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Slocan Mining Review 1908-04-23

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 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
(Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
| aud the Hub of the richest
I Silver-Lead District ou Earth.
No. 35   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, Brititsh Columbia, Thursday, April 23,   1908
Single Copies ge.
News and Goislp Uleaned by Asking mnny People many Questions
Tho Review staff amused themselves
during the Easter holidays emulating
thecxatnpleof Isaac Walton.but whether they were out with the wrong kind
of "bait," or whether inoxperience
handicapped their effoits, deponent
sayelh not. Suffice it to say that the
editor still yearns ior a mess of trout.
A number of schoolboys packed tlieir
blankets and a tent to the head 01 the
lake last Friday, and they had a high
old time fishing and hunting.
'' Cap. Foley, one of the earliest prospectors to roam these hills, came down
from Sandon last Silnday. For a man
who has had the mortification of reading his obituary in the papers many
times, he looks exceedingly well.
Chas. Delaney who has been visiting
his parents the past month, left for
Vancouver on Monday to take up a
position there in an electiical engineering works.
We have been given to understand
that the ofiertorieB at the Anglican
Chiiruh on Easter Sunday, were the
largest in the history of St. Stephen's
A severe thnnderstorm broke over
town on Sunday night, aud as it was
accompanied ty a 100 miles an hour
-gale, the lake resembled a miniature
Atlantic in fury. The flotsam and jetsam which bestrew the surface the following; morning told of a fierce night in
the open.
Goo 1 orogresi ls being made with the
construction of tho tie making mill of
the Silverton Lumber & Power Co., Ltd.
G. S. Vanstone is to be seen almost
any day whipping the lake in an endeavor lo lure the gamey trout to his
hooks, and he has been exceedingly
successful since tho season opened.
The other day, a lady of uncertain age
stood watching him for a long time,
wheu suddenly, as if inspired, ahe remarked :
"And are you trying to drown that
poor little fly?"
"Why b'ess you, ma'am," said the
ever smiling George, "that's not a real
fly. Look!" and he laid the artificial
fly in the palm of tbe lady's hand,
"Well, well, we'l," exclaimed the
lady, "I am surprised I"
Baid George: "And you're not the
only one surprised this morning. There's
been an old blue-boottle sniffing around
that fly for an hour and a half, and by
the way in which it suddenly quit love-
making, I guess it's surprised."
A Galician, named J. G iruk, working
with the extra C.P.R. gang at Rosebery,
slashed the muscles of his left arm
rather badly with a crosscut saw last
*' Howard Anderson came down from
the Ruth mine on Friday, to revel in
the glorious sunshine. Mr. Anderson
snys all four seasons prevail on the road
between New Denver and Sandon.
There were large congregations at
both morning and evening services of
the Anglican Church on Good Friday.
In the evening "The Story of the Cross"
was sung.
Still they come.    Letters from the
old country continue to arrive to  Her
bcrt Cue,  Secretary of the Town Improvement Society, asking for information of the district.
The marriage is announced and will
shortly take place of Miss M. Shand,
of Edmonton, and Hugh Campbell, of
Strathcona, ior many years a resident
of New Denver. All will join with us
in wishing happiness to the bride and
groom elect.
A new snowslide came down the early
part of this week.   It was first noticed
by several persons who thought it was
the California slide.   Old timers in the
district say they have no recollection of
tbe slide coming down before as it had
quit many yeara ago, and a large  tract
of lumber had grown there.    The  slide
is situate  between the California and
the Mowith slides, and is on  tlie same
bill as thc former.
Mra. Coulthard, sister of Mrs. Herbert
Thomlinson, will sail from England on
May 1st on the " Impress of Britain."
She is to pay a visit to New Denver to
apend a holiday with her lister.
New potation, tlie size of ben's egge,
were dug in town a week ago in Inlanders' garden.
There is an immediate prospect of
the Argo again being opened up. Jake
Kelson, tho principal owner, is likely to
give a lease to Messrs. Isenor and McDonald, and the opening of this pioper-
ty, which is inside the Sandon city limits, will be watched with more than
passing interest. It has been proved
that large bodies of zinc can be sloped
in the mine, but owing to the present
condition of the market and unfavorable export conditions, the owners are
content to leave it standing and "bide a
wee;" but there is also a lead enrrying
120 ozs. silver whicli tbe proposed leasers
are anxious to exploit, and we believe a
deal will be announced in a  few   days.
Mr. Gifford will conduct public worship
next. Sabbath in the Metliodbt churches
at Silverton and New Denver at 11 a.m.
and 7-30 p.m. His subject will be " The
rati male of the atonement."
There was a large attendance" at the
service in the Methodist Church, Pan-
don, on the evening of Fader Sunday.
Mesdames Towgood, White, and Robinson, and Mr. Douglas Nicholson assisted
in the musical service. Tbe music was
exceptionally beautiful.
Ben Wing has come back. Ben has
been doing a heavy business in "Makush,
Levelstoke, Allohead, and all lound
dere." After all, there's no place like
Benedlim Villa, the new residence of
that jovial and enterprising bnss that
presides over tho Silverton wharf,
is teing rapidly got into shape. The
finishing touches as yet aro not of course
put on, but when they are, Bonedum
Villa may aspire to be lhe beauty spot
and show place of Silverton. Special
attention is being paid to the kitchen
garden, pleasure ground and out offices,
and to crown all, the genial owner is
looking forward to being the happiest
man alive by the end of next week.
Owing to Miss McVicar missing the
boat at Slocan City, at which p'sce she
has been spending Easter with her relatives, the school was closed on Tuesday,
much to the delight of the "kiddies,"
who were all out for another day's holiday. She returned by the boat on
Tuesday evening.
R. J. Kirkwood, Slocan City, was a
visitor to town on Monday.
Mr.   John   Moe,   district   passenger
ajent, C. P. R., came in on Tuesday to
take a look at New Denver and to trans
act business.   He left on Wednesday.
Arrangements have been made for
the Rev. Geo. W. Taylor to speak at
New Denver on Tuesday evening, May
5th, on the subject of "Insects in tlieir
relation to Fruit Growing." He is a
first-class authority on insect pests, and
will be able to give some most useful information. It is to be hoped that there
will be a good attendarce, as this subject
is of interest to everybody.
F. Liebscher,  the Silverton  tailor,
came in on Wednesday on business.
There nill be a meeting of the executive committee of the T. I. S. on
Wednesday evening next, April 29th, in
place of the ono postponed irom yesterday.
Mra. Capt. McLennan arrived in town
on Wednesday to pay a few duys' visit
to Mrs. Angus Mclnnes.
Mr. Stone, the K, & S. land agent,
paid a visit to town on Wednesday.
Fax's Sarsaparilla is Just the thing
for a Spring tonic and blood purifier.
Nelson's Drug Store.
Fresh onion sets; best quality at
Nelson's Drug Store. Freeh Btock of
New Seeds just arrived also.
The editor of this paper having been
away since Monday la.t and not yet
returned nor sent any suitable apology,
we have been reluctantly compelled to
request him te send in his resignation.
We assure our numerous reader-i that
tbis is the only course we could adopt,
and that the paper will be carried on
as heretofore, and will maintain those
features with which it has come to be
recognized as the most interesting paper
in the interior of B.C. We also hope to
introduce many new features, and
taking all things into consideration, we
think we Bhall be able to improve on
the late editor's eUbrts.
Dkvii, and His Satelutb.
Later���The editor having made a
pathetic appoal on bchslf of his dear
wife and little oucb, we, in our great
generosity of heart, have decided to reinstate him, but with a reduction of
salary, as a warning to him to be of
better behaviour in the future.
The captain ol tbeN.D.B.F.C. wishes
us to say that the boys football team is
ready to meet all-comers on May 25tb
,**,%l|ib, _.
'������-��� ������   **-&*Am^^M!^
Slocan Fruit Lands
The Best Climate  in Canada.   Fine soil,  moe. beautiful scenery,  prize fruit, good markets,  no
doctor's bills, no frostbites, no rainy season, no i nsquitoes: good fishing, hunting, bolting, bathing,
The vaiiety of SLOCAN grown fruit is asto lishing.    Not tlie meanest product easily cultivate
here are strawberries.
Extract from tbe Nelson Dally News of July llth, 1907.
" O. P. Wigen, Ihecetebrnted strnvvberrj cultiirist known throughout Hie Province, le
in town to-day.    Ilesa*s the season is almost over now, nnd hai been a HucuoiBful one.
Oft* about four acres lit; has shipped berries lu the amount of jl.000.0'1, and his more tu ship
yet.    Ills land ln snawberries Is worth to him, at 10 per cent interest, 13,000.00 an acre."
A Ten-acre farm in the Slocan will give you a better  income with less labor, than
a hundred acres in Ontario or any other Easternprovinces.
If you are interested in fruit growing YOU ought  to communicate with us in
JUSTICE to  YOURSELF.    Our illustrated literature is worthy of a place
in any fruit-grower's library.    Just drop us a line while you think of it - -
to-day - - NOW.    Details by return mail if you address me,
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
Slocan Brass Band
Slocan City brass band made its debut
with great eclat on Monday night, and
a large crowd frittered in from Silverton
and New Denver to attend its inaugural
grand ball. Since the band hns been
formed it hns been licked into shape by
Gilbert R. Northey, and although scarcely a month has passed since the first
pr.ictiee wns held, tbey were able on the
present occasion to discourse music that
wns a delight alike to the pipulace and
ths dancers. The ball vias a terrific
success, there being fifty couples upon a
floor that devotees of Terpsichore went
into raptures over, and never has the
Oddfellows' Hall accommodated such a
crowd as assembled there on Monday
night. Had the hall been twice an
Iaige, it is _afe betting that 75 to 100
couples would have gyrated at once.
Northey's orchestra is a power that
will lake some beating. It played all
the newest dances and all were rendered
in an pei h time.
The bounteous supper left nothing to
be desired. Dainty little pages in
Fauiitleroy costumes flitted hither and
thither wiih trays piled wilh delicious
viands, and the way those mountains of
tatty trifles vanished, spoke volumes
lor keen appetites and Slocan ozone.
The hall was tastefully decorated with
bunting, and upon the wall the emblem
ol ihe I.O.O.F. was arranged in tricolors.
Thc management was perfect, and
when we mention that "Billy" Hicks
was master of ceremonies, those not
privileged to be present will realize
better the perfect concord in the net ts.
Dancing commenced at 10 -u'clock
and continued until nearly 6 o'clock, it
being a tired but very happy crowd that
the str. " Slocan " conveyed to tho head
of the lake an hour later. When next
Slocan Brats Band spreads itself may
we all bo there to participate iu the
accompanying good time.
Fiom our Correspondent.
Mrs. D. T. Bulger and children left
fora visit to Fort Townsend, Wash.,
imp other coast cities.
Miss Moore, our school teacher spent
the Faster vacation visiting at Revelstoke.
Fishing is improving daily. Mr. H.
Ingram reports a catch of fourteen on
Monday last.
A social littlo dance was held at the
Leland Hotel on Easter Monday evening
A number of the shipyard men left
for the Okanogan Landing on Monday
Rev. M. Danby, the Presbyterian
minister has received the engine for hie
new gasolene boat. He expects lo have
her running in about threo weeks.
Mrs. Curran and little Eon "Jimmy"
left for Nelson, where Mrs. Curran has
beeu transferred.
WB JM3NVl.ll, M
The annual Easier Vestry meeting of
the Anglican church was held on Monday evening last in die IC. of P. hall.
Owing to various reasons tins meeting
was anticipated with much interest.
There waa only a moderate attendance
at the commencement. The early hour
being Bomewhat  accountable for this.
Mr. Eccle* asked for the meeting to
be deferred to enable those people to
attend who could not make it convenient
to be present until later in the evening,
hut ou Mr. Baynes explaining that
they were under agreement to be out
by 8 o'clock, and that these were the
only conditions under which they could
secure the use of the hall, tho meeting
was allowed to proceed.
Ven. Aichdeacon Beer occupied the
chair, supported by Missionary Baynes.
The flrst item on the agenda was the
reading of minutes of last meeting.
These were read and passed.
Missionary Baynes in referring to tbe
financial report said the position was
more favorable now thau a lew months
The total offertories for New Denver
for the past year were t.192.85, aud the
monthly subscriptions $221.50. From
this amount had to be deducted fill.50,
money remitted to missions.
Mr. Baynes said he purposed handing
over $30, thc whole of the Lenten offertories, to the Pan Aglican Congress.
The Archdeacon congratulated the
members of the church on the satisfactory condition of the mission, which
was received wiih great applause.
Missionary Baynes was unanimously
elected delegate to the Synod. *
Mr. H. Thomlinson was elected parish churchwarden and Mr. W. S. Beanies
minister's warden, wiih Messns. Angell
and Lindsay as sidesmen.
As a considerable amount is yet required before a bishop can be elected,
the Archdeacon expressed the hope that
the Pan Anglican Congress would make
up the deficiency.
Towards the close of the meeting two
letters were handed to the Archdeacon,
who after perusing them, said he did
not think it desireable that they should
be read out to the meeting.
As there may have been some misapprehension existing in the minds of
those people present as to the contents
of the letterB, we are given to understand they were in no ways letters impugning the character of Mr. Baynes.
St. Stephen's Church, New Denver.
Easter Festival Services continued next
Sunday: Matins 11; Evensong 7-30.
Percy Johnston returned from a trip
to Arrowhead last Monday.
Norman Morrison has been to Revelstoke and other mam line points during
the holidays. He returned Mouday, in
time ior the big bop at Slocan.
Slides cause heavy damage
to C. P. R. Track.
A mud slide oame down last Sunday
about three-quarter miles this side of
Alamo, canting considerable damage to
the C. P. R. track. It took away about
100 feet of trestle, leaving the rails and
ties suspendend in mid-air. Further up
the track, about half-mile from Three
Forks, a mudsli.de washed about 150
feet of track and road bed into the creek.
The Mowitch snowslide came down
early on Monday morning, causing the
creek to ceaee flowing*- for twenty
The work of re-conslrncting the track
is expected to occupy about thice weeks.
Several big elides have come down
over the K. & S. track. Two bridges
are completely wiped out, and the train
cannot get through.
The Buffalo mine, near Silverlon, is
about to be opened up again. Sam
Watson has received instructions from
the Company to begin as soon as possible the continuation of No. 3 level,
which is now in about 120 feet. This
will be pushed for abiut 860 feet, when
it is expected the lead will be picked
up, and drifting will continue for another 100 feet, at whicli point it is
expected the lead dips at a 45 angle, and
an upraise on tbe lead will be made to
connect with No. 2 level, and thus all
air troubles will be abolished. It is
expected that several big bodies of oro
will be encountered beiore the program
ol development for the seaton is concluded, as a large quantity of ore was
extracted from points vertically above,
and when left it was going down. Iu
No. 3, the point now being worked, 65
tons of $226 ore was shipped in the fall
of 1900 by Westen, McKenzie and Stewart under lease.
Tlie Company are purchasing 600 feet
of air pipe this week.
Eureka Resumes work with
ao Increased Force.
From Snndon comes the good news
that the Eureka ha. re-opened for the
season with an increased working force.
Tho property is now considered the
most promising one of the Sandon
camp, and certain it is tbat it will play
the most important part in the pay-roll
view point. Eighteen months ago our
scribe visited the property under the
kind invitation of lhe management of
the Consolidated and Smelting Co., and
we wero then convinced that a big mine
wnB then in its embryonic stage. With
such a company as the Consolidated behind it we wrote sanguinary of the
property, and our hopes have been fully
justified. We look forward to heavy
shipments in the near future. Thirty-
five men are now on the pay-roll.
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
1. Each grower should provide ahead
of the season for plenty of pickers and
packers to handle his crop.
2. He should have the regulation
crate adopted for Ili3 year, to hold cups
of dimensions 4%x4%x2,?j' inches inside
8. A siuncient crew ol pickers for live
acres should be at least SO pickers, ono
foreman of the field to carry the berries
picked to the outside of the Hold, and
keep check upon the number of cups
picked ; an assistant foreman of the
field should take the berries delivered
at tho edge of the field and deliver to
the packing house. Foreman of the
packing now takes charge of them.
4. Suitable facilities should be provided before the season is on, viz., shed,
packing table, picking carriers, room for
storiug, etc.
5. Never pick strawberries when tbe
dew is on.
9. Berries picked before ten o'clock
in the morning, and after four o'clock
in the evening may be packed immed-
iatelp; but all picked between 11 and
four should be allowed to stand in the
shed till noxt morning betore packing.
Don't forget this. It is most important.
Never pack heated berries.
7. The patch should be picked over
every day.
8. Foreman of .licking���Do not allow
the'pickers to tratn,ile down the vines
or green fruit. Do not allow the green
Iruit to be picked.
9. All berries must be picked with
stems on. Strawberries are at the right
stage to pick.'for shipping when.they
are about half turned to light red in
color. More color will indicate that
they are over-ripo, and should not be
shipped. Do'not pick them green or
they will be unfit for use nnd lack quality. The ideal time to pick over your
patch is the early and lato hours of the
day. Do not allow tbe packers to fill
tbe crates more that half full between
the hours of 10 a.m. mid 4 p.m.
not allow the packers to pack heated
berries. They are better to stand a day
than be packed when heated. In packing make the top of the box a fair
representation ol the contents. Do not
put the small berries in (he bottom and
the large ones on top. " Honesty is the
best policy."
11. Berries should be packed carefully from the bottom to the top of the
cup, then carefully placed in the crate,
The crate should then be put in a cool,
well ventilated place.
13. Always keep your crates clean.
Do not take them into the patch.
13. Each crate must be marked witn
the growers name, P.O. address, variety
size, and grade, Be sure and place
your order for rubber stamps at the office enrly. Tbe Association this year
will supply the grower with lithographed
labels, which he will put upon the end
not covered bp his name, with a paste
made from a formula which will be supplied on request. Always wet the label
in clear water before pasting on the box.
14. Haul all the berries on springs to
station or boat landing, where a convenient shed for sheltering should lie provided. (The manager would here suggest that each community of neighbors
club together and provide a shipping
shed to house all their fruit while waiting for shipment.)
15. In hauling to the shipping shed
a canvas cover should be used to protect the berries from the weather.
16. Berries should bo packed about
}_ of an incli above the top of the cups
in the cratos to be used this year.
To be continued.
Grand Success.
Large Numbers
Assemble at Bosun Hall
on Wednesday.
Tlie Bosun Hall was filled on Wednesday evening with an enthusiastic
audience, on the occasion of the Anglican Church concert. The program was
a long and varied one. Oiving to the
unavoidable absence of Mr. J.J. Atherton
the program underwent a slight alteration, but this in no degree detracted
from the merit of the entertainment.
Judged by the applause whicli greeted
the various items, the audience
thoroughly enjoyed the fare provided
for them.
Mr. C. F. Nelson was encored for hia
song "Is your mother in Molly Malone."
An Octette, "Men of Harlech," by
Messrs. Beames, Hyde, Thomlinson,
Pemberton, Kelly, Jackson, Owens, and
E. Atherton, was well rendered and left
nothing to be desired.
Mrs. Brockman, who possesses a
beautiful contralto voice, sang "Ob, dry
those te:ii*F," but she was heard to
much greater advantage in hor son*,;
"Annie Laurie,"Jn wliich she was superb.
Mr, Jackeon who sang "The song that,
reached my heart," was deservedly encored and reppiinded with "Bonnie Mary
ni Argyle."
Mr. D. Nicholson has achieved great
fame as a violiuist and added further to
his laurels with his violin solos, "Scotch
Airs and ''Reverie" the audience being
greatly enthused,
A pianoforte solo, " Sonato Patbet-
ique," by Mrs. Rankine, and a pianoforte duet. "Romeo and Juliet," by the
Misses McDougald and Macdonald were
the other instrumental items, both ol
which were cleverly performed.
Miss Cuo, received an encore for her
song, "Happy Song." This lady has
a rich soprano voice, but we detected a
slight trace of nervousness in her singing, and when she has overcome this
defect, will achieve many successes iu
the future.
Mr. R. S. Macaulay as "Pat O'Brien"
caueod endless amusement with his
two character songs inlo whicli he introduced the names of many local celebrities.
Mr. IT. Lowe recited "The face on tha
har room floor," and the most notable
able items In the other part of the program were a pong " Out on the deep **
by Mr. Pemberton, who in response to
an encore eang "Tho Diver," a duet.
Larboard Watch" by Mesers. Kelly
and Pemberton, and a quartette " Sweet
and Low," by Messrs. Kelly, Owens,
Hyde, and II. Thomlinson.
The other contributions to a splendid
program were songs by Messrs. Beames,
Kelly, Angell, and Hyde, and a recitation by Mr. A. Pemberton.
At tho conclusion ol the concert
refreshments were provided, and after
all had regaled themselves with the
good things provided, the room was
cleared for dancing, which was indulged
in until early morn.
The members of the Anglican Church
are to be congratulated on having got
together such a splendid array of talent,
and as the proceeds are to be handed
over to Missionary Baynes, that gentleman will be the recipient of a very
substantial cheque.
The Kootenay Fruit Growers Association.
A bull-calf and a yearling heifer, the
property of Mrs. Carey, of Silverton,
died mysteriously this week. Upon examination, it was found they had been
Take notico that Frank Provost, of
Slocan City, B.C., miner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase tne
following described land. Commencing
at a post planted at the montli of the
First Nortli Fork of Lemon Creek, running north 40 chains, thence West 80
chains, thence south 40 chains more or
lets, to Lemon Creek, thence enst 80
chains following Lemon Creek to place
of commencement.
Dated this 8th day of April, 1908.
If is generally admitted that Missionary Baynes has done good work in this
camp, and has raised tho [mission to its
present satisfactory position, as there
were but few who attended St. Stephens Chnrch previous to his taking
charge; in fact the services were discontinued for some months before
his arrival. Now he commands large
congregations, well represented by the
young men of this district.
W. J! McDonald and J. McDuff came
down from Sandon Wednesday morning.
They report the road to be in very bad
Emporium Mineral Claim Bituate in
the Slocan Mining Division of West.
Kootenav Dlntrlut. Where located:
On Payne gulcli adjoining the. Mercury
Mineral claim
Take notice that I, Win. 8. Drewry,
acting as agent fnr Win, 11. Yawkey,
F.M.C. No. B4988, Wm. II. Yawkey,
Cyrus Yawkov, and Augusta Lydia
Austin, F.M.C. Nn, B4969, executors of
the XV. O. Yawkey estate, and John D.
Fanell, Free Miner's Certilicate No.
UlTfiSd, intend 60 days from the date
hereof, to apply lo mining recorder for
a ceitificate of improvements, for the
purpoie of obtaining a Grown Grant of
lho abovo claim.
And further lake notice that action,
under section 117, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such certificate of.
Dated this 23.-d day of April, A.D. 1908.
Author of "Dora Deane/' "The English Orphans/'
"Lena Rivers/' "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc. 4
Trie* ���pmo'w* which Agnes pressed
tbat night was wet with tears, while
in her heart wns plnnted a germ of
gratitude and respeo. for the young
girl -doing her work tor her. All that
Bhe could do tor Mnddy without going directly to her, she did. devisinp
many articles of comfort, sending ber
fruit and flowers, the lust new book.
or whatever else she thought might
please her, and always finding n willing messenger in Guy. He wns miserable, and managed when at borne
to make others so around him. The
night ol Muddy bearing her burden
so uncomplainingly almost maddened
him. Hnd she fretted or complained
he could bear it better, he said, but
lie did not see the necessity for her
to lose all her spirit or interest in
everything and everybody. Once when
be hinted as nuicli to Muddy, he had
been awed into silence by the sub
dued expression ol her luce as she
told him in pnrt, whnt it. wns which
helped her to bear and mnde the rough
places so smooth. He hnd seen something like this in Lucy, when paroxysms of pain were rucking her delicate frame, but he could not understand it; he only knew it wns something he could not touch���something
against which his arguments beat
helplessly, and so, with an added respect for Maddy Clyde, he smothered
his impatience, and determining to
help her all he could, rode down to
Honedale every day, instead of twice
a week, as he had done beiore.
Attentions so marked could not fail
to be commented upon; and while
poor, unsuspecting Maddy wns deriving so much comfort from his daily
visits, deeming thnt day very long
which did not bring him to her, the
Honedale gossips, of whom there were
many, were busy with ber affairs,
talking them over at their numerous
tea-drinkings, discussing them in the
streets, and finally at a quilt-^g,
where they met in solemn conclave,
deciding, that, "for a girl like Maddy
Clyde it did not look well to hnve so
much to do with that young Remington, who, everybody knew, was engaged to a somebody in England."
"Yes, and would bave been married long ago, if it wan't for this
foolin' with Mnddy," chimed in Mrs.
Joel Spike, throwing the chalk across
the quilt to her sister, Tripbeny Marvel, who wondered if Maddy thought
he'd  ever have  her.
"Of course he wouldn't. He knew
what he was about. He was not green
enough to marry Grandpa Markham's
daughter; and if she didn't look out,
she'd get herself into a pretty scrape.
It didn't look well, anyhow, for ber
to be putting on airs, ns she had
done ever since the big folks took her
up. and she guessed she wouldn't be
beholden to nobody Ior her larnin'."
All this and much more was discussed, and by the time the patchwork thing was done, there remained
but little to be said either for or
ngainst Guy Remington and Maddy
Clyde which had not been said by
either friend or ioe.
Among the invited guests at that
quilting was the wife of Farmer
Green, Maddy's warmest friend in
Honedale, and the one who did her
best to defend her against the attacks
of those whose remarks she well knew
were caused more by envy than any
personal dislike to Maddy, who used
to be ao much of a pet until her superior advantages separated her in a
measure from tbem. Good Mrs. Green
was sorely tried. Without in the
least blnming* Maddy, she, too, had
heen troubled at the frequency of
Guy's visits to the cottage. It was
not friendship alone which took him
there, she was sure; and knowing
that he was engaged, she feared for
Maddy's happiness at first, and afterward, when people began to talk, she
feared for her good name. Something
must be done, and though she dreaded it greatly, she was the one to do
it. Accordingly, next dny she stnrt-
ed for the cottage, which Guy had
just left, and this, in her opinion,
accounted for the bright color in Maddy's cheeks nnd the sparkle in her
eye. Guy had been there, bringing
and leaving u world of sunshine, but.
alas! his chnnoes for coining ever
again as he hnd done were fearfully
smnll, wben, at the close nf Mrs
Green's well-meant visit, Mnddy lay
on her bed, her white, frightened face
buried in the pillows, nnd herself
hnlf wishing she hnd died before the
last hour hnd come, with the terrible
awakening it hnd brought! awakening
to the fnct Hint of nil living beings,
Guy Remington via? the one she loved
the best���the one without whose presence it seemed to her she could not
live, but without which she now knew
she must.
With the best of intentions Mrs.
Green hnd made a bungle of the whole
nffnir. but hnd succeeded in giving
Maddy n general impression thnt folks
were tnlkiug awfully ubout Guy's
coming there, nnd doing for her so
much like nn ncoepted lover, when
everybody knew he was engaged, and
wouldn't be likely to marry a poor
girl if he wan't; that unless she wanted to be ruined teetotally, and lose
all her friends, she must contrive to
stop his visits, and not see him so
"Yes, I'd do anything, only please
lenve me now," Maddy gasped, her
face as white as ashes and her eyes
fixed pleadingly upon Mrs. Green,
who, having been young herself, guessed the truth, and. as she arose to go,
laid her motherly hand on Maddy'a
head, saying kindly:
"Poor child, it'? bnrd to bear now,
but you'll pet over it in time."
"Get over it." Mnddy moaned, as
she shut nnd bolted the door after
Mrs. Green, nnd then threw herself
upon the bed, "I never shall till I
die."   .
She almost felt thnt she was dying
then, se desnlnte and so dreary the
future looked to her. Wbat was life
worth without Guy, and why had she
been thrown so much in his way;
why permitted to love him as she
knew she did, il she must lose him
now? Mnddy could not cry; there was
a tightness about her eyes, and a
keen, cutting pnin about her heart
as she tried to piny for Rtrength to
do what wns right���strength to oast
Guy Remington from her heart, where
it was a sin for him to be; and then
she asked to be forgiven for tbe wrong
she   had   unwittingly   done   to   Lucy
ntn-Tfn-one. wno Trnsrea rrr*r rmprrm-
ly. and who, in her last letter, had
"If I hnd not so much faith in Guy
I should be jenlnus of one who has
so many opportunities for- 6tenling
his heart from me. but I trust you,
Mnddy Clyde. You would not do a
thing to hnrm me, I am sure, and
to lose Guy now, alter these years
of cruel  waitine. would kill me."
Sweet Lucy, there was in her henrt
a fnint stirring of fenr lest Mnddy
Clyde might be n shadow in her pathway, else she hnd never written that
to her. But Lucy's enuse wns snfe
in Mnddy's hnnds. nlthough for a few
brief moments Mnddy nbnndoned herself fo the bliss nf fnncying whnt it
would be to be Inved by Guy Remington, even ns she loved him. And ns
she thought tbere crept into ber heart
the certninty thnt in some degree he
did love her; thnt his friendship wns
more thnn n mere liking for the girl
to whom he bnd been so kind. In
Lucy's nbsence she wns essentinl to
his hnpninesH, nnd thnt wns why he
sought her society so much. Remembering everythine thnt hnd passed,
but more pnrticnlnrly the incidents
of thnt memornhle nieht ride to Honedale with nil thnt. hnd followed since,
she could not doubt it. nnd softly
to herself she whispered, "He loves
me, be loves me," while little throbs
of joy bent nil over her henrt; but
only for nn instant, nnd then the
note of joy wns ohnnged to sorrow ns
she thought how she must henceforth
seek to kill thnt love, both for her
own snke nnd Lucy's. Guy must not
come there any more. She could not
bear it now. even if tbe neighbors hnd
never meddled with her. She could
not see him as she bnd done, nnd not
betray her renl feelings toward him.
H3 had been there that dny; he would
come again to-morrow. She could see
him now j-nst ns he would look coming
up the walk, easy and self-possessed,
confident, of his reception, his handsome fnce beaming nil over with kind
thoughtfulness for her, and his voice
full of tender concern nn he nsked
how she wns, anil bade Flora see that
she did not overtax herself���nnd all
this must cense' She had seen it.
heard it for the Inst time. No wonder that Mnddy's henrt, fainted within her, ns she thought how desolate
would be the dnvs when Guy no longer cnme. But, the victory wns gnined
nt last, and strength imparted for the
tnsk she hnd to do.
Going to the tnble she opened her
portfolio, the gift of Guy, and with
her gold pen, nlso his gift, wrote to
him whnt the neighbors were snying
nnd thnt he must come there no more;
nt least only once in n pieat while
lieenuse if be did, she could not see
him. Then, when this wns written.
she went down to Uncle Joseph, beginning to cnll for her. nnd snt by
him ns usual, singing to him the
songs he loved -so well, nnd which
this night pleased him especially, he
cause "the voice which snne tbem wii-
���**o plaintive, on full ol ��*w    vp-mii
he never go to sleep, or the hand
which held hers so firmly relnx its
hold? Never, it seemed to Maddy
who sat and sang, while the night-bird
on a distant tree, awakened by the
low song, uttered a responsive note,
nnd the hours crept on to midnight.
Human nature could endure no more,
and when the crazy man said to her,
"Now sing of Him who died* on Calvary," Maddy's answer was a gasping cry as she fell fainting on the
"It was only a nervous headache,"
she said to the irightened Flora, who
came at Uncle Joseph's cnll, and
helped her young mistress up to bed.
"She would be better in the morning,
and she would rnther be alone."
So Flora Ielt her there, but went
often to her door, until nssured by
the low breathing sound thnt Maddy
was sleeping nt last. It was a heavy
sleep, and when Mnddy awakened
from it the pnin in her temples wns
there still; she could not rise, apd
half glad that she could not, inasmuch as her illness would be a reason
why Bhe could not see Guy if he
came. ,
"I can't see him, Flora," Maddy
said, when the latter cnme up with
the messnge thnt Mr. Remington was
there with his bnggy, and asked if a
little ride would not do her good. "I
enn't see him, but give him this,"
and Bhe placed in Flora's hand the
note, baptized witb so many tears and
prayers, and Ihe contents of which
made Guv furious���not at her, but
at the neighbors, the inquisitive, envious, meddlesome neighbors, who
had dared to tnlk ol him, or to breathe
a auspicious word against Maddy
Clyde. He would see; he would make
them sorry for it; tbey should take
back every word; nnd they should
beg Mnddy's forgiveness for the pain
they had caused.
All this, nnd much more, Guy
thought, us with Maddy's note in his
hnnd he walked up nnd down the
sitting-room, raging lik*5 a young lion,
and threatening ven.eance upon
everybody. This Was not the first intimation Guy hnd received of the people's gossip, for only that morning
Mrs. Noah had hinted that his courBe
was not at all calculated to do Maddy
any good, while Agnes had repeated
to him Borne things which she hnd
heard touching the frequency of bis
visits to Honednle; but these were
nothing to the calmly worded messnge which banished him effectually
from Maddy's presence. He knew
Maddy, and he knew she meant what
she wrote, but bo could not have it
so. He must see her; he would see
her; and so Ior the next half-hour
Flora was the bearer of written messages to and from Maddy's room;
messages of earnest entreaty on the
one band, and of firm denial on the
other.   At last Maddy wrote:
"If you care for me in the least,
or Ior my respect, leave me, and do
not come agnin until I send for you.
I am not insensible to your kindness.
I feel it all; but tbe world is nearer
right than you suppose. It does not
look well for you to come here so
much, and I prefer that you should
not. Justice to Lucy requires tbat
you stay nwny."
That ended it. That roused up
Guy's pride, and writing back:
"You shall be obeyed. Good-by,"
he sprang into his buggy, and Maddy,
listening, witb head and heart throbbing alike, heard him aa he drove
furiously  awsti:.
TnosP'Wer.lMie, dreary days wh*_**
followed., and but for her grandlalli
er's increasing teeblenes. Maddy
would almost have died. Anxiety foi
him, however, kept her from dwelling too much upon herself, but the
excitement and the care wore upon
ber sadlv, robbing her eye of its luster and ' her cheek of its remaining
bloom, making even Mrs. Noah cry
when she came one day with Jessie-
to see how tbey were getting on. She
had heard from Guy of his banishment, and now that he stayed awny,
she was ready to step in; so she came,
laden with sympathy ond more substantial comiorts from the Aikenside
Maddy was glad to see her, nnd for
a time cried softly on her bosom,
while Mrs. Noah's tears kept company with bers. Not a word wns
said of Guy, except when Jessie told
her he was in Boston, and it was
stupid  at home  without him.
With more thnn her ordinary discretion. Flora-kept to herself what bad
passed when Guy wns Inst there, so
Mrs. Nonh knew nothing except whnt
he hod told her, and whnt she rend
in Maddy's white suffering fnce. This
last was enough tn excite all her
pitv, and she treated tbe young girl
with the most motherly kindness,
staying all night, nnd herself taking
care of grandpa, who was now too ill
to Bit up. There seemed to be no disease preying upon him, nothing snve
old age, and the loss of one who for
more thnn forty yenrs hnd shared nil
his jov and sorrow. He could not
live without her, nnd one night, three
weeks nfter Guy's dismissal, he snid
to Mnddy, ns she wns nbout to leave
"Sit with me, dnrliug, for a little
while, if you nre not too tired. Your
grandmother seems nenr me to-night,
and so does Alice, your mother. Maybe I'll be with them before another
day. 1 hope I mny ii God is willing,
and there's much I would say to you."
He was very pnle, and tbe grent
sweat drops stood on his forehead and
under his white hair, but Maddy wiped tbem away and listened with a
breaking heart while the aged disciple almost home told her of the
peace, the joy, that Bhone around his
pathway to tiie tomb, nnd of the everlasting arm bearing him bo gently
over Jordan. Then he talked of herself, blessing her for all she had been
to him, telling her how happy she
had made his life since she came
home to stay, and how for a time he
had ached so with fear lest she should
choose to go back and leave him to a
stranger. "But" my darling stayed
with her old grandpa. She'll never
be sorry for it, never. I've tried you
sometimes, I know, for old folks ain't
like young; but I'm sorry, Maddy,
and you'll forget it when I'm gone,
darling Mnddy, precious child"; and
the trembling band rested caressingly on her bowed bend as grandpa
went on to speak of his affairs, bis
little property which wns bers nfter
the mortgage to Mr. Guy wns paid.
"I've kept up thp interest," he Baid,
"but I could never net him to take
any of the principal I don't know
why he is so good to me. Tell him,
Maddy, how I thanked and blessed
him just beiore 1 died; tell him how
I used to pray for hiin every day that
he might choose the better part. And
he will���I'm sure he will, some day.
He hasn't beeu here of late, and
though my old eyes are dim, I enn
see thnt your step has got slow, nnd
your face whiter by many shades,
since he stayed nwny. Mnddy, child,
the dead tell no secrets, nnd I shnll
soon be dead. Tell me, then, what it
is between you two. Does my girl
love Mr. Guy?"
"Oh, grandpa! grnndpa!" Mnddy
moaned, laying her hend beside his
own on the pillow.
It would be a relief to tnlk witb
someone of thnt terrible pnin, which
grew worse every dny; of that intense
longing just for one sight of the he-
loved one; of Guy, still absent from
Aikenside, wandering nobody knew
where; nnd so Mnddy told the whole
story, while the dying mnn listened
to her, nnd smoothing her silken hair,
tried to comfort her.
"The worst is not over yet," he
snid. "Guy will ofler to make you
his wife, sacrificing Lucy for you,
and if he does, whnt will you do?"
Maddy's heart leaped up into her
throat, and for n moment prevented
her from answering, for the thought
of Guy's really offering to make her
his wife, to shield her from evil, to
enfold her in his tender love, made
her giddy with joy. But it could not
be; she answered through her tears:
"I shall tell him no."
"God bless my Maddy! Sbe will tell
him no for Lucy's soke, nnd God will
bring it right at last," the old man
whispered, his voice growing very
fnint and tremulous. "She will tell
him no," he kept repeating, until,
rousing up to greater consciousness,
he spoke of Uncle Joseph, nnd asked
whnt Maddy would do with Mm:
would she send him bnck to the asylum, or enre for him there? "He will
be happier here," he snid, "but it is
nsking too much of a young girl like
you.    He may live for years."
"I do not know, grnndpa. I hope
I mny do right. I think I shnll keep
Uncle Joseph with me," Mnddy replied, a shudder creeping over her
as she thought of living out all her
youth nnd possibly middle age with
a lunatic.
But her grandfather's whispered
blessings brought comfort with them,
and a calm quiet fell upon her as
she sat there listening to the words
of prayer, nnd catching now and then
her own nnme nnd that of Guy's.
"I nm drowsy, Mnddy. Watch
while I sleep. Perhaps I'll never wake
ngain," grnndpa snid, and clasping
Maddy's hands he fell away to sleep,
while Maddy kept her watch beside
bim, herself falling into a troubled
sleep, from which she was aroused
by a clammy hnnd pressing on her
forehend, nnd Uncle Joseph's voice,
Which said: "Wnke, my child. There's
been a guest here while you slumbered," and he pointed to the rigid features of tbe newlv dend.
'To Be Continued)
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Its Early History ��� Story Throbbing
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inally Built For French Prisoners
of War���Attempts to Escape-
Hardened Criminals Show Many
Kindly Traits���Fond of Animals.
Many a romantic story has been
written round Dartmoor Prison, but
it bas remained for Mr. Basil Thompson to write an authentic history of
the famous convict establishment. -It
was in 1850 that the lirst batch of
convicts was established in the cold
and gloomy spot which 80 years or so
earlier had been a desolate peat bog,
but the true story of Dartmoor Prison,
a story throbbing with romance and
comedy and tragedy, began in 1809,
when the first draft of 2,500 French
prisoners of war were marched up
from Plymouth to the stronghold specially erected Ior their sale custody.
Mr. Basil Thompson, who bus just
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there, gives us a scries of vivid pen-
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| city without women; with its own
laws, its schools, manufactures and
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be counterfeited and Bank of Kngland
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a short hundred years tho play has
been an object-lesson of tbe distortion
ot human nature wrought by war and
by crime." In the French quarter
of the prison a mere jest, a word spoken sharply, was followed by a challenge and a duel fought with all the
customary punctilio. "Many duellists
received dangerous wounds; some
were even killed outright, and it was
these deaths, as well as the suicides,
that led to the protest of the Plymouth coroner that the inquests in a
single year in the war prison hnd exceeded the combined inquisitions foi
"the previous 14 years."
The   First   Escapes.
"The first escape from the prison
took place five days after the first
draft arrived. Sevegran, a naval surgeon, and Auvray, a naval officer,
having observed that a guard of 50
men marched into the prison every
evening to assist in getting the prisoners into their respective halls il
required, made themselves glengarrie3
and overcoats and strips of tin looking like bayonets at a distance, and
fell in at the rear as the detachment
marched out. Favored by the rain
which was falling heavily at the time
they passed all the gates unquestioned," and got away. Again, "on a
dark night early in 1812 three prisoners escaped with the connivance of
a private in tlie Roscommon Militia
named Lynch. They had agreed to
pay the bribe in Bank of England
notes on the wall, but when the
amount came tbey placed in bis
hands counterfeit notes forged by a
man who carried on the trade of a
forger of notes��in No. 5 Prison. Not
suspecting the cheat practiced on
him. Lynch tried to pasB the notes,
and was arrested for uttering the forgeries. Rather than divulge the manner in which he cnme into possession of the counterfeits he chose to
take his trial, and was convicted and
Over-Fed Prisoners.
In the early days of its history ns
an English convict prison, scandal
was caused by the prisoners being
overfed. "The men bnd white bread
instead of brown, and the quantity
allowed was far more than the men
could eat. "The moor children used
to come daily to the prison with baskets to collect the best of the fooi. rejected by the convicts, and many of
the moor families subsisted on this,
leaving more than enough to feed
the pigs thnt hnd their sties inside
the boundary wall. Convicts in the
fourth stage were even allowed beer
on Sundays. Discipline was very lax.
Generally convicts are kind to animals, and I ennnot recall a single
instance of cruelty. The care of animals on a farm seems to bring with
it a sense of responsibility and self-
respect quite out of proportion with
the effect that such duties have on
free men.
The Prison Shepherd.
"The convict will devote himself
heart and soul to the nursing and
grooming of an animal for the show
ring, and will swell with pride when
he learns that his charge baa carried
off first prize. Much of the success
of the present flock of sheep is due
to the care with which an old shepherd has nursed tbem through four
years of penal servitude. As the day
approached for one of his occasional
absences from prison he would say
to the warder regretfully, "I hope, sir,
that they will look after this ewe till
I come back; I shall not be long
away.' This did not mean that he
preferred prison to freedom, but that,
owing to his foibles, he was speaking
of the probability of the case. He
was the only English shepherd I know
whose Bheep followed him in Oriental
fashion, and some times when a lamb
had broken away and refused to be
driven by tbe dogs, I have seen him
come down from the farm and bring
it in by calling it by name."
The Burial Ground.
One of the saddest spots in modern
Dartmoor is the burial ground. "The
first burial of a convict in the churchyard was on May 31, 1851, and thereafter a portion of the ground on the
south side of the churchyard was set
aside for convicts. Until the year
1902 their graves were not marked unless their relations chose to put up a
headstone, and in only one case was
this done. Since 1902, however, small
granite headstones have been erected
by the prison commissioners, bearing
the initials of the convict buried there
and tbe date. The solitary tombstone
eracted by tbe friends of tbe dead is
suggestive enough, bearing as it does
tbe simple initials 'A. L. M.' and the
words 'Jesus Mercy.'"
A   Prominent  Canadian   Gives   His  Experience
With the World-Famous Remedy
For Catarrh.
Chronic Catarrh Always Begins With
An Ordinary Cold
So  Says   Dr.   Hartman,  the   Greatest
Living Authority on Catarrhal     Diseases.
The first effect of a cold is a thickening of the mucous membranes of
the nose and throat.
This gives rise to a discharge, or at
least a stuffiness of the nasal passages.
Sometimes fever accompanies the
first attack, also a feeling of languor,
dullness  and aching  of  the  bones.
If no attention is paid to it, the
mucous congestion is liable to spread
down into the larynx, producing
hoarseness, and into the bronchial
tubes,  producing  a  cough.
Even when this occurs, many people pay no attention to it.
Under such circumstances, the congestion is liable to become chronic,
producing a condition of the mucous
membranes known as catarrh. Catarrh
lasts an indefinite time.
Catarrh is essentially a
chronic   condi
Prevent Catarrh.
tion and does not leave except something is done to relieve it.
What should be done when a person
catches cold is to take a few doseB of
Taken at the onset, Peruna would
break up the cold and prevent all the
train of symptoms which usually
But, even in cases where the cold
has been neglected and boarsenss or
a cough has developed, Peruna can
be relied upon to give prompt and
permanent relief.
The frequency of coughs and colds
in the winter makes Peruna a popular remedy for these ailments.
A number of the best people of
various countriea have given testimonials as to the value of Peruna in such
Followed     Dr.   Hartman's     Advice-
Restored to  Health.
Mra. Samuelle Vigneau, Avre au
Berd, Isle de La Magdaline, Canada,
"I write to tell you that I am perfectly well. I took only three bottles
of your Peruna according to your advice and the directions in your book
and it restored my health."
Mr. Matthew O'Hare, 145 William
St., Fall River, Mass., writes:
"About four years ago I consulted
a physician to get relief from a cold
wh-ch stopped up my head and settled on my lungs.   He gave me medi-
cine, but four weeks use of it did me
no good.
"I decided to try Peruna and after
tak*ng two bottles my lungs began to
heal. In six months the cough, catarrh and throat difficulties weie all
C. H. Parker, Ex-Warden of Comp-
ton Co., Quebec, lias been mayor of
dcotstown for a number of years. He
is an influential resident in Scotstown
and widely known.
He writes concerning Peruna. Read
bis letter below;
"I had several attacks of colds
Irom time to time and finally a severe attack developed into catarrh.
"I was advised to use your celebrated catarrh remedy, and after
taking three bottles I find myself
completely cured, and I no longer
suffer from catarrh or colds.
" I can cheerfully recommend
Peruna for colds  and  catarrh."
If Peruna had no other medicinal
value than the promptness with
wh'eh it' relieves common colds, it
would be well worth while for any
family to keep it in the house constantly.
"Dragged Out"
JMways tired���"nerves jumping"
���������-can't sleep���have no appetite
������dull headaches���biting pain ia
the back���bearing down pains���
puffiness under the eyes���swollen
.lands and feet ?
Or perhaps your sick kidneys
Show in another form and you
are suffering with. Rheumatism,
Sciatica, I.umbago or Neuralgia?
That's the way kidney trouble
makes you feel���and that's why
you should take
They make tick kidneys well. They do 11
every time. That ie why we give such *
guarantee with every box. If, after taking
Gin Pilli*, you can't say that you are any
better, return thc box and your dealer will
refund' the money. Try them on thil
guarantee of acureor money back. 50c. a box
���6 for .p.50.   At dealer* or from 1J3
WEAR    "K.    of    R."    GOODS.
The trade supplied by
-J. WHITLA   &.   CO.,   LIMITED,
JOHN*  HALLAM    til FR0NTST.E.T0R0NT0���*������
Very  Active
Wiley���You're always intimating
that woman has too much idle curiosity.
Hubby���Idle curiosity ! Idle ! Nonsense ! It's tbe most active tiling
about   her.���Illustrated   Bits.
Dyer���He's crazy on the subject ol
aerial navigation.
Eyer���A balloonatic. eh?
W,   N.   U.   No    677.
What n Jubilee II.
Some years ago, before Queen Victoria's death and about the time that tlie
queen's jubilee was to be celebrated,
the following conversation between
two old Scotchwomen was overheard
one day on a street corner In London:
"Can ye tell me, wumman, what ls it
they call a Jubilee?"
"Well, it's this," said her neighbor,
"When folk has been married twenty-
flve years, that's a silver wjiiddln', and
when they have been married fifty
years that's a golden wuddln', but If
the Dion's dead then lt'a a iubUea."��� !
Didn't Seem  Natural
"I expect to live this way the rest
of my natural life."
"Natural life?"
"I thought you told me you were
living on raw food."
The day the doctor called to treat
litt'e Kitty for a slight ailment it wns
only by the most persistent persuasion that he succeeded in getting the
child to show him her tongue.
A few days subsequent to this the
child said to her mother: "Ma, the
doctor don't have to tease me to obey
him any more!"
"Why not?"
" 'Cause every time I see him going
by the bouse now I stick my tongue
out  at   him I"���Lippincott's.
A strong, masterful looking woman
was bidding farewell to a small slender man. The man's manner waa
meek, but it changed slightly as tbe
woman got saiely ensconced in her
seat in the train, and before he hurried away he shouted through the car
window at her in quite a vindictive
"And be sure, my love, to send me
a n'ce long curtain lecture from time
to time. I shall hardly manage to get
to Ble*B��"-withniit   vou know."
The perpetual charm
of freshness and crispness
of daintiness and deli-,l
ciousness ��� is in every
box of
���held captive by the
air-tight, moisture-proof
packages. There is a
best in everything. In
Biscuits, it's Mooney's. 5ci
rm; slocan mining review, new denver, b. c.
and Colds
Use Shiloh's Curo
lor the worst cold,
the sharpest cough
���try it on a guarantee of youi
money back if it
doesn't actually
CURE quicker
than anything you
ever tried. Safe to
take,���nothing in
it to hurt even a
baby. 34 years of
success commend
Shiloh's Cure���
25c, 50c, SI.    3i_
One afternoon Mrs. Murphy appeared at the settlement house, all
dressed up in' her best bonnet and
shawl. A huge black and blue spot
disfigured one side of her face, however, and one eye was nearly closed.
"Why, Mrs. Murphy, what is the
matter?" cried one ot the teachers;
und then, realizing that she might
have asked a tactless question, she
hastily turned it off by saying.���
"Well, cheer up, you might be
worse off."
"Sure an' I might," responded the
indignant Mrs. Murphy. "1 might
not be married nt all."���Boston Post.
Was On to Him '
Tbere wns a man in our town,
And  he was wondrous wise,
But when bis wife put down her foot
He shrank a hen)) in size.
And when his wile was gone again
With all hia soul ante heart,
He swelled up to his former size,
And tried to look the part.
Ill-fitting boots and shoes cause
corns. Holloway's Corn Cure iH the
article to use. Get a Dottle at once
and cure your corns.
First Chauffeur���Do you turn back
when you hnve run over a person?
Second Chauffeur���No. indeed, 1
might run over him again.
The mother who, in her gratitude
for what Baby's Own Tablets have
done for her child, said that "There's
a smile in every dose" coined a very
happy and very true phrase. The
tablets cure all the minor ailments
of babies and young children, and
make bright, smiling, happy little
ones. Mrs. John Young, Auburn,
Ont., says:���"I bave used Baby's
Own Tablets for more than a year
and I think they nre the best medicine that can be given a bnby. They
are splend'd nt teething time, and
for stomach and bowel troubles. You
don't need a doctor if you keep Baby's
Own Tab'ets in the house." That's
about the highest praise a mother
can give nnd it's true, every word ol
it. You can get the Tablets from any
medicine dealer or by mail at 25
cents a box from tbe Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
It doesn't take any more time, nor
ha'f the effort, to piaise people than
to find fault with them���and the results are always more satisfactory.
Minard's Liniment cures .Distemper
"Gran-ma, wot you goin' to gib me
on mab birfday?"
"Nuffin", if yo' behaves yo'self."���
Pittsburg Leader.
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect bearing, and
when it is entirely closed, Denlness
is the result, and unless the inilam-
mat:on can be taken out and this tube
restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten aro caused by
Catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
Catarrh) tbat cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
.Take Hall's Family  Pills  for constipation.
"At last." said the ambitious young
novelist, "I hove written .something
that I think will be accepted by the
first magazine it is sent to."
"What is it?" his friend asked.
"A check for a year's subscription."
nil hnrd, .oft or oalloused lump, nnd blemishes, from horses, blood spavin, curbs,
Bplints, ringbone, Bweeney, stifles, sprains, sore
and swollen tliroat, rouprlrs, r*tr*. Bave $.r>0 by
use of one bottle, Warranted Ilie most wonderful  Blemish   Cure  ever  known.
Joe Lincoln, whose t'upe Cod folks
are well-known characters, recently
attended a lecture. When nsked how
he liked it, he related this story:
"A stranger entered a church in the
middle of the sermon and seated him-
sell in the buck pew. Alter a wliile he
began to fidget. Leaning over to the
white-haired man at his side, evidently an old member of the congregation,
he whispered:���
"How long has he been preaching?"
"Thirty or forty years, I think,"
the old man answered. "I don't know
"I'll stay, then." decided the stranger,  "he  must be iiear'y  done."
Does Not
Color Hair
Ayer's Hair Vigor, as now
made from our new improved
formula, does not stain or color
the hair even to the slightest
degree. Gray hair, white hair,
blonde hair is not made a
shade darker. But it certainly
does stop falling hair. No
question about that.
Poet not change the color of the .i/r'r.
formula With eaoh bottle
Bliow It to your
4.1k him about It,
then do m he aaya
This   Is   Eminently   the   Day   of  the
In the business world this ls pre-eml-
aently the day of the specialist Never
before was such a premium set upon
To put It In the vernacular of the
times, which makes up ln expressiveness what it lacks In elegance, this Is
the day when the person succeeds who
can truly hoast one stunt, or, to quote
the time honored fable, when the cat
of one shift stands In the vanguard
and the fox of many shifts Is delegated to tho rear.
Thei man of ambition who aspires to
a successful business career takes this
lesson to heart aud shapes his plans
Too ofteu lhe woman who knocks at
the door of the workaday world Is
either ignorant that such a law obtains or, weakly counting upon ber sex
[o gain favor and concessions, totally
disregards It and thereby courts failure In the outset.
The day has gone by when the woman who has a smattering knowledge
;*nn hope for business recognition or
lill a position of even sccoudary Importance.
This does not Imply that one's life
must be narrowed down to oue Idea.
Ou the contrary, the successful woman must learn a little of everything
tbat tends to enlighten. She must
learn more of the things which Bhape
the well balanced Intellect and well
rounded character, but If the coveted
prize Is to be gained she must know
nil that can be kuowu of some one
The woman thus equipped cannot
anly find n footing, but, what ls vastly
more to the point, hold It.
Even the social world has become Infected with this Idea, and the woman
who wins the plaudits is not she who
has a showing of many accomplishments, but the woman of one stunt In
which she excels.
Have You All These Perfectiona of
Face and Figure?
The head should be a seventh part
;>f the body���thut is to say, the height
should etpinl seven heads.
The forehead should not be too high
uor too large. It should harmonize
wltb the oval of the face. The' skin
-iliould be white aud free from wrinkles.
The eyebrows should be well marked
and should end in a point.
The lashes to be beautiful should be
long and silky.
The eyes should be slit horizontally.
Those shaped like almonds are the
most beautiful.
The hair should be long, thick and
wavy. The most admired colors are
blond and black.
The nose should be equal In length
to the forehead. Its thickness sbould
be ln proportion to the other features
:if the face.
The mouth should be shaped like a
bow unbent.
The chin should be delicately round-
id and free from Indention.
The cheeks should be rosy and velvety.
The neck should be twice as long
is the nose aud twice as big as tbe
The shoulders should be plump, of
the same height and slightly rounded.
The chest should be narrower at the
top than at the bottom.
The arms should be rather large
ibovc and should diminish toward the
The hand should be long and plump,
ivith tapering fingers and pearly nails.
Old hairbrushes which bave become soft may be made quite Arm and
stiff again by dipping the bristles Into
strong alum water. Dissolve tbe alum
in hot water, but do not use it till it ls
Do you know If you would bake
your cookies on the outside of the large
baking pan that there would be fewer
burned ones? Try It the next time you
are making cakes and see what an advantage it is over placing them in the
For peanut brittle shell and skin peanuts aud put a thick layer in a buttered pun. For two cups of peanuts
allow two cups of granulated sugar.
Put the sugar ln a suuecpun and stir
until it is melted, taking care that It
does not burn. As soon as it ls a clear
sirup pour It over the nuts.
If a family takes lunch at different
hours, make the tea fresh for each person If possible, or It cuu be Infused
and then drawn from the grounds,
which should bo thrown away. Iteturn
the tea to the teapot to keep It hot
Never allow tea to stand on the
grounds for more than ten minutes.
Thrift Taught Early.
"One of the surest ways," writes
Laura Brnddock In House nnd Home,
"to inculcate sincere economy in children is to start them early lu home
work for which they are paid and then
encourage the saving of the earnings.
This is done In Germany and France
with success and Is why so few German or French children of the middle
classes are Idle or penniless. The notion that a child should work altogether without recompense has been
done nway with, and these two nations
are therefore Just that much more In
dustt'ioUH and prosperous. Pay the
child lor legitimate labor and make It
a coworker with the parents In building for rainy days. Let It have Its Innocent pleasures nnd pay for them oul
of Its own funds, but educate It to
spend a lillle less than It earns nnd to
always have to leeward a balance."
Fair Warning.
Judge���As It has been clearly shown
that you are not Identical with the
person charged with the robbery tha
court declares that you are acquitted.
There has been an unfortunate mistake, but be careful for the future,
mind! Next time you won't get off so
Indeed, we believe It will stop every case
ef fallini hair unlets there is some very
unusual complication- -..-..etbinf greatly '
affectlni the general health.   Then you |
should consult your physician.  Also ask
him about the new Ayer's Hair Vigor.
______ iu,, uu. 1. a. Aae* on.. LewsU. JsUan*������
An Orator's Confession. ....
The egotist when he doth roam      Vl
'Gainst contracts queer will run.
This Is the way he sounds at hornet
And thla In Washington!
\ Hardy Brood For Which Frost and
Snow Possess No Terrors.
Coming ln one dny from a walk In a
ieavy snowstorm, I dropped upon the
.vening table some triangular brown-
sb bits tbat looked at first sight like
jakes of dried bark.
"What are those���chips?"
"No.   Butterflies."
Such a reply with a foot of snow on
the ground aud great probability of a
foot more before morning wus accepted as a pleasantry and not to be taken
seriously. The idea of catching butterflies  lu   a   snowstorm   seemed   too
fishy" for serious consideration.
On the approach of winter most of
che butterflies, those delicate little
crtatures of fair weather, naturally
He. But among their number there ls
a whole hardy brood for which the
.Igors of winter possess no terrors.
These are tbe augle wings, or vanes-
slds. They are frequently called "thaw
butterflies" from the fact that during
tbe warm spells of winter they awake
from their torpor and may frequently
be eecn sunning themselves near their
place of hibernation or If the weather
Is mild aud pleasant flitting lightly
about ln tbo open places.
These Insects puss the winter both
ns chrysalis nnd as mature butterflies.
Normally they remain In tbo crysnlls
form only about two weeks, but It ls
probable that the severe cold overtakes
some before they are fully developed,
which mny account for some of them
hibernating ns chrysalis.
The Work of the Mounted Police of
Canada In the Northwest.
The Northwest policeman's first duty
la to die If that should be necessary.
He Is not allowed to shoot a desperado, go up, sit on his carcass, roll a
cigarette and then read the warrant
He must not shoot. At all events he
must not shoot flrst, which Is often
fatal, for If there is a time when delay
is dangerous It Is when you are covering an outlaw, writes Cy Warman in
the Sunday Magazine.
Numbers of the force have been
known to ride or walk into the very
mouth of a cocked .45 Colt and never
flinch. In about ninety-eight cases out
of every hundred tbe man behind the
gun weakened. In the other two cases
he extended his lease of life, but made
his goiug doubly sure. When a niouut-
ed policeman falls, tbe open space he
leaves is Immediately closed, for back
of him stands the Dominion government and back of that the British empire. So the desperado who thinks he
can kill aud get away has a baid time.
If the police chase bim out of the Dominion back to tbe Islands, he Is likely
to fetch up at Scotland Yard. If his
native village lies south of the forty-
ntnth, the Plnkertons take up his trail,
aud when all these forces are after a
man his days are gliding swiftly by.
Lots of Men and Women in Montreal
Having the Simple Home-Made
Mixture  Prepared
Some remarkable stories are being
told about this simple home-made
mixture curing Rheumatism and Kidney trouble. Here is tbe recipe and
directions for taking. Mix by shaking well in a bottle one-half ounce
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one ounce
Compound Kargon, three ounces
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla. Take
as a dose one teaspoonful after meals
and at bedtime.
No change need be made in your
usual diet, but drink plenty of good
This mixture, writes one authority
in a leading Montreal newspaper,
hns a peculiar tonic effect upon the
kidneys; cleansing the clogged-up
pores of the diminutive tissues, forcing the kidneys to sift and strain
from the blood the uric acid nnd other
poisonous waste matter, overcoming
Rheumatism, Bladder and Urinary
troubles in  a short while.
A Montreal druggist who has bad
hundreds of calls for these ingredients
s*nee tbe first announcement in the
newspapers slated thnt the people
who once try it. "swenr b" it," especially those who hnve Urinary nnd
Kidney trouble nnd suffer with Rheumatism.
The druggists in this neighborhood
inv tliey can supply the ingredients,
tt-lrch are easily mixed at home.
Tbere is said to be no bettor blood*
cleans'ns affent or system tunic known
nnd eertninlv none more harmless or
simple to use.
"What's your husband doing now."
nsked the neighbor.
"Ob, lie's sitting around telling
whnt is point, to happen at the next
election," answered the busy woman.
"Then he's a prophet?"
"No, he isn't. So far as this family
is concerned, he is a dead loss."���
Washington Star.
If your children are troubled with
worms give them Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator; safe, sure and
effectual. Try it, and mark the improvement in your child.
M:ss Inland���You certainly have a
charming country place here, and oi
course you have given it some pretty
name ?
I\l*. Bondholder���Oh, yes! Mrs.
Bondholder calls it "Idlemoment-by-
the-sea," but 1 call it by its right
name, "Moneysunk."���Judge.
"I was counsel for a railway company lu tbe west," says a prominent New
York lawyer, "In whose employ a section hand hnd been killed by an express train. Ills widow, of course, sued
for damages. The principal witness
swore positively that the locomotive
whistle had not sounded until after the
entire train bad passed over his departed friend.
" 'You admit that the whistle blew?'
I sternly demauded of the witness.
" 'Oh, yes- It blew.'
������ 'Now,' I added impressively, 'If that
whistle souuded lu time to give Morgan warning the fact would be In favor
of the company, wouldn't it?'
" 'I suppose so,' said the witness.
" 'Very well. Now, for what earthly
purpose would the engineer blow his
whistle after the man had beeu struck?*
" 'I presume,' replied the witness,
tvith great deliberation, 'that the whistle was for the next man on the
(summary Conversion.
Hawaiiiins all became Chrlntlana
through tbe simple process of au edict
���kapoo���of one of the sturdy old
Kametianiehas. The worthy king, observing that It was' easier to kill an
enemy with a rifle than with a club
and that the rifle was the Invention of
the Christians, took a short cut through
tbe theological mazes of the missionaries who were trying to convert his
subjects and announced that all Ha-
wallans were from that moment Christians. As he added that he would
knock on tbe head any who objected
the thing was done as fast as his couriers could deliver his message to his
loving subjects.
What He Had Done.
Tactful and delicate even for a
Frenchman was the reply made by a
Parisian who had not found "a life on
the ocean wave" all which one could
wish. He was sluking. pale ahd haggard. Into his steamer cbnlr when his
neighbor cheerily asked:
"Have you breakfasted, monsieur?"
"No, m'sleur," answered the Frenchman, with a wau smile; "I have uot
breakfasted. On the contrary!"���Everybody's Magazine.
Tha Name Oscar.
It Is Interesting to remember that
the name Oscar was bestowed by Napoleon on Bernadotte's son���tbe flrst
King Oscar���to whom he stood godfather, not for nny Swedish associations,
but because It was the name of a heroic character ln Maepherson's "Osslan,"
a work which Napoleon continually
studied.���London Spectator.
Mr. Chas. Noble, of 375 Colonial
Avenue, Montreal, the assistunt chief
operator of tlie G.N.W. Telegraph Co.,
and several of his family have been
cured of eczema by Zam-Buk, the
great herbal balm. He states the
facts as follows: "The disease started in the back of my hands in tbe
form of small sores and eruptions.
These were very irritating and when
rubbed and scratched turned into
very painful sores. I tried waters,
hrtVons and salves, but the disease
cont;nued to spread and so I consulted a doctor. He treated me for a
time but still the disease spread and
I got no relief. Then.to my alarm
the eczema spread to several of the
children. The pain and irritation in
all our cases was very great, and we
were very much disheartened as all we
tried proved unavailing. Zam-Buk
was recommended and I obtained a
supply. I tried it first on a small
patch of the eczema and this showed
so much improvement that I was convinced Zam-Buk would do good if
persevered with, and therefore obtained a supplv. Each application greatly ie'ieved*the itching, pain and soreness, and it was no* long before the
eruptions and sores dried up and disappeared. In n few weeks from commencing with Zam-Buk every spot
was removed."
"The children who had also taken
this disease were treated in the some
way and have each been cured. Unlike all other preparations used. Zam-
Buk seemed to search to the roots of
the evil and it was really surprising
how quickly the sores were healed.
In my case and that of mv children
the cure was most effectual and permanent as it is now some months since
we were cured, and there has been no
sign of any eruptions or sores return'ne." ,   , __    ,
Qf all druggists nnd stores 50c box
or postpaid from the Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto. No home should be without
No Such Temerity
"Yes," said Meekly, "I'm told that
we're going to move to Swampburst."
"But," said the old doctor,, "tbe climate there may disagree with your
"It wouldn't dare I"���Philadelphia
Fairville, Sept. 30. 1902.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,���We wish to inform you
that we consider your MINARD'S
LINIMENT a very superior article,
and we use it as a sure relief for sore
throat and chest. When I tell you I
would not be without it if the price
was one dollar a bottle, I mean it.
Yours truly,
The Practical Girl.
"Jack told  me he could live on my
kisses forever."
"Are you going to let hlm?"
"Not till I find out what I'm going to
Ive ���**���* "���""._U'*a��m '**.**.uul
A City of Happy Homes.
Dublnvln took a walk in the cemetery, where be noticed on the toiub*
stoues, "Good* Husband," "tlood Wife,"
"Good Son."
"It is evidently here thnt the happiest homes are found," he reflected.���
Nos Lotsirs.
An Admission.
Alice ��� I    ra'.her   like   that   young
Thompson.    He has sucb a good, Arm
mouth   and   chin.     Hazel���Goodnecs!
.__.. J Has be beeu kissing you too?
At a political meeting an Irishman
watched closely the trombone player
in the band.    .
Presently the man laid down bis
instrument and went out for a beer.
Paddy investigated and promptly
pul'ed the horn to pieces. The player returned.
"Who's meddled mit my drom-
bone?" he roared.
"Oi did," snid Paddy, "Here ye'ye
been for two hours tryin' to pull it
apart, nn' Oi did it in wan minut!"
The Functions of Those of Cat:., Lions
and Jaguars.
A cat never actually wags Its tall.
Why should it-wheu It can pur? But
nevertheless It seems to serve the same
purpose iu permitting a temporary ex-
peudlture of excess nervous energy
when the animal is under greut strain
For Instance, when carefully stalkiug
a bird or a mau, as iu the case of a
kltteu or a llou, the tip of the tall is
never still for a moment���ever curling
and uncurling. We may compare this
to the ni'i*vont_ tupping of the foot or
fingers iu a mau. When an ungry llou
is roaring his loudest, his tail will frequently lash from side to side, giving
rise among the ancients to tbe belief
that he scourged bis body with a hook
or thorn which grew from the end of
the tail.
Wheu a jaguar walks along a slender bough or a house cat perambulates
the top of a board fence, we perceive
another Important function of the tail,
that of nn aid iu balancing. As a tight
rope performer sways his pole, so the
feline shifts Its tall to preserve the
center of gravity.
The tu 11 of a sheep seeine to be of
little use to its owner, although In the
breed whicli ls found Iu Asln Minor
nnd on the tablelands of Tnrtnry, this
organ functions us a storehouse of fat
and sometimes reaches a weight of
fifty pounds. When viewed from behind, the animal seems all tail, una
when this appendage reaches Us full
size It ls either fastened between two
sticks which drug on the ground or It
ls suspended on two small wheels.���C.
William Beebe lu Outing Magazine.
The  Housewife's  Delight
Packed only in Sealed Lead Packages to Preserve its
many excellent qualities
Can't Clean  it Up.
"What is there to see in Philadelphia?"
"Well, there is tbe mint."
"Will they let you go through it?"
"Yes, but not the way you want to."
The Most Noted of the Later Day Outlaws In Australia.
Bushrangers were originally runaway convicts who took to the "bush,"
as Australians call the backwoods,
and became holdup meu. About the
year lS-tO the bushrangers became so
numerous that they fought regular engagements with posses and soldiers
sent out to capture them, and this
form of crime continued sporadically
until within recent years. Tbe most
famous of Inter rangers were the Kelly brothers. After many daring crimes
and hairbreadth escapes the Kellys
actually held up the entire village of
Jerilderle, N. S. W., which had a population of 200. Ned Kelly looted the
bank of $10,000, while his three pals
held the meu of the village cooped up
in their homes. Although there was a
special bushriuiging net In force nt the
time nuthorlzlug the deteutlon of persons supposed to be ln communication
with the outlaws, tbe Kellys were not
heard of again for nearly a year, when
they "stuck up" the small town of
Gleurowan, hi Victoria. Here they
were brought to buy. and three of the
desperadoes were shot dead lu a house
they had barricaded, while the leader.
Ned Kelly, was brought to the ground
with a bullet through the legs. He
was hanged Iu 1880. All four of the
men were In the habit of wearing au
armor made of plowshares and weighing almost a hundred  pounds.
An Outrageous Slandering.
The public may not know the good
story, which has been a joy for many
a long day among musicians, which
tells how a celebrated conductor, admired and beloved by every one who
knows him, accused his wife In broken
English of couduct the reverse of admirable, to put it mildly. He was refusing an Invitation to an afternoon
party for her on tbe plea of her delicate health, but he evidently got a little mixed during bis explanations, for
he made tbe following astounding
statement, which was news Indeed to
the world ln general: "My wife lies ln
the afternoon. If she does not lie,
then she swindles!"
N. B.���"Schwlndeln" ls the equivalent In German for "feeling giddy."���
Cornhill Magazine.
There Is an elderly business man of
Clevelnnd of whom friends tell a story
amusingly Illustrating his excessively
methodical manner of conducting both
his busluess and his domestic affairs.
The Clevelnnder married a young woman living In a town not far away. On
the evening of the ceremony the prospective bridegroom, being detained by
nn unexpected nnd important matter
of business, missed the train he had intended to take In order that he might
reach the abode of his bride at 7
.'Clock, the hour set for tb6 wedding,
"rue In his instincts, tbe careful Cleve-
inhder Immediately repaired to the tele*
���laph ollice. from which to dispatch a
nessiige to the lady. It read: "Don't
iiniry   till   I  come.    Howard."
Acting Like a Man.
The curtain had Just gone down on
the second act, leaving the heroine ln
the villain's clutches. Up in the balcony a sentimental woman burst Into
"Don't cry, dear," said her husband.
"Remember, It's only a play. Act like
a man!"
"Very well, John," said the lady,
smiling through ber tears. "You'll excuse me for a moment, won't you? 1
must run out and send a telegram."���
The Trouble With Carr.
"I rather like your friend." Mrs.
Page snld graciously ufter Carr bad
gone home. "He Is good looking and
agreeable, hut you can't call him a
brilliant conversationalist The Law-
ton girls talked all round him."
"Unfortunately." replied Mr. Page.
"Carr cannot talk on a subject ur'ess
he knows something about ""-"
Care cf Brass Faucets.
Use Annuel dipped lu lemon juice or
vinegar aud rub the faucets with rotten stoue and oil. Polish with a dry
flannel cloth, and they will look like
Load Percils.
Lead pencils, which really contain
,'raphlte or plumbago, derive their
un'uie from the use of lead plummets
for ruling faint Hues on paper before
the discovery of tbe Cumberland
lii'iiuhlto uiluoa.
Sure Regulators.��� Mandrake and
Dandelion are known to exert a pow-
eriul influence on the liver and kidneys, restoring them to healthful action, inducing a regular How of the
secretions and imparting to the organs complete power to perform their
functions. These valuable ingredients enter into tbe composition of
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, and serve
to render tbem the agreeable and
salutary medicine they are. There are
few pills so effective as they in their
Not long ago King Edward was visiting a country house near the scene
of one of Cromwell's historic battles.
Strolling out one day by himself, be
met the village blacksmith returning
from  a shoeing expedition.
"I say, my good fellow," said His
Majesty, genially, "I understand that
there was a big battle fought somewhere about here."
'Well-ei," stammered the blacksmith, recognizing th king, "I did
'ave a round with Bill, the potman,
but I didn't know your Majesty had
heard of it."
"I feel it my duty to testify to the
benefit I have received 'rom the use
of Psychine. While travelling in New
Ontario conducting special meetings
1 contracted a very bad cold, which
gradually developed into Bronchitis
of the worst form. I was advised to
try Psychine, which I did, and after
using but a few bottles I was completely restored to health. I recommend this wonderful remedy to sufferers from Bronchitis and other
Later: "I wish to add that my
voice, s:nce using Psychine, is stronger and has much more carrying power
thnn it had before I had bronchitis,
and the vocal chords do not tire with
P. TILLER, Capt. Snlv'n Army.
Ann St., Toronto, Aug. 13, 1907.
Throat, lung and stomach troubles
cured by Psychine; also ���ncipient con-
sumpt-on. All druggists. 50c and $1.00
or  Dr. T. A. Slocum, Lim'ted, Toronto.
Kept in the Lead
"Did he make a hit out west?"
"Yes;  he  led  the  procession."
"That was fine.    What kind  of  a
procession���in honor of the governor
or something like that?"
"Not exactly.   You see a horse had
been stolen and the people out there
were suspicious,  but he managed to
get away."
Impurities in the Blood.���When the
action of the kidneys becomes impaired, 'mpurlties in the blood are almost
sure to follow, and general derangement of tbe system ensues. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will regulate the
kidneys so that they will maintain
healthy action und prevent the complications which certainly come when
there is derangement oi these delicate
organs. As a restorative these Pills
are in the lirst rank.
The average man knows there are
no birds left in lust year's nests, but
he has a right to kick when he finds
no buttons on his last year's negligee shirts.
Minard's Liniment cures Garget in
In Saxony one may not wear red
neckties without breaking the law.
In this country a man may wear a
carmine-colored nose and still avoid
arrest, if he is foxy.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
A Bad Looking; 1,rural Case That W����
Saved by Ftnnkneu,
The lawyer whose honesty is proved
bas the confidence of the Judge and
Jury. A story of Abraham Lincoln ls
an illustration. He was appointed to
defend one charged with murder. The
crime was a brutal one, the evidence
entirely circumstantial, the accused a
stranger. Keeling was high and against
the friendless defendant. Ou tho trial
Lincoln drew from the witnesses full
statements of what they saw and
knew. There was no effort to confuse,
no attempt to place before the jury
the facts other than they were. In the
argument, after calling attention to the
fact that there was uo direct testimony, Lincoln reviewed the circumstances and, after conceding that this
and that seemed to point to defendant's guilt, closed by saying that he
had reflected much on the case, and,
while It seemed probable that defendant was guilty, be was not sure and,
looking the jury straight In the face,
said, "Are you?" The defendant was
acquitted, and afterward the real criminal was detected and punished. Hew
different would have been the conduct
of many lawyers! Some would have
striven to lead the judge Into technical
errors with a view to an appeal to a
higher court. Others would have become hoarse ln denunciation of witnesses, decrying the lack of positive
testimony and tho marvelous virtue of
a reasonable doubt The Blmple,
straightforward way of Lincoln, backed by tbe confidence of the jury, won.
���D. J, Brewer Tu Atlantic.
Denned liy Customs Men aa a Bird, ���
��� '���ics-.ni.** and a Dob.
On the travels of a monkey from
Genoa to Heidelberg an amusing farce
might be written. A German gentleman brought from southwest Africa a
tiny monkey weighing barely a couple
of pounds. From Tanga to Genoa all
went well with the lllllputlan animal.
It was a favorite with every one and
traveled free until Genoa was reached,
when Its troubles began.
Brought under the notice of the Genoese custom house authorities, It was
promptly deprived of Its Identity. It
was no longer an animal; It became a
bird, and as a bird, on which 28 cents
was charged, It was conveyed to the
Bwlss frontier, where at a stroke of the
custom house ofllcer's wand It was
transformed Into a cat at the Increased
assessment of $1.56 and borne by train
to Zurich.
On Its arrlyal there It ceased as a
cat to exist and became a mere package, an Item of luggage that was conveyed to Constance for the nominal
sum of 18 cents.
Still as luggage, though metamorphosed from a package Into a hand
bag, It went on Its way to Stuttgart,
where a great honor awaited It. It
was on payment of $2.04 exalted Into
a dog, and It was as a dog that It ended Ita Journey at the university town
<_( Ileiaelberjt- Stray Stories-
Boned sardines or anchovies are add
ed to tbe potato salad by some cooks.
Tbe German cook adds boned herring.
Most housewives fry pork sausages,
but they are excellent and not st
greasy when broiled. Prick the skin
of each sausage once ln tbe center before cooking.
A turkey of eight or ten pounds
should be roasted twelvo minutes to
the pound. Squash and potatoes take
from twenty to thirty minutes to cook
and pies half an hour if tbe oven la
very hot. For after dinner coffee allow three cupl'dls of boiling water to
one of ground coffee.
Ordinary fried eggs are delicious
with browned butter. Put three table*
spoonfuls of butler In a frying pan.
Set the pan over a brisk fire. Let the
butter turn a light brown color, then
add two teaspoon fills of good vinegar,
Shake tbe pan slightly to mix tbe but
ter and vinegar well. Then pour It
around and over the eggs. Serve lot
Glass Varnish.
The Persians ln 51G B. C. Invented a
transparent glass varnish, which they
laid over sculptured rocks to prevent
them from weathering. This coating
has lasted to our day, while the rocks
beneath are honeycombed.
Moscow Cathedral.
Moscow cathedral, next to St Peter's at Rome, ls tbe costliest cathedral in the world. On the exterior of
the building alone 000 pounds of gold
were used. Of Its thirteen bells tha
largest weighs half as much again as
"Great Paul" ln London, and the doors
of the cathedral, of which the largest
weighs thirteen.tons, cost _*310,000_ -
By its strengthening and
regulating action on the
stomach and bowels puts
an end to Indigestion,
relieves pain and
Cures Windy
Price 60 cents per bottle. Sold Ever, whsre.
A. J. WHITB & Co., Mont'cil.
sewing at home, whole or spare
time; good pay; work sent any distance charges paid. Send stamp for
fii'1 particulars. National Manufacturing Company, Montreal.
,   Send ua your 1
namt-h.ii.) add re**
for 12 ji lee en of
Jewelry to Fill atlOcentaeach. when lold Rend oi tho
!$|.20 and wewlll-etid yon three TWO SOLID UO] D
filled KINGS. We trout you with the Jewelry and wIDmnd
It n 11 chanreflVald. Send us your name and addrttiBuow.
The rit.it metal ceiling lessens fire-risk, beautifies
any interior, it cleanly and lasts almost forever.
Such a ceiling ������ emiilj* put up, and casta no more
than the common kinds.   Learn the facta about
More than 2,000 designs, mil able fnr every use.
Side-walls in equal variety to match. Let us
���end you a book that tells the who'e story ol
lhe ceilins that shows no Mama.    Address���    911
The PEDLAR People '.J.,.
Oshawa Montreal Ottawa Toronto London Winnipeg
W.   N.   U.   No.   677. *_l$'2t_Cti..3.._.  ............ _..:.s_.*)....|.|._|('>.|(g>*_
4r% L*\
of Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���Loso STKiTiitonJ Ami Mourn* Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gsoaua A. Dbukuosd.
General Manager���-E. 6. Clocstox.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
k  General Banking Business Transaotod.
Tr****,.      err r. r- . �����.
Commencing otvflonday,
April 6th.
���.in. ��v.
Mis. Williams  invites  the inhabitanta
ol   New   Denver,   Silverlon,  Slocan
Cily, Saudon and ihe snrmiind-
ing distiict lo call and  inspect her  sloik  of  the
Easter Goods:
Special line in the latest fiir-hiona in
millinery, Hals, etc.
Also a large range of ladies' and children's rtady-to-wear just arrived,
JBIocan HMntna Review
.; Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Tranafer.
Bttbicrlption $3.00 per annum, strictly   NCW   DCriVd*,   B.C.
ln advance.   No pay, no paper.
ADvanTieiaa Ratks :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $18.00
"     for Crown GrantH    -   -    7.ft0
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.60
"      " License to Cut Timlier 5.00
All locals will he charged lor at the rate
of 15c. per line each issuo.
Tramlent rates made known on application.    No room for Quark..
Address all Communications and make
Cheque! payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Bosun Hall Stores
Keep all rash purchase)* fiom ub for
Apiil. It will leitainly pay you. A
Cambridge Fountain Pen will he given
away lo the Highest C:iuh 1'urchaaer.
Do not hesitate to call on us for your
requirements. Wc have a lull line of
Groceries, Patent Medicines, Carter'a
Pills, Electric Oils, Pain Killer. English
Shag ami Sailor**' Twist Tobacco, and
tho Beat Bout nnd Shoe Stock in the
country, A full line of Ladies', Boys'
ami Unit's Furiiishirgs.
A young lady in town whoso name is
���never mind lhe name���recently had
her photograph taken by an amatcu*-.
and to secure tt]_oodefit*ctive background
lie grouped a number ol Iioufc plants
around her. After thc pictures wore
finished, the young lady gushingly exhibited one of them to a male admirer,
who remarked:
"It's a line photo of you; but I don't
like the pose."
The young lady   coloured  up  to   lhe
root9 ol her hair, and in an  outburst of
indignation exclaimed:
"You get out;  they're jardinieres."
Dealer in Mines, Mineral Prospects,
fruit %m\i)0 anb
��eneral "Real Estate
Preliminary examinations ol  Prop-
city   for prospective  purchasers a
12 years experience in the Slocan. All
business   promptly   attended to and
satisfaction guaranteed.
P.O. Box 112, Silverton, B.C.
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
aud   Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game aud
Pish in season,
Hermann Clever
Selling Off ft  WIZKG
Notice is hereby given, that on Monday, May 4th, 1908, the Court ol
Revision for the Municipality of the
City of Slocan will bo held on above
date, in the City Hall, at 2 p.m. for the
purposo of revising the Assessment lioll
of tlie City ol Sloran. Those making
complaints against Iheir assoasments
are lequired to have tlieir protests in
tlie hands ol the City Clerk ten davs
before the firBt silting of tlio Court of
of Revision.
Dated March 31st. 1008. A30
Shall I send my next washing?
There   is   only   one   first c'ass
Laundry in the Kootenay, and that
Kootenay Steam Laundry
of Nelson, B.C.
(iit price   litt from J. E.  Angrignon
Local Agent.
Eva Fractional and  Hillside   miner 1
claims, situate in the Slocan  Mini
Division of West Kootenay Distiict.
Where located:    South-east of .Saudon.
Take'.notice that I, Herbert T. Twigg,
at agent for the Byron N. While Company, (foreign), Free Miner's Certilicate No. Illiiiiua, intend, fixly days
f'omtlie date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for.,*,Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of ob-
laining Crown Urania of each of the
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, muf-t be commenced
btlore the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day ol Feb. A.D. 1008
Owing to ill health I am obliged to
close my business.   Alter the 10th
All Goods Sold at a Reduction
A share of vour patronage is  solicited.
Mrs*   Mathesoji*.
Tako Notice that I, Jesse T. Tipping of
Slocnn City, B.C., occupation, miner,
intends to appiy for permission to puichase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
one and a half mile south east ol Shiran
Citv, B.C., near the north boundary of
W. C. E. Koch's land, thence north 60
clmins, thence east CO chains, tlience
Eouth GO chains, tlieice we.-t 00 chains
and containing 300 acres more or lees
Slocin City, B.C. March 2nd, 1908.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree tforfte,
Headquarters for Minlug Meu
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
;: tr y J
ii The Crown Tailoring
���:   Co., Toronto, Ont.   !
* ;
For_Sprlng and Summer Salts
T     Best Simples.Ever  Shown      ' '
|T in   B.C.
See   tbem at   the   Luctine    _h
Shaving Parlor,
Jewoller and
Watchmaker .
Late -with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
-Jot Hotel
Slocan City,  #  ��.C.
Headquarters and home
of tin old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
f. ��. <3rtffitb
tA*******a,***mr-f*^nr^*r***��****A^ A* }���++*+************+ 0,
if!)*********************** **************************
Energy all gone ?     No appetite ?     Blood thin anil watery ? ��,(
Nerves unstrung ?     Generally under the weather ? Il
Tired Feeling that Spring
| Scott's Iron Tonic Pills |
They will BRACE YOU UP and
put you  ln   FIGHTING   TRIM.
6   for    $2.50
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful plaee In
Britisli Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing tha
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
Empress Fractional  mineral claim, sit
uate in tin Siocan  City  Mining Division    of    West   Kootenay    District.
Where located!   On the south sidsol
Ten mila creek and adjoins IheEater-
prir.ii and Mabou minoral claims.
Tnke notice that I, Robert  Ira  Kirkwood,   Free    Miner's    Certificate   No.
B05.785, intend 00 days  from the  date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Ceitifl.iste ol  Improvements,   for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further tako notice that  ui'tion,
under section 1)7,   must be   commenced
before  the issuance of such  Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 87th day of Jan., A.D. 1008
Repairs to Brooches, Fins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.      Special attention to mail orders.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay  ana let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail er your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
For_ those  who   could   not get
away duiing the busy holiday
season, we  reccomend
This far-famed sanitarium with
its sulphur springs and accomodation is.JUST THE PLACE to
build up and get a fresh start.
This company operates through
standard sleeping cars, dining
cars, and First ClassjTourist
For rates, Reservatlons'or any
information desired, call on, or
E. J. Corn, A.O.T.A.
John Moi, D.P.A., Nelson.
professional Caroa.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min
Smolter and Mill Supplies.
New Denver Lodge No. $
K.. of F3.
Meets in Pythian Cattle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
New Denver
Dairy ^^^^
Fresh Milk d .livered  to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
ftctun mpt. poiithee. flavoring citrttu. per*
hmotx to'leiirtic.-* medicine*-. b��kr*g pow-
tat sftlvei. liniments, rtock ind poultry rem-
edict, houNhold epeciahic* and novert.�� in
four own home at <unall coet. MUen Guide it
��� paper devoted to the bunnee*. three month*
ml eubecHptton for 10c: wimple (re*
MIXERS GUIDE. Fort UtuHeoo. lent.
Ladies' Dress 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 60s doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 8c. Shirts 16c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bur well Stocked.
ieneral Merchant   - -   New Denver
Is offering goo.l values in Man's underwear, in Pen-An^le,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known hrnnda, also shirts M
Various kinds, i.ome  epeciulitirs (or miners and men in   kg*
T       ging camps, gloves, mitts, sock, in large variety, Collars, tie
x       sweaters, overalls, hlankota and comforters.
Cull ind inspect our stock ; It will he appieoiatad.
^ *************************************
St James' Hotels
Urst-class Rooms; First-class Meala; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists: Luxury and comfort wliun visiting thi*
favorite ��umm��r resort absolutely jruaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climats.
Facing lake and rlacier this hotel offers all that ia required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
Stout        J
de. I
New York Brewery
Put up iii Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade,
We guarantee ita Strength aud Purity.
MADEl   >Y   TUB
Tie Hew Denver Umkr Co.
Turkish Delight
IN DRUMS, $1.50 per Drum, or 50c. per Ib.
35c. per lb.
Box 44.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake
L, SCAIA, Proprietor
p.e, Box 20.
a&. z��**64cAett
Is the Home fur all Mining Men when at the famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Co.*y Rooms and firut-ilais table.   Sample Rooms.
I will make vour stay with nie a pleasant one.
Sffsat Grass, Wllmer, Ivan, and W1I-
mer Fractional mineral claims, situate iu the Slocan Mining; division ol
West Kootrnay District. Where located: On Goat Meuntain north of
Denver Siding.
Tako notire that I, Frank C.  Green,
nclitij.  ai agent   lor  George    Bonltor
Frae Miners Certificate No. B13865,  in-
Mabou  mineral claim,  situate In  the
Ulocau City niniii*.   division  of  Wait
Kootenay  district.      Where located :
On the   south side nf Ton  Mile creek
above the Enterprise mine about SO
feet from the westerly ond line ot the
Enterprise mineral claim.
Take notice that I, Robert Ira Klrk-
wooil,    Free    Miners    Certilicate   No.
B95.786 f >r myse f, and agent for Duncan A. Grant,  Free Miner's   Certificate
No.   H4869,   intend  00  days   from  the
Slocan Land District ���District of
Weit Kootenay.
NOTICE is hereby given that after
the expiration of 30��duys from date, I
intend to apply to the Superintendent
of Police, Victoria, for a retail liquor
license at M Guigan, B.C., to be known
as the McGuigan House.
March 24, 1908.
' (2) The Superintendent of Provincial
Police may at any time cancel any
license granted or renewed by hira,
upon proof satisfactory to him that
the licensee ia not keeping his premises in accordance with tho provisions
of thiB Act, or ia keeping his premises in a disorderly manner, and for
the additional reason, in the case of
a wholesale licensee, that he is not
bona tide carrying on a wholesale
To N. W. Fesaler and B. V. Rl.don,
or lo any other person to whom they,
or eitl.er ol tliem, may have transferred their Interest, or any part thereof, in the "Tianivaal" mineral claim,
situated on Ten-mile creek, in the Slocan City mining division ol the Wait
Kootenay district of the province of
British Columbia, and recorded in the
MiniiiK recorders ollice at   bloean,   B.C
You, and each ol you are hereby ..notified tnat I have expended the sum of
tno hundred and five dollars ($305.00)
in payment in lieu of work and recording fees upon the above named minera
claim ln order to hold the same under
tbe provisions of section 24 of tlio mineral act; and that II within 90 1'ays from
the date ol this notice, you fail or refuse
to contribute your proportion of the
aforesaid expenditure, for the two
yeais ending tbe 1st of August, ,'907,
together with al costs of advert^ing
your interest in the said claim wil' become vested in the undersigned, uuder
seetion 4 of the mineral act, Amendment act, 1900.
Dated at  Sloran,   B.C,_tliis  80th day
ol January, A.D., 1908.
Innerals ceDlne'ei* on short
Dotlea at any point la the dis.
trlot.   Bholls altrairs In atoek.
iXi flDcZean, {._._7vn*
Take1 notice that J. J,  Atherton, 0
New Denver, B.C., printer,   intends  to
Take notice that C.   Provost of On- al,l',-v   'or permission to purchase the
tario, farmer, in (iO days from  date, m-     ' ,0*ln*- **��**��** ���<������"������   Commencing
tends to apply to the chief commisioner  ftt a Poat P,anted on "ie  8<mlh side of
ol Lands and Works Ior permission  to  I*c,"��" Creek'   ahotit one liumlied and
purchase   the  following described land:   �����*.'��������'  south-west of  lhe  mouth   of
Commencing at a post planted 200 feet  lbe **'* north   fork of Lomon creek'
south ol the south west corner of Block running south 20  chains, tbence  west
7161 running  norlh GO chains,  west 60 40 cl,a,n8> lhe,1Cd "0,Ul 20 c,'nin8*  ,0
chains, south 10 chains, east  60 chaina  Lemon CIPek'  tllence   east 40 '���llfti"s
following the river to pointof commence-  following Lemon Creek to place of com-
. nieneeuient.
Located April llth, 1908. Dated this 8th day of April, 1908.
F. Provost, Agent.
tend 80 days from the date hereof to date heroof, to appiy to the?Mining R_T
apply to tlie mining recorder for cerli- "order Ior a Certilicate of Improve*
flcates of Improvements, for the pur- jue,lt"> f,or -������������ Ptjipoaa ol obtaining a
pose of obtaining Crown Grant, of  the  ��Td iXftt tMi..' action
under section 87, must bo commenced
. �� r��.!'.e_.   9. Issuance of such   Certilicate
above claims.
And further lake  notice that action     , .
, ������      o. .   , 1   '���' Improvements
under section 87, must   be commenced   i>���,���.i ,i..*. o..,.   ,
before  the i.suance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of Jan. A.D. 1908
Ap. 10 Nelson, B.O.
Dated'thia 27iii dnv of Jan , A D   1903
Hotel Rosebery
Well furnished rooms.
First-class   Cuisine.
Take notice that M. Provost, of Ontario, farmer, intends to apply for per-
miesion to piiiclin.e lbe following described lands. Commencing at a post
running nortli 20 chaina, tbence cast 40
chains, tlience souih 20 chains more
or less to the river thence west 40 chains
following tlie river to point of commencement.
Licated April llth, 1908.
Jc!8 F. Provost, Agent.
Ohio Mineral claim,    situate   in   the
Slocan  Citv    mining   division    of
Triune and Great Wos tern Mineral
Claims, ritii'ite in tlio Hln-nn City
mining Division of Wrst Kootenay
District. Where boated 1 On
Springer Creok about half mileabuve
tho Ai liiif.ton Sawmill at. tho nee-mid
crossing of Springer Croek.
Take notice thnt I, Robert Ira Kirkwood,  Frse    Miner's    Cortilhiate   No.
Talce'notlce th it Nela Leered, farmer,
intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe lollowing de or ibed land:
Commencing at this poat muning nonh
20 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
smith 20 cl>ains more or leaa to the river
thence east 40 chains following the
river 10 point of commencement.
Located April llth, 1908
F. Provost, Agen
Riverside, Autumn, Alameda, Treasure
and Lailey Fraction mineral claims,
situate in_tl*,i Slocan City mining
division of West Kootenay Diatrict.
Where located: On the divide bo
tween Tan-mile ami Springer creeks,
near tbe head of Spring-*r creaks.
Take notico that 1, Robert Ira Kiric-
weod, Kree Miners Certificate No. B95,-
785, intend 60 days fiom the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Ot-itificaies ol improvements for the
purpose of obtaining Crown Grant of
tbo above claims.
And further lake notic. that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
be.'ore tbe issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this Ist day of Feb.,A.D. 1908
West Kootona7''d.��^icT.,'"'wiiore   h_.,^.f\i''tem.' ^0/a-'|A��"""iF d��-*
located:   On tbe south  side of Ten   #?{#$& V^o^^t
.  _...proveiuenls,   for
Mile creek above   the   Enterprise  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
.    ,. .     .,    ��� ,, ���   ,,,       of the above claim.
Mine, and adjoins the Mabou   Mm-      Am, fnrther uke nolico Uiat ���,,,.
under section 87, must be commenced
beiore the issuance of such Csrtifloate of
Dated this 1st day of Feb., A.D. 1908
eral claim.
Take notico tbat I, Robert Ira Kirkwood, Free Miner's Certificate No.
BOS,785, for myself and agent for
Frank A. Wells, Free Miners Certificate No. 5004, intend 60 days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder loaa Certificate of Improvements
fur the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
Slocan Land District-District of ~~
nest Kootenay.
Tuke  notice   that  .).   Crow,   Slocan,
J1.U, miner, intends to  apply for  per-
mission to purchase  the  following  _*,_.
And further   take notic. that action. SSi, l6��0��_eeTto&onM
under seotloii  87,   must be commenced comer   of Block  7101.   thence eaat  80
before the  issuance of such   Certificate '.lia1*18.'hence  aouth  60 cliains to the
ol Improvements. Hf* mor��,0-" '��*" *<-��� the West, 80 chains
Dated this 27th day of Jan., A.D.  1908 menT'tt^


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