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Slocan Mining Review 1908-08-20

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��� ���*. . :v.
T Devotod   to   Advertising   the
i Mineral  Resources and Large
I Fruit   growing   .\re:i   in   the
fertile Slocau Valley.
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 52   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, August 30, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
Hrst-class Rooms; First-class MealB ; First-class Bnr; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Pacing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to mako your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
aeeeeeteaaeeaeeeeeteoeeoeemaoeoeoeeaeaeaaaee �������*������*
J. \ameS laaeaaf ��� \*aeS s*��\�� JL-^ ��__T_L
Box 44��
J. A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A ���.**
TLocal ant) (general.
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern arid picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facinf. tho
glorious Slocr.n Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in ail the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may ba witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
��� **************** <,<*********************************$
j Hotel Grand, Nakusp \
Proprietor:  H. J. LaBRASH
White help employed only.       A Home from Home.       Fully equipped
for High-Class Trade.      Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants o: Our Patrons.
Choicest Liquors, Wines,   and  Cigars.
General Merchant   - - New Denver
JUST ARRIVED.   A large shipment of Groceries, oranges, 31
lemons,   bananas, nivl  candies of   various and   tasty  kinds. *
Rliio: up our siore.   Telephone. Installed.    Can also give a
A      immediate delivery. *
% Call and soo oar Assortment of Moil's Summer Underwear i
T       Socks, Gloves, Overalls, Collars, Ties, Hats, etc. T
\tf t, ******* **** ************ ************************ -O
A a******** **������**���*��� ***** **f- *_��� -I* 4** _>*_"> * -*.***.****^**+*!**^***>*>*:-.4.*;**f**l..*I+.*i4,i
4.3, ************************ ****************t******.** A*
I Hair Brushes, Combs, Tooth Brashes..
li Everything for the Up-to-Date Toilet .Table. ||
***** * ���*��� .*��� * .- * * *-. * * ���**��� * ********
Thirteen acres nl fruit, land, the properly ol T. Avison, of New Denver, and
situated near the Molly Hughes, has
Ibis weelt been sold to A. It. Martin, of
Medicine Hut, the price paid hiing $600
spot cash. Mr. Martin in greatly sntis-
licil with his deal, and will have the
land cleared as early ns possible. It is
confidently expected that another deal
will be made within the cour.-o of lhe
next tew wicks.
M, Znltoni, who has a lease on the
Reco mine, is making good, lie has
now twenty men working there and ton
more are to bo Started, A car of oro is
being shipped weekly.
The new Sidewalks aro now* neariug
completion and the town presents a
much improved appearance.
The meeting in connection with the
skating link lias lieen postponed to
Tuesday, August Mill.
R. S. Wright, of Nelson, was in town
this week on business.
The schools will re-open on Monday
next, August 24lh.
Rev. XV. A. Gifford will preach next
Sunday morning at Nakusp and iii the
evening at Arrow Park.
2-10 acres of fruit land situated in lhe
Slocan, near New Denver, havo been
fold this week lo various parliss; and
there are more to folbw.
Herb. Thomlinson has now* some fine
apples and plums i oady for shipment,
and has this week Bhipped some of the
fuiit lo Vancouver and Medicine Hat.
From our Correspondent.
A quiet wedding took place on Wednesday evening laat at the Leland hotel,
Miss .lennie White was united in the
bonds of wedlock to Mr. Harry Hurker.
The ceremony was performed by the
Kev. M. D.uihy, alter which a dainty
little repast was seived by Mre. McKit-
The school (in.tecs have secured thc
sorvics of Miss Madeline Porlor lor the
Ollstllliff lei'lll, ."\lisi Poller conies vciy
highly roe mi mended.
Misi Maud Ogilvie and Muster Bur-
dell Ogilvie, son and daughter of Mr.
Win. Ogilvie, from Taconiu, Wash., ure
guests ut tho Leland.
Miss flpurllng, ot Revelstoke, spent a
few dnys in town, the guest of Mrs. L,
V. Edwards.
S. J. Harlow and Julius Dougnll attended a meeting of the New Denver
Lodge K. of P. on Monday evening last.
For the Canadian National Exhibition
to he In id at Toronto, August 2l)ih to
September 14th, the Canadian Pacific
Railway will have in effect special round
trip rales. For full information as to
rates, dales of sale, limits, etc., apply
to the nearest C. P. R. ticket agent.
M. Zaltntii, Sandon, came through on
Wednt'S 'ay on his return from Nelson,
where lie lnis been on bitsinots.
The following are shipments from the
Slocan mines for the week ending
August 15th, 1008i���
Whitewater (milled)     280
Richmond      -IK
Standard, Silverton      48
Hewitt, "        10
Iiumbl r-Ctll'iboo, Sandon  ���     lfl
Slocnn S ar      21
The editor of this pup.l', J. .T. Atherton has been engaged during the past few
XV. J. Dinimick, of Medicine Hat, and ' weeks in the production ol a  newspap-
liis brother, J, F. Dinimick, ol Ohimok,  er at Creston, and thu first issue of tlie
Montana, have been looking over Slocau
fruit lands during Ibis week and are
amongst those wbo have bought land
near New Denver.
Slocan City Notes.
Tlie dance given at Slocan on Friday
last hy the Rebecka Lodge I.O.O.F., in
aid of the Fernie Fire Sufferers, was a
great success. A large number of visitors from New* Denver and Silverton
were present.
The new Westmount waggon road at
Ten-mile was started this week. Messrs.
Long, Gillette and George, who have
the contract, expect lo get tlie road finished in twenty days.
The C.P.R. tug, 'Saudon" was towed
lo Rosebery for repairs on Sunday,
Mr. Decs, of Supt. Gosu' office, Nelson, was through the Slocun Tuesday,
leaving fur Nakusp Wednesday morning,
-*-    'Ik
Creston Review liai just been received
at this ofiiee. Judged from lhe standpoint ot local eilterpiise and support
which is manifest by the number of
ads. displayed therein, Creston can
easily give the go-by to a great many
towns we might mention in 11. C. It
is a tour-page paper all home print and
1,000 copies of the first issue have been
circulate.1. This number, it tsconfldent-
ly expected, will be increased very soon,
Apropos of this subject we might
mention that it is the intention of the
editor lo continue the publication of the
Slocan Mining Review, provided always
that ho receives the support of the public in the matter of generous advertising and a substantial  subscription list.
R. I. Kirkwood, of Slocan, was in
lown on Thursday.
New Denver haa now a lawn tenuis
An accident occurred at the Eureka
mine, Sandon, on Tuesday, in wliich
two men were injured. John Bakke,
foreman at the mine and Ed. McPhilips
were encaged in tarring the ti am cable
situated about three towers above Sun-
don, when the bucket in which both
men were at the time, overbalanced,
throwing (he occupants to tlio ground
a distance of thirty feet, Bakke being
tbo most unfortunate of the two, sustaining a broken collar-bone and injuries
lo both ligj, while Philips escaped with
nothing more serious than a seven*
shaking and bruises in several parts of
his body.
Fortunately at the spot where the accident happened there was a thick
growth of brush and both men falling
inlo this oscipod more serious injury.
Tliey were at once conveyed to the
Sandon ho-pitul and are both now* reported to bj res'.ing cotnfol tahly.
The following are tho aBsesments recorded for August up to the present date i
Red Cross hy J. C. Ryan; Quartz
Slide, A. O. Ostby; Trail, J. C. Butler;
Triumph, George A. Peity; Meynott
Fraction, George A. Petty; Avn, T.
Avison; Alwood, A. Thompson; Del-
fust, \V, Eccles; New Phoenix, W.
Eccles; Maggie, J. G. Duck; Eclipse,
J. N. Cory; Mons, George Smith; Al-
tus, G. C. Taylor; Moonlight, A, Nelson.
We think we owe our readers an explanation this week to account for the
shortcomings of tills issue.
Doing lured by the reports of the success of various fishing parlies and the
persuasions of a couple of enthusiasts,
who were lnnd in their praises of a certain place as one where big catches weie
to be mnde, we forsook tlie editorial
chair and wended our way on Monday
laH���after providing ourselves with the
necessary tackle and outfit for cam ping���
ih quest of the two-pounders which we
weie assured would be ours,
It is only our modesty und a reputation for always speaking the truth which
prevents us from stating the number of
our catch. Suffice it lo say that owing
lo one of tlie party being moved to compassion at our disconsolate appearance,
we were able to inarch home in triumph
on Wednesday evening to receive the
congratulations of thc family and their
praises oi our prowess with the rod and
The "devil." who we left in charge,
with stiict injunctions to keep his oars
open for news bas fulled in his mission
.vnd is nursing sundry aches and pains,
since Tuesday, the resull of an over indulgence iu ice-cream and an excess of
O-hi-sevpest Boot
. Cur Speciality ,
Il       Come and Look Round
****** ***** *****************************************
We have them in large and small
blocks,   in  every portion  of the  district,
at all prices*    Write me for particulars*
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
Tlie following shows what Sandon
can do when it wants. A subscription
wns started to aid the Fernie sufferers
and if.-ilO.OO is   tlie result:
Cily of Sandon .100.00
S. J. Towgood 10.00
Geo. Bruder 10.00
Robt. Cunning 10.00
Robt. McTairgnrt 5 00
James Thompson 5.00
\V. T. McClurg S.00
Gus Swan son 2.oo
S. Petersky 2.00
P. H. Balmond  B.00
Mrs.  Bennett 5.00
A. Shillund 11.00
VV. ,1.   McDonald 5.00
A. McMillan li 00
V. P. McDonald 2.00
Harold Graham 2.00
,T. ,T. Fingland 2.50
Black & Cameron 10.00
T. L. McAllister 5.00
S. Thornburg 2.00
C. A. Blgney 1.00
A. If. Sanderson 2,00
D. Anderson 2.5|)
W. E. Gomm 5.00
VV. F. Dawson 2.00
,T.   McKenzie 1.00
O. V. White 10 00
Thos. F. Fox 5.00
John Thomey 2.00
Frank Ross 2.00
John Unstick 8.00
Oswald Lager .1.00
Sam Darby 8.00
M. Zattonl 5 00
Peter 1,-oro 2.50
D. Moar 3 50
Jos. Cervo 1.00
G.Busato 1.00
G. Reis 100
Martin Oevo 1.00
A. Mogenlale 1.00
G. Sartori 1.00
P.  Cims 2 50
F. Antomater 2.50
E. A. Towgood 2.00
Geo. McCready 8.00
Peter Moar  2.00
Frank Sbafter 1 00
XV. Irwin 1.00
A. W. Davis 10.00
J. Bakke 5.00
A. Ilolinipiist 2.50
T. Russell 1.00
Ron. Stonier 5.00
0. A. Norman 2.00
E. McPhilips 3.00
M. Tiuleoni 1.00
N.Tattrie 2.00
O. Swanson 2 00
E. Hendickson 2.00
F. Hendrickson 2.00
John Peterson 2.00
M. Hiidema 2.00
G. D. Kennedy 2.00
Gergore Smith 2.50
Jim Stanton 1.00
J. V. McDonald 1.00
T. Kelly 1.00
Spokane Interstate Fair.
A horse race between pacers without
a driver is one of the novel features
planned for the race meet at the Spokane Fair next fall. Manager Robt.
II. Cosgrove is in receipt of applications
from three owners of pacers, risking
him to put up a purse .for a guideless
horse race.
It has been decided lo put on this
interesting race if the owners will accept the conditions. Manager Cosgrove
has written each owner to see if tliey
are willing to enter and liai received a
favorable reply from F. C. Erwin, of
Hillsborough. Oregon, who owns ono of
the horses.
The race will be a harness event;-the
horses stinting as usual with the exception of rnuning thc course without guidance. If tlio other two owners agree,
lliis race will lie made one of tr.e big
features of lhe six davs' race meet.
, Brydges Blakenre & Cameron
The outcry against compulsory vaccination of school children lias induced
the Piovincial Hoard of Health to issue
Instructions to boards of school trustees
that the statutory enactment need not
be enforced in the case of parents who
have ConscientoUS objections to tlieir
offspring being treated with vaccine.
It does not follow that the board of
health is abandoning the attempt to en-
fo.ee vaccination apon onr children,
even th mgh n loop hole is allowed for
escape by objecting on scruples of conscience.
It is not clear if the teacher is given
carle blanche, or if a higher authority
Will discriminate between genuine objections of conscience anl a direct attempt to evade the ac1*, As a matter of
fact tint scheme was tried in England,
the only difference being that all objectors mado their nppc.il in a court of law
under oath. Nine-tenths of civizlied
mankind abhors Ihe sickening* fad of
puncturing healthy children with calf
lymph, and all that is apparently
necessary to evade it is to write a statement to the teacher to tho effect that
you believe Ihat the remedy is as harmful as the disease.
JULY, 1908.
To Tine Si:i*iiK*i*.\iiv,
Bo.lltl) 111* ScitOOli TBUSTleBB,
Sill, M.UIAM,
I beg lo inform you that notification
lias heen received from the Provincial
Board of Health that owing to the prevalence of s in n 11 pox iu many parts of
thc Province, seolion 15 of the Regulations of that Board adopted the 5th of
February, 1000, is lobe enforced. Section 15 of lbe Regulations reads as follows :���
"111. Il is now deemed necessary, and
is hereby ordered, Unit teachers in Public Schools and High Schools or colleges
shall require a certificate of successful
vaccination from each child attending
at such school or college, or a certificate
that such child is at present lime iusu-
ccptible to Vaccination. The certificates
shall be presented on demand to tho
toucher or other proper authority."
You are hereby requested to givo
notice of this regulation to lhe t* acherB
in lhe employ of your Board and to instruct tbem to demand certificates ns
culled for from every child presenting
himself nt school.
Exceptions to tbis rule may ho mado
In fuvor of the child or children of parents who object from conscientious motives to having tlieir children vaccinated.
In all cuses where such valid objection
i_ offered as n reason for the non-compliance with Section 15 the child must
present to the teacher a written statement from his parents giving clearly
the reason for non-compliance.
All communications and Inquiries regarding tlie compulsory vaccination of
children should be addressed to tlie Secretary of thc Provincial Board of Health,
I have the honor lo be,
Sir, Madam, '
Your obiedient servant,
Huniiy Esso.s- Young,
Minister oi Education.
Thn Ice-Cream Social and Dance held
on Tuesday was a grand success, and as
a result a sum of $120 will ho handed
over to the Fernie relief fund. From
an early hour in the afternoon until late
in the evening the ladies were busy
serving ice-cream and other edibles.
During the evening tbo proceedings
were enlivened wilh vocal nnd instrumental music contributed liy the following:���Pianoforte Solo, Mrs. T. T. Rankine; Song, "Tit Willow," Mr. J. C.
Harris; Song, "Seven oud," Mr. J. C.
Bolander; Song, "If the Man in the
Moon were a Coon," Mr. T.T. Rankine;
Song, S. Thomas; Song, S. Ktep; Song,
"Party in Oddfellows' Hall," Mr. II.
Stevenson. All the items were well
The dance in lhe evening was also
well attended,
The proceeds nf the above, along with
tlie following letter have been forwarded
lo Mayor Tultle: -
To His Worship, Mayor Tutllo,
Pernio, H.C,
Dear Sir,
We, the citizens of New Denver, B.C.,
wish to offer you and your fellow townspeople our sincere sympathy during
this terrlblo catastrophe which has be-
fnllen your town, and would ask you to
accept the ei,closed money order for one
hundred and twenty-six dollars ($120)
to assist in a small way tlio relief of tho
sufferers of the lire.
This   wus  collected   by   means   nf a
social aud private subscriptions.
Fernie Relief Committee���
A. Thompson, Chairman.
J. B. Smith, Treasurer.
HmiiiKUT Ctna, Secretary.
Slocan Lnnd Dislrict���District of West
Take notice that Christiana 0. Brouse
of Now Denver, married woman, intends
to apply for permission to purchase t.ho
following described lands : Commencing
at a post planted on Ihe south east corner of lot 8202, thence west 80 chains
along the west line of lot 826*., tbence
20 chains south, thenoe 80 chains east,
Ihence 20 clmins north to the place of
A. L. McCnlloch, Agent
August llth, 1008. 015 THt   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER.   B.
Author of   "The  Return  of   Sherlock
Copyright, 1803. by Harper & Brotliera
1 from
Can you
said be.
in*  uatimu  sprung up  ami  looked
eagerly out between the burs.
"I do uot know the plnce,"
Shaking his head.  "It may he any one
of thirty castles  which  lie  upon  the
soutli side of Paris and within six or
seven leagues of it."
He wus dropping buck to the floor
and put his weight upon the bar. To
his amazement it came  away  iu bis
"Look, Amos; look!" he cried.
"Ah,  you've found  It out!   Well, 1
did   that  during  the   night,    I   eould
make no way with my knife, hut when
I got the bur out of the grate I man*
ngcil  faster.    I'll  put  this  one  bnck
now, or some of those folk down below
may notice thnt we have got It loose."
"Are they all loose?"
"Only the oue nt present, but we'll
get the other two out during tlio night.
You-can take Unit bar ont nnd work
with It while I use my own picker nt
the other.   You see, the Btone Is soft,
nnd by grinding It you soon make a
groove along which you can slip the
bnr.   It will be mighty queer If we
eun't clear a road for ourselves before
"Well, but oven If we could get out
into the courtyard where could we
turn to then?"
"One thing at a time, friend. Anyway, there Is more air ln tbe yard
tban In here, and when the window ls
clear wo shall soon plan out tho rest."
The two comrades did not dare to
do any work during the day for fear
sirainca ms ears.
"By   thunder'.''   said   be.
some oue working on tho other side!
They   both   stood   listening.
were the thud of lnunuiers, the rasping
of a saw uud tbe clutter of wood from
the other side of the wall.
���'What cau they be doing
see tliem?"
"Tbey are too nenr the wall."
"I think I can manage," said De Cati
nut.    "1 am slighter  than you.'
pushed his head and neck and hnlf of
one shoulder through the gap between
the bars, and there he remained until
his friend (bought (hut perhaps he had
stuck and pulled his leg. to extricate
him.   He writhed back, however, without any difficulty.
"They  are  building  sometbiug,"  he
"Yes.   There nre four of them, witb
a lantern,"
"Whnt can they be building, then?"
"It's a shed, I think.   I cuu see four
sockets  in  tlie  ground,  und  they  nro
llxing four uprights Into them."
"Well, we can't get away as long ns
there are four men just under our window."
"But we may as well finish our work
for all that."
The gentle scrapings of his Iron were
drowned nnild tlie noise which swelled
ever  louder  from  without,    The  bar
loosened at the end, nnd he drew it ln.
The steady hammering und sawing
went forward.    II wus curly morning,
nnd the first cold liglii wus beginning
to stenl over the courtyard before (he
work was nt lust finished and the workmen hnd left.   Then nt lust the prisoners dared to climb up and to sec what
It was which had been constructed dur-
thoni a catch of
Ing the night. It gnve
the breath as they looked at it. It
was a scaffold. It was buttressed up
against tbelr wnll, nml in the center
stooa u headsman's block.
"I think It Is time thnt we left," said
Amos Green. "The window Is clenr.
Let us mnke a rush for it."
"It is useless. I can see a line of
nrmed men nlong the further side of
tlie yard. And here come more. See,
at the center gnte!"
As be spoke the door whicli faced
them opened, und a singular procession
filed out.    First cnme two dozen footmen,  walking  in  pairs,  nil  carrying
halberds and dud in tho same maroon
liveries.    After  them  a  huge
with his tunic off and
the  sleeves of his course shirt rolled
er his elbows, strode along with
ids left shoulder.   Be-
tho Marquis de Cbarmarante, Bontems
and Mile. Nanon.
The torches shed a strong yellow
light upon this small baud as they advanced slowly through the corridors
and salons whicli led to the chapel. A
minute later they were before the altar, and the words were being read
which should bind them forever together. As they turned awny again,
her new ring blazing upon her finger,
tbere was a buzz of congratulation
around her. The king only said nothing, but be looked at her, aud she had
no wish that be should suy more. She
wns still calm nnd pule, but the blood
throbbed in her temples.
But a sudden shadow had fallen
across her, and a low voice was in
her ear. "Remember your promise to
tlie church," It whispered. She started nnd turned to see tlie pnle, eager
fnce of tho Jesuit beside her.
"Your hnnd hns turned cold, Franeolse," said Louis. "Let us go, dearest. Wo have been too long In tills
dismal church."
Mme. de Montespnn had retired to
rest, ensy in her mind, nfter receiving
the message from her brother. She
knew Louis ns few others knew hiin.
nnd she wus well aware of that obstinacy in trifles which was one of his
characteristics. If ho had said thnt
he would be married by the archbishop, then tlie archbishop It must be.
Tonight nt least there should he uo
She dressed herself wilh cure In the
morning. No news hnd come to hor of
the great event of the previous night,
although tlio court already mug with
it, for her haughtiness nnd her hitter
tongue bud left her without n friend
or Intimate. Sho rose, therefore, In the
best of spirits..
(To  be  Continued.)
Cloudy or milky urine.
Frequi/iit desire to urinate. .
Scanty  and high-colored  urine.
Brick dust deposits in the urine.
Pains in tlie back over tlie kidneys.
Feelings  ol  weariness  and despondency.
Shortness of breath and general
Thousands of people to-day have
diseased kidneys und clo not know il.
Are you one? If so, it is absolutely
necessary thut you should clo something to prevent the development rf
such serious discuses as Bright's
Disease. Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Bills ure the best on the market for
the prevention of serious diseases.
Thousands recommend them.
Mrs. Joseph Gray, Kartell, King's
Co., N. B., writes: "For four or live
years my husband nnd I have used
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills for
kidney troubles nnd biliousness and
find them Indispensable as a family
medicine. We could not do without
Biliousness, liver complaint, constipation,   indigestion,   kidney  disease
nnd baokaohe readily yield to the *n-
lliience ot this great fninily medicine.
Dr. Chnse's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill   a   dose,  '_!>   cents   n   box,   at   nil
dealers or Edmonson, Dates & Co.,
Toronto. Write for Dr. Chnse's 1908
Calendar Almanac.
Hi_gt>  Deposits of  Saline  Rock In th*
Avawatz Mountains.r
I    Slowly, bet surely, inch by Inch, In
tbe face of drought and Intense heat         ^^^
uian Is solving the inyBterles of Death It was built in 1761 at a cost of $30,-
valley, aud oue by one Its hitherto un* 000 on the occasion of the marriage of
Sacked treasure vaults are being thrown    George III. aud bas ever since carried
the Knglish kings and queens on all
Old   Fashiorfed  and   Elaborate  Vehicle
Used In England.
England's state carriage is one of the
most costly and splendid in the world
iocked treasure va
open to add to the wealth of the world.
Scotland's  Finest  Song  Bird.
The finest songster among our Scottish   warblers   is   undoubtedly
blackcap,   I am afraid 1
scribe Jts song.
cannot data be heard
Once heard,
bearded mnn,
lie sprang down at him in an Instim.
with his bar.
tbey should be surprised by tho jailer
or observed from without. The instant
that night fell they were both up upon
the pegs, grinding nwny ut the hard
stone and tugging nt the bars. It was
a rainy night, nnd there was a sharp
thunderstorm, but they could see very
well, while the shadow of the arched
window prevented tlieir being seen.
Before midnight tliey hud loosened one
bar, nnd the other wns just beginning
to give when some slight noise made
them turn their hends, nnd there wus
Iheir Jailer standing, open mouthed, In
the middle of tho cell, staring up at
It wns De Cntinnt who observed him
first, nnd he sprung down nt him In
nn Instant with liis bur, but at his
movement tlie man rushed for the door
and drew it nfter him just as the
American's tool whizzed past his ear
nnd down tho passage.
"it is scarce worth whilo to go on,"
said De Cutinnt.
"We mny as well be doing that as
anything else. If my picker had been
nn Inch lower I'd hnve hnd him. Well
maybe he'll get a stroke or break his
leek down those stairs. I've nothing
lo work with now. but a few rubs witb
Vour bur will finish tbe job, Ah, dear,
you nre right, nnd we nre fairly treed!"
A grent bell hnd begun to ring Id tlie
Chateau, and there was a loud buzz of
voices uud a clutter of feet upon the
stones. Hoarse orders were shouted,
nnd there wus the sound of turning
keys Flee minutes passed, however,
and yet another live minutes, without
nny oue appearing,
"Well, I'll have that bar out, nfter
nil." suid the American ut last, rising
and stepping over to the window.
"Anyhow we'll see what all this cuter
wauling is nbout." He climbed up ou
liis pegs as he spoke nnd peeped out.
"Come up!" he cried excitedly to his
comrade "They've got some other
guine going on here, nnd they are all
a deal too busy to bother their heads
about us."
De Catinat clambered up beside him,
and the two stood staring down into
the courtyard. A brazier hnd been lit
nt each corner, nnd the place was
thronged with men, many of whom
curried torches. The main gate was
open, and a carriage, wliich hud apparently just driven in, was stuudiug at
a small doov immediately in front of
window.    A  man   wearing   a
up ov
a great ax over
hind him, a priest wilh an open mi
puttered   forth   prayers,   and   in   his
shadow wns a woman, clad in black,
her  neck  bared,  nnd  a  black  shawl
enst over her hend  nnd  drooping  In
front of her bowed fnce.   Within grip
of her walked a tall, thin, fierce faced
mau, with harsh red features and a
i great  jutting  nose.    lie  wore  a   Hat
i velvet cup with a single eagle feather
fastened into It by u diamond elnsti,
which  gleamed  in  tlie morning light.
But bright as was his gem his dark
eyes were brighter still nnd sparkled
from  under liis  bushy  brows with  a
mad  brilliancy   which   bore   with   It
something of menace nnd of terror.
The woman hud fullered nt the foot
of the scaffold, but tlio mnn thrust her
on, nnd two of the followers ennght
her by either wrist nnd drugged her
"Oh, Maurice! Maurice!" she
screamed. "I am not fit to die! Oh.
forgive me, Maurice, ns you hope for
forgiveness yourself! Maurice! Mini*
rice!" She strove to get toward bim,
t.) clutch nt his wrist, nt his sleeve,
out he stood with bis hnnd on his
sword, pii'/.i'ig nt hor with a fnce whicli
-*r>is till wreathed nnd contorted with
merriment. She turned nwny nml
threw bnck the mnnlle which hnd
shrouded her features.
"Ah, she!" she cried. "Sire! If you
could see rac now!"
And nt the cry nnd nt the sight of
that fair pale face De Catlnat, looking
down from the window, wus stricken
as though by a dagger, for there, standing beside the headsman's block, wns
she who hnd lieen the most powerful,
ns vrell ns the wittiest nud tlie fairest,
of the women of France���none other
than Franeolse de Montespan, so lately
the favorite of the lung.
How Our Army Is Formed.
The   average  citizen,   It   Is  safe  to
say, bas a very hazy Idea concerning
the size and constitution of the United States army.   A writer In Harper's
Weekly   gives  some   interesting   facts
bearing upon this matter.   The govern
ment  dreams of nn  army  numbering
���70,000  men.    The  present strength  Is
57,000.    Of the 'heoretical  70,000 sol
diers the fifteen regiments of cavalry,
Which   never  lack   their   full  comple
ment,   comprise   nearly   11,000 otlleert
and men. the six regiments of field ar
tillery D.500, the coast artillery  corps
close upon 20.000, tlie thirty regiments
of infantry 27.000, the engineers 2,000.
and tne remainder consist of the staff
corps, Indian scouts und a small linm
ber*>of native soldiers  in   I'orto  Rico
snd the  Philippines.    The total  num
ber of com missioned  officers amounts
to about 3,000.
It ha.*
to be/truly appreciated
it is never forgotten���tlie rare sweet
ncss, the pure quality of the, son**
I   cannot  compare
song with that
��� the blackcap's
of the nightingale, for,
unfortunately, I hnve never henrd thc
song of that bird. 1 could never be
in England at the proper time. But
1 have often henrd our lark, and its
song is bolder, louder, more overwhelming in its grand outpouring of
lody. But lor sweetness nothing
aver thrilled me like tlie song of
ie bluckcnp.-Froin the Scotsman.
Pills of Attested Value.���Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are the result ol careful study of the properties of certain
roots and herbs, and the action cf
sucli us sedatives and laxatives on
the digestive apparatus. The success
the compounders have met witli attests the value ol tlieir work. These
pills have been recognized for mnny
years as tho best cleansers of the
system that enn be got. Their excellence was recognized from the first
and they grow more popular daily.
says the Los Angeles Times. There is
gold in large and iu small quantities
throughout the length of the valley,
particularly at Skiddoo and other
neighboring camps iu the I'linninlntii;
there ls copper at Greeuwater, enough
borax to supply the entire world for
many a year, and now it seems probable that the district will soon be known
as a Hirge producer of rock salt
These salt deposits are found ln th*��
foothills of the Avawatz mountains, at
tbe southern end of Death valley and
within  sixteen  miles of  the Tonopab
nnd Tidewater railroad. There are foui
distinct  bodies,  known ns the Death
valley,   King,   Salt   basin  aiid  .lumfco
salt mines.   The salt appears to lie In
ledge   form   with  well   defined   walls,
particularly on  the upper or hanging
side.    The   deposits   huve   been   wel'
known to prospectors for mnny years,
but It was not unill tho completion of
the  rnllrond   that  they   assumed  any
commercial vnlue.   Years ago some of
the material wns freighted to the Te-
vopu   mine   for  the  clilorinatlon   mill
in  use on  the property   when  It wa��
mined for Its high surface values of
The Dcnth  valley  mine consists of
eighty acres, and It Is upon this ground
that the larger pnrt of the present development  of  the  deposits  hns  been
done. The showing ls fiCO feet wide by
1.000 feet In length, the suit being covered with wash gravel and mud to a
minimum depth of ten feet. Where thei
salt hns been most exposed to Kie elements it has dissolved and mixed with
the mbd and gravel, forming an Incrustation harder even thnn the rock salt
The development consists of numerous
open cuts, tunnels and shafts, all penetrating the surface Incrustation and!
showing pure salt In the faces.   It ls
estimated tbat there are 2r��0.000 tons
of salt already exposed in this deposit.
It ls estimated (hut nt the present
time 5,000 tons of rock salt are Imported into California from Liverpool and.
selln to jobbers at about $16 per tin.
high state occasions. Sir William
Chambers designed the vehicle, which
weighs four tons.
Despite  its  many years'  service its
great wheels, gear and body are said
to be as sound as when built, and it
looks  as  If  It  would  go  ou   forever.
Steel springs were unknown when the
coach was built, and Its ponderous yet
dainty, luxurious body Is suspended on
leather braces, not unlike those of thc
old Concord stageconches of America
Its balance Is so perfect that a touch
of the finger is enough to set the body
swinging on  the  big creaking straps
which brace the carved and gilded tri-
tons supporting the driver's seat and
hammer cloth.    The length of the vehicle   is   twenty-four feet,   and   it   Is
twelve feet tiigh.
The elaborate carvings cost more
than the carriage proper, the coach
builder's bill having been less than
���$0,000, while that of the carver was
more than $10,000. Something of the
character of thc ornamentation may be
guessed from the fact that the artist
Cipriani received $1,500 for painting
the panels and that the lute maker's
charge wns about $-1,000, tho crimson
sntln interior of the carriage being
most elaborately upholstered.
Thc preparation of die royal equipage
for stnte occasions is a real sight Six
pairs of milk white bonnes from the
royal stud are always used, nnd all
wear false tails. The coachman, In
powder and curls, mounts his sent with
the aid of a ladder, but does not really
drive, postilions on the horses and state
grooms who walk beside them being in
command   ei   the  team.
The Scotch Idea.
A Scotchman, wishing to know his
fate at once, telegraphed a proposal
of marriage to tlie lady of his choice.
After spending the entire duy ut the
telegraph ollice he wus Anally rewarded lute ill the evening by an affirm-.*
utive answer,
"If I were you," suggested the operator, when he delivered the nies-
snge, "1 il think twice before I'd
marry a girl that kept nie waiting
all duy for my answer."
"Nu, nn," retorted the Scot. "The
lass who waits for tlie night rates is
the hiss for me."���Everybody's.
Attacks   of   cholera   and   dysentery
come quickly, there seldom being uny
warning of the visit. Remedial action
must be tuken just ns quickly if the
patient   is   to   he   spared   great   suf-
iiikI permanent injury to the
icring       , .    .
lining membranes of the bowels.
readiest preparation for the purpose
is Dr. J. D. Kollogg's Dysentery Cordial. It cuu bo got at small cost at
any drug store or general dealer's,
nnd it will afford relief before a doctor can be culled.
Wonderful Richness of the Mackenzie
River Region.
An   old   Seattle   prospector   named
T.  O.  Oliver,  who  recently  returned
from four years of prospecting on tlie
Mackenzie, Peace and Le Lard rivers,
during which time he crossed the Barren  Lands to  the  lirst  cache  of  the
Franklin expedition  brings news    of
gold   discoveries  which  he  says  surpass the early finds in thc Klondike.
He will head a party that will .leave
Seattle to return to these discoveries.
When seen by reporters Mr. Oliver
said; "The greatest gold diggings in
the world are in tlie Mackenzie river
country.   Tlio  strike  at  Hersehel  island is one of the biggest discoveries
of recent years, but the richest fields
will   he  found  in  tlie  Barren  Lands
near Great Slave Lake.    1 have prospected   for  gold   since I   was   filteen
years old and I have been in all of
thc best known mining camps during
that time, Including two years spent
in the Klondike, but tlie   Mackenzie
river   country    surpasses   all   of   the
places that have ever been discovered.
"The  wonders  of  this  wild  region
will  astound  the  world  when  it becomes known.    This  year  there  will
be a big rush into this country, but
it will be larger next year and the
Helen's  Reply.
Helen, who is but three years old,
is devoted to her building blocks.
Her mother bus told her Hint tliey are
not to be used on the Sabbath, One
Sunday recently Helen wns discovered enjoying herself with the attractive playthings.
"Why, bnby, don't you know you
should not play with your blocks on
the  Sabbath?"  snid  her  mother.
"But, mamma," came the quick reply, "this is ��11 right���I nm building  -  u..���.io���  aehnnl  for my dolls."
���Lippincott s.
plumed hat und enveloped in a riding
cout stepped from the carriage aud
then, turning round, drugged a second
person out after him. There was a
scuffle, a cry, a push, and tlie two figures vanished through the door. As It
closed the carriage drove nwny, the
torches and braziers were extinguished,
tho main gate wns closed once more,
nnd nil was ns quiet as before this
sudden Interruption.
"Well!" gasped De Catinat. "Is this
another king's messenger they've got?"
"There will be lodgings for two more
here In u short time," snid Amos Green.
"Give me your bur ngain. This thing
Is giving. It won't tnke us long to
have it out." lie set to work furiously, trying to deepen the groove ln the
stone, through which lie hoped to drag
the staple^   Suddenly ho ceased and
N the night upon which such
strange chances had befallen
his messengers the king sut ln
his cabinet attended only by
Louvois, his mini'iter. There wus a tap
at tlie door, nnd Bontems peeped In.
"The archbishop bus arrived, sire."
"Very well, Bontems, Ask mndnme
to be so good as to step this wny. And
order the witnesses lo assemble in the
As the valet hastened nwny Louis
turned to his minister.   "I  wisli you
to he one of the witnesses, Louvois,"
"To what, sire?" -
"To my marriage."
The minister started.   "What, sire!
"Now, Louvois; within five minutes."
"Very good, sire."
There hnd meanwhile been busy goings ou ill tlie small room where the
rod lump burned in front of the Virgin.
Franeolse de Maintenon Btood lu the
center, n little Hush of excitement on
her cheeks and nn unwonted light In
her placid gray eyes. She wns chid In
a dress of shining white brocade, trimmed and slushed with silver sorgo and
fringed at the throat and arms with
costly point luce. There came a discreet tup nt the door.
"It Is Bontems, madame," snld Mile.
Nanon, "He says that tho king Is
"Then wo shnll not keep him waiting.
Com��, mademoiselle, and mny God
shed bis blessing upon what we are
about to do!"
The little pnrty assembled in the
king's anteroom und started from there
to the private chapel. In front walked
tho portly bishop, clad in a green vestment, puffed out with tlie importance
of the function, his missal in ids baud
and his fingers between tho pages at
the service de mutrimoniis. The king
and Mine, de Maintenon walked side
year   following.
"The country is extremely difficult
to prospect, and this is all that has
prevented the great gold discoveries
before. I went into this country in
1907, by way of Peace river, striking
that stream at Peace river crossing.
Wc went down the Peace river in
boats about 700 miles to Vermilion
falls, and from there on to Fort
Smith, an old Hudson Bay trading
post. The only difficult part of the
river to navigate was sixteen miles
before reaching Fort Smith, which we
were forced to portage on account of
the rapids. From this point it is 200
���ii-- ����� r.mnt. Slave lake. On Great
from  Peace
Babies  thut  are   well  sleep  well.
ent well, and play well.   A child that
is not rosy-cheeked and playful needs
immediate attention, und in all the
world there is no medicine can equal
Baby's Own Tnblets for curing indigestion,      constipation,      diarrhoea,
teething  troubles  and  the other  disorders   'rom   whicli   young    children
suffer.   . The   mother   who  uses   this
medicine bus tlie guarantee of. a government analyst that it is absolutely
safe.    Mrs. J. L. Jiinclle, St. Sylvere,
Que, says:���"1 find Baby's Own Tablets the  most satisfactory  medicine
I   have   ever   used   for   constipation,
teething   troubles   and   breaking   up
colds.    Every  mother    should    keep
this  medicine  in  tlie  house."    Sold
by medicine dealers or by mail -at 25
cents n box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Ha Marvelous Progress In Less Than
a Generation.
Of the 8,500,000 telephones in nee
throughout the world nt present the
United States and Canada have more
thau (i.000,000, with other countries
practically nowhere. To include Canada is iudeed only complimentary, since
the United States alone has about
j.ToO.OCO Instruments out of the G,000,-
000 In use. More than 30,000 towns,
cities and villages ln this country now
have telephone connections.
Many are the strange wnys in which
this  instrument,  only  one  generation
old. Is utilized in various parts of the
world.    In  San   Francisco there  Is a
Chinese exchange,  while  In  many  of
the manufacturing towns of New England operators ere often compelled becnuse of the mixed population which
depends upon the telephone to speak
two or three lauguages ln addition to
English.    Awny over In the capital of
Persia  another novel  use of the telephone is found.   There tbe shnta, whom
it Is practically impossible to see, has
allowed his subjects the right to petition by telephone.    A booth has been
set up In the central square of the city,
and  there citizens can  got their sovereign's ear uud demand their rights
In   a   way   as curious  as  it  ls  new.
Each day a long Hue of petitioners assembles at the booth at daybreak and
until   sundown,   whan   it   ls
The Trick of Opening Them as Practiced by the Taliitians.
"Husking a cocoanut Is one of the
simplest looking operations in the
world, hut I have not seen the white
man who eould do it effectively,"
writes Beatrice Grimshnw in her book.
"In the Strange South Seas." Every
native of Tahiti is apparently born
with the trick.
A stick Is sharply pointed at both
ends, and one end ls firmly set in thc
ground. Tbe nut Is then taken in the
bands and struck with a hitting nnd
tearing movement combined on the
point of the slick, so ns to split the
thick, intensely tough covering of
dense coir fiber that protects the nut.
The nut comes forth white ns Ivory
A clergyman not long ngo received
the following notice regarding a marriage that wus to tuke place at the
parish house:
"This is to give you notis thnt I
and Mis Jemima Arabella Brearly .s
comin' to your church on Saturday
afternoon next to undergo tlie operation of matrimony at your hands.
Please be promp, ns the cub is hired
by the hour."���Ladies' Home Journal.
Mothers cun eusily know when their
children* are troubled with worms, and
they lose no time in applying the
best of remedies���Mother G raves'
vVorni  Exterminator.
He was a great inventor.
"The thing 1 inn working at now,"
lie begun, stroking his thin lieiml
with a thinner hand, "will he u��f!rmi
to every family and will startle the
whole world. In fact, it will put the
alarm clock trust out of business.
Tlie idea is simply speoiully prepared
tnblets that help you to get up in the
Instance, if you want
morning.    For
about the same shape and size as thc   to arjse llt (ive you tuke foe tablets
brown old  nuts  that go  by  ship  to   if you want to get up at six take six
but    much   tablets,  and  so  on."
Slave  lake,  thirty  miles
river,  is  Salt  river.    Wc  prospectei.
up this stream thirty miles and found
salt beds where we were able to dig
out sufficient salt to cure a winter's
supply of fish.
"We went up the Grent Slave lake
in a 24-foot bircti bark canoe, a three
weeks' journey to a stream the Indians call Copper river and then
struck across the Barren Lands, which
tlie Indians call Little Sticks, because
there is no timber. We went across
this country until we reached what
we believed to be the first cache of
the Fanklin expedition, nbout 1,000
miles  from  the  nearest Hudson  Bay
""   '      *   *  -   ���*"���   ***o/la  with
I know a lovely chaperon
For whom  my  love grows day  by
She lins a soft nnd winning tone,
And always looks the other way.
���Chicago   Record-Herald.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house.
Sitting in a Broadway restaurant
the other evening were two young
women who hnd not met for years,
��ne of them hnd grown stout and the
other hud admitted that she wouldn't
have recognized her old friend under
ordinary eirciinistnnces. Tliey snt
silently looking nt encb other for a
moment, when tlie heavyweight inquired :
"Whnt   ure   you   thinking   nbout?"
"I was just trying to see whether
your expression is tlio snme as it
used to be," snid her friend.
"Just tlie suiiie," the girl witli the
avoirdupois declined. "Only more of
it."���New York Globe.
UUU     !*_.__>.,     ��_     .
by side, she quiet and composed, with
gentle bearing nnd downcast eyes, ho
with a flush on his dark cheeks and
a nervous, furtive look in his eyes, like
a mnn who knows that he is in the
midst of one of the great crises of liis
life. Behind them in solemn silence
followed a little group of chosen witnesses, the lean, silent Tore la Chaise,
Louvois noowllno benvilv nt the bride.
traamg pus.,    ��� mo ���.._. 	
dog teams. In crossing to the old
cache we were forced to carry what
fuel we needed for cooking purposes,
only using enough to boil a pot oi
tea and to cook a little meat. Sometimes we would find a little wood and
replenish the stock, but there is very
little that can be used for fuel alter
leaving the Copper river until the
F*ranklin cache  is  reached."
The Future of Canada.
In his address nt the annual dinner
of the Canada Club at New York.
Chief Justice Longley of Nova Scotia
expressed tlie view that Canadn was
not destined to remain n portion of the
British F.mpire. He also flung defiance at the United States. His closing sentences, wliich did not get in
the press reports, were as follows:
"Aggression from our big neighbor,
I dismiss ns unworthy of consideration, but if, by any such mischance,
power became vested in the United
States in nny body of men so ns to
attempt to infringe Canada's rights
and liberties, I can only say that there
is some good stuff on the other side
of tlie line, and when Canada has 15,-
000,000 people she will not be averse
to challenging the issue with nil tlie
spirit   of   a   proud   and   independent
Right  Hon.   James   Bryce,   British
ambassador at Washington, who followed,    without    alluding   to   Judge
Longley by name, administered a re-!
buke  to  the    opinion   expressed by!
Tud_:e Lontder.
At the appointed time Edwin Jones
hud culled" at his best girl'sI home
But somehow Miss Wrinkle wns not
there to greet him.
He  seated  himself  in  the  drawing
room  and  anxiously  awaited her ar-
f Presently the door opened, but alas!
it   was   only   hor   eight-year-old   bro-
th"Hellol" exclaimed Edwin, "is your
Bl��ShebsUe8ems sb," replied the youngster, "but 1 don't know just what si e
is doing. She's standing in front Cl
the mirror
whispering to it
is so sudden.' "���Answers.
Indeed, the telephone Is proving a
powerful democratic influence in bringing together rulers and their subjects.
King Edward, the czar and tbe German emperor nre reached by this means
much more often than was formerly
possible. They are Indeed fast becoming more accessible than many of New
York's money kings whose telephone
numbers appear in no directory, the operators beiug forbidden to reveal them
under any circumstances. Were this
not the case, It is said, tho millionaires
would be flooded with numberless calls
of every description. By revealing thelt
numbers to only a few business and
personal associates this bother ls ellm
Inated. Another novel use of the ln
strument ln New York ls the taking of
testimony under onth by means of it
The annual number of telephone messages in  the Unlled States ls almost
Incredible, totaling prumahly 7,500,000,
000     Were  one  man  to  attempt  tt
Bpeuk all these conversations it would
have been necessary for him to have
started about "5,000 years before Christ
since the tusk, allowing three minutes
for each call, would occupy 5,000 years.
Expressed differently, this number of
cnlls would give every man, woman nnd
child and even the babies In arms In this
country  about 100 a year���a remarkable indication of the point of development which the telephone has reached
In Its brief life of thirty years as an
organized business.
**��� England    and    America,
' youuger and more tender, for only the
smallest of the old nuts, which are not
wanted in the Islands for copra making, are generally exported
A large knife is used to crack the
top cf the nut all around, like an eggshell, nnd the drink is ready, a draft
of pure water, slightly sweet and just
a little aerated, if the nut has been
plucked at the right stage.
There Is no pleasanter or more re
freshing draft in the world, and It
has not tho least likeness to the "milk"
contained in tlie cocoanuts of com
mercc. No native would drink from
old nuts for fenr of illness, ns thev
are considered both unpleasant an*!
unwholesome. Only the milk of hail
grown nuts ls used for drinking, ami
even these will sometimes hold u cau-
ple of pints of liquid.
The water of the young cocoanut ls
food nnd drink In one, having much
nourishing mutter held in solution. On
many a long day of hot and wear*
travel 1 had cause to bless the re
freshing and restoring powers of heaven's best gift to mnn in the tropics, tlie
never failing eocoantit.
"But how will it affect tlie alarm
clock trust?"
"Why these tablets will cause a
ringing in the ears at exnclly tlie
hour desired "
But the little crowd could wait to
hear no more nml hurriedly disbanded.���Harper's  Weekly.
Pay what you will, and
you like, you cannot get
purer or more delicious
go where
a   better,
tea  than
Mrs. Western!���You'll not find nie
difficult to suit, Noruh.
Nornh (the new niuid)���I'm sure
not, mum. I saw your husband as I
came in, mum.���Illustrated  Bits.
Minard's   Liniment,
"Yes," remarked Mrs. Mnlaprop-
Partington, "we hud a lovely time in
Venice. There are no cubs there, you
know, because all the streets are full
of___.uter. One hires a chandelier and
he rows you ubout in a dongola."���
Cleveland Leader.
A Great Change.
First Gentleman (entering the apart*
ment of second gentleman)���About n
year ngo you challenged me to fight a
duel. Second Gentleman (sternly)���1
did, sir. First Gentleman���And I told
you that I had just got married and I
did not care to risk my life at any j
hazard. Second Gentleman (haughtily)
���I remember, sir. First Gentleman
(bitterly)���Well, my feelings have
chnnged. Any time you want to fight
let me kuow.
"She sings at the theatre to keep
the wolf iiom tile door of their little
"Why doesn't she sing at tlie door
of their little home?"���New Haven
Parson Flatfoot��� Mawnin', Sistah
Snowball. How am Brudder Snowball dis mawnin' ?
Sister Snowball���He am pow'ful
bad dis mawnin', parson. De doctah
done say he have a 'lignant ulster
on his hack, an' Ah's 'fraid He am
gwine ter be a 'fumed infidel.���Chicago News.
blushing just awful  and
Oh, Mr. Jones, tins
The Martyr at the Steak.
O beefsteak, there up on my p'at-.
For thee 1 sigh, on theo 1 saw!
Why la 't ihy tlbers will not p._rt
That 1 may fill my empty maw?
Tliis world a paradise would be
If friends would hold as firm as thee.
��� Lippincott's Magazine.
m PILLS-*'
\UIaU    ;   **     ,
In a Local Option Town.
"What are the  lost arts?"  inquired
'he student.
"I don't know all of them." answered Colonel Stillwetl. "but making
n.  rqint.  julep   ts   one."
Hlef Is Anglo-Saxon and means
rug. Buff Is also Anglo-Saxon and
means sweeping^. Hence "riffraff"
means the offscourings of society, the
refuse from the sweepings���human
A Left Handed Salute.
To salute with the left hand ls a
deadly lusult to Mohammedans iu thc
'Way Back In '51
people first began to use Eddy's Matches,���and the
,_���_     Sulphur" waa the brand then made ,,
half a century and seven years later, people still are using
Eddy's, and more than ever.
are the surest and most speedy Sulphur Matches manufao-
turned.   They are now put up in neat and attractive slide
boxes,  holding  about   500   matches.    Three   Boxes  to   a
Always, Everywhere in Canada, Ask For Eddy's Matohes
W.   N.
Prayers In Belgium.
In Belgium at 0 o'clock evening you
hear from every cottage the voices ot
mmmwmr , father, mother, children and servants
      -1 Baying their pruye-s, aud It is much
U.   No. 69*. ���the Same at "00U-
Simply a Shredded   Wheat    wafer,    containing
smallest  bulk  all  the nutriment and strength-giving material of the-whole wheat.
Appetizing and always ready to serve.
Delicious  as  a  Toast, with  Butter,  Cheese  or  Fruits.
Sold by All Grocers. van
Pale Faces and Pinched Cheeks
Show That Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills are Needed.
Anaemia is written on the features
of ninety women and girls out of
every hundred. Unniistakeiihie are
the signs of "too little blood."
The weaker sex is assailed nt all
ages by the evils resulting from
bloodlessness, from the girl who is
weuk and languid, with dull eyes,
pnle, pinched cheeks, fitful appetite,
and palpitating henrt, to the woman
who feels never well, witli gnawing
pains in tlie buck, aching limbs and
nervous  headaches.
Br. Williams' Pink Pills are specially valuable to women of all ngei,
for they possess the power of making
in abundance tlie rich, red blood
without which no woman can have
perfect health. They fill tlie starved
veins witli new blood so that enfeebled bodies nre strengthened,
weak, nervous systems nre fortified
and  robust health  restored.
Miss Bose D'Arugon, Waterloo,
Que"., follows the profession of teaching, which brings more than ordinary
struin to nil who follow this culling.
Miss IVArngon snys:���"it seemed as
though   1   wus gradually  going into n
decline.    I lost nil my strength; my
appetite  wns   very   poor;   I   wns   pule
and suffered from frequent headaches;
1 wns often dizzy nnd the lenst exertion would leave me breathless. 1
doctored tor n time, but with little
or no benefit. One dny I rend in the
Waterloo Journal the particulars of
n case similnr to mine cured by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and I determined to try them. In a few weeks there
wns n decided improvement in my
condition, nnd by the time I bnd tuken seven or eight boxes I wns ngnin
in tlie best of health, nnd able to
enjoy myself ns well ns nny of my
young friends."
Sold by nil medicine dealers or by
mail at 50c n box or six boxes for
$2.5(1 from The Dr. Willinms' Medicine   Co.,  Brockville,  Out.
He Hurried Back.
A gentleman wns travelling in the
North of Scotland. When he reached
his destination he discovered that lie
hnd left his waterproof in the compartment. He hurried buck ns the
train was leaving, nnd shouted: "Is
there a black mackintosh in here?"
One of tlie gentlemen replied, "No,
tliey me all Mncgregors."
"They say you're going to marry a
man  to  reform  him,  dear?"
"Yes, that is true."
"Who  is it, may   I  ask?"
Nj-        "It is Mr. flohsa Guide."
'Gobsa Golds, the old millionaire 1
But 1 didn't know he hud any bad
"Yes; liis friends inform me he is
miserly."���Philadelphia Bulletin.
In Madagascar there is n natural
fortress with precipitous walls 1,000
feet high. The only means of access
is a subterranean passage.
Corns cripple tlie feet and make
walking a torture, yet sure relief in
the shnpe of Holloway's Com Cure is
within reach of all.
From the advertisement of a Bourn-
niniith   hotel:���
"Caution.���This hotel is fully licensed and situated on tlie Fast
Truly a dangerous combinntion. ���
$100 REWARD, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease thut science haB
been able to cure in all its stages,
and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is tlie only positive cure now
known to tlie medical fraternity.
Catarrh being a constitutional disease,
requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of tlie system,
thereby destroying the foundation of
the disease, and giving the patient
strengtli by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing
its work. Tiie proprietors have so
much fnith in its curative powers that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that it fails to cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, O.
Sold  bv druggists,  75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the talented English actress, said tlie other
dny of an English critic, whose methods   she  dislikes:
"The man is not a critic at all.
He has not enougli intelligence to be
a critic. In fnct he belies his name
like���like "
She smiled.
"An incident will supply my simile," she snid.
"On one nt my voyages to the States
the weather wus extremely rough.
As I lay in my berth my luggage and
the littings of my stateroom wen;
flung about horribly. All of a sudden
there came an extra heavy lurch, nnd
something struck me on tlie head.
"I wns stunned, the blow hnd been
severe. When I recovered my Nan-IBS
nnd looked to see what hnd so nearly
done for me, I beheld nn admirable
contrivance   marked,   in   grent   black
letters, 'Life-Saving Apparatus'."
Fine Care
Fine Hair
It's fine care that makes fine
hair! Use Ayer's Hair Vigor,
new improved formula, systematically, conscientiously,
and you will get results. We
know it stops falling hair, cures
dandruff, and is a most elegant
dressing. Entirely new. New
bottle.   New contents.
Does not change Ihe color of lhe hair.
Formula with ..aa. bottl.
Show It to your
Ask him about It.
then do .. h. s��y��
Ayer's Hair Vigor, as now made from our
new improved formula, is the latest, most
scientific, and in every w��y the very best
hair preparation ever placed upon tbe
market. For falling hair snd dandruff ll
is the one great medicine.
 M.a. by the i. o. A*r��r Oe.. Lowell. Hail.. "
An Ancient Joke of Which There Ar��
Many   Modern Versions.
Tb_ following tale was translated
from a very old Chinese hook for Collier's Weekly:
A certuin inngistrate upon opening
Ills court observed one of his llctors
whose fine wns covered with wounds
nnd asked hhn what was the mutter.
Replied the lictor, "Yesterday evening
I was reclining and enjoying the fresh
air under my grape arbor, which was
suddenly upset hy a gust of wind and
fell on me anil caused these injuries."
Hut the judge was skeptical and
suld: "That is too thin. It Is easy to
see that the murks on your fnce ure
from scratches from nails. It must lie
that you have had a row wltb your
wife and got a clawing from her. Is
ibis not so?"
The lictor crimsoned all over and replied, "Your honor has truly guessed
Then said the judge: "Why is your
wife so fierce ns this? Wait till I summon her and give her a beating and
vou your revenge."
wiille be was yet speaking the Judge's
own wife suddenly cnme out from the
bouse nnd fiercely said, "Who ls this
you nre going to beat?1
The magistrate hastily announced to
the llctors and t'ing cb'nl ti's: "This
court stands adjourned. Disperse ln-
stnnlly. It seems ns though the court's
grape arbor ls nlso about to collapse!"
"Making Up" ts a Very Ancient Feminine Art.
"Making up," ns applied to tbe appearance, Is by uo means as modern
an art as many people Imagine.
In the days of Roman supremacy
the women tinted their eyebrows with
black in emulation of "ox eyed Venus."
They painted their faces, sprinkled
themselves with perfume nnd even
wore false hair or tinted their own
locks ln accordance with tbe prevailing fashion.
The Creek ladles of the same period
employed maids who rubbed out their
mistress' wrinkles, "decorated" her
face with red nnd white pnlnl nnd
darkened her eyebrows. It was then
nlso the fashion to coat the face with
white of egg nud goose grease to protect it from the sun and wind. It Is
even snid that they bad a recipe for
turning blue eyes to black.
These fashions nil had their origin
In Italy, where In later years the notorious Lucrezlu Borgia is said to huvt
dyed her hair diDerent colors, according lo ber fuuey of tbe moment.
In England iu tlie eighteenth century many women, among them I.ndy
Coventry, died from tbe effects ot
rouge. So In nil ages "beauty nt all
costs" was tbe motto of "smart" ladies.
Tennyson's Terror.
There nre many stories of Tennyson
In the Duke of Argyll's book, "Fas-
sages From the rust," and oue of tbe
most characteristic relates to the time
when tbe marriage of his grace, then
the Marquis of Lome, and Princess
Louise wns in the air. One day Tennyson bad a number of guests at luncheon, among whom was the Marquis of
Lome. In the course of talk tbe marquis told Tennyson, then poet laureate,
that the queen liked his new volume.
"I nm glad to hear it," Tennyson
said in his sonorous, slow, musical
bass voice. "I bnve given a good account of her in that volume, but tbe
newspapers don't like my rhymes���sny
they are bnd. I live In terror," he continued, "of nny of the queen's family
marryir.g nnd of beariug from her that
she hopes I will write something. I
have no news of that kind yet, but I
live In terror of it"
This with a solemnly sly wink.
Hitting the Pipe.
When Jones got home the other night
he found the family In a panic aud the
house being flooded from a burst watei
pipe. Tlio first thing he did was to
scold his wife for not having sense
enough to go down to the cellar aud
hammer up the supply pipe to prevent
the water from escaping. Then he
went downstairs nnd was soon heard
hammering vigorously. After some
minutes' strenuous work, giving one
last mighty blow, he asked, "How Is It
now ?"
"l here Is no difference ln the flow of
the water," his wife calmly replied,
"but as the light bus gone out I very
much fear you have hammered up tba
gas pipe."���Exchange.
There are now subscriptions announced to the extent of about $600,-
000 for the great Tercentenary celebration at Quebec, and nearly a million
dollars  will be forthcoming for it.
From an historical point of view '���',
will be the greatest demonstration
this continent has witnessed. From a
spectacular stanctpoint it will be one
of tlie most dazzling combinations of
picturesque events ever seen in any
country. There will be thousands 'if
clia meters in the processions, all
dressed to the very life. The tableaux
on the Plains of Abraham, where the
historic buttles were fought, will embrace all the transcendent epoch-making events of Canada's romantic history, including Wolfe's work up to
his death. The street pageants will
be of wondrous beauty, the naval
demonstrations of an impressiveness
not heretofore realized. Quebec will
he tilled to repletion by thousands
from Knglnnd nnd the United States,
and tens of thousands from Canada,
but fully ten millions of people will
wisli to be present, and cannot find
hotel accommodation.
One of the grentest matters of anxiety to those organizing tlie celebration has been tlie question how to provide the millions of people who cannot see tlie celebration with illustrations mid descriptions, to give tlie
scenes of grandeur to the world in
their entirety.
Arrangements have been completed
by The Standard of Montreal, now
recognized us the National Illustrated
Paper of Canada, to issue what will
be known as ""The Standard Tercentenary Number," published by George
Murray Publishing Company, Montreal. We hnve bud the privilege of
examining the proofs of some of tin:
gorgeous supplements to go witli The
Standard. They eclipse in interest,
in fidelity of detail, in beauty of color
nnd execution, anything ever attempt,
ed in Canada] nud will bring the Tercentenary celebration right into the
homes of those lucky enough to procure a copy.
To connoisseurs The S'andard Tercentenary Number is one that expert
judges would think could not be sold
under $2.50, and yet it is to be published at 50 cents. It will be practically the only Tercentenary souvenir. The publishers announce that
orders uie now being booked, and all
orders mailed on or before June ?7
will be certain to be filled. After that
date the public must tnke their
chance, first come, first served.
Where orders remitted for cannot
be filled, remittance will be refunded.
Tlie Publishers of The Standard, 171
St. James St., Montreal, have gained a continental reputation for their
publication. The comirg issue, to
illustrate the Tercentenary Celebration, will certainly be the most interesting tiling of tlie kind ever produced
on tliis continent. We pre'Vct that in
one montli after the celebration it
will he in demand nt even ten dollars a copy.
Thev cannot begin to issue enough
to meet a demand that will be phenomenal. It is a pleasure to testify
to the value of a. thing of surpassing
Roonan��� Casey dead only two
months an' there goes th' wife av
him wid a "Merry Widdy" shapough!
Noonnn���Yis! An' d'ye moind, she
curries it as aisy as she used to th'
basket nv laundry befoor Casey doi'd
an' lift his insurance money I���Judge.
They Cleanse While They Cure.���
The vegetuble compounds of which
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are composed, mainly dandelion and mandrake, clear "the stomach and intestines of deleterious matter and restore
the deranged organs to healthful action. Hence they are tlie best remedy for indigestion available to-day.
A trial of them will establish the
truth of this assertion and do more
to convince tlie ailing than anything
that can be written of tiiese pills.
Towne���Why clo you call young
Featherbrane "Cholly" ? His first
name is Noah.
Browne���But that is so inappropriate. Nonh had sense enough to
get in out of tlie rain.��� Philadelphia
Ask for Minard's, and take no other.
"Poor Adam!" sighed Mr. Newpop.
"Why poor Adam ?" demanded
Mrs.  N.
"He didn't hnve anybody to whom
he could tell the bright things little
Cain said."���Cleveland Leader.
The Garden of Eden.
The passage in Genesis in which the
location of the garden of Eden seems
to he Indicated has long been a bone of
contention among theologians and Bible students generally. The discussion
of tbe subject bus been ns Ingenious as
it has been fruitless. Thc garden has
been locnted all over Asia. The Biblical account would seem to place Eden
n the old Mesopotamia, the region of
the "great rivers," the Euphrates aud
Not Really Necessary.
Weeping Itelntlve���Oh, my dear, the
doctor snys he doesn't expect you to
live much longer! Stubborn Invalid���
Yes, but won't yon please pause nnd
think of how long I hnve lived already
without any expectations on his part?
Poor Food.
Fond Mother-To be quite frnnk. doctor, tbe poor girl hns been eating hei
henrt out. Brusque Old Physician 11 a:
When will young people leiim to ent
prudently? (He leaves four kinds ol
Let  every  one  look   to himself and
none will be lo��t -Dutch Proverb.
St. Peter's In Rome.
From tbe beginning of tbe foundation to the time when the great church
of St. Peter's lu Home could be said to
be complete three nnd a half centuries
hnd elapsed, eighteen architects had
been employed and forty-three popes
had reigned. The cost of the great
church can never be kuown with exactness. At the end of the seventeenth
century It had cost $50,000,000, without Including the sncrlsty bell, towers,
etc. The Inst important work on the
edifice was done by Pope Plus IX., on
tho four hundredth anniversary of the
birth   Of   Michelangelo.
Homer Folks, New York's noted
authority on charity, snid the other
day of tin applicant for help :
"His recommendation w*as not very
satisfactory. It reminded nie of a
woman I heard ubout recently.
"Somebody said to this woman's
husband :
" 'So you've insured in the Blank
Company, eh? Who on earth induced y'ou to choose that of all concerns?'
'"My wife,' was tlie reply. 'She
says they issue the prettiest calendars.' "���Rochester Herald.
A   LADY   WAS     CURED     BY   DR.
Such is tlie testimony of Mr. I.ud-
ger Duguay, Pidgeon Hill, Quebec.
This is com mon story. Thousands
of people hnve been cured of Itch,
Piles, Eczema, or Suit Rheum, etc.,
by Ur. Chase's Ointment.
Suit Rheum is one of the most important of skin diseases. It occurs
anywhere, nt nny time, and on anyone. It often starts ns a rash, eventually breaking out in sores discharging wnter. Unless something is done
to stop this discharge, a crust will
form, which signifies nn advanced
stnge of this disagreeable disease.
Upon tlie first application, this ointment stops itching, loosens tlie congested mutter or scab, thoroughly
cleanses the sore, and after all dirt
and poison hns been taken out, it
allows nature to heal the affected
part through its agency, pure blood.
Here are the words of Mr. Lurlgir
Duguay,  Pidgeon  Hill,  Quebec:
"The experience which iny wife has
lind with Dr. Chnse's Ointment for
eczema nnd salt rheum is of very
great Importance, because 'or many
months she wns not nble to servo
herself with her hands, Since having used Dr. Chase's Ointment she
bus been entirely cured."
In the most simple ns well ns the
most aggravated skin irritation or
eruption, this ointment is certain to
give highly satisfactory results; 60
cents a box, at all dealers, or Ed-
manson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
Last of the Spanish Fleet at the Bat*
tie of Manila Bay.
"What was It like, that battle of Ma
nlla Bay. do you ask?"
The thunders of heaven would have
been lost in its din. It was fierce and
fast, like the rolling of all the drams
in the world or like bolts of heavy sailcloth torn into shreds by the wind.
What a picture it would make���that
battle, the last of the Spanish fleet, the
Don Antonio de Ulloa. She fought,
sinking a foot a minute! Gun nfter
gun went under, aud when tbe last
onset was made only her bow gun remained. Its crew, waist deep in water,
fought as though victory was crowning tbem. It was theirs to fire the last
gun upon that eventful day, and we
cheered them as they sank.
Those are the tilings men will write
about, but memory alone can paint a
picture so terrible that the moon, that
old night watch of the universe, hid
behind friendly vapors that she might
not see the embers of war as they
glared through the portholes and spon-
sons of half sunken ships, while ever
and anon exploding magazines would
tear the waters, and flames of yellow
and red flaunt above all that was left
of Spain's wreckage.
Surely Wellington was n Solomon
when he wrote, "Nothing except a battle lost enn be half so melancholy as a
battle won."
Saved From a Great Army of Ravenous
Driver Ants.
In ber "West African Studies" Miss
Klngsley tolls this story about the famous "driver" ants: "I was ln n little
village, and out of a hut came tbe
owner and his family nnd all the
household parasites pcllmell, leaving
the drivers iu possession, but the
mother and father of the family, when
they recovered from this unwonted
burst of activity, showed such a lively
concern and such unmistakable signs
of anguish at having left something
behind tbem In the hut that I thought
It must be the baby. 'In him far corner for floor!' shrieked the distracted
parents, and into that hut I charged.
"Too true! There In the corner lay
the poor little thing, a mere inert
black mass, with hundreds of cruel
drivers already swarming upon it To
seize it and givo it to the distracted
mother wns, as tbe reporter would say,
'the work of nn Instant.' She gave a
cry of joy and dropped It instantly
into a water barrel, where her husband held it down with a hoe, chuckling contentedly. Shiver not, my friend,
at the callousness of the Ethiopian.
That there thing wasn't an infant. It
was a ham!"
Some Epigrams.
Tom Hood cast epigrams at himself
In the face of death. His wife was
preparing a large mustard plaster to
apply to his shrunken chest "My
dear," said Hood, "that's a terrible lot
of mustard for a small piece of beef."
Sir Walter Raleigh expressed himself in a similar mood after he mounted the scaffold. Feeling the edge of
the ax, he snld to the executioner,
"This is a sharp medicine, but it Is a
cure for all diseases."
An Italian nobleman, probably beguiled by patent medicine advertisements, left this Inscription for his
gravestone: "I was well, wanted to be
better, took physio and died."
Charles Knight suggested that "Good
Knight" would be sufficient for his
memorial tablet.
A brother Scot who did not sympathize with his peccadillos in life, when
asked to suggest nn appropriate epitaph for Scotland's national poet, said,
"His ain name's enough���Robert
Wholesome Advice For Boys.
Now, you lads who want to leave
school, don't be ln such a hurry to be
earning something. Think of the future prospect rather than the preseut
advantage. The man who can do
something really well, whether It be
the making of a table, the building of
a house or the writing of a hook, will
very seldom be unemployed. It Is the
boys In a hurry who nre "little millionaires" on 8 shillings a week at
fourteen and "big loafers" on nothing
at eighteen, with no trade In their
fingers and no prospect but the life of
a day laborer. Go slowly, boys���you'll
go farther. Hurry is u dog that often
goes off on n wrong scent. Patience
and foresight are two dogs which hunt
together. They nre slow at "finding."
but they nre always "in at the death."
���London Scholars' Own.
Spoiled Musicians.
Rubinstein disapproved of marriage
for musicians. Just before his death
lie spoke sadly of bis Russian lady pupils. "What have I wasted all my time
on tbem for?" he nsked Irritably.
"Every one married! It's too provoking: Here they nre. spoiled forever for
nrt life   Whnt did they study for?"
The London Musical World remarks
lhnt "those wbo nsk why we have uo
great lndy composers mny he left to
hlnk on these things."
A Nice.  Polite Man.
There's Rome good things ln town
ibis week," snld the girl who wns hinting for nn invllntlon to the theater.
"Well," responded Mr. Grouch, "1
ulu't oue of 'em."
They  Noticed.
"Maude wns afraid the girls wouldn't
notice her engagement ring."
"Did I hey?"
"Did they! Six of them recognized
it at once."
Occupation Is the necessary basis of
_*��njoy ment.���Hunt.
Works Both Ways.
"They bore one, these society calls,
don't you know," declared the young
lady.   "They bore one."
"Sometimes they bore two." respond
ed the ycung man, taking the hint and
likewise his departure.
That's the Answer.
"Why Is your husband so Irritable at
home?" tnqnlred the amazed visitor.
"Because he knows It's safe to be,"
answered the long suffering wife.���St
Louis R��puh_"*"_
Thousands of men and women
who were bald or whose hair was falling
oat, testify to wonderful results obtained
from the Seven Sutherland Sisters'
Hair Grower and Scalp  Cleaner.
Sample sent free. Send IOC. to pay pottage to
Seven Sutherland Sisters', 179 Kin** St. West,
Toronla.    Price, Hair Grower 50c. and $i.c��.
Police Methods in India.
���A jewel was lost by a rich Komnti.
It wus found in the possession of a
Mohammedan, Two policemen of the
station seized it from him, and pledged it and obtained a loan 'rom a local
merchant. Then another policeman
was asked to search the house of the
merchant, and before tlie search was
effected tlie merchant, gnve it to hiin
with a present as a bribe not to haul
him up before the court. Between the
three policemen a sum of about GO
rupees was looted from one or the other of the dishonest and avaricious
merchants. Then arose a split among
these policemen und their comrades
about the d'vision of the spoils, and
they nre now blinking ns to what
course to adopt, und whom to charge
nnd what offence to charge with. The
people are losing all confidence in
these men.���From tlie Mysore Standard.'
It Has Many Qualities.��� The mnn
who possesses a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is armed against
many ills. It will cure a cough, break
a cold, prevent sore throat; it will
reduce the swelling from a sprain,
cure the most pers: stent sores and
will speedily heal cuts and contusions. Tt is a medicine chest in itself, nnd can he got for a quarter of a
Heiress���But father, that handsome
foreign count says be will do something desperate and awful if I clo
not marry  him.
father (dryly)���He will. He will
have to go to work.���Baltimore American.
Prominent Citizen  Under Knife.
Virden, Man.���J. W. Hagynrcl, a
prominent citizen of this district, who
went to Winnipeg for surgicnl treatment, was successfully operated oil
by Dr. P. E. Burnham.
"Do you wnnt employment?"
"Lndy," answered Plodding Pete,
"you menus well, but you can't make
work sound any more invitin' by
usin' words of three syllables."���
Washington Star.
Minard's -Linin ent,   used   by   Physicians.
"A man hns to draw it fine these
"What do you menu?"
"Staying ten minutes nfter office
hours each day will probably make
a good impression but staying fifteen
h liable to create suspicion thnt you
nre monkeying with your books."���
Knnsiis City Journal.
Evelyn���Don't you think, Harold
that June is a common inonth to get
married in? Almost nil the weddings
take place that month.
Harold���Well, what's the matter
with July, then?
Evelyn���N-o; let's make it the
Saying the right tiling at tlie right
time is equivalent to keeping your
mouth shut when you have nothing
to say.
MINARD'S LINIMENT is tlie only
Liniment asked for at my store and
the only one we keep for sale.
All the people use it.
Pleasant Bay, C. B.
Rome has many English visitors
just now. One English lady, interested in the little boys who deliver
the wares of the pastry cooks, said
to a little fellow who had brought
her some cukes:���
"Ah, I suppose you get the benefit
of one of these cakes yourself sometimes?"
"Whnt does madam mean?" asked
the boy.
"You eat n cake now and then?"
"Eat them? Oh, no, madam, that
would not do. 1 only lick 'em us 1
come along."���London Tatler,
"That boy of Brown's learned one
accomplishment in college, anyway."
"What's that?"
"He can keep his trousers up with
a belt just beautifully."���Detroit Free
Knicker���Wnat are extremes ol
Booker���The Merry Widow lint nnd
tlie thinking cap.���New York  Sun.
"Is lore blind?"
"It ought to be."
"Ought  to bo?"
"Yes; it bus so often bad its eyes
scratched out after marriage."���Houston Post.
"Mamma, is the old black hen going to be sent away for the summer?"
"No, Tommy, but wliy do you ask?"
"Well, I heard papa tell the new
governess that he would tuke her out
riding when lie sent the old hen nway
for tlie  summer."���Harper's  Weekly.
Personality   of the   Founder  of  That
Great Organization.
It is just seventy-nine years ago
since General Booth was born in that
great industrial centre, Nottingham,
England, and it is forty-three years
ago that he began his work of organization which has resulted in the Salvation Army as we know it to-duy, an
Army whicli bus in this comparatively
small space of time taken a firm hold
upon fifty-three countries of the globe.
Hut for the dominating personality of
the general, a personality as emphatic in its particular sphere as that of
Napoleon in another direction, this
could not have heen accomplished.
Yet William Booth was not born of
wealthy parents who could have
brought the power of money to their
son's assistance. He started as a boy
of fifteen preaching in the worst slums
of Nottingham. He sought the most
sordid alleys, penetrated into that portion of slumdom where vice was hideous. Later, when he moved his campaign to London, he wns looked upon
by many as a fanatic, for he pursued
the same tactics. He was laughed at,
hounded from pillar to post, stoned.
And it was this persecution that made
the Salvation Army,
In those dark days of '65 when William Booth founded the Salvation
Army, tlie churches were failing miserably to attract. Seeing this, the
general knew that tho only course
wns to go into the streets in search of
converts. "Where will you get your
helpers?" someone derisively nsked
him. "There nre my helpers," be replied, pointing to n public-house door,
from whicli drunken men and women
were reeling. And, sure enough, these
were the first to recognize this man's
courage and rally round him. These
open-air services were interrupted by
rowdy gangs of hooligans, nnd the
authorities laid the hlirmo on the
preachers, and sent dozens to prison.
Yet still the movement grew. The
general,'-stern believer in the power
of discipline, instituted the various
well-known ranks in his Army. That
of enptain was not intended to be a
military term, but rather a nautical
one, in order to pave the way to the
conversion of tho Whitby fishermen.
As the years crept past, the Salvationists became a force in the religion of
the people, nnd from the little headquarters at the hack of the bird-shop
in the East End the organization
threw out its tendrils to all the towns
of Britain.
The Salvation Army is happy in its
title, and it is the result of an inspiration which came to the genernl in a
curious way. He was preparing tbe
annual report one year with liis two
secretaries, when one of them wrote,
"The Christian Mission is n Volunteer
Army." In a moment the present title
flashed across the general's mind, and,
taking the. pen from his secretary's
hand, he scratched out the word "Volunteer" and substituted "Salvation."
It hns alwnys been his aim to choose
his leaders from the working-class,
and among the most prominent heads
of the Salvation Army to-day are a
former collier boy and a chimney
sweep, while many of the most famous hymns used by the force nre being
written by an old engine driver. Merit
and work are the only things that
The general's method of living hns,
no doubt, largely accounted for his
longevity, and his magnificent powers
being still left intact at 79. His daily
life is simplicity in the extreme. In
spite of his age, he still rises at six
in the morning, takes a strong cup of
tea, and then works till eight. He
never allows himself more than a
quarter of an hour for nny meal, and
he never eats meat. He is a strict
vegetarian, and has always been so.
He suffers a good deal from insomnia,
so often works on till eleven or twelve,
till sheer mental fatigue produces
Bleep. As for dress, he has but one
suit of clothes a year, and he lives on
a small sum which the average bank
clerk would find grossly insufficient.
Starch   does
not fray your
linen because
it thoroughly
penetrates  the fa
brie and produces
sufficient   stiffness
.without  the  wear
of the rubbing required by common cooked
Your grocer has it���or can get it.
GeVWWi& StoccVv
Never Sticks.  Requires no Cooking
lho Brantfiml Starch Works, Limited, Brantford, Canada
The Chesapeake's Flag.
The flag of ihe American frigate
Chesapeake, which was taken .by
H. M. S. Shannon, June 1, 1813, nnd
which was recently sold at auction
in London, lias heen presented to the
Royal United Service Museum by William Waldorf Astor. Tlie bugle upon
wheh the famous Balaclava charge was
sounded as well as some Crimean medals auctioned at the same time, were
also bought by Mr Astor and have
been presented by him to the same
museum. Mr Astor is the great-grandson of John Jacob Astor, whose father
was a butcher in a littlo German village near Heidelberg nnd who went to
New York in 1783. He removed west
and made money by peddling worthless gewgaws to the Indians, receiving skins in exchange, whicli he dressed with his own hnnds and shipped
to London His investments in New
York real estate made him eventually
one of the great capitalists of the
Chewing Tobacco
Rich and satisfying.
The big black plug.
Mares ol Mahomet.
In bygone days there was no more
enthusiastic breeder ot horses than
the Prophet Mahomet. In the course
of time he became the owner of a vast
number of mares, and the point wns
how to arrive at n selection of the
very best. At last be hit upon tho following scheme.
For three days nnd nights tlie marcs
were kept without water, then tliey
were loosed, und ns might bnve been
expected, tore madly off to their usunl
watering place. Just as tliey were on
thc very brink of tlie water the trumpeter blew the war Bignnl for assembly. Madden with the thirst, the
mares forgot their training, all save
five, who, forgetting their own urgent
need, galloped back at once to seek
their musters.
Tiiese five mnres were set apnrt by
Mahomet as representing the pick of
his stud, and from them, we are told
descended the best and noblest breed
of horses.
What It Was.
"You know, from the wny Jagsby's
hunting expedition ended I always
suspected something went back on
"Something did."
"What was itP"
"His gun kicked."
A Subtle Difference.
Mrs, Blank, wife of a prominent
minister near Boston, had in her employ n recently engaged colored cook
as black as tbe proverbial ace of
spades. One day Mrs, Blank said to
"Matilda, I wish that you would
have oatmeal quite often for breakfast My husband Is very fond of It.
He Is Scotch, nnd yon kuow that the
Scotch eat a great deul of oatmeal."
"Oh, he's Scotch, ls he?" said Matilda. "Well, now, do you Luow I was
thinkln' all along dat he wasn't des
like us."-Woman's Home Companion.
���"THE discomfort of
A saw-edged linen
is almost equal to the
drudgery of the method that causes it.
He  Guessed   It.
A party of foreigners who are making a tour of this country called recently nt the State Department and
were received by Secretary Root. Tliey
had a very limited knowledge of English, and tlie conversation wns con-
lucted mostly in the sign language.
Finally spokesman of the party
arose, nnd with a profound bow, said:
"Mr. Secutnire, we will not further
cockroach on your time."
Beoretary Hoot is known In Wash*
Ington ns the police num.    He did not
crack a smile, but in diplomatic terms
explained to his visitor that encroach
wns  the   proper  English   word  to ex-
plain  his  meaning.
"Ah," exclaimed the culler, with
another bow, "1 understand, Cook*
roach am ze male und henroaoh am
r.e female I"
Mr. Root nodded his head. Further
"X|ihiiiiiitiini seemed to be useless.���
Washington  Times.
Attorney���What  did  the  firm    tell
ii, s
you r
Client���That no lawyer would be
blamed fool enough to take my case.
Attorney���Yes; and then what did
you do?
Client���Came right over and engaged you.���Cleveland Lender.
Every year each one of U9
consumes ij lbs. of salt���
Science says.
��� More than a pound a-
Just as well to  have it pure.
Your   grocer   will   tell
Like 8l Top
Don't lie awake with the remedy al
your elbow. To banish wakefulness, nervous starts, bad dreams���
to sleep Loundly and waken refreshed���take
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
Queen's  University
and College
SCIENCE (Including Engineering)
The Arts Course may be taken without attendance.
For Calendars, write the Registrar,
_ Kingston, Ontario.
Ono packot
has actually
killed a bushol
of flloa.
10o* par packet, or 3 packeto for 2Sc.
will laat a whole souson.
Are Hard to Cure,
will remove them and leave no
blemish. Dogs not bllstor or re-	
move the hair. Cures any puff or swelling. Home c	
ho worked.$2.00 nor bottli*. delivered. Hook (t-C Free.
ABKOUltlNE.   .in,    frr manltlud.ld.0o por
bottle. Cures Holls.llnilses, Old  Sores, BWelllQN*
Vnricntp Vol TIB. wrMMeit*. Fv-fc-w"*-*.*-.     -Jl St.
% F. YOUNG, P.DF,137Monmoutn St., SprlnjIieW, !ta&
LYMAN SONS ft CO., Montreal, Canadian Agents.
Alto furnlthad by Martin Bole A Wynne Co., Winnipeg*
The National Drug A Chemhal Co., Winnipeg and Calgarg*
and Hendercott Bros. Co. Ltd.. Vanoouaart
Every hull fully Ouant-u teed
And properly taKi_od to com*
I ply with Canadian laws
Tree on
board run*
free on
hoard ears
STANDARD 500 li. per bil�� 50 IU $4.76
MANILA 550 It.ptrjuti50IU . 6.26
MANILA 600 fi. p.t h.U 501U |      6.76
"T.nli-1'B ���fttst'i'ptf.rfiir on**. l-i-lo or moro. Tonus cash
With order or O. O.D.   Prompt shipment nnd satisfaction Riiarautooil,   Auk ttl for price on onr lots.
COOPER CORDAGE CO., Minneapolis, Minn.
W.    N.   U.    No.  694. THE   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW.   W.W   DENVER,  JB. JC.
Bank of (Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,100,000.      -      -      REST, $11,000,000
.    *   .   *    UNDIVIDED.PROFITS, $908,580.20
President���T-onn BtbaVhcona and Mount Royai,.
Vice-President���Hqh. (jEOBQE.A. DttOMttOK**,
Generul Manager���E, S. Clouston.
Branches in All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slucan Lund District���Dislrict of West
Tako notice that John Thomas mark
of Nov. Denver, B.C., provincial con-
Stable, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the Allowing described land :
. Commencing at a post planted on the
north boundary of Lot 485", llience nortli
' 30 cliains, tlience west 30 chains more
[or less to the shore of Slocan Luke,
(heme south   along  the  said   lake,   SO
chains more or less, io ihe north-west
corner of Lot 485, thence cast -0 chains
more or less to point of commencement,
containing 50 acres more or less.
Dated the 14lh dav of July, 1008.
Slocan fllMnino .Review.
I AT  NEW  DENVER, 13.0.
Subscription (3,00 por annum, strictly
f.     in advance.  ,Nq puy_ tic* paper.
AnvEimsiNG Rates;
Notices to DellnquontOwners - . 12.00
" for Crown Grants - - 7.60
" " Purchase of Lnnd - 7.80
"      " License to (Jul Timber D.OO
All locals will be chargod for nt tlio rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates mado known on application.   No ro nn for Quacks,
Address all Communications aud make
Cheques payable to
Editor und Publisher,
Make yourself familiar with the
'���-.bove rates and Save Trouble.
Kaslo Land District���Distiict of
���    . West Kootenay.
Take Notico that Lilian 10. Gelhing,
of SluUan (lily, mairied woman, Intends
to apply for permission lo purcliase Ihe
following desciibed land: Commencing
nt a post planted at lhe smith-west corner of lot 3310 ahout five mile, from
Slocan City, 111 Oil CO south JO chains
thenco west 30 chains, thenco north -10
chains thence east 20 chains to point
of commencement, containing 80 acres.
George Henderson, Agent.
April 37th 1003 Jy30
Nelson Lund District���Distiict
ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that A. E. Haigh, of
Nakusp, loco fireman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted Oil lhe west sile of Lot **805.
about five chains from Box Lake, Ihence
north SO chains, thence west 20 chains,
thnnce south 80 chains, tlience east 20
chains, to the point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or lessr
Dated Juno 17th, 1003.
Augl-1 A. E. HAIGH.
Slotan Land District���District ol
West Kootenay.
Take notice that John D. Reid, of Slocan, II. C, prospector, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a post
plumed about 000 feet south of tho
I'orlli-east post of Lut 8428, Group 1,
West Kootenay dislrict, thence south 20
chains, tlience eaat 20 chains, theme
north 20 chains, tlience west 20 chain",
to the point of commencement aud containing 40 acres more or less.
Datid June 5th, 1908.
Slocan Lain' District���Dislrict of
West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, Harvey Fife, of
Slocan, miner, intend iixty days from
tlie date hereof, to anply to IlieJ Chief
Commissioner of Lam.S and Works for
permission to puichase the following
described lands: Starting at a post
plained on ('.IMI. survey line, running
east to Lot8701, thence norlh to coiner
of lot TiO'2, llience cast 40 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west to C. P.R.
survey line, following said lino to point
of commencement, containing 1-0 acres,
more or less.
John Giuuud, Agent.
May 2, 1008.
Slocnn Land Distiict���Dislrict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice Hint William John Corey, of New Denver, B.C., lumberman,
intends to apply for permission
to purchase tl.e following described land,
Commencing at a post planted on tlio
north boundary of lot 8-132, and marked
W. J. C's S.E. corner post, thenco west
10 chains, Ihence nortli 10 chuins, thence
west 10 chains, llience north 30 chains,
thonce east 20 chains, thence, souih 40
chains to tho place of commencement,
containing 70 acres more or less.
July 28th, 1003.
For Stylish
and U
Bring; Your Orders to
s s s
Estimates Given.        Prices Reasonable.
Slocan Land District���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Take nolfce that J. B. Smith of New
Denver, B.C., moichunt, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing
at a post planted on the east side of
Slucan Lnke til out l'J**** miles distant and
In a northerly direction from Hoselierv,
and ahout 200 feet (loin the Nakusp and
Slocan railioad, J. J*. S.'s south-west
corner, thence east 20 chains, ihence
north 20 chains, thence west 20 cliains,
thence south 20 chains to the point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
mine or le-s.
Dated Juno 10th, 11)08.
Slucan Land District���Dislrict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Adolnb Mero, ofNcw
Denver, E.G., shoemaker, inli mis to
apply for   permission   to   puichase tho
following described lands; Commencing
at a post planted at the nonh-west corner of Peter Murray's pre-emption,
tbence west 20 chains, llience south 20
chuins, thenco east. 20 chains, tlience
north 20 chains, io point of commence-
ment, containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated 10sli June, 1008.
Slocan Lnnd District���Dislrict of West
Take noiico Ihat Oie. Slnattebrel., of
New Denver, Miner, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a post
pliured about 4 milcB from Enterprise
landing oh Ten inilo crock, niar XV. E.
Koch's old saw-mill. 0. S.'s P. E.
corner post, tlience north 10 cbaius,
llienee west, 10 chains, thenco north 10
chuins, thence west 10 chains, thence
north 20 chains, theme west 20 cliains,
llience smith 40 chains, thence eatt 40
chains to the point of commencement,
and containing 110 acres more or less.
Arp.lSOlli, iocs.
mi mum,
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and   Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish iu season,
Ills Utile .To ice on the Doctor.
"Doctor," said the patient, nfter paying his hill, '*lf there is anything in the
theory of the transmigration of souls
you'll he n war horse after death,"
"That sounds rather flattering," remarked Dr. Price-Price,
"\'es, you're such a splendid* charger."
Mrs, Kurltoh���I want to get a pair of
swell white gloves to wear to n ball.
Clerk--Yes'm. How long do you want
them'.' Mrs. Nuritch���Soo here, young
man, I. ain't tnlklu' about rcntiu' 'em.
I wnnt to buy 'em.
Sir William llaJiwi*.'. Fllj.li Ideal for tin
It is often snid that in these days
science is becoming materialistic. A
passage from a recent lecture by Sir
Wm, Ramsay, the groat chemist, on
radium, shows that this is certainly
not true of that distinguished investigator. Sir William in closing
Raid: Medical men have been experimenting with radium as a possible cure for ulcers of various kinds
on tlio liumnn body. I run not an
authority on this subject, but 1 nm
told that in certain cases of rodent
ulcer���a very terrible disease���the effect of the beta rays of radium has
lieen to produce n cure. People ask
whether cancer can be cured. I suppose 1 nm right in saying that it
hits not been cured, but I nm told
that great strides have been mado
within the last *fc\v montiis by one
of the professors at tho Royal College of Surgeons. Tutting aside tho
absolute use to human needs of
radium, might I suggest that one ol
tlie most important uses is with regard to the objects around us? It
we can expluin them and their method of working, we shall havo made
great advances. We scientific men
have faith in the laws of nature and
the constancy of its action. Wo havo
hope that we shall live to discover
much yet and gain a greater insight
into thinking the thoughts of Clod.
I have mentioned faith and hope: but
the apostle names another Important
virtue, charity, and I think you will
agroo that, fascinating as tho exorcise of faith and hope is in science,
still morn important is tho exercise
of charity.
���*���_*_   ,.a*__.i
Dealer in Mine.-, Mineral Prospects,
fruit %u\Cob anc*
General (Real Estate
Preliminary examinations of Properly   for prospective  purchasers a
12 years experience in the Slocnn. All
business   promptly  attended to and
Satisfaction guaranteed.
P.O. Box 112, Silverton,1<J.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
Number Three Mineral  Claim,   situate
i  in th*; Slocan Mining Incision of.Wist
Kootonay '.Dislrict.     Where located:
Near the town ol Cody.
Take tirrtice that I. A. 8. FlUWell, of
Nelson, acting as agent, for John M.
Harris, lires M'tmr'-i Certificate Nt),
131)5,89!), intend, 00 dnys from lho date
hereof, to apply to,tht; Mining Recorder
fora Certilicate of Improvement:., for
the purpose of ohtaiuli'ga Crown Grail.
of the uh'ive eluipi.     ,   .
, And further. lake  notice that action
under section .17, niu-t.  be commenced
before  the issuance of such Certilicate
of Impi'Ol eup'nls.
. Dated this 18th day of June, 1008.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at  any lime, call at'
the   Kootonay   and  let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Slocan   Land  Distiict���District of
West Kootenay.
Tnko notice that 11. A. Cousins,
of Silverton, B.C., mill in an, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing at. n post planted at tlie
No. 1 post of Lot 2017 tlience west
nbout 10 chuins to n lino running noith
uud south, Ihence along the said lino
*!0 chains north lo lot 1807, thence 20
chains east, thence about 8 chains
south to lhe north boundary of lot "017
theme west and south along tie* bound*
ui.es of lot 2617 to pointof commence*
ment, containing 30 acres  more or less.
uly 7th, 1008. SI
Number Four Mineral Claim, situate in
tlie Hlucnn -Mining Division of Weet
Ko'tenny District, Where located:
Niar the toun of Codv.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, of
Nelson, acting as agent for Fred. T.
Kelly, Free Miner's Certilicate No.
1185,608, intend, 00 days from tho date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
fur a Certilicate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further lake notice that action,
under section IS7, must lie commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of June, 1008,
Aug.31 A. S. FA It WELL
Dry  Goon*-*.
Biffins-ITo labeled Hint box "I.rJ*
Goods." Mifflns���What was I" it? Blf.
flns���A bound volume of th? C'ongres>
sloiuil Record.
Sneak'.:,���. of Grain,
In the United States when one spenk3
of "corn," maize is always meant. In
England "corn" is iipplied to all cereals, especially wheat, In Scotland
"corn" means onto. Germans use the
word in tlie sumo sense ns tho English. Carlyle, being n Scotchman, ln
writing of Frederick tho Greut ullows
himself to refer frequently to Frederick's "meal enrts," when, strictly
speaking, ho should have said "grain
carts." What tho bread of Frederick's
soldiers was made of wns wheat and
rye, not "corn" in the restricted Scotch
sense. In Scotland a "cornfield" la
only a field of oats. Junileson reniarlca
that the term "corn" in northern Europe is used to denote that species of
the grain most in use In any particular
region. Hence iu Snellen and Iceluuil
the term denotes hurley.
Wc Are  AH "Just  Folk-*."
"My boy," suid a man of tlie state
of Texas lo his son, who wus starting
out for a career in an eastern city���
"my boy, let mc tell you something
which may be of help to you. You get
up there, and you mny see a heap of
people who havo got more money thnn
you huve, u heap of people who linva
got more bruins than you have aud
moro success. Some of them muy even
be better looking thnn you ure. Don't
you worry about that, and don't you
bo seared by anybody. Whenever you
meet a mnn who ullows lie's your superior you just look at bim and sny to
yourself, 'After all, you're just folks.'
You want to remember for yourself,
too, thnt you're just folks. My boy,
after you hnve lived us long ns I havo
nnd have knocked around tlie world
you will come to see that that's all any
ono of us is���just folks."���Field nud
Feline IJeprnvlty,
"Oh, Horace," walled his young wlft
"I huve just found out thnt Ajux, oui
beautiful Angora cut, bus been lending
a double life!"
"Thnt mnkes eighteen, I suppose,"
said Horace. "Whnt bus he been dolus?"
"You know I let hlm out every morning, becnuse he seems to wnnt to go
nnd piny out of doors. Well, I have
discovered that ho goes over to the
Robinsons und lets them feed him und
pot hlm,",
Shelf    nnd   Heavy   Hardware,   Min-.
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
New Denver Lodge No. ll
Kl. of F3,
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY-   evening   at
8 o'clock.
Summer Excursion Rates I
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO   $72.60
NEW YORK    .103.50
MONTREAL $105.00
f-T. LOUIS $67.60
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA  $10-1.00
ST. JOHN,  NB $120.00
HALIFAX $131.20
SYDNEY, C.B $180 90
Tickets on sale May 4 nnd 18,
June 5, 6, 19, and ��0, July 6, 7,
22, and 23, and August 6, 7, 21,
and 22, 1908.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
Rodtbs���Tickets are good via any
recognized routes in ono or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago arc good via Croat
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
John* Mon, D.P.A., Nelson, B.C.
C. E. McPiikiison-, G.P.A.,
Winnipeg, Man.
laclure Boarw, polilhtt. flavoring QXtmcU, per-
(urne*. toilet .-.rtic'ca, mcfliciras. bo'Ait'*- pow-
���_._������-��, ulvct, liniments, itoeh and poultry rem-
etliw, bOUtehotd rpccnlt*?** and novelties in
your own non." at imaJl cctt. MlXStl Guide is
��� pancf devoted to the buiin��s, tbrM months
bul subscription [cr 10c;ian;ple free*
ML'-iiliS GUIDE. Fori MiduOD, Iowa
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to anjr
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
II. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
Hotel Rosebery
TRoscbci^, 36. <B.
Well furnished rooms.
First-class   Cuisine.
tl'ican Lnnd District���District of
Weet I.ootenny.
Take notice that John Wafer of Slocan, B.C., miner, intends lo apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lnnd: Commoncing at a post
planted at the north-west corner of Lot.
8225, Group 1, West Kootonay district,
llience north 20 ch.iii.s, thenco cast 20
chains, thenco south 20 chains, thence
west 20 chains to the pointof commencement, and containing .0 acres more or
Dated May 21st, 1008. AtglO
Funeralb conducted on Short
notice ��t tiny point iu tho dis-
trut.    ���Sht-.lri tilwuvH iu Htock,
i( 11111
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension
Mill on Slocan Lake u^,****
Agent at New Denver, J. B. SMITH.
, and
jr Co.1
Box 20.
[*-��:*__ffia^n*3cS5-*-1' ���"
la lhe Home  for nil Mining Men when at the f.imous Silver-Lead Camp,
Co.'y Rooms ami fir_t-_.'las8 table.   Sample Rooms.
1 will make your stay with me a pleasant one.
Do Grant Prop,=SILVERTON, B.C.
5team Laundry
For First-Class Work.
Have you thought of your
Full und Winter Suit yet
Get price   list from .T. E.  Angrignon
Local Agent.
If not, Come and See my New
Samples.   Just Arrived.
No Fit, No Pay.
Tlie Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Out.
Palraa Angrigno
General Freighting
and Transfer.
Stoli'i*. TreltH-ai-ei..
Some of M. Geromo's artistic treasures had a curious origin. When In
Constantinople once he wus brought
Into contact with u worthy mnn who
sold most beautiful objects nt exceedingly reasonable prices. It turned out
jl'lerward thut he wns the keeper of
ono of tlie Imperial palaces and had
been in the habit of laying under contribution the cabinets intrusted to his
care. His end, bowever, was not en*
COUraglng, for one day he was caught
tu tho uct nnd subsequently impaled.
Number Five Mineral Claim, siinnie in
the Slocin Mining Division of Won
Kootenay LHirirt. Whore located I
Close to the town of Cody.
Tn Ice noiico that I, A s. Farwell, nf
Ni-l-on, acting ns agent for J_bu A.
Whittle'*, Free Miner's Cerliflento Nu,
1310377, Intend 00 dityn f.oiu the date
liHicif. to apply to ih*< Mining Recirder
fir a Cerlifliinte of rmpi'ovein**iiti*, for
the pnrpoBO of obtaining a Crown Gran!
of tbe above clulin.
And further take noiice thai, nclion.
under section 87, must he cmnne-nceit
before the issuance of mch Certllioute
of Improvements,
Dated I his 18th day of .Tune, 11)08.
Aug.31 'A  S. I'AlnVKl.l..
Street 'I'lii'dup.l, tt Clinrclt.
One of the best known instnnces of
churches with streets through them is
thnt of St. John the Baptist's church
In Bristol, England. The church is situated right over tbe ancient gateway
Into the cily on tlie Avon, und the towering Spire, standing high above .the
neighboring bouses and streets, Is a remarkable sight us ono surveys it from
the roadway below.
Tbo Betel Tint.
Hotel nuts, tho produeo of the areca
pillin, nro chiefly used ns n mnstlcutory
by lho natives of the oust. They are
too smnll to bo applied to many ornamental uses, but nre occasionally employed by tho turner and wrought Into
bends for bracelets, small rosary cases
nnd other littlo fancy articles. In tlio
Museum of Economic Botany at Kew
there is a walking stick mnde of these
nuts, sliced, mounted or supported on
tu iron center.
Novel Funeral Instrnctlon-s.
Curious instructions ns lo the mniiner
of her burying were left behind by nn
old lndy at Stockport, England. Her
funeral, she directed, should be attended by six of tbe best horsed conches
Stockport could provide, und nnother
direction wns that after the Interment
tlio funeral party should repair to the
New Denver, B.C.
Slocnn Lnnd Dislrict���Distiict of
West Koolenay.
Tnke Notice that John Thomas Chapman, of Lunou Creek, rninlicr, i Mends
to apply for permission to purchase tlio
fo lo.iing described haul: (Joininc.icing
ut a post \~i mted on tho v.ct bonndury
of Lot iiH'_, Group 1, immediately noith
of SloOati river und marked "J, T. C.
s 'Utb-eust corner," llicnce n*>rlh 40
chains, thence weit 20 chains, thonco
sjiitb *10 clmins, 1 hence east 20 clmins,
to the point of coiiiincii.cuicnl, con
turning B0 acres more or less.
ny 15th, 11)08. J\.10
^^ Agent ���
Marmion nndMiirylniul Mineral Claims,
sit'iate in the S!onnn Cily Mining Division   of   Wci-t   Kootenay   District.
Where   located:  Vo   Tiger  Creek, a
brunch of  tbo second  norlh  fork of
Lemon Cietk.
Take notice lhnt. I,  Henri Robert.
Joiaml, F. M. C. No.  K4800, acting iih
agent for  B, Randolph Bruce, F. M. C.
No. B85058, intend, sixty d*iys fr^m the
dato heieof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilicuieof Improvement.
for tlie purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grunt to  un   undivided   four-filths in
encb oi the above claims,
And further lake notice that action
under section ll'!, must bu commenced
before tlie issuance of such Ceitilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 23th day of May, 1908.
Jy 80. If. R. JORAND.
The  Pansy tied.
Always locate the pnnsy bed in an
open, ulry plnce, where the wind enn
huve free sweep over it, It is a mistake to plant pnnsies ln tlie shade. Under that condition tho stems become
weak and straggling, whereas the
plants Bhould be stout and stocky,
with the flowers borne on moderately
long stems. . .
Tendencies of tbe Time.
Personal luxury���vulgar, ostentatious,
uniusthetic���Is rampant, Our men weal
diamonds,  sapphires,  rubles  ln  their
ties, in their sleeve links, in their gold
cigarette  cases,  in  their  mntchbovns.
Brutal ostentation is near to being the
good form of today.   Our women clothe
themselves   with    reckless   profusion.
Life is murdered in every quarter of
tiie globe to provide them wltb furs,
with  feathers, with the hundred nnd
,    . ,���    ��� ,    , ,     .   ,.,������"    ,,       .   one gewgaws Hint huve come to bo con-
best 'lory hosiery .11 Oldham, there  O ..^^ ��b      ^
be   served   with   tlio  best   repast  the _                 ,
bouse could afford, which wns to be 	
....        ~.       ,,,,      1          .*�� ���____ _*_���*,-*���Ty*-*.-?***.--!.                  ,
supplied by n Tory landlord uud served _._._.,                       ���
, . * Roman  Batlta. i
by lory waiters.  Em.y Roman  hao* (ho us(? of tho
���        .....    ���    .  ..   .,    ... public bnths on payment of nbout half
Ri-ouiilit l"<it Bnck to ISnrtli. -     ., , ,n , ,     _
..     ,���.   . ,   ,,  ,   ,        .   ,������ a farthing.   These were not such struc-
Ilo���Wlint  nuiiii! shnll  I  Invent  fnr , *>      ,,,,,,,,,_ ,
.. , __._._, ,,,-,, .. turcsus we call public biitliK, but superb
thee,   dearest���what   appellation   that ,...,,.,,  ,,..._  ,   ���      ..
in a single word cun express nil my
soul's desire, nil my heart, nil my passion, nil��� She (exceedingly unroniaii-
111*1���Well, John, What's the mutter
with Jane? As n nnme It's always
been good enough for me, nnd I
thought it ought to bo yood enough for
- ������-   -*������*_��"".- -����      '
Soollicy  ott   Wortlawortli.
Of Wordsworth, Southoy writes In
IS0S, says llnrold S. Scott In The Atlantic: "He has written a masterly
poem called 'The While Doe of Itllstotl
Hull; or, Tho Fate of the N'ortons.' The
poem is Incomparably fine. It would
iiiiiiise you to hour how be talks of his
own production. His entire nnd Intense^
seliishness exceeds anything you could
have conceived. I am more amused ut
It tbun offended; not being sufficiently
attached 10 bim to feel pnin ut perceiving bis faults, und yet respecting bim
fnr loo much on the average of his
qualifies to be disgusted. It Is so pure
nud unmixed n passion in liiui that Ben
JotiF.on would havo bud him iu a play
hnd he been hia contemporary."
buildings lined with Egyptian grnnifo
nud Nubian marble. Warm wnter wns
poured Into the capacious basins
through wide mouths of bright nnd
massive silver. Tho most magnificent
bulbs were those of Cnracnlln, which
had sents of marble for more thnn
1,000 people, and thoso of DlocV��tlnn,
whir* bad ouiits tor n,ooo people,���National Review.
niii s
he  Mc
���co -Yes,
I     lie*.
irge   nt
I lew
bo pro
d to 1110
he v.
'ns Will
.ly    ould
*   doubt
t tint.
e\     r,.-     t*
*     *
if* with
uk tbey,'
Kl".' 1
���i_.il l.-.
���   i


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