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Slocan Mining Review 1907-01-10

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the fich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
./   -
t >
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it- in the
** Review,"   it's  so.
No. 20.   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Jan. io, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
By Unanimous Choice lie
is Standard Bearer For
Conservative Party.
' What roust go on record ai tin most
unanimous and business-like meeting o'
the Conservative party ever held in th
Slocan riding took pl.\ce in Clever,
hal', New Denver, on Saturday last.
The Convention wan called ior the purpose ot nominating a Conservative candidate to contest the riding on February
2nd. Every point in lhe tiding was
represented either by a delegate or
proxy, there being seventeen delegates
J. J. Atherton (Sandon) was olected
chairman, and A. St C. Brindle (Now
Denrer) secretary. After some opportune remarks from the chair as to the
advisability ol reorganisation and a concrete mode of procedure, an interesting
debate ensued, the outcome of which
was the adoption of tlie following resolution, submitted by Messrs. H. R.
Jorand and T. McNeish (Slocan City):
" That the procedure adopted by thii
meeting shall as iar as possible be taken
an a precedent ior all future meetings of
alike character, and that tho first business taken up be tho examination of
the credentials."
On motion of R. Baird (Nakusp) and
I). St. Denis (Slocan City), the chair*
man was empowered to nominate three
delegates to examine the ciedentials.
The chairman appointed T. McNiish
(Slocan City),.1. H.Coy ('Hue-Forks)
a.-.dT. II. Wilson (Silverton).
After tl.O credentials had been scrutinized, the following re olu'ion wag
adopted :
Jorand���Baird. "That all tho delegates at this meeting be and ��ro duly
accred ted, anj that tn future all dele
gatessiiall be appointed at a nominating
convention on the basis cf one delegate
for every SO votes or fraction thereof
polled nt their respective points at the
lilt election."
On motion ol D. St. Denis and W. R.
Will (New Denvtr), the following reso-
I ition was adopted uuanimonsly :
" That thin convonti n of de'ega'cs
of the Slocan Electoral District plcd;*s
itself aud each individual pledges himself to support th�� candidate chosen at
this c invention to represent the frlocan
This cleared the way for the import
ant fe.iture o! tlie convention, and the
c' a'rraan called for nominations,
, The name of Win. Hunter, of Silver-
ton, was then duly proposed and seconded, and there bring no further nominations the selection waa recorded with
much enthusiasm.
Prior to tendering the nomination to
the selected candidate, the chairman
asked permission t> question Mr
Hunter as lo the policy of subsidising
or bouusing railways. The request was
acceded to.
Mr. Hunter wns then invited it to the
room, and in reply to Ihe chairman,
he leiteratcd his antagonism to granting bonuses in any shape or form to
railway or otker corporations. His rc-
maiks were greeted with loud applause.
In accept ng the nomination, Mr.
Hunter said how proud he was to be
honored at the hands of such a representative gathering. If elected he
would devote his whole energy to the
upbuilding of the country. He believed
ho was the oldest pioneer of the Silvery
Slocan, and he knew tho local conditions nnd needs as well as anyone. If
elected he would throw his whole weight
and strength in any measure which
would tend or Joster the mining and
lumbering industiioa ol the Slocan,
Tho speaker took his scat amid Mich a
demonstration of enthusiasm the like of
which was never heard or seen in New
It waa then moved by Mr. Curtis
(Slocan City) and seconded by W. R.
Will, that an o:ganizer or convener be
appointed with power to call the next
Convention and arrange a satiifactory
d*tc for same, and to see that the
various local points are properly organized.   Carried.
J. .1. Atherton was appointed o'gani-
zer, and II. R. Jorand and Thos. Abricl
(Nakusp) 1ft and 2nd alternates.
On motion it was agreed that the
organizer or acting organize.- jhallbave
power in the absence of any local secretary to appoint one person in such
district to act as secretary.
An address Was then delivered by
Mr. C. A. Gass, a prominent member
of the Victoria Conservative Association, who was invited to attend. That
gentleman's remarks were concise and
uttered with the confidence of ono who
knows his subject. His address was
most opportune and it was greatly ap-
The following resolution on motion of
Messrs. St. Denis and Will, was adopted.
" That this Convention hereby endorses tho stand taken by the Hon.
R. MoBrideat the Confer-mce of Pro
vincial Premiers at Ottawa on the subject of " Better Terms " for British
Columbia, and expresses its confidence
fn the Conservative administration of
our Province during their term of office."
A most successful meeting was closed
with cheers for the King, MeBride, the
late government, and a big rousing
" tiger " for Hunter.
���frfr'f-H-******^*************' ���
.: .Xocal ano General. ���**
:: ��� ::
< 1   Picked up by Butting In Everywhere.    < ���
t************************* I
F. R. Fingland, New Denver, was a
visitor to the city en Friday.
Mrs. Huston and family will shortly
leave for Wallace, Idaho, to join Mr.
Geo. Huston.
Carl Western , an old timer of Silver-
ton,<in��l one of tbe lessees ot the Buffalo
was in town on business on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fingland have arrived
from Rosebery. They have taken up
residence in T. II. Hawkin's house.
Bovell's Cough Syrup will cure the
cough la grippe leaves with yon. Make
a note of it. Nelson's Drug Store, New
J. E. Agrignon, the New Denver ton*
sorial expert, has been in the hospital
for the past few days with a severe cold.
Prov. Constable Aston is complaining
bitterly of Ihe dulness in his particular
line of business. He is hopeful that the
forthcoming campaign will give him a
chanee to distinguish himself.
J. Cameron, tlie popular C.P.R. passenger conductor, has been spending his
holidays at Seattle aud Vancouver. He
returned on Friday night, and has resumed his duties.
W. J. Golden, who with his brother
recently secured a lease and bond on
the Selkirk group, left for his home at
San Francisco on Tuesday. Prior to
departing he lett everything in good
working order at tho property, where
the contractors are making rapid progress.
Rev. Fr. Jeannotte has bees an inmate of the Miners' Union hospital
for the past low days, sufforing from a
sevrre col I which he contracted whilst
journeying tho rounds of his scattered
missions i
Doc. Quinan, late of Sandon, opened
np the R*d Cross Drug Store at Kaslo
this week.
Harry if w 3 ins gone on a flying trip
to Seattle.   He left on Saturday.
Messrs. Grant and CaldweB are down
*rom the Yakimo.
No doctor can cure what si's you II
you hare a mean disposition.
Tho Eureka closed down for the re-i
due of ihe winter this week. We learn
that the showing is considered lo bo one
of the biggest in British Coltmbia,
Jalland Bros, will sell their entire
stock ol dry goods and men's furnishings at absolutely cost price to clear.
Every night the psst week the mercury
has hovered around the ten below zero
mark. Tho Grits are complaining
bitterly of cold feet.
The Miner's Union hospital wa�� taxed
to its utmost capacity this week. The
inpatients on Wednesday being Jimmy
McPoil (dropsy), W. Tattrie (injured
fac ), Jack St. Clair (sprained ankle),
Fr. Jeannotte, Dr. Gomm, J. Mclsaac
and Carl Western (la grippe).
Wal.er Thomas Mills, Socialist and
oraior, will deliver an address at New
Denter on tbe 34th inst.
Walker Smith leturned from a protracted trip east on Sunday night. He
is making arrangements to continue
the new shaft.
P. H. Long, late of Kaslo, is now the
village blacksmith. J no. Keenan has
Buy your neckwear from Macdonald.
New goods just to hand.
J. J. Fingland, provincial assayer and
chemist, is opening up a laboratory in
Sandon. He will occupy the premises
vacated soino time ago by F, H. Haw*
kins at the corner of Cody Avenue.
Mr. Fingland is well known as an expert
assayer throughout the Slocan, and wc
commend his enterprise to the mine
owners, mine managers and prospectors
of the district. His charges will be
found in our advertising columns.
Owing to a bust-up on the track at Sea-
mous junction his assay plant has been
delayed in arrival, but he hopes to be in
a position to do business at an early
A pair of riding gauntlets wtre taken
away from the Opera House on the occasion of the K. of P. Ball by a party
who is known, This is to give notice
that a warrant will be issued for tlie arrest of the party unless the gauntlets
are left at the Review oflico not later
than Thursday next, the 17th inet.
We are pleased to report that C. W.
McAnn, the popular barrister and mayor of Kaslo, is around again alter his
recent severe illness. Kaslo's "idol"
left with Assessor Lucas early in the
week to hold Courts of Revision throughout the Slocan Riding, but after reaching Nelson, Mr. McAnn had a bad spell
of sickness, which necessitated a hurried
return journey. Mr. Lucas io completing the tour alone.
The evergreen Ed. Bell and Frank
Marquis passed through on their way
to Spier and Power's logging camp yesterday.
Geo. Henderson, of Slocan City, has
been appointed Returning officer for
the forthcoming elections In this riding.
He completed a trip to all the polling
points to-day where he issued writs to
deputies. Mr. Henderson filled the
same position to the satisfaction of all
at the last election.
/ On arrival of the steamer "Slocan"
at New Denver last Friday evening, the
delegates who had been attending the
Conservative Convention were surprised
and pleased to find Mr. R. F. Green a
passenger on board. As the newly nominated candidate and the silverton and
Slocan City delegates embarked, a
mighty cheer went up for Hunter.
Friend Docksteader (he of the faded deposit) was also on board and he also
joined in the enthusiasm. Arrived at
Silverton the passengers antl crew assembled on deck and rent the frosty air with
cheers for MeBride, Green and Hunter,
and on reaching Slocan the engine of
the passenger train which was waiting
tootled loud aud long, the engineer evi
dently imagining by the hooting of Ihe
born of the incoming boat that a bridal
party was aboard. / More cheers for
MeBride and Green, and a good old Slo
can city "tiger " for the popular candidate, "Bill "Hunter.
> Shortly after eight o'clock on Wednesday morning an alarming explosion
occured at the residence of C. E. Lyons
on Main street. Mr. and Mrs. Lyons
had just finished breakfast and bad
left the kitchen when a terrific explosion
occured. Tho cooking range was
smashed to atoms, whilst fragm-nts of
iron were hurled through the air. Il
was extremely fortunate for our popular
city clerk and his estimable wife that
tbey arose from the breakfast table iu
the nick of time, otherwise a tragedy
would hare had to be recorded. Their
pet retriever, however, was not so fortunate as he was cut severely abnit the
head, and he will be minus one eyo for
ths remainder of his life, All sorts of
conjectures were afloat as to the cause
of the explosion, but it is generally
supposed Ihat it was caused by the
freezing cf the hot water pipes which
connected witVlhe tank.
E, M. S.indil.inds left fir Calgary on
Tuesday morning. A large number of
his friends were at the depot to see
him take his departure an I wish him a
final "good luck."' "Sandy," as he
was familiarly called, is about to start
in the real estate aud brokerage business at Calgary, and there is uot a mini
in the f-locan but d-sirei to h.-ar of his
success. Coming to Three Forks before
Sandon was a town, he did duty as provincial constablo for two and a half
years, in which capacity he won the
respect and confidenco of his fellow men.
Shortly afttr the boom struck Sandon
he was removed here, and in due course
was appointed Stipendiary Magistrate.
He also was deputy Mining Recorder,
and in that capacity ho mado boas of
(rends. His wad was ever ready to be
skinned for a fellow in distress, and
many a miner who has run up against
hard times has had his miner's 1 cense
renewed at the expense of Sandy. The
cU-y can ill-afford to lose such a citizen
and we but echo the sentiment of everyone when we say, "Good luck" and
" Au Revoir."
The polling station for Sandon will be
the Review offieo.
Win. Davidson Nominated to
Fight By a Majority
Of Delegates.
A reprcs'i ta'.ive Convention of delegates from all points of the Slocan
riding was held, at New Denver on Sat-
day last. The Convention was called
for the purpose of nominating a candidate to do battle under the Socialist
banner in the forthcoming elections,
and the meeting throughout was most
harmonious. A. Shilland presided, and
after calling the meeting to order, stated
the object of the convention.
The following, resolution was then
submitted, and after some discussion
wa s unanimously adopted!
Resolved, That this Convention of
Delegates, representing the working
men ol tho Slocan riding of the West
Kootenay Electoral District, do hereby
accept the platform and principles of
tho Socialist Party of Canada, and
pledge the Candidate nominated by this
Couvention, in the event ol his election,
to support that platform and party.
Without further delay nominations
were called for, and two names were
duly proposed and seconded, John A.
Foley, of Slocan City and the late representative, Wm. Davidson. A ballot
was taken, and amid much enthus'usm
Wm. Davidson was declared the
nominee by a large majority.
The chosen candidate then mute a
short speech, in which ho thanked them
for their continued confidence, snd after
giving cheers for the candidate, the
delegates dispersed.
L 4 ,
\ "ttotes anb Comment, ji
r.* .... *.���.... ... .* ��� , * a . -.a,. j, ,*,,,at.4,,*,jl,
*������ lr**r*t* ���tr-p*?* V T ?T*rn*TTTTT7TTTVTT
Tho Review i->for the best interests of
the Slocan first, last and always. That's
why wo will support Wm. Hunter.
Application to Purchase. Lands.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to make application
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a
poet marked r'.H. Bartlett's S.E. corner
post, situate near the S.W. corner of F.
J. O'Reilly's Land Purchase, about
three miles 8.K. from Silverton ; thence
west 20 chains, along Mill's north line;
thenco north 00 chains; thence cast 20
chains; thencs south 60 chains to the
point begun at, containing 120 acres
more or less. F. H. BARTLETT.
Silverton B.C., Dec. 22, 1006.
27 1206     	
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that GO days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, (or
permission to purchase tho following
described lands, situated in the Slocan
Division of West Kootenay District,
between Ten and Twelve Mile creeks
and about one half mile from Blocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. H. Corey's S E. corner post, thence
North 20 chains along the line of Lot
1023, thence West 20 chains, thence
South 20 chains, theme East 20 chains
to point of ���ommencemen t, 40 acres
more or less.
Located 22nd dav of December 1(06.
Notice is hereby given that GO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands situated
en the Slocan Division of West Kootenay District between Ten and Tweive
Mile Creeks and about one half mile
from Slocan Lake, commencing at a
post marked J. H. Corey's N.W. corner post, thence 40 chains South along
the lino of Lot 1021, thence 40 chains
east, thence 40 chains north, thence 40
chains west, to pointof commencement,
160 acres more or less.
Located Decern b��r 22nd, 1906,
3 I 9t Locator,
Owing to a rush of work wo aro unable
to mak�� a collecting trip as often as
we would wwh. The editor would appreciate the leceipt of outstanding accounts, aa we need money in our
Worse and worse I On entering the
bank at New Denver last wiek we were
mis'aken once again for our friend S, J.
Towgood, and this time by tho bank
teller. We were sorely tempted to do
something desperate ; perhaps next time
we will. The incident goes to prove
that the printeris an unknown quantity
at Canada's leading financial institution.
Bring in your ads. We will gladly
shake the bones with our " double " to
decide who is to wear a mask from now
on, or worse���grow wh;skers.
Advertising and enterprise make the
biggest pair in the deck.
Some men and some newspapers in
their political walk resembl* the Biur-
bons, of whom it is written that they
forgot nothing and learned nothing. It
is a fairly safe prediction that the elections when they come to be made are
not going to suit the Bourbons ol Nelson.
British Columbia is now in the proud
position of being able to point to a
balance on the credit side of her ledger.
That is something which every man
who registered his vote in favor of the
Conservative party at the list election
can take credit to himself Ior. When
the MeBride government took tho wheel
in its hands, this glorious province of
ours was in a most humiliated position.
The treasury coffers wero barren, and
whatiawoise, negotiations for a loan
to tide over the temporary embarrassment had tailed because the previous
Administration was so rotten that nobody with money or some would advance the needful. British Columbia
was at that time in tho eyes of the
world Bankrupt. Its assets were then
ns now, O.K., but the Ministry was in
the same position ss a merchant who
lacks successful business qualities, or
a storekeeper who neglects to exhibit,
boost, or advertise his wares. And the
inevitable result was��� Failubb.
For twelve years prior to the MeBride
Administration the finances of the province had been sliding into arrears at
the rate of $700,000 per annum, and to
the lasting disgrace of the outfit who
held tho reins of government for the
financial year preceding tho coming of
McBi ide and his coterie of business men
with business methods, tho deficit
reached the enormous sum of % 1,510,000.
Thi-i, then was the problem that the
first Conservative government British
Columbia ever had was called upon to
solve: How to wipe off that deficit nnd
restore confidence; to the  populace and
tbe outside world.
Heckled and snapped at from the
onset by the party who had brought
the province to the verge of ruin, the
new Administration went steadily to
work on its outlined policy, and at the
end of the first year the brightest
diadem in Canada's crown resumed its
wonted brilliance. Confidence was restored. Those who had been loudest in
their denunciations of the government
ceased to criticise, and sat up and marvelled at the turn or the tide. All ? no
not all. The handful of office seekers
and wnckers, aided by a guttural press,
screeched louder. The government with
a firm purpose kept on, and to every
man who had faith in the province and
the new Administration, the zenith of
his ambition was reached when on
March 3rd, 1906, at the end of the
second financial year, the Hon. R. G.
Tatlow announced a surplus of $268,265.
And to-day the government does not
faco the country with an empty treasury
and an augmented debt. The Finance
Minister can announce to the people a
surplus exceeding 1500,000 for the last
financial year, a reduction of the Provincial debt, a vastly inci eased contribution to much-needed public works in
new districts of the province, and what
will be appreciated a great deal more
by the average elector, a moderato reduction in taxation.
The above is history and undisputed
truth. It may be urged' that the pros
perous times has brought about tbe
change for the better. Grained that
the ball of prosperity has increased in
dimensions and velocity aa it rolled, did
not the Conservative government by
tact and shrewd business methods start
the ball speeding on its successful journey? Was the country in a prosperous
condition wlv n a cabinet minister of the
previous government journeyed to the
01,1 Country to plead for aloan, and was
put in the most humiliating position of
being turned down���turned down cold
for obvious reasons ? Was there not a
deficit of over ono million and a half
dollars staring the country and the
new government in tlie face ? Then as
in such a short time they wiped out
that deficit a*fd established a surplus,
that government will be credited to the
fulled extent by a grateful electorate
r.t the polls on Satu'day, February 2nd.
Under the administration of previous
governments it is common history that
capital shied at British Columbia. Il
would not come in for the reason that
the government was tho laughing stock
of not only Canada but the whole of
the civilised world. Everybody, from
the humblest immigrant to the bloated
capitalist rigidly excluded B. C. and its
fool legislation from their list of fruitful
fields for investment and labor.
Slight reflection on the marked change
will be BUlfieient for the intelligent man
with a vote, and as he has a duty to
perforin for the country, his children
and himself, we confidently leave the
issue in h s hands.
A man is not an enemy of labor
when he denounces Socialism. Lest
some ol our young bloods who are exercising their franchise for the first time
Should l*e induced to brlieve otherwise
against their convictions, we rise to remark that the ballot is secret.
Many bets in which Hunter and
Davidson figure have been struck. An
offer of 100 to 50 that the outsider gets
left at the pout finds no takers.
Politics are playing " old gooseberry "
with tho r.earin' game in Sandon. Whatever ihe result of the election on the
2nd prox. will be, it is certain that the
leading Macs in the political game *a ill
not potlache our curling club members'
individual fees. Play tlie schedule out,
boys, and spiel politics i' th' Sawbath.
Who cares whether Wandering Willie
Boy Mclnnes quits a $12,000 job to try
for $800 and the pickings on patriotic
(sic) principles 7 Who's losing any
sleep because ex-Judge Henderson
yuinped his yob on the judicial bench
to make a stab at the political jackpot
and the Attorney-Generalship on the
side 1 Who's worrying because the
late government fulfilled their part of a
contract made by tho Administration of
1886 to grant 20,000 acres f >r every sec
tion constructed fnem Trail Creek to
Penticton hy tho tho W�� stern Columbia Railway? Who cares whether Jim
Hill or the C.P.R. bought the charter
and called on an honest government to
fulfil its lcg.*.l obligations? Who cares if
the office seekers who are howling about
ir will have to do the same thing if returned ? Who's worrying because the
government sold worthies lands to the
G.T.P. at $1 an acre and still reserve a
quarter interest? Who's upset because
Docksteader will lose his deposit ?
Who's mad because Davidson will hsye
to put on his digging clothes sg'iiu and
pound Socialism into hard rock ? And
who is thero with an interest in the
Slocan who has not mado up bis mind
ere this that " Bill " Hunter can do
more to lift the prevailing depression in
eiur riding than 160 Socialists? Be wise,
but soop 'er np while there is ioo, and
water anl light to pay for.
According to the Fernie Free Press, a
Board of Trade meeting was. recently
called in Fernie to " cuss tha telephone
system," Go to it, Fernie! Our devil
suggests that the Free Press composing
room was shy of "di��" during the
Consistency is a jewel that ���!�����. Macdonald, the leader of the opposition,
should wear when he is making his campaign speeches, siys the Rossland
Miner, Whenever he has an opportunity of launching his ex parte
Phillipics against the Conservatives in
this province and everywhere else
nearly���for the vituperations of the sarcastic leader of the opposition take a
wide range���he persistenily and maliciously arraigns the Socialist labor
members of the House for assisting the
MeBride government. If Mr. Macdonald has one marked mannerism which
ho uses more than another it is his
capacity to sneer at anything mid everything to which he alludes in the course
of his diatribes, and thiB sneer is more
cruel, sinister and pronounced when he
alludes to the members of the Socialist
Labor party, for what he seems to consider an unholy alliance with the
MeBride ministry, and on any measure
in which they voted with tbe present
government. Tho hostile attitude
which Mr. Macdonald assumes towards
Mr. Hawtbornthwaite and those of the
same political belief, would seem to be
nut oi place and uncalled for. This is
especislly the case in an individual who
has unfutlcd his political banner on
which he has emblazoned his own
name, as the candidate in this riding as
the Liberal-Labor party, which party is
a recent creation of his own vivid imagination, which he at times allows to run
Mr. Macdonald owes his elevation to
the provincial house principally to the
suffrage of the labor element of the
Rossland riding, and it is a wonder,
tinder the circumstances, that ho entertains such hostility to the labor and
socialist members of provincial legislature. In one breath, when on the
rostrum, he denounces these labor members in strong terms, while in tho next
he asks the labor element to vote for
him and to rally and hurrah for his so
called Liberal-Labor party.
Around Three Forks.
From Our Own Corre.psncltmt.
The Bachelor is in full swing once
Jack Cadden is on the lick list,
Conductor Cameron is moustacheless.
Earl Audeison is suffering from appendicitis.
Miss Maggie Dowar left on Tuesday
(or Vancouver to attend school.
The ice trust ii busy in Three Forks
harvesting the first crop of tbe season.
Bob Sloan, Mrs. Dave Sloan, and
Master Harold Sloan are taking in tbe
coast this week.
Harry Lowe has gone to North Yakima on mining business.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nivea have gone
to Victoria on account of Mrs. Niveu's
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Teir are spending their honeymoon in the Lardeau.
Paul Wood has quit the show business
and is pounding steel at the Bachelor at
Tne infant daughter of Mr. and Mia.
Tom Barbour has been quite sick lately.
Doc. Gomm is a familiar figure on
our streets those days, and you ran hear
him farther than you can see him.
Bob Fa.irgra.ves and Dave Boucherd
are running tbe Hotel Slocan for Hugh
Niven during his abseace at  the coast.
Pu! lie Notice is hereby given lo tin
cleotoa of the Municipality of the city
of Sandon, that I lequiie the presence
of tho said electors in the Council
Chamber in the City Hall, on M nday,
the fourteenth day of January, 1807, at
12 o'clock noon, fjr the purpose of
electing persons to represent them in
the Municipal Conned as Mayor and
Aldermen and three S'IiojI Trustees.
The mode of nomination of candidate*
shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in
writing; the writing shall be subscribed
by tsr., voters ol the  municipality as
firopeiaer and se-onuer, and shall be de-
ivurod to the Returning Officer at any
time betiret n the date of the notice and
2 p.m. of the date of nomination, and
In th* event of a poll being necessary,
such poll will be opened on Thursday,
th* sevente'nth day of January, 1907,
from 0 o'clock a.m. to 7 o'clock p.m.,
in Ihe Council Chamber in the City
Hall, of which every person is hereby
requirod lo take notice and govern
himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected Mayor for the said city,
shall be such persons as are male British subjects of the full age of twenty-
one years, and are not di'qualified
under any law, and appear on the last
revised Municipal assessment roll of
the said city, as owners of land or real
property of the assessed value of one
thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and are
otherwise qualified as municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected Aldermen for the said
city, shall be sueh persons as are male
Britisli subjects of the fu 1 aga of
twenty-one years and are not disqualified under any law, and appear on the
last revised municipal assessment roll
of the said city as owners of land or real
firopcrty of the assessed value of five
111 ud red (*J500.00) dollars, and are otherwise qualified as municipal voter*,
o The persons to be nominated for nud
sleeted Sohool Trustee for the said city
shall bo nny qualified elector of lhe
said municipality.
Given under hit hand at tbe City of
Sandon,   tho   third   day   of   January,
one thousand nine hundred ami seven.
Returning Officer,
Deputy  Commissioner ol
Lands and Works will
���     Win Easily.
The Convention of Conservatives held
al Kaslo on Monday last wsb in every
respect a unanimous and successful one.
J. C. Murray, of Trout Lake, presided.
The late Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works was also present, and the
many expressions of confidence in hie
past record, and sorrow at his departure into private life were deeply touching, Mr. Green replied to his slanderers, and said he hoped to meet Mr.
McDonald lace to (ace on the platform.
Hei waa unanimously nominated to ran
again, but his mind waa made up, and
he declined.
Neil MaeKay was the choice of the
convention. Fred Elliott, a popular
barrister of Trout Lake waa mentioned
but withdrew and Mr. MacKay's nomination was made .unanimous. He is
nearly ub popular through the riding
as R. F. Green and will win easily.
Eighteen delegates, representing
every section of the riding were In attendance. Representation was made
on the basis of the Conservative vote
in 1003.
The meeting was very enthusiastic
and election of officers for the district
association has been completed.
The following resolations were unanimously adopted.
"Resolved that the convention hereby endorses the policy of the MeBride
government sinse they had assumed direction of provincial affairs.
"Kesolviid, that tho stability of the
government and their promptitude in
putting ths finances of the piovince on
a sound basis has been a prime factor
iu lhe prosperity that now prevails
throughout the province.
"Resolved, that we put ourselves on
reeord as heartily endorsing the stand
takon by Premier MeBride in his attitude at the Ottawa conference ef pre*
miersfor the just rights of the piovince.
"Resolved, that wealsodesire ty ex*
pr*ss our entire appieeiation of the
services rendered to the province at
large and the Kaslo riding in particular
by our member, tlie Hon. R. F. Green,
and to assure him of our continued confidence and support.
"Resolved that wc beliere that the
best interests of the province will be
conserved hy Iho continuance in power
of the MeBride governmstit, as during
the post three years their policy has
been of a constructive and progressive
nature, while the opposition have been
devoid of any avowed policy excepting
that of obstruction."
Jno. Keen has offered himself for sacrifice in opposing Neil MucKay in the
Kaslo riding.
Doc. Gomm had a b'rthday this
week. He celebrate! by taking some
of his own medicine at the hospital.
He's still alive.
Owing to an epidemic of la grippe
laying low the superintend-nt, foreman,
crew and owner, the Ya-Ya has be��n
closed down for a few days.
The Masonic brethren of Alta Lodge
No. 29, held a banqu��t on Thursday,
the 3rd ins*. A special train brought
up a larqe number of brethren irom
V. St. Guorge, manager at the Whitewater mine, was in town on business
A choico stock of fancy select Eggs
jtiBt arrived at M��.c.lonald>.
Davidson is out stumping the riding.
Ou WedncB lay he addressed a meeting
at Silverton, ysterday he spike st
New Denver, and Saturday he will
speak at Slocan Ci'y.
All along the line electors who hitherto loyally supported Davidion are now
openly disavowing him and supporting tlie Conservative candidate.
Try Quaker Canned Goods. They are
far tho host.   Macdonald.
Wm. Hunter ia out miking a canvass
of the tiding.
Mass will be celebrate I' in the Catholic
church on .Sunday morning.
Nominations f r Mayor, Aldermen and
School Trustees will bo received at the
City Hall on Monday next. The names
of S. J. Towgood, J. R. Cameron and
Robt. Cunning are most frequently
mention A for the Mayoralty.
Low rates to Southern Cali'ornia via
the Great Northern Railway on sale
daily. Tickets good for throe months
from dato of sale.
Los Angeles  $90,70
Santa and tWbttra ....;.' 60.70
Pasadena  91,21*
Santa Monica  92.40
Riverside  94.30
San Barnartiinc 84 20
Rodlands  94.80
For time tabic, tickets, and all other
Information, call on nr write to Gw.
McO.eady, Agent, Sandon, B.C. THE  SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW-  BANDON,  B.   C.
Beverly of
Authftr of "Graustark"
Cceriigbt. 1904. br D-eM.
Mud act. ta-pw
i>v::-'l;.;/v:v->A^*!-.'^Wi; :*���':.��� .&.f.yv'&*.^ :'���'������������ :-J*i.:-.v..v->v:r:;';.;!
'""iiti'ued From l.nst Week.l
At tue cud or mur un liour the officer
returned. All hope bud goue from his
face. "It Is useless!" he cried out.
"The guides refuse to proceed, See!
They are swing oft' with their countrymen! We are lost without them. 1 do
not know what to do. We cuuuot get
lo OaulooU. 1 do nol know the way,
and the danger is great. Ah, muduui,
here they cornel The Cossacks are going hack."
As he spoke the surly mutineers were
riding slowly toward the coach. Ha'cr.v
man hud his pistol on the high pommel
Of  tlie uuddle.    Their fuces  wore un
//> /        3e*S-->
Hit only thought was to get away.
ugly look.    As they passed the officer
one of them, pointing ahead of bim
with   his   sword,   shouted   savagely,
It was conclusive and convincing.
They were deserting her.
"Oh, oh, oh! The cowards!" sobbed
Beverly iu rage and despair. "I must
go on! Is It possible that even such
men would leave"���
Sbe was interrupted by the voice of
the officer, who, raising his cap to-per,
commanded at the .same time the driver to turn his horses and follow the
escort to Balak.
"What is that?" demanded Beverly
Io alarm.
From fui off came the sound of fire
arms. A dozen shots were fired and
reverberated down through the gloomy
pass ahead of the coach.
"They are fighting somewhere lu the
hills iu front of us," answered the now
frightened officer. Turning quickly, he
saw the deserting horsemen halt, listen
u minute and iben spur their horses.
He cried out sharply to tbe driver:
"Come, there! Turn round! We have
uo time to lose!"
With a savuge griu, the hitherto
motionless driver hurled some Insulting remark ut the officer, who was already following his men, now in full
flight down the road, nnd, settling himself firmly on lhe scut, taking ti fresh
grip of tlie reins, he yelled to his
horses, nt the same time lashiug them
furiously with his -whip, and started
the coachi ahead at a fearful puce. His
ouly thought was to get away as far
us possible from the Russian officer,
then deliberately desert the couch nud
its occupants und take to tbe bills.
IriOItOrOHI.Y mystified bytehe
tictlon of the driver nnd at
length terrified hy the puce that
curried them careening along
the narrow road, Beverly cried out to
him, her voice shrill with ularm. Aunt
Fanny wns crouching ou the Moor of
lhe coach between the seats, groaning
and praying.
"Stop! Where *ire you goiugV" cried
Beverly, putting her head recklessly
through tho window. If the man heard
her he gave no evidence of the fact.
Ills fact) was set forward, nnd he was
guiding the horses with it firm, uu-
qtilverlng hand. Tho conch rattled
uud hounded nlong the dangerous way
hewn lu Ihe side of the mountain. A
misstep or a false turn might easily
start the clumsy vehicle rolling down
the declivity on the right. The convict
was taking desperate chunues uud.
with u cool, calculating brain, prepared
to leap lo lhe ground lu case of accident uud save himself, without a
thought for the victims luslde.
"Stop! Turn around!" she cried In a
frenzy. "We shall be killed. Are you
By this time they hnd struck a descent in the rood nud were rushing
ulong at breakneck speed Into oppressive shadows that bore the first Imprints of night, localizing ut last that
her cries were fulling upon purposely
deaf ears, Beverly Calhoun sank buck
into the seat, weak nud terror stricken.
It wns plain to her that the horses were
not running away, for the man had
been lashing them furiously. There
was but one couclusion���he was deliberately taking her farther Into the
mountain fustnesses, his purpose
known only to himself. A hundred terrors presented themselves to her as
she lay huddled against the side of the
coach, her eyes closed tightly, her tender body tossed furiously about with
the sway of the vehicle. There was (lie
fundamental fear that she would lie
dashed to death down the side of the
mountain, but apart from this her
quick brain was evolving all sorts of
possible endings���none short of absolute disaster.
Even as she prayed that something
might Intervene to chock tbe mad rush
end to deliver her from tbe horrors of
the moment tbe mucous voice of the
driver was heard calling lo bis horses,
and the pace became slower. The awful rocking nnd the jolting grew less
severe, the clatter resolved llself tulo n
broken   rumble,   and   then   lhe   coach
sroppea wltn a nilghty lurch.
Dragging herself from the corner,
poor Beverly Calhotiu, uo longer u disdainful heroine, gazed piteously out
iuto the shadows, expecting the murderous blade of the driver to meet her
ns she did so. I'auloll' had swung from
the box of the couch and wns peering
first iuto the woodland below nud then
upon the rocks to the left, lie wore tbe
expresslou of n mau trapped und seeking means of escape. Suddenly he darted behiud the couch, almost brushing
against Beverly's but as he passed lhe
window. She opened her lips lo cnll
him, but even as she did so he took
to his heels and raced back over the
road they hnd traveled so precipitously.
Overcome by surprise and dismay,
she only could watch the flight In sl-
liuice. Less thuu it hundred feet from
where the coach was standing ho turned to the right nud was lost among the
rocks. Abend, four horses, covered
with sweut, were punting and heaving
as Ir In great distress after their mad
run. Aunt Fanny was still moaning
and praying by turns in the bottom of
the carriage. Darkness was settling
down upon the pass, and objects a hundred yards away wero swallowed by
the gloom. There was uo sound save
the blowing of the tired animals and
the moaning of the old negress. Beverly realized with a slnkiug heart that
they were alone and helpless In the
mountains, with uight upon them.
She never knew where the strength
and courage came from, but she forced
open the stubborn couch door nnd
scrambled to the ground, looking fruu-
tlcully In nil directions for a single
sign of hope. In lhe most despairing
terror she had ever experienced she
started toward the lend horses, hoping
against hope that at least one of her
men had remained faithful.
A mau stepped quietly from the lnuer
side of the road and advanced with the
uncertain trend of one who Is overcome
by amazement. He was a stranger
and wore an odd, uncouth garb. The
falling light told her that he was nut
oue of her late protectors. She shrank
back with a faint cry of alarm, ready
to fly to the protecting arms of hopeless
Aunt Fanny if her uncertain legs could
carry her. At the same Instant nnother
ragged stranger, then two, three, four
or five, appeared as if by magic, some
uenr her, others approachlug from the
"Who���who  In  hetveu's   name  are
yon?" she faltered. The sound of her
own voice In a measure restored tbe
courage thnt had been paralyzed, Unconsciously this slltn sprig of southern
valor threw back her shoulders aud
lifted her chiu. If they were brigands
they should not And her a cringing
coward.   After all, she was a Calhoun.
The man sbe had first observed stop-
ped near the horses' heads and peered
intently at her from beneath a broad
and rakish hat. He was tall and appeared to be more respectably clad
than his fellows, although there was
uot one who looked ns though he possessed a complete outfit of wearing ap-
"Poor wayfarers, may it please your
highness," replied the tall vagabond,
bowing low. To her surprise, he spoke
in very good English. ' His voice was
clear, uud there was a tinge of polite
Irony lu the toues. "But all people nre
alike in the mountains. The king and
the thief, the princess nud the Jade
live iu the common fold." Aud his
hat swung so low that It touched the
"1 am powerless. I ouly Implore you
to take what valuables you may find
and let us proceed unharmed!" she
cried rapidly, eager to have it over.
"Pray, how can your highness proceed? You have no guide, no driver,
uo escort," snld the man mockingly.
Beverly looked nt him appeallngly, utterly without words to reply. The
tears were welling to her eyes, and her
heart was throbbing like that of a captured bird. In after life she was able
to picture in her mind's eye all the
details of that tableau In the mountain pass���the hopeless coach, the
steaming horses, the rakish bandit nnd
his picturesque men, the towering
crags and n uilte of a girl facing tho
end of everything.
"Your highness is said to be brave,
hut even your wonderful courage cau
"Oh, svoii won't lull us?"
avail nothing In this Instance," said
lhe leader pleasantly. "Your escort
has lied as though pursued by something Stronger than shadows; your
driver has deserted; your horses are
half dead; you are indeed, us you have
said, powerless. And you are, besides
all these, lu the clutches of a band of
merciless cutthroats."
"Oh," moaned Beverly, suddenly
leaning ngnlnst the fore wheel, her
eyes almost starting from her head.
The lender laughed quietly���yes, good
utitlll'edly.   "ph, ytju won't���yjju won't
ur* us:' oue niiei nine to ooserve that
there were smiles on the faces of all
the men within the circle of light.
"Best assured, your highness," said
the leader, leaning upou his rifle bar-
rel with careless grace, "we Intend no
harm to you. Every mau you meet In
Graustark Is not a brigand, 1 trust,
for your sake. We are simple hunters,
and not what we may seem. It Is
fortunate that you have fallen Into
honest hands. There Is some one In
tho coach?" he asked, quickly alert. A
prolonged groan proved to Beverly that
Aunt Fanny had screwed up sufficient
courage to look out of the window.
"My old servant," she half whispered. Then, as several of the men
started toward the door: "But she Is
old aud wouldn't harm a fly. Please,
please don't hurt her."
"Compose yourself; she Is safe,"
said the leader. By this time It was
quite dark. At a word from him two
or three men lighted lanterns. The
picture was more weird than ever lu
the fitful glow. "May I ask, your highness, bow do you intend to reach Edelweiss In your present condition? You
ennuot manage those horses aud, besides, you do uot know the way."
"Aren't you going to rob us?" demanded Beverly, hope springing to the
surface with a Joyful bound. The
stranger laughed heartily and shook
his hond.
"Do we not look like honest men?"
he cried, with a wave of his hand toward his companions. Beverly looked
dubious. "Wo live tbo good, clean life
of the wilderness. Outdoor life Is necessary for our health. We could uot
live In the city," he went ou, with grim
humor. For the first time Beverly noticed that he wore n huge black patch
over his left eye, hold in place by a
cord. He appeared more formidable
than ever under the light of critical Inspection
"1 am very much relieved," said Beverly, who was not at all relieved. "But
why have you stopped us In this manner?"
"Stopped you?" cried tbe man with
the patch. "I Implore you to unsay
that, your highness. Your coach was
quite at a standstill before we knew of
Its present*, i'ou do ns a grave Injustice."
"It's very strange," muttered Beverly, somewhat taken aback.
"Have you observed that It Is quite
dark?" asked the leader, putting away
his brief show of Indignation.
"Dear me; so It Is!" cried she, now
able to think more clearly.
(To Be Continued.)
Ide-n<lncBtlc.ii   Bank   Tain.
Certain Manhattan national banks
have lately been presenting to depositors miniature aluminium tags adapted
to be strung on key rings. It is Intended that these souvenirs shall serve a
dual purpose, return of keys In the
event of losing same and Identification
of owner In case of accident Incidentally the tags officiate as clever advertisements for the financial Institutions.
Stamped on the obverse Is the following announcement:
"The National bank will Identify
owner by No. (depositor's number here),
city of New York."
On the reverse appears this offer:
"One dollcr reward for return of
keys or mall In any letter box, at same
time sending us your name and address."���New York Press.
An Expert  Opinion.
"What do you think of my daughter's
execution ou the piano?"
"Good name for it. for she certainly
loes murder the time." ��� Baltimore
Balconies were unknown among the
Greeks nnd Romans, yet they are of
eastern origin.
Floating; Batterlea.
The famous floating butteries with
which Gibraltar was attacked In 1782
were the scheme of D'Areon, a French
engineer. There were teu of them, and
they resisted the heaviest shell's and
thirty-two pound shot, but ultimately
yielded to redhot shots.
Dn-tletjs Air.
One of the chief advantages of resorts at great heights Is that tbe air is
so free from dust
The Oxford English Dictionary determines Authoritatively the history of
the word "picnic," so far as English Is
concerned. Toward the close of the
eighteenth century the French used the
word pique-nlque (of obscure derivation) for a social entertainment to
which each truest contributed a share.
Early In the next century the English
appeared to discover tha. this form ot
social co-operation was well adapted
for excursions and open-air repasts, so
that about the middle of the century the
word was dissociated from suppers and
private theatricals, and so long as an
entertainment was In the open air It
was & picnic, whether Its materials were
Jointly contributed or not.���London
His Name a Passport.
John Burns, London's famous Labor
member of Parliament, visited Belgium
recently and did not carry with him
even a visiting card, something which
he does not possess. In Brussels he
went to the labor colonies, prisons and
other Institutions unexpectedly and
unannounoed. He asked for the director and when shown Into the bureau
of that important functionary Introduced himself as follows: "Jo suls John
Burns,  minlstre  de   "   (I am John
Burns, minister of ). But he rarely got further, as he was promptly recognized. All doors were thrown open
at the words "Je susl John Burns," every courtesy was shown him and all
Information readily granted him.
Done In a Hurry.
People complain that Journalism must
be frivolous or unreliable because It Is
done In a hurry. But all the serious
things are done In a hurry. All the
really reliable things are done In a
hurry. A commercial decision Involving millions Is always made In a hurry.
I have never been In a battle; but my
military friends tell me that a battle
often takes 1>lace In a hurry. Serious
things generally are done quickly; getting married, for lnstanoe, or getting
fronted,���Illustrated London News.
The word nickname Is supposed by
some to have been ekename, or additional name. Othoi*s connect It with
the German name for wood Imp, a
nlcken or necken, a tease name, these
supernatural beings being the Fucks
of German mvtholoav.
Says They Cured  Him of Pain After
Food,  Belching,    Constipation   and
Weakness  ���   He    Was    Gradually
Losing   Weight   but   has    Now   Regained   It. *w
Une  of  the  most   impressive  cures
of  indigestion   nnd   allied    ailments
ever  reported  lias  just  been  effected
by  Bileans  in Toronto.    The subject
is Mr. Arthur R. Hand, a prominent
leaclier of painting on qliinu, leather,
glass,  etc.,  residing  at 2 Woodgreen
Place, Toronto.
As a teacher of pointing, Mr. Hand
has made for himself it wide reputation, but his work was interfered
with considerably by acute attacks
of digestive disorder.    He says:
"I suffered ngonics for months previous to taking Bileans, resorted to
.all kinds of remedies, but found Only
temporary relief. The indigestion
'���nine on quite suddenly, soon alter
sating, and caused me terrible pain.
There was a constant feeling of uncomfortable fullness in the stomach,
pains in tlie chest und under the
ihoulder blades and rifting anil belching of gas.
I lind constipation so badly that no
medicines seemed to have nny effect,
in the bowels. 1 dieted a grent ilcnl,
but the slightest food brought the
same distress. After taking a few
Bileans I experienced case and com-
lort after meals, so I purchased u
lUpply nf this vegetable remedy and
'eft nil other m. elicines alone, lli-
eaiis cured me. Now my food digests very nicely and my bowels act
juite naturally.
"Hefqre I tonk Bileans my fond did
nie no good, and 1 was losing weight
,'upidly. in a few months, through
the use of this valuable remedy, my
weight increased from 125 to 165 lbs.
This increase, too, is not useless flit,
hut sound, healthy flesh."
Not only for indigestion, but for
constipation, piles, general debility,
iiieinin, female ailments, rheumatism,
blood impurities, liver and kidney
complaint, headache, dizziness, wind,
etc., Bileans are widely recommended, They nre purely herbal and do
not merely relieve these nilments���
they cure them permanently. All
druggists sell Bileans at 60c a box,
or post free from the Bilean Co., Toronto, on receipt ot price. Six boxes
ior $2.50.
Why It Had to Give Place to the System   Now   In   Use���About
Time Measurement.
There Is a story In Plutarch which
must convince every reader that one
myth at least relates to an alteration
made In the Egyptian calendar to extend the length of the year from 360
days to 865. A year of 360 days existed
In Egypt at an early period. The lunar
month, from new moon to new moon,
being twenty-nine and one-half days In
length, the convenient round number of
thirty days was taken as a standard,
and twelve months, of thirty days each,
made up the year. The solar year is
more difficult to observe than the lunar
month, the Intervals being longer, and
a year of 360 days was a very convenient and reasonable approximation to
It. At any rate, the year of 360 days
came Into use, and a curious custom
at Acanthae, near Memphis, seems to
allude to It. A perforated vessel was
filled with water by 860 priests on each
day of the year. In the Island of Phl-
lae, again, 360 pitchers were placed
around tho tomb of Osiris, for malting
funeral libations, and were filled everyday by tho priests with milk. With
IHO days In the year the ecliptic circle
of the heavens, as represented in the
charts, would be divided Into 360 equal
parts, and we must regard It as a relic
of this time that the circle Is sttil
made to consist of 360 degrees. But
so erroneous an estimate of the length
of the year would soon be corrected
by experience.
It Is evident that in about seventy-
two years a cycle would be accomplished In which the New Tear's day would
sweep through all the months, remaining only six years In each. Ths* same
month, so far as Its name was concerned, would now be In the Inundation time, now In the season of sowing
and anon In the time of reaping, and
the agriculturist must have been perplexed. A text In the papyrus Anastasl
makes reference to sueh perplexity and
may receive Its explanation here. Goodwin translated It: "May Amen deliver
me from the cold season, when the sun
does not shine, the winter comes Instead of the summer, the month Is
stormy, the hours shortened."
Similar confusion would overtake the
religious festivals, the New Year, for
example, coming five days before Its
proper time, and then ten days before},
and so on, and it might be thought that
Its observance at the wrong season
would dls?dease the gods. The year of
360 days had to give way and ultimately
did so in favor of one of 365 days. .The
precise date of the change Is not known,
but It la referred to In Inscriptions
of tho time of Amenemha I. (circa
2400 B. C.) and may of course have
been Introduced much earlier. When
this was done the original months were
not altered, but a "Utile month" of five
days was Interpolated at the end of
the year between the month Mesorl of
one year and the Thoth of the next.���
Westminster Gazette.
The   Demand    Fur   Their   Skins   Ha*
Nearly Exterminated Them.
"An alligator Is a rare thing In the
southern states now," said O. B. Bunge
of Pensacola, Fla.
"Where they could be seen In hun
dreds ten years ago, dotting the banks
of the rivers nnd swimming In the
Florida swamps, the sight Is now becoming a very uncommon one. The
great demand for their skins has practically exterminated the creatures, arid
they will soon be ns scarce as the
western buffalo. Some may still be
found lu the Everglades and other
swamps, but they are rarely seen, as
they live In mudholes to which even
the Semlnoles cannot gain access.
"The few thnt are captured are
caught by menus of strategy, as the
open water shooting Is a thing of the
past. A strict watch Is kept over
their holes, aud the moment the gntor
appears he Is lassoed ami draggetl
bodily from his home. It Is a very
dangerous method while In the water,
and It requires the combined force of a
dozen men to drug an eight foot alligator to the mainland. Even when this
is done the captors are wary, us a
blow from the creature's tall would
seriously disable the stoutest man.
"An alligator Is slow and clumsy In
his movements, but can swing his tnll
around In the twinkling of the eye.
The Indians generally wait until they
have the anlmnl In a position where
he cannot use his tall aud theu sever
tho ligaments with a well directed
blow of their sharp Instruments. Tbe
government has taken the bounty off
the alligators, which in former years
was a great source of revenue to the
shiftless Crackers that inhabit the
swamps and make their living In the
easiest possible manner. The price of
the skins hns become double what It
was a few years ago, and it will not be
long before the dealers will have to
find some substitute for the skin of the
alligator."���Milwaukee Sentinel.
Nervous  Diseases Can Be Early Detected and Cure
Brought About by Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
It is customary to consider paralysis, insanity nod oilier diseases of tlie
nerves us afflictions which come upon
a person without warning antl which
are, therefore,  unavoidable.
As n matter of fact such results nre
preceded by months, if not years, of
symptoms which point to an exhausted condition of the nervous system.
These   Hymptoms   are  such,   however,
I ilia* ninny puss them by as not being of serious concern and  thinking
I tllilt   they   will  wear   .away   nl  tliem-
'��� selves.
I     Sleeplessness,    nervous    headaches,
'indigestion, bodily .weakness, fainting
s|ie'lis.  twitching of the  nerves,    in-
| ability to concentrate tlie thoughts
and  luss of memory are among the
I most common indications of u rundown nervous system, It is sometimes only a step from such symptoms to prostration, paralysis, locomotor ataxia or insanity.
Stimulants und narcotics, though
sometimes affording temporary relief,
only Irnsten the exhaustion of the
neives. Dr, Chase's Nerve Food, on
lhe other hand, reconstructs and re*
stenes the wasted unci depleted nerve
Naturally, gradually nnd certainly
this   grent   medicine'   instils  into the
blood  and   the   nervous    system tho
lite-sustaining principles which replenish the nerve force in the body
and  so effect  lasting benefit.
Mrs. W. K. Sutherland, St. Andrews, Man., writes:
"In February, IPfl.'l. I was .stricken
witli paralysis, fell helplessly on the
floor and had to be carried to bed.
The doctor pronounced it it had case
as I hail no power in my tongue and
left leg. 1 leinainecl in that condition for six months without obtaining benefit from the doctor's prescriptions or other medicines,
"My husband advised me to try
Di', Chase's Nerve Pood and by the
use of this treatment ull symptoms
of the disease disappeared. 1 can
talk plainly, my leg is all right and
I can do my housework. How grateful I am to be cured bv so wonderful a  remedy."
Miss Kmina Scott, Athens, Out.,
writes: "Dr. Chu-e's Nerve Food lias
done me n world of good-. 1 was
troubled with fainting spells, bodily
weakness and 8 pell I restless, sleepless
nights. 1 frequently had cramps In
the stomach uud would tit tiineH become entirely in eiisihie. not know*
ins what was going on until others
told nice afterwards.
"I doctored with several doctors
and they told me I waa threatened
with paralysis. 'I hey gave me relief,
but could not cme nie:. After suffering for three years I began the use
of Dl*. Chase's Nerve Food, and it has
done me more good than all ihe medicines   I   ever  used."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents
a box, at all dealer* or KdmuilBOn,
Bates cV  Co., Toronto.
Ball Player'- Hard l.'Iiil.li.
The ending of a ball player's career
has In It much the same tragedy that
accompanies the loss of voice by the
singer. At one fell swoop the player
find his family drop comparative luxury, ease and the ability to have all
the ordinary pleasures of life and fall
to something like actual poverty. Oftentimes poverty Is encountered before
the end of the struggle Is reached.
The still young couple, after several
years of good living, traveling, seeing
the world and enjoying all the fun In
sight, suddenly come with a splash to
the ley water of poor living, poor
clothes, inability to pay for theater
tickets and trips about and Inability
perhaps to much more than pay the
rent of a small flat, for the ball player
who has never done anything but play
ball and who hns not saved bis money
Is against a hard proposition before he
can learn a trade or find something to
carry him safely along.���Brockton Enterprise.
Great Men In Germany.
Germany has recently voted to decide
1 who are the twelve greatest men In
the fatherland. The list begins with
the emperor. The second choice Is
Gerhart Haupfmann, the dramatist.
Robert Koch, the scientist, Is third, nnd
Ernest Haeckel nnd Wilhelm Conrad
Roentgen, who have added to the scientific reputation of their country, are
the fourth and fifth selections In the
list. The sixth name Is the present
chancellor of the empire, Prince vou
Bulow. Seventh and eighth are Max
Kllnger, the painter and sculptor, and
Richard Strauss, who has been selected to represent music.   August Bebel,
| the Socialist, and Count Haeseler, who
Is high In the military affairs of the
country, are the ninth and tenth. The
eleventh niche was awarded to Ernest
von  Behrlng,   the  physician  and sol*
1 entist, and Belnhold Begas, the sculptor, completes the list.
Peculiar  LIkIiI   Giving   Anliuala.
A peculiar light giving animal found
iu southern Callforulan waters is the
heferopod.    The   heteropods.  dazzling
white uud almost shapeless, can oflen
he  seen   floating on   tho  clear  water
Their  bodies  are  almost  transparent
and they  have  in addition  lo a  long
\ tail a powerful sucker, by which they
j cling  to  seaweed.     When  these crea-
|  lures are irritated  they seem  to  emit
a light  from all over the body, though
i one -writer describes one lu which the
I light���.red in this case���seemed to null-
I ate from the center of the animal.   Of
I nil  the light giving animals Ihe sulpn
! is suld to be the most wonderful.   Like
I the heteropod, this animal Is provided
wilh claspers that enable it to fusion
| to seaweed and rocks.   So plentiful are
I they   In  California"!!   waters  that  the
( Santa Catalina channel, which is from
eighteen    to   twenty   miles   wide   and
about forty-five miles long, Is at times
literally covered  with them as fur as
Ihe eye can reach.   Covering the entire
surface and gleaming like gems In tho
sunlight,  they present a  beautiful pic-
lure.    These animals constitute a delicacy   much   sought   for   by   whales.
Some  of  then)   shed  a  silvery   light,
while others yield blue and others red
The greatest as well as tbe commonest of all cacti la the "soap weed,"
which grows wherever cacti grow and
which Is man's only friend In the great
southwestern deserts of the United
States and In Mexico. It furnishes always n quantity of water when cut.
As its name Indicates, It can be manufactured Into a soap, perhaps the least
alkaline soap ever made, even though
the weed itself may grow In the center
of an alkali desert. Beer Is brewed
from It, the Indians make a hemplike
fiber from It, and horses and men can
eat parts of it If the spines are cut
away; also when it shoots up Its one
great arm skyward It tops that arm
with one of the most gorgeous flowers
in the world.���Argonaut.
A Royal Prisoner.
Mehmed Rechad Effeudi. the heir presumptive to the Turkish throne, awaits
as a prisoner his turn to reign. The
death of Abdul Humid would draw
him from a jail to assume supreme
power. For many years he has been
I shut up In hla harem. He has seen
I no one but his wives, his slaves and
his Jailers. He has had no conversa
tlon. He has read nothing, books and
company being interdicted. One of
these days he may be sultan. Now he
he Is In the depths of a tomb.���Paris
Tainted Milk In Canada.
The Edinburgh Scotsman cites the
remarks of Professor Harcourt of a
Canadian agricultural college to the
effect that If a commission were appointed In Canada to investigate the
conditions under which milk was handled in that country and delivered to
the consumer the report of the commission would be worse than the recent revelations relating to the meat
packing establishments in Chicago.
Liverpool'* Advance.
In the course of time Liverpool must
supersede London, points out a Manchester paper. Everything is against
the latter, and Its supremacy has only
beeu retained by artificiality. If England has been discovered at the same
time as America, Liverpool would Inevitably have become the capital.
Commercially, according to the same
authority, It is slowly but surely ousting London.
Ice Kept Flowers.
Of the Ice kept flowers of Vercler, a
French florist, china peonies have been
most enduring, some being fairly preserved after five months In the refrigerator. In his latest experiments he
hss cut peonies with stems sixteen
inches long, putting them In water,
trimming the ends every three week*
and renewing wster each month.
Itivern Tluil  t'lovt- Back.vnrd.
Near Al'gostoli. a town on one of the
Creek islands, lour little torrents of
sea water, rolling on au average llfty-
llv'e gallons a second, penetrate Into
the fissures nf Iho clIlTs, flow rapidly
Inland and finally gradually disappear
into the crevices of tho soil. Two of
these water courses aro sufficiently
powerful to turn all the year round the
wheels of two mills constructed by
Ull enterprising Englishman. Tills
seems nt lirst sight absurd on the face
of It, but It is quite easily explained.
The hills nf the island are of soft, calcareous rock, lull nf fissures, and suck
up water like Immense sponges. In
ffolisequenco the pools in their subterranean caverns are always lower than
the surround ing sen. so to restore the
balance these little brooks, feel by the
waves, are always descending inland.
The curious yet natural result of the
constant evaporation of the sea water
is that gigantic masses of snlt crystals
are constantly forming in lhe caves.���
Strand Magazine*.
Strove-   Koiee*   Ssvluu'.-.
Korea Is perhaps tlie oldest country
in the world, uud the customs anil actions Ihat go to muke up the dally life
of the people are not at all governed
by the logic or tradition which moves
us on our enlightened way. They have
no clearly regulated sports, nothing apparently that could be likened to a
national game. They pass .most of
their recreation hours swinging In
Straw rope swings uud seem entirely
happy In the sport. The straw rope,
If well made, la extremely durable anil
can stand considerable weight, as mny
be Judged when three ahlehodled
Joung men Impose (heir weigh I 'upon
the swing, standing ou the shoulders
of one another after the mnnnqr of
acrobats, It may he very tine pastime,
I ut the average American, It Is sufo to
sny, would Und In it very little appeal.
The Old (.reck Divorce* In.v.
A clergyman was railing against divorce. "We ought to have the divorce
law that was enforced lu nmicut
Greece," lie said. "If thnt old Creek
clause was lacked to every separation,
I am persuaded that divorces would
full off 00 to 70 per cent. This law
was Ihat when u man got a divorce he
could not under any circumstances
marry another woman younger thin
his ex-wife. An innocent low, a brief
law, not much to look at, but how
many divorce suits would be nipped
In the bud If all husbands knew thnt
after the separation they could not
marry younger women than the wives
they hnd cast off!"-PhiladeIphla Bui
let In.
The Aincrlcnn Girl,
The American girl is a most interesting contradiction. Sho is regarded ns
the world's greatest representative of
feminine freedom, nnd yet at the root
of her character she Is the most prudish of girls. Sbe makes the best friend
for a man, nud yet his worst lover.
She cannot deny that she is a flirt, and
yet she Is at heart hard and selllsh.
She will do the most unconventional
thiugs, and yet Iu no part of the world
Is etiquette more Insisted on than lu
American  society.���Madame  of  Lon-
CheatnaU  Healthful.
The Chestnut Is the most digestible of
all nuts, especially after it bus been
roasted or boiled. It contains In comparison with tbe potato more starch,
j proteld and fat, but less mineral matter.
Wonderful Wine Cellar*.
The most wonderful wine cellars in
the world are underneath n nobleman's
palace at Warsaw. They hnve beeu
used for storing wlues for over 400
years, and tbe whole place is one mass
of fungi and stalactites.
Titian   was   the   greatest   Venetian
painter. The chief of a long line of Imitators, art critics rank him, with Ra-
I pbael and Corregglo, a prince of the art.
a in
a hi
of li
to J
Cost   of   Livin"  Advances.
111*68 giving  the  average cost of
,' on Dec.  1, compiled by H. d,
A Co., show that there has been
nrked advance in price as cornel with Nov. i, when it reached
L'h water mark.
the lapse ()f one month the cost
iving has advanced irom $106.gh
1108.77,  reached  oil   Dec.   1.    The
of commodities    is  the  highest
fl    February,  188(1.     In discussing
subject, the trade authority says
rise of prices is "fairly represen-
..���e of the greater demand that has
owed inoreased prosperity through*
the nation  nnd   because  of   the
ance in  wages which    lias lifted
purchasing power of the people
ve all previous records iu this or
' other nation.
S uncthing More Than a Purgative���
o purge is the only effect of many
nils now on the market. Parmelee's
/egotable Pills am more than a purg-
Itive, They strengthen the stomach
.'here other pills weaken it. They
demise the blood by regulating the
iver and kidneys, and they stimulate where other pill compounds de*
iress. Nothing of an injurious nut-
ure, used lor merely purgative powers,
inters into their composition.
By training the colt, this winter
luring spare lime much trouble can
be avoided later on when the animal
.8 less easily handled, The breaking
if n horse cannot he started too
aarly if gone at in the proper way.
Comfortable   and   well   ventilated
stables ensure healthy animals,   Less
ood is required and more satisfactory appearances nre presented in the
Minard's Lirhnent Cures Diphtheria.
Those who practice dairy farming
will lind the profits increased and the
customers better satisfied if a liberal
supply of ice is laid by for use when
the wenthei   becomes warm.
Now is the time to figure on next
year's crops. The area devoted to
jach crop should be decided and an
tacqiiute supply of number one seed
8:iatlca put him on Crutches.���James
Srrltli, dairyman, of Grimsby, Ont..
writes: "My limbs were almost usele����
from sciatica and rheumatism, anel, not-
withstanding my esteem for physicians, 1
must stive the credit where it helbm-s. I
am a cured man today, anil South American Rheumatic Cure must have all the
credit.    It's a  marvel.-J1!.
Canada has enough land Io give
?aeh   inhabitant  400 acres.
Canada is larger in area than the
United States,
The irrigation tract, tributary to
Calgary, when settled, will in itself
be sufficient to support a city of 60.-
000 people.
TheFootweat Question
Answered ���
W.    N,    U.    No. 617 1
���j A Series of Articles Descrlb-
w\ Ing their Lives, their Alms
2 and their Influence.
i iiii i. it iii o Hi i ����"*'**''�� *i
Editor   Dauphin   Herald
The present editor of the Dauphin
Herald is one of the many progressive and ambitious young men who
have left tlie domain of Uncle Sam
to seek fame and tortune in tlie
"l.nst West." Versatile in his accomplishments and pleasing in hjs
address, it is no wonder that ho is
finding Western Canada as a Held
for ambitious endeavor all that could
be desired, and is meeting in a remarkable degree with the success
that awaits all young men of his
stamp in tlie new towns of this new
and vigorous country.
Mr. Moore was born nl Monmouth,
Illinois, in 1HI57. He attended public
school till 14 yenrs of age, and after
this was variously engaged, working
first on the farm, leaving this to
' follow tlie printers' trade for' three
years, then in a railroad ofiice for a
similar length of time. Ho took up
editorial work in 1882 in lowu. South
Dakota, nnd for u short time in St.
Pati'i"' Minn. From this place lie was
appointed to a clerkship in tlie census office at Washington, D.C., which
he filled for three years up to 1903.
Mr. Moore hud begun rending law in
1894, and after leaving the census
bureau, went into the practice of law
in lowu. It was while ut Washington he took a post-graduate course at
the National University of Law in
11102. He also received n degree in
Patent Law in 1903. He was "special
examiner" of all tlie schedules relating to "printing, publishing and periodicals" in the census office, and hud
to supervise the examination and
editing of tlie schedules of over
twenty-four thousand copies���such as
preparing reports of amounts invested in property, machinery, wages
paid, etc.
In spite of the comfort of this position, the lure of the west called him
to Manitoba, in 1904, and he assumed charge of the Dauphin Herald in
October of that year. In addition to
his editorial work Mr. Moore travels
north nnd west of Dauphin as general agent for the Sawyer-Massey
Mrs. Moore is then in charge as
manager and local editor for the
greater part of the time, and is to
be complimented on tlie fact that the
paper, which depends on her for a
great part of its success, is showing
superior care und typographical excellence in keeping with the progressive town in which it is published.
It is to be hoped that Mr. and Mrs.
Moore will long be spared to follow
their excellent calling, and that they
will be plentifully endowed with this
world's goods as a just remuneration
for their services in tlie cause of
their town nnd country.
Worms cause feverishness, moaning
and restlessness during sleep. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator is
pleasant, sure and effectual. If youi
druggist, hns none in stock, get liim
to procure it for you.
Not a Police Court Croesus.
There must be u heap of satisfaction in being so poor everybody is
sure you aren't a thief.'-New* York
Canada has more than one-half of
the white population of all Britain's
Canada  has     132,101    more    males
than females.
Canada  hits  65,000 flitlicians  from
"My dear count, allow* nie to congratulate you on your nephew. He
ts rapidly becoming n perfect gentleman."
"You are kind, Duchess; but what
has the boy done to deserve such
commendation from you?"
"Well, before leaving us he gave
ten  louis for the servants."
"Did he, the rascal ? Now 1 understand why he borrowed fifty from
mv valet."-Sourire.
Market Prospects in Japan.
Writing to the Daily Consular and
Trade Reports at Washington, Con-
sul-General H. B. Miller of Yokohama, says thot the effect of the new
Japanese tariff on the trade of lf,07
is somewhat problematical. It was
evidently designed to check imports
in many lines and to encourage home
production. Should general crop itiiel
other conditions continue favorable,
the consul-general is inclined to tlie
view that even the high tariff, which
went into effect last month, will not
hnve any very serious effect on the
trade. Many articles are protected b,
conventional tariffs until 1911, and i.
the result of ihe protective fenture.-
of lhe new duties should he to stimulate l'trnie production, new implements, machinery, und plants would
have io In' imported; if so, the trad.
conditions may prove more favorable.
A II >ating fair shoitly will embark
from I'.n 'land ior a twelve months'
tour"of foe world. A small steamer
lias been chartered, and is being tilted out ��� -" ns lo display the sample*
of Great Britain's leading industries.
It is h.'lii'veil by the managers of tin-
Moating exhibition syndicate that
there will he provided a scheme
whereby exporting houses may con-
solldute interests abroad and give a
general fillip lo their overseas trade.
Ii is proposed that the steamer will
go lirst to Montreal. The tour will
embrace forty of the leading ports
of Ihe British empire, China, Japan,
and South America. At each port tin*
exhibition will be opened by a prominent official; the members of the
local chambers of commerce, the
leading traders, and others, will he
invited  io  vi il  tho steamer.
Gj-oat Medicine.���f/onti, one of tlie
pioneers of French Canada, lost a
hand nud wore an iron hook its a
snbstiiiit'.v" He was in the habit of
boxing the cars of refractory Indians
with this iron hand, and they have
remarked that it was "great medi-
cine." Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil is
great medicine; it takes hold of pain
with an iron hand and knocks it out
of the system.
"What i.-, the name of his new
Goifiedy ?"
"Gee! does lie consider matrimony
a  comedy ?"������Houston   Post.
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but���
why go 'to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having hiBprescription
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly ?
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
��� SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back up this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure it with
'Ihe New  York state conference of
religion, taking in Jew ami Gentile, I
An   Author's   Purgatory.
Spanish writers nre not in enviable
circumstances. The usual pay for novels   in   Spain   is   so   low   that   il   is
hard  to understand  how writers    can
live   nn   the    money     they     receive.
Whereas, in  Paris, there are ten  novel writers who annually earn  100,000
francs  and  more,  in  Spain    the  pay
lor a   limn  novel  is  $12,  and  for no-1
vels   of  two   volumes  scarcely  more
Minn 250 francs.   The Gil Bias   also
cities  a  case  where  Carmen   Burgos, |
a well known authoress in her eoini-'
try, received  only  150 francs for the ���
translation  of  a  lone;   French   novel.
A   Madrid  printer   who  publishes    a
series   of   volumes   dealing   with   the
writers of   the nineteenth   century,
pays 50 Irancs    for it volume.���New
York  Tribune.
I was cured of Rheumatic Gout bv
Halifax. ANDREW  KING.
I wns cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Iwns cured of   Acute   Rheumatism
i.s the most inclusive religious organ.* ., MINARD.S LINIMENT,
-ation in the state,    its motto   is,     Markham, Ont.    C. S. BILLING
"Religions  are*
in'*."    -���*���
inaiiv,     religion
Hots-   Olteili,.,,,-,.   1'iiKt    I,Idle   Marjory
Hc*r  IhLc
Little Marjory is fond of cake, but,
lest she appear too greedy her parents
nave carefully taught her when a plate
3f cake is offered always to take the
piece nearest her. This rule of eti-
ijtiette, "Always take the piece nearest
yon," has been repeated to Marjory
till she has had it thoroughly impressed upon her.
Marjory and her mother were dining
at a neighbor's bouse the other day
wheu a plate of delicious cake was
passed around. Despite much urging,
she steadily refused to have any cake.
Her mother wns surprised, but let the
matter pass for the time being. It was
after the return home when her mothet
asked Marjory why she had refused to
have any cake at the neighbor's house
that day.
"Well, mamma," she answered, with
a plaintive sigh, "you told me always
to take the piece of cake nearest me,
didn't you? Well, there wasn't nny
piece nearest me. It was all over on
the other side of the plate."���New York
Entering the mansion, we find its
mistress weeping silently but copiously
Into a delicate handkerchief.
"Muy wc Inquire the-, occasion of your
sorrow?" we ask gently.
"Just to thlnkl'' she walls. "Myself
and my daughters left absolutely alone
nnd unprotected;"
"What? Your husband nnd your
sous���surely they"���
We pause, retiring thnt we have blundered upon some mighty cutastrophe.
"My husbnnd." she weeps, "Is In
prison for merging some trusts; my oldest son Is doing uluety days for reckless automoblllng, and now word has
come that my other sou hns been sent
to jnll for some college prank or other!"
Sighing because of the relentless hand
of the law, which smites without regard to the number of gentle hearts It
crushes, we tiptoe away and leave the
womnu lu her grief.���Judge.
Kidney Cry.-1'uiei in the buck io th"
cry of the kidneys for help. '1*0 iice-leoi
the call is to deliver lhe Doetv over to a
etisense cruel, ruthless, un! finally lire
destroying. South American Kidney Cure
Iiun mover akin tn miraculous in Itelninii
the needy kidneys uul of the mire uf ills-
euae.    Il   relieves iu six   hours.-48.
Bishop Lewis S. Wnlsli of Portland,
Me., thinks that two generations ol
secular education are developing a
Godless civilization, which indicates
the "rapid evaporation of a Christianity that, required centuries lo
build up."
If horses are allowed to stand on
a haul bare floor during their idle
winter days' their lent are liable to
be damaged. Besides the horse is
not comfortable and an animal uncomfortable does not thrive.
Theatrical people ore determined to
erect a statue to Sir Henry living,
subscriptions to be confined to tlie
For Tlie Overworked���What are the
causes of despondency and melon*
choly? A disordered liver is one
cause and a prime one. A disordered
liver means a disordered stomach,
and a disordered stomach means disturbance ol the nervous system. This
brings the whole body into subjection and the victim is sick till over.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are a recognized remedy in this state and relief will follow their use.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
When you are in town examine
the farm products for sale in the
stores.. Consider whether or not
much produce that lias been brought
from ti distance could not hnve been
produced  with  profit  on  your  farm.
When asked to sign n paper by a
stranger, deliberation is wisdom.
Stuily every sentence, every phrase,
every word before the pen and ink
is used.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas Couuty,
Frank J. Cheney makes oalb that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business In tlie city
of Toledo. County and State aforesaid,
and thai said firm will pay the sum of
every case of Catarrh that cannot tee
cured by tho use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subsctilied in
mv presence this 6th day of December.
A. D. 1888. A. W. OLKASON.
(Seal.) Notary  Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
and acts directly on the blood nnd mucous surfaces of the system. Semi for
testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY  &  CO..  Toledo.  O
Sold by nil   Druggists. 7'ei)
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
Congress is eager to increase its
own salary but, is afraid of public
sentiment." President Roosevelt wants
an increase for every government employe.
"One Foot In tho Grave."���If the thousands of people who rush to so worthy
a remedy as South American Nervine ns
a last resort would get it as a lirst re-
(tort, how much misery and suffering
would be spared. If you have any nerve
disorder you needn't suffer u minute longer. A thousand testimonials to prove It.
Final steps preparatory to beginning legal action against Mayor
Dunne to compel him to enforce the
Sunday closing law in Chicago, have
been taken by the Sunday Closing
Admiral Thiery is to command the
French squadron which will take
part fn \the naval display ut the
opening of the Jamestown exposition.
Andrew Carnegie has declared the
estates of dead millionaires should be
practically taken hy the nalion for
the benefit of all the people. He la-
vored the inheritance tax.
It has been officially announced
by the Mexican government thnt Enrique Creel, governor of the Htnte of
Criliuliua, has been appointed Mexican ambassador to the United States.
Strong Words by a New York Sneciallst.
-"After years of tenting and comparison
1 have no hesitation in suyinir that l)r
Agnew's Pure for the Heart is the eiidek-
est, safest, und curetit known to medical
science. 1 use it iu my own practice.
It. relieves the mom acute forais of henrt
ailment inside of thirty minutes nnd
never fails. '-35.
IJy an important deal In real estate
which was put through this week,
Edmonton hns another hie public institution in sight. The Alberta government has purchased river lot ,'t"
for the site of the provincial agricultural Bolletjre.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
To discern and 'deal immediately
with causes and overcome them, lather lhan to battle with effects after
the disease has secured a lodgemen,
is Iho chief aim of the medical man.
aud Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup
is tlie result of patient study along
this particular line. At the lirst up-
founil a most efficient remedy, nr-
oearance of a cold the Syrup will be
resting development and speedily
healing tiie affected parts, so that the
ailment disappears.
Not a Police Court Croesus.
There must be a heap of satisfaction  in  being so poor everybody  is
sure  you  aren't  it   thief.���New   York
Pi ess.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   in
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Colds, etc.
Clay suitable for pottery is what a
:*rbrth Battleford nuiii believes he has
discovered on the town site. He lias
taken Tramples of the day to Edmonton to he burnt.
Canada has 7,000 Mormons, 20,000
Mennonil.es, 20.000 Hungarians per
census 1001.
That Knglish capital will soon be
invested in the halibut industry on
the British Columbia const is now an
assured fact, and it is also certain
they will erect a plant in Vancouver
and opernte their vessels from that
The government of Alberta has interested itself in the treatment and
prevention of tuberculosis. A pamphlet has been issued setting forth
the many things worth knowing
about  this dread disease.
,25 <t M        That cough /
m   which ordinary remedies have not reached, M
m   will quickly yield to M
Gravs Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
M       It cures those heary, deep-Mated cough*���takes aw��y    M/
m   the soreness���heals the throat���strengthens the lungs,  g
a   None the less effective because it is pleasant to take. W
M Just try one bottle and see how quickly you get rid   M        ^^ .
M   of that cough.   At your druggists.   S5c. bottle. M %M CT    y/V
���Judging by Analogy.
"Do you  thiflk Btio will ever love
"Sure! She's loved mc nnd she's
loved Jack, and she's loved several
others. Of course she will." ���Houston Post.
Is there anything more annoying
than having your corn steppeel upon?
Is there anything more delightful
than getting' rid of it ? Hollqway's
Corn Cure will do It, Try it and be
Native-Well, what do you think
of  our city ?
Visitor���Delightful place! The train
service is so food that you can leave
at any moment you please.���Gil BltfST
Durnnd and Dupont were returning
home alter making a night ol it, nnd
on approaching Durnnd's home Dupont saw a suspicious shadow, "Look
out, Durnnd," he said. "There's a
burglar trying to get into your
"Let him! for goodness sake1, let
him!" snid Durnnd. "My wife'll
think it's me and wn shall see some
The chamber of deputies of Belgium has approved the proposal that
Kimr Leopold's will bequeathing the
Congo Independent State to Belgium
with the stipulation thnt the royal
private domains there be maintained
intergally after its annexation.
Too Much Affection.
Dr. Zumeuhaf, the iuventor of Esperanto, went through a trying ordeal at
the conclusion of the recent Esperanto
congress at Geneva. Hundreds of the
departing delegates shook him with
every show of affection. This he bore
with patience. But when the Esperant-
Ists of the other sex insisted on kissing
him goodby the fortitude that had
stood by him so well throughout the
conference deserted him. He broke
The l.ona' Wnr Around.
That was a long distance' message
through the earth, or over It. to the
Ooettingen seismograph from "a powerful earthquake 14,000 miles awuy."
If It was 14,000 miles one way. It must
have been only 11.000 tlie other. Perhaps the reporter thought the longest
way round was the shortest way to tell
about ihe mysterious shake.���Buffalo
Sleciitiim Floor-.
livery house builder should see to it
that all porches or gallery floors slant
slightly. They e'tttl then be washed
clean in a few minutes merely by using the hose, as the water drains off
and neither broom nor mop is requited.
Hill"   ell*   IM'icin*.
It was Bias of Prlene, a Creek poet,
who was (he author of these two popular phrases, "Handsome is who handsome does" and *A guilty conscience is
tbe worst accuser."
Its I'OU.
Byrou was crnzlly jealous of every
woman he ever loved. His loves were
almost Innumerable, and sooner or later he inride every one miserable.
l'rlntliiR In fiiliiei.
The art of printing, according to Dn
Haldo nnd the missionaries, was practiced In China nearly flfty years before
the Christian era. In the time of Confucius, B. ('. 500. books were made of
bamboo, and about 150 years aftei"
Christ panel* was lirst made.
Game Dinners  In the Workhouse.
The paupers in the Merielen. Kn��-
lnnd, workhouse have been dining or,
pheasants and rabbits for severs'
dr.." i by the generosity of a loco:
sportsman, who sent the game to tin
workho.  e.
Laughing   Gas.
"Do you see any Rood reason why h
doctor should  noi  be alse u poet?"
"Qprtaltlly not. Isn't poetry a dru��
in   the  market?"
Tlie Bwedluli Uriel.-.
The Swedish bride* (Ills liter pockets
wilh bread, which she dispenses to every one she meets on her way to flio
church, every piece she' disposes of
averting, as she believes, a misfortune.
ISuthiiNliiMf   (o   the   Knel.
An enthusiastic Preuch physician,
while dying, made careful observations of his condition, detailing his
symptoms to his son nnd attending
physician in order Hint they might
uitike a record of them. At the very
end. wheu he Was on tlie point of passing away, ho surprised the friends at
his bedside by saying, "you see I am
��� *ii.V
It Is also a specific for
Cough Pill taken  In conjunction with
ANTf.PIU.-"The Great System Treat.
ment" -Is a positive preventative of and
cure for La Grippe.
Sold by All Druggists or
Th*   WIL80N-FYLE   CO.,  limited
NIAGARA FALLS. ONT.        701
Trade r^arg
In ��� vari-ty of styles,
fabrics and pur.es, lor
women, men and
children. Foim-titted.
Dealers are authorized
to replace instantly and
at our cost any Pen-
Angle garment faulty
in material or making.
Pen-Angle Underwear is form-knit
so it can't help
fitting your figure,
���it's made of
long - fibred wool
so it won't shrink
���and it's guaranteed besides. The
whole idea is to
make it so good
you can't afford
not to buy by the
trademark (in
red). 205
British  Women's  Larger  Feet.
Are .British women's feet growing
larger? The fact thai the boot and
shoe manufacturers of Leicester and
Northampton, who are now catering
for the footwear fashions of next spring
and summer, are offering sizes up to
eights, would seem tu show a tendency
In   Ihat  direction.
With what withering scorn a blushing British maiden would have looked
at a ��hop assistant who dared to suggest "s*s" to her a few years ago! Hui
on,.- Leicester manufacturer now says.
"We have found lately a -pedal demand for girls' boots in 7's and 8's.-'
Another Leicester factory has hail to
throw away all Its old lusts for children, in response to loud complaints
.'rc:n buyers, "In the North particularly." and to make the standards of next
year's fitting for children somewhat
easier. Even the nursery and children's
vrear attributes the change In part to
the effect of the recent sandal craiio In
expanding young feet.
Manufacturers are now offering for
next year's fashions lower heels and
broader rounded toes; "the extreme
pointed toe," they declare with one ao-
"ord, "Is doomed."
Won   Prizes   With   Shorthorns.
Canadian    Shorthorn    stables were
not    largely  represented    nt  Chicago
this year.    Tlie array of females was
something   magnificent.    The    judges
were   severely   criticized    for placing
Sir    George    Drummond's   Canadian
champion  Queen Ideal  in  fifth place
in the two-year-old class.   The prizes
brought  to   Canada  were:    Edwards
! &   Co.,  RoCkland, (Int., second    with
I Royal Favorite in the senior yearling
'bulls;  Sir George    Drummond,  lieu-
I consfield,   Que.,    fifth    with    Queen
Ideal;   and   Kdwnrds  &   Co.,   seventh
with Pine Grove Clipper in the   two-
t year-old heifers.
Many   Illiterates.
:     In  a  report  of the  Ontario  bureau
j ol   mines,     J)r.   Goodwin,     Kingston.
writes: "It is my duty to direct at*
I tention again to the alarming amount
i of illiteracy in some of our settled
'districts. This is shown by the fact
! that at some mines fully half of the
i men cannot sign the pay roll.   These
are  mostly,   too,   natives   of   the  dis-
trict in which they work. If these
1 illiterate men wine all middle-aged
1 it  might  be hoped that  tbey  were    a
product of conditions from which the
: province has emerged, but many of
; them are young, some indeed, mere
A Disorderly Parliament.
Tlie New South Wales Parliament la
���raining the reputation of being the
const disorderly legislative body In the>
Empire, Blasphemous language Is of
frequent occurrence, and exchanges like
Hie following are a commonplace 0/
nearly every sitting:
Mr. Thrower said they were prepar-
*d to go on. They had all the day before them, and there was nothing to do
Mr. Levy���Perhaps you haven't- Ws
Mr. R J. Anderson���"He lives on the
Mr. Thrower- (hotly)���"You are a
The Chairman���"Ortterl Order! Tha
bon   member must withdraw."
.Mr. Thrower���"I will withdraw, but
deelin* to bo misrepresented by a
blackguardly scoundrel like him."
Tha Chairman���"Order! Order! Yo��
must withdraw."
Mr. R. J. Anderson���"I am not the
acoundrel you are."
A  professor, noted  for his absent-
mindodness,    toll     downstairs,   and
when a(  the bottom, said, thoughtfully:    "I   wonder why  1   came downstairs.     I cannot remember at all."
II   Momlo   I'nioristic.ci.
i     The e.lliei   ,lay  a  bright   liflie news*
I boy was running along, yelling:
"Bxtrj !  >,iiie lives lost!"
I     A   man   in   front   ���,   the   Kquilahle
\ building railed the boy.
"What's   that   vou'ro   veiling ':"   he
I asked.
"Nine    lives    lost,"      replied    the
: "newsy."
The  man  bought  a  paper.
".Show   me  the  account,  of  the   loss
j of so ninny lives," lie said, after the
hoy   had   pocketed   the   nickel.
The youngster   opened    the   paper
and pointed to an item nbout an inch
, and a.  half  lone..
"There's it,"  he said.   It   was headed:    "Arrested  for killinc a  cat."
' Denver   Tost.
Kinperoi William in a speech says
lie recants good cooking as being
necessary to tlie contentment of the
The Uoukhobors have 4*2*2,7(H) acroa
of land, of which IBO.OOO have been
taken   up bv  them   a.-    homesteads
since  1004.
The   Doukhobor migration  ol (<.ut)()
1 from   Russia to  Canada in  lHUH was
j the  greatest   exodus  of  a   whole  people*  over  known.
Canada is adding to its population
every year by immigration a number
' eeiunl   to  Toronto's  population.
The Styles In Borneo.
An Imposlntsr name Is that worn by
the aged hereditary Sultan of Borneo,
tn full he is called Sri Paduka Bawa
Dull Sultan Has him Jalil Ul Alam
Akamadln Ibnl Almerhucm Sri Paduka
Manlana Sultan Omar All Salgudln.
Hts imperial highness, the twenty-flfrh
of his dynasty, Is 83 years old, but
does not look over threescore. Like
nost semlsavage potentates, he affects
"renounced colors, 'his favorite sartorial makeup Including a green smoking
cap. red dre-ssing gown and yellow
trymnasluiin sh '��s
Canada has more  than  one-hull' of
the white population of all  Britain's
! colonies.
Canada has 40 countries and iia-
! tionalities rcpresente.d in ber popu-
| lation.
Kits  I'lnaler.
Fig piaster is excellent for an obstinate boll. One or more green tigs
ore cut open, und their contents are i
mixed In a busln. The plastic mass is
slightly warmed and spread upon linen,
which Is then applied to the boll and
left In position for several hours, It
i helps to ������draw" the boll to*a head.
|    Canada   has     132,101     more    males
than  females.
Flakes aa Barometers.
"In their way," said the old fisherman, "fishes nre not such bad weather
prophets. If a storm Is approaching I
the fish stop biting, and they won't bite
again until the storm Is well over.
They appear to know wheu a storm is
coming and when It has really passed,
And to fisherrneu and fanners living
along the shore fish foretell tbe near
approach of cold weather. Hours before it comes lishes leave the shallow
waters Inshore and seek deeper water,
which in its depths will stay warm nud
keep nn equable temperature after the
shallower and surface waters have
turned cold. Ob, yes, fishes know �����
thing  or   two   about   Ihe   weather."
Sln.li- lor the Old  Dn-a.
What stopped the old housewife habit of tuking the tablecloth out after
each meal aud shaking it ou the
ground to the edification of ths dog,
cat, chickens and birds? As a boy we
used to delight In that shake, especially If u comely matron or a pretty girl
had hold of the cloth her body swayed
so gracefully us she bandied It. No
other motion, not even tho rhythmic
dance, set off her figure to better advantage, and the minxes knew it and
always managed to give those fiirls
when admirers were handy by. But
some one invented n brush and a pretty receiver, and a  new  fashion  wns
" Dominion
Brand" Stockings are made
for real hoys���
to save mothers
most of their
"Dominion Brand
are kniltedof the strongest, tougli-
"llw Ti| That     est Iiritish Yarns���and
tcosr MILL*
MM h��S Om
are st roil ges t and
toughest where the
wear is hardest.
We guarantee the
wear ot every pair bearing this Uihtl.
For Strains
-of Back
-of Stifle
-of Whirlebone
-of Fetlock
-of Pastern
-of Shoulder
-of Hough
-of Knee
-of CofBn Joint
Two or three teaspoon
fuls in a little Rum or Brandy,
cures Sprains, Bruises and
Lameness in 24 hours���takes
out all the soreness���and puts
horses " ou their feet again.''
50c. a bottle.    If your druggist does uot have it, send to
NiUttiaJ Drag k Cheaicil Co.
Liiiitesl, Montreal.     17
Ministering Angels.
Currier pigeons as aids io n physician are reported from the north of
Scotland. The doctor has a scattered
practice, and when on long rounds he
takes several pigeons with him. If
one   of  his 'patients     needs  modicieio
immediately, he writes out a pro-
SCliption, ami by means of the bilds
forwards it to his surgery. Here
an assistant gets ihe message, prepares the prescription and despatches
the medicine. If after visiting a patient the doctor thinks lie will Ue
required inter in the day, lie simply
leaves a pigeon, with which lie can
be called, if nseinssarv.��� M"aw Vork
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It is twelve years since Psychine eured
cue of galloping consumption." Tho
speaker was Mr. A. E. Mumlord, six tool
tall, and looking just what he is a husky
healthy farmer. He works his own farm
near Magnetawan, Ont.
" I caught my cold working aa a fireman
on the C.P.R." he continued. "I bad
night sweats, chills and fever and frequently coughed up pieces of my lungs. 1 was
sinking fast and the doctors said them
was no hope for me. Two months treatment of Psychine put mo right on my feel
and I hi.vc had no return of lung trouble
If Mr. Mumford had started to take
Psychine when he lirst caught cold 1m
would have saved himself a lot of anxiety
and suffering. Psychine cures all lung
troubles by killing the germs - the roots of
the disease.
(Pronounced Si-keen)
50c. Per Bottle
Larger slsae  ��! and II   all drugtsate.
DR. T. A. 8L0CUM, Limited, T-ro-te,
Eastern Canada
Tickets on sale daily  November 24th
until  December 31st,  1900.
Return limit three months.
Fullest  information
from any
Canadian Northern
Railway agent.
Normandy was anciently the northwestern province of France, the home
of the Normans, whose duke, William,
conquered England, from which he Is
knowu In history ns William tho Conqueror. Normandy has been divided
up into smaller provinces aud does
not appear on modern maps of France.
lltiruecl  Milk.
When milk has beeu burned pour tt
at ouco In^o a Jug and stand It In a
basin of cold water until it la cool,
wheu It will be found to be quite free
from the burned taste.
Artilii'iell    Kttuci, ��
French chemistry ban produced a
pluuslble imitation of the ordinary egc
of commerce. The shell Is made with n
blowpipe by 11 combination of lime uud
bftrdutb. The white Is made with sulphur, carbon and beef fat and the ,yolk
with beef blood and magnesln colored
with chrome yellow.
tiiuriiy Speulaoles.
A useful charity called the Loudon
spectacle mission provides spectacles
for needlewomen ami other deserving
persons dependent on their eyesight
ftVr a livlne.
5 or 500
���they are M
Each biscuit
as light us if
made hy tairy
Baited to a
golden russet
So f'resh,
and crisp, and
tempting, that
just opening the
box is teasing
the  appetite.
And    y o u
find   a   new
delight in every
one you eat.
Yon get perfection
when you get
Sodas   ��
for ��� rub down after exercising.
It IMH.I Ill's*  Rllll  lls-Hls*  Mill'  All'l   IlltiilUHl)
miliolei- fiirt-a -iitiumi, -��tr.t,iu.t tuil
britlHIe For iiili'iiui an.] .-.-.re, 1 no I
Mile Ti v it vtlicn yon liuvtp a I'ungti or
coW.   1W mul 60 i-ciil-i.    At ih ngglau.
I. t. JOHNSON t CO.. leiton. Mm.
$800 to $1600 A YEAH
Taking Orders (or Men's
Mide-ie-enler Clothes.
Work is easy and pleasant. Sales
quickly made. Your commissions
promptly paid. Complete aud up-
to-date assortment of samples.
Over one hundred kinds of
suitings for your customers'
selectiou. Goods sent C. O. D.
subject to examination. Union
label on every garment.
No previous experience required.
Splendid opening for
One Good Man in every Town.
Wriit us now ind get full particulars of this excellent opportunity
before we teppoint someone else in
your town. ��
W.    N.    II,    No.  617 Bank of Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,000,000.
REST, $10,000,000
President���Loan Strathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Geokge A. Dkummokd,
General Manager���E. S. Cloustojj.
Branches in All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan flDlnlno IRevtew.
Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
" for Crown Grants - - 7.50
" " Purchase of Land - 7.no
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locnls will be charged for at the rate
of 16o, per line each issue.
Transient rules made known 'in application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands:
Commencing at a post on tlie south
���Ida of Trout creek, about three and one
half miles from Slocan Lake, and marked W.II.I?., north-east corner, thence
south -10 chains, thenco weal 100chains,
thence forty chains north, thence 100
chains east to the point of commencement.
Located the 21st day of November,
1906. W. H. BRANDON, Locator.
20 07
No. 5. Notice is hereby (riven that 30
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commisioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands in West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post market!
P. J. Gallagher's N.W. corner, situated
on the west side of the north fork of
Cooper creek, about 4*(, miles from
main stream, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent.
Located Nov  5, 1906.
No. 6. Commencing at a post marked D. McLaehlan's N. W. corner, situated on the cast side of the north fork
of Cooper creek, about 5*.; miles from
main stream, thence east 80 chains,
thenco south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Located Nov. 5, 1906.
No. 7. Commencing at a post marked P. J. Gallagher's S.E. corner, situated on the east side of the north fork
of Cooper creek, about 1 mile from
main stream, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to point
of commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent.
Located Nov. 6, 1906
No. 8. Commencing at a post marked A. Jacobson's S.W. corner, situated
on the north side of Cooper creek,
about 5 miles from its mouth, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent
Located Nov 6, 1906.
Nov 15/06
Location No. 2.���Take notice, that
thirty days after dale I intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post on the south
side of Trout creek about live and one
half miles from Slocan Lake and marked W. II. B., north-east comer post,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 100
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 1 (10 chains to point of commence
ment. Located this 21st <Iav of Novein
bur, 11106,  W. II. BRANDON, Locator.
S House,
Some cfmas* Bargains
I have a stock of Goods suitable
for Christmas nnd New Year
presents which I will sell at
Slaughter Prices:
Oranges,   Lemons
Apples and
. 3ahe Ikelsen. .
Gbe Slocan Ifootel
Sbree jforfes,
Headquarters for Minin g Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Just   Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
At Cost
We thank you for your  generous Patronge  during tlie Xjnas
Season and wish you all
H Ifoapps flew HJear,
BovelPs Cough Syrup
Will Cure the Cough LA GRIPPE leaves with you.
cMflsons Drug Store
'Phone 10,  NEW DENVER.
* <��<3-^^e<?'<$>3**M><��''H--3>��^
Do not Delay your orders for Xmas
Cakes and Puddings,
jftgs    peels    U-tuts
(Burrants     IRaisins
fiDince flDeat   3ams anb 3elltes
Wagstaffe's Lemon aud Fig in i lb. glass is delicious.
Whereas nt  the  Last Chance aud Surprise mines, Chinese  kitchen help is
at present employed, to the exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
organization, Bandon Miners' union No.
HI of-the \V.1*\ of let reaffirming its opposition to the employment of Orientals
within  its   jurisdiction,   strongly   condemns the position  taken by tlie management of the properties in question,
und counsels working  men  everywhere
und those   favorably   disposed  towards
Organized  labor to be governed by this
A. SllII.LAND. Secretary.
Silverton, ��.��.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be tlie Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IR. fID. Spencer * B>rop
To Michael Penrose, or to whomsoever
he may hsve transferred his interest
in the "Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated    near   McGniean,
located the 3rd day of October, 1900,
recorded the 17th dav of October,
1900, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned minerol
claim, under the provisions of tbe Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cate of this notice yon lail or refuse to
ontrihnte your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in the said
claim will become the property of the
undersigned, under  section   4 of   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated  at Sandon, this 27th day of
November, 1906.
For Sale.
Sandon. Adjoining Clifton House.
Building is 40 x 28, Lot extends
from Reco Avenue to Main Street.
y to���
Exeursionsto Eastern Canada
With Through Tourist Car to Chicago.
To Toronto, Montreal and Points West
Round <tO"> OIZ
Trip      -.pOZ-O-J
Tickets on sale Nov, 24th to Dec. 31.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Filbert   f
Sandon, B. C.
Headquarters for fUMnino ano travelling fl&en
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
���Rooms large, Clean ano Cos?.
Bennett & 'Bruder.
Round trip First-Class Tickets:
St. Hyacinthe (Quebec).  $83.65
Dalhousie (N.B.)    93 95
Halifax (N.S ) T  100.80
Sydney   104.25
Good for three months witli privilege
of extending ticket. Going by Chicago,
stop-over allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
G. E. McCREADY, Agent, Sandon, B.C.
S G. Yerke-, P. H. Bnrnham
Seattle, Wash.    Grand Forks, B.C.
t*)4��HM*t*��M*)MH-HTHtt *>+���*���>***********>4 *>**��***-*********
TTbe Sanbon Ibotel I
TRobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Choicest liquors, Mines ano Cigars.
************************* -r*+* ***** H -H-H-t- ***********
J. J. Fingland
provincial Bssa^er
anb (Sbemtst
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:   .
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1,00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead,'Mangmese,
Lime, $1.50 each.
Zinc,  Antimony,    Sulphur,   Go'.d and
Silver, $3.00.
Gold, Silver, wilh Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, $2 50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   $8 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
For Prospectors Mijieralosical Examination, and all values indicated, $.1.00
Special Rat' s for Mine and Mill Work.
Sandon Cartage
id. i^iljrliljE:^^
Orders receive prompt and careful
a ten ti on
Certificate of Improvements.
'Chicago Fractional" mid "Pullman Fractional" mineral clalniH, pitutite in the
.Slncnii Mining Division of West Kootenay
district. Where Located:���On Cody Creek
hIoiju of "Freddie Leo" mountain.
Take notice thnt ., A. B. Docksteader, as
agent for Frank P, O'Neill, free miner's eer-
m-ate Nt>. U 78060, intend, (10 days from tlie date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements f->r toe purpose
of obtaining a crown Grant of fUe above claims
And further tuke notice that Action, undej-
leottoi) B7, ini st he commenced before the Ibsu-
auce ol Kiich ( eriiiicates of Improvements.
Dated thisititn day of November, a. d .oce.
Ibotel .:
TfHIS Well Known
Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
Silverton * B.C.
If you receive
this paper it is an
Invitation to you to
Send in your sub
Visitors to Saudoii should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always on hand.    ::   An excellent Pool Table.
^ f
Unshrinkable   j
The Largest and Best Asrortment in town.
Black, White, Heavy and Medium.
Also StansfielcTs Sweaters.
M  ���
ma. $. /Ubacbonalb
Virginian Block, Sandon
't'+'!4+'t*M>W'r**H*++'l4*H*l'** m +*^*<^<.*M>**>***M*****+*+'M>
There is no better house in the Kootenays for
the Mining Man to make his Headquarter*.
Visitors will find au up-to-date style of doing
business, anc, the Barkecps are artists in their
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery*
s s
FresHi Groceries
In Adjoining Premises,
No. 81.      W. F. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30
p. m. Visiting Brothers aro cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A, Shilland, Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meets in Fratenity Hall the last Monday avening of every month,
,T. K. Cameron, W; President.
J. G, Potter, W. Secretary.
************************** ���>
J. R. Cameron j
The Kootenay TaSDor
���>�����**>����������������� ************************* i
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength aud Purity.
New York Brewery
Send in your sub-*
Sanbon fliMners' Tttnfon Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subscription $1.00 per month. Non-subrcribers $2.00 per diem.
"**-* Hospital Staff	
HARRY DREYER. - -     WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To Tbe Secretary.
Colin J. Campbell i phone ; i
Assayer  Notary Public  Conveyancing
poboxco 1 NEW DENVER, B.C.
St. James' Hotel
New Diiiver, B.C.   -
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent boating. Grand scenery.
��� Proprietor.
RATES $3 to 3,50 A DAY.
Speeial attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter what his occupation, may save
money by getting; his
Shoes' Made to Order."
For a Minim* Shoe
there is nothing better
than thf famous BAL
with a good, solid,
bam) made bottom	
These sillies ran only be got by
leaving vour older with
P.   W. WARD
Shoemaker - Sandon
Dr. A. M. Lowe
Visits Bandon, Trout Lako
Ferguson and Gerrard regularly.
Head Office: KASLO, B.C.
Improved Pacific |
Coast Service.
Leave Nelson 7.30 daily
arrive Vancouver 11.50 noon
$$. Princess Victoria
arrive Victoria 6 p. m.
One night en route
Connecting with
S.S. Princess Beatrice
Victoria. Seattle
Standard sleeping car
Nelson, Slocati City.
Berths $1.00.      Can be occupied 9 p.m.
apply to local agents or write to
E. J. Covi.k, J S. Carter,
Vancouver Nelson.
��, W. WUfbbowson
Gold, Silver,CopperorLead, each,$1.00
Gold-Silver..$1.60     Silver-Lead. .$1 50
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. 3.50.
Prompt attention  given to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon live samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A67
���ffS the Headquarters for All
Mining Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout in a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming f-uuuner
Excellent Boating, Fishing
and Hunting"
Good Sample Rooms.
A. BRUDER Local Ag-nt.   Parcels left
Filbert Hotel receive prompt attention*
nity Hall.
Sanbon Xoboe,
No. 24.
K. of P.
Meets even* Wednesday.
evening at 7.80 iu Frater*
Visiting Brethren  corJiallv
A. Siullaud, K of R. A H.
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