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Slocan Mining Review 1908-05-07

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 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing'   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan ���Valley.
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
aud the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
N6- 37   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, May 7, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
St James' Hotels
Hrst-class Rooms; Firit-class Meals; First-class Bat*; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visitinr this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting* and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and (.lacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
LADIES!    Let  me do
your Baking in the Hot Weather.
__^ ^/edr/fet*
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place In
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions aud
creature comforts that heart of man dcoires. Facing ths
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view ot ths
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
NOTICR is herein' given Ihat at Urn
expiraMon of 30 days I intend to apply
to ilia Superintendent of Provinrial Police, Victoria, for a renewal ol my 1'cense
for tlie Newmarket Hotel, New Denver,
B C, from Ju'y 1st lo December 31st,
May 7th, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
explraii *n of 80 days I intend to applv
to tin* Stipeiliitendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for* lhe St. .lames Hotel, New Denver,
B.C , from July 1st to December 81st,
May Tib, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby fiiven I bat nt tho
expiration of 30 dnys I intend to apply
tp the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoiin, for a renewal of my license
for tin* Selkiik llo'el, Silverlon, B.C,
fiom July 1st to Deoember 81sl. 1908.
May 7lh, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intin-l io apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for tlie Windsor Hotel, Silverton, B.C.,
from Julv 1st to Ue.'Omber 31ft, 1H08.
May 7th, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby i'i von Ihat al tlie
expiration of 30 dnys 1 intend to npp'y
lo the Superintendent of Provincial Pol-
ico, Victoria, for ll renewal of ray license
for the Victoria Hotel, Silverlon, B.C.,
from July 1st to December 31st, 1908.
Mits. A. CAREY.
May 7th, 1008,
Slocan Land District���District of West
Take no'ice that Oie. Flunltchrek, of
Ne.v Denver, Miner, inlo lids to apply
fnr permission to |>'ircha*e the following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted about 4 miles from Knterpihe
landing on Ten mile creek, nenr W. E,
Koch's old saw-mill. 0, S.'s S. E.
cor'^r p*;8t, Ihence nor.h 10 chain-*,
tht .Re west. 10 Chains. Ihence north 10
chains, thence west 10 chaina. tbence
noith ao cliains, thence west -'0 cliains,
thence south 10 chains, tbence east -10
cliains ti the point of comniepcemen*,
and containing 111) acres more or leas.
April 20lIi, 1008.
Slocan Land District���District of West
Take noti.te that G. Provost, of Ontario, fanner, intend*) to apply f*>r permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing nt a post
planted on the north branch of Lemon
creek, anil 20 chains on-t of lot 9, Ihence
west ao chains, thence norlh 80 chains,
tbence east 20 chains, Ihence soutli 80
chains lo point ol ctniiiiieiiceiiicnt.
April; 22'id, 1908.
/yl F. Pr*,vost, ag-mt
NOTICE ia hereby given Hint at the
expiration of 80 days 1 intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for ii renewal of my license,
for the Rosebery Hotel, Rosebeiy, B.C.,
f,om July 1st to" December 31st, "11)08.  ���.
May nil, 1003.
NOTICE is hereby given  thai nt the
cxpirali >n of 80 days I intend lo apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, fom renewal of mv license,
for the Slocan Hotel, Three Porks, B.C.,
from July 1st to December 31st, 1908.
May 7th, 1908.
NOTICE Is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial IV-
ice, Victor!.i, tor a renewal of my liueu.e
for lbe Basin Hotel, Ailinglon Basin,
B.C., from July Ist lo December 31st,
May 7th, 1903.
Tako noiico that I, Harry LaBraSh,
of Niikuup, intend applying to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police,
at the expiration of one month, from
dale here if, fora renewal of my hotel
license fnr the premises known as lhe
Hotel Grand, at Nakusp.
Dated April 80th, 1900.
Slo:nn Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice Ihat Clara Gertrude
Spooner, of Nelson, B.C., married woman, Intends to apply Ior permission
to purchase tlie following described land :
Commencing at a post planted at the
north.cast corner of Lot 8784 Group 1
Kootenay, thence south 20 chains,
tin nee east 20 chains, thenco north '10
clmins Ihence west 20 chains to the
point, uf commencement nnd containing
40 acres more or less.
Will. H. Courtenav, agent.
April 18th, 1908. Jy2
Still they Come.
Aa instancing what the fostering
Hie fruit Industry will mean to the Slocnn in lho next decade, wi:Iiin the past
twelve months, sixty families have
settled upon land adjacent to Nakusp.
During the last few days a family of
Hollanders arrived with their effect.!,
and altogether there are now thirty of
this nationality upon Nakusp land,
Unit of that rugged type fiom which
are moulded the hardy pioneers that
beget the future rulers if our land when
the races have nssimi'nlcd, these
strangers within our gales wiil effect
great changes, nnd who is there that
cannot look forward ten years to see lhe
dream of Thos. Aliiel realized. Fourteen yenrs ago Hint mnn talked of fruit
lands in Nakusp, and scoffers deiided
hiin, but to-day his is the big I.T. of the
apple game, nnd is being poin'cl cut as
" the man who sell* the lnnd that grows
(he big red apple." What a change
has come over fair Nakusp since lhe
(own lir.-t sprung into existence. Mineral, of courte, was responsible fur its
mushroom growth, nnd in the days
when silver c.jiil.l be gleaned from the
surface of our hills for th* scratching,
those two handsome hotels, Hie Grand
and the Leland were constructed to
accommodate the largo number of
mining men who wero ns thick as bees.
Now mineral Is8 liloin beard mentioned
except by those early pioneers who will
advocate to thvir dying days the policy
of deep prospecting. All around one
hears conlioveiiies as to the relative
merits of such nnd such a variety of
fruit, the utility of tlio S'lil, lbe virtues
of fertilizeis, coloring of fruit, and disposition of the same. Ami lest there be
any misgivings as to the future of the
industry, wliich is but yet in embryo,
we may mention that there are foiiic
eleven thousand acres of first-class land
which  in   the  next ten  years  will be
peopled by a   jiatdy  ami   prosperous
community,  wilh   a   market  at   theii
doors.   Tbis desideratum  is even   now
I assuming healthy pro* ortions.   A  year
Sixry New Families Rave r;vlu,;;h;n,7'c,'ntlb;8a,,,o;eor
3 ; twj b night twenty-acie lots near town,
Taken Ud Land and    and seiims dj,vi1 io vo,k nt ��nce* ti"ir
zeal and progress were an  incentive  to
I others    to   emulate    their    example.
| and now sixty   farmers  are   grouped
0f  in a settlement on  lbe borders of the
town,   and   llieso    familiis   are    now
petitioning the government for nu additional school for th* ir children.
Our representative paid a visit lo tlie
new settlement this week, and we confess to being agreeably surprlsad nt the
maiked progress made since our visit
to the ground twelve months ago Then
not a shack or cottage dotted the landscape. To-day several hundred acres
arc cleared, fence 1, and planted lo fruit
trees, and subslartial dwelling bouses
with happy occupants stud lhe land.
Willi the exception of lhe recent arrivals
from Hullaud, the remaining fnu.ilies
uie from the North-west nnd tlie shores
of lhe Ailatilic. Conversing freely with
lhe new settlers wc learned of their unbounded enthusiasm for the climate ami
conditions, ami all agreed that in comparison with Ihe mild winter they had
jiiit passed through, a 50 below eastern
temperature had no further hold on
their affections. In nearly every instance, they spoke of being joined at an
early date by relations, who weie prospective settlers.
All around great activity prevailed.
In one block lorineily owned by the
Frontier Land and Investment Co.,
the future Qi'ohqui owners were tilling
several acres of this recently acquired
sub-divisicn. Strawbeirics planted last
year arc now healthy and blooming on
every ranch, n*id spuds are being sown
and I'ibb.cil iu wilh no assistance from
forlilinoi*. Hoie a recent nirival Irom
the Guernsey Isle wrs ploughing up ten
aurcs of land he had cleared (his spring,
and iu thu adjoining block the roar ol
Ginnt powder denoted havoc among re-
ffactory stump*. Oi.e motherly old
soul fiom IheEiit wns keeping home
for her two sons, and she told us that
her boys who hnd hitherto been weaklings iii  the East,   were  now   strong,
biawny fellows with the appe:i:es of
horses. Por herself, she loved the
change if life, but the had a grievance
in the fact that no Methodist minister
had yet visited the settlement,* and as
many of I In newcomers were affiliated
with that body, they felt godless in con-
s -queue:*-. Wc need only mention this
to assure attention on the part of the
Molhoilist minister at New Denver.
On lhe Abriel ranch a largo gnng of
men were engaged in clearing, but already upon this land there are several
thousands of Irecs and bushes which
givo a prolific yield yearly.
Prom a staple milling industry to an
agricultural one may even yet appear
difficult of realisation ; but it has come,
and so strongly has it fascinate I and
taken a bold of lbe people that we venture to predict a rivalry for supremacy
that will be healthy and stimulating to
ilie growth of the Silvery Ploean.
We   were   pleas d   lo  note that the
Viewing Slocan Fruit [amis.
W. S. Fisher, Winnipeg, a piinc'pal
ol the renl estate firm of Fisher-Hamilton, Co. Ltd., came in on Saturday la t
to inspect several hundred acres of
fruit lands, whicli ihat company are
contemplating (o colonize. This lnnd
is situated at the head of Slocan Lake
above R.sebery, and was originally purchased from the Government by Messrs.
J. AI, Cameron, I). St. Denis, and A.
Mclnnes, who disposed to Toye A Co.,
of Nelson, who afterwards transferred
their holdings to a syndicate of business
men with Victor Odium at their bead.
The laller are now working in conjunction with lhe Fisher-Hamilton Company lo colonize the lnnd whicli has
been surveyed, Crown granted, and sub
divided, and now enjoys the somewhat
eiiphonins title of Cherryilale.
The land is most suitable for the ptir-
promiso made to thc settlers lo make Pose, being singnlasly free from stone,
roaelshad bein fulfilled, ami although with all the elements proven necessary
we must confess lo ihi-givings in lliis', for fruit culture, sucb as soil, 'irrigation,
respect n year ago we areiliovv sanguine | aml ���������_ m _,��� ���.,,_ d|reftt ���ne of
ol the bnna-udes of the  Winnipeg firm
J ���   *"
General Merchant
New Denver
Is offering goo.l values in Men's underwear,  in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands, also shirts of
various kinds, i.ome specialities for miners and men in  lagging camps, gloves, mitts, socks in large variety, collars, tie
sweaters, overalls, blankets nnd comforters.
Call ind inspect our stock ; it will be appreciated.
"*J   *********************f******4>*******************^
who sold direct to the newcomers.
Roads and streets hive been laid out,
and town can he leacheliu ten minutes;
thus all thc accompanying social advantages can be partaken of. A wagon
road costing considerable cash has nl.o
been constructed through the Abriel
Slocan Lake Launch Club.
The annual illeeling of Hie Slocnn
Lake Launch Club wns held in the Recording OITice on Monday, Mny 4th, fir
the election ot officers for the year 190.S,
and to arrange for the Empire Day
rates. The following officers were
elected:���Commodore: H. G. Fisher;
Captain: A. Mclnn*s; Mate: A. Jacob-
son; Purser and Secrelaiy-Tiea-urer:
J. E. AngViiion.
Silverton Gossip.
An Easter Fisti vnl Service was held
last Sunday evening, in the Anglican
Church, by Missionary Baynes, of St.
Stephen's Church, New Denver, which
was hugely attended. The musical
portion of (lie service wa* ably conducted by Mrs. Watson, assisted by various
Mra. lloips held a private party and
dance at hor bouse on Monday evening
Inst, when about thirty people were in-
vi'el. A very enjoynble evening was
spent, Mrs. Hoops entertaining her
guests in a most lavish manner.
Slocan Land Distiict���District of West.
Take notice that Eli Loloiitle,   of Ontario, farmer,  intends  to apply for permission to purcliiise the following  des*
transportation, practically adjoining
rail and lake, the land will bo speedily
snapped up when place! upon the market.
Mr. Fisher fold our reporter that it
was not bis company's intention to
place upon the land Ooukhobors or
other undesirable foreign settlors, a*
had been whispered around town. He
assured us thnt his (inn had never elono
any business with that chis3 of people,
antl he felt sure that all would te proud
of the British settlers his firm will fend
among us.
Senior School Report
For April, 1908: Pupils attending
during mouth, 30. Average daily attendance, 33,95.
Dux  of  school    for   montli,    Ethel
E. Burgess.
bnthanck class :
name pkbcentage of mabks
Ethel E. Burgess TO.tJo
G. Atblvu M. Vallanco  62 71
Chas. W. Nelson 0-..28
John A.   Williams   02 28
J. Raymond Blumenauer (11.1*1
Hugh Earl Nelson 01.00
Winiilfieil   McDougald 68.1-1
Jessie Cropp  57.85
Marion Mclnnes 00,55
In the following classes only the
three highest an; given.
Mary L. Gordon 09.50
Helen  Hyde    03.40
Marie Murray 02.85
John II. Burgess 70.04
.���ribedlan.l:    Commencing nt  a post  p^vSS.m ............ - 8*2?
planted  on   tho  noith side of Lemon
Creek 1!_ miles  west of the lirst  north | JTOIOB  intkbmediate
fork of Lemon   creek,  thence north  JO Leslie Carey    09.50
chains,  Ihence  enst 40 clmins,  Ihence  Cas.ie Cook 6.~> 23
south -10 chains lo Lemon creek, thenc*)
west -10 chains following Lemon  creek
to point of commencement.
April IH, 1908.
Frank Provost, agent.
r*&$LM�� |p**^v   > *
^ W
f'; '/,.?rN'*'*^
Emporium Mineral Claim situate in
the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenav Di-trict. Where located;
On Payne gulch adjoining tho Mercury
Mineral claim.
Take notice that I, Win. S. Drewry,
acting as agent for Win. II. Ynwkey.
F.M.C. No. IM908, Win. Ii. Yawkey,
Cvrus Yawkey, and Augusta 1 ydia
Austin, P.M.C Ni, -34*369, .���JRciilorS of
the W. C. Yawkey istate, and John 1).
Fnnoll, Free MlneVs Certilicate No.
1117580, intend 00 days from the dale
hereof, to apply to mining recorder for
a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
lhe above claim.
And further lake notice that action,
I under section 07, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 23.(1 day of Apiil, A.D. 1908.
Jc25 W. S. DREWRY.
Slocan Fruit Lands
Cib.e__ap.est Best -H-earliest
We have them in large and small -
blocks,   in   every portion  of the  district,
at all prices*    Write me for particulars*
Lome V.
M* Donald   57,011
Junior School Report.
Per cent,
Leslie  Aylard  70.50
Cecil Dawson  07
Jessie Shannon .*... 05
Ivan Rrouso  58
Vera Cropp  -Ill
first headeh.
Nettie Brindle  78
Prances Coak  08
Kate Murray  75
Laura Mitcdon ild '.. 58
SHCO.Nl)   I'lilMIClt.
Muriel Aylard  85
Gladys   lii-indle  68
Dick  Harris  05
Eleanor Daw son  68
Edna Clever  80
Emma Clover  86
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
Ilrjte, BMemore.. Cameron
Electoral District.
A convention of tho Liberals of
Kootenay will be held at Nelson,
B. C, on
Thursday, June 4th, 08
For the purpose of selecting a
candidate to contest the rblm*. in
tlie next Dominion election in the
interests of the Liberal party.
The convention vfill open at
2 p.m., and all Liberals are invited to attend, but only accredited delegates will be allowed to
Tbe basis of representation will
bo one delegate for every 50
votes, or fraction thereof, polled
at tho last dominion election.
Properly accredited proxies will
be recognized.
F. J. Deane, Pros.
D. Proudfoot, Sec.
k Gigantic Program Arranged
For May 25fh. Marathon lace.
The program for lbe Empire Day
Celebration has been arranged, and lhe
la*Kc crowd of vipito*s to the Lucerne
on lbe 23th inst., will he given such a
regal time that "Bettor than ever" will
be liie inevitable verdict, To begin
wilh. a Marathon race will prove a
great and novel attraction. Tie competitors, of whom there is likely lo bo
a down, will lineup at lhe Silverton
wharf, nnd race to New Denver, and at
the finish complete a circuit of the athletic grounds. Then another crcai attraction will it* the championship football match between Slocnn and Arrow
Lakes, and Ui is alone sbould be worth
a visit to ihe Lucerne to witness.
Aquallc sports will also b. a big feature of the dnys enjoyment. The Slocan Lake Launch Club bas sevoral cups
inbe com pel ed for, both for handicap
nnd scratch rnco", and as t-cv *ral now
boatsjiave joined the flotilla of la!e,
there is innoh "peculatio as to p'roha-
biliticsj On this ocpn.ign, th * ftiial for
the Inn*!-* inn I * izb rgnr .nip will be
run oft, tiie contestant, in 11) i/d be
ing, Tbe Nelson; thi ' m'er, and the
Denver. There will bo ntfier c >������ ���
Slioll aVsingle anil double pculls, and
canoe races,
Caledonian spoils also form a conspicuous portion of the program, and
many field events will be pulled oil.
J. Mig-of war always raises great cn-
tln i-iasm, but the friendly rivalry which
exists between tlie various towns of tlie
Slocin sliopld make tin's ono of the red
letter oven's. All (he towns are invited to send teams and tbe fitlest will
achieve glory and secure medals.
A pleasing feature will be the first
public appearance of lhe recently inaugurated Slocan brass band at nn
event of this dcsciiplion, and needless to add, the crowd from the terminal
city will follow on the band wagin. It
is a long lime since tlio Strains of martial music were beanl in our fair town
and their repertoire will bo greatly appreciated.
There will nisi bo a football match
between the juniors which will he
watched with keen interest, and besides
there will be races fur tbe ladies, antl
boys and girls of all agos.
In the evening tlie Dramatic society
will present for the first time in British
Columbia* XV. S. Gilbert's three act
comedy, "Tom Cobb, or Fortune's
Toy," with Charlie Nelson in the title
role, and bo will be sustained by a wdl-
balanced ca��lc.
Tbere wjll also be a grand display of
fireworks in the evening, am! after tho
entertainment those fond of a shin dig
will be given opportunity to dance till
the roosters crow.
All that is necessary to ensure a glorious day, is fine weather, and visitors
will then have an opportunity of seeing
the fair Lucerne in its spring rainment.
Arrai gcmenls arc being made for a
special train from Nakusp. Fui'tlfer
particulars will bo announced in_ these
columns and on posters.
Russ. Thompson and Arthur Brindle
are up the hills alter grizzly.
Frank Welsh is doing work on bis Ten
Mile property,
Chas. Kelson and T. Avison leave
Monday for Victoria to attend tho
Grand Lodge K. ol P.
F. W. Guernsey, o o buyer for the
Trail smeller, Is in town and is a guest
at the Neivmaiket.
Harry Leake, F. W. McDonald, and
Paul II. Salmond were down from Sandon, Monday.
Robt. Day was a Nakusp visitor on
Mr. and Mrs. Smaile, Vancouver, are
visiting town. Mrs. Smaile is a niece
of Mr. Thos. Avison.
Rev. W. A. Gifford .returned onTlmrs-
tlay from Nelson where he attended
the annual meeting of representatives
from the Motbo.list Churches of the
West Kootenay District. He leaves on
Monday next to attend tho B.O Conference of the same church, held this year
at Vancouver. Mr. Gifford will preach
next Sunday at Silverton and New Deliver at 11 a.m.and 7,S0"l,in. respectively.
More mud and snowslides have run
between Three Forks and Sandon than
at nny time within the memory of the
oldest inhabitant.
Victor Odium, Nelson, piloted Messrs.
N. Silencer and W.J. lUeMicking, Mad-
cine Hat, over Cherry laic thi 3 morninj
Tho Wakefield mill, which h being
put into shape by the Hewitt Company,
will be ready for the first feed ill two
Mrs. J. Parent was a visitor from
Rosebery on Wednesday, THE  SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans/'
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc
Maddy never knew how she lived
through those bright, autumnal days,
wben the gorgeous beauty of decaying
nature seemed so cruelly to mock
her nneuish. As long as Guy was
there, breathing the snme air with
herself, she kept up. vaguely conscious of a shadowy hope that something would happen without her instrumentality, something to ease tbe
���viTht pressing so hard upon her,
but when she heard that he had really
pone, that a line had been received
(in-** bim nfter he was on board the
steamer, all hope died out of her
At last there came to her three let-
t th. onf> from Luoy, tine Irom the doctor, and one from Guy himself. Lucy 8
pbe opened first, reading ol the sweet
girl's great happiness in seeing her
t'-*rline boy ncnin, ol her sorrow to
lind him so thin and pale, and changed in all save his extreme kindness
to her, his careful study of her wants,
nnd evident anxiety to please her in
c-verv respect. On this Lucy dwelt
until Maddy's henrt seemed to leap up
nnd almost turn over in its casing, so
fiercely it throbbed and ached with
The doctor's next was opened, and
Mnddy read with blinding tears that
which for a moment increased her
pain and sent to her bleeding heart
an added pang oi disappointment, or
a sense of wrong done to her, she
could not tell wliich. Dr. Holbrook
wai to be married the same day with
Li"**-   nnd to Lucy's sister, Mafgaret.
"Maggie, I call her," he wrote,
"because that name is so much like
my first love, Maddy, who tl��ought I
was too old to be her husband, and so
made me very wretched for a time,
until T met and knew Margaret Atherstone. T have told her of you."Maddy;
'I would not marry her without, and
she seems willing to take me as I
am. We *--*inll come home with Guy,
who is the mere wreck of what he was
when I last saw him. He has told me,
Maddy, all about it, and though I
doubly respect you now, I cannot say
that I fiink you did quite right. Bet-
*ter that one Bhould suffer than two,
and Lucy's is a nature which will forget far sooner than yours or Guy's.
I pity vou all."
This "almost killed Maddy; she did
not love the doctor, but the knowledge
that he was to marry another added
to her misery, while what he said of
her decision was the climax of the
whole. Had her sacrifice been for nothing? Would it have been better if
she had not sent Guy away? It was
anguish unspeakable to believe so,
nn^ thn shadowy woods never echoed
to so bitter a cry of pain as that with
whicV. she laid her head OU the
prr->"r���.. and for a brief moment wished thnt, she mieht die. God pitied His
child then, and for the next half-hour
sh��  hardly  knew  what she  suffered.
There was Guy's letter yet to read,
and with a listless indifference she
opo**--1 it, starting as there dropped
into her lap a small enrte de visite, a
perfect likeness of Guy, who sent it,
he said, because he wished her to
have so much of himself. It would
make him happier to know she could
aometimes look at him, just as he
sho"ld trnze upon her dear picture after it was a sin to love the original.
And this was all the direct reference
he made to the nast, except where he
spoke of Lucy, telling how happy she
was nnd how if anything could reconcile him to his fate, it was the
knowing bow pure and good and loving was the wife he was getting. Then
lie wrote of the doctor nnd Margaret,
whom lie described ns a dashing, bril-
liant-_5_rfl. the veriest tease and madras TnVtliP wmld, and the exact opposite of Maddy.
This letter, so calm, so cheerful in
its tone, had a quieting effect on Maddy, who rend it twice, and then placing it in her bosom, Btarted for the
cottage, meeting on the way with
Floia, wbo was seeking for her in
great alarm. Uncle Joseph had had
n fit she said, and fallen upon the
floor, " cutting his forehead badly
against the sharp point of the stove.
Hurrying on, Moddy found that what
Fl- ��� had said was true, and sent
immediately for the physician, who
car"- **' one* but shook his head
f'""hlfiillv as hi" examined his patient.
There were all the symptoms of a
fever, he snid, bidding Maddy prepare for the worst. Nothing in the
form of trouble could particularly
affect Mnddy now, nnd perhaps it
waa wisclv ordered that Uncle Joseph's illness should take her
thoughts frnr.i herself. From the very
flrst he refused to take his medicines
fi-n... nnvone snve her or Jessie, who,
wilh her mother's permission, stayed
i'1'Oi-fither nt thr. oottnee, nnd who, ns
Ouv'q sister, was a great comfort to
As the fever incrensed, and Uncle
Joseph grew more and more delirious,
his cries for Rarnh were heart-rending,
making Jessie weep bitterly as she
snid to Mnddy:
"Tr T knew where this Snrnh wns
I'd go miles on foot to find her and
br'nn* her to him."
Something like this Jessie said to
her mother when she went for a dny
to Aikenside, asking -her in conclu-
���jje-m if f.i.a^***iin��ht Snrnh would go.
"Perlmps," nnd Agnes brushed nb-
strnctedlv her lone, flowing hnir,
winding it around her jeweled fingers,
and then letting the soft curls fall
across her snowy  arms.
"Where do you suppose she is?"
wn�� TnqQip'r*, nf,,.t question; hut il Agnes knew -.lie did not answer, except
by remindin" hor little daughter that
it ivna past her bedtime.
The next morning Agnes' eyes were
very red, br if she hnd heen wakeful
the enllrr, nltr.it, while her white face
full* warranted the headache she professed to hnve.
"JesBie," she said, as they sat together at tlieir hrenkfnst, "I am going to fT^**A^^ip to-day, going to see
MiHrlv, nnd shall lenve you here."
Je��sie demurred a little at first, but
finally yielded, wondering what had
prompted this visit to the cottage.
Mnd''" 'i***"*i"r.rl so, too, as from the
window she snw Agnes instead of
Jessie alighting from the carriage, and
was conscious of a thrill of gratification thnt Amies should have come to
see  her. -But A__ncs'   business   een-
cerneTT The""s"ick fnnn, poor Uncle Joseph, who was sleeping when she
came, and so did not hear her voice
as in the tidy kitchen she talked to
Maddy, appearing extremely agitated,
and flashing her eyes rapidly from
one "��*���' of the room to another, resting now upon the tinware hung upon
the wall and now upon the gourd
swimming in the water pail
standing in the old-fashioned sink,
with the wooden spout, directly
over the pile of stones covering
the drain. These . things were
familiar to the proud woman; she
hnd seen them before, and the sight
frf them now brought to her a most
remorseful re_***et for the past, while
her henrt ached cruelly ns she wished
she hnd pev��r crossed that threshold,
or crossing it hnd never brought ruin
to one of its inmates. Agnes was not
the same woman whom we first knew.
All hope of the doctor had long since
been riven up, and as Jessie grew
older the molbe** natu���> wns stronger
within her. subduing her selfishness,
and mnking her far more gentle and
considerate for others than she had
been r.-'ore To Mnddy she was ex-
ceedinelv kind nnd never more so
in manner thnn now, when they sat
toeether talkine in the humble kitchen -at the cottage.
"You look tired nnd sick," she said,
"You cares hnve been too much for
one -et vet strouT. I will sit by him
till he wnVeq. en,1 vou go to bed."
Very gladly Mnddy accepted the offered relief, and utterly worn out with
her e^natnnt vigils, she was soon
sleeping soundly in her own room,
while Flora, in the little shed, or back
roe-* -' " - rrouse, was busy with
her ironing. Thus there was none to
follow Agnes as she went slowly into
the sick-room where Uncle Joseph
lav. this thin face upturned to the
li.**l and his lips occasionally moving as ho muttered in his sleep. There
was a strnnee contrast between that
wasted imbecile and tbat proud,
qnee**lv ���jrortiori but ='���" could remember a time when in her childish
estimation he was the embodiment of
every manly beauty, and the knowledge thnt be loved her, his sister's
little hired girl, tilled her with pride
and vanity. A great change had
come to them both since those days,
and Agnes, watching him and smoth-
" ering back the pain which arose to her
lips at sight of him, felt that for the
fearful chnnee in him she was answerable. Intellectual, talented, admired nnd sought by all he had been
once; he wns a mere wreck now, and
Agnes' brenth came in short, quick
gasps, as glnncing lurtively around tc
��ee that no one was near, she laid her
hnnd upon his forehead, and parting
I his thin hair, said, pityingly: "Poor
I Joseph."
The touch nwo*te him, and starting
up he stared wildly nt ber. while some
memory of the past seemed to be
struggling through the misty clouds,
obscuring his mental vision.
"Who nre you, lady? Who, with
eyes and hair like hers?"
"I'm the 'madam' from Aikenside,"
Agne= said, quite loudly, as Flora
passed the door. Then when she was
gone she added, softly: "I'm Sarah���
Sarah Agnes Morris."
It seemed for a moment to burst
upon him in its full reality, antl to
her dying day Agnes would never
foreet the look upon his face, the
Bmile of perlect happiness breaking
through the rain of tears, the love, the
tenderness mingled with distrust,
which thnt look betokened ns he continued gazing at ber, but said to her
not a word. Agnin her hand rested on
his forehead, and taking it now in
his he held it to the light, laughing
insanely at its soft whiteness; then
touching the costly diamonds which
flashed upon him the rainbow hues,
he said: "Where's that little ring I
bn.-"i*t for you?"
She had anticipated this, and took
from hor poccket a plain gold ring,
kept until that day where no one
could find it, and holding it up to
him, said: "Here it ia. Do you remember it?"
"Yes, yes," and his lips began to
quiver witb a grieved, injured expression. "He could give you diamonds and I couldn't. That's why you
left me, wasn't it, Sarah���why you
wrote that letter which made by head
into two? It's ached so ever since, and
I've   missed ..you   so   much,     Sarah'
They put me in a cell where crazj
pennle were���oh I so many���and they
saitl thnt I was inad, when I was only
wanting you. I'm not mad now, am
I, darling?"
tj:- arm was around her neck, and
he drew her down until his lips touched hers. And Acnes suffered it. She
eould not return the kisB, but she
did not turn awny from him, and she
let him enress her hnir, and wind it
round his fingers, whispering: "This
is like Sarah's���you're Sarah, are you
"Yes, I am Sarah," she would answer, while the smile so painful to
see would again break over his face
as he told how much he had missed
her, and asked if she had not come
to stay till he died.
"There's something wrong," he
said; "somebody dead, and seems as
il somebody else wanted to die���as if
Maddy died ever since the Lord Governor went away. Do you know Governor Guy?"
"I am his stepmother," Agnea replied, whereupon Uncle Josepb laughed so long and loud that Maddy
awoke, and, ala med by the noise,
cnme down to see what was thc matter.
Agnes did not hear her, and as Bhe
renched the doorway, she started at
the strnnge position of the parties���
Un"'" Joseph still smoothing the
curls which drooped over him, and
Agnes sayinc* to him: "Ynu heard his
name wns Remineton, did you not���
James Remington?"
Like a sudden revelation it came
nr"- Maddy, and she turned to
leave, when Agnes, lilting her head,
called her to come in. She did so,
antl standing at the opposite Bide of
the bed, she snid, questioningly:
"7*ui nre Sarah Morris?"
For a moment the eyelids quivered,
then the neck arched proudly, aB if it
were a thing of which she was not
ashamed, and Agnes answered: "Yes,
I was Sarah Agnes Morris; once for
three months your grandmother's
hired girl, and afterward adopted by
a lady who gave me what education
I xs.icaa. tc^thot luih. tint tiu*.u.f'ir
ftigmfi*. wTTich prompted ine "to jilt
your Uncle Joseph when a richer man
than he offered himself to me."
Thnt was all she said���all that
Moddy ever knew of her history, as it
was never referred to again, except
that evening, When Agnes said to her,
pleadingly: "Neither Guy, nor Jessie,
nor anvone need know what I have
told you."
"They shall not," was Maddy's reply; and from that moment the past,
so far as Agnes was concerned, was a
sealed page to both. With this bond
of confidence between them, Agnes
felt herself strangely drawn toward
Maddy, while, if it were possible,
something of her olden love was renewed for the helpless man who
clung to her now instead of Maddy,
refusing to let her go; neither had
Agnes any disposition to leave him.
She should stay to the last, so she
said; and she did, taking Maddy's
place, and by her faithfulness and
care winning golden laurels in the
opinion of the neighbors, who marveled at first to see so gay a lady at
Uncle Joseph's bedside, attributing it
all to her friendship for Maddy, just
as they attributed his calling her
gar-i* to a crazy freak. She did resemble Sarah Morris a very little,
they said; and in Maddy's presence
they sometimes wondered where Sarah
was, repeating strange things which
they had heard of her; but Mdady
kept the secret from everyone, so that
even Jessie never suspected why her
mrii***' stayed day after day at the
cottage; watching and waiting until
the last day of Joseph's life.
She was alone with him then, so
that Maddy never knew what passed
between them. She had left them together for an hour, while she did
some errands; nnd when she returned Agnes met her at the door, and
With a blanched cbeek whispered:
"He is dead; he died in my nrms,
blessing you and me; do you hear,
blessing "me! Surely my sin is now
(To be Continued.)
quality is in the association of names.
The name Leach Chemical Co., is inseparable from that of
which is put up for dispensing through
druggists only in >_ oz. vials, each
vial securely sealed in a round wooden case. Worthless imitat'ons have
been offered to the public, but always under an assumed name through
wliich the imitator hides his identity
and endeavors to evade responsibility for the deception.
Virgin Oil of Pine compound pure
will break up a. cold in 24 hours and
cure any cough that is curable. The
name on tne wrapper is your guarantee :
Infant's   Nose   and    Ears   Should   Be
Thoroughly Washed.
Be careful of baby's nose and ears
tn winter. The ears are especially sensitive to eold, aud most serious conditions may arise during severe veath-
er. To avoid any trouble give an Infant's ears a thorough washing every
duy while the little one is In the bath
In cleaning these delicate organs do
not Injure tbe drum. When removing
the wux to prevent any such accident
use a new, nice hairpin, au article least
likely to harm the sensitive mechanism.
In preparing the hairpin for use
twist over the loop end a piece of soft
linen. Never push this cleanser too
far luto the orlilce und do not attempt
to tuke out wax tbat caunot be distinctly seen, for a certalu amount ls
necessary to protect the drum.
If this ls done dally, there will be no
surplus wax to harden. If such a condition arises, however, there must be
no attempt at home treatment, but a
physician or specialist should be called.
Otherwise the temporary deafness may
become permanent
It cannot be too positively said tbat
nothing must be put Into the ear, no
matter how simple you may think the
application. The enr ls too sensitive,
and oil, glycerin or vaseline may do
serious damage.
Unfortunately for baby, a cold In
his head almost Invariably settles ln
his ears and nose. The latter is uncomfortable, but not serious, and ordinary precautions are likely to guard
the former. Not until he ls two or
three years old should he go ont of
doors without his ears being covered.
There ls practically no danger of cold
ln the ears while Indoors except when
baby ls permitted to be ln a direct
draft This ls one of the most dangerous positions in which he can be
Stoppage in the nose ls prevented
usually by cleansing the nostrils every
day precisely as the ears are done. If
baby has a cold in his bead, a little
vaseline may be rubbed into the nose
whenever he goes to sleep. A little of
the grease should be put on tbe finger
and gently inserted In the nostril.
Properties, uses and directions with
every vial.
The small boy was an imperialist,
and liis father had pronounced views
on the question of alien immigration
so this piece of news found immediate
"The population of China," an-
noi i cod the school teacher, impressively, "is so vast that two Chinamen
Shortly afterwards the small boy
was observed to be turning purple in
the face and puffing like an overburdened steam engine.
"What's the mutter? What are you
doing?" asked the instructor, anxiously.
"Killin' Chinamen," grunted tbc
It is An Officer of the Law of
Health.���When called in to attend a
d:sturbance it searches out the hiding place of pain, and like a guardian of peace, lays hands upon it and
says "1 arrest you." Resistance is
useless, as the law of health imposes
a sentence of perpetual banishment
on pain, and Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
OH was organized to enforce that sentence.
Curious Origin of This Terrible Engine
of Destruction.
The origin of the Maxim gun was
somewhat curious. Mr. Maxim (Sir
Hiram) after the close of the great
Civil war in America was visiting one
of the southern battlefields. He picked
up a Springfield rifle and begun firing
at a target! He soou discovered, to bis
amazement, that bis shoulder was all
black and blue with the recoil. This
set him thinking, aud he soon conceived the Idea of utilizing this force
iu a gun which would tire automatically.
He went to London full of his Idea,
hut no oue would listeu to him. ln
Birmingham tbe chief man In a factory refused to make a bolt gun.
Iu despair Mr. Maxim packed up his
trunks and went to Paris. In two
weeks the work was doue. This gun
Mr. Maxim exhibited In Loudon in
1885. He spoke of It theu as tbe gun
of the future. It is now tbe gun of the
present It ls a wonderful gun and a
deadly one. By adjusting the indicator It will fire bullets at any rate from
one per minute to (100.
This terrible weapon Is started by
the firing of the first shot. After that
it works Itself and will keep going as
long ns cartridges can be fed luto the
machine. When one belt of 333 ls exhausted, all that is necessary Is to
hook ou nnother.
Wheu the British government gave
an order for the gnu they stipulated
that It should not weigh more than a
hundred pounds und should be capable
of flrlug a thousand rounds lu four
minutes. Mr. Maxim produced a gun
which weighed thirty-live pounds and
fired 2,000 rouuda lu turee minutes.
aerial locomotion.     a Frank Statement
This notice was posted in a pleasure boat belonging to a certain
steamship company:
"The chairs in the cabin are for the
ladies. Gentlemen are requested not
to make use of them till the ladies
are seated."���Harper's Weekly.
An   Amusing   Game   For   tha   Winter
Invitations were Issued to a history
party. When the curious guests were
all assembled each was given a pretty
little blank book, a pair of scissors and
several copies of old Illustrated magazines. On the cover of each blank
book was the name of a guest, at the
top of the first page was written "The
First Portrait," and on the second
page "His" or "Her" "First Love."
"The Earliest Aversion" was written
on the third page and on the fourth
"The Favorite Food," while "The Leisure Hours" was written on the fifth.
"The Birthplace," "The First School,"
"The First Party" and "A, Glimpse
Into the Fcture" were written on other
These pages were to be filled ln with
pictures cut from the magazine. Parts
of pictures could be used, the task
made easier than if the entire pictures
were required. One young girl's "flrst
love" proved to be a stick of candy cut
from a confectioner's advertisement,
and one young man's "flrst aversion"
was tbe picture of a sponge and a cake
of soap. One dignified visitor's "favorite food" was several cucumbers.
The last page of each book was reserved for the autographs of those
present The books were passed around
to be laughed over by all, and each
guest received ns a souvenir the history of himself mo "wrltlen" by a
Can Be Saved from a life of Misery
by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Women are called tlie "weaker sex,"
and yet nature calls upon them to
bear far more pain than men. With
too muny women it is one long martyrdom from the time they are budding into womanhood until age begins to set its mark upon them.
They are no sooner over one period
ol pain and distress than another
looms up only a few days ahead of
tliem. No wonder so many women
become worn out and old looking before 'heir time.
In these times of trial Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are worth their
weight in gold to women. They actually make new, vioh blood, and on
the richness and regularity of the
blood the health of every girl and
every woman depends.
Mrs. Urbane C. Webber, Welland,
Out., is one of the many women who
owe present health antl strength to
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Mrs. Webber says:���"About three years ago
whi'e living in Hamilton, my health
begun to decline. The first symptoms were headaches nnd general
weakness. After a time the trouble
increased so rapidly thnt I was unable to attend to my household
duties. I lost flesh, looked bloodless
and had frequent fainting fits. I was
constantly doctoring, but without
any benefit, antl I began to feel that
my condition was hopeless. One day
a friend asked mo why I did not try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and mentioned several cases in which she
knew of the great benefit that had
fo'-owed their use. After some urging 1 decided to try the pills, and
had only used them a few weeks
when I began to feel benefitted, antl
from that time on the improvement
was steady, and by the time I had
used about a dozen boxes of the pills
I was again enjoying the blessing of
good health. 1 cannot too strongly
urge other discouraged sufferers to
give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a fair
Dr. Willinms' Pink Pills will cure
all troubles due to poor, watery
blood, such as anaemia, general weakness, indigestion, neuralgia, skin
troubles, rheumatism, the after effects of la grippe, and such nervouB
troubles ns St. Vitus dance nnd partial paralysis. Sold by all medicine
dealers or by mail at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
One That Made a Frenchman Despair
of Learning English.
"What does 'Bent It!' mean?" asked
the mau of an Inquiring frame of mind
of his well Informed friend.
"Why," wns tbe reply, "that means
to go, depart, bo off, take your leave,
and don't be slow about It. 1 don't
know what It came from unless It Is a
bit of policeman's slang for 'Get off my
beat!' or -Clear out uuless you want
me to beat you!'
"I am reminded of a line in one of
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes' amusing
poems, scattered through the pages of
his delightful 'Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.'   It runs:
"Depart!   Be off!   Exceed!
Evade!   Evampe!
But It takeB a Latin scholar to discover the derivations of all his verbs
of motion.
"There Is a story of a Frenchman
who on his way to England was made
the victim of a practical joke In regard to the verb 'go.' whose 'went,'
'going,' 'gone,' are Irregular enough,
goodness knows. ��� He was found to be
struggling wltb this variation: 'I go;
thou depnrtest; he clears out; we cut
stick; you make tracks; they absquatulate,* and as he read It he exclaimed:
"Mercy! What irregular verbs you
have ln your English language!' "
The Perlect Flying Machine Will Annihilate Frontiers.
Other dreams of the end of tbe
eighteenth century are materializing,
notably that of the suppression of
frontiers, the last vestige of feudal
servitude and of tiresome' exasperating and savage customs
Aerial locomotion ouce established
and become more or less general, it Is
difficult to see how custom bouse officers could continue to harass travelers
witb tbelr ridiculous and annoyiug exactions. Mark the frontiers by a line
of captive balloons? It's not to be
thought of. Order the travelers to de-
sciud? Useless when escape ls so
easy. The difficulty of multiplying reg
ulatlons for travelers would lead inevitably and rapidly to the suppression of
custom house frontiers.
As to tbe frontiers themselves, how
would you locate tbem? Tbey nre com.
patible wltb space of two dimensions,
wltb surfaces measurable lu square
meters, but not with limitless space, so
to speak, of three dimensions. One day
when Godard aud 1 were going ln a
balloon from Paris to Cologne two
mounted police ln Belgium called to us
nt the top of their lungs, "Gentlemen,
your papers!" Our reply was to empty
a sack of ballast on tbelr beads and
make a dafeb of 800 meters above tbe
Mankind, au fond, an unreasoning
animal, ls always Impressed by the
argument of the stronger. Therefore
the first minister of every government
which makes Itself respected Is the
minis'or of war. It Is proper to light
from "ime to time to keep one's biceps
and expedient no doubt to Increase duties each year to maintain the armies;
hence the flrst application of the dirl
glbles will be to tbe art of Internation
nl slaughter. A credit of 5.000.000 has
Just beeu Inscribed on the budget extraordinary of our minister of wc.r for
the construction of new dirigibles of
the type of tbe Patrle destined for our
eastern frontier, and our neighbors,
the Germans, not to be behind us, have
done as much for their western frontier; hence we may expect to see on all
sides celestial ships reciprocally contributing to baffle maneuvers, to surprise offensive preparations and to
drop nt the right moment on the heads
of corps commanders a few kilograms
of dynamite, melinite and other explosives carefully prepared for the an
nlhllatlou of staff officers, charts and
plans.���Camilla Flammariou iu Metro
uolitan Magazine.
Pe-ru-na is the Best Medicine in the
"A young lady should not wnste a
young  gentleman's  time."
"As to how?"
"By . letting him ca'l when she
doesn't menu to propose."���Pittsburg
buy lurs and hides, or tan tliem for
robes & rugs. N. W. Hide & Fur Co.,
The Broken Down Politician.
He eould noi hnld.an oCli*.���
His nerves were In a plight.
He bad to hold lhe ha by
And walk hlm round each night.
���Detroit Tribune.
Model of Economy.
A certain farmer who lives out In
the county and who is noted for his
closeness in money matters has a
twelve-year-old son. who ts as Industrious as his father is penurious.
Recently the father and son mtide a
compact whereby the latter would receive 10 cents for every cord of wood
he sawed nnd piled In the wood shed.
Immediately the boy became very
busy at the wood pile, nnd his earnings
hnve been piling up at a rapid rate,
his mother keeping her son's hard
earned savings for hlm.
"Wbnt are you going to do wltb all
your money?" the thrifty youth was
recently asked.
"Goin' to buy a new saw with It,"
was the reply. _       .....*.    -
Haoplneea at Last.
Belle���And ao tbey were happily married.
Nell���Tes; each of them married
������"���iTiebody else.���Tlt*B!ts.
W.    N.   U.   No.   679.
Getting His Own  Back.
An Ironworker, having had the worst
of an argument with a friend, decided
to get even with him.
Waiting, therefore, until his enemy
hnd retired to rest one night, he approached his street door and knocked
loudly ln order to wake him.
Opening the bedroom window, the
other hurriedly Inquired what the noise
was all about.
"Why," replied the outside one, "one
of your windows is wide open."
"Which one?"
"Why. the one you have your heud
through," chuckled the other as he
went away satisfied with the success
of bis plot.
Must Charge to Get Crowd.
The ladles' guild of an uptown church
had planned an eveulug eutertalument
and reception und nsked the rector to
make announcement of It on the'Sunday preceding.
"This is all right," he said, "but you
must charge admission."
"Why, this Is just a Boclal evening"
they protested. "We are Inviting people."
"They won't come," said the rector,
"because they will thiuk it Is not worth
while. But charge a small admission
and you will have a good crowd." So
the women gavp In, and subsequent
events proved the rector was right
The superiority of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is shown by its
gootl effects on the children. Purchase
a bottle antl give it a trial.
MR. EMILE MAROIS. 1879 Ontario
street.   Montreal,  Canada,  writes:
"After taking n-ne bottles of Peruna. I find that I am cured.
"I still take it occasionally. For
me it is the best medicine in the
"I have recommended it to a number of  persons."
Mr. J. C. Hervus Pelletier, Dept.
de l'Agrculture, Ottawa, Ontario,
"The Peruna is particularly efficacious in the cure of catarrhal affections of the lungs and bronchial tubes.
"Six bottles cured me this winter of
bronchitis. I am completely restored
and I owe thanks to the  Peruna.
"I have recommended this remedy
to a large number of my friends afflicted with the same trouble, and they
have verified my good opinion of this
valuable remedy."
"Don't you feel well?" asked a
"Not very," answered Mr. Cumrox.   ��_
"Why don't you go home?'
"1 can't. Mother and the girls are
giving a tea, anil I'm not invited."���
Washington Star.
The Barber���You and your brother
are such young men 1 often wonder
why you're so bald.
Cuttingham���If you'll promise not
to say anything about it I'll tell you.
The  Barber���I won't say a word.
Cuttingham (whispering)���Our hair
fell out.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Uses of White Oak.
White oak is cne of the most widely
distributed and commercially important trees of the United States, and
its total annual product of over 2,000,*
000,000 feet of lumber is more than
double that ot any other hardwood.
The wood is compact and close
grained, hard, tough, strong, heavy,
and durable in contact with the soil.
By a peculiar mode of sawing by
which the boards are cut nearly
parallel to the pith rays, the silver
grain is shown, furnishing the handsomely figured panels, ceiling, and
moulding of "quarter-sawed" oak.
White oak is the favorite timber for
railroad cross-ties, and of the 90,000,-
000 ties purchased each year nearly
one-half are of oak, the greater part
ot which are white oak. It is also
an ideal material for tight cooperage
manufacture. Other uses are for car
Btock, boards, planking, beams, dimension stuff of all sizes, ship building, tool handles, wagon spokes aud
furniture and basket veneer.
Red oak and black oak exceed white
oak in rapid growth and early maturity, but the latter has a marked advantage in its greater ability to withstand shading, in its longevity, and
in its inherent resistence to decay,
insects and fungi.
They Made Her.
A grandmother was reproving her
little grandchildren for making so
much noise.
"Dear me, children, you are so noisy
today! Can't you be a little more
"Now, grandma, you mustn't scold
us. Vou see. If It wusu't for us, you
wouldn't be a grandma at all."
One For Each Life.
"I waut n good revolver," began the
determined looking man.
"Yes, sir," suld the salesman. "Six
"Why���er���you'd better make It a
nine chamber. I want to use It on a
cat next door."���Loudon Express,
A  Poor Corner.
When a girl puts ii man off by saying she  will  keep a  little  place ln a
���orner of her heart for him he may be
.ure Hint ll is a corner for which she
oesii't expect to have much use.
youth holds no society with grief.���
The Millennium.
Mlstr-ens��� Bridget. Mr. Rogers and I
are dining out tonight, so you may
bave this afternoon off.
Bridget���I'll take It this once as a
favor to yez. but mind I'll not do anything of the sort In a regular way.���
The Surprise.
Oh, the wonder and sensation
When the trusted bank rambler.
With no previous Intimation,
Chanced one day to disappenrt
All the country round was shake/I
By the staagorlng event.
And no wonder, (or h-vd taken���
Not a single, b'ooml __* ce ul!	
Corns cause intolerable pain. .Hollowuy's Corn Cure removes the trouble. Try it, and see what amount of
puin is saved.
Ho���You never can tell about a
She���You shouldn't, anyhow.���Illustrated Bits.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14
days or money refunded.   50c.
Redd���Is -...at a fact that you have
given youi*  automobile  a name?
Green���Yes, named it after my wife.
"Because it is unmanageable?"
"No; because it is always running
people    down."���Yonkers   Statesman.
Minard's   Liniment  for  sale   everywhere.
A  Human Eclair.
The Old Gent-Walter, what's the
matter with this eclair? 1 can't, seem
to get It off thc plate.
Tbe Colored Gent���Beg pardon, sah;
dat's mail tlniuib.-Cornell Widow.
Isn't This  Ine.?
There was an old lady in Me.
Who built irmny castles In Spa.
Which she vowed she would see
When they let her go free
From the hospital for the Inse.
Dangerous Inflation.
Fat Mnn (to dentist)���Are you going *
to give me gas?
Dentist���Certainly, sir.
Fat   Man���Then   better  anchor   me
down first.���Judge.
I   1
* ----- �����*������������
.IN    ;_.*-*'
*>.a.nV* ",y
Miserable All The Time?
Dull headaches���back aches���low spirited���hate
the sight of food���don't sleep well���all tired out lu,
the morning���no heart for work ?
'will maKe you well
Your kidneys are affected���either through over*
work, exposure or disease. It is the Kidneys that
are making you feel so wretched. Gin Pills cure sick
kidneys���make you well and strong���give you all
your old time energy and vitality. Cheer up���and
take Gin Pills. 50c. a box���6 for .,2.50. Sent on
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BOLE DRUG CO.     ���     WINNIPEG, MAN.     BB
Our 9 oz. Pant is the most durable garment you ever saw.   Either
black, blue or grey in plain colors.   Seams are finished   perfectly, no
raw edges inside or out���5 pockets,   all   rivetted���crotch securely stayed,   spring bottoms with canvass staying.
Your dealer can get them for you or write us and we wi" see   you
are supplied.   R.   J.   WHITLA & CO. LTD.   Winnipeg.
ShilohV56 Sh,ohs Cure
and Colds
for the worst cold,
thc sharpest cough
���try it on a guar-
antee of your
money back if it
doesn't actually
CURE  quicker
than anything you
ever tried. Safe to
take,���nothing in
it to hurt even a
baby. 34 years of
success commend
Shiloh's Cure���
25c, 50c, SI.    319
City Nephew���Well, uncle, did you
have a good year?
Farmer���Did I? Gosh, yes. I had
four cows and three hogs killed by
railroad trains an' two hogs and nin
chickens kil'ed by autermobi'es. I
cleared nigh a thousand dollars on
Dur*ng the civil war in the United
States a southern Judge was rather
surprised to find a turkey on his table
stuffed according to tlie best rules of
the art. As he had no turkeys in his
poultry yard, and he knew that thii
sum given to his cook for household
expenses did not run to a turkey, he
called the sable servant and asked for
an explanation.
"Why masKii," replied Sambo, "it is
like this: that turkey been roosting
three nights on our fence, and last
night 1 grabbed him for the relit of
the  fence."���Dundee  Advertiser.
A Recognized Regulator��� To bring
the digestive organs into symmetrical working is the aim of physicians
when they find a patient suffering
from stomachic irregularities, and for
tbis purpose they can prescribe nothing better than Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, which will be found a
pleasant medicine of surprising virtue in bringing the refractory organs
into subjection and restorng them
to normal action, in which condition
only can they perform their duties
"The manager always keeps back a
port'on  of  the  villain's  salary."
"Why does he do that���afraid he'd
"No; but he always acts his part
better when he's mad."���St. Louis
Cure For Weak Lungs
"I have used your    Psychine    for
about six months and have found it
an excellent remedy for    pneumonia
-and weak lungs."    Ronald  Johnson,
Farewell, Ont.. April 15, 1907.
"Psychine is one of the best medicines on the market, and for all throat
and lung troubles is unexcelled."���A
word from a man who has tested it.
Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Coughs,
Colds and all throat lung antl stomach troubles yield to Psychine. At
all druggists, 50c. and $1.00, or Dr.
T. A. Slocum, Limited, Toronto.
"I belave," declared the Irishman,
"thot me youngest son's born t' be a
"Phut leads ye t' say thot?" askf"*1
liis friend.
"Oi caught him usin' th' scissors cn
a book 0*''d 'ately bought an before
Oi c'd stop h'm he cut out th' appends."���Bohemian.
Take    LAXATIVE BROMO    Quinine
Tablets.    Druggists refund  money il
it fails to cure.   E. W. Grove's signature is on each box.   25c.
Lawyer���So yon want a divorce from
your wife because she throws things
at you, eh?
Client���Nothing of the kind. She's
too smart to throw things at me.
Lawyer���But I thought���
Client (interrupting)���She invariably throws things at th dog, but she
always manages to hit me.���Chicago
Daily News.
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and litem
tulles, from horses, blood spavin, curbs,
splints, ringbone, Sweeney, stifle*,, sprains, snrp
and swollen throat, coughs, etc. Save $50 b.
use of one bottle. Warranted the most won
derful   blemish  Cure  ever known.
An English hostess was entertaining
about 300 people at a reception and
bad provided ouly nbout seventy-live
seats. In despair she said to a com
patriot: "Oh, 1 am so distressed! Not
three-fourths of these people can sit
"Bless my soul, mndura!" he exclaimed. "What's the matter with
The Martial Spirit.
"When you go luto battle," said the
human analyst, "do you feel your heart
surge with hostility toward the foe or
anything like that?"
"Yes," answered the military expert "In time of war we feel even
more resentful toward the foe than
we feel toward our rival associates lu
time of peace."
A Study In Dimensions.
1   "Jimmy, how large a piece of cake
do you want?"
"I-want a big piece, but don't gimme
iso much that I'll have to divide li
with ulster."
Have One
No sense in running from one
doctor to another. Select the
best one, then stand by him.
Do not delay, but consult him
in time when you are sick.
Ask his o p i n i o n of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral for coughs
and colds. Then use it or
not, just as he says.
Historic Ruins May Be Seen at South*
ampton,  England.
The building, or what remains ol
the building, said to have been Canute's Castle, at Southampton, England, certainly possesses the evidences
of antiquity. The claim that the portions of the arches still remaining are
characteristic of Norman style will
pass unchallenged, because of the resemblance, they bear to what iB undoubtedly recognized as such.
But a small portion of the arches
remain, while the .space which they
once spanned has since been filled
with stone work, yet they are readily
traceable, whether the result of design, in order to give them prominence or for some other cause. The
masonry they represent could not be
said to indicate the handiwork of
skilled workmen, but, on the contrary, the result of haste with the
superadded desire for substance rather than architectural beauty.
While tlie iron bars which were fastened over its windows when the
building was transformed into a prison are permitted to remain, yet the
dominant claim the structure makes
upon history is the fact that it was
one of the eight outreports in England chosen during the reign of Edward II. for the export trade of wool.
As is well-known, the reason the number of ports for this trade was so
narrowly restricted in England was
to rend r more certain the collection
of the duties imposed upon the
'1 he oflice of custodian of the
"tion," or welghmaster of the wool
exported, was one which the heads of
noble bouses did not hesitate to ask
for and once secured became hereditary. The office of "Iron," or weigh-
master of Southampton, was held by
the Enrla of Warwick, and among others of the line of that illustrious family the kingmaker once held the office of weighmaster of wool at Southampton.
It is generally believed, however,
that the great earl committed to his
servants or tenants the ordinary duties of the office It seems like indulging in hyperbole to permit the
contemplation of the man who in his
day wss "the greatest man in England
but the King," the man who despite
the protection extended to him by
Edward II. brought tlie head of Piers
Gavcston to the block, could bring
himself to the dull task of weighing
The beam from which were sus
pended the scales used by the great
earl is still to be seen. The building
has no claim on architectural beauty.
A tile roof, the rafters of which arp
said to be of Snanisli chestnut, are
the most noticeable feature of its construction if we except three cylindrical buttresses on the west side of the
Jews of East London Against Sunday
Closing  Proposal.
Lord Avcbury has provoked the
wrath of the costermongers, street
sellers, and minor traders in the east
of London. The Jewish section ol
the community in particular are up
in arms against his lordship's bill foi
the prevention of Sunday trading
which is to be introduced in thi
House of Lords, nnd hnve expressed
their determination to save the well-
known Sunday market of Middlesex
street (Petticoat lane) from annihilation.
Recently at Aldgate a conference-
was held under the auspices of the
Whitnchapel and Spitalfields Male and
Female Costermongers' and Street
Sellers Union, when the bill was con
demned as a measure whose primary
purpose was not so much to secure
physical rest as to impose religious
persecution on the Jews. A hundred
delegates, representing a membership
of about 70,000, attended the conference, over which Councillor A. Valentine presded.
Mr. B. 8. Straus, M. P., declared
there was no chance of the bill as
drafted ever becoming law Ho was
one of the last men who desired that
any portion of the community should
be overworked, but he had always
thought that this question of Sunday
trading should be regarded as one of
a hygienic rather than a religious
character. While approving of legislation which would compel men to
take one day's rest should be taken
it was both unfair and unjust.
Mr. Straus declared that they would
he able to "clip Lord Avebury's
wings" bv bringing in the Hygenic
League Bill, which, if carried, will
penalize those who try to work more
than six days a week and yet enable
the Jew to keep his Sabbath bo long
as he is not a nuisance to his neighbors.
"An object of religious intolerance," was the description of thp bill
given by Lieut.-Col. T. W. Richardson, pastor of tlio Sabbntharian or
Seventh Day Baptists' Church at
Mr, H. H. Gordon, L. C. C, also
protested against any persecution of
the Jews, and uhnrnetemed any attempt to compel them to stop Sunday
trading, when they had already observed their Snbbnth on the previous
dny. ns a great wrong to an inoffensive people.
A  Few  Definitions.
Mnny children nre so crammed with
everything that they really know nothing.
In proof of this read these veritable
specimens of definitions written by
public school children*.
"Stability is taking care of a
"A mosquito ip the child of black
and white parents."
"Monastery iB the place for monsters"
"Tocsin is something to do with
getting drunk."
"Expostulation is to have the smallpox."
"Cannibal is two brothers who killed each other in the Bible."
Wl publinh our formula!
W�� banish ataohol
front.our m.drelu.s
W*�� r/rga you to
oon_ult your
Always keep a box of Ayer's Pills in the
house. Just one pill al bedtime, now and
then, will ward off many an attack of
biliousness, indigestion, sick hradache.
How many years has your doctor known
these pills? Ask him all about them.
��� Ueie bj tbe J. O. Ami* Co.. ^tiu.assi..-
A Dog fit.
A very small dog from Paree
Once chuckled and laughed with grnal
"Although  I'm a pup,
One thought cheers me up���
Pa'B pants can't he mnde to lit me I
The Title Lieutenant.
The tlrio lieutenant conies from
words signifying "holding the place."
Thus, a lieutenant colonel holds the
nlace of a colonel In tbe absence of the
latter, nntl a lieutenant bolds the pluce
of a captain.
Franklin's Kite.
In 1752 Benjamin Franklin flew a
kite during n thunderstorm, tied a door
key to the string and let an end of the
string Into n common glass bottle. He
thus made nn electric battery. This
was one of the beginnings of the electrical aite.
How  the  Imperialistic   Emblem   Cam*
to Be Adopted.
An old French pamphlet published ln
1815 tells how th�� violet came to be the
emblem of the Imperialist, or Napoleonic, party in France.
Three days before going Into exile on
the island of Elba Napoleon was walking up and down a garden at Fontalne-
bleu, discussing his future with the
Due de Bassano and General Bertrand.
He was still uncertain whether he
should go to Elba quletiy at the bidding of his enemies or whether he
should try to offer some resistance.
The Due de Bnssauo was urging him to
strike a blow for his liberty���bnd advice surely.
As the trio walked back and forth
they came upon a child three or four
years old who was picking violets.
Napoleon called the baby to hlm nnd
asked for his flowers, and the little
thing gave tbe emperor all he had. A
silence In the political talk followed
until Napoleon, who always hnd a vein
of superstition Ip his reasonings, said:
"Well, gentlemeu, I am thinking of
thnt child. That chance meeting seems
to me like a piece of secret advice,
warning me for the future to Imitate
the modesty of this flower. Yes, the
violet shall henceforward be the emblem of my desires."
"Sire," Baid Bertrand boldly, "for
your majesty's glory I like to think
that feeling will lust uo longer In you
than the flowers that Inspired It."
But the emperor, silent aud unheeding now, withdrew and went to his
private rooms. The next dny he was
seen walking In thc garden with n
bunch of violets In his buttonhole and
stooping now and again to pluck more.
A man named Choudleu, a grenadier
of the guard, was ou sentry duty, and,
taking advantage of the laxity of discipline that prevailed lu this hour of
ruin, he ventured to speak to the fallen
"In another year, sire, the violets
will be growing thicker here. You can
gather them with lesd trouble."
"What!" was the answer. "Do you
suppose I will be here next year?"
"Perhaps sooner. We soldiers hope
"But do you know that I leave for
Elba day after tomorrow?"
"Your majesty will suffer the storm
to pass."
"Are your comrades talking and feeling as you do?"
"Almost all of them."
"Ah, well, tell them to feel, but not
to talk. Wheu your sentry duty Is
over, go to General Bertrand. He will
give you twenty napoleons. But keep
the secret."
Choudleu did not keep entirely secret
the story of his conference with his
majesty, but he threw a veil over his
allusions and taught the other soldiers
to do so by calling their great and
worshiped leader Father Violet. Little
by little talk about Father Violet
reached the public, and to wear a
bunch of violets by the time the next
season came around was a recognized
sign of Imperialistic sympathies. To
this day violets are not worn in the
same general way in France that they
are here and In England, because they
are felt to be a political badge. A legitimist would not be seen with a
bunch In his buttonhole any more than
he would wear a republican tricolor
Force of Habit.
A Boslon psychologist was recently
reminded of the story of the Russian
Jailer who, changing his occupation,
found the chief Interest of his leisure
moments ln catching birds, putting
them In cages and selling them to the
highest bidder.
The scientist, having to attend a
series of lectures in a large public hall,
struck up acquaintance with the janitor of the building and soon noted ln
him a suggestive bent of mind. The
man seemed fond of counting the people and would occasionally report the
exact number present. "We have 115
here tonight," he would say, or "Just
201 all told," or, when the hall was
crowded, "I make It 370." There was a
problem In nil this, but it took some
time for the psychologist to solve It.
A bit of friendly, familiar talk, continually renewed, did tbe business, for
It brought out the fact that the jaultor
had spent many of the previous years
of his life as warden in an eastern
prison. With rifle on shoulder from
some inclosing wall the man had counted his convicts until the habit became
Ingrained. In the recesses of his brain
the lecture ball took the shape of a
Jail yard, and thc audience were his
prisoners. He counted because he
wished to know if all were there.
The City of the Three Rivers.
The city is generally considered to
De very fortuunte that possesses a
river, but Khartum croons and
watches over three of the greatest
rivers of the world. From the troublesome magic of the Bar-el-Gazel and Its
sudd grass, from the hot confines of
the equator, the White Nile fetches Its
milky waters; from the azure mountains of Abyssinia and through the
heat of that savage country the Nile
flows to Sudan. Created in this fashion and seeming to have rushed down
south rather than it does run northward, the Egyptian Nile is formed and
In return touches the city only to take
Its course again to the sea. Khartum
Is built above this concourse of waters,
but the windy currents have less Interest for her than has the melancholy
waste whose historic m'les make the
Sudan famous for both defeat nnd victory. The desert hns nlready fetched
famine and destruction, and, if not
quite so practically swarming now, the
wilderness is nevertheless always sinister, and It is over this savage country thut Khartum must keep vigilant
guard.���Marie Vnn Vorst In limner's.
English Cider Inns.
In the English elder counties all the
Inns still display the old legend: "Drunk
for a penny; dead drunk for twopence."
Cider pla'ys a uotnble part In the Christmas festivities.
The Golden Hole.
The Hidden Secret mine in Australia
yielded $200,000 of gold hi a few days
and was sold for $2,500,000. It was
then called the Golden Hole. Tbe entrance was sealed and a stock company
formed with $3,750,000 capital. When
it was reopened the mine proved to be
a pocket   All the gold was gone.
That Zam-Buk   Grows   New   Healthy
Tile unique power belonging to Zam-
Buk for growing new healthy skin
when it has been destroyed by injury,
disease or operation is illustrated by
the recent experience of Mr. J. Scho-
field, of 467 Hamilton Road, London,
Ont. He says: "A friend of mine,
(Mr. William Ball , of London) was
severely and terribly burned through
an explosion of kerosene oil. He was
taken to the hospital where he suffered intense pain. The wounds refused
to heal, and the doctors decided to resort to skin grafting, and I consented
to have some skin transplanted from
my legs to his body. Although this
was dene on several occasions, the
skin refused "to tuke" untii Mr. Ball
hoard of Zam-Buk. From the time he
appl'ed Zam-Buk, new healthy skin
begun to grow. I then used Znm-
Buk for the places on my leg from
which the skin was removed, and I
am glad to report that new skin has
grown, and therefore consider Zam-
Buk the best skin food 1 have known."
Zam-Buk builds up new tissue in a
way that is not possible with ordinary
preparations. For healing eczema,
running sores, cuts. bruiseB, burns,
boils, eruutioiis^scalp sores, itch.
chapped****! Mil diseases of the
skin it T^^lHPWr**_iiiil. All drug-
g'sts and stores sell it 50c a box cr
post-paid from tlie Zam-Buk Co.,
Little Tom VVhncken was taken by
his mother to choose a pair of knickerbockers, and his choice fell on a
pail* to which a curd was attached,
stating, "These can't be beaten."���
London Opinion.
Good Digestion Shou'd Wait on Ap
petite.���To have the stomach well is
to have the nervous system well.
Very delicate are the dgestive organs. In some so sensitive are they
that atmospheric changes affect them.
When they become disarranged no
better regulator *s procurable than
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They will
assist the digestion so that the hearty eater will suffer no inconvenience
and will derive all the benefits of his
"You should never take anything
that doesn't agree with you," the physician told Mr. Murks.
"If I had always followd that rule,
Maria," he remarked to his wife,
"where would you be?"���Boston Tra-
Mrs. T. Osborn. Norton Mills, Vt���
writes: "I do not think enough can
be said in praise of Baby's Own Tablets. I am satisfied that our baby
would not have been alive to-day if it
had not been for the Tablets, as 1 e
was so weak and sick that he took no
notice of anything. In this condition
I gave him the Tablets and they have
made him a bright-eyed, laughing ua-
hy, the pride of our home. He is one
year old, has nine teeth, and is now
as we'l ns any baby can be. He sits
and plays nearly all the time and lets
ine do my work without worry. I
would say to all mothers who have
sick babies give them Baby's Own
Tablets as T did mine, nnd you will
have healthy, happy babies." The
Tablets cure all tho minor ailments
of little ones and are absolutely safe.
Sold by a'l medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
"What does become of all the pins?"
cried Mrs. X. as she vainly sought for
one on her dressing table.
"I know, mamma," cried her little
son. who had just begun to study
Lat'n, "They fall to the earth and
become terrapins."���Harper's Wekly.
From October to May, Colds are the
most frequent causes of Headache.
LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE removes cause.   E. W. Grove on box 25c.
It makes some fellows chesty to
think of all the medals coming to
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
"Clarence," said his indulgent rela-
t've," your reckless ways and your
ceaseless requests for money discourage and disgust nie. Have you no
"Nary a one. Aunt Hepsy," replied
her scapegrace nephew, with a scowl.
"Haven't I told you I am on my uppers?"���Chicago Tribune.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���My daughter, 13 years
old, wns thrown from a sleigh and injured her elbow so badly it remained
stiff and very painful for three years.
Four bottles of MINARD'S LINIMENT
completely cured her and she has not
been troubled for two years.
Yours truly,
St. Joseph, P.Q., 18th Aug., 1900.
Both In Use.
Plnnlgnn���Phoy do yez hov ttvo at
thlin thermomyters buugin' fernlnst
the back av yer porch, Flannlgan?
Flaniilgau���Faith, an' tbot do be'in
oldee of me own. Wan av tbim ls to
till how hot It Is, an' tbe other Is to
till bow cold It Is.���Chicago News.
Transportation In New York.
Transportation facilities are more Inadequate today than ut any time ln
New York's history. The flrst omnibuses, put on tbe streets In 1830, came
nearer to accommodating the traveling
public of those days than the great
network of railways do now, for the demand for tra "Rportntion continually
keens ahead of the facilities provided.
"Biggest and Best"
Chewing Tobacco
The General's Significant Statement
After Sailors Creek.
My last official Intercourse with General Lee was on the retreat I was
sent to him with dispatches from President Davis and reached him near midnight of April li uear Klce'e station. I
approached without being challenged
by a Blugle sentinel and found bim
standing near a smoldering fire with
one of his bauds resting on an nni-
julnnce wheel. He was dictating some
order to Colonel Marshall, who sat ln
the ambulance with a lap desk receiving his dictation. As General Lee
spoke he gazed Into the bed of coals
as If weighing every word. There was
no staff or escort about, so far as I
could see. Touching Sailors Creek, he
spoke bitterly aud said In answer to
Mr. Davis' desire to kuow his proposed
line of retreat that It was beyond his
control; tbat he had intended to retreat by tbe Hue of the Danville road,
but had been forced off that route by
tbe arrival of Sheridan ahead of him
j at Burkville; that he was then following the line of thc Soutbside road to
Lynchburg, but tbe euemy was outmarching him aud might force him off;
tbat his (novemeuts were dependent
on the developments of each hour, aud
then he added: "How can I tell? A
few more Sailors Creeks nud It will all
be over���Just where I thought It would
end from thu. beginning." When I flrst
published this statement Its truthfulness was questioned. Fortunately I
afterward saw two of his stall, both
of whom snld they had heard him express himself In the same way. Tbere
may have beeu times when General
Lee, elated by Borne of his surprising
successes, felt hopeful about the triumph of our cause. From the probabilities based on numbers und resources
his judgment may have been wnrped
away now and then by the feeling ha
expressed when, after Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg and
Chancellorsvllle, he said, "No general
ever commanded such troops as those
under me." But his mind was too
mathematical ln Its workings, and all
Its calculations were too habitually
based upon what could be done wltb
a given number of men and a certain
amount of material to make him forget
the vast disparity between the contestants or hope for ultimate triumph.���
John S. Wise In Circle Magazine.
The Same Charaoter as Japan Tea, but
Infinitely More Delicious
His Conclusions on the Evidence of
Ditto and True.
The late Hon. Noah Davis, well
known throughout the country as the
judge who tried and sentenced Boss
Tweed, was justly celebrated ln many
ways. He was of that type of jurist
for which western New York was
famed during the half century following 1850. Orleans county Is proud of
him as one of her noblest and most distinguished sons. He was slightly
above medium height, full habited,
large head, fine, clean cut fnce���indeed,
a striking figure ln any community. He
was a well read 'awyer, an honest,
fair minded Judge, with a keen seuse
of humor nnd withal something of a
writer and poet. The following lines
from his pen, written on the spur of
the moment and in the midst of a trial.
Illustrate the alertness and quality ot
his mind. They are perhaps the best
play upon words of which we have any
record in the English language.
It was at the Niagara circuit In the
early seventies. Judge Davis presided.
An action In ejectment was called.
The dispute was over a party wall or
a division line. It was purely a question for the civil engineer. The division line established and the case was
won. The defendant's attorney, realizing this, called as expert witnesses the
Hon. John A. Ditto, city engineer ot
Buffalo, nnd the Hon. A. tt. True, tbe
engineer who constructed the canta-
lever bridge over Niagara river at the
falls. They were two of the most eminent civil engineers In the state. They
made a survey of the premises and established the division line as contended
for by the defendant and when called
to the witness stand so testified, giving
monuments, courses and distances with
such minute exactness that they could
not be successfully controverted. The
moment True, who followed Ditto ns a
witness, left the stand, Judge Davis
wrete these lines nnd passed them to
the clerk to hand to plaintiff's counsel:
Since True swears ditto to Ditto,
And Ditto swears ditto to True,
If True be true and Ditto be ditto,   .
I think they're too many for you.
-Daniel n. McMillan In Buffalo Truth.
Man and His Sweet Tooth.
"If you want to have that tradition
upset about women only having a
sweet tooth," remarked the stenographer who works downtown, "just go
iuto a quick lunch room occasionally
and watch the meu wbo drink coffee
or chocolate with their midday meals.
I give you my word 1 have seen uot
oue, but many men, put six lumps of
sugar Into their one cup of coffee or
chocolate aud then eat apple pie that
ls fairly covered with powdered sugar."
Makes a Difference.
A girl who used to make all sorts of
fun of those who were poor spellers
Is now receiving three fat letters a
week from a man who can't spell correctly more than forty words altogether. But he bas a big, nice house
and money lu the bank���and that spells
something  to  ber.
An Old Joke.
My Lord Craven, In King James
First's Reign, was very desirous to
see Ben Jonson, which being told to
Ben. he went to my Lord's House; but.
being in n very tntter'd Condition, as
Poets sometimes are. the Porter re-
fus'd him Admittance, with some
saucy Language, which the other did
not fall to return. My Lord, happening to come out while tliey were wrnn
gling. nsked tbe occasion of It. Ben,
wbo stood Iu need of no-body to speak
for him, said, be understood bis Lord
ship desired to see him; you. Friend,
said my Lord, wbo are you? Ben Jonson, reply'd tbe oilier. No. no, quoth
my Lord, you cannot be Ben Jonson
who wrote the Silent Woman, you look
as If you could not sny Bo to a Goose
Bo. cry'd Ben. Very well, said my Lord,
who was better plens'd at tbe Joke
than offended at tbe Affront, I am now
convinced by your Wit, you are Ben
.lensun.���"Joe Miller's Jest Book." ITU!)
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
Perhaps She Did.
"Did your daughter Inherit her talent for drawing?"
"Well, I never thought of It before,
hut It may be that sbe did. One of my
Hi-others ls a dentist"���Chicago Bee*
Naval Efficiency.
In the South African war it was
more than whispered that the delay
in terminating the operations was
due to the jealousies of rival officers.
Millions of money was wasted simply
bacause men in command played for
their separate hands. True, there was
then no crisis of the nation's fate.
Very different would be the case if
our supremacy were challenged at
sea; but in the present temper of thp
navy there is no guarantee that similar pauses might not tend to far more
grievous trouble. Now this iB not
comradeship; it is not discipline; it
la something very like disloyalty.    ,
Bacon���There's one thing I can't understand.
Kgbert���Tell it to me.
"When a couple get married, it is
said they become one. But, again,
they say it takes two to make a quarrel."���Yonkers Statesman.
Bickle's Anti-Consump ve Syrup is
an unparalleled remedy for colds
coughs, influenza, nnd diseases o' the
throat and lungs. The fame of the
medicine rests upon years of successful use fn eradicating these affections, nnd in protecting mankind from
the fatal ravages of consumption,
ar.d as a neglected cold leads to con-
sumpt'on, one cannot be too careful
to fight it in its early stages. Bickle's Syrup is the weapon, use it.
Landlord���Washington once slept
in that bed you occupied last night.
Guest���That's more than I could do.
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed. Deafness
is the result, and unless the inflam-
mat:on can be taken out and this tube
restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by
Catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
Catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.   Send for circu-
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Tnke Hall's Family  Pills for constipation.
A follow generally talks through his
hat when he is fu1' to the brim.
and hides, or tnn them for robes, rugs
or coats. N. W. Hide * Eur Co.,
Cyius (entering a sixteenth-floor office of the Syndicate building, perspir-
inp   and   panl'ng)���By    gum    then
stairs must be sev'ral miles long I
Occupant o{ Office���Why didn't you
come up in one of the elevators there?
Cyrus���Not much? I jes' see one of
'em 'ull o' people fall down that hole
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
What a Caustic Critic of Our Navy
Has to Say About It.
The most Important protection or a
battleship, outside of tbe hull Itself, Is
that given to Its magazines. Never
since the use of powder upon fighting
ships bas there been sucb danger to
tbe magazines as exists lu every battleship and armored cruiser In the
American fleet. It Is n flrst principle,
recognized even In the days of wooden
frigates, that powder must not be
passed directly up to the gun deck
through a vertical shaft. The open
turret of tbe Uulted States battleship
Is the only violation of this principle lu
the practice of the world.
The open turret ls a conical shaft
leading straight down into the hull of
the ship. At the top of .bis shaft the
powder Is loaded luto tbe heavy guu
At Its bottom Is the handling room,
where the powder Is delivered from
the magazine. Around this handling
room aud opening directly Into it are
the magazines.
The guns In the turret are Fred with
charges of smokeless powder. This
powder Is a hard, round substance, of
a composition which looks uot uulllte
celluloid. Its grains���iu the cbnrges
for the heaviest guu���are cylluders
nbout the size of a spool of thread.
These grains of powder when uncon-
flned do not explode if tbey nre set on
fire, but nre consumed like fizzing firecrackers. Now, u.ider present conditions nt least, a certain number of accidents In loading and tiring guns can
be counted on. When these occur the
burning powder grains will fall straight
down Into tbe bundling room. The
charges in Vic bnndllug room will be
set on fire and the whole turret will
be filled at once with a poisonous,
flaming gns that destroys life Immediately and even melts the softer metals. Three times already by a miracle
Amerlcau ships have beeu saved from
the explosion of their magazines be-
jause -at th__, kind of accident���
But He Lacked the Necessary Qualln-
cation and Lost the Job.
"So you have called ln answer to my
advertisement for au office boy, eh?"
asked the head of tbe firm.
"Yes, sir," replied the youth. "You
will lind me a ueat penmau, sir."
"That's what we want."
"And good at figures."
"Aud always on time."
"And always willing to work."   "
"And a rapid messenger, aa I know
my way around the city."
"Aud I'm pretty fair at typewriting
ln case your stenographer gets sick."
"Splendid, my boy���splendid! Now,
are you handy with your fists In a
"In���In a fight, sir?"
"Yes. Can you put it all over a boy
your size If necessary?"
"I���I never figbt, sir."
"But you look like a chap wbo could
give a good account ir! himself ln a
scrimmage. 1 don't want you to go
around looking for trouble, you understand, but If it comes along can you
take care of yourself?"     ,
"It's���it's wicked to fight, sir."
"Hutul Well, we need talk no further, 1 guess," said the head of the
firm with a sign of disappointment.
"You see, Smith, down the.hall, Is cou-
tluunlly bragging about tbe lighting
qualities of his red beaded office boy,
und I'm goiug to get one this time who
cau thrash that lad out of his boots.
Sorry, son, as you seem to be a bright
young fellow. Sure you weren't fooling?"
"Y-yes, sir."
"Well, It's too bad, but I can't have
that old pudding bead blowing all the
time* about the scrapper be has. Take
a look nt bis boy as you go out, and If
you think you enn best bim lu a scrap
come buck nud the Job Is yours."
But the youth never returned.���A. B.
Lewis In Judge.
Keeping Cake Pans From Sticking.
No matter how many devices there
are In tho way of patent cake pnns,
nothing gives more general satisfaction for layer cake than to line the
pans with buttered paper.
it Is a* good Idea to buy 10 cents'
worth of the common yellow wrapping
paper that ls used ln grocery stores,
and some day wben you have a little
extra leisure cut these sheets to fit the
different pans used. Thus some may
be circular, others square or oblong
and a few with a hole In the center for
the Turk's head pans used for fruit or
pound cukes.
Tut these papers carefully away tn
the pantry closet, and they will prove
worth their weight In eggs at present
day prices wben you come to bake
your cakes on a crowded Saturday
Do not grease the pan, only the top
of the paper.
When the cake ls done, then It should
be turned upside down on a cloth and
the paper pulled off as quickly as uue*
Canaries Steamship Pets.
Few and far between are the steamships enteriug the port of Boston that
cannot boast of a canary. No matter
how battered uud rusty the craft may
be, oue is pretty sure to find the canary
somewhere ln tbe rooms of the officers
or crew. Its cage, as a rule, Is a wonderful creation of brass wire and lace,
and the canary himself usually Is a
singer whoso trill and whistle are of
the best. The little songsters appear
to enjoy life on the ocean. Seldom are
they Inconvenienced by the motion of
tbe vessel, and the more the cage
swlugs from Its hook the more they
warble. Sailors will tell you a canary
Is a mascot. Be that us It may, ths
canaries are great pets. Frequently
one may Bee a sailor on the water
frout lugging his bird und cage to
some new berth.
iKHXDKiiiYrs I    5 or SOO
���they are all
Each biscuit
as light as if
made by (airy
Baked to a
golden russet
So fresh,
and crisp, and
tempting, that
just opening the
box is teasing
the appetite.
And   you
find   a   new
delight in every
one you eat.
Yon get perfection
when you get
Sodas   �����
W.   N.    U.    Nc.   679. THK   SLOGAN   MINING  REVIEW.   f-*��W   D��1W��-R.   B. C.
���'     ������        - - ���'*.'���������/   *'l !gB____
Sweet Grass, Ifilmer, Iran, and WUl-
���per Frmctional mineral claims, situate in the Slocan Mining division of
West Kootenay Distiict. Wbeie located: On Goat Mountain north of
Denver S*ilmg.
Take noiice that I, Frank C. Green,
actinjj a-i agent fur George Boulter,
Free Miners Certificate No. JII38H5, in-
trnil flOilay. from lho date hereof lo
apply I'i tlio mining rrtvirdar for certi-
ficeics <>f Improvements, for tbo purpose of ob'air.iug Crown Grants of tbe
above claims.
Anl Wit ber take notic*. tlmt action
under section ;I7, must be commenced
before lhe issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements
Dated this llth day of Jan. A.D. 1908
*���!'��� ](J Nelson, B.C.
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���Loan Stbatiicoxa /nu Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gkouhe A. DatTXKOND.
General Manager���E. S. Clolston.
Branches ln All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
The grand installation of lhe K. ol P.
lodge at Nakusp haa been postponed until Saturday next. It is understood
lhftt lhe New Denver lodge is making
efforts to secure a special train  for that  Mrs. Williams  invites the inhabitants
date, so that a large  influx of Denver     ol^New Jl.nver,  Silverlon,  Slocan
Commencing on flonday,
April 6th.
Slocan flMntno Review.
Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnynunsiNO Rates:
Notices to De'Hnquen. Owners - $12.00
"    for Grown Grants    -   -    7.SO
"       " Purchase of Land    -     7.SO
"      " License to Gut Timber 8.00
All local* will be charged for at the rate
' ol ISc. per line each issue.
.Transient rales  mad
cation.    No root*
known on appli-
for Quacks.
Addrsas all Communications and niakt
Cheques payable to
Editor ami Publisher,
���Make yourself familial with the
.above rates and Save Trouble.
local anO General.
Cily, Samlon and the surrounding  district lo  cnll ami  inspect ber stock  of the
Easter Goods:
Special line in   the latest faehioilS  in
After May 10th, for the summer eta-
son, Nelson's Ding Store will close ut
'7 p.m.
For Lease or Bond���on reasonable
terms���Tlie' Hydrabad group of Tin-
mile, a silver-lead property with ore in
Bight in tunnel. An ther tunnel in on
'lead 85 feet.   Apply J. II. Wereley.
Tlie annual meeting of tho Liberal
association will be lu Id in lho r.ums
'above Nelson's'Drug 'Store on Saturday
Mny Bth at 8 p.m. ALL Liberals are
requested to attend.
Anglican .Services next Sunday, Slay
JOtb, St. Stephen's Church, New Denver.'  Matins J 1.0.    Evensong 7.30.
A very enjoyable dunce was held in
.the Oddfellows' Hall, S.locan, on Monday night, iu honor of Bob Parkinson.
The music was supplied by Northey's
rassengcrs between Kaslo and Sandon
are non* being'conveyed to Whitewater
by train to the foot of the big mudslide,
where tbey transfer t. a handcar, and
are pumped into Sandon.
G od catches of trout are  reported
from Bear L'.ke.
i .-.-..*
Itov. Taj lor failed to put in an appearance on Wednesday as arranged, and
great disappointment wai felt by many
of our farmers desirous, of lnaring his
lecture on "Insect Petts."
The recent big mudslide on tlie K. &
S, w ill hamper shipments ol ore from
the Rniiiblr r-Caiiboo.
The Whitewater mine sbipptd last
V cek, 230 Ions of concentrates.
John Reynolds and Frank Nixon came
i pon a panther whilst out for bear at
I' riy's Siding latl Saturday. It leroci-
! usly attacked both men, biiteveiitunlly
��as beaten back and slain. It is a
inatsive specimen.
What is generally concedtd lo be tho
J ist stand in the Star-White case, made
billions through litigation c rsing halt a
million, will be made at Ottawa at the
p ul of June, before the Supreme court.
Tics case slioulit have bqsn trktl timing
lhe montli, but owing to illness of Chief
Justice Fltzpatrick, it lias been consigned
to the loot of the list.
The civil action Srii/ei* vs. Ayland,
for compensation for personal injuries
sustained whilst employed at the Stand-
anl initio, will be tried at Nelson assizes
JIils week.
All will legist to learn of the very
fcrinus illniss of Mr. Gtorgo Hughes, at
tiie Hotel Pennington, Spokane,
R. J. McPbee is in harness ngain at
tbe Ottawa mine, after an illness Jaet-
ing well nigh a tear.
There is a per.-isicnt rtimor through;
ont the Slocnn that the Nelson Daily
News is about to be p.oduced as a Conservative daily.
Good news from the Jlntindnry has
come over the wins. At Greenwood
tin re ivjll In* woik foi 700 men at lhe
mines and smeller, and Ilie wa-cs paid
will lie from *3.50 to'.-J 10.
Harry Bthnspp, of the well-known
llig II cigar inaiiiifactory, Victoria, was
doing bnsineis among our hotel men
tbis week.
Machinery for the Silverlon Lumber
and Power Co,'a sawmill arrived last
week. Tie cutting will Ire begun In a
few days.
Saturday saw lhe last issue of tbe
Nelson Daiiy Canadian. Sin.ted ostensibly to rebut the f.ilfe pre"8 icporis
emanating from the Grit factory at
Ottawa, it bus iii ii large measure ful-
lilled its mission, and now that tbe
whole fabric is falling it retires with
dignity and covered with gluiy.   Vale,
Stirvevois are at work on land near
Indian Creek, owned by Bruce White
and oth* i". Bruco White relumed lo
Nils ui Wednesday.
J. Ii. Winlaw wns summoned before
Mr. Bull iCk-Wubster ou Monday lust
on a charge of coininiilingan aggravated
assault upon P. Schomberg, and tbe dc-
fcndiint was coiiiinittcd lo staid trial nl
tlio ussi/.cs. At the assiz**s on Wednesday it was allege I Winlaw itrnuk at
Schomberg with a saw be w.ia carrying,
inflict! g a wound ou Ins shoulder, but
it was also sworn by other witnesses
that Winlaw acted in self defenc . Tbe
jury failed to agree and a new trial was
The Ottawa mine will sson be on tl e
Shipping list aeain. Ore baa teen struck
in the lung tunnel.
Wnlyerhairiptjn .Vnnilcnrs" defeated
Newcastle United in the final of the
Engi.h Cup by !> lo 1.
Mai.tin Burrrll will defeat Duncan
Ross by a substantial majority. roth
nre stiong men, 1 ut Martin is tlie
s trouper. Many of Dnncan Ross's hitherto most ardent suppurteis have already
thrown up the sponge. It's dollars lo
J* ughiiiits that Martin Burrell and Ihe
Conservativenominee for Wist Kootenay will go hiiiid-iu-liand lo Ottawa.
R Parkinson, who for the past year
has officiated as bend steward on Ihe sir
" Slocan," lias been transferred to the
".Kootenaj* " on Arrow Lake.
The big drive from tlie Hunter camp
to the new sawmill lias begun.
The Nelson News has changed hands.
F. J. Deane, who for six yenrs hns
wielded tlie pen and he'd the reins of
management, haa leliiiqui.lied both to
W. McMorris, whoso long association
wilh tbe paper and practical experience
in the profession nssmes a continuance
of tbe hiirh standard maintained by its
late editor. All members of the fourth
estate will deplore Mr. Di-ane's departure frcm the journalistic Held, and
thousands of readers of t! c Daily News
will keenly feel the Iocs. In whatever
sphere he embarks, may good luck doj;
bis fool steps.
Postmaster Schomberg, of Perry's
S ding, was foun 1 upon the railway
platform list Saturday n a' battered
condition. It is said tbo old fellow had
an a't��rcalion with a young man, who
cruelly belaboured hiin, and left bim
half dead. Mr. Schomberg is seriously
ill in consequence of the bunt.
Tlie aeiated water trade of tho Halcyon HotSpringssanitarium isassmnicg
great dimension... Scarcely a day passes
bul that fifty cases of tlrs celebrated
lithia and soda water is shipped to various p n'nts of (lie provinc*.
D. St. Denis, manager of the Onlario-
Slocan Lumber Company, was in town
Mrs. Jenkins, wife of lhe station agent
at Silverlon, end Miss Annie Spencer,
were i n town Wednesday.
Robt. Cunning and J. A. McKinnon
left on Monday's train, lbe former for
Victoria and the latter for Vernon.
Frank D. Lindsay, who for the past
Iwo years bas occupied a position on the
staff of the local biancli of the Bank of
Montreal, has been promoted to the
branch at New Westminster, nnd be
will leave iu a few dnys. Frank b.is
conic lo be looked upon as nn instil ulinii
here, and bis loss will be sorely felt in
athletic and social olrclis. He cariics
with bim lbe good wishes if a huge circle of friends. His place will bu filled
by R. P. Baker, of New Westminster,
There will bo a dunce cn Friday night
In ths 11> sun Hall iu honor of Frank
LIMdsay.   All invited.
Jno. McKnsltill came down from
Co ly Ibis morning and reports three
feet of snow in that burg. Mr. Mc-
ICaskill haa been in hospital at Vancouver several months, but be is looking
bale and hearty now.
Tho Goodenough mine is about to be
reopened. J. A. Whiltisr alar led eight
men this' week.
A mudslide came down Hie Slar gulch
one day Ihi.t week and tore nwny about
76 fret of Ihe Electric Light Co'e pipe.
Sandon was in darkness several nights.
Also a large*range of ladies' and children's ready-to-wear just arrived.
and Arrow I end brethren may I e looked
for.   Tbe newly constructed  K.  ol P.
ball, wliich is a credit lo the  town, has
been secured through the enterprise of
Messrs.   L.   F.  McDougald and Julius
Dugald.   The lodge furniture was laid  millineiy, Hats, etc.
down by the St unlaid Furniture Co. of
The Nakusp Dramatic So icly ia such
a strong organization, financially and
numerically, that the members aie contemplating lhe inauguration of a fraternal benefit society in connection. It
has been arranged to bold a picnic under
the aus|iic"a of tlie club on Monday,
May 25th, but if the directors of lho
New Denver Celebration make arrangements for a special train on that date,
il ia confidently anticipated that the
dramatic society will cane 1 iis picnic
and follow the crowd to the Liiceine,
We are pleased to nolo that the Celebration ciiminitlee.has decided to hold a
rjad race. Wo would have liked to
have seen Ibis agreed upon several
weeks earlier, as many of our athletes
would thus have had more time in
which to become ti*. However, we
propln sy a goo I lineup of c impetltors,
A haud.omu t'opby is being put up by
the committee, and it haa been decided
lo stmt lhe raie nt tlie Silverlon wharf,
ihe (inlfch lo lake place at the recreation
grniinds at New DeilVti*. Now, vo
bu tiling aspirants to Marathon honors,
Hull cr up and Blurt training.
f|     Tired Feeling that Spring     !j
if Brings?
J? Energy all gone?     No appetite?     Blood thin and watery?
tf. Nerves unstrung?     Generally under the weather?
If Scott's Iron Tonic Pills
��* ,
They will BRACE YOU UP and
put you  in   FIGHTING   TRIM.
PRICE   50c.
6   for    $2.50.
P      ill
Bosun Hall Stores
Crown Gasolene, 74 gravity, 4.65 a case
3 ('ans Tomatoes, 55c.
Brier Tobacco Plug, 10c.
Choice Creamery Butter, 3Rc.
12 Bars Eclipse Soap, 45c.
2011* Sack Granulated Sugar, 1.20
McDonald's P.W. Chewing Tobacco,
10-1. per plug.
Reindeer Milk, 13 Cans, 2.00
No. 1 Tetley's Tea, 31b Caddy, 1.20
We are out to give you Bargains in
anything. We carry for Spot Cash.
We keep everything���Boots and !-hoes,
Groceries, Watches, Clocks, Dry Goods,
Drugs, etc.
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game aud
Fish lu season,
Hermann Clever
*? ���������+
Empress Fractional  mineral claim, at
uala in Hit Slocan Cily Mining Div-
Ulon   of   West   Kootenay    Dlatrfot.
Where located :   On tho'oittb nide ol
Ten-mill) crack and adjoins the Enterprise and Mabou mineral cliiiim.
Tako notico thnt I, Robert Ira Kirkwood,   Fire   Minor's   Certificate   No.
Bl)5,?!ir>, intend 00 days  Irom lho   data
hereof, to apply to lhe Mining Recorder
for a Cei tlficate of Improvement",   for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Giant
of Hie abovo claim.
And fiii'thor take notice Ihat action,
under s ctinn 1)7,   must be   coininenctd
beforo  tho issuance of such  Certiflcato
of Improvements,
Daled tins 27th dny of Jan., A.D. 1008
profesfl.onal (Tnrba.
We  ltgrcl lo  report the serious
11.3J 'if Mi*.j. J. B  S.nilh,
Slocan Land D:i-ti id���District of
West  Ki.oleiiay.
Take notice Ihat  Francis  Woodbury
Spirouei*, of Nehon,   B.C.,   Real  estulo
agent) intends to apply I'm* permission
to purchase the followiii(*desoribed lnnd.
Commencing al a post planted nt the
noil h-casl corner of Lot 8774, Group]
Kout'-iiay, tbence soutli 20chains, tlience
east, 20 cliains, Ihe.co north 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 10 acres
mure or less.
William Henry Coiirleliay, agent.
Dealer in Minon, Mineral Prospects,
fruit %m��>8 anb
(general TRcal Estate
Preliminary examinations of I'rop-
eity   for pn-apective  piirchiuurs a
12 years experience in tlie Slocan, All
business   promptly   al tended tu ai.d
satisfaction guaiiiiitei d.
P.O. Box 112, Silverton, B.C.
Jeweller and
Lat* with J. O. Patenauda, Nalton.
Repairs to Brooches, Plna, etc. in Gold
or Load Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail ordara.
Selling Off Kootenay Hotel
Samlon, B.C.
Owing to ill health I am  obliged to
close my businefs.   Altertbu 1(1.h
All Goods Sold at a Reduction
A .hare of you, patronag. i, solicited. ^tJg^^aftffS^
Mrs-   Matheson,
the  Kootonay  and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail ar your
own favoriU lotion.
No froat h.ra. Two shifts always.
Take Notice Unit I,.li sue T. Tipping of
Slocan Cityi B.C., occupation, miner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following tisst'i ihe.I lands :
Commencing at e. post planted about
une and a half iniie soutli east of Sloran
Cite, B.C!.. near the noith boundary of
W. C. E. Koch's land, thence norlh 60
clmins, ibeuco inst till chains, thenco
fouth (10 chains, tlience wei-tliO chaine
nnd containin*. 800 acres more ir leis
Slocan Citv, B.C. March 2nd. 1908.
Zhc Slocan ft)otd
Gbree fothe,
Headquarter* for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Har and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
fiat Hotel
Slocan City,  *  B.C.
Headquarters and home
of the old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
���wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
f. re. (Br(ffiti)
Take notice that Piank Provost, of
Slocan City, B.C., miner, intends to
upply for permission to purchase thu
folio Winn des *i ibed land. Commencing
at a post planted nt the mouth of the
First North Fork of Lemon Creek, run-
niii|�� norlh 40 chains, Ihence West R0
chains, Ihence bouiIi 40 i liains moio oils a, lo Lemon Creek, tlience east 80
chains following Lemon Cieek lo place
of commencement.
Dated thiB 8th day of April, 1008.
Shall I send my next washing?
There    is   only   one    first clnsn
Laundry in thu Kootenay, and that
Kootenay Steam Laundry
ol Nelson, B.C.
Oct pi-ice   list  from J- E.   Angrignon
Local Agent.
Fumriili osndti.ttd on Short
uotl.i at an; point In tlio (III.
trltt.   Shell! niii**)'! In nock.
HDriDcXean, dInvhr
Hotel Rosebery
IRoseberv,��. <3.
Well ftiri.isliod looms.
Firtt-claii   Cuisine.
Bhalf    and   H_a**r   Hardwara,   Min
Smelter and Will Supplies.
Denver Lodge No. Tl
PC. of _F\
Meets In Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY craning at
8 o'clalik.
Summer Excursion Hales
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO   $72.50
NEW YORK    .108.50
MONTREAL ?108.50
f-T. LOUIS $67.60
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA $L03.fi0
ST. JOHN,  NR $137.50
SYDNEY, C.B $14190
Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,
Juno 5, 6, 19, antl 20, July 0, 7,
12, and 23, and August 6, 7, 21,
and 22, 1008.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
Ron wss���-Tickets are good via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To tics!inations east
of Chicago are gocd via Great
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
John* Mok, D,P A , Nelson, B.C.
C. E. Mcl'uiiiiso.v, G.P.A.,
\t inni| eg, Man.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied rejpilarly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor,
bcturt actpt. polllhM, (lavonng qj.u_.cw. pet-
f-imco, toilet citicJc-a. medicir.et, balfin-** ;������.���.-
dci*4 rIvm. liniments, itock an-tJ poultry rem-
cdio*. houiehcld ipeci&ltics and novelties in
your own home at tmtll cOf t. Mixer* Guide is
��� paper devoted to the busincu, tiiree month*
ten! aubrKription for 10c; csnple free
ftOX&RS QUIDS. Fort Maducn. Ion.     -I*********-*
Ladies' Dress 10c
Silk Blouss or Ball
Gown 60c
Towela, handerchiefB, petticoats, Bocks, etc GOo doz.
Working: men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 16c.
Special attantion to shipping* orders.
Ohio Miner.*] claim, eilnato in tlie
Slocan Ci'y miiing division of
West ICoitonay iiiiirict. Where
located: On the south fide of Ten
Mde oieelc nioie the Enterprise
Mine, and adjoins the Mabou Mineral claim ,
Tuke notice that I, Robert Ira Kirk-
wood, lice Miner's Cuililicuio No.
B95.785, for myself nnd ng��nt for
Irank A. Wei's, Free Minns Cerlili***
cnlc No. 5004, Intend (10 ilnya from. Hid
t.atti ht-ieof, lo apply lo Ihu Mining H_-
eor.lcr (oaa C( niiicu'e nf Improyeuienti
f**r the pm-piso of obtaining a Croitn
(ii.nit of iho above clulin.
And further lnke noiico (lint action,
under .ecllon 37, muat.hu commenoed
beforo lhe iss'iaiieo of such Certificate
nf linpr.ivoiii' nl*.
Dated this 27th *lny of .Inn., A.D.   1908
Mabou  iniiier.il cliini. situate In  the
Slocan City inning division of Weil
Kootenay dlstrluf.     Who re looatsd 1
On the   ..mill sidei.f  Ton   Mile Creek
abovo ihu Enterprise mine about 60
Wet from the *>ves:brly end line 0f th*
EulerprisB mineral claim.
Take noiico that I, Robert Ira Kirk*,
wood.    Free    Minors    Certilicate   No.
B .5,785 for myco f, aud agent for  Duncan A*. Grant,  Kreo Miner'.   Certificate
No.   114809,   intiml  00  dnys   from  111*
i ate horeuf, to apply to thu Mining Ho-
cniler  for a    Oi tifl.ato   of Improve-
liirnt.", for the pmpo.e  nl   iilit.liilng  a
Crown (J*rant of iho above claim.
Ami furl hoi lnke notice thnt ac'lon
under reel ion 37, must bu commenced
la*rare the Isstiancj of such Certificate
of Irnp'O.oinieiils
Daled this 27 th ilay of Jan   AD   1808
.mine   nn.1   Great   Western   Mineral
C/Ininis,  fitu.ae  in  ilia  f_| icati  City
mining  Division of Hint   rCodlohaV
Hiatrct. Wlu're     Ho��t��tl*i      On*"
Sprin/ei Creek abenf Imlf miloaboYe
tlio Aillilaton Sawmill a: the acooni
C'oss'ng of Spring.-*!' Creeki
Tako notice Ihat I, Robeitlrft Kirk-
wood. Free   Minor's   Certificate   No.
B95785, intrnd, 00:thi.*s from lhe dat*
hereof, lo apply to the Mining Recorder
fora Certificate of Improvements, for
thn purpose of obtaining a Crown (Irani
of tlie* niiovs claim,
And further tnke notico that action,
under  section 87, must be commenced
Ufom the issuance of su-li Curiiflctt* ef
Datod Ibis 1st day of Fo'i., A.D. 1808
THOMPSON BROS. Props.     ���
Slocnn Lind District���District of
West Koiitciiny.
Tako noiico  tbat  .7.   C-oir,   Slocan,
B.C., miner, intends t*i apply for  per*
mi'sion t*i purchase the following d��s-
crib.tl  hinds.    Commencing at a po��t
running north 250 feet lo thu suntli-we.fi
corner  of Block 7101,  thonce east 80
chains, Ihence  south  00 chains to the
rin r more or less to the we.-t, 80 ohains
following therivi i* to point uf commencement.    Locate! April llth, 1008.
Jel8 J. CROW.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Tabl*.
Par well Stocked.
nver IfUmber Co.
Manufacturers of Piue Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir aud Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake
L, 8CAIA, Proprietor
PI Box 20.
���^ggl I m >*l|_|flll-��.*<H|_l||->���lii   -J I ������ jj 'Mi ,]
Is lhe Home fur all Mining Men when at lho famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Coy Rooms and first-class table.    Sample Rooms.
1 will make your stay with me a pleasant one.
D. Grant, Prop���=SILVERTON, B.C.
To N. W. Fussier mid 13. V. Rl-don,
or to any other person to whom tbey,
or ritl or of them, mny have Iraiis-
ftiried their iiitcre* t, or any part thereof, in the "Tiauavaal" mineral clulin,
(Itunied on T-n-niilo Creole, in the filo-
tnn City mining division of tbe Went
Kootenay dl-trlct ol the province of
Iliilisb Columbia, and recunled in the
Mining reoordnrs ollice at Hlucan,   B.C
Yon, and each of yon are hereby [not-
ill.-il limt I hnve cxpendi d lhe sum of
tno bundled anl live ilollais ($?05.00)
in payment in lien of work and recording fors upon the nlioro nnmtiil minora
rhiii.i ill order to hold the enme under
tl;e provisions of secti in 24 cf thu mineral sot; and that If within 90 days from
ih* tint* of thi* notice, you fail or refuse
to c mtrihuti) your proportion ol tlie
aforesaid oxpendiiiiie, fur the two
yens cinling this 1st of August, .'007,
together with al costs of advertising
your interest In tho saitl claim wil' lio-
coilio vi'Sleil in ihe nn 'er*igno.*I, tinilor
��o*t;on 4 of lhe minoriil act, Amund-
ini'iit net, 1900.
D.iteil at Slocan,  B.C, thia 80th day
of January, A.D., 1908.
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
'.'. TRY
i: The Crown Tailoring
il  Co., Toronto, Ont.
: [ For Spring an 1 iii:iinier SillJ
Best S imples Ever Shown
in  B.C.
See tbem at the Licvn*
Shaving Parlor,
Talte notice that M. Piovost, of Ontario, farmer, intends to apply for por-
mlsnon to purchaso thu following ilcs-
cribetl lands, Commencing nt n post
ninn'iig nortli 30 cliaini, thenoe cast -10
chainp, thenco souih :."*��� ohains more
or less to tho liver thence west 40 chains
following thn rivor lopoinlof coinmence-
'Lic'atod April llth, 1808.
Jel8 F. Provost, Agent.
Take notice ihntNels Legrml, farmer,
intend'tu apply for permission lo ]uir-
chasu the following de eribed lnnd:
C.imnicnciiig nt this post minting north
20 chains, thince West 40 chains, tin nee
a uilli 20 clmins more or less lo tho liver
tlience east -10 chains following lho
river lo point of comiiieiicciuciit.
Locale I April lllh, 1908.
F. Provostj, Ager,t
Eva Frnrt'onal nnd llillsiile mineral
claims, siiuao in the Slocnn Mining
Division of West Kootenay Distiict.
Where located: Sjuth-east of Sandon.
Take notice that I, Herbert T. Twigg,
a�� agoutfbr iho Byron N. White Coin-
pinr, (foreign), Fioe Miner's Certificate No. B9G043, inloiid, **i.tty days
from tiie title hereof to npply lo tho
Mliiln*; Rcconler for Ceititicalea o{
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Ciown Urania of each of the
abovo claim's.
And fmther lake notice that action,
under section 87, miint bo commenced
biforo the issuance of such Certilicate*
of Improvements,
Dated this "7111 tiny of Fob. A.D. 1908
Rlvtrai.l*, Autumn, Alam*il��, Treamre
and Lail-y Krao!ion mineral cluinn,
��� itiia'.e in tlu Sin an City mining
division of Wait Eooteilay Dislrict.
Whor* located.l On tlie divide b��
twi'dn Ten-iui'e ami Springer creeks,
nenr the head of Springer creeks,
Tuke notice thatl, Robert Ira Kirk-
weml, Free Miners Certificate N>, i)05,-
785, intt'iirl 00 dnys fiom the date hereof, to apply to tin Mining Reorder for
Certificnles of Improvement", fur tlie
purpose of obtaining Ciown Grant of
the nhure claims.
Ami further lake notice that action,
under seciun 87, mint he commenced
ht'or* the issuance of such   C��rt'fic.��i*��
of Improvement*.
Datod this lot day of  Feh.,A.D. 190*1
Slogan Land District���District of
West Kuotenay..
Tnke notice that C. Provost of Ontario, farmer, in 00 da.'s f'om tlnto. in-
tcmls to apply th ihe chief commisioner
of Luils mill Works for permission to
purchase tbo following described land:
Ctimiheu'clng at n post plantoil 800 feet
Himtli nf thu south ��eit earner of Rlock
7161 running nor b 01 clmins, west 60
c'*ains, south 10 chains, east 00 chains
foil iwing the river to pointof commencement.
Located April llth, 1908.
Jel8 F. Provost, Agent.
Take notice Hint. J. J. Atherlon, of
New Denver, RC, printer, intends to
apply fur permission to purchase tlie
fol lowing described land, Commencing,
at a post planted on ihe south aide of
Irciniin Creek, nlioiil. tme hundred and
fifty feet south-west of the mouth of
the liiist north fiit'k uf Lemon creek,
running south 20 chnins, thence west
40 clmins, tbt'iice noith 20 chains, it)
Lemon crrek, thence cast 40 chaine
fiilluwiin. Lemon Creek to plnce of com-.
Dated this Stb day of April, 1908.


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