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Slocan Mining Review 1906-12-13

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Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
No. 16.   Vol. I.
'%   SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Dec. 13, 1906.
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
Single Copies 10c.
Well-known Properly Near
Sandon Taken over by
Dr. W. 11. Gomm.
Medical Man  Has 'lheory Which He
Will Back Up With Money and
Work to Prove.
The happiest man in town to day is
" Doc." VY, E. t'oniin, for be has closed
n deal which lie firmly believes is but
the first chapter in lhe biltory of a
(���rent mice. For some months past, the
genial medico has been burning tlie
midnight oil in applying science to local
conditions in mining, and while we are
not at   liberty   at    this    stage   of   the
modi al man's deliberations to publish
his theory, Ins investigations thus far
have convinced the most sceptical of the
merit of his leasouiegs, and to-day lie
lias many converts to lib) startling but
simple theoiy, Believing that the ore
j run*!  in  zone*), he  first cist around to
secure 0110 or more claims to put hi"
deduction* to a pr�� tical test. Mis
eholcti (ell on iho Day ton group of five
-claims upon tlie Payne hill, and lie
secured  the   necessary  option   utter   a
brief delay, The most Interesting feat-
lire to the local c-perU thus far is that
the doctor has " nude goo I" in all his
assertions, Tlie severe ciltlclsrns of
I    , pessimists he hat treated as jocular and
���   ' he grew more confident, and cnthus'tas
tie us lie proceeded lie said lie would
strike the ledge at a liven numb'i* of
lee',���he struck it. liefore he set n
foot on the property lie vowed he could
cut ihe ledge r.t any point lie had manted on his diagrams. To our own It now*
le 'ge his startling deductions proved
minutely accurate, Then, again, Ids
assertion that the owners hid cut
through the ledge will,ont beii g aware
ot" it I .nghed a', but he  drifted on
this edge for 311 foot, an I its as fine a
looklllg lead as*oue might ho| e to see.
Tlie work liitlnr'o douo by the Sonet n Mining and Milling Company consists ol between 000 and 7(0 feit of tunneling aid a considerable amount ef
surface work. The tunnel was started
in'orc, hut not much was taken out.
The ledge which it is assorted was cut
through is al) ut 175 feet from the
portal. The lessee snys he will tap tbe
paystrenk at a distanco of JO feet f om
tin* point he has roache 1 in lhe drift.
<)'*ing to the legal incompleteness of
the agreement be was working under
lie ceased mining opcrat:ons until he
S' cured abso'ute control of the ground.
To close up the deal Messrs. A..I.
Duncan and Itobt. Russell, representing tiie Sandon Mining and Muling Co ,
arrived in town mi Monday last from
Spokane, and a bond on the above
group has been tnken by Dr. Gomm.
The purchase price is fixed at (:!0,000,
an 1 toe lessee thinks it is the client est
b ly in the history of the Slocan. Work
wordi $2,000 will have to be performed
etch year during tlie life of the bind,
und tlie lessee also agrees to pay a
royalty of 1.5 per cent, on ore mined,
the same t) apply on the ptirchato
The Dayton group, 1 otter known locally rs the Ya-Ya, is situati d about n
mile and a half from Sandon, and tbe
portal of the tunnel is within five f ot
of the K. & H. Railway lines. In this
instance the lessee is unusually favored with poition, and if his enthusiasm
and perseverance are rewarded as they
deserve to be, be will be shipping ore al
the lowest late for transportation in lhe
division. The lessee has resumed operations again on theoretical and practi
Citl lines, and he f> cl ��� p skive tint lhe
ultimate result will accord wilh bis
theoretical investigations,
Since writing lhe above,  the lessee
ha* tapped a payslretik  of three to four
inchesof good shipping ore.
Notice is hereby iriven that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
j!.?oi*ks for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands:
Commencing at a post on the south
side of Trout creek, about three and one
half miles from Slocan Lake, and marked W.II.B., north-east corner, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 1*30 chains,
thence forty Chains north, thence Hill
chains east "to the paint of commencement.
Licated the 21st day of November,
1906. W. H. BRANDON, Locator.
80 07
Location No. 2.���Take notice, that
thirty days after date. I intend to apply
lo i lie Chief Commissioner of Lands
nnd Works for permission to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post on the south
Hidn of Trout creek about five and one
inlf miles from Slocan Like and marked \V. II. B., north-east, corner post,
thence south 40 chains, thence west Hi.)
chains, thence north 40 chains, theme
eistlilO chains to {hintof commencement Lic.ited this 21st day of November 1000,   W. II. BRANDON, Locator.
Mems.frorn Slocan City
From Our Own Correspondent,
A heavy snowfall, over 12 inches, lias
been succeeded by a real thaw, the
trees ate hare of snow, and water drips
from the eaves. The snow on the
ground, however, has rendered possible
sledding and rawhidipg from tlie mines.
Ore is being brought down regularly in
sleds from the   Arlington and Ottawa.
Kennedy and Cameron, packers, are
rawllldlng down two ami one half tons
of rich ore fiom the Bondholder which
Mes-rs. O'Xeil, McMillan and McFar-
land, have been working under lease.
Upon the Completion of the Bondholder contra't, eight tons of ore will be
rawhide 1 clown from lhe Kimherley.
The wife and children of Manager
Dub .is, of the Arlington Mine, arrived
in Slocan from Seattle on Saturday,
and the following morning went up to
the nit no, where they have a handsome
i residence.
Mrs. Dugald has relumed from a
trip to Spukane.
R. I. Kirkwood leaves this week for
a trip east, of several months duration,
during which he will visit Toronto,
Boston, New York and other points,
Mr. Kirkwood has rented his homo to
Capt. and Mrs. Dugald, and Mr. and
Mrs. Swanson of the tug "Snndon,"
who will occupy it until May.
Messrs. Chew and other members of
the Ontorio-slo an Lumber Company,
accompanied by D. St. Denis, have heen
up lhe lake for several days inspecting
the company's property.
Boiin.���In New Denvor, December 8,
to the wife of J. A. Anderson, Slocan,
��� i d mghter.
David Arnot, R. C. Allen, A. 0. Too-
ler, Angus MeVlc.r, and otheis of the
Slne.in Oddfellows   Lodge,   were  re.'Ollt
visitors to Nelson.
Leslie Sherman and bride, r'-cen'ly
from No'son are now residents of Slocan,
Mr. She man having opened a barber
shop on Main St., buying out 1'. Mc
Land rs.
Question of Mayor's Salary
Is Discussed But Alder-
'  men are Satisfied.
Regular   Routine   Business   Waded
Through,  and AH Accounts
Ordered to be Paid.
���;* ���h.��*h>.>.:"}.>m*<* ���M,*,M'**i*-H-->****H
t i
% motes ano Comment. \
To commemorate the Birth anniversary of the Methodist church in Sandon
a very pleasing and profitable func ion
took place in the basement of the
Methodist Church on Monday evening
hist. The many friends were entertained
by a 'east of good things which appealed
not only lo the physical but the mental
side of tlie assembly, f-onns, readings
and other selections wore sandwiched in
between the three portions of the mnin
address of tlie evening, which was given
hy the Hev. I!, N. Powell, the popular
Methodist preacher of Nelson. His subject was *'Peof le I Have Met," and
many of the incidents which wcebona-
fide expo'ionccs from real life, were not
only nmu��lng, but, instructive, as the
UndeS'rablo character was held up in
contrast to Hie desirable character of
those who wc'O blessed in hlcs-ing
After the entertainment Rev Powell
made an appeal for funds ti clear off
the Bin di existing debt on the church,
Of tho $170.00 debt at tlie beginning of
the present year enough had been bc-
unrod to lower the debt to %\ 15.00, and
Mr. Powell t-tartcil out valiantly lo
raise lliis by asking for subscriptions
of $10.00. Several were secured and
then subscriptions of $5.00 wore sol lei to'.
Then the plate, or rather the hat, was
passed, and $17.50 was secured in the
collection. This, as was announced,
leaves the debt now standing at about
$35.00, and this it is confidentially expected will be easily wiped off before
next May.
Win. Cliffe Fang " Marg.icrile " with
very acceptable taste, and was warmly
cheered, Mrs. W. O. Robinson de
lighted her audience with "The Fairies.1
Geo. T. Moir sang *' Tlie Maid of the
Mill" in goo I voice. Mrs. Robinson
and I!cv. F. J. Rutherford sang a duet
"Hope Beyond" in very pleasing manner, both were heartily applauded.
Richard Clement's song, "Committed
to lhe Deep" was well received. This
gentleman is the possessor of a go d,
strmg, deep bass voice, and we hope to
hear from him again. Mrs. F. J. Ktith-
erford surprised and delighted Iho audience with her reading in a rich Irish
brogue, " Mrs. Casey's distribution."
Mrs. 0. V. White acted as accompanist in her usual capable manner.
Then the ample provi ion made by
the Ladies Aid of the church was partaken of by the assembled company and
a real pleasant evening was brought to
a cl "So by a solo by tho rditor of our
popular paper, (he "Slocan Mining
Review," and then iie and hi" son Will,
gave a   duel,: "Larboard     Wach."
The chairman, the Rev. W. G.
Brown, asked all to Btand and sing the
dnxology and the meeting was closed by
Rev. K. N. Powell pronouncing the benediction. Everyone went home
pleased with tlie success of the meeting
and saying such evenings might very
well-come a good deal oftener.
A special meeting of lhe City Council
wns held in the City Hall on Friday
evening last, there being present Aldermen Bennett, Gomm, Hurley and
Waite. In tlie unavoidable absence
of Mayor Grimmett, AM. Waite was
elected to the chair,
The City Clerk (C. E. Lyons) read tho
minutes of Hie last Council meeting.
On motion of Aids. Gomm and Hurley
the minutes were adopted.
Communications were read from
Alexander Robertson, Superintendent of
Education, wilh reference to the claim
of the school mistress foi salary for the
mouth i f August; from (1. M. Sproat re
taxes; from Taylor & O'Shea, solicitors
for .1. M. Ilariis, re water debt lor lire
protection; from Mayor Grimmett with
reference to delinquent taxes of Sandon
Realty Co,, nnd with regard to account
ol Harris & Kel'y and the claim of Miss
Cl i f of Police reported lie had collected $!!ti for fines and penalties for the
month of October, and $'.'5 for the month
of November,
Repoiis of the Scavenging Department showed that $25 was collected for
tin* month of September, mil $26 for
the month of October.
On id ��� >li. in of Aids. Bo n lie It and
Gomm the reports were received and
The Finance Committee reported
various account", which �� ere ordered to
be paid.   They were as follows :
M. L, Grimmett $ 25.00
E. M. Saudi and*    26 00
J. B. Winlaw    110.78
A. Sanderson       1.00
Sandon Water & Light.. 0.00
Secretary School 11 .aril . 122.50
C. K. Lyons salary, Dec. 100.00
C.   10. Lyons, salary to
d.ite, Clelk, Police etc. 200 00
Teachers' salarv for Dec 80.00
Janitor siihiry for Dec... 10.00
City Clerk sundry nccts. 181.00
Bennett���Hurley: Moved that report
of Finance Committee be adopted and
accounts as recommended be paid.���
Gomm���Bennett: Moved that W.
McC tug be. apppointed auditor at a
salary of $26,   Carried
Gomm ��� Hurley: Moved that the
animal Municipal Election for mayor
and aldermen and school trustees for
the city of Sandon be held in lhe Conn-1
cil Chamber of the City Hall.; ihatC.
E. Lyons, city clerk, be appointed aa returning officer at tlie said election, and
that he he authorized to take all necessary steps according to law.   Carri d.
Gomm���Hurley: Moved that Alder-
dernien McLeod and Beli'iolt be appointed a Court of Revision to revise
tlie voters' list lor the year 190','. Carried.
Tlie Citv Clerk poll ted out that the
notice of the Court of Revision would
have to he published f.r live consecutive days in a daily newspaper circulating in Hie district.
Gomm���Bennett: Movd that such
notice of Court of Revision to revise tlie
voters' list for tlie municipality bo published iu tho Nelson Daily Cannd an.
Alderman (loniin asked the Council to
order that hose and a reel he placed in
the lire shed on Cody avenue.
The Chairman: Perhaps the Chief of
tlie Fire Department will explain why
a hose cart is not in that fihed.
Aid. Bennett (FlroChief): Why there
is one there now, and there has b.cn
right along.
Aid. Gomm : Oh, no;
Aid. Bennett: Oh, yes.
Aid. Gomm: Wei, I go past the sbrd
two or three times a dav, and I never
ece one.
Aid. Bennett ; I t*11 you its there,
and if you had looked inside 'hi shod
you could have seen it I saw it myself
this afternoon.
Aid. Gomm: Oh, oh, oh I that teltlcB
it, then.
Aid. Bennett: Thanks.
Complaints had heen received ns to
tho danger and nuisance of children
coasting on the sidewalks, and the chief
of police was ordered to take procedings
against offenders.
The question of the Mayor's t-alary
was discussed, It was pointed out ihat
Mr. Grimmett had always gratuitously
given his legal services, and the matter
waa allowed to drop.
On motion of Aids. Bennett and Gomm
the Council adjourned.
**>K*>M''K"M'*'-M<** **+****���:���-��***
For our Christmas number we have
arranged for seasonable matter. That's
providing we can dig deep enough for
the c.o.d. charge'. Perhaps another
year we may be in a position to offer
something extra special' but wo hope
not lo be thought egotistical when we
remark that for a one-man office we
compare most lavorably with any of the
smaller weeklies in the province. It
mutt he home in mind that besides
wielding lhe pen, every letter of type
for this paper parses through bur fingers
twice each week. There are other small
duties to attend to such as dodging out
creditors, kicking tlie Gordon, writing
dunners, praying for delinquents, nursing the baby, repotting meetings, sweeping the office and washing the windows,
sorting pi and reading the exchanges,
bucking wood and building the fires,
rustling the news and shoveling snow,
changing the ads, and thawing the water
pipes, mailing the pap rs and feeding
the cow, pulling the piess and washing
th dogs, keeping the hooks and licking
the kid'', and a hundred and one other
duties to be done in the twcll'y four
hours which all tend to make a country
publisher's life one continual ronnd of
unalloyed bliss. Yet there are some
who lay \vn have the finest graft in
town, but wc are too busy to argue the
When y .n meet a " knocker," do not
patronize him, o not listen to him,
Hit him in tlie place where his brains
ought to be, and kick where they arc.
if mm
Mrs. White left for a trip  to Nelson
on Wednesday.
A. R. Flngland, New Denver, was in
town on Wednesday.
Dave Arnot, of Slocan City, was a
cxller al our oliicc on Tuesday. Something might have happened had not
Mike hypnotized bim. Although a hard
fighting grit, ho Is a prince among men,
and he admits he has assimilated the
adino'.iit on and that he has been taught
something which ho hopes To profit by
nt the onset i f any future campaign.
Not another word about that" Convention," please; D cksteader, Arnotl,
Horatio nnd "stuidy miner" imant
well, but the dear,boys lack the necessary age, experience and courage to
sling mud in the good old Liberal way,
and as that is the only ammunition
which is lik.ly to bo u*ed in the fo.th-
coml'.g campaign, they realize their
Inefficiency. (If cou.se nobody takes
Arclile seriously, and it would he an
awful shame if the dear boy's deposit
was gathered in to the Treasury for
those nasty dirty S aialistu and Oonsor-
va'lves to whack up, Honest Injun!
the b ys had hotter blow the money in
on sugar sticks at Christmas.
After nil the hot air which has been
allowed lo escape from the print houses
run by grits re the elections being announced to-inotl'OW, or the nezt day, or
the day after, the following wail from
flic Cranbrook Herald', which by tlie
way is "strictly independent" and
edited hy the Liberal organizer for
Koot'nay, is a good example of what
they don't know and what they wi-h
they did. After touring the Kootenays
several times and telling the people he
knew* all about it, and then lo go home
and give a dying kick like this, is more
than we can  stand.
'* Why does not Mr. MeBride lake
the people of this province into his
confidence and t* 11 them when they
will have an opportunity to vote on
the ii"xt house? Why is it lie* es-
sarv to continue this mysterious
notion and hold the people who pay
the taxes in Ignomino of what t'.o
governine.it proposes to d > ? The
great trouble is in this province
under tin* presen1 administration, as
was shown the last time Mr. MeBride spoke hero, there is too much
of the idea of " my government."
and " my administration."    Mr.
MeBride forgets that lie ifi elected
by the people, is paid by the peopla
and is a s-mint of the people. 'I he
people placed him where bo is and
the the people can put him aside,
and that is what they will do when
ever lie has the courage to call an
There; if anything can settle it, that
should. In the language of tho tiny.
"Ain't she a dandy ?" We hope th"
premier reads the Herald, because by
taking heel of the timely warn ng he
can save himself a lot of worry and the
province no end of mo ey. Oh, Fred,
F'red; you've ben a gone and done
it! And to think that we boosted you
Ior Leader of the Opposition.
It is not our wish to propagate a riot.
We do not desire the poet Laureate to
net excited and compose a rhapsody.
We trust, our'steemed contemporaries
will break tho news gently to their
readers minus headlines a la World.
We have three parsons on our subscription list with subs, paid in advance.
A. W. Barrow, late of Sandon, but
wlm ia now in Manchester, England,
writes to Bily McClurg re shipping a
carload of housekeepers.
Dan Hurley and Robt. Cunning have
each received a car of Bankheail coal.
Dec. 18,���New York prices are, Silver
08 1-8,    London leal, 10 17s. fld.
President vs. Vice Ends in
Draw of Thirty-Five-
Poinls All.
The Season Was Opened On Saturday Night Before a Bit? Crowd
or Spectators.
" 'Ttvas a hraw bricht moonlicht
nicht, Hie nicht Hie Sn-nudon curlers a'
met on the keen ice to slang 't stane
and soop 'er up. 'Twas Saturday nicht,
and it was also the best night for the
crowd, for the week'n toil wan o'er and
they wero there lo open lhe season
auspiciously. A' Scots tne, mark ye.
There was the McAllister fine Cody, tho
McCready frae Glascn, the McCltng
frae Abberdin, the McTaggnrt frae
Filcsliirc. the Geor.lia O'MacBruder
frae the Lochs 'o Limm (burg), the
Wullie Tattrie frae tlie Nnw Scotia, the
Ma.Dreyer frae Arbroath, There was
Tonald Gomm nnd Wull Bennett,
Dauvit Towguid and wee sina' Sandy
Pratt; there were Robin Ward and
Dugald Mac O' Athervitch and Mike
(tho purest breed ane o' 'em a'); lliere
was Duncan McRansun and Jock
Quinan and tlie laird frae tlie paist
ollice, and, in fact they were all there
who had Scotch in 'em.
'I ho ice was in superb condition when
the two teams in the first round of the
President VS. Vice marched on the rink
in full regalia. There werealnrge number of spectators present, and Hie fair
sex were aiso well represented. The
play was keenly follow 'Ou flaw the start
to the close, and the score at the con-
chislcn of the night's play stood 15 to
1!1 witli the margin iu favor of Lyons
and his hraw laddies.
Skip Gomm he belt his broom on high,
An' then he laid it doon,
A leadln' stane, is still his cry,
Upon ihe pot-lid's croon.
Ill it's !  close nt his feet Iodic���
" A curler, you | " ihcy shout ;
But soon, wi' gentle chap and lie,
A rival knocks him out.
Wee linger out, wee finger in'
Come up the gathurng stones.
And ftiil they soop them itslhey spin,
Wi' niony peilis and groans,
Oh ! for a guard of granite rock,
But t-till tbey pack the head,
Till dashing, crashing comes lhe shock
Skip Lyons knocks em dead.
The following were the teams :
II. Dreyer l.O. McCready
2. W, Bennett 2. P. Ward
8. T. Mc.Mlis'er 3. (i. Bruder
C. E, Lyons,     skip     W. E. Gomm.
On Monday night another good game
was played in the same seri. s, and ��kip
Pratt was victorious over Ransom by
nine points to live.    Kinks :
1. R. McTntrgart        ). J. J. Atherton
2. W. McClurg 2. 0. J. Quinan
3. S .1. Towgood 8, W. Tattrie
L. Pratt skip G, Ransom
Tuesday  night saw  the losers ill the
previous game and Ed. Athorlon's rink
fighting,a hard battle. At the fixth
it looked all over bar shouting for Rat:*
Hoin, as the game stood 9-2. but Atherton and Towgood put 111 such tine work
thnt nf. the 10th end they led by one
point: 11*10, Tlie next end brought
Ransom and his men up level again, and
excitement ran high as tlie last end of
the game began. In the competition
proper tlie match   at this  stnge stood:
PiesidentiJ5, Vice-President 20, and it
looked any odds on the president, but
when skip Ransom's last rock was down
they were five in and his opponent to
play his last ftono, A drat1? shot wh bin
a yard of the button would have nullified
the rocks in and and gave Atherton and
the president a dual victory. Tlie draw
shot he essayed, but a guard of his
opponents was lifted into the house and
a mighty roar went up from tho keen
watchers.   The final score read :
Ransom 17 ; Athetton 11.
President (W. Bennett) 85; Vice-
president (Geo. Binder) 85.
1. J. .1. Atherton      I. McCready
2. Quinan 2. Cliffe
8. 'I attrie 8. Towgood
Runs .in       fkip        E, R. Atherton
The I'resident nnd Vic-President
Will each skip rinks and pay off the tie
a', an early date.
Schedule starting December I2th:���
Dec. 12.    Atherton   vs  t.omm
"   18.    Lyons vs. Ransom
"   14.    Gomm vs. Pratt
"   16.   Atherton vs. Lyons
"  17.   Pratt vs. Ransom
'*   18.   Gomm vs. Lyons
"   II).   Atherton vs. Pratt
*'   20.   Gomm vs. Ransom
"   21.   1 y >ns vs. Pratt
"   22.   Alb. *rton vs. Ransom.
The first rink in the Schedule was
played on Wednesday night, and resulted as follows: Trait 15j E. R,
Atherton 9.
The game last night between rinks
skipped by Lyons and Ransom ended
10 to ii in iavor of the latter.
Tue Court of Revision to revisj the
voter's list will be held in the City Hall
on Friday, December 3lst, at 8 p.m.
Tho Anniversary services in the Mcth
odist Church were largely attended, and
the sermons by the Rev. Powell and tLe
special music were greatly enjoyed.
f .Xocal anc* General, t
�� V
m    Pi.keil up b>- Hutting- in Everywhere.    <��.
.I* ��*.
A car of lead concentrates was shipped hy the Cliffe-Isenor syndicate from
the Payne this week.
Mrs. L. A. McPliee was up from
Whitewater on Thursday.
Owing to failing health, Jake Kelson
is anxious to sell out) of his business
houses.   No reasonable offer rcfustd.
J. I'runk tells us they are rawllldlng
witli a turkey team near Kaslo.
Jake Kelson and Dr. Gomm are going
into the bullfrog business. 80 doz. legs
arrived for tiiese epicures Ibis morning,
J. C. Quinan left this afternoon for
Kaslo, where he will shortly open up
the Red Cross Drug Store on Front
street. He intends to carry one of the
most complete stocks, of drugs and sundries in the Kootenays. ''Dec." wishes
to thank the people of Sandon for the
palronauo hitherto extended him, and
he begs to nssuro them that all orders by
mail will receive hia prompt and careful
On Christmas morning the editor
will sit In his high-back chair prepared
to receive peace offerings from friends
and enemies. Automobiles, fur coals
and 2-dollar bills badly needed. Everybody bring something to tlie potlache
Frog's legs and Li in burger not wanted.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Cu.
announce Hie usual fare and one third
Christmas and New Year retain rates
from nnd to all local points on western
lines. Tickets will be placed on sain
Dec. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 20, 80, .11 Bnd
Jan. 1st. (iood returning until .Inn. 8.
For detailed Information apply to local
Smith's Plantation Pastime Company ia hilled lo npear at the Opera
House here on Monday next. A minstrel slimy is always a welcome class of
entertainment, and as tlie lionpe ol
eight artists come well recommended,
a good houso will likely greet them.
A painfully sudden death occurred in
town on Tuesday night. A man named
John Gale, a native of Eastern Canada,
had been working iu J. W, Power's logging enmp at Mackim-on's Landing near
Burton City, for the past two months,
and as he had complained of s!ckno��S
he was brought into the hospital here.
He was a big, " skookum" fellow, and
he walked from the depot to lhe Miners'
Union Tospital unaided. Ho was seen
on his arrival and attended to hy Dr.
Gomm, but on going to his bod a shoit
time afterwards the man was found lo
bo dead. Coroner Ilartin came tip
from Kaslo to hold an inquest, lint the
body was shipped to Cranbrook foV
burial without any inquest being held.
A quiet wedding took place at the
Miners' Union Hospital on Monday
evening last, the contracting parlies
being Miss Marguerite McPherson and
Hairy Dreyer, both of Sandon. The
celebration was performed by the Rov
Forbes J. Rutherford. The Review
joins with the many friends of the happy
couple iu wishing them a long life of
joy and prosperity.
The Presbyterian Sunday school hold
their Christmas tree in the Ci'.y Hall,
Friday evening, Dec. 21st. A suitable
present will be put on the tree for all
children attending Sunday School. The
tree ,w ill he free to all those who wish to
put on presents for children not attending tlie school, or adults. Suitable
choruses, glees etc. for children, are on
the way. Everyone welcome. 'Ilure
will also he refreshments served at the
close of the entertainment. Admission
free.     Collection   will be   taken   up  at
c inclusion of progamme.
Mrs. Cook, of New Denver, wife of nn
employee of W. O. K. Koch, at Koch's
Siding, died in Hie Home hospital at
Nelson on Wednesday from convulsions. Mr. Cook returned with the
tody for interment on Thursday.
Mr. Riclid. Clement has accepted the
prlncipalehip of the New Denver school.
Con Stewart, Malcolm Mackenzie and
Carl Western, lessees of the Buffalo,
were In from S lvertou on Saturday.
Miss M. A. Clement, school teacher,
his sent in her resignation.
'Ihe Gnat Northern Railway and
Great Northern Steamship Companies
have IfSlied a new departure in playing
cards. They are printed on exceptionally fine stock, and are better cards for
the price asked than can be had elsewhere. The advertising, consisting of
the trade mark, ia worked into an oriental design aed is confined entirely to
the back of tho card. The steamship
card is the more elaborate of the two
and is finished with gilt edges. Great
Northern Railway cards 15 cents per
pack. Steamship cards 25 cents per
pack. Mailed to any address on receipt
of price. A. L. Craig. Passenger Traffic
Manager, St. Paul, Minn.
Harry Fife and Steve Watson were
in from Slocan City on business on Sunday.
The great McEwen has cancelled his
engagement at the Cpern House owing
to his not being able to make train
i'A'i ois>> r-'-'i v.. '-i h "i t*i "fl r*i h ti "-j'.'.^
Just   Arrived
We Will Sell nt
Reduced  Prices.
At Cost
gome |mag JBargaUig
I have a stock of Goods suit able
for Christmas  and New Year
presents which I will sell at
Blnughtei' Prices:
Oranges,   Lemons
Apples and
Jake Ifcdsen.
Notes from Whitewater.
W. Matheson was in  town this week-
Mrs. M. G.   Wright went to Kaslo
Tuesday on business.
Misn Mabel McCrea ly is tisitiuj Sandon.
Niven's big store is fast being remodelled into a hotel to take the place of tho
old Whitewater hotel.
Mrs. Erickson's little son Ronald has
been very  ill, but is convalescent now,
A. L. McPhce is more than hustling
these days. Talk to him on tlie street
and all you get for answer is " Yes, ah
yes! I wonder how soon tho team wil'
be up, boys?"
J. McPherson and A. K. Stewart wero
visitors to Kaslo this week.
Frank McDonold visited  Whitewater
on Sunday.
,T. Street left for Kaslo on Tuesday.
S. W. Matherson has gone on a visit
to Nelson.
O. W. Winstead has taken a trip to
Her Sister's
ft-rfhs-r ��T "A TTswMm's Teneeance," ���T-Thlch I>ved mm
Bos*.M -Mwm. Two Lovea," "Fairy Gold," Etc.
"It was about that time, then, that
you understood what others had long
long aware of���that is, that M. d'Ancel was In love with your sister und
desired to marry her?"
"Yes, Monsieur."
"In that case, would it not have
been more simple to have had a frank
explanation with Mine. d'Ancel? Did
you not fear to compromise your
reputation by giving a rendezvous to ;
a young man who was supposed to be j
your fiance?" .
Marthe's face turned a trifle paler.
After a silence that seemed an eler
nlty, she replied, wilh a great effort:
"I had grave and personal reasons
to act as I did. You must realize Monsieur, that In declaring thnt I gave a
secret rendezvous, knowing the interpretation that might he placed on this
meeting, I am not doing an Indifferent
thing���that I suffer. It seems to me
1 might well bo believed!"
For the first time her calmness was
visibly troubled, there was a tremor
in her voice, like a suppressed cry of
torture and anguish. A sympathizing
murmur arose from the crowd.
"Do you not see, Mademoiselle, that
this half avowal gives a terrible likelihood to the hypothesis mentioned a
few moments ago? To many women,
a falsehood under such circumstances
is not only excusable hut heroic."
"And yet," cried the poor girl, "I
have not lied!"
"Admit that you are telling the
truth. What time did you go into the
"I had given a rendezvous lo Robert
for half past three, but, although I
went down a little before three, I
found him already there when I reached the cross."
"All these details seem well fixed in
your memory?"
"They are indeed!"
"No one saw you going out or coming In?"
"No one."
"It is a pity, Mademoiselle, a great
pity. I need not tell you how respected and honored you are personally by
all who know you, and I assure you
that your testimony will have weight
with the jury. But if you had lhe least
proof, however slight, to support your
"Then," cried Marthe, in a vibrating voice, "then, the accusation would
prove groundless?"
"Evidently. But that proof?"
"That proof exists, Monsieur!"
A stifled exclamation arose from
every throat. And above this murmur,
Marthe heard a woman's sob. Her
strength almost deserted her, she
recognized Edmee in that weeping
woman. She was evidently there with
her mother-in-law, lost in the throng,
anxiously watching the testimony Unit
would decide Robert's fate. The chalice was full; she must drink it to the
* Order was re-established, and the
president once more turned to Marthe.
"What proof have you, Mademoiselle?"
It was only after several unsuccessful efforts that she succeeded In answering. At last, in a monotonous and
weary voice, as If she were repeating
a lesson learned by heart, she said,
"I understand, Monsieur, that you
admit, as proofs, the account books of
merchants, well kept registers, and
even household accounts."
"It is true."
"The proof that I bring is my diary;
that is, the register of my hidden
thoughts, of my most secret sentiments. In It you will find the incidents
of July 29th very minutely described.
After reading it no one can doubt my
Instinctively she turned her head.
Robert's ardent gaze acted ns magnetism. There was nothing to conceal
now. Even before the reading of these
sheets, Robert understood the extent
of the sacrifice, knew that he had been
loved, adored by this poor misunderstood young girl. He saw all this on
her agonized face. And in that long
gaze, she read to the depths of his
soul and realized that he knew, that
he bowed down before her in spirit,
that he blessed her! She saw, also,
in this supreme moment, it was not of
Edmee he thought, although her sobs
had revealed her presence there, but
of her, of her only. That Instant repaid her for all.
Yet, when the president asked for
the diary, she retained It for a moment longer, loath to part with it.
"May I ask, Monsieur, that, only the
parts absolutely necessary shall be
road. I Buffer much���"
She could not finish her phrase, but
all had understood.
"I give you my word, Mademoiselle.
But to prove to the genllemen of the
jury that this is not a manuscript
fabricated or the occasion, I shall
have to read a few passages taken at
random during Ihe months that preceded the day of tho crime. Moreover,"
he added as he turned the pages, "the
color of the ink, paler in many places.
Is a conclusive proof that this journal
was written at different times. I see
that it dates back to nearly two years
During the reading she remained
motionless, almost as white as a marble statue. It seemed to her that life
was dying out within her, that each
Instant left her colder, that the blood
was freezing in her veins. She listened to the expressionless voice of the
clerk as he read aloud that all might
hear the despairing avowals, the cries
of passion, she bad written for herself only. Sometimes, the sense did
not. penetrate into her tired brain,
then again It seemed lo her that thf
words re-echoed within her with play-
cing accents:
"My little Edmee. my darling child,
If you knew, if you could guess the
thoughts that struggle within me! ���
Are you really what you seem? But
what matters! since you possess that
all-powerful charm; since I, though
doubting and questioning, still love
yon; since to spare you a tear, 1
would weep day and night; since to
give you happiness, I would accept
perpetual sadness and despair���"
And then again:
"My God! my God! how I suffer!
how unhappy I am! how I wish I could
die! He called me sister. Was It simply a commonplace word of affection,
or was it said with a particular Intention? Am I not destined to become
ills sitter some dav'.' Alas'���"
And now her scciretberotiged to the
world; It would be tossed about
amidst peals of laughter as children
toss a toy balloon filled with air. She
could never appear before the world
without the remembrance of this cruel
day standing as a wall between herself and those who gazed at her. And
that was nothing, Robert knew that
he had been loved; Edmee knew it
also. And nothing, nothing (*ouhl make
them forget this sad love!
Yet, In spite of all, In spite of her
personal sufferings. her sacrifice
brought her Infinite sweetness. Robert was saved and saved hy her.
When the reading was at. last terminated, a feeling of numbness came
over her, and without a cry she fell
heavily to the floor.
Marthe Levasseur was very ill, but
she did not die. Her aunt nursed her
day and night, suffering no one to approach the bedside where her niece,
a prey to an ardent fever, talked wlld-
lv; her brain ever busy, her eyes haggard and frightened, ns if pursued by
a nameless terror.
Robert and his young wife no longer thought of the proposed journey.
They came every day to the chateau,
where they saw no one but the servants. At last, one morning, they were
told that the danger was over, that
the delirium had ceased. As they refused to leave without seeing Mme.
Despois, she appeared, very cold and
distant, scarcely deigning to answer
their questions.
"It Is true the doctor has hopes,"
she said. "The delirium has ceased.
Do you know what she repeats incessantly: 'O, aunt why did you save me?
I long so much for death; I am so
weary; I have spent all my strength!'
I believe I preferred her delirium to
this cry."
"If you knew, Aunt Relie, how much
I have wept," murmured Edmee.
"You can do that without effort,"
said Mme. Despois, dryly.
"I know you will never forgive me.
All that has happened Is not my fault,
and yet without me it would not have
Aunt Relie remained Inflexible and
silent. Robert instinctively threw his
arm around Edmee and said:
"I am sure that Marthe is less harsh
to this child than you."
"In fact, Robert, she never once
mentioned you in her delirium. It was
Edmee she called Incessantly, as if in
the crisis she had gone through, all
had foundered, -swept that Instinct of
maternity, that need of loving which
has cost her so much���"
Before she could be prevented, Edmee escaped from tho room, ran wildly up the stairs, and entered the sick
chamber fiom which she had so long
been excluded. When Mme. Despo's
reached it in her turn, followed by
Robert, Edmee was kneeling beside
the bed, and Marthe, radiant and with
eyes sparkling with happiness, was
caressing her with her weak, trembling hand.
"I understand it all now," stammered the younger sister, "and will try
all my life to remember that there is
something above happiness���Tell me
that you forgive me, tell me what I
can do to merit this forgiveness some
"But I have nothing to forgive you,
my little Edmee. I have loved you,
that is all. Some day, if you have
many children, you will give me one���
a blonde little girl. I will bring her up
and love her so much. There is within
me a sentiment of maternal love���"
The young couple finally left for
Italy, where their stay was indefinitely
prolonged. On the advice of the physician, Marthe also left her dear solitude and went with her aunt to Algeria. She felt the need of leaving
the spot, for some time at least, where
she had Buffered so much.
She recovered her physical strength
long before lhe wounds in her heart
closed, but the cure came at last.
Marthe acquired a taste for traveling,
and her aunt, who was fond of a
change, encouraged her. More than a
year passed thus, and Marthe recovered her former serenity and was
almost contented.
A few months after Robert's acquittal. Captain Demand's murderer
was discovered. He was a poor soldier who had deserted, exasperated
by the harshness of hia captain. While
almost dying of starvation, he had entered a house with the Intention of
robbing, and. finding a revolver, the
idea Immediately came to him to kill
the man who was the cause of all his
troubles. Later, being arrested for desertion and burglary, he related how
he had avenged himself on his com-
When Marthe finally returned to
Cote Hoisee, spring was In its full
splendor. Mine. d'Ancel was the first
to come lo the chateau to greet her.
There was a moment of embarrassment, but Mine. Despois began to talk
rapidly of their travels, and the constraint soon melted away. Marthe was
so cordially simple and natural that
the past seemed far away and forgotten.
Again, as two years before, the
young chatelaine accompanied the
visitor to the end of the park. Again
while they walked on, their gaze wandered over the sea, the graceful curve
of the yellow shore, the thin silhouette of the distant Havre. They seemed equally happy to see each other, to
feel the old friendship re-awakening.
Mme. d'Ancel, not daring to express
all her thoughts, displayed infinite
tenderness in her least words, in her
least gestures, and Marthe understood
it all. It was, however, with a faint
tremor in her voice that she finally
"Robert has promised 'o spend part
nf the summer with me "
"Edmee mentioned it in her last
letter," observed Marthe, with a quiet
smile. "She is very proud at the
thought of presenting me her little
son. But she gives very few details."
And that was all.
When Marthe found herself alone,
she seated herself on the bank by the
roadsftle, breathing the odor of the
pines warmed by the sun and gazing
far away.
Yes, she would see Edmee and Robert once more!
Of all that violent tempest that had
swept over their heads, what remained? Neither Robert, Edmee nor herself
could forget. But little by little, almost insensibly, the remembrance
was becomlug less painful and assuming a different character. After a
first burst   of    nas-iouate    eratltude.
Edmee ha*J "again TOrtl mvaiTeiT By a
disquieting jealousy, of which she
dared not speak, but which her husband understood. Then feeling herself
still adored always tenderly petted,
what was best In her nature slowly
developed. Once In her letters, generally so short and commonplace, she
had said: "I believe that I am becoming better, more serious���I owe that
to you, Marthe, as I owe you my happiness���"
It was of this Marthe was thinking
as she gazed on the blue and smiling
sea. Then she arose and walked slowly
through the budding forest. The young
verdure, so tender in color, the thou-
sand blossoms that filled the air with
fragrance, the warbling of the birds,
all that spoke to her! Telling her that
cruel winter, like sorrow, is not eternal, that all recommences, all aspires
toward happiness, and that this happiness comes under many forms.
Her sacrifice would not be fruitless.
Having suffered much, she had learned to feel deeply the suffering of
others. What mattered the rest? She
yearned for death no longer, as she
had done during that horrible crisis.
She loved life, notwithstanding the
shade of sadness which she could not
completely throw off and which had
nothing of bitterness, and she found
It good to live. Of all the sentiments
that had tortured her, there now remained only an infinite sweetness and
a passionate desire to see those she
loved happy and noble.
And peace having thus come, she
regretted nothing.
Winter Quarters ot Fowl- Should Be
Prepared For Occupancy*
It Is not too soon to begin preparations for next winter, says Farm Journal. Too soon to do tbe work is not
to be considered unless there is nothing
to do. It is surprising how much one
will have to do when winter comes on
end be is unprepared.
The poultry house may require overhauling in various ways or a new one
may be built. It will be found that a
new house will be less damp if built
soon enough te allow the wood to season before winter. Earth floors that
have been saturated with the droppings of tbe fowls should be removed
to the depth ef six inches and fresh
material used, aud the roof should be
carefully examined while made tight
on tbe old house.
Another point is that it is only after
ene has built a poultry house and used
It a year that he knows what he wants.
No man ever built a poultry house that
he could not see something to Improve
about It, and it is this experience that
Is assisting to get more eggs In winter.
Then there are the roosts and nests.
Those who have spent hours performing the work of cleaning out the
poultry houses will appreciate any labor saving contrivances, and the time
to adopt them is before the winter begins.
It Is suggested that the house have
plenty of windows, so as to secure
sunlight and warmth. Nothing Is so
repugnant to fowls as darkness during
the day, and they will frequently remain In u storm outside rather than
keep within the walls of a dark house.
Begin tbe fall right and prepare for
the winter early so as to have the hens
and pullets laying before the cold
weather sets in.
Rye For Fa-tore and Soiling.
Rye is not half appreciated by the
American farmer. It is very hardy,
will grow on the poorest land, makes
good winter and spring pasture and
if sown early enough makes good fall
pasture. It is a good early spring soiling crop. It makes a fair quality of
hay if cut in bloom or before, and it
always sells at good prices and makes
the best of bedding for cattle and
horses. It Is also an excellent green
manure crop for turning under In early
spring. While It does not add nitrogen,
as tbe clovers do, it makes a great
deal of humus, and thus Improves the
texture of wornout soils. It will
grow iu any section that can grow
any of the small grains. Where corn
or potatoes or cowpeas are grown after
corn, rye may be sown In the corn at
the time of "laying by" or may be
sown on the stubble after the corn is
cut and be plowed under In the spring
for any of tbe crops mentioned.���W. 3.
Melon- In the Corn Shock.
If when cutting corn you will place
In one of your largest shocks about a
dozen of your choicest watermelons, at
Christmas, when the snow is on tbe
ground and the frost is on tbe pane,
you can sit by the roaring fire and eat
one of your melons, which has kept all
that time In the shock of corn.���Farm
Sheep Ifotu.
Sheep require a clean place to eat
and must have it or else their health
will be impaired and food wasted.
Regularity is perhaps more Important
In feeding sheep than is tbe case with
other animals, for sheep are naturally
regular in their habits.
While a small bunch of sheep can be
kept ou any farm to good advantage,
they serve a double purpose, as they
enrich the farm and bring a cash Income at the same time.
Dear Mother
Alexandra's S'irange Position.
The legal position of Queen Alexandra is very curious. So far as her private business is concerned she is not
regarded by the laws and customs of
England as a married woman at all.
She Is the only woman in Great Britain
who does not come within the scope of
the married woman's property ae,. The
idea of the law is that affairs of stale
consume all the time ol the King and
therefore no responsibility for the
Queen's private business rests upon
him. If the Queen contracted debts in
her husband's name he would not be *e
sponsible for them as any other litis
band would. The King cannot be sued
for debl, but the Queen can be. Snould
the King die some authorities hold Ihat
the Queen could not marry again In
case she wished to do so without the
special license anil commission of the
King'- successor.
Your little ones arc a constant ore in
Fill and Winter weather. They will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh i
���Consumption Cute, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has clone foe so many ? It is said
to be the onW reliable remedy for all
diseases of the air passages in children.
his absolutely her-ilen and pleasant to
take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money
is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,
and al! dealers in medicine sell ye
This remedy should be in every household.
Pl-ccins n* Poi'tor'H Asslstar t.w.
A doctor in the north of Scotland
ilnils carrier plj-oons of much use to
bim, lie has a scattered practice, nnd
when on long rounds he takes several
pigeons with him. If one of his patients needs medicine Immediately be
writes out u prescription nnd by means
of the birds forward It-j'o bis surgery.
Here an assistant gets the message,
prepares the prepcrlption and dispatches the medicine. If, after visiting a
patient, the doctor thinks he will be
required later on In the dny he simply
leaves n pigeon, with which he can be
called If necessary.   London Express.
Chapped   Hands   and   Chilblains.
Zam-Buk  a Certain  Cure
For chapped hands, co'd sores, chilblains etc., there is nothing so effective ns Zam-BUK. Mrs. ri. il. Hale
kin, of Appin, (Out.) says:���
"My hands had big cracks on them
which caused me such pain I could
hardly work. Whenever I tried to
put theiu near the water they would
Brnart and burn as if I had scalded them, They did not seem to be
benefited by anything I tried until
Zam-Buk was introduced. To my
great pleasure within it very short
time the Zam-Buk closed up the
cracks nnd healed the sore places.
My hands are now white nnd smooth.
"I lecpmmended Zam-Buk to u
friend, too. 1 think it a splendid
household ointment."
Miss E. Heintziniiii, of Ossington
avenue, Toronto, says: "I would advise all who suffer from chilblains to
try Zam-Buk. I have suffered from
them acutely, and wns suffering when
I lirst tried Zam-Buk. I am pleased
to sny 1 bad only used about three-
quarters of the supply when the chilblains were completely cured."
Zam-Buk is a cure lor cuts, burns,
bruises, eczema, ulcers, abscesses, festering sores, bad leg, ringworm, mid
all skin diseases and injuries. It. is
purely herbal in composition, All
druggists sell "t 50c a box, or post
free from tlie Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
upon receipt of price. Six boxes for
Toronto Gold Med.illist Refused Admission to German University.
An Instance ot tne wny in which
Canadian Institutions are shut out by
the United States when a chance offers
has come to light throjg'.i the action
of a (-old medallist of Toronto University, who made application for admission to tho University of Gottlng-en in
Germany, as a graduate student.
He waa Informed   that   that  university had an agreement by which only
j graduates of certain American unlver-
j sltles, which are named, and which to
the number of founieen are all situated
in the States, could be admitted.    His
application must, therefore, be refused.
One of the professors in Toronto who
happened to be personally acquaint ed
with the dean of Gottlngen University,
wrote to that official pointing out Ihat
by the agreement named, all Canadian
; students were cut off from the poBSlbll-
; Ity of gaining admission to German ln-
! stltutlons.
The result has been that the Toronto
| man le to be admitted, and the Senate
are going to consider the advisability
of ."cancelling the arrangement made
with the American universities. It was
pointed out lo them that Toronto University stands second to none of those
in America, (that Is the Untied States'i
and as a matter of fact, those universities are to a great extent supplied
with professors and assistant* from
Toronto. Moreover, that these universities had no right whatever to make
any arrangements to cover lhe whole
of America. "As a piece of Impudence
and arrogance, their action would be
hard to beat," said the professor, "and
I am glad to have been able to spoil
the arrangement."
Another fntnl case of bubonic plague
the dreaded disease of Egypt, has occurred at the Mustnpha barracks,
where the Royal Dublin Fusiliers nre
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds,  etc.
��� At a snle nt Berlin of Hie Koenig-
BWarter art collection, n portrait o!'
'-'"mb'-andl. liv himself, brought $45,-
000. It was bought by Baron Outt-
mun of Vienna.
Still Bitter.
"Well," siUd he, anxious to patch up
their quarrel of yesterday, "aren't you
curious te know what's in this package?"
"Not very,' replied the still belligerent wife indifferently.
"Well, it's something for the one I
love best in all the world."
"Ah, I suppose it's those suspender
you said you needed!"���Catholic Stand
art! and Times.
Ask Your
If he tells you to take Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral for your
severe cough or bronchial
trouble, then take It. If he has
anything better, then take that.
But we know what he will say;
for doctors have used this
cough medicine over 60 years.
"I hm mad Ayer'i etierr- Pootor-l for
hard ooldi, bad oou-I.s. and InSuan-a. It has
dona m- rraat flood, and I bell*., it II tha
heat cough medtolna In the world for all
throat and luiir* trouble.."- -Eli C. Stuart,
Albany, Oregon.
Made by J. O. Aytr Co., Lowell,
Alto mtnoflMf
iturer. of
Keep the bowels ooen with one of
Ayer's Hills at bedtime, Just one.
��� no matter how
, bad the weather
You cannot
afford to be
without a
When you hvy
look Ior tne
Cams For Nuraerr.
A soap bubble race makes excellent
fun. Lay a long stick on the floor to
���serve as a goal and provide each player
with a fan, which can be made of stiff
paper, with which to drive the hubbies
from the starting point. At a given
signal the bubbles are blown and the
fans brought Into use. If a bubble
bursts before any player has reached
the goal the play n* ma/ return to blow
a aecond oue.
You cannot possibly have
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in J*lb. and i-lb Tins.
W    N    U    No.   614
Rotten Cored Apple--  Made Sound l>-
Proper  IVrtlll/.Htloii.
Certain facts regarding nn experiment which we conducted a few years
ago may Interest some of the renders
of this paper, writes a correspondent
of American Cultivator.
Wheu we came Into possession of the
fttrm which is our present residence
the apple trees were iu bloom, aud we
were delighted with tbe beauty of nn
especial one, which was the most compact mass of bloom we had ever seen.
We were told thnt the apples at maturity were practically worthless, the
former owner only allowing the tree to
stand because its closely Interwoven
branches made an admirable shelter
for his pigs.
We became much interested in this
apple tree and anxiously watched tbe
growing fruit. The variety wns a
golden russet of line acid flavor, just
suited to culinary use. Tbey grew to
a large size and were slightly streaked
with red at the stem, a beautiful apple, but we had uever seen a closer
comparison to the "apples of Sodom"
���outwardly a first class fruit, but
which could be crushed with ease iu
the hand, revealing a blackened, rotted
center, and entirely worthless. Such
was tbe state of fully three-fourths of
the crop.
I hesitated before acting upon the
advice to destroy this tree, for I believed there wns a remedy. It was
evident from the rank growth that
nitrogen bad been supplied too generously by the pigpen, and too much
nitrogen without pottisb in proportion
to ma.e the pulp of firm texture bad
worked mischief with the apples.
When the tree was making good
growth the following year we applied
ten pounds of muriate of potash, scattering It over the ground under the
trees as far out as tbe branches extended. As this potash is soluble, it
was soon supplying plant food to the
roots, there being no sod to interfere
with its descent.
The result wns a decided object lesson to our neighbors, yet not greater
than we anticipated.
A large majority of the apples were
at maturity of the finest quality, souud
and crisp. Although none had In previous yenrs been placed in tbe cellar,
several bushels were stored that fall,
which kept very well. We make the
same application since each summer,
and there is not a trace of decayed center, nor have we an apple on the farm
which Is so salable duriug March and
even into April as this formerly worthless russet.
A Convenient Gnte.
Oue of tbe great conveniences nbout
a barn or house Is a gate thnt swings
both ways and always closes and fastens behind tne man with two palls 01
milk, etc. It is very simple and inexpensive, writes a correspondent of
Farm Progress. Make as any ordinary
gate and put a common hinge at the
bottom: Mortise a slot through the
post near the top to Insert a pulley.
Round off two short rockers, say, oue
foot long by two and a half Inches
thick, and flatten their faces slightly.
Set one on the post aud the other on
the gate. Set them In so the gate will
not be too far from the gatepost.
Take a short, small link chain, secure
It to the gate, pass over tbe pulley lu
the gatepost and suspend a weight to
It. The chain serves as hinge nud
spring. The latch is the same as other
gates, except that It Is reclined from
both sides.
How  to  Kill   Sli"*nfr.��.
An Ohio correspondent of National
Stockman writes: I had a field covered
with sassafras sprouts. I tried to kill
them by farming corn, but they got
thicker. I tried wheat, and they
smothered the Wheat. I sowed the
ground in timothy, nnd that did not do
any good. They grew so thick that a
person could not walk through them.
I left them until winter, when tbe
ground was frozen hard. Then I took
a grubbing hoe and cut tbeni off at the
ground and In tbe spring turned my
cattle In on them, nud they ate off
what few started, and that settled
them, and today you can hardly find
a sprout in the field.
The Aapnrnataa Peat.
Kindly insects help In the destruction of the asparagus pest. The lady-
bug, some Bnake feeders, or dragon
flies, nnd wasps and the splned and
bordered soldier bug���all these eat the
larvae of this beetle. Ducks and
chickens nre fond of them. Air slacked
lime dusted on tlie dew wet leaves destroys the pest, or the ends of the
branches where they congregate nuiy
be cut and burued. The sume remedies
hold good for the spotted beetle, but
his favorite place of hiding Is In the
berry, bo these should be cut and burned as fust ii j thev form-
By Work and Worry, but Good Health is Restored by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
With her strength overtaxed u., iuu
much work many a woman finds
herself weak, nervous, and exhausted, subject to indigestion a.id headaches and spells of discouragement
and  despondency.
Under such circumstances Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food eome-i ns a
blessing of great value, bringing new
hope und confidence nnd restoring
vitality  to the  blood  nnd nerves.
Dizzines, heart disturbances, pule,
bloodless appearance, smothering,
choking sensations, heavy heart beating and palliation are sume of the
symptoms which '.'ive way before the
persistent use nf this great food cure.
I'he appetite is sharp nod, digestion
to improved, the form is rounded
out to healthful proportions nnd
gradually and certainly strength and
vigor  replace  weakness  anil  disease.
Mrs. Joint Armstrong, Heather
Brae, Alia., was in very poor health
tor over four years n.'ter the birth
of l.er first child. S.ie was what
mighl be culled a nervous wreck,
weak, down-hearted and discouraged.
Writing fur her, Mrs. I). I). Burger,
hei   mint, of the same  place,  states:
I ' ....... Armstrong bad great weakness, heart trouble and indigestion.
; Ii fact she was run down in every
way and seemed to lose all bone of
;ever getting well again. She wns
scarcely able to drag herself about.
"The persistent use of Dr. Chase's
'. Nerve Food has proven of marvel-
! lous benefit to her. She feels real
well now, is looking fine and fleshing
J up, so that one would hardly take
j her for the same person. You may
i use her name in recommendation of
I Dr. ('base's Nerve Food lor we nre
j nil very grateful for what it has done
| for her, and never lose an opportunity of saying n  good  word for it."
For men win are suffering from
|headaches, indigestion nnd sleenless-
r.ess, for women who besides these
symptoms suffer from weaknesses
and Irregularities of the delicate
feminine organism, for children who
are pale, weak and puny, there is,
we believe, no pieiiani.roii extant
which will bring about such sutis-
fnctory results lis the use of Dr.
Chase 8 nerve I'm. !(-fin cents a box,
ii boxes .$2.5i), ill all dealers or Ed-
malison.  Bates & Co., Toronto.
For Improvement of Seed.
By Instructions of the Hon. Minister of Agriculture �� distribution will
be made this season of samples nf
superior sorts of grain in Canadian
funnel's for the improvement of seed.
Hie stuck for distribution is of the
Vei'V best anil bus been secured mainly from the excellent crops recently
iiad at the branch experimental farms
at Indian Head, Bask., mid at Brandon, Man. The distribution will consist of samples of oats, spring wheat,
barley, Indian corn, (for ensilage only) mid potatoes. The quantity of
outs to be sent will be 4 lbs., and of
wheat or barley 5 lbs. sufficient in
each case to sow one twentieth of nn
acre. The samples of Indian corn
mil potaoes will weigh 3 lbs each.
A quantity of each of the following
i/arieties has been secured lor this
Oats���Banner, Wide Awake. White
(limit, Danish Island, Thousand Dollar, Improved Liwogo (white varieties)
'mil Qoldfinder (yellow).
Wheat���Red fife, Preston, Pringle'B
Chaiiipliiin, Percy, Stanley, Huron
mid  White  Fife.
Hurley.���Six rowed���Mensury Odessa, Mansfield nnd Claude, Two-rowed!
Standwell, Invincible, Canadian
Thorpe and Sidney.
Indian Corn (fur ensilage).���Early
sorts, Angel of Midnight, Coraptou 8
Karl" und Longfellow; Inter varieties,
Selected Learning, Early Mastodon
ind White Cap Yellow Dent.
Potatoes.��� Carman No. I, Early
White Prize, Rochester Rose, Muney-
Vlnker and Late Puritan.
Only one sample can he sent to
juch applicant, hence if an individual
eceives a sample of oats he cannot
*dso receive one of wheat, barley or
lotatoes. Lists of names from one
ndividual, or applications for more
linn one sample for one household
"innot be entertained. The sample:
ill be sent free of charge through the
Applications should be addressed ti
'ie Director of Experimental Farms
Ittawa, and may be sent in any tirnr
before the 15th of February aftei
bicb the lists will be closed, si
hat tbe samples asked for may b*
ent out in good time for sowing. Ap
ilioants should mention the variet
'ley prefer, with a second sort ns a*
Uernative. Applications will be fi'
���d in the order in which they ar*
seeived. so long as the supply of sect'
ists. Farmers are advised to npnl*
irly to avoid possible disappoint
���ent. Those applying for Indian con
.* potatoes will please bear in minr1
'iat the corn is not usually distrib
ted until March, and that potntoei
nnnot be mailed from here until duller from frost in transit is over. Nf
lostage is required on mnil matte'
'.dressed to the Central Experimen-
al Farm, Ottawa.
"lot  Dole: it "'lilii-r.
"Tea, lady," said Hungry Hlgglns,
"pi lire persecution ruln.d nie life.
Why, when I wtiz first arrested years
ago I hadn't been doln' a blessed
thing."     -
"Poor man," said the kind old lady,
"here's a dime for you. And what
charge did they trump up against you?"
"Vagrancy, mn'nm."���Catholic Standard nnd Times.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
-very form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
The Halifax dock yards nre te
lome under the control of the ma-
ine department of the Dominion at
.be New Year.
..To 8tarve Is a Fallacy.���The dictum to
;top eating because you have indlgestioi
las loin- since been exploded. Dr. Von
Plan's Pineapple Tablets introduced a new
'ru in the treatment of stomnch troubles.
It has proved that one may eat hi" (111 of
anything and everything he relishes, and
ine tablet taken after the meal will aid
the stomach in doing its work. 60 In a
box. 35 cents.���24
A Canadian Abroad.
The Ions* list of Canadians who have
won distinction In Die political, Industrial or financial life .,f the United
States includes the name of Edward
rhomas Burrowes, manufacturer, Mr.
Burrowes was born at Sherbrooke, Quebec. Julv 2!i, 1852. On Queen Victoria's
birthday, May 24. 1807, he became a
resident of Portland, Maine. At the
age of .'4 he entered a store and continued at that work until he had reached the age of 20. During this lime he
saved a little money, which lie used to
advance his education In the Maine
Wesleyan Seminary and Wesleyan University. After one year he was obliged
to leave the latter Institution on account of health. It was about 1873 that
he commenced the manufacture of wire
screens in a small way. To-day he has
the largest factory for the manufacture
of wire screens In the world. He i��
also president of the Curtain Supply
���Jo., Chicago, manufacturers of the
"ailway curtains which he Invented. Mr.
Burrowes Is a trustee of Boston University and a leading Maine prohibitionist.
Pile! Cured in 3 to 6 NIshL.-Oiie application Bives relief. Dr. Atrnew's Ointment
is a boon for Itching* Piles, or blind,
lllccditig Piles, it relieves quickly und
permanently. In skin eruptions it stands
without a rival. Thousands of testimonials if you want evidence.   3o oentB.���Ho
Only u pebble was tne cause of the
disaster off Hizertn, in which the submarine bunt "Ltttin" was wrecked and
ull on board lost. The stone kept the
Intake valve from shutting, und the
extra pressure broke the interior bulk"
bend of one of tbe water balbiit compartments.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Diphtheria
Henry Pnpineuu of Chicago bus
been held un u charge of murdering
bis wife liy pouring gasoline on he.'
clothes  and  then setting  fire  to  her.
Made Sound and Strong by Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills.
There is probably no one in the
town of Paris, Out., who does not
know Mr. Samuel G. Robinson, and
who will not readily accept his won't
when he says thnt Dr. Williams
Pink Pills cured him of an obstinate
case of kidney trouble after otbei
treatment hud failed to give him
more than temporary relief. To u
���eporter of tlie Star-Transcript Mr.
Robinson freely guve permission to
publish a statement of his case i.i
-lie nope that his experience might
benefit some other sufferer, He Bald'
'I have suffered from kidney trouble
tor ubout three years. Sometimes
ny back nclied so severely that I
.vus untible to work ,and at times it
ivas almost impossible for me to
.traigliten up. 1 had to urinate very
requently und often had to get up
leveral times during the night. At
lifferent times I was under the care
of doctors, but I only got relief for
a time I also tried a number oi
medicines nnd back-ache plasters,
put none of them helped me and I
began lu think the trouble could not
ia cured. One day during a conversion vvith a friend, he asked me
.hy I did not try Dr. Williams' Pink
i'ills, saying thnt he had used them
ind they had done him much good.
I decided to try the pills and it was
lot long before 1 felt greatly benefited. 1 continued using the pills for
wme time longer, tutu t am glad to
say that every vestige of the trouble
lias disappeared, nnd I am now ns
well as ever. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills have proved a blessing to me
and I gladly recommend them to
anyone similarly afflicted.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nre the
greatest cure in the world for nil
the common ailments of men and
women���for all weakness and weariness and back-aches, and headaches
of anaemia; nl the heaviness and
distress of indigestion; nil the pains
and aches of rheumatism, sciatica
and neuralgia und all the ill health
thai follows any disturbance ��f regularity in the blood BUpplv. All these
ailments are caused by bud blood
and Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually
make new, rich, red blood. They
strike straight at the common root
of disease. But you must get the
genuine pills with the full name Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
in the wrapper around each box.
Sold at 50 cents a box or six boxes
tor $2.50 by nil dealers or the Dr.
Williams' .Medicine Co., Bl'Ockville,
The meteorological record shows
that the rainfall during tlie first
fifteen days of November at Victoria
is 5.02, while during the whole of
the corresponding month lust year it
wits only  5.11.
"Vlin-rd's   Liniment  Cures  Garget   lit
Cows. 0
Buffalo citizens are petitioning to
have further supplies of Canadian
power excluded.
Application bus been made for a
special panel of talesmen for the trial
of Henry Thaw in New York.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds. b\
Ex-Senator M. C. Butler.
Dyspepsia   is  often   caused   by   Catarrh  of    the  Stomach���Peruna   Relieves Catarrh of the Stomach and is
therefore a remedy for Dyspepsia.
linn. M. C. Butler. lix-U. S. Senator
from South Carolina for two term*,
In a letter Com Washington, D. C
writes to Ilm Peruna Medicine Co. as.
"I can recommend Peruna for
lyspepsia and stomach trouble. I
nive been using your medicine for
i short period and I feel very
���nuch relieved. It is indeed a won-
lerftil medicine, besides a good
CATARRH of the stomach is the
correct name for most cases of dyspepsia. In order to cure catarrh of
the stomach the catarrh must be eradicated. '
Only an internal catarrh remedy, such
tin Peruna,  Is available.
Peruna exactly meets the Indications.
Ho-r    a   Famon-   Eneli-h   Authores-
Won a Fortune In a Lottery.
Mary Russell Mitfonl, the English
authoress, when a child won a fortune
In a lottery. Her works comprise
poems, dramas, tales nnd descriptive
sketches. She wrote three tragedies���
"Julian," "The Vespers of Palermo"
nnd "Rienzi." The Inst named hud a
notable run on tlie stage. But It Is her
tales aud sketches, thrown off apparently with little effort, but full of grace
aud charm, that have given her lasting
fame. The story of the lottery Is quite
romantic. The family were In sore
straits and had come up to dingy lodgings In London. One day���bor tenth
birthday, as It bnpponcd���Miss Mltford
and her father were walking about
London, when he took her Into an ollice
where nn Irish lottery was soon to be
drawn. Pointing to some bits of printed paper (whose significance she bail no
Idea of) that lay upon the counter, he
asked her to choose tlie number she
liked best ns a birthday present. She
selected No. 2,224. Not being n whole
ticket, another number was suggested,
but she firmly stuck to her first choice,
pointing out that the figures cast up
to ten, the number of her years. The
office being able to complete the ticket.
the whole of It wns purchased; Time
passed on, and one Sunday morning
while preparing for church the clerk of
the lottery office appeared to tell them
that an express hud just arrived from
Dublin announcing that No. 2.224 hud
drawn a prize of ��20.000.���London Mail.
Have Killed Birds on the Wing and
Caused a Sheep to  Drop Dead.
It does not often happen that a bird
falls a victim to a go'.f ball In its flight,
although such a mishap has occurred
In two or three Instances, says London
Not long ago an incident of this kind
was reported from Raynes Park Golf
Club. It took place in the course of a
���bogle competition. One of the players,
a Mr. Crocker, having driven oft at the
eleventh tee, his ball created some astonishment by coming In contact with
a lark in midair and literally knocking
off its head.
A similar Incident happened last season but one on the ground of the Birk-
dale Club. Two menVbers were playing
a round when one of them made a
brassie shot. The ball was in full
flight when a "bird of the wag*tail species was seen crossing the line of
fllR-ht, and the next moment both objects cam* Into collision at a distance
of aJb'.ut forty paces from the striker.
The consequences were fatal to tbe
unfoi'tunate bird, Which was not only
killed, but decapitated. As for the golf
ball, Its flight was stopped by the Impact, the ball falling to the ground
within a few yards of its slaughtered
victim. The Incident had the further
object of losing the player the match,
he having to make an extra stroke or
two to cover tho distance short covered,
thus costing him the game.
A still more extraordinary freak of
a golf ball resulted In a tragedy on the
Balcomle links in Scotland. In the
course of a match one of the players. In
his drive from the sixth tee, put su
much vigor Into it that the ball struck
ft sheep on the head wilh such force as
to cause It to fall dead on the spot.
A very different, but no less Interesting, story was reported from another
links in Scotland ahout the same time.
In a foursome match, played at North
Berwick, one of the goVfers drove his
ball against a wall. It rebounded Into
some rough grass and for a few minutes could not be traced, but ultimately
the caddie found the ball lying in a
lark's nest, In which were four eggs all
unbroken. For a ball to drop into a
nest of eggs without breaking any was
surely an extraordinary occurrence.
It Is not long since a player at Woking in approaching the hole landed a
ball on the top of the clubhouse. This
lltitle incident did not, however, upset
his equilibrium very much. As nimbly
as he could he followed tho ball to the
roof and from that coign ot disadvantage played It so well that he was successful in securing a half of a hole
which everybody considered irretrievably lost.
A similar scene was once witnessed
on the St. Andrews links in the course
of a three ball match. One of the players happened to drive his ball on the
corrugated Iron roof of a shed and, in
the belief that he had consequently
given up the hole, the other two calmly proceeded with the match. But they
had reckoned without their host, for
the nexit moment there was ft great
clatter of feet on the iron roof. Barely had the warning dry of "fore" reached the players' ears when a ball whizzed
on to the course close by. It was that
of the other player, who had mounted
to the roof and played It from that unexpected corner.
Does fit
shrink     ^^
has the soft1
warm     feeV
the skin enjoys.
"/,-* '��,y- ���Doesn't    itch.
^^^     Made  for   men,  women and   little    folks,
in   a   variety   of   styles,
fabrics     and     prices.
Weauthorize every dealer in Pen-Ang!��
Underwear to replace, at cur cost, an"
garment faulty in material r,t making,
Where He Wa* <."��y.
A yoiiir; mini of eighty-three summers, whoso hair Is still brown, met
the other day a friend much younger,
but whose hair is quite white.
"What is tho reason," said the latter,
"that you do not grow grnyV"
"Oh," replied the first, "that Is easily
explained. I hnve the gray matter on
my brain, Inside!" ��� Syracuse Tost*
Brenil on the Water-.
"De snyln' Id," said Brother Dlcltey,
'dat what yon gives ter de poor you
lends ter tie Lnwd, but you mustn't
���pond all yo' time flggerln' how much
Interest will be eomln' to you!"���At*
lanta Constitution.
"The School For Scandal" was first
produced at the Drury Laue theater on
tprll 8,1777.
I Death or Lunacy seemed the only alternative for a well-known and highly respected lady of Winehnm, Out., who had
travelled  over  two  continent!!  in  a  vnln
' icarch for a cure for nervous debility
nnd dyspepsia. A friend recommended
south American " Nervine. One bottle
helped, six bottles cured, and her own
written testimony closes with these wo;ds:
'It hns saved my life."���20
Russia and Japan have accorded
one another most favored nation ug-
The continued disorders in Morocco are causing a great deal of uneasiness in Spain, and preparations are
being made for trouble.
Do Not Delay.���Do not let a cold
ir cough fasten upon you ns it will
if neglected. Dr. Thomas' Ecleetric
Oil will brenk up a cold nnd cure n
cough, nnd should be resorted to at
once when the first symptoms appear. It can be disguised so thnt
any unpleasant taste it may have
will be imperceptible to tlie delicate.
Try it and be convinced.
A Ret-nlni' Holmes,
Husband���Yesterday you sharpened
your lead pencil.
Wife���Yes.   How did yon know?
Husband���This morning I tried tn
shave myself.���II Dlnvoln Uosa.
Every cyclist in Roumaida Is forced
by the authorities to have his name
nnd address not only on the frame of
his machine, but also on the lump glass,
so that it may be read at night.
Cork   I.e*r*.
The peculiarity of a cork leg Is that
apart from the name there Isn't n
vestige of cork about it. The origin of
the term comes from the fact that nearly all the grout manufacturers of such
nrtlcles used to live in Cork street.
Piccadilly, ration.
Head Chef  Is  Frenchman Who Looks
After Details For Royal Table.
Preparing King Edward's meals 1��
an elaborate business, but like everything else connected with the royal
household It is worked on a carefully
devised system. The under chefs, sup-
intended by the royal chef, a Frenchman by the way, are all clad in spotless linen, they work by the clock, and
each dish Is commenced and finished
to within a minute of th* appointed
time. Tho head chef simply walks albout
thinking out the final details of the
masterpiece for the table, which he
takes particularly under his own care.
Just outside the dining hail at Buckingham Palace there la an apartment
containing a hot table where the dishes
are put preparatory to being placed on
the royal table. Relays of men and
women convey the delicacies from the
kitchen to this room, where they are
taken charge of by another servant In
Immaculate evening dress and white
gloves. The passages from the kitchen
are long, with awkward corners here
and there, and in order to prevent collisions there are Ingenious arrangements of mirrors at each turning which
enable the servants to see whether the
road is clear.
Attendants are strictly forbidden to
enter any other apartment than that
with which they are immediately concerned, and even the dish bearers are
prohibited from passing down other
corridors than those which are set apart
for their special use.
Encouraging Thrift.
Tlie Saskatchewan Valley and Hudson llav Railway Company is seek-
ins n charter to build a railwnv from
Edmonton to Fort Churchill, vin
Smokey Lake, Prince Albert and
Pelican Lake. The incorporators are
Thomas W. Rourke, John Morris.
Robert Teglor and J. T. Collison
of Edmonton; and F. J. Loughend,
of Snmia.
Many u little life is lost because
the mother does not hnve the meaiif
nt bund to aid the little one nt the
first siens of illness. In home*-'
where Baby's Own Tablets are kept
the mother always feels a sense of
security. These tablets cure colic.
indigestion, constipation simple
lever, diarrhoea, teething troubles
and other minor nilments of babyhood nnd childhood. Raby's Own
Tablets always do good���they cannot possibly do harm. Thousands oi
mothers keep these tablets in the
bouse nnd use no other medicine for
their children Mrs. 'Wm. Brown,
Deer Park, Toronto, says: "I find
Baby's Own Tablets of the greatest
belp to my little ones, and would no!
be without them. Sold by all
medicine dealers or by mail nt 25
cents a box from the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvi'le.Ont.
Birdsell Allen, a typhoid fevor patient in the Grand Traverse hospital.
Michigan, while suffering with delirium, escaped from the nurses, ran
down a railroad track nnd jumped
into the ice-cold waters of the may.
He was rescued.
A scandal is now on in Russia over
tbe  distribution  of  the  famine  fund.
The Swaffham (Norfolk)  Urban DIs- | Minard's Liniment  Co.    Limited.
i���t r*n���r.nii hoc Aor.iAe.ri t'b.t ��ii their      Gentlemen���Last winter I received
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It Is twelve years since Psychine cured
me of galloping* consumption." The
speaker was Mr. A. E. Mumford, six leet
tall, and looking just what he is a husky
healthy farmer. He works his own farm
near Magnetawan, Ont.
" I caught my cold working as a fireman
on the C.P.R." he continued. "I had
night sweats, chills and fever and frequently coughed up pieces of my lungs. I was
���inking fast and the doctors said there
was no hope for me. Two months treatment of Psychine put me right on my feet
and I have had no return of lung trouble
If Mr. Mumford had started to take
Psychine when he first caught cold he
would have saved himself a lot of anxiety
and suffering. Psychine cures all lung
troubles by killing the germs���the roots of
the disease.
(Pronounced Sl-keen)
50c. Per Bottle
Larger olzcsc.   SI  and ���*���all lirugrgl��t��.
DR. T. A. 8L0GUM, Limited, Toronto,
trlct Council has decided that all their
workmen who have J tlned friendly societies, or otherwise provided for illness, shall be paid as usual when absent from work through sickness, but
that no wages shall be paid to such employes who had not made such provision.
Wlmt    Should     One    Ent    and    Ho-T
Should  It  lie  Da tent
Henry Ward Beecher made the remark once in talking with friends on
helpful Christianity that "good eating
and sound digestion were positively
needed to insure the kind of Christianity Christ taught."
"What shall or dare 1 cat?" is a serious question with many mothers. Horace Fletcher tried to answer the question with a view to helping the largest
number of people putting the query.
He said:
"Eat only in response to nn actual
appetite, which will he satisfied with
plain bread and butter.
"Chew all solid food until it is liquid
and practically swallows Itself.
"Sip and tnsle all liquids that have
tusle, such ns soup, lemonade, etc. Water has no taste nnd can be swallowed
"Never take food while angry or worried and only when calm. Wnlttn- for
the mood In connection with the uppe-
tile Is n speedy cure for both anger and
"Remember and practice the above
four rules, aud your teeth and your
health will be fine."
These rules some lime ago became
known ns "Flotcherism" aud nre being
practiced by many who favor them.
Tbey cannot be harmful, and they certainly nre helpful. - Mothers' Magazine.
Common sense Is the average sensibility and intelligence of men undisturbed by ludlvldual peculiarities.���W.
R. Alger.
Cieat benefit from the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT in a severe attack of La Grippe, and I huve frequently proved it to be very effective
in cases of Inflammation.
CLIle ana Anile-,
Two ways, Chili and Chile, Is the
name of our South American neighbor
written. Chile is tho Spanish and Chilean form. The name is commonly explained as an old Peruvian word for
sno'V, the allusion being to the Andes.
But "Chill" has also been identified as
a native South American word, "chill,"
meaning cold, which would make It
really the "chilly" country. As to the
meaning of "Andes," there Is plentj of
choice. The word hns been variously
Interpreted as signifying the haunt of
tho tapir, the region of copper, the
home of the Antl tribe and the site of
the "Andenes," Spanish gardens on the
mountain terraces.
Says Results are "Truly Wonderful."
Mrs. I. Hunter, of
111 Raglan Road, Kingston, Ont., says:���
"I have suffered with
kidney and liver
trouble and chronic
constipation for some
time. I was subject
to dizziness, bilious
Mrs. I. Hunter headache, nervousness,
drowsiness, pains in the back and side,
and a tired, weary feeling nearly all
the time.
"I tried almost every medicine, was
treated by doctors and druggists with
little or no benefit.
*T tried Dr. Leonhardts Anti-Pill,
and the results have been truly wonderful. I am so much better. Anti-
Fill Is a most wonderful remedy."
All dealers, or the WIlson-Fyle Co.,
Limited, Niagara Falls, Ont. G03
Baby Mothir's Saviour.
Have you ever observed a mother
carrying a sick baby? Is there not a
true sense in which the haiby Is ready
carrying her? It is the burden, the
care, the task, the responsibility of life
that alone can furnish inspiration for
living. Nothing crushes us so quickly
as care-freeness. We can support the
whole weight of the atmosphere, but
not the emptiness of a vacuum.
Almost a Lifetime In Prison.
William Brooks, 74 years old, w��s
sentenced recently at the Old Bailey,
London, to two years' hard labor for
theft. He has been 1n Jail almost continuously since '1C2.
Bilean;. Removed the Trouble
Mrs. John Whitfield, Swan Lake,
Man., Bays: "I have taken u course
of Bileans, nnd tbey hnve done me a
wonderful amount of good. I can
hardly describe how badly I felt be-
ioro I took them. 1 could not eat
but what it caused pain. There was
t sensation of tightness in my side
and my liver was entirely nut of order., i could not sleep at nights,
suffered also from kidney trouble,
and was altogether in u very serious
condition. I had been ailing in this
.vny for years, and it is' gratifying
'o find that Bileans were equal to my
Bileans cure constipation without
causing griping; cures piles, bilious-
.less, indigestion, sick headache, etc.,
nnd give strength and energy to rundown systems. All druggists sell at
,'ifty cents a box, or post free from
tht. Bilean Co,, Toronto, on receipt
jf price.
The Amenlllo-  of  Life  nml   tlie Gea-
tle Art  cl   Lying.
Very few of us, Indeed, are exempt
from the charge of direct lying. Not
to mention the strategic lies told to
enemies In time of war, to criminals, to
Sick persons and lunatics, as to which
pages upon pages of casuistry appear
In the older works on moral science,
there are what may be termed the lies
lubricant, wrung from us by etiquette
and good breeding. If the amenities
of life were not preserved through the '
gentle art of lying society could scarce- :
ly continue as a happy family; we
should all have to live in separate
Cages, The best of us will tell direct j
lies on trivialities where politeness is
imperative. Wherever practicable, how- j
ever, the spirit of advocacy prevails. !
We say whatever we can truthfully, |
and tactfully pause while the hearer's |
self love aud Imagination fill out a
generally agreeable impression. Family relationships, even more markedly
than business or social relations, exemplify the universal altitude of advocacy. Mr. Roundabout says: "Go to
Brown's house nud tell Mrs. Brown
uud the young ladles what you think
of him nnd see what <i welcome you
will get. In like manner, let him come
to your house and tell your good lady
his candid opinion of you nnd see how
she will receive him." No oue save
nn unspeakable cad would speak slightingly of n husband lo hip wife; no one
save an unspeakable cad would tolerate slighting language In his presence concerning his wife. Sueh Is the
Conventional law as to spouses, parents, children, blood relations In general, even Intimate friends. -Wilbur
Lorremore In Atlantic.
SOLD   ONLY   IN   SEALED     LEAD      PACKETS AT 40-. SOe. AND   60e,
King George of Greeco and the
King of Duly indulged in a boar
(igbt tbe other day.
State Suit Inspector Wildey estimates that Michigan will produce (!,-
0011,000 barrels of salt this year, compared with 6,671,000 Inst year.
Stnte of nhin. Citv  nf Toledo.
Lucas Ci.iitily.
Frunii .1 I'll.'in*v ninkos onth th'it he
is m-cmit pn.in.'i ol the firm of F. J.
"tr-iv i & Co. dolns business, in the city
of Toledo. County hii.I Suite aforesaid.
m.1 itnu snl.l firm will pav the sum of
ovrc HI'NDRBD [VM-LARS for. each and
every case iif Catarrh that cannot he
���ineil bv ihe use ..f Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
���nv presence this Mh day of December.
\.   r>    ISSli A    W.   Gl.EASON.
(Seel l Notary  Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure I* taken Internally
ind nets directly on the blood and mucous   "ijrfaces  of   the  system.      8end   for
testimonial!*  free.
F   I  CHRNKY   ft   CO..  Toledo.  O
Solo*   hv   all   DruRglstS.   "'���!
Take Hall's Family  Pills for constipation
The police of Cincinnati have
adopted a new scheme to stop automobile scorching and will carry
spiked planks in  tbe parks.
Jnmes Osborne, general superintendent of tbe eastern division of the
C. P. R.. is being transferred to the
Ontario division, with headquarters
���it Toronto, and Mr. Timmermaii of
'.be Ontario division will go to Mont-
A Magic Pill���Dyspepsia is a foe
ivith which men are constantly grip-
���ding but cannot exterminate. Sub-
lued, and to all appearances vanished in one, it makes its appearance
in another direction. In many the
digestive apparatus is as delicate as
'he mechanism of a watch or scientific instrument in which even a
breath of nil* will make n variation
With such persons disorders of the
stomach ensue from the most trivial
oauses and cause much suffering.
To these Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
���ire  recommended as mild nnd sure.
A deputation Irom tho Montreal
Women's club nnd the Victorian Order of Nurses has waited upon the
civic health committee to ask that
iomething be done to care for children pronounced bv the medical inspectors unfit to attend school.
The postmasters of Renfrew and
Carlton counties have formed associations for mutual improvement in
their work.
Parents buy Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator because they know it is
n safe medicine fur their children
and nn offeclunl expoller of worms.
Game Warden 1!. B. Miller at
Goderii'b. reports that as a result of
the prohibitory law in the Bruce peninsula during the past two years
deer nre largely on the increnso and
next season will find them quite
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
During tlie past fifteen months an
extensive territory has been home*
steaded in the Wevburn district,
there being nearly 3,000 entries made
and in many cases these settlers
have already taken possession of
their farms and nre improving them.
8outh American Kidney Cure is the only
kidney treatment that ntm proven equal
to correct all the evils that are likelv to
befall these physical regulators. Hundreds of testimonials to prove the curative merlin of this liquid kidney specific
in cases of Bright's disease, diabetes, irritation of the bladder. Inflammation,
dropsical   tendency.   Don't   delay.-""
Dancing Birds.
Sailors visiting the Island of Lay-
lan, In the Hawaiian group, are greatly amused by the curious antics of the
Laysan albatross, or gony. These birds
sometimes perform, in pairs, a kind of
dance, or, as the sailors call It, "cake-
walk." Two albatrosses approach each
other, nodding and making profound
bows, cross i.helr bills, produce snapping and groaning sounds, rise on their
toes, puff out their breasts, and finally
part with more nodding and bowing,
only to come together again and repeat
the performance. Occasionally three
engage at once In fits singular amusement.
The Great Stuteniunu Unci Very Many
i:uriy Advantages.
Verily wo must abandon the belief
thnt Andrew Jackson belonged to the
class of American youths who rode to
fame and fortune by their own efforts,
unaided by the help of family and
Never did he taste the bitter cup of
physical want, of hunger and cold, of
helpless, spirit breaking poverty.
Never was ho without homo nnd loyal
friends and a sufficiency of the comforts of life. Never was It his lot to
suffer that humiliation, that mortification, that Inward bleeding wound
which the proud nature writhes under
when there is no money iu tho pocket,
no change of clothing for the body, no
welcome light in any window In all
the world ns the harassed day draws
to Its end and the wretched night
comes on.
Poverty! Why, Andrew Jackson
never In his whole life had a genuine
taste of what the cruel word really
Few men have been more greatly Indebted to the intelligent affection of it
self sacrificing mother. Few sons of
poor parents have had sueh advantages as were his lot, and few lads of
poor parents did such a scanty amount
of manual labor. Compared to the
rugged, self taught youth of Benjamin
Franklin, Roger Sherman, Abraham
Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Sam Houston, Francis Marion and Nathanael
Greene, the boyhood of Andrew Jackson almost assumes the appearance of
having been east upon "flowery beds
of ease."���Watson's Magazine.
Itnplcl Growing; Fnnirua.
In "Recollections of a Happy Life"
Miss North describes many cf her
young enthusiasms nnd among others
thnt of collecting nnd painting Kngllsh
fungi. On oue outing, she says, I came
upon a fungus about the size of n large
turkey's egg. Eager to see it develop,
1 took it up carefully and carried It
home. I put it under a tumbler on
the window sill of my bedroom at
night. At daylight I was awakened
by a horrible crash of splintering
glass. Behold the tumbler had fallen
to the floor aud broken to bits. The
fungus was standing Ave inches tall,
having hatched Itself free from Its restraining eggliko shell and lu growing had raised the tumbler nnd tilted
if sldewlse until It fell over and to the
floor. The fungus had n horrible smell,
nnd soon a swarm of flies were hovering over It.
Not a Final Sen lenient.
The person who settles a matter and
settles It wrong Is In the posltiou of a
man who has got rid of tbe skunk under his porch by driving the innocent
little animal under the barn. Then
every wandering boy who knows the
facts comes along nnd works for hours
with a pole trying to goad the animal.
Whether he succeeds or not, the attempt Is ruinous to the brand of atmosphere used In the neighborhood.���
Minneapolis Journal.
"Auntie," said Polly, ruefully rubbing her forehead, "that big photograph of you Is a striking likeness, Isn't
"Do you think   o, dearie?"
"Yes," said Polly. "It Just fell off
the mantelpiece and hit me on the
Good Snli-tltnte.
"George," she snld, after she had accepted him, "tell me, nm I your first
end only love?"
"Why���er���no, dear," replied the drug
clerk dreamily, "but you nre something
Just as good."���Exchange.
"I never knew such a pessimist as
thnt fellow Jenkins."
"Ties, I actually believe his Idea of
1 heaven Is a place that Is paved with
gold bricks."���Puck.
Reauty  Is a short lived tyranny.���
Three Sentiment*.
Prince Bismarck wns 'incc asked by
Count Enzeuberg, formerly Hessian
envoy at Paris, to write something In
his album. The page on which he had
to write contained the autographs ot
. C.uizot and Thiers.   The former had
1 written: "I have learned In my long
life two rules of prudence. The tlrst Is
to forgive much; the second Is never to
forget."   Under this Thiers'hud snld,
I "A little forgetting would not detract
from the sincerity or the forgiveness."
Prince Bismarck added, "As for me, I
. have learned to forget much and to ask
to be forgiven much."
No More
y nair
Unless you are 70 or 801 Then
keep it 1 But why look old at 30 or
401* Why have an early old age"
Ball's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Re-
newer always restores color to gray
hair.   Stops falling hair, alio.
For th* whUk.r. and moa.ta.eta. w. m-k-
BUCKINGHAM'S DTK. It color, a risk knwa
��r a .oft hlMk. B. T. HALI. a CO.. Naafc-a. H. H
Practically  all   makers  of  good
clothes in Canada use HeWSOn Tweeds.
Look for the tag that guarantees
PURE wool. ���
ViVell    DrBSllner.   Machine   For   Sail*
A Hydraulic Tubular Well Drilling Machine, in excellent order, Including horse power, and equipped with a splendid collection of up-to-date tools. Cost $410 Price il sold immediately,
$300. Terms, one-third cash, balance six and twelve months. This
is n money-making proposition. Apply to owner, P.O. Box 698,
V. liuiipeg.
Iti'iilly Kiirouraf-iiiaT.
Friend���So you have been revisltlnf
Somervllle, after all these years. How
Is It getting along? Returned NatlVI
(enthusiastically) ��� Oh, Somervllle li
progressing splendidly. They nave jusi
built a fine new jail, the finest In the
county, and thev needed it too.���Life,
Where can I get some of Hollo-
way's Corn Cure ? I wns entirely
oured of my corns by this remedy
and I wish some more of it for my
Mends. So writes Mr. J. W. Brown,
Mrs. Snmantha Courtney, a centenarian, died at the home of her daughter at Flint, Mich., of starvation
'.bis week.
Joseph F. Smith, the president of
the Mormon church has in the dis-
liict court of Salt Lake acknowledged
the charge of polegamy and been
fined $300.
Tbey Never Knew Failure���Careful
observation of the effects of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills has shown that
they act immediately on the diseased organs of the system and stimulate tiiem to healthy action. There
may be cases in which tbe disease
has been long seated antl does not
ansily yield to medicine, but even in
such cases these Pills have been
known to bring relief when nil
other so-called remedies huve fuiled.
These assertions can be substantiated ijy many who have used the Pills,
ind medical men speak highly ol
their qualities.
The Funeral Ilell.
The tolling of a bell nt n funeral Is a
purely pagfut custom, The Idea was to
drive away evil spirits. Funeral bells
uro known to have been usea by the
church iu the sixth century A. u.
Various  Kinds.
"That," said the hostess, "is the celebrated inventor."
"Which sort of an Inventor Is he?"
asked Miss Cayenne, "one who uses a
laboratory or one who devotes him*
self to newspaper articles?"
Often what appear to be the moBt
trivial occurrences of life prove to be
the most momentous. Many are disposed to rogard a cold as a slight
lliiiiK, deserving of little consideration, and this neglect, often results
in most serious nilments entailing
years of suffering. Drive out colds
and coughs with Biekle's Anti-Consumption Syrup, the recognized remedy for nil" aneotions of the throat
und  lungs.
The amount of Bank of England
notes in the hands of the public
averages about $150,000,000.
There are 44,000 teetotal soldiers in
tbe British army, according to a
statement made by Army Surgeon
F.vatl at the meeting of the National
'. uiiiperance league recently.
Considerable    quantities    of base j
coin, over a century old, have beeu !
fcund   in   dredging    operations near.
th'. site of tlie old stone bridge over
the Tyn'e.
Tou DO NOT have to know what your
goods are made of when you use
BTpWVh Home Dye
for a
Half Century
FOR over half a century���ever
since 1854���the reputation of
this store has guaranteed the reliability of any Watch purchased from it.
Increased manufacturing and buy*
ing facilities now enable ul to give
you the best Watch values in Canada.
An instance is our $15.00 special.
It consists of a guaranteed I5-Jewel
Ryrie Bros. Movement, in 14k. gold-
filled case warranted to wear twenty-
five years.
Drop us A postal card and we will
tend you free of charge out large illustrated catalogue.
A Sweet Breath
is what all should have, and it can
be ensured by the judicious use of
Beecham's Pills. A sweet breath
denotes that everything is well, 80
?<; the slightest indication of the digestive organs not working properly, do not forget to take
That Cough
makes your life a burden.
droppod on -sugar will cure it, and cure ai
well culda, cramps and all throat troubles.
For Iutwrnal aa much as for External use,
25fi., three times as much AUc. AH dealers.
I. 8. JOHNSON A CO., Boston, Mass.
Eastern Canada
Tickets on sale daily November 2-ith
until December 31st, 1906.
i Return limit three months.
Fullest  information
from any
Canadian Northern
Railway agent.
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
N    U    No.    614 ntrea
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,000,000.      -      -      BEST, $10,000,000
President���Lord Rtbathcoiu ahd Mocnt Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Geobge A. Dhujimo.ni>.
General Manager���E. S. Clodbton.
Branches In Al! The Principal Cilies in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
��� ooaoocttoeoeoeeeoeeoet)
At the Kootenay Hotel.
Sandon, B.C.
Under the -management of JACK
MAXWELL, who will always
be found on deck to feed lhe
hungry with good tilings
at Popular Prices.
Come and get a good square before tinning iu lor the night.
Note the Address :
The Kootenay Hotel
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, B. C, for permission to purchase the following; de"s
cribed lands starting at a post north
of the north-east corner of Lot 397,
V/est Koulenay district, thence south
70 chains to A. T. Walley's north-west-
corner, thence east 80 chains, thenco
north SO chains, thence west 80 chains
more or less to Kuskanax creek, and
to follo.v south bank of above creek to
point of commencement, containing
040 acres more or less.
Thos. Abriel, Agt.
Nakusp, B.C., Sept. 10. 1900.
Sept 27, 'Ofi
Gfoe Slocan Ifootel
Zhvce tfoif.s,
Headquarters for Minin g Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Notice is hereby given that U'd days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Coniifiissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands: Commencinpr at a post
marked A. Jacobson's north-east corner
post, planted about four chains south
of Saw Mill Creole, and about one
mile from its mouth on Slocan Lake
in West Kootenay District. Thence
160 chains west, thence 40 chains
south, thence 160 chains east, thence 40
chains north to point of commencement. T. J. LLOYD, Locator,
Acting ns agent to A. Jacobson.
Oct 11 00       Located Oct. 4, 1906.
No. 5. Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commisioner of Lands antl
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands in West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked
P. J. Gallagher's N.W. corner, situated
on the went side of the north fork of
Cooper creek, about 4'/. miles from
main stream, thence east 80 chains,
thence couth 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point'
of  commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent.
Located Nov  5, 1906.
No. 6. Commencing at a post marked D. McLachlan's N. W. corner, situated on the cast side of the north fcrk
uf Cooper creek, about 5-.. miles from
main stream, thence east 80 chains,
thenco soutli 80 chains, thence west 80
chains! thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Located Nov. S, 1"906.
No. 7. Commencing at a post marked P. J. Gallagher's S.E. corner, situated on the east side of the north fork
of Cooper crock, about 1 mile from
main stream, thenco west 80 chains,
ihence north SO chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south SO chains to point
of commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent.
Located Nov. 6, 1906
No. 8. Commencing at a post mark
ed A. Jacobson's S.W. corner, situated
on the north side of Cooper creek,
about 5 miles from its mouth, thence
norlh 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent
Located Nov. G, 19C6.
Nov 15, '06
Whereas at the Last Chance and Surprise mines, Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to the exclusion
of While labor.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
organization, Sandon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.F. of M, reaffirming its opposition lo the employment of Orientals
within its jurisdiction, strongly condemns the position taken by the management of the properties in question,
and counsels working men everywhere
and those favorably disposed towards
organized labor to be governed by this
A. 8HILLAND, Secretary.
Silverton, 3.6.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners aud Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
Notice is hereby given Ihat SO days
from dale, I intend toapply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victotia, B.C., for a
special licence to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
lands:���Commencing at a poet marked
"A. Jacobson's North-east corner,"
said post is planted on the west
tide of Slocan Lake ahout ii miles from
the lake, and about 12 chains North
west oi McKay cieek, Iliinee soul li 8(1
chains, Ihence west MU chains, thence
norlh 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
to p|aee of commencement.
Located Oct. tind 1906.
Acting as agent to A. .lacobson.
Nov 1 06
Excursionsio Eastern Canada
With Through Tourist Car to Chicago.
To Toronto, Montreal and Points West
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to Dcc��31
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Filbert
Sandon, B. C.
Headquarters for rmtnino anb travelling HDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
'{Rooms llarce. Clean anb Cos*?.
Review JoIj Printing
Round trip First-Class Tickets:
St. Hyaclnthe (Quebec)  $83.65
I)alhoiisie(X.H.)     03(15
Halifax (N.S )  100.80
Sydney   104.25
Good for three innnlbn witli privilege
of extending ticket. Going by Chicago,
stop-over allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
G, E. McCREADY, Agent, Sandon, B.C.
S G. Yerkes, P, II. Bnrnlinni
Seattle, Wash.   Grand Forks, B.C.
���f-fTcv A w��      ���
IRobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation aud
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Cboiccst Xifluors, Wines anb Gioars.
�� *��0����**�����������*>���<><*->���>.��<>0��0*4>��'<>-t*>**����*��-��**^��e*��*��*-t>-*��-��*��->*<>���>��>���*
The ICootenay Tailor
O* \a*
J ���������������������������������������������������������<>����������� a** *>�����>>�����*����������>��>��'><*���>�����*>��-*<"'>0<.0*<>iJ<ii��
rH-r-f-r 4+-��*-f-Vf+>^-r+*>--r-M**H'+-�� -V*F *> ��� 11 ,��� ��������������������������� *��� ��� ��� ��� ��� +*r*H**t*+
IR. fii>. Spencer *= Ipro-P
1 <^$$$<$<i^<$M'<i<M-&S>&$-$><&S<iS $-$i^i^-^r^-$^^r^!^^y^r^t<^:i^iVi^^
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*es a;n
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figs    peels
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Slocan flDintttfi ".Review ,
Subscription |f--.'K) per annum, strictly
in advance,   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rates :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $l?.00
"    for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase of Land   -    7.50
'.'      " License to Cut Timber 6.00
All locals will be charged for at tlioj-atc
of 15c, per life each issue.
Transient  rales  made known on application,    No room for Quacks.
Address nil Communications and
Che.pies payable to
JNO.   J.
:.d Publisher.
C!-_ S
For Sale.
Sandon.   Adjoining Clifton House.
Building is  40  x  88,   Lot  extends
fiom Reco Avenue lo Main Street.
Apply to���
Sixty days after date I intend making
application to tlie Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works at Victoria, for ii
special license to cut. and carry away
timber from the following lands': Com*
menring at a post, planted on east shore
of Upper Arrow Luke, running thence
east 80 chains, thence south fill cluiins,
thence west 80 chains more or less to
lake sho'e, thence north ��0 cliains, (of-
lowing lake shore io post of commencement, containing (110 noreB more or less.
Located Uct. Sid, 1000.
Oct..I OR Nakusp, li.C
To .Michael Penrose, or to whomsoever
be limy h'.ve transferred his interest
in tlie "Young Rambler*" mineral
claim, rittinted near MeGnlija'ii,
located lhe 8rd day of October, 1000
reeorded the L7t.Ii dav of October!
1000, iii the Slocan Mining Division'
of West Kootenay District.
You   are  hi-rcbv nolilied that I have
expended $102.50In labor and Improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within Oil .lavs from lhe
rale of this notice you fail or refuse to
ontribiite your proportion of tbeabove-
mentioned sum, together with nil costs
of advertising, tour interest in lhe said
claim wiil become the property of the
undersigned, under section 4 ol the
Mineral Act. Amendment Act, 1000.
Dated 'at Sandon, this 27th dav of
November, 1908.
A. BRUDER Local Agent,   Parcels left
Filbert Hotel receive prompt attention.
���>y Mwnwaas���QgaMSBBB&s
Visitors lo Sandon should not fail to test tlie
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest J,iquors, Wines and "igars
always ou hand.    ::    Au excellent Pool Table.
As we have decided to keep
on Selling our entire stock
at Slaughter Prices until all
is sold.
Save Money
Get in on the
ground floor.
Certificate ol' Improvements.
" Chicago Fractional " nnd " Pullman Fractional" mineral i'.u.u.h, pittiat-s in (he
slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay
district, where located:���On ( ody Creek
elope of "Freddie Leo" mounUln.
Take Dot Ice that I, a. ii. Docks tea deri as
agent for Frank -'. O'Neill, free miner's cer-
rloate No. U78080, Intend, 00 days from the flat*-
hereof, to apply to t?~e Mining Recorder for a
(eriiheate of improvements for ine purpose
of obtaining a Crown (Irautof the above claims
And further take notice thnt action, under
icction .'>", mnsl l>o commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thin loth day of November, A. I) ]906
:. Ifootel .:
7THIS Well 'Known
W Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
Silverton * B.C.
I-or the Pest, Cheapest and Freshest
For the Celebrated
Royal Household Flosur
The best in the market
For the Celebrated
Qmaflcer Cammed Goods
Leckle's Maimer's Boots.
Yotu still have timnie to order your
Sunlit or Overcoat for Xmas
Come to MACDONALD'S and get the Best Satisfaction
and Value.
. A A c*.,'.." r i.'. 't .'i.'. t*. A A A it* i'�� it.
I Kootenay
hi ��� v     ���
I Hotel.
Thorn is no hotter house in (he iCootenays for
the Milling Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
business, and tho Barkeeps are ariists in their
The Finest Wines aud Liquors aud Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery*
n.\ i ly
Fresh Qrocerie,.
In Adjoining Premises.
No. 8i.      \V, F. M.
Jleets every Saturday evening at 7:30
p. in. Visiting Brothers aro cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A. Sliillantl, Secretarv.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 8s3*
Meets in Fratenity Hall the last Monday evening ol every month.
J. H. Camkron, W, President.
,1. <i. I'iittkr, \V. Secretary.
Send in your sub.
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family aud Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
Sanbon fliMners' Union Moepftal
Open to the Public.
Bulea hy Siibserlplion .f 1.00 per month. Non-subscrlhera "12.00 per
-���Hospital Siaff	
V,'. E. M'ARNOYV. - -    WM. E, GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
Provincial Assayer
St, James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this lintel
to he thoroughly equipped for
fur the comfort .if Tourists. I
Well stocked liar.
Excellent boating.        Grand scenery.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 3.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, lloating, etc.
No matter what his occupation, may save
money by gelling his
Shoes Mit'le to Order.
Fur a Mining Shoo
tln-rc* is nothing better
than tlie famous HAL
wilh a gn.iil, Buliil,
hum! uiadt* linHoni	
These shoes ran only bo
leaving your older with
got by
Shoemaker - Sandon
HWiitter JSrcurgions!
Hm - $82.351
Montreal, Toronto
and till points west tliereuf in
Ontario and Quebec
on Application,
Tickets on fule daily November24
to Uecemher ;ll
d Country Hates
$93.33 llcinrn
Return Ocean Fares!
Saloon Second        Str-erape
���J06 00 *$7(i 00 *J5'100'
ami up according to steamer,
For detailed information, sailings,
ocean steamers, First-Ciaee or
Tourist .Sleeper reservations,
apply to local agents or write to
G. T. MOIR, BAN-DON ���' \
E. J. t'ovi.K, JS. O.tiniiB, H
Vant'OilVBr Nelai.n. M
Dr. A. AL Lowe
Visits Sandon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and (lerruril regularly.
Head Office: KASLO, B.C.
IE. TO. TOtbbowson
Gold, Silver,Copper nl'Lead, each,$1.00
Gold-Silver..$1 CO Silver-Lead. .$1 50
Zinc. .$2 00 Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. 2 60'.
Prompt attention given to nil snmples,
25 per cent, (1 iscontlt upon five samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 1'lione Afi7
IIS the Headquarters for All
Mining Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout in a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming summer
Excellent Boating, Fishing
and Hunting*.
Good Sample Rooms.


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