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Slocan Mining Review 1908-08-27

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averted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
| Fruit   growing   Area  m   the
fertile Slocan \ alley.
ixtbL.-'M-ZKZ&xztazu. a-! *����������� **
Priut'ed ia New Denver, tlie
i'eauty Spot of the Continent
aud the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District ou Earth.
���__sx*********y,jo..* eamAawaaawao
���  .ilhi..* ~*"- atawaeaawaan ���**--***-**���*'-: . * .__.,_>
fi^D^ER, British Colnmbfa^^^^^l^L^
Single Copies 5c.
Friendly contests of skill and intelli
gence are always in vlgoiatlng among a
people who live by  competition and
rivalry in business nnd profession,   All
people glory  in contests among  themselves, and in  matching  the'r  powers
wiih each other for the sport there is
in  it,  nml for mutual benefit.     Such
contests bring out the best  there  is in
people, and educate (hem to a standard
of excellence difficult to obtain by any
other means,
Tliis friendly rivalry may he Btatcd
ns one of tlie leading objects of the Kelson li nit fair.    It. is not confined lo individuals  and  local  distiict only,  but
embraces nil the well known  fruit and
vegetable a* eas of the province.    Each
and all are invited  to compete lor  the
very liberal prizes off* red,  whether  it
be as individuals or as a cpmmuiii'Y���
or both.   As well nc the opportunity of
contest,  tbe'o   is afforded the better
opportunity of viewing ' the other fcl-
lows" exhibit, und profiting by the interchange in id as mv! methods of eul-
t in 0
The following letter from the mana-j
girof tiie recent Dominion Exhibition
held at Calgary, should be made a
special note ot by fruit growers and
others in the Slocan and efforts made
for tho district to be well represented
nt tlie next Dominion .Exhibition,
August 7th, 1008.
Deah Shi,
The buccpss whicli wns made oi lln
d'splay of district exhibits nt the Do-
were obtained  were conducted in two  minion Exhibtti-in hns been the man;
1     ,       n*i     .���,.������,.    t  iu,.  .*nn,.i,  of the   directors  dee'ding  to continue.
orchards.    Tho  purpose of the  woik ,,���,   -igt|.jct ,?.*L,nL (l,Ullre  al fuUn.e
was to demonstrate the  proper method  Oulgury exhibit! ms,
Ii is  lbs Intention of the. directors t
The Nebraska Experiment Station
tins just i sued Bulletin No. 100, entitled "Does it Pay to Spray Nebraska
Apple Orchards?" Ti.e Bulletin contains mue/h information of value tc
Canadian fruit growers.
The spraying operations from whicli
the records published  in  the bulletin
WM LECTURE IN ENGLA1I spatane Intecstate Fair.
of spraying spplis, and to determine
whether, under tho conditions existing
in N.b*a**kii, it pays to spray. The materials u*ed were Bordeaux mixture
and Paris gieen in ihe first tines spray
devote as large or lamer .buiu nf money
lu this pint otliie exhibition in luOii,
than at tin* Dominion Exhibition,
From the expressions of opinion of the
district exhibitors this year, the directors believe that this fetiliire resulted in
a very gr nt deal   of good  to   each   dis-
Ing_. andarssnalepl lead alone in ths| M$W�����* ^g'^ttthtap
' '-���-���t*--'**',^^
Bulged in all  the  y
���re  boating anu *���.,._-..,..��� , .
round, an uninterrupted view of the
gS& Glacder and iff gj^Stfe-^iWfl
times from the veranda. . -**-001,Tia'6__r���, T������,-iuis.    Acnly to
by wire,
veranaa.    nuuiuo, ��,..._.	
Gasoline launcli at diepo3al of Tourists.    Apply to
Mr. Ganalt left   tor  Slocan   City on
ends   in
____,.,.---- ^ mi*, uarruii, mu   >��������   	
���.^������������t************** l|WedniMd*lT,  alt*  visiting  W
|   xocalattib General.   * I"- �����
Wiih this issue the "Review
on its third year ot  publication, ami
While it may be argued that tlie Nelson fruit fair is limited in is use'ulness
to n particular section only, thc fact remains thrt it attracts exhibitors fiom
I the provinces east of the Rockies and
I from south of iha international bounds* y line, and Ihii yenr tlie competitors
from those points will be greater in
number than heretofore.
As an educational feature, the fair,
no matter wlitie held, has  always been
acknowledged lo bo   superior  to any
other.    Much  of the success attendant
on Ihe efforts oi the Nelson Association
hns been dun to thu fact.    Scores of I
p:opie iiave profited by  the knowledge *
gained,  a-d   insight obtained  into thc
proper methods of fruit and vegetable
cullmo, iiii*l the prepaiing of ihe products  for  ma'ket,   as   exemplified  nt
past fiuit fairs in Nelson.    And  it is ;
safe to presume ns the institution advances,   many scores more will bo educated along  these lines,  and  will  be
thankful for lhe opportunities  afforded
to gain valuable information suited to
their needs.
Header, remember lhe sixth  annual
Helton frnii 'air, to  be held at Nelson
last two Bptnying8.
The cost o! spraying In one orchard
wns about 29 cenU per tree for four
sprayings, and in tho other orchard
about 10 cunts per tree for live syray-
ings. . Syrnying produced a net gain!
per tree abovo tlie coat of spraying of
$e.T0 in ono orcluid, and sfi.Bti In tlie
other orchard. It increased thu yield
of fruit by 17 bushels per tree in one
orchard, and by 2\ bushels per tree in
the second orchard, The Improvement
in quality of fiuit was n'.so very noticeable. In one orchard the sprayed irces
produced about 45 po*.* cent, of No. 1
fruit whilo lhe unspvayed treQs gave
only 4 per cent, of No. 1 fiuit. In Ihe
other orchard ubout 02 per cent, of the
crop on the sprayed trees waa fiast-class
fruit, whilo only about 22 per cent, oi
'lie crop on unsprayed trees was first
nun 11',M, ,*..- ,.   ,....	
to having all the visito s actually look
over each distiict. The district exhibits were very much appreciated by the
public, mon,* ol whom were of the op
inion thnt this was one nf the most in- by this enterprise,
teres'ini and and instinctive part of
the oxhltiition,
The directors hope that your organization w.II h*. prepared to make a dislrict exhibit at tho 1900 Calgary Industrial Exhibition, and I trust tl int. yon
will arrive lit an eaily decision ill lbe
matter, so that vou will have tlie
best possible opportunity of Collecting
and preserving irrains grasses anl other
articles. 1 mould be glad if yon would
tiling this matter up at your lirst. meeting, nnd endeavor to have the decision
arrived at.
Yours trulv.
E. L. ltu'ii.uuisoN,
Missionary Paynes ia shortly leaving
for England tor the purpose of delivering a conrEe of bctures throughout the
United Kingdom on "British Columbia,"
with the hope of inducing young men
witli capital to venture out to develop],
mines and to cultivate land. He hopes
ulso to prevail upon respectable domesticated young women to come cut, ns
there nre excellent facilities offered to
botli sexes for tbe right class of people.
It is hoped that New Denver and
surrounding camps may greatly   benefit
jSiitb annual . ;
People nre asking���
When that tiip lo the glacier is going to tnke place, and whether tlie Cnn-
iiliiin Alpine Club are going to be
invited f
How many exhibits the  Slocan  are
showing ut the Nelson Fruit. Fair 1
Whether New Denver nre goiug to
hold a Fall Fruit Fair ?
When tlie Anglican church is going to
be leopeucd ?
Whether Slocan Cily aio going to
celebrate on Labor Day ?
When our streols are going to be
oleared of the rocks and stones ?
Mr. Baynes explained his scheme be
fore tlie   Committee of tbo Town Im
provenient Society on Wednesdny even
ing ami said it was bis intention to givo
a series oi lectures, illustrated witli l.in-_
tern slides.   He has communicated v.ill*
a numbsr  of   clergymen   throughout
England ami lias received replies  offering the free use of their schoolrooms for
the lectures,   to   which   ho   purposes
charging for admission, himself bearing
nil other expenses.   A largo number of
lantern   slides   and  photographs  have
been   received   from   various   parts of
Hiilish  Columbia,   but   more  are still
reipiired, and at the suggestion  of the
committee  it was decided lo ask anyone who may have negatives or photo*
graphs in their possession of any scene
allowing  either   fruit lam's,   mines, or
other objects nf interest in tho province,
to please communicate with Mr. ISaynes,
wlio   will   thankfully   acknowledge thc
receipt of any of the abovo  and  restore
thcirjjo lho owners on his  return  from
Mow Denver,
What about
celebrating  on   Labor
It's time someone *cota move on.
61lt01a ' Shnll wo nam,* Bloean City?
T. H. Wilson, o' Silveiton, isexpected
���S'lto occasion we take the opportun-. ^-^   ^^   ^ &  ^.^   ,��� UlL,
tanity of thanking our subscribers and-
4 DAYS 4
Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday,
Sept. 23, 24, 25,  26,   1908.
on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday anil j
Saturday, Scptembor 23, 84, 25 and 26,1
Four solid days ot sightseeing, education |
and amusement, Thia year will surpass all previous fairs in every line
and you cannot afford lo miss it.
Wedding Bells.
advertiseis for their support during the
past two yearn, and at tbe tame timu to
give a. flat dcnuil lo the report, circulated
by   some  mischievous  guy
-aiiBlness has changed  hands.    These|office Qf-tieasurer
rumors are invented  with tlie obvious
intention oi doing us an injury, and the
smart Aleck who is tlie originator ot (lie
lie nsids lo have his cars trimmed and
bis tongue manicured, with  a ducking
in the hike to cool bim off and to  cure
him of his mischief-making proclivities.
The schools ie-opeiie.l  on  Monday,
and the Union Jack wns  hoisted while
thc children were drawn up in line nnd
Bang "Gud Save tlie King."
Tlie annual sh .ot between Slocan and
New Denver was brought off at New
D.nver on Tuesday  and   resulted  in
Mr. Gilford will conduct public  wor-
Vukou territory. allip ������ tlu, Methodistcburchon Sabbath
The membership of the newly formed evening next.   Mrs. Sidney   Biockman
tenuis club numbers abuut twenty,  in-  will sing at the service,
that the j eluding six ladies.  R. P, Baker fills the     Several cases of sickness,   suid  to be !
caused  through eating ice-cream, have I
occurred during the past week, I
Frc-i Entertainments Drdly      [
Thbbb IIousi! Hacks Daily t
Fouii-Day Relay Horsb Race j
Eagles Day. Thursday,  September
*_*llh.    Children's D iv, Friday,
September 26th.
Excursion  Rates  on all Transportation Lines.
For further information or Priz*!
List, write���
D. C. MoMobris, Secy.,
Box 95, Nelson, B.C.
For the Canadian National Exhibition
In be held at Toronto, August 2*91h to
Se] tcniber 14th, the Canadian Paciflu
Railway will have in effect, spi ciul lonnil
trip rates. F,i* fill information ns to
rates, dates of side, limits, etc., apply
io tlie nearest O. P. R, ticket agent.
Silverton Stems.
Work is progressing favourably at tlie
mines und shipments arc going steadily
forward, notwithstanding the low price
of metals. Al the Fisher Maiden high
grade ore is being sacked daily and this
mine will again be on the shipp'tig list
in a tow days.   A new strike was rtcent-i
lv made in the Nu. 0 tunnel at the Hew-   Scotland, and came to 1 ids country Eome
it mine, apparently larger" and richer' .. __  ... ,,���
than any oi  the rich  shoots   hitherto
A very happy event took place in thu
parlour of D. Brandon's hotel, nt Silver-
ton, on Tueslay, when Mr. William
Edward Philpot*, formerly of West
Grimtt.nd, Ki s ox, I n *,l;*nd, waa mil e 1
in mauiago to Mb*s Annie Wilson Sim.
Miss   Sim   is   a   native  of   Hamilton,
Harry II. Collier, who has had charge
of the poultry sho v at. ti.e Spokane
Fair for the past two years, is a candidate for the democratic nomination for
lieutenant governor. Mr. Collier has
pulled off two successful poultry shows
in Spokane, and he will again be iii
cha'go of the show this fall.
For  14  years  Mr,    Collier and  Ilie
poultry show at. lhe Washington State
Fair lias been synonymous.    Besides
thc   fall  fairs Mr.   Collier judges   the
leading poultiy shosis of Washington,
Id ii ho, and Briibh Columbia, and for
lhe la t ten  years, including last  fnl1,
placid the awards at the Cottage Grove,
Oregon, show.   He was in charge ol lho
Washington exhibit of  poultry nt tho
Lewis nnd  Clark  fair for  lliostite of
Washington in 1905, and he placed tlie
awards on many oi the lending varieties
at tlie bin P *i*lhind rbow.     Recently nt
n meeting .*f the Washington-Alaska-
Yukon  Fair,  Mr. Collier wus commissioned to get up tho Washington exhibit
tor the big Seattle Fuir next year.
In business Mr. Collier lias always
been a newspaper man. lie established
the Pacific PouHiyraan ill 18%and ran
the same for ten years. In 1!)01 ho established Ihe Sun-Dciuncrnt. which he
published al Tacorna for two yenrs.
Writing t. Robt. II. Cosgrove, Secretary of the Spokane Fair, lie nays
that he is now paying more attention
to thc fall fairs than to politics, and
from all indications ho will give Spokane tlie largest and be3t diaply of poultry ever gathered together in tlie Northwest,
Mr. Collier is now sending obt premium lists nnd entry blanks to 5000
chicken men in the slate, and ho would
like to hear from nil of the poultrymen
who have never before show nt tlie fairs.
Tlio poultry exhibit this year will bo
placed In the former spaco devoted to
the bar at the Spokane Fair in previous
years. There will be no sale of liquors
on tbo fair grounds this year nnd the
show will occupy space under tho big
J. C Cavan, tlie Silverton fieighier,
recently pnrclins d tlio McDonald properly on Second street, and is putting a
force of carpenters to work refitting ihe
barn, which lie will require ia order to
Two more carloads of water pipe from
the. Vancouver Iron Works have arrived
for the Vancouver mine.
The local real estate man is being kept
busy just now. There is a big demand
for dwelling houses and several old one*-*
are being refitted for immediate use.
Provincial constable J. T. Black has
been summoned to Midway to assist in
the investigation of the recent shooting
outragiB, perpetiate.l in that district,
by a gang of masked desperadoes,
Jos. MePhee was the victim of a nasty
accident at the Silver Bell on Wednes
day, severely lacerating his big toe and
smashing the bone with nn axe, While
chopping wood. He wns brought duwn
to lhe New Denver hospital, where Dr.
Bl'oitse made the necessary repairs.
The   friends   and   lady  admirer.' of
Clarence Vallanoa assembled at a dance
,  ....      ��� ,     ,,,, ou Tuesday evening to bid hlm au I'Gvolr
victory  for Slocan  of .18 points,   ���������*����� and wish hlm success on his departuro
scores being 4flH and 4.r*5 respectively, for Spokane.
highest individual score was made     Clarence Vallance left on Wednesday
���*.    fn>* Snokiine. where lie is to sillily  elec-
Ile carries with bim
U'UlCUee,    .tu,aij_v ��*���-.   **  .
.,, I for Spokane, where he ib to study eie.
bv A Thompson, of New Denver, with I ���'<.* h> .������- .t..,.���,,i,.��� .in, 1,1,
1 y ....       _-.i.���
anagg.ogateof84. Tho wot hor con-
dltion8 Wero the reverse ol pleasant, a
Btrong wind blowing during the whole
of tlie contest an
tric.it engineering.
.    . 11, in*.
,d was accompanied oy i )lAHt ������
at   intervals,
t e good  wishes of  his .many   friends
for his succcs.
George Still well who has been  nn  in-
inato ol the Slocnn hospital  dminu; the
_ht, is  now  reported  to  be
progressing vervjavorably towards recovery.
The season for blue grons" opens on
September 1st, for goat, deer, cariboo
and wild duck on Hie 15;h, and for
willow grouse ou Ihe 80th.
Miss Barclay, of Spokane, returned
heme, Thursday, after visiting friends
Miss McVicar returned from  Nelson
where Bhe lias been spending tbo summer Vacation, om Saturday Inst, in lime
f. r the re-opening of the school.
II. U. Stovcnson commenced hie  <hi-
hcavy  showers  oi rain
which added lo  the discomfort of Oie
The school bravds of South Vancouver
and Victoria object lo Hying Hie Union
Jack over their schools and have ntked
permission to My the Canadian ensign
NOTICE.���Wiil the person who "bn-
rowed" our hose  pipe,   without, asking
, , .,  ,     ,,        ,     "11.   It.  DWVBUBIM, *.,  _ .
permission, please return it to the place _i09 Hs ll(,,,nt al Uie <-*, p. r. depot, thi
where they "found" H.   Otherwise, we  week,
shall have lo name them,
The lirst prize for tlio best Squash,
to be given at tlio forthcoming Nelson
Fruit Fair, is a certainly Ior New  Den-
week ���
Frank Griffith, of the Westniont, mini
has 40 men at work load-making nml
repairing to enable him to ship his ore
Tlie i^ was originally built by the ^n
lo.p-._a mining company iu 896 and
afterwards taken over by the provii cial
, igovcrnmo.it. Since lint time nothing
Ver again, both Tom Avison and B< ,|, _, dene ^ll^audt he ��l
Cook nre going to show tbem somethii,,, ai.|ffltli'8 last Shipment of ore broke
big thh year. |through three of lhM���
ive them in large and small
in   every  portion of  the  distiict,
prices*    Write me for particulars*
R. W. MOERAN, Manager
time sgo. She spent some time in tlie
Suite of Maine and from there she came
to Silveiton this week.
The bible was becomingly  attired iu
a dre3S of white silk and  was  attended
by Miss  A. E. Phillpot, sister bo the
groom,   The gioom was was supported
by  Mr.  Gill  of Silverton.     After  the
ceremony, which was performed by Rev.
W. M.  Chalmeis,  the  compuny spent
some time in a round of mirth and conviviality,  and then  retired   for dinner.
Events of so happy a i ature are not
usually allowed to escape unnoticed und
tlie public in general ceem to look upon
il. us their special  prerogative  to have
a share in the glorious proceedings and
acting upon lime honored liberties nnd
ancient custom ths Silverton brats baud
turned out in full uniform to do  honor
to the bride  nn 1 groom.    It is   lie  ic-
gl'Olted however that their  instruments
had been out o! repair  by  lack  ot  use
and careless ttornpe ami might  be compared to the rude instruments Gideon
used in the dispersion of the Midlanitos
They marched round the Binndon house
seven  lime and   tlio   proprietor must
huve felt that a gie iter thnn Joshua wa**
on the ground nnd that the   hideous
noises which rippad the  air would be
enough to make the Brandon house a
Jericho.    After   the   storm   came    the
calm nnd tho happy couple  left Silver-
ton for tlio Hewitt mine,    whore Mr.
I'hilpott resumes liis work as  superintendent in the absence of Mr. Stillwell
who is now sick in the Denver Ho.pit.il.
We wish the newly married couple a
long, happy,  nnd   pro**pcroi<s wedded
Archdeacon Beer will  hold service in
From our Correspondent
Mr. Wm Carrutbers went to Nelson
last week nnd returned with his bride
wlir came out from England to meet
Mr. and Mri\ L. F McDougald and
children arrived home from a two
mouths trip to the east.
Mi-s Porter, our new sehool-tsadier
arrived from Vancouver aud is now in-
strucling the young and rising generation.
Mrs. Howell, mother of Mrs. F. W.
Jordan, arrived from Ontario for a
Mi=s Moore,our former scliool-t-acher
spent a few dsys in town visiting friends.
She left on Monday fur Creston, where
she lir.s been engaged to leach for the
ensuing term.
At.lnst Nakusp ia to have a reslden
Physician,   Dr. Masiinnn,lately arrived
Irom  England,  has   decided   lo locate
Mr. 1*\ Heyes returned- from F'ernio
wlieic he has been attending tlie funeral
of his brother, who was taken to Cranbrook llosp'tnl after the lira Buffering
from typhoid fever.
The tingle of bells and th e rattle o
pots and pans, also the tooling of horns
lot tliO natives know that a "clinvnrie"
was in progress last Monday evening.
It took two hours of racket to bring him
but at last he Oame out with tlie long
W. J. Willinms  took a little trip as
far as Robaou on Monday last.
ltov. W. M. Chalmers will  hold service in New Dunver on Sunday at 11.0
a.m.   The Sunday S.ihool   lessons   will
be taken up and  church  nnd  Sunday
School combined.   Mr.   Chnlmers  will
ArcluleaCDli liccr win   "���-'"��� ���*���  quiiuui  ���*"��� --��� .
lhe Anglican chfttch en Sunday next.  . re.k,w ���,��� past lessons, especially keep
'��� ..    I i,..; in view tiie incidents in the life   (
Slocan gardeners hope to enter a district exhibition of llieir produce ut the
Nelson fruit fair.
liriclly the idea ia fo have a local exhibition in the Bosun Hall and from
this exhibition select the best specimens
to be forwarded to Nelson. Further
particulars .w ill appear in the Review
next week.
David for tho benefit of tho scholars.
Parents are kindly requested to come
and bring theh* children. Service will
be held in thn evening at Silverton nt
7.80. Subject: "A Voung Man's
Qliest'on."    Owing  to tho  meeting  of
Presbytery in Nelson on Tuesday, Sept..
1st, Mr, Chalmers will be unable to go
to Sandon on his usual date. THL   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C
Author   of   "The   Return   of   Sherlock
Copyright, 18TI3, by Harper & Brothers
.-tne was sini In lier boudoir putting
the last touches to ber toilet when ber
page announced to her that the king
was waiting in ber salon. Mme. de
Montespan could hardly believe in sueh
,;**>od fortune. She hud racked her
bruin nil morning ns to how she should
win her way to him, aud bere he was
Waiting for her.
He hnd come witli every intention of
beginning the interview by telling ber
bluntly of his marriage, but uow, as
be looked upon her beauty and her
love, he felt that it would bave been
less brutal to strike her down nt his
feet. Let some one else tell her, then.
She would know soon enough. All this
run swiftly through liis mind, aud she
as swiftly rend it off In his brown eyes.
"You have something you came to
sny, and now you bnve not tbe heart
to sny It. God bless the kindly heart
���Which checks the cruel tongue!"
"No, no, madame," said Louis. "I
���would not be cruel. I cannot forget
that my life bus been brightened nnd
my court made brilliant during all
these yenrs by your wit and your beauty. But times change, madame, and
for every renson 1 think that it is best
that we should arrange in the wny
which we discussed the other dny nnd
that you shonld withdraw yourself
from the court."
"Withdraw, sire!   For how long?"
"It must be n permanent withdrawal, madame. 1 need not suy that I
ibull make your retirement a bappy
one as far as in me lies. Your allowance shall be fixed by yourself. A palace shall be creeled for you in whatever pnrt of France you may prefer,
provided tbat it is twenty miles from
raids.   An estate also''���
"Ob, sire, bow enn you think thnt
sucb things ns these would compensnte
me for the loss of your love?" Her
heart had turned to lead within her
breast. Had he spoken hotly and angrily she might have hoped to turn him
as she had done before, but this gentle and yet firm bearing was new to
him, and sbe felt that nil her arts were
vain against it.
"Madame," said he, "I have thought
well over this matter, and It must be
as I say. There is no other way at all.
I have ordered your brother to hnve
his carriage at the postern at 9 o'clock,
for I thought that perhaps you would
���wish to retire after nightfall."
"To hide my shame from a laughing
court! It was thoughtful of you, sire.
And yet perhaps this, too, was a duty,
since we hear so much of duties nowadays, for who wns it but you"���
"I know, madame, I know. I confess it. I hnve wronged you deeply.
Believe me that every atonement which
ls in my power shall be made. Nay, do
not look so angrily at me, I beg. Let
our Inst sight of each other be one
which may leave a pleasant memory
behind it."
"A pleasant memory!" All the gentleness and humility had fallen from
her now, and ber voice had the hard
ring of contempt and of anger. "A
pleasant memory! It may well be
pleasant to you, who are released from
the woman -whom you ruined, who can
turn now to another without any pale
face te bo seen within the salons of
your court to remind you of your perfidy. But to me, pining in some lonely
country house, spurned by my husband, despised by my family, tho scorn
and jest of France, far from all which
gave a charm to life, fnr from the man
for whose love I have sacrificed everything���this will be a very plensunt
memory to me, you may bo sure."
The king's eyes had caught the angry
gleam which shot from bers, and yet
be strove hard to set a curb upon his
temper. He felt that it was for him
to do so, and yet it did uot come kindly
to his imperious nature.
"There is nothing to be gained, madame," said be, "by using words which
nre neither seemly for your tongue nor
for my ears. You will do me the justice to confess that where I might command I am now entreating."
"Oh, you show too much consideration, sire! Our relations of twenty
years or so enn senrce suffice to ex-
plaln such forbearance from you."
"Your words nre bitter, madame.
Franeolse, bo reasonable, I implore you.
XVe havo both left our youth behind."
"The allusion to my years comes
gracefully from your lips."
"Ah, you distort my words. Then I
shnll sny no more. You mny not see
mo again, madame. Is there no ques-
(ion wliich you would wish to nsk mo
before I go?"
"Good God," she cried, "ls this a
mnn? Hns It a henrt? Aro these the
lips whicli hnve told me so often thnt
ho loved me? Aro these the eyes
which hnve looked so fondly Into
mine? Cun you then thrust away a
woman whose life has been yours ns
you put awny tlie St. Germain palace
when a more showy one was ready for
you? And this Is tho end of all those
vows, those sweet whispers, those persuasions, those promises���this!"
"Nay, madame, this is painful to both
of us."
"Pain! Where is the pain in your
face? I see anger In it because I have
dared to speak truth. I seo joy in it
becnuse you feel that your vile task
is done."
"My patience enn benr no more!"
cried tlie king furiously. "I leave you,
madame, and forever!"
But her fury bnd swept nil fenr nnd
discretion from her mind. She stepped between tlio door and bim, her
face flushed, her eyes blazing, her face
thrust a little forward, one smnll white
satin slipper tapping upon tho carpet
"You nre In haste, sire? She Is waiting for you doubtless. But it was a
disappointment Inst night, wns It not,
my poor sire? All, nnd for the governess, whut a blow! Great heaven, what
a blow! No archbishop, no marriage,
nil the pretty plan gone wrong! Was
it not cruel?"
Louis gazed at the beautiful, furious
fnce in bewilderment, nnd It flashed
across his mind that perhaps ber grief
bnd turned ber brain. Whut else could
be the meniibig of this wild talk of the
arcUbiskou aud thc disniiuolntment? It
wouia be "iniwortnj* or mm to spent
harshly to one wbo was so afflicted.
He must soothe her, and, above all, he
must get awny from ber.
"You bave had the keeping of a
good many of my family jewels," said
he. "I beg tbut you will still retain
tbem as a small sign of my regard."
He hnd hoped to please her and to
calm ber, but in nn iustnnt sbe was
over at her treasure cupboard burling
double bnndl'uls of precious stones
down at his feet. They clinked nnd
rattled, the little pellets of red and
yellow aud green, rolling, glinting over
the floor nnd rapping up agninst the
oak panels at the base of the walls.
"They will do for the governess if
the archbishop conies at last!" sho
He was more convinced than ever
thnt she had lost her wits: A thought
struck him by wliich be might nppenl
to all that was softer und more gentle
In her nnture. He stepped swiftly to
the door, pushed it hnlf open nnd gnve
a whispered order. A youth with long
golden hair waving down over his
black velvet doublet entered the room.
It wns l.er youngest sou, the Count of
"I thought that you would wish te
bid him farewell," snld Louis.
She stood staring as though unable to
realize the slgniticnncc of his words.
Then It wns borne suddenly In upon
her thnt her children ns well ns her lover wero to be tuken from ber, that this
other woman should see them nnd
speak with them nud win their love
while she was fnr nwny. All that wns
evil nnd bitter in the woman flushed
suddenly up ln her until for the Instant
sbe wns what the king had thought her.
if her son was not for hor then he
should be for none. A jeweled knife
lay among her treasures rendy to her
hand. She caught it up und rushed nt
the cowering hid.
Louis screamed nnd ran forward to
stop her, but another had been swifter
thnn he. A woman bnd darted through
the open door and hnd caught the upraised wrist. There was a moment's
struggle, two queenly figures swayed
and strained, and tlie knife dropped
between their feet. Tlie frightened
Louis cnught it up, and, seizing his
little son by the wrist, lie rushed from
the apartment. Franeolse de Montespan stnggerod back against the otto-
ninn to find herself confronted by the
steady eyes nnd set fnce of thnt other
Francoise, the woman whose presence
fell like a shadow at every turn of her
"I have saved you, madame, from
doing that which you would huve been
the first to bewail."
"Saved me! It is you who havo
driven mc to this���you, whom I picked
A woman had darted through thc open
up when you wore hard pressed for a
crust of bread or a cup of sour wine.
What had you? You had nothing-
nothing except a name which wns a
laughingstock. Aud what did I give
you? I gave you everything, i'ou
know that I gave you everything���
money, position, tlie entrance to the
court. Y'ou had tbem all from me.
Aud now you mock me!"
"Madame, I do not mock you. I
pity you from tlie bottom of my heart."
"Pity? Ha, bu! A Mortemnrt is
pitied by tho widow Scarron! Your
pity mny go where your gratitude is,
and where your character is. We shall
be troubled with it no longer then."
"Vour words do not pain me. I bave
never had an evil thought toward you."
"None toward me? Oh, woman,
"What have I done, then? The king
came to my room to see the children
tnught. He stayed, He talked. lie
asked my opinion on this nnd that.
Could I be silent, or could I sny other
than what 1 thought?"
"And so, by your own confession,
you stole the king's love from ine, most
virtuous of widows!"
"I hnd nil gratitude nnd kindly
thought for you. You have, ns you
have so often reminded me, been my
benefactress. It was not necessary
for you to say it, for I lind never for
im instant forgotten it."
"Pub! Your hypocrisy sickens me!
If you pretend to be n nun, why are
you not where the nuns are? I was
honest, and whnt I did I did before
tbe world. You, behind your priests
nnd your directors and your prie-dieus
nnd your missals���do you think that
you deceive me ns you deceive others?"
Her antagonist's gray eyes sparkled
for the flrst time, and she took a quick
step forward, with one white hand half
lifted in rebuke.
"I'ou may speak ns you will of mo,"
she snid. "To me it Is no more tbun
the foolish pnrrnkeet thnt chatters in
your anteroom. But do not touch upon things which nre sacred. Ah, if you
would but raise your own thoughts to
such things���if you would but turn
them Inward nnd see before It is too
late how vile and foul Is this life which
you havo led! Whnt might you not
have done? Ills soul wns In your
hands like clay for the potter. If you
had raised hiin up, If you had led him
on the higher path, If you hnd brought
out all that wns noble and good within
him, how your name would have been
loved and blessed from the chateau to
the cottnge! But no. Y'ou dragged him
down, you wnsted his youth, you drew
'���Im  from  hl_.._v!fu.  vou  moixeil his
manhood, -fake nceo, uina.i'.i:e, ror
God's sake take heed ere It be too late!
For all your beauty tbere can be for
you, as for me, a few short years of
life. Then, wben that brown hair is
white, when that white cheek is sunken, wheu that bright eye is dimmed���
nh. then God pity tbe sin stained soul
of Francoise de Montespan!"
Her rival had sunk her head for the
moment before the solemn words and
the beautiful eyes. For an instant she
stood silent, cowed for the first time in
nil her life, but then the mocking, delimit spirit cnme back to her, and she
glunced up with a curling lip.
"I nm already provided with n spiritual director, thank you," said she.
"Oh, madame, you must not think to
throw dust iu my eyes! I know you
and know you well!"
"On the contrary, you seem to know
less thnn I bnd expected. If you know
me so well, pray whnt nm 1?"
All her rival's bitterness and hatred
rang in the tones of her answer. "You
arc," snid she, "the governess of my
children nnd the secret mistress of the
"You nre mistaken," answered Mme.
de Maintenon serenely. "1 am the governess of your children and I nm the
l.illg's Wife "
(To be Continued.)
Museum-like Homes Mean Mausoleums of  Happiness.
An article on the awful tyranny of,
things Is always to the point We cannot be too often reminded of the useless things���bric-a-brac���and the things
thnt arc too good to use. Tbe following ls from the House Beautiful:
We pride ourselves on having won
freedom from the tyranny of kings,
but what about the tyranny of things?
There is no gainsaying it, we are
slaves of our belongings.
How things In a shop window "pull"
at the purse strings! How "dirt cheap"
is each particular thing In itself! Altogether they are tempting as the glittering serpent of old.
Only when Installed, how does their
glamour suddenly vanish! Howoftendo
we find ourselves with white elephants
on our unwilling liands! Possibly it ls
a reproduction of an old fashioned mahogany davenport, a goodly thing ln
Itself, but, nlns, it cramps our drawing
room to suffocation.
Tossibly it is a sofa cushion we needed. The shops' variety was so perplexing we cut the Gordion knot of choice
by purchasing three instead of one,
and thereby we are smothered by our
own Ingo taste.
Pictures and prints and oriental rugs
seem of a higher plane. It Is to cultivate the aesthetic sensibilities, to study
art, to compare various examples and
at last to arrive nt the possession of
one excellent print or picture or sur-
pnssing rug. But the mania grows.
The sense of proportion between our
Income nnd our other possession fails
to keep tbe pace. We keep ou picking
up pictures or prints or rugs. A "find"
ls a find, nnd we cannot stop to consider Its relation or no to the other
"finds" ln the house. Thus in a short
whilo we cannot find ourselves at all
under the bewildering mnss of our belongings.
Hard Is It for us to remember that a
museum and a home are two different
things. And If we make onr homes
miniature museums we nre too likely
to see them turn into mausoleums ol
nil future quiet nnd happiness.
One family of which we know has
laws like unto those of the Medes and
Persians us to what things shall or
shall not enter its sanctum. This family considers the homo In somewhat
the light of a club, nnd the Idea ls carried out by the casting of a ballot for
and against every new article proposed
tor admission.
The result justifies the method. Tbat
borne Is utterly refreshing. It has attained that rare quality���harmony.
Always Ready Lemonade.
Tbere is nothing more refreshing on
B hot duy than a long drink of cool
lemonade; but, however anxious the
hostess may be to serve this beverage,
it ls sometimes impossible to do so
owing to the luck of necessnry Ingredients. In fact, It Is for just this reason thnt the sirup thnt may be prepared by the following recipe Is one
of the greatest of household conveniences; It Is delicious, but, what rs still
more important, it enables one to procure n supply of lemonade literally at a
moment's notice, snys tbe May Delineator: Extract the juice from a dozen
large lemons; grate the rind of six of
the lemons nnd add It to the juice.
Let the mixture stand for twelve hours
or overnight. In the morning mnke a
thick sirup of granulated sugar and
water, using about six pounds of tho
sugar and just ns little water as possible, as the sirup must be both thick
and smooth. Wheu it has cooled, strait
tho lemon juice into It. Bottle In gluss,
being certain that the tops are secure
and air tight. In making lemonade
with this sirup place a little crushed
Ice in tho bottom of n tall glass, add
ono or two teaspoonfuls of the sirup,
according to taste, and fill with either
carbounted or plain water.
This sirup may also be used successfully in making cakes, pies, puddiugs,
custards, etc., being a most economical
method of utilizing lemons, ns It enables tho cook to obtnin absolutely tbe
full valuo of both sugar nnd fruit.
Surely this ls a fact worthy of consideration by tbe economical housewife.
Australian   Ciirts   r*earless   Riders.
Many Australian girls live right up
in the bush, or "stations," which are
miles nwny from any town or villap**
and their time is largely occupied with
riding and driving. Tliey are ns much
at home on a horse ns a duck is in
the wnter nnd think nothing of riding
twenty miles or so to pny a visit
Household dutiei claim a share of
their time, 1 owevrr, and nny day they
are liable to be left without servants
snd n house full of visitors, but nre
in nowise daunted by such nn occurrence. Then the bush girl comes
down to the capital for tho season
nnd, fnr from' appearing n country
bumpkin or n tomboy nfter her free
ind open nir life, she is ns much nl
borne in n ballroom us any town-bred
_i,l, as neat nnd wel 1-d'eased us il
ihe had nevei ridden bareback ovei
wild tracts of country with litth
thought of appearances.
An Actor's Confession.
"I suppose Shakespeare is you fa
vorite author."
"Yes," answered Mr. S'.ormingtoii
Barnes, "next to my press uncut-"
Small children with tlie common
skin diseases such us eczema, are
pitiable. The constant itch makes
tliem tear and scratch the affected
parts, thus hindering the healing process, and worst of all it spreads over
Wie hands and face until it becomes
a serious disease.
For sucli troubles as Eczema, Salt
Rheum, Pimples, Bushes, Scalds,
Burns, etc., there is nothing better
than Dr. Chase's Ointment. It immediately stops all itching or paining from burns nnd scalds, so the
sore gets a chance to heal by not being aggravated by scratching. It also takes out ull poison and a'.lows
it to lienl.
Mr. Wm. Craft, Jr., Bulk's Falls
Out., tells the experience of his lit
tie   boy.    He   writes:���
"Our little boy, aged three yenrs,
broke out with eczema all over his
face, liands and back, and we hud a
terrible time trying to relieve his suffering. It wns so bad that when he
scratched it would almost make the
blood flow, The use of Dr. Chase's
Ointment quicMy brought relief and
made a thorough enre, as there has
never been any return of this disagreeable  ailment.
From rich and poor alike come tributes of praise for tlie exceptionally
soothing, healing, antiseptic Influence
of Dr. Chase's Ointment. Sixty cents
ii box at all dealers, or Edmanson,
Bales & Co., Toronto.
Kaiser  and   Diplomat.
At tho Philadelphia club a Phila
delphian adverted to Charlemagne
Tower's great popularity with the
Kaiser and German court.
"It is not surprising," lie said. "M
Tower is a brilliant and profound writer, a learned historian.   He has, too,
n pretty  wit.
"My sister, who lives in Berlin,
tolls me that the Kaiser, inviting
Mr. Tower to "ne with him iii'orm-
ally, called him in the invitation 'the
most engaged man in Berlin.'
"Mr.  Tower in liis reply said:
" 'Tlie most engaged man in Berlin
will be but too happy to dine with
tlie most engaging one'."���Now York
In the cases of infant mortality
cholera morbus figures frequently,
and it may be said that complaints
of the bowels are great destroyers of
child li'e. If all mothers would avail
themselves of so effective a remedy
as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial many n little one could be
saved. This cordial can be given
with safety to the smallest child
as there is no injurious substance in
"You saw a great many paintings
while you were abroad lust yenr?"
"I did," answered Mr. Grafton
Grnbb.    "Tliey bring great prices."
"Yet the old masters did not become  rich."
"That's what I'm telling my boy,
who wants to study art instead if
helping me to run the ward. There's
more money uny dny in being u new
boss tbun un old master."���Washington Star.
The hot weather months are an anxious time for all mothers, but particularly for young mothers. They
are the most fatal months, in the year
for babies and young children, because of the great prevalence of stomach and bowel troubles. Tiiese come
almost without warning, and often
before tlie mother realizes that there
is danger the little one may be beyond
aid. It is the duty of every mother
to use all reasonable precautions to
ward off summer complaints. For
this purpose no other medicine can
equal Baby's Own Tnblets. An occasion!! 1 dose will keep the stomach and
bowels free from offending matter,
and will insure tlie little ones good
health. If the trouble comes unexpectedly the Tnblets will speedily
cure it. Every home, therefore, should
keep thc Tablets on hand always; they
mny be the means of saving your
child's life. They are guaranteed
free from opiates nnd narcotics, and
may be given with perfect snfety to
a new born babe. Sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a'box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville,  Out.
A lady philanthropist wns applied
to for charity by a well-dressed woman.
"Are you married?" was tlie question.
"What is    your husband?"
"Out of work."
"But what is lie when he is in
work?"   asked  the  philanthropist.
"You don't understand, miss,"wns
tlie reply. "He's a regular out-o'-
worker."���London Chronicle.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house.
The  Humble  Curate.
The Bishop of London, nt u dinner
in Washington, told a story as the
oigars cnme on nbout one of his predecessors.
"When Dr. Creigliton wns Bishop of
London," he said, "he rode on a
train one dny with a small, meek curate. Dr. Creigliton, nn ardent lover
of tobacco, soon took out his cigar
case  nnd  with  a smile he  said:
"'You don't mind my smoking, I
suppose P'
"Tlie meek, pale little curate bowed  and  answered humbly:
'"Not if your Lordship doesn't mind
my  being sick.'"
W.   N.    U.    No.   696.
Just   Fifty   Year.    Ago   Since   That
Eventful  Day.
It is just fifty years ago since the
young gunner, Lieut. Frederick
Sleigh Roberts splendidly won his
Victoria Cross. The occasion was so
conspicuous and his gallantry was so
marked that the honor, whicli many
soldiers thought was more than due
for earlier brilliant services, evoked
a general endorsement throughout the
army of his having well earned the
distinction. But the daring and resolute young officer who has since fulfilled the promise ot his whole military career in every capacity, from
cadet to field-marshal, is both brief
nnd reticent about the affair, where
occasion waited upon his spirit and
prowess just after the action at Kho-
dngunge. by the banks of the Kali
Nndi, or. Jan. 2, 1858.
From first to Inst Roberts hns been
a veritable modern Paladin, straightforward, nlert, n d bold snns reproche.
In 1855. when, young nnd ingenuous,
he set out to return to India to take
up his career, he wns imbued with
n high sense of his duty to the sovereign nnd to the stnte. From Delhi to
Cnwnpore nnd Lucknow, and through
the Inter years of the mutiny, he
cheerfully accepted nnd hastened to
discharge whatever wns ordered by
his superiors. It seems ns if the men
of those times lived in another ngc���
or rather plnce, than this modern
world of achieving promotion by
"sharp turnover" and strict attention
to "biz."
But much of this is npnrt. When
I.ucknow wns evacuated by Sir Colin
Campbell nnd troops started to march
to Fatehgarh to restore order in Donb
nnd open up eommiuiientions through
the Punjnub to Bengnl, young Roberts (in n position upon Sir Hope
Grant's stnff) accompanied tlie force
ft will be remembered how well he
hnd behaved in notion time nnd time
ngnin. and how, under Sir Colin's orders, he had thrice replaced the Union
Jack upon the mess-house at Luck-
now, thnt Outram might know the
relieving force wns drawing nenr to
the Residency. Well, durinr* tlie subsequent advance towards Fatehgarh
one of the standing regimental rival
ries precipitated events. The 53rd
Regiment thought they were being
held bnck for the 93rd, so they mnde
a precipitate dash to carry the defences of Khodagunge. And the 93rd.
fearing that they were going to be
nowhere, raced nfter them, whereupon
the enemy broke and bolted. Then
cnme the-race of the smnll foire of
cavalry, some three squadrons.
Younghusband's, Gough's, nnd Prn-
byn's. It wns o pursuit, or rather
running series of fights
In the first charge that dny they
pot amongst, thf mutineers, nnd Roberts was with Yonnghusband's troopers It, wns cut, slash, nnd thrust. A
number of rebels were killed, and
seven guns i ere taken. Younshns-
hnnd then ranged his horsemen in
lin-?. nnd on they thundered after the
flying foe. Agnin nnd agnln bodies of
rebels who were overtaken fneed nbout
nnd mnde stubborn fielits. When
evening was closing, nfter going five
miles and the troopers were turnine
bnck. nnother batch of mutineers nn
nearer!, nnd fired into the squadron
Youngnusbnnd f��!1 mortally wounded
nnd. ns Lord Roberts wrote in his
book* "I could not go to his assist,
nnee. as at Hint moment one of his
sowars wns in dire peril from n Senov
who vns attacking bim with his fived
bayonet, nnd hnd I not helped tlie
man nnd disposed of his opponent
he must hnve been killed." What
really happened wns thnt young Rob
erts, v'-'O combined with his sign"!
intrepidity  the  qualities  of  splendid
.*.,**-*���>,���*,*���>���* ���.,*,-, o.*^i qwn.dmflnsl.iri pav*
the squadron ns it wns wheeling far
removed from the unfortunnte sownr.
On the instant he snurred his charger to the rescue. There wns not one
but several S��poys near the sowar,
nnd probably five were closing in upon him with musket nnd bayonet, one
of whom was er*��ngine him hnnd to
hand. With a rush. Roberts was upon
thorn, n blow here, a parry of n bayonet-thrust, nnd the truculent Sepoy
wns cut down, nnd the sownr wns
Eno"_*h, but only for the moment,
for ns he turned he saw in the distune-*
two Sepoys running nway with n standard. He determined to capture it,
and spurred after them. As he rode
nwny, it is snid thnt when he had
gone one or two sownrs or troopers
followed nfter, to render assistance
if necessary. But it was not required.
Roberts soon overtook the fugitives,
grippad and wrenched the standard
from the hands of its bearer, cutting
him down in the sharp fierce struggle. The other Sepoy, thrusting forward, nlmost bent his musket against
Robert's side, then pulled the trigger. Luckily the piece missed fire,
and ere tlie man could escape or repent the attack lie was dealt with by
a soldier who galloped upon the scene.
So Roberts, in less time nlmost than
il, takes to tell, saved life upon tlie
battlefield, by no means for the first
time, nnd captured a standard of the
enemy's. It was a grent return into
camp Unit night for our men. Old
Sir Colin Campbell, full of pride
awaited and welcomed tlieir arrival
ft hnd been a splendid triumph for
our arms, nnd particularly the cavalry. Report hns it thnt nlmost ev
**ry soldier brought in some trophy
and the rond nnd fields were strewn
.ith carts, clothing, palanquins, arms,
and equipment of the mutineers.
He was gazetted to tbe Vietorin
Cross on Dee. '.., 185**.. That was the
era of slow transit and belated
despatches. The official description
accompanying die honor to him, says
"Lieut Rob .'it's gallantry on ever*,
occasion has been most maiked. Oi.
following up the retreating enemj
in Jan. 2, R58, at Khodacunge, he
���taw ii, tlie distance two Sepoys go
ing away with u standard. Lieut
Roberts put spurs to his horse nm!
overtook them jost, as they wer,
:bout to ent.T a village. They im
mediately turned round and presented
their muskets at him, and one of the
(Ten pulb'd the trigger; but, fortun
lind young officer, and the stnndnrr*
ird-bnarer was cut down by the pal
nr.t young officer, an dthe standard
ikeri possession of by him. H" also
���n tbe same day lulled another Sepoy
ho was attacking a sowar."
The Ignorance of Youth.
Sho���Ton snid that I was necessary
to your happiness. He���I wns young
then and very Ignorant I bnd no conception of relative values. She���What
do you menu? He���I mean that I
didn't know n necessity from nn affliction.���Cleveland Plain Denier.
A Saint In Religious Matters, but Different In  Politics.
The Virginia Magazine of History
and Biography bas a uuinber of letters by Roger Atkinson, n Virginia
planter, who came from Cumberland,
England, about 1750 and settled near
Petersburg. To bis brother-in-law,
Samuel Pleasant of Philadelphia, he
writes iu October, 1774, concerning Virginia's recently appointed seven delegates to the first Philadelphia congress.
The spirit of tbe man is shrewd, but
obviously not reverential:
"Ye 3d gentleman, Col'o Washington,
wns bred a soldier���a warrior, & distinguished himself lu early life before
& at ye Death of ye unfortunate but
intrepid Bruddock. He is a modest
man, but sensible & speaks little���In
action cool, like a Bishop at his prayer.
"The 4tb a real half Quaker, Patrick
Henry, your Brother's man���moderate
& mild & in religious matter a Saint
but ye very Devil in Politicks���a sou
of Thunder��� Bonn Erges���the Patriotic
Farmer will explain this���I know it is
nbove your Thumbs. He will shako
ye Senate & Some years ago hnd like
to have talked Treason In ye House,
ln these times a very useful man, a
notable American, very stern & steady
In Ills country's cause & at ye same
time such n fool that 1 verily believe
It w'd puzzle even n king to buy him
off���he's a second Shlppen���ob, that he
had the handling of some of our Court
lers���for Instance, was It North or
South-Scotch English or Welsh (ye
poor Irish have enough of It lu their
own country) our Patrick w'd certainly be very uncivil-he Is no Macaroni."
The   Impression   on   Ascending   In   a
Free  Balloon.
One of the first questions which I am
usually asked by persons seeking Information about balloons ls, "Wbat Is
the sensation of going up In a balloon?"
writes Captain C. DeF. Chandler, D.
S. A. I will anticipate this same Inquiry of the readers of this article and
state for tbelr information that In a
free balloon I bave uot noticed any peculiar physical sensation which can be
described. It would be like trying to
describe standing still as n sensation.
The Impression on ascending In a free
balloon is more an optical illusion. The
ascent is so slow and gentle that il
cannot be felt, and one has tbe Impression that the balloon Is motionless and
tbe earth gradually dropping away. All
the noises und shouts of the people become fainter and die out. As tbo alti
tude increases hills and valleys nre not
apparent, and the earth seems flat, like
a beautiful colored map, showing cultivated fields, forests, etc.
Tho greater part of the time a balloon Is moving either up or down, but
the motion is uot apparent, and It requires a statoscope to indicate whether
the balloon is ascending or descending.
If a considerable change of altitude ls
made ln a short time, the difference in
nir pressure may be felt on the ear
drums. Iu descending even quite rap
Idly I have never had any sensation of
The Bath of the Future.
"The bath of the next century," says
T. Baron Russell lu his book, "A Hundred Years Hence," "Will lave the
body speedily with oxygenated watei
delivered with a force that will render
rubbing unnecessary, and beside it
Will stand the drying cupboard, lined
with some quickly moving arrangement of soft brushes and fed with a
highly desiccated air, from which, almost ln a momeut, the bather will
emerge dried and with n skin gently
���stimulated nnd perhaps electrified, tc
clothe himself quickly nnd pnss dowu
the lift to his breakfast, which he will
eat to the accompaniment of a sum
mary of thc morning's news read out
for the benefit of the family or wills
pered Into his ears by a talking ma
The Suez Canal.
Tbe actual  cost of  tbe Suez canal
was $120,750,000.
Worse Than Waiting.
"Arc you wailing for me, dear?" she
snld, coming dcwnstnlrs nt lust, fixing
her hnt.
"Wnlting?" exclaimed the Impatient
man.   "No;  not  waiting-sojourning."
A Tough Sentenoe.
The late Bishop T. U. Dudley of
Keutllcky declared that he was indebted to a mountaineer of thnt state for
the most iiiigranimatieal sentence lie
ever heard. This is it, "Them there
Miss Blake nre three of as pretty a
gal 1 ever see."
The Sassafras Tree.
Although fossil remains of the sas*
safras tree are to be fouud in other
parts of the world, it now exists as a
native only iu America. It bus tbe distinction of being the ouly tree to benr
three kinds of leaves on the same
branch. It ls valued chiefly for the
flavor which Its roots, burk and wood
give to other medicines.
THE ironing of black goods
requires particular care and
particular starch ��� common starch gives a rusty
appearance to the fabric
and leaves it streaked
with white.
Celluloid Starch gives a
glossy stiffness and preserves
the solid blackness. Use two
tablespoonfuls to a quart of cold
water and add a little, boiling
water to clear it. For mourning goods, skirts, delicate laces,
etc., the results will be excellent.
Write for a large  FREE sample.
Ask your grocer for ju
CeWuW\<i SWcU
Never Sticks.  Requires no Cooking
The Brantford Starch Works, Limited, Brantford, Canod*.
Prehistoric Mother Goose.
By, Bnby Bunting.
Daddy's gone a-hunt,ng
For n-dlni'snurns skin
To wrap his Baby Bunting In.
Tasty Chickens.
"Yer see, mum, us these chickens are
fed on the duck food aud tho pheasant I
food, you get three flavors ln the ono I
bird."-Tatler. I
Mnry   Promised.
A Scottish parson, stili on the under
side of forty, was driving home from
an outlying linmlet when he overtook
a young woniuii. He recognized her
as the lnuid of all work at a farm
which he would puss, so he pulled
up and offered her a lift. Mary gladly accepted his offer ami they chatted
pleasantly all the ,vuy to the farm
"Thank you, sir," sb i said as she
got down.
"Don't mention it, Mary, Don't
mention it," he told her politely.
"No, 1 won't," Mnry obligingly assured him.
An Always Ready Pill.���To those
of ready habit, medicine is of little
concern, but the grent majority of
men are not of regular habit. Tlie
worry and cares of business prevent
it, and out of tlie irregularity of life
comes dyspepsia, indigestion, liver
and kidney troubles as n protest.
The run-down system demands a corrective and there is none better than
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They
are simple in their composition and
can be taken by the most delicately
"You are wasting your time painting pictures."
"But I sell my pictures," protested   the   artist.
"And that convinces mo that you
can sell iinytthing. Such being the
case, why not take up life insurance,
steel bridges, or something with big
money in it?"���Home Herald.
Put it to the test and let your teapot prove to you that for purity, flavor, quality and reliability "Saluda"
is .supreme. 114    "^
"Well," said the young lawyer, after
he had heard his new client's story,
'your case appears to be good. I
think we can secure a verdict without
much trouble."
"That's what I told my wife," said
the mnn, "and yet she insisted at
lirst that we ought to engage a lirst-
cluss lawyer."���Philadelphia Press.
Oak Bake.���J. S. Williams has re-
turiietl from Winnipeg where he was
under the surgical enre of Dr. F. 13.
Biirnhaiii. He has completely recovered.
"I suppose," said tho manager,
"that you are still determined to elevate  the  stage?"
"No," answered Mr. Stoiniington
Barnes, "I haven't been thinking so
much of elevating the stage. What
I would like now is some way cf
lowering railway fares."��� Washington Star.
Minard's   Liniment,    Lumberman"!
Breezy Wellington.
Wellington, tbe political capital of
New Zealand, is one of tbe windiest
cities in the world. Everybody in Wellington clutches his hat ou rounding a
street corner to prevent its being blown
into space. A Wellington man is always known In Sydney, Melbourne and
other cities by tbe determined manner
in which he holds on to bis hat through
force of long habit.
Rusty Keys.
Rusty keys should be laid to sonk
tor some timo iu a vessel containing
paraffin oil. After soaking for a day or
two the oil will have acted upou tho
rust and loosened it to such an extent
that It will be quite easy to remove
with a little rubbing.	
Stale Bread.
An economical use for stale bread ls
to cut it Into thin slices, which are
buttered aud placed in a pie dish.
Sprinkle a few well washed currants
between tlie layers. Six eggs beaten
into one quart of milk, with sugar and
flavoring, nutmeg or cinnamon, are
then poured over the slices. Bake for
about nn hour nnd ten minutes and
send to tnble lu the dish iu which it
was baked.
The Seventh Heaven.
Iu" the Mohammedan religion there
nro seven heavens, each a littlo liner
(ban the other, the Inst culminating In
the "supreme glory," being full of the
"divine light which It is beyond tbe
power of speech to describe."
Point of View.
Oh, do not get delirious
About your worries numeroua!
Things which to you are serloiM
To others may seem humorous.
���Waahinijtoa ���'"
A Crooked Nose.
A doctor asserts that tlie nose Is often made crooked by the custom of
using the handkerchief with one band
only. This, scarce need to sny, is nearly always the right hnnd. He advises
that the left hand be used iu such
eases und gravely ullirms lhnt he In.*;
known several cases lu young persons
where crookedness of tho nose bus
Iibpii entirelv removed hv this menus.
���   *
You   Won't   Mind   Warm   Weather
If you eat Shredded Wheat. It does not clog tlie system
or tax the digestive machinery. Every particle of Shredded Wheat is easily and quickly digested by the most
delicate stomach.
Try  it  with    fresh fruits for a week and note results.
Sold  by  all  grocers. 053
Mr. R. J. Arless, 401 City Hall Ave.,
Montreal, Quebec, is an old gentleman
cf wide acquaintance, having served)
thirty-eight years in the General Post-
office of Montreal, a record which
speaks for itself. Concerning his use of
Feruna, see letter given below.
"I have been afflicted with nasal
catarrh to such a degree that it affected   my   hearing.
"This was contracted some twenty
years ago by being exposed to
draughts und sudden changes of temperature.
"1 hnve been under the treatment
of specialists nnd have used many
drugs recommended ns specifics for ca-
tiirrh in the head and throat���all
to  no purpose.
"About three years ago I was induced by a confrere in office to try
"After some hesitation, as I had
doubts as to the results after so many
failures, I gave Peruna a trial, and
nm happy to stnte that after using
eight or ten bottles of Peruna I am
much improved in hearing, and in
breathing  through  the  nostrils."
What a Convict Learned.
_. /__.Thc Kev. Robert Wulkei, prison
chaplain, tells of u pathetic interview wliich he hud with a prisoner.
The man was a hardened criminal of
the worst type and hud spent many
years in confinement.
Mr. Walker went to him one day
and asked : "What have you learned
in prison?" "That every minute lias
got sixty seconds," replied tlie man.
���Prom tho Boston Herald.
Worms cause fretfulness and rob
the infant of sleep, the great noui-
isher. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will clear tlie stomach and
intestines   anil   restore   lieulthfulness.
Mrs. Jimmy Beau���My good man.
do you ever reflect that our days are
Kinhardly Waddle��� Yes, mum;
sometimes I got 30 an' costs an
sometimes as high as GO.���New York
$100 REWARD, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages,
and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh being a constitutional disease,
requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon tlie blood
and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of
the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up tlie constitution and assisting nature in doing
its work. Tlie proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that it fails to cure. Send
for list o* testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, 0.
Sold by  druggists, 75c.
Take  Hall's  Family  Pills  for con-
An acquaintance culled on some ladies in an Alabama town who had at
the time been much wearied by an
apparently endless succession of callers. The door was opened by Augustus Butts, the faithful old butler.
"Are the ladies in?" asked  die caller.
"No,  ma'am, they're  all  out."
"I am so sorry that I missed tliem,"
continued the visitor, handing him
her oards. "I particularly wished to
see  Mrs.  Jones."
"Yes,  ma'am;  thank  yo.   ma'am
responded .Augustus. "They's all out
ma'am, and Mrs. Jones is particularly out, ma'toi,"���Argonaut.
"Vou know, dear," cooed tlie bride,
"you promised to let me have all the
pin money I wanted."
"Yes, love, and ynu shall have it."
"Oh, ynu dear thing! Well, I saw
a pin today with diamonds nml pearls
in it, and I do want it so."���Philadelphia Press.
Hair Vigor
Ayer's Hair Vigor was _*ood,
the best that was made. But
Ayer's Hair Vigor, new improved formula, is better. It
is the one great specific for falling hair. A new preparation in
every way. New bottle. New
contents. Ask your druggist to
show itto you, "the new kind."
Does not change the color of the hair.
Formula with each bottlo
a     Show It to jour
Ask hlm About It.
than do to ho says
As we now make our new Hair Vigor it
docs not have the slightest effect upon
the color of the hair. You may use it
freely and for any length of time without fear of changing the color. Stops
falling hair. Cures dandruff.
������UtAe _j the J. O. Ajat Co.. Lowall. Mail.���
Lloyd-George Now the Second Man In
the Country���Rapid Advancement.
Mr. Lloyd-George is now the second
man in the Liberal party, and therefore, for the time bping, in the country. He was, of course, predestined
for promotion. Among many successful Ministers he has been the most
In the past two years he has raised
from a comparatively minor office to
the highest level of prominence and
utility. He has averted great industrial
conflicts; he has passed some bold and
beneficent measures; he has tackled
and solved problems, such, for example, as the Port of London problem,
that his predecessors found insoluble;
he has shown himself to be beyond
comparison, the business man of the
The nation that only a few years
ago was ready to stone him now realizes that it has possessed in the President of the Board of Trade an asset
of the first value. Everyone likes him;
everyone trusts him. His union of a
warm nature with a hard head has
brought him the affectionate confidence of the country. He is the Ministerial handyman. When it is known
that Mr. Lloyd-George has taken up a
question people cease to worry about
it. It has come to be nlmost nn article of faith with the masses nnd in
the world of business that ho cannot
Even, however, about Mr. Lloyd-
George opinion is not quite unanimous. The Spectator's meusured voice
has broken the chorus of approval.
That admirable organ is n little nervous about Mr. Lloyd-George. It finds
him restless, unstable, too much of a
politician, too little of n stntesmnn,
secretive, with no "judicial aloofness," flighty and irresponsible in the
charming Celtic wny, liable at any
moment to kick over the traces, and
not "orthodox" on the question of
Free Trade. And in part The Spectator is ritrht.
Mr. Lloyd-George is a Welshman.
He is ns Welsh as O'Connell was
Irish. One would have to go back to
the days of Owen Glendower to discover a leader who has won to an
equal degree the enthusiasm that Mr.
Lloyd-Georpe commands among his
warm-hearted and impressionable
countrymen. On all questions of domestic politics liis voice is the voice
of the Principality. Gallant little
Wales has in him a gallant little
champion���but a champion who does
not hesitate to go against the convictions of his followers when he thinks
it right.
Ho did so during the Boer war. He
made himself tlio most intensely hated
of all pro-Boers. But we are not a
resentful people, and we admire courage. When men think to-day of the
war and of Mr. Lloyd-George's connection with it. they think of a man
who may have been misguided, wrong-
headed, mischievous even, but who
had, at any rate, the supreme political courage tn stake his career on his
conscience. The ordeal of those exciting yenrs did much to mature his
powers. He developed into a brilliant
Parliamentarian. Humor, passion,
sincerity, the quick-moving mind of
tlie (Ielt, and a genuine gift for clear,
fresh exposition made him at times
more than a match for Mr. Chamberlain himself.
The Education Bill of 1002 pave him
yet ampler scope for pungent attack.
As a Welshman and a Nonconformist
it bitterly offended him. and he threw
himself upon it with a dash and vehemence that thrilled his countrymen
with something of ths fervor of a
religious revival. Who" the Tariff
Reform movement wns launched, Mr.
Lloyd-George found another opportunity to hand. He shared with Mr. As-
quith nnd Mr. Winston Churchill the
distinction of being the most effective
nnd sparkling of all the upholders of
Free Trade.
With the legal eye. fnr a weak argument nnd the legal gift for luminous and precise speaking, he has n
f'eitic touch of idealism, zealotry, and
imagination thnt makes him on n pub
lie platform one nf the most refresh
ing of speakers. There is c t.remen
dons nir of life about hlm. He is n
mnn who, though he hits with nil his
might, is utterly destitute of malice oi
pettiness. To see his frank and engaging smile is to knew him for the
generous nature he is His succes?
in managing men, in piloting bilb
through Parliament, in composing dis
putes, springs partly from the possession of great tact nnd experience, nnd
pnrtly from nn nlmost instnntnneniu*
perception of what is essential ns well
as of what is possible, hut chiefly
from the reflex notion of his open and
winning personality upon those witli
whom he is denling.
The Lloyd-Georpe who addresses hip
own countrymen nnd the Lloyd-Georpe
who speaks nt Westminster seem to
the uninitiated Englishman two different persons. In Wales he will let himself go with nn exuberance that mnke?
the ordinary Englishman mutter
something nbout "Uie Celtic tempera
ment." At Westminster, nnd with
equal naturalness, none more saga
cious, pertinent, or level-headed thnn
he. But I do not know that contradictions sueh ns these do anybodj
any harm, and it is probably an im
mensn relief to himself when Mr
Lloyd-George is nble to blow off n little Celtic steam among his beloved
Welsh hills.
Tells   His   Congregation   There   is   a
Cure  for  Drunkenness.
It is generally admitted among medical men, that drunkenness is a disease. Some modify this by saying
that it is a sign of weak will power.
Now, weakness is dangerously near
disease. As the taste for liquor is a
disease it is only necessary to find
tlie propel* cure to be rid of the
A well knowrt Methodist Divine,
interested in tlie cause of temperance,
made it his business to find out if
any cure for drinking lias been discovered. This is an extract from one
of   his  sermons  on   Temperance.
"I find that the use of Samaria
Remedy for the cure of Drunkenness
is steadily increasing. Wives���who
wish to win back their husbands���
and mothers���who long to redeem
tlieir sons���are giving Samaria Remedy to tlie wayward ones, in tea and
coffee. Those who have relatives or
friends who feel Hint they need help
lo shake off the hold of the demon
ruin, buy Samaria Remedy. In the
alcoholic wards of the leading hospitals, Samaria Remedy is ordered
[or those who express an earnest desire to stop drinking. It delights me
to sny that Samaria Remedy is doing
a grand, good work and has my
hearty blessings for saving so many
from lifelong dissipation and degradation."
FREE SAMPLE and pamphlet giving full particulars, testimonials and
price are sent in plain seuled envelope. Correspondence sacrcdlv confidential. Address THE SAMARIA
REMEDY CO., 25 Jordan Chambers,
Jordan St., Toronto, Out.
One day a tall, gaunt woman, with
rope-colored hair and an expression
of determination appeared ut the
senator's office.
"What would you say if your party
leaders were to come to you and say
your country called you?"
If I were sure they spoke with sincerity," replied Senator Sorghum, "I
should  exhibit great  reluctance."
"Even though tliey besought you?"
"Certainly, it's only when they're
beseeching you that it is safe to show
reluctance."���Washington Star.
A  Boon  for the  Bilious.���The liver
is a very sensitive organ and easily
deranged. When this occurs there is
undue secretion of bile and the acid
liquid flows into the stomach and
sours it. It is a most distressing ai)
ment, and many nre prone to it. In
this condition n man finds the best
remedy in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
whicli are warranted to speedily correct the disorder. There is no better
medicine in tlie entire list oi pill
He���Isn't she a seraph?
She���Yes, indeed. Just too sweet
for   any   tiling I
He (after a pause)���Did you think
1 said  syrup?���Harper's  Weekly.
The Big Law-suit that lias involved
hundreds in costly litigation might
have been avoided. We have just received a copy of Long's Legal Compendium and it is evident therefrom
that every man can become his own
lawyer  on  every  day   questions.
This volume, though small, covers,
in addition to scores of points on
general and commercial law, some
sixty subjects that are of vital concern to farmers, merchants and citizens generally.
It deals with land laws, homestead
laws, game laws, prescription rights,
farmers' laws, etc., and is a valuable
book in anybody's .lands. Price is
only one dollar. The publisher is J.
Robert Long, J. P., Caron, Sask.
An   English  Skyscraper.
The first skyscraper in England will
be built nt Liverpool, where the cor
poration hnve authorized the construction of an office building rising
to a height of 300 feet abovo the road
The site of the new building, which
will be used as the offices of a Liverpool assurance company, is opposite
tlie Prince's landing stupe on the bank
of tl_e Mersey. The building lias been
designed entirely in fcrro-concrcte, the
most efficient fire-resisting material
The great height of the now offices
is shown by a comparison with the
following figures of some familiar public buildings:
Tower bridge    142 feet
Monument 202 feet
I.ig lien tower  310 feet
St. Paul's cathe^tal   .... 366 feet
Very Sarcastic.
"Lndy," snid Meandering Mike, "I
don't blame dat dog of yours for try In'
to bite me."
"Why not?"
"Becnuse It shows his Intelligence.
De last time I came dis way I handed
hlm a piece of pie you gave me."���
Washington Star.
Premiership Tenure.
Mr. Asquith is the eighteenth prime
minister wbo cuu claim Oxford as his
alma mater. Cambridge hns supplied
twelve. The shortest period of office
of any prime minister was that of
Lord Canning���three months���and the
longest that of Sir Robert Walpole���
twenty-three yenrs. Another Interesting fact is that Sir Henry Campbell-
Bannerman was, with the exception of
Palmerston, who was seventy, older
than any other premier when he first
assumed the office. When on the resignation of Mr. Balfour's government
lu December, 1905, Sir Henry formed
his ministry he was sixty-nine. Lord
Grey was sixty-four when he became
premier, Mr. Disraeli sixty-two and
Mr. Oladstone fifty-nine. Tbe youngest prime minister wns Wllllnm Pitt,
who was only twenty-four when he
took office In 17S3.���Dundee Advertiser.	
Must Have Stone Founts In Gardens.
No matter whether your garden ls of
the wide reaching Itullnn mnde sort or
ls Just a natural lilt of ground covered
with untrained flowers, you should
have a stone wnter Imsln In It. These
artistically hewn rocks havo become
'populnr with the owners of country
plnces, even small ones. One great
merit of the pretty accessory Is that It
nrtraets hlrds.
Again tho violets and Jonquils grow,
And Maytlma zephyrs once more softly
Again frum feathered throats glad carols
Oh, welcome, harbingers of cherry plel
Sick headaches.
Nervous  indigestion.
Neuralgic and sciatic pnins.
Weakness of bodily  organs.
Nervousness   and   irritability.
Tendency  to worry   and  anxiety.
Sensitiveness  to  light  and  sound.
Discouragement, despondency, and
dread of the future.
These tell of exhausted nerves and
point to the approach of prostration,
paralysis or locomotor ataxia. It is so
easy to neglect diseases of the nerves
but tliey never right themselves. The
system must be strengthened, built
iqi and revitalized by sucli treatment
ns Dr. A. W. Chnse's Nerve Food,
the greatest of nerve restoratives.
50 cents at all dealers, or Ednianson,
Bates & Co., Toronto. Ask your
druggist for Dr. Chase's 1008 Al-
Mrs. O. W. Powers, 50 Terrace
Hill,  Brantford, Out., states:���
"When I began the use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food I was suffering
almost constantly from nervous
headache nnd could hardly get a
night's rest. I frequently felt tired
and languid and my nerves were
very unsteady. By tlio time that I
had used three boxes of this medicine the headaches were entirely
gone. I eould sleep without any difficulty, my nervous system was
strengthened und I felt one hundred
per cent, better,"
Exception   to   Rule   That   Familiarity
Breeds Contempt.
The Swiss Alps, known to the Cau
caslan race loug before Hannibal aud
Julius Caesar led the Carthaginian and
Roman legions through their passes,
are an exception to the rule that familiarity breeds contempt. Although
known for so many centuries, It is only
within the last hundred years that the
chiefest of the great family of mountain momirchs crowding the Swiss confederacy have been conquered. It was
not until 1805 that lhe Matterhorn was
first ascended. Thousands today mako
the bumped op little republic with Its
hundreds of peaks more thau 10,000
feet lu height their summer playground. They never trifle with the
summits, however, and the ascension
of some of tbe mountains today Is considered a feat almost worthy of more
than local record.
There nre many legends told of the
neighborhood of the Matterhorn. One
is about the origin of the mime of the
Theodule pass, which joins Piedmont,
Italy, and the canton of Valals, be
tween the Matterhorn and the Iireit*
horn, at arrelevatlon of lO.DUO feet It
Is supposed lo commemorate the name
of St. Theodule, who lived In the fourth
century and was the first bishop of
Sion, ruling for tcu years, from 381 to
301. The remarkable manner of his
passage, according to tradition, of this
elevated gateway out of Italy on one
occasion was the origin of the name.
The pope had given the prelate a fine
bell In recognition of his efforts In ob
tabling lhe conversion of tbe valley of
the Itlione to Christian liy. The bell
was for some time n white elephant on
his hands. He did not know how to
get It over the Alps iuto his sep. At
this juncture Satan appeared and of
fered to carry the bell and the bishop
on his buck over to Sion if the bishop
would agree to give over the dominion
of his soul forever to the prince of
darkness iu the event of the completion of die task before cockcrow. The
bargniu was struck and the journey
begun. Long before dawn the devil
had reached the city walls nud wns
about to bound over when the bishop,
fearful of the consequences, cried.
"Crow, cocks, crow, or forever hold
your peace!" Immediately the roosters
crowed and thus formed the habit ol
crowing betimes In the morning. Sa
tan, seeing victory slipping from his
clutch, became so angry that be hurled
the bell with nil bis force, and It was
burled many feet in the ground.
Unlike the Matterhorn, the Jungfrau,
In the Bernese Alps, did not resist so
long the efforts to reach Its summit.
Iu 1811 lbe Meyers of Aarau climbed
to the crest oC the slender, majestic
white mountain. While iu the course
of the succeeding forty yenrs the
ascent was made ouly four times, to*
dny it is accomplished not infrequent
ly. The frowning crest of the Matterhorn was not attained till 1805
This feat was performed by Whyrnper
Of all the peaks that surround tin
picturesque valley in which Engelberg
lies none is so captivating to eye nnd
mind ns the giant form of the Titlis
10,027 feet high. In the evening wbeD
the village ls clothed In a clonk ol
shndows cast by the mountnin chnli
the snows of lbe Titlis flush iu the afterglow and the peak seems no longei
cold, but illuminated by a hidden fire,
the flames of whicli threaten to burst
from It at any moment. It Is typical
of the sceuic beauties of Switzerland.
Disraeli's Only Smile.
Disraeli, it is said, laughed only oner
In the house of commons. Mr. Gladstone had made an Impassioned speech
in ravor of the uniou ot Wnllaehia and
Moldavia. Mr. Disraeli, speaking in
opposition, pointed out that the result
would be the extinction of the Independence of these people and the only
thing left would bo the remorse
"which would be painted witb admire
hie eloquence by tbe rhetorician of the
In reply Mr. Gladstone said that he
would not be guilty of the affected
modesty of pretending to be ignorant
that that designation "the rhetorician
of the day" was Intended for himself. Mr. Disraeli Interrupted with the
remark, "1 beg your pardon; 1 really
did not mean that." Disraeli sat dowu
with a satisfied smile thut told of his
Mr. Gladstone's face expressed amazement and Indignation. Ills opponent
had placed him In lbe mortifying posl
llou of applying a remark to himsell
whlcb hud no such personal reference,
therefore Gladstone's wrath and Dis
raeli's smile. The Liberal lender pro
ceeded with his speech and condemned
the "sesquipedalian words and Inflated
language" of the leader of the Con
When Animals "Talk."
Silence 13 not absolutely iieccssury
for the sufety of wild animals, says a
naturalist who recently spent some
time In African forests. Wild animals
nre not so noisy and "talkative" as
are those of domestic life; but, then,
the wilder tribes of mankind nre more
taciturn than the civilized races. This
Is mainly due In both cases to the luck
of social Intimacy and noiundlc habits.
The carnivorous animals, the only natural cnuse of fenr the other creutures
have, depend uinlnly upon their sense
of smell. They also hunt by night,
seizing their prey while nsleep.
The chimpanzee frequently breaks
the forest's silence by answering the
cries of other animals. The gorilla also
will on occasion break out luto a flood
of speech, while other monkeys are
persistent chatterers end nt almost uny
hour too.
At iilght^t-he trumpeting of the elo
phnnt ana the bellow of the hippopotamus are common. The antelopes
also "cry" at night when the leopard
hunts them.
Drinking Healths.
Tho common custom of drinking
healths had n curious origin. Iu the
days when the Dunes lorded It in Ellg*
lnnd they had a wny of stabbing Englishmen in the throat when drinking
To avoid this villainy a man when
drinking would request some of the
slttersby to. be his pledge or surety
while taking his draft
Babylon wns probably tbe flrst city
to attain a population of a million. Tbe
areu of the cltVwns 225 square miles.
All Women Need the Rich, Red
Blood Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
Actually Make.
From girlhood to middle life the
health and happiness o* every woman
depends on her blood. ' If lier blood
is poor and watery she becomes weuk,
languid, pale nnd nervous. If her
blood supply is irregular she suffers
from headaches and backaches
and other unspeakable distress
wliich only women know. At
every stage of a woman's life Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills are her best
friend, because they actually make
the rich, red blood which gives health
and strength and tone to every organ of tlie body. They help a woman just when nature makes the
greatest demand upon her blood sup
ply. Mrs. H. Gagnon, who for twenty years has been one of the best
known residents of St. Roches, Que.,
snys:���"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have been a blessing to me. I was
weak, worn out and scarcely able to
drag myself about. I suffered from
headaches and dizziness, my appetite
was poor and to attempt housework
loft nie utterly worn out. I slept badly at night and what sleep I got did
not refresh nie. For nearly three
yenrs I wns in this condition and
was constantly taking medicine, but
found no benefit from it. One of my
neighbors who had used Dr. Williams' Pink Pills with much benefit,
advised me to try them. I did so,
and tlie whole story is told in tlie
words, 'I am well ngnin.' There are
times yet when I tnko the pills for
they seem to me n guarantee against
the troubles which so many women
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills do not act
on the bowels. They eontnin just
the elements that actually make new
blood and strengthen the nerves.
That's why they cure anaemia, indigestion, rheumatism, lumbago, headaches, backaches, heart palpitation
and skin diseases like pimples and
eczema. That is why they are the
greatest help in the world for growing girls who need new blood and foi
women who nre troubled with irregular health. Sold by all medicine
dealers or by mail at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
"Confound if," cried the angry hushand, "nny old thing appeals to you
if  it's cheap I"
His bargain hunting wife grimly
"Don't forgot," she sarcastically remarked, "that you yourself are one
of my characteristic investments."���
Cleveland   Plain   Dealer.
Externally or internally.lt is Good.
���When applied externally by brisk
rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Fclectrie Oil
opens the pores and penetrates tlie
tissue as few liniments do, touching
the sent of the trouble nnd immediately affording relief. Administered internally, it will still the irritation in tlie throat which induces
coughing and will cure affections of
the bronchial tubes nud respiratory
organs.   Try it and be convinced.
"Nornli," snid her mistress, "I don't,
mind it if the policeman on the bent
drops into tlie kitchen once in a while
of nn evening, but I object to your
entertaining sucli shabby and disreputable looking fellows ns the one
who was there last night."
"He's all r-right, m'm," snid No-
rah. "He's me plain clo'es p'leece-
I wns cured of Bronchitis and Asthma  by  MINARD'S  LINIMENT.
Lot 5,  P.  E.  I.
I was cured of a severe attack of
Rheumatism  by    MINARD'S    LINIMENT.
Mahone Bay. JOHN MADER.
I was cured of a severely sprained
The boy, having found a fulminate
cap, immediately secured a hammer.
"I'll see what this is," he remarked.
The little sufferer came out of the
operation well, nnd when the effects
of the chloroform had passed off, signalled his mother to approach.
She stooped over him tenderly.
"Mamma," he said faintly, "what
was it ? "
Minard's   Liniment,   used   by   Physicians.
At the Captain's Table.
The ship, upon clearing tlie harbor,
run into a liiilf-pitehing, half-rolling
sea. thnt became particularly notice-
ttble nbout thu time the twenty-live
passengers at the captain's table sat
down  to dinner.
"1 hope that nil twenty-live of you
will hnve a pleasant trip," tlie captain told them us the soup nppenred,
"nnd this little assemblage of twenty-
four will reach port much benefited
by the voyage. I look upon these
twenty-two smiling faces much as a
father does upon liis family, for I am
responsible for tlie safety of this
group of seventeen. I hope that all
thirteen of you will join me later in
drinking to n merry trip. I believe
that we seven fellow passengers are
most congenial and I applaud the
judgment wliich chose from the passenger list these three persons for my
table. You and I, my dear sir, are-
Here, steward I Bring on tlie fish and
clear away tiiese dishes."
"Since you got married you are late
every morning," complained liis employer.
"Well,"    explained   the   breathless
clerk, "I have to button up the ashes
and shake down a shirtwaist and carry  out  the  furnace  every  morning
���Kansas City Journal.
Men should
look (or this
Tag on
Tobacco. It
guarantees the high quality of
Black Watch
The Big Blaek Plug.
The   Schooner   Erie   Belle,   a Vessel
With a  History.
The old schooner Erie Belle, which
has lain in the harbor at Chippnwa
for the past dozen years, is now being dismantled. Her works over the
waterline will be destroyed, and the
portion of the hull that lies below the
water will be fixed up and used as a
tool seow.
The Erie Belle was at one time the
belle of the lakes. She was a three-
master with double topsail and topgallant sail. She was the only schooner on the lake with five jibs. On
her masts there were three bells in
token of her name*. She was built
by Youell, of Port Burwoll, in 1873
und was sniled hy her owner, Cnpt
John MucDcrmott, a Highland
Scotchman. She was next under the
command of Cnpt. Duncan Macleod.
and during his time she once met with
a serious mishap on Lake Erie. In a
heavy storm sho was dismasted. The
tug Mary took her to Port Huron
for repairs. Her last owner and master was Cnpt. Duncan Manson, who
now lives retired in Rrantford. She
hnd taken n load of pulp to Ln Salle,
nnd while unloading the crew went on
strike for unpaid wages. The story
runs that the captain, seizing a favorable opnn*'t"iiity, single-handed
ran hor out Into the Niagara river.
and getting the help of a friendly
tug, slipped down to Chippewa nnd
tied hor up. Hero she was seized by
a Port Hope liank that held a mortgage nn her, nnd it was destined that
she should  never sail  again.
She wns n trim schooner on the
dny she reached Chippawa, and as
the weeks and monlhs went by she
rotted to pieces. To-day you conld
crush through her timbers with your
foot. Were you to jump on the deck
you would be in danger of going
The Erie Belle hns boon sketched
nnd photographed a thousand times.
One artist came all the way from
California for the purpose. An authoress from the sunny south wove
her into a story in a narrative for
How a Japanese Maid Interpreted His
Mr. Frederic Villiers, the famous
war artist, has probably seen as much
aeitve service as any living army veteran. He gained his first experience
as a war artist in Servia as far back
as 1870, and since that time he has
traveled nearly all over the world. In
1882 he was on board the Condor witli
Lord Charles l'eresford at the bombardment of Alexandria; he accompanied the Nile expedition for the relief of Ehartdum; he went through
the South African campaign; and had
some thrilling adventures during thi
recent Russo-Japanese war. Mr. Villiers was the first to introduce thr
cinematograph camera on to the battlefield, and he was also tho first correspondent to use a bicycle during a
Mr. Villiers and a friend, who fan
ciecl himself an artist, were once visiting a tea-house in Japan, and a little
Japanese girl brought them each n
tiny cup of tea, and waited demurely
for further orders. The visitors tried
to explain that they were both exceedingly hungry and would like a
substantial meal; but their limited
knowledge of Japanese quite failed to
make the waitress understand their
At last Mr* Villiers suggested that
his friend should try her with pictures. "Draw a fish, an egg, a loaf
of bread and a bottle of beer," said
he; "she can't misunderstand you
So the hungTy visitor got out pencil
and paper and did as he was bid.
When he had finished, the girl smiled,
nodded, and disappeared with the
drawing. On her return, the visitors
naturally looked forward to a good
dinner; but their chagrin can be imagined when she solemnly offered them
instead two folded bath gowns, a couple of towels, and a cake of soap I
Member of the Fourth Estate Who Sits
In the  House of  Lords.
Lord Lucas, who has been appointed private secretary to Mr. Haldane,
can be claimed as a member of tho
Fourth Estate, for he is not only a
journalist himself, but the son of a
journalist. As Mr. Aubnron Herbert,
he went out to the South African war
as representative of The Times, and
wns wounded in the early days of the
campaign. But it was not till June
last that ho was elevated to the peerage. The bluest of blue blood runs in
his veins. On the side of his fnthcr,
Auberon Herbert, thnt eccentric genius, whose politics used to astonish tho
House of Commons when Mr. Glad
stone was nt tlio height of his fnme
he is of nenr kin to the Earls of Car
tiarvon, Pembroke and l'owis, while
through his mother, a sister of tlie
last Earl Cowper, be inherited his
English barony of Lucas and tlie Scottish  barony  of   Dingwall.
Tho Lucas peerage was originally
conferred by Charles II. curiously
enough on a woman. Since the reign
of George f. the title had been held
by peeresses, and Lord Lucas regained it only last year, after a remarkable hearing of his claim by the Committee for Privileges of the House of
Lords. The fact that his son has now
the right to sit in the House of Lords
would have horrified the elder Mr.
Herbert had lie been alive, for when
member for Nottingham he declaimed
vigorously against the powers a*id
privileges of that House.
Tree 800 Years Old Destroyed.
One of the seven fine old oaks in
Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire, was
burned down recently. It is surmised that some visitors to the forest
made a picnic fire in the hollow trunk,
the result being tlie complete destruction of the tree, which is said to have
been 800 years old. The commission- j
ers have now given Instructions to tlie
ranger that no picnic parties will be
allowed in future, nnd that trespassers*
in the forest will be leverely Heal!
No  chemicals   are used  to
whiten Tooke Collars.
" Colonial" Collars (here
illustrated)   sell   for   15c.
each,    2   for   25c.
Size9  14 lo  18,
height i%.
Isoke Iiothers, limited
A Forgotten Prediction.
"This Union is rapidly hastening
toward a state of society in which
President, Senate and House of Representatives will fulfil the duties cf
kings, lords and commons, and tlio
power of the community ��� pass from
democracy of numbers into the hands
of an aristocracy, not of noble ancestry and ancient lineage, but 0' moneyed monopolies, land-jobbers nnd
heartless politicians." This quotation
is not, as might appear, a present-
day jeremiad, but its author wns Wil-
lium Lyon Mackenzie; the instigator
of tlie Upper Canadian rebellion if
18,'*7, and he gave forth this utterance
in 1840, nfter three yenrs' residence
in the United States.���Boston Transcript.
No surgical operation i,s necessary
in removing corns if Hollowuy's Corn
Cure  be  used.
Hewitt���I have been pinched for
money lately.
Jowelt���Well, women have different ways of getting it. My wife kisses
me when she wants any.���Home Mngnzine.
Ask for  Minard's and take no other.
Ynnkee���I'll hnve you know, stranger, that I belong to Chicago.
Sandy���Deed, an' wha'd liae timet
it? Frae the way ye've been speakin"
I thoct Chicago belonged to you.���
Home Companion.
"Did you enjoy the social season?"
"Not personally," replied Mr. Cum-
rox. "But on looking through my
check book I nm convinced that it
enabled my wife and daughters to
forget all my business troubles."���
Washington Star.
Sufferers from Kits, Epilepsy, St.
Vitus' Ounce, Nervous Troubles or
Falling1 Stokn-KH should write the
LIBillU CO.. 170 Kin*, stroet,Toronto,
for a trial bottle of their Fit Cure and
Treatise. Euclose 10c for postage and
Every ball fully Uuaranteu.l
and properly tawed to comply with Canadian laws,
STANDARD SOO... per bale 50 lbs
MANILA 550 ft.per b.le501b>.
MANILA 600 ft. per bale 501 bj.
. __rs ncceptcil for on-. Bat
with order or C. O. D.   Prom
fiu'li'-ii L-iuiriuitiM-il.   Ask -ih
Titp on
board cars
Free on
board cars
o or moro. TuriiiH casK
ft Klii-mii'i.t and BUtls-
or prlco on ear lots-
Minneapolis, Minn.
Kill them all.
No doad file*
lying about
when used ao
��� ��� SOUD BV ���
loo. por packet, or 8 packets for 20c.
will last a whole aeaeon.
The Perfect Dressing for Ladies'
Preserves ths finest lead-tor and
fires a brilliant polish that will not
rub off or soil the daintiest garments.
No dealer careful ot hia reputation
Wiil say any thing else is as good.
At all De-alter*
lOc.  and  ajc. �����*_���
Knlcker���A woman remembers wedding anniversaries and birthdays. 1
Bocker���And a man remembers wbat
are trumps.���New York Sun.
Spring Lamb.
They went Into a restaurant-
John Jones and Mary Drew.
Mary had a tittle lamb,
And John, he had lamb too.
���Chicago News.
The Logic of a Fan.
"Tbis rain is a splendid tiling for the
"There's no grass on tbe diamond."���
ASK for the BRAND
m'mifi orim ajt*. wist.
This bit of advice is for your
benefit. There are so many
makes  of
and Shirts
it Is hard for the average
buyer to know wliich is best.
Don't take any chances, ask
for  and  accept  none  but
The   Guaranteed   Kind.
W.    N.    U.    No.   695, THE   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW.   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
. ta��aa*a*****aaa*a*'*a*a***a*****a***t***********e
CAPITAL ALL _*AID UP, $14,100,000.
REST, $11,000,000
Slocan Land D:sti*ict���District ol West
Slocan Ln ml District���District of
W031 Kuotenay.
c\_k\J   UVVIVN    inu*.   .*...,,    iimiiino       __���_.__    _*_, __.���������,    ii'u*   *      *. i , .'  .    ,: *.    * j ��� i   iv,    a_.ii*.*,   i_��i>-'tvjr
New Denver,  B.C.,  provincial con- can, B. C., prospector, intends to apply r-^T-*>.T^*T*mfm\fL T^LYTfC
ble, in tends ti apply ior i erinis_;on lor permission to purchase the following 8    W p-1    jj   |t    *j\J j\| |H ^
���lurcbast the following described land: described land: Commincin*! at a pott ��** siAiJ *.   *��>*5. ^ii ^iA^*^
President���Lobd Strathcona and Mount Royal.
Vioe-Piesidoiit���Hon. (Ieorob A. DuommuND,
Genera! Manager���Er S. Ci.ol'kton.
Branches in AH The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Take notice that John Thomas  Black     Take notice that John D. Reid, of Slo-
of New Denver,  B.C.,  provincial cm- can, B. 0., prospector, intends to apply
lo in
Commencing at a post planted on the plumed abont (iuj feet t-onth of tlie
.north boundary of Lot 485, thence north north-east post of Lit 8428, Group 1.
_ J80 cliains, thenc. wist 30 chains mire West Kooteniiy district, tlience south 20
��'or lets lo tlie sho:*.! of Siocan Lake, clmins, thenceeast *i0 chains, theme
iliHiice soiitli along lhe *ai.l lake, 80 north 20 chainB, tlience west 20 chains,
cfiairis uioreor less, ,o Ihe north-west to the point of commencement and-cun-
comer of Lot 495, thence east 20 ihaii
2 NEW DENVBR BMCH, - 0.fl. FISHER, Manager.
Slocan fUMtttnfl 1Rev*ew.
Subscription .*3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnvERTisiNG Bates :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - if 13.00
"     for Ciown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase of Lund   -    7.50
"      " License to Cut Timlier 5.00
All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per lino each isaue.
Tranricnt rates made known on a
cation.    No room for Quacks,
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to.
Editor and Publisher. *,
Make yourself familial with the
���-vbove rates and Save Trouble.
Kns'o Land Diatrict���District of
West Koolenay,
Take Noti-e tint Lilian E. Gething,
of Sb.can City," married woman, intrnd.*
to apply for perini��ion to purchase the
following described land: Commencing
at. a post, planted ut the south-west corner ot lot 8810 ahout live miles from
Slocnn City, thenco sooth 10 cliains
thence west 80 chains, thenco north >0
chains   thence cast 20  chuins  to   point
of commencement, c intaiiilng so ucree.
George Henderson, Avent.
April 27th 1908 Jyl.O
���OUT Tl.TQ'C
more or lci-'s to point oi comnat-nceuient,
containing 50 acres iiioip or less.
'  Dated tin* 14h day of July, 11*08.
tainiug 40 iicres more oi* lcsc
Dated June 5th, 11)08.
Slocan Land District���Distriot of
West Kootenay.
Slocan Land District���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Nelson Lund District���Distiict
of West Kootenay.
Take noiice that. J. B. Smith of New
Denver, B.C., merchant, intends to
apply 'or permission lu purchase the
following described lnnd: Commencing
at a post planted on the cast tide of
Take Notice that I, Harvey Fife, of Slocan Lake about 1% iniles distant and
Slocan, miner, intend eixty dnys from in a northerly ilireitid'n from Rosebery,
ihe date hereof, to anply to the) Cliief and about 200 feet from the Naknsp and
Corn missioner of Laiv.s and Works fir Slocan railioad, J. J'. S.'s south-west
perini sion io puichase the following corner, llience enst 20 chains, ihence
dcscr.beJ land*-: Starting at a post noi tlpJO chains, Ihence west 20 ���.haine,
planted on C.l\R. survey iii.e, ruuning thence south SO chain? to the point ot
east to Lot 8701, thence norlh to corner cuinmenccmqnt, containing 40 acres
of lot 7702, thonce east 40 chains, tlience more or le*s.
south 20 chains, thence wesl to C. P. It. Dated Ji.no 19th, IMS.
survey line, following sard lino to point. AugSO J. B. SMITH.
ment, containing 120 acres,
���*.���*���*�������� ********* aa ***+******** *._^_��_.*4t*.M**?***';*'>*_*-:**>*_-**;*.:~i.*52
'.' * tt
1 Hair Brasles, Combs, Tooth Brashes4
Everything for the Up-tc-Date Toilet Table.
���7(1! fl?FHI F!
. Cur Speciality
Cotne and Look Round
Of cominenc
more or Its
May 2, 1008.
John Ground, Agent.
Sli can Land Distriot���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Adolt-h Moo, ofNew
Deliver, B.C., shoemaker, Inttnds to
apply (or permission to purchase Ihe
following-de-ci ibed lands: Commencing
at a pott plnntld at thu north*weBt ooi-
iu*r of Iiiei Murray's pre-emption,
thence wesl 20 chains, luetic, until L0
of New Denver, B.C., lumberman, chains, thence cast. 20 chains,  thenco
north 20 chains, io pointof ooinmeiico-
Sloc'.u. Land Distriot;���Dislrict of
West. Kootenay.
Take notice  that   William John Cor-
Take  notice   dial  A.   E. Haigh, of
Nakusp, loco fireman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase tho following ,*ff, J. Q's S.K. corner post, thence  wc.
described lands: Corameni in  al a post *0  htti     (he      north ]0 _haiiis, thenoe
planted  on   the  wesl side of Lot 8805, , ,  _,���   ,   ,
ubout five chiitil_ from Box Lake, tlience   wc3t **�� chains, llience nortli 30 chain
intcnla    to   apply    for     permission menl) containing 40'acre's more or:less.
to purchase lhe following descrlhed land..      Dated l*J*h Juno, 1808.
Commencing at a post planted on tlie
north boundary of lot 8433, and marked Slocnn Lund  District���District of West
M BeiiYe
t* 4��**l��*_t i-|
11 liliL|yVll
ii *A***i'f*********** '������'������'���+*$�� *���
*i **** * * * i< * *************** *
M ��
north !?() chain:1, llicnce \ve.*;t 20 cliains,
thence south 20 chains, thence east 20
chains, to the point of commencement,
c;mtainiug -10 acres more or less.
Dated June 17th, 1008.
thence east 20 chains,  tlience south
chainB to the place of commencement,
containing 70 acres more ur less.
July 88lh, 1903.
Take noiice that Oie.   Elaattehrek, of
New Denvor,  Minn*,  intends to apply
for permission to'piirclia**e lhe following
40  described land:   Commencing at a post
plan1 eil about *i mill s from Enterprise
lauding cn Tin mile creek, iipiii* W. E.
Koch's o'd saw-mill. (). S.'s S. E.
coriur post, thence north 10 chains,
ihence west. 10 chains, llience noith 10
chains, theme wc.-l 10 clmins, thoiiro
north JH) chains,"thence west 20 cliains,
thence fou'h.40 chains, thenceeast 40
clmins to the point of coiniin lceu.en:,
and lohlainihg 110 acres more or less.
g'Arpil ?0lh, 11)03.
tenay Hole
Sancton, B.C,
Always a ?;ood supply of
home-fed Reef, Mutton
r.ud   Pork o:i liaud.
Poultry, Game and
Fisli in season.
Summer Excursion Rates
$60 from New Denver to
"iiolf    nnd   Heavy   Hardwarn,   Min-
Smeltur and Mill Supplies.
mimm Clever
CHICAGO  $7*2.50
NEW YORK   .108.50
MONTREAL .105.00
;-T. LOTJI8 $67.5Q
TORON rO $94.40
ST. JOHN,   N.CV $120.00
SYDNEY, Cl! : $130 90
Tickets on sale May 4 r.nd I**'*,
June 5, 6, 13, an.t 20, July 6, 7,
��2, and 'I?,, and August G, 7, 21,
r.ud 22, IP!IS.
| New Denver Lodge No. tl
|flK^ MeeU In Pythian Caotla
N <.r<) Vq "'���''���clover ni0ik. evcry
i>Xy Viir| MONDAY    evening   at
8 o'clock.
-Round trip, Ninety   |
Number Four Minor.il Claim, situate in
tbeSbunn Mining Division**)! Wert
Kootenay Pistiict. Where located:
N ar tlie lo-vn of C dv.
First class-
Day*! Limit.
Rouras���Tickets nre g-nod via nny
recognized routes in one cr both
directions. To destinations oast
of Chicago are good via Great
For fur ther information, rai s
nnd sleeping car reservation apply
John Mors, D,P A , Nelson, B,C.
C. E. MoPiranso**, O.P.A.,
Winnipeg, Man.
hew Denver
Frcnh Milk delivered  to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the   Kootenay  and let Ed. or
Ccorgo mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
' Mi^wm!8r^'mu^F-tA?wy.ir-meLT.
^Hr^��]%-1 d~^
Sloran   Land  l^lstilet���District o[
West Koolenay.
Take notice  tliat   ll, A.   Cousins,
of Silverlon, B.C.. millman, intends to
apply for  perm:-sion  to purchase t
following described lam's;
Tal-e noiice that T, A S. Farncll', o!
Ne'aun, actuia: as agent for Frtd T.
Kelly. Free Miner's Certiflcato No.
M!i,i!08, intend, 00 duyp trom tho dute
Ivrui.f. lo ni*ply to t'*e Mining Recorder
for a Certilicate of ImpiovoiUPnlS, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt RTfijft FACTORY
ot lho above claim. r,,,_.,. ',w ..,';__,,itav^.
And further take notico that action,  l-'UI,a1'     ' '       : '
under siction 37,   must,  1
before the issuance ot sue
of Improvements.
Dated this liltli dav cf June, 1908.
Aug.31 A. S. FARWELL.
���; J... g
jr^i B, (3.
>-��������� |/)��Tjr I
tCutCi y I
hew 10 rmi i* ff'f.,)
onnB ����nct�� per- ^^    i^;-^
ce ma. anion,   _.li__i��wiim.-1_r.i_,iw_'._.,_p_._',,'. ���,...;-' >-,,T7*;.<.--- ���]
ie.   CnlllllieflCOll    HliB. hCrt-Khold specicitiej and n*.*.'!t.-.*s mv.      "^'i*.'?!
...V,    r*.,..,;!!,. ,,,.    yOu:ot.*n l.'Jfnestirull c*-.n. i;i.*M-l'i.*i*l*;'S >;">r-A,    VI
Ull   ot.ll ..ILlllO   i wper devolndlo lhe busin****.three-Twr.tho ^i-V**'*-- a'*V *n
fciol tuL��.-i*.li(i!iiQr '.*"*.*,.-.-iip!* li:_ ^, *-_k -*_ ]
i-***'i::t c*;u :'. i-.;n;,:.***'_-. **.*.*i    *' '���'���'J ���'
Well furnished rooms,
Firit-e'a..*.   Ciiiaine.
Slocan Lnnd District���District of
Wert Kootenay.
Talta noiice that Jobn.Wafer cf Slocan, B.C., miner,  intonds  to apply for
Kfl Number Fiv** Mineral Claim, silnale in  permission   lb   purchase lhe .o'lowlng
Ihe Slocan MjniiiR Divinion  of Wist  tleseiibcd land: Commencing nt a pest
Kootenay   District.   Whore   located:   planted at the north-west  corner of Lot
Close to the town of Cody
Take noli e that I, A. S. Farwell, of
* pr s*> ir**A
Comnicncing al a post planted at tho
No.  1  pott  ol  Lot IJ017   Ihence west
about 10 chaina to a line running noi th Nel-on, acting as agent tor Juhu A
and south, t'lirnco along tho said lino  Whittier, Free Miner's* Certificate No.
SO'chains nortli lo lot 1807,  Ihence 20  B108W,*.-inU'n*l 60 days fiom tho date
,   . .      ., ,     .   ���    ,* .      hereof, to apply to tbo Mining Rue l*"er
chain.i east, thence about 3 chains -,,. a Certificate of Improvement!', for
south lo the nm th boundary of lot 2017 the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
tbence west and south a'on*^ ihe bound- o[ llle above claim.
aides ot lot 2617 to pointof commencement, containing 80 acres  more or less.
uly 7tii, 1908. S3
8225, Gr���upl. Wot Kooteimy district,
tbence n*rlb SO chairs, thenco cast 20
cliains, llieiico south 20 chains, theme
west 20 chains to the poinl ofcunmence-
mont, and containing *10 teres move or
Daled May 21st, 1908. * Augl8
Fuaerala oonduoted on Hlm.t
nollPo ��t any polut In tlio Jin.
tiirl.   Hh'.tlb iiiivnyii in Htot!*_
And further t:ike notice that nclirn,, _-,.J ���*<
under section !>7,  must 1 o commenced  ft\ g, r.
before the issuance of such  Cert.lie ite     3   IQ /fi
I lie
of Impiovements.
Dated tbio 18th d.iv of done, 1903.
��y^ii-_*����*' '���** - "������ ������   ���   *
���i  >** \ ��� ��� iv :     *,>    */c1__ * **"- i 1 *.* '
Estimates Given,
f* ******************<:-*-'.<*******���***���}���***%+****'t**.***~i.'v-\
vf     ____.  .��.\J >
General Merchant
New Denver!
JUST ARRIVED.   A Inrpe Bhipmont of Groceries,
cnione,   bananas, and  candies ol   various and   ta.t}
Rinii up our store.   Telephono installed.     Can also
Immediate delivery.
Call and see oar Assortment of Men's Summer D nden
fiocka, Gloyes, Overalls, Collars, lies, HatB, etc.
raiif* e
kind s
Dealer in Minos, Mineral Prospects,
.fruit %i\noe anb
(BenevaJ tReal jeetate
\\j\% vmtM LfUlllPui
Manufacturers of Piue Lumber, Shiplap, and
Kiuishiiig I'*ir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill oa Slocan Lake L, 80AU, Propri6tor      p.o. Box 20.
Afijcnt ft!. Now Denver, J. B�� SMITH.
w^C."*-1*' -urT"^"TV*3SS-t*j-aT*<V,-l-
Tw wis.;���-������-:������;
Is th
Home for all Mitiiiiff Men when at the famous Sliver-Lead Camp.
Cony Booms and first-elatis tahle.   Sample Rooms.
1 wiil make your slay wilh me a pleasant one.
D��� Graot. Prop.-SILVERTON, B.C,
*<.-**�����*���* *<���***$************* ********************i*iM2;
i*) *^>
Proprietor:  H. J. LaBRASH
While help employed only.       A Home from Home.      Fully equipped
fur High-Class Trade.       Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisii i* Always. j
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons, _
Choicest  Liquors, Wines,   and  Cigars.'     I
lnary examinations of Prop-
tor prospective purchasers a
12 yenrs experience in the Slocnn. -All
business promptly attended to and
 satisfaction guaranteed,
P.O. Boxli^SlIvertoii, B.d
Q:.;%."-y.r~' '-:
>"   (.;* |
.: J.X,i.__��7���_**'r*J-r..,
'���'V -*>.'*.���* ;**.'*'*'*''ii'v."*1iii*��V.*''*'*r"'      .-U.'v-.  ^i"-*"'
;'-'-i-.*���''* ��� ��� ^<i\-x-Mi'^Vw*^
���';-��-*-;'::.���   ; .__ '^'.--: '���. :%M:|!
s  .. .*, ������   *       '    *";i  ��� '*r*k--:\>, lit'?!
Steam Laundry
For First-Class Work.
���-���-���-���._ .���--���- -. >*<-"*T**v3!**���"��������������������^���^.ft'^^'^^^'^Ji^^'St^ona.f
T     Hnve you thought iif yo.ir
*       Fall and Wlntoi Suit yet
*'     ��� ?
4*  Ii not, Come a'*d See my Now
X      Samples,   Just Arrived.
|    No Fit, No Pay/
Get price   liul from J. E,
Local Agont.
Angrlgni n
Number Three Mineral. Claim,  situate*
in the Sloonn Mining Divlaiuu of West
IC.Kitui.iiv  District,     When, located:
Near the town of Cody.
A Jo!;*- He Llkoil,
In the Btraln mid excitement of trading on Wall street the broilers, says
Mr. E. C. Stedman In the Century
Mnirazlne, often relapse inlo wild merriment ami piny boyish pranks. Ou
one occasion an old Indian with u
young bravo, a hoy nnd two squaws
entered the gallery. At once the "lloor"
put forth every effort to brenU down
their stolidity. A war whoop had no
effect. A war dance tlld not. arouse
even n smile.
At last a baldheaded man was thrust
Into n ring of young fellows, hla bands
-District of We.t
The Crown Tailoring
Go., Toronto, Ont.
ana AtignjiK
General Freighting
and Transfer.
NHj,,!ke���!,!,*,ie''"mtI'A'S' r'a,*vell. of  hold behind bim, a knife drawn around
NelBon,  acting as  agvnt  tor John M
Harris,   Free  Miner'*-*  Ceitilicate No
iien ti, for
wn Orunt
B95,600, intend, (ill day.** from  ill(,  ,].,|,
hereof, to ap| ly to tin* Milling R
for u  Certiflcato of Improve
the purposool ohtaiuli gn Cn
i of the above claim.
And further lake notice thnt action
under section 117, inu.il,   '
I before (he Issuance of
j of Improvements.
Dated this lb'ih dnyf,f jnnni *I)(W.
11-i;:l A. 8. FARWELL,
be commenced
ttih Certificate
his pale, and tlio mummery of n futile
iillempt to detach his scalp was enacted,
This wn> nt last too much for the dignity of the :*,!inri,*,;n 3. The l oy broke
Into a broad laugh, In whli li the pquuws
join *i; the yoimg warrior grinned In
pplto of lllnisolf, and al Inst the si in-
bianco of grim humor overspread the
fane of tho ruthless old chief, *.v!io mny
have been the perpetrator of nn many
atrocities aMJoroitluio,
Slocan Laud Di*
Take notice that Christiana C. Brou?e
of.New Denver, liial'iieu nou.an, lutein s
to apply lor permi "ion to pilrnliaijc Ihu
following described lands: Commencing
at a post Jil-inled on lho south , ast corner of lit 8262, thence west 80 chains
along the wiai line of lot 8203, thence
20 chains foutli, tbence 80 chains cu**,  _ .
Miaiica 20 chaine north tu the place J   (V*P*W   ��� ,   *,  .  .
commencement. ���"**���"    i/VH.vi)   e.-��.V.     vision  of   We.t
CHRISl'lANA C. BROUSE, XVhoro  lociiteJ: On  TiKer  Creek, a
A. L, McCulloch, Agent Slocnn Land District���District of branch ol tho bccoiuI north fork of
Au,.ust llth, It'll���;. 016 West Kootenav. Lemon Cioek,
.,, .      ,   ,    Take notice that I,  Henri Rnhert
Slocan Land   District-District ol Wtst     Take Notice that John Thomas Chap- Jowtid, F. M. C. Nb. 134800, acting g_
m , ,.    "-Noolpuay, mal)i 0ti_.,non Oreek, rancher, intends sgent for R. Randolph Bruce, P. M  0
ink** notico ih.it Joseph Sen,,, of ,,, ,���,,,,, f,���. perml.8ioii to purchase the No. B8B068. Intend, sixiy dnys from the
tie* l'.i.u-i*, limbprman, intonds to following desi'rihedlniidi Ownniencing -1-**-0 lioreof, tn apply ter the(Mining Reapply for orm.'Blon to purchase ihe (lta post rJauted on tbo-wesl boundary .oulor for a CeriilScaieof Improvements
oiO'Uhg ',:'-'1'1', I,'; (-"Jll'��"-''*-i* of Lot 382, Group 1, Immediately north f'*r lho Purpose of ohtnlnlng a Crown
ui|_iitai.osi plnmdal lho stniih e.ast 0f Phoan liver nnd marked "J, T. C. <���������''���*- tu *-�� undivided tour-fifths in
-��� '������-        *.'���'�� pre-tmptiun on the B .uih-cnsr.   corner,"   ihcncn   north  -10 each of thu above elulmB.
i. ' , Lhenco west chuins, thence went 20 chaine, theuco And farther take noiice that aotlon
South -10 chains, thence cast. 20 chains, tinder "notion ,i?, mum, bo comuionccd
to the point of commencement, on befo.o the issnanre of such Cuitiflmto
taining 80 acios moro or 1 *..;. ol Improvements,
JOHN THOMAS CHAPMAN       ���D'lled lllis 2Sth ^Y of May, 1908.
._, -Agent -^
******* * * * ��� f -H*. IIIHI''. * *,
Marmlon and Maryland Minera)^!laimo,
situate In tho Siocan City Milling I)i-
J*-'' *.t"i*ay   District.
wont, elde of 8lo.nu)
���lo chains, Ihence Bullth 10 chaim.,
thence eaBt 40 cliains, thenoe nor:h.u
chains lo point of commencement,! con ���
lliinin;. 100 ucrea moe or lesa.
���.ugnst 18th, limn.
()*.>   ny loth, 1WH,
jvgg   * JyiJO,


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