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Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . J
-'"?*-   -."-������-!
.Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. 29.   Vol. I,
Departing Pastor Presented
With Gold Watch by
A largo gathering of citizens of all
denominations met at the Citv Hall,
Snndon, on Tuesday evening, to hold a
pocial in honor of tho Rev. \V\ G.
and Mrs. Brown, who wore leaving the
city the following day,
A very pleasing  program was arranged, which was a- follows:
Chorus: " Merrily goes our Bark,"
The Choir.
Solo, " My own Canadian Home,"
Ernest J. Atherton
Song, " Onlv a Picture Postcard,"
Win. Cliffe
Rending, "Longbody John,"
Mrs. Rutherford
Duet, " What are the Wild Waves
Saying," Mrs. Robin-on and W. Cliffe
Chorus, " God hlees our broad
Dominion" School Children
Duet : " Larboard Watch,"
J.J. and W. J. A thei ton
Lectuic, " Cheeses I liuvo met,"
Prof. P. W. Ward
Clnrus,       "Anchored,"    The Choir.
Mr. Goorgo Waite read a tonchi
address to Mr. and Airs,
which was expressed the feeling of griei
which pervaded ihe community at their
depart ure, and evasion was found to
express tho appreciation of Mr. Brown's
valued efforts in the district, A ham!���
some gold watch with his monogram
einhiissed thereon was then handed to
the rev. gentlemen, and Mrs. Brown
whs the recipient of a hcautuiil cut glues
Rev. Mr. Brown replied in a modest
���speech. In a voice quavering wilh
emotion he told of the great effort it
cost himself and wife lo have the mission, and how much he appreciated the
good [ruling ol his late congregation and
hi* other friends present.
Refreshments were then served, and
before the final adieus were taken, the
assembly heartily sang the hymn "God
he with you till we miet again."
the credulity of emigrant*, who somehow think it more respectable lo travel
in such company. There is precious
little originality in the average Englishman who crosses the Atlantic under
the "ing of " blood and fire." He
would follow the crowd anywhere.
The " pull " of the army does not
cease there. They have tlieir ambassadors in the stylo of " colonels " and
"majors" making arrangements with
our premiers of the west to dump these
iniiiiigiaiits into our towns and cities
for a certain consideration.
Tlie (11111 >��� in in the business for nil
there is in it, and consequently they
Inaugurate a comprehensive scheme of
advertising. But do they intend to pay
for such ad vol Using ? Not on your
tintype! We, in common with oveiy
newspaper in the province, last week received an " ad." from the " army "
which those financial geniuses wanted
us to insert on the " Never."
We notice by our exchanges that
many of the editors have inserted the
advert. " in the sweet cause of charity,"
but there is one sucker working at low
pressure in a high altitude who is not
nibbling at that kind of bait���juBt now.
SANDON, British Colunjbia. Thursday, Mar. 14, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Ore Samples May Now Be
Sent to Tlie "Review"
For Ideniificalion.
��� ���W-l^��l**!**M'+***<^**M*+'M*<^^*M*
i motes ano Comment. I
The prevailing dangerous apathy on
the part of the people of British Columbia will nssist in a measure tha aboliiion
of tho head tax on Chinese unle.-s
strong opposition is forthcoming speedily as an antidote to the petition now
being circulated hy lhe women of the
province with that object in view*. It
is all very w<-U to console ourselves with
the thought that- petitions are seldom
successful. They might not be successful i( promulgated in a small way, hut
it is absolutely certain that the legislature would he bound to consider a
mo'.stcr petition brought into the
House, and hence the dinger exia'a of
tlie now prohibitive head lax being repealed.-'We need only cite tho recent
enactment of the Sunday Observance
Bill to make our point the better under
stood. The Lord's Pay Alliance won
their memorable battle against Corporations, cliiiues, lobbyists and the arrayed opposition of the land simply ihr ugh
the medium of a gigantic petition.
Hundreds of 1 sts bearing thousands
upon thousands of signatures were uent
to tho I'roinior, and when they were
all in, a seven foot pile of petitions wnB
placed on the floor of the Commons
in front of the gubernatorial chair, Tho
demand was so imperative that members
had to to support the Bill or take
medicine from their constituents.
But here is somethingdiffeient. The
average Britisli Columbian dcBires that
tho Chinese tax remain imposed, and
yet his apathy in the matter at this
juncture will prove his own undoing
unless he speedily supplies an antidote
to the petition now going the rounds
which owes its origin to a syndicate of
Chinese employment contractors.
What the residents of the lake towns
should do, is to combine to take a fall
out of the p e.-ent depression. We can
with all truth wri'e there is not a more
favored, God-kissed section of the
continent than Slocan Lake���and vet
the world knows nothing of it. The
writer has roamed thousands of miles
i III search of adventure and beauty ep.ita
of bouiileuua nature, but never hns he
8| witnessed such incomparable grandeur
Lniwn 'nlug ,jl(, -Hrroiindlng vision. Fair Lake
Slocan! Your glories will he sounded
throughout the land and your contra
aliractors will sink in nothingness when
lhe world discovers you tome day; but
thai some day is fir distant unless tho
merchants m.d business men realize
Ihat the asset worth millions requires
nothing but a systematic boosting program. Wake up, Slocan, Silverton and
New Denver; you allow the rt)8t of the'
world lo walk over you. Business men
all, gut ti'g'tlrr nnd study your inter;
ests. If yiiu arc Stuck on tho present
comlilions, kcop along just as you are
going, and you will bo stuck in another
sense in a f.iw years hence���while the
remainder of the province is wal.owing
in clover.
Here is a unique incident the accuracy
of which is vouched for by Mr. S. J.
A few weeks ago Mrs. Towgood 1, st
a pearl from a necklet she w.is wearing.
A search high aiid low for the valuable
gem was unsuccessful, and thus ended
chapter one.
The second chapter discovers the
maid scattering ashes to the fowls for
them to exercise their scratching proclivities among. The only thing missing from the picture being the swine to
catch the pearl which was cast among
the ashes.
The final chapter opens with a breakfast scene. (Now you begin to Catch on ;
but dui'l bl ime us, as S. J. swears 'tis
true). Ohservo our Mend cracking the
top of a fresh boded e,rg. The " lid " is
conveyed to the mouth of expectant
bal'y, and the next moment the yolk
of the succulent ovo is being twirled
mound the tongue of pater. Suddenly
something like a pea strikes his molars
and , oh, well    now you have it as
we got it
It is naturally concluded that the
pearl waa swept up and thrown with
the ashes to the hens, and then gobbled
up by tho layer of tlie egg no.v under
discussion. But how it should go there
and not go to the gizzard we cannot
account for witli tho crude knowledge
we poss .'ss of a lien's internal machinery,
Our " devil," who bus a Sherlock
Holmes instinct for unravelling mysteries, was commissioned to hunt for a
clue. Herewith a report of his deductions:.
"Visited brewery ��� carload malting
bailey arrived month ago���malt thrown
to fowls���fowls felt good and' laid ' down
���follow up clue fin 1 trail fresh barley
on road from brewery, through town to
Towgood hen-house. Barley, barley,
everywhere. Moral: If you want hens
lo lay diamonds, don't feed 'em witli
PEARL Barley.
Tho Salvation Army is working a
graft which has got all of tho employment agancy Bchsmes faded to a farewell finish, It is generally supposed
that through tlieir charity shipload'of
Immigrants are being brought over from
the old sod, but it is far from being the
case. The "army" has established a
shipping agent's business ill London
which can give cards and spades to its
older rivals, Canada is being boomed
in England, and thousands aro coming
" to the land of the free and the bounding buffalo " to start in the millioiiiiiic
husineFB, but they get no monetary
assistance for transit from tho "army,"
as it is popularly supposed tliey do,
Thoro are philanthropic! institutions iii
tin old country which are doing noble
work by assisting families worthy of
their assistance to emigrate, but the
army is not in the business for that kind
o' fun. As shipping agenti they obtain
a big bonus from the sleainship cotn-
ttiii.Hi avtho " arm.v " they appeal to
There are a few merry souls around
tho burg who seldom bother "the
printer*," but as Boon as they look upon
the red eye they experience a mortal
dread lest-we mention sueh Interesting
item in our society column. Look well,
wouldn't it, trotting out something like
Hell Fire Smith came down from the
Wildcat group on Monday. He has
been on a drunk ever since. Ho blew
his wad in by Tuesday nicht, aud is
imw bumming and bulling iu.
Ted Carroll has had a steady jag for
three weeks. He owes us *f2, and the
Lord knows when we'll get it. Wo shall
keep this paragraph standing until he
sobers up. It will save ns lhe trouble
ol setting it up weekly for the next two
Otlo Jonson went into the hospital
last Sunday after a protracted eaioufio
around tbe saloons. Ho died the same
night. Wc draw iliealtenlioii of friends
of the decbasi d to our charges: Obituary
notice ford.t. e*ill" gratis; sending him
to heaven, 55; pneumonia wheeze, $20;
temperance Jolt, >,o; our ex'.ra special
guaiaiiUcd-tenr producing wiiid-up re
the saintly lilt* he lid, $16.
The Review haB made an arrangement
regarding the identification of minerals
for subscribers, which we trust will
prove of use and interest, and thai it
will be freely taken advantage of bv prospectors, and by people Connected with
mining or metallurgy wherever this
paper circulates,
Mr. J. J. Fingland, assayer and chemist, has undertaken for us to classify,
and as far as possible valiuite, any mineral or rock specimens we may furnish
liint* Mr. Fingland holds certificates
from the West of Scotland Technical
College for geology, mineralogy and
mining, and his practical experience
includes an extended and valuable research among tho ores and rocks of this
mining division. He also occupied the
position of a-snyer at tiio Brockman
concentrator, Roseherry, B.C., for some
time, and he left that p ���aition to commence busiijeis on his own behalf at
Sandon, having succeeded to the business of F. If. Hawkins.
Any person is welcome to utilize lhe
privilege whii h we have announced and
to forward specimens for identification,
and this and oilier pertinent iufo'ina-
tiou will be published in tin* Review us
eoon as possible afler the receipt of the
As a ru'c mineral specimens can best
be forwarded to thou* destination by
mail at a reduced rule of postage: Sometimes it is necess.iry ti send mcli
material by express In even- case all
charges hiust be prepaid, and the package addressed to the " Raviiw, Sandon,
B.C." All "kinds,of rocks and ore are
invited to h.- supplied and answers will
appear in the paper attached* to lhe
initials of Oll-rospondunta names. These
answers will include a ceilaiu amoiini
of advice as lo the necessary conditions
for profitable working of different ores,
the character and extent of the market
for same. a:,d other genera! Information
which will help to bring about the development ot deserving ore deposits.
or Special Value lo intending Investors,
���.��<.�������*> .���ii4..ti'H.-ii..t..>.tii>����*M'*��**
$ Xocal anb General.
*   Plckerl up by Butting in Everywhere.    4.
A Spokane paper published tho report
a few days ago that the Rambler-
Cariboo had been purchased by the
Consolidated Mining nnd Smelting Co.
Upon enquiry we learn there is no truth
to lhe report.
W. S. Corn, a touriBt from Bay City,
Oregon, anxious to see a real live mining camp, paid a visit to Sandon on
Tuesday. He wus obsei ved to Bigh aa
he boarded tbe first outgoing train.
Two cars, of ore were shipped from
the.Sunset over the K. & S. to Trail
this week.
W. W. Baer, a writer who has filled
the editorial chair of the Nelson Daily
Canadian tincc iis inception in a manner which redounds to bis credit, hns
accented a position o'* the editorial staff
ol the Victoria Colonist R. J.Clark,
who lias occupied the post ot loenl
'editor, has been promoted to tbo editorship ot the Cnnndiaii. Tho Review congratulates Mr. Clark on his promotion,
and we have every confidence in his
ability to successfully pilot The Canadian on its voyage of journalistic use-
The Last Chance shipped four cars
of ore to Trail lust week, 'lhe old mine
it looking belter now lhan it lias done
for years.
Two care of ore were shipped from
the Colonial last week.
J. M. Harris left for Spokane on
Sunday, Ho has been a resident in
town during the progress of the tett
work in the Harris-White case. He
expects to return about lhe 24th inst.
wiih expert Sir.er.
D. Tuomey has returned from a rough
trip to Wilson creek.
F.i F. Licbm:her, the man who (its
you, was up from Silverton on Monday,
Geo. Hi Noble, representing Brad*
street's Mercantile Agency, was enc-ufr*
ing into the financial standing of our
merchants this week. He is out oil his
semi-annual lour ol the piovince.
Sav, boys; don't you feel a little bit
sore with yourselves for allowinglicorge
Moir lo pull out minus a reciprocation
of a tend-off audi as he always wns a
mainstay of. Moir ie ono of trie best.
He ia a man who stands ior right ull the
time, and has the courage of his convictions. He tvas a splendid cltiaon, a
fact which Phoenix will soon find out.
Wo shall ail of us mits George Moir.
Don't forget'tke Hospital Ball.
W. J. Macdonald, our universal provider, took iu the Lucerne on  Monday.
The railroarl .o Cody is open once
again, and the.regular service has been
Eobt. Cunning is home again after a
visi*, to Spokare.   We are pleased to report that it had not been necessary for   nnnn,,f ftf    lit     tl    In/rlllc!   Tt!
him to Buffer   tho  amputation  of  his j AI4MI Ul     W.   I\.  lllglUliJ IS
wounded finger.
The family of .T. S. Macdonald, onr
new C.P.R. station agent, have arrived
from Lardo.
A dead hear was found on premises
adjacent to lhe Kootenay Hotel this
Jack MacTii'ies, F,d, Bloomficld and
Roy McLnndoia loft on Sunday f r
Aigenta to go to work at the Argent a
Tom McAllister was down from Cody
on Tuesday night, for the first tunc since
his recent illness, and received the congratulations of his friends. It will be
month?, however, before lie regains the
us-* of his injuied eye.
G. T. Moir and family left, on Saturday's express for Phoenix. There were
a large number of friends on the depot
to bid them " good-by."
The ninth annual Grand Ball of the
Miners' Union Hospital will be held in
the auditorium of the Opera House on
Monday, the 18th inst. A special effort
is being made to make this the grandest
ball of the season. Tickets are now on
sale, and can be had from the secretary
of the M.U. or any of the committee.
The admission will be l?2, which also in-
rludes supper. The management committee nre Messrs. J. Mi'Isane, L. R.
Mclnnis, G. Hjppe, S. Langille, and P.
W. Ward. Blmkin'e famous orche-trs
has been engaged to supply the music.
King Edward opened tho English
parliament, pays a dispatch. It does
not st ite what his openers were.���Movie
Full house, Jacks up, stupid I
Colin ,1. Campbell, lhe No
assayer, whoso valuable ontfit was destroyed in the recent fire In that town,
has d ci'led not to set up again until the
district picks up. His energies will be
devoted honcefortli to the Water and
Lightt'o.'s biiaiii'ss nnl poultry raising
on the Bide. Mr. Campbell lias the
fuiiBt poultry ranch in the Slocan.
J. M. Harris h*.is some cottages which
he will rent or sell at a very low figure.
Our old citizen, Jimmy the Barber, is
Btill in the hospital. Although a great
lufforer his witty tongue vet whips off
many original squibs. .Jimmy hns been
on his back for four months.
Secretary Shilland and Win. Davidson returned Sunday from the M U.
Convention nt Rossland.
.' J. J. Fin gin nd, the Sandon assayer,
is a believer in the ellicacy of printer's
ink. Although established in his new
quarters hut a short time he has already
demonstrated his great capacity for
meeting the requirements of the surrounding country, nnd assays are arriving from far and near. His plant is the
most complete and modern one in tho
Kootenays, and in his profession he
ranks second to none.
Everybody will be at the Ball Monday
A. Ericksori loft New Denver for
Whitewater with bis family ou Mondays
He is going to tho mines.
The Kootenaian says the vanguard of
tourists has arrived at Kaslo. Isn't it
rut her early in the season for bug.*.
We ure plensed to observe thnt flre-
ndjuster Hichnid*on has cheated the
undertaker, Ue was at the Lucerne
Inst  week straightening  out  cl-.ilma  of
burned out policy-holders in the recent
This apple-growing business has its
at tractions and merits, but for substantial returns and genuine stability
let us commend you to the Slocan
mining industry and its revival.
Pmv. Cunstable Black, the turnkey
at the Lucerne Sing Sing, paid the
camp a Hying visit on Monday night.
He left empty banded. His visit was
nnollicial. In his own language, he was
" just rubbering."
Stan. Langille hns gone to Whitewater to assist Logan McPheo with his
teaming contract. The Whitewater
and Whitewater Deep are turning out
more ore at present than one teamster
can handle.
The Hospital Ball next Monday.
The Great Northern steamer "International," plying on Kootenay lake between Kaslo unci Nelson, has once again
resumed a daily service. Up to Saturday, 16th iiiSt., the BChedule will he as
follows:. Leave Kaslo 6 a.m.; return*
Biimo day leaves Nelson 3 p.m. (Sundays
Dr. W. E. Gomm lias gone on a trip
to Spokane, to visit his mother and several mining experts there.
Jalland Broe. are selling a fine line of
men's furnishings al cost.
Over a foot of tho "beautiful" has
f.illen I his week,
S-rviees in tho Methodist church on
Sunday, conducted by the paetor.
fContinued from last week)
t'n tho west side of the tunnel at this
point a drift was pushed in 10 feet on a
tight fissure. The limestone in this
neighborhood is somewhat massive and
dark colored, while eighteen feet further in along the tunnel a very distinct
open fissure crosses, on the wallB of
which about an inch of caloite is found..
Tho space between the ciilcite on the
walls varies from one half lo two inches.
It is quite probablo that this is a post^
mineralization fissure. There ia no
change from this point until the main
Assure of the mine is intersected at 1180
feet from the tunnel portal, along which
the tunnel turns to the east and connects with the raise which passes up
���through the big ore chimney now
stored with broken ore, as previously
referred to. This main fissure has been
opened for about 15 feer eaat into the
slate footwall, on which tho raise waa
started, and, so far as I can determine,
it closely follows this slate footwall until the winze is reached. In the face of
tho east cross-cut in tho slato footwall
Denver j on No. 2, the fis*ure appears smnll and
tight, anh would scarcely he recognised
as the main fissure which passes ro
persistently through the sl.ilcs on tho
Safety tunnel horizon, In the westerly direction, however, the fissure is very
strong and lias been followed for a distance of 160 feet, for much of the way
through calcareous Blatc and bands of
impure limestone, ending in the typical
black Slocan elates, where the fissure is
again practically closed. Ore occurs for
a considerable distance between the
points indicated, but to be more precise, at the foot of the main raise on
the footwall there is three feet of very
fair blende next the fissure, with 5 feet
of rather light colored pyrites, associated with a little blende, followed by
strong developments of cnlcite which
continue southerly in the limestone to
the next fissure. A third parallel fissure, small and tight, occurs at the
bend of the level, along which no particular mineralization can be noted.
Passing westerly along the main fissure, tbe No. 3 tunnel was driven
through the fissure and extended on its
last course -10 feet beyond it, ending in
black Slocan slates, A raise was also
put up in (ho main fissure, at this place,
but was in no condition for examination. The oro in the fissure, however,
gives the same section as at the foot
wall raise, 3 feet of blende and about
5 feet of mixed pyrites and blende.
The pyrites appears rather massive,
nnd some of it. looks like pyrrbotite, but
on the whole, it Would make good concentrating ore. Continuing westward
along the main Assure, toward the hanging wall of the limestone zone, tho drift
passes mostly through slate from the
point of intersection of the main tunnel
lo the winze, though iri this slate there
are a few small beds of impure limestone. The left hand side of the drift
is deeply marked with striae, showing movement toward tho hanging wall
at about 40 degrees dip. Limestone
again occurs at tne winze for a width
of 15 feet, and Iri it there Is a very fair
development of pyrites, zinc blende and
galena, the blende being more abuudant
towards the hanging, and indeed extends
back along tho northern side of the drift
for 14 ft. from the winze, the blende be-
ingof the usnal high-grade character of
tho Lucky Jim ore. This winze has not
been unwatered siuco Mr. Hughes purchased the property, but he informed
mo the drift inside of the winze was
full uf good concentrating ore when he
took hold of the property and ho be-
lbves this ore wns taken out of the
winze, though it is just as likely to have
been obtained from the raise. The ore
(he staled) contained considerable gal-
tna and was a first class concentrating
ore. Beyond tho winzo the drift is entirely in slato, and  ends as  previously
noted, in dark Slocan slates, softer considerably than those passed through in
other portions of the tunnel. Returning to the main raUc on the foot wall,
it will be noted that the level after passing through lhe sheeted zone, previously described, makes a'southerly bend
and enters the slato. Passing onward
for considerable distance, the level
was very hurriedly examined and the
face found to he in Blato, but near the
face some impure limestone occurs.
A westerly cross cut passes through this
hand in the slate, and one to the cast
also ends in slate. One or two croos
li-sures occur in this drift, but no mineralization of moment was observed.
From one fissure quite a stream of water was issuing, giving a black deposit,
probably manganiferous.
While this drift south of tho main
fissure was not carefully examined, yet
the irregular occurence of the limestone
and the fact that No. 2 tunnel after intersecting tho main fissure, passed
through the limestone and into the
slate, that between this point and the
winze in the main fissure another alate
maasexiula, it becomes evident that the
limestone ia of irregular occurence and
ia probably best -understood, in part at
least, as an accretion or segregation of
limestone in the 6lates, the lurcer mass
following closely one particular stratum
of slate now represented as lhe footwall;
in this limestone segregation mineral
has been deposited in tho main fis-ures
of certain sheeted zones. The strike of
the limestone zone'at the surface can
be followed for about 250 feet, when it
passes under wash and debiis and is
lost from sight, but again crops on the
hill almost opposite tho portal of No. 2
tunnel east. Here an open cut whb
made and considerable lead and zinc
ore shipped therefrom. In the sides of
thia open cut three well pronounced fis
sures are observable, each one well mill
(Continued next week)
New Appointments.
The following announcements and
appointments were made in the Gazette
of a recent is-uo :
Police Commissioners���Sandon : Win
E, Gomm and E. A. Cameron.
Board of Licensing Commissioners���
Sandon : Geo. Waite and Jas. Wood.
License Commissioners��� Slocan License District: Joseph C. Harris, of New
Denver; Wm. F. Lawson, of Sandon ;
Daniel B. O'Neill, of Slocan. Chiel
License Inspector ��� Constable J. T.
Black, of New Denver.
To be Commissioners for taking Affidavits in the Supreme Court, for the
purpose of acting under the " Provincial Elections Act " in the Electoral
Districts in which they reside. Such
appointments will expire on the 8Ht
day of December, 1907.
Slocan Electoral District. ��� Robert
George Henderson and Cornelius Morgan liethingi of Slocan ; George Graham
and William Saulter, s.a. Slocan, Slocan ;
William Wilson, of Ottawa mine; Angus
Mc Vicar, James McVicar, James M.
Farrell, E. W. Ham, Charles 0. Rhodes,
Robert Ira Kirkwood, Robert Duncan
Kennedy and D. St. Denis, all ol
The Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
announce a new feature for the convenience of second-class passengers traveling, via the new Empresses from St.
John. On March 21st, April 4th, 18th,
and May 2nd, Tourist Sleeper will he
run from Montreal direct to the steamer
at St. John, berth rate $1.25. This
gives for the fnat time diiect through
tourist aleepcr service for passengers
making tho Atlantic trip. For reservation or furl hoi- particulars write J. 8.
Carter, D.P.A., Nelson, B.C.
��� A New Process of
|ne Smelting.
Will Revolutionize Existing
System and Be Savior
Of Our Zinc industry.
Special to the Review.
In recent advices from the old coun��-
try, wo have received details of a new
process of zinc smelting, Patent No.
24090, 1908. It possesses the great ad*
vantage over the ordinary process in tbe
fact that metallic zinc is recovered direct from sulphide ores, such aa we hava
in this country.
The process conajsts of heating a mixture of hlendo with metallic iron at a
temperature of 1000�� in an electric furnace, whereby the iron combines witli
the sulphur of the blende and pure zinc
is distilled off in the usual way.
This process has so many advantnges
over the present one in uso, that all
those interested in the zinc, industry of
B. 0. should at once test its practicability.
Amongst its advantages are the following :
1. It is continuous in action, the
ordinary method in use is not so.
2. It i�� specially adapted to Slocan
zinc ores carrying silver, as tho silver is
easily recovered from the iron matte by
smelling. The residues from the ordinary process are not amenable to smelting
for reovery of silver contents, except
Where very rich.
II. The process U unaffected by tho
presence of iron in the zinc. In tho
ordinary process iron is so objeo.tionablo
ihat it is penalized when it exceeds a
certain amount. The pu*s-*nceof iron
in the Slocan ores is tho chief cause of
poor prices, and all attempts to remove
this have been, practically speaking,
unsuccessful in the past. This forms,
then, the moot important, and to uo tho
most pleasiig feature of the procesp.
4. The plant is easy to work, is capable of heing set up in small units, and
costs n.ui'li less than that in ordinary
use. The practicability ol the process in
B.C. depends upon the price of iron.
In the Slocan we are loo far removed
from coal and iron to apply it at our
mines. On lhe coast, however, where
iron can be made and coal and water
power are easily obtainable, thore is
every reason to believe that suited as
this process is to Slocan ores, it would
supersede the ordinary method with its
expensive outfit and high costs oi working.	
Local and General.
Notice ia hereby given that at the
expiration ol thirty days I intend to
apply to the Board of License Commissioners of tho Slocan License District
for a transfer of my Retail Liquor
License held by me for the Rosebery
Hotel at Rosebery, B.C. to M.
A meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners will he held to consider
such transfer at the Court House, New
Denver, on Saturday, the thirteenth
day of April, 1907.
Dated at New Denver this sixth day of
March, 1907.
Chief License Inspector,
Six months' subs, to this paper aro
now renewable. Please accept this, the
only notification if you desire to renew,
a-i your paper will be stopped otherwise.
"Another injustice to Ireland." Here's
St. Patrick's duy upon tis, and no Irish
celebration. Tlie hospital hall on the
ISth, however, will proves most attractive function.
The test work in tho Star-Whito case
was finished on Tuesday. The men ure
all down.
Born.���At New Denver Maternity Hospital on the ISth inst, to tho wife of
A. P. Craig, of Sandon,���a son.
G. W. Hughes, the virtual owner of
the Lucky Jim mine was iii town this
week. Interviewed by our representative he said that he had as yet made no
endeavor to dispose of his zinc ore; nor
were his plans completed for the following summer. Mr. Hughes thought that
the decision of the Board of Appraisers
re the duty ou Calamine would he maintained in a higher court, and Ihat small
trouble need be expected from tho opposition in future.
Em. Towgood, mayor of McGuigan,
was in town last week.
Hospital Ball on Monday.
A correspondent from Three Forks
notes that there is a good supply of
cord wood at the skating rink, and wonders why someone doesn't take a tumble.
He also wonders why Jack Cameron
doesn't learn to skate and amuse tho
ladies. Ho also wonders a lew more
things, which would bring a libel suit
on our heads if wc published them.
Packer Moir is kept busy with hia
rawhide between Three Forks and the
Bachelor mine. He is getting down
about 8 tons per day. A car waB loaded last Saturday fur the Canadian
Smelting Works.
The C.P.R. are repairing the ilip at
Roseherry. There are about 23 cars
held up there waiting f<>r transportation.
Work is going on as fabt as possible to
get a new slip built.
Father Jeannotte has gone on a trip
to the north of this mission.
Rev. and Mrs. Brown left on Wednesday morning. Many friends ".ssciiibleil
to say farewell. Mr. P.rown leaves New
Denver in u week for GlascOW, Sootlimd,
where he ia entering the Glascow University. Mrs. Brown will visit relatives in the east.
Follow the crowd to the Ball on Monday night.
Over five hundred tona of ore was
shipped from the Slocan hint aionth.
This was ft slight Increase over shipments the previous month.
The New York Brewery have concluded tlieir ice harvest. Tho thanksgiving will be held in the hot days of
(Continued From Last Week.)
in tn* meantime Beverly was conducted to the home of the Countess
ltallowltz. Her meeting wltb tbe
princess was most affectionate. Tbere
were tears, laughter and kisses. Tbe
whole atmosphere of the place suggested romance to tbe eager American
girl. Downstairs were tbe royal
guards. In the halls were attendants.
All about were maidservants and obsequious lackeys, crowding tbe home
of tbe kindly countess. At last, comfortable and free from tbe dust of
travel, the two friends sat down to a
dainty meal.
"Ob, I am so delighted," murmured
Beverly for the hundredth time.
"I'm appalled wbeu I think of tbe
dangers you Incurred in comlug to me.
No one but a very foolish American
girl could bave undertaken such a trip
as this. Dear me, Beverly, I should
have died If anything dreadful bad
happened to you. Why did you do It?"
questioned tbe princess. Aud then they
laughed JoyouBly.
"And you went all the way to St.
Petersburg to meet me, yon dear, dear
Yetive!" cried Beverly so warmly that
the attentive servant forgot his mask
cf reverence.
"Wasn't It ridiculous of me? I know
Oren would bave forbidden it if he bad
been in Edelweiss when I started.
And, more shame to me, the poor fellow Is doubtless at the conference wltb
Dawsbergen, utterly Ignorant of my
escapade. You should have beard tbe
ministry���er���ah"��� And the princess
paused for an English word.
"Kick?" Beverly supplied.
"Yes. They objected violently. And,
do you know, I was Anally compelled
to issue a private edict to restrain
them from sending an appeal to Grenfall away off tbere on the frontier.
Whether or no, my uncle insisted that
he should be brought home, a three
days' journey, in order that he might
keep me from going to St Petersburg.
Of course they could not disobey my
���diet, and so poor Gren Is none the
wiser, unless he has returned from tbe
conference. If he has, I am sure he is
���n tbe way to Ganlook at this very
"What a whimsical ruler yon are!"
cried Beverly. "Upsetting everything
sensible just to rush off hundreds of
miles to meet me! And Axphaln is
trying to capture you tool Goodness,
you must love me!"
"Oh, but I did bave a trifling affair
cf state to lay before the czar, my
dear! Tomorrow we shall be safe and
sound in tbe castle, and it will all be
very much worth while. You see, Beverly, dear, even princesses enjoy a diversion now and then. One wouldn't
think anything of this adventure in the
United States; it is the environment
that makes It noticeable. Besides, you
traveled as a princess. How did you
like it?"
And then the conversation related
particularly to tbe advantages of royalty as viewed from one side and the
disadvantages as regarded from another. For a long time Beverly had
been woudering how she should proceed in the effort to secure absolute
clemency for Baldos. As yet she had
said nothing to Yetive of her promise
to bim, made while she was a princess.
"At nny rate, I'm sure the goat hunters would not have been so faithful
and true If they bad not believed me to
be a princess," said Beverly, paving
the way. "You haven't a man in your
kingdom wbo could be more chivalrous than Baldos."
"If he is tbat kind of a man, he
jwould treat any woman as gently."
"You should have heard bim call me
'your highness,' " cried Beverly. "He
will loathe me If he ever learns tbat I
deceived hlm."
"Ob, I think ho deceived himself,"
spoke Yetive easily. "Besides, you
look as much like a princess as I."
"There la something I want to speak
very seriously about to you, Yetive,"
���aid Beverly, makiug ready for tbe
cast. "Vou Bee, he did not want to
cuter Ganlook with me, but I insisted.
He had been so brave and gallant, and
he was suffering so Intensely. It would
bave been criminal iu me to leave bim
out there In the wilderness, wouldn't
"It would have beeu heartless."
"So I Just made bim come along.
Tbut was right, wasn't It? That's what
you would have doue, no matter who
be was or what his objections might
have been. Well, you see, It's this
way, Yetive: Ho is some sort of a fugitive���not a criminal, you know, but
Just some one they are hunting for, I
don't know why. He wouldn't tell me.
That was perfectly right If he felt tbat
.way, wasn't It?"
"And be bad fought a lion In your
defense," supplemented Yetive, with a
schoolgirl's ardor.
"And I bad shot him in the arm,
too," added Beverly. "So of course I
Just had to be reasonable. In order te
Induce bim to come with me to a hospital I was obliged to guarantee perfect safety te him. His men went
back to tbe bills, all except old Fran*
tbe driver. Now, tbe trouble Is this,
Yetive: I am not the princess, and I
cannot redeem a single promise I
made to him. He is helpless, and If
anything goes wrong with bim he will
bate me forever."
"No; IH will hate me, for I am the
princess, and he Is none the wiser."
"But be will be told that his princess was Beverly Calhouu, a supposedly nice American girl. Don't you see
bow awkward it will he for me? Now,
Yetive, darling, what I wish you to do
is to write a note, order or edict or
whatever It Is to Baron Dangloss, commanding hlm to treat Huldos as a patient and not as a prisoner, and that
when he is fully recovered he Is to
have the privilege of leaving Ganlook
.without reservation."
1 "But he, may. be a desDerata. offend
er bgainst tbe state, Beverly," plaintively protested Yetive. "If we only
knew what he Is charged with!"
"I'm afraid It's something dreadfully
serious," admitted Beverly gloomily.
"He doesn't look like the sort of man
who would engage in a petty undertaking. I'll tell you bis story, just as
he told It to mc," and she repeated tbe
meager confessions of Baldos,
"I see no reason why we should hesitate," said tho princess. "By bis own
stutement be Is not a desperste criminal. You did quite right In promising
bim protection, deir. ind I sball bus-
taln you. Do you want to play the
princess to Bnldos a little longer?"
"I should love It," cried Beverly, her
eyes sparkling.
"Then I shall write the order to Dangloss at once. Oh, doar, I have forgotten, I have no official seal here."
"Couldn't you seal It wltb your ring?"
suggested Beverly. "Ob, I have It!
Send for Huron Dungloss aud have him
Witness your signature. He can't get
awiiy from that, yen see, and after we
reach Edelweiss you can fix up a regular edict, seal and all," cried tbe resourceful American girl.
Ink end paper were sent for, and tbe
two conspirators lent their wisdom to
tbe task of preparing an order for the
salvation of Baldos, tbe fugitive. The
order read:
To   Baron  Jasto  Dung-loss,   Commanding
the civic and Military Folic* of Orau-
You are hereby Informed that Daldoa,
the man who entered the city with Miss
Calhoun, Is not to be regarded as a prisoner now or hereafter. He Is to be given
capable medical and surgical attention
until fully recovered, when he la to be
allowed to so his way In peace unquestioned.
Also he is to be provided with suitable
wearing apparel and made comfortable In
every way.
Also the members of hla party, now In
the hills (whose names are unknown to
me), are to be accorded every protection.
Franz, the driver, ia to have his freedom
If he desires It.
And from this edict there la no recourse
until ita abatement by royal decree.
"Tbere," said the princess, affixing
her" signature. "I think that will be
sufficient." Then she rang for a servant. "Send to Baron Dangloss, and
usk him to come here at once."
Fifteen minutes later the chief of
police stood in the presence of tbe eager
young Interpreters of Justice.
"I want you to witness my signature,
Baron Dangloss," said the princess
after the greetings.
"Gladly," Bald the officer.
"Well, here Is where I signed," said
Yetive, handing bim the paper. "I
don't have to write my name over
again, do I?"
"Not at all," said the baron gallantly. And he boldly signed bis name as
a witness.
"They wouldn't do that In the United States," murmured Beverly, who
knew something about red tape at
"It Is a command to you, baron,"
said Yetive, handing bim tbe document
with a rare smile. He read It through
slowly. Then he bit bis lip and coughed. "What Is the matter, baron?" asked Yetive, still smiling.
"A transitory emotion, your hlgbness,
tbat Is aii." said he, but bis band trembled as he folded tbe paper.
,��-j. IRIGIIT and early the next morn-
Lsl 1  Ing the party was ready for the
111 last of the Journey to Edel-
\ weiss. Less tban twenty miles
separated Ganlook from tbe capital,
and tbe road was In excellent condition. Beverly Calhoun, tired and contented, bad slept soundly until aroused
by tbe princess herself. Their rooms
adjoined each other, and when Yetive,
shortly after daybreak, stole Into the
American girl's chamber Beverly was
sleeping so sweetly that the Intruder
would have retreated had It not been
for tbe boisterous shouts of stable
boys In the courtyard below the windows. Sbe burrled to a window and
looked out upon tbe gray cloaked morning. Postilions and stable boys were
congregated near tbe gates, tormenting a ragged old man wbo stood with
his back against one of tbe huge postB.
In some curiosity, sbe called Beverly
from ber slumbers, urging the sleepy
ono to hasten to the window.
"Is this one of your friends from the
wilderness?" sbe asked.
"It's Franz!" cried Beverly, rubbing
her pretty eyes. Then she became thoroughly awake. "What are tbey doing
to bim? Wbo are those ruffians?" she
demanded indignantly,
"They are my servants and"���
"Shame on them! Tbe wretches!
What has old Franz done that tbey
should��� Call to them; tell 'em you'll
cut their beads off If tbey don't stop.
He's a dear old fellow In spite of bis
rags, and he"���
The window sash flew open, and the
tormentors In the court below were astonished by the sound of a woman's
voice coming, as it were, from the
clouds. A dozen pairs of eyes were
turned upward; tbe commotion ended
suddenly. In the window above stood
two graceful, whit* robed figures, The
sun, stiii rnr below the rfdge of mountains, bad uot yet robbed the morning
I of the gray, dewy shadows that belong
1 to 6 o'clock.
"What are you doing to that poor old
man?" cried Yetive, and It was th*
first time any of them had seen anger
iu the princess' face. They slunk back
in dismay. "Let him ulone! You,
Gartz, see that he has food uud drink,
uud without delay. Report to me later
ou, sir, and explain, if you can, why
you have conducted yourselves In so
unbecoming a manner." Then the window was closed, und the princess
found herself lu the warm arms of her
"I couldn't understand a word you
said, Yetive, but I knew you were
glvlug it to them hot and heavy. Did
you see bow nicely old From bowed to
you? Goodness. Lis bead aTmos" touched the ground!"
"He was bowing to you, Beverly.
You forgot that you are tbe princess to
"Isn't tbat funny? I bad quite forgotten It. The poor old goose!"
Later, when the coaches and escort
were drawn up In front of the Rallo-
witz palace ready for the start, the
princess called tbe chief postilion,
Uartz, to tbe step of ber coach.
"What was the meaning of the disturbance I witnessed this morning?"
sbe demanded.
Gartz bung his bead. "We thought
the man was crazy, your highness. He
had been telling us such monstrous
lies," he mumbled.
"Are you sure they were lies?"
"Oh, quite sure, your highness. They
were laughable. He said, for one
thing, tbat It was he wbo drove your
highness' coach into Ganlook last evening, when everybody knows that I hnd
full charge of the coach aud horses."
"You are very much mistaken,
Gartz," she said distinctly. He blinked his eyes.
"Your highness," he gasped, "you
surely remember"���
"Enough, sir. Franz drove the princess Into Ganlook last night. He snys
so himself, does he uot?"
"Yes, your highness," murmured
poor Gartz,
"What more did be say to you?"
"He said be bad come from his master, who Is in the hospital, to Inquire
after your health nud to bear his thanks
for the kindnesses you have secured
for bim. He says his master Is faring
well and Is satisfied to remain where
be Is. Also, he suld that bis muster
was sending him back Into the mountains to assure his friends thut he is
safe and to bear a certuln message of
cheer to tbem, sent forth by the princess. It was all so foolish and crazy,
your hlgbness, tbat we could but gibe
and laugb at tbe poor creature."
"It Is you wbo bave been foolish, sir.
Send the old man to me."
"He has gone, your highness," la
frightened tones.
"Bo much the better," said the princess, dismissing him with a wave of
th* hand. Gartz went away In a date,
and for days he took every opportunity
to look for other signs of mental disorder In the conduct of his mistress, at
the same tlin* Indulging in speculation
as to bis own soundness of mind.
Ganlook's population lined tbe chief
thoroughfare, awaiting the departure
of the princess, although th* hour was
early. Beverly peered forth curiously
as tbe coach moved off. The quaint,
half oriental costumes of the townspeople, the odd little children, th*
bright colors, tbe perfect love and reverence tbat shon* in tbe faces of the
multitude Impressed ber deeply. She
was never to forget tbat picturesque
(To Be Continued.)
Penalty of Politeness.
The "tradesman" has his troubles as
well as his next door neighbor, tbe
"business man." One day last week a
wholesale fish dealer In Fulton market
was approached by a fashionably
dressed woman, who, after asking tbe
price, decided to buy a pound of
smelts. Although It was not customary to cater to retail trade, to be congenial he decided to oblige ber.
"I would like to have them cleaned,
If you please," she said.
The Ashman cleaned them.
"Oh, yes," the woman considerately
remarked after looking them over,
"will you kindly take all tbe bones
"Certainly," said the man. But he
said things to himself as he went behind the Icebox and extracted the
After fifteen minutes' labor he wrapped the smelts in a neat parcel, which
be handed the woman.
"I am so much obliged to you," she
said. "You see, my cat absolutely refuses to eat fish if they are bony."
As the fashionably gowned woman
walked out the Ashman said some more
things.���New York Press.
SpllUntt of Salt.
It Is a curious fact that the popular
superstition of overturning the salt at
table being unlucky originated In a
picture of the "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vine!, In which Judas Iscariot
Is represented as overturning the salt
������The Woman  In  White."
In a letter to Charles Dickens, Wilkie
Collins Intimated the fact tbat the
-reat work upon which he had devoted
io much time was finished, but that
(be finding of a suitable title had occa-
lloued bim much trouble. Eventually,
Feeling somewhat run down in health,
le left London for Broadstalrs, a retort which was a favorite with both
Dickens and Collins. While lying on
ihe cliff in a meditative mood one
Bright morning his eyes suddenly rlv-
fted themselves on the white llght-
touse which stood boldly out In the
foreground under the dazzling rays of
Ihe midday sun. As he gazed Collins
n a semiconscious manner addressed
tlmself In a whisper to the llght-
touse. "You are as stiff and as state-
y as my white woman," said be.
'White woman I White wo���the worn*
in in white. Eureka! I have got It!"
and so the book was given this curl-
msly Inspired title.
The French Idea.
The Frenchman of the middle class
lacrlflces everything In order to obtain
tor his children some official position
or other, a mean one, perhaps, but a
���ure one, leading after thirty years of
penury to a pension verging on destitution. This Is one aspect of tbe decay
of the French race. It Is easy to understand that two races are not evenly
armed for tbe struggle for life If one
be made up of aspirants to official poll tion and the other of Individuals pos-
lesslng Initiative, daring and energy.
For this reason do Latin races decline,
while Anglo-Saxon races grow and
Bow ul Arrow Flshlnc
In the south seas and In various
groups of Islands In tbe Indian ocean
the aborigines shoot fish wltb the bow
and arrow. The art is extremely difficult, as In taking aim at an object under water the archer has to allow for
refraction. If he were to aim directly
at the fish as he sees It, he would, of
course, miss. Long practice has, however, made the natives expert to a
wonderful degree In this sport
farmers and tar-mem wives say that
Bileans are the handitskt and most effective, family medicine ever discovered.
I'ou have indigestion had t Two biteans
taken after each meal will rid you ot
the painn like magic t Constipation, per-
hapa, is your troiiolo t hilcans cure it
without causing a single pang of griping t Headache, tnliouHuess, heart trouble,
pile*, and all disorders arising from
laulty liver and Btomach action, are
cured  quickly  and  surely   hy  Bileans.
Mrs. V. l.avuntiii-c, or Beaumont, Alberta, says: fur over ten years 1 waB
ailing���could uot sleep, bad pains alter
lood, constipation, headache, aud seemea
without energy, a lew boxes or Bileans
gave me  oaca  my   health.
All druggists and stores sell Bileuns
at Wc per box, or Irom Bilean Co., -u>-
j-uuto, lor price,    b   box  for  *--.ju.
Novel,  But   Isn t  It True?
"Who pays ior the advertising oi
merchants and other business ?" asks
the North Adams, Mass., Herald, and
then proceeds to sny, hy way of answering its own query:
"Not the advertiser, ior the cost is
returned to him fourfold in Increased
profits, Not the purchaser, for he
buys cheaper from the advertiser, and
mis a better assortment and fresher
goods to select from. Who, then,
really,  pays for tlie advertising ?
"Tlie non-advertiser, of course. A
just proportion of the money he loses
hy his lack of initiative or enterprise
tinils its way to the printer, to advance the cost of education nnd the
interests of the community. If you
have never looked at it in this light,
it's worth  thinking about.
"If $10 worth ol advertising would
bring $20 additional profits you would
always hnve your advertising free
und he $10 ahead of the game. The
non-advertiser, who lost the trade and
profits which you gained, would then
be bearing your advertising expenses
as well as audioK to your profits."
He.ilth     and   Strength     Regained   by
Taking Dr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills.
The after effects of la grippe are
more serious than the disease itself.
Its victims are left low spirited and
depressed; they are tortured with
headaches and backaches; fever and
chills, it leaves the sufferer an easy
prey to bronchitis, pneumonia, rheumatism and often that most dreaded
of all diseases, consumption. Foi
the after effects ol la grippe there
is absolutely no medicine can equal
Dr. Williams Pink Pills. Every dose
helps make new, rich, red blood that
drives disease from the system, and
makes weak despondent men and women bright, cheerful and strong. Mis**
Eugenie Donaldson, of St. Jerome.
Que., found a cure through these
pills after other remedies had failed
to help her. She says: "1 took la
grippe nnd did not seem able to
shake it off. It developed into bronchitis; I coughed day und night and
grew so weak that I could hardly
move about. I tried remedy aftei
remedy, but as nothing seemed to
help me I began to dread that consumption was developing and that
my case wus incurable. A friend
urged me to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and following that advice I took
the pills faithfully, following the directions given for their use. 1 am
thankful I did so for they fully restored my strength and I have since
enjoyed perfect health. I will always advise sick and ailing people
to give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills i*
trial for f firmly believe tbey will
find  great  benefit from their use."
Rich, red blood is the one thing
needed to maintain health and
strength. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
actually make rich, red blood. That
is the reason of their great popularity in every country in the world.
That is why they cure anaemia, general weakness, rheumatism, neuralgia,
indigestion, St. Vitus dance, partial
paralysis and the ills of girlhood and
womanhood, with all its distressing
headaches. See that you get the
genuine pills with the full name "Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People" on the wrapper around each box.
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from the Dr. Williams'
Medicine C\   iJicckville, Ont.
Qji one occasion when he was busy
President Lincoln received a delegation of men who were endavoring to
hurry the pas-ing of some petty bill.
When they entered Lincoln looked up
and said:
"If you call the tail of a sheep a
leg, how many legs will the sheep
have ?"
"Five," said the spokesman.
"No," replied Lincoln, "it would
only hnve four. Calling the tail a
leg wouldn't make it one."
The delegation departed in discomfiture.���New Orleans Picayune.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
An Englishman resident in Persia
fell into a discussion with a neighbor there, says Napier Malcolm in
his book on Persia, over the native
tendency to lying. He insisted thai
lying was a sin.
"It is all very well for a Ferangi
(an Englishman) to say that," replied
the Persian. "But the fact is the;,
cannot tell lies as we can. It it
entirely  a matter of climate."
"In that case Persians ought to
speak the truth," said the Englishman. "One of the ancient Greek
historians declared that Persians
were remarkable for their truth tell
"That is very true," said the native. "But who does not know that
the climate of a country change.*
entirely  in 2,000 years."
W.    N.     U.    No. 626.
Ana the Intimate Relation of Science
to Society.
Ibsen, my great compatriot, has In
one of h'a works formulated the para
dox that the man Is strongest who
stands most alone. Tbere Is certainly
some truth In this���nay, there is much
truth In It so far as science Is concerned. The man who In the search
for truth goes his way Independently
of other men and of other considerations is certainly the man who Is apt
to find the greatest and most valuable
truth. On tbe other baud, it Is also
true that science more than most othei
things In life depends on co-operation,
on the help of one's fellow beings, and
this becomes more and more true every
day. Many people are apt to forget
what science actually is and what thej
owe to science, for It Is through eel
ence that modern society actually ex
lsts, and tbe development of soe'ety ai
It Is today would be impossible If set
ence were eliminated. Humanity It
growing; but, If science and the meant
created by science are not growing, lui
inanity will have to look forward to (
very miserable future. Therefore tbi
nation tbat wishes to be cared foi
must support science and those win
carry on scientific work. Science wll
live her own life und has done so eve:
since tbe days when Prometheus maih
his fatal expedition to the gods ant
stole the fire which Is more or lesi
burning In every one of us and canno
be extinguished. There Is somethlni
sublime In this everlasting fire of sci
ence. Generation after generation dis
appears. Tbe Individual is nothln**. bu
always "watchful In tho towir mat
shall remain In sleepless contempla
tion."���Dr. Nansen.
It Is Wise to  Keep the Nervous System  In
Full Health and Vigor by Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
The leudin? artist of a great New
York newspaper committed suicide
recently because on Ins return home
he found his apartments in disorder,
the painters and decorators being in
| This is un illustration of overwrought   nerves   leading  to   insanity,
, and, whatever may be the last straw
to unbalance the mind, there can be
| no doubt that exhaustion of the
nerves is always a cause of mental
Diseases of the nerves are common
to all walks of life, and ilie earlier
symptoms are sleeplessness, nervous
headaches, loss of memory, inability
to concentrate tne mind, indigestion,
tired, languid feelings, discouragement and despondency.
Dr. Cnase's Nerve Food cures uis-
eases of tne nerves in the only natural way, by uctually increasing tne
amount of nerve force in the body.
By  its  regular  and  persistent use
the most severe forms of nervous exhaustion,  such   as   partial   paralysis,
prostration, and locomotor ataxia, are
thoroughly  and  completely  cured.
Mrs.   J.   Hatcher,    224   Sherbrooke
It   Haa   ���  Sort   of   Little  Brain   Tha
Controls Ita Action*.
Did you know that tbe throat has .
brain of Its own? Few people er
aware of It, but Ifs a fact. There Is
small ganglia which exercises direc
control of the muscles of tbe throu
and acts as its brain. Of course It 1
subservient to tbe genuine brain, bu
at tbe same time does a good deal of lo
dependent thinking for Itself. It 1
very timid and suspicious of an]
strange -objects that come near tb
For this reason It is very difficult fo
��� physician to operate on the throat
Before anything can be doue in this dl
rectlon it is necessary for the operato
to gain the confidence of tbe little bruh
that dominates It. It frequently takes
weeks before this confidence can I*
secured, and until It is secured it ii
Impossible to perform an operation.
Woe to the man wbo attempts roug!
treatment to the throat before galnlui
the little brain's confidence. His oper
atlons will be resented with vlolen1
paroxysms, first of the throat, then ol
the diaphragm, and, If the operator stll!
persists, the patient will be thrown
Into convulsions. Still more curious il
the fact that this little brain has a
memory, and If once frightened In this
way It Is almost impossible to evei
gain Its confidence, no matter how
gentle the operator may be.
Historical  Accuracy.
Perish the thought that tbe novelist
or playwright should be tied down to
historical accuracy! Lady Dorothy
Neville quotes an amusing correspondence between Bulwcr Lytton and her
My Dear Walpole���Here I am at Bath
���bored to death. I am thinking of writing a play abou: your great ancestor. Sir
Robert Had he not a Bister Lucy, and
did ahe not marry a Jacobite T
My brother promptly replied:
My Dear Lytton���I care little for my
family and still less for Sir Robert, but
i know that he never had a sister Lucy,
so she could not have married a Jacobite.
However, this mattered little to Lord
Lytton, for bis answer ran:
My Dear Walpole���You are too latel Sir
Robert had a sister Lucy, and she did
marry a Jacobite.
So, in defiance of history, tbe play
"Walpole" came to be written.
Artists as Siarn Painters.
It Is surprising how many noted Eng
llsb artists began life by painting Inn
signs. Among them were Morland, David Cox, Herring and Sir William
Beechey. Mllluis painted a George and
Dragon sign for the George Inn, Hayes
common. Another George and Dragon,
at Wargrave on Thames, has a double
sided sign painted by two R. A.'s. Goring on* Thames haa a sign from the
brush of Marcus Stone, R. A There
are signs by Walter Crane and Caton
Woodvlile at Grayshott and Flttle-
worth. Hogarth painted a number of
signs for friendly publicans.
Ia Crimson Gnlch.
"What became of that man you arrested as a horse thief?"
"Lynched," answered Piute Pete.
"I suppose that ends the matter."
"No, Some o' the boys had their
doubts, so we're goln' to call some witnesses an' git evidence that he really
were the guilty  party.'
Presence of Mind.
It Is a mistake to think that It la
only the Englishman who keeps his
bead In a crisis. When a passenger
steamboat suddenly struck a rock off
Hongkong the other day, a number of
Chinese on board promptly started
looting the passengers' trunks.���Punch.
Tbe Attraction.
Neh--Isn't she a peculiar girl? She
wouldn't look at him when be was
rich, but now, after he's lost all his
money, Bhe accepts him. Belle���Well,
you know how crazy every woman is
to get anything that's reduced!
It takes two to make a marriage, but
mly one to iw one.���Smart Set
��� ���        svvi	
"Hello! You look blue this morning
What's up with you?"
"It isn't what Is up with me; It's
what was up with me all night"
"Well, what was It?"
"Tho baby."
No Small Change.
"That man Is penniless."
"Well, I must say that be doesn't
look It"
'He Is though; never takes anything
smaller than a dollar."
street, Feterboro', Ont., and whose
husband is a molder ut the Hamilton  Foundry, states:
"1 had an attack of inflammatory
rheumatism, which lett me in a very
rundown state of health, and in tact
my whole nervous system seemed exhausted and worn out. i could not
sleep, and at times the pains in my
head were almost unbearable. As a
rseult of these symptoms i was unable to attend to my housework, and
felt miserable most of the time. Un
the advice of a friend 1 began using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, and can say
tnat it has proved a very great benefit to me. I am able to do my own
work now, and feel stronger and
heaiu.ier than 1 have for years, i
can trutliiully state ...at this is due
to the use of Ur. Chase's Nerve Food,
Which 1 consider a great health
if you would feel Btrong and well
and avoid all the ills and weakness
so common at this seanon, enrich
your blood and revitalize your nerves
by the use of Jr. Ouase's Nerve
Food, 50 cents a box, G boxes for
$2.50, at nil dealers or Ldmanson,
Hates & Co., Toronto.
Berlin   to   Vladivostock.
Berlin. ��� The lirst overland mail
from here to the Far Kust since the
outbreak of the war between Japan
and Russia left lierlin recently for
Vladivostock, which city is to be
reached in 17 days. Thence the mail
will be shipped to Nagasaki, Japan,
arriving there two days later, and
reach Shanghai, China, 48 hours after
wards, making 21 days' transit from
Berlin  to Shanghai.
Heartsick People.���Dr. Agnew's Cure
(or the Heart is a heart tunic that
never fails to cure���is swift in its effects
���goes closer to the "border land" and
unatches from death's grip more sufferers than any other remedy for any
family of diseases and ailments in the
category of human Bufferinzs. Gives relief iu 30 minutes.���75.
Relic   of   the   Romans   Found.
London.���A beautiful tesseluted Roman pavement was discovered at
Colchester during the leveling of a
new green for the Colchester Bowling
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Nationality Changed Without Maving.
A curious illustration of the ups
and downs of international politics
comes from the Savoy village of Saint
lean de Maurienne, where a woman
uas died nt the age of 93 in the village in which she whb born, and
without ever leaving it has had her
nationality changed three timeH. She
was born in 1814, and as Bonaparte
lad then seized the territory she
was "French." When the Kingdom
if Sardinia was reconstituted the
-nine year, after his fall, she became
"Italian," and, finally, on Nice and
Savoy being ceded to France in 1860,
ihe once more found herself French.
���London  Globe.
A Tough Breed.
Guest���Here, waiter! Take this
chicken away���it's us tough ub a
paving stone. I knew they'd get
boiled if they stayed in," sir.���Cleveland   l.euder.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���My daughter, 13 years
Old, was uirown from a sleigh und
injured her elbow so badly it remained stiff and very painful for
three years,   Four  bottles of    Mi.,-
..u S i..i>liVlKWT completely cured
her and she hns not been troubled
for two yeai'B.
Yours truly,
J.   B.  LlVLSyilFJ.
St.  Joseph,   P.O., Aug.,  1900.
Thos. Sabin of Kglinton, says: "1
aave removed ten corns from my
ieet with Hollow-ay's Corn Cure.''
lieader, go thou and do likewise."
At the hospital just opposite the
intrance to the East India docks and
he Blackwell tunnel ��� under the
riiames���notice boards are set up
isking the drivers, for the sake of
*.hose who are ill within, to walk
iheir horses past the building.
That is a common enough request,
out whnt gives it a peculiar interest
iere is that the carter, having complied or not with the modest de-
nand, is confronted at the other
3omer of the building by another
board, saying, "Thank you, driver."
-A Wanderer in London.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
���lv-ry form of contagious Itch on hum-
,n or animals cured In 30 minutes by
���Volford's Sanitary Lotion.
At the pit of a coal mine in Penn-
tylvania there have occurred during
the past few months, quite a number
of accidents whereby innocent by-
it inders have come to grief. Accordingly, some kind official has caused
,o be posted a notice that reaches
the acme of politeness.    It adds:
"Please do not tumble down the
-ihaft."���Harper's Weekly.
"No," snapped the sharp-faced woman at the door, "I ain't got no
iood fur you an' I ain't got no old
?lo'es.   Now, git 1"
"Lady," replied Harvard Hasben,
"I could repay you well. Give me
a square meal and I'll give you a
few lessons in grammar."���Philadelphia Press.
"Orunny Cruske," who was 100
years old last December, and who
was said to be the oldest member of
the Salvation Army in the world,
died recently at Slieringliain, Norfolk. Sue had never ridden in a railway train.
It is easier to prevent than it is
to cure. Inlliiiiiiiiatioii of the lungs
is the companion of neglected coids,
and once it linds n lodgement in the
system it is difficult to deal with.
Treatment with Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup will eradicate tiie
cold and prevent inflammation from
setting in. It costs little, and is aa
satisfactory as it is surprising in ns
"Why, my dear friend, what luck
to meet you! It litis been an eternity
six yenr* at least, since I have seen
you.    Didn't you recognize me."
"Not exactly, hut your hut seemed
Take two Beecham's Pills on retiring and avoid any ill effects
from a late meal. Then you will
sleep soundly, awaken with a
clear head and a high opinion
of the great stomach remedy,
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
only logical method for the cure
of Stammering. It treats the
CAUSE, not merely the HABIT,
and insures natural speech.
Pamphlet, particulars and references sent on request.
Berlin, Ont.,  Can.
Brooks' Appliance. New
dticovery. wonderful. No
obnoxious sprlugi or pads.
Automatic Air dubious.
Binds and draws the broken
part* together as you would
a broken limb- No mIvm.
No lympho).   No Men.  Dur*
C. E. BROOKS, SU7 Sraoki'BMf.,
when decorated with
Alabastine have a lustrous
richness. Our illustrated
'book, "Homes, Healthful and Beautiful,"
tells why Alabastine is the most durable
of all wall-coverings-how it destroys
disease germs, and how you can decorate your home with Alabastine at much
less cost than with any other material.
Send ten cents for a copy of " Homes, Healthful
and Beautiful," with miny dainty, new ideas
for the decoration of your home.
Alabastine is sold by hardware and paint dealers
everywhere���a 5 pound package lor 50 cents.
Ask your dealer lor tint card. NEVER SOLD IN BULK..
Mrs. Cora B. Miller
Makes a Fortune
Started   a  Few  Years    Ago  with   No
Capital, and   Now  Employs  Nearly One Hundred Clerks and
Until  a   few   years   efc*o   Mrs.   Unra   i*
Miller lived in a manner similar to that
of  thousands of  other  very  poor  women
of   tbe  average  small   lown   and   village.
Bhe   now   resides   in    her    own    palatial
brown-atone  residence,   and   la  considered
one  of  the most  succesbiul   business  women in tbe  United States.
Mrs. Miller*. New Residence, Earned In
Let. Than One Year.
Heveral yeara ago Mrs. Miller learned
of a mild and simple preparation that
cured berself and several friends of female weakness and piles. Mhe was besieged by so many women needing treatment that she decided to furnish it to
those who might call for It. Mhe started with only a few dollars' capital, aud
the remedy, possessing true and wonderful merit, producing many cures when
doctors and other remedies failed, the
demand grew so rapidly she was several
times compelled to seek larger quarters.
Hhe now occupies one of tbe city's largest
office buildings, which sbe owns, and at*
most one hundred clerks and stenographers are required to assist in this great
Million Women Use It.
More than a million women have used
Mrs. Miller s remedy, and no matter
where you live, she can refer you to ladies In your own locality who can and
will tin any sufferer that this marvelous
remedy really cures women. llespite the
fact that Mrs. Miller s business is very
extensive, she is always willing to give
aid and advice to every suffering woman
who writes to her, tthe is a generous,
good woman and has decided to give
away to women who have never used her
medicine tjiu.iKiu.tiii worth absolutely
Kvery woman suffering with pains in
the head, back and bowels, bearing-down
feelings, nervousness, creeping sensations up the spine, melancholy, desire to
cry, hot hashes, weariness, or piles from
any cause, should Bit right down and
send her name and address to Mrs. Uora
11. Miller, lloi bbll. Kokonio, Ind.. and receive by mail dree of charge In plain
Wrapper) a bo-cent box of ber marvelous
medicine; also her valuable book, which
every woman should have.
Kemember, this otter wilt not last long,
for thousands and thousands nt women
who are Buttering will take advantage of
thla generous meana of getting cured. Ho
If you are ailing, do not sutler another
day, but send your name and address to
Mrs. Miller for the book and medioltr
before the V1U.UUO.00 worth is all gone
Your Gawky Boy.
That gawky boy 61 yours���ungainly
gaunt, aliy, unprepossessing, as he is
���writes Henry A. Sliute in l*h.
Marcn Delineator. Vou nag him. Un
you ever realize how it hurts r Yo.
ought to realize it for it is not Ion-,
since you knew now it ielt. Vo.
would have stood pain like a ma,
and so does your boy. You wouli.
have borne/privation like a stoic, am
so does jour boy, and there wouli
have been a glim sort of enjoyment
in it, fur the joy oi resistance is full,
awake  at  fourteen.
But you could not bear ridicul.
and be cannot, and yet there i
scarcely a day when you do no.
cause him sharp discomfort.
The boy's mother never does this
She loves every awkward movemem
of ber boy. She loves his long leg;
and she loves to hear his raucoUi
voice. She smiles at it, too, and a
him, and it is a smile of genuim
amusement, but there is love in thi
smile, and love in her eyes, and hi
knows it, and adores her for it.
It lie becomes depressed and despondent, he confides his troubles in
his dog, which sits in front of him
gazing at him with an almost human
expression of sympathy and puts his
paw on his master's knee.
A bit unfortunate, isn't it, that
your own boy is obliged to depend
on his mother and his dog for sympathy and affection ? He gets none
from you and but little from his
brothers and sisters. It is true, isn't
it ?
My friJiul, if you paid as much
personal attention to the proper development of your boy as you do ii.
raising the two-minute trotter, or the
blue ribbon Guernsey, or the Black
Strain Jubilee of Orpington, or in
beating bogy, or in your game 01
whist, you would be astonished at
the results.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget   In
Logical   Eivlish.
I paused to talk to a fishmonger.
"Fishmonger," said 1, pleasantly,
"why i'_ you fishmons ?"
He aiiaivered, witli a cordial smile:
"I fishmong because my father fiih-
lliang  before  me."
"And have you been tlshmongiiig
long P"  1  asked  further."
"Yes," was the reply. '*i have
lishmoiiy for seven years come Michaelmas.'
"You are a worthy fishmonger," I
responded, ".nil I am sure you always  niong  the   best  of  fish,"���Lite.
More   Nerve.
Tom���Do you think women are
braver than men ?
Dick���Yes, I do I I never saw one
yet that wouldn't take a chance at
marriage.���Detroit Free  Press.
Wedderly���Can the girl you are engaged  to  swim ?
Sinbleton���I don't know. But why
do you ask ?
Wedderly���Because if she can you
ought to be happy. A girl who can
swim can keep her mouth shut.
It Is Known Everywhere.���There
is not a city, town or hamlet in
Canada where Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil is not known���wherever introduced it made a foothold for itself
and maintained it. oome merchants
may suggest some other remedy
as equally beneficial. Such recommendations should be received with
doubt. There is onlv one Eclectric
Oil, and that is Dr. Thomas'. Take
nothing else.
Not So Crazy.
A plea of insanity met a plea of
"Well," said the first. "I'm not
so crazy I don't know you have no
business monkeying in a case with
Thereupon tliey clinched, and an
unwritten law that had been loafing
around in hopes of a job took to the
woods for safety.���Philadelphia Ledger.
Pile Terrors 8wept Away.���Dr. Ag-
new's Ointment stands at the head as
a reliever, healer, and sure cure for
Piles in all forms. One application will
give comfort in a few minutes, and
three to six days' application according
to directions will cure chronic cases. It
relieves all itching and burning diseases
in   a   day.    35   cents.���79.
His Wife���I'm afraid you don't
love me now as you did before we
were married, dear.
Her Husband���Of course I don't.
You certainly wouldn't expect a man
to love a married woman as he would
a maid, I hope.���Chicago News.
Dangerous coughs. Extremely
perilous coughs. Coughs that
rasp and tear the throat and
lungs. Coughs that shake the
whole body. You need a regular medicine, a doctor's medicine, for such a cough. Ask
your doctor about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.
We publish oar formuUi
W. fc.nloh slcohel
from our m.diolne.
We urge yon to
oon.ult your
Any coed doctor will tell you that a medicine Tike Ayer's Cherry Pectoral cannot
do lis best work if the bowels are constipated. Ask your doctor if he knowa
anyrhinf better than Ayer's Pills forcor-
rectfaig this ilutelshness of tbe liver
"   SSsIs ��- ��k* I. 0. trot Oo., LsweU, ""
Favorite   Recipes  of   Famous   People.
The tastes of Elbert Hubbard, tlu*
famous leader of the East Aurora
Roycro-'tsrs, do not run to complicated and savory dishes. As one would
naturally imagine, he lives simply,
his one requirement being that the
(ood he eats shall be of the bsst quality and properly prepared. Not infrequently he himself projects hie
individuality into the affairs of the
domestic cuisine, and here is one
receipe which he very much enjoyu
working out: Take fresh celery and
snow apples, cut them curefully ink
tubes, or symmetrical pieces, and see
that the most equal proportions an
maintained, Chill, and serve with a
mayonnaise. The result will be a
most delicious salad. In the morn
ing Mr. Hubbard's favorite dish is
one be calls the "Roycroft breakfast
Food." To make it, a sufficient
quantity of whole wheat is carefully
steamed for not less than twelve
hours, and, at nbout the last moment before it is served, chopped
nuts and dates cut in small pieces
are added, the proportions beinf
about ont part fruit and nuts to nine
parts of the wheat. When this dish
is ready for the table it is both a
palatable anil nutritious food upon
which to begin the labors of the day.
-The Delineator for March.
The Poisoned 8prlng.���-As in nature hi
in man. pollute the spring and diseasi
and waste are bound to follow ��� thi
stomach and nerves out of kilter meani
poison in tlie spring. South American
Nervine is a great purifier, cures In
digestion, Dyspepsia, and tones tin
nerves, The best evidence of ita elti-
oacy ia the unsolicited testimony oi
thousands   of   cured   ones.���76.
A Perpetual Job.
Thousands of men work all their
lives at securing the banks of the
great Yellow river, in China. Yet
every now and then the tide sweep::
away all opposition, and the loss of
human life is greater than any wai
ever caused. Nineteen years ago the
river burst its bonds. Day after day
the torrent flowed, twenty miles to
the hour, thirty miles wide and
ten feet deep. The flood has b**en
described as that of five Danubes
pouring from a height for two months
on end. For two thousand years the
Chinese have  been    embanking this
A doctor saw Julia Marlowe as
luliet one night in Pittsburg and
was tremendously impressed. Only,
in the powerful death scene, he discovered that there was a technical
"Miss Marlowe," the doctor said at
a reception next day, "I admired
your Juliet profoundly. The impersonation was a work of art. But���
pardon me���don't you know that the
body doesn't stiffen for at least six
hours after death ?"
Miss Marlowe answered in the
drawl that she reserves for such
speeches: "Now, doctor, do you
think I'm going to keep my audiences waiting six hours for me to
stiffen ?"
Good Digestion Should Wait On
Appetite.���To have the stomach well
is to have the nervous system well.
Very delicate are the digestive organs. In some so sensitive are they
that atmospheric changes affect them.
When they become disarranged no
better regulator is procurable than
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They will
assist the digestion so that the hearty
eater will suffer no inconvenience
and will derive all the benefits of
his food.
High   Prices  for  Old  China.
London.���High prices were realized
for old china ut Christie's recently.
A Chinese porcelain vase, enameled
with flowers, about nine inches high,
was sold for 98 guineas, while 88
guineas was paid for an old Worcester dark blue vase, eight inches high.
Visiting cards of iron are popular
on the continent of Europe, the name
geing printed in silver. The thickness of the cards is one four-hundredth of an inch.
Mr. Wm. (J. fcdwards, l'.D.U.K.A.O.r*,
i'.U.M. lO.o.l*'. and l'.f.O.A. HttephenlK
ine of the most widely known men in
iriendly society circles and who lives on
.Jeier street, says: "1 cut the miaun
inger of my left hand and blood poison
let in. Wot only the linger but the whole
land became swollen and intlanied. in
i few weeks one of tho leaning doctors
ii Toronto said the only way to save my
land was to havo the anger amputated.
V second doctor confirmed this. 1 hn,,
o fai-c an operation. At that stage /.tin;
-Ink was brougm to my notice ami i
rot  a  supply.
It seemed to soothe it and draw tin
lOreness completely away. Within a to*.*,
lays 1 could do away, with the sling in
vhich 1 had carried the hand, ana in
i few weeks' time there was not a traci
if the wound to be seen. Today my
linger la as sound as a bell, wherea*
lull I not used /uin-lnik, 1 ahould havi-
ii-i-ii a linger leas. 1 paid over Sffli in
loctors lees, and when 1 think of tin
rilling cost of /.iiiu-Huk 1 am aiuareed ul
.ts   wonderful value.
For all poisoned wounds, chronic sores
Ucct-a and ahsccsses, '/.urn-Huii is especioi-
y suitable because of its high antiaep
ic powera.
/-inn link also cures eczema, itch, scalp
lores, ringworms, .. lotcnes on tne lace
ind body, chapped places, spring erup-
ions, piles and enlarged veins. Ab an
embrocation it. cures rheumatism aud
solatioa, and rubbed over the chest re
icves the tightness due to severe colds.
Ail stores and druggists soli at Wl cent.-
i box, or post rreo from tho /.am-cu
Co., Toronto, ti boxes for M.bU.
PDFF RAY ' Hend one cent stamp and
iniil, DUA . name and date of this
paper and dainty sample box will in
mailed   you.
A Corean   Pillow.
Those who are not acquainted with
the appointments of a Corean bedroom will be surprised to learn that
the other day in the Town of Anal;
jne gambler who was down on his
luck threw a pillow at the head ot
the winner, and fractured his skull
���Corean Daily News.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc
A stranger wishing to play golf al
Nortli Berwick saw some one iu authority upon the matter.
"What name ?" asked the dignified
official iu charge.
"De Neufeldt," the stranger replied,
"Mon," said the official in, a tone ,1
disgust, "we carina fash oorsels wi'
names like that at North Berwick.
Ye'll stnirt in the morn at ten-fifteen
to the name of Eairgusson."���Blackwood's Magazine.
We offor One Hundred Dollar. Reward for any
caso of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Oatarrh Cure.   F. J. CHENEY * CO.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known V. J.  Ohenoy
for the last 16 yeara, and believe him perfoctly hon-
oreble In all business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made by his firm.
Wilding, KimuN * Maiivin.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0
Hall*. Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surface, of the
system. Testimonials sent free. Frlco 76c. per
bottle.   Sold by all Druggists.
Take Bali*. Family Pills for constipation.
Curious Drinks.
Some curious drinks that men call
for in saloons, says the Philadelphia
Record, were observed recently by a
man who stood at the end of the
bar and took in everything that hap
pened. The usual whiskeys and
beers were frequent, but he also noticed that a number of men asked
for egg in milk and egg in sherry.
"You sell a lot of eggs here," he ob
served to the bartender. "You bet
we do," answered the man behind.
"Hundreds of men drink eggs only.
There are several men who come in
here that order egg in beer. How
they get away with that awful mess
I cannot understand, but they drink
it down as though they liked it. One
man that comes here every day has
them all Bkinned. He always takes
the most outlandish mixture of stout
and milk. He's the limit for a crazy
drinker, and heads my list of curi
o'us booze artists. We call his drink
the  'graveyard cocktail.'"
Every day we get letters from mothers telling of the benefit Baby':
Own Tablets have been to their little ones. Some praise them for constipation, stomach and bowel troubles; others for breaking up colds and
simple fevers; some as a great help
to teething babieB, while others go
so far as to say that the Tablets
have saved their little one's life. We
have thousands of letters���all praising the Tablets, for they never do
harm���always good. Mrs. Robert
Fierce, Bell's Rapids, Ont., writes:
"I would not be without Baby's Own
Tablets in the bouse for a day. When
anything nils my little one I give her
a Tablet and she iB soon allright. ]
am sure other mothers will find them
quite as satisfactory." Sold by druggists or by mail at 2!i cents a box,
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co ,
Brockville, Out.
"Dear, I wish you would lay down
your novel and come and button my j
shirt for nie." -
"Dear me ! I never saw such a
helpless man I I'd like to know how
you buttoned your shirts before you
were married ?"
"My shirts had buttons on them in
those days."���Indianapolis Star.
"Well, sir '<" said the great lawyer.
The   visitor   spoke   tremulously.
"I am a defaulter," he said, "and
I  want you  to defend me."
"Certainly, I will defend you, my
friend," he murmured, kindly. "And
how many hundred thousand did you
say "
"Hundred thousand!" the client interrupted, "Oh, sir, don't think me
worse than I am. It is only $400
iu all, and I expect to pay back
every cent before I die."
"George," he said to the office boy.
"show this diBhoneBt rascal out."���
Kansas City Journal.
A party of Scotsmen in Springfield
had been celebrating a Burns anniversary, and unsteady were the steps
hoinegoing in the morning. One fell
by the wayside and called for help
from  another wayfarer.
The would-be good Samaritan tried
to steady himself as be looked down
upon the fallen one, anil then settled
matters by paying:
"A I'.anna help you up, but A will
lie down aside you." ��� Automobile
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator has no equal for destroying
worms in children and adults. See
that you get the genuine when purchasing.
The  Topic  of the  Hour.
"Do you always take home six
copies of the paper ?"
"Not always."
"Then,  why  now ?"
"Because I want to get a chance
to read about the murder trial myself."���Washington Herald.
"Miss Yellitt! Miss Yellitt!" exclaimed the music teacher in despair
to his shrieking pupil. "Remember
you are singing an 'Invitation to
Summer.' You are begging it to
come��� not daring it!"���Tit-Bits.
They Figure In Speech As Well As In
Trade   and   Building���Burns'
"Nail  't  Wi'   Scripture."
To nail a thing i3 to fix or fasten
with a nail or nails; to drive nails
into for tbe purpose of fastening or
securing, such as to nail up a box,
to nail a shelf to the wall, to nail
down the hatches, etc.; to stud with
nails; figuratively, to nail a thing is
to pin it down and hold it fast, such
as to nail a bargain or secure by
prompt action. It was Burns who
Ev'n ministers, they ha'e been ken'd.
In holy rapture,
A rousing whid at times to vend
An nail 't wi' Scripture.
Passing into the colloquial, to
"nail to the counter" is to put a
counterfeit coin out of circulation by
fastening it with a nail to the counter
of a shop; hence, figuratively, to expose as false.
Other definitions referring to the
nail are : Nailer, one who nails, who
makes nails or who sells them, while
a female nailmaker is referred to by
Hugh Miller as a naileress. A nailery
1) described b.s an establishment
where nails are made. A nail head is
the head of a nail, and anything is
said to be nail headed when so shaped
as to resemble the head of a nail.
A nailing machine is one for forcing or driving nails into place; in
carpentry, a feeding tube for the
r.ails, connected with a plunger or
reciprocating hammer; in shoemak-
ing, a power machine closely allied
to the shoo pegger, used to drive
small metallic nailB or brads into
the soles of shoes.
The nail machine is a power machine for making nails, spikes, brads
or tacks.
A nailmaker is one who makes
nails; a nailer, a person connected in
any capacity in the manufacture of
A nail plate is a plate of metal rolled to the proper thickness for cutting
Into nails.
A nail rod is a strip split or cut
from an iron plate to be made into
wrought nails. A nail selector is a
machine, or an attachment to a nail
machine, for automatically throwing
out headless or otherwise ill formed
nails and slivers.
A countersunk nail is one having
a cone shaped head like that of a
Bcrew; a cut nail, one made by a nail
machine, as distinguished from a
wrought or forged nail.
"On the nail" means on the spot,
at once, immediately, without delay
or postponement, as, to pay money on
the nail. ThiB phrase is said to have
originated from the custom of making
payments, in the exchange at Bristol,
England, and elsewhere, on the top of
a pillar called "the nail."
An Elaborately Prepared Crime.
This story of an elaborately prepared crime waa told by Sir Robert
Anderson of Scotland Yard, London.
A criminal marked a millionaire as
his quarry and rented a bedroom near
the railway station from which the
rich man took the train for town.
Well dressed and well groomed, he
took his seat in the same compartment, attracting notice only by his
apparent desire to remain unnoticed
while he dealt with the papers he
carried in a stylish handbag. One
morning after a few such journeys
he gave vent to his annoyance at
having forgotten his keys. A stranger
sitting in the opposite corner politely
offered him hia bunch in the hope
that he would find on it a key to
open the bag. But none of them
would fit the lock. At the suggestion
of the stranger, who, of course, was
an accomplice, the millionaire then
produced his bunch of keys, and a
few seconds sufficed to enable the
thief to take a wax impression of the
key of the rich man's safe. A few
weeks later the safe was rifled, and
before the crime was discovered the
chief was across the channel with
his booty.
Why He Hositated.
Why does this man stand upon the
pavement trembling with terror,
afraid to enter his own home?
Listen and I will tell you:
This afternoon at 3 o'clock he received a letter from his bank asking
him to step around and pay a note
that was due. He scribbled the following answer upon a slip of paper:
"Can't possibly do it. Got to meet
another little thing this afternoon that
won't be put off."
About the same time a messenger
boy brought him a note from his wife
asking him to meet her at his office
at 4 to go with her to the dentist's.
Of course he got the answers mixed,
and he Is wondering whether he had
better attempt an explanation or set
out for Australia.���Strand Magazine.
Full Satisfaction.
A musician and a young banker
were dining at a continental restaurant, and a dispute ran high between
them. At last the musician, a music
hall "star," sprang up and pulled out
a card, which the banker at once ac
cepted and put in his pocket. Two
dayB later they met in a public park.
At once the musician exclaimed:
"Sir, you have not yet given me
satisfaction I"
"That I have, and to the fullest extent," was the cool anawer. "Yon
gave me a ticket for your concert last.
night. I went and sat out the performance to the end. What more do you
want?"���London Answers.
A Policeman-si Slralej-y.
When Cat-tain W. B. Weber was a
patrolman a clothing store upon bis
beat was robbed oue night. The thief
had taken off his own old clothes uud
left them In the store. lie had put on
a new suit aud worn It away. The old
suit was tbat of a boy about fifteen
years old.
Weber gathered up the clothes and
took them to the old fire patrol bouse
at Seventh avenue and Wyandotte
street He put them upou tbe floor
and, turning tlie hose on them, drenched them with water. Then he went
down to tbe Junction, where at tbat
time the newsboys congregated in
great numbers. lie gathered a dozen
of tbem around him.
"Boys," be said, "the police found
some clothes down on the river bank
this morning. It looks like a boy bad
been drowned. I want all of you to
come up to the fire station and look at
tbe clothes, Maybe you can tell me who
they belonged to."
No sooner had 'the "newsies" gathered around the pile of water soaked
clothes than one little fellow spoke up:
"Them's Nifty Bmttb's. I seen him
wearln' them red galluses, an' he sewed that patch on the knee there hls-
Other boys corroborated this story.
In less than an hour the officer bad
corralled Nifty and made bim confess
to tbe robbery.          J.
Before you get
SarmenU   ail
>e shrink
it   tnkeni
"Underwear \,
Tty as well as
* warm.because the \
^short fibres that
i make some under-
\wear itch are taken 1
out of  Pen-
jv��, s      Angle wool.
In a variety of fabrics, style* snd prices,
in all lizes (or women, men and
children,  and guaranteed by your own dealer.
Mr.  Root  and Canada.
Secretary Root's trip to Canada is
doubtless exactly what he has des
cribed it to be���a social visit to tin
governor-general and his family���bui
it nevertheless will be ranked in tht
annals of his administration of tin
United States Department of Stati
with hiB unique journey to tbe South
American republics, and it should
have much the same results. Hi*-
policy oi striving, even at the cost
of breaking musty precedents, to attain a- personal view of tlie people
and countries with whom, as "foreign secretary," he has to deal, and
to bring about a better understand
ing through a better knowledge, must
lead to better feeling and more con
siderate treatment on both siiles.���
Philadelphia Ledger.
A Recognized Regulator.���To bring
the digestive o.-gans into symmetrical
working is the aim of physicians
vben they find a patient suffering
roin stomach irregularities, and foi
his purpose tliey can prescribe notn-
ng better than farmelee's vegetable
fills, wn.ch will be found a pleasant
medicine of surprising virtue in
bringing the refractory organs inti'
subjection and restoring him to normal action, in which condition onlj
can uhey perform their duties properly-
Butler for Channel Tunnel.
London.���General Sir William But
ler, writing ou the channel tunne.
scheme, remarks that if sea power
means anything, it means that it
could knock into bits the entin
area in which a tunnel under thi
sea emerges upon the land surface.
The French people are not afraid o.
this channel scheme, and they art
An Argument.
One touch of nature makes the whole
world  kin;
One touch of grafters takes the whole
world's skin;
One touch of humor makes the whole
world grin,
And food adulteration keeps the wholt
world thin.
���Kansas City Times,
"My Kidneys Are All Wrong I How
shall I insure beBt results in the short
est time ?" It stands to reason that .-
liquid specific of the unquestionabli
merit of South American Kidney Curi
will go more directly and quickly to thi
seat of the trouble than tho "pill form'
treatment, and when it strikes the hpoI
there's  healing   in   an   instant.���78.
A witness was being examined as tc
the sanity of one of the inmates of
the asylum.
"You hold that this inmate is insane, do you ?" a lawyer asked.
"I do," was the firm reply.
"JVhy are you so sure ?"
"The man," the witness said, "goes
about asserting that he is Santa
"And," said the lawyer, "you hold
do you, that when a man goes about
asserting that he is Santa Claus it's
a clear proef of his insanity ?"
"I do."
"Because," said the witness, in a
loud, indignant voice, "I happen to
be Santa Claus myself."���San Francisco Argonaut.
"Say, old man, how do you like me
in my' new dress suit P"
"Fine. Now, if you only had a little dignity you'll look like a head
waiter."���Milwaukee Sentinel.
"I suppose you saw a great deal of
poverty in Europe."
"Yes, a great deal. In fact I came
home for fear I was going broke myself."���Cleveland Press.
A Marvellous and Triumphant Record
of Victory Over Disease.
No medicine has ever effected as large
i number of wonderful and almost marvellous cures as Psychine. It has had one
continuous record of victories over diseases of the throat, chest, lungs and stomach.
Where doctors have pronounced cases
Incurable from consumption and other
wasting diseases Psychine steps in and
rescues numbeiless people even from the
very verge of the grave. Coughs, Colds,
Catarrh, Bronchitis, Chills, Night Sweats,
La Grippe, Pneumonia, and other like
troubles, all of which are forerunners of
Consumption, yield quickly to the curative powers of Psychine.
Mrs. Campbell, one of the many cored,
makes the following statement:
I cannot refrain from telling all who suffer
of my romarkable recovery with Psychine. In
April, 1S03,1 caught a heavy cold which settled
on my lungs and gradually led to consumption,
I could not sleep, waa subject to night sweat*,
my lung, were ao diseased, my doctor considered
me Incurable, kar. Mr. alahafry. Port Blgln
Presbyterian Church, recommended Dr. Slocum's
Psychine to me, when 1 waa living in Ontario.
After using Psychine for a short Urns I ate and
slept well, the night sweats and cough ceased.
Months ago I stopped takiln- Psychine, aa I was
perfectly restored to licull*- and to-day I never
Ielt better In my life.   Psychine has bten a god-
send to me. Mu. Anobbw Cihpbiil, >     I
Cottonwood, H.W.T.
PSYOHINE never disappoints.
PSYCHINE has no substitute. I
There la no other medicine "Just as
At aU dealers, SOc, and $1.00 per b.tll..
II not write te
OR. T. i SLOCUM, ili-ltm, 171 King tt W��� TORMTt
Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a sure
and permanent cure for Rheumatism
���right's Disease, Pain In the Back and
all forms of Kidney Trouble. 23c par
box, at all dealers. . .	
Sentinienl   of   tbe   Orient   About   the
Fruit  of Destiny.
Concerning tbe rich fruit of the lotus,
which grew luxuriantly In the Nile,
many charm ing legends bave been told
It was believed that It was so delightful thufcthose who ate of It would never leave the spot where It grew, but
for It would abandon home and friends
to spend tlieir lives In a dream of serene delight. Homer, In the Odyssey,
mentions the lotus eaters who lived
ou the northern coast of Africa and
records tbelr attempts to detain the
followers of Ulysses by giving them
tbe fruits of tbe lotus to eat, so thai
they should never wish to leave the
spot where It grew.
Tbe same poetical Idea Is known te
tlie Arabs, who call It the "fruit of
destiny," which is to be eaten In Para
dlse, and It Is on this foundation that
Tennyson built his charming poem ol
the "Lotus Eaters." This mythical
lotus has been identified by several
botanists with that indigenous to Tu.
nls, which Is a thorny shrub, with ber
rles the size of an olive.
Mungo Park found a species of lotui
In Central Africa bearing berries of ���
delicious taste, which on being dried
and pounded made wholesome am]
pleasant bread. The lotus fruit found.
In Tunis has a stimulating, almost Intoxicating, effect, and it Is tberefon
probable that this plant furnished thi
foundation of tbe ancient legends.
And a  Turkey  Dinner For Six   Cosj
Only IT Ccnta.
"Columbus," said an antiquary o)
Chicago, "got a salary of $320 a year-,
less than a dollar a day. His captain)
got $180 a year apiece. His crew goj
$2.25 a month. To equip tbe expedl
tion that discovered America cost $2,
800. Tbe total cost of discoverlni
America was $7,200.
"Lawyers nowadays, especially cor
poratlon lawyers, think nothing ol
earning a million a year. In the reigl
of Edward IV. a baronet entered In bll
diurnal, or diary:
"'Paid to Roger Fylpott, learned li
the law, for his counsel, 8 shillings
with fourpence for his dinner.'
"Ministers often make today $20,001
or $30,000 a year, yet John Knox onlj
got $220 a year, or $4 a week, and that
was a dollar more a week tban Scottls)
Judges got.
"Small salaries, those," concluded tht
antiquary, "but we must remembei
tbat In tbat epoch there were no trust!
to Inflate prices, and a dollar went ��
long way. In fact, a Christmas dlnnei
for a family of six would have cost lq
John Knox's time: For the turkey, 10
cents; cranberry sauce, 2 cents; potatoes, 1 cent; turnips, 1 cent; celery, 1
cent; plum pudding, 2 cents; total, IT
cents, or less tban 8 cents a head."
Friendship  With  Wild  Life.
If a fairy bad ever offered to grant
me three wishes, "the full confidence
of wild animals" would surely bave
been one ot them and probably the
first If we seek opportunities to befriend wild creatures and take advantage of tbem, we shall often find, as I
bave done, that tbere Is no lack of response on the part of the animals. I
once walked up to a pine siskin, as he
was feeding on the ground and picked
him up In my band. He did not seem
a bit alarmed, and when a few minutes later I set him down be continued
bis search for food within a few inches
of my feet. On another occasion a yellow throated vlreo allowed me to lift
her from her nest when I wished to
count her eggs and nestled down comfortably on her treasures the moment 1
put her back. With a forefinger I once
stroked tbe back of a red breasted nut-
batch as he was busy feeding on a
tree.-Ernest Harold Baynes in St.
An Answered Prayer.
"I sent my little girl," writes a correspondent, "to the butcher's with 50
cents to buy some steak. Sbe came
home 10 cents short In change and was
sent back for the missing coin. Presently the butcher's boy called with the
dime and explained that his employer
had found out his mistake, although
they had seen nothing of my little
daughter. The time went on, and I
felt anxious until I heard her singing
merrily In the garden. 'Did you go
back to the butcher's?' I asked. 'No,
mother, it Is such a long way, O I
asked Ood to sen,*! for the dime. Has
ft not come yet?'"
An Irish lad on the east side was
obliged recently to seek treatment at
a dispensary. On his return home from
tbe first treatment he was met by this
Inquiry from his mothet:
"An' what did the docthor man say
was the matter wld your eye?"
"He said there was some furrln substance in it."
"Sburel" exclaimed the old woman,
with an I-told-you-so air, ''now, maybe,
ye'll kape away from thlin Eyetallan
boys 1"���Success Magazine.
Her Impression.
"Now I have an Impression In my
bead," said tbe teacher. "Can any of
you tell me what an Impression is?"
"Yes'm, I can." replied a little fellow at the foot of the class. "An Impression Is a dent In a soft spot"
Natural Enough.
"They say that Bradley goes on like
mad since he inherited his vast
"What does he do?"
"Oh, he acts like one possessed."���
"John Bull, Bachelor."
"John Bull, bachelor," is a description that threatens to be attached to us In the not far distant future,
for the disinclination to marry is becoming more general among Englishmen every year. They themselves attribute this indisposition mostly to
the frivolity, extravagance and unfaithfulness of the modern English
wife.���London Truth.
Not Asking Much.
London bachelors expect their women friends to entertain them, they
accept their hospitality, but they rarely offer anything in return. Even a
cup of tea and a stroll in the park, or
to a picture gallery, is all that ia required.���Queen. _ _       '
Dear Mother
Your little ones are a coutant care ia
Fall and Winter weather. They will
catch cold. Do you know abodt Sniloh's
Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has done lot so many > It is said
to be the onlv reliable lemedy for all
disease, of lhe air passage, in children.
Itis absolutely harmless and pleasant to
take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money
is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,
and all dealer, in medicine sail 3:4
This remedy should be ia every household,
Galvanized Steel
Th e cheapest good
They do shinsle is the
cost less  "Oshawa.'' Good
for a century's
weather-wear. Guaranteed
for 25 years without your
even painting��� " Oshawa "
double-galvanized shini'les
need no paint to outlast
any roofing there is.
Mate roofs fire-proof,
too, ��� guaranteed in
every way you want.
Cheap in first cost as common wood shingles, yet
more durable than slate.
Sold under a written guarantee that really means
something to the  buyer.
You can't
afford any
other kind
With a hammer,
Easy to   a snips, and horse-
put on     sense   anybody
can roof buildjngs
right Tith "Oshawa " Galvanized    Steel    Shingles.
They need no cleats.   They
lock on  all   FOUR sides.
Made in only one grade���
of 28-guage semi-hardened
sheet steel in the patented "Oshawa" way
Shingles are
an investment, rot an
More than 100 farm
Lightning buildings were
proof, too damaged in Ontario alone last year
by lightning. Not one of them
would have been harmed if
they'd been "Oshawa"-roofed.
These shingles insulate a build*
ing ���make it safe against every
element. Let us tell you what
it will cost you to roof the
"Oshawa' way.
Get our free
book 'Roof
ing Right'
Of Oshawa        *
Montreal      To-onto        Lor don
381-3 Urii-i-W.      llColborno        6!) DuuUas
Ottawa       Winnipeg     Vancouver
i 3 Kushox        7ii Lombard        (116 Pender
Yon cannot possibly have
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in J*lb. and i-lb Tins.
What Shall I Do
for this strained muscle?
Johnson's i
It was oriclrut-d 96 y-srs ago to
remove Inflammation and take tbo
soreness out of strains and bruise*.
*"c., three time, as much Me. All dealers.
I. 8. JOHNSON ft CO., Boston,  Haas.
WmrrmntmtHo Oltem MatM���Hlon.
Caustic Balsam
His Imitators But Ho Conpitltors.
��� Safe* Speedy and Positive Cure (or
Curb, Splint Sweeny, C&pptd Hook,
Striined Tendone, Founder, Wind
Pufffa, nnd nil Inmenun from flpnvin,
Ringbone nnd other bony tumor*,
Cure* all iUa diieaus or Paratite*.
Thruah, Diphtheria. Eemovei nil
Bunchei from Honei or Cattle.
An a Human.Remedy -for Rheuntntli-.n,
Bnralne.   Bore Throat,  etc., ��it lu*r*��luaW*
ET��ry  bottle of Cauitio Baliam lold If
Warranted to sire ea tin faction.   Price $1.60
per bottle.   Bold by drUKtfite. or lent by tt-
(iress, ohargee paid, with full direction* for
ti unu.   tdrSend for  doecriptire circulars,
T-testimonials, etc.   Addreu
The Lawrence-Williams Co., Toronto, Ont.
W.    N.     U.    No. G26. CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, 314,000,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President��� Loud Sthathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Ueobqe A. Dkummond.
General Manager���E, S. Clous-ion.
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada
���  A General Banking Business Transacted.  a
��� o
Slocan fiMning "Review.
Subscription $*i,00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rate*:
Notices tn Delinquent Owners - .JIS.'OO
"      for CriAVii Grants     -    -     7.50
"      " Puroliase of Land   -     ,.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All local* will Ik; charged for nt tlie rate
of !5c. per liiiL- each issue.
Transient rate?  made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Zhc Slocan Dotel
Sbvee forfts,
'is. d.
Headquarters for Mining Men
wheu visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort tot tlie Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Noiko iB hereby given that 60 d��ya
from dati-, 1 intend lo apply to the Hon
TAKE NOTICE that nn application
lias been made lo register W. if. Brandon as tho owner in Fee Simple under
ii Tax S.ile Deed Irom 1!. .1. Stenton,
Collector of the Slocan Assessment Ills-
tiii-t to W. 11. Bi'iimloii, b nrinir date
Un* 7di day of November, A.D., iOOO of
nil and "insular that cerlain parcel Or
tract of land and jnonlsfa situate,
lying anil bping iu the District of Kootenay in tho Province of British Culiiin-
I ia, more partlcnlaily known and de-
soribed as Lot 080 Gump 1 In tl"*
Diilrli t nf Koutenay, " Bon Ton "
Mineral Claim, and all minerals pie
rioiiH and huso (save i-onl) tlii-icin.
You  and each of yon  are required to
contest the claim of the las purchaser
within  fourteen  days  from tho date
of Ilie service of this notice upon you,
and in default of  a ravpat or a certi-
fi- u e nf lis pendens being filed within
such   period,    you   will   be   forever
estopped and  debarred  (mm setting
up any claim  to  or  in respect of the
said land, and I  shall  register \V. II.
Brandon as owner thereof,
Dateil at Land Registry  Ollice, Nelson,
Province of Britisli Columbia, this
25th day of February, A.D., 1907.
11. !������. MacLEoD.
District Registrar,
To the Adams British Columbia
Company, Limited,
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has   been   made   lo   regi-ter   W.    II.'
Brandon ami   Daniel  Brandon  as  the,
owners in 1'Ve Simple under a Tax S.ilej
Deed frmn.I.. .).  Stensoii, Collector oi
the Slocan Assessment District, bearing
dale  the 7th day  of Ndvcmber, A.D,
lflOO, of all and singular those certain
parcels or tracts of land and premises
situate, lyingand being in  tho District
of Kootenay iu the Proviuce of British!
Columbia, more particularly known und i
dcFcribed  as  Lots 6S)8   " BrltoriTarte'.'
Mineral  Claim  ami  000 " Chamblel "
Mineial Claim   loth  in 0roup 2 Kootenay District, and nil minerals precious]
nud hn-e (save coal) therein.
All minerals precious and base (save'
eon I) under l.o's 752 " Shiler " Mineral |
Claim (Hid 2292 "Midnight Fraction"
Mineral Claim, both in Group 1,  Koot-
nay District
To Michael Ten rose, or  to whomsoever
he may hnve transferred his interest
in Ilie " Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated    near   MoGuigan,
located tlie 3rd day of October, 1000,
recorded the 17tli day of October,
IOOO, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You   aro  hereby notified that I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of tlie Mineral Act, and if within 00 days from the
cute of tiiis notice yon fail or refuse to
ontribiitc your proportion of theahovc-
mentioned sum, together with  all costs
of advertising, your  interest in the said
claim will become  tiie  property of the
undersigned, under   section   4 ol   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated  at Sandon,  this 27th  day of
November, lUOO.
Sandon    -    -    B. C.
Whereas at the Lust Chance aud Surprise mines, Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to the exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, he it resolved that this
organization, Sandon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.i*\ of M. reaffirming its op-
position to the employment of Orientals
within   its  jurisdiction,   strongly   condemns the position  taken by' the management of the  properties in question,
and counsels working  men everywhere
and   I hose  favorably   disposed  towards
organized labor to be governed by this
A. SIIILLAND. Secretary.
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
described hinds, situated in the Slocnn
Division of West Kootenay District, between Ten Mile and Twelve Mile creek*
and about one half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. T. Kelly's S.E. corner post, thence
west 20 chains along the line of Lot
No. 1024, G 1, thence north 20 chaii s,
thence csst 20 chains, theme south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acred more or less.
Located the lith dav of March, 1907.
J. II. Cory, Agent.
Mar 14 2m
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief 'Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated
'.n the Slo-an Iii vision of West. Kootenay District between Ten and Twelve
Mile Creeks and about one half mile
from Slocan Lake, commencing at a
post marked J. 11. Corey's N.W. corner post, thonce 20 chains cast along
IbolineofLot 1033, Gl, thence 40 chains
south, thence 20 chains west, thence 40
chains norlh,'to point of commencement,
containing 80 acres more or lues.
Located March Ulh, 1907.
Mar 14 2m Locator.
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.   Quiet Home.    Special
Care Given to Maternity CaseB.
Address AU Communications to
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco     j
5andon, B. C.
Meaoquartevs for fDMnin-a ano Gravelling fl>cn
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms TLaroe, Clean ano Cog?.
To Rent
Several Residences at
Very Small Figure
**********+********���*���*+���**���****+******* *****************
\ Zhc Sanson Dote I.
Silverton, 35.(5.
"" ���    ,   -     t .  .    . .  i  t   ,  U ,     I '..-1 I H'l .
the chef Commissioner ol  Lands and .
,," ��. Victoria, BC��� lor permission You  and each  of you are  required to
t,    purchase   the   following   described contest the claini ��.f the t,is purchaser
am s situat din ihe " l-can Division  of within  fourteen  .lavs fiom   the dale
West Keotenay D st;ict  and about 8 ��! U>o 7; "'<; 01 tins notice upon yon,
��f   ".an        ���          T                    ���                        -                    ...                                    --i    /--* .III,        li,     ,    .linn     I     1,       11   ..ni',-,'ll|-|l*HI.I*      lllc'l     II
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IRobt. Cunning proprietor. :
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class     ���
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation aud ���
Splendid Cuisine Always,
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Choicest Xiquore, mines ano Cigars.
#.*f****************** *-***~rT*r*************- ***********
S William Bennett S
' t>****>*>******>*>*>��>**>**>*>*>*>*4>*>��*�����*�����<�����������������>�������������������������*����������������������
J Cameron f
The Kootemay Tailor t
, ���*�����������*$*������������������������������������������������>��� *>*>*>*>+*>*********>*>*>+***i<r+*> ���
miles sou'li-easterly from Silverton, R.t
and adj iningF. .1. O'Reilly's laud purchase on his South side; commencing
at a po-t marked U -Brand S.W. corner
thence earn 40 chains, thence north
40 chains in no or les- to the south boundary of F. .1. O'Heilly's land purchase
thci.ee* v.est alonu* sad boundary 40
chain.*, thence south to 1 o nt of com-
nieiifomei t, containing about 160 acres.
Lncated 28rd Jan. 1907. nBRANpj
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut nnd
carry away timber from the following
described lands situated in the Slocan
mining district of West Kootenay:
Fir.ii location ��� Commencing at a
posl on the Bputh side of Trout Creek
about three und a half miles from
Slocan Lake and marked W II B's n.e
corner po--;t, thence south 40 chains,
thence west tfiO chains, ihence north 40
.chains, thence east 100 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated February 27th, 1907
W H RRANDON, Locator,
G S Vanstone, Agent
Second location ��� Commencing at a
post on the south side of Trout, creek
about BJ*. miles from Slocc.n lake, and
marked VV H B'fl n.e. corner post,
thence south 40 chains, thence west
160 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence east 1C0 chains to point of
Dated February 27th, 1907
VV H BRANDON, Locator,
Geo. S. Vanstone, Agent
Mar 7,1807
and iu defanll of acavuatorcerlifieale
of lis pendens being  Illcd within sncli
period, you will   bo  forever estopped
and  debarred  from   setting np   any
claim 10 or in r. spec! of the sail In ml,
and I shall register  W.   II.   Brandon
nnd Daniel Urandon as owners thereof.
Dated at Lund  Registry Office, Nelson,
Province of British Colnmliis, this
26th dav of February, A.D. 3907,
H. F. MacLEOD,
District Registrar.
To the Adams British Columbia
Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days alter date 1 intend to apply to
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, B. C, for permission to purchase the following des-
ci itii'd lauds, ('..nun, nemg it! 11 post
planted on ilie wi *���' Bide of Sloci 11 lake
nud about on. ami a ball mil a west ol
Siiu mil1 * |V( l< on II.6 shore ol ll.i1 hike,
-nil marked W II B'as.w. coniei* post,
thence we-l -l1' 1 hnins, tin noe north
80 chain*, thence ��ept 401) miir, Hiencr
north 40 chain*, lliencu cast, 40 ehaiiis,
(bene.* hi mil 80 chain**, tlie* c ��� e.n-t 40
chains', thenco mulli 40ehains following
the bike ��llor�� I" ('Oillt o( commence*
���ueut, ah.n' 820 ncres more or less.
Located ihe 27th dav ol Feb. 11107
W. II- BRANDON, Locator.
(.ico. 8. Vanstone, ogent.
Mar 7 GO
Review Job Printing
hi t UT vi
We Will Sell at
Reduced   Prices.
Also SUHS end PANT5
At Cost
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test tlie
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines aud Cigars
always ou haud.    ::    Au excellent Pool Table.
provincial Hssaieer
ano Cbcmiat
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver wi;li Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, $1.50 ench.
Zinc,  Antimony,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, ifa.oo.
Cold, Silver, �� iili Lend or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, t?2 50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   $3.00
Gold, Silver, Kino, Lead and Iron, $4.00
For I'roBpocto s Miuerslo?icnlEiamina
lio.., imil nil values indicated, $i!,00
Special Hates for Mine and Mill Work
CI - - I
Orders receive prompt and careful
Ibotel .:
���$��� ���!���*��'��� *���.���**���" >;..;**;.*.*i*+*;.'j.**j,��;-.<j.'}.*n. ���*.*:;
Spring anb
from Crown
(Tailoring Co.
Ti The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
iu the Country.
Tflu Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit aud entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's, Furnishings and Supplies.
'l>**+**.*****+**'*******++**t��+ tl ���***��**'��***+'****>***<>M****l****>
The   T
Koofenay / "*
i -Hotel.
Thcro Is no better house in tho Kootenays for
tho Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date Btylo of doing
business, and the Uarkeeps are artists in tlieir
> i>^**^*K4>****HiH��*<^*^��****�� ^-?<3>*-1^^^^*<^-*-^*;S^^^* J
son s
Heavy Ooods,
Floer,   May,    Oats,
Coal,   Vegetables,
Iron, Steel, etc*
I   tIHIS   Wel1   Known
$ Hotel   has  lately
!i been purchased by the
'?! above, and he promises
f patrons personal attcn-
"f j tiou to make their stay
| -with   him   a   pleasant
,'j.1 one. Everything strict-
| ly First-Class.
| Silverton * 'B.C.
If you receive
this paper it is an
invitation to you to
Send in your sub
The Finest Wines and Liquors aud Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery.
s ��
Fresh Groceries
In Adjoining Premiss*.
No. 8l.      VV. F. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30
p. in. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A, Shilland, Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meets in Fraternity Hall the last Monday evening of every month.
J. R. CAMERON, AV. President.
J. G. 1'ottkh, W, Secretary,
Send in your sub.
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon fllMners' XEInion Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Kates by Subscription If] .00 per month. Non-subscribers $2.00 per diem.
 Hospital Staff	
C. E. ANDERSON. - -     WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
m J.
Assayer  Notary Public  Conveyancing
poBox.oi NEW DENVER, B. G.
New Denver. B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well Stocked Bar.
Excellent boatiuir. Grand scoiiery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trails.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter what his occupation, may save
money by getting his
Shoes Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoo
there is nothing better
than the fiimotis BAT.
with a good, solid,
hand made hot torn	
!F^.a,il"v^7- st,y
Colonist Rates
North Pacific Coast
from all points.
Ontario, Quebec, |
Maritime Provinces,
St. Paul, Chicago
and United States.
On Sale Daily till
30th April
These shoes can only bo got by
leaving vour older with
p. w. ,.;���
Shoemaker - Sandon
Dr. A. M. Lowe
Send for Your Friends 1
while rates are low.
Fall particulars'oh application to
local agents, or write
J S. C.irtkr,       E. J. Covi.k,
D.P.A. Nelson,    A.G.P.A.
R.C.       Vancouver. B.C.
Visits Snndon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and Gcrrard regularly.
Head Office: KASLO, B.C.
B. W. OTfbbowson
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, each, $1.00
Gold-Silver..(1 50 Silver-Lead.,$] 50
Zinc. ..J2 Ot) Gold Silver witli Copper or
Lead..   3.50.
Prompt attention given to nil samples.
25 per cent, discount upon live samples,
P O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A07
*ff S the Headquarters for All
Milling Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout in a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home -to tourists
visiting this charming fummer
Excellent Boating, Fishing
aud Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.
Kootenay Laundry.
A. BRUDER Local Ag nt.   Paroele left
Filbert Hotel receive prompt attention.
nity Hall.
Sanbon %ot>QC,
No. 24.
K. of P.
Meets every Wednesdaj
evening at 7.80 in Frater*
Visiting Brethren cordially
A. Shii.i.ani), KoiR. <i 8.
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