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Slocan Mining Review 1908-06-25

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 Devoted to Advertising the
Mineral Resources-and Larye
Fruit growing Area in the
fertile Slocan Valley.
0,    .,
..^Ce ���> ���__* 6uLA-><
Printed in New Denver",1 the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
aud the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District ou Earth.
No. 44    Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, June 25, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
Mrst-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
Bread, Pastry, Etc., etc.
Tie tiimmt HOT
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing- tho
glorious Slocan Lake where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and sn **.** clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
view" Special
Now In Course cf Production.
Cn Sale July 9th.
Tl.c special number of the ''Review"
is now in actual course of production
and will be on sale tlie 9th of July. A
well-known firm in Toronto, who muke
a specialty of this class of work have
been entrusted with tbe production, and
under lbe personal supervision of ihe
I Editor, it promises to be a work in
every way worthy of the illustrated
newspaper craft.
It will contain a large number of
pages most of which will be illustrated
with half tones reproduced from photographs collected from all parts of British
Columbia. The chief industries of tlie
country such as mining, lumbering,
fruit giowing, etc.. have been ably dealt
with. Several able writers b.ive contributed subjects whicli will lie of interest to all classes and will also be found
to contain much valuable information
for the tourist and settler. Photos of
the prominent men of lhe district, as
well us the various Churches with descriptive articles, will be found in its
pages. i*ix thousand copies are to be
printed, a number of whicli will be circulated in the principal libraries in
England. It will thus be seen that as
un advertisement both for the distiict
and B.C. generally, it will surpass anything whVh has hitherto been published.
The price for a tingle copy will be 50**.
and as l In -re is sure to be a big demand
for them, don't miss the opportunity,
but order your copy al once.
Uocal an*} Geneva!.
IL Twigg has gone down to Slocnn
City, and ia surveying for a wagon road
near Leinou Creek.
Mrs. VV. D. Thompson went, lo Nelson
on Wednesday, returning to New Denver Saturday, and will leave for her
home in Vancouver on Monday.
Mr. Hyde paid a flying visit to Vancouver and Victoria on Friday, returning on Monday evening. He had a
very enjoyable trip an! says things are
very quiet at the coast.
A flume is beirg built al the Vancouver mine in preparation for an air
compressor, the machinery of which
ia ex peeled daily.
P. Angrignon has concluded a deal
with XV. C. E. Koch, of Silverton,
whereby be gains an outfit, comprising
four -1-horee teams, wagons, sleighs and
Louis Scaia has been discharged from
the hospital and will be cutting logs
again In a day or two. Ill) is now able
to fill  all orders coming al ing.
The New Denver Lumber Co. have
got their boom across from Wil-on
croek and commenced sawing on Tuesday. They have a large number of
orders on hand.
The radio for the field glasses (highest throw) wns "on by Geo. Greer,
alter a tie with C. F, Nelson ; the range
glass (lowest throw) going to Julius
A fine specimen of Mason & Rlsch's
celebrated  pianofortes can be seen (by
Jiind  consent),   at  Missionary  Baynes
residence, by appointment.
Missionary Baynes, of St. Stephen,s
Anglican church announced to his congregation on Sunday evening last, his
intention of severing his onneclion
witli tlm above church, having forwarded his resignation lo tho Archdeacon.
Ib; will praach his farewell sermon on
Sunday evening, July 5th.
Mr. and Mrs. D. McKenzie of the
Ruth mine, Sandon, Were in New Denver on Wednesday,
The Rilie Association huld rifle prao-
lise every Saturday, Under the ixist-
ing rules, viz:, one dollar subscription,
a f.ee lille and ll1!) free rounds of ammunition every year; it is within every*
ones means to join.
Mr. and Mis. 0. V. White bave come
from Sandon to spend the summer
months In New Denver.
The Waterworks company aro cleaning out the water tank this week.
Missionary Poynes will preach his
"Farewell" Sermon next Sunday evening at Silverton.
A steer, evidently bcingannoyed with
its own reduction, on Sunday last, put
its head through the window of the
store recently occupied by Mrs. Mnthe-
son. We wonder if Ibis is the same
steer which was reported earlier to have
knocked the gate'off a certain gentleman's bouse in town, by using its horns
for a screwdriver and taking off the
hinges. 11 eo il should be kept as a
curiosity, asil deserves a much better
fate than the butcher's bench.
Afler May 10th, for the summer season, Nelson's Drug Store will close at
7 p.m.
The Eureka mine, Sandon, is working
twenty-five men at tho present lime,
and has a good showing nf ore.
Niel Tattrie returned to Snndon on
Thursday, after a business trip to Nelson,
J. T. Black left for Calgary on Thursday lo attend the fair.
Town Improvement Society
At a meeting of the members of the
above society, held on Thursday evening, Mr. J. E. Angrignon was eleited to
fill the vacant position on the committee caused by the resignation of R. W.
Mot-rail  who lias left tbe district.
Mr. Nelson, in answor to a question,
announced that the work of constructing new sidewalks would bo proceeded
wilh at an caily date.
Ii has been suggested in some quarters
that the membeis pay a quarterly subscription, but owing lo last nights meeting not being fully representative
(there being only a small number present) the matter was not discussed.
Don't forget the children's entertainment lo-nigbt in the Bosun Hall!
Commence at 8 15 p.m. sharp.
A concert, in aid of the church fund,
was given by the church choir in the
I.O.O.F. Hall on Friday evening last.
There was a large audience, and the
applause whicli followed the various
items was ample teslimonv to the
merits of lbe entertainment. The following is Ihe program:
Pianoforte Solo Miss Lucy
Kong "Sweet Genevieve" ... .T. Waring
Recitation  Mrs. Benediim
Uecltutlon, "Jemina's Courtship"
Mrs. Mi'Phee.
Chorus "Beautiful Isle of the Sua" Choir
Lecture on Japan Rev. Kenmure
Song ''Where the Silvery Colorado
Wends its Way" II. Dory.
Comic Song, "The Lass o' Killicrankiu"
R. A. Wright
Comic  Song,   "No  Wedding   Bells
For Me" W. Pinchbeck
Chorus "Tenting on the old  Camp
Ground" Choir.
A very pleasant evening wa? spent.
Ice cream, rakes and lemonade were
served, muih to tho delight of the kiddies and young ladies.
A very interesting ceremony took
place afler the termination of the concert, Miss Lucy, who is leaving the city
being the recipient of a purse of gold
preeenlel to ber in recoguition of her
services as organist.
A dance was given at tho I.O.O.F
Hall on Monday night at Slocan.
There was a good attendance, including
some visitors from Silverton. Everybody had a good time. Dancing was
kept np until 1 o'clock.
2 DAYS 2
From our Correspondent.
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. McDougald and
children left for an extended trip to the
Great preparations are being made
for July 1st. Boat races, horse races,
ladles' and children's races, and a football match; also anions! re cali'lmmpian
procession and other events loo numer
ous to mention. If you want a good
time, come lo Nakusp !
A lo lgo of lhe " Woodmen of the
Woild" is about to be organized in
town, and wo nnderstand it will be installed on or about July 2nd.
On Friday evening last, the Nakusp
Dramatic Club gave an enjoyable production of the comedy "B 'tween the
Acts." This will be the last appearance
of ihe club for this season, but great
arrangements are being made fur next
season. Ii is the intention of tlie club
to produce a high-class copyrighted play
and also to secure a full set of new
Mr. D. T. Bulger was called to Nelson
on Tuesday last to attend the funeral of
bis brother-in-law, Mr. Geo. Gardiner.
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan, also Masters
Howell and George spent a few days on
their ranch at Edgewood.
The strawberry season is now in full
swingand the ranchers are bringing in
beautiful fruit.
Mr. Geo. Smith and Fred. Gates left
for a trip to England and Scotland.
They expect to be away about three
The Silver Ores of
Smelters that will not smelt and mills
that will not mill the orei they were intended to tre.it, stand idle at many
points in the Kootenay district, silent
but irrefutable witnesses to the frauds
and mistakes perpetrated in tbe name
of mining.
The Slocan has no idle smelters but
there are several useless mills in the
camp ; some built before a supply of ore
was found, but most of them erected before the nature of the ores to be dressed
had been fully investigated.
As the future welfare of this camp do-
pends mainly on tbo proper dressing of
its zinc minerals for market, and on
the economical treatment of all grades
of silvor minerals found here, nil information on the nature of tho ores,
vein giinguos and best methods of dressing **.iid treating the various ore should
I think, be collected and made as public a.3 possible for the good of tbe camp.
With this aim, tho following brief
article on the silver minerals of lho
camp is submitted, to aid, in some
measure, tin se wbo have not had time
or opportunity to investigate the composition and propertiesof these mineral..
Cerargarile, "horn silver," or chloride of silver and bromyrite, or bromide
of silver, havo been omilted from the
list as no minerals answering the physical and chemical lests which determine
these two minerals have, as far as I
kuow, yet been found In Ibis camp.
N-lTT*fl Ot
Baseball, Lacrosse,
Caledonian Sports, Launch
and Boat Races,
Illuminated Water Parade,
Rock Drilling, Firemen's
Races, etc.
A Continuous Carnival of
Amusement for Two Days.
Reduced Rates on all Transportation Lines.
And Bless the Maple Leaf for
Wm. Irvine, Chairman.
Guu. IIobstead, Secy.
Though late from tbe presses the
June issue of "Westward IIo!" with its
splendid stories and illustrations is by
far the best number yet turned out.
Cy Warman bas a capital story "The
healheu," and Roy Ilorniinan, an
equally well known magazine writer
Contributes an amusing phantasy of
the future, entitled, "No Ball." Miss
Irene McColl, a young Briti.-h Columbia
writer wl.o is rapidly making a name
for her fiction, has a sweet though sad
story in "As She Sowed." "The Reef
of Landell's Woe" by N. Tourneur and
"The Brothers" by Reuben Rambler
are two good pieces of fiction. In the
travel department this month's magazine introduces Mr. Fiank Burnett, of
Vancouver, who contributes an illustrated article on "Tbe Ruined Cities of
Ceylon." "Indian Legendry," "The
Log of the Mineola," "Photographic
Notes," "Country and Suburban Gardens," are all of local interest and the
excellent series of sketches on the
various districts of the province under
tbe Lending "Potential Canada" speak
well for the enterprise of the publisher
in exploiting the possibilities of the
West. Next month Westward Ho!
commences its third volume and announces as a special feature a sketch of
Sir Wilfrid Laurier by the editor in bis
department, "Men I Have Met."
Silver, native.
Pyrargarite .
Proustito ...
Tetrabedrite .
Cum ii Name
Composition aiiuording to Atomic Weights
Chemical formula
Wire, flake or nugget
Silver glance	
Biiille silver	
Dark ruby silver ..
Light ruby silver..
Grey Copper	
Grey Copper	
Ags Sb. Si ....
Ag. Sb. S3 ....
Ag_ As. Ss ....
/ See Analysis
i      below
p. o.
Through the kindness of Mr. J. ti,
Smith, lhe committee of the above
library have been permitted to place the
books in hia store, where subscriber
may get them during business hours.
There are now 83 books in tbo library,
and six now oncsare added every month.
The subscription is only 2.") cents per
month. The names of new subscribers
will be gladly received by the Secretary,
Mrs. Rankine.
Slocnn peoplo are very disappointed
to bear that Silverton is not celebrating
Ibis year and hope it is ouly a rumo**.
Slocan Fruit Lands
We have them in large and small
blocks,   in   every  portion of the  district,
at all prices*    Write me for particulars*
Analysis of Samples of "Grey Copper" and Fieibergite from the "Slocan Star':
Mine, copied from the Report of the Zinc Commission, page 238���
Grey Copper
Silver I 15.14 per cent.
Corper  I 11.27
8 15
19.57 per cent.
14 57      �����
10.53 . "
7.51 "
24.91 ��
32.01 "
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
Bruges, Blakemore i Cameron
Regarding tbo above minerals, except
native silver, they are often found in a
decomposed condition, as blark powder
in cavities or as blue-black stains in the
gangue roik or clay selvage and are
then in a general way, referred to as
"Sulphurets of Silver."
Tetrabedrite, when found pure, is a
combination of sulphides of copper and
iintimony, with the formula 4 C112 Sx
Sl>2 S3 (or Cu8 Sb2 S7 ) wliich gives the
percentage composition���Copper 52.23
per cent., Antimony 24.73 per cent,
Sulphur 23.04 per cent.
However, the mineral is eo seldom
pure and is so variable in composition,
having usually much of the copper replaced by Bilvcr, that it is much more
importantas an ore of silver than as an
ore of copper. ^
There is little difference practically,
between tetrabeJrile and freibergite,
the latter usually being classed ns a
variety of tetrabedrite or "grey copper."
Tlie silver bearing minerals found in
the Slocan are associated mechanically,
not chemically, with tbe 1* ad, zinc, and
other minerals mined in the camp.
The above table shows that the chemical associates of the silver are all either
non-metallic, like arsenic and sulphur,
or very brittle, like antimony; and this,
fact should always be kept iu mind
when mills nro designed to dress Slocan ores.
In dressing the high grade silver ores
of the Slocnn, hand sorting, with suitable mechanical conveniences for
handling the material, iB no doubt more
satisfactory than any ordinary pruceBS
of milling; mainly on account of the
veiy friable nature of the silver minerals, which, in milling, become liberated
from the other minerals and vein gangue, and pass off as slimes.
Some of the silver ores of the Slocan
are so rich that they can be profitably handled by almost any method;
therefore will, at present, be dismissed
from consideration.
Tlie most important problem to be
solved in tbis camp is���how to profitably
obtain the silver values from the large
amounts of low grade ore, taken out
when mining the richer ore bodies, or
accumulating as robbings from sorting
the richer ores.
In many cases, especially in the "dry
ore" belt, where a mine produces ono
ton oi shipping ore, from two to four
tons of low grade ore will be accumulated on tbe dumps, and, all thia lower
grade material, mined, trammed, and
sorted, must lie wasteuntil some method
of extracting the silver values is devised.
The highest extraction of silver can,
undoubtedly, be obtained by smelting;
but tlie cost of transportation and treatment at present, practically prohibits
this method of utilizing the class of oro
under consideralion.
Especially in the "dry ore" belt, some
method of treating the second class ore
at or near the mines, must be found or
applied before the mines of ihat stction
can be made profitable generally.
Fine crmhing or sliming, followed by
cynniding and electric or other method
of precipitating iho silver has been
tried with fair success on Bomo of tbo
ores; but in many cases, due to very
complex ores or the peculiar nature
of the gangue matter, these methods
have not proved satisfactory.
The "vacuum oil process," a method
of extracting lbe metal minerals from
the gangue material, after crushing to a
suitable size, has been found adapted
to some complex ores; but it is not yet
demonstrated that this process will
save all the friable silver-bearing minerals found in Slocan ores.
At   the  present   time,  thousands of
tons of material, containing from ten up
to thirty ounces of silver per tun, are on
the dumps of Slocan mines, and tbo
I solving of tlie problem bow to profitably
I extract tbis silver means much lo the
, Slocan.
Fire at Henderson's Island.
A seriouB fire broke out on Saturday
night last at Henderson's Island, about
7 miles down the Slocan river, and
raged throughout the night, Winlaw's
lumber camp being completely burnt
out,    The  lire and   smoke conld    be
seen at New Denver, much ahum being evinced and many conjectures aa to
the wbereiibouts of the fire were abroad,
many be'icving Hint Slocan Cily had
been burnt out. All fears as to the latter were set at rest on Sunday morning
when a parly of men from New Denver
arrived at Slocan in n launch and leurnt
the true nature of the lire. THL   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
Author  ol   "Tht  Return  ol   Sherlock
Copyright, 1893, by Harper 4 Brothers
"HOW md you come, uncle?"
'"lu a calecbe."
"Where is It?"
"That Is it, beyond the nuberge."
"Come, let us make for it."
"And you, Amory, nre you coming?"
"My faith, it is time that I came,
from what you tell me. There is room
for a man with a sword at bis side in
this establishment of yours."
"But what would you do?"
"I would have a word with this Captain Dalbert. 11a, here conies our
calecbe! Whip Up, driver, and 5 livres
to you if you pass the gate of tbe In-
valides within the hour."
It was uo light matter to drive fast
In nn age of sprlngless carriages and
deeply rutted roads, but tbe driver
lashed nt bis two rough, undipped
horses, and the calecbe jolted nnd clait-
tered upon its way.
"Wbeu was all this?" nsked the
"It wns yesterday night."
"And where Is Allele now?"
"She is nt home."
"And this Dalbert?"
"Oh, he is there nlso!"
"Whnt! You hnve left her ln his
power while you cnme awny to Versailles?"
"She Is locked in ber room."
"Pah! Whnt is a lock?" Tbe young
man raved witb his bands In the air
nt the thought of bis own impotence.
"And Pierre is there."
"He is useless."
"And Amos Green."
"Ah, that ls better. He Is a man by
the look of bim."
"His mother was one of our own
folk from Stateu Island, near Mnn-
hnttan. Sbe was ono of those scattered
lambs who fled early before tbe wolves
when first it wns seen that tbe king's
band waxed heavily upon Israel. He
speaks French, and yet he is neither
French to tbe eye nor are bis ways
like our ways."
"And you havo left bim in the
"Yes; he was sat with this Dalbert,
smoking witb him aud telling him
strange tales."
"What guard could he be���he a
stranger in n strange land? You did ill
to leave Adele thus, uncle."
"She Is in God's hands, Amory."
"I trust so. Oh, I am on fire to be
Soon, ns tho road curved down to
the river bank, the city wnll grew
nearer nnd nearer until tbey had passed the southern gnte and were rattling
over the stony causeway, leaving the
broad Luxembourg upon their right
and Colbert's last work, the Invalides,
upon their left. Tlie young officer bad
his bead still thrust out of the window, but his view was obscured by a
broad gilded carriage which lumbered
heavily nlong in front of tbem. As tlie
road broadened, however, It swerved to
one side, and he was able to catch tt
glimpse of the Cutiiiat house.
It was surrounded ou every side bj
an immense crowd.
The house of the Huguenot merchant
was a tall, narrow building, standing
at the corner of the Rue St. Martin
and tbe Rue de Birou. It wns four
stories in height, grim and grave like
its owner, with high peaked roof, long
diamond paned windows, a framework
of blnck wood, with gray plnster Ailing
the interstices, and five stone steps
iwhlch led up to the narrow and somber
door. Tbe upper story was but a
warehouse, in which tbe trader kept
his stock, but the secoud nnd third
were furnished with bnlconies edged
with stout wooden balustrades. As
the uncle nnd tbe nephew sprang out
of the cnleche they found themselves
upon tho outskirts of a dense crowd of
people, who were swaying nud tossing
���with excitement, their chins all thrown
forward and tlieir gaze directed upward. Following their eyes, the young
officer snw a sight wliich loft him
stnnding bereft of every sensation save
From the upper balcony there was
hanging bend downward a man clad
"Pull mc up, son of the devil, pull m_
up /" he screamed.
In tbe blight blue coat nnd white
breeches of one of the king's dragoons.
His bat nnd wig had dropped off, nnd
his close cropped head swung slowly
backward and forward n good fifty
feet nbove the pavement. Ills voice
resounded over the whole place until
the air was filled with bis screams for
Above bim nt the corner of the balcony there stood a young man who
leaned wltb a bent back over tbe
balustrade and who held the dangling
dragoon by either ankle. Ills face,
however, was not directed toward his
victim, but was half turned over his
shoulder to confront a group of soldiers who were* clustering at the lonn
open window wnicti opcn'ea-out into
tbe balcony.
Suddenly the crowd gave a groan of
excitement. Tbe young man bad released his grip upou one of the ankles,
and tbe dragoon hung now by one ouly,
bis other leg flapping helplessly lu the
"Pull me up, son of the devil, pull
me up!" he screamed. "Would you
murder me, then? Help, good people,
"Do you want to come up, captain?"
snld the strong, clenr voice of the
young mnn nbove bim, speaking excellent French.
"Yes, sacred nnme of God, yes!"
"Order off your men, tbeu."
"Away, you dolts, you imbeciles! Do
J you wish to see me dnshed to pieces?
Awny, I say!   Off with you!"
"Thnt is better," snld tbe youth when
the soldiers bnd vanished from tbo
window. He gnve n tug nt the dragoon's leg as be spoke, whicli jerked
him up so far thnt he could twist
round aud catch hold of the lower edge
of tbe balcony. "How do you find
yourself now?" he nsked.
"Let me up, sir; let me up!"
"All ln good time. I fear that It Is
Inconvenient to you to talk with your
heels ln the nir. I nm going to pull
you up, but only on conditions."
"Oh, they are granted! I am slipping!"
"You will lenve tbis house���you and
your men. Y'ou will not trouble this
old mnn or this young girl nny further.
Do you promise?"
"Oh, yes; we shnll go! Only pull me
"Not so fast. It may be easier to
talk to you like this. I do not know
how the laws nre over here. Maybe
this sort of thing is not permitted. You
will promise me that I shall have no
trouble over the matter."
"None, none.   Only pull me up!"
"Very good.   Come along."
lie dragged at the dragoon's leg,
while the other gripped his way up the
bnlustrnde until amid n buzz of congratulation from the crowd he tumbled
nil 'n a henp over the rail on to the
bnlcony, where be lay for n few moments ns he bad fallen. Then, staggering to his feet, without a glnnce at
his opponent, be rushed with a bellow
of ;ngo through the open window.
While this little drama bad been en-
ncted overhead tbe young guardsman
had shaken off his first stupor of
amazement and had pushed his way
through the crowd with such vigor
tbat be nnd bis companion hnd nenrly
reached tbe bottom of tbe steps. The
uniform of tbe king's guard was In Itself n passport anywhere, nnd the face
of old Catlnat wns so well known ln
the district tl.nt everv one drew back
to clenr n pnth for him townrd his
bouse. The door wns flung open for
them, nnd an old servant stood ���wringing bis bunds ln the dark passnge.
"Oh, master! Ob, master!" be cried.
"Such doings!   Such infamy!"
As be spoke a clatter and shouting
which bnd burst out ngnin upstairs
ended suddenly In a tremendous crash,
with volleys of oaths and a prolonged
bumping and smashing, whicli shook
the old bouse to its foundations. The
soldier und the Huguenot rushed swiftly up the first flight of stnlrs and were
nbout to ascend the secoud one, from
the head of which tho uproar seemed
to proceed, when four men, so locked
together that they formed but oue rolling bundle, came thudding down nruld
a debris of splintered stair rails and
writhed and struggled upon the landing, staggering up, falling down, nnd
nil breathing together like the wind ln
a chimney. So twisted and twined
were they that It was hard to pick one
from the other save that the Innermost
was chid in black Flemish clotb, while
tbe three who clung to him were soldiers of the king. Yet so strong and
vigorous was tbe man whom tbey tried
to hold that ns often ns he could find
Ills feet he dragged tbem after him
from end to end of the passage, ns a
bom* might pull tbe curs which had
fastened on to his haunches. An officer, who bnd rushed down nt tbe heels
of the brawlers, thrust his hnnds In to
Catch the civilian by the throat, but
he whipped them back ngnin with nn
oath as the man's strong white teeth
met In his left thumb. Clapping tbe
wound to bis mouth, be flashed out his
sword nnd wns nbout to drive it
through the body of bis unarmed opponent when De Cutiiiat sprang for-
wnrd and caught him by the wrist.
"You villain, Dalbert!" he cried.
Tbe sudden nppearuuee of one of the
king's own bodygunrd hnd a mngic
effect upon the brawlers. Dalbert
sprung back, with hi.*; thumb still in his
mouth and his sword drooping, scowling darkly at the newcomer. His
troopers had released their victim nnd
stood panting in n line, while the young
man leaned against the wall, brushing
the dust from his black coat.
"1 hnd a little account to settle with
you before, Dalbert," said De Cutinnt,
unsheathing bis rapier. Your sword,
"I havo no quarrel with you."
"No?" De Cutinnt stepped forward
nnd struck hlm across the fnce with
his open hnnd. "It seems to me that
you bnve one now," snld bo.
"Hell and furies!" screamed the captain. "To your amis, men! Hola, there,
from nbove! Cut dowu this fellow and
seize your prisoner! Hola! In the
king's nnme!"
At bis call n dozen more troopers
cnme hurrying down tbe stairs, while
the three upou the Inndlng ndvnnced
upou their former antagonist. He slipped by tbem, however, and caught out
of the old merchant's hand the thick
oak stick.
"1 nm with you, sir," snld be, taking
his place beside the gunrdsmnn.
"Call off your canaille anl fight me
like n gentleman," cried De Catinat.
"A gentleman! Hark to the bourgeois Hugueuot, whose family peddles
"You cownrd. I will write liar on
you with my sword point!"
He sprung forward nud sent ln a
thrust which might hnve found Its
way to Dalbert's heart bad tbo heavy
saber of a dragoon uot descended from
the side and shorn bis more delicate
weapon off close to the hilt. With a
shout of triumph bis enemy sprang
furiously upon him witb his rapier
shortened, but wns met by a sharp
blow from the cudgel of tbe young
Stranger which sent bis weapon tinkling ou to the ground. A trooper,
however, ou the stair bnd pulled out a
pistol nnd, clapping it within a foot of
the guardsman's bend, wns about to
sej.tle   the  combat  once and  forever
traen a little oiq gentleman' wno" had
quietly ascended from the street nnd
who bad been looking on with an
amused aud Interested smile nt tbis
fiery sequence of events took a sudden,
quick step forwnrd and ordered all
parties to drop tbelr weapons witb a
voice so decided, so stern and so ful'
of authority thnt the saber points nil
clinked down together upou the parquet flooring as though it were a pnrt
of their daily drill.
"Upon my word, gentlemen; upon
my word!" bo said, lookiug sternly
from one to the other. In his gait und
benring he had a dainty strut nnd
buckwurd cock of tbe bend, which,
taken with bis shnrp hlnck eyes, bis
high, thin features and his assured
manner, would impress a stranger with
the feeling that tbis was a mnn of
power. And, indeed, in France or out
of it there were few to whom this
man's nnme wns not (familiar, for iu
nil France the only figure which loomed
up as large ns thnt of the king wns
this very little gentlemnn who stood
now, with gold snuffbox in one hnnd
and deep laced handkerchief in the
other, upon the landing of the Huguenot's bouse, for who wns there who
did uot know the lust of the great
French nobles, lhe bravest of French
captains, the beloved Conde, victor of
llocroy nud hero of the Fronde?
De Oattnat raised the stump of his
sword lu n snlnte.
"Heh, heh!" cried the old soldier,
peering nt bim. "You were with me on
the Rhine���heh? I know your fnce, enp-
tnln. But the household wns wltb Tu-
"I wns In the regiment of Picnrdy,
your highness. De Catinat ls my
"Yes, yes. But you, sir, wbo the devil
are you?"
"Captain Dalbert, your highness, of
the l.anguedoc Blue dragoons."
"ney! I wns passing In my carriage
and I saw you standing on your head
iu the nir. The young mnn let you up
on conditions, ns I understood."
"He swore he would go from the
*iouse," cried the young stranger.   "Yet
when I had let him up ho set his men
upon me. nnd we all cnme downstairs
"Sly faith, you seem to hnve left little bebiud you," said Conde, smiling,
as he glanced at the litter which wns
Strewn all over the floor. "And so you
broke your parole, Captain Dalbert?"
"I could not hold treaty with a Huguenot nnd tin enemy of the kiug," said
thc dragoon sulkily.
"Y'ou could hold treaty, It appears,
but uot keep it. Aud wby did you let
hlm go, sir?"
"I believed his promise. I hnve been
used to deal with Indians."
"Heh! And you think nu Indian's
word is better thnn thut of nn officer
in the king's dragoons?"
"I did not think so nn hour ago."
"Y'ou ure very strong, monsieur," said
Conde, glancing keenly at the broad
shoulders nnd arching chest of tbe
young stranger. "You are from Cau-
adn, 1 presume?"
"I bnve been there, sir. But I nm
from New York,"
"Aud bow cnme you to speak
"My mother was of French blood."
"And how long bave you been hi
"A dny."
"Heh! And you nlrendy begin to
throw your mother's country folk out
of windows!"
"He wus annoying n young maid,
sir, nnd I nsked him to slop, whereou
lie whipped out bis sword und would
bave slniu me hnd I not closed with
him, upon which ho culled upon bis
fellows to uid him. To keep them off
I swore that I would drop bim over if
they moved a step. Y'et when I let
hlm go tbey set upon me again."
"Hem! You did very well. You are
youug, but you hnve resource."'
"I was reared in the woods, sir."
"If there ure many of your kidney
you may give my friend De Frontenac
some work ere he found this empire
of which he talks. But how is this,
Captain Dalbert? What bave you to
suy ?"
"The king's orders, your highness,
nre to use every menus which may
drive these people into the true
"On my word, you look a very flue
npostle and a pretty champion for u
holy cnuse," said Conde, glancing snr-
donlcully out of bis twinkling black
eyes nt tbe brutal face of tbe dragoon.
"Take your men out of this, sir, and
never venture to sot foot ugaiu across
this threshold."
"But the king's commnnd, your highness."
"I will tell the king wben 1 see bim
lhnt I left soldiers nnd that I find
brigands. Not u word, sir! Awny!
Vou tnke your shame with you, nud
you lenve your honor behind." He
hnd turned in nn Instant from the
sneering, strutting old beau to tbe
fierce soldier with set fnce und eye of
lire. Dalbert shrank buck from bis
baleful gnze, nnd, muttering un order
to bis men, they liled off dowu the
Stair with clattering feet und clank of
"Your highness," said the old Hugueuot, coming forward und throwing
open oue of the doors which led from
thu landing, "you huve indeed been u
Savior of Israel nud u stumbling block
to the frowurd this day. Will you not
deigu to rest under my roof and even
to take a cup of wine ere you go ou-
Conde raised bis thick eyebrows at
the Scriptural fashion of the merchant's speech, 'but he bowed courteously to tbe Invitation.
"My carriage waits below," said he,
"and I must not delay longer. It is
uot often that I lenve my castle of
Chantilly to come to Turis, nud it wus
a fortunate chance whicli mnde me
puss in time to be of service to honest
men." He Inclined ngnin his bewigged
bend nnd strutted off in his dainty,
dandified fashion. From the window
De Catinat could see hlm step Into tbo
same gilded chariot which hnd stood
lu his way ns lie drove from Versailles.
"By my faith," snld he, turning to
tbe youug American, "we all owe
thanks to the prince, but It seems to
ine, sir, thnt we ure your debtors eveu
more. You have risked your life for
my cousin, and but for your cudgel
Dalbert would bnve hnd bis blade
through me when he hud me at n vnn-
tuge. Your bnud, slrl These are
things which a man cannot forget."
"Aye, you may. well thank bim, Amory," broke lu tiie old Huguenot, who
had returned nfter eseartlng his Illustrious guest to the carriage.   "He has
neen ruisecr up*as n cnanrpTon ilie "lift
afflicted and as a helper for those who
are lu need."
But tbelr young visitor nppenred to
be more embarrassed by their thanks
than by any of bis preceding adventures. Tbe blood flushed to his wenth-
er tnnned, clenr cut face, as smooth as
that of a boy and yet marked by firmness of lip and shrewdness iu the keen
blue eyes.
"I have n mother nnd two sisters
over the wnter," snid he diffidently.
"And you honor womeu for their
"We always honor women over there.
Perhaps it is that we bnve so few. Over
In these old countries you have not
learned what It Is to be without them.
I hnve felt whnt a good woman Is and
how, like lhe sunshine, she draws out
of one's soul all that Is purest and
"Indeed, tbe Indies should be very
much obliged to monsieur, who Is as
eloquent ns he Is brave," said Adele
Cutinnt, who, standing In the open
door, had listened to the latter part of
bis remarks.
"Much of my life has been spent In
the woods," snld he, "nnd ono spenks
so Utile there that one comes to forget
how to do It. it wns for this that my
fnllicr wished mo to stay some time In
France, for he would not bnve me
grow up n mere trapper and trader."
"And bow long do you stop In Tar-
is?" asked the guardsman.
"Until Ephrnlm Suvnge, the mnstei
of the Golden Rod, my father's ship,
comes for me. She lias been to Bristol,
Is uow at Rouen nnd then must go to
Bristol aguin. When she conies buck
once more Ephriiim conies to Paris for
mo, nnd it will be time for me to go."
"And how like you Paris? Have you
seen the city yet?"
"Only as I journeyed through it yes-
ter evening ou my way to Ibis house.
It ls n wondrous plnce, but I marvel
how you enn find your wny nmoug
these thousands of bouses."
"Perchance it would be ns well thnt
you should huve n guide nt first," snld
De Cutinnt, "so If you have two
horses rendy hi your stnbles, uncle, our
friend nud I might shortly ride back to
Versailles together, for I hnve a spell
of gunrd ngnin before mnny hours nre
over. Then for some dnys he might
bide with me tbere, if he will shnre n
soldier's quarters, and so see more
than the Itue St. Martin enn offer."
"I should be right glad to come out
with you, if we mny leave all here In
safety," snid Amos.
"Oh, fear not for that," said the
Hugueuot. "Tbe order of tbe Princo
of Conde will he ns a shield nnd a buckler to us for mnny u dny. I will order Pierre to snddlc tlie horses."
After riding some time De Cntinnt
snid, "Now, if you will look tbere In
the gap of the trees, you will see the
king's new palace of Versnllles."
The two young men pulled up their
horses nnd looked down nt tbe wide
spreading building In all the benuty of
its dnzzling whiteness und nt lbe lovely
grounds, dotted witb fountain and with
statue nnd barred with hedge and with
walk stretching nwny to tho dense
woods which clustered round tbem.
Tbey passed through the gateway of
the palace, and lhe brond sweeping
drive lay In front of them, dotted witb
carriages and horsemen. On tbe gravel
walks were many gnyly dressed Indies,
who strolled iiinong the flower beds or
wntcbed the fountains with tlie sunlight glinting upon their high water
sprays. One of iliese, who bnd kept
her eyes turned upon the gnte, cnme
hastening forward tlie instant thnt De
Cntinnt nppenred. It wns Mile. Nnnon,
the confidnute of Mme. de Maintenon.
"I nm so pleased to see you, captain," she cried, "nud I hnve wnited so
patiently. Madame would speak with
you. The kiug comes to her at 3, and
wo have but tweuty minutes.   I heard
Fire, Lidhtnind
Rust and Storm Proof
Durable and
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you are thinking of covering and we
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Metallic Roofing Go.
tajtm iii i tMrnrnmaaWtttttW
197  Notre  Dame Ave.
A   Kind   Deed.
At a meeting of n Band of Mercy
clnss in a smnll town nenr Denver
encb child relates the kind deed he
or she has recently done. One day
the teacher nsked little Emily to ,*e-
lnte the kind deed she had done. She
quickly rose and suid:
"I took off a tin cun tied to a littlo
dog's  tail. '
The tenclier nsked: "Do you know
who tied it on."
"Yes," replied Kmily, with hesitation. "I didn't know any kind deed
to report, so I tied it on so thnt I
eould tuke it off."
Muscular Rheumatism Subdued.���
When ono is a sufferer from muscular rheumatism he cannot do better
than to hnve tlie region rubbed with
Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. There is
no oil that so speedily shows its effect in subduing pain. Let the rubbing be brisk nnd continue until ease
is secured. There is more virtue in
a bottle of it than enn be fully esti-
"1 suppose Mrs. Gabble bus all the
Infest village gossip?" said tlie grocer
as tbut estimable lady flitted by.
"You can trust her for tbat," said
the fair customer.
"Only tiling i would trust hor for,"
snid the grocer, speaking to Himself in
a low, sympathetic tone.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.
"I hnve no use for fair weather
"Nor I, either. J have never seen
one of them yet thnt had nn umbrella
lying around where n fellow could
swipe it nt a pinch."
"1 am so pleased to see* you, cu-ptttiii."
thnt you hnd gone to Purls, und so I
stationed myself here. Madame bus
something which she would ask you."
"Then I will come nt once. Ah, De
Brissac, it is well met!"
A tall, burly officer wns pnssing lu
the sumo uniform which De Cutinnt
wore. He turned at once and cnme
smiling toward bis comrade,
"Ab, Amory, you have covered a
league or two from tbe dust on your
"We nre fresh from Taris. But 1
am culled ou business. This Is my
friend, M. Amos Green. I lenve him
In your hnnds, for be is a stranger
from America nud would fain see all
tbut you can show. He stays with me
at my quarters. And my borse, too,
De Brissac. You enn give It to tbe
Throwing the bridle to his brother
officer nud pressing the hnnd of Amos
Green, De Cutiunt sprang from hi3
horse nud followed nt the top of bis
speed in the direction which the young
lady hnd already taken.
(To oe Oontinuea..
A mother who bus once used Baby's
Own Tablets for her children will el-
ways use them for tlie minor nilments that come to nil little ones.
The Tablets are tbe best medicine in
the world for the cure of indigestion,
colic, constipation, diarrhoea, teething troubles and breaking up colds.
And the mother hns the guarantee
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medicine contains no poisonous opiate
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Eleanors, t'.E.T., snys:���"1 have used
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tliem for the cure of stomach and
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Brockville, Out.
Money is the  best  of friends:  but
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Tho worst men sometimes reform.
The worst women seldom get the
Tablets. Druggists refund money if
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One of the new Paris police dogs, n
mastiff named Lion, hns arrested two
railway thieves. He pulled one down
from the vim of a train which he wns
nibbing, nnd caught the other one
hiding beneath the train. Tho men'
broke nway from tlie police who took
them in charge, but Lion brought
tliem back.
Wby suffer from corns when they
can he painlessly rooted out by using Holloway's Corn Cure.
Bronson���Old De Swell seems more
proud of his horse than of his family.
Woodson���No wonder. The horse
hns n pedigree.���Illustrated  Bits.
sll hurd, soft or callmiscil tumps and blem
ishes, from liui.s.'.i, bluotl spu-rin,. curbs.
.plintH, ril%bone, Sweeney. Htilln**, sprains, sor.
ind swollen thrust, roughs, etc. Save too b}
isn of one bottle. Warranted the must won
lsr.u.1   Dlimiish   Curo   ever   known.
"I should think a olockmaker's business wns n very uncertain one."
"Why so?"
"Becnuse it is business that runs
on tick, and one engaged in it is always sure of n strike coming, with
the daily prospect of n wind-up."
"After nil. it's the wise man who
can change his opinion."
"But the wisest men simply can't
do it."
"Why   not?"
"Because tbey hnve been dead for
yenrs."���-Cntholic Standard  &  Times.
Host���Well, Tommy, whnt do you
wnnt ?
Visiting Boy���I wnnt some of the
turkey first, but I���I haven't got
my other wnnts classified yet.���Chicago Tribune.
Knicker���It doesn't always pay   to
[ be polite.
I    Bocker���No;   end   seats   are   never
sugar cured.
The   Story   That   Comes   From   Its!
About a  Haunted  House.
Italy Is stesdlly producing tbe chum
pion "spirit" yarns of the decade. Tb
following comes from Anconn nnd i
given In tbe lnnguage of two brothe
lnwyers, the sons of Signor Marraelnl
public prosecutor:
"Since several dnys tbe strange*:
events hnve been taking plnce iu our
house. Lnst night we heard repeated
knocklugs and the moving of furniture
In uninhabited rooms. Hurrying thith
cr, we henrd n rustliug und nothing
more. Meanwhile there was n curious
disturbance in the electric wires, anil
nil tbe bells lu the bouse began to
ring, making u horrible din. Believing
tbat the wires bnd somehow got Into
contact, we hnd tbe whole iustallntioii
examined by a competent person, bu*.
everything was In order. But the most
remarkable thing wus the discovery ol
jets of water springing from the walls
and almost flooding the floors. These
were seen not only by us, but by othei
persons ns well. Shortly afterwnrd
we were in tbe dining room when we
saw milk coming up through the lloor
We reported the mutter lo some workmen, who examined the walls, broke
up the floors, raising the blocks, bul
they did uot find the least trace of
milk, water or nny other liquid.
"Still the prodigies were not finished,
ns wns shown by the appearance in the
dining room of n cup filled with milk
One of us who happened to be close to
the spot ou the floor where the cup nppenred drew n little nearer nnd snw n
eup of coffee nnd milk arrive. Our fn
ther then cried jokingly: 'Coffee nml
milk? Bull! I should prefer wiue.
Shortly afterward, while the table was
being cleared, we saw n liquid running
from the wnlls. It was wine. A little
while ngo n pear nppenred, nnd then
we recalled Hint our sister had asked
nt table for n pear, but wns refused,
as sbe bad already eaten enough fruit
The pear was on n dish, which wns
locked nwny hi tbe glnss sideboard
When lbe Intter was opened the peai
was uo longer there.
"We then thought that some mye
terious niedlunilstie force might be exercised by our sister, so we wutehed
her every movement carefully and followed the child when she rose from
lhe table. When She passed close to n
bookshelf where there were two vol
nines on spiritualism, one of the books
was raised In the nir ns though b.\
some supernatural force. It bit the
girl several times on the shoulders,
then danced for n few moments in the
nir nnd wns then chipped against lhe
wnll nt the very spot whence the milk
hnd issued."���Chicago News.
and Colds
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Showing Patent Tab
Penalizing  Night  Buyers.
By n special order of the miuistry of
tlie interior persons wlio rlug the nighl
bell nt the chemist's between It) o'clock
nt night nud (i o'clock In the morning
will hnve to pny a tax of til) hellers
(flvepence) iu addition to the cost ol
the medicine or other articles tbey
wish to obtain. The object of the or
der is not to Increase the chemists' re
celpts nor to burden the public with
nny new taxes, but merely to induce
the public to get medicines and drugs
during the hours the shops nre open
thnt is, from 7 n. m. to!) p. in.
Iu nrgeul cases the fivepence will uot
be charged, the physician marking the
prescription K. N. (Kxpeditls nocturnal
The chemists hnve agreed to ullow thi
assistants on night duty to keep the
moneys received from the new tnx as
some reimbursement for their extra
labor.���Vleunn Dispatch to Pall Mull
Costly Royal Funerals.
Some foreign pnpers hnve been dis
cussing the cost of the recent funeral
of King Carlos und the crown princo
of Portugal, Incidentally recalling the
reported outlny ou other royal obsequies. Tit-Bits snys thut no modern
ruler hns been burled nt the cost ot
Alexander the Grent, nt whose funeral
$5,000,000 was spent, pnrt of the money going townrd providing a solid gold
coflln for tbe dend ruler. Emperor
William of Germany was buried at n
cost of $125,000, nud tbe Inst rites ot
the Grand Duke Nicholas used up
ubout $200,000. At the funeral of President Curnot $''t).()00 wus speut on
(lowers nlone. When the Duke of Wellington wus luid to rest In 1852, $.",."i(),.
000 wns spent, giving bim whut hns
been described ns the most splendid
funeral of tbe nineteenth century.
New Flags.
The professional ling maker was
nsked whut becomes of nil tbe old dugs
when n new star, representing u new
state, must be placed lu the union
"Tiie cheap printed Hugs," lie replied,
"are almost a total loss Of course we
keep truck of legislation as well us we
enn and anticipate to a large degree
thc dawning of the new star, while
we work oft" old stock ns fust ns possible. In expensive flngs we cut out the
stnrs nnd arrange them, with the addition of the new one, lu n new union,
according to designs mnde by congress
or the war department The stripes of
course never change. Personally I
should like to see tbe union reformed.
Why uot our natlounl emblem, the eagle, In the center, surrounded by nil
the stars hi one, two or three circles?"
���New York Press,
A New Spelling Fling.
"The Nu Spelln Long of Amurrikn
bas," snys the Glasgow Herald, "Just
ndded seventy-five more wurds to tbe
Inngwnge. Tlsls' and 'tung' are two
of tho wurst. It wood glv us a slk
feolln nbout the dinfrnm to ent nn eg
spelt with wun *g.' We get n num-
ness thru nil our llms nt the site of
such foren wurds us 'ngust' nnd 'gnrd,
'lam' and 'lluletted.' There nre nbout
sixty more, but these are more tban
���nuf fo.- win niirrnirraf."
W.   N.    U.    No.
What the Boy Thought.
Dressed In the Intest nnd most np
proved motor cycilug coatuiue, witb
goggles ull complete, the motor cyclist
gayly toot-tooted ��is way by Kegent's
park townrd the zoo. Suddenly he
slackened, dismounted nud snid to a
small, grubby urchin **I sny, my boy,
nm I right for the r.oo'i" Tbo boy
gasped nt so strange n sight nnd
thought It must be some new animal
for the gardens. "Ynu may be nil
right If they huve u spare cnge." he
snld when be eould find bis tongue,
"but you'd ba' stood u fur better chance
If,you'd 'ad a tall."
The buck collar stud in
our shirt Is inserted in the
tab, shewn iu cut.
In this way the stud is
easily inserted and it never
touches the neck of the
When the collar is on,
the tab cannot move.
But there is sufficient
room left in the button-hole
(or the collar to move
slightly from one side to
the other, so that the collar
may be easily adjusted iu
the front.
Only on Tooke Shirts can
this tab be found.
The Age of a Horso.
An inquiry us to the limit of age
of horses is reported in a German
journal . by Dr. Nomer-Barensburg,
who has collected Information far
and wide <m thc subject. According
to bis conclusion IIO years would seem
to be the equine equivalent for the
human "three score yenrs und ten."
It is a good old age thr horses, but
mnny reach it nnd not a few surpass
it. Tlie oldest horse of which he could
learn any definite facts wus n roun
mme bred in tlio government stock
���.iinn in Hungary, nnd she wns at
least 45 yenrs old when she died.
These pills Cure Rheumatism.���
i'o the inuny who suffer from rheumatism a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills is recommended. They
have a pronounced action upon the
liver nud kidneys nud by regulating
the nclion of tiiese organs, net as an
alternative in preventing an admixture of uric ncid nnd blood that
causes this painful disorder, They
must be taken according to directions
and used steadily nnd tbey will
speedily give evidence of their bene-
liciul effects.
"Is marriage a failure?"
"When it doesn't happen."
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Old Bullion���It' gulls mo to think
thnt my money goes into your spendthrift hands  when   1   ilie.
Young Bullion���Never mind, governor; it won't stay there long.���Tit-
From October to Mny, Colds nre the
most  frequent  cnuses  of    Headache.
LAXATIVE   BROMO  QUININE    removes cause.   E. W. Grove on box 26c.
Sonic littlo while ago n popular
writer visited a jail in order to tnko
���Kites for a magazine article on prison Iif**. On returning home he described the horrors he hnd seen, and
'iis description made a deep impression on the mind of his little daughter, Mary, The writer and bis offspring n week later wen* iii u train
together, which stopped at n station
near a gloomy building. A mnn nsked:
"What place is that?"
"The county jail," another nuswer-
*il promptly.
Whereupon Mary embarrassed  her
father  nnd  aroused  the  suspicions  of
tin* iiiher occupants of the carriage
by asking In n loud shrill voice:���
"Is thnt the jnil you were In, fnlh-
er ? "���I.onuon Opinion.
in the Face
Long standing case completely cured
by Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerv_ Food.
Headache nnd Neuralgia.
Whut hosts of people seek for euro
of these nilments.
And  in vain.
Because they nre misled by going
nfter medicines  whicli  only  relieve.
Dr. A. H. Chase's Nerve Food is
not a mere relief for henduches nnd
neuralgia but is a thorough cure in
the only wny these troubles enn ever
be really cured���by restoring the nervous system.
Mrs. James Clancy, 714 Water St.,
Peterboro, Ont., states: "I was troubled more or less with severe headaches nnd neuralgia tor nineteen
yenrs. Besides suffering I wns useless
>is far ns work wns concerned, Dr.
Chnse's Nerve Food built up my system generally nml made a thorough
cure of my old trouble, It succeedod
in my case nfter n greut mnny treatments bud failed."
Neuralgia nnd nervous headaches
nre always nn Indication of exhausted
nerves. Make the cure thorough by
using Dr. A. XV. Chase's Nerve Food,
50 cts. at all dealers or Edmonson,
Bates & Co., Toronto, Ont, Portrait
und signature of A. W. Clinso, M. D.,
the famous Receipt Book author, cn
every box. q5
Everyone Needs a Tonic in Spring
to Purify and Build Up the
If you wnnt new health nnd
strength in spring you must build uji
your blood with a tonic medicine.
Indoor lilo dining the long winter
months is responsible for tbo depressed condition und feeling of constant tiredness wliich affects so many
people every spring. This condition
means thnt the blood is impure and
watery. Thnt is whut cnuses pimples
nud unsightly eruptions in some;
others hnve twinges of rheumatism,
cr the sharp, stubbing pains of neuralgia. Poor appetite, frequent headaches, and a desire to uvoid exertion
is nlso due to bud blood. Any or all
of these troubles can be banished by
the fair use of sucli u tonic medicine
as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Every
dose of this medicine helps to make
new, rich, led blond, whicli drives
oat impurities, stimulates every or-
.���.*iii. strengthens every nerve, nnd
brings ii feeling of new health nud
new energy to weak, tired out, ailing
men nnd woman. Here is proof Unit
Dr, Williams' Pink Pills is the greatest of all spring medicines. Mr. Henry Baker, Chipman, N. B., says:-���
"Last spring I was so weuk and miserable that 1 could hardly drag myself about. My appi tile wns poor, J
did not sleep well, und dreaded work.
My blond was iu n terrible.cuiiililion,
which caused pimples nnd smnll boils
to breuk out nil over me. Thoso
would itch und pain and caused me
much trouble. 1 tried several medicines but without the least benefit,
when one duy n friend nsked me why
1 did not try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
He spoke so highly oi Ibis medicine
that 1 decided to tnke his uilviee und
give the pills n trial, i got a half
dozen boxes und the result wns that
by the time tliey were finished 1 felt
like nn altogether different man.
Tliey purified my blood, built up my
whole system, nud 1 huve not hud a
pimple on my flesh, not a sick day
since. For this reason I enn highly
recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
as a blood builder and purifier.'1
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
inuil nt 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $_h60 from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Out.
Some   Relief.
"Everything lovely down at the
"Yes; we are leading tile quiet life
these dnys."
"How do you work it?"
"Well, you see, we have n phonograph, und it alternates witli my wif..*
niter supper."
Trial Is Inexpensive.���To those who
suffer from dyspepsia, indigestion,
rheumatism, or uny ailment arising
from derangement of the digestive system a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills is recommended, should the sufferer be unacquainted with them. The
trial will be inexpensive und tlie
result will be another customer for
this excellent medicine. So effective
is tlieir action Unit ninny cures cun
certainly be traced to their use where
other   pills   bnve   proved   ineffective.
Miss Tersleep���What keeps you here
so lute?
Mr. Stoplate���Your glorious eyes.
Miss Tersleep���Well, tbey needn't
detain you. 1 can't keep 'em open
much  longer.���Cleveland  Lender.
cannot reach the sent of the disense.
Catarrh is n blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
must tuke inlcriinl remedies. Hull's
Oatarrh Cure is taken Internally,
and nets directly on the blood nnd
mucous surfaces. Hull's Catarrh
Cure is not n quack medicine. It
wns prescribed by one of the best
physicians in this country for years
and ii a regular prescription. It is
composed of tlie best tonics known,
combined with the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous
���mrfnees. The perfect combination rf
the two ingredients is what produces
_ucli wonderful results In curing Cn*
tarrh. Send for testimonials free.
F.   J.   CHUNKY  * CO.,
Props.,   Toledo,   0.
Sold  by  druggists,  price 75c.
Tuke  Hall's  Family  Bills  for  constipation.
The wny is dark thut lies before us,
In every qunrter dangers loom;
The thunder clouds are spreading o'er
But still we hurry to our doom!
Although ynu call my sadneSB folly,
1   will  not drive my fears nwny;
There's such u ehnrni  in melancholy,
i would not if  I  eould be gay.
Toss    Mad  al  hiin?    Why, he wrote
a lovely poem to her.
Jess    Yes,   but   she   never   rend   It.
When she snw the title of it she tore
the whole thing ii|i in n lit of linger.
Ynu  see,  lie culled   it  "Lines  on   Mu
bel's Face."- Philadelphia Press,
Pearl Thev thought al first they
would be married in Holland.
Ruby���And What ohanged their
mi nils?
Pearl- Why. they henrd that old
shoes in Holland weighed from two
to six pounds each.���Chicago News.
Not a drop
of Alcohol
.Doctors prescribe very little,if
|Uhy, alcohol these days. They
prefer strong tonics and alteratives. This is all in keeping
with modern medical science.
It explains why Ayer's Sar-
saparilla is now made entirely
free from alcohol. Ask your
doctor.   Follow his advice.
V/e publish our formula!
m     Wa banish aloohol
tr_  from our medicinaa
Wa urge you to
aonau.t your
Unless there is daily action of the bowels, poisonous products are absorbed,
causing headache, biliousness, nausea,
dyspepsia. We wish you would ask your
doctor about correcting your constipation
by taking laxative doses of Ayer's Pills.
i    It tie be tn. J. c. Ajee Co., Low nil, Mm,
How   King   Edward    Was   Shown   ���
Whitewashed   Elephant.
Few men can till a itfore interesting life story than Lord George Sanger, the famous London showman,
who has just announced his retirement from the Showmen's Guild, of
whicli he has been president for eighteen years.
"My father," he says, "was a Wiltshire ploughboy, but having no fancy
for tbe life be tied his horses'heads
together one day and leaving them
nt tlie roadside he walked to London.
At London Bridge he was seized by a
press-gang, und he served under Lord
Nelson on His Majesty's ship Victory.
Indeed, he trod the verv quarterdeck
on which Nelson fell at'Trafalgar.
--"On leaving tlie navy, after serving for over ten years, my futher
carried n peepshow on his shoulders,
nnd he used to set it on trestles in
villages und (he boys paid pennies to
peep at the pictures. He afterward
joined hands with a man named Tom
Gregory, nn old soldier -who hnd been
at Waterloo, and tbey tramped tho
country together."
Mr. Singer is practically a self-
educated as well ns self-made mnn.
He went to school* one day, nnd got
the enne for it. "And I deserved it,"
he says. "I went, hnino to my mother
crying. She said, 'Don't mind, George,
you shan't go back any more' And
mother   kept   her   word.     1   received
most of my education out of the Bible
lessons ut home. We loved onr Bible
nnd we gol iniieli good from it."
Of the showmen of to-day ��� nnd
there nro some 70.1100 moving nbout���
Mr, Sanger hns the highest opinion.
Tli ne men nml women nre recruited
from nil professions, and he defies,
nny man to point out a terrible crime
wliich was committed by a van dweller or showman. In the old dnys, Mr.
Sanger confesses, tlieir morals and
oharaoter were not so good as they
are to-day. But it must be remembered that the old country folk regarded thorn years ago as being aliens,
certainly not Englishmen. They were
liable to bo insulted and nbused by
hooligan villagers, who made war upon their goods nnd chattels. The
showman hud n great deal to make
them bnd���n bnd example wns set
them, nnd unfortunately evil followed
in their stops. Since those enrly dnys
showmen huve certainly progressed
with the times.
In the past they were forced to fight
some most oppressive laws, nnd Mr.
Suiiger recalls the dnys when their
caravans weje liable to be invaded at
six o'clock in the morning by plough-
boys in the guise of policemen, who
could violate tlieir homes with impunity.
Concerning the enrly fnirs which he
attended, Mr. Snnger says that in
mnny enses they were held on a Monday and the showmen, with their
vans, often bud to remain outside the
towns nml villnges on Sundays. "As
soon ns twelve o'clock struck there
wns a helter-skelter nice to get to the
ground, nnd, of course, it was a case
of first come first served. I have
known opposition showmen block up
one another's wheels nnd put stones
iu the roadway nnd to resort to other
menn dodges in order to hinder tlieir
"Among the old-timers," continued
the vetcrnn showman, "there were
some very wealthy men. Chief of them
wns Richardson, although he hud been
a warehouse boy; be left n large sum
of money townrd the building of a
church. Mr. George Wombwell was
another wealthy man, nnd no one
gnve moro to charity than he did. Yet
these men were travelers."
Perhaps one of the best stories
which Mr. Sanger tells is of the present King, who, when Prince of Wales,
visited a Sanger pantomine, in which
a white elephant .appeared. "It really
is white, I suppose?" said the prince,
as he was being conducted "behind"
the scenes to get a closer view. "Your
Royal Highness," replied the showman, dropping his voice, "wo may
deceive the public sometimes, but we
must not lie to our prince. We whitewash it twice a day I"
Strange   Incantation   By   Natives   In
Remarkable evidence was given by
British Fust African natives who have
turned King's evidence ut the inquiry
into the murder of the Englishman,
Mr. Thomas London.
One witness stated thnt Mr. London
wns surprised without his gun, nnd
practically hacked to death with
knives nnd an Arab sword, which wns
produced in court. The witness said
that when the murderers were currying nway tlie body one of tbem wiped
his blood-stained hnnd on n boundury
stone, leaving marks which formed
ono of the clues leading to the discovery of the body in a hole on the
Evidence was given showing that
tlie prisoners performed various incantations and sacrificial rites for the
purpose of bewitching ono of the
native hoys w11o hud accompanied
Mr. London nnd hud witnessed the
crime, BO thnt he would not give
Information to lho police.
The boy was placed in n chair nnd
covered with a black cloth, while
ono of the gang muttered inenntn-
tions. "Medicine" wns then mnde,
nnd the boy given some Arabic
charm.   The ceremony concluded with
the killing of n black fowl, over the
blood of which the bov wus made to
Five nntives were found puilly of
tho murder und sentenced to death.
Partridges' Devoti in.
Few birds nre so devoted to one nnother us partridges| but, like oth.t
much less affectionate birds, they
seem to get over their bereavements
in n remarkably short space of time.
When u envoy in September takes a
fancy to lying in n particular bit of
clover or a little pntell of rough grass
und thistles you may be nlmost sure
of finding them there at certain times
of the day, nnd unless tbey nre disturbed too frequently there they will
be found so long as nny of them nre
left. They are devoted alike to each
oilier and to particular spots, but their
family fondness is only existent so
long us the object of tlieir affections
is visihlo
Mr Smilli (after III tempered speech
by Browni-Mi Chairman nnd gentle
men, following the exninple of Mr
Brown's luncheon, 1 shnll venture to
dlsngree with btm,���Punch.
A Logical Conclusion.
"The old time sullors do not seem to
think much of steam vessels."
"Well. II Is only natural for nn old
icn dog to stick to his bark."���Baltimore American.
' ondon Society Amuses itself With "A
Happy Family Menagerie."
To be extremely silly Is the latest
fad in a certain section of London
*mnrt society. So snys a London correspondent. It Is ntnuzin*. what little
oiuetlce sucb folk require to become
experts. Thut Is because they hnve a
natural ns well ns a cultivated aptitude
for brainless diversion. It wus my
privilege to witness some of their un-
ies at u big west end ninusion Ihe oth-
���r afternoon. In my invitation the en-
tertulmueut was termed "A Happy
(''utility Menagerie."    In my ignorance
I Imagined thnt I wns to see some sort
of performance by animals thut hud
been trulned to overcome their natural
antipathies for one another. Animals
they were, lo be sure, but of the liu-
nnin Bpecies. They did not dress for
their pints.    Th*y simply noted theiu.
II wns agreed thut the greatest success
wus achieved by n pretty young woman who said that she hnd been Initialed Into the new cult only two dnys
before. She pretended to be u ent.
She lapped her (en out of a sniieer. She
wouldn't ent bread with butter on it
for four the butter would got on her
pnws. She tidied her hnir with the
Same movement n out "uses to wnsb its
face. When she wished to show n(Tec-
lieu for anybody she brushed up
ng.ilnst them und purred. Her conversation wns limited to n series of
meows. When It wns time for ber to
go she gave one loud meow which embraced the whole room und tripped off
to her carriage, running along the edge
nf the pavement the whole way.
One empty bonded youth assumed
fo lie a rooster and crowed lustily every minute or two. but Ids Imitntlon
wns not so good ns that of n young
mnn who proclaimed his nslnlne proclivities by braying In a fashion that
would have deceived n costermonger's
donkey. A fat woman old enough to
know better enacted the pnrt of n sitting hen. When she cackled it wns
supposed to Indicate thnt she nnd laid
nn egg. Other bipeds libeled the brute
creation with more or less success by
pretending to be cows, sheep, terriers,
gouts, etc. Anything sillier I have never seen I would have given something
(o hnve henrd tbe comments made upon
It by tbe servants who carried around
Dainty Footwear Made of Dresden
Ribbon Lined With  Batting.
For those wbo do not cure for slippers of wool or yum new booties nre
mnde of Dresden ribbon lined with cot-
ioii butting nud sewed to n sole. Just
ns knitted slippers are. These ure comparatively easy lo make at home, nud
trimming and shirring may be used to
make them us drossy as the most fas-
ildlous eould desire.
Wide ribbon shirred from nroh to toe
ind again shirred nt the heel will hnve
traeeful folds nt the side, nnd sucb a
dipper is best made by lirst sewing the
ribbon all around the edge of the sole
ind afterward shaping to (it the foot,
riiis will necessitate taking u V shaped
wedge from the material In front, but
he shirring nnd n bow nt the instep
'llde the senilis, so the effect ls noi
mined in nny wny.
It Is one of tho hardest of tasks to
iud a satisfactory woolen slipper to
natch the dressing gown, nnd by us
;ng Iho new Idea mnloiiul for both may
ie bought ut the snme time, so there
���vill be no renson for n variation of hue.
When necessary (he slipper top may
'ie i**�� ped off and cleaned, for sewing
the ribbon to the sole takes little time,
and the over neat appearance of the
slipper will well repay nny trouble.
If ribbon Is not used n piece of paper mny be pinned to lhe solo nnd the
pattern for ILe slipper out, nud tbe
���pillled silk mny be cut from the pn-
por. When this Is done n row of tiny
rosettes might be used to hide tbe seam
In frout
Sincerity and truth are the basis of
every virtus.-Confucius.
If the hnnds aro not good and tbe
���.nils badly shnpod. try to Improve Ilie
mtter by training tho cuticle. Every
night sunk the lingers In hot wnter for
Ave minutes. Then wilh nn orange
wood slick press buck the cullcle (o
lengthen the nulls. Afterword rub lu
cold cron-i. Do not omit this or the
souklng Will make tlio cuticle very dry
Kngr It-n as a bull* tonic may bo made
hy mixing two ounces of dried sage
and two ounces of green ton, then putting them Into three quarts of water,
hulling In nn Iron kettle. This should
simmer unin reduced to two quarts
thou stand for twenty-four hours In
the sumo kettle. Afterward strain and
apply evenly to the hair nt night. It
is a sta.'n as well us tonic.
After the Infniil has bad Its bottle or
been fed ll should not he put at once
to IIo down. Instead Wt It upright on
'he knee, carefully supporting the delicate llllle nook wiih one bund while
���villi the other yo'.i rub gently up und
down the spine for n few minutes.
This treatment, which Is much reooin-
iiinded by experienced trained nurses.
helps   i|i the gus nnd lessens tho tonil-
���ney to colic nud sickness,
To help reduce n double chin practice
he following exorcise: Stunil erect In
���i military position. Place the hands
llgbtl' on tho hips, lingers forward
Drop the chin slowly on the collar bone,
then (brow tho bond buck wltb a quick,
���veil movement���Ihat Is, not a Jerk
rot putting all the musces Into qillcll
play. Repeat ton tlmo3. Turn till
'lend quickly to tho right till tbe chin
IS Just over the ri.*-.;ht shoulder, thot*.
**nck ngnin. Repent ton times. The*
turn the bond to the left In the sam.
wny. Repent ten times Do not tlr.
the muscles of the nock, bill grn Hiall;
Increase the number of exercises dully
until you enn practice each one about
flfly times without after dluon**.''***-*
Badly Expressed.
Clergyman���Yon can, however, com
fort yourself with the thought thnt
you mnde your husband happy while
he lived.
Widow���Yes, Indeed!   Dear .luclt was
In heaven until be died.���Judge.
Only Wanted a Chance.
She���1 see where n follow mnrrlod n
girl on his deathbed just so she could
hnve his millions when he was gone
Could you love n girl like thnt? Ho-
Sure I could lovo a girl like thai
Wire does she live?���Puolc,
Cold Settles
on Kidneys
Cure is obtained promptly by usina
Dr* A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Medical authorities plnce colds as
the most frequent cause of kidney
It is customary to consider the
lungs alone in danger from colds.
This is a mistake.
The kidneys are quite as susceptible und the effect is to congest und
clog tiiese filtering organs until the
whole system is poisoned nnd there
comes backaches, lumbago, aching
bend, jiuinful limbs und urinary derangements.
In a wonderfully short time Dr. A.
W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills afford
relief  nnd  cure.
Hy renson of their direct nnd combined notion of kidneys, liver nnd bowels they cleanse the system, purify
the blood nnd carry nwny the poisons
generated  by  reason  of  the  eold.
The great secret of health lies in
keeping these filtering nnd excretory organs regular and active nnd this onn best be done
by using Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one pill n do.-*,o, 20
cts. a box, nt nil dealers or Eilniun-
son. Bates & Co., Toronto, Ont.
On tin* extraordinary success of
Ibis medicine ns well as on the ic-
liability of his grent Receipt Hook
rests the fume of A. W. Chase, M.I).
The Auld Fulc.
An old gentleman in a village not
fur from Glasgow breakfasted every
morning on porridge, nml, in order
to snvo fuel, cooked a whole week's
supply every Saturday. One Friday
morning tlie stuff seemed vory cold
and very salt, and he felt he must
nbiindon Hie struggle to cut it. But
his stubborn nature forbade any such
thought. So he fetched the whiskey
from tlio cupboard nnd poured out a
glass and placed it before him on the
table. "Now Sandy," said he, "if
ye ent that parritch ye'll hue that
whuskey, an' if ye don't yc won't."
He stuck again at tlio last spoonful,
but keeping his eye steadily on the
glass of whiskey lie made a bold,
brave effort and got it down. Then
he slowly and carefully poured buck
tlie whiskey into tlie bottle witli n
broad grin, ns lie snid to himself:
"Sandy, my lad, I did ye thnt time,
ye   auld   fule 1 "
"Perfectly Trustworthy" is the chnr-
ncter of   Bickle's   Anti-Consumptive
Syrup. It enn be used with tlie utmost confidence thut it will do whnt
is claimed for it. It is sure in its
effects, ns the use of it will clearly
demonstrate, and cun bo relied upon
to drive a cold out of the system more
effectively than any other medicine.
Try it and be convinced thut it is
whut it is claimed to be.
More Value.
"You mustn't get your feet wot
You know whnt an ounce of prevention is worth."
"Yes, I hnve henrd it was quit.
valuable, but I would prefer an ounce
of radium any day."
Valuable Samples Free
"I bnve used your Coltsfoote Expectorant and find it satisfactory in
cases of croup, colds or coughs. I
have used it ever since I got a trial
bottle, and have recommended it to
everyone in need of it. You may use
my name and address for testimonials if you wish. Hoping it will bone-
lit others ns it has done my children,
I remain,
1069 Frances St., London, Out.
Coltsfoote Expectorant is the greatest cough and throat cure in the
world. I. is the prescription of a
renowned specialist. In order that
every family may prove its unparalleled merits we will send n sample
bottle free to everyone who sends us
tlieir name and address nnd mentions
this paper. Can be hnd at all druggists at 25c. Send your name to-day
to Dr. T. A. Slocum, Ltd., Toronto.
Send  for   Free  Sample  To-day.
Thrift is a grent help in life. If
you don't believe it, ask the mnn who
hns got through all his money.
PAZO OINTMENT   is gunranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding  or  Protruding  Piles  in    6  to  14
days or money refunded.   60c.
Some people nre so exneting thnt
when Opportunity knocks, they want
her to send in a curd.
Horsemen, Rend This!
in mv stables lor over a vear, nnd
consider it the VERY BEST for horse
flesh I onn got, nnd would strongly
recommend it to nil horsemen.
Livery   Stnbles,   Quebec,   1)5   to   103
Ann St.
Different.- I suppose that millionaire spent all kinds ot money on bis
mansion P
"Ob, no; merely other people's
Minard's  Liniment Cures Burns, etc
Wigg (relating bis experience with
burglar)���The fellow wns nn amateur
nil right, for when I pointed my pistol nt him he stood petrified with fear.
Wngg���He did? Then you're mis-
tnken about his being an amateur,
If ho wns petrified it's clenr Hint he
wns a hardened criminal.��� Boston
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
The New Depositor Made Ouick Work
With   His  Check   Bock.
During a financial stringency a
Swedish farmer In ono of the middle
west states had sold some hogs on the
local market nnd upon receiving his
check in payment immedintely went to
the local bank to realize on bis sale.
Upon presentment of the check the
bunker snid to him, "Do you wish the
money on this check?"
"VelJ, ��� tank I yust so veil take him,"
was the quick reply.
"You really want the money?"
"Yuh; I tank I tuke tbe mon-e."
"But do you really need the money?"
nsked the banker.
"Veil, no; I dou't exactly need him,
but 1 tnnk I tnke the inon-e."
"Well," said the banker, "If you really want the money of course 1 will
give It to you, but I thought If you
did not need it pel Imps you might open
an account nnd deposit the money and
then check against It us you needed
"Don von I send my shocks here you
vill refuse to* pny dom."
"Oh, uo, we won't If you open the
account, we will pny your checks
whenever tbey come in."
This seemed assuring to (he Swede,
nnd he snid, "Veil, If you pays my
shocks, don I open do account." Aud
the account wus opened und passbook
nnd check book banded lo the now customer.
11 nl r an hour Inter n close friend of
the now depositor appeared at the
cashier's window and presented a
cheek signed liy his friend for tlie full
amount of the deposit, which wus
promptly paid by the bunker without
In nbout an hour the Swede appeared nnd, walking up to the cashier's
window, handed the banker his chock
book minus only one check, with the
remark, "Veil, I dou't tank I needs
him any more."
One   of   the   Wonders   of   Prehistoric
Pueblo Architecture.
Three miles south of tbe Mcsn En-
cantuda. In Mexico, is n splendid specimen of fantastic erosion���un "'Isliind"
in the ttlr, a rock with overhanging
sides nearly 400 feet high, seventy
acres lu area on tho fairly level top.
Indented with countless groat bays,
notched with di/.zy chasms. The greater pnrt of the Island overhangs tlie son
like n huge mushroom, uud on tbe top
stands n town which for artistic charm,
ethnological interest and romantic history has no poor.
This little town of Anooma Is one of
the most perfect types of the prehistoric Pueblo architecture. Most of tbe
houses remain of the type Invented
when every house must bo a fort. Oue
climbed a ladder to his first roof and
pulled up the ladder at night, living
on the second aud third floors and
using tbe ground floor as n collar
Against enemies armed only wltb bows
nnd arrows (his was a fair defense
Comfort bud (o be sacrificed to safely
Nothing except the eugle sought sucb
Inaccessible eyries as these victims of
their own civilization.
Because they were farmers Instead
of freebooters, because they had homes
instead of being vagrants, they were
easy to find, and they wore the prey of
a hundred nomad tribes. Wltb Inconceivable labor this Island town In the
nir was built aud fortified. It was
reached only by a mere trail of toe
holes up the stem of the "mushroom."
The age of the island ls not kuown,
except that It was already old in 1D40,
when the first explorer visited It and
wrote an account of its wonders.
No   Need of Them  Some Day.
At a monthly examination a boy of
fourteen fulled to spell ID per cent of
his words correctly. The tutor told
hlm (his was surprising and must not
happen again. The boy replied that be
thought he bad done pretty well on
the whole.
"Y'ou must study those words over
and over again," replied tlie tutor
"This must not occur at any future
time. Study them so that you cau re
member them forever."
The boy stood still In silent contemplation for a few moments and then
"I wns just thinking thnt I wouldn't
live tbat long."
Private Theatricals.
In some private theatricals a fugitive
from justice wus supposed to escape
from bis pursuers by concealing himself under n table. The table was
small, and the terrified fugitive was
somewhat lengthy.
The commander of the pursuing party rushed on tho singe and fell over
the logs of the man be was searching
for. Picking himself up nnd ludicrously rubbing Ids shins, he convulsed tbe
audience by exclaiming in true dramatic style;
"Ha, ba! The dastardly vllluln has
eluded  us ngnin!"
Bobby's Reason.
Little Bobby wns saying bis prayers
nt his mother's knee, but so rupldly
(hat sbe asked hlm why he did not
speak more slowly.
"Because, you know," be replied, "It
would keep nil the other children waiting."��� Lippincott's,
Lndy (nt railway station, to porter)���
Now, porter, are you sure I hnve nil my
luggngo ln the train. Purler���Yes
mn'niu. Lady���Nothing left behind?
Porter���Nothln' ma'am���not even a
copper, ma'am 1���London Scraps.
It Is the mind that makolh good oi
III, thnt maketb wretchedness *>r bur
plncss, rich or poor.
Force of  Habit.
"He's n grout one for bulling things,
Isn't ho?"
"Yes, Indeed! Why, even when he
takes n train for n journey he always
"panages to get n filer."���Baltimore
W.    N.   U.   No.
One Exception.
"You know." began Lovctt, "It ls
said Ihat 'love levels all things.'"
"Yes," remarked the crusty bachelor,
"It muy level nil things except the lov-
.r's bend." ��� Catholic Stundard and
Silent Parlor Matches
When the Ape Forgave.
Some years ngo the Dublin zoological guldens possessed n fnmoiis ape,
whose delight was the friendship cf
the head keeper of the establishment.
He never passed the cnge without a
handshake and a friendly chnt���until
once a member of tho Royal family
went visiting. That day the keeper,
too engrossed with the duties of showing the august guest around the
place, overlooked the poor animal.
The ape grieved and sulked and
when the keeper went again to bis
cnge, turned savagely from him. The
human friend wns absolutely refused
all recognition thereafter by bis humble admirer. And straightway tlie
health of tho skulking, sorrowing ape
began to decline. It fell a victim io
When the end wns obviously ft
hnnd, tbe keeper went to look. The
npe seemed to brighten up at his approach. It crept feebly to the front
of its cage, thrust out its hand for a
grasp of reconciliation and forgiveness, then lay down and died.���Chicago News.
"Let me sell you some fine gold
"Thanks, but I believe I will go
round to a regular doctor to have my
eyeteeth cut."
The average woman is considered
too delicate to shoulder a musket, but
nobody questions her right to bare
Minard's   Liniment  for   sale   everywhere.
To Butter-
all who buy
salt in large
its  cost is  no inconsiderable
Windsor Salt
goes farther���and does better
work.     Its cost is really  less
��� and   it
makes   the
butter worth
more.    Ask
your grocer.
to hoi
iciir from  owner having bj
for sale, Not particular about locution.
I'len.-o give price and description, nntl reason for selling,    state when possession cuu
ho had.    Mill ileal with owners only.
L. nnrliyslilre. Hot OKI.   Rochester. N. Y.
Right  In His Line.
"I never saw such a fellow. He gets
stuck on everybody he meets."
"He can't help tbat. You know, he's
In the mucilage business." ��� Harper's
Somewhat  Different.
Jingles-Whnt is your opinion of my
little volume of pathetic verse?
Crlticus-Well, to be candid, 1 think
It more pitiful llinu pathetic���Chicago
Still at It.
First Cat���Where's brother Cheshire?
Second Cat���Co't caught ln the panic,
and for the past week be has been
committing suicide.���New York Life.
Business Sense.
"He was on tlie verge of failure."
"What saved him from tbe fall?"
"Tbe fact that It was a spring season."���Baltimore American.
Engagements never should be long.
O ye who go to court,
Take heed! The long engngement'swromj���
It keeps a fellow short.
���Calliolle Standard and Times.
"She paints herself dreadfully."
"She   has   practiced  so  long  you'd
think sbe would do It nicely."���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"What do the meu do when they
drum tliem out of the army, pop?"
"Tbey beat it, son."���Baltimore American,
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
Suffragette���Don't you believe a
woman should get tho same wages as
���i man?
1'ark Orator���Well, I know a woman
gets   mine.���London   Opinion.
,    Send ns your
name and address
for 12 pieces of
Jewelry to sellatlOcentseach. When Bold send ns the
Bl. SOandwe wlJlBend you these TWO SOLID GOLD
filled KINGS. We trust you with the Jewelry and wlllse-i*'
It all charges paid. Send us your name aud uddressnow.
STAR MFQ. CO.,70 8-7flt.,rmi**rS"*'.B.I.,U.-'.A,
distress after eating, dizziness, that
heavy feeling, wind and pains in
the stomach and furred tongue, take
before you retire to rest. They
start the gastric juices, assist the
stomach to dispose of tbe food, encourage good appetite, sound di-.
gestion and make you feci life is
worth living.
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
Win do it and restore tbe circulation,
assist nature to repair strained, rup-
tured ligaments moro success.idly than
Firing. No blister, no Iiair gone, and
you can use the horse. .2.00 per bottle,
delivered. Book 2-0 Free.
ABSORBINB, JR., for mankind, .1.00
 bottle. Cures Strained Torn Ligaments,
Varicose   Veins,   Varicocele, Hydrocele,"enlarged Glands and Ulcers.   /Ilav. -n.**'-*. nnlflcl*/
W. F. TOUNO. P.DF.137Mont*io_tli St., Springfield, Mass.
LYMAN SONS A CO.. Honlreal. Canadian Agents.
Also furnlth.it .. Martin Bolt A Wunnt Co., Winnipeg,
Tnt Nations! Drug A Ch.mloal Co., Winnipeg and Calgart,
and Htodvcon Brot. Co, Ltd.. Vuiwuuuar.
A Good  Part.
"Hnve  I  a  good  pnrt?"   asked    tlio
"The   audience   to    please?"    And
with tact
The manager said;   "You will plcuse
You die in the very first act."
and hides, or tun tliem for robes, rugs
or coats. N. \V. Hide & Fur Co.,
"I always like," said tho beautiful
young tiling, "to encounter Tom Spencer when it's raining."
"Why when it's raining?"
"He carries such a big umbrella.
When he doesn't try to keep under
it himself it nlmost entirely covers
my  hat."���Chicago Record-Herald.
It will help the world immensely
when we can make virtue ns interest
ing as vice already is.
Nearly all children arc subject lo
worms, nnd ninny nro bom with tliem.
Spare tliem suffering by using Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator,the best
remedy of the kind that can bo hnd.
Hawker���Any  brushes,  ma'am?
Housekeeper (indignantly)��� Those
brushes you sold me last week havo
all gone to pieces.
Hawker���yes'm. I knew you'd
wnnt some more by this time.���London Spars Moments.
Had Them Guessing.
"Tho professor doesn't look ns
though he had the sense of humor
highly developed."
"Hns ho?"
"Well, he snys every mnn shoaid
have his wife fin* his silent partner."
There is Only One
"Bronte Quinine���
That Is
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Always  remember  the  full   name.    Look
for   this   signature  on   every   box.    25o.
**���)*********** ...���_ee_.ee **************************
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, 1514,100,000.      -      -      REST, $11,000,000
President���T.ono Rtbathcoxa and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gkoiige A. DeouuoHC.
General Manager���E. S. ClduSTO**.
Branches in All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
: NEW Wm BRANCH, - IL G. FISHER, Manager.
Slocan fflMntno Review,
Subscription  .2,00 per iinnuin, striclly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
An.vKHTisiNd Ratssi
Notices to Deli.ng.uent Oh i   rs - . 12.00
"     for Crown Grants        -    ?.r>o
"      ���" Purchase of Laud    -     7.Jit,
"      " License to (Jul Timber 5.00
All locals will bo charged for at Uie rate
of 16c. per lino each issue.
transient rai
es  made known on a pp.1 i-
Ko room tor Quacks.
Address all Conimunii ilicais and make
,. be pie    !* ij iblo to
Editor and Publisher,
Make yourself iamiliar with the
ibove rates and Sav.e Trouble.
Silverton Items.
Mr. rorry of lhe Crawford Tram Co.,
Nelson, has been in Silverton fixing up
���the Hewilt tram wliich bad broken
down and been out of nclion a day or
A closing exercise has lieen prepared
-and will be rendered to-day by the Silverton scliool children', the school closing
for summer vacation. Greal credit is
.due to Mis. McNaught (schoolmistress)
for the marked progress shown since
the opening in Ihe hitter part of February.
D. Melvmrie, lhe popular foreman ot
the Ruth mine, Sandon, accompanied
hy his wife anil two daughters leave for
���their home in Prince Edward Island on
Monday, July Oth. Mr. McKenzie has
lieen foreman of thc Ruth for several
years, and we hope he will enjoy his
long merited trip.
W. C. E. Koch, of Silveiton, has the
contract tor the flume which ia being
built nt the Vancouver mine. Eight or
'en men ��ero 6ent to start work on
Wednesday. A new bunk house i; also
being built.
Mrs. T. Barber arrived in Silverlon
lust week to join her husband.
Mr. and Mr_. W. Brandon returned
io Silverton lust week after spending a
vi*ry enjoyable winter down East.
Silverton has quife a busy appearance, large quantities of oie being
Shipped from the mines.
Erickson and McGillivray, the champ-
inn rock drillers, are in Silverlon train-
.ng for the competition to bo held at
Nelson on July 1st.
To John McdsliiU or to whomsoever
ho may have tranfeired his interest in
the Miillie Hope minora' claim shunted
near Cody, located the -I'll duy of July,
1.904, in the Sloran Mining .Division of
West Kootenay District,
Yoii.iire hereby notified that I have
expended two hundred and live dollars
($205,00) in payment in lieu of work
and recording fees upon lbe above
mimed mineral claim in order to hold
the sumo under the provision of lho
mineral net, section 24, ami if within 00
davs from the dale oi this notion vou
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of ihe above mentioned sum
together wltb nil costs i*f advertising,
your interest in the said claim will become lhe property of the undersigned,
uniler section 4 of the mineral act
Amendment act, 1000.
D.tled at Coily, this lllh dav of May,
Slocan Land Distiict���Dislrict of
.Vest Koolenay,
Take Notice that I, Harvey Fife, of
Slocan, minor, inienu sixty uuys Irom
Uie date hereof, lo apply lo lli.j Unief
Commissioner of l.ani.s and WorKS for
permission io puichase the lollowing
described lands: Starting at a post
plumed on U.l'.K. survey une, running
east to Lot87*01, lliuice nonh to corner
ol loi .702, llicnce east 40 cliains, thence
booth 20 cliains, thence west to {J. 1'. 11.
survey line, following sain une to point
ol coiiiineiic.nieu., ..mauling 120 acres,
more or less.
John Giotind, Agent.
May 2, 1908.
Marmion and Maryland Mineral Claims,
situate in the Slocan Cily Mining Division   of   \Ve_t   Kootenay   District.
Where   locnte.l:  On   Tiger  Creek, a
branch of  the second  norlh  fork of
Lemon Creek.
Take notice that I,  Henri Robert
Joiand, F. M. C. No. B4800, acting as
agent for R. Randolph Bruce, F. M, C.
No. B85053, intend, sixty tl.iys from the
ilate hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
coidcr for a Conilieu1 eof .mpiovements
for the purpose of obtaining  a Ciown
Grant to an   undivided   foui-fil'tlis in
each of Ihe above claims.
And fmthu* take notice that notion,
under section 1)7, must be commenced
befoie tbe issuance of such Coililicute
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of May, 1908.
Jy 80. II. R. JORAND.
Slocan Land District���District of West
Take notice that Eli Lolonde, of Ontario, fanner, intends to apply for permission io purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post
planted on tbo north side oi Lemon
Cretk 1!_ miles nest, of ihe first norlh
fork of Lemon creek, thence noith -10
chains, ihence east 40 chains, ihence
south 40 chains lo Luinon crick, thence
vresl 40 clmins following Lemon creek
to point of commencement.
April 18, 100S.
Frank Provost, agent.
Nelson Land District���Distiict
of West Koolenay.
Take notice that A. E. Ilaigli, of
Nakusp, loco fireman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the wesl side of Lot 8805,
about five chains from Box Lake, thence
north 20 chains, Ihence wesl 20 chains,
Hence south 20 chaine, thence east 20
chains, lo the point of com mencement,
containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated June 17th, 1003.
Augl4 A. E. HAIG1I.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that John D. Reid_ of Slocan, B. 0.| prospector, intends to apply
for permission lo purchase the follow,ng
described laud: Commencing at a post
planted ahout GOO feet south of the
north-east post of Lot .8428, -Group 1,
West Kootenay district, thence south 20
chains, tlience enst 20 .chains, thence
north 20 cliains, thence wesl 20 chains,
lo the point of commencement and containing 40 acres more .or less.
Dated June 5th, 1008.
Slocan Land District���Distiict of
Wesl Kootenay.
Tuke 1:0'ice that J. B. Smith of New
Duuir, i_.C, meichain, intends to
apply (or permission to purchase the
follo-rtiig described land.: Commencing
at u post p'anted on the east side of
Slocan Luke about 1.*'.. miles distant and
in a northerly direction from Rosebery,
ami about 200 feel dim the Nakusp and
Siocan railroad, J. B. S.'s south-west
corner, llicnce oust 20 chains, thence
north 20 chaina, thence west 20 chuins,
tlience souih 20 cliains lo lhe point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
nioie or Ies.
Daied Ji.no lOtb, 1908.
A��g20 j. ii. SMITH.
Special Offer
Wl ���    lea* *_*MIMa>*_M>*BW_M_BMs***___Bs*l
All Children's
White Lawn  Dresses
Ladies' Underskirts
At Cost Price.
���*. ^���^4-|^*f*4*-i<*it**f*-t*it|l��'i
Hendryx Baits,   Colorado
Spinners and Burdette baits, First   class
Lines and Rods.
I Don't let the other fellow catch II
II ALL the fish.
Slocan Luml Di-trict���District of
West Ko iteuiiy.
Take notice that Adolnli Mero, of Now
Denver, B.C., shoemaker, Intends to
apply for permission to purchase lbe
following described lands: 'Commencing
at a post p'anted at the north-west coiner of l'eter Murray's pre-emption,
thence west 20 chains, Ihence couth 20
chains, Ihencp east 20 chains, thonce
norlh 20 chains, io pointof commencement, containing 40 acres more or lose.
Dated 10.ii June, WOS.
Senior School Report
Marie Murray 80.68
Ella Buigess 82.90
Agnes Ostby 80.i��
Mary Clever  78.25
Helen  Hyde     70.25
Mary L. Gordon 72.00
John H. Burgees 72.09
Dora  Clever    (ill.72
Peicival Hansom   05.011
Alberl William.  59.30
J. Harding returned from
Monday, where he hail been
Jays on business.
Nelson  on
fur a few
1. iMclunes
na B. linn
V.   McDon
    75 28
(j corgi
mid  .
 78 00
Junior School Report.
Per cent,
Leslie  Aylaid   78
Cecil Dawson  75
Jessie Shannon  05
Ivan Brouse  65
Vera Cropp  5S
Nettie Brindle  70
Frances Cook  55
Kute Murray  08
Laura Macilon * Id  G5
SECOND  I'lllMiiU.
Muriel Aylard  80
Gladys Brindle  75
Dick Harris  75
Harrv Avison  78
Edith Burge-i-*  65
Eleanor Dawson  70
Kilna Clever  78
Harold Sloan ,  60
He**tor Ransom   55
Emma Clever  8fi
Stanley Thomlinsou  05
Mervin Sbaunou   oo
L. MeY. CAR.
Kaslo Land District���District of
Wesl Koolenay.
Take Notice that Lilian _., Gething,
of Blucan City, married woman, Intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing
at a post planted at the south-west corner of lot 3810 about live miles from
Slocan Olty, tlience south 40 chains,
tlience west 20 chains, tbence north 4.
cliains, tlience east 20 chains to point
of commencement, containing 80 acres.
Robert George Henderson, Agent.
April 27th, 1908. JySO
Slocan Land Dislrict���District of
West Koolenay.
Tako Noiice that William Clough of
Slocan City, occupation miner, intends
to apply for pernvsaion to purchase the
follow ing described land: Commencing
at a post planted on the wett s de of
Slocan lake about one and a half miles
north oi Evan's creek and marked "Win.
C.'s souih-east corner post," thenco
west 20 chains, tbence nortli 40 chains,
thence east. 20 chains, tbence south 40
chain.*, following shore of lake to point
of commencement and containing 80
acres more or less.
April 30th, 1908. Jy80.
Bosun Hall Stores
Big Specials for the
Balance of June.
Now is your chance to compare Prices.
Don't be salted!   Here you are!!
201bs Granulated Sugar, $1.
31b. caddy No. 1 Tetley'a Ceylon Tea, $1
12 bars Eclipse Soap, 45e.
8 bars Sunlight Soap. 45c
Canada Flakes, big prize package, 25c.
3 packages Raisins, 85c.
Grape Nuts, per package, 15c.
Postum Colfce, lib. package, 20c.
Cream of Wheat, per package, 20c.
Macdonald'sChewingTobacco, plug, 10c
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
Hermann Clev
ai. tit Jf*. **. A A AA A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A .*
*��c** A A ���**. A A AAA As** A A A A A ________ A A A A A A *.*
V v VV W V V V V V V V V T V VV V V V V V V1
I********** ���:���>
Emporium Mineral Claim situate in
the Slocan Mining Division ot West
Kootenav I'Mint. Where located:
On Payne gulch adjoining the Mercury
Mineral claim.
Take notice, that I.Wlll.S, Drmvry,
acting as agent (*ir Win. II. Yawkey,
F.M.C. No. 1.4008, Win. 11. Yawkey.
Cyrus Vawkev, and Augusta J.ydia
Austin, F.M.C. No, I',490i��, execiil.ns of
the W. C. Ynwkey estate, and John 1).
Fundi, Kree Miner's Ceitilicate No.
1117580, Intend 00 days from the date
hereof, to applv lo mining recorder tor
a certificate of improvements, for the
piiipo-e of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the hbove claim.
And further lake notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 23rd day of April, A.D. 1008.
Je25 W. S. DREWRY.
profcssional Car&s.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
New Denver Lodge No. %l
KL. of F3.
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever llloek, every
MONDAY eveniug at
8 o'clock,
Slocan Lund District���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Take Notice that John Thomas Chapman, of Lemon Creek, rancher, intends
lo apply for permission to purchase tlie
follow ing described hind: Commencing
at a post planted on the wc-t boundary
of Lot 382, Group 1, immediately noith
of Slocan river and marked "J, T. C.
south-east corner," thence north -10
clmins, thence west 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains. Ihence east 20 chains,
to the point of commencement, containing 80 acres more er leys.
May 15l b, 1008. JySO
Dealer in Mines, Mineral l'lospccts,
fruit %m\t>3 anb
General Uveal Estate
Preliminary examinations of Property    for prospective  puicluuers  a
12 yenrs experience in the Slocnn. All
business   promptly  attended to and
satisfaction guaranteed,
Jeweller and
Slocan Laud District���District of  West
Take notice that Benliih Mary Shep-
ard, of Lethbringe, Alta., married woman, intends lo apply for permission
to purchase the following described
lanils: Commencing at a post planted
on the east shore of Slwsan lake about
six miles fiom Slocan City marked 15 M.S.
N. E. Corner post, thence south 80
chains, Ihence west 20 chains, Ihence
norlh 80 chains alongshore of Slocan
Lake., thence east 20 chains lo point of
April 24th, 1008.
Jy2-1 Jesse 1. Tipping, agent
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootonay.
Take noiice that Francis Woodbury
Spooner, of Nelson, B.C., Ileal estate
agent, intends tn apply for permission
tu purchase ll.e following described lnnd.
Commencing at a post plantidal the
noi lb-east corner of Lot 8774, Gioup 1
Kootenay, thence south 20chains, tin nee
east 20 chains, Ihence north 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains to lhe | oint of
commencement and containing 40 acres
more or  less.
William Henry Courteiiay, agent.
Take Notice that I, Jesse T. Tipping of
Slocan City, B.C., occupation, miner,
intends to appiy for permission to purchase the following described lands :
Commencing at a poi-t planted about
one and a half mile south east of Slocan
Citv, B C. near the noith boundary of
W. C. E. Koch's land, thence nonh 00
chains, thence east 00 chains, thence
south 00 chains, thence west 00 chains
and containing iiOO acres more or Icis
Slocan City, B.C. March 2nd, 1008.
Late with J. O. Patenaudc, Nelson.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work jruaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
Summer Excursion Rales
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO   $72.50
NEW YORK    ,108.60
MONTREAL .105.00
t-T. LOUIS S67.50
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA $10"i.0()
ST. JOHN,   NB $120.00
HALIFAX 5181.20
SYDNEY, C.B $130 80
Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,
June 5, 0, 19, ami 20, July fi, 7,
22, ano* 23, and August C, 7, 21,
and 22, 11)08.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
Route���Tickets are good via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago are good via Great
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
John Mnn, D,P A , Nelson, B.C.
C. E. MoPiiuasou, G.P.A.,
Winnipeg, Man.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered  to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
II. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
fccture soaps, polishes, flavoring extracts, perfumes, toilet articles, medicines, baking powders, calves, liniments, stock and poultry remedies, household specialties and novelties in
your own home at small cost. Mixers Guide is
��� paper devoted to tha business, three months
tnal subscription (or 10c; sample free
bUXERS GUIDE* Fort Madison, Iowa.
Ladies' Dress 10c
Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towels, handercbiefs, petticoats , socks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the   Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Hocan Land District���Distrii
Weet Kootenny.
itinera! Merchant
New Denver
Q ������ *
JUST A RUIVED.   A iargc shipment of Grocerlo.-*, orange,
loinoim,   bananas, and  candies of   various and  tasty  kinds.
Ring np our��� store.   Telephono installed.    Can aleo give
Iininediali delivery,
Cull ami sue oar Assortment of Men's Slimmer Underwear
Books, Gloves, Overalls, Collars, Tics, Hats, etc.
Slocan Land Dislrict���Dislrict of
West Kootenay.
Tako   notice    Ihat    Clara   Gertrude
Spooner, of Nelson,  B.C., married woman, intends to apply  for  permission
to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted nt tbe
nortli east corner of Lot b7H4  Group 1
Kootenay,    thence   south    20   chaina,
| thence east 20 chains, tbence north *i0
cliains llicnce   west 20 clmins  to  the
point of commencement and containing
40 aires more or lets.
Wm. H. Courteiiay, agent.
April 18th, 1008. Jy1.
Slocan Land  Distilot���District  of West
Take notico   that G. Provost, of Ontario, fanner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the  followini. des-
Take notice that John Wafer of Slocan, H.C, miner, intends lo apply for
permission to puichase the following
disnili.il land: Commencing at a post
planted at tin* north-west corner of Lot
8225, Group 1, Wo-t Kootenay district,
thence north SO chains, tlience nisi 20
chains, thence .south 20 chains, thence
West 20 chains lo the point of commencement, and containing 40 acres more or
Dated May 21st, 1008. .Wigl-l
Proprietor:  H. J. LaBRASH
\ Nakusp
^ Hotel
Slocan Cit\>,  +  B.C.
Headquarters and home
of the old-timers, miuing
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every oue who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
Jf.*i��. (Briffitb
Take noiice, that we intend to apply
to the Board of License Commissioners,
o! the City of Sandon, B.C., to transfer
the hotel  license  for  the  Hotel  Reco,
this day a*signed lo us by W. M. Bennett, of fandon, B.C.
Dated this Olh day of June, A.D. 1008.
I, W. M. Bennett, of Pan-ion, BC.
ed lands:    Commencing at a post hereby give notice that I intend to apply
Tlie lew Denver Uiakr Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir aud Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake L. SCAIJi Proprietor      P.O. Box 20.
Agent at New Denver, J. B. SMITH.
Is the Home  for all Alining Men when  at. the famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Coiy Kooms and lil'st-ulass table.    Sample 1'ooillS.
I will make vour stay wilh me a pleasant one.
planted on the north branch of Lemon
creek, and 20 chains cast of lot 0, thenoe
west 20 chains, tlience north 80 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thenco south 80
chains to p >int of commencement.
April 22nd, 1903.
Jyl F. Pruvost, agent
to the Board ot License Commiss oneis
of the Cily of Samlon, B.C., at iis next
regular stiings, for a trnncfer of my
hotel license for the Hotel Reco, Sandon, B.C., to Harris and Kelly, Sandon,
Dated this Oth dav of June, A.D. 1008.
W. M. BENNETT, Licensee.
Funerals noiulupleil on short
notice at any point in lhe district,   t-hclls nlivays in stock.
fll> flDcXea. t
Take notice that Frank Provost, of
Slocan Cily, B.C., miner, intinds to
upply for pei mission to pnrclmso lho
following described land. Commencing
at n post [diluted nt Ilie moiilli of the
First North Fork of Lemon Greek, limning norlh 40 cliains, thence West SO
chains, thence south 40 chains moie or
le s, lo Lemon Creek, llicnce Pust SO
chains following Lemon Cieek to place
o( commencement.
Dated this 8lh day of April, 1008.
A Dome from Home.       Fully equipped
Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given lo lbe wants o! Our Patrons.
While help employed only,
for High-Class Trade
,|     Choicest  Liquors,  Wines,   and  Cigars.      f
Slocan Land District���District of We6t
Take notice that Oie.   Slnaltehrek, of
New Denver,  Miner,  intends  tu apply
for permission to purchase the following
described land:    Commencing nt a poet
planted about 4 miles from  Enterpiiso
landing on Ten mile creek, nun* W,  E,'
Koch's old saw-mill.     0.  S.'s   S.   Ii.
corner past,  tlience   north  10 chain*',
Ihence wesl, 10 clmins,  tlu-nce north 10
Chains,  thenco   wesl 10  chains,   Ihence
nortb 30 chains, llicnce west 20 chains,
I hence soutli 40 chains, tlience east 40
chuins to the point of commencement,
and containing 1.10 acres more or less.
Arpi 1 SOU). 1008,
Steam Laundry
For First-Class Work.
I The Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Out.
For Spring and Summer Suits
Best Samples Ever Shown
in  B.C. J
See tliem at the  L'lcinn     T
Shaving Parlor, -f
Agent T
Zhe Slocan Ibotel
Gbrcc 3forh0,
Headquarters   for Mining Men
when visiting lliis famous Silver-
Lead   Mining   Camp.        Every
comfort foi tlie Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor I
Hotel Roseb
".RooebeiY), B. (5
Get price
Well furnished rooms.
First-class   Cuisine.
list from J. ��� E.
Local Agent.
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
Take notice that M. Piovost, of Ontario, farmer, intends to apply for pPr,
niisBioii to purchase thu following deB.
cribed lands. Commencing at a post
running north 20 cliains, tlience east 40
chain.-*, tbence souih 20 chains more
or less to the river thence west -10 chuins
following the river lo pointof comui; uco-
Licated April llth, 100S.
���I0*1** F. Provost, Agent.
New Denver, B.C,
Talce notice IhatNels hegrod, farmer
intend*! to apply for permission to pur'
nhase the following de cribed land)
Commencing at this post rnuning north
20 cliains, Ihence weet 40 chains, thence
Bontli 20 chains more or less to the river
thence e.ist 40 chains following lho
river to point of commencement
Located April llth, 11)08
F. Provost, Agent,


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