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Slocan Mining Review 1908-03-26

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 ;._^-.--V,_f,.��._.      ..
Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mij^fai^esources and Large
g   Area  in   the
, .,...... ._.jean Valley.
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday. Mar. 26, 1908.
Single Copies sci
KMWnd Qosslp Clenaed by Asking many People many Questions
�� The Story ol the Cross," a Cantata
in five parts, will be snug at the Anglican Church 011 Good F.i'ay*
W Sharp, representing lho. well-
known Bpol ��ne lirm ol brokers, Sharp
& Irvine, is touring lho district. He
was in town yesterday, and Ielt Ior
Bandon in the evening.
Rehearsals are now proceeding for
n three-act drama to be staged by New
Denver Amateurs on May 2*r*t--. '-rl*��
title is "Tom Onbb, or Foitiiim's Toy."
The author of the play is W. B'. Gilbert
of Gilbert & Sullivan fame so our
renders will readily understand that the
plot is clever and the fun hilarious.
Rev. Chalmers preached at Bloean
hint Sunday.
In view of the proposed incursion of
mountaineers who will follow the crowd
to the glacier, the hotel men will undoubtedly put their best leg forward
to make the necessary preparations for
many distinguished visitors. " Glacier
Day " will re the resurrection day of
the Lucerne.
iBttioAHON Item.���A brilliant discovery has been made by a local thirst
killer. The Three Forks Hotel 1ms the
biggest schooners in the district. Above
tho door of a saloon not a thousand
miles from Kevelstokc appears the
following; "Try our 1896 Whisky.
Once drunk, always drunk."
The present apology for a post-office
in *Ma town is a disgrace to the district. Just so long as no kick is
registered we shall sulfer/n in silence.
Let your voices he heard���and kick!
Silver is 55.4 to-day. London lead is
��14 10s.
Mrs. Hilchey left on Thursday's boat
to visit friends at Slocan Ci,y.
We were in error last week when we
stated that J. D. Cavan has the contract for hauling Standard ore. Pidma
Angrignon informs us he has had thc
contract for some time.
When a preacher Irios lo ho a star he
is sure to blol oui somebody's sunlight.
The man who mid Jealousy and Reason
aro not on si citing terms hit harder
than he knew.
What's in a nnme? Tho foreman
printer at the Nelson News rejoices in
the euphonious one ol Ink. That's
better thnn Mud, anyway. He celebrated his 41 ��t birlbday this week, anil
he has been in Nelson 18 years.
The political air is full of froth.
Those likely ones spoken of as conservative candidates are W. A. Macdonald,
K.C., and R. S. Lennie, of Nelson;
James Schoiiold of Trail, the present
sitting member for Ymir in the Provincial Legislature; Fred. Starkey, of
Nelson, Wm. Hunter, the provincial member for this Hiding, and
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg. "Bill"
Galliher, the present member, would
be a hard man to unaeat if he again
contested the Riding, but it is rumoured
that he will retire at the end of his
term. F. J. Deane, Editor of'the Nelson News, will likely be seen in the
nrena in the event of Galliher's retirement as a Liberal candidate.
Charles Dsliiney, son ol Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Delaney. ol this town, arrived on
Monday from Peterboro', Out., to visit
bis parents. He is shortly going to
Vancouver to enter an engineering works
there as electrical engineer.
A mudslide came down on Wednesday near tlie safety switch between
Tlireo Forks and Sandon, bringingIrees,
etc., with it. The train from Nakusp
could not get through that night, but
the right of way was cleared this morning and the passengers who had been
held at Tines Forks were able to continue their journey.
The Cranbrook Herald last week celebrated its tenth anniversary. Although
on tho wrong sido of politics the Herald
iB the best weekly paper in the interior,
and under Ihe able editorship and management ot " Old Man " Fred. Simpson
it has becomo a power ill the land. Ten
years ago the Herald was | r'nted on a
Washington hand pn ss. To-day the
Herald Oflice ia the most up-to-date
office in the Kootenays. The Herald
has made Cranbrook what it is, and its
boast will be heard oven after Gabriel
has gathered the present staff home.
���*���**_���'red Simpson will, in the happy some
day, sit among the canonized editors of
B.O., and tho patron saint of Cranbrook
will wear a golden banana.
The bridge crew had a hurry-up call
to Nakusp on Tuesday, where a washout had occurred. Tho dump under a
trestle bridge had slid away.
Douglss Lay, of the Vancouver mine,
has returned from a trip to Nelson.
Another instance of our prolific soil
and climate is worth recording. Last
week, Mr. J. C. Bolander, a well-known
New Denver resident, gathered a crop
ol asparagus in his garden. Also in his
gairlen may now be teen stocks a fool
high.    Crocuses   ami   snowdrops are
plentiful everywhere.
We are glad to loarn of the good tim>*e
around the Knalo Kootcnnin office, and
congratulate our cstenned c tern upon
installing a monoline typesetting
machine. If the people ol tho Slocan
will do their part we should be in a position lo do likewiso within twelve months.
Many of our citizens are cmlemplat-
ng a trip to the New Denver glaciers as
soon as the snow has disappeared from
the mountain, and wc think that Iho
Town Improvement Society should in-
augurate a " Glacier Day," and upon
that dar invite tho Canadian Alpine
Club to make the ascent. Eron were
they not successful the first year in seeming the patronage of that association,
there would he many visitors who would
he only too delighted to join the local
puny wire they but invited to do so.
Anyhow, our magnificent glacier needs
exploring and exploiting.
A convention of tlie Sunday Schools
of thc Slocan district will be held at New
Denver on Ap: il Hist. On Monday, Ihe
20lh, a special meeting is being arranged
for in the evening, when Rev. Kenmure,
Slocan Cliy, and Rev. XV. Muirhend of
the Eastern B.C. Sunday School Association, will be present nn^| Jr liver
addresses. All interested in the movement are requested to attend the meeting on the 20th at the Presbyterian
Church, when the object of the Convention will ho definitely announced. The
details of lho program and session wiil
lie announced later.
Dan^J. McDougald is safely emerging
from a critical Illness, On Saturday
last ho waa In a very dangerous condition, and Drs. Bruese and Gomm held
a consultation on Sunday and agreed
that appendicitis was the trouble", All
will he pleared to liarn Ihat Dan is now
out of danger, and is improving.
Hermann Clever ia enlering the lists
with a brand new 22 feet gasoline
launch, and he has erected a splendid
boat-house for its reception when il
arrives. Albert Owens is also building
a boat house for his new launch. Evidently Eddie Angrignon will have to get
a wiggle on if he means to hold the
club's trophies this year.
Anglican Services next Sunday: S*t.
Stephen's, New Denver���Matins, 11;
Union Church, Silverton���Evensong,
Wednesday evening Services during
Lent: St Stephen,a Church, New Dtn-
ver at 8 o'clock.
Three bandits, on Monday last, held
up a rig at Reno, Nev., in which was
.'45,000 belonging to a mining company.
They don't do such thing in the effete
Slocan. The printer in the only man
held up.
With regard to tho recent Tory landslide in New Brunswick, we have read
with great * amusement the "reason
why" in tiie Nt-l.on News.   Vmka!
A rani, for a bull has caused some
fun this week. The animal has a long
pedigree and the widow for whose, hone-
fit it has heen promoted, is disposing of
many tickets. Many have been sold
No apolo.*y for purloining Denver's
beautiful scenery has yet been forthcoming from the Nelson 20,000 club.
Murdoch McLean has returned from
an extended trip to Nelson on business.
AngU8_M.CInnes, mining recorder and
road-inspector, paid a visit to Watson's
Siding this week to inspect the cribbing
which has been constructed there lo
protect the bridge against spring freshets.
Chas. F. Nelson wont to Nelson on
Tuesday to meet a representative of a
well-known North of England anglers'
eupply house. It iaMr. Nelson's intention to lay in a etock of sporting goods
that cannot be surpassed in the Kootenays.
Dune. McKinnon has been superintending the construction of the extensive cribbing at Watson's Siding. He
returned to town Monday.
As announced in our columns recently, the Wakefield mill is shortly to be
put into commission on Hewitt ore.
George Gordon left for Silverlon on
Tuesday to get Ihe mill in shape to
treat the first ere to come over thu new
A car of steers and hoga arrived for
H. C'ever on Mondav.
Host Anthony Madden, of the Madden House, Slocan, is going lo considerable expense in renovating tho annex
to tho hotel. The bar hns now been
transferred, and iis present location is
miles ahead of the old order of things.
In a few! weeks the Madden Hotel will
be a palatial rendezvous for tourists.
Signs of prosperity are to bo noted
around the hotels. Several card tables
have been renovated. Seven-up is
harder on some tables than poker, but
poker promises to become the leading
Harold ami Jimmy Baker have returned home to their parents at Vernon.
Slocan Xake fvnit Xanoe
None ^JeSSC-** None
For Full Information write
R. W, Moeran,    Manager,     New Denver
_63ri_bflC0. JBlafeemore <5t Cameron,
Mrs. Matheson, who has been indisposed during lhe greater part of winter
has decided to retire Irom business.
All wi'l be pleased lo learn that she is
now able to walk around. All the general groceries and fancy goods at the
store she has run for several years, aro
now marked down to quick sale  prices.
Can nnv reader givo an intelligent
solution to the crude hieroglyphics upon
! lhe rocks on the other Bide ol the lake.
Tliey are evidently messages from an
Indian tribe, but bo far uo one has been
able lo decipher them.
Brydges, Illakemore & Cameron, the
well-known laud agents of Now Denver and Nelson, this week sold a paroel
of land to two settlers in the Slocan.
We regret to report the death, Irom
pneumonia, of tho jnfant ton of Mr.
nnd Mrs. William Hicks, wliich sad
eveut occurred al Slocan City on Mon.
day, 15th inst.
Mr. and Mrs. John Atherton and infant daughter arrived from Manchester,
England, on Saturday last, and wiil
make their home at. New Denver. Mr.
Aihertoii is a first cousin of "Jay-Jay's"
and ho will take charge of the mechanical end of this piper in future. Tliey
travelled across the herring pond on the
Empress of Britain, and made the trip
through in li teen days. Mr. Atherton
is an Al crackajack printer, and a perfect glutton for work. ��� Bring in your
Now for tall storieB. Trout Benson
has opened,
Charley Nelson returned from Nelson,
Wednesday. The people who strewed
rice and confetti In (rout of his store,
have another think coming.
The Silverton Lumber & Power Co.,
Ltd., of which Wm. Hunter, M P.P.,
is the managing director, will have
tlieir new sawmill completed by lhe 1st
of May. It will require some tall rustling to do this, but Mr. Hunter informs
us tbat, given good weather, it will he
accomplishd in that time. The new
railway track is graded, and logging is
proceeding at the camp opposite Silver-
ton. The company has a big lie contract for the C.P.R., but they will aleo
market general lumber.
The members of the Anglican church
propose to hold a lirgt-elass concert on
Easter Tuesday.
Owing to the heavy fall of enow between Alamo and Sandon, the train
service been disarranged this week
This is the season when tho rollicking
snowBlide gels fresh and asserts itself,
The braes hand at Slocan City haB
been reorganized.
D. J. Nicholson, the brilliant violinist who ban delighted Slocnn audiences
of late, has left for Greenwood. Whilst
here he was the gucBtof Rev. Gifford.
For the English Football Cup there
were over two hundred enlriep. There
were first rounds, second rounds, third
rounds, fourth round**, and semi-finals.
Whoever wins has yet lo meet Sandon,
champions of the Selkirk", beiore they
can lay claim to doing something big.
The K. St. S traffic has been disturbed
Ibis week owing to a coupio of bridges
having heen washed out by mudslides.
A nen* bridge nenr McGuigan will he
constructed this year, work upon which
will be beguu about tlie 1st of May.
If this should meet lhe eyo of nny
homeaceker, we can honestly advise
Slocan Lake for a location. Investigate our fruit lands���none better.
Whoever ia nominated for the Slocan
riding to contest the seat at tlie next
Dominion election, should be a clean
man. He Bhould be free from corporation intrigues, an enemy of graft, and
no wind-jammer. He should be a man
whom the division will respect for his
conscientious labors in his sphere ol
usefulness at Ottawa, and ho should he
beyond reproach as a friend of Iahor.
He should bo unbiassed when capital
and labor clash, and he Bhould throw
his weight with the right. It would be
a sacrilice of interests to send a man
whose voice is heard only on behalf of
capital, abd by Iho same common law,
it would be unjust to return a man
whose vote and interest is selfishly de-
yotcd_ to labor alone. The division
requires (he services of a broad-minded
eneigetic man, whose interests are our
interests, and the division should see
that the real article i_ returned.
Publicity will do much for Slocan
Lake towns. Slocan fruit lands are the
cream of Kootenay. Hammer that in.
it is the most profitable kind ol knocking.
According to an eastern dispatch,
"A white wolf has been captured near
Ottawa."   Now, who let Lamicr out.
Nelson has meak thieves who carry
off meat, provisions and nil kinds of
small gooda from doorsteps.���Vide Nelson News. They might, have added,
The extension of the lead bounty hns
not yet been made. Nobody ln the
Slocan is losing much Bleep over it,
despite reports in subsidized papers to
the contrary.
In the forthcoming Dominion elections, which, hy the way, we prognosticate will lake plnce next November,
much will be heard locally ol "wage
slaves" and the "capitalistic, press."
The "wage slaves" of B.C., however,
can yet happily "yuuip their yob" if it
doesn't suit, and the man that Bays the
"Review" iB subsidized by capitalists,
is a liar.
Drury Lane thealro, Ihe home of
English drama, was completely des-
Iroyed hy fire yesterday.
Latbb.���The fire proof curtain was
lowered and the auditorium wus saved.
A recont dispatch from Montreal says
that Mr. Howard, of Kng'aud, is coming
out West to revolutionize oat growing.
He says it is a mistake to say that
Knglish oats will not produce good results in the AVest, and he is coming to
show us how lo do it. We havo had
lots of Englishmen in Ihe West sowing
oats hitherto, but tliey have been of the
wild variety.
Presbyterian services will be held at
Sandon on Sunday next at 7-80. Cody
at 2-30.    W. M. Chalmers, Pa��tor.
The Sloean Gun Club are practising
with the new Ross rillo.
A wagrhns nicknamed the Town Improvement Society the " Tis's." T.I S.
is tis; yes 'tis, you bet 'tis. 'Tis bringing New Denver out of the rutx. Also
'tis an aggregation of pessimist knockers, and an all-round boosters club.
Next Friday Jhe " T.I.S." hold* a
Cafe Chantant in the Bosun Hall. We
look to seeing a big crowd there, as the
proceeds go towards building new sidewalks. We also expect the Chantant
will be the means of unearthing much
new good local musical and dramatic
talent. Everybody dig 4 bits for this!
Join the triumphant army of boosters I
The English Premier, Sir Henry
Campboll-Bannerman, is reported to be
rapidly sinking.
The report of the Hall Mines Smelter,
of Nelson, just issued, shows heavy
A kind Providencp Bent a shower of
angle worms over the town one dny this
week. It is suggested that they were
sent lo feed the chicks in embryo in
Bnlander's incubator. They came two
days too soon.
Three mining claims, the property of
the defunct " Pioneer Mining Company," were sold by public auction at
the Strathcona Hotel, Nelson, on Wednesday. The purchaser was Clement
Bell, and he paid $6,543.
We congratulate our old friend A. E.
Becker upon entering the ranka ol Bene-
dicta, and we wish Tony and his life's
partner all kinds of joy and prosperity.
The bride is Airs. Pinkney, who for
some time waa rook at the Reco hotel,
Sandon, but was latterly of the Sandon
Hotel. Robt. Cunning accompanied
the happy couple to Nelson, to witness
the tying of the nuptial knot,
There will be a Leap Year Ball at
Sandon this Fiiday night. Now Denver
visitors nre especially invited.
Rev. Baynes has been confined, to his
room (hia week with an attack of rheumatism.
Some extra fine-looking fir timber,
cut on Slocan Lake, went out on yesterday's barge for the C.P.R. The
logs will be used for wharf and bridge
piles. They were cut by J. Jost and
D. McPherson.
Rev. W. G. Brown, for some yeors
Presbyterian minister for this district,
has accepted a call to Bed Deer, Alta.
He goes to his new mission April 8th.
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
Where they Stand.
It will ho well for ns lo lake stock of
tho country and Onrefully consider-along
what lines it can bist.be developed, nnd
for whnt crops or clasi of stick it is best
suited. We can grow the small fruits to
perfection, oh Mr. Vanstone has so well
demonstrat "d at Rosebery, anil wc have
a local market thai can lake agood deal
of fruit if it is properly looked after, and
regularly supplied, but as regards thc
big outside markets we must confess
that at present we are at a con ulerahle
disadvantage. To overcome this disadvantage, if we decide that we wish lo
grow the email fruits we must co-operate.
Our trouble licB In the fact that we
should have to grow lhe fruit on a very
large scale and make regular shipment:*
ol car loads right from the neighbourhood, otherwise our fruit will suffer
from the delay nnd rchaiidling at some
distant point.
If we do manage to ship by the car
load, and we are careful to grow the right
sorl of fruit and pack it in the light way,
tha small extra distance that wo are
from the North-West, compared with
such points as Nelson, will not he a very
Serious disadvantage.
If we wish to grow Btrawberries for
put side points, wc shall need to get together and decide on the variety to grow ;
then each must agree lo plant and look
after a certain quantity, for it will not
pay to go for tha outside markets in
any half-hearled manner.
We can grow pi aches here, but there
are places where they can grow them
much better, I believe; wherea__I also
bellove that there is no place where they
can grow better apples, pears, or plums.
Therefore, it Ecenis plain to myself that
we had belter concentrate our efforts on
Tlio valley of the Slocan River has
always appeared to me to be admirably
suite 1 for dairying. There is a large
amount of land thnt is flooded in the
early summer, but whicli should make
splendid pasturage at Ihe time when the
benches are getting dried up. Wc can
grow red clover to perfection here; with
the aid of irrigation we should be able
lo get two crops per year. We can also
grow splendid roots if we keep the cutworms well poisoned off, the summer
iiighlsnio cool and there is abundance
of good water. Now these are the conditions that make a good dairy country.
When we consider the splendid local
market for butter and the high prices we
pay for very inferior butter, we sball
wonder how loug it will bo beiore tho
farmers down Ihe Slocan River get together aud build a creamery.
But if this country can be made a good
dairying country, il is even better adapted to poultry���and poultry raising and
fruit growing go better together than
dairying and fruit growing. There is no
reason why eggs, chickens or turkeys
should be imported to this neighlionr-
hood, and we will look forward to the
time when the Slooan is self supporting
iu this matter.
Wc are not likely to become famous for
wheat or oats, but we may hope lo raise a
great part of our chicken feed, and by
letting thc hens do their own thrashing,
we shall keep them well exercht'd and
healthy during the winter. Mr. George
Williamson planted some fall wheat last
September, at the fame time sowing the
land down to clover, and it appeals to
ma that we are likely to find this plan
profitable, though enre will have to bo
exercised where the wheat is grown
amongst fruit treos, that the land is well
cultivated round each tree.
Geo. Bruder, the man that brews the
hops that have made Saudon famous,
returned from a trip to the east. He
returned alone, rumor to the contrary
Take Notice that I, Jesse T. Tipping of
Slocan City, B.C., occupation, miner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at t. post planted about
one and a half mile south east of Slocan
City, B.C., near the north boundary of
W. C. E. Koch's land, thence north 00
chains, thence east 00 enains, thence
lonth 00 chains, thence west 00 chains
and containing 300 acres more or less.
Slccrtri City, B.C. March Snd, 100fi.
Now that the Liquor Licence Act has
heen amended, it will peihaps be instructive to publish a survey ol the
amended Act, ns nil hotels, with the
exception of those directly within the
jurisdiction of municipalities, come
under the amended law. Primarily, all
districts under "Llcfuor Licence Act,
1900," have been abolished. This dons
away with License Commissioners, and
all pollers are now vested in the Superintendent of Provincial Police, butit'is
lawful for Ilie superintendent of provincial police to grant licenses to sell liquor
in localities not in any municipality, and
not included in any liceiue district, and
all persons obtaining Ihe same shall be
subject lo all lho provisions of the Act
as fnr aa applicable. The* superintendent shad he guided by the provlsionsof
the Act in granting the liconses, except
when the circumstances of the case
lender it impossible or inconvenient to
so lo do, provided Unit no application for
new licenses or a renewal has been
granted, and then only can the application bo entertained, provided that the
applicant has advertised Ills intention of
applying for such license, such advcrlise-
nient shall he published in a newspaper
published and circulated iu the district
for a peiiod of one month.
The superintendent of provincial
police may at any lime cause any license
granted or renewed I y hiin to be cancelled upon satisfactory proof that tlie
licensee ii not keeping his premises in
accordance wilh the provisions of the
Act, or is keeping bin premises in a
disorderly manner.
D. J. McKenzie Killed.
Tlie sad news reached town yesterday
of a fatal accident at Tunnel, B.C., a
li.ig station in the boundary, between
Cascade and Robson. From the information of the sad event which is nt our
command, we learn that Mr. D. J. McKenzie, the highly esteemed C.P.R.
bridge superintendent of this division
waa crushed to death by a falling derrick. The sorrowful news has cast a
gloom over this district, where Mr.
McKenzie was well known. He wns
one of lhe oldest timers in this suction,
but when at home he livei at Nelson.
He was in New Denver a few days ago,
and his genial presence was as sunshine
to cloud. To hia sorrowing relatives we
extend tho sympathy of this district.
Leasers Get Decision.
Judgment in the suit of Forrest st al
versus Smilli and Treres has heen
handed in by Justice Martin. The case
has excited a great deal of local interest
and the finding of Mr. Justice Hunter
is being fully criticized throughout the
district. Tiie suit wns hoard at Nelson
on Friday, December 13th last, and lhe
hearing occupied a day, all parties then
agreed to the suggestion of the learned
judge to hand in hia judgment in writing
at a later date.
The defendant, Walker Smith, had a
lease upon all tho Payne mine workings,
and from him the plaintiff, A'ex. Forrest
and partners secured a sub-lease on No.
5 level. Plaintiffs wero lo receive 78
percent, on all ore extracted by them
during their tenure, the remaining 22
per cent, being divided between the
company, Smith, and the Government,
Smilli, it was asserted, waa in financial
difficulties, and prior to granting the
sub-lease he borrowed money on a
cha'tel mortgage from E. C. Traves. lhe
well-known meat merchant, of Nclion
Plaintiffs strenuously denied knowledge
of this mortgage.
The mortgage covered all the ore
taken out by Smith, and upon the plaintiffs making arrangements to ship some
$3,000 worth of silver-lead they were
threatened with legal proceedings,
Plaintiffs asked that-the chattel mortgage lie set aside. The judgment given
is in favor of Forrest ami Partners for
tho amount claimed, but they will have
to collect from Smith, as the learned
judge has decided lhnt thc mortgage
holds good. The action agninst Traves
waa dismissed with coats.
It is probable that an appeal will he
made. S. S. Taylor for plaintiffs, R W.
Hannington and R. M. Macdonald for
Speaking of the rotten shows thnt
come over tho Crow's Nest line, the
Fernie Free Press thinks it is duo to the
fict that performers of merit do nbt have
to suffer the trials of an itinerary through
tlie Binaller towns of the growing west
to make a living. It says*. "We have
seen the trusting public of Fernie put
up a dollar per chair to see a so-called
vaudeville Combination that kail been
forced out of the dime theatres of the
Coast cities for lack of patronage, We
have heard voices that aro eminently
Suited to the useful service of calling
the cattle home, murdering everything
from a coster song to grand opera, anil
these people were heralded as artists ill
tlieir "line," but we would rather pay
a dollar to be fooled by a stranger than
to lend the countenance of our presence
to an entertainment composed of home
talent that can inlerli'in. Pass the
sugar, plr. tl so,''
Town \M will P
A Specially flrplzed
Trip to Glacier,
Again thn Town Impi'iiveim-iil Koch ly
has showed its bu-jincss acumen, and
the latest step toward bringing Nuw
Denver to the front is one' that will
meet with the commendation of all.
It ia, in short, a combined ell'ort to attach to the New Denver glacier the im-
porianco in the woiId of sights Ihat it'
warrants. The glacier overlooking tho
lown of New Denver has rightly been
looked up ni ns an asset to the town.
Its wonders hue for ages lcmnincd unrecorded, and il was only quite recently that foot_of civil zed man (list trod
upon the vei itable sea of ice. ItsglOrleB
will ho known more fully; tba dark canyons and moraines, which havo frowned-
upon the advances of man to seek for-
Iher, will be conquered, and the United!
hand of mountain climbers who will
make the ascent under lhe auspices ol
the New Denver Improvement Society*
will see much to marvel nt. This ascent is proposed to bo made about midsummer, and all details will be announced later. The trail to the glacier
by thnt time will ho in good shape and
substantial cabins wheivhi the travellers
will speed the night will bo established.
Invitations will bo extended to tho
Canadian Alpine Club and representatives of the press, and lhe expenses
of tho actu.il trip to the glacier will
be  borne by   the T.    I.   Society.
Whilst in town tho visitors will be
the guests of the society, and an eO'ort
will he mado to supersede all previous
hospitality. It is indeed a comprehensive style of advertising our scenic
beauties to the world, and all will vie
in giving tlie visitors the time ol tlieir
The above was mooted at the regular
meeting of tho executive committee
held on March 25th and tho matter has
been taken up with an earnestness that
is commendable.
Other business transacted was as follows :
The Secretary IH. Cue) reported
having written to L. O. Armstrong,
C.P.R. Advertising Manager, relative
to inchuliiig New Denver in the list of
tourist resorts upon C.P.R. literature.
The Secretary of Fishery Committee
reported having written to Mr. Galliher.
Brouse-Moeran. That a mass meetiug
of the citizens he held on April 7th next.
lo arrange Ior the celebration ou May
Several requests having been sontinto
the Society that they lake up the matter ol a bettor post office accommodation,
it was decided to bring the matter up at
next meeting.
The entry nnd prize list for the Fall
Fiuit Fair will be discussed at next
Literary contributions were submitted
and arrangements mado for thoir reproductions In magazines, etc.
The meeting adjonmed until April 8th.
Mariners anil Landlubbers.
There waa a jolly timo at Siocan City
on Tuesday evening last, when the
officers of the Sir. "SJocan" tendered a'
Program Ball lo the fashionable quota
at lho end of the lake. The venue was
the recently renovated Odd fellows' Hall,
where about thirty couples described
the poetry of motion until chanticleer
heralded tho morn. Win. Hicks made
a gallant M.C., and NorLhoy's Orchestra
achieved flirt her laurels.
Tho mariners provided an excellent
supper, which was a feast for the gods.
At the conclusion the guests gnvo three
cheers for tho boat crew.
The Nelson Canndinn, of 21st inst.
makes some remarks whicli all merchants and business men in tho Slocan
should carefully ponder over.   It  Eays :
"The Slocan Mining Review, ol New
Denver, has in view lhe extension of
its facilities for getting out a hotter paper, and this will "mean nn additional
expenditure of .100 per month. The
publisher appeals to the residents of
the Slocan to inciease their patronage,
so that he will not have te stand all the
expense. The Review is one of the
brightest weekly papers published in
Ilritish Columbia, and if Ihe people of
the Slocan district conault their own
interests, they will respond to the np-
peal by increasing the revenue, not if 100
a month, but five times Unit amount.
Every dollar spent that way will return
many fold."	
Wednesday's K. *.": S. train from Kaslo
arrived at Sandon 24 hours late. Mudslides and snow slides,
J. W. M. Tinling, of Silveiton, who
retiirne I from a visit to his old home in
Ontario, i? in town to-day. niK
���IVER,   B. C.
��� ��� ���
$ Author of "Dora Deane," The English Orphan,1
"Lena Riven," "The Rector of St. MarkV
"Tempest snd Sunshine," Etc.
.*���  t
TtWaTs ratlier uncomfortable at the
table after that, and rather quiet, too,
as Maddy did not care to ask anything more concerning her faint, while
the others were not disposed to talk.
Breakfast over, the two young men
repaired to the library, where Guy
indulged in his cigar, while the doctor fidgeted for a time, and then broke
out abruptly:
"I say, Guy, have you said anything to her about���well, about me,
you know?"
"Why, no, I've hardly had a
chnnce; and then, again, I concluded i> better for each one to speak for
himsell"; and carelessly knocking the
ashes Irom his hall-smoked cigar, Guy
leaned back in his chair, with his
eyes, and, to all appearance, thoughts,
wholly intent upon the curls of smoke
rising above his head.
"Guy, if you were not engaged, I
should be tempted to think you wanted Maddy Clyde yourself," the doctor suddenly exclaimed, conlronting
Guy, who, still watching the rings of
smoke, answered with tlie most provoking coolness, "You should?"
"Yes, I should; and I am not certain but you do, as it is. Guy," and
the doctor grew very earnest in his
manner, "if you do care for Maddy
Clyde, and she for you, pray tell me
bo before I make a fool of myself."
"Doctor," returned Guy, throwing
the remains of liis cigar into the grate
and folding his hands on his head,
"you desire that I be frank, and I |
will. I like Maddy Clyde very much��� v
more, indeed, than any girl I ever
met���except Lucy. Had I never seen
her���Lucy, I mean���I cannot tell how
I should feel toward Maddy. The
chances are, however, that much as
I admire her, I should not make her
my wile, even if she was willing.
But I have seen Lucy. I am engaged
to be married. I shall keep that engagement, and if you have feared me
at all as a rival, you may fear me
no longer. I do not stand between
you and Maddy Clyde."
Guy believed that he was saying the
truth, notwithstanding that his heart
beat faster than its wont, and hia
voice was a little thick. It was doubtful whether he would marry Maddy
Clyde, if he could. By nature, and
education he was very proud, and
the inmates of the red cottage would
have been an obstacle to be surmounted by his pride. He knew they were
good, far better than himself; but
from his earliest remembrance, he had
been taught that blood and family and
position were all-important; that by
virtue of them Remington was a name
of which to be proud; that his father's foolish marriage with a pretty
governess was the first misalliance
ever known in the family, and that
he was not likely to follow that example was a point fully established
in his own mind. He might admire
Maddy very much, and, perhaps,
build castle of what might possibly
have been, had she been in his sphere
of life; but, should he verily think
of making ber his wife, the olden
pride would certainly come up a barrier between them. Guy could not
explain all this to tlie doctor, who
would have been tempted to knock
him down, if he had; but he succeeded in quieting his fears, and even
suggested bringing Maddy in there,
if the doctor wished to know his fate
"I hear her now���I'll oall her," he
Baid; and, opening the door, he spoke
to Maddy, just passing through the
hall. "Dr. Holbrook wishes to see
you," he snid, ns Maddy came up to
him; and holding the door for her
to enter, he saw her take the seat he
bad just vacated. Then closing it
upon them, he walked away, think-
ine that Inst nisht's party, or something, had produced a bad effect on
him, making him blue and wretched,
just ns he should suppose a criminal
would feel when about to be executed.
Now that they were alone, the doctor's courage forsook him and he
���could only stammer out some commonplace remarks about the party,
asking how Mnddy had enjoyed it,
and if she was sure she had entirely
recovered from the effects of her
fainting fit. He was not getting on at
all, and it was impossible for him
to sny anything ns lie had meant to
say it. Why couldn't she help him,
instead of looking so unsuspiciously
at him with those large, bright eyes?
Didn't she know how dear she was
to him? He should think she might.
She might hnve divined it ere this;
and if so. why didn't she blush, or
At last she came to bis aid by saying, "Vou promised to tell me about
tbe h-neelets and necklace, whether
I ought to keep them."
"Yes, oh, yes, he believed he did."
And getting up from his chair, the
doctor began to walk the floor, the
better to hide his confusion. "Yes,
the brncelets. You looked very pretty
in them, Maddy, very; but you are
always pretty���ahem���yes. If you
were engaged to Guy I Bhould say it
was proper; but if not, why, I don't
know; tlie fact is, Maddy, I am not
quite certain what I am saying, bo
you must excuse me. I almost hated
vou that day you sent the note, tailing me you were coming to be examined; but I had not seen you then. I
did not know how, after a while���a
very little while���I should in all
probability���well, I did; I changed
my mind, and I���I guess you have not
the slightest idea what I mean." And
stopping suddenly, he confronted the
astonished Maddy, who replied:
"Not unless you are going crazy."
She could in no other way account
for his strange conduct, and she sat
staring at him while he continued: "I
told you once that when I wanted my
bill I'd let you know. I'd ask for pay.
I want it now. I present my bill."
With a scared, miserable feeling,
Maddy listened to him, wondering
where she should get the money, if
it were possible for her grandfather
to raise it, and how much her entire
wardrobe would bring, suppose she
should sell it! The bill had not
troubled her latterly, lor she had fallen into a way of believing that the
doctor would wait until she was graduated and could earn it by teaching.
_i9tbi_!g 8a_l_d_ be . mors  ino._i__Drtu.ie
tnan ior mm to present It rio"w;'"and
with a half-stifled sob she began to
speak, but he silenced her by a gesture, and sitting down beside her,
said, in a.voiee more natural than the
one with which he had at first addressed her:
"Maddy, I know you have no
money. It is not that I want, Maddy;
I want���I want���you."
He bent down over her now, for her
face was hidden in her hands, all
sense of sight shut out, all sense of
hearing, too, save the words he was
pouring into her ear���words whicli
burned their way into her heart, making it throb for a single moment with
gratified pride, and then growing
heavy as lead as she knew how impossible it was for her to pay the debt
as he desired.
"I can't, doctor; oh, I can't!" she
sobbed. "I never dreamed of this;
never supposed you could want me for
your wife. I'm only a little girl���only
sixteen last October���But I'm so sorry
for you, who have been so kind. If I
onlv could love you as you deserve I
I do love you, too; but not the way
you mean. I cannot be Maddy Holbrook; no, doctor, I cannot."
She was sobbing piteously, and in
his concern for her the doctor forgot
somewhat the stunning blow he had
"Don't, Maddy, darling!" he said,
drawing her trembling form closely
to him. "Don't be so distressed. 1
did not much think you'd tell me yes,
and I was a fool to ask you. I am too
old; but, Maddy, Guy is as old as 1
The doctor did not know why he
said this, unless in the first keenness
of his disappointment there was a
satisfaction in telling her that the objection to his age would apply also
to Guy. But it did not affect Maddy
one whit, or give her the slightest
inkling of his meaning. He saw it did
not, and the pain was less hard to
bear. Still, he would know certainly
if he had a rival, and so he said:
"Do you love someone else, Maddy? Is another preferred before me,
and hs that the reason why you cannot love me?"
"No," Maddy answered, through
her tears. "There is no one else.
Whom should I love, unless it were
you? I know nobody but Guy."
That name touched a sore, aching
chord in the doctor's heart, but he
gave no sign of the jealousy which
had troubled him, and for a moment
there was silence in the room; then,
as the doctor began faintly to realize
that Maddy had refused him, there
awoke within him a more intense desire to win her than he had ever felt
before. He would not give her up
without another effort, and laying her
unresisting head upon his bosom, he
pleaded again for her love, going over
all the past, and telling of the interest awakened when first she came to
him that April afternoon, almost two
years ago; then of the little sick girl
who had grown so into the heart never before affected in the least by
womankind, and lastly of the beautiful woman, as he called her, sitting
beside him now in all the freshness
of her young womanhood. And Maddy, as she listened, felt for him a
strange kind of pity, a wish to do his
bidding if she only could, and why
shouldn't she? Girls had married
those whom they did not love, and
been tolerably happy witli them, too.
Perhaps she could be so with the
doctor. There was everything about
him to respect, and much which she
could love. Should she try? There was
a great lump in Maddy's throat as
she tried to speak, but it cleared
away, and she said very sadly, but
very earnestly:
,"Dr. Holbrook, would you like me
to say yes with my lips, when all the
time there was something at my
heart tugging to answer no?"
This was not at all what Maddy
meant to say, but the words were
born of her extreme truthfulness, and
the doctor thus learned the nature ol
the struggle which he saw plainly was
going on.
"No, Maddy, I would not have you
say yeB unless your heart was in it,"
he answered, while he tried to smile
upon the tearful face looking up so
sorrowfully at him.
But the smile was a forlorn one,
and there came instead a tear as he
thought how dear was the fair creature who never would be his. Maddy
saw the tear, and as if she were a
child wiped it from his cheek; then,
in tones which never faltered, she
told him it might be in time she'd
learn to love him. She would try so
hard, she'd think of him always as
her promised husband, and by that
means should learn at last not to
shrink Irom taking him for such. It
might be ever so long, and perhaps
she should be twenty or more, but
some time in the future she should
feel differently. Was he satisfied, and
would he wait?
Hor little hand was resting on his
shoulder, but he did not mind its soft
pressure or know that it was there,
so strong was the temptation to accept that hall-made promise. But the
doctor was too noble, too unselfish to
bind Maddy to himself unless she
were wholly willing, and he said to
her that if she did not love him now
she probably never would. She could
not make a love. She need not try, as
it would only result in her own un-
happiness.    They  would  be    friend*
just as they always had been, and
none need know oi what had passed
between them, none but Guy. "I must
tell him," the doctor said, "because
lie knows that I was going to ask
Maddy could not explain why it
was that she felt glad the doctor
would toll Guy. She did not analyze
any of her feelings, or stop to ask
why she Bhould care to have Guy
Remington know the answer she had
given Dr. Holbrook. He was going to
him now, she was sure, for he arose to
leave her, saying he might not see
her again before she returned to New
York. She did not mention his bill.
That was among the bygones, a thing
never again to be talked about, and
offering him her hand, she looked for
an instant earnestly into his face,
then without a word, hurried irom
the room, while the doctor, with a
sad, heavy heart, went in quest of
'-'-Rafuafld iOU, _d__l. xoi^ |*!v?"_.!__d
Guy's" TaEe. wrrxaTiiTj- rooscrr-oungrrm*
lhan it had beiore since he left the
doctor with Maddy Clyde.
Yes, refused me, as I might have
known she would," was the doctor's
replv. spoken so naturally that Guy
looked up quickly to see if he really
did not care.
But the expression of the face belied the calmness of the voice; and,
touched with genuine pity, Guy asked
the cause of the refusal���"preference
for anyone else, or what?"
"No, there was one whom she preferred. She merely did not like me
well enough to be my wife, that was
all," the doctor said, and then he
tried to talk of something else; but it
would not do. The wound was yet too
fresh and sore to be covered up, and
in spite of himself the bearded chin
quivered and the manly voice shook
as he bade good-by to Guy, and then
went gallopine down the avenue.
Great was the consternation among
the doctor's patients when it was
known that their pet physician--the
one in whose skill they had so much
confidence���was going to Europe,
where in Paris he could perfect himself in his profession. Some cried, and
among them Agnes; some said he
knew enough already; some tried to
dissuade him from his purpose; some
wondered at the sudden start, while
only two knew exactly why be was
going���Guy and Maddy; the former
approving his decision and lending
his influence to make his tour abroad
as pleasant as possible; and the latter w��eping bitterly as she thought
how she bad sent him away, and that
if aught befell him on the sea or in
that distant land, she would be held
amenable. Once there came over her
the wild impulse to bid bim stay, to
say that she would be his wife; but,
ere the rash act was done, Guy came
down to the cottage, and Maddy's
resolution gave way at once.
It would be difficult to tell the ex- J
act nature of Maddy's liking for Guy '
at that time. Had lie offered himself
to her she would probably have refused him even more promptly than
she did the doctor; for, to all intents
an'* purposes, he was, in her estimation, the husband of Lucy Atherstone. As such, there was no harm in
making him her paragon of all male
excellence; and Guy would have felt
flattered could he have known how
much he was in that young girl's
thoughts. But now lor a few days he
had a rival, for Maddy's thoughts
were all given to the doctor, who came
down to see her once before starting
for Europe. She did not cry while he
was there, but her voice was strange
and hoarse as she gave him messages
for Lucy Atherstone; and all that
day her face was white and sad, as are
the faces of those who come back from
burying their dead.
Only once after the party did she
go up to Aikenside, and then, summoning all her fortitude, she gave
back to Guy the bracelets and the
necklace, telling him she ought* not
to wear them; that ornaments as rich
as these were not for her; that her
grandmother did not wish her to keep
them, and he must take them back.
Guy saw she waa in earnest, and
much against his will he received
again the ornaments he had so gladly
"They would do for Jessie when she
was older," Maddy said; but Guy
thought it very doubtful whether Jessie would ever have them. They were
something he had bought Ior Maddy,
something she had worn, and as such
they were too sacred to be given to
another. So he laid them away beside
the picture guarded so carefully from
Two weeks afterward Aikenside presented again a desolate, shut-up
appearance, for Agnes, Maddy and
Jessie had returned to New York; Agnes to continue the siege whicli, in
despair of winning the doctor, she had
commenced against a rich old bachelor, who had a house on Madison
Square; and Maddy to her books,
wliich erelong obliterated, in a
measure, tlie bitter memory oi all that
had transpired during her winter
(To be Continued.)
Hlm Answer to the Art Critics In Rura
At Cbalou-on-the-Saone stands tht
monument executed by Morceuu-Vau
thler and Berard to commemorate tbt
national defense���a superb culrasslei
vbo carries across his saddle tbe body
���if a color bearer who yet clasps In hi*
srms bis broken standard.
On the eve of tbe unveiling the municipal council, presided over by thc
mayor, repaired to tbe foot of the statue to examine ami see if it sbould be
"Are you not going to clean off this
green mold?" asked tbe mayor of the
"But, monsieur." replied the sculptor
"that is verdigris."
"Verdigris! Verdigris!" said tlie
mayor. "1 understand that very well
Parhleu! I know that tnls is verdigris
but tt Is dirty. If I bnd a kitchen
outfit of that color I would have II
scoured. That must be cleaned up
You'll bave to make tbut shine."
"But, monsieur" ���
At tbat moment, a member of the
council having struck tbe body of the
bronze horse wltb his cane, they all
crleC out, "This sounds hollow!"
"Your bronze Is hollow, monsieur,"
said the mayor.
The unhappy sculptor then took great
pnl.is to explain tbat all bronze statues were hollow. Tbe mayor maintained an air of defiant Incredulity and
as be passed around tbe monument
���aid, "It appears to me you have hardly detailed the balr in tbe tall."
This was too much for tbe sculptor.
���1 wished," he said, "to screw natural
balr Into bis tall like the bair used In
children's hobbyhorses. It would bave
taken six months to have done so,
and I reflected that it would have
cost you too much."
And tbe municipal council of Cbaloa
agreed witb tbe justness of this observation.���Paris CrL
and Colds
'for tbe worst cold,
thesharpest cough
���try it on a guar-
antee of your
money back if it
doesn't actually
CURE quicker
than anything you
ever tried. Safe to
take,���nothing in
it to hurt even a
baby. 34 years of
success commend
Shiloh's Cure���
25c., 60c, SI.    81*
A Bad Guess
A spiritualist medium came to a
house and claimed to be able to locate lost friends. The residents had
an old horse which they had sold
years beiore and the old lady wanted
to know where lie wns.   She began:
"We had a very good friend who
always did all our work. He passed
from us seVeral years ago and the
last we heard ol him was that he was
in Los Angelos." The medium made
j a few mysterious motions, knocked
on the table, and then said:
"Your friend is in Los Angelos and
is married to a rich young woman."
There is no medicine on the market
that can compare with Bickle's Anti-
Consumptive Syrup in expelling from
the system the irritating germs that
[colds engender in the air passages.
It is suicide to neglect your cold. Try
the cheap experiment of ridding yourself of it by using Bickle's Syrup,
which is a simple remedy, easily taken, and nnce used, it will always be
prized as a sovereign medicine.
"Your husband is still very fond of
horses," said the woman who disapproves of betting.
"Yes," answered young Mrs. Tor-
"Well, it's nothing to his credit."*
"I don't know about that. It shows
he has a very forgiving disposition."
���Washington Star.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget tn
Mrs. Wicks���Everywhere we go now
we have to walk, but when we were
engaged you always called a carriage.
Mr. Wicks���That's why we have to
walk now.���Pittsburg Leader.
Every   Form   of   the   Disease   Yields
To  This   Blood   Building
Tt is easy to make the statement
that a medicine will cure rheumatism, but the rheumatic sufferer must
have more than mere statements���he
must have both reasons and proof.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure all
forms of rheumatism. Here is the
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lere is further fresh proof. Mr.
Haoel Mnntigny, of St. Jerome, Que.,
���ays: "For many years I was a vic-
*.im of rheumatism and was almost a
cripple. My work made it necessary
'or me to be on my feet a good bit
if the day, but my limbs became so
swollen and tne pain so agonizinp
'hat I was forced to stop work. I
'.ried remedy after remedy but nothing gave me relief and I began to
think I would never get better. At
Inst I was persuaded to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. In less than a
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Pills are sold by medicine dealers or
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Dishes That Art Famous In the Sunny
Shrimp Fricassee.���Put a teaspoon
ful of lard in a saucepan. When It is
hot, stir in one spoonful of flour. Stir
over tbe fire until the flour is a rich
brown; then add one onion chopped
fine and wben tbat bas fried a little
(but before It browns) add two tablespoonfuls of tomatoes. Let It stew a
little with the saucepan covered ou a
slow fire; then when the tomatoes
have melted down add two cups of
hot water; season to taste with salt,
pepper nnd cayenne. Let It stand a
few minutes before dinner; then put In
the shrimps, one or two cans, according to the number of guests. The
shrimps will break if put in too early.
Rice is such a substantial and healthy
vegetable and yet when served just
plain boiled the men In tbe family generally say, "No, thank you." Some
time try the following for a change
and see what they will say.
Creole Rice.���Wash one-half cup of
rice and cook ln a double boiler until
tender. Lay two good sized pieces of
bacon into a hot frying pan and cook
to a crisp, hut do not burn. Add to
these drippings half an onion sliced
fine and brown; then add half a cup of
tomatoes and the rice. Season with
cayenne pepper and salt and stew together until it bas all blended.
A very popular dish of beef, known
ln the south as "grlades," Is an appetizing dish tbat ls easily prepared as
Grlades.���Take two pounds of beef
(tbe bottom round if possible), slice
thin, trim off all the fat and cut In
pieces about tbe size of the inside of
your hand. Put one spoonful of lard
in a saucepan. When the lard is hot
drop your meat, which must be flrst
properly washed, In tbe hot lard; add-
a little salt, black pepper nnd cayenne.
Cover the saucepan and let the meat
stew, or, rather, boll, for the juice of
the meat will boil out. Stir occasionally
and let all the juice of the meat boll
out When It begins to get dry stir It
till it browns. Wben it ls of a nice
brown color, sprinkle in the saucepan
about one teaspoonful of flour. When
that Is brown, move it off tbe hot fire
��o that it will not burn and add three
or four good sized onions sliced nnd
three or four large tablespoonfuls of
tomatoes. Let It all smother with the
cover on the saucepan, stirring once ln
awhile till the onions and tomatoes
are all melted to a rich gravy; then
add two teaspoonful!. of boiling watct
and season to taste and let It boll
about one hour more. A tiny bit ol
garlic adds flavor if you like it.
The Eagle on the Coins.
The new coius made from modelt
by Saint Gaudens are not the first on
which the American eagle ls shown
with plumage furled or at rest. Among
the "individual coins" which were issued In the days of the civil war, wben
there was a gold and silver famine, a
one cent piece Issued by a grocery concern ln this state bore on one side tbe
Inscription, "Good for ono cent���D. L.
Wing," and on tho reverse side had an
eagle much like tho Saint Gaudens bird.
Another "good for one cent" coin put
out by a Nov fork restaurant bad an
eagle at rest perched on a beer barrel.
-New ?���*���*_ TJIbuoe ���-****��� '
"Don't you ever feel a yearning for
/our affinity?" asked the romantic
"Well, I guess yes," answered the
practical married woman. "John's
jeen away on business a week, the
raok's quit, the baby's teething, the
coal's getting low and somebody's got
to shovel off the walk. You'd have
a right to yearn if you were in my
fix."���Philadelphia Ledger.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured In 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Bobby burst into the house in a
state of high excitement. His hands
and clothing were smeared with a
liberal amount of some sticky substance, and his face wore a glow of
triumphant satisfaction.
"I say, mamma, these new people
across the way don't know much," he
exclaimed. "They've got a sign on
the'r front door that says, 'Wet
"And you are covered with it. You
ought to be ashamed of yourself,"
said his mother severely. "That sign
was put up to warn people to keep
awnv from it."
"Yes, mamma," persisted Bobby
with the enthusiasm of a richly rewarded investigator, "but it wasn't
paint, and I knew it. It was varnish."
The mother's reply is not recorded.
--' DODD'S '
{'h PILLS .
Tragic Funeral Rites���Death Hunters
and tmprovisatorcs.
When a Corsican woman dies, sbe la
always burled in a new costume, which
sometimes with the poorer classes
takes up most of the family savings,
and as the heat of the climate renders
burial Imperative within twenty-four
hours the new gown ls generally commenced directly tho dying person's Illness assumes a serious form.
Corsicans reverence the dead, and a
feature In a funeral is tbe "improvisa-
tores," women whose business It is to
improvise prose-poetry to the mourners. Often this improvising is wonderfully beautiful and breathes the true
feeling of sorrow.
The "death hunters" attend funerals
and afterward wrestle with the mourners. If a relative of the deceased gets
tbe better in tbe combat it is assumed
that his affection for the departed relative was absolutely genuine.
Wben the corpse leaves the house,
the women gather at an upper window
and, tearing out handfuls of their hair,
throw It on the coffin. The rich hire
women mourners who scratch their
faces and are paid In proportion to the
injuries they inflict on themselves ln
their paroxysms of grief.
A Corsican widow wears a strip of
black material tied on her eyes for a
week, and during that period she Is
fed and led about by her friends. No
room ln ber house ls cleaned and no
fire lighted for tbe same period.
In tbe cemeteries are a succession of
little buildings with flat roofs and high
openings. These are the tombs, and Inside them are rich hangings, flowers,
poetry and lamps which the mourners
place tbere in remembrance of tbe departed.
Save time wben knife cleaning by
previously warming the knlfeboard before the fire.
Common snuff sprinkled In tbe chinks
round the fireplace will drive away
To cut cheese smoothly and without
breaking fold tissue or paraffin paper
over tbe knife blade.
When the white of a fresh egg is
beaten to a froth and added to the
cream It will whip much more quickly
and easily.
A little fresh grated cocoanut sprinkled over a Waldorf salad (of celery
and tart apple with mayonnaise) is a
pleasant addition.
Use fine wire for hnnglng up such
articles as rolling pins, chopping
knives, potato mashers and pastry
boards. The wire loop Is perfectly
A few drops of turpentine added to
cold water starch or boiled starch will
give an excellent gloss to the linen and
will prevent It from sticking to the
Tbe flavoring of shrimps ls much Improved If boiling water ls poured over
them a short time before they are
berved. It must be dralw-d j* -vay lm*
A Breakfast Table Problem.
If there Is one thing that has prevented a large number of our nou-
veaux riches becoming motorists It ls
the stumbling block tbat lies In the
correct pronunciation of tbe word
chauffeur. I always write "shuvver"
and try and pronounce It accordingly
with a 'humorous smile. This ls a
very good Way of getting.out; of the
difficulty and avoids all the various
'���"shofur," "shefoor" and "showfewer"
,and tbe hundred other wrong ways
possible. - -.0wen John In Autocar.   .   _
' Bfoixbial
' Catarrh
J. C. Hervus Pelletier, Dep't de I'Agriculture, Ottawa, Ont., writes:
"The Peruna is particularly efficacious in the cure of catarrhal affections of the lungs and bronchial tubes, and it is in consequence the
remedy most appreciated here in Ottawa. Six bottles cured me this
winter of bronchitis. I am completely restored and owe thanks to the
Peruna. I have recommended this remedy to a large number of my
friends afflicted with the same trouble, and they have verified my good
opinion   of   this   valuable   remedy."
Catarrh of the bronchial tubes often
very quickly becomes catarrh of the
lungs. Qatarrli of the lungs makes
the patient an easy victim to the
germs that cause tuberculosis. Sound
lungs protect themselves against disease germs.
Peruna has acquired a lasting reputation in relieving catarrh of the
throat, bronchial tubes and lungs.
This should prevent the tubercular
bac'lli from gaining any foothold in
the lungs, and saves the patient from
the inevitable result.
| Mr. Wickcliffe K. Smith, Editor ol
The Potlatch Herald, formerly principal of the Schools at Cameron, Idaho, writes:
| "For some time I suffered with catarrh of the throat and bronchial
tubeB. I tried many remedies, but
could find nothing that would give
me relief.
"Finally I tried Peruna. Three bottles cured uie, made me sound and
well. I believe it will do as much
for others as it did for me. I shall ba
glud to recommend it to those Buffering with catarrh."
PERUNA  ALMANAC    FOR     1908.
Where all else fails
Kendall's Spavin Cure
Bone Spavin, Ringbone, Splint, Blood and Bog Spavin, Thoroughpin,
Curb, Capped Hock, especially if of loug standing aud obstinate���will
not yield to ordinary liniments or blisters.
KENDALL'S SPAVIN CURE is an extraordinary remedy that gives
extraordinary results. It cures old, stubborn cases l._at im-Ty times
veterinaries have given up���takes away every sign of lameness���does not
soar or kill the hair���and leaves tbe horse sound and smooth.
Bbnito, Man, Sept. 'oS
*���I liav- user. Kendall's Spavin Cure for ao years***
and It never failed me once."      JOHN McKKNNA.
Write fa* noted book "Treatise On The Horse"���something worth knowing* on
every page. Sent free. Kendall's Spavin Cue ia sold by dealeis everywhere al
tl. a bottlt���6 for IS. S. 88
DR. B. J. KENDALL CO.,       ���      -       ENOSBURO FaLLS, VERMONT. U.S A.
For outdoor work,
for every day wear, j
fo r walking and
driving, Elmira Felt
Shoes are the warmest, easiest, lightest
and most comfortable of all footwear.
The trade mark, shown above,
is ou the sole of every genuine
Elmira Pelt Shoe and Slipper.
I_ook for it whenever you buy.
Their Luck
"Do you think there are any great
orators left?"
"Yes," answered Senator Sorghum.
"My obbservation is that great orators are nearly always left."���Washington Star.
A man and his wife were airing
their troubles on the sidewalk one
Saturday evening when a good Samaritan intervened.
"See here, my mini," he protested,
"this sort of thing won't do."
"What business is it of yours, I'd
like to know?" snarled the man, turning from his wife.
"It's only my business in so fur ns
I can be of help in settling this dispute," answered the Samaritan mildly-
"This   ain't   no   dispute,"   growled
the  man.
"No dispute! Hut my dear friend���"
"I tell you it ain't no dispute," insisted the  man.    "She,"  jerking his
thumb   toward   tho   woman���"thinks
slie ain't goin' to get my week's wages
an' I know darn well she ain't, Where
|is the dispute in that?"���Everybody's.
for Modern Homes
Far surpasses wood, piaster oi paper in beauty���
matchei perfectly aay arlKheme���any color scheme-���
makes lhe rooms REA .LY unitary���give! protection
agaimt fire���ihesa are some of the irnmni why YOUR
house*���why any modem bmldint* nny where should havo
PEDLAR  ftlftltttt
Cott   litlle���lait  Indefinitely.   Let in  send   you tha
w li* ���Ir* tale ia print and pictures.    The book is free. 309
The FEDLAR People S',,
Orrtiam Mnntrr*��l Ottawa Toronto _.,n'or, Wlnnlpr.
W.    N.    U.    No.   673.
I ^^���s-v-copv
An   Important   Message  That  Carries
The importance of a statement by
a gentleman in whom the people repeatedly express their confidence by
electing him to a position of honor
and trust, cannot be overlooked in a
question of life and death. Life and
health are unquestionably the most
vital subjects to every human being.
How to retain these concerns all.
Here is what Bryoe Allan, Esq., for
many years a prominent figure in
Hnldimand County and a member of
the County  Council,  says:
"Believe me, I am fully as gratified
to tell you of my recovery through
Psychine as you are to hear of it.
Last fall I became weak, run down
and nervous through overwork and
worry, was unfit for work, and had
no appetite, and felt as if I had lost
all interest in life. I contracted a
series of colds from changing wintei
weather, and gradually my lungs became affected. I tried remedy after
remedy, and a number of doctors pies
cribed for me. but got no relief. 1
began using Psychine. After twe
months' treatment 1 regained my
health and strength. I am sound as
a bell to-day, and give Psychine all
the credit."
Jarvis, Out.
Thousands of others hnve borne similar testimony to tne power of Psychine to not only cure coughs, colds
la grippe, catarrh, bronchitis, chills
night sweats, but also consiimptioi
and all wasting diseases. It strong
thens the stomach, aids digestion, anc'
builds up the entire system. It is r
never-failing remedy.
Psychine, pronounced Si-keen, if
���for sale at all drug stores at 5f)c and
$1.00 per bottle, or at. Dr. T. A. Slo
cum, Limited, 179 King Street west
Four of Them, All Young and Pretty
���Their Duties at Court.
Queen Alexandra's household consists of only fifteen ladies and six
men, in striking contrast with that of
the King, which includes more than
a hundred individuals.
Queen Victoria had eight maids ol
honor, of whom two were always in
waiting, but Queen Alexandra's
known desire for a less stately life
has prompted her to reduce the number to four.
Queen Alexandra delights to surround herself with quite young, bright
and clever people, and all four maids
are still in their early youth.
The tradition is that these young
women invariably marry well.
Their position at court brings them
into contact with highly eligible
partners, and an old custom dating
back for centuries prompts their royal
mistress to provide a dowry of ��1,000
on their wedding day. The marriage
of one of the maids of honor is a
great event in the London season.
When the Queen holds a drawing-
room for the presentation of debutantes and those who have entree at
court  her maids  walk  in  the  royal
The Agricultural College, Tokio, re
cently announced that it had discov
ed a method of making pulp fron
bamboo grass, sasa, for which thi
highest results are claimed. The bam
boo grass is very common in Japai
and has been put to little use. It ii
proposed to teach the method to tin
Japanese farmers, and ns it is hope-'
that pu'p .will he produced cheapl;
by it, both the farmer and the con
sunier should benefit. The matter i*
still under investigation and no de
tails are obtainable.���Scientific Amer*
Prof. Edmund Burae of the Colleg
oi the City of New York, received i
letter from a press clipping agency
The ietter informed the Professor tha
his pa'ronage was desired,, and tha
as a gample of the work he wouli
find enclosed a clipping from a speec.
by President Roosevelt, in which li
had quoted the Professor's words
Professor Burke read the clipping
nearly through before he realizec*
that the President was quoting fron
Edmund Burke's speech on "Concil
iation with the American Colonies,'
delivered about 100 years before Prof
Burke was born.
England the Haven of Political Refugees and Royal Fugitives.
England has always been the haven of political refugees and royal
pretenders and as a rule they have
shown their appreciation of the
country's hospitality by refraining
from criticizing their hosts or saying
anything that might jeopardize their
position as mere tolerated outsiders.
But the Duke of Orleans overstepped the bounds some years ago and
made a violent and uncalled for attack on the late Queen Victoria. In
the end, writes the London correspondent of Town and Country, he was
obliged to leave the country and did
nut return until he made a most abject apology.
This little incident haa not endeared him to the British people, who
look upon him as a person of no account. But since his return lie has
behaved very well and has lived the
life of an ordinary country gentleman,
amusing himself intermittently with
the issue of a pronunciamento to "his
people" or a little North Pole trip.
His father, when in exile in England, was more popular. So was Louis
1'hillipe after the coup d'etat. So was
procession  to  the  throne   room   and     Louis Napoleon, who lived in London
These two desirable qualifications
pleasant to the taste, and at the saim
time effectual, are to be found ii
Mother Grave's Worm Exterminator
Children like it.
Mrs. Ferguson���George, what d
you have to do when you want tt
draw some money out of a bunk?
Mr. Ferguson��� You have to pu
some money in the bank beforehand
That's always been my experience-
Chicago Tribune.
We offer One  Hundred  Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh  that cannot bo
cured  by  Hall's Catarrh  Cure.
P. J. OHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We   the undersigned, have known  F. J
Oheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him   perfectly   honorable   in   all   business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by his firm.
Warding,  Kinnan  A  Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O
Hall's Oatarrh Cure ls taken internally
acting directly   upoi  the blood   and   mn
cous sorfaoes of the system.   Testimonial,
���ent free.   Price 75 cents per bottle.    Soli
by all Drnggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
Mark Twain, at a publishers' din
ner in New York, talked of his reporting days in Virginia City, says ai
"We were trying a horse thief oik
day," he said, "when all of a sudden
the big, burly scoundrel pulled off his
boot and threw it at the Judge. I
was a heavy boot, too. It was studded
with hobnails.
"I am still rather proud of tlie way
I wrote up that little incident, doiiif.
it neatly, and at the same time get
ting back on a rival reporter whon
I disliked. I got it all in one para
graph���something  like  this:���
" 'Suddenly the blackguardly thiel
pulling off his boot, hurled it with all
his might straight at the Judge'.'
head. This desperate act might have
been attended with most disastroui
consequences, but, fortunately thf
missle only struck a reporter, so thai
no harm was done.' "
You have heard of biscuits���and
read of biscuits���and eaten biscuits���
but you don't know biscuits���until
you try Mooney'j Perfection Cream
Sodas. They are everything that
the ideal biscuits should be.
The air-tight, moisture-proof
package bringi them to you fresh,
crisp, inviting.
Practicall** every grocer in Canada
mi MOONEY'S. Yours will get
tbem if you ask.   In I & 3 lb. pkgs.
stand  immediately  around   Her  Majesty during the whole ceremony.
This applies also to the state concerts, which are most formal and elaborate functions, beginning at ten
o'clock at night ��nd lasting two hours.
They must also be in readiness at any
time to play duets with the Queen,
a dreadful ordeal to even great artists,
as she is a brilliant player.
Then there are charity visits,
schools to be inspected, and a multitude of royal duties. In all of which
the Queen is accompanied by her
ladies. At all these functions the
Queen's maids are almost painfully
alert to anticipate the slightest wish
of their mistress. At the concerts
thev do not stand, "but sit immediately behind the Queen and royal princesses.
At state balls they occupy the same
position. They relieve Her Majesty of
her bouquet or her fan if necessary,
and adjust her great ermine cloak or
sable wraps when draughty corridors
are traversed or on the staircases.
They are in attendance at all state
and public ceremonies, and when driving, as to the opening of a charity
bazaar, to the railway station and
other places), one of the girls has a
seat in a carriage immediately preceding that of the Queen.
The duties of these four young ladies in waiting begin immediately
after Her Majesty's breakfast. One or
more of them assist Miss Knollys in
answering the mass of correspondence,
which requires the ability of a linguist. Then they must be in readiness to sing or to play if required, or
ti take expeditions on horseback, an
exercise of whicli Her Majesty is
fond, and they must necessarily have
a good seat and be adept whips.
Thev must be skilled in some of
Her Majesty's special fads, such as
wood-carving, fine art needlework,
spinning and poker work. They must
b3 tactful at all t*'mes. amiable, and,
in fact, almost absolute paragons.
Their meals are taken with the
lords and ladies of the household, unless they are requested to join the
royal family at luncheon or dinner.
Nine o'clock is the hour for dinner,
nnd one oi the maids of honor just
before it must place on the table
at the right hand of the Queen a huge
bouquet. After dinner the maids join
the royal circle. They enter into the
amusements and may be asked to
show their accomplishments.
At other courts, it is said, the regime is still the reverse of pleasant.
In Austria an imperial or royal visit
to the opera, theatre or some such
function is regarded as a particular
penance and a severe trial of the
patience and endurance of the ladies
in waiting. They are compelled to
stand through the long performance
and to bear all the discomfort with
a smiling countenance, as do the
acrobats and dancers who appear on
the  Btage.
The late Empress of Austria had a
decided fondness for Wagner, and it
can be well imagined what was in
store when either "Seigfried" or "Tristan" was sung. In Spain, too, the
etiquette of the courts is very severe.
"Swapped" Their Wives.
A remarkable instance of two men
changing wives was disclosed at the
Coventry (Eng.) Police Court recently.
A married woman, named Annie
Saunders, charged with stealing a leg
of mutton, pleaded that she did so to
get food for her boy, as the man she
lived with had been out of work.
The man, who admitted having exchanged wives, explained that his
wife obtained �� separation order from
him and the custody of the children,
and went to lite with another man.
He allowed them to have all the furniture. He then started another home,
and took the wife of the other man
and her child. They lived happily,
but he was out of work for twenty-
two weeks. He pleaded with tears in
his eyes for leniency for the woman.
The Magistrate-- It is a disgraceful state of things."
Witness���"Well, we cannot help
When the woman, wbo was dejected
whilst in the dock, was liberated the
man caressed her and put his arm
through hers to lead her out of the
court. Both were poorly, though neatly, dressed.
She Played Detective.
Late one night at 0 house in a midland town a lady's maid, after retiring to her bedroom, was trying on a
new pair of corsets. "Not such a
bad little figure, after all," she soliloquized aloud, with a pretty conceit,
as she saw her reflection in the glass.
That same night the house was entered
by burglars, who got away with a
quantity of jewelry. Some weeks afterward the lady's maid was in the
midst of a crowd when the remembrance of that night was brought
vividly to her mind by her overhearing a man say jestingly to his companion, "Not such a bad little
figure, after all." Quickly grasping
the situation, the maid followed the
men and informed a policeman, and
so was the means of the couple being
in many social phases, once as a
waiter and again as a highly appreciated member ol the best society of
the West end.
He never forgot the kindnesses that
weie extended to him during his stay
here, and when he became Emperor
of the French his first wish was to
come over with the Empress Eugcinie
and look up his old friends; which
lie found it difficult to do in tbe manner he liked, lor when he came here
to Windsor he was fairly tied up with
court etiquette, from which it was impossible to escape.
I have recently seen a letter from
Louis Napoleon to an old London
friend from Windsor, in which he
said: "I would much sooner rundown
tj you and have an evening at -���-'a
where we could smoke and chat and
talk over the times when you and I
were sworn in as special policemen."
Napoleon III. came into his empire. I doubt if the Duke of Orleans
will ever do so. One cannot always
I used to know Peter Karageorge-
vitch in the days when he was a simple, unassuming exile in Switzerland.
He would talk occasionally ol. Ser-
via as a place where he might with
God's will have ruled, but he never
expressed the slightest idea that he
had an opportunity of ousting the
Obrenovitch dynasty.
Suddenly Alexander was murdered
and Peter went in triumph in a special train direct from Geneva to
Belgrade and there he is now, a real
king, covered with medals, recognized by the Powers and ��� wondering
how long it will be before he exchanges liis uniform fur a frock coat
and the Konak, for his old villa at
Truly, the life of a pretender is not
an enviable one. I huve often seen
and pitied Don Carlos, the Spanish
pretender, who lives ill Venice and
may be seen there any day in the
week, either dashing up and down
the Grand Canal in a motor launch
from which flies the Spanish royal
flag, or walking up and down the
Piazzetta when the band plays of an
He is invariably accompanied by a
magnificent boar hound and very often by his wife. He maintains a
strict little court in his modest house
on the canal and there is something
about him that arrests attention, for
he seems to carry kingship with him
at every step���a tall, handsome, dignified man, serious, stern and direct,
with kindly eye and strong chin, a
man whom novelists would describe
as "every inch a king."
Tells the Readers oi This Paper How
To Prepare the Mixture at Home
And  Other Advice
Now is the time when the doctor
gets busy, and the patent medicine
manu'acturers reap tlie harvest, unless great care is taken to dress
warmly and keep the feet dry. This
is the advice of an old eminent authority, who says that Rheumatism
and Ki'dnev trouble weather is here,
and also tells us what to do in case
of an attack.
Get from any good prescription
pharmacy one-half ounce Fluid Extract Dandelion, one ounce Compound
Kargon, three ounces Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla. Mix it by shaking
in a bottle and take a teaspoonful
after meals and at bedtime.
Just try this simple home-made
mixture at the first sign of Rheumatism, or if your back aches or you
feel that the kidneys are not acting
just right. This is said to bo a splendid kidney regulator, and almost certain remedy for all forms of Rheumatism, which is caused by uric acid in
the blood which the kidneys fail to
filter out. Anyone can easily prepare
this at home and at small cost.
Druggists in this town and vicinity,
when shown the prescription, stated
that thev can either supply these ingredients, or, if our readers prefer,
they will compound the mixture for
The prisoner acknowledged having
stolen the precious stone.
"What did you do with it?" demanded the police officer.
"Swallowed it," returned the ac
cused defiantly.
The officer did not look surprised.
"I've often heard of a diamond in
the rough;" he commented.���Philadelphia Ledger.
They Cleanse the System Thoroughly���Parmelee's Vegetable Pil's clear
the stomach and bowels of bilious
matter, cause the excretory vessels to
throw off impurities from the blood
into the bowels and expel the deleterious mass from the body, lhey
do this without pain or inconvenience
to the patient, who speedily realizes
their good offices as soon ns they begin to take effect. They have strong
recommendations from all kinds of
Caller���What's the matter, old
man?   Has anything happened?
Host (groaning)���Oh, nothing���only when I was called upon at the
club ior my maiden speech last night
I began, "As I was sitting on my
thought a seat struck me," and spoiled  everything.���Lippincott's.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Clarice���I think Mr. Gunson is
dreadfully stingy.
Clarence-Stingy? Why that man
wouldn't even tell a story at his own
expense!���Harper's   Weekly.
(% saw*4
1*   r.OONlV IliJCUIT ��� C'NOV   Ci*
.Tmwnm*   c��N*o*
Declares Case Against the Lords ���>
Frivolous One.
Lord Lansdowne, speaking at Shel-
field recently, referred to the threats
to end or mend the House of Lords,
and said that what made it worse for
him was that he supposed he was
the leading villain of the Parliamentary piece.
/ They were told that the Lords might
repent, but he confessed that he was
\ unrepentant. They might search his
luggage in vain tor anything approaching a white sheet. The case against
the Lords was a frivolous one, bolstered up by frivolous arguments, and
the frivolity of the indictment was
ouly equalled by the absurdity of the
remedy proposed.
The majority of the House of Commons, particularly when the Parliament was not young, was not always
a:i infallible guide to the deliberate
judgment of the country.
Lord Lansdowne agreed that there
was room for some improvement in
the House of Lords, and suggested
changes in the distribution of business between the two Houses.
He thought that the work of the
House should be done���(as it was to
a great extent now)���by a carefully
selected body of peers���men representing tlieir various kinds of experience
���assisted in their deliberations by
peers chosen by a less haphazard
fashion than was sometimes the case
in these days. Thus fortified and reorganized, lie thought the House
would continue to possess the confidence which the country extended to
it at present, and come to be regarded
us an invaluable bulwark against rash,
lii���ardous, and  subversive  proposals.
Mourning Vagaries.
"Mourni'.ig is not what it used to
be," said an undertaker. "In fact, I
expect to see it go out altogether in
lhe next century or so. Perhaps it is
just as well. No young widow, I've
beard say, can wear mourning without looking like au adventuress. But
in the seventeenth century widows
not only wore mourning, but their
lied curtains were black, and the
���sheets ..nd pillowcases had a black
edging, like stationery. Even their
lingerie had a mourning band. In
Italy the nobles of the renaissance
carried tlieir mourning as lar as their
imives and forks, which had ebony
nstead of ivory handles. Gray cloth
.uperseded black for mourning in the
tiehteentb century.
The general increase in the price of
wood for the past few years has had
the effect of turning public attention
to the timber supply in general. To
many, the increase in prices is sufficiently explained by saying that
there is a combine among lumber
producers and manufacturers. But,
independent of the possible existence
of any combine, a deeper cause underlies the increase in prices, and the
cause is this, that timber is becoming
harder and harder for the manufacturer to get. Greater and greater
economy and use of materials formerly considered as waste is being introduced into the manufacture of wood,
but in spite of it all the price of logs
is going up, owing to higher wages
that have to be paid, greater distances
the logs have to be brought and many
other reasons.
Not in America alone is tlie scarcity of timber being felt; it has become a world-wide question. Only
seven countries in the world are now
in a position to export timber. In
Europe there are five, namely: Austro-
Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Finland
and Russia; in America there are two.
namely: Canada and the United
States. But Russia, Austro-Hungary
ind the United States are increasing
their population and developing their
industries so fast that they cannot
long continue to be exporting countries. The timber of Norway is threatened with excessive cutting. Germany,
where the practice of forestry has
been brought to the greatest perfection, has never been able to supply
home demands, and is a heavy importer.
Canada, Sv_eden and Finland are
left, and their supply is hopelessly deficient for the world. If Canada were
to attempt to supply the United States
ilone. its entire timber area would
be cut off and denuded in tlie course
of a very few years���probably less
than a decade.
Various estimates of Canada's forest land have been given. Eight hundred million acres was a few years
ago accepted as pretty near the truth;
but considerng the damage caused by
fire and other destructive agencies,
it is doubtful if the ex'sting forests
tiover half that area. To keep this
area in its most productive state, thus
enabling it to meet the demand as
far as possible and to produce the
largest revenue, is the problem set
those in control of these areas, and
the protection of the forests against
fire and other dangers and their proper management under forestry methods is the only way in which this
can be effected.
No sane mother would wish herself
treated under the conditions of medicine or surgery of half a century ago.
Why then should she give her little
one the old-fashioned medicines of
half a century ago, which more likely
than not contain poisonous opiates
that cannot cure the child, but merely drugs it" into temporary insensibility. Baby's Own Tablets is a
modern medicine prepared with all
the care and skill of modern medical
science. And the mother who gives
this medicine to her child has the
guarantee of a Government analyst
that it does not contain one particle
of opiate or poisonous soothing stun.
This medicine cures all the minor ailments of little ones, and makes baby
a healthy, laughing, happy child.
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
"Mother, mother, mother, turn the
hose on me!" sang little Willie, as his
mama was dressing him this morning.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"You've put my Btockin's on wrong
side out," said he.
We fear Willie will grow up to be
a newspaper humorist.��� Cleveland
The Same Character as Japan Tea. but
Infinitely More Delicious
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,���I have used your MINARD'S
LINIMENT for the past 25 years and
whilst I have occasionally used other
liniments, I can safely say that I have
never used any equal to yours.
If rubbed between the hands and
inhaled frequently, it will never fail
to cure cold in the head in twenty-
four hours.
It is also the Best for bruises,
sprains, etc. \ours truly,
Dartmouth. J.  G.   LESLIE.
Zam-Buk  Arrests  Blood  Poison
Neglect a cut or scratch and it may
turn to blood poisoning. Mr. Joseph
l.iilibertie, of 34 Artillerie Street,
Quebec, says: "I cut one of my fingers on a rusty piece of tin and hud no
idea it would become so serious, but
in two days blood poison had set in
and my fingers became terribly discolored, and my hand and arm swollen. I was alarmed and began using
one ointment after another but none
relieved me. I was about to consult
a doctor when a friend advised me to
try Zam-Buk. This I did. Zam-Buk
began by drawing out the inflammation and in one week the wound was
nicely healed. I feel so grateful for my
speedy cure that I unhesitatingly
give my testimonial to the merits of
Zam-Buk cures Cuts, Burns, Chapped Hands, dialings, Cold Sores, Itch,
Chilblains, Eczema, Running Sores,
Sore Throat, Bad Chest, Ringworm,
Piles (blind or bleeding), Bad Leg, Inflamed Patches, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Abscesses and all diseased, injured and irritated conditions
of the skin. Of all druggists and
stores, 50c, or postpaid upon receipt
of price, from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
"Any bottles?   Any rags?"
"Queer  combination  you   deal   in,
my friend."
"Not so queer. People as has bottles generally has rags."���Home He
Just the Thing That's Wanted.���A
pill that acts upon the stomach and
yet is so compounded that certain ingredients of it preserve their power
to act upon the intestinal canals, so
as to clear them of excreta, the retention of which cannot but be hurtful, was long looked for by the medical profession. It was found in
Parmelee's Vegetabe Pil's, which are
the result of much expert study, and
are scientifically prepared as a laxative and an alternative in one.
why \King of the Road
Not Wear
Overalls  that
Have a Reputation ?
brand will give you more genuine wear
satisfaction than any other make.
For your own  protection when
buying be sure
The Lion is on the
The trade supplied by R. J. Whitla & Co., Ltd., Winnipeg
of Distress
Backache and headache���'
swollen hands and feet���
constant desire to urinate������
shooting pains through hips
���painful joints���Rheumatism���all of these are
nature's calls for help. They
mean kidney trouble. It
may be that the kidneys are
weak, strained or diseased.1
Don't delay. ,
They give strength to weak kidney*
*���herj tho affected parte���nefltraliza*
uric acid���soothe the irritated bladder
��� and curo every trace of kidney
trouble. GinPillsaresoldonapositiva
guarantee to completely cure or money
refunded. 50c. A box���6 for f2.50.
Sent on receipt of price if your dealer
doee not handle them. tOO
At a term of the circuit court in
Ohio not so long ago a "horse case"
was on trial and a well known horseman wns called as a witness.
"Well, sir, you saw this hors**?"
asked counsel for the defendant.
"Yes, sir, I���"
"What did you do?"
"I just opened his mouth to find out
out how old he was, an' I says to him,
I says, 'Old sport, I guess you're
pretty good yet'."
At this juncture counsel 101 the opposing side entered a violent objection. "Stop!" he cried. "You;* honor
I object to any conversation carried
on between the witness and the horse
when the plaintiff was not present!"
���Harper's  Weekly.
It Reaches the Spot.���There are few
remedies before the public today as
efficacious in removing pain and in
allaying and preventing pulmonary
disorders as Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil, It hns demonstrated its powers
in thousands of instances and a large
number of testimonials as to its great
value as a medicine could be got were
there occasion for it. It is for sale
The Major's Pun
An officer who entered the service
as a private rose to be major. During his sojourn abroad he had the misfortune to be captured and to be punished by the bastinado. At his return
home a lady asked him whether the
story was really true.
"It is, indeed, madam," he replied.
"And was it really very painful,
major?" she asked.
"It was, madam: upon my sole it
Mr. Stubb (with illustrated weekly)
���Martha, here is a picture entitled
'Docking   an   Ocean   Greyhound."
Mrs. Stubb (flaring up)���I just don't
want to see it. I think there ought
to be a law against clipping off a poor
dog's tail.���Chicago News.
Liniment    Cures     Diph-
Two locomotive engines could pass
each other in any one of the four funnels of the Mauretania.
Literary  Note.
"I don't see your name ln the magazines any more."
"No; I had to make a living, so I'm
selling the magazines on com mission."
-Atlanta Constitution.
The Final Test.
Grayce���It doesu't muke any difference what Mr. Steil wears, be always
looks well groomed and gentlemanly,
doesu't be?
Mayme���Isn't It so? Why, that man
would look swell ln ear muffs.���Cleveland Leader.
Old Hairbrushes.
Old hairbrushes which have become
soft mny be made quite firm aud still
again liy dipping tht* bristles luto
strong ulum water. Dissolve the alum
In hot water, but do not use It till It is
No Joking  Matter.
"I noiice, Mr. Scribbler, thnt yoi
never write any JoUes about youi
wife's lints."
"My dear sir, 1 am the one who has
to pay for my wife's hats.''���Chicago
With 0 scowling brow the irate vaudeville agent awaited the next applicant, who was not long in coming. A
long, lanky individual, with more hair
than was absolutely necessary and a
countenance that was not a bit cheerful, came to his desk, and in funereal
tones said, "Good day, sir."
"Well, what do you want?" was the
unpromising reply.
"I need a job now about as much
as anything else," answered the lean
"Ever hod any experience?"
"Oh, indeed, I have been with���"
."Chop it short. I-know you have
been with all the big stars from Hamlet to omelet," interposed the agent
shortly. "That doesn't cut any freeze
with me.   What's your line?"
"1���I���I'm a���a���a comedian," was
the faint reply.
"Well, then, make me laugh," demanded the agent with a snarl.���Lippincott's.
Remarkable for
flavor.   The big black
plug chewing tobacco.
He���Young girls always want to
marry for love, but when they grow
older they want to marry a man with
She���You're wrong. They don't grow
older; they merely grow wiser.
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses, blood spavin,
ourbs, splints, ringbone, sweeney, stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, coughs,
eto. Save $50 by use of one bottle, warranted the most wonderful Blemish Cure
aver known.
A newly married couple was taking in the Jamestown Exposition.
"There's our biggest man-of-war,
dear," said l*he husband, pointing
to one of the vessels in the harbor.
Just then a littl tug was seen puffing around the big ship.
"And is the little one a tug-of-war,
Tom?" asked the wife.���Success.
When, a'l other corn preparations
fail, try Holloway's Corn Cure. No
pain whatever, and no inconvenience
in using it.
Lack Right Qualities.
Mrs. IIIx���Mrs. June strikes me as
being eutirely too masculine for a woman. Mrs. Dix^Ycs, Indeed. Wby.
every time she has an ache or pain
she makes as much fuss about It as a
man would.
"1 tell yon, they are retrenching."
"But they still huve their auto."
"Which   they   run   well   within   the
.peed limit   Bnb!"���Louisville Courler-
Minard's Liniment cures Distemper.
The aeronaut was sitting looking
anxiously over the edge of his ear. The
ocean was below him, and the breeze
seemed seaward.
"Heavens!" he groaned. "This voy
age will ruin my already depletes}
treasury. Tbe more I blow out the
more I'll have to blow In."
Here his assistant fell overboard
thus saving a valuable sand bag.���Chi
cago News.
Jefferson Davis and a Joke He Did
Not Appreciate.
When Jefferson Davis was secretary
Df war be ordered all his generals to
learn to ride horseback. No finer horse
fnan than Jefferson Davis ever lived.
He won the love and band of Zach
Taylor's daughter by his distinguished
presence tn tbe saddle, as well as by
bis intrepidity at the cannon's mouth.
When secretary of war he noticed that
only a few officers ln the service were
capable horsemen an4 issued an order
something like this:
"A liberal reward will be paid to any
officer or private in the army who will
offer a satisfactory device for keeping
our soldiers from falling out of their
saddles. Communications to the secretary of war will be regarded as confidential."
Captain George Horatio Derby, one
of tbe leading army engineers of bis
day, used to write humorous and witty
stories over the pen name of John
Phoenix. He received a copy of Secretary Davis' order while improving
the harbor of San Diego, CaL, and Immediately forwarded the most Intricate and accurate designs of his plan
for keeping officers and men fa the
.addle. To tbe seat o. each officer's
"pants" he attached a bull ring, and
another bull ring waa attached to the
saddle. The two bull rings were to be
lashed together when the officer mounted his steed. "If taat doesn't bold,
nothing will," wrote Phoenix to the
secretary. Davis waa furious when he
got this proposition and Immediately
ordered that Captain Derby should be
court martialed for "official levity.**
The secretary felt that tbe army bad
been disgraced and wanted Derby severely punished. One of his Intimates
hastened to him. "Jeff," he whispered,
���'If you order a court martial for this
little pleasantry of John Phoenix, one
of the salt of the earth and Immensely
popular in the army, you will be made
a laughingstock. The people will ridicule you out of office. Just laugh it
off." Davis took his adv.ee.
Something New.
"I bear, Mrs. Blowhard, that your
daughter ls quite on accomplished vlo
"Oh, yes, indeed she ls!" returned
Mrs. Blowhard, rolling up her eyes
ecstatically. "She plays divinely on
the violin and accompanies herself on
the nlano."���Lippincott's.
By Right of Birth.
Hunter���Are you  an American cltl-
ien, Pat?   Pat���Faith, an' I am that:
( was born ln Donegal, but 'twas on
ihe Fourth Iv July.
The Surprise They Gave a Roomful of
In tbe early part of the nineteenth
century Vauxhall was the resort of
ma*oy respectable persons, especially
of those who came up from the country to see London sights. During one
senson it was Infested by a band of
rcuRhs, who made It tbelr occupation to
Insult and molest the most quiet, decent people, especially any whom they
guessed to be country visitors. Tbey
became such a nuisance that Beveral
men about town, among whom were
I_ord Alvanley and Keppel Craven,
laid a plot to get rid of them.
Tbey hired Mendoza, the famous
prize fighter, and dressed him up as a
dean, with a shovel hat and apron.
Another prize fighter, a short man.
was dressed as a middle aged lady
and passed as tbe dean's wife, and ono
evening they were seated at Vauxhall
In a consplciioiu position to watch the
fireworks. It was not long before th*
old fashioned, countrified pair attracted the attention of tbe gang, who assailed tbem with erery kind of coarse)
raillery and Insult, all of whicli they
bore very meekly.
At length one of the *r*ersecntora,
growing bolder by Impunity, stepped
op to the dean and squirted an orange
Into bis eye. On this tbe dean, rising,
said In a meek, quiet tone, "Really,
gentlemen, I have borne a great deal,
but I must put a stop to this." With
that his bat went one way and his
coat another, and, followed by his
"wife," be sprang Into the middle of
tbe party, hitting out in all directions-
Filled wltb astonishment and terror,
some Bed and some tried to st*ow
Aght, but the handling they got fiom
tbe prize fighters was too severe foi
the fracas to last long.
All the time Lord Alvanley and bis
friends, who were ln the bores, were
calling out ln dellgbt: "Go It Mr.
Deanl Give It 'em, Mrs. Dean!** Aa
effectual stop was thus pnt to the an-
Boyanroe*���London Spectator.
When a man wears long chin whiskers  it may  be because  bis  wife In
. fists upon buying his neckties.���Phil-
[ idelpIiK Record.       ...
Army Desertions.
Published records of desertions from
the United States army In the last year
would seem to show that the cavalry
arm Is responsible for most of them.
Tbe coast artillery corps and the Infantry are next In order, with the field
artillery showing a smaller proportion.
The engiueer corps reports a few Isolated cases of "French leave," and the
signal corps ls happily free from the
evil. Of course the men hi t.iie two
last named branches of the service are
not so numerous as in the three principal arms, but proportionately they
stand as above. Tbe number of desertions from the four negro regiments
in tbe army Is less than that from
White regiments.
������     FAILS
It is because your food does
not digest properly. Your
stomach, liver and bowels need
strengthening. Don't neglect
the  danger-signal
i     <
y    take MOTHER     ��
Price 60 oU,
p-sr bottU
W,   N.    U.   No.    673. c. *6*2*-_>iCOpW
I Bank of Montreal,
_     , . *************** At
\*%** ****_****-"-***** �����*��******** -$.
^nds of
REST. 911,000,000   ���
President���Lokd Steatiicomji aud Mocsrr Royal. ���
Vice-President���Hon. Gf.oeob A. Dkujihond. ���
Genera) Manager���E. 8. Clocsto**. J
Branches in All The Principal Citie-* In Canada ���
LONDON, ENO.,         NEW YORK,         CHICAQO,         SPOKANE. ���
A General Banking Business Tran3aoted. ���
_________-~^_<���_^ ���
Is getting worn.   Why not  replace  it
with a NEW ART SQUARE when
house-cleaning.     I have some
beauties. Also a new line of
Rug.| and Mats.
Have you seen the latest curtains in
Art Muslin?*- Just new this year.
Come and see them. Other house furnishings, such as window blinds, table
covers, tapestry curtains, etc., kept in
Long- Hungry Harch   gj
Are so very Hard on the Complexion
If you would avoid
iii Chapped Heinds and Sore Lips fl
- NEW DENVER BRANCH, - fl. 8. FISHER, Manager.
Slocan flDlnina Review.
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
And keep the skin solt and smooth
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facin_r the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and anglinj. may be indulged in all thc year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.    Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
MRS. WILLIAMS,   Benzoin Cream
Regularly made and sold at
Bubicription ��3.00 per annum, strictly   NeW   DCnVeT,   D.C.
in advance.   No pay, no paper. ___________________
Advbhtisixu Kates:
1-fotices to Delinquent Owners - .12.00
"     lor Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchaie ol Land   -    7.50
"      " License to Cut Timlior 6 00
All locals will he charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.    No room (or Quacks.
Address ail Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Virginoa mineral claim, siluate in the
Arrow Lakes Mining Division ol Wett
Kootenay District. Where located :
On Kooakanox creek about 8 miles
from its mouth.
Take notice that I, Samuel Walker,
ol Burton City, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B.95285, Intend ��ixty days from
the dato hereof, to apply to tlie Mining
Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvements for the purpqeo of obtaining a
Crown Gant of the above claim.
And further take'lnotlce   that action
under section 87, must he  commenced
.before the issuance Of such Certificate
of Improvcmrnti.
Dated this 25th day of Nov. A.D. 1907
Slocan Land District���District ol
Take notice thnt Sidney Yates Brockman, of Ncwj Denver,  accountant,  intends to apply for  permission  to purchase the   following     described   land.
Commencing at a post planted lat  the
N.E. corner ol lot 8101,   thence east 80
chains;'thence eouth 49 c'la in    f;     t
west80 chains; thence north 40 chains
to point of commencement and contain-
���> e 820 acre, more or  i.
t��}t.3_t.i 1907
Bosun Hall Stores
S)7 piece porcelains blue tint dinner
S'l, valued tit $10.00 to be given nway
FREE to the highest cash purchaser of
goods in onr stores for the month of
May. ior April, a Cambridge fountain
pen, guaranteed for live years, Valued
at.'���..25. Every inonth during 1908 we
are going to give a Big Prize lo lliejar-
gest purchaser for spot cash. You can
compare our pti es with other firms
and yon will see exactly what you can
s.ive and slill have a (ha* ce of procuring for yourself a handsome present
each montli. This is a big inducement
for cash purchasers, Ke��p all your
receipted hills for eacli month nnd
present tliem lo us on the 1st lo lhe 8th
of Ilie following month so ihat we can
check over all puicha*ers, The liighe.-t
account, with name of purchaser will
be published each montli in this paper.
Spring and summer stock of b*>ots
and shoes arriving daily. The biggest
consignment, of footwear ever brought
inlo the Slocan country and bought
direct from the manufactory. All the
very latest cuts and up-lo-dale swell
shapes. * All sizes to lit all linns.
We have a Scotch grain tan lilucher
Mountain and fishing shoe whicli we
have had made strictly for our own
trade. Sewed throughout, I" nil
heights. Prices ranging Irom **(i.50 to
i.10.00. Our veloir calf gent's shoe,
solid eak sole, at fo.OO per pair. Can-
not be surpassed in any country. In
ladies shoes we have just opened up a
boautiiul rango in tans and vica kid
oxford tie?, also our True-Fit ladies ,
shoes, at .8.2-5 is a line sample of footwear. Children's lace and button shoe?.
Also a fine lino of 2 buckle sandals for
misses and children. Come and look
over.mr slock. Am only too pleased
to show you the goods, whether you
buy or nut. Mail orders (shipped sam��
dav as received. Everybody tieattd
with kindness and respect.
  '"     ������Si
New Denverr
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
hoine-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game aud
Fish in season,
Hermann Clever
Empress Fractional  mineral claim, s'H
uate in the Siocan  Cily  Mining Division   of    West   Kootenay    District.
Where located :   Oil the south side of
Ten mile creek and adjoins the Enterprise and Mabotl mineral claims.
Take notice Ihat I, Robert Ira Kirkwood,   Free   Miner's    Certificate   No.
B95.785, intend 00 days from tho  date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvement",   for
tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of lhe above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under S* ction 37, mutt be commenced
before tho issuanceof such Certilicate
of Improvements.
JDat'ed this 27th day of Jan., A.D. 1008
professional Garos.
Shelf    and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
*���***+..���*.<_,**����� Q.-fA4. **<.******+***.*****+
9        a&ttm*y *
"General Merchant   -
New Denver
Is offering goo.l values In Ainu's underwear, in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other will-known In*.-ids, also shirts of
various kinds, lonn* Bpeci.ilitieH for minors and men in lagging* camps, gloves, 'nitts, socks in large variety, collars, t'e
i       sweaters, overalls, blankets and comforters.
J Call ind inspect our stuck ; it will be uppieclated,
*">V ******************** I*** ******r*********ti******
New Denver Lodge No. 22
k.. of :f-v=
MeetB in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
Jeweller and
Watchmaker I
Selling Off
Owing to ill health I am  obliged to
close my businers." After the 16th
All Goods Sold at a Reduction
A share of vour patronage is   solicited.
Mrs*   Mathcsop,
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.      Special  attention to mail orders.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
For those  who  could   not get
away during the busy holiday
season, we  reccomend
This far-famed sanitarium with
its sulphur springs and accomodation ia.JUST TIIE PLACEJto
build up and get a fresh start.
This company  operates  through
standard sleeping  cars, dining
cars,'and Firs.;Class_Tourist
For rates, Reservations'or any
informatlon_.desired,_ call on, ,or
E. J. Cotli, A.G.P.A.
Johh Moi, D.P,A., Nelson.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered  to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
fact ure Boaps, polithes, flavoring extracts, per-
(un.ee, toilet articles, medicines, baking powders, salves, liniments, Block and poultry remedies, household specialties and novelties in
yo j r own home at small cost. Mixers Guide ts
a paper devoted to thc businees, three months
.trial subscription fer 10c; sample free
MIXERS GUIDE. Fort Madison, Iowa.
Ladies' Dress 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 60e
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
First-class Rooms; First-class Meals ; First-class Bar i Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorito summer resort absolutely uunrantced. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
Put up In Pint Bottles for Family nud Hotel Trade,
We guarantee its Streugtli and Purity.
MADB   s*Y   TUB
I New York Brewery ll
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant   in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Notice is hereby given that the copartner-hip heretofore subsisting bc-
1 ween the undersigned as Lumber Manufacturer! under the firm name of The
New Denver Lumber Co., at New Denver, B.C., has been thi* day dissolved
hy mutual consent. The business will
hereafter be carried on by Lewis Scaia.
All outstanding accounts due the old
fti un are to be paid to thc said Lewis
f-.ca.la, and all debts of old firm will be
paid by him. A. Owrns,
W. J. CoitlSY,
New Denver, B.C., Lewis Scaia.
March 3, 11)08.
Era Fractional and  Hillside   mineral
c'aiins, Bitiialein the Slocnn  Miuing
jlJivision of W*st Kootenay District.
Where located:    South-oust  of _San-
Take notice that I, Herbert T, Twigg,
e> agent for lhe Byron N. While..Company, (foreign), Free Miner's Certificate No. B05642, intend, sixty days
fiom the dale hereof j to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Ceitilicates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of each of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section !I7, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of Fob. A.D. 1908
NOTICE is hereby given that after
the expiration of 30 days from date, I
intend to apply to the Superintendent
of Police, Victoria, for a  retail liquor
license at McGuigan, B.C., to be known
as the McGuigan House.
,.     . ���_ HENRY TYO.
March 24, 1908.
" (2) The Superintendent of Provincial
Foliee may at any time cuncel any
license granted or renewed by him,
upon proof satisfactory to him that
the licensee is not keeping his premises in accordance with the provisions
ot this Act, or is keeping his premises in a disorderly manner, and for
the additional reason, in the case of
a wholesale licensee, that he is not
Dona nde carrying on a wholesale
Zbc Slocan Dotel
Gbree forhe,
3. Ce
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
I,ead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar -and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
:: try
il Tlie Crown Tailoring
ji   Co., Toronto, Ont.
��� i  For Spring and Summer Stills
J !      But Samples Ever  Shown
' j in   B.C.
J '
['      See  thnn nt  the  Lucerne
��� > Shaving Parlor,
j;          J._E. ANGRIGNON,
j' Agent
��4���f4 ********** * *********
To N. W. Fcgsler and B. V. Risdon,
or to nny other person lo whom they,
or either oi tliem, mny have transferred tlieir interoit, or any pnrt thereof, in the "TiniiBvanl" mineral claim,
iitua'ed on Ten-mile crtok, In the Slocan City mining division of the West
Kootenay district of tho province of
British Columbia, nnd recorded in tlie
Mining recorders ollice at Bloean,   B.C
Yon, and each of you nre hereby notified tnat I have expeniit'd the sum of
two hundred and live dollars (.205.00)
in payment in lieu of work and recording (ens upon the nliove named minera
claim in order to hold the same under
the provisions of se* tion 21 of the mineral act; and that if within SO days fiom
(he di*t*a of thia notice, you f��il or refuse
to contribute your proportion ol the
aforesaid expenditure, fur tho two
yeais ciulin. tlio let of August, 1907,
togetl.er witli al coats of advert! in_
your interest in iho said claim will become vested in Ihe undersigned, under
section 4 ol the tumoral act, .Amendment act, 1900.
Dated at  Slocan,  B.C, this  80th day
ol January, A D., 1918.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the   Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here.      / Two shifts always.
The lei Denver Oilier Co.
New Denver Bakery.
is  Delicious and  Nourishing.
Box 44.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Sblplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
��� Mill on Slocan Lake
^ Hotel
Slocan City,  - B.C.
Headquarters and home
of the old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, aud every one who
���wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
/. J5. (Briffitb
L, 8CAIA, Proprietor
PI Box 20.
Funanli etriiduc'ei* on Chert
notion nt any point la the die.
trlct.    Bholla .ltvay��� ln atock.
HfeflDcXean, i;!*���
Slocan Lan    Dislrict��� District of
\YeHt_Kouto! ay.
Tnko noiice that I, Marion  Midlines,
Aii|!us Mclnnes, agent, ot New Denver,
spinster, intend to apply ior permission
to purchase   the   following   described
land:    Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west corner  of   lot 2,503
G.I., Kootenay district, thonce west 20
chain", tlience south  20 chaim,  tlience
east 20 cliains,  thence north 20  chains
to tl o jilacs of commencement containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated November-SUrd; 1907.
A. Mclnnes, Agent.
Slocan Land Dislrict���District of
Weat Kootenay.
Tako notice that Hoy Illack, ot New
Denver, minor, intends to apply for per-
mieaion to purchase the following described Und. Commencing at a p ist
planted on tho shoie of Slocan lake one
mile.north of Xe.w Denver at lho west
boundary of tho Mirlly Hughes group of
uiineial claims; thonce northerly 20
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence east along the
shore of Slocnn lake to point of commencement and containing40 acres more
or less.
December 16, li)07
Sr. ^e'eOiicAe*
^-iuch to iyi inch, also >_^iuch
Galvanized Pipe.
}��,  %x  and    }a Brass Fipe and
Fittings for Launches.
Rubber Packing Always Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks, Lead traps, etc., etc.
Denver Waterworks
Company, Ltd.
Hotel Rosebery
Well ttirniahed rooms.
Fint-clais   Cuisine.
Shall I send iny next washing?
There    is    only   one    first c!aas
Laundry in the Kootenay, and that
Kootenay Steam Laundry
of Nelson, B.C.
Get price   list (rom  J,  E,   Angrignon
Local Agent,
Riverside, Autumn, Alameda, Treasure
and l.ailey   Fraction mineral  claims,
situate  in   the  Slocan   City  mining
division  of We-t  Kootenav' District.
Where located!     On the divide  be
tween Ten-mile and Springer creeks,
ne.-.r the head of Springer creeks.
Take notice tluitl,  Robert Ira Kirk-
w.*od, Free Miners Certificate No. uos,-
735, intend (10 days fiom the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates   of Improvement, for the
purpose of obtaining   Crown  Grant of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under seel ion 87, mint bo commenced
before the issuance of euch Cmtilicato
ol Improvements,
Dated this Ist dny of Feb.,A.D. 1908
Svroet Graas, Wilmer, Ivitn, ami Wil*
" mer Fractional mineral claims, situate in the Slocnn Mining division <.f
Weat Kootenay District. Where located: On Goat Mountain north of
Denver Sidnif*.
Take notice that I, Frank ('. Green,
acting a. agent for Georgo Boulter
Free Miners Certilicate No. B124S(*53 intend 60 days from tho dato hereof to
apply to tbe mining recorder for certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
And further tnko notice that nclion
under section !)7, must be commenced
hofore the issuance of Biich Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of Jan. A.D. 1908
Ap. 1(1 Nelson, B.O,
Ohio Mineral claim,    situate   in   tbe
Slocan  Citv    mining   division    of
West  Kootonay    district.     Where
locnted:   On the Booth  side of Ton
Mile oreek nhovo   tho    Enterprise
Mine, and adjoins the Mubou   Mineral claim.
Take notice that I,   Robert Ira Kirkwood,  Free    Miner's    Certificate    No.
B05,7.'r>,    for   myself   and    agent   for
Frank A. Wells,  Free Miners  Certificate No. 5004, in tend CO days from  the
date hereof, lo apply to the Mining Recorder foaa Certilicate of Improvements
'or the purpose of obtaining a   Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further tnke notice that action,
Under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvement**'.
Diitod this 27th day of Jan., A.D.   1908
Mabou mineral claim, situate In tlie
Bloean City inning divig/on of West
Kootenay district, Wi,_i*e located :
On I ho Bouth sideql Ton. Mile creek
above llie Enterprise mine about 50
feet from the westerly ��� nd line of the
Enterp'isi mineral cf-niin,.
Take notice thai I, Robert Ira Kirk-
wnod,    Froe    Miner'.    Certificate   No.
B95,785 fir iiiy_c f,
can A. Grant, Free
Nn.   H48fi(),   inl md
date hSfeirf, '.) app';
cornier  for a   (.'art
iih-ni*', for the pur]
Crown ' (rant of the
And furl ber liiko
under section 87,  imist be commenced
before the   issuance oi such  Certilicate
of Improvements
Dated this li.lli dnv of  Jan , A.D.  1908
andagorit for Dun-
Miner's Certificate
��� '���*'  diys  from  the
"to the Mining Re-
irate   of Improve*
use ol  obtaining!**
above claim,
notice tbat action
Triune   nn.l   Great   Westorn   Mineral
Claims,   filuiite   in   tlio   Slocan   City
mining  Division of  West   Kootenay
District,        Where     1-ic.itcd:      On
Springer Creek about half mile above
tho Arlington Sawmill at the second
crossing of Springer Creek.
Take noiice that I, Robert Ira Kirkwood,  Free    Miner's    Certificate   No.
B95785, intend,  60 days  from the  date
hereof, lo apply tn the"Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements,  for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And fiyther take noiico that action,
under   Section 37,  must lis commenced
before the irisuanceof such Certilicate of
Dated ibis 1st -lay of Feb., A.D. 1908
Slocan Land District���Distriot of
West Kootenay,
Tnke notice thnt .Imnes McVicar 'of
Slocnn Cily, miner, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the lollowfna
detcribed Und*: Commencing at a
po��t planted*400 feet from N.E. corner
of lot 809, H, D. Curtis owner, claiming
9 cliains east, tbence 80 cluins south
tlience 4 chains west, Ihence 80 chains
north lo point of coiiiniencment.
James McVicar, agent,
John Wafer, locator.'
December 7, 1907, '


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