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Slocan Mining Review 1907-04-11

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Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
locan Mining Review.
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.'
No. 33.   VI. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday,    April 11, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Xocal anb General.
Smelters Thrive at Expense
of Slocan and Figures
Below Show How.
Three weeks ago we Inserted a smelter
priil km in these columns whlh to-
geil er wiih tht best answer suit in we
again publish, 'lhe winner is a well-
known shipper of ore at Silverton, but
foi obiioi s riasons he requests that his
name be suppn sscd. While wc bave
no choice but to award tlie prize to lhe
successful competitor, we cannot help
feeiiug that just as long as lhe mine
owners nnd their managers allcw the
smelter people in rob them without a
murmur, then just so long will thia
country Ie on tho down giade. Evety
ov. ner, manager and leaser know the
circumstances to tlieir cost, yet lsck the
moral courage to opi-nly declare them-
h*-1vcs in lhe big fight which is about to
bij-in. The smelteis npprav lo .have
SUCCeisfllll.V ] Ut a fear of tin in into the
In aria of n.oit of ihe managers, but
why 1 hey iuI n,it without a murmur we
know not. The hitter by combining in
a " SI can On.* Sellers' Protective
Association " could in a few weeks break
the grip of lie " Lead Pipe Cinch "
and assume, ths " dead immortal "
The figures below an* facta, nnn we
challenge the smelters or their apologists to refute them.
The smeller pays for OH p.c. of Ihe
lend li*es 1 cent per lb., and for 95 p r.
ot tho silver at tlie market ipiotai ions.
Ship u carload of ore weighing 40,000
lbs. mil assaying 50 p.c. lend and 50 ozs.
silver; Ihe market price of lead being:
4 per Ih. and silver 07,4'  cents per oz.
The smelter returns are as follows:
*   Picked up by Butting In Everywhere.   ���;<
A .3,
The Star-White case will result in the
survival of the slickest.
Expert Clark's evidence paralyzed the
other experts.
Skidoo Rowi! knows more about the
Star vein than both litigants. At least,
he says so.
The Rero Debating Society is a pronounced success. Dave Murphy is an
ideal Mr. Speaker.
Pat Wa'sh wears the bluo ribbon.
His promotion to celestial spheres will
be recorded in due course.
Assayer Fingland is the busiest man
in the city.
Tho rumor that the Consolidated M.
& M. are negotiating lo puichaso the
Rambler mine on a 50 cent per share
basis is still very persistent.
Sandon, near Spokane, is a trifle farfetched; but when the Spokesman-
Review siys 'tis bo we must grin and
bear it.
There in a growing demand for Sandon
beer in Nelson. Was the recent visit
of Herr Binder but a paving of the way
for Sandon nectar ?    All good parsons
drink Snndon beer.
There is lalk of a celebration at New
Denver on the 24th of May. Keep tbe
talk going I it might lend to something.
A big lalk has been known to work
wonders ; and, by the way, a little boost-
ing wouldn't do any positive injury.
If Ihe Consolidated Co. does not bold
on to thu Iiicliiiiond group as a ore
rcsei'VO, the Star gulch will resound
witli the tramp of many feet this forthcoming summer.
Aiisftv per ion  Pnntentfl      lie'* Value
Silver'41 us     lQftOns.  SIJiJo. for 95p.e. *S4i.'.',i
Lead 60 p.c. 20,009lbs. 8 cents per lo       610 eo
Kin. Rawe left for Missouri last Wednesday. Two red chips constituted his
The betting on the ap x case is even
monev off-red wiih 6 to 4 wanted on
tlie b'ack fissure.
Did anybody notice whether that
Da<:o prophesied comet hit the ea*tli at
the end of March 7 Sandon lost no
Meal tickets wore not discounted.
Deductions frc!"li*. nnd treatment at 112 por ton
Net valuo to shipper
Equal to '47.00 pei ton
Total just,us  s'eeP*
Wo were too busy lo watch tbe heavens
Z���L-. or tlu harbinger of death. The whisky
t'-u.'-o  route is jet very popular.
Ship Ihe same carload with the price
of lead at. 2 cents, ar.d silverat 00cents
per oz. The smelter returns mc as
Ar.siivper Inn Content!      Pule
t*il>c'r.r'0o:-.B.      1,000     00c. f r 03 p.o.
Lend  00 p.c.    tio.'joo    1 coat for 00 p.c,
Deductions freiKht and tieat-
raeniiii #1J per ton
Kot value lo shipper
Equal to $28
Total 5750.00
,50pet ton
Now, the gross value of ihe lead and
silver in the lirst case id $1,478, equal lo
$78.78 per Ion, and in the second case is
$1,000, equal to $50 per ton.
/Dffi"" In the lirst case your net value
is 04 per cant, n( the gross value.
&.3ST In   tho  second tase it
1 per cent,, of the gro.*s value.
It would be an act of charity, and
withal a fair shake for the citizens nnd
business men on Cody Avenue, if the
City Council o dered the sidewalk
cleared. One is teinp'ed to ask if the
ratepayers in that locality are paying
taxes for the privilege ot being on the
The smelter deducts charges in dollars,
i.0 , the i no cent, per lb. lend and the
$12 freight end treatment. The shipper really fays the itiudtei' in poinds
of'cad. As the plico ol lend drops
���lion* lead is I<quirtd to make up the
standard charge's.
Worked out on the example given the
results are as follows :
1st fas*.���head at ���! cents per lb. and
silver at 61% cents per oz. The car
ContMiicd 20,1.(0 lend nnd 1,000 silver,
1, 10 pei cei t of th<* had  8,000 lbs.
2. 1 cent per lb. w illi lend
lit 4 cents on 18,000
iqnals,2o p.o. deduction, which equals .. 4,500 "
8. $240 freight nnd tieat
meat equals tiuou lbs.
lead    0,000   "
Total deduction..12,500  "
J.0,000 less 12,600 equals 7,600 lbs. of
1-cd nre paid for nt 4c. equals  $300.00
1,000 silver less 5 p.c. silver,
860 ozs. at Oi^c. equals...     641.25
Will. Gomm's Ya-Ya will he the biggest mine in the Slocan when he has
arranged all the minor details, He has
a foot of tin and a bunch ot concentrating ore to show the rubbernecks.
Apropos of the doe's.geological research
wc think it of public interest to mention
that the immense stiike on the Elkhorn
s only I wnB made by following the lines laid
down by our s ientific prospector.
Fr. Joannotle has been in Nelson for
the p.sl ten days assisting in the Easter
services there.
Slid i
941 25
Equals 5,47.08 per ton.
-The smelters | oi tion is :
1. 10 p.c. of the lead  2,000 lbs.
2. 1 cent per lb, With lea 1 nt
2 eon is per ib. equals 50
p.c. deduction on remainder, iquals  9,000 "
8. Freight and tiontniont
equals $240, which equals 12,0t)o His- of lend
at 2 cars 12,000 '*
Totrl deduct ion..28,000"
20,000   1-Sfl 23,000    lbs.  equals   minus
8,000 lbs. nt 2 cents   $ 60.00
1.000 ozs. le-s 6   p.c. Cqil'dsiJoO
ozs. at60 iciits equals     570.00
Not valuo	
Equals, per ton.
Carl-} and Hohnquist were down
Irom the Sunshine for supplies yesterday. The tunnel I hey are driving is
nearly under the big showing, and some
pav stringers aie being encountered.
1.but. Governor   Dnnsiiiuir's   mil
expert, Stilton, is at Cody inspecting the
Noble lice.
Rev. and Mrs. Rutherford have taken
up residence in New Denver.
Siicccbs crowned tho efforts of the
Sandon Curling Club on Friday UbI
when tbe annual ball was brought
off. The attendance was gooil, nnd
thus the main object was achieved.
With the floor in good condition and
the very hist of music for the dancers
being supplied, thee is no wonder that
devotees of Terpsichore voted the function a successful one from their point of
view. Simpkin's orchestra, tbat swell
aggregation of artists from Nov Denver,
achieved more lauiels, nnd Messrs.
Johnston, Ward mil Lowe added to
their fume as floor managers, The
ladies, too, who dispensed the liquid
and solid refreshment's, excelled themselves on (his occasion. The scene was
a brilliant one, the Indies wearing some
elegant costumes. Three Forks visitors
were numerically and sicially a great
acquisition, Tho lengthy program wns
brought lo a happy termination with
the "Home sweet home" waltz al4
a.m. Saturday. This ball was advertised ns the hut of the' season, a fact
which drew forth mnny regrets from
the tired but happy guests.
J. W. rower made one of his periodical trips in from Kaslo Wednesday.
II rustling will make a million, wcshall
shall sic J. W. smoking something
better than hay In a few years.
A billiard match for a substantial sum
was played nt the Reco last Saturday
before a g iod crowd. C. E. Lyons beat
Prof. Turner by 5 points.
Writing to the Review from Victoria
under date of April 3rd, Wm. Hunter
M.P.P. snys:
"1 have just   received a petition from
the people of New Denver, Three Forks
and  Sandon,  asking to  have  the road
j put in repair between these  towns, nnd
| as there were quite n number of differ*
11 > I ent  petitions    to be  acknowledged,  I
wish you would let  the people of those
towns know that I will do my utmost to
Nehon's Magic Embrocation  is Just I secure the necessary funis to uader-
the liniment for rheumatic, join's. I take the work,"
We look upon the action of a few of
our friends who are staking tiiiit er as
most unloval lo the editor of this great
family journal. We think the least
they could do would bo to send their
advertisements here instad of to
| Ilogopolis. Apart from the scntim-nt
of tbe cace we question the legality of
inserting Slocan timber and land notices
in a Nelson paper. The Review is the
onlv paper published in the Slocan,
the production of which Causes the
editor-printer much hard work. Our
remarks are warranted because so many
editors who toiled here wentjfluey, so
a short-arm jolt might prove effective.
There are some in the district whom a
goose couldn't graze after; there arc
others who know not the weight ef our
burden. To the latter we recommend a
li ttlo more thought ar.d a loyal disposition to the frayed end of a string of
starved-out editors.
The celebrated appeal from tbe decision of Justice Hunter in the Star-
While ease was resumed before the full
court at Victoria on Monday.
The shipping mines in tbe Sandon
���amp this week were, Aineiican Boy 1
car, Last Chance 1 car, Sunset 2 cms.
Services in the Catholic Church on
Sunday. Iu the morning high mass
will be fling by the children's choir.
AU invited. Catholics are reminded
that this is the lime for fulfilling tlieir
Easter duties.
Hon. R. MeBride has loft for tbe foot
of the thi one on the better terms for the
province proposition. Arriving at Char
ing Cios*, Diek, turn sharp to the left,
up tin* Str.tll I, across Trafalg.u Square,
up Pall. Mull, along Piccadilly then
ask a policeman.
Tom McAllister, encased in bandages,
accompanied by Mrs, Tom, mine down
from Cody to tbe dance on Friday,
We are p'easod to report thnt Tom experts to regain the use of his damaged
eye in about six weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Towgoorl nnd
family are resting at Halcyon Hot
Springs. Other Sandon visitais tbere
are Mr. nnd Mrs. Jim Thompson.
Mi sinner Baynes, the popular Anglican divine of New* Denver, hit the
camp on Monday. This worthy old sky
pilot is fast endearing liimsilf to the
hearts "f hi< parishioners and the camp
generally. There are methods of conveying the Divine Message other than
a perpetual hell and damnation one,
and Missioner Baynes during hi- short
sojourn iu the west has assiiniliated
conditions as they are and not what
they seem. It is not to be wondered at,
then, that the pretty little English
church at New Denver is now invariably crowded at. all services, a p'easing
feature in connection wilh which is that
tbe congregation ia largely augmented
with worshippers who bad hitherto
never darkened the door of nchuic.li
Bines their childhood. A unique, and
at ihe same time most plensing instance
of lhe rev. gentleman's evident popularity i nine to the surface a few days
ago. It wns whilst lie was visiting a
town in the near vicinity which Bhall
be nameless, and by reason of there
bc'.'g but one saloon in the place, ami
ihat off-ring a strong counter attraction
to the habitue'', chances looked slim for
Divine worship that night. "Boys,"
suid the proprietor to Ilie crowded barroom, "'If Jvou'll all go to church tonight
I'll Bhut her up thi moining." The
response was so unanimous that, it was
forthwith acted upon, and inter on when
Ihe night win well advanced, the boys
as they filed out of church nil fel'- the
belter lor a dose of medicino which
when properly administered hns never
beei* known lo fail.
W. Cliffe nnd C. Isenor went on a
business I rip to Nelson this week.
The Sovereign lessees have nn excellent showing. Percy Johnston is raw-
hiding tlie oic down.
Fred. G. Erb, O.P.E. agent, nt Silverton put a revolver to the middle of
his forehead on Wednesday afternoon
and shot himself dead. Financial
trouble is suid to be Ihe cause of the
rash net, but be has been very despondent of late nnd it is supposed the nc
of suicide was premeditated, ns be had
threatened to kill himself recently.
The tragedy occurred at the office of the
CPU., at Silverton. Fred Erb was the
Inst man in the world one would imng-
ine do anything so rash ns be was
bless d with a young and comely wife,
and a baby son arrived a few months
ngo to bring joy to the parents.
Nelson's Benzoin cream will heal the
chaps the cold winds cause.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after elite I intend to apply to tbe Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works
for permission to purchase the following
described tract of land In West Kootenay.
Commencing at a post marked S. Y.
Brockinan's N.W. corner, planted at
the N.E. Corner of VV. Schulyke's preemption ; thence 80 chains east, ihence
40 chains south, thenco 80 chains west,
tnence 40 chains north to point of commencement, following boundaries of
crown granted mineral claims, if any,
Dated April 4th, 1907.
Apl 11 60
A Silverton Mine Worked
With Great Success By
Owners and Leasers.
These mines are loiated on Four
Mile Creek, about 3 miles from Silver-
ton hy good wagon road lo tbe mill,
and then by very steep mountain trail
to the mine, situated at an altitude of
6,000 feet abovo sea level.
The property consists of 8 mining
claims owned by tho Wakefield Mines,
Limited, of London England. This
company ceased operations in 1902 nnd
no complete record of the early history
or production of tho mine is at this
lime available. I nn indebted to
MessrB. Crois & Co., of Silverton, for the
following statistics:
Prior to 190S5 the owners worked the
properly, and received in net smelter
returns for ores shipped tt03.031.69���no
weights or assay values obtainable.
From May 1st, 1902, to November, 1904
the properly was leased to the Anglo-
Slocan Syndicate, Ltd., duiing which
time about 1,400 tons of lead concentrates and 400 tons sf zinc ore were
slipped, but no recon's of the exact
weight or assay value of the shipments
arc available. I quote the following
from a letter of Mr. Reginald Leake,
dated Fob. 20, 190'.���"During the four
months we ran last Biimrner, we made
about 250 tons of zinc concentrates,
running on the average 45 p.c. zinc,
44 |ozs. silver, 5 p.c. lead, and 3 p.c.
iron, the average feed carrying   about
14 p.c. zinc  - j We occasionally
run ncoss (always near the surface)
rich argentiferous galena intermixed
with blende, in which tlie blende carries most of tho silver value. Nearly
all tbe calcite at the mine carries zinc
in small quantities (which it would pay
to concentrate under more propitious
circumstances). We expect this year
to mako at least three times the quantity we did last, as everything is ready
fir an early stait."
At tbe time of my visit (Sept. 30,
1905) the Wakefield mines were being
worked under lease by Mr. Wi'liam
Hunter, who had sliipp *il 23.0 tons of
ore assaying: silver 85 1 ors., per ton,
lead 52 p.c, zinc 10.0 p.c. which netted
about}54 per ton.
The mine is developed hy seven tunnels aggregating about 10,000 feet of
drifting on the vein. Nos. 6 and 7 tunnels aro connected with Ihe head house
of the mniu aerial tram by a short tramway, while No. 2, the principal working
tunnel, is c inneeted with this tramway
by a short aerial tram spanning a deep
draw on the west side of tbe mountain.
Tlie facilities for getting ore to the mill
are thereforo exceptionally  good.
No 2 tunnel is about 6,000 feet above
sea level. All the upper workings are
now operated through No. 2 tunnel,
whicn appears to have opened up the
vein just In low its most productive
zone. The Wakefield vein differs from
anything I had previously seen iu the
Slocan legion. It has Ihe general appearance of a bedded deposit, tho slate
f iot and hanging conforming lo the dip
nnd strike of the normal vein, at least
in the mine workings. Very littlo
could be seen on surfnee on account of
a recent snowfall and bad weather.
(Continued next week)
To  the Editor of   the  Slocan  Mining
Review, Snndon.
Dear Sir,
At the risk of making a nuisance of
myself, I am going to ask for a little
more space in vour paper. I was much
interested in a letter in your last issue
signed "Bedrock." I submit tbat. this
letter simply emphasizes the importance
of my suggestion, viz., the need of organization. Under the conditions thai
prevail the smelters or  nnv other   cor*
I poration or community of interests may
with impunity dcil out any treatment
they see fit to give, while with the
whole country thoroughly organized for
tbe purpose of advancing the interests
of all, a very much more effective resistance might be made iii  encroachments
��� such as "Bedrock" complains of.
! Now, sir, when I suggested Ihe country needed boosting, it wns not only
I with the idea oi bringing in cap'tal, but
with making use of wi.at we already
havens well,   Besides, there Is  plenty
i of wo'It lor citizen's organizations to do
in other lines, such  as  local improve*
1 ment, and the disposal of the produce
which will soon be a very important
item in our list of assets,
Then, sir, I propose that each one of
the towns in our distriot organize a club,
or committee or association or any oilier
name they see fit to adopt.; the aims of
which organization would be to advance
their own interests nnd as-ist t'>c other
towns for tbe mutual benefit of al).
Each organization tn have two representatives to a central committee which
should meet once or twice a year to
discuss any matters of interest.
At any rate let us make some effort
to work out our own salvation.
Sincerely yours,
{Swept Away
By MUe
Avalanche Sweeps American
Boy Mine-Foreman J.
Hilchey Missing.
As we go lo press we learn that a
most disastrous snowslide has occurred
at the American Boy mine, sweeping
over the workings and carrying away
Jno. Hilchey, the foreman. Tbe
American Boy crew of men together
with the full crew of the Last Chane,.
have gone down the slide in search ol
the unfortunate man. The worst is
Mrs. Street is visiting friends at
Nelson this week.
The lecal miners here are talking of
arranging a dance to conic ol! in tbe
near future.   Possibly May 1st.
Stan. Langille has quit driving team.
He has gone to lhe Rambler.
Jack McPherson has secured bis
liquor license for the Jack on House
and opened np for business.
There   isn't   an   idle man  in town.
Even father works.
Robt McTageart, visited the Silver
City on Thursday. lie is working on
the mill here.
G. H. Mill-hard anticipates a busy
summer. He is laying in a large
stock of groceries nnd men's furnishings.
llawes and McPliee aro getting out
lots of the rock that makes a (at bank
account. Tliey shipped two cars in
Marc'.i and have part of a car out now.
Hawos and Litigant's lense on No. 4
Whitewater is proving a good one.
They are taking out some nice looking
Development work at the Whitewater
mine is going ahead rapidly, while the
mill is undergoing much needed repair.
Who said wood? T*Jin Bradley is
cutting the lunch needed commodity
for the residents.
New Denver.
Someone has asked us to discuss the
comparative merits of unintelligent optimism and Intelligent pessimism. The
subject is not worth while. There can
be no comparison between non-existing
qualities,���-nnd in our opinion, at least,
true optimism is never unintelligent,
nnd true intelligence will never tolerate
pessimism. Optimism adds to the
world's usefulness, while pessimism is
a drain on the world's strength.
We don't know how coir, ct tho report is, but it is suited that the "sidewalks" nt New Drnv.-r nre to be put lu
repair, nnd thus prevent accidents to
pedestrians, and  eoinpensilion   should
they occur.
Active preparations are being made
to restart the New Denver Lumber Co.,
and good business is anticipated this
Those  who sow  seeds  are bound  to
reap flowers of delicious fragrance,  if
selected without delay from  largo   and
well chosen Btock now on  Bnle at Nel
son's Drug Store, New Denver.
Suggestion t> ministers of nil denominations.���Lengthy sermons may be
compared to a wheel. The longer the
spoke the greater the tire."
New Denver hens are seldom found
to lav on wasp's nests.
We learn there is a probability of the
noted Bosun mines being set in action
at no far distant date. The int -lligenco
will gladden the hearts of the storekeepers.
Several new families arc expected to
arrive shortly. New Denver is looking
Church Missionary Baynes hold rer-
vice at Three Forks Sundiiy evening.
Big Strikes of
Rich Ore.
Slocan Properties Which Have This Week
Startled the World by their Great Wealth.
A ripple of excitement lias been caused
during the past few days by the occur
rence of Borne strikes ot phenomenal
richness. The report reached town a
few days ago that the lessees of the
Elkhorn, which lies at the foot of the
Saudoii camp had " struck it big," and
upon enquiry we learned that there
was substantial fact In tho topic of the
hour. The lessees, however, had nothing to say, they vouchsafing the opinion
that it were belter not to make the
facts public unlil tbey bad rcasonabl
grounds for anlicipating a continuity of
the new ore body.
On Wednesday last the Review editor
climbed the hill to visit the properly
where he. found four men at work.
A good trail extends right to the property, but owing to the spongy nature
of the snow, tlie trip could not be
termed comfortable walking. A new
oro shed contained about twenty tons of
high grade galena, which would average
three figures. Obtaining pennissiou to
enter the portal of No. 1 luntiel, the
scribe made his way for about 1,200 f.-et
along the oil workings, where several
cioescnts bad been made to locate the
ledge. The lessees by can ful deductions had allowed f ir tbe dip and pilch
of the vein, and had succeeded in doing
what a company with Capital and a
number of experts at their back had
failed to do. The vein was encountered
after six months pounding, by two lone
prospectors who had nothing but grit,
brawn and an attenuated bank account
to pull them through.
The workings were extended along a
well-defined though somewhat decomposed ledge, consisting chiefly of quartz
impregnated with iion pyrites. Small
lenses were met with from lime lo time,
bul this c insisted ohiefly of zinc
blende ar.d carried low silver values.
A month or so ago a streak of clean
galena was encoimleied. This, as work
advanced, has gradually widened out,
To-day  the face shows practically the
Three feet of Ibis ore ia clean gnlenn,
assaying 70 per ont lead and about 100
07.s. silver. One foot consists of a mixture of zinc blende with iron pyrites
and giluna. The zinc is iu a suitable
form to a Imit of sorting a high-grade
product. Copper pyrites is seen to be
associated with the zinc in one or two
places, but in insufficient quantity to be
of value. Considerable more work will
have tc be elone before the size of the
ore chute can be determined . All present indications, however, point to a
considerable body of ore. For eight, sets
of timbers this magnificent showing
has extended. Tho zinc runs 51 per
cent, 10 ozs. silver and the iron tarries
jj2 in gold. Roughly estimating the
ore actually in sloping shape, $17,000
shouid be near the mirk.
Working alone for thirteen years on
a prospect with nothing but a rich surface showing to spur him on to secure
the wealth at depth, Frank Griffith has
at last been rewarded far beyond bis
most sanguine hopes. A9 is well
known, Griffith has the controlling interest in lhe Westinount group of claims
on Ten-Mile creek, a mile or co abovo
Slocan lake, the nearest properly of
proved merit being the Enterprise.
The property wns staked in tho early
rush to our mountains, and some rich
ore taken from the surhice. The outcrop, upon which some opeiicuts were
made, proved the pcrmaneuce of the
ledge, hut to get under these showings
to prove the stiike at depth, it was decided that a 1000 foot tunnel would be
necessary. This was a contemplated
task which would daunt the average
prospector, but with his partner, I\ W.
Fliis, of the well-known jewelry firm of
Toronto supplying the s.news of war,
the hcrculauean task was begun by Ml".
Griffith eleven years ago.
Now comes the sterling examplo
be set which quitters who have decried
the country should make a note of and
lind food for reflection in. After years
of lonely toil in which lie never let up,
he tapped the objective point, but ho
found that although strongly mineralized, there were nothing in it for him.
Nothing daunted he drifted on the lead
for another 30 feet, where a year ago he
encountered some kidneys which a local
metallurgist assayed at $100. Keeping
on for another tiO feet he broke into
rich ground, and a few days ngo he
realized that his gigantic efforts were
not thrown away. About eight tons of
the ore has been extracted, upon which
assays ranging from 285 to 2,000 ounces
silver have been obtained, There is no
sign of the ore petering out, wo aro
told, and it is therefore highly probable
that a valuable mine has been discovered.
It is a pleasure for us to record the
success of deserving men, who, having
taken a lease on a property practically
rejected by the owner*, work with a
system and secure the hidden treasures
of Mother Earth. When, as in the two
previous instances, and the one below,
the leasers come within the honored
category of " working plugs," that
pleasure is increased. Working at tho
Monte Ciristo at Whitewater, Messrs.
G. II. Murliai'd and Gus Foundary
after cross-cutting for 1100 feet have
struck the lead and have encountered I
a line body of concentrating ore. Drift-1
ing on lbo lead the ore is improving in
richneso ns they proceed, and some
nice looking stuff is being (hipped. i
Thus  is perseverance in the Slocan |
Our Mew Feature.
B. Kaslo.
1. 1 cun sec no trace of antimony
111 your specimen. The small specks are
llllspickol. 2. 1 have not, heard of lhe
occurence of valuable mica iu tho Kootenays. The Provincial Mineralogist
might be able to give you more definite
information, however.
J. II. New Denver
Asks what is the proper colour of
ruby silver. In freshly broken rock it
possesses a brilliant ruby colour and in
thin flakes ia transparent, but this
colour is not permanent. Specimens
gradually darken with age had b.-come
opaque. Finally no trace of tlie ruby
colour remains. This is due to the
action of light on tho mineral.
J. It, Three Forks
Sorry to inform you that your discovery is not praphite as you supposed
it to be. It is an altered carbonaceous
shale and of no value. Youi sample
indicates that you have come across
what geologists term a "sheer zone" in
the plnle rocks. According to some
authorities this is s likely spot to prospect for minerals. You might t*y and
trace this graphite, as yen call it to
limestone or porphyry nnd see if you
can g.-t any silver lead indications.
The Kaslo gasoline flotilla was augmented last week with two new launches, Alice E., owned by W. E. Zwicky, |
and   Margaret   E.,   owned   by   P.   H.
Walsh.     Both are about 22 feet, 5 h.p., |
and can go some.
Nutioe i.i  hereby  given   that thirty I
days after dale wc intend  to apply to
I he Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works for a special  license to cut and
carry away   timber  from the  following I
desoiibed  binds situated   on Carousel
creek, in West Kootenay.
First   local ion :      (.'omnienoing at  al
post mi the north S'de of Carouse creek I
abuit  y, mile from  lake, and  on tho |
line of L". 5817, and marked G. S. V.
S.   W.  coiner   yosjl.    thence north ��0|
chains, thence  i iiBt   60  chains,   tlKnct*|
s-ju'h 80 tliains, th'-ncu west 80 chains,
to point of commencement.
Located Maicli 28, 1H07.
Second  location:   Commencing nt al
P"St on the Norlh side of Cuyouse creek I
about  3)i   miles  from  the    lake    and
marked D. McL's    S.E. corner  post,
thence we.*t 100 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence cast  100 chains,   thenco
soutli 40 chains to  point of commence* [
Located March 26, 1907.
Apr. 4. 80 d. locator.
The Mayor of McGuigan was In town
on business yesterday. Sheriff Tyo
was in charge oi the city during Mr.
Towgood's absence.
Take notice that I intend thirty days
after date  to apply  to the  Hon.  the
Chief Commi-ioner of Lands and Works
for a special licenso  to cut and   carrv I
away   timber  from  the   following ries-j
oribed lands situated in the Little Slo-!
can in West Kootenay Di-trict. Commencing at a post planted one mile
North of tlie west fork on the little
sdonin liver nnd marked-. Charles l'rn-
v"BtS. E. corner post, running west 80
clniin* thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 cliains, thence south 80 chains
to point of commencement,
LOn atcd Mar. 7, 1907.
Frank Provo-t, agen',
Not'ce is hereby given that at. thei
expiration ol thirty days I intend to I
apply to the III nrd of License Commissioners of the Slocan License DistrictI
for a transfer t f my Ketail Liquorl
License held bv nie for the Roseteryl
llotil nt Roseheiv, B.C. tn M.|
McCarthy. MRS. H. I.ABRASH.
A meeting of the Hoard of Licensfj
j Commissioners will be held to consider
I such transfer at ihe Couit House, Newl
! Denver, on Saturdny, the thirteenth!
' day of April, 1C07.
Dated al New Denver this sixth dav o|
March, If07.
J5j I liicf Lice se Inspcctorl THE  SLOCAN  MINING  REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.   C.
(Continued From Last Week.)
ai ne was about to open tbe door
through which he had entered the room
It swung wide aud Count Marlanx
strode In. Baldos paused Irresolutely
and then proceeded on his way without paying the slightest attention to the
commander ot the army. Marlanx
came to an amazed stop, and his face
flushed with resentment.
"Halt, sir!" he exclaimed harshly.
"Don't you know enough to salute me,
Baldos turned Instantly, bis figure
straightening like a flash. His eyes
met those of the Iron Count and did not
waver, although his face went white
with passion.
"And who are you, sir?" he asked In
cold, steely tones. The count almost
"Your superior officer! That should be
enough for you!" he bait hissed, with
deadly levelness.
"Ob, then I see no reason why I
should not salute you, sir," said Baldos,
with one of his rare smiles. He saluted his superor officer a shade too elaborately and turned away. Marlanx's
eyes glistened.
"Stop! Have I said you could go,
���lr?  I have a bit of advice to"���
"My command to go comes from
your superior, sir," said Baldos, wltb
Irritating blandness.
"Be patient, general," cried Beverly,
In deep distress. "He does not know
any better. I will stand sponsor for
mm." Ana Banjos went away wltb a
light step, his blood singing, his devil-
may-care heart satisfied. The look in
her eyes was very sustaining. As he
left the castle he said aloud to himself with an easy disregard of the consequences :
"Well, it seems tbat I am to be associated with the devil as well as wltb
angels. Heavens! June Is a glorious
"Now, you promised you'd be nice to
bim, General Marlanx," cried Beverly
the instant Baldos was out of the
room. "He's new at this sort of thing,
you know, and, besides, you didn't address him very politely for an utter
"The Insolent dog!" snarled Marlanx,
his self control returning slowly. "He
shall be taught well and thoroughly,
never fear, Miss Calhouu. There is a
way to train such recruits as he, and
they never forget what they have
"Oh, please don't be harsh wltb
him," she pleaded. The smile of the
Iron Count was not at all reassuring.
"I know he will be sorry for what he
has done, and you"���
"1 am quite sure be will be sorry,"
said be, with a most agreeable bow In
submission to her appeal.
"Do you want to see Mr. Lorry?" she
asked quickly. "I will send for him,
general." She was at the door, Impatient to be with the banished culprits.
"My business with Mr. Lorry can
wait," he began, with a smile meant to
be Inviting, but which did not Impress
her at all pleasantly.
"Well, anyway, I'll tell him you're
here," she said, her hand on the door
knob. "Will you wait here? Goodby."
And then she was racing off through
the long halls and up broad staircases
toward the boudoir of the princess.
There Is no telling how long the ruffled
count remained in the anteroom, for
the excited Beverly forgot to tell Lorry that he was there.
There were half a dozen people In
the room when Beverly entered eagerly. She wus panting with excitement.
Of all the rooms In the grim old castle
the boudoir of the princess was the
most famously attractive. It was really her home, the exquisite abiding place
of an exquisite creature. To lounge on
ber divans, to loll In the chairs, to
glide through her priceless rugs, was
the acme of ludolout pleasure. Few
were they who enjoyed the privileges
of "little heaven," us Harry Anguish
bad christened It on one memorable
night long before tbe princess was
Mrs. Grenfall Lon-y.
"Now, how do you feel?" cried the
flushed American girl, pausing In tlie
door to point an Impressive linger at
the princess, who was lying back In a
huge chair, the picture of distress and
"1 shall never be able to look that
man In thu face again," came dolefully
from Yetive's bumbled lips. Dagmar
was all smiles and iu the fittest of
humors. She was tlie kind of culprit
who loves the punishment because of
the crime.
"Wasn't It ridiculous, and wasn't It
Just too lovely?" she cried.
"It was extremely theatrical," agreed
Beverly, seating herself on the arm of
Yetive's chair nnd throwing a warm
arm around her neck. "Have you ull
heard about It?" she demanded naively, turnlug to the others, who unquestionably hnd had a jumbled account of
the performance.  .
"You got just what you deserved,"
said Lorry, who was Immensely
"I wonder what your august vagabond thinks of bis princess and her
ladles In hiding?" mused Harry Anguish. The Count and Countess Halfont were smiling lu spite of the assault upon the dignity of the court.
"I'd give anything to know what he
really thluks," snld the real princess.
"Oh, Beverly, wasn't It awful? And
liow he marched us out of that room!"
"I thought It was great," said Beverly, her eyes glowing. "Wasn't It
splendid? And Isn't he good looking?"
"He is good looking, I imagine. But
I nm no Judge, dear. It wns utterly
Impossible for me to look at bis face,"
lamented the princess.
"What are you going to do wltb us?"
asked Dagmnr penitently.
"You are jp spend the v'malnder of
your lb-Tin a dungeon, wltb'Baldos as
guard," decided Miss Calhoun.
"Beverly, dear, that man la no ordinary person," said the princess quite
"Of course he isn't. He's a tall, dark
"I observed him as he crossed the terrace this morning," said Lorry. "He's
a striking sort of chap, and I'll bet my
head he's not what he claims to be."
"He claims to be a fugitive, you must
remember," said Beverly in his defense.
"I mean that he Is no common malefactor, or whatever It may be Who
and what do you suppose be Is? I confess tbat I'm Interested In the fellow,
and he looks as though one might lik*>
hlm without half trying. Why haven't
you dug up his past history, Beverly 1
You are so keen about him."
"He positively refuses to let- me dig,"
explained Beverly. "I tried, you know,
but he���he���well, he squelched Die."
"Well, after all Is said and d��,ne, he
caught us peeping today, and I am
filled with shame," said the process.
"It doesn't matter who he is, he jiust
certainly bave a most unflattering ������pinion as to what we are."
"And he is sure to know us soener
or later," said tbe young countess, momentarily serious.
"Oh, If it ever comes to that I shall
be In a splendid position to explain it
all to him," said Beverly. "Don't you
see, I'll have to do a lot or explaining
"Baron Dangloss!" announced the
guard or the upper hall, throwing open
the door for the doughty little chief of
"Your highness sent for me?" asked
he, advancing after the formal salutation. The princess exhibited genuine
"I did, Baron Dangloss, but you
must have come with the wings of an
eagle. It is really not more than three
minutes since I gave the order to Colonel Quinnox." The baron smiled mysteriously, but volunteered no solution.
The truth Is, he was entering the castle doors as the messenger left them,
but he was much too fond of effect to
spoil a good situation by explanations.
It was a long two miles to his office in
the Tower. "Something has just happened that impels nie to ask a few
questions concerning Bnldos, the new
"May I first ask what has happened?" Dangloss was at a loss for the
meaning of the general smile that
went around.
"It is quite personal and of no consequence. What do you know of him?
My curiosity is aroused. Now, be
quiet, Beverly. You are as eager to
know as the rest of us."
"Well, your highness, I may as well
coufess that the man Is a puzzle to me.
"What are you going to do with ust"
He comes here a vagabond, but he certainly does not act like one. He admits
that he is being hunted, but takes no
one Int.) his confidence. For that he
cannot be blamed."
"Have you any reason to suspect
who he Is?" asked Lorry.
"My instructions were to refrain
from questioning him," complained
Dangloss, with a pathetic look ot the
original plotters. "Still, I have made
Investigations along other Hues."
"And who is he?" cried Beverly
"I don't know," was the disappointing answer. "We are confronted by a
queer set of circumstances. Doubtless
you all know that young 1'rluce Dantan Is flying from tho wrath of his half-
brother, our lamented frleud Gabriel.
He is supposed to be In our hills with
a half starved body of followers. It
seems Impossible that he could have
reached our northern boundaries without our outposts catching a glimpse of
him at some time. The trouble is that
his face is unknown to most of us, I
among the others. 1 have been going
on the presumption that Bnldos is In
reality Prince Dantan, but lust night
the belief received a severe shock."
"Yes?" came from several eager lips.
"My men who are watching the
DawBbergeu frontier came In lust
night and reported that Dantan had
beeu seen by mountaineers no later
than Sunday, three days ago. These
mountaineers were in sympathy with
hlm and refused to tell whither he
went. We only know thut he was In
the southern part of Graustark three
days ago. Our new guard speaks many
languages, but he has never heen heurd
to use that of Dawsbergen. That fact
In itself Is not surprising, for, of all
things, he would avoid his mother
tongue. Dantan Is part English by
blrtb uud wholly so by cultivation. In
that he evidently finds a mate In this
"Then   he  rrullv   Isn't  Prince   I-��n
tan7" criea "noveny.'as'tnough'a cherished ideal had been shattered.
"Not If wj are to believe the tales
from the 2i- '.��. Here Is another complication, however. There is, as you
kuow, Count Halfont, and perhaps all
of you, for thut matter, a pretender to
the throne of Axpbnin, the fugitive
Prince Frederic. He is described as
young, good looking, a scholar and the
next thing to a pauper."
"Baldos a mere pretender!" cried
Beverly lu distress.  "Never!"
"At any rate, he is not what he pretends to be," said the baron, with a
wise smile.
"Then you think he may be Prince
Frederic?" asked Lorry, deeply Interested.
"I am Inclined to think so, although
another complication has arisen. May
It please your highness, I am iu an
amazingly tangled state of mind," admitted the tin ion, passing his hand
over his brow.
"Do you menu that another mysterious prince has come to life?" usked
Yetive, her eyes sparkling with luterest
in the revelations.
"Early this morning n dispatch came
to me from the Grand Duke Michael of
Rapp-Tborberg, a duchy lu western
Europe, Informing me thnt the duke's
eldest son had fled from home and is
known to hnve come to the fur cast,
possibly to Graustark."
"Grent Scott!" exclaimed Anguish.
"It never rains but It balls, so here's
hall to the princes three."
"We are the Mecca for runaway royalty, It seems," said Count Halfont.
"Go on with the story. Baron Dangloss," cried the princess. "It is like a
"A description of the young man accompanies the offer of a large reward
for information that may lead to his
return home for reconciliation, and"���
here the baron paused dramatically.
"And what?" Interjected Beverly,
who could not wait.
"The description fits our friend Baldos perfectly!"
"You don't mean It?" exclaimed Lorry. "Then he may be any oue of the
three you have mentioned':"
"Let me tell you what the grand
duke's secretary says. I have the official notice, but left it 4u my desk.
The runaway son of the grand duke Is
called Chrlstobal. He is twenty-seven
years of age, speaks English fluently,
besides French and our own language.
It seems thut he attended an English
college with Prince Dantan and some
of our own young men who are still in
England. Six weeks ago he disappeared from his father's home. At the
same time a dozou wild and venturous
retainers left the grand duchy. The
party was seen iu Vienna a week later,
and the young duke boldly announced
that he was off to the east to help his
friend Dantan In the light for his
throne. Going on the theory that Baldos is this same Chrlstobal we have
only to provide u reason for his preferring the wilds to the comforts of
our cities. In tho first place, he knows
there Is a large reward for his apprehension and he fears our police. In the
second place, he does not care to direct
the attention of 1'rluce Dantan's foes
to himself. He missed Dantan iu the
hills and doubtless was lost for weeks,
but tho true reason for his flight Is
made plain lu the story that was printed recently Iu Paris nnd Berlin newspapers. According to them, Chrlstobal
rebelled against his father's right to
select a wife for him. The grand duke
had chosen a noble and wealthy bride,
and the sou had selected a beautiful
girl from the lower walks of life. Father aud son quarreled and neither
would give an Inch. Christobul would
not marry his father's choice, and the
grand duke would not sanction his
uuion with the fair plebeian."
Here Beverly exclaimed proudly:
"He doesn't look like the sort of man
who could be bullied Into marrying
anybody If he didn't want to."
"And be strikes me as the sort who
would marry any oue he set his heart
upou having," added the princess, with
a taunting glance at Miss Calhoun.
"Uinph!" sniffed Beverly defiantly.
The baron went on with his narrative,
exhibiting signs of excitement.
"To lend color to the matter, Chrlsto-
bal's sweetheart, the daughter of a
game warden, was murdered the night
before her lover lied. I know nothing
of the circumstances attending the
crime, but it Is my understanding that
Clirlstobul is not suspected. It is possible that he is Ignorant even now of
the girl's fate."
"Well, by the gods, we have a good-
Iv lot of heroes about us!" exclaimed
"But, after all," ventured the Couut-
ivis Htllfout, "Bnldos inny be none of
1'iese men."
"(lood heavens, Aunt Yvonne, don't
i-iggest anything i'o distressing," said
tetlve.   "He must he one of tbem."
"I suggest ii speedy way of determining the mutter," said Anguish.
"Let us send for Bnldos und ask him
point blank who he Is. I think it is
up to hlm to clour uwny the mystery."
"No!" cried Beverly, starting to her
"It seems to be the only way," snld
"But I promised him that no questions should be asked," snld Beverly,
almost tearfully, but quite resolutely.
"Didn't I, Yet���your highness?"
"Alns, yes!" suld the princess, wltb n
pathetic smile of resignation, but with
loyhlty In the clasp of her hand.
(To Be Continued.)
i    '*���
lfc��%']j./ This cold-water starch
ftr^L&igjrgets ironing-day over
W^jAfTquicker, with less wear on
|:J'����/the ironer's muscles and far
&���'*���/ 'ess on tne Btarched pieces.
iK'yGivcs a beautiful gloss.
j��/Needn't be boiled, .yet cannot
I"./stick.   It's a starch you'll like.
Try   It
Bid For Emigrants.
The Agent-General for New South
Wales has communicated to Reuter's
agency the following telegram just received from his Government:���"The
Government of New South Wales has
decided that in future it will contribute ��G a head towards tlie passage
money of every agriculturist and de-
mestic servant who goes to that colony with the approval of the Agent*-
General. This will enable any of
these classes to make the journey of
12,000 miles for the sum of from ��8
to ��8. Also, as labor generally is short
and workers in other branches are
needed, the Government will contribute the sum of ��4 per head towards
the fares of other dosirnble emigrants,
although they may not be o.' the
agricultural class.
Thi�� Is Where Ws Get Even.
Despite efforts made in Canada to
hav�� a law enacted to prohibit seining
in the waterB of Missisquoi Bay, in
Lake Champlain, it has been learned
here that Canadian *?shermen aro
now actively preparing new forty-rod
Beines to set in the spring. Fishermen
on the Americai; side of the line have
been prohibited by tlie Vermont statutes from seining in the bay, and at
the last session of the Legislature attempted to have the old law repealed
in order to put them on an equal
footing with their brethren across the
border.���New York Post
Nature Needs Assistance in Making
New  Health-Giving  Blood.
Spring Is the .season when your
system needs toning up. In the sprint;
yon must have now blood Just as Ihe
fives must have new sap. Nature
demands it. Without new blood you
will feel weak und languid; you may
have twinges of rheumatism or neuralgia, occasional headaches, variable
appetite, pimples or eruptions of tin-
skin, or a pale pasty complexion,
These ure sure signs that the blood 1.*
out of order. A tonic is needed to
give new energy. Dr. \\ illiiiin.* Plnlt
1'llls are the best tonic in all the
worhl. They muke new, rich blood���
your greatest need In spring. The>
clear the skin, drive out disease nnd
make tired, depressed men and women
bright, active and strong. Mrs. John
MeAuley, Douglastown, Que., proves
the great value of Dr. Williams Pink-
Pills in building up people who have
been weakened and run down. She
says: "Dr. Williams Pink Pills havi
been of great help to me. My blood
was weak and watery and f wns badly
run down. But through, the use of
j the pills my lienlth was fully restored
r always recommend tbem to im
friends  who inn\> be nlline."
There nre fraudulent imitallons of
Dr. Williams Pink Pills, and to protect yourself see thnt the full nnnv
"Dr. Williams Pink Pills for Pale
Peo-ile" Is printed on the wrapper
around each box. Do not take any
oth=r so-called pink pills. TT your
denier has not got the genuine, send
to tlie Dr. "Williams Medicine r*o.
Brockville, Ont.. nnd pet the pills li"
mail at r,0 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50.
,, irt ..In.I*.
The raw horsehair used in the manu
factum of haircloth (or upholstering
purposes Is Just now high priced lu
this country because of the sl'iuitloi
which during uud since the ttussoJa
iinese war has prevailed In iiussl-i
whence most of the brill' comes. The
best of such cloth must hnve u uurtalli
width of Weave, which depends upon
the length of the hubs, und In t'.iis respect the Husslnu horses are superior,
having tails which sweep the ground.
Much of the weaving Is done In till"!
country. For the narrower weaves 08
the cloth, used by tailors In lining
coats, the hair from Amerlcau horses
on the western, plains J*, used.
Dream Happenings.
"We haven't that article In stock,"
said the druggist.
"Can't you give me something equally as good?"
"*No, sir. There Isn't anything equally as good."
Krcp   I lenxll"   I'llan.
It pays to be clean about tlie dairy.
Milk palls, strainers, cans, as well as
separutor and bottles. If used, should
first be rinsed with cold water, washed
with steam or boiling water with thb
aid of a scrubbing brush and placed In
a clean, airy place to dry. Do not allow any milk to accumulate In seams
or corners. In tbe cleaning process use
a cloth as Httlo us possible, for unless
frequently and thoroughly scalded It Is
sure to furnish a lodgment for number
less bacteria          	
Curloua Fll-eaka of Rnzora.
The finest grades of razors are so deV
lcate that even the famous Damascus
sword blades cumiot equal them In
texture. It Is not generally known that
tho gralu of a Swedish razor is so sensitive that Its general direction Is
chauged after a short service. When
you buy a fine razor tlie grains run
from the upper end of the outer point
In a dlugoual direction toward the handle. Constant stropping will twist the
steel until the grain appears to be
straight up and down. Subsequent use
will drag the grain outwnrd from the
edge, so thnt after steudy use for several months the fiber of the steel occupies ii position exactly the reverse of
that which It did on the day of purchase. The process also affects the
temper of the blade, and wheu tlie
grain sets from the lower outer points
toward tho back you have a razor
which cannot be kept in condition even
by the most conscientious bnrber. But
here's another curious freak that will
take pluce In the same tool: If you
leave the razor alone for a month or
two and take It up you will find that
the grain hns assumed Its first position.
The operation can be repented until the
steel Is worn through to the back.���
Stiuiiu Miignzlue.
&,        PI   IlLS    ^
The Inevitable Fate That Awaits the
Absinth Tippler.
What is absinth? it Is prepared by
pouuding the leaves and flowering tops
of various species of wormwood, star
anise root, sweetflag root, leaves of
dittany aud other aromatic plants, and
steeping tbem In alcohol. After eight
or teu days the mixture is distilled,
aud oil of auiseed or some similar essential oil is added. This Is tbe method
of producing the genuine absinth, but
it vuries usually lu the direction of
cheapening production and increasing
profits. Poisonous wood alcohol is
used for macerating the vegetable Ingredients, and Inferior and often Injurious herbs are employed. These do
not always prod ace the much desired
greenish opalescence, and turmeric, indigo, sulphate of copper and other coloring matters are employed. The consequences of regularly drinking even
carefully prepared absinth are in the
end ruinous to mind and body. The
���until difference between the various
qualities of the liquor Is the rapidity
With which deleterious effects are produced. A nan can go on drinking tbe
better qualities a little longer before
lie becomes n mental and physical
wreck; that Is nil. And, whether one
drinks to excess or only takes a regular dully dose, the end is the snme.
The sequence of events nnd tbelr duration only nre ilill'erent. In the first
case the large doses of the liquor necessary to produce any effect speedily
render the victim unable to ent food.
lie Is tortured by nn unquenchable
thirst. Hallucinations speedily follow,
and lhe grave or the madhouse is the
inevitable end. The nbsinth tippler
goes to ruin down an easier slope. Ills
earliest symptoms nre loss of weight
nnd strcugth, followed by the develop*
ment of muscular twttchlugs nnd a
tottering gnif. somewhat similar to
that of locomotor titiixin. Then hallucinations set in, accompanied by gradually spreading paralysis, which cuds
in death, If n person Is n regular daily
drinker of absinth, whether be drinks
to excess or only tipples moderately,
ruin of tho nervous system, followed
by mildness or death, is absolutely certain.���Exchange.
The first governor wns Peter Minult.
He was appointed iu 102ii.
The first mule child born of European
parents was .lean Vigue (11)14).
Tbe first female child born of European parents was Surab Riipulju (1(115).
The first physician was Dr. Johannes
Ln Montague, who began practicing In
1630 nnd who for many years was the
ouly doctor.
The first engineer wns fCryu Frederick, who was authorized by the governor in lli*Jil to superintend the cou-
struction of a permanent fort ou Manhattan Island.
The first meeting room for religious
services wns (Ki2li) iu the loft of the
horsepower mill located on what is
now South William street, near Pearl.
���New York Herald.
The first warehouse was erected In
lti2(i. It was a rude, Inartistic structure, one corner of which wns set
apart ns n village store. Here the Indians came for a driuk of the white
man's "fire water."
A Dutch Superstition.
Live but to learul Wheu you give a
pointed or sharp instrument to a friend
he makes return of a penny, so that
friendship may not be pierced or cut. I
gave a kitten to our washwoman, the
daintiest bit of Wllhelminesquo ware
iu this country���aetat thirty-live, avoirdupois 222, She was nearly tickled to
death. "I won't thank you for tbe present," she said, "'because tho kitten
would pine away and die." She then
explained that in Holland to thank a
friend for a present wus always supposed to briug bad luck. Maybe till
men these days are Hollanders. The
more favors you do them the less they
thank you.
Why Tears Flow.
All human emotious, however slight
they uiuy be, either decrease or increase tho circulation of the blood.
Those emotions that bring tears cause
the blood vessels around the eyes to
uxpuud, thus Hooding tho luchrymnl or
tear glands with blood. The tear
(.lands always secrete a little to keep
Ihe eyes cool uud moist aud curry off
specks of dust through the uasnl passages, but the extra supply of blood
Increases this secretion to such un extent that it cannot go off lu the usual
way, so overflows.
Von Moltko at Cards.
Count vou Moltke, Germany's great
Held marshal, never lost a buttle, uud
it annoyed him to lose a game of cards.
V biographer says of his old age: "The
family were trained to let bim win if
they could without his noticing their
maneuver, and they would reckon up
Iho sums to the smallest amount. 'It
Is really wonderful thut I have won lu
spite of my bud play,' he remarked to
me ouce ruther suspiciously, but be
abided by the result"
Just Possible.
"I waited fifteen minutes on the corner for a car this morning," said the
landlady as she poured the tea, "and
when one Anally came along the motorman wouldn't stop for me."
"Had he ever bourded here?" asked
the man at the pedal extremity of the
"Not that I know of," replied the
landlady. "Why do you ask?"
"Oh," replied the other as he continued to saw at his steak, "I thought
perhaps he recognized you and didn't
wont you to board his car."���Chicago
In the Arctic Redan.
"What's that thing yonder which
looks like a barber's pole?" said the
arctic explorer.
"That," said the scientist of the expedition. "Is only a frozen rainbow."
"Alas," exclaimed the chief explorer,
"1 took It for the uorth pole aud was
about to Buggest that we tie the flag
to It and go bomel"
"You forget," said the scientist, "that
wo nte the flag for dinner yesterdnyl"
���Atlanta Constitution.
Goad Sight and Good Health Returned when
the Liver was Set Right by
To persons who have not considered
tho relationship of eyesight to general
Health thlu letter will prove especially
.Mrs. A. R. Price, Nose Creek, Cal-
,'iny. Alta., writes: "I write to tell
you how highly we think of Dr. Chase's
ildney-LIver Pills, for they are unsurpassed ior torpid liver, constipation,
uul kidney troubles. My "husband
iirived great hen,.lit from Dr. Chase's
Sidney-Liver Tills ti couple of years
ig.�� when lie was feeling depressed
and regularly out of sons. His eyesight wus tailing ami the lamplight
hurt his eyes su he could not read at
��� tl  I  had made up his mind to see
111   oculist.
"I advised him to try Dr. Chase's
tCldney-Llver  Pills,    thinking  he  was
suffering   i'i i   torpid   liver.     He   did
jo and after using less than two boxes
.iis eyesight entirely returned und
lie felt quite well again. We would
never  be   without   tiiese pills  in   the.
house and I cannot speak too highly
of them."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills are
marvelously prompt and certain as a
cure for sluggish action of the liver.
While awakening the liver they also
regulate the bowels and invigorate the
kidney action.
In this way the filtering and excretory systems are thoroughly i leansed
of nil poisonous impurities ami the
i au.se of pain, sickness and suffering
In every family there Is need of just
sueh a medicine as Dr. chase's Kid*
ney-Liver Tills to cure constipation,
backache, biliousness, Indigestion and
prevent dangerous and fatal disease*
ol' the kidneys and bowels. One pill a
dose, 25 cents a box, nt ull dealers,
l-Miuiinson, Bates .t Co., Toronto. To
protect you against Imitations the
portrait and signature of Dr. A. W.
ciiasi., ih,. famous receipt hook author,
ore    on   every    box.
A   Dustless   Road  at   Last
A new roadbed material Is being ex-
Ing expi rl men ted with in liluropu
which is economical, easily uppiieu
and very durable, It consists of u
mixture of liquid tar and tine gravel.
The gravel is lirst beaten In u revolving drum und then the tnr is allowed
to mix "i!i i: in the revolving chamber. After this it is dumped mt and
allowed to stand for several weeks.
during which time a fermentation is
said t" take place and the tar is said
ti penetrate Into the pores of the
gravel very thoroughly. ' It is then
scattered on the roadway and rolled
down. In addition to other merits
claimed for it Is the one that it Is
dustless.���New   York   Tribune.
I   wits   cured  of  Acute   Bronchitis  bv
Bay of Islands.    .1.   M. CAMPBELL.
I  was  cure.I  of  Facial  Neuralgia  by
Springhill,  N.S.       WM.  DANIELS.
1 was  cured of Chronic  Rheumatism
Albeit   Co.,  N.K.      CEO.  TINGLEY,
A Dentist Wanted
Municipal authorities of Barmen,
Prussia, huve heen requested to advertise for a dentist who is willing to
attend an elephant, an Inmate of tho
local "Zoo." The elephant suffers
from peevishness in consequence of
frequent attacks of toothache, caused
by an overabundance of sweets. At
sueh times lie Is practically unmanageable. The local dentists refuse to attempt to till his teeth. One dentist
was brave enough to try to examine
an aching tooth, but the enraged elephant chased him around the enclosure, and the dentist afterwards sent In
a bill for damages caused by the shock.
The Flagging Energies Revived.���
Constant application to business is a
i tax upon the energies, and if there b��
ni relaxation, lassitude and depression
are sjre to intervene. These come from
stomachic troubles. The want of exercise brings on nervous irregularities,
ami the stomach ceases to assimilate
food properly, in this condition Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will be found a
recuperative of ralre power, restoring
tlie organs to healthful action, dispelling depression, and rtviving the Magging   energies.
A swallow's speed has often been
stated to b-- sixty miles an hour. itt-
cent experiments prove that a swallow
In a hurry can travel nl the rate of
JJSi miles an hour.
A Liniment for the Logger.���bog
gers lead a life which exposes tbem to
many perils. Wounds, cuts and hruisis
oumi'it be altogether avoided in preparing limber for the drive and in
river work, where wet and cold com
bined are of daily experience, coughs
and colds and muscular pains cannot
but ensue. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil,
when applied to the injured or administered   to   the iiiliou, Works wonders.
Large serpents, like the anaconda,
pass long Intervals of from 20 to 200
days  between  their  meals.
Minard's   Linimint   Cures  Garget   in
Sumatra enjoys the greatest
ty of animal and vegetable life
district on earth.
if any
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
Great heat is evolved hy all the
olants when flowering. Annus In
particular have been noticed to rise
to 121 degrees when the air temperature   was  only  (16  degrees,
A sturgeon caught on one occasion
In the Volga weighed 1.700 pounds,
and  was valued altogether at  j-10i).
BE YIH'K OWN BOSS, Little Capital Required. Will send you for $1.00, 80 Formulas uiul Processes���[regular price $:i.uu) ���
any one ol which may make you a small fortune. Many are especially valuable to Farmers.
Tliey Include Mirror Milking���renovating old
Mirrors���Brightening old gilt frames���making Imitation Htiiiimu* Glass. To make Good
Paint for about one cent a pound. Fireproof
Composition for Ruofs���How to Fatten Calves
���Hunter's Secret for Ontchlng (fame���Secret
Art Ontchlng Fish���Also Chinese Method of
Cn-tchlng Fish��� Arabian Charm for Training
Horses. Many Veterinary Formulas Invaluable
to every horse and stock owner. To make
Old Apple Trees Voting, and many others���
KAY & CO., 1128 Onxton Bid*., Chicago.
Mrs. Sublnib���Are you acquainted
With   her  personally?
Proprietress of Servants' Registry
Office���Yes, indeed. She Is a good
girl. I have known her for years. She
comes in here almost every week for
a   place.���Scraps.
Company l,m,tcd
5teel 5hingl.es
There's Truest Economy
i        in choosing ���=
They last indefinitely.
Are fire, lightning, rust and
Fit together perfectly by meant
of their special patented side
lock, can't possibly work apart.
And are more quickly and
easily laid than any other shingle
on the market.
Galvanized  " Eastlakes"
are heavily coated on BOTH aide*
with all the galvanizing material
that will adhere to them.
Painted "Eastlakes'* are
thoroughly covered on both sides
with reliable paint
" Eastlakes " have been tested
by years of service in all climates,
everywhere giving thorough, lasting satisfaction.
Write and let us give you further information.
W-    N.    U.    No.    631
The notion of God which makes him
n manufacturer of footstools, our enemies being the raw material, Is still
popular ln some quarters.���Puck.
For Breakfast, or Luncheon, Is
Served with butter, cheese, or preserves, it is more Nourishing than
bread, and more Toothsome than white flour toast, Unequalled and
indispensable for light, quick lunches in winter weather.
TRISCUIT  is  the  wafer   of   the  equally   wholesome  shredded  whole
wheat  BISCUIT
All  Grocers.      Send for the " Vital Questions Cook Book," prepaid.
"If this statement is the means 01
leading some mother to Introduce Zam-
Inili to ber borne, 1 shall be very glad.'
Sn says .Mrs. K. Watklns, ni' :.*! 76rf*u<
avenue, Montreal, and continues: "Mv
boy, Waller ''J), while attending school,
contracted some sores. These sprouo
and became so bad tbat some ot them
on the licet and ankle made it almost
Impossible for him to walk. I nsoti
various ointments, but the sores persisted, one day Zam-Buk was recommended, and we got a supply. It
seemed to take the soreness out of the
place to which it was applied righl
away, and tbe wounds began lo t.cal.
In about a week's time tbe sores, w Inch
bud deiied other treatment, were completely healed and there is now not a
true of sore on bis body I 1 believe
Zam-Buk to be the best balm c\e*.
When a mother rubs on to Hie delicate skin of children u balm ir sulve,
she needs to be as eareiul .is if she
were giving a child an Internal it-
medy. Zain-Buk is pure���rice in in ul'
animal fat and ull mineral matter, am.
may be applied with wonderful bene-
���It even to the skill of young babes.
Zam-Buk lieuls sores, cures eczema,
spring skin eruptions, ulcers, ringworm, Itch, barber's rash, blood poison,
bad leg, suit rheum, abrasions, abscesses, cuts, burns, scalds, und ull akin
Injuries and diseases. ill* all slore.-
and druggists at f.u cents, or irom Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, tor price, ti hoxe*-
for "2.60. Busebull players and athletes Und ii best embrocation.
A  Manifestation
Supernatural occurrences wero tbe
subject of conversation when a Wall
street man told this story: "The day
alter our Chief went to Europe last
summer, the clock in his private office stopped, and it never started to
run again until the duy after he returnee,   three  months later.
"How did you account lor the phenomenon?"
"Our office boy is a member
of the Never-do-what-you-don't-bave-
to Lodge of Amalgamated Counting
House Assistants."���Now York Tribune. ��� ^	
The Deepest Gold Mine
Australia now possesses the decpesi
gold mine in the world. Tlie shafts ai
the New Chum railway at Bendigo,
Victoria, have been sunk to the depib
of over 4.SOU l'eet, and the quartz then
tapped bus been sampled und crushed
with the result that a yield ol' gob.
<*c|iiul to un ounce per ton has been
obtained. The operations ln the mines
hove been tested by government officials, ln view of tbe fact that never
before ln the world's history has gold
been obtained from so low a depth as
three-quarters of a mile.���Chtcag
They Drive Pimples Away.-A laei
covered with pimples is unsightly. R
tells of Internal irregularities which
should long since have been eorrected-
The liver mid the kidneys are not performing then- functions in the healthy
way tbey should, and these pimple*
are to ll t you know that the blood pro
tests. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will
drive tbem all away, mid will leave tbe
skin clear and clean. Try tbem, and
there   will  be another   witness   lu tbeii
"He said I had a face like one of
Raphael's angels," said Ua- blonde,
with   Ill-concealed   satisfaction. I
"Oh, well, the laces of Raphael's
angels were all painted, you know,"
replied the jealous Mule brunette.���
Chicago   Record-Herald.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distempe*
"Hello! Where are you going so
late, Herr Bummel?"
"I���I'm   looking   for   an   apart ment."
"What! Looking for rooms in the
middle of the  night'.'"
"Yes, my own rooms."���Welner Sal-
If you think you need a tonic,
ask your doctor. If you think
you need something for your
blood, ask your doctor. If you
think you would like to try
Ayer's non-alcoholic Sarsaparilla, ask your doctor. Consult him often. Keep in close
touch with him.
We publish our formula*
a,     W. bf.ni.li alcohol
.���"_   from our madlolnas
W. urr*�� you to
oon.ult your
Ask your doctor to name some of the
results of constipation. His long list wilt
begin with sick-headache, bilieusness,
dyspepsia, thin blood, bad skin. Then
ask him if he would recommend your
using Ayer's Pills.
���     Mtt* by Us* J. O. Iyer 0*., Lowell, Wm
You have heard of biscuit!���and
read of biscuits���and eaten biscuits���
but you don't know biscuits���until
you try Mooney's Perfection Cream
Sodas. They are everything that
the ideal biscuits should be.
The air - tight, moisture - proof
package brings them to you fresh,
crisp, inviting.
. Practically every grocer in Canada
has MOONEV'S. Yours will get
them if you ask.   In I & 3 lb. pkgs.
Was Returning From a Day's Hunt,
When the Infuriated Beast Attacked His Wife���Could Not Shoot For
Fear of Killing Her���Grapples With
the Animal and Finally Overcomes
It Without Aid.
The story of on officer's desperate
encounter with an infuriated beast
comes from Lucknow. Lieut.-Col.
Hutchinson, of the Second Ghurkas,
had a thrilling fight with a leopard,
which attacked his wife while on a
shooting trip near Dehra Dun.
They were returning after a day's
shooting, and the beaters had gone
on some distance ahead. Mrs. Hutchinson was walking about ten yards in
front of her husband. She deviated
slightly from the path, and surprised
a young leopard, which immediately
attacked her.
Col. Hutchinson instantly raised
his rifle to shoot the beast, but dared
not fire for fear of wounding his wife.
Then, seeing that the only way to
save her life was to drag the leopard
off, he dropped his rifle and attacked
the beast with his hands.
A Desperate Fight.
The leopard first attempted to seize
his arm, but missed, and Col. Hutchinson was able to keep it at bay while
hia wife rose and ran to call the beaters. Meanwhile, the animal sprang
again on Col. Hutchinson, and a desperate fight between the man and the
beast followed.
Col. Hutchinson eluded its spring
with marvelous agility. He made
several attempts to regain his rifle,
but the leopard was on him before lie
could pick it up. Then he thought of
his revolver, and was placing his
hand on his hip to draw it, when the
leopard sprang on him again and
seized his right arm. Desperate as
the position was, Col. Hutchinson did
not give in, and, although he was suffering terrible agonies, be grappled
with the beast. They rolled over several times, the leopard still clinging
to its hold on his arm.
Rifle  Does the Work.
At last Col. Hutchinson freed hia
arm and succeeded in getting hia revolver. Then he shot the leopard in
the eye. The animal let go its bold,
but the shot had only blinded  it.
Before it could spriug on him again
Col. Hutchinson had gained possession of liie rifle, and succeeded in
killing the beast just as th*1 first of
tbe  beaters came buck.
Col. Hutchinson waa by this time
so exhausted from loaa of blood and
the struggle that he was in a state
of collapse. He was carried back to
his bungalow, and his arm, which
waa terribly lacerated from the should-
er to the wriBt, waa attended to.
He is now progressing favorably.
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
. no question about that, but���
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having hisprescription
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent,
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly T
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, -and all
druggists back up this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure it with
Massive Bracelets and Armlets of
Solid Gold That Once Adorned Warriors Bold,  In Good Preservation.
Workmen engaged in a sandpit at
Crayford, Kent, England, have unearthed a number of massive bracelets or armlets of solid gold, supposed to be portions of the barbaric ornaments of ancient Britisli chiefs.
The supposition that the sandpit
was the burying place of the chiefs is
supported by tbe discovery of bones
at the same spot and of weapons of
stone and flint close by.
The armlets were found at a depth
of three or four feet from the surface.
Their value as gold alone is estimated
to be from $1,250 to $1,500, but their
antiquity and historical associations
muke them priceless.
They are in a perfect state of preservation, and bear inscriptiona on
some of the jewels, which have not
yet been deciphered. Experta are of
opinion that they date from a period
long before tbe Christian era.
They have been deposited at Scotland Yard as treasure trove, and are
now  the property  of the  Crown.
In May last eight similar bracelets
were found near the same spot, and
the finderB received as their ahare of
treasure trove a sum equal to about
$110. Those braceleta are now in the
British Museum.
His Modest Wants	
Edward M. Hlgglns, of tbe Armour
Grain company and the Chicago board
of trade, has retired from business
though only 45 years old. He said in
18S0 that as soon as be got $5,000,OUU
ho would retire. 'While the whirlpool
carried others to ruin, I came out with
a fortune." he says now. "It is all I
want. Why should I stay in business
anil risk losing it'/"���New York Tribune.
"With a box of Baby's Own Tablets on hand I feel just as safe as if
I had a cloetor in tbe house." This
is the experience of Mrs. John Young,
Auburn, Out. Mrs Young adds: ���
"I have used the Tablets for teething and other troubles of childhood
and have never known them 10 fail.'
Hundreds of other mothers are just
as enthusiastic in their praise. Colic,
indigestion, diarrhoea, worms, constipation and other little ills are
speedily cured by this medicine. It
is absolutely safe���always does good
���cannot possibly do harm, and you
have the guarantee of a government
analyst that the Tablets contain no
opiate or poisonous soothing stuff.
Sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams Medicine Co.. Broekville.
Magistrate���What   Is   your  oceupa-
an    employer    of
Prisoner���I    am
labor,   your honor.
Well,  what  do  you  do'.
Prlsonei���1 tlnd employment Cor sueh
gentlemen as yourself and prison officials.
Sentence���Six month's hard.
(H-iH EHS.-di
.'.- 11 nooNtv IIIKUITACANOY   cc
Ventilating London.
Skyscrapers were advocated by Mr.
A. Hudson, at a lecture at the Surveyors' Institution, for the purpose of
ventilating London.
The best natural ventilator of London, said Mr. Hudson, was the
Thames. The London parka were also
most important ventilators.
The action of motora in stirring up
germ-laden dust waa a very serioua
item. In future, windows in many
streets might have to be used purely
for the admission of light. In that
case the ventilation would chiefly
have to be derived from shafts running down the middle of the house.
Mr. Hudson thought that tall
blocks of buildings here and there
throughout London would constitute
health reaorts for those who lived in
the upper storeys, whilst those who
lived in the neighborhood of these
high buildings would have the ventilation of their houses vastly improved by the eddies round these lofty
Fear In Children.
An examination ot    1,500    children
recently made in the west shows that
thunderstorms   are  by  far  the   worst
terror of childhood. Afterward, in the
order aet down, come snakes, strangers, darkneas, fire, death, disease, wild
animals,    policemen,    water,    insects
and  ghosts.  In  the fear of  rats and
mice girls exceed boys in the ratio of
seventy-five to sixteen.  In  boya fear
begins to diminish after the fifteenth j
year,  in girls  after the eighteenth.��� ;
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
The  Soubrette. !
"Bhe smiles so sweetly when one
sends her a bouquet."
"Yes, confound it, no matter who
sends its"	
Beat of Proof.
Dlggs���Tour frleud Bright has an
Idea that he knows a whole lot.
Biggs���Oh, I don't kuow. He Is always lamenting the fact that he knows
so little. j
Dlggs���Well, that proves my statement.���Chicago_News.	
Like a MoHijnfto.
Patience���That Miss Altow reminds
me of a mosquito.
Patrice-Why, how ridiculously funny! j
Patience���Well, she does. She goes
right on Blnglug. whether people talk
or not.���Youkcrs Stutesmuu. .    ���
state ef Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
Is senior partner of the Arm of P. J.
Cheney A Co., doing business tn the city
of Toledo, Countf and State aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay the sum of
every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed tn
my presence this (th day of December,
A. D.  1886. A.  VV.  QLEASON.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for
testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY   ft CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all  Druggists. "'.-
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
A turtle died the other nay ln Zoological Gardens, London, which was
thought to be at least 350 years old.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
does not requite the help of any purgative medicine to complete the cure.
(Jive it,  a trial and  be  convinced,
Swallows which spend the summer
in England winter as far south as
Sierra  Leone,  on   the   coast of  Africa.
Minard's  Liniment Curs- Colds,  etc.
Slmiillfled   Spelling*.
Speaking of phonetic spelling, we
certainly need It, from this story:
Little Willie came home from school
one afternoon crying, and on being asked by his mother the cause he told his
mother thut he had missed a word ln
spelling and bad been whipped by his
On being asked what the word was
and how he spelled It Willie told her
the word was pneumonia and that he
had spelled It n-e-u-m-o-n-l-e.
The next day Willie ceme home crying even harder than the day before.
His mother, asking the cause, was
Informed that Willie had missed another word ln spelling and had been
whipped again for his mistake.
He told his mother that the" word he
missed was neuralgia and that he spelled it p-n-e-u-r-a-1-g-l-a.���Judge's Library. . ,.,���,..������-  -
Bottled Love Letters.
Missouri girls are still throwing
bottled letters into the Missouri river
to see what will turn up. A year ago
a Carroll county girl cast a message
on the waters at St- Louis. Recently
she received an answer from a young
engineer in the employ ot the Government river improvement service stationed a few miles below Memphis,
Tenn. The letter stated that the bottle had been found in a crevasse by
workmen engaged in the work of repairing the levee.���Kansas Citj
A Horse with a
Strained Shoulder
Is sound as a dollar in 24 hours
after you rub the sore spot with
Fellows' Leeming's Essence.
It gives instant relief is all
cases of Strains, Bruises and
Swellings ��� draws the pain
right out ��� strengthens the
weak back, shoulder or knee.
Whether you have ope horse
or twenty, accidents are liable
to happen any time. Keep a
bottle of
handy so you can have it when
50c. a bottle.    At dealers.
Elementary Schools In Great Britain
Reduce Number of Criminals.
Since the year 1870 millions of
money have been spent on elementary
schools in Great Britain. Have the
great results which were then anticipated been realized? It is very
pleasant to note that the highest hopes
of promoters of education thirty year=
ago  are  accomplished facts to-day.
In 1&70 there were 30,000 people in
jail, nearly 6,000 more than there bad
been ten yeara before. Now, though
tlie population of the United Kingdom has increased by over fifty per
cent., we have to-day only some 20.-
000 people in prison. That this good
effect is due to our elementary school?
is atrongly suggested by the following table:
1870. Present dav
Population 22,500,000    34,000,000
Number of persons
under sixteen in
prison, reformatories, etc       11,733 2,321
Total per 100,000
of tbe population 1)2 7
Photographs, again, will point out
tbe improvement that has been
brought about in Council School children's appearance.
Where, in 1870, we saw forbidding
little acmi-savages, we now Bee clean,
neat children, with happy and intelligent facea.
Proper Way to Churn.
The agitation in churning should
be aa violent as the form of chnm will
ndmit, saya Farm Progress. Thr
churning is to be stopped while the
butter is in the granular form. In
order to bave as thorough churning af
possible the temperature of the cream
should not be over 53 degrees.
The buttermilk should be drawn
from the churn and the butter washed. The butter must be removed from
the churn and salted while yet in th
granular form. The amount of sal
should be to the taste of the custom
er. For most people one ounce to thi
pound is required.    . ..
Reproduced above, is a portrait of the lata
Mr. C. B. Record, the founder and original
head of the Record Foundry & Machine
Co.,  of Moncton,   N.B.,   and  Montreal,
P.Q. .      .
Previous to Mr. Record going into the
manufacture of stoves, those used in
Canada were almost wholly of American
manufacture. The character of the work
turned out by the Record Foundry &
Machine Co., at onco gave their stoves a
standing, and as a result a very large
business soon grew up, largely owing to
Mr. Record's untiring industry and perseverance against many obstacles.
Although Mr. Record retired from active
business as far back as 1879, the solid
basis on which he had established the industry, has resulted in its growth from a
sturdy pioneer into one of the largest stove
manufacturing plants on the northern half
of the American continent. With two
large plants, one in Moncton and one in
Montreal, the Record Foundry & Machine
Co. are known from Halifax to Vancouver,
and their "Calorific" and "Admiral"
furnaces and " Penn Esther" ranges
recognized as the standard of Canadian
When the World Was a Cube.
There was a time, centuries since,
of course, when the learned men of
the world really taught that the world
was a square, not merely flat, but
that it was a cube. The primitive geographers of Egypt, Assyria and China
all taught that tho world was a
"square plane," evidence of which may
be found ou thousands of ancient monuments in tlie countries mentioned, as
well as In their ancient manuscripts,
upon their Inscribed tablets of clay and
other early literary remains. One of
the most curious discoveries ever made
in Central America concerning Toltee
beliefs, symbols, etc., is that they also
had a similar idea concerning the form
of what we now speak of as the
"globe." A writer on the discoveries
made among the monumental ruins of
that country says, "They (meaning the
Peruvians, Toltecs and Quiches) believe the world to be a cube, suspended
from the heavens by cords of gold fastened to each of Its corners."
The Aesthete.
Occasionally the Fairhght drawing
room supplied a specimen o. the
aesthete as Du Maurier was then
drawing him In Punch. His dress was
a complete suit of black velvet and
salmon colored stockings. He joined
tlie shooting party, but be generally
fell down when the gun went off.
That, however, did not prevent his
charming the ladles. "You do not look
well, Mr. Maudle," said one of these.
"Thanks; I am not 111, only tired. The
fact Is I picked a primrose ln the wood
yesterday. It seemed sick, and I have
beeu sitting up all night with It."���
From M. Kscott's "Country Houses."
Birds' Nest Candy.
An American resident of Shanghai
sent home recently nn advertisement of
birds' uest candy printed in Knglish by
the manufacturers. The odd screed ran
like this: Tbe Candy of the Birds' Nest
-Our Candy Is prepared of Birds' nest
which wus famous In all the countries
We made It used with Engines to tak��
tbe dirty away and then put It lute
Sugar; there is a great of sweetness,
fragrance and whiteness. Every old
and young one ought to eat, for It can
Cheers and Coin.
"Tour    speech    elicited    great    ap-'
plau.se," said the friend.
"Yes,"  answered  Senator  Sorghum,!
"it's remarkable to see how easy it Is
to elicit three cheers from a man wboj
couldn't  give   $3   to   the   campaJgal
unrr'-WashliisUa. Poet '
What It Should Contain and How H
Should Be Kept.
In constructing the butler's pantry tt
Is hardly possible to have too much
thelf room for placing the dishes as
they are removed from the table. It is
e good plan to have two sinks side by
Bide, one for washing and one for rinsing the dishes. They should be well
Bushed every two or three days with
boiling water aad washing soda. This
will keep the pipes free from grease.
All racks for hanging towels should
be of nickel. Then there is no danger
of rusting. Be sure there is plenty of
light In the pantry. .      '
A competent maid will be particular
about keeping the butler's pantry
clean, wiping off the glass doors and
shelves and polishing all nickel fixtures. The drawers holding table
linen need not be cleaned as often as
those in which the-crumb scraper, carving utensils, etc., are kept. The silver drawer should be provided with a
large, neatly fitted pad of canton flannel. The dust may be frequeutly
shaken from this, and the silver should
be laid In it ln an orderly fashion-
knives In one part, forks In another
and tablespoons and teaspoons being
kept separate to save time in serving.
Tablecloths should be folded as little
as possible and require a large drawer. The napkins and dollies should
occupy a separate drawer. All linen
not in constant use may be kept in the
linen closet or highboy.
Canton flannel bags for covering the
broom to use In dusting hardwood
floors, chamois and neatly hemmed
cheesecloth dusters should be kept In
another drawer. Shelves painted white
are much better than those covered
With oilcloth nnd are easily kept clean.
���New York Tost
The Possibilities For the Cook of This
Cut of Meat.
Purchase a whole flank. Remove tbe
fnt nnd render as lard. When slightly
cool add a half pint of olive oil and
run it into a pall. This makes 11 very
superior article for cooking purposes.
Cut a strip across the flank, roll tight
ly, tie well with grocers' twine and boil
until tender. When cold cut in very
thin slices.
Cut away the thickest of the remain-
tier of Hunk und put through u food
chopper with a few slices of salt pork.
Beusou with pepper and salt uinl shape
Into small Hat cakes. Brown some butter in a trying pan aud lay 111 the
cukes. When brown ou oue side turn
und brown on the other; then cover
the pan uud cook ten minutes on top of
the stove.
Put the pieces of bone and remaining
pieces of meat luto a kettle with cold
water. Put over the fire aud boil uuti)
well cooked. Remove the bone and cut
the meat tine. Return tho meat to the
Lottie, with oue onion minced line and
oue cupful of macaroni broken in small
bits. Cook until tbe macaroni is soft
(about half au hour). Add half a can
of tomatoes or an equal quantity of
fresh ones peeled and sliced. Sea30D
with salt and pepper and serve hot
Go over the zinc under tho stove
once a day with a cloth dampened
with kerosene, and it will always be
Sandpaper will clean suede leather,
undressed or "ooze" calfskin bags.
Rubbing the sandpaper lightly over
these leathers makes the article equal
to new.
If dust cloths hare to be bought
cheesecloth is the best material for the
purpose. Three-quarters of a yard is
ample for each cloth, and they should
be hemmed.
When cleaning brass add a little
methylated spirit to whatever polish
you may be usiug. It uot only helps to
remove stains, but also prevents the
brass from tarnishing again so quickly.
A roomy bag, Its mouth kept open by
a ring of wire, is a convenience to
hang on the frame of the sewing machine. Into this recer.'tuele all snips
aud scraps may be flopped while at
Work und much picl.ing up of litter
thereby saved.
Befcre you gel
garments   ail
the shrink
it   taken^l
J'keeps you com-
J.fy as well as
^warm,because the ������
fshort fibres that
imako some under-
\wear itch are taken
out of  Pen-
vr.,y-     Angle wool.
Trade Hart
In a variety of fabrics, styles and prices,
in all tizei for women, men and
children,  and guaiantwd by  your own dealer.
only logical method for the cure
of Stammering. It treats the
CAUSE, not merely the HABIT,
and insures natural speech.
Pamphlet, particulars and references sent on request.
Berlin, Ont.,  Can.
A slight burn ot Urge area Ii often
worse than a deep small one. The first
thing to do ii to exclude the air. Cover
the burn with cotton batten and saturate that with the always ready relief,
Remove the cotton ln a few minutes
and smear with vasnline, and dust with
talcum powder or flour. Occasionally
lay over this a cloth wet with Liniment.
25 cents, three times as much 60 cents.
I. 8. JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mass.
W.     N.     U.     No.     631
Test It as You Will
Is Guaranteed to be Absolutely Pure and of
Incomparable  Quality.
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,  60c,  and      60c     Per     Lb.    At     All     Grocera,
It Causes  an  Excessive  and   Injurious
Strain on the System.
Every one knows that the ascent of
a staircase Is more fatiguing than ordl-
eiiry walking. In walking progression
Is effected by a succession of lifts, Inclinations nnd swings.
In starting the body is lifted, for example, by tbe levers of tho right foot
and is Inclined forward. The left foot
being then raised from the ground, the
leg swings forward and Is carried by
Its momentum beyond tho right foot
The levers of the left foot now lift
the body again, and the right leg
swings forward, and so the body oscil-
utes along on n pair of pendulums,
ihort pendulums vibrate more quickly
bun long ones, and therefore short
egged people step quicker than long
egged people, though with uo more
ense of exertion.
,Iu going upstairs the mechanism of
progression is of course the same, but
be lifting action, which is tbe real
force consuming part of tbe process, Is
inw greatly increased.
Instead of being just sufficient to nd-
iiit of tho free swing of the pendulum
i'OOt it must be so great as to project
ilie body up at ouch step a distance
1'quul to the height of the stair.
Running upstairs is thus an excessive strain upon the constitution, but
where does this strain fall? The levers
of motion are moved Immediately by
the muscles, but the muscles cannot
act of themselves.
Their contractions and relaxations
take place only under stimulus. They
are all connected by lines of force, called nerves, with the nervous centers,
and these are the sources of muscular
Not that the nerve force of the brain
Is converted iuto the mechanical movement of progression, but nerve force is
constantly drawn upon to maintain
the action of the muscles, and tbi3
draft is always greatest where there is
a sense of exertion.
When bodily vigor Is high, the evil
result of running upstairs may not be
decidedly felt, but where there Is debility of any of the processes this
strain cannot fail to tell In some form
or   other   with   injurious   effect
The first schoolmaster was Adam
Roelandson, appointed in 1033.
The first graveyard was laid out in
1G33 on the west of what 13 now
Broadway, above Morris street.
Tbe first farm, called "the company's
farm," was laid out In WU)3. It extended from what Is now Hudson to
Wall street.
The first clergyman was Dominie
Bogardus, for whom a church was
built in 1033. This was tbe first real
church building In New York.
The first artist was Dirk Hermans, a
Dutch officer, who made a sketch of
New Amsterdam in 1635, which was
afterward engraved in Holland.
The first mode of public punishment
was tbe whipping post, set up iu 1035.
Upon this offenders were hoisted liy
the waist and suspended for such
length of time as their offense called
F. P. Dawson, of Sea ford, Del., bail
been missing eggs from the burn for
some time. Finally, he caught one of
his horses devouring eggs, and discovered the shells of others in the
animal's  stall.
The merits of Bickle's Anti-Consump-
Live Syrup as a sure remedy for coughs
ids   are Attested   by   scores   who
know its power in giving almost in-
���itant relief when the throat is sine
with coughing and lhe whole pulmonary region disordered in consequence.
A bottle of this world-famed Syl-up
will save doctor's bills und a great dial
of suffering. Price 25 cents, at all
A genuine Cashmere shawl requires
the lleece of ten goats and lakes
three men six months to make.
Tlie never failing medicine. Hollo-
way's Corn Cure, removes nil kinds of
corns, warts, etc.; even tlie most difli-
cult to remove cannot withstand this
wonderful  remedy.
"It's no use. I can't write an automobile  joke."
"Why   not?"
"Every time I try It 1 break down."
���Houston   Chronicle,
A bee, unladen, will liy forty miles
an hour: but one coming home b��il-
eneil with honey does not travel faster than twelve miles an hour.
About   4.400     stags   are   killed
nually nn the Scottish moors.
K Marvellous and Triumphant Record
of Victory Over Diseaso.
No medicine has ever effected u large
i number of wonderful and almost marvellous cures as Psychine. It has had one
continuous record of victories over diseases of the throat, chest, lungs and stomach.
Where doctors have pronounced cases
incurable from consumption and other
wasting diseases Psychine steps In and
rescues numbeiless people even from the
very verge of the grave. Coughs, Colds,
Catarrh, Bronchitis, Chills, NlghtSweats,
La Grippe, Pneumonia, and other like
troubles, all of which are forerunners of
Consumption, yield quickly to the curative powers of Psychine.
Mrs. Campbell, one of the many cured,
makes the following statement:
t cannot refrain from telling ill who suffer
ot my remarkable lecovery with Fly-fine In
April, 1903,1 caught a heavy cold which settled
on my lungs and gradually led to coniumpUon.
I could not sleep, wu subject to night sweats
my lungs were so diseased, my doctor considered
me inourable. Ktv. Mr. Mahaffy, Port Elgin
Presbyterian Church, recommended Dr. Blocum's
Psychine to me, when 1 wss living in Ontario,
after using Psychine tor a short Ume I ate and
slept well, the night sweats and cough ceased
Months ago I stonp-d taltln- Psychine, as I was
perfectly restored lo healfc and to-day I never
Ielt better ln my life. Psychine has been a godsend to me. MM, Andssw Campbii.l
Cottonwood, N.W.T.
PSYCHINE never disappoints.
PSYCHINE has no substitute.
There is no other medicine "Just as
I   At all dealers, 30c, and $1.00 per bottle,
_, ~ If not write to
Ml T. A. SLOCUM, Limited. 179 Kins; St W��� TORONTO
I Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a sure
end permanent cure for Rheumatism
; Bright's Disease, Pain in the Back and
nil forms of Kidney Trouble. 25c per
box, at all dealers.
$200.00 IN CASH
Not One Cent ol Your Money Required.      Read Carefully if You Wish
to Earn Part of toe .Above Amount,
Can you arrange the set* of mixed letters below, into the names of six well known wild animals ; if so you can share in the distribution of the abovo Prize : Try : It is no easy task, but
by patience and perseverance you can probably find three or four. It means money to you to
do so.
To the person who finds the largest mm ber of names, we will give the sum of One Hundred
Dollar!. ($100.00) in Cash. To tbe person who finds the second largest number we will give the
turn of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) in Cash. To the person who finds the third largest number w��
will give the sum of Thirty Dollars ($30*00) in Cash. To the person who finds the fourth largest
number we wiH give the sum of Twenty Dollar* ($20.00) in Cash. Should two persons send in
equally correct answers for the first pnie. the fiist two prizes will be equally divided between
them, each receiving the sum of Seventy-five Dollars ($76.00). Should three persons send in
equally correct answers the first three prize* will be equally divided between them, each receiving the sum of Sixty Dollar*>($00.00). Bhould four persons send in equally correct answers the
whole sum of Two Hum.red Dollars ($200-00)wi11 be equally divided between them (each receiving Fifty Dollars ($50.00). And so on in like proportions. In order to help you a little we
have put a mark under the first letter of each name.
NO. 1
no. a
No. 3
NO. 4
We mean exactly what we say. We do not require you to send u* any of your money There
is only one simple condition attached to this Competition (which is i ot to send us any of your
money), When we receive your reply we will write you. explaining what the simple condition
i*. Ifyou can find ANY of the name* wilte to-day. ENCLOSTNG STAMP FOR OUR
REPLY. Canadian Medicine Co.,       Montreal
results are obtained from ths use of
Alabastine.    "Homes,  Healthful  and
Beautiful," our splendid new book,  explains   how  Alabastine   hardens   and  improves with age, will  not rub off, and is
pure and free from decomposing matter.
Send ten cents (or a copy of "Homes, Healthful snd Beautiful," with
many dainty, new ideas for the decoration of your home.
Alabastine is soid by hardware and paint dealers everywhere���
a 5 pound package for SO cents.
Ask your dealer for tint card. NEVER SOLD IN BULK.
WILLOW   STREET. PARIS. ONT " '?*? *'f.v-
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP. $14,000,000.
REST. SI 1,000,000
President���Lobd Stiuthcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gbokgi A. Dkmisiond.
General Manager���K. S. Cloustom.
Brsnchos in Ail The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Application to purchase Lau'ds
NOTICE. Notice is   hereby given  that 60 days
To Michael Peurote, or to whomsoever j [nun date,'! intend to apply to tlie Hon.
he mayhave transferred bis interest the Chief Commissioner ul Lands
in ihe "Young Rambler"
claim,     situated    near   M
Slocan flDining IReview,
Bubs-riptkm $3.00 per annum, Btrictly
in advance.    No pay, no paper.
Advertising: Rates i
Notices to Delinquent Owners - ?12.00
"    for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase of Land    -     7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All local" will be charged for at tlie vale
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address nil Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Notico ir, hereby given that 30 days
i after   dale  I   intend  to  apply to the
j Chief  Commissioner    cf    Lands  and
Works for permission to cut ar.d carry
THURSDAY [away  timber from  the following described lands, si l un te in Weal Kootenay
No. 1. Commencing at a post planted on tho sid. of Wilson creidc, ahotii
2V�� miles in-low* falls o( main Wilson
creek,and 2 miles in on iho 2nd ensi
fork, marked D. Tnomey's S.E. cornei
post, thonce north R0 churns, Ihence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted on south fide of Wilson creek, and
about. 7chains from locution post No. 1,
and marked D. Tnomey's S.*W. corner
post, I hence norlh 80 Chains, along lhe
same line, thence enst t-'O chains, thine--
south 8($ chains thence west 80 chains,
to the point of commencement.
Located March 13, 1007.
Mar. 91, 30 D. Locator.
located the 3rd day of October, 1900,
recorded  the I7ih dav of O.'lober,
1900, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You  are hereby notified thnt I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvement! on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within (10 days from the
ente ol this notice you fail or refuse to
ontrilnHe your propm*
of the ivliovi
mentioned =nni", together with all costs
nf advertising, \onr Interest in the suid
ilaim will become the pr perty of the
undersigned, under section 4 "I tin.
Mini-ral An Amendment Act, 1000.
Dated  st Snndon. this 3rd   day   of
Aptil, 1007.
and Works, at, Victoria, B. ('., lor
permission to purchase the following
dtaeribed lands, situated in tho Slocan
Division of West Kootenay DiHiiut, between Ten M.la and I'welve Mile creeks
and about one half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
,T. T. Kelly's S E corner post, thenoe
tvst. 20 ('.Inline along the line of Lot
No. 1024 G I. thence north 20 rhaii s,
thence east 20 chains, theme south 20
chains to point ol commencement, containing 40 seres more or Iosh.
Located tne lltb rlav of March, 1007.
.1. H Corv, Agent.
Mar   4 2rn
Notice is berebv given that 20 ''ays
af.erdntu lint ml to apply to the Hon.
Chief Com missioner of Lands and Woi ks
fir.it special lionse tu cut'and cany
away limber from the f llowiug described I-mil situated on Mill ei*. ok nbout
4 mile, from Slocan Lake, beeimug nt
a i ost marked '1. 8. mm er," t cue
no* tli 40 ci.i'iiis, thence east 100 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thei ce west 160
chains to noini o( commencement.
DittidaOth day of .March 1007
Mar 28 ?Qd
Notice is hereby (riven that CO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to puichase ihe
fol 0* inu <li*��eril ed I
sn the S'o an Division
enay Dm icl hem ten T
Mi'e ('reeks a"d about out half mile
irom Slocan Lnke, commencing nt n
p m n nrkril J. II. Corj '�� N W. corner P"*-i, thence 20 chains east nlonK
tl-oliiieolLii 1023. Gl, iIipi Ce 40 chains
south, thence 20 chains west, ihence 40
ch nin* north, 'to point of commencement,
i-oniaiiiini* RO acres more or less.
Located March Uth. 1007.
.1. 11   CORY,
Mar 14 2m Locator,
Maternity Hospital,'
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.    Quiet Home.    Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Addivss All Communications to
To Rent
?"w,s Several Residences at
on nnd  I waive
Very Small Figure
Zhe Slocan Tool
Gbrec fo'c\\e>,
Headquarters for Mining Men
���when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead   Mining   Camp.        Every
Sixty days after d.ite I inlend to
apply lo the Chief Connnisioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, B.C., for permission to purchase the folio-.*, ing land,
situated in Wust Kootonity Di trlct,
commencing ata post 20 clmins mnth
of J, S. Morr son's S.E. corner, thence
60 chains Norlh, thonce 20 chains e:ist,
Ihence GO chni"*. south, thonce 20chain-
west to point of commencement, containing 120 acies.
Located Marcli 20, 1007.
Mn r 28 GOd
TAKE NOTICE that, an  applicnti
,   , ���        i ,     i r~   .has been niiule lo   it ci- ter (ii'iirff ��� W
.comfort foi the TravelingPublic.  yuma,u ������,,,..������.���,.,.'���, ,,-ot -
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Silverton. ��.(5.
Recognised by tlie Travelling
Public,   Miners   and   Mining j
Men to  be the Best Hotel in \
the vSlocau.    The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
���Robt. Cunning proprietor.
\ Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
ftoiccst Uiquors, Mince ano Cigars.
***** ******************** **r *************** ***********
TR. flD. Spencer
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Nolie is hereby tfiven that 60 days
from date, I intend to apply lo the Hon
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Wi rks, at Victoria, B.C., lor permission
to purchase the following described Denvoi
lands situated iu 'be slocau Division of
West. Kiotenny Distiict and iiboul S
miles south-easterly from Silverion, B.C.
and adj ining F. J. O'Hellly'a land pur-
��base on his (South side; commencing
at a post marked O, Brand S.W. corner
thenco cas' *I0 chains, tlipnec north
40 chains imic or les* to the south boundary of P. S. O'Keilly's land purchase
thenco ��est alone said boundary 40
cliains, Ihence fo*th to \o ut of com-
uicnceinet t, containing about K0 acres.
Located 88rd Jan. 1907.
("!. BRAND.
Notice is hereby given tbat 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and j
carry away timber irom tho following
described lands situated in the Slocan
milling district of West Kootenay :
First location ��� Commencing at .i \
post on ihe south side of Trout Creek i
about three and a half miles from:
Siocan Lake ar.d marked W H B'a n.e -
corner poit, thence south 40 chains, I
thenca west V.'J chains, thenco north 40 |
chaina, tiieiice cast 100 chains to point |
of commencement
Dated February 27tb, 19C7
W II RRANDON, Locator,
G S Ve.nstor.e, Agent
Second location ��� Commencing at a
post on the south side cf Trout creek
about 5'.. miles from Slocan lake, an
marked W H B's n.e. corner post,
thence south 40 chains, ther.ee. west
leO chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence east 160 chains to point of
Bated February 27th, 1S07
W H BRANDON, Locator,
Geo. S. Vanstone, Agent
Mar 7.1907
is Hi a- Ilie owner In le;* Simple mi-
<l*-r a Tax Stli* Peed fiom Alexander
Lucas, Assessor of thn District of Slocan,
to George Williamson, bearing date
the 10.h day ot December, A.I). 1004 ol
all and singular those certain parcel or
tract of land a".d premises situate,
Icing and being in N.-w Denver, in ihe
Province of British Columbia, more
paiile.ltlailv known and described as
Lots 4, 84,'25, 20, 27 anil 28, Block 43,
and all of Block 84 in the town of New
McGillivray's Addition (Map
Yon  nnd  each  of you  nie required lo
contest lhe claim of the tax purchaser
within  fourteen  ilayB  from  the date
of ihe service of this notice upon yon, I
and in default of  a  caveat or a cerli-
ficate of Iii1 pendens being filed within
such   period,    you   will   to   foiover
estopped  and  debarred  from sctti"jr|
np any claim  In  or  in respect of the |
said land, and I   shall renisier George
Williamson an owner thereof.
D.ili'd at Land R"cistrv   Ollice, Nelson,
Province of British Cohimbia, this
Utility of May, A.P.. 1905.
II. I'1. Mu*LE''D.
Distiict Registrar.
To I.ee Coombs.
provincial Bewver
a n& b cmiot
Sandon Assay
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, L-ad, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver witli Coppei or Lead, Mang'm-se,
Lime, $1.60 e.ieii.
Zinc,   Anlimouv,    Sulphur,   Go'd and
Silver, $2.00.
Gold, Silver, wiih Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silve*, %'i 50.
Silver. Zinc and Lend   $��.00
(iold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron. $4.00
Special llat-H for Mine and Mill Work.
I 'ine* *��=ia3^TrK',i.r:'.aKK'i'iSTfv5*?J3;->
IIP 111,181
Visitors lo Sandon should not fail to test the
quality of the "shots" at this famous saloou.
The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always on hand.     ::    An excellent Pool Table.
Hl-rairi^ViVV.IB ��*���.'��� *-l>.'^.C*..*- ���Khf jetvr
, i ***llo>**********.
HI m pSt
������; M'+f ****<*******
Spvino anb
jfrom Crown
tailoring Co.
f* <p iff 5�� if�� 4* f* & ?*
\ The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country,
Tin Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend to fcpply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lanes ar.d
Works at Victoria, B. ('.. for permission to purchase the following dos-
(���liin'ii lands. Commencing at a pun
planted on the west side of Muesli Inlie
and about ono and n half miles west of
Bsvniii!1 crci k on the shore of the lake,
and marked \V II B'ss.w. corner post,
thence ��e��l 4') chains, theme nnrl
30 chains, theme west 40 chains, thcnci
nortli 40 chitins. Ibencs en��l 40 chains,
thence* south 30 clmins, thence oast 40
cliains, I hence south 40 chains following
the laleo shore lo point of commence-
meat, about l!2i> acres inure or i"s:*.
Located Iho 27th dav ol Feb. 1907
W. II. BRANDON, Locator.
Geo. S. Vanstone, agent.
Jlar7 00
Review Job Printing
Reduced  Prices.
At Ccjt
���frillS Well Known
^ Hotel has lately
heen purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
.aimed Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Heabcjuarters for fiMntng ano Gravelling fs>en
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
���Rooms large, Clean anb Cos?.
S William Bennett S
��� *********<e***************************��>***e>AOA**<,*ir-a
R. Cameron
The Kootenay Tailor
 ���Ill���I   HiJl_|jl
; ************************* ************************* i
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
ftUDB   tlV   THR
New York Brewery
���   '.mj
Sanbon fibineve' TDlnfon Hospital.
Non-sutscriliti* *{2.00 y*r rhnn
Open to the
Rate* by Subscription $1.00 per montli.
 Hospital Slaff	
C. E ANDERSON. - -    VVM. E. GOMM. M. P
Address Communications To Ths Secretary.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver. B.C.
Visitora to New D-nver, tlie beauty ��pot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for tbo comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent boatint*;.        Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
fo*Q<Mr$Q $*$'���3>^^���5><$HJ��H'<y^*^',
you receive
tiis paper it is an
I invitation to you to
'Send in your sub
Dr. A, M. Lowe
Visits Sandon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and Gerii.nl 1'Qgularly.
Head Office: KASLO, B.C.
There U no bettar boust in the Kootenays for
the Mining Man to make hia Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
businc-s, and the Barkeop.i are artists in tlieir
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsiey   -    Props.
���^it-s :m?rzzav-x:--
mn ma!
No matter what bis occupation, may tuve
money by geftliig his
Shoes Made to' Order.
For a Mining Shoo
there is nothing better
than Un* famous BAL
���villi a good, solid,
hand made bottom	
These shoes can only be got by
leaving vour older with
Shoemaker - Sandon
F;lj3,il"^*7N7-&a3^- |
To Kootenay points.
Effective fir Tinnsii'Liilic P.i*-
si-iigurs iiii-ivin^ on or stlliseqiieilt
to April i6th.
Colonist Rates
fr-ni Points, ONTARIO,
On silu daily (111 30ih April.
send for Vour friends
whilu the rates aro low.
For   further psrlUnliirs,    r��Wn,
and folders, apply to,
J S. Cartub,      E. J. Ooyi.h.
D.P.A. Nelson,    A.G.P.A.
B.C.       Vancouver, ft.I!.
andpn Bakery*
FamSllSes Sifippfliiedl
Freslh Oroceries
In Adjoiuing Pren-isi/s.
No. 8i.
W, F. M.
Meets ovei7 Saturday evening at 7:30
p. m. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A. Shlllsnd, Secrokary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meeta in Eratenity Hall the last Monday evening of every month,
J. R. Caukhon, W. President.
J. (i, PoiTEn, W. Secretary.
Send in your sub*
B3. W. WMbbowaon
Gold, Silver, Cupper 01 L**nd, eai-li,ii.00
Gild Silver. .*|1 B0 Silver-Lead, .fl 50
Zinc. .$2 0') Gold Silver with Coniier or
Lead..  3.50.
Prompt aitention given to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon live samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A87
J* T Foley*
Sandon   -   -    B. C.
���ffS the Headquarters for All
Mining Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout iu a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming Mtmmt-r
Excellent Boating, Fishiny,
aud Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.
Whereas at tbe Last Chance aud Surprise mines, Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to the exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
organization, Sandon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.F. of M. reaffirming its opposition to the employment of Orientals
within  its   jurisdiction,   strongly  condemns the position taken by the management of the properties in question,
and counsels working men everywhere
and those  favorably  disposed  towards
organized labor to be governed by this
A. SHILLAND, Secretary.
nity Hall,
Sanoon Xo&fl'e,
No. 24
K. of P.
Meets every  Wednesitasl
evening at, 7.SO in Kraterf
Visiting Brethren cordial I
A. Siiti.i.ANii, K of It. A Hi
Review Job Priiitlm


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