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Slocan Mining Review 1908-05-14

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Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources an,d Large
Fruit   growing   Area  iu   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Printed in New Deuver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 38   Vol. 2.
St James
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, May 14, 1908.
Mrst-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier thin hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
Scture on Fish Culture.
Bev. G.   W.  Taylor,  of  the  Erinsh
Columbia Biological Society, of Welling
suggested that lhe matter be opened
up fully witb the mtml er of parliament.
He believed that ultimately the Dominion Government would take over all
fisheries and appoint a resident inspec
ton, Vancouvei'lsland, deliveredaveTy | .^._wirtl'. ^J,",ly'.?tt_*? tlie  preaent
__J A. Jacobson. Prop., NeW Denver, B.C.
LADIES!    Let   me do
your Baking in the Hot Weather.
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
NOTICE is herebv given (bat at lhe
expiration nf 30 days I intend to apply
to thi'Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoiia, for a renewal of my license
for the Newmarket Hotel, New Denver,
B C, from July 1st to December 81st,
May 7th, 1908,
NOTICE is hereby -riven that at the
expiraitun of 80 tlays I intend to apply
to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for the St. .lames Hotel, New Dinver,
B.C , from July let to December 81st,
May 7th, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 110 tlays I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoiia, for a icnewal of my licenee
for the Selkirk Ilo'el, Silverton, B.C ,
from July 1st lo December 31st, 11)08.
May 7th, 1908.
NOTICE is bereliy given that at the
expiration ol 30 days I Intend to apply
to the .Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for the Windsor Hotel, Silveiton, H.C,
from July 1st to December 8Ut, iikis.
May 7th, I90S.
NOTICE Is hereby given Hiatal the
expiration of 80 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Pol
ice, Victoria, for a renewal of mv license
for the Victoria Hotel, Silverlon, B.C.,
from July lit to December 31 at, 1008,
Mas. A. CABBY.
May 7th, 1908. *
Slocan Lund District���District of West
Take notice that Oie. S-'laattehrek, of
New Denver, Miner, i.ituiuls to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described land:   Commencing at a post
filanled about 4 miles from Knterpii-e
anding on Ten mile creek, near W. E.
Koch's old saw-mill. O. S.'s fl. E.
corner post, thence nonh 10 chain*,
thence west 10 cliains, Ihence north 10
chains, theme west ll) chains, tlience
ii**Mi 20 chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence east 40
cliains to the point, ol couinieiiceiiien',
and containing U0 acres more or less.
April 20th, 1908.
NOTICE i- hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days 1 intend to apply
ti i lie Supoiintcndeiit. of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license,
fur the Rose her y Hotel, Rosebeiy, l>.C,
from July let to D comber 31st, '1908
May 7tb, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby given that at. the
expirati in of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, font renewal of my licenne,
for the Slo-an Hotel, ThreeForks, B.C.,
from July 1st to December 31st, 11)08.
May 7th, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, tn* a renewal of my license
for the Basin Hotel, Ailington Ba��in,
B.C., from July 1st to December 81st,
May 7ih, 1908.
Take noiice that I, Harry La Brash,
of Nakusp, intend applying to lbe
Superintendent of Provincial Police,
at the expiration of one month, from
date hereof, for a renewal of my hotel
license for the premises known as the
Hotel Grand, at Nakusp.
Dated April 30lh, 1008,
Slocan Land Dislrict���District of
West Kootenay.
Take   notice    Ihat    Clara   Gertrude
Sp.oner, of Nelson,   B.C.,  married woman, intends to apply   for   permission
to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
noith east corner of Lot 8784 Group 1
Kcoteiiay,    tlience   south    20   cliains,
tin nee cast 20  chains,  tbence north   20
chains  ihence   west 20 clmins  to  the
point, of commencement and containing
40 acres more or lets.
Win. H. Courtenny, agent.
April 13th, 1903, Jv2
Slocan Lind  District���District  of West
Take notice that G. Provost, of Ontario, farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the norlh branch of Lemon
creek, and 20 chains east of lot 9, tlience
west 20 chains, tlience nortb 80 chains,
ttiouce east 20 chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement.
April 22ud, 1908.
Jyl F. Pr.vost, agent
Emporium Mineral Claim situate in
tlie Slocan Mining Division of Wist
Kootenav Di trict. Where located:
On I'ayne gulch adjoining the Mercury
Mineral claim.
Take notice Unit I, Wm. S. Drewry,
acting as agent for Win. H. Yawkey.
F.M.C. No. B4908, Win. H. Yawkey,
Cyrus Yawkev, and Augusta Lytba
Austin, F.M.C. Nn, B496I), executors of
the W. C. Yawkey estate, and John D.
Fanell, Erie Miner's Ceililicate No.
1117581. intend 60 dnys from the date
hereof, to apply to milling recorder for
a certificate of improvements, fir tlio
purpose of obtaining a Crown Cirant ol
the above claim.
And further lake notice that action,
under section 87, must b�� commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 23*d day of Apiil, A.D. 1908.
Jc25 W, S, DHEWKY.
interesting lecture to a fa|r sized
audience at 1 lie Bloean Hospiial, New
Denver, on TurFtlay last. The rev.
gentleman arrived tlie same day from
Kasl. where be bad been delivering a
simi'ar lecture.
He began by apo'ogizing for his  lardy arrival, and explained that a lecent
illness  has disarranged  his   itinerary,
alter which be took up the no t important matter of restocking Slocan Lake.
It was tlie lecturer s  belief that   this
eould  he   best achieved   through   the
medium of a hatchery.   He explained
that the department might nstock with
varieties ol lisli, which, while maturing
in due course, would not propognte, and
that was thc end desired.     Ila  advocated  a   hatchery    for    the  very  good
reason that the (isb whicli   were  habitants of onr  lake,   bred,   spawned,   and
when  niatiirid,  stayed   with  us,  and
consequently, tie h i al sicciisof sal
mon and trout should  be given every
opportunity   to  multiply,      Tills  lake
was not  land'ocked and other varieties
of .lie trout family  might migrate in
natural  order to    the sea.      For the
guidance of angleis he mentioned  that
the salmon  carries  14 rays  upon   the
anal fin, whilst trout showed but eleven.
This  was   infallible    in  all spo.ics  of
tbe respective families.
He  had not seen any  fi-di  from   our
waters, but he  promised  to  return in
Au_ust next,  when be- hoped to ascertain more about them and their habits.
The  rev. gentleman has  made his sublet a   life's   study,  and    for thirteen
years lie bus been endeavoring to  per-
sua'e tbe Dominion   Government   to
establish   a biological   station   in  tho
province.     He explained   that  on  an
average]a female salmon laid 4,000 eegs,
and if two firh from  that number  matured it was   well   np lo  the average.
He st or-gly  deprecated  tlie   Importation of f.ieign  li-h   for  the reasons
mentions', ns it bad been  proven   that,
varie.i s, such as black bass, might mature; but tlieir usefulness won! I end at
tiiat.    He was told  that the lake contain! tl  a species of   whitefish, but he
could not classify it without inspection,
as (heie were  four  varieties  known   in
B.C.   Undoubtedly Slocan  held   land-
lockel Ilih, but there wit' a  specie:)  of
si a Siilmon which came up and spawned
in May. ' Landlocked fish spawned  in
November.     He    would    present   the
matter to tlie Fiehery Commission, bul
lie said   nothing  would  b     done  until
after his   visit   iu  August,   and    he
inspector, and thus the delay occasioned
by vexat:ous appeal tu Ottawa would
be obviated.
B.f ne conclu ling bo expressed himself as delighted with the charms of
New Denver and the surrounding grandeur, antl thanked the T.I.S. for a book
of views whicli bad been handed to him.
The lecturer left *_*.>'. Wednesday fir
Vanco* bunds an,' .here he will proceed in'a r_'.*lifi!l,_ ...Ottawa.
From a Correspondent.
Single Copies 5c.
From our Corn spontlent.
Saturday night, May the 9th, will
lung be remembered bv at least a number of Nakusp men, for on that night
was installed a Lodge of ihu Knights of
PythiHS. A number cf jolly Knights
ariived from New Denver, aud the tug
"Piper" arrived about eleven o'clock
at night with twenly-flve Arrowhead
Knights. A sumptuous banquet was
served by Mrs. McKittrick. of the Leland Hotel, to which full justice was
���lone. The following are the officers of
Nakusp lodge K. of P.. No. 42:
J. A. Dorigal, C.C.: L. P McDougald,
V.C.: J. S. Morrison, P. ; R. Dav, M. W.;
It. Abbie, K.R S.; F. W. Jordan, M.E.;
L. J. Edwaids, M.F.j S.J. Harlow,
I. G.;F. Atkinson, O. fi.; L. F. McDougald, F. W. Jordan, L. J. Edwards,
and J.   A.   Dong ill.   Past  Chancellors.
L. ,T. Edwards left on Monday lo attend lhe Grand L'ldge at Victoria.
Mr. R. Clark left for Victoria this
week. Dick'* vocal selec.ions will be
greatly missed
The body of Win. McDevitt, who was
lost in a snowslide lust Xmas at Bur-
tun, was found on Saturday last. So
fur the bodv of the other man lost has
not been discovered.
Tlie C P.R. ways present a busy
appearane** just now. A new beige is
being built. Tlie str. Kootenay is also
pulled out, and the lug Adam Hall is
out for repair**.
The football boys are eel ting in shape
for their game at, Hew Denver on May
25th,   A crowd will follow lhe gang.
Mr. Tho*. Abriel, the man who sells
the land that growthe big red apple
bas a number of Indians at work clearing land.
Mr. A. C. Yoder, froiuiindsley Bros,
'Spokane, has arrived in town to take
charge of the pile yard again.
Mrs. L. J. Edwards and Mis. Walter
Scott have Ielt for a trip to the  coast
Mr. Clns. Elil has pit in a soda
fountain. So bring on your girls, boys,
and Charlie will put  up the  real  stuff.
eneral Merchant   - -   New Denver
Is otTering goo.l values in Men's underwear,  in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands,  also shirts jf
various kinds, ionic specialities for miners and men in  lagging camps, gloves, milts, socks in large variety, collars, tie
sweaters, overalls, blankets and comforters. X
Call md inspect our stock ; it will boappieciated. i
The Miners' Union Hall, Sandon, was
the scene of a very pleasant evening on
Friday tlte 8tii intt., tbe occasion being
a Conceit arranged by lhe members of
the Presbyterian Church. There was
an audience of about eighty, and taking
into conslderat'on the small population
of SanJou at the present time this was
very creditable. Owing, unfortunately,
to the dale clashing with tbe lodge
night of the .Oddfellows, many were prevented from attending. Some of the
boys  were in  fiom the Eureka mine,
Among a very gootl program 'pedal
credit is due to Mrs. Towgood, who is
pjBMSsed of a very pleasing eoprano
voice, and lhe audience were awarded
a treat in hearing "A May Mornin**."
A p'anoforte duet by Mr��, Towgood aud
Mrs. Fingland, a duet by Mre. White
and M'S. Towgood, the former lady
having an a'to voice of gnat merit, ami
a duet by Mre. Robinson and Mrs.
Towgood were much appreciated.
Mrs.    Jas.    Thompson     was    very
euicrtiiiiiiiig in her recital ions  and .ever.,! of  lhe  audience  were n.ticed to
wipe aaay surrept tious tears during her.
able portrayal uf " Shamus O'Brien."
Mrs.   R'ibiiis.in  gave a very   pleasing!
item "The Dear Homeland" in a singn- *
larly sweet voice.     Mre.  Fingland deserves great   praise   from   all   for her
indefatigable accompanying, which left
nothing to be desired.
Amongst the gentlemen, Mr. Angell,
the well-known comic singer from New
Denver, was once again the star of.the
evening, and was enthusiastically te-
ceived by an audience who discerned his
groat talent. Mr. Wells (as a female
character) in a vocal effjit received
great applause. Mr. Jackson eang in
his usual accomplished manner and received well merited encores. "Sweet
antl Low" as a trio by Mrs. White, Mrs.
Towgood, and Mr. Gifford was deservedly
praised. Mr. Towgood recited "A Bumpkin's Coiiitship" id his usual Inimitable
manner, and for an encore gave a recitation of home production, relating what
the baby thought of Pa. (We should
not care to vouch for what baby thinks,
but certainly can for Ma) Mr. Pemberton gave a solo for which he received an
enoore, and a recitation which caused
much mirth.
A vmy pleasant evening was brought
to a clo*?o by a few words from Mr.
Chalmeis, lhe Presbyteiianpastor, after
which we ate and said a grace to ourselves for the gootl things kindly provided by the ladies.
A vote of thanks is here accoided to
Mr. Gilford for tlie able manner in
which be performed the offices of chairman.
Silverton Gossip.
Mr. John Grant left here a few davs
ago for Vancouver, where he in'ends
spending a few weeks holidays.
The post card fever whicli has been
raging in Silverton for some weeks
pi.-t, regisleied 103 Jegreos one day last
week. Had it increase! a few mme
degrees ne would likely be reporting a
death in this issue.
Sandy Cameron is spending some
da.vs in Silverlon, at lhe Windsor Hotel,
lie still continues to be a strong advocate of '"The John Burns' Administration."
The Silverton wharf, which was damaged some time ago by a barge, is under course of repairs, directed by
Mcl'hersni's bridge carpenters.
Corroboration Is Anxiously
Goming to Hunt Grizzly.
In a few days there will arrive from
Medina, Ohio, a party of Bportsmen
who are going np Wi'son creek in search
of bear. Tliey will come fully prepared
(or a montli in the bills. All tlio com
iiiissiiriat and transport arrangements
are being complete I satisfactorily by
B. N. Giok of New Denver.
A monster silver-tip was shot by
Donald McCallum three miles up the
north fork of Carpenter creek last
Monday. It is said to be the largest
hide in the country.
| Our recently inaugurated school is
maintaining its average, and good  pro-
i grew is being made under the capable
direction of Mis. Bert McNaught. A
closing exercise is in course of preparation for lho evening prior to summer
Doughs Lay, manager of the Vancouver
mine, returned Monday. P. Fo'.hergill,
accountant, has also returned from the
Sendy Wood has been spending a few
days at Snndon.
XV. J. Twiss, provincial manager for
the Mutual Lifolnstiraiice Co., was looking up bis agents here, Tuesday, leaving
lor New Denver same day.
Fr. Jeannotte is following his usual
spring custom of cultivating his two
gardens. We saw the venerable pere
this week, attired as a ht_yseed, giving
old sixty to refractory weeds. He iia-i
now two of the best orchards in town.
Dan Macdonald is now reporteJ to be
lining nicely, and begs to thank enquirers
Soliuitou. for his health.
Messrs. Beames and Wells ppent a
day in town as guests of Fr. Jeannotto.
Dan Brandon is beautifying the exterior and interior of the Selkirk hotel,
a sure sign of prevailing pro-speiity.
Peter McLaren returned to town this
week after visiting optical specialists in
Spokane antl Vancouver. Wo regret to
report th.it Mr. McLaren has suffered
the loss of an eye, sustained through a
piece of steel entering it whilst lollowing
bis vocation as a miner. Pete rejulC'S
at being in the company of sympaihelic
friends once more.
Silverton is holding its own as a resort
for anglers. The Pitt boys, following
primeval methods, secured enough tiout
this week to supply all the hotels sev-
eial days.
More men have been put to work at
the Buffalo.
Five men arc working at the Hewitt
Owing lo the roads being in bad shape,
lhe Standard mine's shipments of ore
have been below the average the past
mouth. Ten cars of oi\* now await
Slocan Miners,
Of course you are coming to the celebration I
r 1
Slocan Fruit Lands
Cheapest Best Earliest
We have them in large and small
blocks,   in   every  portion of the district
at all prices.    Write me for particulars*
Piilma Angrinon has secured the contract for bringing down ore from the
Hewitt to tlu wharf.
J. II. McCaulay, of H13 Standard
mine, paid a visit to New Denver on
Tuestay. Ho contemplates a trip to
P. E. I. in June.
Mr. Archie McKacbern, win has
been employed at Hunter's mill, is stay
ing at the Windsor Hotel.
Mr. William Perry, of the Crawford
Tram Co., who has been here fir the
past two weeks completing the Hewitt
tram, returned to Nelson on Monday
Everybody is talking celebration,
wliich will take place on July 1st.
Chas. McNichol is repairing the wagon
road from the Hewitt mill to Silverton,
and it is now in fine shape, but the
same cannot be said of the wagon road
between the mill and lhe Vancouver
The dancers in town are glad lo learn
that a bop will be given at New Denver
after the Dramatic entoitaimncnt. We
shall all be there.
Mrs. Oavtln is enjoying a visit from
her mother and broiher.
Jack McKinnon is doing work on hie
property on L"uinon Creek.
Work litis begun again on the Ncep-
ewa.   Ed. Shannon is iii charge.
Tho boys of Silverton, under the
captaincy of Bert McNaught, are training for lho football match at New Denver oil the 85lh.
All the gardens are finished for the
year, and lliey look better than over.
Cleaning up " Bee
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
ire * to
A general cleaning up "Bee" wi'l
commence on Saturday next. Hermann
Clever is out first with the offer of his
team for a mouth, and ail others owning
teams and those willing to help aie
requested to line up and give a baud iu
clearing the streets of the rocks and
stones wliich are au eyesore to our fair
town.   Let's all get in and do our share.
The Nelson Daily  News published a
statement under reserve yesterday to
the e.'lect that the long awaited decision of the U. S. Supreme Court in ths
matter of fluty on  zinc ores crossing
from Canada has been given.   If, as is
suggested   ly the News,  sulphide of
zinc is im:' dutiable, there will be great
rejoicing   by  the mine owners of the
Slocan.   The zinc ore which has heretofore been produced in B.C. has been
marketed chiefly in the United States,
at Pueblo, Colo, and  several points in
Kansas, a quantity  having  also been
shipped to Europe.    At  the present
moment there is no  Canadian market
for tho product; the smelter at Frank
never  rising above the experimental
stage, and the Canada Zinc Co. 's electrical plant being yet in course of con-
stuction.     There are  various   causes
that    have    militated    against    the
shipment of crude zinc and the milled
article to Europe, the chief being that
the smelters there contract for large
quantities of ore a long time ahead,
and a long delay is caused by shipping.
The Americans   have  the advantage
that they receive their entire ore suii-
ply by rail, and they puchnse from a
multiplicity of small mines from weel,
to week, and the business is in all respects far simpler than with the European smelters.   Through the tactics of
bulls and bears,  the London price of
zinc is invariably a little  lower than
the American price, so it will be seen
there are solid reasons for desiring the
removal of 20 per cent,  ad volorem on
zinc blende.
In 1905 there was produced in the
Slocan 13,820 tons of ore, averaging
42 p c zinc, ami as most of this waa
shipped to Iota or Pueblo, the trine*
owners of that district, fearful lest the
better class of ore coming fiom the
Slocan should seriously affect their
market, stiffened their hacks and talked
"duty." Up toto that time zinc was
classified as calamine, which was duty
free. Ca'ainine includes both the carbonates and both the silicates of zinc,
although the U S. Treasury Department .
and the Board of Appraisers, 15 months
ago, ruled to the contrary, nnd that
ruling has just been tested by the
smelters who desire British Columbia
W. R. Ingalls, the greatest authority
on zinc extant, has conservatively estimated that, when the necessary facilities have been provided, Slocan and
Aiasworth are capable of producing
30,000 tons of blende per annum of an
average zinc content of 50 per cent.
This would correspond to a spelter production of upwards of 13,000 tons, or
approximately four times the present
consumption of the Dominion.
The Slocan is at this moment suffering a nervous strain, which will continue until corroborative news of the
rendering of the Supreme Court is received. As a matter of fact there are
hundreds of thousand.*, of tons of zinc
lying upon Slocan dumps owned by the
poor prospector and tho wealthy gorgon,
Brockman Buys Vanstone's
Fruit Land.
Another d al of fruit land was made a
few days ago, antl once again a loea
man has invested in local land wliich is
well-known cannot be surpassed in tlie
province. Ths purchase of SloCfln lauds
at a substantial figure hv a man who
hss been in tlie district for many yours,
and win) knows the OOllntiyS fl'llit
growing possibilities, its climate, and its
other advan'ages, should act as an incentive to prospective land purchasers
from oiiUide points to onqtiiio more
fully into tlie opportunities awaiting
them. This is the second Instance to be
recorded within a few weeks of a practical local demonstration of faiih iu the
fertility of Slocin land,
Sydney Y. Urockman has purchased
outright for c.ish nt *B20 an acre, tho
Vanstone iamb at Rosebery, There
are two to three acres now under cultivation, and the icmaiuder will be
cleaned up and planted to fruit.
Sljcan Land District���Distiict of West
Take notioe that Eli Lolonde, of Ontario, farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a poat
planted on the nortli side of Lemon
Creek 1 4 miles west of tho flrot north
fork of Lemon creek, thence north 40
chains, (hence east 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains to Lemon creek, thence
west 40 clmins following I^emon creek
to point of commencement.
April 18, 1009.
Frank Provost, agent.
Fire at Sandon Destroys Home
The home of Geo. Waite at Sandon
was destroyed by fire on Wednesday
night. The alarm was tuned in at 7.45
and at 8.30 nothing but the shell remained. Two hoses were attached to
to the hydrants, one near the burning
building and the other near the post
office, but although a few of the personal effects of the occupants were
saved, the major portion of the home
was destroyed. The origin of the outbreak is unknown, but we understand
some insurance is carried. Mr. Waite
is at present engaged upon the detective force of the Vancouver police, but
his wife and family were residing at
the cottage at the time of the fire.
The family will move to Vancouver as
soon as the insurance is adjusted. The
adjoining building was saved. �������������
��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans,"
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc
There was a fresh grave made in
the churchyard nnd another chair vacant at the cottage, when Maddy was
, at last alone. Unfettered by care
and anxiety for sick ones, her aching
heart wns free to go out after the
loved ones over the sea. go to the elm
shaded mansion she had heard described so olten, and where now two
brides were busy with their preparations for the bridal hurrying on so
fast. Since the letter read in thc
smoky October woods, Maddy had not
heard from Guy directly, though Lucy
had written since, a few brief lines,
telling how happy she waB, .how
strong she was growing, and how
much like himself Guy was becoming. Muddy Hud been less than a
woman if the last intelligence hud
failed to affect her unpleasantly, She
did not wish Guy to regret his decision ; but to be forgotten so soon nfter so strong protestations of affection
vas a little mortifying, and Maddy's
heart throbbed painfully as she read
the letter, half hoping it might prove
the last she should receive from Lucy
Atherstone. Guy had left no orders
for any changes to be made at Aikenside; but Agnes, who was largely imbued with a love of bustle and repair, had insisted that at least the
suite of rooms intended for the bride
should be thoroughly renovated with
new paper and paint, carpets and
furniture. This plan Mrs. Noah opposed, for she guessed how little Guy
would cam Ior the change; but Agnea
was resolved, and as she had great
faith in Maddy's taste, she insisted
that she should go to Aikenside and
pass her judgment upon the improvements. It would do her good, she
said���little dreaming how much it
cost Maddy to comply with her
wishes, or how fearfully the poor,
crushed heart ached, as Maddy went
through the handsome rooms fitted
up for Guy's young bride; but Mrs.
Noah guessed it all, pitying so much
the white-facet} girl, whose deep
mourning robes told the loss of dear
ones by death, but gave no token of
that great loss, tenfold worse than
"It was wicked in her to fetch you
here," she said to Maddy one day
when in Lucy's room she lound her
sitting upon the floor with her head
bowed down upon the window sill.
"But, law, she's a triflin' tMng, and
didn't know 'twould kill you, poor
child, poor Maddy I" and Mrs. Noah
laid her hand kindly on Maddy's
hair. "Maybe you'd better go home,"
she continued, as Maddy made no reply- , ,  ,
"No, Mrs. Nonh," and Maddy s
voice was strangely unnatural as she
lifted up her head, revealing a laeo
so haggard and white that Mrs. Noah
was frightened, and asked in much
alarm if anything new had happened.
"No, nothing; I was going to say
that I'd rather stay a little longer
where there are signs and sounds of
life. I should die to be alone at Hone-
dab to-morrow. I may die here. Do
you know that to-morrow will be
the bridal?"
Yes, Mrs. Noah knew it; but she
hoped it might have escaped Maddy's
"Poor child," she said again, "poor
child, I mistrust you did wrong to
tell him no."
"Oh, Mrs. Noah, don't tell me thatj
don't make it harder for me to bear.
The Tempter has been telling me so
all day, and my heart is so hard and
wicked I cannot pray as I would. Oh.
you don't know how wretched I am!"
and Maddy hid her face in the broad,
motherly lap, sobbing so wildly that
Mrs. Noah was greatly perplexed how
to act, or what to say.
Years aeo, she would have spurned
the thought thnt the grandchild of
the old man who had bowed to his
own picture should be mistress of
Aikenside: but she had changed since
then, and could she have had her
way, she would hnve stopped the marriage, nnd, brintring her boy home,
have given him to the young girl
weeping so convulsively in her lap.
But Mrs. Nonh could not have her
way. The bridnl guests were, even
then, assembling in thnt home beyond
th. sea. She could not cnll Guy bnck,
, and so Rhe pitied and caressed the
wretched Muddy, saying to her at last:
"I'll tell you whnt is impressed on
my mind; this Lucy's got the consumption, without nny kind of doubt,
nnd if you've no objections to a widower,  you  mny "
She did not finish the sentence,
for Maddy stnrted in horror. To her
there wns something murderous in
the very idea, nnd she thrust it quickly nside. Guy Remington was not
for her. she said, and her wish was
to forget him If she could get
through the dreaded to-morrow, she
should do better. There had been a
load upon her the whole dav, a nightmare she could not shake off, and she
had come to Lucy's room in the hope
of leaving her burden there, of praying her pain nway. Would Mrs. Noah
leave her a while, and see that no one
The good woman could not refuRe,
and going out, she left Maddy bv
the window watching the sun as it
went down and then watching the
wintry twilight deepen over the landscape, until nil things were blended
together in one grent darkness, and
Jessie found her at last fainting upon
the floor.
Maddy was glad of the rackine headache which kept her in her bed the
whole oi the next dny, glad of any
excuse to stay away from the family,
talking���all but Mrs. Noah���of Guy,
and whnt wns transpiring in Kngland.
They had tailed to remember the difference in the longitude of the two
places; but Mnddy forgot nothing,
and when the clock struck four, flhe
called Mrs. Noah to her and whispered, faintly:
"They were to be married nt eight
in the evening. Allowing for possible delayR, it's over before this, and
Guy is lost forever!"
Mrs. Noah had no consolation to
offer, and only pressed the hot, feverish hands, while Mnddy turned her
face to the wall nnd did not speak
ngain, except to whisper incoherently
as she hnlf slumbered, half woke:
"Did Guy think of me when he
promised to love her. and can he see
ho__( ._nise_rah_.�� I aaai"
Mar.**.- wus infl-ed passing through
deep waters, and that night, the fourth
of December, the longest, the dreariest she ever knew, could never be
forgotten. Once past, the worst was
over, and as the rarest metal fo purified bj fire, so Maddy came troi*.
the dreadful ordeal strengthened for
what was before her. Both Agnes
and Mrs. Noah noticed the strangely
beautiful expression of her fnce when
she came down to the breakfast room,
while JesHie, as she kissed her pale
cheek, whispered:
"You look as if you had been with
Guy was not expected with his
bride for two weeks or* more, and ns
the days dragged on Madtly felt thnt
the waiting for him was more intolerable than the seeing him with Lucy
would be. Restless and impatient,
she could not remnin quietly at the
cottage���while at Aikenside, ahe longed to return ngain to her own home,
and in this way the time wore on.
until the anniversary of thnt day
when flhe had come from New York
and found Guy waiting for her at
the station. To ptay that day in the
hoiiRe so rife with memories of the
dead was impossible, nnd Flora wns
Rurprised and delighted to hear that
both were going up to AikeiiRide in
the vehicle hired of Farmer Green,
whose son officiated as driver. It
was nearly noon when they reached
their destination, meeting at the gate
with Flora's brother Tom, who said
to them:
"We've heard from Mr. Guy; the
ship is in; they'll be here sure tonight, and Mrs. Nonh is turnin'
things upside down with the dinner."
Leaning back in the buggy, Maddy
felt for a moment aa if flhe were dying. Never, ljntil then, had she realized how, all the while, she had been
clinging to an indefinable hope, a
presentiment that something might
yet occur to spare her from a long
iifetime of pain, such as lay before
her if Guy were really lost; but the
bubble had burst, leaving ber nothing to hope, nothing to cling to, nothing but black despair; and half bewildered she received the noisy greeting of Jessie, who met her at the
door and dragging her into the drawing room, decornted with flowers from
the hothouse, told her to guess who
was coming.
"I know; Tom told me; Guy is coming with Lucy," Mnddy answered.
and relieving herself from Jeflsie, she
turned to Agnes, asking where Mrs
Noah was and if she might go to hei
"Oh, Maddy. child, I'm sorry you'vi
come to-day," Mrs. Noah said, as she
chafed Maddy's cold hnnds, and lending ber to the tire, made her sit down.
"I did not know it, or I should
have stayed away," Maddy replied;
"I shall not stay, as it is. I cannot
see tliem to-day. Charlie will drive
me buck before the train is due; but
what did he say? And how is Lucy? '
"He did not mention her. There'll
the dispatch," nnd Mrs. Noah handed to Maddy the telegram received
that morning, and which was simply
as follows:
"The steamer is here. Shall be at
station at five o'clock p. m.
"Guy Remington."
Twice Maddy read it over, experiencing much the same feeling she
would have experienced had it been
her death warrant she was reading.
"At five o'clock. I must go before
that," she said, sighing as she remembered how, one year ago that
day, she was traveling over the very
route where Guy was now traveling
with his bride.- Did he think of it?
Think of his long waiting at the depot, or of that memorable ride, the
events of which grew more and more
distinct in her memory, making her
cheeks burn even now as she recalled
his many acts of tender care.
Laying the teleeram on the table,
she went with Mrs. Noah through
. the rooms, warmed and made ready
for the bride, lingering longest in
Lucy's, which the bridal decorations
and the bright fire blazing in the
grate made singularly inviting. As
yet, there were no flowers there, and
Maddy claimed the privilege of arranging them for this room herself.
Agnes had "almost stripped the aon-
servntory; but Maddy found enough
to form a moat tasteful bouquet;
which she placed upon a marble
dressing table; then within a slip
of paper which she folded across the
top. she wrote: "Welcome to the
"They both will rceoenize mv handwriting; they'll know I've been here,"
flhe thought, as with one long, last
look nt the mom she walked nway.
They were Inyine the tnhle for dinner now, nnd with a kind of dizzy,
uncertain feeling, Mnddy watched
the servants hurrying to nnd fro.
bringing out tbe choicest china, and
the glittering silver, in honor of the
bride. Comparatively, it was not
long since a little, frightened, homesick girl, Rhe flrst Rat down with
Guy at that tnb'.e, from wliich the
proud Agnefl would have banished
her; but it seemed to her an age,
so much of happiness and pain had
come to her since then. There was a
place for her there now, a place nenr
Guy: but she should not fill it. She
could not stay; and she astonished
Agnes and Jessie, just as they were
going to make their dinner toilet, by
announcing her intention of going
home. She was not dressed to meet
Mrs. Remington, flhe said, shuddering as for the first time she pronounced a nnme which the servants had
frequently used, find which jarred on
her ear every time she heard it. She
was not dresfled appropriately to meet
an Kngliflh lady. Flora of course
would atnv, she snid. as it was natural
she fihould. to greet ber new mistress;
but she must go. nnd he bnde Charlie
Green  bring around  the  buggy.
Agnes was not particularly surprised, for a vague suspicion of some-
thing like the truth had gradually
been creeping into her brnin, br she
noted Maddy's pallid face, and the
changes whicft panned over it whenever Guy was mentioned. Agnes pitied Maddy, for in her own heart there
was a little burning spot, when she
remembered who was to accompany
Dr. Holbrook. So she did not urge
her to remain, and ahe tried to hush
Jessie's lamentations when Bhe heard
Mnddy was going.
One long, sad, wistful look at Guy's
and Lues's home, and Maddy followed i.ljariie to the hucev _v_alt!_Sst.ior
or, oiuuing Him rtnv_ rapidly, aa
there was every Indication of a coming storm.
Tho gray, wintry afternoon waa
drawing to a close, and the December
night was shutting down upon the
Honedale hills in sleety rain, when
the cottage was reached, and Maddy,
passing up the narrow, slippery walk,
entered the cold, dreary room, where
there was neither fire nor light, nor
friendly voice to greet her. No sound
save the ticking of the clock; no welcome save the purring of tbe house
cat, who came crawling at her feet
as she knelt before the stove and tried
to kindle the fire. Charlie Green had
offered to go in and do this for her,
as indeed he had offered to return
and stay all night, but she had declined, preferring to be alone, and
with stiffened fingers she laid the
kindlings Flora had prepared, and
then applying the match, watched the
blue flame as it gradually licked un
the smoke and burst into a cheerful
"I shall feel better when it's warm,"
she said, crouching over the fire, and
shivering with more than bodily cold.
There was a kind of nameless terror stealing over her as she sat thinking of the year ago when the inmates
of three graves across the meadow
were there beneath that very roof
where she now snt alone,
"I'll strike a light," she said, rising to her feet, and trying not to
glance at the shadowy corners filling
her with fear.
The lamp wan found, and its friendly beams soon dispersed the darkness
from the corners and the fear from
Maddy's heart, but it could not drive
from her mind thoughts of what might
at that moment be transpiring at
Aikenside. If the bride and groom
came at nil thnt night, she knew they
must have been there for an hour or
more, and in fnncy she saw the tired,
but happy, Lucy, as up in her pleasant room she made her toilet for dinner, with Guy standing by and looking on just as he had a right to do..
Did his eye, when it rested on her,
light up with the same expression
she had seen so often when it looked
at her? Did he commend her taste
and say his little wife was beautiful,
as he kissed her fair, white cheek
or waB there a cloud upon his handsome face, a shadow on his heart,
heavy with thoughts of her, and
would he rather it were Maddy there
in the bridal room? If so, his burden was hard indeed, but not so hard
aa hers, and kneeling on the floor
poor Maddy laid her head in the
chair, and, 'mid piteous moans, ask
ed  God  to help  them  both to  bear
their lot.
The prayer ended, Maddy still sat
ipon the floor, while over her pale
face the lamplight faintly flickered
showing the dark lines beneath he.
eyes and the tear stains on her cheek
Without, the storm still was raging
and the wintry rain, mingled witi.
i.leet and snow, beat piteously agains:
the curtained windows, while the wind
howled mournfully as it shook the
door and sweeping past the cottage
went screaming over the hill. But
Maddy heard nothing of the tumult
She hnd brought a pillow from the
bedroom, and placing it upon the
chair, sat down again upon the floor
and rested her head upon it. She
did not even know that her pet cat
had crept up beside her, purring contentedly and occasionally licking her
hair, much less did she hear above
the storm the swift tread of horses'
feet as someone came dashing down
the road, the rider pausing an instant
as he caught a glimpse of the cottage lamp and then hurrying on to
the public house beyond, where the
ORtler frowned moodily at being called out to care for a stranger's horse,
the stranger meanwhile turning back
afoot to where the cottage lamp shone,
a beacon light through the inky darkness. The stranger reached the little
gate and, undoing the fastening, went
hurrying up the walk, his step upon
the crackling snow catching Maddy's
ear at last and making. her wonder
who could be coming tnere^on such
a night as this. It was probably
Charlie Green, she said, and with a
feeing of impatience at being intruded upon she arose to her feet just
as the door turned upon its hinges,
letting in a powerful draught of wind,
which extinguished the lamp and left
her in total darkness.
But it did not matter. Maddy had
caught a sound, a peculiar cough,
which froze the blood in her veins and
made her qunke with terror quite as
much as if the footsteps hurrying toward her had been the footsteps of the
dead, instead of belonging, as she
knew they did, to Guy Remington-
Guy, who, with garments saturated
with rain, felt for her in the darkness, found her where from faintness
she had crouched again beside the
chair, drew her closely to him, in a
passionate, almost painful, hug, and
said, oh! so tenderly:
"Maddy, my darling, my own! We
will never be pnrted ngain."
(To be Continued.)
Chinese Aver.'.n to Surgery.
It may occur to many people that
chey have never seen a Chinaman
bereft of an arm. leg or other member
of bis body. Tbe reason for this li
that all orientals maintain a profound
objection to surgical operations. Indeed, they much prefer to die rather
thnn to lie deprived of a member, because as It Is undeniable that they
came Into the world with two arms
two legs, eight lingers, two thumbs,
etc., they must of necessity go out of
It with the same 'lumber. Otherwise,
once on the otlie**. side, they might be
sent to limit for a missing member
aud spend the greater pnrt of eternity
In /.ndlng it. Perhaps the nearest approach to Internal surgery tbat a Chinese doctor will attempt Is to stand on
the patient's body and with bare feet
move about on Uie part uttlleted. In
dentistry the Chinese huve reached
the discovery that tbe nerve Is a
ivorm. and the best method to treat un
nchlng tooth is to loosen It by driving
In wedges in order Unit the wurui ma>
escape.- (. hlcngo Journal.
The First to Grow it extensively Were
the   Mennonites���Now   Chiefly
Grown by American Settlers _.
Very few of the Canadian settlers
* in the Northwest seem, to have any
thought of growing flax; but the Meii-
nonites who settled in the;*, districts
.known as the "Mennonite Reserve"
in Southern Manitoba between Rosen-
feld, Gretna, Plum Coulee, Morris and
Emerson have grown it quite extensively for many years, The farmers
of Minnesota. Nortli and South Dakota; Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska
have grown large quantities of flaxseed for many years and as these farmers began to migrate into the Canadian Northwest the cultivation of
flaxseed was taken up in some of the
districts where they settled. It is
most extensively cultivated on the
Canadian Pacilie Railway Soo* line
between Estevan and Moose Jaw, on
the Canadian Pacific Railway Areola
branch between Areola and Regina.
and on the Canadian Northern Railway between Regina and Prince Albert. It is grown here nnd there by
American settlers in other districts
throughout the Canadian West, but it
is from the districts named thut the
largest quantities of flaxseed come,
probably because they nre so largely
settled by Anfericans who have had
experience in flax growing in the
Northwestern States and know that
tlie Canadian West is equally well
adapted to th i�� crop both as regards
soil and climate. The Huccess of flux
growing in thoHe districts where it
hns been cultivated will probably
cause farmers in other parts ol the
Canndinn West to devote some attention to it in future.
Afflicted this bright little girl
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A Pill for Generous EaterR.���There
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hearty mea', are subject to much suffering. The food ol which they have
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How to Get Poorer Quicker
We hear a great deal ubout get-riv-
quick 'schemes, but if you want to
get poor quick, go into Wall Street
wi'hout a level head or a lot of experience; play the races, take a dyer in
the schemes you Hee adv*artised, in
mines and oi's and real estate���not
that they are all bad, but most of
them are not good.
Some t'me ago a New York mnn
discharged il valuable employee because he played tlie races. When asked if he thought gambling wrong, he
said: "It isn't so much thnt, but I
am convinced that a man who would
make the loose, one-Hided contract required by a bookmaker is not competent to tnke care oi his own interests or those of anybody else."���Success Magii'/.'ne.
Becoming Blase.
Auntie���I notice your dolly doesn't
cry "Mamma" when she is squeezed
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Niece���No, auntie, but you forget
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"This is an age of steel," said the
after-dinner speaker.
"Permit me to suggest," interrupted
the chairman, courteously, "that for
the benefit of the reporters present
you spell that last word."���Philadelphia Ledger.
and hides, j' tan them for robes, rugs
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Merchant���See here, I'm told you've
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Origin of Thimbles.
The thimble was originally called a
thumb bell by the English, because
worn on the thumb, then a .humble,
and finally its present name. It was
a Dutch invention, and was first glass
and pearl. In China beautiful carved
pearl thimbles are seen, brought to
England in 1695.
Thimbles were formerly made only
of iron and brass, but in comparatively late years they have been made of
gold, silver, steel, horn, ivory, and
even glaBS and pearl thimbles are
seen, bound with gold and with the
end of gold. Tlie first thimble introduced into Siam was a bridal gift
from the King to tlie Queen; it is
shaped like a lotus bud, made of gold
and thickly studded with diamonds arranged to B*jeJi,the Queen's name.
The Moors of Tbd��y.
The Moors of today are the descendants of those wbo conquered Spain,
who were practically puramount ln
the southern portion for two centuries
and relics of whose wonderful buildings are to he-found at the present day
In that country. Vndeed. It is strange
to cm.shier the position of the Moors
of today when we see the work of tbelr
bands In past centuries, and the only
explanation lies hi the fact tbat they
are unable to adapt themselves to modern conditions.
"Brudder Jones, If you didn't smoke,
you might own a brick house, like
what I does."
"Look here, man, don't you come
pestorln' wlf me like dat You didn't
git dat brick house by not smoklu'.
You got It by borrowln' mail newspaper to rend an' man clothes to wear
an' mah vlttles to eat. You may be a
fly financier, but dat doa't gib you no
license to set up fer a human copy
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Tom���He wanted to marry Miss Inherit and declared that it was solely
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Tom���Heart failure.
Tablets. Druggists refund money if
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A conductor on n certain train noted
for its slowness asked a hoary-headed,
white bearded passenger for his ticket.
"1 gave it to you," said the old
"I guess not," the conductor replied.
"Where'd you get on?"
"At Buxby's Crossing."
"Why," tlie conductor cried, "there
wasn't anybody got on nt Buxby's
Crossing  except  one  little  boyi"
"I," said the aged one, "was that
little  boy."���Lippincott's.
Minard's Liniment Relievec Neuralgia.
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Care  With  Which  They  Are  Treated
by Amateurs and Collectors.
How careful collectors aud amateurs
of fine engravings are of their treasures Is illustrated by a wrltteu agreement that a local firm of dealers ln
such thiugs had to sign recently wheu
they wanted to borrow several particularly rare engravings for an exhibition
they were to have In their galleries.
The owner of tbe prints insisted that
from the time the box In which the
prints were sent to the dealers was
opened In the shop no hands but those
of the junior partner of the firm were
to touch them. The owner stipulated
expressly tbat the member of the firm
was to take them out of the box, frame
them himself, bang'them on tbe walls
and when the show was over follow
the prints back through these various
stages uutll a porter was ready to
screw the cover of the packing box on
again. The prints were so rare and
fine that the junior partner cheerfully
agreed to all of these condltlous for
the sake of showing the engravings.
That the prints were extremely rare
may be appreciate*] from the fact thnt
before two of them in particular came
Into the prlvato collector's possi -slon
he made n special Jounie"y to Stuttgui'
Germany, to see them, und when he
looked at them be left an opeu order to
a dealer ln that city to buy them, no
matter whut they cost. He got them,
but he paid the highest price ever
known for such engravings to bring.
W.   N.   U.   No.   680.
Mooda and Mystery That Are Embodied In a Piece of Steel.
A cutlery company will make a hundred razors from the same piece of
steel by the snme process, and part of
the razors will be good and part of
them bad. It may be fifty of one kind
or seventy-five or twenty-five���nobody
knows. The maker doesn't know; the
buyer doesn't know. Barbers say that
eveu the price doesn't seem to make
much difference. You may get a good
razor for a quarter or a bad one for $5.
And the same razor will get a contrary
edge today, so that you can hardly
shave with it, and tomorrow, without
additional sharpening, It will work like
a charm.
One tap will go on a bolt easily and
stay there. Another tap will hardly go
on at all. A third may be screwed on
tight and snug and yet keep coming
off ln spite of all that can be done.
Sometimes men thnt work witb machines have a premonition of coming
disaster, as do the men that sail on the
seas or thread the winding paths of
the big woods. Nature aa well as
pieces of mechanism seems able to communicate to mau why they are ln a
calamitous and threatening mood.
The Coat and the Faradisation of Thla
Aerial tipm-l.
I have often been asked how ballooning Compared with other sports both in
cost and in enjoyment The first cost
to those who wish to soar above the
clouds is smaller than in uutomol. iliug,
but each ascension costs some $300. A
flight may Inst less than uu hour or It
may coutlnue the better part of a day.
The tendency Is toward flights of
longer duration, as invention helps the
aeronaut, and with the multiplication
of Its devotees, particularly among the
amateurs, the records will become
longer both in houri and miles.
When one leaves the eurth the Impressions come so fast that one can
hardly differentiate them. They pro
duce a kaleidoscopic effect. A. mar
must stop aud concentrate his mind on
certain special sensations, or else on
returning to earth he will find (hat he
has no sensation ln particular to tell
There Is the Impression of the crowd
sf people shouting and waving theh
hands. Before you realize it they bavr
vanished as Individuals. The eartt
sinks from you, the houses become
tiny boxes, and large rivers appeal
brooks that you could easily jump
The lakes are pools, and marsh land
seems Bolid. This latter was the cause
of my friend Nocquet's landing where
he did and sacrificing his life. Forests
oecome smooth like pasture laud. Kail-
road trains are like crawling worms,
aud all the earth sounds eventually
At 1,000 or 2,000 feet you pass the
dust line, which Is ns clearly marked
as the line between water and air. As
high as 2,000 feet there are still frequently seen butterflies, mosquitoes
and other Insects. Hemnrkably beautiful effects of clouds are seen from the
balloou, especially when the sun shines
ou them. Tbey often seem like snow
banks, and their edges are always
bluish, like water, and ever give the
aeronaut the sensation of approaching
the ocean.
When In the clouds yon can see only
th? basket and Its occupants, and you
may u^ddenly pass out of them to find
that you are driving straight luto a
mountain peak, as we did once. If
you stay ln the fog there is nothing to
warn jou of such a danger except thi
roaring of the wind In the trcetops,
and a quick casting out of ballast may
be necessary to save you from balloon
wreck on the crags.���Dr. Julian r
tllornaa In Appleton's.
r IN Ull
Women the Greater Dreamere.
A Vienna doctor bas published the
following figures:
Thirteen men out of a hundred as
against thirty-three women dream during their sleep. The number of men
wbo dream frequently Is 27 per cent;
that of womeu ls 45 per cent As a
general rule, It may be said that tbe
weaker sex bas twice as much tendency to dreaming as the opposite sex.
The cerebral phenomenon under consideration Is absolutely unknown to 9
per cent, and 14 per cent dream ouly
very rarely.
It teems idle to add that the same
doctor noted, what ls perfectly well
known, tbat almost all our dreams are
suggested more or less directly by the
Incidents of the material life of every
day.���Boston Advertiser.
Do you ever find your cuffs a
nuisance when working in your
Aren'tthey continually bothering you and hampering the free
movements of your hands ?        a
Some men use elastic bands to
keep their cuffs up.
But these are always unsatisfactory and uncomfortable.
keeps your cuffs out of the way.
No trouble is required to
adjust them and no discomfort
They're very convenient
when    working,    rowing,
playing   tennis   or   golf,
washing your hands, etc.
These " EZIAJUSTAS " also
prevent your cuffs from wearing
out and soiling quickly.
Tooke Brothers, Limited     ���     Montreal.
on having
It is the famous Canadian Salt, known
all over Canada for ita absolute purity.
There's  no  comparison between
Windsor Salt, and the cheap, Inferior
salts that are  being sold  throughout
the west.
Windsor Salt costs
than these imported
^at the present prices.
Insist  on  having
Windsor Salt.
Id  throughout
a no more ^k
ed salts ^fl
All Mapped Out.
"I suppose you are going to make
some speeches?"
"Yes " answered Senator Sorghum,
"I shall deliver a few timely and significant utterances."
"Have you thought out what you
will say?"
"Yes. I shall follow my usual formula. To a few extemporaneous remarks about what I have done for the
good of the country, I will add a humorous anecdote, and conclude by
assuring my constituents that I rely
on the wisdom of the plain people.'"
���Washington Star.
A Natural
Tnwaft! cleansit**** is* 99 necessary as outward bathing. To keep the
Dowels free and regular is of even greater importance than to keep
the skin-pores from becoming clogged. The neglect ol either invites disease. Everyone needs a natural laxative occasionally, to
free the bowels of accumulated impurities    For this purpose take
the greatest boon ever offered to those who suffer from the ills
that follow constipation. For over fifty years Beecham's Pills have
been famous as a Stomach corrective, a Liver regulator and Bowel
laxative. They never gripe nor cause pain. Powerful purgatives
are dangerous. Avoid them. Use Beecham's Pills. They give relief without doing violence to any organ. Their action is in harmony with physical laws. Take them regularly and the necessity
for their use becomes less frequent. They are a natural laxative
and a positive cure for Constipation, Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick
Headache and Dyspepsia.
Prepared only by the Proprietor, Thomas Beecham, St. Helens, Lincaahlre, Eog.
Sold everywhere In Canada and U. S. America.   In bona as centa.
Silent Parlor Matches
EDMONTON mi; slocan mining review, new denver, b. c.
Quick ease for tbe worst cough-* -quick
relief to the heaviest   cold���and  SAFE
to take, even for a child.    g~i
That   is   Shiloha   Cure.    -"-.UreS
Sold under a guarantee    C_.OU__.hs
to cure colds and coughs    �����>   g~%   t ���
quicker   than  any   other   ask t^iOluS
medicine���or your money back.    34 years
of success commend Shiloh's Cure.   25c,
60c, $1. 816
The Boy's Honor.
Neighbor���I hear your eldest son
*won high honors nt the graduating
exercises at his school.
Mrs. Lapsing���Yes; George was the
valetudinarian ot his clus-s.���Chicago
Sir Francis Wingate, the Sirdar of
Kgypt, has formed a collection of
Dervish weapons and curiosities that
is said to be unequalled.
It is a remarkable fact that the German Emperor and the Czar of Russia
employ the English language when
corresponding privately with one
The rose is tlie emblem of secreay
in Greece, und was formerly hung
over the table where guests were en-
tertained in token that nothing heard
there was to be repeated.
It Lays a Stilling Hand on Pain.���
For pains in the joints and limbs and
lor rheumatic pains, neuralgia and
lumbago, Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
is without a peer. Well rubbed in,
the skin absorbs it and it quickly and
permaneht'y relieves tlie affected part.
Its va'ue lies in its magic property of
removing pain from tlie body, and for
that good quality it is prized.
"A\l de world's a stage," quoted
Tired Tiffins.
"Chock full o' sawmills, machine
shops, boiler factories an' de like,
commented his chum. "Too much
realism, TiffinB, too much realism for
a fanc'ful man."���Kansas City Journal.
A Doctor's Statement
Bdie St. Paul. C.C., Que.
March 27th, 1907.
"Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited,
Toronto Ont.
Gentlemen *.���
My many thanks for Psychine and
Oxomulsion. I have used them with
very great satisfaction both in my
own case and in that of my friends.
It affords me much pleasure to recommend a remedy which is really good
in cases for which it is intended. I
am, yours very tru'y"
Doctors recognize that Psychine is
one of the very best remedies Ior all
throat, lung and stomach troubles and
all run down conditions, from whatever cause. It is the prescription cf
.one of the world's greatest specialists
in diseases of the throat, lungs, and
stomach, and all wasting diseases.
Ask your druggist for it, at 50c and
1.00, or T. A. Slocum, Limited, Toron-
Men That Might Have Bean Called
Human Encyclopedias.
It has been said of Macaulay that
not only did he retain in his prodigious memory all that he had ever
learned, but that he had learned all
manner ot things no other scholar
would have retained. Aside from his
astonishingly comprehensive grasp of
many branches of human knowledge,
he was specially proud of the fact
that he knew whole libraries by heart.
It was his boast that in the event of
a wholesale destruction of certain
classics he would be able to supply
the deficiency out of his memory. It
was claimed among other things that
he could recite "Paradise Lost" without a moment's pause for refreshing
his recollection and that to reel off all
the plays of Shakespeare was only
child's play to  him.
Another English scholar of astonishing erudition was Lyulph Stanley,
oi whom Lowell said, "He knows
three times as many facts as any man
whatever had any business to know."
Stanley is said to have had only
one rival, Palgrave, the compiler of
"The Golden Treasury." "It's an
even chance which " will return
alive," was said when Stanley and
Palgrave went on a trip together.
When they did come back, it is related, Palgrave was pale, emaciated,
silent. But Stanley seemed unmoved
and more all knowing than ever
Another human encyclopedia waB
Buckle, author of "The History ol
Civilization." One night, it is said,
he was laying down the law on sundry topics with a pomposity that
caused the table to quake. At last he
put forth some statement about the
burning of u witch, setting the date
about a century out of the way. S'an-
ley, who was present, had borne some
preceding inaccuracies very well, with
only a shaking of the head and a
reddening of the face.
But at thia juncture his self control gave way and he leaped to his
feet. Extending his hand, lie piped
forth in a vigorous treble: "I beg your
pardon, sir, but the last witch was
burned at such and such a place, in
such and such circumstances. And
her name was So-und-so, and you will
find all about it in a book to which
I can easily refer you and which you
evidently don't know."
And so torrents of imprisoned
knowledge were poured on Buckle's
head until the historian of civilization sat wrathful, extinguished, mute.
But in a little while he had his revenge. Some one had mentioned a
new dictionary as a good one. "It
is," said Buckle most solemnly, "one
of the few dictionaries I have read
through with pleasure."
The Stranger���And who are the
Murphy's ancestors?
Mr.  M.���Ancestors?    What's that?
The Stranger���I mean, who do they
spring from?
Mr. M.���The Murphys spring from
no one.   They spring at thim I���Punch-
From October to May, Colds are the
most frequent causes of Headache.
LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE removes cause.   E. W. Giove on box 25c.
"As an Anarchist yoa assert your
right to the necessaries of life"
"That is my position."
"Seems reasonable enough, And
what, may I ask, would you class as
necessaries ?"
"Dynamite and leisure."���Philadelphia Ledger.
all hard, soft or calloused lumpa and blem
lanes, from horses, blood spavin, curbs,
splints, ringbone, sweeney, stiflas, sprains, sore
and swollen throat, coughB, etc. Save 950 b>
use of one bottle. Warranted the most won
derful  Blemish  Cure ever known.
Bobby���I believe you are engaged
to Mr. Snooks at last, sis!
Sis���What makes you think so?
Bobby���Because he's stopped giving me pennies.���London Opinion.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
made It Clear,
Wben Colouel Edmuud Rice was ln
command of the Twenty-sixth Infantry
(mostly volunteers from New England)
ln the Philippines, he organized from
bis regiment a company of mounted
scouts. To equip them for this service
be made requisition on headquarters
for the necessary outfit, including
eighty nosLbags. Some officious clerk
ln the quartermaster's office In Manila returned the requisition to Colonel Rice with these written remarks: "Your report shows hut sixty
men In your mounted company. Why
do you require eighty nosebags?"
The colonel's explanation wns short
and characteristic. It was: "It Is true
I have but sixty men, but I have eighty
horses. The nosebags are for the
horses, not for the men."
The Family
The best medicines in the
world cannot take the place of
the family physician. Consult
him early when taken ill. If
the trouble is with your
throat, bronchial tubes, or
lungs, ask him about taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Then
take it or not, as he says.
Wa publish our .anauloa
sj     We banlah alcohol
.*��__. from our medlolr.es
We urge you -to
consult your
Some Freak Wills.
In Morgan v. Boys a will was upheld which directed that part of the
bowels be made into fiddle-strings,
the remainder sublimed into smelling-salts, and the rest of the body
vitrified into lenses. The court drew
a distinction between insanity and
Johann Ziska, blind chieftain of the
Hussites, in 1424 directed that his skin
be tanned and a drumhead made of
it. Mr. S. Sanborn in 1871 bequeathed his corpse to Harvard University,
and particularly to the two anatomical proiessors, Oliver Wendell Holmes
and Louis Agassiz. The skin was to
be made into two drumheads for Warren Simpson, drummer of Cohapel, on
condition that he should on the 17th
of June every year, at Bunrise, beat
on said drum the tune of "Yankee
Doodle" on Bunker Hill. The drumheads to be respectively inscribed
with Pope's "Universal Prayer" and
the Declaration of Independence."
"The remainder of my body to be
composted for a fertilizer to contribute to the growth of an American
elm to be planted in some rural thoroughfare, that the weary wayfarer
may rest and innocent children may
play beneath its umbrageous branches
rendered luxuriant by my remains."
Jeremy Bentham left his body to
Dr. Southwood Smith for dissection.
The skeleton was Btuffed to fit Bent-
ham's clothes, a model made of the
head and the whole inclosed in a
mahogany case with glass doors. In
his armchair, with his walking stick
in his hand, all that was left of the
great apostle of law reform remained
fo- some years in the house of Dr.
Smith, who utimately presented it to
the  university  college.
In Neville v. Geary, tried in Dublin
in 1878, the testatrix left numerous
articles of clothing, including trousers about five inches long and three
inches wide, with jackets, swallowtail coats, etc., "for the baby that
should rise at the first resurrection."
While such testaments may shock
the feelings of relatives, they do no1
leave the sting which more vindictive
documents possess. A notable will
contained handsome legacies for wife
and sister with the provision that
once a week each should spend an
hour with the other at the grave. "1
do this," was the conclusion, "because they made my life miserable
with their eternal squabbles, and 1
want to he certain thnt they will' torment each other for a while after 1
am gone."
Odd Animals In Harness.
The horse must look to his laurels,
as a number oi odd competitors loi
his place as the friend of man are
springing up
At Andheim, a German settlement
in Southern Culilorniafi ostriches have
been trained to-draw light four-wheeled traps. One of these birds bo harnessed has traveled a mile in three
The African zebra was formerly regarded as being too wild and vicious
ti be of use in harness. But time
has chunged this, and now in British
East Africa any number of zebras can
be purchased, ready trained to bit
and bridle. The zebra will be found
most useful in Africa and India, as
it is exceedingly strong, a fast trotter,
and immune from many disease which
attack horses.
Perhaps the oddest animal in harness is tlie wild boar which is driven
by a French peasant at Montlucon.
It is now three years old, and able to
draw a Bmall two-wheeled cart. As
a bit is of no use, the reins are at*
i,,*.,.***-! tr t.l_e animal's eye-teeth.
Bilious attacks, tick-headaches, indigestion, constipation, dizzy spells ���these
are some of tbe results of an inactive
liver. Ask your doctor if be endorses'
Ayer's Pills in- these cases. Tbe dose
is small, one pill at bedtime.
S=-aUd�� by tne i. 0. *_*����� Oe., Lowell, Mnaet���
His Fatal  Mistake.
He stole a kiss.   With flashing eyes
The maiden aaked hlm how he dared
To take a girl so by surprise,
For such an Insult unprepared.
So  wroth   Bhe seemed,   the  young man
Hla hasty act had not been wise,
And, thinking to appease her wrath,
He hastened to apologize.
Fatal mlstakel   For hardly had
Tlie girl his first excuses heard
Than, really angry now, ahe turned
And left him there without a word.
So all young men, bear this tn mind:
In night of maidens worldly wise
It's sometimes wrong to steal a kiss,
But always to apologize.
���Somervllle Journal,
On. of the Five Saturnalia of New
York City.
New Tork has five saturnalia every
5*ear���New Tear's night. Decoration
day. Fourth of July, election night and
Thanksglving-aud not the least of
these is election night If it ls a right
flrst Tuesday of November, the daytime wind will be veering from west
to south and back, sun and cloud will
equally share the hours between them
and a not unnatural quiet, as of political passions hushed under the blanket
of the Australian ballot, will prevail.
The streets will he rather emptied than
filled, and the litter of straw and scrap
paper and the ordure and other filth of
the great slattern town will blow
agreeably about under your feet and
luto your eyes anJ teeth. But with the
falling of the night there will be a rise
of the urban spirits; the sidewalks will
thicken with citizens of all ages and
sexes and nations, nnd If you will then
leek some large center for the cinematographic dissemination of the ejection
news you will find yourself one of a
multitude gloating on the scenes of
comedy and tragedy thrown np on the
canvas to stay your Impatience for the
returns. Along the curbstones are stationed wagons for the sale of tbe wind
and string Instruments whose raw,
harsh discords of whistling and
twanging will begin with the sight of
the vote from the first precinct. Meantime policemen, nervously fondling
their clubs In their hands, hang upon
the fringes of the rrowd, which Is yet
so good natured that It seems to bave
no Impulse but to lift children on Ita
shoulders and put pretty girls before
It and to caress old women and cripples Into favorable positions, so that
they may see better. You will wish to
leave It before the clubbing begins and
either go home to the slumbers which
the whistling and twanging will duly
attend or join the diners going into or
coming out of the restaurants or the
throngs strolling down Into the fairy
realms of Broadway under the Care of
the whiskies and the actresses.���W. D.
Howells In Harper's Magazine.
But It Cannot Be Accomplished With
a Mere Glance.
Of course, whoever wants to hypnotize���in fact, no one but a physician
ought to do it���must learn the technique and apply It patiently and skillfully. And certainly there are Individual differences. Not every one can be
deeply hypnotized. With not a few
the inhibition goes no further than
the Inability to open the eyes, while
only one out of four enters Into strong
hypnotic hallucinations. Further, not
every one ls well prepared to awaken
that confidence which is essential and
that feeling of repose which guides one
over to the dreamy state. The look,
the voice, the gestures, the phrases, the
behavior, of certain persons make them
poor hypnotlzers, however well they
may understand the tricks. But in
principle everybody can hypnotize and
can be hypnotized, just as ln principle
everybody can love and can bo loved,
and no special mysterious power ls
needed to fall ln love or to awaken
Yet, while thus every one can exert
hypnotic Influence, no one can do It by
a mere glance. All the stories of a secret Influence by which one man's
will gets hold of another man's mind
are remains cf the inermerlc theories
of the past Today we know that everything depends upon the attention
and Imagination of the hypnotized and
that no mysterious fluid can flow over
from the mind of the hypnotist to the
mind of the subject The old mystical
view of unscientific superstition reached Its climax In the prevalent belief
that a man could tsert secret Influence
from a distance without the victim's
knowledge of the source of the uncanny distortion of his mind. According
to this belief, every heinous crime
might be committed under that cover.
The distant hypnotizer could inflict
pain and suffering on his enemy and
could misuse the Innocent as Instruments of his criminal schemes.���Professor Hugo Munsterberg ln McClure's
Tha Penalty of Prominence.
Dorothy's father is a militia colonel,
and on a recent occasion she saw him,
ln brave array, at the bead of his regiment.
"How do you like your father ln his
uniform?" the colonel asked his small
daughter that night.
"You looked handsomer than anybody else," said Dorothy loyally, "and
you held your head up so high! But
I think they were mean not to let you
have a drum to play on!"���Youth's
Witty and Caustic.
A woman suffrage lecturer, according to the Boston ("lobe, recently
brought down the bouse with the following argument; "1 have no vote, but
my groom has. I have a great respect
for that man In the stables, but I am
sure If I were to go to hlm and say,
'John, will you exercise the franchise'/'
he would reply, 'Please, mum, which
horse be that?'"
A Variation In Sport.
"Whnt happened when you pnssed a
law against gambling In your state?"
"The bookmakers got right to work
making bets ou whether It would be
enforced or not."
Art Master (pointing to a lean borse)
-What do you call that? Cabby���An
'orse, sir. Art Master���A horse! Hub
It out, and do It agalu.���London Answers.
If a man  would learn to pray, let
him to to sea.--French Proverb.
If you have ever taken a walk
through a pine forest you will remember how, almost unconsciously, the
head was thrown back and lungs expanded as you drew in, with long deep
breaths, the pine-laden ar. How invigorating  it  was���how  healing!
Thousands of men and women suffering from lung and bronchial affec
tions, but whose circumstances prevent tliem from Beeking renewed
health in the pine forests, can be relieved and cured in their own home
by using Virgin Oil of Pine (pure).
This preparation contains all the
health-giving properties of the forest
trees, and will break up a cold in 24
hours and cure any cough that is cur:
able. It is also a perfect neutralizing
agent for uric acid, and affords speedy
relief in cases of rheumatism, lame-
back, or other affections resulting
from disordered kidneys.
Virgin Oil of Pine is put up in %-oz.
vials only Ior druggists to dispense,
each vial enclosed in a round wooden
case to prevent breakage and exposure
to light. The case is sealed with an
engraved wrapper showing the name-
Virgin Ol of Pine (pure), prepared
only by Leach Chemical Co., Windsor, Ont.���plainly printed thereon.
It is wel' to 'get the genuine. Should-
your druggist be unable to supply you
you can have a %-oz. vial mailed to
you bv sending fid cents to tlie Leach
Chemical Co., Windsor, Ont.
Light In Weight, Soft In Texture and
Absolutely Cold Proof.
When winter set ln and Eskimos be
gan to visit the ship, it soou became
apparent that they were much bettet
clothed to meet the cold tban were tbe
white explorers, though the latter had
everything tbat money could command
in the way of "an approved arctic outfit" The Finnish boots, or "Finnskor,"
used by Nansen and other arctic explorers, were excelled both In light
ness and warmth by the native boots.
A single fur coat of deerskin made ln
Norway weighed as much as an entire
Eskimo suit of outer and inner garments, with boots and mittens Included, and was stiff as wet sailcloth,
while the native garments were soft
as a kid glove. A well made Eskimo
suit���socks and boots, uuderwear,
trousers and coat with hood���weighs
ten or eleven pounds, about as much
as your spring suit, and in it you
could sit comfortably on a block of
snow, with your back to the wind,
fishing through a hole tn the Ice, wltb
a temperature of 50 degrees F., as the
writer has repeatedly done, feeling
cold nowhere but on the face, the
only part of the body that must be
left uncovered. We found a deerskin
shirt wltb the hulr turned ln warmer,
lighter and more comfortable than a
total number ol ruts brought in since
woolen, and a cap unnecessary when -���*������*���-' plague campaign started is 15.831.
onoa and you will never return to
the adulterated teas   of  Japan.
PACKETS ONLY B,A;dL^V��LCab.,!e60c,:"pb.e; ft AT ALL GROCERS
Absolutely  Pure  as  Required   By ths Pure Food Laws of 1907
How Rats Travel
In Seattle's fight against the spread
of the plague by rats an interesting
experiment   was   tried     recently.     A   The Hard Luck That Was Handed Out
rodent was dyed blue and turned loose
to hnd out just how long it could retain its liberty and how fnr it could
travel without falling into one ol the
myriads of public and private traps
set for the p'ague distributers. The
particular rat selected for tlie test was
caught, a week after being turned out,
a mi'e from the point where it was
liberated. In one week lately 2.025
rats were received by the Health Department, of which 1,529 were paid
for at the rnte of 10 cents each.   The
Th�� Bright Side
"A humble existence hab its joys,"
said Uncle Eben. "Cullud people is
mostly good-natured 'cause dey ain't
got money enough to buy gold bricks.
Nobody ain't gwinter bother to git
up bogus possum and sweet potatoes."
���Washington Star.
Paients buy Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator because they know it is
a sale medicine for tlieir children and
an effectual expeller of worms.
"How did Jones make all his
"Judicious speculation."
"And how did Brown lose his fortune?" ,     ,
"Dabbling in stocks."��� Clevelnnd
Cure it by Enriching the Blood
with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
There is only one way by which
rheumatism can be cured. It must
be treated through the blood. Liniments and outward applications may
give temporary relief, but they can't
possibly cure the trouble. And while
you are experimenting with liniments the trouble is every day becoming more firmly rooted in the
system, and more difficult to cure.
The poisonous acid that causes rheumatism must be driven out of the
blood, and you can only do this by
making new, rich, red blood through
the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Mr. Chas. H. Lumley, of Brickford,
Ont . is one of the best known farmers in Lambton county. About three
years ago, while Mr. Lumley was engaged in threshing, he became overheated, and this was followed by a
severe chill that smarted the rheumatic pains. Mr. Lumley says: "I did
not think anything of it at the time
as I was accustomed to being exposed
to all kinds of weather. As a result
I was unable to go about next morning. I haa severe pains in my arms
and legs which I treated at first with
the usual home remedies. As these
did not help me, and the trouble was
growing worse, tlie ianiily doctor was
sent for, but he did not have any
better success. He told nie I was
suffering from a severe attack of
rheumatism, and there can be no
doubt about it, as I was confined to
my home about four months before I
was fortunately advised to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. I sent for a
supply, and it was not long beiore I
found they were helping me, and by
the time I had taken a ha'f dozen
boxes the trouble had entirely disappeared. In other respects the pills
also greatly improved my health, and
I never 'elt better in my life than
I have since taking them. I therefore most cheerfully recommend Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills to other similar
Dr. W'lliams' Pink Pills make
cures of this kind after doctors and
aommon medicines fail, because they
actually make new blood. They don't
cure the mere symptoms. They go
right to the root of the trouble in
the blood. That is why this medicine
cures anaemia, indigestion, neuralgia
palpitation of the heart, and the headaches and backaches brought on by
the ailments that fill the lives of so
many women with misery. Do not
take any pills without the full name,
"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People," on the wrapper around the
box. Sold by all medicine dealers or
by mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
the hooded coat ls worn. There Waa
not an Item of the arctic clothing that
was not advantageously replaced by
garments bought from the Eskimos.
No one wore garments of European
make If he was able to get his hands
on the Eskimo equivalent.���V. Stefans-
son in Harper's Magazine.
The Judge's Request and the Counsel's
Prompt Response.
A young and afterward distinguished
attorney from an up country district of
New York state was* arguing his flrst
appeal in the old general term of the
supreme court He had been ln many
legal scrimmages ln justices' courts
{tt home, but had never stood In the
awesome presence of five sednte and
learned judges of the supreme court
ln general term assembled. His embarrassment was great. He repeated
htmnelf and misplaced his words so
often that It was quite evident that he
must soon be routed by his own confusion unless something should occur
to break the spell. Finally, and just
as he was floundering the deepest In a
chaotic jumble of language and Ideas,
the presiding judge Interrupted with
the following remark:
"Mr. Sinlthers, I believe It will be a
great relief to yourself and to the court
If you will address us ln the same free
and Informal way that you doubtless
use ln addressing your local justice of
the peace."
"Well, then," replied Smlthers, "1
wish that while I am busy alleviating
your honor's dense Ignorance of the
law you would keep your confounded
mouth shut!" The court laughed
heartily and waved for him to proceed.
He grew eloquent and won his case in
the midst of hearty applause.���Bohemian Magazine.
Best For Him.
"Now," salt! Professor Goodley,
"these exercises should perfect you la
the rudiments at least. Memorize the
rules aud"���
"But," Interrupted the rich mira't
son, "whut do you consider the best
exercise of memory?"
"Remember the nnori"
Household Hints.
Alum helps to make pickles crisp, and
horseradish aud nasturtium buds prevent tbe vlncgur from becoming moldy.
A bedspread with the worn portions
cut out and the good trimmed Into
shape and hemmed makes excellent
towels for the children's use In the
As light muslin curtains often catch
Are It ls a good plan to put an ounce
of alum into the last water ln which
they are rinsed. This will make them
almost fireproof, or if they do catch
they will not blaze up and start tht
Cruel  Parent.
"What renson makes you ohject to
llbert. father?" asked the sweet girl.
None at all, my dear," snapped Mr.
1 Grump.   "U'a tils 'aej* '*! 't"-Kansas
City Times.
IOC.     The latest
black plug
chewing tobacco.
W.   N.    U.   No.   680.
Some of the Trials of Writers.
Professor Lounsbury of Yale calls attention to some of the difficulties of
EngllBh grammar with which writers
have constantly to struggle In their desire to avoid obscurity and be correct
at the same time. In Harper's Magazine Professor Lounsbury takes up tbe
use of "whose" as a relative pronoun
referring to Inanimate objects and justifies its use since nothing better can
be devised. He discusses the use of
the singular pronoun with the word
"everybody," as in "There everybody
met his friends." This ls manifestly
Inadequate, and "his or her friends" ls
clumsy. Jane Austen, writes the professor, avoided the difficulty by using
the plural pronoun, as iu her sentence,
"They say everybody Is In love once
In their lives." He thinks no satisfactory solution of this problem can, in
tbe nature of the case, ever be reached.
A Feast of Kisses.
"I once visited tbe little town of Hal-
magen, in Roumanla," said a strolling
player who used to wander Into the
odd corners of the world, "but even I���
and my hair is getting a little thin, and
I wouldn't take first prize In a beauty
contest���got enough kisses in one day
to last au average lifetime. It seems
that Halmagen from time Immemorial
bas had au annual festival, and on this
day the population of about eighty villages come swarming In. Every young
woman of the town, married or single,
goes out on this duy carrying a vessel
of wlue and a small garland of flowers.
To every visitor they offer a sup of
wine and a kiss."
Compulsory Education.
"I never thought him very bright,
but he certainly has a splendid education."
"Well, you see, he lost one of his
legs, and be couldn't go Into athletics,
so he just bad to study at college."
Too Much Port.
Captain (to the man at the wheel)���
Another point a-port, quartermaster.
Lady Passeuger���Goodness gracious!
That's the second pint of port he has
called for within a few minutes! How
those captains drink! ��� London Telegraph.
The Eternal Tip.
It is as foolish to attempt to stop
tipping as to oppose tbe ocean tide.
Tips will never be suppressed. The
word niuy be changed, but the thing
will not disappear, it ts so human to
be generous.���furls Joernal.
On the High Trap.
Broker���Are you going to try X. Y.
A* Z. again?
P. Lunger (who has dropped hi*
'liargln three times in succession)���
Broker���Well, if I were you, I'd try
ind arrange to do It over a net���Puck.
It is a Liver Pill.���Many of the ailments that man has to contend with
have their origin in a disordered liver,
which is a delicate organ, peculiarly
susceptible to the diKturbniices that
come from* irregular habits or lack of
care in eating and drinking. This
accounts for the great many liver regulators now pressed on the attention
of sufferers. Of these there is none
superior to Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
Their operation though gentle is effective, and the most delicate cun use
"IsiT't he a cute little darling?" said
the fond mother, proudly exhibiting
the cherub.
"Yes," nnswered the bachelor brother. "He's 'tinnier than some '���!
those mechanical toys. You don't
have to wind him up.'
State of Ohio, City of Toledo
Lucas County. \
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of F.
J. Cheney & Co., doing business in
the City of Toledo, County nnd State
aforesaid, and that snid firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use
of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this 6th duy of December, A.D.   1386.     A.W.GLEASON,
(Sea'.) Notary Public.
Ha1 I's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system*.
Send Ior testimonials free.
F. J. CHHNEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by nil druggists, 75c.
Take HaU's Family Pills for constipation.
"Mamma, Mrs. Oldcastle just went
wild over our new bust of Shakes,
penre when she was here this afternoon.
"Burst, my dear���burst. Mercy
sakes, how can you use such slang ?
And you've been to Europe twice,
too."���Chicago Record-Herald.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.��� Theodore Doiais, a
customer of m'ne was completely cured of rheumatism after five years of
suffering, bv the judicious use cf
The abovo facts can be verified by
writing to him, to the Parish Priest
or any of his neighbors.
A. COTE. Merchant.
St.  Isidore, Que., 12th May, '98.
Mr. Bettleson���Would you like to
have the date put on our engagement
ring, dear?
Miss Beryl���By all means, and then
if there's room, run in some little
motto like: "Any old port in a storm,"
"A bird in the hand." or something
pretty like that you know.
PAZO OINTMENT    is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in   6 to 14
days or money refunded.   50c.
"What would you do," asked the
excited politician, "if a paper should
ca'l you a thief and a liar?"
"Well," said the lawyer, "if I
were you, I'd toss up to see whether
I'd reform or thrash the editor."���
buy furs and hides, or tan them for
robes & rugs. N. W. Hide & Fur Co.,
The reconstruction of the famous
bridge of Notre Dame at Paris has
been commenced.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
Spidera' Webs.
All spiders* webs are not alike, nor
are all tbe threads of which they are
made.   These may  be dry or sticky
One and regular or course and rouch'
���,.,>^P,ll,,,T      ,..      ,1... 1,1       _��      .. **        *
He Gets Too Many.
"My, John, you haven't a particle ol
"What bave I done now?"
"Asking Mr. Hnmfat to dinner and
telling hlm you will give him a good
roast!   And he a second rate actor!"-
Baltlmore American.
One Way.
Husband-1 don't kuow how muct
of an allowance to give you. Wlfe-
You know how much you can afford
don't you? Husband-Wby, yes. Wlfi
���Then give me ns much more as yoi
<*an spare.���Illustrated Bits.
to the Old Veteran.
On oue of tbe voluuteer ranges ln
the north of England is a well known
old Irish sergeant, who has charge.
It may be mentioned that he went
through three wars���tbe Crimean, the
Indian mutiny and tbe Chinese���and
during tbe whole of that time never
received u single wouud. ..
Old W., as be is called, occasionally
acts as a marker at tbe targets, and
his utter recklessness bas become a
proverb. .
He has been known to walk forth
from behind the mantelet without the
slightest warning and touch up a bulls-
eye which did not quite satisfy him or
to note the exact position of a shoL_
At all remonstrances be would sniff
"Me be shot? Me?" he would ask.
"Why, I've bin through three war-r-s
and was nlver shot yet. Pah! Phwat's
a bit o' lead flying through the air?"
And he would assume an air of disgust
It actually occurred, however, at
last, and he was shot through the
For a moment, ns frequently happens with rifle shots, such Is their terrible force, he did not know be was
struck; then when be observed the
blood streaming dowu his sleeve he
commenced to walk down the range,
right in tbe line of fire.
it was seen tbat something waa
wrong, and they hurried to meet him.
Ab be did so he tottered ond bad to be
"Shot!" be groaned, with a look of
shame. "Shot and by a Saturday afternoon soldier!"���London Tit-Bits.
A Glimpse of the One Time Methods
In Scotch Schools.
To the work of supervisor of schools
ln Scotland Mr. Johu Kerr devoted a
number of years. In his bonk, "Other
Memories, Old and New," he hns set
down some amusing Illustrations of the
unintelligent way in which the school
work was sometimes conducted.
Tbe revised code of education which
was iutroduced in 1SII2 made provision
for nothing but reading, writing arid
arithmetic In tbelr barest forms. There
was no suggestlou about grammar, geography, history or Intelligence in any
study. Explanation of the reading lesson was uot demanded, and therefore
It was neglected in some of the schools.
The following is au example:
The lesson was one giving an account of a clever dog which had rescued a child from drowning. It was
said that the dog wus caressed by the
parents of the child. I asked wbat was
the meaning of the word "caressed,"
and the answer came at once, "Made
of fond led."
On referring to tbe list of words at
the top of tbe pag<* I found the explanation given was, "made of, fondled."
Wishing to find out if any child ln
the class had got a glimmering of tbe
meaning, I wgut from top to bottom
and got from every child nothing but
"made of fond led," prououueed as four
words, to which they attached no meaning whatever.
The teacher was surprised that I was
not satisfied with the Intelligence of
the teaching.
A Tenor's Rebuke.
Roger, tbe great French tenor, a sensitive bouI, was prone to take offense
at any slight, whether intentional or
not On one occasion he was engaged
for 1,200 francs to sing at the houBe
of a wealthy financier. Roger sang his
flrst song magnificently, but no one
paid him the slightest attention, -and
the guests continued to talk their loudest Presently tbe host thought tthe
time had come for another song and
sent for Roger. He could not be found
and that evening was seen no more.
Next day tbere came a note from him.
accompanied by 1,500 francs. The note
ran something like this:
"I have the honor to return the 1,200
francs which I received for sluglng at
your function, and I beg leave to add
800 francs thereto for having so greatly disturbed tbo conversation of your
guents."���Chicago Record-Herald,   .
Book Auction Back In 1732.
John Montgomerle. governor of ths
province of New York, died on July L
1731. In the New York Gazette of May
8, 1732, ls the following advertisement,
the flrst of the kind:
"Ou Thursday, June t, at 8 o'clock
In tbe afternoon, will begin to be sold
at public auction n collection of valuable books belonging to tbe library ol
his excellency John Montgomerle, Esq,
late governor of New York, etc., de
ceased. A catalogue of the books may
be seen ut the Coffee House in New
York, with the conditions of sale."
This Is also the flrst instance when
the word "auction" appears," "vendue"
being tbe term In general use.
There Is Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
That Is
Laxative Brome Quinine
Always remember the full name.    Look
according to the will of tbe spider and  < _or  this   signature  on  every  box.    25c.
*ie use be wishes io make of It,
rfirznfX^ ���the slocan mining review, new Denver, b. c.
Bank of cMontreal,
i ���
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST. $11,000,000
Z UNDIVIDED PROFITS, $4:-.2,ot*J9.98
��� President���Loan Ptbatiiiona and Mount Rovai,.
��� Vice-President���Hon. Gf.orue A. I'uiimmond.
a General Manager���E, S. Clolston.
��� Branches In AH The Principal Cities in Canada
��� A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan flMnino .Review.
Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnvKRTisiNti Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owner*) - .12.00
"    for Crown Grants    -   -    7..W
"     ".Purchase*of Land   -    T.-SO
"     " License to Cut Timber 6.00
Ai! locals will be charged for at the rale
of 10c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.    No room for QuacliB.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
���above rates and Save Trouble.
Xocal ano General.
To John McCuskill or to whomsoever
he may have tian lei red liia interest in
ihe Molliti Ho|emineral claim shunted
near Cody, located tin* lib day uf July,
11)04, in Ilie Slocan I_Iii.il g Division of
\V'e*t Kootenay Di.tnct.
Yoiiare lieiebv not'fied llntl I have
<XI ended two hundred and five dollara
(if*_05.00) in payment in lieu of work
and recording f es upon Ilie above
limned mineral claim iu order to hold
Ilie same mi'ler lhe piovsiou nf the
mineral net, section 24, and if within 90
days from the date ol this notice jou
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion if lhe above mentioned sum
tngi'tlicr vtitli a|l costs of advertising,
your interest in ihe said i-la'm will become the property ol the nti.ders'gned
under ice ion 4 nl the mineral act,
Aineiiiliii* nt act, 111(10.
Dated at Co.ly, this lltli ditv of May,
Anel4 T. L, MoALLtSTER.
have returned
gone lo Three
Al'ler May 10th, for the summer season, NcIsoh'b Drug Store will close at
7 p.m,
For Lease or Bond���on reasonable
terms���The Hydra had group of Ten-
mile, a silver-lead properly wilh ore in
sight in tunnel. Another tunnel in on
lead 85 feet.   Apply J. H. Wereley.
*chiiver vs. Aylard, a claim for personal injuries sustained at the Standard
mine endtd in the plaintiff being non-
snit'd. Both parties pay Iheir own
Don't forget that miners' licences ex-
piro the last day of lhe present month.
We tlon't charge anything for the information, but you know the consequences
if you neglect to p*ofit by the timely
Mrs. Davi 1 Anderson, mother of Mrs.
Dan. McKenzie and the Anderson boys
of Sandon, is reported to be recovering
from her recent dangerous illness at St.
Peter's Bay, PE.I.
McGillivray and Erickson are practising daily for forthcoming rock-drilling
contests. This championship team are
allowing marked improvement. Another
team wliich will be heard from this
year is Malcolm McKenzie and Joe
Johnson. Tlie lalter have recently decided to run in double harness. There
are'tbree teams now In tlie Sir can which
���,ve believe can defeat any three otlier
learns on the American continent.
Win. Hunter, M.P.P., left Wednesday fora business trip to Nelson.
Geo. Greer left for Nelson on Wednesday t. meet Jack Holder, who returns from Spokane to-night.
Sam Long has gone to Hnzelton.
School examination will he held by
fnspoctor J. D. Gillis on Wednesday,
fio 27th inst. Eleven pupils are up for
htgh school exams.
Mrs. Hoops and two sons, Silverton,
pre in town to-day, acoommpanied by
Mrs. C. McKinnon.
Harry Lowe left for Victoria on*mining: business this morning:.
Mrs. Williams has a new line of
Gents' Shirts, Collars, Ties, etc , the
vefy latest,
Mrs. Mathieson, owing* to ill health,
|s anxious to get away at the end of
the month to the coast, and all out
.standing accounts must be paid before
that date. Her left-over stock has got
to go at a sacrifice; no reasonable offer
R. W. Moeran, manager for Brydges,
Blakemore ami Cameron, left for Nelson, Saturday. He has licon piloting a
number of land seekers over many of
the above firm's holdings. Mr* Moeran
returned to-day. He is aliout to take
charge of the company's Hosmer
branch, and Mr. J, J. Atherton has
been appointed his agent here,
C. P, Nelson and T, Avison left Monday for Victoria, to attend the grand
lodge K. of P.
T. McAllister was down from Sandon
Olcott Payne will be back from New
York In a day or two wiih the long
green. He has been awry rustling the
capital for exploiting: the Hewitt
Tlie machinery for the Silveiton Power
and Lumber Co.'s plant is now being
put into position.
The New Denver Lumber Co, have
cut up all the lugs ihev had ready.
Lugging is now in progress.
Prov. Constable Black is making bis
an iual tour of inspection around the
_*��� tiling mid other camps, and preparing
',) repoi'i upon eanl'ary conditions.
II. P. Baker arrived from New Westminster on Friday to join the staff of
ihe Bank of Montreal.
,1oe Martin and ton
from Nelson and have
Foiks for the suuimor.
Frank Lindsay left Monday to lake up
lug new posi'tion at tlie Bank of- Mon-
ireal, New Westminster.
II rbcrt Cue took a trip to Nakusp on
Monday on b tl.alf of the Celebration
Rev. XV. Gifford, Methodist pastor,
bus gone on a visit lo Vancouver. He
will alto go to Seattle,
Mr. and Mrs. Rankine have been
slaying with fi*ietids_at the Emily Edith
mine. Tliey also inspected ilie underground working of the Standand ni.ne,
a fo.it of whicli Mrs. Rankine is justly
proud, The lady also bjoke ore and
drilled a hole.
A large number of loyal kniglils left
on Paluiday io at'end tliegrand installation ol the K. of P. lodge at Nakusp,
returning following morning.
Fred. Bullen Ins been promoted lo
head steward on board ihe str. Slocan.
Tims is fame achieved.
Mrs. Win. Hunter is visiting friends
at Victoria.
On account of tlie fact that the
Nakusp Dramatic club are running an
excursion down the Columbia River on
May 25th, ihe New Denver celebration
committee will be unable t*i arrange
for the special train from Nakusp in
connection wilh the Empire Day eele-
baii ni here.
St. Stephen's church,   New  Denver.
Sei vices     next    Sunday;     Evensong,
only, 7.'"
Now, Mr. Merchant, just a word with
you.    We are. in a position to know that
a cheap guy who came up from iho Ea*t
last week to eoiicit orders for job pi luting, tlid business among some of you,
and we want to say right here  (hat the
merchant who gets  his shipping  tags
ptiiit.d at 60 cents a thousand is a scab
of the most  viinlent type.   Suite  we
I,aye been doing business  here, wo can
truthfully say v.e have not sent a  cent
out of town for our family supplies, and
we have ever preached patiiotism to the
home Under, but we  tell  you .candidly
you reach the limit.    Some of the home
tradesmen are generous in their patronage,   wbij-t   others  are   the   cheapest
specimens of  humanity we have  ever
encountered.    Will the man who prints
your shipping tags at 60 cents a thousand
give the glad shout fur the town?   Will
he assist in any  project to  further its
growth?   Is ho ieiuly  at any  time  to
pull off his coat and fight the goo 1 light
for the Slocan, anl generally slaughter
our glorious country's detractors?  Business is business, and apparently sentiment; finds no part in the program of
some men's  liveB.   Tbey  live  for.  the
nimble two bits and grin sardonically
whilst the earliest workeis of the town
are out with the big drum.     They (kin
you up and skin you down, anil bowl if
Mra.   Jones  sends enst for her Spiing
lingerie.   Tliey are lhe giealost grafters
that town ever held;   first to criticize
and last lo dig.    There are many doing
business in this town in a substantial
Way, who write theii letters and accounts
on  plain uiiprintcd stationery.   These
men do nut begin to pay taxes like their
cotcms in larger cities; their store* hold
guoils  which  the  least said about the
hater, and do you think that the editor
of this p.iper who  is devoting liis solo
energies to advertising lhe district, and
who  spends monthly in  general  provisions alone a hundred dollars is going
lo stand for any   monkey   business liko
that.    We'll have a square deai, 0r we'll
know why.    We can  and  do  have to
compete  with  Nelson  anl  the  larger
cities of tire province  when  it conns
down lo hard pan, but we refuse to be
cold-decked.  We are here to do business.
If there is a bigger rustler in the country,
point him out to us, antl we'll  doff our
hat to hlm.   The law of libel aljne pie-
vents us from being more sptcilic.   If
you think we are  going to suffer on in
silence ami do as the Indians do all the
time, you're up in a balloon.  There are
too many openings for live newspaper
men going begging to warrant us giving
the best part of our life  to boosting fur
the benefit of any lin-horn  storekeeper
who turns his shirt and picks his teeth
with a ciidli8li bone.   Life is too short,
and we've passed the tucker age.   Y'ou,
our revertd readers,  who are spending
your rash ill town, are solicited to enquire who does the punting Ior some of
our business  men.   The  remedy   is in
your hand..    If you  think we are deserving of better  treatment from  the
people from whom we should reasonably
expect a revenue, then do the square
thing by us as wo have endeavoured to
do by you in tlie past.
Slocan Land District ���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice thnt C.^ProvoBt of On
tario, fanner, in 60 days from date, inj
tends lo apply to lhe chief ceunmisioner
ofLunilsand Works Ior permission lo
puichase tlie following described land'
Commencing at u post planted ��00 fei t
south (if the south weet corner of Block
7101 running north GO chains, w��st 60
chains, south 10 chains, east 60 clmins
following the river to pointof commencement.
Lotated April llth, lf08.
Jel8 F. Provost, Agent.
. Special Line of
. Gents* Shifts .
In all the Newest Patterns
Strictly Up-to-Date
\j* ************************************************
HAVE YOU THAT    i ... ||
Tired Peeling that Spring
Energy all gone?     No appetite?     Blood-thin and watery?
Nerves unstrung ?     Generally under the weather ?
Collars and Ties fl
Take notice that J.  J,  Atherton,  of
eiv Denver, B.C., printer,   intends  to .
iqilv   for permission to purchase the "Iff^f.        11TFI T F S llifC*
(Mowing described land.   Commencing VI 1/\         1.1   I I   I   I il   fl \
I. a post, planted on ihe  souih  side of MIlO*       �� ' M'lilllillrW
emon Creek,   about one bundled and ^
30,   subject,    " The Still Small
I IRote anb Comment I
| By "JAY-JAY." *
���j........*..*..**........*....'....**.. .*..*. ... **...���*. ���*.
Take notice that J.  J,  Atherton,
New Denver, B.C., printer,   intends
0|    '
filty feet south-west of the mouth of
the 11 ist nm-th fork of Lemon creek,
running soutli 20 chains, tbence west
.0 chains, thence noith 20 chains, lo
Lemon creek, i beiice east 40 chains
following Lemon Creek to place of commencement.
Dated this 8th day of April, 1908.
Sweet Grass, Wilm tr, Ivan,and \\ il-
mer Fractional mineral claims, situate iu Ilie Slocnn Mining division of
West Kooti nay District, Wheie lo-
cated: Oil Guat Mount.in north cf
Denver Siding.
Take notice that I, Frank C. Green,
aciing as agent for George Boulter,
Free Miners Ceitiliiate Nn. 818860, intend 60 days from tlie date hereof to
apply to the mining recorder for certificates of Improvements, fir the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of lbe
above claims.
And further lake noiice that action
under section .'17, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Iniproi ements
Dated this lllh day of Jan. A.D. 1908
Ap. 16      Nelson, B.C.
Bosun Hall Stores
Crown Gasolene, 74 gravity, 4.65 a case
8 Cans Tomatoes, 55c.
Brier Tobacco Plug, 10c.
Choice Creamery Butter, 38c.
VI Bars Eclipse Soap, 45c.
201ti Sack Granulated Sugar, 1.20
[MoDonald's P.W. Chewing Tobacco,
lOei, per plug,
Reindeer Milk, 13 Cans, 2.00
No. 1 Tetley's Tea, 8H> Caeldy, 1.20
We are out to give you Bargains in
anything. We carry for Spot Cash.
We keep everything���Boots and Shoes,
Groceries, Watches, Clocks, Dry Goods,
Drugs, etc.
Scott's Iron Tonic Pills 1
They will BRACE YOU UP and
put you  in   FIGHTING   TRIM.
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game aud
Fish iu season.
6   for   $2.50.
. ���t*-***J ���?���****��***��� ���"J'
;������$��� ���:���*���:
���ft***.Sf*^e .;.*.;. ***************&*******
notice. professional Caros. 1
Eva Frect'onal and Hillside
Hermann Clever
claims, silna'e in lhe Slocan Mining
Divii-ion ot Weal. Kootenay Distiict.
Where located: Suiilh-ciist of Saudon.
Take notice that I, Herbert T, Twitru*,
as agent for the Byron N. While Company, (foivLtn), I*1 tee Miner's Certificate No. Bii'iO-12, Intend, sixty days
fiom the diile lureif to apply io the
Slining Recorder for Ceiiiiicatrs of
Improvements for the purpose nf obtaining Ciown (.rants of each of the
above claims.
And fi r her lake noiico that action,
under section 37, mint he Commented
b *(oie the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvement**.
Dated this 27th day of Feb. A.D. 1908
F27-A* 30
* ���
The Nelson Dailv News is now exposing "Lnurier and Loot."
Remorse is gnawing nt the conscience
of many a Grit editor; even tlie Vancouver Worlel begins to see the error of
iis ways. The only lib r,il papers to lie
published In B, C. in a few months will
be snapped up as curi pp.
Tlie "Review" is the tuck which attaches the name of S!i can to the map.
It cot-ts two dollars a biff lo drive the
tnck in lurlhci*. Apathy has sent many
a local paper to the journalistic hone-
yard l his spring.    See ihe point?
The "Review"desires this lo be taken
as a wanting. Time are several persons in lho lnke towns who are daily
shooting at the wild ducks upnn the
water. The parties are known, and if
iho practise is not iinmedia ely lor-
i-aken, something will drop. Apart from
the illegal proceeding, it is a crying
sliiune that the ducks and songbirds,
which are now showing a disposi'ion lo
habitate our country airnin, Should lie so
ruthlessly molested, The game wardens
should get a wiggle on.
One ol our. readers took forcible exception to some remarks of ours in a
recent issue, nnd nearly made a hospital
job of n��, He's sober now, and feels
cheap. We admit feeling a trifle sore.
It is a western editor's privilege lo be
misunderstood and licked occasionally.
The other fellow will be out of the hos-
pitnl Saturday.
"Yes," said a mini who has followed
politics sine** ho left school iu thrsixiies,
"l.auiier may be an honest, man, but
he's got a of a bunch around him."
The Vancouver mine at Silveiton il
about to be worked upon such a substantial bads, that within the next few
years the possihilitics are that it will
be the banner mine of this distiict.
With the new company, a subsidiary
company of the Lo Roi No. 2, all things
nre well. They have In contemplation
the construction of a concentrator at an
early date, but as yet nothing definite
is to hand  in   that respect.   Ho.vcver,
Dealer in Mines, Mineral Prospects,
fruit .llanos anb
General IReal Estate
Preliminarv  examinations of  Propel ty   for prospective  purchasers a
12 years experience in the Slocan. All
business  promptly  attended to and
satisfaction (.naTanlowi.
P.O. Box 112, Silverlon, B.C.
Jeweller and
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special  attention to mail orders.
Selling Off Kootenay Hotel
Sandon. B.C.
Oh ing to ill health I am ebligedto
close my business.   After tlie lOih
K.S^SrXS?!!! 5S All Goods Sold at a Reduction
How sad it ii when we contemplate
lhe utter wickedness ul Ihe capitalistic
ola��s. Here's Mill Hunter in overalls
slaving like a navvy, and there's Bill
Davidson   touring   the   country  as the
future premier, under the contra banner
,if the other "ism." Sure Irony of fate
was never so cruel before, although wc
p- rforce must admit something has gone
wrong with the work".
Vis, _., ntle dovoutei* of unpublished
troth, the Nelson Daily News is now a
Conservative organ. We recently loaned
the News our water motor, and the
blamed lliiug refused to go on shift until
the paper had in ire regaid for political
truth.   If the Vancouver World wants
to borrow a water molor that is eiln-
ca'cd enough to know when to jib, it
can have it for the asking, f.o.b. New
Denver. Our wnt r wheel wil heroine
iiioio famous than Lottery's water
few weeks will see the installation of n
compressor plant. Ailumeis now being
built to convey the eater to be utilized
as power.
Here's two week's passed and Secretary Cue has not sprung a new scliomu
upon the T. I. S. Surely his ideas have
not petered out.
Sloe.in Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take  notice  that J.   CrOw,   Slocan,
B.C., miner, intends to  apply for  permission to purchase the following described  lauds.   ' Commencing at a post
running norlh 250 feet to the sonth-west
ceirner   of Block 7161,  tlience cast  80
chaina, theme soutli  (10 cliains to the
river more or less to the west, 80 chains
fol'owing the river to point of oommeiioer
mem.    Located April llth, 1008.
Jel8 J.  CROW.
A share ol vour patronage is  stPciteeJ.
Mrs*   Matheson**
Take Notice that I, Jesse T. Tipping of
Slocan City, B.C., occupation, miner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following ileBciibcil lands :
Commencing at a post planted about
one ami a half mile soutli east of Slocan
Citv, B.C., liar the north boundary of
W. C. E. Knell's land, thence north 00
chains, thence inst 0J chains, tlience
south CO Chains, tli n3i west 00 chains
and O-nilaiuiug 300 acres more e*r less
Slocin Citv, B.C. March 2nd. 1008.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree forte*
Slocin Lnnd District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take noiice  thnt  Francis  Woodbury
Spooner, of Nelson, B.C., Heal estate Headquarters   for  Mining Men
agent, Intends to apply brjmWn wlien vis*t*ag this famous Silver-
to purchase the following dcscrilird land.  _      ,     ...   . ��     -. ��� ���.
Commencing at. a post planted at the I.eacl Miiiiiig Camp. Every
north-east corner of Lot 8774, tiroup 1 comfort foi the Travelinjf Public.
Ko iti'iiay, tlience south 20Chains, thenco
enst 20 chains, thence ninth SO chains,
thence west 20 chains to the po'nt of
t'o.iiintii.enieiit and containing 40 acres
more or less.
Willinni Henry Court! nay, agent.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
S Hotel
Slocan City.  ��-��� B.C.
Headquarters and home
of the old-timers, mining
and commercial meu, rau-
chers, lumberjacks, prospectors, aud every one who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
jf. j��. (Briffitb
Me-sr-i Towgood and BiU'ler desire to
thank the Sandon fire brigade an,I ihe
citizens generally who worked so ten
acionsly at the late disastrous blaze.
Tliey are still in the rin�� <bing tin .iness,
but as yet are iindecidediislothefutuie.
Snndon beer and Sandon porter can be
obtained for several months, as a large
portion of the stock was saved.
Fred McDonnell and Charlie Ivenorj
have arrived from Snndon to join the
cieiv at the Buffalo, Owing to a sprain I
hy McDonnell, this team will not enter!
in the early spring drilling contests, but
tliey will ho In aril [r*.in at .Silveiton on I
ihe lit of July. '
Electoral District.
A convention of the Liberals of
Kootenay will be held at Nelson,
B. C, on
Thursday, June 4th, 08
For the purpose of selecting a
candidate to contest the rielint. in
the next Dominion election in the
interests of the Liberal party.
The convention will open at
2 p.m., and all Liberals are invited to attend, but only accreel-
ited delegates will be allowed to
The basis of representation will
be one delegate for every 50
votes, or fraction thereof, polled
at the last dominion election.
Properly accredited proxies will
be recognized.
F. J. Deane, Pres.
J). Proudfoot, Sec.
Take notice that Frank Provost, of
Slocnn City, B.C., miner, intends to
upply for permission to pnrcbafo the
following described land. Commencing
nt. a post pi nilid at the inoulii of .the
First Ninth Fork of Lemon Creek, running noith 40 chains, theme West 80
chains, tlu-nce south 40 chains nioie fir
Ie s, lo Lemon Creek, thence cast 80
chains following Lemon deck to place
ol commencement.
Dated this 8th day of April, 1908.
Shall I send my next washing?
There    is   only   one    first, class
Laundry in (lie Kootenay. and that
Funerals conducted onBhort'
noticeiuany point iu the dis-
trict.    ������Shell-** uhvtiy.i iu .stock.
m flDcXcan,
Kootenay Steam laundry
of Nelson, H.C.
Get price   list from  J.  E.   Angrignon
Local Agent.
Hotel Rosebery
Well furnished rooms.
First-class   Cuisine.
Summer Excursion Rates
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO   $72.50
NEW YORK    .108.50
MONTREAL $108.50
(-T. LOUIS $67.50
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA $108.fi0
ST. JOHN,  NB $127.50
HALIFAX $135.50
SYDNEY, C.B $14190
Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,
June 5, 6, 19, anil 20, July 6, 7,
22, and 23, and August 6, 7, 21,
and 22, 1008.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
Route.���Tickets are good via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago are good via Great
For further information, rates,
anel sleeping car reservation apply
John Mob, D.P.A, Nelson, B.C.
C. E. McPiikiinon, G.P.A.,
Winniicg, Man.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min
Smelter and Mill Supplies. ,
New Denver lodge No. 1%
!<-. of _F>.
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
II. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
bcture soaps, polishes, flavoring extract."., perfumes, toilet articles, medicino. baking pow- .
tiers, salves, liniments, stock and poultry rem- ��
edict, household specialties and novelties tn I
your own home at -small cost. Mixers Cu.de is
i paper devoted to the business, three months ���
trial subscription for 10c; sample free
MIXERS GUIDE. Fort Madiaoa Iowa.
Ladies' Dress 10c
Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towels, handercbiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here; Two shifts alwaya.
Tlie lei Denver tiler Co.
Manufacturers of Piue Lumber, Shiplap, aud
Finishing Fir and Tamafac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan lake
L. SCAIA, Proprietor
P.O. Box 20.
Is lhe Home  fnr all Mining Men when  at the famous Silver
Co.-y Rooms and fir_t-ela*s table.    S.iiiijile luioins,
I villi make vour stay with nie a pleasant one.
Lead Camp.
D. Grant, Prop��=SILVERTON, B.C.
To N. XV. Fessler and li. V. Risdon,
or lo any other person lo whom tliey,
or either of tliem, may have tranc-
feried tli ir inteie*t, or any part thereof, in tli t "Transvaal" mineral claim,
Bituii el on Ten-mile oreek, in the Sloran City mining division of lhe West
Koole ay distiict of tho province of
British Columbia, and recorded in the
Mining recorders ollice at Hloean,   B.C
You, and each of you are hereby 'notified tnat I have expended lhe sum of
tno hundred anl live dollars (.".'06.00)
in payment in lieu of work and recording fees upon the above named minora
claim in oidt-r. to hold the snme under
the provisions of seeti ui 24 ef the mineral ��ci ; and that if within 00 i'ays fr.m
the date of thi*, notice, yon fail or lvfuae
to contribute your proportion ol the
aforesaid expenditure, fur the ttvo
yeais ending the lit of August. fWl,
logelher withal costs of ndveit1|Jing
your interest in the said claim wil1 be-
cume vested 111 the nnder.l_.ned, under
section 4 of lho mineral act, Amendment not, 1900.
Hated at Slocan,  B.C, this 30th day
of January, A.D., 1908.
******************+++i.+ i.4
Co., to j to, Out.
and Sunnier Suit*)
Kor Sprin,
Best Simples Ever
in   B.C. i
See them at the Liesrm T
Shaving Parlor, X
Agent *f
��������������� MM r.M'H MMi:.<M��i
Take notice Ihat M. Piovost, of Ontario, fanner, intends to liplily for per-
111 181-1011 to purchase the following described laiiels. Commencing at a post
running noith 20 chain--, tlience i-ast 40
chains, thence south 20 chains more
or less to the liver thence tvi-st. 40 chains
following the. river to point of commencement.
Licated April 11 tl
F. Provost, Agent.
Palma Angrignon ijasa&stMe
v-7       V eliuto   the    lollowing    ile ciibed
General Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
Commencing at this post inuning north
20 chains, ihence west 40 chains, thenoe
s nub 20 chfiitis more or less to the river
thence east 40 chains lollowing the
river, to point of commencement.
Lo.titeJ April llth, Ifl;i8.
F. Provost, Agent


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