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Slocan Mining Review 1907-08-22

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Devoted to/A^iUs'islative /.^
tising the r*eWlirces ���*������
of the   ricK Bloca^(jg 29 190/
Mining Divfteion. . .	
Slocan Mining Review.
Sent to any address**
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
'��� Review,"   it's  so.
No. 52   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Aug. 22, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
2nd Annual
Fruit Fair
kaslo, ac
SKIT. 24tii and 25th, 1007
Grand Exhibits of Products of the
Kootenay.      -
$2,500 in Frizes and Attractions.
Special Fruit Competition open to
the World for $300 cash prize.
Special Contests for Prospectors
and Loggers.
Not a dull minute for two days.
Prize lists and entry forms may
be had from tbe Secretary.
* *
| Uocal ano (Seneval.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
-afterdate we intend to apply to tho
license board of the city of Slocan for
a transfer of licence held by us for the
Arlington Hotel,in Block A, lots 1 and 2
to Robt.   (iraham  and Frank   Griffith.
Slocan. B. C. August 1st, 1007.
District of West Kootenay.
Take   notice    thnt I,   Bert.    Norris
Sharp, of Orient,   Wash.,   occupation
assayer, intends  to apply  for  permission to puichase the following   described
Commencing at a post planted on
N. W. cor. located on Slocan Lake about
20 inilis from Slocan City, thenco weet
40 chains, tlience south 40 chains, thence
cast 40 chains, ihence north 40 chains
to point of commencement containing
100 acres mire er less.
Thomas Melville Sharp,
July 31st, 1007.
Picked up by Butting in Everywhere.     ���_*
*�� Y
* ���{**** .'.���h-���***���*<*���*���* ********** *
Miss Alma Thomas has returned from
Trout Lake City, where she spent two
weeks with her mother.
Mrs. Sherraden is visiting her daughter here, Mrs. F. S. Macdonald.
Geo. Peace, a mining man of thirty-
two years' experience, came in from
Butte, Mont., last Monday. He is sizing up the country around Sandon with
a view of leasing a property of merit.
Jim Jordan, a well-known old-timer,
returned to town Wednesday after a
long absence.
Fred. Ritchie enme in from Victoria
Tuesday. Fred, reports Iho whole
Slocan picking np wnnd. rfully from a
drummer's point of view.
All the Committees for tbe Celebration are lreroby notifiel that a meeting
is called for S.iturday night at EIGHT
o'clock sharp in the City Hall.
Geo. McCready pi.id a flying vls't to
Slocan Cily last Saturday. Our popular
station agoutis a great walker.
W. Edwards, Nelson, is a guest at the
J. W. Turner, accompanitd by bis
wife and family, bave arrived from Silverton. Mr. Turner will act as foreman
to a large crew of men at the Last
Chance as soon as manager Pratt returns
Misses Wilbers arrived from Kaslo.
Tuefday, where thev have been spending vacation with their aunt, Mrs.
Cockle. The young ladies are en route
to Vancouver, accompanied by Mrs.
Andy Mclntyre and A. McEachern
are in from Arrowhead.
A car of Sunset ore was shipped to
tbe smelter Monday. Another car is
being brought down which will be consigned Saturday. The Sunsot is looking
particularly good.
IC. R. MePhee is a visitor from
North Portal, Sask.
L. W. Wood and F. Pearson, mining
men, are in from Greenwood.
Martin Johnson and Robert Ewenson
are registered from Rossland.
Hans Hagen celebrated his birthday
Tuesday night. A large partyof friends
gathered at hia residence and partook of
a bounteous feast of delicacies prepared
by Mrs. Hagen.
Rev. Fr. Coccola celebrated mass at
St. Joseph's on Saturday and Tuesday.
Good progress is being made with tho
crosscut tunnel at the McAllister. They
are also faking out some exceedingly
rich ore in No. 2, which will be shipped
to pay for the season's operating expenses.
Howard Thompson has opened up
the paystreak in the Mountain Con
ugain. He has now 150 sacks of $180
ore ready to ship, all extracted from
the intermediate tunnel.
Wo have been unofficially informed,
from a reliable source, that a good body
of ore has been struck in the American
Buy tunnel at the Last Chance.
Mrs. G. Grant came up from Three
Forks this week to secure a house for
residential purposes. We understand
the fanily will move shortly into the
block adjoining our new quarters.
A dial was mado this week in which
the CM. & S. Co. took the transfer of
the Richmond fraction from Jas.
Several more men were put to work
at the Slocan Star this week.       ���
The conditions for the ladies' nail
and screw-driving contestareas follows:
Each competitor will be provided with a
4-inch nail, a 1-inch screw, a hammer
and screw driver. The competitors
will stand in front of a raised plank,
and upon the Bignal to start will first
drive the nail in flush to the wood and
then turn the screw until it is also flush.
There will be lhree valuable prizes for
tho first three to complete thc tank.
CF. Nelson and A. T. Garland have
presented valuable prizes for this event,
and Dr. Petersky ia awarding a special
prize for the first fair competitor who
Jack Corey has recorded assessment
work on Reliance and Heather Bell.
Will the party who took a quantity of
preserve jars and sealers from a house
at tbe lower end of the town return
them at once and no questions will be
asked. He is known, and by returning
them he will tave unpleasant proceedings which will otherwise follow.���Advt.
��� ^
���i^Jl AT SANDON *��������*?
$600 PRIZE5 $6oO
The Grandest Days' Sport in the Kootenays.
Cheap Excursions on C. P. R. and K. & S, Rlys.
Special Train and Boat Arrangements.
Open to the Kaslo-Slocan District.
DouMe-Hanileil, 1st $100,2nd $50.       Single-Handed, 1st $50,2nd $25.
Boys' Single Rock Drilling Contest - - Under 14.
Firemen's Sports    -     GreaTHub and Hub Race
Between Kaslo, New Denver and Sandon teams.
Caledonian Sports
Children's Sports
100 Yards' Dash      Long Jump      Broad Jump      Pole Vaulting      Putting the Shot.
Races and Novelty Events for the Boys and Girls.
Nail and Screw Driving Competition for the Ladies.
Bandsmen's Race. Prospector's Race. Fat Men's Race.       Novelty Kvents.
The Famous Kaslo Brass Band will be ia Attendance.
Grand 'Ball in the Evening
Don't Forget! Labor Day-. Monday, Sept. 2
Come in your thousands to the Great Silver-Lead Camp.
His Worship the Mayor (J. R. CAMERON). President
W. M, BENNETT. Treasurer
S. J. TOWGOOD, Chairman.
You will meet Hundreds of Old-Timers at Sandon on Labor Day.
Bonn.��� At Sandon, on Monday, the
19th inet., to Mr. and Mrs. P. Dunphy
���a eon.
Mrs. J. J. Street and son came in
from Whitewater Tuesday.
Miss   Shutty,   a  daughter  of   Andy
I Shutty,  has arrived from Kaslo to reside here.
Clink! Clink! Clink! "Comedown
on 'er." In every out of the way nook
and corner the husky hoys of tho town
are socking it to the granite. The boy's
rock-drilling cor lest on Labor Day is
arousing much enthusiasm and rivalry
among the lads, who are morn concerned at present with cutting rock than
" Maw's kindlin'."
The Exchange Restaurant was opened up tins week by Mrs. Womor, late
cook at the Payne and Eureka mines.
Her popularity nnd culinary accomplishments will draw the business.
School principal Nindlc, of Kaslo, has
been touring the Slocan wiih the view
of securing candidal es for high school
honors, and in this capacity visited
Saudon last Monday. Mr. Kindle informed us ihat intending candidates
can now be received at Kaslo on a very
economical basis.
Now, boys, it won't do. If you want
to put up a good thow against the visiting hose teams you've got to get in and
"drill." Of course vou have enviable
reputations as (Ire-lighters and all that
soit of thing, but your reputations will
look as sick as a skinned jack-rnbbit if
you don't make a decent show on Labor
Day. It's up to you. Stop chin wagging
and hustle some. Let's see the hose
carls doing a few stunts next week.
Supt. Foley took a small crew of men
up to the Defender last Tuesday, a
crown-granted claim near the Alamo
upon which a leiiBe has been taken by
local business men.
Conductor Fred Wensley is wearing
the smile that won't come off. The arrival of a ten  pound hoy is tho cause.
J. L. White will shortly leave for his
old home in London, Ont., where he
will spend in comfort the rest of his
days. Before departing he will sell at a
great bargain the stock-in-trade of the
Sandon Laundry, together wilh house
an Mot, the only laundry in Sandon.
There is an abundance of good water
for household, laundry end garden,
which is one of the best. House is perfectly secure from Bnowslides. Also a
first-class hen-house stockod with selected winter layers, which gave two dozen eggs per day all last winter. Hens
have access to open ground. Very convenient for wood, with good cellar for
same. The price of tho whole is a
startler,   Get interested and see White.
Fire-warden Strathearn passed through
Sandon to-day. Mr. Strathearn is suffering from a sprained ankle sustained
by jumping off a log during one of hid
fire-lighting jaunts,
Train Arrangements For Our
Labor Day Celebration
Are Ideal
A Special Ball Train.
The dan-era from the lake towns who
are intending to lake in the big Celebration Ball will appreciate the efforts of
the committee to make train arrangements compatible with comfort. For
the rooming after the ball a special
C.P.R. train has been chartere 1 to take
lakesides back for boat connection. By
this arrangement visitors will be able
to gyrate to the dulcet strains of the
" Home Sweet Home " waltz, and then
refresh themselves with several hours'
sleep before train time. The Committee
have been put to great expense chartering two special trains, but it goes without saying that their enterprise will be
appreciated by citizens of New Denver,
Silverton, Slocan, Rosebery and other
lake points. The auditorium of the
Opera House i. unquestionably one of
the mobt capacious and comfortable for
dancing purposes to be found in the
Sandon'a Labor Dav Celebration is an
assured financial success! The amount
of money required to meet the estimate
of the committee is even now guaranteed, and all that will be necessary to
complete the most enjoyable day in tho
history of the camp is fine weather. So
far as train and boit facilities aro
concerned to convey the crowds to the
great silver-lead camp, they are ideal.
A full days' enjoyment will be obtained.
The large contingent from Kaslo will
leave the K. & S. <hp>t at 8 a.m. accompanied by the Kaslo brasB band and
the hose team. It will be a record crowd
from Kaslo. The K. & S. officials have
done handsome for the occasion. A
special rate of single tare for tho round
trip has been announced from the
Queen City and all way points. The
return train will leave Sandon at 7 p.m.
Those staying overnight for the Grand
Ball will bo able to return the following morning.
The arrangements made by the C.P.R.
aro as near perfect as we can conceive.
An excursion steamer will leave Slocan
City with a big crowd at 5 a.m., calling
at all way points to Silverton, where
hundreds moro will embark. At New
Denver the crowd will bo a g'gantic
and happy one. Sandon emptied itself
for tho celebrations of the two last
named towns, and now they are boosting ours. At Rosebery where train
connection will made, more will join
the holiday making throng. Three
Forks" will close the town for tho day,
and Moir'a mule will bo left in charge.
The roturn train will leave Sandon at
6.20 p in. and connection for lake points
will be made with the steamer tit Rosebery. A special train will leave Sandon
for Denver Siding and Rosebery the following morning to suit the convenience
of the crowd attending the ball.
Cock-adoodlcdoo! ! ! Here we are at
the end of Vol. 1, and up to the time
of going to press have not leccived a
visit from the sheriff, Who'd ha'
thought it ? Cock-a-doodle-doo! Your
sub. is doodle due.
The Sandon Celebration Committee
beg to acknowledge with thanks the
receipt of following contributions:
Consolidated Mining anil Smelting Co. of Canada, Ltd    $100.00
Hamilton Powder Co	
Wm. Hunter, M.P.P	
Hudson Hay Co.,	
Bank of Montreal 	
Bank of Britisli N. America,
Kootenay Cigar Co	
J. C. Carruthers	
F. Liebscher ��
Total.... !. 1(10.00
' Messrs. A. T. Garland, Kaslo, and O,
F, Nelson have forwarded handsome
prizes for the Ladies' Competition. Tho
secretary is also in receipt of 100 cigars
from the B.C. Cigar Co.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that Florence' Lawrence
Mclnnes, ot New Denver, wile of Angus
Mclnnes, intends to apply for permission to puichase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of lot 8500, group 1,
Kootenay District, tlience west. 20 chains
thence south 20 chains thence east 20
chains thence north 20 chains to the
point of commencement, containing 40
acres more or less.
Keuneth L. Burnet,
The Sandon School Trustees aro to be
congratulated on obtaining a teacher of
some experience and boiling a " life
certificate," when there is a shortage of
teachers with such qualifications in
British Columbia.
Great interest ia displayed in Prof.
Fletcher's lecture on " Orchard Insect
Pests," and copies of the lecture are
selling like hot rakes. Should anyone
l.cture on the " White Plague," a hand
ful of people turn out. The intelligent
support, both moral and financial, of
the people towards building and maintaining a sanatorium for the prevention
of tuberculosis in British Columbia .is
more important. Why will people remain luk-warm on thia all-important
question ?
What would not tourists give to see
Towgood's 30-string pack-tram start
with sappliea for a mine? It heals
going to see a lump of ice on the summit of a mountain on Kootenay lake
which Kaslo and Nelson are scrapping
about. 'Pshaw ! glacier nothing. One
of the residents of Snndon threatens to
demolish it in a whisky and soda the
first hot day. Now, if tourists are looking for something novel and exhilarating
wc recommend any morning at daybreak
when the frost is on the pumpkin and the
mule-skinners have irrigated unwisely
the previous night. But, if it is glaciers
they want, and n fu*e all worthless
su' stituti p, they must go to New Denver, where they have one specially
adapted to the rcquirepients of tourists
A 1 ig advantage from the point of many
iB���that it can be seen from the bar of
Count Siege's hotel.
We celebrate the first anniversary of
our birth neit week. A year old ! That
sounds big, doesn't it ? We feel us
though we had been here a century
when we soliloquize upon the tionhle
we have ribbed Up, Thank goodness
our conscious is normal. Say I how's
yours ? Please remit that two-spot for
a birthday present. We are laying in a
complete and well-assorted line of
troubles for the new year. Get in on
the ground floor and have two dollars'
worth. We are also likely to run a
social and personal (very personal)
column, and if that proves unsuccessful we shall commit suicide or go to
live at Nelson. It's immaterial which,
we're deppc.it*,te,
Mining and Smelting.
The announcement that the management of the Hall mines Smelter has
disposed, or arranged to dispose, of its
supply of ore now on hand and is taking, stock of the situation before announcing its policy for tho future will
cause no surprise, says the Nelson Daily
Canadian. The decision has baen
expected by mining men In Kootenay
for many months, and hints have been
given to the public from  time  to time.
When the Siiver King mine was
closed down a few years ago, the Hall
Mines Smelter became dependent for iis
operation entirely upon custom ores.
The use for which it had been designed
was gone. Ita sole pin pose had been
the reduction of the ores of the Silver
King, which was and is, the chief property of the company.
With tho Boundary dislrict served by
three large reduction plants and Ross-
land ore treated at Trail and North port
the local smelter'e only source of supply were the Slocan anil Yinir districts
and a small part of East Kootenay.
The character of those sonrrcsof supply
constitutes Ihe explanation of the
chequered history of the smeller, and
probably of the decision just announced.
For the last .even years, mining in
the Slocan has been in a depressed condition. For a while it was explained
by the low price of lead; after that had
been offset, first by the government
bounty, nnd later by the advance in the
price, the reason assigned for continued inactivity, was tho high freight and
treatment charges. These have since
been reduced to a figure at which no
reasonable complaint can be mad* The
only explanation now available is pending litigation. Probably all the causes
mentioned have been co.itributary factors in retarding the devo'opment of the
Slocan ns a mining district, But probably the chief reason is that the first
strikes of silver which made the Slocan
famous were near the surface and soon
exhausted. The real wealth, the only
possible source of permanent wealth
is at depth. Iu one mine only, the
Rambler-Cariboo, has the necessary
work been undertaken to reach the main
ore bodies of the mine. Beginnings have
been made in several otheis. ' But in
the great majority the beginning of work
on a large scale has yet to bo made.
Whether it is that tho owners, as a rule
have not the means of undertaking such
work, or lack faith in the valuo of their
properties, the present effect is the same.
The result is a ridiculously small and
irregular output from a distiict containing more partly developed properties of
great promise, than any other district
of the game size in Canada.
Such has been the character of the
chief source of ore supply of the Hall
Mines Smelter. The first necessity in
smelter operation is economy in handling and treating, and for the ex* rcise
of economy it is essential that tho manager Bhould know from month to montl
how much ore and of what character he
can count upon. That knowledge has
never been available to the management
of the Hall Mines Smelter since its has
been engaged in thc treatment of custom
There are, however, two hopeful- features of the situation. The Silver King
mine, on ihe testimony of several who
know it well, has yet many years of life.
Its ores must be reduced at tho local
plant. The Slocan, according, not to
chronic optimists* but to men wbo have
known and believed in the distiict
through good times and bail, is on the
eve of a revival, which will see all its
developed properties back on the shipping list with many additions. If their
hopes are realized the element of uncertainly ns to the oro supply which has
handicapped the smeller management
so heavily and persistently may be eliminated.
Local and General.
On Friday next, August !I0, New Denver will en fete. The Slocnn Lnke
Launch Club will hold its annual Regatta, when tho final handicap races
for the Beason will be run oft". It will
be a day of aquatic sports, including
two launch race**, rowing and swimming racis, grea-y pole, etc., for which
prizes w ll be given. . Tho launch
races will lake place both in the morning and afternoon, one uf which will be
for the Gtnlzbergor cup. If fine
weather prevails the success of the day
isassund. Friday being train day a
good many Sandoiiitcs will visit our
sister town.
- Wednesday's C P R. Nakusp-Sandon
Irain waB delayed exactly 21 hours owing to a wreck between llosobeij* and
Hills. Engine 1822, with west-bound
freight, jumped the track and was put
out ;of gear until a breakdown crew
arrived from Nelson Iho following morning, when tbe track was cleared and
-103 allowed to proceed to Sandon, where
it arrived Thursday evening at 0.
There ia three f. tt of ore at tho Ya-
Ya. The coolest man in (own is the
owner, Dr. W. E. Gomm.
Rev. Chalmers will conduct Divine
services in the Presbyterian church on
Sunday morning anl evening. Subject of evening discourse: "Privileges
of a Christian."
JVel$on Fruit
Larger and Better than Ever.
Something Doing Every
Cheap   Excursion  Rates  on   All
Transportation lines.
For informal ion or Prize Liat
D. C. McMohris, Secretary,
P.O. Box 95, Nelson, B.C.
C. W. Ulsk, President.
fHafuisp motes.
The Misses Atkinson of New Westminster are visiling their brother, Mr.
Fred Atkinson.
F. W. Jorand spout Wednesday last
in Arrowhead.
Mr. and Mra. Norman Thomas have
removed to Nelson.
Mrs. Capt. Douf-al ia visiting friends
at the Coast.
Mr. and Mrs. Rushlon nnd family, of
Ledue, Alia., have arrived to reside in
Nakusp.   .
The steam launch Minerva, while on
her weekly run to Grove Park ranch,
met with an accident, breaking her
eccentric rod. Capt. Bu'ger ordered
tbe crew to don their life saving belts,
but Cliief Engineer Anthony reported
that there was no danger, and First
Officer YcDnugald proceed to calm the
h ars of the passengers. We are pleased
lo state that tho disabled craft arrived
in port the following day and proceeded
to the ship-yard for repairs.
Mi*, and Mrs. Hobba nnd family, of
Rosebery, former residents of Nakusp,
passed through on Wednesday Inst, on
tl trip to Arrowhead.
The C.P.R. are putting in a pipe
line for a waterworks system.
Mrs. E, McDougald of Nelson, is visiting fiiends iu town.
The abovo were crowded out last issu_.
Mr. Jorand of Slocan   spent Sunday
in town, the guest of of Mr.  and Mrs. '
L. J. Edwards.
Sjveral heated discussions have
taken place lately regarding tbe proposed route of the new sidewalks.
Tho Steamer Minto has been laid up
and the Columbia is  now on tho   run.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Day have left for a
trip to the coast and other points.
Several from here intend taking in the
Celebration nt Sandon on Labor Day.
Under the direction of J. S. Morrison
work has be en started on the Box Lake
wagon road.
A customer went Into Doc. Quinan's
drug store the other day and asked if
the proprietor was in. Doc. answered
absent mindedly, as he was thinking of
the Sandon Celebration and tho grand
ball In the evening, " No, but we have
something jtiBt bb good."
A very pler.s..nt evening was epent
at Whitewater last night, whore a party wns held in honor of Mis. Albert
Erickson, who it shortly leaving for
Kaslo. The evenings amusement concluded with a dance. A number of Sandon guests made the trip on the "Strong-
arm Limited.."
Dr. Petersky tells us that a little girl
knocked at the dispensary door last
Monday to buy a can of " glory divine "
(chloride of linn*) for her mother. Now,
Doc, we hold medals ourselves for similar qualifications.
Tiie weather cf the past month has
played old goQS.bory with our short
summer. As Bob McTaggait remarks:
We have had ten days summer this
Wc apologise for lhe bum paper this
week. The editor-printer was out several days staking wildcats nnd jumping
the properties of several delinquent sub-
Ibet'S, They have their gall, wo have
fie oxfierlen ���<.���and the claims.
Next week the Review
enters its Second Year.
Do you want it for another year? Money talks THE  SLOCAN MINING REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.   C.
a Beverly of
H Graustark i
lALQOa started off at once fo?
the castle, his heart singing.
In the darkness of the night
he kissed the message which
had come to him from "her highness."
The envelope had been closed with the
official seal of Yetive, princess of
Qrauatark, and was sacred to the eyes
of any one save the man to whom It
was directed. The words It contained
were burned deep In his brain:
You are ordered to report for duty ln
the castle. Come at once. Her highness
haa sent an official command to Colonel
Quinnox. Count Marlanx has been here.
You are not expected to desert until you
have seen me. There ls an underground
passage somewhere. B.
Baldos went alone and swiftly. The
note to Colonel Quinnox had been Imperative. He was to serve as an inner
guard until further orders. Some one,
It was reported, had tried to enter Miss
Calhoun's room from the outside during the rainstorm of the previous night,
and a special guard was to be stationed near the door. All of this was unknown to Baldos, but he did not ask
for any explanations.
He was halfway to the castle when
the sharp report of a gun startled
him. A bullet wblzzed close to his earl
Baldos broke into a crouching run, but
did not change his course. He knew
that tbe shot was Intended for him and
that Its mission waa to prevent bim
from reaching the caatle. The attendants at the castle door admitted him,
panting and excited, and he was taken
immediately to the enchanted boudoir
of the princess, which but few men
were fortunate enough to enter. There
were three women In the room.
"I am here to report, your highness,"
said he, bowing low before the real
princess, with a smile upon his flushed
"You are prompt," said the princess.   "What have you to report, sir?"
"That nn attempt has just been
made to kill a member of the castle
guard," he coolly answered.
"I am quite certain of It, your highness. The bullet almost clipped my
"Good heavens!" gasped the listeners. Then they eagerly plied him with
more agitated questions than he could
"And did you not pursue the
wretch?" cried the   princess.
"No, your highness. I was commanded to report to you at once. Only the
success of the assassin could have
made me���well, hesitate," said he
calmly.   "A soldier has but to obey."
"Do you think there was a deliberate attempt to kill you?" asked the
Countess Dagmar. Beverly Calhoun
was dumb with cousternntlon.
"I cannot sny, madame. Possibly It
was an accidental discharge. One
Bhould not make accusations unsupported. If you have no Immediate
need of my services, your highness, I
will ask you to grant me leave of absence for half an hour. I have a peculiar longing to investigate." There
was a determined gleam in his eyes.
"No, no!" cried Beverly. "Don't you
dare to go out there again. You are
to stay right here in the castle, sir.
We have something else for you to do.
It was that awful old Marlanx who
���hot at you.   He"��� .
"I left General Marlanx In Colonel
Qulnnox's quarters, Miss Calhoun," interposed Baldos grimly. "He could
not have fired tbe shot.   Far two or
three nights, your highness, I have
been followed nnd dogged with humiliating persistence by two men wearing
the uniforms of castle guards. They
do not sleep at the barracks. May I
ask what I have done to be submitted
to such treatment?" There was a
trace of poorly concealed Indignation
in his voice.
"I assure you that this ls news to
me," said Yetive iu amazement.
"I am being watched as if I were a
common thief," he went on boldly.
"These men are not your agents; they
are not the agents of Graustark. May
I be permitted to say that they are
spies set upon me by a man who has
art object ln disgracing me? Who that
man ls I leave to your royal conjecture."
"Yes, your highness. He bears me a
deadly grudge and yet he fears me. I
know full well that he and his agents
have built a strong case against me.
They are almost ready to close ln upon
me, and they will have false evidence
so craftily prepared that even my truest friends may doubt my loyalty to
you and to the cause I serve. Before
God, I have been true to my oath. I am
loyal to Graustark. It was a sorry
day when I left the valley and"���
"Oh," cried Beverly piteously, "don't
say that!"
"Alas, Miss Calhoun, It Is true," said
he sadly. "I am penned up here where
I cannot fight back. Treason is laid
against me. But, beyond all this, I
have permitted my loyalty to mislead
my ambition. I have aspired to something I can cherish, but never possess.
Better that I never should have tasted
of the unattainable than to have the
cup withdrawn just as its sweetness
begins to intoxicate."
He stood before them, pale with suppressed emotion. The women of Graustark looked Involuntarily at Beverly,
who sat cold and voiceless, staring at
tbe face of the guard. She knew what
he meant; she knew that something
was expected of ber. A word from her
and he would understand that he had
not tasted of the unattainable. In one
brief moment she saw that she had deliberately led him on, that she had encouraged him, that sho actually had
proffered him the cup from which he
had begun to sip the bitterness. Pride
and love were waging a conflict ln this
hapless southern girl's heart. But she
.was...silent.   She..could not say the
Et** ���������-*,
"I think I know what you mean, Baldos," said Yetive, seeing that Beverly
would not Intervene. "We are sorry.
No one trusts to your honor more than
I do. My husband believes In you. I
will confess that yon nre to be arrested
as a spy tomorrow. Tonight you are
to serve as a guard ln the castle. This
should prove to you that I have unbounded faith ln you. Moreover, I believe In you to the extent that I should
not be afraid to trust you If you were
to go out Into the world with every
secret which we possess. You came
here under a peculiar stress of circumstances, not wholly of your own
volition. Believe me, I am your
"I shall revere your highness forevor
for those words," said ho simply. His
eyes went hungrily to Beverly's averted face and then assumed a careless
gleam which Indicated that he had resigned himself to the Inevitable.
"I am constrained to nsk you one
question, sir," went on the princess.
"You are not the common goat hunter
you assume. Will you tell me In confidence who you really are?" The others held their breath. He hesitated for
a moment.
"Will It suffice If I say that I am an
unfortunate friend and advocate of
Prince Dantan? I have risked everything for his sake, and I fear I have
lost everything. I have failed to be of
service to him, but through no fault of
mine.   Fate has been against me."
"You are Chrlstobal!" cried Dagmar
He gave her a startled glance, but
offered no denial. Beverly's face was
a study. If he were Chrlstobal, then
what of the game warden's daughter?
"We shall question you no further,"
said Yetive. "You enlisted to serve
Miss Calhoun. It ls for her to command you while you are here. May
God be with you to the end. Miss Calhoun, will you tell him what his duties are for tonight?   Come, my dear."
Yetive and Dagmar walked slowly
from the room, leaving Beverly and
her guard alone.
"I nm at your service, Miss Calhoun,"
he said easily. His apparent Indifference stung her Into womanly revolt.
"I was a fool last night," she said abruptly.
"No; I was the fool. I have been the
fool from the beginning. You shall not
blame yourself, for I do not blame you.
It has been a sweet comedy, a summer
pastime. Forget what I may have said
to you last night, forget what my eyes
may have said for weeks and weeks."
"I shall never forget," she said. "You
deserve the best in the world. Would
that I could give It to you. You have
braved many dangers for my sake. I
shall not forget. Do you know that we
were watched last night?"
"Watched?" he cried Incredulously.
"Oh, fool that I nm! I might have
known. Aud I have subjected you toto���don't tell me that harsh things have
been said to you, Miss Calhoun!" He
was deeply disturbed.
"General Marlanx saw you. He has
threatened me, Baldos"���
"I will kill him! What do I care for
thc consequences? He shall pay dearly
"Stop! Where are you going? You
are to remain here, sir, and take your
commands from me. I don't want you
to kill him. They'd hang you, or something just as lind. He's going to be
punished, never fear!" Baldos smiled
In spite~*ef his dismay. It was Impossible to face this confident champion
ln petticoats without catching her enthusiasm.   "What have you done with
���with thnt rose?" she asked suddenly,
flushing and diffident. Her eyes glistened with embarrassment.
"It lies next my heart. I love it," he
said bravely.
"I think I'll command you to return
it to me," vaguely.
"A command to be disobeyed. It is
in exchange for my feather," he smiled
"Well, of course, If you are going to
be mean about��� Now, let me see," she
said confusedly, "what are your duties
for tonight? You are to stand guard
ln the corridor. Once ln awhile you will
go out upon tlie balcony and lake a
look. You see, I am ufraid of some
one. Oh, Baldos, what's the use uf my
trifling like this? You are to escape
from Edelweiss tonight. That is the
whole plan���the whole Idea in u nutshell. Don't look like that. Don't you
want to go?" Now she was trembling
with excitement.
"I do not want to leave you." he
cried eagerly. "It would bo cowardly.
Marlanx would understand that you
gave aid nnd sanction. You would be
loft to face the charges he would make.
Don't you see, Beverly? You would be
Implicated; you would be accused
Why did you not let me kill him? No;
I will not go!" Neither noticed the
name by which be bad called her.
"But I insist!" she cried weakly.
"You must go away from me. I���I
coiniunud you to"���
"Is it because you want to drive me
out of your life forever?" he demanded, sudden understanding coming to
"Don't put it that way," she murmured.
"Is it because you care for me that
you want me to go?" he insisted, drawing near. "Is it because you fear the
love I bear for you?"
"Love! You don't really��� Stop!
Remember where you are, sir! You
must not go on with it, Baldos. Dou't
come a step nearer. Do go tonight!
It ls for the best. I have been awfully
wicked In letting It run on as it has.
Forgive me; please forgive me," she
pleaded. He drew back, pale and hurt.
A great dignity settled upon his face.
His dark eyes crushed her with their
quiet scorn.
"I understand, Miss Calhoun.   The
play Is 0\ex\   Yn*i w|", ���rj-cj^hi'.liielileaa
vagaDoA**^ genffemafl, after an. Tou
ask me to desert the cause 1 serve.
That is enough.   I shall go tonight."
The girl was near to surrender. Had
It not been for the persistent fear that
her proud old father might suffer from
her willfulness, she would have thrown
down the barrier and risked everything
ln the choice. Her heart was crying
out hungrily for the love of this tall,
mysterious soldier of fortune.
"It ls best," she murmured finally.
Later on she was to know the meaning
of the peculiar smile he gave her.
"I go because you dismiss me, not
because I fear an enemy. If you
choose to remember me at all, be just
enough to believe that I am not a
shameless coward."
"You are brave and true and good,
and I am a miserable, deceitful wretch,"
she lamented. "You will seek Ravone
and the others?"
"Yes; they are my friends. They
love my poverty. And now, may It
please your highness, wheu nm I to go
forth, and in what garb? I should no
longer wear the honest uniform of a
Graustark guard."
"Leave It to me. Everything shall be
arranged. You will be discreet? No
one Is to know that I am your"���
"Rest nsaured, Miss Calhoun. I hnve
a close mouth." And he smiled contemptuously.
"I agree with you," said she regretfully. "You know how to hold your
tongue." He laughed harshly. "For
once In a way will you answer a question?"
"I will not promise."
"You say that you are Dantnn's
friend. Is It true that he Is to marry
the daughter of the Duke of Matz,
Countess Iolanda?"
"It has been so reported."
"Is she beautiful?"
"Yes; exceedingly."
"But Is he to marry her?" she Insisted, she knew not why.
"How should I know, your highness?"
"If you cnll me 'your highness' ngaln
I'll despise you!" she flared miserably.
"Another question: Is it true that the
young Duke Chrlstobal fled because his
father objected to his marriage with a
game warden's daughter?"
"I have never heard so," with a touch
of hauteur.
"Does he know that the girl is dead?"
she asked cruelly. Baldos did not answer for a long time. He stared at her
steadily, his eyes expressing no emotion from which ahe could Judge him.
"I thiuk he Is ignorant of that calamity, Miss Calhoun," he said. "With
your permission I shall withdraw.
There ls nothing to be gained by delay." It was such a palpable affront
that she shrank within herself and
could hnve cried.
Without answering, she walked un
steadily to the window and looked out
Into the night. A mist came into her
eyes. For many minutes she remained
there, striving to regain control of her
emotions. All this time she knew that
he was standing just where she had
left him, like a statue, awaiting her
command. At last she faced him resolutely.
"You will receive Instructions as to
your duties here from the guard at
the stairs. When you hear the hall
clock strike the hour of 2 In the morning go Into the chapel, but do not let
any one see you or suspect. You know
where It ls. The door will be unlocked."
"Am I not to see you again?" he nsked, aud she did not think him properly
"Yes," she answered after a pause
tbat seemed like an eternity, and he
went quietly, silently away.
"~  '"   (To Be Continued)
Boycott British Goods.
The Mullahs of Afghanistan have
started a boycott of British goods.
At a meeting of Mullahs, held at
Kabul, the Ameer was denounced foi
his liberal tendencies, and especially
for bringing foreign innovations inti
the country.
The Mullahs resolved that it wai
unlawful for Mahometans to pur
chase foreign goods, as being ngains'
the interests of Afghanistan. Thev
especially condemned the use of Brit
isb sugar, in consequence of object
tions   to the processes of manufacture
Violent speeches were made by sev
eral of the Mullahs, and tlieir Ian
guage was so threatening that tin
Ameer's eldest son, the Sirdar Innya
tnlla Khan, dispersed other similai
gatherings and a number of the rinp
leaders  were arrested.
According to advices from the otbei
side of the border, the anti-foreign
mnvment is snrearlin. throughout
the country, nnd the Ameer hns givei
orders for it to be sternly repressed
Mullahs who preach neninst the Brit
isb are to be punished severely.
How One Girl Rests.
"The first tiling 1 do when I get honn
from the office Is to change all m,
clothing," snld the business girl.
"1 know It takes time, lint It pa.v>
It not only saves wear on the offit'i
skirt and shoes, whicli amounts to i
great deal, for there Is no quicker wu
to get a skirt shapeless and shuhh
than to leunge around ln It nt home
but 1 do it even more for the rest I
gives me.
"If you hnve uever made a practlci
of It, you cannot guess what a rest li
ls to put on other shoes, to slip Intr
another blouse and collar nnd skirt.
"When I have bathed my face and
done this, I feel like another person
Even If I don't get a chance to 111
down before dinner I am refreshed.
"And my office dress and shoes, all
carefully brushed aud ready for morn
Ing. are also the better for this extn
relief "
Advice to  New  Homemakcrs.
Do not furnish your house fully ur
til you havo lived in It awhile.
Buy nt first only such furnttuie a
you need for comfort. When you arc
settled, you can study the needs ol
each part of tho house, and nfter yon
have fully determined whnt you wanl
buy It wbeu yon see nn advantageous
Never decide hastily upon n piece of
furniture. Purchase furniture for the
future as much as for the present. It
la true fashion changes lu furniture
from year to year, but It Is ouly poo
pie of large means who can follow n
fashion of this kind.
Plain, elegant styles nre the sort that
wear best and give the best satisfaction In the end, even though they are a
trifle more expensive at first
Easier ironing gives
better finish on things
starched with Celluloid
Starch, the only no-
boil cold-water starch
that can't stick. You
will like it best, once
you try it. Buy it by
name. Any good dealer.
Tim   e ���
Little Dainties to Pique the Appetite
at Afternoon Affairs.
Since tin* custom of taking afternoon
leu is not only well established in this
country, but now lu danger of becoming an untimely feast It Is astonishing
to note the numerous little dainties
and extra trimmings which are being
served to pique nnd delight the appetite. It is uo lunger merely a cup of
ten and :. slice of thin bread and butter thnt may be expected between 4
and r>:"10 o'clock, ,1am bas been added
to the list and often hot Scotch sconea
und Knglish muffins. Beside the ten
table proper there stnuds usually n sort
of rack table, pyramidal ln shape aud
having three shelves, one above the
other aud round like plates. Each one
Is covered with uttractlve china holding some fascinating biscuit or cuke.
Jam of one or two kinds ls suggested
In between tbem, and after the hostess
has ascertained which Jam and biscuit
her guest prefers she spreads It for
him herself before passing it on n small
plate. This little attention appears
very gracious.
Among the biscuits those of "health
food" reputation ure often found nnd
the jam Is spread over them to add to
their somewhat questionable tnstluess.
Other hostesses have fine, small, flat
wafers of whole wheat covered witli
chocolate In their own kitchens before
serving. They arc then above reproach to pass with tea. The biscuit
Itself ls digestible, the chocolate tasty
and UOUl'lshlng. Biscuits covered witb
cheese, on the contrary, whilo highly
agreeable) to the taste, arc avoided bj
those hypercareful about their diet.
Strawberry Jam Is undoubtedly the
favorite for spreading on English muffins. Blackberry jnm or guava Is
chosen to spread on the health food
biscuits, especially those made of graham or whole wheat. Scotch scones
are spread only through the middle
with fresh butter. These scones are
very similar to old fashioned soda biscuits and are Invariably served hot.
In size tbey nre little larger than a
quarter of a dollar. The number that
some peop'e can make disappear ls
therefore ruadlly countenanced.
Wnfer toast finds a place at afternoon
ten. In making It the bread Is cut ns
thin ns possible, and it Is then toasted
until extremely crisp. It ls eaten dry
or with jam, but It is never buttered.
When cake appears at afternoon tea,
the fashion rages for a rich pound cake
showing through It mnny large raisins.
Europeans Invariably refer to It as
"American plum cuke" and regard It
as n specialty of this country. In entertaining foreigners, therefore, it Is
perhaps the most acceptable cake to
They Are Known as "Apaches" and
Work In Gangs.
Les Apaches���
They work in gangs. In the underworld their associations are complete
and distinct Fame has come to them
���to the gang of Bebert of Montparno,
of Gegene of the Courtllle, the Green
Cravats, the Costands of the Vlllette,
the Mont-en-l'air of the Batlgnolles.
Against these bands the police war In
vain. Tbey wage their battles In open
day���for some "mome" that Bebert has
stolen from Gegene. A band comes
down from the heights of Belleville or
of Charonne and raids a peaceful quarter���a home going cab Is surrounded,
tbe passenger stabbed through the window and robbed. They prey on the
public. Band wars upon bund. ^There
are nightly duels on the fortifications
or under the bridges���when the Beau
Totor meets Poigne d'Acier, knife to
knife, in a savage and not unloyal way.
Young nil, from sixteen to twenty-two,
rarely older. Where do they come
from? Everywhere. They grow on
the pavements of Paris, along the gutters���foundlings or deserted children,
sons perhaps of that laboring class
which Is on the edge of crime and beggary. The life of the Apache ls short,
but for every one sent to the Jail or
the guillotine two stand rendy at the
door of the slums. They used to haunt
xhe den of the Pere Lunette.���From
"The Slums of Paris," hy Vane*
Thompson, ln Outing Magazine.
Quickly Supplied.
There have been many strange things
u English history.   One of the most
���mrlous was recently mentioned by u
little schoolgirl.
"TheHydra," said this much Informed
yo*ing person, "was married to Henry
the Eighth. When he cut her head off,
another one sprang right up."
An Old Proverb Verified Many Times
and Oft.
"Never trouble trouble till trouble
troubles you" is a very neat and very
true proverb. How many of us almost court unhuppiness by meeting it
halfway���nay. more, a large number
of us positively welcome it because It
gives us a grievance and we like to
feel like martyrs. There is a sort of
feeling of glorious heroism in suffering
"untold mental anguish" that tugs at
the heartstrings and makes all the
world look black, especially when we
take n frieud into our confidence and
he or sbe condoles with us.
But we must all learu to keep our
troubles to ourselves and not tell them
to all nnd sundry. True heroism lieu
in patiently bearing our worries nnd
anxieties in solitude. Bury your sorrow in the depths of your own heart
Things thus securely covered are often cured without a scar, but when
they nre once published and confided
to meddling friends there is uo cud to
tbe trouble they may cause.  _
If your feelings arc Injured, don't
brood over your poor wounded self.
Rather prny fur that poor misguided
sister who slighted you. Perhaps sho
may have done so quite unwittingly.
Perhaps some of ua have husbands,
brothers and sisters who ure very unkind, who wound us cruelly by bitter
words, angry retorts and much selfishness.
If this snd state of things exists, we
must keep it to ourselves even if It Is
only for the sake of those who offend
us, for by taking any one luto our confidence we must necessarily divulge to
our friends the shortcomings of our
fellows. To do this Is adverse to nil
laws of Christianity. We must be
charitable; we must patiently bear
with those who cause us stabs of pain:
we must ask that their hearts be softened and thnt they may be brought to
see with n true, clear nilud tbe misery
tliey bring to others by their unruly
tongues. Best assured that those wha
utter bitter words and unklud criticisms have moments of regret und remorse and pangs of conscience. Were
the truth known, they actually suffer
far more than the recipients of their
busty nnd ill judged attacks.
After all. troubles are transient
things, aud when they are all passed
nnd sorrow Is outside the door what a
comfort It is to say:
"No oue ever knew until it wns over
with us."
They Pay Heed to Perfection of Details, Says an Authority.
M. Bscoffler, the great chef, say men
are better cooks than women because
they watch trifles with thoroughness
and Insist upon having ull needed ingredients, while women will manage
with whatever they have at bund. The
average woman lias hud always to
make out with what wns handy and
has not had the management of the
purse strings. She bus not cooked for
profit, but from duty. When men cook
they ure either In camp or do it for n
lurk to concoct some chafing dish
llllnty they hnve had at a club or they
ire professlonnl cooks.
Women In homes know the fulling-**
uf their servants, nud any house mother
will tell you that she bus always taken
the overdone muffins and the piece of
streaky cuke, the nicked cup aud the
wing of the chicken to hide failures oi
to make the family contented. Give
women of like intelligence the same Incentive and the same training and supplies to do with and then see in time
what kind of cooks women will become.
Ho uot boll suited meuts rapidly.
When cooking ham and tongue, the
meat, after being washed aud prepared,
should be placed lu cold water nnd
brought slowly to the boiling point.
Let it boll (ive minutes, aud then let it
ouly slightly bubble up until the meut
Is tender.
Fresh meat, on the contrary, sbould
be placed In boiliug water nud then
boiled rapidly for five minutes. After
that It should be kept below the boiling
point, "just quivering," us one uuthority
remarks, nt one side of the suucepnn
until the meat is tender. Add snlt to
meat when it is nbout hulf cooked.
Absurd Little Hats.
There nre absurd little hats that take
up their position on the back of our
hends. with a trull of flowers and ribbons depending therefrom en cascade
on to the shoulders. There Is also ou
the new models a regulur riot of ribbons massed In generous loops, often
with the aid of bizarre headed pins
which compose the sole trimming. But
ribbons do not obtain to the exclusion
of flowers, for blossoms bloom on our
headgenr In greater profusion than
ever before, roses, hyacinths, jasmine,
etc., Intermingled with delicately hued
and contrastingly tinted ribbon. The
pnrndlse plume and the long ostrich
feather .droop from the buck of fetching huts, hanging to the shoulders, as
these feathers did ou the turbans of
our great-grandmothers.
���  PILLS^*f
W.   N.    U.    No.   644
Push Button Chairs.
Tho newest ease producer ls a chair
which tilts. backward or forward as
much or little as desired without getting up to adjust the parts. There la
no rod, buti instead a series of stops
controlled by a* push button. You simply touch the button and the weight of
the body carries the back to any angle
wanted. Sit up straight and touch the
button again aud the chair straightens
up at th* snme instant.
A Cookery Wrinkle.
Most people when making forcemeat
use beef suet, but If beef or pork dripping be used Instead of suet It will be
found a very grent improvement aud
equally good cold as hot
Tho Wily Partridge.
Every emit tuft* h-is il woiiderfut faculty for detenu.n ,\g nt what dl?.tancc
a mau or anything else ia a'ale tn
strike. Its cu.m<'' es lu this d'fectlo-.i
being fnr more arked than many
enre to acknowledge. .Tor Instance, nt
firearms have been Improved 'he keen
er has become tbe watchfulness of par.
fridges. They have uot bee'j slow to
recognize the advantages which the
modern cbokeboiv affords tie modern
pinner.���London Mail.
Two Severe Cases of Nervous Prostration With Which
Doctors Could Do Nothing Cura_l By
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
Mr. William Graham, Atwood, I
Ont., writes: "My wife bad been ill
for some time with nervous prostra-:
tion, and we bad two of the best doctors we could get, but neither of them
did her any good. She gradually became worse, could not sleep, and lost
energy and interest in life. She was
a1 most giving up in despair, when a
friend advised a trial of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food.
"From tbe first box of this preparation my wife used we noticed an improvement, and after using six boxes
she is completely cured, and as well
as ever she was���eats well and sleeps
well, and feels fully restored. I cannot say too much in praise of this
valuable medicine, and um satisfied
that my wife owes her life to the use
of Dr. Chase's Nerve. Food." This
cure is certified to by Mr. C. H. Mc-
Furlane, druggist, Atwood, Out.
Mrs. Alf. Stevens, Burges_ville,
Oxford county, writes: "Two year.,
ago last November I was run down,
and did not know what was wrong.
1 could not sleep or cat, and at lu-,1
my nervous system gave way entirely, and 1 bad to go to bod. The doctor told me I had nervous prostration, and, tliough be doctored me for
some weeks, 1 did not get any better.
"I then begun the use ol Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food, and by tlu
time I had used six boxes I wa-j
completely cured. People remarked
bow well I looked, aud I said, "Yes,
and I feel well, that is the best 'it
it, and Dr. Chase's Nerve Food did
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food cures diseases oi the nerves in the only natural and effective way���by enriching
the blood and creating new neno
force. 50c a box, six boxes for $2M,
at ull dealers, or Edmanson, Bates
&  Co., Toronto.
Raises Deer    For    Market.
Only about a couple of miles from
Stella is one of the most unique industries in the state. Browsing
about in perfect contentment in a
deer park is a herd of beautiful deer.
This deer park consists of fifteen
acres, and at present there are seven
deer on the premises, eleven having
already been sold this season. The
young deer are sold each year, and
bring $35 a pair. They are shipped
in August or September. A Mr. Hose-
berry lias been raising and selling
deer for fourteen years, having as
many as twenty-five on hand at one
time. Tbe herd usually doubles in
number each year.
Occasionally, if frightened suddenly or tempted by . thc "call of tho
wild," an older deer will scale his
stockade and head for the bills. But
he always comes back home, apparently penitent.���Kansas City Journal.
One trial of Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will convince you that
it has no equal as a worm medicine.
Buy a bottle and see if it does not
please you.
Nero's Care of His Voico
In an interesting paper M. Moure
and   M.   Jlouyor   relate   the   extraordinary care which the Emperor Mem
took of bis voice.
At night Nero lay on his back with
a thin plato of lead on his stomach.
He purged himself with enemas and
, emetics. He abstained from fruits
i and all dishes which could hurt his
1 voice. In order not to damage the
purity of its sound he ceased haranguing the soldiers and the senate.
He attuched to his service an olli-
cer specially deputed to take care _i
his voice. He only talked in the
presence of this singular official; who
warned him when he spoke too loudly or forced his voice, and if tho
emperor, carried away by smile sudden fit of passion, did not listen lo
his remonstrances it was his duty
to stop his mouth with a napkin.���
La Medecine Modcrne.
A large group of spots has been
discovered on the sun by Prof. Geo.
observatory. It extends 82,000 miles
by 800,000 miles.
It Is Good for Man nnd Beast.���
Not only is Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil of incomparable value in the
household, but tbe farmer and stockman will find it very serviceable in
the farmyard and on the cattle range,
often saving the services of a veterinary surgeon. In injuries to stock
and in cases of cough and pains it
can  be  used with  good effect.
An old negro was recently brougut
before a justice in Mobile. It seemed that Uncle Mose had fallen foul
of a bulldog while in the act of entering the hen-house of the dog's
"Look here, Uncle Mose," the justice said, informally, "didn't I give
you ten days last month for this
same thing Same hen-houso you
were trying to get into. What have
you to say for yourself?"
Uncle Mose scratched hia head.
"Marse Willyum, yo' sent me ter
d3 chain gang fer tryin' to steal
some chickens, didn't ye?"
"Yes, that was the charge."
"An' don't de law say yo' can't be
charged twice with de same 'fence?"
"That no man Bhall be twee
placed in jeopardy for the identical
act, yes."
"Den, sah, yo' des hab ter let me
go, sah. Ah war after de same
chickens, sah!"���Nashville Banner.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc"
A police court story which is said
to illustrate "the indifference of the
average chicken to good advice" wai
told recently at Kingston, England
when a carter was charged witli stealing a fowl.
"I am guilty of stealing tbe fowl,"
he admitted. "It wus eating the
corn out of my horse's nosebag, and
I said to it, 'If you dou't go away
I'll make you,' and struck it with the
whip. When I saw it was dead I
put it in tho wagon; I didn't know
who owned  it."
"I judge it was the chicken's
fault," remarked the prosecutor,
"and I'll not press tho charge
against tho man."
A Tonic for the Debilitated.���Parmelee's Vegetable Pills by acting
mildly but thoroughly on the secretions of the body are a valuable
tonic, .stimulating tho lagging organs
to healthful action and" restoring
them to full vigor. They can he
taken in graduated do3es and so used
tbat they can bo discontinued at any
time without return of the ailments
whioh they were used to allay.
The following conversation took
place between a hobo and a section
foreman on a little branch railroad
in Oregon, where they didn't happon
to  have the best of railroads:
Hobo (to section foreman.���Say,
are you de. guyene dat pays dese
guvs here  w.it's workin'  for yeh?
Section Foreman���Yessir; I'm the
Hobo���Say, cud yer toll me when
the next big heap of scrap iron will
come rollin' down these two littlb
streaks o' rust?���Judge.
fills the demand for a furnace possessing the largest amount of grate surface in proportion to the
diameter of the top of the
fire pot. It possesses all
the advantages of a return flue construction.
The "Admiral" has
the largest ash pit of any
furnace on the market,
thus permitting the free removal of ashes.
Wood or coal may be burned in the "Admiral" furnace.
Write for Catalogue   m
[Foundries at MONCTON, N.R ��* MONTREAL. RO. |
Sales Branches at MONCTON, N.B.; -MONTREAL, P.Q.;
TO* *,
A   Joy   to   Jaded   Palates���
A    Boon    to    Bilious    LEvers
and strawberries. The
porous shreds take up
the fruit juices holding
the delicious aroma of
the berry. Wholesome,
appetizing, strengthening
BISCUIT  for  Breakfast
All Grocers
TRISoUIT for Toast.
13c a  Carton;  2  fo- T3n.
Purchasers of Islands
To buy an island, of course, one
need not be a power. Some of the
Pacific islands are in private hand3.
A Mr. Greig last year purchased Fanning island over the head of a German syndicate. A group, of which
Hull and Flint islands are the
largest, has been acquired by an
English firm famous in the soap
trade. Another trading concern was
so fortunate as to obtain from the
last government a long lease of Paa-
nopa island nt the remarkable annual rental of ��50. This island is
rich in guano phosphates, a coincidence which enables the company 10
make a profit of something like ��50,-
000 a year.���London Daily News.
Drillers are commencing to sink
wells for oil a few miles south ��,_
Wild cat hunting is becoming a favorite pastime of young ladies around
President Roosevelt is to holiday
in  Vancouver  bear  shooting.
The Franco-Japanese treaty, to be
published, recognizes the independence of China.
Something More Than a Purgative.
���To purge is the only effect of many
pills now on the market. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are more than a purgative. They strengthen the stomach where other pills weaken it.
They cleanse the blood by regulating the liver and kidneys, and they
stimulate where other pill compounds
depress. Nothing of an injurious
nature, used for merely purgative
powers, enters into their composition.
A series of 43 fires in Siebenlehn,
Saxony, hns been traced to the volunteer fire brigade there. The firemen
used to be periodically rewarded for
herioc conduct in extinguishing fires.
Minard's     Liniment    Cures     Diphtheria.
A large lynx, weighing 36 pounds,
was shot and killed in the town 1 f
Watorloo last week.
Minard's Liniment Co.,  Limited.
D.oar Sirs���This fall I got thrown
oil a fenco and hurt my chest very
bad, so I could not work, and it hurt
me to breathe. I tried nil kinds of
Liniment and they did me no good.
One bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT, warmed on flannels and up-
plied on iny breast, cured nie completely.
Rossway,  Digby Co., N.S.
Signor Marconi, who has been enquiring into spiritualistic phenomena
and attending seances in Rome, has,
it i3 stated, made some startling discoveries.
The government mining engineer,
gi.ing evidence ut Johannesburg, assumed that one white man was able
to supervise from eight to ten machines.
Richness of Cobalt
A recent report received from the
superintendent of the Ontario-Quebec
Cobalt by Messrs. Gormaly-Tilt A
Co. states thnt the shaft on No. 2
property has been sunk to a depth of
50 feet. The vein has continued to
widen with depth, and extremely
hicrh values hnve  been  obtained.
Tho recent strike of native silver
on the adjoining properties has verified the opinion of leading mining
engineers that this property will soon
prove to be one of the richest in the
Cobalt districtr
Plans nre already laid to sink a
depth of 150 feet, when it is expected
that very high values will be found.
A series of 43 fires in Siebenlehn,
Saxony, has been traced to the volunteer fire brigade there. The firemen
used to be periodically rewarded for
herioc conduct in extinguishing fires.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
Still a  Mystery
P.���I ace you have my novel. I'll
wager you had tc look at the last
pago to see how it all came out.
Q.���I looked at the name of the
publishers on the title page to see
how it came out, and even now I
can't understand how it was.���Tit-
An  Indication
Tom���But perhaps she doesn't
love you.
Jack���Oh, yes, she does.
Tom���How do you know?
Jack���When I told her that I had
no money to get married on she offered to borrow some from her father.
������Philadelphia Inquirer.
The schooner yacht race from Dover to Heligoland wns won by the
British built Clara, owned in Cologne.
Farmers in Alberta will build a
lino of elevators and organize in affiliation with the American Society
of Equity.
Cure Your
Why? Because it is annoying,
untidy. And mostly, because
it almost invariably leads to
baldness. Cure it, and save
your hair. Get more, too, at
the same time. All easily done
with Ayer's Hair Vigor, new-
improved formula. Stop this
formation of dandruff I
Does not change the color ef the hair.
J-orlauU with aaok bottla
���how 1* to jrour
_LiK hla (tout It,
thM ISHki st.** ���
The new Ayer's Hair Vigor wHl certainly
do this work, because, first of all, it destroys thc germs which are tbe origins!
cause of dandruff. Having given this aid,
r.iture completes the cure. The scal-i Is
reT-ored tp a perfectly healthy condition.
��� Kad. b j th* J. O. Aret Co, JUwall, MsM.���
Success of the  Dominion  Pavilion At
the  Dublin   Exhibition.
The Canadian Pavilion, and its contents, at the D ilin Exhibition is an
*"*p essive display, as an illustration of
the great industrial, agricultural and
mineral resources, as well aB possi-
b':ties of Canada, yet in the initial
stage of its development. The scheme
*}f decoration of the interior of the
Cin-irlian Pavilion is beautiful in con
eeption and of artistic design, in
which the corn, wheat and grasses of
the country, with landscape of Northwest farms and ranches in the back-
���.rn-rif* thnt lends a beautiful effect
and a source 6f study for the European.
Tho refrigerating machinery in the
"������litre of the large hall is kept in con-
tiimnl nnorntion and of special interest to the visitors. Tt is utilized for
th" "������""""rvation of butter and other
oerisheble products on exhibition.
A unique feature in the Pavilion is
*,**,e ���**,.,1..] nf n Canadian farmhouse
and v*i*yI. entirely constructed in butter, which is n marvellous piece of
work. The house, barn, trees, water
o'tpfta cows grazing, fowl and little
chickens nre entirely made of butter,
and nre beautiful in their artistic
construction. Wreaths of roses form
the f'-nmo-wnrk, the shape and curve
of each pet.i] being brought out with
nn c--netitude that suggests the real
The nnnornmie view of the fauna of
the country is another of the many artistic features of the Canadian Pn-
vi'i*->n. Here nre shown the settler nnd
the various stneos of progress made
by him. ommencincr with the first,
to his tenth yenr, together with fine
specimens of b"ffalo, moose, bear,
beaver, wolf and a variety of other
animals of the Canadian wild, con-
s-IHntii*-' n verv interesting museum.
Tbe exhibit also contains n lnvish display of minerals, fruit products, forest oroducts and agriculture.
There nre also a number of pictures
executed by means of n new art of
phntifi-nphy on canvns, which present
various stages of the Canadian farm
life, mill industries, etc., that are
turned into transparent effects at
night, nnd prominently before the
gnze of the visitor is the life-size
pninting of Kinc Edward nnd his Royal consort, while opposite at either
side of a large advertising card of
Canada's greatness nnd progress nre
portraits of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir
John A. Mncdnnuld, Earl Grey, and
Lord  Strathcona.
The --".i-mds in front and at nil sid^s
of the Canadian Pavilion are splendidly laid out in garden plots and arranged with Canndian plants, flowers,
etc., that give the surroundings a
most pleasing appearance, and at once
catch the eye of the visitor.
Census Just Completed Shows Great
Growth In Canada.
A bulletin was issued recently by
the census department dealing with
manufactures of the Dominion as
shown by Government census of 1901
and 1906. During the five years tin-
value of manufactured products 111
Canada has about doubled. From
$481,053,375 in 1901, the value iB i.712,*
664,835 in 1906, or an increase of $231,-
611,460. Tho details by provinces foi
works employing five persons and
over are:
Provinces. 1901. 1906.
Canada,       not
complete ....$481,053,375 $712,664,835
B. Columbia.. 19,447,778 38,013,515
Manitoba,   not
complete   ...    12,927,439    27,609.26-
N.   Brunswick.   20,972,470    22,133.681
Nova Scotia...   23,592,513    32,545,939
Ontario,   not
complete   ... 241,533,486   365,692,144
P.   E.   1      2,326,708       1,851,615
Quebec, not completed      158,287,994   217,224,073
The   Territories,
not complete.. 1,964,987      7,594,600
Returns for the chief places of the
Dominion in 1900 and 1905 were as
1900. 1905.
Montreal    $71,999,750 $99,746,778
Toronto     58,415,498   84,699,253
Hamilton     17,122,346   24,625,776
Winnipeg        8,616,248   18,983,2i*0
London        8,122,185   12,626,844
Peterboro'       3,789,164   11,566,805
Quebec     12,779,547   11,388,045
Vancouver        499,152   10,067,5.r>G
Ottawa       7,638,688    9,336,024
Brantford        6,564,625     8,546,679
Halifax         6,927,552     8,145,016
Ontario  Towns.
The returns of a few of the Ontario
towns not mentioned in the summary
ef cities are:
1901. 1906.
Belleville   $ 558,950 $1,658,112
Brockville     1,551,590   1,645,679
Chatham        2,714,977   3,590,230
Collir-gwood  ....    3,232,609   2,937,477
Cornwall        2,159,809   2,210,90'
Gait        2,225,343   2,849,15:
Guelph      3,689,183   4,814,9!-.
Kingston       2,045,173   4,329,6./.
St. Thomas      2,248,846   2,213,50.
Stratford   ......    1,935,176   3,824,5*-*
Toronto   Junction    1,851,359   3,577,8(,j
Walkerville ....    2,017,179   3,566,451
Woodstock     2,508,247   2,778,5V*
"I Consulted Several Physicians, but
They Did Me No Good.    Pe-ru-na
and   Man-a-lin  Helped   Me."
Shakespeare's longest piny ls "IlaiH-
let." It contains 4,058 lines. The shortest is "The Comedy of Errors," wlt.i
1,807 lilies.
Two Great Victories.
I.etpslc, n city of Suxouy, has given
Its name to two great victories which
were won ln Its Immediate vicinity.
The first was by Gustavus Adolphus
over Tilly, the great French marshal.
This buttle wns fought nt Breltenfeld,
n few miles from the city. The victory
gained by the allies over Napoleon was
won after a battle which raged not
only In a cluster ot villages neur the
city, but also lu the streets of Leipslc
Etiquette In Sweden.
In Sweden if you address- the poorest person on the street you must lift
your lint The same courtesy Is' Insisted upon If you puss a lndy on the
Stairway. To enter a reading room or
a bunk with one's but on is,regarded
as Impolite.
Noah Webster.
Nonh Webster lived from 1758 to
1843. Ills labors on his dictionary covered a period of nearly thirty years.
No Buyen.
A hundred guinea diamond rlcr.
priced at 2s. 3d., was exposed for five
days in the shop window of a London
pawnbroker and found no purchaser.
It was put ln the window In consequence of a wager.
Mrs. Aline DePasse, 776 E. 165th
St.,  New  York,  N.Y.,  writes:
"It gives me pleasure to testify to
tlie curative qualities of Peruna and
"I was afflicted for over seven
yenrs with catarrh of the head, throat
and digestive organs. I consulted
many physicians, but they did me
no good.
"One day I happened to read some
testimonials in your Peruna almanac. I decided to try Peruna and
Manalin. I bought a bottle of each,
and after taking them for a week
I noticed a change for the better.
So I kept it up, and after using
twelve bottles I was perfectly cured.
"I also gave the medicine to my
children and they had the same beneficial result. I would never be without   these   remedies   in   the  house.
"I highly recommend Peruna and
Manalin to all my friends, and in
fact to everybody."
Miss Mildred Grey, 110 Weimar St.,
Appleton, Wis., writes:
"It gives me pleasure to recommend Peruna for catarrh of the stomach. I had this disease for a number of years, and could not enjoy a
mouthful of food that I ate. It was indeed n great relief when I hit upon
Peruna, and obtained decided results
from the first. I took six bottles before I felt entirely cured of my
trouble, but I had an aggravated
Bridal Race for Devil's Chair
At Yarmouth, in St. Nicholas'
church (which, by the way, is the
largest parish church in England,
with a nave wider even than that cf
York Minster) one of the most curious objects is known as the Devil's
Chair. It is formed out of the huge
Jawbone of a whalo and standB at the
west end of the church.
When fisher lassies get married
they think it good for the newly
wedded couple to race from the chancel down the immense nave, and
they believe that whoever reaches the
Devil's chair first will rule the roost
in the little household they are about
to set up.���Tit-Bits.
dll hard, soft or calloused lumps and blemishes, from horses. blood spavin, curbs,
splints, ringbone, Sweeney, stifles, sprains, sore
jnd swollen throat, coughs, etc. Save $50 by
use of one bottle. Wurrunted the most wonderful   Blemish   Cure   over  known.
Geo. McNeill, representing himself
as a Chilian railway man and capitalist, entered into numerous real estate negotiations at Calgary and suddenly disappeared.
Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Garget
in Cows.
A tramp recently made n trip
across the continent in a yacht which
was carried over the C. P. R. from
Montreal to the Pacific. In departing from his retreat he had taken
with him all the moveable steel appliances available.
Hard and soft corns cannot withstand Holloway's Corn Cure; it is
effectual every time. Get a bottle at
once and be happy.
A pigeon taken to Florida five
months ago by William F. Cooper,
master in chancery, has returned to
a ledge on the Merchants building,
La Salle and Washington streets,
where it was hatched. Mr. Cooper
from his office has studied city hall
pigeons for fourteen years. Last December he took twelve homing
pigeons and one of his city hall pets
to Florida. The homers returned at
once, but it was not until the other
day that the other was seen the first
time after its n**rival.���Chicago Tribune.
$100 REWARD $100.
The readers of this parser will bo pleased to learn
that thero Is at least ono dreaded disease that aotonoe
has boon able to euro in alt Its stages, and that la
Catarrh. Hail's Catarrh Curo is tho only positive
rure now known to the moillcal fratomity. Catarrh
hoini. a t-nnHLItuLional iliseaHU, requires a con.titu-
tlnniil treatment. Hall's Catitrrh Cure is taken lu.
tumuli)*, iutiii��� directly on Uie blood and mucous
surfaces of tho systom, tlioruby destroying tho foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength
p. buMdiiig up tbo constitution and assisting nature
in ilolng its work, Tho proprietors have so much
faith In Its curative power, thet tnU offer One Hunan**) Dollars for any caxu that It fails to curo. Send
ior l.stof testimonials.
Address; F. J. CHENEY 4 Co.. Tolodo, O.
Sold by druggists 75c.
Tnko Hall's Family Fills for coustlpatlon.
iiie Shab's rebellious brother, Sa-
lar-ed-Dowleh, is reported to have
sustained.a severe defeat at the hands
of the Shah's army.
Daniel Oseris, the Jewish banker
and philanthropist of Paris, left an
estate valued at $13,000,000, and a
bequest of $5,000,000 is made to the
Pasteur institute.
Resumption   Between    Winnipeg   and
Port  Arthur  of  the   Superior
Leave Winnipeg daily 16.10k; arrive Port Arthur 9.37k. Leave Port
Arthur daily 21.20k; arrive Winnipeg
The Alberta Express is the crack
train between Winnipeg and Edmonton. Leave Winnipeg daily 19.00k;
arrive Edmonton 6.15k second morning. Leave Edmonton daily 21.10k;
arrive Winnipeg 10.25k second morning.
These two fast and comfortable
trains make connection in Winnipeg.
Through sleeping car between Edmonton and Port Arthur. Dining Car
service unexcelled. Connection at
Port Arthur with Lake Steamers for
the East.
Reduced Summer Tourist Rates to
many eastern destinations, particulars of which any agent will be pleased to furnish, or write C. W. Cooper,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt., Canadian Nor-
-1 'ailway, Winnipeg.
High Sounding Names Mean "Don't
Know" or "I  Forget."
We might spend au entertaining half
Hour over many a Hue atlas sheet If we
were able to detect tbe unconscious humor sometimes displayed, even in conspicuous type, says the New York Sun.
On maps of German East Africa the
word "Songo" has appeared for several
years as the name of one of the native
countries. We now learu that Songo
is not a geographical name, -but that
it conveys exactly the same Idea that
we express when we fail to recall the
name of some object und so call it
"thingumbob." Undoubtedly nn explorer liud nsked the name of tbe country from bis guide, wbo bad forgotten
it and hud escaped the difficulty by tlie
easy Intellectual process of culling it
Songo. We sbnll stnud ou firm ground
if we cnll tbat fair aud populous land
Losailik iu future.
A mountain lu that same regiou wns
introduced to the rest of the world under tbe uume "Atoriglni," a dignified
appellation and pleasant to the ear.
Hut the next editions of the maps must
blot It out nud substitute something
thut sounds barbaric, for "Atoriglni"
menns simply **I forget" It was another cuse of lapse of memory ou the
pnrt of u guide.
It Is gratifying to hear thnt one African place name Is to be wiped off the
maps, not so much because It ls ludicrously Inaccurate us because It Is so
long that It interferes wilh other information when printed ou n small
scale map, Oue day nu explorer asked
a native tbe name of a certain large
settlement. The man did uot understand the question, but took tbe opportunity to remark, "Olotoiboiologuu* a,"
which menus, "Your servnut bus gone
on ahead." Down went tlie expression
on the traveler's map as the uaine oi
the town.
Cuba's Forts Are Now Show Places.
The forts of Cuba are interesting
from a historic p^lut of view us wol,
as for the purpose to which they huve
been put since lhe establishment of tho
republic. During the early days of
Spanish rule these l'orta were some
times called upon to defend tbe Island
from foreign invasion and often Trom
pirates, but during tbe last fifty years
tbey were generally used as prisons
for the custody of natives who may
have violated the law or Incurred the
displeasure of the authorities. Today
they are mere shjw places, although
some are occupied by the constabulary
of tbe island, who are known as the
rural guard. These peace officers were
organized lu 1800 and were chiefly recruited from the ranks of the Cuban
army. Many of those youug men aro
now stationed nt forts where tlieir fathers met death in their struggle for
liberty-Mrs. C. 11. Miller lu Leslie's
The Death Sentence.
What Is the most common form cm-
ployed In the carrying out of the death
sentence? it appears to be tbe guillotine, which is employed publicly ln
France, Belgium, Denmark, Hanover
nud two cantons of Switzerland and
privately In Bavaria, Saxony nnd also
in two cantons of Switzerland. The
gallows comes next In the running and
Is favored publicly In Austria, Portugal and Russia and privately In Great
Britain and the United States. Death
by the sword obtains In fifteen cantons
of Switzerland, in China and Russia
publicly and In Trussin privately. Ecuador, Oldenburg and Russia have
adopted the musket, nil publicly. Iu
China, too, they havo strangulation by
the cord and In Spain tho garrote, both
public. In Brunswick tbere Is death
by the ax and by tho electric chair lu
New York. Iu Italy there is no capital
Shoes Are Boots In England.
Illustrative of the Importance of an
accurate knowledge of those "little
things" which go to assure success In
a foreign mnrket Is the experience of
nn American company which a few-
years ago sent a consignment of 100,-
000 pairs of shoes to London to be
dumped ou the British public regardless of price. Now It happens that
"shoes" to the British mind menu only
what ln America are known as "low
shoes," American "high shoes" being
known here as "boots." Tbe British
public wears "boots" ln tho winter,
and aa this extremely enterprising
American company advertised their
stock as "shoes" ln the winter It Is not
to be wondered at that no one displny-
cft any very great Interest in the opportunity to buy something which was
not wanted.���London Tit-Bits.
Queen Alexandra's Cheeks.
Queen Alexandra's checks are drawn
by Lord de Grey, who also requires a
voucher for everything. This mny
come from Lord Howe or from Mr.
Gceviltc, the private secretary, or, ln
the case of purely personal expenditure, from Miss Charlotte Knollys.
There ls never nny need for her majesty to sign a check, nnd the treasurer
has full power to indorse Incoming
checks on her behalf. Her majesty,
however, keeps one or two special accounts, which are replenished from,
time to time by aggregate payments
from Lord de Grey's department, and
these nre disbursed for thc benefit of
the many persons and Institutions that
enjoy her unrecorded beneficence.
The Human Voice.
There nre only nine different tones
In the human voice, but there are 17,-
502,180,044,415 different sounds.
Charming Account of a Visit Paid to
Strange  People.
In a recent number of The Tour du
Monde, Mle. Menant, the well-known
authority on Parsee life and customs,
has a charming account of a vie.t pa; J
to Mahableshwar. She appears to
know all about this lovely plateau,
and describes the hill tribes, the
Kolis, Kumbis, Dhangurs, and
DhavarB with kindly enthusiasm.
While recognizing their defects, she
doeB not share the old Hindu prejudice against the wild folk of the hills.
Describing the marriage customs of
the Dhangurs she says:
"When they want to ascertain the
favorable moment for the performance
of the rites (in case the Brahmin is
not able to consult the sacred books),
the young couple are made to sit before the door of a hut from which a
eow and then its calf are driven forth.
If tho calf runs to its mother on the
right of the Beated pair, the ceremony can proceed. If, on the contrary, it passes them on the left, the
proceedings must be suspended, and
the trial must be begun over again.
Some grains of rice thrown over the
young people, a ring passed over the
bride's finger, and they are indissolu*
bly united I
Hardships  In  Forest.
Mile Menant recognizes the peculiar hardships to which these people
of the IuIIb and the forebt are exposed.
"Life is hard for these poor creatures," she says. "Theirs is an incessant struggle against poverty and
the elements. Tlieir food, composed
of the simple products of the forest.
iB rarely sufficient. During the long
months of the monsoon, when the
skies close down on the mountains,
and when the wind Bhakes the trees
of the- forest, what ia their lot? You
have onlv to visit tlie miserable huts
into which they crowd with their
cattle to understand the decrepitude
of the aged, withered and wrinkled,
men and women alike with lean
shanks and deformed limbs. Between
the baby aborigiii-iil. lively and joyous in bis innocent nudity, and the
hoary, hairy old grandfather, bent
and impotent, it is easy to guess the
long years of labor that intervene, and
the ravages and inclemency of tlie
seasons. The notions of good and
evil, as we understand them, are
floating and vague in tlieir minds. In
their hearts and on their lips is the
eternal excuse of primitive man-
human weakness, the sole cause of
sin. Perh=**p>* that is the best excuse
of all. They wilfully avoid the civilizing influences of the mission and
the school.        -*a��__k"_<-
Fear  thefcvil   Eye.
You meet the young ones, laughter
in their eyes, their ready tongues
prattling some picturesque jargon,
Borne dialect of Mahrathi or Hindustani. But do not press them too
closely with questions, do not even
look at them too long. For tbey
are imbued with quaint old-world superstitions; they are haunted by the
fear of the evil eye, especially for
theit children, cunning and light of
foot as little satyrs, ready to disappear with a sudden bound into the
forest thickets.
"Often in our walks our only guides
were tlieir womenfolk, and we followed them without hesitation, sure
of being led aright. They munched
jungle berrieB, they laughed and jested, and cast defying glances at one
another as they leapt from rock to
rock. But a single incautious word
would have put the gay, gentle things
to flight, and what a pity that would
have  been!"
Peers' Who  Live Abroad.
There nre three British peers, if not
more, who belong to families who
have for generations been settled in
distant countries, and who have practically had nothing to do with Britain for many years. Indeed, some
of these peers have never even set
foot  in   England   at   all.
There is, for instance, the Earl of
Seafield. Early in the last century the
then earl emigrated to New Zelmind
and married there. His sons hnve
never seen their father's native land.
The family has remained, and today James Grant Ogilvie of New Zealand, 30 years of age, nnd also married, is the undoubted Earl of Sea-
field, though he never uses the title,
but works hard with his hands to earn
his living, just like any new-comer inlo the colony.
Then there is Baron Fairfax of Cameron, whose forefathers went out to
Virginia long ngo. The present lord
wns born in America in 1870, and certainly never used his rightful title,
nor oven visited England until he was
well pnst 30.
Even more striking is the esse of
Rnron Aylmer, who is a Canadian in
every way, for both "lie and his father
were born in Canada. Lord Aylmer is
nrnctienlly unknown in the United
Oxford  Students.
The annual census of tho University
of Oxford was taken some little time
back nnd affords some interesting figures. There are in all 2,863 men in
residence at Oxford, an increase uf
only five upon th-a total number last
Considering the fact, however, that
t]ie number in 1904 was 2,724, and
2,752 in 1905, a steady increase is
Number one as regards thc greatest number of resident members
comes New College, with 223, next to
which is Christchurch, with 206, and
third comes Baliol, with only 180
membero. Next on the list are Keble,
173; St. John's, 167; with Brasenose
in the  ruck with   104  residents.
The total number of men in residence at the University on the Cam
far exceeds that of Oxford men, for
at the commencement of last term
there were 3.939 residents at Cambridge.
Gamy Mackerel.
It Is not generally known to amateur
fishermen that the common mackerel
of commerce is u game fish and when
at all hungry will take the fly and
fight ns plucklly as the brook trout.
They have to be played skillfully, ns
tbelr mouths are very tender, but the
hooking nnd successful landing of a
No. 1 mackerel, which often weighs
two or three pounds, with a rod anil
reel are worthy of the most skillful
A Choice of Language.
Mme. de Stncl said, "If I were to
write, I shonld write in tbe copious
English, think lu tbe philosophic German, converse In the gay French, sing
ln the beautiful Spanish and make love
ln the sweet Dalian."
The underwear that fits perfectly,
wears out slowest, and neither
shrinks nor stretches, is named
bears this trade mark
in red. Who tells it,
guarantees it, in the ReeJ,
, maker's name. Made
in many fabrics and
styles, at various prices,
in form-fitting sizes for women, men
J -and children. PEN-ANGLE Guaranteed Underwear wears best and
I *210
I fits better
Same flavor as Japan, only perteotly fre<
teratlqns of any kind. It Is to the Japan
what "SALADA" Black Is to the black tea
free from adul-
tea drinker
40o, 503 and 60o Par Lb.
How a Chicago Husband Proved Himself the Meanest of Men.
"I've just beard of tbe meanest man
In tbistowu."
"What did he do���break open some
child's bank?"
"It was worse tban that. His wlfi
had made hlm promise to help her plot
out a new spring bat. nnd a few hours
before Ihe lime at which be bad agreed
to meet her lu tbe millinery depart
ment of one of the big stores he went
to the place, made a few compliment
ary remarks to one of the youug wo
men on duty there and then told her
wbat be bad agreed to do
'"The woman who lives next door to
us,' ho explained, 'has a new hat which
cost $,13. Now my wife will want one
which ls worth at least $5 or $10 more.'
"Then he whispered some Instruc
lions to the bewitching saleslady and
departed. When he returned with his
wife, he skillfully managed It so that
sho was wuited on liy the young wo
man with whom be bud arranged matters. A number of hats were brought
out for Inspection, but ouly oue of
them seemed to be satisfactory. There
was a hat marked $42 which the victim
of tbo plot liked pretty well, but ber
husband threw up bis hands and declared that It was outrageous for ber
to expect a man lu his circumstances
to pay any sueh price for a wisp of
straw and a feather.
" 'But, Henry, you want, me to look
respectable, dou't you.' tho wife pleaded.
" 'That's all right. If 1 could nfford
It, nothing would give nie greater
pleasure than to buy this bat for you.
But $121 That's more than I pay for
a whole suit of clothes. No. You musl
take something cheaper.'
"Well, they looked at every hat ii
the store, but always thu lady got bad;
to tlie one which was marked $41*.. Al
last Henry found that he would have
to go. Ho couldn't neglect bis busi
ncss all day to help his wife pick out a
hat, nud he went away, desperately In
forming her that she might go ahead
and select anything she wanted.
"When he gjt home that night his
wife put her arms around bis neck and
" 'I suppose It was awfully extrava
gant of me, Henry, but I really could
not find anything else that I would
wear. I hud the forty-two dollar ha I
charged to you. You won't think I'm
silly, will yon, dear?'
"Uo you know whnt that wretch hnd
done? He'd Induced the youug woman
lu the millinery department to take a
twenty-one dollar hat nnd put a forty
two dollar price tag on it, and there hi)
poor wife is witb a hat which actual),
cost $12 less thau the woman uexl
door paid for hers. The depravity of
some men is Incomprehensible."���<7li*
���ago Record* Herald.	
Under ��� Spell.
An English  lady has become po
sessed    of    a    mysterious    necklac
which has brought her persistent il
fortune since the day she received ii
as a gift.
"The necklace, which is composed ��� ���'
pearls and turquoises, has a curiou
history. Originally it belonged ti
the Maharanee of Cooch. While i
was in her possession she was robbc;
of a quantity of valuable jewelery
Her husband, the Maharajah, also lost
some of his best racing ponies by
death and breakdown.
At last, matters reached such a
crisis that it was determined to ask
the advice of a "wise man" or pun
dit. His advice was startling. Hi
declared that the necklace was to
blame���and that it brought bad for
tune to everyone who possessed it
He prescribed a change of ownership
and a voyage across the sea for the
necklace, in order that the spell
might be broken.
Accordingly, the beautiful string ot
precious stones was given as a pre
Bent to an English lady. Since ther
good fortune has returned to the
Maharajah and his wife, while bat"
luck has persistently dogged the foot
steps of the new owner of the neck
Guillotine For Stingy Rich.
George Bernard Shaw, the British
dramatist and critic, addressing a
meeting of the national, art collection
fund recently in London, referred to
the deficit cor the year and the urgent
need of money. He regretted that tbe
people with big, unearned incomes did
not take much interest in the society's work, says a special cable from
London io The New York Sun.
There was, he Baid, $2,500,000,000
in England belonging to people who
did not work. Therefore the society
must tell the rich class that more
moony was needed because it wat
coming in sharp competition with
America. If wealthy people did not
respond to ihe demand they oughl
lo  be  *;uillotined.
Had  to Take the Trip.
A Philadelphia dentist waa not long
ago hi receipt of nn extraordinary order from a man lu Altoona desirous of
providing himself with a set of teeth to
replace those lost by reason of a kick
from a mule.
"My mouth," wrote the Altoona man
to the dentist, "ls three and a quarter
Inches across and five-eighths Inches
through the jaw. It Is shaped like a
horseshoe, toe forward. If you want
any more particulars, I'll have to come
to Phlladelphia."-New York Times.
An Aristocratio Young Person.
"Mabel Is a perfect aristocrat when
It comes to pride."
"How so?"
"Why, she wouldn't engage herself to
young Winkler until she had asked
him how he got all his money, and
when he told her that he got It from
his father she Bald thac was all right���
Bhe was afraid be might have earned
some of !t."-"Clev*!!and riain Dealer.
Pick Pockets with Their Feet
"The best pickpocket," said Lecoq,
the detective, "are the Hindus. You
have to call them light toed as well
as, light fingered, for they can lift a
watch or purse as easily with their
feet as with their hands.
"Trained from childhood, these
barefooted rascals are wonderfully
skilful with their toes. This gives
them a great advantage. A Hindu
ostentatiously folded and sneak with
his foot the wallet from your trousers
pocket."���Philadelphia  Bulletin.
Nearly all infants are more or less
subject to diarrhoea and such complaints while teething, and as this
period of their lives is the most
critical, mothers should not be without a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. This medicine is
a specific for such complaints and is
highly spoken of by those who have
used it. The proprietors claim it will
cure any case of cholera or summer
"Drunk again!" said a Scottish
magistrate to the prisoner before
him.   "Five shillings or seven days."
"Och, sure," said the prisoner,
who was an Irishwoman, "I have
onlv two shillings in the world."
"Ah, weel," returned the bailie,
"ye maun jist gang to prison. If ye
hadna got drunk wi' your money ye
wad hae had quite enough to pay the
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper.
One night two lovers sat spooning
under an apple tree in an orchard.
It was autumn and the ripe apples
were falling around them when the
young man said to the girl: "Dearest Ann, will you give me a kiss for
'very apple that falls?"
To this the girl readily consented.
The apples did not fall very fast and
there  were   few  kisses  exchanged.
Soou afterwards he called on the
.iri "again and they lost no time in
hiding their former seat in the orchard. He again told her he would
;iss her for every apple that fell,
ind this time they fell bo fast he
could not count them, but kept near
the number.
Along towards midnight they were
startled by a voice, coining from
some foliage overhead, exclaiming:
"Sister Ann, if you think I am going
to shake apples down all night for
your measley ten cents you are very
much mistaken."���Buffalo Times.
V. R i T t   FOB  P P I C l. S
Nurses' & Mothers* Treasure
���mod tellable medicine for baby.
Uied over 50 years. Fint compounded
by Dr. P. E. Picaull in 1655.
Makes Baby Strong
Restore! lhe little organs lo perfect
health. Gives sound sleep, without
resort to opium or other injurious drugs.
��        Al drujsU"*', 25c. 6 bottles $1.25.
Na^iM>frJnig**cCheniie*ilCo. \jta\,MootKol
Every woman may be attractive. Bright eyes, pink cheeks
and red lips are her nature-
given right. A sallow skin, lack
of animation, low spirits and
weak nerves may be avoided by
the use of Beecham's Pills, a
remedy that well deserves the
confidence of every woman.
Again and again they have
proved to be invaluable at those
recurring times when so many
women feel debilitated and suffer from nervousness, headache
and depression. It is wonderful
the way these pills assist Nature
and relieve the suffering.
Every woman who values
health and good looks should
become a user of
Prepared only by Thomas Beecham,
St. Helens, Lancashire, England.
Sold Everywhere in Canada and U. S.
America.    In boxes 25 cents.
Kill th*m all.
No dead flloe
lying about
when used aa
10c per packet, or S packets for 25c.
will last a whole asason.
W.    N.   U.    No.   644 ������*#*���.*������=
a ,
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���Lord StbathoonA and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. GbobgK A. Dkummond.
General Manager���E. S. Clouston.
Branches in All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan fHMning IReview.
.Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rates :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.50
"      " License to Out Timber 5.00
,Ai' locals will be charged for nt the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates  made known on application.    No i*ooi)] for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Duncan Kennedy, of Slocan,  B. C,  livery keeper,
intends to apply  for a special timber
licence  over    tho   following  described
lands.    Commencing  at a post adjoining James  Smith's  Bouth-east corner,
and   marked   "Robert   Duncan   Kennedy's N.E.  comer," thence south 40
chains,  thence  weet 1C0 chains, thence
north 40 chains,  thenco eaBt 160 cliains
to point  of  commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or Icbs.
June 171b, 1907.
Take notice that James Smith, o!
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
for a special timber license over tlie following depcribed lands: Commencing
at a post planted about one and one
halt miles distant in a southerly direction from Duncan Graham's north-oast
corner, and maiked " James Smith's
S.E. corner," thence west 160 chains,
thence north 40 cliains, thence east 160
chains, thence soulh, 40 chains to point
ol commencement, and containing 640
acres more or Ices.    JAMESSMl H.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notice that Duncan Graham," of
Slocan,B.C., miner, intends to apply
lor a special license over the following
described laiuls: Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore of Slocan
Lake, about ono mile distant in a southerly direction from the mouth of Indian
creek, and marked " Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chain**, thence eastSO
chains, tlience norlh 80 chains to point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or lees.
June 15th. 1907.
Tako nolice that Nils Nelson, o
Slocan, B.C., a rancher, intends to
apply lor a special timber license over}
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted about four miles
distant in a norlh westerly direction
from tlie mouth of Gout creek, a tributary of tlie Slocan River, thence weet
160 Chains, thence north 40 chains;
tlience ea6t 160 chains, thence south 40
chainB to point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or Its."'.
June 20th, 1907.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Cornelius Morgan
Gething, of Slocan, B.C.. prospector,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted ou the
Fouth boundary of the C.P.Ry., lot 382
at a point on the west bank of Slocan
River where said south boundary crosses
said river, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, tlience east 40 chains,
-more or less, to the west bink of tbe
Slocan River, thence following the
mennderings of said river in a northerly
direction, 40 chnine more or less to
pointof commencement, and containing
160 acres, more or less.
Dated July 1st, 1907.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon,
on Wednesday, the 14th day of August,
1907, for the purchase '1 the undermentioned Mineral Claims, which were
forfeited to the Crown at the Tax Sale
held in the Government Office, at Kailo,
B.C., on the 7th day of November, 1904.
To be considered, all tenders must be
at least equal to the upset price na given
below, which is equal to the amount for
which such claim could have been repurchased by the owner, or owners, on
the llOtii day of June, 1905, together
with the tuxes, costs and interest which
bave accrurd since the Tax Sale, the
coat of advertising for tenders, and tho
Crown Grant fee.
Name of Claim      Lot No.   Upset price
Arana Fraction        2539 $56.60
J. I.C. i 2533 90 95
Jenny Jones 2534 68.95
Each tender must Be accompanied by
a certified check for the full amount
thereof, payable at par nt Kaelo, B.C.,
in favor of the undersigned. Thecbecks
of all unBUCestdul tenderers will be immediately returned.
Government Agent, Kaslo, B. C.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
about two miles south of the N. & S.
Ry., thence north 160 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more
or less. P. J. GALLAGHER.
Dated July 11, 1907.
Take notice that I, P. J, Gallagher
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described lards:
Commencing at a post planted about 21f[
miles SOUlh of Summit lake, marked
P.J.G. S.W.C., tlience north 80 chains
thence east 80 chain, ihence south 80
chains, tlience west 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated July 5ih, 1907
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described tract of
land. Commencing at a post, planted at
the S.W.C, marked P.J.G. S.W.C ,
tlience north 40 chains, thonoe east 160
chains, thence south -10 chains thence
west 160 cliains to pointof commence*
ment. Containing 640 acres more or
less. Post is planted abont S miles from
west shore of Slocan hike nearly opposite Silverton.
Dated July 5th, 1907.
NOTICE   is  hereby  given  Ihat the
Annual Sitting of the Com t of Revision
for   the   purpote  of   hearing nil   complaints anainpt ihe   AHSesstneiit   for the [
year 1907, as maile by  the  Assessor of
tbe Olty of Sandon,  H.C, will be held
in   the   Council   Chamber,   Citv   Hall, j
Sandon,  B.C,   on Tuesday,   the ��7lh
day of August, 1907, at 7 o'clock, p.m.
C E. LYONS, City Clerk,
Sandon, B.C., July 18, 1907.
The Most Beautifully .situated
Sanitarium in Britisli Columbia.
Its medical waters are renowned
for curative qualities. " That
Tired Feeling " completely cured.
A certnin remedy for Rheumatism
in its varied formp. A sure cure
for Metallic and other poisonings,
Two mails a day and telegraphic
facilities. Rates���$12 to $18 per
week. For further particulars
apply to
Just   Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
At Cost
Take notice tbat William Ernest
Marshall, of Rosebery, B.C., agent C.P.
Ry,. intends to apply for a special license over the follow ing described land-
Commencing at a post on the south :
west shore of Slocan Lake one half mile
north-west of Sawmill creek about two
miles from Rosebery and bearing the
initials XV. E. M.'s N. E. corner, thence
south 80 chains, t.ence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to poiut of commencement, and
640 acres more or less.
June. 21st 1907.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbvee forhs.
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Certilicate of Improvements.
"Independence"     Mineral     Claim,
situate in  the Slocan   City  Alining
Division of West Kootenay district:
Where located:���On   Lemon  Creek
adjoining   tlie    Crusader    Mineral
Take notice that I, H. R. Jorand, Free
Miner's Certificate No.  B78.800 acting
for myself "-nd as agent for W. J.   Shat-
ford Free tu **sf*jiWrlideate No. B4.685,
intend,  60 ua'*">  from the date hereof,
to apply to t     .Mining  Recorder for a
Certificate ci   Improvements,   for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice thnt action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of Such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of May, A.D. 1907
local Salesman Wanted Tor
And Adjoining District to represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on limestone Boll; hardier and longer lived than
const trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved ; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Write for particular-?.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government )
TORONTO        -       -       ���      ���       ONT,
Notice is hereby given that 60 davs
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Kootenay District: Commencing at a post
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Coi-nrr
post," said post being at south-east
corner of lot 7 Block 382, Group I,
West. Kootenay District, thence south
80 cliains, thence cast 20 chains, tlience
north 80 chains, thence West 20 cliains
to pointof commencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
Duted April 20th, 1907.
7-4 A. J. WATSON.
Silverton, 36.(5.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners aud Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocau. The bar is stocked with the choicest queuchers.
"R. flD. Spencer * prop
The Review
Job Printing.
J. J. Fingland
provincial assayer
ano (Bbemist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
-.1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, $1.60 each.
Zinc,  Antimony,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $2.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lpad or Copper, Zino
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   "J8.00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, \i."i0
Special Kates tor Mine and Mill V, rn.lt
Notice is hereby giren that 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the' Cnief Commissioner of LSnds and
Work** at Victoria, B. C. for permission
tc purchase the following described
lands situate in West Kootenay District *,
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of lot 7547 and maiked
J. St. D, S.W. comer, thence north
along the east line of lot 7547 20 chains,
tlience east 20 chains, thence south 20
chains to the north-east corner ot lot
8127, thence following along the line of
lot81��!7, 20 chains to (he pointof commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C. April 30th, 1907.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
To Rent
Several Residen c esat
Very Small Figure
*��� Q*Q*Q4*��Q**4***************************************
Go to Wilson's for
? V*-CMI.IV__F_
x ________________________ J
I Zhc Sanson Ibotel
���Robt, Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
���       Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
:       (Bboicest Xtqnore, Mines an-o (Bigars.
J_L   11V  iiiin-lMii      THOMPSON BROS.
Exchange     r-
Visitors to Sandon should not. fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always ou hand.    ::    Au excellent Pool Table.
.-i.**_.<^*f.j.**<.*<*H_.4.**.*4��*.4HM'"*^**''St   m**>>*********************
Sprin-o anb
from Crown
{Tailoring Co.
1 The Most Complete aud varied assortment ever
iu the Country.
Tf Iu Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
W* 3% /ffimcoonalfc
************* kk ************************.\
There is no better house in the Kootenays for
tbo Mining Man to make bis Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
bo-mess, and the Barkeeps are artists in their
line. ^__	
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, Thomas M. Sharp
of   Nelson, B.C.,  engineer,  intends  to
apply for permission   to purchase the
(ollowing described land:���
Commenc'ng nt a post planted on S.E.
corner, located on west shore of  Slocan
Lake,  abou  12  miles from tbe bead of
said Slocan Luke, the-.ice weet 40 chains,
thenca noith -10 chains,  thence east 40
chains,   thence   south  nlong  shove  of
Slocnn Lake to point of commencement
containing 100 acres move or leas.
July 31st, 1007,
Colin )* Campbell
Notary Public
Convey anctng     ���
P .0. BOX 10
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Meaoquavters for fllMnlng ant> travelling flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
tRooins Xaroc, Clean anb Cos\>.
S William Bennett S
I J. R. Cameron |
Put up iii Pint Pottles for Family and Hotel Trad*.
We guarantee its Strength and  Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon Miners' VXnion Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subscription $1.00 per month. Non-subscribers $2.00 per diem.
 Hospital Staff	
C. E. ANDERSON. - -     WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to Now Denver, tho beauty spot
of tbe Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Uar.
Excellent boating. Grand  sconcry.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade
Splendid Scenery, fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter whnt his occupation, may save
money by getting his
Shoes* Mado to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
there la nolhing better
than the famous BAL
wilh a good, solid,
hand made bottom	
These shoes can only be got by
leaving vour older with
Shoemaker - Sandon
E. TO. TOfbbowaon
Gold, Sliver, Copper or Lead, eai*h,$l 00
Gold-Silver. .$1 CO     Silver-Lead. .$1 50
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver witb Copper or
Load.. 2.50.
Prompt attention  given to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon five samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A67
[R eiil-w*" ��3*y
St. Louis $03.75    Chicago  $66.75
Toron'o   ��81.2B    Ottawa      85.S0
Montreal $86,76    St.. X-line $06.75
TIi*.lif��x!$104 55.
Tickets on Sale
July 3, 4, 5.        August 8, 9, 10.
September 11, 12, 13.
Corresponding reductions from
all Koot**ini.v points. Tickets
available for lake route including
meals and berths on l.ilcest cameis.
Through notes quoted io any sti-
ion Ontario Quebec or Maritime
rov inces on application,
District of West Kootenay,
Tnke notice that Fied D. D. Kelly,
of New Denver, nurse, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described bind:
Commencing at a post, planted about
one mile from the Nukiisp and S!o::aii
Railway to the .south and about Uo and
one half miles frini Slocan Lake, an.l
12 chains '.vest from the wi'sbei ly boundary of lot 8127, on the line of A. Jacob-
foil's northerly boundary, tlience !I0
chains north mnre or less t> the boundary of timber lease No. 485, thenco 40
Chains west, th'Tce 20 chains north,
thenco 20 chains west, tie c* 50 chains
south, tlience GO chains ��a*t to point of
C'liiineiicenieni. Contain ng 220 Acres
more or less.
August 12th, 1007.
IbDtet :
7THIS Well Known
Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make tlieir stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
Silverton * B.C,
Tako* notice Ilia. John McQrath, "of
Nelson, B.C., Roadmns'er, Intends to
apply for a special timber liconsenvver
the following described tract of lands:
Commencing at a post planted about S'j'
miles west, of New* Denver on tho west
side of Slocan Lake, nuuked J. McG.
N. VV. cor., thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 clinics to the shore of
Slocnn lnke, thence smth 80 chains,
thence west SO chains, to point of commencement. Containing 640 acres more
or less.
.7. McG RATH
P. J. G illngiier, Agent.
Take notice that John McGrath of
Nelson. B.C., road master, intends to
apply for a Special timber license over
ihe following described tract of lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
4 miles we*t of New Denver on thi! west
side of S]ocan Lake marked J. Mc. N.
VV. C thence norlh 40 chains, thence
east 160 chains to the shore of Slocan
Lake, ihonce soii-h 40 chains, thence
west 100 chains to pointof commencement, Containing 610 acres more or
P. J. Gnl-"g!*e-'_wnt-


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