, prospector, intends to apply
for permission to purcliase the following
described laud: Commencing at a pott
plan ed about GOO feet south of the
north-east post of Lot 8428, Group lt
West Kootenay district, tlience south 20
chains, thence east 20 chainB, tlience
north 20 chains, Ihence west 20 chains,
lo ihe point ojf commencement and containing 40 acres more or hss.
Dated J une-5th, 1908.
Slocan Land District���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Tnke notice that J. B. Smith of New
Dinver, H.C, merchant, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing
at a post planted on the cast side of
Slocan Lake about 124 miles distant and
in a northerly direction from Roseberv,
and about 200 feet fiom the Nakusp and
Slocan railroad, J. B. S.'s south-west
corner, llience east 20 chains, (hence
north 20 chains, ihence west 20 chains,
thence south 20 chains to Uie point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or le-s.
Dated June 19th, 1908.
Aug20 J. B. SMITH.
Shcan Land Di-trict���District of
Take notice that Adolnh Mero, of New
Denver, B.C., shoemaker, intends to
apply for permission lo puiclni.e the
following de.cribed lands: Commencing
at a post planted at the north-west coiner of Peter Murray's pre-emption,
thence west 20 cjiains, (hence tooth 20
chains, llienco enst 20 chains, thence
north 20 cliains, lo point of commencement, containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated Kith June, 1908.
Slocan Land District���Distiict of AVest
. Kooteaay.
Tako notice Ihat Olo. Slaaltebrek, if
New Denver, Miner, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted about 4 miles from Enterprise
landing on Ten mile creek, near W. E.
Koch's o'd saw-miil. O. S.'s S. E.
cornir post, thence north 10 chains
Ihence west 10 chains, tlience norlh 10
chains, thence weet 10 chainB, tlience
nortli 20 clmins, tlience west 20 chains,
tlience soutli 40 chains, thence cast 40
chains to the point of commenceiren',
and containing 110 acres more or less.
Arpil 80th, 1908.
For Stylish
and Up-to-Date
Bring Your Orders to
t&P     ��!_3F      <5*_2F
Estimates Given*        Prices Reasonable*
:;    General Merchant   - -  New Denver
JUST ARRIVED.   A large shipment of Groceries, oranges, X
lemoiiB,  bananas, and  candies of   various and  tatty  kinds. *
Ring np our store.   Telephone installed.    Can also give X
immediate delivery. %
Cnll and see ojr Assortment of Men's Summer Underwear X
Socks, Gloves, Overalls, Collars, Tics, Hats, etc. *
* *
Hotel Grand, Nakusp I
Proprietor:  H. J. LaBRASH
White help Im ployed only.       A Home from Home.      Fully equipped
for High-Class Trade.      Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Choicest  Liquors, Wines,  and Cigars.
Number Five Mineral Claim, situate in
Ihe Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay Dislrict. Where located:
Close to the town of Cody.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, of
Nelr-on, acting ns agent for John A.
Whittier, Frie Miner's Certificate No.
1*510877, intend 00 days fiom Uie date
hereof, to apply to thn Mining Recorder,
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the piuiiose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And fuither take noiice that ao! ion,
under section 87, must lie commenced
before the issuance of such Ceitilicate
of Improvements',
Dated this 18th day of June. 1008.
Aug. 81 A. S. FAB WELL,
S.Atf************ ************ff************<*t********]
i* A Shady Nook by the Babbling Brook,
II With an Interesting Book	
���?���*��� Is made much more delightful  if you are in a
$f * * '-���     Comfortable      ���
if y
ll We have Them and :   .
We want to Sell Them.
Come and Have a Look!
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
aud* Pork ou baud.
Poultry, Game aud
Fish in season,
Hermann Clever
Dealer in Mines, Mineral Prospects,
fruit Xanfcs anb
General IReal Estate
Preliminary examinations of  Property   for prospective  purchasers a
12 years experience in the Slocnn. All
business   promptly  attended to and
ealisTaction guaranteed.
P.O. Box 112, Silverton, B.C
Mocan Land District���District of
Wett Kootenay.
Take notice that John Wafer of Slocan, 11.C, miner, intends lo apply for
peiinissioo lo puichase the following
described laiul: Commencing at a p<**st
planted at tho north-west corner of Lot
8225, Hivup 1, We t rCootemiy distiict,
thence n rth 20 chains,' tlience last 20
chains, llience south 20 clmins, tlience
west 20 chains tii tin* point of commencement, and containing 40 acres more or
Dated May 21st, 1908. AuglB
Slocan   Land  Distiict���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that II. A. Cousins,
of Silverton, B.C.. millnian, intends to
apply for permission to purchase tlie
following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted al the
No. 1 post uf Lat 2017 thence west
ahout 10 chaina to a line running nortli
and souih, thence along the said line
20 cliains nortli to lot 1807, thence 20
cliains east, thenco ahout 8 chains
soutli to the north boundary of lot 2017
tlience west and south along the boundaries of lot 2017 to pointof commencement, containing 30 acres  more or less.
July 7th, 1908. S3
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
���     McLEOD & WALMSLEY, Props.
Number Four Mineral Claim, situate in
the Slocnn Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located:
Ni ar the town of Cody.
Take notice thnt I, A S. Farwell, of
Nelson, acting as agent for Fred. T.
Kelly, Free Miner's Certilicate No.
B95.098, intend, 00 days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certilicate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Ciown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certiflcato
of Improvements.
Dated this 13th day of June, 1008.
Aug.31 A. S. FARWELL.
Take noiice, that we intend to npply
to tlie Board of License Commissioners,
o! the City of Sandon, B.C., to transfer
lhe hotel license  for the  Hotel  Reco,
tliis day assigned lo us by W. M. Bennett, i*f Sandon, B.C.
Dated thislith day of June, A.D. 1908.
I, XV. M. Bennett, of Sandon, BC.
hereby give notice that I intend to apply
to the Hoard ot License Conimiss:oiieis
of tlie Cily of Saudon, B.C., nt i s next
regular s'tlings, for a transfer of my
hotel license for the Hotel Reco, Sandon, B.C., to Harris and Kelly, Sandon,
Dated thisfith dav of June, A D. 1908.
W. M. BENNETT. Licensee.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree forfts,
Headquarters for Miuing Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Number Three Mineral Cairn,  situate
in tlie Slocnn Mining Division of Wt st
Kootenav  District.     Where located:
Near the town of Cody.
Take notice that I. A. S. Farwell. of
Nelson, acting as agent for John M.
Harris, Free Miner's Certilicate No.
B95,600, intend, 00 days from tlie date
heieof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tlie ab ive claim.
And. further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certilicate
of Impi'oseinenls.
Dated this 13th day of June, 1008.
Augtil A. S. FARWELL.
*��  Hotel
Slocau Cit\_,  ���*  B.C.
Headquarters aud home
of the old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, aud every one who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
jf. j��. (Briffitb
Funerals conducted on Short
notice at any point In the district.   Shells uhvays ln stock.
AC "African BSVm
Slocan Land Diatrict���District of
WcBt Kootenay.
Tnke Noiice that William Cloilgli of
Slocan City, occupation miner, intends
to apply for perm'sslon lo puichase the
folion ing described laud : Commencing
at a poBt planted on the west s de of
Slocan lake about one and a half miles
north of Evan's creek nnd marked "Win.
C.'s soiuli-i'iist corner post," tbence
west 20 chains, tbence north 40 chain's,
thenco east 20 chains, llicnce south 40
cliains, followini; shore of lake to point
of commend ment and containing 80
acres more or less.
April 30th, 1003. J)80
\Mm Diue store
professional Caros.
Hotel Rosebery
1R08et��er\), B. <5.
Well furnished rooms.
��� First-class   Cuisine.
IR-siil-w- &,y
Summer Excursion Rates
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO  $72.50
NEW YOliK    $108.50
MONTREAL $105.00
t-T. LOUIS $67.50
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA $105.00
ST. JOHN,  NB $120.00
HALIFAX $131.20
SYHNEY, C.B $180 90
Tickels on sale May 4 nnd 18,
June 5, 6, 19, and 20, July fi, 7,
22, and 23, and August G, 7, 21,
and 22, 1008.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
RoutB".���Tickets are good via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago are good via Great
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
John Mok, D.P A., Nelson, B.C.
C. E. McPiiehson, G.P.A.,
Winnii eg, Mnn.
Slocan Land District���Dislrict of West
Take notice that Bcnlali Mary Sbep-
ard, of Lethbrlnge, Alta., mnn led woman, intends to apply for permission
to purchase lhe following described
lands: Commencing at a post planted
on the cast shore of Slocan lak-> about
sis miles from SlocanOity marked B M.S.
N. E. Corner post, llience foiiIIi 80
cliains, thence wesl '.() chains, llicnce
north 80 chains along shore oi Slocan
Lake, thence cast 20 chains to point of
April 21th, 1003.
Jy23 Jesse T. Tipping, agent
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min-
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
New Denver Lodge No. 1%
���PC. of __=>.
Meets in Pythian Castlo
Mall, Clever Work, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered  to any
part of tho town.
Outside points supplied regularly*.
Proprietor,   aa,
hcturc soaps, polishes, flavoring extracta, per-
lurnts, toilet articles, medicines, baking powders, ailves. liniments, stock and poultry remedies, household speci-iltics and novelties m
your own home at small cost. Mixer* Guide it
a paper devoted to the business, three months
lUial subscription for 10c: sample free
MUEPS GUIDE. Fort Madison. Iowa.
Ladies' Dress 10c
Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towels, handercbiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Warm Cosy Rooms**.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Fo >1 Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay  and let Ed. or
George mix.you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Tlie Jew Denver Lumber Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake -,, SCAIA, P_oprletor      P.O. Box 20,
Agent at New Denver, J. B. SMITH.
Is the Homo for all Mining Men when at the famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Co*y Rooms and first-ilafs tnble.    Sample Rooms.
I will make voni* clay with ine a pleasant one.
O. Grant. Prop-=SILVERTON, B.C.
Steam Laundry
For First-Class Work.
Get price  list bom ,T. E.  AngrlgRO n
Local Agent.
The Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Ont.
For Spring and Summer Suits
Best Simples Ever Shown
In B.C.
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
See tliem at tho Lucerne     +.
Shaving Parlor, T
J. E. ANUltlUNON,^       t
Agent\*     J
New Denver, B.C.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Koolenay.
. Take Notico that ,lohn Thomas Chapman, ol Lemon Creek, rancher, intends
to apply for pt'imiision to purchase lhe
following described bind: Commencing
at a post, planted on the we*t boundary
of Lot 882, Group 1, hhir_.diaU.ly north
o! Slican river and marked "J, T. C.
south-east corner," thenco norlh -10
chains, theme west 20 chuins, tlience
south 40 chains, tlience east 20 chains,
to tbe point of coniiiien.einent, con
liiining 80 acres more or hss.
May 15lb, 1008. J. *10
Marmion and Maryland Mineral Claims,
situate in the S Ounh City Mining l)i-
visi'ii   of   Wo_t   Ko.itenay   District.
Where   located:  On   Tiger  deck, a
brunch of the second norlh fork of
Lemon Orci-k.
Take notice that I,  Henri Robert
Joiaild, F. M. C. No. B-1800, acting as
ngOnt foi   R. Randolph liriuo, F. M. C.
No. U850">3, in I end, sixty diys from tho
date hereof, to apply to lhe Mining Re-
cotdci* foi a Ceniliciiteof Impiovenients
for ilie purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grunt  to an   UndlvidoJ   four-fifths in
each of thu above claims.
And further tnko notice that action
under section !17, niUHt be *_iimmcui*ed
hefoie tho issuance of such Ceitillcite
of improvements.
Dated this 28th day of May, 100S.
Jy 80. H. R. JORAND.


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