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Slocan Mining Review 1908-08-13

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 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large I
Fruit  growing   Area in  the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Slocan Mining
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of thc Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 51   Vol. a.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, August 13, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
St James' Hotels
Hrst-clasa Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar -..Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed* Guides lur-
nished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.    Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
��������* as DANCE .*
To lie held in Ihe    BOSUN    HALL   on^
TUESDAY, AUGUST 18th, 1908.
There will be service in tlie Methodist
Churches at Silverton and New Denver
next Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Mr. Gifford's theme will be "Lessons
From the Lives of Missionaries."
Murdoch McLean returned Wednesday night from Slocan City, -where he
had been in liis official capacity of road
inspector ol the district, to inquire into
the forest fires in that region.
Mr. Gifford spent this week in Rossland 1n attendance at the meeting of
the West Kootenay distiict of tlie
Methodist Church. IIo nddresseJ a
public meeting in Rossland on Thursday
A. AV. Davis, manager of the Eureka*
Richmond mine, Sandon, was in town
on Monday.
Miss McGrath, of Rosebery, paid a
visit to Denver the first of the week.
Situate at New Denver. B.C., the most "beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facinfc the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch* at disposal of TouriBts.    Apply to
���. ************************
% .    i
$   local anb General.   |
************************* *
Don't forget the Fernie fire sufferers
on Friday, but turn up in good numbers
a' the big hop in the Oddfellow's Hall,
Slocan, and swell the funds to be given
in their aid. Those w ho are unable to
attend may buy a ticket, anyhow. The
price is .1.00.
Clarence Vallance will leave for Spokane in a few days to commence a course
of studies in electrical engineeiing.
A public meeting will be held on
Thursday, August 20t-., in the Government offices, to discuss business in connection with the skating rink. All
interested arc invited to attend.
Mrs. Delaney, who has been away
in Toronto about two months, returned
lionie on Monday.
Miss E. Lowe, of Grand Fork", sister of Harry Lowe, has been spending
a holiday hero and left for her home
at Grand Forks ou Wednesday. Mrs.
H. Lowe accompanied her ns far aa
Slocan City.
R. M. Spencer and daughter, Silver-
ton, were visitors lo town  on Tuesday.
J. McDiiff, of Sandon, who has been
a patient at Slocan hospital t. r the
past lortniglit, was able to leave that
institution this week.
Slocan City Notes.
Frank Griffith, manager of the West-
inonl mine, Ten-Mile, haa let a contract
for about a mile of wagon road to connect tlie mine tvi-tyi the Enterprise mine
road to Slocin lake. Tlie contract has
been secured by Tony Long, XV. B.
George and Ralph Gillette tlie estimate
being $2500. About twenty men will
be employed until the road is completed.
A sclioolhouse lias just been finished
at Perry Siding.
The fi:e at Patrick's lumber camps
made a fre-ih start this week, and the
fire warden has been there with a gang
of men trying to check the spread of the
flames into tlie forest.
H. R. Stevenson and wife, of Midway,
arrived here on Tuesday. Mr. Stevcn-
**on who was in the employ of the C.P.R.
Tit Midway has lieen transferred from
there to New Denver to take the position
of agent, in recognition of liis services
in saving the C. P. R records at the
burning ot the Midway station last week.
He hud lhe misloitllne to lose all his
own furniture and other belongings
while looking after the .property of tlie
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Rankine are pic-
nicing at Ten Mile. On Sunday last a
|inrty went from New Denver and report tlie fishing there as being excellent,
all having good catches.
J. T. Black paid a visit to the Vancouver mine on Wednesday.
Ernie Brindle, who has been spending
a holiday witli his brother, left on Wednesday for his home in Pasco, Wash.
A. Shilland, of Snndon, was a visitor
to town on Monti y.
A. B. Djekstcadi-r, insurance agent,
Nelson, made a business trip to town,
Mr. Davidson, mining expert, of the
Trail Smelter, has been visiting several
ol the mines, and came into town on
Good progress is being made at the
Silver Bell, a cur load of ore being
shipped from there thiB week. Another
rieli strike of ore, assaying 124 8 silver
and 60.4 lead, was made last week.
Dr. S. Peteii-ky, who has been resident physician at the Sandon Miners'
Hospital for tlie pnst twelve months,
has resigned his position. He left ou
Monday for Vancouver and made a brief
stay in New Denver. Dr. W. E. Gomm,
who has occupied tlie position previously,
succeeds  him at tiie Sandon hospital.
Irwin and Mac, tlie sons of O. V.
White, of the Slocan Star Mine, Sandon
left this week for a San Francisco college, where they will study for electrical
engineers. Irwin, the elder, hns already
studied there two years.
Mr. and Mrs. O. V. White left for
their home at Saudon Wednesday. Mr.
and Mrs. White and two sons spent the
summer in New Denver.
Silverton Items.
Dodds C os., ol Pioneer Ranch, have
recently nddtd lo the improvements on
their property by tlie erection of a barn
40 x 28 x 14 for the accmoniodation of
stock and feed.
George Stillw.il, foreman at the Hewitt mine, was taken seriously ill on
Tuesday and removed to tlie Slocan hospital, where it was found that he was
suffering from appendicitis. It was at
first thought that an operation would
have to be performed, but this has been
found unnecessary. Thu latest report is
to tlie effect that the patient is making
satisfactory progress.
Road-foreman, Chas. McNichoil, of
Silverton, has a force of seven men at
work extending the Red Mountain
waggon road from its present terminus
along the Rockland survey as far as
Pioneer ranch, a distance of one half
mile. Apart from the vast improvement to ranch facilities in that, locality
this will be greatly appreciated by nil
who travel to and from Eight-mile nnd
From our Correspondent.
Mr, TIiob. Abriel has so'd this week
120 acres ol fruit land to Messrs. Hess
& Guyet, two very wealthy German
gentlemen. They have also arranged'
with Mr. Abriel to have 40acres cleared
at once. It is tlieir intention to go into
fruit farming on a large scale.
Mrs. D. T. Bulger spent a few days
in Nelson.
Mr. F. W. Jordan ie receiving the
congratulations ol his fiiends on the
arrival of a baby girl, wliich event
occurred nt tlie New Denver Hospital
on Sunday, August 9th.
Miss Meliins, who has been visiting
in town, left for her home in Nnnainio.
Mr. J. S. Crowell is building a thirty-
foot launch for C. B. McAllister. It
will bo completed in about a month.
Mrs. McKittrick, who hns spent the
last six weeks on a pleasure jaunt
through California and the coast cities
has returnod home again..
Mr. Fred Wensley, who hns just completed building a nice houso on his
ranch, was ready to uove in when the
house was discovered to be on lire and
within a few minutes it was burned to
tiie ground. The cause of tlie lire is a
Two weddings are expected to take
place here next week. Full report in
next issue.
Mr. Robt. Day spent a few days in
Nelson this week.
The steam launch Minerva, decorated
with Chinese lanterns, wns out on a
moonlight t ip on Monday evening.
Numerous bush fires nre reported from
different points, fires i-lill smouldering
between Grand Forks and Eholt, while
between B. C. Junction and Phoenix a
fire has been burning for several days.
C. P. R. section men are beii.g kept
busy in preventing the flames from surrounding bush fires doing damage to the
company's right of way.
The hot weather ot tha past few
weeks is in a large measure responsible
for these outbreaks, and tlie urgent
necessity of min is daily becoming
more apparent.
A ten-year old Cliicngo girl is credited
with being able to repeat the whole of
the "Merchant of Venice" by "heart."
Her head does not seem to have entered
into the partnership.
A sky scraper, 1,000 feet high, is to
bo erected in New York, where there is
already one whicli soars 900 feet into
the air. Not content, with having
bought tlie whole eiirth'the Americans
now want a mortgage on tlie heavens as
well. The chaps in- the top storey of
the 1,000 feet building may run the risk
of being scorched by lightning, but they
see a lot more than their rivals in the
street. It's tlie tlevated Yankee who
catches tlie first sunbeam.
The "Tororilo World" snys "the dirty
bills and defaced coins which are circulated among the people of this
country add no credit to the good name
of tlie dominion. If sanitary considerations do not suggest something better,
then pride of country should rise to the
occasion. Dominion dollar and two
dollar notes are permitted to circulate
until they reek with dirt and scarcely
conform in size to tlie newer notes with
wliich they are counted from time to
This may be all right as farns Toronto
is concerned, but we have no opportunity of judging as it is some time since
we hnd the satisfaction of handling a
bunch of the "dirty bills." We suppose they have had to ciiculate so far
tliey iiave not yet had time to reach us.
Pay the Printer!
Touching that little affaii ! How do
yon stand with your subs. ? Is it time
they were renewed ? If io, a couple of
dollars will do tlie trick.
"It is belter to be sure than  sorry
is a wise saving and one to always keep
in   mind���especially    when   mountain
climbing.    What do you say, George ?
The first issue of the Ladysmith
Chronicle is just to band. It is tlie intention of the publishers, Messrs. Cur-
ley and Carley to enlarge it from four
pages, as' at present, to eight pages
and also to publish it semi-weekly, provided of course, that the people of Lady-
smith do tlie square thing nnd don't
starve them out through lack of support.
The publishers also state that Ihe paper
is to be nm a3 an independent one.
That the T. I. S. invited Earl Rob
<   erts to come and inspect  fruit   lands
with a view to selling him some.
That King Edward is the next lo
receive an invitation to visit New
That G'*orge Greer has joined the
Canadian alpine club.
That Jack Holden is going to run a
bar at the Silver Bell.
That Dan McCnaig is agent for
Timothy Eaton's ten-dollar suits.
That a religion wliich has "blood
and fire" as its watchword, is shortly
to be started in New Denver.
That tlie C. P. R. trains are now
running on time.
That the -'Review" is now being
given free,  /savvy!
Slocan Fruit Lands 1
Dr. Gomm came down from Sandon
on Thursday to make a round of friendly calls.
Geo. Doyle, an old timer in the Sloran, but who hns recently been located
in the Okanagan district, came in on
Thursday to renew old acquaintances.
There are eight men now working al
tlie Silver Bell.
P. J. Gallagher, ol Rosebery, passed
through hereon Monday on his way to
The many friends of Dr. Gomm will be
pleased to hear that lie bus again returned to active service In tlie Sandon
We have them in large and small
blocks,   in  every portion  of the  district,
at all prices*    Write me for particulars*
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
Spokane Interstate Fair.
Nothing lint temperance drinks will
be sold at the Spokane Pair grounds
thij_year, as the sale of liquor is a
tiling of the past at tiie Fair. There
will be no bar on tlie Spokane Fuir
ground this full. This wns tlie unanimous opinion of tlie board of directors
at the last meeting of tiie Interstate
Fair Association.
Tlie abolition of the bar was deemed
necessary, so the liquor selling con-
ce-sion will be omitted from tlie list
of privileges to be auctioned to the
highest bidder on the 29ih of August.
The long bar under the grand stand
will be devoted hencefoilh to other
"The management of the Fair has
long desired to take this step, and
has tuken it on their own voli ion,
believing it to be the wish of the people.," slates President George T.
Crane. "We have always tried to conduct the Fair to please the public. We
have had tlie matter under discussion
since tlie Fair last fall, and it has been
practically understood that the bar
privilege in future would be suspended.
Conditions have changed and I want lo
assure the public that we are trying
always to manage tlio fair to please the
greatest number."
The former bar room under the big
grand stand will, in all probability, be
turned into a poultry show tlrs year.
This poultry exhibit litis fall will be
one of the most extensive in the history
of the Fair.
"Brush Fires"
And Forestry.
(From the New York World.)
Tlie forest fire that swept away nearly ���"���10.000,000 worth of properly and destroyed many lives in British Columbio
started from camp fires in tlie "clash
nigs" of a lumber company.
These slashings aie tlie limbs ai d
topB of trees left by lumbermen as they
cut, together with smaller stuff, cleared
away to make roads and get out tlie
logs. Dry as tinder in summer, the
slashings leap lo flame at the first invitation. They should be burned nfter
by the lumbermen svhen the ground is
wet, or when there is snow upon it,
leaving tlie lumbered forest clear of tinder-like rubbish. Butthatcosts money.
Forest fires are as preventable as typhoid fever. When engines on forest
railways are run by electricity or have
spark arresters, when flashings are
burned by tlie men who make thom,
and when Betting fire by carelessness
or intent is severely punished, the c million forest heritage which man is 'o
shamefully wasting to make tlie earth
a  desert will   eland a better chance.
At the Irrigation Convention, which
has been he'd at Vernon this week, a
resolution was passed asking the government to take drastic measures for
tlie protection of forests and for the
punishment of offenders under the Busli
Tires act.   -
Several bush fires have broken out
this week. One started on the C.P.R.
track west of Denver Siding Tuesday
morning antl has burned down to the
lake shore. Two others etartr-d the
Fame day ut Slocan, one near tlie Put-
lick Lumber Co.'s property, and another
along lhe Slocan river. In the present
condition of tlie weather thc forests are
like tinder, and much   alarm   is  felt.
Tlie "Review" acknowledges the receipt ot a copy ot "The Forests and lhe
People," a publication issued by the
Canadian Forestiy Association. It is
published witli a view lo making the
people of Canada understand Ihe tremendous significance of properly conserving our forest wealth.
Copies of the above, along with any
other literature bearing upon forest
topics may be obtained from Mr. F. W.
Jacoinbe, of the Canadian Forestry
Branch, Ottawa.
It is reported fiom tlie Slocan dislrict
that although tlie tiwn of S.indon iu
just now at as low an ebb as it has been
for many years, yet for all that tlie
mining properties In ihe diatrict arc
looking well and there aro more men at
work than lias been the case for sonic
time pisl.���Lidysinitli Chronicle,
During tbe past week snggest:oi)8
hnve been made Unit the people of New
Denver and district shou'd do sonie-
tning towards relieving tbe distress
caused by the recent disastrous fire at
Pernio, nnd a meeting for that purpose
was held in Bosun Hull on Thursday
There wns only a moderate attendance and after a short discussion it wns
unanimously decided to hold an Ice
Cream Festival and Concert to conclude
with a Dance on Tuesday afternoon and
evening next, in tiie Bosun Hall, the
whole of tlie proc *eds to be d.voted to
tlie Fernie relief fund.
Mr. H. Cue was elected secretary,
and the following were appointed to
superintend the airangements: Messrs.
G. Smith, B. P. Baker, H. Cue, J. 3.
Smith, A. Thompson and Ed. Angrignon
Miss Cue, Mrs. Thompson, and Mrs.
were the ladies appointed, wilh power
to add to their number. Messrs. R. P.
Baker, R. Bluemenauer and C. J. Vallance were chosen to make arrangements
for the holding of a dance at the conclusion of the Social.
Already many generous offers of assistance have been received. Mr. J. C.
Harris has given tlie use of the hall for
the occasion, and other donations of ice,
cream, etc., have been offered, whilst
it is confidently expected that tne other
requisites will soon be forthcoming.
All that now remains to be done to
ensure tlie Festival being n success is
the whole-heated support of the people
in backing up the efforts of the promoters and to show their lympathy in
a practical manner by attending ih largo
numbers ou Tuesday next.
Mr. Herbert Cue, the secretary, will
thankfully acknowledge any sum, however small, from those persons who
though unable to attend, nre desirous of
contributing towards the fund.
Mining is quite active in the vicinity
of Grand Forks nnd Nelson on the,
smaller properties. More work is being
tone in a development way this year
than has been done lor some years past.
J_bis is no doubt in view of tlie improved
condition ol the market for small but
meritorious mining properties, which is
quite noticeable here iu the west.
Tbe following are shipments from the
Slocan mines for tlie week ending
August 8;h, 1008:���
Whitewater (milled)     280
Richmond      27
Standard, Silverton       22
Hewitt, "       21
Reco, Sandon         22
Rambler-Cariboo, Sandon      20
Vancouver     28
A strike of very rich ore lias been
made at the Nugget mine on the 250-ft.
level, where oie going several hundred
dollars has been uncovered. The ore is
richer lhan anything yet found in tlio
R. T. Lowery lias gone east lo once
more study the ways of the tendeifeet,
and gaze at ten brass bands in Petroha
for a short time. His impressions and
depressions of the cent belt will nppenr
iu several papers Inter in the fall. It
is rumored that Ilia colonel is going to
be married on tlie 15th. The late
adornment nf liis person would in a manner verify this rumor, Satuiday he
greased one of liis Sunday Elioes. The
othoi shoe hits I een under the Gordon
pre-s for three months. Sunday was
given over to meditation, writing editorials, nnd sluff. Monday be hnd the
reef points slashed off his whlakorC.
Tiicsdny lie appeared in black shirt,
pink tit*, and a new suit of clothes
made in Kas'o in 1802, when lie weigh"d
07/4 pounds. He now lips the scales
ut 140 with liis shoes on. Tne shots
are four sizcB roomy. Wednesday ho
sequestered a pair of socks*, n handkerchief, a full set of pyjamas, a 44 and u
sword cane and started for tlie train.
It is to be hoped she is a strong minded
and able bodied female, for nothing will
lend more quickly to dissipate illusions
than a strong minded woman or rocking
an old f.i.hioncl cradle.���Greenwood
Aatbor  cl   "Th.   Return   ol   Sherlock
Cop-fright, 1893, by Harper _b Brothers
DE CATINAT In the meanwhile
was perfectly aware of the
importance of the mission
which had been assigned to
hlm. He knew enough of the Intrigues
nnd antagonisms with which the court
was lull to understand that every precaution was necessary in carrying out
his instructions. lie waited, therefore,
until night had fallen before ordering
his soldier-servant to bring round thc
two horses to one of the less public
Bales of the grounds. As he and bis
friend walked together to the spot he
gave the young American a rnpid
sketch of tlie situation at the court nnd
of the chance that this nocturnal ride
might be an event which would affect
the future history of France.
"Are you armed?" he nsked.    "You
have no sword or pistols?"
"No; If I may not carry my gun I
had  rather not  be  troubled by  tools
that 1  hnve never learned to use.    I
have my knife.   But wliy do you ask?"
"Because there mny be dnnger. Many
have an Interest In stopping this marriage.    All the first men of the kingdom nre bitterly against It    If they
could stop us. they would stop It, for
tonight nt least."
"But I thought It was secret."
"There is no such thing at a court
There   is  the  dauphin   or  the  king's
brother.  Elrlipr of thorn or any of their
friends would be right glad that \r*
should be in the Seine before we reached the archbishop's house tbis night
But who is this?"
A burly figure lind loomed up through
the gloom on tbe path upon which they
were going.   As it approached, a colored lamp dangling from one of the
trees shone upon the blue and silver of
nn officer of the guards.  It was Major
de Brissac of De Catlnat's own regiment
"Hello!  Whither away?" he asked.
"To Taris, major."
"I go tbere myself within an hour.
Will you  not wait, that we may go
"I nm sorry, but I ride on a matter
of urgency."
"Very good. Good night, and a pleasant ride."
"Is he a trusty man, our friend the
major?" asked Amos Green, glancing
"True as steel."
"Then I would have a word with
hlm." The American hurried back
along the way they had come, while
De Catinat stood chafing at tbis un*.
necessary delay. It was a full five
minutes before his companion joined
bim, and tbe flery blood of the French
soldier was hot with impatience.
"I think that perhaps you had best
ride into Paris at your leisure, my
friend," said he. "If I go upon the
king's service I cannot be delayed
whenever the whim takes you."
"I am sorry," answered the other
quietly. "I had something to say to
your major, and I thought that maybe
I might not see him ngain."
"Well, here are the horses," said the
guardsman as he pushed open*, the
postern gate. "Have you fed and watered them. Jaques?"
"Yes, my captain," answered the
"Boot and saddle, then, friend Green,
anil we shall not draw rein again until
we see the lights of Paris."
For a mile or more the comrades
galloped along. The road was very
dark, and it was hard but for the loom
upon either side to tell where it lay.
De Catluat at least found it so, and he
peered anxiously over his horse's ears
and stooped his face to the mane in
his efforts to see his way.
"What do you make of the road?"
he asked at last.
'It looks as if a good many carriage
wheels had passed over it today."
"What!   Mon Dieu!   Do you mean to
say that you can see carriage wheels
"Certainly.   Why not?"
"Why, man, I cannot see the road at
Amos Green laughed heartily. "When
you have traveled in the woods by
night as often as I have," snid he,
"when to show a light mny mean to
lose your hair, one comes to learn to
me one's eyes."
"Then you had best rido on, and I
f-liall keep just behind you. So! Hola!
What Is the matter now?"
There had been the sudden sharp
snap of something breaking, and the
American had reeled for an instant in
(lie saddle.
"It's one of my stirrup leathers.   It
has fallen."
"Can you find it?"
"Yes, but I enn rido ns well without
It.   het us push on."
"Xcry good. I can Just see you
They had galloped for about five
minutes In this fashion, De Catlnat's
horse's head within a few feet of tbe
other's tall, when there was a second
snap, and the guardsman rolled out of
the saddle on to the ground. He kept
Ills grip of the reins," however, and
was up in an Instant nt his horse's
"A thousand  thunders of heaven!"
he cried.   "What was it that happened
"Your leather has gone too."
"Two stirrup leathers  in  five minute..?"
"It Is not possible Hint It should be
chance," snld the American gravely,
swinging himself off his horse. "Why,
what Is this? My other leather is cut."
"And so Is hiino. I enn feel It when
I p:ihs iny hand along. Hnve you a
tinder box?   Let us strike a light."
"No, no; the man who is in the dark
Is In safety.    I  let my  enemy strike
"My rein Ih cut also."
"And so Ih mine."
"And the girth of my saddle."
"It is a wonder that we came so far
with   whole   bones.     Now,  who   has
played us this little trick?"
"Who  could  it  be  but  that  rogue
Jaques?   lie has had the horses ln his
charge. By my faitn, he shall know
what the strappado means when I see
Versailles again!"
"But why should he do It?"
"Ah, he has been set on to It He
has been a tool in the hands of those
who wished to hinder our journey."
"Very like. But they must have had
some reason behind. They knew well
that to cut our straps would not prevent us from reaching Paris, since we
could ride bareback or, for that matter, could run It If need be."
"They hoped to break our necks."
"One neck they might break, but
scarce those of two. They could not
have thought to stop us. What did
they mean, then? They could only
have meant to delay us. And wby
Bhould they wish to delay us?"
"For heaven's sake"��� broke In De
Catinat impetuously.
"Why should they wish to delay us.
then? There's only one reason that I
can see���In older to give other folk
time to get in front of us a.id stop us.
That Is It, captain. I'd Iny you a
beaver skin to a rabbit pelt thnt I'm
on the track. There's been a party of
a dozen horsemen nlong this ground
since the dew begun to fall. If wo
were delayed they would have time to
form their plnns before we came."
"By my faith, yon may be right."
laid De Catlnat thoughtfully. "What
would you propose?"
"That wo ride back, and go by some
less direct way."
"It Is Impossible. We should have
to ride bnck to tlie Meudon crossroads,
jnd then it would ndd ten miles to our
journey. We nre Burely not to bo
turned from our path by a mere guess,
l'liere is the St. Germain crossroad
about a mile below. When we reach
it we can strike to the right nlong the
south side of thc river and so change
our course."
They mounted and rode on. Suddenly De Catinut's eye caught something In the gloom which brought a
smite to his fnce. Away in front of
them, between two dark tree clumps,
lay a vast number of shimmering, glittering yellow points, as thick as flow-
srs In a garden. They were tho lights
of Paris.
"Sec!" he cried, pointing. "Tbere is
the city, and close here must be the
St. Germain road. We shall take it,
so us to avoid any danger."
"Very good! But I should not ride
too fast, when your girth may break
nt any moment."
"Nay, come on. We are close to our
lourney's end. The St. Germain road
opens just round this corner, nud then
we shall see our wny, for the lights
will guide us."
He cut his horse with his whip, and
the two galloped together round the
curve. Next instant they were both
down In one wild heap of tossing heads
and struggling hooi's, De Catinat partly covered by his horse, and his comrade hurled twenty paces, where ho
lay silent aud motionless in tho center
of the road.
M. de Vivonne had laid his ambuscade with discretion. With a closed
carriage aud a baud of chosen ruffians
lie had left tlie palace a good half hour
before the king's messengers. Ou
reaching tlie branch rond he hnd ordered the conehnian to drive some little distance along it and had tethered
nil the horses to a fence uuder his
Ciarge. He bad then stationed one of
the band as a sentinel some distance
up the main highway to flash a light
when the two couriers were approaching. A stout cord hnd been fastened
eighteen Inches from the ground to the
trunk of a wayside sapliug, and on receiving the signal the other end was
Hed to a gatepost upon the farther
���aide. The two cavaliers conld not pos-
nlbly see it, coming as it did at the
very curve of the rond, and as a consequence tlieir horses fell heavily to the
((round und brought them down with
i hem. In nn iostnnt the dozen ruffians,
���rho had lurked in the shadow of the
'recs, sprang out upon them, sword in
hand, but there was no movement from
��� Jther of their victims.
M. de Vivounc lit a lantern nnd
rlnslied it upon the faces of the two
unconscious men. "This Is bad business, Major Despard," said he to the
man next him. "I believe that they
are both gone."
"Tut, tut! By my soul, men did not
die like that when I wns young!" answered the other, leaning forward his
(Serce, grizzled face Into the light of
the lantern. "Pass your rapier under
the third rib of the horses, De la
Touche. They will never be fit to set
hoof to ground again."
Two sobbing gasps and the thud of
their straining necks falling back to
earth told that the two steeds had
come to the end of their troubles.
"Where Is Achille Latour?" asked De
Vivonne. "He has studied medicine at
"Here I nm, your excellency. It Is
not for me to bonst, but I nm ns bandy
a mnn with a lancet as with a rnpler.
Whicli would you have mc look to?"
"This one in the road."
Tlie trooper bent over Amos Green.
"He Is not long for this world," said
The dozen ruffians, who had lurked In
the shadow of thc trees, sprang out.
he. "Methlnks thnt It were well for mc
to pass my dagger through his throat"
"Not for your life!" cried the leader.
"If he die without wound, tbey cannot
lay It to our charge. Turn now to the
Tne man Deni over Ve Catinat ana
placed his hand upon his heart. As he
did so the soldier heaved a long sigh,
opened his eyes and gazed about him
with the face of one who knows neither
where he is nor how he came there.
De Vivonne, who had drawn his hat
down over his eyes and muffled the
lower part of his face in his mnntle.
took out his flnsk nnd poured n little
of the contents down the injured man's
throat. In an instant a dash of color
had come back into tlie guardsman's
bloodless cheeks and the light of mem
cry Into his eyes. He struggled up o*
to bis feet and strove furiously to n"-'
���way those wbo held bim. But his
bead still swam, nnd he could scarco
hold himself erect.
"I must to Paris," he gasped. "I
must to Paris. It is the king's mission.
You stop me at your peril."
"He bas no hurt save a scratch," said.
the ex-doctor.
"Then hold him fast. And first carry
the dying man to the carriage."
The lantern threw but a small ring
Of yellow light, so that when It had
been carried over to De Catinat Amos
Green was left lying In the shadow.
Now they brought the light back to
where the young-man lay. But there
was no sign of him.   He was gone.
De Vivonne caught the false doctor
by the throat and, hurling him down,
would have choked hiin upon the spot
had the others not dragged them apart.
"You lying dog!" he cried. "Is this
your skill? The mnn has fled, nnd we
arc ruined!"
"He has done It In his death struggle!" gasped thc other hoarsely. "He
cannot be far off."
"That Is true. He cannot be fnr off,"
cried De Vivonne. "He mis neither
horse nor arms. You, Despard nud
Raymond tie Caruac, guard the other,
that he play us no trick. Do you, La-
tour, and you, Turberville, ride down
the rond and wait by the south gate.
If he enter Paris at all he must come
In thnt way. If you get hlm, tie him
before you on your horse nnd bring
him to the rendezvous. In nny case, it
matters little, for ho Is a stranger, this
fellow, nnd only here by chance."
The' two horsemen rode off in pursuit of the fugitive, and De Catlnat,
still struggling desperately to escape,
was dragged down the St. Germain
road and thrust into the carriage,
which had waited at some distance
while these incidents were being enacted. Three of the horsemen rode
ahead, the coachman was curtly ordered to follow them, and De Vivonne,
having dispatched one of the band
with a note to his sister, followed after
the coach with the remainder of his
The unfortunate guardsman had now
entirely recovered his senses and
found himself with a strap round his
ankles and another round his wrists, a
captive inside, a moving prison which
lumbered heavily along the country
road. He bad been stunned by the
shock of his fall, and his leg was badly
bruised by the weight of his horse.
His mind, however, pained bim more
than his body. He sank his head Into
his pinioned hands nnd stamped madly
with his feet, rocking himself to aud
fro in his despair. What a fool, a treble fool, he had been! He, an old soldier, who had seen something of war,
to walk with open eyes into sucb a
But then came a return of that common sense which lies so very closely
beneath the impetuosity of the Celt
The matter was done now, and he must
see if it could not bo mended. Amos
Green had escaped. That wns one
grand point ill his fnvor. And Amos
Green had heard tbe king's message
and realized its importance. It wns
true that he knew nothing of Paris,
but surely a man who could pick bis
way at night through the forests of
Maine would not be hulked in finding
bo well known a house as that of the
archbishop of Paris.
And then the thought of escape occurred to his mind. Might he not even
now be in time perhaps to carry his
own message? Who were these men
who had seized him? And where were
they taking him to? Full of curiosity,
he peered out of the windows.
A horseman was riding close up on
either side, but there was glass in
front of tlie carriage, and through this
he could gain some idea as to his whereabouts. The clouds had cleared now,
and the moon was shining brightly,
bathing the whole wide landscape in
its shimmering light. To tbe right lay
the open country, broad plains with
clumps of woodland and the towers of
castles pricking out from above the
groves. On the left, but far away, lay
the glimmer of Paris. They were leaving it rapidly behind. Whatever his
destination, it wns neither tho cnpltal
nor Versailles. Theu he began to count
the chnnces of escape. His sword had
been removed, and his pistols were still
In tho holsters beside his unfortunate
horse. He was unarmed, then, even if
be eould free himself, nnd his enptors
were nt least a dozen iu number. There
wero three on ahead, riding abreast
along the white moonlit road. Then
tbere wns one on each side, nnd he
should judge by the clutter of hoofs
tbat there could not be fewer than half
a dozen behind. Thnt would mnke ex-
nctly twelve, Including the coachman���
too ninny, surely, for an unarmed mnn
to hope to bailie. At the thought of the
coachman he bud glanced through the
glnss front nt the broad back of the
man, and he had suddenly in the glimmer of tho carriage lamp observed
something which struck him with horror.
Tho man was evidently desperately
wounded. It was strange Indeed thnt
he could still sit there und flick his
whip wilh so terrible nn Injury. In
the back of his great red coat, just under thc left shoulder blade, was n gash
In the cloth where some weapon had
passed, and all round was n wide patch
of dark scarlet which told its own tnle.
Nor was this nil. As he raised his
whip the moonlight shone upon his
bund, nnd De Cutinnt saw, with a
shudder, that It also was splashed and
clogged with blood. The guardsman
craned his neck to catch a glimpse of
the man's fnce, but his broad brimmed
hat was drawn low, nnd the high collar of his driving coat was raised, bo
that his features were lu the shadow.
And now they had come to a spot
where the mnlii rond ran onward, but
n smaller side track wound nway down
lhe steep slope of a hill, and so ln (he
direction of lhe Seine. The advance
guard had kept to the main rond nnd
the Iwo horsemen on either side were
trotting in the same direction when, to
DeCatinat's amazement, the carriage
suddenly swerved to one side and in
Bi. iusiuui plungeu down the steep incline, the two sto*:t horses galloping
at their topmost speed, the coachman
standing up and lashing furiously at
them and tbe clumsy old vehicle bounding along in a way which threw bim
backward and forward from one seat
to the other. Behind him he could hear
a shout of consternation from the escort and then the rush of galloping
hoofs. Fast as the coach went, Its
pursuers went faster still. The rattle
of their hoofs was at the very back,
and suddenly at one of the windows
there came into view the red, distended nostrils of a horse. Slowly it drew
forward, the muzzle, the eye, the ears,
the mane, coming into sight as the
rider still gained, and tJien nbove them
tbe fierce face of Despard and the
gleam of a brass pistol.
"At tho horse, Despard; at the horse!"
cried an authoritative voice from behind.
The pistol flashed, and the coach
lurched over as one of the horses gave
a convulsive spiing. But the driver
still shrieked nnd lashed with his whip,
while the carriage bounded onward.
But now tbe road turned a sudden
Curve,   and   there,   right  In   front   of
"At the horse, Despard; at thc horse I"
them, not a hundred paces aw*ay, was
,the Seine, running cold nnd still in the
moonshine. Tlie bank on either side
of the highway ran straight down without any break to the water's edge.
There was no sign of n bridge, ami a
black shadow In the center of the
stream showed where the ferryboat
was returning nfter conveying some
belated travelers across, Tbe driver
never hesitated, but, gathering np tho
reins, he urged the frightened creatures into the river. Tliey hesitated,
however, when they first felt the cold
water about their hocks, and even as
they did so one of them, wilh a low
moan, fell over upon her side. Des-
pard's bullet had found its mark. Like
a flash the coachman hurled himself
from tbe box and plunged Into tho
stream, but the pursuing horsemen
were all round hlm before this, and
hnlf a dozen hands had seized him ere
ho could reach deep water and hnd
dragged hlm to the bnnk. His broad
lint had been struck off lu the struggle,
and De Cntinnt saw his face in the
moonshine. Great heavens! It was
Amos Green.
(To   I*   Continued.)
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"No, sir," replied the woman.
"If I were you I should cnll it
'Good   Idea'      said  the man.
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French and Morocco.
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Toronto, say*. : " Fur six o, seven years I was
troubled with Indigestion find dy*pep*ia. Two
much acidity of the slnmach, the doctors
said, or g'n.tsd the trouhles. 1 tried scores
of remedies without avail. Eventually 1 used
1'svciiink and litis brought intmedial* relief
and curt." All druggists or stores _oc. Prepared only by Dr. 'J', A. Slocum, Ltd. Toronto.
prounou.iced  SI-KEEN
Jtona Throwing Was a Habit In The
aters of Ancient Greece.
Getting the bird, writes a corre
pondeut, need not always prove i
ource of woe to the unfortunate actor
or tbere are still some nations thai
���ipress their applause by hissing Thi
Jasutos. for Instance, and the natives
*f the New Hebrides .niploy this metb
���a of expressing tlieir admiration
��� _ven among ourselves any liiterrup
ion of the actor who grips our atten
ion is quelled with the hissing "Husb!"
vliiili is intended to silence the Interrupter and show our admiration .'or the
On the whole, authors and actors of
���day have reason to couKratulate
heiuselves upon the disuse of many of
lie ancient Creek methods of showing
lissatisfnctlon ln the theater The
vorst that a playwright must reckon
vith now is an ironical cry of "Au
hor!" followed by a booing demon
trillion. . But It Is on record that the
Ulicniiin audience nt least once forcl
illy ejected an unsuccessful comic poet
'rom the theater. The pelting of bad
ictors witb vegetnhles nnd qnestlonn
tie eggs Is rare now even in tbe re
notest provinces But the Athenian?
lid not draw the line nt figs and olive?
is missiles. Aeschlnes wus snld pearl*
o have been stoned to death during
lis stnge career, nnd there Is a story
if a second rate musician wbo hor
rowed n quantity of stone from n
friend to build a house with, promising
lo repay the loan with the stones col
eeled nt his next performance.���Lon
Ion Chronicle.
The Brutality That Went With Wai  In
Former Times.
Before a hnttle In former times the
priests solemnly devoted to the gods
the whole of the hostile army then ln
-iglit, and. If possible, no man of It
wns left nlive. When Hermann de
coyed the great host of Varus Into the
forest depths nil the ttoinnns that es
enped death In the battle were cap
tured and led Into the dark recesses,
where every mnn of them was sacrl
deed upou hastily erected altnrs.
Latham. In his edition of Tacitus
quotes six contemporary authorities to
show thnt this practice of concluding
���a victory with human sacrifices wns
customary among our Teutonic ancestors. Rome crucified their prisoners,
others hung them up to trees for arch
ery practice, but In general a captive
wns either slnlii on the spot or else reserved to he sacrificed to the gods
Even when the progress of agriculture
Induced them to keep a majority of
the prisoners nllve to lie slaves they
appeased the gods for this Indignity
by liicreiisiiig the tortures inflicted on
tbe smnll remainder.
Gibbon describes bow, before the
blazing ill til r. every hundredth ninu's
firms were hacked oft" him and. before
his eyes, thrown into the flames. All
thnt n red Indian would have done
in the eighteenth century was freely
practiced liy our ancestors of twelve
centuries ngo And the highest Iden1
of a iiiiiii Ibpn Included, as n duty, dark
cruelty nnd grewsoine revenge ngulnst
all bis enemies.
Marriage by  Halter.
Among Ignorant people of English
birth il was once Hie lielief that a wife
bought with money or goods was legal
ly married if ihe purchaser led her uli
the way home liy n hnlter.
Mr Baring (limld. the English antl
pinrlnn. told of a village poet known
to him who bought a wife for a hnlf
crown nnd led her twelve miles to his
cottage. The squire and the rector pro
tested to the village poet that be was
not legally wedded.
"Why. yes. I lie," he replied. "I'll
take my Bible onth I never once took
the halter off till she'd crossed the
liiorsill nnd the door wus shut."
The latest Instances o" such wife
iales occurred in I.S..8 and 18.",!), when
women were sold In Little Horton aid
in Dudley In these cases a blue ribbon took the place of the straw halter.
Hang Up Your Watch.
The question whether It is better to
wind a watch at night or in the morning was discussed at a meeting of tbe
British Watch and (.'lock Makers' guild,
the London Express took up tbe subject and obtained the views of George
Itussell. nn expert on timepieces. "Given a good watch It does not matter ln
the least whether you wind It nt nlglu
or In the morning," he told the reporter.
'But a watch ne.er keeps tbe same
time when tlie 'position Is constantly
altered Watches which nre sent to
Kew and which nre tested In several
positions rarely keep lbe snme time.
The nio-iil to be drawn, therefore, ls
Keep your watch ns much ns possible
,n the position In which you wear It
during the day. ln other words, hang
four watch up at night."
Where Were the Gordons?
An old woman of the nnme of Gordon In the north of Rcotland wns listening to the account given In Scripture of Solomon's glory, which wns
rend to her hy n little grandchild.
.Vben the little girl cnme to tell of the
thousand cnmels which formed pnrt
of the Jewish sovereign's live stock.
������Eh, liissie,'' cried thc old woman, "n
thousand Campbplls. say yeV The
Campbells are an auld clan, sure
eneuch, but dlnna ye see the Gordons
So He Couldn't Tell.
"Ts It true, pn. that the most sensitive pnrt of the human body Is the tip
if the tongue?"
"I don't know, my son. Nobody ever
srepiied on my tongue the way they
have on my corns." t
Pnrco without Judgment falls by Its
mvn weight.-Hor��<��
Pretty Bad.
Boston Bill���I'm getting weary of
this blase, nomadic, pcrlpntPtlc exist
ence. Aren't you, pal? Omaha Bed (after recovering!-YVhy-er���you see. Bill,
It never struck nie In dut light before.
Is it really ns bad as all dat?
Art Appreciation.
"Ton Americans don't appreciate art,"
snld the man from abroad
"We don't, eh?" rejoined the earnest
patriot "Why, we pay some opera
singers :nore than we do baseball piny
���wl" -Eichaoae.
Just send us
your name
and address on
a post-card and we'll mail you
a Painting Book for the little
folks and a quarter-pound package of Celluloid Starch. That
means fun for the children and
satisfactory starching fer you.
Celluloid Starch requires no
boiling, gives a perfect finish to
the clothes and never makes the
irons stick.
Write to-day for this free
book and sample.
Tlie Brant'ord Starch Works, Limited
Brandon],   Ontario B|
Dealers   Predict   a   Bountiful   Supply
at   a   Price   Within   the   Reach   of
all.���How to  Eat Strawberries
and  Enjoy Them.
A glut in the strawberry market Is
Hie prediction of fruit dealers in
nearly all sections of the country
Reports from Hie growers of berries
indicate that the coming crop will
be better than for many seasons, and
show that a lnrger acreage hns been
devoted lo Hie fruit. It is predicted
that lovers of this succulent fruit in
many northern cities will be able to
out all Hie good berries tbey wnnt nt
moderate prices.
It is a fnct thnt mnny persons cannot ent Strawberries without discomfort. The full enjoyment of tliis delicious berry is denied to thousands
whose stomachs do not take kindly
to Hie peculiar acid and Hie numberless little seeds wliich it contains.
For these persons the soggy white
Horn* dough of "short-cake" makes n
bad matter even worse. Almost any
person whose stomach has not gone
out of hi-i'^es.) entirely can eat
strnwberrie. ��� 1 Shredded Wheat
Biscuit with per'ect snfety and fullest
enjoyment. The best way to prepare
tliem is to bent Hie Biscuit in nn
oven until the shreds are crisp, then
crush a cavity in Hie top o" the Biscuit and fill this with the berries in
tlieir own juices; then pour milk or
cream over it nnd sweeten to su't the
taste. The combination makes a
most wholesome and delicious disli���
more easily digested and much more
nutritious thnn Hie ordinary shortcake. ���
You can make Hie same appetizing
combination with raspberries or any
kind of fresh fruit. A disli that is a
great favorite with noon-day lunchers
is made by partly filling a small bowl
with red raspberries, then covering
with a layer of Shredded Wheat
Crumbs (made by crushing two crisp
Biscuits in the hand), then adding a
little .cream and sugar. Such a lunch
is wholesome nnd easily digested.
The Shredded Wheat itself contains
more renl nutriment than meat or
eggs, and costs much less���while the
fruit adds to its healthfulncs.s and
pnlatnbiiity. A more ideal summer
diet could  not be  imagined.
All Th?.t Didn't Sink.
"I suppose you have considerable
floating population here?" inquired
Hie visitor.
"Yep," replied Hie native of the
little river town, "specially during
the rainy season."
As a vermifuge there is nothing so
potent as Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, and it can be given to
the most delicate child without fear
of injury to the constitution.
"I can promise you that if you
take service with ine you will be treated as one of the family."
"Thnt's what the lndy at the las'
place told me, ma'am��� an' I lost
twenty-two pounds an' me temper
nn' seven pocket hnndkerchiefs in th'
fourteen weeks I lived there, ma'am,"
���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Disease attacks the little ones
through Hie digestive organs. Baby's
Own Tablets are Hie best tiling in the
troubles of children. They act quickly and are absolutely safe. If necessary tbe Tablets can be crushed to a
powder or dissolved in water. Mrs.
Wm. F. Gay, St. Elennois, P.E.I.,
says:���"I know of nothing to equal
Baby's Own Tablets for the cure of
stomach and bowel troubles. I cannot speak too highly of this medicine
and do not feel safe without a box of
Tablets in the house." Sold by medicine dealers or by mail at 2r> cents n
box from Tiie Dr. Williams' Medicine
),, Brockville, Ont.
Another Modern  Miracle
Paralysis Permanently Cured.
The Sufferer Paralysed From Waist to Feet-Encased in Plaster ol
Paris for Nine MDnths-Dr. William-' Pink Pills Cure After Four
Doctors Had Failed���Thc Cure Vouched for by a Well Known
Paralysis, no matter how slight, is
a terrible affliction, but to be para-1
lyzed from waist to the feet, to he a
helpless cripple, totally dependent
upon what others do for you, is a
condition as wretched as man could
possibly bear. Such was the state of
Mr .Allan j. McDonald, of Rice Point,
P.E.I. For over a year he was n
helpless invalid. He was paralyzed
from his wnist to his feet and for
nine months lay in bed encased in n
'duster of Paris cart. Four of the
best doctors in Prince Edward Island were unable to help him nnd he
seemed doomed to a life of misery
and despair. But hope came to him
when lie read of what Dr. Williams'
Pink PilU had done for other sufferers from paralvsis. He procured a
supply of Hie Pills and began taking
them. Gradually tliey broke the
chains of disease that bound him,
mil filled liis whole body with new
blood, life and vigor. Mr. McDonald
says:���"I am a farmer nnd in consequence have a grent deal of hard
work to do. One day while about my
work I injured my back, but at the
time 1 paid little attention to the injury and continued ray work. As
time went on, though, the pain became more severe, and I soon found
myself unable to lilt anything, no
matter how light. It was not long
before I had to stop work altogether
nnd consult n doctor. He treated me
but his treatment did not help me
and I rapidly grew worse. I hnd to
take to my bed, and in the hope that
my spine might receive strength, 1
was encased in a plaster of paris cast.
This did not help me and I could
feel the paralysis slowly creeping
over me till I wns totally paralyzed
from my waist to my feet. I lost all
control over my bowels and bladder
and my legs had no more feeling than
if they were mnde of wood. Three
other "doctors strived to cure me, but
their treatment also was a failure,
and for over eleven months I lay in
bed unable to move. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills wore then advised nnd I
was shown testimonials of others who
lind been cured of paralysis through
them. 1 bought a supply and in less
than  three  months tliey  made a re-
Prosperous Ymuig Actor (returning
tired nfter a matinee and evening performance of successful piny)���All,
dear boys, I really think it's time al!
good actors were in bed.
Grumpy Tragedian (looking up
from his  pnper)���They  are.���Life.
Minard's   Liniment,   Lumberman's
Stand by the truth  nnd break  the
devil up in business.
It is possible to take such good care
of your conscience as to keep if from
being disturbed by anything going on.
A startling truth���Professor Albert
Buslinell Huat, professor of American
history at Harvard, is a man whoso
hobbies run alongside of his work.
Lately lie acquired a desire for statistics nnd begun seeking tbem with
his accustomed energy. He was very
much impressed with the mortality
figures, and meeting his colleague.
Professor Grandgent, in the yard, addressed  him  mournfully:
"I've been looking up mortality
statistics, Grandgent, and whnt do
you think? A man dies every time I
Black Watch
Black Ping
The Chewing Tobacco
of Qjiauty.
Milton's   Retort.
John Milton was not a wit, yet be
is reported to have made a crushing
reply to n question from Charles II.
"Do you not think," said the king.
"that your blindness is a judgment
on you 'or having written in justification of my fathers murder?"
"Sir," replied the poet, "it is true
I bave lost my eyesight, but if all
Hie calamitous providences nre to bo
regarded ns divine judgments your
���nnjesty should remember that your
father lost h!s head."
Count the cups and count the cost.
Much is saved by using "Saluda"
Ten. Sold only in sealed lend packets, never by peddlers or in bulk. 31
"Well, what's on Hie bill of fare
todny?" inquired Hie genial drummer.
"Beg pardon, snh���Ah guess dey's
fly spects. Ah'll git yo' anudder.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house.
De Quiz���You should do something
to contribute to other people's enjoyment.
De Whiz���I do; I'm always making
a fool of myself.���Chicago News.
So many phrases sound well that
don't mean anything that it is no
wonder we have so many philosophers in the world.
mafkable change in me. I was able
to get out of bed and crawl along Hie
floor on my liands and knees. Gradually my limbs became stronger. Soon
I could walk with the aid of a cane
and inside of nine months after I.had
begun Hie use of the Pills I was totally cured, and once more able to do
light work. Noiv I am as strong as
ever I was and can do my work about
the farm without the least trouble.
f think Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are
without equal, for, besides my own
case, I know of two other cases of
paralysis cured by them. Two young
*-'irls who had been cripples and
whom I advised to try Hie Pills."
In corroboration of what Mr. McDonald says, the Rev. D. MncLean of
Charlottetown, P. E, I. writes:���"I
visited Mr. McDonald many times
during liis illness. He was attended
by three or more doctors and put in
.plaster paris, and everything iningin-
i able wliich might be of benefit was
done for him without success. Ho
had lost all power of liis body from
liis waist down and I think lie was
nearly a year under treatment before
lie began to use Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. 1 was with him the day lie lirst
moved his big toe and from thnt time
on he gradually improved and for the
last few years he has been perfectly
well. I can vouch for Hie cure Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills effected in his
If you are sick and the trentment
you are now taking does not help
you, give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a
fair trial. Tliey have cured thousands
after doctors and other medical treatment had hopelessly failed. These
Pills actually make new, rich, red
blood, feed the starved nerves and
bring health and strength to every
part of the body. This is why Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills cure such apparently hopeless cases as Mr. McDonald's, and it is why they have
cured thousands and thousands of
sick, discouraged people in every part
of the world. Sold by all medicine
dealers or by mail at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
In the Long Ago.
Cardinal Wolsey hnd fallen.
"I was trying to dodge an automobile," he explained, "and a roller
skater ran into me."
The historians, however, with singula r obtuBeness, have persisted in
placing Hio blame on Henry VIII.���
Chicago Tribune.
When going away from homo, or at
nny change of habitat, he is a wise
man who numbers among his belongings a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, Change of food
and water in some strange place
where there are no doctors may bring
on nn nttnek of dysentery. He then
hns a standard remedy at hand with
wliich to cope with Hie disorder, nnd
forearmed he can successfully fight
the ailment and subdue it.
"A word to the wise is sufficient,"
remarked Hie man with the quotation habit.
"Wrong again," rejoined the contrary person. "A word to the wise, is
How to Teach Baby the Art of Standing Alone.
By the time be is eleven months old
baby will usually try to stand alone or
even walk a few steps, and before this
age no effort should he made to hasten
him In this development. He may be a
week or more occasionally scrambling
to his feet and holding to a chair without showing tho slightest Inclination to
walk. Walking be will do ln time, and
once he becomes fascinated with tho
joy It is well to watch that he does not
overdo and strain the leg muscles, not
to mention weaken the bones.
When au Infant Is lea ruing to walk
tenders are excellent, for they give support that prevents Injury from sudden
falls. The tender Is a movable pen. as
it were, lu which there is a little seat.
As the child begins to walk the seat
may be removed, nnd he can stand upright wlthlu the little Inclosure that
beforo many days he will try to push
In front of him. lie must not he allowed to tire himself at this work, and
a few minutes at a timo ls all tba?
should be permitted.
Another first aid to walking Is n
leading strap. It consists ot a strong
but soft belt supported by a couple of
straps over the shoulders. They may
be made at borne of webbing or fine
leather. Where the belt loins In the
back there is a long rein, and with this
In her hand o mother can frequently
prevent baby from falling and bumping bis nose or can guide his footsteps
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gents,���I   hnve   used   your     MINARD'S LINIMENT in my family and
also in my stables for years and consider it Hie best medicine obtainable.
Yours trulv,
Proprietor  Roxton   Pond   Hotel   and
Livery Stables.
Drama  In an Omnibus.
In a motor omulbus In the boulevard
des Itnliens, Purls, one day last winter a curious little drama was enacted
before the passengers.
A well dressed man wearing a silk
lint nnd n cont trimmed with nstra-
khnn entered the omnibus and was Im
mediately followed by a less well dressed Individual who snt opposite him and
stared hurd. After n little of this the
first man seemed embarrassed and rose
to leave, but the other jumped up and
said: "Stay, ls not jour nnme Etienne
Sagnard, aged thirty-eight, who was
sentenced three yenrs ago liy the '{hone
nssizes to ten years' penal servitude,
nnd have you uot recently escaped from
;he penal settlement In French Gul-
The.other man turned very white
nnd uttered n protest. Hut his Inter
nigntor produced his card, "Inspector
Unmet of tbe criminal Investigation
department," and n pulr of handcuffs,
i��i'*.l the two get out ic-Bcther.
Hard  to Answer.
"Now, I want to know how long it
will bo before I get an answer to this
letter, a young lady demanded, with
a tell-tale blush, as she handed Hie
postoffice clerk a communication addressed to her lover.
"That depends," said Hie clerk reflectively. "If he's in jail, they will
let him write once a week, and in
some places only once a montli. If
he's dead broke he'll have to wait
until lie enrns Hie price of a stamp,
nnd I hnve no data on which to base
an opinion of liis earning capacities.
If lie's ill in bed lie may feel delicate
about dictating liis real sentiments.to
a cold, disinterested third person,
and if it's smallpox they won't let
him write at all, Then, again, if lie's
got a new girl���"
She didn't wait for Hie clerk to complete his catalogue of contingencies.
Tiiese suffragists nre quite a bore,
They'd mnke us nil believe
Thnt Adam wasn't nny more
Thnn  merely   "Mr.   Eve."
A Mean Trick That Demoralized th*
Haitian Troops.
Wben not fighting or drinking the
Haitian negro spends his time lyiag
In the sun smoking innumerable cigarettes. All over the island the roads
made originally by the Spaulsh and
French have fallen Into ruin, and the
thick forests in the Interior are peopled by depraved savages.
A story told by Mr. Sandham, the
well known American artist. Illustrates
the then state ot discipline which prevailed among the 8,000 ruffians who
bore the courtesy title of "the army."
Mr. Sandham and an Irish friend
who resided In the island were one day
watching the commandanta of the Haitian army reviewing his troops.
"Would you like to see me break up
the whole lot?" asked the Irishman.
"Of course," replied the artist
The Irishman then took five sliver
coins from his pocket and, with a loud
shout, threw them up ln the air. Instantly the whole army leaped forward
and scrambled for the money, the com-
mandantn himself securing the first
three pieces. After pocketing them
with dignity and restoring order among
his men he ordered tho Irishman to be
arrested for bringing discredit on the
army. The Irishman was sentenced to
three weeks' Imprisonment, but five
pieces of silver and a bottle of rum secured his instant release.
It is just as sensible to eat your
dinner by proxy as it is to make
friends by proxy.
If you wish a high-class hair
dressing, we are sure Ayer's
Hair Vigor, new improved formula, will greatly please you.
It keeps the hair soft and
smooth, makes it look rich and
luxuriant, prevents splitting at
the ends. And it keeps thejj
scalp free from dandruff.
Does not change lhe color of the hair.
Formula with ������eh bottle
*      Show it to your
~*^ doctor
Ask him about It,
thtm do as he ��yi
At the same time the new Ayer's Hair
Vigor is a strong hair tonic, promoting
the growth of the hair, keeping all the
tissues of the hair and scalp in a healthy
condition. The bair stops falling, dandruff disappears, A splendid dressing.
sssassJtiit __��� th. _*, 0. Arte C__.laterals.VMIte���t
Youngest Son Inherits Property and
Cares For the Old Folks.
The pensunt farms of the Black forest are hauded down from father to
son In a direct line, often dating back
400 years, says Antiquary.
There Is no division as In France.
All falls to the heir, only here it is not
the eldest, but the youngest Bon, who
Inherits. It ls rare that a bur (peasant) dies as reigning head. When he
gets ou In years he abdicates In order to end his days In tbe leibgedinge-
haus (dower house), which stands beside each hof (steading).
That he does so in favor of his
youngest son is very sensible. Were
It the elder he would have no peace,
for ns soon as he married he would try
to Induce his parents to retire just at
an age when power ls sweetest and
best exercised. For this reason the
practical farmers of bygone generations decided to hand over the succession to the youngest, since when Benjamin Is a full grown man father Jacob
ls old and glad to rest.
This law of Inheritance goes by the
name of vortel. Should the heir of his
own free will desire to resign In favor
of his elder brother the latter must
buy the property from him. In such a
case the younger may be termed a
kind of Esau.
Birds That Fight Eagles.
In Foula, one of the Shetland Islands, the natives make a business of
rearing skau gulls In order to rid the
Island of the eagles that congregate
there aud commit many depredations.
The magnificent red sandstone cliffs
that skirt the northwestern coast became a favorite haunt of the eagles,
and In this Inaccessible spot they increased so rapidly that they became a
terror to the farmers and fishermen
who dwell ou this Isolated spot The
skau gulls are also strong and fierce
and tbe Inveterate foes of the eagle.
In battle the gulls are nearly always
victorious, and so the Inhabitants of
Foula hit upon the novel plan of feeding nnd caring for the skau gulls,
which, though formidable to their
feathered enemies, are very peaceful
and docile when brought ln contact
with man.
A Delicious Custard.
The recipe for this delicate dessert
has been hauded down In my family
for many generations: Into each individual custard cup put the yolk of pne
egg, add one heaping teaspoonful of
sugar, two gratings of nutmeg nnd five
tablespoonfuls of sweet milk. Incorporate thoroughly and set the cups in a
pan of hot water. Bake ln a moderate
oven until firm. When cool, cover with
a meringue, using the whites of the
eggs for this purpose, and allow one
tablespoonful. of powdered sugar to the
white of each egg. Through the very
tiptop of each suowy mound drop a
teaspoonful of orange marmalade.���Delineator.
Ins and Outs,
"What's that noise?" asked the visitor In the apartment house.
"Probably some one In the dentist's
apartments on the floor below getting
a tooth out"
"But this seemed to come from the
floor above."
"Ah, then it's probably the Pojileys'
baby getting a tooth ln."
What They Said.
Maybe It didu't mean just what to
tbo casual listener It seemed.to mean,
but this Is what the farmer was overheard to say to his wife as they looked
over tho market reports ln the dally
"Well, M'rla, hogs Is qp, an' tbat
means we're wuth a good deal more
today'n   we   was  ylsterday."
The Wise Men.
"After all, It's tho wise man who can
change his opinion."
"But tbe wisest men simply can't do
"Why not?"
"Because they've been dead for
The total area ot Africa Is estimated
at ahout 11.500,000 square miles, of
which   Great   Britain   owds  2,713,010
square miles.
Not Very Flattering.
When the artist had finished his scenic sketch of the stretch of woods skirt-
I ing the suburban road, he looked up
and beheld a serious faced Irishman
whom he had previously noticed digging in u trench by the roadside gazing queorly ut bis canvas.
"Well," snld the artist familiarly, "do
you suppose you could make a picture
like that?"
The Irishman mopped his forehead a
moment and, with n deep sigh, >(n?iwer-
ed, "SUfe. n mon c'n do nunythltfg if
1 he's drl. to 'j*.!''---Argonaut.
Mr. C. V. Mutart is a Customs Broker
and Insuranc Agent at St. Catharines,
Ont. He writes the Zam-Buk Co. as
follows : " I have been a sufferer for years
wilh itching piles. I have spent many
dollars on advertised remedies for Piles but
gul no relief. A friend of mine advised trie
to try Zam-Buk. I had but little faith in
any remedy to cure me, but tried one box
and I got relief at once. I have used four
boxes and am completely cured." I cannot
thank you enough for such a wonderful
curative salve. 1 have recommended Zam-
Buk to my friends and th***.* too were cured."
Sold Sy all drag-
gist* ana* stores,
�����r. or lbs Za sail u. Cc,T��r*-.ntt>
Balzac   and   the   Thief.
A story, snid to be new, of Balzac
is related by a French contemporary.
A burgur gained udniission to Balzac's house and wns soon nt work, by
Hie light of the moon, at Hie lock tit
the secretaire In the novelist's chambers. Balzac was asleep at Hie time,
but tbo movements ol the intruder n-
roused   him,    The   burglar,   who   was
working most Industriously, paused.
A strident laugh arrested bis operations and lie beheld by the moonlight Hie novelist silting up in bed,
liis sides aching with laughter.
"What is it that makes you merry?" demanded the burglar.
"1 laugh." replied tlio author of
"Pore Goriot," "to think that you
should come in Hie night without a
lantern to search my secretaire for
money when I can never find any
there in broad daylight."
A Cure for Rheumatism.���A painful and persistent form of rheumatism is caused by impurities in the
blood, the result of defective action
of the liver and kidneys. The blood
becomes tainted by Hie introduction
of uric acid which causes much pain
in the tissues and in the joints. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills arc known to
have effected ninny remarkable cures
and tlieir use is strongly recommended. A trial of them will convince
anyone of tlieir value.
An old Scotchman, not feeling very
well, called upon a well known doctor, who gave hiin instructions as to
diet" nml exercise and rest. Among
other things lie advised the patient to
abstain from all forms of spirits.
"Do as I say," lie said cheerfully,
"and you'll soon feel better."
Tlie Scotchman rose Bilcntly nnd
wns nbout to withdraw when Hie doctor detained him to mention Hie all-
important topic of the fee. "My advice-will cost you ,*.2," lie snid.
"Aw, mebbe," snid the old Scotcli-
mnn, "but I'm nae gaun to tek yer
Would-be Tenant���But there are
holes in Hie roof.
Landlord���Well, I can't help that.
If you can't afford a few umbrellas
don't tako the house.���Cnips.
Don't Risk Ruining
Your Butter
by using the cheap imported salt
that is being sold throughout the
r Windsor
impure salts.    Windsor Salt has
been the standby for years among
Canadian prize butter makers.   It
is absolutely pure salt���and i
salt.   No other salt goes so far.
Insist on having
Windsor Salt
1B9W   __^
Queen's  University
ana gollege
SCIENCE (Including Engineering)
The Arts Course may be taken without attendance.
For Calendars, write the Registrar,
1 Kingston, Ontario,
Cured Strained FttffT Ankles,
Lynn-Hanj?itis, Bruises and
Sw'ol.inj's. 1* mu en ess and
Allays   ruin   Quickly without
lll.slt-rin-y;, removing the hair, or
laying Die horse up. Pleasant to use.
1X00 per bottle, delivered with full
directions.   Book &-C, free.
ABSORBING, JR., tor  man-
kind. ��il.00 Bottle. Cures Strains,
Gout, Varicose Veins. Varicocele
Hydrocele. Prostatitis, kills pain.
% F. YOUNG, P.0 Fs.137Monnto.Jth St., Sprtngffalo, Mast
LYMAN SONS & CO.. Montreal, Canadian Aocnls.
Also furnished by Martin Bolt A Wynn* Co., Winnipeg,
The National Drug A Chemical Co., Wtnnlptg and Calgarf,
and Header:r.n Bros. Co. Ltd.. Vanoouuere
Every bull fully (fuaninteed
snd properly tagged to cuni
ply with Canadian law~
STANDARD 500li.p.r b fisSOlbs
MANILA 550 ti.p.rb.l. 50lb,..
MANILA COO fi. r.t bale 50___i
free on
board cars
Tree on
board curs
' Orders accepted, tor one bale or more. Terms caTh
with ord"i* or C. O.D.   1'i-crapt shipment nnd Balls-
faction Biiar.nl.-d.   A.** ns tor price on gsr'ntl.
COOPER CORDAGE CO..   Minneapolis. Mir".
to hear from  owner having
for sale.     Not particular   nbout   locations
Please Rive  price mid  doscrlpt-on, nml reason for Beltings    State when   powoRBion can
���be had.   Will deal with owners only.
Ii. Bhrliyshiro. Box 9Ht.   Boohester, N. Y.
Wi    N.    U,    No.   692. THE   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW.   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
Bank of (Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
BEST. $11,000,000
UNDIVIDED,_PR8FITS, $903,530.20
President���Lo��d St-eathcona and Mount Eoyai,.
Vioe*Preeident���Hon. Geojkse A. Duummosb.
General Manager���E. S. CiiOUSTSs.
Bi-anches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
NEW HNVQt BRANCH, - 11.6. HSHS, Manager.
Slocan HDinUio Review,
Subscription  .2.00 per a**num, strictly
.in advance.   No jaay, no ,pu,per.
AnvKliTioixu iKateh:
Notices to 'Delinquent Owners - .12.00
" for Crown Grant's - - 7.60
" " Purcliase of Land - 7..r>o
"      " License to Cut Xiwber 6.00
AU locals will be .charged .for at the rate
ol 16c. por line each issue.
.Transient rates rondo known on amplication.   No ,rooiu Ior Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor .and -Publisher.
jMake yourself familiar with the
���above rates and Save Trouble.
Kaslo Land District���Distiict oi
West Kootenay.
Take Notice Hint Lilian E. Gelliing,
of Slucan City, married woman, intends
���to apply tor permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing
at a post planted at the south-west .corner af .lot 3810 ahout five iialleu from
Slocan City, thenco south 40 .cliains
thenco west 20 chains, thenoe north 40
chains tlience east 20 .clmins to point
of cauunencement, containing 80 uoree.
George Henderson, Agent.
April 87th 1908 Jy30
Nel6on Land District���Distiict
of West Kootenay.
Take notice that A. E. Haigh, ol
Nakusp, loco fireman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described hinds.: Commencing at a post
.planted ou the west Bide of Lot 8805,
about five chains from Box Lake, thence
north 20-chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence soutli 20 chaine, thence east 20
chains, to the point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated June 17th, 1908.
Augl4 .      A. E. HAIGH.
Slucan Land District���District of West
Take notice that John Thomas Black
of New Denver, B.C., provincial cons'able, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the followin*;described land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
norlh boundary of Lot 485, Ihencenorili
30 chains., thence west 30 chuins more
or less to the shore ol Slocan Lake,
tbence south along* the-said lake, 30
chainB more or less, io the north-west
corner of Lot 485, thence east 20 chains
more or less to point of commencement,
containing 50 acres more or less.
Dated the 14ih day of Jnlv, 1908.
Slocan Land Distiict���District of
West Koolenay.
Take Notice thnt I, Harvey Fife, of
Slocan, miner, intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to anply to the! Cliief
Commissioner of Lam._ and Works for
permission to puichase the following
described lands: Siarting at a post
planted on C.I'.R. survey line, running
���east to Lot 8701, tlience norlh to coiner
of lot. 7702, thence east 40 chains, tlience
south 20 chains, thenco west, to C. P.B.
survey line, following said line to point
of commencement, Containing 120 acres,
.more or less.
John Ground, Agent.
Mny 2, 1908.
Slocan Land District���District of
WeBt Kootenay.
Take notice ihat William John Corey, of New Denver, B.C., lumberman,
intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land.
Commencing at a post planted ou the
nortli boundary of lot 8432, and marked
I W. J. C's S.E. corner post, thence west
10 chains, thence nortb 10 chains, thenco
west 10 chuins, thence north 30 chains,
thence cast 20 chains, tlience south. 40
chains to the place of commencement,
containing 70 acres more or less.
July 88th, 1908.
Slocan Land District--District of
Weal Kootenay. *
Take notice that John D. Reid, of Slocan, B. C, proepector, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a pott
planed ahout 000 feet south of the
north-east post of Lot 8428, Gioup 1,
West Kooteimy diatrict, tlience south 20
chains, thence east 20 chains, tlience
north 20 chaina, thence west 20 chains,
to Ihe point of commencement and containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated June 5th, 1908.
Slocan Land Distiict���Distiict of
West Kootenay.
Tnke notice that J. B. Smith of New
Denver, B.C., merchant, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
follow ing described lnnd: Commencing
at a post planted on the east bide of
SluOan Luke about 1% miles distant and
in a northerly direction from Rosebery,
and about 200 feet from the Nakusp and
Slocan railroad, J. li. S.'s south-west
coiner, tlience enst 20 chains, thence
noith 20 chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence soutli 20 chains to the point of
commencement, containing , 40 acres
more or le-s.
Dated June 19th, 1908.
AnggQ J. B. SMITH.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Adolnh Mero, ofNcw
Denver, B.C., shoemaker, intends to
apply for permission to puichase the
followingile-crilied hinds: Commencing
at a post planted nt the north-west coiner of Peter Mm ray's pre-emption,
thence west 20 chains, thence ninth 20
clmins, thence east 20 chains, thence
north 20 chains, to pointof commencement, continuing 40 acres more or less.
Dated 16th June, 1908.
Slocan Land District���District of West
Take notice that Olo. Slaattebrek, nf
New Denver, Mjucr, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at. a post
planted about 4 miles from Enterpiise
landing on Ten mile creek, near W. E.
Koch's old saw-mill. O. S.'s S. E.
corner post, thence north 10 chain-,
thence west 10 chuins, thence norlh 10
chains, thence west 10 cliains, thence
north 20 clmins, thence west 20 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thenceeast 40
chuins to the point, of commencement,
nnd containing 110 acres more or less.
ArpiI20lh, 1908.
For Stylish
and Up=to=Date
Bring Your Orders to
���XF     <!_^F      <5<��F
Estimates Given.        Prices Reasonable*
;:     General Merchant   ��� New Denvi
JUST ARRIVED. A lnrge shipment of Groceries, oranges,
lemons, bananas, and candies of various and tasty kinds.
Ring up our store. Telephone installed. Can also give
immediate delivery.
Call and s**e oir Assortment of Men's Summer Underwear
Sucks, Gloves, Overalls, Collars, Ties, Hats, etc.
************************** *****************m���m
Hotel Grand, Nakusp I
��� Proprietor: H, J. LaBRASH
White help employed only.       A Home From Home.       Fully equipped
for High-Class Trade.       Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
,       Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Choicest Liquors, Wines,  and Cigars.
Number Four Mineral Claim, situate in
the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay Distiict. Where located:
Ni ar the (own ol Codv.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, of
Nelson, acting as agent for Fred. T.
Kelly, Free Miner's Certilicate No.
1595,698, intend, 60 days from the date
hereof, to anply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a, Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certilicate.
of Improvements.
Dated this 13th day of June, 1908.
Aug.31 A. S. FARWELL.
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
Hermann Clever
Dealer in Mines, Mineral Prospects,
fruit Xanto ant>
General TReal Estate
Preliminary  examinations of Propel ty   fur prospective pmchapors a
12 vents experience in the Slocnn. All
hiisincs-   piomptly  nl tended to and
satisfaction guaranteed.
1\0. Box i|2t, Silverton, B.C.
\ft*SfS��jnie' Mriii Of the OpaJaT
i There Is a beautiful little story told
about the opal, that delicate stone
which you have no doubt seen In rings
and bracelets. The story ls that the
opal was long ago promised to anybody who could discover If. It liiy hidden away, so the old fortune teller*
used to say, at the place "where the
sunlight and the .moonlight joined"
each other, and whoever could find
tbat spot would be rewarded by a
quantity of large, beautiful opals. After a long search for the place "where
the sunlight and moonlight joined"
each other the place was found by a
Spanish traveler, who followed up tho
   rays of the setting sun, and wheu he
-_m 1n��� had reached the end of the last ray he
JNU 1U*-' waited until thc moonbeams shone up*
Number Three Mineral Claim,   fitnate on the cnrtDi and tuere -ue found the
in tin* Slocnn Mining Division nf West       .     Tu *j to be vcry lucky
Kootenav   District.     W here local*, d: "f*1,  /u,������ _,._,_, _������ i��� ti,.
Near the town of Codv. "tones for those who aie born in the
f fall of the yenr nud very unlucky for
those bom In the spring. Of course It
Tnke notice thut I A. S. Farwell, nf
Nelson,  nctinir  ns  agent  for John M .,,_,, ,.   ,,���.*.���
Harris, Kree Mnor's Certillcnte No is only a saying that these are lucky
B95,6I)9, intend, CO days from the dn'e or unlucky, but the rest of tbe story is
hereof, to anply to the Mining Record r true, as you will believe if you look in
fora Cerlideate of Improvement", fir the heart of nu opal and see the pink
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant tints of the sun and tbe blue rays of
of the above claim. tlie moon nestling _D the middle of it
And further  take  noiice thnt action -**
Under section '!7, must   he  commenced ~ ���"_ ,���
before  Ilie i-snance of such  Certilicate      ���    ���, Fo,rce ��' HnMt-       ,,  ,
ol Inipro*, omenta A distressed young woman called on
Dated tbis 13th day of .Tune, 1008. tue Rev* Minot SllvaSc tue other evcn"
AugSl A. S. FARWELL.   ln-*f' know ^ ,. ^ , confcsslonal,..
��� ���:    said the visitor, "but I want to tell you
one of my troubles. I am a stenographer and typewriter, and when I attend service in your church I always
find myself unconsciously taking down
your prayers lu shorthand. That seems
to me to show a shocking lack of devotional spirit, but I don't appear to
be able to help It. Do you think it ls
alnful?   If so, whnt ought I to do to
  break myself of It?"
"My dear youug  friend,"  snld tho
Should your business or pleasure take   p!,gtort ��g0 long as there is nothing iu-
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the   Kootenay  and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Slocan   Land   Distiict���District of
West Koolenay.
Take  notice   that   II.  A.    Cousins,
of Silverton, B.C., inillmaii, intends  to
apply for permission  to purchase the
following described lauds;
tentional In your apparent Irreverence,
if you are really striving hard to llx
your mind upon the service, I should
say���but what are you doing now, may
I ask?"
"I beg your pardon, doctor, I was
taking down your remarks in shorthand without knowing It."���New York
Times.    -���
Applied Science.
When James Russell Lowell waa
minister to England, he was guest at
a banquet at which one of the speakers was Sir Frederick Bramwcll.   Sir
Commencing at a poet planted* at the Frederick was to respond to tho toust,
No. 1 post of Lot 2017 tlience west "Applied Science." It was long after
about 10 chains to a line running north midnight when the toast was pro-
am! south, thence along the said line posed, and several speakers were still
20 chains nortli  to lot 1607,  tlience 20 to Da caIle<**   R*slng in his place, lho
chains  east,    thence   about  8  chains M.1,e.n.t'BJ.1B.ld:     .__-,.
���    *i ,���.i    .  _.i-i        i   .,   i ui oe.it At this hour of the nght, or, rather,
south to the nortli boundary of lot -.017 - t.    ___.__,__. ���       ,   ,  . _,'_, ,
.       ,        ,    ,     '..    ,        , of tue morning, my only Interest jn ap-
tbenee west and south along Ihe bound- p,lcd sclence ls to app._. lbo t|p of Ul(j
aries of lot 2017 to  point of commence- match to the sido of tho  box  upon
ment, containing 80 acres   more or less, whicli nlone It Ignites and to apply tho
HERBERT ARCHER COUSINS flame so obtained to tho wick of a bed-
July 7th, 1908.
Number Five Mineral Claim, silnate in
the Slocan Mining Division ot West
Kootenay District. Where located:
Close to the town of Cody.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, nf
Nel-on, acting as agent for J.ihn A.
Whittier, Free Mimr's Certificate No.
B10877, intend 00 days fiom the dale
hereof, to apply to the Mining Rec nler
for a Certificate of Improvement*!, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
I of tlie above claim.
|       And further tako notice thatac'ion,
under section 87, must  be commenced
| before the issuance of such  Certificate
of Improvements.
I    Dated this 18th day of June, 1008.
Aug. 81 A S. FARWELL.
Water Clock".
Among the curious features of ancient Toledo which unfortunately remain no longer were water clocks, devised by a Moorish genius named Az-
Zitrcnl, who placed them on the banks
of the Tngiis so that the people could
rend the time. They were run by water power nud were so famous that
Daniel Merlae.lin English astronomer,
went all the way from Oxford In 11S5
to study them.
room ���"andle."
A moment later Lowell tossed a paper across thc table to him bearing
these t��vo lines:
Oh,  trie*" Sir  Frederick, would  that all
couM cntch
Tour hu_,py talent and supply your match!
���Youth's Companion.
V,rt���rv  lhnt Klllnil
A yonn- Hungarian yolicl named
(Wane recently made a bet at lem-
esvur to cut. two and a quarter
po.irds of hivo:i, twenty sausages ml
five and n hull .pounds of broad at
one sitting. He won his bet, but fell
down dead tho no-l moment.
A Zoo Dlacnulon.
"You kuow," said tlio oruug outang,
"that man is descended from a monkey."
"Tee," answered the chimpanzee,
"aud his descent hns been very great.
But let us set It down to bis credit thnt
bo tries to rise ngain. Every now nnd
then you hear of some man who Is doing his best to make a monkey of hlm,
I ************************ ****************t******f**l.
I Hair Brushes, Combs, Tooth Brushes f
Everything for the Up-to-Date Toilet Table.
. Cur Speciality .
Come and Look Round
L*..H< ..��.H-^������.K****fr**^^^
Shelf    and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min-
Smeltcr and Mill Supplies.
Denver Lodge No. Zi
PC. of F=\
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
Summer Excursion Rates
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO   $72.50
NEW YORK    .108.50
MONTREAL $105.00
ST. LOUIS $67.50
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA $105.00
ST. JOHN,  NB $120.00
HALIFAX $131.20
SYDNEY, C.B $130 90
Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,
June 5, 6, 19, and 20, July fi, 7,
22, and 23, and August 6, 7, 21,
and 22. 1008.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
Root***���Tickets are good via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago are good via Great
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
John Mok, D.P A , Nelson, B.C.
C. E. McPiiEiisoN, G.P.A.,
Winnipeg, Man.
(icture ioape, poluhes, favoring extracla, perfumes, toilet ���uncles, medicines, baking powder* wives, liniments, stock and poultry remedies, household specialties end novelties in
your own home it small cost. Misters Guide is
��� piper devoted to the business, three months
tsttl subscription lor 10c; sample tree
MIXERS GUIDE. Pbct Midisou. low*.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
Hotel Rosebery
Well furnished rooms.
First-class   Cuisine.
t-locau Land District���-District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that John Wafer of Plo*
can, B.C., miner, intends to apply for
perniissl in to purchase the following
ih scribed land: Commencing nt a peg.
planted at the norlh-west corner of Lot
8225, Group 1, We-t Koolenay district,
thence n-rtli 20 chuins, thence cant 20
cliains, thence south 20 chains, thence
west 20 chums to the point of commencement, and containing 40 acres more or
Dated May 21st, 1908. AuglS
Funerals conducteil on Short
notice >t nny point In the ilt--
trii-t.   Shells nltvBys lu slock.
flDWaefilt g&vn
Tlie Set Denver Later Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Sliiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Taniarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake L. SCAIAi Proprietor      P.O. Box 20.
Agent at New Denver, J. B. SMITH.
Is the Home  for all Milling Men when  at the famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Co>y Rooms and (IfSt-i-lasfl table.    Sample Rooms.
1 will iniike your stay witb ine a pleasant one.
Steam Laundry
For First-Class Work.
Get price   list  f**om  J. E.  Angrignon
Local Agent.
Palma Angrignon |
General Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
��� ************************
���      Have you thought of your      ���
X        Full and Winter Suit yet        f
| P ' |
.,  It not, Come and See iny New   +���
Samples.    Just Arrived. JJ
|    No Fit, No Pay.    I
| The Crown Tailoring f
Co., Toronto, Ont.   i
J. E. ANGRIGNON,       - t
Agent ��
H<>ut��<l by �� KtMi'
lions       were
brought into the presence of a stork
In a menagerie at Bonn, and one! 0
.*,pm took to ignominious niRIU
When the stork hit him wilh its bouk
and flapped its wing*.
Quick Work.
"That editor Is terribly slow nt reading manuscript."
"Think so? Why, I know tho time
lie went through twelve stories ln lesi
than a minute."
"GraciouBl   When was that?"    jjjL*
"When tbe clevnlor broke."      \   '
Bloean Land Dislrict���Distiict of
West Koolenay.
Take Notice that John Thomas Chapman, of Lwnon Creek, rancher, intends
to apply f"i' pcrniii-Bioii to purchase tlie
fo'lo��ii'ig described land i Cnuneiicing
at n post planted on the wen boundary
of Lot 882, Group 1, immediately noith
of H iciin river and marked "J, 1. C.
south-east comer," thenco north 40
chuins, theive we-t 20 chain*, thence
south 40 chains, llience east 20 chainB.
to the point of commencement, con
tabling 80 acres more or lesi.
,_'     ��y'..  i,   1 03 8, J)30
Marmion nnd Maryland Mineral ClainiP,
(situate in the S oi.nn City Mining j)*I
visi ll   ol   West   Ko tenay   District.
Where   located:  On   Tiger   Cieek, a
branch of  tlie second  north  fork'of
Lemon Creek.
Tako notice Ihat. I,  Henri Robert
Joiand, F. M. C. No. 1S4800, acting ur
agent for It. Randolph Bruce, F. M  C
No. 1185063, intend, sixty diyB from the
date hereof, to apply to Ihe Miuing Re.
ronier fora Cenilicateof Improvements
(or ihe purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant  to  an   undivided   foui-liftlig in
each iif the above cliiima.
And further lake notice Ihat action
under leutloil 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of May, 1908.
JJ' 3��. ft. R. JORAND,


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