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Slocan Mining Review 1907-12-19

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Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Slocan Mining
GaZrrL,�� J
Ce    ly
tainted  in New Denver,   the
Beauty Spot of the Continent1
d  the Hub of the richest
ilver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 17   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia. Thursday, Dec. 19, 1907.
Single Copies 5c.
Ml Have] Made Elaborate
Preparations For The
Festive Season.
This Is the lime of the year when the
merchant makes special effort to cater
to the many wants of the families of the
district for the Chrlstmast festival. We
have ever been advocates of supporting
home enterprise, and never have been
lacking in condemnation of the "Eastern" habit, and when one goes among
cur merchants at this time of the year
one cannot fail to be greatly impressed
with the enterprising spirit now dominating our principal storekeepers. In this
they should have the support of the
populace, as It Is to the merchant we
look for assistance in everything pertaining to support for local improvements, etc.
Nalson's Drug and Book Store.
Wo began our round by calling at the
store of that enterprising engine of
commerce, Chas. F. Nelson, and we were
greeted with a perfect vision of Fairy
land. Suspended from tho ceiling of
his store was a gigantic Japanese umbrella, and from it. were trailed multicolored ribbons which gave a blaze of
co'.or to this compact emporium. Wo
venture here to assert that the stock
now displayed at this store certainly
cannot be beat in any town in the interior. There are articles which would
require the wad of a millionaire to be-
Kin on, and there ar myriads of others,
:iii "useful and seasonable, ranging to the
nimble nlckle. No need to pore over
tlie pages cf Timothy Sweatshop when
here before your gaze is sp.'ead an as-
sdrtment of goods suitable for presents
which you can inspect before purchasing, and at prices that are purse ticklers.
Eie't cut. glass Snd sterling silver table*
ware are there ln abundance. Then
there are such chic novelties as manicure and toilet sets in sterling silver;
jewel bos**-, ink-si.ands, sewing sets, eta
DaintyHJits of jewelry In gold and silver
nre temptingly displayed, aud a lar_*;e
assortment ui fancy chink, rups and
saucers, p',**:*.";, jalad bowis, cea sets,
etc , stand out entreating you to become
their owner. Then, again, what nicer
presents for a boy or girl than a good
book; the large stock to be seen here
was an eye-opener for us. And for the
little ones, to whom Christmas is the
zenith of joy, there is every conceivable
novelty to make them glad. Mechanical
toys (nearly human), pianos, stoves,
etc; and the dolls! Never did Slocan
witness sueh an array. Mr. Nelson ls
making a special feature of silver souvenir spoons, upon which are engraved
the names of Sandon, Silverton and New
Denver, as the purchaser may require,
and the handles are emblematical of
the mining industry. These are really
choice and up-to-date. Then the sale of
Mr. Nelson's portfolio, "The Silvery
Slocan," should be enormous during the
holiday season.    This store Is worthy
a visit.
J. B. Smith.
Calling upon Mr. Smith we found him
and his help too busy to help us very
much, but it was quickly perceived that
he had made-special efforts to meet the
holiday trade. Candies, nuts, raisins,
currants, peels and a hundred and one
Christmas delicacies to tempt the housewife. Particularly did we notice the
s.veil line of candies which are so nattily displayed, bottles of choice satin
looking fellows in all flavors which always invite you to help yourself when
the proprietor is not looking; fruit tablets, chocolates, in fact all the Btaple
lines are there in abundance. It ls a
pleasure at all times to pay a visit to
Mr. Smith's store, but at thiB time when
Christmas is in the air it is particularly
inviting. The stock of men's wear includes a fine assortment of underwear,
shirts, sox, overalls, sweaters, mack-
inaws, ties, collars., rubbers, boots, mits,
gloves, handkerchiefs, hats, caps, blankets, in fact there is nothing that ls needed that cannot be supplied by Mr. Smith
ln the ordinary run of a well equipped
general store.
New Denver Meat Market.
Here we found an old friend surrounded by such an array of carcases of mutton and beef that we at once set ourselves the question, "Does the district
demand such a supply?" but we were
quickly undeceived when Mr. Clever,
the proprietor, informed us that by six
o'clock tho same evening his shop would
be cleaned out of that useful comestible
which he dispenses to the surrounding
���district. Mr. Clever now holds the enviable position of Meat King of the
Slocan; be is the only butcher in a district of wide area, ar.d it must bo put on
record that hi*, system of supplying all
the many mines, logging camps, hotels
and families throughout this scattered
district is* perfect. Nakusp, Burton City
and all the ranches contiguous thereto;
Summit, Rosebery, New Denver, Three
Fork?, Sandon, Silverton. Enterprise,
S'.ocan Citv all look to Clever to mi the
bill, and it would astonish Pat Burns
If he but had the inside track of Clever'B
��� B'yle.cf doing this. All the mutton supplied' to his patrons is home fed; his
steers roam the pastures along our
beautiful shores until their hour for usefulness arrives; his pork bas the advantage of clean diet, and when all are
hun. ln hlH cold storage compartment,
which bv the way, iB the best in the interior, it is a sight for an epicure. For
the Christmas trade there are such
delicacies as fresh Eastern and Olympia
1 other Shell-fish; turkeys,
, ohtckentyand the choicest
Here special attention ha3 been given
to the season's demands. All the necessaries for the housewife or bachelor are
temptingly displayed, and there is
scarce anything missing from his up-to-
date stock. A large assortment of ladies',
misses', gent's and children's shoes in
patent leather and French kid aro shown
as a leading specialty, also fancy slippers and dancing pomps, the latest New
York lasts. Then ther are piles of
blankets, quilts, rugs, linoleums, oil
clothB, etc., etc.; stacks of trunks, club
bags, suit cases, and similar goods.
Gents' furnishings of all the latest
styles in Scotch plaid, ladles' and children's wear, in fact there is nothing required by man woman or child which
cannot be obtained here. Tastefully arranged are such articles suitable for
XmaB presents as box chocolates, all
flavors, mixed candies, in bulk. English
G. B. D. case pipes and pouches, and
English, Canadian and American tobaccos of all kinds. In the line of jewelry
we noticed some beautiful thin model
gold watches, gold chains, ladles' and
misses' wrist watches, also a chic line
of gold-filled ladles' bracelets.
Next Spring Mr. Delaney Intends to
build an extensivo up-to-date establishment which he says will be both an
acquisition and a credit to our pretty
little town.
Mrs. J. M. Williams.
In Mrs. Williams' store, which is always replete with a stock of articles
that are necessary for the comfort and
beautiflcation of our wives and children,
we found the above lady arranging a
line of men's wear, a new departure.
With commendable enterprise tho proprietress is keeping pace with tbe times,
believing perhaps, that what's "sauce
for the goose ls sauce for the gander."
In this connection there are displayed
soma tasteful linen shirts, fancy ties,
collars, gloves, hose, bedroom.slippers,
handkerchiefs and gent's hats. The
special line for ladles 13 gloves, collars,
waists, hose, belts, fancy ribbons and
ladles' slippers. For the kiddles there
are gloves, toques, slippers, bander*
chiefs, bonnets and such like, and a
special line in bear coats and hats are
shown. Mrs. Williams' prices are certainly lower than Timothy Eaton's in
very many cases.
Mrs. Matheson.
At this  ladles'  commodious  general
store everything required for the com
Mrs. Williams, of Edgcwood, is spending a few days in town.
Messrs. Og;lvie. and M'Kittrick, ol Ihe
Leland Hotel, gave an enjoyable dance
on Monday evening last.
The I/ceiiEe Commissioners met here
on Monday.
The minstrela are mttking arrange*
nii nts to give a performance in New
Denver between Xmas and New Year's.
Full particulars will appear in the
The painters bave arrived to do considerable work at the shipyards.
The little i.iur-yenr-old pon ot Mr. F.
Rice passed away after nn illness of only
a few dava.
"The Illustrious Order of Grand
Snipes" is a new older which was duly
founded with a large membership lliui
week. The uan.es ol officers elected will
app-.Br next week.
Johnston-Go odworth.
On Thursday evening last, at Christ
church, Vancouver, Percy W. Johnston,
a well known and greatly respected
young man of the district, led to the
altar Emma E. Goodworth. The groom
Is too well known to need Introduction
to tho majority of our readers and all
will join with us in wishing him joy on
entering the ranks of tho Benedicts.
Miss Gcodworlh was at one time matron
of the Sandon hospital, but has lately
been associated ln a similar capacity
with the staff of the Vancouver General
Hospital. The bride looked charming
in a tailor-made gown of brown broadcloth, with white hat and white furs.
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. A. H. Sovereign.
The happy couple will stay at the
coast until after Christmas, when they
will proceed to Sandon to tako up residence.
E. E. Chipman, gold commissioner,
was a visitor to Silverton Wednesday.
He was met by a delegation representing the "Silverton Progressives" and
given to understand that Silverton was
on the map.
Born.���At New Denver, on Sunday,
the 16th inst., to the wife of H. Lowe,
a daughter.
Jno. Hyman went to Nelson last week
to meet his wife and child whom he expected from Sweden, bbt they arrived
here via Revelstoke the day after his
return home.
Please, teacher, Billy Brandon wants
to steal our glacier.
Tha Big B cigar Is the wonder of the
20th century.   Ask the barkeep for one*,.
Nine hundred tons of zinc concentrates was shipped from the Vancouver
mine, Silverton, this week to Antwerp.
The freight is rated at .13 a ton.
Slocan %ake fruit Xante
For Full Information write
Imperial Bank Block ..   NELSON, B.C.
So Fertile
Braces, Blafeemore & Cameron,
A Communication.
Motile Hughes.
Ia the Slocan there is un apparently
DLU.C    \iT . * ., .......,_     --_  , ^ rt- J
mlssarlat department of a household is  well defined line of separation between
to be obtained.   This store is a credit (the lead belt alK* lhat whlch lies norta
always to the mature lady who runs it.
Fancy articles for the Christmas trade
are dibplayed In abundance. There are
pillow tops in silk and Indian gold work,
lalles' waists etc., fany china sets, etc.
Snllth Xmas crackers, truiiB nuts, boxed
candies, Harry Webb's chocolates, and
a special  line of tea, pickles,  etc., ln
Ben Wing.
At thc jewelry store, recently opened
by the above enterprising young man, we
found great preparations are mad e for
the joyous festival. Apart from his ordinary stock of watches, clocks, etc., he
had just unpacked a goodly amount of
novelties which will well repay you to
inspect. There are choice Japanese silk
handkerchiefs, the like of which were
never seen here; fancy china sets, bra.**s
novelties, belts, dinner gongs, fancy lantern. in new and grotesque styles, work
baskets, ladles' dress combs, gold chains
for ladle3 and gents, brooches, rings,
hat pins, souvenir spoons, charms, fobs,
and a thousand other articles. For a
suitable present for a lady or gent, Mr.
Wing will mount gold nuggets (a large
stock of which he has just purchased)
either on a pin or a brooch.
J. E. Angrignon.
At this store there has just arrived all
the newest patterns for gent's clothing!
Mr. Angrignon wishes us to state that
during the Christmas rush he will have
only a limited number of shaves and
requests his patronB to shop early.
New Denver Bakery.
At the New Denver P.altetv we. found
Herbert Cue and bis staff in the throes
Of cand*y making. Around,him were
piles of puddings and cakes, all I��� ia own
manufacture, while on shelve* nnd
counters weie stacked 1) *x* s ol JapamsG
oranges, figs, sltplled nu's, chocolates,
crystallized cherries, etc. Mr. Cue told
us that the demand for his Christinas
puddings was enormous, ami ihat he Lad
evidently Btruck a sympathetic note witli
the ladies.	
Whether the recent letters to the
press are parents of the "Silverton Progressive Association?"
Whether  the  Missioner  feels better
Who felt like thirty cents?
What's the matter with the Slocan?
Why the clergy attended the licensing
Why no one was killed?
If seven up is gambling?
Who said reform?
If the Dunsmuir case is a Liberal or
a Conservative victory?
If the S'.ocan ore output is telling its
own tale?
Why this district begins to flourish
when others languish?
Who said "come, in" when prosperity
knocked at the door?
Why boosting is getting fashionable?
How many thousands of new arrivals
will come with the spring?
Why the sun always shines brightly
over the Lucerne?
When the electric   lights will come on
Why no explanation is forthcoming?
of Carpenter Creek. In tha latter the
Mollis Hughes exists. Apparently
theie seems to be a continuation of this
ced UiruuaUuut tut*, cuuuery aiong uie
north Ioik ot this creek, including that
portion west of Uear Lui*.c within which
we tlnd the McAllister, tuo SUvet
Glance and other snipping mines,
whose output, devoid oi lead conieni,
possesses ior the most part extremely
ni_,n values in silver, in this uiuu'iol
tn*.re appears not to have beeu uueov-
ered any lead-bearing ore of material
extent. At this moment thu oniy property norV being wonted is the iviolne
���.rushes, the McAllister group wnuiu
the past lew weoaa temporarily sus>-
pending operations as is then* wont curing the Winter by reason of Ha htgii
altitude ami the existing danger nou*
Our lepresentative paid a visit to the
MolUe Hugues mine recently, and tounu
a crew of meu at work under the supervision of Mr. 11. Black, who is now
working the property under a lease
and band obtained from the local owners, Messrs. T. Avison, H. Clever, H.
Sheran and Geo. H. Crawford of Fairfield, Wash.
Roughly speaking not less than 20
cars of 125oz. ore has been shipped
from this property and several cars ot
ore have also been treated which have
returned gold values of $10, a useful
commodity which plays an important
part in the payment of freight and treatment. The property has been a steady
shipper from the grass roots.
From a cursory examination it would
appear that most of the work thus far
dbne has been with a view of developing a quartz' ledge of an east and west
trend, wherein high values are found
for the most part in silver in grey copper mass. The surrounding district Is
granitic. Two series of fissures appear to exist, one trending approximately northeast, the other south of east.
The values so far exhibited boar an
inverse proportion to tho breadth of Assure content; where the walls approximate closely, content ls of a higher average value.
From an economic shipping point of
view the Mollie Hughes group has perhaps the choicest location in the entire
Tha group consists of five full crown
granted claims situate between Rosebery and Now Denver and the point
of operations now pending lies half
way between the track of the C. P. R.
and Slocan Lake, so it will be seen that
whether transportation be desired by
rail or water, the ore could be dumped
direct in cars or on the steamer.
At the present moment the property
Ib in the develonlng stage, but after sizing up its possibilities we cannot help
but   prognosticate  that  with   a  ~-
Ali Licenses Were Renewed.
A regular meeting of the License Commissioners for the Slocan district was
held in the government office, New
Denver, on Monday, 16th Inst., there being present: Messrs. D. B. O'Neill, Slocan City; J. C. Harris, New Denver, and
Mr. H. G. Fisher, manager of the local
branch of the Bank of Montreal, returned home a happy Benedict, accompanied
by his English bride, on Saturday evening. A large crowd gathered upon the
wharf to greet them; but ever a joker,
Mr. Fisher fooled the boys���or did he
dread the tooting of the steamer's horn,
which Captain McLennan had promised
VV. F. Lawson, Sandon. There were also,
in the court room Rev. Chalmers, Pres.f** ���reeale Wn�� wltn on nearln8 nls des
byter.an, and Re'.. Clfford, Methodist.
At the preliminary part of the proceedings some conversation took place re
the recent letters which had appeared
In the Nelson and local papers touching
the caso of tbe man Garrity, but no opposition to any renewals was forthcoming.
"it was proposed by D. B. O'Neill, sec-
ondede by J. C. Harris, that the following renewals of licences be granted:
Andiew Jacobson, St. James' hotel,
Henry Stege, Newmarket, New Denver;
D. Grant, Windsor, R. M. Spencer, Victoria, D. Brandon, Selkirk, Silverton; J.
T. Beaucbesne, Basin, Arlington; N.
Ncvin, Slccan, Three Forks; and J. Parent, Rosebery, Rosebery. Carried.
��� It was moved, seconded and carried,
that the following resolution be spread
on the minute book:
"That it has heen brought to the attention of this Board of Licence Commissioners of the Slocan Licence District that there has been considerable
laxity displayed by the holders of licenses in running their hotels. Now, the
meeting of the Board of Licence Commissioners for the Slocan District instructs J. T. Black, inspector of licenses for the district, to notify all holders
of hotel licences in the district that any
Infringement of the law will be taken
up at once and dealt with in a summary
manner by the board.
[Signed] D. B. O'NEILL,
oysters an".
ge't;���-, dunk***. ^^^
of .fresh and salt water fish.
���aoetrnHall Stor_,
Ou*.- if ���:'  on i   waa upon  Mr. J
Eela-ney   and  wi   found  bim busy
' a,-, Delan *v l.nvs overytlun'
Roy Black and Bolivar left for Cleveland,  Ohio,  Wednesday,  to  spend  thc
i Christmas holidays with his parents.
+    .7.  G.  Duck, who    is    operating  the
in ; Maggi * group, above Cody, with a crew
is I of fftnon me\ made a business (rip to
tinuation of the methods adopted by
Mr. Black, It will in less than two years
ba quoted as one ot Slocan's big mines.
We are of the opinion that Rev. W, A.
Gilford is but unzious to parade his
name beiore the outsidH wot Id snd thus
gain gnine notoriety ub a reformer. We
are entirely in accord with anyone who
fights the unlawful sale of liquor, but
there iB ti right and among Bide to all
things, and for tills reason he should be
more specific in bis charges. Surely I o
knows that his vague mur mu lings ate
bringing unenviable attention lo our district ; il not he should be spoken to by
liis friends. But let him light lair. Them
is no excuse for hi* writing to the Nelson
News oilier than fur gaining notoriety.
Our columns have been | as ed over, antl
there is but one Inference to be drawn
from that fact. Mr. Gilford ban been
given opportunity to substantiate Ihe
charges he brought, but so far has not
come up lo the scratch. If the evils lie
claims to exist aro apparent, surely he
can pruve tbem; but if he is not sure of
liiinsell and his cuse, all will agree it will
te best lor him to cease writing to out-
tide newfrpapers upon a subject he does
not understand.
Mrs, P. II. 0'*ant, nceompuiied by
Mis. Almannfalty, left f. r then* home, in
Duck Lake, Sask , alter a lengthy visit
to Mrs. T. Avison, sister af Mrs. Giant.
Fine assortment of chocolates at New
Denver Bakery.
C. J. Campbell bas returned from a
visit Jo bis tick mother  at Strathcona.
Midnight mass at the Catholic church
on Xutas eve.
Figs, Japanese oranges antl shelled nut8
at Herbert Cue's.
Born.���At Hew Denver, on the 18th inst.,
to the wife of Capt. McLennan���a
,&rge U>!:   l0tA^A trading. I this city on Monday
A Gentle Hint to Scandal  Mongers.
As fire when thrown into water is
cooled down and put out; so also a false
accusation when brought against a pure-
m'uded and God-serving man, boils over
and is at once dissipated aud vanishes.
The old, old greeting.
A merry Xmas to-all our readers at
home and abroad.
Mrs. J. Cadden and children, accompanied bv Mis. A. B. Huigh, were visitors from" Rosebery on the 18th.
Mrs. Mary Mny, left for Lane, Idaho,
accompanied by ber sister, Mrs. J. C
Miss Klo Kcnrody  is viiiting Nelson.
tination? Or was it exercise he needed?
Suffice it to aay, he and Mrs.
Fisher left the boat at Silverton and
walked the intervening four miles, arriving in New Denver before the boat,
which was delayed at Silverton taking
aboard a heavy shipment of ore. The
kiddles, who wero there circumvented
ln their attempt at a time-honored
"chlvarl," called at the bank for
"backshees" on Monday morning, and
all received a liberal supply of discounted American silver.
Geo. Stewart, engineer from steamer
Slocan, who Ib in the hospital with
typhoid, is progressing favorably, as ls
also Deckhand Brookman. The possibilities are they will be convalescent by
Stanley Menhinnick, formerly engineer of the "Procter/' plying on Trout
Lake, is relieving-Engineer Stewart.
Home made candies at Herbert Cue's.
50 its. and 25 els. per box.
Ed. Shannon returned from a hunting
trip around Ten-Mile last Saturday.
Whilst there he met Ed. Hardy, who ls
Interested with Frank Griffith in the
Westmount group, a dry ore property
near the Neepewa. He vouchsafed the
information that the efforts of Griffith in
Toronto to capitalize the property had
been successful and tbat $60,000 had
been raised to further develop the property. Mr. Griffith, who has also visited
his brother at Georgetowu, Colo., is expected to arrive ln tbe Slocan today,
From the Whitewater mine 23 tons of
crude ore and 66 tons of concentrates
were shipped to smelters last week.
A car of ore was sent to Trail last
week from the Vancouver.
The Standard shipped 23 tons of ore
last week.
Three cars of ore were shipped from
tho Ruth last week.    -
The big shipment of zinc which was
sent to Antwerp this week from the
Vancouver mine is tho first shipment
of thl3 ore to leave the mines. It Is
thought that tbo $13 rate will leave a
good margin of profit.
Here we are, waiting for Santa Claus,
and no snow yet in New Denver.
W. II. Brandon and wife left-for Winnipeg on Tuesday to visit friends for
tbe holidays.
Crystallized cherries and almond
paste at New Denver Bakery.
Donald Sinclair, from the Vancouver
mine, Is an Inmate of the hospital with
erysipelas ln the foot.
Two hundred and eighty-five sacks of
ore are ready for shipment from the
Westmount. It.is expected that the returns will be 300 ounces to tho ton. Thc
last shipment went 285 ounces.
Editor Review.���In answer to the
Eev. W. A. Gifford's letter, we the undersigned business men of Silverton
are forced to have our names appear
before the public in order to contiadiot
statements ninl. by him which appeared in tho Nelson News of the 14ih inst.
He staff's iu the first place that the
conditions around the Silverton hotels
could only be described as disgraceful
and criminal. In reply to that, wc
have never seen anything disgraceful; i
and as far as criminal is concerned, we
hnve never witnessed a crime ln the
history of Silveiton. He next referred
to a man who died hero in an hotel, of
which he knows very little about. In
this case be criticised the dead very
severely, and be aleo criticised tbe decision of Coroner Arthur after a careful
investigation, and lie now lies at the
mercy of tbat gentleman.
He also enquires why are three hotels
license I In Silverton when one insufficient ? One is not sufficient. We are
doing more business anel shipping moro
are titan all the other towns in the district put together. And for a town of
its size there is no other town in lhe interior of B.C. that has three such fine
hotels or managed as quietly and
decently, and we sre all doing well.
That should ho reason enough fnr anyone. Wo have all due respects for a
clergyman of any d-nominaton, and always give them tho glad hand when
they come annng us, but when lliey
come to slur and try to heap disgrace
upon good respectable citizens we believe they should be kept in their own
plare the same as other persons.
Tho License Commissioners held their
meeting at New Denver on the lllh
inst., to consider renewals. This the
Rev. Gifford was invited to attend and
say what he bad to say before those
three gent'rjmen he had ttied to scandalize. But be was careful to be there
only for tbe last ft w minutes of tbe
sitting, but there was plenty of time
to say what he bad to say about the
" horrors " he had previously mentioned. When all were at-kad iftltcyhad
anything to *ay be sat its though he
had no tongue in bis head. That was
the time and place tot him to make his
talk, and not in a uewepapor, and particularly one ontede the district.
For our own j. art we feel sorry for
Rev. Gifford, for it wsb extremely bad
taBte for a man of his cloth and education to publicly criticise his neighbor-
ami maku them feel bad, even though,
his ftEsettions were farcictl. Now, wo
will give Rev. W. A. Gifford our kindest advice, and that ia, to pay mote
attention to liis own profession, and we
can assure him be will have enough to
do without scandalizing hotel keepers,
criticizing our license inspector's good
common sense, informing thc commissioners what their duties nre, and giving Dr. Arthur bucIi a cinch pn bim
that it is hard tilling where he will
will wind up if he keep, up his gait.
Thanking Vou for your space, we
remain, yours truly,
Silverlon, B.C., Dec. 18, 1907.
That New Denver has a School for
That one of our ranchers is leaving
for a colder climate.       ,
That things are getting too warm for
others, too.
That if each before their own door
swept, the village wou'd be clean.
That " Poace on earth, goodwill toward men " is a seasonable bint worth
That Tom and Jerry will do duty at
Henry's and Antly's on Xmas morning.
That the Children's entertainment on
Xmaa Eve trill be worth walking twenty
miles lo see.
That the children will perform al
Slocan City the following week.
That wedding bolls will ring in Denver shortly after Xmas.
That unless tho electric lights show
up within a reasonable time the citizens
will ask for tbe cancellation of the
company's charter.
Association Formed To Advertise its Resources and
Improve the Town.
A most striking example of the feeling dominating the entire Slocan waa
manifested on Monday evening last,
when a thoroughly representative meeting of tradesmen of the beautiful little
town of Silverton was held in the Hunter block to discuss a program wherein
the resources of the mines contiguous to
the town would be better shown, tho
surrounding scenery made known to the
world, and the general beautiflcation ot
tlie town begun without delay. It was
quickly seen at this meeting that all
were unanimous In the need of organization to better attain the result desired,
and as the outcome the "Silverton Progressive Association" has sprung into
active existence. Mr. N. F. McNaught,
one of Sllverton's most respected old-
timers was elected to the chair, and
Mr. Robt. Dodd, a prominent rancher
of the  district,  was elected secretary.
After the chairman had made a few
general remarks as to the purport of
the meeting, Mr. Wm. H. Hunter, M. P.
P., took the floor and began by saying
J that the time was most opportune for
concerted action in advancing the interests of the town and district. Ho
advocated a propaganda of advertising
in a reasonable way to induce the people to come and live amongst them, and
in this regard he felt that the prosperity
now enjoyed Bhould be more widely
known. From such a programme would
follow the reopening of the school with
a large attendance, and he pointed out
that a teacher should be advertised for
without delay. He saw no reason why,
such an organization should not ba
The meeting then got down to real
business and W. H. Brandon moved, and
Mr. T. James seconded that such an
association lie formed, and this was carried with enthusiasm.
"The 3ilverton Progressive Association" thus received its baptism.
Then came the election of officers.
On motion of Messrs. W. H. Brandon
and Tt* James, MA, Wm;. Hunter, M. P. P.
for the district, was elected honorary
president, and on motion of Messrs. W.
H. Brandon and T. H. Wilson, N. F.
McNaught was elected president. Dan
Brandon was the choice of the meeting
for vice-president on motion of Messrs.
Wilson and D. Grant, and Roht. Dodds
ls to be secretary-treasurer, which waa
carried on motion of Messrs. Wilson and
F. ParsonB. A committee will be appointed by the president ln the next
few days. It was also agreed that the
membership fee should be $1, and that
tho members would meet every first and
third Monday of each month ln tho
Hunter block.
It was pleasant to note the general
spirit of enterprise and optimism prevailing, and much was discussed wherein the town will rise from its lethargic
condition of recent years and take a
new lease of life. 50,000 feet r_f lumber
for new sidewalks are to be ordered and
the world is to learn of its resources
from a mining, ranching, tourist and
residential view. It was pointed out that
in the various mines directly local no
less than 177 men were on the payrolls:
that for the past year an average of 300
tons cf ore per month had been shipped,
and that the probabilities of this output
being doubled iu the very near future
were indeed rosy.
A press committe consisting of
Messrs. N. F. McNaught, DoddB and H.
Buckley was then formed, and after
votes of thanks the meeting adjourned.
Jno. McKaskill has gone to the Coast
for the benefit of liis health.
To shop early.
To pay th'e printer.
To patronize home merchants.
To bo thankful for better limes.
To givo tbe kiddies u gO"d time.-
To take in Ilie Children's Show.
To throw selfishness ts the winds.
To keep close to the true Xmas spirit,
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay,
Take notice that Martha Ann  Smith
of New Denver, B.C., married  woman
intends I o apply for permission to   pur
chase tlie   following    described  land
Commencing at a   post planted on   the
north   boundary   of   timber  lease   435,
near the Nakusp and Slocan Ry.,  Martha Ann Smith S.E. Currer plumed on
the north boundary of  timber lease 435
and at the a-mtli west corner of timber
liuiii which was numbered 8678, thence
north liO Chains, tlience west 10 chains
more ur less to  the east   boundary of
Bertha Wisgge application to purchase
tlience soutli 00  chains   to   the   nortli
boundary of timber   lease 435,   thence
East 10 chains more or less to tbe piece
of commencement anel containing 60
acres more or less.
December 6th, 1907,
J. B. Smith, agent.
Kaslo Land Distri-t���District of
We��t Kootenay.
Take notice that George Henderson,
ot Slocan, B.C., rancher, intends to apply for a specinl timber license over
the to-lowing described lands: Commencing at a post planted on Goat
creek about 2 miles easterly from the
N.E. comer ol Lot 7K.il, thenre east 120
chains, Ihence south 80 chains, tbence
west 40 cliains tlience north 40 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 40
chains to the point of commencement,
and cont.iiiting 040   acres moro or  loss.
November II), 1907.
Slocan Land District���District of
West K-notenay
Take notice that Henry Allen McMillan, of Nelson B.C .occupation rancher,
intends to apply fir permission to pur*.
chase tbe following described lands*.
Commencing at a post On lhe 8.W,
corner of lot lot 7308, thence not th 40
chains, thenco west 20 chains, thenco
soutli 40 chains, theme east 20 chains,
to point of commencement, containing
80 acres.
Nov. 28th, 1907,
Slocan Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clare Lilian Diewry,
of Nelson, B.C. intends lo apply for
permission to pu chase the following
described land*': Commencing at a
post plan ted at the S.W. corn* r of lot
8352, thence south 20 chains, thence
east 40 cliains, tlience north 20 drains,
tlience west 20 cliains, containing 80
Nov. 28th, 1907.
��� ��� ���
| Author of "Dora Deane/' "The English Orphans/' |
".Una Rivers/' "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine/' Etc.
'DrtWi***. at Tr rjfisTt trot tnrough the
grounds, Sorrel was soon out upon
the highway; and witb spirits exhilarated by thoughts of going home, he
kept up the .trot until, turning a sudden corner, his master saw the carriage from Aikenside approaching at
�� rapid rate. The driver, Paul, Baw
him too, but scorning to give half the
road to such as Sorrel and the square-
boxed wagon, be kept steadily on,
while Grandpa Markham, determined
to speak with Guy, reined his horse a
little nearer, raising hiB hand in token that the negro should stop. As
a natural consequence, the wheels ol
the two vehicles became interlocked,
and as the powerful grays were more
than a match for Sorrel, the - front
wheel of Grandpa Markham's wagon
was wrenched off, and the old man
precipitated to the ground; which,
fortunately for him, was in that locality covered with sand banks, so
that he was only stunned for an instant, and thus failed to hear the insolent negro's remark: "Served you
right, old cove; might of turned out
for gentlemen." Neither did he see
the sudden flashing of Guy Remington's eye, as, leaping from his carriage, he seized the astonished African by the collar, and, hurling him
from the box, demanded what he
meant by serving an old mon bo
shameful a trick and then insulting
All apology and regret, the cringing
driver tried to make some excuse, but
Guy stopped him short, telling him to
see how much the wagon was damaged, while he ran to the old man, who
had recovered from the first shock
and was trying to extricate himself
from the folds of his camlet cloak.
Nearby was a blacksmith's shop, and
thither Guy ordered his driver to take
the broken-down wagon with a view
to getting it repaired.
"Tell him I want it done at once,"
he said, authoritatively, as if he well
knew his name carried weight with
it, then, turning to grandpa, he asked
again if he were hurt.
"No, not speeinlly���jolted my old
bones some. You are very kind, sir,"
grandpa replied, brushing the dust
from hia pantaloons and then involuntarily grasping Guy's arm for support
as hiB weak knees began to tremble
"from the effects of excitement and
"That darky shall rue thiB job,"
Guy said, savagely, as he gazed pityingly upon the shaky old creature be
side him. "I'll discharge him to-morrow."
"No. young man. Don't be rash.
He'll never do't again; nnd sprigs like
him think they've a right to make fun
of old codgers like me," was grandpa's meek expostulation.
"Do, pray, Guy, bow long must we
wait here?" Agnes asked, impatiently,
leaning back in tbe carriage and par-
tialiy drawing her veil over her face
as she glanced nt Grandpa Markham.
but a look from Guy silenced her;
and  turning  again   to  grandpa,    he
taclr Pfl *
"What did you say? You have been
te Aikenside to Ree me?"
"Yes, and I was sorry to miss you.
I���I���it makes me feel awkward to
tell you, but i wanted to borrow some
money, and I didn't know nobody as
likely to have it as you. That woman
up to your  house  said  she  knowed
you  'dn't let me, have it, 'cause
you hadn't it to spare. Mebby you
haven't," and grandpa waited anxiously for Guy's reply.
Now, Mrs. Noah had a singular influence over her young master, who
was in the habit of consulting her
with regard to his affairs, and nothing
could have been more unpropitious
ta the success of grandpa's suit than
the knowing she disapproved. Beside
this, Guy had only the previous week
lost a small amount loaned under
similar circumstances. Standing si
lent for a moment, while he buried
and reburied his shining patent leather boots in the hills of sand, he said
at last: "Candidly, Bir, 1 don't believe I can accommodate you. I am
about to make repairs at Aikenside
and have partially promised to loan
money on good security to a Mr. Silas
Slocum, who, 'if things work right,'
as he expressed it, intends building a
mill on some property which has
come, or is coming, into his hands."
"That's mine���that's mine, my
homestead," gasped grandpa, turning
white almost as his hair blowing in
the April wind. "There's n stream ol
water on it, and he says if he fore
closes and gets it he shall build a
mill, and tear our old house down."
I Guy was in a dilemma. He had not
asked how much Mr. Markham wanted, and ns the latter had not told him,
he naturally concluded it a much
larger sum thnn it really wns, and
; did not care just then to lend it.
I "I'll tell you what I'll do," he said,
after a little. "I'll drop Slocum a note
to-night saying I've changed my mind,
and shall not let him have the money.
Perhaps, then, he won't be so anxious to foreclose, and will give you
time to look among your triends."
Guy laid a little emphasis on that
last word, and looking up quickly,
grandpa was about to say: "I'm not
so much a stranger as you think. I
knew your father well," but he check-
<��l himself with tlie thought: "No.
that will be too much like begging pay
for a deed of mercy done years ago."
So Guy never suspected that the old
man before him had once laid his sire
under a debt of gratitude. The more
he reflected the lass inclined he was
to lend tjpe money and as grandpa
was too timid tc urg. his needs, the
result wns that when at last the wheel
was replaced, and Sorrel again trotting on iownrd Devonshire, he drew
after bim a sad, heavy heart, and not
once until the village was reached
did he hear the cheery chuckle with
which his kind master was wont to
encourage him.
"Poor Maddy! I dread tellin' her
the most, she was so sure," grandpa
whispered, as he stopped before the
office door, where Maddy waited for
But Maddy's disappointment was
keener thnn his own, and so after the
sorrowful words, "nnd I failed, too,"
he bent himself * comfort the poor
child, who, leaning her throbbing
head against his shoulder, sobbed bitterly, as in the soft spring twilight
they drove back to the low red cottage where grandma waited for them.
/-it! A *_*-*T,*_i   T     '
*V_. ��_���   A-.C-.__       ..
It was Farmer Green's new buggy
and Farmer Green's bay colt which,
three days later than this, stopped
before Dr. Holbrook's office. Not the
.-tquare-boxed wagon, with old 8orrel
attached; the former was standing
quietly in the chip-yard behind the
low red house, while the latter, with
his nose over the barnyard fence,
neighed occasionally, as if he missed
the little hands which had daily fed
him the oatmeal he liked so much,
and which now lay hot and parched
and helpless upon the white counterpane Grandma Markham had spun
and woven herself. Maddy might have
been just as sick as she was if the
examination had never becurred, but
it was natural for those who loved her
to impute it all to the effects of excitement and cruel disappointment,
so there was Bom 'thing like indigna
tion mingling with the sorrow gnawing at the hearts of the old couple as
they watched by their fever-stricken
darling. Farmer Green, too, shared
the feeling, and numerous nt first were
his mental animadversions against
that "prig of a Holbrook." But when
Maddy grew so bad as not to know
him or his wife, he laid aside his prejudices, nnd suggested to Grandpa
Markham that Dr. Holbrook be sent
"He's great on fevers," he said,
"and is good on eurin' sick folks," *��o,
though he would have preferred someone else should have been called,
confidence in the young doctor's skill
won the day, and grandpa consented.
This, then, wss the errand of Farmer Green, and with his usual blunt
riess he said to the recreant doctor,
who chanced to be at home:
"Wall, you nigh about killed our
little Madge t'other day, when you
refused the stifficut, and now we want
you to cure her."
The doctor looked up in surprise,
but Farmer Green soon explained his
meaning, making out a most aggravated case, and representing Maddy
as wild with delirium.
"Keeps talkin' about the big books,
the Latin, and the Hebrew, and even
the Catechism, as if such was 'lowed
in our school. I s'pose you didn't
know no better; but if Maddy dies,
you'll have it to answer for, I reck-
The doctor did not try to jexcuse
himself, but hastily took down the
medicines he thought he might need,
and stowed them carefully away. He
had expected to hear from that examination, but not in this way. and
rather nervously he made some inquiries, as to how long she had been
ill, and so forth.
Maddy's case lost nothing by Mr.
Green's account, and by the time the
doctor's horse was ready, and he on
his way to the cottage, he had arrived at the conclusion thnt of all the
villainous men outside the walls of
the State's prison, he was the most
villainous, and Guy Remington next.
What a cozy little chamber it was
where Maddy lay. just such s room
as a girl like her might be supposed
to occupy, and the bachelor doctor
felt like trending upon forbidden
ground as he entered the room so rife
with girlish habits, from the fairy
slippers hung on a peg, to the fanciful little wnr'tbox made of cones and
neorns. Maddy was asleep, and sitting
down beside ber he asked thnt
the shnwl which had been pinned
across the window might be removed
so that he could see her. and thus
judge better of her condition. Tbpv
took the shawl away, and the sunlight
came streaming in, disclosing tc the
doctor's view the fnce never before
seen distinctly, or thought nbi'Ut, if
seen. It was ghastly pale, save where
'he hot blood seemed bursting through
the cheeks, while the beautiful brown
hair was brushed back from the brnw
where the veins were swollen und
full. The lips were slightly apart, and
the hot breath came in quick, panting
gasps, while occasionally a faint moan
escaped them, and once the doctor
heard, or thought he heard, the sound
of his own name. One little dimpled
hand lay upon the bedspread, but the
doctor did not touch it. Ordinarily he
would have grasped it as readily as
if it had been a piece of marble, but
the sight of Maddy. lying there sc
sick, and the fearing he had helped
to bring her where she was. awoke tr
life a curious state of feeling witb
regard to her. making him almost as
nervous as on the day when she ap
peared  before  him  a?   candidate  No.
""Feel her pulse, doctor; they are
faster 'most than you can count,"
Grandma Markham whispered and
thus entreated, the doctor took the
soft hand in his own, its touch -ending through his frame a thrill such
as the touch ot no other hand had
ever sent.
Somehow the act reassured bim. All
fear of Maddy vanished, leaving behind only an intense desire to help,
if possible, tbe young girl whose tin
gera seemed to cling around his own
at be felt lor and found the rapid
"If she would awaken," he snid
laying the band softly down and pine
ing his other upon ber forehead, when
the great sweat-drops lay.
And. after a time. Maddy tlil
awaken, but in the eyes fixed, for s
moment,  so   intently   ou   him.   ther.
was in look of recognition, and th,
doctor was half glad that it was so
lie did not wisli her to associate bin
witli her late disastrous failure; hi
would miller she should think of bin:
as someone come to cure her, for curt
her he would, he said to himself, at
he gazed into her childish face and
thought how sad it was for such a*-
she to die. When first he enteret'
the cottage he had been struck with
the extreme plainness of the furni
hire, betokening that wealth had not
tltero an abiding place, but now be
forgot everything except the sick girl,
who grew more and more restless,
talking of bim and the Latin verb
Which meant "to love," she said, and
which was not in the grammar.
"Guy was a fool and I was a brute,"
th* doctor muttered, as he folded up
the bits of paper whose contents he
hoped might do much toward saving
Maddy's life.
Then, promising to come again, he
rode rapidly away, to visit other pa
tients, who. that afternoon, were in
danger of being sadly neglected, so
criuttnntlv   waa   their  youi)*..   r'lvsic-
larTtT'lruTfrl TTwCEifjj G_To_r th? litlle
low-walled chamber where Maddy
Clyde was lying. As night closed in
she knew them all, and heard that Dr
Holbrook had been there prescribing
for her. Turning her face to the wall,
she seemed to be thinking; then, calling her grandmother to her, she whispered: "Did he smooth my hair back
and say, 'poor child'?"
Her grandmother hardly thought he
did, though she was not in the room
all the time, she said. "He had stayed a long while and was greatly interested."
Maddy had a vague remembrance of
such an incident, and in her heart
forgave the doctor for his rejection,
thinking only how handsome he had
looked, even while tormenting her
with such unheard of question.., and
how kind he was to her now. The
sight of her grandfather awakened a
new train of ideas, and bidding him
to sit beside ber, she asked if their
home must be sold. Maddy was net
to be put off with an evasion, and
so grandpa told her honestly at last
that Slocum would foreclose, but not
while she was sick; he had been seen
that day by Mr. Green, and had
promised so much forbearance.
This was the last rational conversation heltl witli Maddy for many a
week, nnd when next morning the
doctor came, there was a look of deep
anxiety upon his face as he watched
the alarming symptoms of his delirious patient, who talked incessantly, not of the examination now, bu'
of the mortgage and the foreclosure
begging the doctor to see that the
house wns not sold, to toll them she
was earning thirty-six dollars bv
teaching school, that Beauty would
be sold to save their dear old home.
All this was strange at first to the
doctor, but the rather voluble Mrs
Green, wbo had come to Grandma
Markham's relief, enlightened biro,
dwelling with a kind of malicious
pleasure upon the fact that Maddy's
earnings, had she been permitted tc
get a "stiflicut," were to be appropriated  toward  paying  the debt.
If the doctor had hated himself tVie
previous day when he rode from the
red cottage gate, he hated himself
doubly now as he went dashing down
the road, determined to resign his
office of school inspector that very
day. And he did.
Summoning around him those win-
had been most active in electing him
he refused to. officiate again, assurin*.
them that if any more candidate!
came he should either turn therr
from his door or give them a certifl
cate without asking a question.
"Put anybody you like in m>
place," he said; "anybody but Guj
Remington. Don't for thunder's sak��
take him."
There was no probability of this, as
Guy lived in another town, and could
not have officiated had he wished. But
the doctor was too much excited to
reason upon anything save Madeline
Clyde's case. That he perfectly understood; and during the next few
weeks his other patients Waited many
timeB in vain for liis coming, while
he sat by Maddy's side watching
every change, whether for the worse
or better. Even Agnes Remington was
totally neglected; and so one day she
sent Guy down to Devonshire to say
that as Jessie seemed more than
usually delicate, she wished the doctor to take her under his charge and
visit her at least once a week. The
doctor was not at home, but Tom said
he expected him every moment. So
seating himself in the armchair, Guj
waited until he came.
"Well, Hal," he began, jocosely,
but the joking words he would have
uttered next died on his lips as he
noticed the strange look of excitement and anxiety on the doctor's
face. "What is it?" he asked. "Are
all vour patients dead?"
~~~ To Be Continued.
The Way Plain Mr. Hugging Is Transformed Into a Star.
"What's become of Huggtnsr asked
tbe vivacious little man to his companion iu thc cross seat of the Lenox
avenue express.
"Has gone to Europe to be discovered," replied the solemn person with
the purple flowing tie.
"You don't say!" returned the other.
"But bow to be discovered?"
"It was this way: Hugglns was
ready, or thought be was ready, to go
on tbe stage���grand opera, you know.
He has been very scrupulous. He has
never presented himself to tbe public
In any way but as a church singer and
In concert. Hugglns bad ambitions
and promised himself tbat he would
not compromise.
"When be was ready for grand opera
he went to a manager and gained permission to slug for bim. Tbe manager
grunted a few times and growled a
little and then said that Hugglns had
a good baritone voice aud he wouli)
engage bim for season nfter next
" 'But why uot next season?' asked
" 'You'll have to go to Europe first,'
Bald tbe manager.
" 'Isn't my voice good enough yetF
asked Hugglns, growing indignant
" 'Oh, you'll want to study a lot
more some time.' the manager replied.
'But It isn't your voice that's the trouble. It's your name, I can't draw audiences with a name like Hugglns.'
" 'Well, I can take a stage name,'
answered Hugglns wheu he'd got over
what he considered a rather unfeeling
comment upon an honorable name.
" 'It won't do,' returned tbe manager. 'You've got to be discovered.
You're dark complexloued. Go to Europe -anywhere you like. Study or
loaf or do what you please. If you
can get a chance to sing for some
fourth rate German prince or Italian
count and get a notice or two in the
pn|>ers, so much the better. Singing
lu some obscure cafe will do as well.
But wheu I discover you a year from
this summer you must be Signor Hug-
glnzlno or Signor Guessagainzo or
what you please. Then I'll tell the papers about your romantic history, we'll
get luto a row about your contract, and
your future will be assured.' '
"So Hugglns left for Europe last
"DeSr me! Dear me!" murmured
the vivacious little man.���New York
H�� Wat Short.
Joakley���Queer thing about that tall
man over there. All his Intimate
friends call hlm "Short." Poakley���Ah,
just for a Joke, I suppose. Joakley���
No, because that's bis name.
Ha Knew Her.
Mrs. Boofer (meditatively over her
book)���How true this ls! Mt. Boofer
(bracing himself)���Well, Maria, dont
keep me In suspense. What is It abont
us men?���Puck.
"I can take you to a hundred
homes, right around my store, in
which St. George's is used."
"You can ask those, who do
the baking, wbat they think of
St. George's
Baking Powder
' 'And every one of the hundred
will tell you the same ��� that
St George's stauds every test
and never loses its strength."
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passengers was so seriously disturbed
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in his firm assurance on the subject
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"Well, have you any wishes regarding your remains."
"The sufferer regarded hiin languidly. "I don't believe," he said faintly,
"that there's going to be any remains.'
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A curious storv is told of how Mr.
Edison invented incandescent gas.
For some reason or other, in: had
neglected to pay his gas bill, and an
irate collector called upon him foi
the money. It so happened that Edison was .busily engaged in working
and did not settle up at once. Shortly afterwards, to his great annoyance
the gas waB cut off. This so piqued
the inventor that he there and then
determined to discover something
which would harm the gas companies.
He set to work with a will, and the
result of that night's pique was the
invention of incandescent gas.
The Necessity For Equilibrium In Bird
It ls likely tbat the bird's superb
ease and grace ln the air are due to Its
ability to maintain absolute balance.
If a gull makes tbe mistake of bending until the wind strikes its bead
and wings on the top It will tumble
Instantly. And tbe sailing birds,
though they make uo Happing motion
of their wings*** are constantly balancing themselves, like a man on a tight
rope. Some scientists have maintained
that the air sacs make it possible for
the bird to manage minute changes
that are very valuable In restoring
equilibrium. It is kuown that the
wing Is joined to the body of tbe bird
by what is called a universal joint
enabling tbe ospature to muke almost
every possible motion. The body of a
man Is heavier than water, but If be
g"ts into a position of perfect balance
he will float. In some such way. It is
claimed, the bird floats In tbe air But
as the bird would fall much more rapidly in the air than a man's body
would sink In water tbe necessity for
a fur more subtle ability to keep the
center of gravity on the part of the
bird Is apparent; hence, according to
this theory, the bird ls provided for
this purpose with the most sensitive
equipment, made up of nerves and
mysterious air ducts, many of tbe wing
feathers perhaps acting as sentinels,
warning instantly of the slightest approach of shifting currents.���Everybody's Magazine.
Rudely Interrupted While He Was
Chatting With Royalty.
The dally papers do their best, but
not eveu their ubiquitous representatives garner all the store of good things
which attend n royal visit to Ireland,
says the London Sketch. No paper at
the time printed tbe cream of the stories wbleb grew out of a visit of the
Duke of Conuaught to the Emerald
Isle. "Welcome to Ireland!" said a
man us he saw the duke on the steps
of u hotel in the little western town In
which he was staying. "Welcome to
Ireland, your royal highness. I hope 1
see your royal highness well." "Quite
well, thank you," auswered the duke.
"And your noble mother, tbe queen. I
bope ber ould leddyshlp ls enjoyln' the
best of health?" "Yes, thank you. The
queen ls very well indeed," said the
duke, vastly a soused wltb tbe easy familiarity of the peasant. "It's glad 1
am to bear It. And tell me, your royal
highness." tbe other went on, "how
nre all your noble brothers and sisters?" Before tbe duke could answer
un aid-decamp appeared, with, "Here,
got along there." Tbe peasant looked
up witb infinite scorn. "Arrah! What
are yez interruptln' for?" he exclaimed
"Can't you see that me and his royal
highness is houldln' a conversation?"
Explanation Wat Neeessary.
As the Prutts' dog was at last de
tncbed from the trousers leg of the
new milkman by Mr. Pratt's vigorous
efforts the victim of the onslaught be
gun to express bis mind with consider
able freedom.
"1 wouldn't keep a dog like that" be
snld Indignantly, but Mr. Pratt broke
iu before be bud time to say more.
"no's only playful, that's all," he Insisted, and at the same time be pressed
sometbiug into the new milkman's
The man glanced at the wad of
green, and then as be transferred it to
a safe pocket his expression changed.
"I guess I can take a little fun as
well ns anybody," he -said dryly. "But
till you explained It I bad a notion
that dog was ln earnest when be bit
that ' piece   out   of   my   trousers."
Keep to tha Right
Bishop Wilberforee was out driving
one day when a man on horseback
stopped him and, thinking to have a
Joke, asked:
"Excuse mc, bishop, but could you
tell me the road to heaven?"
"Certainly, sir," the bishop answered. "Turn to the right and keep
straight on."
What He Said.
"I once gave s waiter a two. dollar
"What did he say?"
"To nie he expressed his thanks, but
I heard him say to another waiter that
I   couldn't   bave   real   good  sense."
A Record Rainfall.
One of tbe most remarkable rainfalls
on record was thut of a thunderstorm
In Suva, FIJI, ou the night of Aug. 8,
1900. A report bas been made to the
Royal Meteorological society of London that tbe fall was continuous front
G p. m. until sunrise of the following
day and that the ruin gauge, holdfug
12.0 inches, wos overflowing at 10
p. m��� again at 2 a. in. nnd a third
time at ti a. in. This ls an actual
measurement of more than thlrty-sev-
eu Inches. Besides the unknown over*
flow *K Is supposed that there was a
further loss of about 11 per cent oq
account of the height of the gauge,
which was twenty-five feet above thf
ground. The opinion Is that not leaa
than forty-one Inches of rain must
bave fallen In ubout thirteen houra.
Moused Her Ire.
Utubb���I am' glad to say that tha
foolish old custom of righting at the
drop of a hat has completely died
Penn���Don't you believe It I dropped my wife's white summer hat while
I was looking for my collar yesterday
and she bas been fighting ever since.
���Detroit Tribune.
Nervous System So Exhausted That Vital Organs Are
Feeble In Action
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. i
One Good Meal.
"xjes," said Kandor, "I told mjr friend
that I bave a room here."
"But," asked Mrs. Starvem, "didn't
you also tell him that you eat here?"
"Certainly not. I told him I get
breakfast and supper here, but that 1
eat at a restaurant near the office."���
Catholic Standard and Times.
W.    N     U.   No.   659
Plenty of Old Ones.
Mr. Chlpps (looking up from the paper)���The doctors have discovered another new disease. Mrs. Chlpps���Well,
I wish they'd stop looking for new
diseases long enough to find a cure for
my  old  rheumatism. - London  Tata*
The digestive system is a wonderful
piece of machinery, but power is
necessary to make it effective.
In this case the power is the nerve
force contained in the body, and if the
nerve force is lacking the d'gestive
system becomes crippled, and there is
suffering from indigestion, nervous
headaches, neuralgic pains, dizzy
spells, weakness and discouragement.
Strength cannot be regained from
the food you eat so long as digestion
is so imperfect, but you can be restored by Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
which contains in condensed pill form
the very elements of nature which go
to form new nerve force.
Overwork, worry, anxiety and excessive mental effort exhaust the nervous system at a tremendous rate,
and repair must be made before some
dreadful form of nervous disease sets
in. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food invigorates the nerves which control the digestive fluids, sharpens the appetite,
is slightly laxative, so as to encourage
the action of the bowels and strengthens every organ of the body.
'You can use this treatment feeling
certain that every dose is doing you
fat least some good, and can prove it
by  noting  your increase  in  weight.
Mrs. J. B. Tardiff, Mariapolis,
Man., writes:���"When I began the ase
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food my health
was in a terribly bad condition. My
doctor told me that I was going into
consumption and for nearly three
years my bowels *>_.��* i*o loose and
watery that I was continually kept
weak and run down. In spite of the
many remedies used I gradually grew
worse and worse. I could scarcely
get about the house and suffered a
great deal from backache, stomach
| and kidney troubles.
"Dr. Chase's Nerve Food proved to
I be exactly what I needed and by
keeping up this treatment for a time
II got so strong and well that I did
my   own   housework and sometimes
j worked in the fields without feeling
.any the worse for it.    It is a pleasure
as well as a duty for me to recommend
, Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
I    "My husband was cured of Kidney
disease and Urinary troubles by us-
��� ing Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills."
I    Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 60 cents n
box.   6 boxes for $2.50, at all dealers.
or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
Everything Got In
The old reporter gazed raptly into
the infinite abyss of heaven, where
innumerable worlds swung in their
appointed orbHs.
"Wonderful," he murmured.
"You have a poetic bouI," said the |
fair maiden at his side.   "Of what do
you think  when you    gaze    at    the;
myriad celestial lights."
"The miracle," he answered, "that
not a single one of 'em is crowded
out by lack of space."
He sighed profoundly.��� Cleaveland i
He Tells Why
"Why are they called pyramids
grandpa?" queried little Emerson,
who was looking at a picture o* those
Egyptian  wonders.
"They are called pyramids, my
boy," said the old man, shamelessly,
"because they ap-pear-amid the general desolation of the desert."
Whereupon the hall clock tried to
hide its face with its hands.���Chicago
Daily News,
Why go limping and whining about
your corns, when a 25 cent bottle of
Holloway's Corn Cure will remove
them? Give it a trial and you will
not regret it.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator is pleasant to take; sure and effectual in destroying worms. Many have
tried it with best results.
The homestead entries at the Regina
land office for the month of September were two hundred and five.
The Lord's Day Alliance will take
action against the railways at Edmonton for Sunday labor.
VA goad many people think they
have done their duty by a friend in
trouble when they tell him not to
In order to put a stop to the prac-
tice of binding women's feet, the
Chinese Board of Education has issued an order prohibiting the sale of
small shoes.
Two Canadian Northern Railway
daily passenger trains are known as
the "Superior Express" and the "Alberta Express." The "Superior Express" runs daily between Port Arthur
and Winnipeg, connecting in Winnipeg wth the "Alberta Express" for
Edmonton and the principal points
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. These trains are equipped witli
an excellent dining and sleeping car
service on the run from Edmonton
through to Port Arthur.
Any agent will be glad to furnish
full information or enquiries may be
addressed to C. W. Cooper, assistant
passenger agent, Canadian Northern
Railway,  Winnipeg.
He's a very prominent member of
our yacht club."
"Indeed I What is his official capacity?"
"Four gallons."���Life.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandrufi
Vanished   Prejudice  Against  Trade
There was in the reign of militarism and barbarous force much contempt for the man engaged in trade.
How completely all this is changed!
But, indeed, the feeling was of recent
origin, for if we look further back, we
find the oldest families in the world
proud of nothing but the part they
played in business. The wool-sack
and the gallery still flourish in their
coats of arms. In Britain to-day not
how to keep out of trade but how to
get in it is the question. The old
feeling of aversion is entirely gone.
There is now allied with the desire for
gain the desire for progress, invention
improved methods, scientific development, and pride of success in these
important matters, so that the dividend which the business man seeks
and receives to-day is not alone in
dollars. He receives with the dollars
something better, a dividend in tlie
shape of satisfaction in being instrumental in carrying forward to
higher stages of development the
business which he makes his life
Cut Glass
Bon Bon Dish
For S1.SO
AS an inexpensive gift, nothing
could be more acceptable
than this beautiful Cut Class
Dish, which Diamond Hall is
offering at $1.50.
THE cutting is very deep, the
design  artistic,   and the
finish could not be better.
Our handaomaly llluvtratad
Oatalo_.ua may ba had by ������nd-
. In_c ua your name and addraaa.
Ryrie Bros.,
134-138 Yonfc* St.
A charming young lady went into
the principal stationer's shop in a
country town and asked to see Borne
thin notepaper. After selecting what
she desired she hesitated for a mo*,
"Do you make any reduction to
clergymen?" she asked softly.
"Certainly, madam," said the'stationer, with great promptness. "Are
you a clergyman's wife?" i
"N-no," said the young lady. '
"Ah, a clergyman's daughter, then,"
said the shopman, as he began to tie
up the paper in a neat parcel.
"N-no," was the lady's hesitating
reply. Then she leaned across the
counter, and spoke in a confidential
whisper: "But if nothing happens I
shall be engaged to a theological student as soon as he comes home from
college thiB term."���Cassell'B Saturday
Journal. i
Do not forget to buy your Christmas presents early this year.    Do it
can't ravel.
It is knitted
by   machines
that lock every
We stand ready
to give you a new
garment for any Stanfield'*
Underwear that ravels,
just as we will replace any
Stanfield's Underwear
that shrinks.
Sizes from ii to 70 inch
chest���in light, medium
and heavy winter weights.
Your dealer will .ikcly have
your lize and weight. If
not, he can get them tor you.
TBtaO, N.S.
Helpless from Rheumatism
When Rheumatism grips you���when you can't walk without
crutches���when every movement means agony���
Take Gin Pills
Ther Cure Rheumatism
It Is wonderful���the way Gin Pills take away
the pain���strengthen and heal tbe kidneys���  [
and cure Rheumatism, Sciatica and Lumbago  V
to stay cured.
Try Gin Pills on our guarantee that they
cure or money back. 56c. a box���6 for $ 1.50.
At druggists or by mail.
your horses
: any moment,
GET READY for emergencies.
Buy a bottle of
For Lameness in Horaes
Only 50c. a bottle ��� and saves
dollars worth of time by curing
lameness of every description.
At dealers, or from 1 a
National Drug A Chemical Co., Limited,.
A French schooner went ashore at
one of the fashionable resorts. When
day dawned she wus pluinly in sight
from the beach, the wuves breaking
over decks, and tlie crew cliuging to
the shrouds. The summer residents
(locked to the water's edge, where a
iife-saving crew was working.
"Mercy, man, wny don't yon all do
something���try to save those poor
men? I wonder what they are���" an
excited woman gasped, catching a
bronzed coast-guard by the arm.
"We are doing all we can, madam,"
was the hurried reply. "Tbey are
French. We have just sent them u
line to come  ashore."
The lady t rued to a friend with a
look  of  admiration  in  her  eyes.
"Just t'tiuk of that Mary," she said.
"And i n't it just like those awfully
polite Frenchmen? That man said
they had just sent them a line to
,come ashore. You see, they wouldn't
���some, though they were about to be
drowned, without a formal invitation."
���Suocess  Magazine.
Friendly with the  Bobby
Wife���Tommy doesn't seem to be
afraid of policemen.
Husband���Wby should he? His
nurse was a very pretty girl.
"I say, old.chap, you are well off,
you can afford to do a kind action."
"What do you want me to do?"
"Lend two louis to our friend, Sat
"What does he want them for, de
you  know?"
"To pay me what he owes me."���
Nos I.oisirs.
Old  Man's Grim Fino' While Digging
AU the countryside of West Cumberland is talking of Peter White's
���ruesome find. Peter lives at North
���Side, Workington, and one of the de-
ights o; his old age is the tending
if his garden. He was busy the other day digging vegetables when he
came across bones, and further inve-s-
igation led to the discovery of the
���ifceleton of a fully-grown man.
White's garden is opposite the
church, but that was only erected 14
years ago, and there was never any
burial ground there. Everything points
to the fact that foul play has taken
place, and it is recalled that 26 years
ago, when Cammell & Co.'s works
were removed from Dronfield to
Workington, life was very unsafe, owing to hordes of tramps following the
iron and steel workers to their new
home. Lawlessness abounded, and
disappearances of men became so frequent that they led to but slight investigation.
The West Cumberland Works ��� a
stone's throw from the garden where
the skeleton was dislodged ��� were
then in th^ir heyday of prosperity,
and boremen, leaving at the weekends with largo sums in tlieir possession, were o'ten attacked by bands
of desperate outlaws. The conjecture
is that the bones found are those of
one of the missing men at that period.
The coroner deeins it impossible to
secure evidence throwing light on the
mystery of an accumulation of bare
There is nothing, apparently, to
connect the affair with the disappearance 12 yenrs n<ro of n villager from
Seaton named Fawkes who, arriving
home at Workington Bridge station
by a lnte train, wns never again seen
or heard from.
Were Pontius Pilate's Scotch Guards
at the Holy Sepulcher.
While In a company chiefly composed of Englishmen and Scotchmen
last evening the conversation drifted
Into military matters, and one of the
Scotchmen declared, and his statement
was borne out by his compatriots present, that the first regiment ever formed in the British army, the First Royal
Scots, supplied the guard for the tomb
of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion.
It appears that the' Romans carried off
a number of wild, warlike highlauders
as prisoners after their conquest of
Britain, nnd these men and their descendants became soldiers of the Roman empire, and as such they guarded
the tomb. T_.Ib Scottish company, for
it only consisted of a hundred men
under a centurion, was kept distinct
from the Roman army proper. At the
time of the crucifixion tbey were called
Pontius Pllc'e's Scotch guards, and
their descendants were the nucleus of
the First Royal Scots In later, years.
The archives of this regiment at the
headquarters at Olencorse, Scotland,
are stated to bear this out. I had
heard this some yeara ago. my Informant now being a well known Scotcb
ofllcer high iu the ranks of the British
army, and now that this strange tale
Is corroborated by several others of his
countrymen, one of whom Is an officer
In a well known highland regiment, I
am anxious to know If the strange tale
can be borne out In fact. Perhaps you
or one of your renders could oblige
me with the confirmation or otherwise
of this statement.-**'1. S. K��� Brooklyn,
In New York Times.'
Cholera and all summer complaints
are so quick in their action that tlie
cold hand of death is upon the victims before they are aware that danger is near. If attacked do not delay
in getting the proper medicine. Try
a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial, and you will get immediate relief. It acts with wonderful rapidity and never fails to effect
a cure.
The chances of sudden dentli are
greater among men than women in
the ratio of eight to one.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgii
From the window she saw him coming up the steps.
"He comes!" she exclaimed, joyfully.
There was a bit of ice on the top
step (for it was an early day in June).
He struck it. Then he Btruck each
of the other steps in succession.
"Heavens!" she cried. "He has
foozled his approach."���London Tribune.
Canada's  First  Railway.
The first railway in Canada was
the Chumplain and St. Lawrence Railway, whicli ran'from Laprairie on the
St. Lawrence River, eight miles above
Montreal, to St. Johns, on the Richelieu, a distance of 14 1-2 miles. "The
company of proprietors of the Cham-
plain and St. Lawrence Railway," was
incorporated on Feb. 25, 1832, but
work was not begun until 1835. On
July 21, 1836, tlie first train was run
over the road. A few days before an
accident had hv oened to the little engine, and it was deemed advisable to
attach to it only two of the passenger
ears, while the otberB were drawn each
. by two horses. Some three hundred
persons, including the Earl of Gos-
ford and other high officials, were
present by invitation of the directors,
to take their first trip over a Canadian railway. Next day, wlxjn the
engine had been repaired, it effected
the journey to St. Johns, with two
passengers and two loaded freight
cars, in forty-live minutes, and returned in thirty. The rolling stock of
the road consisted of the engine, of
from five to six tons, four passenger
cars each carrying eight persons, and
twenty freight curs, capable of conveying about ten tons each. The engine cost ��1,500, and the cars ��1,000.
The cost of the road itself was estimated at ��33,000. The rails were of
wood, with flat iron spikec, to them,
ind as far as any degree of smooth
conveyance was concerned, similar
conditions, to-day, would by no means
suit twentieth century requirements.
The real epoch, however, during which
railway construction in Canada had
its serious beginning, was between
1853 and 1856. The first railway line
lonstructed in the United States was
Erom Boston, Mass., to Quineey, four
miles in length, opened on April 17,
Jollying   Versus  Guying.
"Queer bow a man will laugh If you
say you've Just been 'jollying' him and
resent It If you declare you (ere 'guying' him," Bald a thoughtful looking
man who had beeu listening to the
conversation of two young men standing ln tbe aisle. "Aud, after all, It's
quite the same thing. But there's
something in the word 'guy' we all resent. I believe Unit, word 'Jollying*
wards off many a fit of temper, for
there's something about It that sounds
cordial and good uatured, and It seems
as if the man who would flare up at
being Jollied was a very sour minded
"When I was a young man we talked
of 'Joking' oue another, but somehow
that sounds rather flat today. Later
people 'rooled' oue nnother, but there
was too much of a vlsiou of a dunce
enp to make that expression very popular. 'Guying' followed, but somehow
lhnt savored too much of holding a
fellow being up to ridicule. And now
we've graduated to 'jollying,' and I
think It's uu Indication that the world
In general Is becoming better natured."
���New York Press.
Druggists Here Say They Can Supply
the   Ingredients  or   Make   up
the   Mixture
Get from any prescription pharmacist the following: ,
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-hall
ounce; Compound Kargon, one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three
Shake well in a bottle and take a
teaspoonful dose after each meal and
at bedtime.
The above is considered by an eminent authority, who writes in a Montreal daily paper, as the finest prescription ever written to relieve Backache, Kidney Trouble, Weak Bladder
and all forms of Urinary difficulties.
This mixture acts promptly on the
eliminative tissues of the Kidneys,
enabling them to filter and strain the
uric acid and other waste matter from
the blood which causes rheumatism.
. Some persons who suffer with the
affl'ctions may not feel inclined to
place much confidence in this simple
mixture, yet those who have tried it
say the results are simply surprising,
tlie relief being effected without the
slightest injury to the stomach or other organs.
Mix some and give it a trial. It
certainly comes highly recommended.
It is tho prescription of an eminent
authority, whose entire reputation, it
is said, was established by it.
Ought to  be Satisfied
"I declare, John," exclaimed Mrs.
Gabbs, "I don't believe you are listening to a word  I say I"
"Well, I'm letting you do all the
talking," rejoined her husband.
"What  more  do you  want?"
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There ls only one way to cure deafness,
and that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition of tbe muoous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tnbe is inflamed you
have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing*, and when it is entirely elosed, Deafness Is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken ont and this tube
restored to its normal condition, hearing
will be destroyed forever; nine cases out
of ten are caused by Oatarrh, which ls
nothing but an inflamed oondition of the
mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by Catarrh)
that cannot be cared by Halls Oatarrh
Oure.   Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY A OO.. Toledo. O.
Bold by Drngglsts, 76c. .
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
tion. .
The Society lor the promotion ol
Criminal Anthropology has presented
Governor Guild of BoBton, Massachusetts, with a protest against keeping
in further solitary confinement, Jesse
Pomoroy, a murderer, who haH suffered that punishment for thirty-three
Joseph Nix, tlie Wesleyan reformer
took 3,845 signatures to the pledge in
nine days' gospel temperance meeting
recently held in Bradford, England.
"Yes," said Meekly, "I'm told that
we're go'ng to move to Swamphurst."
"But," said the old doctor, "the climate there may disagree with your
"It wouldn't dare!"���Philadelphia
the Chest
Ask your doctor the medical
name for a cold on the chest.
He will say, "Bronchitis."
Ask him if it is ever serious.
Lastly, ask him if he prescribes Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for this disease. Keep
in close touch with your
family physician.
W�� pmbUik tur formmlM
Wa banish  iloohol
from our dsSIoidm
We urge yau to
consult your
Then you tell your doctor about the bad
taste in your mouth, loss of appetite for
breakfast, and frequent headaches, and
when he sees your coated tongue, he will
say, " You are bilious." Ayer's Pilli
work well in tucb esses.
Struggle With a Panther.
Wild excitement was caused in the
Colootollah section of Calcutta on a
recent Saturday morning, by the ap-
Dearance of a panther, whicli mauled
lour men before it was shot by a superintendent of police. The beast was
iiscovered by the wife of a babu in
an office in Phears lane, and she
Uarmed her husband. He went to
see if his wife's report was true, and
was promptly knocked over by the
animal as it tried to escape. The
alarm spread and a crowd soon collected, but in the meantime the brute
had taken cover, and could not be
found. Suddenly it rushed into the
street. A coolie was standing in its
way, and he struck at it with an iron
rod he hnd in his hand, but missed.
The panther struck him on the shoulder and knocked him into the gutter,
breaking his knee. The crowd fled,
ii.d the panther took refuge in a
Iruggist's shop, springing on a man
vho wns cleaning cooking-pots and
scratching his fnco. More people arriving, the fugitive took cover in a
I 'varehouse behind the dispensary.
Superintendent Merriman arrived with
an express rifle and entered the dis-
oensary. The panther refused to leave
the warehouse, nnd an elderly up-
counytryman stepped boldly inside the
warehouse and began beating a can
with a stick. The response was immediate. The panther sprang forward, nnd, seizin*- linn by the right
arm, lifted him bodily off the ground
nnd shook him violently. The man
caught the beast by the neck, and a
desperate struggle ensued. The superintendent was nnnble to fire, for the
native-was between him and the beast,
until tbe latter, frightened bj- the
shouts of the ponple, released his victim and was despatched.
Morocco's Navy-
Morocco, with its extensive coast
line, possesses a navy, but as it consists of only a couple of old merchantmen, it is not calculated to strike terror into the French fleet which has
been bombarding Caas.blanca. One of
the vessels, the Sidi-el-Turk (450 tons),
was purchased from Europe. The other is a bigger boat, Al Haseanlh
(1,164 tons), built at Middlesbrough
in 1882.   The captains are German.
Each vessel carries one or two field
artillery guns. They are principally
UBed for carrying grain and stores to
and from the coast towns in Morocco
and in the transport of prisoners, end
���according to a correspondent���
"pickled rebels' heads." The transport of this latter commodity is said
to have led to the resignation of the
only Englishmen /employed in the
Moorish naval service.
Beloved of a Spinster. '
Some tlmesmgo, before ever ho wooed
nntl won tbe foseluiltlug Duchess Ce-
ellle of Mecklenburg, an eccentric
spinster of ninture yenrs announced an
undying love for the German crown
prince. The other tiny the poor lady
dletl and left lu ber will a sum of
mouey nntl all her Jewelry,, valued at
/12.0*00, to the heir apparent. Not only
this; u letter wus found among her
possessions In which she mnde him an
offer of marriage, The prince kept the
letter, but has Bent tbe money and the
jewelry to the lady's next of kin.���
London Gentlewoman,
An Overpaid Official, i
That no sum is too small to be taken
Into account by the lynx eyed Austrian
officials is evident from an Incident reported from Bregeuz.
The tax ofllce there has Just received
a formal uotlce from the high court of
justice at Innsbruck stating that nn
Investigation of the accounts of the
Bregenz tax office for 1900 shows an
overpayment of a heller (one-fifth of
a cent) in the salary of one of the officials.
The notice directs that the official be
required to refund this sum, which
must then be duly entered In the state
accounts for the current year.
A Vorarlberg paper publishes a facsimile of this Interesting document and
gravely expresses tbe hope that the
extra heller has not led the overpaid
official into paths of extravagant dissipation.���Pall Mall Gazette.
A Medicine for the Miner's Pack ���
Prospectors and others going into the
mining regions where doctors are few
and drug stores not at all, should provide themselves with a Bupply of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. It will offset
the effects of exposure, reduce sprains,
and when taken internally will prevent and cure colds and sore throat,
and as a lubricant will keep the muscles in good condition.
$5,000,000 COMPANY
During the month of September the
total deliveries at the C. P. R. elevators were 1,703,000 bushels of wheat
and 144,000 bushels of other grains.
Canada's revenue for the first *six
months of the fiscal year is the record   total  of  $50,341,208.
The investigation into the collision
of tlie Hurona and Mongolian will
take place at Glasgo  .
,fN_-*-l8H SPAVIN LINIMENT removes
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and
blt'Uiishefl from horses, blood spavin
curbs, splints, ringbone, sweenuy, stifles
sprains, sore and swollen throat, coughs,
etc. Have *50 by ubb of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Cure
ever known.
She���The mere thought of the furs
which you have promised me makes
me feel warm.
He���And the mere thought of their
cost makea cold shivers run down mv
back.���Transatlantic Tales.
Obeying Orders.
President Hadley of Yale, coming
back to New Haven the other night,
got Into one of the cabs at the station
and, taking It for granted that the
cabby knew wbo be wns, said:
"Drive fast, cabby."
"All right, sir," replied cabby. The
borse started off witb a plunge and
kept up his rapid rate for half an
hour, going up one street and down
Finally Dr. Hadley, seeing that he
was being taken In the wrong direction, stuck his head out of the window
and asked, "Are you not going in the
wrong direction, cabby?"
"Hanged if I know, mister!" waa the
astonishing reply. "Where do you
want to go?"���Philadelphia Ledger.
Wifey���You're, always intimating
that woman has too much idle curiosity.
Hubby���Idle curiosity! Idle! Nonsense. It's the most active thing
about her!���Pittsburg Leader.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
s        His  Last Chance.
"I will pay your debts to-day, but
it is positively for the laBt time."
"Oh; dear untie, then wait at least
until tomorrow!"���Fliegende Blaetter.
Judicial  Clemency
A Chicago lawyer tells abrrut a case
that was tried in a "backwooods"
court. One of the lawyers retained
was an Eastern man, new to the country.
-'Does ytur Honor wish to charge
the jury?" asked the legal light, when
all evidence was in..
"No, I guess not," replied the judge.
"I never charge 'em anything. These
fellows don't know much, an' I let
'em have all they can make."���Harper's Weekly.
Organized    at    Toronto    to    Compete
With the Bell Telephone Company in Canada
The Telephone Age announces the
organization of a strong Independent
Telephone Company at Toronto as
New Canadian Manufacturing Company
The Canadian Independent Telephone Company, Limited, of Toronto,
Canada, is a $5,000,000 Canadian corporation, chartered by the Dominion
We learn that the company has
sold $2,000,000 of stock and $1,000,000
of bonds. Plans for a new factory
building, 60x200 feet, two stories high,
have been adopted, and it is proposed to proceed at once to erect and
equ'p the same either in Hamilton
or Toronto. The company will manufacture a full line of uotn automatic
central energy and magneto telephone
apparatus. It staits out witn over
$200,000 of work contracted, and expects within a year to employ between five hundred and a thousand
This company is closely associated
with, and h, financing the Canadian
Machine Telephone Company, Limited, of Toronto, wtrch is the pioneer
Independent Telephone Manufacturing Company of Canada; also the
General Engineering and Construction Company, Limited, of Toronto.
This company owns the Lorimer
automatic telephone patents for Canada, and has an exchange working
successfully nt Peterboro, Ont. They
ere also installing Lorimer automutic
exchanges at Brantford, Ont.; Lindsay, Out., and oue of 1,200 telephones
(ultimate cupaeity, 10,000 lines) ut
JOdmonton, Al'a., for the municipal
telephone plant.
It is a Canadian co npany develop
fag a Canadian invention, backed jy
Canadian business men of standin"
and is the first and only Independent
telephone company to go about the
manufacture of a full line of telephone
apparatus in Canada.
W. A. Wood, of Wood, Vallancc &
Co Hamilton, Ont., is the president
of the company, and associated with
him are the fallowing well-known
capitalists and business men: J. F
Junkin,- Toronto, late managing director of the Manufacturers Life Insurance Co.; John H. Tilden, of Hamilton, president of the Gurney-Tilden
Co., Limited, and a director of the
Sterling Bank of Canada; Alfred
Jephcott, of Toronto, president of the
Dominion Paper Box Company, Limited; James M. Sinclair, Toronto
president of the Eureka Mineral'
Wool and Asbestos Company, Limited; George Hope, of Hamilton,
president of Canada Metal Company *
Edward A. Sliedd, of Chicago 111
a director of Corn Exchange National Bank also a director of Chicago
Title and Trust Co. and of National
1-ite Insurance Company of the U
8. A.; Albeit M. Johnson, of Chicago
111., president and managing director
of National Life Insurance Co. of U
S. A��� secretary and treasurer Northern Cold Storage Company, and
president of the Lorimer Automatic
telephone Company, of Chicago.
Other gentlemen, whose names are
being withheld for political and business reasons, are also associated in
((his undertaking, which every well-
wisher of the Independent telephone
movement in Canada should encourage. Canada haB long needed and
undoubtedly will show her appreciation of a strong financial' rival and
competitor with the Bell telephone
Over Japan Tea is so pronounced that
tea critics have nothing but praise for
It on a teapot infusion.
Every leaf is uncolored, undoctored and
of virgin purity.
LEAD PACKETS ONLY.   40c, 60c an d  60c  Per Lb.    AT ALL GROCERS.
New Meat  Inspection Act Make   Hay,   Etc,
The custom prevailing among farm- The celebrated millionaire, Eoths-
ers throughout Canada of slaughtering child, was. once spending a night in a
animals, particularly swine, upon little village in the mountains, and
their own premises and selling car- after having his dinner, asked for the
cases on the .local market, is one bill. When it came it was exorbitant,
which entailB more or less loss to the and Eothschild asked for the inn-
producer.   Before the advent of pack- keeper.
ing establishments, the domestic trade | "Look her,'., my man," he said,
was supplied by the local butchers,, "just tell me why you have charged
who were necessarily compelled to three francs for an omelette. Are eggs
provide for future supplies, and, as a ' s0 scarce, then, in this part of the
result, the local markets were created, j world?"
Conditions have changed, however, the "No sir," replied the man, "eggs are
local dealers no longer supplying the cheap enough; it is Rothschilds who
domestic trade, which has passed in-  are so scarce with us."���Pele Mele.
Others Could See
"But, my dear," protested her husband, "you should close your eyes to
the 'act that I am not perfect."
j. "Even if I did," rejoined hiB wife,
that would not impair the vision of
the neighbors."���Chicago Daily News.
Letter In Maila Six Years.
William B. McDanlel of Ocean avenue, Patcbogue, N. y., the other day
received a letter which was mailed to
him on Feb. I, 1001. Since that date
Mr. McDanlel bas lived ln several
places ln this city, and part of the
time be bas received his mall at the
general delivery department at the
It appears tbat the letter followed
hlm about to his various addresses, but
always arrived too lnte to reach bim.
Two years ago Mr. McDanlel returned
to Patchogue, but the letter did not arrive there until a few days ago. Why
It was so long on the way is a mystery.���New York Morula.
Varioua Wage*.
Wages In Great Britain average
much higher than on the continent
nnd ln France nnd Germany wages
are higher than in Italy, Spain or Austria. The district court at Carlsbad,
Austria, recently fixed tbe dally wages
���f laborers of both sexes for the years
1907, 1008 and 1909 as follows: Males,
foremen, CO cents iter day; others, 40
cents, and apprentices nnd boys, 20,
cents. Females, women. 28 cents, and
Juveniles, 18 cents. Servants of ths
state, 48 cents, except servants of tht
post  nnd   telegraph.   ��'��  receive  4*4
Centa���Cbletiiru Nxwts.
Run and Unrun.
"When I first went to housekeeping
I tried to run everything. I ended with
running nothing."
"Absolutely nothing?"
"Well, perhaps the gamut of" the
emotions now snd then." i
\ His Position.
Peckem���My wife referred to me as
the bead of tbe family today. Meeker
���How did that happen? Peckem���
Sbe was talking to a man who called
to collect a bill.
The Effect of Opium
I heard little about the beautiful
dreams and visions which opium is
supposed to bring; all the smokers
with whom I talked could be roughly
divided into two classes���those who
smoked in order to relieve pain or
misery, and those miserable victims
who smoked to relieve the acute phy-
���* ,sical distress brought on by the opium
itself. Probably the majority of the
victims take it up as a temporary relief; many begin in early childhood���
the mother will give the baby a whiff
to stop its crying. It is a social vice
only among the upper classes. The
most notable outward effect of this indulgence is the resulting physical
weakness and laBhitude. The opium-
smoker cannot work hard; he finds
it difficult to apply bis mind to a
problem or his body to a task. As
the habit becomes firmly fastened on
him, there is a perceptible weakening
of his moral fibre; he shows himself
unequal to emergencies which make
nny sudden demand upon him. If
opium is denied him, he will lie and
steal in order to obtain it.
Opium smoking is a costly vice. A
pipeful of a moderately good native
product coats more than a laborer aan
earn in a day, consequently the poorer classes smoke an unspeakable compound based on pipe-scrapings and
charcoal. Along tlie high-roads the
coolies even scrape the grim from the
packsaddles to mix with t_ie dross.
The clerk earning 'rom twenty-five to
fifty Mexican dollars a month will
frequently spend from ten to twenty
dollars a month j on opium. The typical confirmed smoker is a man who
spends a considerable part of the
night in smoking himself to sleep,
and all the next morning is sleeping
off the effects. If he is able to work
at all, it is only during the afternoon
and even at that, there will be many
davs wlien the official or merchant
is incomnetent to conduct hia affairs.
Thousands of prominent men ire
ruined every year.
The Cantonese have what they call
"The Ten Oannots Regarding the
Opium Smoker": "He cannot (1.
give uu the habit, (2) enjov Bleep, (3)
wait for his turn when sharing hia
nine with his friends, (4; rise early,
(5) be cured if sick, (6) help relations
in need, (7) enjoy wealth, (8) plan
anvthing, (9) get credit even when an
old customer, (19) walk any distance."
���Samuel Merwin in Success Magazine. \
A few doses of Baby's Own Tablets
relieves and cures constipation, indi'-
gestion, colic, diarrhoea and simple
fevers. The tablets break up colds,
expel wqrms and bring the little
teeth thrdugh painlessly. They bring
health to the" little one and comfort
to the mother. And you have the
guarantee of a government analyst
that the medicine does not contain
one particle of opiate or poisonous
soothing stuff. Mrs. C. F. Kerr Elgin, Out., says: "Baby's Own Tablets is the best medicine I have ever
used for stomach and bowel troubles
and destroying worms." Sold by all
medicine dealers or by mail at 25c a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Law   and   Gooseuemes.
Under the headline, "An Expensive
Gooseberry Bush," an Austrian paper
prints this story: "On the boundary
line of two farms near R there is
a large gooseberry bush, from which
the two farmers have for years gathered the product. 'What grows on
my side is mine, and you may have
the rest,' was the agreement. Three
years ago the neighbors had a misunderstanding, and this came to a
climax when the gooseberries became
ripe. A law-suit followed and appeals
were made to higher judicial bodies.
The final decision has just been recorded. This gives tc both parties
the right to pick the berries which
grow on their side of the line���just as
it was originally���and denies the right
to destroy the bush to both of them.
The costs were charged h<ilf to each
litigant. Each lormer had to pay 225
kronen. The yearly yield of the bush
will bring about one-half krone and
the judge told the fighting farmers:
'With good luck it will take you only
eight hundred years to make the bush
pay.   Take good care of it.'"
to the hands of the packing houses,
which are now the distributing centers for meats. Packers can afford to,
and actually do pay higher prices antl
sell at lower values than the local
butchers for reasons which are obvious when one considers that profits
are represented by the by-products.
The packers are adverse to buying
dressed carcases as they represent
smaller profits in by-products. Again,
dressed carcases are imperfectly
handled by tlie farmers, the meat in
many cases being bruised and unsightly ; t.-.is, as well as improper
chilling, being deterrent to good
prices. Animals, especially hogs, require scientific chilling, otherwise
those paits which enter into the process of curing become sour and unfit
for market. PackerB prefer to buy
their meats on tlie .toof. and for the
reasons set forth above, are able to
pay higher prices for the same.
In view, however, of the large trade
carried on in some parts of Canada,
more particularly during the fall and
winter, in dressed perk, as well as in
other dressed meats, attention may be
directed  to  one  of  the  requirements
of the  regulations  made   under   the
new  Meat   Inspection   Act,   which   is
likely  to   have   a  considerable   effect
on the  business    above    referred to.
The Department of Agriculture at Ottawa   having   assumed   the   responsibility of inspecting   and   practically
guaranteeing tlie hcalthfulness of all
meats and meat products sent out by
the   packing  houses   must,   of   neces- j
���lity,  protect  itself   by   making  sure |
that no diseased carcases are permit-
ted to enter these establishments. The |
most effective way of preventing the i
entry  of  such  diseased  meat  is,   of:
course,   the   careful   antemortem   in-
spection provided for by the regiila-
tions, but, in view of the large trade 1
carried on in dressed carcases, and of I
the" fact that both farmers and packers have been in the habit of handling meats in this way, the officials j
in charge of the enforcement of the
ict   have   decided   to   admit   to   the j
establishment under inspection, dress-
id carcases under such conditions as j
will enable 'them to judge with reasonable certainty, as to whether the animal,    prior  to  slaughter,   was   free
from   disease.     Provision   has   therefore been made for the admission on
inspection  of  dressed  carcases,   with
the head, heart, lungs and liver held j
by  their  natural   attachments,   such ,
carcases to be inspected before entering the establishment, and   if   found
fit for food to be so marked and admitted for packing purposes, while if
found to be diseased, ta be condemned and tanked.
This being the case, it is incumbent
upon every farmer bringing dressed
hogs or other animals to market to
remember thnt unless the carcases are
dressed in accordance with the regulation mentioned above, namely, with
these organs left in their proper positions, it will not be possible for the
representatives of the packing houses
to buy such carcases for use in any of
the establishments comiijg under the
operation of the Meat and Canned
Goods Act.
The presence of the buyers or
agents of these establishments on our
local markets has always been, at least
to some extent a snfeguard against
possible attempts by local combina
tions of butchers and others to depress
the price of dressed meats, and it
will be well for producers to bear in
mind the new conditions, and when,
for any reasons, unable to market
their stock on hoof, hogs, as well as
other animals, in such a way as to
meet the requirements of the new
Minard's Liniment Cures Burnt, stc.
Renl shams are not shams when they
deceive  no one.
The man  who  listens  learns,
man who talks should teach.
No one who    has    companionship
coming to him is ever lonely.
Money ,3 believed to have been first
coined in Aegina about 895 B. C.
A branch of the G. T. P. will hi
built from Fort George to Vancouver,
says  Charles  M.   HayeB.
own fireside. No risk. We want the
service of men and women to work
for us et their homes, knitting socks,
etc. We furnish yarn free. Machine
is easy to operate. $7.00 to $10.00
earned per week. Write at once. The
Imoerial Furnishing Co., Toronto,
You have heard of biscuit-���and
read of biscuits���and eaten biscuiti���
but you don't know biscuits���until
you try Mooney's Perfection Cream
Sodas. They are everything that
the ideal biscuits should be.
The air-tight, moisture-proof
package brings them to you fresh,
crisp, inviting.
Practically every grocer in Canada
has MOONEY'S. Yours will get
them if you ask.   In I & 3 lb. pkgs.
Bear Island, Aug. 26, 190a.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,���Your traveller is here
to-day and we are getting a large
quantity of your MINARD'S LINIMENT. We find it the best liniment
in the market, making no exception.
We have been in business 13 years
and have handled all kinda, but have
dropped them all but your's; that
sells itself; the others have to be
pushed to get rid of.
The dates of the provincial bon-
sniel in Regina have been fixed for
January 13 to 19.
Hereupon the widows and orphans
whom we hnd plundered proceeded to
call down the customary curses upon
our heads.
"And upon your children and your
children's children, unto the fourth
generation I" thev cried
We gave them a rude stnre and
burst ,out  laughing.
"Ever hear of a family as rjch as
we are now become having*any children?" We sneered, and you should
have seen how beaten they looked.���
(% saw
������   STrUTFUltD     UH-D'
Thc strongest wind that ever blew can't
rip away a root' covertid -*-ill selMocking
���   "OSHAWA"
Ruin can't get through it in 25 years
(guaranteed in wilting* for that long*���(food
tor a century, really)���five can't bother mch
a root���proof apain.-.t all thc eletnenU���the
chearici-t -GOOD roof thore is.
Write u�� and we'll tnow you why it
costs least to roof right.   Just addresi
The PEDLAR People ��?
Oshawa atunlrMl Ottawa Tor-outo Lutiduu Wlimlp��f
"Woman  is  considered the  weaker |
vessel," she remarked, "and yet "
"Well?" he queried, as she hesitated.
"And yet," she continued, "man is
the oftener broke."
Be There a Will, Wisdom Points the
Way���The sick man pines for relief,
but he dislikes sending for the doctor, which means bottles of drugs never consumed. He has not the resolution to load his stomach with compounds which smell villainously and
taste worse. But if he have the will
to deal himself with his ailment, wisdom will direct his attention to Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, which aB a
specific for indigestion and disorders
of the digestive organs, have no equal.
He���If you refuse me, I swear I
will never love any other woman.
She���Will you swear it all the same
if I accept you?���Fliegende Blaetter.
"Miss Ethel," he began, "or Ethel,
I mean. I've known you long enough to drop the Miss, haven't I?"
She fixed her lovely eves upon him
with a meaning gaze.    "Yea, I think
It is better to have loved and lost I you have," she said.    "What prefix
Home  always appeals to the man
who has missed the last train.
than to have won and paid alimony.'do you wish to substitute?"���Tit-Bits.
Cure You
[with Kcndall'i
I Spavin Curt���
Ith-one reliable
r cure   for- all
Bone Pimm.
Swelling, aad
Fau Gkoui-d,
Ont., May J '06.
"I have used Kendall's Spavin Cart with
great success, and think It an excellent
remedy for Spavlna, Sweeney, Sprains,
��'**��� WM. fjKDSUT.
Accept no substitute, fi a bottle�����
for I5, Write for free copy of onr great
book���"Treatise on the Horse.*' is
It. I. J. Until CO., Euib.il Falls, .inasat, MX
Kill thorn all.
No dead tllea
lying; about
when uaesj aa
��  SOLD  BV   *
10c- par packet, or S packets for 15c
will laat a whala aaaeon.
W.    N.    U.    No.   659
/ .*��
\*maa*aa*paeae*Aaa�� a e*e.et*����eeo*c*_e��ee--��s ������������������
Ba��-4 of cMontreaU
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President*���Loed Stbathcona axd Mocmt Loyal.
yice-President���Hot*. Gsqaaa A. Dbi.-.mmonb.
General Manager���E. S. Cioustoh.
Branches In All The Principal Citlea in Canada
A General Banking Business Transapted.
NEW DENVER BRANCH, - li. 6. FISHER, Manager.
Winter Wear For
The Children*
No   need  for parents  in any   part of
the Slocan to send ea*-t for their
Children's wear,
And at prices that will suit you.
If you live in New Denver, call and
inepect my Btock, If yon live at Slocan,
Biherton, Rogatory, Nakusp, Three
Forks or Sandon, drop me a line, we
tan certainly do business together.
****4***^{****1,AA*A1.*i. *** +4,4, *******
��� ������ -f1 ��� ��� ��� ������������������'J' i
1 tlbe
.Slocan fEMntng IRev
^ Paliiia Angrignon
_.     General Freighting
published EVEitY tiiursday     and Transfer.
���.Subscription .2.00 per annum, strictly   NCW   DeriVd",   B.C.
in advance.   No pay, no paper. 	
Did you see the swell line of XMAS PRESENTS
at Nelson's store ?
If not come and see them.   Every one is a beauty.    Here
are a few:
Toilet and Manicure sets in sterling silver.
Jewel Boxes, Inkstands, etc., in ormolu gold.
Candle sticks,   mokers' sets and Paper weights.
Hand painted Calendars and Pictures, 50c to $1.25
ewing sets and Writing Cases.
ilver Tableware,
Swastika ping an& Br-OOCbeS - The Lucky Charm
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Tiie 1.1 MARKET W%
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
Klorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en auite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
^*H'-*H'-����'H-����*<^*����.t.��<.iti��-ti����*t.���^���_..^..����^��^MH^��^^��^���^^^���^MH^^^^H������^7^^^ *\
1 ". B. SMITH !
General Merchant   ���   New Denver    :;
ADVEr.Tisjsa IUtks:
���Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"    for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase .of Land   -     7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 6.00
All locals will bo charged for at the rate
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/Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
���above rates and Save Trouble.
Attention To Miners and
We have bought for spot cash sixty
pairs of high cut Bluclter black kip
fhoes, band made, extension soles and
heels, which we are uoingto sell at SJB.OO
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Will ship to any address on rectipt of
For this week will Bell 2 big packages
Pearline forISt-ts.
Watch out for our big cut in prices
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are pa* ing.
���Virginea mineral claim, situate in tbe
Arrow Lakes Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Wliero located :
On Kooskanox creek about 8 miles
from iis mouth.
Take notice that I, Samuel Walker,
,of Burton City, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B.95285, intend -sixty days from
the date hertof, to apply to tbe Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpoee of obtaining a
Crown Gant of the above claim.
And further tuke notice that nction
under section 87, must be commenced
before Ihe issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of Nov. A.D. 1907
Slocan Lnnd District*-District of
Take notice that Sidney Yalce Brockman, ol New  Denver, accountant,  in-
tendii to apply tor  pejpmiseion  to purchase the   fol'owing     described   land.
Commencing at a port planted Jat  (bo
N.E. corner of lot 3101,   thenco cast 80
chains; thence south 40 chains *,  thenc
���west80 chains; tlience nortli 40 chains
,to point of commencement aud contain-
,ng 820 seres, more or less.
Kept. 24*-h 1907   .
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice that Andrew Wallace,
acting aB agent lor the Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Silverton
B.C., Contractor, inlcnibi.to apply for
permission lo purchase the following
described land : Commencing at a post
planted on the eaat shore ol Slocan lake
about one mile soutli of Rosebery, and
marked A. W.'a eouth-west corner,
Iheiiceeast about ono chain to the right
of w.ty of the Nakusp and Slocan railway
thence nortli 20 chains, along the railway lo the shore of the like, tbence
southerly along the lake shore to point
ol commencement, containing five acres
more or less,
November 12th, 1907.
Groceries S
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton *
and  Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
Hermann Clever
Jw eller and
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
My stock of CANNED GOODS
is always Fresh, Snd t-very customer receives honest value for
money ppent.
Have you seen mvlineol La Mcs Blouses
and the assortment of fancy goods
I am now displaying Y
Bay mo a visit.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Mrs. Matheson, Kootenay Hotel
Slocan Land District���District of
West  Koonenay.
Take notice that A. Owens of New
Denver,  mill operator,   intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:���   Commencing
at a post planted on the west shore of
Slocan Lake about one half mile in a
southerly direction from Mill creek;
commencing at a post marked A. O. 's
S.E. corner post, thence 20 chains west
tlience 40 chains north, thence 20 chains
east,  thenco 40 chains south  to place
of commencement, containing 80 acres
more or less.
Dated at New Denver, Oct. 31fttl 907.
Slocan Land   District���District of
West  Kootenay.
Take notice that Henri Robt. Jorand,
of Slocan, barrister, intends to apply
for permission lo purchase tbo following
described land. Commencing at a roet
planted at the north-east corner of Lot
1182, Ihence seulh 40 chains; tbence
east 20 chains; tbtnee rorth 40 chains;
tbence wett 20 chairs to point of 0o*r.-
mencement and containing 80 acres
.more or le-s.
Zbc Slocan Ifootel
Gbree forhs,
36. C. ,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting, this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Local Salesman Wanted Tor
New Denver
And Adjoining District lo represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right lizt snd age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on limestone foil; hardier snd longer livtd than
coast tret-s.
Sandon, B.C.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at  any time, call at
the   Kootenay. 4md let, Ed. or
George mi* you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No froBt here. Two shifts always.
' ***************************** ***^TZll************
professional Car&g.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Mine
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
u^\..   CD. Ostby
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block   :    New Denver, B.C.
P. O. Box 87.
I_jo-w�� cSc i-Iall
Capitalization (20,000
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
provincial Hssayer
ano Cbemist
Sandon Assay Office
Late F. H, HAWKINg.
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 esch.
Silver wilh Copper or I,e��d, Manganese,
Lime, tl.50 ouch.
Zinc, Antimony,   Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $3.00.
Gold,/Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silvor, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and L����d   $8 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead snd Iron, J)4.00
Bpecial KaUs for Mine ind Mill Work,
! * T Jas got in a large and excellent supply of Groceries
I > ���Ti   and Christmas Goods.    He does not  import tea
by the half ton,   but  has a   fine  assortment of
Teas,    Some of the varieties are
HAabob, (Boloswortb, Xtptons, IRamlal,
Blue IRibbon. Ikotalenne
And tho Columbia Choicest Sun Dried JAPAN TEA.
**************** '*** W****************
Excursions East.
TORONTO and all points
west thereof
In Ontario mid Quebec,  Quebec,
St John, Halifax: and other
Maritime Province CitieH.
l'ate.i on application.
Tickets on sale tltii .  December 1
to December 81.
Round trip First Class, three
months' limit.
Halifax, St. John, or Portland and return
Return Ocean Fates: Saloon,
.101.50; Second, $7G; Steerage
$55 antl up according lo steamer.
For detailed in format on,'Failings
ocean steamer!', lirst class or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local agents or
E, J. Coylb, A.G.P.A.
John Moi, D.P.A., Nelson.
St James' Hotels
First-clasB Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting; this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing: Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier thuj-hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
,A. Jacobson. Prop., NewtDenver. B.C.
Ladies' Dress 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 60c
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 60c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 16c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Stout        I
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trad*. I
Wc guarantee its Strength and Purity. 1
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Headquarters for flMning anb tTravelltna flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms large, Clean anb Cost.
The Hew Denver Inik Co. ** William Bennett s
November It), 1007.
Slocnn Lnnd Piett let���- District ot
West  Kootenay.
Take notice that Charles Clarkson
Rhodes, of Nelson, H.C, book keeper,
intends to apply for pernrssion to pur-
cbaee tlie following d<hciibid land*.
.Commencing at a pout planted on tho
east boundary of lot 382, at a point 40
chains smith of tbe north-east corner
of said lot, thence south 80 chains;
tbence east 20 chain's; Ihence nortli 80
chains, thenco wot 20 chains to point
of commencement, and coula'ning 160
acres, more or lens.
���November 16, 11)07. 16-25
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that the Ontario-Pln**an
-Lumber Co., Ltd., of Slocan, B.C.,
Lumbermen, intend to apply fur a special limber license over lite following
described lands: Commencing at a
post plained ci-ireetlv opposite the 17
! mile board of the N '& S. Railway and
on the sotuh side of Bonanza creek and
marked "Onlario-Slocan Lumber Co.,
Ltd., N,E. corner," thenco south 40
cliains, thenco west 160 chaw, thonce
noith 40 chains, tlience east 160 chains,
to point of commencement anil containing 160 acres more or lens and covering
the Bams.giound formerly covered by
Timber license No.. 10218.
'December -fib, 1807.'
Per D. S:, D.uis, Agent,
A permanent situation, Territory re-
_erv.il; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit,
Wiite for particulars.
Stone 86 Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government.)
TORONTO       -      - '      ONT.
silverton, _&.*$.
Recognised by the Travelling
l'ublic, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. Thc bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
HP. Spencer * prop
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tatnarac, Dimension, Etc.
P.O. Box 20.
Mill on Slocan Lake
A. OWENS, Manager
\ Lucerne  ^
j; Shaving Parlor, i
* *
;;        The only Public Batha
in thu blocan.
* ��� Agent for the Kootenay Steam ..
funerali aonductet* on hltort
noiico ��t nny point In the diatrict.    Until 11 ftlnay��� la stock.
flD flDcXean. simr**,
under the provision, of the Assessment Act, respecting the Assessment
Rolls for the year 1908 for the Slocan
Assessment District, will be held ai
In the Government Office, Kaslo, B.O.
10th December, 1907, lit 10 am.
In   the    Mining    Reoorder's   Office,
Slocan Oily, llth  December, 1907, at
tbe hour of 2 p.m.
In the Government Office, New Denver,  B.C.,  12th December, 1907, at 2
In the  Reco  Hotel,  Sandon,  B.C.,
18th Dicombsr, 1907, at 10 a.m.
Judge of Court of Revision
and Appeal.
Kaslo, B.C.,
22nd November, 1907.
^-inch to 1% inch, also ^-inch
Galvanized Pipe.
yi, }{, aud 2*i  Brass Pipe and
Fittings for Launches.
That pudding now.
Hadu't you better see
Bunker and have one put
aside for you. You can order it now and have it sent round
on Christmas" Eve. It will save a whole lot of trouble.
For shelled almonds aud shelled walnnts, go to
Herbert Cue, New Denver Bakery,     or write
Box 44
Rubber Packing Always Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks, Lead traps, etc., etc.
     Denver Waterworks
e: m. Mibbowson   Company, Ltd.
Gold, Silver, Copper of Lead, sarjh,11.0*0
Gold Bilvo**. ..r.60 Silver-Lead. .$1.50
Zinc. .$2.00 Gold Silver with Copper or
l.o.d.. 2.60.
Prompt attention given to ell samples.
25 per cent, discount npon five samples
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A67
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, ,Iobn I). Reid, of
Slocin City, B.C., prospector, intends
loayply for permiseitn to purchase the
following described land:
Commencine; at a post near Ton Mile
Creek, Lot 8128, about 400 feet south
of post marked "J.D.R." running south
20 chainB, e.ist 20 chains, north 20
chains, west 20 chains to roint of commencement,
Dated Sept. 30th, 1907.
O30 7
Colin J* Campbell
Notary Public
PHONE 2. P.O. box 10
Slocan Land District���-Dhitrict of
Wcitt Kootenay.
Tnke notice tbat I, Msrion  Mi-Innes,
Anpus Mt I ones, silent, of New Denver,
spinster, intend to apply for  permiiiion
to purchase    the  following    described
bind:    Commencing at a post planted
nt the north-west comer of lot 2,60fl
(J.I., Kootenay di-trirt, thenca weat 20
cliuinp, tlience touth 20 chains', thenco
cant 20 chains, thonce north 20  chains
to the place of commencement containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated November 28.il, 1007.
A. M.'Innes, Agent.
Slocan Land District���District ol
Went   Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Andrew Jacobson,
agent for J. E. Brouse, of New Denv-r,
physician, intends to apply for*permission to purchase the following described
land: Commencing at a post wlure
lot 8696 inlerscctB vlth lot 485 snd
marked J.K.B.'s N.K. corner post
tbence south 15 chains, thence east_40
chains, thence sooth 20 attain*, thence
Wist 80 chaine thonce north 25 chains
more or less to the boundary of lot 8000
G.I., thenca ea��t 80 chains more or less
to the corner of lot 8006, tlience north
10 cliains, thincc enst 10 chains to the
point ol commencement., containing 200
acres mors or letB. The land is pituate
about J4 of a mile from the bead of Slocan lake.
Dated November 22nd, 1007.
,1,80, Andrew Jacobs* 1, A<ri-nt
Go to Wilson's for
Heavy Goods,
HJour,   Hay,   Oats,
Iron, Steel, etc.
* *a


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