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Slocan Mining Review 1908-09-10

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^4tnA : _M*/Wl/H ���
Devoted   to   Advertising  the
Miaeral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area in  the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. a   Vol, 4,
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, September io, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
St James Hotels
r* irBt-elass Rooms j First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasolino
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.    Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
. ON . .
Situate at New Denver, B.C.. th* mott beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling: public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing: the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling: may bo indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suits, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.   Apply to
___��� __________________> ������**������ -������ * **- -*��� * ���*��� ���*��� -*- ���*>- -*��� ���*��� -*��� ���*��� -*- -*- -*��� ���*>- __h i
I   local anb General.   |
At a meeting on Saturday lust it was
d cided to enter a district exhibit of
fruit at the Kelson Fair. Particulars
will be found in another column.
Mrs. Atherton, of Calgary, who has
been visiting'her relatives in New Denver, left on Tuesday. Her granddaughter, Marjorie Atherton, accompanied
Wm. Thomlinson and A. Owens have
gone to work at tbe Tiger mine, a property owned by Hermann Clever.
Rev. W. M. Chalmers nill hold service in New Denver next Sunday at
11 a.m.
Jack Holden returned from a trip to
Spokane on Wednesday. He haa now
tak, n charge of the bar at the St. James'
Mrs. Aylwyn haa this week been, visiting friends at Slocan.
Tbe Union Prayer Meeting will be
held in the Presbyterian Church on Fri
day evening at 8 p.m. Revs. Chalmers
aud Gifford will be present to outline
the object of (he meeting. Members of
all churches are cordially invited.
The Town Improvement Society are
putting two men at work this week on
making a trail to the glacier.
The C. P. R. ba-g. No. 80 was successfully launched at Rosebery shipyard
on Thursday morning, amid muoh Cheering of the shipyard boys.
Salic new road lo the Westmont mine
is expected to be finished in another
week aud they will ng.iin start shipping
ore. Two cars are already waiting to
come down tho hill.
Aa Rev. W. M. Chalmers intonds
leaving tnwp at tbe end of the month,
there will be some articles of furniture
for sale at the ''Manse."
There is a fine show of preserving and
jelly crab apples in Aylwiii's garden
and intending purchasers should send
in Iheir orders at onco.
W. J. Macdonald, of Saicbn, was a
visitor I* Covin, Friday,
Tbere is some lalk of building a
skating rink in Slocan (or this winter.
Those interested bad better bo getting
busy before the snow gets any nearer.
We have heard a rumor Ihat tbe Slucan hockey tiaui were going in for the
Stanley cup thia c niing winter.
For preserving plums, etc., Aylwiii's
garden can supply all your wants.
Come and see tbem.
The Methodist Sabbath school at New
Denver will re-open for the fall and
winter at 3 p.m. next Sunday.
Bert Hiiton, an old-timer io this dis
trict, came in on Thursday to renew old
H. F. W. Behnaen,. M.P.P. for Victoria, came into town on Thursday, after
visiting the boundary country,
Geo. Bruder, Sandon, came into (own
Thursday, on business.
Public worship will be conducted in
the Methodist church in Silverlon and
New Denver next Sabbath at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. respectively. Mr. Gifford
will deliver the first of a series of ad-
diesses on public questions. The theme
will be "The Church and the Social Crisis." Miss Coulthard and Mr. Gifford
will sing at the evening service.
(By a Correspondent).
The fact that two ladieB, Mrs. Rankine and Miss Cue, have accomplished
tie trip to and from New Denver glacier
might aeem to some to point to the conclusion that no difficulties of much
account aro met with on the journey.
To those, however, who know what is to
be done, the fact would rather point
out the stamina possessed by these
ladies and by no oue is this quality more
appreciated than by the gentlemen of
the party.
The party consisting of Messrs.' Herbert Cue, Colin Harris, T. T. Rankine,
and the ladies mentioned above, set off
on Friday and with no difficulty whatever made camp the first night at the
top of the first, or Thomson Falls. The
way acrose tbe flat to these falls is not
yet opened by a ti ail and the method of
progression is largely by utilising the
numerous fallen trees as a pathway. On
the level this ie no gnat feat, provided
head and spikea are go.nl, but anyone
will admit that the same method of progression on a sleep slope where many
logs lie at an a**ule ang'e, demands a
fair amount of coolness and nerve.
Luckily this was a possession of all present and progress I hereby rendered rapid.
Aa only one night wns to he spent in
the open it was agreed that the packing
up a tent was unnecessary, but were
anyone to ask if tliey should follow the
same plan, I am sure, with one voice,
all would give Punch's advice to the
prospective Benedict���''Don't." It was
cold, but I believe that even that would
not have prevented sleep, had not an
inqu:sitive porcupine, a few minutes
after ns settling down, attempted a meal
off Mr. Cue's boots. These at the time
being ou duly, the possessor awoke with
a remnik whicli drove Morpheus away
from Cimmerian realms, for he certainly
did not reappear that night. Incidentally, the porcupine got a "daud on the
neb" and the only damage be did waB
the leaving a few quills on tlie butt ol
a rifle.
Little credit perhaps is due to tlie
climbers for lhe early start made on
Saturday, for it ��aa after all, the warmest thing to do. Progress waB made in
leisurely fashion to tlie permanent camp
a hut situated on the flat above tbe
second, or Blumenauer Falls. This hut
has recently been built by Mr. Mathie-
soh, to whose kindness all are indebted
for the shelter it provided. Saturday
afternoon and evening were spent in
"loafing" and a Blight exploration of the
basin in wliich we were. This has been
described already in your paper and
nothing further need be said of it than
that those who Baw it for the first time
fully er dorscd what has been said regarding its beauty.
Saturday night was a night of sleep���
a condition brought about by the experience of thc night before���and by the
generous waainth ol a fire wliich one of
the party was deputed to keep alight.
Unlike the soldier of Pompeii he neglected his duty and the first intimation
received thereof was the appearance of
our friend the porcupine coming down
the chimney. He went out the same
way, and the maledictions his visit cal led
forth kept the fireman alive to a conscientious fulfilment of his duty.
Next morning brightand early (credit
ia due Ibis time) w��**set off for the Glacier and its base we reached at 11 a.m.,
exactly a year after Messrs. Harris, Nel-
Bon and Thomlinson made the trip.
The view into Mill Creek Basin with
its lake, its creek, its waterfalls and
noble peaks was much enjoyed.
Roping together we started our final
lap. Tho lower part of the 'glacier is
entirely free from snow, but the ice was
comperitively soft and the footnold
firm and secure. Sion however w
were on snow pure and simple and we
climbed to the peak between Brouee
and Hunter peaks for two rea-ona
firstly, that waa the highest point the
snow reached, secondly, it was virgin
soil to prospective peak conquerors.
Crevassoj of enormous deptn were
passed, but aa these were defined with
the utmost regularity, little danger
was anticipated and none was met with.
From the summit of the enow a gorgeous panorama revealed itself. Peak
after peak in all directions challenged
tbo sky. Glacier on all sides sent their
contributions to their contributions to
the creeks running to swell our beautiful lake. At our feet the six-mile
basin was a pei feet dream of beauty
and I lie present writer haa no intention
of even attempting dimly to depict it
in nii'i'e words.
As it would never have done to have
come home without being on the peak,
two of the party ascended the portion
rearing itself beyond the enow. The
climb was short but arduous and the
attidudes adopted by the climbers
best left to the imagination. To Mrs.
Rankine belongs the honor scaling the
topmost pinnacle.
The return journey to the camp was
without incident and the homeward jour-
ney next morning was started to the
accompaniment of rain and the strains
of "Marching Through Georgia" sung
by four lusty throats. Four? Yes, for
the fifth was speechless with indignation.   He was looking for deer.
Rain favoured the devoted band all
tlie way home and so wet did they become, that though it cleared while tliey
snatched a bite of lunch they sat not
down. Gentle reader, did you ever
sit down or bend with wet jeans on?
If so you can understand- tlieir attitude
Tbo lake shore wa9 reached about
five, and when Mr. Ed. Angrignon
appeared witli his launch he looked to
the dripping beings a perfect angel of
light. Our appearance can be best understood from the first remark he made
wliich was, "What hotel do you want to
go to?" But like Mark Tapley, we
were still jolly.
Tho sports committee who had the
arrangements in hand for the Labor
Day celebration at Slocan City are to
ho congratulated on the success of their
effbi'ls, fordespite a heavy thunderstorm
which broke over the district early on
Monday morning and continued until
the time for the departure of visitors
from New Denver and Silverton, a good
number from the two latter places
made the journey down the lake and
were rewarded by witnessing a splendid
day's sport. The New Denverites alsa
had the satisfaction of seeing their
pets win lho medals by defeating their
livals in tho football match against
Slocan, by two goals toone, thus aveng
ing the defeat which waa inflicted on
them by the latter team on Empire
The first item on the program, the
rifle match between Slocan and New
Denver, did not materialize, owing to
the latter team failing to put in an
appearance, therefore there was nothing
doing in the morning.other than making
general preparations for Ihe afternoon
The str. Slocan reached Slocan about
one o'clock with a fair representation
from New Denver and Silverton and
was met by the different committtces,
together with a large number of Ihe
citizens. The Slocan brass band was
also on band and rendered some good
music while the boat was being landed.
The first event of the afternoon was
the football match���New Denver vs.
Slocan, and when the teams lined up
it was seen that both sides included a
number of heavyweights. The score
sheet at half-time remained blank, but
in the second half New Denver notched
two goals to their opponents one, and so
inn out winners.
The following was the line-up:���
Slocan���Hieks, goal; Knechtcl and j
Morrison, full backs; Anderson, Plant.
Graham, half-backs; Parker, St. Denis,
Pinchbeck, McMillan, Tipping, forwards.
New Denver���Williams, goal; Baker
and Lowe, full backs; Pester, Steven-
I >n, A. N. Other, ha'f backs; Walker,
.larrctt, Smith, McDonald, Sutherland,
After the cheering was over the crowd
left the ground and went to Main Street
where the other events were pulled off.
100 yards dash���E. Jarrett, 1st; W.
Hicks, 2nd.
220 yards dash���E. Jarrott, 1st; W.
Hicks, Snd.
Prospectors' Race���McMillan, Slocan,
1st; Jarrett, Rosebery, 2nd.
Heard at Slocan Ball on Monday���
That  Smith  had some difficulty in
making the "turns."
That Baker has many  lady admirers
in Slocan.
That Clair Woods always finds a cosy
place for a nap.
That Johnny  McDonald  thought he
was in Glengarry.
That Jack Cavan is learning to two
That Dan Brandon is a wonder���age
That Charlie Plant  may have overpowered the doorkeeper.
That   Dune.   McVannel   danced  the
"Home Sweet Home" wallz.
That "Bobbie"   Allen  has been appointed permanent doorkeeper.
|   Tbat Kenny  McLean  says he  will
learn to wall:-.
Slocan Fruit Lands
We have them in large and small
blocks,  in  every portion of the district,
at all prices*   Write me for particulars.
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
m mm, ne.
Married Women's Race���Mrs. II.
Lowe, New Denver, 1st; Mrs. Not they,
SIgcan, 2nd.
Young Ladies' Race���Miss A Ostby,
New Denver, 1st; Miss Binish, Slocan,
Running Broad Jump���McMillan, Slocan, 1st; Hicks. Sloetn, 2nd.
Running Hop, Step, and Jump���
McMillan, Slocan, 1st; Hicks, Slocan.
Running High Jump���Hicks, Slocan,
1st; McMillan, Slocnn, 2nd.
The pony race was the next event for
which tbere were 4 entries, the following competing: "Nitchie," owned by
Cameron and Kennedy ; Rider���Cameron; "Trilby,-" owned by J. M. Rae;
Rider���Murray; "Buck," owned by
Archie Rae; Rider���Tipping; "Dandy,"
owned by Anderson ; Rider���Anderson
1st Heat���"Nitchie," 1st; "Trilby,"
2nd; "Buck," Srd ; "Dandy," 4th.
2nd Heat���"Nitchie," 1st; "Dandy,"
2nd; "Buck," Srd; "Iiilby," 4th.
In this heat "Trilby" was leading to
within 50 yards of tbe winning post,
when she took a notion to explore one
of the side streets, and the rider having
apparently the same notion, allowed her
to go wiln the result that the rider was
thrown but not hurt, and it took so long
to find her afterwards that she was
placed last in the second heat.
3id Heat���"Trilby nnd "Dandy" race
for second place, "Trilby" being the
This raco caused "all kinds of excitement" and considerable Slocan money
changed hands in consequence. In fact,
eo great was the excitement that one
of the Slocan "game sports" so far forgot himself as to offer a bet of $50 even
money that J. M. Rue's "Dixie" could
win out on "Trilby," be?t two in three
heat--. The wager was promptly taken,
and the race is scheduled to take place
over tho same course as Monday's race,
on Monday, September 21st, and should
again prove very exciting.
The children's sports next provided
amusement for the onlookers and every
child went home happy to know that he
or she had got money in their race.
The ladies' nail-driving contest, for
which tnere was five entries, was won
by Mrs. W. Hicks, the second prize going to Mrs. T. McNeish. Druggist Anderson was on hand during tbe contest
with bandages, etc., in case-of accidents,
but bis services were not required, and
tlio ladies Bmiled triumphantly. The
winner is entitled to qualify to enter
any such contest in B. C.
The last event was the tug of war���
Slocan City vs. All Comers. The challenge was taken up by a team of eleven
men from the Westmont mine, but Slocan took them over the line with comparative ease.
Thus came to a close a very enjoyable
The judges in all events were Wm.
Hunter, M.P.P. and Mayor McNeish.
During the greater part of the afternoon the weather was damp, but those
interested did not apparently notice it.
The Slocan Brass Band under the
leadership of "Bert" Northey and with
the assistance of "Jockey" Thomlinson
of New Denver, rendered "all kinds of
music" during tho games. The band
stand was very appropriately decorated
for the occasion, as also was a number
of business houses, and particularly the
Westmont hotel.
For the convenience of the ladies and
children, the Slocan "Ladies Aid"
opened up an ice-cream, tea, coffee and
cake parlour and did considerable business in those lines.
In the evening a grand ball was given i
under the   auspices of   Slocan Lodge'
I.O.O.F. and waa will attended, about
thirty:five couples being present. I
The hall waa not quite large enough
for tho number present, but all man-1
aged to find anfiicient room to dance to
the eplendid music played by Northey's
Orchestra. Lunch was served at 12,30.
The ball broke up at 4 a.m., and those
fortunate enough to be living in Slocan
Cily repaired home to rest after the
eventful day while those belonging to
tlie sister towns awaited the leaving of
the steamer "fc'locau" to convey them to
their homes.
The different committees all hope
that each and every one of the visitors
enjoyed themselves thoroughly and that
when Slocan City again celebrates they
will not fail to visit ua.
In times past the fiuit growers of tho
Slocan have sent many an exhibit to
the Nelson Fair and have won many
prizes there, hut however satisfactory
to the exhibitor this has been, the diatrict has been very littlo benefited by
these successes as there was nothing to
show that the giant squash or magnificent apples came from this locality, and
the glory ond honor fell to Nelson.
This year the fruit growers of the
Slocan bave decided to enter an exhibit
for the district eo that tho general public may know what sort of fruit, etc.,
we can raiso here, and we Bhall get due
credit for our display.
The Kootenay division has been divided up into eight districts by the
managers of the Fair, Our district comprises tho Slocan river and Slocan lake
sections; it is called number five, whilst
the Arrow lake district, of which T.
Abriel, of Nakusp, and C. B. McAllister
of Burton City, is in charge, is called
No. 8.
Our plan for No. 5 district is to collect the best possible dlrplay of fruit
from this neighbourhood at the Bosun
Hall, New Denver, on Monday, September 21st, and from t is display select tho best specimens to be sent to
The district exhibit will be open to
the public free of charge during Monday
afternoon, Mid we hrpe that a great
number will make a point of seeing the
display, whicli will be a very beautiful
one if we do our best.
Many of our friends down tho Slocan
river will probably find it inconvenient
to bring or send their fruit lo New Denver. Wc ask them to bring their fruit
carefully packed, to the train for Nelson, on Tuesday, September 22nd, when
I shall be happy to take charge of it,
and if suitable, include it in the exhibit.
I shall also be able to tako charge of
other exhibits if necessary. It must be
understood that Ihe district competition is for fruit only, olher exhibits, such
as vegetables, must go in their respective classes.
The district exhibits will be judged
according to the following score card;���
Color  20 points;
Size 10     ���
Uniformity of Size 10     ,,
Uniformity of Color 10     ���
Freedom from blemish 20     ���
Greatest number of varieties 20     ,,
Decoration and arrangement 10     ,,
Ploase send a good plateful of of whatever j*ou intend to exhibit so that we
can select fine, even, well-shaped specimens, free from blemish. Have them
at New Denver by mid-day Monday, or
else packed ready for the train on Tues**
Try and see the display in the Bosun
Hall and help to make it a success.
Mrs. Harris will give a book as a prize
for the best bouquet of wild flowers
arranged by any of the school childron
in tbe district.
If those who intend to send fruit to
tlie exhibition but who do not intend to
show it at New Denver, will write to
me, ti'llin.> me what they have, it will
be of great assistance.
J. C. HARRIS,    f!
The lollowing are shipments from the
81ocan mines for the week ending
Sept. 5th, 1908:���
Whitewater      72
Whitewater (milled)    280-
Richmond      56
Standard, Silveiton       24
Rambler-Cariboo, Sandon      40
Reco        24
Ruth       60
Hewitt       2%.
Ottawa       11
"The only news I have to tell you,"
wrote the Billville citizen, "is that tlio
river has riz an' drowned all yer cattle, an'yer uncle has broke jail; likewise the widder woman yer wuz a-goiu
ter merry has runncd off with a book
agent. Outside of those heer things wo
air all a-doinp well."���Atlanta Constitution.
There was a slight fall of snow in San
don on Wednesday. I
The new compressor for tho-Vancouver mino ia expected to be completed by
tbe cud of the month.
Work is progressing steadily at the
Lust Chance, Sandon, and twenty men,
are now working., fHL   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
Author  of   "The   Return  ol   Sherlock
Copyright, 1893, by Ilarper & Brothers
NT) thus it  wns thnt Amory de
\A    Catlnat and Amos Green saw
from their dungeon window
the midnight carriage which
discharges! Its prisoner before their
eyes; bence, too, came tbat ominous
1 linking mid tbat strange procession
In the enrly morning. And thus it nlso.
Lappened that tbey found themselves
Ijoklng down at FrancoiSe de Montespan as she wns led to her death, and
thnt they lienril that hist piteous cry
for aid at the Instant when lhe heavy
hand of the rufhan with the ax fell
upon her shoulde and she was forced
Sown upon her Unci's beside the block.
She shrunk screaming from the dreadful red stained, greasy billet of wood,
but the butcher heaved up his weapon
uml the seigneur hail tuken a step forward witb hand outstretched to seize
the long auburn hnir nnd to drag the
dainty head down with it when suddenly  he was struck  motionless with
astonishment ami stood wilh his foot
advanced and his hand still out, his
mouth hnlf open and bis eyes fixed iu
front of bim.
And, Indeed, what he had seen was
enough to fill any mau with amazement, Out of the small square window which faced him a man bad suddenly shot headf iremost, pitching ou
to bis outstretched hands and theu
bounding to his fi et. Within a foot of
bis heels came the head of a second
one, who fell more heavily than the
first, and yet recovered himself as
quickly. The one wore the blue coat
nnd silver facings of tho king's guard;
the second hnd the dark coat and clean
shaven fnce of a mnn of pence, but
ench carried a short rusty iron bar in
his hnnd. Not a word did cither of
tbem sny, but the soldier took two
quick steps forward and struck nt the
beadsman while ho was still poising
himself for a blow at the victim. There
wns a thud, with a crackle like a breaking egg, aud the bar Hew into pieces.
The beadsman gave n dreadful cry,
dropped his ax, clapped his two hands
to his bond nnd, running zigzag across
the scaffold, fell over, a dead- mnn,
Into the courtyard benenth.
Quick  ns   a   flush  Do Catinat had
caught up tho ax aud faced De Mon-
"Now!" snid ho.
The seigneur bnd for the Instant been
too astounded to speak. Now he understood at least that these strangers bad.
come between blui and his prey.
"Seize these men!" he shrieked, turning to his followers.
"Oue moment!" cried De Catinat,
wltb a voice nnd manner which commanded attention. "You see by my
cont what 1 am. I am the body servant of the king. Wbo touches mo
touches bim."
"On, you cowards!" roared Do Montespan.
But tho men at arms hesitated, for
the fear of the king was as a great
shadow which bung over all France.
De Catlnat snw tlieir Indecision.
"This woman," he cried, "is the king's
own favorite, nml if any harm come to
n lock of her hnir I toll you lhnt there
is not a living soul within this portaliee
who will not die a death of torture."
"Who are these men, Marceau?" cried
the seigneur furiously.
"They are prisoners, your excellency."
"Who ordered you to detain tbem?"
"You did.    The escort brought youi*
signet ring."
"I never snw the men. There Is deviltry In this. But thev shnll not hem*.I
:me In my own castle, nor stand be-
'tweeu me and my own wife. Xo, par
dlou! Tbey shnll uot and I'vel Yon
men, Marceau, Etienne, Gilbert, Jean,
Pierre, nil you who hnve eaten my
brend, ou to tbem, 1 sny!"
He glanced round with furious eyes,
but they fell only upon hung heads
and averted faces. With a hideous
curse he flashed out his sword and
rushed at bis wife, who still knelt half
Insensible beside the block. De Catinat sprang between them to protect
her, but Marceau, tho bearded scue-
scbal, bad already seized his master
round the waist. With the strength
of a maniac, his teeth clinched and the
foam churning from the corners of his
lips, De Montespan writhed round iu
the man's grasp, and, shortening his
sword, he thrust it through the brown
beard nml deep Into the throat behind
it. Marceau fell back with a choking
cry, tbe blood bubbling from his mouth
and his  wound; but before his uiur-
S/iortfiiiiiy (lie .morel, he thrust it deep
inlo thc throat.
dorer conld disengage his weapon De
Cntinnt uml the American, niiled by a
dozen of the retainers, had drugged
him down on to the scaffold, and Amos
Green hnd pinioned him so securely
that he could but move his eyes nnd
his lips, with which he lay glaring and
miiitji!. ui .bam    So suviiei* wero-his
own followers against him���ior Marceau   was  well  loved  amoug   tbem���
' that, witb ax and block so ready, jus-
j tice might very swiftly huve had her
| wny bad not a loug, clear bugle call,
rising and fulling iu a thousand little
j twirls nnd flourishes, clanged out suddenly iu  tbe  still  morning  au*.    De
j Catinat   pricked   up  his  ears  at  the
sound of it like a hound at the bunts-
man's call.
"Did you hear, Amos?"
"It wns a trumpet."
"It was the guards' bugle call. You,
there, basleu to the gnte! Throw up
the portcullis nnd drop the drawbridge!
Stir yourselves, or even now you may
suffer for your master's sins! It has
been a narrow escape, Amos."
"You may say so, friend. I saw bim
put out his hand to her hair even as
you sprang from the window. Another
instant and he would have bad her
scalped. But she is a fair woman���the
fairest that ever my eyes rested upou���
and It is not lit that she should kneel
here upon these boards." He drugged
ber husband's long black cloak from
him and mnde a pillow* for tho senseless womnii with a tenderness nnd delicacy which came strangely from a man
of bis build and bearing.
He was still stooping over her when
there eamo the clang of the falling
bridge, and an instant later the clatter
of tho hoofs of a troop of cavnlry, who
Bwept, with wave of plumes, toss of
manes and jingle of steel, Into the
Courtyard. At the bend wns a tall
horseman in the full dress of the
guards, with a curling feather in his
hat, high buff gloves nml his sword
gleaming in the sunlight. De Catluat's
fnce brightened nt the sight of him,
and he wus down iu an Instant beside
his stirrup.
"De Brissnc!" he cried.
"De Cntinnt! Now whore ln the
name of wonder did you come from?"
"I bave been a prisoner. Tell me, De.
Brissnc, did you lenve the messngo iu
Paris? And the archbishop came? And
tbo marriage?"
"Took place as arranged. That ls
why this poor woman whom I see yonder hns had to lenve the palace."
"I thought as much."
"I trust lhnt uo harm has come to
"My friend and I wero just In tftne
to save her. Her husband lies tbere.
He is a fiend, De Brissnc."
"Very likely. But an nugel might
have grown bitter hnd be bud the same
"We have him pinioned here, ne hns
slnin n man, nnd I huvo slain another."
"On my word, you have been busy."
"How did you know that we were
"Nay, that is an unexpected pleasure."
"You did not come for us, then?"
"No; wo came for tbe lady. Her
brother was to have tnken her in
bis carriage. Her husband learned it,
nud by a lying message be coaxed
her into his own, which wns at another door. When De Vivonne found
that she did not come and thnt her
rooms were empty ho made Inquiries
and soon learned bow she had gone.
Do Montespan's arms hnd been seen
on the panel, anil so the king sent me
here with my troop us fust us we could
"Ah, anil you would hnve come too
late hud a strange cbance not brought
us hero. 1 know not who it was who
waylaid us. for this mnn seemed to
know nothing of the mutter. However, an that will be clearer afterward.   Whut is to be doue uow?"
"I hnve my own orders. Madame Is
to bo sent to Petit Bourg, and auy
who nre concerned in offering her violence ure to be kept uutil the king'*,
pleasure is known. The cnstle, too,
must be held for the king. But you,
Do Cntinnt, you hnve nothing to do
"Nothing save thnt I would like well
to rido into Paris to see thnt all Is
right with my uncle and his daughter."
"Ah, that sweet little cousin of thlue!
By my soul, I do not wonder that the
folk know you well lu the Rue St.
Martin. Well, I bnve carried a message for you oucc, and you shnll do
ns much for me now."
"With all my henrt.   And whither?"
"To Versnilles. Tho king will be on
fire to know how we havo fared. Yon
have the best right to tell bim, since
without you and your friend yonder it
would bave been but a sorry tale."
"I will ho there In two hours."
"Havo you horses?"
"Ours were slain." \
"You will find some in 'the stables
here. Pick the best, since you have
lost your own in the king's service."
The advice was too good to be overlooked. De Catinat, beckoning to
Amos Green, hurried awny with him
to the stables, whilo De Brissnc, with
a few short, sharp orders, disarmed the
retainers, stationed his guardsmen all
over the cnstle nnd arranged for the
removal of the lady and for the custody of her husband. An hour Inter the
two friends were riding swiftly down
the country road, iiiliuliiig the sweet
air, which seemed the fresher for tlieir
late experience of the dank, foul vapors of their dungeon.
TWO dnys nfter Mme. de Muln-
tenon's marriage to the king
there wns held within the humble wii-HS of her little room a
meeting which was destined to enuse
Untold  misery to mnny  hundreds of
thousands of people.
The time had come wheu the church
was to claim her promise from madame, nnd her pnle cheeks uml snd eyes
showed how vain it hnd been for her
to try to drown the pleadings of her
tender henrt hy the arguments of the
bigots around her. She knew the Huguenots of France. Who could kuow
them better, seeing that she wus herself from tbelr stock and hail been
brought up In thoir faith? Sbe knew
their patience, their nobility, their independence, their (tenacity. Whut
chance wus there that they would conform to tho king's wish? A few greut
nobles might, but the others would
laugh nt the galleys, the jnll, or even
the gallows, when the fuith of their
fathers wus at stake. If their creed
were no longer tolerated, theu, nnd if
they remained true to it, they must
either fly from the country or spend a
living ilcnth tugging ut nn onr or working in n chain sung upon the rouds.
The eloquent Bishop Bossuet was
there, with Louvois, the minister of
war, nnd the thin, pule Jesuit, Futbe**
m cnaise, cnen piling myuuient upon
argument to overcome the reluctance
of the king. Madame bent over her
tapestry und weaved her colored silks
iu silence, while the king leuned upon
his baud uud listened with the fnce of
a mau who knows thut be is driven
uud yet cuu hardly turn agaiust the
gauds. On the low table luy a paper,
with pen and ink beside it. It was the
order for the revocation, nnd it ouly
needed the king's signature to make it
tbe law.
"And so, futber, you are of opinion
thut if I slump out heresy in this fush-
ion 1 shnll assure my own sulvntiou in
the next world?" bo nsked.
"You will hnve merited a reward."
"And you think so, too, M. Bishop?"
"Assuredly, sire."
"Besides, sire," snid Tere la Chaise
softly, "there would be little ueed for
stronger measures. As I hnve already
remarked to you, you nre so beloved iu
your kingdom tbat the mere assurance
that you had expressed your will upon
the subject would be euougb to turn
them all to the true faith."
"I wish that I could think so, father;
I wish that I could think so. But what
is this?"
It wns bis valet who had half opened
the door.
"Captain de Catinat is here, sire."
"Ask the captain to enter. Ah!" A
happy 'thought seemed to have struck
hlm. "We shall see whnt love for me
will do in such n mntter, for If It ii
anywhere to bo found It must be among
my own body servants."
The guardsman had arrived that Instant from bis long ride, nnd, leaving
Amos Green with the horses, be had
come on at once, all dusty mid travel
Stained, to carry his message to the
king, lie entered now and stood with
thc quiet case of a mnn who is used
to such scenes.
"Whnt uews, captain?"
"Major de Brissnc hnde me tell you,
sire, thnt he held the cnstle of Portil-
lac, that the lady Is snfo nud tbut btr
husband is n prisoner."
Louis anil his wife exchanged a quick
glance of relief.
"That is well," said he. "By the
way, captain, you have served me in
many ways of lnte nnd nlwnys with
success. I hour, Louvois, thut De la
Salle is dead of the smallpox."
"He died yesterday, sire."
"Then I desire that you make out
the vacant commission of major to
M. de Cntinnt. Let me be the first to
congratulate you, major, upon your
Do Cutinnt kissed the hand which
the monarch held out to him.
"Mny I be worthy of your kindness,
"You would do whnt you could to
serve me, would you not? Then 1
Shall put your fidelity to the proof"
"I nm ready for nny proof."
"It ls not a very severe one. You
nee this paper upon tlie table. It is
in order Hint nil the Huguenots iu my
dominions shnll give up their errors,
under pnin of banishment or captivity.
Now I have hopes that there are many
of my faithful subjects who are at
fault in this matter, hut who will ab-
lure it when they lenrn thnt it Is my
clenrly expressed wish that tbey
should do so.   Do you follow ine?"
"Yes, sire." The young man hnd
turned deadly pnle, nud he shifted his
Coet and opened nml clasped his hnnds.
"You are yourself n Huguenot, I un-
derstand. I would glndly hnve you,
then, ns n first fruit of this greut mens-
ure. Let us benr from youi* own lips
thnt you, for one, nre ready to follow
the lead of your king."
The young guardsman still hesitated,
though bis doubts were rnther ns to
how lie should frame his reply than as
to whut its substance should he. He
felt thnt in nn Instant Fortune had
wiped out nil tlie good turns wbtch she
bad done him during his pnst life and
that now, fur from being in her debt,
he held a heavy score ngaiust her. The
king arched his eyebrows and drummed his fingers impatiently as he
glanced at the downcast fnce nud dejected bearing.
"Why all this thought?" be cried.
"You are a man whom I have raised
and whom I will raise. He who bus a
major's epaulets nt thirty mny curry n
marshal's baton nt fifty. Your pnst is
mine, and your future shnll be no less
so.   Whnt other hopes have you?"
"I have none, sire, outside your service."
"Why tbis silence, then? Why do
you not give the assurance which I demand V"
"I cannot do it, sire. It Is impossible.
I should have no more peace in my
mind or respect for myself if I knew
that for the sake of position or wealth
I bail given up the fuith of my fn
"Mnn, you are surely mad!   There ii
all that a mnn eould covet upon one
side, nnd whut is there upon tbe other V'
"There Is my honor."
"Anil is It, then, a dishonor to em
brnce my religion';" '
"It would lie a dishonor to me to embrace it for the sake of gain without
believing in it."
"Then believe it."
"Alns, sire, n mnn cannot force himself to believe. Belief is n tiling which
must come to him, not he to It."
"On my word, father," suld Louis,
glancing, with n hitter smile, at his
Jesuit confessor, "I shnll hnve to pick
the cutlets of the household from your
seminary, since my oflicers have turned
casuists and theologians. So, for the
last time, you refuse to obey my re
"Oh, sire"��� De Cutinnt took n step
forward, without outstretched bunds
and tenrs iu his eyes.
But the king checked him with n gesture. "I desire no protestations," said
ho.   "I judge n mnn hy bis nets.   Do
you abjure or not?"
"I cannot, sire."
"You see," suid Louis, turning again
to the Jesuit, "it will not be ns easy
as you think."
"This man is obstinate, It Is true, but
many others will be more yielding."
The king shook bis bead. "I would
that I knew what to do," said he.
"Madame, I know that you at lens'
will ever give me the best advice. You
have heard all thnt bus been said.
What .do vou recommend?"
(To be Continued.)
A Rummagt Sale.
The women of the U.C.M.A. Club
were to be entertained by Mrs. Blank.
Each member received a card telling
her to bring with her something which
she had no use for but which was
too good to throw away. They all
brought their husbands.���Success.
And   Bright's   Disease  Are   Practically One.
Dr. Bright discovered that the symptoms of Bright's disease were caused
by inflammation of the kidneys. Thus
it derives its name. As to the relationship of Dr. Chnse's Kidney-Liver
Pills to the nbove disease, the testimonies of thousands benr evidence.
Notwithstanding the remarkable
cures of this dreadful disease by this
medicine, people still work on, complaining of terrible pnins in the small
of the back, exclaiming they feel "all
in," being overcome with feelings of
weariness  and  despondency.
Perhaps you haven't these particular symptoms, but have the ones
which arc most noticeable in the
urine. ���* pun them the physician relies for a positive opinion. If the
urine is of a deep color, has a strong
odor and deposits a heavy sediment
upon standing, then consider your
case carefully. They nre infallible
signs, but not of an incurable dis-
ease; thanks to Dr. Chase.
Dr. Chnse's Kidney-Liver Pills hnve
cured other persons; they cun cure
you.    One pill a dose, 25 cents a box,
nt ull dealers, or Edmonson, Mutes &
Co., Toronto, Out. Write for Dr.
Chnse's 1908 Calendar Almanac,
Coiners of Words.
A Frankfort produce denier, who
drives about in his wagon, went to a
certain house here the other day und
was selling eggs and vegetables,
"Cun you spare me an extra pound
of butter this week?" nsked the housekeeper.
"No'm, I enn't," replied the denier.
"I could huve spore you a pound yesterday, but not to-duy."
This reminded a mnn in the crowd
of whut his little girl hnd suid ubout
some cundy which was given her hy
an uncle, and showed ttiut the produce dealer was not the only coiner of
words.     Her  mother  said  to  her:
"Louise, go cruel; that stick of cundy und bring some of it in here."
"It's already oroke," replied the
youngster.���Louisville Courier-Journal
No mutter how deep-rooted the corn
or wart may be, it must yield to Hollowuy's Corn Cure if used as directed.
"He wanted to search for fossils in
our farm, but my husbund would not
permit it."
"Afraid you'd be stolen?"��� Houston Post.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
"You hnve been staying with Tames
lately, haven't you, John?"
"They say his new wife has nn awful temper, How did she strike you?"
"With anything that came handy."
���Baltimore American.
At the first signs of illness during
the hot weather months give the
little ones Baby's Own Tablets, or
in n few hoursjhe child mny be beyond cure. These Tnblets will prevent summer complaints if given oc-
eusionnlly to well children, and will
promptly cure these troubles if they
come unexpectedly. Buoy's Own Tablets should always be kept in every
home where there nre young children.
There is no other medicine so effective und the mother hns the guarantee
of a government analyst that the Tablets are absolutely stife. Mrs. E.
Le Brun, Carillon, Que., snys:���"Buoy's Own Tnblets are the best medicine I know of ior regulating the
stomach and- bowels. I think no
mother should bo without this medicine." Sold by medicine dealers or
by mail at 2f> cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Celluloid was first made nbout 1806.
It is composed of paper, camphor,
nitric nnd sulphuric ucids.
As a vermicide there is no preparation that equals Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It has saved
the lives of countless children.
Figuring It Out,
"But remember, my dear, that you
and I are one."
Sbe looked nt him scornfully.
"One!" she echoed. "Nonsense. We
are 10. I'm the one, and you nre tbe
ciphej*."���Clevclrjiiil .'lain Dealer..,
A Query.
"Of course she's excited. You see),
her fiance has just been arrested."
"That so?" Automohilist or just a
decent crook?"���Judy.
A Possible Explanation.
"So many lies stalk In disguise!"
Remarked the observant youth.
"Perhaps that's why, howe'er we try.
It's hard to tell lhe truth."
���Catholic Standard and Times.
From Her Standpoint.
"What are 'mournful numbers?'"
"They nre the figures which a woman
uses when  she has to give her real
age."���New York Press.
Keep It to Yourself.
Aye, "know thyself!"   Naught matters ao
You gain lhnt information.
But then don't let your neighbors know.
You'd lose your reputation.
���Philadelphia Press.
"Uncle nenry, what nre pajamas?"
"Pajamas,  iny  hoy, are the masculine  substitute   for  thc   bloomer costume."���St. Louis Republic.
KI & NlP
W.   N.   U.   No.   697.
Education Is Freeing Her From the
Shackles  of  Old  Customs.
As a result of the propaganda work
that is now being curried on by the
East Indians in behalf of women,
womanhood all over Hindostan is becoming awakened. The members oi
the "weaker" sex are beginning to insist upon being allowed to come into
their own. Iu many parts of Hindostan women are no longer confined
in their houses and early marriage
has entirely been done away with in
educated circles. The people huve
commenced to realize that if n boy is
educated, just one man is educated;
but, on tbe eontrnry, if a girl is enlightened it means the uplift of the
whole family. India hns begun to
feel thut the Kast Indian women are
the country's best asset. They mold
and fashion the destiny of tiie nution
and fix its eburacter.
The present generation bas produced women of whom India is proud.
Into the learned professions Hindustan has sent her daughters. As doctors of religion, law, literature, medicine, philosophy, music and art, there
are East Indian women who can hold
their own not only with the women
but also with the men of other countries of the world. True they nre
few numerically; but they are like
the yeast which, though proportionately very smnll in nniount, leavens
the "whole mass. The innsses are still
backward and much remnins to be
done; but n beginning his been inmle.
Once proper provision is mnde for
her education her evolution will proceed apace. Tbe Must Indian woman,
no mutter how illiterate, she muy bo,
is usually nble to recite from memory scores of pages of religious und
epic poems, not merely like a pur-
rot, but with understanding. The
woman of Hindostan iB quicl^ in intelligence und perception and. the
metaphysical and religious teaming
she has bad for generations make her
an  apt and  willing student.
Extraordinary Scene In London Theatre Where Deaf Mutes Acted.
To demonstrate their remarkable
facility of communication, the deaf
nnd dumb people in London arranged
an entertainment recently ut the St.
Saviour's Social Club, Oxford street.
A one-act play wus stng-_ in which
actors, scene sifters and stage manager wore all (leaf nnd dumb, us were
the audience wbo witnessed the performance. Sir Arthur H. Fnirburn,
the rlenf and dumb baronet, who was
one of the spectators, hud interested
himsell greatly  in the project.
The scene was nn extrnordinnry
one. Not n sound broke the stillness
of the hall during the whole time the
play wns on, both notion and dialogue
tieing accomplished in silence. The
actors, with mobile Inces, gesticulated
quaintly under the limelight, reeling
off their parts upon fingers which
moved with a lightning-like rapidity.
But the audience wns the more interesting study. Looking forward in
their sentss, they were engrossed in
the unfolding of the plot, following
every movement of the players on
the stage. But they watched tho actors' fingers Instead of their fuces,
and turned quickly to each other, now
anil again, to exchnnge u smiling gesture of comprehension.
When an Important point in the
dialogue arose, the actor who happened to be "speaking" faced his
audience directly, and moderated the
speed at which his lingers moved.
Then, pausing n moment, he waited
until the emphatic noils of his "auditors" told him that his observution
bnd   been   understood. ,
The Pirates of Hong Kong.
The (not that several cases of piracy* in British waters und in the immediate vicinity of Hong Kong huvo
been reported is causing quite a stir
in the city. It is to our credit that
we remember the tremendous fuss we
hav3 made about the depredations of
pirates in the Chinese waters of the
Canton river���we could hardly find
language strong enough to denounce
the apathy or the weakness or the
faulty administration of the Chinese
Government in allowing such outrages to tuke place���and now. behold !
the pirates���perhaps the snme men
who wero driven out of the Clinton
river by British gunboats��� nre nt their
work on onr own shores right under
our eyes. We must sweep our waters
clear of these evil-doers, or make up
our minds to become the laughingstock of Sor.th China. Shau-ki-wan,
where the nets of piracy are reported,
was once a favorite hnunt and centre
of operations for some of the most
desperate of the gangs of sea robbers
which used to infest the coast of
Southern China.
Queen's "Cushion Taking."
Queen Victoria of Spain recently
held at Madrid a curious court ceremony. This is culled "cushion taking." The ceremony used to be hold
by the Queen alone, but King Alfonso
has taken lately to putting in an up-
peurance nt the gathering. As the
women enter the presence chunibei
each is presented with a highly ornamented cushion. All then stand in n
row while, in turn, every lndy nil
vances to the throne on which hor
Majesty is sitting and, placing the
cushion at tlio Queen's feet, proceeds
to sit uiion it. The Qucon enters in-
ti a brief oniivorsntion with each debutante in Spanish, after which the
lndy retires, carrying hor cushion
with hor. This is n trying ceremony
for the debutantes because, snvo the
tine who is in conversation with the
Quoon, nil the others huvo to remain
standing right through.
How to Keep Violets Fresh.
Violets mny bo kept fresh several
days if at ni-_.lit the flowers be covered witli paraffin piper and the stems
put into a Hess of water. Then sot
into an air tight tin pail. Keep in a
cool place.
The Kind to Serve.
Experimenter (dogmatically)���You
hnve to handle these children with
Tired Teacher (flippantly) ��� Kid
tdjvjs?       . ^_
Feminine Charity.
Etta���Julia claims to have seen nine*
teen summers.
Flora-Well, she ought to know what
she's ubout.
Ella���If she does she must know that
she's about twenty-five-Detroit Tribune.
In a Good Humor.
"George, you'd bolter speak to father
"Why. dourest?"
"He's fooling unusually cheerful
The conductor fur-rut to ask for his
fare."���Clevili""' I'lnlu Healer
Go Out and Pay a Lot ..' Calls In One
Since you are the ouly one who has
to live all the time witb your nerves,
try to keep them iu such shape that
they will muke endurable companions,
and dou't offer them up as a football
for fate to knock ubout nnd pummel
out of shape.
When there Is no dodging an occa
sion upon which your nerves undergo
the torture of suspense or when they
have suffered the shock of disappoint
ment or sorrow, don't sit limply down
and feci them ache and quiver, hut
get to work. Do something so hard
and fast with your hands or feet that
the sentimental side of you, whicli ls
nin entirely by nerves, will huve a hard
time claiming their attention.
Don't just do your ordinary house
work or sewing. Your hands can go
through their routine of dishwashing,
sweeping and running seams without
requiring much absorbing thought, but
pitch Into something big nnd showy,
something that will keep you thinking
and hurrying, and soo If your tired
muscles dou't draw pnrt of your
thoughts nwny from the anxieties nml
heartache so wearing upon the nerves.
If you are waiting to see whether
your silver mine puns out well, whether a friend comes safely through nn
operation, whether you got the letter
you expected from your husband or
lover, whether your spring suit ls going to fit or whether the family will
Uko your hat, don't sit down anil wall
with your heart In your mouth foi
telegrams, special delivery letters,
rings nt the doorbell or footstop3 on
the walk, but get to work.
Hurry out anil pay fifteen or twenty
calls In one afternoon, cut up your
pieces of old Ingrain carpet anil sew
them together ngnin to he mnde into
rugs, overhaul thc cellar, clenn out the
wood shed, rnke the yard or clenr the
snow off the walk, make a flower gnr-
den, pnlnt the furniture In the girl's
room, do nnythlng, everything, so long
as you work long enough nnd fnst
enough and hard enough to make you
forget in part whatever it Is that Is
troubling you or making you feel sad.
Egg Recipes From the Book of a King
of Chefs.
The greatest of French chefs, the
king, the emperor of tbem all���An
gnste Eseoffier, the genius of the griddle, wbo tickled tho palate of Marshal
MacMahon aud slid many a dainty
plate of tempting stew Into Napoleon
III.'s plate, the magician of the kitchen who created the ambrosial Melbn
and a few other wonderful thlugs that
cost big money aud reach the spot iu
our systems���has devised 108 different
ways to cook eggs, nbout encb nnd nil
of which he tells iu his "Le Guide Cult
nnire," which Is French for plain cookbook.
A few of his egg recipes are here
given as they appear In "Le Guide
Eggs d'Aumale.���Add two scrambled
eggs and two tenspoonfuls of thick
and very red tomnto puree; arrange
In a mound and place In a hollow In the
middle of the eggs lamb's kidney cul
lu dice and stewed in**madeira,
Spunlsh Eggs.���Prepare as many
fried halves of tomatoes ns there are
eggs to be served; fry the eggs, trim
them, place them on tbe tomatoes aud
arrange In a circle on a round plate,
garnish the middle with onions sea
soned and thlckeued with flour and
fried in oil.
Eggs Mugda.���To ordinary scrambled
"ggs add ono coffee-spoonful of fine
ucrbs, ono teaspoonful of mustard nnd
one ordinary spoonful grated gruyere
cheese; arrange ln a mound and surround wltb small rectangular croutons (pieces of bread fried in butter).
Eggs Savoyard.���Dress the dish with
thin slices of potatoes cooked in butter
spriukled with grated cheese; break
tbe eggs on them; add a teaspoonful
of fresh cream; cook on tho dish.
Eggs a la Diablo.���Break the eggs ln
a pan containiug very hot butter; turn
them without breaking the yolks;
swtnkle. with ijn.h of heated vinegar.
Mercury can be used only for tern
peratures between 40 and 075, since It
freezes at 40 and bolls at 075. For
lower temperatures alcohol ls used, and
for higher temperatures air thermometers are employed.
During the revolution In Italy Pa
ganlnl was seized as a suspect and
thrown luto prison, where he was confined fjr some years. Having a violin
with one string only, by Incessant practice he acquired nn exocutlou so masterful that he was able to piny upon
the one string more wonderfully th*?n
others could uno** four	
The Swordfish.
The swordfish is utterly without fear
and will, like a buffalo or rhinoceros,
charge nuythlng thnt offends It, often
doing nn aniouut of execution hardly
to be believed did not the evidence exist. Combats between swordflsh nre
most Interesting nnd mny be compared
to a duel between two expert swordsmen.
Children and Fat.
Never press a child to ont fat Many,
children hnve a constitutional loathing
of this form of food. This distaste is
given them by nature, as they cannot
ill-rest ft
1 NOT IN U.(
ll l' I
.(������ I
Ho you ever find your cuffs a
nuisance when working in your
shirt sleeves?
Aren't they continually bothering you and hampering the free
movements of your hands ?
Some men list elastic bands to
keeptheir cutis up.
But these are always unsatisfactory and uncomfortable.
The "EZ1AJUSTA" iu
keeps your cuffs out of the way.
No trouble is required to
adjust them and no discomfort
They're very convenient
when     working,    rowing,
playing    tennis    or    golf,
washing your hands, etc.
These " EZIAJUSTAS" also
prevent your cuffs from wearing
out and soiling quickly.
looks Brothers, Limited     ���     Montreal.
A Youthful  Sociologist.
J. McKee Borden, secretary of the
Department of Charities, suid recently ut a bunqiiot ill New York:
Everything hns its cause, its simple and striking nnd satisfactory enuse
if we onn but find it. Tnko the -question of poverty and wealth. Once"* in
a miserable slum, I heard two little
girl beggars talking.
"Why is it," snid the first, "that
ilie poor is ullus more willin' to help
us than tbe rich?"
The .second answered promptly and
"Them wot don't mind givin' is
tlie ones wot stays poor."
The Pill That Leads Them All.���
Pills nre the most portable nnd cuni-
pact of all medicines, nnd when ensy
io tnke nre the most acceptable of i
preparations. Hut they must aUesl*!*"p_
their power to be popular. As I'ur-
meloe's Vegetable Pills ure the most
popular of all pills they must fully
neot nil requirements. Accurately
���onipouiiileil nnd composed of ingredients'proven to bo effective in regu-
iiting the digestive organs, there is
io .surer medicine to be hud any where.
Brown���Green  is going to Europe
ior his health.
White���So?    How  did  he  lose  his
Brown���Ei,ruing the price of a trip
o Europe,���Chicago News.
Tea is more susceptible to foreign
influences thnn even butter. This is
vhy it should never be exposed to
he air or sold in bulk form. The
lealed lend packets of "Salada" Tea
(reserve the tea in nil its native
,-ooilness.    Insist upon "Salada."   03
Mrs. Jones���Good gracious, Mrs.
Brown, why is your husband going
lirough all those strange actions ?
Is he training for a prize fight ?
Mrs. Brown���Not ut all; he's merely getting in form to bent the carpets.
���Harper's Weekly.
���Vlinard's   Liniment  Cures  Colds,  etc.
A Pathetic Love Story.
How many people arc aware that the
marriage of the Empress Marie Feo-
dorovna of Russia, the czar's mother,
who is at present in England visiting
her sister, Queen Alexandra, and who
hopes to mnke her home In England,
provided oue of tlie most puthotK. love
stories in the annals of royally.' asks
n writer. Before the empress, who was
Princess Dagmar of Den murk, married Alexander III. she wns ongnged
o bis elder brother, the czurowitz. In
ISG5 at Niee the Grand Duke Nicholas
;'ell from his horse and was so bndly
injured thnt his life was despaired of.
ills fiancee hastened to him nnd never
left his side till he breathed his last
The succession to tho throne devolved
in tbe Grand Huke Alexander. He
stood by the deathbed of the czaro-
wltz, who in the presence of the emperor and empress placed the hnnd of
the weeping princess Into his, snylng
to her with nlmost his last words,
'Marry my brother; he Is true as crystal, and 1 wish It." Unforced by political reasons, this bequest was law to
tbe bereaved girl.
. ������_���_���^__.
Curious Double Rainbow.
Of n curious double rainbow an observer snys in n letter to the Lot dim
Times; "Ou March 14 Inst, while ou
the voyage between Jamaica and the
Isthmus of Piinnmn nt 11 u. in., the
sun being then nearly In tho zenith, u
double rainbow of brilliant coloring
appeared, forming n complete circle
ro.iud the sun, the Inner bow being
Boine distance from the sun, the outer
bow being nbout an equul distance
from the Inner. A clear horizon showed no signs of rain. Neither the cap*
fain nor nny other soul on board bail
ever seen ti similar phenomenon. Tbo
outer bow faded gradually away ami
theu the luner bow."
The  wholesome  and dainty    Shrmldod Wheat    wafer    for
ncheon, or any meal, with   butter,   cheese,   fruit  or  marmalade, will give you new strength and vitality.
Always   Ready  to  Serve.      Always  Delicious.
Sold by all grocers. -��
I 3
A Remarkable Recovery.
Mrs, Frank Stroebe, H.F.I). 1, Ap*
pleton, Wis., writes: "I began using
Peruna a few months ngo, when my
health and strength were all gone,
and I was nothing but u nervous
wreck, could not sleep, ent or rest
properly, and felt no desire to live.
Peruna made nie look at life in n
different light, ns I began to regain
my  lost .strength.
"I certainly think Peruna is without n rival as a tonic and strength
"In  de  Natchal  Wsy."
A   rich   Northerner,   walking  nbout
in u Southern negro settlement, came
upon u house around  which  several
children   were   playing.       Seeing   thai
the family was destitute, he called
the oldest negro boy nnd gnve hiin n
dollar, telling him to spend it for a
Christmas turkey. As soon as the
generous man hnd gone, the negro
woman culled her boy nnd said.
"Thomas, yo' gimme dul dnllnli and
go git dat turkey in do nnlchal wny."
���Success  Mngnzine.
The Tender Thought.
Hurry is six yours old. "Pa," he
asked one day, "if I get married will
1  have a wife like ma?"
"Very likely," replied his father.
"Ami if 1 don't get married, will 1
hnve to be an old bachelor like Uncle
"Very likely."
"Well, pa," he snid after a moment
of deep thought, "it's u mighty tough
world for us men, ain't it?"���Success
Clean Stomach, Clear Mind.��� The
stomach is tlie workshop of the vitnl
functions and when it gets out of order tho whole system clogs in sympathy, The spirits ting, tho mind
droops and work becomes impossible.
The Jirst enre should be to restore
lii'ii.T-iul action of the Btomach nnd
best preparation for that purpose
Parmelee's  Vegetable  Pills.    Gen-
is  P
oral   use   for   .
lending   place   i
will attest their
..   bus  won
Stella���There is to be a porch cum
Bella��� Well,  the    secretary
need   a   miglitv   strong    hammock
New York Sun.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,    i
Lucas County, S88'
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of K.
J Cheney & Co., doing business in
the City of Toledo, County and State
aforesaid, nnd thnt snid firm will pay
the sum of ONF, HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of ca
tarrh that cannot be cured by the use
of  Hull's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before nie nnd subscribed
in my presence this Oth dny of December, A.D. 1886.    A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal.) Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and nets directly on the blood
nnd mucous surfaces of the system
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0
Sold  by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
Farmer Hayseed��� You advertised
sliuily woods.
Fanner Conitnssel��� Wai, there's
one tree for 'em to cut thoir initials
on, and thnt's enougli.��� New York
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Distemper.
"Ouch!" blurted the busy dentist,
ns be injured his bund with one of
his instruments
"Ha, ha!" lnnghed thc old farmer
in tlie clinir.    "Thnt's good!"
The dentist was furious.
"1 don't see anything to lnugh at, '
he snapped, "I am in pain."
"And thnt's why I am laughing.
Thought you wns one of these iiei'e
'painless dentists', mister."
A Louisville man who wns entering
the tobncoo business wanted a name
for n now brand that he wns to put.
on the market, He finally decided
on "Anti-Trust" nnd forwarded it,
along with the necessary papers, to
the patent ofiiee nt Washington, A
few days Inter he received the following message:
"Brand 'Anti-Trust' registered by
the American  Tobacco Company,"���
Success  Mngnzine.
Start by Telling Names and Ages and
End  With  Tea  Drinking.
In our ordinary social life acquaintanceship commences through personal
introduction by friends or by letters
of introduction, in official life almost
always in the latter wny. With you
a fresh comer arriving in your neighborhood to dwell is called upon by
the older residents if the newcomer
be considered entitled to that courtesy and you think the friendship is
worth cultivating.
This is not tlie custom with us.
With us the newcomer makes the first
call on the old residents. The gentleman calls alone, and after the acquaintanceship hns been formed the
newly arrived lndy will send her maid
with the message that she proposes
to cnll on lho neighboring lndy, nnd
the hitter nnmes the dny and hour at
wliich she will receive her visitor.
Leaving cards, with us, is an act of
courtesy which also occupies a very
prominent pnrt in the daily routine
of n gentleman's life, especially when
he is moving in official circles.
When the visitor is ushered into the
presence of the visited the visitor bows
to his host or on more formal occasions makes courtesy to him. Handshaking, not, being the custom, is dispensed with. The making of n courtesy
is called "ching ngnn" in China. If
any one does that to you, you must
return it, nlthough you can return
it in n more or less formal Way. Tbis
having boon done, tho host will ns-
simi his visitor to the place of honor,
which may be on the right or loft,
according to eiroumstniices.
When bulb the visitor nnd his host
are seated the conversation is genor-
nlly opened, it meeting for the first
time, by asking encb other's surname,
then thoir other nnmes, age, district
whence they conic nnd nil sorts of
such ineuniiiKless generalities ns you
are accustomed to henr in high
society. But it is always customary
with us to prefix the word "honorable"���e. g., Instead of snying, ns you
do, "Whom bnve I the pleasure of
addressing?" we say, "What is your
honorable nnme?" Other questions
are asked by us in tbe snme compli-
mentnry strain. With you your custom is quite different, as for you to
usk the age of any of your visitors
would be considered very rude, especially if mooting for tbe first time.
But in China you mny hnve no misgivings ns to shocking any one's tender susceptibilities by so doing.
Our  official   calls   are   principally
business   ones,   and   as   soon   as   the
business is terminated the host raises
his teacup to his lips,  which  cup is
always there, whether wanted or not,
for in China there is no such custom
us 5 o'clock tea. As soon as the visitor
sees that  his  attendant  will  cry out
in a very loud voice, "Ngan chiao"���
thnt is, "Get, the sednn chair in rendi-
them  a   ness"���or "Tno chunn"���that is, "Put
A  trinl | ^,e ],nrse to the carriage"���as the case
mny  be.    When  either of these conveyances is ready, which is shown by
, the return of the servnnt nnd by his
I collecting his muster's appurtenances,
wl"' such   ns  his   smoking  pipe,   etc.,  he
will   rise  nnd   give  his   host  a  deep
bow, at the snme time folding his two
hands, which bow his host returns in
a similar way.���Shanghai Times.
A Miraculous Escape.
It happened thnt in the lust month
of the reign of Chnrles I, a certain
ship chandler of London was foolish
enough to busy himself over a barrel
of gunpowder with a lighted candle in
his hand. He paid the price of his
folly. A spark fell into the gunpowder and the place was blown up.
The i rouble wus that the man who
did the mischief wns not the only one
to perish. Fifty bouses were wrecked,
und the number of people who were
killed wns not known. In one house
among the fifty a mother hnd put her
bnby into its crndle to sleep beforo
lho explosion occurred. Whnt beenmo
of the mother no one ever knew, but
u-hnt, beenmo of the bnby wns very
ividely known. The next morning
'bore wns found upon the leads of
lbe Church of Allhnllows a young
child in a cradle," baby and cradle
being entirely uninjured by the explosion that bnd lifted both to sueh a
giddy height. It wns never learned
who the child was. but sbe was adopted by a gentleman of the parish and
ifrew to womanhood. She must sine
ly nil tier life huve bad a peculiar
interest in thnt church.���Sir Walter
liosunt's "London."
Crimean Veterans' Deaths.
Colonel Lewis Mansbergh Buchan-
nn, C.B., wbo died at Kdenfel, Omagh,
County Tyrone, was born in 1830 and
after graduating at Dungnnnon, joined the Roynl Tyrone Fusilier Militia
in 1855. He served in the Crimen in
1850, and through the Indian Mutiny
campaign. He wns nt Cawnporo in
November and Decombor, 1857, at
Lucknow in 1858, nlso at the enpturo
of Cnlper. In 185!) he took part in
the campaigns in Central India and
Oude, receiving the medals nnd clnsps.
His services extended over 42 years
and were rewarded in 1897 with a
C.B. Mr. Thomas Leyland of Preston, who held the Crimean inodnl
with burs for Alma, I tike nn nn and
Sevastopol, is nlso dead, and wns
buried with military honors. At the
ngo of 17 he wns sent out with the
55th Foot Regiment to the Crimen.
Ho wns in tho charge of the Light
Brigade nnd at Inkerman was wound,
ed by u shell. He nlso wore the
Turkish medal.
King Edward Is Thoughtful and Trie*
to Make Everybody Happy.
King Edward is a model landlord,
says a writer, and when at Sandring-
ham spends some time every day with
his agent and takes an active personal interest in the estate and in the
well being of the people. Most affectionate relations exist between tbe
royal landlord and his tenants and
employes. There is a cottage hospital
on the estate for sick indoor and outdoor servants, and it contains pleasant nurses' quarters as well as sick
wards. Each village on the estate
has its club for workingmen, and in
these institutions the King takes the
closest interest. It is the King's custom on Sundays to walk to church,
while the Queen and other ladies
drive. His Majesty joins in tho
hymns, his deep, powerful voice being very plainly board, and, ns everyone knows, a sermon delivered before
the King must not last more than 10
The King is an ideal host, nnd both
the Queen and himself bestow much
thought on the individual tastes of
their guests, and all their fads and
fancies nre remembered, and as fur
as possible administered to. It is the
Kinn's habit to accompany the men
guests to their room, whore he will
stir the fire nnd himself look about
to see that they bave all that they
When entertainments such as theatricals take place the King nnd
Queen nnd the bouse party enter the
bnllroom in procession nnd sit on
either sido the gangway. Pluin evening dress is do Honour nt Sand ring-
ham, whore the frock dress is never
worn. Tbe Kin? wears tbe ribbon of
the Garter on festive occasions, however. At tho conclusion of the entertainment the roynl procession is apnin
formed, and the wny is led to the simper room, whore no formality is observed. The King goes about among
the guests, seeing that they are having supper and enjoying themselves.
A few specially fnvored ones he takes
up to the Queen, who chats for a
minute or two with each. His Majesty is the life and soul of the party
on those occasio' s, and nothing can
exceed his amiability and good spirits.
All the cups, pieces of plate nnd
such trophies won at races and regattas by the King are at Sandrlngham.
and the King takes ereat pride in exhibiting them. Sandringham is quite
n modern house, and was built bv
the King when Prince of Wales 37
years n_*n. Above the entrance is
carved: "This bouse was built by Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and
Alexandra, bis wife, in tbe yenr of
our Lord 1870." Tt is in the mo-lorn
Elizabethan stylo, with no particular
pretensions architecturally. The
grounds nre well laid out, and there
is n model dnirv. where the Queen
and Princess Victoria often take tea.
HUSBAND AND SON CURED |,   the cheerful turtle
A  Mother's Praise of Zain-Buk.
Oakwood,  Victoria.
Dear Sirs,���I have great pleasure
in stating that Zam-Buk cured my
husband of barber's rash with twice
rubbing. It also cured my little boy
of a dreadfully bad arm after vaccination. I know of several other
cures it has effected and I cannot
speak too highly of it. I nm sure if
people once try it thev will always
use it.   Yours truly,     E. SAVILLE.
Zam-Buk is healing, soothing and
antiseptic. It quickly bonis wounds
and skin troubles. Certain cure for
idles. Sold by all druggists und
itores, 50c. a box, 3 for $1.25.
Bargains   in   Babies.
Among tne deacons ot a Presbyterian church in nn Ohio town was a
good old gentleman familiarly known
as "Uncle Thomas." Although too
deaf to hear, he was always in his
accustomed sent at church, and his
zeal in religious work wus- untiling.
Owing to n shortage of song books in
the Babbath-sohool, some additional
ones hnd been ordered by Uncle Thomas, who apprised the pastor of their
arrival, nnd the hitter agreed to nu-
iiouiiee the fnct from the pulpit on
Sunday morning.
The pastor mnde the promised announcement, among others, concluding with this one:
Parents wishing their children baptized will please present them ut the
close  of  the  service."
The guild deacon jumped to bis
foot, and, in the loud voice peculiar
to the deaf, bawled out: "Those who
haven't nny can get them at my
house  for fifty  cents  apiece I"
As Uncle Tlio nils nml his wife hud
always boon childless, this startling
information almost broke up the
meeting, nnd a wave of merriment
swept the congregation that threatened to shake tho church from its
foundations.���Success Mngnzine.
Tils Queer Creature Enjoys Many Pe- j Ancient   Egyptians   Believed   In   Con-
Lessons  For Mothers.
"Thore nre mothers in all classes of
tho community who should be nsh*>m-
ed to look a tabby cat in the face."
This swooning statement was made
by Dr. C. W. S'leeby. sneakiie recently on the subject of "The Human
Mother" nt tho conference on infantile rr"-"-tnlitv, resumed at Cnxton
Hall, Westminster.
The human mother, he said, had
tho maternal instinct only in its essence, but of nil details sho was bereft. Instead she hnd intfillitrericn���
an immeasurably greater thins*--b"t,
whilst intelligence onuld lenrn everything, it hnd everything to learn.
The mother cut not merely hnd a
far loss helpless infnnt to suceoi-r Dr.
Suleeby wont on. but sho had n 'ar
superior instinctive equipment She
knew tho best food for her kitten nnd
did not give it "the same as we had
Ho advocated a school for nv'thers
as a far more potent influence townrds
the decrease of infantile mortnlity
than such device., ns the creche and
the pure milk  depot.
Mrs. Edwin Grey of York said sbe
would like mon to raise thoir ideal of
what they wantrd of a wife. A mnn
should ask bis fiancee to attend a
four months' course at a domestio
economy school.
Commentine on a mnn's want nf
esre in chnosir*!* a wife, Mrs Onr!
Meyer remarked thai it compared unfavorably with the onre he exeicisod
in selecting a chauffeur or a stud
The Oil for the Farmer.���A bottle
of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil in the
farm bouse will save many a journey
for the doctor. It is not only good
for the children when tuken with colds
und croup, and for the mature who
suffer from pains and aches, but there
are directions for its use on sick cuttle. Thore should always be a bottle
of it in the bouse.
"I want to make n gift to Miss Pnssay," snid Dumley. "I wonder what
sort of nnimnl she'd prefer for a pet?"
"A innn," promptly suggested Miss
Knox.���Philadelphia Press.
culiar Advantages.
"To be or not to be���n turtle? To be
:ertainly, If I could not be a man," declares one who speaks with knowledge
of his subject. "Basking in tropica!
Buns or cruising leisurely in cool
depths, the turtle bas au exceedingly
good time. As soon as the baby turtle
emerges from tbe egg he scuttles down
to tbe sea. He has uo one to teach
him, no oue to guide. In Ills little brain
there Is Implanted n streak of caution,
bused ou the fnct thnt until a certain
period his projecting armor Is soft
nnd uo defense against hungry fish,
and he Immediately seeks shelter in
tho tropical profusion of the gulf weed,
which .holds within Its branching
frouds an astonishing abundance of
marine life.
"Here the young turtle feeds unmolested and knows that his nrmor Is
hardening apace. Once he has attained
tbe weight of twenty-five pounds he
may 'cheek' freely any monster of the
deep. After that no fish or mammal
ever Interferes with hlm. Intending
devourers may struggle all dny to
break through bis iron shell. Tbey always fall,
"The turtle, like the sperm whale,
has but one enemy���man. Now, oven
that sperm whale must como pretty
frequently to the surface to breathe,
and If It got beached high and dry on
land what would become of It? Rut
the cheerful turtle can stay below the
surface for n week If he wnnts to, and
he often does, whilo if he hnd to spend
nu equal time on lnnd he would enjoy
the change nnd bo none the worse for
It. He is neither fish, flesh nor fowl,
yet his flesh partakes of the character-
Istics of nil three.
"Eutlng soems a more superfluity
with him, since for weeks nt a time bo
may be placed In a barrel, with the
bung out, nnd emerge after bis long
fast apparently none the worse for bis
enforced abstinence from food, from
light and ulniost from nir. Of all the
warm blooded organisms there Is none
bo tenacious of life as the turtle. Injuries that would bo instantly fntal even
to fish leave the turtle apparently undisturbed, nnd his power of keeping
death at bay Is nothing short of marvelous."
Minard's   Liniment    Cures     Garget
n  Cows.
You are losing flesh, old man,"
snid  Johnson.
"Yes. I hnvoi been shaving myself
since Christmas with a razor my
wife gave ine."���New York Press.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Gents,���I cured a valuable hunting
dog of mange with MINARD'S LINIMENT after several veteriiinries had
treated him without doing him any
permanent good.
Yours, &.e.,
Prop, of Grand Centra] Hotel, Pruiii-
niondviUe,  Aug.  3,  '04.
It matters not where you get barber's itch, Dr. Chnse's Ointment cures.
No one need to be afraid of this unpleasant skin disease if Dr. Chase's
Ointment is rubbed In well after shaving, bocuusc it stops tlio itching,
heals und cures the smnll sores nnd
pimples, which nre the places where
it commences. The experience of
Mr? ('bus. A. Duxbury, engineer in
Perry's tannery, Monford, Out., with
Dr. Chnse's Ointment is convincing.
He stutes: "While out in tbo Northwest I caught barber's itch, und
though probably not a dangerous disease, anyone who bus hud it will admit that it is not nt all pleasant.   It*
begun on my neck below tlie skin,
and spread until I became nlnrinoil.
It itched so bud that I bad to scratch
it,  nnd thut only made  it worse.
"A friend of mine told tne to use
Dr. Chase's Ointment nnd I did so.
The application of this ointment gave
prompt relief to tho itching nud it wus
not many weeks until I was entirely
freed of inih annoying ailment. I
enn highly recommend Dr. Chuse's
Dr. Chnse's Ointment has an un-
pnriilleleil record of cures; 00c a box,
at "ill dealers, or Edmnnson, Bates &
Co., Toronto,
Brook Trout.
Tbe brook trout wnnts oold, swift
water nnd wherever it exists will bo
found under such conditions. The
best trout streams are those with
gravel bottom, clear shallow water,
with occasional rapids, deep pools
and eddies, where nntural food is
nbuiidnnt. The best time for fly fishing is nfter a ruin, just ns the water
is clearing nnd when the stones begin
to show in the bed of tlie strenm. The
best time for bait fishing is when
the rnin commences nnd the wnter
begins tn get colored It is useless tn
fish with flies in colored wnter, and
trout seldom tuke the fly ' when the
rain is coming. They then appear to
cease feeding, but with the first drop
of rain thoy take a worm readily.
A  Decorative Accomplishment.
"So you are going to teach you"
daughter music?"
"Yes," nnswered Mrs. Thlngllt, "Jus
enough to give us an excuse for hav
Ing a pl.r.io lump and n mahogany mu
sic rack."���Washington Stnr.
Just to Punish Him.
Not very long ago there lived near
Halifax. Eng., n*i old man who always rode on a dor,key te his dnily
work, and tethered him while he labored on the rnmls or whereveT else
he might be. Tt hnd been pretty plainly hinted to him by ono of the local
landowners thnt ie wns suspected of
putting it in tbe fields to graze at
other people's  ooense.
"Eh, squoire, Aw cudna do sieh a
thing, for my donkey won n't ait" teat)
"owt  bud  nettles  an'  thistles."
One day tbe gentleman was riding
along the rond. when ho snw the n'd
follow at work and the donkey nn to
its knees in one of his clover fields,
feeding luxurious y.
"Halloa, John!" said he. "I understood yon te say your donkey would
eat nothing but nettles and thistles?"
"Aye," said John, "but he's bin
misbehiivin' hiss-n, Rir. Ho nearly
kicked mc i' the chest just now, soa
Aw put him tlioor to punish him !"
Police Methods In India.
A jewel was lost by a rich Komatl.
Tt was found in thc possession of a
Mohammedan. Two policemen of the
station seized it from him and pledged it and obtained n loan from a
local merchant. Then nnother policeman was asked lo search tbe house
of the merchant, and before the
search was effected the merchant gave
It to him with a present as a bribe
not to haul him up before the court.
Between the three policemen a sum of
about 60 rupees wns looted from one
or the other of tbe dishonest and
avaricious merchants. Then nrose a
split among the policemen and their
comrades about the division of the
spoils, and thoy are now blinking as
to wbat course to ndnpt, and whom to
charge and whnt offenoe to charge
with. The people aro losing nli confidence in those men.���Prom the My.
sore Standard
The Ameer Proves Loyalty.
As an evidence of his friendliness
toward Great Britain the ruler of
Afghanistan has prohibited tbe priests
(rom preaching a holy war upon penalty of having their tongues pulled
Dut. He has also ordered that all Afghans who join the rebellious border
tribes shall have their feet cut off.
The British general, Willcocks, in
command of the forces in northwest
India, hud reached close quarters
with the Mohinund tribesmen. The
brother of the Ameer who is trying to
U3urp the throne ia avowedly anti-
British. The Mohmands, who are tbe
ebiel cause of the trouble, are a great
tribe hnlf in Afghanistan and half in
British jurisdiction. British authorities can hardly ask the Amoer to
| control his half when the British are
totally unuble to control those on
their side of tlie border.
Winnipeg.���During a football match
Collin 'i'uylor sustained a double
fracture of thc leg. He is under the
surgical cure of Dr.  Buruham.
"Alligator" Is merely another form of
the Spanish "el lagarto," tbe lizard.
Shakespeare classed the alligator as a
fish, to judge from Itotneo's description
of tbe contents of the apothecary's
shop: "An alligator stuff'd and other
skins of 111 shaped fishes."
Taliaferro Is the Spanish equivalent
of Smith.
What the Greeks Say.
The Greeks suy love Is blind, but
marrluge is clear sighted enough, and
they add thnt after throe dnys tho
most troublesome things In the world
ure raiu, a guest and a wife.
Trumpet Blast That Drove the People
to Repentance.
Old Peter Cartwright was a famous
preacher and circuit rider many years
The cxhorter was holding a camp
nocting in Ohio. There wns a grent
Dumber of campers on the field, and
'.he eccentric speaker addressed vast
concourses nt every service, but he
thought too few wero being converted
IIo felt that something should be done
lo stir the sinners to repentance, so
be prepared n strong sermon on the
second coming of Christ. He told how
She world would go on In Its sin and
wickedness and ut Inst Gabriel would
sound his trumpet nud timo would
como to nn end. He described tbe
horrors of the lost and the joys of
those who wore saved. The sermon
grew In intensity, nnd he brought his
poople up to n grand climax, wben suddenly the sound of a trumpet smote
tbe curs of the anxious throng.
There was a great sensation, and
many fell upon their knees In terror
and began to repent and pray. Women
.creamed and strong men groaned.
Pandemonium wns let loose for a few
minutes. After the terror had somewhat ceased tho preacher called lo a
man up a tree, nnd he descended with
i long tin horn (n bis hand. The
speaker then turned In fierce wrath
and upbraided the people. He cried
out In stentorian tones that, If a man
with a tin horn up a tree could
frighten them so, ho.v would It be In
the last great ond when Gabriel's
trumpet Bounded tho knell of the world!
The sermon had a great effect upon
the vast audience, and many hundreds
flocked to the front and were converted.
slant Reminders of Death
To the Egyptinu deuth wns but the
beginning of a career of adventures
and experiences compared with which
the most vivid emotions of this life
were tame. He lived with tho fear of
death before his eyes. Everything
around bim reminded him of that
dreadful Initiation into the mysteries
of the tremendous after life for which
his present existence was but a preparation. His cemeteries were not bidden away iu remote suburbs; his dead
were not covered with mere grassy-
mounds or a slab of stoue. The whole
land was his graveyard; Its whole art
was of the mortuary. "Are there no
graves ln Egypt thnt thou hnst brought
us into the wilderness to die?" asked
the Israelites in derision, and we may
believe that Moses winced at the sarcasm.
Egypt Is the land of graves, and the
whole euergy of the people that could
he spared from keeping life together
was devoted to death. The mightiest
tombs In the world���the pyramids-
were raised upon the deaths of multitudes of toiling slaves. The hills wero
honeycombed passages and galleries,
chambers, pits, nil painfully excavated
In honor of tho Illustrious dead and
sculptured and pnlnted with elaborate
skill to mnke them fit habitations for
his ghost.
Wherever be looked thc Egyptian behold preparations for the great turning
point of existence. The mason was
squaring blocks for tbe tomb chamber;
tho potter molded Images of the gods
or bowls nnd Jars to be placed In the
grave for the protection or refreshment
of the Kn, exhausted with the ordeals
of tho underworld; the sculptor and
painter were at work upon the walls
of tho funeral chamber, Illustrating the
scones through which the ghost was to
pass or depicting the Industrious life
of the departed.
The very temples which cluster along
tbe levels beside the Nile were In a
sense but vestibules to tbe tombs In
the hills behind. The sacred lake, now
the weedy, picturesque haunt of waterfowl, was then tho scene of solemn
ferrylngs of the dead. The temple
walls were covered with the terrors of
the judgment to come. The houses of
the living, indeed, were built of perishing mud, but the homes of the dead
nud the shrines where supplication wns
made to tbe gods who ruled their fate
were made to last forever. On those
all the strength, the science and the
artistic skill of the ancient Egyptians
were cheerfully lavished.���Londbn Saturday Review.
THE dull white or
*   the glossy  finish
on laundered  linen is
a matter of
get either
finish perfect  is   a
matter of   using
Celluloid Starch.
Just adit lukewarm
water���soaks into
fabric without rubbing and stiffens
perfectly. The odj^e or point of tlie iron
will give the gloss.
CeVWWv& SWt\t
Never Sticks.   Requires no Cookinsf,
The Umutfird Sturdi Works, [imltod, Ilrautfyrd, Canada
Her  Opinion.
A father, whose looks are not such
as to warrant the breaking up of all
existing statues of Apollo, tells this
���ii   himself:���
"My little girl wns sitting on my
lap lacing a mirror, After gazing intently nt her reflection for gome minutes slie suid: 'Papa, did God make
" 'Certainly, my dour,' I told her.
"'And did ho make mo toof���-taking another look ul the mirror.
" 'Certainly, dour. Whut makes
you  11sI. r"
" 'oh, I don't know. Seems to mo
He's doiii' bitter work lately'."���
Everybody's Mngnzine.
Used according to directions Dr.
i. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial will
afford relief iii the most iicute form
of summer complaint. Whenever the
attack niiiiii'ests itself no time should
be lost ui seeking the aid of the Cordial. It will act immediately on the
Btomach nnd intestines and allay the
Irritation und pain. A trial of it will
convince anyone of the truth of these
Simple When You  Know How.
An Innocent cockney while in the
country asked n funnel' how they mnn
iged to grow streaky bacon.
"Ob, It Is simple enough," snld the
honest agriculturist "One week we
starve the pig or food hlm very little.
That makes a layer of lenn meat, Next
week wo givo hlm nil he enn possibly
eat, even working overtime, and thnt
makes a row of fat. So by alternate
itarvlng and feeding we get the beau
tlful streaky bacon."
"Dear me," snld the cockney, "and
how do you make tho ham?"
"Oh, we tlintiuge that by putting n
ring In the pig's nose," was tbe reply
-Loudou M. A. P.
A Preserve Owner's Sick Troul.
A man whose experience as a sportc
man had been limited to an occasional
day's fishing lu the mountains bought
for himself a place wltb a fine trout
preserve ou Long Island, ne looked
forward with grent Interest to the Inst
opening dny, ns that would be his first
opportunity to fish In his own pond,
and when the dny nt last arrived thc
first streak of daylight found bim leaving bis bouse, rod In baud.
A day or two later a sportsman friend
Inquired as to what luck he bad had.
"1 caught plenty of fish, and big
ones, too," responded the owner of tho
preserve. "Tbere are plenty of trout
in tbe pond, but they all seem to be
"Wby, what's the matter with
them?" asked the sportsmau.
"Well," answered the preserve own
er, "to tell the truth, we were afraid
to eat them. Their flesh Is pink, and 1
never saw a brook trout tbat color before."
"Don't you knowt man," exclaimed
the sportsman, with a laugh, "that any
trout will turn pink if It lives in salt
water? Your pond empties Into the
sound, and of course the trout run ln
and out The uext time you have any
of that sort of sick trout Just send
them In to me, and I'll eat them for
you with pleasure."
His   Excuse.
The Rich Father���Why do you not
go to work? If you only knew how
much happiness work would bring
you you'd start in ut once.
His Son���Dud, I'm living a life cf
self-deninl. I'm denying myself all
The Canndinn I'ucific Railway are
milking an excursion rate of Singlo
Fare for those desiring to attend Hie
Tercentenary Celebration nl Quebec.
A  Poetic  Face.
Boss���Ho suid my face wus n perfect
Jess���It is���like one of Browning's.
Bess���Whut do you  nTean?
Jess���Some of the lines nre so deep.
���Cleveland Leader.
Kvory bull fully OuiinintefMl
lind rrnporly tuKuo't in com-
ply with Canadian InwB.
STANDARD 500 li.ptrb.lt SO lb.
MANILA 550 li. p., b.U 50 lb.,
MANILA 600 fi. p��r bait 501b.
Free on
board earn
Free ou
board carl
S. 25
.rdora accepted toronn bate or imiru. Torma cflBh
with order or C. O. D.   Prompt shipment and aatls-
faction truarantecd.   Ask 119 fur prior, on car lota.
COOPER CORDAGE CO., Minneapolu, Minn.
The Warm  Reception.
"I hear sho found the audience rnthoi
cold lust night?"
"Tbey wore nt first, hut when thoy
remembered thoy hnd paid good mon"*;
to see the show they got very hot."���
Harper's Weekly.
Potato Bread.
Potato broad Is used hy the natives
of Tbuiingla to feed their horses, espu.
dally when thoy are worked hard Ifi
very cold weather. The animals thrive
on It, nnd their health und strength nro
Wisdom Comes Slowly.
Towne���I believe It's a fact that a
mon must get to be at least thirty before he really knows anythinrg.
Browne���Yes, nud be must be at
least forty before he quits telling what
be    knows.-Catholic    Standard    and
r_U_.,__A .
Shrewd Advice.
Thc virtues of a keen business mar
are often negative rather thnn posl
tlve. It Is snld that n grout brokei
once told his sou that only two th!n*,"i
wore necessary to make a groat Qnau
"And what are thane, papa?" tbe son
"Honesty aud sagacity."
"Dut what do you consider the mark
of honesty to be?"
"Always to keep your word."
"And the murk of sagacity V
"Never lo cive vour word."
A new
WatCh Pierre.
_    ,        The big
Chewing    bUcJ
Tobacco     plug.
The Careful Scots.
A Scot nnd his wife came to London,
ind the worthy pah* wore In a huudretl
fears eoti'-urulUR tlie dlabollcul Ingcnul
ty of London thieves.
As thoy look tbelr lirst walk down
the Strand tho husband whispered of
1 sudden hoarsely In hor ears, "Janet,
wiiinmnn. bust thou got thy teeth
feexoil I'eermly in thy gums?"
"Nn. nn." she answered; "A'm no
dch a fule! I've left 'cm safely loeklt
iwn' In the purtmonty!" ��� London
A Tiny State.
The miniature republic of San Marino Is a mere dot on i__s map of Europe, being the smallest state in the
world ns well as the oldest Independent republic. Its area ls thirty-eight
square miles, only little less than
twice that of the island of Manhattan.
It lies entirely lu Italy, but la wholly
Independent Its situation Is on the
easterly side of the Etruscan Apennines aud about twelve miles from
Rimini, on the Adriatic sea. The frontier Is only twenty-four miles ln length,
and tho population would make only n
small city ward, numbering less than
12,000. There Is uo public debt, nnd
the annual expenses ir it by taxatlou
amount to $00,000. The country has
bronze nnd silver currency, coined by
Italy, 158,000 lire of the latter aDd 105,
000 of tho former. The principal ex
ports are wine, cattle and stone. The
military force of the republic numbers
38 oflicers and u50 men.
One packet
haa actually
killed a buahal
of flloc
lOo. per packed or 3 packeta for 25c.
will laat a whole season.
What a Blessing!
Smith-Wlfnl n Messing children are!
Tones (outliiisinsli.ullyi���Aren't tbey!
Now thnt my wife has two to look
���iftor she has uo time to play tho
New Stunts of Beggars.
To he an up lo date beggar requires
a lot of Ingenuity, und one would
think tbut the sumo amount of thought
along different linos would produce
something more worth while. Tbe lut-
est scheme In Now York is to stop ths
passerby and ask  for money enough
| to huve a proscription filled and show
i tho paper.
j "I just got out of the hospital, and
the doctor told mc 1 must take tbis
regular," the beggar will say, and
usually he wins, for no one cares to
feel that be may have sent the poor
devil away without the medicine re
quired to keep him alive. Theie Is another chnp running nbout the city. He
carries a lonf of bread on which lie
munches hungrily     All  be nsks Is a
A Bavarian Custom.
In  Bnvnrla  each  family  on  Easter
Sunday brings to the churchward lire
n  walnut branch,  which,  nftor  being
partially burned, "is curried homo to
! nickel to get a cup of coffee to finish I be '"l(1 ��11 ,llC l"'i"'th (,,"'",R ,em*ie3t*
1 off UK. meager tarl New Yor_QwS ��� *' * Pr��teCtl��U *M "eMU'"P
The Wild Boar.
Tho wild hour Is n most courageous
animal. Tho element of luck counts
for a grout deal In pig sticking, ns lu
most other forms of sport, nud It often
happens thnt tbo foremost sportsman
who hy dint of hard riding or thnukii
to the fnstest horse hns come up with
the quarry Is deprived of tho coveted
honor of "first spear" by a sudden
"jink" or turn of the pig. The boar,
In spite of bis clumsy npponrance, Is
not only possessed of a great turn of
speed, but Is extraordinarily active. lie
will turn nnd twist like n hnre, putting
every obstacle In tbe shnpo of bushes,
rocks, wnter, etc., between himself
nud his pursuers, hut nil the time mnk-1
Ing for the nearest patch of jungle nnd
safety. The-pnce nfter pig Is fnster
than tho host of runs with hounds, but
Is sooner over.���Illurtrated Sporting
and Dramntlc News
once used, and you will
discard every other.
Insist on getting it.
Black and all
Colors, 10c
and 25c Una    lot
Miss Broadway���They say he married tier because of her figure.
Mr. Madison���Well, that was quite
"Oh, no. Indeed, It wasn't"���New
York Life.
then there is only one brand
for you to wear. It is
and every garment hns a
label like this attached.   ���
At All
W.    N.   U.    No.   697.
Bank of (Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP. $14,400,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President���Lord Btbathcona and Mount Rotal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gkojige A. Dkummond.
General Manager���E. S. Cuouston.
Branches la All Tbe Principal Cities la Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
5 NEW DENVER BRANCH, ��� H. 6. FISHER, Manager.
Slocan fiJMnin-a Keview.
Subscription .2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - |12.0Q
"    for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.50
"     " License to Cut Timber 5.00
AH locals will lie charged for at tlio rate
ol 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familial with the
-above rates and Save Trouble.
Two of our fruit ranchers have, during tbe past week, been the victims of
4be thieving proclivities of some individual who annexed the apples off two
���trees���one in each orchard���which the
owners were cultivating with the special
intention of exhibitiug them at Nelson
Fair. It is not thought to be the woik
of mischievous youngsters, but rather of
eome evil-disposed person with covetous
.eycB. It is to be hoped the offender
will be quickly found out and a smart
punishment inflicted. It is hardly credible that one of onr own citizens would
be guilty of such a theft, but should
such prove to be the case, his position
lu the town should be made too hot for
him to stay, as we have no use for
such swine.
It is reported that it is positively
asserted that the government has definitely decided on Tuesday, November
3rd, as the day of the general elections.
While giving esprefgion to high ideals
one instant, Mr. Smith Curtis the next
descends to the veriest kind of ward
politics. On Monday evening for example, he told the Young Liberals that
if the Lauriei* Government were returned it would puniBh tbe people of
the constituency to have a supporter of
that government in the bouse of Common1*, the inference being that Sir Wilfrid would punish the people of the constituency by withholding the grants to
which they are iuslly entitled il they
elected an opposition member, But
Mr. Curtis did not say what would be
the position of affairs should Mr. Borden be returned to power. If Mr. Curtis applied tbe same standard of statesmanship to Mr. Borden that he does to
his own leader, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, he
would expect the constituency to be
punished for electing him, if the conservative leader is returned to power,
whicli is quite as likely ns that the peo
pie should trust the present government
with another term of office. ��� NelBon
Mr. Smith Curtis is advocating gov-
(**nment control of railway rates but he
is Buppor.i ig a government which four
years ago voted down a motion offered
by the oppositiuii providing for direct,
control of the lateson thc railwry which
the government is virtually building a**
a present for the Grand Trunk Pacific
company.���Neleon News.
Spokane Interstate Fair.
One of the big features of tlie Spokane
Fair will be the military drill on October
Oth, the second day of the Fair, by Ihe
two Spokane companies of the Washington Nalional Guard, under command of
Captains Denton Croiv and Benjamin
Hayes, The soldiers will arrive on tbe
ground in the forenoon and from that
time until lale in tlie evening will carry
out in detail duties that would fall to
tlieir lot in war time, so that all visitors
���on the grounds may see for themselves
what the life of a National Guardsman
in active service is.
The feature of the work of the troops
will be a competitive drill between the
two companies for the trophy* Hag which
tlie management of the fair will present
to the winning contingent. The other
exercises will inclnde the setting-up
drills, when the soldier, will pitch their
canvas abodes and cook tlieir own dinner in tlie mess tent. The afternoon
will be taken up with company man-
icuvres comprising the extended order
and battle formations, At the conclusion of the afternoon drill, the tioopers
will inarch back to their shelter tents
and draw their supper rations from the
company mess.
In the evening the militia will conclude their exhibition with a novel and
spectacular searchlight drilll, during
wliich they will perform company man-
oiuvres by the rays of a powerful searchlight such as is used in war times,
playing upon the blue and white of their
"If the cily will declare a holiday on
October 5th, I believe we shall be able
to muster the full quota of troops belonging to tlie two companies of the
National Guard," eaid Captain Crow, in
commenting on the plans that are being
made for the participation of the militia
at the fair. "At present, we are taking
a rest of a month following tbe hard
drilling we had at the army encampment at American Lake. The only
work the men are doing now is target
practice, hut about ihe middle of September we shall begin our regu ation
drilling again in the armoury."
Nelson Land District���District
of West Kootenay.
Take notice that A. E. Haigh, of
Nakusp, loco fireman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the west sido of Lot 8S05,
abont five cliains from BoxLa'te, tbence
nortli 20 chains, thence west 20 chaius,
thence south 20 chains, thence east 20
chains, to the point of commencement,
containing 40 acres mora or less.
Dated June 17th, 1908.
Augl4 A..E. HAIGH.
Slocan Land District���Dislrict of West
Take notice that Christiana C. Brouse
of New Denver, married woman, intends
to app'y for permission to purchase the
following described lands : Commencing
at a post planted on Ihe south east corner of lot 8202, tbence west 80 chains
along the west line of lot 8202, tlience
20chaiii8 south, tbence 80 chains east,
tlience 20 chainB north to the place of
A. L. McCulloch, Agent
August llth, 1908. 015
Slocan Land District���District of West
Take notice that Joseph Scaia, of
New Denver, lumberman, intends 10
apply for pei mission io purchase the
following described lands : Commencing at a pest planted at the south east
coiner of dough's pre-emption on the
west side of Slooan Lak?, tbence west
40 chaina, thence south 40 chains,
thenco cast 40 chains, thence north 40
chains to point of commencement, con -
taining 100 acres more or Icbs.
August 18th. 1908. 02
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the   Kootenay  and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here.        Two shifts always.
For the Canadian National Exhibition
to be held at Toronto, August 29th to
September 14th, the Canadian Pacific
Railway will have in effect special
round taip rates. For full information
us to rates, dales of sale, limits, elc,
apply to the nearest C.P.R. ticket agent.
The September numbor of "Westward
Ho!" is not only up to the expectations
which the sanguine publishers have
created, but far exceeds them. Its short,
crisp and pointed romances are all that
could bu desired. Not one of tliem but
give-i us a new insight into human life
and conduct, "lhe Remitlamc Man,"
a tale of Medicine Hat; "The Mission
of Roses," and an "Old-Fashioned
Colonel" are, with several others, fascinating, and best of all, elevating and
calculated to draw out and inspire ull
that is best in the reader. This is tlie
kind of fiction needed in the home.
Tbe September articles are lucid and
concern present problems, industrial
developments, and the future potentialities of Western Canada, to which the
puhlisheis seem intensely devoted.
Those on "Prince Rupeit in the Making," "Tbe West as a Field of Immigration," "An Appreciation of Sir
Thomas Shaughncssy," and many others
are all most interesting and instructive ;
while art is gracefully touched by John
Kyle in "Sketching from Nature;" the
romantic-historical iu "Ruined Cities of
Ceylon," and the domestic in "Country
and Suburban Homee,"
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
Strtb Hnttual . ;
Iftelson, B.C.
4 DAYS 4
Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday,
Sept. 23, 24, 25, 26,   1908.
Free Entertainments Daily
TnuEE House Racks Daily   .
Foou-Day Relay Hobse Race
Eagles  Day,   Thursday,   September
24th.    Children's Dav, Friday,
.September 25th.
Excursion Rates  on all Transportation Lines.
For further  information or Prize
List, vW rite���
D. C. McMorris, Secy.,
Box 95, Nelson, B.C.
Always a good supply of
liome-fed Beef, Mutton
aud Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game aud
Fish iu seasou.
Hermann Clever
****** ****** * **���* *>t**m**> ******* **<h *���# >** * ���'���������*" ******* ���:������* ���*���**-_._.
ff fr'J-'i****!^**'****}*.;-****!..-.^*,*^.aaj, ������ ���H.*.*******'"-. ���. ****y * ** '4-v-WM
tX '"���>���
|| flair Broslies, Coia.;.T ^ n ��� ! ~ *'
Everything for the Up-to-Date Toilet Table.
li mil PITftn
Slocan Land District���Distiict of West
Take notice that John Thomas RIark
of New Denver, B.C., provincial constable, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the followingdescribed land :
Commencing at a post planted on the
north boundary of Lot 485, thence north
30 chains, thence west 'SO chains more
or less to the shore of Slocan Lake,
thence south along the said lake, 80
chains more or less, io the north-west
corner of Lot 4S5, thence eaBt 20 chains
more or less to point of commencement,
containing 50 acres more or lesB.
Dated the 14th day of July, 1908.
and Up=to=Date
. Dortt pail TofSSS,
iaksb im stocecshow;
___jbdtiT xsA booShcma.
. WM$RGftT^rCbSaROV^,:&CY.--r.__'.!ti-1*1 UT'TOr. '{.'LOCK SPOKAht.
StWS&SSi^ty*?-. o^jt-sfii^f^\CAr\i.:^fi^-G,��'io^t%'.
U.i!f^7t}r.nj,i,.a , I'litsskaizm].���is**?
Ttatttaaamam a* . ttatwatmaammaatmrnSammSimaaaaai
Bring Your Orders to
*��& *a&F *aC<W
Estimates Given.*        Prices Reasonable*
~ \xW>
Dealer in Mines, Mineral ProspcctB
fruit Xante an&
General TReal Estate
PreUminary  examinations of Property    for prospective  purchasers a
12 years experience in the Slocan. All
business  promptly attended to and
satisfaction guaranteed.
P.O.Box 112, Silverlon, B.C.
General Merchant   -  -      New Denver
< i
JUST ARRIV ED.   A large il.ipnenl of Grorerle**
emons,  bananas, ond candies of   various and   ta*ty
Ring np our Blore.   Telephone installed.    Can also
immediate delivery.
Call and see our Assortment of Men's Summer Unde
Socks, Cloves, Overalls, Collars, Ties, Hats, etc.
giv   :;
Slocan Land District���Dislrict of
West Kooleuay.
Tako noiice that William John Corey, of New Denver, B.C., lumberman,
intonds to apply for permission
to purchase the followingdescribed land.
Commencing at a post planted on the
north boundary of lot 8432, aud marked
W. J. C's S.E. corner po.-t, thence wes
10 chains, thence north 10 chains, thence
west 10 chains, thonce north SOoliaino,
Ihence east 20 chains, thence south 40
��� hnins to the place of coinmoncement,
containing 70 acres more or less.
July 83th, 1008,
SIM       W11,1 J ' M JOHN COREY,
��� ���
Number Pour Mineral Claim, situate in
the Slocnn Mining Division of West
Kootenay Distiict. Where located:
Ni ar tlio town of G,dy.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, of
    .Nelson,  acting aa agent  for Fred   T
B168T7,  intend  60  days from the dnte f.I''1""'   F/e0   Milter's   Certificate   No.
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder --385,608, intend, 60 days from tho date
Number Five Mineral Claim, situate in
lhe Slocan Mining Divisim ot West
Kootenay District. Where located:
Close to tho town of Cody.
Tnko notice that I, A. S. Farwell, of
Nel-nn, acting as agont for John A.
VMiittier, Free Min.r'B Certificate  No.
un CREAM tut
. Our Speciality .
Come and Look Round
Summer Excursion Rates
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO  $72.50
NEW YORK    .108.50
MONTREAL $106.00
t-T. LOUIS $67.50
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA $105.00
ST. JOHN,  N.B $120.00
SYDNEY, C.B $130.90
Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,
June 5, 6, 19, and 20, July 6, 7,
22, and 23, and August 6, 7, 21,
and 22, 1908.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
Routes���Tickets are good via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago are good via Great
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
John Mob, D.P A , Nelson, B.C.
C. E. McPheuson, G.P.A.,
Winnipeg, Man.
Number Threo Mineral Claim,   situate
in tho Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay  Distriot.    Where located:
Near the town of Cody.
Take notico that I, A. S. Farwell, of
Nelson, actiug as agent for John M.
Harris, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B95.693, intend, 60 days from the date
hereof, to apply to thu" Mining Recorder
fora Ceitirjcate of Improvement', for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tbo above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenci d
before tlie issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 13th day of Juno, 1908.
uz81 A. S. FARWELL.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Mln-
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
Denver Lodge No. ll
PC. of F>
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clevor Block, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -   -  Proprietor.
Hotel Rosebery
Well furnished rooms.
< First-class  Cuisine.
Kiiiifiraln conducted nn Short
notice ut any point In the ills-
trlvt.   Shells ahvaya ln ���toclt.
fl> fftcXean S&vm
enfer dumber Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan lake L. scau, Proprietor      PA Box 20.
Agent at New Denver, J. B. SMITH.
j�� Windsor
Is the Home for all Mining Men when at the famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Cony Rooms and lirst-claas tulile.    Sample Rooms.
I will make your etay wilh mo a pleasant one.
D. Grant, Prop.-SILVERTON, B.C.
Steam Laundry
For First-Class Work.
Get pri ce  liet from J. E.  Angrignon
Local Agent.
under section 37, must ho commenced An<-! 'nrtlier take notice that action,
before the issuance of imch Certifiuiite "nrtor section !17, must he commenced
of Improvements, before the Issuance of such Certificate
, Datid this 18th dny of June. 1.08.      '*' tmprovvi.ion*.
A ui-ta A S FAR WEIL    . Ua*.<* ws 18th day of June, 1008.
. r����****i_���  AuBi.,. A      FARWELL.
Slocan Land Distriot���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notico that Adoloh Mero, ofNew
Denver, B.C., slioemakcr, intemlB to
apply lor permission to purchase tho
following described lands: Commencing
at a post planted at the north-west corner of Peter Murray's pre-emption,
tlience west 20 chuins, thenco south 2U
cliains, thence cast 20 chains, tlience
north 20 clmins, to point of commencement, containing 40 acrcB moro or laee.
Dated 16th June, 11)08.
L��locan Land District���District of
Wc-it Kootenay.
Take notice that Jolm*,Wafer of Slocan, B.C., min.r, intends to apply for
pel mission to purclinau tbe following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted at tbo north-west corner of Lot
8*^25, Croup 1, Weat Kootenay district,
thenco north 20 chains, thenoe cast 20
chains, tln-nco south 20 cliains, thenco
west 20 chums to tho point of commencement, ind coiitiiiniiit. 10 acres moru or
Dated May 31-st, 1008. AuglS
************ MM.*1 ...*.*. 4-H
-!     Havo you thought of your
~'.       Fall aud Winter Suit yet
:: ?
"', If not, Come and See my New
r;      Samples.   Just Arrived,
::    No Fit, No Pay.    J
_��� Tlie Crown Tailoring \\
i!   Co., Toronto, Ont.   |
r * Agent


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