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Slocan Mining Review 1907-04-25

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. ��� .
���!    -: -
' >'
^n so tf��7
% Wcrofll*
-rz<-/     44^-
Sen1 to an> addi ess
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's   so.
No. 35.    Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, April 25, 1907.
Single Copies 10c
May 24th
...A Good PROGRAMME has been Arranged to include...
Launch Races        Hose Reel Contest        Children's Sports
Boat Races Ball Game Foot Races
Suitable prizes
have been Selected
and Every Effort will
be made to Provide Enjoyment. 0    .      ._ 3
To conclude Ifcith a Grand Tallin the Evening
ffimsfc by Sfmpfcin's Celebrateo Orchestra
ft*jjg (3o& gave tbe TRinp. %^
Officers :
H. G. FISHER, Chairman.       C. F. NELSON, Sec.
M. McLean,  A. Jacobson,  T. H. Hoben,  H. Stege,
J. E. Cornwall. r^sH&x
Star v. White Case Ends Hut
Decision is Not Yet
Word lias been received from Victoria
that tlie celebrated Star-While case was
brought lo a close last Wednesday,
bat when tho lengthy replied of the
plaintiff company's counsel wore concluded the ju Igea announce 1 that they
would reserve judgment. Tlie trial has
occupied three weeks, and wns an
appeal irom the decision of Chief Justice Hunter which gave tlie Byron N.
White Co. the light to follow tho apex
and mine ore from the Star Co.'s
ground. When lhe matter came before
ihe full court an adjournment of several
months was made to permit of certain
teBt work being done by the plaintiff
company to ascertain whether a black
fissure, claimed by tbe c'.dcf justice to
be a " myth," existed, and cut oil'
abruptly the Star lead and thus putting
an end to tlie defendant company's
ri^lit to proceed with mining and ore
extracting on the ground owned by (lie
Other company. This work hat been
concluded, anil the present couit will
decide if tlie black dyke is mythical or
a substantial one. The eaeo is unique
from a geological standpoint, betides
showing iho diversity of opinion of imported expert**, We WOlllJ bank more
on tiijjivo A of an Independent witness
conversant with local conditions than a
carload of retained experts who will
logically conclude black ie white to help
out their retainers.
1tta!uiep IRotcs.
Messrs. Rico and Crow.ell who have
Eecured claims here from the Frontier
Fruit Lan.U Co., left for Winnipeg on
Monday. Mr. Klce expects to return
very shortly with his family, and Mr.
ClOWpll will arrive in the fall. Both
gent) men arc* highly pleased with the
land they have securud and they assure your correspondent thai Nakusp
will see a large Influx of people this year.
Linslev Bro.". have men nnd horses at
Work   preparing  a site  for   their   pole
yards and expect to  employ a number
pf men all season,
The many friends of George Mincholl
will regret lo hear of his sad end in
Nelson last Saturday. While working J
on the carriage at the Y.C.L. Co.'s mill'
lie fell off and his head was so ladly'
crushed that he lived only a few niin-!
Mr. P. C. Clements, of Nelson, is surveying the Frontier Fruit Land Co.'s
Since the arrival of tho new boy, A.
\V, Iiobbs wears the perpetual grin.
With such bright prospects ahead of
Nakusp, I would like to know why we,
cannot have a doctor here. At present
1 ihiiik there is a splendid opening for
a resident physician. All the C.P.R.
men and lumbermen would gladly suh-
N. W. Jordan has a new engine installed in hia launch and he expects to
give lhe best of them a run for tlieir
I). T. Bulger is getting the Minerva In
shape for ber summer run.
f.. F. MeDougnld has Sold his launch,
the  Pioneer,   and  is    arranging    with
Messrs. Fyfe & Hake of Vancouver, to
build a llyer for him. I.. I-'. Is ii Bport,
he says be will skin that Minerva  crew.
I also hear that Russel Nichol has
purchased Arthur Burton's launch.
Mr. Thos. Abrlel is a very busy man
these days, showing land seekers over
the ground, lie says if it keeps np he
will have to get an automobile to take
people around.
School Inspector fiillis w;is in town on
Monday, and waa surprised to see lhe
increase in the attendance since bis last
visit, here. Miss Moore has nearly fifty
children on the roll.
C. B, McAllister, manag��r lor the
Frontier Fruit Lands, Co., left for Winnipeg on Tuesday, Mr. Thos. Ahriel
has heen appoinled local agent for the
On the evening of May 8rd, the Nakusp Dramatic Club will present the
great drama, "A Noble Outcast." They
are having some beautiful new Scenery
painted, nnd you may rest ns-ured a
treat is in store for those who attend.
The fo'lowing is the cist of characters:
Gerald Weston, (Jerry the t.iamp) D.
T. Bulger ; Col. Lee. (a Southern banker)
A. E. Anthony i James Blackburn, (his
nephew) .1. R. Poolj.Iick WorthIngton,
(Bfackbunis rival) It. Abbie; Mrs.
(wife of the Colonel) Mrs. R. Nichol;
Franco, (a disputed possession) Miss
Moore; Sadie, (faithful  but free)   Mrs.
B. Abbie.
Act 1, Scene 1:   Southern es'ate.
Act 2.  Scene 2:     Drawing  room  in
Colonel Li e's mansion!
Act 8, Scene 3.    Jerry's hut.
Act 4. Scene'!,   Southern estate.
Sixty days date I intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief Coommisioner
of Lands snd Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the following
described lands, situate in West Kootenay District : Commencing at a post on
the north side of right of way of N.& S.
Railway, thence 28.258 chains norlh
along west boundary of lot 7034, thence
east along north boundary of lot 7(iii4
20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains more or less to S.E,
corner of lot 7547, Ihence along south
boundary of lot 7547 10 chains more or
less, thence nortli 20 chains, thence
west 30 chains, thence nortli 20 chains
thence west MO chains more or less to
Fast si'e of light of way of N. & S.
Railway, thence along East boundary of
N. & S. Railway right of way to a point
40 chains south, thence west 28.04
clmins, thence south 20 chains, thence
east 10 chains, thence south 10 chains,
thence east 20.HO!) chains to intersect
with N. ft S. Railway right of way,
thenco southerly along east side of
N. & S. Railway right of way to point
of commencement, and containing 402.78
acres more or less.
Located March 23rd, 1007.
Jo 27 Perl). St. Denis, agent.
Sawmill for Summit
Will Be Constructed Shortly
By Directors of Elk
Lumber Co.
P. J. Gallagher and F. Pelton have
disposed of all their timber to O. L.
Boyingtpri, managing director of the
Elk Lumber Co., of Fernie. The
amount of standing limber  is over one
' hundred million feet, which will be
cut    for     telegraph   poles   and     ties.
*J. R, Boyinglon has a large crew of men
at work cutting limber and clearing the
sito for the intended mill, which will be
| a double one, that is, rotary on one side
and tie machinery en the other. The
mill is~to go up on the east side of
Summit Lake, and will be constructed
without delay.
The Fertile Soil and Climate
of Nakusp Attracting
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
I after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special licenso to cut and
carry away timber from tho following
described lands situated in the Slocan
mining district of West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted on the
Fecund oast Fork of Wilson creek and
about 8 miles fiom main Wilson cieek,
marked D. Tourney's N.W. corner post
thence south 80 cliains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Located April 13, 1907.
MS3 D. THOMEY, locator.
prospectors' Cabinet.
^��UH9C1.IB1.RS and N'on-Siibsoribera alike
J**} nre Invited io int*o advantage ot ibis
*^   Bureau hf Information,   ah npeotmons
sent io iho Kilitur will he Identifiedby.T. J.
Fingland, who will also answer queries. Write
plainly, and forward your communications or
���ainples to re.ieh ihe Editor nut Inter lhan
Tuesday of each week.
Certificate of Improvements.
" Tailhnlt"   mlnernl   elnlrn, ultunte   ln   tho;
Slocan   Citv   Wining    IJlvlBlon  or   West
Kooleimydistrict.   ..herelocated:���About
2,iit):) foot in *  westerly  direction  from I
Howard Pi action, about ono mile north of
North Fork nf Lemon Crock,
Take notice that I, Henri   Robert Jorand,
Free    Minor's    ( isrtlflcato    No.   H7:.,:��l",   as
"Bent for Anna  Ferguson, Executrix of lhe
lust  will  and testament of  William   Henry
Ferguson     deceased,   Frco   Miner's eerti-
llento No. B4719,  intend, (10 dnvn from iliednte
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certiilcuto of Improvement! for tne purposeJ
of oblai nl ng a Crown 0 ran t of the above claim. I
And further take notice, that notion under '
lection 87, mint be commenced before the Issuance of inch Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this25th day of April, A. D I9P7.
II. It. JOltAND.
Jo 27
EXCELLENT chances; steady work;
gond wages for experienced, miners
in tbe rich silver countrv. Write,
Silver City Bureau, Box 898, Cobalt-,
J.M., Rosebery:
Barytea, or heavy spar, is of no
commercial value in this country. I
have not heard of its occurrence in any
quantity in this district. It i*, however,
found in objectionable larjre quantities
in some of tbe coast copper deposils,
rendering the ore difficult to flux at the
A.II., Sandon.
The presence of antimony In a lead
silver ore is objectionable to the emcl-
ter, because the silver losses are greatly
increased during roasting, and because
it passes into lhe lead bullion. With
electric methods of refining, as used nt
Trail, it Is possihle to recover the antimony, If present in sufficient quantity,
to pay costs. Your specimen is undoubtedly permeated, with "grey copper,"
Just in the grey of dawn, when the
mist uprose from the silent meadows
and dells, our editor rolled from his
bed at the excellent Hotel Grand lo
gaze upon liic wondrous sunrise above
the Slocan waterway last Monday, and
to quietly "size up" conditions from
a commercial view point. Wo were
primarily amazed at the prevailing temperature, for although Old Sol had
scarcely yet shed his rays beyond tbe
hoary peaks of the emerald bills, iho
air was delicionsly cool. The reader
who, residing in the cast, at such an
hour would be hugging a cheering
stove or choring in furs will best appro*
ciate our climate when we report that
on this, the 32nd day of April at 4.80
a.m., tbo thermometer registered 50
degrees. It is not the writer's motive
to dwell upon the grandeur ot the surrounding vision ; let it suffice when we
write that bounteous Nature thrice
blessed fair Nakusp���a veritable Garden
of Eden for tbo bone-chilled Manitoban
to enter.
And now Nakusp has been discovered I Interest in the unexcelled fruit
lands of Ibis f< rtile valley has been
awakened to such an extent that settlers have arrived with their effects
and aio now clearing tbe sites for their
orchard* and future homes. More are
OB tbo way, and before a late Autumn
falls upon the pla'eau there will be a
hundred new families in the vicinity.
A careful estimate shows ns th it there
are 15,000 acres of excellent arable land,
and many thousand acres of bench
lands which we prefer not to designate
as desirable fruit land by reason of lack
of irrigation.
Apart from the desirable attributes
which go towards successful farming,
Nakusp offers attractions to home-
seekers which aro incomparable for a
township of its numerical strength.
Tho town itself has sprung up upon a
plateau which overlooks the lake, and
its handsome villns and magnificent
hotels stand as evidence of tho outer-
prising spirit predominating tho community. The.e are three churches,
Catholic, Arglican and Presbyterian,
which aro served at regular interval.'-'.
Fishing and boating may be Indu'ged In
the year round, while lovers of tbe chare
may gratify their bunting desiiea in
full. A public school with an aver a go
attendance of 45 is well served by an
accomplished governess, and the water
for domestic purposes is obtained fiom
a natural spring at the rear of the town,
and is in it*:olf a great acquisition.
It. is a pleasing feature for tho now
settlers that the best binds now ou (he
m.ukot are within a few minutes' walk
of the school. Here are lo be found
sueh luxuries as to'egrapb, telephone,
a daily mail seivlce, diily boats and
train connecting with the Crow's Nest
and main lines. Transportation problems and markets for produce will not
cause the now arrival any anxiety, a>.
the former is as perfect as is to be found
anywhere, and the markets are legion.
The ground, too, is easily cleared, the
standing timber on s une of the land
being of tha scrubby though sound
order, will prove idenl COl'dwood for
the settler. A man can clear an a-re
of this land from a week to ten days,
and the money saved for (Irewood aloi.e
will more than adequately recompense
him for his exertions. There ii also a
pretty little opera house.
Now capital is turning ih attention
to this end of the Slocan, we suggest to
tho townspeople Ihat they be on the
alert and ready to stamp out. any wild-
catting. At this critical stage the town
will either jump ahead by leaps end
bounds or its oppoitunity will be lo t
for some lime. It therefore behoves the
townspeople to see thnt now ����� ttlers all
get " a fair shake." There are now two
land companies operating in Winnipeg
and Minneapolis whoso object is to get
rich quick. Tho Winnipeg firm is advertising extensively and thus creating
a demand for bind locally, and so far
appear lo bo conducting- a lpgitlmato
business. One of then- clients, a Mr.
Rice told us ho would not accept tf-'S an
acre more lhan the purchase pi ice lie
paid a month ago. It would be a thousand pities if a comptiny disposes of
waste mountainous laiiiTs in the east as
desirable fruit lauds for -etllers. The
industry would stistain-a black eye as
the outcome whl h would retard tho
progress of tho district for many years.
Nor should residents who have blocks
of land to dispose of themselves kneck
the strangers who are bringing settling-
in. Their methods may not he the
same as you might employ, but their
business ia a legitimate one, and if legitimate tactics arc employed everything
will be well.     Remember that  every
settler the company pleases adds greater
intrinsic value to your own laud which
you necessarily believe is the choicest of
the bunch.
To (lie intending settler a word. The
Slocan valley offers such attractions
that a visit will well repay yon, From
lhe waterway at Nakusp along the
valley traversed by the C.l'.R. to New
Denver, will be found large tracts of
most desirable land now.lying idle.
Around-New Denver, Silverton and
Slocan City are choice fruit lands awaiting your inspection. The climate is
superb, there being no extremes In
summer or winter. -In conclusion wo
will add that Nakusp is now enjoying
an era of long-delayed prosperity, and
that the mailing or breaking of lhe revived Industry is In lhe bands of the
inhabitants of Nakusp and district.
" Where no counsel is, the people fall;
but in the nuiltitudeof counsellors there
is safely."
He Asserts That He Has Tiie
Open Sesame to Wealth
Of Our Mountains.
| Xocal anc* General, I
I ���       i
*   Picked up by Butting in Every where,    .;.
Bob. Lowory has sold the Ledge. The
paystreak was widening out, but he bas
cashed in on account of failing health.
Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Alexander returned from a protracted trip to lhe
Orient on Monday. 'Jhe recent now
strike of ore at the Ruth was a sub-
stantiul home-coming bouquet.
W. W. Mark'loy, a New Denver oil-
timer who is nourishing ill business at
Vancouver, paid his old stamping
ground a visit Tuesday.
Miss Cecille Lowe has returned to her
home in Cailctun, Ont. Sho nns.accompanied on her journey n�� far as
Halcyon by Mrj. II. Lowe, who ie spending a few days there.
J. N. Nelson, an old time Slocan and
Lardeau prospector, was visiting Iho
district this week. lie is now mine
host of the Grand Hotel, Wetuskiwill,
and is accumulating a pile.
Owing to the producing powers of the
editor being curtailed in consequence of
a trip to varioiu points in the district
which we serve, we are compelled to
omit several features thia week. We
sh.-.ll be on ilie siiii hunt ail next week,
when the pen will be wielded by Mr. .1.
J. Fingland, and the mechanical department run by the devil and the lighting
Guest (after he has ordered a bottle
of Sandon beer)���Here, waiter, when
does the next train leave for Nelson ?
Waiter���In half an hour!
Guest (after be had tasted the beer)
���Jiminywhi//. 1 That's nectar ! Say,
waiter; when docs tbe last train leave
for Nelson ?
General C.P.R. superintendent Bus-
tee 1 bas been on olliciul business in the
Slocan this week.
C. McDoilgall, C.P.R. foreman on the
N. & 8. branch, had a miraculous escape from dead) or *overo injuries last
Wednesday. Whilst demolishing the
old wooden bridge across Wilson creek
some rotten tiuil ers gave way and he
fell n distance of 40 feet, his head missing by imlhrs a girder as befell. He
struck the creek below, in which tbere
is about a foot of water. Strange to relate he got up and proceeded with his
work apparently none the worse for his
Nel.-on's Magic Embrocation is just
the liniment for rheumatic joints.
(i. S. Yanslone's ten-aero patch of
fruit bind i* showing Up exceedingly
well, the young fruit tiees wintering beyond expectation, G. S. contemplates
a record strawberry yield
The new steel bridge to span Wilson
creek which has been set up under the
siipervisi in of D. J. Muckenz'e, is aLout
Completed, and will be put in place on
Saturday. The work was begun two
weeks ago, nnd rellects great credit on
the engineers and superintendent'.
As an Instance of our wretched mail
service wo mention that a letter mailed
iu Sandon last Friday night reached lhe
post ollice at Rosebery the following
Wednesday evening. The distance is
12 miles and a supposed daily service
oxists. Time : 5 days, 'ibis is truly
a strenuous life.
In our report on tho Bachelor deal
last week wo inadvertently mado an
error In reporting ifBO.l'OO as tlie price
of the bond. It should havo lead
if 180,000.
D. St. Denis, manager of tbe Onlario-
Slocan Lumber Co., wns in town today.
J. 31. Harris returned  from  Victoria
hist night.     He  has  put on  flesh the
pnst inonth.
School Inspector Gillis is going Unrounds of the Klo.'iui. lie speaks in
praising terms uf the teachers and
New Denver on May 2-1' li will been
fete. Everybody from Sandon, Silver
Ion, Three Forks', Nakusp, Rosebery
nnd Slocan City should back up the enterprise of lhe New I'onver peoplo.
What dooa tho ilioeinakoi* mean ?
Pasted outside Olll Purley'a window is
the following notice: "Any respectable
man, woman or child can have a iit in
this "hop."
The question now being deliberated
upon by local milling experts is :" Has
Doe. Gomm by opening up an ore body
with no surface indications to guide him,
created a new phase which will revolutionize existing practices and methods
in locating Iho treasuies in the bowels
of the earth." There are those who
think yea, whilo sceptics prefer to see
his methods applied to other properties
before they are convinced.
Our regular lenders will remember
that the medico has for s une lime being
studying the occurrence of ore deposi's
in the district, and after much reasoning he itartled his friends by declaring
that bo bad the key (o the situation
and was about to put his theory to tho
t'tt. His Hi st step in tbo practical
tost was to secure a working bond on
the Ya-Ya group, a group of claims
at the toot of the town which had been
worked with no success previously ly a
Company, nnd was laughed at for his
eupposod simplicty, Fiom that point
on his operations bave been watched
with keen interest. Everything haa
come to pass as he anticipated would
from his deduct ions, and when Iho
news filtered out on Monday that
he had struck shipping oie, tho
doctor and his methods wero the ono
topic of conveisation, and the Review
man followed the crowd lo the properly
to investigate. Wo found the medico
in his digging clothes pounding at highly mineralized ground ul the junction
between blue limestone and porphyry.
Although lhe formation has not yet
reached the solid ore, there are bundles
of galena In Ihe face which wo aro informed is very good gi-iide. Wc saw a
shot put in prior to leaving whi-h loft
the showing '*om;i'.' rah!; improv*-d.
"Doc" was interviewed by our reporter
when the following conversation took
Have you proceeded along the same
theoretical lines us you started out ou a
year ago ? asked ihe scribe.
Unquestionably. I have pursued
same course; having, however, perfoc-
lid in tho meanwhile my theories and
made them through study. It is an absolute surety, replied the retired medico.
Do you mean to say Unit your theories
are absolutely applicable lo all proper-
lies in the silver lead belt?
I do. There are some variations in
conformation of the Slocan om deposits,
resulting from slight difference in surrounding conditions, but these my
theory will explain, and I unhesitatingly stale that tbere is no chance of mistake. In other words it is utterly Impossible for this theory to be otherwise
than an absolute certainty. Identity of
causation is always productive of identical result. Like produces like. There
is no intervening circumstance which
by any possibility can render cause ineffective in this ra-.e.
What constitutes your theory ?
That is ��� my secret for lhe present.
I do not feel justified at this stage to
disclose unylning mure than one fact.
The Slocan ore deposits are potilively
and sdely resultant from contact between blue limestone and intrusive
sheets of igneous rock, and (he extensive depo-ils of oie will always bu
found with these sheets in tbe footwall
formation. I. want to tell you without
any feeling cf egotism I make this Claim
that I have discovered the combination
to the safety vault-) of the Slocan country. I have tbe "Open Sesame," nnd
I will predict thnt the Slocan country
w ill be productive of hundreds of millions of dollars in dividends before many
years bave | asseil over our heads. Tbo
ore shoots in this country are small but.
regularly disponed, Hnd there aro
myriads of tbem, and not difficult to
A deal was put through this week in
which the packing outfit, including
barns, stables, and all outbuildings
owned by J. W. Power, woo purchased
together with tho goodwill of the business by Finest G. B. Towgood. Tho
deal was one of some magnitude, and n
go>d figure was paid, us the Power
system has catered for.and had control
of Ihe work between Sandon and Kaslo.
Mr. Towgood will start out with a long
string of jacks straight away, and will
be in a position to expeitilously handle
all the ore to be brought down from (ho
mines in a few*weeks. We congratulate Ml*. Towgood on his purchase, and
owners and leasi rs on the turnover to
a man who is an adept at the business
and knows bow lo satisfy everybody.
Tbere is now eight feet of sjlht ore
at the Elkhorn,
A. O. Ostby has resumed operations
at the California. Four men are at
Nelson's Bdmso!n cream will heal tha
chaps the cold wind' cause, THE  SLOCAN MINING  REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.  C.
Beverly of g sg
Graustark ��:~k-
(Oontinued From Last Week.)
mHAT same afternoon Baldos,
blissfully ignorant of the stir
he had created In certain clr-
' cles, rode out for the first time
us a member of the castle guard. He
and Haddan were detailed by Colonel
Quinnox to act as private escort to
Miss Calhoun until otherwise ordered.
If Haddan thought himself wiser than
Baldos In knowing that their charge
was not the princess he was very much
mistaken. If he enjoyed the trick that
wus being played on his fellow gunrds-
mnn his enjoyment was as nothing
wheu compared to the pleasure Baldos
was deriving from the situation.
Tho royal victoria was driven to tho
fortress, conveying the supposed princess and the Countess Dagmar to the
home of Count Marlanx. The two
guards rode bravely behind the equipage, resplendent In brilliant new uniforms. Bnldos was mildly surprised
and puzzled by the homage paid the
young American girl. It struck him as
preposterous thnt the entire population
of Edelweiss could be ln the game to
deceive him.
"Who Is the princess' companion?"
he Inquired of Haddan as they left the
castle grounds.
"The Countess Dagmar, cousin to her
highness. She is the wife of Mr. Anguish."
"I have seen her before," said Baldos,
a strange smile on his face.
The Countess Dagmar found it difficult nt first to meet the eye of the new
guard, but he was so punctiliously
oblivious that her courage was restored.
She even went so far as to whisper in
Beverly's ear that he did not remember
her face and probably would not recognize Yetive as one of the eavesdroppers. The princess had flatly refused
to accompany them on the visit to the
fortress because of Bnldos. Struck by
a sudden Impulse, Beverly called Baldos to the side of the vehicle.
"Baldos, you behaved very nicely jam-
terday ln exposing  the duplicity ef
those young women." she paid.
"1 "am'happy to have pleased your
highness," he said steadily.
"It may Interest you to know that
they ceased to be ladies in waiting after that exposure."
"Yes, your highness, It certainly is Interesting," he snld as he fell back Into
position beside Haddan. During the
remainder of the ride he caught himself time after time gazing reflectively
at the back of her proud little head,
possessed of an nlmost uncontrollable
desire to touch the soft brown hair.
"You can't fool that excellent young
man much longer, my dear," said the
countess, recalling the look In his dark
eyes. The same thought had been afflicting Beverly with its probabilities
for twenty-four hours aud more.
Count Marlanx welcomed his visitors
with a graciousness that awoke wonder in the minds of his staff. His
marked preference for the American
girl did not escape attention. Some of
the bolder youug officers indulged ln
surreptitious grimaces, and all looked
with more or less compassion upou the
happy faced beauty from over the sea.
Marlanx surveyed Baldos steadily and
coldly, deep disapproval ln his sinister
eyes. He had uot forgotten the encounter of the day before.
"I see the favorite is on guard," he
said blandly. "Has he told you of the
lesson In manners he enjoyed last
night)" He was leading his guests toward the quarters, Baldos aud Haddan
following. The new guard could not
help hearing the sarcastic remark.
"You didn't have him beaten?" cried
Beverly, stopping short.
"No, but I imagine it would have
been preferable. I talked with him for
half an hour," sold the general, laughing significantly.
Wheu the party stopped at The drinking fountain ln the center of the fort
Baldos halted near by. His face was
as impassive ns marble, his eyes set
straight before him, his figure erect
and soldierly. An occasional sarcastic remark by the Iron Count, meant
for his ears, made no impression upon
the deadly composure of the new guard
who had hud his lesson. Miss Calhoun was conscious of a vague feeling
that she had served Baldos an ill turn
when she put hlm Into this position.
The count provided a light luncheon
In his quarters after the ladies bad
gone over the fortress. Beverly Calhoun, with all of a woman's Indifference to things material, could not but
Bee how poorly equipped the fort was
as compared to the ones she had seen
lu. the United States. She and the
countess visited the armory, the arsenal and the repair shops before
luncheon, reserving the pleasures of
the clubhouse, the officers' quarters
and the parade ground until afterward.
Count Marlanx's home was ln the
southeast corner of the Inclosure, near
the gates. Several of the officers lunched with him nnd the young ladles.
Marlanx was assiduous in his attention to Beverly Calhoun, so much so,
ln fact, that the countess teased her
afterward about her conquest of the
old and well worn heart. Beverly
thought him extremely silly and sentimental, much preferring him In the
character of the harsh, Implacable martinet.
At regular intervals she saw the
straight, martial form of Baldos pass
the window near which she gat. He
was patrolling the narrow piazza
which fronted tho house. Toward the
close of the rather trying luncheon she
was almost unable to control the Impulse to rush out and compel him to
relax that Imposing, machine-like
stride. She hungered for a few minutes of the old time freedom with him.
The Iron Count was show lug her
some rare antique bronzes he had collected in the south. The luncheon was
over, and the countess had strolled off
toward lhe  bastJuus  with  the .young
officers, leaving'Beverly alone with the
host Servants came ln to clear the
tables, but the count harshly ordered
tbem to wait until the guests had departed.
"It is tbe dearest thing I have seen,"
said Beverly, holding a rare old candlestick at arm's length and looking at it
In as many ways as the wrist could
turn. Her loose sleeves ended just below the elbows. The count's eyes followed the graceful curves of her white
forearm with an eagerness that was
"I prize it more dearly than any
other piece ln my collection," he said.
"It came from Home. It has a history
which I shall try to tell you some day
and which makes it almost Invaluable.
A German nobleman offered me a
small fortune If I would part with it."
"And you wouldn't sell It?"
"I was saving it for an occasion,
your highness," he said, his steely eyes
glittering. "The glad hour has come
when I can part with it for a recompense far greater than the baron's
"Oh, Isn't it lucky you kept it?" she
cried. Then she turned her eyes away
quickly, for his gaze seemed greedily
endeavoring to pierce through the lace
insertion covering her neck and shoulders. Outside the window the steady
tramp of the tall guard went on monotonously.
"The recompense of a sweet smile, a
tender blush and the unguarded
thanks of a pretty woman. The candlestick Is yours, Miss Calhoun���if you
will repay me for my sacrifice by accepting it without reservation."
Slowly Beverly Calhoun set the candlestick down upon the table, her eyes
meeting his with steady disdain.
"What a rare old jester you are,
Count Marlanx," sbe said without a
smile. "If I thought you were in earnest I should scream with laughter.
May I suggest tbat we join the countess? We must hurry along, you know.
She and I have promised to ploy tenuis
with the princess nt 3 o'clock." The
count's glare of disappointment lasted
but a moment. The diplomacy of egotism came to his relief, and he held
oack the gift for another day, but not
for another woman.
"It grieves me to have you hurry
awuy. My afternoon Is to be a dull
one unless you permit me to watch the
tennis game," he said.
"I thought you were iuterested only
ln the gume of war," she said pointedly.
"I stand In greater awe of a tennis
ball thau I do of a cannon ball, if it Is
sent by such au arm as yours," und
he not only laid bis eyes, hut his hand,
upon her bare arm. She started as If
sometblug had stung her, and. a cold
shiver raced over her warm flesh. His
eyes for the moment held her spellbound. He was drawing the hand to
his lips wheu a shadow darkened the
French window, uud a saber ruttled
Count Marlanx looked up instantly,
a scowl on his face. Baldos stood at
the window iu un attitude of alert attention. Beverly drew her arm away
spasmodically and took a step toward
the window. The guard saw by her
eyes that she was frightened; but, if
his heart beat violently, his face was
the picture of military stoniness.
"What are you doing there**" snarled
the count.
"Did your highness call?" asked Baldos coolly.
"She did not call, fellow!" said the
count, with deadly menace in his voice.
"Beport to me ln half an hour. You
still have something to learn, I see."
Beverly was alarmed by the threat ln
his tones. She saw what was ln store
for Baldos, for she knew quite as well
as Marlanx that the guard had deliberately intervened ln her behalf.
"He cannot come in half an hourl"
she cried quickly. "I have something
for him to do, Count Marlanx. Besides,
I think I did call." Both men stared
at her.
"My ears are excellent," said Marlanx stiffly.
"I fancy Baldos' must be even better,
for he heard me," said Beverly, herself
once more. The shadow of a smile
crossed the face of the guard.
"He is impertinent, insolent, your
highness. You will report to me tomorrow, sir, at 0 o'clock in Colonel Quin-
nox's quarters. Now, go!" commanded
the count.
"Walt a minute, Baldos. We are going out too. Will you open that window for me?" Baldos gladly took it as
a command and threw open the long
French window. She gave him a grateful glance as she stepped through, aud
he could scarcely conceal the gleam of
joy that shot into his own eyes. The
dark scowl on the count's face made
absolutely no impression upon him. He
closed the window and followed ten
paces behind the couple.
"Your guard is a priceless treasure,"
said the count grimly.
"That's what you said about the candlestick," said she sweetly.
She was disturbed by his threat to
reprimand Baldos. For some time her
mind bad been struggling with what
the count had said about "the lesson."
It grew upon her that her friend had
been bullied and humiliuted, perhaps
ln the presence of spectators. Resentment fired her curiosity into action.
While the general was explaining one
of the new gun carriages to the countess Beverly walked deliberately over to
where Baldos was standing. Haddan's
knowledge of English was exceedingly
limited, nnd be could understand but
little of the rapid conversation. Standing squarely in front of Baldos, she
questioned hlm ln low tones.
"What did he menu when he said he
had given you a lesson?" ahe demanded.   His eyes gleamed merrily.
"He meant to alarm your highness."
"Didn't hje give you a talking tc-?"
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"He ootrcTrea me itmsfflBF
"You are evading the question, sir.
Was he mean and nasty to you? Tell
me; I want to know."
"Well, he said things that a soldier
must endure. A civilian or an equal
might have run him through for it, your
highness." A flush rose to his cheeks,
and his lips quivered ever so slightly.
But Beverly saw and understood. Her
heart was in her eyes.
"That settles it," she said rigidly.
"You are not to report to him at 9
"But he will have me shot, your
highness," said he gladly.
"He will do nothing of the kind. You
are my guard." And her eyes were
gleaming dangerously. Then she rejoined the group, the members of
which bad been watching her curiously. "Count Marlanx," she said, with
entrancing dimples, "will you report
to me at 0 tomorrow morning?"
"I have an appointment," he said
���lowly, but with understanding.
"But you will break it, I am sure,"
Che asserted confidently. "I want to
give you a lesson in���In lawn tennis."
Later on, when the victoria was well
away from the fort, Dagmar took her
companion to tasTt for holding in public friendly discourse with a member
of the guard, whoever he might be.
"It is altogether contrary to custom
and"��� But Beverly put her hand over
the critical lips and smiled like a
guilty child.
"Now, don't scold," Bhe pleaded, and
the countess, could go no further.
��� to   tie  Cotitluuoil.,
The Crab Eating Raccoon and Peculiar Crustacean Taste.
What made the crab eating raccoon
first take to his queer diet? The
question Is suggested by a specimen of
this strange animal which has arrived
at the menagerie and will he happy to
oblige any generous visitor with i|n
illustration of the quickest way to kill,
unshell and swallow a crustacean without artificial assistance of nny kind.
Doubtless the peculiarity originated in
the shore frequenting habits of the
species, and, being a delicate feeder,
the succulence of the crab, once cracked, was an obvious inducement to renew his acquaintance on every possible occasion. Originally probably a
fruit eater, the raccoon Is inquisitive
and dainty, both strong Incentives to
experiments ln diet. When nn Individual sees a small object he does not
understand, his actions fall under
three headings. He first puts the
article to close scrutiny, Loth with his
eyes and that supercilious upturned
nose of his; then he takes it away and
washes it���a very characteristic action
of this water loving animal���and finally puts It to the grand test of eatable-
ness or otherwise. If It appears unpalatable, he gives it to his wife. In
this way it Is easy to imagine how the
creek loving coon, wearying of too
much fruit, made his first .crab supper
and, though he has never been able te
add a squeeze of lemon or brown
bread and butter to the repast, has become a confirmed love-, of crustacen
ever since. All creatures make experiments of the sort and occasionally carry them on until they Vecome a fixed
habit, and their sr'.ole structure Is
modified in accordance. Nature, for
Instance, never Intended the osprey to
live on fish. It was the temptation of
nn old world trout ln difficulties in
tho ohallows that first led the great
hnwk astray. Some small Brazilian
monkeys, again, live almost exclusively oa birds' eggs, an Australian parrot
has given up a proper vegetarian diet
for an exclusive regimen of mutton,
and many other instances of the same
unorthodox appetites might be cited.
���London Globe.
A good many loafers Imnglne they
are philosophers.
You are very fond of your opinions
Let other men enjoy theirs.
Parents will sny their children are
bad, but won't .stand It from others.
Enthusiasm is all right provided you
oon't meet a man who Is full of It
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The average mnn has more respect
for a thief than a dendbeat And
thieves are not held in high esteem.
When a man tells his "story," always
remember that he exaggerates It and
that he Isn't fair with the other fellow.
Among the white races more than
seven-tenths of religion Is confined to
women. Yet the men run things. Very
few men are really religious, while you
find few women wbo are not
"Sur.ounded by the enemy and
without food," lhe story-teller was saying, *'we 'were slowly uying. But suddenly there appeared on the horizon a
cloud  no bigger than  a  mail's  hand���''
"Come oft I What are you giving
us?' interrupted one of his auditors,
"itain  isn't  lood "
"j.**!o, but it simply rained cats and
dojo, and we ate 'em."���Philadelphia
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Bora  quarter  of Constantinople.
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oeean-going torpedo-boat destroyers,
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li irse'8 bones He's a perieut ski-je
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8wilh I
One of the first secretaries of ngrlrul
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IIo was known to be late at ciibinel
meetings, where tardiness is a serious
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The secretary slid leisurely Into his
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���09  ���as ln merit.    Oet Illustrated booklet and 1007 prices  before buying
WtlltorviUo.  Ta-oato.   Montreal,  St.   John,   Winnipeg m
"What,   are   they   moving   the   church
"Well, stranger, I'm Mayor of these
diggin s, au' 1 in lev law eiifoieemt.iit.
We vc got an ordinance wliat says no
HiiKiu.i shall be nearer than .SOU feel
from a church. 1 gave 'em three nay.*
ti)  move   tho  ohurcli."���Judge
Four banks in Brussels, Belgium
have gone to the wall, and thei a is t
panic on  tho bourse.   -
"What kind of a road is this brand
line ol yi.u.s through L' ivun
sas(" -.'
"it's one of the sort that makes yoi.
part your hair in ihe middle and sit n>
��� no aisle ol me coaoli to keep tioiu up
sotting  the  Uain."���Chicago  News.
"I    expeot    to    leave    as    much    at
Rockefeller  when  1 die."
"Uot   a  gil-iioh-iiuickj   1   suppose?"
"Nope,   got  nothing,    but    i il  leave
the   earth. "- I'uilailelpliia   Ledger.
Babies do not cry lor the fun of it,
nor is It always because they are
hungry, as so many young mothers
think. Nine times out of ten baby's
cry lndlctytes that his little stomach
Is out of order. Mothers will lind
Instant relief for their suffering little
ones In Baby's Own Tablets. A few
doses will cure the most obstinate
cases of constipation, Indigestion or
vomiting, und a Tablet given now
and then to tho well child will keep
it well. Mrs. Mary Pollock, Uawas,
(int., says: "Baby's Own Tablets
have been a great benefit to my baby.
They have made him happy, peaceful
and contented, when before he used
to (Ty all the time. 1 have more comfort with him since wiving him the
Tablets lhan I ever had before. He
now sits and plays and laughs while
I do my work. Whut greater praise
can I give Baby's Own Tablets." For
sale at druggists or by mail at 2!i
cents n box from The Dr. William.?
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
. Alexandroff, a lawyer, has been ar
rested in Moscow for tlie murder o
Dr. Jollos, editor of the Kusski Viedo
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,        -���
Lucas County,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
la senior partner of the firm of F*. J.
Cheney & Co.. doing business In the city
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay the sum of
(very case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
8worh to before me and subscribed In
my presence this Ith day of December.
A   D   1886. A.  W. GLBA80N,
(Seal.) Notary  Public.
Hall's Catarrh cure Is taken Internally
and acts directly on the blood and mucous Burfaeea of the system. Send for
teutlmontals free.
F. J. CHENET  A CO., Toledo. O.
Sold  bv all   Druggists.  7*.*
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
"He wanted me to order a basket 01
champagne," declared indignant Mi
"I may lie ignorant, but I know thai
champagne comes iu bottles."���Wash
Ington  Herald.
Pale, sickly children should use
Mother Uravts' Worm Exterminator
Worms are one of the principal causes
of suffering in children and should hi
expelled   from  the  system.
A dead peddler drove into Clialone
sur-Nearne, France, with . tlie reins
tightly  clasped  in  his  lingers.
A Strong Tonic        Without Alcohol
A Body Builder        Without Alcohol
A Blood Purifier      Without Alcohol
A Great Alterative    Without Alcohol
A Doctor's Medicine Without Alcohol
Ayer's Sarsapirilla   Without Alcohol
W* publish eur formulas
W�� banish aleohel
Areas eur m��dlaui.��
We otao -cm to
o-nsult 70UJ*
Ayer't Pilli ire liver pills. They act
directly on the liver, make more bile
tecreted. This is why they are so valuable in constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, sick-headache. Ask your doctor
If he knows a better laxative pill.
ttrikol.O. Ajar Os., Lowall, maa.
Wmrran'md lo Oltro Smtlmlmollon.
Caustic Balsam
Has Imitators But Ha Competitors.
A Bafe, Speedy and Positive Cure for
Curb, Eplint. Sweeny, Capped Hook,
Strained   Tendons,    Founder,   Wind
FuiF.i, and all lameness fi-om Spavin,
Ringbone   and other bony tumori,
Cures all akin diseases or Parasites,
Thrush,    Diphtheria.    Removes   all
Bunohei from Horses or Cattlo.
Ai e. Human Remedy for Rheumatism,
Sprains,  bore Throat, elo., It la Invaluable.
Every bottlo of Oauatio Balsam  sold  Is
TYurranted 10 jrlvo BHiibrae-tlou.   Frloe $1 50
per bottle.   Bold by druffgleut. or sent by ex.
press, cbflrffci jmld, witli full directions tor
Us use.   IT Send for  deaorlptlve  circulars
' testimonials, otc.   Address
The Lawrence* Williams Co., Toronto, Ont.
Specialization  More   Conspicuous    In
Eastern Agriculture.
There is nothing more characteristic
of New England agriculture than the
extent to which the division of labor
is carried. This process, known everywhere as the mark of advanced civilization and refined industry, ia every
year more conspicuous in eastern agriculture Specialization is here seen in
'.Is highest forms. One man makes
milk and another breeds the cows for
him. One farmer grows pigs for sausage, but he depends on other farmers to produce the pigs. One man
whose money crop is fresh eggs never
breeds a hen. These are actual examples.
Fruit and Truck Growing.
In the line of<fruit and truck growing a similar division of labor ia
found, and, what is more important,
this division is increasing year by
year. Many strawberry growers there
are who do not think of raising their
own plants, but who prefer to get
them of other growers who specialize
in that line. Perhaps tbe most marked advance in this line is shown in
the increasing demand for vegetable
plants. What would our grandiatherB
think of buying cabbage, cauliflower
and tomato plants every spring? And
yet this is exactly what is being done
every spring on every hand here in
New England. Now celery and lettuce
plants are extensively bought and
sold. White peppers, eggplants, musk-
melons and even onions are sometimes
included in the sales.
Encourage Specialization.
Such a state of affairs is altogether
proper and is everywhere to be encouraged. The small city and suburban growers get the best results from
thiB sort of service, but small farmers also find they can buy what tomato and cabbage plants they need
much cheaper than they can go to
the bother of making and tending hotbeds. The fact is the city man or the
suburbanite will not grow tomatoes
or eggplants at all if he has to go to
the trouble of rearing the plants first.
Even professional track farmere,
who grow cabbage or celery by the
thousands, sometimes find it cheaper
to buy plants than to grow them, and
in case such a grower has a failure
with his own young plants (a thing
by no means unknown) it is a matter
of the highest importance for hiu>. to
be able to fall back on some plant
dealer for the 10,000 cabbage or 30,-
000 tomato or 20,000 celery plants for
which his land ia all prepared.���Professor F. A. Waugh in New England
Gold In the Chest Seemed to be Unmovable
But Cure was Soon Effeoted by
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine
It is waste of time to use ordinary
cough mixtures for serious colds on
the chest, and time is of infinite value  when   the  lungs  are  in  danger.
The risk is too great, especially
when you wait to think that Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and .Turpentine is for sale in nearly every
store that keeps medicines at all.
This letter gives you some Idea of
the effectiveness of this great medicine.
Mrs. A. Barnum, Ingersoll, Ont.,
writes:���"My husband had a very
severe cold on his chest and got so
bud he could not speak above a
whisper. The cough medicines he tried
seemed to have no effect and rending
about Dr. ('base's Syrup of Linseed
and Turpentine I sent for a bottle.
In two days ho was cured und is very
grateful for such a medicine. lie snys
we will never be without this medicine  In   the  house."
The very name of Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed    and    Turpentine    is
sufficient to explain the simple and
yet powerful and well-known Ingredients of which this great medicine  is  composed.
While linseed sheathes the mouth,
tongue and throat, with a protective
coating to prevent injury from hard
coughing, turpentine disinfects and
stimulates the ulcerated parts of the
bronchial tubes and lungs and Is almost  specific   for  bronchitis.
Other ingredients which along with
these go to make up Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, soothe
the nerves, loosen the cough, aid expectoration, and by thorough action
on the whole system completely cure
coughs and colds, bronchitis, asthma,
whooping   cough   and   sore   throat.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of-Linseed and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle at all
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against imitations, the portrait und signature of
Dr. A. W, Chase, the famous receipt
book   author,   nre   on   every   bottle."
Sir William Crookes Discovers a Cheap
Fertilizer From the Air,
Sir William Crookes, the eminent
Britisli chemist, has set agriculturists
everywhere quite on edge by an alleged discovery of a cheap fertilizer
from the air. He, however, does not
claim the discovery as his own, but
attributes it to two Continental investigators, Kowalski and Moszicki;
yet on inquiry he appears to have
been the pioneer in this particular
field of research, and it is hia opinion
of its importance which givea weight
to the undertaking; indeed, if anyone
else ever aolvea the problem of manufacturing nitratea which can be sold
at a price below that demanded for
the mineral deposita the world will
still owe a heavy debt to Sir William
aa pioneer.
Fifteen years ago Sir William devoted much time studying how the
nitrogen of the atmosphere united
with other gases to produce nitric
acid. He found it to be a difficult
problem to aolve. It appeara that
there is a wonderful difference in the
eagerness with which substances enter into combinations with each other.
For instance, between acids and alkalis the affinity is bo strong that the
utmost pains must be taken to prevent them getting together prematurely On the other hand, others are peculiarly reluctant to amalgamate. Of
the latter sort is nitrogen, which requires a strike of artificial lightning
to induce it to combine with the other
ineredients of nitric acid.
In all the processes hitherto devised
to make them do so the elpctric aroj
has been used, but the results have
been far from commensurate with the
investment recruired, and so they have
been frequently abandoned. Now according to the experiments of the
three chemists mentioned all that is
required in order to be able to compete with the nitrates of Chili is to
get an abundant aupply of electricity
at a low co8t. With that most profitable atmospheric fertilizers can be
created and conducted, and of which
agriculturists will derive the benefit.
Aa is well known, many attempts
have been made at various placet)���
Niagara, Notrodden, Ac���to produce
this cheap electricity, and have succeeded, not only there, but in various parts of Sweden and Switzerland.
It is thought that one or other of these
sources of cheap power may be utilized. At all eventa several British capitalists have been enlisted in the enterprise, which is now promised a
fair, full and early trial.
Starting Alfalfa.
Where one cannot get a start with
alfalfa from a late summer planting,
more exactly the middle of August,
owing to a pest of grasshoppers, the
seed may be sowed about the middle
of April, with or without a nurse crop,
at the 'ol* of abotit 18 pounds to the
acre. Owiiig to the rapid growth of
weeds the field should be mowed frequently after the alfalfa gets a good
start, as this not only kills the weeds,
but tends to thicken up the legume.
Before planting it the ground should
be thoroughly fertilized and the soil
put in the best of tilling. Out at the
right time and properly cured, alfalfa
makes the best and most nutritious of
hay, while it provides an ideal pasture ft* hogs.
Angoras Healthy.
Angora goats are much less subject to disease than sheep, and tak-
osis, a contagious disease which created great havoc in certain flocks a
few years ago, Beems to have about
run its course* and, it is thoufrbt, will
probnh'v iron be er%rUwt>*d
The Hour and the Man.
(Juest (at dinner)���What is the meaning of this? First you bring the fish
and then the soup afterward. Walter
(confidentially)���Between ourselves, sir,
It was high time for tbe fish.
"Well, Sal, I'm flred."
"Serves you right, you fool I Yon
had no business to go to the office
A Berlin paper, speaking of the pro
test of a "high standing officer 111 Ununited Statis navy against discrimination against enlisted men in uniform
at dances and in theatres," says thai
lhe ground taken by Uerman aiiny and
navy olHcers is "more reasonable anil
leas sentimental," and cites tlie case
of twp members of the reserve force
who, returning from target practice in
uniform, Went to a dancing saioon,
where tliey were found dancing by an
officer. "The officer did not make enquiry us to how many girls had refused to dance witli the uniformed
men, neither did he look for floor
managers who might have objected to
the presence of the soldieiB. On the
oont.ary, the men were arrested and
were each sentenced lo tlnee years
If our readers could spend one morning looking through the letters received from all over Canada by the zarn-
Buk Co., It would bring home to tlu in
with irresistible force the healing virtues of this groat household balm. Old
women, voting women, wives, mothers
and even young girls have something
to say about how Zam-Buk did this or
that good office in their home. Many
of these writers give permission to
make extracts from their grateful testimony. From these the following
were taken at random:
������I was troubled for some weeks
with salt rheum in hands and .arms
and was using a salve which did nie
little good. On receiving a supply of
Zam-Buk I applied it, and It really
seemed to act like magic! The itching
and burning ceased, and in a fe.v days
the skin was cleared und healthy." So
writes Miss E. A. Butehard, of Nortli
"Three boxes of Zam-Buk cured me
of Eczema, from which I had suffered
a long time." So says Mrs. Gladden,
of Mansonville,  Que.
"Zam-Buk cured a case of blood
poison In my family, and I wish to
thank you for the great blessing it
has proved," Is the effect of a letter
from   Mrs.   Webb,  of  Dovercourt.
And so one could go gn quoting extract after extract, showing hew Zam-
Buk cures chronic sores, ulcers,
abscesses, bad leg, itch, and blood
poison; takes the soreness out of cuts
and burns, and grows new, healthy
skin over injured or diseased places.
All stores and druggists sell at fifty
cents a box, or the Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, will mail  for price.
The members of the Wellman North
Pole expedition are completing the
preparation of the -balloon America,
and will leave shortly.
Tlie   McCourt  benefit  fund   has   been
annulled  in Ottawa.
Under the above caption the Alabastine Co., Limited, of Paris, Ontario,
have put out, probably one of the handsomest booklets on home decoration
ever issued in Canada. While designed
primarily as a catalogue, the book is
handsomely illustrated with numerous
cuts of the interiors of rooms in colors, and, as well as containing complete information on wall decoration,
is filled with many valuable suggestions, both pictorial and otherwise, on
tasteful home furnishing. It is a book
which needs only to be seen to be appreciated.
"Homes, Healthful and Beautiful"
is gotten out in the form of an edition
de luxe, and is too expensive a book
to distribute promiscuously to everyone who might write for it merely out
of idle curiosity. The Alabastine Co.
are therefore making a charge of ten
cents for it, which amount, while not
nearly covering tlie cost of the book, Is
intended to discourage those whe
would write for it merely to gratify an
idle whim.
It is well worth reading. A copy
Will be mailed to any address on receipt of ten cents.
Four white men and fifty natives
were killed by tho unexpected explo-
sire>t>f dynamite at Driefontein mine,
South  Africa.
They were getting a kindergarten
lesson. The teacher taught them
simple  subjects.    She  touched  a  table.
"What   is   this?"
"What is this?" she asked as she
touched  the  fender.
"What ia this?" indicating a bottle.
��� "Glass."
"What is this?" and she touched her
watch chain.
"Brass," and she changed the subject.���Taller.
Its Development From the Markers
Used by the Ancients.
It Is difficult to determine the exact
period In which "black lead" was first
utilized as an Instrument for writing
or drawing, as It has been confused
with other mineral bodies to which tt
bears no relation. Tbe ancients used
lead, '>ut the metal was formed luto
fiat nxites nnd the edges of these plates
used to make the mark. If an ornamental design was desired, the transcriber drew parallel lines and traced
therein illuminated designs, usually
with n hard point, but also with soft
lead. That lead was known to the ancients is also proved by the fact that
it Is meutloned in the book of Job.
During the year 1015 there was a description of the black lead pencil written by Conrad Gesner. He says that
pieces of plumbago were fastened Iu a
woodeu handle und a mixture of fossil
substance, sometimes covered wltb
wood, was used for writing and drawing. About bulf a century later a very
good account of this mineral was given, und It was then used in Italy for
drawing nud mixed with clay for manufacturing crucibles.
I We nre informed ln Beckman's "History of Inventions" that the pencils
' first used ln Italy for drawing were
composed of a mixture of lead and tin,
��� nothing more than pewter. This pencil was called a stile. Michael Angelo
mentions this stile, and, in fact, tt
seems that such pencils were long used
in common over the whole continent
of Europe. At this period the name
plumbago or graphite was not In use,
but instead the name inolybdena or
molybdolds, which Is now applied to
an entirely different mineral.
Graphite or black lead Is formed ln
the primary rocks. Iu the United
States it occurs in feldspar and quartz.
In Great Britain in greenstone rock
und gneiss and In Norway In quartz.
The mine at Borrowdale, England, bus
supplied some of the finest black lead
lu tbe world, but the quantity varies
owing to the irregularity with which
the mineral occurs.
Tho Jews were for awhile the only
manufacturers of pencils. It required
great skill to perfect the manufacture,
according to the degree of hardness or
softness required. Of recent years the
manufacture of pencils has Increased
to such au extent that the price of
these articles bus decreased proportionately. Graphite and pure clay are
combined and used in the manufacture
of artificial black lead pencils, and, on
the other baud, the greatest perfection
is attained in the making of the higher
class pencils. graphite Is exposed to
heat to acquire firmness and brilliancy
of color. Sulphur Is also used to secure
u more perfect color.
Real Use of the Bee's Sting.
"The bee's stiug Is a trowel, not a
rupler," said a nature student. "It is
uu exquisitely delicate little trowel
with which the bee finishes off the
honey cell. Injects a little preservative
Inside and seals it up. With its trowellike sting the bee puts the final touches
on the dainty and wonderful work.
With tbe sting it pats und shapes the
honey cell, us a mason pats and shapes
a row oi brick. Before sealing up the
cell it drops a wee bit of poison into
the honey. This Is formic acid. Without It honey would spoil. Most of us
thluk the bee's sting, with Its poison,
is a weapon only. It Is a weapon secondarily, but primarily 1t is a magic
trowel, a trowel from whose end, as
the honey cells are built up, a wonderful preserving fluid drips.
The Weathering of Coal.
It Is probably not generally known
that coal exposed to the atmosphere
undergoes chemical changes greatly
affecting Its quality. Moisture Is the
most powerful agent ln producing such
change. It Is a matter of common
knowledge among men engaged ln the
making of Illuminating gus that coal
which has been stored for a long time
experiences a loss of hydrocarbons,
and the effects of the change are
shown In a diminution of the volume
of the coal and In a loss of illuminat-
lug power Iu the gas produced from It
Such chemical changes occurring In
greut masses of coal may even produce
sufficient accumulation of beat to cause
spontaneous combustion.
Death is a friend of ours, and he
that is not ready to entertain hlm Is
not at home.���Bacon.
Criticism often takes from the tree
caterpillars  and  blossoms  together.���
The idle always have half a mind to
do somcthinir.	
In tha Sickroom.
Pearl���I am awfully jealous of that
pretty trained nurse. I wish they had
engaged a homely one to attend
Ruby���But sbe la only taking bis
Pearl���Yes, but what guaranty have
I that she might not take his heart?���
Chicago News.
The Shout That Made Remington's Indian Open His Mouth.
Frederic Remington's studio was
quiet. A stillness thut betokens work
pervaded the atmosphere, and tbe artist, working sway ut his canvas, "The
Spirit of War," silently laid ou his
colors of the scorching sun, and an lu-
dlan chief, raised in his stirrups, shouting to bis braves, Inspiring tbem with
courage for the fight.
Remington had not heard a knock
'at the studio door or tbe entrance of
an unannounced guest Nor did be
realize that two sharp eyes were scanning his work with that critical examination characteristic of the man who
"knows art."
Suddenly there burst from the visitor
such a shout as any Indian chief
would have been proud of.
Another and another shout echoed
through the studio. Remington, starting back, dropped his brushes nnd palette nnd turned in tlie direction of the
thundering voice.
"Ah, ball! My boy, open Ills mouth
Mako hlm shout. Make him look it.
Open his mouth. So���so." And the
stranger gave vent to two more shouts
fit for the plains.
It was Gerome, and this wns his
method of expression iu this special
case. Remington, ln accordance with
his advice, "opened his mouth," uud
us a result, instead of the slightly
parted lips, there is a face so full of
enthusiasm, so expressive of a grent
heartfelt throb giving vent to a cheer,
that when one sees the picture lie Is
prompted to the action of Gerome,
who made probably the most unique
criticism ever given ou one of Reui-
Ingtou's best pictures.
Because  of its  Purity and,Freedom
From Coloring Matter
Impartial Criticism.
> A well known salesman entered a
west end conservatory the other niter-
noon on business. A girl wus playing
il piano in an adjoining room. Suddenly she begun Mendelssohn's
"Spring Song," and tho teacher conversing with the salesman paused to
"Can't you slop thut noise until I
explain this to you?" broke in the man
of business, who seemed to be u privileged character.
'That girl will be a great musician
some day," replied the unruffled teacher. "She Is naturally tnlented. Just
"I don't agree with you," snapped
the salesman. "SLe plays too fast and
too loud.  Wbo is she?"
"Your daughter." returned the teacher.
A Mind Reader.
One night ' at a court ball ln the
Tuilerles Napoleon III. was so attentive to a beautiful young woman as
to excite comment among the other
women. At Inst, in response to n direct
tribute to her beuuty, she suid:
"Ah, but your majesty compliments
me too much!"
"How remarkable," he replied wltb
a twinkle tn bis eye, "that you should
say just what every other woman here
is thinking!"
Only One Objection.
Some sage said that "life would be
tolerable If It were uot for its amusements." Many people give most cordial assent to this dictum. No objection can justly be made to It except
that It Is not true���London Saturday
Had to Do It.
Mrs. Turnbull���It's too bad your husband cut off his flowing beard. Mrs.
Crimple���Yes, he had to do It. I gave
him a diamond scarfpln for a birthday
Reproduced above, is a portrait of the late
Mr. C. 1). Record, the founder and original
head of the Record Foundry & Machine
Co., of Moncton, N.B., and Montreal,
Previous to Mr. Record going* into the
manufacture of stoves, those used in
Canada were almost wholly ol American
manufacture. The character of the work
turned out by the Record Foundry it
Machine Co., at once gave tlieir stoves a
standing, and as a result a very large
business soon grew up, largely owing to
Mr. Record's untiring industry and perseverance against many obstacles.
Although Mr. Record retired from active
busbies- as far back as 1870, the solid
basis on which lie had established the industry, has resulted in its growth from a
sturdy pioneer into one of the largest stove
manufacturing plants on the northern half
of the American continent. With twp
large pknts, one in Moncton and one in
Montreal, the Record Foundry & Machine
Co. are known from Halifax to Vancouver,
and their "Calorific" and "Admiral"
furnaces and " Penn Esther" ranges
recognized as the standard of Canadian
Yon cannot possibly have
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritions and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in i-lb. and i-lb Tins.
Sold only in sealed lead paokets at 40o,   SOo  and 60o  per lb.     At  all grooera.
One morning the inhabitants of
Christiaiiia and the suburban districts
were astonished at finding that black
snow had fallen during tlie night. At
Mandal, in South Norway, snow fell I
on Sunday l.iorning, and as a southerly wind was blowing it is suggested
in L'hristiania that this phenomenon
was caused by volcanic eruptions from
Vi suvius or other craters. In March
of last year red snow was reported at.
Carintliiu, in Austria, whilst falls ol
green and yellow snow are also on record.
Crown Prince Gustavu of Sweden
has bad bis pi.jvato stubles cut off lo
correct a delieit of $125,000 in bis private budget. �����
There ure 1,700 miners in British
Columbia, 350 at Coleman, 250 al
Frank, 200 at Lille, 100 ut Bellevlew
an 1 100 ut Lundbrek now working
under the eight-hour day.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Colds,  etc.
I Nurses' & Mothers' Treasure
���most Tellable medicine for baby.
Used over 50 yean. First compounded
by Dr. P. E. Picaull in 1855.
Makes Baby Strong
Restores the little organs to perfect
health. Gives sound sleep, without
resort to opium or other injurious drugs.
4        At druggists', 25c. 6 buttles $1.25.
National Drug & Chemical Co. Lid., Mop* eal
Count Itagaki. a Japanese nobleman,
proposes the abolition of the nobility
in that country.
A new Sunday school paper will be
published in Toronto, called the Ontario Sunday  School   Leader.
Governor Campbell has sigiud tin
bill niaking gambling a felony In tlie
state  of  Texas.
Beer makers walked out of twenty
three breweries at St. (Louis to enforce
wage demands.
A Requisite for the Rancher.���On
the cattle ranges of the West, where
men and stock are far from doctors
and apothecaries, Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is kept on hand by the intelli
gent us a ready iiuiile medicine, mil
ouly for many' human Ills, but us a
horse and cattle medicine of BUl-pass
Intf merit, A hoise and cattle raiieliei
will find matters greatly simplified by
using thia Oil.
The head tax nil aliens entering tin
Stales from Canada bus bun raised
to .114.
John D. Rockefeller will donuti
fifty millions towards Hie uplifting ol
tlie Chinese.
The young ladies of the progressive
towji of Hull, Que., are said to be pe
titionitig the council to levy a tux oi
In its Initial stuges a cold is a loca'
ailment easily dealt with. But manj
neglect it and the result is often tin
.development of distressing seizuns o.
the bronchial tubes and lungs thai
render life miserable for the unhappj
victim. As a first aid there is notliinp
in the handy medicine line so eertair.
in curative results as Bickle's Anli
Consumptive Syrup, the far-famed
remedy for colds and coiifrh*.
A serious operation was performed
at the gt nerul hospital, Toronto, upon
Rev. Dr. Trotter, formerly president ol
Acudiu  college,   Wolfville.
Cobalt contributed $1,160 in liiiuoi
law violation fines in three days re
cently,  to  tlie  provincial   treasury.
Patient���Doctor, do you think that
people  are  occasionally buried  alive*?
Doctor (reassuringly)���It never happens to my patients.���Berliner Ulus-
trierte Zeituuj,.
The late Baroness Burdett-Coutts
used to relate with keen pleasure a
story of the Duke of Wellington and
Souit. On the first occasion the Duke
to ik Soult. into Apsley House the latter was surprised at the absence of
pictures he  had  known   in   Madrid.
"Howl is it, Monsieur lie Due," he
said, "that you have so few of the
Spanish  masterpieces?"
"Marshal, you forget," replied the
Duke, "Ihat my army was only in Madrid after the one- commanded by
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget   In
Mine. Gallay, wife of the defaulting
bank clerk who fled to South America
in the yacht Catarina, is dead in a
Paris hospital.
Tired Ted���Yes,  madam,  I\
solicitor for fifteen years.
Mrs.   Handout,���A  solicitor 1
Tired Ted���Yis'm; I solicited cako
and pie.���Chicago Journal.
"Why, I see billiard balls, boxes for
handkerchiefs, ink wells, combs, etc.,
are now made from skimmed milk,"
said the dealer in the lacteal fluid.
"And one other thing you forgot to
m ntiiin ia made of skimmed milk,"
said the lady as he handed out the
"What's  that,  ma'am?"
"Money I"���Yonkera   Statesman.
A Clear, Healthy Skin.���Eruptions of
the skin and the blotches which blemish beuuty are the result of impure
blood caused by unhealthy action of
the liver and kidneys, in correcting
this unhealthy action and restoring
the organs to their normal condition,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will at the
same time cleanse the blood, and the
blot/ches and eruption* will disappear
without leaving any  trace.
Friend (to draper in his shop)���I u'o-
tice thut all your assistants squint
most horribly. Couldn't you have got
some better looking ones?
"I chose tbem purposely. They are
most useful for keeping a watch on
people. My customers never know on
which side they are looking," ��� Nos
Vlinard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Married   him   a  week   after   meeting
"Vis; I didn't know him very well.
That's true."
"Well, nothing like marriage to get
one aequuinted."
"How are tho buckwheat, pancakes
this  morning?"   asked  the   landlady.
"Not any too good," replied the
grouchy   boarder.     "Tbey   tusle   Hat."
"Taste Hat I" snapped the landlady.
"They ure flat. Do you suppose 'we're
going to make tlniii look like cream
puffs?"���Cleveland   l'nss.
[ ^Greatest of Tonus1
mo p    (Pronounced Si-Keen.)
MONEY can buy advertising space, but it can't  buy a
quarter centnrjr'i successful record of wonderful and
. almost  miraculous cures of tbe   most difficult and
intricate cases of throat, lung and stomach troubles. Such ia
PBychine's record. Thousands of cases given up by leading
doctors as hopeleas and incurable have been quickly and permanently cured by Psychine. It ia an infallible remedy for
coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, consumption, indigestion
loss of appetite and all wasting diseases. *
" My son had a terrible cough end
was wasted to a shadow. Doctors
asdd he could not live. Be used Pay*
chlno, it cured him."���Mrs. J. Banger, BrockTllle.
'��� After Uklng 15.00 worth of Psychine my lungs are well and life Is
again worth living."���Hia. *. Bloh-
ards, Marriotts Cove, N.8.
" My lungs are now sound as a bell
after ushsgT��syr-hlne."-B. Bobbin-,
Bridgeburg, Ont
, "Psychinesaved mrUle."���A.W��1-
den, 7 Cornwall st, Toronto.
Psychine Never Palls     Psychine has no Substitute
AT ALL DBADERS, SOe and $1.00 A BOTTLE     t,
DR. T.A. SLOCUM. Limited, 179 King 5t. W.. Toronto
W.    N.   U.    No.   632
As a food it is far superior to mU'shy porridge or pasty corn products. 'It is hyglenical-
ly perfect and more
wholesome and nutritious  than meat.
BISCDIT and TRISCUIT are an Ideal Combination.
All  Grocers���13c  a carton, or 2 for 26c. **��
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP. $14,000,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���Lord Stbathco.**ia and Mount Rotai,.
Vice-President���Hon. Gkobge A. Dbumjiond.
General Manager���E. 8. Clouston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada
��� A General Banking Business Transacted,
Slocan fiMnina "Review.
Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advibtisino Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $13.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase ol Land   -     7.60
"      " License to Cut Timber 6.00
All locals will be charged for at tbe rate
of !5c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Zhe Slocan Dotd
Gbrce Jorfcs,
Headquarters for Mining Men
���wheu visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Noli'-e ia hereby (riven that 60 dnys
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, at Victoria, B.C., lor pmnisson
to purchase the following described
tract of land in the We*t Kootenay District about l}o miles N.E. of Rosebery
'tution. Commencing nt n post marked
P.J.G. S.W C , initial post planted on
the north side of the ft-st east fork of
Wilson creek and on the eaEt side of
tlie main Wilson creek, tlicnce nortli 10
chains, thence cast 5 cliains, thence
north 10 chain*, thence east 5 chains,
thence north 20 chains, thenceeast 40
chains, thence south 40 chains, thence
west 50 chains to point of commencement. Containing 175 acres ol land
more or less.
Dated this 18th day of April, 1007.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situate iu West Kootenay
No.l. Commencing at a post planted on the side of Wilson creek, about
2)4 miles below (alls of main Wilson
creek, and 2 miles in on the 2nd east
fork, markod D. Tuomey's S.E. comer
post, thence north 80'chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenco east 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted on south side of Wilson creek, and
about 7 chains from location post Ne. 1,
and marked D. Tuomey's S. W. corner
post, thence north 80 chains, along the
same line, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80* chains thence west 80 chains,
to the point of commencement.
Located March 13, 1907.
Mar. 31, 30 D. Locator.
Notice is hereby given that [00 il.ivs
after date 1 intend to ap: ly to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoria, for permission to pur, base the
following described tract oi land in
"West Koo'enay V'.. !ct. Commencing
at a post planted mi tlie south side of
N. & S. Ry. Near east end of Box Lake,
marked L. G., S. W. O, Initial post,
thence norlh 40chains ilong tlie eastern
boundary line of Joseph Prestloy's location, thonce east -10 chains, thence
south 10 chains, thence weft 40 chain*',
to point of coiiiiiieiicoiii"nt. Containing 100 acres more or less.
D.ited Apiil 11 th, 1607
Je 20. P. J. Gallagher, agent.
To Michael Penror-e, or  to whomcosver
lie may b*ve transferred bis interest
��� in Ihe " Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated    near   McGuigan,
located the "rd day of October, 1000,
recorded the 17th  dav of October,
1900, in the Slocin Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You  are hereby notified that I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cate of tins notice you fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of ths above-
mentioned sum, together with all coats
of advertising, your interest in the said
claim will become tho property of the
undersigned, under   section   4 o(   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated at Sandon, this 3rd   day   of
Apiil, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that SO days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner cf Lr.ndsand Works
for a special licsnse to cut and carry
away timber from the following described land situated on Mill creek about
4 miles from Slocnn Lake, beginning at
a post marked "L. S. comer," thence
noith 40 cliains, thence east 100 cliains,
thence south 40 cliains, thence west 100
chains to point of commencement.
Dated 20th day of March 1907.
Mar 28 8od
Notice is hereby given that 00 "days
after date I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commisioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoria for permission to purchase the
following described tract of land in
West Kootenay Distiict. Commencing
at a post planted on tlie south side of
the N, & S. liV., marked ' N, S. F.,
S. W. C. Initial post," thence north 20
chain* along the eastern boundary line
of L. Gallagher's location, near Box
Lake, thence east, 40 cliains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west 40 chains,
to point cf commencement. Containing 80 aeresmore ar le s.
Dated April 11th, 1907.
Je20 F. Gallagher, agent.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after d.ite we intend to apply to
Ibo Chief Cnmini-'sioner of Lauds and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
desoribed lands situated on Carouse
creek, in West Kootenay.
First local ion : Commencing nt a
post on lhe north side of Oayonse creek
about j-i niilo from lake, and on Ihe
line of L. 5817, and marked G. S. V.'s
8. W. comer post, thence north 80
chains, thenco east 80 chains, thrnce
south 80 thains, thence west 80 chains,
to point of commencement.
Located March 28, 1907.
Second  location:   Commencing   at
p:ist on the North side of Oayousa creek
about ii1.,'   miles  from the    lake    and
marked I). MoiL 's    S.E.   corner   pnst,
thence we*t 100 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east  100 cliains,   thenco
south 40 chains to point of commencement.
Locited March 20, 1907.
Apr. 4.80 d. locator.
Sixty d-iys after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Com misioner of Lands
and Works at Victoiia, B.C., for permission to purchase the following land,
situated in West Ko-'tenay Di-trict,
commencing at a post 20 chains nortli
of J. S. Morrison'" S.E. corner, thence
60 chains North, thence 20 chains enst,
thence 60 chains south, thence 20chains
west to point of commencement, containing 120 acres.
Located March ��0, 1907.
Mar 28-60d
Notice is hereby given that GO days
after date 1 intent! to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following
described tract of land In West Kooten-
Commencing at a post marked S. Y.
Brockman's N.W. corner, planted at
the N.E. corner of VV. Schulyke's preemption ; thence 80 chains cast, thence
40 chains couth, thence 80 chains west,
tnence 40 chains north to point of commencement, following boundaries of
crown granted mineral claim?, if any,
Dated April 4th, 1907.
Apl 11-00
Notice i* hereby given that 00 davs
after dale I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoria, (or permission to purchase the
following described tract of lend in
West Kootenay District. Commencing
at a post planted on the north side of
the N. & S. Ry. about 200 feet from Hie
track about one half-mile eatt of Box
Lake water tank, inaiked ,1. P., S. E. C.
Initial post, thence west 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains thence east 40
chains, thence south 40 chains lo point
of commencement. Containing KiO
acres more or le*s.
Dated April lltb, 1907.
Jc20 J 0*s��PH PRESLEY
Reduced Prices.
At Coat
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, B. C, for permission to purchase the following described lands. Commencing at a pout
planted on the west side of slocan lake
and aboutonoand u half miles west of
���Sawmill cretk on the shore of the lake,
and marked W II B'bh.w. coiner post,
thence west 40 cliains, thence nortli
30 chains, thence west 40 chains, theiict*
north 40 chains, thence eatt 40 chains,
thence south 30 chains, thenco east 40
chains, thence smith 40 clmins following
the lake shore to point of commencement, about 320 acres more or lt>��*.
Located the 27th dav ol Feb. 1907
W. H. BRANDON, Locator.
Geo. S. Vanstone, agent.
Mar 7 60
���a ************4****4******* *************************
�� >
< i
it Go to Wilson's for
Just   Arrived
We Will Sell at
��� Vegetables,
, Steel, etc.
Silverton, B.<B.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IK. flD. Spencer * prop
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice in hereby gn-en that 60 days
from date.I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoiia, 13. C, for
permission lo purchase the following
described lands, Situated in the Slocan
Division-of West Kootenay District, between Ten Mile and Twelve Mile creeks
and about one half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing; at a" post marked
J. T. Kelly's S.E. corner post, thenoo
west 20 chains along the linn of Lot
No. 1024, G 1, thence north 20 chairs,
Uience east 20 chains, theme south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres mere or less.
Located the 11th dav of March, 1007.
J. H. Cory, Agent.
Mar  4 2m
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
following described land�� situated
in the Slocsn Division of West Kootenay District betwten Ten and Twelve
Mile Creeks and about one half mile
from Slocan Lske, commencing at a
pist marked J. H. Cory's N.W. corner post, thence 20 chains east alonj*
the line of Lot 1123, Gl, thence 40 chains
south, thence 20 chains west, thence 40
chains north, to pointof commencement,
containing 80 acres more or Ices.
Located March Uth, 1907.
Mar 14 2m Locator.
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.   Quiet Home.   Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Address All Communications to
TRe Leading Hotel of the Silvery Sloc&n
Several Residences at
Very Small Figure
1?obt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation aud
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrou*3.
ho icest Uiauora, mines anb Cioaro.
******************* -**************** ***********
5andon, B. C.
Beaoquarters for fiMning anb travelling ftDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
IKooms large, Clean anb Cos?.
���E BmmWtWeaaaaoWeaataaaoM ."-- ifc*c |j��� ��� ���*-��� Ms*WMt*���*.1���Ms���il
S> William Bennett S
I > *************<>***^****<e**************************Qj
J. R. Cameron I
The Kootenay Tailor
a        FIT AND STYLK
���Js-J-u-jtrrAaii. t!sSl'.T*-5. -'^"'^j'i^'ry
N, B.C. |i
���ft (>
I \ ************************* *************************t
provincial Hsea^er
anb Chemist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, L"��d, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, J1.60 each.
Zinc,  Antimony,   Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $2.00.
Gold, Silver, wilh Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   $8.00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $-1.00
Special Ratrs for Mine snd Mill Work.
Sandon Cartage
- - IIS
Orders r��reive prompt and careful
Ibotel .:
TTHIS Well Known
Hotel has lately
heen purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal atteu^
tion to make their stay
with him a pleasaut
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
Silverton - B.C.
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Room*. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and  Cigars
always on hand.    ::    An excellent Pool Table.
**** **4*J-."!- **************.
Spring anb
from Crown
tailoring Co.
If The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country.
11n Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
There ii no better hone* in the Kootenay- for
tho Mining Man to make hit Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
busiuesa, and the Barkeops are artists in their
The Finest Wine* and L-quorc and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery.
No. 8i.      W. P. M,
Fresh Groceries
In AdJ-4��I��e Premisss.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:80
p. m. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A, Shlllaud. Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meets in Fratenity Hall the last Monday evening of every mouth.
J. IX. Gauebu**, W. President.
J. G. Potteb, W. Secretary.
Send in your sub.
Put up iii Pint Pottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee iis Strength and Purity.
^SSOErlSS; S^E? ^2=r��25=
Sanbon flMners' VXnion Mospftal.
Open to the Ptib'ic.
Rates by SubHcrip'ion $1.00 per month. Non-subocribers |2.00 per diem.
 Hospital Staff	
C.E.ANDERSON. - -     WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Ccmmunlcatlcng To Ths Secretary.
St. James'
New Denver. B.C.
Visitors to Ntw Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will And thin hotel
to he thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort ol Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent boutiinr. Grand ecensry.
E Sewmarke
. New Denver.
RATES $2 to 3.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trad*.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, *k*.
No matter what his oe-
ciipition, may s��ve
money hy getting his
Shots Made to Order.
For a Mining S'iob
tlit-ri*. is nothing better
tban tin* famous BAlj
with a gooil, solid,
hanrl made bottom	
These shoes can only be got by
leaving vour older with
Shoemaker - Sandon
To Kootenay points.
Effective  for Transatlantic Pan-
sengem Hi*rivirg]on or subsequent
to April L'Gtli.
Colonist Rates
from Point*. ONTARIO,
On stlo dtily till 30th April.
whilo the ratis art* low.
For   further  particulars,     r��t*g,
and folders, apoly to,
J 8. ditTsn,      E. J. Coyli,
D.P.A. Nelson,   A.G.P.A.
B.C;       Vancouver, B.C.
E, TO. TOfbbowson
Gold, Silver, Copper or Load, each, $1 CO
Gold-Silver. .11,50    Silver-Lead..41.60
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead..  3 60.
Prompt altenti'.m  glvon to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon live samples.
P,0   Drawer, 1103 Phone An7
Jo L
DAN BRANDON    I���f r\f ��M
' PhOP A  oWSj I-VJU
���ffS the Pleadquarters for All
Mining Men iu Silvextorj,
Furnished throughout in a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming Mminier
Excellent Boating, Fi.-hinj;
and Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.
Whereas ��t tho Ci.nnce aud Surprise mines, Chineee kitchen help is
at. present employed, to the exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, he it resolved that thia
organization, Snndon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.F. of M. reaffirming it" opposition to the employment ot Orientals
within   its  jurisdiction,   strongly   condemn* tho position  taken by tne management of the properties in question,
and counsels working men everywhere
and those favorably disposed towards
organized labor to be governed by this
A. SHILLAND, Secretary.
San&on Uoofie,
No. 24
K. of P.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 7.SO in FraUu*-
nitv Hall. Visiting Brethren cordlallr
invited. GEO, HUPTON: O 0.
A. Sim.LAiU', K of R. A 8,
Tnke nntice that I inioml thirty days
after date to apply to the Hon. tlie
Chief CoHimiBioniM* of Lands nnd yVorks
for asp. cial licenso to cut and carry
awny timi'pr fi 1 the following described lnnd�� situated in the Little Slocan in West Kootenay Di-trict. Cun-
moncing at n post planted one mi'o
Nortli of tho west fork on the little
Slocan liver and marked: Charles Prn-
vosts. E. corner post, running west SO
chain*) thence north ho el.ains, thence
east 80 chains, thence sotitb SO chains
to point ol cpiiiuieiicomeiit.
Located Mar. 7, 1*307,
Frank Provost, agent,


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