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Slocan Mining Review 1907-08-29

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Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . ,
it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. I    Vol. 2,
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Aug. 29, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
2nd Annual
Fruit Fair
Irani! Kx
2o in,
ni duel
!s of the
! 'ruits - FloWifrg - Vegetables
$2,500 in Prizes and Attractions.
Special Fruit Competition open to
the World Ior $:'00 cash prize.
Special Contests for Prospectors
and Loggers,
Not a dull minute for Iwo days.
Prize  lists  and entry forms may
le hud from tin* Secretary.
*'*>'t"t"t * *** **** **********
local ant> (Beneral.  I
i *.
���>   ricked up by Baiting in Everywhere.    *.*
This is where we begin No. 1, Vol. 2.
We apologise to no one. If you don't
get this paper next week don't complain. We intend only to send the paper
to those wbo pay for it or to those who
ask us to send it. It is the custom for
ino.it editors to send their sheet fir ever
and ever. We are perhaps, unorthodox,
but we have* also been ink-slinging too
long to do anything ipiito so rabid a��
that. Expericntia docct ! Pay Hie
Aligns Mclnnes, road siipeniitendant
and mining recorder,  made  an   oflioial
tour over the  loads  and trails  of the
surrounding hills this week in the com
pany of deputy road inspector Cameron.
Silvio MoBcardini was admitted into
the hospital Wednesday with tomllltlB.
The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs.
J. Thomey met with a painful accident
on Fiidav evening 1 ist. The youngster
W08 tilling back its high rhalr when it
overbalanced and precipitated the infant to the door, rendering it unconscious, in which stale it. remained for
some time. The child is now Cent-id-
cred tc he out of danger.
0. V. White has recorded assessment
on Ihe Silver Ridge.
Rancher Wc relv, was up from Denver
CERTIFICATE Ol^PROVBMENTS.tl|i8raornlngVvlt,ltom8onij8blgpUmp.
,    ,.    ,      ,,     ���       i kins and a bunch of duunors.
1* ly    Frnali'ill   anl    Da id in ells   1* rac-
Sudden Death of Woman.
To-morrow night, Friday, there will
be a ball in Silverlon.
The Slocin Lake Launch Club bolls
ita animal regatta to-morrow, Friday.
The events are numerous and At motive
including launch and swimming races
and several novel events. Train loavis
Sandon  8 a.m. aniving home 6 p.m.
Joseph Gabriel Potter, you stand convicted. Little did your friends dream
when you hit the trail for the Boundary
that you were about to blow in your
first million on matrimony.     Shame ou ,
you.    And  this  in   return  for Kaslo's i 	
tnoral and financial support, Wouldn't! Tho Court of Revision for the Muni-
a fruit rnncb bave been a better invest-1 cip.ility was lull in the Council Chain*
iiu*ii t ?   And  the  extravagance of   it!  ber on Tu aday night, there being pres-
A woman hnnied Kitttf Macdonald
wa-i found dead In ber reeii'^ticeiit noon
to-day. The woman was in her nightdress lying ���".car tho door when found,
anil a lamp oUu.1 he tilde was binning.
It is the same woman who was the victim of the snowslide herd last spring
and was rescued in an uncon*-cioiis condition. Dr. Arthur, provincial coroner,
is expected to arrive from Nolsbn tomorrow.
II Mill W
tion  initio ul  claim, situate  in   the
Slocan    Mining   Division   of  West
_Cootenay_Distrlot,    Where locn'ed *.���
In Daidauells' Rasiu.
Tako notico that I, D. Frr.se-. acting
us agent I'm* the Dardanells nn I Okana-
gan [Mining Company, Limited, Free
Miners Certificate No. 1117551, intend, HO
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recordor for a certilicate
of Improvements for the purpose ot obtaining a Crown Giant of tl.c above
And further take notion, that action
under section 117, inii-1 bo coiiunenoed
before the is'-uance of such Certificate of
Dated this24th day of Aug.. A.D.1807
The backbone of bu miner is broken
and it behooves every man to protect
himself against the changeable weather.
Stanfield's Underwear at Macdonald's,
M. D. Cook, VV. D. Milner, Y. S.
Shepard and I'. F. Wanhall, real cstn'e
men from Calgary, ep.nttlie week iu
An erj lyablodance was hoi 1 on Wednesday evening at the opera house.
Bring your dancing pumps along with
you Monday,
The Review has ordered line weather,
so don't, be deceived by any clouds on
the horiz in.
Chailie Farrell returned from Ymir | you'll like it."
last. Friday, where he has beon for the
past four months, Charlie is one ol
the best miners in the country, and his
services werequ'ckly in demand, lie
haa gone to the McAllister group.
Mr. and Mis. E. R. Atherton and
family have returned fiom their vacation at No., Denver.
Sure printer man ne'er returned with
such pomp and paraphernalia. Oh, the
lovely Saratoga trunks and tho jewelry.
Say, what's the use of a honeymoon if
you leave the wife behind '!
The many friends of Win. Davidson
will be pleased to leuin that he hat
left the hospital, whir,-, he hns ben
under treatment for the past throe
weeks lor a Urge absce.sun lei* bis right
School re-opened Monday under thc
direction of Miss K. McArdle, who arrived from Vancouver on Friday night.
There was a good attendance.
Phil Long haa returned from a tour of
the great West. Like all who Hit away
and return with the huckleberries, ho
is glad lo he back again.
The ladies of St. Joseph's church
hive secured the cafe of the Palacj
hotel for Labor Day, where they will
dispense delicious Uuzelwuod ice-cicam.
Beautiful New D.nver I H *re I. a
story which ono of tint town's most
ardent admirers told us tho other night.
A certiin man died, nnd a second later
ho applied at the gates of the Now
Jeru-alcm for ndmis-ion. " Where
from 1" asked St. Piter. " New Denver I " answered the candidate. "Ah,
well," said tho saint wilh a long-drawn
out sigh aa he throw open the gate.
"You may oine in, but 1  don't, think
When you " eiat your bread upon
the water*-," don't expect it to teiuru
as "dough."
An enquiry has been in vie as to what
we should do i.' lhe sun went out? Wu
should consider it all "moonshine."
Hii Worship the Mayor arrived from
Ka*lo on t*-day'a train.
| labor Day |  AT S
The Grandest Days' Sport in the Kootenays.
Cheap Excursions on C. P. R. ail K. & S, Ilys.
Special Train and Boat Arrangements.
Open to the Kaslo-Sloean District.
DouMe-llaritM, 1st $100,2nd $50.       Singlc-Hanilcil, 1st $50,M $25.
Boys' Single Rock Drilling Contest - - Outer 14.
Great Hob and Hob Race
Between Kaslo, New Denver and Sandon teams.
Caledonian Spits
Children's Sports
100 Yards' Dash      Long Jump      Broad Jump      Pole Vaulting      Putting the Shot.
Race? and Novelty Events for the Boys and Girls.
N-jj-jl and Screw Driving Competition for the I.adies.
Bandsmen's Race. Prospector's Race. Fat Men's Race.        Novelty "Events.
The Famous Kaslo Brass Band will be in Attendance.
Grand 'Ball in the Evening
Don't Forget ! Labor Day, Monday, Sept* 2
Come in your thousands to the Great Silver-Dead Camp.
Hia Worship the Mayor (J. R. CAMERON'), Proaldont
W. M. BENNETT. Treasurer
J. TOWGOOD, Chairman.
J. .1. ATHERTON, See
You will meet Hundreds oj Old-Timers at Sandon on Labor Day.
cut Al la. Withe lehairmab), McLeod,
Towgood nnd Ban not t nud the Assessor
nnd Collector, O. E. Lyons. Mr. J, M.
11 aula appeared before tho boird to
protest ugalust hl_ assessments, and in
several instances mwailei upon the
board to in ike reduotioas. Protests
from other iiitepayeis weie read, find
the hoard being; in goner nu mood made
n substantial reduc.lon iu nearly ail
Siys ihn Fernie Ledger) " This I "sue
commences another year f n- " The
Ledg *r," and nuw that wo have delivered Jo'inh to the Whale, we taut
��*o ahull havo fairer silling for our
Puzzle: Who's Jonah and why whale?
In answer to enquirers we b**g to
state that tbe celebration to be held
next Monday is not in honor cf tbe
first anniversary of our birth.
What';) in the wind ? Several bundles
of Calgary real e**t*ite men spent a few
days in town this week looking fear
fully wiBe.
Tho Kootenaian ia doing some worthy
boosting (or our celebration. 'Rib for
Kas'o I
Chief of Po'icn Lyons, who at. the
last meeting of lhe City Council handed in hia resignation amid general 10-
grets, will r,iire from ollice S.nui'diy
nest, vve understand Mr. and Mrs.
Lyons will lenve Shortly for Fernie.
Il looks as if the hoso-toam boysnre
out for busiii?s", Cohfislent prnetjsu
has to be recorded for the week.
We have been ask d to give publicity
to the fact that nn effort i< being made
to form an Amateur Dramatic Society
in town. With this object in view a
meeting will be held in the Rico parlor
on Thins lay evening next at 8 o'clock,
lo wlvch all who are likely to btcmne
interested are cordially invited. The
project is a very commendable one, and
undoubtedly it will he supported in a
full men ure by ladies and gentlemen
during thc long winter days.
Every day sees old-timers drifting
buck to camp together with an Influx of
transients and those who come to sl*.y.
i"he old c:uup has certainly taken a new
lease of life.
P. H. Walsh, district BUpt. G.N.I!.,
c.ime up from Knslo Wednesday.
A special meeting of the City Council
will be held this (Thursday) evening.
A  New   Timer   correspondent sug-
I gests  New*   Denver is   becoming   very
|"uoly."   He surely  *nu��t be. reftrii_*g
lo the condition ot lhe B'dewiiHts.     The
'���-1-inmo    correpoiidcn,   einds    alullg    a
notice in the ratureof an nl.,  as follows:   "A light to lighten lhe 'genteels'
required at New Denver."   Apply ut tlie
offloe during "aunlight" hours.
J, L. Wh'.to will shotly leave for hia
oil home in Loll Ion, Uot., where he1
will spind in comfort thc rut*t of his
dnys. Before departing he will sell ut. a
great haa'ain the stock -in~.ri.lu of the
Sand hi Laundry, together wiih house
anl lot, tho only laundry in Snndon.
The.e is all abundance of good water
for lnni-i h ill, l.i ii ml * y and garden,
which is one of ihe best, lions** is perfectly secure from snoW'slidiS. Also n
Bi'St-cl'ISS hoii-liuiise stocked with sele.e-
led winter layers, which gave two dozen eggs per day all he-t winter. Hens
have access to open ground. Very convenient for wood, with good cellar for
Same. The price of the whole is a
Startler. Get io erosted and soo White.
Also another house and lot for sale,
The Knights of Pythias held a meeting on Wed:.e.-day night. There were
four applications for membership.
Docs this look like a dead lodge in a
dead town?
A New Rock for Drilling.
A new stone his bicn secured Mr the
double-handed rock-drilling contest on
Monday next. It wns taken from "the
cutting near thc K. & S. depot. Ed.
McLeod, who selected the stone which
has been tho competition pebble for
several years, bus b*ought his expert
knowledge to bear on thi) and proclaims
it a "peucb." There are several entrants f.i* this event who have it bunch
of money lo buck tin ir ability to b.at
the hoi * iu the old ro**k made by Fonlds
Brothers, and we look for a match or
twj on Tuesday.
Noiico Is hereby given that 80 days
afterdate wo ii,t*nd to apply to the
license hoard of the city of glo**nn for
a transfer of llcenca held by us tu* Iho
Arlington Hotel, in Block A, lots land 2
to Robt.   Grahiin and I"rank  Oilhth.
Slocan, B, 0.j AtttU-t 1st, "TOO.,
Ya-Ya is "ir-Medical Man
Sacking Ore-New anl
Startling Theory.
Abont eighteen months a;o Dr. W.
E. (ioinm, ot Sandon, start *d devoting
his attention to Iho subject of the
Slocnn ore deposits, wilh the object of
discovering the agencies determining
their localization, Tho search, as he
states, proved difficult, and months of
laborious effort wee consume I before
Iho main idea suddenly dawned upon
Hy close observation of conditions ou*
dining in relation to known holies of
ore, be discovered that a constant similarity exiatod between tbem, and by
reasoning llierefiom be concluded tbat
if a certain peculiar combination of
circumstances nccdmpauied tho known
bodies of ore and failed where ore was
known not to exist, then if he cmid
find tbe combination in i.ny nearby locality, he would lensinably expect to
find an ore body simi'arly  placed.
He states that of all the ore shoots
which he knows in Slocan, by observation or enquiry the rule is invariable
that the heavy tuaste* of ore aro to bo
found near the northeastern extr. mc,
and tho smallest at the i��' 'JAweslern,
and that he positively l'*u-_*%a why this
is tme. Ho is not yet," i 'rover, ready
to impart any of bis kl\*>ytV>'���{**��� to the
public, an 1 will do s ) "here -' ;i those
who have belittled anl iter,dud bi.��
efforts have become convinced that bis
t'leorits are something more than "h il
air." m
II "retofore, float oro has been a main
object ol search hy pro-pectoi'8, tbe intent being to follow any find of llont to
Its source, This Dr. G imni has made
a matter of secondary moment. He
first and foremost lines out his ledge;
then searches careful ty for tbe attendant combination nlo"g that line; las ly
he stur:a searching for capping, flout,
et*., always confining Irs work to prior
maiked limits, and we venture to state
that he will find the ore when be goes
alter it.
During Ihe past yrnr Ihe Review has
watched with keen Interest the progress of Dr. Gjinin upon the Ya-Ya,
a property ju-t but.ide the city limit*.
Starting out in the full of last ynu* he
began his lost arches with unbound, d
confidi-n e nnd very limited capita'.
When it bcc.iine kno-i n that lho".oien-
tilic pioBpuo'oi*'! bail secure I a 1 as *
and band upon the property referred to,
ihere was iiiuoh "clrinwagglng" and no
little amusement, as tlie property was
011 the list of the "c indeinued," and
the doOtor���������������� taken aside by his Wel
wishers, and an endeavor made fo dissuade him from his purpose. But th'*
medico's answer to tho well meaning
Mends and not a few c ,vort dutraot-
ors, was typical of the nun. "I'll in aleo
you wallopers follow me arjund to got
next to my system, and when I -peak
you'UTipen your mouths, prick up your
ears, "and listen."
Aud SO he began. Ono or two men
became iuterutvted enough to graduate In
the new school of prospecting, and **e
can say wiih mt fear of contradiction
that his rystem where it has been in-
telligruii.lv applied has nut yet. failed,
nor is it likely to. But of tho Ya-Ya.
After pursuing his outlined preliminary
course, be dug open cu'.s and found tbe
Kvcii ihen doubting Thomases were
unconvinced. "There is no lool.''
"Tho doctirdoesn't ki o�� the dlffurer.o
between country rock and ledge matter."
"It's a fo d kille**," itc, ate.
But ihodooioi* stirted tunnelling, and
to cut a Ion . story *hor', he has as tin**
a looking lodgo a< there is in tbe Slo. an
country. Wehnvopievlonsly inentloned
that It is p u t of hi j reasoning that the
smallest end of the ore shoot would
always bj foufi I at the sin,'hive*tent
extreme, and bore again ho scire I a*i-
oth'i* point. But aa he coitinued to
drift the f ice became livelier nnlil ns wo
write, th i*-) ii unquestionably a fine
body of shlppirg ore coining in. Several ens of go >d concentrating ore have
gone over the dump, and 8ever.il kid-
in ys of 110 oz. ore have shown in thc
face as a rtsult of a shot put ill by our
representative just before going to press.
Thi.*) oro wo were proud and glad to
show around. Proud because tho man
of lhe hour who in th) face of adverse
criticism has shown that he hns the
"open sesame" to the treasure vaults of
the Slocan, nnd glad because tbe finding of a body of ore at the f lot of the
moun'aiu and 1,800 feet below the
Payne workin.s will go more towards
proving the tt.ibility of tli:a section of
the country than any factor yio can
Charlie Garrett has left for his old
home in Scotland. Bon voyage, Charlie, and a speedy return.
The Cele' I*
l'ion secretary
begs loack-
nowlcd-io ' 1.
��� .in  for fjo  fi
���jin  Crown
ni !o i"; C .
, y initio,
Crowds  from Surrounding
District Will Be Here.
Full Program.
Everything is in readiness for the big
celebration on Monday next, and viai-
itors to our camp on that day will
witnesB the inoa! exciting days' sport in
tin* annals of the Silver City. Saudon
ia favorably adapted for a celebration of
this kin I from a spectators' point cf
view, as all the principal events are
confined to an ana within the vision of
all. The rock-drilling contests may Bo
viewed uninterruptedly by thousands of
sp etalors, owing to the favored location
of the venue. The main feature of Ihe
day is the double-handed contest, for
which a record entry hns hi en secured.
This event in itself will bo win lb going
a bundle I miles to see, as the teams
competing have hoen before the public
on many occasions and the rivalry is
tense. The hub-and-hub race will bo
keenly contested, and crowds from
Kaslo will cheer th. ir team on to victory. Tin* other events me enumerated
below. The train rrnngements, on ths
Kns'.o and Slocan arc ideal. Tne train
will leave Kadi at 8 a.m., calling at all
points en route, arriving at Bandon
shortly after 10 n.ni. This will be
ample time for the first, event, which ia
timed for 10.ISO. R"turil'ng, tho train
leaves at 7 p.m. A special rate of single
fare for the round t ip is announced,
Tickets will be on tale on Saturday,
good lo return on Tuesday, Thia ar-
ra'geinet pei mils cf staying overnight
for the grand ball at no increased traveling expeti'o.
A Bpecial boat will leave Slocan Cily
nt T) a.m., calling a', all lake stations,
and making train cjnnectlon at Rosebery.
Program of Events i
0 a.m.   Arrival of C.P.R. Train.
10.15   Arrival  of K, & S. train with
Kaslo Brass Band
10.30   Single   Handed   Rock  Drilling
First prize, ��50    Second prize, $15
Time, 10 mins.   J_ steel.
Entrance fee, $1.
11.   Children's Sports.
11.30   Girl's Skipping Contest.
1 p.m.   Boy's   Single   Handed  Rock-
Drilling Contest.
First prize $10. Sscond prize, pair
of Shoes value $5 donated by Mr.
A. Mclnnes. Third prize, $3.
Fourth prizs $1.50. Fifth prize
Time 6 min.   % steel.
2 Men's Double-Handed Rock-Drilling
First pri-'.e, $100. Second prize, S50
Tim*;, 15 min.   J8 steel.
Entrance foj, $2 tear.*,.
2.30   Ladies'   Nail and Screw-Driving
First prizj, Handsome Embroidered
Blouse  Length,  donated  by A. T.
Garland,    Kaslo.       Sjcand.   prize,
elegant Ivorine Jewel Case; third
prize, porcelain vase, both donated
by   C.   F,   Nelson,   New   Denver.
Special  prize, donated  by  Dr. S.
3 Hub and Hub Contest.
4 Caledonian Sports.
100 Yards Dash 1st $10; 2nd $3
High Jumpj'
Pole Vault
Putting the Shot
Long' Jump
Fat Men's Race
Prospectors' Raco
5 Bandsmen's Race   (Instruments to
be played whilst running)
5 30   Strong Men's Contest.     (Contes-
to sit in centre of table, place feet
against   those   of adversary,   and
. pull at pole placed between thorn.)
S30   Grand..Ball.
SeptemberJM9,20,1907 U
Larger and lictUr than Ever.
| Something Doing livery
Cheap  Excursion Rates  on  All
Transportalioij lines.
For information o. Prize List
D. 0. McMomus, Secretory,
P.O. B ix B6, Nelson, B.C.
C. W. BUSK, President.
Di trictof West. Kootenay.
Take not'ee Ihat John St. Denis, of
Slo'an, li.C , farmer,   intends to  apply
fo** permission to purchase   the following des r b" d land :   Commencing a t p
P it plant **l   on the  Buuth-iast corner
of   lot   Toll,   thenc   north   30   chains,
east 20"cliains, fquth-20 clnUis  to  the
north-cast c rn* r  if  l"t~8137,    Ihence
along tbo   lino  ol lot 8127,   -U   chains
Au-est 1st, l'.)07.
D. St. Hi nls, Ag-nt.
Dit-t.ictnf We-t Koutenny.
Tikenoticj   Ihat  Charlu.  Plant,  of
New Denver,   miner,   intends  to   apply
for pernio sin n to puichasH  the  lollow-
ing desoribed  land:   comm neing at  a
post  limited  at the  nn! h-u'ust   corner
of lot (1831, ilienoe notth 40 chains, cast
SO chains,   so ;th 40 clmins,    west   20
August 12th, 1007.
D. St. Denis, Agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice thai FloVen.o L-iwrence
Mclnnes, of Nett' Deri vet, wl'o of Angus
Mclnnes, lllti ni's Iri Hpply for perniis-
sio'i to puichase the folio.\ ing detorlbod
land :���
Coinincneing at a po*t plnnlednt the
northwest comer of lot 8508, a roup 1,
Kootenay District, tin nee west 20 chains
iIn ii o ior.th 20 chains thenco ia*t 20
chains Ihence li.rth 20 chains to the
point of comincncenunl, containing iO
acres more or lei-s.
Kenneth L. B*.irn*.t, A_*ptit,
It is surpris'ng lo any outsider nn h*s
way to Sandon to bear employees of
concerns whose whole exist* 11C0depends*
on the icry fact that t'andon IS, continually "knocking" tbe town. If
S union was non ost, tbey are the very
men who would havo to look for a new
Many who havo travelled to Sandon
can confirm our statements. On tbe
boat oi train shoul I you say you are on
your way to Sandon, the knockerin-
vaiiahly makes himself beard, and from
what he says olio would think you
would have t. live In a log cabin, the
rain coming through the roof. Vou
would bave to wash your own clotlna
and live the ll'eof a hermit. Nothing
'���an be further from the truth. For the
aizc of the place we have bolter facilities than ���onie ciliea. We have a bo -
pita', a school, tinec* cl niches, a city
hall and coniuil, ore i f tho best f Qllip-
pul waterworks end chitric ligl t
sys'ems in the Intoiior, and seveinl
h t* Is, restaurants and etnas. One if
the ho'els is both an admiration ai.d
a surprise to any commeiolal traveller
who happens to pnsi through our cby,
and lb* y should kuow something aboni
it. We a'SO have H.n railway stations
representing the K. A S . daily servic.
and the tri-weekly service of the C.P.R.
There nre about a d izen secret societies
In tho city who meet in a lodge room,
such is Nelson yet hopes to Bee some-,
tone in lhe future. The opera house,
is well heated and "everyone does not
say " old barn," or go away with a*i
attack of tlie grippe, as the wri'er urn
testify from experience In an interior
cily of (i.OOO Inhabitant.
There is more wealth in nnd around
Sandon than tn any other mining camp
In B.C., and when capital and population is on hand to develop that wealth,
then the knocker will slink away wii.1i
shame and bije in his shell where he
h*. Lug*.
Thui again there is a certain section
of tbe press v bo ure knockers of thu
most virulent type. Only quite recently
Ihe Nelson evei ing paper made a big
talk a1out the Had Mines Smelter and
endeavored to show Ihat iis ptesei.t
miibai'sssinout is due to tl.o b'loo-in.
But the Slocandoi s not propose to stand
for any such b.inkum, nor dies the
.Slocan propoio to knock the Hall Mires
Smelter In cause the editor of the pnpi r
refencd lo chose to w rite a pnnegyiic on
Nel on'a hallig Industrial Institution
and (brow tho oi.nsof iis failure to fill
ihe till upon the Slocan. Everybody
In lhe Rlooan, mil for that mallei*,
nil other) mining centres, know jiiht
what is' the trouble, but it would no*
redound to ai yone'a credit lo ucioun* Ir..
from Ihe housetops, nor do wo think It
just to try and s.u ire Nelson utile,
expense of this conntiy. We rati assure*.
tbe editor of the paper referred to that
we know ii crt of tie mbjict than lj".
evidently dues, ilae why ursleacV I i.
readers. Let us hope he w 11 get. wi. i r
aa he lunluns i nil thin be iill.e to hoi i
his pence whin it Is i olitic lo do io.
Therefore, let us cease knocking mr.
neighbors, and pubajs our gwh citiis,
will grow a hltli moie and fitter, tu ,'
linn iiieh ii.slituiioi'.a as the 20,01 (i
Club will I nve lo change i*.a ihihl**
oftener for a larger ni;uie:nl.
Ditlriet of Wi st Kootenay
Take noiico tbat   1, Will am  St��wn*t
Dre.wry, ly uciii.iati .n a land nirveyor
in end lo apply lor  a sj o inl li cubj  1 i
Cut timber ii|*on 0i0 acres of  Iniul,  **it*
mite on the w st si io  nl MoCan  -I-�����"* ;���__
tthoit ,'.;   mile  north   of   Nemo eccutt,
bouiidej'ns lollowa:
Commeilcitig at a  post   planted    it
tho N.E,   lon.or   of   lot  G5!l,  thm
north   20   chms   more or  less   to  I   u,
S.W. io,n r of lot 84S6;   thenco  i.ui li
j lOOe.haii s,lh*Uii0 west 4*Jeliain_,  tl 0' I u
j south -40 chain*-1, thence  cast iiO dv.ii  a
' more* 0: less lo lhe point of commence*
Dnbd Aug Hih. IC07.
wd.i.iam si'i;n AiiTDi;L;>.vi.y, THE SLOCAN MINING REVIEW, SANDON, B.  C.
��� **������>     gggg-jg   ���-'l-*      # W ������**?-���*** ���-���     -����      V-* -��
*|DNT   FANNY,   what   Is   that
white   thing   sticking   under
the window?" demanded Bev-
        erly late the next morning.
She wns sitting with ber face to the
���windows while the old negress dressed
her hair.
"Looks lak a love letteh, Miss Bev'ly," was tbe answer ns Aunt Fanny
gingerly placed an envelope ln her mistress' hand. Beverly looked nt It ln
amazement. It was unmistakably a
letter, addressed to her, which had
been left at her window some time In
the night Her heart gave a thump,
and she went red with anticipated
pleasure. With eager fingers she tore
open the envelope The first glance at
the contents brought disappointment
to her face. The missive was from
Count Marlanx, but It wns a relief to
find that he was very much alive and
kicking. As she read on there came a
look of perplexity which wai succeeded by burning indignntion. The man
In the cloak was preparing to strike.
Tour secret ls mine. I know all that
happened lu the chapel and undemround
passage. Tou have betrayed Graustark
in aiding this man to escape. The plot
was cleverly executed, but you counted
without the Jealous eye of love. You can
���ave yourself and your honor and perhaps
your princess, but the conditions are
mine. This time there can be no trifling.
I want you to treat me fairly. God help
you If you refuse. Give me the answer
I want, and your secret ls safe. I will
shield you with my life. At 11 o'clock I
���hall come to see you. I have ln my
possession a document that will Influence
you. You will do well to keep a close
mouth until you have seen this paper.
This alarming note was all that was
Deeded to restore fire to the lagging
blood of the American girl. Its effect
was decidedly contrary to that which
Marlanx must have anticipated. Instead of collapsing, Beverly sprang to
her feet with energy and life In every
fiber. Her eyes were flashing brightly,
her body quivering with the sensations
of battle.
"That awful old wretch!" she cried,
to Aunt Fanny's amazement. "He is
the meanest human being in all the
world. But he's making the mistake of
his life, isn't he, Aunt Fanny? Oh, of
course you don't know what It is, so
never mind. We've got a surprise for
him. I'll see him at 11 o'clock, and
then"��� Sbe smiled quite benignly at
the thought of what she was going to
Bay to him. Beverly felt very secure
in tbe shadow of the princess.
A clatter of horses' hoofs on the parade ground drew her to the balcony.
What she saw brought Joy to her
heart. Lorry and Anguish, muddy and
disheveled, were dismounting before
the castle.
"Ah, this ls joy! Now there nre three
good Americans here. I'm not afraid,"
she said bravely. Aunt Fanny nodded
her head in approval, although sbe did
not know what It was all about. Curiosity more than alarm made Beverly
eager to see the document which old
Marlanx held in reserve for her. She
determined to meet him at 11.
A message from the princess announced the unexpected return of the
two Americans. She said they were (te
ni* Harry Anguish's own expression)
"beastly near starvation" and clamored for substantial breakfasts. Beverly
was urged to join them nnd to hear
the latest news from tbe frontier.
Lorry and Anguish were full of the
excitement on which they had lived for
many hours. They had found evidence
of raids by the Dawsbergen scouts and
hnd even caught sight of a small band
of fleeing horsemen. Lorry reluctantly
admitted that Gabriel's army seemed
loyal to bim and tbat there was small
hope of a conflict being averted, as he
had surmised, through the defection of
the people. He was surprised, but not
dismayed, when Yetive told bim certain
portions of the story ln regard to Marlanx; and, by no means averse to seeing the old man relegated to the background, heartily indorsed the step taken by his wife. He was fair enough,
however, to promise the general a
chance to speak in his own defense If
he so desired. He had this in view
when he requested Marlanx to come to
the castle at 11 o'clock for consultation.
"Gabriel ls devoting most of his energy now to hunting that poor Dantan
into bis grave," said Anguish. "I believe he'd rather kill his half brother
than conquer Grnustark. Why, the Inhuman monster has set himself to the
task of obliterating everything that reminds him of Duntan. We learned
from spies down there that he Issued
an order for the death of Dantan's sister, a pretty young thing named Can-
dace, because he believed sbe was secretly aiding her fugitive brother. She
escaped from the palace in Serros a
week ago, nud no one knows whnt has
become of her. There's a report that
she was actually killed and that the
���story of ber flight is a mere blind on
the part of Gabriel."
"He would do anything!" cried Yetive. "Poor child! They say she Is
like her English mother and ls charming."
"That would set Gabriel against her,
I fancy," went on Anguish. "And, by
the way, Miss Calhoun, we heard something definite nbout your friend, Prince
Dantan. It ls pretty well settled that
he isn't Bnldos of the guard. Dantan
wns seen two days ago by Captain
Dangloss' men. He was ln the Daws-
bergcu pass, and they talked with him
nnd his men. There was no mistake
this time. The poor, half starved chap
confessed to being the prince and begged for food for himself and his followers."
"I tried to find him and, falling In
that, left word ln the pass tbat If ho
would but cast bis lot with us ln this
trouble we soon would restore him to
his throne." said Lorry. "He may accept, and we shall have him turning
tip here some dav hunary tor revenge.
And now, my dear Beverly, how are
you progressing with the excellent
Baldos, of whom we cannot make a
prince, no matter how hard we try?"
Beverly and tbe princess exchanged
glances in which consternution was difficult to conceal. It was clear to Beverly that Yetive had not told her husband of the escape.
"I don't know anything about Baldos," she answered steadily. "Last
night some one shot nt him In the
"The deuce you sny!"
"In order to protect bim until you returned, Gren, I bad hlm transferred
to guard duty Inside the castle," explained the princess. "It really seemed necessary. General Marlanx expects to present formal charges against
hlm this morning, so I suppose wo
shall have to put hlm In Irons for a
littlo while. It seems too bad, doesn't
It, Gren?"
"Yes. He's ns straight ns a string,
I'll swonr." said Lorry emphatically.
"I'll bet he wishes bo were safely
out of this plncc," ventured Anguish,
and two young women busied themselves suddenly witb their coffee.
"The chance Is he's sorry ho ever
came into It," said Lorry tantallztngly.
While they were waiting for Marlanx the young Dulto of Mizrox was
announced. Tbe handsome Axphain-
Ian came with relief and dismay struggling for mastery in his face.
"Your highness," ho snid after tbe
greetings, "I nm come to inform you
that Graustark has one prince less to
account for. Axphain has found bet-
"When?" cried tbe princess and Beverly In oue voice nnd with astonishing
eagerness, not unmixed with dismay.
"Three days ago," was the reply.
"Oh," came ln deep relief from Beverly as sbe sank back Into her cbalr.
Tlie same fear bad lodged in the hearts
of tlie two fair conspirators���tbat tbey
had freed Baldos only to have him fall
into the bauds of his deadliest foes.
"I bave a message by courier from
my uncle in Axphaln," aaid Mizrox.
"He says that Frederic was killed near
Labbot by soldiers, after malting a gallant fight, on last Sunday night. The
Princess Volga Is rejoicing and hns
amply rewarded his slayers. Poor
Frederic! He knew but little happiness in this life."
There was a full minute of reflection
before any of his bearers expressed
the thought that had framed itself ln
every mind.
"Well, since Dantan and Frederic are
accounted for, Baldos is absolutely
obliged to be Chrlstobal," said Anguish
"He's just Baldos," observed Beverly, snuffing out the faint hope thnt had
lingered so long. Then the said to herself: "And I don't care, either. I only
wish he were back here again. I'd be
a good deal nicer to hlm."
Messengers flew back nnd forth, carrying orders from the enstle to various
quarters.    The  ministers  were called
to meet at 12 o'clock.   Underneath all
the bustle there was n tremendous Impulse of American cunning, energy dllfl
resourcefulness.   Every -on*** caught lb
fever.    Reserved old  diplomat!   ������
overwhelmed by their own ehthns*ii*
Custom bound soldiers forgot tire
.edltarv caution and fell Into rln* ten
of the new leaders without a murmur.
The city was wild with excitement, for
all  believed that  the  war was upon
them.     There   was   but   one  shadow
overhanging the glorious optimism of
Graustnrk���the ugly, menacing attitude
of Axphaln.   Even the Duke of Mizrox
could give no assurance that his country would remain neutral.
Colonel Quinnox came to the castle
In haste nnd perturbation. It was he
who propounded the question that
Yetive and Beverly were expecting,
"Where Is Baldos?" Of course the
fight of the Buspected guard wns soon
a matter of certainty. A single Imploring glanc*. from the princess, meant
for tho faithful Quinnox alone, told
him as plainly as words could have
said that she had given the man his
freedom. And Quinnox would have
died a thousand times to protect the
secret of bis sovereign, for bad not
twenty generations of Qulnnoxes served the rulers of Graustnrk with unflinching loyalty? Baron Dangloss may
have suspected tlie trick, but lie did
not so much as blink when the princess
instructed him to hunt high and low
for the fugitive.
Marlanx came nt 11. Under the defiant calmness of bis bearing there was
lurking a mighty fear. His brain was
scourged by thoughts of Impending disgrace. The princess hnd plainly threatened his degradation. After all these
years he was to tremble wltb shiiine
nnd humiliation; he was to cringe
where he had always boasted of douil-
necring power. And besides all this
Marlanx had a bullet wound in hla left
shoulder! The world could not have
kuown, for he knew how to conceal
Ho approached tbe slender, imperious Judge In the council chamber witb
n defiant leer on his face. If he went
down Into the depths be would drag
with him the fairest treasure be had
coveted in all his years of lust and
"A word with you," he said In an
aside to Beverly as she came from the
council chamber, in which she felt sbe
should not sit. She stopped and faced
him. Instinctively she looked to see if
he bore evidence of a wound. Sbe was
positive that her bullet had struck bim
the night before and that Marlanx was
the man witb the cloak.
"Well?" she said coldly. He read her
thoughts nnd smiled, even as his shoulder burned with pain.
"I will give you the chance to save
yourself. I love you. I want you. I
must bave you for my own," he was
"Stop, sir! It may be your experience hi life that women .kneel to ye"
wb'en. you comfaand. tt may be your
habit. to win what you Bet about to
win. i?But you have a novel way of presenting your devoirs, I must say. Is
thfS the way in which you won the
"five unfortunates whom you want me
to succeed? Did you scare them into
"No, no! I cared nothing for them.
You are the only one I ever loved"���
"Keally, Count Marlanx, you are
most amusing," she interrupted, with
a laugh that stung him to the quick.
"You have been unique in your love-
making. I am not used to your methods. Besides, after having known
tbem, I'll confess that I don't like
them in the least You may have been
wonderfully successful in the past, but
you were not dealing with an American girl. I have had enough of your
insults. Go in and face"���
"Have a care, girl!" he snarled. "I
have It in my power to crush you."
"Pooh!" came scornfully from her
lips. "If you molest me further I shall
cnll Mr. Lorry.   Let me pass!"
"Just glance nt this paper, my beauty. It goes before the eyes of the council unless you"��� He paused significantly.
Beverly took the document nnd with
dilated eyes read the revolting charges
against her honor. Her checks grew
white with anger, then flushed a deep
"You fiend!" she cried, glaring nt him
so fiercely that he Instinctively shrank
back, the vicious grin dying in his face.
"I'll show you how much I fear you.
I shall give this revolting thing to the
princess. She may read it to the cabinet, for all I care. No one will believe
you. They'll kill you for this!"
She turned and flew Into the presence
of the princess and her ministers.
Speeding to the side of Yetive, she
thrust the paper Into her hands. Surprise and expectancy filled the eyes of
all assembled.
"Count Marlanx officially charges me
with���with���read It, your highness!"
she cried distractedly.
Yetive read It, pale faced and cold.
A determined gleam appeared ln her
eyes as she passed the document to her
"Abode," Lorry snid to an attendant,
after a brief glance at its revolting contents, "ask Count Marlanx to appear
here instantly.  He is outside the door."
(To Be Continued)
Swarm of Thousands Take Possession
of   Hospital   In  Sussex.
A remarkable story of tbe "wrath
of the bee" comes from Sedgebrook
farm, near Plumpton, Sussex.
The farm is tbe East Sussex smallpox hospital, the caretaker of which,
and, in a lesser degree, his wife,
have been terrorized by bees for nearly five years.
The bees are not hive bees, though
it is possible that their progenitors
at some remote date were domesticated. They are a swarm of countless
thousands (some local gossips say
millions) which for five years at least
have bad tlieir abode under the tiles
of the farmhouse and have lived the
wildest of wild lives.
When the present caretaker came
into residence, four years ago, he little dreamed of the unpleasant tenants
already in poasession. But in the following spring he had a painful revelation. He attempted a little innocent gardening, and was badly stun.,
for  his  pains.
During the last four seasons ho has
been stung all over his body and
chased about the farm times without
number. Once last year he was laid
low with a sting which almost deprived him of bis eyesight.
Had old Dr. Watts been living at
Sedgebrook farm he would never have
been inspired to moralize on the industry of the "little busy bee," for
it sorely vexes the Bpirit of these
hospital bees to Bee anybody try to
"improve the shining hour." They
themselves are pirates, outlaws, vicious ne'er do weels of the worst type
that bees can descend to. It is their
pleasure that this poor caretaker shall
be one with them in their depravity.
Let him try to do a little gardening, and forth from their hiding place
they sally with as fierce martial music as ever fired Maeterlinck to write
a bee epic. Straight at the would-be
worker they dash, and in a moment
his tools nre dropped and he is flying for refuge.
"Look nt my garden," he said to a
correspondent, waving his hand over
a beautiful situated plot of ground, ���
which, under ordinary conditions,
would be made highly profitable. "It
never gives me what it ought to give.
The truth is, I nm afraid to touch it
except when the bees are indoorB.
All my gardening has to be done either before the bees come out or after
tliey have gone in."
Nothing you can wear costs you so little in real
comfort, real service and real satisfaction as
Warrante-d lo you by tic d...let, by the maker lo
him. lotm-fitlcd (or comfoit's sat**: won't stretdi.
won't shrink. Made in many fabrics and styhs.
at various prices, in form-fitting sues lor women,
men and children.   Trade-marked in red as above.
" GreenhdrnS.
"Greenhorn" was the general term
applied to all horned animals whose
horns were "green"���that is to say, Immature; hence it readily applies t<>
anybody whose knowledge of the
world or of a particular trade or pa*
time is of the slightest description.
Cro.cccliles of Old.
The galaxy of lies about crocodiles
found Iu old books dazzles the under
standing even of the experienced read
er of mediaeval natural history. He la
a great worm. lie is afraid of saffron,
ile eilts hooey. The crocodile runneth
iway from a man if be wink With hla
eft eye and look steadfastly upon bim
>vltb his right eye. lie curries water
in bis month to make the roads slip
jiery nnd so catches people alive. There
.s tin amity and natural concord between swine and crocodiles and much
mom of tlie same kind. Herodotus' little plover, which walks into the croco
dile's month and picks off the leeches,
is changed by Bartholomew into fish,
with crests like saws, aud a fowl and n
serpent, all of which walk about Inside
the crocodile's stomach as if It were a
parlor and find him "right nesh and
full tender."���London Spectator.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Wives are still obtained by purchase in some parts of Russia. In
the district of Kamyshin, on the
Volga, for example, this is practically the onlv way in which marriages are brought about. The price
of a pretty **___! from a well to do
family ranges from $100 to $200, and
in special cases a much higher sum
is obtained. In the villages the
lowest price is about $25.���New York
Can   Best  Be   Banished   by   Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
In summer your blood gets thin
and watery. You feel simply
wretched���tired, worn out, dull, your
nerves are irritable, your whole *���*. s-
teni is out of gear. There is just one
medicine that will give you strength
and vim to endure the fag of even
tbe hottest dnys���Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. They have helped thousands.
Perhaps your neighbors have already
told you they have helped tbem.
They're the medicine tbat makes
that pure; rich, red blood thnt everyone needs for good health���they
never fail to do 'that. Mrs. L. A.
Oarriere, the popular stewardess of
the Jacquea Cartier club, Montreal,
Que., saya: "For two years I was a
constant sufferer from general debility. The least work fatigued me
and sometimes I could not work at
all. I could not raifo my hand
above my head without feeling pains
in all my muscles. I was very weak
and sometimes became so dizzy that
I would fall unless I could lean
against something for support. While
in this condition I waa advised to
try Dr. Williama' Pink Pills. I did
so and by the time I had taken ton
boxes I was in perfect health, and
am now able to look after all ray
duties without the least fatigue.
When I began taking the Pills I was
a great sufferer���today I feel as if I
never was ill���thanks to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills strike
right at the root of anaemia, debility, rheumatism, indigestion, the * oc-
re't ills of women and growing girls,
etc., when they make new blood���
tbey do just that one thing, but they
do it well���good blood always bringa
good health. Sold by all medicine
dealers or by mail nt 50 cents a I'ox
or six boxes for $2.50, from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Chaffs  the  Lord  Chamberlain   About
Tabooing the "Mikado."
The Lord Chamberlain has come in
for a vast amount of sarcastic comment in the course of his references
to tbo opera of "The Mikado." About
three months ago he forbade its production, for what reason it was impossible to find out. This week he has
reBcinded the prohibition, but nobody
knows why.
Sir Gilbert Parker thinks that thc
Lord Chamberlain ought to have
found out thnt he had blundered eg-
regioualy within ten minutes from
the time he issued the original pro- j
hibition order. Sir Gilbert gave a
rather humorous expression to this
view in the question he put in the
House of Commons.
"May I ask," he inquired, "whether the Uowness of operation of tbe
Lord Chamberlain's mind doesn't
seem to traverse the statement he
once made in this House that he
wasn't an  agricultural  laborer?"
There was no Ministerial answer tc
this question, but there was an
abundance  of  irreverent laughter p-t
tlui    I ord    r.l_ji:ii.r_-_-.___ut'fl    <���*,*__��� -r*.*^-.
The noted foreigner wns perplexed.
"Zls was a strange countree." be remarked, wltb n frown. "Tbe longer 1
stay ze less I rnderstaud."
"What Is the trouble now, count?"
asked his American friend.
"Mooch, monsieur. I get on ze train.
Ze conductor carry me past my station.
I get wild. I wave my cane, 1 stamp
my foot, I shout! Zen ze conductor
grab me nnd bold me. When I ask
him why lie hold nie he say because he
think I ain off. Ha, ba! He say I am
off, and zat ls ze very reason why I
raise all ze noise���because I am not off,
but on "
I Bootblaok Shrewd Business Man.
1 Tbe sight of a man borrowing 1*100
from tbo bootblack ln an uptown hotel
barber shop the other Sunday morning
rather startled some of the customers
who were sealed In the place. The
man that borrowed the $100 is a race
track man aud was only temporarily
embarrassed. Tbe customers didn't
pay is much attention to him ns tbey
did to the size of the roll that the bootblack carried. This bootblack, by the
way, seldom musses up tils bands over
a pair of shoes. He bas three boys to
look after thnt work, and his duties
consist of seeing to ll Hint customers
get to chairs It* proper turn. His easiest money, boweier, comes from tn��
sale of collars. A lot of folk In the
neighborhood of the hotel on Sunday
and other mornings haven't been home
tbe night before. They know that collars are to be bint at tbe barber shop.
Of course the customer dlscnrds his
dirty collar, and it Is gathered up by
tbe bootblack, wh > has the soiled ones
laundered and si* Is them over again.
He charges 25 cents for each collar, no
ma Her what it coat originally.���New
York Sun
v PltLS
J i 'I & -C
Million Lives Lost to Disease, Which
Shows No Signs of Abatement���Decrease In Bombay District Offset
By Heavy Increase In Bengal and
the Unitsd Provinces���Soldiers in
Good Health.
A blue book chronicling the progress and conditions of India during
the last year has just been published. The moat saddening section of the
book is that which deals with India'a
peculiar  scourge���the  plague.
It appears to have been scarcely
mitigated by all the efforts of mo:
dern medical science. Taking British
India aa a whole, the number of reported deaths from plague in 1905
waa approximately the same as that
of 1904���reaching nearly to the appalling  total   of   1,000.000.
In Bombay there was a marked
abatement, the number of dentba from
plague falling from 224,000 to 71,400.
Tbo central provincea and Madr-is
were also comparatively free The Punjab registered 334,900, as against 396,-
000 in  1904.
Deadly In Bengal.
But in Bengal and the united provinces the disease mado great strides,
the deaths reported from these provinces .mounting to 126,000 and 380,
000  respectively.
Since 1H99 the deaths from plague
have been almost continually on the
increase. They shrank from 139,000 to
92,800 in the year 1900, to rise again
bv leaps and bounds to their present
Still, even in relation to this terrible scourge, there is a gleam of
light and much is hoped from the
plague investigation council. The
medical ofhecre bnve made important
experiments bearing on the relation
of rnt- plague to human plague and
the connection that rat fleaa have
with the spreading of human plague.
Tbe general morality of the vast
peninsula would seem to be improving. Tbe nggrecnte male population of
the country has shown a decided
shrinkage, from 602,433 in 1901, to
558,441 in 1905. The aggregate convict population baa dropped in the
same period from 281,615 to 246,817.
Soldiers   Have   Qood   Health.
The health of the European troops
in India hns been exceptionally good,
tbe rates of admission to hospital,
of constantly sick, of mortality, and
of invalidintf nil being the lowest on
record. A similar record hns been established by the nntive troops; tho
Constantly sick rate, the death rate,
and the invaliding rate were the lowest on record.
A low death rate is all the more
noteworthy, ns out of the total number (988) of dentba during the year 185
occurred through the collapse cl
buildings nt Dhn-rmsala during the
No specinl reference is mnde to the
unrest. The spread of education is
shown by tbe breaking down of tbe
prejudice against teaching girla. Two
women hnve taken degrees at Han-
As to the nntive press, the tendency ia lamented of catering to the
public tnste for extravagant fiction.
One notable work has been "Pnlli
Vinohlgra," which reminds city
dwellers of the charms of village life.
U.    No.   647
Woman   Undergoes  Ordeal  to   Refute
Accusations  of  Killing.
A remarkable tale of native superstition nnd credulity was told at the
Magistrate's Court recently, when
eight Mnshona natives from the Mire-
was district underwent preliminary
examination for committing certain
offences under tie Witchcraft Suppression Ordinance, sayB The Rhodesia Herald. Tbe eight natives were
all relatives, and the father of some
of tbem diet] recently. Not being quite
sntisfied that death was due to natural
causes, appeal was made to a certain
native named Cbibanda, wbo the
prosecutor stated was a well-known
witch doctor, though this fact was
not elicited in evidence. The outcome of the incantations was that two
of the sons, Manila and Katiwa visited a neighboring kraal and accused a
native woman named Kajiwa of having bewitched their father and caused
his death.
They demanded of the husband oi
this lady that she should undergo nn
ordeal to test the truth of the allegations. The husband asked for three
days' grace, saying he wanted his
wife's uncle to be present at the trial.
When this apace hnd elapsed Chitan-
daria, the husband, accompanied by
his wife and her uncle, a native named
Denti, set out for the kraal at which
tlie ordeal wns to tnke place. On
arrival the party were directed to a
small spruit below the kraal, where
tbe eight natives snt in conclave.
Cbibanda waa master of ceremonies,
nnd sat cooking some liquid in a pot
When thc medicine was cooked the
lady wns told to take a draught. It
wns explained that two draughts of
this medicine would act either as an
emetic or a burgative should the woman be a witch. Two'draughts were
administered, but left the lndy undisturbed.
Cbibanda thereupon again piled the
medicine, evidently determined that
the oracle sbould work, and after the
unfortunate female had taken 21 doses
nature rebelled and the medicine noted in its dual capacity. On this five
of the natives sprang up with assegais and kerries, crying: "There is
the witch who killed our father. Let
us kill her." But the husband and
uncle came to the rescue. After some
discussion the bereaved sons agreed
to be eompenanted, and as a first instalment tbe uncle handed over a kaf-
fir hoe, telling them if they killed
his niece he would inform on them.
The lady and her relatives then went
back to their respective kraals. Three
days afterward the two natives. Ma-
pirn and Katiwa, revisited the lady's
husband nnd demanded the witch to
be handed over to them to be killed.
This he refused to do, and later the
woman escaped to the native commissioner.
Curates Almost Extinct.
The constant and growing difficulty
in obtaining curates in the churches
of England has drawn the following
from the Vicar of Dartmouth, after
many vain attempts to secure asaiat-
ants himself: "In a few years the
curate will be as extinct as tbe dodo
Possibly aome may be stuffed and
exhibited in glass cases, but there
will be no live ones. The truth iu
tbe prospects of earning n living in
tbe ministry oi the Church of England after you have been young an
very roinote.''
And the Feeling of Weakness and Fatigue Will Give
Way to Health and Vigor
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
At this time of year nothing is rf
such great value to the human system as new, rich blood. Feelings of
languor and depression, headaches,
sleeplessness, ' ratability, impaired
digestion, nervousness���these all *i*ll
of thin, watery blood and a rundown system.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is, above
all else, a blood-building restorative
which puts new blood into the arteries, and by so doing lays the
foundation for health and vigor.
It sharpens up the appetite,
strengthens the nerves which control
the flow of digestive fluids, forms
new, lirm flesh and tissues, and givjs
vigor to the vital organs of the body.
Mr. Fred H. Gould, Purdy, Hastings Co., Out., writes: "I v/ns
troubled with nervous headache,
which at times was very painful anil
caused much suffering.    It has been
thoroughly cured by the useofTJr.
Chase's Nerve Food. I can recommend this treatment most highly and
believe that as a general system
builder it has no equal."
Mrs. W. Chappel, Barrie, Out.,
writes: "I have used Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food as a means of building
up the nervous system and improving the health generally and ha/o
also found it a good remedy for fe
male troubles.
"We have used Dr. Chnse's Ointment ns a household remedy for all
kinds of Borea nnd cuts nnu think it
is n splendid ointment."
You can be sure that Dr. Chase 3
Nerve Food is doing you good because each dose goea to the formation of a certain amount of pure,
rich, red blood. It cures by the
building-up process, and ita cures
are therefore thorough and lasting;
50 cents a box, 6 for $2.50, at ail
dealers, or Edmanaon. Dates & Co..
Fate   of   the   Forgotten
Charles M. Schwab, speaking if
forgotten fame, said:
"1 am reminded of a story about
Westminster Abbey.
"An antiquary one day visited the
nbbey, and found a stonecutter at
work' in the little cloistera, re-cutting
the name of Wilson, the great tenor
of  Shakespeare's day.
"The antiquary began to tell the
stonecutter about Wilson, how he
hnd been Shnkespeare's friend, and
Den Jonson's, and Kil Murlowe's,
nnd how nil these men had loved
and honored him.
"Tlie stonecutter, looking up from
hia work, frowned and shook his
" 'I wish, sir,' he said, 'we'd
kuowed lie was such a swell afore
we run that drain pipe through
him.1 "���Washington  Star.
Much distress nnd sickness fn
children is caused by worms. Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator gives relief by removing tbe cause. Give it
a trial and be convinced.
Merely   Practising
"I wonder," snid the tall man in
the suit of faded black, "if I could
interest you in a new and cheap edition of the works of Anthony Trol-
"I don't know," answered the man
nt the desk. "Go ahead and let mo
hear what you have to say."
The  book  agent began  at onee.
"Every student of literature," he
said, "knows that Anthony Trollops
wns one of England's greatest novelists. It ia true, perhaps, that he
wrote for a limited class."
And bo on,  for ten minutes.
"No," said the mnn at the desk,
turning again to his work, "you
haven't succeeded in interesting me
a bit."
"That's all right," replied the tall
man in the suit of faded black, replacing the sample volumes in his
vnlise with imperturbable composure,
"I have just started out canvassing
with these books, and I was only
practising on you. Good afternoon."
���Chicago Tribune,
High-caste Hindoos must baths
daily, and near most large railway
stations wells are provided whore
those who are travelers may perforin
their daily  ablutions.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form ot contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
The  Danube   flows   through  countries  in  which    fifty-two    languages I
and dialects are spoken.    It bears nn
its   current   four-fifths   of   they   commerce of eastern Europe.
Its Power Grows With Age���How
many medicines loudly blazoned as
panaceas for all human ills have
come and gone since Dr. Thonins' Eclectric Oil wns first put upon the
market? Yet it remains, doing more-
good to humanity tiiun many a preparation more highly vaunted, nnd
extending ita virtuea wider nnd wider
nnd in a larger circle every year.
It is the medicine of the masses.
During tbe past winter the canals
of Venice were frozen over. In 1769
tbe Adriatic itaelf wna fringed with
ice, nnd the harbor of Genoa choked
with ice.
M'-nard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper.
Illustrations   of   the   disadvantage
of  cultivating   local   vernacular   ui-1
slang in  one's  language    are    aome- j
times brought sharply home to business men, as was the case in a letter I
received    the    other day  by  a  New
York  firm   from  one  of  tlieir  coive-!
spondents in the    Far    East,    wliiih
read in part as follows: |
"Will you kindly send us a modern dictionary of American language,
as we are unable to undeittand some
of the phrases in your letters. Writing on the ���tb ultimo, for instance,
you say: 'Do not let Messrs. ������
hand you a lemon in this deal. If
they try it on pitch one for fair right
over the plate to Mr.  , and if he ,
foozles, cable  for a solar plexus.' I
The terms used nre foreign to us
nnd we entirely fnil to comprehend
their significance."���Shipping Illustrated, i
"Murder enthusiasts" is the lntest
term to describe a certain class of
the Russian terrorists.
They Cleanse the System Thoroughly���Parmelee's Vegetable Pills clear
the stomach and bowels of bilious
matter, cause the excretory vessels
to throw off impurities from the blood
into the bowels and expel the deleterious muss from the body. They
do this without pnin or inconvenience
to the patient, who speedily realizes
their good offices as soon as they begin to take effect. They have strong
recommendations from all kinds of
"One-half the world doesn't know
how the other half lives."
"I uaed to think that, too, before
I had a wife to keep me posted.'���
Houston Post.
fills the demand for a furnace possessing the largest amount of grate surface in proportion to the
diameter of the top of the
fire pot. It possesses all
the advantages of a return flue construction.
The "Admiral" has
the largest ash pit of any
furnace on the market,
thus permitting the free removal of ashes.
Wood or coal may be burned in the "Admiral" furnace.
Write for Catalogue   __2
I Foundries at MONCTON, MB *��* MONTREAL. RQ. i
Sales Branches at MONCTON, N.B.; MONTREAL, P.Q.: TO.
It will tone up your system and supply the nourishing, health - giving
properties necessary lo
withstand the enervating
effects  of  hot weather.
Try  BISCUIT with Fresh Fruits  or  Creamed  Vegetables
All Grocers.    i3c   a  Carton; 2 for 26c. oft
A Horse with a
Strained Shoulder
is sound as a dollar in 24 hours
after you rub the sore spot with
Fellows' Leaning's Essence.
It gives instant relief in all
cases of Strains, Bruises and
Swellings ��� draws the p^in
right out ��� strengthens the
weak back, shoulder or knee.
Whether you have one horse
or twenty, accidents are liable
to happen any time. Keep a
bottle of
handy so you can bave it when
50c. a bottle.    At dealers.
An Old Game Revived
"Youth knows no limita to the uae
of things," aaid an old-timer. "Some
youngsters who have been deprived
of roller skatoa since the hot wave
arrived have revived a game which
has created 11 demand for empty 'o-
nialo   cana     and     pasteboard   boxes.
The  boys appropriate tho boxes i_nd
slip one over each leg, while with
considerable patience the girls adapt
the tomato cans to their uses. First
you get a nail and some cord. Then
you drive two holes in the bottom of
the can and draw the string through
both holes. Then you step on the
cans, holding them tightly ngninst
the feet by pulling on the string,
and then you walk up and down the
sidewalk. It's moat aa exciting as
walking on stilts and not nearly so
hard to learn. Beaides, girls can't
have stilts. However, it's not a
girl's game, for when I was a kid
only boya walked on 'toinat' cans."
���Philadelphia Record.
Military Engineering School
Ottawa���Militia orders announce
that a royal school of military engineering has been authorized at
Halifax. Courses will be held from
time to time os authorized by the
militia council.
Artillery for Philippines
Washington���Orders hnve been issued by the war department for lhe
Fiftli field artillery to proceed from
Fort Leavenworth, Ky., to San Fran-
ciaco for embarkation for the Philippines  on  transport  sailing  Sept.  5.
Cholera and all summer complaints
nre so quick in their notion thnt the
cold hand of death is upon the victims before they are aware that danger is near. If attacked do not deftly in getting the proper medicine.
Try a dose of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, nnd you will f,et
immedinte relief. It acts with wonderful rapidity and never fails to effect a cure.
"Dear, bow tiresome Aithur is!
He has kept me waiting here for
three hours, and only yesterday he
swore he would go to the end of the
world for me."
Friend���Well, perhaps he's gone
there.���Mcggendorfer  Blaetter.
Beware  of   Ointments  for  Oatarrh    that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will Burely destroy the senae
of Bmell and completely derange the
whole synten_ when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles should
never be used except on prescriptions
from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is ten fold to the good
Sou can possibly derive from them,
[all's Catarrh Oure, manufactured by F.
J. Cheney 4 Co., Toledo, Ohio., contains
no mercury, and is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mnoons surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Oure be Bure you get the
genuine. It is taken internally and
made in Toledo. Ohio, by F. J. Oheney
A  Co.    Testimonials  free.
Sold  by  Druggists.    Price, 75c  per bottle.
Tako  Ball's  Family  Pills  for constipa
Switzerland, where all the professions are open to women, has produced tlie first qualified woman
chemist, who is starting business at
all hurtl, soft or calloused lumps and blemishes, from horses, blood spavin, curbs,
splints, ringbone, swecnoy, stifles, sprains, sore
and swollen throat, coughs, etc. Save $50 by
use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful  Blemish  Cure  ever  known.
The Italian admiralty has drawn
"1 a bill asking for credit to the extent of $40,000,000 for the construction of four new battleships, loosely
described as Dreadnoughts.
Minard's    Liniment    Cure.    Garget
in Cows.
A ticket collector on a north.rn
rnilway obtained leave to go and fcet
married. He received a pass for the
journey there and back. On the te-
turn trip the bridegroom, being
rather flustered, pulled out his marriage certificate instead of his railway pass and showed it to the ticket
collector. The latter, a Scot, looked
long at the certificate in perplexity,
und then aaid:
"Eh, mon, you've got a ticket for
n lung, weary journey, hut no' on
the Caledonian line."���London Globe.
j Your Hair
Is it Inclined to run away?
Don't punish it with a cruel
brush and comb! Feed it, nourish it, save it with Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula.
Then your hair will remain at
home, on your head, where it
belongs. An elegant dressing.
Keeps the scalp healthy.
Does nof change lhe color of Ihe hair.
.Formula with �����ch bottl*
Show it to your
A*.V him abont it,
than do aa ha aay ���
People   Have   Not   Learned   Necessity
ot Stocking Up for Winter.
An advance of 15 per cent, in prices
is a little detail which is presented
for the consideration of the coal consumer in the prairie provinces, and
he is thereby enabled to realize one
of the benefits of an agreement between operators and men in tbe coal
fielda. Qnotationa are 90 cents to $1.50
per ton higher In Regina, and this
increase practically applies to tha
whole Province of Saskatchewan. All
grades of western coal are included.
Prices are atill below the level at
which Pennsylvania coal can compete in these markets, but the difference is slight, and it is possible that
more of the American product may
be used in future.
During the atrenuous days of the
laat coal shortage the companies and
the railways were attacked for their
inability to provide a sufficient supply of fuel. It was argued that tho
public must be served, no matter
what the cost might be. In fact, it
was proclaimed that the consumer
should hnve the coal, because he wss
prepared to pny for it, even if the
price were $20 per ton. But a revolution in the weather has worked a
ehnnge in popular sentiment. Now
thnt the summer, or an advance copy
of it, hns arrived, aid balmy' breezes
nre beinp wafted over the prairies,
the disregard for values in the coal
market ia lesa apparent. Complnints
are henrd. in fnet, becnuse the public
ia called upon to pay the increased
v/ni'es which the miners in the mountains receive. It is considered unfair thnt the consumer should be forced to settle for the ndvnnces which
the operntors hnve chosen to give lo
their men. When the winter comes
back these complaints will probably
congeal. Tbe scramble for coal will
take the place of academic discussions on the economic phases of the
Railway Pays More.
It is interesting to know that the
Canadian Pacific Railway is contributing its abare of the increased
cost of producing coal. It is by for
tbe largeat consumer of steam conl
in the west, nnd its requirements seem
to keep pace with tbe output of the
mines. Il obtains its coal nt a grent
reduction, of course, because it enters into contracts to take delivery
of a large quantity from each mine
every dny. The advances in wages
have made it necessary for the railway company to pny 10 per cent, more
for its conl. and this means n lane
additional expenditure. Thousands
of tons of coal are consumed by locomotives nlone on the diviaions weat
of Winnipeg, nnd nearly all this fuel
comes from the mines which were
affected by the recent settlement.
Consumer Should Stock Up.
There arc mil mnny Indications thnt
the warnings which have been Issued
with reaped 10 nnother shortage of
fuel during the coming winter are being respected. The people of the west
do not often cross a bridge before
they come to it. and they do not intend to worry very seriously over tbe
coal outlook until there is som<* urgent need of concern. It is mor. than
Sossible thnt a wail will ariae next
'ovcinber about the scarcity of fuel,
and Governments and railways will
work overtime in the effort to relieve.
distress. Much of this trouble would
be obviated if the individual consumers would show enterprise by stocking up during the summer. It is easy
to deliver coal, both from cars and
from the wagons, during such wcnlhei
as this, and the transportation companies nnd coal trade would welcome
an opportunity to supply the needs ol
the public now. The unwillingness ol
tho pub'ic to accept delivery is a disappointing feature of the situation..
No Demand Just Now.
One firm in Regina has several
thousand tons of coal in stock, for
which it would be glad to receive orders, but there is very little demand.
There is no doubt that the money
stringency is partly responsible tor
the dullness in the retail trade, prospective huyers being unwilling to lie
up their coal money for several
months on the presumption of a
shortage. The optimistic spirit of the
country inclines to n hope thnt next
winter will not be severe, at least m>1
so severe na the lost, and thot the
coal problem will present It-wer difficulties. The nctivity in the '.ra'-e
will not coiue before October, unless
a grent missionary campaign is undertaken by tlie coal merchants, the
railways and other institutions concerned.
rVarnings   Against   Dangers   In   Connection   With   Religious   Life.
The young New York clergyman
who ho8 recently been deposed fiom
the ministry as a result of his arrest
in a Seventh uvenue disorderly houae
while engaged in what he described
as "a slumming expedition." might
have been saved from the disgrace
that has overwhelmed him if be had
taken to heart an injunction which
appears in a late issue of The Homi-
letic  Review:
"Don't go slumming alone. There
are a good many kinds of wickedness
which even a minister does not need
to know very intimately; but if you
ever have occasion to go to a bad
house go with your wife, or with one
of your deacons, and for some oilier
renson   tbnn   curiosity."
This injunction appears as part of
an article on "The Minister nnd Women." in which nnother metropolitan
clergyman (a well-known preacher
who conceals his identity under a
pseudonym) puts his fellow-clergymen
on their guard against certain dangers in connection with the religious
iife which hnve come within his own
experience, and ngainst which, ns he
now regrets, hia seminary profeaaora
failed to give him warning.
He begins the article with a story
about "n woman of perhaps 35, dresa-
ed in blnck, nnd with a genteel nnd
thoroughly respectable appearance,"
who approached his assistant minis
ter at the close of an evening ser-
vice. Her credentials were apparently faultless, and she wormed herself
into his confidence by telling an affecting story of an unhappy marriage,
and of her determination to devote
hor life and money to the Church.
She turned out to be a forger and
blackmailer, and was arrested by the
The writer goes on to speak of other experiences of a similar character:
"I learned how one city minister
received a note from a woman professing to be in trouble, and asking
for an appointment with him nlone;
how he wrote her making bucIi an appointment, and the next day, leaving
bis study, met a man who thrust the
letter in his face, saying: 'Here is
your letter addressed to a woman
whose name in known to everyone in
this city us tbe worst character on
the street; bow much will you give
for it.' I learned of a minister who
admitted to his study a woman with
a sad story, who drew nearer and
nenrer to him in her appeal for sympathy, till at length she flung herself
in his lap, with her arms about his
neck, and at that moment tbe door
opened, and two men asked how
much ho would give to keep this little matter quiet. I learned of another who had repeatedly admitted a
woman who came with a tale of trouble, and whose demeanor throughout
was above reproach; but how in time
the minister waa offered a photograph
of himself silting in bis own study
chair with this woman in his lap.
He was cool enough to examine it
carefully, and found it a clever bit
of photographic patchwork, but access had been obtained to hia study
in bis absence, a photograph had
been made, and his own head, from
another photograph, had been pasted
on, and n new photograph made of
the  combination."
Saves time, because it
makes ironing* easier.
Saves linen, because it
gives a better gloss with
half the iron-rubbing.
Saves bother, because It
needs no cooking. .. just
wW water, And it
CAN'T stick. Buy it
by name.
I    *       'The Lottery In Austria.
"In Austria-Hungary," writes a Vienna correspondent to a paper In Hamburg, "playing in the various lotteries
Is so general that the people who do
not buy n 'chance' or a fraction of one
for every drawing are exceptions.
When a mun makes his calculations
for the year's expenditures a certain
'amount ls charged to the lottery account with the same belief as to the
necessity for the Investment as though
It were rent, coal or church dues. In
addition to thc Individual playing
many men nnd women are members of
lottery associations, to which they eon-
tribute a certain sum annually, for
���which tbey participate with tbe other
members ln the various drawings.
Sometimes when people of moderate
means bave gnmbled for years without
seeing any return for their Investment
they stop. But there an thousands
who bave not yet made the first step
who are recalled to the ranks by Items
such ns this, which appeared last week
ln a Vienna paper: The first prize in
the Hungarian class lottery, valued at
600,0*00 marks, was *won by a lottery
association ln Warsaw. The association has twenty-four- members, all
poor.' "
England's Birth Rate.
Babies are slowly, but steadily, declining in popularity in England and
Wales. The annual summary of vital
statistics for these two divisions of
Great Britain repeat the story of a
falling birth rate. The rate for 1906
was 27 per 1,000, and the population
estimated at 34,547,016. This is 2.10
per cent, below the rate for 1005, and
nearly as much below the rate for any
recorded year. The birth rate for London ia 26.7 per 1,000, the lowest ever
teeorded. Calculated on the basis of
possible mothers, the birth rate has
fnllen .27 per cent, in 36 years, or,
taking married women alone, the decrease is .22 per cent. If the fertility
of married women proportionately had
been identical in 1370 and in 1906, the
]etflti.**otn )..'������>���* in London laat year
would have been nearly 150,000, instead of the 120,814 actually recorded.
Some Delicacies Favored by the
Prince of Wales.
The chef to the household of the
Prince ot Wales, M. Cedard, has been
chatting to a London journalist upon
the fishes moat favored by the royal
"It is difficult to say which is the
favorite dish," be remarked, "but I
think oysters would make a very bold
hid. These are served to their Royal
Highnesses almost daily.
"As a rule, however, both the
Prince and Princess prefer plain
dishes, with a predilection for the
French cuisine as compared with the
English while tho time-table of the
day's meals ia:
Breakfast at 9.30 a.m.
Lunch at  2.00 p.m.
Ten  at    6.00p.m.
Dinner at   8.30 p.m.
"After a visit to the theatre or the
opera," continued M. Cedard, "their
Royal Highnesses simply have a light
supper.    Tbat is all.
"And the little princes? Ah, Prince
Edward, Prince Albert, and Princess
Victoria lunch with the Prince end
Princess of Wales, but the little ones
partake of breakfast with their tutors
and  governesses.
In the evening the little princes
and their sister are given no actual
supper, no elaborate meal, but they
may have a few daintily-cut snnd-
wiches, a little game, or something
of that  kind "
Then M. Cedard suddenly thought
of another delicacy liked both by the
King nnd the  Prince of Wnles.
"This is caviare," he said, "but, na
is the case with the oysters, it hns
to pass the doctor. He hns to satisfy
himself that everything is pure before it is allowed to reach the royal
No Coloring Matter.
No Adulteration.
Absolutely Pure.
We certainly believe this, or we would
not say so. Ayer's Hair Vigor, us now
made from our new improved formula,
is a (rest preparation for tbe hair and
scalp. Stops falling bair. Cures dandruff.    Promotes tbe growth of hair.
'       tteit tj ti. J. O. Jjr.r Co., Lowed I. Mm,���
Palace  for   Lord   Grey.
Earl Grey, if he lives for another
year or so, may expect to have tin
pleasure of finding himself in a palace for a residence, instead of in
the pieced and patched up apology
of a house the present and past governors of Canada have lived in since
Confederation. The entrance hall
which is the first bit of the building
seen on approaching from the city
a stucco front, freakish looking, dis
proportionated affair, and all ups and
downs inside, is to be an imposing
feotuie, standing boldly forward in
the face of the main structure and
rising by three stories to a dome at
a great height nnd of stained glaaa
set in lead, throwing soft and varied lights when the sun shines, and
brilliant with electric lamps at night
The ball is to be 110 feet long and 10,
feet deep, with a promenade on the
ground floor. The next floor, to be
reached by an elevator raid s magnificent marble staircase, will be given
ap to dressing nnd toilet rooms foi
the bnlls nnd receptions. The unsightly wnlls of tbe main building will
be replaced by gray Stanstesd granite. Tbe work is to be commenced
this summer and will take a year tc
complete, so thnt His Excellency,
Lady Grey, nnd the vice-regal household mny reasonably look forward to
occupying their new quarters before
the Governor-General's time expire*
and  tliey leave for England.
London   Has  Second   Bishop,
"Prof." Grossi, an Italian who has
created something of a sensation in
India and South Africa, and who gave
a private demonstration of experiments in telepathy and auto-suggestion at the Savoy hotel recently, de-.
scribes himself as "The Marvel."
The dramatic feature of the entertainment was an effective "robbery
nnd murder." Mr. Pruger, manager
of the Savoy, was "robbed" of valuables by a hitherto respectable por-
boii, who proceeded to "murder" another gentleman with four of the be->t
Snvoy table knives.
The "professor" entered the    room
blindfolded, followed by a witness of
the tragedy, and at once pounced on
the "murderer," discovered the "vie- '
Mm"   behind  a curtain,  nnd  quickly I
transferred     the     booty     from     tha 1
"thief's" pocket to Mr. Pruger's.
Canadian  Meat  In Britain.
While agreeing with the view that
the exclusion of Canadian cattle from
Britain is unjustifiable for the reason
officially assigned, there has been no
Inclination to regard tlie regulation
ns altogether adverse to the true interest of the Dominion. To encourage
the shipping of cattle in a raw and
underfed condition in order that tbey
may be finished in Britain is to discourage not only an important branch
of stock raising but also a number
of dependent arfd allied businesses
which ought to find a natural home in
Canada. The proper policy is to finish cattle here and to develop the
cold storage trade. In that way the
by-products, soch as hides, horns,
etc., etc.. will hi *one the raw material of other home manufactures and
thus assist tho development of Canada aa an industrial community.
At a recent session of tlie beef commission in Much od, Alberta, tbe chief
witness wns Dr. Duncnn McEchrnne,
lnte manager of the WaKron ranch,
who has also b en dean of the veterinary faculty of McGill University,
chief veterinary inspector of stock for
the Dominion and vice-president of
the noted Coclvntie ranch. He strongly advised the feeding of all Canadian
cattle, because it would pay directly,
and stockmen most do it if they are
to establish a demand for Canadian
meat in the old country market and
cope with that from other countries.
From his experience both in Canada
and in England Dr. McEchrane expressed the opinion that Cnnadian
cattle were put on the market before
they were "ripe." There has been
general agreement among the other
witnesses exnmii'od before the commission thnt the only possible or satisfactory solution of the cattle question in Weatern Canada is for the
Government to nndertak. the shipment of nK-at by cold storage.���Toronto Wond.
A  Monster Bakery
The monster bakery at Essen is a
vast building in which 70 workmen,
divided into two shifts, work night
and day. Everything is done by machinery. A gigantic screw turns unceasingly in a kneading trough into
whicli are poured ten sacks of flour
of 100 kilogrammes each, and some
This machine makes about 20,000
kilogrammes of bread every day in
the shape of 25,000 small loaves and
25,000 large loaves, produced,_ by 230
sacks of flour of 100 kilogrammes
All the operations of bread making
are performed in this colossal bakery. The wheat arrives there, is
cleaned, ground and brought automatically to the kneading trough by
a series of rising and descending
pipes. There are 16 double ovens,
and the workmen who watch over
the baking of the bread earn from
10 to 12 sous an hour, making cn
an average four francs (75 cents) for
eleven hours on duty. They have
coffee and their bread free. Eight
douches and a bath are at their disposal.���Figaro.
Holloway's Corn Cure destroys all
kinds of corns and warts, root and
branch. Who then would endure
them with such a cheap and effectual
remedy within reach?
Since the foundation of the German empire her population has increased by 20,100,000. The birthrate
is at present 6 per 1,000 higher in
Germany than in England.
Nors.  Anchor  Story Correct.
Tbe finding of a Norse anchor it
Crookpton is now nn established fact,
though how it enme to he there enn-
not be satisfactorily explained. It wns
lying in clny, which apparently hnd
not been disturbed for centuriei, and
the discovery will be carefully followed up with tbe hope that other relics
may be unearthed. The anchor will
be sent to the Smithsonian Institute*..
It is thought the anchor may be a
relic of a little band of Norsemen
whom Leif Erikson left at the coast
of North America centuries ago, the
presumption being that at that time
the Red River Valley was a portion of
Lake Winnipeg, making navigation
from the Atlantic to Dakota possible.
Hoped He Wouldn't Grow.
A well known member of purllameni
wns addressing nn agricultural meet*
Ing in the south of England nnd In the
course of his remarks expressed the
opinion that farmers do not sufficient);
vary their crops and make a mistake
In always sowing wheat.
One of the audience opposed to bim
In politics nsked bim what crops he
would recommend.
"Everything in turn," he replied.
"Well," snid his Interlocutor, "If
nwedes don't come up, wbat then?"
"Sow *inustard," said the M. P.
"And if mustard doesn't come up,
whnt then?"
And so he went on through a whole
list of crops until, tbe M. P.'s patience
being exhausted, he put an end to bis
questioning amid roars of laughter by
"Oh, sow yourself, and I hope you
won't come up."
Liniment    Cures    Diph-
A young man proposed for the hand
of a millionaire's daughter.
"Well," said the millionaire, frowning thoughtfully, "what are your
prospects? Is there any chance of
promotion in your business?"
"Any chance I" cried the youig
pian. "Well, I should say so. Why,
we employ two hundred men, and
mv iob is next to the lowest in the
Statistics Say That  tn  England,  Imprisonment for  Debt  Is  Increasing.
It will come as a surprise to many
people that imprisonment for debt in
England is steadily increasing. Figures demonstrating this are given in
Pnrt II. of the Civil Judicial Statistics for 1905. just issued. During thnt
year 11,427 debtors were imprisoned
in England and Wales, as against
11,096 in tbe previous year, and the
average of 10 218 for the Ave yeara
including 1905. Twenty years before
1905, the report states, there were
only about one-third as many warrants of commitment issued and about
one-half as many debtors imprisoned.
There was an increase in 1905 of
petitions for divorce ��� 752 as againat
720 in 1904��� but the figures were not
so large aa in 1902 and 1903, when
they were 889 and 824 respectively.
Of the 752 petitions in 1905, 323 were
presented by wives, as against 429
in 1904. Decrees nisi were granted to
wives in 261 cases and to husbands
in 362 enaea.
The total number of appeals, actions, etc., heard and determined in
all the civil courts of the country
during 1905 was 479,165, againat 497,-
334 in 1904. Ol tfnese, however, county courts were responsible for 472,123
and 489,-Wfl respectively. In the section devoted to probate matters it is
incidentally mentioned that the total
wealth of private persons in the
United Kingdom in 1905 liable to
death duties was computed nt ��7,-
i-\3*'.300,000. During 1905 the gross
value of estates admitted to probate
was ��261,110,000.
The same character as Japan, but infinitely more
delirious. Sold*In the same form as the famous
"SALADA"   Blade Tea, In Sealed Lead Packets only.
AT ALL QROOERS.        40o, BOo and 6O0 Par Lb.
���Just the Thing That's Wanted���
A pill that acts upon the stomach
and yet is so compounded that certain ingredients of it preserve their
power to act upon the intestinal
canals, so as to clear them of excreta, the retention of which cannot but
be harmful, was long looked for by
the medical profess'on. It was found
in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, which
nre the result of much expert study,
and are scientifically prepared as a
laxative and an alterative in one.
A bronze coin, bearing the inscription "Claudius Caesar," has been
found near the vicarage garden at
Amberley. It is in an excellent state
of preservation, and is believed to
be 2,000 years old.
My mare, a very valuable one,
was badly bruised and cut by being
caught in a wire fence. Some of tbe
wounds would not heol, although I
tried many different medicines. Dr.
Bell adv'sed me to use MINARD'S
LINIMENT, diluted at fiist, then
stronger as the sores began to look
better, until after three weeks the
sores have healed, and best of all,
the hnir is growing well and is NOT
WHITE, as is most always the case
in horse wounds.
Stella���What was the  summer  re
sort like?
Bella���A  hamlet,  with  Romeo
out.���New York Sun.
Maori   Legends.
Many of the old Maori tales have
to do with n mythical monster, called
"Taniwhn," usually described na a
grea't lizard or cocodile, although il
has been many centuries since nny ol
the Polynesinn ruce can have bad direct knowledge of the existence ol
such an animal. This is the legend ol
the two Taniwhns, the guardian mon
Bters of the two Maori tribes; one or
the east const, and one on the weal
coast of the North Island of New Zea
land in very ancient times, Tht
Taniwha living in the Bay of Island*,
once went a-roving to see a bit ol
the world, and swam around the North
Cape to the west, where he was bos*
pitablj  intertained.
The wandering Taniwha professed
to be very grateful for the hospitality
and kind attention shown to him, and
when his visit was ended he pressed
the other to accompany him home
The guileless and amiable west coast
Taniwka accepted the invitation, and
away the two friends swam around tbe
North Cape and down the east coast
to the Bay of Islands. The roaming
Taniwha waa a perfidious villain. He
lured his confiding guest to a place
where the Maoris had spread a great
net, nnd the visitor was caught, dragged ashore and killed by the people
wbo made a great feast of the carcass
Ths New Theology.
The Rev. R. J. Campbell being an-,
nounced  to  prench   at  Burslem,  the
Rev. H. M. Redgrave, a local clergyman,   took   the    somewhat    unusual
course of making a public protest, ll
was in these terms: "I, the vicar of
St.  Paul's Parish,  Burslem, desire <\
to   be   known   that  as  an    orthodox
Christian     I     emphatically     protest
against the visit to my parish of the
autho*- of the New Theology, which b
"eginded by nil orthodox Christians a.
anti-Christian   nnd   hereticnl;   nnd   '
regret, thnt his visit is to be utilized
10 raise fuiida for any Christian plac
of    worahip    in     Buralem.���(Signed
Hymn   M.  Redgrave."  However  wel
intended,  the  protest seems  to  have
miscarried,   for   althoucb   ndmissinr
to the Burslem Drill Hall, where thi
lermon  wns delivered,  involved  con
tribution of nnything from  6d  to 2'
3d towards tbe funds of n  new - Con
?regntionnl Church, something like n
thousand people were present.
Favorite Vehicle of British Metropolis
Severely   Criticized.
Did you ever see a fat man losing
.round as he runs to catch a train?
Probably. If so you have seen the
nearest human equivalent to the
speed of n London omnibus. The London omnibus���or "bus." as it is commonly termed- is not a thing to be
considered lightly. There is something
10 solemn nnd awe-inspiring in its
toady lnck of speed that words fail
'he pasaenger who fain would hurry;
ind anyway his thoughts could have
10 legitimate expression under exiting Inws.
The fat mnn losing ground while
���uniting to cntcb a train -is liable to
in nttnek of henrt fniluro. So is the
'.ondou 'bus passenger who feels that
1 train must b�� caught, or that n
lestinntion must be renched within
iny riven time.
After one hns seen a London 'bus
he renlizes the mechnnieal ideal thn!
'���ns inspired designers of challengers
'or the America's Cup. The 'bus if
built on solid, substantial, British
iocs, resisting obstructions to the last
leeree   air, wnter and mud.
Por centuries the world has known
md respected tbe resisting qualities*
ii the British troops. When they havo
���net their foes, have they wavered cr
'altered in figbtinK every inch of tht
���.round? Never1 Something "has go!
to bust" when Britons go into action
-sometimes the Britons themselves
but the balance of victories is on
their side.
The London 'bus is British from it*
rain swept top seats to the placi
where the springs ought to be, and
when it meets n sen of mud, thin!
you it fenrs to give battle? Not while
it hangs together! Onward .plunges
the gniiant 'bus through torrents r1
rarment wrecking substance; bonne
ing, bumping, lurching, shaking
palpitating, heaving, rocking fron*
end to end and aide to side���an in
valuable training for an ocean voy
nge���nnd at the end of a few hour!
reaches n point somewhnt nearer it*
destination than it was before start
ing���unrecogniznble but triumphant
Agasaiz, pro-eminent aa n naturalist
after seeing a aingle detached bone
could reaaon out the whole structure
of the animal of which that bone had
been a part. What Agassiz was to ani
mal life all Londoners are to vehicles
They see n fearsome mountain of mud
ippronching. The foreigner thinks it
in evidence of n landslide, but even
'he small Londoner knows it to be n
bus, and the expert adult can tell by
the texture of the mud what route il
'ins passed over.
If thnt brilliant but misguided map
maker Napoleon Bonaparte had had
a loyal fleet of London 'buses when
he tried to cross the English Channel
Admiral Nelson's name would have
ippeared only in the appendix to naval history. It so happened, however,
that Nelson had in his service several bontlonds of men well qualified
to drive 'buses, and their resolute
methods of driving through obstacles
won Trafalgar and made famouB the
saying, "England expects every man
to do his duty."
Although the all conquering spirit
of the London 'bus has imbued British armies for hundreds of years the
symbol itself has not been used 11
wnrfare. However, the War Office and
the Admiralty mny yet advocate thc
use of squadrons and batteries rf
'buses to dislodge future enemies from
jxeeptionnlly strong positions. Water
loos and Balaklnvas could be won
easily with 'buses to do the charging
What would a few thousands of mere
men nvail before vehicles that had
bidden bold defiance to London
Port Arthur would hoist the white
flag when it heard the 'buses coming. Gibraltar, if in other hands than
English, would take to its heels.���
New York Herald.
A Man Eating Canal.
Perhaps the greatest waste of human
life ever recorded was caused by the
cutting of a cniurl iu China. The work
wns begun in 1S25, and, though the ea-
aal was twenty-three miles long, eighty
feet wide aud twelve feet deep aud
passed through forests and marshes, it
was finished in six weeks from Its beginning. No fewer than 20,000 men
worked at It day and night, and 7,000
died of fatigue.
..TRATF0.O:   CANADwA:      .
The perpetual charm
of freshness and crispness
���of daintiness and deli-
box of
is in every
���held captive by the
air-tight, moisture-proof
packages. There is a
best in everything. In
Biscuits, it's Mooney's.
before you build. Tells why fireproof metal material is cheaper
from first to lait���tells why one
kind is the cheapest it's safe to
buy. No matter whnt you mean
to erect or repair, indoors or out.
send for book. Ask nearest office
The PEDLAR People ST"W
Osbswa   Montreal    Ottawa   Toronto    Loudon   Winnipeg
Get this
Noble   "Black Sheep."
It is only fair to say that "black
sheep" in the English House of Lord.'
are not more numerous than in othei
valks of life. Some of the blackest
of the flock are those whose crime*.
never reach the newspapers.
About two years ago one of th"
scandals that afflict all nighly organiz
ed and wealthy societies became pub
lie in consequence of procedures be
fore a criminal court. In the course
of this trial correspondence was impounded in which the names of n'
less than six peers were implicated
Blackmail to the extent of ">200,00n
was paid by one of them to the ac
cuBed to prevent the mention of his
name. As for the other five peers, thp
decision of a committee, composed ol
a law officer of the Crown, a representative of the King, and a Cabinet
Minister, was thnt it was better that
no prosecution should take place, an
the public scandal would be so great
as to counterbalance the advantage?
of bringing to justice a group of cor*
oneted debauchees.���-Arnold White, in
Yachts For World's  Kings.
The launching of the King's new-
yacht, Alexandria, at Glasgow, by
Princess Louise, Duches* of Argyll,
marks another notch in Scotland's
record as yacht builder to the royalties of the world. The Alexandra is
the first of the modern British vessels
of this type to bo built north of the
Tweed, but Scotland can claim to
have given of the best her shipbuilders-can provide to the rulers of Italy,
Spain. Portugal, Roumania, and Siam,
while in England yachts have been
constructed for the Czar of Russia,
the Emperor of Austria, the King of
Greece, and the Sultan of Turkey.
There are altogether twenty-two nf
these vessels afloat, and the British
Isles are responsible for fifteen oi
them, and Scotland for eleven.
In point of size, the Alexandra���
so named, of course, in honor of the
Queen���is by no means exceptional,
ft is 300 feet in length and will displace about 2,000 tons, which is less
than naif the displacement of the German and Russian imperial yachts. In
fact, its only exceptional feature will
be found in its engine rooms, for,
since it is the first ship of the class
to be built since the advent of the
turbine���its inmediate predecoesor being the Victoria and Albert, designed
in 1896���it ia naturally the first to be
equipped with that system of propulsion. It will, nevertheless, have a
moderate speed, only seventeen knots
being anticipated, which is lower than
that of any other seagoing royal yacht
in existence.
���and all stomach
and bowel disorders.
Males puny babies
Elump and rosy. Proved
y 50 yean' successful
use. Ask your diuggist
for it���-
Nurses' u** Mothers' Treasure
[eticnel Drug ��c Chamical Co., Limik-d
Portaqk River,
N.B., March 5 *o6.
"1 am uping your
Spavin Cure and can
aay there is nothing
to be compared with
it." GilbertMueeroll.
Kendall's Spavin Cure
and all
ft a bottle���6 for $5. Our great book���
" Treatise on the Horae " ��� free from
dealers or at
fcJJ. UIMtt CO. iMiton Falls, israosl, U.U
London street Beggars.
Begging has long been illegal in
London, and offenders nre liable to
various terms of imprisonment. Nevertheless, thousands in London evade
the law and live in comfortable idleness on the weak complaisance if
the workers. The annual report of tbo
London Mendicant Society, juBt issued, states that it probably is no exaggeration to say that more than
$500,000 is annually given haphazard
to beggars in the streets of London,
and that probably the average beggar
earns more than the average work-
vngman. The society, which exists
to investigate the begging business,
to help deserving cases, and to assist
in punishing incorrigibles, possesses
1*1.320 records of street besgara.
Kill them all.
No duul -Mine
lying about
when used ma
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too. por packet, or 3 packets for 25c
will last a whola ������aeon.
Caustic Balsam
Has Imitators But Ho Competitors.
A Bate, Speedy sod Positive Cure for
Pub, Splint Sweeny, Capped Book,
(trained Tendons, Founds., Win!
ruffs, and all lameness from Spavin,
Binjbone and other bony tumors.
Cures all akin diseases or Parasites,
Thrush, Diphtheria. Removes all
Bunches from Horses or Cattle.
As a Human.Remedy for Rheumatism.
Sprains,  Sore Throat, ota, It Is Invariable.
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The Lawrence- Williams Co., Toronto, Ont.
W.   N.   U.   No.   647 *�����
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.      -      -      BEST. $11,000,000
President���Lokd Stuatiicona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. George A. Dbummond.
General Manager���E. S. Clodstox.
Branches in All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
NEW DENVER BRANCH, - il. gThSHER, Manager.
Slocan mining TRcvtew.
.Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnvcRTisiNO Kates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"     " Purchase of Land   -    IM
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
Ail locals will lie charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.    No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Roberl Duncan Kennedy, of Slocan,  B.C.,  livery keeper,
inlends to apply for a special timber
licence over   the   following  described
.lands.   Commencing at a post adjoining Jamee  Smith's south-east comer,
and  marked   "Robert   Duncan   Kennedy's N.E.  coiner," thence south 40
.chains, tlience west 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thenco east 160 chains
to point  of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notice that James Smith, "of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
for a special timber licenso over the following deecribed lands: Commencing
at a post planted about oue and one
half miles distant in a southerly direction from Duncan Graham's north-east
corner, and maiked " James Smith's
S.E. corner," thenco west 160 chains,
thenco north 40 chains, thence east 160
chains, theme south. 40 chains to point
,ot commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.   JAMES SMl H.
June 17th, 1907.	
T��ke notice that Duncan Graham, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
tor a special license,over the following
.described lands: Commenolng at a
post planted on the nest shore of Slocan
Lake, about one mile distant in a southerly direction from the month of Indian
creek, aud marked "Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thenoe west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chaiiip, thonce east 80
^chains, thence norih 60 chainB to point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.
June 15th, 1907.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to 13 o'clock noon,
on Wednesday, tbe 14th day of August,
1907, for the purchase "f the undermentioned Mineral Claims, which were
forfeited lo the Crown at the Tax Sale
held in the Government Office, at Katlo,
B.C., on the 7th day of November, 1U04.
To be considered, all tenders must be
at lcatt equal to the upset price as given
below, which is equal to tbo amount for
which sueh claim could have been repurchased by the owner, or owners, on
the liOth day of .Tune, 1905, together
with the taxes, costs and interest which
have accrued since the Tax Sale, the
coat of advertising for tenders, and the
Crown Grant fee.
Name of Claim      Lot. No.   Vpw.t price
Arnna Fraciion        2539 **50.60
J.I.C, 2583 90.95
Jenny Jones 2584 68.95
Each tender mint be accompanied by
a certified check for tbe full amount
thereof, payablo at par at Kaslo, B.C.,
in favor of theundersigned. Thechecks
of all unt-ucessful tenderers will be immediately returned.
Government Agent, ICus'.o, B. C.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
about two miles south of the N. & S.
Ry., thence north 160 chains, thence
east40 cliains, thence south 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, eontaininp; 040 acres more
or less. P. J. GALLAGHER.
Dated July 11, 1S07.
Take notice that Nils Nelson, o
Slocan, B.C., a rancher, intends to
apply for a special timber lici-iise over,
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted about four miles
distant in a norlh westerly direction
from the month of Goat creek, a tributary of the Slocan River, thenoe west
160 chains, thon'ce north 40 chains;
thenceeast 160 chains, thenco south 40 !
chains to pnint'of commencement, and
.containing 640 acres more or Icsh.
Juno 20th, 1907.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a Bpecial timber license
over the following described lards:
Commencing at a post planted about S%
miles south of Summit lake, maiked
P.J.G. S.W.C, tlience north 80 chains
thence ea-*t 80 chain, ihence south 80
cliains, thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 610
acres more or Icsb.
Dated July 5lh, 1907
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described tract of
land. Commencing at a post planted at
the S.W.C, marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
tlience north 40 chains, thence east 160
chains, thence south 40 cliains thence
west 160 chains to point of commencement. Containing 640 acres more or
less. Poet is planted abont 2miles from
west shore ol Slocan lake nearly opposite Silverton.
Dated July 5th, 1907.
District of West Kootenay.
Take   notice    that I,   Bert.    Norris
Sharp, of  Orient,   Wash.,    occupation \
assayer, intends  to apply   for   pirmif-s-
ion to purchase the following   described
land:��� ,        I
Commencing at a post planted on j
N. W. coi*. local"d on Slocan Lakeaboul!
20 milis from Slocan City, thenco west
40 chains, thence south-10 ('tains, them e
east40 chains, thence north 40 chains
to point ol commencement containing
160 acres more or less.
Thomas Melville Sharp,|
July 81st, 1907.
The Most Beautifully situated
Sanitarium in British Columbia.
Its medical wateis are renowned
for enrativo qualities. "That
Tired Feeling " completely cured.
A certain remedy for Rheumatism
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Two mails a day and telegraphic
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apply to
-i. uOlfprturi
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iJistrict of Weet Kootenay.
Take notico tbat Cornelius Morgan
Gething, of Slocan, B.C., prospector,
intend, to apply for permission to purchase tho following desciibed land:
Commencing at a post planted ou the
south boundary of tbo C.P.Ry., lot 382
at a point on the west bank of Slocan
River where said south boundary crosses
said river, thence west 40 chains, tlience
south 40 cliains, thence east 40 chains,
more or less, to the west bank of the
Slocan River, thenco following the
meanderinga of said river in a northerly
direction, 40 chains more or less to
pointof commencement, and containing
160 acres, more or less.
Dated July 1st, 1907.
Take notice that William Ernest
Marshall, of Rosebery, B.C., agent C.P.
Ry��� intends to apply for a special license over the following described land-
Commencing at a post on the south:
west shore of Slocan Luke one half mile
north-west of Sawmill creek about two
miles from Rosebery aud bearing the
initials W. E. M.'s N. E. corner, thence
south 80 chains, t ence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to point of Commencement, and
640 acres more or less.
June  21st 1907.
Zhc Slocan iDotel
Gbree forks,
'13. (t.
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar aud Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Certificate of Improwmonts.
"Independence"      Mineral     Claim,
situate in  tho Slocan   City  Mining
Divi*ion of West Kootenay district.
Where located:���On  Lemon  Creek
adjoining   the    Crusader    Mineral
Take notice that I, H, R. Jorand, Fiee
Miner's Certificate No,  1578,800 acting
for myself and as cgent for W. J.   Shat-
ford Free Miner's Certificate No Bl,08o,
intend,  60 days  from the date-hereof,
to apply to ihe Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of   Improvements,   for tbe
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the abovo claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must bo commenced
before tbe issuance of Such Ooitiii ate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of May, A.D. 1007
local Salesman Wanted Tor
And Adjoining District to represent
Canada's dealest Nurseries
Trees of right size and ape for British
Columbia planting. Grotm on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
coast trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved; Pay   weekly; Free outfit.
Wiite for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C Government )
TORONTO       -      - ���      ONT.
Notice is hereby given tbat 60 davs
after date I intend lo apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase th"
following described lands in Wi st Kootenay District: Commencing at a pest
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. CornrT
post," said post being at soul It-east
coiner of lit 7 Block 3S2, Group I,
West, Koo'enay District, thence south
80 chains, thenco east 20 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence Wist 20 chains
tn pointof cdinuiencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
7-4 A. J. WATSON.
Silverton, 13.(5.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners aud Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
*SR. flJ>. Spencer <- prop
The Review
joh Printing.
provincial zi&eaper
ant> (Bbemist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lnad, Copper, Iron, Silica,
if 1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Maiig.imee,
Lime,' $1.50 each.
Zinc,   Antimony,    Sulphur,   Cold and
Silver, $2.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead o*- Cupper, Zinc
anel Bjlvqr, %'i CO.
Silver, Zinc and Lead .,.; .11 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Leaii and Iron, 14.00
f'."-".'...l Bft.w fef-J-Um wkJ Wi!! Wprlt
Xotiee is hereby gken that 60 days
ai'ier date I intend to apply to the 11* n.
tho Cuief. Commissioner of LSnds and
Woika at Victoria, li. C, for permi-flion
to purchase the following described
lands situate in West Kootenay Di��tric.'-,
Commencing at a pott planted at the
south-east corner of lot 7547 and marked
J. St. D, S.W. r:irner, Ihence no'tii
aloi.g the east line of lot 7517 20 chains,
tlience enst 20 chains, tlience so:ttli 20
chains to the north-east comer ot lot
8127, thence following along the line of
lot 8127, 20 chains to Iho p.tint of commencement and continuing 40 acios.
Dated at Slocan, B.C. Apiil 30th,1007.
Per D. St. DeniB, Agent.
I o Rent
Several Residcnc esat
Very Small Figure
. ��4***^<H*--t-**-*^**H>**^ 9
Go to
Heavy Goods,
Flow,   Hay,    Oat
Coal,   Vegetables,
Iron, Steel, etc*.
v *Q&M9*>Q4$��**��*��$��*<$***Q* *>0***4>**Q**>* trlr********^***
*********+************+************************** ****
/****���*'    - *tV     ^ *oWt
���Robt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation aud
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
��botccst liquors, Mines anb -Si-gars.
W************************ &************* * * ***********
This well-known hotel is now open again for
business. Tlie rooms will be found well ventilated, aud cosy, and visitors may rely ou
first-class attention always.    Par well sto:ked.
_.*f***i^..'*<*t**-i.>-_i*5��''**".*"*5..3..:.*5.**. _.**.<���
.(,,*. ���5~<<.-*'*'"*i-*'' *** *************
Spring anb
from drown'
tailoring Co.
1 The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country,
f Iu Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
t _.-            . -^^==^^^==^====^   .   ... _____=~���---_-_- %
I Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions \
I 7
J Also complete Line of Gent's, Furnishings and Supplies.       T
I '                          ���!
. ;t. HMcootial
************************ *-___ ****i********************
f^f^ I f\e C   SANDON'
Kootenay / ^
There is no better house in the fContennys for
tho Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitor- will find an np-to-dato style of doing
hit* incus, anel tho I'arkeeps are arii&ls in tlieir
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigarr (l
i McLeod & Walmsley
District of West K***o enay.
iiotti'e tlntt I, Th .ma* M  S; ar*.
on, B.O.,  engineer,  intends tu
run,     ���... ,      ..���_,���������.  --,      - -
.*.i'|ily for noinilsslnn to purchase the
following descilbud land:���
Cuniinem* n*. at. u pott -jilnnti el on S.E.
cornev. located on west shore of Hlocan
Lake, abjii 12 n iles front the lien*.1 of
s.tiil Sleeitn Lnkei thonce went -10 chains,
tlli'llCBllOl'th 40 chainB, tlience eiiHt, 40
chains, thenco south along slioro of
Slocnn Lako io point of commencement
continuing 160 iicrm move or lose
.lulv 81st, 1907,
olin J, Campbell
Notary Public
r.o. nox io
The Leading 1 fotel b\
1 (P*
eco  ���
5andon, B. C.
Headquarters for fflMntrig ant> CravelUne fifcen
Meals First-Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms Xargc. Clean ano Cos?.
foi Wdtam Bennett *&
2 ���*><*>���*>*<*>���*������<> *************** ********************q*****
���tn*, ^-*y-?> _rv *e-*-��j��*-v <?--*.
The KoQteeay Tailor
-*"*=raa��*j|i* ;.TTS_jX___5*
f     i-J + >___��
I ************************** ******i;i*<>***************%
r~ Nourishin
Fut up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel TrarU..
We guarantee its Strength and  Purity.
���    ��� M\DB   t>Y   Tlin
^  IT
New i o?k- Brewery J
Sanbon flDinete* tMion Moapital.
Open to the Public.
r.r.lea by Bubscrip ion $1.00 i>cr month. Non-subscribers .I'.OO per diem.
 Hospital Staff	
C, I*.  ANDEP.SON. - -     WM. K. GOMM, M. D.
Adrfics-4 tcmrnunitafionB To The Secretary.
ot. Jdlhtp   llUlt
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to Now Denver, the beauty spot   MZ:J*'*J.'"-'f'rXSiJLalJ^^I j
of the Continent, will find this hotel    I
to be thoroughly equipped for       j
for the comfort nf Tourists.
Well stocked ii.ir. i
Excellent boating.        Grand scenery. I
A.. JACOBSON - - -Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 3.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade,
.plondid Bconery, Fishing) Boating, etc.
New Soo Spokane
*********** ***********
ujiiyiiiiiip I
To f'pokane np the IJuiiitiful
Kootenay Lake.
St*a*ner K-_ka*o I: to  ICo'itenay
Lnnding, con it* ting ;it Cuizon
June: 10 1    H itii    I'lhill    to   .
Hp ikaito via Spokane
Iuto'tiat o.i.ii.
fk M popular Trip tills Season,
Good for Thirty Dayj.
Ap) ly Lical A*_en!, or
K, J. CoYr.t_, A.".!' A.
V.ctic nivr,
John Mob, I'.I'.A , Nelson.
^r.rrg;*!* J���^v'^^-,r'Ti^^'7^?���?.���^^say7<*a
No mailer what his occupation, may p-'.vo
money hy getting his
8h us Made to Order.
For :i Mining S'ioo
thf t'e i�� no* hing holier
than Un* hiiiions HAL
C.*LF or KIP ai'PEH
with n good, Bcilid,
lian.l made botloin	
Thp.e shoes cBn only be got by
leaving vour older Willi
_i j o 1 jci .-.ru* Denver, nur'sc, intends to iiiiuly
OilOei'tK'.:*...!!   -   *::���.:;.' ,..;:)     f ��� ,���.ri���i 8lonto p*irclta-o Ihu fo'ltwiu.
de oribed bind i
Comiiionciiig nt a po0! | lunlt'd about
one mi'e front the N.lkusp und K.oe.in
llui win* to tlie south a*id a out two and
one lull'mil. tt frun Kl can I/ike, ami
II' cl al'is \v< a' from th" iveswilv boundary of lot ���1127, on the liiii'of A. JaCoh-
ton's iiQi't'/orly boundary, thenco GO
Otld, Silver, C>pperui L��ad, vacli,$l ll) chains norj/h mo-o'oi* lesr* t> the ho'in-
(i.ild Silver...1 !i0 8 lvci-l. *u.l.. f 1 5'J da-y of tli*.lier b'aso No. 485, ihence 40
Zinc...2.01 Gold Silver with Copper or ch��im> ���yet, th, i.e.* 20 th ins lotth,
Lead., 3 60. thei cc !t0 chaiiia vest, il 0 e ��� ��0 c aiin*
l'ti.iupt aitrnti. n  given (o all samples.   BOll'.i, lllenc'o 00 cl-tai  S "tl t. to point,  of
26 percnt, discount niton five samples,   c .nnnr nceiuen'.    Coiilnil) ng  2J0 acres
BAKER ST., NELSON. |""r '"' I'?.:,   ,,,.,-
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone AC*.       -��*������������ '-���*'h, �� ;.(j
Dlttrctof Wi t-i Koolonay,
I    Tiike  no* ce that    I*' ud   P. D,   Kelly,
..*��� v  l\    ;..,,...!..   .
U/    Hotel
Well Known
has lately
heen purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one.Everything- strictly First-Class.
iilverton *-*
Take noiico Unit .'ohn McRi'iltli, 'of
Nolt-nn, D.C., Roadinns oi", in en Is to
apply f'ti a ap'-cinl llnilior liconso over
tho followi-i_t described Inict of hinds.*
Comnii'iicing it 11 1 ost ithintcd ab mt 8jt_.
in le* \v. s: of New l.'onver on Ilie west
s do of Slocnn Lnke, nun Ic mI J, McG.
N, \V. tot*., thence norlli 80 chains,
thei c * pant 80 e*liai h tithe shore of
Slocan l-.ko, Ihenc-.' B'lith HO chains,
thonce nwl 80 chains, to point of coin-
in* 11c incut. Containing 040 acres inoro
or less.
,7, McCl RATH
P. J. G tl'iigber, Agent.
Take n* Ice that John McG rath of
Ni'Imiii. B.C., romlni s'or, intends to
npplv for a spi cinl timber license over
1 li ��� following described Iracfcof landsi
Ooinrnaiicin. al n p 1st planted nbout.
���1 miles ��e t of New Donvi r on the west
Hide of Slocnn Lake in 11 kid J. Mc. N.
W. C, llieiiCH mu lit le) cliains, thenco
erst 100 cliains to the ihiroof Slocnn
Lake, I hence   s*;t ll   40   1 Indus,   IbeilCd
wesi 160 chains to pohil of cominunce-
irciit. ('out.lining B-tO n.'l'eti more of
.i. McG RATH,
P. ,1. Qull'ghrr, Agent.-


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