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Slocan Mining Review 1907-12-12

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 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area  iff the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Slocan Mining Revie
Tinted in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
aud tlie Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. id.  Vol. 2,
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, Dec. 12, 1907.
Single Copies 5c.
Mine Owners Pefition Government to Save the
Wc, the undersigned, who have boon producers or lead ore slnco thc Inception ot
the lead bounty ivct, respectfully address
you, as representing the mining Industry ot
the dominion, and request your favorable
consideration ot the following memorial
and further, that you favor us hy brlngng
tho same to the attention of the right honorable, the premier and your colleagues
of the   cabinet:
1. That said lead bounty has, by Insuring a stable minimum price, been most
effective and beneficial to the lead mining
Industry, with it to the smelting and manufacturing industries and consequently to
the general commerce of the dominion.
2. That such results have been produced
by a relatively small expenditure, as was
anticipated, and as was represented when
tho original request f��r consideration was
made to the government. Out of $2,500,000
originally voted to be exjpendjd ln the
period o'f bounty terminating 30th June
next, but {616,970.03 havo been expended up
to 1st Decemtber, 1907.
3. That on account of the high tariff
on load ores and Its products, still Imposed
by the United States government (which
It was anticipated might have been reduced ere this) of the recent Imposition
by said government of a prohibitory duty
on our line ores, a product tt our lead
bearing veins, thus depriving us of a
source of revenue and of the fact that the
lead consuming capacity of Canada has
not increased proportionately to our .output, since the inception of the bounty, we
���shall at the expiration of said bounty
period, be still unable to rely on a stable
minimum prlac for our lead, sufficient to
Justify Its production ia the form of ore
and the large expenditures on exploration
and development work necessary to maintain our mines and with them the entire
lead  Industry ot  Canada.
That without such a stable mtnlmum
price we cannot produce our ores, during
periods* of low prices ln the world's market,
which governs the market of Canada and
with such Intermittent production tbe Inducement to expend the necessary large
Bums In exploration and development will
cease to exist consequenUy the present ore
reserves ln our mines will be exhausted
and with them the lead mining Industry.
6. That with the United States tariff
and the consuming capacity of Canada as
at present, the necessary stable minimum
price can only be assured by a continuance of the present lead bounty or by an
extraordinary fncrease in yiio txlstlng
Canadian tariff on lead and Its products.
The undersigned therefore respectfully
request that the lead bounty act be extended for a further period of five years
with an expenditure not to exceed (500,000
ln any one year.
T. G. Procter moved that a resolution,
carefully worded, be adopted, embodying
the  views   of  the  memorial.
J. J. Cambepll second asking, howeverv
that sight should not be lost of the fact
that a tariff on load would be the more
logical  way of treating the matter.
Tills passing, Messrs. T. Q. Procter, J.
J. Campbell und I_. Pratt drorw up tho following resolution which will bo presented
at tho associated boards.
That this board approves of the petition
which has been signed by all the principal
lead produoers of thin section, asking the
dominion government to **xtend the lead
bounty for another ix.rl.xl of five years
after the expiration of tho present term,
reaogni_in_ that the attitude c. the government is more favorablo lo this method of
relief than to the readjustment of he
tariff, which this board haa always felt
and still maintains would be the most effective assistance to placing both the
local lead mining and smelting Industries
upon a flim basis.
That this beard recognizes that with
tho present condition of the markets there
Js danger of a number of producors being
compelled to close down with a disastrous
effect upon the commercial Interests of
"this section of the.counry and that a copy
of this resolution be forwaided to W. A.
Galllher, M.P., with a request that It be
communicated to the proper authorities
and that ho use his endeavors to obtain
the granting of the petition, and that a
copy of this resolution be sent to the
boards ot trade belonging to the associated boards ot tiodo with a request for
their co-operation and that our. delegates
be Instructed to endeavor to secure the
passage of a similar resolution at the annual convention of that body.
Seaforth, Dec. 13.���The funeral of the
late li. B. Gunn, M. P., held here yesterday aftei noon, was probably the largest
ever seen in this pan ot the country.
Canadian Dispatches.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���Returns brought
down in the house yesterday show that
since December 11, 1906, fourteen members of parliament have been appointed
to the senate and thirty members to
offices other than the senate, such as
judgshlps, etc. During the same period
twenty-five ex-members of parliament
have been appointed to the senate and
twenty-aeren ex-memberg to other offices.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���Pontlac Conservatives have nominated the preseqt member, Gerald H. Brubozon, for the commons at the next general elections.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���Forget, M. P., will
ask the government if it ls their intention to increase the rate of Interest on
deposits in the government postoffice
Havings banks from 3 to 3y_. per cent.
Morden, Dec. 13.���Lawrence Gowland
was hanged at 7.15 o'clock this morning.
For a man ln his position he bore up
Toronto, Dec. 13.���In the statement
ot the Ontario Bank the net-lot* of lb3
defunct institution is shown to be .1,-
157,646.18. The shareholders will probably have to pay anywhere from thirty-
five to fifty per cent, of their double Hani .ity.
Edmonton, Dec. 13.���G. W. Dawson,
inspector of penitentiaries, is here. He
finds Alberta's penitentiary in a satisfactory condition. There are eighty-
seven prisoners, the largest number in
the history of the institution.
Edmonton, Dec. 13.���John Copp, a
prominent contractor, who is said to
be involved in real estate deals, has left
the city, leaving, it is alleged, a large
number of unpaid accounts.
Edmonton, Dec. 13.���Hon. Alexander
Bruce, son of Lord Elgin, secretary of
state for the colonies, ln the Campbell*
Bannerman government, and Mr. Var-
ney, secretary to Lord Elgin, were in
the city yesterday. Hon. Mr. Bruce
carried a letter of introduction to Premier Rutherford from Lord Strathcona,
Canadian high commissioner in London.
Hon. Mr. Rutherford accompanied the
distinguished visitors in a drive around
the city. They "irere entertained' at
government house.
Vonda, Sask., Dec. 13���The warehouse
and elevator of the Western Canadian
Mills company, situated at this point,
were burned to the ground yesterday.
In addition to the loss of the buildings
there were over 8,000 bushels of wheat
stored ln the building and this was also
a total loss. The origin of the fire is
unknown.   �����
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���The supreme court
this morning gave judgment in the appeal of the Grand Trunk vs. Robertson,
upholding the order of the railway commission that the Grand Trunk is bound
by its charter of half a century ago to
give third class accommodation at a
penny a mile between Toronto and
The appeal of the Canadian Pacific
Railway vs. Ottawa Fire Insurance company ended in favor the insurance company. The -wit arose out of a clause in
the fire insurance policy against Indemnity of claims for damages due to sparks
from the railway company's engines.
The insurance company disputed the
claim and the question arose as to the
liability of the Insurance company for
standing timber.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���Committees of the
house of commons were elected this
morning as follows: Standing orders,
G. D. Grant; debates, D. H. Oervals;
privileges and elections, M. J. Logan;
public accounts, A. H. Clark; ugricil-
ture, F. W. Mackentlc; railways and
canals, Hugh Guthrie; banking and commerce, H. P. Miller; private bills, J. A.
C. Ethier.
Edward G, Tresslder, an Ottawa young
man, this morning pleaded guilty to
bigamy by having in December married
MlBS M. S. Sinclair, seventeen years old,
a recent arrival from Scotland, while
having another wife living, io whom he
was married last April. He will be sentenced next Monday.
Hamilton, Dec. 13.���An unknown man
supposed to be a farmer, was killed this
morning by falling from the mountain
while driving to the city.
 Peterboro, Dec. 13.���The most disastrous fire in the history of Omemee, 16
miles from here, broke out early this
morning, doing damage to the extent of
.12,000 before it was finally extinguished.
Peterboro, Dec. 13.���Charles Porter-
cus, a farmer who lives alone on the
road between Cavanaville and Mill-
brook, was held up by a man with a
six shooter last night who demanded
money and on his refusal shot him four
timeB in the head. Porterows ls in a
very serious condition. Tho highwayman escaped.
Sault Ste Marie, Dec. 13.���Thomas
McFarlane, who has been on trial on a
charge 61 murdering William Dixon,
was acquitted by a Jury last night. The
judge expressed surprise at tho verdict.
Winnipeg, Dec. 13.���Dr. Baird has re-
! signed as registrar of Manitoba University, D. M. Duncan, of the collegiate
staff, has been appointed to the position.
Toronto, Dec. 10. ���HOn. W. J. Hanna,
provincial secretar-", ls confined to his
room with influenza.
Orders are issued by the court for
winding up the Northern Ontario Steamship company of New Liskeard.
The attorney general's department
has ordered an Inquiry into the explosion
of petroleum torpedo works on November 17. There are rumors of Incendiarism.
Winnt, y. Dec. 13.���Two Chinamen
were found cremated thiB morning ln
the ruins of a shank at Lethbridge.
Woodstock, Dec. 13.���Arthur Jackson,
colored, was fount? guilty by a jury yesterday of holding up and robbing Harry
Walsott, C. P. R. operator, on the night
of October 19, and sentenced to seven
years at hard labor,. When the sentence
was announced Jackson launched into a
torrent of abuse of the court.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���The house will adjourn for Christmas holidays from Dec.
19th to January 8th.
After 25 years' service with the Hudson's Bay company, Montague Aldous
has resigned as commissoner.
Port'Arthur, Dec. 13.���John Griffith
and Harry Simpson were sentenced to
two years each in the penitentiary yesterday for forgery. Griffith made out a
cheque on a Bank of.Commerce blank
for $25 in favor of Harry Simpson and
signed it "Foley Bros." Simpson took
the forged cheque to J. M. Henderson
& Co.'a clothing store and made purchases to the value of $9, securing the
difference in change.
First    shipment of   Jap   oranges   a1
Herbert Cue s, New Denver, B.C.
Xmas Souvenir Spoons, New Denver,
Silveiton nud Saudon at Nelson's Diug
Slocan Xahe'.ftuit Xante
So Fertile
For Full Information write
Imperial Bank Bloclt, ...   NELSON, B.C.
jSityfeOtt, Blaftemore & Cameron,
Xocal ano (Beneral.
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���A    moral
In this article I shall continue to
discuss the subject of manures, and
shall deal especially with the use and
handling of farm manure.
The value of .farm manure has been
known for such a very long time, in
fact the practise of manuring the fields
is almost as ancient as farming itself,
that it is surprising that the average
farmer does not adopt better methods
of taking care of and applying the manure from his barnyard.
In spite of the warnings of chemists
and scientific farmers it is estimated
that nearly one half of the value of
the manure made on Canadian farms ls
wasted. Manures are valuable in proportion as they are known tocontain
three principal constituents; nitrogen,
potash and phosphoric acid. Of course
each of. these must be in available form
so that the plant may use them. For
Instance old manure is better for most
purposes than fresh, because the fermentation and decomposition which it
has already undergone has made its
contents more useable to the plants.and
not that it would assay higher. Similarly finely ground bones are worth far
more than broken bones, because a
piece of thick bone may last for many
years in tbe soil and be as useless
almost as any piece of rock.
Of these three forms of plant food nitrogen is by far the most important for
us to consider. It is much the more expensive to buy and it ls that part of
the farmyard manure that is most likely
to be wasted.
The liquid excreta of animals ls particularly rich ln ammonia or nitrogen,
and when we consider that throughout
the whole of this country there is
probably no effort made to /save any
of thc liquid portion of the animal manure, we reallce at ence one enormous
source of waste and one that we in
the Slocan, where manure will shortly
bo very available, will do well to prevent.
The solid manure from our stables
and barns Is usually piled outside in
the most convenient place, utterly re
gardless as to whether it ls a suitable
place for manure, it will probably be
fully exposed to the sun, and on a hot
summer day a tremendous smell announces the fact that this valuable substance called nitrogen, which costs
about as much per pound as prime
beef, Is evaporating rapidly ln the form
ot ammonia; in wet weather the rain
which is very possibly supplemented
ty  the  drippings off the  roof  of the
ure, we shall probably buy superphosphate gypsum and kainlt, and mix either one or perhaps both of these substances in small quantities with the
manure and earth compost. Gypsum or
superphosphate have the power to absorb nitrogen kainit**' which is a mineral found in Germany and acts as an
antiseptic, and by preventing the undue
fermentation of manure preserves the
nitrogen. Kainit ia largely sold as a fertiliser. It contains about 12 or 13 per
cent of potash, therefore if the chemical
analysis of our soil shows them to be
lacking in potash, it may indicate
which of these methods of preserving
the  manure we  should adopt.
Both kainit and superphosphate are
.cheap and .'bulky artificial manures;
for this reason they would probably be
expensive ways to buy either potash
or phosphoric acid in a country like
this, where freight rates are so high;
but if besides their one value as 'sources
of fertility they enable us to save a
great deal ��f nitrogen which would
otherwise be lost, they may prove very
Light sandy soils are likely to prove
deficient in potash. Tills is one of the
points that we may hope to have settled for us by the work of Mr. Rankine
and his pupils.
To The Hotel Keepers of tho Slocan License District.
The   death   of  Charles   Garrotty  In   an
This week we had our own troubles
in getting out this "wretched rag."
as some of our friends really like to design a great family journal. To begin
with, we have never yet caught up
with our work since we took up our location In the strawberry belt, but we
had figured that this week would
about see us normal. However, the
"Divinity which shapes our ends,, fulfilled Its mission rather too literally last
Tuesday, for it got in its fancy work
shaping up our fingers through the instrumentality of our guillotine cutting
machine. Our "ends" are now encased
in bandages, and had it not been
for the managers of the Nelson
Canadian and the Nelson Daily News
we should be ln sore trouble. To these
managers we are indebted for the use
of their linotypes for the matter in this
issue, and we ask the indulgence of our
readers until we are able to "sticlf.
type" once again. In*' the meantime the
paper will come out as usual under similar conditions to the present.
Louis Pratt, Sandon, was in town on
Monday in conference with other lead
|*>re shippers with a view of petitioning
the Dominion government to extend the
time for the culmination of the lead
bounty.     ,
The New Denver Lumber Company
are flooded with orders and although
the mill is running beautifully the company find it difficult to keep pace with
the demand. The quality ol the lumber
now being shipped is meeting with
commendation from satisfied customers.
J. A. McDonald, the Nelson wholesaler was talking business *With our
merchants last Friday.
H. E. Wade, late with the Hall Mines
Smelter, was in here last Friday.
Dr. N. S. Simmons, dentist, is still
with us. Apparently the Slocan looks
good financially
Leasers1 Must
Counsel on Both Sides Agree
To Submit Arguments
In Writing.
The action of Forrest vs. JJmith and
Treves for tbe cancellation of a mortgage held by the later defendant was
tried before Justice Martin at Nelson
Frilay. Tho suit was begun at 10 a. m.,
and at 7 p. m. all the witnesses had
ben heard but owing to the lateness of
the hour no judgment wan given. Witnesses for the plaintiff were W. Bennett, W. Breanan, W. McLanders and
W. Patterson. For the defence, Walker
Smith alone took the stand. The case
is one in which is involved the rights
of Forrest and partners to dispose ot
ore mined by them under a sub-lease
from Smith at No. 5 tunnel and up at
the Payne mine. Treves it transpires
holds a mortgage en all ore shipped directly or indirectly by Smith, and the
plaintiffs assert thfey had no knowledge
of the existence of any mortgage at the
time they took a lease from Smith. The
case is a singular one, and is being
watched with great interest by leasers
ln tbe Slocan.
hotel at Silverton after a heavy drinking ftooth extractor
to    the    Greenwood
He is going to Nakusp
Goes to Ottawa.
deputation asked the government for an ^^^^^^^^
amendment to the criminal code to pro-jbam wash away large quantities.
1     *-��� *-   -'  *>.i~   -..,<.,��   ���.,,,1
hiblt professional gambling in Canada.
Lamler said as far as he knew the criminal code wag enforced in Yukon
against gambling the same as it was in
other parts of the Dominion, but an inquiry would be made.
William John Lucy, 42 years of age,
died this morning as tbe result of a
fractured skull sustained by fall yesterday from a derrick boom on the bridge
pier, Rldeau river.
Lethbridge, Dec. 13.���Wm. Davidson,
ex-M. P. P. for Slocan, B. C, Bpeaking
at a miners' convention here, declared
that the department of labor at Ottawa
was of no assistance to the laboring
classes. The speakers at the convention were very pronounced in advocating
a labor party in politics
Very much of this waste could be
prevented and we may hope to see all
our barns supplied with some suitable
arrangement of gutter, pipe, and cistern made to catch the liquid manure,
also a cement tank under a good roof
to hold the solids to prevent undue fermentation and help to absorb the ammonia. We shall probably learn ln
time to compost manure with some dry
earth, we shall spread a layer on the
floor of the tank and other layers at
frequent intervals throughout the manure pile, and finally if we haul out
this compost and do not apply it im
mediately to the land we shall learn to
.cover It with a good layer of earth.
As we grow more scientific ln our me-
1 thods and  more anxious to make the
most of every possible source of man-
The Byron N. White cornipany of Spo-
kano have decided to appeal tlie recent
decision of tlie* full court ln tho famous
extralateral rights case of Star vs. White,
wherein the court decided ln favor of Uhc
Star M. and M. company, of which John
M. Harris ls the largest stockholder,
It. S. Lennie has returned from Spokane
where he went to consult with Mr. White
and yesterday he served and filed notico of
appeal  for tho supreme court of Canada.
Mr. Lennie and S. S. Taylor, K.C representing Mr. Harris, had a conference
'ast night and practically settled t'hc material that must bo printed for tho appeal.
Tho appeal book will be mado up In such
form that tt can .be used before the. p ivy
council later on, If a. further appeal is
taken to that august body.
The appeal book will bo ono of the largest
ever bot up ln Canada and the material
will cover over 3000 pages of typewilttcn
An effort wi'l be made to havo the appeal heard at the supremo court sittings
ln Ottawa whidh* open ln February next,
but If the book is not ready in timo, the
cose will be heard at the May sittings.
bout, and whilst he waa still partially
drunk, has directed public attention to
the management of the saloon business
ln this neighborhood. The license commissioners therefore deem It a good time to
warn the saleon keepers that they Intend
to enforce the laws governing tho conduct
of hotels much more strictly than ht.tiwt-
The laws art clear enough: You may not
supply liquor to a drunken man, and you
may not permit gambling.
We recogiflze the difficulty ln which the
hotel keepers are placed and that one landlord who wishes to run a accent house can
do very little It tho other hotelmen do not!
Bupport him, he looses dollars to which ho
Is as much en.tltled as they are and does
practically   no   good.
We therefore desire to Inform you that
wo shall hold all the hotel keepers ln one
place equally responsible and that the
presence of any men permanently drunk
or gambling ln tho saloons will bo considered a sufficient* reason to suspend or
tako away all the licenses ln tho nelgh-
Thc public ls also informed that their
apathy has contributed to the present
disgraceful state of affairs and we invite
all to take more Interest ln the important
work of  tile  lieense  commissioners.
The hotel keeper running a decent house
and supplying a public need will have nothing-to fear from our action, our de'ire
ls to protect him from a most unfair and
Illegal competition. By united action ln
any place the hotel men can protect thom-
selveh and remove the most serious reproaches  against   their  trade.
This letter .Has been submitted to Mr.
W. F. Lawson, who'has not endorsed it.
Mr. D. B. O'M-etl being at the Bondholder
mine, lias had 'no chance to endorse it.
I therefore publish it* on my own rcspon-
slgillty. J.  C.  H1AKIUS.
New Denver, Dec. 12, 11)97.
and Sandon.
The members of the New Denver Fire
Brigade met on Saturday night for organization purposes. The informal
election of J. T. Black as fire chief,
vice T. H. Hoben resigned, was duly
A change was made in train arrangement this week wherein Three Forks
will again be the headquarters for the
winter for the passenger train crew.
The Winlaw Lumber Co. has purches-
ed the logging plant from the outfit
who have been cutting poles around
The Patrick Lumber Co. has 175 men
at work in the bush. A large gang are
also  working on the  mill.
G. R. Northey, for many years editor
of the Camborne Miner, has quit the
profession and taken to lumbering.
With Angus McKinnon he has a contract for getting out thirty million feet
of lumber from the limits of the Patrick Lumber Co. around Slocan City.
Six teams are employed and he made
a trip to Nelson this week for another.
William Davidson left Monday for
Lethbridge to attend the annual convention of the United Mine Workers As- -
sociatlon held there this week. Mr. Davidson goes as delegate representative
of District No. 6, W..F. M.
Missioner Baynes was a visitor to
Sandon this  week.
T. H. Wilson and N. F. McNaught
were ln from Silverton on Wednesday.
W. J. Holloway, Winnipeg, representing the Ogilvie Milling Co., was among
our merchants this week. Good grub on
sight���Clever called the bluff to the extent of a carload. Thank goodness wo
have a Hermann.
Thirty-five mines   shipped   ore   tills.���
year.   ._ j
Mr. Jas. Abbie, of Regina, Sask., is
visiting his brother, Mr. Robert Abbie.
A pleasant little dance was held at
the  Leland  on Tuseday  evening  last.
Dr. Elliott, of Arrowhead, waa in
town on Tuesday attending the littlo
son cf Mrs. Rice, who was very ill.
Mr. F. L. McDougald who..has been
visiting friends in the Okanagan valley
has returned home again. '
Great preparations are being made
for the big minstrel show which takes
place here on the 19th.
Mr. John Cadden and Mr. Thos Ab*
rlel spenf a few da>'3 in Nelson.
Mrs. L. J. Edwards has arrived home
fro mVictoria.
Don't fail to attend the minstrel show
It certainly will Burprise you.
Courts of Revision and Appeal for
the Slocan Assessment District were
held at Slocan City on the llth, inst,
and J-Iew Denver on the 12th. Judge
Jorand heard several appeals in both
places. Deputy Assessor McQueen was
present from Kaslo.
Mrs. Williams returned from Nelson
Wednesday, where she had been buying stock for her Christmas trade.
Colin J. Campbell received a telegram Monday informing him of the serious condition of his mother, who Is at
Argyle ranch, Strathcona. Mr. Campbell left the same day.
Slocan, Dec, 12���The Increasing patronage of the Madden house here has made
It necessary for Anthony Madden to provide additional room for his guests. He
has purchased the building known as the
".blue front," one of the largest hotels ln
town but which has been vacant since
the early days, and Is moving It with tlie
Intention of annexing l_. to thc Madden
Another Indication of tho prevailing feeling of brighter times ln Slocan ls tho reopening of the dining room of the Wilson
house under tho management of Mrs. Wm.
Davidson and mother of Greenwood.
Mr. Fox of Arrowhead has purchased
the Payne farm, near town, paying therefor $2000. The farm house is now being
repaired preparatory to the moving In of
tho  family.
Mrs. H. Colblck has gone to Arrowhead.
Mrs. Hardy of England has joined hor
husband here.
Mrs. McLellan has left for New Denver, to stay several weeks.
Tom McAllister v/as a visitor from
Cody last Monday. He reports that
burg c.uite lively as a result of the mining operations now proceeding.
Geo.' F. Ranson has been laid up for
the past week -as the result of an accident at the Slocan Sovereign, in which
he broke one of the small bones of his
left foot. Mr. Ransom was working in
an upraise when a boulder broke away
and fell *t*pon him.
Dr. W. E. Gomm, has been In
charge of the local hospital the past
-few days during the temporary absence of Dr. J. E. Brouse, who is visiting Nelson with his family.
. Forrest Pelton made a deal with local parties for hia fruit lands this
Peters Mass will be sug at the Co*h-
l'.o church, New Denver, at midnight on
the 2-lth in3t.
���Ven. Archdeacon Boer, Kaslo, conducted morning and evening services at
the Anglican church Sunday last. Both
were well attended.
"The Silvery Slocan,'" a charming
production in book form, is on sale at
Nelson Drug Store, price 50 cents. We
can conceive of no nicer present to a
friend in- the east or the old country,
illustrating as it does the industrial and
scenic side of our fair district.
Johnny Tier and Frank Hendrickson
shot a couple of deer, one a fine buck,
at the head of the lake last Friday. Two
other successful hunters were Maurice
Davies and Duggan who also killed a
The man Beard, who was recently
killed in the logging camp at Slocnn
is a native of England. A hand grip belonging to him was discovered at the
Hotel Madden this week, and correspondence found therein has enabled the
Tatrick Lumber Company to communicate with his father at Factory road,
East Ham, London.
It will perhaps surprise our eastern
frlend3 to know that ploughing is now
going on ia the vicinity of New Denver.
In tho Slocaa there are now twenty
steady   shipping  mines.
Young Liberals Getting
Hot to Fire Dunsmuir.
Vancouver, Dec. 13.���The young Liberals last night passed the. following
Whereas, the legislature of the province of British Columbia unanimously
passed an act restricting Asiatic or Oriental immigration, and
Whereas the llout.-governor, Hon,
James Dunsmuir, has without authority
withheld h'3 assent therefrom; and
Whereas It has transpired in an investigation conducted under a* royal commission appointed by thc Dominion government that the said James Dunsmuir
ls and has been a contractor of Asiatic
labor, and is and has been directly and
personally interested in tho Importation
of Aslatlo laborers, and        *.
Whereas tho sairi governor's act. of
withholding official assent of aforesaid
is contrary to all constitutional practice
and precedent under the system of Bri'.
ish parliamentary government; and
Whereas neither the course -of th
premier, Hon. Richard MeBride, in a.
cepting responsibility for the governor'
action, nor the resolution 'left, the recei.
provincial Conservative convention ai
proving his said course, is In accor
cither with tho wishes or .the" welfat
of the people of British Columbia.
Be It therefore resolved by the youn
Liberals of the city of Vancouver, i
general ir.eet'ng assembled, that in th
opinion of this meeting the  govern.
general i*.i-councll   should    ask for tl
resignation of the Hon. Mr,. Dunsmul
failing wh'ch, should effect, bis removL I
from office;    and    that    this   meeting
strongly condemns thc unpariamentaiy
attitude adopted by Hij'n. Richard Mc-
Biide and his government in holding office in the face of.the unconstitutional
p:actlce of  Lieutenant-governor  Dunsmuir, as being a course of .''conduct sub
verslvo'% and a menace tij our system
of responsible government., .        __. *���>%
m*m*999wt��*m*9t>9*9*m*9*��*9*m*m*9*99*9*9*9**��*t I
��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans," j j
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc
'' "50arc*B**j*''��t3re"*ffi6 woY_[s uttered ere
Guy and the doctor both were with
Madeline, the former holding her tenderly in his arms, while he smoothed
the short hair, thinking eyen then
how soft and luxuriant it/was, and
how fair was the face which never
move/ a muscle beneath his sgfutiny.
The doctor was wholly self-possessed.
Maddy had no terrors for him now.
She needed his services, and he rendered them willingly, applying restoratives which soon brought back Bigns
of life in the rigid form. With a
shiver and a moan Madeline whispered: "Oh, grandma, I'm so tired," and
nestled closer to the bosom where she
had never dreamed of lying.
By this time Both Mrs. Conner and
Agnes had come out, asking in much
surprise who the stranger could be.
and  what was  the cause of  her  ill
ness. As II there had been a previous understanding between them,
the doctor and Guy were silent with
regard to the recent farce enacted
there, simply saying it was possible
she ntfis in the habit of fainting,
many people were. Very daintily
Agnes held up and back the skirt of
her rich silk, as if fearful it might
come in contact with Madeline's plain
delaine; then, "as it was not very interesting for her to stand and see
the doctor "make so much fuss over
a young girl?" as she mentally expressed it, she returned to the house,
bidding Jessie do the same. But Jessie chose to stay by Maddy, whom
they' placed upon the comfortable
lounge, which she preferred to being
taken to the house, as Guy proposed.
"I'm better now, much better," she
""���aid.   "Leave me, please.   I'd rather
be alone."
So they left her, all but Jessie, who,
fascinated by the sweet young face,
climbed upon the lounge and, laying
her curly head caressingly against
Madeline's arm,- said to her: "Poor
girl, you're sick, and I'm so sorry.
What makes you sick?"
There was genuine sympathy in that
little voice, and it opened the pent-up
flood beating so furiously, and roused
Maddy's heart. With a cry as of sudden pain she clasped the child in her
arms and wept out a wild, stormy
fit of weeping which did her so much
good. Forgetting that Jessie could
not understand, and feeling it a relief to tell her grief to someone, she
said, in reply to Jessie's oft*-repeated
inquiries as to what was the matter:
"I did not get a certificate, and I
wanted it so much, for we are poor,
and our house is mortgaged, and I
was going to help grandpa pay it."
"It's dreadful to be poor!" sighed
little Jessie, as her waxen fingers
threaded the soft, nut-brown hair
resting in her lap, where Maddy had
laid .her aching head.
���"Mliatry (Ttu* TnTi know who this beautiful child was, but her sympathy
was very sweet, and they talked together as children will, until Mrs.
Agnes' voice was heard calling to her
little /girl that it was time to go.
"I love you, Maddy, and I meat*, to
tell brother about it," Jessie said, as
she wound her arms around Madeline's neck and kissed her at parting.
It never occurred to Maddy to ask
hi* name, so stupefied she felt, and
with a responsive kiss she sent her
away. Leaning her head upon the table, she forgot all but her own wretchedness, and so did not see the gayly
dressed, haughty-looking lady who
swept past the door, accompanied by
Guy and Dr. Holbrook. Neither did
she hear, or notice, if she did, the
hum of their voices as they talked
together for a moment, Agnes asking
the doctor very prettily to come up
to Aikenside while she was there, and
bring his lady-love. Engaged young
men like Guy were so stupid, she
said, as with a merry laugh she
sprang into the carriage; and, bowing gracefully to the doctor, was
driven rapidly toward Aikenside.
Rather slowlv the Ho-*tor returned
to the office, and after fidgeting for a
time among the powders and phials,
summoned courage to ask Madeline
how she felt, and if any of the fainting symptoms lind  returned.
'No, sir." was all the reply she
gave him, never lifting up her head,
or even thinking which of the two
young men it was speaking to her.
There was a call just then for Dr.
Holbrook, and leaving his office in
oharge of Tom. his chore boy, he
went away, feeling slightly uncom
(ortable whenever he thought of the
girl to whom he felt that justice had
not been done.
' "I half wish 1 had examined her
myself," he said. "Of course she waa
excited, and could not answer; beside,
hanged if I don't believe it was all
humbug tormenting her with Greek
and Latin. Yes; I'll question her
when I get back, and if she'll possibly
pass, give her the certificate. Poor
child, how white she was, and whnt
a queer look there was in those gre.'t
eyes, when she snid, 'I shall not take
Never in his life before had Dr.
Holbrook been as much interested in
any female who was sick as he was
in Madeline, and determining to make
his call on Mrs. Briggs as brief as
possible, he alighted at her gate, and
knocked impatiently at her door. He
found her pretty sick, while both
her children needed a prescription,
and so long a time was he detained
that his heart misgave him on his
homeward route, lest Maddy should
���be gone, and with her the chance to
remedy the wrong he might have
done her.
Maddy was gone, and the wheel
ruts of the square-boxed wagon were
fresh before the door when he came
back. Grandpa Markham had returned, and Madeline, who recognized old
8orrel's step, had gathered her shawl
around her and gone sadly out to
meet him. One look at her face was
"Vou failed, Maddy?" the old man
said, fixing about her feet the warm
buffalo robe, for the night wind was
blowing cold.
"Yes,  grandpa,   I  failed."
They were out of the village and
more than a mile on their way home
before Madeline found voice to say
so much, and they were nearer home
by half a mile ere the old man answered 'back:
"And, Maddy.  I failed too,"
Mrs. Noah, the housekeeper at
Aikenside, was slicing vegetable
oysters for the nice little dish intended for her own supper, when the head
of Sorrel came around the corner of
the building, followed by the square-
boxed wagon containing Grandpa
Markham, who, bewildered by the
beauty and spaciousness of the
grounds, and wholly uncertain as to
where he ought to stop, had driven
over the smooth-graveled road around
to the front kitchen door. Mrs. Noah's
spaciouu domain, as sacred as Betsey
Trotwood's patch of green.
"In the name of wonder, what codger is that? and what is he doing
here?" was Mrs. Noah's exclamation,
as she dropped the bit of salsify she
was scraping, ond hurrying to the
door, called out: "I say, you, sir, what
made you drive up here, when I'v*.
said   over   and   over   again    that    I
wouldn't have wheels tearing up Miri
and gravel?"
"I���I beg your pardon. I lost my
way, I guess, there are so many turn-
in's. I'm sorry, but a little rain will
fetch it right," grandpa said, glanc*
ing ruefully at the ruts in the gravel
and the marks on the turf.
"Mre. Noah was not at heart an
unkind woman, and something in the
benignant expression of grandpa's
face, or in the apologetic tone of his
voice, mollified her somewhat, and
without further comment she stood
waiting for his next remark. It was
a most unfortunate one, for though as
fiee from weakness as most of her
"<*����������� Mra. iNoah was terribly sensi-
**rve as to her age, and the same census-taker -"fould nayer venture twice
within her precincts. Glancing at her
dress, which was this leisure afternoon much smarter than usual, grandpa concluded she could not be a servant; and as she seemed to have a
right to say where h< should drive
and where he should not, the meek
old man concluded she was a n��*ar relation of Guy���mother, perhaps; but
no, Guy's mother was dead, as grandpa well knew, for all Devonshire had
heard of the young bride Agnes, who
had married Guy's father for money
and rank. To have been mistaken for
Guy's mother would not have offended Mrs. Noah particularly; but how
was she when she heard:
"I come on business with Squire
Guy. Are you his gran'marm?"
"His gran'marm I' and Mrs. Noah
bit off the lost syllable spitefully
"Bless you, man, Squire Guy, as you
call him, is twenty-five years old."
As Grandpa Markham was rather
blind, he failed to see the point, but
knew that in some way he had given
"I beg your pardon, ma'am; I was
sure you was some kin���maybe an
No, she was not even that., but will
ing enough to let the old man believe 'her a lady of the Remington
order, she did not explain that she
was simply the housekeeper; she simply said:
"If it'B Mr. Guy you want, I can
tell you he is not"at home, which will
save vour getting out."
, "Not at home, and I've come so far
to see him!" grandpa exclaimed, and
in his voice there was so much genuine disappointment that Mrs. Noah
rejoined, quite kindly:
"He's gone over to Devonshire with
the young lady, his stepmother. Perhaps you might tell me your business;
I know all Mr. Guy's affairs."
"If I might come in, ma'am," he
answered, meekly, as through the
open door he caught glimpses of a
cheerful fire. "It's mighty chilly for
such as me."
He did look cold and blue, Mrs.
Noah thought, and she bade him
come in, feeling a very little contempt
for the old-fashioned camlet cloak in
which his feet became entangled, and
smiling inwardly at the- shrunken,
faded pantaloons, betokening poverty.
"As you know all Squire Guy's affairs," grandpa said, when he was
seated before the fire, "maybe you
could tell whether he woul<_***be likely
to lend a stranger three hundred dollars, and  that stranger me?"
Mrs. Noah stared at him aghast.
Was he crazy, or did he mean to insult her master? Evidently neither.
He seemed as sane as herself, while
no one could associate an insult with
him. He did not know anything. That
was the solution of his audacity, ark)
pityingly, as she would have addressed a half-idiot, Mrs. Noah made him
understand how impossible it was for
him to think her. master would lend
to a stranger like him.
"You sny he's gone to Devonshire,"
grandpa said, Boftly, with a quiver on
his lip when she had finished. "I
wish I'd knew it; I left my granddnrter
there to be examined. Mabby I'll meet
him going back, nnd can ask him."
"I tell you it won't be "no use. Mr.
Guy has no three hundred dollars to
throw away," wns Mrs. Noah's rather sharp rejoinder.
"Wall, wall, we won't quarrel about
it," the old man replied, in his most
conciliatory manner, as he turned hi.
head away to hide the starting teat
Grandfather Markham's heart wn-
very sore, and Mrs. Noah's harshness*
troubed him. He could not bear ti
think that sbe really was cross with
him, besides that he wanted something to carry Maddy besides disap
pointment, so by way of testing Mrs
Noah's amiability and pleasing* Maddy, too. he said, a-jhe arose: "I'msan
old man, lady, off! enough to be your
father." Here Mrs. Noah's fnce grew
brie-liter, and she listened attentively
while he continued: "You won't take
what I say amiss, I'm sure. I've a
little girl at home, a grandchild, who
hn* heard big stories of the fine things
at Aikenside. She has a hankerin' after such vanities, and it would please
her mifsrhtily to hnve me tell her whnt
1 saw up here, so maybe you wouldn't
mind lettin' me cro into thnt big room
where the silk fixin's are. I'll take off
my shoes, if you say bo."
"Your shoes won't hurt an atom
come right along," Mrs. Noah replied,
now in the best of moods, for_> ex
cept her cup of green tea with raspberry jam and cream, she enjoye.l
nothing more than showing .their
handsome house
Conducting him through the wide,
marbled  hall,  she  ushered  him  into
"���"   *"' '*:*r room    where   for  a  time
(__. ._.���>-,�� __   1^  It wa"
his first"hfrocTuctfon ' lo" rtjaeve-eaar,
velvet, and brocatelle, and it seemed
to him as if he had suddenly been
transported to fairyland.
"Maddy would like this���its her nature," he whispered, advancing a
step or two, and setting down his feet
a_ softly as if stepping on eggs.
Happening to lift bis eyes before
one of the long mirrors, he spied himself, wondering much what that
"queer-looking chap" was doing there
in the-midst of so much elegance, and
why Mrs. Noah did not turn him out!
Then mentally asking forgiveness for
this flash of pride, and determined to
make amends, he bowed low to the
figure in the glass, which bowed as
low in return, but did not reply to the
very- good-natured remark: "How
d'ye do���pretty well, to-day?"
There was a familiar look about the
round cape of the camlet cloak, and
Grandpa Markham's face turned
crimson as the truth burst upon him.
"How 'shamed of me Maddy would
be," he thought, glancing sidewise at
Mrs. Noah, who had witnessed the
blunder, and was now looking from
the window to hide her laughter.
Grandpa believed she did not see
him, and comforted with that asBUr-
ance, he began to remark upon the
mirror, saying "it made it appear as
if there was two of you," a remark
which Mrs. Noah fully appreciated.
He saw the silk chairs, slyly touching
one to see if iUjid'feel like the gored-
peach-blossom dress worn by his wife
forty-two years ago that very spring.
Then he tried one of them, examined
the rare ornaments, and came near
bowing, again to the portrait ol the
first Mrs. Remington, so natural and
lifelike it looked standing out from
the canvas./
"This will last Maddy a week. I
thank you, ma'am. You have added
some considerable to the happiness of
a young girl, who wouldn't disgrace
even such a room as this," he said,
a*? he passed into tnl hall.
Mrs. Noah received hia thanks
graciously, and led him to the yard,
where Sorrel stood waiting for him.
^'Odd, but clever as the day is
long," was Mrs. Noah's comment, as,
after seeing him safe out oi her yard,
she went back to her vegetable oysters
bo_i:<___.-w the slave.. ���*,�� - ������ ���
(To be continued.)
Yorkshiremsn Now Include Them at
an Article of Diet.
Sad tidings for snails comes from
Yorkshire. Hitherto it haB' been
commonly supposed that the virtues
of the snail as an article of diet have
only been appreciated by our French
neighbors, but this is a mistake, for
in the coal mining village of Knott*
ingley, Yorkshire, a few miles from
Wakefield, the snail appears to be so
eagerly sought after as a table delicacy that a snail famine is feared.
It is estimated that for many years
snails have been consumed in Knott-
ingley at the rate of nearly a quarter
of a million. The origin of the custom is curious. The local medical
dispensary was in need of funds,* so
an enterprising local publican hit upon the happy idea of offering boiled
snails at six a penny to his customers,
-the proceeds to go to the dispensary.
The Yorkshire miner is not extraordinarily particular what he eats, and
his sporting instincts are keen, therefore contests as to who could eat the
most snails soon became popular.
Other public-houses' in the district
took to making similar delicacies, and
in this way considerable sums were
raised, one public-house alone raising
$45 a year in thia way. Once started,
the taste for boiled'" snails developed,
and now Knottingley, Brotherton,
Castleford, and many other mining
villages in the district have their
population of snail eaters. Interviewed na to the effect of the food upon
the health of the people, one of the
best known medical men in the district expressed the opinion to a press
reoresentntive that anaila were not
clean <*-eatures. "JBut I must admit,"
he-anii! 'that they do not appear to
ha*"" nrodneod anv ill r-ffects upon the
neo;.!e." Tbere is a firm local belie!
that a snail eaten alive is a certain
cure for consumption if talcen in the
early stages of the disease. The snails
are gathered from the walls and hedge
sides, and so c-cnt has the demand
been, one public ho"s'e alone providing 13.000 of them la-t vear, that they
are now beeon-iino* cpn-c*. and the dis*
pensary funds aro suffering in consequence. The di~.n<*nsnrv authorities,
it should be nddod. have no direct
responsibility for the practice.
Workmen   Discovered   Cremated   Remains of Woman In Tin Box.
Some excitement was cauaed in
West Ealing, England, recently, owing to a rumor that a tin trunk containing charred human remains had
been found in a house in that locality.
Workmen are engoged in pulling
down the house, and while examining
a cupboard, says The London News
Agency, tliey discovered a box about
18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 9
inches in height. The box was sealed and conveyed to the police station, where it was opened by the divisional surgeon, Dr. Bonnet, who pronounced the contents to be the cremated remains of human bones. The
ashes were perfectly white, and among
them were small pieces of bone.
The police at once instituted inquiries and found that thc box belonged to a former tenant of the house.
It contained the ashes of his first
wife, who had been cremated. He
was able to convince the police that
everything was in order by producing
a certificate of death and cremation.
He said that the box had been left,
behind by accident.
It appears that upon the death of
his first wife the tenant in question
caused the body to be cremated. The
presence of such a gruesome relic in
the home evidently proved distaste-! i
tul to the second wife. Consequently:
the casket was taken to the genUe-j
man's offices���part of the house in;
question���where it was pliced in a
tin trunk, which was locked and deposited in the back room.
Wal-R a Crack7
Most men cannot walk In a straight
Une with their eyes open, and none
ever lived that could do so with bis
eyes shut. Try It. It Is an aged saying that a mnn follows bis nose, and
there never was a nose since Adam
that stood straight In front of n face.
AJI of ns are adhered wltb either sln-
Istrotorslon or ilextrotorslon ��� that Is, In
walking we veer either to tbe left or
to the right. It cannot be helped. Set
up two posts on tbe lawn nud bet a
million that no man or woman lu Ihe
crowd can walk from one to the other
without aufractuosity. There's a swell
word for you. Anfractuoslty���that'a
Where you get a wiggle on--walk wabbly.
Newspapers of the United States Speak
Well   of   the   Home   Prescription
Which  Thousands Are   Using
Mix the following by shaking well
in a bottle, and take in teaspoonful
doses after meals and at bedtime:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kargon, one
ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla,
three ounces. A local druggist is the
authority that these simple, harmless ingredients can be obtained at
nominal cost from our home druggists.
The mixture is said to cleanse and
strengthen the clogged and inactive
Kidneys, overcoming Backache, Bladder weakness and Urinary trouble of
all kinds, if taken before the stage of
Bright's disease.
Those who have tried this say it
positively overcomes pain in the
back, clears the urine of sediment
and regulates urination, especially at
night, curing even the wortjt forms
of bladder weakness.
Every man or woman here in Canada who feels that the kidneys are
not strong or acting in a healthy
manner should mix thia prescription
at home and give it a trial, as ft is
said to do wonders for many persons.
The Scranton (Pa.) Times was first
to print this remarkable prescription,
in October of 1906, since when all the
leading newspapers of New York,
Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburg and
other cities have made many announcements of it to their readers.
Edward VII Arbiter of Peace
Great Britain, or, rather, King Edward VII, has taken the directorship
of European policy. He has become
the arbiter. That he works for peace
no one can doubt, but that his policy tends unceasingly to___strengthen
the power and security of hia own
country is still, more certain. We
are thus led to believe that in relinquishing his attitude of hostility, as
much personal as patriotic, toward
William II, he calculated in advance
tiie benefits that would accrue to
Great Britain.���Grande Revue.
Trial Proves its Excellence���The
best testimonial one can Live of
the virtue of Dr. Thumas' Ecuctric
Oil in the treatment of bodily pain ���
coughs, colds and affections of the
respiratory organs, is a trial of it. If
not found the sovereign remedy it is
reputed to be, then it may be rejected as useless, and all that has been
said in praise denounced as untruthful.      _.   '
There is a unique claim to be advanced by a member of the DaniBh
royal family, and that is the heaviest
living specimen of any royal family
in Christendom. This weighty scion
of the Daniah ruling house is Prince
Guatav, of Denmark, who, although
only 20 years of age tips the beam
at 23 stone.
The Tonic Treatment for  Indigestion
Is the Most Successful
Loss of appetite, coated tongue,
bad taste in the mouth, heavy, dull
headache and a dull, sluggish feeling
���these are the symptoms of stomach
trouble. They indicate that the stomach is on strike, that it is no longer
furnithing to the blood the full quota
of nourishment that the body demands, hence every organ suffers.
There are two methods of treatment���
the old one by which the stomach is
humored by the use of pre-digested
foods and artificial ferments, and the
new one���The Dr. Williams*' Pink
Pills method���by which the stomach
is toned up to do the work nature intended of it. A recent cure by the
toni-a treatment is that*, of Mrs. Jas.
W. Haskel1, Port Maitland, N.S. She
says: "For years I enjoyed perfect
health, but suddenly headaches seize'd
me. I had a bad taste in my mouth;
my tongue was coated; I grew tired
and oppressed; my appetite left me
and such food as I did eat only caused
distress. I had severe pains in my
chest. I lost all strength and was
often seized with vomiting. At different-times I was treated by some of
our best doctors, but although I followed their treatment carefully I did
not get any better. One day while
reading a paper I came across a case
similar to mine which had been cured
by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I immediately purchased a supply and it was
not long before they began to help
me. I grew stronger day by day till
now I am as healthy as I ever was.
I have a good appetite, am strong
and active and can attend to my
household duties without fatigue. I
have no hesitation in Tecommenaing
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to all sufferers from indigestion."
Rheumatism, kidney trouble, neuralgia, St. Vitus' dance, headache and
backache, palpitation, general weakness, and a host of other troubles
find their root in bad blood just as in
the case of stomach trouble. Thai is
why the Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
treatment is always n. success���they
are a powerful blood builder and
nerve tonic. 8old by all druggists or
direct from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., at 60
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50.
"Novilatin" is the name of a new
language created by Professor Beer-
man, of Erfurth, which, unlike Esperanto, says the author, fulfils all
the conditions required as an auxiliary international language.
Unless cigars when imported into
India are enclosed in bottles or tinfoil, they are apt to be spoiled by a
tiny insect which finds' its way irtto
the boxea.
(The opening of the King Edward
Sanitarium for Consumptives, nea-
Weston, Aug. 28,  1907.)
0 Canada, be glad, be glad!
B.-hold yon light���
A radiance tenlei drnweth nigh,
A glory stealelh o'er the sky,
Dispelling .-gut.
Dark, dark  and  long hath been the
O'er all the land.
To many daughters dear to thee.
Pale-veiL'd in wasting mystery
None understand.
A sweet girl graces yonder home,
Her cheek hpalth-red;
The pale king comes and silent stoops,
He breathss on  her,  the    fair    rose
And she iB dead.
Ten  thousand  homes  the  blight in-
���   "  hale
Of his chill breath;
KemorselesB breathed as he goes by.
And joy and hope hoar-frosted lie
In withered death.
O Canada.! hope, hope thou still���
The dawn has come,
A ray of gold has reached the sky,
A radiance healing draweth nigh
To every  home.
On darkness dense the wasting plague
Shall prey no more,
The light to simple life has come.
The hopeless find a hopeful home.
As ne'erx before.
God  bless,   thrice   bless,   the   open
Thy praise we sing;
And blessing be, with deathless fame,
On him that lends his gracious name���
God bless  our  King.
���Grant Balfour.
Prjsident Falconer of Toronto on the
Maritime   Provinces.
In his recent address to the Canadian Club of St. John, N B., Dr.
R. A. Falconer, president of the University of Toronto, said: Individuality
in countries, town* and persons is disappearing so fast that the interests
and richness of life are probably less
than they were. Let me urge you not
to be over anxious to reproduce here
the same type of living which is found
elsewhere. These provinces, if they
live their own simple and yet busy
life, will enrich the total life of the
Dominion more than by seeking to
follow the example of laige ana
wealthier provinces. The very variety
of life here gives it character. Here
there is no monotony of landscape, and
you have the sounding sea running
far and wield and bringing ships from
foreign ports close to your own homes.
You have the breadth and mystery of
the ocean, here no one industry prevails over all others. You have farmers, miners, lumbsrmen, those who
follow the sea, each with his way of
looking at life, and as they co-mingle,
each adding interest to the whole.
You Have many who by education
and travel are able to impart their
refinement to the community, making
their influence the more sensible as
their are no ci*i"s large enough to
dissipate the culture of the few. In
the towns and cities there are numbers of thoughtful, quiet people whose
interest in the higher side of life extends far more widely than they ima-
trine. The provinces would bs distinctly the poorer were these people
to be gathered out of the towns and
centred in large and rapidly-growing
cities. If anything haB distinguished
the Maritime Provinces in the past it
has assuredly been their reputation
for intellieence. Few countries of the
new world have bad a higher average
of thoughtful competent citizenship.
For Generations the rights of the people have been understood, as also the
necessity for intelligence in order that
the privileges of a democracy may be
exercised. This has partly arisen
through the contest for political justice. In the Maritime Provinces it
may not have bnen so violent as elsewhere, but it wns very real. Our fathers understood what they wanted,
and they learned to govern themselves.
W.   N.   U.   No.   668
Canada's Hunt For Trade.
The people and politicians of the
United States should take care lest
they underestimate our neighbor on
the north. Tbe Canadian people are
displaying a remarkable spirit of enterprise and are reaching around us
tor trade thrciigh the south that should
naturally come to us. This friendship
of Canada ha.s b��en met halfway by
the Mexican Government, and a subsidised Pacific eonBt steamship line
nan Dssn estab'ished as a result.
Shins of this line are not permitted
t.> will for Sreight at any port in the
United States, but must carry only between Canadian and Mexican ports.
For this thev recive a subsidy from
both cnunl.*i"8. The enterprise may
not b" in unqvnlified miCcesB, but it
is si"!iih��<int and calls for careful attention on the T>"rt of the American
peo!)'" an*^ of th**!** representatives lit
congress.--Vun Nordsn'a Magazine.
*. Pleased With the West.
A delegation of farmers from Iowa,
Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota arrival al Winnipeg recently and were
taken out to the irrigation lands east
of tlie city. They were so pleased
with the country that they have purchased over R.000 acres of land from
he C. P. IL Colonization & Irrigation
Co. In conversation M>. V.. L. Jane?
of Blue Island. 111., thc lrader of the
party, stated thr.t they were all practical farmers, imd on their drive out
to tne co*ntrv paw all the grain look-
;ng so splendid they could not resist
b'rying, They consider it the best
���wnntri they hnv�� ever seen for growing s*tv*I1 fains and sutrar beets and
���'or rnisin. hoc? and horses. These
���winle are representatives of large
tracts of f-irmini* country in,the west-
m   S��n*t"-..   "nd   say   that  they   wil!
"t"rn ho*)!*"* *o preach the gospel of
vestern iVnnda.
"From lhe English descriptions of tbe
Ceccliitn waltz we judge." says a writer In a Berllu paper, "thnt there will
be a sixteen step prelude to the regular waltz, tliit*this Introduction will
hnve some of the ol 1 time minuet features nnd tbat wheu tho waltz projier
begins it will be something like tho
dapce which was In vogue when we
who. are now -middle iv.eJ and a llttlo
more were dancers. The fast nnd furious waltz which cnme from the country
where everything Is ruslKii beloved by
the young people otil.v because they do
not kuow tbe dance uf their parents.
It was tbis, tbe graceful, slow nnd
dreamy, thai mude tlie uance n soulful
pleasure. It was thi*. real poetry of
motion tbat Inspired Latiner, (Jungl
and Strauss. Welcome, new wall*, l��'
you ore like the ���_ld!"      ��
fhere Is a Rioh Friend To Rescue You���Learn More
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
If you spend three dollars a day
and earn two you are sure to come to
bankiuptcy, unless perchance, some
rich friend comes to your assistance.
And yet this is just what thousands
of us are doing in regard to our
health. By worry, overwork, anxiety
or the disobedience of the laws of
nature, the energy and vigor of the
body is wasted more rapidly than it
is built up, and the result is the bankruptcy of the health and the decay
of the body.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food may be
likened to the rich 'riend, for it supplies in condensed and easily as
similated form the very ingredients,
from which nature constructs nervous energy and buildB up the human
Sleeplessness, headaches, indigestion, loss of appetite, tired wornout
feelings, spells of weakness and despondency are some of the symptoms of exhaustion which point to
the approach of nervous prostration,
locomotor  ataxia  and   paralysis.
No one would think of neglecting
such ailments if they realize their
condition, but they do not, so gradual and insidioua is their approach.
M:S3 Lena Herbert, Lowe Farm,
Man., writes: "I had suffered for two
yean with dizzy spells, pains in the
bact, cold hands and feet, nervousness, jerking of the limbs, sore
tongue, soreness of arms and shoulders, and general exhaustion. About
seven months ago I became so nervous that I could not rest or sleep, and <
could not do the least bit of work
without suffering dreadfully from
pains in the back. I could hardly
walk could eat very little, and felt
that people were always watching my
body twitch.
"I tried several medicines with little
effect, and was a mere skeleton of
skin and bone about to give up in
despair when I heard about Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food, and began using
it. I have used in all fourteen boxes
of this preparation, and it haa built
me up until I am now strong and well
again. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has
done me a world of good, and I feel
that I cannot recommend it too highly to persons who suffer as I have."
If you are persistently subject to
these Bymptoms you are in danger.
Your blood must be enriched. Your
nerves must be invigorated. Your
syBtem must be built up. And there
ia no means whereby this can be ao
certainly accomplished as by the use
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food; 50c a box,
at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates &
Co., Toronto.
Safely  Insolvent.
He was a new deputy, sheriff, and
had been on hia first trip through
one of the most unproductive sections of Warren County, Kentucky.
Among other papers given him was
an execution against a man who lived
on about the .thinnest tra.ct of land
and the most dilapidated out-buildings in this barren section of country;
' When ��� the new deputy came in
from his trip he asked one of the experienced men in the office how to
make his returns on the various
papers. He was told to write brieii.-
the facts, as he "found them, on tht
back of each one.
On the execution referred to above
he wrote as follows:���
"No property found to satisfy within execution, and none will be found
so long as he stays where he no v
Uvea."���-Harper's  Weekly.
He   Never  Rests
The merchant has his resting time.
The lawyer turns his pleas.
The parson has vacations,
And the toiler has his ease;
The clerk has time for leisure,
The doctor's hours may crawl.
But the man who is a "knocker"���
He never rests at all.
For Inflammation of the Eyes���
Among the many good qualities
I which Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
'possess, besides regulating the diges-
.tive organs, is their efficacy in reducing inflammation of "the eyes. It has
called forth many letters of recom-
'mendjrfion from those who were afflicted with this complaint and
| found a cure in the pills. They affect ths nerve centres and the blood
in a surprisingly active way and
the result is almost immediately
Cholera morbus, cramps and kindred complaints annually make their
appearance at the same time as the
hot weather, greer. fruit, cucumbers
melons, etc., and many persona are
debarred from "eating these tempting things, but they need not abstain
if they have Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial and take a few,<rr6'ps
in water. , It cures the cramps and
cholera in a remarkable manner and
is sure to check every disturbance of
the bowels.
Doctor���Well, madam, you'd better
tell your husband to give you a list
of his property and money as soon as
Wife (bursting into tears)���Oh, doctor, is it as bad as that? I thought
you said he was getting better.
Doctor���That's just it; he's almost
well, and I want to find out how he's
fixed so I'll know how much to charge
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Said to be the oldest barber in
Englard, Allen Batchelor, aged 87,
has carried on business at Guilford
for seventy years.
The White Star liner Baltic, whicli
left Liverpool for New York September 25, carried 456 first class, 325 second class, and 1,800 third, a total of
Minard's  Liniment for sale everywhere.
A g'rl of sixteen, living at Garenne
Colomfces. Nanterre, returning home,
met her lover. When the girl said
she could not bear the sight of him
he shot her dead.
An Irish chiropodist was asked if
he had been successful in his treatment of corns. "Sure, and I have,"
he replied with confidence. "I've removed corns from every one of the
crowned heads of Europe."
Waiter���What will you take, sir?
Customer���Cold,  my   friend.    Just
shut that window.���Nos  Loisirs.
In Cape Colony 24,751 jackals���one
of the greatest pests to farmers���were
destroyed during 1906, making a
total of 327,840 killed in the past ten
Colonel Richard Lucy, who has just
diedjat Neston, Cheshire, participated
in Lord Roberts' famous march to
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses, blood spavin,
curbs, splints, ringbone, hw-.i*"*.**. , stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, couehs,
etc. Bave $50 by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Cure
ever known.
Not Exactly What   He  Meant
Professor (to his class)���"This is
intolerable. Every time I open my
mouth there's a fool who begips to
talk."���Rixe. y
A  Protest
The brave ship was wallowing in
the waves that threatened to engulf
her at any moment.
Hastily the captain ordered a box
of rockets and flares brought to the
rail, and with his own hands ignited
a number of them, in the hope that
they would be seen and the passengers and qrew rescued.
'Mid the rockets' red glare, a tall
thin, austere individual found his
way with difficulty to the rail and
spoke to the captain.
"Captain," said he. "I must protest
againat this daredeviliahness. We
are now facing death. This is no
time for a celebration."���Success
Enthusiastic Amateur Sailor���Let
go that jib sheet!
Unenthusiaatic Landlubber (who
haa been decoyed into acting crew)���
I'm not touching the beaetly thing!
The world honors the aticker, never
the quitter.
The man who fears that he will do
more than hia salary calls for will
never have nyich salary to call for.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion.
^Operator���What do you think of the
new foreman, Jimmie?
Devil���Say, dat feller could print
all he knows in display type on a
postage stamp widout cancelling the
A fellow was looking over a' hedge
watching a maiden milking a cow in
an open field, when suddenly he spied
a young and excited bull, with its
head lowered and tail cocked high
in the air, rushing madiy toward her.
The fellow called out to warn her of
the approaching danger, but she just
glanced at the bull and then went on
milking calmly.
Still the infuriated animal rushed
towaid the launtless maiden, and
then, when it was almost upon her,
it stopped dead short, gave a loud
bellow, and galloped away again to
the farther side of the meadbw.
The man now ventured to ask the
girl how she knew the bull would
not touch her.
"Oh I" was the gentle reply, "this
cow's his mother in-law!"���Pick-Me-
and Schools
J uit one Ceilii I is irlrsl lot churcKes
and schools, for lis beauty, cleanlioeas.
economy���for its sanitary (v-rfectioa (no
seams to catch dirt)���lot its fir.-prooi qualities
PE.DLAR. ftf ifffltt
Abo-M 2.000 m-d-nt cletiins ra ����err style of
good art��� side.waits lo match in harmony witb
interior scheMS���adapted lo any color-scheme or
architectural motive. Allow us to send Ton
tlluslraled details and quote prices.   Address      Wi
Th. PEDLAR People 'XZ;S
OiUwft llontml Ottawa, Toronto Loodoa Wlnolpiff
1   It is a waste of hard earned money to buy paper bags, even at
ridiculous discounts, if they are not serviceable.
Are manufactured  from strong manilla paper and
Ask your dealer for them and accept no others.   Each bag has the
initial "E."
"Always���Fverywhere in Canada���Use   Eddy's   Matches."
/ fe>
A Serious  Cast of Chronic  Catarrh
Gradually Overcome Br Pe-ru-na,
Mr. Arthur Tremblay, 8 St. James
street, Mont Pleasant, Que., Can.,
"About three years ago, catarrh in
its most serious form assailed me.
"I consulted a specialist, who prescribed medicines as constitutional
treatment and a liquid to use locally.
"This gave me relief for a time,
but soon afterwards the disease returned.
"I waa then suffering very much,
my appetite h?.d left me and I was
growing we.n';<!r.
"I had frequently read pamphlets
regarding the cures made by Peruna,
and nl'iough somewhat dubious as
to its doing me any good, I decided
to try a few bottles.
"I had not taken Peruna for more
than two weeks before a marked improvement was perceptible.
"As I continued taking the remedy
the disease gradually disappeared,
and in a few montha I was entirely
rid of the nauseous malady."
More Than  He  Expected
During a match at St. Andrew's,
Scotland, a rustic was struck in the
eye accidentally by a golf bal'. Running up to hia assailant, he yelled:
"Thia'll cost ye five pounds ��� five
"But I called out 'lore* as loudly as
I could," explained the golfer.
"Did ye, sir?" replied the troubled
one, much appeased. "Weel, I dinna
hear; I'll take fower." ��� Chicago
The Displeasures of Hope
"I like a man who takes a hopeful
view of things," remarked the critical
"Yes," answered young Mrs. Tor-
kins, "a hopeful view of things is very
nice until a man gets to playing the
races and overdoes it."���Washington
Over 100 pieces of Roman pottery,
portions of burial urns, have been
discovered during excavations on the
site of Wareham, Dorset, castle.
Where can I get Borne of Holloway's
Corn Cure. I was entirely cured of
my corns by this remedy and I wish
some more_ of it for my friends. So
Writes Mr." J. W. Brown, Chicago.
At Brussels there has just been organized the "Societe Generate d'En-
terprise au Canada" with a capital nf
3,500,000 francs.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, ���tc.
The half year's trade returns from
South Africa show an increase of imports from all parts of the Empire,
of from-74 to 91 per cent. Th's result
apparently follows the extended preference tariff.
canot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh ls a blood or constitutional disease, and In order to cure It you must
take Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is taken Internally, and acts directly on the blood and -mucous surface..
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not -a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of ths
best physicians In the country for years
and Is a regular prescription.    It Is com*
��osed of the best tonic, known, com-
lned with the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces,
���The  perfect   combination of the  two In-
Redlents Is what produces such wonder-
1 results '���)   curing  Catarrh.    Send   for
teatlrnonlnls free. ������
F. J. CHENEY & CO..   Props.,   Toledo, B,
Bold bv  DrutRglsts, price  7Be.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
A German traveller who tried to
pass a meal ticket on the train was
told by the conductor that he would
have to pay the regular fare of 35
cents. The German argued and refused to pay more than a quarter,
whereupon the conductor stopped the
Vain and put him off. In a twinkling the traveller ran ahead of the
engine and started to walk on the
track. The engineer-blew his whistle,
but the irate German turned, shook
his fist and called out: "You can
vissle all you vant to. I von't come
Fine Care
Fine Hair
It's fine care that makes fine
hair I Use Ayer's Hair Vigor,
new improved formula, systematically, conscientiously,
and yeu will get results. We
know it Hops falling hair, cures
dandruff, and is a most elegant
dressing. Entirely new. New
bottle.   New contents.
Does noi change the color of the hilr.
ForflDU*. wl*hjsaoh bottls
���       Show it to your
Ask hlm ���bant It.
thu So m to �����_ ���
Ayer's Hsir Vigor, ss now made from our
new improved formula, is the latest, most
scientific, snd in every way the very best
hair preparation ever placed upon the
market. For falling hsir and dandruff It
Is the one gres: medicine.
���    Mads by Uu J. 0. Awet OS-. tawUl.
Tbe Zambezi bridge In Africa is 45*
feet ln height
The famous Niagara suspension
bridge was begun In 1852 and complet*
ed in 1853. It Is 245 feet above the
water and 82i feet long.
The highest bridge in the world, tha
trolley bridge across the famous Royal
gorge In Colorado, Is 2,627 feet, half a
mile, above the river below.
The Forth bridge, over the Firth of
Forth, near Edinburgh, has two canta-
lever spans, each 1,710 feet in length,
the longest In the world. Tbe total
length of this structure is one and
four-sevenths miles.
One of the most peculiar bridges In
the world Is tbe tubular suspension
bridge across Meual strait This bridge
consists of two lines of immense tubing, each 1,500 feet long, supported by
three granite towers, besides the shore
abutments. This strange bridge ls 100
feet above tbe sea and weighs 11,000
Tho steel abridge the Portland and
Seattle railroad is building across tbe
Columbia at Vancouver will be a mllo
and a balf long, the longest steel bridge
��� n the world. It will be finished next
January. Twenty thousand tons of
steel will be used In It, not Including
he weight of the double track. Tbe
lrawbrldge is 404 feet long.
There Is an own sister to Sonoma
(JIri ln Indianapolis, and they say she
can trot In 2:10 very baudily.
They say tbat Glenwood M., 2:07.4,
will not stand tbe preparation for his
���ace In Austria and has been retired
*o tbe stud.
In three months' time, Bill Squires
���lays, he will try to redeem himself
In the ring, so the promoters have
.-topped considering bim for the present.
Pitcher Waldon Henley," fanned out
by the Brooklyn club to the Rochester
team, holds the strike out record In
the Eastern .league so far this season.
He fanned twelve men In a recent
The fastest four-year-old colt so far
this year is Boro Jolly, 2:15%, by Boreal, 2:15"i_. Tbe fastest five-year-old
is Athasham, 2:11, by Atbadon, 2:28.
The fastest new performer ls Jaquar,
_:12V_, by High wood, 2:21%.
It Is reported that Mayor Busse of
Chicago has decided to allow boxing
In that city next fall. Permits will be
granted to tbe Illinois A. A., the Chicago A. A., the Wabash A. C. and two
other clubs yet to be named. The
bouts are limited to six rounds, and
tbere must be no clashing of dates.
The Rev. Mendola de Sola has just
completed twenty-five years of service
as minister of the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue of Montreal.
Rev. Casper Brunner, who In 1S68
organized the German Reformed
church of Bridgeport, Conn., ls still Its
pastor und one of the oldest in the
���itate In point of service.
Rev. Joseph A. Johnson, pastor of
tbe Abyssinian church, who ls the
only minister In Portland, Me., with a
union card, works as a painter during
the week and preaches on Sunday.
It strikes Americans as odd to learn
tbat the sermons of Phillips Brooks,
which have lately been translated
Into German, are projaounced "too
high" for the German churchgolug
A sign of'the times ln England la
i movement for a stricter Sabbath,
which bas the support of tbe archbish-
>p ot Canterbury, the Roman Catholic
archbishop of Westminster and the
ttev. John S. Lldgett representing tbe
lonconformlst churches.
The earning power Of a dollar depends on tbe brains of the man back
of It
Feed your mlud. The fellow who
feeds his body only keeps on shoveling
Tbe greatest combination ln the
world ls ability, ambition and Initiative, seasoned with honesty.
A thousand men do a thing so-so and
exist on liver to one who does It well
ind commands his own price.
When a illy stops growing, Its beau-
y  begins to fade,  and  when a man
alts studying his brain begins to
Putting up money on a chance ls
rambling, whether in tbe money market on stocks or ut tbe race track on a
If you want to succeed, either work
tt the thing In which you nre interested or cultivate an interest in the thing
it which you work.���Cent Per Cent
He spends nls money, likes to blow
His coin���In fact, to burn lt-
To lend tt to his friends, although
He knows they'll not return It
Great admiration they evince
When they incur su-Sh debts.
They all declare that he's a prinoe���
That's what he gets. *.,
Each time he ln his pocket dips
He shows his money's power.
On flunkies, one and all, tils tips
Fall ln a golden shower.
To plunge at something Is his forte;
He makes most foolish bets;
But people say, "Well, he's a sport!"
That's what he gets.
He thinks that It ls worth his while,
But 1 can see his finish,
For day by day his little pile
Will woefully diminish.
You've noticed how the world will cool
To former fortune's pets;
You'll hear them say, "That silly fool!*
That's what he gets.
���Chicago News.
To Make Friends.
Fight against the feel|ng of restraint,
reserve, tbe feeling of shrinking away
from people, shyness, oversensltiveness
or the feeling of antagonism.
When you greet people with a handshake let your heart run out to your
finger tips.
Do not be afraid of giving too much
of yourself to the people you meet
Do not bold yourself back as though'
you are afraid you would give something away that yon ought to keep or
thnt you would say something that yon
would be sorry for.
Square Tiles tike Painters' Palettes
Used  For Breakfast Plates.
For breakfast, Instead ot plates, long
tiled are made In Germany, something
like a painter's palette made square.
Instead of a thumb hole tbere is onlj
a small bole In the middle of one end
to bang this tile on a book or peg.
These tiles are thick and glazed wltb
white, like any stoneware. One seen
was blue aud white, and one red in
pretty flowing designs.
They are used for bread and' butter
served with a cup of coffee. Doubtless
In Germany tbey are taken to the garden on oright mornings. Here tbey are
used as curios. It Is said that, old gentlemen used to them would feel quite
"put out" If given a round plate instead
of thiB tile, with a good piece of butter
on It, and a couple of fresh rolls for
breakfast daily.      _
German ways of setting the table are
tit varlanpe wltb those of other countries. The knives for dinner parties
are arranged out at an angle Into the
middle of the table. Knives and forks
are laid obliquely to the plate with tbe
tips touching it. Finger bowls have
.moons In tbem by which to dip the
water over the fingers. This Idea ls
not out of the way.
Quite gaudy glassware for wine Is
shown, purple, blue, orange and yellow,
wltb decanters to match.
A bunch of violets ls on every plate
at the beginning nf a formal dinner.
A Vienna Specialist's Ideas on This
Fascinating Subject. *
The bid fashioned definition of
beauty sleep was tbe sleep that ls
taken before midnight. Beauty sleep
Is the sleep a woman gets after she
has slept seven hours and before she
bas slept nine, Bays a Viennese specialist.
A woman needs all of seven hours'
sleep for the building np of ber system. Then she needs two hours mon-
for the recuperation of her body, and
the extra two hours will restore her
complexion, make her eyes bright, taHje
the wrinkles out of her face and keep
her form elastic.
The woman who wants to derive the
fullest benefit from her beauty sleep
will compose hei mind before sinking
off into slumber. She Willi think
pleasant thoughts. Worrying makes
furrows In the brow and sets lines
around the mouth. A little light In a
bedroom ls a good thing for some people, for It will act cheerfully upon thc
nerves aud drive away nightmare.
Do not allow yourself to be awak
ened In tbe morning If you mean to get
beauty sleep, or if you must be aroused
let it be ever so gently. Do not .rake
up with a start, with un alarm clock
or ln consequence of a bell ringing,
for any of these sounds will jar the
nerves and destroy some of the good
the sleep has done you.
Mrs. E. B. Reed of Blue Rapids, Mo.,
has bought a piano for $375 by saving
her pennies during six years.
Miss Miiaa SUlanpaa, a member of
the Finnish diet a few years ago waa
a domestic servant She now edits a
paper, the Working Woman.
One of Julia Marlowe's fads is a collection of recipes tbat sbe likes to take
Into Uie kitchen and prepare herself
without advice or assistance.
Mme. Anne Josepbe Rubay, aged 102,
says Napoleon I. spoke to her as a
child at Llgny Just before the battle of
Waterloo.   Her health Is good. ^_
Mrs. Sally Humiston of Cheshire,
Conn., spent the day following her
birthday reading newspaper accounts
of her one hundredth celebration.
Tbe oldest banker ln the world ls a
woman, aged 105, Deborah Powers,
senior partner In tbe bank of D. Powers & Sons, Lanslngberg, England. ���
Maine now has four women lawyers
-Mrs. F. H. Colley of Old Orchard,
Miss Helen A. Knowlton of Rockland.
Miss Belle Ashton of Sanford and Miss
Ethel Walton of Skowhegan.
Anna Blake of Naples, N. T., fell
seventy feet from a cliff Into Canandal-
gna lake recently nnd was saved by
Anna Sutton, seventeen, who swam to
ber and towed her ashore after Miss
Blake bad gone down twice.
Amoug tbe five residents of Chicago
lately honored by the French government with the decoration known as the
palms, awarded for services to art nnd
letters, wore Mrr. Harry Clennon and
Mrs. Harry Gordon. They have hoth
taken a prominent part In the -work
of the Alliance Francalse.
Helen Gould is continually making
gifts of money for benevolent purposes.
Even for a person with her large fortune she has been exceptionally generous. But if she sbould respond favorably to the Innumerable appeals
made to her by all sorts of people and
for all sorts of objects she would have
to pay out no less than $2,000,000 a
week, or over $100,000,000 a year.
She Deceived Ibsen.
The late Henrlk Ibsen upheld the
superiority of women In his dramas,
but in real life he considered tbem Inferior to men ln many lines of usefulness generally classed as feminine. Foi
example, his friend, John Paulsen,
ft tbe London Times says tbat one of
Ibsen's maxims was this: "No woman
can write a cookery book, and no woman can sew a button on fast."
He lived up to the latter part of his
dictum. When he detected a loose button on any of his garments be retreated to his own den, locked himself in
nnd with elaborate preparations sewed the button on. He took as much
pains with the work as be would with
the final copy of one of his plays.
Then he used to brag about the performance, saying that he would not
put trust in a button sewed on by any
woman, not even by his wife. His
wife used to laugh. She confided to
Paulsen that she secretly resewed all
the buttons tbat the poet had sewed���
sewed them as only a woman can, she
said. He always forgot to fasten the
thread. "But don't undeceive him,"
the faithful wife added appeallngly.
"It makes hlm so happy to think tbat
he does it."	
A Summer Dish For Winter Time.
Fried tomatoes are a luxury that
comparatively few housewives can afford to serve during the winter months,
yet If they will follow this old Maryland recipe this dish mny be enjoyed
on the coldest days of the year as easily as In the middle of summer, says
tbe Delineator. To accomplish tbis
feat, however, the tomatoes must first
be cooked ln tbe sumnper, wbeu tbey
are plentiful. Select the large, firm
tomatoes and fry them Just as you
would If you intended them for immediate service. Then pack them in
medium sized stone jars while still
bot and pour a rather thick coating of
warm Urd over them until they bave
been completely covered. When tbe
Jard bas cooled thoroughly cover the
jars nrst with a cloth and then rather
thlekly witb paper and let them stand
In a cool, dry place until required.
Whcfi you desire to serve them remove the Bllces cnrefully, relieve them
of any superfluous lard and then warm
by drying slightly. Tbey will prove
every bit as delicious as when freshly
fried. .
Keeping Shop by Machin-*.
Near Amsterdam a traveler���who
docs not know a word of Dutch���perceiving the announcement "English
spoken," entered a shop. "English,
sir?" asked a youth behind the counter.
Then he picked jo n cylinder, placed It
lu a gramophone, and tbe Instrument
duly sung out���but In-German: "Sir
(or Madam), the proprietor, who speaks
German, will be telephoned for and
will return to tbe establishment in less
than Ave minutes. Will you please be
seated." The tourist, who knows German, seated himself, lu came the principal, who speaks excellent English
The stranger nsked wby the gramophone did not tnik English. The explanation was: "It's my stupid assistant! 1 have a cylinder on which Is
recorded tbe message In English; he
used the wrong one. There is no excuse for him; my English cylinder Is
tinted red at the ends, and tbe German
one blue. Lucky for me, sir. that yon
know German, else I might have lost
("an esteemed patron." After all, that
| horrible engine has Its sordid use!���
I Tendon Chronicle.
The Japanese people have awakened
to the fact that their women are behind the women of the western world
ln education and accomplishments and,
have opened a woman's university at1
Now that the women of Sweden have,
been given tbe right to hold municipal;
office tbe Swedish National Woman
Suffrage assoclatiou has petitioned that
girls in tbe high schools may be taught
Within one month the membership of
tbe New York City Federation of Women's Clubs bas double^iu membership. Up to a few weeks ago its roster
showed only 14,000, but now there are
30,000 subscribing to the federation.
Some one has been looking up the
subject and finds tbat most of the successful woman writers bave forsaken
city flats and are doing their work on
farms, hired men doiug the work while
the authors write ln peace and quiet
The Sunda islanders blacken all but
the two front upper teeth, which they
A burglar arrested ln London the other night remarked regretfully: "I knew
the time when I could do twenty
houses ln two hours. But 1 am getting
In Gales Rest, North Adams, Mass.,
Is conspicuously displayed the following sign on the walls: "Gentlemen
Must Not Smoke Before 11 P. M.
An armed band at Alqulzar, Cuba,
recently stole a horse and saddle belonging to Alejandro Planas. Later
tbey returned the horse with this inscription on his back ln paint: "He
Can't Travel."
A witness declared during the hearing of a petition for judicial separation
at the Kimberley (South Africa) high
court that he had seen the petitioner
and her husband kiss as often as 500
times every day for a week.
A spider will lire nearly a year without food.
There are Philippine bats as big as
cats, with a wing spread of a yard.
The eyes of tbe hare are never
closed, as the animal bas no eyelids.
A full grown elder drake is easily
lifted up and borne away in the talons
of tbat powerful pirate, the white tailed sea eagle.
Tbe domesticated Malay cat has a
tail that ls only nbout one-half the
usual length, aud very often it Is Ued
by nature in a kind of knot which
cannot be straightened out.
The sperm whale can remain below
the surface of the water for about
twenty minutes nt a time. Then'* it
comes to the surface nud breathes fifty or sixty times, taking about ten
minutes to do so.
The proprletor~oT a olfliard and pool
room In West Philadelphia was annoyed" by a certain customer who,
though he wns n regular, had a bnd
habit of putting the chalk In his pocket
and walking off with It The proprietor decided to put a stop to this man's
carelessness, so one dny last week
he went up to him and nsked:
"Whnt business nre you In?"
"Me! Why, I'm ln the milk business.   Wby?" was the answer.
"Thought so," suld tbe proprietor,
"from the nmount of chnlk that you
take away with you. Any time that
you want a bucket of water come
around, as I may as well let you have
that also."���Philadelphia Ledger.
Too Young.
He was a -beardless youth, and the
peachy down was on 'is cheek.
"Dnrllng," be whispered, **I beg of
you to give me Just one kiss. They
are Intoxicating."
But the beoutlful girl shook her head
and withdrew to the far end of the
"No, Freddy," sbe replied In tantalizing tones; "1 don't want to do anything
"Unlawful, Miss RoBeT"
"Yes; you know it is against the law
to give Intoxicants to minors."
And then poor Freddy melted away
like a tub of ice cream at a Sunday
���school picnic���Chicago News.
Tourists' Craze to Possess  Mementos
of Foreign Travel.
A party of Americans recently went
over St. Paul's Cathedral. Ther explored the crypt, stared at the statuary, and then climbed the stairs to
the topmost gallery.
There one of them hung back from
the party. He was presently discovered trying to chip flakes of stone
from one of the ornamental pillars.
"I guess I only wanted a bit of St.
Paul's to take back with me to America," he drawled by way of explanation.
Souvenir hunting has developed into
a craze, and there is no institution
of any size that has not suffered from
the  ravages of the souvenir hunters.
The late Mr. Wall, when librarian
of the Stratford Memorial Theatre,
used to tell of a visitor who offered
a substantial sum for a few pinches
of the dust that reposes upon Shakespeare's tomb. Now the souvenir collector is not' satisfied with purchasing or bribing. Ht appropriates.
The  Spoons  Stolen.
The manager of a restaurant on a
liner said recently that in one voyage he "missed" 26 of his best spoons.
"We thought it better not to make
any commotion," he said.
All our national institutions are the
prey of these kleptomaniacs, and the
utmost vigilance has been exercised
to keep our treasures of art and science
One enterprising stranger at the
British Museum tried to soouro a strip
of a mummy case, and another snipped a button off the coat of an attendant.
A group of women who visited the
Tower were lamenting their inability
to purloin a sample of the Crown
jewels, but one managed to console
herself with the twig of a tree which
she broke off surreptitiously.
A music hall manager said that all
the London theatres have their resources taxed to the utmost in pro
tec'ing their property.
"Opera glasses disappear by the
score," he Baid "There was one man
who, when 1 caught him putting a
pair in his pocket, coolly explained
that he thought he had secured the
cheapest Bouvenir in London for the
sixpence he had paid for them."
Tlotels Looted.
The managers o*! famous hotels have
to exercise unceasing vigilance. Pens
and notepapcr are constantly disappearing. "But this is comparatively
harmless," Baid the manager of one.
"Water-bottles, glasses, cutlery, and
even plntes have disappeared, and
gone into the pockets of souvenir
"The worst case I remember was
that of a German, who coolly packed
a mirror in bis box. The chambermaid noticed that it had gone, and a
gentle hint to the guest���he was a
man in a high position���led to its restoration to its usual place."
The other day a man tried to purloin a stained-glass window from one
of the city churches, while another
actually walked off with the surplice
in which a famous clergyman had
Charged With Having Blown Up His
Own   House.
The experts engaged in enquiring
into the origin of the recent explosion
at Lord Ashtown's hoiiBe, Glenahiry
Lodge, County Waterford, Ireland,
have drafted a remarkable report, suggesting strongly that Lord Ashtown
himsei; and his domestics were responsible for the affair. The police
have identified the pot containing dynamite ob belonging to a house on
the Glenahiry estete and used for
holding lime, and the sticks used as
props as the handles of a barrow used
in house work at Glenahiry. All
agreed that no forcible entry had been
made into the lodge. Lord Ashtown
claims $1,000 damages from the taxpayers of the locality rnder the Malicious Injuries Act'. They refuse to
pay, and have svmmoned Lord Ashtown to submit to a sworn investigation. The motive ascribod to him is
a desire to discredit the Nationalist
cause by inventing acts of terrorism.
Born Without a Brain.
The medical evidence given at a
recent inquest at Southampton on the
body of an infant which died soon
after birth showed that the child had
no brain. The coroner remarked that
in his lengthy experience he had never beiore heard of a child being born
without a brain. But the case is not
so extraordinary as it would seem at
thc first glance. "When it is stated
that the child was "without a
brain,"", said a medical gentleman to a Tribune interviewer,
"it probably means that it was without a cerebrum���the upper portion of
the brain, which is only found very
highly developed in man and the
higher animals, and is regarded as the
seat of thought. The child must
have possessed the cerebellum, or
tower brain, which is the centre of the
nervous system, or its life could not
hsvt been prolonged even for the
brief time it seems to have lasted
lu the lowest forms of life the cerebellum is by far thc greatest part of
the brain. The cerebrum is present, if
at all, only in a very rudimentary
form, nnd the Southampton case is
no doubt, an example of the quite
familiar phenomenon of atayism, oi
'throwing-baek,' by which the char
aetoristicB of some ancestor or pre
cedent type are reproduced in whole
or in part. Cases in which thc cerebrum is far more nearly absent than
it ought to be are, unfortunately, fai
too common���common enough, almost, to justify Carlyle's dictum
about 'mostly fools.'"
Plenty of Chances.
A young man proposed for the hand
of a millionaire's daughter.
"Well," Baid the millionaire, frowning thoufhtf\*lly, "what are your pros*
pects? Ib there, any chance of promotion in your business?"
"Any chance!" cried the young
man. "Well, I should say so! Why,
we employ 200 men, and my job is
next to the lowest in the establiab-
nent"        .
Different With Him.
When Robert Van Wyck was mayor
of New York he waB careful as to his
personal habits, especially about the
city ball. Oue day he called on the
mayor of Dublin at bis hotel. That
hospitable gentleman desired to set up
something that would show bis good
feeling toward the city he was visiting.
Mr. Van W__ck begged to be excused.
"If I should drluk." he explained. "I
might not be able to bold my Job of
mayor." "Faith," was the instant answer, "if I didn't drink I would be un-
' able to hold mine."'
Is priceless-
adulterated tea Its enemy.
Is positively all  pure,  unadulterated tea. and
as delicious as the famous "SALADA" Blaek Tea.
and 60c Per Pound.
In  Days of Old
Cain rushed up to the fig tree in a
fever of excitement.
"Oh, pa," he exclaimed, breathlessly, "I just sew a pterodactylua
catch a big glyptodon and swallow
him whole." **'
Father Adam shook his head.
"Better be careful, my son," he
warned, "or someone will accuse you
of being a nature fakir."
For even in those days it was not
wise to exaggerate about the habits
of big game.���Chicago News.
A healthy skin is absolutely essential to HEALTH, HAPPINESS and
BEAUTY, and tho natural and never-
failing way to keep a healthy skin is
to treat all injuries nnd eruptions
promptly with Zam-Buk. Zam-Buk
contains only the rich saps and juicea
of healing, health-giving herba, and is
therefore Nature's Own Skin Remedy.
Mrs. A. E. Gardiner, Catalina, of
Miss K. M. Bartlett, Mr.ntreal, of
Mrs. A. Harrison, Kingston, of
Blood Poison.
Mr. Alfred/ Brown, Toronto, of
MrB. Coggill, Wapella, (Sask.) of
All Skin Diseases yield to Zam-Buk.
Obtainab e from all druggists and
stores at 50c. a box. Send to Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, for free sample box.
Just cut out this offer, write name
of paper across it, and mail, with lc.
stamp to pay postage.
Draws the Crowd
"I must confess," growls the dissatisfied tourist, "that I can't see why
so many people want to come here.
No scenery, no amusements, no good
i things to eat���absolutely   no   attrac-
' tions I"
|    "Ah,    signor," said the innkeeper,
I "zey come because we 'ave ze gr-ran'
lapel to stick on ze luggage."���Success Magazine.
Surendrnnath Banerjee, the Bengal
Hindu leader, addressed a big meeting at Calcutta convened foi the purpose of arranging details for a demonstration which it is proposed to
hold on the anniversary of the partition of the province.
A Clear Healthy Skin���Eruptions
of the skin and the blotches which
blemish beauty are the result of
impure blood caused by unhealthy
action of the liver and kidneys. In
correcting thia unhealthy action and
restoring the organs to their normal
condition, Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills will at tiiii same time leanse
the blood and tho blotches and eruptions will disaappear without leaving
any  trace.
She���You told m that when we
were married I should be absolute
queen of your heart and home.
He���Yes, but when I promised that
you should reign I didn't expect you
would storm.���Baltimore American.
Parents buy Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator because they know it
is a Bafe medicine for their children
and an effectual expeller of worms.
Your "chance to sell it" depends
upon your cleverness as a want advertiser.
Consular Agent Gustav C. Kothe,
of Cassel, states that an architect of
that city has obtained patents ior an
invention for manufacturing telegraph
and telephone poles of glass. These
poles are suitable for use in tropical
countries, where the wooden poles
are soon destroyed by insects and
climatic conditions.
Minard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia
She was a pompous lady who, having inherited a fortune, had bought
a country seat, where she delighted
to play the hostess.
"What beautiful chickens I" exclaimed a guest, who was being shown
the poultry farm.
"Yes, they're all prize fowl," was
the lady's reply.
"O, really; do they lay every day?"
"O, they could of course," said the
purse-proud lady, "but for people in
our position it is not necessary for
them to do so."���London Daily News.
An old woman tonfessed to her
priest that she had a terrible passion
for cards.
"The consequence of which is,"
said the prieBt, "that you waste a
dreadful lot of time."
"Yes, indeed, father. They waste
time fearfully in shiiffling the cards."
There  is  no period in  baby's life
that mothers dread more than teeth-1
ing time.   The little gums are tender
and inflamed, the child suffers and is
sleepless and cross and the mother is
usually worn out caring for the child.
The   uBe  of Baby's  Own Tablets allays   the   inflammation, softens    the
tender, swollen gums and brings the
teeth   through   painlessly.    Mrs.    N. I
Sauve, St. Rose de Lima, Que., says: j
"When   my   baby   was   cutting    his |
teeth he was feverish, cross and did,
not take nourishment.    After   giving
hfVn  Baby's Own Tablets he cut six
teeth  without  the  least' trouble.    I
have   never   used   any medicine   for;
children I prize so hignly as the Tab-
lets."   Sold by all medicine dealers!
or by mail at 25 cents a box from the
Dr.   Williams'   Medicine   Co., Brockville, Ont.
Recently the last remaining portions
were removed of a famous old elm .
which was well known to all lovers of
Blackheath and the surrounding
country as "Dick Turpin's Tree.
Tradition goes that the famous highwayman used to ambuBh his victims
under the gigantic branches of this
elm. _
Principals and Agents
Priscilla had just asked John Alden
why he didn't speak for himself.
"Ask Taft," he replied.
Thus we see how   history   repeats
itself���New York Bun.
A Saskatchewan man lost a five
dollar bill and advertised for it, with
the result that a stranger brought
around a five to him. Then he found
his own bill laid away in another
pocket. This should convince anyone of the valuo of advertising.
Almond extracts collected in Canada are pure. The Dominion_.analyst
found on examination in Ottawa few
samples containing prussic acid.
"I'm quite positive," said Miss
Lovelorn, "that he loves me a great
deal "
"How do you know? demanded
Miss Hardman.
"Oh I I can tell by his sighs whenever "
"Now, don't fool* yourself. You
can't gauge the depth of a man's love
by its B^ighB."���-Philadelphia PreBS.
Write your letter when angry, but
don't mail it until next day.
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 11, 1903
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,���I came across a bottle of your
MINARD'S LINIMENT in the hands
of one of the students at the University of Maryland, and he being so
kind as to let-me use it for a very
bad sprain, which I obtained in
training for foot races and to say
that it helped me would he putting
it mildly, and I therefore ask if you
would let me know of one of your
agents that is closest to Baltimore so
that I may obtain some of it. Thanking you in advance, I remain.
YourB truly,
14 St. Paul street.
Care Oliver Typewriter Co.
P.S.���Kindly answer at once.
A census of Egypt is being taken.
In 1897 the population was less than
10,000,000 and now it is thought to be
over 18,000,000.
Fountain  Pen
THIS "special" Fountain
Pen is nude of the
finest gr-.de of Pars
Rubber, and it fitted with
a Hie. solid gold pen with
Tridium tip, which assures
a steady flaw of ink
safety clip which
holds the pen securely in
the pocket, the price il
II.OO.   >
IN larger sizes the Sovereign may be had for
Send for our
Hindsomelv Illustrated
Ryrie Bros.,
Limited      *
134-138 Yon|e St
���and all stomach
and bowel disorders.
Make* pun- babies
plump and rosy. Pro-red
by SO years' successful
use. Ask your druggist
lor it���
Nurses' ud Mothers' Treasure
.      -2"_.-6 !���<__��. $1.25.
ibon.l Druj *c "���.-�����-���    M,i,i||
KesnovM Banal KnUr-genwnte,
Tlil��k<ni-d   Tlaauva,  Innltr .ted .
I'lirth, and sin** Putt or Swelllne*. I
Curea   Lmumss,   All*.*. ���   Pain
wKltottt laying the horse up.  Doea not
blister, stain or remove the hair. (2.00 a
bottle, delivered. Pamphlet 1-0 tree.
AIISOItniNE. JR., for mankind, (1.0.
) bottl*).    i-'ures Synovitis, Weeping Bluevr,
Strains, Gouty or Rheumatlo Deposits,
ndnees Varicose Veins, Varicocele, Hydrocele.
Allays pain, nook tree  Genuine tntd. only br
*_. F. YDUHO. P.0F.137*M.nmwtn St., SprtngflafrJ, Hits.
LYMAN SONS �� CO.. Montreal. Canadian *��������*���
AI.0 fiirnlth.d 6| Martin �����*.. A sV.im. Co, Wlttlota
th. tatlonsl Drug t Chimlool Ce, Wltnlpog and Oolgoro/
and H.nJ.r;:n trot. Co. Ltd.. l/onoouotr. '
���very packet
will Kill
more flies* than
300 aheete
of sticky paper
10c per paokot, or S packet* for 25c.
will last a wholo taaaon.
W.   N.   U.   No.   6SS '���> ���
.. **���.-**��������*-.
BanA of cMontreal.
CAPITAL ALI, PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President���Loan Stbatjicoica Awn Mount Rota;.,
Vice-President���Hon. Gkobox A. D_wmhok_>.
General Manager���E/13. Clocstok.
Branches In All The Principal Cltiea In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacteri.
Winter Wear For
The Children/
No   need for parents in any   part of
the Slocan to send past for their
Children's wear.
h************-}*i *********************************./,
2 And at prices that will suit you.
���    If you  live in  New Denver,  cnll and
inspect my stock.   If yon live at Slocan,
Silverton,    Rosebery,    Nakusp,  Three
Forks or Sandon, drop me a line, we
can certainly do business together.
1 Gbe
iSlocan-flMntafl IRevtew,
. Palma Angripon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
Did you see the swell line of XMAS PRESENTS
at Nelson's store ?
If not come and see them.   Every one is a beauty,    Here
are a few :
Toilet and Manicure sets iu sterling silver.
Jewel Boxes, Inkstands, etc., iu ormolu gold.
Candle sticks,   mokers' sets and Paper weights.        %%
^ Hand painted Calendars and Pictures, 50c to $1.25 %%
ewing sets and Writing Cases.
ilver Tableware,
Swastika flMnS ant) BrOOCbeS - The Lucky Charm
Come and see the best stock ever shown
** in the district.
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the-year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snew clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
,*** * * * *********** ���*' * ***** ************************
Subscription $3.00 per annum, strlctlf INCW   UCnVCfY t>.V*��
in advance.   No pay, no paper.  '	
AnviinTisiNo Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .12.00
"    for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase ot Land   -     7.60
������     " License to Cut Timber 5.00
AH locals will be charged for at the rate
ol 15c. per line each issue.
"Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Finance your hard-earned cash.
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lb., our price 50 eta.
Jap enameled caddy, Regular price
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Copenhagen snuff, per crock. $1.68.
Gillett razors, (5.00 each. "
Our price lift fnr Bpot cash', Toronto
bouses system will be here in thia space
every week. *.    ���
Make yourself familiar with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Virginea mineral claim, situate in the
Arrow Lakes Mining Division of Weet
Kootenay District. Where located:
On Kooskanox creek about 8 miles
irom its mouth. v
Take notice that I, Samuel Walker,
al Burton City, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B.95285, intend tixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Gsnt of the above claim.
And further take notice that Action
under section 87, must be commenced
before Ihe issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of Nov. A.D. 1007
Slocan Land District���District of
Take notice that Sidney Yates Brockman, of New Denver, accountant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land.
Commencing at a post planted [at Iho
N.E. corner of lot 8101, thence east 80
chains; ihence eouth 40 pltains; Ihenc
-west 80 chains; thence north 40 chains
to point of commencement and containing 320 Acres, more or less.
Sept. 24th 1907
is always Fresh, and every .us*
tomer receives honest value for
money spent.
Have you seen mv line of Ladies Blonses
and the assortment of fancy goods
I am now displaying ?
Pay me a visit.
Mrs*   Matheson,
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Koonenay.
Take notice that A. Owens, of New
Denver,  mill operator,   intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:���   Commencing
at a post planted on the west shore of
Slocan Lake about one half mile in a
southerly direction from Mill  creek;
commencing at a post marked A. O.'s
S.E. corner post, thence 20 chains west  HtJP'h NlVfin    Prnnri��*+<**��� r
thence 40 chains north, thence 20 chains  nu*S�� WIVOI1,   rTOprieiOr
teast, thence 40 chains south to place 	
of commencement, containing 80 acres
more or less.
Dated at New Denver, Oct. 31stl 907.
Slocan Land   District���Dislriet of
Wo.il Kootenay.
Tnks notice that Bonrl Robt, Jorahil,
of Slocan, barristtr, intends to apply
for permission lo purchase the following
(lescritxrd land.   Commencing at a post
planted at the noi th-east turner of  Lot
us.-*, 11.unci- siiuth 40 olalnsi tbence
��at?tZ0cltalnr*, tin nee nortli 40 chains;
Iberct* west S.0 cliains to point "f oon,-
monceraetit and containing 80 acres
���iiorc or li*m.
November 10,1007.
Slocan Lsntl Distiict���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
local Salesman Wanted Tor
New Denver
And Adjoining Diatrict lo represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right iize and age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on lime-
Hli.no toil; hardier snd longer lived than
coast trees.
Take notice that Charles Clarkson
Rhodes, of Neleon, B.C , book keeper,
intends to apply (or permission to imr-
���chaee the following disctibod land:
Commencing at a poet planted on the
east bounditry of lot. 882, at a point 40
chainB south ol the north-east corner
of said lot, thence south B0 chain";
thence east 20 chains; thence north 80
chains, tlience wet-t 20 cliains to point
of commencement, and containing 1G0
acres, more or less.
November 16, 1907. 16-26
Slocan Land District���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that tie Onlnr'o-Slocan
Lumber Co., Ltd,, of Slocan, B.C,
Lumbermen, intend to apply for a special timber license over lhe following
described land*4: Commencing at n
p st planted direo'ly opposite the 17
utile boBrd of the N. & B. Railway and
on the south side of Bonanza creek aud
marked "Ontarlo-Slocan Lumber Co.,
Ltd., N.E. coiner," thence south 40
chains, thence west 100 chains, tlience
noith 40 chains. 1 hence east 100 chains,
to point of commencement and containing 100 acres more or less and covering
the same ground formerly covered by
Timber license No. 10218.
December 4th, ".007.
Per P, 8', Deuie, Agent,
Agent for the Kootenay Steam
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Andrew Wallace,'
'lading as agent for the Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Silverton
B.C., Contractor, iutends.to apply for
permission to purchase tho following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted on the east shore ol Slocan lake
about one mile Bouth of Rosebery, and
marked A. W.'s south-west corner,
thenceeast .about one chain to the right
of way of the Nakusp and Slocan railway
thence north 20 chains, along the railway to the shore of the lake, thence
southerly along the lake shore to point
ol commencement, containing live acres
more or leas,
November 12th, 1907.
Groceries S
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
Hermann Clever
provincial Hsoavier
anb Cbemiet
Sandon -Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold,'Silver,* Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Mang*nsie,
Lime, 11.BO etch.
Zinc, Antimony,   Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $3.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zino
snd Silver, $2.60.
Silver, Zinc and Lead  $8 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, *4.00
Special Ratog for Mint snd Mill Work.
Q .
1 ���   _______*- ���
General Merchant
New Denver
% WI&iG
Jw ellerand
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
!***���********************* t***AA^1,A****il,AX/**tt,A*AA4ti1 O
��� .>.Vi.:>*#.i.*+****^.**^ J
professional -Xar&s.
Shelf    and   Heavy   Hardware,   Mine
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
-A...   O.  Of3t"L>y
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block   :    New Denver, B.C..
 P. O. Box 87.
Hjo-w�� cSs: I-3.ei.ll
Capitalization     ..        ..        ..    $20,000
1      , ��� r ;
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points tupplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
Has got in a large and excellent supply of Groceries
and Christmas Goods.    He does not  import tea
by the half ton,   but  has a   fine  assortment of
Teas,    Some of the varieties are
IRaboI). -Soloswortb, Uptons, TRamlal,
Blue IRlbbon, Ikotalenne
And the Columbia Choicest Sun Dried JAPAN TEA.
.*..*. A_fc �����-�����. -*L_t.,tr_t. if. A ���*--*--*--*-A A_>._*-���* _____> iii it* 1 il. Att. A1I1 stuts it. ttt ___l________l_______L________________________J__ .1.      -J
Excursions East.
TORONTO and all points
, west thereof
In Ontario end Quebec,  Quebec,
St .liilm, Halifax, and oilier
Marilime Province Cities.
Kates onapplicaiion.
Tickets on sale dtti v December 1
to December 31.
Round trip First Class, three
months' limit.
Halifax, St. John, or Portland and return
Return Ocean Fates: Saloon,
$101.50; Second, $70; Steerage
$55 and up according lo steamer.
For detailed information, Failings
ore*iii steamers, first claas ur
tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local agents or
E. J. Coy*.*, A.G.P.A.
Johh Moa, D.P.A., Nelson.
St James Hotels
First-class * Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite -summer resort' absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
,A. Jacobson. Prop., New^Denver.'B.C.
Ladies' Dress 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown ....60c
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 60c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirta 16c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade,
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
New York Brewery
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
5andon, B. C.
Hea&quartera for flDlning anb travelling fl&en
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
���Rooms large, Clean anb (Lost.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay  and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
The Hew Denver timber Co. * wniiam Bennett s
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
A permanent situation, Territorv reserved ; Pay   weekly; Free outfit.
Wiite for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government.)
TORONTO       -      - '      ONT.
AA_kAliAAAA____lA_k__,_____-__iAil _______
Lucerne .^
Slaving Parlor.
The only Public Baths
in tbo blocim.
Silverton, -$,<B.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners an.'. Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
<t> Spencer * prop
Mill on Slocan Lake
A. OWENS, Manager
P.O. Box 20.
Funeral! conduct**! on Short
notice ��t any point lu tljo dlt-
trlet.   fih.lln alwn*.�� In itock.
fl> fTcTLean, sekvkr
under the provisions of the Assessment Act, respecting tlie Assessment
Rolls Ior the year 1008 fur the Slocan
AssuEsmtnt District, will be held ai
follows :
In the Government Office, Knslo, B.C.
10th December, 1907, nt 1J a.m.
In  the   Mining   Recorder'-  OHlce,
Sloc;*n  ''Hy, lltii   December,  1001,  at
thc hour ol 2 p.m.
In the Government Office, Now Denver,  B.C.,  12th December,  1007, at 2
In thn  Reco Hotel,  Sandon,  B.C.,
18th December, 1907, at 10 a.m.
Judge ot Con it ol Revision
and Appeal.
Kaslo, B.C.,
22nd November, 1907.
District of West Kootenay.
Take noiice that I, John D. Reid, ot
Siooan City, B.C., prospector, intends
loayply for permission lo purchase the
following described laud:
Coiniiieiiciiii* at a post near Ten Mile
Creek, Lot 8428, about *)00 feet eouth
of post marksd "J.D.R." running south
20 chains, enst 20 chains, noith 20
chains, west 20 chains" to point ol commencement,
Dated Sept, 30th ,1907;
Colin J. Campbell
Notary Put^lc
PHONE 2. P.O. box 10
j��. TOl. IDdibbowson
Gold, Silver, Ctppcr ttrLead. oach,��l Oo
G.ild-Silver...l.60     Silver-Lead. ..1.50
Zinc. .12.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead..  2.60.
Prompt attention given to all samples.
25 per ent. discount opon five aautples
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone -A67
Slocan Land District���Dis1-"-"* ol
Wept Kootenay.
Take nof.ee that I, Marian  M.Inn._,
Annus Midlines, agent, of New Denver,
Bpinster, intend to apply 'or  pernik-ton
to puichase   the  following    described
hmd:    Commencing at a post planted
at the north-weel corner  of  lot 2,50fi
G.I.. Kootenay district, thenco west 20
chains, thence eouth  20 chains,  tlience'
east 20 chains,  ihence norlh 20 -chains
t:�� the place of commencement containing 40 acn s more or less.'
Dated November 28r*l, 1907.
A, Mclnnes, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that tho undermentioned persons have made application under lhe provisions ol tbe "Liquor License Act," 1900 for Hotel Licenses at the places set opposite their
Henry Stege, Newmarket Hotel,
A. Jacobson,   St. James Hotel,
Dan Brandon, Selkirk Hotel, Silver-
R. M. Spencer, Victoria Hotel, Silver--
D. Grant,  Windsor Hotel,  Silverton
J. T. B'Siichesne, Basin Hotel, Arlington Basin.
H. Ncvin, Slocan Hotel, Three Forks.
Joseph Perant, Rosebery Hosel, Rosebery.
A meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners will be held, to consider
such applications at the Court House
New Denver on Monday the 16th day ol
December, at the hour of 10 o'clock in
tlie forenoon.
Chief License Inspector.
Slocan Land Dislrict���District of
Weft   Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Andrew JacobBon,
agent for J. E. Drousc, of New Denv'r,
physician, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following deicrtbed
lantl: Commencing at a post where
lot 8696 Intersects with lot 485 and
mft'ked _J.1V.II,'b N.K. corner post
thence eouth 15 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south 20 cltoins, thence
wist 80 cliains tlience north 25 chainB
more or less to the bi.undary of lot 8090
G.L, thence east 30 chains more or less
to the cornerof lot 8696, thence norlh
10 chains, tin nee eaBt 10 chains to the
���mint ol commencement, containing 200
acre*- moro or lees. The land is eitnate
about���-% of a mile from tbe bead of Slocan hike.
Dated November 22nd, 1907.
J. 80. Andrew Jac ol'te 1, Agt ut
That pudding now.
Hadn't you better see
Bunker and have one put
aside for you. You cau order it now and have it sent round
on Christmas [Eve. It will save a whole lot of trouble.
For shelled alinouds and shelled walnnts, go to
Herbert Cue, New Denver Bakery,     or write
Box 44
&. QUiet&Ct&n
silverton, B.C.
'f*t}*****eMo>t>**************W*^ I
Go to Wilson's for
Flour,   Hfliv.
, etc.
I *^<^(-**--*^***--^^


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