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Slocan Mining Review 1907-01-24

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Slocan Mining
SerTt to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see~Jt in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. 22.   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Jan. 24, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
New Denver Carnival.
There was a good sized crowd at tlie
Skating rink at Denver ou Saturday
night, and a record attendance would
have been made, had La Grippe not
been playing havoc in town for the
past week. The ice was in Buperb condition and the merry masquerading
throng thoroughly enjoyed itself. There
were also a fair number ol sightseers,
and these also took great interest in the
judging of the pri2e winners. The rink
boys are to be congratulated on the
success of the evening.
The prise winners were as follows;
Ladies fancy���
MiB8 Wedderhaus ...., Devil
Ladies burlesque
Mrs. Turner Old Woman
Gents' fancy
W. Reade Officer N.W.M.P.
Gents' burlesque
R. Turner Solomon Levi
Girl's fancy
Mary Murray .Mischief
Girl's burlesque   .
Lola Cook Little Widow
Boy's fancy
Ivan Brouse Buster Brown
Boy's burlesque
Walter Ostby Tramp
On the Nomination Paper of Mr.
Archibald Bonn Docksteader, appears
as proposer, the name of Robt. Hilchey,
Slocan, miner. This is the gentleman
who, professing an interest in Socialism,
aad a desire to obtain l'ght on the
question of his alleged politie.il perplexities, wormed his w*y into the
Labor Convention held ree-ently in New
Denver. Mr. Docksteader must be hard
pushed f >r support when he would
nermit the sign manual of a spy to
' shine so prominently ou his nomination
*-l>apcr. Premier McBiido will have
the privilege of expending hisimmuhved
d��posit on the public needs ut the
l)r R. R. Robinson was a visitor to
Bandon yesterday on professional business. Dr. Robinson has for tbe past
four ye*,re followed his vocation 'in the
Lardeau, and for three years was located
at Trout Lske. From tin re he w*nt lo
Ferguson, where* ho had received the
appointment of house-surgeon to the
Miners' Union hospital. He has now
succeeded Dr. Ha:tin, o! Kash*, and
in future will conduct a private practise
there. Wo are pleased to note thnt
this clever mrdco has cast hi his lot
with Iho "Queen City," We know that
it must have been a hard struggle f ir
(lie people of the Lardeau to let him go,
and wc only hope that Kaslo will use
an extremely white man white. Doc,
though young in years, has had a more
vaiied experience than the majority
of his colleagues. Ho was for several
year, doctor ou the s.s. Aroangl-, which
plyed between Vancouver and Australian ports. He also received a large
remuneiation te accompany the Cana-
dion troops to South Africa and the experience be gained in medical and hui-
gcry work at tlie front should establish
him in the confidence of Kaslo people
and the surrounding districts.
The  followiug effusion  appeared in
the Nelson News of a recent issue:
"I am dvinr, Kus'n, dying.
And my job it fades away,
For they've    trailed   my    pointed
In the red hot consomme.
'I followed Dickie blindly,
Did his bidding like a chump;
Now for me the gory basket
Where my Lead falls with  a bump.
" A press of private business,"
And it's mc to the tall, sad woods;
And my job it goes a-begging
For some man that's got the goods.
���J. F. Bledsoe.
Our correspondent "Nemesis' waxes
also facetious . witli the appended
trifle, which wo publish without comment.
They are lying, Kaslo, lying
When they blackmail   honest "Bob"
They con trail his pointed   whisker,
And they'd like to trail his job.
They can howl ard scream and chortle
In tlie good old Liberal way,
But tilde's not a Grit among them
Who can skin young Neil McKay.
They can fling their dirty mud-balls
They can vent tlu-ir filthy spleen
But"they'll have to do some scratching
For the money "hiewed" by Keen.
On the "second" there'll lie someone,
Wallowing ill the "consomme,"
And its dollars up to doughnuts
That it won't be Neil McKay.
"A press of private business"
Is true of R. P. Green,
And the riding's going  to back  bis
skinning Hot Air Keen.
If you want ballot-box stuffing as it
was in Ontario under the Ross administration, vote for Archibald Bone Docksteader.
If you want a Slocan man who knows
Slocans' needs and requirements, and
0110 who is a tried and true friend of
labor, then vote for Wm. Hunter, the
popular candidate.
The painful newt} is to hand of the
death of Jack Cantfell, who was killed
in a shaft through a powder explosion
at Cobalt.
Hockey match Friday night. Sandon
ys. New Denver. Commence at 8 sharp.
err IHE Iristo y of British Columbia
V!/ f.,r the past eight years is the
history of.'Riohitfd MeBride, the
most consp'ciior.s figure in the
public life ot tho province dur
thnt time.
Richard MeBride was bom in No*
Westminster iu 1870, and educated nt
the public and high schools of his native
city and at ihe law sclnol of Palhousie
university, Halifax, from which he
graduate 1 at the age of 20. Two ycur-
later he began the practice of law.
In 1S9-, just before the Dominion
general elections, G. K. Cnrbauld, Conservative member for New Westminster district, decided i ot to i Und for
re-election. Aulcy���now Mr, Justice
Monison, had already made a thorough
co'.iva.n as candid te ill the Liberal in-
tc*re->t. At tlu* last moirien" Mi*. Mc-
Bri lo stepped into tlie breach and made
a gallant light in what was already a
lost b.itilo.
Though defeated in that contest he
made so f.voi'ttblo nn impression
throughout tho -district that in, 1893 he
was invited by tho Conservatives of
Dewdney to stand for them, lie accepted the post and defeated the v. t* ran
C. B. Sword. Iu that contest he stood
as a Conservative, promising an independent support to the Turner government.
Immediately after the elections the
lale Lieutenant Governor Mclnnes dis-
misse 1 liis ministers! Mr. MeBride was
really al liberty. He would have violated no pledge.* had he gone over to the
Semlin paity, then in office. Alex Hen*
derson, who had defeated, in New West
minster, J. C. Brown, another veteran
of the old opposition, was far mora*
deeply pledged, but immediately deserted. Dick ���MeBride win made of different stuff. Honor and loyally meant
something to him. Ho fcllow-d his
friends into the opposition.
In 15)00, when Joseph Martin, without
a follower in the house, appealed to the
country, Mr. MeBride again slood for
Dewdney ns u Conservative and was
returned. The only issue in the campaign had been the dangers oi Martin-
Is ill. The opponents of Martin at the
close of thee election numbered 30 in a
house of 88. But the majority represented many different opinions, had, in
fact, no bond of sympathy but theelev-
tenninatiein to save the province from
tbe disaster of a Martin premiership.
The Lieutenant Governor, with the
fifth straining of his prerogation.within
two years, called James Dunsuiuir to
the premiership. There wasgrare doubt
as to his acceptance by the majority. A
caucus was held in Vancouver. It is
conceded by all who were present that
it was the tact and eloquence of Richard
MeBride that secured the formation of
a cabinet and saveel the province from
the confusion of a s.cond campaign.
He then entered the Dunsmuir cabinet
aB minister of mines, a position he held
only two years. In 11)02 he resigned as
a protest against tho admission of J. C.
Brown, Joseph Martin's lieutenant,into
the cabinet. He became leader of the
opposition and received the loyal support of Smith Curtis, who resented the
betrayal by Joseph Martin of his party
and principles, and thought it not derogatory to his dignity to be a follower
of Richard MeBride.
As leader of the opposition his policy
was to prevent, or, failing that, to expose measures contrary to the public
iuteiest, but to assist loyally in the
transaction of necessary public business,
and to help in improving measures not
wholly bad.   If he had any weakness as
opposition leader, it wac a lack of sns
p'ciou ; lie was i.ot   perpetually seeking
to find or invent miterinl for sensational charges and scandal commissions.
In 1003, on tlie defeit of the Prior
administration, he became prime iniiiis-
'er and formed a Conservative csbiiiet
in accordance with the prine.'p'cs professed by him us early as 189S, and wns
endorsed in tint policy hy the provincial electorate.
Since then his career has always Iron
open to the public gaze, nnd will boar
any scrutiny. His administration h<s
boon efficient nnd. clean, tils 'measures
farsight d nnd in sympathy with the
growing needs of the province. His
conduct as leader of the house has been
marked 1 y promptness, diligence and
industry and by a courtesy and charm
of manner new to the legislative assembly of British Columbia. He is
easily tho most popular man in tho
house as well ;ib in the province.
As" a speaker, he is clear, fluent,
frank nnd natural, with no rhetor cal
pretensions, bat alsi without the funs
real calm of his chief opponent.
I Xocal anb Genera!-.  I
* Picked up by Butting tn Er-rvwhere. *
���'* i*
Dr. W. E. Gomm has resigned his
position as house surgeon to ths Sandon
Miners Union Hospital. He intends lo
devote alHlls spare time to developing
the Ya-ya group.
Leander Hamilton was down with La
Grippe I his week and took a rest in tlie
Bob. MeTaggart lost his winter's
supply of wood in a slide. Ho says he
intends to bring a suit against the Snow-
slide Co.
Manager Pratt, of the Last Chance,
has returned from the coast. '
Mrs. McDermott was in from Whitewater on Saturday.
Mrs. Wright and daughter Mabel left
for Vancouver on Sunday morning.
Miss McCready Ins been sick for several
days, but she was well enough to begin
the journey.
Jack Hilchey, of the American Boy
mines, was in town on business this
A. Frobisher" and E. D. Ireland,
surveyors for the C.P.R., have been
surveying the bridges between here and
New Djnver this WOOk,
A. J. Barrett, travelling auditor of tho
C.P.R., was in on official business on
/ Af'er being closed down for nearly a
year, the Reco Hotel, owned by J. M.
Harris ot Sandon, has once more resumed its ol 1-time vigor. Wm. Bennett
is the new boss, he having taken the
handsome hotel in its entirety. After
being such a heavy loser in the disastrous Filbert lire, everybody is particularly pleased to see Mr. Bennett in
harness again.
Hy. Tyo wai in from McGuigan on
Friday. ".
A. A. Richardson, fire-adjuster, was
in from Vancouver on featurdny to enquire into tho recant Filbert outbreak.
Mrs. V. C. Morley, of Point Hill,
Idaho, came in on Saturday to visit her
daughter, Miss French, who is lying
sick at the Rambler.
W. J. Macdonald, Sandon's merchant
ptinco, hns been an inmate of the
hospital tor several days this week with
a severe attack of "giip."
Walker Smi'h returned from Nelson
on Mondav accompanied by Mr. Treves,
the Nelson meat king, who is interested
in the Pauie lease.
Jack Piatt left, for Mackinson's Landing again on Thursday, tj join tl.e
** The severe spell of coll weather bus
let up, nnd it was followed by a heavy
snowfall. Many small snowslidcs arc
/ An Italian named John Battoni, a
decent arrival from Italy, met. with a
most exciting experience on Monday
last, nnd one in which he fractured a leg
in several places. The man was employed as a mucker at the Sunset mine,
and by some manner be fe'l over the
dump and his falling' weight started a
snowslide. The unfortunate fellow wns
carried ns far as the creek, which is
about u miU and a quarlor from the
point where he fell. The accident was
witnessed, by some of the men, who
imniedia'ely went down the side on
shovels to find his holy. A rescue
party also left town r.s s<on as Hans
I Hagon brought tbe news of the accident.
After nn hour's search tho man was
I found buried in tho *no\v ar.d nearly
j frozen to death. He wes a mass of
: bruises and his left leg wns smasheehjn
seveial places between ��� the kne*e nr.d
, the ankle, and it is feared it. will have to
be amputu'od. The man was wrapped
up in blankets and rawhided down to
Cody, nnd from there lie was [.laced in
n t-Uvgh and taken to the Miners' Union
Hospital here. He is progressing as
well as < an be; expected.
Fay A\ lesworth, a tidy in business at
the lower end of thf town, was broight up
in custody bef re his worship the
Mayor (J. R. Cameron) on Tuesday
lust, charged with stealing $120 or $125
from a Finlander nimed John Sax
It was the usial stoy of wine end
women with a "tolling" i ncident thrown
in. The prosecnter called evidence on
his behalf, and the crown also snb-
pcencd a lady nsmod May wi h several
alahes for.her second'nann. Fir lack
of evidence the case Jell through, and
the prisoner was discharged.
A man who is hide-boind in peditics
is worse than a skunk. Ih_ll revlin
his own odor nn 1 expect you tie ijoy it.
Mr. Electo-, if you have nny mis
givings as to the candidate who will be
of the greatest assistance to the Silvery
Slocan in its mining and lumbcidnpr
Industries, we ask you lo serious]*'
deliberate with yourself, and act accordingly on February 2nd.
A political kindergarten would bo a
fine institution fir not a fe*w L'boral
candidates to establish. The eighth
commandment should be rel gi mste
studied and than made n plank for the
grit platform. Tiuth-vill prevail, and
they cons qnently look easy to us.
Several curling games weie played
this week. Saturday a very, good gunc
was played in which A. A. Richardson
the fire-adj ister proved bimsell no mean
exponent of the roarin' sport.
The i'bpltj havj bain rearranged Willi
a slight variation from their old form
Suit. Towgoext will tkTp Ransom's rink
in future and Biliy Tu'trice will he his
third man. George MieBruder will
plav tliild for Pratt. Owing to Ransom's inability lo skip regularly, he is
assured ol a iraiiic whenever he ran get
down from his shipping mine, the Sovereign.
Pratt rs Atherton resulted in a win
for the latter by 1) to 0. The game was
playe 1 on Wednesday.
If vou want the Ottawa grafters to
get control of B.C., vote for Docksteader
The R ia:d of Directors of the local
hospital desire to thank Mrs. Jim
Thompson and Mrs. Geo. A. Grant
for a liberal supply of preserved fmits
and jellies, and Mrs. Anthony S'lil*
land for three pairs of much needed
blankets; alto Jake Kclsen for a case of
There are nine patients in the hospital to-day, and the staff have troubles
enough of thi*ii*own.
The services of Jack St. Clair, convalescent patient, have been commandeered
as 1st. assistant vice deputy nurse.
Dr. Carter, of Vancouver, will arrive
to-day for ednsnltation with Dr. Goffim
on the treatment ot J no. Batumi's
fractured leg. The expense of the expert treatment is being home by Messrs.
Geo. Hughes and Tony Backer.
A slide came down at the List
Chance ou Monday morning which did
damage to the company's buildings to
the extent of about $450. The blacksmith shop and contents at the portal
of No. 8 were completely swept away.
' Chas. Tnrina. whilst coining down
from the Reco on Tuesday morning on
snow-shoes, was knocked down by the
Bluebird slide. He Was buried up to
his neca, and he experienced considerable difficulty in extricating himself,
for the reason that bis snowshoes were
practically anchored to the ground.
He thought it waa all up with him,
but working like a demon witli his
bauds, he finally released his feet from
their fastenings and struck th* trai
Political Pointers.
No one is more widely known or
greater respected in Hritish Columbia
than William Hunter. No man has
ever deserved greater honors nt the
hands of bis fellow man thnn "The
Father of the Silvery Slocan." Consistent, tactful, honest and a thorough
g'ntlemin, he ha* won the heart of
every man who ever had business or
social intercourse! with bim. When the
ages have run their cou*s", and the
Slocan will proudly bold numerous
large and prosperous cities, the subject
of our sketch and the oldest pioneer of
this resourceful country will have hi*
name reverently murmured by historians. Com'ng to this country where
scarce a white man had hitherto trod a
fiot. be started in to dig nnd d-lve.
His progress was marked with hard
knocks nnd repented reverses. When
other men would bavre lost all hone,
his consistent mind hade him W rk
harder, and he gradually ovprcotno the
many d'HIeulties which bestrewed bis
path of life. To day he s'ji-ics above
his fellow man tin a Sterling example of
rewarded industry. J'.eg'nni'n* at the
foot of tbo lndder with an emnty p ckeL.
he steadily climbed each rung until In
had reached n point where bis latent
business abilities were lo be tested. He
built tho first steam-boat which ever
cut tho crystal waters of fair Lake
Slocan, and as an accomodation to the
sparse population, lie ran the " S.S.
William Hunter" for a number of yenrs,
and finally turned it over to the C.P.R.
Launching out into business, ho lias
been interested" in twelve different
storeB since 1892, and some of t'ic =e
mercantile interests he still retains. Ho
has also operated and been directly
interested in over three of the leading
mines of Silverton, and has done more
to develop the s her l"ad mines than
any man in this country. Among the
mines he operated wns the Comstock,
which ho Worked successfully for over
two years, employing 35 men ; also the
Waketlc'd, which he worked for one
vear with great nieces. He nla i
located and operated the McAI'.ister
group for two years and turned over
this high grade producer to a Sandon
syndicate a few months ago.
In addition to his mining intccsts he
is one of tlie largest owners of real estate.
in this district. If wealth belongs lo
t'io producer thereof, then his many
friends will not begrudge him his competence. What he lacked in polished
education, he made up for by his careful business methods. He must be
written ns a good financier. When the
tide had turned in his favor, did ho join
the ranks of tho so-called Capitalist*
class and wage war on the worker ? No;
working man himself and friend of every
man in need, he stayed by bis old
principle of "Slocan first, last and
alwiiy*," for he knew that brawn and
sinew bad opened up tliii glo'tioui
country and ho was proud to stay with
it and still be (tilled a worker. Iu the
dark days of strife between mine owners
nnd men, the sterling qualities of the
man shono out brilliantly. ���"During the
prolonged s'rike in which the miners
but protected their Interests, Wm.
Hunter was holding up more men and
their faini i I than ho now cares to
remember. The mine owners know
that just as long as the men were supplied with provisions, the: strike would
continue and their chances of success in
breaking it be increased. Approached
by a delegation*of mine owners to quit
extending credit to the men, his answer
was typical of the self-made man who
had felt the pangs of hunger himself in
his pioneer days: " You ask mc to
throw over a body of men whom I
admire, and whose cause I esteem;
whose wives and children would he
driveli to desperation by the pangs of
hunger through such an action of mine.
No; just as long as I have a sack of
flour to share up with them, they shall
have it. 'iliere'ji the door; please close
-it, and leave yourselves on the oilier
There's not a man in the Slocan riding
who should hesitate for one moment in
acknowledging bim a tried an 1 true
friend of labor. Tlie above instance is
but one of many iu which lie has shown
bis sterling loyalty as a friend of man.
Successful  iu  nil his business under-
taki *gs,.he is best cnpablo of advancing
i the interest** of ihe riding. A man who
! Is not eipahle of protecting b'S own
i interests hss no rijlit to asp're to pro-
l tect the interests nf ciiher*1. A man who
I nevor refused a fellow workinc mnn a
! favor. A gentleman whose past life
i nnd actions are above reproach. A man
I whose interests in this country nre
' bound up with every other elector ill i's
jlutnre prosperity; who fully under*
| stands their needs, and is more able to
j represent them in this riding I hen spy
'other mm. That man is the subject of
| this sketch.
Let every man tnke a stand and judge
for himself what this district needi for
[ a representative. Wm. Hunter will bo
nssuccespf.il representing the people of
till" riding as be has been in b'S own
private business. Working me**; bu*-
iii'ss men nil, do the square thing by
appealing to your better judgment.
Prosperity has., knocked at fee door nf
the province, but the Silvery Slocan has
b en on the down grade for the pnsl
three years. The reasons nre obvi *us.
Yon have the remedy in yonr bunds
Vote straight and fearless, nnd all will
be well,
The Only Way.
We hnve waited, but not in viin.
The master touch to the campaign of
slander had to bo addod to, fl'l the
sequence. From tbe first motnorit tint
the MeBride government was returned
lo power to the present, hour, the
Vancouver World nnd the Dai'y News
of Nelson have kept up their fusihvlc of
disgusting slander,Hand wc, in common
with the average individual hnve been
nwai ing the final bou-mot. their trump
card, their political scoop. The la*-t
charge, is another stab in tbe dark at
R. F. Green, and lvecssa'ily tbey sec fit
to assume that the ministers acquiesced
in a gigantic lnodle. The verac'ty of
the Vancouver World is t io well under-
stend for nny rcli mce to be phcedon
its scoop. It asserts nothi ig. It pi* n-
'ed monster headliivs ove" ns dirty a
piece of cruel inuendo ns ever it was
our mis'o tine t> peuse. Every wild
slanderous statement which has b"en
made to date by the Vancouver World
have heen challenged and nailed We
sincerely regret that. Bri isb Columbia
harbors a newspaper which Ins not
decency enough to retract or apologise
when it has been discovered. We include r.lso in the above criticism the
Daily News.
Ever ready like a WeaJcl-ng to do the
bidding of its big bully brother, it his on
numerous occasions overstepped the
hounds of decency, and in the last in-
famitis stab, it relck'essly shows its disregard for truh by publishing ill full
the wiled diatribe which np poured in
Van Oliver's dirty Libera] rag.
It is a mean el-spicable, low-down
trick at the eleventh hour lo cloud the
real issue, But it had to come. It is
the only way! They have no other
weapons. It would bo impossible to
institute an investiitiitijii and conclude
it before February 2nd, and the pariahs
of the fourth estate who wielded their
vitriolic pens on this occasion fully
knew this, and played an artful sure
ihin^ game.
But we believe the man witli a vote
will read between the lines and treat
tbe vicious slander with contempt." We
believe no honest man with the privileges of the franchise would count
onance the acceptance of a bribe, great
orspiail, by a cabinet minister. Han
invesligition is demanded, Primier MeBride will assure dly do as he has done
before���call an unbiassed commission to
deliberate upon the charge. B.t we
most emphatically declare, tint if after
such an investigation has been held,
the charge fails to stick, then for
the sake of decency���for the sake of
justice, tbe Vancouver Worl I and the
Nelson Daily News should be suppressed,
and their editors and political owners
indicted for libel.
Tho News pub ished the sbiud'T in
full on its front page under enormous
headings. In an eel.t nial on the inside;
it ora>\ fishes and cnng.'s like the dirty
disreputable rag it is by saying it
publishes the article with "a certain
amount of reserve."
Reservu 1 Reserve (sic ) Fancy
reserve with headlines which skinned
the announcement of the San Francisco
horror to ��v Witts
To the S icidist representatives in the
last Hnu-H all credit is due for. tlie
stand they took with tin government
in tbe matter of tho Columbia Western
Railway subsidy, which is quoted eo
extens'velr in the opposition press nst
the 800,000 acre grant to tho C. P. R.
He*o Wr>�� a Pill which the government
of 1S96 passed���and, by the way, Editor
Denne ami J. Fred Hume were members
of that government���to grant a subsidy
nf land te tee Columbia and Western
Railway, which came IM") force on the
17th day of April, 180��. By building
sections one and three, tho Company
earned 791 440 acres, and the land was
(���ranted hy the then renvernmen*. On
completion of sections four and five tho
company earned 80^,072 acres, and upon
n d'mnnd fo" payment, a honest government, to fulfil a legal contract made by
their predecessors in office, granted tho
80S.872 ncres. pnd in this the government
were, backed up by tin Socialists. The
company was j istiv entitled to obtain
the full mes*il'*c of land earned by it.
No amount of \vr*ngling will alter the
fact, that the government nf 1890 made
a bad bargain, ami thnt the list government hnd to fulfil its piri nf the con- ���
tract. Tin matter wns thrashed ont in
debate, nnd ns there was a right and
wrong picl ��� to tee ens', the Socialists
could not do'otherwise than standby
tbe tight, even though tbey knew with
the government that the Administration
of 189(1 had bnnus>d n corporation.
Facts nre stubborn thing-*, and it is
therefore not jti��t to the Socialists and
the Conservative's to characterise the
grant a si'onl, when it. wns made by the
identical faction who now figure as the
W. W. B. Machines is the "mirchine" ���
engineer, who the Libeials nredepend-
i* g on to help them over the stile into
nfllucocc; but we ventttro to suggest
that tho d!s?e**iiing elector can see
through his little game, and that he
will rcc ive bis quietus on Feb. 2nd.
If we adopted the tactics so much in
vozue by the grit press nnd the lender
of the, opposition, We could make personal insnnuati >ns (Utaiiist tho Liberal
C'ndidat- from Nelson, running for'this
riding, will h would greatly amuscafew
o' our readers.
There is an old saying that " no mnn
is a prophet, in bis own country," but .
the rereut unanimous nomination
tendered to Mr. R. V. (heen by the
conservatives of the Kaslo riding (lis-
pr eves that, theory. " Bub" Green was
never more popular in bis own country
than be is to day, an 1 his many friends
regret that a demonstration of confidence nnd loyalty could not be made
on his behalf at the polls on the 2nd
nrox. The leader of toe opposition and
the grit press who have nssaded bim
can put this in their pipes and smoke
it, that "Bob" Green will be received
With open arms whenever ho chooses
to accept a nomination in that riding,
and that n sweeping victory ia assured
The charge was publicly madi by a
political opponent a few days ago that
the "Review" is a government owned
property. It was also hint d publicly
in another quarter that " he is the man
wi li tin; bag." We sipp.SO a newspaper whii.'h butts Into politics nccess-
irlly Ins these campiign encomiums
b stowed upon it; but. without fe.ling
a-gry at nil, wo deny the soft impeachment. We wish to take this opportunity
of publicly declaring that neither
directly or indinctly has the Review
received nor does it seek ti receive
a sist.ince f oni the Conservatives or
any other party. Wc are our own boss,
and our renders may take our word for
it Hint we are suppo ting the Con-
s -native party because we realize it is
for lhe interest of the province that tho
Conservatives are returned to power.
Wheu tlie Conservatives abuse that
confidence, th n the devil and high
>viiter will not prevent ns having our
Anthony Sliillatid leturnnd from a
trip to New* Denver and other lake
points last i Ight.
Walter Thomas Mil's, "The Little
Giant," will speak in the Sandon auditorium on Saturduv, January 2(ith at
8 p.m.   Subject, "What is (Socialism?"
Purley Ward returned on Wednesday
from a very successful business trip to
Silverton. There'll be high living at
the hotel de Crispin tor' the star board-
em from now* on.
J. E. A'jrignon, wo are pleased to ro-
port, is in harness again. Denver's
hair dre.ser has been in dock since
Christ,uas wilh a severe attack of pleurisy.
Don't fail to take in the hockey gaino
between Sandon and New Denver at
the Sand ui rink t .morrow (Friday) at
8 p.m.    Admission Sou.
FKB.   12tii���IOtii
The Canadian Pacific Railway announce au excursion rate of fare and
one third for the round trip, for the
above event, from Revelstoke, Pernio
and all intermediate and branch lino
points. Tickets on sale Feb, I lth to
10th, good to return till Feb. 18th THE  SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,  SANDON.  B.   C.
("Continued From Lust Week.)
mWO of the men walked close beside the door, one of them bearing a lantern. They conversed
In low tones and lu a language
which Beverly could not uuderstaud.
After awhile she found herself analyzing the gurb uud manner of the men.
She was saying to herself that here
were her first real specimens of Grnu-
Stark peasantry, aud they were to
mark un Ineffaceable spot lu her memory. They were dark, strong fuced men
of medium height, with fierce black
eyes and long black hair, As no two
were dressed alike, it wns Impossible
to recognize characteristic styles of attire. Some were lu the rude, bnggy
,' costumes of the peusnnt as she had
" imagined him; others were dressed In
the tight fitting but dilapidated uniforms of the soldiery, while several
were in clothes partly European and
partly oriental. There were hats and
fezzes and caps, some with feathers In
tho bands, others without. The man
nearest the conch wore the dirty gray
uniform of an army otlicer, full of
holes nnd rents, while another strode
along iu a pair of bnggy yellow trousers and a dusty London dinner jacket.
All iu all, it was the motllest baud of
vagabonds she had ever secu. There
were at least ten or a dozen lu the pur-
ly. While u few carried swords, all
lugged the long rllles ami crooked daggers of the Tartars.
���'Aunt Funny," Beverly whispered,
suddenly moving to the Bide of the subdued servant, "where is my revolver?"
it had come to her like a flash that a
subsequent emergency should not find
her unprepared. Aunt Fanny's jaw
dropped, and her eyes were like white
rings in a black screen.
"Good I.awd, wbu ��� what fo', Miss
"Shi Don't call me Miss Bev'ly.
Now, just you pay 'tentlon to me, and
I'll tell you something queer. Get my
��� revolver right away and don't let those
men see what you are doing." While
Aunt Fanny's trembling fingers went
In search of the firearm, Beverly outlined the situation briefly, but explicitly. Tho old woman was not slow to
understand. Her wits sharpened by
fear, she grasped Beverly's instructions with astonishing avidity.
"Ve'y well, yo' highness," she said,
with line reverence, "Ah'll p'ocuah de
bottle o' pepp'mlnt fo' yo' If yo' jes'
don' mine nie pullln' an' hauliu'
'mougst dese boxes. Mebbe yo' all
'd'ruther hub de glugeh'r" With this
wonderful subterfuge us a shield she
dug slyly iuto oue of the bugs aud
pulled forth u revolver. Under ordinary circumstances she would have
beeu mortally afraid to touch It, but
not so lu this emergency. Beverly
shoved the wenpou into the pocket of
her gray traveling jacket.
"I feel much better now, Aunt Fanny," she said, and Aunt Funny gave a
vast chuckle.
"Ynns, ma'am, Indeed -yo' highness,"
she agreed suavely.
The couch rolled aloug for hulf an
hour uud then stopped with a sudden
jolt. Au instant later the tall driver
appeared nt the window, his heud uncovered. A man hard by held a lnu-
"Qua vandos ur delta net, yos serent,"
said the leader, showing his white
teeth In a triumphant smile. His exposed eye seemed to he glowing with
pleasure nnd excitement.
"What?" murmured Beverly hopelessly. A puzzled expression came Into
his face; then his smile deepened uud
hia eye took ou a knowing gleam.
"Ah, 1 see," lie sulci gayly, "your
highness prefers not to speak the lun-
guago of Graustark. Is it necessary
for nie to repeat iu English?"
"I really wish you would," suld Beverly, Catching her breath. "Just to see
bow It sounds, you know."
���..'our every wish shall be gratified.
I bog to Inform you that we have
reached the Inn of tbe Hawk and Ru-
m*ii. This is where we dwelt last night.
Tomorrow we, too, abandon the place,
so our fortunes may run together for
seine hours nt least. There Is but little to offer you iu the way of nourishment, und there Is none of the comforts of u palace. Yet princesses cun
no more be choosers thau beggars
when the lure's In one iiot. Come,
your highness, let me conduct you to
the guest chamber of the Inn of the
Hawk and Haven.'-'
Beverly took his hand and stepped to
the ground, looking about lu wonder
aud perplexity.
"1 see no Inu," she murmured apprehensively.
"Look aloft, your hlgtiuess. That
great black canopy Is ihe* roof: wo ure
standing upon the floor, und tbo dark
shadows Just beyond 'ho circle of light
nre the walls o!' the Hawk and K"'*->i_
This is the largest tavern In all Graustark. Its dimensions are as wide as
the world Itself."
���You mean that there is no Inu at
all?" the girl cried iu dismay.
"Alas, I must confess It. And yet
there is shelter here. Come with me.
Let your servant follow." He took her
by tlie baud and led her away from
the coach, a ragged lantern bearer
preceding. Beverly's little right hand
was rigidly clutching the revolver In
her pocket. It wus a capacious pocket,
and the muzzle of the weapon bored
defiantly luto u timid powder rag that
lay on the bottom. The little leather
-purse from which It escaped had Its
silver lips opened lis if lu a broad grin
of derision, revelling In tho plight of
the chamois. Tbe guide's bund was at
once firm aud gentle, his stride bold,
yet easy. His rakish hat, with Its aggressive red featlier, towered a full
head above Beverly's Parisian violets.
"Have you no h��*me at all���no house
in which to sleep?" Beverly usked.
"I live lu a.sastle of air," said be,
waving'ills baud grace-any.   "i sleep
In the house of my fathers."
������You poor fellow," cried Beverly
pityingly. He luughed aud absently
putted tbe hilt of his sword.
She heard the men behind them turning the coach Into the glen through
which they wulkeei carefully. Her feet
fell upon a soft, grassy sward, aud the
clutter of stones was now no longer
beard. They were among the shadowy trees, gaunt trunks of enormous
size looming up iu the-light of the lanterns. Oncohsclously ber thoughts
went over to tho forest of Aielen and
the woodland home of ltosallnd, as she
had imagined it to be. Soou there
came to her ears tbo swish of waters,
as of some turbulent river hurrying
by. Instinctively she drew back, anil
ber eye- were set with alarm upou the
black wall of night ahead. Yetive bud
spoken more than once of this wilderness. Many an unlucky traveler had
j been lost forever lu its fastnesses.
"It Is the river, your highness. There
Is no danger. I will not lend you Into
It," he said, a trifle roughly. "We are
low in the valley, and there are
marshes yonder when the river is iu
Its natural bed. The floods have covered the low grounds, and there Is a torrent coming down from the hills. Here
we nre, your highness. This is the fun
of the Hawk and Raven."
He bowed and pointed with his lint
to the smoldering Are a short distance
ahead. Tbey bad tnrued a bend In tlie
overhanging cliff and were very close!
to the retreat before she snw the glow.
The fire was lu the open air and directly In front of a deep cleft In the
rocky background. Judging by the
sound the river conld not be more than
200 feet away. Men came up with
lanterns and others pileed brush upou
tho fire. In a very short time the glen
was weirdly Illuminated by the dauc-
tag flames. From her seat ou tbe huge
big Beverly was thus enabled to survey
��� portion of her surroundings. The
overhanging ledge of rock formed u
wide, deep canopy, underneath which
was perfect shelter. The floor seemed
to be rich, grassless loam, and here and
there were palletn of long grass, evidently the couches of these homeless
men. All about were huge trees, and
In the direction of the river the grus-i
gvew higher and then gave place to
rkeds. The foliage above was so den.-*
thnt the moou and stars were Invisible.
There wus a deathly stillness in the ah.
The very loneliness was so appalling
that Beverly's poor little heart wus In
a quiver of dread. Aunt Fauny, who
sat near by, had not spoken since leaving the couch, but her eyes were ex
presslvely active.
The* tall leader stood near the fire
conversing with half a dozeu of his followers. Miss Calhoun's eyes Anally
rested upon this central figure in the
strange picture. He was attired hi a
dark gray uniform that reminded her
oddly of the dragoon choruses In tho
conic operas at home. The garments,
wh'lo torn and soiled, were well fitting.
His shoulders were broad aud square,
his hips narrow, his legs long and
straight. There was an air of linpu-
der-t grace about him that weut well
with his life and profession.
Surely here wus a careless free lance
up"n whom life weighed lightly, while
death "stood afar off" aud despaired.
The light of tbe tire brought his gleaming face Into bold relief, for his hat
was off. Black and thick wus his hair,
rumpled and apparently uncajed for.
The face was lean, smooth and strong,
with a devil-may-care curve at the cor-
uers of the mouth. Beverly found herself lamenting the fuct that such an Interesting face should be marred by an
ugly bluck patch, covering she knew
not what mnuuer of defect. As for the
rest of them, they were a grim company. Some were young and beardless,
others were old nud grizzly, but all
were active, alert and strong. Tbe
leader appeared to be the only one in
the party who couid speak aud understand the English language. As Beverly sat and watched his virile, mocking face aud studied his graceful movements she found herself wondering
how an ignorunt, homeless wanderer
lu the hills could be so poetic and so
cultured us this fellow seemed to be.
Three or four men, who were umnls*
tukubly of a lower order than their
jompaulons, set about preparing a supper. Others unhitched the tired horses
and led them off toward the river. Two
dashing young fellows carried tbe seat
cushions under the rocky canopy aud
constructed au elaborate couch for the
"princess." The chief, with his own
hands, soou begun the construction of
a Bmull chamber In this pnrticulur corner of the cave near the opening. The
walls of tbe chumher were formed ot
carriage robes uud blankets, cloaks and
oak brunches.
"The guest chamber, your highness,"
he said, approaching her with a smile
at the conclusion of his work.
"It has been most interesting to
watch ��ou," she said, rising.
"Ana it nas been a ueiigbt to inter*
est you," he responded. "You will find
seclusion there, aud you need see none
of us until It pleases you."
She lnoked him fairly in the eye for a
moment and then Impulsively extended
her bund. He clasped it warmly, but
not without some show ot surprise.
"I urn trusting you Implicitly," she
"The knave Is glorified," was his
simple rejoinder. He conducted her
to the Improvised bedchamber, Aunt
Fanny following with loyal but uncertain tread. "I regret, your hlgli-
iiess, that the conveniences are so few.
We have no landlady except Mother
Earth, uo waiters, no porters, no maids,
lu the Inn of the Hawk and Raven.
This being a men's hotel, the baths are
on the rive* front. I am having watei
brought to your apartments, however,
but it Is with deepest shame and sorrow that I confess we have no towels."
Ska hushed su heartily that bis face
brightened perceptibly, WniitJ the faces
ef his men turned In their direction as
though by concert.
"It is a typical mountain resort,
then," she said. "I think I can manage very well if you will fetch my
bags to my room, sir."
"By the way, will you have dinner
served In your room?" very good hu-
"If you don't mind, I'd like to eat in
the public dining room," said she. A
few minutes later Beverly was sitting
upon one of her small trunks, and Aunt
Fanny was laboriously brushing her
dark hair.
������it's very jolly belug a prlucess,"-
murmured Miss Calhoun. She bad
bathed her face lu one of the leather
buckets from tbe coach, and the dust
of the road had been brushed away by
the vigorous lady lu waiting.
"Yaas, ma'am, Miss���yo' highness,
hit's monstrous tine fo' yo', but wbar
is Ah goln' to sleep? Out yondah wlf
all dose scalawags?" said Aunt Fanny
������You shall huve a bed in here, Aunt
Fanny." said Beverly.
������Key's de queeres' lot *��' tramps Ah
������veh did see, an' Ah wouldn' trust 'em
as fer as Ah could heave a brick
"But the leader Is such a very courteous gentleman," remonstrated Beverly.
"l'aas, ma'am; he mussa came f'm
Oawgla or Kalntuck," was Aunt -fanny's sincere compliment.
Tbe pseudo princess dined with the
vagabonds that night. She sat on the
log beside the tall leader and ate
heartily of the broth and broiled goat
meat, the grapes and the nuts, and
drank of the spring water, which took
the place of wlue and coffee and cordial. It was a strange supper amid
strange environments, but sbe enjoyed
It as she had never before enjoyed a
meal. Tbe air- was full of romance
nud danger, and her imagination was
enthralled. Everything was so new
und unreal that sue scarcely could believe herself awake. The world seemed to have gone back to the days of
Robin Hood and his merry men.
"You fare well at the Inu of tbe
Hawk and Raven," she said to bim,
her voice tremulous with excitement.
He looked mournfully at her for a
moment aud then smiled naively.
"It Is the first wholesome meal we
have had iu two days," he replied.
"You don't mean it!"
"Yes. We were lucky with the guna
today. Fate was kind to us���and to
you, for we are better prepared to entertain royalty today than at any time
since I have been lu tbe hills of Graustark."
"Then you have not always lived In
"Alas, no, your highness. I have
lived elsewhere."
"But you were born In tbe principality?"
"I am a subject of its princess in
heart from this day forth, but not by
birth or condition, l am a native of
the vast domulu known to a few of
us as Circumstance," and he smiled
i*a ther recklessly.
"You are a poet, a delicious poet,"
cried Beverly, forgetting herself in her
"Perhaps that is why 1 am hungry
and unshorn. It had not occurred to
me In tbut light When you are ready
to retire, your highness." he suld,
abruptly rising, "we shall be pleased
to consider the lun of the Hawk and
Raven closed for the night. Having
feasted well, we should sleep well.
We have a hard dny before us. With
your consent, I shall place my couch
of grass near your door. I am tho
porter. You'have bul to call If anything is desired."
She was tired, but she would have
sut up all night rather than miss any
of the strange t'Omamfe that hud been
thrust upon her. But Sjr Redfeathcr's
suggestion savored of a command, anil
she reluctantly made her way to the
flapping blanket that marked the entrance to the bedchamber. He drew
the curtain aside, swung his hut low
and muttered u soft good night.
"May your highness' dreams be pleasant ones!" he suld.
"Thank you," said she, and the curtain dropped Impertinently. '���That was
very cool of bim, 1 must suy," she added _*," she, looked at the wavering eloor.
t'fo lie Continued.J
COULDN'T    USE     HAND    FOR    A
Zam-Buk  Then   Applied    and    Gave
Instant  Relief.
An accident iii a Toronto home the
-ther day might have had very serious consequences hud it not been for
Zam-Buk. Miss Murthn Green, of 9
Cluremont St., in hiking a pan of boiling tut from the oven spilt it over
her right hand. "The boiling fat ran
into the palm of my hand," she says,
"unci over all my lingers. You may
well imagine the agony I suffered in
consequence. 1 wns almost wild with
the* pain. The hand became swollen,
and large blisters formed ull over the
palm and nlong the fingers. For
over a month 1 was unable lo use the
band at all. I tried several kinds
of salves and liniments, but the
wound seemed apparently no better.
It wns altogether too severe for these
preparations to heal. About this time
I was advised to try Zam-Buk. I
stopped using nil other preparations
ami applied Zam-Buk instead. Tbe
very first application soothed iny
blind and seemed to draw out the fire
and inflammation; and as I kept on
using-Znm-Huk the blisters pradunl'y
dried up .aud disappeared. In a very
short time the scald was healed completely.
This is but one instance of the uses
to which Zilin-Buk can be so advantageously applied. It is equally ef-
eetivo for burns, cuts, bruises, abrasions, sprains, and stiffness. It
also cures eczema, ulcers, sores, blood
poison, ringworm, scalp sores, chronic
Wounds, acne, bluckheuds, pimples,
cold sores, chapp-d hands, and all
akin diseases nnd injuries. Rubbed
.veil on lo the chest, ill cases of cold,
it relieves the aching nnd tightness,
and applied as nn embrocation it
euros rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia,
etc. All druggists sell Zam-Buk nt
50c a box, or it may be obtained
from the Zam-Buk Co,, Toronto, upon
receipt of price.    Six boxes for $2.SO.
W. T. ���(���ad Call* Ilie PerforjaaaeM
���DrlTol For ��h*> Dre_ra."
"If I had to sum up the whole performance in a single phrase I should
���ay, 'Drivel for the dregs'���only that
and nothing more."
In this terse sentence W. T. Stead,
writing In the Review of Reviews,
condenses his Impressions after witnessing a full performance at a London music hall.
"My first Impression," he says, "was
one ot unutterable boredom. For three
and a half solid bours I sat patiently
listening to the mist Insufferable banality and Imbecility that ever fell upon human ears.
"My second Impression, which naturally followed upon the boredom, waa
one of wrathful Indignation. It seemed
lntolerirble that In Anno Domini 1806
the heirs of a thousand years of civilisation and the product of thirty-five
years of the education act should relish
this Inane drive).
"It was not the Immorality of the
thing that roused me so much as the
Imbecility of it all. Unlettered rustics
at country fairs used to And it amusing to grin at each other through
horses' collars. It would be more appropriate If the audience of last night
had been fitted with the headgear of a
humbler and less Intelligent congener
��f the turse.
"My third impression wa* the absence, with one or two exceptions, of
anything beautiful or melodious. There
was not a haunting m-sUdly or a simple air In the whole Jingle-jangle el
vain sounds, ind always, with one
great exception and two email ones,
there was a positive reveling In physical ugliness and ungraceful motion
and poses. U is not .funny. It is slm-
Blr dls-tuatlng."	
Soap Paste.
A Jar of paste made by shaving s
piece of white soap and boiling It lo
water to Jelly Is a great convenience
wheu a spot appears on a glove or light
colored shoe. Moisten a soft cloth In
milk, touch It to the paste and rub It
gently on the soiled place. Milk Is bet
ter for the purpose than water, but thi
latter may be used.
j The War to Arrange  the  Table  an*
.Ker. >���   the Meal.
In  arranging   the  table  for  dinner
where  there  are  soup,  meat,  vegeta-
i bles, a salad and dessert to be served
! the method of placing the stiver and
! linen, etc., is the same as for a formal
I function  except thut there are fewer
pieces of flat ware at the covers and
fewer glasses.
i. ' Tliere   should   he   service  plates   at
each cover tm which the soup plates
! are to be placed, this course being now
j Invariably served outside, the soup be-
' ing brought In by the waitress.
Place the silver as follows: On the
; left ef tbe plates place the forks, laid
In the order In which the dishes requiring them will be served, starting from
tbe outside. The knives and oyster
forts, If the latter are served, are
placed on the right of the plate, the
soup spoons In front of the plate or
with the kiilves ut the right. Tbe
bowls of the forks and spoons should
be right side up, the edges of the
knives turned towurd the plate. Large
spoons are not luid on the table, the
maid placing one when necessary In
I tbe dish. Suit and pepper boxes are
placed at the corners, within easy
I reach of every two people. Napkins,
folded In triangular shape, are laid
\ on the plutcs, aud a piece of bread, cut
two inches long and one and a half
Inches tblck, laid In the fold.
A salad Is seized after the roast or
piece de resistance and before the dessert. It is usually brought In by the
waitress, each plate prepared for the
Individual guest. With the salad are
generally served cheese straws, crackers or sandwiches. In the event of a
large dinner It is best for the serving
of the meat to be done ut a side table,
'hough for a few the host himself will
io th_* carving at the table, the waitress serviug it.���New York Telegram.
Japanese nre Hocking to the Rio
Grande border, attempting to get into
the United States. Most of them are
said to have been discharged from the
Japanese army.
Manly Strength and Womanly Bc-auty
depend on purity of the blood, and much
of lhnt purity depends on perfect kidnej
fib,Tins*. If these organs are diseased
and will not perforin their functions, eciai
will seel} in vain for strength and wo
man for beauty. South American . Kid
ney Cure drives out all impuritiet
throug-h the body's *illterors."���Repaire
weak epots.-16.
Particularly Appropriate Par a Sa.a
I'eeclb.  the Kant.
It Is rather remarkable that brown
wall paper has not more admirers. For
a room facing east It Is particularly
warm nnd cozy. A woman who Is
much at her desk found the pale yel
low figured wall paper extremely trying to her eyes wheu lifting them from
her writing for a few minutes' rest.
The room had an eastern exposure, and
the yellow walls were glaring lu the
morning when the sun shone In and
cold In the afternoon wheu the sunlight had vanished.
After much thought sbe selected for
the upper walls a plain light chocolate
felt. Below the picture rail, which
was a little more than halfway up, sho
put a dado of a brown background
with fleur-de-Ils and pin lines of a
darker brown. The celling was mado
of a very light shade, almost a fawn,
In order to give sufficient light to tbe
somewhat somber effect. Tbe result
was successful. Long curtains of green
denim hung straight at tbe long windows which reached almost to the floor,
with deep window seats, ind the window shades were light.
The brown walls were soothing to
tbe eyes and gave an effective background to the few engravings and photographs needed to break the monotony
of the wulls, aud the woodwork was
painted white. Far from being somber, this den wns the coziest, most
cheerful spot iu the house on days
when bleak northeasters beat against
tbe windows. The white doors and
casements gave ro light a touch that
the mahogany furniture, with which
the room was furnished, did not give
too heavy an effect. ��� Philadelphia
Navigating  H tdf.on  Bay.
Every newspaper ft" in distant points
In British North America that one picks
up shows the development that It.', going on In all parts of Canada, a development that Is veiy largely overlooked by the people of other parts,
deeply engaged on their own section of
the national edifice. The St. John's,
Newfoundland, Herald, In its regular
news calumns has Hems every day
which give Central Canadians, if one
may use that term, food for- thought.
In the issue Just to hand the steamship Store. Is reported as returned
from the north.
"She reports fair weather on Labrador, and since leaving hers was
right through Hudson Bay to the bottom of James Bay, when, she landed
stores at Revlllon's post, and took on
thirty packages of furs, having good
weather though foggy at times."
Apparently she was about to ss.ll
���gain forthwith for Ungava Bay. but
had been detained by a disagreement
between the crew and some of the officers. The point is that the ship was
down to the southern end of James
Bay late In September, and was about
to start again for the southern end ot
Hudson Bay In October. No wonder
the Western farmers are always looking for the day when they will ship
sut their crops by Hudson Bay. when
tbe locomotive whistle will waken tbe
echoes In the Nelson River Valley and
when ths conductor will shout "All
aboard for Churchill; change cars for
Albany and Moose Factory."       s
"Bead" Leave- Nat Dead.
Leaves do not fall from the tree because they are "dead," which we may
take as equivalent to saying because
tbey are no longer receiving tbe constituents of their being from the sap
and from the air, but as a consequence
of a process of growth which develops just at tbe junction of tbe leaf
stem with the more permanent portion of tbe tree, certain corklike cells
which have very little adhesion, so
that the leaf Is very liable to be broken
away by Influences of wind and
changes ot temperature and of moisture,        _.
Why   It   la  Done  and   Proper  Method
of UoIiik  It.
Some kinds of meat are lacking In
fat and need fat to bring out their
best qualities, 'ihe best way to add
It Is by lurdlug, yet with the exception
of a fillet o( heel' or liver this is seldom done In the home kitchen. A larding needle Is pointed at one end and
has prongs at the other In which the
little strips of poik are Inserted. Set
the needle Into the meat and make oue
stitch; draw through and let go so us
to leave an ead of pork sticking up at
each end of the stitch. Make one row,
then begin cgain, taking the stitches
alternating with the first.
When the larding Is finished the meat
will be covered with little points of
pork not over one-third of an Inch
The little strips of pork are called
'lardoons and are cut from fat salt
pork, That part next to tbe rind,
Which is firm and hard, Is used; ths
soft part Is not suitable for. larding
Cut In slices one-quarter tnch thick,
then cut this Into quarter Inch strips
For some meats the lardoons are mad*
a trifle larger, but they must be eves
smaller for little birds.
As the meat cooks, the pork crlspi
and covers the surface with u busting
of fat, while the portions Inside ure so
small as to cook thoroughly.
As a substitute for larding shave
Arm salt pork very thin and lay on tbe
meat, and If necessary stick wooden
toothpicks through to hold them In
place. Remove pork nnd little skewers
before serving.���Chicago Inter Ocean.
When broiling stenk try brushing it
over with butter and flour to keep tbe
Juice In.
If eggs nre to he boiled hard have
the water boiling when the eggs are
put In. This will prevent the yolks
turning dark.
Cinnamon makes an unusual and appetizing flavor for gelatin desserts, one
which has the additional virtue of
economy. Serve with sweet cream,
plain or whipped.
When frying onions water may be
added at the beginning, and, after tbey
have simmered tender, the water should
be turned oh* aud fat "added for the
frying.     This   process   removes   the
strong onion juice and makes  them
It Is said that tlie best way to eat bu-
I nanas, which are now so common a
| diet. Is to crush  them  with a  fork.
i squeeze a  lime or lemon over them
and sprinkle them with sifted sugar.
They ore often eateu this way lu tbe
tropics and found to be delicious.
He ni *tl tell ill a*.
One of the easiest methods of hemstitching Is to first draw the thread!
and baste the hem neatly. Then take
the work to the sewing machine and
with the stitch regulated to the length
desired stitch without thread, close to
the edge, as in ordinary nem. Thlet
produces a line of perforations uccu
rately marked, which Is very easy to
Net-Ins Waah Cloth*.
Wash cloths of mosquito netting
sound impracticable, but for genuine
satisfaction in the using they are hard
to excel. One needle society has found
reedy sale for tlozens of them. They
ire qiadc of five or six thicknesses,
turned In and stitched with a long ma
chine stitch, two Inches from tbe edges,
then diagonally from compi* *n corn-.-
Dr. R. Ac Torrey has finished bis
"evangelistic services in Nashville,
Tenn. No great wave of religious
emotion swept over the city, but
many were converted and united witli
various churches.
The Bronohlal Tubes and Lungs are Protected against
the Evil Effects of Colds by
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
You can never tell just whot form
a ccild will take, but you may be sure
it will search nut your weakest organ.
With some it assumes a catarrhal nature and affects the bend principally;
with others it becomes bronchitis ami
there sets in a hard cough and severe
ediest pains. Then, again, it often
lends to inflammation ol the lungs,
consumption, pneumonia or may settle on the kidneys or bowels.
Because colds do not always prove
-erious some people take chances
with them, but the risk is great. Dr.
('huso's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is intended for people who
want assurance against serious remits from colds.
This grent medicine has absolutely
proven its extraordinary control over
boughs, colds, croup, bronchitis,
whooping cough, asthma nnd nil such
lilments, and for this reason has n
place in the great majority of homes.
Mr. John Clark-, coachman, I'nrt
Hope, Ont., writes: "Being exposed
to all sorts of Weather, I frequently
catch cold. Lost winter I was so had
with a cold thnt 1 could not sponk
above n whisper, and hud great
pains in the chest. At last I feared
it would develop into consumption if
I did not succeed in {letting proper
treatment. A friend advised me lo
try Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed nnd
Turpentine ami 1 began to improve
before 1 hnd taken ball a bottle. One
bottle cured my oold, which I be-
lic-ve. would have proven very serious if I  had mil used I his medicine."
Dr. t'base's Syrup of Linseed anil
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle, at nil
dealers, or'HMnianson, lintes & Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against imitations, the portrait nnd signature of
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
be.uk   author,  aro Oil every  bottle*.
A  Knack  for Oriental   Rugs.
At the Inst session of the Paris Ac.i- |
leniy eif Medicine Dr. Vidal called at- |
tentieiii to the great danger of contusion from the use of Oriental carpets.
i'licKc carpets come from countries in
which dysentery und other diseases
prevail. The disease germs settle in
the libres af the material, and their
ransiuission to the user is a probabil-
ty if tbe textiles are not carefully
disinfected. Dr. Vidal told ��>f two cases
tbut illustrate the danger. Tbey occurred recently in Paris. An elderly
man, it collector of rugs, received n
lealer who exhibited to him n number
if Oriental samples. He finally bought
two Japanese tapestries, upon which
the purchaser's three-year-old child
played for n while. r;igbl days later
She child died, having been infected
with dysentery. A few days later the
.'atber also bad an attack of the same
disease that resulted in denth.
Biliousness Burdens life���Tbe bilious man i_ never a companionable:
man because his ailment lenders bim
norose and gloomy. The complaint
is not so dangerous as it is disagreeable. Yet no one need suffer
from it. who can procure Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. By regulating the
liver and obviating tlie effects of bile
in the Ktoinnoh they restore men to
���lieeiliilness and full  vigor of action.
In Australia 94,000 tons ot ore are
mined for one ton of gold; in California  70,000 -tons.
King Edward has made Dr. Willed X. Qrenfell, the grent missionary
if Labrador, a companion of the Order of rii. Michael and St. George.
d Grout Britain.
Hints to Smokers.
The Canadian cigar and Tobacco
.Journal gives some hints to those who
smoke pipes. Everybody thinks Re
knows bow to smoke a pipe; but to do
it perfectly Is not onsy. "Time is a
keynote of successful pipe smoking,"
says tlie Journal, "and another is gentleness, Take it easy. Don't crowd the
pipe to the top of tha bowl. Never fiet
u pipe hot, Keep cool, und keep your
pipe cued. You can relight a pipe, nnd
if you are an old smoker you will be
all the better for it. When you have
finished dp not refill n heated pipe."
While more prevalent in winter,
when sudden changes in tlie weather
try the strongest constitutions, colds
nnd coughs and ailments of the
throat may come in any season. At
the lirst sight of derangement use
Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup. Instant relief will be experienced, and
use of the medicine until the cold_
disappears will protect the lungs from"
attack. For anyone with throat ey
ohest weakness it cannot be surpassed.
At the. bottom of the Rosebridgo
mine the temperature averages 94 degrees Fahr. The mine is about 2,500
feet deep.
In Moorish days the town of Cordelia bud over 4,000 mosques and 900
public baths.
The Height of Waves.
A grent Atlantic roller, disporting
itself on top of between 2,000 and 8,-
OK) fathoms of water, will completely
change its character on coming into
shallower soundings. The drift is curtailed and the crest becomes peaked
Near tlie Mddystono lighthouse,
where the depth steeps within the
range of but a few miles from 200 fathoms to 300 fathoms, the sea has been
known to heap up into a solid wall of
green water to a height of more than
100 feet. Such a procession of billows
bearing down upon the famous lighthouse leave nothing but its lantern
visible above their frothing ridges.
The expression, "green water," or
"green sea," by the woy, is used to
denote the actual wave body, as distinguished from the spray which It
may throw up on breaking. Thus tha
eelebrated St. Helena rollers measure
no more than about 15 feet of green
water, but on bursting they will fling
their crystalline showers to a height of
substantially over 100 feet.
WniTL    FOM   P P I C I- b
Venetian' r.lau,
Venetian glass is not mmle lu Venice,
but In the island Of Mnrauo.
Drtvlr-r It  Home.
Daughters-Have you found out yet
ivluit It was that pupa cut out of the
Mother���Yes. 1 bought another copy.
I've rend It ull through, hut to save my
life 1 can't see anything wrong In It
It's nn urtie-le on tlie vulgarity and silliness of buying furs that are beyond
���wte's means.'���Vow York Press,
Accidents to your horses
may happen at any moment.
GET READY for emergencies.
Buy a bottle of
Fellows' Leaning's
Par Lameness In Horses
Ouly 50c. a bottle ���and saves
dollars worth of time by curing
lameness of every description.
At dealers, or from ' ��
National Drug It Ch.mlcal Co., Llmlta-,
Coin* nf Gilded Glass.
forty members of a large coiners*'
syndicate have been arrested In _*-���."!_,
tl.</tel clerks bsve been their special
prey. Dressed as well to do foreigners, tbey sometimes walked boli.'ly Into
�� botel, tendered spurious gold for exchange and not Infrequently complained of tbe rates of exchange. It was
'he practice of the gang to oivsr genuine French gold with the spurious,
three or four counterfeits being mixed
up In a handful of genuine coin. Tbe
spurious pieces are mostly 1856 and
18B7 ten franc pieces, with the effigy
of Napoleon III., and also the latest
typo of 1000 Republican twenty frano
coins. These are admirably made. In
fact, never before bave spurious coins
been produced to such perfection. They
are made of crystal, heated to BOO degrees aud cast In molds. Then by a
galvano-plustlc process they have been
covered with a thin coating of real
gold. Tbey have the appearance, finish,
weight and sound or renl coins If
thrown on wood or marble. Tbe fraud
can be detected If the coin Is sounded
no a brass or mate, I ev*.nn*_.s��
SlioulliiB  llullel nl...
The ancient question. "Who breaks a
butterfly on a wheel?" should huve a
modern counterpart. A Transvaal agricultural paper says: "A great deal
can be accomplished toward reducing
the numbers nf the larvae of the swallowtail butterfly by destroying the butterflies. The most effective Instrument
for this purpose Is a light fowling piece
loaded with dust shot or coarse salt. It
may seem ridiculous to advocate the
shooting of butterflies, but an Insect
with such a large wing expanse affords
a very good target"
Your feet        ������     A-
Can't Get Cold
W.    N.    II     No. GI9. AS
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
s  ��� b
3 -��
3 " 5
Editor      and      Proprietor      of     The
Warman  Leader.
The subject of the above engraving
is one of the younger generation of
western newspaper men; one who
has by sheer personal effort raised
himsplf into bis present position.
Coming to this country a few yeai'B
ago with_no capital, and not even n
definite calling he has won friend,
and supporters, and qualified bimsell
Ior the position be holds. The Wurman Leader has started out in a
modest way in an ambitious town,
and will grow as the town develops
.Air. Vokins was born in Bamsbury,
Wiltshire, England, in 1880, of English parentage, and after becoming ot
sufficient age, attended the Ramsburj
public schools until lie was fifteen
years of age, when he took ft situation in a law office-.
' He came to Canada, and applied
himself to farming till 1901, at the
end of that time buying himself n
farm in the Turtle Mountains, which
he worked for three years. Hi=
newspaper instinct, or inclination,
now begnn to assert itself, and he
took a position in the Delornim
Times office, getting n schooling in
tbe typographic nud editorial nn
with Mr. George Patterson. After n
short time here lie went to the Was
kada Expositor, where lie remained
until last June, when he removed ti
Warman and established the Lender
Mr. Vokins is a steady young man
careful in his utterances, and well
balanced mentally, which augurs well
for his future in tlie sea of Western
Canadian journalism.
Se,*. ot Three-quarter Inch Wlr*_
llo_ie In Six Foot _ie_he_.
If I did not have photographs to of*
f'-r as provf, I might hesitate to put
upon u fairly well established reputation for v��.*aelt.v the strain of standing
for Ihe assertion tbut the business of
catching whales- uot baby whale.-, but
big sixty foot right whales���In nets Is
carried ou In the south Pacific.
The biggest lish stories eve." told may
1.* heard by the wanderer In southern
seal, and some of the most amazing
of them are literally true. This whale
netting yarn Is not strictly a fish story,
because a whale Is not really a llsh,
and II Is not the most startling of the
collection In iny south sen note-boo'-,
but let It go ns n fish story.
Waiigamunin Is n little bay on the
twist const, a few nillev south of a
prominent cape, which Juts out to the
northeast iti.d might easily be mistaken for the aortheasteru extremity
of the North Island. During May aud
June tbe antarctic whale tulgrntes
north Into warmer waters, and It seems
prolmlil.- that there Is some set of current-* around Ihe headland of Wanga-
mt'.mu which deceives him Into seeking ii passage to the Tnsrnan sea by
boring Into the shore nt thnt point.
Whatever may he the cause, the fact
Is Ihat schools of whales hug the shore
and puss very close to u great bitting
rock at Wnngamumu.
Straight out Into the sen from the
point of rocks Is stretched the whale
net, made of three-quarter inch wire
rope In six foot mesh, each mesh being formed of separate sections ef rope
attached to trou corner rings, taking
the places of knots. The top edge of
the net Is held clos. to the surface by
barrels serving as buoys. A whale
cruising along the shore gets his head
through a me.h, and Instead of attempting to back out he rushes forward and entangles himself hopelessly
In the net. Ono of ray photographs
shows a whale rushing luto the net'
nnd dragging the shoreward buoy
through lhe water with much commotion. Close to the shore can be seen
the disturbance of the surface caused
by the dragging under of the shore end
of the upper wire rope.
I'rom u lookout station on the top of
tbe headland a watcher signals the approach of whales, and the boats then
put oft' and lie In wait. An entangled
whale carries away the net with his
rush, but the great weight of the wire
rope and the drag of a long line of
buoys Impede him, and Instead of holding out to sea and going away at great
speed with the whole outfit he thrashes
about and soon gets fins and flukes entangled, when the boat approaches and
the whalers finish the business with
harpoon and lance, as Ik the old days.
-Forest and Stream.
On the Contrary.
Old Brother Tremoly.���YasBah; IV
gwine to git mnr'd. Yo' see l's an old
man now and I kaint's 'sped to lingei
yuh much longer, unci when de end
comes I wants to have some one to
close muh  eyes."
Brother Brownbnck.���Dat's all right,
snh. I 'plnuds yo' zenl, but I duntiiili
so much about yo' judgement. Dis yuh
lady will be yo' fifth wife, won't shflP
Well-uh, 1 isn't had but two, muse'.,
but bote o' dem done opened mull
eyes, ���yussnli, dey done opened 'cm
good and  plenty.���Puck.
A motor bus caught fire in Kil-
burn, London. The passengers escaped, but the driver and conductor bad
to be treated in the hospital,
It has been officially announced
that before January 14 the Russian
government will redeem at their full
value all short term bonds or imperial rentes issued both in Russia und
Itching. Burning, Skin Diseases Cured
for Thirty-five Cents��� llr. Agnew's Ointment relieves iu one day, and ciireH Tetter, Halt Kheum, Scield Head, Eotema,
Burber's Itch, Uloers, Blotches nud eerup
lions of the skin. It is soothing und
quieting and acts like magic in the oure
of ull bahy  humors.   35c.--47.
A young man forcibly entered the
Roman Catholic church at St, Ives,
Hunts, nnd with u crowbar and sledge
hammer smashed to atoms the high
aftnr and all the images.
Useful At All Times���In winter or
in summer Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will cope with und overcome (iny irregularities of the digestive organs
which change of diet, change of residence, or variation of temperature
may bring about. They should bo always kept at hand, and once theii
beneficial action becomes known, no
one will bo without them. There is
nothing nauseating in their structure,
and the most delicute enn use them
The highest puss in the new world
in common use is Ilumtinhuuca in
the Andes.    Its summit is 14,0(10 feet.
The Methodist General  Missionary
Committee   resolved    that   il   is    "ti
shnme for   the school-board   of   Sun
Francisco to discriminate against Jap-
\   anese children."
^���The supreme court Of Porto Rleo
has rendered a decision favorable to
the Catholic church in tin? case of
the church against the people, as
lo the ownership of certain properties.
Frank L. Wellington has died at
bis home in- Trinity avenue. New
York, the victim of a disease which
caused bis bones to snap like pla>s.
One day while holdng a strap in a
street car his arm snapped off. A
ohon time later a leg bone snapped.
According to bis physician this terrible
condition wns brought about by taking medicine which contnined a certain  mineral poison.
Again and again hns it been demonstrated that mineral medicines are
harmful. It is because Bileans, while
so effective for all liver and digestive
disorders, yet contain no trace of any
mineral, but are, on the contrary,
purely herbal, that they have won the
praise of medical men, trained nurses
and scientists all the world over.
Bileans differ from pretty nearly
every other liver medicine in containing no mercury, and from pretty
nearly every other stomach medicine
in being free from bismuth. They
arc also free from alcohol. They are
compounded from the finest known
medicinal herbs and roots nnd are
thus the best family medicine that
can lie obtained. They operate gently on the bowels, curing constipation
and piles. They correct acidity of
the stomach, stimulate the digestion,
tone up the liver, and correct the
secretion of bile. Their general action is nt the same tinio corrective
and tonic���correcting faulty secretion,
toning up wenk nnd debilitated organs. They thus euro anemia, green
sickness, female ailments and irregularities, blood impurities, rheumatism, etc. For nausea, headache, gas,
pain in the chest and between the
shoulders they are also very effective. Their operation is mild, yet, effective. In curing constipation they
do not cause after constipation, nor
do they ever cause griping. Mothers
will find them beneficial in the many
little ailments to which children are
subject. All druggists sell Bileans at
fifty cents a box, or they may be obtained post free from the Bilean Co.,
Toronto, on receipt of price. For
$2.50 a parcel oi six boxes will be
mailed. This is the. most economical
form for family use.
Elaborate preparations have beeii
made for the entertainment ol the.-
Mystic Shriner3, who will go from th ���
United States to participate in tho
initiations in Mexico city. Ten thous
and dollars will be spent in the en
A "prominent" English physician has j
discovered that the time Is coming
when there will be more lunatics than j
sune persons In tlie world. Statistic?*, j
of course, show this, as they xdll show
anything that Is good for advv-rtlslng
purposes. Thoy will show that we llvs
longer, that our general average of
physical health Is better und that we
grow bigger than our ancestors, but
that our minds are going to the bowwows. We suspect from some of tbe
things like the above, written by great
"alienists," that It takes a lunatic to
detect lunacy, as a 'thief to catch a
Beware  ef   Ointment*  for   Oatarrh   that
Contain Mercury,
at) mercury will surely destroy the senae
of smell and completely derange the
whole fiyst*m when entering it throneli
the mucous surfaces. Such article* should
never be used eicept .od pre-- liptioas
from reputable physicians, a. ilia damage they will do is ten fold to the good
you can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Oatarrh Gure. m��nufae*iured by P.
J. Cheney et Co., Toledo, Ohio, contains
no mercury, and is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and miie>
ous surfaces of the system. Id baying
Hall's Oatarrh Oure be sure yon get ths
genuioe. It is takeo Internally and
made in Toledo. Ohio, hy .'. J. Cheney
A. Co.    Testimonials  free.
Bold by  Druggists.    Price. 75c per  hot
Take Hall's Family  Pills for const I pa
Tk�� Battle ot Rrdonda.
Not far from St. Thomas, a matter of
perhaps a hundred miles, was fougb,
the most wonderful naval battle in all
history. The Dutch admiral detected
tbe cuemy in the early morning, when
the sea was covered with a thick mist,
and his guns opened fire at once* without warning. The fire was returned
with Interest, the ocean fairly quivering with spasms caused by the shock
of frequent discharges. Somehow or
other the enemy's shots, which sounded like a bombardment, seemed to fall
short or go wide of the mark, for not
even a splash of a ball was heard, and
the Dutch ships remained unscathed.
On the other hand, the Dutch could not
see the terrible execution their guns
were doing until nearly the middle of
tbe forenoon, when the fog lifted, revealing to tboir astonished gaze not the
vessels of the enemy, but a great rock
standing out of tho sea. They had been
firing ut It for five hours, and tbe sound
ef the return shots they heard was the
echo from the solid wall of granite.
They named the place Itedonda, which
menus sent, rolled or driven back, and
Redonda It Is to this day.
Sea Otter Skin.
The furrier was taking his Btock out
of the cold storage room, it came
forth frozen stiff and coated with glistening white frost. But there was one
beautiful skin that, though Just as stiff
as any of ihe others, had no frost on It.
"I want you to look at this skin," he
said. "It Is the kind that the richest
Russians, grand dukes, nud so on, have
their overcoat collars made of. It Is a
sea otter's skin, and It Is mo expensive
that often one cout collar of It will cost
JUIle.. It Is unquestionably the best
skin lu the world to muke coat collars
of. Why? Look at this one, and you'll
see. All my other skins nre covered
with frost, while on this fur no frost
whatever appears. And that's the reason why sea otter skins make the best
cout collars. The breath, for some unknown reason, doesn't freeze on them."
The much used word "boudoir" really means a sulkery. It Is derived from
the French verb boudeile, meaning to
sulk. Thackeray had n room tn his
uonse upon .the door of which was the
elgu, "My Sulkery." Whenever the
door was locked he was never to t.
of Red
Cures Coughs
GRAY'S SYRUP does that one thing,
and does it well. It's no "cure-all," but
a CUKli for all throat and lung troubles.
GUM stops tbe irritating tickle ��� takes
away the soreness���sooths and heals the
throat���and CURES COUGHS to stay
None the less effective because It is
pleasant to take.
25 cts. bottle.
After nine years' work, Senoru Flon
of Aguas Calientes, Mexico, Iisb completed a dress which is valued at
$40,000. It was intended that the
dress be exhibited at tho Paris or 8t.
LouiH expositions, but could not be
completed in time.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Under the guidance of Signor CaR-
ciaro. the artist, Queen Helena of
Italy has perfected herself in the
execution of water colors and pastels.
Some of her pictures will be sent to
nn exhibition at Venice, but under
an assumed name, as the queen
wishes to keep her idontity secret.
Do not delay in getting relief for
the little folks. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator is a pleasant and sure
euro. If you love your child why
do you let it suffer when a remedy
is so near at hand ?
It iR understood that Signor Marconi and his beautiful Irish bride are
to pay another visit to America.
Fearing attempts by terrorists to
assassinate tlie naval commanders
and blow up magazines. Admiral
Skrydloff, commander of the Black
Sea fleet, has ordered the sentrieB on
night duty to shoot Buspected persons
without challenge.
Speechless and Paralyied��� "I had valvular disease and the heart," writ** Mrs.
J. R. Qoode, of Truro, N.S. "I suffered
terribly and was often speechless and
partially paralyzed. One dose of Dr.
Agnew's Oure for the Heart gave me relief,1 nud before I Qnlshed one bottle I
was ahlo to go about. Today I am u
well woman."���*U.
Dr. Ware, late head master of Eton
college, was presented with an address album containing 1,400 autographs of old Etonians, a replica of
the Ladies' Henley Challenge plate,
and a check for ��1,450 from old
Pains, Like the Poor, Are Always
With Us.���That portion of man's life
which is not made up of pleasure is
largely composed of pain, and to be
free from pain is a pleasure. Simple
remedies are always the best in treating bodily pain, nnd a safe, pure
and simple remedy is Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrie Oil. You cannot do wrong
in giving it a trial when required.
The financial committee of the
French senate has raised the rate of
to ntion on both French and foreign
insurance companies from 6 to 10
francs per million of assured capital
It is expected that this increase will
add a million francs revenue ($200,-
000) a year to the national revenue.
The Montreal city council has put
itself on record as not wanting Sunday theatres.
The Hamilton Street Railway company gave each of its employes nn
extra day's pay as a Christmas present.
The record of the Montreal coroner
for tbo past year shows that the
caseB brought Wore him were 540
less than the year previoiiR. Last
venr there were 1,300 and this 760.
Trinity   College   Pays   Tribute   to   the
Memory of Archibald  Lampnun.
A handsome bronze medallion of the
late Archibald Lampman, M. A., the
P'-et, who was a distinguished graduate of the college, was unveiled ai
Trinity College at the recent annual
convocation service. The ceremony was
performed by Prof. PeUuun Re-gar. est
Toronto University, who paid a tribute
to tha ge-ntle spirit of the great Canadian poet who had, he suld, never been
clamorous for public reputation, who
wrote In no spirit of rivalry, but labored ever In the sense of duty, contented only with the approval of hts
own severe genius and lhe purpose .1*
a discerning mind.
Source of  Inspiration.
Spiritual truth, moral strength and
natural beauty were the unfailing
source of his Inspiration, and It Is because he never wavered under the responsibilities which these great themes
Imposed upon him that his fame to-elay
rests upon so Becure a foundatlin. IIl3
love of nature was more than a mere
cult of beauty; It had in il something
of the rapture of rediglon, and the conviction of a reasoned  philosophy.
Commercialism and materialism, like
twin monsters, batten and fatten upon
oui* age, and a young country like our
own lies almost de-fonreless In their
path. What, then, do we owe to one
who, like Lampman, In a material age
held aloft and ever binning the torch
of the spirit?
Religio.n and National Life.
Rev. Dr. Dii-Tnilln, of Chleapro,
preached an Instructive sermon on the
relationship of religion to national life.
Universities, he asserted, required no
apology for their existence; while l,*g-
lslatures and .Parliaments enacted
laws, the universities moulded the
mental and moral fibre of manhood
that was to express those measures In
terms of personality. Touching upon
the relationship of the church to the
nation, the preacher Impressed upon
the students the duty Of carrying direct to the conscience of man the old
question, "Will you renounce?" Therein lay the whole point of salvation.
Prof. Clark, Rev. Wm. Jones, Dean
Duckworth and Provost Street-Mack-
lem also look part in  the service.
The Lord Bishop of Toronto presided at the convocation service.
Portland Cement.
The hardest of all cements Is that
known as portland cement, which,
when hardened, attains tbe appearance
and properties of the celebrated port-
land stone, from which the most magnificent structures In England have
been erected. It was invented In 1824
by Joseph Aspden, s mason of Leeds.
Df. Leonhardt's Hem-Roid will
cure any case of Piles.
This statement is made without
any qualifications.
It is in the form of a tablet.
It is the only p:lo remedy used internally. ���
It is impossible to cure an estnb-
lished case of  Piles with ointments, j
suppositories,  injections    or outward
A $1,000 guarantee with every pack-1
age of Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Hoid.
$1.00,  all  dealers,  or The   Wilson* I
Fyle Co.,    Limited,   Niagara   Falls,
Ont. ���1.11
F. H. MoGuigan, fourth vice-president of the G.T.R., Inspected the railway improvements at London. It is
said that they will total $750,000 when
Perwnaisa household friend in
more than a million homes. This
number is increasing every day.
Peruna has become a household word
all over the English speaking world.
It is an old tried remedy for all catarrhal diseases of the head, throat,
lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladder and
female organs,
tek your Druggist tor Fred Perun*
Almtxaae toe 1907.
There are n number of varieties of'
corns.   Holloway's Corn Cure will re-
rhove nny  of    them.    Cull on    your \
druggist and get a bottle nt once.
Police Constable Syms has been dis-
missed from the Ottawa police force i
ar.d  Chief  De  la  Ronde declines  to
itale tbe reason,
One of the rurally.
James Seymour, the artist, was boru
In Londou io 1702. He displayed n
fondness tor drawing mul painting lu
boyhood and subsequently gained celebrity by his skill In designing horses.
Once the proud puke of Somerset employed Seymour to paint a room at his
sent lu Sussex, with the portraits of his
running horses. Having admitted the
artist to his table, he one elny drank to
him, saying:
"Cousin Seymour, your health."
Tho painter replied, "Sly lord, 1 real
ly believe that I have the honor of be
lug of your grace's family,"
This hurt ihe pride of the duke so
much that he rye from the table and
ordered his steward to pay Seymour
and dismiss him. Finding, however,
that no one iu England could complete
the pictures begun, be condescended to
send for his cousin. The painter responded to the message In these words:
"My lord, I will now* prove that I am
of your grace's family, for 1 won't
Held Back.
"That big foundry over them can't
get ahead very fast.1'
"Why not/*
"It's always cu-ting anchors.**
The treasury department of the
United States government has a surplus of over $22,000,000 for the current year.
Twitchy Muscles and Sleeplessness.���Tlie-
hopeless heart slckne��s that settles on a
man or woman whose nerves ure shattered by disease can best be pictured in
contrast with a patient who has been in
the "depths" and has been dragged from
them hy South American Nervine, (leo.
Webster, of Forest, Ont., says: "I owe
my life to it. Everything else failed fo
The B-ltt-h Parliament.
The speaker of the house of com
mons, who does .ot otherwise vote oi
take part lu a debate, has a casting
vote In case of equality. On the othei
band, In tbe house of lords the lore
chancellor Is not disqualified from tnk
Ing part In a debute and voting, but he
has no casting vote, 111114 In case of
equality the "noncontents" prevail.
Like All the* 11.-1.
"I suppose," said tbe curious old lad}
to the driver of tbe city sprinkling
cart, "that you only follow this lutsl
ness for the tnone*y there Is In It?"
"Yes, madam," said the driver of the*
cart; "1 frankly confess I am out for
��*n_ eiimt."���Baltimore American,
One More Added te the Long" List ol
Cures Effected by Psychine.
When buying peanuts remember that
the longest ones nre not the best. Those
with three divisions do not necessarily
bold three perfect meats. A Shorter,
plumper variety with two compartments holding two rull sized meats Is
better. Select light colored shells.
Mexican Coortlii-r*
Staring at the windows of their adored ones Is tho way Mexican lovers
woo. If the young woman Is agreeable she will appear at *he window after several days, and Uicy thus become acquainted.
Curlnir a Wart.
When the peapnnts In Germany wish
to get rid of nny troublesome warts on
their bands tbey take a species of locust and let It bite the protuberance.
The liquid which flows from the Insect's mouth luto the woiini* onuses tbe
warts to drv up ard disappear.
Does fit
has the soft
warm     feel
the skin enjoys,
Doesn't    itch.
Made for   men,  worn en and   little    folks,
in   a   variety  of  styles,
fabrics     and     prices.
' We-uthorizeeveryde-lerinPen-A-gli
Uoderwcer to replace, st our cost, ��nj
(uucai fsully is a>t��ti��l et ssskiag
. This young lady, who lives in Browns*
I ville, near Woodutock, Ont., tells her own
j story iu a few effective words of how she
obtained deliverance from the terrible
! grip of weakness snd disease.
1 have to thank Psychine formr present health.
Two years ago 1 waa going into a decline.   1 vouid
haidfy drag myself across ths floor.   I could not
���weep the carpet.
It I vent tor a
drive. I had to lit
Sown when I
came back.   II I
weut lor a mil*
en two on my
wheel I was too
weak to lift It
through the gateway, and last
time I camt lu
(roin having a
��� pin 1 dropped
utterly   helpless
bom fatigue. Hy
father would *i*e
me uo peace until
I procured  Piy*
ohfne, knowlugit
was excellent for
decline er weakness.   I mnn say
the results are
wonderful, and
people remarked
my Improvement. Instead of a little, pale, hollow
eheeked. listless, melancholy girl, I am to-day
full nf life, really for a alelgn.rutt, a skating
match, or an evening party with anyone, and a
lew mouths ago I could not ���truffle to church,
M roads from my home.   I tiara never had tha
slightest cause to fear any return of the disease.
Brownsville, Ont
I Thousands of women are using PSY-
j CHINE, because they know from experience that in it they have a safe friend
and deliverer. Psychine Is a wonderful
tonic, purifying tlie blood, driving out
disease germs, gives a ravenous appetite,
lids digestion snd assimilation of food,
���md is a positive and absolute cure for
disease of throat, chest, lungs, stomach
and other organs. It quickly builds up
the entire system, making sick people
well and weak people strong.
(or sale at all druggists at 60c. snd 11.00
per bottle, or ot Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited,
Laboratory, 179 King St. West, Toronto.
Dr. Boot's Kidney Pills are a sure and
i permanent cure for Rheumatism, Bright's
I Di-eiBe, Psin in the Back and all forms
' of Kidney Trouble.   25c per box, at all
dealers. .. ���** .
Native of Northern Europe and Asia,
Has a Wide Range For His Activities���Its Local Habitat Changes
With the Countries It Visits-
Description of Its Appearance-
Female Superior In Size.
The hunter's interest tn the natural
history of the wild creatures he considers his lawful prey is usually secondary to his love of the sport; hut
occasionally there is one who can find
pleasure In the study of the different
species of giime*. writes A. H. Woodruff
In The Globe.
The pretty little woodcock, so es
teemed us u table delicacy wherever
It Is found, Is a favorite object ot the
sportsman's pursuit, and who. If he is
sufficiently acquainted with the habits
of the birds, will  succeed in bagging
Your Doctor-
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but���
why go to all ths trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having his prescription
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CL'RB
for a quarter.
Why pay two to Ave dollars
when a twenty-five een.
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly T
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have*
dona for the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back np this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you bave t
Cough or Cold cure it with
UONTI.NO ths woodcock.
a goodly number of birds where the*
Inexperienced huntsman will utterly
fall. This fact, no doubt, Is owing to
certain peculiarities of the wookcock
���an original method of managing his
private affairs���of which a little study
will soon render such fruitless effort-
The woodcock has a wide range for
his activities, but Is a native of northern Europe and Asia. Japan also lays
claim to It as one of that country's
birds. It is said to breed sometimes hi
the northern part of Scotland, but
very rarely In England, where It re
sides during the winter, leaving Its-
summer haunts in the great northern
pine forests���where It frequents the
wet, swampy places���for more southerly latitudes. America ha3 Us own
branch of th6 woodcock family, with
the whole of North America fGr Its
In appearance the woodcock greatly
resembles the snipe���that tiny bird, so
delicious to the gourmand's palate���
with the same long, straight bill and
plump round body; but It Is larger and
heavier than the snipe, and Its legs
are shorter und stronger. Thirteen Inches Is about the usual length of the
foreign bird, though II occasionally attains a length of fifteen Inches. The
American woodcock averages eleven
Inches In length. The female woodcock
Is superior In size and weight to the
male bird. Pretty creatures they are.
The Ideal Private School.
Rowland Godfrey Freeman says that
an Ideal private school should he out
of town, but within easy reach of the
homes of Its patrons. There should he
short periods of study, frequent, recesses, and ample time for u substantial midday meal.
The harder worlc should come during the morning hours, the lighter
work In the afternoon hours. After
this the children should play out of
doors. The Ideal public school should
care for the children as many hours
a day as is practicable! Out door play
should precede study. Study hours
should be evorl, with frequent recesses. Nutritious food should be furnished the scholars at noon.
In the afternoon the easier subjects,
the'manual work, and preparation for
the next day should occupy the time.
There should he opportunity for outdoor exercise under supervision until
late afternoon. In every school strict
examination should be made for any
evidence of contagious diseases. All
children with colds and contagious
eruptions should be excluded from
school.���Medical. Record.
A Surprise in Biscuits
Every bo* ut'.Moouey's Perfection
Cream Soda* you open���you will
hnd a new delight in di-.e dainty
When you want to iiirprue yourself,
give your anp.ute a treat wilh
Mooney's     ���*���
Perfection Cream Sodas
la to lame, la a common complaint.
JohnsonfS  .
Rubbed on Briskly
removM all lar-eneta and soreness of -iii*
e-ets, acid quickly hceala cuts, burets, scald.,
bites and bruise.    E��L>>liMic-d IR1I.
"J,\. three time, w inm-h Mc..   All deaUra.
> I. 8. JOHNSON A CO., Boston, Mais.
Jail Barn DueUs,
Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" Is the
most famous und of Its class incomparably  tlie best   English  book  over
written In prison.   Bunyun was a prisoner In Bedford jail from 1GG0 to 1072
and In addition to his Immortal allegory  wrote   "Grace  Abounding"  and
"The Holy City" during those twelve
yean,   Raleigh, who was a prisoner In
the   tower,   1C03-1 i,   occupied   seven
years of his captivity lu writing bis !
"History of the World."   "Tho King's !
Qualr," a long and romantic love poem, |
was written by James I. of Scotland
when In prison nt Windsor castle in
1428. Smollett, during his three months'
detention In the King's Bench prison
for libel, -vrote  "The Adventures of
Sir Lauucelot Graves," and during n
Similar experience nt Newgate In 170.'! !
Defoe wrote a "Collection of Casual- i
ties and Disasters."
Map* ���-id the Health.
Prolonged "forty winks" during Uie
day are severely condemucd by many j
doctors on the ground that they affect
one's  regular  sleep.    Scientists  have
found that In tbe ordinary course In :
the human being there Is the greatest !
vitality between 10 a. m. and 2 p. m,
and the least between 2 o'clock and 0 j
o'clock In tbe morning.   Long sleeps
during the day Interfere with this or- j
der of nature and sometimes affect va
rlous organs, causing headache.   The
nap of forty  winks,  but only forty,
proves refreshing to many because It
Is too short to have any Injurious consequences.���London Telegraph.
Ceach is a word derived  from the
Italian, meaning a shell.
Tear* and (he sSyem.
It Is probably not a very well kuowr
fact that tbe shedding of tears keeps
the eyes cool. Such is the case, however, and no matter how hot the bead
may be so long as there are tears the
eyes will keep ccol.
The Fnal Filer.      .J
Time a-flyln' on bo fast 'i
O'er the frosty ways:
Christmas coniln' nil ton soon
These here later elayBl
Scarcely end one Christmas sons
'Pore the next one ccines along.
Yet, what mattei-7   Let 'cm cornel
Speed you down Time's river!
Welcome Christmas horn an' drum]
We'll he hoys foreverl
Time, Is flyln' on so ra.it.
Maybe wall sat wlnm at i��-st*
fXook into this
roofing question
Get book on
'Roof ing
Right" and
see how little
risk you take
when you
roof any
building with
' Soldunder a plain GUARANTEE
��� that keeps your roof good for 26
years.   With decent care, an Oshawa-
;led roof will last a CENTURY.
Easy To Put On
With a hammer and a snipe
(tinners' shears,
anybody can
put Oshawa,
Shingles on,
Locked on
all  four
the side lock?
It drains the
shingles  so tha
water can't seep
under.    Top lock
(see below) makes
whole rooi practically one piece and
sheds water quick.
Made in one grade
only���28-guage semi-toughened iteelj
double-galvanised   (saves   painting)/
Wind-water-and -fir ���-
PROOF. Keep buildings
safe from
Cost only
4.50 a
ft x 10 ft)
'Send for book-
let. and   learn
how little a RIGHT
roof costs.   Address
The "PEDLAR   i
���_��� r PEOPLE
Of Oshawa
Montreal    Ottawa
Ml-3 (.Tali St. W, ell Sussex St,
Toronto London
II Oolborae St. SB DuneUs St.
Winnipeg Vancouver
|1    TO S3 Lomb-rd Sl 01. Ponder 81
W.    N,    U.    No. 010. ���5
Bank of cMontreat,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,000,000.
BEST, $11,000,000
President���Lord Stbathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. George A. Dkummoko.
General Manager���E. S. Clouston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan fHMnino IRevtew.
:Bubscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will be charged for at tho rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher,
Notice is hereby given that 80 days
:after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands:
Commencing at a post on the south
side of Trout creek, about three and one
half miles from Slocan Lake, and marked W.H.B., north-east corner, thence
south 40 chains, thence %es\ 160chair,p,
thence forty chains north, thence 160
chains east to the point oi commencement.
Located the 21st day of November,
1906. W. H. BRANDON, Locator.
20 07
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
from date, I intend to apply to tho Hon.
the Chief Com missioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, lor
permission to purchase the following
described lands, situated in the Slocan
Division of West Kootenay District,
between Ten and Twelve Mile creeks
and about ono half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. H. Corey's S.E. corner post, thence
North 20 chains along the line of Lot
102.1, thence West 20 chairs, thence
South 20 chains, thence East 20 chains
to point of coniinencemen t, 40 acres
more or less.
Located 82nd dav of December 1906.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands situated
in the Slocan Division of West Kootenay District between Ten and Tweive
Mile Creeks and about one half mile
from Slocan Lake, commencing at a
post marked J. H. Corey's N.W. corner post, thence 40 chains South along
tho line of Lot 1024, thence 40 chains
east, thence 40 chains north, thence 40
chains west, to pointof commencement,
100 acres more or less.
Located December 22nd, 1906.
8 1 07 Locator.
Location No. 2.���Take notice, that
thirty days alter date I intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works (or permission to cut and
carry away timber from tbe following
described lands:
Commencing at a post on the south
side of Trout creek about five and one
half miles from Slocan Lake and marked VV. H. B., north-east corner post,
thence south 40chains, thence west 160
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 160 chains to point of commencement. Located this 21st dav ol November, 1006,  W. II. BRANDON, Locator.
Clifton S
S> House
Some fmas Saroaine
I have a stock of Goods suitable
for Christmas  and New Year
presents which I will sell at
Slaughter Prices:
Oranges,   Lemons
Apples aud
3ake Ikelsen.
Zhe Slocan Ibotel
Gbree Jforfes,
Headquarters for Minin g Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent: Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
For Sale Cheap.
A 50-Egg Chatham Incubator
and Brooder in Perfect
Apply at the Review Office.
Just  Arrived
Wc Will Sell at
Reduced Prices.
At Cost
Bovell's Syr
Is made from the simple old  fashioned remedies your grandmother used.    It Is safe to use for both young and old.
At the same time it is effective AGAINST
THE COUGH that La Grippe
leaves with you.
Atherton sells it in Sandon.
cNglsons Drug Store
'Phone 10,  NEW DENVER.
I Go to Wilson's for
Coafl,   Vegetables,
Iron, Steel, etc.
Whereas nt  the  Last Chance aud Surprise mines, Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to the exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
organization, Sandon Miners' union No.
81 of tho W.F. of M. reaffirming its opposition tctthe employment of Orientals
within  its   jurisdiction,   strongly   condemns the position  taken hy tlie management of the  properties in  question,
and counsels working  men everywhere
and  thoso  favorably  disposed towards
organized labor to be governed by this
A. SHILLAND, Secretary
Silverton. 36.(3.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel iu
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
'IR. flD. Spencer * prop
To Michael Penro.e, or  to *hom_oever
lie may hnve transferred his interest
in l Ira"" Young;  Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated    near   McGuicin,
-   located the 3rd day of October, 1000,
recorded  the  17th  dav of Oetohcr,
1900. in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You  are herein* notified that I hnve
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cate of tiiia notice yon fail or refuse to
ontiihnte your proportion of theahove-
menlioned sum, together with  all costs
of advertising, your  interest in the said
claim will become   the  property of the
undersigned,  under   sertion   4 ot   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated  at Sandon, this 27th  day of
November, 1906.
provincial Hse*a\.er
anb (Sbcmist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Cold, Silver, Lend, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Liine"$L50 each.
Zinc,   Antlmonv,    Sulphur,   Gold und
Silver, $2.00.
Geild, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, Sf2 50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead $3 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
For Prospectors M ineralosdcal Examination, and all values indicated, $8.00
Special Rat's for Mine and Mill Work.
Sandon Cartage
I ..
-- I
Orders receive prompt and carefnl
Certificate of Improvements.
"Chicago Fractional" and " Pullman Fractional " mineral claims, niiuaie in tht
Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay
diptrict. Where located:���On t.ody Creek
elope Of "Freddie Loo" mountain.
Tft'.e notice thnt I, A. II. PocIfMeader, aa
agent for Fran** J'. O'Neill, free miner's cer-
iloate No. B 78.(80.intend, 00 dayB from the date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvement!! for tne purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant Of tbe above claims
And further take notice that action, under
jection 37, must be commenced before the insu-
auce of such Cert 1 Ilea ten of impiovemeuti.
Dated this 10th day of November, A. D 19C6.
Ibotel .:
7THIS Well Known
T Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and lie promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
Silverton * B.C.
If you receive
this paper it is an
invitation to you to
Send in your sub
For Sale.
Sandon. Adjoining Clifton House.
Building is 40 x 28, Lot extends
irom Reco Avenue to Main Street.
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Cue.   Quiet Heme.   Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Address AU Communications to
Application to Purchase Lands.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
SHeaoquarters fov flttnina ant) ^ravellino flften
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
Iftooms Tlarae, Clean anb Cos?.
Apply to���
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to make application
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works tor permission to purchase
the following dcicrihed lands in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a
post marked K.II. BartleU'e S.E. corner
post, -ituate near the S.W. corner of J*.
J. O'Keillj's Lind Pnrc*liase>, about
throe miles S.E. irenii Silverton; thence
west 20 vliaiiiN, nlong Mill's north line",
thence north GO chains; thence past 20
chains; thence tOUtll 00 chains to the
point begun at; containing 120 ��ni*��t
more or Icbs. K. H. B-\ RTLKTT.
Silverton B.C., Dec. 22, 1U00.
27 12 06
Review Job - Printing
*���*-*+*+*+*+***���**+******+** ��� ** ****4+**+****+***+**~r****
m ��
��#flr__.      a      v    ���
���Robt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation aud
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Choicest liquors, Mines ano'Cigars.
> +*****<>*<,*<***���*********,* �����*> &**in>*************e*4**** *
Cameron \
The Kootenay Tailor
~~matm*MMmeSMBBi "EfT-iny
t **>������������'>���������<>����-*>������ ���**�����������*<>���>��� **********<rQO***********Q%
*********** ********���**���**-** -r*+***+**+****** ***+****+**
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wiues and Cigars
always on hand.    ;:    An excellent Pool Table.
..��H.*.*w.:��.*.>+************>������-����$*'}"* ifff *>f^il"li**'M��M'*****+***<t>'r<*;.
v Is the standard for Excellence ill
Why use inferior gdods wheu  "Quaker"
can be bought for same money ?
Say ! Give Quaker Peas, Corn and
Golden Wax Beans ouly a trial. If you
do you will always buy them. Full
supply always on hand.
��� ���������IlllB
Wi. 3% dfoacbonalb
Virginian Block, Sandon f
*+W*Wi>4W*+*********** \ik *4-*<i-*��'**<l'*ihrM********��** +
Thero is no better house in the Kootenays for
the Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
business, find the Barkeepa are artists in their
The Finest Wines and Liquors aud Choicest Brands of Cigars i*
McLeod & Walmsley   -   Props.
-SEiESVi-A-- -2_2330
Sandon Bakery*
g        - ���" "-����� '; ���      ���-j
FamSMes Suippl
Fresh Groceries
In Adjoining Premises.
No. 8i.      W, P. M.
Mcota every Saturday evening at 7:20
p. m. Visiting Brothers aro cordially
invited to attend.
10-lr A, Shllland, Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meets in Fratenity Hall the last Monday evening of every month,
J. R. Cameron, W. President.
J. G. Potter, W, Secretary.
Send in your sub*
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
Wc guarantee its Strength and  Purity.
New York Brewery :J
Sanbon Miners' Union flospital
Open to the Public.
Kate- by SubscripHon $1.00 per monih. Non*8ub_crili_r_ 02.00 per diem,
 Hospital Staff	
HARRY DRKYKI1. -     . -     WM. K. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To Tlie Se-rctnry. '
Colin J. Campbell {^EB
Assayer  Notary Public  Conveyancing
St. James' Hotel igSPll
118fei_.___J-SMia .**::.-ii>_-rJ*^...*v -^_i"tIJ^_--;,-_1hI
New Denver, B.C.
Visitor! to New Denver, the lieauty spot
of the. Continent, will Hnd thin hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well ntock-d Bar. '
Excellent boatim;.        Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Denver*
RATES $3 to 2.50 A DAY.
Spechl attention given to Mining Trad:.
Splomlid Scenery, Fishing, boating, etc.
No matter what his on-
-U|)*tion, n*��y Bsve
money hy getting his
SI1011 Mri'le to Order.
For ft Mining Klioe
tln-rcs in noihing bettttf
1)1:111 the funiculi'MA I,
with it good, solid,
IihiiiI meile ho!loin	
These nlioe* can only ho got by
leaving your older with
crTO>n airfinfill liififfiiiL'
Carnival I
Fare and One Third for
Round Trip.
���eistokc,    Fernie
all in'
ediate and
Feb, 11 to .
Feb. 18.
apply to l"f*nl ngpiitn or wiite to
K. J. Covi.it; JJiS. C.ibtkk,   H
Vancouver _,^J*f__ Nel-oii.
,*-iTrT*rTii'i*iTiiiiyi 11�� ���mair"""""**'
L    ���. VV   ���
Shoemaker - Sandon
Dr. A. Mo Lowe
Visits Sandon, Trout I.nko
Fcjrguson and Gerrard regularly,   j
Head Office*-.KASLO, B.C.
B. TO. TOibbowson
Gold, Silver, C-sp-ior 01*Lend, each, If 1 00 j
Gold-Silver.. II. B0     Silver-Lead... fl 50 I
Zinr..$2.00  Gulel Silver with Copper or'
Lead.. 2.50.
Prompt attention given to nil samples.
25 per cent, discount niioii live samples.
P.O. prawer, 1108 Phone A87
Kootenay Laundry.
A. BRUDER Local Ag nt.   Parcels left
Filbert Hotel reeeive prnwpt attention.
|JS the Headqiiarter.s for All
Mining Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout in a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming Mimtner
j   Excellent Boating, Fishiug-
and Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.
nity Hall.
Saigon loDflc,
No. 24.
K. of P.
Meets every Wednesda;
oveninjr at 7 .30 in Frator*
Visiting Brethren cordially
A. SlIIl.l.ANIl, K of 14. & ti.
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