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Slocan Mining Review 1908-11-05

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Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing .Area in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
.���.���*..*.-.'   '-^i"���:?>*' .
*������*����':-���__<.;.... '���*.
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District ou Earth.
No. n   Vol. 3.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, Nov. 5   1908.
Single Copies gc
St James
Hrst-class Rooms; Firnt-class Meals; First-class Bar Special
ittention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing P��ties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier thia hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.    Wnte or wire to
A. Jacobson. Prop*, New_.Danver, B.C.
@7. ^tetfac/e*
Situate at New Dinver, B.C.. the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, tide modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the. attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing^the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and ang ing may be in-
dul^d in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
farnou. Glacier ar.d snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite,
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.
-      -        PROPRIETOR
Apply t0
%********************** tr***********************
General Merchant   -   -      New Denver
Bread Always on Hand.
Our Bread puts a finish to the trials and troubles of "baking day" * *
Our Bread is Always Good.
We have a Complete Line of the Best and Freshest Groceries
and Candies that can be had.
Call and see them, it will be appreciated.
..0 v1
ALAAMS, bowings anl low prostra-
onrself once again on the mercy of the
people of the Slocan. We're here because we're here, and being here we intend to take another whirl at the good
work, and, incidentally, try to g"it three
Biniares a day. Polities are too fashionable to be passed up, and so politics
will lie the principal diet this trip; but
we recommend caution to our Grit
friends, otherwise they might partake
too freely of the subjoined niedicino
and hit for the tall uncut to throw a fit.
There is no necessity for you to peruse
if you don't want to; yon may pass on
to tho ads. and ruminate upon who have
been faithful to us even almost unto
death, and those who havo tried to
starve us. We miss many names from
our advertising columns since we dwelt
in the Crow's Nest, and why? It is be-
causo we have exposed several discrepancies in the town's human and commercial make-up, and instead of being
hacked by the people whom we. pledged
ourselves to work for nil the time, they
many of them have not reciprocated by
renewing their eu'ib. Sucli is lite; but
we have no hard feelings.
I, Harry James LaBrash, of the town
of Nakusp, B.C., hereby apply to the
Superintendent ot Provincial Police for
Hotel License to sell intoxicating liquors
under the provisions ol tlie Statutes in
that behalf, III the premises known and
-dcscrilied as Grand Hotel, situated at
Nakusp, to commence on the 1st day of
J. nuary, 1909.
My post office   address   is���Nakusp,
B.C.   The name and  address  of   the
owner of the premises   proposed to be
licensed are:   Harry James LaBrash.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 110 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for thu Selkirk Hotel, Silverton, B.C.,
from Januarv 1st to June 80t)i, 1909.
Oct. 29th, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent oi Provincial Pol* |
ice, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for the Windsor Hotel, Silverton, B.C.,
from January 1st to June 80th, 1909.
Oct. 29th, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
cxpiiation of 30 days I intend to apply
to thc Superintendent ol Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for the Slocan Hotel, Three Fork*-*, B.C.,
irom January 1st to June 80th, 1909.
Oct. 29th, 1908.
NOTICE in hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 dayB I intend to applv
to the Superintendent of Provincial Pol
ice, Victoiia, for a renewal of mv licence
for tho Victoria Hotel, Silverton, B.C.,
irom January lBt to June 30th, 1909.
Mas. A. CARET.
Oct. 29th, 1908,
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 dayB 1 intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my licence
fur the Newmarket Hotel, New D"nver,
B��C, ircm Junnn.iv It' i" June 8ist.
1909.    **_-�����
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to npply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for the St. James Hotel, New Denver,
B.C., from January 1st to June  30th,
October 29th, 1808.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal oimy license
fer the Basin Hotel, Arlington Bauin,
B.C., from January 1st to June 30th,
Oct. 28th, 1908.
Revelstoke Land District���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Take Notice that H. J. LaBrash, of
Nakusp, B.C., hotel keeper, intends lo
apply for permission to purchase follow*
Ing described lands: Commencing at a
post planted at tlio north-east coiner of
Lot 7890 and niaikod H. J. L.'s .southeast corner, thenco north 00 chains,
thence west 30 chains, llience south 00
cliains, thence eaBt 30 chains, to place
of commencement, containing 180 acres,
more or less.
Dated October 12th, 1908,
Pei haps we are to blame for not conserving our own intprcsts. Perhaps it
would pay us better if we stood all the
time for hell, heaven and Number One!
However, we are here on d.*ck to stay
with the skip until tlie leak is mended,
and all our old passengers are aboard
and Bailing with us to Port Prosperity.
We have made big sacrifices in returning to the Lucerne, so we look to our
old subscribers and advertisers to see
that the paper is fed. But, enough of
ourselves; to the eiiliji ct.
Hansaid's Debates in the Canadian
Commons. Tho people of' Vancouver,
knew where to fix the blame, and
that's why they politically flopped and
turned a Liberal seat into a Conservative majority of 1521. Now do your
Men of Kootenay, be guided by the
men of the Coast, who vanquished tlie
Liberal Jardine at New Westminster,
who turned down Templeman at Victoria, and skinned M'lnnns np and
down at Vancouver. Those electors
know the intrigue, lock, stock and
barrel���f How tlieir leal, and do not be
bulldozed by Swift-Curtis.
"A White B.C.!" Glorious! But
what show lias Swift to do anything in
the ma' ler ?   His liands are tied,
"A White B.O.I " What then can
Goodeve expect to do ? we fancy we
can hear you say. Digest thi
Gooleve will join Martin Burrell,
Cowan, Barnard, and Taylor, a good
solid Conservative li. C. bunch, at
Ottawa, and from them will go up
such a howl for the total exclusion
of the Orientals, that Laurier will sit
up and take notice. They will have the
solid backing of the people of this
province, and Lauder's band will be
forced.   See the point?
a final knock-out blow to B.C.'s claim
and aggressive poli.*y, and went himself to London to g<-t his wish in the
matter ratified by the Imperial Government, did not MeBride dog his footstep,
to London, and whilst Laurier was being
feted and fawned upon hy the denizens
of Solio and a bunch of titled imbeciles,
MoBride.gathered around him a number of men of sterling ability, who
when the fight began in the IIouso at
Westminster, routed lhe enemy and
caused the words " final and irrevocable" to be struck out. That's how
Laurier lovea B.C.!! We make mention of it becausu Swift-Curtis in his
palpable anxiety to speak principally of
the subject ."dearest to bis heart���
himself���made tho omission.   Read on :
For this reason Britisli Columbia
iie*-da strong opposition at Ottawa. It
is a fight this trip in which tliero are
far greater issues at stake than which
parly shall corral the lederal treasury.
* That is now a dead issue. For this
occasion it is up to you to throw off the
trammels cf partisanship and vote for
Goodeve, wbo will win on a legitimate
Total Asiatic Exclusion and Better
Terras " ticket. Be men of honor. Do
something (or this fair province of ours
Remember; the Ballot is secret!
Swift-Curtis conld acco mplisb nothing, bee mse ho dare not riso Ironi his
seat lo speak upon so important a subject without firBt obtaining permission
from his chief. We have a photograph
of Laurier giving Swift permission to
advocate so nothing he himself lias
deprecated!   Poor Curtis.
The G:it press liaH now ato'inthe
slogan of the Conservative, party, " A
White B.O." Goodevu's battle cry has
been pirated by Swift-Curtis. The
whole Liberal fabric is one big steal.
When retuiicd to power they began
by stealing the railway policy of the
grand obi Sir John A., and the habit
has grown on tbem. We hardly
though', however, that Swift-Curtis
would bo so tactless as to exhibit his
prowess in this direction quite so soon.
Of course you all know that Swift
tried to steal the credit of fathering the
Eight Hour Law. Shameful dtceit, Ihe
father of that Bill has gone to hia reward across tlie Great Divide. Swift
has cut that line out since lbe lie haB
heou nailed down.
What credit can the Liberals take for
endeavoring to secure "A White B C"?
When the streets oi Vancouver were
sprinkled with the blood of white men,
and Japs and Chinks ran amok recently,
did not the then member speed with
hot haste lo Ottawa to intercede with
Laurier to stem the flood of Asiatic and
Oriental immigration, and did not
Laurier turn his appeal down? Has
not Lemieux said in the House that he
is not in favor of a white B.C. ? All
the quibbling of Swift-Curtis cannot explain away that damning admission.
Anyone who cares may corroborate this
assertion   by   turning  lo page 2115 of
On tho other hand, Borden, the Conservative leader, is witb us on tlie the
" Total Exclusion " question. He bas
pledged liis word to aid B.C. in hor fight
to purge the country of the yellow peril,
and it is uo to the working men of the
Kootenays, irrespective of creed or
politics, to strengthen hia bahdby sending a fit lieutenant in the person of A.
S. Goodeve. You will have accomplished something then for a noble cause!
Swift-Curtis iu stealing the Conservative slogan is but appoalit***,* to your
sympathy to catch votes. Turu him
have neither ordered or paid fcyr it. We
wondor why���we wonder why ? Wc
wonder where the money is coming
from ? Is the editor a philanthropist?
One thing sure is, lie is a Liberal, and
has " re beeg pull " somewhere. Are
labor, presses and paper secured for
"nit?"   Nay, nay, Pauline!
All tho��e who are receiving tbe Koot
enay Liberal will please signily hy hold
ing up one hand:
ss-i.1 ���*-_.���_���-,;ias|'W_ -��*-*.**-*'M
Now all those who have cither or.li*
ed or paid for it will show a band :
L^ng P.iuso nothing doing.
Guilty!!    B'Gosh!
On the Equare, now; does anybody
know anybody who knows anybody who
beard of anybody subscribing for the
K L.? Don't all speak at once; we're
Bubject to heart failure.    Pass on.
" Better Terms." Swift is religiously
silent upon this point! Full well he
knows that Laurier has thrown tho
harpoon into B.C. good and plenty,���
and so his whine for support is changed
to stagey anger because Goodeve whi'st
mayor of Rossland did his duty fcar-
)e sly like a man during a turbulen t
period. The present mayor of Rossland, a pervert from Socialism, and himself a laboring man, has come among
us to honor Mr. Goodcye and give the
lie direct to his detractors.
" Better Terms! " DU not Liuner
at the last Conference of Premiers tell
us just how ha felt upon the matter of
"Bettor Terms for Britisli Columbia? "
and did not Premier MeBride leave the
Conference in di'gust? What chance,
then, has a Liberal aggregation of doing
anything for this province. They would
be ia tbe same anomalous position as
was Duncan Ross, tbat of a suck thumb.
When Laurier aimed to have the words
"final and irrevocable" inserted into
the Nortli America Act so as to deal
Tho " Kootenay Liberal," that rabid
political mushroom that will wither and
kick the bucliot just as soon ns the campaign is over, is fighting in the last
ditch. It speaks in. its last issue of
" Smith-Curl is, with his established
record of faithful adherence to pledges
and good work accomplished at Victoria." Ha, ha, ha, that's a good one���
oh, stop yer ticklin' Jock���" good work
accomplished"���ho, ha, ha, ha! Why,
he got turned dnvn like an old glove the
last time he tried to sneak Lack. Turned down, Mr. Editor, on account of hia
" faithful (ha, ha, ha) adherence (ha,
ha, ha, ha) lo pledges." Shadfortli
didn't do a thing to him !
And so lie's the coming saviour of
B.C.?   Pas* thc silt.
Whisper [snb roea]. When a newspaper with Conservative tendencies
applies to the Libera! postmaster-gen-
sral at 0:tawa fur Statutory postal privileges, it has to analysed, assayed, dissected, Rontgened, post-mortemed, and
generally royal commissioned before its
existence is warranted. And when
after it has survived the Ottawa limelight, its publishers have to forward a
list of paid-up subscribers, and the post
master then through his subordinates
endeavors to find out the bona-fides of
them. If tlie pulili.- her ie sending out a
paper to any person who is not a bona-
fide subscriber, be is promptly Bwooped
upon and generally mussed up. But,
Swift-Curtis has told us a good many
times what be can do. Will he now tell
us what he can't do, and we'll back old
Bill Hunter to do it.
Verbatim report of the three Kootenay
candidate's campaign speeches:
'I       1       I
I      ME
ME    I
Karl Marx��� Pr*>p*i-_aiula Wage
bIlvch.  heel of tho oppressor, Divvy
up, Love me snd ilie world is mino."
We emphasize the fact, the Laurier
aggregation aie NOT in favor of a
White B.C. Proof, you Bay; why sure.
Lleut.-Governor Dunsmuir is tlie biggest scab maker in tho province. He
is a black eye to the fair name of B.O.
He has dolled the mining laws, and is
doing so now. The Dunsmuir coal
mines are reeking witli the scum of the
Orient, whilst tho children of many a
white miner are starving. Who put
���Dunsmuir in his exalted position? THE
LIBERALS! Three cheers for the
Liberals! Oh, yes; Swift-Curtis is for
a White B.C.���I don't think.
Come, Curtis, tako your
Quit your White B.C. bluff,
that statement if vou dare.
and deny
We wonder how many subscribers
the Kootenay Liberal has upon its list?
We would Bay that they have taken the
whole voters' lists of the different ridings and every name there appearing
receives a Kootenay Liberal. Of course
most of the local postmasters, being
good Grits, take care that none of the
papers get into the hands of the "voters"
who have heen a long time dead. We
wonder why it is allowed free UBe of the
mails, thereby adding to lbe labors of
our underpaid posl masters ? There
are hundreds of electors in the Kootenays   receiving  that weekly   paper who
Every move that Curtis makes is suspicious. He appears on the Nomination proclamation as a resident of Rossland. That is false; he is a resident of
Why does ho classify himself as a
" mine operator," when his professiop
is that of a lawyer ? Listen to my
tale of woe:
now. Give ua a plain answer, " yes "
or " no."
Curtis [in a lowering passion]���I will
NOT answer " yea " or " no."
During the confusion and ironical
laughter which followed, the chairman
forgot lo e'mt tho singing of " Tho
National Anthem."
Smith-Curtis wants to stand in with
the C.P.R. to continue for them tbo
" good work " begun by Gallihor. Are
you go ng lo stand for it. Vote for
Goodeve, who will oppo;e renewals and
A nice advertisement for this country
it is to 61 wash this district on tho plea
that the returning officer could not
make his rounds iu the timo specified.
Here everybody in the district has been
boosting the land and pointing to our
transportation (nclitles, when wilh ono
fell swoop along oomes Smith-Curtis,
who has no interest whatever in the
Slocan, an.l lo seive his own ambitions
ends he circulates a wild story about
the country bei.ig inaccessible. He
is deceiving na and the rest of tbe
Dominion. We who know the country
know that lie has created a false impression. What was accomplished at the
last provincial election could have been
accomplished at the Dominion election.
He now tries to saddlo the blame on
to John Keen, the returning officer.
The only wonder to us is that John
Keen can do the tri,** inside of twelve
months, Ranchers . '��� Bloean, and
yo i who ha c bi er - ��������� .-* i< resent
tbe blue . sy * leal I * ��� ifh-Cui .. iri
:i* . ; iir    *: quii :* .* icxi Tbui j.;:* *.
Goodeve mfden good converl at his
Silverton meeting Cuesdav He had
been speaking of the thousands ot
Asiatics and Orientals who are arriving
at Vancouver, in apito of Mr. buiiiii-
Curtis1 protestations to the effect that
this class of immigration bad ceased.
Mi J. C.Harris said if Mr. Goodeve
conl'l prove his assertion he would
vote for him. Mr. Goodeve then proved
up by the figures from the port of Vancouver.
Goodeve and a  White B.C.
all worthless substitutes.
Slocan Fruit Lands
Oct. Mill, woa.
(Form F).
Piani and Nansen Mineral Claim, situate in lhe Slocan Mining  Division of
West Kootenay Dislrict.   Where  located i Near the head of Lemon Creek
Take notice that I,  Henri Robert
Jorand,  Freo  Miner's Certificate,  No.
B86800, acting as agent for Edwaul F.
Gigot (as trustee for lho Uudsons Bay
Company), Free Miner's Certificate No.
B15531, intend, Bixly days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
.f the above claim.
And further take noiice that action,
under section 37, mual be commenced
before the Issuance of such Ceitilicate
of Improvements,
.Dated this 39th day o"f October, 196ft.
We have them in large and ^mall
blocks,  in  every portion of the district,
at all prices*   Write me for particulars.
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
When Bill Galliher, the late Liberal
member, stumped the Kaslo riding, he
pledged his word to the people of the
Lardeau that he would oppose with all
his might the C.P.R.'s renewal of the
extension of the A. & K. Charier. Tlie
people of that distiict are particularly
anxious to have tlie C.P.R. fulfil the
terms of the charter and at least extend tlieir system from Geirard to
Trout Lake City. Trout Lake is icebound from two to three months every
year, and all communication by tlio
south is thus cut off. It was cn the
promise given that he managed to defeat ex-Governor Mackintosh.
But what did he do? The traitor
went down to Ottawa, and inconceivable
as it appears, 'twas lie who presented
the bill on beha'f of the C.P.R. for tbe
extension of time. Proof, you want I
Step into our sanctum, and we will be
happy to introduce you to Hansard
containing tlie debate on the bill. Thus
are the interests of the people conserved by corporation lawyers. B'g Bill
has never shown bis face in the Lardeau from that day to this. That is
one reason why he was afraid to come
to Kootenay and take Iris medicine.
But what has this to do with Smilh-
Curtis ? Hold ou to vour timber a
minute and we'll show you. The C.P.R.
will apply again for an extension of the
charter we mentioned, and others.
They have other monkey business to
put through the house, nnd they need
tbe services of a Lawyer from the
Kootenay to work for them at Ottawa.
Vote for Curtis and get it ill the neck
from the C.P.R.
Lest any should sny we aro talking
through our hat, we append the following dialogue that took place upon the
platform at Smith-Curtis' public meeting at Creston recently, the accuracy of
which we wil!make an affidavit to:
Atherton���In the event of your being
returned to parliament, will you pledge
your word you will not try to put
through any Private Bills for the C.P.R.?
Curtis���Eh, eh, eh, what's that?
Queston was repented.
Curtis���I, I don't understand you.
A voice���He'B giving you the deaf
ear, Jay-Jay; slay with him.
Curtis then held a hurried conpulta-
with the oilier oocupant of the platform
who, bv thc way, is also a lawyer.
Atherton [at top of his voice]���In the
event of your being returned, etc. (le-
peating the question.)    No ipiibbjiiig,
Speaking oi  substitutes, we received
the  following  epistle   from   one   this
week wlio has received many flattering
notices from our hands during the past
two years, but we will let that pass:
Dear Sir,���M ������ having no further use for the Slocan
Review, wishe*- it lo be discontinued."
Thanks! Many happy returns, old
cock I Does your mother know your'e
out ?
It was the -Bftme fellow who butted
into a fistic scrap between two other
local celebrities who had been previously fighting booze.
'Me duar friend,' he chortled piously,
after one of the combatants had had
his face slipped twice by bis adversary,
"Do not retaliate with anger; offer
him your other cheek."
We wonder if hia soul was greatly
perlurbe I at the answer flung back:
" You go to "
Mi*. Gifford will conduct public worship next Sabbath in the Methodist
Churches at Silverton and New Denver,
at 11 a m. and 7.30 p.m. respectively.
All are invited to attend. Sunday
school at New Denver at 3 pin
To Philip Moore,  W. G. Clark,  George
Binder, S. J. Towgood, or to whomsoever tbey may have transferred their
interest m the Farnam group of Mineral  Claims,   consisting  of Farnam,
Erin,   Carrick,   Krai,   and   Bahiiout
Mineral Claims, situated at Bailey's
Siding in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Koolenay Dislrict.
You are hereby notified that I havo
expended   the sum   of   Five  Hundred
and Twelve   Dollars and   Fifty   Cents
(.512.60) in payment of work and recording   fees   upon   the   above-named
group of mineral claims in order to ho'd
the same under  the provision   of   the
Mineral Act, Section 24, and if within
90 days from date  ol  this  notice,  you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of   the   abovo mentioned sum, together with all cists of advertising, your
interest in the  said  Farnam  Group of
Mineral Claims will become the property of Iho unders-gneJ* under Seeilon
4 of the Mineral Aet  Amendment Act,
Dated at Sim Ion, P..C., this 16th  day
of October, 1908.
'���'"   .,' % I'.s  * *.   .... Tilt  SLOCAN   MINING  REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
Author  of   "The  Return  ol   Sherlock
Copyright, 1883, by Harper A Brother*
nut uu i.nut was on his teet agala
In a moment and running up and down
like a slenthhound, noting a hundr-r.
things which eveu Amos would ha*!
overlooked. He circled round ths
bodies again and again; theu he ran
a little way toward the edge of tbe
woods aud then came back to the charred ruins of the blockhouse.
"There ls no sign of the women and
children," snid lie. "They are keeping
the children to burn at tlieir leisure In
their villages. The women they may
torture or may adopt, as the humo:
takes them."
"Ask him, Amos," said the seaman,
"why we are yawing and tacking
here when we should he cracking or
nil sail to stand lifter them."
Du Lhut smiled and shook bis head.
'Your friend Is a brave man," said he,
"it ho thinks that with four men wt
can follow a l_undred and fifty."
"Tell hlm, Amos, that tho Lord will
bear us up," said the other excitedly.
'Say that be will bo with us against
the children of Jeroboam, aud we will
cut them off utterly."
But Du Lhut waved aside tlie seaman's suggestions. "Wc must have a
care uow," said he, "or we shall lose
our own scalps and be the cause of
those at Ste. Marie losing theirs ns
"Ste. Marie!" cried De Catinat. "I*
there, then, danger at Ste. Marie?"
"Aye, they are in the wolf's mouth
now. This business was done last
night. The place wns stormed hy a
war party of a hundred and fifty men.
This morning they left and went north
upon foot. They hnvexbeen cached
among the woods all day between Poitou and Ste. Marie."
"Then we have come through them?"
"Yes, we have come through them.
They would keep their camp today
and send out scouts. Brown Moose
and his son were among them and
struck our trail.    Tonight"���
"Tonight they will attack Ste. Ma.
"It Is possible. And yet with so
small a party I should scarce have
thought that they would have dared.
Well, we can but hasten back as quickly as we can and give them warning
of what is hanging over them."
And so they turned for their weary
backward journey, though tlieir minds
were too full to spare a thought upou
tho leagues whicli lay behind them or
those which were before.
Dark as It was, Du Lhut walked as
swiftly as during the Bunligbt and
never hesitated about the track. Hla
comrades could see, however, that he
was taking them a different way from
that which they had gone in the morning, for twice they caught a sight of
the glimmer of the broad river upou
their left, whilo before they had only
seen the streams which flowed Into It
On the Beeond occasion he pointed to
where on tho farther side they couid
seo dark shadows.
"Iroquois canoes," he whispered.
"There are ten of them, with eight
men In each.   They are another party."
"How do you know that they are
nnolher party?"
"Because we bnve crossed tho trull
of tho flrst within the hour."
De Catinat was tilled witb amazement at this marvelous mau who could
hear In his sloop and could detect a
trail when the very tree trunks were
invisible to ordinary eyes. Du Lhut
belted a little to watch the canoes uml
then turned his back to the river and
plunged into tbo wooils once HI**', tfit
til they came to the edge of a moonlit
clearing. Du Lhut wns about to skirt
this, ns he hnd done others, when sud>
de'ily he cn light De Catlnat by the
shoulder and pushed him down behind
a clump of sumac, while Amos did the
same with Ephraim Savage.
A man wns walking dowu the other
side of the open space. He bnd Just
emerged and was crossing It diagonally, making lu the direction of the river. His body was bent double, but ns
he came out from the shadow of the
trees they could see that he was an
Indian bravo In full war paint, with
leggings, loin clotb and musket. Close
nt his heels came a second, and then a
third and a fourth, on and ou, until It
seemed as If the wood was full of men
and that the line would never come to
an ond. Last of all came a man In the
fringed tunic of a hunter, with a cap
and feather upon his bead. Ho passed
across like the others, and they vanished Into the shadows, It was live
minutes beforo Du Lhut thought It
Safe to rise from their shelter.
"By Ste. Anne!" ho whispered. "Did
you count them?"
"Three hundred nnd ninety-six," said
"I mnde It 402."
"And you thought that there were
only n hundred and fifty of thenil"
cried De Catinat.
"Ah, you do not understand. This It
a fresh hand. The others who took the
blockhouse must be over there, for
tlieir trail lies between us and tha
river. In their en nip there aro now
nearly COO warriors, Unless we warn
them nt Ste. Marie these devils will lay
some trap for them. Their parties are
assembling by land nnd hy water, and
there mny be a thousand before day.
break. We must push on aud give our
"They hnd one who was dressed like
a white man," remarked Amos.
"Aye, nnd the most deadly of the lot
Ills father was a Dutch trader, his
mother an Iroquois, and he goes by the
name of the Flemish Bastard. By Ste.
Anne, I have a score to settle with hlm,
nnd I may pay it beforo this business
*s over."
DAY was just breaking as the
four comrades entered the gate
of the stockade, but early as It
was the eeusltalres and their
families were all afoot. De Cathmt
hurst through the throng and rushed
upstairs to Adele, who had herself
flown down to meet him, so that they
met In each other's arms. Together,
ffljh his arm arouud her, they ascended
io me great nan.
"Ah, monsieur," said tbe old nobleman, with his courtly bow, "I am Indeed rejoiced to see you safe under my
roof again, not only for your own sake,
but for that of madame. You are
doubtless hungry and weary. When
you are yourself again, I must claim
iny revenge In piquet, for the cards lay
ngainst me the other night."
But Du Lhut had entered at De Catlnat's heels with his tidings of disaster.
"You will have another game to play,
M. de Ste. Marie," said he.   "There are
000 Iroquois In the woods, and they ara
preparing to attack."
"Tut, tut! We cannot allow our arrangements to be altered by a haiulf*'
of savages," said the seigneur. "I must
apologize to you, my dear De Cutinnt.
that you should be annoyed by sueh
people while you are upon my estate.
Now, when I played piquet last with
De Lannes of Poitou"���
"De Lannes of Poitou is dend, and all
bis people," said Du Lhut. "The blockhouse is a heap of smoking ashes."
The seigneur raised his eyebrows.
"I always told him that his fort
would be taken unless he cleared away
those maple trees which grew up to the
very walls. They are all dead, you
"Every man."
"And the fort burned?"
"Not a stick wns left standing."
"Have you seen these rascals?"
"We saw the trail of a hundred and
fifty. Then there were a hundred in
canoes, and a war party of 400 passed
us under the Flemish Bastard. Their
camp Is five miles down the river, and
there cannot be less thau GOO."
"You are fortunate in escaping
"But they were not so fortunate in
escaping us. We killed Brown Moose
and his son."
"Excellent! Excellent!" said the
seigneur, clapping gently witb his
dainty hands. "You havo done very
well indeed, Du Lhut You nre, I presume, very tired?"
"I nm uot often tired."
"Then perhaps you would pick a few
men nud go back into the woods to see
what these villains are doing?"
"I sball he ready lu five minutes."
"Perhaps you would like to go also,
His son's dark eyes and Indian face
lit up.
"Yes, I shall go also," he answered.
"Very good. And we shall make all
ready iu your absence. Madame, you
will excuse these little annoyances
which mar the pleasure of your visit.
Next time that you do me the honor to
come here I trust that we shall have
cleared all these vermin from my estate. You will excuse me now, as there
nre one or two things which demand
my attention. De Catlnat, you nre n
tried soldier, and I should be glad of
your advice."
It was bright daylight now, and the
square Inclosure within the stockade
was filled with an anxious crowd who
hnd just learned the evil tidings. Thi
scouting party under Du Lhut and
Achllle de la None hnd already left,
and at the orders of the seigneur the
two gates were now secured with huge
bars of oak fitted into iron staples on
either side. The children were placed
In the lower storeroom with a few
women to watch them, while tho others were told off to attend t^o the fire
buckets and to reload the muskets.
Tho men had been paraded, fifty-two
of them in all, and they were divided
Into parties now for the defense of
each part of the stockade. On one
side it had heen built up to within a
few yards of the river, which not only
relieved them from the defense of that
face, but enabled Iheni to get fresh
wnter by throwing a bucket at lhe end
of a rope from the stockade. The
boats and canoes of Ste. Marie were
drawn up on the bank just under the
wall nnd were precious now as offering a last means of escape should all
else fail. The next fort, St. Louis, was
but a few leagues up the river, and
De la Noue hnd already sent a swift
messenger to them with news 'of Ihe
danger. At least it would bo a point
on wliich they might retreat should the
worst come to tho worst
And thnt the worst might come to
lhe worst wus very evident to so experienced a woodsman ns Amos Green.
He hnd left Ephraim Savage snoring
In a deep sleep upon the floor nnd was
now walking round the defenses with
his pipe in his mouth, examining with
u critical eye every detail In connection with them. The stockade was
very strong, nine feet high and closely
built of oak stnkes, which were thick
enougli to turn a bullet. Halfway up
it was loopholcd in long, narrow slits
for the fire of the defenders. But, on
Ihe other hand, the trees grew to within a hundred yards of it and formed n
screen for tho attack, whilo the garrison was so scanty that It could not
spare more than twenty men at Hie
utmost for ench face. His face darkened ns ho thought of tbo young wife
who had como so fur In (heir sufe
keeping nnd of the women und children whom he had seen crowding Into
lho fort
"Would It not be better If you could
send them up tho river?" be suggested
to the seigneur.
"I should very gladly do so, monsieur, and perhaps, If wo nre all alive,
wo mny manage It tonight if the
weather should lie cloudy, but I can-
not spnre the men to guard them and
1 cannot send them without a guard
when wo know that Iroquois canoes
are on the river."
"You nro right. It would bo mad*
"I hnve stationed you on (he custom
fnco with your friends and with flf,
teen men. M. de Catiuat, will you
command the party?"
"I will tnko the soutli fnce, as It
Seems to ho tho point of danger. Du
Lhut enn tuke the north, nnd live men
should bo enough to watch the river
"Have wc food nnd powder?"
"I have flour and smoked eels enough
to seo this matter through. As to powder, we huve nil our trading stores to
draw upon."
"Wo huve not time to cleur any of
these trees?" nsked the soldier.
"Impossihle. They would make better cover down."
"But nt lenst I might clenr that patch
of brushwood round the birch sapling
which lies between the cast face and
the edge of the forest. It Is good cover
for thulr- sbii'tjilahcira."
"Yes; that should be fired without
"Nay; I think thnt I might do better," said Amos. "We might bait a
irap for them there. Where is this
powder of which you spoke?"
"Theuriet, the major domo, is giviug
��ut powder in the main storehouse."
"Very   good."    Amos   vanished   up-
Itairs and returned with a large linen
bag In  his  hand.   This  he filled with
powder, und then, slinging it over his
ihoulder, he curried it out to the clump
jf bushes and placed it ut the base of
!he sapling, cutting a strip out of the
bark    immediately    above   the    spot
Then with u few leafy brunches und
fallen  leaves  he covered tho  powder i
lag  very  carefully   over,  so  that  it
looked  like  n  littlo   hillock  of earth.
iiiiving arranged all to his satisfaction,
io returned.
(To be Continued.)
Collar, Hat Trimmings, Coats and
Parasols In This Fabric.
A cretonne flower and leaf introduced like a rare bit of embroidery
into the collar of a silk coat and snap-
plly ed.ed with black Is distinctive
and charming. So Is n gay little
waistcoat, striped and flowered nnd
sprinkled with buttons, to be worn
uuder a dashing cutaway coat. When
It comes, however, to huge "Merry
Widow" sailor huts, with stiff brims
and crowns covered flatly with woven
roses that nro ruthlessly lopped away
to suit the exigencies of hat sbapinf
and tortured with rows of stitching
In surgical suggestion through delicate petals, the effect ls not so happy.
Neither is the cretonne parasol, which
���come upon unexpectedly from the
tear���looks a bit like an animated rose
trellis in generous bloom.
In neckwear cretonne Is shown In
the flat "angel child" collar, which has
como to stay, at least while warm
weather makes it so eminently the
comfortable thing. To match the
flowers in these turned down cretonne
collars there aro guy little bows of
rose pink or other flower colors.
Applique of cretonne mny be used
with charming effect in combination
with embroidery stitches on vests, collars, cuffs aud other trimmings. One
progressive young woman has fashioned a rose pink linen frock with a
garland border of cretonne roses���In
much the effect of the rose garland
borders on smart wall pnper. The
garlands, cut out from the cretonne,
are re-enforced with a light facing
underneath to keep the cretonne from
curling aud are nppllqucd to over-
skirt or tunic edge and to the edges
of the ,umper sleeve.
Another clever maid hns clipped
long festoons of violets from a dainty
bedroom cretonne and has applied
them to a white net evening frock,
the color tone being carried out by
tiny violet velvet ribbons threaded
through the net
If I could lay me lunch hooks on a
��� ,      dime
YAn' feel it good an' solid in me mit,
I would drop dead wid joy er throw
a fit���
That's  why I  sing this  sort of  sore-i
bead  rime.
To be simply rummy is a crime,
This  honest gag  don't ever make  a
An' Virtue lands you where the dead
ones sit,
The  phoney gets  the velvet  all  the
���onio gi/_*s is boostin' things tbat is
to bo,
But   half  the   time,   they're   handin'
out a stall���
The silver linin' to the clouds I see
Is bogus er it isn't there at all���
Those "Cheer up" texts don't make
no noise wid me���
They're  only  fit  for paintin' on the
���From  Sour Sennets of a Sorehead
by James P. Huverson.
Scalloped Ends More Fashionable
Than a Fringed Finish.
The woman who Is deft with her
needlo mny indulge in pretty towels,
whether her purse is long or not, for
there ls no end of bund work used to
benutlfy towels in these dnys. One of
the prettiest methods and nt the same
time one of the most practical ls scalloping. Tho plain liucknbnck Is got and
the ends done in (he simplest form of
6cnllop, heavily padded. With a quarter (o mark tho scallops and a lino
drawu across tbo end to keep them
even, (he marking may be done at
home. Instead of tbe fringe so pop-
ulnr a few years ago, mnny of the
handsomest towels are finished with
a hemstitched hem or with embroidery or with Irish lace, although the
latter is very expensive. The very
lnrge towels nre out of fashion, the
favorite size being nbout twenty-five
Inches wide by forty long. Hand
towels come In several sizes, the smallest of which is fourteen inches wide
and twenty-four long. Drawn wor.
as a trimming for towels offers no
merous possibilities to the woman who
can do it well, nnd so does embroidery work. Both Irish and German embroidery are popular. All embroidery
Is of the variety known as blind, and
the designs are not too elaborate.
Chicken a 1a  Marengo.
As the main course nt a luncheon
nothing could be moro delectable than
this way of preparing chicken, which
is said to hnve lieen first mnde for the
great Nnpoleon after the battle of Mn-
Ills chef hnd to depend on the materials which tho country afforded, and
it would seem that he could have done
no boiler had the markets of Europe
been nt his command.
Singe nnd clean n live pound chicken,
wipe It Inside and out with a clean
towel and cut It up as for fricassee
In a saucepan melt a very full table,
spoonful of butler and mid three tabic*
spoonfuls of the best olive oil.
When It is hot ndd the dark meat of
the chicken nnd cook for five minutes
Then add thc White ment, with salt
and pepper and a little garlic, if desired.
Mix aud stir over a good fire and
cook for twenty minutes until each
piece of tbo chicken Is a light golden
Have rendy n tomato sauce made
from a cun of tomatoes, a little onion,
carrot, parsley nnd celery, which have
been cooked until thick, then rubbed
through a sieve mid a tablespoonful ef
butter added.
��� To the chicken ndd n half pound of
fresh mushrooms, peeled nnd stemmed,
and cook for live minutes.
Arrnng. tlio chicken on a platter, add
to the gravy In tho pun three tablespoonfuls of the tomato puree, stir until It is hot, but do uot nllow It to boll,
pour over the chicken and serve.
Test of Vision.
The Pleiades hnve long formed an
interesting test of vision. To ordinary eyesight six stars are visible, but
keen eyed persons see seven and even
eleven or moro. Reporting late observations, P. Vincart, an Antwerp
astronomer, mentions counting thirteen Pleiades with the naked eye.
He  Was   It.
Mollio���Tell me, did you ever win n
prize at a lottery?
Cholly���No; I never did, but my
wife did.
Germany Now Boasts Six Dirigible
Aerial   Cruisers.
Germany's fleet of "air cruisers.'"
or dirigible airships, will, it is proudly announced, presently number six:
Count Zeppelin's III., rigid type.
Count Zeppelin's IV., rigid type,
which has done n twelve-hour flight
and will bo taken over by the Government with No. III. for $100,000
after a twenty-four-hour test.
Major Gross's nrmy airship, half-
Motor Airship Study Society's old
airship,  non-rigid.
Major von Pursevnl's non-rigid ship
building fer the nbove society.
New airship, of which details are
kept secret, nearly ready at the works
of the Siemcns-Schuekert Electric
The first announcement of the last-
named airship was given several
months ago. The company has engaged a celebrated military aeronaut,
Captain von Krogh, as commander
of the vessel. The Study Society's
new non-rigid ship~wi���ll be sold to the
War Office as soon as she has completed her trial trips.
The army will then possess three
dirigibles, each representing one of
the threo opposed types of construction���rigid, half-rigid, and non-rigid
���with a view to arriving at a oon-
olusion on their merits.
Herr Rudolf Martin, author of
books on war in the nir, and "Is a
World-War Imminent?" points out
how England is losing her insular
character by tho development of airships and aeroplanes.
"In a world-war," he said to me,
"Gormany would hnve to spend two
hundred millions sterling in motor-
airships, and a similar nmount in
aeroplanes, to transport 350,000 men
in half an hour during the night
from Calais to Dover. Even to-day
the landing of a large Gorman nrmy
in England is a mere matter of
money. I nm opposed to a war between Germany and England, but
should it break out to-day, it would
last at least two years, for we would
conclude no peace, until a German
army had occupied London.
How Emp3ror William  Rests.
It soems that the German Emperor
is in the habit of hnving a slight
meal overy two hours, says The Gentlewoman. His incessant activity
makes it necessary, and his example
is followed by most of his suite who
would otherwise be unable to do all
that is demanded of them.
The Empress also, when the Emperor is "on parade," has freque.it
refreshment during the day. The
Kaiser also keeps two hours of the
day, when possible, to rest; from 2
to 4 o'clock he is not to be disturbed
'���vhen at home. Otherwise he is th.
���iitire day occup'ed either with busi-
ess or pleasure. He retires to rest
ate and is up n ;ain the next morn-
ng at 5 o'clock.
Cold Feet.
"T*1s oad when you have looked aod seen'
11m* w'iftn you drew to get o queen
Vou got h queen, and you do fret
Por fear you will not get a bet,
3nme oilier chap who drew one card
Comes  In and  boosts and  boosts  you
And you keep raising hack and forth
Till you feel that your hand, is worth
No more, and r.-t you call and lind
Thr.t your hnnd has him beaten blind���
'Tis **ad to guess whin you'd  have mad��
If you had noi gol ho a/raid.
Very mnny persons die annually
'rom cholern nnd kindred summer
coinnlnints, who mielit hnve been sav-
��d if proper remedies had been used,
if attacked do not delav in **etting
s bnltle of Dr. J. D. Kellogtr's Dvsent-
irv Cordial, the medicine that never
falls tn effect a euro. Those who have
used It sn" it ncls prninp.lv. nnd thoroughly sublines tin* pnin nnd disease,
"The steamship nenplo complain
that thov bnve nvhmisted all the
*i*i""*s   ending   '<(���'."
"Nnnsoii-**-*.. Thorn's the Go. trio.
the Dvsnenlie. nnd thev inii.'ht lnuneli
i nice fnoiilv boot nnd cull It the
Paregoric."���Philadelphia  Bulletin.
Cnr"s i'-iii)ii)l r"***-lnl \vll"!l HnH'iwuv's
"(11*11   ("'lire  i*;   'iltldiod   _o  (*'o<��,    1,m(..|ii4���
il    i'"**K to   the   root   nnd   kills    the
"Thr. Knells'i s"r'i'""i'tles are Ihivnt-
inin'r  In  ns��� bombs."
".���<d   if  II,..)-   hnve  nn  effect?"
"Then    1   ��'iinse.   ilic'll   resort   to
hatpins."- Kansas City Journal.
Minard's Liniment relieve. Neuralgia.
Ho���Have you quite mnde up your
onnrrel   with   vour  lnisbniid?
She���Yes; everything except the
'nueh steak T gave bim three weeks
neo*-be don't pardon that���Fliegende
'/PILLS* ~
V V\A  _. \ \.
' ' '   '  y V__r ���**���   ���**���__      *  ,
i in
/,' yj
'   It is worth your consideration���the perfection of fit, style and
I finish  at  the  minimum of  cost.    For years past we have made
, tailoring our special study, until to-day it is no exaggeration to say
that  our   House boasts  the  finest  equipment  and   organisation  in
the Tailoring World.    We have specialised  in  the art of fitting
clients residing over-seas, and, moreover, not only in fitting, but also
in producing the real American  fashions.    There is no need to pay
exorbitant prices for your tailoring requirements.     The   merit of our
tailoring  is  backed by   our unreserved guarantee to refund every cent of
"our clients' money where we fail to give absolute satisfaction. No other Tailoring
louse on either side of the Atlantic dare offer such an unqualified guarantee. Whether
you desire your clothes tailored in latest  New York style or latest  London fashions,
we guarantee absolute  satisfaction.   The process is simple.   Merely fill in a postcard,
and address same to us as below, asking for our latest assortment of patterns, together
with latest fashion-plates, instructions for accurate self-measurement, tape measure, all free
and carriage paid.   We dispatch your order within seven days from receipt, and if you do not
approve, return the goods, and we will refund your money.
SUITS and OVERCOATS to measure from
$5.14 to $20.
The World's
Measure Tailors,
(Dept. D81),   60/62   CITY   ROAD,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.
Addresses  fop   Patterns i
For Toronto and East Canada ���
CURZON BROS., c]o Might Directories, Ltd. (Dept. D81), 74-76 Church Street, TORONTO, ONT.
For   Winnipeg   and   the   West:
CURZON   BROS.,   c|o   Henderson   Bros.,  (Dept.   D  81),   279   Garry  Street, WINNIPEG.
Below wc tabulate the various towns that Mr. Greene will visit on his
tour, together with approximate dates of his  arrival in each town *.
Victoria, Dominion Hotel August 29th.
Vancouver,  Grand View    Sept. 14th.
Kamloops,  Dominion  Hotel Sept. 28th.
Revelstoke,   Hotel   Revelstoke    Oct.    ist.
Calgary,  Queen's  Hotel Oct.   Bth.
Edmonton,   "The  Alberta" Oct. 12th.
Battleford,  Windsor  Hotel    Oct. 19th.
Prince  Albert,  Queen's   Hotel    Oct. 22nd.
Saskatoon,   Iroquois  Hotel    Oct. 26th.
Regina,  "The  Clayton" _. Oct. 29th.
Brandon, "The  Empire"  ..   ..         Nov.   Cth.
Portage la Prairie, The Leland Nov. 12th.
Winnipeg Nov. 15th.
Please mention this paper.
the Wiie Will Turn.
The infant of the IioukIioIiI wns in
its cradle. The head of the house was
nt home peevish and fault-finding.
At length he became unendurable.
"You've done nothing but make
mistakes   to-night,"   he   growled.
"Yes," she Snswered meekly; "I
began bv putting the wrong babv to
No child Bhould \)-i aflowed to suffer an hour from worms when prompt I
relief can be got in n simple but strong
remedy- -Mother  Graves    Worm   Ex*
Insure purity and Have 75 per cent, of dealer'!- prices by
uslnR OIIOSI Kedistil.ed Extracts. Ion* popular In Europe
and awarded -fold medals, &<_., at Internationa! Exhibitions.
Not substitutes or imitations, but the Real Thinj., delicious, absolutely pure and wholesome Guaranieed
nmler United Stute*-. Pure Food Act���No. 8402,
With OKOSI you can make any of the following as
easily as you mix two glasses of water, viz.: Rye, Bourbon, Scotch Whiskey, Gins. Brandies. Manhattan, Martini. Club Cocktails, Creme de Menthe. Chartreuse and
others.   Boxes  of   12  assorted  or  one  kind���price, $3
TO INTRODUCE OKOSI we send under plain cover, on
receipt of fl, to anv address In tbe United States. Mexico
nr Canada. ALL CHARGES PREPAID. 4 vials (assorted
or of one kind), for making
gold m-MM awart-���. FOUR FULL QUARTS FOR ONE DOLLAR.   mZit\��Znat
Ameri.a-Eurr��rte ComiKiny.  Sole American Au-ents. 2039    Broadway. New York City.
(Ask fur Free Booklet Klvini*  History and Secrets of i.i(.uur_���Ite. to everybody.)
Noil���Ts she a dog fancier?
Sue -Is sin*? Why, she hns heen
trying for ever so limy to make hydrophobia mnre fashionable than appendicitis,
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Burns,  etc.
"How ninny horsepower is your
"It's too heavy for one horse, so I
generally use two."���Judge,
"Well, young Dr. S'leer hns made
his mark already, hasn't he?"
"Yes; did it on his first ease."
"Great world   What did he clo?"
"Vaccinated hiin."���Cleveland Lender.
Ten cents' worth of Wilson Fly Pads
will kill more house flies thnn threi
hundred  sheets of sticky  paper.
W.   N.    U.    No.   705.
"All that you are, my friend," said
the lecturer, singling out an elderly
mnn sitting in a front seat, who appeared tn he deeply interested���"all
that you nre, I repent, you owe to
heredity nnd environ ment." "Whnt:"
exclaimed the elderly man, turnin?
red with indignation, "I never had
no dealin's with that firm in my life,
and I don't owe them or anybody el**-.>
a cent!"���Chicago Tribune.
Wilson's  Fly  Pads  kill  them  all.
Cook���My dog took first prize at the
cat show.
Hook���How was that?
Cook���He took the cat.���The Journal of Zoophily.
Cabman's  Excuse.
"Cabby, make your horse go a little
"Impossible; I nm n member of the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals."
Ten minutes later, on arrival ���
"Come, bourgeois, give another good
"Impossible; I am a member of thf*
temperance society."��� Les Annnles.
Perkins (at midnight, ns he sees
burglar climbing up laddty to second
story window)���Hey, there! Look out
foi the paint I���Life.
Work Cut Out for Pa.
Tomniy-Diil you really menu it
when you said you'd whip anyone
that broke thnt vase?
Pa���Just come here, sir, and I'll
show you.
Tommy���Don't show me. Show
Bridget. She just broke it.'���Philadelphia Press.
Towne��� Yes, my wife 's able to
dress on comparatively littlp money.
Browne���Ol come now! Coinpnra*
tively little?
Towne���I mean a little compared
with what she thinks she ought to
have.--Philadelphia Press THfc   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C
Which Pe-ru-na Relieved in a Short
400 Quebec Street, London, Ontario,
"1 begnn using Peruna Inst January when I hnd such a bad cold,
and I could not get anything to help
"My nose nnd bend were nil stopped up, so that I could hardly get my
breath. I thought nt times that I
would smother, especially at night.
"I hnve no trouble with thnt now.
The noise in my head has nil disappeared.
"I know Peruna will do just what
you sny it does. I cannot praise
Peruna too highly, ns it has done so
much fnr me. I hope my letter will
reach other sufferers."
Mrs. S.J. Kountz, ini5 Scovel street
Nashville,   Tenn.,   writes:���
"1 have hnd a verv had cough nenr
ly all my life, nnd I nm forty-flv
vnnrs old. I hnve taken nlmost every
Hnd of enugh medicine that has ever
heen made, hut none did me much
rood. T would have soells of cough-
i"9- Hint T thoupht T would cough
*-**.���_-.���. t0 death. T tnnk Peruna, and
Jpp' whiter and this winter T hnve hnd
nn cough, nnd I know that Perun?
rnr.d me."
An   Irish  Landlord.
Valentine Charlev Browne. Karl of
���y'lunare, owns nl] of the Lakes ot
Killamey, nil tlie hind thnt. surrounds
them, and according to the crnnt of
James I.. Feb. 16, 1622, "all the islands of, or in the same, and the fisheries of ��aid lakes, nnd the soil nnd
bottom thereof." He owns the mouii-
tnins round nbout. and one of his stewards told me that they comprised
OOP 000 neres. He owns the villnge
end everything in it, even the ground
o*i which the railway station stnnds
All of the hotels occupy his soil under
Imse. nnd the insane asylum with its
f'OO patients! and the poorhouse for
Pnnntv Kerry, with 400 friendless and
destitute dentures within its wnlls.
"Who did you sny that strangei
was?" asked Hie country editor
"Jonas Perkiuhine," replied the lonf
er at the village store. "Well, well'
Why, Dint's the nnme nf one of out
subscribers.*" "Don't sny? What's the
nnme o' the other one?"���Philadelphia
Pi ess.
Citimnn���Hollo, old man! Got your
new enok still?
S"bbubs���No, T haven't, got her
still, hut I've found her bottle! Found
it hidden in the cellar, and she's
sober just now.���Philadelphia Press.
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot he cured by Hull's Cntnrrh Cure
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, hnve known
F. J. Cheney for the Inst '.j yenrs, and
believe him perfectly honorable in nil
business trmisnetions, nnd finnncialk*
able to carry out nny obligations mnde
by his firm.
Welding,  Kinnnn k Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. 0
Hall's Cntnrrh Cure is tnken internally, acting directly upon the blood
nnd mucous surfnees of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price, 75c. per
bottle.    Sold   bv   all   Drnggrsts
TaJ-e Hall's Family Pills for oonsti-
Office boy���The editor is much obliged to you for allowing hiin to see your
drawings, but much regrets that he
is unable to use them.
Fair Artist (eagerly)��� Did he saj
Office bov (truthfully)���Well, not
exactly. He just snid: "Tnko 'em
nwny, Joe; they make me sick."���
Harper's Weekly.
You Can Test
the Kidneys
Then let Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills prove their power to cure.
Let urine stiind for twenty-four
hours and if at the end of thnt time
there nre deposits of a brick dust
variety, or if Hie wnter becomes smoky
und oloudy, you may be sure the kidneys  ure deranged.
Another very marked symptom of
kidney disease is pain in the small
of the  back.
The letter quoted below tells how
these symptoms were overcome nnd
kidney diseas? cured by Dr. A. W.
Chnse's Kidn jy-Liver Pills. Because
of their direct and combined notion
on both liver and bowels these pills
cure the most complicated cases.
Cnpt. W. Smith, a veteran of the
Crimean war, living at Revelstoke,
**_P.C, wrUes:���"I can testify that for
years I was a sufferer from chronic
kidney disease, which wns the verdict
nfter the doctor exnmined me nnd
analyzed my urine. As hi ��� medicine
did me no good I bought n box of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills and
was benefitted so much thnt I kept
on tnking them until I can say that
I am perfectly cured, which the doctor certifies."
One pill a dose, 25 cents a box. At
all dealers or Kdmanson, Bates & Co.,
Dr. A.W.Chase's
Liver Pills
If You Should Happen to Get Any,
Handlo Them With Caro.
The zoo keeper carefully unfolded a
���mall paper packet, wliich looked as il
tt might contain a headache powder.
"Waut a rattlesaake's tooth?" he inquired.
"Well, call It a fang if you want to,
but ain't there something iu the good
book about 'sharper than a serpent's
tooth?' Look at this oue aiid you'll
thiuk that the old fellow that wrote
that must bave known what he was
talking about."
He opened the paper and showed
what seemed like a miniature horn,
it was shaped like a cow horn, which
has only one curve. It was yellowish
white, like a discolored tooth.
It was about three-quarters of an
Inch long and a sixteenth of an inch
In diameter at thc base, where it
seemed as if it had beeu broken off.
The point was as sharp as a needle.
An eighth of an Inch hack of the point,
on the outer curve of the toqtb, was
an opening, the end of a sort of tube,
which ran the whole length of the
This little channel through thc tooth
seemed to be full of a dried substance,
which thc zoo keeper evidently regarded with proper suspicion, for lie wiirn-
ed the recipient of the tooth to handle
the same with care. lie did not think
that one would get a true case of snake
bite from one of these discarded teeth,
but if the skin should be scratched or
pierced hy it a bad sore would probably result
According to him, the keepers at the
zoo often pick up these loose teeth In
the snake cages. They are apparently
shed ln the course of natural changes,
something as thc serpent sheds his
skin. They are uot merely the snake's
baby teeth, for he sheds them moro
than once.
The Gaelic Language.
The old Gaelic language was spotcen
by all the branches of the great Celtic
race, for, while a dialect of the Celtic
language, it was so like the other
Celtic dialects thnt no Celt would find
difficulty ln speaking IL Specifically,
It was the speech of the Manxmen,
Welsh, Scotch hlghlanders, Cornish-
men, Bretons and many of the Irish.
It Is still spoken in some parts of Ireland, Wales, the highlands and the
Isle of Mnn.
A   Mere   Pittance.
Mrs. Nurich���I told Widow Downes
to send her boy to you and you'd givo
him a position. Mr. Nurich���Well, I
didn't give him no position. He camo
with a note from her, nu' she said In
the note, "I must find employment for
my boy, even if ho works for a mere
pittance." The nerve of her callin' me
"a mere pittance 1"
A Dry Joke.
"Will you take something to drink?"
"With pleasure."
The photo was taken, and the sitter
"But what about that little Invitation?"
"Oh, sir, that Is Just a trade ruse of
mine to give a natural and interested
expression to tbe face."���Tit-Bits.
In the Wrong Shop.
Mrs. Ncwlywed���I want to buy a
steak. Lumberman���Hickory, oak or
ash? Mrs. Newlywed ��� Porterhouse.
Lumberman ��� You'll Ond that lu the
butcher shop. This Is a lumber yard.-1
A Definition.
Knlcker��� What is your definition of
n gentlemnn?
Bocker���One who doesn't need It-
New York Sun.
When Women Talk.
Behold the air I   It groweth dense
With adjectives profound, Intense;
The sun ls dimmed by brilliant wit.
All nature's vanquished bit by bit
And men In trembling silence-Bit
When women talk.
Often So.
First Motorist���Whose make Is your
Second Motorist���Well, about one-
third the manufacturer's and two-
thirds the repairer's.���New York Evening Journal.
This Transitory World.
"Sho has a small waist, hasn't she?"
"Too small.    Why,  tbe  pleasure of
getting around it only  lasts about a
Too Mature.
"Good   story,"   said   Nold,   "that   Wlgge
Just told
Of the fellow lhe hornet stung."
It senrcety  wns tluit,"  said  nindleh.il,
"If It's true that the good die young."
A Choice.
"Excuse me," sputtered the victim to
the barber, "but If you Intend to put so
much lather In my mouth I wish you'd
shave me with whipped cream or iiiny-
cnualsc dressing."
Hard Luck.
To the young mnn of today
Fate Is oft unkind���
His mustache Is down In front.
Ills necktie up behind.
Imp���The preachers have gone to the
Satan���Yes, but I don't know whether to go there with the wives or stay
In town with the husbands.
The unit of horsepower varies great
ly in different countries.
Effect of Liquid Air.
A ball of India rubber Immersed in
liquid air beeoines brittle and If
dropped to the floor breaks like glass.
A lead ball acquires elasticity and will
rebound like the rubber iu its normal
A  Contrast   In   Dinners.
A   French   writer   bus   ascertained
that Napoleon's favorite dish wns benn
salad aud Ihat he held ihat 00 cents a
'Jay ought to be enougli for nny one's
meals. Louis XV., 0u the contrary,
had a favorite dish, made of the eggs
of various birds,  ivlilcll cost $100.
Remarkable   Feats   Have   Been   Performed   by  Sightless   Men.
Manchester has just been the scene
of the Second Triennial International
Conference on the Blind and Exhibition. In the latter is exhibited work
dune by the sightless ��� for which
prizes are offered���and apparatus and
machines for the education and use
al the blind.
Perhaps it is the very magnitude of
his affliction wliich has made the
blind man fight so fiercely against
the darkness which encompasses him.
At any rate, in all ages of the world
���from the blind poet Homer, down
through Milton, and the great Wind
Postmaster Fawcett���one finds sightless persons who have climbed to
the top of the ladder of human
One of the subjects for discussion
ai the conference was, "Kecfea-
tions for the Blind," the lecturer being Dr. Campbell, himself blind. Yet
Dr. Campbell can ride and row and
cycle. Incredible as it may appear
he has actually climbed to the summit of Mont Blanc���a feat that many
a sighted  person  is proud of.
Four years ago, a blind man���Mr.
Jncob Snape���walked across England
from Blackpool to Margate���n distance of about four hundred and sixty
There has been more than one blind
barrister. Of these, tho most wonderful was Mr. George Summers Griffiths. Called in 1852, he had become
known ns the champion verdict-getter, when, in the early eighties, he
lost his sight.
Yet he refused to give up bis. profession, and, being gifted with an extraordinary memory, he very soon became almost ns successful as ever.
We hnve a blind magistrate, in the
person of Mr. Qeorge Smith, who acts
in that, capacity for the Holland
Division of Lincolnshire; nnd also a
blind Parliamentary candidate. Ear*
lj in thc pi��sent yenr, Mr. Walker
King, of Exeter, a blind man, was
selected as Liberal candidate for West
Somerset to oppose Sir Aclnnd-Hood
at the next election. Mr. King unsuccessfully contested Taunton in
A blind marvel whom many Londoners have watched with incredulous
astonishment is the colored stage dancer Walker who early in the present
yenr, was appearing at several London  music-halls.
Walker was suddenly blinded by
atrophy of the optic nerve. Whnt to
do he knew not. He nearly went mad
wilh misery. Then it suddenly struck
him that he might still dance. His
oyes looked right enough. Perhaps
the managers need not know of his
Will it bo believed that for eighteen
months he earned his living in the
Old way, without anyone but his wife
knowing that he was blind In his
simplicity, he never imagined that n
blind comedian could bo worth his
pay. Now, however, he appears
frankly as blind.
Walker's feats call to mind those
of the celebrated "Blind Jnek" ol
Alderney. Jack lost his eyesight in
America, through a tree falling on
him. He came home to Alderney, and
made a living by running messages,
chiefly for the soldiers at Fort Albert.
One dark night two Tommies, coming up the cliff-path from the bench
below tho fort, lost tlieir way, fell,
and lay badly bruised on a little-
ledge half-way between cliff-top and
Tn the blackness they could not be
seen, and none dared go to their rescue. Up came Blind Jack. He lis-
tenod a moment, then cooly swung
over the edge, and the terrified watchers heard his nailed boots clinking
from ledge to ledge. In a very short
timo he reached the men, and guided
them back to the path. Thence they
reached the bench, and same up safely by nnother way.
No longer ngo than April Inst, a
blind man performed an equally heroic feat. One night the Hotel Victoria, nt Richmond, Yorkshire, took
fire. The proprietor, Mr. John Jackson, who is blind, rushed through
the flumes, rescued his son, and, carrying the boy, managed to climb down
the back of the building to safety.
Awards  to  Spinsters.
A quaint custom has been observed
in connection with Holsworthy fair,
which closed recently, in the awarding of a money prize to a young
woman "generally esteemed as the
most deserving, most handsome and
most noted for her quietness and attendance  at church."
Miss Rosa Basset was selected for
the honor of fulfilling all these requirements, and became the possessor
of ��2 10, in accordance with a singular bequest of a former rector.
Under the same will the sum of
five shillings is annually given to the
spinster over 60 years of age who "is
noted for the like virtues, and is not
in receipt of parish pay." This gift
was presented to Miss Ching.
It is three years since any award
was made of this money, spinsters
being very scarce at Holsworthy.
Sacred  Geese of Rome.
The tradition of the "sacred geese
of old Rome" is that when the Gauls
invaded Rome a detachment, in single file, climbed up the hill of the
capital so silently that the foremost
man roachod the top without being
challenged. But while he was striding over thn rampart some Bacred
gnese, disturbed by the noise, began
to cacklo and thus awoke tho garrison. Marcus Mnnlius rushed to thc
wall and burled the fellow over the
precipice. To commemorate the
event the Romans carried a golden
goose in procession to the capitol
every year.
An   Improvement.
Plasty���I suppose you think that if
you had the regulating of the universe you could make some improvements on the present job, don't you?
Kuphs���1 don't know about that,
but I think I could suggest one
chitngo. I should like to hnve things
so nrrnnged that when a man is having a. good time the days would seem
to pass slowly instead of quickly, aa
thoy do now.	
Varying His Method.
The porch climber hesitated.
"I'm only doing this," he muttered, "because getting in on the ground
floor has never made any money for
me in a business way. and it's up
to me to get even with the world
Convincing himself by this specious
reasoning, he softly pushed up the
window and climbed inside.
Children! Do you want
a Painting Book?
It's Free.
Ask your mother to send us
her name and address and
we'll send you one of these
splendid Painting* Books with
the colors all ready to use.
We'll also send a quarter-
pound package of Celluloid
Starch for your mother to try
next ironing day. ���,
GelWWvA StatcYi
Never Sticks.   Require,* ao Cookiag
Th�� Brantford Starch Works. Limited, Ilrantford, Cinad*..
Like the Ostrich.
Mrs. Hicks was telling some ladies
about the burglnr seme in her house
the night before.
"Yes," she said, "I heard a noise
and got up, and there, sticking out
from under the bed, I saw a man's
"Mercy!" exclaimed the women
"The  bu.glar's  legs?"
"No, my denr; my husband's logs.
He henrd the noise, too."���Everybody's Magazine.
How   He  Enjoyed   It.
Briggs���How do you enjoy your mo
tor cycle?
Griggs��� Fine I All I need is a coat
ol tar and feathers to feel like a bird.
Impurities ot the Blood Counteracted.���Impurities in tlie blood come
from defects in the action of the liver.
They ure revealed by pimples and unsightly blotches on the skin. They
must be treated inwardly, and for
this purpose there is no more effective compound to be used than Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They act
directly on the liver and by setting
up healthy processes have a beneficial effect upon the blood, so that impurities are eliminated
Sears (at fashionable resort)���Why
did you move over to the other hotel?
Mears���My wife's doing. She says
lhe people where we were had seen
all her new gowns.��� Boston Transcript.
The best of Ceylon is in her teas.
Nowhere else do they grow to such
perfection. The best of Ceylon's teas
are in "Salada." 40
"Here's an invitation to tlie wedding of Alexander Hamilton Jones tu
Mary Jane Wiggs. Gracious, I wonder what Jones is marrying her for?"
"Probably just to see his name
spelled out in full."���Catholic Standard  and Times.
She  Was  Not So Slow.
Not all young matrons are so unsophisticated as is the customary
"Mrs. Newlywed" of the funny man.
One striking exception resides in
Entering a butcher shop on the eve
of a large house party to be given
at her home, she saw displayed a dozen chickens.
"Please pick me out a half a dozen
chickens that are tough, she said. '"I
hnve a special reason."
The butcher put aside seven.
'"Are these all?" she added.
"Yes, ma'am," was the reply. "All
these are tough ones."
"Then send the other five to my
house at once," said the young wife.
The butcher is still pondering.���
Pittsburg Lender.
Some funny things happen in the.
schoolroom. A Brooklyn teacher called upon a small boy to define "multitude."
"A multitude," said the boy, "is
what we get when we multiply."���
August  Lippincott's,
Faultless in Preparation.��� Unlike
any other stomach regulator. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills nre the result of
long study of vegetable compounds
calculated tw*stimulate the stomachic
functions and maintain them nt the
normal condition. Years of use hnve
proved th'eir faultless character nnd
established their excellent reputation.
And this reputation they have maintained for yenrs and will continue to
maintain, for these pills must always
stniul nt the hend of the list of standard preparations,
I wnnt to tell you of on inquiry of
ray little five-year-old Helen. She nl-
tends Sunday school regularly. Returning home on Sunday she said:
"Mamma, every Sunday the mnn
rends how much money ench clnss
gives, nnd then tells h'ow much Total
gives, and Total gives more than any
one. He must be n rich mnn. Who
is  Total,  ninninia?"���The  Delineator.
"It must have been n very tenderhearted butcher who killed this lamb,'1
said the cheerful idiot, pausing in the
sawing of his chop.
"Why?" kindly asked the oldest
"He must hnve hesitated three or
four yenrs before striking the fntal
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
"Fred, denr, I feel it in my bones
thnt you nre going to tnke me to the
theatre to-night."
"Whicli bone, darling?"
"I'm not sure, but I think its my
wishbone I"���Sydney Bulletin.
Your druggist, grocer, or general
storekeeper will supply you with Wilson's Fly Puds, nnd you cannot afford
to be without them. Avoid unsatisfactory  substitutes.
Do you go to Sunnily school, little
"Don't sav 'nope', that isn't right."
"Well, if I snid 'Yep', I'd be tellin'
yer n lie."���Boston Transcript,
An Oil That is Famous.���Thoug'i
Canada wns not the birthplace of Dr
Thomas' Electric Oil, it is the home
of that famous compound,  From ���here
its good nnme wus spread to Central
nnd South America, the West Indies,
Australia nnd New Zealand, Thnt i;
fnr afield enough to attest its excellence, for in nil these countries it is
cn snle and in demand.
Johnny���Pn, when is the freedom
of the city given to a inun?
Pa���When his wife goes to the
country for the summer.���New York
Remarkably Quick Recovery.
St. James, Man.���Mr. John Stoney,
GS years of age, was operated upon
for tumor last week by Dr. F. W. E.
Burnham, of Winnipeg, nnd is al-
lendy completely recovered, which is
remarkable for a man of his nge.
Judge���Whnt  is  your  profession?
Witness���I nm n. poet.
Judge���Thnt's not a profession; it's
a disease.���Judge.
St. Isidore, P. ,Q, Aug, 1004,
Minard's Liniment Co.,  Limited.
Gentlemen,���T have frequently used
MINARD'S LINIMENT and also prescribe it for by patients always with
the most gratifying results, nnd I consider it the best nil-round Liniment
A medicine that will keep children
well is a great boon to every mother.
This is just what Baby's Own Tablets
do. An occasional dose keeps the little stomach nnd bowels right, nnd
prevents sickness. During the not
weather months stomach troubles
speedily turn to fatal diarrhoea or
cholera infantum and if a medicine
like Baby's Own Tnblets is not nt
hand the child may die in a few hours.
The wise mother will always keep a
box of Tablets in the house and give
them to her childrcr-^occasionally to
clear out the stomach and bowels and
keep them well. Don't wait until the
child is sick���the delay mny cost a
precious little life. G,et the Tablets
now nnd you mny feel reasonably safe.
Every mother who uses these Tablets
praises them and that is the best evidence that there is no other medicine
for children so good. And the mother
has the guarantee of a government
analyst that the Tnblets contain no
opiate or harmful drug. Dealers sell
the Tablets nt 25 cents n box or you
can get them by mail from The Dr.
Willinms' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Mistress���You seemed to be enjoying yourself last evening, Bridget. I
henrd loud laughter in the kitchen.
Bridget���Yis, mum. Me policeman
cousin wns after droppin' in to tell
me of nie uncle's death.���Harper's
Dr.  Jackson,  former  Health Officer
of New York City, snys in his report
to Governor Hughes, that house (lies
are the cause of five thousand deaths
nnnunlly in thnt city from typhoid
fever nnd other intestinal discuses.
Wilson's Fly Pnds kill nil the flies
and the disense germs too.
The Forgotten Life and the Sad Fate
of the  Herring,
The experiments of men of science
sometimes furnish amusement to those
who are uot particularly interested In
the slow, minute and apparently insignificant investigations by meaus of
which important physical facts are
learned. It is interesting to know that
if we cut off the tails of forty successive generations of mice at their
birth not one mouse, even In the fourth
generation, will be born without a tall.
But wbeu the man of science was engaged iu cuttiug off the baby mice's
tails all the world laughed at bim.
The slow experiments to test the possibility that hy degrees an aulmal may
change its habitat���a land animal taking to water, nnd so .on���were thus
amusingly satirized In Germany:
Some time ago Ilerr Professor Schlit*
zer, the eminent biologist who la making experiments relative to the change*
of habitat made by animals, captured
a live herring. He took the fish home
and kept It in a large vat ot salt water. Every morning the professor dipped out of this vat half a teaspoonful
of salt water and replaced It with an
equal amount of fresh water.
The herring survived and passed his
days apparently in the best of spirits.
In tbe course of lime the water lu tho
tank wns rendered completely fresh.
Not a grnln of suit was left In IL And
still the herring remained cheerful and
lu good health. Next tho herr professor began to deprive the fish, little
by little, of the fresh water element
ln which he lived. In this also he was
successful, and afler a time the herring
gamboled around lu a perfectly dry
Tbe berr professor next put the fisb
In a birdcage, and the Intelligent creature continued to thrive. But one day
the berr professor noticed that something seemed to be tbe matter with
his pet
lie hud forgotten to give It anything
to drink.
Thereupon he put a dlsb of water in
tbe cage.
Tbo next morning, when the hcrr
professor came to look at bis fish, a
melancholy sight met bis gaze. The
herring had fallen bead flrst into the
dish of water aud bad been drowned.
Boy  (to  chemist)��� Sixpenn'orth  o
cod liver oil, please, sir.    An' I say, j
don't give me too much, cos it's me
what's got to drink it.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
First  Hobo���I  told   thnt  womnn   I
had bent mv wny around de world.
Second   Hobo���Wns  she  interested'
First Hobo���Yes; she got out a rug
and told me T could beat mv way lo
the dinner table.���Syracuse Herald.
Teacher (catching Tommy fishing
nn Sunday)���Do you know the wages
of sin?
Tommy���Ts this a sin?
Teacher���It   undoubtedly   is.
Tommy���I don't want nny wages for
this. I'm satisfied to do it for fun.���
Illustrated Bits.
Take no substitutes for Wilson's Fly
I'nils.    No   other   liy   killer  compares
wilh them.
Ibsen   and   His  Admirers.
A lifelong acquaintance of Ibsen
could give no more interesting record
thnn thnt the genius wns extremely
regular in his habits nnd drunk n
large tumbler of Scotch and soda at
a given hour ench afternoon. A so-
cnlled "writing lndy" chanced in Winchester to take an apartment kept by
the former housekeeper of Miss Charlotte Yonge, and when she begged for
news of her childhood's idol she gol
nothing more interesting than a. lively
description of the pattern of Miss
Yonge's silver knives and  forks.
A despatch just received from London, England, announces the departure from Liverpool of Mr. J. H.
Greene, I ravelling representative "l
the World's Greut Clothing House of
Curzon Bros., London, England. Mr.
Greene will commence his business
tour at Victoria, B.C., Aug. 2!llh, and
continue eastward visiting various cities hereafter to be announced. Mr.
Greene carries with him a full series
of the latest designs in suitings, overcoatings and trouserings nnd is authorized to tnke measurements nnd orders for nil sorts of men's clothing,
which will be sent by moil from
Messrs. Curzon's warehouse ill London, England, direct to the purchaser. Our renders nro familiar .with
the attractive advertisements of
Messrs. Curzon Bros, npponring in
our columns,
Bones of the Arm.
It Is a curious fact that the bones of
the arm are arraugeU. primarily for the
purpose of carrying the hand to the
mouth, food being, of course, the first
necessity of life. If you do not believe
It, try it for yourself aud see bow
much more naturally, when your arm is
bent, your hand moves in that direction than in any other.
A Turk's Consideration For tha
Brute's  Future Owner.
There had come with us from Hebron
a Turkish soldier riding a young camel
whose virtues he boasted and indeed
exhibited���the clean limbs, the stride
and the docility of the beast. It seemed a worthy camel���a camel of excel-
leut btiinor and of disguished promise
���aud it was much coveted by the way.
At night, as the custom Is, the man
was used to sleeping close to bis beast,
the winds belug chill, but now at Ra-
flell, while tbe mules were unloading
and the cook was Hoaxing his fire, ho
tethered the camel, flung bis snddle on
the sand and went off to tho mud barracks to hobnob with the Egyptian
frontier guard. 1 was presently
alarmed by the cook's outcry and a
rising excitement In camp. The docile
camel was viciously trampling his master's saddle, stupidly believing that he
was engaged iu his master's murder���
a savage and dreadful attack, a rearing
and heavy plunge.
"What!" ejaculated the Turk when
he was Informed of this. "Have I cherished a mau killer?"        ���
The camel was heartily beaten and
reduced to bis knees, whereupon his
doubled fore leg was tied so that be
could rise but wilh difficulty, and we
withdrew to observe his behavior, for
his master was not yet convinced. Rise
he did, a persistent, silent effort, and
cautiously approached the saddle, which
he attacked as savagely as before, but
now wltb one hoof.
"1 have had a narrow escape," said
the Turk. "My camel would have
killed nie toulght. By God and Mohammed, the prophet of God," he
swore, "1 will sell the beast in the
bazaar at Beersheba."
I Inquired concerning the future owner's prospect of long life.
"He ls In God's hnnds," was the answer.���Norman Duncan ln Harper's
A Great Way Off.
Mr. William Miles, late verger of
Rochester cathedral and the original
of Mr. Tope iu "Edwin Drood," was
a great favorite witb tbe late Dean
Hole. On oue anniversary of the verger's birthday, after a pleasant greeting, the di-au asked:
"How many children did your mother have?"
"Oh, I am the eldest of twelve!" replied Mr. Miles.
"Then," said the genial dean, "you
never snw your youngest brother."
"Oh, yes, I did!" answered Miles.
"What! Willi ten miles between
jou?" snld the dean chuffingly.
should ask priz
Sutter-Makers what
salt  they  use ��� they
would say, "Windsor."
For Windsor is the choice
of Canadian dairymen
everywhere.   Ask
,84      your grocer.
^^iiuair^:;: */:
Quite  Modest.
"You took retainers from both hu***
Imnd nnd wife In this divorce case,"
said the court severely.
"Your honor." snld the accused attorney, "let tne explain. I was first
retained by the man."
"No Impropriety In that."
"Then, conscious thnt the husband
lind secured legal talent of such high
���1'flel*, I deemed It fair that the wife
should have au equal show,"
These Brains Too Weak.
"Look hyuh," said Mose, reading
from the newspaper, "In New York
dey's puttin' up a thirty-storey build-
in', an' dey's beginnin' at the fifteenth  storey  and  wokin' up an' down."
"What. keops de middle 'spended in
de air while (ley's wo'kiil up an'
down?" demanded liis wife, suspicious-
"Ah���Ah I didn't fink nbout dnt!"
returned Mose, with widening eyes.
"Anyhow, dnr's wlinr de bruin ub de
contractor come in, No niggahs liko
you or me am pow'ful 'nough to
sploin dat I"���Brooklyn  Life.
"Ordered to quit the choir or die!"
exclaimed' Bilkfns, glancing up from
liis impel*.
"Who?"  inquired his wife.
"Member of a choir over in Jersey. '
"Denr, denr," rejoined Mrs. li. "I
didn't suppose anybody siuur so badly ns thnt."��� Philadelphia Ledger.
Men should
look for this
Tag on
Che wi n g
Tobacco. It
guarantees the high quality of
Black Watch
The Big Black Ping.
Chorus of the Campers.
Camp, camp, camp; the boys are camping-
Camping where the poison trailers climb.
And they'll all come back to town
Insect peppered,  blistered brown,
But there's naught like camping In the
good old summer time.
���Chicago News.
Culture In the Studio.
The Rich American Artist's New English Bufler (looking at Venus de Mllo)���
Excuse me, sir.   Is It Lord Nelson?
Artist���Oh, no: Nelson lost only one
arm.���tuarnur's Weekly.
Tnt Sfilettc tn rcaty.
"The relgr of the knife nud the stV
k-tto, which has been unquestioned in
Italy for centuries," says the Rome CO*
respondent of a Berlin paper, "is to be
brought.to an end. For generations It
has been the custom to carry a knife,
and those men In the lower walks who
had no knife carried a sharpened nail
or file to bo used on the slightest provocation The wine Is heavy, the blood
of the people is hot, their power of self
control small. Is it a wonder, then,
that, with the murderous Instrument
always at* baud, there should be so
many fatal encounters? But the lawmakers have at Inst discovered tbat
tho morals of the whole nation have
been Influenced for the bad by the
knife carrying custom, and laws will
he passed similar to those now In force
In some parts of the Vnlted States of
Amoricu making It a crime to carry a
tk*a*Jb* u'riUiiui."
Look (or (he Label
Stanfield's Underwear
comes in three weights
for winter wear.
And you   can get just
the weight you want by
lookin?   for   the  label
on every genuine
Stanfield garment.
Red label���light weight
BlnC label���medium weio-ht
Black label���heavy weight
Your  dealer  will  likely   nave
sll weights.    If not, he can
get them for you.
The Publio knows better
than to take any substitute for 2 in 1. The dealer
knows better than to offer
a substitute if he wants
. fe* "-.atain his reputation.
It takes years to learn tlie best methods of handling grain, We huve had
thirty years' experience handling
pruiii in this country; huvo a brunch
odice at Fort William und close business connection at ull grain centres.
Ship your grain through us lor prompt
returns and good services. References,
Union  Hunk  of  Canada.
Manitoba Commission Co.,
Grain    Exchange,   Winnipeg,   Man.
that make a borne Wheete,
hnve Tlilck Wind, or OnoM*
dowu. can bo removed wlta
Of ��ny Bunch or SireHIng*
canned by alinln or Inllain-
matlon. so miaier. _.<���
lmir gent, and horse kept
at work. 92.1)0 per bottle, de-
:'&��%, tor mankind, AW,?*
livered "urea dolt���, Tumors, Varlros,* Veins,
Hydroc'ei., Varicocele, 'llooktreo.   Made only b_
V. F. YOUNG, t��.DF.,1B7Konmouth St, Springfield, Miss.
IYMAN SONS A CO.. Montreal. Canadian Apcnls.
Al.o furnl.h.d be Martin B.I. A Wgnnl Co., Winner
Tht National Drag A Ch.ml.al Co., Wlnnlp.g ond Colgate,
tout tt.nd.rcnn Brat. Co. Lid.. 1/anaouv.r.
Fita, Epilepsy, St. Vitua' Panoe,
Nervous TroulileB, Kto., positively
cored by LICBIG'S TIT CURE. Free trial
bottle sent free on application. Write
the LIEBIG CO., Phoebe St., Toronto.
W.    N.    U.    No.    705. /
"��   -���
.**'   1/
# *. ������ **,_ V
'*%; A
.Slocan fiDfrifofl Kevlew.
.Subscription .3,00 per annum, strictly
in advance.  No pay, uo paper.
ADVBBTiBuja Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .13.00
"     for Crown Grants    -  -    7.60
"      " Purchase of Laud   -     7.50
�����     ����� License to Cat TimbeO.OO
All locals will lie charged for ot the rate
of 16o. per Uno each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No'room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
.Make yourself familiar with the
���above rates and Save Trouble.
Senior School Report
Number on Roll���88,
Average Daily Attendance���20.95,
Dusof School Mary ;Kila Burgess
Mary Ella Burgees 77.50
Denver T. Shannon   72.28
Mary Amelia Clever 70.55
Agnes Victoria Ostby 60,28
Mary Livingstone Gordon 62.00
Parry Grey  54.60
Robert S. Neleon 51.14
Arthur W, R. Ostby 47.85
Ernest 3. Atherton    45.60
Three Highest���
John H. Burgess 64.25
John Bare    53.00
Dora M. Clever  41.71
���Gcorgina B. Ransom 73.85
Leslie Carey 73.71
Adolph Henry Blumenauer 73.55
Lome V. McDonald 71.55
Rosena H. Clever    70.00
Three Highest-
Leslie Aylard   69.28
;Cecil Dawson   61.41
Ivan Brouse     50.15
Jtfuior School Report.
Number on Roll���38
Average Daily Attendance���20.95
Per cent
Nettie Brindle      75
1"ranees Cook        70
LRura McDonald      70
Muriel Aylard      80
Gladys Brindle      7-3
Edna Clever          74
Emma Cleve<*      90
Stanley Tlioinlinsun         70
Gertrude Smith       05
Aileen Aylard      65
...Edith Aylwin            60
Clara Aylwin      60
250 and 800 feet, at which location, allowing ior the dip and Ihe pitch, thej*
should pick tiji the rich vein.
T **************** ********  ..
Annual Bengal Meeting
To-night the members of the Town
Improvement Society should all gather
at tl'.e Bosun Hall, when the retiring
officers will render an account ol their
steward.hip, and new officers for the
ensuing year eleclei. It would ulniost
he impossible to over-estimate the good
work accomplished by the association
since its inception a year ago. Sidewalks, much needed, have gone up in
abundance, and in securing these the
townspeople bave not Ielt the trivial
call on tlieir purses, having alwaya received full value for cash expended in
the way of entertainments. Many important matters for the town's welfare
should be discussed lo-ni^ht.
K. of P.'s Annual Concert
The annual Entertainment and Bull
of New Denver Lodge No. 22 K. of P,
ia always looked forward to with keen
anticipation of something extra good,
uml thu next one, to be held Nov. 27th,
will be in accord with the traditions of
ihe lodge. A lip-roaring sketch will
be produced by Jack Holden and J. J.
Atherton, entitled " Old Fossils," and
all the cream uf local talent will aleo
participate in the program !
Sandon Miners' Union Ball
Tlie aptitude of the Sandon Miners'
Union to do all things well in catering
for the public enjoyment, is the best
guarantee that their llth Annual Ball
to be held on Monday next, Thanksgiving Day, will he a success. Being
train night, a number from Denver
and other lakeside towns will undoubtedly take advantage of the opportunity to be present. The tickets arc
now on sale at $2.00, ladies free.
Proposed Hockey League
Mr. G. Hope was in town yesterday
for the purpose of trying to establish
a Slocan Hockey League. It is proposed that Kaslo, Sandon, New Denver, Silverton and Slocan City shall be
the contestants, and that each town
shall bear their proportionate Bhare
towards the purchase of a cup. It
now behooves the hockey enthusiasts of
this end to get busy and call meetings
to discuss the matter.
rai.   |
Tlocal anb General.
Henry Stege lias oeen bedridden with
rhiumatism the past ten dayB. He's up
We  have seen some big apples tb.it
year, but must award the palm to those
grown by Ed. Shannon, New Denver.
Those alterations to the interior o'
the posl-ollice fill the bill.
Fr. Jeannotte celebrated Mass heie
Sunday, the feast oi All Saints.
Before sending your money out of
town, pay a visit to Mrs. Williams and
inspect her big show of Ladies' tailor-
made Blouses and Skirts. They are a
fine line and absolutely cheaper than
sending away prices.
We understand that the IC. & S.train
hns gone out of business at the Sandon
We're hack again elinzing type, and
in consequence some ot our citizens
are looking ng pleased as a stepped-on
tomato. Generally speaking the reception is heaity and flattering,
" Jack Wereley is climbing the ladder
of lame, being now mixologi:t-in-cb:ef
at the Newmarket.
Up-to-date. That is how our display
of New China cun be named! The decorations are the very latest and without doubt they are the prettiest ever
shown here. Prices are right down to
rock bottom. Conic and see. Nelson's
Drug Store, New Denver.
Sandon is enjoying some of its old-
time prosperity and good times. Tbe
good results from the Rtco mine ia responsible fer the employment of 75 men.
At the Hope a large crew are also cm-
What ia the al traction at the wharf
for some of our young bucks? Has
there lieen a Suicide Club started, and
that is the rendezvous ? Or is it just
the old,  old story of love  and honey ?
Jack Atherton left Monday for Creston to take up the bos3 printer's club
Mrs. T. McAllister is home from a
three months' visit to Ottawa.
Jas. Croft is lying very ill at his
Byron N. White is at Sandon on a
business trip.
Louis Pratt is visiting Sandon this
Born.���On the 2nd inst., to the wife of
J. E. Angrignon,���a son.
Wm. Davidson, the Socialist candidate, addressed a large meeting here
on Monday night. He spoke at Slocan
Warren Frantz was accidentally shot
in the leg by a man named Kennedy
near Koch Siding last Sunday. The
latter was piaclising with a rifle when
Fruntz got into the line of fire,
Messrs. Lowe and Ilemlrickson were
down from the Silver Hustler yoa'.er-
day, and ruport two in ;re cars of ore on
By reason of thc mill and equable
Fall many of the orcl ards are again in
hloasom, and trees art*, budding.
A barge load of cars containing zinc
concentrates was shipped from the Silverlon wharf this week.
***** *-*���****<��� ******C*****-l*i******^*-ii**u<a s_*_j_t��.'S**M��
- Etc. -
Come and Look Round
t?. *^^^-.AAA***********+**************************ii
Shelf   and   Heavy   H��r<_*n.M,   mo-
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
Orders to
(From our Correspondent).
.Mr. and Mrs. N. F. McNaught have
gone to Nelson on a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Denhy departed
���Tuesday morning for Nelson. They
expect to proceed to Seattle in a few
Mrs. Beer, accompanied by her son,
Master Jack, left Monday morning for
Seattle, Wash., intending to be away
for several months.
About 200 tons of ore were shipped
from the C.P.R, wharf this week.
Goodove's meeting on Tuesday was a
great success. He will get a big majority here.
Goodeve In the Slocan
Goodove's campaign in the Slocan
has been one of triumph, Where ever he
goes he haa been listened to wilh rapt
attention, and his speeches have been
punctuated with loud and prolonged
applause. The polls of the Slocan Kill
give him an overwhelming majority
neit Thursday. He was at Sandon
on Monday night, Vihero ho was loudly
applauded by the miners who can disci iminate between the true and the
.also battle cry of " A White B.O."
He will poll a heavy silent Tote at
He waB at Silverlon Tuesday night,
and an audience of 150 listened to ns
fine an oration ns ever was heard. IIo
expounded his viewa upon the two
great issues before the people and waB
cheered again and again to tho echo.
Fred Ogle taul a few words on behalf of
Wm. Davidson, the Socialist candidate,
and incidentally, rubbed it inlo Smith
Curtis. Mr. J. C. Hania a'so made a
speech in support of the Liberal candidate, Mr. Wm. Hunter, M.L.A.,
made a forceful and tilling oration on
behalf of Goodeve. Dan Brandon occupied the chair.
Last night Mr. Goodeve addressed a
big and enthusiastic gathering a
Nakusp.    ________^^_
IMF. Ball at Slocan
Nelson Lttud'District���District
of West Kootenay.
Take notice that A. E. Haigh, ot
Nakusp, loco fireman, intends to apply
iur_perwis8ion to purchase the fallowing
described lands i Commencing at a post
planted "on the west side of Lot 8305,
about five chrvius frbm Box Lake, thence
nortli 20 chains, tlience west 20 chains,
th**nce south 20 chains, thence east 20
eh a ins, to the point of commencement,
containing 40 aires more or lens.
Dated June 17th, 1008.
Augl4 A. E. HAIGH.
Slocan Land Diatrict���Dislrict of
Take notice that Christiana C. Branee
of New Denver, married won.an, Intends
to apply lor permineion to purchase the
following described Itwidis: Commencing
at ft poet planted on the Booth eaat cornel of lot 8262, llience v,cst80 chains
along the wesl line of lot 8262, thenco
20 chains Eouth, thenc 80 chains east,
tbence 20 chainB north to the place of
A. L. McCulloch. Agent
August llth, 1908. 015
Slocan Land District���District of West
Take notice that Joseph Scaia, of
New Denver, lumberman, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted at the Bouth east
corner of Clough'e pre-emption on tho
weat side oi Slonau Lake, thence west
40 chui ne, thenco south 40 chains,
thence cost 40 chains, thenco north 40
chains to point of commencement, containing 160 acres more or less.
August 18th. 1908. 02
Work Begun on Molly Hughes
It is cheering to see mining in the
New Dmvcr camp take a legitimate
turn for tho bi'ttcr. Although New
Denver is lhe hub ot the SlocaU Mining Division, then, have been none of
the minos within a short Etroll from
tbc_town working for romo time. For
tunes have been gle.inod from the surface of this old camp of Eldorado, but
the amount of development work dime,
}n comparison with the ore taken out,
is a standing reproach to the men who
made easy money and then departed
wbeu deep mining was necessary.
The Molly Hughes, a group of claims
lying at the junction of the galena and
dry ore bolts of ihe Slocan, has been
taken over entjrely M. Zattoni, the
jnan whose good fortune at the Reco is
on everybody's tongue, nnd it is to be
hoped that a similar reward will crown
his efforts at the Molly Hughes. The
mine has always been a eouroe of profit
ior its previous owners, a New Denver
syndicate, and Mr. Zattoni has secured
it at.what must be considered a nominal cost.
Frank Shatter took a crew of eight
men lo tho Molly Hughes this morning,
and mining operations will be begun
right away. One shift will continnn the
drift tunnel, and two shifts will drive
H crosscut above the high water mark
pf tho hike for* a dia'aneoof between
Slocan Oddfellows gave tlieir friends a
swell time nt their annual Ball last
Friday night. A number of dancerB
from Denver nnd Silverton were present, and also a number of boys from lhe
Westmont, including W. Picks, floor
manager, To the regict of the townspeople, it was the lust time that Nor-
tboy's orchestra wool I supply the harmony, owing to Mr, Northey moving to
Rifle Association.
The annual meeting of the New
Denver Hide Association was held on
Friday last in the Bosun Hall. It was
reported to the members that a credit
balance of $77.00 stands to the name of
the Association.
On coming to the election of officers
for ensuing year it was learned with
regret that Mr. 'Ihompson felt it impossible to allow himself to be renominated for the position of captain. This
position he"has filled with great acceptance to all concerned, and the meeting passed a vote of thanks for his
past services.
Officers were elected as follows :-
Captain, Mr. D. McLachlan; Sec
treasurer, Thos. T. Rankine; Kxecu
tive Committee: Messrs. A. St. Clair
Brindle. J. E. Angrignon, and R, P.
The list of new books that have been
added to the New Denver library are:
" Lewis Rand," Mary Johnston's latest novel; "Thou Fool," a powerful
novel by J. J. Bell; "The Secret
Agent," by J. Conrad; "Sir John
Conatantine,', by Q.; " Lady Andley's
Secret," by M. E. Braddon; "A
Recipe for Diamonds," by Cutliffe
Hyne; " A Lame Dog's Diary," by M.
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
Kootenay Hotel
Samlon, B.C.
Shonld your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the Kootenay  and let Ed. or
George mix yon the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
.      own favorite lotion.
No front here. Two shifts always.
(Form F*
Eastmont Fractional, Clipper, Lily G.,
Eastmont; White Cloud, Odd Fellow,
White Cloud Fractionol, and Westmont Mineral Claims, situated in the
Slocan Mining Division of Weet Koot-
ei.ay district.   Where located : On the
north Bide of Ten Mile Creek, about
eight miles up.
Tnke notice that I, H.   R. Jorand,
Freo Miners's Certificate No.   B05800,
acting as agent for the Westmont Silver
Mining Company Limited (non-peisona
liability)    Free    Miner's     Certificate
BH57H4,   intend,   sixty days  from   the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of tbe ab ive Clainn.
And further take notice, that action
under Section 37, muet be commenced
beforo the. issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated thin Sill day of October, 1908.
iR&il-v^euy 1
Victoria, B.C*
Selling dates, Sept. 19th to 24th.
Final Return Limit, Sept. 30th.
Nelson. Bi
Denver Lodge No. 22
KL. of F=\
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, arery
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
* 1H \ v _, j
Selling dates, Sept. iilst to 25th.
Final Return Limit, Sept. 28th,
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
horne-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork on baud.
Poultry, Game and
Fisli in season,
Hermann Clever
Selling dates, Sept. 26 to Oct. 2.
Final Return Limit, Oct. 7.
Correspond ing  Kates from other
points.   Apply to local ticket
agent for berth, reservation, etc.
J. E. PaocTOTt,
D. P. A., Calgary, Alta.
Number Three Mineral Claim,   situate
In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootonay  District.    Where located:
Near tho town of Cody.
Tako notice thut I. A. S. Farwell, of
Nelson, acting as ascent for John M.
HarriH, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B95.699, intend, 80 days iroin the date
horoof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvemeuts, lor
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
ol tlie above claim.
And further take notice that action
under sec!ion 87, inimt be commenced
before lhe issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 13th day of Juno, 190S.
Fresh Milk delivered to utrf
part of tho town.
Outaido points supplied r^nla*!***,
H. S. NELSON   -   -   Proprittot
Hotel Rosebery
*Koaet>er*g.��. <B.
Well furnished rooms.
First-claw Cuisine,
��� ���..������-���    ���������.������������__������    is > ������^���������������.w******-*-*-****-*****)^
Funerals conducted tin Short
notice at ��ny point In the die.
Ulct.   Bhc'la tin-ays In stock.
ver \imhi Co.
Slocan Land District���Dislrict of Weet
Tako notice th��t John Thomas Black
of New Denver, B.C., provincial countable, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
north boundary of Lot 485, thonce north
80 chains, thence west 30 chains more
or lees to the shore of Slocan Lake,
thence south along the suid lake, 80
chains more or less, to tha north-west
corner of Lot 485, tin nee east 20 chains
more or less to point of enmmencemeut,
containing 50 acres mora or h-ss.
Dated the 14th day of July, 1908
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finislriug Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc
Mill on Slocan lake L. 8CAUi Proprletor      P.0, Box 20.
Agent at New Denver, J. B. SMITH.
Is the Home for all Mining Men when at the famous Sliver-Lead Camp.
Cony Rooms ana flr.-ii.-clami table.   Sample Rooms.
I will make your atay with me a pleasant one.
D. Grant, Prop.-SIILVERTON, B.C.
Dealer in Mines, Min tral Tn pi i i Ik
fruit lanes an&
General "Real Estate
Pre.imiuary examinations of  Property    ior prospective  purchasers a
12 years experience in the Slocan. All
business  promptly  attended to and
Bali nine tion guaranteed.
P.O. Box 112, Silverlon, B.C
$36 per Week or 400 per Cent. Profit.
All samples, stationery and art catalogue free. We
want one Permanent Agent in this locality for the
largest picture and frame house iu America. Experience unnecessary. We instruct you how to sell our
goods and furnish the capital. If you want a permanent, honorable and profitable position, write us to-day
for particulars, catalogue and samples.
Frank M Williams Co., 1214 W. Taylor St. Chicago, 111
Slocan Land District���District of
Wost Kootenay.
Take notice that William John Corey, of New Denver, B.C., lumberman,
intends to apply for permiasion
to purchase tbo following described lnnd.
Commencing at a post pluntcd ou the
north boundary of lot 8433, and marked
W. J. C's 3.E. corner post, thence wes
10 chains, thence north 10 chains, thence
west 10 chains, thence north 30 chuins,
hence cast 20 chains, thtnee south 40
chains to tbe place of commencement,
containing 70 acres more or less.
Jnly _8th, 1008,
Vram and Nansen miueral claims,sitnate
in tho Bloean   City Mining  Division
of WeBt   Kootonny   District.    Where
located:  Near   the   head   of   Lemon
Take  notice  that I,   Horn i Robert
Jornnd, Free   Miner's Certificate   No.
1*95,800, acting as agent for Edward V.
Gigot fns irustce for,the Und-on's Hay
Compuny] Free Miner's Certilicate No,
HI5,581, intnnd, 60 days from tbe date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder
fur a Ccrtific.ite  of  Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown intuit
of the above claim.
And further lake notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
beforo the issuance of Bnch Certiflcato
of Improvements.
Dated this 29tb day of October. 1808.
Noy. 5 U, U. JORAND.
Steam Laundry
For First-Class Work.
Oct price   list from J. E.  Angrigncn
Local Agent.
<f     Have yon thought of your     *j
Fell and Winter Suit yet       S
If not, Come and Seo my New Jj
Samples.   Jnst Arrived.
No Fit, No Pay.
Mooni'iikei* Minora!  Claim,  situate  in
the Slocan Mining Diviiiiou   of   Wpst
Kootonay   District.    Whero   located:
On the divide  bottvean  .Springer and
Lemon   creeks,   ad] lining tho Two
fc'rimids mineral olilllu.
Take notico that  A. L. McCulloch,
acting aB agent for F. M. Black, of Nil-
Nelnon, B C. free mincr'B certificate No.
B15052,  intend  00  days from  the duto
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Oeruficato of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Ciown Grant
of the above claim.
And (utther tuke notico that, action,
under section 87,  most bo commonced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Date '*���*-**__>___ 2nd day of November, 1908
J^f-_    A, L. McCULLOCH.
Slocan Land District���Diatrict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Adolph Mero, ofNew
Denver, B.C., shoemaker, intends to
apply for permission to purohn.e the
following described hinds: Commending
at a pout planted at the north-west corner of Peter Murray's pre-emption,
thence west 20 chains, thenoe south 20
chains, thence east 20 clmins, tlieilco
north 20 chains, to pointof commence-
ment, containing 40 acres more or ltius.
Dated 16th June, I90S.
_,felocau Land District���District of
Went Kootenay.
Take notice that John'Wafer of 81o
can, 11.0., miner, intends to apply for
permission to pnrchaso tbo foll.iwiiiE.
described land: Ooiiim**n'*injr at a r*<*,!��.
planted at the nnrtli-wpoi ly.rnerof Lot
8225, Group 1, Weat Kootenay i:*:*.t:<* .
thenco north 20 chuins, thc ice eaut -0
cliainn, thenoe south 20 chains*, thence
weBt 20 chaine to thu pointof commence
ment, and containing 40 ucvus moro or
1908. Ac* 18
The Crown Tailoring
Go,, Toronto, Ont.
��*>:mY.'m r.. msv.mi'*y*v*<i
DUilh diiu ..Rio
. Fine Seieaioi. ol .   ���
Ladies' and Gents' Collars
'     *>" ***   ? -a


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