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Slocan Mining Review 1908-03-05

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 'ie***t oO'lslUti.
Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Frnit   growing   Area in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
No. 38   Vol. 2.
^4^iv__MAR12 1908
V     -'/CTnDLAJJ   ��'
��� TO!
-nfcd in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of thc Continent
and the Hub of the richest
���silver-Lead District on Earth
Lent 40 Days-Think it Out.
If you ask fifty  pcrn.ini  how inanv
days there are in Lent it I. cafe betting
that  they will all reply 40.    Yes, and
the very people who should be authorities on the subject will say fo too.   In
this connection micll [amusement was
caused  this  week   in town.    It ia conceded that Easier Sunday fall, on April
lillli; the Church says so, tbe calender**
corroborate it.    Nov,  count back forty
days,  and  if  there are  forty days in
Lent you will  pcihaps be surprised to
discover.that the foitieth day is March
llth, and that tbat dny is a Wednesday.
The Church  says  Wednisday  of   thia
week, March 4, is'Ash Wednes lay, but
in that respect thecaleiiders say No.   We
have before us aa we write  a Liverpool
and  London   and  Glebe Insurance Co.
wall calendar for  1008, and  there   it i��
as  plain as  the  nose on your face, in
inch letters,  " March  llth, Ash Wednesday."
Note, we will lay a elight Bbade of
odds "thnt there are only 40 days in
Lent.   Here ia what Webster saye:
" Lemt.���Tbe time of fasting forty
day-j bsfore Easter."
What are you going to do about it ?
The present arrangement calls  for 40
days.   Who's right and who's wrong ?
Here we are  presumably in tha lenten
period  living on  a "stewed  prune and
salt cod  diet, and  people  around., us
swearing that Lent does not be/in until
next Wednesday I
Then,  again,  the ladies hold   their
Le��p Year Ball tomorrow night,  and
they are fearful lest the church members
should deprive themselves of the good
things of   life  a   week   too  soon.    We
would not like to suggest a ground   for
doubt, but the ladies claim there IS u
doubt and tbey hope ia ge,t the*beneflt
of it in   tlie  shape  of a  financial and
social success.   Specially p'-inted dance
programs aud  pencils will be provi led,
and  for this  occasion, the   ladies will
boss ths enliie funclion.
Xocal anb General.    IWts.
Services will be conducted next Sabbath iu the Methodist churches of Silverton and New Denver at 11 a.m. and
7.30 p.m. respectively. Mr. Gifford's
subject will be "The Spiritual Principle
of the Atonement."
Three sleigh loads of morry dancers |
went over to Silverton on Shrove Tuesday to attend the ball given in honor of
the bride and groom, Mra. and Mr. S.E.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, Mar. 5, 1908.
Siocan %nkc jfrutt Xante
Complaints have been received at
this ollice that unexpired notices are
being torn down at ths post office.
It is generally conceded'-^at New
Denver has been living pretty fait the
past four months, but it lias not yet
bitten off more tban it can chew.
Nelson intermediates* defeated Kaslo
at hockey last week.
Lent is evidently not one of Hermann
Clever's knockers. A car of prime
steers arrived this week and another
carload is on tbe way.
Service was hold at the Anglican
Church on Ash Wednesday.
A meeting of the [Silverton Progressive Association was held Wednesday.
For Full Inforrnation write
R. W, Moeran,    Manager,     New Denver
So Fertile
���Single Copies sci
Masquerade Carnival.
Brpfc-ae*, -tSlafcemorc & Cameron,
From our Corresoondent.
There is a big " move on " at Silver-
ton. The poat office is tiansferred to
the McKinnon block; Mrs. Carey ia
contemplating going into moro commodious prem'ses for her grocery store;
Fred. Lu-bscher, the tailor king, is
doing tbe same.
T. II. Wilson was up from Silverton
Mrs. Carey has purchased an half interest in the McKinnon block at Silver-
On Tuesday evening last Mr. and Mrs.
F. W. Jordan gave a children's fancy
dress Ball in Abriel's Hall and it
proved tp be a very enjoyable affair.
Tlie costumes of the children were
beautiful, and reflected great credit
upon their mothers. The first part of
the evening was given over to tho children, and they tr.ivo an excellent exhibition of dancing. After the children
had departed, the elder people were
also entertainer), dancing being the
chief amusement. At twelve o'clock
everybody eat down to a spread fit for
a prince. Thesnpper was, well, simply grent.   The people  of Nakusp are
Was a Splendid Concert.
"The best concert given in Sandon
for a long time," is how one gentleman
spoke of the Methodist Church concert
of February 28. Probably no one will
dissent from this verdict. The pro
gram was so uniformly good that it is
difficult to particularize, but the piano
and violin solos of Mrs. Rankine and
Mr. Nicholson are deserving ef special
notice. Mrs. Riinkine's rendering of
tbe valse by Tito Mattei, and Paderew-
ski's " Morceau Characleristique," was
greatly enjoyed. Mr. Nicholson played
Irish and Scotch airs and Wieniawski's
" Legend " with a delicacy of phrasing
and Interpretative tas'.o rarely found
among amateur violinists. On Sunday
evening he assisted in a service of aong
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
By T. W. Stirling, Kelowna, B.C., before the Northwest Fruit Growers'
The New Denver rink presented a gay
appearance  laat  Saturday   night,   the
occasion being the last carnival of the
season.   There was a good sized crowd
of  masqueraders,   mostly  gents;   the
email attendance of ladies in costume
being due, no doubt, to events of   this
kind coming rather too close together
to allow  of  costumes  being prepared.
Music was supplied by the St. James'
orchestra  under the condactorship of
Mr. M. McLean,  which was a decided
attraction.   The prists were awarded as
follows I
Gents.: King Henry VIII...H. Woolley
Boys' Tramp David Hyde
Girls'..Spanish Dancer. .Marie Murray
No  award   was made in the ladies'
. . .......,_, _����� oaoiBii-ou jii a  service ot aong
indebted to Mr. and Mis.  Jordan  for I at the Methodist church, and his aym-
n-nviiltno.    s���oh    ���     ..i -*
H. P.'s DefeaMtest of Town.
The game which was played on Friday night was a fast clean game of
hockey, and it was greatly enjoved.
Thc teams mat earlier in the week and
a draw Of 5-5 then resulted. On this
occasion the lodge men scored twice to
their opponent's once in the fir.-t hall
and five to four in the second, a total of
seven to five. The line up:
K. ol P.
J A McDonald
F Campbell
C. McDonald
There being a spell of frost this week,
the ice at the rink held out longer than
was anticipated, and this led to tlie
above teams again trying conclusions,
the match taking place Wcdnnsday.
Once more the Fraternals won, the
score being 4 to 2. Rev. Gifford played
at point for the winners.
It haa been in-fgeited that a Marathon
road race would be a great attraction
for  Victoria  Day at New Denver, and
we tee no reaaon why the matter should
not be taken up seriously unit without
delay by the Celebration committee. It
would certainly prove a  novel attraction anl a big draw.   The road between
Silverton and New Denver would provo
an admirable  course,  and   we  suggest
a run from Silverton.    So that a  large
number of spectators might witneis the
start and finish, it would he reasonable
to line the competitors up at tlie Silver-
ton wharf in full view of tbe pns3engors
upon tbo str. Slocin, whicli is heading
for New  Denver with a holiday crowd,
and the signal to stait tlie race might
bo given by  the  ateamir'a airen.   The
passengers   would   disembark   at   New
Denver before tho arrival of the runners
_>vbo, we suggest, should make a double
circuit of tlie football  ground and finish
at the Newmarket corner. There should
be a  good entry,   as the  Slocan  holds
a number  of  a=piring athletes.*   Perhaps some local sportsman will come
forward and offer a trophy.
three-act drama will be staged by
New Denver amateurs on the 21th of
Maj*, after the big celebration. It ig
entitle J "Tom Cobb," aad all the best
local talent is being pretsed into service
to produce il
Anglican services next Sunday: St.
Stephen's church, New Denver���Matins
11 a.m.; Union Church, Silverton���
Evensong 7.30. Special services will be
held at New Denver during the holy
teason of Lent, each Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Tlio traffic returns for the past month
at the C.P.R. wharf show a decided
Col. R. T. Lowery, the brilliant journalist of Ltdge fame, has offered to
contribute a specially written article of
early Slocan days to our special number.
Mr. J. S. Cairns and eon, who have
been guests at Slocan of Mrs. J. A.
Anderson, returned to tlieir home in
Tom Barbour is lying in the hospital
with several of his ribs fractured, as a
result of some rock falling: upon bim
whilst working at the Mountain Boomer.
Trading jackknives ls now the leading iiidimtry at Three Forks.
Harold and Jimmy Baker, sons of
Charles Baker, formerly manager at
Bourne Broa.' New Denver store, came
in on Wedneaday from Vernon to visit
Mrs. II. Aylwin and renew old acquaintances.
Mr. D. Brandon and Miss Clay visited the Standard mino last week.
Who'll buy ? We will trade the
whole Review paraphernalia for a .3000
ranch ou Slocan lake.
Despito tbe sevore snowstorm which
raged at church time on Sunday evening
last tbe Anglican church was very well
atttndtd, which gotsto show that Denver Christians are fair and foul weather
ones ; or is it tho popularity of the Missioner?
Enquiries as lo Slocan fruit lands ate
being  received  from tlie  old country.
We are printing 5,000 of our special cd-
troviding such a pleasant evening.
Tho following is a lint of the children
and the characters they represented:
Misses Katharine Bulger, Queen of the
May; Flotsie Edwards, Black Diamond;
Doris Edwards, Liitlo Lord Fauntleroy;
Florence Jo* dun, Courtierof 18th century; Grace Jerdan, Robin Hood; Willow Vanderburgh, Folly: Katharine Mc-
..uonion,   Bo
pathetic appreciation of the spirit and
motive of sacred music again made him
very effective.
Burn air instead of money. Investigate and then daci.lo to write us, You
will mike no mistake. Make your
place attractive and please youi
turners. We crii and will help you,
Write It. ���; Hoor * In 10. Cordovu
Street, Vancouver, B.C., to t**U you
tion of the Review, which will be a magnificent production. 500 of those will be
sent to the reading rooma and public libraries of Great Britain. We shall be out
gunning for ads. in a few weeks. We
exprct lhe business men of the Slocan
to do their part handsomely.
It is up to the Nelson News to apologise for the "Tory" landslide in Now
Brunswick, Its a warning of what is to
follow at the Dominion elccti ms.
Phew ! from a Grit majority in tho New
I'iiiii.**" ic. house lo a Tory majority of
22 is " going some." Pass the onions,
Deansey; we fain would joiu you in
T\rtnmolA       u
Peep; Dorothy Abbie, Queen of the
Fairitt; Lily Benton, Flower Girl;
Jean Glendinning, Red Cross Nurse;
Rosie Handing, Red Riding Hood;
Ethel Woods, Sailor laddie; Pearl Ingram, Lady in White. Masters Valen-
tyne Bulger, Jack Tar; Jiminie Cnrran,
Jack Tar; Wyne Edwards, Swastika;
George Jordan, Court lady of 18th century ; Howel Jordan, King of Diamonds;
Fritz Jordan, Fairy; Elwood Cowan.
Genlleman of the 20th century; Vernon
Woods. Sir Peter Teazel; Stanley Wood,
Chef; Cecil Woodt, Little Boy Blue;
Chat. Vandeburgh, Little B >y Blue:
William Vandeburgh, Clown; Robert
Sutherland, Black Knight; Frank Sutherland, Clowu; George Anthony, Clown.
On Tuesday evening, March Srd, the
annual meeting of tho Dramatic Club
was held. The following officera were
elected: Pres., Thos. Abriel; Vice-
Prea., Mrs. F. W. Jordan; Sec'y., R.
H. Baird; Tieas., D. T. Bulger; Stage-
manager, R. Abbie. The report of the
Treasurer showed the club to be in a
flourishing condition. After the business was over, the Bachelors entertained
the members to a tupper.
A quiet wedding took place here last
week when Miss Polly Rush ton was
united to Mr. Geo Chittenden. The
young couple left fora trip to the coast.
On tlieir roturn they will reside in
Senior School Report
For February, 1908: Pupils attending
during month, 40.    Average daily at-
Dux  of  school   for   month,   Jessie
JeBBie Cropp  80 74
Ethel E. Buritess 78.06
Wiuntfred   McDougald 75.18
Marion Mclnnes 72.50
John A.   Williams  72.60
David Hyde 69.41
G. Athlyn M. Vallance  69.37 ���
J. Raymond Blumenauer .... 67 40
Denver  Shannon  65.98
Hugh Earl Nelson 65.89
Chas. W. Nelson 62.32
Ruesell Gotdon 61.32
Wm. II.   Clever 60.27
In  the following   classes only   tho
three highest are given.
Marie Murray 77.67
Mary L. Cordon 78.64
Mary E. Buigess 73.30
John H. Bnrgets 75.88
Dorice Margnerita Vallance .. 73.42
Percival Ransom  66.40
Bnt certain   varieties  of   trees,  for
instance the Northern Spy, havrs thoota
which  almost  invariably  spring from
the stem at an acute angle.     In  such
cases it cannot be expected that shoots
will be found to satisfy   the third condition  mentioned  above.    It    is  well
then to use a spreader  to cause  the
shoot to grow in  the desired  direction.
cutting back.   Having "selected the
shoots  which are to remain,  and removed tho others,  cutting   them   off
close up to the stem, it is necessary to
cut them back.   It   will  be observed
that the buds on  the upper end of a
wood shoot are belter developed than
those near to the bate.    The object in
view it to give'the leader the start and
to have it kept ahead oi the rest, therefore do not cut it back too much.    Cut
it amongst these beds towards the  upper end. perhaps one third of the length
down from the tip.
In regard to the tide bradchea.   Per-
Mr. Sam!. E. Watson, the well-known
mining man of Silverton, was happily
married to Mias Alice Mary Cleverley,
also of Silverton, at St. Saviour's church
Nelson, ou Tuesday, 3rd inst. The ceremony was performed bv Rev. F. H.
Graham. The happy couple returned
to Silverton on Tuesday and a ball was
given in their honor same night, This
paper wafts congratulation! to tht bridt
and groom.
Mrs. J. M. Cameron, wife of trainmaster Cameron of Nelson, and late
conductor on the N. & S. branch, ia visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. Lowe.
The tenth Annual Ball of the Sandon
Miners' Union Hospital will ba given
in the Miners' Union Hall, Sandon, on
March loth. If the tale of tickets it
tufficlent, a special train will take the
lake crowd up. Tickets, including mp-
pep, .2.00.   Ladies free.
Cassie Cook 69 28
Leslie Carey    65.21
(Jcorgina B. Ransom 65.00
Mr. Jas. Abbie, who has tpent the
winter here, returned laat week to Milestone, Sask.
Arrowhead Dramatic Club are arranging to play the Chimney Corner
here noxt week.
Junior School Report.
Per cent.
Leslie Aylard   77
Cecil Dawson  71
Jessie Shannon  69
Ivan Brouse  65
Vera Cropp  62
Manufacturing your own light must
necessarily be cheaper than "buying light
from some one else who makes a profit
on tho light they nil. We o_ily make
one profit and wo sell the best lamp for
the cheapest money. Get our prices
Robert M. Moore & Co., 165 Cordova
Nettio Brindle  71
Frances Cook  66
Kale Murray...  65
Laura Macdonald  55
Muriel Aylard  86
Edna Clever  84
Harry Avison  76
Edith Burgess  72
Emma Clever  80
Notice is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned as Lumber Manufacturers under the firm name nf Tbe
New Denver Lumber Co., at New Denver, B.C., has been thia day dissolved
by mutual consent. The business will
hereafter be carried on by Lewis Scaia.
All outstanding accounts due the old
firm are to he paid to the said Lewis
Scala, and all debtt of old .firm will be
paid by him. A. Owens,
W. J. Corey,
New Denver, B.C., Lewis Scaia.
March 3, 1908.
Concert on St. Patrick's Day.
A splendid concert in aid of the
Methoditt church, New Denver, ie being
prepared for the evening of St. Patrick's
Day, Tuetday, March 17th. Mr. Nicholson, whoso violin solos delighted the
audience at Sandon last Friday, ia being
being brought from Greenwood to take
part, and the best local talent is being
secured. Programs will be. distributed
next week. Mr. Nicholson will also
assist at a Song Service in the Methodist church on Sabbath evening,
March 15th.
Robt. I, Kirkwood was up from Slocan
Boost for the Slocan.
are weak and one or two are strong,
these latter perhaps nearly as strong
as the leader. It is they which require
to be watched or thev will start racing
for aupremary with the leader. Put
them in thoir right place right away.
Cut them back to within three buds or
so of the item. Tha buds litre will be
very much backward and by the time
they have been forced into growth tbe
leader will have shoots several inches
in length, and there is no fear that the
side branches will catch up.
next year. The following year the
procets will be much the same. The
leader will be treated practically as was
the whole tree the year before. The
lower tier of branches will probably
have made two ormore shoots. Almost
invariably one will be enough to leave
and that should be cut back towards
the extremity or about one-third from
the tip. The next year will be time
enough for these side branches to have
side shoots.
third spbing. The next year will be
a [repetition of the first and second except that their will be an additional
tier of branchss to prune. The treatment of this lower tier, this year, will
be somewhat similar in principle to
that of the leader the first year. The
cutting of the preceding year will probably have resulted in two or three strong
ahoots growing from the end and one or
two weaker shoots growing further in on
it. Of the strong shoots at the end but
one should be left and that cut back as
before, about one-third; of tbe others one
or two may be left as there is room or
After this, if all has gone right, as it
will have done with a normal well-
growing tree handled as suggested, the
tree may be considered to be formed
and it It usually unneccesaary to continue cutting baek the leading thoots.
The leader will bs firmly established
and the tree will tend to keep tho form
in which it has been trained. Subsequent shaping will simply consist of
thinning out superfluous shoots and
branches, keeping a -balance between
all side boughs.
The idea to keep in view ia to give
tlie leader the preference when cutting
out; that ie, if a shoot from the centre
is crowding a shoot from a side bough
it ie the latter that must give away.
To be continued.
Shall I tend my noxt washing?
V% tl_X*u      ._      ui,tj      Ull.      mar,   I'ltlH
Laundry in the Kootenay, ond that
Kootenay Steam Laundry
of Nelson, B.C.
Get price   list from J. E.  Angrignon,
Looal Agent.
Deal Made on Local Sawmill
Lewis Scaia, who until recently held
a one-third interest in tbe New Denver
Lumber Co., secured complete control
this week by purchasing tbe remaining
interests held by Mestrt. J. W. Core/
and A. Owens.
The new firm will continue to trade
under the old title, and will be ready to
put the mill in operation in a few
weeks. Financially it will make a splendid start, and improvements are to ba
made from time to time..'
It it the owner's ambition to establish the reputation for himself of boing
a manufacturer of high-class lumber,
and in this connection will be following
tbe principle of the old firm. We un-
derttand enough logs are in the boom
to keep tbo mill running at full capacity
all summer.
Editor, Slocan Mining Review.
Dear Sir,���Great amusement has been
caused among the " English colonists nt
Alamo" by the perusal of a portion o
last wtek's Review. When the paragraph referred to wai read out even
that relic of antiquity, the Alamo mulo
(not an English colonist) was beard to
Tbe " Eaglish colonittl " aro unable
to imagine tbe origin of the 21st birthday and other notion! of the editor,
though tha first is possibly explained by
a alight verbal Inaccuracy of our venerable friend, Mr. Ptmberton. For tha
rest we have always been taught to believe in a close relationship between
printers and devils, though we were
not aware that the latter were of the
" blue "variety.      Youm, etc.,
[What have we done ? We wrote up a
happy evening's entertainment from
data supplied by the villains them-
telvoa, and now they try to discredit
us. The boys should come down from
.the hia-li altilnrU. ���_���*...*������vetto -a-* -*���d
too bad.]
Eva Fractional and Hillside mineral
claims, situate in the Slocan Mining
Division of Wttt Kootenay District.
Where located: South-east of Sandon.
Take notice that I, Herbert T. Twigg,
as agent for the Byron N. White Company, (foreign), Free Miner's Certificate No. B95642, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of each of the
above claims.
And further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tlie issuance of tuch Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated tbis 27th day of Feb. A.D. 1908
Rebekahs Dall il Success.
The grand ball given by the Rebekaha
at Slocan Oity on Friday last was admitted by al! present to have been the
beet held in town this season. Tho
Oddfellows' Hall which has recently
been, enlarged and greatly improved
was the venue, and the floor was in
nice condition. It being a Leap Year
ball the ladies took the lead and also
served a bounteoue"ropast. The music
was supplied by Mrs. Parker, piano,
and G. R. Northey, clarionet. The
piano recently installed by tbe I.O.O.F.
was used for tbe first time.
Empress Fractional  mineral claim, lit
uatt in lb* Siocan  Cily Mining Division   of   West   Kootenay    District.
Where located:   On the ton th side of
Ten-mile creek and adjoins the Enterprise and .Million mineral chums.
Take notice that I, Robert  Ira  Kirkwood,   Free   Miner's   Certificate  No.
B95.735, intend 60 days  from the  date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements,  for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of lhe above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 87,   must be  commenced
before tho issuanceof such  Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 37th dav of Jan., A.D. 1908
As we go to press we learn that Revs.
Chalmers and Gifford have arranged to
exchange pulpits next Sunday. Tbe
latter therefore goe- to Sandon,
To N. W. Fessler and B. V. Ki-don,
or to any other person to whom -tbey,
or either of them, may hare transferred their inters .t, or any part thereof, in the "Transvaal" mineral claim,
litnated on Ten-mile crtek, in the Slocan City mining divition of the West
Kootenay district of the province of
British Columbia, and recorded in the
Mining recorders office at Slocan,  B.C.
You, and each of you are hereby notified tnat I have expended the Bum of
two hundred and five dollars (.205.00)
in payment in lieu of work and recording fees upon the above named mineral
claim in order to hold the tame under
the provisions ot section 24 nf the mineral act; and that if within 90 dnys from
the date of thia notice, you fail ur refuse
to contribute your proportion of the
aforesaid expenditure, for the two
years ending the 1st of August, 1907,
together with all costs of advertising,
your interest in the said claim will become'vested in tho undersigned, under
seetion 4 of the mineral act, Amendment act, 1900.
Dated ��t Slocan,  B.C. this  30th day
of January, A.D., 1908.
30-Ap. 30 JOSEPH FRA*Z.
The quarters for the'new subscription
library will be at the Government office.
At a public meeting held on Tuesday
last to elect a new new fire committee
for the next twelve months, Meesrs.
Jacobaon, Angrignon and Williamson
were appointed.
The matter of street lighting has
been taken up by the citizens in a
manner that is praiseworthy. By their
combined subscriptions, as many as
twenty ttrett lamps are now assured.
Of course there are one or two "usuals"
who have shown tlieir lark of public
spirit in so important a feature, but it
is to be regretted that they cannot bo
plucked from their own small world
and dropped into a iphore oi harmony
and usefulness.
Wm. Davidson, ex-M.L.A. for the
Slocan iu the Britisli Columbia bouse,
hat been unanimously nominated
Socialist candidate to contest this Division in tha forthcoming Dominion
election. Tho nomination was made at
a convention held at Nelson on Tuesday
but, at which delegates from Michel,
Fernie, Cranbrook, Moyie, Kaslo, Sandon, Revelstoke, Rossland and Ymir
were present. Tbe candidate made a
lengthy speech.
Of Interest to Bachelors
and Others.
The Ladies of New Denver cordially
invite all the Gentlemen to a Grand
Leap Year Dance to bo held iii tho K.
of P. uall on Friday evening, Marcli 6th,
1908, at 8.80 p.m. sharp. Ladies 50c,
Gentlemen, Free.
PLEASE NOTE.���Ladies will call for
their gentlemen at 8.15 p.m., and will
return tbem to their mothers in time
for breakfa-t. THE   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER.   B. C.
^0a9^9^9^9 9999+9+9+9+9+ftVtltVtftMtftftv *} w mafw
��� ������ ���
i Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphani," |
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. MarkV
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc. -
there   wan   a
pesos, as had been
historv. That
many   Mnddv   she
_I_ first sbe  ban  ootectea    to    tne
bonrrline-sehool   arrangement,   saying
Jessie   was   too   voting,   but  Guy   as
usual had overruled her obipctions. as
he had those  of Grandon  Markham,
and it was now  a  settled thing that
Maddy and .Te*--". both  should go to
N      ^'nrk. Mrs    \gnes to accompany
thorn if sb" oho      end bnvine a general supervi*=in** ���<* her child. This wns
Guy's plan,  thp one  which bad  prevail."1   with   the   fashionable   woman,
wbo. tired of Boston, was well pleased
with   the   prosnr*"*   of   a   life   in   New-
York.  Guy's  interest  in   Maddy  was
whollv FnexoHcah'e to her. unless she
ex-nl^ned it  on  the  principle thnt in
the   Bo*nvn**ton   nature
fondness fnr govnrnei
exemplified  in  ber own
Guy   ***""ld   ever   mnrr..
doubted,  but  the  merp  possibility  of
it  mnde  her  set   her  leetli   firmly  together as she thought bow embarrassing it  would  be  tn acknowledge as
thp   mistress   of   Mkeneide   the  little
(rirl  whom  fhp h**d  soncht to banish
from  her table.  Since  her return she
hnd hnd tin nnr>-v**"Tiitv of iudeine for
hprso" how  matters  stood,  and  was
eonsemiently much relieved when, as
Guy joined them, hp becran at once to
speak  of Lucy,  telline  of the letter,
and her renuest  for Maddy's picture.
"Me'  Mine?    You    cannot    mean
that?"   Mnddv   e-olnimed.   her   eyes
opening wide  with wonder, but Guy
did   mean   it,   and   began  to  plan  a
drive on  tbe  morrow to Devonshire,
where there was at that time a tolerably fair artist.
Accordintrlv. the next day the four
went down to Devonshire, calling first
upon the doctor, whose jace brightened when he heard why they had come.
During tbe weel," that bad passed the
doctor had not been blind to all that
was   passing   at   Aikenside,   and   the
fear that Guv was more interested in
Maddy  than   he  ought  to    be    had
grown  almost  to  a  certainty.    Now,
however, he wns not so sure. Indeed,
the fact that Guv bad told her of Lucy
Atherstone would indicate    that   his
suspicions   were   groundless,   and   he
entered heartily into the picture plan,
sayinjr laughingly that if he supposed
Miss Lucv  would  lilr-e  his  face he d
git himself,  nnd  bidding  Guy to be
sure  to  ask   her.    The  doctor's  gay
spirits helped  raise  those of Maddy,
nnd ns that little bnrnine spot in her
heart was fast wearing away, she was
in just the mood for a most admirable
likeness.  Tndeed.  the  artist's delir-ht
at his  achievement  was  unbounded,
ps he declared it the very best picture
be had ever taken. Tt was beautiful,
even  Aenes  acknowledged to herself,
while Jessie went into raptures, and
Maddv  blushed   to    bear    her    own
praises. Guy said nothing, except to
--i. .���*,������ m���,ih,, sbould sit aeain, this
ter. So Mnddv snt  aeain, succeeding
unite as well ns nt first, but as the artist's preference wns for the former, it
was left to be finished up, with the
understand in<- t'*"t Guy would call for
it.   As  the  ladies  passed   down    the
stairs. Guv lim**e>���d behind, and when
sure they were o"t of hearing, said in
a low v.ice:
"You mnv as "'"'I finish both; they
are too pood to b�� lost."
The artist bowd, nnd Guv, with a
h-ilf-srniltv blosb hurried down into
the street, wlipt-n Aenes was waiting
for him. Two hours later, Guv. in
Mrs. rnnner's n'��rlor, wns exhibiting
the finished picture) which in its
handsome ensin" wns more beautiful
than ever, and more natural, if possible.
"I think I micbt hnve one of Maddy's," Jessie sn*'d. half poutingly;
then, as she ret*"*->mbered the second
sitting, slip begr/ad of Guy to get it
for her. "thnt wc- n dear brother."
But the "dear b-other" did not seem
inclined to comply witb ber request,
putting her off. until, despairing of
success, Jessie, when nlone with the
doctor, tried her powers of persuasion
on him, eonvinjr until in self-defense
be crossed the street, and entering
the daeuerrean gallery askpd for the
remaining picture of Miss Clvde, say-
ine thnt he wished it for little Miss
"Mr. Remineton took them both."
the artist replied, commencing a dissertation on the style and benuty of
the young girl, nil 'of which wns lost
upon the doctor, who, in a kind of
maze, quitted the room, nnd returning
to Jessie, snid "I,, her carelessly: "He
hasn't it. You know they nib out
those thev do tint use. So you'll have
to do without: nnrl. JoftBie. I wouldn't
tell Guy I tri��d to p��l it for you."
Jessie wondered why she must not
tell Guy, but tlie fact that the doctor
requested her nm was sufficient. Consequently, Guy little guessed that
the doctor knew what it wns he carried so carefully in his coat pocket,
looking nt it earnestly when at home
and alone in bis own room, admiring
ita soft, girlish beauty, half shrinking
from the life!'* > expression of the
larpe, bright eyes, and trying to convince himself that his sole object in
pettinp it was to give it to the doctor
after  Mnddy  was gone!  It would  be
such a surprise, and the doctor would
he so glud, that Guy finally made
himself believe that he had done a
m-v** _*Ptiero"s thing!
"I am going to send Lucy your picture to-day, and as she asked that you
should write ber a few lines, suppose
you do it now," Guy said to Maddy
next morning, ns they left the breakfast table.
It was a sore trial to Maddy to
write to Lucy Atherstone, but she offered no remonstrance, and so accompanying tlie picture was a little
not- filled mostly with praises of Mr.
Guy, and which would be very gratifying to the unsuspecting Lucy.
Now that it was fully decided for
Jessie to go witli Mnddy. her lessons
were suspended, and Aikenside for
the time being was turned into a
vast dreBsmakine and millinery establishment. Witb his usual generosity, Guy hnd iriven Agnes permission to draw upon his purse for what-
���?*���"���- was needed, either for herself or
Jessie with tbe definite understanding
that Mnddv Rbonld have an equal
share of dress and attention.
'It will not b** necessary." he said,
"for you to enlhrhten the citizens of
New York with regard to Maddy's
position. She coes there as Jessie's
equal,  and   her   wardrobe    must    he
sufTa bltrr-
No one could live long with Maddy
Clyde without becoming interested in
her.  and  in  spite  of   **erself   Agnea'
,jj.n'-��� waa wearing away, particularly
as of late she had seen no signs of
special attention on the doctor's part.
He had gotten over his weakness, she
thought,   and   so   was   very   gracious
toward Maddy, who, naturally forgiving, began to like her better than she
had ever dreamed it possible for her
to like so proud and haughty a woman. Down at the cottage in Honedale
there  were   many  consultations  held
and many fears expressed by the aged
couple as to what  would  be the result of all  Guy  was doing for their
child.   Womanlike,   Grnndma    Markham felt a flutter of pride in thinking
that Maddy was going to school in a
big city like New York.  It gave ber
something to talk about with ber less
fortunate   neighbors,   who   wondered,
and gossiped,  and  envied,  but could
not bring themselves to feel unkindly
towards  the  girl  Maddy,    who    bad
grown up in their midst, and who, as
yet,  was wholly  unchanged  by  prosperity.  Grandpa  Markham,    on    the
contrary, though pleased that Maddy
should have every opptfFtunity for acquiring the education she so much desired, was fearful of the result���fearful lest there might come a time when
his   darling   would   shrink   from   the
relations  to  whom   she  was  as  sunshine  to the  flowers.   He  knew  that
the difference between Aikens.de and
the cottage must strike her unpleasantly every time she came home, and
he did not blame her for her always
apparent readiness to go back. That
was natural, he thought, but a life in
New  York,  that  great  city  which  to
the  simple-hearted   old   man  seemed
a very Babylon of iniquity, wss different, and for a time he demurred to
sending her there. But Guy persuaded
him. and when be heard that Agnes
was (-nine;, too. he consented, for he
had   faith   in   Acnes  ns   a   protector.
Maddy  had  never  told  him  of    the
scene   wliich   followed     that    lady's
return from Saratoga. Indeed, Maddy
never told nnything but good of Aikenside or its inmates, and so Mrs. Agnea
came in for a share of the old people's gratitude,    while    even    Uncle
Joseph, hearing daily a prayer for the
"young madam,"  as grandpa termed
her, learned to pray for her himself,
coupling ber name with that of Sarah,
and asking in his crazy way that God
would "forgive Sarah" first, and then
"bless  the  madam���the  madam���the
A few days before Maddy's departure, grandpa went up to see "the madam"; anxious to know something
mo* than hearsay nbout a person to
whose care his child was to be part-nil,- intrusted. Agnes was in her
room when told who wanted to see
ueauiy wuiie 'lAdi lUttutyrr" * *V.no
brought the message, flew to her side,
asking in much alarm, what was the
"Only a little faint. It will soon
pass off," Agnes said, and then, dismissing Maddy, she tried to compose
herself sufficiently to pass the ordeal
she so much drended, nnd from which
there was no possible escape.
Thirteen years! Had they changed
her past recognition? She hoped, she
believed so, and vea, never in her life
had Agnes Remington's heart beaten
with so much terror nnd apprehension as when sbe entered the reception room where Guy sat talking with
the infirm old man she remembered
so well. He had grown older, thinner,
poorer looking, than when she saw
him last, but in his wrinkled fnce
there was the same beni; ant. heavenly exprpssion which, wbtii she was
better than she was now, used to remind her of the ancels. His snowy
hair was parted inst the same as ever,
but the mild blue eye was dimmer,
and it rested on her with no suspicious glance, ns, partinlly reassured,
she glided ncross the threshold, and
bowed civilly when Guy presented
A little anxious as to how her
grandfather would acquit himself,
Maddy sat by, wondering wby Agnes
appeared so ill at ease, and why her
erandsire started sometimes nt' the
sound of her voice, and looked earnestly nt her.
"We've never met before to my
'���"" "'"dee, young woman," he said
once to Aenes, "hut you are mighty
like somebody, and your voice, when
you talk low. keeps makin' me jump
as if I'd heard it sum'ers or other."
After that Agnes spoke in elevated
tones, as if she thought him deal, and
the mystified look of wonder did not
return to his face. Numerous were
the charges he gave to Alice concerning Mnddv. bidding her be watchful of his child, and see that she did
no', "get too much drinked in with
the wicked things on Broadway'."
then, as he arose to go, he laid bis
trembling hand on her head and said
solemnly: "You nre young yet, Indv.
and there may be a long life before
vo- God bless vou, then, and prnsm i
you in proportion ns you are kind In
Maddv. I've nothing to give you nor
Mr. Guy for your goodness only un
prayers., and ^them   you   have   ov-i.
day. We all pra. Ior you, lady, Jos
eph and all, though I doubt me Ik
knows much thc meaning of what b_
"Who, sir? What did you say?" and
Agnes' face wus scarlet, as grandpa
replied: 'Joseph, our unfortunate
boy; Maddy must have told you, tbe
one who's taken such a shine to Jessie. He's crazy-like, and from the
corner where he sits so much, I can
hear him whispering by the hour,
sometimes of folks he used to know,
and then of you, who we call madam.
He says for ten minutes on the
stretch* 'God biess the madam���the
madam���the madam!' You're sick,
lady*, talkin' abo it crazy folks makes
you faint," grandpa added, hastily,
ns Agnes turned white as the dress sho
"No-oh, no, I'm better now," Agnes gasped, bowing him to the door
with a feeling that she could breathe
no longer in bis presence.
He did not. hear her faint cry of
bitter, bitter remorse, as he walked
through the hall nor know she watched bim as he wnt slowly down the
walk, stopping '.'ten to admire tiie
fair b1n��flO*nf_ ��*' ;cb Mnddy did not
fee, "I libvitv t.   oick.
'He   loved   fi*   Ters,"   Agnes   whispered, as her b   ter nature prevailed
over every  othe    feeling,  and,'Start-
\ ing   eagerly   foi ..ard,   she   ran   after
the old  man,  who,  surprised  at  her
I evident haste, waited a little anxious-
i ly for-her to speak.
It was rather difficult to do so with
Maddy's inquirin: eyes upon her, but
Agnes managed nt last to" say:
"Does that crr.'.y man like flowers
���the one who prays for the madam?"
"Yes, he used to years ago," grandpa replied; and bending down, Agnes began to pi"1 and arrancre into a
most tasteful lviquet the blossoms
and buds of May, glowing so profusely within the borders.
"Take them to him, will you?" and
her hand shook as she passed to
Grandna Markham the gift which
would thrill poo* crazy Joseph with
a strange deli"' ��� ma'ung him hold
converse a wli*' with the unseen
presence which e called "she," and
then whisper b'essings on the madam's bead.
Tt.*}- days af'er this, a paity of
four left Aikensb1 \ which presented a
most forlorn an'' cheerless appearance to tbe passers-by, who were glad
almost as tlie servants when, at the
expiration of a week, Guy came back
and took up bis olden life of solitude
and loneliness, with nothing in particular to interest him, except his
books nnd tlie litters he wrote to
Lucy; unless, indeed, it were those
he was going to write to Maddy, who,
with Jessie, hnd promised to become
hi. correspondent. Nothing but these
and the picture the doctor's picture���
the one designed expressly for him,
ai. which troubled hiin greatly. Believing that he bad fully intended it
for the doctor, Guy felt as if it were,
in a measure, stolen property, and
this made him prize it all the more.
Now that Muddy was away Guy
missed her terribly, wondering how
he had ever lived without her, and
sometimes working himself into a
violent passion against the meddle
some neighbors who would not let be:
remain with bim in peace, and who
now that she was gone, did not stop
their talking one whit. Of this last
however, he was ignorant, as there wa
no one to tell him how people ma
veled more than ever, feeling con
fid nt now that he was educating hi
own wife, and making sundry hatefn
remarks as to wbat he intended do
ing with her relations. Guy only knev
that he was very lonely, that Lucy':
letters seemed insipid, tbat even tlu
deetor failed to interest him as o'
old, and that his greatest comfort wai-
in looking at tbe bright young face
���*.���-�����'��� seemed to smiie so trustfulh
nun" him from tbe tiny casing just as
Maddy had smiled upon him when, in
Mi.*-1""!    's   narlor,   he   bade    he1*
good-by. The doctor could not havt
that picture, he finally decided. Hal
ought to be satisfied with getting
Maddy, as of course he would, for
wasn't he educating her for that very
purpose? Certainly he was, and as a
kind of atonement for what he deemed treachery to liis friend, he talked
with him often of her, always taking
flelic   of   Crusades   Which   Preserves
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ie Kaiser brought to England m,
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'lhe Kaiser lias three nicknames
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more   than
the little girl who had come to him
in his capacity of inspector, as candidate number one. At flrst the doctor
suspi^cted him of acting a part in order to cover up some design of his
own with regard to Maddy, and affected an indifference he did not feel; but,
as time passed on, Guy, who really
believed himself sincere, managed to
make the doctor believe so too. Con-
suspicio'ns, and'gave tninse'J -dp *���__
blissful dreams of what might possibly be when Maddy should have become the brilliant woman (he was
sure one day to be. Alaal for
doctor's dreams.
(To be Continued.)
Angelina Would Havo to Go Hungry if
She Married Raatui.
As their wedding day approached
they sat down one evening to figure a
bit on household expenses. He got out
pencil and paper and put down coal
und wood and gas and rent, but as
they came to provisions a worried look
appeared on his face.
"Ah 'spec' It's gwine ter cost a heap
ter feed us, Angelina," he remarked,
with a deep sigh, as he paused to sharpen bis pencil.
"Huh! Doan' you* 'spec' Ab lcin cook
wldout wastin'?" she asked. "Yo jes'
go on now an' put down wot we'll hah
fo' one Sunday dinnah, nn' ye'll dun
see It ain't gwlne ter cost slch a heap,
'lease Ah'll make wot's left ober las' all
week. Qo on, Kastus, an' den we'll Agger on de price later. Now, one five
pound ch It ken."
"Uli-huli, mall lub."
"One quart ob potatoes."
"Uii-bnii. mall empress."
"One loaf ob bread."
"llb-buli. angel ob paradise."
"One can ob tomatoes."
"IJti-hiih, mali pearl."
"One can ob cn'u."
"Uh-biib, mull rosebud."
"A quart oil unions."
"Ub-litih. queen nb kings."
"One dozen hamulus."
"Uh-liuh, gem of rubles."
"A put eh coffee."
"Ub bub. mail pink dove."
"An' a mliico pie, Well. Ah reckon
tint's about nil.    An' now"���
"Hoi* on. tinr. Angelina!" he Intel*
ruptcd as lie looked over the list. "Yo'sj
dun made a big mistake yere."
'���How's dat?" she asked.
"Why," be said, "yo'a only dun nam
ed wot Ah glnerally eats inahself fo
Sunday dlnnali. Wot yo' gwlne ter
She looked at hlm speechless with as
tonlshnieut for a moment or two; then
realizing that with his appetite the*
could never marry nn i.14 per week,
she uttered a shriek that was heard
all over the neighborhood and spooned
at hla feet���A. B, Lewis in Judge.
A qiiiirrynian was charged with assaulting one of liis mates, and when
the case was carried into court an
eyewitness of tlie occurrence gave
tome  curious  evidence.
"He tuk a pick an' be tuk a pick,"
the witness began, "an' he hit him
wid his pick, an' he hit bim wid his
pick; an' if he'd hit him wid his as
hard as he hit him wi(|,ji\ifuil1ie1'lijlll[iave
Youth's Companion.
Mrs.  Wiggs���Cook has only  broken
/he dish today, dear.
Mi*. Wiggs���That's better
t happen'*'
Mrs.   Wiggs- It   was   tin
How did
last   one.
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The consumption of beer in Great
ititain has declined steadily from
������2.2!) gallons per head of the population in 1900 to 27.81 last year.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
Wanted   to  be  Buried
Tlie  affable Captain  Dugge,  of the
Hamburg-American liner Prince Oscar
was   cuiiini seiating   with     u    seaside
"Seasickness, sir," said the captain, "is a very nasty thing, Some
people's sufferings, though, are fur
more atrocious titan yours. I once
carried a Philadelphian who suffered
"At the height of his seasickness
this poor Philadelphian beckoned his
wife to his bedside and said in a
.veak  voice:���
" 'Jenny, my will is in the Comntet-
���inl Trust Company's care. Everything is left to you, dear. My
ious stocks you will find in my
deposit box.'
"The man paused and sighed. Then
he said fervently:���
" 'And Jenny, bury me on the other
���liile. I can't stand this trip again,
alive or dead.' "
We All Have Missions in the World
���There is a work to do for every man
on earth, there is a function to perform for everything on earth, animate
and inanimate. Everything has a
mission, and tlie mission of Dr. Tho
mas' Kclectric Oil is to heal burns and
wounds of every description and cure
coughs, colds, croup and all affections
of tlie respiratory organs.
Willie Nabors���Ma wants ter borrer
yer wheelharrer.
Mrs. Houser���She probably wants
it to wheel buck the other things she's
borrowed. Better still I I will send
over tlie transfer man.
, Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches anc
Bvery form of contagious Itch on liu
man or animals cured in 30 minute,
by  Wolforrrl's  Sanitary   Lotion.
Tommy���Teacher, may I go out to
Teacher���That is unnecessary, Tommy. You can sneeze in here without
disturbing anybody.
Tommy���I guess you have never
heard  nie sneeze.���Chicago Tribune.
Liniment    Cures     Diph
An Illinois politician who once delivered wbnt seemed to him an excellent
and striking speech un the trust question waii most anxious to ascertain Its
effect upon the Democratic part of his
audience, these for the most part being
"Wns the speech to your liking, Pat?"
lie asked an old friend In the audience.
"Sure, It were a grand speech," averred Tat In a tone of such sincere admiration that the politician felt moved to
Investigate further.
"Was there uny part of it more tban
another that seemed to hold you?" the
speaker asked.
"Well, now thnt ye nsk mo, I'll tell
ye," responded the Celt. "What took
me most, sir, was yere perseverance���
the way ye whit over the sume thing
ng'lu uu:l ng'ln."   Harper's Weekly.
the dramatist, 'we
who loves his wife
loves her husband."
"Here,"   said
have a husband
and a wife who
"How am I to construct a drama
from such material?" ��� Louisville
remarked  the  de-
seem to be around
"Some people,'
moralize!*, "never
when   wanted."
"Well," rejoined the mornlizer, "it
is better to be absent when wanted
than to be present when ynu arc not
want____i'���Chicago  Daily  News.
Mr. Mason rubbed the edges of the
sunshade with discriminating lingers
while his wife listened to the saleswoman's enumeration of its good
"This is ten dollars, isn't it?" be
"Oh no." replied the saleswoman,
reproachfully, "it's nine dol'ars nnd
eighty-nine   cents."
"She seems to regard the eleven
aents as particularly invidious ���I
wonder why?" whispered Mr. Miuson
to his wife.
"Not at all," said Mrs. Mason with
mild heat, "nothing 'invidious' about
it. Only, very naturally, it touched
the girl not to have you perceive that
ynu were getting a bargain."���Boston
Mr. A. S. E. Ackermann Hastens the
End  ol  Cherished   Delusions.
To unlearn is a much harder task
than to louni. So, ut least, we art
assured by Mr. A. S. E. Ackermann
whose recently published volume, entitled "Popular Fallacies," lias undoubtedly hastened the end of man>
cherished delusions wliich hitherto
seemed fated to die a lingering death.
In his preface, Mr. Ackermann
states that his object is not merel.
t*i outline the fallacies���from wliich.
by the way, he rigidly excludes all
to'sliow'cxiicuj*llf!.*. .,ls...{.ar .__! P��?sibl_3:
and in the main he has succeeded.
Here, for example, ia bow Mr.
Ackermann disposes of the very common fallacy "that the sun when shining upon a fire in a grate or stove
puts it out":���
If it be a bright sunny day, whether in thc autumn or winter, one
does not feel so cold as on a duy (of
the same temperature) which is damp
and dull; consequently the fire does
not receive the assiduous attention
it does on the dull, damp day, and
it expresses its feelings by going
out or getting very low. Again, the
contrast between the firelight und the
the dim light of the dull duy; hence
the lire appears to be burning less
brightly when the sunlight is on it
than it really is; and if you will take
thc trouble, next time the opportunity
occurs, of pulling down the blinds
s) as to darken the room, you will
find the fire appears brighter at once.
It could not have "burnt up" in the
minute it took you to let the blinds
Literary misconceptions, Mr. Ackermann reminds ns nre more numerous
than we are inclined to think, nnd
the examples he gives, under the beading of "General Misinformation," appear to bear out liis contention. How
many of us have cherished the fond
delusion that the "Land o' the Leal"
means Scotland, and that the "Heart
ot Midlothian" is another iiame for
Scotland's c'pit-1? As a ma'ter of
fact, says Mr. Ackerman. the "Land
o' the Leal" isn't Scotland at all:
It is a mythical land of happiness.
Lady Nairne. in her poem 'if that
name, uses it for Heaven, and On'
use has now lvon'tir* an accepted one
"Heart of Midlothian" is not Edinburgh, but tlie old jnil of that city.
Some Englishman one's bent on saying something pretty in a public
speech about Mr. Gladstone, hoped
h" would soon return to the "Heart
of Midlothian I"
Thos. Sabin, Kglinton, says: "I
have removed ten corns from my feci
witli Hollowny's Com Cure." Reader, go thou and do likewise.
'11 have   to ��_nd for another
said  the one  who had  been
after a glance at the patient.
I so sick as that?" gasped the
"I dou't know just how sick you
ne," replied the man of medietas,
'but 1 know you're the lawyer who
aross-examined me when I appeared
is an expert witness. My conscience
A'on't let me kill you, and I'll be
Hinged if I want to cure you. Good
day_."���Philadelphia   Ledger.
She (indignantly)���You had no bu
iness to kiss nie!
He���But it wasn't business; it wat,
piSttBUrU,���* I R*h-��t.-U|r.
"T suffer dretful from corns," re
marked an elderly citizen who was
waiting for a car. "They make life
i burden to me."
"I can tell you of a remedy," de-
���lared   the   man   with   mouse-colored i for the defence, "i" object
"You beat everyone in the shorthand  speed class."
"Y'es, the teacher called me a fool
in the middle of the class, and 1 got
>i such a rage that I wrote two hundred words a minute." ��� Fliegende
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Wigs���Do you still keep up your
friendship  witli   the  Joneses?
Digs���We see them very little, but
ne annoy eacli other with Christmas
presents every year.���Pittsburg Leader.
"I will ask you now," the attorney
'or Uie prosecution said to tlie witnes*
'if the defendant in this case confess-
}d to you his motive in shooting the
Hold on!" interposed the attorney
A  N:r-e Job.
A  poor  laboring  man  was  rece
. fined and bound over to make his wife.
[a very garrulous and qtiairelsoine woman, keen tlie peace for six months
It would he curious to trace how th"
Unfortunate husband aeenmplishei'
such a feat, but it was doubtless
achieved through the pressure whicli
magisterial authority had placed on
his unfortunate shoulders.
&  PILLS'   ^
vUn ' J I . - -v
Silenced the Sultan.
Sir Charles Euan Smith was once
the British minister in Morocco. On
one occasion he found it necessary to
make some strong remarks, which
gave great offence to the Sultan. "I
could kill you for less than that," exclaimed the dusty potentate, with a
prim smile. "Of course you could,"
i >p!ied Sir Charles pleasantly, "but
i vou did there would never again
I* a S Itan of Morocco." The Sultan
laid  no more,
Troubled  With Servants, Perhaps.
"Well, how do you and your wife
like housekeeping?" asked Elder.
"Well," replied Yoimgman, "we���er���
don't think we like It us a whole."
"Not ns a whole, eh?"
"No: we think we'd enjoy it better
broken up." - Catholic Standard aud
whiskers, "that will drive away
corns  within  48 hours."
"You kin?"
"I can."
"I'll  be  eternally  grateful  to  yoi:.,
"Don't mention  it,  my  good   m.t-.
Whenever   I   can   relieve   a   suffering
mortal, 1 am only too glad.   N
just practise deep breathing
But the elderly citizen  snorted  in- j
digiinntly  and  walked  off  muttering. |
I only want to find out whether���"
"I object!"
Legal wrangle of half an hour.
"The   witness  may  answer,"  ruled
die Judge.
"Now, then, sir, I will ask you again
did or did not the prisoner confess to
you  his  motive   in  shooting  the  de-
w you, ceased?"
He did "
'What was it?"
'He wanted to kill him.'
the quickest
cough & cold
Get a bottle to-day from your -druggist. If
it doesn't cure you quicker than anything
you ever tried he'll give you your money back
Shiloh's is tlie best, safest, surest and quickest medicine for your children's coughs
and colds. It has been curing coughs and colds for 34 years. All druggists���
25c., 50c, and $1.00 a bottle. .
Easy and Warm
You don't have
to wear arctics,
rubbers or overstockings with
Elmira Felt Shoes.
The felt itself is lighter than
leather. Your feet can't get cold
in Elmira Felts, no matter how
low the temperature falls.
Look for the trademark���shown above
���ou the sole, insist on having the
���genuine Elmira Felts.
Sold by  Loading   Doalera 36
W.    N.    U.    No.   670.
Taken  Literally.
"I wouldn't give a straw for the man
who Is continually drinking."
"Such a man wouldn't use It If you
did."'���Cleveland Plain Iieitlur,
MONTHS, and your wholesaler is in a position to supply your requirements in what is acknowledged to be
"Always���E/rywhere in Canada���Use   Etdy'     Matches."
Some Salts have '^e9* lime and other
impurities in them���which makes them
coarse and gritty.
���on chemical analysis���was found to
be the purest of the principal brands on
the British and American market.
Wanted Revenge
Wanted Revenge
A stupid-looking fellow sauntered
into an ir.vii works, and asked the
lirst man he met for work. For a joke
the workman pointed to an old grind-
Rtnne.   which   bad   Ioiil'   been   out   of
trtL*   *.*. ui rvrrr.r i r   jtuiui'-w   i -..   _,.	
���stone,   wliich   had  long   been   out  of
use,and   said:---
"Yes,   1   think  so.   Turn  the  wheel
of the stone."    Tlie man commenced
and tried at his useless job
During a week-end visit in the south
<>! Scotland, writes a correspondent.
1 could not refrain from expressing
my admiration at the buxom appearance of my hostess' maid. Tlie eldest
(laughter of tbe house assured me
tbat my opinion was shared by the
young men in the neighborhood, who
contend i for the privilege of a Sunday walk with her. I asked her on
Saturday who was tbe favored one for
the morrow, but, with national caution, she  only  said:
"It'll no be Jimmie, onyway. for I
saw liis shirt on tbe hedge, and it
wunna be diy by tlie morn."���Manchester Guardian.
While more prevalent in winter
when sudden changes in the weathei
try the strongest constitutions, cold:
and coughs and ailments of the throat
may conic in any season. At the
first sign of derangement use Bickle's
Anti-Consuinptive Syrup. Instant
relief will be experienced, nnd use oi
tlie medicine until the cold disap
pears will protect the lungs from at
tack. For anyone with throat or chest
weakness it cannot be surpassed.
" Rastus," s'aid the neighbor. "I'd
like to borrow thnt mule of yours."
"Goodness sakes. boss," was the
reply, "I'd like to 'commodate you;
but I's hud some 'sperience wif de
law. If a man is 'sponsible fob de
acts of his agent, an' I was to lend
tint mule out, it wouldn't be no time
befo' I was arrested for assassination!"���Washington  Star.
$100   REWARD,   $100
The readers ot this paper will be pleas
ed t learn that there is at least 'one
dreaded disease that science has been able
to cure in alt its stages, and that is Ca
tarrh Hull's Oatarrh Cure is the only
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease, requires constitution
al treatment. Hall . C tarrh Oure is tak
en internally, acting directly- upon tho
blood and nvicous surfaces of the syBtem.
thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, r I giving the patient strength
hy building up the constitution and as
siBting nature Id doing its work. The
proprietors have so mu h fnith in its cur
ative powers that they offer One Hun
dred Dollars for any case that it fails to
cure.   Send for list of testimonials.
Address F*. J   OHENEY & CO.. Toledo. 0
Sold  bv  al'  Druggists, 75c
Take Hall's Family PillB for constlpa
An Oxford undergraduate was reciting a memorized oration in one of
the classes in public speaking. After
the first two sentences his memory
failed and a look of blank despair
came over his face. He began as
"Ladies and Gentlemen ��� Pitt is
dead.    Fox  is dead.      Gladstone    is
dead" Then, forgetting, he btsitat
ed for a moment, and continued,
"and���1���1���1 am beginning io feel
pretty sick myself."���Lloyd's Weekly.
"Johnny, you must comb your hair
before you come to school."
"1 ain't got no comb."
"Borrow your father's."
"Pa ain't got no comb, neither."
"Doesn't  be   comb  bis   hair?"
"He   ain't   got  no  hair."���Houston
Marion, who has been taught to
report her misdeeds promptly, came
to her mother one day sobbing penitently.
"Mother. I���I���broke a brick in the
"Well, that is not very bard to remedy. 1'ut bow nn earth did you do
it, child?"
"I pounded it with father's watch. '
���Youth's Companion.
"It is impossible," cried Mr. Nag-
get finally, "for us to live together
and not quarrel."
"Hut." snapped Mrs. Naggot, "it is
impossible not to quarrel if neither
of us speak."
"Of course, but as T say, it s impossible for us to live together and
not quarrel."
Your Hair
Is it inclined to run awiy?
Don't punish it with a cruel
brush and comb. Feed it, nourish it, save it with Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula.
Then your hair will remain at
home, on your head, where it
belongs. An elegant dressing.
Keeps 'he scalp healthy.
Does not change the color of the halt.
Formula with oaeh bottle
Show it to jour
Ask him about It,
then do aa h* says
"acred   Edifice   Which  Abounds  With
Historical Memories.
The f*,lling from the tower of Christ
Church Cathedral, D"b!in, of the
lalf-ton weight which supplies the
notor power for the bells, owing to
he snapping of the stetl rope con-
aecting it with the carillons, will recall an ancient mishap to this fabric.
In 1502, during tbe vice-royalty of the
Eftri of Sussex, a near relative of Sir
Philip Sydney, the celebrated soldier
ind scholar of the Elizabethan Court,
the roof and part of the body of Christ
Church fell, by which Strongbow's
monument was injured. The stone
for tbe repairing of the building owing
to the injuries thus sustained waa
procured from the quarry at Donny-
btook, which is now filled with water,
md the account furnished to the
���>*hedral authorities for this stone
i the receipt for its price are still
jeserved among the Cathedral arch-
ves. It is not. perhaps, generally
'mown tbat Dublin is the only city
with the exception of Salamanca, in
which two cathedrals���Christ Church
ind St. Patrick's-which both belong
to tbe Protestant Church are in the
possession of one and the same religious communion. Christ Church
..otinds with historic memories. It
possesses the heart of St. Laurence
O'Toole, the great Archbishop of Dub-
���in, which is preserved in a casket.
It was in olden times a fnvorite place
for the meeting of tbe Irish Parliament, and in a Parliament hidden in
ibis cathedral the exclusion of Catholics from tbe Irish Parliament WW
effeoted. In 1487 Lambert Simnel, the
imposter who personated the Earl of
Warwick, who was then a close
orisoner in the Tower of London, wa��
crowned in Christ Church by the
name of Edward VI., Thomas Eit?,-
Oerald. Fnrl of Kildare, the Lord Deputy, being present. Simnel was subsequently ennt.nred bv Henn* VII.,
made a scullion In the King's kitchen,
and eventually advanced to the rank
of a falconer. It was in Christ Church
Cathedral that the services of the
Catholic Church were held for the last
time in a church belonging to the
English Church Establishment. During the stnv of James II. in Dublin,
in 1649, Catholic services were held
in Christ Church, nnd tbe altar, the
candlesticks, nnd the tabernacle then
nSoH are still preserved in the Cathedral. At a later period it. wa?
from the pnln-t of Christ Church Ca- j
thedral that the violation of the Treaty ���
of Limerick was flrsl recommended.
Dr. Dopping t**- Prot*��*t**"t Bishon
of Meath. prear-binrr in Christ Church,
openly advocated the violation of thnt
treaty, on tlie grnnnd that it wns not
obligatory to keep faith with Papists.
Home Secretary Says to Abolish Them
Would   Result   in   Disaster.
The British barmaid is safe. At
least she will not be legislated out of
existence by the present Liberal Government. The report was circulated
that Home Secretary Gladstone was
contemplating tbe inclusion of a
clause in his forthcoming bill relating
to the reform of the license law. that
should declare the employment of
girls and women in bars illegal.
A deputation accordingly waited upon the Home Secretary for the purpose of showing him that such legislation would inflict great harm upon
a large nnd generally deserving class
of women, nnd that barmaids, on the
whole, were better paid and better
looked after than women of any other
trade  followed  by  Englishwomen.
Mr. Gladstone in reply, said the
Government realize tbat any drastic
provisions to check, diminish, or put
an end to the employment of women
behind tbe bar might have an immediate result far more disastrous
than nny mischiefs accruing from the
present system.
"I have lived in this world half a
century," he added, "and I have not
been a teetotaler, and I certainly had
my full share of experience of the conditions of employment in licensed
premises nt one time of my life���I am
not, I would have you understand,
alluding to my recent years. Speaking
of these earlier days, I may say there
were few queer holes or dark corners
in London that I did not explore.
"Indeed, I may go so far as to say
that in the search for truth���as I hope
it was���and of legitimate knowledge,
I was brought to n knowledge of conditions which are perhaps hidden
even from those whom I have the
honor to address. I do not wish to
exaggerate anything, but I do think
there are conditions in certain places
which nre morally, physically, and
economically bad."
The Times says that the reformers
havo not provided other employment
for the hundred thousand women now
behind bars. It asks: "Are they to
compete for places in the tea shops?
The tearoom girl is exposed to more
temptation of a certain kind than
the barmaid."
Buy Coal  In Britain.
A German syndicate has acquired
2,000 acres in the Kentish coal fields,
and is arranging to start work at
once between Dover and Canterbury.
About twelve months ngo some coal
mining experts from Westphalia paid
a visit to the Dover colliery works,
and were very much struck with the
similarity of the statu to those in
some of the best German coal fields.
A second visit was paid to Dover
about six months ago, ami since tbat
time negotiations have been going on
for the acquisition of part of the proved land between Dover and Canterbury.
Experts were sent from Westphalia
to make full enquiries on behalf of
a syndicate of Berlin bankers and
financiers. Tliey returned to Berlin
aft,*r completing enquiries, which
were so satisfactory thnt a contract
for the purchase of 2,000 acres was
entered  into.
The site selo.ted by the Germans
will be the nearest pit to the port of
Dover, the area being only about two
miles  inland.
Among tbe conl seams proved at
Dover is one of very valuable steam
coal, to wliich. it is stated the Ger
mans attach grent importance.
3ritish Journals Protest That Limerick
Craze Should Be Stopped.
Many people are asking wherein the
Limerick competitions of tbe English
>eriodicals differ from lotteries and
���allies. The claim is made by the
irganizers of the contests that every
'fifth line" to these complete verses iB
tveighed in the balance. But judging
tlike from the enormity of the task
md the worthlessness of some of the
prize-winning answers, it is gravely
ioubtful whether the scrutiny is very
���lose. It is urged on many sideB that
Limerick competitions are lotteries
pure and simple, and should be suppressed.
One weekly, after retaining over
*2,000 has still $16,500 left for distribution. The first twenty competitors
nill each receive $625 for a line of
ll'.eged poetry. The vast sum received
ihows how extensive is the new craze,
for it comprises 150,000. sixpences.
That each of these answers is carefully examined is a contention that
tan scarcely be accepted.
The judging is supposedly done by
the editor and some novelist of standing. But The British Weekly claims
that the real work is done as follows:
--In the first place a number of clerks
Open the envelopes, carefully remove
the "tanners," and throw in the
waste-paper basket such lines thst
make no attempt at scanning. Further sifting takes place, and finally a
few hundred answeis nre sent up to
the referees for final adjudication.
Frequently it hnppens that two contestants send in identically the same
lines; one gets a large cash prize and
the other is ignored. But the aggrieved one. having agreed to accept
tbe editor's decision as final, has no
Advertisements are also published
of firms that will Supply missing lines
Ior such people as have not enough
poetic invention to write their own
guesses. Most of these lines incline
to that lowest form of wit-puns. But
the claim is made that many purchasers at these poetic tips have carried off substantial prizes.
The suggestion is also made by
London Truth that many faulty and
foolish lines are included among the
prize-winners to gull into the competition a class of people who in any
bona-fide contest of brain would not
have the least possible chance. While
not making any insinuation aa to the
probity of the judges, it will be interesting to read a Limerick that has
just captured a $225 reward of merit���
A short-sighted sportsman of Bray
Shot straight at a partridge one day,
But a pig in the field
Gave a jump and then squealed
Ditto���3 Bheep, 2 cows, 1 horse (bay).
"This fad," Bays the British
Weekly, "has come to a point at
which it is necessary for the moral
health of the nation to call a halt.
We hope to hear that action is taken
and we especially hope to hear that
some of the great newspaper proprietors who began the use of Limericks
without any evil intention, will now
desist in the interests of the people,
"If these competitions are not illegal, there is no reason why a Limerick shop should not be opened, where
you could go in, fill in a coupon,
hand in sixpence, and have the decision published outside the shop that
Gangs  of  Recently   Released  Thieves
Seem  to   Cause   Epidemic.
London and the suburbs are suffering from a burglary epidemic more
serious than any hitherto experienced
in the neighborhood of the metro^
North, south, east and west, expert
gangs are at work making rich hauls.
Many of them are masked burglars
and do not hesitate, when the circumstances require it, to display, if not to
use, arms.
Cricklewood is one of the districts
most affected, and a veritable reign
of terror exists among householders
there. Gangs are also exceptionally
busy in Surbiton and the surrounding country, where ui least a dozen
daring burglaries have taken place of
"The view taken by the police," a
prominent insurance official says, "is
that the extraordinary prevalence of
burglary is due to Herbert Gladstone's action in granting wholesale
remission of sentences to criminals
Berving terms of imprisonment under
six months.
"This mistaken act of clemency haa
resulted in London and the suburbs
being flooded with thieves and burglars, who have taken advantage of
their unexpected freedom to exercise
their talents during-, the dark and
foggy autumn nights."
The police are not indifferent or inactive, though they are largely blamed
by the sufferers. Every article stolen
has been fully described, and complete lists have been sent round to
jewelers and pawn-brokers.
Special plain clothes men have been
put on, with instructions to watch for
any ticket-of-leave man or ex-convict
who  may  be  prowling around.
"There are many of these characters
of whom we have lost trace," said a
Scotland Yard detective to an Express
representative recently.
"I firmly believe that it is these
men who are doing the mischief. They
have quitted their usual haunts, and
are ns slippery as ells. But they will
be taken sooner or Inter."
The History of a Fool Can  Never Be
Written, Because it Never Could
Record the Truth, and History Knows Nought but
The immortal poet who asked this
important and meaningful question
was one of the keenest dissectors of
human nature. One of the most striking illustrations of this truth came
to light a few days ago, when a man
lying on his dying bed with consumption was recommended by his own
brother and sister, in the presence of
us, to take Psychine, as it had cured
both of them, an heriditary predisposition to 'ung weakness being somewhat strongly marked in the family.
The answer was, "Yes, if the doctor
recommends it." But, as was to be
expected, the doctor said, "Ob, I can
give just as good medicine as Psychine." Result: Tbe doctor's patient,
who got "just as good medicine as
Psvchine," is in his cold, cold grave
today, while his brother and sister,
botli of whom were pronounced as
hopeless consumptives by the best
physicians, through taking Psychine
are* as healthy specimens of humanity
as can be found. The brother wbo had
been cured, said to the writer, beside
the grave of his brother, "What fools
we mortals be," referring to his brother's following the advice of an unwise medical adviser.
"I herewith send my photo and testimonial for Psychine. I was given up
IG yeurs ago as an incurable consumptive, by Prof. Lyman, Hush Medical
College", Chicago. I suffered several
vears after this until I heard of Psychine, und through it I wns restored
to perfect health, which 1 have enjoyed, for the past ten years. My
sickness began first with catarrh of
the head. I readily advise catarrh
and la grippe sufferers to take Psychine.
"Lyndull,  Man."
Psychine (pronounced si-keen) is
the most wonderful cure known to
medical science for coughs, colds, la
grippe, catarrh, pneumonia, pleurisy
night sweats, chills, wasting diseases,
consumption and stomach troubles.
At all druggists, 50c and $1.00, or Dr.
T. A. Slocum, Limited. 179 King St.
���west.  Toronto.
Cyrus���Say, Mandy, yer know that
we're tlie biggest fools in tlie world.
Mandy���What on earth are ye talk-
in' about now, Cy?
Cyrus���Hain't we bin tellin' the
voung ones thet there wuz er real
Santa Claus an' we didn't believe it
ourselves. Well, blame me, if I didn't
sec the old man walkin' erbout in a
store winder in New York���Pittsburg
Woman's Toe Saved bv Zam-Buk
But for the timely arrival of a box
of Zam-Buk, Mrs. E. Pi Fonger, 34
Mvrtle St., St. Thomas, Ont., would
have lost her toe. She says: "For
about nine months I suffered cruelly
from the effects of having a corn removed from my little toe, for with its
removal a hole remained and my toe
was in a terrible state. For months I
was unable to wear a shoe and as the
toe showed no signs of healing and
was in such a shocking condition the
Doctor thought it necessary to amputate it. About this time I received a
sample box of Zam-Buk and began using it on my toe. The first application
gave me the greatest ease from pain
and encouraged me to give Zam-Buk
a thorough trial. Two months alter
commencing with Zam-Buk there was
no sign of a hole for the flesh had
grown in very firmly and all soreness
and pains were entirely banished.
Zam-Buk brought about this healing
when all other remedies failed."
Zam-Buk heals cuts, bruises, old
wounds, running sores, eczema, ulcers, boils, eruptions, scalp sores, itch,
piles, chapped hands, bums, scalds,
and all skin diseases. 50c. box, ull
druggists and stores, or Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto.    3 boxes $1.25.
"When I heah you tawk about bavin' a even tempah," said the Kentucky colonel, "I cain't he'p thainkin'
of Jack Chinn and whut oie man Hut-
chins used to say of him back theah
in Harrodsburg. Oie man Hutchins
used to say: 'Jack Chinn, he's jes
about the nios*-even tempahed man
evah wus in the wuhld, he is, Madd
all  the time.' "���Argonaut.
We certainly believe this, or we would
not siy so. Ayer's Hair Vigor, as now
made from our new improved formula,
is a great preparation for the hair and
scalp. Stops falling hair. Cures dandruff.    Promotes the growth of hair.
��� ���Mint by tha J. O. Ayr Co., Lowell. Main.���
Old Fogy.
Old fogy means uu old military pensioner. Tbe term comes from the oil
pensioners of Edinburgh custle, whosf
chief business wus to (tie the guns ot
assist in quelling street riots.
Bath For Rheumatic Sufferers.
Persons who nre rheumatic will lie
benefited by hot bulbs to which oil oi
turpentine Is added. A good mixture
to add to a hot bath Is made of fifty
grams of green soap and thirty grams
of oil of turpentine. These Ingredleuts
should be mixed together and sbakei>
Up-to-Date   Diplomatist.
Sir Eldon Gorst, Lord Cromer s successor in Egypt, lias managed to shock
Cairo���not that people think it will
do Cairo uny barm- by driving his
own motor-car, and by calling on the
Duke and Duchess of Devonshire clad
in white duck trousers, grey coat, and
soft felt bat. Sir Eldon Gorst is going to reduce Knglish officials and
put in tlieir places Egyptians, especially in the Irrigation Department
This has caused consternation among
the natives who own land. One declared angrily "Tbis means bakshish
(bribery) and the kourbash (whipping)
again." It would surprise many to
'know, writes a Cairo correspondent,
!the absolute faith and trust they have
in the integrity of the English irrigation officer.
We publish simple, straight testimonials, not press agents' interviews,
from  well-known people.
From all over America they testify
to  the   merits  of  MINARD'S  LINIMENT, the best of Household Remedies.
The proprietor of a hotel, hearing of
of the whereabouts of a guest who had
deoamped from his establishment
without going through the formality
of paying his bill, sent him a note���
"Dear Sir���Will you send me amount of your bill, and oblige?
To which the delinquent replied:
"The amount is $47.50���Yours respectfully."���Philadelphia   Inquirer.
A Richmond housekeeper had occasion many times to employ a certain odd character of the town, known
as Aunt Cecelia Cromwell.
The old woman had not been seen
in tiie vicinity of tbe house for a long
time until recently, when the lady
of the house said to her*.
"Good morning, Aunt Cecelia. Why
aren't you washing nowadays?"
"It's dis way, Miss Annie," replied
Aunt Cecelia indulgently. "I's been
out o' wuhk so long dat now when I
could wuhk I find I's done lost mah
taste  fob  it."���Lippincott's.
Old Helmets.
Many helmets of the fourteenth century were provided with door visors,
opening laterally on binges.
Effect if an Iceberg.
Newfoundland has at times a pecul-
iai visitor, which is thus described:
"The occasional grounding of an immense iceberg a short distance from
the shore produces an astonishing local
climatic change during Its stay, preventing the ripening of crops aud garden fruits, but presenting at sunset
magnificent prismatic or iridescent effect*."
IOC.      The latest
black plug
chewing tobacco.
How   Millions   Are   Handled   In   Famous Old  Lombard Street.
In Lombard street, famous all the
world over as the little narrow street
of banks and bankers, the recent financial fluctuations have caused quite
a flutter, nnd nowhere have the rise
and fall in stocks been felt more keenly than at the London Bankers' Clearing House���that centre of the banking system where millions of money
are dealt with daily.
The romantic history of the clearing house puts in the shade that of
any other financial institution in London or the provinces. Its aim, as
most people .ire aware, is to enable
the different banks to reach a settlement every 24 hours. Every morning
checks drawn upon all the other clearing houses are delivered from the different banks, and before they are despatched their amounts are entered in
a book. Sitting at the desks of the
clearing house are clerks belonging
to all the banks interested. In the
morning each clerk finds on his desk
a pile of checks drawn upon his batik,
and the amounts are checked. Wjfen
Ibis laborious process is finishedthe
clerks of the different banks return
lo their headquarters.
The busiest time of thc day (during which there are three clearings)
comes just before four o'clock, v'on
the "runners" rush in nt thp Inst moment with bundles of checks to
bp examined". Then comes the heavy
task of arriving nt it balance. Although nearly a hundred million
pounds has been known to pass
through tbe elenring house in tbe
course of the day not a single farthing
d' it is in coin.
For the genesis of the clearing
house you must go back to the year
1775, when a Mr. Irving, a clerk to
Messrs. Fuller, suggested that n room
should be hired where clerks from
various banks conld meet for the purpose of exchange. The ground floor
of No. 7 Lombard street was chosen
'or the nurpose. but with an increase
of business the cleoring house was
removed in the year 1814 to No. 2
Lombard street. The joint stock banks
were not admitted until the year 1854,
but even now all the metropolitan
institutions are not represented at
the clearing house, and owing to the
consolidation of the banking system
of recent years the number of clearing banks represented is not more
than eighteen. The bankers' bank
is the Bank of England. Until a few
years ngo four private banks owned
the clearing house. Since then a company has been formed, an equal number of shares being heid by the banks
The   tremendous   increase   in   the
clearing house transactions is  exemplified by the following figures:
1870   �� 3.914.000.000
1885     5,511,000.000
1890     7,801.000.000
1901    9,561,000,000
1906    12,711,334.000
This scene of city bustle and excitement is situate at the end of Post-
office court, which straggles out of
Lombard street. In the busy hours of
the afternoon you can get a glimpse
of the clerks behind the swinging
doors bending over their desks at
high pressure. The "clearers" and
the "runners" are hustling and sometimes wrangling together. But the
whole system werks as accurately as
a machine, and often a million of
money is interchanged in the space
oi a few minutes.
Music For Prisoners.
The inmates of Wandsworth Prison, numbering over 1,000, have just
had an experience which they are not
likely to forget. The Brixton Oratorio
Choir, consisting of 70 trained voices,
visited the prison and sang for them
selections from "St. Paul" and "Elijah." Miss Evelyn Wynne also gave
her services, as did a professional instrumental quartette. It was a wonderful sight to see prisoners listening,
straining forward to catch every note
and word. The governor said there
never had been such silence. The
men almost seemed glued to their
seats. It was last winter that the
suggestion was made by Rev. A. J.
Waldron, vicar of Brixton, that the
choir should visit metropolitan prisons, and consent was first obtained
for the choir to visit Brixton Prison.
On that occasion the chaplain of the
prison.said the prisoners had never
been so moved before. Prisoners who
had before rebelled against nil discipline and had maintained a stubborn demeanor were entirely softened.
In the infirmary were several prisoners who were unable to be present,
but who heard the music through the
open windows. One old man said it
seemed as if suddenly heaven had
come to the prison. The warders at
Doth prisons are eloquent in their
praise of the innovation, and sav it
hrs brought a new hope into the whole
prison world.
How  Swell  Women   Dress.
Justice Grantham, at the SuBsex
Assizes, ind"lged in Borne strong remarks regarding the way in which
"swell ladies of the land," as he termed them, defrauded poor tradespeople.
"It wns time," said the learned
judge, "that many ladies who dressed
so expensively were made to realize
that they could not defraud tradespeople with contempt, and that by
making false statements in order to
obtain what they required they could
b ��� sent to ���firisou. If this was more
fully realized it would put a stop to
.1 lot o.' fnlse credit. Great advan
tnges were taken by swell ladies of
poor tradespeople. They went to various shops and ordered grnnd and expensive costumes for wbich they never intended to pay; consequently
many poor trndespepole were absolutely   robbed."
His  Own  Critic.
An actor who was "taken" while on
lhe stag, by a cinematograph was
greatly pleased with the result. Talking about it to i prominent dramatic
critic, be said *.
"It was the most extraordinary ex
pcrience 1 eve- went through���actually to Bee myself acting."
"Now," replied the critic, 'you will
understand wb/>' we have to p*-* up
Five  Others
"Did you attend De Smithers* silver wedding?"
"Didn't know he bad been married
twenty-five years."
"Yes; live wives, five years each. '
A Tonic For tbe Debilitated.���Parmelee's Vegetable Pills by acting
mildly but thoroughly on tbe secretions of the body are a valuable tonic,
stimulating the lugging organs to
healthful action and restoring them
to full vigor. They can be taken in
graduated doses and so used that
they can be discontinued at any time
without return of the ailments which
thev  were used to allay.
To Remove Window Pane*.
Panes of glass may be easily removed by applying soft soap to the putty
which holds tbem. Leave the soap ou
for a few hours before attempting to
remove tbe potty, which, however hard
It may be. will rarely fail to soften under this treatment.
Brides as Expert Cooks.
Uuder a new law, snys Health of
New York, In Norway every would be
bride must exhibit a certificate that
she knows how to cook. In Norway a
���dyspeptic la regarded ns a natural curiosity.
"I hear you've got n new minister,
"Yeh, an' I don't like bim at all;
he must 'a' been a school teacher
"Why do you think that P"
" 'Cause whenever bo talks to me
he always holds his hand behind
him."���Catholic Standard and Times.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
He was telling her about tlie members of his cricket tenni.
"Now there's Brown," snid he. "In
a few weeks' time he'll be out* best
"Oh Jack!" she gushed, "what a
nice way to ask me!"���Weekly Tele
It W?s  Lost,  Anywayl
Hubby (fumbling in his pockets)���
Ish funny���hie���but I can't���hie���remember in ji t what pocket���hie���I
imt znt  keyhole.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator has no equal for destroying worms
in children and adults. See that you
get the genuine when purchasing.
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses, blood spavin.
curbs, splints, ringbone, eweeney, stifleB,
iprainn, sore and swollen throat, coughs,
etc. Save $50 by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Ourr
ever known.
New York Has Four Hundred and
Four Miles of Dock.
More than twice as many vessels
clear the port of London, to be sure,
one every fourteen minutes as against
one every half hour for New York, but
tbe average cargo value is only $47,-
242. whereas that of New York is $92,-
307. In point of tonnage New York exceeds London by 1.000,000. This is due
to a difference in the character of the
ports that must be borne In mind in
comparing tbem. London is ling-
land's one commercial center aud aside
from Liverpool its otil. great place of
export and Import.
On the other bund, New York Is uot
the commercial center of America.
When the manufacturer of shoes In
Boston sends his goods to Baltimore
he either sends tbem by rail or by vessel direct without entering New i'ork.
If he wants to send his goods to
France or Germany be sends them
from the port of Boston. Tbat ls, the
chief ports of the Atlantic seacoast.
New Orleans. Charleston. Mobile. Norfolk, Philadelphia and Boston, engage
ln a coastwise and foreign trade lu entire independence of New York. Less
than 28 per cent of New York's tonnage ls represented In coastwise trace.
Fully 50 per cent of London's commerce, amounting to $1,370,000,000 lUi-
nually, or $fl8.,0ftl),.000, represents tor-
eign trade, whereas of New York's $1,-
200.000.000 annual commerce $804,000,*
0011 represents foreign trade, or an actual excess over London of $179,000,-
To accommodate this enormous trade
New York has 404 miles of Improved
water frontnge^-tbul is, 404 miles of
docks. This is half the distance between New York and Chicago. London has less than 200 miles of similar
water frontage. Liverpool has less
than 100 miles, while Hamburg. Antwerp. Rotterdam or Havre has each
less than Liverpool. Practically all
the available water frontage of these
foreign ports bus been absorbed by
their docks, while New York bas Improved only a little over one-half of
Its available shore. When nil the
available const is Improved, as It must
be rapidly. It will measure nearly as
many miles as lie between tbe Atlantic seaboard and the Mississippi river.
���Broadwny Magazine.
When the Elevator Stops.
In some of the downtown skyscrapers the elevator service is suspended
on Sunday, and the janitors and their
families, who in many buildings are
quartered on the topmost tloor, hnve to
descend nnd cllmli from twenty to thirty flights of stairs whenever tbey wnnt
to get In touch Willi the outside world.
In one building, which is twenty-four
stories high, the ten-year-old daughter
of the janitor makes three round trips
each Sunday���one when she goes to
church in the morning, one when she
attends Sundny school In, the afternoon and nnother when 'she goes to
meet her playmates after dinner. Each
flight consists of twenty steps, making
900 steps to a round trip. Three trips
make It 2,880 steps, n mountain climbing record.-New York Tribune.
It Was Plain Enough.
A college professor who recently re
turned with his wife from their honeymoon greatly amused a company of
people In his home town, according to
the Lewlston Journal, by assuring
them, on being questioned concerning
their trip, that nobody where tbey
spent their honeymoon suspected that
they were bride nnd groom.
"What kind of a place was It yoh
were in?" the president of the college
asked.   "An institution for tbe blind?"
Nell���Miss Antique is very much
afraid  ol  showing her age.
Belle���I suppose that is the reason
she tries to cover it up with a coat
of paint.
Incidents   of   Its   Exploration   by   an
English Officer.
Some queer adventures and mauy
hardships were encountered by Lieu
tenant Boyd Alexander ln his explora-
rntlou of the broad but shallow and
reedy waters of Lake Chad, ln Africa.
Of oue iucident he writes: "By now
we fouud that our provisions hnd run
but so to procure food we frantically
waded up to our waists In mud after
duck, which before so strange nn invasion immediately took refuge lu
flight. We therefore had to pay our
attention to the Hocks of klttlwake
gulls which often circled about us, and
It was not long before we bad spitted
and roasted some before the fire In our
boat. The following evening, bewever,
our plight became serious, for cartridges were almost finished, and we
were obliged to make for rats, whicli
abound on the Islands, digging them
out of their holes nnd making humble
pie of tbem. and tbis Is how we lived
for another six days."
Great parts of Lake Chad average
four feet deep even where fully twenty miles wide. Sometimes the reeds
ure enormously thick aud high, through
which the travelers had to force tbelr
way. "The next cutting, six miles In
length, occupied two days. During
these operations we were pbllged to
spend the nights huddled up lu the
boats. Slee^was o.it of the question.
We were attacked by hordes of mosquitoes, and we prayed for the morning to come. Many o:' the men, maddened with pain, preferred to sit up to
tbelr necks in water all night. 1 observed three species of mosquito, one
us large as ll small fly. very dark and
with a transparent body, which grew
to enormous proportions when distended with blood. In spite of all then****
mosquitoes I never experienced a day'e
fever wbeu on the lake."
* Of another experience he writes: "On
the outward journey we came upon i.
large Budiimr. fishing fleet for the first
time. At lirst tbey mistook us fur
other Biidninns, whom fhey considered
us easy prey, for it is their habit t"
plunder one nnother when they get the
chance. Accordingly they closed up
ready for attack. But soou they realized their mlttake, and the tables weie
turned. Before we could get up '.o
them���aud tbe crews of the boats were
straining every nerve���mnny of the
boats burst out Into flames, and tlie
Budiimns, swimming like otters underneath the water disappeared Into tbe
reeds. The bo nits were piled up witb
dried fish, hnd hidden underneath
straw mat/ we found four slave boys
who were tbe victims of traffic carried
on between tbe Budumas and Tubus."
A One Handed Lock'smith.
In a little shop over on Prospect avenue, not fur from the Colonial arcade.
Is an old locksmith whose facility nt
turning out keys of difficult design und
doing the other work that comes to a
locksmith Is a marvel to those who
bave seen hlm. The old man has only
une arm. Tbe other ls off at the shoul
ler. By the use of a vise which be
���perates with** his knee he is able tu
iold the rough pattern of the key
ivhile he works on it with his file. It
Ib said that no task thut can be performed I17 nny locksmith with both of
lis hands Is too much for bim Cleve*
and Plain Denier.
Economical Woman.
Of small economies the following
will be difficult to bent for smallness:
A laboring man wbo bands over his
weekly wages to his wife Is allowed
by her an ounce of tobacco a week
She buys It herself In two separate
half ounces In order, she declares, to
get the advantage of the two turns of
the scale.���Loudon Chronicle.
: ts one root that saves money
because it will last 100 years.
Guaranteed in writing for _*�� years.
This roof saves you work because its
no easy to put on (do it yourself with a
hammer and snips), and save you worry
because they fireproof windproof and
weather-proof   the   building   they   cover.
Write us about it and hear all about
ao?     ROOFING RIGHT.     Address
The PEDLAR People 88
Oshawa Montreal Ottawa Toronto Lmiilon Winnipeg
A Keen Appetite
and a healthy stomach indicate
an active Liver, which is enjoyed
by all who use Beecham's Pills.
They insure strong digestion,
sweet breath and sound sleep.
No other remedy is as good as
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
W.    N.   U.    No.   670, THE   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER.  JB. C.
Bank of cMontreal,
KMT. ��n,ooo,coo
UNDIV1DS0 PROFITS, ����2,68B.98
President -Loau Otuithcoiia mo Mocjit ROT**,.
Vice-I'r����i*lent���now. Gsoaoa A. DaDJttoap.
General Managci ���E. S. Cuiuaroa.
Brandies In All Tha Principal Cltlaa In Cauda
j A General panking Business Transaoted.
* NEW Mm BRANCH, - fl. I EMI Manager.
Winter Wear For
The Children.
No  need for parents in any part of
the Bloean to send east for their
Children's wear.
Slocan flMnlnfl Kevtew,
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
And at prices that will suit yon.
If 70a live in New Denver, call and
inspect my stock. If you live at Sloean.
���iltrarton, Rosobery, Nakusp. Three
Forks or Sandon, drop me a lina. we
can certainly do business together.
*************************************************" '
* ���
For the Cough that Keeps You Awake Nights and
���* *���_���
Bothers You All Day as Well
,{ 1
11 1
Subscription-JS.00 per annnm, ttrioUy   NCW   DCflVGr.   D*��C
in advance.   No pay, no paper. __________________________________
Bosun Hall Stores
AnvBimsiio Ratbs:
Hotices to Delinquent Owners - |1J.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.60
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.50
������     *��� Liccnss to Cut TimUr 6.00
AH locals will be charged for at ths rats
ol 15c. per line each lime.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quack*.
Address ail Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Don't be afraid to rend your wants to
us. Onr slock is up-to-date and complete in every particular.
Ladies', dent's mid Children's staple
ami fine Shoea.
Duncinn I'Umps, all the very latest
styles in patent and kid.     .
Ladies' and Ciciu't* Furnishings, Hats,
Cnps, Ties, (rent's and boys'Clothing,
Hosiery and Gloves, Wntcbes, Clocks.
Chains, English briar Pipes, Punches,
Groceries, l*resii Egns, Butler, Tolacro
of every manufacture, Trunks, Suit
Cases, Telescope canes, Envelopes, Writing Puds of all kinds, wool and cotton
Blankets, Pillows, Sheetings, etc.
IBoveU's Syrup, fj
1 if i"
1 in 1 'i 1
JI      It is a ���impl*;,  harmless  remedy,  and has  been used *,',',
; very succe-ssfnlly here for years.
1 1,
, ii i
1 n 1
( II r
I .1 r
I n 1
I .1 r
��>' 1
1 r, ���
I K *
11' >
Vlrglnea mineral claim, situate in the
Arrow Lakes Mining Division of Weut
Kootenay Distiict. Where located :
Oi Kooskannx creek about 8 miles
from lis mouth.
Take notice that I, Samuel Wiilker,
pf Burton City, Tree Miner's Certificate
No. B.95285, intend sjxty days from
tha date hereof, to apply to tbe Mining
Recorder for,a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Gant of the above clsi-m.
And further takej'notloe  that action
nndor section 87, must be commenced
before Ihe Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements*.
Dated this 25th day of Nov. A.D. 1007
Slocan Land. District���District of
Take notice that Sidney Yates Brock-
psan, of NewJ Denver, accountant, intends to apply for permission lo pu--
phaie ths following described land.
Commencing at a post planted at tho
N.E. corner of lot 8101, ihence east 80
pbtini; thoace soith 4) chain 1
west 80 cliains ; tlu-nce north 40 chains
to point of commencement and contain-
>:<��� 320 acre, more or 1.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Andrew Wallace,
acting as nrgent for ths Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Silveiton
B.C., Contractor, iu tends, to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lend: Commencing at a post
p'anted on the east shore of Slocan lake
about one mile south of Rosebery, and
marked A. W.'s south-west corner,
t hence east, ,'about one chain to the right
of way of the Nakusp and Slocan railway
theme nortli 30 clmins, along the railway lo the shore of the lake, tlience
southerly along the lake shore to point
ol commencement, containing five acres
more or less,
November 111th, 1907.
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
Hermann Clever
1 in
, .*>
1 it 1
Situate at New Denver, B.C., tha most beautiful placa In
British Colombia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing tha
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of tba
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suits, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
,*VT*r'$T**T-TT##^aGTrps)sJr#sJ,$s_'i i
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat Clare Lilian Diewry,
of Nelson, B.C. intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post pls.ii ted at the S.W. cornerof lot
8353, thence south 20 chains, thencs
east 40 chains, tbence north 20 chains
thence weat 20 chains, containing 80
Nov. 28th, 1907.
Slocan Lsnd District���District of
Wist Knotensy
Take notice that Henry Allen McMillan, of Nelson B.C., occupation -rancher,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post on tht S.W.
corner of lot lot 7368, tbence noith 40
chains, tbence west 20 chains, tbence
south 40 chains, tbence east 20 chaint,
to point of commencement, 'containing
80 acres.
Nov. 88th, 1907,
locan Land District���District of
tyest Koonenay.
Take notice that A. Owens of New
Denver, mill operator, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:��� Commencing
et a post planted on tho west shore of
slocan Lake about one half mile in a
southerly direction from Mill creek;
pommencing at a post marked A. O. 's
S.E. corner post, tbence 20 chains west
thence 40 chains north, thence 20 chains
east, thence 40 chaina south to place
pf commencement, containing 80 acres
more or less.
-Bated at New Denver, Oct. 31stl007.
Slocan Land   Di-trict���District of
West Kootenay.
Groceries S
My stock of CANNED GOOD8
is always FreBh, and every customer receives honest value for
money spent.
Have you seen mv line of Ladies Blouses
and  the assortment of fancy goods
lam now displaying 7
Pay me a visit.
Mrs.   Matheson,
Zhc Slocan f>otel
Cbree forfta,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
local Salesman Wanted for
New Denver
Ar.d Adjoining Diatrict to represent
Jwoller and
Watch maker
Lata with J. O. Patenaude, Nalaon.
Repaira to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Kootenay Hotel
Santa, B.C.
Take notice thatjHenri Robt. Jorand,
g_teM^ Canada's Greatest Nurseries
(Jescrib��(l land. C'oininencing at a post
planted at the north-east ror,ter*'of Lot
j!H2, thence,'south 40 Oha'nsi tlience
east 20 chains; thr nee rort.. 40 chains;
tbence weet 10 chains to point of commencement and containing 80 acres
lucre or lets.
November 16, 1007.
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on limestone toil; hardier and longer lived than
const tiers.
Slocan Land District���-Dislrict of
Went Kootenay.
Take notice that Charles Clurkson
'Rhodes, ol Nelson, H.C, book keeper,
|nt( ntls lu apply for permission lo |,ur-
olm-e the following drsciilied land:
Commencing at a poat planted on the
catt boundary of lot 882, at a point 40
cliains south of tl 10 no'th-east corner
of Baid lot, tlience south feO chains;
���tinnier* cum 20 chains; theiro north SO
chains, tbence went 20 chains lo point
of commencement, aud containing 100
acres, more m* 1��*<��.
November 18, 1U07. 16-25
fcioean Ltftld D'etrict���District of
West Kootenay.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved; Fay   weekly 1 Frse outfit.
Wrila for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Liceniid by B.C. Government.)
TORONTO       -      - ���      ONT.
��_�� Hotel
Slocan Cits,  ���* ��.C.
Headquarters and home
of the old-timers, mining
aud commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, aud every one who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
Jf. ��. (Briffitb
Tako notice Ihat the Ontario-Slnean
Lumber Co., Ltd., of Slocan, H.C,
Lumbermen, intend to apply for a apa-
ciiii timber license over the f>llot_ing
described lands: Commencing ai a
p-'jt planted directly opposite tbo 17
hills board of the N. & S. Railway and
on the (south Hide of Bonanza creak and
marked ''OulftrlO-SloCan Lumber Co.,
Ltd., N,E. comer," tbence south 40
Chain.-', tlience west 180 chan*, tlience
noith 40 chains, tlience cast 180 chains,
io (mint of cmumeucemtnt ami Contain*
ii g 8 10 a *r* S n >** ��� ��� r less and covering
th�� name ground i*j, morly covered by
Timlmr licew-c No  It'sHR.
DeoCinber 4tlt, 1'JOT.
Per D. St. Denis Agent.
The Crown Tailoring 1
Co., Toronto, Ont.   ji
i ' i
"' For Sprlug and Sum me r Suits <���
Best Samples Ever Bhown
in   B.C.
See them at tha   Lucerne
ft Shaving Parlor,
Funerals e.Ddael*** on Short
Dotlos at any pnlnt 1* the district.   Bbells ilwajrs la stock.
For those who. could   not get
away during the busy holiday
season, we reccomend
This far-famed sanitarium with
its sulphur springs and accomodation is JUST THE PLACE to
build up and get a fresh start.
This company operates through
standard sleeping cars, dining
cars, and First Class Tourist
For rates, Reservations or any
information desired, call on, or
E. J. Cotl��, A.G.r.A.
John Mos, D.P.A., Nelson.
____________________ _________ _________ ______,
professional dares.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Mina
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
-A^.   O.  Ostt-y
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block   t   New Denver, B.C.
P. O. Box 87.
New Denver
General Merchant   ���  New Denver
Is offering goo.l valuoa in Man's underwear, in Peo-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands, also shirts of
various kinds, r.omo specialities for miners and men in logging camps, gloves, milts, socks in large variety, collate, (its,
sweaters, overalls, blankets and comforters.
Call ind Inspect our stock ; it will bs appieciated.
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supp a    regularly.
H. 8. NELSON  -  '���  Proprietor.
St James' Hotels
l irst-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar j Special
attention to Tourists; Luxcry and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasolina
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wira to���
.A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
.acture tcapa. poliihea. flavoring extract!, per-
fumet. toilet article* media net. baking pow-
dot -Uvea, limmenti. tttxk and poultry rem-
���diea, hoiuehold ipecialties and novelties in
four own home at tmall coat. Mixers Guide it
a paper devoted to tbe biuineat, three months
trial subscription for 10c; sample free
UiXERS GUIDE. Fort Madison. Iowa.
Ladies' Dress 10a
Silk Blouso or Ball
Gown 60o
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats,.socks, etc 60a doz.
Working men washing lOepea.
Collars Sc. Shirts 16c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Eciil IS
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant ia
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Stout        I
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trad*. I
We guarantee its Strength and Purity. I
New York Brewery
Should your business or pleasure taka
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay  and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail er your
own favorite lotion.
No frost bara. Two shifts alwaya.
Tie lew Denver Unite Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shlplap, and
Finishing Pir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Sloean lake L. 8CAia, n^     ^Bo* 20.
New Denver Bakery
2octs Per Dozen.
Herbert Cue   Box 44
Denver Lodge No. 22
K.. of F3.
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall. Cover Bloik, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock,
Hotel Rosebery
Well furnished rooms.
Fir t- -lass   Cuiain**.
I'ROrfilETOR.     |
Slocan Lan   District���District of
West Kootenay.
Tako nitice that I, Marion Mrlnnts,
Angus Mclnnes, agent, ol Nsw Denver,
spinster, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
land: Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west corner of lot 2,600
O.l,, Kootenay diitribt, thence west SO
chains, thenca south 80 chain", thenca
east 20 chains, thence norlh 20 chains
to the place of commencement containing 40 acres moro or less.
Dated November 28r*l, 1907. .
A. Mclnnes, Agent.
can Land District���District oi
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Roy Black, of New
Denver, miner, intends to spply for per-
miosion to purchase the following described Und. Commencing at a post
planted on the shore ol Slocan latco one
mile north of Mi*w Dpiivor nt the west
boundary of the Molly Hughes group of
mineral cla'ms; thonce northerly 20
chains, thenco west 40 chains, tlience
south 20 chains, thenco east along the
shoie of .Slo.an lake to point of com-
niencemsut aud containing40 acres mora
or less.
December 16, 1007
Slocan land  Distiict���District of
West Kootonay,
Take notice that Martha Ann smith
of New Denvor, B.C., married woman,
iutends lo apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on tbe
north boundary of timber lease 436,
near the Nakuip and Slocan Ry., Martha Ann Smith S.C corner planted on
the nortli bound��ry of timber lease 485
and at the south west comer of timber
liniii wliich wss hnmborod 8878, tbence
north 00 chain', tlitnce west 10 clisins
more or less to tho e��st boundary of
Bertha Wisgrge application to purcliase
Ihence south 60 rha'is ' ''"
boundai'T ��f tlmbei l��
Er st '0 .-.Latin more ur
o; eomsjenceuienl mcl
.,,**. i more 0* lesii.
pooetipereth.   B07,
MARTHA A'liW. diVUi'i.
J. B. Smith, agent
j_-inch to i}4 inch, also J^-inch
Galvauized Pipe.
��_, yK, and   }�� Brass Pipe ��nd
Fittings for Lauuches.
Rubber Packing Alwaya Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks, I.ead traps, etc., etc.
flenver Waterworks
Company, Ui
Sweet Grass, Wilmsr, Ivan, and Wil-
nier Fractional mineral claims, situate in the Slocan Mining division of
Weat Kootenay District. Where located: On Goat Mountain north of
Denver Siding.
Take notice that I, Frank C. Green,
acting' as agent for George Boulter
F,*_�� Miners Certificate No. 11128(15, Intend 60 days from tbe date hereof lo
apply to the mining recorder for certificates of Improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of tbe
above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 87, mint be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of Jan. A.D. 1908
Ap. 16 Nelson, B.O.
��� Manager.
to the north
*io 4$5, tlvtve.
���:.. to. the I'Uco,
u*jn aiiiiiij;  60
Riverside, Autumn, Alameda, Treasure
and Lailcy  Fraction mineral claims,
situate in  tho Slocan   Cily mining
division  of Weat  Kootenay District.
Where located:     On the divide  be
tween Teu-niile and Springer creeks,
near the head ol Springer creeks.
Take notice  that 1,  Robert Ira Kirkwood, Free Minora Certificate No. B05,-
785, intend 60 days fiom the date hereof, to apply to the Mining* Recorder for
Certificates   of Improvements for the
pu,rp,ose of obtaining  Crown Grant of
th*- above, claims.
An*!  further  tnke no'icp that action,
in:ii..i* BPcfion 87,   mnst im commenced
before ths Instinhce  of eucli   CsitiflcAto
nf .nuirovomcnts,
Dated thii 1st day of F��b���A.D, 1008
Ohio Mineral claim,    situate   fn   tha
Slocan City   mining   division   of
West Kootonay   district.     Where
located:   On tbe south side of Ten
Mile cieok above .the   Kntt-rpriee
Mine, and adjoins the Mabou  Mineral claim.
Take notice tbat I,  Robert Ira Kirkwood, Free   Miner's    Certificate   No.
B95.785,    for  myself   and   agent   for
Frank A. Wells,  Free Minsrs  Certificate No. 5004, intend 60 days from  the
date hereof, to applv to the Mining Recorder foaa Certificate of Improvements
fur the pnrpose of obtaining a   Crown
Grant of tho above claim.
Anil further   take notice that action,
under section 87,  must be :*cnimcncc,d
before the   asunnco of'.such  Our.tifieate
of Improvement**.
Datod f.:i: 37th liny of Jan., A.P.  100.
It. I, lill.i--i.OULi
Mahou  mineral claim,  situate in  ths
Slocan City inning division of West
Kootenay district.       Where located:
On tbe  south sideof Ten Mile creek
above the Enterprise mine about 50
feet from the westerly end line of tbe
Enterprise mineral claim.
Take notice that 1, Robert Ira Kirk-
woorl,   Fine    Miners   Certificate   No,
B95,785 for mync f, and agent for  Duncan A. Grant, Free Miner's   Certificate
No.   I14SIIII,   intend  60  days  from  tba
data hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a   Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a
Crown Grant of Ihe above claim.
And further take notice that action
tinder section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements >
Dated this 27th day of -Jan., A.D.  1908
Triune   and   Great   Western   Mineral
Claims, situate  in  the Slocan  City
niiniii). Division of Wist   Kooteney
District.        Where     located:      On
Springe** Crenk aboiit half mile above
the Ailington Snwinill  at the second
crossing of Springer Creek.
Take notice that I, Robert Iru Kirkwood.  Free    Miner's    Certificate   No.
B95785, intend,  60 days from the  date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
fora Certificate of Improvements,  for
the purpose of obtaining a Cronn Grant
of the aluire claim.
And further take notice that, action,
under  section 07, must lie commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 1st day of Feb., A.D. 1908
Slocan Land District���-Distriot of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that .f-mes McVicar, of
Bloean Citv, miner, intends to apply
for permission topurcluea the following
described lends: Commenoing at a.
post planted 400 feet from N.E. corner
ol lot RAD, M, r> Curtis owner, claiming
8 chain iV.���*., thencs 80 chains sooth
lliande-1 (iliains wjfat, thanes 8U chains
noiUi to puint ol i*'>:i inencinent.
Jams. McVicar, ageut,
John Wale, locator.
Deoembei 7, .00,7,


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