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WAHjUt ��
Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resource8 aud Large
Fruit   growing   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Our Fruit Growers' Column,
Farming has been carried on for so
long without tho aid of ariilicial manures that it is natural that I hero should
havo been much prejudice against their
use, but they have won their way into
tbo favor of farmers until the trade in
fo.tilizevs has groan lo enormous proportions, and very few fanners in wcsl-
* ern Europe do entirely without ihem.
In Ihis article I propoffe to consider the
advantages or otherwise of their uso.
The (peal weakness of farmyard man*
���.-,..: is that wo cannot verv readily control its contents, We might do llili
to a limited exti nt if wo fed our animal,
for the sole purpose of making manure,
and, indeed, this was done not long
a_;o in Britain when cattle wero f.lte.l,
an I the farmer loiked for his cliief
profit in the increased yield cf wheat on
his land next year. By manuring witli
"-* farmyard manure we almost, always are
applying aome ingredient which the
land does not require, indeed we may
be doing a positive injury to the
crop, for instance, if fruit livei aie
making a very heavy growth of wood
and leaves, it is an indication that their
is plenty or possibly too much nitrogen
present in the soil, which at the same
time may ho very deficient in potash or
phosphoric acid. N.w, if we attempt
to supply the deficiency of the two
alter dements of p Innt growth by giving more farmyard manure, tie at the
same time have to give still moro nitrogen, whpreas by carefully applying the
proper proportions of artificial manure
vc might supp'y exactly what the tiees
require. Oherri.s, especially the Bwoet
varieties, Will not stand much manure,
orrathct, much  nitrogen; it causes too
* rapid a -trowlh and the disease of gumming, but a liberal dressing of potash
should result in uioie $d tiucr fruit,
and a plioephulic maj**"i*e should have a
good influ. uce on -The flavor and color
of the fruit*.
There are other considerations wliich
fhuild help us in deciding whether to
use farmyard or artificial manure. One
of the chief determining factors is the
position of lhe land and its accessibility,
for farmyard manure is bulky and it
' wiil not pay ior a long haul uphill. It
should bo u-cd principally where tho
least labor is involved in handling it,
and the concentrated artificial manures
kept lo supplement tho soils In remote
nnd inaccessible places. Any marked
deficiency of any one element of plant
food.is best supplied by an artificial
manure, and the requirements of any
crop that has a particular craving for
some form of nourishment is also best
supplied by an artificial manure. The
enormous fieight charges ou artificial
manures tend to make them very ex-
pen.-ive here, and we must use tbem
with extra care if we are to make them
pay for their cost, we Bhall tend to use
only the most concentrated forms as
the freight rates will bo too high on
some forms of manures tbat would be
very desirable near the Coast. Nitrogen
is hy far the mcyst expensive element of
plant foid lo purchase, and probably we
shall learn lo grow certain green crops,
principally o'over, by ploughing in
wliich we obtain a cheap supply .of this
necessity oi plant life, b*it we shall always du well lo purchase a lilllo nitrate
to -limu'ate lome ol 0111 cr*.p*.
Either farmyard manure or a green
crop pi lUghod in bas a brneficial effect
apart from iis chemical value, as it improves the tisxture of the soil; besides
thifi, by their dtcay in the soil, various
..mentations are set up and chemical
acti in takes place, and by this chemical
action the soil itSJlf ii acted upon and
its mineral contents di*_*sted or dissolved and rendered more available for
plant fool. .1. 0. HARRIS.
gentleman's 1st, 1908 pocket diary
bound in seal leather, and ladies' and
gentlemen's booby prizes. Funds to be
used for new sidewalks in town.
At the regular meeting of the Societv
held on the 8lh inst., several members
volunteered to write artiilis to magazines Illustrative of the resources of _tl.e
distiict. Papers will be written ae follows: "Glacier Climbing." by J. C.
Harris; " Wilson Creek Falls," by C.
F. Nelson; "Scenic Beauties of tho
Slocan," by T. T. Rankine; "Mineral
liesources of the Slocan," by W. Thom-
hnson; "Goat Hunting," by E. Whit".
Letters tojhe Editor.
,It must always be distinctly understood
that the E lltor is not responsible for
lho opinions of correspondents, nor
dots he always agree with thcm.l
New Denver, Jan. 11,1908.
Editor Slocan Mining Review.
Sir,���May I point out to the
author of the manly and outspoken
letter signed " Pro Bono Publico,"
which appeared in your last issue, two
or three directions in which his zeal to
reclaim drunkards might find employment. One is tho case of a man who
was " Siwasbed " by the joint action of
lho police and hotel-keepers of New
Denver, and who has since found un
asylum and plenty of booze to enable
hiin to be frequently drunk a fow miles
away. In case "Pro Bono Publico "
lives in New Denver be might rxpend
bis energies on at least two young asses
who frequently make themselves the
laughing stock of the town and are a
nni.'aiK'C to the public, and who, like
" Pro Bono Publico," have learned " to
use the good things of lifo."
May I also point out lo Ihe general
public, that the cause of the death of
Charles G irrety is one of the minor Incidents of this c introrersy, the real
point of which is : aie lhe laws relating
to the sale of liquor at present on the
statute b oka of British Columbia to be
ignored ? If these laws are wrong they
should be amended or repealed, but
whilst they are on the statute books
they should, I believe, bo enforced.
Yours "Pio bono asslnorum,"
Slocan Xake Jfruit Xanbe
So Fertile
For Full Information write
Imperial Bank Block  ..   NELSON, B.C.
Br#>ge0, JSlaftemore & Cameron,
Improvement Society Notes.
The T'jwn Improvement Society has
ma le arrangements to boll a progressive whist party, the lirst of a seii"., in
the K. of P. hall, on Thursday evening,
January 23rd, The entraice fee will be
50 cents, and play will commence al
8*5,0 sharp and end at 10 o'clock. A:l
those not in their places at that time
will lose that much time sgiinst their
scores. Tea, coffee anl other refresh-
m u!s will be served during the evjn���
ing. Olift1*. I*'. N'L'on h.is generously
dr.ia'.el tho prtis'.. Ltdici' lit, haul-
ju*iit9l.e.nb)Si'.*.l waHcal.id*.*rf.r 1033;
New Denver, Jan. 18, 1005.
The Editor, "Slocan Mining Review."
Dear Sir,���I must confess to a feel-
it*g of surprise that your laat week's
i.-stie did not c,,n ain a letter from Missioner Baynrs renouncing any claim to
the author, hip of the verses published
on Jan. 2nd. Does Misuloner Baynes
really wish the public of the Slocan to
behave that the verses are his own composition? It would appear eo, for on
Dec. 20lh your paper announced that
" a sea-onable poem by Missioner
Baynes will appear next week," and on
publication tho verses were prefaced by
tho words: " Seasonable lines for end
ol year 1007 by Key. Baynes. No contradiction has been forthcoming.
I possess a collection ot children's
hymns in wliich three of these presumably original verses appear word for
word. This collection was published in
England in 1879, and the origin of the
verses is there stated to be American.
As for thc remaiulng two verses I am
not prepared to say anything beyond
the fact that the whole five read as the
composition of one min���even if they
are not, Mi'sionor Baynes ia guilty of
del berate plagiarism (not to use an
uglier word) in using tbe three I can
epeak definitely of.
1 should like to ask Missioner Baynes
if he knows the epithet by which men
designate one who appropriates to his
own use the property of others. Does
he not think that any man to whom
this epithet is applicable is one whose
voice should be silent on any matter
whatsoever, social or religious ?
I am, yours etc.,
Skating at Last.
The New Denver Rink was thrown
open to the public on Tuesday night,
nnd a largo crowd took advantage of thc
B��t opportunity there hns been to indulge In the popular pastime this wilier. Previous experience of climatic
conditions tends to the bejief that good
skating will not last last longer than
thro.) weeks or a month, so it is a cage
of cutting ice whilst thu frost lasts. It
is to bo hoped the hockey club will try
conclusions with Sandou at an early
Xocal anc- General.
Boost for tbe Slocan.
A car of steerB arrived for II. Clever
la6t Monday.
Wm. Goseell, the Nelson brewery
man, was in Silverton Friday.
Boat*.���Oo the Btb inst., at New Denver, to the wife of H, J. Byrnes���g
Born.���At New Denver this morning,
to lho wifo of James Croft,���a daughter.
A merry sleighing party journeyed to
Silyerton on Friday. The weather was
The Quadrille club gave a very enjoyable dance in the Bosun bail on Friday
Danny McPherson has returned from
a protracted visit to Silvertoa.
Provincial constable Black has relumed from a tusinets trip to Nelson,
GET READY ! Ou Wednesday, Feb
10th, the Knights of Pythias will give a
grand Masquerade Ball.
Tbe Bloean delegates who attended
the M.U. Convention at Greenwood,
have returned.
Book sale on this week at Nelson'b
Ding Store, and choice of neaily 100
for 25 cents.
H. Clever has purchased from Hugh
Niven, Three Forks, his team, harness,
eieigb and 76 chickens.
Book your orders early wiih Mrs.
Williams for your costume* for the grand
Bal Masque on Fob. 19th.
Wm. Philpot left Silverton on Friday
for a holiday trip to bis old home at
Brighton, Sussex Co., Kngland. He
has been timbering at tbo Hewitt.
There is no truth in lho rumor that
Andy   Jacobsou   is about   to  start  a
freighting business- Bobs is in harness
for other reasons.
Win. Scholtzki was again elected
mayor of Rosebery by acclamation on
Saturday. He was here Monday to
take a sun bath.
R. T. Miles, representing the well-
known Victoria wholesale house of R.
T. Rithet, did bueiuess with our merchants Monday.
Wm. Hunter, our provincial representative, left for Victoria last Saturday
to tako his seat in Parliament, which
opens to-day (Thursday).
J. H. McLachlan, Rowland, Man.,
tame in this week to visit brother Dan.
He has gone to Penticton, where ho
owns a fruit ranch.
The electric Pglit, which has been responsible for mnny profane remarks the
past month, put in an appearance last
Monday amid great rejoicing.
Services will bo bald at St. Stephen's
church next Sunday; morning at 11;
evening 7.!J0. The church will be comfortably warmed.
Ed. Shannon and A, Jaobson mado
a trip to the Neepewa Friday to see tho
ore body which was recently uncovsred
by Arthur Hendii.kson. They give a
glowing report of the mine.
D. Nicholson, representing the Scarborough Co., of Hamilton, Out., was in
the district for several days this week
canvassing orders for the comprehensive map about to be Issued by that
Wo were told this week by a visitor
who had travelled through Italy, India,
Africa and America, that Slocan lake
would ever to him eutrival all others.
He thought that New Denver was tbo
sweetest spot on the continent.
Doc. Gomm denies Geo. Avlard's reproach that he took away the Standard
footwall upon his visit to that mine
last Saturday. We can affirm that he
only took as much as he could pack.
Complaints have been received at
this office of steel tuips having been
set in the town. Yesterday a pit dog
was caught in one and held for soveral
hours. The party who set the trap is
Guess nobody in tho Slocan has any
photographs, as no notico appears to
havo been taken of our request for
them last we,k. Thus far we have received one. We require ab.ut SOO to
fill the bill. Tbey will be returned in
good order to lhe owners.
Geo. Fairburn left for Moresby,
Queeu Charlotte's Islands, last Friday.
He has concluded a viilt to old-time
friends at Silverton. E. M. Sandilands,
for many years prov. constable at Three
Forks and mining recorder at Sandon,
is now mining recorder at Moresby.
Jno. C. Luing has returned lo hia
old stamping .-round at Ferguson,
where ho will continue further tho lot**}
crosEcut on his property, the Oregon
group. Piper Laing, late of S.lverton,
is also at tho Lardeau hub, nnd Jock
��� rites us that the skirl of the pipes can
bo heard nightly.
Six gold watches, three gold rings, an
overcoat and a mackinaw wero won In
a quiet poker game somewhere in the
Slocan a few days ago. The winner
also got a poeketful of money and a jag,
and during the accompanying 86 hours
sleep which followed it is alleged lie
was " touched " by the " Man (rom
Details are to hand of the lamentable
death of Mrs. May, who was a rcront
visitor to ber sister here, Mrs. J. C.
Bolander. The aged lady had reached
her home in Montiose, and after setting
her bouse to rights went to make a purchase at a store, where Bhe complained
of feoling suddenly unwell, and a few
minutes afterwards she expired in the
store.   Heart lailure was the cause.
The University Club of Nelson has
prepared a memorial which will be
presented to the Provincial Legislature
during Ihe forthcoming session, praying (or an additional endowment by
setting aside a much larger grant. It
is claimed therein that the amount of
revenue from the grant ol two million
acres of" land made to the provincial
university, wilh values of minerals and
timber deducted, is sure to prove totally
inadequate to produce the amount of
endowment which will be required.
The University Club has issuod au
elegant 16 page booklett, in wliich the
case ie fully and practically made clear.
" What do you know 7 " ls a quory po
habitually on our tongue, that it has
lately occurred to us that it of,times
may convey an idea of bad breeding.
" What do you know ? " has been derived, cultivated, assimilated, or whatever you will, from au ever pressing
want of news, Which we need in our
business. Wc have found OUrsclf tiding
it as a salutation when "Good morning,"
" Come iu and look out," " Hullo
yourself," or "How's your health?"
would have been more appropriate.
Maybe we have advanced the query
many times to you, but can you accuse
yourself of ever telling ua anything that
would interest our readers, " Don't
know a  thing " would be less frequently heard in reply if our many
friends who live to paruse tho weekly
excitement would make a note of something now and then, and pour it into our
ears when next the query is beard. | i,;,* ;a town.
The current issue of the B.C. Gaiotte
contains  thu following announcement
" William Edward Gomm, of Sandon,
Esquire, M.D., to be a Coroner in and
for tho Province ol British Columbia."
We are anxious to obtain all the local
tit-bits of interest wliich go to making
a successful local paper, and we have
concluded that lhe best lieutenants we
can have aid us aro the children of tbe
town. There are lotB of newsy items
we miss through no fault of ours, and
we therefore feel sure aided by their
parents they could help us materially.
Wo will givo a weekly prize of ifl.OO for
what we consider Hie most completo
list of uews happenings sent in by any
boy or girl. It does not matter even if
we are already acquainted with any or
all of the facts. The most completo list
gets the weekly prize, and the winner's
name will appear same week. Wo only
wants the facts, but mind tbey are
facts. Make each itom a separate paragraph aud write upon ruled paper.
The competition closes each week on
Tuesday, and all papers must be left at
this ollice before 0.30 the following
It is not all beer and skittles running
a newspaper in a sma'l camp���a fact
which haB been reiterated again and
again by the editors of Slocan papers
which have long since been relegated to
the literary boueyard. All around us
we sec daily nnd weekly newspapers
dropping d-*ad at tho feet of an un-
gratiful public, and others are reducing
their size. Now, wc are. not particularly anxious to do either, and if we aro to
be kept alive a quid pro quo must be
forthcoming. How many of you, dear
readers, nre helping to advertise the
district by sending the paper to a part
of the world where it will perhaps do
B.ime g iod. So few that we tell you
honestly wo are discouraged. But wo
do our part in that respect. Every
week we print 70 extra copies, wliich
we mail lo newspaper offices, magazines,
technical journals and reading rooms in
all pails of Canada, England and U.S ,
and many of our readers would be surprised if they but knew how extensively
wc are quoted. The Review is the only
courier of the district, and it keeps the
Slocan on the map. Be honest with
us as we are trying to be with you. We
can't do as tho Indians do all the lime,
Your overdue subscription will relieve
tho financial stringency.
Arnold Disappears Again.
Arnold E. Fauquier, well-known in
this district, has once again been guilty
of borrowing plumes to feather his nest
with, tho facts surrounding which are
as follows. On lhe recommendation of
"Corduroy Brown," 'another well-
known old-timer 1 ere, whose mechanical ingenuity applied to safe building
has won for him renown, he secured a
lucrative position as accountant in the
office of a Seattle firm of Bate makers,
wheie " Corduroy " was also employed,
but the orthodox way of gelting rich
was too slow a game for Aruold, for ono
morning Arnold was missing, eo was a
wad of $2000.
Thero are also Hcvsrul business men
in the Slocan who would lie delighted
to learn of the present address ol this
slippery customer.
It transpires that just as the firm's
auditor had discovered the discrepancy
in the accounts, that a fire broke out in
tho building, aa a result of wliich
Brown sustained a broken noso and
singed whiskers.
Watch Slocan Ore Shipments
The following table shows the number of tons  ot   crude and milled eilvcr-
lead shipped from Slocan   mines Inst
Miuo. Tons.
Vancouver, Silverton      6-1
"        (milled')    400
Whitewater      09
" (milled)     140
mers ng
James Murray and Harry
Slicran Oo tlie Way
Of All Flesh.
James Murray, a well-known old.
timer who has made Silverton his homo
for tbe past ten years, succumbed in
bis cabin on Thursday last at. 12.110
noon. Ho was familiarly known as
" Scotty," and he had been ill but a
few days, having caught a chill on
Sunday, but he neglected nursing it
until loo late. He went lo bed in his
cabin the following day, where ho was
visited by our member, Wm. Hunter,
M.P.P., who forthwith engaged a nurso
to attend to tho old pioneer, He gradually sank, lho immediate cause of
death being Cardiac asthenia.
Coroner Gomm, of Sandon, was communicated with, and after being apprized over the telcphono of the facts
sin-rounding the death hy Mr. Hunter,
he issued a certificate of death, and the
funeral was arranged to tako place tho
following day.
Just as everything wna nbout ready
for tho  Cortego  to  begin its mournful
Rambler Caiihoo, Sandon      21 ' journey   to   tho    God's acre   nt   Now
Arlington, Slocan City.      88 I Denver, hko a bolt from  tho blue came
Montezuma, South Fork      84 | Uie startling report that tho Rev. W. A.
Lone Bachelor, Throe Forks  22
Reco, S.mdon  20
Ruth, Sandon  20
Standard, Silveiton  24
Cornwall Goes to Spokane.
Everybody will regret to learn that
Mr. J. E. Cornwall, who for the pa��t
three years has filled tbo position ot
accountant at the Bank of Montreal
branch hero, is about to be transferred
to the Spokane branch. It Ib a well
deserved promotion. Mr. Cornwall has
boon the pivot of the local athletic
circle during bis stay here, and as he
excelled iu all branches of sport his departure Will be keenly felt. He is an
all round good fellow, the pride of the
boys and the idol of the gills. May
Dame Fortune bestrew bis path with
roses and his couch be studded with
diamonds. His successor will bo R. A.
Wood, from Winnipeg, who will arrive
to relieve Mr. Cornwall in a few days.
Star-White Case.
From our Correspondent.
At a well attended meeting of the
Snipes on Saturday evening, seven new
members were received into the circle.
The order is becoming very popular
nnd the "Grand King Snipe" (Mr.
McAllister) informs your correspondent that it is the intention of the order
to give a grand banquet in the near
future, at which the members will appear in full regalia. Anyone wishing
to join the order will kindly hand in
their application to Snipes McDougald
or Melrose.
On Feb. 14th the Dramatic Club will
hold their annual ball ahd supper, and
it is thc intention of the club to make
this the swell event of the season.
A number of shipyard boys under
charge of H. McKelvey, left for Okanagan Landing; on Thursday.
Mr. James Monson received the sad
intelligence last week of the death of
his father in Eastern Canada.
The Nelson Daily News of the 14th
inst. contained the following despatch
from Victoria, dated Jan. 13th:
Star vs. White. Full court settled
the judgment order. All trespass
workings to be emptied and timbered
forthwith at the defendant's expense.
Registrar to assess damages, giving
full value of ore taken. Perpetual injunction granted against any entry upon plaintiff's claims, and full inspection order granted to plaintiff to act nt
all to prevent future trespass. Dofcn-
dants pay all costs for experimental
work. Taylor for pliintilt, Bodwell
for defendant.
Card of Thanhs.
Permit me through your column., to
convey my heartfelt thanks to many
friends for expressions of sympathy
bestowed both before and after thc
death of my father. They were a
great solace to us. Particularly do I
desire to pay a public tribute to Rev.
Father Jeannotte, who never left dad's
side from Tuesday, Jan. 31st, until he
breathed his last on Saturday morning.
His presence at the last was n great
comfort to my father. Thanking you,
I am, yours sincerely  R. E. ALLEN.
Slocan City, Jan. 9, 1908.
Never tire of boosting tho  moiitsof
" Bounteous Slocan."
An innocent man bin no fear of emerging from the scraps   with wings  un-
C.P.R.   Supt.   Colemen   nnd   Truin-  singed,
roaster J. M. Cameron spsnt,  Monday      An idle head is tho devil's.worksln
Gifford had personally protested to
Government agent Mclnnes against tho
interment proceeding, he taking tho
position that tho coroner should have
personally . investigated tho circumstances attending the man's death, and
the issuing of a certificate ot death under such conditions wus _illcgal. [.Sir.
Mclnnes was obdurate, and forciffly
told the rev. gentleman that the certificate of death which he 4n*ld was perfectly in order, and unless ho wns
notified by the coroner to the contrary,
the funeral would take place at the appointed hour.
For the next ten minutes tho telephone connection to Sandon was busy,
and as the outcome Rev. Gifford gained
his point and the funeral "was.'pO!,*-
poned. Coroner Gomm intimated that
ho would, he down and hold inquiry that
night, and be arrived [about 8 o'clock
and fortwith began a personal inquiry.
An hour later ho announced that he was
acquainted with all the fads and that
au inquest was unnecessary.
The interment took place the following day, a large cortege following tho
remains to their last resting place,
Missioner Baynes officiating.
James Murray was 07 years of age.
He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland,
nnd for the past thirty years bad been
in tho west, atTillmilo and Leadville,
Col., and in the various towns of tho
Coeur d'Alenes, coining to lho Slocan
ten years ago. He bus relations In
New Zealand, Halifax, N.S., and Aberdeen.
Word was received in town Monday
of the death of Harry Sheran, wliich
occurred hist Saturday at Los Angeles.
Deceased left here last spring to go to
California for tho benefit of his health,
aud it was then feared hy his many
friends here that, the last " good-byes "
had been Bail, ho being in an advanced n*age of consumption. Ho
leaveB a widow, Deceased had many
mining interests In this district up to
the time of his death. He was fit) years
of age and was bom in Piclon, Out.
fie. has a biother at Nelson.
Mis.Sheran arrived on tc-day's boat
and Bhe ij receiving the condolences of
the townspeople.
nn empty head Irs gymnasium.
The death occurred at tho New Denver Hospital on Wednesday morning of
C. B. Beiglo, a man who has been employed for nome I'mo In Hunter's h**.-
giug camp. Ho was also well-known
at Arrowhead and Comaplix, where h��
had charge of the horses ln lhe Bowman Lumber Co.'s stables. He is said
lo have relatives in Witcansln,
He was admitted into the hospital on
Sunday n'ght wilh a bn.l iai,e of pneumonia, from which he died.
'Iho dei easel lind Considerable experience with u ternary w oil;, 1,0 leaving
behind at Silvott'dn some-valuable loolu
foi tench work,        ...- ',
'���--'���-        "'... THE SLOCAN MINING REVIEW, SANDON, B.  C.
tam       tarn     eaamt a%t\\\attat\Y  _______________��������________������������������-_,       _   .______���   ______________________________________________________M>^s_Ssiks*s_^sls���s^*sT______B____n^^B^k_____^ _.-^_fl^^j_____B_____h***l*s"s'Ms_______sW"__istst-*���*s*K��*MsWs^
������M���*���"?S***1**^ aT^~^^~~;      \   I /-TT-_ ..,.,, -I**,**--    N / _i/-i_i -iv-WT-noiV;T^ ] /       : \ I /        ~v ("-���_-., .,_..,...I. I
-I---. |
  *    """'   r"*r  -,,-...    ,-,.-.,..-_��� ..i.Yrn        I I f   n,   ���v_r****, _I|M    COTD    AU I //
___ sU
dry. Then they bring them In and Iron
with a rather cool iron, pressing very
hard; but I will tell you whut is ever so
much better.
"After 1 am sure my flannels are
clean, 1 press as much of the water as
1 can out of them with my hands, shaking them well afterward. '1 hen 1 Blip
them on shaped shirt-boards. You see,
I have them here to tit all of our flannels. These I hang out in the air, if it
is clour (and it should be, for flannel
should not be washed on a rainy day,
for the sun and air are  such cleansers
and purifiers), until the shirts are perfectly dry. If you cannot dry them outdoors, hang them near a steam radiator
or register, but not too near, as hot air
will harden and shrink them almost us
quickly as hot water.
"Of course, drawers, flannel petticoats
and nightgowns cannot lie put on
hoards, but should be pinned very carefully to the line, so as not to get out of
"I do not i��'��in my flannels at all, for
I think it makes them stiff and disagreeable, instead, I pull them inlo
shape and smooth them with the hand.
3f the muslin band around the neck of
a shirt or the waistband of drawers is
a little rough, I run an Iron lightly
over it.
\       13   Jj7V3lv&bfe
_ Jl yf AMA, I ain't doin' to eat no
/\/l Wore bwead and milt to
I V 1 Wake me drow, for I'se
* * * drowed so much since last
weet dat I t'ant det my arms down,
and I'se all pinched up in my shirt,"
and little WllucuBtqbd with arms akimbo
and red. warm little face that fairly
proclaimed   tight   undergarments.
His mother laughed, removed the offending shirt and immediately proceeded to investigate the methods of her
laundress before making complaint at
the store of new flannels sold but a few
weeks back as unshrinkable.
"Bridget," she asked, entering the
kitchen, where an energetic Irish woman was vigorously plying an iron,
"Bridget, how do you wash Willie's
"Sure, ma'am, jest as 1 wash ivery
thing else, with plenty of hot water
and soap, a good rubbin" on the board,
and a pipin' hut iron," repeated the
girl  complacently.
"Oh, Bridget, Bridget!" aaid her mistress with a sigh���for ruined shirts and
the money she could not ask to be refunded. "Don't you know that is all
wrong���every single thing you did?"
"Wrong, is it? Sure an' I've washed
flannels long afore yez were born, an'
its the furrst time I've iver been tolt
I didn't know bow," and Bridget sniffed   Jndignantly.
"But, Bridget, just look at these expensive shirts I bought Billy not a
fortnight  ago!"
use lukewarm: water
"Well, an' what's wrong with them.
It's mighty dirty they were, and not
the speck of a smut is there on them
now���an' it's hard rubbin' it took, too,
ma'am,   to  get  them   that  clean.''
"Yes, but see, they are stiff as a board,
and so shrunken that they must be
thrown   away."
Bridget, who was more ignorant than
sullen, looked a trifle abashed, and said
"Weel, ma'am, it's sorry I am If the
shirts don't suit yez���perhaps you'd
be tellin'   me how   to do  it better."
"Certainly I will, Bridget. After all.
there has only been one shirt spoiled
and I'm sure you'll uo better next
"In the first place, you should not
have used hot water���lukewarm is
the only heat that does not shrink
flannels. What is more important,
every water through which you wash
and rinse them should be of exactly
the same temperature.
"Then you should not have soaped
them at all. Instead, you should have
shaved up some pure white soap, dissolved It In hot water and added
enough to the water in the tub to
make a strong suds. If, as you say,
'    Willie's flannels    were    so  soiled,    you
on the back of the stove with a little
water, adding more as it cooks, until tt
becomes a clear, soft jelly. 'J hen bottle
it and keep some place where it will
not  freeze and harden."
"Sure, ma'am, but it sounds a quare
way to wash, but I'll he Iryin' il next
wake. Like the blankets, now, do yez
be just eleanin' them without washin',
"Well, Bridget, you can use hotter
water for blankets, but you must not
rub them. Just sop them up and down
in a tub half lull of strong soapsuds,
and two or three tablespoonfuls of dissolved borax. After you have them weli
washed in one tuliful of suds, put them
in another and repeat the sopping. Then
rinse in a clean water, run through a
wringer that has heen made very loose,
and hang out in the wind and sun tu
dry. Pin them well to the line so they
do not sag out of shape noi fall to the
ground with their own weight.
"When the blankets are entirely dry,
bring them Into the laundry and get
cook to help you pull them till they are
perfectly straight on the edges, then
fold them neatly. Some people press
their blankets by covering them with a
white muslin aud put-ting them between
a large book or a letter press, but they
really get smooth enough by careful
"And how's it about the temperychoor
of the blanket waters? Must they be
the same, like as for Willie shirts?"
"Yes, indeed, Bridget. I'm glad you
thought of that, for it is one of thc
most important things about blanket
"Many people nowadays send their
blankets to be cleaned. They certainly
do come home looking just like new,
for they are all combed, you see; but as
It Is very expensive, I'm going to let
you try those nice white ones with the
blue border that are on Willie's bed.
I'm sure if you do just as I've told you,
they will be just as nice as if 1 sent
them out, for you art such a good laun-
c5o^  Them In Tepid
Viy/er? w/Z/i Sh&vetfSoap
might have added a tablespoonful of
borax dissolved In a little hot water
to every four gallons of the water, or
two tablespoonfuls of household ammonia may be used instead.
"You must remember, though. Bridget, when I put in Willie's little pink
and blue flannel suits, to use the borax instead of the ammonia, or those
pretty suits of which ho Is so proud
will  be all  faded.
"Then you should nor have used a
board at all, for nothing thickens
flannel like hard rubbing;, Instead,
you should have shaken the garments
out well to get rid of as much dust
and dirt as possible, and afterward
put them in the flrst suds and simply
squeeze und sop them up and down
and turn them over In the water.
Rub just as little as you can and get
the flannels out of the water as quickly as possible.
"You can souse them through two or
three suds, if you must, and then
through clear water, With a little bluing
in it; but. remember, all these waters
must he of just the same temperature.
"Some people put their fine flannels
through a wringer, shake them and
hang them out In the air to get almost
Jnsfeatfof  a
"Another thing, Bridget, never use a
yellow soap on flannels, for the resin
in it is bad for woolens. And never rub
any soap on a garment itself; instead,
you might make a soap jelly and keep
It on hand. ,
"This is easily done by putting soap
dresa, isridget, In everything else, that
I'm sure your flannels will look lovely."
"Well, It do be seemin' a quare way
to wash, but I'll Ihry it next wake,
ma'am; so that blessid Willie don't be
lookln' like a stuffed, rld-faced Paddy,
as ho did this mornin'. ma'am."
The Housemothers in Weekly Conference
1AM a Tennesseesn. and I have always
been accustomed to the lavish table of
the Southerner of comfortable circumstances. Since I have kept house in Iowa,
as a married woman, und paid cash for
everything, I find 1 huve to live very differently from what was then my habit. For
example, I think one hot bread ut a meal "a
decent sufficiency/1 and my Tennessee visitors think I huve "grown to be a veritable
Yankee." . am trying to bear up under the
dreadful charge, and hope to live it down in
What I have come to you ifbout Is my
table expenses, My husband gives me $9 a
week for tiie table alone. On that I feed my
husband, two children (IS und 6 years old),
a maid and myself, and have my father
with   us  always   for   breakfast.
Our breakfast consists of coffee, a cereal
and cream and some kind of cakes and
waffles. For dinner���and I am so fortunate
as to have my husband come home to this
meal���wa have meat, two vegetables and
either a salad or dessert. Our supper consists of meat, potatoes and some hot dish,
BUch  as celery   loaf,   fried  mush,   etc.
I have never bought groceries in large
quantities, but 1 am beginning to believe
that it Is the best way. When one keeps
house on an allowance it is Impossible, for
me, at hast, to buy staples by wholesale. I
am u little discouraged trying to come out
Would you kindly tell me If you consider
nie extravagant, and what you think of buying things in quantities?
A DISCIPLH  (Koi'kuK. Iowa)
So far from thinking you extravagant,
J consider that you do wonderfully well
to feed five people and what may he
reckoned as a third of an adult, on your
allowance. Your menu for one day
shows that they are not underfed. You
are a good manager to give them meat
twice   a   day   without   exceeding   your
Now for the gist of your lelter. Tt
cannot be denied that It is economical���
in the long run���to do one's purch' sing
by wholesale, when the purse ls long
too. To advise a housekeeper who must
keep her table expenses within $r> or $10
a week to lay In flour by the barrel,
and sugar by the hundred weight, and
butter by the firkin, is more than absurd.    It is unkind and disheartening.
Thirty-odd years ago. during a residence of some years abroad, [ kept
house in Paris and in Rome, and stored
up much wisdom of a practical type
which has gtOOd me in good stead since.
Apartment life was almost unknown In
America at that date. When I found
in my pretty suite of rooms in Paris,
fitted up for family use, no storeroom���
not so much as a bin for vegetables, or
fruit by the quantity���I was dismayed.
A dear friend who wus living abroad
to educate her children came to my
help. From her I gathered one secret
of culinary und economic successes of
the French housemother of r oderate
means. She buys from day to day just
What she means to use within the next
twenty-four hours. At the end of that
time not a morsel of food is left in kitchen or cupboard, and not a crumb has
been wasted. There is no opportunity
for pilfering, for the mistress can account for every  bit and  sup.
1 have said but lately that it Is comparatively easy for a woman to keep
down running expenses if she does her
own work. The economy of wholesale
purchasing is obvious in her case, supposing always that she can raise the
money for the original outlay without
pinching it out of her allowance a dime
at a time. She will not throw half-a-
dozen potatoes into the garbage pail
"because there is a barrel of them in the
cellar"���as a Milesian cook pleaded as
her excuse for a similar act when her
mistress chanced to espy -the discarded
potatoes. Her hand is no heavier with
butter for the thought of tbe pot of it,
bought directly from a farmer at Ave
cents a pound less than she could buy
It from the corner grocery. She does
not burn bread-crusts in tlie stove because of the barrel of flour laid in
when flour was down, or���as I caught a
cook in 'lhe act of doing���kindle the
morning fire with a saiuerful of sugar.
"Sure, an' it's a dale safer nor karri-
sene!" was her explanation of the astounding performance, "There is tbem
What makes no bones o' pour ���' a cupful
of lie on the lire of a niorniu'."
Your maid of all���or of any���work may
be depended upon to eut, or in some
manner to make way with more foodstuffs than any member of your family
proper, a growing boy not excepted. She
Is. invariably, "a light eater." according to her own showing. But accept
witli what philosophy you can summon
to your aid the fact that nobody except your  very  own  self  will care  for
your Interests wisely and well.
In brief, then, so long as you must
furnish your table upon an allowance
that just suffices to do the work by the
exercise, on your part, of watchful, Ingenious management, buy stores in
small quantities, continuing your practice of cash payment. To pay as you
go may pare down your resources closely, but the habit addeth no sorrow
A New Use for Stocking Tops
As I have had many helpful .suggestions
from your Corner, I hereby pass one on to
lhe next member who has little ones to
dress and  no money to throw away.
My sister Writes to me that she makes
the "dandiest"  drawers for her little girl
out nf stocking tops. Cut the stocking legs
down to the length of the Bcut and sew
th-.ni together, Then open them on each
hide and put a band on* the front and
the buck. Just as the knitted drawers one
buys at the shops are made. They should
come uo lower than the knee. The long
stockings are drawn over the drawers, and,
behold! all Is snug from toes to waist.
The above suggestion is from a mother
whose means are ample, but who wisely
considers thrift a virtue and wastefulness a
sin. It may help some mother who is limited as to means and clever with her needle.
L. S. V. (Irving Park, 111.).
As the cold weather is not many
months off, when knitted underwear
will be needeu, the prudent mother
will do well in laying aside stockings
that are sound as to the legs and worn
in the feet. When heels and toes have
become a mass of darns, the hose are
not pleasant wearing, and even thrifty
women consign them to the rag-bag.
Here is a new use for them. If the
grown women of the family wear silk
stockings, they may be utilized thus
and form dainty garments which could
not be bought new for $2 and %\\ apiece.
Wants Clematis Roots
T have noticed several requests for a
remedy for bedbugs, I have found that car-
bulb; acid and turpentine are an effective
preventive. To 2Q rents' worth ot the add
add E cents'  worth of turpentine.
A snort 'hue ago we purchased our home
and moved Into It last spring. Not having
dreamed of such a horror, you amy imagine
that we were distressed beyond expression to
find the place almost ready to walk away by
While such a protection undoubtedly
saves ice, it does not save food as well,
which Is, a,fter all, the ralson d'etre of
a refrigerator.
Few women need to be told to always
keep the doors tight shut, but not every
one realizes tbo absolute importance of
keeping a strainer over the water outlet
on the inside. This not merely prevents
the escape of cold air, but does away
with the possibility of Insects creeping
Up the drain pipe.
This matter of Insects, ants, snails and
so forth ln a refrigerator is a serious
one. Theoretically. It should be Impossible; but practically, where maids are
constantly changing and careless and
mistresses are neglectful of the overseeing eye, horrible aro the results.
Absolute cleanliness is Imperative. It
should be cleaned twice a week, oftener
if possible. Everything must be taken
out und given a thorough washing and
then wiped perfectly dry. In most
places where market days are observed,
Wednesday and Saturday are an excellent time for this overhauling before thu
new supplies are put In.
Contrary to the usual belief that the
best way to clean a refrigerator is to
use boiling water, plain or mixed with
soda, cold water and ammonia is preferable, as the hot water, even with tho
greatest care, rots the wood. Bay particular attention to the druln pipe, running a flexible wire through It every
cleaning day.
Another precaution against ants��� ���
which, If once allowed to get In, aro almost impossible to eradicate���Is to stand
the legs of a refrigerator or vegetable
safe in cups filled with water. That insects will not cross. This is a fact well
understood in tropical countries and
should be better known here.
Never put warm foods into a refrigerator, or moisture and obnoxious odors
are sure to abound. Keep all food tightly covered, moreover, especially milk,
butter ana eggs, which quickly absorb
Impurities. There are refrigerators
guaranteed odorless, but lids are a wise
precaution,  nevertheless.
An' Ir&snfcyu* \3it u/mme 0>&rpGnte7*in&
^k&mk 3__F*5&
Itself, "they" were so plentiful. I used the
quantity of Ingredients designated zealously. It is now two weeks since we have seen
a single "creeper." Of course, I have done
a great deal of hard work with the
wretches, such as plastering hides in the
Wills and stripping off paper, painting and
scrubbing, etc. One cunnot depend upon
the acid alone, A vast deal of labor and
constant cure are required to cleanse the
premises thoroughly. I ulso burned sulphur
to purify rooms. My house is not yet set- ���
tied, nor shall I feel at home until we ure
free from the terrible pests.
I hope this may be of use tn housemothers
who really wish to be neat and to rid their
homes of thc invaders.
Perseverance is the true secret of success
where bedbugs are concerned.
Now for a petition: is there any one of
Our Family who has good, healthy clematis
louts und Who will give u root to one who
wishes to beautify her home? 1 huve been
unsuccessful wltb the roots I huve bought.
Mrs. II. C. U. (Buffalo, N. Y.).
Will you kindly let me have your address in full? I am sure the roots will
be offered to you, and I should like to
direct intelligently those who apply to
me for your name and home. "Buffalo"
is good as far us it goes, but it falls
short of explici'tness.
Diabetes Dietary Asked For
Wu have a diabetes patient in our fatally
and lind it hard to keep him satiutied on Uie
dietary allowed to the sufferer from that
Wi* have a list of vegetables, etc, allowed
by bis physlciun, hut I bave thought perhaps you could suggest some tempting combination of dishes; ulso some desserts that
may please IiIb capricious appetite. We get
very   good   gluten   bread.
Mrs. M. A. It, (Minneapolis),
You have set a bard task for me. I
know the caprices of the sufferer's appetite. Your mention of gluten bread
brings back to me the anxious endeavor
of months to induce a beloved invalid
to learn to like this, the only bread she
wns allowed to cat. Sweets of all kinds
were forbidden, and most fruits. In
the case I speak of we found junket,
sightly sweetened and flavored with vanilla; loppered milk, cottage cheese,
eaten with cream, acceptable substitutes
for the desserts enjoyed by well people. We toasted the gluten bread and
made of It baked cream toast, which
was a degree less distasteful titan the
plain bread.
WITH the fashion of the da* to
lay ull our refrigerator woes
on the grasping ice dealer, few
women have the judicial
trend of mind that Will permit even a
tiny peep at the -other Bide. Are housekeepers never at fault when ice molts
unconscionably soon, aud Sunday's
chickens must he taken out of the refrigerator in the "wee sma' hours" to
be treated lo copious washings with
vinegar and  water?
It is much easier to rail at under-
weighing and overcharging of dealers
than to see to it that nothing warm is
ever put into the refrigerator; that it
stands in exactly the right place to insure the least  w ste  in  ice.
In the lirst place, there is an art in
buying a refrigerator. Those of us who
must put up with the old-fashioned ones
that have seen years of service must
learn to make the most of them; but
when the happy hour comes that a new
one Is to be purchased, It is well to be
forearmed with a slight knowledge of
the subject.
Now, as a refrigerator is a distinctly
practical article of housefurnishing, use,
and not looks, is the first consideration.
Most women, so far as appearance is
concerned, would unhesltai ugly declare for white enamel cases and sanitary, glass Shelves; but, alas! icemen,
with many a hundred-pound lamp to
drop in the course of a day, are node,
too gentle in the process, and the mostx
glistening enamel has a fashion of
cracking, White glass becomes exceedingly brittle with cold. So, It is safer.
on the whole, to fall back on a good
zinc-lined refrigerator, with a covering
of soft wood that will not warp. Though
the zinc may corrode in time, It is not
dangerous to the food contained within
it, as many believe.
See to it also that the Ice compartment may be tilled from the front, Instead of the top, for tbe constant strain
of huge pieces of ice being dropped to a
shelf will soon loosen . ie parts; moreover, the man who brings the ice is entitled to some consideration, nnd he
finds shoving of his wares much easier
than lifting it to the top of a refrigerator nnd then carefully letting it drop.
The ice chest, so long in favor, while
cheaper to buy and more economical
in the running than the refrigerator���
since with less space co cover it Is
colder on less ice than any other kind
���is not so convenknt. It has no circulation ln the flrst place, which
means quicker mustiness, and, secondly, two lids to lift and every shelf to
be taken out each time Ice la put in is
distinctly a trial. The newer chests,
however, have a separate compartment for ice, which is a decided improvement,
Then see to It that there Is a drain
pipe instead of a tank: the former allows tree clreulatirr of cold, dry air
through every compartment, while
the latter causes a certi In dampness.
The light, nickel-plated woven wire
shelves are more easily cleaned and
permit freer circulation of air than
any other kind, either galvanized
iron or wood. The latter absorb food
After a refrigerator is bought its
disposal must he carefu'ly considered.
The ideal spot for it *s undoubtedly
a little-used outer kitchen that Is easy
of access.   Tn default of that, have It
In  the kitchen proper.
"Ah, but the heat!" some one remonstrates. A good refrigerator
properly packed with a dead air space
should not be affected by heat. Even
so, if the ice should melt a little more
rapidly than you like, it is far better
than to keep It in th*. cellar to be Injured by dampness or In the open air
���even though under a roof���where it
is exposed to the w.ather. Whatever
the chosen place, see to It that the refrigerator stands perfectly level.
In filling a new refrigerator see that
from twelve to twenty-four hours elapse
after lhe ice has been put In before
using. Natural, rather than artificial,
ice produces greater cold; but whichever
Is used, It Is a matter of economy to
keep the compartment well filled. As it
molts about a third of its capucity daily,
it is cheaper to buy large pieces several
times a week than small chunks every
Ice should always bo ..shed before It
ls put in. and, oontrnry to the general
belief, should not he covered with newspaper, as the cold air cannot circulate.
The surest way never to have warm
dishes put in a refrigerator is to Invesl
In a vegetable or meat safe. The housekeeper who has always kept her hoi
soups, meats and desserts standing
round till they are cool, in constant
danger of flies and dust, will never
know true comfort until she indulges in
one  of   these   useful   contrivances.
They nre very simple in construction;
indeed, so simple that they may easily
be home-made, by any one with a
knack at carpentry. They are nothing
more than a plain wooden frame tilled
with wire netting and furnished with
shelves and a door. Sometimes they are
double, with an upper and lower compartment, and are made either to hang
or stand. The latter are found more
convenient,  as a  rule.
An ingenious bit of house-carpentering, planned and executed for a bit of a
house where room was v4, a high
premium, was a tiny refrigerator, which
was hidden away under a trap-door in
the kitchen, and was easily drawn np
Into place. Both trap-door and refrigerator were made air- and dust- aud
Loaf Cora Bread.   (By Request.)
TWO cupfuls of cornmeal and half
us    much    wheat    flour,    sifted
twice with a teaspoonful of salt
and two of baking powder.   Two
and a half cupfuls of milk.
Three eggs, whites and yolks beaten
One tablespoonful, each, of butter and
of white sugar.
Warm the butter and stir to a cream
with tho sugar; add tlie beaten yolks,
then the milk; finally, the flour and
meal, alternately with the whipped
whites of the eggs.
Beat for two minutes hara. pour into
a well-greased hakepan and bake half
un hour, covered, then brown.
Steamed Corn Bread.
Sift into a lavge bowl two cups of
cornmeal and one of flour, with two
tablespoonfuls of white sugar and a
teaspoonful of bakin*' soda, also a teaspoonful of salt. Mix all together with
thc hand, and hollo-.-/ the heap iu tlie
middle. Melt a tablespoonful of butter
and stir it into throe large cups of buttermilk, or of loppered milk. Beat this
into the flour and meal slowly, at first,
then hard for three minutes, to Insure
thorough mixing. Pour Into a greased
mould with a closely fitting top, set in
a pot of boiling water and keep it at a
steady boil for two hours.
Turn out on a plate and sot in the
oven for l]\e minutes to dry off. A soft
crust will form imon it, rendering cutting easier lhan if it had been sent directly to table.
In cutting corn bread hold the knife
perpendicularly and cut toward you,
slowly and carefully, not t - crush the
tender loaf.
Corn Meal Muffins.
Sift a rounded teaspoonful of soda
three times, with a teaspoonful of salt,
through two even cups of Indian meal.
Beat three eggs light, H*$ whites and
yolks separately. Whip into the yolks
a tablespoonful of sugar, stir into this
two large cups of buttermilk, add tho
prepared meal, beat hard tor a minute,
aud the stiffened whites, and till muffin
rings wilh the batter. Jake in a steady,
hot oven, covered, for ten minutes, then
xndian Meal Gems.
Sift into a large b*. three times, a
cupful of meal and half as much flour,
together with a rounded teaspoonful of
baking powder and hall a teaspoonful of
* salt. Whip three eggs light, whites and
yolks separately. Add the yolks to two
cups of sweet milk, stir in a tablespoonful of ] wdered sugar beaten to it
cream with a tablespoonful of warmed
butter. Now. put in the prepared meal,
gradually, boating hard all the time.
After live mi utes oi this sort of work,
the batter should he smooth and spongy.
Whip In the frothed whites, and pour
inlo greased and heated "gem-pans."
Bake, covered, in a quick oven for ten
minutes, uncover and brown.
Turn out upon a hot plate, covereu
with a beatea napkin, and send at once
to the table, as they scon fall. 33
I Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14.4100.000.      -      -
REST, $11,000,000
President���Lord f*T_tiiTHCO**A and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Uo.*1. Geoeoi A. DiiUMMOND.
General Manager���E. S. Cloustos.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Tranaaoted.
Winter Wear For
The Children.
No   need  for parents  in any   part of
the Slocan to send east ior tlieir
Children's wear,
��� ���
alma AMrtaon
Slocan flMnino TRcvlew.
 .     General Freighting
published every Thursday     ari(*j Transfer
8ul.BCrti.tion .2.00 per annum, Btrlctly   NCW   D-SIaVei*.   H.C*
lu advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnvanTl3iN() Rates:
ITotl ���:��������� ta Delinquent Owners - $13.0*3
fw Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
" Pur   ���*.-. of Land   -    7.W
" 1 lecuse i') (ut Timber 5.00
All loeali Bill be charged for at, the rate
of I5c. per line each iasue.
T.'ans'ont. rate, made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address ull Communication! and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
For January we will sell for Bpot cash
the following:
Granulated Sugar, 20 lb. sack $1.20
Conl oil, per case, 8.90
Coal oil, per gal. 50
4 uncks Bait 25
0 bars Hath snap 50
Kippered Herring, big can 15
Oruepo & Blnckwtlls pickets
Big Botilo 85
2 lb. packages Pcarline 25
Foval Yean Cakes, per box 5
Parlor Matches, 12 boxes 25
Wheat I lakes, Big prize pkg, 25
Make yourself familial with the
.���above rates and Save Trouble.
ce*htii*70Ate;of improvements.
Virginoa mineral claim, situate in the
Arrow L.\ke* Mining Division of Wont
Kootenay District. Whore located:
O.i KooakniiuX creek about 8 miles
trora its mouth.
Take notice that I, Samnol Walker,
ol Burton City, Free Miner'B Certificate
No. B.851.0,5, inleud ility days from
Ihe dale hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder ior a CorUficnto of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Gant of tho above claim.
And farther t��ke notice that action
under seelion 87, must bo commenced
before tho iesuAnce  of guch Certificate
oi Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of Nov. A.D. 1007
Pintrict of  Went Kootenay.
Take noiico that Andrew Wallace,
acting as agent for tha Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Silverton
B.C., Contractor, in tends!to apply for
permission to purchase tbe following
described lnnd: Conmencing at a post
p'anted on the east shore ol Slocan lake
about one milo south of Rosebery, and
maiked A. AV.'e south-west corner,
thenceeast 'about one chain to tho right
of way of tho Nakusp and Slocan railway
thence north 20 chains, along the rail-
nay to the shore of the lake, thence
southerly along tho lake shore to point
o' commencement, containing five acres
more or less,
November 12th, 1007.
Groceries S
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork ou haud.
Poultry, Game aad
Fish iu season,
Hermann Clever
Jwelle r and
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Bloean Land Dislrict���Distiict of
Tako notice that Sidney Yates Brock-
3**an, of New Denver, accountant,  intends to apply for permission to purchase the   following     described   land.
Commencing at ajoirt planted at  tho
N.E. corner ol lot 8101,  thence cast 80
cliains; ihence couth -10 chains; .thenc
weat���0 chains; thenco north   40  i'h*��in��
to point of commencement and contain-
ng 820 acres, more or less.
Sept. 24th 1807
My stock of CANNED GOOD3
is always Fresh, and -very customer receives honest value for
money spent.
Have you seen mv lino of Ladies Blouees
and the assortment of fancy goods
I am now display ing 7
Pav me a visit.
Repalra to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Mrs. Matheson, Kootenay Hotel
Slocan Land District���District of
West Koonenay.
Take notice that A. Owens of New
Denver, mill operator, intends to apply for permission to purchase the fol-
.owing described land:��� Commencing
at a post planted on the west shore of
Bloean Lake about oue half mile in a
southerly direction from Mill creek;
commencing at a post marked A. O. 's
S.E. corner post, thenco 20 chains west
thence 40 chains north, thence _0 chains
cast, thence 40 chains south to place
of commencement, containing 80 acres
more or less.
Dated at New Denver, Oct. Blstl 907.
Slocati'Land   District���District of
West  Kootenay.
Take notice thatfHenri Robt. Jorand,
rfjSlican, barrister, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
dOBoribcd land. Commencing at a post
planted at the north-cist comer of Lot
883, rthenco south 40 ohains; thenco
east 20 chains; tin nee north io clmins;
tbence'weBt Sodiums to pointof; ooir.-
mencement and containing 80 acres
more or lots.
Njvombur 10,_1007
Slccan Land District���District of
We**.t Kootenay,
Take noiico thftt Charles Clarkson
Rhodes, of Nelson, B.C., bonk keeper,
iiiUmls lo ap; 1; for permission to purchase tlie following disci Ibed land:
Commencing ut a post planted on the
enst In undnry of lot 382, at a point 40
chains smith of the nottli-raet corner
of Hai<l lot, thence soutli .0 chains;
thence oust 20 ohains; theme north 80
chaim, thence weet 20 chains lo point
of eiininienetn'nnt, and containing 1*80
acres, more or 1 ���>r*c.
November 18, 1107. 16-28
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree loxWs,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Local Salesman Wauled for
New Denver
And Adjoining District to repretent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right rise and age for British
Columbia planting. Orofcn on limestone roil; hardier and longer lived tban
coot trees.
A permanent sitnation, Territory re-
serred; Pay   weekly; Free outfit.
Writ* for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.O. Government.)
TORONTO       -      - ���      ONT.
Saniloo, B.C,
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail er your
own favorit*. lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always,
Overton, ��.<B.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers,
Spencer * prop
i_locan Land District���Diatrict of
West Kootmiay.
Take notice Ihat t' e Oiitario-"!locan
Lumber C>., Ltd., of Sloo-n, U.C.,
Lumbermen, intend lo apply fir a sp*-
,*i**l timber license over the fdluwing
described lands; Commencing nt a
p*!, p'anted directly oopomte tbe 17
mile board of theN,.t"B, ll.iiltvay and
on the smith ��ide of Bonanza creek and
marked "Oiitario-81oc*n Lumber Co.,
Ltd., N,E. corner," thence south 40
chains, tlience west 100 chain', "thence
north 40 clmins. thence east IHO chains,
to point of cuuiminc'ment sn I containing 640 acres more or lem and covering
tbo same ground formerly severed hy
Timber license No. 10.213.
December 4th, 1007.
Per 1). St. Denis, Agent.
..   Watch for sirring and  summer
samples   about  February
��� > 1st, from
��� -
|i Tlie Crown Tailoring
I   Co., Toronlo, Ont.
Every suit guaranteed.
Pond .our order early to
jr  -**3_Ka^3Eae**S3S!3MS_Hr__
***************** ****** * %
Funnrmli conducted on ftbort
iiottc* ��-t nny point In tho *li��-
trlct.    Bbclli iliT.iyi in Hock,
fl& flDcllean, E^vm
District of WeBt Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John D. Reid, of
Slocan City, B.C., prospector, intends
Inayply for permission lo purchase the
following described land:
Commencing at a post near Ten Mila
Creel., Lot 8428, about 403 feet south
of post marked "J.D.K." running south
20 chains, enst, 20 chains, nmth 30
chains, west 20 chains to point of ciom-
Dated S-.pt. 30th, 1907.
J. 1). REID.
Colin J. Campbell
Notary Public
PHONE 2. P.O. COX 10
*       i*or tlie Lough tuat Keeps You Awake Nights and       II
'"' . ft
;;; Bothers You All Day as Well f I
��� *-isr-��w-wsf   <r AA
For the Cough that Keeps Y'ou Awake Nights and
And at prices Ihat will Buit you.
If you live in New Denver, call and
inspect my dock. If you live at Slocan,
Silrertoti, Rosebery, Nakusp, Three
Forks or Sandon, drop me a line, we
can certainly do business together.
It is'a
simple,   harmless
very successfully here for years.
'.************* ****************A******* _
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place In
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling: public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desire3. Facing tha
glorious Slocan Lako, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier arid enow clad peaks may bo witnessed at all
times from the ve:*ands. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch sit. disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
Bloean Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice Ihat Clare Lilian Drewry,
of Nelson, B.C. intends to apply for
permission to rurchase tho following
described lands: Commencing at a
pout planted Bt the S.W. cornerof lot
8852, thence south 20 chains, thence
cast 40 chains, thence north 20 chains
thence west 20 chains, containing 1*0
Nov. 28th, 1907.
Slocan Land District���District of
West K* otenay
Take notice that Henry Allen McMillan, of Nelson B.C., occupation rancher,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the fullowiug described lai ds.
Commencing at a post on th. S.W.
corner of lot lot 7388, thence north 40
chains, thence went 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains, theme er.st 30 chains,
to point of commencement, containing
80 acres.
Nov. '.-Stli, 1907,
profc00ional CarDs*
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Mine
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
rV'f'TTT^'frTTVT'l'Vv1?'!*'&��� *TfTTf#TTTTYT#T'
ieneral Merchant   - -   New Denver
Is ofierinp good values in Men's underwear, in Pen-Ancle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands, also shirts of
various kinds, some specialities for miner,, and men in logging camps, gloves, mitt**, socks in lin-jL-e variety, collars, ties,
sweaters, overalls, blankets nnd comforters.
Call and inspect our stock ; it will be appreciated.
-A..   O. OstToy
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block   :   New Denver, B.C.
P. O. Box 87.
For these "who   could    not get
away during the bu3y holiday
season, we reccomend
This far-famed sanitarium with
its sulphur springs and accomodation is JUST THE PLACE to
build up and get a fresh start.
This company operates through
standard sleeping  cars, dining
cars, and First Class Tourist
Uo-w�� c3c I-Iq.11
Capitalization (30,000
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Ootaido points euppliod regularly.
H. S. NELSON  -    -   Proprietor.
First-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to mako your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
VI )3>Mnu-1 ta\y%WeatWaataWaat\a%ataata^
,A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
Ladies' Dress 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown     50c
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Pnt up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
Wc guarantee its Strength and Purity,
ftuiiu ay t*ib
New York Brewery
For rates, Reservations or any
information desired, call on, or
E, J. Coyl��, A.G.P.A.
Johx Moj, D.P.A., Nelson.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Eicellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
enver (inter Co.
C*-n supply you with all kinds of CAKES, COOKIES and smnll alulls for Parties or At Homes at
short notice. When you order your BIRTHDAY
CAKE have it made to contain a aterliiij; silver cako
B>*t. Tiiis affords enjoyment for the young folks as
well as for adults.
Box 44
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, aisd
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake
A. OWENS, Manager
M. Box 20.
Slocan Land District���District of
Weet Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Marion  Mclnnta,
Angai Mclnnes, agent, ol New Denver,
spinster, intend to apply for perminion
to purchase   the  following   described
land:    Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west corner  of  lot 3,500
G.I., Kootenay district, tbence weit SO
chains, thenco south  30 chains, theme
rant 20 chains,  tbence north 20  chains
to the place of .commencement Containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated November 23r.l, 1007.
A. Mclnnes, Agent.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Roy Black, of New
Denver, miner, intendn to apply for per*
mleiion to piirchaee the following described land. Commencing at a post
planted on tho shore of .locan lake one
mile north of New Denver at the west
b 'Uiidary of tho Molly Hughes group of
mineral claims; thence northerly 20
chains, thence weet 40 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence ea-t along the
shore of .Slucan lake to point of commencement and c* in tain ing 40 sens mo:e
or less.
December 10, 1C07
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay,
T��l e notice that Martha Ann Smith
of N**w Denver, B.C., married woman,
intends lo apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a pout planted on tbe
no.th boundary of timber lease 435,
near the Nukuip and Slocnn Ry., Mar-
th*. Ann Smith S.E, corner plvnl-d on
tin* north boundary of timber lea^o 435
and at the south Wist corner of timher
li.nii which wns numbered 8G73, thence
north GO chain*., thence west 10 ohsitls
more or has to th<\ east I onndary of
BeitliaWiaggn appl'oation to puronase
Ihence south t>0 chains tu ths north
boundary of timber louse 486, tu��ni*o
Enst 10 chains more or loss to iho pl.ice
of commencement and conlainin*,, GO
acres nioie or lens.
Decern" er-9th, r_07,
-J. B. Sini'li, eg��.nt-,
J^-inch to i% inch, also ^-inch
Galvanized Pipe.
J4,  Y*i  aud    ^_ Brass Pipe and
Fittings for Launches.
Rubber Packing Always Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks, L/ead traps, etc., etc.
Denver Waterworks
Company, Ltd.
Slocan Land District���District of
Weit   Koolcnny.
Take notice that I, Andrew Jacobson,
agent for J. E. Brniise, of New Denvtr,
physician, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
land: Commencing at a post where
lot 8096 intersects **-ith lot 485 snd
marked J.K.II/s N.K. corner poit
thenc* -outh 15 chains, thence eait *I0
chains, thence south 20 clmins, thenc*
W< a'* SO chains thence north 25 chains
more or lo.s (o thr> boundary of lot 8006
G.I., theNCO eait 80 chains more or less
to tin cornerof lot 8006, thence norlh
10 chains, tin nee eaBt 10 chains to Hie
pointof commencement, containing 200
acroti more or le^s. 'Iho laud ii rituatfl
about ?._ of a mile from the head of Slocan lake.
Dated November 32nd, 1007.
J. 80, Andrew Jacobs***", Agetit,
"Companies Act, 1897."
Cnnarbi, )
Province ot British Columbia. )
No 420.
This ia to certify that "The Weitmcnt
Silver Mining Cniip.iny Limited" is
authorised anl licensed to carry on
businc-s within the province of British
Columbia, and to carry out or effect
all or any of tli�� objects of the C mipany
to which the legislative authorityof tho
Legislature o( British Columbia extends,
The head office of the Company is
situate at the City of Toronto, Province
of Onturio.
The amount of the c.-pital of tho company is sixtv thourjiind ilollars, divi.led
into sixty thousand shares of on. dollar
The head oflico of the campany in
this province is situate at Slocnn City,
and II,R. Jorand, Harrieter at law,
whore address ii Slocan City aforesaid,
i�� the uttoinev for tho Compuny.     ~*^
Given under my hnnd and seal of office at Victoria, province of Britisli
Columbia, til's twenty-third d��y of Ds-
eembrr, one thousand nine hundred aud
so von.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies'
Tbe objects fir which thla company
has been established and li-ensod are;���
(s.) To acquire, own, leaso, prospector, open, exolnre, develop, work,
improve, maintain, and manage
ininot und mineral lands and deposits, and to dig fir, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyse, reduce, amalgamate, pipe, cntiYey, mid otherwise treat
ores, metals or minerals whether he-
longing io tlie company or n^t, ami to
render the samo merchantable, and to
sell or otherwise dispose of the eauie or
any pnrt thereof or interest therein, and
(b.) 'Io take, acquire and bold aa
consideration for ore��, metals or minerals Buhl or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for Work done by
contract or otherwise, share**, debentures or other securities of or in any
other company having objects similar
iu whole or in p.irt to tho��o of tbo company hereby incorporated and t*i s-11
and otherwise di.po-e of the same.
Bio-ail Land District���District of
West Kootenay. ���
Take notice that Jamea McVicar, o
Slocan City, miner, intends to apply
for permission to purch.se the following
described Undst Commencing at a
post planted 400 feet from N.E. covner
of lot 309, II. D. Curtis owner, claiming
9 chains oast, thence 30 chains south
thonce 4 chains west, tbence 30 chains
north to pointof commenctnen..
Jamos McVicar, agent,
John Wafer, locatjr.
December 7, 1007.
Kaalo Laud District���Diatrict of
West Kootenay,
Take notice that George Honder-on,
of Slocan, B.C., rancher, intends to apply for a special timber lleenso over
the fo'lowing described lands: Commencing at a post planted on Gout
creek about 2 miles easterly from thn
N.E. corner of Lot 7181, thence enst 120
chains, Ihence eouth 80 ehatns, tlience
west 40 chains thenco north 40 chains,
thence went 80 chains, thence north 40
cliains to tho point of commencement,
Riid containing 040   acres more or  lesd
November 19, 1907.
A -me-Mi-tr of the stockholders of the
Siar Mining and Milling Co., Ltd,, Ltv.,
will be h'ld at tho office of tho Company
at Snndon,  B.C..  on  the third d��y of
February, 1908, at. 10 o'clock, a.m. for
lhe purpose of elootiiiffa board of Directors for the ensuing-year and transacting other business.
_,'_.���,      t, .-, President,
Sftidnn. B.C..
���  Dceeiuber 30, 1007,


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