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Slocan Mining Review 1908-04-16

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���|sl Si) /    "*"*:*...,     ,,
:; ���- ���:"������    �� ��v.
Devoted   to   Advertising;   the
Mi-seral Resources aud Large
Fruit   growing'   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
-��uMt__ __*.   .���__rf*;.T*__^.__*____**. ���-���*.�� ,*������*,_.
.....jrniwr,^--.;-*;.,,,   V
,-'    '
���   i in |-    i   i     i  *���**���___ ata* Wt
Printed in New Denver, the
Eeauty SpOt of tbe Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District ou Earth.
No. 34   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, April i6,   1908
Single Copies jjc.
News nnd Oourilp QleanatJ by Asking many reople many Queatloua
The kids of the town have formed a
football club, and tbey await challenges
from outside club?.
The Now Denver Lumber Company'*!
saws aro buzzing again.
Road Inspector McL*an had a big
contract on this week cutting .through
a snowslide that came down near the
Bandon Brewery.
Geo. Caiman, one of the Alarm sec*
tion  gang,   badly    Crushed    h'n   hand
whilst unloading ties last Tuesday.
Captain Kirhy, late pilot on the
Arrow Lake str. Minto, oauiO in to relieve Captain McLennan last Monday,
Several town lots changed hands this
Week, whicli goes to allow that the lnnd
buainess is steadily improving.
Geo. Parker lias returned on n short
visit to town after an absence of two
years. In following liis occupation as
a mill man he has during the past two
years worked in Mexico, for wliich
country he has a good word. Ho is n jw
visiting bis uncle, Mr. A. Mclnnes,
mining recorder.
The Methodist church was very well
attended on Sunday night, the occasion
being a service of song.
Clever's new launch is to be named
tho "Orangce." Angus Mclnnes has
decided to_,call bis tlio "Rudra." Albert Owens is discreetly silent as to his.
E. R. Atherton, late of Sandon, ii
now located at New Westminster.
St. Stephen's Church, New Denver���
Go-^Friday Services: Matins 11; Evensong 7-30; "Tiie .Story of thu Cross "
will be sung. Easter Day Festival:
Matins 11; Evening 7 3*0; Sacred Solo,
"The Holy Citv." The annual Vestry
Meeting will ho held in the Knights ol
Pythias Hall on E stcr Monday evening
at 8-00 sharp.
Herman Clever has returned from
Nelson. Whilst there he was kept busy
instructing the members of the late
20,000 club in geography.
Mrs J. Mc innon, Silverton, was a
visitor to town yesterday.
Dnn M -Dourrald has taken n turn for
the better, and is now making rapid
"Profit" Cleverly is expected to
arrive from the old country in a few-
weeks where he has been on a holiday
to his old home in Wiltshire. Rumour
aays he will not return alone.
Four at a birth was an unusual event
which happened at the Slocan Hospital
on Monday. The lady is the second
wife of Mr. Thomas Cat. The doctor's
services were not required.
The Rambler-Cariboo sent a su'-stan.
tial throe-car shipment of ilver-lead
to the smelter last week.
E. A. Haggen, M.E., Revelstoke,
paid a visit to Monitor Mill this week.
It would appear that George T. Kane
was first in the field with the title of
Prince Rupert, which he registered to
apply to his new townsite, but the
registrar has decide I in favor of the
G. T. P., and has cancelled George T.'s
right to the title on the grounds that
he took undue advantage of the situation.
The Golden Siar claims that an all-
water route exists from Beavermouth
to Findlay river, and it apparently
makes out a very good case.
The Whitewater Mill has shipped
8,060 tons of concentrates to the Trail
smelter this year.
Of course you nre going with the
crowd to Slocan City on Monday night
to take in thc Ball. Fare and a third
the round trip.
W. A. Galliher, tbe member for the
riding iu the Dominion House, lias
Jumped bis job, or to be more orthodox,
intimated hiB intention not to seek reelection. Big Hill knew enougli to quit
witli dignity, but nil tlie same, apart
from party politics, he had a bard row
to hoe. Bill is a corporation lawyer,
and naturally there were times in his
political life when pocket and conscience
sorely conflicted. He undoubtedly
found it a bard matter to present a bill
in parliament Ior the C.P.R. with one
hand, and witli the other diepeme
chunks ot guff to a huge number of his
constituents who were opposing a concession in any shape or lorm. V^le!
Verbum sat sapleiiti.
$ W. M. Tinling has disposed of his
Lrer.ent purchases of Silverton property
TtoW. D. McKee of Quelph, Ontario.
Ir. McKee is to bo congratulated upon
securing one of tlie best properties adjoining Silverton, both as to fruit lands
Tind as a summer resoit. Mr, and Mrs.
���Tinling expect to reside there fir the
present, and air. Tinling will continue
i occupy the real estate odices.
[Em, Towgood is recouping alter his
Jrenuous senBon of rewinding around
juidon, and is now a guest at Harry
llntosh's home of rest at Halcyon.
nioko tlie Big B Cigar, the wonder of
A big crowd of New Denver people
will attend tbe ball of the Slocan BiaBB
Baud at Slocan City next Monday.
Glorious spring is upon us in a generous mood, and the fruit trees are blossoming.
Although po early in tlie season, we
nre being regaled with some very tall
fishing stories.
The Eureka-Richtrond's total shipments to Trail for tiie year to date is
���100 tons.
We have noticed that since tho new
skipper of the "Slocan" has taken
charge of the wheel, that thc siren
gives a very half-hearted sort of an
apologetic toot when it hoves in sight.
Now Cap., lot her lip ; let's be chummy !
New Denver is no jerkwater tank town.
Open up that throttle and the mountains will skip with gladness.
A party of C. P. B. officials passed
through yesterday in their special carriage, and which with engine attached
with steam up was on the barge. The
officials were too busy admiring our
lovely scenery to get off and gather
wild llowers.
FreBli Onion Sets; best quality at
Nelaon'8 Drug St ire. Fresh slock ol
new seeds just arrived aho.
The Convention of the Sun iay Schools
of the Slocan will be held in the Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, 21st.
There will bo two sessions. Messrs.
Barliett, Dodds, and Kennedy will lie
the delegates from Silverton. First
session 2 to 5; second session 7-30 to 9.
A public meeting will be held on
Monday evening at 7-30 when Rev. W.
Muirhead, Secretary of the Eastern
B.C. Sunday S.hool Association, and
Rev. A. Kenmure, of Slocan City will
t ive addresses. Since this is the first
convention New Denver has had i�� is '
hoped that the citizens will make a
special effort to beat the Monday evening meeting.
Writing from Silverton, a lady correspondent recently from Wexford, Ireland, says i-he believes the editor of
thia paper has kissed the blarney stone.
We have lost sleep wondering what she
i leans.
A heavy mud ide came down along
Denver canyon st Monday, which ex-
t nded along th railway tra**k for 100
feet and in many places was five feet
deep. The passengers on the morning
train were transferred to a hand-car to
make boat connection at liosebery, and
ti;e train got through the mud lake the
siiiiie night. Mails from the coast
,\ .ne delayed a day through the mishap.
Henry Stege's trim yacht " Lucerne"
is being thoroughly renovated at the
hands of Wilfrid Cue, an artist at paint- <
in. boats blue and towns red. Siege is
aeain ommodore of tlie "Fleet" by
acclamation, mil lie h.is a few hundred
d llnrs to bet (take Btorin take calm)
that the " Lucerne" can sling a backwash to anything now in commission,
exception always to the Btr.   " Slocan."
O. A. Bigney, the Sandon nerated
water mnn, ran through the valley early
this week.
Fax's Snrsnpaiilla is just the thing
foi a Spring tonic and blood purifier.
Ncl-on's Drug Stores.
J. W. M. Tinling, tbe Silverton real
estate mnn, was a visitor to Denver on
Monday. He anticipates a very busy
From our Correspondent.
And still they come. Last week throe
German families and near of settleis
r'ffects arrived to settle on Nakusp fruit
lands, and a colony of twenty Dutch
people are now on Iheir way from Holland, und land settlers are coming in
Messrs. .Vcstrnp & Wicks have purchased a new stump puller, and they
report it a great succesB.
Mrs. D, St. Denis, of Slocan, who baa
been visiting her sister, Mrs. Robt.
Abbie, returned home on Tuesday
Great rivalry exists between tbe Tin
Can Eaters, and the Stag-town Mush
Eating football teams. The first game
was won by the Tin Can Hooligans,
score 3-0, but the second game went to
thc Mush Eaters, score 6-0. Mr, John
Fyle, cliief engineer on the Btr. Rossland has donated a handsome shield
wliich he intends to present to tlie team
which wins thc final game which will
likely take place on Goo.l Friday.
Fishing reason is now in full swing
and Albert Hobbs can lie seen daily on
the wharf with bis little fishing line.
F. *W. Jordan is having "Tho Mohawk" painted and fixed up for her
summer run.
Mr. L, J. Edwards is erecting a new
bouse on his ranch.
Mib. McKittrick entertained the
members of tlie Dramatic Club on Wednesday evening.
Mr., Muirhead left for a visit to tlie
.���HBS^/IP*^^'^ --#^\^ fa
d,WL^^A^^^^.h^:.f^\^ri'-y>- ..''- -*/*;."*:*--���'/' *,-A    V---.I- *���- r-*&
Je Best Climate In Canada.   Fine soil, most beautiful .eeneiy,  prise fruit, good marl-els   no
doctor s bills, no fron bites, no rniny season, no mosquitoes: good fi.hin., hunting, boating tithC
..ere1;:;: isior!SOCAN K,own fru,t is Rflto',ifi,'i,,2��� ^ iu�� ���-* *��** ���^^
Extract from Hi. Kelson Dally KewaotJuly 1-Itb 1007
in tew0-, .��-.n.r'.7^,r l,^ ���*��� Province, I.
Off., boot four'aereahe fiaa shipped borrlea to the ai no in j,.,..'?,.!,','hr1'''���'"'!'1'V,��*
yet,   nil land la strawberrleJ I rank tc. hi.,,, m,. ^"InlZ^^^ HgiP
A Ten-acre farm it. the: Slocan will give you a  better  income with less labor  than
a hundred acres in Ontario or any other Eastern piovince.
^sViri.^ t0 C0��*��*u"*cate with u, in
JUSTICE to  YOURSLLK    Our illustrated literature is worthy of a place
in any fnu -grower's library.    Just drop us a line while you think of it - -
to-day - - NOW.    Details by return mail if you address me
R. W. MORRAN, Manager.
k Brydges,
Off the Beaten Track.
Last week our editor gotoff the beaten
truck in his search for copy for the
special nnmbi r. It was his pleasure to
take a trip through the Slocan valley
as fur as Koch's Siding on foot, and the
relaxation from ollice life was so much
enjoyed by tis that wo have promised
ourselves another outing of the same
kind in a few weeks. The object ol our
visit to that end ol tbe Silvery S'ocan
was to become better acquainted with
tlie dislrict and at the snme [time note
tlie progress that has been made by the
many ranchers ��ho have settled there
within tlie past few years.
Wo visited twenty farms along the
valliy and conversid with about thirty
ranchers, and we are proud and glad to
report that in every individual instance
all are prosperous and happy. The land
wliich has been taken up by tiiese settlers is most suitable for iruit culture,
and this of Course is the object and the
one absorbing topic. It would surprise
many who havo regularly traversed this
valley whilst comfortably lolling in a
C. P. R. tourist ear, if they would leave
the car for a few hours and stroll a mile
or so off the beaten track, to see tbe
rapid strides which havo been made by
tho pioneers of an industry that will
play a very important part in the future
prosperity of the Slocan. Three years
ago Mr. and Mrs. Schomberg, an industrious couple, well into the sere and
yellow of life, boniosleaded at I'orry'a
Siding, ami when we looked around and
noted the buildings and amount of land
under cultivation wc could not help but
bestow an encomium upon tlie worthy
old Dutchman and his estimable lady.
Poultry raising, too, is carried on by
tbem in a business-like manner, and the
proceeds obtained from the sale of eggs
and poultry has been a great factor in
enabling them to keep a stiff upper lip.
Mr. Schomberg told us with evident
satisfaction that he started farming
with no capital, but it must not be inferred Ihat we would advise others to
emulate his example. "Three yeais
ago," said Mr. Schomberg, "when I had
recorded my homestead, I had a capital
of two and a half dollars lo begin farming witli; but we rustled and kept pegging away at our land, and now the man
who wants to buy me out haa got lo pay
a fancy price. Hut I do not want to sell
yet. We have made a little money from
the turn loose, and when our fruit trees
mature we shall be comfortably rich. 1
take great pride in my trees and stock.
Fruit inspector Twigg was here last
week and he greatly praised my two-
y"har old trees, and he did not Condemn
Around Perry's Siding there arc some
thirty ranches, and as there are several
families, tlie tanners are putting forth
efforts to secure a school.
Eveiyw here along the vadey we saw
farmhouses dotteil, houses wliich viewed
from the railroad appear to be built on
a hillside, but journey to them and the
readrr would be surprised at the large
area of fiat land surrounding him. So
with the bench lundi of Slocan lake.
An impression is .gained on a journey
down its placid waters liy steamer that
tlie liilis whicli abut therefrom are too
steep to permit of farming. This is far
from being the case. Strike inland anywhere, and after you have traversed a
few bundled yards and left the rugged
beach behind, you will behold land tbat
Ior fruit 'arming  is   iucompa*-able.     It
ia a distinct advantage for fruit trees to
be cultivated upon an eaBV Elope, as
witness tlio superabundance of wild
fruit bushes which are oven now blooming.
But harking back to our journey; we
found all the ranchers along tlie valley
happy and very optimistic. All proudly
exhibited tlieir lands with their long
tiers ol apple, pear, plum and cherry
trees, all thriving. Seeding bus been
iu pi ogress on some farms for weeks,
and ploughing was proceeding on others.
Every whore there was smoke, denoing
that special attention is being devoted
to clearing land.
Near tliitellius we came upon the
ranch of Mr. McFayden, and here too
we saw that tapid progress has been
made in three years. Mr. McFayden
lias about 1108 acres fenced in, and about
80 now under cultivation. Here is another sterling example of what can be
accomplished by grit and muscle alone.
Mr. McFayden a few weeks ngo turned
down aif offer of $12,000 for liis ranch.
There are several other ranchers in tlie
neighborhood of the McFayden ranch",
and thev fondly call the district "Bachelors Kow," for leasona that aro obvious.
They are making good homes for some
lucky girl who will take cliancca on a
rural life.
We struck Kock'a siding very late in
tlie evening, and vory tiled, where wo
were entertained royally by Mr. W. C.
E. Koch's commissariat department,
which is under the care of Messrs. Dis-
nev and McLeod.
The following morning we were out
on the beat early and we did considerable reconnoitring before tlie train
catigh. np tons. Below Winlaw a mudslide delayed the train three hours and
that gave us further opportunity for investigation.
We wish to thank very heartily all
the farmers and ol hers who gave open
house to us during a very enjoyable
Jack Holilen left Monday for a month's
trip to Spokane. He will possibly return with a mouthful of new ivories.
lltrtf Daw.on and B>'> Crellin wire
in town from Silverlon lust Monday.
"Tom Cobb."
Good progress is being made with the
three-act comedy "Tom Cobb, or Fortune's Toy," which will bo presented at
the Bosun Hall on Monday, May 25th,
after the celebration. The cast is an
exceedingly good one, and the plot
abounds in ludicrous situations which
will cause roars of laughter. The company are working hard , to make thia
speciality a decided success, and aa we
arc in a position to judge, we would say
they are in a iair way of realizing their
hopes.   The caste is as follows:���
Colonel O'Fipp, an Irish adveutu-er
J. J. Atherton
Tom Cobb, a surgeon 0. F. Kelson
Whipple, a surgeon. ...T. T. Rankine
Matilda O'Fipp, the Colonel's daughter
Mrs. J. C. Harris
Mr. Effingham J. C. Harris
Mrs. Effingham Miss Cue
Bulstrode Effingham F. D, Kelly
Caroline Effingham
Mrs. T. T. Rankine
Members of a romantic family.
Matilda .Tune Ann-Miss li. Macdonald
Footman II. Thomlinson
Tlie play was first produced at St.
James Theatre, thiity years ago, when
it enjoyed a long-run, and although
Slocan audiences will not expect quite
so much dramatic ability in tlio local
Thespians as from Irving or Ellen Terry,
yet those who have been privileged to
witness the rehearsals have ventured to
assert that they will run tliem very
close. By tbe way, we wish to say that
tlie party who has got a corner on tho
stale eggs is known, and hell will he out
for lecess if he doesn't hike for the tal*
timber before the 26th pi ox.      ���.____
.We are still ot the opinion that tlie
lead bounty is a fake under existing
conditions. If thu extension is granted
without any demand upon iho Bineller
for a fixed treatment rate, then it is
proof positive of coalition, and the poor
shipper of lead ore will get it where tlie
the chicken got the axe when the parson
came to sapper. Tlie Ottawa liouso is
a long time making up its mind to make
the extension, however, which goes to
show that even politicians think
Aoglkan Concert.���Programme.
Special efforts are being made to make this Concert a grand success. In
addition to all the best local talent having been secured the promoters have
succeeded in unearthing much additional new talent, as tlie following program
will show :���
Quartette "The three Chafers "	
Messrs. Beanies, Pemberton, J. J. Atherton, E. Atherton, jnr.
Solo "Is your Mother in, Molly Malono? " ��� Mr. C. F. Nelson
Pianoforte Duet " Romeo and Juliet "..Misses McDougald and Macdonald
Solo "The Bridge " -. Mr. Hyde
Pianoforte Solo "The Wind"    Mrs. Rankine
Character Song Mr. It. S. Macaulay
Vesper Hymn (selected)  Mrs. Brockman
Quartette "Sweet and Low"   	
Messrs. Kelly, Hyde, and Tomlinson
Solo "Out on the Deep"    Mr. A. Pemberton
Song  Mr. H. Angel
Solo "Happy Song"  Miss Cue
Solo (selected)  Mrs. Brockniun
Song (humorous)   Mr. J. J. Atherton
Violin Solo "Reverie and Scotch Airs"  Mr. Nicholson
Solo Mr. Harris
Solo  ."Where the Silvery Colorado wends it3 way" Mr. Kelly
Duet "Larboard Watch"	
Messrs. J.-J. Atherton and A. Pemberton.
Recitation* * "Chaige of the Light Brigade"    Mr. A. Pemberton
Octette "Men of Harlech" Messrs. Beanies, Hyde,
Thomlinson, Pemberton, Kelly, J. J. Atherton, Owens, and E. Atherton.
At tbe seventh annual general meeting
of the shareholders of tlu Le Roi No. 2
Limited, whicli was held recently at
Salisbury House, London, E.C, Lord
Ernest Hamilton presiding, it waa proposed to float's, new company to work
the Vancouver mine at Silverton, a
decision thnt has caused general satisfaction iu the Slocan, The report which
wai as follows, will bo read witli intor-
In regard to tho Vancouver mino, Binco
we have had an option on tlio mine, we
have in eighteen months shipped concentrates and oro of more than *. 100,000
in value, most of whicli we have been
compelled to dispose of when prices were
lower than than they havo been for
years. The difficulties which���aa related above���proved sueh a hindrance to
our work at the Josie fi!T***s caused us
even more trouble at the Vanrouvor.
The coal strike led to disorganised shipments, interfered with tho running of
the concentrator and upset stoping operations in tlie mine itself. Following
on this tlie exceptionally severe winter
made tlie running and repairing of the
mill very troublesome, and later the increase in the price ol metals and wagos
drew away a largo percentage of our
men. Working aa we were with hand
eteel, the labor sborlagc waa felt even
more than at tho Josie. As indicated ill
tlio report, tlio work has resulted in the
opening up of four vory line looking
chutes of. ore at the Vancouver or western end of the mine, and wo havo every
reason to believe that very little further
work at the Mountain Boomer will open
up a iiftli chute. The length of vein between tlio faces of tlie nearest workings
advancing east and west is 1,500 leet.
The vein is easy to follow, and tlio
chutes met witli are high grade in silver.
The soutli vein, whicli we havej had no
time to prospect, looks promising at
both enda of tho properly. It outcrops
in the form of very fine looking galena
on the hill south of the Mountain
Boomer. The Vancouver mine requires
a compressor to open up tho vein quickly and systematically, and mention is
made in tlie report of th�� water power
available for thia purpose. Tbe vein
can bo opened up by tunnel sites for
several hundred feet, below the present
lowest workings, and neither shaft sinking nor pumping will be necessary.
During tlie past year we extracted more
ore and made more higli-grale concentrates than any other mine except one
in the lead-silver belt of Britisli Columbia, and this record can bo maintained
by tlie application of machinery to tlie
work. Since the Vancouver report was
made up, another 5,000 tons of ore have
been exposed at the western end of tbo
property, and there will be no difficulty
in following the ore showing in
lhe various faces anl continuing to in-
cioase the ore reserves in a similar manner. In the report on the Vancouver
property we havo taken figures on tho
pest eighteen months as applying to tiie
future, except that we consider that tho
compressors we can mine very much
cheaper than before, but to far aa the
values are concerned we have taken the
figures ol the past eighteen months to
apply to tho future -because they arc tbe
best sample of tbe values, As a matter
of fact, when wc get started running by
sorting our ore we will reducu the quantity of oie going through the mi!l and
improve tbe quality, so that the profits
per ton, which are here worked out at
about $3.50, can easily be improved.
Tlie quantity of ore is just a question of
rapid developeinent, and wheu we get
an air compressor it will inable us to
push things much quicker than we have
been able to do when wo did it by hand
drills,    (Applause.)
The Chairman said witli regard to
the Vancouver property Mr. * Cou Idrey
had said sufficient lo convince the shareholders that they had un exceptional
property in thu Vancouver. There were
certain things they knew by Practical experiment, because for over a year they
bad been working thia mine, and tbey
knew how tliey could take the oro out,
how tliey could ticat it, bow they could
get it to the mill, how they could ship
it to the smelter. What they did not
know and could not perceive was tlie
fluctuations in Hie price of metals and
what ore was iu the mino beyond wbat
was at the moment expos *d and in
sight. However there eeema to be no
poeaibledoubtthat they bad a very good
property. What tboy proposed was to
form a company with a capital of JC100,
000 in ��1 shares, divided into 30,000
preference shares and 70,000 ordinary
shares. Tbo 30,000 preference shares
would bo the working capital, which
would bo offerred for subscription.
Those who subscribed for tlioso 30,000
preference shares would get as a bonus
20,000 ordinary shares. With regard to
the distribution of tho profits' it was
proposed that an annual dividend of 10
per cent, on the whole of tlie capita! of
tho company would be first paid.     Thi*.
would absorb ��10,000. Any surplus
profit available for distribution after
that 10 per cent bad been paid was to
go lo the holders of the S0,000 preference : inirea until they had been paid
in full. From that moment the preference i-haro would cease to exist as preference shares, but tbey would rank as
ordinary shares. That was an outline
of the Bcherne they bad in view, but it
was not intended to lake any formal
vole on the matter at this meeting. He
might add thev proposed to offer these
30 000 preference shares to the shareholders of thia company, so that tlie
advantages accruing from thia dotation
will be divided amongst tho shareholders, nitber qua shareholders puro ami
simple ot' as members of this company.
In answer lo further questions the
Chairman stated that it wns tho intention of tho Directors to eend to tho
shareholders full details of tbo scheme
and also to invito lliem to subscribe for
the shares, ami he had not the slightest
doubt the money would bo Bubsciihed,
because if tlie shareholders did not care
to take them up there were others who
were ready to do so. Tho terms were
very favourubl. and not those which
would be offered to an ouisider.
On the motion of Mr. Lionel Harris a
cordial vote of thanks was piiBBod to the
Chairman, Directors, and staff for the
way in wliich they had conducted tho
affairs of tho Company.���"Financial
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
It was my privilege to attend a meeting of tlie Kootenay Fruit Growers'
Association, held in Nelson last Friday,
and bear their new Secretary Mr. Brock,
outline liis scheme of work for tho season. First I may say that I was vory
favourably Impressed by Mr. Brock,
who appears to bo most energetic and
capable, with strong ideas of his own,
but at tlie same time lie aeems to have
the Bonse to be able to adapt himself to
different conditions, and to be willing*
to profit by local experience. We can
well wish the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
Association every Biiccess, for they are
doing most Important work, and unless
these efforts to cooperate and supply
tlie markets of the North-west, etc., iu
a methodical and businesslike manner
are a success, we cannot expect to hoM
the market and prevent great loss by
overstocking some points and leaving
some places unstipplied.
A notable figure at thu meeting was
Mr. Wigen of Creston, the veteran straw-
be ..y grower, who has made such a
marvellous eu::cess of his own place, and
Who is so good natured in helping his
neighbors by advice and example. Ho
has won for himself a splendid market
and can dispo.se of his crop easily, but
he sees the absolute necessity o: cooperation, and waa there to assist in
bringing it about.
Mr. Wigen-was called on for a speech,
but explained that.be was no speaker*,
when however the discussion waxed
warm as to lhe varieties ui strawberries
to plant and the method of handling the
crop, the old gentleman Was soon in tho
thick of the fray and tlie discussion became very Interesting,
Warfield, Magootn, Wilson, and
Clark's seedling all had theirchampious.
Mr. Brock, who is from tlie famous
Hood River district,- stated that the
Clark's seedling will not flourish in tho
neighbourhood of other varieties of
strawberry plants. Perhaps this may
account for their non-success when Mr.
Vanstone tried tliem at Rosebery. Mr.
Martin Burrell strongly recommends
Clark's seedling, and 1 have ordered
some 600 plants from him. If any are
in a position to give some of these plants
a fair trial away from any other variety,
I will gladly give them some plants free.
Mr. Brock strongly insisted that tho
telephone was indispensable lo tho
success of any scheme of co-operation
ami lhe delegation from Creston told of
thoir little telephone company which
they had organized and installed them*
a-lvcs and which had ninety subscribers
who paid-.150 per month.
J-  C.  HARRIS.      !
It's Skidoo for the Chink,
If tho residents of every town in
British Columbia were as keen and
practical as Slocan City in keep ing ou
the wily Chink, the problem whicht
contiuunlly confronts our rulers and
law makers would be for all time
Nam Hoy is an average sample of
genus homo of tho pigtail variety, and
Nam Hoy's one ambition in life appears
to lie an assertive love for washing
dirty linen. Indeed, that is' all the
bland pigmy desired, and there nre
some who say "let him take lots of
it, but��� there's tho rub-the people of
the city won't suffer a chink in their
'"idst- Now it so happens that Nam
Hoy has tired of playing* pantryman on
the str. " Slocan," and ambitiously desires to set up a laundry in Slocan,
and hai ing- rented a shack and borrowed
a tub, and bought some soap, he was
prepared to do tho "no ticky, no wnshee
act." Pent up indignation at this unwarrantable invasion burst forth in a
wild roar at a public meeting hold on
Monday bitrht- J. M. Benedum was in
the chair, and it is safe betting that
the "chin*, cliang Cliinaman'll shutty
Tho Corporation is now in possession
of a strongly worded resolution in which
the public demand the refusal of a
trading license to the celestial.
Here tho curtain drops at Act I.
���*> * *> *
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans," f
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"        %
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc. ���
MI9MIMN *������������������������������������������������������������ 5
The kitchen vas in perfect order, for
Flora had been busy tbere as elsewhere. The kettle was boiling on the
stove, while two or three little covered dishes were ranged upon the
hearth, as il waiting for someone.
Grandpa Markham hud gone out, but
Uncle Josenh sat in his accustomed
corner, rubbing liis hands when he
saw Maddy. and nodding mysterious-
It '-ti-nrd tbe front room, the door of
which wns open, so thnt Maddy could
hear the fire crackling on the hearth.
"Go in, go in," Uncle Joseph said,
waving his hand in that direction.
"My Lord Governor is in there waiting fnr you. He won't let me spit on
the floor any more ns Martha did, nnd
I've swallowed so much that I'm almost choked."
Continual spittinc wns one of
Uncle Jod'-n't'o worst habits, and as
bis oioter bnd indulged bim in it, it
bnd become n source of great annoyance both to Maddy nnd to someone
else of whose proximity Mnddy did
not dream. Thinking that Uncle Joseph f**ferred to hor grandfather, and
feeling clad Hint the latter hnd attempted a reform, she entered the
room known nt tbe cottage ns the
parlor, the one where the rng carpet
was, the six cane-seated chairs and
the Boston rocker, nnd now the little
round table was nicely laid for two,
while cozily seated in the rocking-
chair rpnrlinc* last night's paper and
looking very handsome and happy,
wa** Guy I
When Maddy prayed that he might
come and see her she did not expect
nn answer so soon, and she started
back in much surprise, while Guy
came easily forward to greet her, asking how she was, once telling her she
looking tired and thin, then making
her take the chair he had vacated,
he stood over her, smoothing her hair,
while he continued:
"I have taken some liberties, you
see, and have made myself quite at
home. I knew how unaccustomed you
were to the duties of a house, and as
1 Baw that girl was wholly incompetent, I denied myself at least two
hours' sleep this morning for the
Bake of getting here early, bringing
Flora with me and a few things
which I thought would be for your
comfort. You must excuse me, but
Flora looked so cold when she came
down from your chamber, where I
sent her to see how you were, that
with your grandfather's permission I
ordered a fire to be kindled there. I
hone you liked it. This house is very
He kept talking on, and Maddy in
a delicious kind of bewilderment listened to him, wondering if ever before there was n person so kind and
good as Guy. And really Guy waa
doino* great violence to his pride by
beip<* there as he was, but he could
do anything for Maddy, and so he
had forced down his pride, trying for
her sake to make the cottage as
pleasant ns possible. With Flora to
assist he hnd succeeded wonderfully,
and was really enjoying it himself.
At first Maddy could not thank him,
her benrt wns so full, but Guy was
satisfied with the expression of her
faco. and callinc Flora he bade her
serve  the  breakfast.
"You know my habits," he said,
smilin"lv. ns be took a seat at the
table, "and breakfasting at duylight,
es I did, has given me an appetite;
so, with jour permission, I'll carve
this nice bit ol steak for you, while
you pour me a cup of coffee, some of
Mrs. Noah's best. Sbe"���Guy was
goin<* to say, ' -?nt it," but as no
stretch of the imagination could construe her "calling him a tool" into
sending Maddy coffee, he added instead, "I brought it from Aikenside,
together with this strawberry jelly,
of which I remember you were fond;"
nnd he helped Maddy lavishly from
tiie fanciful jelly jar which yesterday
was adorning tlie sweetmeat closet at
How chatty and Bocial he was, trying to cheer Maddy up and make her
forget that such a thing as death had
so lately found entrance there; talk-
in? of Jessie, of Aikenside, of the
pleasant little time they would have
d'T-W the vacation, and of the next
term at school, when Maddy, as one
of the-^raduating class, would not be
kept in as strictly as heretofore, but
allowed to see more of the city.
Mn**' 'v felt as if sbe should die for
the pain tugging at her heart, while
plie listened to him and knew that
the pictures lie was drawing were not
for her. Her place was there; and
after the breakfast was over and
F'nt-n i*ind cleared the dishes away,
lhe shut tlie door, so that they might
La alone, iinrl then standing beiore
I'uy, sbe told him ol her resolution,
bcpijin** if hi��� to help ber and not
make it harder to bear by devising
nouns f ir her to escape what she felt
to be an imperative duty. Guy had
rpxnnetrtd something like this nnd waa
prepared, as he thought, to combat
r" "���*���*.". n*-i7uments; so when she hnd
fn'qriM. \,r. replied thnt of course he
f**d not wish to interfere with her
duty, but there might bo a question
ns to whnt renlly was her duty, and
it seemed to him he wan better able
to judire of that thnn herself. It was
not rieht for her to bury herself there
while her education was unfinished,
who" onnther could do as well. Her
(;,���,-_:.,*. i���i������i_ were given to her to
improve, and how could she improve
them in Honedale; besides her
grandfather did not expect her to
r*iv. Guy had talked with him while
she was asleep, nnd the matter was
all arranged; a competent woman was
to he nired to tnke chnrce of the domestic nrrnniremcrits, nnd if it seemed desirable, two shi-mld he procured;
anvthing to lenve Mnddy free.
"And grandofl consented to this
willinglv?" Mnddy snid, feeling a
throb of pleasure nt thoughts of release "But G'"* could not answer that
the   erandfntber  consented   willingly.
"He thinks it best. When he comes
bnck vou can nsk him yourself," he
said, just, as Uncle Joseph, opening
tbe door, brought their interview to a
close by asking very meekly, "if it
wn-'*1 plensf* the Lord Governor to
let him spit!"
The blood rushed at once to Maddy's fnce and she could not repress
a smile, while Guy laughed aloud,
BBvinc to her softly: "Por your sake,
I tried my skill to stop what I knew
moot annoy you. Pardon me if I did
Wroj)g''.*_,then Jtu__iing. i_,.Uncle  Jo-
sep*n. TTe'gnve -�� ? nesrrea-permiBsion.
tog-ether with the promise of a handsome spittoon, which should be sent
down on the morrow. With a bow
Unci-** Joseph turned away, mutter-
in*' to himself, "High doings now
Martha's gone; but new lords, new
laws. I trust he's not going to live
here"; and slyly he asked Flora il
the Lord Governor had brought his
At this point Grandpa Markham
came in, and to him Guy appealed
at once to know if he were not willing
for Maddy to return to school.
"I said she might if she thought
best," wns the reply, spoken so sadly
that Maddy's arms were at once twined around the old man's neck, while
she said to him:
"Tell me honestly which you prefer.
I'd like so much to co to school, but I
am not sure I should be happy there,
kniw.**" !10w. lonely you were here at
home. Say. grandpa, which would you
rather now, honor brieht?" and Maddy tried to speak playfully, though
her heart-beats were almost audible
as she waited for the answer.
Grandpa could not deceive. He
wanted his darling sorely, and he
wanted her to be happy, he Baid.
Perhaps they would get on just as
well without her. When Mr. Guy was
talkine it looked as if they might,
he made it all so plain, but the sight
of Maddy was a comfort. She was
all he had left. Maybe he shouldn't
live long to pester her, and if he
didn'* wouldn't she always feel better
for having stayed with her grandpa?
He looked very pale and thin, and
his "mir waa white as snow. He could
not live many years, and turning
resolutely from Guy, who, so long
as he held her eyes, controlled her,
Maddy said:
"I've chosen once for all. I'll stay
with grandpa till he dies," and with
a convulsive Bob she clung tightly to
his neck, as if fearful that without
such hold her resolution would give
Tt ������������is in vain that Guy strove to
change Maddy's resolution. She was
wholly decided, and late in the after-
nor-t" he rode back to Aikenside, a
disappointed man. with, however, the
feeline that Maddy had done right,
and that he respected ber all the more
for withstanding the temptation.
It was arranged that Flora should
for the present at least remain at the
cottage, and Maddy accepted the kindness gratefully. She had become so
much accustomed to being cared for
by Guy that she almost looked upon
it as a matter of course, and did
not think of what others might possibly say, but when, in as delicate
a manner as possible, Guy suggested furnishing the cottage in better
style, even proposing to modernize it
entirely in the spring, Maddy objected at once. They were already indebted to him for more than tbey could
ever pay, she said, and she would
not suffer it. So Guy submitted,
though it grated upon his sense of
the beautiful and refined terribly, to
see Maddy nmid so humble surroundings. Twice a week, and sometimes oftener, he rode down to Hone-
dule, and Maddy felt that without
these visits life would hardly have
been endurable.
During the vacation Jessie spent a
part of the time with her. but Agnes
resolutely resisted all Guy's enirea-
ties that she would at least call once
on Maddy, who had expressed a wish
to see her, and who, on account ol
her grandfather's health, and the
childishness with which Uncle Joseph clung to her, could not well come
up to Aikenside. Agnes would not
go down, neither would she give other
reason for her obstinacy than the apparently foolish one that she did not
wish to see the crazy man. Still she
she did not object to Jessie's going
as olten as Bhe liked, and she sent
by her many little delicacies from
the larder at Aikenside, some foi
grandpa, but most for Uncle Joseph
who prized highly everything coming
from "the madam," and sent back to
her more than one strangely worded
message which made thp proud woman's eyes overflow when sure that no
one could see her. But this kind ot
intercourse came to an end at last
The vacation was over, Jessie had
gone back to school, and Maddy began in sober earnest the new life before her. Flora, it is true, relieved
her of all household drudgery, but
no one could share the burden oi
care and anxiety pressing so heavily
upon her, anxiety for her grandfather, whose health seemed failing so
fast, and who always looked so djs
turbed  il  a shadow  were  resting on
her bright lace, or her voice were less
cheerful in its tone, and care for the
imbecile Joseph, who clung to her
as a puny child clings to its mother,
refusing to be enred for by anyone
else, and often requiring of ber more
than her strength could endure for a
great length of time. She it waa who
gave him his breakfast in the morning, amused him through the day, and
then, after he waa in bed at night,
often sat by his aide till a late hour,
singing to him old songs, or telling
Bible stories until he fell away to
Those were dark, wearisome days
to Maddy, and when the long, cold
winter was gone from the New England hills, and the early buds of
spring were coming up by the cottage door, the neighbors began to
talk of the chance which had come
over the young cirl, once so full of
life and health, hut now bo languid
and pale. Still Mnddv wns not unhappy, nor was the discipline too severe, for bv it sup learned nt last the
"rent obi��*ct of life! learned to tnke
her troubles nnd cares to One who
helped her bear them so cheerfully
that, those wbo nitied her moat never
dreamed how heavy wns her burden,
so patiently nnd sweetly she bore
It. Occasionally there came to her
letters from tbe doctor, but latterly
they gave her less pleasure than pain,
for as sure ns she read one of his
kind, friendly messaees of sympathy
and remembrance, the Tempter whispered to her that thoneh she did not
love him as she nueh* to 'nvp her husband, yet a life with him was far
preferable to the life she was living,
and the receipt of one of his letters
always gave her a pang which lasted
uoJU. Ohx c����e dowji Ao ._��?_ her.
wrren tt "��f"*v ni��..nnpflr..<Ty "Atmes
was now at Aikenside. and thus Maddv frenuenftv ���p'-d .Tpecip p. .Vip P0+
tage, but Agnes never came, and
Maddy little guessed how often the
oroud woman cried herself to sleep
ifter listening to Jpssie's recital of
all Maddy had to do for the crazy
���nan. and how pitientlv she did it.
He had taken a fancy tbat Maddy
must tell him stories of 8arah, describing her as she was now. not as
she used to be when he knew her.
but now. "What ia she now? How
does she look? Whnt does sbe wear?
Tell me, tell me'" he would plead.
"ntil Maddy, forced to tell him something, and hnvinc distinctly in her
mind but one fashionable woman such
as she fancied Sarah might be. told
him of Agnes Remineton, nnd Unclp
Joseph, listening with parted lips and
hushed breath, would whisper soft-
ly, "Yes, flint's Snrah, beautiful
Sarah; but tell me���does she ever think
of me, or of that time in tbe orchard
when I wove the apple blossoms in
her hair, wherp tbe dinmonds are
now? Shp loved me then: she told
me so. Does sbe know how sick.
and sorry, and foolish I nm?���how
the aching in my poor, simple brain
is all for her, and how you. Maddy
are doing for me whnt it is ber plnce
to do? Had I a voice." and the crazy
man now grew excited, as, raisin"
himself in bed, he gesticulated wildly, "had I a voice to reach her, I'd
cry shame on her. to let you do Iipt
work, let you wear your young life
and fresh, bright beauty all away for
me, whom she ruined."
The voice he crnved, or the echo
of it, did reach her, for Jessie hnd
been present when the fancy first
seized him to henr of Snrah, nnd in
the shadowy twilight Bhe told her
mother all, dwelling most upon the
touching sadness of his face when
he said, "Does she know how sick
wd-aarrvl run'"   ..
(To Be Continued)
No Man Knows When the Moment of
Unconsciousness Comes.
There ls a remarkable fact connected
with sleep which must uot be overlooked. Tbe sleep of a human' being.
If we nre not too busy to attend to the
matter, always evokes a certain feeling
of awe. Go into a room where a person is sleeping, and It Ib difficult to
resist the sense tbut one ls In the presence of the central mystery of existence. People who remember how constantly they see old Jones asleep In
the club library will smile at this, but
look quietly and alouo even at old
Jones and the seuse of mystery will
soon develop.
It is no good to say that sleep Is only
"moving" because It looks like death.
The person who ls breathing so loudly
as to take away all thought of death
causes tbe sense of awe quite as easily
as the silent sleeper who hardly seems
to breathe.
We see death seldom, but were It
more familiar we doubt if a corpse
would Inspire so much awe as the unconscious ami sleeping figure���a smiling, Irresponsible doll. Hesh and blood,
but a doll to whom iu a second may
be called a proud, active, controlling
consciousness which will ride bis bodi-
ly and his mental borse with a hand
of iron, which will force thut body to
endure toll and misery and will make
that mind, now wandering In paths of
fantastic folly, grapple with some great
problem or throw all Us force Into the
ruling, the saving or the destruction
of mankind. The corpse Is only so
much bone, muscle nnd tissue; tbe
sleeping body is the house which a
quick anil eager master has ouly left
for an hour or so.
Let any one who thinks sleep ls not
a mystery try to observe In himself
the process by which sleep comes and
to notice how and when and undei
what conditions he loses consciousness.
He will, of course, utterly fail to put
his finger on the moment of sleep coming, but In striving to get us close as
he can to the phenomena of s'eep he
will realize how great is the n.ystery
which he is trying to fathom.
Plenty of Variety, but Too Much Salt
For American  Palates.
"I am afraid you won't like It," said
the young Japanese baron. "You insisted, though, on a real Japanese dinner.   So what wns I tri""do?"
They seated themselves, the three
girls and he, upon the green silk cushions placed on a .parquetry floor about
a little table a foot high. A Japanese
servant entered with the tea, and the
Japanese dinner began.
For flrst course there were sweet blB-
cult and tea���delicate tea of the April
harvest, "first chop" tea, formerly
served with cherry spoons and a poem
for each guest.
Next came ushlo, a salty soup, with
which the national wine, called sake,
was served in flat saucers.
The third course was a little raw fish,
very salty and steeped ln a sour and
appetizing sauce. The guests, contrary to their expectation, found the
raw flsh no more difficult to eat than
raw oysters. With this course went a
salad of white chrysanthemums.
The elaborate fourth course consisted of boiled chestnuts and a paste of
sharks' fins, quail roasted and hashed
with preserved cherries and crawfish
with eggs. These viands were all arranged decoratlvely on one large dish.
The fifth course, also on one dish,
was boiled bamboo shoots with soy,
salted mushrooms and a cold boiled
salmon and cold boiled perch, with
pickled shoots of the ginger plant
Next came a soup of seaweed, bitter, salty, decidedly good; next an assortment of nuts boiled In soy; next
salt relishes; next delicious boiled
rice, the grains ns large as cherries,
and, to conclude, tea again.
The young girls as tliey rose from
their low cushions and limped about
In tbe effort to get the stiffness out of
their legs said that the Japanese dinner hud been very good, really much
better than they bad counted on, but
perhaps a little too salty for occidental
A Difference.
Young Aspirant���Sir, may I count on
your supporting me'r Practical Citizen
���That depends, youug man. Are yon
going to run for office or do you wanl
to marry my daughter?-
Quick ease for the worst cough-^-quick
relief to the heaviest   cold���and  SAFE
to take, even for a child,    g-i
That   is    Shiloh's   Cure.    -UUreS
Sold under  a guarantee   Coildhs
to cure colds and coughs    jrv   g-i    ��� ��
quicker   than  any   other   ���** **Ls01ClS
medicine���or your money back.     34 years
of success commend Shiloh's Cure.   25c,
50c., $1. S18
Something on the Way
The McJones family were moving
to another town. Mr. McJones had
gone ahead to (et the new home in
order, and Mrs. McJones was to follow with the fanrly's goods and chattels. When sb*_ was ready to start,
Mrs. McJones, remembering her scriptures, wired her husband as follows:
"Lares and Psnates on board boat.
Will  arrive to-n.orrow morning."
But when the telegram reached her
husband it was in these teims:
"Lard nnd peanuts on board boat.
W;ll arrive to-morrow morning."*���
Success Magazine
Read This Evidence  and Begin To*
day to Cure Yourself witli
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Sciatica :s neuralgia of the sciatic
nerve. Its origin is generally rheumatism and is the direct result of
taking cold. For this reason the
disease is commonly known as "sciatic
There is only one thing more painful than sciatica and that is the
treatment of it as practiced. The sickening burning of the flesh is only
one of the forms of cruelty employed
by the old school doctors, and all too
often this ia entirely vain for the relief gained is but temporary.
It is a scientific fact tbat the majority of sciatica cases result from exposure to cold when the patient is in
an anaemic or bloodless condition, in
which the nerve is literally starved.
It needs no argument to show any
reasonable person that a starved nerve
cannot be fed by the application of a
bot iron to the outei flesh. It may
deaden the sciatic pain for a time
but it will not oure sciatica.
Absolute rest *s the best aid to proper medical treatment. Rest and Dr.
Wi'Pams' Pink Pills, which actually
make new blood and thus feed the
starved nerve, wiN* cure most cases.
Mr. H. W. Await is one of the lead,
ing merchants of Hem-lord, N. S. A
few yenrs ago he was a great sufferer
from this excruciating trouble. He
says:���"Tbe attack was so severe that
I had been off work for some time.
The cords of my legs were all drawn
up and I could only limp along with
the aid of a stick. The pain I suffered wns terrible. I was in misery both
dny and night. Every movement caused me such pain as only those wbo
have been tortured with sciatica know.
I was treated by several doctors, .but
they did not help me a bit. In fact
I a'most began to think my condition
was hopeless, when Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills were brought to my notice.
I got a half dozen boxes. I bad used
the entire quantity before I found any
benefit. But I was encouraged and
got a second half dozen boxes, and
before these were all gone every vestige of tlie trouble had disappeared.
Not only this, but I was improved
in health in every way. as it will be
readily understood that the long seige
of pain 1 had suffered bad left me
badly run down. I can't speak too
highly of Dr .Williams' Pink Pills.
I can't recommend them too strongly
to other sufferers."
Sciatica is stubborn in resisting
treatment and the patient often suffers for years. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills do not simply relieve the pain.
Tbey cure the disease caused by poor
watery blood. Tliey actually make
new blood and hnve therefore a direct
and powerful curative effect on such
diseases ns rheumatism, anaemia,
general debility and after effects of
the grip. As the nerves depend upon
the blood for nourishment. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nre unequalled for
the treatment of even the most severe
neivous disorders, such as neuralgia,
partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance,
and locomotor ataxia. As a tonic for
the blood and nerves they are used
everywhere with the greatest success,
bui'ding up wasted bodies and bring-
ine the glow of health to pale and
sallow cheeks. Sold bv all medicine
dealers or by mail at 50c a box or six
boxes for ..2.50 from The Dr. Williams'
Med'cine Co., Brockyille, Ont.
"The typewriter is the child of the
printing press," says an exchange.
That's all right, but no one ever heard
of a fellow marrying a typewriter and
getting a printing press for a mother-
Pa'e, sickly children should use
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Worms are one of the principal causes
of sufferng in children and should be
expelled Irom the system.
He   conquers   twice   who   restrains
himself ln victory,���Syrua.
First Pedestrian���I hear that the
new storage battery is going to place
automobiles within the reach ol all.
Second Pedestrian���Not necessary!
They always reach me!
Minard's Liniment cures Distemper.
Magistrate���Pat Murphy, the constable says you were fighting. What
have you to say for yourself?
Pat Murphy���Well, your Worship.
Oi had a clane white shirt on, an' Oi
was so mighty proud av it, Oi got up
i bit av a row wid a man so Oi could
take me coat and wescot off and show
Told by an English Thief In the Language of Thieves.
Some time ago tbere appeared a
somewhat curious book. "The Autobiography of a Thief In Thieves' I.au
guage." A glossary is provided for
the benefit of those whose unfortunate-.
Ignorance of the predatory classes may
render such aid necessary.
. From one of the anecdotes related It
appears that honor among thieves Is
uot always to lie found.
"One day," says the writer, *'l weut
to Croydou and touched for a red toy
(gold watclu and red tackle (gold
chain) with a large locket. So I took
the rattler home at once. Wbeu 1 got
Into Sboredltch I met oue or two of
the mob, who said: 'Hello! Been out
today?   Did you touch'''
"So I said 'Usher' (yes). So I took
tbem in, nnd we all got canon. When
I went to the fence he bested (cheated)
me because I was drunk and ouly gave
��8 10s. for the lot. So the next day 1
went to him, and I asked him If be
was uot a-going to grease my duke
(put money into my  band).
"So he said 'No.' Then he snld, '1
will give you another half a quid,' and
said, 'Do anybody, but mind they don't
do you.'
"So I thought to myself, 'All right,
my lad, you will Hud mo as good as
my master,' and left hlm. Some time
ufter that affair with the feucu oue of
the mob suld to me:
" 'I have got a place cut and dried.
Will you come and do it?'
"So I said: 'Yes, What tools will
you want?'
"And be said, 'We shall want some
twirls and the stick ((crowbar), nud
bring a Neddie (life preserver) with
you.' And he said, 'Now don't stick
me up (disappoint); meet me at G tonight.'
"At 6 I was at the meet (trysting
place), nnd while waltlug for my pal
1 had my daisies cleaned, and I piped
the fence that bested me go ulong wltb
his old woman (wife) nnd his two kids
(children), so 1 thought of his own
words. 'Do anybody, but mind they
don't do you.'
"He was going to tbe Lyceum theater, so when my pal came up I told
him all about It. So we went aud
screwed (broke Into) his place nnd got
thirty-two quid and a toy and tackle
which be bad bought ou tbe crook
(dishonestly). A day or two after this
I met the fence wbo I'd done, so he
said to me, 'We huve met ut last'
"So I said, 'Weil, what of that?'
"So he said, 'What do you want to
do nie for?'
"So I said, 'You must remember you
doue me, aud when I spoke to you
about It you suld, "Do anybody, but
mind tbey don't do you."' That shut
him up."���Loudon Tit-Bits.
A Witty Irish Judge.
Mr. Doherty, who was chief justice
of the Irish court of common pleas
from 1S30 till his death iu 1840, was
fained for his wit. The gossip in the
hall of the four courts, which of course
reached the bench! was that one of
the judges had been somewhat excited
by wine at an entertainment in Dublin
castle on the previous evening. "Is tt
true," the chief justice was asked,
"that Judge ��� dnuced at the castle
ball last night?" "Well," replied Doherty, "I certainly can say that I saw
him ln a reel."
"As I came nlong the quay," remarked one of the officers of tbe court
whose face was remarkably hatchet
shaped, "the wind was cutting my
face." "Upon my houor," replied tbe
chief Justice, "I think the wind had
the worst of It."���London Law Notes.
Swiss Naval Wars.
References to the Swiss navy are
usually jocular, but It ls none the less
a fact that ships of war ouce floated
and eveu fought on the waters of the
lake of Geneva. The great fleet was
that of the Duke of Savoy, who at the
beginning of the fourteenth century
maintained a number of war galleys
armed with rams aud protected by
turrets and propelled by a crew of
oarsmen varying In number from forty to seventy-two. These vessels besieged Versolx aud even blockaded
Geneva. But Geneva also had a fleet
which helped In the capture of Cbllon
ln 1530, and wben the Bernese annexed the canton of Vaud they, too,
.had tjielr flotilla. Their largest vessel
was the Great Bear, with 64 oarsmen,
8 guns and 150 fighting men.���Westminster Gazette.
Office Boy's Little Coup.
The office boy lu a downtown office
hns framed up the following schedule
of the firm's office hours, which ls displayed ln a prominent place on the
wall: "9-10 reserved for book agents
and people witb vail.uis things to sell,
10-11 for insurance agents, 11-12 bores
with loug stories, 1-2 solicitors for
church and charitable Institutions, 2-"i
discuss sporting news with callers, 3-5
miscellaneous social visitors. N. B.���
We transact our own busluess at
A Financier.
"Father," asked ltollo, "what is a
"A financier, my son, differs from
the ordinary busluess man ln being
able to make tbe government Bit up
and worry when his affairs do not go
The Only Fault.
Guest���Waiter, bring me some rice
pudding. Walter���Er, 'fruld I can't
Jess recommend the rice puddln' today,
sir. Guest���What's the matter with
It? Walter���Nothln', sir. 'cept there
ain't uoue!���London Scraps,
Sheridan on being asked how we
came to call Gibbon "luminous," answered. "I said 'vo-luminous.'"
W.   N.   U.     No.   676.
As Good as the Zoo.
"Will you come with me to the zoo
this afternoon ?"
"No, thank you; 1 would rather stay
at home. My eldest daughter Jumps
like a wild goat, my youngest shrieks
like a parrot, my son Is as surly as a
bear, my wife snaps like a dog, and
my mother-in-law, who Is a veritable
tigress, says I am exactly like an
���| orang outang. So. you see, I have no
"' need to go to the zoo to see strange
Canada's Forest Area
Canada's forest area has been variously estimated at from eight hundred million to three hundred million acres. The latter is the latest
estimate and was given by Dr. B. E.
Fernow, the recent'y appointed Deah
of the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto. He is one of the
best authorities on forest subjects on
the continent and for years was head
of the United States Bureau of Forestry. His estimate, he thinks, "will
cover the commercially valuable tim-
berland area, actual and potential."
At this estimate the forest area of
Canada is "not much more than one-
half of the commercial 'orest area of
the United States."
Mr. R. H. Campbell, Superintendent of Forestry for tlie Dominion
government, gives a rather larger estimate. He calculates the terest area
oi tlie Dominion at about 035 million
acres,  divided  as   follows:
Britisli  Columbia    182 million
Man., Susk., Alta., and unorganized territories   180       "
Ontario    40       "
Quebec    120
New Brunswick     7%   "
Nova Scotia    S       "
"Inexhaustible" used to be a favorite word to describe Canada's forests. But tbe drop from tlio old figure of 800 million acres to the more
recent ones given above allows clearly
that the more Canada's forest wealth
is Investigated, the less are p:>ople inclined to use that word. Great as
this wealth mny be, it is 'or Canada
to husband her resources and make
her forests a permanent asset. In
older to do this, she must carefully
protect her forests nnd see to their
being reproduced, that a future supply of timber may be ensured from
them. This would menu the careful
management of those lands on scientific and business principles, and tiiese
it is that the forestry movement is
seeking to introduce throughout the
If you have ever taken a walk
through a pine forest you will remember how, almost unconsciously, the
head was thrown back and lungs expanded as you drew in with long deep
breaths, the pine-laden air. How invigorating it was���bow hea'ing!
Thousands of men and women suffering from lung and bronchial affections, but whose circumstances prevent them from seeking renewed
hea'th in the pine forests can be relieved and cured in their own home
by using Virgin Oil of Pine (pure).
This preparation contains all the
heulth-giv'ng properties of the forest
trees, and wil' break up a cold in 24
hours and cure any cough that is
curable. It is also a perfect neutralizing agent for uric acid, and affords
speedv relief in cases of rheumatism.
lame-back or other affections resulting
from  disordered kidneys.
Put up only in X-ounce vials, each
securely scaled in a round wooden
case, the genuine always shows the
name���Virgin Oil of Pine compound
pure, prepared only bv Leach Chemical Co., Cincinnati, O.
A bottle of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, taken according to directions, will subdue a cough in a short
fine. This assertion can be verified
bj hundreds who have tried it and
are pleased to bear testimony to its
merits, so tbat all may know wbat a
=plendid medicine it is. It costs you
only 25 cents to join the ranks of the
many who have been benefited by its
The professor bad been quizzing bis
isychology class, and was evidently
somewhat disappointed with the remit.
"Gentlemen." said be, as tbe bell
-ang for dismissal, "it has been said
that fish is good brain food. If that
statement is true I advise some of
the men in this class to try a whale."
���Kansas City Star.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form ol contagious itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
"When a boy is interested in what
he is saying," observed a veteran instructor of the young in Washington,
"it is diflicu't for him to think how
"be says it.
"I remember stating once to a
pupil that he sbould not say, 'Richard done it.' 'That is not right,' concluded I.
," 'Then Richard lied about it,' was
the sententious response of the pupil."
���Philadelphia Ledger
Minard's Liniment cures Colds, &c.
George Broadhurst, the author of
"The Man of the Hour," Is said to be
ambitious to write, a play on Washington political life.
Arrangements have been completed
whereby Henry Miller will have a
Bummer stock company In San Francisco, where he will try out several
new plays.
Will A. Page, well known as the
press representative of the New York
Hippodrome, has left that position to
become, the business manager of Miss
Julia Marlowe.
Julia Sanderson, the prima donna in
Charles Frohman's company playing
"The Dairymaids." ls the daughter of
Albert Sackett of the "Brewster's Millions" company.
Cyril Scott Is to have a new play by
the De Mllle brothers called "The
Trail." It Is a story of the Canadian
lumber camps, and Mr. Scott will have
the role of a young Irishman.
A movement has been started by
the Italians ln New York to establish
ln that city an Italian theater with a
Stock company, one of the plans being
to bring over the noted Italian dramatic stars.
At One Fell Swoop
"Huve  you  got  any   of  these  preparations  for    removing    superfluous
hair-*" asks tlie man  who enters the
drugstore  with  a  firm   tread  and   a
set countenance.
"Yes, Hir," answers the druggist,
"Give me a pint.    I want to use it
on my bond."
"But, man, you haven't got nny superfluous hair on your head. You're
nearly  bald  now.'
"I know it. And I've got so aggravated and tired watching tlio coil
founded hair leaking out day by day,
that 1 want to remove the rest of it
al one sweep and have the agony
over."���Success Magazine.
Externally or Internally, It is Good.
��� When applied externally by brisk
rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
opens tiie pores and penetrates the
tissue as few liniments can do, touching tlie seat of tbe trouble and immediately affording relief. Administered internally, it will still tlie irritation in tlie throat whicli induces
coughing and will cure affections of
tlie bronchial tubes and respiratory
organs.    Try it and be convinced.
"Ob, thank you," exclaimed an elderly lady to a laborer who surrendered his seat in a crowded tram car,
"thank you very much."
"That's oil right, mum," was the
As the lady sat down the chivalrous
laborer added: "Wot I ses is a mini
never ort to let a woman stand. Soma**
men never get up unless she's pretty:
but you see, mum, it don't make no
difference to me!"���Judy.
Minard's   Liniment     cures     Diphtheria.
The  Arab   Honeymoon
For seven days after tlie wedding
the Arab bride and bridegroom are
supposed not to leave their room.
The bride may see none of her own
family, and only the women folk of
her husband's, who wait on her. She
remains in all her wedding finery and
paint, and does absolute'y nothing.
The bridegroom generally slips out
at night after three days, and sees
n few friends privately, but he persistently bides Irom bis wife's family..
If he should bv accident meet his
father-in-law before the seven days
are over be turns liis buck, and draws
his liaik over bis face.
Not a Labor.
She (indignantly)���You had no business to kiss -me!
He���But it wasn't business; it was
p'easure.���Pick Me Up.
You surely wouldn't buy an inferior cow,
when you could get a pedigreed Jersey
for the same money ? Why should you
buy cheap, inferior, imported salt wbeu
costs no more.   It's best for butter���best
for cheese���best for the table.
Insist on having Windsor Salt.
This cut speaks for itself .���shows
CTlT I AD^ ***e thoroughly shrunken interlin-
t*lJLiLeSlt\o ing. it'Bthisinterliningthatmakes
the collar keep its shape when laundried.   These collars are 4-ply.
It's the careful attention to these details that makes these 2 for 25c.
Tooke Collars the most popular and best collar value in Canada.
~|     KEEPS Tn HEAT      ~g
MONTHS, and your wholesaler is in a position to supply your requirements in what is acknowledged to be
"Always���Everywhere In Canada���Use   Eddy',   Matches."
Shake the Ingredients Well in the Bottle and Take a Teaspoonful
Dose After  Meals
When an eminent authority announced in a leading Montreal daily
that he had found a new way to treat
that dread American disease, Rheumatism, with just common, every-day
drugs found in any drug store, the
phys;cians were slow indeed to attach
much importance to his claims. This
was only a few months ago. Today
nearly every newspaper in the country, even tlie metropolitan dailies, is
announcing it and tlie splendid results
achieved. It is so simp'e that any
one can prepare it at home at small
cost. It is made up as follows: Get
from any good prescription pharmacy
F'uid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kargon, one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sinsapari"ii, three
ounces. Mix by shaking in a bottle
and take in teaspoonful doses alter
each meal and at bedtime. These are
all simple ingredients, making an absolutely harmless home remedy at
little cost.
Rheumatism, as everyone knows, is
r. sympton of deranged kidneys. It
i* a condition produced by the failure of the kidneys to properly filter
oi strain from the blond tbe uric acid
nnd other matter which, I* not eradicated, either in the urine or through
the skin pores, remains in tlie blood
decomposes and forms about the joints
and muscles, causing the uiito'il suf-
fi ring and deformity of rheumatism,
This prescription is said to be a
splendid healing, cleansing and invigorating tonic to the kidneys, and
gives almost immediate relief in all
forms of bladder and urinary troubles
and backache. He also warns people
in a leading Toronto paper against
tbe discriminate use of many patent
"I'll never forget tbe first jackpot
1 ever won," snid the veteran at tlu
"What did you hold?" asked tba
"My breath for one thing; T don't
remember what else."���Philadelphia
by local applications, as they riarmni
reach the diaearied portion of the ear
There Is only one way to cure deafncris
and that is by constitutional rcmodl-B
Deafneds la cauaed by an Inflamed condi
tion of the mucoua lining of the Ruatach
ian Tube. When thia tube ia inflamed vou
have a rumbling* sound or imperfect hear
ine, and when It ia entirely closed. Deaf
ni'RH Ib the result, and unlesa the inflnm
million can be taken out and thia tube
reBtored to ItB normal condition, luarin^
will be deatroyed forever: nine case* out
of ten are cauaed by Catarrh, which la
nothing* but an inflamed condition of tin*
mucoua flurfaeea.
We will Bhe One Hundred Dollara for
any case of Deafnoaa fcaused by Catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure.   80-id  for clrr-Wara, free.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Rold by   nruBeiats. 75c.
Take nail's Family Pills for constipa
Hospital Physician (to reassure
him)���That snake you see is not a
real one, you know.
De'irium Tremens Patient���You see
il too, do you, doc? Ah, ha!"���Chicago Tribune.
Mrs. De Smythe���Tommy, do you
want some nice plum jam?
Tommy���Yes.  mother.
Mrs. De S.���I was going to give you
some to put on you bread, but I've
lost the key to the pantry.
Tommy��� You don't need the key,
mother. I can reach down through
the window and open the door from
the inside.
Mrs. De S.���That's wbat I wanted
to know. Now just wait till your
father comes home. ���The Catholic
"I was a ma.lyr to catarrh of the
head, throat and stomach. I was so
bad the doctors feared consumption.
. tried many physicians and medicines. A friend suggested Psychine.
1 tried it and it was the only thing
ever did mo any good. I am now
perfectly well. It is the greatest remedy the world bas ever known. I do
not need it for my health now but I
use it as a strengthener for my walking matches. I owe much of iny physical endurance to Psychine."
Port Hope, Ont.
Psychine is tlie greatest cure for
catarrh of the head, throat or stomach
in the world. It is a wonderful tonic
and strengthener of run down system,
acting directly on all the vital organs,
giving youthful vigor and strentrth to
the system. At all druggists 50c and
$1, or Dr. T. A. Slocum. Limited, Toronto.
"Boohoo! Boohoo I" wailed little
"Why, what's tbe matter, dear?"
his  mother  nsked,   comfortingly.
"Boohoo���er���p-picture fell on papa's toes!"
"Well, dear, flint's too bnd; but
you mustn't cry about it, vou know."
"I d-d-didn't. I laughed ! linolioo !
Boohoo I"���Everybody's.
Wigg���What errors these novelists
make! Here tha author of this book
speaks of his heroine ns being unmanned.
Wagg���Maybe she was divorced.���
Philadelphia Record.
Coughs of
Especially night coughs. Na*
ture needs a little help to quie:!
the irritation, control the inflammation, check the progress
of the disease. Our advice is
���five the children Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Ask your
doctor if this Is his advice also.
He knows best.  Do as he says.
W*�� publUta our tVrmulaa
V7�� banish alcohol
from ourmarliiinii
Wo urge 70a to
consult -four
If you think constipation is of trifling
consequence, just ask your doctor. He
will disabuse you of that notion in short
order.   "Correct it, at oncel " he will
, say.  Then ask him about Ayer's Pills.
IA mild liver pill, ill vegetable.
���etattttV tha i.O, Atttt Co.. IrswlU-Msii.    ���
A Spell of Worry and Anxiety That
Went For Naught.
Ferguson was wending his uncertain
way homeward, sorely troubled In his
mind over tbe curtain lecture he knew
was In store for bim aud castiug about
for some means of evading It. Suddenly a bright Idea was evolved from his
befuddled brain. He would slip Into
the bouse and get quietly into bed
without awakening bis wlf_.
Accordingly he stole gently upstairs,
carefully uudressed outside the door
and crept Into bed, with his face toward the outside.
He mentally congratulated himself
upon bis success thus far and went to
sleep.   "
Wben he awoke In the morning be
dared not look at bts wife, and after
lying still for a few mluutes and not
hearing any noise from her he concluded she was still asleep.
He then determined to arise very
quietly, carry bis clothes outside the
door, dress tbere and go downtown to
business without walling for breakfast. He was successful In this, nnd,
meeting the servant girl downstulrs, bo
"Eliza, you can tell your mistress I
expect to be very busy today and
therefore I didn't stay to have breakfast with her Hi's morning."
"Laws, sir!" snld lOllza. "Missis went
away yesterday morning lo her mother's and said sbe wouldn't be back till
this evening."���Loudon Telegraph.
Hard on Petty Thieves and Light on
Wife Beaters.
It is only abont a century sluce tho
death penalty was Indicted lu England
for theft not exceeding lhe value of a
sheep. Now some of tbe Loudon journals are making a merciless exposure
of magistrates throughout the kingdom
who keep up the tradition by sentencing petty thieves to Jail while Inflicting only trilling lines upon wife beaters and eveu more brutal offenders.
lu oue police court one defeudaut
was fined 10s. lid. for knocking bis
wife down ln tbe street because she
refused to give hlm mouey for drink,
and another was sentenced to sixty
days' imprisonment for damaging
growing potatoes and stealing two
For cruelty to a borse, beating bis
wife, who was III, with dst und hammer and leaving her wltb nothing to
eat one man was lined 10 shillings,
while another, charged wltb stealing a
pair of socks valued at sixpence, got
fourteen days' bard labor. It would
not he difficult to make up a list of
similar cases from American police
courts, yet the tendency lu America Is
rather toward a higher estimate of the
value of human life.���Van Norden Magazine.
Australian Curiosities.
There are some curious things ln central Australia. Luke Amadens lu the
dry season ls merely a sheet of salt,
Ayers rock, about five miles round,
rises abruptly from tho desert. Formerly vust rivers flowed here, and the
dlprotodon, a wombat-like creature
worthy of Its name and four times as
large as a kangaroo, dourisbed on thc
plains. Now tbere are hardly any animals to be seen. Tbe fish live iu water
boles of the bills until tbe doods wasb
them down to the valleys. At the end
of the wet season tbe water frogs fill
themselves with water, roll themselves
In the mud and lie low till the next
rains, which may not come for two
years. Meanwhile the provident frog,
like the "uiousie" of Robert Burns,
may bave tbe mlsfortuue to furnish a
drink to a thirsty black. The natives
also get water from tbe roots of trees.
Tbey are In the "totem" stage and
revere certain plants or animals which
protect them. Men of one group can
only marry women from another single
The Need of Common Sense.
I had a really scientific man to see
me tbe other day, aud In the course of
our Investigation of a point we hud
In common it was necessary to wasb
out a bottle. The bottle was empty.
It was a round, wabbly vessel, and he
had to hold It under the water a long
time so that It might get full enough
of water to hold It down. 1 asked
h'.m why he did not fill it wltb water
flrst, aud he laughed and said be did
not think of IL And that .bears out
my contention that it is not because a
man ls as "clever as paint" that he
therefore grasps "the common sense
of common things."���Q. H. It. Dabbs
In Fry's Magazine.
Why Currants Are Nutritious.
The reason why currants are so remarkably nutritious IS that they consist to a very large degree of saccha-
rlu In its most easily digestible form-
that of grape sugar. The piquant flavor of the currant, which aikls so much
to Its pleasantness as a food, Is derived from the valuable percentage of tartaric acid which the berry contains.
Potash Is also present In the form of
.���ream of tartar and Is* .undoubtedly of
lietetlc value.���Ladles''Pictorial.
No Excitement.
"Here." said tbe dramatist, "we have
1 husband who loves his wife aad a
wife who loves her husband."
"How am I to construct a drams
from such material7"
His Inference.
"Evidently a Turkish bath Is a
scheme to keep one perpetually dirty."
"1 Judge from wbat you sny that
you've never taken one." -
"No. hut I've seen a Turk."���Ex*
chance      i	
Denatured Alcohol.
It is very misleading to base elaborate arguments on German expcrleuce
with denatured alcohol. Thc conditions
are by uo means similar. Germnuy has
no natural supply of gasoline and kerosene as have we. Germany depends
upon alcohol; we do uot. There are
many problems to be met In this matter. In this work the farmer, distiller
and machinists must co-operate. The
advantages from the increased use of
alcohol for Industrial purposes will be
mauifold, and if the farmer keeps
awake he will get hla share of them.���
Japanese Pilgrimage to Its Tempest
Swept Summit.
To the people of Japan the mount
Fujiyama ls sacred. The meaning of
tbe word ls "houorable mountain."
During that brief six weeks of summer
when Fujiyama's wind swept sides are
cliuibnble, writes A. H. Edwards ln
"Kakemono," the pilgrims come in
thousands, in ten thousands. Tbey
dress themselves In white from head
to foot. They carry long staves of
pure white wood In their hands, each
Btamped with the temple crest, and in
bands and companies tbey climb the
Always the leader at their bead, bis
staff crowned with a tinkling mass of
bells, like tiny cymbals, chants the
hymn of Fujiyama. For six short
summer weeks they come. Then the
winds rush down, the snow falls, the
tempests rage, and Lord Fujiyama lives
No human being bas yet stayed a
winter on his summit, and even ln the
summer weeks the winds will blow the
luva blocks from the walls of the rest
bouses aud sometimes tbe pilgrim from
the path.
FuJIyamu stands alone, not one peak
among a range, but utterly alone. Rising straight out of tbe sea on one side
and from the great Tokyo plain on the
other, his 12,'.0.r> feet In two long curving lines of exquisite gruce rise up and
up Into tbe blue, and not an Inch of
one foot is bidden or lost. It is all
there, visible as a tower built on a treeless plain. It dominates the landscape.
It can be seen from thirteen provinces,
and from a hundred miles at sea tbe
pale white peak of Fujiyama floats
above tbe blue.
The First Gas Bag and the First Dirigible Balloon.
On the 1st of December, 1783, when
the flrst gas balloon rose from thc
Tuilerles*' carried up by Charles and
Robert, the Marquis de Vllleroy, un
octogeuarlan and skeptic, declared It
was tempting God himself. He was
rolled In bis armchair to a wludow of
his chateau to witness the Impossibility of sucb an ascension. But the moment the aeronaut, gayly saluting the
spectators, rose In the air, the old man,
passing suddenly from the most complete incredulity to unlimited faith in
the power of geulus, fell upou his
knees and exclaimed: "0 men, ye will
find the secret of never dying! And it
will be when I am dead!"
The public, easily confounding tbe
atmospheric with the astronomic heavens, already balled tbe day when the
aeronaut would continue his aerial
course to the moon, to Venus, to Mars
or Jupiter.
Pierre Glffard, then Dupuy de Lome,
tried the first dirigible balloons. Latei
Captains Itenard and Krebs in tbeli
aeroplane, La France, went from Meu-
don to Paris aud back at the same
time tbat Gaston Tlssandler was carrying out bis due experiments. But all
progress was soon stopped by the
weakness of tbe motors compared to
their weight.
Nothing further could be done until
the arrival of tbe explosive motor. In
fact, It was the Improvement iu automobiles which won us the conquest of
the air.
Hands and Feet.
It ls said tbat Disraeli was prouder
of bis small bauds than of all his great
mental accomplishments. This was
presumably because they were badges
of aristocracy lu their evidence that
he had not beeu brought up to labor,
and he worshiped aristocracy. And
small feet of the same character���evidences tbat the possessor did not go
barefoot wben a child. Generations of
carefully shod children or the nobility
developed this characteristic of those
of "gentle blood" as distinguished from
the commonalty. But sucb proofs of
superiority were not meekly endured.
In due time brainy commoners discovered that the "artistic band" was not
small, but long aud slender, and then
came tbe athlete multitude, wbo scorn
small bands and feet as evidences of
Stubborn   Case   Healed   by   Zam-Buk
The most troublesome and obstinate of all scalp trouble is Ringworm.
Mrs. H. Girdlestone of 106 Eawdon
St., Brantford, Ont., says: "My
daughter had ringworm very bad, so
bad that 1 was compelled to have her
huir cut off. I obtained a preparation
from the druggist to paint tlie sores,
but instead of curing, tlie Ringworm
deve'oped into nasty sores matterating
and smelling badly. I saw Zam-Buk
advertised in the newspaper and immediately sent for a box. After several applications I could see a great
improvement, and as I kept up tlie
Zam-Buk treatment daily the disease
was soon checked. The nasty sores
were thoroughly cleaned and healed
and all trace of Ringworm banished
from the child's scalp in a few weeks
after commencing with Zam-Buk. I
cannot recommend Zam-Buk too
Zam-Buk cures cuts, burns, chapped
hands, cold sores, itch, u'cers. eczema,
running sores, catarrh, piles, bad leg,
rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, abs-
ie886S and all diseases of the skin
Of all druggists nnd stores, 50c, or
lostpoid noon receipt of mice, from
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.   0 boxes $2.50.
Serioj, Error.
A Kansas newspaper tells the following on one cf the young men of
the town.���
A young man who is very particular
about bis washing, recently wrote a
note to his washerwoman and one to
(lis sweetheart, and by 11 strange fatality lie put the wrong address on
?aeli envelope and sent them off. The
washerwoman waa sent the invitation
to take 11 ride tlie next dav, but when
���lie young lady read: "If you tumble up my shirt bosom any more, as
vou did last time, I'll go somewhere
dse," she cried all evening and de-
olared she would never speak to him
Gray Hairs In Wall Street.
"It seemed to me down ln New York
the other day," remarked a Cleveland-
er who had just returned from tbe metropolis, "that one might almost recognize Wall street aud tbe financial
region by tbe number of gray haired
young men you see. I had occasion to
be ln several offices on Wall street the
other day, and I honestly believe more
than half of the young men 1 saw bad
gray hair. I noticed the same thing
along tbe street. It may have beeu
just a coincidence, but I couldn't help
woudering If tbey would bave beeu
gray Just as soon If tbey had beeu at
some other game for the last few
Stupid Fellow.
"Mary said 'No' to me last night,"
sighed Peter Slomau, "but I don't believe she conld honestly tell why sbe
did It." *
"Oh, yes, she could," replied his
cousin Kate.  "She told lie."
"Did she?"
"Yes; she said she didn't think you'd
take 'No' for au answer."
Rome's Gormandizing.
The decline of a nation commences
when gormandizing begins. Rome's
collapse wus well under way when
slaves were thrown Into the eel pits tc
increase the gamy flavor of the eels
when they came upou the table.
Just as he clasped tb/i beautiful girl
In his great strong arms a strange man
came out and stood beside thcin, looking exceptionally foolish nud idiotic,
due possibly to his embarrassment
"Pardon me," he suld. "The playwright had more epigrams than he
could put ln the mouths of his logical
I characters, aud I've dropped in Jusl
here to get off a few of them. I'll be
as n.ulck us I can. You understand
my position, of course."
"Ob, dear, yes," they replied as wltb
one voice.   "Don't mind us.   Go right
ahead.    Take the center of the stag*
| and talk as long as you like.    We've
I been   ln  society   drama   before,  you
��� know."���Cuct
Tbey Are a Powerful Nerv'ne.���Dyspepsia causes derangement of the nervous system, and nervous debility
once engendered ia difficult to deal
w'th. There are many testimonials
as to the efficacy of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills in treating this disorder,
showing that tliey never fail to produce good results. By giving proper
tone to tiie digestive organs, tliey restore equilibrium to the nerve centres.
"What, then," asked the professor,
"is the exact difference between logic
and sophistry?"
"Well," replied the bright student,
"if you're engaged in a controversy,
;t's just the difference between your
line of argument and tho other fellow's."���Le Rive.
Minard's  Liniment cures  Garret  in
"When I flrst knew that man," said
the observant waiter, "lie couldn't
have been making more than $1 000
a year.   I'll bet it's $10,000 now."
"How do you know?" usked the
"He used to give me a 50-cent tip,
but now he only gives me a nickel."���
Philadelphia Press.   .
Baby's Own Tablets have saved
many a precious little life. There is
no other medicine for children so safe
and sure in its effects. The Tablets
oure stomach and bowel troubles,
teething troubles, destroy worms,
break up colds and prevent deadly-
croup. And you have the guarantee
of a government analyst that this
medicine does *iot contain a particle
of opiate or narcotic. Mrs. J. Lar-
oque, Log Vallev, Sask., says:��� "I
nm a great believer in Baby's Own
Tablets. I bave used tbem on many
occasions and Know of no medicine
equal to them '11 curing the common
ailments of babies and young children." Sold bv all medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,   Ont.
"Now, all we want from you is a
straight story," said the lawyer.
"Sir," retorted tlie witness, "perhaps you are not aware that I am a
prominent politician in 'his community aud your insinuation constitutes
an affront."
"Pardon me." reioined the lawyer.
"No offence intended. Just tell as
near a straight story as you can."���
Philadelphia Ledger.
M'nard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Some time ago I had a bad attack
of Quinsy which laid me up for two
weeks and cost a lot of money.
Finding the lump ngain 'orming in
mv throat, I bathed freely with MINARD'S LINIMENT, and saturating a
cloth with tiie liniment left it on all
Next morning the swel'ing was gone
and I attributed tlie warding off of nn
attack of Quinsv to the froe '.se of
St. John.
The  Way  They  Are   Made  From  the
Intestines of Sheep.
Catgut strings, It Is well known, are
made of the intestines of sheep. The
Intestines of the full grown animal ar.
from forty to fifty feet loug.
The raw material from the stockyards ls first thoroughly cleansed of
tat and fleshy fiber by dull knives arranged ou a drum turned by a crank.
The white tough membrane that ls
left Is then handed over to the splitter, who dexterously splits the material Into eveu strands by bringing it
agalust the blade of a safety razor set
upright ln the table before him. The j
strauds are then spun, together and
placed on the drying frames.
An American E violin string requires six strands, the European four.
The strands, at one end fastened to au
upright post, are twisted together
while still damp and pliable by means
of a spinning wheel. Tuken from tbe
drying frames, the strings are cut In
lengths, colled and boxed ln oiled paper for shipment To polish tbe strings
very line emery paper laid on a grooved
iiliiiiiiiiiiini block is used. While the
strings nre still on tbe drying frame
the covered block Is passed over tbe
strings, polishing ns many at oue time
ns tbere nro grooves in tho block. 11
.���an be seen that from the manner ln
whicli tbe strands are twisted the effect of polishing is to weaken the
In tbe essential features tbe process
of making the Que gut strings for surgical uses or the heavy strings three-
elgbtbs of an inch thick sometimes
employed for niach'uery bolting does
not differ from the method employed
In the case of the musical strings except that the latter are bandied wltb
more care.
A  High Standard
Tho great Wellington was always
precise about religious observances.
One Saturday evening a lady, one oi
his guests at Strathlieldsaye, Wellington's country seat, apo'ogized for
not forming one of the party to church
tlie following morning.
She was a Roman Catholic and there
was* not a Oathol'C church within a
d:stance of 20 or 30 miles.
"That," said h's Grace, "need be
no difficulty. My carriage and houses
are at your disposal. Breakfast shall
be ready a little before daybreak, and
the thing can be easily done."
The second Duke of We'lington, in
telling the story to the author ol
"Society in the Country House," adds
"And she had to go."
"Imagine," lie exclaimed, "the impossibility of living up-to such a father ["���Saturday Evening Post.
One of the greatest pleasures in
this world is to find mistakes made
by other men.
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
Perilous Feats of the Men Who Manipulate the Cameras.
A man who can stand or sit on tbe
flauge of u steel beam not so wide as
the sole of your shoe and (500 feet
above a roaring granite paved city
street, there coolly to take successful
pictures of tbe top of tbe city far below hlm, must be possessed of three
qualifications and each of the flrst water. He must have judgment, patience
and courage, these three, and, one may
add without slighting the other two,
the greatest of these is courage. Bo
writes H. G. Hunting in the Technical
World Magazine.
The eager eye of the camera goes
everywhere nowadays, and the man
who makes picture getting his business udopts no peaceful, unexciting
pursuit. If he Is under contract to a
great newspaper or magazine he may
be called upou to secure a picture of
anything, from a flashlight in tbe black
depths of a metropolitan sewer to a
portrait of the fairest white slave In a
Turkish harem. Ue may be asked to
"get" a female grizzly nursing her
whelps ln ber mountain lair to Illustrate some naturalist's work at one
end of the year, aud before the other
end bas come be may snap a shutter
on tbo lip of some smoking volcano's
Wben you see a striking or a startling picture of man or beast in some
extraordinary place or pose, do you
ever stop to think where the photographer was wbo made tbe negative or
how he got there?
Because of Its Delicious Flavor.
The   Declining  Party
"Well," said the Critic, "you may
say what you like but I believe that
tbe poets are declining nowadays."
"You're dead wrong," said the Poet
sadly. "It 'S not tiie poets���it's the
editors."���Cleveland   Leader.
Holloway's Corn Cure is a specific
for the removal of corns and warts.
We have never heard of its failing to
remove even the worst kind.
I was once teaching a class of small
pupils in phys:ology in a rural school
and asked the class what name waa
given to the bones ol tlie head as a
whole.    A little girl ra:sed her hand.
"Whnt is it, Lucy?"  I  asked.
"Skull!" she answered.
"Correct." said I, "but what other
other name has it?" expecting some
one to answer "cranium." All were
silent for a while, then a little fellow
who seemed to be in deep study quickly raised his hand, his eyes sparkling
and a confident smile spreoding over
his face.
"What is it. Henry?" I asked.
"Noggin." was his immediate reply.���Judge's Library.
i*il hard, soft or calloused lumpti and
blemishes from horses, blood spavin,
curbs, splints, ringbone, uweeney, stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, oomrhs,
eto. Bave (SO by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Core
"ver known.
Life-Saving   Record
Last year a human life was saved
by tlie United States Life-saving Service every ninety minutes. Out of
0,230 people whose lives were imperilled,  only twenty-nine wero drowned.
A Cure for Rheumatism.���The intrusion of uric acid into tbe blood vessels
ir, a fruitful cause of rheumatic pains.
This irregularity is owing to a deranged and unhealthy condition of the
liver. Anyone subject to this painful
affection will find a remedy in Par-
me'ee's Vegetable Pills. Their action
upon the kidneys is pronounced and
most beneficial, and by restoring
healthy action, tliey correct impurities in the blood.
Pepper In Olden Times.
During the middle ages in Europe
pepper was the most esteemed and Important of all tbe spices. Genoa, Venice aud other commercial cities ot central Europe were Indebted to their
traffic ln pepper for a large part of
tbeir wealth. Its Importance as a
means of promoting commercial activity and civilization during the middle
ages can hardly be overrated. Tribute
was levied iu pepper, and donations
were mnde In tbis spice, which was
frequently also used as a medium of
exchange ln place of money. When
the Imperial city of Rome was besieged by Alarlc, the king of the Goths,
in 408 A. D., tbe ransom demanded included 5,000 pounds of gold, 30,000
pounds of silver and 3,000 pounds of
pepper, illustrating the Importance of
this spice at that time.
For  Poetical   Reasons.
"Perchance," called tbe amiable widow, "come here!"
The little lapdog trotted meekly up.
"Surely that is a strange name for a
dog!" exclaimed the gentleman visitor.
"Wbat made you name him Perchance?"
"I am so fond of poetry!" explained
tbe lady lucidly.
"Madam, forgive me, but I fall to
see the applicability."
"Why, Billy man," exclaimed the
merry widow, "1 named It after Byron's dog! Don't you remember where
he says, 'Perchance my dog will
What He Knew.
Master���If your friend were to borrow 12 shillings from you, agreeing to
pay 1 shilling a mouth, how much
would be owe at tbe end of tbe year?
Pupil���Twelve shillings.
"You dou't know the elements of
"But I know my friend."���London
The Bonds.
"I want to get rid of some bonds."
"Out of my line," replied tbe lawyer.
"But these ure matrimonial bonds."
rejoined the caller, putting a different
face   on   the   matter.
When we are happy we seek those
v,e love. In sorrow we turn to *,'A��
who love ni���Cecil Raleigh.
Individuality In GtfU.
Individuality should be the one thing
looked for in Christmas gifts. Tbey
should be the particular thing the recipient desires, If possible, and If there
Is anything that can be marked It
sbould be. One handkerchief marked
with all the Initials ls worth half a
dozen bought with a single Initial,
which any one might have. Everything ls marked this year, the lingerie
and even fine shirt waists In tiny handkerchief letters. It only costs a few
cents a letter to have this done.���Earner's Bar.ar-
He Thought He Had Learned His Selection Thoroughly.
A seven-year-old orator made his
debut In front of a large audience the
tither night at a West Side club. His
deluded but loving family wbo had
egged bim ou to this sacrifice were
mostly wltb him In the dressing room,
Iney wanted to be sure that hia bangs
did uot full over his eyes and obstruct
the view of bis mother, father, aunts,
ancles and cousins in reserved seats
directly In front
"Now, Johnny," said his mother, "be
.ure you make a nice bow."
"You bet I will," said Johnny, with
I ewagger.
"And let your bands fail easily by
your side, like this," and his father
.truck an attitude.
"Of course," said Johnny.
"Are you sure you know your piece?"
asked his sister.
"Yep," said Johnny, nnd he recited
the first two lines���
"I wish I had a little dog,
To pat him on the head."
"That's right He'll do splendidly,"
remarked his mother. "You'll go on
ln a minute now, and we must get
Into our seats. Don't you be scared
a bit, Johnny."
"Whoth thcaredT asked Johnny,
Who began to feel a sinking of the
knees, while Ids heart began to rise
until It was in bis mouth, and then
somebody was pushing bim forward,
and he saw a lot of faces, not one of
which he had ever seen before, and
It was lighter than any electric searchlight he bad ever seen. "Speak up
now," said the manager. "Make your
bow and say your piece."
Johnny made bis bow and the audi
ence applauded, but he had difficulty
In finding bis tongue. His hands hung
down as his father had suggested,
making him look like a little wooden
man, and when he forgot and stuffed
them Into bis pockets tbe audience applauded again, The manager took this
opportunity fer a stage whisper:
"Speak up, now," and he began the
first line. Then Johnny said ln a
���ttrange, hoarse voice:
"I wish I had a little pat
To dog hlm on the head."
Roars of laughter. Frantic demonstrations on the part of Johnny's family.   He began again:
"I wish I had a Uttle pat
To head him on the dog."
His father rose ln his seat 'That
added to Johnny's confusion. Again
the brave boy essayed:
���1 wish I had a little dog
To head him on the pat"
Then a weary family took Johnny
by the band and led htm home.���Detroit News Tribune.
To Abolish Dampness
People who live in damp localities
particularly near undrained land, in
France, have discoveied a simple remedy for damp situation. Suceess-
lul experiments have shown that it is
possible materially to improve the atmosphere in such ne'ghborhoods by
the planting of the laurel and the sunflower. The laurel gives off on abundance of ozone, while the Bunflower is
potent in destroying malarial con-
tions. Tiiese two, if planted on the
most restricted scale in a garden or
any ground c'ose to the house, will be
found speedi'y to increase the dryness
and salubrity of the atmosphere.
"Do you believe that mosquitoes
carry malaria?"
"Not the mosquitoes around here,"
answered Fanner Corntosse'. "They
couldn't possibly do it and    be    bo
ealtby."���Washington   Star.
Mrs. Droppyn���It's a wonder your
kHchen girl doesn't insist on using
the piano.
Mrs. Stnyhum���Let the impudent
Jling do it if she dares! I've found
:ut that she can play it better than
ny girls  can!���Chicago Tribune.
Cures all stomach troubles
and makes you strong
and fit, because it strengthens stomach, liver and
bowels, cleanses your
system and
Your Blood
Price Mcenti ner bottle. Sold Everywhere.
A. J. WHITS & CO., Montreal.
For chilblains rub on witch hazel
Tills ls also excellent for pain ln the
Joints, poor circulation or stiffness.
A cold may often be prevented if
when the first creepy feeling ls noticed one gets down with the back
close ln front of a hot register or
radiator and stays there until so warm
as to be uncomfortable. It Is, of
course, Important not to chill after
this toasting.
A poultice of witch hazel is often
very soothing to a muscular pain and
Is simply made. In a small saucepan
put a square, folded flannel cloth.
Pour over this enough witch hazel to
thoroughly moisten It Heat and place
the flannel cloth over the pain. Cover
It with dry flannel, and pin a towel
over it to keen It in olaea
"Mugging" In New York.
A youug man was taken before a
New York magistrate on a charge of
larceny. The policeman who made the
arrest asked permission to take him to
police headquarters. "What for?" asked the Judge. "To mug hlm, of course,"
was the response. "There Is no 'of
course' about It," the Judge responded
with emphasis. "You have uo right to
take a nniu's picture against his will
until he bas been convicted. This
young man bas uot been convicted, and
there ls to be uo 'mugging' In his case.
Tbe sooner the police understand tho
situation tbe less llalile they will be to
get Into trouble." Other New York police magistrates have expressed themselves Iu similar uiruis.    ....change.
Do You Suffer Q '
will quickly remove the cause oi
these distressing complaints and
restore healthy action to every
organ. You will feel like a new
person after taking a few doses oi
Beecham's Pills. They rid the
system of impurities, Improve the
digestion, banish headache and
Give Positive Relief
in all cases of Biliousness, Consti-
Eition, Indigestion and Disordered
The excellent result* obtained
by the use of Beecham's Pills have
proved them worthy of the confidence they enjoy. They have
helped thousands and recommend
Sold Everywhere.   In boxes -5 dents.
Business Buildings
Tire only cltanly, th. only fife-prool
cwling.��� iheceilrngthat t.ys the last word
in r_at-_rali.ett_._tv,���(he ceiling thftt snows
DO rscrani.   that will outUil lhe building itself
��� Coit  no mnn thnn the
common tort, but look thrice
������fine. Over 2,066d.*iigni,to iuitanyrtore
or -..nictate. Side-walli to match. See
our newest deiigm��� nothing like tliem ia
Canada, either io beauty oi variety.
Requett the free book that ihowi thewhole
ceiling itory.    Send for it to-day, 310
The PEDLAR People ffi.
. London
Send tin your '
for 1X piece* of
Jewelry to wil ntlOoentieach. When told land un th*
rfil.ao and wewlllaoiid you Uieno TWO SOLID QOU)
Ailod WHO*. Wo trunt you with th�� Jewelry and wllliwnd
It uncharge* paid. Send ui your na\ma and addrcunow.
W.    N.    U.     No.    676. THE   SLOCAN   MINING REVIEW.   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,*.00,000
UNDIVIDED PROFITS, .$-13*_,f*_..98
President���Lokd Etk>.thcoK-i a;:d Mount Hotaj..
Vice-President���Hoa. Geobgi.  A, Deummond.
General Man��_;cr���E. S. Cloi .tox.
Brenchee In Ail The Princi
REST, $11,000,000
al Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
NEW DENVER BPdNcii~TrisilERt Manager.
Commencing on flonday,
April 6th.
%lecm flD.ntnQ Review.
Mrs. Williams  invites the inhahitante
ol  New   Denver,   Silveiton,  Slocan
Cily, Sandon ami the surrounding diatri.t to cell and  Inspect her stork ol the
��� following
Ea~ster Goods:
Special linn in the latest fashions in
millinery, Hats, etc.
Also a large range of ladies' anil children's ready-to-wear just arrived,
a****************a^t-t ********************************
ll     Tired Feeling that Spring;
|| Brings ?
Energy all gone?    No appetite?    Blood thin nnd watery?
Nerves unstrung?     Generally under tlie weather?
If Scott's Iron Tonic Pills I!
General Freighting   _.
and Transfer.
They will BRACE YOU UP and
put you  in   FIGHTING   TRIM.
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most b.sutiful piece in
British Columbia, this modern end picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the Iravelinz public all the attractions end
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling msy be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.    Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
Subscription 1(3.00 per annum, strictly
ln advance.   No pay, no paper.
Anvnr.Tisixa Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .12.00
.   "    for Crown Grants    -   -    7.*60
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 6.00
All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each is.ue.
Transient rates made known on appll-
��       Cation.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
New Denver, B.C.
Bosun Hall Stores
Keep all rafh purchases fiom us for
April. It will certainly pav you. A
Cambridge Fount ain Pen will l*e given
away to the Highest Cash Purchaser.
Do not hesitate lo call on us for your
requirement!,. We have a full line of
Groceries, Patent Medicines, Carter's
Pills, Electric Oils, PiiinKiller. English
Shag and Sailors' Twi-t Tohaccoj and
the Best ilivt and Shoe Stock in tlie
country. A fulj line of Ladies', Boys'
and Gait's Furnishings.
i * A***^.*^*****************i
?tf********************   ��� ������>.-' : ..<i*-..><*������>*���*..��� ���>%** **_.*.. *$****,
B. ;__>
.eneral Merchant   - -   New Denver
New Denver
feat Market
Make yourself familial with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Billy Garbutt came in this week to
renewold acquaintances-in Sandon and
o her points of the district. IIo bus
lately returned from a visit to bis old
home at Owen Sound, and is now abn t
to proceed ou a tunnelling rontraot
whicli he and Nick Cavana igh hnve secured from the C. P. R. at File. B.C.
Tako notice that Frank Provost, of
Bloean City, B.C., miner, intends to
apply for permission to pdrchaee tne
following described bind. Commenting
at a post planted at lhe mouth of the
First North Fork of Lemon Creek, running noith 40 chains, tbenre West 80
chains, tbence south 40 chains more or
lets, to Lemon Creek, tlience cast 80
chains following Lemon Creek to place
of commencement.
* Dated this 8th day of April, 1908.
Dealer in Mine-, Mineral Prospects,
fruit Xante anc-
(Seneral "Kcal Estate
Preliminary examinations of  Property   fji* prospective  pnrcharers a
.   speciality.
12 years experie* co in the Slocan, All
business   promptly  attended tu and
satisfaction guaranteed,
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and   Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fisli ill season.
Empress Fractional mineral claim, sit
tint, in the Siocan- City Mining Division   of   West  Kootenay   District.
Where located :   On the ninth nidi* of
Ten-mile creek ami adjoins the Eater-
prise and Mabou mineral claims,
Take notice thnt I, Robert  Ira  Kirkwood,   Froe   Miner's   Certificate  No,
1395,785, intend 60 days from ths  date
hereof, to apply to Ihu Mining Recorder
for a Cert'finnte of Improvement*,   for
tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown (.riant
of the above claim.
Ami further tuke notice that action,
under section 87,  must be  commenced
before  ths ifcuanceof _ucb  Cerlificnto
of Improvements.
Hated this27ih dny of Jan., A.D. 1008
lermann never
P.O. Box 112, Silverton, B.C.
Owing: to ill health I am  obliged to
close uiy businers.   A Iter the IGth
Ml Goods Sold at a Reduction
A .bare of your patronaga ia   solicited.
Jeweller and
Watchmaker g
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Notice is hereby given, that on Monday, May 4th, 1908, the Court of
Revision for tlie Municipality of the
City ol Slocan will be held on above
ilate, in tlie City Hall, at 2 p.m. for the
purpose of revising the Assessment R .11
of the City of Si nan. Those making
complaints against their assessments
are required to bave tlieir protests in
(he hands of the City Clerk ten days
l efore the first sitting of the Court of
r f Revision.
D ted March Slat. 1008. AK0
Shall I send my next washing?
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
AU work iruarantoed.     Special  attention to n.ail orders.
.F^edl-v^o*;^ I
For  thnse  who   could    not set
away during the busy holiday
season,  we  reccomend
Take Notice that I, Jesse T. Tipping of
Slocnn City, B.C., occupation, miner,
intends to appiy ior permission to purchase the followingdesciibetl lands:
ton mencing at a po*t planted about
one anl a half mi'e south east of Shu an
Citv, B C, near the north bounding of
W. C. E. Koch's laud, tbence north 00
clinks, thence east (!0 cliains, thenco
routh 00 chains, Ihence weet 00 cliains
and containing 380 acres more or lets
Slocan City, B.C. March 2nd, 1008.
Zhc Siocan Ibotel
Zbxee foxWe,
Th.re   is   only   one   first class     Headquarter*,   for  Mining   Men
Laundry in tho Kootonay, and that when visiting this iamous bilver-
Lead   Mining   Camp.        Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar aud Excellent Pool Table.
Kootenay Hotel
Santa, B.C.
This far-famed eanitaHum with
its sulphur springs and accomodation isfJUST the;place to
build up and get a fresh start.
This company operates  through
standard sleeping  cars, dining
cars, and First Class Tourist
For rates, Reservations or any
information desired, call on, or
write    .
E, J. Coylb, A.O.r.A.
John Mo��, D.P.A., Nelion.
profeefliosial Care*.
Shelf    and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
av* Denver Lodge No. 22
Kl. of !=>.
Meets in Pythian Cnetla
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY    evening    at
8 o'clock.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered  to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
hcturo KMpt, polish****-, flavoring citracu, pcr-
fumef. tcilrt ftmclM. medicine*, baking pew-
drr\ alvn, linimenU, stock ( nd poultry rem-
edin, household apecitltiet and noveltiej in
four own home it inu.ll cost. Mixert Guide is
a paper devoted to the businew, throe months
.trial *ub��cnption (or 10c, nample fre��
MIXERS GUIDE. Fort UadiMO, low*.
Ladies' Dress I0e
Silk Blouse or Ball
,   Gown ...60<j -
Towels, handercln'efe, petticoats, Bock_, etc '., .B0�� doz.
Working men washing 10c pea.
Collars 3c. Shirta lCc.
Special attention to shipping orders.
mnni%W Hotel
Warm Cosy Rooms.        R.itaurent   in
connsction.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Is offering goo.l values in Men's underwear,  in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands,  also shirts ol
Various kiiuli, i.oino  specialitifl for miners  and men in   l..g.
Ring camps, glovel, mitts, socks in large variety, collars, tie
sweater', ovemlli, blankets snd comforters.
Call ind inspect our stock ; it will lie appreciated.
p   *******tM*******************al***<l****��***+***+AfimJ
Hrst-clans Rooms; Fi;**t-clans Meah ; Firnt-elass Bar | Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and cemt'ert when viuiting thia
favorite summer re3ort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Par!;ies. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Faciinr lake and glacier this hotel oifera all that is required
to make your vinit a memurable one.     Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop.,  New D-anver, B.C.
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family ��nd Hotel Trado,
a| We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the   Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail er your
own favorite lotion.
No frost hsre. Two shifts always.
aver bunker
For GOOD FRIDAY,  15c.  doz.      Order Now.
C_______l    -*W_J      ��^!   __^
Box 44.
Kootenay Steam Laundry
oINehon, B.C.
Ciet piice   lilt Irom J. E.  Angrignon
Local Agent.
Eva Fractional  and   Hillside   miner 1
claims, situa'o in the Slocan  Mini
Division oi Weet Kootenay Dietiict.
Where located :    South-east  of. Sandon.
Take.'notice that I, Herbert T. Twigp,
��- agent for lhe Byron N. White Coin-
j,.,m-, (foreign), Free Miner's Certiti-
inie No. Iil>5042, intend, Mxly dajs
fiom the date lureof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for ..CeitilicatfS of
Improvements for the purpose of ob-
sp.in'irg Clown Grants of each of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
bslore tlie wsuaiico of such Certilicntcs
of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day ol Fob. A.D. 1908
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
��� ************************
;: try
I The Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Ont.
ForJSprlug an 1 Simmer Suiti
Best Simplos.E/er Shown
iii   B.C.
See   thnn at  the   Lr.c.ine
Sliuving Parlor,
ii L
& Hotel
Slocan Cit?t  *. B.C.
Headquarters and home
of tht old-timers, mining
and commercial men, rancher.*;, lumberjacks, prospectors, and ev-try one who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   tt
f. ��. (Briffitb
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber,  Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir andTamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake
L. SCAIA, Proprietor
������Sglff "a*����*_TftSI��i.'*C_aJCJ- en-BflgpSM -darS^OW-^ilv- *
PA Box 20.
In the Home  fur a'l Jlining Men when  nt, the famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Coy Roims and flrst*cla��s tahle.   Sample Rooms.
1 will make vour utiiy with mc n pleasant one.
D. Grant, Prop,=SILVERTON, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby given that after
the expiration of 80; days from date, I
intend to apply to the Superintendent
of Police, Victoria, for a retail licpior
license at Mt-Guigun, B.C., to be known
as the McGuigan House.
March 24, 1908.
' (21 The Superintendent of Provincial
Police may ut any time euncel ar.y
license granted or renewed l>y him,
upon proof satisfactory to him that
the licensee is not keeping his premises in accordance with the provisions
To N, W. Fesslei* nnd U. V. Rlsdon,
or lo any oilier parson to whom tlie)*,
or eitl'iir of tliem, nuiy bnve traiia-
larie.d tlmir iuteio*t, or any part thereof, iii tlie ''Tiansvaal" mlneial claim,
Situated on Ten-mile creek, in the Bio-
can City mining division of tlie Wa.t
Kootenay district ol the province of
Britiah Columbia, nnd recorded in the
Mining recordeis ollice nt Bloean,   B.C
Yo i, and each of you are hereby [notified tnat I have expe'ndrd the sum ol
two hiuidicd an<i live dollars ($i!05.00)
in payinuiit in lie.u ol work ami recording Iti.s upon thu ftbova naiuud niineia
idniu: in oid**r to hold lire eiime Hurler
the provisioniol Bsction 2-1 of tlio mineral sot; and that If wilhlii 90 dnys from
the duU of thii notice, you f��il or r.*fuie
to contribute your proportion ol tlie
afbroiaid expenditure, tor the two
yi-nis ending tlie 1st ol Angimt, .'SIV,
together with ul costs o( advertising
your interfst in tlio said claim wil' lie-
come vested in ihs nudei'signed, Uuder
the  lnii.ciiil  act,   Amend-
finierili wnrlmterl on Short
notirri ��t fiay point la Ih. _ll_-
trlct.    .hells -.1*1*7. in itork.
HO HOcXean,
IllNV En
Slogan Land Pi Btr let ���District of
Went Kootenay,
Take noticeethat C. Provost of On-
tnrio, farmer, in 00 dnys from date, intends to apply to Ihe chief eoiiiinisinner
olLunds and Works for permission to
puichase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted 'M0 feet
soiilli nf tbe south weit coiner ol Block
71(11 running norlh (10 chains, west til)
chains, south 10 chains, east 60 chains
following the river to pointof commencement,
Located April llth, IMS.
,Tel8 F. Provost, Agent.
of this Act, or is keeping  his   premises in a disorderly manner, and for a.otiou 4 of
the additional reason, in  the case of rm,nt net, 1909
a  wholesale   licensee, that he is not      f)��ted at  Slocan,  I..C,_this  80th day
bona fide  carrying on a wholesale 0( January, A.D., 1908.
-Ap. 30
Hotel Rosebery
Well luriiishod rooms.
Fir.t-cla.i   Cuisine.        .    '
Take notico Ihat M. P.ovost, of On*
tnr.o, farmer. Intends to apply for per-
mlscinn to purchaed the following des-
cribi'd lands. Coiumeiiclng nt a post
running north 80chains, tlience tait *I0
Chains, thence south 20 ohains mnre
or Ii*i*h to tho river ihence Wrst *I0 clmins
following the rivet io point pf commenco-
Located April llth, 1008.
JgjS F. Provost, Agent.
Take notice (hit Neln I.egrnd, farmer,
intends to apply (pi* permission to pur-
elut.'O the lollowlng de c.ribed land:
Oollliiioiii'ina nt lliiu pout niuning noith
20 cliaiiiH, ihence we*l *0 clialtIB, Ihence
stiulli 20 cliains mors or lea lo thu river
Ihencu east 10 chains lollowing the
river to point of commencement.
Located April lllh, 1908
F, Provost, Agent
Take notice that J. J, Alherton, o
New Denver, B.C., printer, intends to
apply   for permission to purchase the
1 lowing described land. Commencing
at a post planted on the south side of
Lemon Creek, ahout one hundred ai'd
liity feet south-west of the mouth of
'the Hist norlh fn^k of Lemon creek,
running south 20 chains, tlience west
40 chains, thence north 20 chains, to
Lemon creek, tlience enst 40 cliains
following Lemon Creek to place of coiu-
Dated this 8th day of April, 1008.
Riverside, Autumn, Ahiiioda, Treseure
and l.ail*y Fraction miners! claims,
iitnate In th*' Slocan City mining
division nf Went Kootenay District.
Where loca'ed : On tho divide he
tween Tfii-mile ami Springer cnioks,
nenr the head ot Springir creek..
Take notice  thatl,   Rul.ert Ira Kirk-
weod, i'r��e Miliars Certificate No. H95,-
71!,"), iutu-iil 00 days from the date hort.-
of, to apply t�� ths Mining Recorder for
Certificates ol Improvement! far the
purpois ol obtaining Ciown Giant of
tba above claims.
And further take noiice that action,
under section 87, mint he commenced
beiore the Issuance of tucli Certilicate
ol Impioveiiient*..
Dated this Ist day of Feb.,A.D. 1908
Sweet Gr��ss, Wihner, Ivan, and Wil-
mm* Fractional mineral claims, situate in the Slocan Mining division of
West Kootenay District. Where located: On Goat M.untain north of
D.nver Siding.
Tako notice that I, Frank C. Green,
acting ai agent lor Gt*orgc Boulter
Frae Miners Certificate No. I1138>5, intend 00 days irom the dnte hereof to
apply to tli. mining recorder for certificates of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
An'l further tnko  noticu that neLion
under section 87, must   be commenced
before  tho i-auance of such  Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of Jan. A.D. 1908
Ap. 18 Nelson, B.C.
Ohio Mineral claim,    situate   in   the
Slocan  Citv    mining    division    of
West  Kootonay   dislrict.     Where
located:   On the south  side of Tan
Mile Oreek above   the    Enterprise
Mine, and adjoins the Mabou   Mineral claim .
Tako notice that I,   Ribcrt Ira Kirkwood, Free   Miner's    Certificate   No,
BDS.TBfi,    for  myeelf    and    agent   for
Frank A.  Wells,  Free Miners  Certili-
cite No. 5004, intend 00 dnyo  from   the
dato hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder foaa Certilicate of Improvements
f.rr the purpose of obtaining a   Crown
Grant of the abovo claim.
And (urtbor tuke notico Hint action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvement!.
Dated this 27th J��v of Jan., A.D.  1908
Mabou   mineral claim,   situato In   the
Hlocan City nining  division   of  Well
Kootenay diatrict.      Where located :
On the   i nitli aidai-f  Ton   Mileci.sk
above the Enterprise mine about  60
feet from the westerly end-line of th*
Enlerprisu mineral claim.
Tuke notice that I, Robert Ira  Klrk-
wnod,    Froe    Millers    Certificate   No.
BB5,785 for myse t,  ami agent for  Duncan A. Grant.,  Free Miner's   Caitiflcate
No.   B4809,   intend  (!0  days   from  the
ilnto here if, to apply to thu Mining Re-
eorder for a   Certificate  of improve-
ni.nls, for tho puipose ol  obtilning a
Crown (riant of lhe above claim.
And further tnko notice that action
under section 37, must bu commenced
before the issuance of smili Certilicate
of Improvements
Dated Ihls27lh rltiy of Jan., A.D. 1908
Triune an.l Great Weatern Mineral
Claims, situate in tiie Slocan City
mining Division of West Kootenay
Diatrict. Where 1-iCited: On
Springer Creek about hnlf mile sb-jre
the Arlington S.i\vmlll at tho second
crossing of Springer Creak.
Take notico that I, Robe* t Ira Klrk-
wond,  Free    Miner's    Certificate   No.
B96785, intend, 60 data  from the  dat.
hereof, to appiy to the Milling Record"
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
lh�� purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of lhe alinva claim.
And further tike noiico that action,
under  section 87, must be commenced
before tbo issuance of such Cartilicat. of
Dated this 1st day of Feb., A.D. 1908
Slocan Land District���District of"""
West Kootenay.
Tako notico that J. Crow, Slocan,
B.C., miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following des-
CTibed lands. Coramenolng at a poet
running nortli J50 feet to the sonth-west
corner of Block 71(11, ihence east 80
chains, Ihence couth 60 cliains to the
ri vt l* more or less to tbewot, 80 cliains
following tlierivci* to point ofcnmuiei.ee-
rhent. Located April llth, 1908.
Jcl8 J. CROW.


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