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Slocan Mining Review 1907-09-26

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
���of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . *_j
���'-���':* v
/K%n v^^yT7>^ *-
r^ ��� ; ������_ ***fe,X.
_ S^atsto any address
���**T ^ /q^ fori$S.OO  per ann.
-         If yojil see it in the
^Opi.    _->   ru Rji/ievv,"   it's  so.
No. 5    Vol. 2,
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Sept. 26, 1907.
Single Copies 10c
Land Notice���'Distiict of West Kootenay
Take notk-e that William Fovargtt*
Wliellauis, of Katie, B. 0., accountant,
intends to apply for periiiission to purchase tlie following described land:
Commencing at tlie south-east corner
*of Lot 752H, thence norlh 40 chainB,
thence east 40 chains, thence Bouth 40
���chains, tlience west 40 chains to point
of commencement, anil containing 100
acres more or less. This application
���covers preemption; of D. F. MoKellar,
Preemption Record No. 104, which was
cancelled on the  24th day of   August,
William Fovargue Whellams,
per llenrvStewart Whelhuus
Dated, September 8, 11)07. agen,
Evelyn Mineral Claim, situate in the
Slocan Mining Division ol   West Kootenay   District.    Where   located:���
Four Mile.
Take notice that  I, 8- E. Watson,
free miner's certificate No B&07S, acting
���for C. 1). Rand,   free miner's cerlilicutc
No. B12520, intend 60 days  liom  the
date  hereof, to apply   to  tlie  Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  lhe purpose of obtaining  a
Crown Grant ot Iho above claim.     And
further lake notice that action under
section ��7, must lie commenced before
the issuance of such Certificate of Im-
Datnl this   3rd day  of   September,
A.D., 11)07.
8-11 S. E. WATSON.
A very enjoyable soiree and dance
wa.. held in tho auditorium of tlie Opera
House last Thursday evening, it being
held in honor ot Mi6a Alma Thoinas,
one ot Sandon'B most charming and
popular young ladies, who is leaving on
tlie 1st to join her mother at Asheroft.
There was a large number of friends
present, who danced lo excellent music
supplied hy Messrs. llurlliurt and McMillan until a late hour. Refreshments
were served and a thorough good time
Notice iB hereby given that thirty
tlays from dale 1 intend to apply to the
Board of License commissioners of the
Slocan license distiict for a tram fer ol
my liquor license of Rosebery Hotel,
Roseherv, B.C., to Joaepn Perant.
M. McCarthy
A meeting of lhe Board of License
Commissioners will he held to consider
Bitch transferat the Court House, New
Denver on Monday Ihe 7th tiny of Oct.
at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at New Denver, the 6th day of
Sept.  1907,
Chief License Inspector.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Herman   Dorey,  of
Nakusp B. C, bushman, intends to ��p-
ly for permission to purchase the  following described land.
Commencing at a post marked Herman Dorey's N.E. comer, planted at
the S.E. corner of lot No. 804!), situated
about two miles from the Arrow Lake,
on McDonald Creek, running 40 cliains
south, then 40 chains west, thei ca 40
chains norlh, thence 40 chains ca-t to
place ol commencement and containing
KiO acres more or less.
Dated August HHh, 1007.
William A. Mitchell, Agent.
Rapid progress is now being made
in the construction of the aerial Irani
from the Eureka-Richmond group lo
the C.l'.R. tlepot, and it thought lhnt
the machinery will he in operation lie-
fore the snow flics. Tlie capacity of tho
ore pocket at this end will be 7-") tons,
ami this will bo completed in about two
weeks. The length of tlie tramway
will he nearly 5,000 feet, and the company will begin wilh eight buckets.
Tlie Eureka-Richmond group is owned
and operated hy the Consolidated Mining and Smelling Company ot Canada,
Limited, one of the wealthiest corporations in the world, and their success at
this mine will be a factor in tlie prosperity of the Sandon camp. The mining and general operations at this group
are being conducted under the capable
supervision ot A. W. Davis, M.E., who
is also superintending the construction
ot tlie tram.
Drilling Contest At
Kosio Fair,
The Review has been instructed by
Mr. R. Roberts to advertise that the
above well-known mines may he taken
on a leasing contract hy responsible
parties, Tlie mines are too well and
favorably known lo need any describing
hero, and it is to be hoped thi-i will
meet the eye of the right parties who
can handle this meritorious proposition.
The general terms are 20 per cent of net
smelter returns, An advertisement
appears elsewhere.
District of West   Kootenay.
Take notice that Harry J. Labrash,
of Nakusp, B. C, hotel keeper, intends
to apply for permission to purchase tho
following described land*.
Commencing at a post marked Harry
J, Labrash's N.E. corner, planted at
tho S.W. corner ot lot 8501), situated
about two miles from the Arrow Lnke,
and one half mile from McDonald creek
and running 40 chains west, llitnce 40
chains eouth, thence 40 chains east,
thence 40 chains north to place of commencement and containing 100 acres
mora or less.
Dated August 111 11)07.
4_j2 Herman Dorey, Agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Alexander Duchanne,
of Nakusp, B.C., bushman,   intends  to1
apply for  permission to purchase  the
following desciilieil hind.
Commencing nt a post planted  at the
north-oast corner of B. M. Stuart's pur-]
chase, thenco east 00 chains, thence*
BOUth 40 chains, thence west (il) chains, i
tlience north 40 chains, to place of com-
ineiiceinent, and containing  240 ucics
more or less. ���
Dated August 10. 1007.
That is lhe title of the comedy whicli
will he produced at the M.U. Opera
House at any early date by the dramatic section of tlie newly-formed Sandon
Social Club. We can assure our readers
and the theatre-going public that this
play is one of the funniest over staged
by amateurs or pro's, and this will he
put on in a flrst-class manntr. It is
not generally known that in Sandon
there aro a few ladies and gentlemen
wilh no small dramatic ability, ami it.
goes without saying that ihe opera
house will be packed for the occasion.
The following is tlie cast of characters:
Count Eglantine Roseleaf (a masher iri
love witli all the girls) J. J. Atherton;
Doctor Mackintosh Moke (the outraged
Benedict with a giddy turn of mind), S.
Petersky; Nicodenuis Nobbs (ft broken
down Bowery tough Willi pugilistic
ways, hut also in love with Susan),
Purley Ward; SiiBan (a maid of all
work), Miss It McArdle; Mrs. Moke
(the doctor's wife), Mrs. J. J. Atherton;
Sam and Jim (porters).
There arc two polatoes on exhibition
in lhe Review window which weigli
:!)_ lbs. These were " volunteers,"
and were in tlie ground al, E. A. Cameron's garden all hist winter.
Fly   Fraction   and    Dardanells   Fraction mineral  claim, situate  in   the
fMoean    Mining    Division    ot   West
Kootenay Distiict.   Where located ;���
In Dardanells'Basin.
Take  notice that I, D. Eraser, acling
ns agent for the Dardanells nntl Okana-
gan  Mining Company,   I.'inited,    Free
Miners Certificate No. Ill .651, intend, GO
days from tlie date hereof, to apply  to
the Mining  Recorder for ft certificate
of Improvements fnr the purpose ot obtaining  a Crown Grant  of   tlie  above
1 Ami further take noiico, that action
under section 87, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate of(
improvements. ..I
Dated this24th day of A��2*.'^'190',
Q5j.j D. FKASI.K,        ,
Agent, ,
The Idaho nnd Alamo Mines near Three
Forks, Slocan, B.C.
Goneral Terms���20 per cont ot net
Smeller Returns.
For  particulars apply   to   R    Roborts,
P.O. Box 40, Greenwood, B.C.
For Sale at the
Sandon Dairy
7 Good Winter Cows.
JAP. McKlNNON, Baniion, B.C.
P.O. B.x 117
The chief outside attraction at the
Kaslo Fall Fair wos without doubt the
double handed rock drilling content, for
which .5225 wa* put up. . The entry was
a goad one and the public showed suth
marked Interest and appreciation thftt
wc may raldy Conclude this form of
attraction will find a pait In forthcoming program**! at Ivarlo. The weiitlicr
was Bplendld, perhaps a trifle too warm
for the contestants, but "ideal from a
spectators reasoning. The teams entered were: Mncktnzie antl Johnson,
Silverton; Faulds and Manuelson,
Greenwood; McDonnell ami honor,
Silverlon; Dnnphy and R'mt.i,
gan; and McGillivi'ny ami Erickson,
Sandon, who drilled in tlie order named.
The conditions called for % steel and a
time test of fifteen minutes. There was
not very much money flying around,
as it was generally "conceded that the
Snndon boys would repeat the performance given at Nelson, but a few fancy
bets as to individual results and the
depth oftlie winners' hole were made at
thc ringside. One offer of 'a thousand
to five hundred, Ihe field against McGillivray antl Erickson went begging, but a
level hundred tliat they beat the field
by over an inch was taken twico. McDonnell and Iseuor, whose woik at
Nelson so pleased the crowd, wero spoken of as likely winners hero, and when
they had drilled there was much speculation as to their ultimate success. The
big fellows from Greenwood played
second fiddle to the SilyortOU hoys this
journey, as the latter sunk nearly two
inches mora steel than they did. It
was known that both Isenor and McDonnell were under the weather at Nelson, and our opinion then formed that
lliey were a better team'thanthe-Greenwood hoys was fully justified by subsequent performances and trials. It is
even yet a safe b3t that, giving tlie
McGillivray-Erickson and McDonnell-
isenor teams special preparation, they
would achieve greater honors. It was
not to bo wondered therefore when it
became known that they had turned the
tables on the Faulds team that several
with money lo burn eliould offer attractive bets and these were taken with
avidity by tlie supporters of the S.uid-
011 men. The excitement at this point
of tlie contest was intense, and all waited
eagerly for the last men to drill. When
the husky heroes of the Nelson match
stepped upon tlie platform, a great cheer
went up, and they bore their blushing
honors with becoming modesty. Both
knew tlie Insk before them set by McDonnell and Isenor, and their stern
faces toll the spectators ot the deter
initiation to do even better.
When tho word "Go" was given the
immense crowd around the enclosure
swayed with pent up excitement ami as
Erickson brought down his hammer nt
a 64 gait a roar ot approval rent tlie afternoon air. Tlie first change was so
well executed that "the fancy" clapped* hands and shouted greetings of
admiration. McGillivray*. blows wero
tremendous and delivered with ported
rytlim anl Erickson's turning was
pretty to watch. The number of blows
struck in tlie f 1 ret minute were 55, 57
the second, 58 third, 60 fourth, 04 fifth,
50 sixth, 05 seventh, 07eighth, (>3 ninth,
(10 tenth, 05 eleventh, 05 twelfth, 04
thirteenth, 04 14th, and 64 fifteenth, a
(otal ot 988 blows . When Ilie men had
finished tlieir lieivulnnean task, n
mighty cheer went up and all held thei
breath whilst Jno. Keen STUtinized Ilie
measuring rod and motioned for silence.
Tho scores were then read out as follows :
McKenzie & Johnston 30 11-10 ins.
McDonnell & Isenor 34 10 10 ins.
Faulds __ Manuel ton 88 14-10 ins.
Dnnphy ei Rinta 28 12-16 ins.
McGillivray & Erickson 35   2-lti ins.
II was an admirable contest and was
well carried out, tlie spot where it took
place being a capital one for sighteers,
From a sporting view the event was
particularly pleasing thoro being 110
discordant nolo to jar the harmony.
All the contestants shook bands with
lhe winners ami congratulations were
fiung from tlie multitude around (ho
green slopes.   It was announced  amid'
tremendous cheering that tlie winno
had entered for the championship prize
at the Spokane Interstate Fair, and alj
felt that while it was "..iking perhaps
too much to win outright in this Hie
biggest championship event of tlie year
they yet would cover I1 omstlves witb |
glory and show the Spokane crowd that
the Slocan has men who can
themselves creditably in Ilie company of
champions. Thc loam l.ft for Spokane
lhe same afternoon.
Ah thc outcome of a spirting challenge
for n substantial amount, it is prohibit*
on Ilie return of the team from Spokane
thnt a match wiTTiie ratified between
Fred McDonnell and Annus McGillivray.
Both mon lo drill lifti*-*i minutes, five;
each for a breast stroke, a downer snd |
an upper.
*:��� * * *.* * * ���:* * * * * * *:* *:* ���*��� ���:��� * * * * ���*��� * ****
it V
I local anb General.  I
I ��� I
���j*   picked up by Butting in Everywhere;     *
* *
Rev. Mr. McKinnon! of Slocan City,
conducted Divine services in the Presbyterian hall last Sunday.
The people of New Denver nre determined on bringing the attractions of the
glacier above the town before the public,
and this enterprising spirit is to be commended. Work has been begun to build
a good trail from lho foot of Ihe mountain to tlie glacier, and in this nil tlie
1 ercliants, hotel men and prominent
citizens are lending a willing baud.
T.asc Ilachey came in from Nelson
last Sunday to visit his family and attend to some" private biisines*.1
Quite a large number of Slocan people
arc attending the Spokaue Fair.
J. II. Wereley, tlie New Denver
fruit exporter, is making a study of
packing and marketingfbis produce. He
has practically got a cinch on the plum
business at this cud. ,
J. W. Cockle, mine host of thc Knslo
Hotel, borrowed a pair of blue jeans
and entered tlie novel bannock-baking
contest at tlie Kaslo Fair, which lie won
in tine style.
There aro several who have token
long shots that McUillivray anl Krick-
son will win tlie drilling championship
at Spokane. They are good judges too,
ami we have enough confidence ill tlieir
ability to chase the winners that if a
few of our delinquent subscribers had
paid up we would take a long chance
Kuslo's second annual Fruit Fair wa?
a glorious success. It was an eye-
opener for all visitors.
Dr. S. Petersky was lhe winner of a
handsome and costly silver-mounted
oak smoking cabinet this week. Tlie
draw took place in a well-known Nelson
cigar store.
Another lucky Saudonite was Mrs. L.
Pratt, who was lucky enough to hold
the winning ticket in the Kaslo Hospital diaw last Tuesday. Tiie prize was
a richly embroidered silk table cover.
The prodigious apple grown by Geo.
Williamson at New Denver and exhibited at Kas'o, was a magnificent specimen, and it wns greatly admired.
Hifi Lordship Bishop D.mtmwill, ot
tho diocese of New Woslinitiator, administered Confirmation to two candidates at St. Joseph's Church, Sandon,
on Sunday morning last. His lordship
also occupied the pulpit at lhe evening
service, tlie subject ot bis discourse
being " My impressions of Pope Pius X.
Both services were very well attended.
IRaluisp Botes.
Mrs. (ieo. T. Moir and children of
Grand Forks, spent a few days in town.
D, St. Denis of Bloean was in town
for a day.
Rapid progress is being made with
the new sidewalk.
F. W. Jordan spent a day in Arrowhead.
On Friday last tlie remains ot Mr.
Robt. (ileiidinnii'g were conveyed to
tlieir inst resting place. The casket was
covered with flowers from friends of
deceased. A short service was hold at
lhe houss ami on Sunday tlie Rey, Mr.
Dauby preached an impieisive funeral
A. Molosh is off on a trip to the Spo-
kane Fair,
cuniivray an
Spokane, Sept 26 (Special) ���    McGillivray and
Erickson. in the Championship Drilling Contest las':
A J. <__*
night here, drilled 53 inches and won a great victory*
Spokane. .Sept. 26. The greatest surprise of Ilie Spokane Fair was tlie decisive
victory of the Saudon team over competitors with invincible reputations. Both men
are unquestionably the grandest rock-drillers ever seen here. Tlie com petition was for'
the championship of America, and with it practically goes the championship of the
world. Great excitement prevailed when it was seen that the unknown couple had
sunk their steel deeper than Yockey and Johnson, who had driven 51 3-8, and who
were regarded as sure wiunevs.    Tlie big prize goes lo the silver-lead Slocan district.
District of WcBt Kootenay.
Take    notice   that   Bruce White,  of
Nelson, II. O.i miner, intends lo  apply
tor a special timber  license over the
following described lands:���
Commencing tit a post planted near
tho N.E. corner of T.I.. I'-'HI, and
maiked B. W. S.W. coiner, thence
norlh SO chains, thonce oast SO chains,
thenca south 80 chuins, thenco west 80
chains to point ot comineiiceniuut.
Sept. 0th, 1007.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice that Brnoe White, of
Nelson, 11.C minor, intends to apply
for a Bpocial timber licence over the
following described lands:-**
Commencing at a post planted near
the  N.E.   comer of T.   L, 02tU,   and
marked   B.W.'s   S.E.   corner,  thence!
north 80 chains, thenco west 80 cliains, |
thence south HO chains thenco east 80 i
chains lo point of commencement.
Sept. 0th, 1007,
Dislrict of Wi st Kootunny.
Take notice that Bruce While, ot Ncl-:
son, II. C, miller,   intend, to  apply for '
a special timber licence over lhe  following ileicriliel hinds: ���
Commencing nt a post planted near
, the S.W. cornor oi T L.  No.  Oj.03 and
marked   ...W.'s S.E.   corner,    thonce
j north SO chains. Ihence west, 80 chains,
Ihence sou'h SO chains, thenco oa-jt SO j
chains to point ot com luetic nu ut.
Sept. 0th, 1007,
VT       0 H
'\^ %.
District of   Weft ICoatcn ty.
Take notioi ihat Bruce White, 1 f Nol-
sjii, B.C., minor, in tends lo apply for
a special timhnr license   over the following di scribed lands:���
Commencing n't a post planted near
tha N.W. corner ot T. I.. 0-181 and
marked B.W.'s N.E, corntr, theme
south 40 chains, th inco west 100 chain0, !
thonce nortli.40 cliains, thonce oast 180
cliains to point of OinUienei mint,
'Sept. 18 h, 1907,
BRUCE Willi E.
A Ihap-tpet iii.)
Honor of ihe win*--
eers at Spokane
wMl fee fiieldl- So
Sandon on their
ret turn to town.
Full partkulars
will fee annoy need
tc^mrsc'iprcw. THE SLOGAN MINING REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.   C,
i�� ���.���"_*-   ������     roar*     V-*-*
Beverly of
I?-;*.-. ?    ^> |        ,..*:-..**^ A.ib_,.t -Cmatwh*1  ."
S Graustark S-"-1
l/.**-r.*'*S    " *  *ttt,w*m^s *>*tmm   mm   rt^SJ*.       ____, ___ (_____,
���? *������:���:'������
.--*-. .��_J
-i rrave oeen Bitterly deceived ln
you," said Lorry, genuine pain In hie
voice. "Wo trusted you implicitly. I
didn't think it ot you, Baldos. After
all, ft is honorable of you to expose so
thoroughly your own Infamy in order
to acquit nn innocent person who believed in you. You did not have to
come back to the castle. You might
havo escaped punishment hy using
Miss Calhoun as a shield from her
highness' wrath. But none the less you
compel me to give countenance to all
that Count Mnrlunx has snld."
"I insist that it was Miss Calhoun
who went through the pauel with him,"
said Marlanx eagerly. "It It was this
boy who uccomf ..nled you, what was
his excuse ln returning to tho castle
after you had fled?"
"He came back to watch over Miss
Calhoun while she slept. It was my
sworn duty to guard her from tlie man
who had accused her. This boy ls a
member of the baud to which I belong,
and he watched while I went forth on
a pretty business of my own. It will
be useless to ask what that business
was. I will not tell. Nor will the boy.
You mny kill us, but our secrets die
with us. This much I will say: We
have done nothing disloyal to Graustark. You may believe me or not. It
has been necessary for me to communicate with my friends, and I found the
means soon after my arrival here. All
the foxes that live in the hills have not
four legs," he concluded significantly.
"You are a marvel!" exclaimed Lorry, and there was real admiration In
bis voice. "I'm sorry you were fool
enough to come back and get caught
like this. Don't look surprised, gentlemen, for I believe in your hearts you
admire him quite ns much as I do."
The faint smile thnt went tlie rounds
was confirmation enough. Nearly every
man there hnd been trained In English
speaking lands and not a word of the
conversation had been missed.
"I expected to be arrested, Mr. Lorry," snld Baldos calmly. "I knew that
the warrant awaited me. I knew that
my flight of last night was no secret.
I cnme back willingly, gladly, your
highness, and now I am ready to face
my accuser. There Is nothing for me to
"And after you have confessed to all
these actions? By George, I like your
nerve!" exclaimed Lorry.
"I have been amply vindicated,"
cried Mnrlnnx. "Put him ln Irons���
and thnt boy too."
"We'll Interview the boy," said Lorry, remembering the lad beneath the
"See; he's sleeping so sweetly," said
Baldos gently.' "Poor lad, he has not
known sleep for many hours. I suppose he'll hnve to be awakened, poor
little beggar."
Colonel Quinnox and Haddan crossed
the grounds to the big cedar. The boy
sprang to his feet nt their call and
looked wildly about. Two big hands
clasped his arms, and a moment Inter
the slight figure cnme pathetically
across the Intervening space between
the stalwart guards.
"Why hns he remained here, certain
of arrest?" demanded Lorry ln surprise.
"He was safer with me thnn anywhere else, Mr. Lorry. You may
shoot me a thousand times, but I implore you to deal gently with my unhappy friend. He has done no wrong.
The clothes you see upon that trembling figure are torturing the poor
heart more than you can know. The
burning flush upon thnt cheek ls the
red of modesty. Your highness and
gentlemen, I ask you to hnve pity on
this gentle friend of mine." He threw
bis arm about tlie shoulder of the
slight figure ns it drooped against bim.
"Count Mnrlnnx wns right. It was a
woman he saw with me ln the chapel
last night."
The sensation crented by this simple
stntement wns stnggering. The flushed
fnce wns unmistakably that of n young
girl, a tender, modest thing thnt shrank
before the eyes of a grim audience.
Womanly Instinct Impelled Yetive to
shield the timid mnsquernder. Her
strange association with Bnldos was
not of enough consequence ln the eyes
of this tender ruler to check the Impulse of gentleness that sweat ovei
her. That the girl was guiltless of any
wrongdoing was plain to be seen. Her
eyes, her fuce, her trembling figure furnished proof conclusive. The dark
looks of the men were softened when
the arm of the princess went about the
stranger aud drew her close.
"Bah! Some wanton or other!" sneered Mnrlnnx. "But a pretty one, by the
gods. Baldos has always shown bis
good taste."
Baldos glared at him like a tiger restrained.
"Before God, you will have those
words to unsay," he hissed.
Yetive felt the slight body of the girl
quiver end then grow tense.
The eyes of Bnldos now were fixed
ou the white, drawn fnce of Beverly
Calhoun, who stood quite alone at the
top of the steps. She began to Bway
dizzily, and he saw that she was about
to fall. Springing away from the
guards, he dashed up the steps to her
side. His arm caught her as she swayed, and Its touch restored strength to
lier���the strength of resentment and
"Don't!" she whispered hoarsely.
"Have courage," he murmured softly.
"It will all be well. There Is no danger."
"So this Is the woman!" she cried
"Yes. You alone are dearer to me
than she," he uttered hurriedly.
"I can't believe a word you say."
"You will, Beverly. I love you. That
ls why I came back. I could not leave
you to meet It alone. Was I not right?
Let them put me Into Irons���let them
kill me"-
"C-umx'I" cried Colnnal uminuox. reacli-
Ing his side at this instant. "Tbe girl
will be cared for.   You are n prisoner."
"Wait!" implored Beverly, light suddenly breaking iu upon her. "Please
wait, Colonel Quinnox." He hesitated,
his broad shoulders between her nud
the gaping crowd below. She saw
with grateful heart that Yetive and
Lorry wero holding the steps ns if
ngninst n warlike foe. "Is she���is she
your wife?"
"Good heavens, no!" gasped Baldos.
"Your sweetheart?" plteously.
"She Is the sister of Ihe man I servo
so poorly," he whispered. Quinnox allowed them to walk n few paces down
the flagging, away from the curious
gaze of the persons below.
"Oh, Baldos!" she cried, her heart
suddenly melting. "Is she Prince Dun-
tan's sister'/" Hei' hand clasped his
convulsively ns he uodded assent
"Now I do love you."
"Thank God!" ho whispered joyously. "I knew it, but I wus afraid you
never would speak the words. I urn
happy���I am wild with joy."
"But they mny shoot you," she shuddered. "You have condemned yourself. Oh, I cnuuot talk to you ns I
want to���out here before all tiiese people. Don't move, Colonel Quinnox.
They can't see through yon. Please
stand still."
"They will not shoot me, Beverly,
dear. I nm not a spy," said Baldos,
looklug down into tbe eyes of the slender boyish figure who stood beside the
princess. "It is better that I should
die, however," he went ou bitterly.
"Life will not be worth living without
you. You would not give yourself to
the lowly, humble hunter, so I"���
"I will marry you, Paul. I love you.
Can't nnything be done to"���
"It is bound to come out all right iu
the end," he cried, throwing up his
head to drink in tiie new joy of living. "They will find that I have done
nothing to injure Graustark. Wait,
dearest, until the day gives up its uews.
It will not be long iu coming. Ah, this
promise of yours gives me new life,
new joy. I could shout it from the
"But don't!" she cried nervously.
"How does she happen to be here with
you? Tell me, Paul. Oh, isn't she n
"You shnll know everything in time.
Wntch over her, denrest. I have lied
today for you, but it was a lie I loved.
Care for her if you love me. When I
nm free and in favor again you will���
Ah!" He broke off suddenly with
nn exclamation. His eyes wore bent
eagerly on the circle of trees just beyond the parade ground. Then his
hnud clasped hers in one spasmodic
grip of relief. An instant later he was
towering, with head bare, at the top of
the steps, his hand pointing dramatically toward tlie trees.
Ravone, still in his ragged uniform,
haggard, but eager, was standing like
n gaunt specter in the sunlight thnt
flooded the terrace. The vagabond,
with the eyes of all upon hlm, raised
nnd lowered his arms thrice, and the
face of Baldos became radiant.
"Your highness," he cried to Yetive,
waving his hand toward the stranger,
"I have the honor to announce the
Prince of Dnwsbergeu."
mHIS startling announcement
threw the company into the
greatest excitement. Baldos
ran down tlie steps nnd to the
side of the astonished princess.
"Prince Dantan!" she cried, unbelieving.
He. pushed the boyish figure aside
and whispered earnestly into Yetive's
ear. She smiled warmly iu response,
nnd her eyes sparkled.
"And this, your highness, Is his sister, tlie Princess Canilnce," lie announced aloud, bowing low before the
girl. At that Instant she ceased to bo
tlie timid, cringing boy. Her chin went
up in truly regal state as slit? calmly,
even haughtily, responded to the dazed,
hnlf earnest salutes of tlie men. With
n rare smile���a knowing one, in which
mischief was paramount���she spake to
Bnldos, giving him ber hand to kiss,
"Ah, dear Baldos, you have achieved
your sweetest triumph���the thoiitrienl
climax to nil this time of plotting. My
brother's sister loves you for nil this.
Your highness"-and she turned to Yetive with n cn iitlug smile���"is tne
luckless sister of Dantan welcome lu
your castle? May I rest here lupi'ice?
It has been a bitterly long year, this
past week," she sighed. Fatigue shot
hack into her sweet face, and Yetive's
love went out to her unreservedly. As
she drew the slight figure up lhe s'eps
she turned and said to her minister,!;
"I shall he glad to receive Prince
Dantan in tlie throne room without do-
lay, I am going to put the princess to
"Your hlgbness," said Baldos from
below, "may I be the lirst to announce
to you that there will he no war with
Dawsbergen V"
This wus too much. Even Mnrlnnx
looked nt his enemy with something
like collapse in his eyes.
"What do you menu?" cried Lorry,
seizing him by the arm,
"I mean that Prince Dantan is hero
to announce the recapture of Gabriel,
his half brother. Before the hour is
past your own men from the dungeon
iu the mountains will come to report
the return of the fugitive. This announcement may explain in n measure
the conduct that has earned for me the
accusation which confronts me. The
men who have retaken Gabriel nre tlie
members of that little hand you huve
heard so much about. Once I wns its
captain, Prince Dautan's chief of staff
���the commander of his ragged army
of twelve. Miss Calhoun and fnte
brought me into Edelweiss, but my
loyalty to the object espoused by our
glorious little nrmy has never wavered.
Without me they have succeeded in
tricking and  lxiiuulug  Gabriel.   It Is
mot'e than the _,���ear army or (TraustarU
could do. Your highness will pardon
the boast under the circumstances?"
"If this is true, you have accomplished a miracle," exclaimed Lorry, profoundly agitated. "Cut can it be true?
I can't believe it. It is too good. It is
too utterly improbable. Is that really
Prince Dantan?"
"Assuming that It is Dantan, Grenfall," said Yetive, "I fancy it is not
courteous in us to let him stand over
there nil alone and ignored. Go to Mm,
please." With that she passed through
the doors, accompanied by Beverly and
the young princess. Lorry aud others
went to greet the emaciated visitor in
rags and tags. Colonel Quinnox and
Bnron Dangloss looked at one another
In doubt and uncertainty. What were
they to do with Baldos, the prisoner?
"You are nsking yourself whnt Is to
be done with me." said Baldos easily.
"Tlie order is for iny arrest. Only the
princess can annul it. She has retired
ou a mission of love and tenderness, I
would not have her disturbed. There
Is nothing left for yon to do hut to
place nu* in n cell. I am quite ready,
Colonel Quinnox, You will be wise to
put me in n place where I cannot hoodwink you furl her. You do nit bear mo
a grudge?" lie laughed so buoyantly,
so fearlessly, that Quinnox forgave him
everything. DnnglOSS chuckled, an unheard of condescension on his part.
"We shall meet again, Count Marlanx.
You were not fur wrong In your accusations against mc, hut you have much
to account for In nnother direction."
"This is all n clever trick," cried tho
Iron Count. "But you shall find mo
ready to nccoininoduto you when the
timo comes."
(To He Continued)
Transaction In Which Strabismus Was
Not a  Handicap.
"There Is n small cross eyed boy Hv
ing in this city who if lie doesn't lose
his life through just retribution will
grow up to become a great liunneior,''
declared Jones. "For some time in.
Wife has possessed a yellow purp thai
has no earthly excuse for living. Bui
she thinks thut be is the finest dog In
the city and spends most of her tiiui
hugging him und kissing his dirty liillt*
nose. Finally the dog worship bcumi
so unbearable to me that I resolved tc
end the nuisance. Chancing to meet
a small cross eyed boy one dny, 1 snh.
to him:
"'Sec here, boy, do you want to eut'li
a dollar?'
" 'Sure!' snld he.
" 'Well, then,' snld I, 'you go up tc
my house, wntch your chance nnd stent
the yellow cur that you will find hung
ing, around (here. Wheu you get bin
bring him down to my ollice and gel
your dollar.'
"Within two hours the boy wns back
with tlie cur tied to n rope.
"'What will I do with him, boss?
he asked alter 1 paid him.
" 'I don't cure,' I snapped. 'Drown
him If you want to.'
"That night I discovered my wife li
tears, and I was Informed lietwee:
sobs llntt poor, dear little Fido wai
missing. The next day she had an nd
vertlscinent inserted In all ihe paper!
offering $1*0 for his return' The thin
day she met me joyfully at tlie dooi
aud announced that Fido had been
" 'Where?' I asked, concealing ��
" 'A little boy brought him back.,' she
" 'What kind of a boy?' I nsked sus
" 'A smnll cross eyed Uiy with thc
most honest face thnt I ever snw on n
hoy. I gave him, It being all I had,
an*! told him if he would go down nnd
see .on Unit I knew you would be glnd
to add $B to it.'
"But the hoy didn't show np. As n
matter of fact, I hadn't the slightest
Idea he would. I wouldn't mind giv
ing him $fi if ho would cnll."���Detroit
Free Press.
F.?lse  Signal.
"You don't believe in romnnco, eh?"
saitl the old hoarder.
"Yon bet your tintype I don't," sigh
ed the young man with the bandage
around his head.  "I haa my share."
"How was that?"
"Well, you see I wns forbidden to
cnll on my liost girl, and every nlghl
she would sit out on the balcony nnd
at n certain hour strike a match. That
would he the signal for nie to stick
my head through tUe vines and kiss
"Ah, very poetical!"
"Yes. but the oilier i.'lght I sew the
match Hare up, stuck my head through
the vines antl got the worst thrashing
I over received. You nee, Ihe old man
happened to be out there lighting his
pipe."-Chicago Tribune,
Johnnie's  Story.
Johnny was detained alter school one
day ami tnld to write a story of lift,*
words as a punishment, nnd, hc-lnj*
anxious to Join his comrades, this l>>
whnt lie wrote:
"A little girl going home from School
one dny s:iw* n little cat. Wishing to cn
ress it. she called, "Here, puss, puss.
ptlSS,  pllSH,   pilSS,   IHlSS,   pilSS.   |I1ISS,  ptlSS,
puss, puss, puss, puss, puss. puss, puss
puss. puss. puss. puss. puss. puss. puna.
puss, puss, puss, puss, puss, puss, pus**
(50) '���-Philadelphia Ledger.
ah Atnlatie poet.
Theodore Tiltnn not long before his
dentil was speaking to a friend nbout
some of his former literary friends
nnd aciptnlutnnees and was asked if
he had known William Cullcn Bryant.
"Yes. Indeed." he replied. "Bryant
hnd tho finest head and beard of modern limes. One day. it must have been
in 1872 or 1878, I hnd nn ongajtemen'
lo meet him at his private ollice ni ���*���
o'clock In the morning. I arrived n'toul
ten inlniiles before the hour, nnd .vlml
do you think I found him doing? i'lac
tlcin.. athletics. Iinlsitlng lllmsnlf up
and dtiwr. from the lintel of the door
by his arms and touching the lintel
each time with his chin. lie was thee
almost nn '*;' * .;������'" :. "'"  .
The Rose.
Tlie Syrians regarded the rose ns nn
emblem of immortality, the Chinese
planted It over graves, and in the Tyrol it is snid to produce sleep. Hose
leaves are sometimes thrown ou the
fire for good luck. In France nud Italy
it is believed that rosy cheeks will
come lo the lass that buries n drop of
her blood under a ro.;e bush.
Fine muslins, dainty lingerie, iron easier, look
better, last longer if the
laundress uses the only
cold-water (no boiling)
starch that really
saves work and really
won't stick. Try it. Get
Learned   Chimney  Sweep
M. Koloniun Zanzi, chimney swoop
of   Budapest,  is  probably   unique  in
his profession.
His mornings and days generally
be devotes to olearing the sooty ways
of the material world; bis evenings
nre devoted to exploring tlie obscurities ol the region of intellect. For
years it hns been his practice, once
the working hours of tlie day  were
over, In retire'tin* a lung evening of
sillily. .Science, history anil law were
his favorite subjects, Some years
since In* became a Bachelor of Arts,
two years ago lie qualified as n mining engineer, ami now be has passed
quitt* brilliantly his examination for
the Doctorate in Law. Friends have
asked him if lie did not Intend to to
to the bar. But they little knew
their philosopher.
"Why?" he inquired, quite simply.
"I gain a good living among cliini-
Tieys. T hnve a good connection. I
shall remain a chimney sweep."
Suicides' Methods
According to tlie coroner's records,
asphyxiation is the favorite mode of
suicide in New York city, there being an average of one suicide each
three days, while there is nbout one
in four days from shooting.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is a speedy curo for dysentery,
diarrhoea; cholera, summer complaint, sea sickness and' complaints
incidental to children teething, It
gives immediate relief to those suffering from tlie effects of indiscretion
in eating unrfpe fruit, cucumbers,
etc. It nets with wonderful rapidity
and never fails to conquer the disease. No one need fear cholera if
they hnve n bottle ot this medloine
"I object to your attentions to my
daughter!" cried the irate parent,
and thereupon kicked the young
mnn out of the house.
As lie picked himself up the rejected suitor murmured, meditatively,
"I nilmil thnt the old man's objections cany weight."���Baltimore
Will   Find   Now   Health   and  Strength
in   Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pil!*_
The weak iComnii can depend upon
it that her blood is out of order, for
if her blood is rich and pure she
will be strong, healthy and happy.
Had blood is the Cause of nearly ail
the aches and pains from which women suffer. Keep the blood rich and
red by the use of Dr. Williams' Pink
Fills nnd suffering will not exist.
Mrs. James K. knit**, of Jordan
Station, Ont., has tested the value
of these Pills iintl strongly advises
other women to use them. She snys:
"For more than u year I was a great
sufferer Irom weakness. I was completely worn out. I lost Mesh; could
not rest at nicht, and in tlie morning 1 arose more tired tliiiu on going to bed. I had taken doctors'
treatment with no benefit. J. grew
worse day by day and was beginning to look upon my case as hopeless when I was advised to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. To my great
joy, before I hnd taken   tlie   pills a
n Ih   they   began  to  help,    and   by
the time I had taken eight boxes
every symptom of my trouble had
left me and 1 was once more enjoying perfect health and strength. I
look upon Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
ns a veritable life saver and never
lose a chance to recommend them
to my friends."
The success ot Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills is due to their power to make
new, rich, red blood. This new|
blood strengthens the nerves ami
gives nourishment to all the organs
of the body, thus curing anaemia,
indigestion, neuralgia, rheumatism,
nervous debility, headache nnd backache, and nil the secret ailments of
girlhood and womanhood. The Pills
are sold bv nil medicine dealers, or
may be hnd direct, at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for ,.2.50, trnin The Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockville,
Origin of the Emblem of Authority
Used  In Congress.
At the right of the speaker's desk
In the hall of the house of representatives in the Capitol at Washington
stands a large cylindrical pedestal
made of highly polished green marble.
When the house is called to order
each day. lhe sergeant at arms or one
of his deputies places upon the pedestal the mace, which Is the symbol of
authority in tlie house. When the hotly
adjourns he removes it nnd keeps it in
safely until the house meets again.
This mace Is o��_ very ancient and
honorable origin. Under the old Ito-
nian republic the magistrates passed
on fool from one place to another administering justice trying public 'offenders nnd Imposing penalties.
Each of these magistrates was attended by a sirinll body of men known
ns lictors, whose duty it was to make
way for the officers of tlie law. preserve order, make arrests and Inflict
punishment on condemned citizens.
Each   of   Ihese  Motors   carried   with
bin]  a   bunch of  rods  tied  together
wilh thongs and having an nx Ixitind
to lhe outside of it. The tbongs were
useil for Bcourglng nnd the ax for
bohending. 'Vniencos Imposed by lhe
magistrates were at nn.*o carried cut.
Those bundles of rods were known as
fnstvs. When the Romans conquered
Britain tbe use of the fasces as a symbol was brought with them, nnd mnny
other Roman customs remained with
the British poople.
While It was no longer used for Inflicting punishment. It continued to lie
used as a symbol by tbo early English
magistrates, and when an ollicer np*
ponred carrying the fasces his authority was Immediately accepted by
all. It was, In effect, his badge of
Tbo English form of lhe fasces was
slightly changed In thnt the ax was
placed inside nf lhe bundle nf rods,
wilh the blade protruding from tlie
The great councils of lhe early
Saxons gradually developed Into one
general body, which In the fourteenth
century became known ns I In* house
of commons. In nil these earlier councils tbe use of Ihe fasces was run-
llntietl. but it then cnme to he known
ns the mace, which hns remained US
the emblem of legislative authority in
that body down tn the present dny
The house of representatives of tho
United Stales was modeled closely
nfter the house of commons by the
trainers nf our constitution, and the
usage of lho mace wns borrowed from
the English custom.
Tlie lirst mace adopted by the house
was destroyed by lire when lhe British burned the cnpltol in 1814. From
INl-l until 18-12 n mace of painted wood
did service, but in the latter year lhe
present mace was mnde after the mode)
of   the  original   one.
"Mother," saitl a college student
who hnd brought his chum home for
the holidays, "permit nie to present
my  friend,  Mr.  Speoknoodle."
His mother, who was n little hnrtl
of hearing, placed her baud to her
"I'm sorry, Qeorge, but 1 didn't
quite catch your friond's name,
i'ou'll have to speak a little louder,
I'm afraid."
"I sny, mother," shouted Qeorge,
"f want to present my friend, Mr.
"I'm  sorry,  George,  but  Mr. .
What was the name again?"
"Mr. Speoknoodle I" George fairly
"The old lady shook her head
"I'm sorry, George, but I'm afraid
it's no use. It sounds just like
Sneek noodle to me."���Everybody's
Your sons probably plense you ns
well as you pleased your father.
If you don't look carefully after your
own affairs, who do you Imagine will.
A good many people try to administer
forgiveness uud punishment at the
same time.
About till some |uen get for tbelr
efforts to lie dignified is a reputation
of having the swelled  head.
The greatest triumph for a boy Is
the privilege of being accepted ns tin
equal by boys somewhat older than
Don't begin to wonder how oilier
people can afford-so many things that
you can't afford. That is a big step in
the direction of growing envious and
We have noticed that people who do
exactly as they please, whet tier ilieir
friends like It or not, get along nbout
as well as those who are always trying
lo please.
Tobacco Smoke Poisonous.
It Is niton said that tobacco smoke
is a powerful germicide. The com
position of tobacco smoke Is eoiiiplei,
the principal constituents being oils of
a tarry nature. Nicotine Itself is u
strong germicide, hut the quitutit' ol
this poison in tobilcco smoke is minute
The oily mutter which accumulates In
t* tobacco pipe is highly poisonous, bu
does not contain any appreciable qui.ii
lity of nicotine, tht. chief constituent
of this residue being a very pulsounu
oil known as pyridine. Tobacco smoke
contains a decided quantity of cur
hon monoxide, which is a preset villi vi
and which tuiict possess germicidal
properties. One of the principal con
stituenls accounting for lhe germiclda
properties of tobacco smoke Is the pow
erful   antiseptic   foiraaldebyde.
His Logic.
A keen business uiun twgtlt at i!
low price u theater that had long been
unprofitable and by ectuioiulcal unit)
ageinont put II Immediately nu a pay
Ing basis, liu*. lie was verv ectinniiil
enl. lie watched the expenses wil!
tlie sharpest eye. Tin., first month's
expense account contained lho Item
"Ment for cats, to protect the scencrj
nnd properties from the ruts' ravages
$2." The proprietor struck tills Hen
out, writing oi. the margin: "If thi
cats eat the rats, wherefore the meat'
If they don't, wherefore tho cats?"
W     N.    U.    No.    G49
Son-is English Statesmen.
Very heavy arc the burdens of sorm
.it the high offices in Grent Britain,
nntl lenders have beep, driven to curious methods to prevent breakdown.
When Robert Lowe was chancellor of
tlie oxchetpier he laid down ninety
feet of asphalt nntl got himself n pall
of roller skates. Thnt wns his method
ot mastering a liver and tho fatigues
of office. Eurl Spencer when in Ireland dining tho darkest days of his
office found riding fast and far tlie
one thing to relieve his spirits of
gloom. Gladstone cut down the trees
and translated the classics; Lord Randolph Churchill went rafting. Palm
erston [ought his battle against we.iii-
ness in the very workshop itself, The
late Sir James P.-iTot found him al
work standing at a high desk nnd told
him ho really must take more rest.
Palmerston answered that it wns impossible; that it lind now become hi.*
habit to work while standing. Formerly he had been so overworked that he
used to full asleep while sitting writing nt his table. To conquer this weakness to took to standing, "for," he
Baid, "if I fall down that wakes me. '
Avoid   Po.-3*-0i3_.*   Powders-, and   Cure all   Skin
Irritations an J Eruptions With
Dr. Chase's Ointment
It is quite possible that, while you
know of Dr. Chase's Ointment as a
cure for eczema, psoriasis and the
most severe forms of itching skin
disease, you may have overlooked its
value as ti beautifler of tlie skin.
There we minor forms of skin
trouble, such as rough, red skm, chafing, chapping, pimples, blackheads,
blotches, irritation, or poisoning
from the clothing, etc., which disfigure and form ti starting point for
serious trouble.
A few applications of Dr. Chase's
Ointment at sueli times not only re-
iiinve these blemishes, but also restore the health and beauty of the
skin, and positively prevent further
Miss 0, Stanley-Jones, professional
masseuse    and    nurse.   _*,-i*i    Bimooe
stre*'f, Toronto, Out., writes: "111 my
occupation as a nurse I have come
across many cases In which Dr.
Chase's Ointment lias been used with
extraordinary results.   One   case   1
recall was that of a child of sixteen
months, 'who was in a bad way with
scaly head. It was a really nasty
ense, causing the child to suffer very
much and to be very troublesome. 1
persuaded the motner to use Dr.
Chase's Ointment, and in ten days
the  child  was entirely  cured.
"Another case was that ot a lady
who was greatly troubled with eczema
on tho lace. The doctor was dosing
her with medicine, whicli was doing
no good. In this case cure was ei-
feoted in seven days with only one
box ol Dr. (.'base's Ointment.
of  tiiese  cures   were  lasting."
Dr. Chase's Ointment is delightfully pure and creamy, is pleasant to
use, and is rapidly absorbed. It nets
ns a food for the skin, making it sott,
smooth ami velvety. By its soothing, antiseptic and' healing properties il allays inflammation, relieved
Itching and heals sores, wounds and
ulcers; 60 cents a box, tit all dettlers,
or  I'Mniiinson,  Hates & Co., Toronto.
India's   Sacred   Fires
India's sacred   fires   have not *ill
beejj extinguished.   The most ancient
which   still     exists     wns   consecrated
twelve   centuries   ngo  in   coiliineniorii-
tion of the voyage made by the
Parsees when they emigrated from
Persia to India. The (ire is fed five
times every two hours with sandalwood nnd oilier fragrant materials,
combined with very dry fuel.���Montreal Standard.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form ot contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolf.rH's Sanitary  Lotion.
Madame Piomkino, who made several ineffectual attempts to murder
Russian police officials, was secretly
hanged nt  Moscow.
Tho clock that once belonged to
John Knox is now in Huntington,
Pennsylvania. It was built in Soot-
land in 1C5I), nntl remains a perfect
timekeeper  tn  this  day.
NotliinfJ looks more ugly than to
see a person whose bands are covered
over with warts. Why have tiiese.
disfigurements ou your person when
a sure remover of all warts, corns,
etc.*, can lie found in Ilnlloway's
Corn  Cure?
A Jewish Party
At the recent election in Austria
four Zionists we.*e returned to parliament, They organized a "Jewish
party" and announced that they felt
justified in doing so, "because there
existed a Catholic party and a Protestant parly." The four Zionists secured recognition in tlie organization of the chamber, ami when they
were ridiculed because of tlie size
of their party, referred to the fact
that the fourth party which Lord
Randolph Churchill organized in the
House tit Commons twenty-live years
ago was just thc size ��f tlie new
party in tlie Austrian parliament.
Mild in Their Action.���Parmelee's
Vegetable- Pills are very mild in
their action. They do not cause griping in the stomach or cause disturbances there as so ninny pills do.
Therefore, the most delicate can take
them without fear of unpleasant results. They can, too, be administered to children wil bout imposing
tho penalties whicli follow the uso
i of  pills  not so  carefully  pre pnred.
A missionary, an officer nntl nine
natives have been killed ill tho
French Congo, where Ilie native soldiers are in  a state of mutiny.
Liniment     Cures     Diph-
Cabs, called coaches, were first
lot tor hire in London in 1025. The
Londoners still have the best cab
service in the world. Ten yenrs after
their beginning King Charles issued
nn   oider    restricting    their  number.
"I see that an eminent physician
declares that two hours of sleep before midnight are worth much more
than  six  nfter that hour."
"Nonsense- Two hours of sleep
nfter  you're  culled    in   tlie  morning
Tie thought  there wore too many of  n.,*e worth more thnn anything else."
thorn. | -^Philadelphia   Press.
Our warm air heat producer for churches and large
public buildings, possesses a very important feature
in the fact that it has two air courses���the air travels up
through both the inner and outer castings.    All products
come in direct contact with
surround the hot air columns,
thus making the largest amount
of heating surface to every
square foot of grate surface
ever achieved in a warm air
heater. The flue construction admits of heat being
forced direct to the most
distant and most exposed
part of the building to be
warmed. 107
; Foundries at MONCTON, N.B. ��. MONTREAL.F
Sales Branches at MONCTON, N ,B.; MONTREAL, P.O.: TO*
Where all else fails
. Kendall's Spavin Cure
Bone Spavin, Ringbone, Splint, illood and Cog Spavin, Thoroughpin,
Curh, Capped Hock, especially if of long standing and obstiuate���will
not yield to ordinary liniments or blisters.
KENDALL'S SPAVIN CURI. is an extraordinary remedythat gives
extraordinary results. It cures old, stubborn cases that many times
veterinarics have given up���tal;cs away every sign of lameness���does not
scar or kill the hair���and leaves the horse sound and smooth.
HrNlTO. Mnn, Sept. '06
"I hive naef* Kendall's S.iaviu Cure for 20 years-",
and It never failed me once."     john McKHNNA,
Write for noted book "Treatise On The Horse"���-something worth knowing on
every page. Sent free. Kendall's Spavin Cure is sold by dealen everywhere at
11, a boltle-C for S5. . ,    33
Da. B. J.  KENDALL CO.,        -      -       ENOSBUFM FALLS, VERMONT. Y_5 **
OFJ   L.AR30  ��3   OH   SEA  THS  FOOD
The Shredded Wheat Wafer which itnpr-.rts nourishment and strength
without heaviness and makes the bin-con of hot .weather easy tc
boar.     Ready-cooked   and   ready-to-serve.
Try it with  butter, cheese or marmalades.      ^^
All Grocers.    l3c   a  Carton;  2 for 26o. (5-5
The  underwear  that  fits perfectly,
wears   out    slowest,   and    neither
shrinks    nor    stretches,   is   named
bears this trade mark
in red.   Who sells it,
guarantees it, in the ftvfijf ;$/%&))*
maker's name. Made
in many fabrics and
styles, at various prices,
in form-fitting sizes for women, men
and children. PEN-ANGLE Guaranteed Underwear wears best and
fits better
His  Way  of   Escape
The game warden of Colorado was
walking out in the mountains the
other duy, when lie inot ti hunter
with hia gun. The oiucei* suggested
that that ought to be a good Country
lor  limiting.
"Ii certainly is," suid tlie hunter,
proudly. "J. Killed one ol the tiuosl
Lucks yesterday 1 ever saw, uuu lie
weighed over iiUU." It was the Sanson when deer may not be shot
without subjecting tlie hunter to a
heavy  line.
"Well, thai is a line one," saitl the
warden; "and do you know who you
ure talking tor"'
Being assured that he did not, the
official   saitl:
"Wby, 1 am the cliief game warden
of Colorado."
The hunter was only taken back a
moment, when lie said*.
"And do you know who you are
talking to?"
Tlie warden did not know.
"Well, sir," said tlie hunter, .rp-
parently much relieved, "you are
talking to the biggest liar in the
whole state of Colorado."���Kansas
City Star.
A Royal Friend to Authors
Queen Alexandra's private library
is one of the most remarkable in tlie
kingdom. Her kindness to budding
and full-blown authors is as well
known and genuine as her love of
good works, and consequently few
clays pass unmarked by the arrival
of a number of sumptuously bound
and beautifully printed books and
magazines, accompanied by requests
for her majesty's gracious acceptance. Her majesty always accepts,
and always sees that a civilly-worded
note of thanks is despatched to the
aspiring author by return.
Beware   of    Ointments   for   Oatarrh    that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will Hiirely destroy the Rnnse
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when t*nti*i*in_ It thmintli
the mucous surfaces Rucli articles Hhotild
never be used except on prescriptions
from reputable physicians, as thc .lain
age they will do is ten fold to lhe good
you can possibly derive from them
Hall's Catarrh Oure. manufactured by F
J. Cheney & Co., Tolcdu. Ohio., contains
no mercury and is taken tnicmally.
acting directly upon the blood and mno
ous surfaces of the system ln buying
Hall's Oatarrh Oure be sure vou get the
genuine It le taken Internally end
made In Toledo. Ohio by F. J Cheney
ti   Oo.    Testimonials   free
Rold   by   Druggists     Price. 75c   per   hot
Take   Halla   Family   Pills   for oonstlpa
Hawker���I'm going to take a vacation now for two weeks.
Walker���Is that so? Isn't it queer
thnt your employer should let you
go now, just at the busiest season
of the year?
Hawker���Oh, well, they've got another man in my plnce. They told
me I needn't come back.���Soinervillo
A Good Medicine, requires little advertising. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
gained the good name it now enjoys,
not through elaborate advertising,
but on its great merits as a remedy
for bodily pains and ailments of the
respiratory organs. It has carried
its fume with it wherever it has gone,
antl it is prized nt the antipodes as
well as fit home. Dose small., effect
In tlieir efforts to advertise goods
shopkeepers sometimes err in tin*
matter of properly expressing tlieir
ideas. In tlie window of a prominent
dealer in women's wear tlie following  sign  was  displayed:
"Women's shirtwaists, 88 penis.
Tliey won't last long at this price."
Tiie window was full of tlie articles
in question, but most of the women
who  paused  to  look  saitl:
"Well, if that's tlie case I don't
think I'll buy."���Philadelphia Ledger.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
"Who is the happier: tlie man who
has a million or the one who has
seven children?"
"The man who has seven children."
"But why?"
"Because the man who has a million desires more, and tho man with
seven children has sufficient."���II
London has 1,000 ships nnd 0,000
sailors in its port every day. It bas
upwards of 7fi,ooo persons   annually
taken into custody by tlie police;
27.000 persons living in its common
lodging houses; 2,r>,ooo persons annually arrested as drunk ami disorderly,
and one-third of tlie crime of the
country is committed within its radius.
Need It.
Ask your doctor about the
wisdom of your keeping Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral in the house,
ready for colds, coughs, croup,
bronchitis. If he says It's all
right, then get a bottle of It
at once. Why not show a
little foresight in such matters?
Early treatment, early cure.
We publish our formulas
_,     Wt banish aloohol
of    from our ncttUoluaa
Wo ur_o jot' to
ooosult your
Many �� boy is called dull snd stupid,
when the whole trouble is due to a lazy
lhW.. We firmly believe your own doc-
<*>r will tell you that ��n occasional dose
of Ayer's Pills will do such boys a great
deal of good. They keep the liver active.
���   "Made *���_��� th. J. 0. Ijrtr Co., Lo w ill.���
Latch   Key  Tenure   In   Village   Na*.'
Crownland is in Lincolnshire, fiv
miles from tlie nearest railway Bta
tion. and about eight miles northeast
of Peterborough, at the confluence ef
the River Welland and the C-jtwater
drain, less than 100 miles from London.
Crownland, as every one know (ai
though, perhaps, it is better known
to our American cousin sightseers
than to us), is world famous for thi!
interesting remains of the west fronl
nf the once magnificent old mitered
Benedictine abbey founded in 714 Ly
King Etbelbald in honor of the hermit
St Gnthlac. and is also noted for possessing a Gothic "triangular" bridge
Crownland boasts, however, anotlv
er curious and extraordinary feature
in tlie shape of a street of houses
which at no distant date belonged���
as several of tbem, in fact, now bo*
Ion;'- to nobody but the person who
is fortunate enough to hold the key.
These are "1'eyhold tenures," obtained on tiie "first come tirst served" principle, and can be held by
the tenant so lone as he lives; nntl
qn his demise, providing he leaves
no widow or family, the first person
to cross the threshold becomes entitled to the house, and no power
on earth���-so far as the law is concerned -enn force liiin to" relinquish
his hold; the owner for the time being, however, having no tangible hold
over the property in the shape of
"script" or security of any kind, cannot will it to any one or sell it.
In   Poorhouse   Row.
This extraordinary state of affairs
exists in Albion street, originally called Poorhouse row or Independence
lane, antl situated close to the ruins
of tlie old abbey. It owes its origin
to tho fact, so the story goes, that
it was left, among other lands, etc.,
in trust pro bono publico by some
philanthropic person, evidently with
a view to practically studying tlie welfare and Improving the social conditions of the poorer fen laborers. The
trustees nnd other persons who hold
the administration of tiiese various
lands gave notice many years ago���
beyond living memory, in fact���that
a narrow piece of waste land, between forty o.-id fifty feet in width,
had been set aside for building purposes, and if any of the humbler laborers wished to have a plot of land
to erect a dwelling place upon it
could simply be had for the asking;
and many were tlie odd and fantastic
one-story shanties that were erected
Houses Cost Little.
In this way lite little piece of rough,
water logged land eventually was
transformed into tlie semblance of a
street of some sixty or seventy rude
habitations, most of which had been
put up at a cost of a few pounds.
Only about half a dozen of tlie old
houses nre left that can still be claim*
���*:_ by this unique procedure, most of
tie tenements having been replaced
by more modern buildings, and the
occupiers, being better educated, having under tlie enfranchisement laws,
for a matter of $15 to $20, taken out
freehold deeds, have become full
fledged property owners, nnd, of
course, they can will such properties
to whomsoever tliey please, or even
sell or mortgage them.
Many are the curious incidents that
have happened on the death of a tenant of one of the latchkey holdings.
On one occasion, presumably when
people were not so particular as they
are now or tbe law troubled about
such trifles, one sly old resident,
whose strategy and sense of humor
evidently were developed far above
Iho avernge, on hearing thnt one of
the occupants was about to quit this
earthly plane, did not wait to "play
the gtime" and obtain possession by
crossing the threshold, but made his
entry by way of the chimney, and,
after watching its owner breathe his
last breath, at that precise moment
took possession of the house and key I
Caught After 25 Years.
"Murder will out" and "cheating
never prospers" were never better illustrated than recently in an extraordinary case that came up recently
in the Clerkenwell police court. Mr.
John Edwards, now 48 years of age
und prosperous, was charged with being a man who, ns a clerk in his
young days, twenty-five years ago,
ran awav with $2,400 intrusted to him
to bank by Mr. T. Iiantley Westacott,
a St. Pancras auctioneer.
Mr. Edwards is a builder, residing
in Scarsdale road, Victoria park,
Manchester: Detective Inspector Neil,
who arrested him and brought him
to London, gave evidence. He snid he
made himself known to Edwards and
told him the bit of history; that Mr.
Westacott had n business at the time
in Camden road, and that on July 1.
1882, his clerk was intrusted witli
several sums of money to pay into the
National bank. King's Cross, amounting to $2,500. Tlie clerk paid in chocks
to a certain amount, hut did not account for the first check. "You are
the clerk, and you took the money,"
tlie inspector concluded.
"That remains to be proved," replied Mr. Edwards (according to the
detective's evidence), On the way to
the railway station he said: "I expected this Hliout six weeks ago. I
was told by the man wbo gave me
away that he had done it. Ho is n
dirty scoundrel, after nil I have done
ior him. I have given him money,
and he has held this over my head,
llecause 1 would not give him more
he has done this." He referred also to
a fellow clerk who nbseondetl with
him, and adtled, "but I don't like to
ipeak of tho dead."
Mr. Westacott, who appeared ki
court as the prosecutor, heard the
detective's evidence, and then told
ttie magistrate that he had no vindictive feeling, but wou'd like the
?ase remanded.
In Oermnny "vou" Implies nobility.
nnd all persons wbo belong to the nobility prefix "von" to their Humes without any exception. Persons who do
not hcloiig to the nobility cannot have
the right to put "von" before tbelr
names, A man wbo Is knighted for
some reason, however, litis lhe stiine
right to put "von" before his family
inline as a person of ancient nobility
Por Instance, when Alexander Humboldt was knighted lie became Alex
nmior von Humboldt. All bis descendants, male and female, take the prefix
Haven of Best.
It Is desirable that each sex should
occasionally escape from the other. II
is restful to the nerves to do so; It ls
good for meu to be with men only nntl
for women to bo alone with women
now and then, and the club Is essen
tlally the place for each sex to find
rest from the other and enjoy Its own
Society.��� Loudon Lady's t'ictovlal.
Dose  Him   With  Decadent  Dictionary
The number of obsolete words that
are to be found in u complete dictionary of the English language is considerably larger than the people have
any idea of. The following letter,
written by an alleged poet to an editor who had treated his poetry with
derision, furnishes some idea of
"Sir���You have behaved like an impetiginous scrogle���like those who,
envious of any moral celsitude, carry
their unglicity to the height of creating symposiacally the fecund words
which my polymathic genius uses
with liberty to obligate the tongues
of the weetless! Sir. you have crassly
parodied my own pet words, though
tliey were trangnms I
"I will not conscervnte reproaches.
I will oduce a veil over the atramen-
tal ingratitude which has chamfered
even my indlscerptible heart. I am
silent on the focillation which my co-
adjuvancy must have given when I
offered to become your funtor and adminicle. I will not speak of the lip-
pitude, the oblepsy you have shown
in exacerbating mo, one whose genius
you should hnve approached with
mental disealcention. So I tell you,
without supervacaneous words, nothing will render ignoscible your conduct to mo.
"I warn you that I would vellicate
your nose if I thought that any moral
diarthrosis thereby could be performed-if I thought I should not impig-
oorate my reputation. Go, tnchygrn-
phic scrogle, hand with your crass, in-
quinate fan tors! Draw obleclations
from the thought if you can of having
synchronically lost the existimntion
of tbe greatest poet since Milton."
And yet all these words are to le
found in the dictionary.
Saving Their  Feelings.
Mr. Puncli is so powerfully impressed by the action of the Lord
Oliuinl.erlu'n in suppressing all performances of the "Mikado" (and
thereby throwing into confusion a
large number of provincial theatrical
engagements), that he is moved tt
follow suit. He therefore forbids his
renders, all and several, and the Brit**
isli public at huge, to continue the
laceration of national and foreign susceptibilities by the employment in
speech, wr.'ting, singing, gramophon-
ing or niarconigrum, of any expressions appearing in the subjoined list:
"To take French leave."
"Made in Germany."
"Castles in Spain."
"He is full of Dutch courage."
"Scratch a Russian, and you'll find
a Tartar."
"He is a regular Turk."
"Spoiling tlie Egyptians.''
"Can the Ethiopian change his
"Lo, the poor Indian I"
"For ways that are dark, the heathen Chinee is peculiar."
"Go to Jericho I"
"Tbey don't know everything down
in   Judee."
"Caledonia, stern and wild."
"How very Hibernian 1"
"Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was
a thief!"
"To behave like a boor."
John Bull has so many ententes
on hand just now that Mr. Punch is
living in momentary terror lest any
of them should bo imperiled by some
chance and indiscreet allusion dropped at a Little Peddlington Penny
Reading. What if the Republic of
Hayti, say, should get wind of the
" I thought I must go on suffering
from piles un il I died; but Zam Buk
cured me," says Mrs. E. Reed, cf ISteen-
burgtOnt.), and adds:���"I wai so weakened
that I could hardly uiove about, and a little
work caused me great agony. Then 1 ht-ard
ot thii grand b-dm. and I am ibaukful to
Kay that It ha-i cured me."
Zam-Buk _l*n cures cuts, burns, braises, stiffness.
OtsOMe, ulc*4*s, -*__M iUcm, sort feet, mugs rod skin
\*uli��. end all skla lii'ui . end these*. Dru__1*ts
end storee ttSOc a be*, er Zens-Buk Ce.,TUguto. S
boxes'*." ei.u.
The Tomcat Won
A boastful machinist employed at
tlie Jessop steel mill, near Washington, Pa., had the conceit taken out
of 11 iin by a big tomcat recently. He
was boasting of his strength, declaring that ho could pull a horse
through the waters of Chartiers
creek. Superintendent Wilson, of the
mill, offered to bet $10 that lie
couldn't pull a big black tomcat
through the winter from bank to
gunk. Tlie bet was taken, a big
black tomcat was secured at a nearby house, and the 200 mill workers
gathered at the crock to see the test
of strength, The machinist was on
one side of tlie creek and tlie cat
and the spectators were on the other.
Tlie rope was tied around tlie cat,
and, when all was in readiness, the
word was given and the tug-of-wnr
was on. The machinist held his own
I for a moment, nnd then, with n
| mighty heave against tho straining
j hemp, tlie eat pulled him into tlie
i water.���Philadelphia Record.
Lord's  Prayer On   a  Rock.
One of the most striking examples
of scriptural words carved on a rock
is that known as the Bristol Prayer
Rock at Vermont, U.S.A. It is a famous landmark of the neighborhood,
and is a huge boulder near the roadway, being as high as the top of an
ordinary railway carriage. It bears on
its face tlie Lord's Prayer, engraved
in capital letters over an inch in
height and painted white so that they
will stand out from the surface of the
The story of the rock and its scriptural inscription is that Dr. J. C.
Greene, now dead, but for many years
a prominent physician of Buffalo,
N.Y., formed a determination in his
boyhood days of having the Lord's
Prayer engraved on this boulder. He
was a native of Starksborough. For
many years the rock was disfigured
with posters and other advertising
matter. Since the Lord's Prayer has
been engraved on the rock it has not
been used as a billboard. It is & common object of respect and pride among
the people, and to cover it with posters now would be regarded as a desecration.
One feature of the story is that Dr.
Green paid 25 cents a letter for the
engraving of the prayer, nnd that in
his will he made provision for tlie repainting of tlie letters whenever they
became dim.
Fairy   Princess   Visits   School.
At the annual meeting of the Children's Happy Evenings Association recently the Countess of Jersey told a
story of the Princess of Wales paying
a surprise visit to a school in Westminster and presenting a colored
drawing to each of the children, who
did not know until she gone who
their royal visitor was.
Great interest was taken in tho
work of tho association, added Lady
Jersey, by the princess, who was
sending them gifts of thills and photographs for distribution among tlie
For the months of July, August and
September an open-air school for 100
children wilt be held at Bostall,
I'lumstoad, in tlie grounds and wood
which have been offered for the purpose by th_ Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society.
A Chestnut.
Ralph Waldo Emerson once told of
a 'riend who always carried in his
pocket a horse chestnut as a protection against rheumatism, just as other
people wear shields and other specifies. Emerson thus testifies to the re-
Bults in his friend's case: "He has
never bad the rheumatism since he
began to carry it, and indeed it appears to have had a retrospective
operation, for he never had it before."
Poor Colors.
"I can't understand Mabel."
"Why not?"
"She's always trying to get thlnss to
match her complexion"
"Whnt of It?"
"Haven't you ever noticed her com
A Sound Stomach Means a Clear
Head���The high pressure of a nervous life which business men of the
present day are constrained to live
make draughts upon their vitality
highly detrimental to their health.
It is only by the most careful treatment that they are able to keep
themselves nlert and active in their
various callings. Many of them know
the value of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills in regulating the stomach and
consequently keeping tlie head clear.
Tlie earliest record of tlie existence
of the mariner's compass was found
in 1180. But tlie Chinese appear to
have had knowledge of it at least es
early as B.C. 2634
If your children moan and are
restless during sleep, coupled, when
awake, with a loss of appetite, pale
countenance, picking of tho nose, etc.,
etn., you may depend upon it that
the primary cause of tlie trouble is
worms. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator effectually removes these
pests, at once relieving tho little sufferers.
Magnetic cures antedate apothecaries. In 500 A.D'., one Actus says:
"We are assured that those who are
troubled with tho gout in tlieir hands
or tlieir feet, or with convulsions,
find relief when they hold a magnet
in their hands."
Minard's    Liniment    Cure-    Garget
in  Cows.
Threshing machines go back to
175R. A German artisan, Hohlfield.
designed one in that year. In 1780
Andrew Meikle, a Scotch mechanic,
produced one so perfect that despite
nearly a century of improvers, it is
today in all essentials tlie same as
the original.
all linrtl, soft or calloused lumps and blem
islips, from horses. blood spavin, curbs,
splints, ringbone, swtieney. stifles, sprains, sort?
and swollen throat, roughs, etc. Save $50 b>
iisp *** one bottle. Warranted the most won
derful   Blemish   Cure  ever known.
Double entry bookkeeping was first
used in tlie mercantile cities of Italy,
notnblv Venice nnd Florence, in the
fifteenth century.
A new Parisian diagnosis of typhoid is the apnlication of a finely
powdered precipitate of typhoid toxin to the eye, whicli causes mild
ontliiilmin in persons suffering from
the disease.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���ln June, '98, I had
my hand and wrist bitten and badly
mangled by a vicious horse. I suf-
fjred -greatly for several days and
the tooth cuts refused to heal until
your agent gave me a bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT, which I began
using. The effect was magical; in
five hours the pain had ceased and
in two weeks the wounds had com
pletely healed and my hand and arm
were as well as ever.
Yours truly,
A. E. ROY,
Carriage Maker.
St. Antoine, P. Q.
A father and mother, with six
children, spent their holiday at the
seaside. Immediately on arrival
tliey set about looking for cheap
At length they came to a notice
of a "furnished room to let," and
mado inquiries.
"Oh, yes," saitl the landlady in
answer to the father's question. "It's
here tho room is to let, but there's
only one bed in it."
"Oh, that's all right," replied the
father; "we're used to roughing it.
The wife and bairns'll sleep on the
floor."���London  Tatler.
What Changed His Mind.
"I hnd supposed until yesterday, doc
tor, that thc days of tho bleeding of
patients were past."
"And so they are. But what changed
Vour mind?"
"The bill you sent me."
For Strains
���of Back ���of Shoulder
���of Stifle ���of Hough
���of Whirlebone ���of Knee
���of Fetlock        ���of Coffin Joint
���of Pastern
Two or three teaspoon-
fuls in a little Rum or Brandy,
cures Sprains, Bruises and
Lameness in 24 hours���take9
out all the soreness���and puts
horses "on their feet again."
50c. a bottle.    If your drug,
gist does not have it, send to
Nattail Drag & Chemical Ce.
Limited,    17
Dirford  Students  Willing to   Pay  For
"To one Oxford "rag," $1,500." This
:s the bill which the students of
Christ Church have been called upon
to settle for the little jollification they
indulged in reeentlj to celebrate their
securing the headship of the river for
the first time in fifty years. Doubtless
the average person will think it a
dear price to pay for a little horseplay���a bonfire with a grandstand as
fuel, a few black eyes, and several
policemen's helmets, more or le3S
battered, now on secret show at
Christ Church college. But gay un-
lergrads have no objection to paying
tor their "sport."
Some  Oxford   Rowdyism.
It is not so long ago that some Oxford men were called upon to pay the
*ost of amusing themselves by pelting the actors and actresses of a certain theatre with rotten fruit, spoiling
iresses and scenery, and afterwards
dismantling the auditorium by breaking up the scats. When tlie manager
presented his bill it was promptly
���tettled, and he was laughingly told
thnt he could now renovate his
theatre. Furthermore, he was invited
by tlie students to n dinner which it
vas proposed to give to the actors
and actresses in order to soothe their
���ufiled feelings.
How many shopkeepers and hotel
proprietors at Oxford and Cambridge
"lavo received compensation for dam-
ige done to tlieir establishments it
would be impossible to say, but the
lumber must be considerable.
Object to  Punishment.
One of the features of varsity "rag-
ring" is that the students strongly
���esent any punishment being meted
nit to ono of their number by tbo col-
ege authorities for an offense against
^ood manners.
Not long ago, for instance, a member of Queen's college, and a "rugger
line," was "sent down" for "rag-
;ing" in a man's rooms, and the severe punishment was much resented
ly his brother undergrads. To mark
heir disapproval a fr.neral proces-
non was organized, composed of some
���hirty cabs, headed by one containing
the victim dressed in black, with
���rape hanging from tlie top hat he
���vore. The cortege left Queen's at a
���amoral pace, the drivers having crape
ittached to tlieir whips, and most of
die followers displaying crape. At the
itotion a large crowd had assembled.
Groans were given for the Queen's
ions and cheers for the "blue," and
'he train departed amidst a most exciting scene to the strains of "Auld
Lang Syne" and "He's a Jolly Good
English  Maidens   In  Olden  Days  Indulged   Freely   In   Habit.
Who were the first "kisser" and
'kissee?" The query is very difficult
if solution, for the origin of kissing
is shrouded in mystery, although
kissing has been practised by civilized nations in every era of the world.
fiiblical records do not enlighten
as as to whether our first parents indulged in the habit. The first kiss
on record was the one given by Jacob
to Rachel, when he met her at tho
well. In the New Testament St. Paul
admonishes his followers to greet
one anothor with a holy kiss. And in
the time of the Romans kissing the
hand to a god was a sign of adoration.
From nil accounts extant, English
people���unemotional nnd prosaic as
they are characterized���appear to
have been among the first to have
exploited the joys of kissing, and to
render it a universal habit. And
then, again, in no other country but
England has the mistletoe plant attained such popularity. Even Erasmus wrote to a friend the following*.
'Englishwomen are divinely pretty
and good-natured. They have an excellent custom, that wherever you
rind yourself the girls kiss you. They
kiss you when you come, they kiss
you when you go; they kiss you at
every opportunity between whiles."
'Jumerous other illusions to the practice prove that Erasmus was not
guilty of any exaggeration, although
the habit became a theme of gossip
ill over Europe.
Death-Dealing   Disease.
Of late, Glasgow and Belfast have
been writhing in the grip of a new
and mysterious malady . amed cere-
bro-spinal-meningitis, or, as it has
been colloquially termed, "spotted
fever."    What is it?
The symptoms at first are extreme
nervous shock and excessive pain in
the back, particularly the spine, and
these sensations are followed by spasmodic contraction of the muscles of
the body, together with eruptions on
the skin. The disease chiefly attacks
children, but sometimes adults are
affected, in which eases tho malady
displays a marked partiality for the
male sex.
During the whole of last year, 192
cases were treated in Glasgow; but
to great a grip has "spotted fever"
gained on the city recently, that during the montli of January alone, 107
cases wero registered. It is a significant fact that out of Inst year's 192
cases 141 wero fatal. Tlie deplorably
insanitary state of the poorer districts in large cities is, of course, a
prime factor in tlie spread of the disease.
Her Feelings Were  Hurt.
"Strange how superstitious some
people are," a human pachydeim remarked. "For example, tiie other
nftcrnoon I was standing with a friend
in an elevated train, and I had beei
relating to him in a whisper som.
of my troubles, business and domes-
tie. He is a joKy soul, and in an
effort to help me out he ejaculatet
(it appears he was gazing absentl.
beyond me and nt the face of ,an ex
ceedingly thin woman who' stood
" 'Oh,  laugh  and  grow  fat I'
" 'Mind your own business, you
brute!' the thin woman cried. 'You
ought to be arrested for insulting people thnt way.'
"My friond insisted on getting out
at the next station."
Austria's Iron Mountain.
The  Erzherg.  Austria's  Iron  mountain, will furnish ore for 1,000 more
Historic Swiss Bell.
Ono of the historic bells in Switzerland Is the silver bell in the mlustor
ut Berne. It rang "for tho service of
Cod, tho festivals of stnte, nnd tlie
execution ot the evil doer." When tho
forces of the young French republic
captured Berne In 1798, the citizens
painted it n funereal black, and uuder
this disguise it escaped from the *���*���*
pnclty of tht) Gauls.
The Purest and Cleanest Green Tea on
Earth.   Delicious and Economical in use.
LEAD PACKETS ONLY. 40o, BOo and BOo Par Lb.        AT ALL QROOERS.
The   Way   Lord   Brougham   Paid   His
Debt to George IV.
With all of bis knowledge and talent
Lord Brougham was eccentric and
slovenly ln his personal habits. While
he was a young and comparatively
unknown banister he was asked to t>
dinner nt which the prince regent
presided. Mr. Brougham's hand*
needed washing. The regent's keen
eyes rested on them. He beckoned tu
a waiter nnd gave an order which tinman heard with n scared face, and
then going out he speedily returned
with a ewer full of water, soap and n
He carried them to Broughnm, presenting them with the prince regent'**
compliments. The barrister Instantl,**
withdrew nnd never afterward re
ferreil to the Insult.
Yenrs later, when the prince, nov
king, tiled to divorce his wife. Brougb
ham, as her defender, so vehement
ly sustained her cnuse thnt she
triumphed. The king's name was not
mentioned during the trial, though th*
nntlon knew that he was secretly thi
prosecutor. Brougham In his speed
declared that he snw ln the dlstanc.
tho nameless persecutor of his inno
cent client, quoting with terrific effec
Milton's words:  *
The other shape,
If shape It might be called, ��� ��� ��� black 1
atood as night,
[Tierce as ten furies, terrible as hell,
And shook a dreadful dart; what seem*
his head
The likeness of a kingly crown had on
George IV. felt seriously this savag
attack. The nation sided with th
queen, and her defender had pnld hi.-
debt with Interest.
Its Evolution From the Apothecaries a'
the Colonies.
During the seventeenth century tin
druggist came to America and closely
followed English precedents, ttiodif,
lug them, however, by the practice 01
the Indians, with whom he came it
contnet Quack apothecaries began t.
spring up lu the new land, and in 1(33(
the colony of Virginia passed a law
whicli among other things regulatec*
lhe prices nnd fees of the druggist
At this time it was fashionable foi
the druggists to practice surgery in nd
ditlon to pharmacy, nnd the Virginia
ftilony contained a large number ol
people wbo were proficient in botli pro
tessious. in Massachusetts the busl
ness was largely in the hands of
Indians, schoolmasters, old women and
teachers. The Saleui witchcraft de
luslon retarded the spread of the drug
gist for some time in the Bay State,
for tho popular Impression fastened on
the apothecaries a suspicion that they
sold the potions that were supposed to
produce the spells. Among those who
suffered persecution at this time
mixers of medicine appear to bave
been  prominent.
The drug shop hnd not yet become n
distinct institution. It was usually n
branch of the grocery or spice business. In 1047 one Giles Format! of
Boston, had, however, firmly established himself as devoting special attention to pharmacy. In 1048 the first
distinctive drug store in America was
opened ln Boston by William Davles
Yukon Prices
High prices prevailing in Yukon
territory continue to prevent many
tourists from visiting that country.
American Vice-Consul Woodward, of
Dawson, writes. "In one instance a
party of some two dozen tourists from
the Eastern States arrived here in
tlie morning, and after a hasty trip
up tlie creeks, left on the steamer
the same evening. A visitor from
tlie outside, particularly from the
extreme enst of the United States, is
astonished to find thut the smallest
coin in circulation is 25 cents, that
tlie article which costs 5 cents at
home will cost from over two to five
times that much, and thnt 25 cents
is paid for a five-cent cigar or an ordinary local newspaper, that a charge
of $1 to $2,50 is made for delivering
a single piece of baggage to (lie hotel,
a distance of two or three blocks,
and  everything  else   in  proportion."
M'mard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper.
Col. Dobrowisky, of the 201st infantry, wns shot and killed at Tiflis
by one of his own regiment.
Franz    Ketterer,    of    Switzerland,
made the  first cuckoo clock in  1735.
Datj.fl     *���*,    about better ceilings.    Tells of
two thousand designs for every
1tp *D Is"**  1p*    sort of structure from a cathe*
^** ^**   draltoawarehouse-proveswhy
B_     -.    1_   our ceilings cost less. - Get the
O   O   K   book.   Ask our nearest office.
The PEDLAR People STSj
O-slmwa    Montreal    Ottawa   Toronto    London   Winnipeg
���very paokat
will kill
moro -AIsM than
300 ahaata
of sticky papar
  SOLD  BV 	
too. per packot, or 3 packata far 2Sc.
will laat a whola asm-son.
A Horse's Memory.
My father had a tine driving horse
that was Intelligent and had learned
a number of tricks.   One night he was
stolen, and no trace was found of hlm
for nearly two years when, one day.
father met a stranger driving the horse
and of course claimed him.   In the dispute whicli followed father remarked '
that if It was the horse stolen  from ,
him   ho would on  being unharnessed :
go to the gate, lift tho latch, open the
gate,  go  around   the  barn,  slide  the ;
bolt, open the door nnd  go Into the
third atiill.    The man agreed to give
the borse up ou those terms.    They
drove home nnd  up the lane to Unburn and unhnruessed the horse, when,
without a moment's hesitation, he per
formed the feats father said he would
���Chicago Tribune.
Stolen Pleasure
The children will show you
lhe merits of Mooney's biscuits
if you give them the chance.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
have made themselves famous
all over Canada in a very short
time. Crisp, inviting, tasty.
Different from any other cracker
you have ever eaten.
Say  Mooney's" to your grocer.
Within Her Rights.
A very black woman In a silver gray
nutomoblle coat was seen a few morn
lugs ngo hauling an rnwlillng nnd dis
reputable looking yellow dog by a
leather thong.
A friendly disposed policeman asked
casually; "Why don't you turn the dog
loose? lie don't look able to run off.
and nobody'Il want to steal him?"
"Ain't I a 'oman?' was the tart
There was no disputing the fact
"Ain't dis heah a dog?"
Tatent fact.
"Ain't dis heah New York?"
Obviously true.
"Well, ain't I got a good right to
walk on dese beah streets and put on
all tho style I choose?"
No disputing a self evident proposition.
Teething Babies-
are saved suffering���and mothers
given rest���when one uses
Norses'and Mothers' Treasure
Quickly relieves���regulatet the
bowels ��� prevents    convulsions.
Used 50 years.   Absolutely safe.
At drugstores, 2__.   6 bottles, 11.25.
Nstlonsl Dru|j i Chemical Co., Limited,
60U "Proprietors, Montreal.       41
An English clergyman, recently settled In a small town In Terthshlre, met
�� farmer's boy while visiting the members of his congregation. In the course
of conversation the boy said his parents had an aunt staying with them.
The pnrson, not having much acquaintance with tho Scottish language and
not quite comprehending what the boy
-aid, asked:
'Then, do I understand that your
aunt ls on your father'B side or on
your mother's?"
To which the young agriculturist replied:
"Weel, whiles tho nne nn whiles the
Itlier, excep' when fey ther V***'*.'*-
them baim."-Dui__.�� ***��..
Wmrrmnlodlo Blt-o Smtlotaollon.
Caustic Balsam
Has Imitators But No Competitors.
A Safe, Speedy and Positive Cure for
Curb. Splint, Bwu��ny, Capped Hook,
Strained Tenrloni, Founder, Wind
Puffs, end all Umeneii from Iptvln,
Ringbone and other bony tumon*
Cures all skin dlieaaei or Paraaitei,
Thrush, Diphtheria. Bemovei all
Buna lies from Hone* or Cattle,
An a Human  Remedy for  Rheumatism,
Spralne,  Sore Throat, eta, It Is lnraluable*.
>.xery   bottle  of Cauatlo JBalenni   sold   ti
Warranted to (fire Batl��faotlon. Trice iLM
per bottla.  Sold by dniirffletf. oi sent by ex-
fireee, charges paid, with full directions for
ts nse.   HTBend for descriptive clraulars,
O testimonials, etc.  Addross ��
ThtLewrence-WUIIamsCo., Toronto, Ont.
W-    N.   U.   No.   649 I Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
BEST. $11,000,000
President���Loan Ktbathcoha and Mount Royal.
Vico-Prcnident-r-HoN. Geobgi A. Dbummohd.
General Manager���E. S. Cooostok.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
5 A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan (lMnin-8 IRevtew.
Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advbbtisino Rates i
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -  ' 7.60
"     " Purchase of Land   -    7.50
"      " Licenso to Cut Timber B.OO
All locale will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per hue each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Duncan Kennedy, of Slocan, B.C., livery keeper,
���jntends to apply for a special timber
licence over   the   following  described
lands.   Commencing at a post adjoining James Smith's south-east corner,
and  marked   "Robert  Dnncan  Kennedy's N.E. corner," thence south 40
chains, thence west 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence east 160 chains
���to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notice that James Smith, ot
-Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
lor a special timber license over tbe following described lands: Commencing
at a FOBt pianted about one and one
half miles distant in a southerly direction from Dnncan Graham's north-east
corner, and marked " James Smith's
8.E. corner," thenco west 160 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence oast 160
chains, thence south] 40 chains to point
.ot commencement, and containing 640
acres more or lets.   JAMESSMl H.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notice that Duncan Graham, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, Intends to apply
lor a special license over the following
described lamia: Commencing at a
post planted on tho west shore ot Slocan
Lake, about one mile distant in a southerly direction from tlie mouth of Indian
creek, and marked " Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thence fieBt 80 cliains,
thence south 80 clin-ns", tlience o��Bt 80
chains, tlience north 80 chains to point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or Iocs.
Jnne 15th, 1907.
Take notico that Nils Nelson, o
Slocan, B.C., a rancher, intends to
apply for a special timber license over}
following described lands : Commencing at a post planted about four miles
distant io a north westerly direction
from the mouth of Goat creek, a tributary ot the Slocnn River, thenco west
1*80 chains, tlience north 40 chains 1
thenceeast 100 chains, ihence south 40
chains to pointfof commencement, and
contain inn 640 acres more or less.
June 20th, 1907.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that. John St. Denis, of
Slocan, B.C., farmer, intends to apply
ior permission to purchase the follow������
ing described land i Commencing at n
post planted on the south-east corner
of lot 7547, thence nortli SO chains,
east 20 cliains, soutli 20 clmins to tlie
north-eaBt corner of lot 8127, thence
along thc lino ol lot 8127, 20 chains
August 1st, 1007.
 D. St. Denis, Agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice   that   Charles  Plant,  of
New Denver,  miner, intends  to   apply
for permission to purchase tlie following described land:   commencing at  a
post  planted at the north-west coiner
of lot 6881, tlience north 40 clmins, cast
to cliains,   soutli 40 cliains,    west  20
August 12th, 1907.
D. St. Denis, Agent.
District of West  Kootenay.
Take Notice that Florence Lawrence
Mclnnes, ot New Denver, wife of Angus
Mclnnes, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest comer of lot 8506, croup 1,
Kootenay District, tlience west 20 chains
thence south 21) chains thence east 20
chains thence north 20 chains to tlie
point of commencement, containing 40
acres more or less.
Kenneth L. Burnet, agent.
Dfstrict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
about two miles south of the N. & S.
Ry., thence north 160 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence seuth 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, containing: 640 acres more
or less. P, J. GALLAGHER.
Dated July 11, 1907.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special limber license
over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about S%
miles soutli of Summit lake, marked
P.J.G. S.W.C, tlience north 80 chains
thonce eait 80 chain, Ihence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated Julv5lh, 1907
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described tract of
land. Commencing at a post planted at
the S.W.C, marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
tlience north 40 chains, thence east 160
chains, thence south 40 chains thence
west 160 chains to point of commencement. Containing 640 aces more or
lesB. Post is planted abont 2 miles from
West shore ol Slocan lake nearly opposite Silverton.
Dated July 5th, 1907.
District of West Kootenay.
Take  notice   that I,  Bert.   Norris
Sharp, of'Orifnt,  Wash.,    occupation
aswyer, intends to apply  for  permission to puichase the following  described
tol**!.��� ,   , .
Commencing at a pott planted on
N. E. cor. located on Slocan Lakcoboul
20 mill s Irom Slocan City, tlience weet
40 chains, tlience eouth40 chains, Ihence
east 40 chains, thence north 40 chainB
to point ol commencement containing
160 acres more or less.
Thomas Melville Sharp,
July ��lst, 1907.
The Most Beautifully situated
Sanitarium iu Britisli Columbia,
Its medical w.lers are renowned
for curative qualities. "That
Tired Feeling " completely cured.
A certain remedy tor Rheumatism
in its varied forms. A euro cure
for Metallic and other.poiscmings.
Two mails a dny and telegraphic
facilities. Rat-SB���$12 to .18 per
week. For farther particulars
apply to
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell nt
Reduced  Prices.
At Coat
The Review
Job Printing.
iii*il*VtT|i'*.*fiifl?li   lH'i'-iWIffHu^^iii.inn     i
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Cornelius Morgan
Gething, of Slocan, B.C.. prospector.
intends to apply for permission to purchase thc following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
south boundary of the C.P.Ry., lot 882
at a point on thc west bank ot Slocan
River where said eouth boundary crosses
said river, thence west40 chains, tlience
south 40 chainB, thence cast 40 cliains,
more or less, to the west bank of the
Slocan River, thence following the
meanderings of said river in a northerly
direction, 40 chains more or less to
pointof commencement, and containing
100 acres, more or less.
Dated July 1st, 1907.    -
Take notice that William Ernest
Marshall, of Rosebery, B.C, agent C.P.
Ry��� intends to apply for a special license over the following described land-
Commencing at a post on the. south :
west ehoie ot Slocan Lake one half mile
north-west of Sawmill creek abont two
miles from Rosebery and bearing tbe
initials W. E. M.'s N. E. comer, tlience
south 80 chains, thence west 80 cliains,
thence north 80 chains, tlience east 80
chains to point of commencement, and
640 acres more or less.
June 21et 1907.
Zhc glocaii Ibotel
tlbrec forhe,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements.
"Independence"      Mineral "  Claim,
situalo in  tlie Slocan   City  Mining
Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located:���On  Lemon Creek
adjoining   the    Crusader    Mineral
Tako notice that I, H. R. Jorand, Freo
Miner's Certificate No.  B78.800 acting
for myself and as agent for W. J.   Shut-
ford Free Miner's Certificate No. B4,685,
intend,  60 dnys  from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a
Certificate of   Improvements,   for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must bo commenced
before the issuanco ot Such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day ot May, A.D. 1907
local Salesman Wanted for
And Adjoining District tn represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees ot right size and age for British
Columbia planting. Gror,n on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
const trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Write for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed liy B.C Government )
TORONTO        -      - ���      ONT.
Notice is hereby given thnt (!0 days
alter date 1 intend to apply to tlie Hon.
tlie Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Kootenay District*. Commencing at a post
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Corner
post," said post being at south-east
comer of lot 7 Block 882, Group I,
West Kootenay District, thenco soutl
80 chains, tlience eaBt 20 chains, tlience
north 80 cliains, thence West 20 chains
to point of commencement, containing
100 acres mure or.less.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
7-4 A. J. WATSON.
Silverton, B.0.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
"R. flD; Spencer * iprop
provincial Hgsaver
anO i&bemiet
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead. Copper, Iron, Silici,
11.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Mangmic_.,
Lime, $1.60 Cidi.
Zinc,  Antimony,   Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, .2.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead  ', ,$3.00
Hold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, j-i.QO
Special Rates for Mice and, Mill "*?. qrk
Notico is hereby giren that 60 days
after date I inl .nil to ripply to the lit n.
the Cnicf Commissioner ol LSn'ds and
Work* at Victoria, B. C. tor permission
to purchase the following described
landb situato in West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a poet planted at the
south-east corner of lot 75*17 and marked
J. St. D, S.W. corner, thenca north
along the east line of lot 7547 20 cliains,
thenco enst20 chains, thence south 20
chains to the north-east corner ot lot
8127, thence following along the line of
lot 8127, 20 chains to lhe pointof commencement aud containing 40 acres,
Dated at Slocan, B.C. April 30th, 1807.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
Several-Reslden cesat
ery Small Figure
> s^t****-^--**--*--?---*-^-**^ .
Go to Wilson's for j
Heavy Goods.
%   Hay,    Oats, \
1,   Vegetables,
Irom, Steel, etc. \
i i 4
i '���^���^���(N******--***'***--*^
********************************** *******************
��� e
Zhc Sknbon .Dotel j
*Kot��t. Cunning proprietor,
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
���������iM��� amam\WaMamtmmm%9aaWttmtWtWttWm*aWM ..���*t.i>-i..-   .       ���
<_5l.otce.3t Xiquorg, TRUines anb ��.gars,
IH * intHHHIl ********** **************** ***********
This well-known hotel is now open again for
business. The rooms will be found well ventilated, and cosy, and visitors may rely on
first-class attention always.    Bar well stocked.
ft? r
***���  JSWaVJf.       ���
\yox&4wLaa* A
:*lj 1     IWiaJlf
*ft J**       B 'loll
\w    ���Jlllf,.
Spring anb
from Crown
(tailoring do.
1 The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country.
T In Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
Dacoonalbl %
j ?
s��ii*Hs*-*nnti[M .������>=��****���
I Kootenay / >
_���. n awamaomMMMmtssMMos
Them in no bettor house in thc Kootenay. for
the Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors will find fin up-to-date Htyle of doing
bu iness, and tho Barkceps aro artists in their
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -   Props.
Distiict of  West Kootenay.
Tukn notiuc that I, Thomas M. Sharp
of  Nelson,  13.0.j  engineer,  intends  to
apply for poruiimUm   tn  purchaao  lho
following rtesoilbed land:���
Couimenc'ng at, u poet plrtiitt-d on S.E.
corner, located on went shore of  Slocan
Lake, abou' 1-' miles from tlie head oi
said Siocan Luke, tl.ence wofct 40 chain",
thcueo north 40 chains,   ihence east  40
clmins,  thence   soutli   along  shore   of
SlncanLoke to pointof commencement
containing 160 acres more or less.
July 31st, MOT.
Colin )t Campbell
Notary Public
BH'-SB 2. P.O.
The Loading Motel of the Silve?-y Slocan
Sandon, B. C.
Headquarters for flDintno ano Gravelling fa>en
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms !Har_.e. Clean" anb Cos?.
S> William Bennett S
a ��>*<.<>.���**-*-.. -.*** $A$**************t***$**<^a+******A**aM
8 *__*_   ^!_. a
*.-__-���  '._������- ii-  *&*  .   . -.    ' ir^S Jb        \eJ>    I
The Kootenay Tailor
v i -A 1 \J r,    /i     i t ^** L   *    tt
kJ\I. kl.\U'KJx H*    JLJ-j S__r**��
,****<***$*����*)<*��. W*M*******>****<)-*<!>******t>*'i**t,***>>*4i*
Put np in Pint Bottles for Paimly and Hotel Trad*..
We guarantee its .Strength and Purity.
*|��� TFT ITITg * ** Ml" >^*l.iJtl1l ..1*..^_.^<riJ..:>..S__^_a.-__cN..I..
h Tflinicm Hospital
Open to the Public.
Rates by Buhrcriplion .1.C0 per m.nlh.. Non-subscribers .2.C0 por (Item.
 llos.'i'ril Staff	
C. E. ANDERSON. * -      S. PETERSKY, U. I).
Address Coirirrii'ii'estiona to Tha Socreti-.ryi
;. James'
New Denver, B.C.
Visitorn to New Denver, tlio beauty spot
of tho Continent, will find thia liotol
to bo thoroughly equipped fur
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Hnr.
Excellent boating. Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Deiraveir,
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trndo.
Splendid Sconery, Pishing, Koating, etc.
iei Soo Spokane
li _ Ivw.
No matter trhr.t his oc-
Cupt.tion, may uitva
nioney by getting his
8hoes Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
there is nothln** belfer
than Hit' fiimous i'Af,
Willi a good, soli,!,
h.-iul liK.di* bouoiu	
These shoes can only be f_ot
leaving: your order vrilh
.   W. WAR1
Shoemaker - Sandon
��. W.. Mtbbowaon
Gold, Silver, Cupper oi Lead, each, *l. CO
Gold"SiWor,..l BO Silver-Lead..fl 50
Zinc.. .ii.OO Gold Silver wiih Coppor or
Lead.,  2.B0.
Prompt alifiRticti  -clven to all samples,
25 per ent. discount upon five nh.111 plea.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phono A67
\V t st Kuti tfiniy
I, William Stewii't Dron'ry, by ncctlr
pation a Lund Surveyor, inlend to
apply for a ***..o i;il litense lo cut lira*
liol' 1*. 11011 nix hundred nnd forty Bi*ro.<
of laiul, situate on iho wist i*i!'" of
Slooan Lake about one-half mile norlh ot
Nemo creek boundod as follows 1
Commencing at a i-i-st planlcd nl
lbs N.E. corner of Lot 6531; thonco
no ih S) ehitiis more 01' less to the
S.W. cm mi- of LotB-LT)* tlience norlh
100 chains,thenco wo��t40cliains, Ihence
south 80 chain", llicnco west 40 dia'ln*,
ihence south40 chains thencu cant 80
chains morn or ic-is lo lho point of commence ment.
l.a'ed Auk.  1-lth. IH07
To Spokane up tho Beautiful
Kootiiiiuy Lake.
St; amor Knskanook to Kootenay
L-.imlin-fc, connecting at Curzon
Junction   with   Train   to
Spokane via Spokane
Intel national.
Tn M Popular Trip this him,
$9.20      116.80
Good for Thirty Day..
Apply Local Aj;ent, or
E. J. Covlr, A.G.P.A.
John Mob, D.P.A., Nelson.
District of  West Koolenny.
Take notice that Fret) D, D, Kelly,
of Now Denver, nurse, intends to apply
f*ir per,nii*n!oii to purchase tho following
ilofOribed land :
Coinmenoing at. a po*t ilanlcd about
ono mile from the Nakusp and Siooau
Railway to the south und about t'uj and
out* halt nill.s from Slocin Luke, and
12 chains west from the wcstcily boundary ol lot 127, on tht*. Hue of A . .1;.coii-
son'a icil/icrly boundary, thonce 80
chains ��� mrtb more or Ic** ti the boun-
da;y of tlu,ber lt'ttss Np. 43.., thenoo 40
c! inns west, tti*:.i:ci" 20 ihulni i.orth,
thence 20 chains went, thei t:*.* 50 otiains
south, thenco 00 chains caM lo point of
commencement, Contain 11^ -So acres
moro or u*Hj.
August 12th, 1907.
Notico Is hereby given lhnt 80 di.'s
afturjdnte wo Intond to apply to ti-e
Icenso hoard ol tin* city ot .-' II,C.
la transfer ot lioenct* lidld by ns tor the
Ailinctoii Hotel,in Bloi k A4 lots 1 and S
to Itoht.   tiiiilniiii  and  Frank   Giiflith.
GETHING & lil''.-\Iii:uS0N
Bloc;*,;*  B.C,, August  1st, 1007.
Tako notice lhnt John McGrnth, >f
Nelson, j'.t'., Itoaijionster, inlcnds lo
apply for a special i,.*.ilit-r licenso over
tlio fotlowing described im. of lands:
Commencing at 11 post |*laiitcB��nbjiit S*t._
ni ic. Wi'Bl of Now Uonvr"*. or. t\*.. ivi'i.t
side of Slocnn Lake, maiked J. MctJ,
N. \V, for., north 80 chains.
thei.ce ui'.t 80 chains to lhe uhoro of
Slocan lake, thenco B"titli ,so chains,
thonce wt,*i 80 chains, lo point of commencement. Containing 0*10 acres 111010
or lent,
P. J. Gallagher, Ajj*mt,
Tako notice ihat John of
Ncl'on. B.C., rbatlmiis'or, iiittmls lo
apply lo r a epeci il limber license over
the following described tract of land?:
CouiTOsnciiig nt a \i st. plained about
4 in 1 Ir*!. Ho.-t of .New Denver on the went
. itle of Shiran L ike inaiki-d J. Mi*. N.
W. C,, theiiCH north 40 chainB, thenco
erst 160 chains tn thu t-rnvoof Slocan
Lako, ihonco soUih 40 cliains, thenco
west 160 chains to point of c innit mt-.
11 out. Containin.. 840 acres morn or
J. MeGRA'J'ii,
P  J, Gnlb.^ Agent,


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