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Slocan Mining Review 1907-08-01

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Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
No. 49   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Aug. i, 1907.
Sent to any address-"
r $2.00  per ann.
you see it in the
Review,"   it's   so.
Single Copies 10c.
�����*������*���.���**���**������*������*������*���**������*��� *** ****���!****** I
f ************************* I    If perchance  a copy of  this    paper
Float ano %Oiqc flDatter I Bh0 ���' tM Vlt0.t,ie 'T * -of any f��
���j*   ���}����� 1 are in search of a new location���a  place
J ' where church, school and s.ieial  advan
.4,4^.''!   'ages are given emphasis,  and where
! you can live out your allotted number
On  the 31st of August next, one of. 0f years without fear of pestilence or
our most popular men will retire from famine, we ssy, like one of old, " Come
public  life  111 this city.     Mr.   C.   E. I thou with us and we will do the good,"
Lyons who has faithfully held  the juint   without emphasis on the " do."
positions of Chief of  l'olic *. Citv Clerk, I _. .	
Assessor and    Collector  for  six   years
will on that day relinquish them, and Writing Irom Athelstan, Que., M.
upon the city dadB rests tbe onus of Rowatt informs ua that Rev. W. G.
securing a competent man to fill the Brown, late Presbyterian pastjr for thia
vacancies. But this will be no easy task, j district, is Buffering greatly With rheuni-
asthe qualifications necessary for tbo atism, and is not improving as rapidly rs
joint offices arc not possessed by one in : l*>**>' could wish. AVe trust that with
a thousand. In Mr. Lyons the city has t**�� arrival of the baby girl to the
a most efficient servant. As City Clerk household of the rev. gentlemen, the
he has pioved bis ability both as an ] accompanying joy will act as an antidote
accountant nnd business man. As i to the excruciating pains of rheumatiz.
guardian  of  the peace lie has won the
confidence and esteem of sinners and
faints, and bis other thankless duties
of tax assessor and col'ector have ever
been nccomplishe I wilh tact and success.
The Council as a body feel they aie
losing their right hand man, and fain
would have bim stay, but Ed. Lyons'
talents need greater scope and he is
willing to exe-cise lliem in a new fie!d.
We cannot speak yet with assurance as
to Mr. Lyons' ultimate destination, but
wherever he may dtcidc. to hang up bis
hat, there lie aud his is'im.'ble wife will
be followed with tlie good wishes of the
people of Sandon to a unit.
Put it down in your pocket book.
Sandon will celebrate Labor Day in a
lavish manner. Tlie full program will
be announced probably next issue.
Now is the time of the year when the
wild berries ripen and the thoroughbred I
hobo    bobbles into     our sanctum   on
crutches to present his compliments and
liil " caid."
That era of prosperity awaited by the
good people of Nakusp has come at last.
There's a reason. Nakusp has the
goods, and si-ttlers are arriving by every
boat to lake np future orchards. Tlie
real estate and fiuit binds men of Winnipeg knew a good thing when they
saw it and to say that the new arrivals
are ploastd with the eoil, location and
possibilities of fair Nakusp and its environments is to put it very mildly.
It looks as if the people of this province will have a Color problem on tlieir
bands within the next generation. The
inllux of Japanese is a sinning such
gigantic proportions that it behooves
every man to interest himself in discovering a method of averting the great
danger. A month ago there were not
less than 5,000 iittle brownnien in the
province ; two weeks t'go a bunch of 400
came in on one day ; and according to
dispatches from the coast, 1,177 cooiits
attempted to land last week, and thousands more are awaiting transportation
from Honolulu ti this land of milk and
homy. To Ottawa we must look for
constitutional legislation to solve the
tickli-h difficulty���ticklish because .Lilian and the mother country are allies,
but Ottawa at the present time is too
bu y attending ice-cream socials and
strawberry functions lo pay any attention to thc needs tf the Great West be-
jond the Rockies.
The Japs are going some and  getting
Tbe editor of the Calgary Chinook
has been taking the wrong kind of dope.
There's blood ill his lye, minder in his
heart, wheels in Ids grey matter, and
a "big slick" in bis mitt. He has a
hunch that he is the one man who i*1 to
go down to posteiiiy as tbe savior of
the north-west, anil lie forthwith throws
down the gauntlet to all and 'undl'y
'���lumber combines" to come up lo have
the stuffing poundid ont of tbem. In
monster black be.v.Mines on the front
page of bis literary bubble 1 e gives
"Fair Warning to Lumber Combines,"
and goes on to remark :
" After careful consideration I have
decided Ihat if the price of lumber is
not rcduc-d to a proper and just hasie
before August 3lst, I shall immediately
a-k the consent of the Attorney General
of Alberta to lay an information against
every lumber manufacturer and rrtaii
lumber dealer in Alberta, who aio known
j to be members of these illegal combines."
And what do yon suppose the Attorney general of Alberta will savin answer to he of lhe kinked topnot? Why
semething like this: "My dear little
misinformed ink slinger, you are in a
very bad way. Try lots of frcsli air
and exercise, and the "jim-jams" will
depart in company with the hosts of
pink devils in tin hats who are now
dancing a pas do quatre on your eyelashes. Failing, ty a rest at Halcyon
Hot Springs."
But our friend says be " fully realizes
the seriousness of tlie step be is taking
and that he has waited patiently for
Bonio time."   Cf oonrie, they all do.
He ulso adds: "I have considered it
my duty to give you fair wnrniig and
time to ndjuit inatUrs, but remember
that thu lime limit is August 81st at 12
o'. lock noon."
That savors very much of "this account is loig pa*>t ov. nine," or, "I shall
immediately p'ace tbe bill for collection
in the hands of n.y solicitor, " but the
last quarter of the moon fades away on
the 30th prox., and eie noon Saturday
is reached, we feel assured our friend
will feel better if be will only keep ont
of the sun, nnd refrain from reading the
curi ent issue of the Calgary Eye Opener.
The Movie Leader rises to remark,
under the caption of " Where is Peck
MacSwain ? "--
" When the editor of the Leader went
east some three weeks ago, he left the
paper in charge of Mr. J. Peck Mac
Swain, famed tho world over as a
printer, poet and philosopher. But
Peck's stay at the helm was brief, and
tip to the  hour of going to priss his
frisky some more. Over at Vancouver who. eabouts are oven entirely nnknown
the other day tliey were demanding the
inauguration of a Japanese po-jt-olliee.
Kure thing. Give them the keys of the
city and throw to them the mineral
wealth of the province ns a bonus.
And while wo aie at it why not an
Irish post-ofliee, and a Scotch post-
office, and a post, ofric-* f jr the man from
Missouri ? While we are bowling our
damnedest for a daily  nuiii service  in
to us. Grave fenrs are entertained for
his safety. Many theories are advanced for his sudden disappearance. When
Inst seen he was at Kingsgntc and was
headed south. Miy be he was thiisly
and simply strolled down to " Dutch
Jake's " at Spokane for a schooner of
bee*. Then, again, he may be on the
I rail of some good news  item  witli a
" scoop " in sight.    But probably (01)16
Sandon, it strikes us wc arc the  wrong  M      moro   ^.^ ^ ,,ft j    ,
anil  too   lengthy    of   stature  to'
tickle 'em up tho right way at Ottawa.
A canny old Khan ran a canneiy,
Another obi Khun ran tt tannery ,
And 'twas said : " The old tannery Khan
can tun
Ab well as the cannery Khan can."
Now the canny old Khan of the cannery
Fought   the   other   old   Khan   of   the
And the cannery Khan was ths Khan
that got tunned,
While the tannery Khan was the Khan
that wus c.umed.
him. Could lie huve been kidnapped,
like Ch arlie Ross, Eddie Cudnhy or
Ellen Store, and be held for ransom in
some wild c.ivern near Bonner's Ferry?
Or, have somo bold, bud men murdered
him for his money (lie was known to
havo a roll when bu left here) and
thrown his body in lhe Movie river to
be devoured by the fishes ? Apparently
tine alone can solve the mystery."
But the mystery bus already been
solved, for we can read correctly between thc lines. We would slake our
reputation us clairvoyants ihat Pick
has had several " rods " be.-ide-i the one
he was beading south witli, and possibly
a few tumbles too. In the sameissneof
the Leader, among theeJitoiiuls, occurs
an item which helps us out lu our deductions considerable. It is a panegyrical (?) effusion devoted to booze-
artists, printers and thiigs, and we
consequently conclude with fatherly
Ob! J. Peck MacSwain,
Y'ou have hit it again
Tlie Imps on your'brain have been raising smnll C.iiu.
But you'll go on the bum
And sure hit kingdom cum
If you don't cut vour hops and act sane,
Peck MacSwain.
Wc venture to assert that of all the
newspapers which find tlieir ways to
the desks of B.C. editors, the first to be
reached for is the Nelson Daily News.
Ko, gentle peruser, this is not " taffy."
In or out of season���that is politically���'
the News has ft charm peculiarly its
own. Its utterances are powerful and
can lid, perhaps too much of the latter
thrown in to suit us at timi s, and withal, to the point and influential. If tbe
Nelson News is as popular in ita home
town as it is on tlie outside it should be
a great money maker, but we often le-
flcct that were Deane to give the people
of Nelson value for money received, it
would be a pretty punk daily sheet
diihed up. We but echo the sentiment
of interior criti s when we remark,
'ti. a credit to ft city of Nelson's propor-'hfi has a pretty  gool draw-  to a lull
tions, and the newsloBt daily'sl , bar ho ..   *.-    ,o.       Hijee of ft kind is not
now ieczp*l
What if tbe doctor did get a lemon-
Do you know that the people of the
prairies who arc howling about "lumber
coiubiues" are never known to mention
"niteat trusts," They are too wise.
The high price of lumber hurts them
���the high price of flour and grain
doesn't. Man wants but little here below, primarily bread, next shelter. We
get it in the neck first, tlie piaiiie
farmer next, and the C.P.R. gets the
over,���and the profit.
' Some drummers are awful liars, and
mean enough to sing hallelujah over a
dead toad. We have in mind one of
this fraternity, who on a rocint visit to
Sandon bellied up to the bar and
clmbbed around for seventeen beers and
a pocketful of cigars���all gleaned on tbe
bulling in process; and jot when he
struck ths next town following morning
he said then* was nothing doing at this
burg, in fact it was deader than a wet
Sunday. Wheu a deadbeat muses thus,
it is t me the local paper handed him a
bouquet. Besides, its ton for tt dollar
here, and somehow, we got overlooked
iu tbe imitation to irrigate, which was
good for ui and evidently bud for thu
Those who questioned our seriousness
in remarking sortie time b ok, thut Alfred Shtubb, tho English long-distance
champion, could for any distance between a mile and twelve show a clean
pair of heels lo any runner on this continent, may find food for reflection in
the fact that he is in the S.uUs and
anxious to get on a mutch with either
Sherring or Longboat; also that at Boston on July 33 last, he lowered the
American professional iccord at the
Locust street grounds against a number
of the best runners ill this section, and
being pressed hard be went the distance
in 9 minutes 34 8-5 seconds. The old
record wasl) minutes 88 seconds made
by Jim Grant in 1890. The track which
Shrubb run on is 8 laps to the mile and
wus not in lhe best condition. Our
ability to judge wus questioned when
we remarked that Shrubb would break
uot less than three existing American
records before, he returned to tlie old
While the Snndon branch of thc W.
F.M. did not indulge in any combined
procession to celebrate the acquittal of
Haywood, there was much hand-shaking
und mnny toasts drank to the health of
Judge Wood, the jtny, and the man
who bad come unscathed through as
vile a plot as was ever conceived by
the brain of man. Looking at it as
one may, it, was a direct attack upon
organized labor, and taking into consideration that this man's life would be
forfeited if tlie jury could have been
shown that an inner circle existed, it
is a glorious victory for the workers.
With the arrayed forces of wealth and
unscrupulous cunning clamouring for
tliis man's blood, it is little sboit of
miraculous that ho should come through
the terrible ordeal unseorched. But the
prosecution butted up against truth,
and that will ever prevail. The many
links of evidence which weie to be
welded into a chain to drag this man
to the place of execution proved useless,
for in no essential po:ntof Ban-abas'
story could they bo connected. And tho
judge, honest man, so directed the jury ;
aud they, go al men and true, did their
duty fearlessly m pronouncing for Truth.
And now the question aiis-os: What
will they do witli tbe self-confessed
many times murderer, Harry Orchard?
Surely in tin's age of graft and class wai
none will be found who will espouse his
release. 'Ilie "chair" is too respectable
for him, the hangman's tope tco delicate
a necklace. However we are quile prepared for any old bogey being trotted
out, and will all wink knowingly when
lhe morning papers will announce in
big letters in a few months that Harry
Orchard bin died in jail. Something
like this will be read with interest ill
the paper*..
"On going to tho cell of harry Orchard, this morning, Warder Fakenbosh
was horrified to find the stark body of
the murderer of ex-Governor Sluenberg,
lying flat upon the cold slabs of the
prison floor. It was known that Bince
the famous sensational trial bis health
had been none of tbe best, but it was
never for one moment imagined that
his days, yea even hours were numbered,
and thnt remonclesi grim death even
then held a mortgage threateningly
above him. However, it has come, nnd
although some there will now be who
will regret he has cheated the executioner, it is the consensus of opii ion that
things are best as they have happened,"
etc., etc., elc.
Then will follow a few dm later, how
"tho lifeless remains of all that was
pristine were laid to rest in the precincts
of the jail. Owing to its being strictly
against the rules of the penitentiary to
admit relatives friends or press-rep liters
to the interment, the obsequies were
conducted in the pretence of tbe governor and a slate official," etc., etc.
Then when the affair has blown over
what will happen? Oichard, yet on top
of the ground, will be given a roll of
bills and told to skin���pei baps to Canada, when be might perform Iho old
trie's of claiming u Onn dian'       lection
under the British flag from  extradition i a*************************
paperB.    Th.so   are possibilities,   but
whether they will be actual probabilities
time abne will tell.
This is a story of four ladies and a
boat, not forgetting a gentleman, a dog
and  a bull.      Behold, we   bave  four
'���'. Xocal anb General.
11 Daily Service Begun on Lake.
Picked up by Butting in Everywhere.     *
A *
j, ���$,.}. .*��.*��.*. .J..J* ************ ******
II. M. Adams, of Seattle, asat.  traffic
manager of the Great Northern railway,
Tlie daily boat service on Slocan
Luke, details of which we announced
last week, has be inaugurated, and the
change is greatly appri elated.
charming daughters*of Eve fresh from ' am-"-*!*anied by his wife and P. 11.
tlieir multifarious duties as school Bu,'nll��m- district passenger agent, came
inarms in the city of Nelson, wooing '" nn *-*?����� I1*-1** business on Monday,
the sparkling waters which kiss the Botl' ���-*('uUp*'|*'n expressed themselves
peaceful hamlet of New Denver, llnJ : a*'������g-'-y gratified at the increased bus-
verily their fuir forms create many flut- inets in freight anli Ptt88enBer trallk'*
terings beneath the vests of the village
masheis.   Cometh one, more handsome
Making a Mine of the Fiint.
and stnidy than the rest, and with him get one thumb laken off when at woik
Boliva, he of the long body, miniature ' last Tuesday.���Grand Forks Gazette,
legs, ears which trail the ground, and | We wonder if it is our old friend from
pedigree a yard of it. And lo, the gil- ' Sandon who is the unfortunate. If so
dec! swains of the hamlet are consumed ' all will sympathise with bim on his achy the all fi ed demon of jealousy as the j cident.
bout containing the quintette, not forget ing " pie-shop/' is cast from her
moorii g. bv he of the sturdy frame.
To the lessees of the Flint all ciodit
is due for tbe manner in which they are
developing the property. Stinting out
with not enough ore value in sight to
flag a bread wagon they have driven
Arthur Nichols, a slag-pot mender at  ^ et0BKnta t|lrolljll  llLln* gwnlte tor.
thcMiielt-rwa*. unfortunate enough  *" I matior)p ot)0  fol.  a ds.uuce of  170 feet
which tupped the lcdg-*  nt  a vertical
A public meeting will be heid in the
City hall on *_ ri lay evening next, the*
2nd inst,, at 8 o'clock sharp, when every
citizen is earnestly requested to be present.
By or-Jer of the Committee,
J. J. Atherton, Secretary.
Diiltiug along the lucid waters, sweet
harmony is borne upon the xcphyis to
the ears of the dudes on short, and
behold much liendii-h glee is manifested
by them when it is obseivad that the
bout is bending for a point whereon un
angry bull rui.neth am k. But still from
tbo boat in the distance com s faint,
music: " Row, broiliois iov, tlio sticam
inns fust, the lauding is near, and the
danger is put," and as thu boat touches
the landing, verily many field g'asses
are levelled in their direction, but
deponent sayctli not the number of
married men with telescopes. Observe,
'hen, the happy quintette, not forgetting the "sausage," tripping merrily
from the b.*at, aud he of thi! sturdy
frame wandering off to a nearby house
in pursuance of delicious cream and
luscious strawberries. Hut behold, the
lord of ths manor, his majesty the bull,
stirting forth on a rampage, espieth the
fair dnms'ls and fort*.ith lashes his
narrative and paws the earth. Verily,
as be b<*ars down Upon them docs much
a-leeching prevail, and iu the reckless
(light for the snf ty offered by the
waters of the lake much laundry is
shown. These thing! and many others
were witnessed by ihose on shore.
Riturneth he wilh the delicacies and
the thousand dollar Bologna at bis
heels, honifie.d to witness bis fair companions in thc water up lo their armpits, and the inf iri.itcd bull, defeated
for the nonce, preparing lo pay his compliments to bun,, and oh, horror, his
beloved Bulivtt.
Dropped bo to earth berries and
cream. Clutchelh lieBjIivn, and " tag"
prevailetb, the bull " it." One false
move and ho findeth himself with a
punctured tyre up to bis armpits in the
icy pool, while Boliva is held on high as
if for an eternal sacrifice lo appeuso his
majesty. Loud and prolonged aio the
shrieks of terror, S.uisage adding his
mite, while his majesty snorteth and
fumelb at the brink.
Cometh there one, Dame Cropp, with
a Winchester, and lo she bouti-th him
sick and causes much bellowing.
Emergeth there slintly from the
waters a disconsolate qnintet'e, not forgetting the dog; but four pairs of scornful eyes gazeth at the hero's, and ull
depart various ways to dry their
Observe, or perhaps we bad had better not, the fuir damsels in this act
behind a rnspbeny bush; observe our
dauntlless hero wringing out his only
pair b.hind tho shelteiing branches of
a weeping widow, while from between
his chattering tcelh comes the words in
ii vain struggle for song:
Mother may I go out lo swim?
...  ��� Yes, my darling daughter,
Jiang your clothes  on   a hickory
And don't go near the water.
I Born*,���At the Manse,  Athelstan, Que.,
on July 8th, to the  Bev W. G.  and
Mr*. Brown���a daughter.
The best mining boot on the market:
Leckie's.    Macdonald sole agont.
Mrs. Howard Thompson cam;) in from
the Coast Wednesday and will reside
hero until the winter.
Jimmy McKenzie lias  returned from
the coast.
Miss Alma Thomas left this morning
to visit her mother at Trout Lake City.
Mi-s Johnson haa returned from a
visit to Nelson.
Miss Marg-'iv Atherton returned
Wednesday from a week's visit to_Mis.
Delanuy at New Denver.
Goorge Bruder is home again from
Halcyon Hot Springs feeling 100 per
cent better.
See tlioso "Bronko" gloves at Macdonald's.   The best y. t.
Mrs. Tovgiod an I family hivo rdtlim-
ed from a visit to Mrs. Ransom at Denver.
The famous Hon Ton in Jackson
Basin is open for leasing. Tbe property
is owned by (lie Brandon Bros., of Silverton, who have as much as they can
give personal attention to in the Canadian group. From a So ft. opencut on
tho Bon Ton four tons were shipped
which gave the owners $1,242.00 profit
above freight and ticatment.
W. G. Clark came down from the McAllister on Monday. lie reports tho
property looking excellent.
Born��� At Sandon, Slst inst., to f>r. W.
E. and Mrs. Goiiiui,���a daughter.
Henry Tyo, mayor of McGuigan, was
thc star visitor Wednesday,
Harry Lea, Rod McMillan and Angus
McGillivray dine in from Slocan on
Wednesday. The three are inteicstcd
iu several leases hero.
Nick   Nicklovitcli    is   able  to   walk
around   again,   but  ho   is still all inpatient at  tho hospital.    The veteran  elated witb the old Payne outfit.    The
prospector and   miner   lias  bad three' ore  was   shipped in the name  of tho
monihs's sickm s-i.
depth of 1)0 feet, and another of -120 feet
which when completed will bring them
180 foot below the Surface showing. In
No. 1 level tbey took out from an upraise and a 80 foot shaft three caisof
ore which assays from 40 to 400 ounces
silver to the ton, and this is now being
shipped to a smelter. The value of the
ledge may be eal imated w lien we sny
that after cutting it, three men took out
und suckel in 72 days over 73 tons of
pure silver-lead ore. This was done in
the slow process of sinking a shaft,
which, however, was in ore all ths way
down, but at the same time they were
considerably hampered with water, and
being poor men their method of conveying the dirt from tlie face to the
portal of the tunnel was by a crude
wheelbarrow. The foot of the shaft
being in clean ore tlie men f.-lt juslili*. d
in starting the long crosscut. This is
now in 420 feet, and allowing for dip
and pitcli it is estimated that thiity
feet nioie will cut the ore shoot, when
wc hope to be able to record that tbey
have attained the success tliey so well
Two cars of high grade ore were
shipped from tho Payne on Tuesday.
This ore is the properly of leasers, all
local hoys, who have experienced some
trouble in obtaining permission to ship
it, owing to some  legU  dilli ulty  usso-
Herbert   Rcdfern,  of   Nakusp,   has
Bank of Montreal.
Rev. W. Chalmers conducted services
grown on his ranch, some of the largest in the Presbyterian cbuach on Sunday.
and most luscious strawberries it has They were well attended.
been our lot to behold.     Wo  bundled	
some this week, the largest of which The annual United Sunday Schools
measured throe and a half Inches across picnic, New Denver, was held on Wed*
lhe top, and the smallest two and one*, negday, the 24th inst., in the picturesque.
eighth Inches.   That's a sample of what vicinity of the Bosun  mine, where a
must enjoyable  day  was spent by  the
scholars and other  friends,   who were
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
about two miles south of the N. & S.
Ry., thence north 160 chains, thence
east40 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, containing 649 acres more
or less. P. J. GALLAGHER.
Dated July 11, 1907.
they can grow in Nakusp.
The many friends of Jesse Prunk, tbo
popular conductor of tbe Gnat Northern Cord wood Limited, will learn with
pleasure that be is recovering from a
protracted spell of inflammatory rheumatism.
Dist. Supt. Walsh, of the Great Northern, paid us un official visit on Wednesday.
A. 0. McCorkell, the well-known
Cu'um.j- lumbermen, was here Tuesday.
E. A. Baker, leprcsenting the Wilson
Paper Co., of Vancouver, was doing
business here yostcrday.
Mr'. Erickson and family came up
from Whitewater yesterday.
A very enjoyable dunce was held in
tlie auditorium of the Opera House on
Wednesday evening, the event being
held in honor of Messrs. Rod and Neil
McMillan and Harry Lea and Angus
McGillivray, who are about to get
married; this being their last kick in
Some very extensive development
work is being done at the Ruby Silver
liy Henry Tyo und a crew of men. A
first-class ti ail has ulso been constructed to the property.
It surprises the men who have been
working on the bids (or the past thiec
months when they an ive 'in town and
see the number of miners down for a
blow each evening. It is like old times,
they say.
Silv'o Moecard'nl  (digo  Frank) bas j
returned  from a lour  months'  tiip to'
Id; hone  at Coicglia Antelniinebi, in
Ills northern mountains of sunny Italy.
Nosiguoiinu accompanied him, ns wus
generally anlicipatid.    Frank has once i
mure put on the uniform of bead waiti r;
at tiie Hotel de Itcratix, and tlie board-,
ers ure anticipating silken Neapolitan
icc-cieutn on Sunday. ,
J.  W. Turnbull, M.E.,  of tho Con- !
soliduted Co., c.i'nu in  irom Trail  on.
Monday  to  insptct thi)  Eureka Richmond   group.      He   left   for   the   St.
Eugene, Moyie. ]
Tlie K.  of  P.'s,  New   Denver,  took
their wives, families and sweethearts on
u very enjoyable excursion Wednesday.
The venue was Five-Mile punt, where
iu less than 150 people weie conveyed
by the members of the Slocan Lake
Launch Club in tlieir natty fleet. Games,
boaiiu*/, bathing and fishing Wore in*
dulged in, the wiuther being ideal
throughout the. day. A bountiful sprciid
wus prepared by the ladies. All greatly
enjoyed the iiicuii.*.
D;. Petirsky is expected to arrive
from ' Nelson to-morrow (Friday) to
lake charge of the Minors' Union hospital and to conduct a  private practise.
Tlie only fu'l line of gent's furnishings nnd miner's supplies in town at
favored with delightful weather.
The p'easure was enhanced by the
kind and generous provision made by
the ladies of the camp, and also by
tlieir presence and assistance.
The various elm relies were lvpresenled
as follows: Catholic, Mr. Vallance (in
tho absence cf tlie Rev. Father Jeannotte) Anglican, Missioner Baynes;
Presby.Hiiftn, Pastor Chalmers; Methodist, Mr. Blumenaettr.
Geo. McCie.idy madoa flying trip to
Slocan City on Fri lay nlf-lil*. Needless
to add he went by the All-Dad route.
If not, you may havo a friend
who is, and he would be glad to
know of some big bargains. The
following articles were saved
from the fire at the Filbert Hotel
on Jan. 15th last, and are all
guaranteed to be in excellent
condition and fit for the host
Hotel in the Province.
Read on.
enough to heat any ordinary
sized hotel, complete with
pipes, fixtures, etc $50
Does that interest you ? Read on.
2 NATIONAL CASH REGISTERS, absolutely perfect and
as good a^ new.
One cost $245 $150
O.ie cost $r.'5 $50
canopy to carry ofT smoke, all
complete for   $35
by 5 ft., with bar, back bar,
and copper-lined work board
and bottle racks, complete with
highly finished bottle cabinets
for sides $125
1 Automatic electric PICTURE
MACHINE, in splendid work-
ing order, with live dozen interchangeable views from life.
A big money-maker. $'!.j
A very handsome REG.UL -TOR
CLOCK, cost. $100 $r,0
A swell CLOCK,, cost $25. .$12.50
Call on or write to
Reco Hotel, Sandon, B.C,
IRalu.sp motes.
Mrs. Thos. Anthony and children left
on a trip to tho Northwest.
Mrs. I". S. Thomas accompanied by
Mrs. Norman Thomas are visiting in
Mr. and Mrs. Waller Scott spent
Tuesday, S_rd, in Btirlou,
Mr. Alfred Harlow, of College Place,
Wash., spent a few duys in town renewing old aoqualiitan.es.
A reuort reached hero one day last
week that Mr. Herbert Radforn hud
been found dead on his ranch, but, a
few days later he appeared in town,
hale nnd hearty. ,
Mr. J. C. Harlow left on a visit lo his
father ut Peiiticton, B.C.
Mr. H. Ingram accompanied by Ida
son and daughter arrived home from a
trip to London, Out.
The C.P.R. have erected a new building at the shipyard in which they havo
ItlKtal'.d nn engine und boiler to boused
in connection with planning work.
Abundance of fish is being caught
Mr. Wm. Toals, C.P R. freight conductor hero,  is off on a shoit  vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Brigg*\ of Nelson
spent u day in town, the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. O. A. Maybe.
A jolly crowd of about twenty-five
went up to Halcyon on Thurs lay evening lust and icport a pleasant lime.
Three new families have arrived in
town. Mr. and Mrs Curran, .Mr. and
Mrs. Bell and Mr. and Mrs, Little.
On Mond.y evening lust lhe steamer
Minto was chartered for a moonlight
excursion to St. Leon. The steamer
left the wharf here with a good crowd
aboard. It was a perfect iiiB*bt, and
mine host Grady of St. Leon opened his
house to tbe people. Tlie steamer arrived back at the. dock at 3.80 a.m. and
all report :t the most enjoyable event of
tlie season.
During the hot spe.ll, the I tithing is in
ful blast and every evening ut Nakusp
cro,*. ds nre bathing iu tlie cooling waters
of the hike.
Miss Katharine Bulger is visiting her
aunt in Nelson.
Miss Mubins, of Nanaimo, who hns
been visiting f I lends in town l_ft for her
home on Friday.
Fresh apples, plums un I peaches
always on hand at Macdonald's.
Di-trict of West ICo.lenay.
Ti.kii noiici that Cornelius Morgan
Gething, of Slocan, B.C.. prospector.
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following desc ihrd land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
���oulh boundary nf Ihe C P By., lot l'i-2
at a |oint on Hie wcsl bunk of Slocan
River win re said south b tindnrv cresses
said river, tlience w est 40 clmins, tlience
'outb 40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
more or less, to lhe west bank of Iho
Slocan River, Ihence following thn
inciuid* rings of said river in a noitheily
direc'io*!, 40 chains more or lcs< to
i*o:nt.if coiumouc-meiii, and containing
160 acres, more, or less.
Dated July 1st, 1007.
Take, notice Ihat Wiliun [Ernest
Marshall, of Rosebery, B.C., agent C.P.
fly,, intends lo apply fur a special license over lh�� follow iug described land:
Commencing at a post on the southwest shore of Slocan Lake one half milo
north-west of Sawmill cro *k about two
miles from Rosebery nnd bearing tho
initials XV, K. M.'s X. E.cornet', thence
south HO cliains, tnence west K0 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence cast KU
chains to point of commencement, ami
610 acres more or less.
June.  21st 1007.
Take notice   .hat I, P.   ,T��� Gallagher,,
uf Rosebery, B.C., Iiiinb. rman,  intend!
to apply for u,  special  limber licenso
over lhe  foJioMtjng   described    lards:
Comment* .ng at a post planted about *!!���'
miles  swill* of  Summit hike,   market
P.J.G. S.W.C, thenco north  80 chains
thence eu-t, **.0 chain,   lliP.iice   south   80*
cliains, thorite west 80 chains  to point,
,of      conimoi.cement,     c ���ntuii.ing    010*
acres ni ire or less.
Dated July 5ih, 1907
Take   notice  that I,   P. .1. Gil'lagher,
( Rosebery,   H.C , lumberman,  intend
to  app'y  fur ii  speci *l  tiinbct   Invtiso
vorth'i  f*>ll.wing di-t-c.ibed   t a* t   (,f
land.   Commencing ut a post planted nt
the S.W.C., marked   P.I.G.   S.W.C,
thrice  lorth 40 chain', thence east IHO
banc, thenco south 40  chains   IhetiCu
.w.st IBO.'bafi s In   point of commence.
incut.    Containing 840  noes  more  m*
less.   Psistis planted ahull 2mile* bo.u
west shore of So an lake  neuily  opposite Silverton.
U.ted July 5th, 1007.
�� _*__*)��������
n Beverly of | ss
ft Graustark
irOiTCHtON, Wi
���J&&8  kwitsM. I****. ��sr -Ml
mllE next morning Aunt Fanny
bad a bard time of it. Her
mistress was petulant; there
was uo sunshine iu the bright
August day as It appeared to her. Toward dawn, after she had counted
many millions of black sheep Jumping
backward over a fence, sbe bad fallen
asleep. Aunt Funny obeyed her usuul
Instructions ou this luckless morning.
It was Beverly's rule to be called every morning at 7 o'clock. But how
was bor attendant to kuow that the
graceful young creature, who bad kicked the counterpane to tlie foot of the
bed and bad mauled the pillow out of
all shape, had slept for less than thirty
minutes? How wus she to kuow thut
the Hushed face and frowu were born
In the course of a night of distressing
perplexities? She knew only that the
sleeping beauty wbo lay before her
was the fairest creature In all the universe. For some minutes Aunt Fanny
stood off aud admired the rich youthful
glory of the sleeper, prophetically reluctant to disturb her happiness. Then
she obeyed the Impulse of duty and
spoke the summoning words.
"Wha���what time is It?" demanded
the newcomer from the land of Nod,
stretching her fine young body with a
splendid but discontented yawn.
"Seben, Miss Bev'ly. Wha' time do
yo' s'pose hit Is? Hit's d' reg'lah time,
o' co'se. Did yo' all bave a uice sleep,
honey?" and Aunt Fanny went blissfully about tbe business of tbo hour.
"I didn't sleep a wink, confound it,"
grumbled Beverly, rubbing her eyes
and turning on her back to glare up at
the tapestry above tho couch.
"Yo' wasp,' wlnkln' any. when Ah
rust eolue into de room, leuime teb
yo'," cackled Aunt Fanny, with caustic freedom.
"See here, now. Aunt Fanny, I'm not
going to stand any lecture from you
this morning. When n fellow hasn't
slept a"���
"Who's a-lecturln' anybody, Ah'd lak
to know? Ah'm jes' tellin' yo' what
yo' was a-doln' when Ah came into de
room. Yo' was a-sleepln' p'etty doggone tight, lemme tell yo'. Is yo' goiu'
out fo' yo' walk beftV b'eakfus', honey?
'Cause If yo' Is, yo' all 'II be oblee*-*_>d
to climb out'u dat baid mngbty quicklike.   Yo' baf is ready, Miss Bev'ly."
Beverly splashed the water with unreasonable ferocity for a few minutes,
trying to enjoy a diversion that had
not fulled ber until this morning.
"Aunt Fanny," she announced after
looking darkly through her window
into the mountulns above, "if you
can't brush my hair���ouch!���any easier
than this I'll have some one else do
It, that's all. You're a regular old
"Po' 111' honey," was all the complacent bear suld in reply, without ul-
terlng her methods iu the least.
"Well," said Beverly threateningly,
with a shake of her head, "be careful,
that's all.   Have you beard the news?"
"Who' uews, Miss Bev'ly?"
"We're going back to Washiu'ton."
"Thank de Lawd!   Wheu?"
"I don't know. I've just this Instant
made up my mind. I think we'll start
���let's see, tills is the Oth of August.
Isn't it? Well, look and see If you
don't know, stupid! The 10th? My
gooduess! Where has the time gone,
auyway? Well, we'll start some time
between the llth nnd the 12th."
"Of dis mouf, Miss Bev'ly?"
"No. September. I want you to
look up a time table for me today. We
must see about the trains."
"Dey's on'y one leavln' heah dally, an'
hit goes ut 0 iu de mo'nin'. Oue train
a duy!   Ain' dat scan'lous?"
"I'm sure, Aunt Fanuy, It ls their
business, not ours," said Beverly severely.
"P'raps dey -nought be runnin' n
cxcuhslou roun' 'bout Septembeli, Miss
Bev'ly," speculated Aunt Fanny consolingly. "Dey gen'ly has 'em ln Sep-
"You old goose," cried Beverly In
spite of herself.
"Aln' yo' bubin' er good time,
"No, I am not."
"Fo' de Ian' sake. Ah wouldn'
s'plcioned hit fo' a mlnnlt. Hit's de
gayest place Ah mos' eveh saw���'ccpt
Wash'ton an' Lex'ton an' Vlcksbu'g."
"Well, you don't know everything,"
said Beverly crossly. "I wish you'd
take that red feather out of my bat
right away."
frow   bit   away,   Miss
"Shall Ah
"Well, no.
said Beverly.
You needn't do that,"
"Put it on my dressiug
table. I'll attend to it."
"Wha's become o' de geminan 'at wo'
hit ln de fust place? Ah ain' seen him
fo' two���three days."
"I'm sure I don't kuow. He's probably asleep. That class of people never
lose sleep over anything."
" 'E's er pow'ful good lookin' pus-
son," suggested Aunt Fanny. Beverly's
eyes brightened.
"Oh, do you think so?" she said, quite
Indifferently. "What are you doiug
with that hat?"
"Takin' out de featheh���jes' as"���
"Well, leave it alone. Dou't disturb
my things, Aunt Fuuuy. How many
times must I tell you"���
"Good Lawd!" wus all that Aunt
Fanny could sny.
"Don't forget about tbe time tables,"
said Beverly as sue sallied forth for
her walk iu the park.
In tbe ufternoon she went driving
witli Princess Yetive and the youug
Duke of Mizrox, upon whose Innocent
and sufficiently troubled heud she wus
heaping secret abuse because of the
uews be brought. Later Count Marlanx appeared at the castle for his first
lesson in poker. He looked so sure of
himself that Beverly hated him to the
point of desperation. At the same time
she was eager to loam how matters
Btood. Wilh Z____.n*>   Thfl maSOat*__i _"__w___
stliriiung iffeTher lietM, 'v'ffleiT by' Its
ridiculous shadow of mercy. She knew
him well enough by this time to feel
convinced that Baldos would have to
account for his temerity sooner or
later. It was like the cat and the helpless mouse.
"lfs too hot," she protested, when he
announced himself ready for the gam".
"Nobody plays poker when It's 92 In
the shade."
"But, your highness," complained the
count, "war may break out any day. I
cannot concede delay."
"I think there's a game called 'shooting craps,'" suggested she serenely.
"It seems to me It would be particularly good for warriors. You -could be
shooting something all the time."
He went away ln a decidedly Irascible frame of mind. She did not know
It, but Baldos was soon afterward set
to work ln the garrison stables, a most
loathsome occupation, In addition to his
duties as a guard by night.
After mature deliberation Beverly set
herself to the task of writing home to
her father. It was her supreme Intention to convince hlm that she would
be off for the States In an amazingly
short time. The major upon receiving
the letter three weeks later found nothing ln It to warrant the belief that sbe
was ever coming home. He did observe, however, that sho had but little
use for the army of Graustark and
was especially disappointed in the set
of men Yetive retained as her private
guard. For the life of her Beverly
could not have told why she disapproved of the guard lu general or In
particular, but she was conscious of
the fact after the letter was posted
that she had said many things thut
might have been left unwritten. Besides, It was not Baldos' fault that she
could not sleep. It was distinctly
her own. He had nothing to do with
"111 bet father will be glad to hear
that I am coming home," sbe said to
Yetive after the letter was gone.
"Oh, Beverly, dear, I hate to hear of
your going," cried the princess. "When
did you tell him you'd start?"
"Why���oh���er���let me see, when did
I say? Dash mo, as Mr. Anguish
would say, I dou't believe I gave a
���late. It seems to me I said soon;
that's all."
'*'You don't know how relieved I am,"
exclaimed Yetive rapturously, and Beverly was In high dudgeon because of
the implied reflection. "I believe you
are In a tiff with Baldos," went on Yetive airily.
"Goodness! How foolish you can be
at times, Yetive!" wus what Beverly
gave buck to her highness the Princess
of Graustark.
Late in tbe evening couriers came ln
from tbe Dawsbergen frontier with reports which mated considerable excitement In castle aud army circles,
Prince Gabriel himself bad been seen
In tlie northern part of his domain, in
compauied by a large detachment of
picked soldiers. Lorry set out that
very night for the frontier, happy In
the belief that sometbiug worth while
was about to occur. General Marlaux
Issued orders for the Edelweiss army
corps to mass beyuud tne soutneru
gates of the city the next morning.
Commands* were also sent to the outlying garrisons. There was to be a
general movement of troops before the
end of the week. Graustark was not
to be caught napping.
Long after tbe departure of Lorry
and Anguish tbe princess sat on the
balcony with Beverly and the Countess Dagmar. They did not talk much.
The mission of tiiese venturesome
young American husbands was full of
danger. Something ln the air had told
their wives'that tbe first blows of war
were to be struck before they looked
again upon the men they loved.
"I think we have been betrayed by
some one," said Dagmar after an almost interminable silence. Her companion did not reply. "The couriers
say that Gabriel knows where we are
weakest at the front and that he knows
our every movement. Yetive, there ls
a spy here after all."
"And that spy has access to the very
heart of our deliberations," added Beverly pointedly. "I say this ln behalf of
the man whom you evidently suspect,
countess. He could not know these
"I do not say tb*.*> he does know,
Miss Calhoun, but it is not beyond reason that he may be the go-between, the
means of transferring Information from
the main traitor to the messengers who
await outside our walls."
"Oh, I don't believe it!" cried Beverly
"I wonder if these things would have
happened If Baldos had never come to
Edelweiss," mused the princes*. As
though by common Impulse, both of
the Graustark women placed their
arms about Beverly.
"It's because wt have so much at
���take, Beverly, dear," whispered Dagmar. "Forgive me if I have hurt
Of course Beverly sobbed a little in
the effort to convince them that she did
not care whom they accused if he
proved to be tbe right man ln the end.
They left her alone on tbe balcony.
For an hour after midnight she sat
there and dreamed. Every one was
ready to turn against Baldos. Even
she had been harsh toward him, for
had she not seen him relegated to the
most obnoxious of duties after promising him a far different life? And now
whet was he thinking of her? Ills descent from favor had followed upon
the disclosures which made plain to
each the identity of the other. No
doubt he was attributing his degradation in a sense to the fact that she no
longer relished bis services, having
seen a romantic little ideal shattered
by his firm assertions. Of course she
knew that Genera) Marlanx was alone
instrumental ln assigning nnn lo 'he
unpleasant duty he now observed, but
bqw. jvafl Baldojutis in*_r ����.t*u~*---
Easier ironing gives
better finish on things
starched with Celluloid
Starch, the only no-
boil cold-water starch
that can't stick. You
will like it best, once
you try it. Buy it by
name. Any good dealer.
S a
v e
L. a
b o
T i
e -
o o
not the 're"5T power VidimT tile Iron
A light drtiLie began to fall, cold and
d!"i_Te��*uDle. There were no stars, no
moon. The ground below was black
with shadows, but shimmering in spots
touched by the feeble park lamps. She
retreated through her window, determined to go to bed. Her rebellious
brain, however, refused to banish bim
from ber thoughts. She wondered If
he were patrolling tho castle grounds In
the rain In all that lonely darkness.
Seized by a sudden Inspiration she
threw a gossamer about her, grasped
an umbrella and ventured out upon the
balcony once more. Guiltily she searched the night through the Hue, drizzling
ralu. Her ears listened eagerly for
the tread which was so well known to
her.       .-. i.   .
(To Be Continued)
The Famous Ancient Statue In the
Louvre at Paris.
The Venus of Milo In tbe Louvre,
Paris, Is supposed by some to be tbo
work of Alexandras, one of tbe Asiatic
Greek sculptors. It is said that the
base of the slutue beurlng the artist's
name was destroyed for the purpose of
causing tbe kiug of France to believe
tbat the work was more ancient than
it really was.
It was discovered on the Island of
Mllo In 1820 by a peasant. It was In
a uiche lu a wall which had been
burled for years. The Marquis of Ul-
verc bought It aud gave It as a present
to Louis XVIII. of France. It ls made
from two blocks of marble joined above
tbe drapery which envelops the legs.
As it now stands it has two blemishes,
which have been repaired by modern
artists. The tip of the nose was bro-
keu when it was found aud also the
foot which projects beyond the drapery.
In point of fact, it has a great deal
more resemblauce to a goddess than
to a beautiful woman. At one time It
was dressed In clothes of a modern
sort, and the effect was anything but
pleasing. The figure of tbe statue ls
not at all adapted to modem clothes.���
Why He Did Not Marry.
As a reason for not marrying
Brahms once wrote to a friend: "At
tbe tittle when I should have wished to
marry, my compositions were either
hissed at or at any rate very coolly
received. I knew their worth, though,
and tbat sooner or later the page
would be turned, and ln unmarried
solitude I never really took my reverses to heart. But to be questioned
by a wife ut such moments, to have
tier Inquiring eves anxiously fixed
upon tne, tw hear her ask, 'Again a
tiiisco?' no. thut I conld never havo
tiorne. lor. however much she loved
mc and believed In nie. I could not
huve expected bet* to have unwavering
faith in my subsequent victory. And
bad she attempted to console tne! Ugh!
I can't even think of It. It would have
been little less tban hell!"���Monthly
Convenient Arrangement.
"What are you buying uow?"
"I am looking for some present to
give my wife ou her birthday. I tell
you, maklug presents costs a heap of
"Why don't you do as I do? I have
never failed to make my wife a present
on her birthday every year for twenty-
five years, nnd I am not out a penny
thus far."
"How do you manage It?"
"It ls very simple. After we were
married, when her birthday caino
round. I gave her a ��5 note. When
my birthday came round, she gave me
the note buck, and we have kept that
up ever since, and neither of us ls out
a penny."���London Tit-Bits.
German Experts Who Investigate
Their System   Loud   In   Praises.
A special German police mission
has been visiting Scotland Yard to
compare tbe London detective and police methods with those of I'erlin.
The visitors huve been given every
opportunity for an insight into Metropolitan police methods, nnd have beeu
personally conducted by experienced
detectives over all parts of London.
As the outcome of their investigations the Gorman delegates have declared London to be "tbe best policed
city in the world."
I'erlin is known as "a city of police," for officialdom there is in full
control, so Scotland Yard authorities
accept this opinion as one of the greatest compliments ever paid them.
The German visitors were shown all
over New Scotland i'urd, and taken
at night to the "sights" of tbe West
End and down into the Hast End
In the lowest lodging hcuses and
criminal haunts tliey saw for themselves how very quietly and expeditiously the London policeman works.
Marvelous  System.
Our marvelous system of traffic control aroused their admiration, and
they were astonished to find how
popular the police are, in spite of
their authority.
"Tbe power of the police in Germany is far greater than yours, but
their success is not so great," snid one
of the German visitors in discussing
bis experiences.
"You enn hardly accomplish anything in Berlin without consulting our
police and obtaining their permission.
"The district police inspector has to
pass and sign your insurance papers,
and if you engage or discharge a servant you hnve to supply n German
police with name, grade, nationality
and religion.
"In London the police art, tar less
oflicious, and the relations between
them und the people tbey protect
seem to be most cordial."
Dunne tbe lust few years the London police have provided hints for
the chief cities of the world. Special
missions hnve come from France,
Russia, Switzerland, Spain and the
United States, nnd in each case the
visitors have admitted tbe superiority
of English police methods.
Like Calling For a Drink.
A hard drinker was told by his doctor that he could bo cured if every time
he felt tbat be must bave a drink he
would immediately take sometbiug to
eat iusteud.    Tbe  man  followed  the
advice und wus cured, but the habit of |
asklug for food bad become so fixed
with  him  that once  be  was  uearly
locked up as a lunatic.   IIo wus stop- i
ping at a hotel, and, hearing a great '
commotion ln tbe room next to bis, be !
peeped over the transom to see what j
the matter was.    He saw and rushed j
madly down to tbe office ami shouted I
to the clerk: "Tbe man in 153 has shot
himself!     Bum   and   egg   sandwich,
Miraculous Cure*.
Reginald of Durham, who wrote a
chronicle some time before 1195, as
serts tbat a youug English nobleman
was cured of leprosy at the shrine of
St. Cuthbert lu Durham cathedral un.l
tbat a young woman who had been for
the space of three years nn inmuto of
a large hospital established at Badelc,
near Darlington, ln the diocese of
Durham, was miraculously healed ut
tbe sbrlne of St. Godrlc at Flnchdale
ln the presence of Hnlph Huget, sheriff of the county, nnd Normun, parish
priest of Halltune.���Bt James' Gazette
Sir John Tenniel, Veteran Punch Ar*
tist, Celebrates 87th Birthday.
Sir John Tenniel, the famous Punch
cartoonist, wbo celebrated his eighty-
soventb birthday the other day, is still
a line military-looking man, with all
his faculties intuct and as keen a
mind us when be drew his first cartoon, says M. A. P. At n very early
age he displayed a marked talent ior
drawing, althougn his greut nmbition
us a small boy was to be a circus
clown! That interesting period passed, however, ho made up his mind
to become nn artist, and he wns only
sixteen when his first picture wns exhibited. Henceforth he progressed
steadily, and gained wide-spread
praise for some illustrations to "Aesop's Fables," which were so ndmir-
ed by Douglas Jerrold that when
Richard Doyle resigned from the staff
of Punch, that famous wit advised
Murk Lemon to give young Tenniel
a chance. The advice was acted upon,
and in 1851 the future Knight began
his fifty years' connection with Tbe
London' Charivari, After thnt. all was
plain sailing, and in a comparatively
short, time his name was known all
over Engla*)! Among bis many admirers was the late Prince liismarck,
who became the possessor of one ol
the artist's oriirinnl sketches. In 18!)*'!
Tenniel received his Knighthood, and
his retirement from Punch came in
1901. Apart from his work for thai
famous paper, nothing that he ever
did was cleverer than his illustrations to Lewis Carroll's "Alice in
Wonderland" and "Through the
Looldng-gilSS." Sir John lives quiet
ly in n pretty bouse near Maid a Vale
where, surrounded by his favorite
pictures, he enjoys a well-earned re
King  Edward's  Perquisites.
Among tlie most curious of his Majesty's perquisites is his right to every
whale or sturgeon captured on tlie
coast of the United Kingdom and
brought to land. Both of these perquisites date back to the days of the
.Norman Kings, and it appears that
in the case of the whale the monsters
���were divided between the Sovereign
and hia consent, tho Queen taking tbe
head in order that her wardrobe
might be replenished with the whalebone needed for the stiffening of ber
royal garments.
Another of the King's perquisites
i. a certain number of magnificent
cashmere shawls, which are despatched to him every year from the kingdom of Cashmere. They vary in value,
as a rule, from JC60 to ��250 apiece.
Another cliiss of royal purveyor is
called upoti to present annually a
tablecloth, while from other sources
again he is entitled to an annual contribution of such varied "tips" as
white doves, white hares, currycombs,
fire tongs, scarlet hosiery, nightcaps,
knives, lances and crossbows. Moreover, at the coronation, the Lord of
the Manor of Addington must present to the Sovereign a "dish of pottage" composed of "almond mils,
brawn of capons, sugar, Bpices, chickens parboiled and chopped." At ilie
same ceremony the Lord of the Manor
of Haydon is obliged by virtue of
his tenure from the Crown to present the monarch with a towel, tho
Lord of the Manor of Worksop giving the Sovereign a "right-handed
glove. These are only a few of the
various perquisites to which King
Edward is entitled by tradition and
��� ' Dulse.'
Dulse is more frequently eaten than
any other seaweed. It is usually dried
and eaten raw. In the Mediterranean,
where the plant is common, it is
cooked.      ..��."���'��� * ���
It Didn't Break.
A little girl held a mirror up before
a visitor's face and asked, "Do you see
yourself In it?"
"Yes, my darling."
"Are you quite sure?"
"Yes.   Why should I not?"
"Because I  heard mamma say Un*
other  day  that  It  you  ever  peeped
!:'!<> n looking glass you'd smash it all
luto :iuy little bits!"
fa. PILLS J?.s
to*i[*.     -    -c
\   M\\V>-^nlS,
Man   Killed While   Posing as Victim
In a Railway Wreck.
The rehearsal for bioscope purposes
of a "thrilling train-wrecking scene,"
on the Brighton railway at Purley
England, has had a tragic ending.
William Zeiter, 48 years of age, of
Croydon, who wns injured while the
"plot" waa being carried out, died
4n  Croydon  Hospital.
The accident has also led to tin
suspension of the engine-driver and
fireman of the train, which played sf
important a pari in the "scene." while
the action of Mr. Bromley, the stn
tionmaster at Stoat's Nest Station, who
is alleged to be implicated in the mat
ter, is to be inquired into.
Performer's Death.
The rehearsal was arranged by the
proprietors of a film company of Croydon, to whom it occurred that the in
cidents leading up to a train wreck
would prove an excellent show. Ac
eordingly a small party journcved to
Purley in order to pose for a picture
The performers were a suppose*.
signalman and his wife, a couple of
villains, an engine-driver, and a doe
It waa arranged that sleepers sbnub'
be place on the line in order to wreck
the train, that the signalman should
detect the miscreants nt work, and
rush upon them. As the result of an
[attempt to foil their scheme, he was*
to be bound, placed on the rails, nnd
left to his fat**.
The distress of the signalman's dot*
which hnd been nceustnmed to enrrv
his dinner to the box, heim? observe''
���by the man's wife, she was to nm
ceed to investipnto matters, and n'
the psychological moment, when th'
express train dnshed up, she was ti
rescue her husband.
The "plot" was carried out nrv*
duly recorded bv the cinemntoprnn''
,np to a point. Tbe train npprouched
but instead of nulling up at tbe prp
arranged spot it come on, with tb>
result that Zeiter was seriously in
The obstacles on the lino were
caught bv the ptinrd iron of tbe en
pine and thrown nside, on" of tbo
sleepers hittine Zeiter with pre,.*
force, frnc.turine bis rib-* nnd innVt
ine a deep wound in his head, thc
injuries  proving  fo/al.
Company  to   Investigate.
It is stated thnt thc driver, n m.ii*
named Bodcer. of Battersea, did hi?
best to brine his engine to a starf-
still, but fniled on account of the
wheels skidding. He nnnlied tbe
brakes, but thev were not thnroi"*,*l***
effective. Whether or not the eneine-
driver wns authorized to plnv the part
he did in this demonstration is not
known, nor is it clenr whether anv
arrnneement was made between him
and  the cinematograph  company.
One thing is certain, however thn*
the rehearsal was performed wifhmit
the permission of the Brighton ftnil-
wav Co., who wiTI mnke a full investigation as to the extent to which
their officials are involved.
Queen  Alexandra  Takes  Third   Prize
At Canine  Exhibition.
The monarch of the dog world,
Great Danes and Borzois, held an exclusive show at the Crystal Palace.
London, last week.
Queen Alexandra was among the
exhibitors, showing the two well-
known animals, Siindringliam Moscow
and Kolpibsa, both of which gained
third prizes.
The principal winners in the Borzoi
section were Champion Kiepp, owned
by Mrs. Borman, and Mrs. Aitchison's
Kalka. At a low estimate either of
these animals is worth well over
The surprise exhibit wus J. W.
Bore's Lottery, which took three first
prizes in the juvenile competition,
and is regarded as a probable future
The Precious Stones of Australia.
Rough diamonds have been found
lately in (.ueeiisland, one purchased
weighing four und one-half curuts,
while many others weighing from one
to five carats huve beoii sold. Diamonds so far found in the State bave
uot been of sufficient value to cause
excitement, and thia, together with
the fact that Kuropean and American
gem merchants have adjudged them
as inferior quality, has discouraged
exploration. Sapphires have been
found in various places, many of the
yellow and green being equal to any
produced elsewhere. Recently $l,'250
was refused for a rough yellow sapphire, and a large blue one, with a
yellow centre, weighing two and one-
half ounces, brought $2,500. The true
rubies have been found of good color,
but are small. Hyacinth zircons
weighing twenty-four carats are well
known. Zircons, sapphires, topaz,
tourmaline and other gems may be
picked out of ballast along the railway lines. Olivine is fairly common
The pearl is the best known of Australian gens, and for many years
thousands of dollars' worth have been
see'irod in Queensland. The oyster
fisheries of Thursday Island have
been the chief source of supply, but
pearls are found all along the Queensland coaBt. Tho opal is pre-eminently
the Queensland gem nnd is found over
the entire western district of the
State, the total output amounting io
more than $1,250,000. The moonstone,
emornldn, acute, nmetbvst, asterinted,
nvanturine, bocanito (lydian), blond-
stone or heliotrope, cairngorm, cnt's-
eyes, chalcedony, chrysoprase, citrine,
hyaline, jasper, moss agate, morion
onyx, plasma, prase, rock crystal,
rose quartz, saeenetic. sard, sardonyx
and water bubble complete the list.
Speaking truth is like writing fair
and comes only by practice. It is less
a matter of will than of habit, and I
doubt if any occasion can be trivial
which permits the practice and formation of such a habit. To speak and
act truth with constancy and precision is nearly as difficult and perhaps
as meritorious as to speak it under
intimidation or penalty. And it is a
strange thought how many men there
are, as I trust, who would hold it at
the cost of fortune or life for one who
could hold it at the cost oi a little
daily trouble,���Buskin.
Wrong Frame of Mind.
"Caroline, uren't you ever going to
Join the church?"
"Of course I am, Aunt Rachel, some
day. But you ought to know better
tban ask me to do It when I'm right In
tbe midst of this dratted house clcan-
The Old Order Changes.
The old Scots parliament decreed
tbut "golf and football shall be utterly
cryit dune," and today the Scots parliament does not exist, while football
und golf have Inherited the earth.���
Edinburgh Dlsmiteh.
No Coloring Matter.
No Adulteration.
Absolutely Pure.
The same character as Japan, but infinitely more
del-clous. Sold in the same form as the famous
"SALADA" Black Tea, an Sealed Lead Packets only.
At     All     Grocers    40c,  60c,   and
60c     Per     Lb.
Never Left Italy
Prof. Arturo Furinelli, in a lecture
delivered in the Collegio Romano,
said that there was no foundation
for the contention on tlie part of
some writers that Dante hud once
visited Paris. He said that botli
Villuni and Boccaccio were wrong us
to tlie fuct connected with the alleged
visit, und thut tbe writer of the Divine Comedy hud never crossed the
borders of his own country. "Not
even tlie over-estimated liii'iberino,"
be said, "could find a truce of bim
when be went to Paris in 1309, although he inude it a duty to find all
of his countrymen who wore students in Paris. ' Of till the literature
of that time -except the wiitings of
Boccaccio and Villuni���not ono word
appears to show that Dante hud ever
made the journey, und there is not
a line in the 'Inferno' which could
be interpreted as a reference to
all hard, soft or .allousoil lumps and lili-mi .I*,.
from li,ism's, blood spiivin, curbs, splints
ringbone, Sweeney, stillos, sprains, sore unci
swollen tlirout, coughs, etc. Save .50 by usi
of one buttle. W_r.ai.ted tbe most wondcrfu
Blooiisl)  Cure ever known.
Six prominent Japanese are in Seattle on their way east to spend $10,-
000,000 in purchasing machinery,
armament and other war material.
Minard's Liniment, Lumberman's
The  French   cruiser  Chnnzey   is  a
wreck on one of the Saddle islands.
The Way One Rente an Apartment In
the French Capital.
An apartment should he seen on a
sunny duy before engaging, nud It ls
not legally secured until papers are
signed. The lease ls ou n quarterly
basis. Payments are made In advance
the 15th of January, April, June and
October und occupancy given up to
these dates. But when Intending to
leave the teuunt should give his three
months' notice tiefore the lirst day of
these months. Failure to do this nud
neglect of the governmental tribute of
a stamped paper hold him to a further
three mouths' Itubllity, ns many a rueful American can witness. To uvold
this It ls merely needful to buy a
stamped sheet of paper for 8 cents of
tbe tobacconist, legal vender of ull
stumps, write the notice thereon tiiul
give It to the landlord personally or
send It to hlm by registered letter.
The concierge, although be collects the
rent and has full charge of the house.
Is neither authorized to let tbe apartment nor to receive notices, lu the
paper signed by tenant-ami landlord
the** former guarantees to return the
apartment in good condition, and if it
is freshly papered, painted and waxed
there will doubtless be something to
pay on leaving, but care and economy
In nail boles make the damages slight.
���Circle Magazine.
A '"���Uterary" ttvent.
A notable "literary" eveut of Lon
dou wis the hanging at Tyburn on
KSib. 20, 174!. of two young l-ish poets.
Usher Unbngau and Terence Conner
"for tiling the coin of tbe realm," thei
couslt'.red high treason.
Table Linr-
The best laundresses give thelv table
linen little if any starch, but Iron it
while it Is quite dump, which makes It
just stiff enough. Hot water should
never be used in laundering fine table
linen or embroidered dollies. Cold water and pure wiite soap containing borax will preserve their whiteness and
Babel, now called Blrs Nlmroud,
built at Babylon by Belus, was used
as an observatory and as a temple of
the sun. It was composed of eight
square towers, one over the other, ln
all G70 feet high, and tbe same dimensions on each side of the ground.
T-*�� Red Cross.
The red cioss wns chosen ns the
badge of the humane society < ut of
compliment to Switzerland, tbe design,
with the colors reversed, being tbe
Swiss national flag. At the Geneva
convention in 18(1-1 the nations decided
upou a common flag and badge for bos
pitals, surgeons, etc. The red cross
wss then chosen.
Labels on Bottles.
To vemove paper labels from old
bottles easily wet tbe face of the label
with water and bold it for an Instant
over any convenient flame. The steam
formed penetrates the label at once and
softens the paste.
Musketry Fire.
At Waterloo tho musketry fire of tbe
foot guards, armed with tbe old clumsy Brown BeRs, wns so fntal that tbe
bends of the charging French columns
melted away before It without advancing, just as they probably would have
done before machine gun lire.
Alfred de Musset.
Alfred de Mussot fell In love wltb
George Sand, and when she tired of
him, as she did of every one else, he
took to absinth and soon succeeded ln
drinking himself to death.
Sorrel Juice.
West Scotlnnd is devoted to soirel
Juice, nnd there Isn't a village along tbe
whole of tbe west Scottish coast where
"sollle" is not to be had. It is harmless enough, but not to be recommended to any one with a weak stomach.
It can be bought anywhere for about
twopence a pint, and every little villa/.*
oiuuuu. irxan . a cask or two of "f*nUi�� "
As Journeys  Are   Reckoned
"How far are we  from  Chicago?"
asks   the   passenger,   plucking  at  the
sleeve of the  conductor as that olli-
cial   passes  him.
"Three wrecks, one misplaced
switch and a washout," answers the
conductor, hastening on, lighting his
red  lantern as  he goes.���Life.
Baby's Own Tablets hav.* done
more Hutu any other medicine to
make weak, sickly children healthy
and strong. And the mother can
use them with absolute confidence,
ns she lias the guarantee of a government analyst tbat the Tablets contain no opiate or harmful drug.
Mrs. Laurent Cyr, Little Cascapedia,
N .14., says: "J hnve used Baby's
Own Tablets for colic, teething
troubles ami indigestion, und am
more than pleased with the good results. Mothers who use this medicine will not regret it." Hold by
medicine dealers or by nuiii at 25
cents n box from the' Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.,  Brockville,  Ont.
Richard Mansfield, the actor, arrived in London from New York.
Ho snys he will rest a year before
acting again.
A Pleasant Medicine���There are
some pills which huve no other purpose evidently than to beget painful
internal disturbances in the patient,
adding to his troubles and perplexities rather than diminishing them
One might as well swallow some oo*
rosive material. Parmelee's Veg<_t
table Pills have not this disagrB-jl
able and injurious property. They
are easy to take, are not unpleasant
to the taste, and their action is mild
nnd soothing. A trial of them will
prove this. They offer peace to tho
Not  an  Olive,   But  a  Lemon
"That   politician   seems   willing   to
brunch  to  his ene-
tbe  oliv
"Well," wus the answer, "it looks
like an olive brunch to start with,
but by the time he gets through
trimming the leaves nnd twigs off it
it turns out to be the ordinary big
stick."���Washington Star,
IV I    "IJ^BITE   fOF.CRICc*.*"    W
C^ LlMITC D ���_-_-*    *.-
Teething Babies^
are saved suffering���and mothers
given rest���when oue uses
Nurses'a-ad Mothers' Treasure
Quickly relieves���regulates  the
bowels ��� prevents    convulsions.
Used 50 years.   Absolutely safe.
At drug-store-*, 25c.   8 bottles, tl.M,
Netiouul Drug St Chemical Co., I,l__lt_<!
    8ole Proprietors, Montreal       41
Prom the
Ovens to You
We bridge distance
with our moismre-proot.
dust-proof packages. Halifax and Vancouver are
brought to the ovens'
doors. Farms and small
towns are put on the same
plane with the big cities.
j Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
ar* p&dced In hygienic, air-tight
package* fresh, crisp, delicious���
and reach you in the tame condition, no matter where you live,
._ _r womun
' In t-vury town who whiiIh
to mako $fiUXI lu t-anh in tho uoxt 90 rlityH without mt luvutitiuont of it rent. Do you. If hu
writo to-tluy for our propot-ltion unit "Tho
Story of H\u Bou uinl Homo Ot.ln-r*. " which
we will mutt you froo nnd i-ropiild.
Tbaubu'b Dank Ulu.,  _    TUKUJ.TU, PAN.
May come from % ���train, lumbaao, kidney trouble or Indignation. Wiiaterer
tha oaiiae, the nulling li there ; a dull,
annoying or plerciug kind, that maken
you ory out with pain.   To cure uae
1st soma one bathe your back with hot
water, wipe dry, then apply freely tlio
Anodyne | ruu Kently. Thin lined yuu
safe on Liniment and double tlie elTi ut.
***i oeiite. three times as much 50 cents.
I. B. JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mem.
W.     N.     U.     No.      641 .S3
Magistrate  Cured   by Zam-Buk
Magistrate Perry  of Goldfields  testifies to the wonderful merits of Zam-
Uuk,  the great herbal   balm,  as  follows :
"Gentlemen���I have proved Zam-
Buk eminently satisfactory. In my
case it cured a skin rash of five
years standing which no doctor had
been able to do any good for. It
truly does even more than you claim
for it. For my own part I would not
now be without it in ihe house.
Yours very truly,
(Signed) "Koger F. Perry, J.P."
Zam-Buk is a sure cure for all skin
sores, sore feet, insect bites, sunburn,
blisters, heat rashes, eczema, ulcers,
itch, abscess, etc. Relieves piles
quickly. All stores and druggists at
50c a box, or by mail, Zain-lluk Co.,
Toronto, 6 boxes for $2.50.
During the salmon fishing season
tin Englishman was the guest of a
Highland laird, and one day he
hooked a fine salmon. Being inexperienced as a fisherman he became
excited, and in the struggle with the
fish fell into the river. The keeper,
seeing that he wits no swimmer,
hooked him with the gaff and started
to drag him ashore.
"What are ye aboot, Donal'P"
cried the laird. "Get baud o' tho
rod an' look tae the fnsh. Ma friend
can bide a wee, but the fush win-
na!"���Kansas  City   Independent.
"Well," said the uncertain citizen,
"I failed on that examination to git
in the government service���turned
me down on g'ography, an' spellin',
an' 'rithmetic, an' now I duniio
whether to go to teachin' school, or
praotisin' law, or editin' of a newspaper. I jes' can't decide which
one o' the three to tackle."���Atlanta
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is prepared from drugs known
to the profession as thoroughly reliable for fie cure of cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea, griping pains and
.summer complaints. It has been
used successfully by medical practitioners for a number of years with
gratifying results. If suffering from
any summer complaint it is just
the medicine that will cure you. Try
a bottle.    It sells for 25 cents.
Dolly���Molly Wolcott told me a
month ago that her new gown was
going to be a dream.
Polly���Well, that is all it is so far.
Her husband won't give her the
������money for it.���Somerville Journal.
nowb this I-***-*.
Wfe cfflftT One Hundred Dollarf Ro*W��*rii
for any case ot Catarrh that cannot lis
cured  by  Halls Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undeiBlgned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the laat 16 years, and believe
him perfeotly honorable in all business
transactions, and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by Ills firm.
Waldlng, Rinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale DrugglBts,  Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price, 75c per bottle.
Sold by ail Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation
Seven-year-old Johnnie was driving
with his father and younger sister.
It was a beautiful starlight, night,
and n new moon shone brightly.
After some minutes of silence Johnnie asked.
"Papa, what do they do with all
the old moons?"
Without a moment's hesitation his
small  sister  answered:
"Why, don't you know? They cut
them tip and make stars out of
them."���Chicago Tribune.
The Crick in the Back���"One touch
of nature makes the whole world
kin," sings the poet. But what
about the touch of rheumatism and
lumbago, which is so common now?
There is no poetry in that touch, for
it renders life miserable. Yet how
delighted is the sense of relief when
an application of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil drives pain away. There is
nothing equals it.
"Money doesn't always bring happiness  and  pence  of  mind."
"You are right there," answered
the mini with tin anxious look.
''Sometimes it tempts you to buy
automobiles,"���Washington   Stat*.
Keep  Minard's Liniment in the House
The people of London hnve ��4,500,-
000 invested in tramways.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
Bo keerful of them cily ways,"
said the old iniiii to the youth who
was leaving home, "but if you've
got to git run over try an' let it be
by one o' them big red automobiles
that kin afford to pay you damages
enough to buy Sue a planner an'
help me take the mortgage off the
mnlQ_ Don't let no cheap boss
knock you out, tier any telegraph
pole fall on you. (io in fer big
things whilst you air in the way of
'em !"���Atlanta  Constitution.
Ask for Minard's and Take no Other
"You women," complained Mr.
Knox, "are forever discussing the
faults of your neighbors. If you'd
only gossip about their good points
it would be more edifying."
"Perhaps," replied his wife, "but
who'd care to listen to us?"���Catholic Standard and Times.
Ao Good
Ayer's Hair Vigor, new Improved formula, is a genuine
hair-food. It feeds, nourishes,
builds up, strengthens, invigorates. The hair grows more
rapidly, keeps soft and smooth,
and all dandruff disappears.
Aid nature a little. Give your
hair a good hair-food.
Does not change the color ef the hair.
/..nuiii wits Mak kottls
���how It te jtot
Ask Mas abost II,
th.a slo u to oojt
You need not hesitate about using tbl*
new Hair Vigorfrom iny fesr of its changing the color of your hair. The new
Ayer's Hilr Vigor prevents premiture
graynesi, but does not change the colot
of the hair even to the slightest degree.
i     Mote *>jr tis }. 0. Area 0*.. tswsU, Mm,
When Done With Ordinary Camera
They Show as Lines, Not Specks.
It ls an easy matter merely to photograph stars. The trouble Is to picture tbem as points and not as streaks,
for as tbe earth rotates It carries the
photographic apparatus with it, and
tbe light from tbe star makes a line,
while the astronomer wants a point
He must therefore devise a machine
that will counteract the movement of
tbe earth and so keep the light steadily
in the same place on the plate. Elaborate clockwork must turn tbe lens
backward to keep it on the Btar and at
the satue rate as that at which the
sarth moves forward.
Au astronomer at the Yerkes observatory at Williams Bay, Wis., Is quoted
In St. Nicholas as saying that "many
of the most Important results of astronomy hnve been derived from the
use of an ordinary camera. On a clear
night point one of these toward the
north pole, aud it will be found after
au exposure of oue or two hours tbat
the stars which lie near the pole bave
Srawn arcs of circles upon the plate.
This is due to the fact that the earth
Is rotating upon its ails at such a rate
as to cause every star In the sky to
appear to travel through a complete
circle once In twenty-four hours.
The mere act of photographing Is not
much more difficult than a short exposure out of the window of a moving
car.   Any one can try It
Let the exposure be for at least Ave
minutes If the camera ls pointed over-
bead and for at least one hour If directed toward the pole star. The camera may be left out all night if pointed
at the pole, tint must be taken in just
before daylight. The longer the exposure the longer the star "scratches."
Develop tbe plate as long as possible.
Skill and Activity of the Expert River-
man  In Action.
First and foremost your true river-
man cau ride a log. This does uot mean
merely that be ls able to stand upright
or to jump from one to another without splashing lu, though even that is
no mean feat, as a trial will convince
you. That is the kindergarten of It
The saw log ln tbe water Is not only
his object of labor, but his means of
transportation. Vour true riverman ou
drive seldom steps on land except to
eat and sleep.
A Journey down stream Is to bim an
affair of great simplicity. He pushes
Into the current a stick of timber,
jumps lightly atop It, leans against his
peavy and floats away as graceful and
motionless as a Grecian statue. When
his unstable craft overtakes other logs
he deserts It runs forward as far as be
can, tbe logs bobbing and awash behind his spring, and so continues ou
another timber. Jack Boyd once for a
bet rode for twelve miles down Grand
river oo a log be could curry to tbo
stream's bank across bis shoulders
Fully half tbe time bis feet were submerged to the ankles.
Nor does quick wuter always cause
your expert riverman to disembark.
Using bis peavy aa a balancing pole
and treading witb squirrel-like quickness as his footing rolls, he will run
rapids of considerable force and volume. When tbe tail of a drive passes
through thc chute of a dam tbere are
always half a dozen or so of the rear
men who out of sheer bravado will ruu
through standing upright like circus
riders and yelling like fiends.���Stewart
Edward White ln Outing Magazine.
Marriage Expenses.
Careful observation, extending over a
period of forty-two years and supplemented by thousands of Interviews
wltb storekeepers, hairdressers, modistes, milliners, collectors and others,
leads us to believe tbat the average
cost of a bride's trousseau In this country- taking the rich with the poor-Is
the sum of $Uti.38. Equally careful observation convinces us tbat tlie average cost of a bridegroom's sartorial
outfit is slightly less tban one-third
that amount, or, to be exact, $-2.01.
Thus we have $88.39 as the cost of the
garment** worn by bride aud bridegroom at the average wedding and lu
the course of the average honeymoon.
Long Lived Razors.
"How Ioug bave yon had this razor?"
asked tbe barber.
"A dozeu years."
"Well," said be, "that Is not bad
It's no record, though. Lots of my customer*) have razors that they've owned
twenty and twenty-five years and used
too. Wby, oue old man gets me to
houe erery three months a razor he
bought over forty years ago. And It's
such a good razor yet that this old
man's sou, whenever be wants n velvet shave, goes to his dad aud t��orns��ws
the veteran razor. A razor that wltb
good use won't last twenty-five years
is no razor at all.'
If you wish to bo miserable you must
think almut yourself, about whut you
wantwbntyou like, wbat respect people
ought to pay you, and then to you nothing will be pure. You will spoil everything you touch, you will make sin nud
misery for yourself out of everything
which God sends you and you will be
as  wretched  as you choose.
Pure Love.
When a woman chooses a man with
a bald head, a pair of bowlegs and a
Saturday tilght pay check of $10 you
can't accuse her of marrying for anything but pure, unalloyed, uucoutuml*
noted, unquestioned and undying lore.
-Lamar (Mo.) Democrat
The concessions of the weak are the
roucessions of fear.���Burke
Opposed to It.
"Really." said Mrs. Hubbubs, "we
jught to bave on* of those burglar
alarms put in"���
"What!" exclaimed Hubbubs. "Ann
have the thing go off at night und
wake the baby? Not much!"���I'hila-
delpbia Press.
'The trouble wltb that man is that
be tukes small matters seriously."
"Yes," answered Miss Cayenne, "but
you could not expect him to do otherwise without sacrificing bis self es
_______."_ Washlmrton Btar.    .   . .
One   kind   of
underwear,    an si
only one, fiu right,
wean out slowest, and salutes you from ths day yoa
bur it    That kind u trade-
maiked (aa above) ia rod. and guaranteed to you
by stores thai sell it and the people who make it
Made in many fabrics and styles, at various
price, in form-fitting iiz_�� ior women.
men and children.    Look lot the
Dust Laying
The Duke of Westminster has begun an experiment in dust laying on
six miles of drives in Katon park.
The process adopted is known as
Transpa, which has for its basis pure
tar. The tar is sprayed in tlie form
of a filmy vapor at a steam pressure
of 170 pounds, which drives it two
inches deep into the road formation,
and will, it is believed, not only hold
down dust in dry weather, but make
tlie  road  waterproof in  wet weather.
Do not delay in getting relief foi
the little folks. Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is a pleasant
and sure cure. If you love youi
child why do you let it suffer when
a remedy is so near at hand?
The discouraged housewife could
not keep her mind and her conversation long away from the servant
"It is really the burning question
of the day, you know," she said.
"They expect so much money, and
they know so little���that is, many
of them. I had a girl last wintei
who thought the finger bowls were a
kind of wine glass, and another who
laid out the butter knife for me to
carve the steak with, but my latest
recruit, I am sure, reached the limit.
She came to me well recommended
���by the way, the very worst ones
seem able to get good references���
and I agreed to pay her $20 a month.
The second day she was with me I
asked her if she could make tea biscuit.
" 'Well, ma'am,' she said, hesitat
ing, as if not quite sure of her ground
I never did put tea leaves in the
dough, but I s'pose I could."*
There are a number of varieties of
corns. Holloway's Corn Cure wil1
remove any of them. Call on youi
druggist and get a bottle at once.
"A great many men blush," said a
physician; "some so painfully that
they come to me to be cured.
"The cure I recommend is an odd
one. It is the abandonment of over-
heavy clothing, especially of woollen
socks. Amazing it ia how many
male blushers have a predilection
for thick socks of wool.
"But some blushers wear light
enough clothing. To them I can
only recommend a nerve treatment.
I advise them to make speeches nt
banquets, to be witnesses in murder
trials, to go to teas and dances, to
develop, in short, the nerve as a
wrestler develops his  muscle.
"Blushing is a difficult disorder to
cure. As a rule it passes away of
itself when the victim reaches hie
35th year."���New Orleans Times-
A Purely Vegetable Pill-Parme
lee's Vegetable Pills are compounded
from roots, herbs and solid extracts
Of known virtue in the treatment of
liver and kidney complaints and in
giving tone lo the system whether
enfeebled by overwork or deranged
through excesses in living. They require no testimonial. Tlieir excel
lent qualities are well known to all
those who have used them, and they
commend themselves to dyspeptic's
and those subject to biliousness who
are in quest of a beneficial medicine.
One hundred and seventeen thousand sailors are out on strike in
I  was  cured    of    Bronchitis    and
Lot 5, P.E.I.
I was cured of a severe attack of
Rheumatism by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Mahone Bay.       JOHN MADER.
I was cured of a severely sprained
leg   by   MINARD'S  LINIMENT.
Designed for Sprinting
The Austrian war office has published a bulletin calling attention to
the fact that the available list for
non-commissioned officers of the Imperial Guard has grown so small that
only comparatively few names remain upon it, and aspirants for the
coming vacaucies are asked to report
for examination. "In doing so,"
says the order, "it should be remembered that the trousers worn by
guardsmen are of the Hungarian infantry cut and the wearer must
have perfectly formed legs."
A  Remarkable  Dog
"What can Mitch do?" repeated
Frank Clark, of this city. "Everything but talk, and to me he talks
a language that is intelligible."
Mitch is a bull terrier and his
owner is a jeweler. Mr. Clark raised
the dog and taught him many of his
Mr. Clark says Mitch opens doors,
pulls down the shades in his master's house in the evening without
being ordered to, smokes cigars,
drinks whiskey, and bowls. Mr.
Clark belongs to a lodge of Elks, and
Mitch is as good an Elk as any of
the order. At 11 o'clock he drinks
to the departed and then strolls
home. When his master visits a
bowling ally he joins in the game,
pushing the balls along the alley
with his nose nnd veering into the
gutter when the ball has sufficient
speed to make n strike or spare.
Mitch is a swimmer, nnd last summer in Harvey's lake he held a
drowning girl's head above the
water until his master arrived in a
rowboat.���Wilkesbarre dispatch to N.
Y.  Herald.
Russia has refused to receive back
the Social Democrats who attended
the recent congress in London.
As  to  Blizzard
Some philologists were wrangling
over the origin of some commotiiy
accepted words. "Blizzard" came up
and was explained iu several ingenious ways. Bartlett's dictionary of
Americanisms was consulted, and
tliis definition found: "Blizzard���a
poser; not known in the Eastern
dtates." Albert Matthews, of Boston,
a learned philologist and word analyst, iound ""blizzard" in the Virginia Literary Museum of 1020, where
it was defined as a "violent blow."
Murray's English Dictionary, the
latest out in tne lexicographical line,
says: "Blizzard���U. S.; a modern
word." Then follows tlie usuul song
and dance. Blizzard is in reality
Ulnglish. "May I be blizzured" is a
common oath in tut* Midland counties. In Pennsylvania it lias been in
common use for nearly three-quarters of a century, being used to designate force, sudden violence, spitelui-
ness or vindictiveuess.���New Yon.
Dr.   Williams'   Pink    Pills    Cured    a
Severe Case ot Anaemia and
Anaemia���poor, watery blood���is
the cause of most oi the misery
wliicli aillicts mankind. Tlie housewife especially lulls an easy prey to
it. Tlie long hours and close con-
iinenient necessary in performing her
Household duties sap her strength.
She becomes run down and often suffers extreme misery. Dr. Williums'
Pink Pills are the housewife's friend.
They make new blood���lots of it���
and pure blood banishes all women's
ailments. Mrs. E. St. Germain, wife
of a well known farmer of St. John
des Chaillons, Quo., found new
strength through Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. Sho says: "A year ago I was
extremely weak. I could not attend
to my work. I suffered from dizzy
spells; my head ached; my blood was
poor; I had a bad cough and the
doctors feared I was going into consumption. I followed their treatment for Borne time but without relief. I grew discouraged and finally
gave it up in despair. I was strongly advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, so procured six boxes. Before
thev were all gone I felt relief. The
headaches and dizziness became less
frequent and I felt a little stronger.
I continued the pills for a couple of
months, at the end of which time I
had gained in weight, the pains had
left trie, my appetite was good and I
felt as strong and well as ever I did.
I cannot say too much in favor of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, for I certainly owe my good health to them."
Tlie woman in the house, the man
in the office, the boy or girl in the
school will always find a friend in
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. These pills
actually make new, rich, red blood
and good blood banishes rheumatism, general debility, kidney troubles
and those aches and pains caused by
overwork or overs-study; good blood
builds up the tired, unstrung nerves
and makes pale, thin cheeks rosy and
healthy. The pills are sold at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
bv all medicine dealers or by mail
from the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Prospects for this year's harvest in
the Balkan peninsula are poor.
to the East and to the South is via
the Canadian Northern Railway.
Through daily trains between Edmonton, Winnipeg and St. Paul.
Dining and Sleeping Car services
are unexcelled. Compartment Library. Observation cars between
Winnipeg and St. Paul. Have you
seen the great Saskatchewan Valley
with its fertile farm lands? If not,
let us suggest a trip out there this
summer. Any agent will be pleased
to furnish information, or write C.
VV. Cooper, Asst. General Passenger
Agent, Winnipeg.
Jesse James, son of the notorious
bandit of that name, has graduated
from the Kansas City law school.
By the explosion of powder, two
boys were blown to atoms at Terre
Haute, Ind.
The wages of 0,000 cotton mill operatives in Biddeford, Me., and in
Saco  have  been  increased.
Minard's Liniment Used by Physicians
There was never any doubt that a
person who asked Mary Anne Potter
a question would get a truthful an
swer, no matter how trying it might
be to Mary Anne to give it. She
was even known on occasions to give
information unrequired, and unflattering to herself.
One such occasion arose when,
after Miss Potter's six-month sojourn
with a western cousin, a thrifty
widower secured her for his bride,
and accompanied her to a Justice of
the Peace to be married.
"This is your first marriage?" inquired the justice, as in duty bound.
A high color flamed on Mary
Anne's cheek bones, but she gazed
unflinchingly ot her questioner.
"Yes, sir; it's my firs', chance,"
she said, grimly.���Youth's Companion.
The civic authorities of Southampton turned out to welcome the White
Star liner Adriatic, the first vessel
of that line to use the port.
For Strains
���of Hack ���of Shoulder
���of Stifle ��� of Hough
���-of Whirlebone ���of Knee
���of Fetlock ���oi Coffin Joint
���of Pastern
���nd all
Lameness in
Two or three tsaspmxm-
ftils in a little Rum or Brand**,
cures Sprains, Bruises and
Lameness in a. hours���takes
out atl the soreness���and puts
horses "on thejr feet again."
50c. a bottle.   If your drug,
gist does not have it, send to
U-nllts.lIentr.al.    ���
W.    N.    U.    No.    641
Just where you stand in the conflict
There is your place;
Just where you think you are uselesi
Hide not your face.
God placed you there for a purpose
Whate'er it be,
Think you He has chosen you for it,
Work loyally.
Gird on your armor, be faithful!
At toil or rest, 	
Whiche'er  it   be,   never  doubting
God's way is best.
Out on the fight or on picket,
Stand firm and true,
This is the work which your Master
Gives you to do.
Private   Profit   fcliminated���Cttnsump-
tio.i  of  Alcohol   Decreased.
New Norwegian liquor laws are suc-
cesslul. '1 He boiidag system gives
power to municipalities to grant all
tlie retail spfl'it licenses winch tliey
deem uecessai*y to a company Which
would bind itself to curry on the
traliic in the interests of the community, witli a fixed annual return
of not more than 6 per cent, on its
paid   up capital.
In establishing the system the question of compensation does not appeal
to have presented much difficulty.
The allotments of the profits are as
follows: To the state, 65 per cent.,
to the municipality, in lieu of large)
license duties, now abolished, 15 pel
cent., and to object of public utility
operating as counter attractions ti
the public houses in towns, 10 pet
cent, and in the surrounding districts
10 per cent.
The profits of the trade under these
restrictions have contributed $7,000,
000 for objects of public interest since
the founding of the system. Duriiip
the last eight years the proportion
accruing to the state has been increased and set apart till 1910 to form
the nucleus of in old age pension
fund, which rv>w amount*! to $2,300,*
000 The most remarkable fact in
the history of Norway sobriety is that
the consumption of alcohol per inhabitant has decreased about 45 pet
cent, in the last fifty years. The
decrease has been most marked since
the establishment of the Sondag system.
The aims and principles of the Son-
dap svstem are thpse: The elimina
tion of nrivnie profit and securing the
monopoly value for the public; in-
surine* highest ot'a'ltv of Honors sold
the redaction of th*. number of licenses; the easy enforcement- of the
law: the destruction of the newer 0'
the spirit trade; and the furtherance
nf nit ���>���.���.,��� -..;,.. i*._j_gurea of reform
���Chicago Tribitne.
A   Link   With  the  Past.
An interesting Derbyshire "link
with the past" is recalled by Mr. J
I. Sharpley, of Hatfield College, Doncaster, in a letter to The Sheffield
Telegraph. He says: "In 1872, when a
boy, staying at Midland Ward, Derbyshire, I called on an old woman,
Elizabeth Durose, then 97, widow of a
farmer, who told me that her grandmother, when a girl, had known a
man���a distant relative���who had witnessed the execution of Charles I.
The old woman then took out of a
corner cupboard an old prayer book,
bound in black leather, which was, I
fancy, of the time of Queen Anne, for
I remember it had a frontispiece picturing a parson in gown and bands,
wearing a long wig, saying prayer,
in a 'three-decker.' Opening it tit
the form of service for Jan. 30, she
showed me a piece of coarse linen, of
the color of a dead leaf, which she
said was a portion of a handkerchief
which had been dipped in the King's
blood, and was given to her grandmother by the above eye-witness
When it first passed into her possession it was nearly entire, but her
children had played with it, nnd this
waj all that she had managed to preserve."���Derby Telegraph.
Wh.n   Kipling   Was   III.
Bishop Brewster, in talking to Yale
students on "Robust Religious Faith,"
told a story of Iiudyard Kipling, when
he lay ill in Naw York some years
A trained nurse, he said, was watching at Mr. Kipling's bedside during
the crisis of his illness, nnd she noticed his lips move. She bent over him,
thinking he wanted to say something,
and heard him utter these words:
"Now I lay me down to sleep," the
old familiar prayer of childhood days.
The nurse, realizing that he did not
require her services, said, in an apologetic whisper:
"I beg your pardon Mr. Kipling.
"I thought you wanted something."
"I do," faintly observed Kipling. "I
want my Heavenly Father. He only
can care for me now."
"It is this masculine, robust religious faith that we see in Kipling's writings," added Bishop Brewster, "and
it is a faith that young men may well
carry with them in the performance
oi their daily duties."
Britain and Germany.
The Petit Parisien is still prosecuting its enquiry into the international situation, and now its London
correspondent gives an account of an
Interesting conversation with Sii
Charles Dilke, who professes no
anxiety on the subject. Sir Charles
assured the writer that there was not
one sane man in the United Kingdom who would favor on attack on
Germany, and that he certainly did
not believe that Germany dreamt ol
attacking England. What harm could
Germany do to England, who possessed. an<^ would retain the supremacy of the sea? If Germany built
more and more ships, England would
do the same, and as she was richei
than Germany she would win in that
game. He was convinced that the
peace of Europe would last many
Cocoa Plant.
The plant producing the cocoa of
commerce is a tree seldom grown to n
height greater than seventeen or eighteen feet, but is sometimes known to
reach a height of thirty feet. It is
known to botanists ns Theobromn ca
eao. It bears an oblong fruit measur
ing from six to ten inches.
The Maid-And do you make love to
every girl you meet the same as you
do to me?
Young Lawyer-My dear young lady.
It is unprofessional to ask a question
that would tend to Incriminate the witness.- St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
A Smash.
"Tbe McBangs have had a marital
bust-up, haven't tbey?"
"I should say so. McBangs exploded
with rage, bis wife burst Into tears
and was ull cut up about It, and now
tbey bave broken with each other."���
Cleveland Leader.
Better to Guard Against Such Emergenoy by Keeping
Vitality at High-Water Mark by the use of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Good health is the capital of persons who earn their "ivelihood with
brain  and muscle.
In these days of strenuous life and
keen competition there is no place
for tired  bruins and  weak bodies.
Success is for the strong and alert
���for those whose blood is rich and
whose nerve cells nre filled with vigor  and  energy.
It is not pleasant to contemplate
what might happen with failing
health and for this reason it is well
to heed the first symptoms of nervous
exhaustion, such its bruin fag, headache, nervous dyspepia, sleeplessness, failure of memory and loss of
power  to  concentrate  the  mind.
While Dr. Chase's Nerve Food hns
succeeded in curing ninny cases of
partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia,
and the most severe forms of nervous prostration nnd exhaustion, it
is not well to delay treatment until
these stubborn and dangerous diseases  set in.
At the slightest indication of waning nerve force begin the use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food, and with a few
weeks' treatment you-will be able to
restore the vitnlity of the body to
high-water mark, remove the cause
of nervous disorders, and prevent
serious results.
Miss Mary Leitch, Coulson, Sim-
coe County, Ont., writes: "When I
begun the use of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food my nervous system was all run
down, and I suffered terribly with
nervous headache nnd sleeplessness.
Sometimes I could not sleep for three
or four nights in succession. By the
use of several boxes of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food tiiese troubles were entirely overcome, and I consider this
preparation an excellent nerve
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents
n box, G boxes for $2.50, at nil denl-
ers, or Edtnanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
Fellow Travelers.
A Greenwich mnn tells of a Connect
lout farmer who after having driven
a lot of hogs to Greenwich sold them
for precisely what had been offered
hlm before lie left home.
"You dou't seem to have made much
by bringing your hogs down here," remarked the mau who tells the story.
"Well, uo," replied the agriculturist
dejectedly, "I ain't made no money
but then, you know," he added, his
face brightening, "I had tbe company
of the hogs on the way dowu."���Harper's Weekly.
What He Prays Fer.
"Who's thut, pa?" a little Kansas
youngster In the senate gallery at the
capitol Inquired as a magnificent looking old man rose before tbe opening ol
a session.
"Tbat," said th* father, "ls Edward
Everett Hale, tlie chaplain."
"Ob," said the boy. "He prays foi
the senate, doesn't he?"
"Well, no," suld tlie fnther, "not exactly He gets up, takes a good look
at the senate, and then he prays foi
the country." ��� Woman's Home Com-
Mother (returning suddenly) ��� Grn
clous, children, whnt have you beeii
doing? Why, the room looks like 11
hurricane had struck It, nnd Wililt
looks like he l.��.d been through ti
thrashing machine!
Tommy���Please, mamma, we ban
heen playing Russian douma, and Wil
lie was the czar.���Chicago News.
Proof Positive.
Thc policeman had shot a fleeing
"It was nn accident," be explained to
bis superior.
"Whnt proor hnve you of thnt?"
"Why, I hit him, didn't IV" rejoined
the accused with an air of finality.���
Philadelphia Ledger.
A Surprise, All Right.
"My husband lias promised to allow
me to choose wluit I want for my
"Oh, then there will be no surprises
this year."
"Yes, there will. lie will be sur-
prieed enough when he gets the bill."
Bettor Than Dying.
Teacher���Now, children, remember
the text, "Ent, drink aud be merry, for
tomorrow you die." Pupil ��� Please,
teacher, in our family we don't We
ull tuke castor oil next day.���Life.
A Helping Hand.
Rich Old Uncle ���And remember,
denr, that when I die all that I have
noes to you. Niece���Thank you, uncle.
l)o let inn give you more mince pie.���
Harper's Weekly.
"Your husband says tbat when be is
angry be always counts ten before
speaking," said one woman.
"Yes," answered the other, "I wish
he'd stop IL Since he got dyspepsia
borne seems nothing but a class ln
arithmetic."���Bohemian Magazine.
fiHs the demand for a furnace possessing the largest amount of grate surface in proportion to the
diameter of the top of the
nre pot. It possesses all
the advantages of a return flue construction.
The "Admiral" has
the largest ash pit of any
furnace on the market,
thus permitting the free removal of ashes.
Wood or coal may be burned in the "Admiral" furnace.
Write for Catalogue
"   gneaat^NCTQH.N.B ����� MONTREAL. RQ.i
lai!?,5rancne5 at MONCTON, N.B.;    MONTREAL      PO~
VANOobv0ENR!JB.O.,NN,PEQ'  MAN<;    Calgary.   AUtX'
A�� a food It la far
superior to mushy-
porridge or pasty oorn
|. rod-sots. It Is hygonl-
oally perfect and mora
wholesome and nutritious than meat.
BISCUIT and TRISCUIT are an Ideal Combination.
All  Grocers���13c a carton; 2 tor 26c.
A lame horse
is a dead loss.
It costs as much to keep a lame horse,
as it does a horse in harness ��� and the
cripple brings nothing in.    You can't afford
to support idle stock.    That's wby you can't
afford to be without
Kendall's Spavin Cure
It takes away the pain and stiffness from Sprains and Bruises���draws
the soreness out of Strained Muscles and Tendons���CURES Spavins,
Soft Bunches and Swellings.   Used for two generations by two nations.
Kai kink Station, Ont., Dec. 16, 'M.
"I hare use Kendall's Spavin Cure for a Bone Spavin of i years
���standing*, -which has entirely cured the lamenetis ana greatly reduced
the swelling.   Auother bottle of the Spavin Cure, I am sure, will
complete the cure." HOWARD BROCK.
11.00 a bottle or 6 for to.  8old by dealers everywhere.  Write for free copy of our
famous book���" Treatise On The Horse."   You will find s need for it every day.
DA. B. J. KENDALL CO., ENoaBOBO FALL**, VKHMONT. U.S.A.        20 ���8
Bank of ^Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���Loan Rtrathcona AND Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gboiiqb A. Dku.mmond.
General Manager���E, S. Clouston.
Branches in All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan fllMnino IReview.
Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
" Purchase of Land   -    7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will be charged for at tho rate
of 15c. por line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Dunran Kennedy,  of Slocan,  B, C,  livery keeper,
intends to apply for a special timber
licence  over   the   following  described
lauds.    Commencing at a post adjoining James  Smith's  south-east comer,
and   marked   "Rubeit   Duncan   Kennedy's N.E. corner," thence south 40
chains,  thence  west lfiO chains, thence
north 40 chains, tlience east 100 chains
to point  of commencement, and containing 040 acres, more or less.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notico that James Smith, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing
nt a post pianted about one and one
half miles distant in a southerly direction from Duncan Graham's north-east
corner, and maiked " James Smith's
S.E. corner," thence west 100 chains,
thence norlh 40 chains, Ihence east l(i0
cliains, thence south 10 chains to point
ot commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.   JAMES SMl H.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notice that Duncan Graham, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
lor a special license over the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore ef Slocan
Lake, about one mile distant in nsoutherly direction from the mouth of Indiiin
creek, and marked " Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains', thence east 80
chains, tlience north 80 chains to point,
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.
June 15th, 1907.
Take notice that Nils Nelson, o
Slocan, B.C., a rancher, intends to
apply for a special timber license overj
following described lands : Commencing at a post planted about four miles
distant in a nortli westerly direction
from tlie month of Goat week, a tiibn-
tary ol the Slocan River, tlience west
100 chains, thence north 40 ilutins:
thence eaBt 100 chaiiiB, Ihence south 40
chains to point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more, or less.
June20tli, 1907.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon,
on Wednesday, the 14th day of AugUBt,
1907, for the purchase *f the undermentioned Mineral Claims, which were
forfeited to the Crown at the Tax Sale
held in the Government Office, at Kaslo,
B.C., on the 7th day of November, 1904.
To be considered, all tenders must be
at least equal to the upset price as given
below, which is equal to the amount for
which such claim could have been repurchased by the owner, or owners, on
the 80th day of June, 1905, together
with the taxes, costs and interest which
have acciu-d since the Tax Sale, the
coat of advertising for tenders, and the
Crown Grant fte.
Name of Claim      Lot No.   Upset price
Aruna Fraction        2539 *}50.60
J.I.C. 2533 911.95
Jenny Jones 2534 08.95
Each tender must be accompanied by
a certified check for the full amount
thereof, payable at par at Kaslo, B.C.,
in favor of the undersigned. Tliechecks
of nil unsuctssful tenderers will be iin-
metliately returned.
E. E. CHIPMAN,      ��*-
Government Agent, Kas'o, B. C.
are necessities if you
wish to ward off any
disease*that threatens.
These can both be
secured by taking
which is a simple
compound of Sarsap-
arilla and Oregon
Grape Root with Saline laxatives.
Nelson's Sim
New Denver.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Animal Sitting of the Court of Revision
for the purpose of hearing all toni-
plaints against the Assessment for the
year 1907, as made by the Assessor of
the City of Sandon, H.C, will be held
in tho Council Chamber, City Hall,
Sandon, B.C., on Tuesday, the 27ih
dav of August, 1907. at 7 o'clock, p.m.
C. E. LYONS, City Cleik,
Sandon, B.C., July 18, 1907.
The Most Beautifully situated
Sanitarium in British Columbia.
Its medical ualeis are renowned
for curative qualities. "That
Tired Feeling " completely cured.
A certain remedy for Rheumatism
iu its varied forms. A sure cure
for Metallic and other poisonings.
Two mails a day anl telegraphic
facilities. Rates���$12 to $18 per
week. For further particulars
apply to
Bros. !
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
At Cost
The Review
Job Printing.
To Michael Penrose, or  to whomsoever
lie may have transferred his interest
in the " Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated    near   McGuigan,
located the 3rd day of October, 1900,
recorded  the 17th  dav of October,
1900, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended if 102.50 in labor and improvements on tlie above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cate of this notice you fail or refuse to
ontiibnte your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in tlie said
claim will become the  properly of the
undersigned,  under   Bection   4 of   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated  at Sandon, this 3rd   day   of
April, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that GO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated
on the west shore of Sloi-an lake about
'._ mile iii a southerly direction from
Mill cnek. Commencing ai a post
maiked A. O.'s S E. corner p'ist, thence
20 chains west, thence 40 chains noith,
tlience 20 chains east, thence 40 chains
south to place of commencement, containing 80 acres moie or Icbs.
Dated May 6th 1907.
Jy. 18 locator.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
ftbvce jfovfes,
36. C.
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Ever)'
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar aud Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements.
"Independence"      Mineral     Claim,
sitttale in  the Slocan   City  Mining
Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located:���On  Lemon  C eek
adjoining   the   Crusader    Mineral
Take noi ice that I, II. R Jorand, Ftce
Miner's Certificate No.  B78,!100 acting
for myself and as agent for W. J.   Shat-
ford Free Miner's Certificate No, B4,086,
intend,  (10 dnys  from the dato heieof,
to apply to the Mining  Recorder  for tv
Certificate of   Improvements,   for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
tlie above claim.
And further take  notice that action,
under  section 87,  must be commenced
before the issuance of .Such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of May, A.D. 1907
Local Salesman Wanted for
And Adjoining District lo represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting. (iro.'.n on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
coast trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Write for particu'ars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government )
TORONTO -       - '        ONT.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Kootenay District: Commencing at a post
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Corner
post," said post being at south-east
corner of lot 7 Bl >ck 3S2, Group I,
West Koo'enay Distiict, thence south
80 chains, thence east 20 chains, tinner
north 80 chains, thence West 20 chains
to point of commencement, containing
100 acres more or lets.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
7-4 A. J. WATSON.
Silverton, 36.(3.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest queuchers.
IR. flD. Spencer * prop
J. J. Fingland
provincial He-aager
ano (Bbemtet
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, L* ad, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lend, Manganese,
Lime, $1.50 each.
Zinc,  Antimony,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver. $2.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, *2 50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   $!i 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
Special Rates for Mine aud  Mill Work
Notice in hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply tn the Hon.
the Cnief Commissioner of LSnds and
Works at Victoria, B. O. for permit-sion
to purchase the following described
lai)dn situate in West Kootenay Di.tiie.i ;
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of lot 7547 and marked
J. St. D, S.W. coiner, theme nortli
along the east line of lot 7547 20 elui'nis,
thence east 20 chains, thence south 20
chains to the north-east coiner ot lot
8127, thence following along the line of
lot8127, 20 chains to the point uf commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C. April 30th, 1907.
Ter D. St. Denis, Agent.
To Rent
Several Resiliences at
Very Small Figure
Go to Wilson's for
��. v -vS*vit,**im/iiwtf.
Iroo. Steel, etc
. ���|'--3k3**-$-*.--��'>$<J>$--'^^ -MxSx^.?*��*. <. <Mx5*<5><s)
************************ ****************************
Zhc Smbon Ibotel!
tRobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
(Bboicest liquors, Wines ano iov:3.
************************ ><*���*+************* ***********
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always ou hand.     ::    Au excellent Pool Table.
. ***..j^.*.+.',**M..M��j-"K..K**^ &*******************#**,**
Spring anO
from Crown
tailoring Co*
1 The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country.
1 In Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
I Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions I
$ i
%      Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.      |
WL. 3-. /fibacoonalo
* *****<*****+*************' fc*/j .J.*4.->.4,.->..->,4^,*^,^4.**.*.*|,4,^4.4,.}h{,.:.* a
There is no better house in the Kootenays for
the Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
bu-iness, and the Barkeeps are ar'ista in their
The Finest Wines and Liquors aud Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Wanted at
Wages $3.75 to $4 a Day.
Colin }* Campbell
Notary Public
P.O. BOX 10
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Meabciuarter-d for fiDimno anl? travelling flOcn
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms large, Clean anb *Joe\\
S William Bennett S
* *********************<>*****************************
j J. R. Cameron
The Kooteraay Tailor
Put up iii Pint Bottles for Family aud Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon fllMners' llnion Mospttal.
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subscrip'ion .1.00 per mon 111. Non-subscribers J-.00 per diem.*
 Ilosiittal Stntt���- ���,.
0. E. ANDERSON. - -     WM. E. GOMM, M. D. "
Address Communications To The Secretary.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Thi ton lo New Denver, tlie beauty spot
of tlie Continent, will Bud this botei
tu be tlinroii'/lily equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bay.
Excellent boating.        Grand scenery.
New Derm ver0
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given toMintiigTrnde.
.Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating] etc.
Nn matter what bis occupation, may Bave
money by get tin*, bis
Sllnes Made to Order.
For a Minim* Shoe
tin tv is nothing better
limn 1 In* famous HA *.
witli n (find, solid,
ham! iniiile bottom	
These shoes can only be  got by
leaving your older with
P.   W. WARD
Shoemaker - Sandon
SI. T.ouis *.f)2.75     Chicago  }fil>.75
Toron'O    .81.35    Ottawa      H..'.d
Montreal S.S6.76    St ,1 dma |B(i.75
Halifax $10*155,
Tickets on Sale
July 3, 4, 5.        Augrust 8, 9, 10.
September 11, 12, 13.
00 DAYS 1,1 MI I'.
Cbr.espon ling retlnc'i ns from
all "Co ltenav poin'8. TickotB
avai'able f *r lake ro*i!-n inclml'm*
meals nn I bertha on lakesteaiutos.
Through no'e. quot* d io any sti-
i n O.ituiii) Quebec or Maritime
I'ovlno s on implication.
E. m. Mibbowson
Gold, Silver, C'pner or l.einl. each, .1 00
Gold-Silver...1 50 S lver-Lead... 1 50
Zinc. .$2 0*1 Gold Silver with Copier or
Lead.,  a.50.
Prompt attention  given to all samples.
"25 per ennt. discount ut'on live samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A07
:   lb otel :
TrmS   Well   Known
W Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
Silveiton I B.C, [
i i ���    i   ______ _______________ TW^WtttLXJrrzi- J laT-a*.-^=r*sTm .J*-* .yg*."
Sixty days ttf er date I intend to
apply 'o the lion. Chief Coin mi,**inner
of Lands and Works at Vic or!I, B.C.,
for p**imis-ion to i-iurc'ia-o lhe 'ollo-.vitig
described lands, sll'inte in Wo*t Koit.n-
HV D strict : ('omnif nriiiii at a POBl Oil
tbe no* th side of t-iu *t of way of N A S.
li.llHv.y, tlience 21 258 cha-lia nonh
along west b titulary nf 'ot 7(i,'!-t, I hence
6ti8i. a'ong nonh b umhtry of lot, 7884
20 cliai'is, I hence north SO o- an",
thenco wi st 20 chairs more or h as toS, IC.
co'ti'i* of lot 7.VI7, thenco nloii. aonlli
boundary uf lot 7517 I0chnin_ more or
le-H.   ihel'ce   north   20   111 sit..*.,    llieiuo
wist 80 chains, ihonco north 20 chains
thence went SO eh 011:1 more 01* less In
Baa' al'o of light oi way if J.. & S.
Railway, thence along Knst honndniy of
N. 1*4 S. Railway ri.btof whv to 11 po lit
���10  chains   *0ll ll,     th*n*e     vest   2K.(!4
cliuii.B, thonce aoiith 20 chains, the i\*
east II) clmins. t.l'ciu.'.* s .nt.i 10 chains,
jthe.it'o east '-'li.HO'l chains  t>  ihturaeel
with N . it S h'ailw.'.v 1 i_.I��� t of way,
j the en southerly along i**-at sid ��� of
! N. 1.": S. Railway right ol w.y to po 11L
I of commencement, and 1 ontainlng 403.78
1 seres more or )e-*s
Located March 23rtl, 111117.
Je 27 Per I). S'. Denis, ay-nt.
'Tailholt," mitiO--.il oliim, *it. iat-1 in the
SloCiin Ci y M inin*. l.i* i*io*i ol West
Kootenav Distric*. Win relnea'ed :���
Aboin 2,0.'0 feet in a westerly tlirtc-
tloli d'oiii HoWft'd Triii-I on, it boll t ono
mile nor h uf Nor b I'urk ii Lemon
Take notice that I, Ilenii l.'obeit .Tor-
ami, PreeMiin-isCeniliiat- No. B78,800,
as agent for Anna Eei^nsnn, IJxeunlrix
of the list will and tesiannnt of Wil-
iain lb my Ker_nsoii dee used, Free
Mind a Onilicate No. 1M7I!', intend, CO
days from lhe dale hi reof, to apply to
the Mininj lit e nilei- for It certilicate. of
improvement** for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the ab vo claim.
And further take notice, ihat action
under section 1)7, nitn-t bo coiiuiioiiced
bef re. tbe Issuance of such Certilicate of
improvini n's.
Dated this 25tll dav of Am il, A.U.1607.
Je87 ll. R.J0KASB.


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