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 I*' .':'������ ���
C? .r -���-:��� *
Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"    it's   so.
No. 24.   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Feb. 7, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Voting Was Carried on Without an Hitch, Only One
Ballot Paper Spiled.
Polling openod on Saturday last at
tho ltgal hour, and although no tremendous rufh was noticed, there was
much bustle und excitement around the
various polling stations in the liding.
Automobiles and carriages wero conspicuous hy their absence. Snowshoes
end shovels were the aids to locomotion
in many instances. The voting mas
steadily maintained throughout tho day,
the last vote being cast at Sandon ot
6.40. Only one ballot is reported spoiled,
and that nt Nakusp. All the results
���where communication could be made
by wire���were known at 7.20, and the
victorious candidate was wiring messages of thanks fifteen minutes later.
All interest was next centred on the
blackboard at the Reco Hotel, where a
continuous stream of messages arrived
until 1 a.m. Sunday.
Winlaw���Hunter 20, Davidson 10,
Docksteader 0
Burton City���Hunter  0
Docksteader -1.
Sandon���Davidson   45,
Docksteader 0.
New Denver���Hunter 32, Docksteader
19, Davidson 10.
Nakusp���Hunter 25, Docksteader 11,
Davidson 8, spoiled ballots 1
Hock Island��� Hunter 1.
Silverton -Hunter   22,
Docksteader 2.
Roseberry���Hunter.  0
Docksteader 2.
Slocan City���Hunter 48, Docksteader
25, Davidson 20.
M"Guigan ��� Davidson 8, Hunter 1,
Dockste:ider nil,
Threa Forks���Hunter 10, Davidson
10, Docksteader 2.
Hunter CO)  104
.Davidson (Buo )   Ill)
Docksteader (L)     77
Majority (or Hunter     75
Liberal candidate forfeits deposit.
Davidson 4,
Hunter   23,
Davidson   C,
Davidson S,
The result of tl
e electi
m of 1008 nt
tho   various   poll
ng   stat
,ons  was  as
Davidson       Hunter
....      15
Slocan Citv....
....     79
....     23
New Denver	
....     51
....     13
Three Forks	
....     12
....     40
....     88
Burton City....
Deer Park	
Kaslo���-McKay 121, Keen 89.
Ainsworth-��� Keen 11, McKay nil.
Lat'do��� McKay ti, Keen 6.
Poplar-���McKay 9, Keen 6.
Tiout Lake���McKay 43, Keen 10.
Ferguson���Keen 'io, McKay 10.
Silver Cup���Keen 11, McKay 9.
Whitewater���Keen 18, McKay 4.
N. McKay (C),
J.Keett (L)...
...  202
... 171
Majority for McKay     31
Wm. Bennett, of the Reco Hotel, is
to be commended for his enterprise in
arranging for the returns from all parts
of the province to be taken red hot
from the wire ft ,d exhibited in the
billiard roeiin.
Seventy four votes wore polled in
Sandon, This is 02 lie's than the last
provincial election. There will bo 400
next trip.
W'heu the result was announced at
about 8.30, there was great lejoieing all
over the riding among the Conservatives
and Win. Hunter was the recipient of
many Congratulatory telegrams. No
speeches were made, but a great deal of
money changed hands. Great excitement prevailed throughout the evening
when the telegiams from other ridings
in the province arrived telling of Mc-
Bl'ide's   victory and  return to  power.
At the election held on October 2nd,
1903, Wm. Davidson received 358 vote*,
whilst Win. Hunter received 289 votOB,
giving Davidson a majority of 09. The
tota'. vote cast on that occasion was 647.
On Saturday the total vote cast was 390.
Silverton,   B.C.,
Feb. 4th, 190C.
To the Editor of the Review:
Dear Sir,���Kindly permit nie through
your valuable paper to express my
thanks to ths band of workers who labored so assiduously to 6ecuro my return
at the ^recent elections, and to every
voter who assisted me in securing so
handsome a plurality
Thanking you, I am
Vour obedient servant,
Hunter struck the skidoo 28 here, but
it meant skidoo for somebody else.
Tlie Socialist majority in Sandon
would have been larger had not scrutineers gone from here to several other
Who said Docksteader would lose his
deposit? Who said Davidson would he
defeated? Who said Hunter would be
returned with a handsome majority?
Guilty here. . If you see it in the Review
it's so.
Is the ballot secret ? One man voted
at Rock Island, and he voted for Hunter.
What politics was lie ?
"It's easy to see you're a Liberal."
remarked tho scribe to a well-known
citizen, last Sunday.
"You're wrong," retorted the latter.
"I've just come out of the hospital, and
that's what makes me   look like this."
Tiie piteouB wail which emanated from
the empty bellies of the Liberals was
disregarded by the people last Saturday.
A few crumbs of comfort were distributed here and there, but the general result
is so astounding to them that they feel
and look like thirty cents.
Has anybody seen Archibald Bone's
deposit lying around ?
If you see it in the Review, it's so 1
Poor Archie!
Covet not that which belongs to
Cut and come  again!   It makes us
A fool and his money is soon  parted.
Le tout ensemble: "Coek-a-doodle-
"To have nothing but one's labor for
one's pains."   Hard luck, sure-ly.
"If yon would enjoy the (ruit, pluck
not ttie flower."
"Old reckonings breed new disputes."
That's the bunch.
Telegrams from all parts of tlie. riding
reached Sandon at regular interval! on
Saturday, which were sent for the purpose of creating doubt here. With
slight variations these all read "Dook-
steader strongest man here; help, help."
The merry   "h:i ha" altogether, p'etiso.
William Wallace Burns Mclnnes has
been iel*g��tcd to the political lubbish
heap, ^/le'd I<e-useful �������-a���".deviLL'.
around the " World" oilico.
Nelson's heart was in i's mouth until
the laBt ballot was (taunted. It was
worse than an attack of diarrhoea for
Kaslo'i answer to the vile slander
against their late representative was a
solid vote for the victorious Neil McKay.
Keen's solid north di I not materialize.   It was solid all light���for  the
other fellow.
Johnny Cunning and Warren
Wetinore Have Gone to
The Great Beyond.
(Special to the Review.)
Tlie Slocan Mining Review,
Snndon, B C.
My best  thanks for your   valuable
assistance in our victorious campaign.
(Signed)        R. McBRIDE.
Remarks heard before and after the
'Brer Potter, at tbe poll: Yes, Bir, my
name is Joseph Gabriel. I looked so
much like an angel when a kid that my
parents thought the mime appropriate.
The Poll Clerk: You look like the
devil now.
Ewon Cameron (breathlessly): Lend
me five dollars quick. A man outside
wants to bet that. Docksteader will get
ten votes here.
Die. Gomm,'in the secret chamber:
Hi, thc:e; what do I have to do with
this paper? Are there two d's in Davidson? Oh,o-o-o-oh I I see! Where's
the pencil ? 1 bet you five dollars that
hill "
The Poll Clerk : Next.
Billy Macdonald : Yes, ��ir* my name
is McDonald, I am a miner, and I live
at Three Forks.
After the poll closed:���
Percy Johns:on: Splendid! The vote
will be as proportionately large for
Davidson at all other points.
W. Davidson: That's���all���right !!!
When re.-ults from other points had
arrived :
Billy McClurg: Hoorroo ; I've won
Percy Johnston: Please go'way and
let rae sleep.
Purley Ward: The country is going
on the hog.
McLcod's gramophone: He walked
right in, and he turned around, and he
walked right out again.
W. Davidson: 	
Oncn more we are called upon to
record a and event. Tho grim reaper
visited our City again on Monday
morning and called to his eternal home
one of the brightest hoys in the camp,
John M. Cunning*. H�� had been ailing
for about two weeks, and was at first
treated at the Miner's Union Hospital
(or a frozen foot, but taking his discharge,
he accompanied the hockey club to New
Denver, on tho 29th inst, and contriet-
ed a cold tiiere. Pneumonia speedily
developed and his condition became
serious. He passed away on Monday
morning last ft 8 a.m. in the presence
of his father and aunt and several of
his friends.
The sad event has cast a depressing
gloom over the city, as the boy was a
eonspicious figure and most cordially
liked. Coming si soon after tho death
of the pioneer, whose demise we
chronic led last week, it has had a nioit
depressing effect.
"Johnny," although young in years
���ho was slightly over 16���was quite a
man. lie has for some time been working at the mines io tlie vicinity, and a
great future was expected for him,
Wo join with the community in extending to his grief-stticken relative)
sinccrest and heartfelt condolences at
their tad loss.
Funeral service* wore held at Irs
homo on Wednesday morning and the
interment took place at New Denver
the same day.
Rev. F. J. Rutherford priached a
most eloquent funeral oration over .the
remains, and his Hinds made a lasting
impression on his hcare ��. Somehimd-
so'ino wreaths were placed upon the
casket, conspicuous among which was
a massive one of immoitellea s nt wilh
wmdotcttcea- from tlie members of the
Baii-lon Hockey Club, and ab, autiful
cross and crescent fiom the following :
W. Jaffray, E. McLeod, W. Brennan,
A. Forrest, W. Bennett, W. Tattrie, J.
Tattrie, J. Thompson, W. McLanders,
G McLeol, O. T. Moi", O. Isetior and
the Review staff.
A large number of friends of the deceased accompanied the lomains to their
last resting-place at New Denver, where
the last sad rites were performed hy tlie
Rev. W. G. Brown.
The pall-bearers were: W. Cliffe, G.
Hope, P. W. Ward, Alex. Forrest,
Gordon McLeod nn 1 W. Jaffrav.
Bob McTaggart: Has thero been an
election somewhere ?
Jock Laing:  ?xx? 1 ��� * dumm.
A. Bigney: Heigho.
Charlie Farrcll: Now, look you here
Mister Newspaperman, etc., etc.
Billv Bennett: Who cares? Everybody come and have a dhot.
Who said Mclnnes ?
Ottawa machines not wanted.
Something went wrong with the work*.
gftT To Victoria.
Write it " Wm. Hunter, M.P.P."
Tho sun shone bright on Sunday.
Did MeBride or Lorryay send it ?
Where Archie's deposit is :
Who said " cold-de,ked ? "
It is aho our painful duty to icord
the death of Warren Wetinore, which
took place at tlie hospital cm Thursday
morning. His death came as a great
surprise to many, as he had only been
ailing for about a week. He was admitted into the iiospital last Sunday,
and getting worse, Dr. Brouse, of New
Denver, consulted with the house surgeon here, and the case was determined
hopeless. The cause of his death was
nccutc inflammation of the liver.
Wanen Wetinore has lived in the
Slocan for about seven yeare. High
wages and go id prospects induced him
to luave Sin Jose, California, where he
had a wife and thne children, and for
the latter he was anxious to provide a
lirst-elsss education. His eldest son
was sent to the famous Stanford University, Cal., where he is now studying
medicine. Ills ono object In life was to
earn big money to forward to his family,
and he debarred himself of any pleasure
that his offspring might be the better
provided for. He has worked in the
hills, but when men wore not needed
for mining he was to be seen at work
around town almost immediately. lit
was very reliable, and his services wero
therefore in great demand. In manner
he was unobtrusive and everabateinlons.
II�� was universally admired and respected by the entirn community, and by
his death the city of Sindon sustains
a severe loss. Ho was born in UtitTalo,
New York, in 1359, and from thee he
went to California when he reached
man's estate. 1 lis family consists of
two sons ftnd on.) daughter, all grown
up. On behalf ol the city wc extend
our sincerest sympathy to his sorrowing
An effort lias been made to communicate with the deceased's relatives, hut
as the wires are -down all over the
country, it is probable that, failing
instructions otherwise, the interment
will take place either here or at New
Denver as soon as ft casket can be procured from the outside.
In the Ymir riding the official majority ol Schofleld (Con.), was 105. The
vote was as follows: S.:ho(ield 378,
Hume 173, and Houston 120.
Election petitions will likely occur at
Fernie, Richmond and Delta.
Rossland's ninth annual winter c.irri-
vul begins on Feb. 11th.
motes ant) Comment.
Did anything drop? The decisive
manner in which the cltctois of'the
Slocan supported Wm. Hunter on
Saturday last w��s not at ail surprising.
At the second time of asking, the "grand
old man" of the richest silver lead
district of British Columbia, has been
returned on a Conservative ticket, and
this time his former, vanquisher is now
the vanquished. The labor body made
the mistake of their lives when they
embraced the Socialist propaganda, and
they realizo it now when loo late.
There is work to be done by the workers, but Socialism is too comprehensive
to be applicable to tlie local requirements. As long as this world lasts
there will he capitalists, snd there must
bo workers. While organized labor
acts on tho defensive and cautiously
attacks and entrenches itself stiongly,
the desideratum will be reachod swifter
and surer. To bolilly wage war against
capital and c.rry hostilities to the
mouth of the opposing guns means the
inevitable destruction of the party who
are defending labor, and the annihilation of tho working units. Labor always
needs strong champions, but these loaders must adopt, rational business-like
methods if they desire to faithfully serve
their supporters. To secure the best
results for the workers, none hut business men w*th business me: hods should
be cho-cr*. as standard hearers.
A man may hnvo * great penchant
fur ready retort and platform oratory,
hut thi* alone should not suffice. Too
often is it tlie c;.se that l.ibor chooses
as its lea !cr a man who id capable of
putting up a big talk, but who also
lacks the essential qualities to success*
fully run a jerkwater grocery store in a
flourishing neighborhood. Wo dp not
intend this to ho personal, and when
wc say that, it must not be inferred
that wo ar�� trying to "lick spittle."
We have too meat a reacted for the
cnu*e of the workers to be si enced by
veiled threats from extremists. We
work as hard as any man in British Columbia, and are proud to be called a
worker. We are therefore entitled to
give our opinion ns to what would ho
best for British Columbia and be-t tm*
the Slocan. The' fi.tire prosperity of
our many camps in rhia mining country
is bound up in the advent of capital to
develop our properties. We mint not
scaic capital off. Socialism demands
that "wealth belongs to the producers,"
and capital lakes the same stand as a
worker would, insofar aa giving nothing
away that it doesn't have to.
Win. Hunter is o friend of the working man, ar.d we do not believe otherwise than thnt ninety per centof Ihe
voters who cast their ballots agiiust
him are glud that he is returned. All
congratulations, then, to our newly elected member. Let us close the ranks
for the none; and work harmoniously
to lift the depression now existing in
the Slocan. Make the wants of the
country known, but don't bellyaeho if
you don't get what you don't ask for.
The stork settled on the Gormley
mansion last Saturday and dropped
don n tho chimney a plump little future
supporter ot Gill Hunter.
As we predicted, tho Vancouver
World, the dirtiest yellow rng in the
Dominion of Canada, will have to face
a charge of libel preferred against it
at the instigation of R. F. Giecn. They
���have about j-ono to the length of their
tether and their Watt rloo iu in sight.
We wouldn't like to feel hke the
Editor of the Nelson Boomerang Jdoes
for untold wealth. Oil the eve of the
election his pen scratched: " A careful
review oi the situation give-s the Liberals
25 Brats." Guess those seats are
wav b-xk.
Government Sustained With
Increased Majority Over
Returns f otn the dectorial eon-tit-
uences throughout the province with
tlie exception of Ski ena, are now all in,
and the emphatic voe of the people
went in support of theMcBndeadministration. 'I he appeal to tin* coun'ry and
the resulting return to piw r of the
Conservative government with an increased majority is gratifying fur many
reasons. It is a direct notification to
J. A. Macdonald that the province does
not consider him in th* sime c'assas
Premier McBilde. It is a direct set-
hack to the political mon'ohanki who
desired to assume control of the ticas-
ury, and it was a convincing demonstration of faith in the ahi ity of Premier MeBride to succ-i-sful y pilot the
affairs of B itish Colnnib a to Port
Prosperity. It wns the voic of the
p-ople wlii h said "Let well enough
alone," and the s gnilic.ince of tho vote
which completely annihilated the combined force ��� of a idundero is campaign.
Well done B. C
The three patties  who will take their
seats in the new parliament  on   March
8th, are shown as under.
Atlin, Columbia, Comox, ("owbican,
Dewdney, Fernie, Isl'iul*, Kamlo ps
Kaslo, New Wcstmius er, Okanagnn,
Hiclimond, Revelstoke*, Saanlch, Slmil-
kttmeen, Sloan, Vancouver (5;, Vic-
tiria (4), Ymir. Total 26.
Alberni,    Cariboo   (2),   Clii'llwack,
Cr.nbronk,   Delta,  Esquimau,   Greenwood, Nolson, Yale, l.illooot.   Total 12.
Naiiaimo, Newcastle, Grand Forks.
Total, ��.
In doubt, Sl.ecna.
William  Hunter Wins
Total Vote Was Small, But He
Got There With Both Feet
Hunter 194. Davidson 119. Docksteader 37
Three deaths in town within ten days
is a sn! depletion ot our sun 11 population.
Il is to he hope 1 tho grin lenper's
beckoning!) have ceased for many a day.
The town has heen plunged into
Nakusp, B.C. Feb. 7.���Tho C.P.R.
passenger train, which left Sandon this
morning aboutll.80, is off tho track near
Hill1.*) aiding. The accident happened
whilst the engine was trying to break
through a heavy snowbank. The snow
plough is too seriously damaged to he of
any assistance An engine left. Nakusp
this afternoon to render assistance and
transfer passengers and mails to connect
with the main line. It will be several
days before the usual service can bo
The K. & S. passenger train which
left Snndon.at 1.30 pin. to day was
unable to proceed further than the 6
mile bridge owing to a snowslido which
Many incieietita occur in a political
campaign that have a local interest and
nre of a most amusing character, says
II.ft Canadian. Sum* of lh����o are of
course unprintable, iMld some of them
never rise lo the solemn dignity nerre-
sary to recognition in tlio editorial
pages ot a party journal. The mcrcplion
to this rule wns luiniehed ill the Slocan
riding last week at a political gathering.
As is well known, tho opposition had
been making desperate) assaults Upi n
the governine.it candidate ill that riding,
and in their turn the fiends ol the
ineniliei-eiect had heen RH-is-tin-z ill the
pleasant task of the government's defence. It so happened that on one occasion a whole group of political candidates, spell-binders and party workeis,
including the leader of th,: Liberal party
had gathered in a well known hoate IJ*
in New Denver, 'lhe L-berul lea In
i-tood iu charactrrlsti.t poe a little to
the left of the centre ol the n.oni hut
was uot ihe cynosure of all eye?. In
the company was a well Known Conservative worker, who carries everywhere
with him a talisman en* charm consisting ot a -pie ndi 1 specimen nugget from
sume ri *h hell ill the Slocan. The nugget is finely shaped, finely ornamented
with free metal', und weighs iibu:t
three ounces, and is intrinsically worth
perhaps ilfty dollars. Sulci ting a judicious moment the owner of the charm
sto'e up to Liberal Leader Macdonald
and presented the chat in. Macdonald
looked wi*o, hit mediately concentrating
the analytical faculties of hia judicial
mind upon ths IragmClit, In (rigidly
cynical tonus he arkedj "Ar.d what.
might this he?" .lust for a moment
the owner of the nugget was nonplused
hy the apparont faei thnt a resident of
a city tha; handles as much ure as does
ftosslat d should he Ignorant uf thu
nature of a specimen, and, taking the
Liberal lend rat his on 11 eitimute of
hiniBe-lf, his reply came like iho whirlwind uf   witty   ebullience  US   bo   sa'd:
"What might tint be? That's a (lillug
from cine uf the teeth that. Dick Mc-
Hiiile intends to USA to truck vutir Co*
cnaniit :,n the b.cuiiI of February."
The histoiian Buys liacduuahl is still
critically analysing ihe remark.
W. W, 15. Mutinies and ox-judge ll**u-
dei'Run have exnrcp'-i'il Iheir I il tent lolls
uf practising law al Vane Hive . Wlnv'i
alrlntlPS hang" nut his legal si,Ingle, it
would not he amiss to add on it : "Dirty
linen washed here.."
lie who laugh's last, laughs best.
Excuse ii. laughing.
Where there's a will there's alwaye a
way 1
Where tho'e are two Will's, it's a
ens * of the survival uf the fitleei.
New Denver, Fet. 7th. Some n.i ei
eases nf smallpox an* leported frntll
Now D -nver and Uusebcirv. Great.
precautions are being taken to isolate
the ca.-es.
I Tlocal anb General.  ?
Just as the forms for this issue were
put upon the poaB, a mighty roar denoted that a trenv-ndons snowslide had
occurred, Wood's baker shop ia buttered
!n, the Union Hotel is swept away, also
a liou'e adjoining which wjs lenah'cd
bv a woman named Kitty Macdnnild
She i*i buried beneath the debris. The
fire slation is demolished as well as
several cabins. The Koivciay Ilutel
hud a narrow escape. It is said to he
tho biggest slide in the h'st iry of the
camp.    A la g> rescue party are search-
stretched across the track for a distance i ing tor the woman.
LATE1',���The woman has been found.
ol  300   feet.    The   train
Sandon about 3.30 p m.
returned  to
She is alive, but injured severely.
Union was unoccupied.
+   Picked up by Biitttog tn nvoryivhorej.    *
BOB**.'.���On S*tnrelay,  Feb. 4th, to the
wife of Geo. T. Gormley���a voter.
Mrs. '.leo. Huston and family left with
their household effects fir Mullein,
Idaho, on Monday, accompli .led by
Tony Mayhaver. Geo Huston, late:
editor nf the Sandon Stan-'a d, hai a
lucrative position there in the smelter.
Tom McAllis'er was uufortunata
enough to damage his eye whilst splitting wood last week. He left for N'cl-on
on Monday to have his eye examined.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant have g n* to
Three Forks lo reside. Their belongings have oil been transferred.
The K. & S. train crew are invariably
just in the nick of time when an outbreak uf fire occurs between here and
Kaslo. The timber line flyer was doing
some shunting at Whitewater last
Monday, when Conductor Pi link noticed
tlie roof of Mrs, Flicks n's resie'ei ce
was blazing. The train crew quit work
at once and climbed tho ladder which
was standing by the huuso. No water
being ava lab'e, the men shovi lied
several tons of snow through the ruuf
and eventually gut the fire under.
Had the arrival uf tho train crew been
delayed another five minutes, nothing
could have saved the bjilding. Strange
to relate, the occupants calmly continued their domestic duties below, us
they were nut aware of the danger they
were in until tho wo kers al ovo dr.,ve
the .moke below. Tho iiro buri.ed a
hole in the roof about 4 feet square.
It is conceded by nil old-tiitiois that
thp present winter is ihd severest yet
oxperiauo d in the l.i&tuiy uf tha S.ooen.
For the past month the weather has
been must trying In many ways, Navigation on Slocan and Arrow Lakes will
he completely suspended un.ess tin*
weather Softens speedily. Fl'uln SloOcill
City there is o gilt miles ui Ice, au
hitherto unknown thing I y the oldest
longshoreman.   From  Nakusp there ia
tSVU Allies of thick he which bus to he
broken thiou^h every day by ihe t.S.
Uossland and Kootenay. On Tuesday
the jj.S. Kootenay started on her trip lo
Arrowhead, hut it to .k over an hour to
make one hundred yards, und tho put
buck to port. Toe buttti lrum Ai low-
head aie arilviug see en nnd eight hours
lute every day. Culls dei'llblu trouble is
alsu being oxpei ienceel ill loe ll'ansLr of
carload lu s uf freight, Tim Ukauagau
Lake is alio uuvuied. Thu service is
ti*d up south of SiiiuMorlaud,
The Sandon hockey citt i liavu iusued
a challenge to the Kaslo club, the Utt.T
liaVj the choice uf d.ite and ice. 11 is
hoped home and homo matches will be
arranged before the ico disappears,
Mrs. Gomm ii on the high road to re
Robert and Miss Maggie Cunning and
little Rob rt I ft on We luesdav for
California, They will ho absent about
geiwn week-.
Many uf lhe boys experienced great
d fiicully in get ing down fruui the hills
tj record their yules
Charlie Farrell  is  leaving for Gold-
fields, Nov.
W. Lawson has been placed in charge
j1,h  of tlie Sandou  H.;el during llr. Cunning's abs-nce.
Geo. T. Knne and Editor Deane contemplate a trip toMis'onri.
S. .1. Towgood nnd Oscar White visited
Silverton and other Slocan points on
Pete McT.nnders pulled out for Spok-
andon Wednesday.
Over forty prople fn m Sandon went
to New Denvi r on Wednesday to pay
their last respec's to young .Innnv
Cunning, lately deceaord, The train
w>8 ve y late in returning to> Sandon,
it being neatly three o'clock on Thur.*-
day morning when it arrived at its
Rev. Fr. Jeanno'te's visit to Bishop
Dnntcnwill nt New We-tminster, wa��
fruitful of go-d remit'. The Bishop in
arranging for tho parh-h to he devilled
up, and a pri st will shortly bo sent to
take charge of the Kin-lo distiict. In
the meantime Father Coccoln, a younger
brothi r of the best known missionary
piirst in Biitish Columbia, will ai-sist
Fr. Jeannotte in si rving his 87 ttations.
Fr. Coccolu has now charge of tho
Gelden Mission and surrounding country
Everybody will be triad to learn that tho
rev. gentleman located hero is to bo
relieved of much aiduous work.
Frank O'Neill came down from thu
Chicago on Saturday with a good report.
Sandy Canieion has gono to Silverton
to work at the Stamlaid,
The) school has not been reopi ned
���ii.ee the vacation. We understand
that difficulty is being experienced iu
securing a tu.chcr. This is a solium
tiiatti r and one which shou'd be dealt
With without dolcy, or /ami.ies vtiilbu
pulling out.
The Caii.,d'aii Consolidated Miirn^
and Smeltois Company have dcclated a
dividend ul :V,i pur cent,
Dutch Jake in.a received another
consignment of watches und ciucka
whicu hu will ti*ll choiip,
E. R. Atherton is selling a staple lino
of drugs.
Harry Dreyer has resigned his position
as titusu al the hospital. Mr. and Mrt>,
Dmyel* liiui: iaic.ii up ru.idoncd ia
Iii iiiiiiieti'a house, together with John
liuttuiii, who is uut yui convalescent.
Jack SI. Clair is proving himself A 1
us a MipeTiiiuntTaiy nurse.
Suinlicld. underwear it the hist. See
Two leet of snow has fallen since Sunday last. Lying on lop ul' u hard
crust, snow slides me lo bu expected,
Thu iii.w provincial' legislature will
ouveue at, Yicturiu uu March bin Uexl.
Editor Potter, of lhe Kootenaian, waa
i.i fiiiui kasiu wiidi J. C. Quinan lu
east their votes here un Saturday, 'tbey
left fame duy with tiie self satisfied air
of men wlio had accomplished a duty.
The C.P.U. train crew have been
worked to a llni-ih lite past l��o weeks,
owing lu the late in rival ul tiie boat connecting, with the* main line, and Ilie
snow on the meuiin between heie and
NaktiSfi. 'Ihere lias been pieeiuus liltlo
sleep fur the men ull along lhe line uf
lute, a,id they are snowing the elle-uts uf
it.   Cheer Up buys, sUlulllur's   coming.
Lo Canadian publishes the report thai
Sir Wilfrid LaUI'lel'  in ubuut,  tu lc��l���ii.
S.iy, don't go out without that top
coat. La Urippe Is ill lhe air, and he
lu.ikts nnu1. -- lop-cotttless people, B���	
AathM ���> "Grm��.i-rie"
(Coutiuued From Last Week.)
"Fiddlesticks!" she said. "This Is a
cave, not a drawing room."
- "In other words, I am u lout and not
a courtier," he smiled. "Well, a lout
may look at a princess, Wre have no
court eticiuette iu the hills, I am sorry
to say."
"That was very unkind, even though
you suld it most becomingly," she protested. "You have called this pall a
throne.    Let us alsu Imagine that you
are a courtier.''
"You punish me most gently, your
highness. I shall nut forget my manners again, believe me," He seemed
thoroughly subdued,
"Then I shall expect you to remove
that horrid black thing. It Is positively villainous. You look much better
without it."
"is It nn edict or a compliment?" be
asked, with sueh deep gravity that she
"it is neither," she answered. "You
don't have to take it oft unless you
want to"���
"In either event it is off.' You were
right. It serves as a partial disguise.
I have many enemies and the black
patch is a very good friend."
"How perfectly lovely," cried Beverly. "Tell me all about It. I adore
stories about feuds and all that."
"Your husband Is an American. He
should be able to keep you well entertained with blood-nnd-thunder stories,"
said he.
"My bus��� What do you��� Oh, yes!"
gasped Beverly. "To be sure. I didn't
hear you, I guess. That was rather a
severe clap ot thunder, wasn't it?"
"Is that also a command?"
"What do you mean?"
"There was no thunderclap, you
"Oh, wasn't there?" helplessly.
"The storm Is quite past. There Is
���till a dash of rain In the air, and the
wind may be dying hard, but aside
from that I think the noise Is quite subdued."
"I believe you are right. How sudden it all was."
"There are several hours between
this and dawn, your highness, and you
should try to get a little more sleep.
Your cushions are dry and"���
"Very well, since you are so eager to
get rid of��� began Beverly, and then
stopped, for it did uot sound particularly regal. "I should have said, you
are very thoughtful. You .will call me
if I sleep late?"
"We shall start early, with your permission. It Is forty miles to Oanlook,
and we must be half way there by
"Must we spend another night like
this?" cried Beverly dolefully.
"Alas, I fear you must endure us another night. I am afraid, however, we
shall not find quarters as comfortable
as those of the Hawk and Raven."
"I didn't mean to be ungrateful and
���er���snl'ppish," she said, wondering If
he knew the meaning of the word.
-"No?" he said politely, aud she knew
he did not, whereupon she felt distinctly humbled.
"You know you speak such excellent
English," she said irrelevantly.
He bowed low. As he Btraigutened
his figure, to his amazement, he beheld an agonizing look of horror on
ber face, her eyes riveted on the mouth
cf the cavern. Then there came an angrier sound, unlike auy that had gone
before lu that night of turmoil.
"Look there!   Quick!"
The cry of terror from the girl's
palsied lips as she pointed to something behind him awoke the mountain
man to Instant action. Instinctively
he snatched his long dagger from its
sheath and turned quickly. Not twenty feet from them a huge catlike beast
stood half crouched on the edge of
the darkness, his long tall switching
angrily, Tbe feeble light'from the
depth of the cave threw the long, water soaked visitor into bold relief
against the black wall beyond. Apparently lie was us much surprised as the
two who glared at him, ns though
frozen to the spot. A snarling whine,
a tierce grow), Indicated his fury at
tiiiiliug his shelter, his lair, occupied.
"My Cod! A mountain lion! Ha-
vone! Kruuz! To tuo!" ho cried hoarsely, nud sprung before ber shoutlug
loudly to the sleepers.
A score of men, half awake, grasped their weapons nnd struggled to
their feet In answer to his cnll. The
lion's gaunt body shot through the air.
In two bounds he wns upon the goat
hunter. Baldos slootl squarely aud
firmly to meet (lie rush of the maddened beast, his long dagger poised for
the death dealing blow.
"Run!" he shouted to her.
Beverly Calhoun hud fighting blood
In hor veins. Utterly unconscious of
her action at the time, she quickly drew
the little silver bundled revolver from
the pocket of her gown. As mnn, beast
and knife came together, In her excitement she tired recklessly at the combatants without nny thought of the
Imminent danger of killing her protector. There was a wild scream of pain
from the wounded beast, more pistol
shots, fierce yells from the excited
hunters, the rush of feet, and then the
terrified and almost frantic girl staggered and fell against the rocky wall.
Her wide gray eyes were fastened
upou the writhing lion, and the smoking pistol was tightly clutched In her
It hnd all occurred in such an Incredibly short space of time thnt she
could not yet realize what had happened.
Her heart and brain seemed paralyzed, her limbs stiff and Immovable.
Like the dizzy whirl of a kaleidoscope,
tlie picture before her resolved Itself
Into shape.
The beast was gasping his last upon
tbe rocky floor, the hilt of the gout
hunter's dagger protruding from his
side. Bnldos, supported by two of bis
���gen, stood above the savjige vlctlju.
Ills legs etfvereti WITD blood. 'If He cave
wits full of smoke and the smell of
powder. Out of tbe baze she began to
see the light of understanding, Bnldos
uloue wus Injured. He Intel stood between tier uud the rush of the Hon,
nnd he had saved ber ut a cost she
knew not how greut.
"Oh, the bloud!" she cried hoarsely.
"Is It���is it���are you hudly hurt?"
She was ut bis side, the pistul falling
from her nervous fingers.
"Don't come near me. I'm all right!"
he cried quickly.
"Take care���your dress"���
"Oh, I'm so glud to lieur you speak!
Never mind the dress! You are torn
to pieces! You must be frightfully
hurt. Oh, Isn't It terrible-horrible!
Aunt Fanny!  Come here this minute!"
Forgetting the beast and throwing
off the paralysis of [ear, she pushed
one Of the men away and grasped tlie
arm of the Injured man. He winced
perceptibly, and she felt something
warm and sticky on her bands. She
knew it wns blood, but It was not In
ber to shrink at a moment like this.
"Your arm too!" sbe gasped. He
smiled,  although his face was white
In Iter excitement the fired recklessly.
with pain. "How brave you were!
You might have been���I'll never forget
it���never! Don't stand there, Auut
Fanny! Quick! Get those cushions
for him.   He's hurt."
"Good Lawd!" was all the old woman could say, but she obeyed her mistress.
"It was easier than it looked, your
highness," murmured Baldos. "Luck
was with me. Tbe knife went to his
heart. I am merely scratched. His
leap was short, but he caught me
above the knee with bis claws. Alas,
your highness, these trousers of mine
were bad enough before, but now they
are in shreds. What patchiug I shall
have to do! And you may well Imagine
we are short of thread aud needles und
"Don't Jest, for heaven's sake! Don't
talk like that. Here! Lie down upou
these cushions and"���
"Never! Desecrate the couch of
Grausturk'B ruler? I, the poor goat
hunter? I'll use the lion for a pillow
aud the rock for an operating table.
In ten minutes my men can have these
scratches dressed and bound���In fuct,
there is a surgical student among them,
poor fellow. I think I am bis first patient.   Ravoue, attend me."
He threw himself upon the ground
aud calmly placed his bead upon tlie
body of the animal.
"I Insist upou your taking theBe
cushions," cried Beverly.
"And I decline Irrevocably." She
stared ut bim in positive auger. "Trust
Ravone to dress these trifling wounds,
your highness. He may not be ns
gentle, but be Is as Arm as any princess lu all the world."
"But your aim?" she cried. "Didn't
you say it was your legs? Your arm Is
covered with blood too. Oh, dear me,
I'm afraid you ate frightfully wounded."
"A stray bullet from oue of my men
struck nie there. 1 think. You know
there was hut little time for aiming"���
"Walt! Let me think a minute!
Good heavens!' she exclaimed, with a
Btart. Her eyes were suddeuly filled
with tears, and there was a break In
her voice. "1 shot yon! Don't deny It
���don't! It is the right arm, and your
men could not have hit It from where
they stood.   Oh, oh, oh!"
Baldos smileil us he bared his arm.
"Your aim wus good," lie admitted.
"Hud not my knife already been In the
lion's heart your bullet would hnve
gone there. It is my misfortune thnt
my anil was in Iheway. Besides, your
highness, it bus only cut through the
skin, and n little below, perhaps. It
will he well In a day or two. I am
sure you will find your bullet lu the
carcass of our lamented friend, the
probable owner of this place."
Ravone, n hungry looking youth, took
charge of the wounded lender, while
her highness retreated to tbe furthest
corner of the cavern, There she snt
and trembled while the wounds were
being dressed. Aunt Fanny bustled
buck and forth, lirst uuceremoniously
pushing ber way through the circle of
men to take observations nud then reporting to the Impatient girl. The
storm hnd passed, nnd the night wus
still except for the rush of the river.
Raindrops fell now and then from the
trees, glistening like diamonds as they
touched the light from the cavern's
mouth. It was all very dreary, uncanny aud oppressive to poor Beverly. Now
and then she caught herself sobbing,
more out of shame und humiliation
than In sadness, for hnd she not shot
the man who stopped between her and
dcuth?   Whut must he thluk of her?
"He snys yo' nil 'd bettuh go to bald,
Miss Bev���yo' highness," said Aunt
Fanny after one of her trips.
"Oh, be does, does he?" sniffed Bev-
Orty, "I'll fr��� t0 np(1 wne)1 ����� r;]eas-e
Teil him so. No. no���don't do It. Aunt
Fanny! Tell him I'll go to bed when
I'm sure lie is ipiite comfortable, uot
l.pforp *���
"But he's Jes" a goat puncbeh er a"���
"He's a mau, if tbere ever was one.
Oon't let me heur you cull him a goat
puncher again. How are bis legs?"
Aunt Fanny was almost stunned by
this amazing question from her ever
decorous mistress. "Why don't you
answer? Will they have to be cut off?
Didn't you see them?"
"Fo' de Lnwd's sake, missy, co'se
Ah did, but yo' all kiudeh susprlse me.
Dey's p'etty bad skuu up, missy; de
hide's peeled up cousid'ble. But hit
aln' daug'ous, no, ma'am���jes' sktin;
'ut's all."
"And his arm���where I shot him?"
"Puffec'ly trifliu', mu'am���yo' highness. Cobwebs 'd stop de bleedln', an'
Ab tole 'em so, but 'at felleh couldn'
un'stau' me. MIsteb What's-his-name.
he says somethiu' to de doeteh, an' den
dey goes afteb de cobwebs, sunli
'nuugh. 'Tain' bleedln' uo mo', missy.
He's mostes ueah Join' ve'y fine. Co'se
he cuiu' walk fo' sev'l days wlv dem
lalgs o' his'n, but"���
"Then, lu heaven's name, how are
.we to get to Edelweiss?"
"He c'u ride, caln't he? Wha's to
hlndeh him?"
Quite right. He shall ride Inside the
coach. Go and see if I cau do anything for him."
Aunt Fanny returned In a few minutes.
"He says yo'll do him n great favoh
If yo' jes' go to bald. He sends bis
'spects au' hopes yo' Blunibeh wou' bo
dlstuhbed ug'ln."
"He's a perfect brute!" exclaimed
Beverly, but she went over aud crawled under the blankets und among the
cushions tbe wounded man had scorned.
(To Be Continued.)
Utants   In   the   Land.
John Lee, ex-M. P. P., of Highgate.
is relating an episode which occurred
while lie wus in Merlin recently, says
the Ridgetown Plafiidealer.
Mr. Lee was stopping for the night
ai the Marquis Hotel, a temperance
house. After registering, Mr. Lee
stepped into the sitting room and lit
Iii;. pipe for a smoke before retiring.
There were five other gentlemen in
the room, all oil operators, interested
in the Tilbury field, and all hale fellows. Mr. Lee also noticed that all
were as well blessed, and some more
so, witli avoirdupois as himself. After
the informal introductions which followed Mr. Lee remarked on the similarity of heights and weights, which
was apparent. He suggested that each
man give the nationality of his parents, his age, his height and weight,
and the following names and figures
were the result. The similarity of
parentage, height and weight will be
apparent to the reader:���
C. W. Fulton, age 34, weight 200
lbs., height 6 ft. 4 1-4 inches, parentage Scotch-Irish. R. R. Lowry, age
51, weight 282, height 6 ft. 2 inches,
parentage Scotch-Irish. W. M. Lowry,
aged 52, weight 273, height 6 ft. 2.,
parentage Scotch-Irish. Mance Williams, age 36, weight 258, height 6
ft., parentage Scotch-Irish. Charles
McGill, age 41, weight 256, height 5
ft. 11 inches, parentage Scotch-Irish.
John Lee, age 61, weight 256, height
6 ft. 1 inch, parentage Irish.
These six men weighed a total of
1,615 pounds.
Wintering At Hudson Bay.
Some interesting facts about the
present position of the Canadian
Government steamer Arctic, now wintering on tlie north shore of Hudson
Bay, are contained in a letter from
one of the erew, published in The St.
John's (Nfld.) Herald. The letter was
sent by the Dundee whaler Eclipse,
which called at Ponds' Inlet on Sept.
20, at which time the Arctic had gone
into winter quarters. The harbor was
land-locked and surrounded by tlie
highest mountains the crew had seen
on their trip. On some of the islands
claimed for Canada by the Arctic
they found evidences of copper, coal
and iron. The finding of the Franklin
relics was related, and the letter
stated that the Arctic would cruise
northward and westward when released next spring, und expected to
return to Quebec in October next.
Tlie writer speaks of resetting the
Franklin monument at Point Beechy,
and painting the headboards on the
graves of the seven sailors buried
there. The remains of Franklin's
house still stand and a couple of
beats were found nearby. Tho crew,
of whom niue were from Newfoundland, looked forward without apprehension to the coming winter.
Alfred   Beit's   Heir.
Otto.Beit, who has fallen heir to
tlie greater portion of Alfred Beit's
fortune, has decided to continue to
reside in his own house on Belgrave
Bnnnro, so he wants tc sell Alfred';:
$5,000,000 palaee on Park Lane. When
Beit was building this house his
ground landlord, the Duke of Westminster, compelled him to have it
only one storey, as otherwise it would
interfere with the view across Hyde
Park from the duke's own residence,
'lhe motor omnibus, however, has
transformed Park Lane from a quiet,
semi-sylvan thoroughfare into ono of
the noisiest and smelliest in London,
greatly depreciating    property    along
The  IllR-lii   End.
One day Percy, aged three, was playing with tbe tail of a big dog.
"Look out," said tho enreful aunt;
"he'll bite you, dear."
"Oh, no, auntie," he suld. "I's not at
the bltin' end."���Harper's Weekly.
Kntn  He Wss-n't Safe.
"I assure you you have no reason
to be jealous of your chum and me,
and you know she snys she wouldn't
marry the best man alive."
"That's why I'm Jealous."���Houston
Post .    ...
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but���
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five ce,nt
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly ?
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back up this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure it with
Luxurious Palaces for London's Poor
���How the Rates Are Wasted���Offspring of Vicious In Luxury.
If a stranger coming to London
wishes to see how Poor Law relief is
disbursed he should to to the offices
of the Camberwell Botird in Peckham
road. There he will find a magnificent
building, which coat ��20,000, to accommodate members etf the board.
This is a building totally distinct
from the workhouses belonging to
Camberwell. It is perhaps the finest
building of its kind in the world. It
would put many provincial town halls
to shame.
A short time ago Mrs. Bracey
Wright, a member of the board, moved for a return of all paying patients
in the Camberwell Infirmary. And
Mrs. Edmonds, who seconded the proposal, pointed out that the infirmary
was being maintained by poorer people than those found inside. The actual cist each week of these well-to-
do paupers is ��1. 6s. 4d.
Again, most people have heard and
read of t'. 3 wonderful paupers' palace
built by the Hammersmith Guardians at Wormwood Scrubs at a cost
of a quarter of a million for the accommodation of 750 paupers. But few
people who pass up Kingsway see the
handsome block of buildings which
form the finest and most complete
workhouse of its size in London���built
by the Strand Guardians.
The architecture is pleasing; the
interior is magnificent; the structure
itself is a triumph for the architect
and the builder. This building, which
cost ��27,000, accommodates 127
tramps and 66 regular paupers, the
part devoted to the "regulars" costing
��14,000, or about ��230 per head, excluding cost of site.
Inside the building the stranger
would never imagine himself to be
in a workhouse. Polish, art shades
for the walls, mosaic, or gleaming
wood block for the floors greet him
Upstairs there is a suite of rooms
for "ladies." The walls are faced with
pale green tiles; a rug here and there,
chairs, a few plants in the corners,
and pictures on the walls give the
room the appearance of creat luxury.
In an adjoining room there stand
the beds clean and bright, and by
the side of each one is a child's cot,
over the head of which is a dainty
canopy. In this cot the offspring of
the vicious lie surrounded by more
luxury than con be given to children
of the virtuous poor in their homes.
Here in a nutshell is the whole problem as shown by the clergyman-
guardian. Father Higley:
Every Thursday when I go down
to our workhouse at Bromley I see
long lines of young men, well housed, well fed, well clothed, well Bhod,
inmates of our workhouse. On my
road down I see men afflicted in every way���undersized, knock-kneed,
badly clothed, badly shod, working
in all weathers���rain, cold and snow;
and my blood boils, because I know
that these poor afflicted men who are
selling wood or some commodity in
the streets, have to pay a lurge part
of their hardly earned money to maintain men far abler than themselves
to fight the battles of life. And yet
the workhouse parasites are masters
of the situation.
The value of vigilance and the loss
through laxity may be gathered from
the following facts about Holborn,
the guardian board of which woke
up suddenly one day and had a "call
over"���an exomination into the pauper history of every inmate. In one
of their two workhouses the cases of
1,300 paupers were examined, with the
result that 25 were lawfully placed
with other unions to whom they belonged���some of them having lived on
the Holborn ratepayers for many
years; and 55 were found to possess
relatives who could pay for their
Some astounding discoveries were
made. A married woman, who had
lived in the workhouse for many years,
confessed that her husband was living in Marylebone. He was discovered and compelled to take his wife
out. She had, however, cost the ratepayers hundreds  of pounds.
In another case quite recently a
woman who posed as a widow and
received outdoor relief was living with
her husband, who was described as
the lodger.
These are but typical of the condition of tin management of some of
our London workhouses. Instances
sueh as that of the pauper Stourton,
with ��1,400 in consols, are frequently
occurring. The moneyed class among
the paupers is larger than is imagined, but if guardians had more concern for their duties ad less for
their love of power we Bhould hnve a
wholesome and wholesale clearance of
the professional pauper, whose flourishing condition is the result of appalling laxity.
At a cricket match. Married versus
Single, the former took first innings,
and chiefly by the aid of some blind
hits by one of the players, named
Jones, made a score of 84, Just as the
bachelors were about to commence
their innings news of a local railway
accident, in which some of the passengers had been killed, reached the
"I'm in a bit of a quandary," said
Jones to the curate who had organized the match. "My missus was in
that train."
"Dear me. I'm sorry to hear it,"
was the reply. "You are anxious 'o
get away, of course?"
. "Well, no, sir. It ain't that. I
was only thinking If anything has happened to my Mary I ought to be playing for the single chaps."���London
Zam-Buk   Healed   Them   Inside  Two
Have you some eruption, or sore,
or ulcer, or wound, on any part oi
your body whicii has hit.ierto refus
?d to clos e. no matter how treated '���
ii so. that is a ea. e for Zam-Buk
die grent herbal balm. The herbal
saps and esse.ic s in this balm are
so powerful that they can heal the
.verst cases Of chronic >ores. ulcers,
bio .d p. ison and skin diseases, Here
are  proofs of this:
Mrs. W. H. Taylor, of North Bay.
Out., says: "I had a scaly spot as
big us a ten cent piece on my face
I had it for four years, nnd hurelly
i night during that time went bj
but whut 1 upplied e*old cream, oi
jome ointment or other, but it
ivuiild always he there. I recently
ipplied Zam-Buk, nnd in about a
iveek's time the spi t hud disappear*
>d cornpli tely, I cannot thank you
enough for your remedy, und I tell
everyone to be sun* and keep Zam-
Buk  in  their honse."
Mrs. 8. J. Hoiilen, of 84.3 West
Hannah St.. Hamilton, snys: "My
little girl had a running sore on her
le.�� which deli d nil treatment. I applied Zam-Buk, und in about n week's
time the wound wus closed. I hnve
found Za'ii-liuk just us good for other
skin troubles und injuries,"
Mr. J. H. Hamilton, of Thornbury,
says: "The fi:st Zam-Buk I obtained wns for u friend who hnd nil obstinate sor,-* on her temple. It hid
been treated once or twice by a doctor, nnd would heal up for u short
time, but would break out again.
Zam-Buk healed it permanently; nnd
it allows no sign whatever of returning."
Similar grateful testimony is to
bund from men nnd women in all
parts of Canada. Zam-Buk
is n sure cure for all skin diseases
���lii-l injuries, such us cuts, burns,
bruises, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers,
sculp sot'es, cold sores, chapped
blinds, itch, rushes, tetter, face sores,
etc. It is also an unequalled embrocation, nnd rubbed well on to parts
affected cures rheumatism, sciatica,
neuralgia, c Id * o-i die t, etc. All
druggists sell at 50c a box, or may
he obtained post fiee from Zwn-Buk
Co., Toronto, upon receipt of price.
Six  boxes for $2.50.
When Wealth Is Odious.
Senutor P. H. McCarren has never
been regarded as an authority in
either ethics or economics, and it is
therefore rather refreshing to discov-
ar him discussing the question of the
distribution of wealth, which is both
an ethical and economic question.
"The time is coming," he says:
"when it will b3 odims to be
The Wall Street Jou nal be*s to
differ with Senator McCarren. Wealth
will never be odious except:
1. When the rich man is criminal.
2. When he is rnise ly.
3. When he displays his wealth to
ippress others, to crush out competi-
ion and to bribe h.'s way into political power.
Riches will never he odious us long
is the rich man conducts himself
like a gentleman; using his wealth
aright with becoming hospitality. With
ntelligent philanthropy and with a
itie sense of stewardship. ��� Wnll
Itreet Journal.
Mil s Edith Marguerite Wilber, heiress to mi estate of several hundred
thousand dollars was recently married nt her home at Opeonta to her
chauffeur, Herbert Cole, a poor farmer's  boy.
The Story of a Woman Made Well by
Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills.
Bud blood means bad health. That
is why Dr. Williams' Pink Pills mean
���rood health. They actually make
new. rich blood which stiengthens
every nerve nnd every orgnn in tlie
body. That is why people who use
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills feel bright,
active and strong. Mrs. Arthur
Hanningan, Marshville, Ont., is n
witness to the truth of these statements. Mrs. Hunningan says: "For
nearly three yenrs I suffered from
inaeniia (blootllessness) and during
that time consulted and took medicine from several doctors, without
beneficial results. My complexion
wns of a waxy appearance, my lips
nnd gums seemed bloodless. I suffered from hoadches, dizziness and
palpitation of the heart. My appetite wns so poor that I did not care
whether I ate or not nnd I grew so
weak, and was so much reduced in
flesh that my friends thought I was
in consumption. As I have said I
doctored without benefit, until the
last doctor whom I consulted advised nie to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
I followed his advice, and less than
a dozen boxes have made me the
well woman I urn today. All the
symptoms of my troubles hnve vnn-
isbed nnd I enjoy the best of
health. 1 know there ure hundreds
of women who are drifting into the
same condition I was, and to all such
I would strongly urge the immediate
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills do not not
upon the bowels; they do not tinker
with'mere symptoms; they go right
to the root of the trouble in the
blood. That is why they cure common ailments like rheumatism, neuralgia, kidney trouble, headaches nnd
backaches. St. Vitus dance, anil the
special ailments that afflict so mnny
women and growing girls. Sold by
all medicine dealers or by mail nt
50c a box or six boxes for $2.50 from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
My brother Johnny needs some clothes.
He wants some right away.
But father says tlie hoy is wrong.
"Your suit's all right," he'll say.
But Johnny won't need clothing long;
He'll nave a new suit soon.
For mother Is to play some bridge
Tomorrow  afternoon.
And little Mary wants a slate;
She's started in at school.
But pa says, "Make the old one do."
He's stubborn as u mute.
But 'twon't be long til] Mary has.
Her slate���you wait and see���
For mother Is to play some bridge
Tomorrow about three.
There's lots of tilings we need at home.
But father laughs at us.
He says we're too extravagant;
It does no good to fuss.
But we most always get such things���
You but your lif-i we do���
For mother plays bridge now and then;
She understands It too.
���Denver Post.
Head   First.
"I slopped down the street," said
the man who prided himself on being blunt, "to get a polish on my
"Don't you think," asked his sarcastic companion, "that you begun at
the wrung end P ���Baltimore American.
A   Man   of   Experience.
The judge of the Supieme Court
polishes his glnssi s slowiy, und with
the dignity becoming a member of
BO august u  tribunal.
"Judge not," he said, "Judge not,"
unci puis tl nnd sighed.
"Lest ye be roasted in the magazines," he added.���Cleveland Press.
Captain Wilherull, o e of tho oldest greut lakes mariners, died in Muskegon, Mich., utel 72 years. He
stinted sailing when 14 years old, and
at 15 lie  held captain's papers.
The crater on the summit of the
volcano of Maunaloa; Honolulu, has
broken out. The eruption forms a
magnificent spectacle, which is visible for one hundred miles at sea.
In spite of the recent positive assurances that the United States Steel
company lias been ucquir.ng lar^e
tracts of land below Sandwich for
furnaces, docks, etc., the story seems
to be without foundalion.
Time tries all things, and as
Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup has
stood the test of years it now rankB
as a leading specific in the treatment
of nil ailments of the throat and
lungs. It will soften and subdue the
most stubborn cough by lelieving the
irritation, and restore the affected organs to healthy conditions. Use will
show its value. Try it nnd be convinced of its efficacy.
Father (to son, who is making a
good deal of noise eating a cake)���
THe""'ast time I heaid a noise like
that was in a sty.
Son���Who with ?���Illustrated    Bits.
T. B. Savage, Camberley, writes the
Morning Post regarding the postmaster-general's proposal to reduce the
rates to Canada. He says no department has done more than the post-
office to disintegrate the empire.
While engaged in blasting a mica
mine at Kingsmere, Que.. William
Fleury, a miner, was struck on the
head by a flying rock and died from
the effects in a few hours.
"At the Advice of friend. I Tried Peru
na and the Results Have Been HlEhlv
Satisfactory."-So   Writes   Mr.   Pllon
Mr. Haoul Pllon, 116 Rue Notre Dame,
tiaohine, P.Q., (tan., writes!
"I write you a few words tn express tn
yon my satisfaction ii t being cured. I
was afflicted with catarrh of the throat
and nose and suffered much. I was
greatly discouraged. I hud a had brunt li
anil had lasn- in my mouth in the luciiu
"I took treatment feu- some, time without olituiiiing relief. At the uile ice of
friends I tried Peruna anil the results
have been highly satisfactory. At the end
of  four  months   I   was completely  cured."
Neglected catarrh becomes chronic. Having developed illlo the chronic- Htuge, a
longer and more persistent treatment will
be required to oure it than if tlie disease were treated at  the onset.
However, Peruna will bring relief, whether the catarrh  is acute or ohroaio.    If
you   are   wise  j    will   keep   Peruna   on
lliind and lake u few doses ut the first
appearance uf u cold en- cough, and thus
snyc yourneli both suffering unJ expense.
Patients have the privilege of writing
lo Dr. Hurtnian for free* advice. A book
on Onranio Oatarrh" will be sent upon
reii nest.
Ask   Your  Druggist  for  Free   Peruna
Almanac   tor   1907.
-Little but Searching.���Dr. Von Stan's
i'ineapple Tablets are not bis nauseous
closes that contain injurious drugs or
narcotics���they are the pure vegetable
pepsin���the medicinal extract from this
luscious fruit, and the tablets are prepared in as palatable form as the fruit
itself. They cure indigestion. 60 in a
iiox.  35 cents.���lb
Edward Turney, an E glishman,
aged about 60 years, slipped into a
gutter in front of hotel at Newmarket, Out., and broke his leg.
Altar forty-seven years on service,
W. A. Mittleberger has resigned the
clerkship of the second division cout
of Lincoln county at St. Catharines.
An  O.iium  Cure.
A cure for the opium habit has at
last been reported fiom China to our
Department of Commerce, and Labor.
It is iounil in a plant which grows
wild in the vicinity of Lumpur, nnd
its use ia said to de.-t oy all appetite
for tlie drug within n week. The
leaves ot the plant nre exposed to
the sun for u day after being gathered, und are then chopped tine and
roasted, after which a tea is made
from them and the specific is ready
for use. In Larapur alone the applicants number 2,000 daily, and it
is claimed that in the few short
weeks since the plant was discovered
over 14,000 persons have been
cured of the opium smoking habit.
So greut is the demand for the plant
that the natives are asking $10 a
p'ipul (i.'t3,';i pounds.). ��� Springfield
Minard's Liniment Co.,  Limited.
Sirs, ��� I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT for the past 25 years and
whilst I have occasionally used other
liniments, I can safely say that I
have never used any equal to your's.
If rubbed between the hands and
inhaled frequently, .i will never fail
to cure cold in the head in twenty-
four  hours.
It is ulao the Be st for bruit es,
sprains, etc.
Yours truly,
Dartmouth. J. G. LESLIE.
Power   of   Falling   W-t-*r.
By way of experiment, an' American who is mentiii.ed ns "a sport and
an acrobat," made a wager in Vic-u
na with an athlete "thut the latter
could not enduie tha falling of n pint
. , 0< fniUflg wa;er on his hand, drop by
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria. | drop,  from  ;i   height    of only    three
i feet. The athlete hnd an enormouB
hand, lined with skin almost as thick
and tough tis cowhide, But when
nbout 300 drops hnd fallen there
wus u change of opinion, und at the
420th drop he gnve up, declaring that
he could no longer enduie the torture.
Certain details of the budget of
Japan for K.-07-8 have bseh learned.
A total of $5,ri,000,000 is provided for
army expenditure.
"That gentleman you introduced to
tne a while ago has such cultivated
"Oh, it is part of his business to
have them. He is the president of
nn agricultural college." ��� Baltimore
Lieut.-Colonel H. K. Stewart, CM.
CL, a Scotch Canadian, lute king's
messenger nnd n well known soldier,
is dend.
Most Painful  Ailments Follow���Prevention
and Gure Obtained by use of
Well- na, Weather Prophets.
A popular idea In Switzerland that
aome of the wells In that country are
reliable weather prophets has been
proved by scientists to be well founded. These wells, by some sort of pressure, not clearly understood, have tho
property of drawing In air at certain
times and of blowing out air at other
periods. In order to ascertain definitely If there was any truth In the Idea
of weather prophecy the wells were
covered and a email opening was surmounted with a U shaped pressure
gauge. It was found that when the
barometer rises the air rushes into the
wells In a steady current, and when
i the barometer falls the air rushes out
Tbe currents of air are definite and
easy to perceive, even without the
gauge. Tbe geuerul tendency of the
weather Is foretold with considerable
W.    N.    U.    No. 621
The sudden lowering of the temperature causes the pores of the skin to
close, and thus throws on to the
kidneys much work which is ordinarily performed by the skin. This,
no doubt, accounts for the grent prevalence of kidney disease duiing the
fall nnd winter.
There is no treatment which so
quickly affords relief to overworked
and deranged ki'lneys tis Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, because they act
on the liver, as well as they kidneys,
and when in lieulthful action the
liver does much of the work of filtering the blood, which is otherwise
left for the kidneys.
Bright's Disease, dropsy, uric acid
poisoning, stone in the bladder, and
rheumatism are among the most painful forms of kidney disease, and
these ailments can always be prevented by the timely use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. They
can also usually be cured by this
treatment, but if you are so fortunate as to be yet free of these dreadful ailments, keep so by using Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver pj]]s t0 "^.pp
the liver, kidneys and bowels in
healthful working condition.
Mr. James J. JenBon, Olds, Alta.,
writes: "I have been troubled considerably with lame back, which I
suppose came from derangements of
the kidneys, and I have never been
able to find a treatment that was so
prompt and effective in curing this
ailment as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills.    At two different times in my
life tin's preparation bus entirely
cured me of this trouble, and of
late years I have found it unnecps-
snr.v, to use nny medicine whatever.
I feel it my duty to add this statement to the many otheis which I
sec in lecommendation of this excellent medicine."
Mr. W. Ferguson blacksmith, Trenton. Out., says "In my work I urn
bending over a great deal, and this,
together with the constant strain on
all .parts of the hotly, and the sudden change of temperature when going to und from tbe forge, brought .
on kidney disease nnd hnckuche. At
times I would suffer so that I would
have to quit work to ease my buck,
and felt so miserable most of the
time I did not enjoy life very much.
"As lust I decided that I would
have to get relief in some way, and
having heard of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills as a successful cure for
backache and kidney disease, I began using them. To my surprise nnd
pleasure they helped me at once, nnd
a few boxes ent'rely removed my
troubles. Thanks to Dr. Chase, 1 am
perfectly cured and hope that others
may take my advice and use Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, hy
their direct and combined action on
kidney, liver and bowels, positively
cure biliousness, constipation and
diseases of the kidneys. One pill a
dose, 25c a box, at all dealers, or
Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto,
*1 cP-3
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
Prince Albert Times.
The west is offering eloquent inducements to tlie younger journalists
of the east, eloquent because tbe inducements are of the nature of increased financial reward, n chance to
enter the political arena, and climb
to the top._ in a country where the
nominations nre not cut und dried���
where every man will be given a
place according to his ability, and his
During the past few years the number of these young men who have left
the confines of the older provinces te
make a place for themselves in the
west has been ever increasing, ami
the effect is being felt proportionately.
One of these is ivlr. John W.
Young, who iu company with the
well known young newspaper man.
R. P. Laurie, is in charge of the ties
tinies of the Prince Albert Times. Mr.
Young is a Chatham boy, was born
and brought, up there, educated in
the same town, und hns filled all the
reportorial positions on the Chatham
Planet, up to the desk of city editor.
The parents of Mr. Young were
among the early residents of Chatham, his father was a carriage builder, a man who took an active interest in all public affairs, and was once
mayor of the city of Chatham. Both
of Mr. Young's parents have been
dead for some years.
Equipped with a very fair education and a good measure of self-reliance, Mr. Young accepted his first
newspaper position at the age ol
twenty, and one needs no further indication of his perseverance than that
he remained with the same papei
through more than eight years, working his way up, till the time of his
coming west, when he left the desk
of city editor.
Since taking over the Prince Albert Times, from the estate of tht
late J. D. Maveety, last year, the
new firm have more than trebled the
plant, and have lifted the Times tc
a high level in western journalism,
taking the Conservative stand, and
making their influence felt in no
small way.
Mr. Young was married in Chatham in 1904 to Miss Houston, daugh
ter of Mr. M. Houston, police magistrate, and member of the law firm
of Houston  &  Stone.
We predict a bright future for Mr.
Young in both journalistic and poli
tical circles.
It was tlie same old story of a man
who refused to tell his wife the outcome of a business transaction in
which naturally slip took a deep interest.
"No," he sneered. "I won't tell
you. If I did you'd repeat it. You
women can  never keep a secret."
"John," snid the woman, quietly,
"have I ever told tlie secret nbout
the solitaire engagement ring you
gave me eighteen years ago being
paste P"���Ladies' Home Journal.
If you have a baby or young children in the home always keep a box
of Baby's Own Tablets on hand,
Don't wait until the little one is
sick, for sometimes an hour's delay
may prove fatal. This medicine
Cares Stomach troubles, constipation,
diarrhoea, simple fevers and makes
teething painless. If children are
sick Baby's Own Tablets make them
well; and better still an occasional
close will keep them well. Tlie Tablets are good for children of all ages
and nre guaranteed to contain no
opiate or harmful drug. Mrs. Joseph
Boss. Hawthorne, Ont., says: "1
have used Baby's Own Tablets nnd
find them just the thing to keep children well." These Tablets are sold
by all medicine dealers or you can
get them by mail at *25t* u box hy
writing The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Canadian emigration office at
London is kept busy answering inquiries about Canada. There were
220 visitors to the office one morning,
most of whom received a package of
emigration literature).
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.
A clergyman was trailing a creeper
to a piece of trellis near his gate,
when he noticed that a small boy
was watching him attentively.
*> "Well, my young fiiend," he said,
"are you looking out for a hint or
two on gardening ?"
"No," said the boy, "I'm waiting
to hear what a paison says when he
hammers his thumb."
Why Bileans  Prove So Beneficial
A medical specialist states that
eight out of ten cases of headache,
dizziness, sallow complexion, and various ailments peculiar to women foi
which he is consulted have tlieir origin m constipation. Although this
ai.inent is very common amongst
botu sexe-s, women appear to be tlie
greater sune,e,s. bueahs cure constipation hy stimulating the liver and
ie���'ulat.ng tlie bile flow. Bile is tlie
milium purgative of the b..dy. iii -
le.nis   regulates  its  secretion.
Mrs. S. E. Laldwin, of 38 St. Paul
Street, Toronto, Says: "1 huve tnkei,
Lile.ns for constipation and dizziness
and loUc.d in. st satisfactory results
bileans do not cause any griping, antl
lieu only cue constipation bul also
improve  the  general   health."
Mr. A. Moiuighun, of Berlin, recently proved t.iis vegetable reined)
in ii similar way. He says: "For
many years 1 suffered from both con
stipatiun and piles. Nothing I hnve
ever tried is to be compared for
beneficial result to Bileans. They
huve made me a different man, and
ii uny sifferer would like to nsk nie
any question on their operation and
their value I will he glad to give
nil the information  1 can."
Such is the result of exhaustive
tests of Bileans. This grent vegetable
remedy is invaluable also for sallow
Complexions (die to bi'e in the
blood), pimples, greasy, sallow skin,
nnd blood Impurit'es generally, Bileans also cure indigestion, debility,
rheumatism, uneiiiin. female ailment
and irregularities, ������run-down feelings." liver and kidney complaint,
le. adache, si *i plessne s, w'nd spasms,
palpi at ion, etc. All druggists sell
at 60e a box, or obtainable post free
from the Bilean Co., Toronto, upon
rec ipl of p ice.   Six boxes for $2.50.
Tightening Up.
The total amount contributed by
citizens of the United States for phil-
-intlirophic purposes during 1900 falls
far below the record of some other
years. Those who look for a progressive annual increase in charity contributions must be disappointed. During the last year a totai of $51,230,-
294 in large conttibutiens was given
to educational establishments, art
galleries, hospitals and asylums. The
benefactions for these obj.c's reached
the great total of $107,360,000 in 1901.
The variability of such statistics is
shown hy the statement that the contribution's in 1900 aggregated $47,500,-
000. It is estimated that the small
conttibutiens to charitib'e us?s in
1906 would aggregate not less than
���540,000,000, swelling the total philanthropic offerings to $61,230,294���Philadelphia Public Ledger.
They Cleanse the System Thoroughly.���Parmelee's Vegetable Pills clear
the st m ich and bowels of bilious
matter, cause the excretory vessels to
throw off impurities from the blood
into the bowels and expel the deleterious mass from the body. They do
this without pain or inconvenience
to the patient, who speedily realizes
their good offices as soon as they begin to take effect. They have strong
recommendations from a*! kinds of
Servant (trembling) ��� Oh, ma'am,
I'm sure it's bui'irlars!
Mistress ��� Perhaps it's only Mr.
Tomkirs just home from the club.
Servant (pesitively)���Oh, no ma'am,
it's burglars, sure enough, for they
haven't fallen over anything at all.���
Cardiff Times.
Crown Attorney Rodd is investigating a cai-e of wholesale poisoning of
the members of a Christmas party
at tbe home of a prominent resident
of Kingsville, Ont. It is supposed
thnt the pobon was in the turkey.
The Stomach's "Weal or Woel" - The
stomach is the cent re from which, from
the standpoint of health, flows "weal or
woe." A healthy stomach means per
feet digestion perfect digestion means
strong and steady nerve centres ��� Btrong
nerve centres meaiiB good circulation,
rich blood and good health. Mouth Am
e-rie-an Nervine malces and keeps the
stomach  right.- 62.
A negro buy, employed bv a physician, was sent out one night to saddle the doctor's horse. When the
hoy led the horse to the front gate
the doctor discovered that the saddle
was on the horse in a reversed condition, the front of the saddle pointing toward the  horse's tail.
"Why did you put the saddle on in
thnt manner ?"  remarked the doctor.
Tie n g o inne cntly replied: "Doctor, T didn't know which wny you was
It Reaches the Spot.���There are few
remeilies before the public today ns
ettiucious in removing pnin nnd In
allaying and preventing pulmonary
diso.ders as Dr. Thomas' Eolectric
Oil. It has demonstrated its powers
in thousands of instances and a large
number of testimonials am to its great
Value as a medioine oould be got
were there occasion for it. ft is for
sale everywhere.
Mrs. Strong���What did you say,
dear, when  he asked  you your age ?
Miss Sharp���I to!d him the truth.
Mrs. Strong���You did !    Really ?
Miss Sharp���Yes; I told him it was
none of his business.���Boston Transcript.
Alexander Harkuy of New York,
who has been travelling iu Europe in
the interests of Hebrew emigration
to America, and who returns to
America at tbe end or this week, has
been the guest of Israel Zangwill at
his country house at Haselmere.
A deputation of booksellers waited
on Ontario's minister of education to
protest against the government distributing school books.
/Indispensable in WfaterX
There's a need in every home for \
Grays Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
M ou
A few doses, at the first sign of a cold, will allay all throat
Irritation���take away hoarseness���check the inflammation-
Strengthen the lung*���ward off the cough.
All the healing, soothing, curative properties of Canadian Spruce
Gum���combined with aromatic*..    Pleasant to take.    25 eta. bottle
ice   \
:tle.   \
Artificial   Pearls.
"Formation of fine, natural pearls
by means of artificially controlling
the growth of parasities that prey
upon oys era is a new method of production pointed to as the iesult of
recent research in Oceania by Mr.
Seurat," asserts a French writer. "He
made a special study of tlie formation
of fine pearls, His conclusions shed
new light upon a question hitherto
rather obscure. The origin of the
pearl is the subject of a Hindoo le-
ii;iid, which attributes this beautiful
lormation to the fall of a drop of dew
into the bosom of an oyster gaping
in the sun. Scientists have long
oelieved that the pearl results f 10111
.1 secretion of the mollusk's nerves
oy some foreign substance, like a
0'i*ain of sand, lodged within it. The
ejhinese and Japanese fe.r a long
time, and the French recently, have
.voraed on this theory in the manufacture of so-called natural pear.s.
i'hey introduce into the heart of the
oyster a minute, hard body, around
which another gradually comes to
model itself. But it is now generally admitted that these secretions ure
iiot pearl, but merely mother-of-
Expert  in One Way.
"How many letters a day can your
stenographer get off ?"
"1 couldn't begin to tell you. Why,
that girl cun get off three or four
letters in nny word in the diction-
nr..*."���Cleveland Press.
Vlinard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget   in
Filling a Long Felt Want.
"Thinking clubs" are being organized in Springfield, Mass. it is a
movement representing a wholesale
reaction. There are altogether too
many talking clubs and too few thinking clubs, in the Spiingfield club
the thinkers think out loud, hut
their thoughts never get into the
newspapeis, which, vve fear, will
make them unpopular with many persons of light and lending who see
110 good iu anything which doesn.'l
lead to publicity. For them the old
life is true. "Thinking is but an
idle waste of thought," und they do
not waste much of it. There are 11
number of Massachusetts citizens und
imti-Ittipernlists who would look interesting playing a thinking part.    A
'thinking club" is just the place for
hem.���New  York Tribune.
Help your children to grow strong
and robust by counteracting anything
that causes ill-health. One great
caus:i of di;e:!S3 in children is worms.
Rem-.,ve them with Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator.    It never fails.
World's  Longest   Railway.
The railway which crosses Siberia
ib by far the longest in the world.
The tremendous distances traveled
and the religious character of the
people through which it runs demands carriages for Divine service.
These are fitted up inside like a
church, and they serve not only for
travellers by rail, but for periodical
worship by the inhabitants of remote
villages on the great plains.
Beware  of   Ointment!  for  Oatarrh   that
Oontaln Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles should
never be used except on prescriptions
from reputable physicians, as the damage they will d< is ten fold to the good
you can possibly derive fro. 1 them.
Hall's Catarrh Oure, manufactured by F.
J. Cheney it Co.. Toledo, Ohio., contains
no mercury, ui! is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Oure be sure you get the
genuine. It is tak.n internally and
made in Toledo, ��1 lo. bj P. J. Cheney
4  Co.    Testimonials  free.
Sold  by   Druggists.    Price, 75c  per  but
Take  Hall's Family  Pills for constipa
A Question.
"My wife thinks she w'll never
hnd a belter colic than the one we
now have." "Hump���ub���er���sny,
what would you call your wife, a
neftimist or an optimist!'" ��� Cleveland Press.
The parson's wife had sent nn order for a leg of mutton, and received
in reply the following note: "Dear
Madam: I have not killed myseli
this week, but can get a leg of my
brother if that will do. Your affectionate butcher, John Smith."���Indianapolis News.
Baby Humors. ��� Dr. Agnew'a Ointment
soothes, quiets, and effects quick and effective cures in all skin eruptions common to baby during teething time. It
it harmless to the hair in caseB of Scald
Head, and cures Eczema, Salt Rheum and
all Skin Diseases of older people. 35
cents.   55
A Te:t  of Sanity
In LnoB, an undeveloped region of
French Indo-China, there is something out of the way in the shape
of the village of lunatics. The most
common form of madness there is
belief among the lunatics that buffaloes are inside them. When these
madmen get too troublespme they
are at once removed to the village.
But previously they are tested for
madness by 'being bound hand and
foot and thrown into a river. If they
manage to swim that is a sign of
their being of sound mind. If they
sink to the bottom, as is most often
the ease, isolation in the village is
tlie sentence���in the event of their
being rescued alive.���South China
Canary Nursery.
Germany carries on a large trade
in the export of canaries. Every
year she sonds no fewer than 130,000
"of these birds to America, 3,000 to
England, and about 2,000 to Russia.
The great nursery for breeding of
canaries is the Harz Mountains.
Many of the pesasants are engaged in
the work of rearing the birds, und
receive wages of from ��10 to ��25 a
year for their trouble���an important
addition to their earnings. Many
canaries come also from the Black
Forest, but they do not fetch such
high prices as the Harz birds, not
being considered such good songsters.
Thomas Eedshaw, a young miner
from Newcastle, was shot and instantly killed by John De Winter, a lifo-
long friend, with whom ho was hunting on Lake Washington, near Seattle..
The Loudon and Southwestern Kail-
way company, owneis of the Southampton docks, are planning a new
dock cupable of aocommodaling at
sny stage of the tide tho largest hilars  afloat or planned.
Before you get
garments   all
the shrink
is   t&kenj
,  Pert-
^keeps you com-
Ffy as well as
_'warm,because the \
'short fibres that  ,
1 make some under-
\wear itch are taken"
out of  Pen-
Angle wool.'
motet��� ���
Trade tprK
In a variety oi fabrics, styles and prices,
tn, all sizes (or women, men ana
children,   and guaranteed by  your own dealer.
iomething    New    and    is    Delighted.
Feels Like a Boy.
Mr. M. N. Dafoe,
29 Colborne St.,
Toronto,   says:
"1 have been a
sufferer from dyspepsia for years. I
have been treated
by doctors and have
taken many medicines with only
temporary relief.
Since using Di.
Leonhardt's Anti-
Pill I can eat anything the same as
when a boy. I find
they regulate both
stomach and bowels. My old time
vigor has returned, so that my spirits
are buoyant and temper normal. I give
all credit to this wonderful remedy���
Dr. Leonhardt's Anti-Pill."
All dealers or The Wilson-Fyle Co..
Limited, Niagara Falls, Ont. G01
How   'Mil*   llc-licic.iN   unci   Rxpenalve
Perfume   lis   Made.
The word "attar" Is from the Arab
"Itr" and means perfume. So attar of
roses Is simply perfume of roses. It is
brought from Turkey antl the East Indies In sintill vials anil is very costly.
Eveu ou the spot where It Is manufactured It Is extremely dear, because It
requires 100,000 well grown roses to
yield but 18:1 grains ot attar.
Its high price causes It to be often
adulterated with some essential or Used oil or with spermaceU. However,
the adulteration tuny be detected by,
testing It In 11 watch glass with a drop
of sulphuric Held. It' the attar be pure
it will remain colorless, for pure attar
of roses Is colorless, but If It be adulterated It will become darkened.
In rose fields, where the roses are
grown for the purpose of making the
attar, the buslirs are planted In rows.
In the early morning they are laden
with beautiful roses, but ere noon
comes tbey nre nil gathered and their
petals distilled In clay stills, with twice
their weight of water.
The water thnt "comes over" Is put
Into perfectly clean vessels and Is then
carefully covered with damp muslin
clothes to keep out dust and Insects. It
Is afterward exposed to the night air
or to artificial cold. By morulng a
film Is swept off with a feather and
very carefully transferred to a small
vlal. Night after night this process Is
repeated until all of the precious oil Is
separated from the water.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form ot contagious Itch on hum
an ar animals cured in 30 minutes b;
Woltord's Sanitary Lotion.
The Financial News says the engineers constructing the Victoria Falls
electrical enterprise will derive much
assistance from studying the experiments that recently crowned with
succtss the harnessing of Niagara
"Could you do the landlord in Tlie
Lady of Lyons ?" asked the manager
of  a  seedy  actor.
"Well, i should think I might; 1
have done n good many landlords."
Bright's Disease��� Insidious I deceptive!
relentless! has foiled hundreds of trine
by medical science to stem the tide ot
its ravages���and not until South Amen
can Kidney Cure proved lieyonel a cloulil
its power to turn back the tide, wan
there a tjleam of anything but despoil
for the victim of this dreacl form of kid
uey   disease*���54
A  Business'  Man.
"The nose is a powerful factor in
the selection of flowers," said the proprietor of a Broad Street flower Stand,
quoted in the Philadelphia Re: 01 d.
"I keep the doors of this glafs cas?
open in all kinds of weather. T want
possible customers to catch a whiff
of the fragrance. Most people buy
flowers for the smell instead of the
looks. They will pass a shut-in flower stand day after clay and never
think of buying anything', but just
let them get the odor of some favorite flower, und tliey will go home
carrying a bouquet ns big as your
The Britisli battleship Drendnaught
is about to take a cruise across the
Atlantic, which will take her to West
Indian waters at about the time Rcar-
Admiral-Evans' squadron would be in
the same vicinity.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper
To  be   Expected.
"How are the buckwheat cakes this
morning ?"  asked  the  landlady.
"Not   any  too  good,"   replied    the
grouchy  boarder.    "Tbey  taste  flat."
'"Taste flat!" siiapp d the landlady.
"They are flat. Do you expect
we're going to make them look like
cream  puffs '���"���Cleveland  Press.
A country bndce ov^r tho Santa
Ynez river near Lompoe, Col., went
down, carrying twenty persons into
tbe river. Two p.-ople weie drowned
and several injured, but not fatally...
Annie Little, the eldest daughter of
Samuel Little, of 'Hamilton township,
died at Poterbotough of burns she
received at her home a month ago.
When the
Hair Falls
Stop It! And why not? Falling hair is a disease, a regular
disease; and Ayer's Hair Vigor,
as made from our new improved formula, quickly and
completely destroys chat disease. The hair stops falling
out, grows more rapidly, and
all dandruff disappears.
Does not change the color of the hair.
Formula with eaoh bottle
Show it to your
Aak him about It,
thon do m ho aaya
The little book in each package gives
tbe formula of our new Hair Vigor, tells
why each ingredient is used, and explains many other interesting things.
After reading you will know why this new
hair preparation does its work so well.
.  ������ Mae's bj Use J. O. Aver O*., Lowell. Mass.���-
Mr. M. N. Dafoe
Men Who Were YoecieK In Years, but
Old  In  Hours).
Davy made bis epochal experiment
of melting Ice by friction when but
twenty. Yottug was no older when he
made his first communication to the
Royal society and was In his twenty-
seveutb year when he first actively
espoused the undulatory theory. Fres-
nel was twenty-six when he made tils
first important discoveries In the same
Held, und Arago, who at once became
his champion, was then but two years
his senior.
Forbes was under thirty when be discovered the polarization of heat, which
pointed the way to Mohr, then thirty-one, to the mechanical equivalent.
Joule was twenty-two In 1840, when
his great work was begun, and Mayer,
whose discoveries date from the same
year, was then twenty-six, which was
also the age of Helmboltz when he
published his Independent discovery
of the same law. William Thomson
was a youth just past his majority
when he came to the aid of Joule before the British society and but seven
years older when he formulated his
own doctrine of dissipation of energy.
And Clausing and Rankine, who art
usually mentioned with Thomson al
the great developers of thermo-dy-
namlcs, were both far advanced with
their novel studies before they were
thirty. We may well agree with the
father of Inductive science that "the
man who Is young In years may be
old In hours."���Exchange.
Why Tailors Like Kings.
King Edward's tailors huve a standing o.der to provide him with about
10u suits a yeur, exclusive of military
uniforms and court costumes. These
suits cost between $50 and $100 each.
There is only one other man in the
world���tlie German emperor���who possesses more uniforms than King Edward, 'tlie kaiser's outtit, it is said,
includes 2,000 of them, liut tlie kaiser
tleiignts in donning gorgeous costumes. King lidward wears tliem
oniy when necessary. He is, however, most particular about tne ol-
liciui part 01 his outfit. He bus an
unvenlory made oiicc u month of his
uniforms in stock, uccompunied by a
careluliy prepared statement of tneir
condition. Tliey are never allowed to
get shabby. The slightst blemish on
a uniform condemns it, and it becomes the perquisite 01 tlie superintendent of tnu wardrobe. The statement made that he never wears the
same suit is erroneous. He does make
it a rule, however, never to wear
the same suit twice on consecutive
Archdeacon Lloyd-of Saskatchewan
addressed the British Women's Immigration association on behalf of a
scheme for sending o.it fifty-five lay
workers  to  the  diocese.
i. When a Horse Gets Hurt
Fellows' Leaning's
But don't wait until an animal Is
Injured. GET IT NOW���and you
have the remedy that CURES all
lameness iu horses.
If your dealer doe* not  handle
it, send 50o. to
National Drug; & Chemical Co., Limited,
Just the Thing That's Wanted.���A
pill that acts upon tlie stomach and
yet is so compounded that certain
ingredients of it preserve tlieir power
to act upon the intestinal canals, so
us to clear them of excreta, the retention nf which ciuiiiut but be hurtful, wub long looked for by the medical profession. It was found in
Parmelee's Bills, which are tlie result of much expert study, and are
scientifically prepaied us a laxative
and an alterative in one.
Carpenters of Cathay Will Compare
With Occidentals.
In judging tbe performance of th*
native Chinese workman It Is almost
Impossible to avoid the popular bias
that addictiou to their own methods
and tools Invariably bespeaks fatuous
conservatism. Though this Is In many
cases true, if "ill often be found on
careful obse. tu tbat what has passed for a stub .:i blindnesB to the virtue of innovation is In reality a keener
perception of comparative merits than
the judge himself was aware of.
This Is particularly true of Chinese
carpenters. While most of their commonest tools differ in some radical
way from our own, It Is never safe to
assume the superiority of tbe western
product. Their small ax, for example,
Is a beautifully balanced tool, and tbey
are remarkably adept In tha use of It,
being able to work as true a surface
therewith as can be obtained with an
adz In the hands of the white man.
On heavy work It Is customary for
two to hew together on opposite sides,
striking alternate blows. Both hands
are used, and the recover Is over the
shoulder, alternate right and left
There is a freedom of swing with an
accuracy of delivery that Is a treat to
watch, aud the rapidity of blows Is almost bewildering.
Brief Description of the Normal Schoo
Buildings Soon to Be Erected By
the   Ontario  Government.
The following is a brief description
of the Normal .School buildings to be
erected by the Ontario Government in
Peterboro', Stratford and Nortl
Bay: ���
The building will be four stories In
height. Including the basement, The
design is in the siyle of lhe Italian Re
nalssance, with a central tower in the
front facade, surmounted by a cupola
being 108 feet in height from the-
ground to top of cupola, the main entrance being at the si^e of the lower
with an imposing portico of stone.
The basement to the top of plinth
will be faced with stone. From this
Hue to the main cornice will be In
brickwork, with stone string courses
capitals, etc., with sufficient enrich
ments to give relief to the archltec
tural lines, and when completed the
composition will give an ornate anc
substantial appearance.
The plans have been prepared bj
the Public Works Department, froir
the designs of Mr. F. R. Heakes, tbe
Provincial   Government   Architect.
The outside dimensions on tht
ground line aie 78 feet frontage, b>
10S feet In depth. In the basement art
located the heating and veatilatins
apparatus, three rooms for manua'
training, a gymnasium, janitor's room
and men's toilet room.
The ground Boor Is approached bj
the main entrance In front for the pub
lie and teachers, and an entrance at
each side for the students, leading tc
a wide hall, extending through the
centre of the building, with two spac
ious staircases leading to the up;iei
floors. There will be upon this nooi
three class-rooms, a library and read
Ing-room, a room for the Principal, ai
office for the Secretary and two cloak
On the first floor are located twe
class-rooms, a lecture-room, chemlca
laboratory, apparatus room, teachers
rooms, ladles' toilet rooms and twe
The third floor consists of an assem
lily hall with a seating capacity for five
hundred persons, with ample exits a'
each end, an art room and two ruoim
for the Instruction of domestic science
The Great Bastard.
The great bustard (Otis tarda), a bird
still found In tbe southern provinces of
Russia, Is the heaviest European fowl.
In size It exceeds the Norwegian blackcock. The old males attaiu a weight of
thirty-five pounds, and where food is
plentiful specimens weighing thirty-
eight pounds and even forty pounds
have been captured. These birds have
disappeared from western Europe,
where once they were almost as numerous us partridges, and are seen only In
small flocks In the sand hills skirting
the lower valley of the Dnieper and
here and there along the north coast of
the Cuspian. The hen lays eggs as big
as ordinary pears. A larger and heavier bird, the cassowary, is Incapable of
flight, but It can kick with ths
strength of a mule and uses the sharp,
bony quills of Its wings as a cock uses
his spurs.
Granted  In   Aelrnnoe.
The young doctor who bad lately settled in Shruhvllle had ample opportunities to learn humility If nothing else
In his chosen field. One day be waa
balled by an elderly man, who requested him to step In and see his
wife, who was ailing. At the close of
his visit the young doctor asked for a
private word with the man.
"Vour wife's case Is somewhat complicated," he said, "and with your permission I should like to call the Brook*
field physician In consultation."
"Fermlsslon!" echoed tbe man indignantly. "I told her I knew she ought
to have a good doctor, but she was
afraid you'd be offended if she did."
Sbrlnklne* Cloud*.
As a. rule women dislike having to
shrink lineu and eotto' goods before
making them up. They anticipate con
slderable labor in having to iron the
material before it can be cut out, and
often it ends In the garments being
made without shrinking, which If
bound to result disastrously. If the
cottoa o>* linen, whichever It may be.
Is left In tbe original fo'ds and laid for
a few hours III a bathtub partly filled
with water, then the water carefully
squeezed, not wrung, out and hung
on a line to dry, it will not be necessary to Iron it. The material should be
frequently turn 3d, so that all parti
will dry alike
Saving tha Babies.
When Alderman Broadbent, a brother of the King's well-known physician, took office as Mayor of Huddors-
fleld, on November !), 1904, he offered
t.i give parents living in a specified
district of the city $5 for every child
born during his twelve months in office and which lived to the age of a
year. The result of the experiment was
announced, the second anniversary of
its inauguration. The rate of infant
mortality in the Longwood district of
Huddersfield, which is the experimen*.
'.al area, had averaged 122 per thousand for the preceding ten years. The
period of the test proved somewhat
unfortunate. There were serious epidemics of whooping cough and meaB-
les, while the summer of 1908 was one
of the deadliest recorded. The first
baby to earn the gift was born on November 10, 1904, and the last on November 8, 1905. The mothers notified
the managing committee of the births
of these babies. No fewer than 107 received the gift. Four died .and one did
not claim the gift and its fate cannot
be learned. If, however, it is reckoned
as dead the average mortality works
out 44 per thousand ns compared with
tlie previous 122 per thousand.
Mr. Broadbent in announcing the
result at the Borough Council said
this reduction in the average to less
than one-half of what it had been was
astounding. His promise of the gift of
f) was intended as a stimulus to maternal affection, but to prove his desire to help mothers this was done
through a committee of volunteer women workers who undertook to advise
and assist the parents if they so desired. The babies belonged to all classes
and there was no discrimination. Some
lived in places which were hardly DeV
ter than slums.
You cannot bo happy while yon
iave corns. Then do not delay in
retting a bottle of Hollowny's Corn
Cure. It lemoves all kinds of corns
without pain. Failure with it is unknown.
The Gladsome Bella.
"Do you enjoy bearing the gladsome
Christmas bells?" we ask of our friend
who has retired from business pursuits.
"I did last year, and thnfs tUe
"They had a Joyous sound then?"
"I should say tbey had. They were
the fire bells, and my stock of unsold
but heavily insured Christmas staff
was burned."���Judge,
"Patradlae Loat."
Milton's "Paradise Lost" was commenced between 1639 and 1642 and
completed about the time of the "great
Are of London" In September, 1666.
Its author composed it In passages of
from ten to twenty lines at a time and
then dictated them to an amanuensis,
usually some attached friend. It was
first published In 1667 by one Samuel
Simmons, aud a second edition appeared In 1674. For these two editions
INfllton received ��10 and his widow
ES more.���London Graphic.
Over and  Above.
"Mother, does Dr. Smith wear bis
everyday clothes under that long white
gown wheu be preaches?" asked a little girl who bad seen tbe edge of the
minister's trousers under his robe.
"Yes, dear," was the reply.
"Well," she continued, "now I know
why It Is called a surplus."-
ii Marvellous and Triumphant Record
ef Victory Over Disease.
No medicine has ever effected as luge
1 number of wonderful and almost marvellous cures as Psychins. It has had one
continuous record of victories over diseas-
M of the throat, chest, lungi and itomaoh.
Where doctors have pronounced cases
incurable from consumption and ether
wasting diseases Psychine steps in and
rescues numbeiiess people even from the
very verge of the grave. Coughs, Colds,
Catarrh, Bronchitis, Chills, NightSweate,
U Grippe, Pneumonia, and other like
troubles, all ef which are forerunners of
Consumption, yield quickly to the curative powers of Psychine.
Mrs. Campbell, one of the many cured,
makes the following statement:
I oannot refneln from t-lllnjj all who niffw
7 2^I2""rk"w! '���i;?T*-rJ' with P��ychin*. In
April. im, I caught ��� heavy cold which aettleei
on my lung 1 and gradual)- led to oonaump��on.
I could not sltsp ni >ubt��ot to night aweata.
my lunga were ao dlieued, mr dootor considered
me Incurable1. key. Mr. Mahafir. Port Ilgln
freebytcrlan Church, recommended Dr. Slooum't
Piychine to me, when 1 wu living la Ontario.
After uelng Psychine for a ihert Ume I ate aad
slept well, the night sweat- and cough ceaaed.
Months ago I stopped taking Psychine, aa I wu
perfectly restored to health and to-day I never
felt better In my life. Psychine has been a godsend to me. llaa. ANDaaw C.*ra-ix.
Cottonweod, H.W.T.
PSYCHINE never disappoints.
PSYCHINE has no substitute.
Ther* is no other medicine "Just as
At all dealers, 30c, and $1.00 per battle.
II net write to
IR. T.��. JtOCtlM, tlmltad, Ul Ktof St W��� TMMTO
Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a sura
and permanent cure fcr Rheumatism
���right's Disease, Pain In the lack and*
all forms of Kidney Troublt.   25c per
box, at all dealers.	
can I ever do my work
when my muscles are cell
inflamecf with Bheunutlsm?
Rubbed on Briskly
will remove the Inflammation, limber up tbe
muscles, and make you good as new.
3*>c, three times as much fiOc.   Alt dealers.
I. S. JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mass.
W.     N.     U.     No.  621 i
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,000,000.
BEST. $11,000,000
��� UNDIVIDED PROFITS, $159,831.84
��� President���Lord Stbatiicona and Mount Royal.
J Vice-President���Hon. Gkobob A. Dbijmmond.
��� General Manager���E. S. Cloubton.
��� Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
��� A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan fllMntno TRevtew.
Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.    No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rates :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $13.00
"     for Crown Grunts     -   -    7.50
ii     ii Purchase of Land   -    7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will be charged for at tho rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.    No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor anil Publisher.
Town Council
The Town Council met in the City
Hall on Monday, the 38th inst, the
newly elected Mayor (J. It. Cameron)
occupying the chair. The aldermen
present were Messrs. Waite, Bennett,
Gemini and 8. J- Towgood. When the
Mayor tool; his seat, the City Clerk in a
flattering speech congratulated Mr.
Cameron on his ascess on to the highest
seat of honor in which the citizens
could instal him, and also eulogised Aid
S. J. Towgood on his advent into the
Council. The Mayor responded and
was followed with suitable remarks hy
Aid. Towgood. There was :i fair sprinkling of the general public present, who
interestedly witnessed the Council waelc
through its usual routine work.
Stipendiary magistrate E. M. Sandilands applied for a three months leave
of absence.���Granted.
The report of the Chief of Police for
December showed fine* and penalties
collected amounting lo $35 00.
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
described lands, situated in the Slocan
Division of West Kootenay District.
between Ten and Twelve Milo creeks
and about one half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. H. Corey's S.E. corner post, thence
Nortli 20 chains along the line of Lot
102:1, thence West 20 chairs, thence
Soulh 20 chains, thence East 20 chains
to point of commencement, 40 acres
more or less.
Located 22nd dav of December 11)06.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase
tlie following described lands situated
in the Slocan Division of West Kootenay District between Ten and Tweivc
Mile Creeks nnd about ono half mile
from Slocan Lake, commencing at a
post marked J. II. Corey's N.W. corner poet, thence 40 chaitiB South along
tlie line of Lot 1031, thence 40 chains
east, thence 40 chains north, thence 40
chains west, to pointof commencement,
160 acres more or less.
Located December 22nd, 1906.
8 1 07 Locator.
Zhe Slocan Ibotel
��bree fovhs,
Headquarters for Minin g Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar aud Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
For Sale Cheap.
A SO-Egg Chatham Ineiiliator
anil Brooder Id Pei feet
Apply at the Review Office.
The Scavenging Department reported
$22.50 for December
collection ol $2ii.00 for November and
Iloth reports were accepted and filed,
It wns moved, seconded and carried
that Aid. Geo. Waite and James Wood
be recommended to his honor the
Lientenant-Governor-in-Council for appointment as member- of tho Board cf
License Commissioner!,
It wa9 also moved, seconded and
carried that Aid. Gomm and E. A.
Cameron bo recommended for appointment us Police Commissioners.
A lengthy discussion took place ns to
the desirability of decreasing the Clerks
salary for the forthcoming year, and it
was ultimately agreed to allow the
matter to stand over until the next
meeting of tbe Council, when an effort
would he made to have a full board
This concluded the business and the
Council adjourned.
Notice in hereby given that CO days
from date, I intend to apply lo the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
"Works, at Victoria, B.C., for permission
to purchase the following described
lands situated in the Slocan Division of
West Kootenay District and about 8
miles south-easterly from Silverton, B.C. j
and adjoining l'\ J. O'Reilly's land pur-
chase on bis South side; commencing
at a post marked C. Brand S.W. corner
thence east 40 chains, thence north
40 chaiiiB more or less to tbe soulh boundary of F. J. O'Reilly's land purchase
thence west along said boundary 40
chains, thence south to .point of com-
mencemei t, containing about 1(30 acres.
Located 88rd Jan. 1907. o>branDi
Whereas at the Lust Chance aud Surprise mines, Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to the exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, he it resolved that this
organization, Sandon Minors' union No.
81 of the W.F, of M. reaffirming its opposition to tlie employment of Orientals
within  its   jurisdiction,   strongly   condemns tlie position taken by the management of the properties in question,
and counsels working 111011 everywhere
and  those  favorably   disposed  towards
organized labor to be governed by this
'  A. SHILLAND. Secretary.
Sltnerton, 36.��.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public* Miners and Mining-
Men to be the Best Hotel in
tlie Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IR. ffl\ Spenceif �� prop
Just   Arrived
We Will Sell at
provincial Hssa\>er
anb (Bbemist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each,
Silver wilh Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, $1.50 each.
Zinc,  Antlmonv,    Sulphur,   Gold aud
Silver, $3.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc:
and Silver, $2 50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   H-8.00
Hold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron. $1.00
For Prospectors Mineriilo.'ienl Examination, nud all values indicated, Jl',00
Special Rates for Wine and Mill Work.
Reduced Prices
At Coat
Bovell's Syrup
Is made from the simple old   fashioned remedies your grandmother used.    Il Is safe  touse for both young and old.
At the same time it is EFFECTIVE AGAINST
THE cough that La Grippe
leaves with you.
Atherton sells it in Sandon.
CeHelsons Drug Store
'Phone 10, NEW DENVER.
\AAAAJb A ���
Go to Wilson's for
Heavy Goods,
, Flour,   Hay,    Oats,
1,   Vegetables,
1, Steel, etc.
Sandon Cartage
-- I
Orders receive prompt and careful
Certificate of Improvements.
"Chicago Frnrtlonal" aud "Pullman Fractional" mineral Claim I, ultuato in the
Bio can Mining Division of West Kootei.ny
district. Where locatod:���On Cody Creek
elope of "Freddie Leo" mountain.
Take notice that I, A. B. Pock mender, as
agent for Crank P, O'Neill, free miner'! corticate 1N0. li 78080, intend, 00 days from tho date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder lor a
Certificate of improvements for tne purpoie
of obtaining a Crown Grant Of tho above claim h
And further uke notice that nntion, under
teotion 37, mint be commenced before iho is��u-
ance of such Certificate! of linpiovemeuti.
Dated thib 10th day of November, A. D 19C8.
Ibotel .:
7THIS Well Known
Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
fstlvetton * B.C.
If you receive
this paper it is an
invitation to you to
Send in your sub
To Michael Penrose, or  to whomsoever
lie may hove transferred his interest
in Hie "Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    Minuted    near   McGnican,
located the 3rd day of October, 1900,
recorded the 17th dav of October,
1000, in the Slocan Mining Divieion
of West Kootenay District.
You  are hereby notified that I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cale of this notice yon fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of theabove-
mentioned sum, together with- all costs
nf advertising, your interest, in the said
rlaiiii will become the  property of the.
undersigned, tinder   section   4 of   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.     '
Dated  at Sandon, this 27th day of
November, 1906.
For Sale.
Sandon. Adjoining Clifton House.
Building is 40 x 28, Lot extends
from Reco Avenue to Main Street.
Apply to���
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.   Quiet Home.    Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Address All Communications to
Mrs. J. F.  DELANEY.
Application to Purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to mako application
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purebate
the following described lands in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a
post marked V.H. Bartlott's S.E. corner
post, situate near the S.W. corner of K.
J. O'Ueilly's Lund Purchase, about
three miles S.E. from Silverton; thence
west 20 chains, along M ill's nortli line;
thence north 00 chains; thence oast 20
chains; thence south CO chains lo the
point begun at, containing 120 acres
moro or less. F. II. BART LETT.
Silverton B.C.,-Dec. 22, 19U6.
27 12 06
Review Job Printing
************************* >*********���**+***************
i ftbe Sanbon Ibotel \
IRobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home,
Fully equipped for High-Class     J
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and ?
Splendid Cnisiue Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Cboicest Xiquors, Mines ano Cigars.
f*++*+* **+*++***++*+*+*** ^.+*++**+******* +***+****++
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
quality of tlie "shots" at this famous saloon.
The very choicest liquors, Wines aud Cigars
always on hand.     ::    An excellent Pool Table.
���:������;������*���   VH) ���* *"* ���*< -J**!***".' *����� *i> *i-'i- ���t'-i- *J**i*-**i* ******��**��� ���*���<" ;I*
Is the standard for Excellence iu
Why use inferior goods when   "Quaker" i
can be bought for same money ? J
Say I    Give Quaker Peas, Corn aud |
Golden Wax Beans only a trial.     If you %
do  you  will   always   buy them.        Full *
supply always on hand. |
a n
Virginian Block, Sandon
.;.*4^*hH-*<^**'M^.>*.j��^*����Mh*. Mb +***^i,,t4+*}+Q+4r*.***&Mi**'-
-jy^Mu^l, i;,-c^*ar^g^��A*-.rt* p;jyi3��=3^=r-l
There is no better house in the Kootenays for
the Mining Man to make his Headquarter*.
Visitors will fiml an up-to-date stylo of doing
business, and the Barkcops are artists in their
The Finest Wines aud Liquors and Choicest Brauds of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery*
SflSes Suppli
Fresh Groceries
Tn Adjoining Premises.
No. 8l,      \V, P. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30
p. m. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A, Shllland, Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 8s3-
Meets in Fratenity Hall tho last Monday evening of every montli.
J. B. Cambhon, W. President.
J. G. Potter, Wv Secretary.
Send in your sub.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Heabquarters for flDtntng ano GravelllnG fl>en
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms large, Clean anb &oe$;
& William Bennett &
��� *+*+^************+****<r* ***********+*********+***>*
i J. R. Cameron' i
t   �����' ���
The Kootenay Tailor
% *>**>*****>****>*>*****>**>+*>*>**> ***>*>*****<��*0*4<r**<X>+*'>**QZ
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family aud Hotel Trade
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon fllMneus' Zttnfon Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Rales by Subscrip'ion JJ1.00 per month. Non-sub-erlberB $2X0 per rliem.
 Hospital SinfT	
HARRY DREYER. - -     WM. E. GOMM.-M. D.
Address Communications To Tlie Secretary.
In ].
���^Mtmrn;rr -mew, ������MM l
Assayer  Notary Public  Conveyancing
poboxioI NEW DENVER, B.C
St. James' Hotel
New Oiiiver. B.C.
Visitors to Now Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to he thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked liar.
Excellent boating. Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No tnntlcr what hid occupation, may save
money by gelling hia
Shies Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
thi're is nothing belter
than tin* famous BAL
with 11 good, solid,
hand made bollom	
These shoes can only ho got by
leaving vour older wilh
P.   W. WARD
Shoemaker - Sandon
. A. M. Lowe
Fare and One Third for
Round Trip.
From    Revelstoke,    Fernie
and all intermediate and
branch line points.
On Sale
Feb, 11 to 16.
Feb. 18.
apply to local agent* or write lo
(t. T. MOIR, J-AS'IKiV
E. .1. Cori.i, J S. Cautkb,
Vancouver Nelson.
Visits Sandon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and Gerrard regularly.
Head Office: KASLO, B.C.
��. Wi. mibbomon
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, e��oh,$l 00
Gold-Silver..$1 SO     Silver-Lead. ."1.60
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. 2 50.
Prompt attention given to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon livo eamplee.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone AG7
���ffS the Headquarters for All
Miuiug Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout iu a
superb manner, it offers the j
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming <-ummer !
Fxcellent Boating, Fishing
and Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.
A. BRUDER Local Ag nt.   Tarcels left
Filbert Hotel reoeive prompt attention.
Sanson Xoo-ge,
No. 24.
K. of P.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 7.30 in Frnter-
Visiting Brethren  cordially
A. Shiu.axd, K of R. A S.
nity Hall.
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