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Slocan Mining Review 1907-03-28

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. 31.    VI. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Mar. 28, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Now Ready For Tiie
Full Court.
Tlie ntfxt stage in the famous cape
of a Sandon mine in which over half a
million dollars have been absorbed in
COS'S, and in which sev<nil millions
dollars worth of ore nre involved, will
be thu adjourned hearing before the
full court on April 8th. Fur some reason
t be venue has been changed from Vancouver to Victoria, and ail parlies have
been notified. The anay of legal talent
will be beaded on the Harris tide by
S. 8. Taylor, of Taylor AO'Shea, Nelson, und E. P, Davis, of Davis, Marshall
& McNeil, of Vancouver, ami on lhe
Bryon N. White side by R. E. Lennie,
of Nelson, and E. V. Bodwell, of Vancouver.
The Court adj mrned in November of
last year af'cr giving Mr. Harris the
necessary order t*i do certain work to
determine the existence of a black
fissure and the continuity of the ore at
a point held barren by the White company. To do Ill's work W, E. Zwicky
was appointed by lhe judges, and Hun is
deposited the necessary funds for its
completion in (he Hank of Montreal nt
New Denver. This work has r.OW been
completed, and its import well understood her.*, but whether the legal gen-
lemcii, judges and experts can all agree
mid finally put an end to the litigation
we do not presume to guess.
The latest rumor, which appears to
have foundation, is that Superintendent
Zwicky and Foreman Clark have been
subpeened by the Sar company to give
evidence for the Crown ns independent
witne-ses, nnd show when, how nnd
why the work was done.
Laid to Rest.
All thai was mortal of the laic Nih-
o'aa McKian was lowered into their
hist reining place in tho tiaidcn of
Sleep st Kaslo on Friday last. The
procession to the graveside was n very
lengthy one, and was perhaps the l..ng-
eat ever witnessed in Kaslo. The popularity of the deceased miner diew
crowd* from tho siirroun ling country,
nil anxious to pay their respects to ono
who, llv.ugh dead, will over be held
dear to memory. The funsral was
pathetic beyond expression, for not one,
as the last good-byes were s.'.id, but
fi-lt thai n loss has been sustained for
which there is nn compensation.
The obsequies were peiformed by the
Rev, Father Jeannotte, who delivered
some comforting words to the sorrowing assembly, Tiie chief mourner was
Jnmes McKian, a brother of the de-
ceased. Sandon Miners' Union were
in charge of the arrangements, and n
huge number of members were present.
i local anb General. I
I ��� |
*    J','.*ke.l up'')- r.'itllng In Evorywhero.    ���>
*     %a * .*. v .;..*. ,{..���. * * ***************
W, S. Storey, representing theOgllvie
Milling Co., wan here yesterday,
Stm. Langille came up from Whi'c-
w.il *r ou Monday. He reports that the
old burg is lively iu mining and commercial elides,
P.ov. W. G. and Mr*. Brown are en
route to Atheist in, Quo., but tliey will
st .p over at Lethbildgo for a week.
Writing from Revelstoke, March 20th,
to the editor, he hopes that we "��ill b*
able to escape the weakness of 80 mnny
newspaper editors who wait lo see which
way the wind blows and then blow with
it, instead of having priiiclples*for which
to live and trying to educate the people."
We appreciate the gentleman's kind
words ami advice, but with reference to
the latter, we can assure him our task is
hard, as lhe average reader thinks he
knows it all.
Geo, T. Moir writes ui that helms
Arrived at Phoenix and is being kept
busy with inward freight nnd n.i average of 55 cars of ore going out. Mrs.
Moir and children at the time of writing
were stili in Ncls-m, owing to the illness
of li11lo Eva, who contracted a oold
whifst travelling, which developed Into
pneumonia. We are pleased to report
lhnt tho critical stage has been passed
nnd that the family will join G. T. in a
few days.
Hugh Niven, the popular proprietor
of the Hotel Slocan, 'lhrce Forks, made
n trip into Sandon S.tur.lay. When
Uughie gr.icc! our street! with his presence we know that summer is nigh.
Charlie F.irrell has been out into the
wo.Id. He returned Sunday fiom a
trip to Nelson, Kns'o, Whitewater and
oilier large commercial centres. We believe our auburn-haired friend is going
Into t.'.o real estate business. Some say
Rev. Rutherford was at New Denvor
conducting Divine service last Sunday.
Next Sunday S'-rvicea will be held in
the Methodist church here.
Fred. Ritchie waa a guest at tbe
Reco on Sunday. He is in from Victoria.
W. E. Ilodder, Knslo's ex-mayor and
prince of boosters, was up to our city
getting pointers on Saturday.
Charles Scott, wns a visitor from Nelson on Saturday. Vhe object of his
visit was. to look after the estate of the
late Put Hayes, who was killed in a
Snowslide a year ago.
R. E. Lennie, the well-known K.C.of
Nelson, wns here on Monday in connection wiili the Star-White case.
' ' A travelling artist of apparent great
ability hit tlie camp Monday. His
name wns Hughes. He could draw
a speaking likeness of any person
I quicker than we could draw a conclusion or Red lluilburt, a g'nsa of beer.
He was no good on drawing te a four
flush and he withdrew Tuesday.
Have you caught on to the smelter
problem yet? A slight error was made
in the ninth line last week. Read 60
ozs. silver, not 59.
Clrarlic Schneider, the heaviest brake-
man in lhe world, hns been transferred
from Ne'son to the Sundun-Nnkusp
run. He arrived on Mon.lay night
and immediately purchased a meal
ticket at the Reco.   Poor Bennett I
Mark well our prediction. More ore
will bo shipped from the S;ocau this
year than at any time since 1900.
John Cory was a caller from Three
Forks Monday. Mr. Cory is working
hard on the petition now going the
rounds for the completion of the wagon
road to New Denver,
A minister declares that hell is n
place of strong drink, t ibaoco, baseball,
theatres and peek-a-boo shirt waists.
0, Diath, where is thy sting?
There is lalkof forming an amateur
dramatic society in town.
Johnny Harris  expects a   carload of
experts in on Monday night.   He needs
hum iu his business.
Percy Johnston has joined the crew
at the Sovereign,
Col. R. T. Lower.*, the Utile man
with a big sing, was Sandon's star
visitor Saturday.- The veteran jour-
list is still in the ring, but at present
slightly under ihe weather and generally frazzled. Try a rest, colonel. A
few months ill your beloved "cent belt"
should rejuvenate the silvery threads
working through your "upper stope."
Tlie co'onel always retires to his couch
at ten, like the rest of the good young
men, and is never known ti look on
the red or squint at an ace in the hole.
"Bob" is our nomination-for King's
Died.���Qn th>* 17ih inst., at Eagle Giver
Ranch, Mnlakw'a, B. C, Sarah, the
beloved wife i,{ E. K. B, Baynes, leaving nine children to mourn her loss.
The deceased lady was the wife of the
the eldest Fon of Church Missioner
Paynes of New Denver, to whom we extend sympathy.
Mrs. C. E. Anderson, wife ol the
newly appointed hospital nurse, arrived
with ianiily of two from Vancouver on
We desire to call attention to announcement already made of Evening
Concert to be given at New Denver on
Easter Thursday in aid of the Anglican
Church funds. We hope the boys generally (including Sandon, Three Forks
and Silverton) will give their warm
support, and thus add an additional
smile to tin* countenance of Missioner
Baynes and to encourage him in his
good work.
High mass will be sung nt New Denver next (Easier; Sunday, Rev. Fr.
Jeannotte will officiate.    Visitors from
Siinilon and oilier points will be there.
To-day bei g Maun lay Thursday,
the customary service was held nt
Sandon this morning.
The fishing season opened last Monday. We heard of ono sucker being
caught at 1 a in.
James Cronin has been on a trip to
Englnnd. He will arrive buck about
the middle of April.
F. L, Sizer, nn M.E. of continental
reputation, will arrive on the 1st of
next inonth to inspect -tlie Star for J.
M. Harris. The latter is responsible for
the statement that he will arrive in a
special car accompanied by his own
Rev. and Mrs. Rutherford remove
next week to New Denver.
We si ill have good skating ice at. the
rink, but the prospects for another
hockey match are nil owing lo most of
our players being over the hills and far
away. The present affords a most favorable opportunity for Kislo to challenge.
Lest in your scramble for the almighty
dollar and a stuck of blms vou forget,
we rise to remark that next Sunday is
Easter Sunday. How the time does
fly. Last Sunday it was Pafm Sunday,
a few more weeks and it will be Xmas.
again. Thu year gone and nothing
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Drever left this
morning for Vancouver. Their departure will be mourned by a large circle
of fiiends.
John Battoni, tho Italian who wns so
badly injured in a slide a couple of
months ago, is around on crutches.
With the Whitewater mines shipping reguluarly nnd the South Fork
properties ndding their quota to the
Sandon and Codv oulput, the K. & S.
railtvny will be taxed to their utmost
for facilities this spring.
Nelson's Benzoin Cream will heal
March chaps.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
nnnounce the usual reduced rate of fare
and one third for the Easter Holiday*
March 28ih unlil April 1st. Tickets
will be on sale at all stations Port Arthur and west, March 27th until April
1st. Final limit for return, April 2nd.
For full particular-', ralea, folders, and
tickets apply to local C .P.R. Agont, or
write J. S. Carter, D.P.A., Nelson, B. C.
Our New Feature.
' J. J. Fingland, assayer nnd chemist, has undertaken for ua to classify,
nnd as far as possible valuate, any mineral or rock specimens we may furnish
him. Mr. Fingland holds certificates
from the Wist of Scotland Technical
College for geology, mineralogy and
mining, and his prnciical experience
includes an extended and valuable research among the ores and rocks of this
mining division. Ho also occupied lhe
position of assayer at tho Brockmnn
concentrator, Roseherry, B.C., for some
time, and he left that position to commence business on his own behalf at
Sandon, having succeeded to the business of F. Ii. Hawkins.
Any,person is welcome to utilize the
privilege which we hnve announced and
to*forward specimens for Identification,
aud this nnd other pertinent information will be published iu tho KltVIBW as
soon ns possible after the receipt of the
As a rule mineral specimens can best
be forwarded to their destination by
mail at n reduced raleof ,p iMugo. Sometimes it is necssnry to send ruch
material by express. In every cr.se all
charges must be prepaid, and tho puck-
age addressed to the " Review, Sandon,
U.C." ATI kinds of rocks and ore are
invited to b> supplied and answers will
appear in tbe paper attached to the
initials of correspondents names. These
aiiBWCis will include a ceilain amount
of advice as to the necessary conditions
for profitable working of different ores,
the character and extent of the market
for same, and other general information
which will help to bring about the development of deierving ore deposits.
J. B. New  Denver:
Your specimen appears to be decompose 1 spathic iron. The dense black
color is due to the presence of manganese.
W. J. M. II.,   Kaslo.
The yellow mineral in the larger
specimen is chalcopyrites, This when
pure contains 89 p.c. copper. Your
specimen, however, contains so much
gangue that it will not contain 110th
of this amount. Gold values arc to be
The smaller specimen ia Franklinite,
a mineral containing zinc, manganese
andiron. It is used us a zinc oro nt
Fianklin, N.J. Please say if we can
note the occurrence of this mineral in
thu Kaslo Ditt'ict.
S., Sandon.
Pure zinc blende contains 67 per
cent zinc. Rpeclmens can be obtained
in this district running to 62 p.c. zinc.
r,.rely more. Thn impurity is iron.
Pure gilcna contains 60.0 p.c. lead.
Small specimens nre easily obtained
running 85 p.c. lead. Thechiif Inipuil
ties nre small quantities of silica and
The work of remodelling the While-
water mill is proceeding rapidly, with
contractor Culver handling a crew of
five men. Thn mill will about be in
shape to do business in six weeks.
Mr, and Mis. L. A. McTeee visited
Kaslo last Friday.
Jack Mclsaac, L. R. Mclnnis and F.
McDoncll have arrived from Sandon to
work on the raise from the Whitewater
Deep to No, 8 oi the Whitewater, for
which W. Mathers m has a contract for
250 feet.
One of the largest shipping mines in
the Slocan at tho pri sent timo is the
Whitowa'or, which is now being worked
toed her with lhe Whitewater Deep by
J, L. Rctallack, S. S. Fowler and others.
The old .Whitewater is looking exceedingly well, and as about twentv tons of
ore and concentrates are being shipped
daily, the value of its producing powcitt
niny easily be guagod The new lumiel
(No. 8j has a rich looking face, and ns
they are In ore in the new raise, big
shipments may be looked lor from no��
on. With boil mines nnd the mill run*
ning full blast, Whitewater will be a
busy mining camp the forthcoming
A. J. Harris ia enquiring nbout ore
sacks. It looks as if his base on No. 4
Whitewater is going to prove a winner.
1 of IV. R. ingalis Is
Of Special Value (o intending Investors.
It looks to me as if the tunnels 2, 3,
and 4 exposed merely the roots of.an
ore vein, the upper portions oi which
hnd been eroded during the fcrmation
of the valley of Carpenter creek.
These mines are situated on Silver
Mountain, about 4 miles by good wagon
road from New Denver, and at an elevation if 2,320  feet, above Slocan Lnke.
The group consists of 8 mining claims
242 acres, but only one vein, the Hart
ney, hns been developed, It was discovered in 1897, and worked for silver-
lend oh* about. 5 yenrs. During the lat���
MOUNTAIN CHIEF. ter part of 1905 mi off u-t was made   to
_,,    ,,      ,  .    ,,. . , ,     .  .       market zinc ores an.1 to ship tlie  crude
The Mountain Chief group of mining | '
, ,        ,, .,    .,     ,  zinc-lead ores t.f  this properly hut not
claims is situated  on the south side of | '     -
with much success, as the price offered
Carpenter creek, Knout \% miles from
New Denver, over an excellent wagon
road to within J^ mile of the principal
tunnels. A good pack trail connects
the tunnels with the wagon rond. The
property has not been worked for several yenrs, and no data could be obtained regarding its output, or extent.
The first point visited was an open
cut iu which the vein bad been exposed
for a length of 50 feet, bearing norlh
25 deg. east, an.1 dipping southerly, or
into the mountain, The vein was 3
feet wide for this distance, and contained from one to lj.j feet of zinc
blende, mixed with flnarti: on the hang
ing wall, and mostly quart*/, material
on the foot. The. vein exhibited ribbon
structure, and the short lens made a
very fair showing for a surface outcrop.
The enclosing rock however, is an extremely bard, light poloured slat.*, not,
I think, very favourable for tho production of or*. About 60 feut below the
open cut a RlOBB-cut was driven in to
intersect this vein, which \a exposed in
Ihe cross cut about 38 ircl-ee wide, consisting of a stringer of quartz on Unhanging and foot Walls; in the central
portion it is hard slate, the whole highly
silicified and extremely hard. A rairo
was put up at the face of the tunnel for
about 20 feet, but no pay ore was anywhere, visible.
Proceeding eastward from this tunnel
and passing into a side gulch, or draw,
another tunnel ia found, which inter-
Beets the vein at 00 feet, from its portal.
This vein   has been   stoped west of the
tunnel for a distance of about 80 feet,
continuing to surface, or rnlher to a
short tunnel (No, 4) about 00 fret above.
No ore could be observed in the face of
the workings, tbo productive vein matter having been thoroughly stoped out.
The montli of this tunnel exposes n
fault, showing considerable movement.
The gulch follows the strike of this
fault. Fist of the lens, which bos been
stoped out on the 60 foot tunnel (No. 3)
above described,, the ore lens pinches
np and the vein is probably cut off by
the fault, but as tho workings at the
fault wore not acces'ible to complete
examination, this fact conld not bo
determined. About 80 feet In-low Ni).
3 tunnel and on the enst side of tlie
gulch or drnw, a tunnel (No. 5) was
started in mnsdvo quartz!tfl and extended for 250 feet Into the mountain to intersect the vein showing on the north
side of tin* gulch and fnult. Thi* tunnel
penetrated extremely hurl rock, nnd a
few Irregular fissures were encountered,
but nothing Indicative ol n mineral vein.
As near ns I could judge, this tunnel
sliou'd have intersected tho vein previously mentioned. About 150 feet
above thi. tunnel a vein has been developed by No. 0 tunnel and drifts, and
quite a little Btoping has heen done.
About 80 toils of .ore was flacked on one
nf the dumps from which a sample (No.
42) was t iken by Mr. Garde, which assayed: silver 26.1 ozs., lead 6.1 p.c,
zinc 31 p.c. The vein in these workings
according to Mr. Garde, appears quite
regular but smnll. Sample No. 41 wns
taken from in No. 7 tunnel. It nfsayed
silver 58.5 ozs, lead 10.7 p c, zinc 26.6
p.c. I believe th* sime condition of
affairs exists here, as that described at
the first tunnel examined; at any rate,
the 250-feet qiinrtzite tunnel I No. 5j
below it should have Intersected this
vein, but it has given negative results.
The two samples taken will give some
idea of the grade of the ore. If this
vein can be traced into the darker and
softer slates of the Slocan series, as it
probably can nlong its Strlko, further up
tho valley, I would consider it n good
prospect, hut'as the vein extends in
depth Into the exlremoly sllicions slates
and qiini'tzite, previously described, It
becomes barren and practically disnp-
!"-"'���''<������ ....     .    ...
was too low.
The Iliirtney vein has been developed
by six tunnels, mostly on the vein,
varying from 110 to 570 feel in length
nnd aggregating 1,500 feet, with 510
feet of connecting raises nnd winzes,
The vein averages about 18 inches, tbe
pay streak about 4 inches. The lowest
working has reached a depth of 510 feet
below the outcrop.
The property has produced 180 tons
of high grade silver-lead ore, and there
was 160 Jons of mixed zinc-lead ore,
rich iu silver, ready for shipment at
the time of the examination (Sept. 27,
1905), nnd about 300 tons of similar ore
stored in the slopes. The average
grnde of tlie ore as mined is said to be
40 ozs. silver per Ion, 15 p.c. lead, ami
80 p.c. zinc. The ore haul from the
mine to the iiharf at New Denver, coets
52.50 per ton.
The mine is developed by tunnels.
No. 2, started as a cross-cut, bad not
reached the vein. No. 3 tunnel interacts the vein ut lhe end of a c.'088-eut
105 feet long, from which point the
drift extends on the vein 570 feet. The
enclosing rock is an extremely hard
shite, which becomes for the last 100
feet of the drift qoite silieious, nnd the
vein slightly changes ita strike iu this
extremely hard ground, while the clip
very nearly appri aches the vertical; in
other portions of the vein the dip is
about. 60 degrees. At 100 feet from the
face a small slope shows the vein to be
10 inches wide, with very regular walls
nnd a pay streak of but three inches of
zinc and galena, from which sample No.
43 was taken. This assayed; silver
77.7ozs , lead 39.7 p.c, zinc 17.9 p.c.
This small 1< ns did not appear on the
level below, and it looks na if it might
open out still wider as the stope ia advanced upward. Between this latter
stope and the mouth of the tunnel, another stc| e has been carried np to the
level above.
The face of No. 4 tunnel is similar to
No. 3, the vein being reduced to n
simple 8 inch gcuge of crushed slntc
between very regular and extremely
bard wall-., showing evidetic" ol movement. The vein I.ere ia also practically
vertical for a length of 100 feet, as in
the level below. So far a3 I. can see, a'l
the ore thut would pay to mine has been
sloped out above this level. The property bus been worked for some time
underlease. During put of Iho term
two men produced 120 Ions of lend ore
in six months, equal to 10 tons per man
per inonth.
The vein looks best nt ita outcrop and
at its shallower depth in the tunnels.
All the levels gradually enter harder
rock in which the vein becomes both
tighter and poorer, Tim average thickness of the vein matter would not exceed
2 fee-, and the paystreak, neglecting the
last 100 feet in the two tunnels previously described would not average ovor 4
inches. The ore now being mined is almost nn intimate mlxtureof zinc blende
and galenn, with a little Siderite und
quartz, though fio.ii the shallower workings thu ore is said to have been almost
exclusively galena,
The best pay ore appears to follow
the contour of the mountain, extending
iu tho vein only to a moderate depth
from sui face, or until the silieioua slates
are met with. Unless a change to n
more favourable rock occurs at greater
depths, deep development of the vein
does not look? encouraging nnd attention
is perhaps best given to tracing up and
winking tho vein along the shallow productive zone.
I Botes ano Comment. I
*** *$.
| By JAY-JAY |
*.* *���. .*. .����� .*. e.... A .*�� A *���* .*. .*..*. A A A A .*. A A .��. A A A."..
. vv*,��v vvv���i��v*-*v*.*vvv*r*.*'i*v*��*vvv? .
A brewery man, we believe he wns
from Hogtown, got off the beaten track
last week and hutted into the Slocan.
We know nothing about tbe quality of
the brew i;e was drumming, but we do
think it the height of hoggishness for a
Nelson firm to send nn emissary lo
Sandon where we have a brewery, the
proprietors of which aro staying with
the country nnd hoping for bettor
tinna. The quality of Sandon beer is
too well known In this count1}' to be
ousted by nny Nelson (lo|>c, nnd it ifiust
bo most flattering to Messrs. Towgood
and Bruder to learn that the hotel
im-n of the Kaslo-Slocau country are
loyal to the home brewers, und that
n discerning public will refuse all worthless imitntiins. We might remark that
this 'spiel for a homo product is quite
voluntary on onr part, an.I that Messrs.
Towgood and bruder by their fine brew
and stiok-to it-tiveness jus'ly merit the
undivided loyalty i f the district and
any support that this journal can uive
them. Ask for Sandon beer, made by
the New York Brewery, at Sandon, B.C.,
and brewed from the finest, hops aud
under perfect sanitary conditions.
Nelson's Magic Embrocation is just
Ihe liniment for rheumatic, joints.
Tom llawes nnd L, MePhee are making excellent progress on their lease of
No. 5 at the White water* The ore coming in looks very promising.
We were very pleased to note that
our printed remarks i'l our issue of tlie
14lh inst. did not fall upou barren
ground. We allude more especially to
our observations on the lack of enterprise of the business men throughout
tbe district, Wo poinied out that no
more favored section existed in britisli
Columbia, its principal a*sets being
diversified minerals, timb r, ranch und
fruit hinds, und incomparable scenery,
uud that the world was practically
ignorant of the resources of this country. Our object was to rouse the buji-
ne-s men of the Slocan towns and cities
lo concerted action towards combatting
existing circumstances with'a remedy
that was never failing.
When the goods are as i.dv.rt'sed, a
genuine hammer it-in-l.o ict is bound
to be effective. A booster's club will
accomplish much. Let Ihe outs ile
wo. Id know what wo have to offer.
Get together and debate the subject.
Someone must take the initiative. Why
not at once? 'Thousands are rushing to
the we-t Ibis spring, What pi rcentHgo
arc we figuring on ? To bu hones ,
00.00. And all because many ot our
so-called business men have adopted
an incongruous now-I-lay-ine-down-to-
dio altitude. Oh, it's a fact; and It
won't hurt you to be told cither.
The letter over the signature of C P.
Nelson in last week's Review hit the
mark just proper. It is true, as he says,
" that if we want outside help we mu-t
lo some extent help ourselves," and lie
sees " no reason why the residents of
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver,
Silverton, Slocan, Roseherry nnd Nakusp
could not Lund themselves together to
promote the best interests of the whole
district." Charlie Nelson stands ready
to help all he cnu. Snme lice. Let us
hear from you.
With the advent of Spring the temperature of the Cobalt mining district
is rising. Before long it will be i.t fever
heat. Each issue of the Ulll. inl Gazette
contains the announcement of the incorporation of new companies, eaoh
company being capitalized nt several
millions. It. is really surprising to discover thnt Canada contains so many
millionaires. Young lellows who have
never beeu suspected of having money
enough to take their girl to Ihe theatre,
suddenly blossom forth in the O/lici-.il
Gazette us Cibnlt millionaires. Already the millions sol forth in these
anioiiiits would pay off ttll   the national
debts of Europe. But. unfortunately it
is mostly �� ind and paper. If the entire
Cobalt distr ct were a solid mass of silver It would not pay dividends on all
thu-o imaginary millions.
A petition is now being circulated
whicl) when full will be f .rwarded lo
Wm. Hunter, M.P Pf The petition
calls for a special appropriation from
the provincial treasury for completing
lhe wagon road through lo New Denver
siding, and it is being signed by every
resident in the distiict. At the present
time it ia impossible to get through to
New Denver with slock. The only
means of transportation is tho railway,
as no trail or wagon road exists b.-low
hires Forks, and the p cscnt conditions
are such that busiii'fs men and
rancbeis are most unfav-rnby ban*
d'c.ippod. To foster our local industries it is absolutely essential that n
trunk road be established. Cut off us
we huve been from doing business with
our neighb iring towns, we have seen
carloads of vegetables arriving from
outside points which could well be supplied by th- local ranchers. Wl li Iho
road completed fr nn the like to Sin-
don, rancher* c uld easily link- the
round trip in any wo.itb.or In three
hours, a* against a two daya' trip tvnder
existing conditions. With such an easy
grade for the completion of tho five
miles of road, iu which no rock work
fignr s, it npp a.a to us a; surd that tho
claims of the people were not asserted
before, We hnve every confidence in
the ability an 1  ngg'-essivtn'GS of our
new member to press for this appropriation, which when the road is completed will confer n boon upon the district which will be greatly appreciated
by all the towns in the Slocan.
Coming up from Slocan City and
Silverton by the morning boat to New
Denver, passengers could do business
with Three Forks and Sandon and return the sumo duy. Business men of
Sandon and Thrpe Forks with banking
and other business to attend to at tho
hike could run down in nn bourns
against a days' trip now, nnd families
here would be able to enjoy a drive out
us often us desired.
We look for seeing the road completed in the coming summer, In tlie
meantime boost for the Slocan and
tickle ..ur member up with a few more
petitions. It's time the Slccnii got a
portion of what is coining to'it.
Knight errant of a century that
knows no romance, tho prospector- hits
the lone trail for the tall uncut. Razor-
less, be perforce must, grow a beard.
Persecuted by the ubiquiius mosquito,
suffering all tho ills of exposure and
privation, he cats his dough boys,
smokes his twist and is content. Impelled by an urgent faith, be perserveres
und fails und ia forgotten, or, be finda
nnd is famous.
Unsuccess'n', he ia (purned nnd
(lou'ed, Successful, he is fawned upon,
flattered and not infrequently  spoiled.
A badly regulated ���hirst is not unusual concomitant of-the first Hush of
achievement. For this the one specific
is h return lo the bush.
But, levity apart, his country owes
to the fearless, tireless prospector n surprising debt of gratitude. Were it not
for his pei forlid enthusiasm, Canada
would not now bo reaping the rich bar-
vest of Cobalt, nor wonld she be taking
hi r place among the great mineral pro*
ducera of the world.
Laws ne made with an eye single to
t|ie glory of grrcdy corporations; lobbies nre voeiil with the clamoring" of
special interests. The broker, the bunker, the miner and thn operator howl to
the legislative moon niton all things do
not. fit their fancies.
But the p.ro��p'ctor, unprotected, un-
ctring mayhap, i< silent. lie cannot
organize, be does not strike, IIo dies
strange deaths in lone lands. Hymned
by no bnrd, unsung of poets, the pros-
P'ctor is girding up his loins against
another season of peiil and flap-jacks.
We wish him God-speodl Prosperity
be with him !   Prosit I���Ex.
Lute press heme imlicat? that the
government is to nppeal the zinc ore
decision recently rendered by tbe New
York B iai'd of General Appraisers. Tbo
Secretary of the treasury has given
notice to this effect to the zinc ore
buyers of tbe East. The question of
the lion dutiubily of silic.itcs and carbonates was undoubtedly finally settled
by tbe appraisers, but tho decision making sulphide ores duty free may bu successfully a-sai!ed by the Washington
authorities. To say the least, tliirj condition is an unfortunate one for tho
American cue buyers who may havo
closed contracts for foreign ores on tho
understanding lhnt the importations
were to be free of duty. >
Of lat" Ihn mining press Ins devoted
Considerable space to the discussion of
this subject. While thi' discuss'on wns
participated 111 by competent engin.*tra
and layman throughout the wdild, no
definite conclusion is to what or what
did not constitute the.necos*ary isson-
tir.ls or quulilicnlioi.H of tt mining engineer was reached. Thi i result was e:;-
peoted and therefore not disappointing.
Not with u vi w of n revival of this discission, but inther ns nn interesting cn-
flwer bearing on Ibis query, we reprint
the statement of Mr. George F. Taylor
M.E., made in a reply to the question
asked In a Nevada City (California)
coii't, "What constitutes ti mining expert'."' His reply wn��: "A thorough
knowledge of chemistry, assaying,
geology, mathematics, surveying,
the i'Onriaisanceof ��. vernl languages and
of law." The examining counsel appears to have been perfectly satisfied
with this answer.���Mining Reporter.
J. M. Harris arrived back from
Spokane Tucs lay. IIo was d,i laved on
tlie (> N. train fir 12 hours owing to an
axle of a coach breaking.
Addie nnd Mrs. Innea lift for Nelson
tills morning. Mr. Innes, who has
been braking out of heie for the past
Iwo years, is about lo wear a coil.'s cap.
Notice ia hereby given that. at. the
expiration of thirty .tnya I intend to
apply to the I'.-ar I . f License Coinmis-
soncrs of the Slocan License District
for a transfer uf my Retail Liquor
License held by mo for Iho Rosebery
Hot I at RoHeboiv, B.C. t. M.
McCarthy. MRS, fl. LABRA8H.
A meeting .-f the Monrd of License
Commissioners will bo held lo consider
such iran-ifer ut ihe Court House, Now
Denver, on Saturday, the thirteenth
dav of April, 1TO7.
Doted a New Denver thi* sixth day of
March, 1C07.
, Chief Lice sc Inspector, THE  SLOCAN MINING REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.  C.
Beverly of
t��-'V.*'.3 t*
��� Graustark
WtTjx:- .v **v .��!"�����
(Oontinued From Last Week.)
Anguish the painter became Anguish
the strategist and soldier. He planned
with Lorry and the ministry, advancing some of the most harebrained projects that ever encouraged discussion In
a solemn conclave. The staid, cautious
ministers looked upon him with wonder, but so plausible did he make his
proposals appear that they were
forced to consider them seriously. The
old Count of Marlanx held him In great
disdain and did not hesitate to expose
his contempt. This did not disturb
Anguish In the least, for he was as
optimistic as the sunshine. Hia plan
for the recapture of Gabriel was ridiculously improbable, but It was afterward seen that had it been attempted
much distress and delay might actually
have been avoided.
Yettve and Beverly, with Dagmar
and the baby, made merry while the
men were In council. Their mornings
were spent in the shady park surrounding the castle, their afternoons in
driving, riding and walking. Oftentimes the princess was barred from
these simple pleasures by the exigencies of ber position. She was obliged
to grant audiences, observe certain customs of state, attend to the charities
that came directly under her supervision and confer with tbe nobles on affairs of weight aud importance. Beverly delighted In the throne room and
the underground passages. They signified more to her tban all the rest
She was shown the room in which Lorry had foiled the Viennese who once
tried to abduct Yetive. The dungeon
where Gabriel spent his first days of
confinement, the tower in which Lorry
had been held a prisoner and the monastery In the clouds were ell places of
unusual Interest to her.
Some of the people of the city began
to recognize the fair American girl who
was a guest In the castle, and a certain
amount of homage was paid to her.
When she rode or drove In the streets,
with her attendant soldiers, the people
bowed as deeply and as respectfully
as they did to the princess herself, and
Beverly was just as grand and gracious as If she had been born with a
scepter In her hand.
Tbe soft moonlight nights charmed
her with a sense of rapture never
known before. With the castle brilliantly illuminated, the halls and drawing rooms filled with gay courtiers, the
harpists at their posts, tbe military
band playing in the parade ground, the
balconies and porches offering their
most inviting allurements, it is no wonder that Beverly was entranced. War
had no terrors for her. If she thought
of it at all It was with the fear that It
might disturb the dream Into which she
had fallen. True, there was little or
nothing to distress the most timid In
these first days. The controversy between the principalities was at a standstill, although there was not an hour In
which preparations for the worst were
neglected. To Beverly Calhoun it
meant little when sentiment was laid
aside. To Yetive and her people this
probable war with Dawsbergen meant
Dangloss, going back and forth between Edelweiss and the frontier north
of Ganlook, where the best of tbe police
and secret service watched with the
sleepless eyes of the lynx, brought unsettling news to the ministry. Axphaln
troops were engaged in the annual
maneuvers just across the border tn
their own territory. Usually these
were held In the plains near the capital, and there was a sinister significance In the fact that this year they
were being carried on in the rough
southern extremity of the principality,
within a day's march of the Graustark
line, fully two months earlier than
usual. The doughty baron reported
that foot, horse and artillery were engaged In the drills, and that fully 8,000
men were massed In the south of Axphaln. The fortifications of Ganlook,
Labbot and other towns In northern
Graustark were strengthened with almost the same cnre as those In tbe
south, where conflict with Dawsbergen
might first be expected. General Marlanx and his staff rested neither day
nor night. The army of Graustark
wns ready. Underneath the castle's
gay exterior there smoldered the fire of
battle, the tremor of defiance.
Late one afternoon Beverly Calhoun
and Mrs. Anguish drove up in state to
lhe Tower, wherein sat Dungloss and
his watchdogs. The scowl left his face
as far ns nature would permit, and he
welcomed the Indies warmly.
**l came to ask about my friend, the
goat hunter," said Beverly, her checks
a trifle rosier thnn usual.
"He la far from au amiable person,
your hlgbness," said the officer. When
discussing liuldos he never failed to
address Beverly ns "your highness."
"The fever Is gone, und he Is able to
walk without much pain, but he is as
restless na a witch. Following instruction, I hnve not qucatloued him concerning hia plana, but I fancy be Is
eager to return to the hills."
"What did he say when you gave
him my message?" asked Beverly.
"Which one, your highness?" asked
be, with tantalizing density.
"Why, the suggestion that he should
come to EdelwelsB for better treatment," retorted Beverly severely.
"He said he was extremely grateful
for your kind offices, but he did not
deem It advisable to come to this city.
He requested me to thank you in his
bi'hnlf and to tell you that he will
never forget what you have done for
"And he refuses to come to Edelweiss?" irritably demanded Beverly.
"Yes, your highness. You see, he still
regards himself with disfavor, being a
fugitive. It is hardly fair to blame bim
for respecting the security of the
"I hoped that I might Induce him to
give up his old Life and engage In some-
trnng perrecrr- uutunsr; Wnougn, mind
you, Baron Dangloss, I do not question   his  Integrity  In  the  least    He
should bave a chance to prove himself
worthy, that's all. This morning I petitioned Count Marlanx to give bim a
place In the castle guard."
"My dear Miss Calhoun, the princess
has"��� began the captain.
"Her highness has sanctioned the request," Interrupted she.
"And the count has promised to discover a vacancy," said Dagmar, with a
smile that the baron understood perfectly well.
"This Is the first time on record that
old Marlanx has ever done anything to
oblige a soul save himself. It is wonderful, Miss Calhoun. What spell do
you Americans cast over rock and metal that they become as sand In your
fingers?" said the baron, admiration
and wonder in his eyes.
"You dear old flatterer!" cried Beverly so warmly that he caught his breath.
"I believe that you can conquer even
that stubborn fellow In Ganlook," he
said, fumbling with his glasses. "He
is the most obstinate being I know,
and yet in ten minutes you could bring
him to terms, I am sure. He could not
resist you."
"He still thinks I am the princess?"
"He does and swears by you."
"Then my mind Is made up. I'll go
to Ganlook and bring him back with
me, willy nllly. He Is too good a man
to be lost In the hills. Goodby, Baron
Dangloss! Thank you ever and ever
so much. Oh, yes; will you write an
order delivering hlm over to me? The
hospital people may be���er���disobliging, you know."
"It shall be In your highness' hands
this evening."
The next morning, with Colonel Quinnox and a small escort, Beverly Calhoun set off lu one of the royal coaches
for Ganlook, accompanied by faithful
Aunt Fanny. She carried the order
from Baron Dangloss snd a letter from
Yetive to the Countess ltallowitz insuring hospitality overnight iu the
northern town. Lorry and the royal
household entered merrily Into her
project, and she went away with the
godspeeds of all. The Iron Count himself rode beside her conch to the city
gates, nn unheard of condeacenalon.
"Now, you'll be sure to find a nice
place for him In the castle guard, won't
you, Count Marlanx?" she said nt the
parting, her hopes ns fresh as the daisy
In the dew, her confidence supreme.
The count promised faithfully, even
engerly. Colonel Quinnox, trained as
he was In the diplomacy of silence,
could scarcely conceal his astonishment nt the conquest of the hard old
Although the afternoon was well
spent before Beverly reached Ganlook.
she was resolved to visit the obdurate
putlent nt once, relying upon her re-
He dropped to hla knee,
sourcefulness to secure hia promise
to start with her for Edelweiss on the
following morning. The coach delivered her ut the hospital door in grand
style. Wheu the visitor was ushered
into the snug little anteroom of the
governor's ottice her heart was throbbing and her composure was undergoing a most unusual strain. It annoyed her to discover that the approaching contact with a humble gout
hunter wus giving her such uumlstuk-
nble symptoms of perturbation.
From au upstairs window in the hospital tbe convalescent but unhappy putlent witnessed her approach and arrival. His sore, lonely heart gave a
bound of joy, for the days had seemed
loug since her departure.
He hud hud time to think during
these days too. Turning over in hia
mind ull of the detuils iu connection
with their meeting und their subsequent Intercourse, It begun to duwu
upon hlm that she might uot be what
she assumed to be. Doubts assuiled
bim, suspicions grew iuto amazing
forms of certaluty. There were times
when he laughed sardonically at himself for being taken lu by this strange
hut charming young woman, but
through it ull his heart aud mind were
being drawn more nud more fervently
towurd her. More than once he called
himself n fool and more tban once be
dreamed foolish dreams of her, princess or not. Of one thing he wns sure
���he hnd come to love the adventure
for the suke of whut It promised, and
there wns uo bitterness beneath his
Arrayed In clean linen end presentable clothes, pale from indoor confinement and fever, but once more the
straight nnd strong cavalier of the
hills, he hastened luto her presence
when the summons came for him to
descend. He dropped to his knee and
kissed her hand, determined to play
the game notwithstanding his doubts.
As he arose she jglunced. fo/* a airtin*
wcobS .'.;'*) uuTdSrK'eyes, "Td her* o>n
long lashes drooped.
"Your highness!" he said gratefully.
"How well and strong you look!" she
iald hurriedlv. "Some of the tan is
gone, but you lools as thougn you lma
uever beeu ill. Are you quite recovered?"
'.'They say I am as good as new," he
smilingly answered. "A trifle weuk
aud uncertain in my lower extremities,
but a few days of exercise in the mountains will overcome all that. Is all well
with you and Graustark? They will
give me no news here, by whose order
I do not know." s
"Turn about is fair play, sir. It Is a
well established fact tbat you will give
them no news. Yes, all is well with
me and mine. Were you beginning to
think thut I hnd deserted you? It haB
been two weeks, hasn't it?"
"Ah, your highness, I realize that you
have had much more Important things
to do than to think of poor Bnldos. I
nm exceedingly grateful for this sign
of Interest In my welfare. Your visit is
the brightest experience of my life."
"Be seuted!" she cried suddenly.
"You.ar-^tpoJJl ti?.t""-l"
Uo Be Continued.)
The Mark
That Tells
Tnule marked thu. Id a
ffaiiety of styles. lebtics.nd
prices lor women, men and
children. Form Fitted.
Dealers are authorized lo
replace instantly and at our
cost, any Pen-Angle garment faulty in material
or    making. 206
Pen-Angle trademark (in red) on
every Pen-Angle
garment, tells you
it will fit and won'4
shrink, ���your
own dealer so
guarantees it.
Underwear thus
tradeniarked is
softer, warmer,
more flexible,
better wearing.
Our   Naval   Cadet-   Learn   to   Spile*
Rope*, Furl Sails, Etc.
It Is probably not generally known
how the United States government
trains the youth upon whose shoulders
will rest the responsibility of maintaining the high standard of the navy.
His apprenticeship, according to Leslie's Weekly, Is not unlike that of any
other young man learning a trade, the
fundamental principle being the proper
kind of tools and when and how to Vse
A midshipman's tools, so to speak,
aTe ships, thus rendering a thorough
knowledge of seamanship an essential
part of the training. This begins with
lessons In splicing hemp and wire
rope, after which the young men are
given practice In handling sails on the
Indoor mast in the seamanship building, which ia an exact counterpart of
the liiizzenniast of the training ship
Severn aud is seventy-two feet iu
The midshipmen go aloft, furl, reef
and set soils, etc.���In fact, go through
the entire seamanship drill. A net Is
spread nt the foot of the mast for protection, as a fall on the concrete floor
would be far more serious than ou the
deck of a ship. Accidents, however,
are infrequent.
Drills on the Severn begin early In
the spring and continue throughout the
cruise, which lasts from June until
September. The midshipman thus becomes accustomed to ship life. The
work Is hard and the discipline severe
during these drills. There Is little
tendency to sliirk duty, and the future
adnilrala do everything on shipboard,
on deck and nloft, even to clearing up
the deck and stowing away the ropes.
From a picturesque point of view
seamanship pructlce on the Severn surpasses ull other similar exercises. It
seems that on shipboard the sense of
the reality of the thing Is ever present,
and one accustomed to witnessing
these drills notices that on the deck of
the old Severn the middles are more
active, more In earnest, and the manner In which they climb and swing
around the rigging does credit to an
old sailor.
Each man starts In with a practical
seaman's duties and as he continues
his course Is advanced to the duties of
the petty officers and later to those of
the junior commissioned officers.
Oar lHn-nc'an.
Bigness is said to be a quality which
appeals especially to Americans. However that may be, a purely scientific
Interest justifies the spreading of Information contained In a recent bulletin of the United States geological survey about the size of tbe United States.
The area of tbe United States proper,
exclusive of Alaska, Island dependencies and tbe Panama strip, Is given as
3,020,789 square miles. The absence
hitherto of an official standard resulted in a discrepancy between.the computations of the census bureau rfnd the
general land office. A conference was
called between these departments and
the geological survey, and the bulletin
of the geological survey Is the result-
Youth's Companion.
The Table Top Cold.
"Ybu have, madam," said tbe physician, "what I call a table top cold."
"What Is a table top cold?" the lady
"It Is a cold brought on by marble
tops In the late fall and winter. You
ladies always weur short sleeves, and
you always lean your bare arms on the
Icy surfneo of marble tables. This contact sends a chill all through you���a
chill that you disregard. But In the
morning you awake with a heavy cold.
"Marble table tops lu the winter
should be covered with a cloth If they
are golug to be leaned on. Then tbe
table top cold would dlsnppenr."���New
Orleans Tinios-Dcmoerut.
-Real Eatate In  Korea.
One of the most astonishing regulations hns been mnde regarding the
transfer of renl estate In Koren. No one
Is to be allowed to sell or buy renl estate
except by permission of the governor.
This Is apparently a move on tbe pnrt
of tbe Japanese to prevent the selling
of any land In Koren except to people
that they approve, for the governors
are, of course, under the Japanese advisers. It makes no difference thnt
foreigners bave ns good a right to buy
land as the Japanese. The matter will
hnve to be tested In the courts before
the powers will itllow their citizens to
be curtailed In their privileges in tbe
peninsula.���Koren News.
A rins-sie of Malaria.
The excessive prevalence of malaria
In Greece is engaging the attention of
English physicists. It Is said to be
checking the development of rural life
and Is a very serious thing for tbe nation. Out of a population of 2,500,0tt��
there were 250,000 enses of miliaria annually, and the deaths were about
1.700. Last year the number of cases
Increased to 000.000 and the deaths to
5,010. Professor guvas of the University of Athens nnd physlclnn to
King George Is Initiating a movement
to deal with the plague.
Spring pimples, boil3, skin rashes
and eruptions are just now rampant.
Tbe most scientific corrective and
blood purifier is Bileans, the herbal
remedy. Mr. Thos. Hesselwood, an
employee of the Consumers' Gas Co.,
Toronto, says: "Bileans are the best
blood purifier and liver corrective 1
huve ever met with. Pimples and
boils broke out ull over my neck. My
blood seemed absolutely filled with
impurities and poisons. My liver
wns disordered, too, and I was dull,
weuk and ailing. Bileans purified ni>
blood and cured the boils and pirn
pies; they nlso toned up my system
���gave me vim nnd energy, und filled
me with life and vigor!"
Reader, Ijileans can do the snme
for you I All druggists and storei*
sell them at 50 cents a box, or from
Itilenn Co,, Toronto, for price. 6 boxes
for $2.50. Send one cent stamp foi
sample box.
W.   N.   U.   No. 628
Price  of  Platinum.
Platinum, ounce for ounce, is now
worth mure than half as much again
as gold, while the demand ior plati
nuni, like tlie deinnnu for other met
uls, bus increased. There bus been
talk of an export, duty on tbe nietiii
produced ill Russia, uud u rumor
that such u duty was nbout to be
imposed was given credit for causing
tlie recent sharp udvunce in the prict
ot the metal; but the export tu>
plan, it is reported, bus been definite
ly abandoned, and the Russian gov
eminent will muke special induce
nients to encourage prospecting.
French investors ure heuvily interest
ed ill the industry. The largest pro
ducer und also nn extensive buyer o
crude platinum in the Uruls is i.
French company operating a large re
finery in Paris. It should be notei
tbut the imports of platinum into tin
United States, which is a large con
Burner, during 1905, were vulued a.
$2,173,263, us against $1,879,155 il
ltii)4, an increase in value of $294,
108. Considering the increased de
niand for platinum, the gain in importation is slight, but if the big)
price and scarcity of the metal bi
tuken into account the wonder it
thut there was not a large decrease
in the quantity imported.���Industrial
Dr.   Williams*   Pink   Hills  Give   New
Strength to Overworked Women.
The life of a domestic is a hard
one. She toils from early morning
till late at night; her work is never
done. Often she is too busy to get
out of doors for a breath of fresh
air. Unless her blood is kept rich
and pure this close confinement wears
on her health. Her strength will
fail; she may lose her appetite, become pale and dyspeptic. In fact she
is in danger of a general breakdown.
Such was the condition oi Miss Marie
Anne Fleury, of Ste. Anne de la Per-
ade, Que., before she used Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. She says: "For
a number of years I have been a
servant. Up to a year ago I always
enjoyed the best of health, but suddenly I was seized with puina in my
side, my appetite left me, I became
dyspeptic and lost all strength. I
consulted a doctor who told me I was
suffering from general debility. I waa
forced to stop work and for three
months I followed the doctor's treatment, but without benefit. I was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
and aa I had often read of the cases
they cured, I decided to do so. I
only took eight boxes before I was
cured and today I am stronger than
I ever wns. My digestion is good and
I can now go' about my work without fatigue. I owe a. debt of gratitude to Dr. Willioma' Pink Pills for
what they have done for me und I
strongly advise other weak sickly
girls to give them a trial."
Miss Fleury's case is one of many
thst Dr. Williams' Pink Pills hnve
cured after doctors' help had failed.
The success of these pills lies in the
fnct that they strike right at the
root of the trouble���the blood. Other
medicines simply act on the symptoms of the trouble���und rnuy relieve,
but tbey do not cure. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills make new rich blood ���
that is why they cure dyspepsia,
rheumatism, anaemia, heart palpitation, headache, backache und the ills
of women; all theHe are caused by
bad blood���Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
cure them nil because tbey make new
blood. For sule at druggists or by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50, from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Ont.
A group of workmen were arguing
during the dinner nour. A deadlock bad been reached, when one of
the men on the losing side turned
to a mute who had remained silent
during the whole of the debate.
" 'Ere, Bill," he said, "you're pretty
good at n argyment. Wot's your
opinion t"
"I ain't n-going to say," said Bill.
"1 thrashed the matter out afore with
Dick Grey."
"Ah!" suid the other, nrtfully, hoping to entice him into the frny, "and
what did you arrive at ?"
"Well, e-venchually," said Bill,
"Dick 'e arrived nt the 'oispital an
I arrived at the perlice station 1"���
The early spring number of "The
Designer" has a useful and interesting array of household matter and
fiction. The first fifty pages are
mainly devoted to tlie display and
description of gowns designed foi
spring and summer wenr, and to the
illustration of the accessories that go
with them. The end of the book it
reserved for articles relating to household affairs, among which are the
three sections of matter contributed
by the readers of "The Designer"
containing many practical bits of advice about children, homes and wage
earning. Simple entertainments,
suitable for little home evening affairs, are always given in "The De
signer," and in the March numhei
some verse suitable for recitation it
ineluded. The Puzzle pages, tne
Fashion NoteB for Men, the practical
advice about how to make and keep
oneself beautiful, the lectures by a
florist on how to grow flowers���all
regular departments of the magazine
���are full of especial interest tills
The Fiction ia made a feature in
the March number. A continued
story by Miles Bradford, author of
"Carlotta and I," is begun, entitled
"Economy Farm." Also, Edith Parker Johnson, now a resident of Korea
has contributed an interesting article called "An American Garden in
Korea." Besides these, there is o
story by Edwin L. Snbin and n particularly graceful little poem oi
Minna living's.
A Sour Stomach and a 8our Temper-
travel hand in hand and are the pre-
oursors of mental and physical wreck
Nine hundred and ninety-nine times ir.
a thousand food ferment (Indigestioni
iu the cause. Dr. Von Stan's l'ineapph
Tablets keep the stomach sweet ��� ait.
digestion���keep the nerve centres well
balanced - they're nature's panacea -
pleasant  and  harmless.    35 cents.���88
She--1'in sorry you lost your temper over the fried steak this morning.
He���But it wasn't fit to eat.
Sbe- 1 know, dear, but you must
consider the consequences. You nindi
cook very angry, nnd she may de
cide to put us on bread and water ���
Baltimore American.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
Don't you believe in evolution ?"
asked the scientific man.
"Certainly," answered Miss Cayenne. "No change that centuries brine
about in natural history can be more
remarkable than that which a woman
undergoes In a single day lis she progresses from curl papers to evening
gowns,"���Washington Star.
Dear Mother
Your little on-< are a constant care i.
Ftll and Winter weather. They wil
catch cold. Do you know about Sniloh'i
Consumption Cure, lhe Lung Tonic, anc
what it has done (or to many ? It il said
to be the onlv reliable remedy (or all
diseases of the air passages in children.
It is absolutely harmless and pleasant lo
lake. It is guaranteed to cure or your money
is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,
and all dealers in medicine sell 31,
Thii remedy ariould be in every household,
System Exhausted by Worry  and   Loss of
Sleep���Perfect Health the Result of Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Such cures as this make it impos
sible to doubt the restorative influence of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Mrs. E. J. Vanderburgh, of Eastern Welland avenue, St. Catharines,
Ont., states: "For twenty-one yearta
1 wus badly afflicted with heart
trouble, nervousness and cramps in
the limbs, also twitching of the mus-
eies and nervous headaches. 1 be-
cume weak, debilitated and emaciated.
My condition was distressing and 1
was made worse through worry and
loss of sleep.
"I tried 11 hundred remedies in vain
and reading about Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food I decided to try it. After having used half a dozen boxes of this
preparation my old trouble had entirely vanished and I. wus enjoying
better health than 1 had since girlhood. 1 am now past middle life
and nm In perfect health. 1 would
uot take worlds today and go back
to my former state."
There is more or less mystery and
doubt as to the specific action of many
lrugs, but it is positively and de-
.initely known that iron forms new
.ed corpuscles in the blood, or, in
other words, makes the blood rich
and nourishing.
But iron alone cannot be taken
into a delicate stomach. The great
secret of tlie success of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food is in the way iron is
combined with certain other restoratives so as to make a preparation
that can be used with the greatest
benefit by even tbe most weak and
delicate person.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is also
slightly laxative as well as tonic in
influence, and while building up tlie
system insures the regular und healthful action of the digestive, filtering
nnd excretory systems.
If you would enrich the blood,
strengthen the nerves and replace
weakness und disease with health and
vigor use Dr. Chase's Nerve Food;
50 cents a box, 6 boxes far $2.50, at
oil dealers, or Kdninnson, Bates &
Co., Toronto.
Too  Early.
Pater (at 2 a. m.)���Oh, drat the
child I
Mater���You must expect babies to
cry when they are teething.
Pater���This one's been crying ever
since lie began hairing���Boston Transcript.
A Pill for Generous Eaters.���There
are many persons of healthy appetite and poor digestion who, after a
hearty meal, are subject to much
Buffering. The food of which, tliey
have partaken lies like lead in tlieir
stomachs. Headache, depression, a
smothering feeling follow. One so
afflicted is unfit for business or work
of any kind. In this condition
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will bring
relief. Tbey will assist the assimilation of the ailment, und used according to direction will restore
healthy digestion.
STAIiVllNrtteuIr-* l��RS
only logical method for the cure
of Stammerin*. It treats the
CAUSE, not merely the HABIT,
and insures natural speech.
Pamphlet, particulars and references sent on  request.
Berlin,  Ont.,  Can.
A Grand Old Walker. .
Professor Addison Ballard, who foi
ninny years occupied tlie chair ol
logic in New York university, is an
example of tbe power of exercise in
promoting longevity. He is eighty-
live years old and is still to be seen
around Pittsfield, Mass., where he
now lives, taking long walks, with a
free, swinging stride which gives-
many younger men some trouble in
keeping pace with him. When he
was at University Heights he gave
several courses in downtown schools
of New York university, ut Washington Square, and it wns his daily practice to wulk from one class-room to
the other, some eight miles distant
No student was ever known to share
the walk, though many were invited
to do so.���New York Tribune.
Eighty Years Old���Catarrh Fifty Years.
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder ourei
li i in. Want any stronger evidence ol
the power of this wonderful remedy
over thin universal disease ? Want
the truth of the cane confirmed ? Writc-
George Lewis, Bhamokin, I'm. lie Hays:
"I look upon my cure as a miracle.'
it   relieve*,   in   ten   minutes.    89.
Brooks' Appliance. New
dlioo-er*. Wonderful. No
obnoxious springs or pads.
Automatic Air Cusblona.
Blnda and draws tha broken
psrla to-ether as sou would
a broktn limb- No salves.
No lymphol. No lies. Dili*
able, cheap. Pat. Sept. lu.'Ul.
���ENT    ON    TRIAL.
C. E. BROOKS, 8610  Brooks'Bid,.,
masmu., men
"And why didn't you keep your
housemaid, Fran Roth P"
"Well, she arrived with a sewing
machine, a camera, a typewriter, a
portable darkroom, motor bicycle,
gramophone, bath, nnd health exerciser to sny untiling of her trunks.
That was too much for our small
house,"���Meggendorfer Blatter.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.
At the commencement of a geography lesson the master of a small
school asked one of bis pupils to
tell him of what the earth consists
and was promptly answered, "blind
und water."
He then varied the question slightly, that the fact might be impressed
on the boy's mind, and asked:
"What, then, do hind and water
make ?" to which ciiine the immediate
l.'lM|TCDs     ���
Nurses'  and
Mothers' Treasure
���safest regulator for baby. Prevents
colic and vomiting���gives healthful rest
���cures diarrhoea without the harmful
effects of medicines containing opium
or other injurious drugs. 42y
V UI CO     National Drug & Chem- .
ig   opium
i-m- ^LeW
"Lady," began the wanderer, "kin
1 chop some wood fur you."
"No, thank you," replied the up-
to-date housewife; "we cook and heat
entirely by electricity."
"Nothin' I kin do to git a bite to
eat t"
"Yes. If you care to peel the
shocks from the electric wires I'll allow you to eat the currents."���Harper's" Weekly.
"Riches has wings." Don't believe
it; if they had they'd fly our way
occasionally,  if only by  accident.
Made for
Mothers use
For Internal and External use.
Cures croup, colic, cramps,
coughs, sore throat, burns,
bruises, bit-sandany soreness.
25and50cts. At all druggists.
'    1.1. JOHNSON 4 CO., eosiM, Mast.
You can put on a roof that will
last a hundred years and be the
right kind of a roof every
minute. Or you can put on a ten-year roof
that will probably leak after the first rain
hits it, and keep leaking till it iB rotted away.
Either roof will cost
you about the same in
money at the start.
But the " Oshawa "-
shingled roof will be
ally; and wind-proof���
actually; and lightning-
proof-positively. That's the hundred-year roof!
And that " Oshawa "-shingled roof will be
weather-proof for a century. We'll GUARANTEE in every way for a quarter-century���from
now till Nineteen
Guaranteed in writing
for 25 years���and you
needn't ever paint it,
even! That's saying
something, isn't it ?
What Would your
mill-man   say if you
asked him to guarantee cedar shingles for even
ten years ? He certainly would make remarks!
And even the best cedar-shingled roof will be
leaking badly inside of ten years.
Seven out of ten of them leak the
first time it rains. No wood-
shingled roof is fire-proof for a
minute, and the first high wind
that catches a loose shingle-
whoosh I goes half your shingled roof
over into the next township.
"Oshawa" Galvanized Steel
Shingles are GUARANTEED in
every way for Twenty-Five Years
Ought     to    Last    a   Century
Yet c*dar shingles cost you just
about the price of these guaranteed
" Oshawa ''Shingles���28-guage toughened steel, double galvanized���good
for A century, guaranteed in writing till 1932,��� fire-
and-Wind-and-weather-proof and lightning-proof.
Four-dollars-and-a-half a square buys "Oshawa"
Galvanized Steel Shingles
-ten feet by ten feet.
Compare that with the
present price of cedar
shingles ��� how does it
strike you ?
And you can put on these
"Oshawa" Galvanized
Steel Shingles yourself,
easily, ��� with no tools but a claw-hammer and
snips. Simplest thing you know���can't get 'em on
"Oshawa " Shingles lock on all four sides���whole roof
la practically one sheet of double-galvanized steel, that
never needa painting.
don't overlook that. Guaranteed in writing, over the
seal of a company with a
quarter-million capital,���
guaranteed in plain
English, without any ifs
or buts, for 26 long
That* s  the  argument in
a nutshell���cost the same
proof,   water - proof,    ruat--
easier   to   put   on;   and
as   wood - shingles;   Are
&UARAr*fTEED.   That's' the " Oshawa " proposition
Tell u�� the measurement of any roof, and we'll tell
you exactly what it will cost to   roof
it with less work and for less money.
Plenty ef facta that concern your
pocket-book come to you as soon as
you ask for our free book, "Roofing
ask on.
A   post   card   will   do   to
SaW Craig st w.
11 Colborno St.
-The Pedlar People.
=, Of Oshawa
Why don't you ask now 7
9 Du-dsu St.
76 Lombard St
615 Pender St
Made of High Carbon Wlre,-v-e"l prove It to you. COILKD -not crimped. Thla
makes It -till stronger In service. It stays taut Pultited WHITE ovor heavy
Balvanlrlmr-rust proof.   Experienced dealers to ereot It   l>s"��allln fialea
��09   i^Hn mo?it     QeHiustrated booklet and 1907 prices  before buying.
W-tUcas-villa.  *rv>roi��to,
Montreal.  St.   John,   *Wlo-**lp**!|< ���p
Roof your Buildings with " EASTLAKE"
Metallic Shingles
Made in Canada 21 yean
Warranted made of better material, more accurately and scientifically constructed, will last
longer and cost less for labor in applying than any other metal shingles.
We are manufacturers of all reliable kinds of Sheet Metal Building Materials. No
cheap trash. Careful, thorough and prompt attention to all enquiries. Prompt shipment and
right prices.   Catalogue upon request.    Write for prices.
Z;iiii-riuk, tho favorite household
balni and salve, is now adopted as
"The Doctor" hy leading parties en-
j/nged in surveying various parts of
the Dominion lands.
Mr. Henry Hall, writing from Fort
William, snys: "Having proved how
beneficial Zam-Buk is in cases of
cuts, skin injuries and diseases, 1 determined to keep a supply handy.
Jieing engaged to go on a survey, 1
thought it would he a most useful
thing to take along. I obtained u
supply in Fort William nnd very well
it was I did so. I may say that
pretty nearly every day it was called
into requisition by one or other of
the party for cuts, bruises, burns, or
some injury or other. It is wonderful how quickly Zam-Buk takes the
soreness out oi cuts, burns, bruises
and injuries; und on our survey it
earned golden opinions from all who
had occasion to try it. I have found
it very line for skin disease, and 1
can strongly recommend it as a household  balm."
Mr. Cascelles Scott, one of the leading Government analysts, says: "1
have no hesitation in certifying tlie
_, entire purity of Zam-Buk, which in
< my opinion is excellently adapted foi
skin injuries and diseases." Zam-
Buk cures cuts, scalds, burns, bruises,
eczema, scalp sores, ringworm, ulcers, abscesses, chapped places.
Spring pimples, blood poison, chronic
abscesses, etc. As an embrocation
it relieves rheumatism, neuralgia and
sciatica. All druggists and stores
sell at 50c. a box, or from Zam-Bul.
Go., Toronto, for price. 6 boxes sein
for $2.50. Send Ic stamp and we will
mail  you  free sample box.
Popular  Air.
Fir-thorn���"I pulled the governor's
leg to the tune of $100 this morning."
Second Son���"Good! By the way,
would you mind teaching me the
tune t"
"That dog I bought of you yesterday turns out to be a ferocious animal.
He's bitfen a lump out of my boy's
"Well, sir," replied the dog fancier, "didn't I tell you when you
bought Mm i77at he was very fond of
children ?"���Tit-Bits.
Getting  Ready.
"It's juflt as well to he prepared
for that war with Japan. At least
that's what our people think at
"But what sort of preparation can
the*  rmke P"
"I've just had a letter from my
wife and she writes that the TTinfield
Scott Light Guards unanimously dis-
bandeu Saturday nlglit."���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Healthy babies are good babies���
it is only the sick child that cries
all the time. Mothers, if you want
to see your little ones smiling and
happy give them Baby's Own Tab
lets���there 1b a smile in every dose.
The Tablets cure all the little ailments of childhood arising out of a
disordered condition of the stomach
or bowels. They are good for all
babies and nre sold under the guarantee of a government analyst to
contain no opiates or harmful drugs.
Mrs. F. 1). Kirk, Dumfries, N. S.,
says: "I always use Baby's Own
Tablets for the ailments of my little
ones and find them a splendid medicine. A few doses always restoret
them to perfect health. I would not
he without the Tablets in the house."
The tablets nre sold by druggists oi
hy muil at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Slaughtering Robins.
In Central Tennessee are large
tracts of cedars, the berries of which
serve to attract myriads of robins in
the winter. One smnll hamlet in
this region sends to market annually
enough robins to return $500 nt five
cents a dozen, equal to 120,000 birds.
They are killed ut night hy torchlight and with sticks.
The Family
The best medicines in the
world cannot take the place of
the family physician. Consult
him early when taken ill. If
the trouble is with your
throat, bronchial tubes, or
lungs, ask him about taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Then
take it or not, as he says.
W*�� publish our formula*
s-     W* banish alcohol
,���"_  from our m.dloliie.
Wo urg-e you So
oonsult your
Bilious attacks, sick-headaches, indigestion, constipation, dizzy spells ���these
are some of the results of sn inactive
liver. Ask your doctor if he endorses
Ayer's Pills in these cases. The dose
is small, one pill at bedtime.
sbytb... O.AyorOo.. Lowell, at-ss,	
Canadian   Honored.
The Canadian Gazette lias the following to say of the recent distinction conferred upon Dr. Robert Bell:
There is something peculiarly gratifying to Canadian pride in tne distinction conferred upon Dr. Kobert
Bell, chief geologist of the Canadian
survey, by tlie American Geographical society. Never before lias the
Culluin medal been conferred upon
a geographer who was not a citizen
of the United States, and Dr. Bell is
thus doubly honored, for only last
year he received the Patron's or
King's gold medal of the Koyal Geographical society. Dr. Bell's name
is a household word with Canadians,
His surveys and explorations, extending 1,000 miles north of the United States' boundary, hnve removed
irom the maps of the Canadian hin-|
terlund its former vacant appearance,
and form tlie subject of a grent many
maps published by the geographical
survey of Canada in Hie last five
the brotherhood of science that the
extent und value of Dr. Bell's work
during the lust hulf century should
thus receive spontaneous recognition
at the hands of the great geographical  societies.
by local ininlicuAions, au tliey cannot
reucti tne a, ...ut/,1 portion ot luc ear.
There is only one way to cure ucuinetid,
and that is liy L-oadtitmioual remedied.
lieu! lies lu < au.-led oy un llilliujlctl contll-
llon of the uiuuouu Jiniug- ot Hit; i'.uwiui.ii
ian Tube. IVlieu tuiu tube m muauied
you have a rumbling sound or nuperiect
hearing, and when it ia i-uiirelv cloned.
DealneuH lu the result, aud unless tne
intiumiiiiitiuii cau be taken out and tmu
tube reutored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which 1b nothing but an iniianied condition  of  the  mucous aurfaceu-
We will give Oue Hundred DollarB tor
any cafe of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure.    Send  for  circulara,  free.
K J. OJiKNUK  4i CO.. Toledo. O.
Hold  l.y  Druggists,  '/be.
Take Hull�� Family Fills for constipation.
Story  of   Bogus  Jewels.
A curious incident happened in
Rome, Italy, some time ago, when a
travelling trunk was lost. The owner, a music hall singer, declared that
it contained valuable effects and jewelry, and she was offered $25,000 in
final settlement of all claims. But
the  music hall star  refused.
It so happened that, pending negotiations, the trunk was discovered,
and the order was at once given by
the officials for a list of its contents.
An expert jeweller was also requisitioned, and his response was to t>e
effect that the asserted precious diamonds were all false. The fact reached the ears of the owner, who disappeared, and has not been heard of
A  Single   Brain.
A prominent lawyer who formerly
practiced ut the bar of Kansas City
tells of a funny incident in a court
there during a trial in which a certain young doctor was called as a
Counsel for the ot"V side, in cross-
3xamining the youthiul medico, gave
utterance to several sarcastic remarks
tending to throw doubt upon the
ability  of so young a man.
One of the questions was: "You
are entirely familiar with the symptoms of concussion of the brain ?"
"'I  am."
"Then," continued the cross-examiner, "suppose my learned friend, Mr.
Taylor, and myself were to bang our
heads together, should we get concussion of the brain ?"
"Your learned friend, Mr. Taylor,
might," suggested the young physician.���Rochester Herald.
It Is a Live* Pill,���Mnny of the
ailments that man has to contend
with have their origin in a disordered liver, which is u delicate organ,
peculiarly susceptible to the disturbances that come from irregular habits
or lack of care in eatini and drinking. This accounts for the great
many liver regulators now pressed on
the attention of sufferers. Of these
there is none superior to Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. Their operation
though gentle is effective, and the
most  delicate   can   use   them.
"Hang it!" growled young Lovett
to the girl of his heart, "it makes
me mad every time I think of that
��10 I lost today. I certainly feel
as if I'd like to have somebody kick
"By the way, Jack," said the dear
girl, dreamily, "don't you think you'd
better speak to father this evening?"
���Philadelphia  Press.
Have You a Skin Disease? ��� Tetter,
Salt Itheiim. Scald Head, Ringworm, Eczema, Itch, Barber's Itch, Ulcers, Blotches, Chronic Erysipelas. Liver Spotu,
Prurigo, Psoriasis, or other eruptions ol
the skin-what Dr. Agnew's Ointuieiii
has done for others it can do for you
-cure you. One application gives relief.   35  cents.���87
Howell���What relations exist be
tween vou nnd Miss Cowell ?
Powell- Her father and mother-
Illustrated Bits.
K/linard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget   U
"There was n sophomore," snid a
football coach, "who was hard up in
the early fall, anil pawned all his
good  clothes.
"A little before Thanksgiving he
got a big check from home and accordingly  redeemed his wardrobe.
"When he got home for the holidays his mother said she would unpack his, trunk ior hiin. The first
thing Ins mother took out of the
trunk was an overcoat, and on it
wns pinned the pawnbroker's ticket
that he  had  forgotten  to remove.
"Hastily grabbing the ticket, he
"'Hello! They must huve forgotten to take this off at the Smith
dance, when 1 left it in the cloak
"A moment later his mother took
out his evening trousers. They also
had  fl  ticket on  them.
"'VVhv, Prank,' she Baid, 'surely
you didn't leave those in the cloak
room, too, did you P"*���Baltimore Am
An   Example.
"Dad," enquired Freddy, "what is
a 'fk'ure of speech ?"
"Where's your mother f" asked
"Dad,"  cautiously.
"She's downstairs," answered the
"Well, then," began "Dad," "a figure of speech, my son, is a woman."
���Harper's Weekly.
It Lays a Stilling Hand on Pain ���
For pains in the joint and limbs and
for rheumatic pains, neuralgia and
lumbago. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
is without a. peer. Weil rubbed in,
the skin absorbs it and it quickly
and permanently relieves the
affected part. Its value lies in its
magic property of removing pain
from the body, and for that good
quality it is prized.
"Oh, yes, we are engaged to he married this winter, hut I fear that she
has not that confidence in me that
comes  with perfect, love."
"Why so?"
"Well, when a fellow looks buck���
ns a fellow in love naturally will,
you know���and sees her testing the
diamond in her engagement ring on
the window pane, don't you think he
has good cause to feel a hit dubious '"���Stray Stories.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches anr*
every form of contagious Itch on hum
an or animals cured in 30 minutes S>
Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
The French church crisis is a serious tiling for the priests. Turned out
of their churches nnd homes, new
occupations in which priests are
forced to embark to support themselves crop out in the news from day
to day. One priest took up wood-
turning nnd another decorating. Now
a cure at Centeville named Perin
announces himself as a breeder of
canaries. He offers excellent singers
for sale.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
for Croup; found nothing equal to
it, sure cure.
Hawkshaw, N.  B., Sept.  1st.,  1905.
Tom���Bess said "No," to nie last
night, but I don't think she really
could tell why she did it.
Nell���Oh, yes, she could. She told
Tom���Did she ?
Nell���Yes, she said she didn't
think you'd take "No" for an answer.���Philadelphia Press.
Use the safe, pleasant and effectual
worm killer, Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator; nothing equals it. Procure a bottle and take it home.
When Thomas A. Edison was living
in Menlo Park a visitor from New
York  said to him ono day:
"By the way, your front gate needs
repairing. It was all I could do to
get it open. You ought to have it
trimmed,  or greased,  or something."
Mr.   Edison  laughed.
"Oh,  no,"  he  said.    "Oh,  no."
"Why not ?" asked the visitor.
"Because," was the reply, "every
one who comes through that gate
pumps two buckets of water into the
tank on the roof." ��� New Orleans
Hnve you tried Holloway's Corn
Cure ? It hns no equal Ior removing
these troublesome excresences as
many have testified who have tried
Ambiguous���He���I am going to kiss
you when I go.
She���Leave the house at once.���Illustrated Bits.
Paul Morton, in a recent address
on insurance, said of a certain proposed economy:
"That would not be an economy,
but an extravagance, in the long run.
It reminds me of the boy and the
" 'My son,' said this boy's mother,
'isn't it rather an extravagance to
eat hutter  with  that superb jam ?'
" 'No, ma'am, it's an economy,'
the same piece of bread does for
both.' "
in Effort to Do A nay With the Lone
Midday Interval.
A discussion Is going on In commercial circles In Germany regarding tbe
respective merits of the English and
German systems of arranging the
hours of work In banks, company officer and big business houses.
It has always been customary In
Germany for clerks and accountants
and all workers of this class to begin
work considerably earlier than Is the
case In England and to terminate work
In the evening much later than Is usual
In London. Work begins In German
offices, as a rule, nt 8 o'clock In the
morning and Is frequently not concluded before 8 o'clock In the evening.
Partial compensation for the early beginning and late termination Is obtained by taking a two hours' pause at
midday, but even with this break the
total hours worked In German offices
considerably exceed those In English
offices, especially as a half holiday Saturday Is still an exceptional arrangement In Germany.
An agitation Is now going on for the
abolition of the long midday Interral
and of the Introduction of the hours of
work usual In English offices. Many
German business men, however, resist
the Innovation and persist In maintaining the old fashioned system.
Many German stockbrokers, com
pany directors, directors of banks and
captains of Industry adopt a curious
arrangement by which they dine at S
o'clock In the afternoon and afterward
return to their offices from 6 till 8
o'clock In the evening.
Those Germans -Who have practical
experience of office work tn England
are unanimous In declaring that English clerks do Just as much in six or
seven hours as German clerks In nine
or ten hours and advance this as *
strong argument in favor of the gen
eral adoption of tbe English hours of
work In offices.
A few of the big banks In Berlin
have already got as far as a working
day of eight hours, from 9 o'clock Id
the morning till B o'clock in the afternoon, with two hours less Saturday,
when they close at 3 o'clock.���Berlin
Letter In London Standard.
Electricity In the Home.
In a $3,000 or $4,000 bouse It Is a
very common matter to wire for electric lights, but by giving the subject a
little further attention with yonr electrical contractor and the architect It
la possible to arrange outlets for lighting socket heating devices at very little extra expense. Such receptacles
would be taken off from the lighting
wires In a very simple manner. The
cost of operating later at lighting rates
would not be large, for the reason
that the electrical devices which will
be used on such a circuit consume
only a small amount of electricity and
are generally used for only short Intervals. They would comprise, for example, the chafing dish, the coffee percolator, heating pad, cigar lighter,
shaving mug, curling Iron, baby milk
warmer, small frying pan und many
others.���Cassler'B Magazine.
A Bale or Cotton.
In order to see how far a certain bale
of cotton was shipped before being
manufactured into goods W. H. Tarks,
Jr., of Ennis, Tex., placed a note lu a
bale which was shipped In the autumn
of 1005 asking the person wbo finally
received and opened It to write to him
and tell him where the cotton was used
and what price was paid. The bale
traveled many thousands of miles, as
Is shown by this letter, which Mr.
Parks received recently from Reval,
Russia, which is situated on tbe Baltic
Reval,  Russia, Aug. 23 (Sept. 5),
The bale of cotton In which your letter
and blank memorandum were found was
received at the Baltic mill, Reval, Russia, via Bremen, bought from Gebruder
Frltze of that city at 6.35d. a pound.
A Tree Freak.
A rare proof of the vitality of certain trees Is offered by a poplar in the
village of Gunten, on the Lake of
Thun. When, about twenty years ago,
a fountain was placed before the post-
office building of that place the builders used for a shank and girder of tbe
water conduit a young poplar trunk
which they drove Into the ground and
In which the pipe was Inserted. After
a short time the trunk began to throw
out shoots, and today it la a tall tree,
with heavy foliage. The water pipe Is
now completely overgrown, and It Is
a strange sight to see a Jet of water
stream forth from the interior of the
uninjured tree.
The Sayings of Children.
In the new Sunday at Home appears un article on "The Sayings of
Children," by Ranee Leyton. In
many stories about children much is
lost because of the impossibilty of
"printing the child." The following
are but specimens of many sayings
that are here collected: One small
urchin fancied he had at last got to
the other side of omnipotence. With
one boot off and the other on he wail-
td, "Nobody���none-body���can fasten
my boot." "God can," said his sister,
reprovingly. "He can't," persisted the
other, doggedly, " 'cause it's got no
buttons I"
Here is another illustration of the
"remorseless logic of childhood: "Why
was the world drowned?" Tiny mite,
triumphantly: "'Cause, teacher, it
couldn't float!" "How do you suppose
they filled up their time in the ark?"
LHtle fellow, tentatively: "Fishin',"
Other little fellow, scornfully, "Couldn't; there were only two worms."
A new theologian speaks in this
judgment: "It isn't the bones that
roes to heaven," explained one little
Bister to another, "it's something in
the tummy!" While another solves
the question of personal responsibility very easily: A clergyman's daughter, before being put in bed, uttered
this somewhat remarkable prayer:
"And, dear Lord, this afternoon I saw
out on the cold sidewalk a poor little
girl, and she had no shoes or stockings on, and���and���" (followed by a'
Bilence as though the little mind were
wrestling with the problem) she eon-
eluded, "but it'B none of our busi-i
ness, is it, God?" j
To Masticate Missionaries. ;
A technical magazine lias an interesting article by H. D. Jones on Am-'
erica's leadership of the world in the!
manufacture of false teeth. We send
them to India, China, Japan, Patagonia and Polynesia. Indeed, as tha
writer grimly suggests, "it is not beyond the limit of possibility that cannibal feasts are conducted with thi
aid of American made artificial teeth. ���
Illustrious Fame  Roll  of the  Mother
Country As Exemplified In
Many Men of Note.
Si.- Robert Peel���"Bob, you dog, if
you're not Prime Minister I'll disinherit you." These words were once
jocularly uttered by the father of this
eminent English statesman, who was
anxious from the first that his heir
should make a figure in polities. How
Sir Robert, step by step, won his way
to the Premiership twenty-three yearn
later cannot be told here. Suffice it
to say that England has never possessed a statesman with greater talents for legislative business and finance. Personally Sir Robert was not
a popular or Boeiab's man, but he
loved his work and the Kiuse of Commons, and the country is indebted to
him for many reforms and much prosperity.
Sir Titus  Salt.
The world admires a successful
man, and more so when that man
uses his gifts and prosperity to confer benefits upon his fellow-creatureB.
Sir Titus Salt built up the greatest
manufactory of aipaca fabrics in Europe, and he also built around that
manufactory a villnge of 900 employes. A man of thoroughly ultruistio
principles, Sir Titus treated his hands
with great liberality, while he gave
princely gifts to Bradford, which town
he represented in Parliament and served as mayor.
William Cobbett.
The sturdiness and indomitable
energy of Cobbett must arouse the admiration of every Englishman. From
the son of a peasant he rose to be
one of the most daring and powerful
political writers of the early half of
the nineteenth century. It is true that
Cobbett had a capacity for getting
himself into "hot water," but this
did not deter him from fighting for
any cause he considered to be right.
Cobbett loved the poor rs much as
he loved the country and the fields,
ind he undoubtedly did much by his
'renchant writings���which called the
tttention of reformers to work which
required to be done���towards ameliorating the conditions of those who
lived in the poverty corners of England.
Or. Talt, Archbishop of Canterbury.
Undoubtedly tlie greatest achievement of this prelate was performed
when he succeeded Dr. Bloomfield as
Bishop of London. So vigorously did
Dr. Tait labor in the metropolis that
in a few years lie raised no less than
��350,000 for the building of churches,
schools, and parsonages in the poorer
districts of London. His sermons
and writings in their day were read
with avidity, for people recognized
that they emanated from a mastermind. Dr. Tait had many difficulties
to overcome, but lie grappled with
them In a manner which proved him
to be thoroughly equal to the duties
of the high offices conferred upon
Lord  Melbourne.
Although this noted statesman never earned fame as a great orator and
brilliant politician, he accomplished
some solid and valuable work for the
country, more especially when he became Prime Minister. He signalized
his accession to his office, in 1835, by
carrying a great measure of municipal reform, and the following year
came the lowering of the stamp duty
on newspapers and the Tithe Commutation Act, benefiting landowners
and clergy alike. One of the most notable ana estimable features of Lord
Melbourne's career, by the by, was
the delicate tnct and friendly and conscientious care with which he initiated Queen Victoria into the duties of
Sovereign on her accession to the
Lord Dufferln.
This great Ambassador had one of
the most distinguished careers among
the most distinguished men of his
time. Among the letters which he was
entitled to write after his name were
P.O., K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I.. G.C.M.
G., G.O.I.E��� D.O.L., LL.D., F.R.S.
The LL.D., was conferred on him by
Oxford, Edinburgh and Harvard,
while he was also Doctor of Oriental
Learning of the Punjab University.
His Lordship acted as Governor-General of Canada as well as of India and
was Ambassador to Russia, Italy and
France, while early in his career he
filled various Under Secretaryships of
State. Once, in a moment of face-
tiousness, he described himself as
"Maid-of-all-work to British Governments."
William Charles Macready.
The efforts of this great actor were
always directed towards elevating and
purifying the drama. He undoubtedly did much good service for the English stage, and brought about many
reforms. But Macready did more
than this. He proved himself a magnificent and powerful actor and splendid manager. He produced Shakespearean plays in a most worthy fashion, and from Macready's triumphs
and achievements the present school
of actors have been able to learn
much of histrionio value.
Sir George White.
It is fifty-three years since Sir
George White entered the army, and
he served soon after In the Indian
Mutiny with the 27th Royal Innis-
killing Fusiliers, winning a medal and
clasp, while during the engagement at
Charasiah he won the Victoria Cross.
He took part in the great march from
Kabul to Kandahar, and was nt one
time military secretary to the Viceroy
of India.. For his distinguished ser-j
vices in the field he was promoted to
be major-general, and that by the
Government of India, in which country he served as Commander-in-Chief
of the ForceB from 1893 to 1898.
Charles Lever.
Apart from his powers as a writer.
Lever was one of the most brilliant
conversationalists who ever lived, and
the life and soul of any company. He
was at home everywhere, knowing
everybody, and a welcome guest in all
societies and in all countries. And
no less welcome were his books. Who
has not laughed over his amusing
stories of Irish life, and the adventures of "Charles O'Malley," "Arthur
O'Leary," "Tom Burke of Ours," and
"Jack Hinton"? Lever has been accused of giving a false idea of Irish
character and life. Be that as it may,
the world of literature would have
been much poorer without his rollicking and always entertaining storiea.
"I got a shock from a 'lectric battery terday," said the first hobo.
"Gee! It's a tunny kind of a feelin';
feels just like takin' a bath."
"Say," exclaimed the other one,
"you must have a great memory."���
Philadelphia Press.
If you want to rise in your business you must be willing to do your
share, and sometimes a little more
thnn your share, of work, and do it
. W.    N.    U.    No. 628
Because of Its Purity and   Freedom From
Coloring Matter.
Lead    Packets   Only,    40c, 50c, and    60c    Par    Lb.    At    All    Grocers
"Don't you think you ought to tell
father of our engagement,  Bob ?"
"Was that your father who lias
just come home ?"
"Well, I think I will wait till he
has. had time to put his slippers
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
Lawyer (cross-examining witness)���
Are you sure you didn't dream that,
Mr. Ruggles ? By the way, do you
believe in dreams ?
Witness���Not as a general thing,
but I know they come true sometimes.
Lawyer���Oh, they do, do they ? Can
you mention a specilie instance ?
Witness���Yes, sir. You remember,
Mr. Ketcham, you paid me $5 the
other day that you had been owing
me a year. Well, I had dreamed the
night before that you met me on
the street and paid it. I was so
-itrongly impressed with that dream
that I hunted you up the next day,
you recollect, and dunned you foi
it.���Chicago Tribune.
Dropsy Is One Positive Sign of Kidney
Disease.���Have you any of these uninis
takable signs? Pufjmess under the eyes?
Swollen limbs ? Smothering feeling: f
Change of the oharaoter of the urine r
ExhaiiHtion after leo.st exertion ? II
you have there's dropsical tendency and
you shouldn't delay an hour in putting
yourself under tht* great Houth American  Kidney  Curt'.-86
No   Infraction  of   Rules.
As an express train was going
through a station one of the passengers leaned too far out of the window, overbalanced, and fell out. He
fortunately landed on a sand heap,
so that he did himself no great injury, but, with torn clothes and not
a few bruises, said to a porter who
was standing by:
"What shall  I do?"
"You're all right, mister," said the
porter. "You're ticket allows you to
break your journey."���Tit-Bits.
Use for the "x"-ray.
Even such tricks as hiding jewels
in hollow shoe-heels or swallowing
diamonds cannot longer be depended upon to cheat the customs officials.
In the French government tests of
the "x"-ray detective of Alphonse le
Roux, persons representing smuggling
passengers have been examined without removal of clothing or any indignity except being detained a few
moments before the apparatus, and
so rapid is the process that 167 persons received attention in forty-five
minutes. On these individuals were
articles of many kinds, variously concealed. Watches were revealed in the
hem of a woman's skirt, a tiny
lockot under a young man's tongue,
watch chains and a bracelet in tlie
coils of a woman's hair, card-cases
in a man's shoes, and even buttons
���proving the presence of gloves���under the clothing over a man's chest.
Tried on postal packages, without
breaking seals or untying strings, all
kinds of articles were shown in the
most innocent and unlikely places-
Philadelphia Ledger.
Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup
is an unparalleled remedy for colds,
coughs, influenza and diseases of the
throat and lungs The fame of the
medicine rests upon years of successful use in eradicating tiiese affections,
antl in protecting mankind from the
fatal ravages of consumption, and as
u neglected cold leads to consumption, one cannot be too careful to
fight it in its early stages. Bickle's
Syrup is the weapon, use:it.
Never judge yourself by  the faults
of your neighbors.
Physician's Wife���I shall soon he
wanting  a new  evening  dress,  dear.
Physician���All right, my dear; I'll
look over my list and find some fellow who can afford an operation for
The German emperor's little daughter is credited with this incident.
She was tired of all the old games,
so said to her playmates:
"I know what we'll do. Let's play
at being quite poor people��� frightfully poor people, who have only one or
two footmen !"
Wmrrmnt-d lo Olxro Smtlmfmotion.
Caustic Balsam
Has Imitators But No Compotitors.
A Safe* Speedy and Positive Cure for
Curb, Splint Sweeny, Capped Book,
Strained Tendoni, Founder, Wind
Puffi, and all Umeneu from Spavin,
Eingbone and other bony tumors.
Cures all skin diseases or Tarasites,
Thrush, Diphtheria. Removes all
Bunches from Horses or Cattle,
Warranted      .. ......
per bottle.  Sold by drufrgiftta, or sent by ex-
[irons, charges raid, with full directions for
ts use.   RTScnd for   descriptive   circular).,
<" testimonials, ete.  Address
The Lawrence-Williams Co., Toronto* Ont.
Cattle with horns are dangerous
fend a constant menae* to u��ra-ina
and other cattle. Dehorn them
��ulokly and with lUf ht pain with a
411 OTer intmlnutfts. Not a harsh
method. Leares a clear, clean cut.
Cows fflT* more milk) sUer-a mako
tetter beef. Bead for free bookiat
L aMUKeasa. rides. OaUrio. Cam,
You cannot possibly havfr
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
(ood. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains tlie system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in i-lb. and I-lb Tins.
Dr. srocum's Great Tonk
and Disease Destroyer
Used in Thousands
of Homes in Canada
THOSE WHO don't know what Psychint
is and what it does are asking about it
THOSE WHO do know what Psychint
is and what it does are using It   The;
regard it aa their best physician ana
'HOSE WHO use it are being quickly
and permanently cured of all forms oi
throat,   chest,  lung   and atomacb
troubles.     It Is a scientific prepare
tion, destroying all disease germs in the
blood and system.   It is a wonderfu
tonic and system building remedy, and
is a certain cure for
COVGBS, Bronchial Co-albs,
LA GRIPPE, Chills and Few,
Colds, Difficult Brcathta-
Pneumonia, General WeaKnes.-
BronchitU, Female Troubles,
Catarrh, FicKle Appetite,
Weak Voice, Hemorrhages,
Sleeplessness, Night Sweats,
Nervousness, Consumption,
Malaria, Catarrh of tha
Anaemia, Stomach.
All these diseases are serious in themselves, and if not promptly cured in the
early stages are the certain forerunners of
Consumption in ita most terrible forms.
PBychine conquers and. cures Consumption, but it is much easier and safer to
prevent its development by using Psychine. Here is a sample of thousands of
voluntary and unsolicited statements from
all over Canada:
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited:
Oeutlemeu,���I feel It raj. duty to advise -ou
of the remark able cuie affected by your Payohlne
and Oxomulelon, which have come under my
personal observation. Three men. well known to
me, Albert Townsend, Hazel Hlpton and John
McKay, ail of Shelburne County, were pronounced by the best medical men to have
consumption, and to be Incurable and beyond the
reach of medlcnl aid. They u-ed Psychine and
O-omulalnn and they are now in food health.
I feel It a dutr 1 owe to suffering humanity to
state these lacts for the benefit of other sufferers
from this terrible disease.
Yours very trulv,
Qreen Harbor, N.S.
Psychine, pronounced Si-keen, is foi
sale at all up-to-date dealers. If youi
druggist or general store cannot supply
you, write Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 179
Kine Street West. Toronto.
A Natural
Inward" cleansing is as necessary as outward bathing. To keep the
bowels free and regular is of even greater importance than to keep
the skin-pores from becoming clogged. The neglect of either invites disease. Everyone needs a natural laxative occasionally, to
free the bowels of accumulated impurities    For this purpose take
the greatest boon ever offered to those who suffer from the ills
that follow constipation. For over fifty years Beecham's Pills have
been famous as a Stomach corrective, a Liver regulator and Bowel
laxative. -They never gripe nor cause pain. Powerful purgatives
are dangerous. Avoid them. Use Beecham's Pills. They give relief without doing violence to any organ. Their action is in harmony with physical laws. Take them regularly and the necessity
for their use becomes less frequent. They are a natural laxative
and a positive cure for Constipation, Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick
Headache and Dyspepsia.
Prepared only by tha Proprietor, Thomas Beecham, St. Helens, Lancashire, Bog.
Sold everywhere la Canada and U. S. America.   In boxes -g cents. ;**a*eec0*oeoa��eeaG>*ceacecaoa9��OGea��se��eceaaoGoa��>Qee
���    CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,000,000.
REST. $11,000,000   o
President���Lobd Ptratiicona and Mount-Boya-,.
Vice-President���Hoh, Gkoegi A. Diujmmond.
General Manager���-E. S. C'louston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
A Cencral Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan fUMnfng IRevtew.
AT :
Subscription $?.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Notices to Delinquent Owners - ?t?.00
" for Crown Grants - - 7.fit)
" " Purchase of Lund - 7.50
"       " License lo (.'nt Timber 5.00
All loco's will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.    No room for Quacks.
Address nil Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Zhc Slocan
Zhvce fforhs,
3. ��.
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi tlie Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Exccl-
'      lent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Notice is hereby rriven thnt SO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber* from the following described lands, fliiunte in West Kootenay
Nn. 1. Commencing at a post planted on the side of Wilson cri'i-k, nlioiit
2'a miles below full* of main Wilson
creek, and 2 mile* in on the 2nd cast
fork, marked D. Tuomny's S.E, cornel
post, thence north B0 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted on south side of Wilson click, nnd
about 7chains from locution post No. 1.
and marked D. Tnomey's 8. VV. corner
post, thence north 80 chains, along the
same line, thence east hO elm ins, tin-no-
south 80 chains thence west SO chains,
to the point ef commencement.
Boosted Maicli 13, 1007.
Mar. 21, 30 1). Locator.
Fixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commisioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, B.C., for permission to purchase the following land,
situated in West Ko.teniy Di trict,
commencing'at a post 20 Cliains north
of J. S. Morrison's S.E. corner, thence
60 chains North, thenco 20 chains e.ist,
ihence CO chains south, thonce 20ch
west to point of commencement
tabling 120 aces.
Located March 20, 1007.
Mar 28 COd
To Michael Pen rote, ur to whomsoever
he may hnve transferred his interest
in lhe." Young Rambler." mineral
claim,    situated    near   McUuigan",
located the Gr.l day of October, 1800,
recorded  the 17t li  day of October,
1900, in the Slocan Mining Division
of Weel K lotenay District.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended $102 50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 00 days from the
cate of this notice you fail or refuse to
ijntribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together with  all costs
of advertising, your interest in the said
claim will become the property of the
underrigned,  under   section   4 of   tlie
Mineral Act Amendment Art. 1000.
Dated  at Sandon,  this 27th  day oi
November, 1000.
NotiC" is berebvgi.cn that "0 .'ays
i-.f et- date I int nd t ipply to ��� be Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
fur u special lie use t<> cut and cany
away timber from the f Homing described lind situated on Mill creek about
���1 mile* from Sloe-.11 Lake, beginning at
a post marked *'L .S. .oner," tlience
noith 40 clmins, thei ce cast itiO chains,
thence Bonth 40chains, thei cc west 100
chain- to noi 111 of commencement.
Dat d20th day uf March 1007.
Mar 28 Sod
jrTEL t*    *
Silverton, B.��. j
Notice is hereby given, that 00 days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon
the. (.'hief Commissioner ot Ltftids and
Works, at Victoria, H.C, lor p rmiss'on
to purchase the following described
lands situated in tbe Slogan Division of
West Kootenay Dstiict end about !.'
milei! souili-easterly from Silverton. B.C.
and ��dj .ining l*'. .!. O'Reilly's land purchase on Mb South side; commencing
nt a post marked 0. Brand S.W. corner
thence east 40 chains, thence north
40 chains more or less to the south boundary of F, .1. O'lleilly's land purchase
thence west along said boundary 40
chains, thence south to po nt of com-
mencemei t, containing about 100 acre.*!.
Located 'i-Ji'd Jan. 1007.
<"!. BRAND.
Notice is hereby given that SO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from tiie following
described lands situated in the Slocan
mining district of West Kootenay :
First loiation ��� Commencing at a
post on lbs south side, of Trout Creek
about three and a half miles from
Slocan Lake and marked W II B's n.e
corner pest, thence south 40 chains,
thence west l.fiO chains, then:e north 40
chains, thence east 100 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated February 27th, 1007
W H BRANDON, Locator,
G S Vanstone, Agent
Second location ��� Commencing at 0
post on the south side of Trout creek
about 5!.j miles from Slocan lake, and
marked W K li's n.e. corner post,
thence south 40 chains, thence west
100 chains, thenco north 4') chains,
thence east 160 chains to point of
Dated February 27th, 10C7
W H BRANDON, Locator,
Geo. S. Vanstone, Agent
Mar 7,1307
TAKE NOTICE thai an application
has been made to register George Williamson as the owner iu Fee Simple under a Tax Sale Deed from Alexander
Lucas, Assessor of tlie District of Slocan,
to George Williamson, bearing dale
the 15th day of December, A.D. 1004 of
all and singular those certain pinxelorl
tract of land and premises s-iuit*.|
lving and b.inn* in New Denver, in the
Province of Brd'sh Columbia, more
partirnlailv known nnd described as
Lots 4. 24, 25. 20, 27 mil 28, Block 41!.
and all ol'IUo-k 84 in the town of New
Denver, McGilllvray's Addition (Map
Vou   and  each  of  you   are required lo
contest the claim ..f the tax purchaser
within   fourteen   davs   from   the date
of the service of this notice upon you,
and in default of a caveat or n certificate of Ijs pendens being filed .1 it'nin
su.'h    period,    you   will    he   fo ever
estopped  end  debarred   fiom setting
up any claim   to   or   in respect of the
said 'and, and I  shall register George
Williamson as owinr thereof.
Dated at Land I! 'gistry  Ollice, Nelson,
Pyovlnceof British' Columbia, this
1st day of May, A.D.. 1005.
II. !���'. M-cLE'T-.
District Registrar.
To Lee Coombs.
Recognised by the Travelling j
Public,   Miners   aud   Mining
Men to  be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan.    The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IR. fS>. Spencer �� prop
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given tbat 60 days
from date,], intend toapply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
described lands, situated 111 the SioCau
Division of West Kootenay District, between Ten Mile end Twelve Mile creeks
and about one half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. T. Kelly's S.E. corner post, thence
west 20 chains along tbe line of Lot
No. 1024, G 1, thence north 20 "hail s,
thence east 20 chains, theme south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 aciri more or less.
Located tbe 11 tit dav of March, 1907.
J. H. Corv, Agent.
Mar 14 2m
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief ^Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for. permission to purchase the
following detcrlhed lands situated
in the Slo'iui Divilion of West Kootenay D.siiict bet* 1 en Ten and Twelve
Mile Creeks and about one half mile
[row Slocan Lake, commencing at a
p.-st marked J. H. Cory's N.W. corner poet, thence 20 cliains last, along
tlielinoof Lot 1038, Ol, thence 40chainR
south, thence 20 chains west, thence 40
ebain�� north,'to point of commencement,
containing 80 acre*, '".ore or less.
Located March 11th. 1007.
Mar 14 2m Locator.
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.    Quiet Home.    Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Addrtss All Communications to
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Headquarters for flDtning anb travelling flDcn
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
TRooms large, Clean anb (Bocfe.
Very [Small Figure
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days niter date I intend to apply tc
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, D. C, for permission to purchase the following described lamb. Commencing at a po-l
planted on 111. west side of Slocan lain-
nud about onoaud a half miles west of
Sa'\ mil1 1 ret I; on the shore of the lake,
and marked W 11 B'b s,w."corner post,
thence west 40 chains, thenco 11 nl.
83chains, thence wesl 40chains, Ihence
north 40 chain*, thence ea*t 40 chains,
thonce south 80 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south 40 chains follow-in...
the lake shore to point of commencement, nh'iu* 820 acres more or less,
Located tbe 27th dav ol Feb. 1007
W. II. BRANDON, Locator.
(ico. S, Vanstone, agent.
Mar 7 GO
Job Printing
provincial Fssoa^er
av.b  I) emtot
Sandon Assay Office
0rd nary Tariff:
Hold, Silver, 1. ad, Copper, Iron, f*'ilica,
iji.OO each.
Silver will Coppei or Lead, Mangiivse,
Lime, tl .60 e.oli.
Zinc,   Antimony,    Sulphur,   Go'd and
Silver, $2.00.
''old, Siher. with Lead or Copper. Zinc
ami Silver, (2 60.
Silver, Zi ic and Lead  $8.00
1-old, Silver', Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
Special Dat- a for Mine and Mill Work
Sandon Cartage
a lanan
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
Also -SUITS find I-ANTS
At Cost
- - ci.- - is
Orders r-ceive prompt and careful
7THIS Well Known
w Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their slay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
I Go to Wilson's for
avy uoocus-
Ffloor,   Hay,    Oats,
Goall,   Vegetables,
Irani, Steel, etc.
utlvetton *
I you receive
this paper it is an
invitation to you to
Send in your sub
j-j-H'-H ���*-"'--
WWfW$WtWt&$W***$**W*$1rtylp*M*)4*l *>
Dr. A, M. Lowe
Visits Sandon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and Gerrartl regularly.
'' "*"be Sanson Ibotei. I
'fRoU. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Choicest Xiquors. Mines anb Cioaro.
nana ���*o��im>i*rM.\.\.ui*.
> ************************* **************************
The Kootenay Tailor
X ************************* *****************<-******* %
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
quality of tlie "shots" at this famous saloon.
The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always 011 hand.     ::    An excellcut Pool Table.
Spring anb
from Crown
(Tailoring Co.
It The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
iu the Country,
If In Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit aud entire satisfaction guaranteed.
-Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Liue of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
Tliero Is no better houB- in the Kootonnys for
the Mining Man to make his Headquarter^.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
business, and the Barkcspa are artists in thoir
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery.
Head Offices ['.���     - Q, B.(
FamSflies S
Fresh Qirocenes
li, Adjoiulng rremisjts.
No. 81.      W. F. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:S0
p. m. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A, Sliilland, Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meets in Fratenity Hall tho last Monday evening of every month.
J. It. Camehox, \V. President.
J. G. Pottur, W. Secretary.
Send in your sub*
Put up iii Pint Pottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength aud  Purity.
M4DB   l)Y   THE
Bnnbon Miners' Ulnton Hospital
Open to the Public.
Rales by Subscription $1.00 per month. Non-subscribers $2,00 per diem.
 Hospital Staff	
C. E ANDERSON. * -    VOL E. GOMM, M. I).
Address Communications To The Secretary.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors tn New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will lind thin hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for tlie comfort of Tourists.
Well Btocked Bar.
Excellent boatimr. Grand scenery. 1
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.:
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter what his oc-
etipntion, may save
money by getting his
Shoes Mado to Order.
For a Mining Sliuo
linn* is nothing belter
than the famous HAL
with n g.i.iil, eulid,
hand made I10II0111	
These shoes can only bu got by
leaving your older wilh
s !* (*v 3i 'i
��� ��'V   ���
March 29111 to April 1st 1
Fare and One-Third
Tor 1 lie Round Trip
To and From All Points
Tickets  0:1 sale    Murcb  37th  to
April 1st.    Final Return limit,
April 2nd.
For   furlher particulars,     rates,
and folders, apply to,
J S. Oabtrb,      E. J, Covi.r,
D.P.A. Nelson,   A.G.P.A.
B.C.      Vancouver, R.C.
Gold, Silver,OupperorLead, each,$1 00
Guld Silver,. (1 50     Silver-Lead, .fl.50
Zinc. .$2.00 Gold Silver wltb Oopper or
Lead.. 2 50.
Prompt ftitenllon given to nil samples.
25 per cent, discount uii.ni five samples.
P,0 Drawer, 1108 Phono A67
J* T Foley*
Sandon    -   -
M"?y��" note.
IIS the Headquarters for All
Mining Men in Silverton.
Furnished   throughout    in   a
superb  manner,   it offers tlie j
I comforts of a home to tourists
I visiting this charming'innmcr
Resort  ..
Excellent Boatiug, Fishing
and Hunting,
Good Sample Rooms,
Whereas at the Last C'hanco and Surprise mines, Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to the exclusion
of While labor.
Therefore, bo it res '1 veil  that this
organization, Sainton Miners' union No.
Hi of the W.F. of M. reaffirming its op-
po-iiion to the employment of Orientals
within its jurisdiction, strongly, condemns the position taken by the management of the properties in question,
and counsels working men everywhere
and those favorably disposed towards
organized labor to be governed by thin
A. SIIILLANP, Secretary,
Saitoon Xo&oc
No. 24.
K. of P.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 7.80 in Fraternity Hall. Visiting Brethren cordially
invited. CiEO. Ill'S'TON. CO.
A. SlIILLANU, lv of R. & ti.
 ���"  " "U.L.��� 83) B*B ������
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