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Slocan Mining Review 1907-04-04

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 ���*=      m*i
Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division, . .
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's   so.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday,   April 4, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Correspondent Traces Cause
of Existing Depression
and Suggests Remedy.
for each unit of zinc over 10 per cent.
This in itself is also reasonable, as the
more zinc the greater are the losses in
smelting. But how about the ore
which contains little or no zinc ?
You are charged for 10 units of zinc in
the 10 per cent, lead and 6 per cent,
silver deductions, which in this case
should be onlv 5 and 1% respectively.
Either the zinc penalty clause must be
made quid pro quo or oe abolished. The
former is to my mind the best solution.
Tho zinc clause should read " Each unit
in excess of 10 uniis will be debited with
60 cents per ton, while each unit under
There are a certain sec ion of the
drumming fraternity dang this country untold injury. They take liendish
delight when on the outside in contias-
ing present conditions with the time
when a stream of wine flowed through
the streets of Sandon Their poor weak
minds unable to rise above the superiority of such mundane trifles as somebody's breakfast foo.ls or somebody
else's* toilet papers, thev eonclude all
manner of reasons for the existing depression but the light, ones. And
fo their lying tongues disparage us in
the smoke rooms and on train*.    They
To the Edilor of the Slocan Mining
Review, Sandon.
Dear Sir,���Two articles which appeared in your issue of March 21st interested mc greatly. The first was Mr.
Nelson's letter to boost the Slocan, and
the other was your htlle Fmcltcr problem. Somehow, I was struck with the
contrast between them ; tbe Bhort query
" Why is this" at tho end of tho smelter
problem seemed to tne a good one to
keep in view before boosting the country.
I am of opinion that the mining industry populated the Slocan and its
decay depopulated it. Don't you think,
Mr. Editor, we should enquire closely
into the reasons for this decay before
starting. What can we say to visitors
to account for the desolation visible in
all our towns���deserted villages in every
sense ol tbe word���with grass growing
np in the middle of our principal
thoroughfares? WE MUST TRACE
THERE BE A REMEDY, or abandon
the c.untry as others have done if there
is none. People who are not conversant,
with our country and iis resources will
tell rs that the country is prospected out mid that tbo leads don't go
down. If there was any truth in either
contentions, then no remedy is possible.
But we all know.what is the cause of
the depression, and knowing it and suffering from the cause, I Fee no renson
why we shouldn't screech aloud the
facts of Ih* cinch game being practised
on us. Mr. Editor, the depopulation
of the 8100,111 lies at the doors of the
���melieis. Tho excessive rates charged
by lhe smelters for smelting our ores
has crusiird the ambition out of many
leasers and the life out of a struggling
Tnke the case sated in your pro' lem.
You show, d, and I concur with yoi*,
(hat 50 pei cent of the g os* value bo-
long d to the smelter when prices wore
lor. The shippers half had to hear all
the costs of bring!' g the whole down to
the car, such as mining, rauhiding, etc.
Now, what does this mean exactly ? ]
Well, when prices are at their best, all !
Ilie lead ore you can show in a mine
belongs t) the smeller, mid as prices
drop they take more and more of the
s.lvvr as will. How can nc expect
capital to come in to help us under
these conditions? Would you buy a
lllino knowing ihat somebody else will
get a half interest out of all the work
you do ? Now, is this smelter burden
which all of us havo to bear a legitimate
and a just one? I am strongly of
opinion that it is not, aid that every
effort made to lighten it is a direct
benefit to the Slocan district. We have
been tohl repeatedly that the conditions
are such in B.C. Ihat smelting cannot
bee inducted as cheaply ai in the U.S.
Ingiills of Zinc Oouim ssion icport (amu
was the last 1i point this out, but inst. ad of enlightening us with reasons
why this should be he side-tracked the
Issue and puffed the smelter interests
hy assuring us Ihat the " one cent per
pound reduction wns not a CLEAR
gain." Whither the gain is clear or
but par.ially so, this one per cent re
duetto*, from our poor profits is tlie
damned st piece of daylight thieving
winked at on this continent.
Looking al the smeller problem from
the general point of view, we find that
one of the smellers produces lead ami
copper. The cost of the production of
lend in this smelter is higher than in
any other part of the world (deduced
f.om the sin-.her charges and previous
costs oil oro), whilo the lead oro is
superior in grade and elasi lo that of
many other districts, where it is produced much cheaper. The cost of the
production of copper on the oilier hand
in the same smelter has no equal anywhere for cheapness, notwithstanding
lhe fact, that the oies treated are about
the lowest grade ever smelted. The only
conclusion is that the lead industry of
the Slocin has been, is, and will be
exploited for the benefit of the copper
industry unless steps are taken to find
a remedy,
In detail the smelter charges are
divided into regular and irregular
charges. The regular charges compiise
the freight and treatment, rate and the
10 per cent, lead deduction and 5 p.e.
silver deduction for the smelter losses ;
the irregular charges ar,) the 1 cent per
lb. (lediicion of the lad and the zinc
p-nalty clause.
In go d practise the smelter losses are
about 5 p.e. lead and 2Jj per cent silver,
some of which is recovered in the flues
as dust. Slocan ores contain more zinc
than is admitted in the best practise,
and this makes the looses greater;
therefore the 10 par rent, lead and 5 per
cent, silver deduction*, which taken by
10 units will be credited with tho same i know nothing of excessiv    freight lates,
amount." of the sleal being  perpetrated by the
The one cent, per lb. deduction is the smelter bunco-steering moiiopo'y, o
mo't obnoxious feature of the whole I many other unfair conditions which
business.   The majority of us lliink it is ! when remedied will   bring these vlllfiera
a fixed and coin tint charge, but it is
not to the shipper. It varies with the
price of lead. As lead was a year or two
ago it represented a 50 per cent, deduction. Now it is only about half that. Do
you see what this means ? Let me
translate it into simple language:
Yes, Mr. Smelterman; we agree that
you should take 35 per cent, of our
lead for your so-called refining charges
when prices aro good, but when pries
go down we can only agree to give you
50 per ceu*. of oir lead for refinery
charges, became then ihere is letf.il possibility of us making our mines pay.
In conclusion, Mr. Editor, I am of
opinion that all tho c who have the interests of the S!ocan at heart have their
work cut out for them before we can
reasonably boost the country for others.
Yours, etc.,
Slocan, B.C., BEDROCK.
March 30th. 1907.
iBotca ant> Comment. !
scuriying back for fat orders. No
country looks good lo them unless they
can mako good in it.
IogaU's Report on a Famous
Silverton Property Is
Worth Reading.
The vein in the face is, however, pinched
and consis's of about 2 inches of por-
phyritic vein filling, lying on a silioious
slate, the hanging being the polished
black s'ate seen in several places to
form the hanging wall of this vein both
on No. 2 and on the lower tunnels.
About 80 feet from tho face of the tunnel a cross-cut into the hanging -shows
up a zinc seam, opening in places to a
width of two feet, but e�� it was only
visible in the bottom of the level, it was
very difficult to examine. On Ihe
dump, however, about CO tons of zincy
SINCE THIS   RETORT  WAS MADE  lead ore had  been picked out from the
The petition to the government for
an appropriation t.> complete the much*
needed wagon road from Thiee Forks to
Denver Canyon siding litis beeu forwarded to Win. Hunter, M.l'.l'., at
Victoria. The petitidn has the unanimous endorsation of the district.
This  property  is situated on 4 Mile
('reel; nbiiil two miles from the town of
Silverton , and about midway   between
the  Emily  Edith   and  Alpha   claims
The lower tunnel (No. 8)   i* about 2,000
feet above  New Denver,   or   3,700 feet I
above sen level.    This tunnel is now he-1
Now smiling  inc advanced  under  contract  and has,
rays   of lhe|reached a di-tanc.e   of about  250 feet!
first 100 feet of this dis'ance is in   wash
and where the rock  first, is  found it is
HeaveiiB reflex !  extremely soft and considerably faulted.
Beautiful New Denver!
beneath   the   iiidesccnt
summer sun ; your charms are manifold j f|.om ,t| portlll (October 2, 1005)
and incontestable.    Chasing buttei flies
has been the premier attraction for  the
past month.
Glorious  Silverton-!
.:..���..*..*..��. i.************** .*. -j*.**..:* .���*���>
Report all items of interest to lh's
office. They will be appreciated and
each item will help lo make the paper
that much more interesting.
For the loss of a d ig in a railway
accident in England, the owner has
been awarded fl,500 damages. For the
loss of her husband a railroad engineer,
in the Salisbury railway accident, a
Mrs. Robbinn was awarded $1,600.
Don't get married, ladies; take out a
dog license.
April 1st was a busy day with us.
For twelve hours our mechanical department was on the go supplying
juvenile clients with: Ft.ap. oil, elbow
grease, fresh salt, round squares, oblong
triangles, lny-holds-for-me.ldlers, and
black fissures; whilst our literary and
stationery department report great
sales iu cream-flavorpd envelopes,
striped ink, " The History of Eve's
Mother," "Shakespeare's Ess nee of
Man," " D.n win's Revolution of Monkeys," " Foxe's B iolt of Tomatoes,"
and next week's copies of the Rev.ew.
Wu might icmiirk that an.thing we
hadn't got in stock, we were obliging
enough to direct our clients elsewhere.
enveloped as we are in a mantle of virgin snow, we envy your rejoicings foi
the glad spring time. With an indefinable longing we plod���and hope.
(Notis :���The cditur wuz at New Denver last Sunday. He alluz feels bad
after a turkey dinner.���DEVIL.)
Men have various ways of carryiig
money. Grocers, butcher* and millers
carry it In a wad. Bankers in clean
bills, laid full length in a pocket book.
Brokers only fold the bill once, doubling
the money as it were. The young business man carries it in his vest pocket.
Farmers and drovers in their inside
pockets whether it he lj'50 or 10 cents.
Printers usually carry their money Iii
other people's pockets.
Identification of Minerals.
When "Bill" Hunter stumped Ihe
riding in January, he told his auditors
if elected he would p ill for the Slocan
fir.*t, la*t and always. Ho his b.en
swift to do the right thing. By bringing in and successfully pushing through
a unique measure to give borrowing
pjwers to Slocan City he has shown hi*
masterly business qualities at an early
stage of the game, nnd thus made himself solid wiih his Slocan City constituents. " Our Bid " is no great shakes
on peddling hot-air, but when it comes,
to shrewd, mental, 20th cenuny methods of doing business he gels there with
both feet. That's one wi>o piece of
legislation sorely needed which Slocan
electors will never forget. liitusagain,
Bid ; we like it.
. a*************************
i . *?
nnd. d eonliiini,  showing the stiiaei��    ��, A  n��    ���..*-.    ri",z>i��r>rJi'I       *���
*:"���������������������-��� T,-��*i.nh*���l | of movoraent underpressure.   Dean it j    i!'0Cm   ��"0    -JeilUM.    J
mooted  question if this vein is in 13,   Ploked up by Butting Everywhsro.
The following fiuttoiinj editorial from
the Nelson Canadian tells the feelings
of the Slocan to a nicety :
Wm. Huntrr, M.L.A. f u* Slocan,
has earned the (���ratitude of his constituents of SI .can Ciiy. Recognising
his own inexperience as a legislator and
his weakness as an orator, Mr, Hunter
enlisted the ai.l of tlie piemier himself
in securing the adoption of mcasims
which will enable the citizens of Slooan
to lehabililate their town financially.
There is nothing showy about William
Hunter, hut his intelligence, business
experience, and his unquestionable iii-
t.grily, will make him one of the most
trusted and valuable members of the
provincial house.
J. J. Fingland, assayer and chemist, has undertaken for us lo clussify
and as far as possible valuate, any min
cral or rock specimens wo may furnish
him. Mr. Fingland holds certificate..
from the West of
College for geology, mineralogy ami
mining, and his practical experience
includes an extended and valuable research among tho ores and rocks of this
mining division, lie also occupied lhe
position of assayer at tho Brockman
concentrator, Roseherry, B C, for sonn
time, and he left that position to commence business on Ids own behalf at
Sandon, having succeeded to the business of F. H. Hawkins.
Any person is welcome to utilize the
privilege which wc have announced and
lo forward specimens for identification,
and this and oilier pertinent information will be published in the Revibw as
soon as possible after the receipt of the
As a rule mineral specimens can ben
be forwarded to tlieir destination by
mail at a reduced rate of postage. S .in*,
times it ia necssary to send such
material by express. In every case all
charges must be prepaid, and the package addressed to lhe " Review. Sandon,
B.C." All kinds of rocks and ore are
invited lo b*< supplied und answers will
appear in the paper attached lo the
initials of c irrespondents names. These
answers will include a ceilain amour.*
of advice as to the necessary conditions
for profitable  working of different ores.
G., Sandon
1. Loam���a mixture off clay and
lime; 2. Porphyritu partly weatheredi
4. Schist rock wi h lion pyrites and n
little magnetite; 1. An altered IgrlooU*
rock with iion Pyrites; 5, A lairrj pure
limcB'one. So far ns 1 can seo this .1 c-
not contain native silver.
J. H., New Denver:
Your sain pie contains galena, blende
and iron pyrites associated with ledg-
matler and country rock. The first
two minerals arc m intimately associated and so fine grained ihat concentration would hnidli give go.ul ii suits.
As a shipping ore tho lead is somewhat
low and ihe zi..c a little liinh. Its value
will depend on its silver contents and
the distance from t-hipp'ng point. Possibly the smelter might give a slight reduction in tieatmeiit, inte owing to the
high iron.
J. It., Three Forks.
Your sample ariivrd too late for
identification this week.
The enclosing rock of Iho vein is black
slate. The vein structure is of the
usual lenticular type and quite irregular as to the lenath and thickness of the
lenzes. The ores present in the vein
arc galena, nvually adjacent to the* hanging wall,'blende, caUvte and quartz toward the foot wall. About 40 feet from
the face considerable vtiartz occurs in
the vein toward the foot wall fide and
continues to the face i f lhe I untie*], averaging about 8 feel, inthickress. Besting on the quartz is c.ilcite and a li'tle
galena, i inches to Cinches in thickness,
adjoining a roft gouco on the bunding
wall, which is here crushed and contorted slate.
Tbe whole vein ill No 3 tunnel shows
evidence of co*si lerablc movement
since l he deposition of the pre, blocks
of which occur in thuwchi 1.1 an utmost
galena shipping ore. The ownets had
recently taken a large sample from this
heap, nnd from the rejected portion of
this sample No. 50 was taken, which assayed: silver 10.4 ozs , lead 0.1 p c., zinc
34 8 p.c,
The Standard vein is said lo be the
same as the Alpha or a continuation of
tbe Alpha, the workings of which can
he seen on the mountain above. The
Alpha is raid to have been a large shipper for this district. The very steep
mountain road from Four Mile Creek
was built by the Alpha company in 1893,
and it is said about 3,000 tons has been
shipped over it. The end of the road is
connected with the lower tunnel of the
Alpha, by a 1,700 feet gravity tram.
As the Alpha property has not been
operated for several years, it was not
examined. I am, however credibly informed that the vein continues good in
the two main tunnels, ard that work
was suspended on account of personal
disagreement between the owners. The
Emily Edith, a well devo'oped property
is situated immediately below the Standard gioup.
The high grade lead of the Standard
mine carries Borne grey copper. The
Zinc-lead ore rejected from the shipments
now lying on the dump of No. 2 shows
in places a litt'e chalcopyrite. The
Sum.lard mill", while only iif the prospect stage, gives promise of developing
into a good shipping property, both for
lead and zinc ores,
Large congregations attended the
morning and evening services at S.
Stephen's Anglican church on Easter
Day. The prayers were effectively read
by Missioner Baynes, and Bermons
preached by the Yen. Archdeacon Beer,
ol iCaslo. At the Easter Vestry the
Rev. Baynes was elected delegate to attend the coming Church Synod. W.
Eccles was re-elected minister's warden,
W. Reade parish warden, and Messrs.
Cornwall and Lindsay sidesmen. The
report of the last six months was most
Eddie Angrignon's new launch is
nearly completed. This boat is expected to carry off all the trophies at
the regatta on the 241 h of May. Henry
Stege tells us they will have to get a
" hyack" on to beat the commodore.
Geo. Bruder returned from a trip to
Nelson on Tuesday. Wc should not be
surprised to learn that the local blew,
ers are lighting the Nelson people with
their own weapons. They are asking
for Sandon beer in Neleon right nou.
Good judges.
The Tlnw-Whlte and the Star-White
are the most interesting cases now before the public* They are both on the
home run.
Curling Club Ball on Friday.
All the churches were well attended
on Easter Sunday. Standing room on y
was to be had at tin* Catholic church in
the morning. At the English church
in the evening all previous records for
attendance were broken.
themselves  are  leasonable.     But here
t:.e matter does not end.    By the zinc j You might write nnd
penally clause yo.i pay 50 cents per ton | in the eiut about it.
Say a good word for tho Slocan whenever opportunity occurs. It will counterbalance the word of at least one
Wo put a kink in'o our Mioble press
on Monday which threw us ha;-k with
our job piiming for a few days. Sailor
Sanderson, that, bunch of mechanical
versatility, saved us fiom ruin and the
dippy house.
The Nelson Canadian, under the able
pen of R. J. Clarke, is making good.
The fruit  trees  arc bud ling.     New
Denver and Silverton were the warmest j ada aflei- April 25th. Thr* rale Mon* icni
spots In Canada   .luring last  winter. I ����� Sandon ig $88.66.   Through reduced
l rates from Great Britain or the Contlli-
The Curling  Club hold  the annual
ball in the auditorium to-morrow (Fu
day).     A   grand    time   is    promise I.
Slmpkiiis'famous orchestra supplies tho
Reduced Rates.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company announce reduction in fares ton
Canadian Atlantic Ports to the Kootenay district for scltlcis arriving In   ( an-
t-11  your friends
ent quoted on application lo local a ���*
or J. S. Carter, D.PA., Nelson,
i*. tr
place or if ths tunnel has reached the '^a^^a********************
solid mountain formation.
South of the face 100 foet a raise con*
n< eta with No. 2 tunnel, 81 feet vertical
above, or 1-10 feet on lhe dip of the vein.
Going np this raise the pay streak  was
found r.ither thin at the roof of tbe level
and continued so until the intermediate
level was reached about 35 feet   above
the lower tunnel.     At this place the
vein made almost a right angle fold, extending   back flat   into  the   footwall
about 85 feet.   The raise continuing on
i's course and passing into the overlying
black slate was finally connected with a
winze sunk in the vein from No. 2  tunnel.   The cr-'ss-cut, however,   at the in-
term.d ate  level passing into the   foot,
followed ihe Vein and opened up a very
go.d deposit of - argentiferous   galena,
mixed with a* Hi lie blende.    The drift
don/ the hanging at tho commencement
of the bond 111 the vein, now called  the
intermediate level, has advanced  about
20 'oi t in a very lo se and open  vein,
showing little, if any,  mineral.    From
the op. nings and cavities in the vein it
Isevjd nl t nit the principal  movement
occur.ed a'ong ihe plane of the  present
drift, and i. is interesting I. note that
di" con.ling solutions have carried down
lime, depositing citlcito in  maiiliuilary
form, in the cavilies of ihe vein.   Fiom
the p lint where the vein commences to
straighten up above   tile fold,  to No.   2
tunnel there is a very good showing of
argentiferous gnh na  averaging about 8
inches in width, visible in both ends of
tlni winze,    ihoieis   also  considerable
zinc lying under the galena, probably a
stre.ik av. ragi g 13 inches in width, but
much mote regular than lhe galena.
I should judge from appearances that
there is a very good bunch of ore be
tw'een the intermediate level and No. 2
tunnel, but the zinc is very much mixed
with quariz, calcite, and porphyritie
material and will require concentration,
ih.* had ere can, however, be hand
Th re upp ars ,to be a porphyry dike
Ol'ossing between the head of the winze
and the portal of No. 2 tunnel, while
the d.ift after passing no therly through
tho dike immediately readies p��y ore.
I he level uas advanced nothorly on
the vein (of about 300 feet, and for the
la*t lull feet there is a si.icious vein of
zincy are that would probably contain
ilO p.c. and average one foot iu width.
The K. A S. train failed to put in an
appearance    on  Monday. Hand-cars
brought   the   pas-engers along   from
Eight-mile bridge.
Chas. F. Nelion, of New Denver, the
greatest rustler in tbe drug trade the
Slocan ever'had, was in town on Friday.
There has been an epidemic of experts
the past few days. We arc assured the
complaint is not catching.
Leandcr and Mrs. Hamilton left for
New Westminster on Tuesday morning,
They will reside there all summer.
Tho Star-White; tha Harris-White;
Tbe Star Mining and Milling Co. vs.
TheBvron N.White Co; The Star vs.
Star case, which, by the way are the
one with different handles, works its
ponderous way into the courts on Monday next.
Mrs. C. Womer ("Mother"), who
lias been head cook at the Payno mine
for a long lime, left for Benttlo on Sunday morning.
Dr. A. W. Bagnall, of Boston, M.-ss.,
dropped In to size up the city for 1.'cation purpos s last Friday. IIo was not
able to make satisfactory nrraiigonicnts
with the Miners' Union Hospital and
he left for the further west next day.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L-W0 and sister
came in from Three Forks on Saturday
to visit friends.
E. Rowc, of Belfast, Ireland, did business with our hotel men tills WOek, He
carried a full line of whiskies.
A. B. Dockslcader, Nelson, spent a
couple of days in town this week. His
bent was insurance.
A. O. Oitbv will begin work again at
flie California as soon as the slide is
duwn. The properly shipped several
carloads of high grade ore last fall, and
it was lo iking well when the crew came
down out of danger.
There are fifteen inches of clean ore
at the Neepewa, but Ed Shannon, the
owner, wears a smaller hat than ever.
X)r. Brouse Bits the fashion each year
with the arrival of sprng. Last year
it was fedoras, walking canes and
whiskers. As soon on iho Luerne
bmlevard last8unday: Golf-cap a la
Anglaiso, cigawetto, and hair off.
Ernest J. Atherton has gone into the
meat bu-iness. He will be around for
orders every Thursday and Friday. Orders are fiU**d by Hermann Cleverof
New Denver . Ten per cent is added to
ihe invoice prlpo for Collecting and delivering orders, All orders arrive from
New Denver on Saturday, nnd will be delivered on Saturday, Tills is strictly a
C.O.D. proposition.
(Signed)  E. J, ATHERTON,
Chas. W. McAnn is Dead.
Kaslo, March 30���C. W. McAnn, K.
C, mayor of ICaslo, paosed away at a
quarter after six this evening.
Death was not unexpected as the deceased had heen very low for some weeks
past. Mr. McAnn had been ailing for
a number of years and last fall took a
severe turn for the worst. At that time
the exact nature of his ailment was not
fully known and was thought to Ie a
tumor. Soma mouths ago he went to
Roclies'or, Minn., for treatment under
the care of the Mayo brothers. Whilst
there he underwent a severe operation
and recovering somewhat, returnod to
Kaslo. On arriving here he continued
to improve and high hopes were entertained that ho ultimately would recover.
Later tho old trouble returned and he
again went lo Rochester. On his last
trip he was informed that his ailment
was incurable, and acting under the
physicians' advice he returned home.
His period of illness was a painful one,
hut with his indomitable will he bore
up cheerfully.
For about three weeks pnoltiio ��n,l
was looked for at any lime. His brother (ieorgo came from Moncton, N. I!.,
and bis former law partner, Neil K.
McKay, M.L.A., was summoned from
The late C. W. McAnn was born at
Moncton, N.B.,42- years ago. He was
a graduate of the university of Mount
Allison and Ann Harbor, Mich. He
came to to Kaslo 15 years ago and has
heen prominently identifio 1 (with the
history of the town, having served five
terms as mayor. Politically he was a
staunch Conservative and had it not
been for the serious nature of his illness
ho would have been the unanimous
choice of the party at the lale election.
He leaves a widow and three children
to mourn bis loss, to whom the heartfelt sympathy of the residents of the
Kooteuavs is extended.
Resolution of Condolence.
The following Resolutions of Condo-
ence touching upon the deaths of John
A. Caldwell, Jacob Emails and Until-
mond Sanderson were adopted at a
regular meeting of Sandon Miners'
Union here on March 23rd, 100".
Whereas, It has pleas d Almighty God
to remove from our midst three of our
beloved bietbien, and
Whereas, In their death Sandon Miners
Union No. 81 of the Western Federation ol Miners has lost faithful friends
and true comrades;
Be it therefore resolved, Ihat we the
members of this Union extend to the
relatives of our deceased brethren
this expression of our sympathy fur
them in their sad bereavement; and
Be it resolved that a ropy of ibis resolution be forwarded to the relatives
of our tie "eased brethren, a copy to
the Miner's Magazine an I local press
for publication, and that a copy he
spread upon the minutes of this organization ; and
Be il further resolved, as a mark of res-
peel, that the Charter of this union
he draped in mourning for a period of
thirty days.
Signed, Percy W. Johnston, Gordon
McLeod, tieo. II. Hope,
Sandon, B.C .April 1,1907.  Committee
llunter Is Backed by MeBride
and A New Bill is
Pnshed Through.
The second reauing of a bill entitled
"An Act to Aid the Municipality of tho
City of Slocan " was introduced by the
Premier for its second reading. In his
address be said the purpose of the act
was to assist iu the adjustment of some
indebtedness occurred. At theapproach
of the dull season, the p-cmier asserted,
Slocan had experienced a slump, many
miners and others residing in that locality having left forotjier parts. As a
result, the district had suffered and the
corporation had found it difficult to collect sufficient revenue to carry on works
of public importance in a way that tho
demands would justify. A critical
point has now been reached, and in
order that the municipality might be
able to continue meeting its responsibilities, it was necessary that parliament
should enact the legislation before the
The Becond reading carried without
Upon going intocommitlee, Mr.Haw-
thornwaite, who had been away during the second reading, wanted to know
the reasons for lhe introduction of
���'such an extraordinary piece of legislation."
Mr. Hunter then explained the position, going over much the same ground
as was covered by the premier. He
added, however, ,that the mutter was
before the courts, and that it was imperative, in order that the municipality
might recover itself, that the legislation
should be carried.
The premier, speaking again, acknowledged Ihat the proposed legislation was
unusual. It was not the regular thing,
he said for the government to interfere
in wnat might he termed the domestic
affairs of the various municipalities.
But, be asserted, the conditions were
peculiar. All the landowners in the
UlsiliC.t, he umlerstnnit, liml given ihcu
assent to the proposal incorporated in
the bill under consider.ili in, aud ho
thought it would be a graceful thing for
the house to pass the measure.
Mr. Oliver then took a band in the
debate. He pointed out that the municipality of Slocan was not asking for
an appropriation, All that was required
was the authority for entering into an
agreement whereby a certain indebtedness might be paid in installments of
l|600 annually, instead of if 1,000 in that
period, as heretofore. This was substantially what the bill provided for,
and he did not think that there oulil
be any reasonable objection to its passage.
An amendment was introduced by
Mr. Hunter providing tbat the title of
the enactment bo altered from "An Act.
to Aid the Municipality of tho City of
Slocan" to "An Act Relating to the
City of Slocan.
The bill was reported complete with
amendments, and finally passed.
The second reading nf a bill entitled
"An Act to Validate Bylaw No. 23 of
tho City of Slocon and to provide for
the conveyance of properly sold under
the provisions of the said bylaw" was
taken up, the premier explaining briefly the purport of the measure. He
pointed out that a bylaw providing for
the sale of certain Unds had buen introduced, which, it was feared, rendeicl
the bylaw invalid. Tho bill before tho
hoiiso simply piovi led for the validation
of that bylaw.
There was very little discussion upon
Ibis bill. The bouse went into commit*
tee, with Mr, Monro in the chair; and,
rising, reported the enactment complete
without amendment. It was put
through iis third reading and passed.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
da.V'S after date we intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special licenso to cut and
carry away timber from the following
desciibcd lands situated on Carouse
creek, in West Kootenay.
First location i Coinmcnoing at a
post on the north s'de of Carouse creek
about % mile from lake, and on the
line of L. 5817, and marked O. S. V,'s
S. W. cornot* pos', thenco north 80
chain��, thence east SO chains, thence
south 80 lliains, th'-nco west 80 chains
to point of couinioncemuiit.
Located Maioli 28, 1007.
Second location: Commencing nt a
post on the North side of Cayousu creek
about 8>j miles from the lake and
marked D. ltfofi 's S.E. corner post,
ti.emoo-we't lttO chains, thence north 40
chains, thenco enBt 160 chains, thence
south 40 chains to point of commencement.
Locto.1 March 20, 1*307,
Apr. 4. 30 d, locator.
Notice is hereby given that at tho
expiration of thirty days I intend to
apply to the Board of License Commissioners of the Slocan License District
for a transfer cf my Retail Liquor
License held by nie 'for the Rosebery
Hotel at Rosebciy, B.C. t> M.
McCarthy. MRS. H. LABRASH.
A meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners will be held to consider
such transfer at the Court Hous*, New
Denver, on Saturday, the thirteenth
dav of April, 190".
Dated at, New Denver this sixth day of
March, 1907.
Chief License Inspector.
Take notice that 1 intend thirty days
after date to apply to the Hon. tiie
Chief Conimisi-.nci* of Lands and Works
'or n special licenso to cut nnd carrv
away timber from the following dea-
crib d land's situated in the Little Slocan in West Kootenay District. Commencing at a post planted one mile
.North of the west fork on the little
Slocan river and mai ko I: Charles Pro-
vosts. E. earner post, running west 80
chains theuoo north 80 clmins, fhencti
east 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains
to point of commencement,
liocattd May. ���', 1907.
Frank Provo-'t, agent. THE  SLOCAN MINING REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.  C.
(Ooutinued From Last Week.)
"Were I 'dyTiigTSIiould refuse to be
seated while your highness stands,"
said he simply. His shoulders seemed
to square themselves involuntarily, aud
his left hand twitched as though accustomed to the habit of touching a
sword hilt. Beverly sat down Instantly. With his usual easy grace he took
a cbalr near by. They were alone In
the antechamber.
"Even though you were on your last
legs?" she murmured, and then wondered how she could have uttered anything so luaue. Somehow she was beginning to fear that he wus not the ordinary person she had judged him to
be. "You are to be discharged from
tho hospital tomorrow," she added
"Tomorrow?" he cried, his eyes lighting with joy.   "I may go then?"
"I have decided to take you to Edelweiss with me," she said, very much es
if that were all there was to it. He
stared at her for a full minute as
though doubting his ears.
"No!" he said at last, his jaws settling, his eyes glistening. It was a
terrible setback for Beverly's confidence. "Your highness forgets that I
have your promise of absolute freedom."
"But you are to be free," she protested. "You have nothing to fear. It Is
not compulsory, you know. You don't
have to go unless you really want to.
But my heart Is set on having you In���
In the castle guard." His bitter, mocking laugh surprised and wounded her,
which he was quick to see, for his
contrition was Immediate.
"Pardon, your highness. I am a
rude, ungrateful wretch, and I deserve
punishment Instead of reward. The
proposal was so astounding that I forgot myself completely," he said.
Whereupon, catching him In this contrite mood, she began a determined assault against his resolution. For an
hour she devoted her whole heart and
soul to the task of overcoming his
prejudices, fears and objections, meeting his protestations firmly and logically, unconscious of the fact that her
very enthusiasm was betraying her to
him. The first signs of weakening Inspired her afresh and at last she was
riding over him roughshod, a happy
victor. She made promises that Yetive
herself could not bave made; she offered Inducements that never could be
carried out, although In her zeal she
did not know It to be so; she painted
such pictures, of case, comfort and
piodnui'o that be wnmlered wny royalty did not exchange places with Its
servants. In the end, overcome by the
spirit of adventure and a desire to be
near ber, he agreed to enter the service
for six months, at the expiration of
which time he was to be released from
all obligations If he so desired.
"But my friends In the pass, your
highness," ho said In surrendering,
"what Is to become of them? They are
waiting for me out there In the wilderness. I am not base eaough to desert
"Can't you get word to them?" she
asked eagerly. "Let them come Into
the city too. We will provide for the
poor fellows, believe me."
"That, at least. Is Impossible, your
highness," he said, shaking his bead
sadly. "You will have to slay them
before you can bring them within the
city gates. My only hope Is that Franz
may be here tonight. He has permission to enter, aud I am expecting him
today or tomorrow."
"You can send word to them that
you are sound and safe, and you can
tell them that Graustark soldiers shall
be Instructed to pay uo attention to
them whatever. They shall not be disturbed." He laughed outright at her
enthusiasm. Many times during her
eager conversation with Baldos she
had almost betrayed the fact that she
was not the princess. Somo of her
expressions were distinctly uuregal,
and some of her slips were hopeless
as she viewed them in retrospect.
,rWhat am I? Only the humble goat
hunter, hunted to death and eager for
a short respite. Do with me as you
like, your highness. You shall be my
princess and sovereign for six months
ut least," he suld, sighing. "Perhaps It
Is for the best."
"You arr* the strangest man I've ever
seen," she remarked, puzzled beyond
That night Franz appeared at the
hospital and was left alone with Baldos for an hour or more. What passed
between them no outsider knew,
though there were tears lu the eyes of
both ut the parting. But Franz did not
sturt for the pass that night, as they
had expected. Strange news had come
to the ears of the faithful old follower,
and he hung about Ganlook until
morning came, eager to catch the car
of his leader before It was too late.
The coach was drawn up In front of
the hospital at 8 o'clock, Beverly triumphant in command, Baldos came
down the steps slowly, carefully, favoring the newly healed ligaments In
his legs.   She smiled cheerily at him,
aud he swung his rakish hat low.
There was no sign of the black patch.
Suddenly he started and peered Intently Into tlie little knot of people
near the couch. A look of anxiety
crossed his face. From the crowd advanced a grizzled old beggar, who
boldly extended his hand. Baldos
grasped the proffered hand and then
stepped into the conch. No one saw the
bit of white paper that passed from
Franz's palm Into the possession of
Bnldos. Then the coach wns off for
Edelweiss, the people of Ganlook enjoying the unusual spectacle of a mysterious and apparently undistinguished
stranger sitting in luxurious ease beside a fair lady In the royal coach of
mT was a drowsy day, and, besides, Baldos was not In a
communicative frame of mind.
Beverly put forth her best efforts during the forenoon, but after
the basket luncheon had been disposed
of in the shade at the roadside she was
content to give up the struggle and surrender to the soothing importunities
of the coach as it bowled along. She
dozed peacefully, conscious to the last
that he was a most ungracious creature
and more worthy of resentment than
of benefaction. Baldos was not intentionally disagreeable; he was morose
and unhappy because he could not help
it. Was he not leaving his friends to
wander alone In tbe wilderness while
he drifted weakly luto the comforts
and pleasures of an enviable service?
His heart was not in full sympathy
with the present turn of affairs, and
he could not deny that a selfish motive
was responsible for his action. He had
the all too human eagerness to serve
beauty; the blood and fire of youth
were strong in this wayward nobleman of the hills.
Lying back in the seat, he pensively
studied the face of the sleeping girl
whose dark brown head was pillowed
against tbe corner cushion! of the
coach. Her hat had been removed for
the sake of comfort. The dark lashes
fell like a soft curtain over her eyes,
obscuring the merry gray that had
overcome his apprehensions. Her
breathing was deep and regular and
peaceful. One little gloved hand rested carelessly In ber lap, the other upon
her breast near the delicate throat
The heart of Baldos was troubled.
The picture he looked upon was entrancing, uplifting; he rose from tht
lowly state In which she had found
him to the position of admirer In secret to a princess, real or assumed. He
found himself again wondering if she
were really Yetive, and with that fear
in his heart he was envying Grenfall
Lorry, the lord and master of this exquisite creature, envying with all the
helplessness of one whose hope is blasted at birth.
The note which had been surreptitiously passed to him in Ganlook lay
crumpled and forgotten inside his coot
pocket, where he had dropped it the
moment it had come into his possession, supposing that tbe message contained information which had been forgotten by Franz and was by no means
of a nature to demand Immediate attention. Had he read it at once Ids
suspicions would have been confirmed,
and It Is barely possible that he would
have refused to enter the city.
Late in the afternoon the walls of
Edelweiss were sighted. For the first
time he looked upon the distant housetops of tho principal city of Graustark.
Up In the clouds, on the summit of the
mountain peak overlooking the city,
stood the famed monastery of St. Valentine. Stretching up the gradual Incline were the homes of citizens, accessible only by footpaths and donkey
roads. Beverly was awake and impatient fo reach the journey's end. He
hud proved a most disappointing companion, polite, but with a baffling indifference that irritated her considerably. There was a set expression of defiance In his strong, clean cut face, the
look of a soldier advancing to meet a
powerful foe.
"I do hope he'll not always act this
way," she was complaining In her
thoughts. "He was so rharmlngly Impudent out in the hills, so deliclously.
human. Now he is like a clam. Yetive
will think I am such a fool if he doesn't
live up to the reputation I've given
"Here are the gates," he said, half to
himself. "What is there in store for
me beyond those walls?"
"Oh, I wish you wouldn't be so dismal!" she cried In despair. "It seems
just like a funeral."
"A thousand apologies, your highness," he murmured, with a sudden
lightness of speech and manner.
"Henceforth I shall be a most umiable
jester to please you."
Beverly and the faithful Aunt Fanny
were driven to the castle, where the
former bade farewell to her new knight
until the following morning, when he
wus to appear before her for personal
instructions. Colonel Quinnox escorted
him to the barracks of the guard, where
ho was to share n room with young
liadiliin, a corporal In the service.
"The wild, until mod gentleman from
the hills came without a word, I see,"
said Lorry, who had watched the approach. He and Yetive stood in the
window overlooking the grounds from
tho princess' boudoir. Beverly had just
entered and thrown herself upon a
"Yes; he's here," she said shortly.
"How long do you, with all your
cleverness, expect to hoodwink him
into the belief that you are the princess?" asked Yetive, amused, but anxious.
"He's a great fool for being hoodwinked at all," said Beverly, very
much at odds with her protege. "In
an hour from now he will know the
truth and will be bowling l!ke> a madman for his freedom."
"Not so soon ns that, Beverly," said
Lorry consollugly. "The guards nnd
officers have their instructions to keep
him in the dark ns long as possible."
"Well, I'm tired and mad and hungry and everything else thnt Isn't compatible. Let's talk about tho war,"
said Beverly, the sunshine in her face
momentarily eclipsed hy tbe dark
cloud of disappointment.
Baldos was notified that duty would
be assigned to hlm lu the morning.
He went through the formalities which
bound him to the service for six
months, listening Indifferently to tho
words thut foretold the fate of a
traitor it was.t,i'.t until ijis. nftw ixni*
form and erjuipftfenT* came Into his
possession that he remembered the
note resting In his pocket. He drew it
out and began to read it with the
slight interest of one who has anticipated the effect. But not for long wag
he to remain apathetic. The first few
lines brought a look of understanding
to his eyes; then be laughed the easy
laugh of one wbo has cast care and
confidence to the winds. This is .what
be read:
She Is not the princess. We have been
duped. Last night I learned the truth.
She Is Misa Calhoun, an American, going
to be a guest at the castle. Refuse to go
with her Into Edelweiss. It mar be a. trap
and may mean death. Question her boldly before committing yourself.
There came the natural Impulse to
make a dash for the outside world,
fighting his way through if necessary.
Looking back over the ground, be wondered how he could have been deceived
at all by the unconventional American.
In the clear light of retrospection he
now saw how impossible It was for
her to have been the princess. Every
net, every word, every look, should
have told him the truth. Every flaw
in her masquerading now presented Itself to him, and he was compelled to
laugh at bis own simplicity. Caution,
ufter all, was the largest component
part of his makeup. The craftiness of
tho hunted was deeply rooted lu his
being. He saw a very serious side to
the adventure. Stretching himself upon
the cot in the corner of the room, he
gave himself over to plotting, planning, thinking.
In the midst of his thoughts a sudden light burst in upon him. His eyes
gleamed with a new Are, his heart
leaped with new animation, bis blood
ran warm again. Leaping to his feet,
he ran to the window to reread the
note from old Franz. Then be settled
back and laughed with a fervor that
cleared the brain of a thousand vague
"She Is Miss Calhoun, an American,
going to be a guest at tbe castle;" not
the princess, but Miss Calhoun. Once
more tbe memory of the clear gray
eyes leaped Into life. Again he saw
her asleep In the coach on the road
from Ganlook. Again be recalled the
fervent throbs his guilty heart had
felt as he looked upon this fair creature, at one time the supposed treasure
of another man. Now she was Miss
Calhoun, and her gray eyes, her entrancing smile, her wondrous vivacity,
were not for one man alone. It was
marvelous what a change this sudden
realization wiought in the view ahead
of him. The whole situation seemed to
be transformed Into something more
desirable tban ever before. His face
cleared, his spirits leaped higher and
higher with the buoyancy of fresh relief, his confidence in himself crept
back Into existence. And all because
the fair deceiver, the slim girl with the
brave gray eyes who had drawn him
into a net was not a princess!
(To Be Continued.)
How Ben Tillman  Wns Identified  by
a Money Order Clerk.
Senator Tillman tells a story on himself as to how he was Identified by a
postoffice money order clerk when he
first arrived nt the Capital City.
After being lu the city a few days he
dropped In at tbe postoffice to cash a
money order.   .*.
"Do you know nny one here who
could Identify you?" asked the clerk.
"Well, no," the senator answered. "Is
that necessary? I am Ben Tillman of
South Carolina."
The clerk smiled, then usked the senator if he didn't hnve some letters or
papers that would make him known to
the postoffico authorities.
Tbe senator had put on a new suit
that morning and had neglected to
transfer his letters, but he hud tils
pocketbook with him. Digging down
lu his trousers pocket, he drew forth
his wallet aud proceeded to search for
au article of Identification, but could
find nothing but it smnll photograph
of himself.
"This will do. I suppose." he said,
banding it to the money order clerk.
"Why. sure! That's you, all right,"
remarked the mini behind tbe counter,
handing over the cash. ��� Lipplucott's
Murder  lo  Order.
Several years tigo an affray In a
western mining town resulted in murder, but Senator Thurston of Nebraska,
believing the mini who wus accused to
have hud uu Innocent intention, took
up bis case and had the punishment
lightened. Six months afterward a
man, armed to the teeth, appeared in
the senator's office.
"Are yon Squire Thurston?" he roared.
"Yes," said the senator.
"And are you the fellow that helped
.lack Hurley nt court?"
The senator, thinking bis time had
come, again nnswered, "Yes."
"Well," suld the man with the guns
and bowle knives, "I'm Hurley's pard-
ner, an' I've come to pay you. I
haven't any money, but I'm a man of
houor. Anybody In town you don't
The senator nssured him there was
not, but the man looked Incredulous
and snld: "Put on your hat, squire, an'
tuke n walk down the street with me.
See anybody you don't like just throw
up your thumb, nn' I'll pop him."���
New York Tribune.
When  If  Felled to Work.
There Is nt present serving a term In
the penitentiary at Moundsville a former official of the postoffice department convicted of "graft" on many
counts. The delinquent In question hnd
always heen most friendly with the
Washington newspaper correspondents, and when he wns arrested unJ
lodged lu Jnll at the mitionul capital
there was a rush of the newspaper
men to the Jnll. they being confident of
securing au Interview.
The accused, however, refused to be
seen, nnd his message to tbem was
most characteristic:
"Tell them," said he to the warden
"that I am not In."���Rldgway's.
A Wine Fellow.
Wigg���Tho Inst I saw of you Young-
pop wns talking you to death nbout his
baby.    How did you get rid of him?
Wugg���Oil, some fellow came nlong
who had just bought nn automobile, so
I Introduced them nud made my es-
cane��� PbUadetubla Ueeord.
Does fit
r Weauthorize every dealer in Pen- An*l|
Underwear to replace, at ^ur coil, an)
garment faulty in material ct niokinj
Go West, Young Girlsl
The dearth of women in Canada
has earned the Dominion the name
of an "Eveless Eden," but the Church
of England Society of Waifs and
Strays is, I hear, about to initiate a
scheme which by-and-by will remedj
that. There have been many united
efforts to emigrate the right women
to Canada, and the results have not
altogether been attended with success.
The failure cannot wholly be attributed to the incompetency of the
emigrants. A more probable sugges
tion is that the ordinary English
girl, brought up in the seculsion oi
an English village is handicapped b]
a host of disadvantages. She must
face hardships attendant on the cli
mute, social conditions, and dearth
of domestic service in her new home,
and she has, in many cases, come
absolutely unprepared for such conditions.���Manchester Dispatch.
I  .   has the soft1
y   warm     feel'
the skin enjoys.
Doesn't    itch.
Made   for   men,  women  and   little    folks,
a   variety   of   styles,
fabrics     and     prices.
Bin: Apartment  Houstea and  Concrete
Foundntionis Are Old.
"How au old Roniuu would lntigh If
he should suddenly pop In here nud
hear us In Ik about the upart meni
house as a product of modern civilization!" the Washington Post quotes u
scholarly looking gentleman as saying.
" 'Get up to dnte,' lie would probably
say. 'Why, we hnd apartment houses
ns early as -I.".". B. ('., and big ones, too,
some of them sixty nud seventy feet
high. Why don't you think of something new?'
"Those iipnrtmeiit houses were culled
insulin; (Islnuds), und n very appropriate nnnie It wns, considering that they
housed n floating population. And the
tenants had their troubles, too, Just as
they have today.
"There was the same hue and cry
then about the height of the buildings,
nnd In tlie time of Augustus there was
4 law restricting the height of dwelling
houses to seventy feet, but this law
was evaded with all the Impertinence
of the twentieth century. And the
offenders were unpunished, for there
were in Rome nt the time of Augustus
over 1,500,000���which was crowding the
city some���snd, of course, the natural
tendency was to build up rather than
"As for skyscrapers���well, those old
Romans knew something about them.
The pediment of the Temple of the
Sun rose about 200 feet above the Cnm-
pus Martlus, In wb'ch It was situated.
The palace of Septimus Severus rose
to a height of 225 feet above the arena
of the Circus Maximus.
"Another thing thnt would mnk<\ nn
old Roman howl with delight Is the
enthusiasm with which we cnll attention to the glorious future In store for
concrete. We point out that houses of
great excellence nre to be built of It;
that roads are to bo payed with it; thnt
tt Is to enter widely into manufacturing processes; that it has properties of
endurance never before dreamed of In
a building material.
"An old Roman would probably
shout: 'The future of concrete? My
dear fellow, don't you know thut concrete has a glorious past and that It
was tliA agent that mado Home nn
eternal city? Don't you know thnt, nl-
though all the rest of Rome decayed
and crumbled away, Its wonderful concrete structures remain today as substantial ns when they were built?'
"The stories of the destruction of
temple after temple of magnificent
marbles, brilliant mosaics and massive
foundations always concluded with,
'Only the concrete base remains.'
"Now, the Roman temples were set
on high foundations of this cement,
called podiums. The podium consisted
of four stone walls, forming a box, Into which concrete was poured even
with the top. These podiums you will
see now in Rome, but nothing but the
ruins remains of the magnificent structures which were set on them."
The scholarly looking man settled
his spectacles a little more comfortably
on his nose.
"There is nothing which will so take
the wind out of the sails of our boasted up to dateness as a little contemplation of ancient It sine," he said as he
dodged into his own insulae.
Dairy Farming.
AH who are well informed about
dairying agree with an Indiana man
who says:
Dairy farming adds to instead of
subtracting from the fertility of the
farm, and the dairyman leaves to posterity the land over which he has held
stewardship in better condition than
he found it. Dairying adds to the profit-) of the farm without making much
difference to the other branches of
farming carried on. Mixed farming is
recognized as the best, and where
dairying is included with the other
branches will be found the most progressive of all farming.
It fits in and rounds out perfect
farming; it fills a place that cannot
be filled by any other industry with
the same degree of financial success.
Dairying is the highest form of agriculture.���Farm Progress.
Lullington church, Sussex, Is only
10 feet square, and, therefore, probably the smallest in England.
When nil other corn preparations
fail, try Hollowiv 's Corn Cure. No
pain whatever and no inconvenience
in using it.
The total weight of British coinage
in circulation averages 4,500 tons.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minute-
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Canada  has  13,000    miles  of coast
line���7,000 in  British Columbia.
Nnst's Cartoons.
Among those people who attended
the sale of the Thomas Nast cartoons
recently, was a man who had called
on the cartoonist years ago at his
home in Morristown for the purpose
of seeing und talking to the artist,
for whom be had u great admiration.
In the course of the pleasant interview visitor expressed it desire to buy
it rough sketch of u cartoon showing
Boulanger receiving the result of the
French elections, in which the general hud been defeated. Nast said he
thought too much of it to part with
the sketch. When lot No. l.*{5 wus
put Up, it wns recognized us the coveted cartoon, und the man who
could not buy it a few years ago at
any price bid 2 nnd secured the pic
ture.���New York Tribune.
As an After Effect of Pneumonia���Nothing
Proved Effective Until We Used
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
Spring Blood Troubles
Humors and impurities in the
bitod force their way to the surface
in the springtime and cause eruptions
nnd unsightly sores. Nature bus provided a remedy in Bileans, which are
pleasant to take, not unpleasant in
operation, and are purely vegetable
in composition. Women with skin
blotches and eruptions should prove
how speedily Bileans remove them,
One or two Bileans taken just before retiring for the night���that is all!
Morning sickness, debility, indigestion, biliousness, heartburn, headache
constipation, piles and female ailments all disappear before a short
course of Bileans. All druggists and
stores at 50 cents a box, or from Bilean Co., Toronto, for price. 6 boxes
sent for $2.50. Send lc. stamp ior
free sample.
Many a mother can say, as doe;
Mrs. Harker in the following letter
that Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseet.
and Turpentine has proved a friend
to her in time of colds with the littlt
Mrs. Walter Hurker, Sydenham,
Kroiiteiiac country, Out., writes:
"Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine bus proven a friend to
me in times of colds with my little!
ones. I have tried many others, but
liave found none just as good. My
little boy, about a year old, had
pneumonia, nnd was left with A nasty
bronchial cough, but Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is
helping him wonderfully, and I am
sure it will cure him,
"We hnve also used Dr. Chnse's
Kidney-Liver Pills with splendid results, nnd have great faith in nil of
Dr. Chase's inedicnes."
It may not have occurred to you
that both bronchitis nnd asthma are
diseases of the nerves of the bi'Ollch
ial tubes and lungs, und thut this is
why severe attacks of coughing    are
brought on whenever these nerves are
irritated by changing temperature,
die breathing of dust or emotional
It is by its remarkable facility for
soothing the nerves and sheathing the
delicate coating that Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine has
proven so thoroughly effective as a
a.cure for bronchitis and asthma. Its
power in these diseases is unquestionable.
Relief from coughing comes almost
immediately und by persistent use
cure is graduully and certainly
brought  about.
When the system is greatly run
down it is advisable also to use Dr.
Chase's Nerve food in order to us-
sist in restoring vigor to the wasted
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed nnd
Turpentine, �����> cents a bottle, family
size 60 cents, at all dealers or Ed-
nianson, Bates & Co., Toronto. The
portrait and signature of Dr. A. W.
Chase, the famous receipt book author, are on every box.
Knows Horses.
V, ise���Now. he's got what I call
"horse sense."
Aseuin���How,  for instance ?
Wise���He never.bets on one.���-Philadelphia 1'ress.
Ijow to b= Witty,
Lady Violet Greville snys in the
Loudon Graphic that "much of the
sparkle of wit flows from the precision of lnnguage, and the delicacy of
idea which it inibodies. A careless
thinker is also a careless speaker."
She might have added that slang is
not necessarily wit.���Buffnlo Commercial.
The  mortgages    on   Russian    farm
lands amount to 27s. per acre.
I'd Rather Be Dead than Buffer again
the tortures of insomnia, palpitation
and nervous twitching of my muscles induced by simple neglect of a little indigestion." These are the forceful and
warning words of a lady who proclaims
that her cure by South American Nervine when everything else had failed
was a modern miracle. A few doses
gives relief.���92
She  Felt  Bad  When  Well.
An old lady, really quite well, wob
always complaining and "enjoying
poor health," as she expressed it.
Her various ailments were to her the
most interesting topic in the world
One day a neighbor found her eating
a hearty meal, and asked her bow
she wus.
"Poor me," she signed, "I feel very
well, but I always feel bad when I
feel well, because I know I am going
to feel worse afterward."
Weak,  Tired   and   .Depressed   People
Need  a Tonic to Put the
Blood Ri-zht.
Spring blood is bad blood. Indoor
life during tbe winter months is responsible for weak, watery, impure
blood. You need a tonic to build up
the blood in spring just as much as
the trees need new sap to give them
vitality for the summer. In the
spring bad blood shows itself in
many ways. In some it breeds pimples and eruptions. In others it may
be through occasional headaches, a
variable appetite, perhaps twinges of
neuralgia or rheumatism, or a lazy
feeling in the morning and a desire
to avoid exertion. For these spring
ailments it is a tonic you need, and
the greatest blood-making, health-
giving tonic in all the world is Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Kvery dose
helps to make new, rich, red, health-
giving blood, which reaches every
nerve and every organ in the body,
bringing health, strength and energy
to weak, despondent, ailing men and
women. Here is proof. Mrs. Geo.
Merritt, Sandy Cove, N.S., says: "I
wns weak, feeling miserable and terribly run down. The doctor whom I
consulted said the trobule was anaemia, but he did not help me. A friend
advised me to take Dr. Williams''
Pink Pills and it is simply impossi
ble for me to over-estiuiute the good
they have done me. I shall always
recommend   them  to ailing  friends."
But if you want new health you
must get the genuine Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People, manufactured in Canada at Brockville, Out.
Other so-called pink pills are fraudulent imitations. The genuine Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by all reputable medicine dealers or sent by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 by writing the Dr. Williams
Medicine  Co., Brockville,  Out.
It Retains Old and Makes New
Friends.���Time was when Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil had but a small
held of distribution, but now its territory is widespread. Those who first
recognized its curative qualities still
value it as a specific, and while it
retains its old friends it is ever making new. It is certain that whoever
once uses it will not be without it.
Canada is larger in area than the
United  States.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper
As the railroad train was stopping,
an old lady, not accustomed to traveling, hailed the passing conductor
and asked:
"Conductor, what door shall I get
out by ?"
"Either door, ma'am," graciously
nnswered the conductor. "The car
stops at both ends."
As Mark Twain and a friend were
chatting at the summer home of the
humorist, Quarry Farm, near Klmira,
N.Y., the conversation turned to the
wealth of John 1).  Rockefeller.
"Just think of it, Sum," suid the
guest, "he has more dollars than
there are hairs in that vigorous old
thatch of yours."
"That's nothing,'? replied Mr. Clements, "I have more dollars than he
has hairs in his head."���-Success Magazine.
Kidney Search Lights.���Have you backache ? Do yiu feel drowsy ? Do your
limbs feet heavy ? Have you pains in
the loins ? Have you dizziness ? Have
you a tired dragging feeling in the regions of the kidneys P Auy and all of
these indicate kidney troubles. South
American Kidney Cure is a liquid kidney specific and workB wonderful cures
in   most   complicated   cases.���94
An Irishman was arraigned before
a police court judge on a charge of
assault and batiery.
"Are you guilty or not guilty ?"
asked the clerk, when he finished
reading the charge, to which the prison r replied i
"How can I tell until I hear the
ev;dence r"���Green Bag.
Company l^tEO
Steel Shingles
There's Truest Economy
In choosing =^
They last indefinitely.
Are fire, lightning, rust and
Fit together perfectly by means
of their special patented aid*
lock, can't possibly work apart.
And are mora quickly and
eaaily laid than any other shingle
on the market
Galvanized "Eastlakes"
are heavily coated on BOTH sides
with all the galvanizing material
that will adhere to them.
Painted "Eastlakes" are
thoroughly covered on both sides
with reliable paint.
" Eastlakes " have been tested
by yeara of service in all climates,
everywhere giving thorough, lasting satisfaction.
Write and let us give you further Information. u
..******?* *..'*..>*.
So simple is it to handle, any
woman can decorate her own home
with Alabastine. Write to-day for our
book "Homes, Healthful and Bsautiful."
It txplains how Alabastine is the cheapest,
most healthful and most luxurious wallcovering.
Send tan cents for a copy of "Homes, Healthful and Beautiful," with
many dainty, new ideas (or the decoration of your home.
Alabastine is sold by hardware and paint dealers everywhere���
a 6 pound package for 50 cants.
Ask your dealer for tint card. NEVER  SOLO IR  BULK.
A case of bubonic plague is reported in Milan,  west Russia.
A number of military men in a
Washington hotel were giving an account of an incident of the civil
wnr. A quiet man who stood by at
last said:
"Gentlemen, I happened to be
tbere, and might be able to refresh
your memory as to what took place
in reference to the event just narrated."
The botelkeeper said to him:���        I
"Sir. what mitht have been your
rank ?" :
"T was a private."
Next day tbe quiet man, as ha
was about to depart, asked for his
'Not a cent, sir; not a cent," answered the proprietor. "You are the
very first private I ever met."
W.    N.    U.    No.   629
mushy,    un-  MM MJ| wm M ���*��� |^H|    ���������    B^^tt
try  ���J/ffflMJ ���    ��� ^LA****   ^H   *^e\W
Shredded Whole    Wheat  fl-LfAfl B ��� J        flfl      fl
steaming   flfl  I H   iVYA      H
hot.   More   easily  digest-    ^HP^B   ^^^H   HF���   flfl      fl
ed.   Gives nour-     fJ^Bf^B   fl fl Wfl       fl    fl     fl
ishment. Less trouble to     flf *fl   fl fl MtsfwrnM    H
BISCUIT for Breakfast and Triscult for Luncheon ensures health and comfort.
All  Grocers���13c a carton, or 2 for 25c. 35
Nothing is more unpleasant to the
eye and more painful to the sufferer
than boils and ulcers. At this period
of the year many adults suffer acutely from these painful outbreaks.
When boils, ulcers, etc. occur on
children it is pitiful to see the little
ones suffer.
Mrs. E. Holmes, of 30 Guise St.,
Hamilton, is grateful for what Znm-
Buk did for ber little boy when in
this pitiful plight. She says: "He
suffered from Spring eruptions and
then boils broke out on his neck. 1
tried blood purifying remedies, but
nothing seemed to do bim the desired good. The boils got worse and
1 could not send bim to school. We
tried a sample of Zam-Buk and it did
bird a little good, so I bought a 5U
cent box. The result was reallj
amazing. Inside a week's time tb<
boils bad begun to dry up, and '1'
it very short time indeed every one
of tbem  was healed."
Zam-Buk is a sure cure also foi
eczema, scalp sores, ringworm, pois
imed wounds, chronic ulcers, chap
lied bands, cuts, cold sores, cracks
festering sores, eruptions and pustule:
due to blood poison, etc. It stopi
bleeding and cures piles, fistula, etc
Is antiseptic; an excellent "lirst aid.'
Kvery home mid farmstead sbmib
have its box uf Zam-Buk. All drug
gists and stores at BOo a box, o.
from    Zam-Buk    Co.,    Toronto,    fo:
price.     li   boxes   for   $2.50.     Send    ]<
slump  for trial  box.
In a recent number of a Gemini
magazine a writer offers a valiant o
the tale lately published in a liool
of children's true sayings, which re
lates bow two small girls tried to si
on one stool, and one of them re
marked: "If one of us was to gel
off this stool there would be mon
room for me." The Teutonic versioi
tells bow a German sat by the bed
side of his dying wife and murmur
ed piously: "If it pleases the gooc
God to take one of us, I shall go tt
The Russian Soldier.
The Rev. Ellis, of Boston, wbo rest cently visited Russia, tells some interesting experiences. He was walking along the street with an umbrella under his arm when be brushed
too close to a. sentinel, of whom there
is one standing on every street corner. Tbe soldier rebuked bim and
threatened bim with bis bayonet. Mr.
Ellis, in a spirit of humor, placed
his umbrella at shoulder arms and
���nurdied by tbe sentinel with a mock
military air and a broad smile. "You
never should fool with a Russiun
soldier," said the clerk at the hotel
where he was stopping, when told oi
the incident.. They have no sense ol
humor and are just as liable to run
you through with a bayonet as not.
even for doing such a little thing as
you did."���Buffulo Commercial.
Baby's smile indicates that he is
well and happy. It is only tiie sick
child who is cross and restless. And
tbe mother eun depend upon it that
when her buby cries he is not crying
simply to be ugly���that is not his
nature���he is crying because he is in
pain���most probably his little stomach is out of order. The mother will
find Baby's Own Tablets a never failing cure for all the minor ailments
of little ones. In the homes where
the Tablets are used there are no
cross, crying babies ��� nothing but
bright, happy and playful babies���
the kind that are a joy to the home.
Mrs. Joseph Legree, Caraquet, N. B.
says: "At the time 1 sent for Baby's
Own Tablets my little one was weak
and failing. He would cry night and
day, and I did not seem able to get
anything to help him. After giving
him the Tablets there was a great
change and he has since thrived finely." The Tablets are sold by druggists or by mail at 25 cents a box
from Tbe Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
In the cook's absence, the young
mistress of the house undertook, with
the help of a green waitress, to get
(he Sunday luncheon. The flurried
maid wbo had been struggling in the
kitchen with a coffee machine that
refused to work, confessed that she
had  forgotten  to wash  the lettuce.
"Well, never mind. Eliza. Go on
with the coffee, and I'll do it," said
the considerate mistress. "Where do
you keep the soap r"
To Those of Sedentary Occupation.
���Men who follow sedentary occupations, which deprive them of fresh
air and exercise, are more prone to
disorders of the liver and kidneys
than those who lead active, outdoor
lives. The former will find in Parmelee's Vegetable Bills a restorative
without question the most efficacious on tlie market. They are
easily procurable, easily taken, net
expeditiously, and they are surprisingly cheap considering their excellence.
When President Lincoln wus attacked with mnullpox, he suid to his attendants:
"Send up nil the office-seekers and
tell tbem I've got something I can
give each of them."���Judge's Library.
not needed
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is not a
strong drink. As now made,
there is not a drop of alcohol
in it. It is a non-alcoholic tonic
and alterative. Ask your own
doctor about your taking this
medicine for thin, impure
blood. Follow his advice
every time.   He knows.
W�� publlih our formula*
/Wa banish alcohol
frtxp our madiolnM
W�� 3f|t you to
Four Things to Be Considered In Determining Its Quality.
By these four tests o��-s should be
able to discover if one haa purchased
pare olive oil or a cottonseed adulteration:
First���The price. A first class Imported article cannot be purchased under 80 cents aud frequently reaches
tbe dollar mark per quart California
oil of good quality Is even higher.
When the price of a small bottle Is
proportionately much below this, you
may be sure It Is adulterated with
peanut or cottonseed oil.
Second.���The color. The finest virgin
oil���that Is, the first press grade made
from olives hand picked from tbe
trees and carefully selected���is pale
green with an opalescent shimmer. If
a deep greeu or yellow, It Is some other
oil or has been artificially colored. A
deep yellow oil Is mainly cottonseed.
Third.���Tbe taste. Pun olive oil
tastes of the olive. If It Is tasttdpss,
It has been adulterated. Oil adulterat
cd with cotton seed has a disagreeable
taste, leaving an after suggestion In
the mouth like lard.
Fourth.���Test by cold. Fine, pure
olive oil Is easily affected by the cold,
losing its brightness and turning
cloudy. A simple test Is to pour some
of the an In a small bottle and lay lu
a pan of cracked Ice for two or three
hours. If It remains clear and fluid,
It has been adulterated. If genuine,
It will become separated Into little
white grnlns, holding them apparently.
In solution. If the contents of the bottle are then placed In a warm spot, the
cloudiness will disappear aud the oil
resume its brightness.
The Antique Styl-a and* the Modern
It Is always lest never to buy old
furniture that has been "restored," according to Town and Country, except
by a master hand, unless, of course,
you are *;jerely buying a piece of furniture and not a specimen. Again, It
Is just as advisable to buy good rep *o-
diicllons that are old enough to have
attained that stage of glow which Is
the beauty of old furniture. Nine-
tenths of the mahogany furniture of
the eighteenth century Is not worth using for regular household wear, because It has generally seen its day.
It Is therefore folly to spend a lot of
money on genuine Chippendale chairs,
for Instance, for daily use In a dining
The sound thing to do for dining
rooms Is to have oak chairs and fittings. Oak survives all the ages. But
In the case of this wood, as In everything else, the modern requirements
are confronted with a difficulty. Every modern dining room Insists on being supplied with a sideboard. In the
Jacobean days the sideboard, as we
understand it, was unknown. So, too,
was the ha track, and yet in a magnificently established house was a contraption which the proud proprietor
was willing to take his oath wns "a
Jacobenn hut and umbrella rack." In
any case, it was so sold to him by a
firm of antique furniture dealers.
Nellie and  Her Little Deer.
Mrs. Nellie Smith, of Sebec. Me.,
bus a tame deer which is nearly two
years old now, but which she has
raised like a cosset lamb, feeding it
from a bottle at first, and making a
f/eat pet of it. It was given to her
by a lumberman, who overtook it in
the deep snow, and caught it in his
arms when it was no larger than a
cat, except for its legs. It has always been perfectly tame and domesticated, never having known anything of the wild life of its kind, but
runs about the premises unrestrained, having its place in the stable on
cold nights. The deer are numerous
around Sebec, and it is a question
whether, as MrB. Smith's pet grows
older, it will not answer to the "call
of the wild," and join its comrades
in the forest.
by  local   applications,    as   tbey    cannot
reach the   diseased  portion   of  the    ear.
1 There is only one way to cure deafness,
and   that   ia   by   constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an mllamod condl-
tion of the mucous lining of tbe liustacti-
i ian  Tube.    When  this  tube    is  uiHamcd
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect
' hearing,  and when it  is  entirely  closed,
I Deafness   is   the   result,   and   unless    tne
i inttainmation can  be taken out and this
I tube   restored   to   Its   normal    conditio.i,
hearing   will   be   destroyed   forever;   nine
cases out of ten are caused  by Catarrh.
which  is   nothing   but   an   intlamed   condition  of the  mucous surfaces.
We will give Une Hundred Dollars tor
any care of Deafness (caused hy catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Uatarrb
Oure.    Hend for circulars,  free.
V. J. UHKNEK   &  OO., Toledo. O.
Hold by Druggists, Vbc.
Take   Hall's  Family   Hills for constipation.
Pumpkins are much better when
steamed than when boiled.
Salmon which is to be fed to an Invalid should be wrapped In greased
paper and lightly broiled.
Fat skimmed from the water In
which bacon or meat has been boiled
should be kept for frying or pastry.
Hot soups flush the face, especially
If the skiu is delicate. Starchy foods,
such as potatoes, ought always to be
thoroughly cooked.
Buy best joints for roasting. For
boiling and stewing tho highest priced
joints need not be bought, but each
should be suitable for its purposes.
Long stewing will make tbe toughest
meut tender.
A stock pot on the back of the kitchen range into which bone, gristle and
trimmings of any kind of meat may
be put will serve well for making soup
or gravy for meat which has been
cooked the second time.
Getting All the Good.
"Do you always leave your plauo np
so that tho keys will show?" asked tha
visitor of the happy looking woman.
"Yes," returned aha. "I make It a
polut to use everything In the house
every duy of my lite, to hide away
nothing, trying to keep It nice for
company. It Is I wbo am living here,
not the company. I had enough of
that sort of thing In my girlhood days.
The compuny silver, the company linen, the polishing of the steel knives for
company, the parlor with closed shatters, the sunshine never allowed to
come In, dim, must-*, unwholesome, the'
piano down, the keys turning yellow
with disuse nnd the doors opened only
npon the occasion of a family funeral
or of company for dinner. It was hard
to tell which was the most funereal,"
sbe finished, "the funeral or the dinner."���New York Press.
Ask your doctor, "Whit is the first great
rule of health ? " Nine doctors out of
ten will quickly reply, " Keep the bowels
regular." Then ask him another question, "What do you think of Ayer's
Pills for constipation?"
��� b- tu. jr. o. A-u Oo., Lorrall, Mass.-���
When You Clean ths Steve.
. The kitchen stove can be cleaned
with newspapers, but when cleaning
do it thoroughly. Many tops of stovea
receive a daily polish, and yet the sides
are covered with dust and grease. Let
the oven be thoroughly cleaned with a
brush kept for that purpose, then nicely washed, and your bread and cake
will have a purer flavor. Never leave
dust or grease remains of former bakings on your oven doors. A newspaper will remove all of these. A wet
cloth will complete the cleaning. In
Cleaning the cook stove do not forget
to keep the pipe clean within and without, an important point to bear h*
A Royal Almoner.
A royal almoner was an ecclesiastic
attached to the mediaeval courts who
took from the royal table and gave to
the poor the first dish that was brought
from the kitchen. By common usage
It was always a dish of plain meat,
with no seasoning. Sometimes special
dishes of odds and ends, the leavings
of former repasts, were prepared to be
brought In first
Getting Around a Difficulty
An instructor in a certain boys'
school is noted among his pupils for
his difficult examination questions
One of the youthful students, after
struggling over a particularly strenuous list of questions in geography,
came upon the following query, which
completely  stumped him:
"Name twelve animals of the polar
The youngster scratched his head,
thought hard for many minutes, and
finally, under the spell of a sudden
inspiration, wrote:
"Six seals and six polar bears."
The professor was so pleased with
the pupil's cleverness thut he marked his paper 100 per cent.
If a cough makes your nights
sleepless and weary, it will worry
you a good deal, und with good
cause. To dispel the worry and give
yourself rest try Bickle's Anti-t'on-
sumptive Syrup. It exerts a soothing influence on the air pussuges nnd
allays the irritation that leads to inflammation. It will subdue the most
stubborn cough or cold, and eventually eradicate it from the system,
us n trial of it will prove to you.
Air and  Sound.
A tunh\g fork does not sound In a
vacuum because there Is no air to
convey tho vibrations to our cars.
Vancouver  to  the   Klondike.
Application will be made to the Dominion parliament to incorporate a
company to build a line of railway
from the northern boundary of British Columbia to Dawson City by way
of the most feasible route. Tbe applicants for Yukon Kiver Valley road
ure Messrs. Henry Blitz nnd Louis
Auerbuck, of Boston. The significance
of this application will be realized
when it is pointed out thut ut the
last session these gentlemen secured
a provincial charter for a railwuy
lino from Vnncouver to the northern
boundary of the province, known as
the Britisli Columbia, Northern and
Alaska compuny.
Sudden Deaths On the Increase.���People apparently well and happy to-day.
to-morrow arc Striken down, and in
ninety-nine cases out of every hundred
the heart is the cause. The king of
heart remedies, Dr. Agnew's Cure for
the Heart, 1b within reach of all. It
relieves In 50 minutes, and cures most
chronic  cases.���91
"Well, count, what did the beautiful heiress say when you offered her
your  hand t"
"She talked very queer, monsieur.
She said Hhe would hand me ze lem-
"Ob, she did. eh. Well, what are
you waiting for r"
"1 am waiting for her to hand me
ze lemon so 1 can make one lemon-
ude, monsieur."���Chicago News.
rllnard's Liniment Curat, Colds, etc.
The  Rush to Canada.
From across the seas, and from the
east nnd south, the big rush of immigrants will soon be in full swing,
and  the  countless  swarms    of men,
women and children of all nationalities who annually emigrate to    find
new  homes  in  Western   Canada  will
soon begin to arrive.   The large staff
of employes at the Dominion government Immigration hall  is now    busy
I preparing  for  tbe  usual  spring  urn-
I vnls.    Already    the    newcomers    are
! streaming in great numbers from the
'south   and   east,    nnd   the  depot    Is
| thronged with nil nationalities at the
'time of the arrival and departure of
trains.     In   about   two   weeks'   time,
however,  the great ruidi  of the  year
��� will    commence,    ns,    according    to
Commissioner J.  Obed  Smith,    more
immigrants    by    far    arrive    during
March than in any other month. Mr.
Smith   also   stated   that   the  arrivals
during January  of  this  year were  a
I good deal in  excess of those for the
corresponding month last year.   Considering    the kind of wenther .winch
prevniled,   these figures    are  surprising,   but  are   only   a   forerunner    of
what is to come.
When we hear a man boasting that
he* is a self-made man we feel that
the Lord ought to be glad that He is
not to be held responsible.
A   Juvenile   l"-��ay   Containing   Some
Hitherto Unpublished Information.
The human body was first supposed
to be made up of 208 bones, but later
discoveries have developed the fact
that It contains 208 bones and an ap
pendlx. An appendix Is something
which Is added on, like a postscript on
a woman's letter, and means about ns
much. Its principal use Is to afford a
revenue for doctors and surgery spe
ciallsts. Operations on the human sys
tem are the correct thing In polite society. Pa says there Is one woman in
our town who has nothing left in her
but ber palate and ber tongue, she has
been operated on so much. Last Sun
day our Sunday school text was,
"Praise the Lord, oh, my soul, and all
that Is within me." 1 said to pa.
"Mrs. So-and-so wouldn't be ver-
strong on that, would she?" And he
laughed and said no.
A rall.-ond brakeman Is In a class by
himself. He doesn't have anywheres
near 20S bones In his body. I know a
brakeman, chairman of a grievance
committee of ten, and when he goes to
count the members of the committee
on bis fingers ho can never get a
quorum because he hasn't enough fingers left.
It says In my physiology that In the
human frame Is a network of nerves,
a sort of system of fine wires which
carry messages to and from the brain.
For Instance, If you put your finger on
a hot stove the nerves of the arm carry a message to your brain that your
finger Is getting burned, aud your
brain flashes buck Instructions to take
your finger off the Btovc. The other
night I had my fingers lu a can of jam
In the pantry when by eardrum sent a
message to my brain that ma was
coming. My brain answered back te
take my fingers out, but the message
was delayed In transmission, and 1
didn't move quick enough. Ma caught
me. For a few minutes the wires running up my spine to my brain were
crowded with good government messages as to what was going on on tbe
firing Hue. Now when I go to sit
down my brain advises my arms to put
a pillow on the chair.���Bobby In Judge.
On the Job.
When the thermometer dropped below zero Mrs. Rodgers was much disturbed by the thought that Huldah,
the new kitchen maid, slept In an unhealed room.
"Huldnh," she sulci, remembering the
good old custom of her girlhood, "if's
going to be pretty cold tonight. I think
you hud better take a fiatlron to bed
with you."
"Yes, ma'am," as-ented Huldah without enthusiasm.
Mrs. Rogers, happy In the belief that
her maid was comfortable, slept soundly. In the morning she visited the
"Well, Huldah, how did you get
along with the fiatlron?"
Huldah breathed a deep sigh of recollection.
"Veil, ma'am, 1 got It most warm
before morning."���Everybody's.
WI-��* Yoath.
"Yes," sighed the unfavored suitor,
"Evangeline's father told me never to
call there again. I tell you 1 am feeling pretty blue."
"Well," said his chum, "before 1
would feci that way I should call In
spite of the old gentleman."
"Oh, no. I would ruther feel blue
than to run the chance of feeling black
and blue."���Chicago News.
Simply Manipulated.
"He hoB Invented a skldles? auto
"That ought to bring him a fortune."
"How does the thing work?'
"It's very simple. All you have to do
to prevent the wheels from skidding la
to keep the auto In the garage when
the pavements are wet"���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.	
Tarnlahed Brass.
Brass that is badly tarnished may be
cleaned by dissolving In ammonia a
small piece of scouring soap. Apply
this to the surface with a soft brusb
and then polish well with chamois skin,
Putting- Ont Flrea.
In some of tbe cities of Europe the
cost of putting out a fire Is made. a
charge upon the property of the person
for whose benefit the fire department
Is called out.
Ancient Tombstone*.
The custom of Inscribing upon tombstones was in vogue among the Greeks
and Romans. Tha Greeks only did this,
however, In the case of their Illustrious men, but when a Roman died he
was duly burled near a highway, and
on his tombstone was carved a suitable Inscription, which in the majority
of cases began with "Sta, viator" (stop,
Tlie Town  of Brock,
The neatest town lu tho world Is
Brock, in Holland. So tidy are the Inhabitants that they will not allow
horses In tlie street. It contains a population of 2,700, and the chief Industry
is the making of Edam cheese.
Your Doctor*
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but���
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having hisprescription
filled, when you can step into any
drug store m Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CURB
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent *
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly ?
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
appears. ,
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back up this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure It with
Hoses  of Orckit   Hen.
Prominent noses seem to have been
die property of uiauy greut men. Ly-
���urgus and Solou hud uoses six Inches
u length, uud Ovid was surunuied
\'uso on account of his large nose.
Sclplo Nosica derived his nuine from
'lis prominent olfactory organ, and
Mamiider the Great aud Cardinals
VVolsey aud Itlclielieu all hud lnrge
noses. On the uieduls of Cyrus nnd
Artuxerxes tlieir noses came clear out
to the rim of tbe coin. Washington's
wus the true uqulliue type, indicutlve
of firmness aud putlence, as was the
nose of Julius Caesar. Mohammed had
a singular nose. It was so curved that
a writer has told us that the point of It
seemed continually striving to Insert
Itself between his lips. The noses of
Franklin, Shakespeare and Dr. Johnson all had wide nostrils, betokening
strength nnd love of thought. The nose
of Napoleon wns exquisitely though
firmly chiseled. He often suid, "Give
me a man with pleuty of nose!" Frederick the Grent hud so lnrge n nose
that Lavater offered to wager that
blindfolded he could tell It among 10,-
000 by merely hiking It between his
thumb and forefinger.
The Fly That Bnszed For Mendelssohn
The following story is told of the
music of the overture to "A Midsummer Night's Dream:" While Mendels
sohn was deep In the making of this
same fine overture be went riding one
day with a friend. In order, after
awhile, to rest their horses the two
boon companions dismounted and
stretched themselves out uuder the
shade of a great tree. Suddenly there
came an excited "Hush!" from the
great composer, who half nrose very
cautiously. A large fly was buz/.ing
over them, and Mendelssohn was anxious to catch the true sound of the Insect's hum as It gradually drifted farther away. Many days later when the
overture bad beeu completed the artist
called his friend's attention to that
passage In progression where the violoncello modulates In the chord of the
seventh of the descending scale from
B minor to F sharp minor. "There,
that's the fly that buzzed past us at
Scbonhausen," said Mendelssohn.
Crushing n  Critic.
School superintendents in New York
among their many duties are expected
to report on the personality of the
teachers In their district. It Is not always easy to get "a line" ou that quality of a teacher, so many are lenient In
the work. One of the superintendents,
however, Is never satisfied until Se has
made the test for orderliness by asking
the teacher to open bis or her desk.
One day he found one of his fair subordinates with things In great confusion. She was evidently violating
heaven's first law.
"My dear," said he to the blushing
delinquent, "I don't believe you would
make a good housekeeper."
The desk closed with a bang. There
was fire In ber eye as she calmly re
"Obi Are you looking for a house
Falling; Into Hole In Air.
One of the strange experiences of a
balloonist is that of falling into "a hole
In the air," which Mr. Rolker reports
as follows: "So you continue sailing,
enjoying the present with little thought
of the startling surprises that may be
before you. Ahead of you, uuseeu, may
be what the balloonist calls a 'hole In
tho air,' resembling the vortex of a
maelstrom, and down this you may literally fall at a rate which is terrifying
until by sacrificing two or three bag-
fuls of sand nt once your pilot checks
your downward flight But these 'holes'
are scarce, and ns a rule tbe atmosphere Is of uniform carrying power."
When  Dobs Were  Cooks.
"There was a time," said the antiquarian, "when dogs did our roasting
for us���at least they kept the meat
turning so It would not burn. 'Spit
dogs' they were called, and we call
their descendants 'spitz' to this day.
Spit dogs were trained to turn the
spits on which roasted chickens, beef,
ducks and turkeys. Tbe little fellows
did tlieir work well. They were never
known to let a fowl burn or to snatch
a mouthful or two from it. As late as
1816 spit dogs were employed In the
old Philadelphia Inns on Second and
Third streets."
The Servant Question.
The proud millionaire entered bis
garage haughtily. "Francois," he said,
"you took out the new sixty horsepower again last night without permission. I'm afraid I'll bave to get
another chauffeur."
"I wish you would, sir," Francois
answered. "With those four big cars
there's quite enough work for two of
Historic New York.
New York city has more points of
historical Interest than any other city
on the continent, there being scores of
them, extending from Fort Amsterdam, where the new custom house
stands, at the Battery, on the south,
to Fort George, Fort Washington and
the Van Cortlandt manor house on the
The larynx of man Is twice the size
on an average of the same organ In
woman, although this disproportion Is
equalized by the fact tbat woman uses
her larynx a little more than twice as
much as maa
Thames Losses.
There are 8,000 detectives alwayn
watching the craft that He at ancho.
In tho Thames and the docks that line
the river "banks, and ytt In spite of
their vigilance thefts to the extent of
��40,000 per annum take i\l��ce on this
great tideway.
A Refreshing Stimulant
That is   Perfeotly   Harmless   Because it is
Free   From  Adulteration.
A Perfect Luxury for Japan Tea Drinkers
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,  60c,  and     60c    Per     Lb.    At    All     Grocers.
Obeyed  Orders.
"Why do you hate him so?"
"He and I were lovers once, and
we quarreled."
"Wns that all ?"
"No. He came to me. nnd we both
acknowledged that we were portly
wrong. Then we agreed to forgive
and forget."
"Yes ?"
"He has forgotten."���Chicago Record-Herald.
Tested by Time.���In his justly-celebrated Pills Ur. Parmelee has given
to tbe world one of the most unique
medicines offered to the public in
late years. Prepared to meet the
want, for a pill which could be taken
without nausea, and thut would purge
without puin, it has met nil requirements in that direction, anil it is in
general use not only because of these
two qualities, but because it is known
to possess alterative ami curative
powers which place it in the front
rank  of  medicines.
"I wisbt," said Hungry Hank,
wistfully, "dut I wuz one of dese here
Fillipeencr fellers dut likes dog fer
"Wot fer ?" inquired Fatigued
"Jes' think o' bavin' a good dinner
sicked onter yer every day���comin'
right over de fence at yer!"���Cleveland Lender.
Briggs (indignantly)���I understand
you said I never opened my mouth
without putting my foot in it.
Diggs (apologetically)���Yes, I believe I did sny that, but	
Briggs���But what, s;r?
Diggs���But I acknowledge my mistake. When I mnde that remark I
had overlooked the size of your feet.
These two desirable qualifications,
pleasant to the taste and at the same
time effectual, nre to be found in
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Children  like  it.
Canada  has enough  land    to give
sach inhabitant 400 acres.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Canada has nearly a million square
miles of practically unexplored area.
Rheumatism ��� What's ths Cause ?
Where's the Cure?���The active irritatlug
cause uf this mont painful of disease*
is poison,him uric acid iu the blood.
Houth American Rheumatic Cure neutralize* the acid poison. Relieve* in 6 houra
and  cures   in   1  to  3  days.���90
Only one-fourth of Canada is occupied, and only one-eighth is under
Marion Bridge, C.B., May 30, '02.
I hnve handled MINARD'S LINIMENT during tne pust year. It is
always the first Liniment asked for
here," nnd unquestionably the best
seller of all the different kinds of
Liniment 1 handle.
Canada is 3,500 miles wide and 1,-
400 miles deep.
Canada's sea-coast line equals half
the  circumference  ot  the  earth.
Vlinird's   Liniment  Cures   Garget  In
The multimillionaire was asked if
he would take .the stand.
"Oh, I don't know," he nnswered.
"what's the stand worth ?"���Philadelphia Ledger.
Canada's proportion of population
is  only 1.5 to a square mile.
0m Mom Added to the Lontf List of
Curat Effected by Psychine.
Ostriches, like all animals, exhibit
interesting qualities strikingly like
those ot humnnklnd to those who observe their dully actions. Wheu tliey
are sitting tbe cock takes his place on
the nest at sundown and at sunrise Is
relieved by hia wife, who assumes her
position for the day. At the end of the
six weeks' incubation both birds are
miserably thin and weak.
Dronks'  Appliance." New FOR
discovery. Wonderful. No
olmoxlous springs or pads.
Automatlo Air Cuehluns.
Binds and draws the broken
psrts together as vou would
a broken limb. No salves.
No lymphol. No lies. Dur-
able.cbeap. Pat.Sept. 10,'01.
G. E. BROOKS, 3S20 Brooks' Bids., UstfiBaU,, MICH.
A Surprise Ih Biscuits
Every box of Mooney's Perfecdon
Cream Sodas you open���you will
find a new delight in these dainty
When you want to surprise yourself
give your appetite a treat with
Perfection Cream Sodas
LILY ro,,
Send IO Cents
Will send you 1 Easter
Lily Bulb, i Tuberose,I
Gladiolus, 1 Cinnamon
vlne.l Oxillsslso 100 different klndsof fresh, finest
grown seeds, Including
Paneles, Petunias, Phlox,
Asters, Stocks, Sweet
Peas, Cosmos, Balsams,
rics. Verbenas, Portulaca.
This fine collection of
seeds and Bulbs for 10c la
Silver or 2c. Stamps,
American Nursery
Thii young lady, who Uvea la Browntv
villc, near Woodstock, Ont., tails her own
story In a few effective worda of how iht
obtained deliverance from tha terrible
jrip of weakness and disease.
1 have to thank Psychine for my present health.
2wo years ago I vraj going Into a decline. I could
unify drag myself Unas Ul* Boor. I could not
sweep the carpet.
If l went (or a
drive I had to 11*
down when I
came back, U I
went (or a mil*
on two on my
wheal I wu too
weak to lift II
through tha gateway, and last
time I cam* tn
from baring a
apln I dropped
utterly helpless
(rom fatigue. Hy
father would give
me no peace until
I procured Psychine. knowing It
Was excellent Tor
decline or weakness. I must say
the results ar*
wonderful, and
people remarked _
my Improvement. Instead of a little, pals, holUw
cheeked, listless, melancholy girl, 1 am to-day
full of Ufa, ready for a alelgh.rld*, a skating
match, or an arming party with anyone, and a
lew months ago I could not struggle to church.
to roads from my horn*. I bar* nerer had th*
slightest cam* to (ear any return of the dlseaaa.
Brownsville, Out
���thousands of women are using PSYCHINE, because they know from experience that in it they have a safe friend
and deliverer. Psychine ia a wonderful
tonic, purifying the blood, driving out
disease germs, gives a ravenous appetite,
aids digestion and assimilation of food,
and Is a positive and absolute cure for
disease of throat, chest, lungs, stomach
and other organs. It quickly builds up
tbe entire system, making sick people
well and weak people strong.
for tale at all druggists at 60a and $1.00
per bottle, or at Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited,
Laboratory, 179 King St West, Toronto.
Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a -rare and
Sn-manent cure for Rheumatism, Bright's
isease, Pain In the Back and all forma
of Kidney Trouble. 26c per bos, at all
Fare  and One-Third
For the round trip
between stations on ths
Tickets good to go  March 27th to
April   1st,  inclusive.
Return until April 2nd, 1907.
Any Canadian Northern Ry. Agent
will be more than pleased to furnish
fullest Information,
or Sor* Muscles due to Colds,
Strain* or Rheumatism
will have the inflammation that causes the
lameness quickly removed by first bathing
with hot water, then rubbing on briskly
Its wonderful power to destroy pain haa
made It famous since 1810.
25c, three times as much 50c.   All dealers.
I. S. JOHNSON !k CO., Boston, Mass.
W.    N.    U.    No.   629
r   -\\i.-e to9*oo9(S9��t*i*��**��*otet*��a***t****a***
��� CAPITAL ALL PAID UP. $14,000,000.
* UKDIVIDED PROFITS, $159,881.84
REST. $11,000,000
President���Loan BtbatHcona ano "Joust Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gkobgb A. Dhumhond.
General Manager���E. S. Ci-ouston.
Z    . ,,*.,*,.>,. Cranclioa In All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.  ���
Slocan -mining "Review.
Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advep.tisi.no Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
" Purchase uf Land    -     7.50
*'      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
AH local* will be charged for at the rate
of iCc. per lino each issue.
���Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
A,ddre6l all Communications ar.d make
Cheques payable to
Editor anil Publisher.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situate in West Kootenay
No. 1. Commencing at a post planted on the side of Wilson creek, about
2.'�� miles below falls of main Wilson
creek, and 2 miles in on the 2ml east
fork, marked D. Tnomey's S.E. corner
post, thence north 80 chains, thence
west SO chains, thence, south 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at a post, planted on south side of Wilson crtek, and
about 7 chains from location post No, 1,
and marked D, Tuouioy'a S, \V. corner
post, HienoB north 80 chains, along lhe
same line, i hence east 80 cliulns, ilu noi
south 80 chains thonce west 80 chains,
to ths point of commencement.
Located March 13, 1.(07.
Mar. 21, 80 D. Locator,
To Micbiu'l Penrot-e, or to whomsoever
lie may lmve transferred liii interest
in i lie " Young Rambler " mineral
claim,    situated   near  McGuigan,
located Un* 3r.l day oi October, 1900,
recorded the 17th dav of October,
1800, in the. Slocan Mining Division
o[ West Kootenay District,
You are hereby notified that I have
expended $102.50 in labor anil improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under Ihe provisions of the Mineral Act, ami il within UO 'layu from the
cate of this notice yon fail or refine to
oh tribute your proportion of theabovc-
mentioned sum, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in the said
claim will become  the  property of the
undersigned, under  section  4 ol  tho
Miueral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated nt Sandon, this 3rd   day   of
Apiil, 1007.
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
di scribed Ian.In, situated in the Slocan
Division of West Kootenay District, between Tan Mile und Twelve Mile creeks
nnd about one half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. T. Keily's S.E. corner post, thence
west 20 chains along the line of Lot
No. 1024, G 1, thence norlh 20 rhnii b,
thence east 20 chain*, theme south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acre* more or lean.
Located tho 11th dav of March, 1907,
J. H. Cory, Agent.
Mar  4 2m
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.    Quiet Home.    Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Addrrss All Communications to
Notice is hercbv given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following
cribed bind sitnaieil on Mill
reek about
4 mile-; from Slocan Lake, beginning at
a post marked  "L. S.  corner,"  thence
rioith 40 chains, thence east KiO cliains,
thence south 40 chains, thci.ee west KiO
chains to point of commencement.
Dated 20th day
of March 1007
Mar 23 8!(yl
Zhe Slocan ibotel
Zhvcc tforlts,
���    B.C.
'Headquarters for Mining Men
-when visiting this famous Silver-
Tea J Mining Camp. Every
.comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar aud Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Sixty days after date I iiilrn! tn
apply to i he Chief Ooiiimisioner ol Lands
and Works at. Victoria, B.C., for permission to purchase tin: following land,
situated in West Kootenay Di Uict,
commencing at a post 20 chains nortli
of J. S. Morrison's S.E. corner, thence
60 chains North, thence 20 chains east,
Ihence 00 chains south, thence SOclinin-
west to point of commencement, containing 130 aces.
Located March 20. 1907.
Mar 2.S OOd
Silverton, 35.(5.
Nolle is hereby given tbat 60 days
jfroin date, 1 intend to apply to the Hon
the Chief .Commissioner of Lands and
Wn.rka, al Victoria, B.C., lor permission
to purchase tbe following described
lends situated in 'ho Slocan Division of
West Kootenay IXstiict nnd about !)
miles gouih-eastorly from Silverton, B.C.
nnd ml] iniiit; F. .1. O'Reilly's land purchase on his South Bide; com mon ring
at a ;io*t marked O. Brunei S.W. corner
thenco ensi 40 chains, thence north
.40 chainolnoie-or les-itothesouih boundary of F. .1. O'Reilly's land purchase
thence west along said boundary 40
chain?, thence ronlh to io ut of com-
ineiiceiiiei t, containing about 180 acres.
Locatod��3rd Jan. 1007.
Notice ia hereby given that 30 days
pJtei* date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from tho following
.described lands situated in the Slocan
mining district of West Kootenay:
First location ��� Commencing at a
post on thu south side of Trout Creek
about three end a half miles from
Slocin Lake and marked W H B's n.e
corner post, thenca south 40 chains,
thenc;: west ^.O chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 160 chains to point
.of commencement.
Dated February 27th, 1907
W H BRANDON, Locator,
G S Vanstone, Agent    j
Second location ��� Commencing at a
post on the south side of Trout creek
about 6J-a miles from Slocan lake, and
marked W 11 B's n.a. corner post,
thenca south 40 chains, thence west
160 chains, thence north 40 chains,
���thence cast 160 chains to point of j
Dated February 27th, 1007 |
W H BRANDON, Locator,
Geo. S. Vanstone, Agent
Mar 7,1907 I
Notice is  hereby   given  thnt   sixty.
day.'.', after date 1 intend to  f.pply  to I
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and i
Works at VictoWa, B. C, for permis- '
rion  to purchase   iho following ties-
ciioeii   lands.    Commencing ai   a |i ml
planted on Iho \vcs:. side of sljcsri lain
and ft'iout oneand a half miles west ol
Sawmill i rei k on  the shore ol the hike,
and marked W II  11'***.w, corner post,
lln nee   wc��!  40 i hiilim, Ihence   n rlli
8D chains, theme west 40chains, tlieiir<
north 40 chains, llrcnca hi**, 40 chains,
theiit'o south ,',0 chains, thence oust 40
chains, t^ienoo smith 40chains following
the lake shorn lo point of commence-
inoiil, nbout 820 acres mor." or li m.
Located lhe 27th dav ol Fob, 1007
W. II, UltAKDON, Locator,
lieu. S. Vanstone, agent,
Mar 7 00
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been made to register George Williamson as the owner in Fee Simple under a Tax Sale Deed from Alexander
Lucas, Assessor of the District of Slocan,
to George Williamson, -bearing date
[tha 15ih day of December, A.D, 1904 of
'nil and singular those certain parcel or
tract of land and premises situate,
lving and being in New Denver, in the
Province of Britisli Columbia, more
particularly known nnd -described as
Lots i, 34, 25, 28, 27 and-2��, Block 43,
and all of Block 84 in the 'own of New
Denver, McGillivray's Addition (Map
Yon and each of yon are required to
contest the claim of the tax purchaser
within fourteen days from the date
of the service of ihin notice upon yon,
and in default of a caveat or a corti-
licata of lij I'fiifli'in- being Hied v.ithin
Bilfll period, von will l��e lo ever
estopped nud debarred from spiting
up any claim to or in respect of the
said1 laud, nm! | "hall ri'ttiater George
Williamson rs owner Ihereof,
Dated at Lund Registry Office, Nelson,
Province of British Columbia, this
Ut day of May, A.D., 1905.
II. If. MaoLEOD.
Did :icl Registrar,
To Lee Coombs.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
"R. flD. Spencer * prop
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief .Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated
in the Slocan Division of West Kootenay District between Ten and Twelve
Mile Creeks and about on* half mils
Irom Slocan Lake, commencing st a
post marked J. II. Cory's N.W. corner post, thence 20 chains east along
thalineofLot 1023, Gl, thence 40chains
south, thence 20 chains west, thence 40
chains norlh, to point of commencement,
containing 80 acres more or less.
Located March llth, 19C7.
Mar 14 2m Locator.
To Rent
Several Residences al
Very Small Figure
j tribe Sanson Ibotel j
"Kobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the -wants of Our Patrons.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
5andon, B. C.
Headquarters for HDining ant) travelling fl&en
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
���Rooms OLarge, Clean ano Goe��.
S> William Bennett *��
J. R. Cameron
I ************************************
Choicest Xiqnors, Wines ano Cigars.        ���
*>rr************+*. ****++++++\
J. J. Finglanfl
provincial Hssaper
anb  bemist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary1 Tariff:
l' lold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Mang*nrse,
Lime, t' .50 each,
Zinc,   Antimony,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, ��?3.00.
Gold, Silver, wiih lend or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, $2 50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   ��8.00
��� old, Silver, Zinc, Lead nnd Iron, $4.00
peeial Fates for Mine and Mill Work.
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Room*. The very choicest Liquors, Wines aud Cigars
always on hand.    ::    An excellent Pool Table.
Put up iii Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trad.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Bre
Sanbon .fllMners' XHnfon Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Rales by Subscription 11.00 per month. Non-subscribers $2.00 par diem.
.     C.E.ANDERSON. * -    WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
* **********************+*.
fff *************************
Review Job Printing
*sa ���Wi* il  ii
Just  Arrived
211U ll\i{
delayed in '
We Will Sell at
'educed  Price
At Coat
Sandon Cartage
ID. tt\JFRJJHl~\r
Orders r*rcive prompt nnd careful
Ibotel ,:
IVIliS Well Known
^ Hotel has lately
heen purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
V 7
Aa jJQry j*
Spring anb
from Crown
tailoring Co.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver. B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty apot
of the Continent, will (ind this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for tho comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent boating. Grand scenery.
New Denver.
RATE5 $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trada.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
1 The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country.
tin Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Tine of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
t ��^>^^*<-*i*��*-��.*m^
Go to Wilson's for
Floimr,   Hay,    Oats,
Goal!,' Vegetable.
Irom, Steel, etc.
[Silverton * B.C.
If you receive
this paper it is an
invitation to you to
Send in your sub
Dr. A, M. Lowe
There is no better house in tbe Kootenays for   J
the Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
business, and the Barkeeps are artists in their
The Finest Wines and Uquori and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
No matter what his occupation, may sure
money by getting his
Shoes Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
dure, is nothing better
than tin* famous BAL
with a guild, solid,
hand made bottom	
These ehnes can only be got by
leaving your older with
To Kootenay (minis
Effective for Trarisa Liu*
eengere arriving on or ml ���
to April 26th.
o  Pil-*-
Shoemaker - Sandon
��. W. Wibbomon
fluid, Silver,CopperorLead. eaeli,II 00
Gold Silver..11 60    S!lv*er-Lead..jl 50
Zinc. .$2 00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. 3 50.
Prompt attention  given to nil samples.
25 per cent, ilisiiuint upon live samples.
P.O. Drawer, DOS Phone A67
Sandon Bakery*
���s Su
Visits Sandon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and Gemini regularly.
Head Office; KASLO, B.C.
Fresh Groceries
In Adjoining l'leinieuj.
No. Si.      W. P. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30
p. m. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A. Sbllland, SecreUrv.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meets in Fratenity Hall tl)e last Monday evening of every month,
J. It. Camkrom, W. President.
J. G. PoiTEit, W, Secretary.
Send in your sub.
J* T Foley*
Sandon    -   -    B. C.
Whereas at the Last Chance aud Surprise mines, Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to tho exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
organfaation, Sandon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.F. of M. reaffirming its opposition to the employment of Orientals
within  its  jurisdiction,   strongly  condemns the position  taken by the management of the properties in question,
and counsels working men everywhere
and those favorably  disposed  towards
organized labor to be governed by this
action.    ���
A. 8HILLAND, Secretary.
Colonist Rates
from Points, ONTftRIO,
On sale daily till SCth April.
while the rates aro low.
For   further particulars,    -��tns,
and folders, apply to,
3 6, Cabtib,      E. J. Covi.��.
D.P.A. Nelson,   A.G.P.A.
B.C.       Vancouver, B.C.
*jf S the Headquarters for All
Mining Men in SilveftOu.
Furnished throughout in a
superb manner, it. offers the
comforts of a home to tourist*;
visiting this charming Mirjinii-r
Excellent Hoatii% PWiing
and Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.
nity Hall,
Sanoon Xo^e,
No. 24
K. of P.
Meets every  Wednesday
evening at 7.80 in Fratar-
Visiting Brethren cordlallr
A. Shii.i.anu, K of R. 1*4 8.
Review Job Printing


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