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Slocan Mining Review 1907-05-09

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Devoted to Adver-
tising the resources
of the rich Slocan
���Mining Division. . .
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see It in the
1' Review/'   it*s so.
No. 37.   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, May 9, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Empire Day mj��**
...A Good PROGRAMME has been Arranged to include...
Launch Races Hose Reel Contest        Children's Sports ,
Boat Races Ball Game Foot Races
iSj have been Selected
and Every Effort will
be made to Provide En-
IRegatta in tbe /doming 1
SMo Sports in tbe afternoon.                        0-
ssc joymcni. ***'* *  j
] I
To conclude With a Grand Tallin the Evening
tlbmic M Simpkin's (Telebrateb ��rcbestra
,***���*��; Qeto Save tbe TRing. %&*
H. G. FISHER, Chairman.       C. F. NELSON, Sec.
M. McLean,  A. Jacobson,  T. H. Hoben,  H. Stege,
J. E. Cornwall. id^At
��_ sigj
:: notes anb Comment ::
���       _     <���
Jay-Jay made an awful discovery during his raesiit peregrinations in lhe
North-west. It was after be had extended the fraternal mitt tu and irrigated with Harold G. Wade, editor of
tha Edmonton Morning Journal, that
the shock cam-, and it struck him so
much of a heap that wx ask the indulgence of our leaders in the matter.
Now. would any man with an intimate
acquaintance with our old citizen, George
Lovatt, ever have accused him of being
a poet ? That such is the case ��c joyfully proclaim, without adding " Alas."
There is no eanie uieenic in iny mo
business in the affusion appended here-.
to. There is nothing infra dig about.
old George Lovatt but his gontv toe; go
we conclude that ' his -mighty effort
will be all the more appreciated. Similes
of Milton! read the following from tlie
Edmonton Journ.-il of Feb. Utith lust
and pie so don't trouble us with, a
" It certainly was a glorious victory,,''
says the Journal, " but we never lor a
moment anticipated that it wns going
to make one of its most valued subscribers break out into song like this. However, here goes:���
Lines on the Election of Wm. Hunter,
Es<t".*Conservative member for S.ocan
riding, B.C.
Behold tbe glorious change of lute,
See Wm. Hunter eutlnone I iu Mate,
bee Honestv in all hi r charms
Content and smiling in his aims.
Great talents In this man are found,
A piercing wit, a judgment sound,
A tcholar like the noonday blight,
Dispersing darkness from the li^ht.
Squire Hunter I that uptight isiti-i
Who now rales Slocan's silvery land,
His heart diselains a golden bribe,
His toul disdains the Socialist tribe���
Who like a lot of ig.iiur..nl knaves
Woutd have us all to be their slaves.
Long may he live in peace and love
And haypy be in realms aliov^.
Poor Da.ldson, 't*a he that's dead
But Hunter now he rules instead."
All that now remains of that grand pile
is a charred skeleton  vtith  its scorched
limits and mundane adornments flying
a distress signal;     At iis feet lie a mis-
i-elUnoous  assent men t   of garbage and
junk  which are an eyesore   to   evcrv .
new arrival   and  certainly disparaging |
to the beuuty of our principal thorough- j
fare.    The fiery  element  might  have ;
been more kind with   its embraces, but
the)  Citv Council might at this stage
take a hand in the game lo the  intense
satis'acti in  of everybody interested  in
lhe appeirahce nt the Silver City..
hour. Indi*creet is not tlie word.
Venemous it should be. We prefer to
believe these men are the victims of as
foul a plot as n a-i ever conceived.
As the guide books might have it:
Arriving at Suudon, the tourist wi'l be
amazed at the structural beauty of the
fjia' hotel de vilie which smites his
gaze. Behold at the foot of a rocky
einineii'M which pierces the blue vaults
pi the heavens, a quaintly constructed
but albeit modernized hostelry���a
thing of baautv and a joy for ever.
pjit   tbat  would   be before tie fire.
Under the circumstances we hope to
lie pardoned for alluding to our own
troubles, After many years Jay-Jay
si'i/.i ei upon what he considered n favorable npj>o'tunity to shake hands with
relatives east of the Rockies, but in returning he reckoned without the C.P1*.
A brmkdnwn .on the jraine delayed
the.xvi stboiind train nine hours, a liusl
up wfot of Kiel I in'.crcstiid the pasgen-
ger's'for f nir hours III the sti'ly night,
an 1 a change in the sclieilule on our
local branch Iii favein* of a tii we-kly
service eliel lot nmteiially as-ist the
scribe in hurrying borne to the bosum
of his family, and, incidentally, type
and trouble. T'ili-s, mayhap, but a
serious aggregation of ine'dontp, which
taken collectively, unduly tux the pro-
, ducirg powers of a streuu ms country
I printer. Our eldest son, porhips the
'youngest journalist-printer extant, iu
responsible fur ,*ie hulk of this issue;
! therefore any shortc .111 ing-i (above the
ordinary) wo hop- our readers wl 1 forgive ami find consolation for in the
; abundance of quack uda. on the inside
1    The stuff is off with Roosevelt on this
side  (f  the line.   We Canadians  and
sons of   .Motherland   have  too much regard   for the  thosis  of   fair play to do
otherwise than   eondemn   ill a positive
: ma unci-  tho  ree*ent un retracted utter-
; ances   of  thu   II.S.   President   re   the
I incarcerated Muyer-Heywood-Pettibone
ico'.cii*.       The     president   judg> 8    the
iniiicrs by his own and thu Trusts stan-
' darel uf morality,  and condemnation is
' doled out when  it would   be   but just
for any man, and  particularly tho  first
;American "gentleman,"   to holel  his
'lieicc.      S.udents    of   the   celebrated
: murder case will real;/.- that the prose-
'cution  was "ill  extremis"   wlien   the
' president of  a vast Republic took sites
with the array of lynch  law capitalists
to openly  condemn   the  men   unheard
and thus Influence a jury at tbcclcientb
Trout Lake Navigation Open.
After being ice-bound all winter,
Trout Lake is again open for navigation,
anel- communication once more established from the south to Trout Lake and
Ferguson. The tri-wcekly service Mon
days, Wednesdays and Fridays has
been resumed.'
Navigation has also been resumed on
the Great Lakes, Fort William to Owen
Sound with the sailing of s.s. Manitoba
from Fort William on May 7th. Regular
tri-weekly service will be maintained,
leaving Fort William Tuesday, Frinay
and Sunday.
The C.P.R. announce May 15th as
opening elate for Banff hotel, June 15th
fur Lake Louise anil Kineialii Lake
Chalets. (.Ilncier, Field, Revelstoke,
Sicamous and North lienel Hotels are
open the year 1'Olinil.
New   Denver.
Active preparations are being made
to make the celebration on the glorious
24th an event worthy the best efforts of
New Denver. Apart from the attractive
programme advertised, Sandon and the
Lucerne will try con.lusions once again
al football. .May we all be there to see.
Two young ladirs whe attend the
public school have been publishing a
newsy little weekly sheet enjoying the
euphonious title of " The Silver-Glade."
' The last number is lo hand, extracts
from which are given below. Lack of
advertising and other perquisites kills
the ambitious venture with the current
1 issue :
Missioner Balnea is white washing his
fence and garden.
Mr. Cropp tried unsuccessfully to
walk a slack rope and sprained his neck.
Jhonnie .lust is out evenings nfier
dark training his pig .'or the chasing of
tho greasy pig.
A very distressing accident hapened
i at tbe public school. The victim was
Lila Cook who was skipping in the
school yard when a ball driven by a
epaliling bat but aided hy W, ("lever's
strong arm came bounding over the
fence catching her on the calf. It is
very evident that the calf is broken.
Flowcs are scarce lu town at this
time of year, out there will he plenty of
bleeding hearts wbeu Mr. Lindsay goes
on his vacation.
*Wahu0p IRotes.
On Friday evening' last the Dramatic
Club gave a very successful performance
of A Noble Outcast, ail ibosejtaking part
acquitting  themselves very creditably.
L. F. McDoUgald returned from Ins
trip to Vancouver. He reports having
seen a number of old Nakusp people and
they are all doing well.
A. N.Cowan, C.P.R. painter, arrived
in town from the Okanagan Landing
with a gang of men to touch up the
Word reached hero last w;*ek of the
eleath of Mrs. Yoder iu the Sacred Heart
Hospital in Spokane. Our sincerest
sympathy is extended to Mr. Yoder in
his sad beieavement.
Rod McPherson ami his bridge crew-
were in town hint week repairing the
transfer slip.
A meeting of th* Fruit Growers Association was held iu Abriel's Hall last
Monday evening.
A. K. Anthony, formerly locomotive
fireman here, -spent a few days in town
Yellowing old acquaintances.
Mrs, (Capt.) Dougal, of Slocan, was
a visitor to town last week.
Conductor J. M. Cameron was off
eluiy for a few days looking over his
ranch near Nakifp.
Miss Moore entertained a number of
her Iiiunds on Tuesday evening last at
a progressive whist party.
Mrs. F. W. .Ionian and family left on
Thursday for an extended trip to eastern
Mrs. Hobbs and child arrived home
f��� oni New Denver on Saturday last.
The steamer Rossland is having an
addition of sixteen staterooms built on
her to be furnished in time for the
tourist rush.
Rev. Mr. Danby held service in Sandon on .Sunday last.
Mr. James Morrison entertained a
number of visitors at Sunnysiele ranch
on Sunday last.
Fox's Sarsaparilla is the best spring
Don't forget the  sports at New Den*
ver ou Friday the 24th.
a. A .UL .-��. A M. A- -Mm. _���. *% ���*��� .*. m\   ��
* local ant> General.  I
< ���   Picked up by Butting ln Everywhere.    < i
* '���************************'��� ���
Rev. Father Jeannotte, accompanied
by Rev. Fr. Coccolo, of Revelstoke, returned to Sandon on Monday. Pere
Jeannotte will leave shortly for the east
on a visit, and during his absence Fr.
Coccolo will serve this mission.
J. McKaskill informs us that the
snow aronnd the Shaw camp js yet
seven feet deep.
An assortment of Ames Holden's Co.s
best lires of fine shoes just arrived.
See them at Macdonald's.
W. Colpmaa touched Sandon on
Tuesday on a through trip Irom Grand
Forks to Kaslo.
W. McClurg left town for a trip to
Kaslo on Wednesday.
Parley Ward, acting as delegate for
the Sandon K. of P. Lodge, left on
Monday for Nelson to attend an annusl
meeting of the Knights of Pythias, there.
Charlie Isenor was the recipient of
a handsome and costly souvenir from
the shores of Nova Scotia last Monday.
Charlie prizes it very much and intends
to preserve it until he finds ont who the
donor is. The town will require disinfecting by then.
If there is*>uything in the ash and
salt theory, it would pay some enterprising citizen to take a lease on the
C.P.R. ash dump, which makes the
approach to the main street look like a
desolate overflown glory hole. Perhaps
tlie dagos are leaving the ashes tbere to
impress tourists with tlie honesty of
the Sandon elect.
The city bias employed men to clear
the snow, caused by the snowslide, off
the sidewalks at the lower end of the
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Grant, of Three
Forki, paiel the town a visiton Tuesday.
Davs Sloan was up from Three Forks
on Tuesday.
"Reer'Harlburt, Fred Windolfe, and
Jivcfc-St. Clair left town on Tuesday to
work at the Bachelor. Isn't it out.
rageous how our millionaires have to
descend to work nowadays.
They havo 9 feet of solid ore at the
The Sovereign boys have two cars of
ore ready to ship. They hare 18 inches
of clean ore of high grade.
All the mon, barring one or two, are
down from tbe Last Chance and Surprise mines. We undeistand that litigation has been begun by the Noble
Five Company against the Last Chance
Company for mining on their ground.
Although it will lie thought soon on the
outside thnt Sandon and Litigation are
synonymous, we here find digestible
food in realizing that Sandon mines are
worth scrapping about. A few more
law cases and Sandon will boom.
J. R. Cameron, the town tailor,,left
on Tuesday to take up his residence for a
time in Kaslo. Mr. Cameron is opening a brancli establishment there.
The lessees of the Elkhorn have 12
feet of ore in sight and one 30 ton car
of ore ready for shipment. They are
going to start packing next week.
It is reported that the Eureka are going to build a bunk house in the near
future, and put on thirty or forty  men.
The Bachelor is putting all available
men to work at once.
Walker Smith is talking of putting a
large crew of men to woik at the Payne
pretty soon.
Chas. and Frank Turina left the hospital last week for the Leon Hot Springs.
The former has been caught in three
ehows'ides this winter and eecaped unhurt except for a few bruises.
Angus Cameron, one of the late lessees of the Bachelor, paid the Silver
City a visit on Wednesday.
Hugh Niven's team of high-steppers
ran away again on Monday, and smashed
things up generally. Hugbie had to
get another team to take his rig home.
Tom Carley has sold his interest in
the Sunshine to his partner, Al. Holni-
They have struck a body of ore at the
Idaho mine, below Three Forks.
Price of Metals.
New York,   silver, 64)-,  c.; copper,
28>�� c.; lead **��.
London, silver, 80l.d., lead, ��*.().
Owing to the absence of the boss, our
scare heads are conspicuous by their
absence this week. We (note the editorial wu) do not feel equal to anything
like tbat. Still, good wine needs no
bush.   Ahem.
A good strike is reported on the
Farnham group near the Payne mill.
Five inches of grey copper is the extent
of the find. The owners are Surt. Towgood, Geo. Clark and Kit,. Cunnihgham,
At the lsst Ceuncil meeting it was decided to repair the roadway in front of
the Reco and Sandon hotels. The work
has been begun and a much needed im-
provsu.e:it will bo greatly appreciated,
Louis Hinde, of Three Forks, visited
town on Wednesday.
J. M. Harris left for Spokane on
Kaslo, May 8th.���All the hands at
the sawmill here have struck for higher
wages and less work. They are leaving
V. St. George, of Whitewater, was in
town on Wednesday.
Mass will be celebrated in the Catholic church on Sunday next.
Mr. E. R. Atherton, accompanied by
his family returned from a trip to New
Denver on Monday.
John Bertoni is progressing favourably with his broken leg, and will soon
be able to get around without his
Fox's Sarsaparilla ia the best blood
purifier and kidney medicine.
Geo. W. Clark returned full of law
and oratory from Victoria on Monday
Chas. Culver was up from Whitewater
this week.
Win. Hunter, M.P.P., visited town
this week. Asked as to his success with
the petition forwarded to him praying
for the opening np of the wagon road
between Three Forks and Denver Siding, be said that tbe appropriations
were brought down prior to the receipt
of the petition, and consequently it will
be shelved for some time. He, however,
informs us that a good trail will he
built without delay.
A sawmill of 20,000 capacity will be
built on the lake in a few months by
local men. The parties are now spying
arounel for the most suitable site. The
syndicate has five limits to begin on.
When all things mnndane have ended
and mankind faces the Great Accuser,
St. Peter will smile benignly on Sau-
donitea, whilst the other' fellow from the
coking department will pay his respects
to stockholders in tbo C.P.R. We
would rather be a printer and peddle
hot air in Sandon than own hell and
get what would be coming to us.
O.-.V. White has returned to town
after attending the lengthy sitting of
the Star*White case.
" Dago " Frank, the well-known porter at the Reco hotel, has packed up
de mon and embarked for sunny Italy.
Conductor Cameron ie rawnching
near Nakusp. Andy Halkett is the
main squeeze on tbe gulch express pro
Surt. Towgood's young fruit have arrived, and the rubbernecks who arc
anxiously watching developments will
soon 1 e staking the Payne mountain for
" desirable fruit lands."
Show  Progressiveness
(Bv an occasional correspondent)
Considering the evidonco of those
concerned in the future welfare of the
Slocan and picturesque New Denver,
Silverton, Slocan City and Nakusp in
particular, it is ��� matter of no little
surprise to observe tbe apathy amongst
the trading community and property
owners not advertising to the world its
many natural and commercial attractions, If this course were adopted I
have no hesitation in prognosticating
satisfai tory results. I would suggest
that an association, such as Mr. Nelson
proposed in a previous letter, be formed
in each ramp for this special purpose.
It was hy this enterprising method
that Vancouver end Viotoria were
largely developed, and to which their
prosperous conditions to-day may be
Wnke up; there's money in it.
A New Denver correspondent forwards the story of the following incident
the truth for which he vouches :
"Goodness me!" exclaimed a man to
a companion ns they were walking.
"Did you ever see such a wretched
sight?" ard h�� pointed to a poor, inisei-
able looking horse that was toiling up
a hill iu the broiling sun with a heavy
load behind it. Suddenly the animal
fell and expired. "Well," said one asJ;
they ran np, "Whatever made,it die?1!**
"Can't you see?'1 cried the other, "Why
tbe poor beast was so thin that the sun
shone through itribs and set on fiio the
hay it had eaten, und the smoke choked
Certificate of Improvements.
"Independence"      Mineral     Claim,
situate in  the Slocan   City  Mining
Division of West Kootenay district
Where located:���On  Lemon Creek
adjoining   the    Crusader    Mineral
Take notiee that I, II. R Jorand, Free
Miner's  Certificate No.   1178,800 acting
for mvself and as agent for W. J.   Shat*
ford Free Miner's CeriificaleNo  B4.C85.
intend,   60 dsys  from the elate  hereof,
to apply to  the Mining  Recorder for a
Certificate of   Improvements,   for  the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take  notice that  action.
uneler  section 87,  must be commenced
before the issuance of Such  Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this Snd day of May, A.D. 1907,
11. R. JORAND.
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief Coommiaioner
of Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the following
described lands, situate in West Kooten-
av District : Commencing at�� post en
the north side of right of way ol N. A 8.
Railway, thonce 23.268 chains north
along west boundary of lot 7834, thenc*
east along north boundary of lot 768*
20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains more er less to S.E.
corner of lot 75-17, thence along south
bou Hilary of lot 7647 10 chains more or
less, thence north 20 chains, thenc*
west 30 chains, thence north 20 chains
thence west 30 chains more or less to
East sie'e of right of way of N. & S.
Railway, thenoe along East boundary of
N. & S. Railway right of way to a point
40 chains south, thence west 28.64
chains, thence south 20 chains, thenc*.
east 10 chains, thonce south 10 chains,
thence east 26.899 chains to intersect
with N. A S. Railway right of way,
thenca southerly along east aid* of
N. & S. Railway right of way to point
of commencement, and containing 403.78
acres more or less.
Located March 23rd, 1907.
Je 17 Per D. St. Denis, agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after elate I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Kootenay District: Commencing at a post
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Corner
post," said post tieing at south-east
corner of lot 7 Block 382, Group I,
West Kootonay District, thence south
80 rhains, thenco east 20 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence West 20 chains
tn point of commencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
7-4 A. J. WAT80N.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after da'e I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase th*
following des rihed lands in West Kootenay District: Commencing at a post
marked "H. Ringrose's N.W. corner
post," said post being at N.E. corner of
Lot 7, Block 382, Group 1, West Kootenay District, thenco south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence west 20 chains to point
of commencement, containing 80 acre*
more or less.
Dated April 20th, 1907,
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
tho Cnief Commissioner of LSnds and
Works at Victoria, It. C. for permission
to purchase the following 'riwribed
laiiels situate in West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-ea-t corner of lot 7547 and marked
J. Stl D. S.W. corner, thenc* north
along the east line of lot "547 20 chains,
thence east 20 chains, tnence south 20
chains to the north-east corner ot lot
8127, thence following along the line of
lot 8127, 20 chains to the point of commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan. B.C. April 80th, 11107.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
Notice is herebv given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to thn chief
Commisioner of Lands and tVorkt for
permission to purchase the following
described land situated on the west
shore of Slocan lake about % mile in a
southerly direction. Commencing at a
post morked A. O.'s S.E. corner pOst,
thence 20 chains west, thence 40 chains
north, thence 20 chains east, thence 40
chains south to place of commencement,
containinii 80 acres more or lesB.
Dated May 6th 1007.
Jv. 18 -locator.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands situated in the Slocan
mining district of West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted on the
second east Fork of Wilson creek and
about 3 miles from main Wilson creek,
marked D. Tourney's N.W. comer post
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Located April 12, 1907.
M38 D.TUOMEY, locator.
Notice is hereby given that 80 day* .
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief commissioner cf Lands and
Works for a special license lo cut and
e'lirry away timber from the following
described land in the West Koo'enay
Dlstrict! On the west side of the Arrow-
Lake. Commencing at a post about 40
chains fiom said shore marked G.B.S.
N.E. comer, thence west 80 chains
thence south 80 chains, thenceeast 80
cliains to N.W.cor. of John Feeny's preemption claim, thence north 80 chains
tn point of commencement, containing
640 acres mora or less.
Dated April 30th, 1907.
Je, 13 Per R. II. Smith, Agent.
"Tailholt" mineral claim, situate in tbe
Slocan City Mining Division  ot West
Knotenav District.   Where located :���
About. 2,000 feet in a westerly direction from Howard Fraction, shout one
mile north of North Fork  of Lemon
Take notice that I, Henri Robert Jorand, Free Miners Certificate No. B78.800,
as agent for Anna Ferguson,   Executrix
nf the lsst will and  testament ef  Wil-.
Ham  Henry  Ferguson   deceased. Ft**.
Miners Certificate Nn. B4719, intend, 60
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a certificate' ef
improvements for the purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice, that   action
under section   87, must  he commenced
h'-fm-i* thn issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 25th dayof April, A.D.1907.
EXCELLENT chai c-s; steady work ;
good wages for experienced miners-
in the rich silver conntrv.   Write,
���������ilver  City  Bureau,  B'X 296, Co'-alt,
Beverly of
fi��"ss ��. sy.***.-!
����f      ti      m��A
*** rajTCHEON. ��4
(Continued From Last Week.)
"And you are troubled on his account.   I knoff it, dear.   You"���
"Well, Yetive, why shouldn't I be
worried? I brought him here against
bis will," protested Beverly. "If anything should happen to him"��� she shuddered involuntarily.
"Don't be afraid, Beverly. I bave as
much confidence in him as you huve.
His eyes are true. Grenfall believes
ln him, too, and so does Mr. Anguish.
Gren says he would swear by hlm, uo
matter who be Is."
"But tbe others?" Beverly wills
"Baron Dangloss Is bis friend and so
Ih Quinnox. They know a man. The
couut is different."
"I louthe that old wretch!"
"Hush! He has uot wronged yon ln
any way."
"But be has beeu unfair and mean
to Baldos."
"It is a soldier's lot, my dear."
"But be may be Prince Dantan or
Frederic or tbe other one, don't you
know," argued Beverly, clinching ber
hands firmly.
"In that event he would be an honorable soldier, aud we have nothing to
fear in him. Neither of thein Is our
enemy. It Is the possibility that be is
not one of them that makes bis presence here look dangerous*"
"I don't want to talk about bim,"
said Beverly, but sbe was disappointed when tbe princess obligingly
changed tbe subject.
Baldos was not surprised, scarcely
more than Interested, when, a day or
two later, be was summoned to appear
before the board of strategy. If any
one had told hlm, however, that on a
recent night a pair of dreamy gray
eyes had tried to find bis window In
the great black shadow he might have
jumped in amazement and delight.
For at that very hour he was looking
off toward the castle, and his thoughts
were of the girl wbo drew back into
the shadow of the pillar.
The Graustark ministry had received
news from tlie southern frontier. Messengers came In with the alarming and
significant report that Dawsbergen
was strengthening ber fortifications in
the passes and moving war supplies
northward. It meant that Gabriel and
his people expected a fight and were
preparing for it. Count Halfont hastily called tbe ministers together, and
Lorry and the princess took part ln
their deliberations. General Marlanx
represented the army, and It was he
who finally asked to bave Baldos
brought before the council.
The Iron Count plainly Intimated that
the new guard was in a position to
transmit valuable information to the
enemy. Colonel Quinnox sent for him,
and Baldos was soon standing in the
presence of Yetive and her advisers.
He looked about him with a singular
smile. The one whom he was supposed
to regard as the princess was not in
the council chamber. Lorry opened tbe
examination at the request of Count
Halfont, the premier. Baldos quietly
answered the questions concerning his
present position, his age, his term of
enlistment and his interpretations of
tbe obligations required of bim.
"Ask him who he really is," suggested the Iron Count sarcastically.
"We can expect but one answer to
ihat question," said Lorry, "and that
is the one which he chooses to give."
"My name is Baldos���Paul Baldos,"
Bald the guard, but he said it in such a
way that uo one could mistake his appreciation of the fact that he could give
one name as well as another and still
serve his own purposes.
"That is lie number oue," observed
Marlanx loudly. Every eye was turned
upon Baldos, but his face did not lose
Its half mocking expression of serenity.
"Proceed with the examination, Mr.
Lorry," said Count Halfont, interpreting u quick glance from Yetive.
"Are you willing to answer any aud
all questions we may usk in connection
with your observations since you became a member of the custle guard?"
asked Lorry.
"I am."
"Did you take especial care to study
the Interior of the fortress when you
were there several days ago'/"
"I did."
"Have you discussed your observations with any one since that time?"
"I have."
"With whom?"
"With ber highness the princess,"
said Baldos without a quiver. There
was a moment's silence, and furtive
looks were cast In the direction of Yetive, whose face was a study. Almost
instantaneously the entire body of listeners understood that he referred to
Beverly Calhoun. Baldos felt that he
had been summoned before the board
at the instigation of his fair protectress.
"Aud your Impressions have gone no
"They have not, sir. It waB most
"Could you accurately reproduce the
plans of the fortress?"
"I think so. It would be very simple."
"Have you studied engineering?"
"And you could scientifically enumerate the defects in tbe construction of
the fort?"
"It would not be very difficult, sir."
"It has come to our ears that you
consider the fortress weak In several
particulars. Have you so stated at
any time?"
"I told the princess that the fortress
Is deplorably went. In fact, I think
I mentioned that it conld be taken with
ease." He was uot looking at Count
Marlanx, but be knew that the old
man's eyes were flaming. Then he
proceeded  to  tell  the  board   how  he
could overcome the fortress*.elaborat
ing on bis remarks to "BeTerly. The
ministers listened lu wonder to the
words of this calm, indifferent young
"Will you oblige us by making ���
rough draft of the fort's Interior?" ask*
ed Lorry niter a solemn pause. Baldos took t. paper aud in remarkably
quick time ew tlie exact lay of the
fortress. The sketch went the rounds
and apprehensive look* were exchanged by the ministers.
"It is accurate, by Jove," exclaimed
Lorry. "I doubt If a dweller lu the
fort could do better. You must have
been very observing."
"Aud very much interested," snarled
"Only so far as I Imagined my observations might be of benefit to some
oue else," said Bnldos coolly. Again
silence was like death.
"Do you kuow what you are saying, Baldos?" asked Lorry after a moment.
"Certainly, Mr. Lorry. It is the duty
of any servant of her hlghuess to give
her all thnt he has ln hlm. If my observations can be of help to her I feel
in duty bound to make tbe best of
them for her sake, not for my own."
"Perhaps you can suggest modifications in the fort," snarled Marlanx.
"Why don't you do It, sir, and let us
have the benefit of your superior intelligence? No, gentlemen, all this prating of loyalty need not deceive us," he
cried, springing to his feet. "The fellow is nothing more nor less tban an
Infernal spy, and tbe Tower is the place
for him!   He can do no harm there."
"If It were my Intention to do harm,
gentlemen, do you imagine that I
should withhold my information for
days?" asked Baldos. "If I am a spy
you may rest assured that Count Mar-
lanx's kindnesses should not have been
so long disregarded. A spy does not
believe in delays."
"My���my kindnesses?" cried Marlanx.   "What do you mean, sir?"
"I mean this, Count Marlanx," said
Baldos, looking steadily Into the eyes
of the head of the army. "It was kind
and considerate of you to admit me to
the fortress, no matter in what capacity, especially at a critical time like this.
You did uot know me, you had no way
of telling whether my intentions were
honest or otherwise, and yet I was permitted to go through the fort from end
to end. No spy could wish for greater
generosity than that."
Au almost Imperceptible smile went
arouud the table, aud every listener
but one breathed more freely. The
candor and boldness of the guard won
the respect and confidence of all except
Marlanx. The Iron Count was white
with anger. He took the examination
out of Lorry's hands and piled the
stranger with insulting questions, each
calm answer making him more furious
than before. At last, in sheer Impotence, he relapsed into silence, waving
his baud to Lorry to Indicate that he
might resume.
"You will understand, Baldos, that
we have some cause for apprehension,"
said Lorry, Immensely gratified by the
outcome of the tilt. "Y'ou are a stranger, aud, whether you admit it or not,
there Is reason to believe that you are
not what you represent yourself to
"I am a humble guard at present, sir,
and a loyal one. My life is yours
should I prove otherwise."
Y'etive whispered something in Lorry's ear at this juncture. She was visibly pleased and excited. He looked
doubtful for an instant and then apparently followed her suggestion, regardless of consequences.
"Would you be willing to utilize your
knowledge as an engineer by suggesting means to strengthen the fortress?"
The others stared in fresh amazement.
Marlanx went as white as death.
"Never!" be blurted out hoarsely.
"I will do anything the princess commands me to do," said Baldos easily.
"Y'ou mean that you serve her only?"
"1 serve her first, sir. 1 f she were here
she could commund me to die, and
there would be an end to Baldos." And
he smiled as he said It. Tho real princess looked at him with a new, eager
expression, us If something had just
become clear to ber. There was a
chorus of coughs aud a round of sly
"She could hardly ask you to die,"
said Yetive, addressing him for tho
first time.
"A princess Is like April weather,
madam," sam Bnldos, with rare humor, and the laugh was general. Yetive resolved to talk privately with this
excellent wit before the hour was over.
She was confident that lie knew her to
he the princess.
"I would like to ask the fellow another question," said Marlanx, fingering his sword hilt nervously. "You say
you serve the princess. Do you mean
by that that you imagine your duties
us a soldier to comprise dancing polite
attendance within the security of
these walls?"
"I believe I enlisted as a member of
the castle guard, sir. The duty of the
guard is to protect the person of the
ruler of Graustark and to do that to
the death."
"It is my belief that you are a spy.
You cau show evidence of good faith
by enlisting to fight against Dawsbergen nud hy shooting to kill," said the
count, with a sinister gleam lu his
"And If I decline to serve ln any
other capacity than the oue I now"���
"Then I shall brand you as a spy aud
a coward,"
"Y'ou hnve already called me a spy,
your excellency. It will not make it
true, let me nilil, If you call tne u coward. I refuse to take up urms against
either Dawsbergen or Axphaln."
The remark created a profound sensation.
"Then you are employed by both in
stead or ou*er* shouted tne Iron Count
"1 am employed as a guard for her
royal highness," said Bslilos. with a
square glance at Yetive, "and not as a
fighter in the ranks. I will fight till
ileath for her. but uot for Graustark-"
���"""���"""���JY Jove, I like thut fellowl
E*t! I coolness." suite Lorry to Har-
I II ry Anguish, nl*er the ineet-
- ing. "He's after my own
heart. Why, he treats us us though we
were the suppliants, he tho ulmsgiver.
lie is playing a game, I'll udmit, but
he does it with au assurance that delights me."
"lie is right about that darned old
fort," said Anguish. "His knowledge
of sueh things proves conclusively thut
he is uo ordinary person."
"Yetive had a bit of a talk with him
just now," said Lorry, with a reflective smile. "She asked him point blank
If he knew who sho was. He did not
hesitate a second. 'I remember seeing
you iu lhe audience chamber recently.'
That was a facer for Yetive. 'I assure
you that It was no fault of mine that
you saw me,' .ihe replied. 'Then It must
huve been your friend who rustled the
curtains?' suid the con founded bluffer.
Yetive couldn't keep u straight face.
She laughed, and then he laughed,
'Some day you inny learn more about
me,' she said to hlm. *i sincerely trust
that I may, liiiidaiu,' said he, uud I'll
bet my hat be was enjoying It better
than either of us. Of course he knows
Yetive Is Iho princess. I I's his inlen-
tiou to serve Beverly Calhoun, and he
couldn't tlu it If lie* were to confess tha*
he knows the truth,  lie.'s no I'tnil."
(To   He   Continued 1
My train), you say "Hallo!" to me
Een soocha klnda way
I know dat you are gona be
Da greala man sum' day.
You are so smarta *Merlcan,
You need no speak at all
To poor old dumba Dago man,
Tlaycaii.se he ecs so small
Een deesa beega ceety.   Steell
. You smile an' speak to me,
An', oh, my frand, you mak' mo feel
So proud as I can bel
Wan time w'en I am younga man
An' leeve een Eetaly
Ees 'nudder man dat shaka han'
An' say "Hallo!" to me
W'en he ees meet me een da street,
An' he ees not ashame'.    .
Oh, granda man, but he ees treat
Da rcech, da poor da same.
Now, w'at you s'pose baycome or deal
Gran' man I know at home?
Look!   See, my frand!   Today he eea
Ub greata pope een Rome!
Baycause you say "Hallo!" to me
Een soocha klnda way
I know dat you are gona he
Da greata man som' day.
���T.  A.   Daly  ln  Catholic  Standard  and
Pe-ru-na Strikes at the Root of the
Mr. S. .1. Massey, formerly u resident of Toronto, and a we'll known
liushu'ss man, writes from 247 Uuj
stre-e-t,  Montreal,  Quebec:
"1 wish to testify to the good re
subs I have derived from the use oi
"Having been troubled for Severn
years with catarrh of the head, I decided to give- Peruna a fair trial, niui
I I can truly say I hnvfl received greal
' benefit from its use.
"It evidently strikes al 111 .* very
root of the trouble und good results
are soon noticeable.
"I have also found Peruna a ver>
valuable remedy for stomach trouble
and   indigestion.
"I have no hesitancy whatever in
recommending Peruna us a reliabh
catarrh  remedy."
There are several ULnels of Indigestion.
The trouble may be due to sluggishness of the liver, derangements of
the bowels, enlargement of the pan-
e-reas, or it inav bo due to the Btoman.
Tn nearly all i*nses of stomach Indigestion catarrh is tlie cause. The onl.>
oeriTiane'nt cure Is to remove the catarrh.
Vermin has become well 'mown the
world over1 as a remedy In such cases
A Curious Bit of History Wrapped
Up In the Word.
The making of silhouettes can hardly be classed among the lost arts, since
there is so little art about tbem. The
best of them represent tbe human profile in a crude way, an*i they were regarded as rather a cheap kind of pictures even in the days when they were
most popular. Indeed, the very word
silhouette means something poor and
cheap, and it had its origin in a spirit
of ridicule. It is taken from Etienne
de Silhouette, wli* was a French cabinet minister iu the year 1759, when
the treasury of Ftance was very low
because of costly wars with Britain
and Prussia and by the extravagances
of the government. When Etienne de
Silhouette became minister of finance
be set about making great reforms ln
the public expenditures. He was by
nature a very "close" man, and he
went to such extremes in keeping
down the public expenses that he
brought great ridicnle upon himself,
and finally anything thnt was cheap
and poor was referred to as a la Silhouette.
A very crude picture was popular at
that time. It was made by tracing the
shadow or profile of a face projected
by tbe light of a candle on a sheet of
white paper and the outline defined
with a pencil. This was such a very
poor and cheap sort of picture that
It was at once called a silhouette in
further derision of the very saving
French minister, and the name has
"stuck." It is an Instance of tbe curious derivation of some words in common use, and this unkind slur on a
man who was really trying to Introduce needed reforms in the spending
of the public money has long been accepted as a good and proper word. Indeed, there is no other word used for
pictures of this kind, although there
were such pictures long before M. Etienne de Silhouette had his name attached to them in so embarrassing a
way.�����Morrl** VVnde In .CentJitry.
Nut Particular.
"Doctor, how can I ever repay you
for your kindness to me?"
"Doesn't matter, old man. Check,
money order or cash." ��� Milwaukee
Toto,  who had a  bail   report   on   hi
arithmetic, went with his lather to Be
s une  performing do^,
"See,   Toto,"   said     papa,    "how   w>-
that    little    eloa*    counts.    Aren't,    yoi
ashamed   of yourself?"
"Yes,   papa,   but   now   ask   him   some
ejuestion   in  geography."���Nos   Luisirs.
By  Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills After Six
Doctors  Had Failed to  be of Benefit
Thut gnawing pain In the stomach,
sometimes shooting up into the chest,
often producing a choking sensation
In the throat; lierce pains around the
heart; a feeling of drowsiness und a
distaste for food���that's indigestion.
Its victims are numbered by the thousands. To them life is a burden. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills have dune more
towards relieving this suffering than
any other medicine. Often they have
cured after all other help had failed,
as in the case of Mr. Willis Herman,
of St. Catharines, Out., who says: ""I
had been afflicted with indigestion and
stomach trouble for years. At times
my suffering was almost Indescribable.
Sometimes for whole tluys 1 was unable
to touch food. 1 dieted und at different
times was treated by six doctors but
they did not help me; I only grew
, worse. For a time I was living in New
i York nnd while there consulted a spe-
: ciali.st but he was unable to give me
any relief. 1 then decided to try Dr.
\\ illlams' Pink Pills and Iri less than u
month 1 felt some relief. I continued
their use for a couple of months longer
and gained In weight; my appetite Improved; the pains left nie and I now
feel better than I have at any time
during the past twenty-live years. I
will always gladly recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to other sufferers believing that they will surely do for
others what they have done for me."
When you use Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills as a blood builder and nerve tonic
you are not experimenting���they have
been tried and proved successful in
thousands of e'ases. It is their power
to actually make new, rich, red blood
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as anaemia, Indigestion, rheumatism,
kidney trouble, St. Vitus dance, partial paralysis and those special ailments of girlhood and womanhood that
causes so much misery. 'For sale by
all medicine dealers or by inull at 60
cents a box or six boxes for 1*2.50 from
the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Sale of Some Articles of Jewelry Leads
to Solution of a Mystery.
A sensational murder mystery was
partially solved last week when tbe
body of a wealthy young man named
Hentchel, who disappeared from
home at Munich three years ngo, was
dug up on a piece of wiiste land out-
side the Bavarian capital.
Hentchel was the son ol one ol the
wealthiest business men in Munich.
He spent money lavishly, attended
the pleasure resorts regularly, belonged to the fashionable clubs, gambled
and kept race horses and motor cars.
He wus very friendly with another
young man named David Niederhofer,
son of the proprietor of a stationary
circus at Munich. Hentchel and Niederhofer were nearly always together,
Hentchel finding the money for their
Disappeared   In   1904.
Hentchel suddenly disappeared on
May 24, 1904, and not the least trace
of him could be found. Crime was
suspected, but the police abandoned
tlieir investigations without finding
the least clue.
A few days ago Niederhofer attempted to sell to a jeweler several articles
of value which formerly belonged to
'Hentchel, and, is it happened, the
jeweler remembered tbat tbey corresponded with particulars circulated by
the police describing articles of jewelry which Hentchel commonly wore.
There included diamond rincs and nn
extremely expensive bracelet. Tho
jeweler Immediately communicated
with the police, and detained young
Niederhofer until they arrived to arrest him.
Publication of the news of Nieder-
hrifer's urrest brought other suspicious
circumstances to light. A former em*
I'loye nt the Niederhofer circus informed the police that David Niederhofer ordered him about three years
ago to dip a deep' hole in waste land
adjoining the circus. He hnd no idea
for what object the hole was dug,
but offered to show the police where
the bole was made.
The  Body  Found.
Excavations on the waste land began early one morning, and continued
ul! day without success. V/hen ���hey
were resumed next morning, young
Niederhofer was brought to watch the
work handcuffed and fettered, between  two  policemen.
After some time Hentchel's
body was recovered, amid the intense
excitement of all present. Niederhofer
trembled violently, and was quite unable to overcome his agitation. He
was then taken back to prison.
Fiom the  Depths.
After many attempts the sea has
oeen made to elisgorge part of a gold-
fin heard which had lain in its keeping since a terrible shipwreck more
than four years ago. This catastrophe
occurred between Sydney and Auckland, N.Z., when the Elingamite, a
passenger steamer, bearing between
100 and 200 passengers, and ��17,300
in specie, went down on some dangerous rocks called the Three Kings. The
majority of the passengers and crew
were saved, but the sufferings of some
who were cast adrift on a raft, and
subsequently picked up by a passing
steamer, read like the romance out
of a story-book, many going mad from
thirst and plunging into the sea.
Needless to say, the recovery of the
specie has been a subject of no little
thought, and several attempts were
made to get possession of it. The first
lot of treasure hunters could not
locate the Elingamite; the second
succeeded in locating the wreck; but,
owing to the accompanying diver's
unwillingness to descend, the expedition  was  abandoned.
A third expedition from Wellington,
N.Z., was more elaborately organized. But, owing to bad weather, the
difficulties of diving were very great,
and. finally, the party returned to
Wellington to await the summer and
calmer meteorological conditions.
While waiting news came that an
American syndicate was on the same
errand bent, and that they meant to
use scientific operations to assist
them. At once the Wellington party
set out for the wreck, and the diver's
report was a very disconcerting one.
The ship had hem shattered by explosives, no port.on of the wreck was
more than 3ft. above tlie rock, and the
bullion had vanished, it being the
diver's opinion that the cases had
been swept off the shelving rock into
the Bea.
Then a fifth expedition was made by
a syndicate from Aratapu, N.Z., with
the result that they report the recovery of 1,500 sovereigns from the
One of the army officers stationed at
Governor's Island has the English habit
of clipping the top off his breakfast
egg with a sharp clip of his knife anil
eating it out of the shell.
The other morning his 6-yeur-old son
thought he would "dei as pa does."
Unnoticed by his parents or tlie servants, he picked up an egg and gave
it au unpraotioed but sturdy little
swat in the midriff. Result: Ore egg-
bespattered youngster; ditto one tablecloth.
"Soul"   exclaimed   pa,   sternly.
"My sou I" chorused ma, in what
was meant to be as stern u voice.
"I couldn't help it, ma," piped the
young hopeful. "That cook filled the
egg  too  full."���New  York  Times.
War   In  the  Air.
Col. J. E. Capper, commander of the
balloon section at Aldershot, has given a lecture, in which he deals with
the use of the aeroplane on the battlefield.
"Ip the near futr"*e me may expect
to see both dirigible balloons and
motor-driven aeroplanes used as aerial
snouts. The former suffers at present
from serious limitations, and its great
bulk seems to render it most vulnerable in the daytime.
"The aeroplane w len it comes will
be different. It will move fast and
be little liable to injury, as bullet
holes in tho surface wilL cause but
little damage. It will be able to go
considerable distances even against
strong winds,"
Gold on Chest Would Yield to no Treatment
Until We Used
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine
"I could  not have  believed  that  any
medicine could do me so  much  good,
writes this lady, whose cold was so bao
her friends  feared  for  her life.
Mrs. S. M. Moore, Shortrted, B.C.,
(vi-ites: "I wish to state my gratitude
for Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, which cured me of a cold
which a friend said would soon put me
in my grave. I had not slept for three
uignts and would cough until I almost
strangled to death. The very first
nirnt it eased the cough, and. instead
of coughing and irritating my throat
and lungs I had a good night's rest.
If I had not had the experience myself I could not have believed that any
medicine could do so much good as
this  has   done inie."
Parents who make a practice of keep
ing Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine in the house have at hand
the most certain means of curing
coughs,   colds,   aroup    and    bronchitis,
and positively preventing more serious
disease. It is sometimes forgotten
that few ailments possess more possibilities of danger than a common cold.
Dr. Uhase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine was especially prepared
for the children by one of the most
skilled and conscientious doctors that
has ever practised  medicine.
Experience taught Dr. Chase that
some of the simple products of the
vegetable kingdom "possessed most extraordinary curative properties, and he
succeeded in so combining these in
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine as to make a medicine that is
at once pleasant to the taste and wonderfully  effective.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle, at all
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. The portrait and signature
of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt book author, are on eveiy bottle.
Mrs. Wickler��� Dear me! how all the
nouessaries of life have gone up.
Wickler���No; they haven't all gone
Mrs. Wickler-Well, I should like
you to mention une thing that hasn't
gine up.
Wickler ��� Certainly; my salary.���Illustrated Bits.
"Was your husband liu-ky during
the race  meeting last  yearf"
"Yes," answered ymiiig Mrs. Tin-
kins. He had tonsilltis must of Hie
time and couldn't attend."���Washing*
ton Star.
Do Not Delay.���When, through de
bilitated digestive engans, poison finds
is way Into the blood, tlie prime con
sideration is to git I'he poison out as
rap illy as possible. Delay may mean
disaster. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will be found a iiiomI valuable and effective medicine to assail the intrude]
with. They never fail. They go at
once to the seat of tjie trouble and
work a permanent cure.
Flax seed may be sown from the
wheat sowing season on until the
middle of June. All things considered,
May is the best month in which to
sow. A well-worked and fine seed bed
should be made hy using disk and harrow and sometimes roller also. Not
making a seed bed is one of the commonest mistakes of Hax growers. The
3eed is best sown usually with a press
drill and to the depth of 1 1-2 to 2 1-2
inches ordinarily, acoording to tlie nature of the land. About three peeks
of seed per acre are enougb, a largei
quantity being sown on worn land than
on land  in good condition.
"We never openly complain about
any of the cooking," began Subbubs,
who was taking Citiman home to dinner, "for fear the cook will get mad
and leave "
"Surely," protested Citiman, "you
don't expect me to do anything like���'
"Oh I of course you're too polite, but
I must caution you particularly
iigainst praising the cooking or she'll
demanil higher wages."���Philadelphia
distress after eating, dizziness, that
heavy feeling, wind and pains in
the stomach and furred tongue, take
before you retire to rest. They
start the gastric juices, assist the
stomach to dispose of the food, encourage good appetite, sound digestion and make you feel life it
worth living.
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War rant aid lo Ohro Smtlmfmotion.
Caustic Balsam
Has Imitators But No Compitltors.
A Safe, Speedy an! Positive Cure for
Curb, Splint Sweeny, Capped Hook,
Strained "*endona, Founder, Wind
Puffs, and all lameness from Spavin,
Ringbone and other bony tumors.
Cures all akin diseases or Parasites,
Thruch, Diphtheria. Komovea all
Bunches from Corses or Cattle.
As a Human  Remedy for  Rheumatism,
Sprains, So.-e Throat, etc., It Is lu-afuable'
TSvery bottle of Oauatle Balaam sold Is
Warranted to Rive sutlsxactfon.  Price $1,60
per bottle.  Sold by drug-Bints, or sent by ex*
Iu-wan, cbarcrrs raw, with full directions for
tu use.   nrsend for  descriptive  circulars,
r testimonials, eto.   Address
Tbe Lawrence- Williams Co., Toronto, Ont.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
has the largest sale of any similar preparation sold in Canada. It always
gives satisfaction hy restoring healtli
to tlie little folks.
Her Husband���If a man steals���no
matter What it is���'he will live to regret it.
His Wife���During our courtship you
used to steal kisses from me.
Her Husband���Well, you heard what
I  said.���London   Tit-Bits.
Not a drop
Doctors prescribe very little, if
any, alcohol these days. They
prefer strong tonics and alteratives. This is all in keeping
with modern medical science.
It explains why Ayer's Sarsaparilla is now made entirely
free from alcohol. Ask your
doctor.   Follow his advice.
\V�� publish our formulas
m     Wo banish ���'cohol
_*r_ from our medicines
Wo urge you to
OO&sult your
Unless there Is daily action of the bowels, poisonous products are absorbed,
causing headache, biliousness, nausea,,
dyspepsia. We wish you would ask your
doctor about correcting your constipation
by taking laxative doses of Ayer's Pills.
, by tha J. O. Ayer Co., Lowell, Miss���
Oh! What a GOld
Toi un -.icsli lit 'M if II by Mis
Ii's u much for Internal as External use,
and for 96 years has been curing colds,
coughs, croup, cramps and colic.  Try it.
.tt and 50 cents.   At all dealers.     f
1. 8. JOHNSON ft CO., Boston, Maws.
rooms may be da-orated
tn absolute to-d taste with
Al-baatin ��� a range o( tints to
seltct from that will Tot your walls
harmonize with any furnishings.
' fV* .1(Jf for a eo-- of " Home,. Health*
u "*,",B,-u,'f-lf wi'l" many dainty, new
ttoOM toe the decoration of your home.
Alabaelln. is sold by hardware and paint
dialars every where-a S pound package
(or SO cents.
Ask your dealer for tint card.
;l�� '.o ��� ii.-v
168   WILLOW ��Tmit PARIS, ont;
Those who use it get well.
A certain cure for all run down conditions and wasting diseases.
Highly recommended for Insomnia.
The following Is a
sample of thousands
of testimonies to the
wonderful merits of
PSYCHINE In the most
difficult cases. Doe-
tors are prescribtng-
PSYCHINB tn their
practice with the most
satisfactory results.
"Several years ago
I my wife was so seriously ill of lung-trouble as for months to
be unable to walk, at
; which time a noted
physician told me
that the next dress
thr 1 I would buy for
her would be a
shroud. She used
now reasonably well.
j Rev. C. E. Burrell,
"Baptist Minister,
Forest, Ont.'
For Coughs and Colds take PSYCHINE.
For Throat and Lung trouble take PSYCHINE.
For Catarrh and Consumption take PSYCHINE.
For after-effects of La Grippe, Pneumonia and
Pleurisy take PSYCHINE.
"Years ago I was almost a physical wreck,
and was suffering with lung trouble. Friends
and neighbors thought 1 would never get
better. I began to despair myself. Losing
faith in my physician, I procured another one
who recommended the use of PSYCHINE.
It was surprising beyond description the
effect it had. I seemed to gain with every
dose. Inside of two weeks I was ablc.'-S'*,
attend to dry housework again. There are
no symptoms of consumption about me now.
For Loss of Appetite take PSYCHINE.
For Indigestion and Dyspepsia take PSYCHINE.
For Chills or Fevers take PSYCHINE
For Run-Down System take PSYCHINE.
To Feel Young and Keep Young take PSYCHINE.
An Unfailing Cure for all Throat, Lung and Stomach Troubles.
A Reliable Remedy for diseases caused by exposure to cold or wet
For sale at all druggists, 50c
and SI.OO, or Dr. T. A. 8locum,
Limited. 170 Kins St. W., Toronto- lb
Fine muslins, dainty lin-
ferie, iron easier, look
etter, last longer if tiie
laundress uses the only
cold-water (no boiling)
starch that really
saves work and really
won't stick. Try it. Get
s.1. 1.1 su reueuuy   mm   woii.cn  unn
Dd��*il ai.u.vui l,u 4..111,., ur l^jvulu ,.,
1.unit, i.mi ,t is nut Etiatfaugti L....I 1...1.J
little: uot L*i:AJitssea e.��u...oe-., ,.-.*, ,.,-u.
til- e'uuriuuii eii wnui iue.j l.put ,.
llu.l. .. .my llliio lie-un utyuejili >.t' '..
i,ic   p.UiiUbu,jjjy,   "sju   bjoe/u    u...t    j..u..
Uo li.u.iK.l, -.m ,. ,,,lo ,,,,, ucyii t
ijiUmiuii   ui    Uiuiu     l.lt ^      in.c    Hi    ii.euj
u.il.     VVUIU     liuii     lu.e     in     Liic.'ii      <
OUulUbeJ   tn'   Wad   un,..., .lu.i.
luciu are many viuii.eu, u.ue-.'ivtbe
l'ai.iy Miiauuc, ,,iin i,,.ci.,.y ou* i*...
UOUlU 110L lOVfi IU mull Wii.i u.U if. iu.i
luc.ii. iii u.iy ui.,. i vt j, man, ���>. in
lud ul' .111*1 sua, in M.t.iiii iu uc  in.   .......
IU.'   ell   -.11.1.0   li.i.Mlill   ib   ullur   Ul...>.     I in
ujci leiu d nimbler lb nut. a t>ui.-.>.un ,.,
n<oAt   n.n   it   I'.uaiiuu     ui     un     uui.     u,
llludll ur Ih.ni.ll blHIIIIIlU 111 ll.c mu.
VI i..ai.
vvnat ilu wumeii want in men.
'illioie are v.uine-ll wlio inelt.1' u Ului.
WHii tin* auiiiiy lu Cain u loHui.i
1'iiiiioi-  man   uno   vvliu   lias  inno-riitu  ei.
ilolllg   U   guuil    i'lUVluur    Wsll   buii.0ll.no;
nuvoi- a uiult.it.uue ut "Jetty lauiib m Un
oydb ul \vn...Lii uuligoil iu ueioiuil .u.
e.-.-ry pe tiny bjioni. iNor ib gtutuo-rty
wun i...noy tne unly generosity. ��u
men ���uiit nuiii men wnat LVoiy noi
mm human lauig oiavts���opiun*euua
tion ami approval.
Woman, normal anel healthy, does
not want or need a master, ejtitbiut
of truthfulness, honor ami courogu in
him, what she prizes atieive all tilings
from him are kindness, generosity am.
sympathy.���Belle Squire in the IViu>,
No household is complete without a
pet grandfather, especially if there is
a hauy t.i be ruined and an air ol
cheerfulness to he kept up.
Secure  for your  purposts    a    grandfather   with  a   lack   ot   morals,   a  jovial
j disposition   and   about   a   million   dol
i lars.    Let  htm  roam  at  large  v. nereiei
ihe  will.
I It does not matter much whether he
1 is a grandfather on your wife's side or
| ou you.s. 1,1 ne is un your wnc s suit
you wni secretly dislike him; if lie is
on your side, sue will. But you win
botu let him be on account of the
Never permit grandpa to be out ol
the nursery when the baby is in It.
'JBhon, when anything is biokeii, you
cm blamo him, and "pull his leg" loi
a  ne��v  one.
Babies and grandpas always go well
together. They are both the same age.
li in well to bear this in mind. Jvecp
a savings bank ior both of them. Ami
lea.-e tnenl ooth in charge of grandpa.
When tney mc lull, oaiefuliy remove
tne interiors and  begin all over again.
It is not neetssaiy to provide iuoie
than one grandpa, no matter he.*.,
many chiluien you may have. Twe
grandpas in one house often leads to
a.i internecine war.
When you go out with your wife, al
ways leave giumipa in cliaige of the
baby. Il is noi necessary to tell him
to mind, lie will, anyway, as a mat
ter of course.
When one baby outgrows .grandpa,
secure- another immediately, Heiiiini
ber that gramlpa must be amused and
that lie 18 amply able to pay for it
Turn  Massun  in  the  May  Delineator
Zam-Buk is compounded from purs
herbal extracts, is highly antiseptic and
applied to a wound or sore kill* all bacilli
and disease germs which otherwise set up
festering, blood poison, etc. It heals cuts,
burns, scalds, bruises; and cures eczema,
prairie itch, sieltjrheuni, poisoned wounds,
uloeri, etc. All stores and druggists sell
at "Oo. p>r box, or post free from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, for pries. 6 boxes
for $2.50.   Send lc. stamp for trial box.
Does fit
r .   has the  soft'
W* warm     feel\
the skin enjoys.
'      itch.
Made   for   men,  women  and   1 it tl'/   folks,
in    a    variety   of   styles,
fabrics     and     prices.
Bickle's) Anti rinisuitiptivi' Syrup
nco Is un l-Ce'umiiieiidaliuii. Tu all win
an- familiar w.ith it, it speaks ior il
self. Yeara of use in lhe ti-cainieut ol
colds and coughs and all affections
uf tlie tiirunt uas unquestionably es
tablished its place among the very
best medicines lo,r such diseases, li
yu,i give it a trial you will not regret
it. Vuii will lind it 'ib cents Well in
The minister of justice created excitement in St. Petersburg by a demand for lhe exclusion of three socialist members from parliament pending
their trial  ior  political  offencts.
Itch, M-nige, Prairie Scratches and
uvery form ot contagious It'ih on hum
an or animals cured in 30 minutes bj
rVoltonl's Sanitary Lotion.
Hen* Bebel, the leader ur the Get
��� nan Socialists, w.hu lias Leen tu muoi.
in evidence ul laic, is a wiieei.viign,
by trade. Althuugn entirely sull'-euu
cated, he is uno uf the truest 1'i.uui*
and debaters iu the fatherland, utiei.
distasteful as his views may be tu the
a-eiciistag, whenever he aeidicsse s tin
assembly he is ce itain Of having i.
large and attentive audience, yi suei.
esteem is he held by the Socialists
tuat millions obey his will without
flunking whether they are uuing right
or wrung. Hon- Bebel neither dniiKfc
nor smoK.es, and besides being a eeie
biity in the political w.ond, Uas
gamed some fame as a writer.
Mothers ean lind sure relief tor
their suffering little ones in Baby'b
Own Tablets. 'These Tablets lire a
gontlo laxative that do nut gripe the
little one, and cure all the minor ill.*
ot babies and young children. The.,
are pleasant to take, prompt in then
action, and, unlike "soothnu- stuns,
they never do harm, and the mothei
has the guarantee of a Government
analyst that they contain no dnigt-
harmful to even the youngest baby.
Thousands of mothers give tlieir little
ones nothing else hut liany; uwn Tablets when constipation, stomach
trouble, Indigestion, colds or worms
bother.ithe baby, or when the dreaded
teething time comes. Mrs. Jos. Mer-
cier,. PleisSVilleA Que., says: "My bab.,
was a great sufferer from constipation,
but thanks to Baby's Own Tablets the
trouble, has disappeared." The Tablets are'sold by all druggists or by
mail at*25 cents a box from the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville.
Fiwe thousand persons are dying
daily from starvation and conditions
are growing worse, according to telegrams received from points in tht
famine district of China.
Mintrd's  Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Jorkins���My dear, 1 wish you would
not sing thai song about "falling dew."
Mrs.   Jorkins���Why   not?
Jorkins���it reminds nie too much oi
the house "rent."
A story in the Figaro says English
and American Protestants are raising
large sums of money to rent or buy
the French churches as soon as the
priests are  turned  out  of  them.
���tate ot Ohio. City of Toledo,
Lucas County,
Frank   J.   Cheney   makes oath that ha
Is   senior   partner   of   the   mm of P. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business ln the city
of  Toledo,   County   and   State   aforesaid,
and that  Bald   firm will  pay the sum of
every    case    of    Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's CaUr-.��  Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
mv presence tbla ��th day oflDecember,
A   P. 1886. A. W. QCEASON.
(Seal.) Notsu*y  Publlo.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
and acta directly on the blood and muo-
sns surfaces of the system. Send for
teallmonlal- free.
F. J. CHENEY   *.CO��� Toledo. O.
Bold bv all   Druaglnta,  7 .ij
Take Hail's Family Pills for constipation
Considerable alarm is felt over tin-
condition of the Duke of Marlborough,
as the doctors are afraiel of a recur
rence of the heart, trouble which st
seriously affected him two or three
years ago.
Minard's  Liniment  Co., -Limited.
I, was  very   sink    with    Quinzy    and
thought    I    would    strangle.    I    used
MINARD'S  LINIMENT   and   it   cured
ine at once.
I am never wlithout it now.
Yours gratefully,
Nauwigewauk,  Oct.  21st.
During some manoeuvres a lieuten
ant was shot in the leg. Tliey took
liim to the hospital, where the doctor."
began to cut his kg. After beaKng il
in silence for some time he asked:���
"What are you doctors butchering
pie like this for?"
"We're looking for the bullet,", one
"Buliet? Why didn't you tell me be
fore? I have it in my pocket."���Bo
Signals of Danger.���Have you lost
your appetite? Have you a cuateel
tongue? Have you an unpleasant
taste in the mouth? Does your hcau
ache and have ynu dizziness? If so,
your stomach is out uf orde?r ami you
need medicine. But you do not like
medicine. He that prefers sickness to
medicine' must suffer, but undei
the circumstances the 'wise man would
procure a box of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills and speedily get himself in
heallii, and strive to keep sei.
Messrs. Vickers, Son & Maxim have
received , an order from the Brazilian
government to build a battleship 600
feet long and 82 feet beam. The new
vessel will be the largest -hip evei
built at Bartow.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distertper.
A Touching** Story.
The young lady who had sat for a
crayon portrait was not altogether
pleased.with the result "It looks like
me, of course," she suld, Inspecting it
doubtfully, "and yet I think there are
some tlr.ugs about it tbat ought to be
She suggested that the eyes should
bave rather more of an upward look,
that the right hand should be a little
less prominent, that the bair should
be made rnDre wavy and that certain
changes ought to bo made In the drapery.
"That would require a great deal of
retouching," said the artist, "and I
should have to charge you about $10
additional."    ���-.
"Oh, dear!" she exclaimed with a
pout. "I shall have, to give it jip.
Papa wou't stand my 'reb niching' him
'o that extent."
Spanish  Police Sonrte.
There is no truth whatsoever in the
story according to which Alfonso
XIII. bas intrusted Inspector Arrow,
one of tiie heiuis of the detective department of Scotland Yard in' London, with the reorganization of the
Spanish detective polioe. 1\ is perfectly true tbat Inspector Arrow has re
Hied from the service of the Metropolitan police in England and has
gone to Spain. He has taken service,
however, not at Madrid but at Barcelona, where lie iB now employed al
n salary of $6,000 a year by an association of the leading merchants of
lhe place. Barcelona, besides being
the most important commercial centre
and busiest seaport of the peninsula,
in one word, the Liverpool or New
York of Spain, is likewise a nest oi
crime which tlie municipal and state
police seem powerless to hold in
check. The outrages of one kind nnd
another which are so constantly oc
curring there have begun to affect the-
prosperity of the city, and that is why
the leading merchants have formed an
organization for the purpose of not
only protecting themselves nnd tlieii
interests but likewise with the objeci
of driving the criminal population
from the city. The news will prftvc
somewhat of a disappointment to
those who had looked forward to n
reorganization of the Government po
lice at Madrid, which furnished such
a striking demonstration of its inefli
citney at the time of the trageeh
which marred the wedding of the
King and Queen of Spain last year.
Value of Victoria Cross.
Tlie intrinsic value of the Victoria
Cross, the most highly prized decoration in Army uiiel Navy, is about
1 l-2d. It was instituted by Royal
Warrant on January 9, 1856, ns a reward of gallantry for all ranks, and
the first presentation (of sixty-two
crosses) was made by the late Queen
Victoria in person on Friday, Tune
26, 1857. It is in the shape of a Maltese cross, and is made to this day
out of metal from old Russian cannon
captured at Sebastopol.
The   French  Census.
s^The French census, taken on March
4 las.t year, shows that the total population   of   France  was   39,252,267,   an
increase over 1901  of 290,322.
The manner n which the C.P.R.
wui-Ks a telephone circuit on telegiaph
liujs is described as follows: Two ol
the telegraph duplex circuits betwien
Montreal and Winnipeg are operated
on 210-puund copper wires with ie
piatjiB at Port William, Out. 'these
two wires aie transposed every hall
mile and a telephone circuit is being
wuiketi between Montreal mm North
lixy ou the same tv,*p wires. 1 he teie
ipliune circuit waa iinrowii into service-
on December 11th, and it was louud lo
work exceedingly Well, being almost
as silent as the regular city telephone
circuits. Montreal is tlistant lioin
James Bay to l'oit W'lliam, i60 miles;
North Bay to Port William, 655 utiles;
Port William to Winnipeg, 427 miles���
a total of 1,422 miles. The voltage
used for the duplexes at Pint William
and Montreal is 200. On the same line
of polls lor the whole distance then
is a wire on which is being worked the
phantoplex between Montreal and
North Bay without disturbing the conversation un the telephone circuit.
T'nis has been a complete Burprise tu
the ollieials ami a number uf experts
in New Yurk, as it was expected il
Would be necessary to abandon tin
phantoplex iu order to obtain a satis
factory telephone circuit. This it
thought to be the first instance where
a telephone circuit is worked on two
uiiniHX win s wun one oi t e telephone
offices being located at a point where
there are no telegraph repeaters.
Other telephone circuits will be adtleel
to the C.P.R. telegraph system. The
matter is in charge of W. J. Camp.
Robert Lee Bettner, the Riverside
polo player, was swapping yarns with
Walter Scott Hobart, the Burlingame
"Ever hear about the fellow that
drove a horse car? Hail a baby.
Didn't know what to name it.
"'Boy or girl?'  asked the minister.
" 'Boy.'
" 'Call it Oscar.'      He did.
I "Met     preacher    again     a    year    later.
! "Nother   baby  at   our   house.    Suggest
' 'nother name.'
" 'Boy or girl?'
" 'Call her Car'line.' He did."���San
Prancisco Chronicle.
3 Strong Points -*
r Weautliorize every dealer in P-n-Anglf
Underwear to replace, at cur :ost, an*
garment faulty in material cr making
A Medicine Chest in Itself.���Only the
well-to-do can afford to possess u
medicine, chest, but Dr. Thomas' Ec
leetric Oil, which is a medicine chest
in itself, being a remedy for iheuina
tism, lumbago, sore throat, colds,
cotgiis, catarrh, asthma and a potent
healer for wounds, cuts, bruises,
Bprains, etc., is within the reacli ol
tlie poorest, owing to its cheapness.
It should be in eveiy house.
Turkey lias only just now ratified
the convention drawn up by thu lirst
peace conference at The Hague.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
Prenerf Similes For "Drunk."
The French have some Interesting
similes of their own corresponding to
the English "drunk: as a lord" or
"drunk as a wheelbarrow," says a
London writer. Tbe most generally
recognized one in the case of "ivre,"
the less extreme and less vulgar word
for drunk," is "ivre comme une soupe"
���"soupe" meaning the piece of bread
eaten with soup as well as the soup Itself, and a bouillon soaked piece of
bread offering a natural simile for saturation. When the less delicate "soul"
is used Instead of "ivre," the Frenejh-
miin may speak of being as drunk as
an ass, a cow, a Swiss or a thrush.
The allusion ln the last case is to the
fondness of thrushes for grapes, which
are said at vintage time to make them
unsteady ln their flight.
Worse Inside Than Out.
"If you should visit a Japanese
house," said an oriental, "you would be
obliged to remove your shoes at the
doorway. Japanese floors ure very
beautifully kept, I know of some
houses where thh-ty or forty servants
have no other-duty than the polishing
of the floors. A young Japanese student, studying ln London, hail the misfortune to live in an apartment house
where the janitor did not keep the hall
In very good condition. It was a
great change to him, and he felt It
keenly. On the approach of winter the
Janitor put up in the entrance the notice, 'Please wipe your feet.' The
young Japanese, the first night be observed this notice, took out a pencil
and added to it,  'On going out'"
A Tare of Red Tape.
Among the tales of red tape the following should hold a high place: M.
Roger Cavallhon, a young French gentleman rider, who bad won his hundredth steeplechase, was drawn for
the conscription and had to serve for
a year. lie asked to be placed In the
cavalry, explaining with due modesty
that he was not unknown as a horseman. The military council of revision
refused the request on the ground that
as hlH period of service wus euly oue
year he would not have time to learn
to ride.
A Strong Reason.
The bookkeeper of a sportsmen's
publication received a letter one day
from an old subscriber stating that he
had long read it with interest aud wus
aware that it was time to renew hfs
subscription, but did not wish to do
eo, as be would not need it In the fu
ture. It was not noticed that the postmark was tbut of a town In which a
state prison ia located, but the postscript was eloquent It Bald, "P. S.���
I am to be hanged next week."
In a Studio.
"I ordered you to paint me some
cows in a stable. I see the stable, but
where are the cows?"
"They are ln tlie stable."
"So Is your pay for this picture. You
had better bring both out"���Saeta.
Conjugal Pleasantry.
Mrs. Bonhnm���The good book tells us
that we must not covet our neighbors'
wives. Benham���Well, I guess there
isn't much commandment breaking on
your account
One of the Mysteries.
���One of the mysteries of the world Is
that which leads a man to tackle a second cigar after the agonlzlhg experiences with  the  first one.
W.    N.    U.,    No.    634
London's  fire  brigade  consists    ol
1,304 men.
What Lazy Means.
Teacher���Bobby,    what    does    lazy
mean? Bobby���Lazy means always to
.want your little Bister to get it for you.
Why It Should Excite More Horror
Than Any Other Murder.
As to Its moral aspects, suicide Is
manifestly forbidden by the divine
law. One of the commandments of the
Decalogue declares, "Thou shult not
kill." To make the law ns comprehensive as possible it Is not suid,
"Thou sbnlt not kill thy neighbor,"
which qualifying phrase Is employed
In some of lhe other commandments���
as, for Instance, "Thou sbnlt not bear
false witness against tbey neighbor;"
"Thou sbnlt not covet thy neighbor's
house." The prohibition to kill is therefore absolute. It forbids the taking of
human life, whether by suicide or
There Is another commandment
which BOsys, "Thou Shalt love thy
neighbor as thyself." Now, the love
which we o\fe to our neighbor forbids
us to slay him, and therefore the love
which we owe to ourselves forbids us
to compass our own death. If tbe law
allowed us to kill ourselves, while forbidding ns to kill our neighbor, our
love for our neighbor would not be
equal, but superior, to our love for ourselves.
Nay, I hold that suicide Is a more revolting sin than the killing of another.
The closer the ties of relationship between the murderer nnd his victim the
more atrocious is the crime. In the
estimation of mankind, a parricide, or
matricide, or fratricide, or uxoricide, is
a more shocking criminal than an ordinary homicide. Aud as a man has
more Intimate relations to' himself
than to a parent or brother or wife, his
deliberate self destruction should excite more horror tban the murder of a
parent brother or wife.���Cardinal ("Ib-
bons In Century.
During the last few years the London police have provided hints for the
chief cities of the world. Special missions have come from the Uniteel
States, Russia, France, Spain and
Switzerland, and in each case the vis
itors have admitted the superiority of
English  police  methods.
It is only necessary to read the tes
timonials to he convinced that Hollo-
wav's Corn Cure is unequalled for the
remo'al of corns, warts, etc. It is a
complete extinguisher.
The remarkable balloon reuord ol
812 miles in 19 hours was made by twe;
German aeronauts, Dr. Wegener and
Adolf Knch, who descended at Endei
by, near Leicester. They hail cuve reel
the eiistaiice from Berlin within thai
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,  60c,  and     60c     Per    Lb.    At    All    Grocers.
Tlie Russian authorities are arranging for a strict blockade of Finland,
now that the season of navigatiun is
approaching, in order to prevent importation of arms by Finnish or Russian revolutionists.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures "Garget in
The reichstitg budget committee has
decided to retaliate against the United
Slates   tariff   by   refusing    to    purchase
Amerie'im  typewriters  for  the  military
Teething Babies-
are saved suffering���and mothers
given rest���when one uses
Nurses'aud Mothers' Treasure
Quickly relieves���regulates   the
bowels ��� prevents     convulsions.
Used 50 years.   Absolutely safe.
At dnig-stor-s, 25c.   6 bottles, 11.25.
National Drug ft Chemical Co., Limited,
Sole Proprietors, Montreal.        41
Lightning has no effect on them. They are absolutely fireproof. Rain and snow���heat
and cold���can't rust, crack or warp them. The perfect fitting side lock (exclusively
Eastlake) makes the roof absolutely leak-proof, and cost of putting on much less.
Th* Verses Were Always Kept Sacreo
by Mrs. Beecher.
It was.related by Mrs. Henry Ward
Beecher that during their courtship Mr.
Beecher once "dropped Into poetry"
and wrote a few lines of verse teeming
with affection for his sweetheart. But
tho verses were always kept sacred by
Mrs. Beecher, aud nothing could win
them fA*om her. One day Mr. nnd Mrs.
Beecher were In the office of Robert
Bonner, the publisher.
"Why don't you write a poem, Beecher?" said Mr. Bonner.
"He did once," said Mrs. Beecher.
"Recite It for me, won't you, Mrs.
But the eyes of the great preacher
were riveted ou his wife, and she knew
.that he meaut silence.
"Come," said Mr Bonner, "I'll give
you $5,000 if you will recite that poem
to me," addressing Mrs. Beecher.
"Why, It run"��� quickly said Mrs.
"Eunice!" simply said Mr. Beecher.
And, although Robert Bonner afterward offered to double the sum first
offered, he never got the poem from
Mrs. Beecher. It had beeu hiddeu
away by Mrs. Beecher and cherished
as one of the dearest treasures her
husband left her.
our guarantee:
Wo guarantee Eastlake Metallic Shingles to be made of better material, more scientifically and
accurately constructed, to be more easily applied, .and will last longer than any other Metal
Shingle on the market.    Our guarantee is absolute.    Our Shingles have been n5ade since 1885.
Eastlake metallio Shingles are made either galvanized or painted.    They are
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a roofing to wooden shingles, tin, slate, etc., as these wero paper
to sod roofs.    Let us send you the proof.    Write
Complete information free.
COMPANY, Limited.
Toronto and
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in i-lb. and i-lb Tins.
It 1b a muscle-producing,
brain - building, bone-
making food. Supplies
nutritive qualitiei necessary to the health and
comfort of growing boys
and   girls.
BISCUIT for Breakfast; TRISCUIT for   Luncheon.
All  Grocers���13c  a carton, or 2 for 25c.
A Nice Legal Distinction.
A lawyer ln the Indian Territory
named Medium was the attorney for a
farmer wbo had killed a neighbor.
McGann got tlie man out ou bail en the
plea of justifiable homicide or something of the kind, and the farmer immediately took his gun and killed the
chief witness against him.
Naturally this nettled the sheriff and
the judges, and they offered $300 reward for the murderous farmer. "Say,"
���aid McGann to the sheriff, "will yon
give me that reward if I get him?",
"Yes/ the sheriff replied, and McGann
rode out to the hiding place of his
ellent I
The farmer cams up, and McGann
shot him, took the body back to town
and demanded the reward. "How
; about thia, McGann?" asked another
: lawyer. "Do you think It Is In accordance with the ethics of the legal profession to take advantage of your client in that manner?" "Ethics be blow-
ed!" snorted McGann. "I killed him in
'another case."���Exchange.
ofin-i ^Wr I* Easy
6ht      ��t%   Work
*& "iTT��J."Cr -*-rs-s-s-sV      a
-��� 5HINGLE5
! Sagacity of Blind Horses.
I The way In which blind horses can
go about without 'getting into more
dllHcultles than they ordinarily do is
'very remarkable. They rarely, If ever,
hit their beads against a fence or stone
wall. They will slide off when they
come near one. It appears from careful observation tbat It is neither shade
nor shelter which warns them of the
danger. On an absolutely sunless and
windless day their behavior is the
same. Tbelr olfactory nerves doubtless beepme very sensitive, for, when
driving them, they will poke their
heads downward in search of water
Dfty yards before they com* to a
stream crossing the roadway. It cannot be an abnormally developed sense
of hearing which leads them to do this,
for they will act alike though tho water be a stagnant pooL Men who have
been blind for any great length of time
develop somewhat similar instincts to
blind horses.
Put them on with no tools but a
hammer and tinner's shears,���can't
g-o wrong. They lock on all four
aides, are self-draining and water-
shedding on any roof with three or
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Mado of High Carbon Wire,���we'll provo it to you.   COILED  not e-rimpod.   This
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Walker-rille.  Toronto)   Montreal-    Vt.   John,   Winnipeg .-   1 ��� ��� \   f
-- ��� ��� vm     ������������������.
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP. $14,000,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���Loud Stbathcona and Moumt Rotal.
Vice-President���Hon. G��ohgb A. Drijmmond.
General Manager���E. 8. Clouston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
A .General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan flMntno Hevlew.
Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Ratis:
NoMces to Delinquent Owners - $13.00
"     for Crown Grants     -   -    7.60
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.60
"      " License to Cut Timhor 6.00
.All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issuo.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address r11 Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Zbc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree tforhe,
Headquarters for Mining Men
���when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven. Proprietor
Notice is hereby eiven that '60 davi
after date I intend to apnly to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoria, for permission to purchase the
following described tract of land in
West Koo'.enay District. Commencing
at a post planted on tne south side of
N & S. Ry. Near east end oi Box Lake,
marked L, G., S. W. 0. Initial post,
thenco north 40chains along the eastern
boundarv line of Joseph Prestley's location, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
to point of commencement. Containing 160 acres more or less.
D*ted April lllh, 1907
je 20. P- J- Gallagher, "gent.
Notice is hereby given thnt 60 dsys
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, at Victoria, B.C., for permission
to purchase the following described
tract of land in the West Kootenay District about l'ej miles N.E. of Roschcrv
��� tation. Commencing at a post marked
P.J.G. S W C , initial post planted on
the north side oftliefiiBt east fork of
Wilson creek anil on the east side of
the main Wilson creek, thence nortli 10
chains, thence cast 5 chains, thence
north 10 chains, thence east 5 cliains,
thence north 20 chains, thenceeast 40
chains, thence south 40 chains, thence
west 50 chains to point of commencement, Containing 175 acres of land
more or less.
Dated this 18th day of April, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situate in West Kootenuy
No. 1. Commencing at n post planted on the sids of Wilson creek, about
2J*j miles below falls of main Wilson
creek, and 2 miles in on the 2nd east
fork, marked D. Tuomey's S.K. corner
post, thenco north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, tliencc south 80 chains,
thtnee east 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at a post, planted on south side of Wilson creek, and
about 7 chains from location post No. 1,
and marked D. Tuomey's S.W. corner
post, thence north 80 chains, along the
same line, thence east SO chains, thence
south HO chains thence west 80 chains,
to the point of commencement.
Located March 13, 1907.
Mar. 31, 30 D. Locator.
Notice iB hereby given that 00 days
after date I Intern! to apply to the Chief
Commisioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoria for permission to purchase the
following described tract of land in
WeBt Kootenuy District. Commencing
at a post planted on the south side of
the N, & S. Rv., marked ' N, S. F.,
8. W.C. Initial P"8i," thence nortli 20
chains along the eastern boundary line
of L. Gallagher's location, near Box
Lake, thence east 40 chains, theme
south 20 chains, thenca west 40 chains,
to point cf commencement. Containing 80 aeres more ar le-s.
Dated April 11th, 1907.
J��20 P. Gallagher, agent.
Notice is hereby given that CO elavs
after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoris, for permission t*i purchase the
following described tract of laud in
West Kootenay District. Commencing
at a post planteel on the north side of
the N. & S. Ry. about 200 feet from the
track about one half-mile enst of Box
Lake water tank, maiked J. P., 8. E. C.
Initial post, thence west 10 chains,
thence noith 40 cliains thenceeast 40
chains, thence south 40 chainB to point
of commencement. Containing KiO
acres more or lets.
Dated April 11th. 1907.
Notice ia hereby given that thirty
days after date we intend to apply tithe Chief Commissioner of Lands anel
Works for a special licenso to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands situated on Cuyouse
creek, in West Kootenay.
First location : Commenoing at a
post on the north sMc of Cuyouse creek
about t(J milo from lake, and on the
line of L. 5817, an-'marked G. S V.'s
8. W. corner post, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 thai ns, thence west 80 chains,
to point of conimei cement.
Located March 28, 1907.
Second location: Commencing ��t
post on the North side of Cayouse creek
about '!'., miles from the lake and
marked D. Mel, 's S.E. corner post,
thence we.'t 160 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence cast 160 chains, thenco
south 40 cliains to point of commencement.
Locnted March 26, 1907.
Apr. 4. 30 d. locator.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend Jin apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, B. C, for permission to purchase the following described lands. Commencing'at a putt
planted on the west side of Slocan lake
and about one and a half miles west ul
Sawmill creek on tl.e shore of the lake,
and marked W H B'ss.w. corner post,
thence west 40 chains, thence north
SO chains, thence west 40 chains, thenc*
north 40 chains, thence eart 40 chains.
thence south 30 chains, thence cast 40
chains, thence south 40 chains following
the lake shore to point of; commence'
ment, about 320 acres mere or le**.
Located the 27th day nl Feb. ]907
W. H. BRANDON, Locator.
Geo. S. Vanstone, agent.
Mar 7 60
Just  Arrived
To Michael Penrose, or  to whomsoever
he mar have transferred his interest
in Ihe "Young Rambler" minoral
claim,    situated    near   McGuigan,
located the 3rd day of October, 1900,
recorded  the  I7ih  dav of October,
1900, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District,
You are hereby notified that I have
expended (102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, aud if within 90 days from the
cate of this notice you fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together with  all costs
nf advertising, your  interest in the said
claim will -become  the  property of the
undersigned,  under   section   4 of   the
Mineial Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated  at Sandon,  this 3rd   day   of
April, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after elate I intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the (< 'lowing inscribed land situated on Mill creek about
1 miles from Slocan Lake, beginning at
a post marked "L. S. corner," thence
north 40 clmins, thence east 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 160
chains to point of commencement.
Dated 20th day of March 1907.
Mar 38 "o<l
Sixty djys after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commisioner of Lands
and Worns at Victoria, B.C., for permission to purchase the following land,
Bitnatod in West Kootenay Di-trict,
commencing at a post 20 clmins north
of J. S. Morrison's S.K. corner, thence
60 chains North, thenco 20 chains enst,
thence 60 chains south, thence 20chains
west to point of commencement, containing 120 acies.
Located Man h 20, 1907.
Mar 28-00d
Not'* is hereby given that 60 day*
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner ol Lands nnd Works
for permission to purchase the following
described tract of land in West Kootenay.
Commencing nt a pos' marked S. Y.
Biockinaii's N.W. corner, planted at
the N.E. corner of W. Schulykc's preemption-, thence 80 chains east, thence
40 chains south, thence 80 chains west,
tnence 40 chains north to point of commencement, following boundaries of
crown granted mineral claims, if any,
Dated April 4th, 1907.
Apl 11-60
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
Also SUITS and PANT5
At Cost
< >
Go to Wilson's for
< >
, Steel, etc.
t************ %**fH******* Hi*****9*********t*******
Silverton, ��.$.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
*R. flD. Spencer * prop
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that 60days
from date, I intend to apply to the lion,
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
described lands, situated in the Sltcan
Divisional1 West Kootenay District, between Ton Mile end Twelve Mile creeks
and about one half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. T. Kelly's S.E. corner post, thenoe
west 20 chains along the line of Lot
No. 1024, G 1, thence north 20 rhaii s,
thence cast 20 chains, thence south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more or less.
Located the lllh day of March, 1907.
J. II. Cory, Agent.
Mar   4 2m
provincial Hssaver
an& Chemist
Sandon Assay Office
- Late F. H, HAWKINS.
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, 11.50 each.
Zinc,  Anlimonv,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Si'lver, $2.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, $2.60.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   $8.00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
Special Rates for Mine and Mill Work
Sandon Cartage
Orders r��reivc prompt and careful
Ibotel .:
7TH1S Well Known
Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
uttcn * B.C.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
following; described lands situated
in the Slocan Division of West Kootenay District bet*een Ten and Twelve
Mile Creeks and about one half mile
from Slocan Lake, commencing at a
post maiked J. If. Cory's N.W. corner post, thence 20 chains east along
the line of Lot 1021!, Gl, thence 40 chains
south, thence 20 chains west, thence 40
chains norlh, lo pointof commencement,
containing 80 acres more nr less.
Located March lllh, 1807.
J. n. CORY,
Mar 14 Im Locator.
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.   Quiet Home.   Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Address All Communications to
To Rent
Several Residences at
Very Small Figure
Zhc Sanson Ibotel. \
TRobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommrjdation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
(Sboiceet Xiquors, mince anb ^i-oars.
** ***********
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Room*. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always on hand.    ::    An excellent Pool Table.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
flieaoquartere for flMning anb travelling flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooma Xargc, Clean anb Coi??.
S William Bennett S
J. R. Cameron j;
m\AAt\ttAem\m\m\a\a\em\e%m\m\t%emat%amm' *-*������-** A A A
************************ m************************
Spring anb
from Crown
tailoring Co.
\ The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country.
fin Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
I! Groceries,Canned Goods and Provisions jj
Also complete Une of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
TKH $. /Tftacfconalfc
TW ffff���" -V-fW W W ffTT
Tbere ia no better home in the Kootenay- (or
tbe Mining Man to make bia Headquarter!.
Viiitori will And an up-to-date style of doing
buiineet, end the Barkeepi are artieta in their
The Finest Wine- and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery.
Fanniillies Supplied
Fresh Groceries
In Ail Join |ng Pvero***".
No. 8l,      W. P. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:80
p. m. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A, Shllland, Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that llilrtyilaya
after dale I intend to apply to Ihe lion
Chie' Commisioner of Laiils and Works
for a special licenso to cut anil cairy
away timber from tho following des-
ciihed lands si'uate. near Slocin Lake in
West Kootena/ District. Cuininenc'ng
at a post on the South hank of Ten
Mile creek, about3 miles from its mouth
and marked A. W's N.W. coiner post,
thenoe east I (ill chains, thence south 40
chains, thence ��est 100 chains, thence
north 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 22nd 1007.
6-30 A. WALLACE,
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trad****.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery J
Sanbon .OMnere' TUnfon Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subscription $1.00 per month. Non-subscribers |2.00 per diem.
 Hospital Staff	
C. E. ANDERSON. * .     WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to N��w Denver, the beauty spot
of tbe Continent, will find this hotel
to ho thoroughly equipped for
for tbe comfort of Tourists.
Wel! stocked Bar.
Excellent boating. Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON ��� - - Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATES $a to 3.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No metier whet his occupation, may save
money by getting hie
Short' Mail- to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
there it nothing better
than tlie famous BAL
with a good, solid,
hand made bottom	
These shots can only be got by
leaving vour older with
Shoemaker - Sandon
And Weekly Thereafter.
Saloon   Second Class    Steerage.
For   rate*,  berth   reservations,
saloon plans,descriptive literature
apply to local agents or write,
J 8. Cabt��b,      E. J. Cotli.
D.P.A. Nelson,   A.G.P.A.
B.C.       Vancouver, B.(!.
Gold, Silver, Cupper or Lead, each, $1.00
Gold Silver..$1 60     Silver-Lead. .$1.50
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. ..50.
Prompt attention  given to all samples.
26 per cent, discount upon five samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A67
J* T Foley*
Sandon    -   -    B. C.
���ffS the Headquarters for All
Mining Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout in a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming mi mmer
Resort ...
Excellent Boating, Fishing
and Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.
Whereas at the Last Chance aud Surprise mines,  Chinese  kitchen help is
at present emoloved, to the; exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, bo it resolved that this
organization, Snndon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.F. of M. reaffirming its opposition to tbe employment of Orientals
within  its   jurisdiction,   strongly   condemns the position  taken by tlie management of the  properties in  question,
and counsels working men everywhere
and those favorably disposed towards
organized labor to be governed by this
A, 8HILLAND, Secretary.
nity Hall,
Sanoon Xcofic,
No.  24;
K. Of  P.
Meete every Wedneid**'
evening at 7.S0 in Frater-
Vititiug Brethren  eordUlfr
A. Shit.laxu, K of R. A U.
Talco notice that I intend thirty dayt
after date to apply to tho Hun. the
Chief Commit! 'net' of Lands and Workt
for a sps-cial lie'ense to cut and carry
awny limber from the following described land- situated in the Little Slocan in West Kootenay Di-trict. Commencing at a post planted one mile
Noith of the west fork on the Hi tie
Slocan river and marked : Charles Provost 8. E. corner post, running west 80
chain- thence north 80 chains, thence
cast 80 chains, thence south 80 chains
to point of commencement.
Locattd Mar. 7, 1807.
Frank Provost, agent..


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