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Slocan Mining Review 1908-03-12

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 Devoted to Advertising tuef
Mineral Resources and I,ai rax
Fruit growing Area in t ie���
fertile Slocan Valley.    \l?
locan Mining
Printed in New Deliver, lhe
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 39   Vol. 2,
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thur��day, Mar. 12, 1908.
lo Look into tan
Government Expert to Shortly
Visit District and Take
Steps to Re-stock.
At a regular meeting ol ths executive
of the Town Improvement Society held
on Wednesday evening last, the committee appoints d to take up the matter of restocking Slocan lake with (i.li
reported that they bud been in communication with W. A. Galliber, M.P.,
and tbat he in turn had negotiated
with the Rev. G. W. Taylar of tbe
British Columbia Biological Station and
E. E. Prince. In bis letter to Mr.
Galliheron the subject, Mr. Prince says:
"As the 8ev. G. VV. Taylor of tho
B. 0. Biological station is to visit the
Okanagan region and to report on the
game fish, etc., would it not be a good
scheme to have him  visit New Dmver?
There may be some smaller lakes
sufficiently isolated to enable_restock-
ing to yield its full benefit, and if you
would 1st ma know the names of the
principal parties whom he should see,
Mr. Taylor shall be instructed to visit
lhe New Denver district, inspect the
waters, and report on the best fish and
the best waters for successful restoration
and restocking."
Xocal anb General.
"Grippe" in the editorial hulk has
caused our tardy appearance.   Sorry I
At a meeting of. the Skating Rink
committee held on the 12th inst., the
secretary reported a balance of $38.06.
LOST.���A pair of girl's elm ten attached ty shoes.   Apply Laura McDonald.
Mr. Gifford will conduct public worship next Sabbath at Silverton at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m. at New Denver.
The evening service will be a service
of song. Mr. Douglas Nicholson will
assist with violin, and Mrs. Brockman
of Rosebery will sing "Tba Plains of
Peace" and "One Sweetly Solemn
Wm. Hunter, M.L.A., is mentioned
as the probable Conssrvative candidate
for tlio riding in the forthcoming Dominion campaign,
P. A. Farrell, the well-known journalist, says British Columbia's orchards
will bloom long after her copper and
gold mines are exhausted.
Single Copies 5c.
Siocan Xahc fvnit Xanbe
So Fertile
For Full Information write
R. W, Moeran,    Manager,     New Denver
JSrpbaee*, .JSiafcemore & Cameron,
March 17th,  known  as St.   Patrick's
Day, although not a statute holiday, is
generaliy observed in this  "Oupoat ol
tho Empire," iu a manner befitting the
occasion.   On that day  pieces oi green
ribbon,   emblematical   of the   "Little
Green Isle," are displayed  by  persons
in all walks ol life, while descendants of
"Ould  Oireland"  offer  toasts of good-
fellowship with a "touch of potheen,"
and are the quintessence of hospitality,
forare they not  celebrating tbe anniversary of St.  Patrick tbe apostle, and
patron saint of Ireland,  who  was  born
in the  year 37S and died about 406.
Great acts are credited to the siint and
many Irishmen swear  that   he   controls the destiny ol tho Emerald Isle.
Among  the  residents of Slocan   may
be found many descendants of the "Ould
Sod," and they propose celebrating  the
anniversary of their   patron saint   by
giving a grand, ball  at Slocan on  the
evening  of   the   17th.     Excellent   ar-
angements have bean made, and  tbe
latest popular dance music will ba  rendered   by a competent  orchestra.     A
sumptuous repast will be served about
midnight, and everything will be done
for the accomodation of all who attend
tho affair.   A number of residents of
the lake towns are expected (or tbe occasion and   arrangements hava   been
made for their comfort.   It is a foregone
conclusion that there will be a meny
time in Slocan on the evening in question and no one will make any mistake
in attending it.
The B.C. Mining Record for the
current inonth reprints in full our recent remarks anent a government owned
smelter. It has grave doubts as to its
successful application, however, but it
docs not begin to enlighten us, or argue
against us. It simply confines itself to
some vague remarks, as a preliminary,
from which we gather such a project
would not have the approval of its editor. That settles it! But we venture
rather timidly to surgcat that it's a
matter ol dollars and dimes witb the
B.C. Record. Had tliey been first in
the field witb the suggestion and had
somebody suggested tbe coast aa the
ONLY location for it, it would have
been 'Rah for a government-owned
Now thot'a a good bhoy I Bring tbe
laady to the big baal at Slocan on the
17th, and cilibrate Pt. Pathrick. Doo-
ley an' th' missus '11 be tbasre, an' he's
a good bhoy, an' I know him like a buk
too.   Ye'll hare no rigrit.
Call at the real estate office and list
your lauds. It's fashionable and it
doesn't co3t anything. You may be
sorry if you neglect your own interests
There was fun up at the old burg
on Monday last, when the boys ol the
west end who styled themselves " Codfish Alley," met the " Bean Chasers "
from the east  end  fora championship
hockey game.
Codfish Alley
Ed. Martin
Red Hurlbert
Stan Langille
Bert Sanderson
Bub Graham
Arthur Breeze
Oie Hope
The line
up  was as
J. H. Corey was down from Three
Forks Wednesday.
Robert Ganthonjr, the entertainer
who held forth fn the Bosun Hall a lew
weeks ago, has been tbe recipient of
sundry hot roasts from tbe provincial
press. Manager Cosgrove has apologised for boosting him.
Another month and the Slocan will
be proud to exhibit its verdant lace to
sightseers from the prairie provinces.
Tlie backbone ol winter ie broken and
Mother Earth has once again pushed
hor face through a very sorry looking
"beautiful." The man who has any
kick with New Denver winter should
bo compelled to sit on tbe glacieT until
bo gets a sora throat.
On Tuesday next, St. Patrick's Day,
the members of tho Methodist chnrch
are giving a grand concert in the Bosun
Hall. Refreshments will be served.
An excellent program has been arrang*
ed, as follows:
Quartette, "The Minstrel Boy,"
Messrs Rankine, Kelly, Nelson, Brindle;
solo violin, piano accompaniment, selected, Mr. D. Nicholson; solo, vocal,
(elected, Mrs. Brockman; recitation,
"Paddy's Excelsior" Mr. C. F. Nelson
solo, piano, "Serenade" By Schubert,
Miss McDougald; solo, vocal, "Green
Grow the Rashes, 0" J. C. Harris;
banjo solo, "Bonnie Scotland" Mr. Hol-
den; recitation, selected, Miss Jessie
Cropp; Solo, vocal, "Whisper and I
Shall Hear", Mrs. A. St. Clair Brindle;
solo, piano, "Polonaise" by Weber,
Mrs. Rankine; recitation, "Lord Dundreary's Riddles," Mr. RankiBe; trio,
vocal, "Laughing Song," Messrs.
Rankine, Nelson and Gift'ord; vocal solo,
with violin obligato, "Sing Me to
Sleep," Mrs. Brockman; violin solo,
with piano accompaniment, "Legend,"
by Wieniawski.Mr. D. Nicholson.
Slocan    Fruit     lands���none
Get iu on the ground floor.
Do you like popular music? Well,
come and hear it in Slocan on the I7tb.
Irish selections will be quite prominent,
it'll do your heart good to hear 'em.
Mrs McNaught and son were in (rom
Silverton Monday.
Erin Ga liragh, and hooray for S'ocan,
there's something dj&iug there on the
The provineial house has prorogued
and in a few days "Bill Hunter" will be
normal again.
There ia a rumor tbat the Vancouver
people will shortly build a mill-.
New Denver for a home or a holiday.
Rancher Scholtski was in town Tuesday. He had an offer for 500 acres of
choice land which he owns, but he Is
determined to hold on a little longer.
It is quite on tbo cards tbat A. St.
Clair Brindle, thedeputy mining recorder at the New Denver office, will r-e the
new mining recorder at Prince Rupert.
Irishman and others, your presence
is requested in Slocan on the evening
ol the 171h., to assist in the celebration
of the anniversary of St. Patrick.
'Brer Power, of thc Kaslo Kootenaian,
performed with an amateur theatrical
troupe last Saturday.   He Is still alive.
Dr. Gomm Is playing a lone hand at
the Ya-Ya. For grit and Bticktoitness,
alone, tbe doctor deserves a million.
Don't miss Ihe grand ball in Slocan on
the 17th, it will bo a revival of old times.
Bean Chasers
cover   Geo. McCready
rover     F. McDougall
centre F. Charbonneau
r. wing T. Cainey
1. wing Chae. Isenor
Referee: Mr. Tipping, Slocan.
Both teams were well backed, and before the game was through they were
somewhat bruised. After five minutes
play Bu.de. ton butted one in for the
Cods, and then for quite a while tbe
Cod's net looked certain to fall, but Red
and Langille relieved in great style.
Martin showed that he is billed to bold
hia own with any goal tender in the
Slocan���witb a little more practice.
Graham got away with the puck and
passed to Hope, who took it down and
shot, but mimed the net, and followed
it up by taking the puck around the
back of the goal ami fooled Tattrie by
passing it in around the post. The first
half ended 2 to 0 in favor of the codfish
The Bean Chasers  then started in to
pull down the score, and after 10  minutes Charbonneau   opened   tlie   score
with a shot from centre ice.   Sanderson
and  Hope made an  onslaught ou tbe
Beanery goal end the  former plunked
in a third for the Cods.   There was
blood and hair flying after this.   Charbonneau  hooked Hope witb bis stick;
Hope mistook  Cliarb.mneau's head for
tbe   puck���mistakes will happen; McDougall went down with a nasty cut on
the eye from  tho puck; game stopped;
lotion, blood and  swear  words.   Mac
pluckily came on  again;   within   two
minutes of  quitting  time tbere was a!
squabble:   puck was pushed under tbe
Cod net at the back; disallowed; boys
expected line-up and   face-off; referee
threw puck on centre ice;   Isenor took
it to Cod goal and put through ; Martin
did not think game was on aud made no
attempt to stop it; great chewing contest; ref.   allovtad  goal;  all leave tbe
ice with chin  music;   teams agree to
cut it out and play the game: then Uie
spectators saw good hockey.   McDouga!
brought the puck down again and again
but was blocked by tbe defence.    Graham got away with the rubber but his
shot was wide.    Just here McCready
woke up and tried a.rush, which almost
ended in a tally, and Hope a minute
later banged one at the Beanery, but
Tattrie saved it and some other  hot
ones.   Carney got away on a bcautifnl
rush, wliich ended in a side shot, and
tlie 30 minutes  overtime was up, with
both teams alt in.   The  referee admitted tbe game should have been a tie.
The.Codfish Alley team have again
issued a challenge, the losers to put up
an oyster supper, so another hard game
is looked lor. SPECTATOR.
Williamson's Fruit
Local Man Pays $3080 Spot
Cash for Five Acres of
Improved Land.
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
By T. W. Stirling, Kelowna, B.C., before the Northwest Fruit Growers'
Should the shaping have been  neglected in tbe earlier years, or should an
injury have  happened   to  ths  leading
shoot, it is often found that one of the
{tide branches bas come ahead  of the
lealer and is competing with the leader
for supremacy.    There are three things
that  may   be done,  and one ol them
A deal which marks tbe beginning of I must be dono if a well-shaped tree is to
a series was consummated this week,
and  with  the   transaction juat closed
From our Correspondent.
Mr.  Chas. Little and  child  arrived
I home from Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Jordan spent a
day at their ranch at Edgewood.
A meeting of the Commercial Club
was held in Abriel's hall on Tuesday
evening last.
A dance will "be held at ths Leland
Hotel on Mar, h 17th.
Tlie Dramatic Club will present the
great drama, "The Flowing Bowl" immediately afrer Easter.
Mrs. Atkinson, mother ol Fred Atkinson, is visiting in town.
A wedding is expected to take place
in town next week. Full particulars
thsre is a lenson conveyed to prospec-
Billv Tattrie  ti**e   purchasers  of fruit lands in the
F. Brown | Kootenays in the iact tbat a local man
The hospital ball as Sandon hss always been considered the event of the
season, and tbis year no pains ure being spared to keep the event up lo
to standard, Monday night, 16th,
don't forget.
Band Mrs. William's ad, tbis week.
has paid $000 per acre for a six acre
block. The purchaser was Mr. T. H.
Hoben, the well-known New Denver
merchant, and tho vendor Mr. G.
Williamson. Although the price necessarily appears tall, Mr. Hoben must be
congratulated on bis foresight in securing so splendid a block near town,
which is not only choice in location,
but is aleo in as good condition as
hands of man can make it. The property is well fan*cd,anl about 4>_ acres
are now planted to trees. There ia alta
a one-storey building on the land.
We are glad to see that some of our
citizens are enterprising enoagh to
secure one or two of the "plums" before
the inevitable rise in land value it upon
us. Attention lias been directed to the
fertile land in this vallov to such an extent that the enterprising firm of
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron has recently installed an office in New Denver
with R. W. Moeran as manager.
It must not be supposed that all first
class land in the district is on the
market at figures approaching those
in the recent turnover. Unimproved
land ol a first-class order is awaiting
settlers ol moderate means, and these
bench lands are peculiarly adapted for
fruit culture, being veritable sun traps.
As all are on a direct line of transportation, fruitgrowers will have none of
those difficulties in marketing their
produce which ranchers in other districts have to contend with. A C.P.R.
steamer makes two trips a day from
one end ol the lake to tha other, and
connection is made by rail with Nelson
for Crow's Nest Pass points from the
eouth, and witb Revelstoke and main
line markets from the north.
To intending settlers in the Koot nay
Fruit Belt wo would add that Bounteous
Sloean has no peer. We desire to make
tbat point as emphatic as possible. Do
not be misled or side-tracked by people
outside of the distiict who have something inferior to offer. While we can
lay no claim to a large acreage in this
valley, there are several thousands of
acres of fruit, pasture and agricultur.il
lands which are the cream of Kootenay.
These should ba visited. All points
along the lake are within easy distances
ol either New Denver, Silverton and
Slocan City, at which places Church,
social and educational privileges prevail. There are no extremes in summer
or winter, and no mosquito pests.
Slocan lake is recognized as tbo moat
charming expanse of water in British
Columbia, and New Denver is bound to
become a fashionable summer resort.
St. Stephen's church, New Denver.
Services nsxt Sunday: Matins 11.
Evensong 7.30, subject, "A Willing
Mind." Service each Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock during Lent.
There'll be a hot time in Slocan on
the evening of tha 17th. See that your
grip ii packed and be ready to take  it
1. The side branch may be cut off.
2. The tree may be cut off Immediately above the side branch and thus the
latter becomes the leader.
t. Where the side branch has grown
practically as larga as the rest of the
tree above it, one of these two things
must be done. '
8. Check the side branch back by
utting it off immediately above one of
its own side shoots. The stronger it is
���he lower down it must be rut.
This latter will be best where such
cutting is likely to be efficacious in putting the side branch in its place; it
will, however, in any rase, bave to ba
watched the next season.
Always the side branches must be
headed in this way if they show signs
of coming ahead ol the lender until they
are finally induced to take a subordinate
It will likely now be found tbat thore
are too many branches and that they
nre crowding each other; no matter, if
given a choice and if tbey have to be
sacrificed their existence will not bave
been wasted, tbey will have assisted to
thicken and strengthen the main stem.
It is not claimed that there is anything new in this article; it is simply
an attempt to state in clear and concise
language a definite system which at
rate has the merit ot producing surely,
and without waste of time, energy in
plant growth, the results aimed at. The
attempt stems to be justified because
this pnrt oi the orchardiat's art has not
often been stated either clearly, concisely or completely, and it is very necessary to have clear and definite ideas
on the subject,
With a clear mental picture of what
ia needed in regards to shaping a tree
the pruning of young trees is a rapid
and sure operation. The tree is pruned
and shaped mentally as the operator
walks towards it. A few deft cuts with
a sharp pair of shears and it is done.
Lacking this clear idea there ie indecision and doubt; the indecision of
the first year produces the puzzle ol
the second year, which tn tbe third
year becomes an insoluble problem, or
one only to be solved in sacrificing half
or more of the tree, and thereby watting
the greater part ol tbe energy of the
growth that the tree has put forth in
tba past.
Larry Dolan, who several years ago
was chief of police at Sandon, recently
dropped dead of heart failure at
the Commercial Hotel, Winnipeg.
Whilst doing duty at Saudon, he was
authorized by the city council to attend
to the embellishment ol tba City Hall.
He painted it a bright green. In an
obituary the Winnipeg Free Press
statee that Mr. Dolan was chief of
police at Sandon when "that district
was iu an unsettled and lawless condition." Guess poor old Larry baled out
buckets of that kind of dope to the
eastern guys. As bis name will imply
he wasn't a Spaniard, and  in this con-
Town Iroproverai Society
Determine on Promoting
Annual Fall Eair.
The most recent progressive step of
tbe Town Improvement Society is one
that appeals to all parties interested iu
the progress of the Slocan. The initiative long delayed has at last been taken
in the matter of inaugurating an
annual Fruit and Fall Fair, but it is
in no way Intended to antagonise
existing organized fairs; rather is it an
effective means of stimulating local
energy that better results may ba
achieved for an Industry which is yet
in its infancy. As yet no definite
plans are moulded as to the general
program, but these will be made known
in due course. It is agreed to hold tha
Fall Fair shortly before tha Annual
Nelson and New Westminster Fairs,
and in this it is generally conceded tbe
committee bave a right conception of
the benefits bound to accrue from such
nection a good story is told of bim. *-ood �������"'.l**    It is, of course, In-
Aman who. had lost rather heavily  tended that Slocan  *ruit ����������� -Kricul-
at a gambling game   was feeling  very | tu~'   ProduCts  ��h���,11   b�� "*<>��� widely
melancholy in consequence, and at be
trudged to his shack he thought hard
things oithe world, and determined to
take a plunge into eternity. Meeting
a man on the trail, he observed: "Can
you advise me the quiekett way to com
mit suicide?"
"Shore," said the other, as he proceeded on his journey, "Go down to
Larry Dylan's cabin and yell ' To h���1
wid der Pope!' "
W atch New Denver grow.
Doesn't It look good to see Mother
Earth again!
Geo Huston, late of the defunct Sandon Mining Standard, is said to be
creating a name for himself in matttera
mining; in Mullen, Idaho. When mining booms again in tbe Slocan, Mr.
Huston will be a good man to get
pointers (rom, as he has trudged tiiese
hills in search of knowledge and what
bs doesn't know isn't worth knowing.
knowo, and we can conceive of no better
method than ot first corraling in local
competition the choice products of the
district, and afterwards exhibiting tha
cream of it at more important centres.
It is meet tbat the Slocan should
work out its own salvation, and we feel
confident tbe ranchers around Burton,
Nakusp, and other "points on the Arrow
Lakes within the Slocan electoral district will combine wilh all the other
Slocan towns to make a great success
of the First Annual Slocan Fall Fair.
Shall I send my next washing*!*
[It must always be distinctly understood
tbat tbe Editor is not responsible for
tbe opinions of correspondents, nor.
doca be always agree with them*.
There   is   only   one   first class
Laundry in the Kootenay, and that
Kootenay Steam Laundry
of Nelson, B.C.
Get price   list from J. E.  Angrignon,
Local Agent.
Empress Fractional  mineral claim, sit
uate ln the Siocan City Mining Division   ol   West   Kootenay    District.
Where located :   On the aouth side of
Ten-mile creek and adjoins tbe Enterprise and Mabou mineral claims.
Take notice that I, Robert Ira  Kirkwood,   Free   Miner's   Certificate   No.
B95.785, intend 60 days  from tho  date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
lor a Certificate of  Improvement*,   for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87,   must be   commenced
before the issuanceof such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 37th dav of Jan., A.D. 1908
To N. W. Fessler and B. V. Risdon,
or to any other person to whom they,
or either of them, may have transferred their iutere*t, or any part thore-
ol, in the "Transvaal" mineral claim,
situated on Ten-mile creek, in tlie Slocan City mining division of the West
Kootenay district of the province of
British Columbia, and recorded In the
Mi ning recorders office at Slocan,   B.C
You, and each ol you are hereby notified tnat I have expended tlie sum ol
two hundred and five dollars (.205.00)
in payment in lieu of work and recording fees upon the above named mineral
claim in order to hold the same under
the provisions ol section 24 of the miner-
alact; and tliaLit-within 90 days from
the date of this notice, yon fail or refuse
to contribute your proportion ol tbe
aforesaid expenditure, (or tho two
years ending tbe 1st of August. 1907,
together with all costs of advertising,
your interest in the said claim will become vested in the unrlertdgned, under
The Town Improvement Society has. section 4 of the  mineral act,  Amend-
There isn't
Much bliss
In a tele-
Phone kiBS.
���Birmingham Age-Herald.
There's little
To please
In a postage
Stamp squeeie.
���Chicago News-Herald.
There isn't
Much mon
In pi in ting
For fun.
���Cranbrook Herald.
There is
None st all
For a Leap
Year Ball.
done more for New Denver the pait Bix
months, than was done for the previous
six years.
ment act, 1900.
Dated at Slocan,  B.C, this 80th day
ol January, A.D., 1908.
Editor, Slocan Mining Review.
Dear sir,���A lew residents of this
camp questioned my authority for announcing services at St. Stephen's
church Ash Wednesday, tbe first day of
the holy season of Lent, March 4th, instead of (the correct date as tbey imagined) March llth.
The golden numbora in the Church
calendar point out the days of the Paschal (pertaining to the Passover): Full
moons till the year of our Bletsed Lord
2200, at which time, in order tbat tha
Ecclesiastical full moons may (all nearly
with the real full moons.
The golden numbers are removed to
different days in tbe Church calendar
to be used, as is necessary, for finding
the paschal (ull moons and the (east of
The fast of the Forty Pa.s of Lent
(in which the huxuayb auk -SOT IX-
cludiioj is of very Sarly origin, in commemoration of our Blessed Lord's fast,
and iu preparation for the great it*_Uval
of Easter.
In a Bissextile, or Leap Year, the
number of Sundays alter Epiphany will
be the same as if Easter Day had fallen
one day later than it really does, and
for the same reason one day must in
overy.Leap Year be added to tlie day of
tbe month given by the table for Sep-
tuagesima Sunday.
And the like must be done for the
first day of Lent (commonly called Ash
Wednesday) unless the table gives some
day in the montli of March lor it; for
in that case the day given by the Tablo
is tbe right day.   Yours faithfully,
Missionary Baynbs,
English Church Mission.
St. Stephen's Vicaiage,
New Denver, B.C.
March 9, 1008.
Dear sir,���It will be pleasing to know
if Saint Patrick bas been incorporated
into the Methodist, calendar.
A. Pkmbbrton.
En.���Don't  know I   Ask us something
easy.    Our " devil "  says he was a
Seventh Dav Advsnturist.
Watch the nsw sidewalks go up in a
lew weeks.
The Leap Year Dance given by the
ludie9 of New Denver last Friday was a
very enjoyable amotion. Tboie was a
good attendance and a financial success
ib to be recorded. Dancing continued until 4.80 tbo following morning. Mib,
I Lowe elieited great praiso for tho manner in which tbe called the eo!h. THK   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
��� ��� ���
| Author of "Dpra Deane," "The English Orphan*," f
"Lena Rivera," "The Rector of St. MarkV
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc
(Continued From Last Week.)
The summer vacation had oeen spent
by tbo Remingtons and Maddy at the
seaside, the latter coming to the cottage for a week before returning to
her school in New York, and as the
doctor was then absent front* home,
she dil not meet him at all. Consequently, he had not seen her sliice she
left Aikenside for New York. But
she wns at home now for the Christmas holidays���was down at the cottage, too; and .mus*.inlly nervous for
him, the doctor stood before th*. little
square glass in his back office, trying
to make himself look ns well as possible, for he wns going that very afternoon to cull upon Miss Clyde. He
wns glad she W113 not nt Aikenside;
ho would rallier meet her where Guy
wns not. nnd he hoped he might be
fortunate enough to find her alone.
The doctor wns seriously in love.
He acknowledged that now to himself, confessing, too, thnt with his
love was mingled a spice ol jealousy,
lest Guy Remington should be expending more thought on Maddy
Clyde than was consistent with the
promised husband of Lucy Atherstone.
He wished so much to talk with Guy
about her, and yet he dreaded it; for
if the talk should confirm his suspicions there would be no hope for
him. No girl in her right mind would
prefer him to Guy Remington, and
with a little sigh tlie doctor was turning away from the glass, when, aa if
to verify a familiar proverb, Guy himself drove up in a most dashing equipage, the silver-tipped harness of his
high-mettled steed flashing in the
wintry sunlight, and the bright-hued
lining of his fanciful robes presenting
a very gay appearance.
Guy was in the best of spirits. For
an entire half-day he had tried to devise some means for getting Maddy up
to Aikenside. It was quite too bad
for her to spend the whole Vacation
at the cottage, as she seemed likely
to do. He knew she was lonely there;
that the bare floor, and low, dark
walls affected her unpleasantly. He
had** seen that in her face when he
bade her good-by, for he had carried
her down to the cottage himself, and
now he was going after her. There
was to be a party  at-Aikenside  -the
very first since Guy was its master. ,       -, ,. ,_.,.__        -     , ,    . ,
The neighbors had said he was too ' medding with his,plans, and had he
proud to invite them, but they should �������* ill the habit ol swearing he
say so no more. The house was to. Jvould Probably have sworn; but as
be thrown open in honor of Guy's ; h. _was not* he contented himself
twenty-sixth birthday, and all who ! wlth driving like a second Jehu until
were at all desirable as guests were he reached Honedale. where a pair of
to  be  bidden  to  the  festival.    First   Boft*  brown  eves smiled  up into his
son, while the doctor cbntriTtfecTT
"Yes, and I beg your pardon for it;
but let me ask you one question, and
upon its answer will depend my future course with regard to Maddy*
You are true to Lucy?"
Guy felt the blood trickling at the
roots of his hair, but he answered
truthfully as he believed:
"Yes, true as steel," while the generous thought came over him that he
would further the doctor's plans all
he possibly could.
"Then I am satisfied," the doctor
rejoined; "and ns you have rather assumed the position of her guardian
or brother, I ask your permission to
offer her the love which, whether she
accepts it or not, is herB."
Guy had never Ielt a sharper pang
than that whicli now thrilled through
every nerve, but he would not prove
false to the friend confiding in him,
and he answered calmly:
"You have my consent; but, doc,
better put it off till you see her at
Aikenside. There's no chance at the
cottage, with those three old people.
I wonder she don't go wild. I'm sure
I should."
Guy was growing rather savage
about something, but the doctor did
not mind *. and grasping his arm as
he arose, he said:
"And you'll manage it lor me, Guy?
You know how. I don't. You'll contrive ior me to see her alone, and
maybe say a word beforehand in my
"Yes. y���� I'll manage it. I'll fix
it right. Dou't forget, day after tomorrow nigiit. Tlie Cutlers will be
there, and, by the way, Marcia has
got to be a splendid girl. She fancied
you 'once, you know. Old Cutler is
worth half a million." And Guy tore
himself iwh.v from the doctor,
who, now that the ice was broken,
would like to have talked of Maddy
But Guy was not thus inclined, and
in a mood not extremely amiable, he
threw himself into his sleigh and went
dashing down toward Honedale. For
some unaccountable reason he was not
now one bit interested in the party,
and, were it not that a lew of the
invitations were issued, he would
have been tempted to give it up. Guy
did not know what ailed him. He
only  felt   as   if* somebody   had   been
on the list was the doctor, who, remembering how averse Guy was to
large parties, wondered at the proceedings. But Guy was all engaged
���in the matter, and after telling who
were to be invited, added half indifferently. "I'm going now down to
Honedale alter Maddy. It's better for
her to be with us a day or two before.
You've seen her, of "ourse."
No, the doctor had not; he was
just going there, he said, in a tone
so   full   of  sad   disappointment  that
face, and a little, fat, warm hand
was clasped in his, as Maddy came
even to the gate to meet him.
She was very glad to see him. The
cottage with its humble adornings did
seem lonely, almost dreary, after the
life and bustle ol New York, and
Maddy had cried more than once to
think how hard and wicked she must
be growing when her home had ceased to be the dear old home she once
loved so well. She had been there
five  days  now,  and   notwithstanding
Guy detected "it iTont��,l^^k*TS   _h__ e.f_0,_-8 of he.  g,r_andf!*_ie"_9.Jf_Jen;
anything was the matter.
"Guy,"   the  dnctor  continued,  sitr
ting down by his friend, "I remember once your making me your confidant   about  Lucy,
it,  too?"
"Yes, why? well?" Guy replied, beginning to feel strangely uncomfortable as he half divined what was
coming next.
Latterly Guy had stopped telling
the doctor that be was educating
Maddy for him. Indeed he did not
talk of her at all, and the doctor
might have fancied her out of his
mind but for the frequent visits to
New York which Guy found it absolutely necessary to make. Guy did
not himself understand the state of
his own feelings with regard to Maddy, but if compelled to explain them,
they would hnve been something as
follows*. He fully expected to marry
Lucy Atherstone; the possibility that
he should not had never occurred to
him, but thnt was no reason why
Maddy Clyde need be' married for
these many years. She was very
young yet; there was time enough
for her to think of marrying when
she was twenty-five, and in the meanwhile it would be splendid to have
her at Aikenside as Lucy's and his
friend. Nothing could be nicer, and
Guy did not care to hnve this little
arrangement spoiled. But that the
doctor had an idea of spoiling it, he
had not a doubt, particularly after the
doctor's next reinnrk.
"I have not seen Muddy since last
spring, you Ttnow. Is she very much
"Yes. very much, There is no more
stylish-looking girl to be seen on
Broadway thnn Maddy Clyde," and
Guy shook down his pantaloons a
little awkwardly.
"Wi'li, is she as handsome as she
used to be, and as childish in her
manner?" the doctor asked; and Guy
"I took her to the opera once, last
month, and the many admiring
glances cast at our box proved pretty positively thnt Maddy's beauty
wns not of the ordinary kind."
"The opera!" the doctor exclaimed;
"Maddy Clyde at the opera! What
would her grandfather say? He is
very  puritanical,  you  know."
"Yes, I know! and so is Maddy,
too. She wrote and obtained his consent before she's go with me. He
won't let her go to the theatre."
Here an interval of silence ensued,
and then the doctor began again.
"Guy, you told me once you were
educating Maddy Clyde for me, and I
tried then to make you think I didn't
care; but I did, oh, so much I Guy,
laugh at me, if you please. I cannot
blame you if you do; but the fact is,
I believe I've loved Maddy Clyde ever
since that time she was so sick. At
all events, I love her now. and I was
going down there this very afternoon
to tell her so. She's old enough. She
was sixteen last October, the���the���"
"Tenth day," Guy responded, thus
showing that he, SJoo, was keeping
Maddy's age.
"Yea, the tenth day," resumed the
doctor. "There's 'most eleven yearB'
difference between us, but if she feels
at all as I do, she will not care, Guy,"
and the doctor began to talk earnestly: "I'll be candid with you, and say
that you have sometimes made my
heart ache a little."
^r-JlAaA t'i. tu_d 4:,._'a    *_*_���_  __*a_   Criui*
tertain her, each day had seemed a
week in its duration. Neither the doctor nor Guy had been near her, and
capricious little Maddy had made her-
You remember | 8e^ believe that the former was sadly remiss in his duty, inasmuch as
he had not seen her for so long. He
had been in the habit of calling every
week, her grandmother said, and this
did not tend to increase her amiability. Why didn't he come now when
he knew she was at home? Didn't
he want to see her? Well, she could
be indifferent, too, and when they
met, Bhe'd show how little she cared!
Maddy was getting to be a woman,
with womanly freaks, as the reader
will readily see. At Guy she was not
particularly piqued. She did not take
his attentions as a matter ol course;
still she thought more of him, if possible, than of the doctor, during those
five days, saying to herself each morning: "He'll surely come to-day," and
to herself each night: "He will be
here to-morrow." She had something
to show him at last���a letter from
Lucy Atherstone, who had gradually
come to be her regular correspondent,
and whom Maddy had learned to love
with all the intensity of her girlhood. To her ardent imagination
Lucy Atherstone was but a little lower than the angels, and the pure,
sweet thoughts contained in every letter were doing almost as much toward molding her character as Grandpa Markham's prayers and constant
teachings. Maddy did not know it,
but it was these letters Irom Lucy
which kept her from loving Guy Remington. She could not for a moment
associate him with herself when she
so constantly thought of him as the
husband of another, and that other
Lucy Atherstone. Not for worlds
would Maddy huve wronged the gentle creature who wrote to her so confidingly of Guy, envying her in that
she could so often see his face and
hear his voice, while his betrothed
waa separated from him by many
thousand miles. Little by little it
had come out that Lucy's mother was
averse to the match, tbat she had in
her mind the case of an English lord
who would make her daughter "My
Lady"; and this was the secret of
her deferring so long her daughter's
marriage. In her last letter to Maddy, however, Lucy had written with
more than her usual spirit that she
would come in possession ol her property on her twenty-fifth birthday.
She should then feel at liberty to act
for herself, and she launched out in*
her o<T*~n*i:"~��r3's. yoit*.r,i**,*, *_Mr'_rre
means to be married in Bpite of her
mother���she says���let me see"���and
drawing from her bosom Lucy's letter, Maddy read, " 'I do not intend to
fail in filial obedience, but I have
tried dear Guy's patience long en-
o.jf-h, and as soon as I can, I shall
marry him.' Isn't it nice?" and returning the letter to its hiding place,
Maddy scooped up in hor hand and
ate some of the snow beside the path.
"Yes, it was very nice," Guy admitted, but there was a shadow on his
brow as he followed Maddy into the
cottage, where the lunatic, who had
been watching them from the window, shook his head doubtfully and
said, "Too young, too young for you,
young man. You can't have our Sunshine, if you want her."
"Hush, Uncle Joseph," Maddy
whispered, softly, taking his arm and
laying it around ber neck. "Mr. Remington don't want me. He is engaged
to an English girl across the sea."
Low as Maddy's words were, Guy
heard them, as well as the crazy man's
reply, "Engagements have been broken."
That wns the first time the possibility had ever entered Guy's brain that
his engagement might be broken, provided he wished it, which he did not,
he said to himself positively. Lucy
loved him, he loved Lucy, and that
was enough, sn in a kind of abstracted manner, arising from the [act that
he was calculating how long it would
he before Lucy was twenty-live, he
began   to   talk   with   Muddy,   asking
how she hnd spent her time, and so
forth. ThiB leininded Maddy of the
loetor, who, she said, had not been
to see ber nt nil.
"He was coining this morning,'
Guy rejoined, "but I persuaded him
to defer his call until yon were at
Aikenside. I hnve come to take you
bnck with me, as we are to have a
party day after to-morrow evening,
and 1 wish you to be present."
A party, a big party, such as Maddy
had never in her life attended! How
her eyes sparkled from mere anticipation as she looked appealingly to
her grandfather, who, though classing
parties with the pomps and vanities
Irom which he would shield his child,
still remembered that he once was
young, that fifty years ago he, too,
like Maddy. wanted "to see the folly
of it," and not tnke the mere word of
older people that in every lestive
scene there was a pitfall, strewn over
so thickly with roses that it was oft-
times hard to tell just where its
boundary line commenced. Besides
that, grandpa had faith in Guy. and
so his consent wns granted, and Mnddy was soon on her way to Aikenside.
which presented a gayer, busier appearance than she hnd ever known
before. Jessie was wild with delight
dragging forth at one? the pink dress
which she was to wear, and whispering to Maddy that Guy had bought
a dark blue silk for her, and the*1
Sarah Jones was at that moment fashioning it after n dress left there by
Maddy  the   previous  summer.
"Mother said plain white muslin
was more appropriate lor a young
girl, but Brother Guy snid no; the
blue silk would be useful after the
party; it was whnt you needed, and
so he bought it nnd paid a dollar and
three-quarters a yard, but it's a secret until you are called to try it on.
Isn't Guy splendid?"
He was indeed splendid, Maddy
thought, wondering why he was so
kind to her. and if it would be so when
Lucy came. The dress fitted admirably, only Maddy thought grandpa
would say it wns too low in the neck,
but Sarah overruled her objections,
assisted by Guy. who. when the dress
wns completed nnd tried on lor the
last time, wns called in by Jessie to
see if "Maddy's neck didn't look just
like cheese curd," and if "she should
have a piece sewed on as she suggested " The neck was au lait, Guy
said, laughing at Maddy for blushing so, and saying, when he Baw how
really distressed she seemed, that he
would provide her with something to
relieve the bareness of which she
"Oh. I know. I saw, I peeked in
the box," Jessie began, but Guy put
his hand ovei the little tattler's
mouth, bidding li:*r keep the result of
ber peeking to herself.
And for once Jessie succeeded in
doing so. although she several times
set Maddy to grossing what it was
Guy had for hor in a box! As the size
of the box was not mentioned, Maddy
had fully made up her mind to a
Shawl or scarf, and was proportionately disappointed when, aa she was
dressing for the pnrty, there was sent
up to ber room a small round box,
scarcely large enough to hold an apple, much less a small scarf. The
present proved to a pair ol plain,
but heavy bracelets, and a most exquisitely wrought chain of gold, to
which was appended a beautiful pearl
cross, the whole accompanied with
thg words, "From Gulr."
(To be Continued.)
"I tell you. file'am, you ought to use
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"Honey, when is yer gwine ter git
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The  old woman's jaw fell.
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when she should come to Aikenside
and meet her dear Maddy Clyde. Feeling that Guy, if he did not already
know it, would be glad to hear it,
Maddy had nil the morning been
wishing he would come; and when
she Baw him at the gate she ran out
to meet him, her eyes and face sparkling with eager joy as she suffered
him to retain her hand while she
said; "I am so glad to see you, Mr.
Remington. I almost thought you
had lorgotten me at Aikenside, Jessie
and all."
Guy began to exclaim against anyone's forgetting her, and also to express his pleasure at finding her bo
glad to see him, when Maddy interrupted him with, "Oh, it's not that; I've
something to show you ��� something
which will make you very happy. I
had a letter Irom Lucy last night.
Whop e__e i^iwenty-ftTs tie ji__ ^3
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Accomplice  of  "Chicago   May
fenced In England.
An echo of the case in which Guer-
in, the escaped convict from Devil'*!
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her companion Smith figured recently, was heard at the Sussex Assises at Lewes recently, when
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A Bow street detective told the
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assisted them in their blackmailing
The judge, in passing sentence, said
he would do his best to prevent England being pestered with such a scoundrel. At the expiration of his sentence Ferrari would be deported to
Since the arrest of "Chicago May"
he has lived something like a life of
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hotel guests (whom he victimized)
and his books (which he read in four
or five languages). He speaks Italian, French. German, Russian, and
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He is a member of a wealthy and
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When "Smith" met him he had already disgraced his family by clever
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A bad blunder over a Turin bank
"job" made it politic for the couple
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they way to the South African gold
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wholesale robbery of the mines. They
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tbe most desperate circumstances.
Drugs were freely used. In the large
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It was in Kimberley that Ferrari
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After their next arrest and sentence
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rolls on an electric hot plate in half
a minute; and if she is anxious to
tidy herself, an electric heater will
warm her curling tongs in a quarter
of a minute, while a crushed blouse
or skirt can be renovated by the aid
of an electric iron
Mrs. Godfrey Suteliffe demonstrated
how it was possible to make a sachet
cake in three-quarters of an hour.
Thia elaborate cake, resembling a
handkerchief sachet in shape, was
made of sponge cake, filled with jam,
Iced with lilac-colored icing, deeoratr
ed with sprays of crystallized violets,
and tide with satin ribbon.
Mysteries of Scent.
The mysteries of moot will probably
never lie solved 11 nil II Is 11 matter of
everyday observation that, while the
trained shooting dog win pass a sit
ling pari ridge. 11 terrier or a fox will
(iiiil the nest.-London Times.
Wonderful Head.
Percy-Yes. It's rather a neat tie.
Who gave you the idea? Cbolly-No-
body. I got It out of my own head.
fWy-Oh: Blocked It out yourself,
tlld you 1
py by the use of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills.
Mr. James J. Jensen; Olds, Alta.,
writes: "I have "been troubled considerably with lame back, which I
suppose came from derangements of
the kidneys and I have never been
able to find a treatment that was so
prompt and effective in curing this
ailment ns Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills. At two different times in my
life this preparation has entirely cur-
el me of this trouble, and of late
years I have found it unnecessary to
use any medicine whatever. I feel
it my duty to add this statement to
the nuinv others which I see in recommendation of this excellent medicine."
In every family there is need of
just such a medicine as Dr. Chase'.**
Kidney-Liver Pills to cure constipation, backache, biliousness, indigestion and prevent dangerous and fatal
diseases of the kidneys and boweM.
One pill a dose, 26 cents a box. at all
dealers, 01* Kdniaiison, Kates & Co.,
Ready for All Comers
The passengers were suddenly
startled by a shower of rice that fell
from the bride's parasol when she
took it from the ruck. The bridegroom
a dark, stalwart chap, observing the
smiles, placed his arm about his
blushing bride, and then faced the
passengers with the following remarks :
"1 reckon there ain't no need for
nie to say we ain't been married long;
but 1 can tell you all one thing. You
don't want to smile any more than's
perlite; for she's my violet and I'm
,ier sheltering oak, and 1 weighs two
hundred and eight pounds."���Success Magazine.
To Prevent Is Better Tban to Repent.���A little medicine in the shape
of the wonderful pellets which are
known as Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
administered at the proper time and
with the directions adhered to often
prevent a serious attack of sickness
and save money wliich would go to the
doctor. In all irregularities of the
digestive organs they are an invaluable corrective and by cleansing the
blood they clear the skin of imperfections. -
Grace���Glady's skating party was a
cold and formal affuir,  1 understand.
Helen���It was until that huge Miss
Heavyweight came.
Grace���What did she do?
Helen���She fell and that broke the
Pittsburg Leader.
all hard, soft or calloused luups and
blemishes from homes, blood spavin,
curbs, splints, ringbone, sweeney, stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, coughs,
eto. Save $50 by nae of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Cure
*ver known.
Charles Deecrost of Philadelphia
yawned Just as a collision of a street
car occurred, and a piece of glass went
down his throat Physicians say he
mny lose his speech.
By tbe explosion of a boiler In a hotel in Cripple Creek, Colo., the building
was completely wrecked, but Henry
Morgan, sleeping within six feet of
the boiler, was not Injured.
A charge of 13,000 volts passed
through tbe body of Henry Tyson, aged
tbirty-slx, at Germantown, Pa., and,
wheu examined at a hospital the physicians said be was uninjured.
Since June the beard of John B
Roberts, a grocer of Wichita, Kan., has
been growing on the left side of his
face Inward Instead of outward, not
withstanding efforts to check It.*- Surgeons say It Is the strangest case they
have ever seen.
Train and Track.
A German estimate of tbe capital invested ln the construction of the
'world's railroads Is $43,310,000,000.
It Is estimated that New York city
requires 1,000 more cars on Its railways to accommodate tbe traveling
The Fryeburg (Me.) horse railroad
bears the di. .inctlon of being tbe
shortest as well as the only borse rall-
jroad In tbe state. Tbe railroad was
originally built to accommodate a
(Methodist association which established a place of meeting about three miles
pom tbe Maine Central railroad station in Fryeburg.
The Easier P?rt
"Well." said the defeated candidate,
"I'm glad  1   wasn't elected."
"That's the old, old story." replied
the scoffer.
"liut Ijtiiieaii what I say. Now I
shall not bave to keep any of the promises I made during the campaign,"
���Chicago  Record-Herald.
Pains, Like the Poor, Are Always
With Us.���That portion of man's life
which is not made up of pleasure, is
largely composed of pain, and to he
free from pain is a pleasure. Simple
remedies are always the best in treating bodily pain, and a safe, sure and
simple remedy is Dr. Thomas' Kc-
lectrie Oil. You cannot do wrong
ill giving it a trial when required.
"All that you are, my friend," said
the lecturer, singling out an elderly
man sitting in a front sent, who appeared to be deeply interested, "all
that you are, I repeat, you owe to
heredity  and  environment."
"Gosh !" exclaimed the elderly man.
turning red with indignation, "I
never had no dentin's with that firm
in my life, nnd 1 don't owe them nor
nobody else a blamed cent."���Chicago
Hie Djl.-.a i.iii the Fuc'isia.
The dahlia rivals tin- liiinsoiii cub In
tbe matter of liming smothered the
memory of the Ilia 11 after whom It was
named. But persons who use It at
least pronounce "haumiui as Joseph
Hansom pronounced Ills surname.
whereas proliahly most people on 11 tho
flower "diiylla." thus getting hopelessly remote from the Swedish Dr. Da hi.
the pupil of Linnaeus, who brought
this Mexican plant Into cultivation' In
Europe. How mnny who know the
fuchsia have ever heard of the sixteenth century German botanist Leon-
bard Kuehs? Germany, by the way,
calls the dahlia "(Jcorgine" In honor of
another    botanist,    Georgl.
A Royal Reprimand.
A tutor was once employed to teach
tbe son of a king. The yonng prince
was sometimes disobedient But In
the esteem of the tutor It was not quite
proper to whip the son of a king with
a common switch. So to tbe lapel of
the boy's coat tbe teacher pinned a
piece of purple ribbon. When tbe
young prince manifested 0 disposition
to defy authority tbe Instructor pointed with the end of tbe rod to thu purple ribbon on bis coat This wag an
appeal to bis royal blood.
Make a Frame House
Look Like Stone
By far tht moil durable, most _tffatly outside
finiih for any hoase���makes il warm r winters,
cooler summeri��� weather-proofs it���help* make it
fire-proof too���that'���
Hundreds of patterns, to suit anf idea you have,*���
perfect imitation of bnck, cut itooe, rough atoM,
e!c. Coil let* than you'd think for auch value.
Send for the book about modern metal finish, foe
all ainds of structures.    Its FREE.   Addrtss    in
The PEDLAR People     TSij
Oshawa Montreal  Ottawa*. Toronto Lon'on Wlnnlpe*.
For outdoor work,
for every day wear,
for walking and
driving, Elmira Felt
Shoes are the warm-
Sold by .
Lading* est, easiest, lightest
and most comfortable of all footwear.
The trade marlc, shown above,
is on the sole of every genuine
Elmira Pelt Shoe and Slipper.
Look for it whenever you buy.
MADE IN WINNIPEG. The Lion on the
ticket is your guarantee of quality. They
cost no more than the ordinary kind.
i Which Pe-ru-na Relieved in a Short
Mr, *.< ���>    *.*->**      *���
4C6 Quebec St., London, Out., writes:
"I began using Peruna lust January when I had such a bad cold, and
1 could not get anything to help me.
"My nose and head were nil stopped up, so thut I could hardly get my
breath. 1 thought nt times that I
wou'd smother, especially ut night.
"I have no trouble with Unit now.
The noise in my head bus nil disappeared.
"I know Peruna will do just what
you say it does. I cannot praise Pe
runa too highly, as it has done bo
much for me. I hope my letter will
reach other sufferers."
Mrs. S. J. Kountz, 1015 Scovel St.,
Nashville, Tennessee, writes:
"I luiv * had a very bud cough nearly all Iny life and I nm forty-five years
old. 1 have taken nlmost every kind
of cough medicine thnt bus ever been
made, but none did me much good. I
would have spells of coughing thnt I
thought I would cough myself to
death. I took Peruna, nnd last winter
and this winter I have had no cough
and I know that Peruna cured me."
Ask Your Druggist for Free Peruna
Almanac for  1908.
The   Kespinse   Rapid
"You never use any sweet terms in
talking to nie ," said the wife sadly.
"Oh, fudge," he growled.
"Dear old boy!" she murmured.
a "How quickly you respond to a suggestions'���Detroit News Tribune.
Even the Deneest Siliceous Rocks Succumb to Time.
Whoever expects to find a stone that
will stand from century to century, de*
riding alike the frigid rains and scorching solar rays, without need of reparation will Indeed search for "the philosopher's stone." There Is scarcely a
substance which after having been exposed to the action of tbe atmosphere
for a considerable time does not exhibit proofs of weathering, it may
even he observed on the most densely
compacted siliceous rocks. The fullest
extent of this Inquiry can only be to
elucidate relative duration and comparative labor of appropriation to useful or ornamental purposes.
By examining the various productions of nature we And evident proofs
of ber Industry in a(l ages. Changes
hdve lieen going on from the remotest
antiquity to the present time on every
substance that comes within our observation. All the actual comblnajyons
of matter have had a former existence
tn some other ntate. Nothing exists ln
nature but what Is likely to change its
condition and manner of being. No
material Is so durable as always to retain its present appearance, for the
most solid und compact bodies have not
such u degree of Impenetrability and ao
close a union of the parts whicli compose tbem ns to be exempted from ultimate dissolution.
Even In the great globe which we Inhabit nothing la more evident to geologists than n perpetual series of alterations. There can be discovered no
vestige of a beginning, uo prospect of
an end. lo some bodies these changes
are not so frequent and remarkable as
In others, though equally certain at a*
more distant period. Tbe venerable remains of Egyptian splendor, many of
them executed In tbe hardest granite
between 3.000 and 4.000 years since,
exhibit large portions of exfoliation
and gradual decay, thereby following
the primitive, immutable nnd universal
order of causes and effects���namely,
that all objects possess the materials
of which they are composed only for a
limited time, during which some powerful agent effects their decomposition
und acts tbe elementary particles at
liberty again to form other equally per.
feet combinations. Thus by divine nnd
unerring laws order Is restored amid
apparent confusion.���Exchange.
It Was Invented  by a  Poor Man  Who
Had Failed nt a Merchant.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
The Doctor (inspecting check the
professor has just handed him)���You
wrote a much more legible signature
forty years ngo than you do now.
The Professor���Yes; but my signature is worth forty times as much now
as it was then.
"Did  she  make   you  feel  at  home
when you called on her husband?"
"She certainly did."
"You had a nice time, eh?"
"Oh, I didn't suy that, my denr."���
Houston Post. *   . ���
In n certain school of Washington
there was one lad who would persist
in saying "have went."
One day the teacher kept him in,
"While I nm out of the room vou
mnv write  'hnve  gone'  fifty times."
When the pedagogue returned he
found thnt the boy had dutifully performed the tnsk, having written "have
gone" fifty times. On the other side
of the paper, however, was this mes-
Boge from the absent one:
"I have went. John White."
���Harpers' Weekly.
Sim reward, no.
The readers of this paper will be pleased 11 . "irn that there ls at least one
dreaded dibease that science has been able
fo cure in all Its states, and that is Oatarrh. Hull's Catarrh Oure ts the only
positive oure now known to the medical
fraternity. Oatarrh being a conatitu
tlonal dlncasc, requires constitution
al treatment. Hall i (' 'tarrh Oure Is taken internally, acting directly upon tbe
blood and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, a d giving tbe patient strength
by building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The
proprietors have so mu h fnlth in its curative powers that they offer One Han
dred Dollars for any case that It. fniln to
cure.    Send for list of testimonials.
AddresB F. J. OHENEY A CO.. Toledo. O.
Bold by all Druggists. 75o.
Take  Hall's Family   Pills  for  eonsttps
A lumbering old stage was winding
in and out over a remote road in the
Adirondacks. There was only one passenger and he hnd chosen to sit outside beside the driver. Several times
he had tried conversation, but bad
met with so little encouragement that
he had given up and wus silently
watching the landscape.
Presently they came to a tiny mountain burying ground, containing a few
grave stones nnd n few unmarked
graves. The passenger looked at it,
struck by its nir of loneliness, which
seemed to stir in him nfresh the desire
for human intercourse. He turned
again to the driver, pointed to the
graveyard,  and  observed:
"People around here don't seem to
die very often, do they?"
And without turning his head,
"Jest once," said the driver. *
You May
Need It
Ask your doctor about the
wisdom of your keeping Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral in ihe house,
ready for colds, coughs, croup,
bronchitis. If he says it's all
right, then get a bottle of it
at once. Why not show a
little foresight in such matters?
Early treatment, early cure.
We publiih our formula!
We banish alcohol
from our mr��_loir___
Wo urf- -tod. to
consult jour
Many a boy is called dull and stupid,
when the whole trouble is due to a lazy
liver. We flrmly believe your own doctor will tell you that an occasional dose
of Ayer's Pills will do such boys a great
des! of good. They keep the liver active.
���state __��� ���_.._. O. aj-r Co., Low.ll. Km..���-
An Amusing Complication Over a Dose
of Medicine.
The experiences of an English householder in India are often amusing. An
Instance of one of the amusing experiences Is given.
The old gray bearded butler announced at luncheon one day that the
dishwasher was III wltb fever, but
tbat If I would give him some medicine he would soon be able to resume
his work. I happened to have none by
me, but tbe matter was urgent, clean
dishes being Important
"Can he go to the chemist's, do you
think, for some physic if I give bim a
letter?" I asked. "I don't know what
to write for."
"Ob, yes," he said; "be Is quite able
to go tbat abort distance."
I thought that was much tbe best
way, and then the chemist could give
him what was proper. So I wrote:
"Please give tbe bearer a dose of medicine.   He says he bas fever."
I forgot to inquire abont him Ull two
days after.
"How ls the dlahwasherr 1 said.
"He Is much better, your honor."
"4I1, then he took the physic?"
"No, your highness. The bazaar
cooly took the physic'*
"The bazaar cooly P I exclaimed.
'Wbat for?"
"The dishwasher said: "Cooly goes
errands. He may fetch me the physic'
So tbe cooly took the letter. Shop
mnster prepared physic, then told bazaar cooly to drink it Cooly said:
'Not for me Is the medicine, but for
another man. I take It to hlm.' 'Not
so,' said the shop master. 'The mistress has written, "Give to bearer,"
and she means you must drink It here.'
Mnny times tbe cooly Bald be waa not
the man, but tbey would not listen,
uud they made hlm drink It"���Exchange.
"It Isn't true. Is It" sulked Hollo as
he finished reading "The Pled Piper of
llnmelln"���It Isn't true that be could
play 00 bis pipe so tbat the rats wonld
go off und drown themselves?*
"Well," replied Eollo'a father. "1
don't know about that I think it may
be true. Your Uncle George can play
tbe flute so that It will scare a cow
Into a river and drive all the dogs In
the neighborhood crazy. Yes, I should
say tbe poem is true."���Loudon Answers.
There ls one little lustrument lo
which the Interest of nil classes of
people In this country never diminishes
through all the changing seasons of the
year, from the tin-it day of January to
the last dny of Dei-ember, It regulates
the business pulse of tlie nation nud is
the shrine to wbii'h men of nil occupations turn. And this little Instrument
Is the thermometer, which bears tlie
name of I'lihreuheii.
Before tbe seventeenth century men
could only Judge of tbe amount of heat
prevailing ut an*" place by their per
sonul sensations und could only speak
of the weather iu u very Indefinite
way us hot or very hot. cold or very
cold. Iu that century several attempts
���vere made by scientific experimenters
by means of tubes containing oil. spirits of wine und other substances-to establish u satisfactory means of measuring beat, but none of tbem proved
successful. Even Sir Isaac Newton,
who applied bis greut mind to this
work, nud ulso the noted astronomer.
Hnlley. failed lu their attempts to produce 11 heat measure.
It was reserved to Gabriel Daniel
Fahrenheit, nu obscure and poor man,
u native of Dautzlg, to give to the
world tbe Instrument which bas proved
to be so serviceable to mankind. He
had fulled In business as a merchant
and, having a taste for mechanics und
chemistry, begun a series of experiments for the production of thermometers. At first he made these Instruments with alcohol, but soon became
convinced thut the semisolid mercury
was a more suitable article to use In
the glass tube.
Fahrenheit bud removed from Dunt-
zlg to Amsterdam, and tbere ubout tbe
year 1720 be made the mercury thermometer which bus ever since been
fashioned much like tbe original.
Tbe basis of bis plati was to mark
i>n the tube tbe two points respectively
at which water Is congealed uud boiled
und to graduate the space between
He began with an arbitrary marking,
beginning with 32 degrees, because lie
found that tbe mercury descended 32
degrees more before coming to wbat
he thought tbe extreme cold resulting
from a mixture of Ice, water and sal
ammoniac. In 1724 be published a distinct treatise ou tbe subject of his experiments and tbe conclusions tbat bad
resulted therefrom.
Celsius of Stockholm soon after suggested tbe more rational graduation of
u hundred degrees between freezing
und boiling point. This was tbe centigrade thermometer. Reaumur proposed another graduation which has been
accepted by the French, but by far the
largest port of the civilized world
Fahrenheit's scale has been accepted
and used, with 32 degrees as freezing.
55 degrees as temperate. 00 degrees as
blood heat and 212 degrees as boiling
It ls true that the zero of Fahrenheit's scale ls a solecism since It does
not mark the extreme to wliich heat
can be abstracted. This little blemish,
however, does uot seem to have beeu
of nny practical consequence.
Arctic explorers have persisted In describing temperatures below tbe zero
of Fahrenheit, ond scientists bave produced artificially temperatures far below any ever dreamed of by tbe thermometer maker of Amsterdam. Tbere
Is doubt as to the year of the deatb of
Fahrenheit, but it is generally placed
in 1740.
The Obsolescent Honeymoon.
Honeymoons ore going out of fash-
Ion and will probably eventually disappear. At present they are often shortened to four or five days or even a
paltry week end. Marriage la getting
to be looked upon In a more matter ol
fact way, and It ls no doubt well tbat
the romantic girl should not expect absolutely unreachable things of wedded
bliss.���London Bystander.
A Good Excuse.
"Now, then," demanded Loschman's
wife tbe next morning, "what's your
excuse for coming home ln that condition last nlghtr
"Well, to tell yon the truth, m' dear,"
be replied, "none ot the hotels would
take me in."
8un Power.
There ls one source to which all
minds revert when tbis question Is
mentioned, a source most promising
nud yet one which bas so far eluded
tbe Investigator. Tbe sun on a clear
day delivers upon each square yard of
the earth's surface tbe equivalent of
approximately two horsepower of mechanical energy working continuously.
If even a fraction of this power could
be transformed Into mechanical or
electrical energy uud'stored It would
Ao the world's work. Here Is power
delivered at our very doors without
rost. How to store the energy s> generously furnished and keep It on tap
for future use Is the problem. Tbat
Ihe next half century will see some
iolution thereof, either chemical or
otherwise,, seems likely.���H. S Pritcb-
���tt ln Atlantic
Victoria and Lady Millais.
It is related that wben Str John Millais fell 111 Queen Victoria sent tbe
Princess Louise to tbe dying man to
Inquire what favor she could accord
bim tbat could alleviate bis sorrow If
lot bis pu'u. Sir John thereupon called
Ior bis writing tablet and Inscribed
���pop it the words. "I should like the
lueeu to see my w'lfe." Then tbe
pieen broke through her Iron rule not
o receive uny woman whose Marriage
ie hud l��en once dissolved, whether
here be blame or uot. graciously ac-
���eded to the request and accorded tbe
orcly tried lady 11 tender and sympathetic Interview.���St James' Gazette.
The toller In the city hud heen given
iu advance In salary. "Now." he cald
ubllantly, "I can begin saving to buy
1 farm."
Tbe agriculturist looked at tbe check
received for his season's wheat. "Au-
ither such crop or two and 1 can
Dove luto tbe city," be mused.
I Of High Degree.
1  "What kind of a dog have yon got
.there, my boyf
t "Dat's   a   mouse   hound,   mtster."���
I do believe In simplicity. It Is as-
tonlshing ns well as sad bow many
trivial affairs even the wisest man
thinks be must attend to every day,
oow slugulur nn nffulr be tbluks he
must omit. When the mathematician
would solve a difficult problem he flrst
frees the equation of all incumbrances
and reduces it to Its simplest terms.
So simplify the problem of life, distinguish the necessary und the real.
Probe the eurfli to neat- where your
oinln roots ri'n.-Tboremi.
Light Work.
"Want a Job, Ilnstus?"
"No, sah; no. sah. Done got ��� join,
"Indeed!   Wbat nre you doing?"
"Takln' In wnshln' fouh ma wife t��
lo, ��ah."���Lippincott's.
Grieving for the lost opportunity li
be very worst wny to Hud new nnas
taltlmore American.
Restoring Woodwork.
Faded spots in hard wood from beat,
light or tbe touch of too strong alkalis
can be brought back to tbelr original
color by repeated gentle rubbings with
boiled linseed oil mixed with one-
eighth of alcohol. Rub two or three
times each day, using a clean Bilk or
linen swab each time. Make swabs by
rolling fine cotton batting Into tight
small balls and tying a ball In a square
of clotb. Tbe loose cloth ends form a
.handle. Throw away swabs as soon as
they get bard or dirty.
and Colds
Use Shiloh's Cure
for the worst cold,
the sharpest cough
���try it on a guarantee of your
money back if it
doesn't actually
CURE quicker
than anything you
ever tried. Safe to
take,���nothing in
it to hurt even a
baby. 34 years of
success commend
Shiloh's Cure���
26c, 50c, tl.    si_
A  Rejection  Slip
"Sir," said the shivering beggar,
stopping the prosperous magazine
editor on the street, "I have a long,
Bad story���"
"Sorry," briskly replied the magazine editor, passing on, "but we are
only open for short, funny storieB just
now. Full of the other kind."���Success Magazine.
Nothing looks more ugly than to see
a person whose hands are covered
over with warts. Why have these
disfigurements on your person when
u sure remover of all warts, corns,
etc., can be found in HollowHy's Corn
Mr. Fisher Unwin published recently a finely illuBtruteU edition of "Ro-
mola." He has since received a letter
"George Eliot, Esq., care of MeBsrs.
Fisher Unwin, 1 Adelphi Termee, W.
On opening the (envelope it was
found to contain a circular from a
London press cutting agency intuiting
George Eliot to become a subscriber.
London  Evening  Standard.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, cVc.
Professor Searchein was engrossed
in the study of all things that crawled. To him a pin had but one purpose���to impale insects: tin T*iins but
one use���to house worms.
"Professor," complained his young
wife one evening, "how the prices of
vegetables are soaring? Just think of
it, $2 for this bushel of apples, and
half of them have worms in them."
"Perhaps, darling," commented the
profe88or,,as he strove to part the few
remaining hairs on his shining bead,
"they are of a very rare species."���
Harper's Weekly.
Cured   by  Zam-Buk
That terrible skin diaeuse, Kczema,
is no respecter of persons. The following cases testifying to the marvellous cures brought ubout by Zam-Buk
ia convincing argument that in Zam-
Huk we have the very best skin cure
offered to this or any other country.
Mrs. A. E. Gruss, St. Catharines,
snys: "One box of Zam-Buk healed
my LITTLK GIRL'S FACE of Eczema. We use it for Cuts and Sores also."
Mrs.G.A. Kerr, Denbeigh, Out., says:
"My Baby's Legs were so bad wit-
Eczema that I could not keep stockings on her. A box of Zam-Buk cured
her after tlie  Doctor had  failed."
Dame J. R. Smith, Hawkesbury,
Out., writes: "After three applications I wns better of Eczema and before I had used half a box, I was cured."
Zam-Buk cures Cuts, Burns, Scalds,
Ulcers, Ringworm, Itch, Barber's
Rash, Blood Poison, Bad Leg, Salt
Rheum, Abrasions. Abscesses., and all
skin injuries and diseases. Of all
storeh and druggists at 50 cents or
from Zam-Buk C_ Toronto, for price.
6 boxes for $2.50.
Did you ever notice how a piper
prances up and down when he pipes?
He never sits he never stands still,
but up and down, round and round, to
and fro, he struts continually. A
little boy, listening to the weird skirl
oi the bagpipes of a street performer,
once said to his father*.
"Father, why doeB tlie piper keep
on the move all the time he plays?"
"I can't say, my boy," the father
answered, "unless it is to prevent any
one getting the range with a cobblestone."���Washington   Herald.  .
Minard's Liniment Co.,  Limited.
Gentlemen,���I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT from time to time
for the past twenty years. It was recommended to me by a prominent
physician ol Montreal, who called it
the "great Novo Scotia Liniment."
It does the doctors' work; it is particularly good in cases of Rheumatism and Sprains.
Yours truly,
G. G. DUSTAN,      |
Chartered Accountant.
Halifax, N. S., Sept. 21, 1905.
"In spite of all de valuables he has
to distribute," said Uncle Eben, "Old
Santy ClauB never yit was accused
ol graftin'. An' dot s one thing dat
makes me suspeck dar ain't no secK
person."���Washington  Star.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget In
There jb one small New Yorker who
is being brought up in the way she
should go. She is a young woman of
perhaps three years and she was riding with her father in a Sixth avenue
"L" car yesterday. She slipped off
the parental knee and insisted on
Btanding in the aisle.
"Catch hold of the strap, Pussy,"
said her father. She raised one chubby hand obediently and held it ns
high as she could. The straps were
not more than two or three feet
above it.
"That's right," said her father. "Get
used to it in time."���New York Tribune.
"But life has no bright side!" wailed the pessimist. _..
"Then get busy and polish up the
dark side," rejoined the optimist.���
Chicago News.
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
Effective Cure For an Imposter In an
English   Prison.
Paralysis is often imitated by
beggars and so closely that there ia
no detecting the imposition. A fellow is directed how to hang his
wrist loosely down dropping the
fingers of one hand and to drag the
limbs in such a manner as to imitate
a paralytic stroke to the life. He is
drilled up to the proper business
mark by marching him around the
beggars' kitchen for hours at a stretch
and night after night. This is continued until the patient can bear a
sudden and unexpected prick with a
needle or even- the touch of a redhot
iron without relapsing into his normal
Not many years ago one of these
mock paralytics, who was accustomed
to throw off hia seeming infirmity
and play the burglar by way of a
change, was caught in the very act
of breaking into a house and committed for trial. Here he got up
such a semblance of hopeless paralysis as deceived everybody. When the
trial came on he was carried into
the court on a stretcher and laid at
lull length in the dock. Everybody,
including the judge and jury, commiserated the case, and he escaped
with one year's imprisonment instead
of a long term of penal servitude.
Tiie doctor of the prison ol whinh
the convict was next transferred felt
sure that the whele thing was a sham
and tried all the ordinary methods
of detection, including a liberal use
of the gulvanic battery, but without
effect. At length a great heap of
damp straw was collected in the jail
yard, and the scoundrel, still stretched on his pallet which he never quitr
ted was placed thereon. The straw
wns fired on all aides throwing out
a little flame and denae volumes of
choking smoke. This did the business, and quickly too. In less than
j minute the paralytic astonished
everybody but the doctor by bonne-
ing "ont ol the straw with the agility
ol a deer.
"The game is up!" he exclaimed,
with a laugh, when he had done
coughing, adding in a tone of triumph, "Anyhow, I have cheated the
law out of six years"'
The torture such people inflict on
themselves for weeks and months at
a time and voluntarily is simply incredible.
Paolced only in Sealed Lead Packages to preserve It*
many excellent qualities.      P
Queen  Alexandra   Keeps   Snap-Shots
Published In London Newspapers.
Queen Alexandra, who takes the
keenest interest in photography, is
busily adding to her collection ol
scrap-books during her Btay in Denmark. Most of the Quean's scrap-
books are filled with snapshots taken
hv her self. Many of these she ha.-
developed and printed, but as a rule
she sends the films to a professional
During the past lew montha, how
ever, the Queen haa been collecting
snapshots of herself published by en
terprising London newspapers, and
her sister, the Dowager Empress ol
Russia, with whom she is staying at
the tiny villa which they jointly leased near Copenhagen, looks with envy
on these "tributes" to a Queen who
does not fear anarchists.
In Russia the Dowager Empress
wus rarely snapshotted, simply because any one with a camera in a
crowd would be immediately arrested on suspicion of carrying a bomb_
whereas Queen Alexandra is "taken"
by amateurs nnd professionals alike
a dozen times in the course of a short
public journey.
Queen Alexandra has her little
weaknesses like all women, nnd she
bus scribbled little notes against all
��he newspaper snapshots in her new
scrap books. In several cases she
has written: "Looking my best," in
others, "Very poor snapshot."
Emperor's Hunting Achievements Entirely Outclass Those of Roosevelt.
Among the many trials that President Roosevelt haa had to bear is the
accusation that he resembles the Lm-
peror of Germany. The loudness oi
both for hunting has been pointed out
as an example ol the likemindodnesB
of the President and the Kaiser. Statistics have recently been published
which cast light upon the hunting
achievements of William II. They
make Theodore Roosevelt's occasional
excursions in search of well-deserved
rest and a few grizzly bears seem
Sunday school picnics by comparison.
They put the strenuous occupant ol
the White House forever in the class
of milksops and mollycoddles.
The official statistician to the huntsman Kaiser reports that his Majesty
has bagged a total of 47.5H pieces of
<rnme in a period of thirty years. Over
eighteen thousand pheasants were as-
sosaiii'itod, nnd seventeen thousand
hares were iv't off in their prime. One
can go on down the list of boars,
rabbits, stags, etc., until there seems
to be scarcely a variety of bird or
beast that has escaped the imperial
bullet. The Emperor even invaded
the realms of Neptune, foi we are told
that one lone, solitary whale perished
in supreme honor and agony. On one
short winter's day the Kaiser, unaided, shot 1,053 pheasants.
"Annie   Laurie."
William Douglas whose love ballad,
"Annie Laurie," has become one of
the famous lyrics of the world, wooed, but did not win, Annie Laurie.
The real Annie Laurie gave "her promise true" to Douglas, but wedded
another, a wealthier suitor, Fergus-
son, of Croigdarroch. Douglaa who
was ready to "lay me doon and dee."
went, to the wurs and when he came
back married also and left a goodly
crop of heirs. The tender melody
that has won the hearts of people the
world over was Bet to the words many
years a ter by Lndy John Scott. An-
,nie Laurie wes born Dec. 16. lG*^, at
'the home ol hei lather, Stephen Laurie, nt M��xwelton, Scotland, an old*
[fashioned stone mansion fortress
|tlmt had once been the castle of the
earls of Glen-cairn.
The Door of Doom
Many old houses in Holland have a
special door which is never opened
save on special occasions���when there
is a marriage or a death in the family.
The bride and bridegroom enter by
this door, and it is then nailed or
barred up until a death occurs, when
it is opened and the body is removed
by this exit.���Reader.
Biliousness Burdens Life.���The bilious man is never a companionable
man because his ailment renders him
morose and gloomy. The complaint
is not so dangerous as it is disagreeable. Yet no one need suffer from it
who can procure Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. By regulating the liver and
obviating the effects of bile in the
���itomach they restore men to cheerfulness and full vigor of action.\
President Manuel Amador of Panama tells this little tale of 11 certain
Cugan   millionaire:
"An unfortunate man once obtained
access to this millionaire and started
to lay before him his woes. He depicted his wretched poverty in most
vivid colors. Indeed, so graphic was
the man's sad story that the millionaire felt himself affected aa lie had
never been before. With tears in his
eyes he summoned his servant and in
a quivering voice snid:
"'John, put this poor fellow out.
He is breaking ray heart.' "���Everybody's.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches anc'
every form of contagious itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Superstitions About a Harmless Little)
The shrew, or shrewmpuse, as It Is
commonly called, la fonnd In nearly all
parts of the world. It ls distinguished
by an elongated, pointed muzzle, small
eyes, plantigrade, six toed feet and
glands tbat secrete a musky fluid. Altogether tt closely resembles a mouse,
but It Is really not related to tbe mouse
When at home It Is either under a
pile of rubbish or ln a bole which It
has burrowed In tbe earth. It is nocturnal in Its habits, but perfectly barm-
leas. Yet at one time it was much disliked und persecuted because it was
thought to he a dangerous, miseIvevous
animal. Among the Italians tbe notion
was prevalent that the bi'te of a shrew
was* extremely poisonous. Tbe French
and tbe English believed tbat If a
shrew ran over an animal's foot the
animal felt great pain and eventually
became paralyzed; hence If a horse,
a cow or a gout became a little stiff ln
Its limbs the foolish people at once declared It "shrew struck," and tbe poor
shrews had to suffer ln consequence.
Of course the "shrew struck" animal
had to have something to cure it, so an
ash tree was selected and a deep hole
was bored Into Its trunk. Then a
shrew was captured, put alive Into thn
hole, the hole was securely plugged,
and tbe Innocent little animal waa Ielt
to die of starvation.
The Ignorant helleved that af'��*r
such an act the nsh tree had power to
cure "shrew struck" animals, and
whenever an animal became Inactive
or n little numb In Its limbs Its owner
hurried to the "shrew ash," cut a
switch from It and switched the
���shrew struck" beast. The smarting
roused by tbe switching naturally
made the helpless animal move about
as much as It possibly could, and in 1
���dioct time it was pronounced "cured *
Beeg Irlati cop dat walk hees beat
By dees peanutta stun',
First two, I'ree week w'en we are meet
Ees call me "Dagoman."
An' w'en he see how mad I sat,
Wheech eesa pleaaa heem. too,
Wan day he aay:  "What's matter dat?
Ain't *dairo' name for youT
DaL's 'Mericana name, you know,
_i*or man from Italy.
Eet eee no harm for call you so.
Den why be mad weeth me?"
Flrat time he talka deeaa way
I am too mad (or speak.
But nexta time I Justa say,
"All rights, Meester Meeckr
Oh, my, I nevva hear bayfore
Sooeh langwadge like he say,
An' he don't look at me no mon
For mebbe two, free day.
But prctta soon agen I see
Dees beeg poleecaman
Dat com' an' smile an' say t*> me:
"Hello, Italian!
Now, mebbe ao you gon' deny
Dat dat'aa name for you "
I emlla back an' mak' reply,
"No, Irish, dat'sa true."
���*Ha. Joe," he cry, "you theenk dat we
Should call you 'MericanT
"Dat's gooda 'nougli," I say, "for me.
Eet dat's* Wat you are, Dan."
80 now all times we speak* ao
L4ke gooda 'Merlcan.
He say to me, "Good morna, Joe,"
I say, "Good morna, Dan."
���T.   A.   Daly  In Catholic  Standard  and
Tin***���    ______________
A Custom in Borneo
The natives of Borneo place rudely_>
carved images of female figures by the
aide of the entrance to their huts. The
image represents a goddess, which
protects the house from any harm or
sickness. If there should 'be illness
previous to the placing of the butiong
at tlie sntrance she prevents it from
becoming  worse.
Tf your children moan nnd are restless during sleep, coupled, when
awake, with 11 loas of appetite, pale
countenance, picking of the nose, etc.,
you may depend upon it that the
primary pause of the trouble is wonns.
Mother Grave's Worm Exterminator
effectually removes these pests.. at
once relieving the little sufferers,
Combs soon split if washed. A stiff
nailbrush Is a good thing for cleaning
them. After using the brush take a
damp clotb nnd with It wipe between
each tooth of the comb.
Perceived   Scant   Progress.
"Bllgglns says tbat bis two-year-old
baby knows most as much as Its parents."
"Humpb!" rejoined Mr. Slrlns Barker. "What can tbe ..child have been
doing with Ito timeV" - Washington
Some housekeepers when preparing
a fowl to roast rub It Inside and oat
wltb sugar, stuff It as usual, and when
done the meat is said to be much
sweeter and Juicier than If prepared ln
the old way.
When eggri nre high priced an excellent substitute for tbem In pumpkin
pies Is to add soda crackers rolled fine,
allowing two for eacb pie. They may
be used Instead of eggs, even when
eggs arc plenty and cheap.
The next time you make dumplings
to add to stewed chicken Instead of
mixing them with water use some of
tbe liquor In which tbe chicken has
been cooked. Thc flavor Is much rloh-
er. The same may be tested with gooh
results when making a baked potple,
and the richness or the dough ls delicious.
The Irishman as Speaker.
Irishmen make good speakers, bnt
they never get a chance at Westminster. In tbe parliaments of Great Britain, however, an Irishman la almost
invariably found tn the presidential
chair, placed there by a majority of
English, Scottish nnd Welsh votes. Sir
Francis Murphy, Sir Charles McMa-
hon, Sir Charles Gavan Duffy and the
Hon. Peter Lalor. who twice refused
knighthood, are a few of tbe Irish-
Australian speakers of tbe past At
present three of the Australian parliaments are presided over by Irish speakers���the Hon. Frank Madden (Victoria), the Hon. T. F. Quintan (Western
Australia) and the Hon. John Leahy
(Queensland). The last named was
elected a few weeks ago by a new parliament and Is said to give his rulings
In a "mellifluous Cork brogue."���Westminster Gazette.
The Dollar and the Peso.
The question In Mexico of wbat a
"dollar" means has recently been authoritatively settled. Tbe department
of finance has decided that the word
"dollar" shall mean the American gold
dollar and tbat wben the Mexican silver dollar Is meant the word "peso"
sball be employed. Some time ago an
American resident at Tumplco wrote
"dollars" on a check, and the Tamplco
hank cashier to whom tbe check was
presented paid the amount In gold values. The drawer of the check claimed
that It was his Intention to bave silver
paid. Litigation was threatened, but
upon Investigation the authorities decided against the drawer of the check.
The Mexican ruling applies to all documents���notes, drafts, etc. ��� Mining
Mother Seigel's Syrup, which
acts directly on the liver
and stomach, quickly restoring them to healthy natural
action, and thus it cures
biliousness and indigestion.
10   c��oti
par bot Hi
A   J. WHITE S CO., MomimI.
N.B., March 5 *��,.
"1 am using your
Spavin Cure and can
say tbere is nothing
to be compared with
it." GilbertMuirrolt.
Kendall's Spavin Cure
and ell
li a bottle-*) for te. Our greet book���
" Treatise on the Horse " ��� free front
dealers or at
Ci. 1 J. limit M, tstttsr, FsHi,Innsiat,U*
- Winter makes no change in
Mooney'i Perfection Cream
Mooney private cars bring
these dainty biscuits to all points
throughout the Northwest���in
order to make sure that ; u
get them fresh and crisp from
the ovens. so
Tbe only firm in Canada
ef crating Private Freight Can.
W.   N.   U.   No.   671. THF.   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW.   NEW   DENVER.   B. C.
w��-i.i'ios<iicss��si��sH-**sjii*t'y��M��iM*ssssot��sss        Vnun Po unfit        tX
S       IDaTltir       C/T     Q/vA(3Ylir���cllf       J   Is getting worn.   Why not  replace  it    !
I ' ���        with a NEW ART SQUARE when        !.,
I .' >���*���*����� ���*M"-**r>-W-*M*'��->**M^ < >
I ll 1 ���       i
, ,r.
CAPITAL ALL PAID DP, $14,400,0-00.
1MT. $11,000,000
President���Loan Btbathco.i._ ahd Moust Rotil.
Vice-President���Hon. Gsoaos A. Dbomuohs.
General Hsoager��� E. B. Clocstoi.
Branches In All The Principal Cities la Canada
A General Banking Business Transaoted.
Is getting worn.   Why not  replace  it
with a NEW ART SQUARE when
house-cleaning.    I have some
beauties. Also a new line of
Rugs and Mats. !||>
Have you seen the latest curtains in
Art Muslin? Just new this yew.
Come and see them. Other house furnishings, such as window blinds, table
covers, tapestry curtains, etc., kept in
, .*>
|l< I
, .* I
I ,< I
I  ,1 I
, .. I
l>< I
For the Cough that Keeps You Awake Nights and
Bothers You All Day as Well
,,. i
IfBovelPs Syru
���o.w A __*_. Palflia Angrignon
General Freighting
I,, ,
published  every  THURSDAY     and Transfer.
���Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advirtisixo Ratss :
Hotlces to Delinquent Owners - .IS.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase ol Land   -    7.80
"      *' License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will be charged lor at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
New Denver, B.C.
Bosun Hall Stores
Don't be afraid to ��end your wants to
us. Our stock is up-to-date aud complete in every pariicnlnr.
Ladies', Gent's and Children's staple
and fine Shoes.
Dancing pumps, all the very latest
styles in patent and kid.
Ladies' and Gent's Furnishings, lints,
Caps, Ties, gent's nnd boys' Clothing,
Hosiery and Gloves, Wnlcbes, Clocks.
Chains, English briar Pipes, Pouches,
Groceries, Fresh Ecus. Butter, Tobacco
of every manufacture, Trunks, Suit
Cases, Telescope canes, Envelopes. Writing Pads of all kinds, wool und cotton
Blankets, Pillowe, Sheetings, etc.
It is a simple,   harmless   remedy,   and has  been used
very successfully here for years.
1 mm
;::; NEW
Situate at New Denver, B.C., tbe most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions snd
creature comforts that heart of man desireB. Facing ths
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of ths
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at sll
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
************************ ***************
��� *
Virgins* mineral claim, situate in the
Arrow Lakes Mining Division of Went
Kootenay Distiict. Where located:
On Kooskanox creek about 8 miles
from Its mouth. .
Take notice that I, Samuel Walker,
ol Burton City, Free Miner's Certificate
Ho. B.95285, intend sixty days from
ths date her.of, to apply to tho Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Gant of the above claim.
And farther t��ke"*notloe that action
under section 87, must be commenced
before the leauance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of Nov. A.D. 1007
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice that Andrew Wallace,
acting as ngent lor the Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Silverton
B.C., Contractor, iutends.to apply for
permission lo purchase the following
described lnnd : Commencing at a post
p'anted on Ihe east shore ol Slocan lake
about one mile south of Rosebery, and
marked A. W.'e south-west corner,
thenceeast about one chain to the right
of way of lhe Nakusp and Slocan railway
thence north 30 chains, along the railway to the shore ol the Inks, thence
southerly along the lake shore to. point
ol commencement, containing five acies
more or less,
November lath, 1007.
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
Hermann Clever
��� ' * a.****.******************* *+********************4fi.
* * ******************** *** ** ******** 1* * *********** ****>
Bloean Lend District���District  of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clare Lilian Drewry,
of Nelson, B.C. intends lo apply for
permission to purchase the following
described hind*: Commencing at a
post planted at tlie S.W. corner of lot
81*52. I hence south 20 chaine, thence
���alt 40 chains. Ilium norlh 20 cliains
thence west 20 chains, containing 80
N.v. IBth. 1907.
Slocan  Lend D;sli*ict���District of
Wrst Knoteiisy
Take noiico Ihat, Henry Allen McMillan, ol Nelson B.C.*, occupation rancher,
intends to apply for permission to pm-
cba.se the |..ilowini. described lands.
Commencing al a post on lhe S.W.
corner ol lot lot 7368, thence noith 40
chains, thence went 20 chains, tli-nce
sou'li 40 chains, thence enst SO chains,
to poii t of commencement, containing
80 acres.
Nov. 28th, 1907,
professional Garbs.
Shelf    snd   Heavy   Hardware,   Mins
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
*        dtmrnotv a
ieneral Merchant
f i ���_.___. ____________________ ______
New Denver
Is offering goo.l values In Men's underwear, in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other troll-known brands, also flhirts oi
various kinds, i.oino specialities lor miners ami men in logging camps, gloves, mitts, locks iu huge variety, collar-., tics,
sweaters, overalls, blankets anil comforters.
Call ind inspect our stock ; it will he sppieciated,
% WliHG
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Slocan Land District-District of
Take notice that Sidney Yates Brock-
**��*n, el New/ Denver, accountsnt, intends to apply for permission lo purchase the following described l��nd.
Commencing at a post planted at the
N.E. corner of lot 8101, thence east 80
chains; iheace so ith 40 e'laiu i
west80 cliains; thence north  40 chains
to point of commencement and contain-
no S20 acre, more or  j.
��eft.S4vh 1907
\jrOQ\*V\��$ %&P  Repairs to Brooches, P
My stork of CANNED GOOD8
is always Fresh, and svery customer receives  honest value for
money spent.
Have you seen mv lineof Ladies Blouses
and  the assortment of fancy goods
I am now displaying 7
Pay me a visit.
MtSt   Matheson*.
Zbc Slocan f>otel
<Jbree forh-9,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lrcad   Mining   Camp.        Every
by mutuul consent.    The business will comfort foi the Traveling Public.
���hereafter be carried on by Lewis flcaia.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Local Salesman Wanted for
New Denver
And Adjoining Diitriot to reprsisnt
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Notice is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore subsisting between (he undersigned as Lumber Manufacturers under the firm name of The
New Denver Lumber Co., at New Denver, B.C., has heen this day dissolved
All outstanding accounts due tbe old
firm are to be paid to the aaid Lewis
Scaia, and all debts ol old firm will be
paid by him. A. Owsnh,
x. W. J. '"onur,
New Denver, B.C., Lewis Scan.
March 3. 1P08.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
Shonld your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay  and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail sr your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
For those  who   could   not get
away during the busy holiday
season, we  reccomend
This far-famed sanitarium with
its sulphur springs and accomodation is JUST THE PLACE to
build up and set a fresh start.
This company operates through
standard sleeping cars', dining
cars, and First Class Tourist
A.   O.  Ostby
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block   ���    New Denver, B.C.
P. O. Box 87.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part nf the town.
Outside points supp e    regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
START FACTORY 51^ _?___,_!
facture soaps, polishes, flavoring extracts, per.
lumes. toilet articles, medicines. baVjng powder, salves, liniment*, stock and poultry remedies, household specialties and novelties in
your own home at small cost. Mixers Guide is
s paper devoted to the business, three months
trial subscription for 10c: sample free
MIXERS GUIDE. Fort Madison. lows.
I** irct-class Rooms; Firit-clasa Meals: First-class Bari Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite Bummer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Ciimbinj. Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and (.lacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
.A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
For rates, Reservations or any
information desired, call on,  or
E. J. Coyls, A.G.T.A.
JosxMos, D.P.A., Nelson
Ladies' Dress.. 10s
Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc. 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  is
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family aud Hotel Trade.
We guarautee Its Strength and Purity.
I New York Brewery ���
Eva Fractional and Hillside mineral
claims, situate in the'Slocan Mining
Division ol West Kootenay District.
Where located: Soulh-eaat of Sandon.
Take notice that I, Herbert T. Twi*__*,
ai agent for tbe Byrou N. While Company, (foreign), Free Miner's Certificate No. B95642, intend, sixty days
from the d��le hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of each of tlie TORONTO
��bove claims. 	
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such Certificates
ol Improveraents.-
Dated this 27th day oi Feb. A.D. 1008
Trees ol right else and age lor British
Columbia plantings Grown on limestone toil; hurdUr en-.l longer lived than
coast tress.
A permanent situation, Territory r��-
���erved; Pay   weekly | Free outfit.
Write lor partio-^lars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.O.'Government.)
���      ONT.
S Hotel
Slocan CU?,  * ��.<t.
Headquarters aud home
of the old-timers, miuing
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
f. Jo. Griffith
The Sew Denver Inite Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shlplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Et9-
Mill on Slocan Lake _., 8Cau, proprietor      PI Box 20.
New Denver Bakery
Scotch   Shortbread
20cts Per Plato.
Fine  Assortment
of Candies.
.1.50 Per Drum.
Herbert Cue   Box 44
:: try
Slocan Lsnd District���District ol
West Kootenay.
Take notice that the Ontario-Slocan
Lumber Co., Ltd.,  ol   Bloean,   B.C.,
Lumbermen, intend to apply lor a special timber license over the  lollo*png
described   lands:    Commencing   at s
pist planted directly opposite   the  17
mile board of the N. A 8. Railway and
on the south sido ol Bonanza creek and
marked "Oiitarlo-Sloeen  Lumber Co.,
Ltd., N,E. coiner,"  thence south -10
chains, tbence west 180 chaint,   thence
noith 40 chains. Ihence cast 160 chains,
to point ol cominencemont and containing 640 acres more or less and covering
tht same ground formerly   covered by
Timber license.No. 10S1I.
Deotflnber 4th, 1907.
Per D. Si. Denis, A*_ant>.
jj The Grown Tailoring \\
Co., Toronto, Om.   i i
For Spring and Suinnie r Suits ��� j
Best Samples Ever  Shown
in   B.C.
See them at the  Lucerne
Shaving Parlor,
A gent
Fune-mls esnflnslnl on Short
uotlos et sny point la the die*
trlot.   Shells eiritje ln stork,
New Din yer Loige No. ll
K.. of F3.
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
Hotel Rosebery
Well (urnished rooms.
Firit--elass   Cuisine.
Slocan Lan    Dis'rict���District ol
Weat Kootonay.
Tako notice that I, Marlon Holnncs,
Angus Mclnnes, agent, ol New Denver,
spinster, intend to apply for pennitsion
to purchase Ilia following dosmbed
land: Commencing at a post plumed
at the north-west corner of lot 2,506
G.I., Kootenay ili-triut, tlience wost 30
ohains, tlienee south 30 cbnini, thence
east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains
to the place of commencement containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated November 28nl, 1907.
A. Mclnnes, Agent.
can Land Dislrict--Distriot oi
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Boy Black, of New
Denver, miner, intends to apply lor per-
mi-iion to purchase the following described land. Commencing at a post
planted on the shore uf Bloean lake one
mile nortli ol Nuw Denver at tbe wist
boundary ol tlio Molly Hughes group of
mineial claims; thence northerly 20
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence eaat along the
shore of bloean lake to point of commencement and containing40 acres more
or less.
Decembsr 16, 1907
Slocan Land District���District ol
West Kootenay,
Take notice tbat Martha Ann Bmith
of Nt-.w Denver, B.C., married woman,
intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
north boundary ol timber lease 435,
near the Nakusp and fllocan Ry., M��r-
th�� Ann Smith S.K. corner planted on
the nortli boundary of timber lease 485
and at the south west corner of timber
Un,i> which wss numbered 8678, thenca
north 60 chains, tlience west 10 ohslhs
more or less to thn ssst boundary of
Boi tha Wiagge application to purchase
Ihunce south 00 chains to the north
boundary ol timber lease 485, tbence
East 10 chaim more or le��s to the P'��oe
ol commencement and containing 60
acres more or less.
Decemberflth,   907,
J. B. Smith, agent.
^.-incli to \x/i inch, also ^-iuch
Galvanized Pipe.
J_, %,  and   ^o Brass Pipe and
Fittings for Launches.
Rubber Packing Alwaya Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks, Lead traps, etc., etc.
Denver Waterworks
Company, Ltd.
flweet Grass, v-Mlmer, Iv��n, and Wil-
mer Fractional mineral claims, situate in ths Slocan Mining division ol
West Kootenay District. Where located: On Goat Mountain north of
Denver Siding.
Tako notice that I, Frank C, Green,
acting as ag**nt> fir George Boulter
Free Miners Certificate No. B12365, intend 80 days from the date hereof to
apply to the mining recorder for certificates of Improvements, lor tbe purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
Ami further take notice that sclion
under section 87, must be commenced
beiore tlie issuance of such Certificate
ol Improvements. .
Dated this llth day of Jan. A.D. 1008
Ap. 16 Nelson, B.C.
Riverside, Autumn, Alameda, Treasure
aud Lailey  Fraction mineral claims,
situate  in   the  Slo* an   City mining
division  of Went  Kootenay District.
Where located:     On tlio divide  be
tweon Ten-miie  and Springer crneks,
near the head of Springer creeks.
Take notice that 1,  Robert Ira Kirk-
weod. Free Miners Certificate No. B05,-
785, intend 60 days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates   of Improvements for  the
purpose of obtaining   Crown  Grant of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
uuder section 87, must be commenced
before ths issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 1st day ol Feb.,A.D. 1908
Ohio Mineral  claim,    situate   in   the
Slocan   City    mining   division   ol
West  Kootenay   district.     Where
located:   On the south side of Ten
Mile creek above   the    Enterprise
Mino, and adjoins the Mabou   Mineral claim.
Take notico that I,   Robert Ira Kirkwood,  Free    Miner's    Cerlitlrale    No.
B95.7S5,   for  myself   and   agent   for
Frank A. Wells,  Free Miners   Certifi-
cate No. 5004, intend 60 days  from  the
date hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder foaa Certilicate of Improvements
for the purpose of  obtaining a   Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements. ���
Datod this 27th day of Jan., A.D.  1908
Mabou  mineral claim, situate In  the
BlooauCity inning division of West
Kootenay  district.      Where located :
On iho  south side of Ten Mile creek
above ihe Enterprise mine aboui  SO
feet from th-* westerly end line of the
Enterprise mineral claim,
Take notice that I, Robert Ir..  Klrk-
woorl.,   Fitvu    Mine���   Certificate   No.
B95,785 for iny-e'l, a-ndagsnt for  Duncan A, Grant. Free Miner's   Certificate
No.   B4860,  Intsu'd  60 dtye  from the
date here* f, to apply t*> tha Minini* Recorder  for a   Certificate   of Improvements, for the pinpone ol   obtaining ���
Crown Grant of the above claim.
Anil further lake notice that action
umler section 37, must he commenced
beiore the issuance of such Certificate
ol Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of Jan , A.D. 1903
Triune   and   Great   Western   Mineral
Chums, situate  in  tho Slocan  Cily
mining Division of West   Kootenay
District.        Where     located:      Ou
Springer Cre.k about half mile above
the Arlington Sawmill at the second
crossing oi Springer Creek.
Take notice lh.it I, Robert Ira Kirkwood,  Free    Miner's    Certilicate   No.
B95785, intend, 60 days from iho date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements:  for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
Under  section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated tbis 1st dny of Feb., A.D. 1908
Slocan Land District���Distriot of
Wsst Kootenay.
Take notice that James McVicar, 'of
Hlocnn Ciiy, miner, intends to apply
Ior permission topurchsse the following
described lands: Commencing at a
pout planted 400 font from N.E. corner
of lot 889, 11. D. Curtis owner, claiming
9 chains east, thence 80 chains mutii
tbence 4 chains west, ihence 8(1 chains
north to point of cnminencment.
James McVicar, sgent,
John W-ifur, locator,1
December 7, 1007.


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