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Slocan Mining Review 1908-02-06

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 Devoted   to   Advertising   tlie
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   gTowing   Area   in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Printed   iu New  Denver,   the
Beauty Spot of thc Continent
and   the  Hub   of the  richest
Sil-.-er-J.cail District on Haiti*.
r**-******-.* ��� _- ns-.r* I***-* ���* Vl_?iVT:T"CB:-fr__nTr
No. 24   Vj!,  2,
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, Feb 6, 1908.
Single Copies 5c
\m\ \imlmi km
f|' f] K
I _��� illui
Bul tiie Mining Men Beat the
Ranchers On Their
Own Ice,
Ih *  1. ' *.*      from
chi  I      I . 1*
;*   I
* r   City
,: foi the li cli v
leap , ' :'. li * ������ c uli j*cnl of rooters
to I 1. I . ��� 01111 on We '���
nts !:iy * i vo tea rolled arou lhe
game ii
a   lean 11   thu
above *. ���       . ml the  I i'*o*l oi
the old-lit . . d at tin s imblance
of d.ioli that a woke mom *:. ��� i' great
batt'ea when 8 indon ������*.- is San Ion and
the big "It" ol British Columbia
hockey. Oi the old chainpionslrp
septette thai brought trophies nnd fame
to tlie Silver Cily there *>vas not one in
action in Wednesday's game, but there
wero men who would have hem given a
place iu Sand m's team of palmy days.
Stanley Langille, Fred Cliarbonnenn
ami II. 0. MuDongall  are players  wbo
would be mapped up by the management o? ho. key clubs in many large
cities. The great surprise of the game
was that the Ranchers he'd tliuii down
so well. New Denver lias a team ibis
year that is far above Ilie nggrega ion of
previous years, and they erectly flatter-
td tlloir BQ1 ltora ���*' c '"'-JlnEly.   It was | t,ic traVl,1!i,,g publi
a lightning, gentlemanly exposition of
Canada's great whiler game, nit a
singlo player being :eut to the fence or
needing caution,   Ru3i Thompson made
standing ���'! to 2 in favor uf Sandon.        ili':]-*__j
Afterrecess lire game opened swift MM
and in livo minutes Fred Kelly evened | fc\
up for Denver and.I deafenii g applause.
Play quieted down, both Bides showing
the effects of the swift play, Then
McDougrill livened things up by -coring
for Sandon, and Denver for a time
looked icrtaln to : o:e, but tl11 ii- lock
was out, Befoio lho cillof lime .Sandon was two to lhe goid, the last being
scored bv F, M :Donell,
Xocal ano General.
A-pnrty uf land seekers came in from
Saskatchewan last Saturday to  lorato a
hum:   block   of  land   for a  Meiwoiiite
colon}'.   Tjioy  vtero p'loled  through n
part of this end of the district by a rep-
nitativo  of   the   Nelson   and    H'*w
i* firm of S. .1. Brydges,    To our
sentntive they epoko of  lhe j.��� 1 en =���
tires of the i rip, and tlieir admiration of
nil Ibny bad seen. The earlinesi of their
visit precluded a possibility of looking
moro extensively around, hut they wi 1
return nt tho end of April.
A drummer told us this week Ihat
New Denver wns a great coat warmer
than any town in tho Kootenays.
It costs ten dollars for a meal ticket
at Three Forks these days, but the fare
Includes such luxuries ns turkey, mountain   trout,  porcupine  liver and  fresh
.*_ itL.. ��
We aro authorilalively informed that
lhe Reco EIolol, Bandon, will remain
open for business. All will be glad to
learn this, as the Reco is second to none
in the district and n haven of rest for
Of course you mo going lo the K. of
P's masquerade ball on the 19ih. See
Mrs. Wi'diains about yoiir.coBtumo.
After the hockey match the town
club entertained the visitors lo a dnuce
and supper,
Hr-r-r i* ! Do yon read thc eastern
papers ? Br-l'-r r, '.i'., B5 and 'U below
zero, mid borearewe in our shirt-sleeves
cussing because wo can't get goo 1 ice
for skating.
Wu wore iii error last wr*��k in recording lhe death in England of the father
of Herb, and Wiil Tholillinton, It was
tlie boys'grandfather, and we herewith
express regret firth.* mistake,
1,'. I. Kirkwood, Slocan, was in (own
For Full Information writs
Imperial Bank Block ..   NELSON, B.C.
r:     e ���....:,"-'    . .
IfSv?b*ges, JSlaftemore �� Cameron,
So Fertile
Mr and Mrs. It. G. Fisher have returned from a trip lo Nelson.
Useful  men are  managing  to avoid
defamation by remaining in obscurity.
il Sb_ci_,__/_ u
II. C. McDon.-all has charge of the
Eureka-Richmond group during A. W.
Dnvis' absew e In tbe east.
! .8-hc1 mi
i ,101*.    \*1 tt
B e ? t* i. -I i'��� '    -
SJ I* -^ ii s> w*
3 Ul a
Thirty-six   tons of rich ore was shipped from lho Molly Hughes this ivcek.
l.nst   Saturday  tho Chinese new year
began and the I icnl c lea ials dispi used
Oflawa Will See A Rirtteri?,i,nB,,eynn,Iflr,,c,,ickera,avU1,ly-
The friends * f Neil McMillan nn 1 Tom i
Mulvey will  be pl raed   to learn Ihcy]
Petition Tooshing
mo-it   cipab'e referee,  the   Sandon     Prof. McKay will hive  his meteoro
logical report ready in a few weeks.
DameEumorsays wedding bolls will
ring in h, few days. Everybody knows
the charming lady; but who is the
lucky man ?
players expressing their appreciation of
hi3 effort*-*,   which la  gratifying  lo the
home   fan .      'Tho  umpires were,   R,
Turner (Sandon) and A Jacobson (New j
Tiie line up was at foil ,w*3:
Now D.nver Sandon j    J-   "���   Corey,   owner   of one  of   the
M. Kennedy goal W. Tattrie  choie-st blocks of. fruit land,  on  the
II. J. Byrnes       point        F. McDonell L^ wnB in ,,-,���.���   YVotJneeday.
J. Jost cover point    S. Langille'
A. 8i.Brl.ndle       roVerH.G. McDuugall     Mass was celebrated at the Catholic
('.McDonald     forwards G. Hope | church last Sunday.
F. I>. Kelly ,,   F. Charbonneau
It. Bluinenaner       ,, ('. lienor.
There was a big  crowd present when
the teams took to the ice, which owing
Martin Kennedy has gone on a trip to
the Northwest,
A challenge!    The Review has re-
Great  in'ercst ii being taken ia   the
distiict regarding lhe memorial to extend lho lead bounty which  expires on
June  '">01 li   next,   and   there  are mnny
of the opinion lhnt the lead  bounty as
now controlled is working no material
or immediate advantage to the ore pro-
Goo,  Stoll,   of   the   Wilson   House, I ducora of. tho district.   To scum  the
Slocan, has been laid up this week with ; .-As-* results to the   Slocan 'in the eyent
tonsllitis. * of tbo bounty being renewed, a meeting
_."   , ,   . ...     of lend mi no owners held at New Den-
Tiie  little son  of  Dune.   Kennedy, A
.,,    , ,  | ver recently decided to  advise a protoc-
elocan, has keen verv ill   Ihe past week /
! live mnuse in a further metnoiittl to the
with pleurisy and pneumonia. .i
Dominion government na follows:
F. XV. Guernsey, ore buyer for the     Wheicas a memorial requesting an
Trail   smelter,   was   bore   on   business j     ,     ���       , ,, ,.        ���  ���:....,,
extension of tho operation of the l=cad
''<''''**l''*-;l**y- Bounty for a period of five .'ears frbm
J.   D. Cavan is   r.iwhiding-.orc from  tbo 80th day of June, 1008 was liurrlidly
have elft the hospital,
Mr**. .1. Parent, Ros-ibery, was a
visitor ibis wi ek,
Mrs, Mathoson will bojii be nble lo
be around again,
the Weslinont.
circulated  among   load    mine owners
The tourists who visit Now Denver I flnd EiSlied u>' mnn-' i ���d
awear by the hotel men -not at them.
A. breakdown on our press is responsible lor our late appearance, ,
Thanks for that photograph you
havo'nt Bent for our spec nl. Your
kindiio a id only exceeded by your
What say vMi ?    Supposing that nt
Whereas tho Consolidated M'liing and
Smelting Company is at present practically the sole purchaser an*.) smelter
of lead.ins in Canada, and control*
large lead mines capable of supplying
the Canadian markets; an 1
Wheicas the undersigned lead m'ne
owners    aid   operators    believe    thai
Senior School Report
For January, ISOS: Pnpils attending
during month, 39. Average daily attendance, 32.80
Dux of school for month, Ethel E.
smel'ii,grates and charge?, wilh method   j \
Ethel E. Burgflss 70.32
David Hyde 75.00
lessio Cropp  7!i 80
Wiiinlfred   McDougald 67.23
Mnri..n Mclnnes li5.H0
Hugh Karl Nelson 01 00
Riissoll Guidon HI 04
J. Raymond 131 union an e_*.... 03.83
John A.  Williams  08.00
Chn*. W. No.l-oii ii*! 35
Denver  Shannon  00.69
G. Alblyn M. Valhinco  60.09
Wm. II:  Clever   63 05
lu  lho  following   classes only   tho
three highest are given,
Ella M. Burgess  ,0 17
Mario Murray  09,01
1 Mary tl. Clever  84.37
Quo A'adis.���Money talks���Thaw wns
bughouse when bo pulled.the trigger,
but he is eauo now.
Snowball. Nelson.���We can'tEfty, bar-
onietora vary. Consult your daily
oily papers, i.dd ten and then New
Dciivor skins you.
Fruit Lauds,   Siskatchewan.���You are
entirely   wrong.     New    Denver  lias
not experienced   zero   weather this
I*    winter
I Fighting Frog, Standard. Mine.���Surely you are not. in earnest, Crowe's
In st performance was when he bent
the monk, y in the dust h������le.
Decent, Slocan.���Your name i- Dennis.
Wo have r.s good a hand as you.
: Electricity, Now Denver,��� Lights nothing. Y. in* EUzgeslion makes us
laugh, it. would perhaps he rather
expensive to concurrently stiike
matches, bul Ubo accrued refult would
suit you bettor,
Lights-out, City,���Ytf-*, it. is  vexations,
l*u! the  lemedy  is yours,  and ii youi
fail to net yo i   llinst tako your Own
Letters to The Eim.
jit niii*l always hediatiiictly underslooil
QI-QQ-hnn Uonnjo !|Fn^_
I nnntPil fir
owe Too Oeyer
Atllie Oos i for T;h
Plucky Opponent,
' SI i- h'l- " Harris's 'tin BOfc nl, I Lo
same inuuiont when "TcrriblV Crowe
g it home on hlm a light hook in neck
and a : io '��� In - jolt tn jaw, add to
which a pui"i g poke In tin* panlri, a
thud, a ���:: * i, nil 1 I hi 11 stillness,
Harris entered the ring a i to 4 favoiito
but there was money coming nil tho
time for Crowe. The contest was limited t*> ten rounds, but Harris had joined
the down-and-out club before the fourth
was through, It was a hit melee while
it lasted, but Crowo was too clever at
every st.ige for his diuglity opponent,
who fought valiantly and doggedly an
uphill light. His backers hnd every
confidence that ho would w in out with
hi: in-fighting qualities, but'tliey wero
badly left, (or whenever lhe men mixed
thai tboEi.toris.iot r.'sp        le for I llie 81nshoi. Wls *������,,���,, :,ll(1 tho Crowo
the ominous  ol   correspondents', noi'-j ,     ���
ho  opinion
does lie always agree with them.l
Editor, S'.ocan Mining Review.
Dear Sir,-How long are Ihe townspeople going to stand for iho rotten
electric   light?    What   is   the  limit  if
crowed. Harvoy Fife, of Slocan,
the referee, and Dane. MeHundlo was
timekeeper. The winner was seconded
by Jim French nnd the loser by J. II.
Pinchbeck. The match was fer .100
a aide, w inner ta:-o all.     There wag not
their endurance do you tliii.lt: ?   1 know  a large crowd present, tho gate receipts
In a small community its a pretty cultus  totalling $J0.('*0.
H.Bnivess ..
to the mild spell was rather on Ihe BOft coived from the Statidntd  mine a chal- the meeting on Saturday night wo  all  of settlement, should  be fixed   by  the m.ia M. Clever
side. The home team defended tbehengo directed to-Jack Craw aud W.
portal goal. Sandon at once pressed Harris to box any minder of rounds.
und a scrimmage in front of the home ; The writer styles himself the "Fight-
net was cleverly relieved by -lost. Thej j���g Frog," nnd assures us of his deicr-
puck was then voiced to the miners ruination to back himsoif and lick the
end but Langille got away,  and coming  men om. u.*Ul. t|10 ,,(!���.,..
through in  meteroic lashion   drove n I .        .,,
,_,_,,        ,. ,     Services will he held at St. Stephen's
shot at the Ran-In. r n goalie, who saved !
........ ...     ,, chnrcii  next   Sunday,   morning    11.0,
and cleared   brilliantly.      ihe  Denver .
... . evening 7.80.   Evening subject, "Temp-
bunch by good combination again v.or-
I tat ion. '
lied the visitor's   defence,   and Langille j
again broke np the science, and coining     '** R* Mclnnes lias secured  the Snn-
nway be looked a sure scorer when Jail I ',on Rgonoy for lhe  Edison phonograph.
Byrnes pulled him up.     Away  to thc
other end    icochetted the elusive disc,
He is letting tbem out on triel.
Did the Sandon hockey players expeel
and   to lho accompanying yel's from   .  ]Xll)iW]  ,..,,,,��� ,     ,,r   ,,i;,0 s,v
tho Sandon rooters of "Stanley!
Stanley!" thai b.ig o' tricks was cmire-
inj throngb tbe bunch again, looping
th*s loop and heading for goal, Kennedy saved fine, ami then Bvi'nefl ran
through the Sandon string, but his
clever finfii * n futile Hope was
pulled uji offsl ��� tha lOUih of the
home goal, am     ��� ,      rs   ...      , v,r(; ���Vcdne8dnj
spicious for prctl *
as the outcome the Sandon citadel loll
at the ban Is of McDonald amid the
wildest ehthusiastu,
roiii| ;inii* I    th:  team    with    axe
ro snil.
\V.    Davhlson,    cx-M.I .A.,   left   for
Phoenix .ni union  business yesterday.
Surveyor  Twi.'g  baa   returned  from
tlu* coast.
Tom McAlllslor,   supt,  of tho  Noble
Hia flonoui tho Litutepa.nt-Goyernor
in Council h . 1 een pleased to appoint
Iho undoi iientipnedpoisonslo.be com*
_,    ,. ... ., , inisfioneiB for taking Affiilavita  in the
The dm was terrific as  tbo puck was
...   ,    ,, t.    ,      ,,_..��� Supreme Court, for tlie purpose of act
ing  under the    " Provincial   Elections
Act" in the electoral districts /iu which
_ ,,,,,,      ,  ���      ,      .,   ,,  tbey reside:, Wil Ham Lo.vutt, of Burton;
tbem Denver! Wotcber lying down for.'i
-    ���        TloioasII. Wilson, of Silverton*; Fred-
again started. " Sandon, Sand in, conn*
on Sandon. Show these fanners, Pul
it all over these rancheia!    Stay with
a sick ki<l!   There they go;
t r,       r     1-               I     - 'I'I "'���'
Like stealing ian.lv froiu
.. crick    George    Fnuonier,  of   Needles;
here they I                                   .  '
,   ,���     ,            ,             i i   c   i  ,'. Jno. J, Atherton, ot New Denver,
go!    Waugh,   waugh,   waugbl    Socl.it; '
to'em ! Stanley* Kenora's Good old Jack 1'nbnii* (Paddy) and George
Sandon���wallop *rs���parsons���flslieiineu . Black left this morning for tho c met en
���waugh, wiuigli -booze fighters fruit route for New Zealand, wl,ern they are
���growers'." roared the crowd, and then about, to'.try their luck. Last night
�� mighty yell went up as Stan. Langille they were entertained lo n recherche
banged n beauty in the ngl.froin centre supper and smoking'concert at the New-
ice for Sandon an 1 evened up. market hotel by a number of their
Two minutes later Illuomoirauor put friends in the district who originally
Denver in lhe lead again, and the home hailed from Ihe iron belt around Olealor
bunch continued lo press, Tho Sandon Moor,-Cumberland, England, Those
forwards pul in g lod work, and this included W. P. Simpson, Bob Crellln,
enabled Laiigillu to break through and W, S. Barrie, Harry Dawrbn (Cocker-
-.������re for lh^' miners again. Three month" dim Burns WiUbbrow), Jack
minutes later Charbonneau added yet I IloVlen (Workington), and Tom Bir-
DUOther, end half-time f mud the  score bonr,
tog t *
' Slocan
i nlighteiud.
being wliispen il by the
wise ones on the streets of Winnipeg.
Tin re are knockers in Iho camp. The
paily of landseekeiS who wero here
this weckUold us so.
There is n icpert current at Nelson
that the Hall Mines Smelter will shortly
resume operations.
W. Chapman, No'sou, was here this
week taking orders f_r burnished photographic work.
The K. i. S, train was backing snow-
shdi 8 botwen Sandon and Knslo yesti r*
ilny, and il toi k six hours to reach the
Silvi r Citv, ll could not tnnko lhe
return trip, The rotuiy i off the tr.*.ck
thif morning,
1 lo i ������ a  wis *
company of pi!'-
ty who j. s
ih'llt in  lhe
Government of Canada before an extension  of /he operation  of the  bill
; bounty is granted ; and
Whereas it is believed., that tail*
smelting, refining, and marketing
charges should ho based on actual co t
rather thnn the excessive charges made
hy trusts abroad:
We, lho undersigned lead mine owners and operators respectfully request
us follows:
tl) That, in extending the operation
of the Load Bonnty, nil charges or deductions fur treatment of or.* be fixed I ivhiiewotoi
by agreement with lhe Consolidated
Mining and Smelling Company, or
otlur purchasers nnd smokers o! lead
ore in Canada, after full investigation
by the officers of the geological survey
ol  Canada, and  that  tho   purchase  of
Dorice Marguerite Vallance .. 01.25
Cns-ie Cook v. 03.o7
Lome V. McDonald 00.00
Georgina Rnnsom tiO.OO
Lost Week's Ore -llprafs,
Following nre the rdiipmenta to Trail
smelter for week ending Feb. 1st.
Mine. Toiib.
Vancouver, Silverton	
ore offorred be mado compulsoiy.
(2)   In event   ol the   Coubo
A hotel ia known by tho soup it sup-  -fining and Smelting company refusing
plies, * ..ft or otherwise.
To knockers.   Go cast nnd freeze.
Weather item. Close your eyes and
you have summer.    Open   them and if
you   are   imaginative  you will   be  surprised to sec snow on the ground.
Tho bflllfit Nakusp next Friday pro-
iscs lo be a a-,. ell affair.
Jesse I'runk,   the   popular conductor
ni the  K. AS. tram, is lying danger-
! onaly ill at his home at Kaslo.
Silver is 5.v�� to-day; London lead
is 1*1 12 0,
Wc hnve arrived at that s'ago when
the loss of a standing ad, no long tempts
us to put out our own light.
The Newmarket's palatial new dining
ball will he opened with eclat on the
llllb inst., Ihe night of the grand masquerade ball.
Did you fee them? See what? Ed.'s
samples (rom the Crown Tailoring Co.,
of Toronto, f n* Spring and Summer
suiting. Tliey are beauties. From
iplJ'.r.Oto .80 OOn suit. J. K, Angrignon,
L* cal njjent,
to outer into a satisfactory agreement,
that the balance if the si.m voted for
Lead Bounty, bill unexpended on June
iiOth, 1008, bo set. apatt by the governments Canada, and used in building
complsto works for the treatment of
And that such works bo opera led by
the Government of Canada oil a commercial basis, apart of the profits being
retained lo cover interest on investment
and depreciation of plant. Any remaining profits to bo distributed yearly
among ore producers in proportion to
tlie amount of ore treated for each producer.
Ottawa. February 1.���During the
twelve years that the iron and slecl
bounties have been in existence the Dominion has paid asum'of $5,108,223 as
bounty on pig-iron; .���i,'!.9*,515 for
steel ingot', and f 1.241,478 on articles
manufactured from steel. The bounty
on lead amounts to ^47*3,848. limine
tlie past four years there hns been pni I
out on crude petroleum $1,204,135,
The crew have leliiined lo the N.cpc-
w.i     wilh  BlipplieB for  tho balance  of
Advl.  thew'ntcr.
Sunset, Bandon	
Kutok.i-l'i. 1 nd, Sandon
Standard, Silverlon  	
Hewitt, "        	
Arlington, si.wan 	
L.ambier-Cariboo, Sandon  ..
Reco, Saiid'in, 	
Silver Glance, Whitewater,
Lightning Peak, 	
���Slocan Sovereign, Sandon, .
tldng to point tho linger of scorn nl
one thing all the time, but the service
is getting intolerable, and I have concluded that we are being played for a
lot of Biickeis. Ill buy a can of coal
oil ii nl iis ha'f water I won't pay fur it.
If I buy eggs and I hey are rolt'ii I lake
them back. If I pay for 100 candle
power light and I go; 5 I'm a sucker,
If you pay for more thnn me, you're r.
big.er one. Who is to blame? Why
you yourjelf, This hole and corner
indignation meetings is uo good. We
have got to gel right out in the open
and toll tbo light ojntlit whore they are
going to get off at. What are town
improvement societies for? Wbat are
they icared of ? 1 know. 113 because
Campbell's on thecommitloe and they
got cold feet. I'm not Beared to write
my name, but as I am only a miner and
a small consumer, please write mi down
New Denver, Sunday, 2nd Feb.
We perforce must agree with our correspondent as to the  genuir.iicfs of  the
lovrn's burden in tho matter of electric
light, and we fe.il assured that centi-
nient nloiiii on  Iho  pait of  the people
deters   them   fiom   openly   expressing
themselves.    Now, we  have  in  these
columns   hitherto  declared   ourselves,
and  with' a hope that a  better under-
(i. ' standing and good r. suit w ill accrue, we
400 | will go n step further and   ask all those
���** I who are interested In a public duty to
ting at   the BosUll
Siitu day evening at i Ighl
fill  o'clock.    11   thin   ia   not   respond.* I  lo
81   heartily.we shall conclude that thn ab-
*'senlets  are ncrf.cily sntioflel  with cx-
..." isting conditions;
280'     _���____���
���   ' attend  a  public m
..   Hall,   this
ToN. XV. Fessler and It.   V.   Bisdon,
or lo nny olbor person lo   whom   they
Sweet (trass, W'hnor, Ivan, anl Wil-
iin'i* Fractionnl mineral claims, situate in tlie Slocan Mining division of
West Kootenay District. Where located: ():i Goat Mountain norlh of
Denver Siding,
,������.._   ,....,.���.,_    ���,._.,.   .,,���,,.    Take notice  that I, Frank  C.  Green,
or either of them, may have trans- acting a-i agent for Gedrge Boulter,
ferred tlieir interest,* or anv | art them-! Free Miners Certificate Ni. B13806, in-
of, in the "Transvaal" mineral claim, tend 80 days from tho date hereof to
situated on Ti n-ini!e creek, in tbe Slo-1 apply to the mining recorder for certi-
can City mining division of tho West licales of Improvements, for tho pur-
Koolenny distiict of thn province of ppse of 'obtaining Crown Grants of tho
Biilisb Columbia, nnd   recorded in   tbo above claims.
Mining recorders office at Klecnn,   B.C. j    Anl further  take  notice thnt action
Yon, and each of you nre hereby  not- under section 87,  must   be commenced
Iflodtnnt I have  expended   tho sum of before  the issuance of such  Certilicate
two hundred and   live dollars   (lf205.00)  of Improvements,
in payment in lieu of work and  record-!    Dated this llth day of .Ian, A.O. 1008
ing fo s upon the above named mineral
claim in order to hold tho sniue under
tie provisions of section 24 of the mineral act; and that If within IK) dnys fiom
ihe data of tbis notico, yon fail or refuae
to'contributo your proportion of the
aforesaid expenditure, for tho two
years ending the 1st of August, 1007,
ogether withal costs of advertising,
four interest in the said claim will become vested in lhe iinder.-inriioil, under
section 4 ol the mineral net. Amendment net, 1900.
Dated al   Slo an,   B.C, this  80th day
of January, A;D., 1908,
30-Ap, 30 JOS'TH i.*]'.*,*. z,
Ap.  10 Nelson, I! ('.
Shall I send my next wafting?
There    is    only    one    Mrs!, c'nsa
Laundry ii. lhe Kootenay, and thnt
Kootenay Steam Laniidr:
G.t price
of Nelson, It.I'.
list, i om  J.' 13, Angrignon,
Local Agent,
Round I.���Both sparred cautiously nt
the opening, Slasher tried a h ft'jiib to
face at long range. They mix. This
was a (nine round.
Round 3.���Both men rushed to finish
each other off. Blow for blow is struck.
Harris's lack ginger. Crowe with n
right book lo jaw lifted his man off his
feet and he fell in a leap in the comer.
Crowe allows him to get square cn feet,
then drives him to ropes and gives
him medicine. Harris got in a lightning left which rocked the cockney's
thinker. Ij th smile "villi assurance,
Tliey clinch. Harris crouched for a
body blow, Crowe receives it and upper-
cuts before the Slasher could get away.
Harris in (rouble. Crowe went for a
knock out, and got in bne on Iho nosa
and one lu the bellows. Harris goea
down like n wet blanket. Fifo calls up
lo eight nnd Harris gets up frayed at
lhe mouth, hid steering goer awry, and
lis wind i*i serve polored out--hut game
as ni bantam. Crowe rushed, and
Harris eluded a vicious jab lo jtw by
clever footwork. Hania lands left and
right to body, and Crowe emitted a
grunt. Harris driven to ropeS, but
call of " time" saved him from going
to s'umbeikuid. L*ii I applause was
hear I as tho men went to theii ourners.
They had b.'eii guing 8 mie.
Bound 8, -They met nm! exchanged
Fghl blows. Harris was thn aggressor
bul Crowo was loo clever wiih his footwork. Cl'oWO did "nine pretty work
with bis head, and Harris was puzzled.
Crowe toy,* I wilh Iho Slasher foi* a
minute, nnd then ho went in fur lhe
final elcnii-up. llama staved off (lie
onslaught foi a fen* seconds, bul I o
\mi-i knocked clear out of lho ring.
Crowe generously gave him quarior and
Ihcy mixed for gorp. In the infighting
Orowc was tho better. The latter then
forced the game and with a swinging
jolt from right dropped his man. The
referee counted to nine and Harris:
staggered lo his'feet. Crowo utslios tp
finish hiin off, but the call of "time"
save.! the Slasher from passing in bis
Round 4 Crown jumped lo lho
centre as frc-h as ever. Harris slightly
refreshed concentrated bis efforts to
wave off defeat and play for lucky knock
out. Crowe smile 1 at his puerilq attempts and then suddenly swooped
down on him. A (oi'lific j .11 oil tho
neck nnd u hard drive lo the jaw* did
the .rick.   At   iho  call of  ton   llanii
rose to b's elbow, glared at his adversary, ami then sunk limp to the stage.
Crowe went, to hia assi-lauc an I carried hiin to his (olnor,where the defeated man rallied in live minutes.
���THIRTY Days from dale] Intend lo
* "Pl'ly lo tbo Board of L'cense
���Coiiimi.sionerfl of the Slocan License District fora ti.ins.or Of mv licenso
ni \ i torn. Hole*, Silverton, 1', c to
M'*8. A. Carry. |.', M. SPENCEIl THli   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
_________���____________! ____k__k_________J____N________________________AAAAAA&AAAAA
��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans,"
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's/*
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc.
Tlie breakfast bell had rung twice
while Guy waa holding that interview
with Agnes, and at last Mrs. Noah
came np herself to learn the cause of
the delay; standing in the hull, she
heard a part of what was transpiring
in the parlor. Mrs. Noah was proud
and jealous of her master's dignity,
and once or twice the thought had
crossed ber mind that perhaps when
he came home Maddy would be treated more an some governesses were
treated by their employers, but to
have Agnes take the matter up was
quite a different thinp, nnd Mrs. Noah
smiled with prim satisfaction, ns she
heard Guy issuing orders ns to bow
Miss Clyde should be treated. Standing back to let Apnes pass, she waited
a moment, and then, an if she had
just come up,* presented herself before
Guy, asking if he were ready for
"Yea, call Miss Clyde; tell her I
sent for her," was Guy's anawer, and
forthwith Mrs. Noah repaired to Maddy's room, finding her still sobbing
"I cannot go down," she said; "my
face is all stains, and it's so dreadful,
happening on Sunday, too. What
would grandpa say?"
' "You can wash off the stains,
.Come," Mrs. Noah said, pouring waiter into the bowl, and bidding Maddy
.hurry, "as Mr. Guy was waiting
breakfast for her."
"But I am not to eat with them,"
Maddy began, when Mrs. Noah stopped her by explaining how Guy ruled
that house, and Agnes had been completely routed.
This did not quiet Maddy particularly, and her heart beat painfully as
she descended to the parlor, where
Guy was still walking up and down.
"Come, Miss Clyde, Jessie is nearly
famished," he said pleasantly, as
Maddy appeared, and without the
slightest reference to what had passed he drew Maddy's arm within his
own, and giving a hand to Jessie,
who had just come in, he went to the
breakfast room, where Maddy was
told to preside.
Guy watched her closely witbout
Beeming to do so, mentally deciding
that she was neither vulgar nor awkward. On the contrary, he thought
her very pretty, and very graceful foi
one so unaccustomed to society. Nothing was said of Agnes, who kept her
room the entire day, and did not join
the family until evening, when Guy
sat upon the piazza with Jessie in his
lap, while Maddy was not very far
away. At first there was much constraint between Agnes and Maddy,
but with Guy to manage, it soon
wore away, and Agnes felt herself exceedingly amiable when she reflected
how gracious she had been to **ier
But Maddy could not so soon forget. All through the day the conviction had been settling upon her that
she could not stay at Aikenside, and
so on the following morning, just
after breakfast was over, she summoned courage to ask Mr. Guy if she
might talk with bim. Leading the way
to the library, he bade her sit down,
while he took the chair opposite, and
then waited for her to commence.
Maddy was afraid of Guy. He did
not seem quite like Dr. Holbrook. He
was haughtier in his appearance,
while his rather elaborate style of
dress and polished manners gave him,
in her estimation. a kind of superiority
over all the men she hnd ever met.
Besides that, she remembered how
hiB dark eyes lind flashed when she
told him what she did tbe previous
day, and also thnt she had said to
his face that she hated him. She could
not bear to leave a bad impression on
his mind, so the first words she said
to him were:
'Mr. Remington, I can't stay here
after all that haa happened. It would
amererrt. wny, m tne name or'vfcrn-
der, are you two not married, if you
are ever going going to be?"
"Jealous, as 1 live'" and Guy's
hand came down playfully on the
doctor's shoulder. "I did not suppose
you had got es far as that. You are
afraid of the effect it may have on me
teaching a sweel-faced little girl how
to conjugate amo; and to cover up
your own interest, you bring Lucy
forward as an argument. Eh, Hal,
have I not probed the secret?"
Th" doctor was in no mood for joking, and only smiled gloomily, while
Guy continued:
"Honestly, doctor, I am doing it
lor you. I imagine you fnncy ber, as
well you may. She'll make a splendid
woman, but she needs educating, of
course, and I am going to do it. You
ought to thank me. instead of looking
so like a thundercloud," and Guy
lai"*'*ed   merrily.
The doctor was ashamed of his
mon-l and could not tell what, prompted Mm to answer
"I am obliged to you, Guy; but,
as far ns I am concerned, you mny
spare yourself the trouble. If my wife
nH< educating. I can do it myself."
Guy was puzzled. Could it be that,
aft"- all, he was deceived, and the
doctor did not enre for Maddy? It
mil-lit be, and be hastened to change
the conversation to another topic than
M * ''y Clyde. The doctor stayed to
dinner, end as Guy watched him
closely, he made up his mind that he
did care for Mnddy Clyde, and this
confirmed him in his plan of educating her for him.
Magnanimous Guy! He felt himself
very good, very generous, very condescending, and very forgiving, the
early portion ot the afternoon; but
later in tbe day he began to view
Guy Remington in tbe light of a
martyr, said martyrdom consisting in
the scornful toss of the head with
which Agnes had listened to hia plan,
an'' "*" 'Den opposition of Mi* Noah.
"Was he beside himself, or what?"
this worthy asked. "Sbe liked Maddy
Clyde, to be sure, but it wasn't for
niiii tn demean himself by turning
her schoolmaster. Folks would talk
awfully, and she couldn't blame 'em;
besides, what would l.ncy sny to his
bein' nlone in n room with n girl as
pretty as Mnddy'' It waa a duty he
owed he*   at nnv rate, to tell her about
it, nnd if she said  'twas right, why,
eo it."
Thi** -tip drift of Mrs. Noah's
remarks, nnd ns Guy depended much
on her judgment, he decided to write
to LllOY to see if she bnd the slightest objections to his teaching Maddy
Clyde. Aecorjinsrly, he wrote that
verv ���'-���*_, telling her frankly nil
he knew concerning Maddy Clyde,
end narrating tbe circumstances under w-bieb he first had met her, be-
in" careful also to repent wbat he
know would hnve weight with an
English girl like Lucy, to wit, that
though poor, Maddy's father nnd
Trnndfnther Clyde had been gentlemen, the one a clergyman, the other
a "ii enptain. Then he told of her desire for lenrnine. and his plan to
teach her himself, of what the doctor
and   Mrs.   Noah   bnd   said   about   it,
not be pleasant for me or Mrs. Agnes
so I am going home, but I want you
to forget what I aaid about hating
you yesterday. I did not then know
who you were. I don't hate you. I like
you, and I want you to like me."
She did not look at him, for her
eyelids were cast down, and her lashes were wet with tears she could
scarcely keep from shedding. Guy had
never known much about girls of
Maddy's age, and there was something extremely fascinating in the
artless simplicity of this half child,
half woman, aittng there before him
nnd asking him so demurely to like
her. She was very pretty, he thought
and with proper culture would make
a beautiful woman. Then, as he re
membered his nvowed intention of
urging the doctor lo make her his
wife some dny. the idea flashed upon
him thnt it would be very generous,
very magnanimous in him to educate
that yo"ne girl expressly for the doctor, nnd tboueb be hardly seemed to
wait nt all ere renlying to Mnddy, he
had in the h'ief interval formed a
skeleton plan, nnd seen it in all its
benrinps nnd tri"*'i.>hnl result.
"I nm much ob'iced for your liking
me," be snid. a little mischievously.
"You surely hnve not much reason
so to do when vou recall the incidents
of our first interview. Maddy���Miss
Clyde���I bave come to the conclusion that I knew less than you did,
end I beg your pardon for annoying
you so terribly."
Then, briefly. Guy explained to her
how it all happened, blaming himself
���far more than be did the doctor, who,
he said, had repented bitterly.
"Had you died, Miss Clyde, when
you were so sick, I half believe he
would have felt it liis duty to die also. He likes you very much; more
'indeed than any patient I ever knew
him to have," and Guy's eyes glanced curiously nt Maddy to witness the
effect his words might have upon her.
But Maddy merely answered:
"Yes, I think he does like me, and
I know I like him."
Mentally chiding himself for trying
to find in Maddy's head an idea
which evidently never was there, he
began to speak of her proposition to
leave, saying he should not suffer it,
Jessie needed her and she must stay.
P'"> was not to mind the disagreeable
things Mrs. Remington had said. She
was tired and nervous, and so gave
way to some very preposterous no-
ti-ios, which she had picked up somewhere. She would treat Maddy better
hereafter, and she must stay. It was
jp'ensanter for Jessie to have a com-
*ti--"'n" sn nenr ber own age. Then,
ft0 ,he_.__iw si_*_.c of y'"'Jing in  Mad
dy's*fiUse, ne'continued:
"How would you like to turn scholar for a short time each day, I being
your teacher? Time often hangs heavily upon my hands, and I fancy the
novelty of the thing would suit me.
I have books. I will appoint your lessons nnd the hour for recitation."
Guy's face was scarlet hy the time
he had finished speaking, for suddenly he remembered to huve heard or
read of a similar instance which resulted in the marriage of the teacher
and pupil; besides that, it would subject him to so much remark, when it
was known that he, the fashionable
nnd fastidious Guy, was teaching a
pretty, attractive girl like Maddy
Clyde, and he sincerely hoped she
WAi'lfl d-K.1.*-.**. Pit Maddy had no
such intention. With her beautiful
eves full of tears, which shone like
diamonds, ns she lifted them to Guy's
face, she said : ,
"Oh, I thank you so much. You
could not make me happier, and I'll
t so hard to learn. Tbey don't teach
such things at the district school;
nnd when there was a high school in
Honedale I could not go, for it was
three dollars a quarter, and grandpa
had no three dollars for me. Uncle
,T ->* n""dod belp, and so I stayed
at home. It's dreadful to be poor, but,
perhaps I shall some time be competent to teach in a seminary, and
won't that be grand? When may I
Guy ..ad never met with so much
frankness and simplicity in anyone,
unless it were Lucy Atherstone, of
whom Maddy reminded him somewhat, except that the latter was more
practical, more���he hardly knew
wbat���only tbere was a difference, and
a thought crossed his mind that if
Maddy had all Lucy's advantages,
and wns na old, she would be what
the world calls smarter. There was
no disparagement to Lucy in his
thoughts, only a compliment to Mad-
d* who was wnitinc for him to answer ber nuestion. There was no retracting now; be had offered bis services; she bad accented: nnd with a
mental comw-t "I dread doc's fun
tbe most, so I'll explain to bim how
] nm r li-.enH.n-r* her for the future
Mrs. Dr.  Holbrook." he replied:
"As soon as I am rested from my
journey, or  sooner,  if you  like;  aim
n*T 'ell me, please, who is this Uncle
Joseph of whom you speak?"
He remembered what the doctor
hnd -aid of a crazy uncle, but wishing to hear Maddy's version of it, put
to her the question he did.
"Uncle Joseph is grandma's youngest brother," Maddy answered, "and
he has been in the lunatic asylum
for years. As long as his little property lasted, his bills were paid, but
now they keep him from charity, only
grandpa helps all he can, and buys
some little nice things wliich he wants
so badly, and sometimes cries for,
they say. I picked berries all last
summer, nnd sold them to buy him a
thin coat and pants. We should have
n*"��� to spend than we do, if it were
no* fo*- Tncle Joseph." and Maddy's
face wore a thoughtful expression as
she recalled all the shifts and turns
she'd seen made at home that the
poor maniac might be more comfortable.
"Whnt i**iH�� him crazy?" Guy asked, and nfter a moment's hesitancy
Maddy replied:
""I don't believe _*rnT��dma would
mind telling you, though she don't
talk about it much. I only knew it a
little while ago. He was disappointed
once. He loved a girl very much, and
she made him think that she loved
him. Sbe was many years younger
than Uncle Joseph���about my age at
first���and when she grew up she said
she was sick of him because he was
so much older. He wouldn't have felt
so badly, if she bnd not gone straight
off and married a rich man who was
a great deal older than even Uncle
Joseph; that was the hardest part,
and he grew crazy at once. It has
been so long that he never can ba-,
helped, and sometimes grandma talks
of bringing him home, ns he is perfectly
harmless. I suppose it's wicked, but
I must hope she won't, for it would
be terrible to live with n crazy man,"
and a chill crept over Maddy, as if
there had fallen upon her a foreshadowing of what might yet be. "Mr.
Remington," she continued suddenly,
"if you tench nie, I can't, of course,
expect three dollars a week. It would
not be right."
"Perfectly right." he nnswered.
"Your services to Jessie will be worth
just as much as ever, so give yourself
no trouble on thnt score."
He was tbe best man that ever lived. Mnddy thought, and so she told
the doctor thai afternoon when, as
he rode up to Aikenside, she met bim
nut on the lawn before he reached the
It did strike the doctor a little
comically thnt one of Guy's habits,
should offer to turn school-teacher,
but Maddy was so glud tbat he wns
gb"' ��� io. nnd ������ ��� ibly glad that acrosa
the sen there wn�� n Lucy Atherstone.
How he wished lhnt she was tbere
now ns Mrs. Guy. nnd he must tell
Guy so that very day. Seated in Guy's
lib-arv, the opportunity soon occurred, Guy approaching the subject himself by saying:
"Guess, Hal, what crazy project I
hnve just embarked in."
"I know without guessing; Maddy
told me," and the doctor's eyebrows
were elevated just a little, as he crossed his feet upon the window sill and
moved his chair so as to have a better view of Maddy and Jessie romping in the grass.
"And so you don't approve?" was
Guy's next remark, to which the doctor replied:
"Why, yes; it's a grand thing for
her, providing you know enough to
teach her; but, Guy, this is a confounded gossiping neighborhood, and
folks will talk, I'm afraid."
"Talk about what!" and Guy bridled up ns his independent spirit began to rise. "What harm is there in
my doing a generous act to. a poor
girl like Maddy Clyde? Isn't she
graceful aa a kitten, though?" and
Guy nodded toward the spot where
she was playing.
It annoyed the doctor to have Guy
praise Maddy, but he would not show
it, and answered:
"It's all right in you, but just he-
cause the poor girl is Maddy Clyde,
folks will talk. She is too handsome,   _,._,. ._ ������������,���.   ������j
Guv   for Madnm Grundy to let alone   ' f��r   certftl" ,-,ntes   ln   ^T&L?��
If Lucy  v.-re onlv here, it. woul^ be   (January te Vancouver and Victoiia
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that dread American disease, Rheu
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causing the un
nnd his final TetermfnatiOT to7o"usu'lt Hold -suffering and deformity of rheu
her. Then he described Mnddy herself
Teelin" n strange thrill as he told how
pure, how innocent, how artless and
beautiful sho was. nnd asked if Lucy
feared aught from his association with
"If you do," he wrote, "you have
but to say so. and though I am committed, T will extricate myself in some
way. rnthor than wound you in the
slightest degree."
Tt would be some time ere an answer to this letter could be received,
and until such time Guy could not
honorably hear Maddy's lessons as
he had agreed to do. But Maddy was
not suspicious, and accepting his trivial excuse, waited patiently, while
he, tpo, wnited for the letter, wondering what it would contain.
(To be Continued.)
This prescription is snid to be a
splendid healing, cleansing and invigorating tonic to the kidneys, and
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Greatest of Scottish  Plays Will Tour
Western Canada���Famous Songstress   a  Special   Feature
Mr. C. P. Walker, owner and manager of Winnipeg's new $300,000 theatre, the Walker, has just completed
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the history of the drama.
The tour will begin at Fort William, Wednesday, December 4th, and
will close at Nelson, B.C., about January 10th. After one day at Kenora,
a week will be devoted to Winnipeg,
where this famous drama has previously been given for four long engagements. One-night engagements
will follow in tlie following named
towns of Western Canada:
Portage la Prairie, Brandon, Regina, Moose Juw, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Didsbury, Lacombe, Red Deer,
Wetaskiwin, Edmonton, Macleod,
Lethbridge, Pineber Creek, Blair-
niore, Fernie, Cranbrook, Phoenix,
Greenwood, Grand Forks, Rossland
und  Nelson.
The company wliich will present
"The Bonnie Brier Bush" on this
tour numbers thirty people, and is
composed of players of prominence,
among whom nre J. Palmer Collins,
Walter Scott Weeks, Ward E. Ren-
aelier, Robert Ireland, late Pipe Major of the 48th Highlanders of Toronto, Kenneth McKenzie, Marion McDonald, Ann Caird, Adelaide Matthews, Wm. J. Casey, the Bennet
children    and  many  others  of note.
Scene from "The Bonnie Brier Bush'1
The North-Western Line again announce their annual excursions to
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Two ef the Monster* In ��� Vicious anel
Deadly Battle.
The big swordflsh bad reached thai
blue waters of tbe ocean when without warning a blue backed torpedo-
like body shot out of the depths, coming at it like an arrow.
The swordflsh tipped Intuitively, and
a sword grazed its head as a big,
thickset member of its own family
swept through tbe waters above it
The two fish turned and came at
each other like mad bulls. Again by
some miracle tbey missed, just grazing one another, to whirl about and
begin the circling play for time and
Then, like flashes of light, they turned and came on with a strange whistling sound and a compact that tossed
the white churned spume high ln tbe
air���came together as only bodies
weighing 200 or 300 pounds can when
Impelled by animate vibrant engines
of unknown power���came together and
remained there, whirling, tossing tails
In air, rolling over and over. Tbe long
slender flsb bad pierced the other, and
the terrific efforts on tbe part of tha
fish were to unsheatb the sword, which
was only accomplished after a struggle for several minutes.
Then both fishes shot away, then
again came together, giving mighty
side blows, and then out of tbe red
stained water one broke and fled.
The writer found tbe largest of these
fishes a few days later on tbe sand,
where It bnd been washed or thrown
by the waves. Four or five deep
wounds marked tbe body.
In one rush tbe sword had entered
the eye, coming out at tbe gills; another cut a furrow along the top of
the bend, another still had entered
slightly from below, but tbe real cause
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tgainst IJs enemy.���Reereajtlon.
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The entire New York scenic production and electrical equipment is carried, a special large baggage car being required for its transportation.
A decided feature will be the special engagement for this tour, of the
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"The Bonnie Brier Bush," the play
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Canadian people, is a dramatization
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Maclaren's story of the same name,
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in his not very long but useful life,
Ian Maclaren, or the Rev. John Watson, which was his real name, had
given the world nothing but "The
Bonnie Brier Bush," his life would
not have been lived in vain. To
those who follow the stage closely
the play stands out like a light house
in the sea of uninteresting stage
stories. It is distinctly a play of heart
interest, while the comedy is abundant, wholesome and natural.
The enterprise of Manager Walker
in securing "The Bonnie Brier Bush"
for a Western Canada tour will be
appreciated by all lovers of the best
in drama.
There Is Scarcely a Sufferer in this  Broad Lani
But Can Be Cured By
Dr. Chase's Ointment
The utter misery and despair of the, several boxes of the ointmnt.
sufferer from  a severe  case  of  piles      Mr.   John  Johnson,   Cowley,   Alta.,
or  hemorrhoids  ennnot  be  described I writes:���
in words. "Three  yenrs  ngo   I   wns  cured   of
It is not only the intense itching I Wind, itching piles of 27 years' stand-
nnd stinging, which in themselves are I ing by using Dr. Chase's Ointment,
bad enough, not only -tbe dread of a | I used to think that death would be
surgical operation, with its pain, ex- j the only relief I would ever get from
Dense and danger, but the whole system seems to be undermined, and as
the ailment drugs on from day to day
and year to year, one becomes discouraged, despondent, und in despair gives up all hope of cure.
The joy which cured ones experience
on being freed from itching, bleeding
and protuding piles is told in the
thousands of letters which we have
received  from  time  to time.
You need not tell the writers of
these letters that there ia a case
which Dr. Chase's Ointment will not
cure, for they will not believe it.
They nlone know how they suffered,
nnd nlso know that Dr. Chase's Ointment cured them. In mnny cases the
uires were nlmost like miracles, so
little ointment wns used. In others,
while relief cnme quickly, cure was
only effected by the persistent use ol
the terrible misery of piles. Often 1
wus laid up for three days at a time
und at other times worked when I
should bave been in bed.
"Dr. Chase's Ointment is worth
sixty dollars a box instead of sixty
centa. f nm a different mnn since
using it. I am tunning nil the time
nnd never miss a day. Words fail to
express my gratitude for the cure this
ointment made for me. I ciinnut tell
hnlf as much about it us it deserves.
Anyone doubting this cun write direct to me."
It matters not how long you have
suffered, if you have itching, bleeding or protuding piles, Dr. Chase's
Ointment will relieve and cure you.
and it is the only positive and ptinr-
nnteed cure for every form of piles,
60 cents n box, nt all dealers, or Kd-
manson,  Bates  __  Co.. Toronto.
A Woman Director
Misa Mary E. Orr, assistant treasurer and director of the Remington
Typewriter Company, is the first woman ever to enter the directorate of
a great American corporation. The
fact that she has done so simply by
her own efforts is nlso a wonderful
phuse of her life story. Beginning
with a salary of six dollars a week,
with no influence, no "pull," no relatives to advance her, she bas placed herself with the few remarkable
business women of tbe world.���Success Magazine.
A Magic Pill.���Dyspepsia is a foe
which men are constantly grappling
but do not exterminate. Subdued,
and to nil appearances vanquished in
one, it makes ita appearance in ano
ther direction. In many cases the
digestive apparatus is as delicate aa
the mechanism of a watch or scientific instrument in which even n'
breath of air will make a variation.
With audi peraons diaorders of the
stomach ensue from the most trivial
causes and cause much Buffering. To
these Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are
recommended  as mild  and sure.
'I haven't got any case." said the
client, "but  I  have money."
"How much?" asked the lawyer.
"Ten thousand pounds," was the
"Phew! You have the best case 1
ever heard of. I'll see that you never
go to prison with that sum," said the
lawyer, cheerfully.
And he didn't���he went there
Cost of Translation
It mny astonish ninny people to.
know that the bible ia now translated and read in 400 different tongues.
W. G. Fitzgerald relates in Harper's
bow the vast undertaking has been
accomplished. It has cost many lives
and many millions of dollars. In addition to the first cost of translating
there is the expense of revising. The
last revise of the Madtgnscar Bible
cost ,.15,000, and $150,000 was paid
to Dr. William Carey and his staff
ior the Selampore version of the Bible in Hindustani. There ure 2,000
linguists continually employed by
the British and American Bible Societies which have tbis work in
They Never Knew Failure.���Careful
ibservation of the effects of Parme-
ee's Vegetable Pills haa ahown that
they act immediately on the diseas-
*d organs of the system and stimulate
'hem to healthy action. There may
ie cases in which tbe disease has
been long seated and does not easily
ield to medicine, but even in such
cases these Pills have been known to
bring relief when all other so-called
remedies hnve failed. These assertions can be substantiated by many
who hnve used tbe Pills, and medical
men speak highly of then* qualities.
Several Shakespenre plays have
been presented in Japan recently,
adapted to represent Japanese life.
Tbe most popular bus proved to be
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches anr
every form of contagious itch on hu
���nan or animals cured in 30 minute
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Jones���Tbat young man who plays
the cornet is ill.
Green���Do you think he will recover?
Jones���I am afraid not. The doctor who is attending him lives next
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses. blood spavin,
curbs, splints, ringbone, sweeney, stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, coughs,
etc. Save $60 by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Oure
ever known.
No wise young woman will marry
a man whose mother mnde the best
bread in the universe. Pick out the
son of a woman wbo bought hers at
the bnkery.
Commencing Dec. 1st, and continuing to Dec 31st, excursion tickets
will be on sale to many points in
Eastern Cnnnda, west of Montreal, at
$40.00 for the round trip, good for
return three months from date of sale.
Be sure to specify the North-Western
Line between Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago.
Too many rich philosophers tell you
that money doesn't make happiness,
and then tbey go out and sandbag
everybody in sight for more of the
filthy lucre.
After taking nnti-fnt treatment for
n week, an obese person received a
"But, doctor," he protested, "I
haven't lost an ounce. The bill is too
"The bill," the doctor informed
him curtly, "is part of the treatment."
���Philadelphia Ledger.
New York is to have a real English
inn. Only waiters who can drop their
h's without making a dint in the floor
or mussing up the gowns of the patrons need apply.
Royal Statues Sold.
It is curious to think that the finest London statue���that of Charles I.
at Charing Crosa��� was once sold by
the Puritans to John Rivet for old
metal. The wortbv brazier, says T.P.'s
Weekly, drove a brisk trade in brass-
handled knives and forks, which he
sold to Cavaliers ami Roundheads
alike as being made of the broken-up
statue, which meanwhile was safely
hidden in his back yard. At the Restoration it was exhumed and erected
on its present site, its pedestal hav
ing been designed by Grinling Gibbons. The next Stuurt statue set up
in London wns imported from abroad
by Robert Viner. a London goldsmith,
who in the rapture of having been
paid a debt owed him by Charles II.,
resolved to do bis Majesty this honor
���cheap. He commissioned ono of his
foreign correspondents to buy a statue of anyone tint waa going cheap,
and ns thnt of John Sooieski, King
of Poland, was then in the market,
it was procured nnd despatched. So-
hieski, in white mnrble, was represented���in commemoration of his victory over the Turks���on horseback
and trampling on n prostrate Mussel-
man. A few touches of the chisel
changed the Polish king into an unrecognizable likeness of the English
monarch, while tbe prostrate Mussulman was similarly transfigured to represent Cr-imwell���in a turban!
Gloves of Gold
The latest novelty in the line of
the goldsmith's art, says the Technical World Magazine, is a golden
glove covered with precious stones,
which is put on the left hand by its
fortunate owner. The possessor of
such a glove can be seen in the international fashionable watering
plncea and nlso in the elegant sections
of Paris. The expenije involved in
the making of such a glove is estimated ns being from $1,000 to $2,400.
A necktie mnde of silver threads, the
invention of a Wiesbaden jeweler, is
less expensive than the glove just
described. These neckties are considered very pretty, especially by
those who can afford to spend the necessary amount thereon. They cost
The London Corporation is one of
the greatest landlords of London, its
rent roll for the city proper nnd the
Liberties totalling ��172.249 last year
while the properties owned in the
home  counties  produced  ��26,271.
Minard's Liniment cures Distemper.
China imported $1,500,000 worth of
American  cigarettes  last year.
Chief Pleasant Porter, of the Cree
nation, recently deceased, undoubtedly the most eminent Indian in Amer-
icn, was an elder of the Presbyterian
church in Muskogee, Indian Territory.
Statistics are quoted to show that
the average married man lives two
years longer than a single man, but
it will take a stronger inducement
than this to inveigle some men up
to tbe altar.
King Alphonso's doctors have cut
down his daily allowance of cigarettes by one half. This may give him
strength enough to cut off the other
Of course it's nothing like a plot.
But now  the guileless wife makes
To let her husband know just whnt
She'd welcome ns a Christmas gift.
Some men's ambitions never seem
to get nbove the position of chambermaid  in  a livery stable.
You see comedy when you see a
young man trying to appear old;
vou see pntbos when you see an old
man trying to appear young.
Rosa���I am going to sell kisses at
the fete that is being got up for the
relief of the poor people whose houses
were burned some time ago.
Elsie���H'm. I should have thought
their misfortunes were great enough
as it  is.���Meggendorf  Blaetter.
Picture of 46 wild animals in colors,
gun and trap catalogue, price list of
raw furs, hides and skins, sent post
paid for 4c in stamps. N. W. Hide &
Fur Co.,  Minneapolis,  Minn.
For people of the North West who
desire to spend the winter in a milder
climate the Canadian Pacific have arranged a series of low rate excursions
Fined For Smuggling Chinese.
The infliction of a stiff fine on the
captain of the Oolorus, who brought
over tbe 18 smuggled Chinamen from
Newfoundland to Sydney, C. 15., probably will deter other enterprising
smuggling skippers from following his
example. The penalty provided by
law for auch au offence is not less
than $500 and not more than $1,000
for each Chinaman brought into the
Dominion contrary to the act regulating the admission of Chinamen. As
to the men themselves, they can be
kept in prison for evasion of the law
for a full year, nnd before the expiration of the period a special act will,
if necessary, be passed by the Dominion Parliament providing for their
deportation, the present Taw, while
imposing a year's imprisonment, giving no authority to send tbem out
of tbe country after the.te.rm is \*_*.
The Canadian Pacific Railway are
issuing during December low rate excursion tickets to Eastern Canada
from nil points in the North West.
Easy and Warm
You don't have
to wear arctics,
rubbers or overstockings with
Elmira Felt Shoes.
The felt itself is lighter than
leather. Your feet can't get cold
in Elmira Felts, no matter how
low the temperature falls.
Look for the trademark���shown above
���on the sole, insist on liaving the
genuine Elmira Felts.
Said  by Leading  Dealers
MONTHS, and your wholesaler is in a position to supply your requirements in what is acknowledged to be
"Always���Eve:ywhare in Canada���Use   Eddy'.   Matches."
Doctors   to   Charge   Five   Dollars   in
Future for   Issuing  Burial
Five dollara for a burial certificate
has been announced as a part of l..e
programme for an all-round increase
of doctors' fees as proposed by the
Ontario Medical Council. Thousands
of people have found it a very heavy
tax on their resources to pay their
doctors' bills at the old rate. The
increase would be a very serious matter to many people were it not for
the fact there is within tlie reach of
all that wonderful remedy that, after
being put to the utmost test, under
the most Bevere conditions, has proven that for all forma of run-down
systems from almost any disease or
cause, especially from those diseases
affecting the throat, lungs or stomach
Psychine is a safer, surer, and more
dependable deliverance than the un
tried and experimental prescriptions
of nine out of ten of the present-day
doctors. Psychine. in addition to being concentrated life work of several
of the world's moat eminent medical
specialiata, has a sixty years' record
of unparalleled and unapproachable
triumphs over disenae nnd death thnt
hns brought light and joy to tens of
thousands of homes every year. And
it is ateadilv going on to still greater
triumphs. It does not nny to die now
Tnke Psvebine nnd live and enioy
life. It ia n Brent svstem-btiilder.
Fifty cents and $1 per bottle at your
dnipr��iat'a, or at Or. T. A. Slocum'a
173  King Street weat, Toronto.
"Several veara ago mv wife was ao
seriously ill of lime trouble ns for
mnn'hs to be nimble to walk, nt
which time a noted physician to'd me
tbat tbe nevt dress that T would buv
for her would be a shroud. She used
Psvebine arid is now reasonnblv well."
���Rev. C. E. Rurrell, Forest, Ont.
A Helping Hand
When the foreign miaaionnrv had
concluded his talk, he made the usual appeal for contributions, however
small. Coming up to tlie platform
with several others, a small boy
mounted to the level of the lecturer
and hastening towards him, said:
"Please, sir, I was very much interested in your lecture, and���and���"
"Go on, my little man," said the
missionary encouragingly. "You want
to help  in  the  good work?"
"Not exactly, sir," said the boy,
"What I want to know, is. have you
any foreign stamps you don't want?"
Hard and soft corns cannot withstand Holloway's Corn Cure; it is
effectual every time. Get a bottle at
once and be happy.
A memorial tablet has been erected on 83 Mile End Road, London,
where Capt. Cook lived at one time.
Sponges may be successfully cleaned by rubbing a fresh lemon well into them and rinsing them several
times in lukewarm water.
Minard's Linimen* Cures Garget in
Cows. '
The Brute���What were you thinking  of,   Dorothy? ,
Dorothy���I was dreaming of my
The Brute���Ah, I thought you had
a far away look in your eyea.
There is more Oatarrh in thia section ol
the  country   than   all     *.ti_r   tl, uu
together, and until the last few yean
was supposed to be Incurable For a ei-eot
many y.-ars doctors pronounoed tt a 1 ��ca.
disease ani prescribed local remedies, iiu-J
by constantly failing to cure wilh 'oca'
treatment, pronounced it incurable
Science  has proven eatarrh  to  ' oon
atHutional disease and therefore require,
constitutional treatment. Halls Oaiarrt
Oure, manufacured by F*. J. Gil n.:y _
Oo., Toledo. Ohio, ia the only constini
tional oure on the mi. ket. ft '* '-��n
Internally in dimes from ten drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the bloort
and mucous surfaces of the system The*,
offer one hundred dollars for any cas<
it fails to cure Send for cirri-'.* - sn *
Address: F. J. OHENEY A CO.. Toledo, 0
Sold  by   Druggists,   /5c.
Take  llall'B   Family   Hills   for  constins
"Why did you do that?" demanded the teacher.
"Oh, just fur fun," replied Tommy
"But didn't you know it was againat
the rules?"
"Sure! Dat's where de fun comes
in."���Philadelphia Press.
Nicely  Arranged
Two Irishmen were about to run a
race to a certain tree by different
routes. Suddenly Mike slapped Denny
on the back and asked how they were
to tell who reached the destination
first. After a moment's thought
Denny answered:
"I tell yez, Mike, if I get there first
I'll make a mark on that tree with
this chalk, nnd if you get there first
you  can  rub it out."
Well Qualified.
"So you want the position of advance agent for our circus?" Interro
���rated the mnmi-rcr. "Well, we need a
mnn who can stir up some life every
where he Roes."
"That's me. boss." hastened the applicant
"Find any experience In stirring np
"Ton bet I used to drive a street
���weeper and stirred up millions oi
germs every day."���Chicago News.
The Family
The beat medicines in the
world cannot take the place of
the family physician. Consult
him early when taken ill. If
the trouble is with your
throat, bronchial tubes, or
lungs, ask him about taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Then
take it or not, as he says.
W�� publish tur rormulM
Wt, banish aleohot
from our mr*_lcln__
We urta jou to
oonsnilt jour
Bilioui attacks, lick-headaches, Indigestion, constipation, dizzy spells ���these
are aome of Ihe results of an inactive
liver. Ask your doctor if be endorses
Ayer's Pill* In these cases. The doac
ia small, one pill at bedtime.
trrateUtttAtii-.O.AwmOa., LtWSU,*__VM/****-
Pronounced More Hardy Than  Manitoba Product���Easy to Raise.
A discovery that may ultimately revolutionize farming is announced by
a group of Cambridge scientists. Oare-
I iul experiments have been made during the last eight years in testing
and crossing tne qualities both of
plant*-: and animals. The immediate
result of the Cambridge experiments
has beeu to sreate varieties of wheat
and bariey which will surpass the
quality even of Manitoba hard grain
and increase the value of English
grain by 10 per cent, or more.
Prof. Middleton, Prof. Wood, and
Mr. B. H. Biffen during the last eight
years huve been conducting the experiments at the Cambridge University experimental farm at Impington.
AH tbe known varieties of wheat
throughout the world were collected
together and grown on a small scale.
As was only to be expected, the majority absolutely refused to be acclimatized, but a lew showed a disposition to be kinder. Eventually a few
hopeful varieties were selected for
such characteristics as resistance to
the attacks of rust, good cropping capacity, fine milling quality, stii'f straw,
and such like, und were crossed with
British wheats with the idea of combining ull these good qualities in one
variety. By the careful application
of the' recently discovered Mendelian
laws a number of new varieties have
been produced and have been "fixed."
Passing through various trials, tliey
were eventually submitted to the
tests of milling und baking, with the
most  satisfactory   results.
The department is meeting with
similar success in an attempt to breed
wheats which shall be resistant to
the uttacks of the deadly yellow rust,
and barleys which shall be a great
improvement on those at present
grown in this country.
Possibly the most fascinating of the
experiments is at present in its infancy. It is being tried upon sheep,
the object b^ing tbe improvement of
the wool and carcase, or other characteristics with u monetary value.
The experiments so far go to establish that Mendel's laws apply to animals as well as plants, and that similar results m*iy hi expected from similar experiments.
Public   Protest   Against   Execution   of
Man Wbo Shot Gamekeeper.
The greatest indignation prevails in
the parish of North Baddesley, England, and the surrounding Hampshire
districts on account of a scandalous
development which hus taken place
iu connection with the tombstone
erected in memory' of Charles Smith,
who was hanged in 1��22 for "attempted  murder."
The fate of Smith, who, with the
object of escaping arrest, shot at and
wounded in the leg, but did not kill,
a gamekeeper, deeply moved the public, and a tombstone recording the
circumstances o: his martyrdom to
the game laws w.s subscribed for and
erected in Nortli Baddesley churchyard. The late Lord Visnount Pal-
inerston, whose gamekeeper Smith
had wounded, was greatly nettled at
this, and did his utmost to have the
stone removed, but failed. Since
then it has remained a permanent
record of the stigma he incurred, for
although nt that time Prime Minister
of England, and professing to be in
favor of abolishing capital punishment, he declined to raise his voice
against the execution of Smith.
Now an astounding attempt to vindicate him .has occurred. Alongside
the tombstone erected by public subscription to Smith, another has just
been placed.
It bears an inscription, the object of
whicli is to alienate the sympathy
which tlie original tombstone is bound
to create. The greatest resentment
has been aroused in the locality, and
much surprise felt that it should be
possible for the consecrated ground of
a parish c!_Krehyard to be used for
such a purpose. A petition has been
framed with the object of having the
new tombstone  removed.
Significance is attached to the initials "E.A.," which appear on the
new stone. Broadlands Park, the
seat of the late Lord Viscount Pal-
merston. is now held by his descendant, Bight Hon. Evelyn Ashley.
A   Orcp   In   the   Ocean.
Talking of forgeries, in the days
long ago, Mr. Henry Ltibouchere,
M P., although born of financial
stock, managed his banking affairs
on peculiar principles. In the first
place he never kept any record of
wbat balance he had at the bank, and
in the second, he invariably refused
t. use official check forms; "thereby," he pointed out, "practicing
strict economy. If my creditor wants
his money, let him put a penny stamp
on iny piece of paper; if he doesn't,
let  him  put it in  the  fire."
Well, one day it was discovered
that forged checks purporting to be
signed by "Lubby" had been honored
by the b'i*ik to the tune oi over $100,-
000. At first the bank tried to make
out that their customer was liable because their authorized check forma
bad not been used, but this theory
the member for Northampton laughed to scorn. However, at the earnest
request of the manager, be agreed to
look again very carefully through the
pile of forged documents. At the conclusion of the inspection the manager
asked anxiously: "Are you certain
that you did not sign any of those
"No," replied Labby, "I could not
take my oath on that point with regard to all."
The manager's face brightened.
Thousands of pounds were at stake;
many of the forgeries were for large
"Which," he tasked, "are you uncertain about?"
Labby paused for a moment, and
then abstracting two checks, one for
Jin and the other for $7.50, he added
"I should not like to swear that
theBe were not my signatures." The
manager nearly  fainted.
A soap crutch is a crotched Btiek
used  for stirring the soft soap in a
Growth of the Hair.
A boy's nan* grows one-half slower
than a girl's. In boys the average
rate of growth is three feet three
inches u, six years, being an average
of .018 inches per day. During big
twenty-first and twenty-fourth years
a man s hair grows quicker than at
any other period.
When  C.oetlie  was  lirst  In  love  he
een   Into the forest, selected a beautl-
nmiir,  engraVBd  *'���"���������<-������ two hearts
united hy a scroll aud ri.eelvetl  ,
the forester therefor a sound  thrash*
I Caught
a Severe
Cold Which
Settled in
I Began
And Found
it a Faithful
I Heartily
MISS CELIA   HAI1RINGTON,  303 Second Ave., Detroit, Mich., writes:
"Wenkness has filled many months of my life with suffering.
"Through carelessness I caught a severe cold two years ago which
settled in catarrh and seriously interfered with the regular functions of
the body and made me nervous and irritable.
"I began taking Peruna and found in it a faithful helper, as it enriched my blood and invigorated the whole system.
"I have no pains now, and am always well.
"I  heartily recommend  Peruna  as a reliable medicine."
Health  and  Strength   Restored
Mrs. A. E. Stouffer, Capioma, Kan-
ias, writes:
"Peruna has given me health and
���trength; it is the best medicine that
was ever made for women. My
friends say they never saw such a
mange in a woman. I talk to every
me about Peruna. I cannot say too
nuch for it."
Peruna in Tablet Form.���For two
years Dr. Hartman and bis assistants
have incessantly labored to create Peruna in tablet form, and their strenuous labors have just been crowned
..ith success. People who object to
quid medicines can now secure Pe-
una Tablets, which represent the
nedicinal ingredients of Peruna.
Each tablet is equivalent to one aver-
*ge dose of Peruna.
For Years an  Invalid
Mrs. Chas. Gros Louis, Indian Lo-
rette, Quebec, Canada, writes:
"For years I suffered from a disease that the doctors did not understand.
"One day I read in the paper about
your excellent remedy, Peruna. I
procured a bottle of it and took it according to directions. It was not
long until I observed a change for
the better.
"I can say that Peruna has cured
nie. I could not take any nourishment except milk.
"I will at all times say a good word
for Peruna. I hold it in the highest
Catarrh of  Head  and Throat
Mrs. William H. Hinchliffe, 20
Myrtle St., BeverJy, Mass., writes
that Peruna has done her a great
deal of good for catarrh of head and
E   PERUNA   ALMANAC   FOR   1908.
Fear  Kills  Efficiency
Some people are always suffering
from this peculiar phase of fear.
They are-* apprehensive that some
great misfortune is coming to them,
that they are going to lose their money or their position; or tbey are afraid
of accident, or that some futal disease
is developing in tliem. If their children are away tbey see them in all
sorts of catastrophes���railroad wrecks,
burning cars, or shipwrecks. Tbey
are always picturing the worst. "You
can never tell what will happen,"
they say, "and it is better to prepare
for the worst."
Tbe man who lives under this terrible shadow of impending danger,
with this dread that something is
going to happen to his business, his
family, or himself, is in no condition
to ward off the evil before whicli he
cowers. His mental attitude lowers
his vitality, lessens his powers of resistance, vitiates bis efficiency, and
ruins his resourcefulness. ��� Orison
Swett Marden in Success Magazine.
A letter to anxious mothers is written by Mrs. F. W. Kittle, of Kirkdale,
P.Q., who says: "My little 4-year-
old boy suffered since he was 18
months old from a bad leg. I tried
many salves and had doctors attend
him, but none did him any good. The
doctors told me it was in the blood,
and he was in consumption. I only
wish now I had had mor,e faith in
Zam-Buk, for it immediately healed
the boy's leg. He is now nearly 4
years old and looks far from being
consumptive. He is now a strong,
healthy boy, thanks to Zam-Buk.
I hope this letter will help a good
many  anxious  mothers."
Mothers Take Heart. Don't be discouraged because everything has failed to heal your child until you have
tried Zam-Buk, Zam-Buk is Nature's
Healing Balm, and quickly overcomes
and removes all skin diseases. It is
equally good for young and old.
For all skin diseases Zam-Buk is
without equal. It cures ulcers, festering sores, ringworm, cuts, bruises,
chapped hands, boils, /eczema, etc.,
etc. All stores and druggists sell
Zam-Buk at 50 cents a box, or postpaid from The Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
3 boxes,  $1.25.
A diffident looking mun from one of
the suburbs stepped up to tbe ticket
office ln one of the railway stations In
Chicago and asked tbe man Inside In
a hesltntlng way If he sold round trip
tickets to tbe .Inmestown exposition.
"Yes. sir," answered the ticket seller
"Give reduced rates?"
"Yes, sir."
"I suppose tbere will be n.-eclal days
now and then?"
"Going to be a Pocahontas day?"
"I guess so."
"Well, whut I want to know is this,"
���aid the stranger, clearing his throat
"Will tbere be a John Smith day?"
"I don't know as to that," gravely
rejoined the ticket seller, "but I am
Inclined to think not Hotel accommodations in the neighborhood of the exposition   are  limited."���Youth's  Com-
An Emperor Who Must Die Standing
The Emperor of Austria during his
illness has insisted on transacting
State business as usual. As soon as
he left the nursery he began a course
of training to fit himself for the high
position he was to fill. At sixteen
he was an accomplished linguist and
a scientific expert of no mean degree. He could ride and hunt with
the tireless energy of a hardy sportsman, and his studies in literature
and jurisprudence were conducted
under the most celebrated scholars
of Continental Europe. That such a
course of training did not react upon his health is doubtless due to his
remarkable memory, which even now
is said to enable him., to recall the
face of the humblest of his subjects
no mutter bow long the lapse of time.
It is a tradition of the Austrian royal
house that no Emperor must die lying down. He must stand up to receive the last dread messenger.���
Mnny inherit weak lungs and as
disease usuully assails the weukest
point, these persons are continually
exposed to attacks of cold and pulmonary disturbances. The speedy
use of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup will be found a preventive, and
a protection, strengthening the organs so that they are not so liable
to derangement from exposure or
abrupt atmospheric -changes. Bickle's Syrup is cheap and good.
You cannot blame the woman who
married for love if she sort of has
an idea she would like her daughter
to try it for money.
Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Diphtheria.
"What are you doing?"
"Burning Poe's poems. He was a
nature faker. Eavens never sit above
chnmher doors and croak 'Nevermore'."���Chicago  Record-Herald.
"It is the duty of women to be good
looking," said a woman writer. Some
of tbem are shamefully neglectful, if
that is so.
There are a lot of mediocre drunkards who are generally rated to be
very smart. It is strange that ao-
body discovered how much they knew
until they took to strong drink.
Humility is one of the ingredients
a self-made man occasionally forgets
to mix with his material.
Of the population of the Transvaal
only 22 in 100 are white people.
Left on His Hands.
Gabble-Tbnt's u queer sort of ring
for you to be wearing. It Isn't suitable
for a man at ull.
Lovett-ThlnU not? Well, I tried it
on a girl, and she didn't seem to thlnlf
it suited her either. - Philadelphia
Press.      ��� -
When thc Butter is
streaked, you may be
sure it was not
that was used to salt it
���for Windsor Salt gives
an even colour.
All grocers sell
Windsor Salt __-
Crew   of   Fishing   Schooner   Rescued
Just In Time.
The John Currier, a wooden, full-
rigged ship of 3,000 tons, was built
on the Atlantic coast about twenty
years ago. She frequently called at
Honolulu, and was one of the best
wind-jammers flying the American
flag. On one occasion she made the
run between Newcastle, New South
Wales, Australia and Honolulu in the
remarkably fast time of thirty days,
which is the record for sailing vessels, about double the time taken by
steamers. On Aug. 9 this year the
John Currier went ashore on a deBO-
late and barren coast of the Behring
Sea. She was commanded by Capt.
P S. Murchison of Point Prim, Prince
Edward Island, and his wife and live
children were with him at the time.
The vessel was owned by a California
shipping company, and was chartered for the fishing season by the Alaska Fishermen Packing Co. She left
Bristol Bay Aug. 5, after a successful
fishing season, bound for Astoria,
having on board besides the captain
and his family 240 white and Chinese
fishermen. The ship went to pieces
in Nelson's lagoon, near the Aleutian
Islands, and while all on board were
saved, the supply of provisions obtained from the wreck promised to
last only until Oct. 1.
This report was brought by two of
the survivors, who, witli Indian
guides, mude u perilous trip over the
mountains to Valdez, a distance of
700 miles. At first it was believed
thut the revenue cutter Manning had
gone to the assistance of the Currier,
but later it was found that she had
not done so. Then it was announced
that the underwriters, M. C. Harrison
& Co. of San Francisco, had sent a
steamer north. Later the underwriters received a telegram stating that
the steamer had reached the lagoon,
but making no reference to rescuing
the passengers and crew of the Currier.
Finally Mrs. A. W. Doyle of San
Francisco appealed to President
Roosevelt to send help to her sister,
the wife of Capt. Murchison, and also
a native of Prince Edward Island
She urged the President to despatch
a revenue cutter to Nelson's lagoon
at once and bring the shipwrecked
party out before navigation closed
on account of the ice. Simultaneously
with Mrs, Doyle's request for help
Senator Perkins telegraphed the Secretary of the Treasury, asking that
a revenue cutter be sent to the relief
of the shipwrecked people.
In response to these appeals Capt.
Munger, commander of the Behring
Sea fleet ot revenue cutters, was ordered by'the Secretary of the Navy
Department to send aid at once. He
accordingly despatched the cutter McCulloch, which took off the marooned
people and transferred them to the
cutter Thetis, which landed the party
in Seattle. They were rescued just in
the "nick of time," as the food sup
ply of the Currier was very low, and
the barren region on which they were
stranded afforded practically no sustenance
Transformation to  Island of Bogoslof
Result of Volcanic Action.
The remarkable transformation that
has occurred in the topography of
Bogoslof Island, Alaska, as the result
of volcanic disturbances, is described
in a report received at the Treasury
Department from Lieut. H. B. Gam-
den, commanding the revenue cutter
McCulloch. Regarding the subsidence
o< McCulloch peak, the report says
that the peak had entirely disappear*
ed, und that astonishing changes occurred in the profiles in the neighboring peaks, whose outlines "had been
softened to a general symmetry by a
padding of luvn dust that almost disguised them beyond recognition, while
the sand-spit connecting the peaks
had attained a height varying from
20 to 100 feet.
"Incalculable tons of material, hur.
dreds of feet in depth, had been de
posited over the entire island. Fire
Island and Perry Peak now towered
into the air with a gentle incline rising from t"..e beach several hundred
yards distant to their summits."
Lieut. Camden says McCulloch Peak
blew up a few hours before the fall
of lava dust at Alaska. Sept. 1 last,
about the origin of which there has
been much discussion. He adds there
i. little doubt that the deposit of
lava dust which has covered Mount
Mnkush and surrounding mountains,
believed from Bogoslof Island, when
the McCulloch Peak explosion occurred.
Professor  of  Music  at  McGill.
Dr. Harry Crane Perrin, who has
been appointed Professor nf Music to
the McGill University of Montreal,
and Director of the Affiliated Conservatoire of the same city, has long
been organist and choir-master at
Canterbury Cathedral. Educated at
Wellingborough Grammar School, Dr.
Perrin studied music under Sir
Robert Stewart, and took his degree
of Doctor of Music and bis F.R.CO. at
Trinity College, Dublin. He was
organist of St. Colomba's College in
that city some twenty years ago, and
since then has served Lowestoft, Coventry and Canterbury in a similar
capacity. Dr. Perrin has published
several cantatas and songs, and he is
still a young man, with a big musical
future  before him.
Pensions For Teachers.
Thc St. John School Teachers' Association recently adopted a pension
scheme to submit to the Provincial
Government. Tbey suggest a pension
of $400 for males and .250 for females,
who have reached sixty years of age,
and have taught thirty years. Those
who have taught twenty years or more
and are then incapacitated, may prove
their case before the Government and
receive a pension of as many thirtieths of the full pension as they have
years of service. Teachers of grammar, superiors and holders of first
and second-class licenses only are to
be entitled to the pension. The teach
ers of the province will be asked to
co-operate in asking tbe Government
to adopt the plan and establish and
nay the p ��� *''*ris.
"The Dev.l Is Dead."
Two of the young friends of Bishop
Wilberforce of Oxford, gave the authorities of the university so much trouble that they won the nicknames oi
Hophni and Phineas.
One day, says Mr. T. H. S. Escott,
in "Society in the Country House,"
they were lounging about the hall at
Cupdesdon Palace, singing the Lutheran refrain, "The devil is dead,"
when the bishop suddenly appeared.
He walked very gently up t*o* them,
and in his most caressing manner
placing one hand on each head, said
in a consolatory tone:
"Alas, poor orphans1"
The Growth of Trees in Manitoba
Some figures compiled by the Forestry Branch of the. Department of
the Interior gives some interesting
information as to the growth which
may be expected from hardwood, or
broad-leaved forests in Southern Manitoba. In an article by Mr. Roland
D. Craig, F. E., Inspector of Forest
Reserves, published in the Canadian
Forestry Journal, a table is given
showing the average height and average diameter at breast height (i. e.,
at four and a half feet above the
ground) of trees in the Turtle Mountain Forest Reserve. The figures run
is follows:
At age nf
10 vis. diameter IV, in., height 13}_ ft
20 yrs,     " .'! 1-5   in.,     "   28     ft
30 vis,     " 4 7-10 in.,     "    3S     ft
10 yrs,     "        G in.,      "    40>_   ft
50 vis.     " 7 1-5   in.,     "   61     ft
80 vis,     " 8 7-10 in.,     "   54     ft
70 vis. " 10 1-10 in.. " 56X ft
50 yrs.     "       11 1-10 in.,     "   58     ft
The table quoted above also gives
the amount of wood wliich may be
expected to have been formed on
these trees at the end of the same
periods as above. The figures follow:
At age of
10 yrs, 4 cords wood per acre per year
20 yrs, 22 cords wood per acre per year
IP yrs, 32 cords wood per acre per year
10 yrs, 41 cords wood per acre per year
50 yrs, 47 cords wood per acre per year
(0 yrs, 52 cords wood per acre per year
i"0 yrs, 55 cords wood per acre per year
'0 yrs, 58 cords wood per acre per year
From a consideration of the above
"igures it is obvious that the best
period to cut the timber would be at
the age of forty to fifty years, when
.ordwood of good size would have
been produced, and before the yield
would have fallen off, as it subse-
.equently does. Thus the reserve
would produce an average of a cord
if wood per acre per year; and one
dollar per cord on the stump does not,
it present prices, seem an excessive
price to ask for the timber. Thus
the 55,000 acres of forest on the reserve would produce an annual revenue of $55,000 per year.
A Toast
Here's to one lover's bold, brave start:
"I'll  win  you  spite   of    yourself,"
said he.
"For  all  the   world   loves    a    lover,
And you are all the world to me."
It is calculated tbat there are
1,000,000 diubolists in London and its
suburbs, men. women and children.
The International Sunday School
association has opened offices in Chicago. This is the first time that a
central beiidquiiiters has been established.
and Colds
Use Shilob's Cure
for the worst cold,
the sharpest cough
���try it on aguar-
antee of your
money back if it
doesn't actually
CURE quicker
than anything you
ever tried. Safe to
take,���nothing in
it to hurt even a
baby. 34 years of
success commend
Shiloh's Cure���
25c. SOc. 11.    m
A remarkable canvass of Toronto
bas resulted in a list of about 20,000
petitioners for the union of nil Protestant denominations. Plans are on
���oot to increase the list to at- least
You don't have to be a hypocrite
just because you are a constitutional
One trial of Mother Grave's Worm
Exterminator will convince you that
it has no equal as a worm medicine.
Buy a bottle and see if it does not
please you.
"The boy is father to the man, my
"That may be, dad, but he can't
do tbe licking."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Customer���Tell me truly, which of
these two hats is more becoming?
Milliner���This one. See? It conceals your fnce more.���Brooklyn Life.
The moth may eventually singe
his wings, but meanwhile you can't
convince him he is not having a
good time.
I was cured of terrible lumbago bv
I was cured of a bad case of earache bv MINARD'S LINIMENT.
I was cured of sensitive lungs bv
Encouraging the Lawyer
A North Carolina lawyer says that
when Judge Buxton of that State,
made his first appearance at the Bar
as a young lawyer he was given
charge, by the State's solicitor, of the
prosecution of a man charged with
It soon appeared that there wns
no evidence against the man, but
Buxton did his best, and was surprised when the jury brought in a verdict
of  "guilty."
After the trial one of tho jurors tapped the young attorney on the shoulder. "Buxton," said he, "we didn't
think the feller was guilty, but, at the
same time, did not like to discourage
a young lawyer by acquitting him."
and Schools
Jut* one Ceiling is id]**! for churches
(sad schools, (or ia beauty, .twnlinau.
economy- for iu sanitary perfo-riort (no
tetmi to catch dirt)���for its fitc-prool qualities
Above 2,000 modern di.Mf.ni in every style of
good ut���title-wj,]Ii to match in harmony wilh
interior ichenwi���adapted to toy colot-ichemt or
���rchitestutel motive. Allow us to ma you
lUtutreted details and quote prices.    Address      309
Th* PEDLAR People'!..;.
Oshawa lloutreal Ottawa Toronto London Winnipeg
Look for the Label
Stanfield's Underwear
comes in three weights
for winter wear.
And you can get just
the weight you want by
looking for the label
on every genuine
Stanfield garment.
Red label���light weight
Blue label���medium weight
Black label���heavy weight
Your  dealer  will  likeijr   asve
ill weights.    If not, he can
get them for you.
A Horse with a
Strained Shoulder
b sound as a dollar in 24 hours
after you rub the sore spot with
Fellows' Leaning's Essence.
It gives instant relief in all
cases of Strains, Bruises and
Swellings ��� draws the pain
right ont ��� strengthens the
weak back, shoulder or knee.
Whether jou have one horse
or twenty, accidents are liable
to happen any time. Keep a
bottle of
handy so yon can have it when
50c. a bottle.   At dealers.
14k Cuff Links
QUR $5.50 pair of solid 14k
gold   Cuff   Links  will
make a good practical Christmas gift to a man.
THEY   are  substantially
made, and reinforced in
the places where the ordinary
link gives out.
Our Illustrated Catalogu*
���howlni a targe aaasrtmant at
Cuff Links will ba mallard upon
Ryrie Bros.,
134-138 Yorttte St.
W.    N.    U.   No.   666. TIIE   SLOCAN   MINING  REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER.   B. C.
sieCzeeoaaaao.t>et99��oaceoc<o*e.��eor>9aio,e*Qa***a *********
Montreal \ The'chiid
Winter Wear For
BEST. 811,000,000
.*. UKD1Y1DSB P80?ITSj ?42?,66��.��8
g Pr.��|ri_nt���Loau fTBATDcom aud Mooht Rot>l.
8 Yico-l'residant���lion. Gioioi A. Dbvjmhoxd.
p Genera! Macs_;��r��� E. 8. GjLOCSTO*',
�� Branch.* In All The Principals Cities In Canada
��� A General Banking Business Transaoted.
: NEW DENVER MM, - fl. G. FISflER, Manager.
Slocnn flDinlno Kcviev?.
ADVBRTHIria Bates :
rTotlcen to Delinquent Owners - .18.00
"     for Crown Grants    *   -    7,60
"      " Purchased Lnnd   -    7...0
"      " License to Cut Timlver 6.00
All locals will he charged for at tin rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates .made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communication! and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familial with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Yirginea mineral claim, siluate in the
Arrow Lakes Mining Division of West
Kootenny District. 'Wlioro located:
On Koosknnox creek rbuut 8 niilis
from lis mouth.
'i'nko notice that I, Samuel Walker,
ol Burton City, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B.05285, mlend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Becorder fur a Certificate of Improvement! for the purpoto of obtaining a
Crown Gant uf the abovo claim.
And fur;her take  notice   that aetion
under section 87, niu*st bo commenced
baforo Ihe Issuance  of such Certificate
oi Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of Nov. A.D. 1007
Bloean Land Dislrict���District of
Take noiic thai Sidney Yates Brockman, ol Ni w   Denver, accountant,  Intends to apply for permission  to purchase tlie   following    described   land.
Commencing at a po t planted at  the
N.E, corner of lot 8101,   thence cant 80
.chains; theme so ith 11 cialn       i     i
west 80 chains; tlience noi th   10 chains
to point of commencement and coutain-
ii_; Ml acre, in ir * jr    i,
Sept. 24Hi 1907
Slocan Land District- -District of
West Koonenay.
Tako notice that A. Owens, of New
Denver, mill operator, intend! to apply for permission to purchase the fol-
Iowing described land :��� Cummencin*.
at a post planted on the west shore of
Bloean Lake about one half mile in a
southerly direction from Mill creek;
commencing at a post marked A. O.'b
S.E. corner post, thence 20 chains west
thence 40 chains north, thenco 20 chains
east, thence 40 chains south to place
of commencement, containing SO acres
more or less.
Dated at New Denver, Oct. 81stl S07.
���ma _
No   need   for parents  in  any  part of
the Slocin to send east for their
Children's *\ear,
And at prices that will suit you.
If you live in New Denver, call and
inspect my stock. If you live at Slocan,
Silveitun, Rosebery, Nakusp, Three
Forks ur Sandon, drop me a lino, we
can certainly do business t gether,
It       For the Cough that Keeps You Awake Nights and       .J
Bothers You All Day as Well
It is a  simple,   harmless   remedy,   aud has   been used If
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful p!?ce in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers lo
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing* the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and anglinj. may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may bo witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en tuite, reserved
by wire.   Casolino launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
1% very successfully here for years.
Subscription $8.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Genera! Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
My slock of CANNED GOODS
is always Fresh, and every customer receives  honest value for
money spent.
Have you seen mv line of Ladies Blouses
and  the assortment of fancy goods
I am now displaying ?
Pay mc a visit.
Mrs.   TV
Slocan'I.and   District���Dislriit of
West  Kootenay,
Take notice that'Henri Robt. Jorand,
of Bloean, barrister, intends to apply
for permission lo purchase the following
described laud, Commencing at a | oat
planted at ihe north-raet corner of Lot
!!82, "thence mnitlf 40 chains; thence
east 20 chains; thwioe north 40-cliains;
thence west SO chains to point nf, ooir.-
menceincnt and containing 80_ aci'is
more or 1i*s*h .
November Hi, 1007.
Slocnn I.nnd Distiiel��� District of
We_t _Kini!eiiay.
Tnke noi ire that Cliarlos Clarkson
Rhodes, of Nelsou, B.C , bo-'k kq per,
Intends lo apply for permission to pur*
eliaeo the following discibid land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
east I oiindiiry of lot US'.1, at a point 40
chains south of the north-east corner
of snid lot, thence south 80 chains;
thence cast HO chains; Ihence norlh HO
chains, thenco weet 20 chains to point
of commencement, and containing ItiO
acres, mom ur let*?.
November 16, lt'07. 10-"5
Slocan Land District���District of
.Veil Koot'iiay.
Take notice Ihat ti.o Ontflrio-Slncan
Lumber Co., Ltd., of Sloe.n, B.C.,
Lumbermen, Intend to apply fu* n spe-
cial timber license over n.e following
tleici'ib��l land*'; Cominciicilig at n
P ist p'anted directly opposite the 17
milt board of the N. & S. Railway and
on tho souih side of Botiuiiza week and
marked "Ontario--locm Lumber Co.,
Ltd., N,E, corner," thenc i south 40
chains, thence west HiO chain", thence
noith 40 chains, Ihence east 100 chains,
to po'nt of commence unit ami 0 intiiin-
injj ti;0 acres more or linn mil covering
the sumo ground formerly covered by
Timber lieens i No, 10818,
December 4th, 1007.
Per D, .*���>*. Doiii*), Agent.
���J8.50 each.   Ladhs and girls Irish knit
golf Jrickoig.   The very latest New York
cntH, in white with sky-blue snip, s
down front, also while with re I stllpuB.
Ladies cashmere hose, three pair for $1,00
Tobacco cuts 'ii prices for uno week.
Smoking tobacco.
Traveller, Soots box
English shag, hip box, 46cts
Wills Navy Cut Capstan 20. t�� bos
Old Chum, 2 pouches,' 4Bcls
Heal ol Ninth Carolina, 2 pouches 45cts
Houdes No. 1, 1 lb. with pipe, OOcts
3 pkgos T. & B. cut 45cts
l! Castle, big can 45cts
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Andrew Wallaco,
acting as agent for tlu* Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Silveiton
B.C., Contractor, iulcndo'to apply for
permission to purchase tho following
described laud.: Commencing at a post
planted on lhe east shore ol Slocnn lalie
about one milo south of Rosebery, and
marked A, W.'s south-west corner,
thenco east .'about one chain to tbo light
of way of the Nakusp aud Slocan railway
thonce north SO chains, along lhe railway to tho shore of the hike, thence
southerly along the luke shore to point
ol commencement, containing live acres
more, or less,
November ISth, 1007.
Groceries S
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of j
home-fed Beef, Mutton
aud  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game aud
Fish iu season,
Slocan Land District���District ol
West Kootenay,
Take notico that Clare Lilian Drew**}*,
professional Caroe.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Mine
Smeller and Mill Supplies.
ol Nelson,  B.O. intends  lo apply  for  .,,-.-. _.     .   '
permission to  purchase  ths  loliowirg  WUUU,   VALLANCE
described   land*:    Commencing   at a
post planted at the S. W. corn,** of   lot
8!>62,   thence south   20   chain*,   thence
cast 40 chains, then co  north 20 chains
thence  west 20  chains,  containing   80
Nov, Jfitli, 1907.
Slocan Land District���District of
West ECi'Otenay
Take notice that Henry Allen McMillan, of Nels'm B.C., occupation rancher,
intend*! to apply for permission lo purchase the following described lauds.
Commencing at a pout on tin S.W.
corner of lit lot 7868, Ihence north 40
chains,   thence west 20  chains,   thence
���oitth'40 chains, thence c,*sl SO chains,  Madonna Block    :    New Denver B P
to point of commencement, containing _./**.*���_ ���"���""���"'���i. ^>.vj.
80 acres.  _P- ��* Bo* *-7*
Nov. 28tb, 1007, Z~~~Z    "	
cS-_E Lowe cS= *HCq,11
GO   ��� rxr.
O        JLatf. o        ^__J
Oeneral Merchant   - -   New Denver
Is offering good values iii Men's underwear, in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands, also shirts of
various kind,, some specialities for miners and men in log.
ging camps, gloves, mifr>, sock*- in largo variety, collars, liis,
sweaters, overalls, blankets and comforters,
I Call and inspect our stock ; it will be'sppieclatsd,
�� %***************************+�����<, MlW>#Bm W}.Q
A.   O.  Ostby
Correspondence Invited
Jwaller and
Late with J. O. Patenaudo, Nelson.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
cr Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special  attention to mail orders.
��� First-class   Rooms; First-class Meals ; First-cla33 Bar; Specisl
[ attention to Touri-its; Luxury and comfort when visiting thia
��� favorite cummer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parlies. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Fading lake and glacier tbis hotel offei*3 all that is required
to muke your visit a nn morable one.     Writo cr wire to���
, M_____LA. Jsicobson. Prop., New Danver, B.C.
, rt ���"> ** o o c <r e o c i* �� a c �� o ����� =* a o *.i o o j o . e o -j * i o a c o s o o o o o i* e i o o o a o e s G
For. those  who   coull    not got
away dtiiing the busy holiday
season,  wo  reccomend
Zhc Slocan ifootel
^bvee yoihs,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting litis famous Silver-
I.ead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar nnd Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Local Salesman Wanted for
New Denver
And Adjoining District lo represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees nf right size and s*t�� for Britisli
Columbia piiuilinj. Oro**n on limestone soil; hardier an I loi gor lived tliau
const tress,
Sandon, B.C.
)   8ir
Thia far fumed sanitarium with
its sulphur springs and accomodation is JUST THE PLACE to
build up and gel a fresh start.
This company operates  through
standard sleeping curs, dininj.
cars, and First Clr.33 Tourist
For rates, Reservations or any
information desired,  call on,  or
E, J. Covlb, A.I.P.A.
Johk Moi, D.P.A., Nelson.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points Btipp  o    regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
Lsdies' Drefla 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Pall
Gown 50c
Towels, barrlercliicfs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Workirt. men washing 10c pee.
Collars "ic. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
11IA1E Both
Put up In Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
���*,*.D3   ��V   T.'IB
ew York Brewery .
��� ��S*S*rJ***_S��_r*1__*r^
Ti'srm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant   in
connection.   Eiceller-t Pool Table,
Hex well Stocked.
Fancy Layer Cakes
From 50cis Up
COX 44
= Special
C  -o
:| AND
I Chocolate  Eclairs
!i Uo'.-ta Per Djz,
I q S)
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Snndon at  any time, call at
the  Kootenay   and let Ed. or
Georco mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, T.tc.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved; Pay   w.ekly ; Free outfit.
Wiilu for iiartl.-Mliiro.
Stone & Wellington
(Ltcenstd liy B.O. Governnient)
TORONTO       -      - '      ONT.
��� ************* * ***** *****
Watch for spring and summer
samples   about   February
1st, from
Tlie Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Out.
Every suit guaranteed.
Send your Order early to
_ I. E. ANURIGNON  - PROP.  ��
District of W:st Kootenay
Take notice that I, Jobr:   D. lie id, of
Slocan City, B.C., prospector,  Intends
lo ayply for permission to purchase the
following described land:
Commencing at a post nrnr Ten Mile
Creek, hot Sl'.'.S, about 400 feet south
of post marked "J. U.K." running sntiih
SO chainB, enst M chains, nortli HO
chains, west 20chains to point of <y-m~
Dated Sepl. 30lh, ln07.
O ,10 .
S> Hotel
Slocnn Cit'o,  *  B.C.
Headquarters aud home
of tlie old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
f. ie. mum
i Mill on Slocan Lake a, 0w��s, m***      P.O. Box 20.
Funtrali oouductod on Pbort
nollpft at mny point in tho ell**.
trlct.    Hhrlle s.Iwc-'i ln itock.
flD fBcXean, Sikvir
Hotel Rosebery
TRoscbeiy, S3. (5*
Well furnished looms.
Pirtt-class   Cuisine,
Slocan Lan   His rict���District of
Wiit Kootonay.
Tako notice 'hut I, Marion Mi'Iiukh,
Angus Mclnnes, agent, of New Denver,
spinster,intend to apply for peinilrslon
to purcbaso lhe following dcBcilbed
land : Comiiioncing at a post planted
at the norili-irest corner of lot 3,50(1
G.I., Kootenay district, Ihence west lit)
ohains, thoui'o Bouth 30 chains, thence
east 20 chains, ihence north ^'0 cliains
ti the place "f commencement containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated November 38rd, 1007.
A. Mclnnes, Agent,
Slocsn Land  District���Dislrict of
West Kootonay.
Tnko notico Unit Hoy Black, of New
Denver, miner, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the followin*.' deo-
crbifd land. Coinmtiicing nt a post
j-lun:i d nn the shore of SI,.cun Iske on*
mile nortli of Jli w Denver ut tlin weRt
boundery of the Molly Hughes group nf
mineral claims; thence northerly 20
chains, thnnce went 40 chsiiiB, tlu-nce
south 20 chains, thence ea^t along tho
shore of ,S1 icun lake to point of colli"
inciici'inont and containing 10 sens more
or li'su.
December IG, 1007
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kr otonny,
T��kii noti,e that Martha Ann Smith
of ���Now Denver, B.C., tnsfried woman,
iiitsiuls to apply for poriiiission lo purchase the following described laud:
ComtnoiJ.liig at a post planted on thn
north buundary of timber lease iS5,
near the Nnkusi) and Slican Ry., Martha Ann Sunth S.E. Corner plintrd on
Uie n'-rth bound-try nf timber len*o43,ri
and at thi* s nith w* st corner of timber
limi whi- b iv��8 numbeiud 867.1, thei cm
inirtli 00 chuin*, tlirnco west lO'chaiiis
more or less to th ��� e.*si boundary ol
Bertha Winggfi apnl cation to pure .rise
ihence south 60 chains to the north
boundary "f timber lo.iae 486, tbtneo
E*mt 10 chain* nioie or loss tiitlin | Iimib
of C'lmmtncenieiit and 'cuntaining 00
acres mo e or less.
Decembor 8th, .007.
J. B, Siivtb, agenl,
3F. Q&&c4e��
*iiiiii a**iiiffli-iifroiOTB.ii-fiww^
J-j-inch to iJ_. inch, also ^-iuch
Galvanized Pipe.
j4,  }:,,  and    3_ Brass Pipe and
'Fittines for Launches.
Rubber Packing Always Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks,  I.ead traps, etc., etc.
Denver Waterworks
Company, Ltd.
Slocan Land Dislrict���District of
Wet   Kuotcnny.
Tnke notiei* that I, Andrew Jacobson,
agent for J. E. Ilrouse, of Now Denv*r,
physician, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
Jam!: Commencing nt a post 'frh.ro
lot 8000 intersects nith lot 4.5 snd
marked J.K.H.'s N.K. corner post
thencs soutli 10 clmins, thonco ca't 40
chains, thenca Bouth ".1 cli.-Jn., thence
Wist P0 clii'.ins thonco nortli 25 chains
mo.o*r_r lo?. to the bnundavy nf lolSOS/fl
G.L, thenco eait.80 chains more or lea**)
to tha corner of lot SGQ6, thei*co north
10 chains, tlunce enst. 10 chains to tlm
pointof coinmeni onicid, oonrtt'lTln'g 200
acroi moro or less. 'Iho land is rituate
about % of a mile fro n tho bend of SI-j-
can hike.
Dated November 92nd. li)07,
J. SO. Andrew Jacobs**!, A*,ent.
""Companies Act, 1897."
Canada, I
Province of British Columbia. )
No 430,
This is to certifv that "Tbo Wcslinont
SiIv��� i- Mining Ciinp.uiy Llmitsil" is
an'linrisoil mil licensed to carry ou
business ���ei'liiu tlie province of British
Columbia, and to sarry out or sffsot
sll or any of tbe obj tcts of iho Company
to whicli iho legislative authorltyof tho
i.o 'i��i it 'im of British Columbia extends,
Tho li cn 1 ofH-e of tiio Company is
sltuste at the Cily of Toionto, Province
of Ontario.
'Jho amount of ihe capital of the company Is sixty thousand dollars, divided
Into sixty thousand shuroa of ons dollar
T.'io herid oiTico of lho campany in
this province is sltualo at Bloean Oity,
and H.lt. Jorand, Bairirt-r ut, law,
nhpie address is Slocsn City aforesaid,
i- tho Hllomey for the Compsny,
Given und* r my luiid and soul ol of-
flfo ut Victoria, provinco of British
Columbia, ths i wen ly- third day'of De-
neiiibsr, one thousand nino hundred and
Rosflstrat* pf Jolnl Stock Companies'
The ubjects fir Whhtli this   company
lina been estnhlnhcd and li -enssil iirsi���
(s.)   To acquire, own, Imas, prospeo*
for,    open,     ti-uiliirr,     develop,    work,
improve,      maintain,     nnd     nia!iap;n
niinci  and  mineral iand*  and <l����i>,>c-
itn, nnd to   dig for,  raise, crush,  wash,
smelt, assay,   analyse, reduce,  amnlga*
ninlc, pipe, convey; nnd othe-wiee c.-sat
ores, motels ir minoials whotber bo-
lohging io the company or nnt, ami to
render tlie same  meichnntable, and  to
soil or otherwiso iliupose of tl o  Same or
nny part thereof or interest therein, and
(b.)   'Io take,   ueqniro   and   lmld  as
Consideration for ore',   metals or  min-
oruls sold or ut'ii ruiso dlsrossd of,  m*
lor goods supplied or for wurk dmi'i  by
contract or otherwise, sharer*-,   deb-mure* or otlior  securities  of  or In  anj*
bor compaiiy   having  objects  finiilar
whole or in part to thu__> of the coin-
any hereby incorporated nnd to sell
p,nd otherwise dispo.o of the Eam.e.
Slo au Ln'nl Distiict���-District of
Wost Kootenay,
Take notico that James .aleVicar, o
Klo'sn City, minor, ntrnds to apply
for permission to purchase the following
doscribed Unlsi Oomuninolnj at a
t'Obt plnnisil ll'd fe-t (nun N.E. corner
of lot 809; II. D, Curtis owner, claiming
9 chiiius.oait, thenco 30 chains a mtii
thence i ohains west, Ibs.ico 80 chains
nortli to point of c inimsncinsnt.
James McVicar, agent,
John Wafsr, locator.
December 7, 1007.
Jet-do Land District���Dislrict of
V/est Ko.ilena *.
Tnko nil ico that Oeoigi- Heudoiion,
of Slocsn, B.C., rancher, intends to apply for a special timber licsnso ov.r
the fo'lotvlng' described lands: Commencing at a post planted on Goat
cock nbout 2 miles eastorly from lbs
N.E. corner of Lot 7161, thence east 120
chains, Ihence smilb HO chain*., thonco
West 40 chains thenoe north 40 chains,
thence west so chains, (hence north 40
chains lo the p int. ef cnnitiiencenient,
and Containing (i!0   aero,  nir.ro or   less
November 19, 11/07.
Ameofiigof thestoc.holders of lhe
Star Minhig'a'nd Milling Co.. Ltd., I.ty.,
wid bo bold ut the office of the Company
at Snndon.,  B.C.,  on   the third day of
Febttiary,  1908, at. 10 o'clock, a.m. for
the purpose of electing il b.iard  of Directors foi- tj.i<? ensuing year pud tnviiEacl-
tnj; o'ber business.
Siindmi. B.C.,
December 80, 1U07.


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