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Slocan Mining Review 1908-02-27

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 ���f 6iy-'U (<A..
1 Devoted "to   Advertising   the
; Mineral  Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area  in   tbe
Prinfe-3  in New Denver,   the
Beauty Spot of tbe Contiucut
and   tbe   Hub  of tlie  richest
ilver-Dead District on Earth.
No. 37   Vol, 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, Feb 27, 1908
Gains Si'as M, M Element
of testes Marred
*   Enjoyment.
The relirn hockey match between
Sandon and Knslo was booked for
Friday lust, und nil Sandon awaited
wilh interest the arrival of the Knslo
Bpecial vrith the team and rooters
aboard. The train arrived on time nnd
released a record crowd of over 100
people, all confident of victory for the
Kaslo boys, Shortly after nine the
players lined np a* follows:
Samson Kaslo
XX Tattrie Coal R Walter
P McDonell point       B Blaokwell
fi Langille, capt.  cover W. Oliffc
0 H MaoDougall rover S Hunter
O Hope right A Anderson, cpr,
F Obarbonnoau   centre C North
T Carney left       H McDonald
Roforee: J. Tier, Three Folk..
On commencement of the game it wns
evident it wus going lo be a hard one.
During the first five minutes the play
waa bribk but neither tido appeared to
advantage. Shortly afterwards, however, Langille obtained an opening and
nil but. scored. McDougall recovering
the puck scored No. 1 for Sandon with
an easy shot, After resuming, Kslo
with more ban' work than science hnd
the puck in Eandon's net from a shot
by C iff*;. Great excitement prevailed
and tho equalization set tho Snnn.n
boya huntling, mid veiy speedily they
added two inoic goal*., the first through
a Bpleildid ah*, t by Carney ami the
accond   from   Cliarbonnenii.      At   thi*
From our Correspondent.
The body of M'ss Helen Symonds,
who died In Spokane, arrived on Satur-
dny. The funeral took place at Ting-
ston creek on Moml ly, Rev. Mr. Pan-
by officiating. Our sincere sympathy is
extended to the bereaved family.
Mr. and Mrs. L. F. McDougald and
Mis. Sparrow attended the K. of. P.
ball in Mew Denver nnd report a fine
The members of tho Drams tic Club
gave a pleasant little surprise parly to
their President, Sir. Tins Abriel, on
Wedneeday evening last.
The monthly meeting of the Ranchers
takes place on Thursday evening. The
subject for discussion id hnd clearing,
On Monday evening, March Snd, Mrs.
F. XV. Jordan is giving a fancy drcBB
children's bail.
Wo understand ihat a company is being organised in town f-ir lho purpo-e of
building a new concert hall.
The annual meeting of the Dramatic
Olub will ho held in Abiiel's hall, on
Tuesday evening, March 8rd,
���Single Copies 5c.
jaa^JK. of P. Members v. Restof
Town at Hockey.
So Ferffle
For Full Information v/rlto
R. W, Moeran,    Manager,     New Denver
Bv^ee0, 3Blaftemo|e & Cameron,
Last night n Rood sized crowd mot at
the local rink to witness the match
between the hockey stars of lhe K. of P.
Lodge and lhe host aggregation to he
found in (own. The game wan the
most even one of the ecaaon, resulting
in a 5 5 draw. Tho teams will play
again to-night. The lino up was os
levers fir it
K. ol P.
J A McDonald
Stan. Langille, captain, and J. ,T.
Fingland, secretary of tho Sindcn
Hockey Olub, desire on behalf of the
mem tiers to thank tho ladies of .Snndon
for their kind assistanceat tho twn last
hockey match dances,
Concert a! Sandon To-Nlghf.
The Concert to lie given by lhe Methodist church at Sandon on Fri lay night
promises to be a euccc?uful affair, Tho
following program will bo rendered :
Male Quartette, Messrs. Rankine,
Nelson, Brindle and Gifford. Banjo
Solo, "Bonnie Scotland," Mr. J.
Holden; Heading, Scottish Dialect,
Mr.--,. McAllister; Piano Solo, Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana, by
Pietro Ma3ca.Tiii, Mrs Finglnnd* Vocal
Trio, " Sweet and Low," Mesdames J
0. Towgood: Oi V. White and Mr.
Gifford; Recitation, "The First
Quarrel," Mra. Jus. Thompson: Piano
Remorse is gnawing  at tho heart  of
the Postmaster  Goneral,  for according
to a circular recently forwarded by hiin
to publisher! of newspapers In the piovince ho is about to allow a rebate on
the unjust poclngn rate  lo II.S. whicli
was  in��tituled  laat  May.     It means a
now hat on slg'ht for ns,   and a little
bit of taffy to editors generally as an incentive  lo giro   the fflad shout for the
lion,   Rudolphs  ami his  colleagues at
Ottawa who nre now preparing to spring
a general election.   Of course, of course,
'Rah   for   Rudolphs   and bio confreres
who nro at Ihe length of tlieir tether.
A meeting of the Presbyterian church
was hell at Sandon Saturday last, the
Rev. U. A. W'ilso.'i in the chair. The
undermentioned officials wee appointed
for the present years
Sandon,���Chairman, O. J. McKay;
Seoratary, J, A, McKinron; treasuier,
C. A. Bigney; committee; G. Ii!. McCready, W. Tattrie, P. IL Salmond.
Whitewater:    S.   M.   SicC'ieady,   sec.*
tress,   Cody: T. McAlliil'r, sec.-*troas.
A resolutio:i was passed to canvass tho   s(re:,k peters ont.
district for the noodl'ul.
Cordwood is collateral at this off]
R*ibt.   Turner   was   n    visitor   from
Bandon Monday.,
Boist for the Slocnn.
_5_3_BSH Kelly
rSjW*  Owens
fo: wards
F Campbell
0. McDonald
J. Bynies will play for the lodge men
to-night at cover.
Improve^!!. Society Getting
B9WD fo Business   *
In Fine Style.
St.  Stephen's   church,  New De
Tho  number who ate at lho K- of [8srvi.es next Sunday, Matins 11 Even
B.-.ll was 109, not 20J as we stated.   We
Tho new bulletin board placed near
the post office is a Bplendid innovation.
A few more around  town and our pay-
Subs, are aa scarce as fonri-ts.
Manufacturing your own light must! Dick Roberta has gone up to the Ar
necotaarily bo cheaper thnn buying light lington basin,
from some one else who makes a profit
on tho light they tell. Wc only make
one profit and wo st.ll thc best lamp for Soft drinks are now the staple line at
the cheapest   money.   Get our prices, i tho Three Foiks hotel, and meal tickets
Charlie  Isenor, Bandon   is  in town
juncture Severn 1 of Ihe platers lost their I
Solo,    Vabe   hy   Tito   Mattei,   Mrs.
temp-am, e��d ho.se Iny was f.cquoiitly
observed in the Kaslo ranks. Towards
the end of the first half when Hope
looked dangerous he received a "fancy"
check by one of the Kaslo hoys and this
set tne former chasing the other with
Ms stick above his head. The referee
interceded with the usual soft soap and
the fame proceeded.
In tho second half Blaokwell got a
nasty blow above the eye with Ihe puck
and wss laid out for a time. Afterwards
Langille broke through Kaslo'a defence
and ni't'ed No. 4 lor Sandon. In the
last few minutes, Jenkins (snare man)
scored No. 2 for Knslo. Tho goal
umpire said it was not a goal, next that
it wa**, but. it was cl-nr to mo.*t of tho
spectators that the puck did not enter!
lho not. Tiiu*i Sandon ended victorious
���with a score of 4 to 2.
A dance was afterwards   hold in  tho
Miners' Union Hall.
Rankine, L.R.A.M.; Character Sketch,
" Thc Quack Doctor," Mr. J. Ilol.len ;
Duet, from Mendelssohn, Mesdames
Towgood & White; Recitation, " Yarn's
Letter," Mr. Banklnej Solo, "Down in
the Deep," Mr. St. Clair Brindle;
Recitation, Mr C. F. Kelson; Piano
Solo, " Morceau Characteristique " by
Paderewski, Mrs Rankine, L.R. A.M.;
Male Quartet, Selected. Messrs. Rankine, Nelson, Brindle and Gifrord;
Gorl Save the King.
J. A. Mt.'Puffwns down from Sindon
Monday revelling m the glorious sunshine.
We were naked this week by a bunch
of rock*drillers to !'oo��t for a contest-, at
the New Denver 24th of May Celebration.   We herewith boost.
According lo a letter in lho Nol.on
D,iily News, the (own of Procter has a
Prophet, That paga Bhould come down
from tho clonds ami prophesy how
many months hard labor be had earned
for hooking trout In tho closo season,
RobertM.Moore & Co,  105 Cordova
St. Vancouver B.C.
.local ano General,
Nc.\t Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, I
"  I
S e the hockey game to-night.    The
I laet of lho season
D. St. D-iiis camein from Slocan lliin
Tho wonder
Smoke the Big B oigar.
of the century,
Ka=lo Girls in chorus: "We'll hang
Tommy Carney on tho sour apple tree,"
And they didn't do a thing to him on
tho homeward bound train. Tommy is
one of the train crew.
S. Hunter: I'd like to ait on Somebody.
Charbonneau: Prevention is better
than cure; I caught my man before ho
caught me.
II. McDonald: What do you think ol
my mouth anyway, doctor ?
Refnree: I would like to rnlo you all
oft" the ice.
Everybody : If Charbonneau ever gola
hurl, it will le coming to him .
Snndon ia the champion  hockey team
of tho Slocxn this year.
MacDingall and Carney played a fine
game all through and worked haul for
Sanlon; Anderson and   McDonald did
likewioo for Kaalo.    Billy Cliffe appear-      Jim Ward has been  in   bed several
ed   lnsy   ami    missed  opportunities, days tills week with grip,
Charbonneau    looked   for   the   puck
amongst   the  spectators   most of  the
D. C. Coleman, Nelson, waa ill town
Messrs. Liwo anil Bradley have taken
a liO day option on the Molly Hughes.
Rev. E. P.  Fie well ing,  Cranbrook, is
Visiting his daughter,  Mrs. S. J. Tow
goid, at Sandon.
The nrticlo on pruning will he continued next week.   Crowded out.
Charlie Huscroft is progressing favorably In the hospital.
Trout nnd charr seaion opons on
March 16th,
The green grass is appealing through
Ihe snow and lho ladies nre starching
their Biimnier costumes.
The mandate of the government fruit
Inspector bus been obeyed up to date by
!)0 per cent of orchard owners, nnd now
most of tho trees around town look like
whitewashed curios,
Shall I send my next wavhing?
Tlini'*    is    only   one    first  r'ass
Laundry in the Kootenay, and that
Kootenay Steam U
Get prl
of Nfls in, B.C.
list from d.  K.  Angrignon,
Lieut Ag^nt.
Yet another luinch for tho Sloran
Lake flotilla! Messrs. Owens, Scaia
and Coroy, of the New Denver Lumber
Co., have begun tha conelruction of a
21 ft, launch, A 9 h.p. engine will be
G. W. Martin purchased tho residence
ol L, Seaia'u on Block 21 on Kildare St.
Charlie Cook rnught a couple of fine
lynx la-t week. About twenty have
b*en trapped in tho vicinity ol tho town
this winter,
Thi Sandon Browerj   people shipped
* a Pa1' ol it*** to New Denver this *���*. eek.
The  Improvement   Society took several things in hand this week for whicli
they deserve tho thanks not onlv of the
people of New Denver, but of every resident In tiie district.     Foremost  is the
matter Of protecting tho fi*h in Slocnn
Lake.    This long-deferred action which
ia  to  he   handled   intelligently,   meets
wilh merited approval.   Another matter
i i the petition lo the provincial government asking that  a  Government Land
Ollice   he   established   in   tho   Slocan
riding, and thia 'petition la being signed
by hundreds.   At lho present  time all
land   registration   ia  put  through  the
Kaslo ollico, which is outside tbo Slocan
Electoral   Division  and   a mont inconvenient point t.) conduct business from.
Opposition   is  to   bo   looked  for  from
Kado, but when it is considered  that
thc Kaslo distiict nnd   Slocan  diatrict
are equally entitled  to a Government
Land Ollice, and  that tho  growing importance   of  the   Slocan warrants  the
change, the opposition should magnanimously withdraw,    Wo strongly contend that tho Knslo people would have
reasonable   cause for   kicking il Kaslo
lnnd   affairs   were conducted nt   New
Denver, which is outsido their diatrict,
and so haa Slocan  under existing conditions.
We understand thai a well known
local gentlemen has mado a most gen-
eroua offer to tbo district. Until he
has matured his plana ho desires us to
Biippreaa his niiine, but It is his intention to dr.iw attention to the Ashing of
Sio.'an Lake by offering a 1100 trophy
for tho largest fish taken with rod and
line during thc coming ledBOtt.
Of Interest to Bachelors
and Others.
The Ladies of New Denver cordially
*n vi o all tho Gentlemen to a Grand
Leap Yenr Dance to bo held in the K.
of P. hall on Fiiday evening, March 6th,
1908, at 8.80 p.m. sharp. Ladies 60c,
Gentlemen, Free.
PLEASE NOTE.-Ladies will call for
their gentlemen at 3.15 p.m., nnd will
return them to their mothers in time
tor breakfast,
For   pure   unadulterated   aa:ig froid
commend   us   to   the   ladies   of   New
Denver who have perpetrated  the very
" latest."     Rend the  ad. on  this page
entitled " To Bachelors   and  Othora "
and then read on.     Wo a**.- you, f**lbv.
pilgrim, did yon over road a nioie fervid
unsustained diatribe of egotism ?  You
will   agree   that    the  plaint   of   lho
msrrio   England  suffragcttoa  ia small
potatoes to the insult hurled at lhe local
lords   of    cr**ati in,      " Ol   interest,"
lnleed; you bet it's of interest.   " To
bachelors    nnd    Others," ��� note   the
" others " I     What   have   they   dono
that they should play second fiddle and
come   in   nt   tho  tag  end of a second
handed  invite?    " Others" 11   Ugh!
it makea  our  blood  boil  when wc eee
the essence of gallantry, the pivot, the
very cream of the  male  portion of the
Denver   four    hundred   designated   ao
contumeniouely.     " Olhers,"    " Have
Boons,"    "Back    Numboi's,"   " Henpecked washouts/' you shadows of your
former selves, you who have to dig deep
and often  for cr.Bh  for your " belter "
half's lingerie and dancing pumps, for
layer cakes, for frills and fripperiei, for
lhe very four biia which consliluteB the
admission for lhe Cleopa'.rie disturbers
of normal harmony, arc  you  gi ing  to
stand for it ?
Observe the " Gentlemen ��� Free."
What levity! It's too funny for anything. " Free "���go on, you naughty
girls. Do thu ladies of the towu think
the " Others " would be so unmindful
of propriety and decorum ai to tak<
advantage of tho Leap Year invitation
to be " Free." Married meu never
get too free. Wo Benedicts arc
accused too readily of (riskiness when
Juliet hns her eyei off ua, but this is
where you got even. Couldn't think of
such a thing, ladies.
Thou analyse  the emphatic " Fleaso
Note."   What   a  curriculum  of  possibilities it unfolds.   It ii u ladies special
delight to  keep  her hubby wailing nl
such   times  for  an hour at hast while
the back hair is being admired in the
mirror (rom all  pjints oftha compass :
so here's a fine  show,  you  " Othora,"
of delaying  the  harmony   whilst you
patch   your   only   pair.   Then,  again,
fancy paler at home  nursing the future
premier of. Canada   whilst Maw is off
gallivanting with  a dude, who you can
bet will not be  ono-of   tho  "Others,"
and answering a  knock  at the etroet
door,    finds    there    a    giddy  young
cucumber dressed   liko a fashion pinto,
beckoning   him   from  his  filial duties
and luring him from hearth  nnd homo
to destruction.    It won't do; ho firm yo
" others."   It's  all  very  well  to hint
they will bring us  homo right aide up,
but   bo    a   Miasourian   and   tnko  no
nre Belling at .10.-5.
Pat Griffln has gone over lo Nakusj
to superintend lho irrigation department of the Leland Hotel.
Mrs. W. Robinson returned to Sandon
from a lengthy visit to Vancouver laat
Wednesday, The children, including
the latest in rival, wore with her.
The English colonials at Alamo gave
a delightful   ban .uet   to  a  numboi* of
their Denver friends on Monday night,
the occasion being tho coming of ngo of
Archie Pemberton,  eldest  son   of   Sir
Julius Peniberton of Broabachoa castle,
co. Antrim, Ireland.   Revs. Mr. Baynes
and   Fr.   Jeannotte   and    Messrs.    P.
Wells and J. J.  Atherton  were among
tho  guests.    The McstTH.  Beaines very
generously placed tha capacioua  dining
hall at the dispoial of the bin (plotters.
A substantial and elegant  dinner  was
served, alter which a program of music
was  gone*    through.    Ths   dinner was
unique from tho fact of  it  being prepared by the  young ntislocrat,  wliich
gOeR to  show   that Canadian   influence
can impart a halo of usefulness to either
a emigrant from tho Old Kent Road or
the Fcioii of a noble house.    We  had a
ripping goo 1 time,   but  have sworn off
banquets until after Lent.
song 7,80
in Lent), Matins II, Evensong 8 o'clock
Presbyteiian service's: New Denver
nt 11; subject, "The Larger Vision."
Silverton 7.110 p.m.
The Robert Gnnthony Co. of enler-
tainers wero greeted with a bumper
house in town on Monday lust, and tho
entertainment was much, enjoyed. It
waa of lhe drawing room order, hut
Mr. '.iailthouy being an actor in the
full s.mo of Iho word, soon 'won his
weal ern audience, Miss Duncan's
Sw'r dish songs were also greatly appro- I
A. W. Davis, manager of the Eureka,
S*n.Ion hns returned from tho e:i*t.
Tho Towgood packing outfit have
had .1 lough trip to tho Alps end Altur-
as lo bring down the antimony.
���Tho 1.17-fJOO Bill Hunter "seourld in
the estimates for thia riding looks good
to ua.
A public meeting of tho Tuwn Improvement Society was. held in the Bosun Hull on February 20th, at 8 o'd* ck,
('. I'. Nelson in the chair, The meeting
was very well attend id,
Tho minutes of last public meeting of
Oct. 22nd, 1907, were adopted as read.
Ro  nev   committee  man  vice   C. J.
Campbell   resigned,     The   following.
members    wore   nominated,    ll.  W.
Moeran by M, McLeau. seconded, Itev.'
Ash Wednesday (first d.��y[_Baynes| Ed. Angrignon,by HcibcrlCufi
seconded, Dr. Brouse;" J. J. Atherton,
by J. B. Smith, seconded, A. Mclnnes ;
A. Thompson, by XV. Eccles, sorondo.!,
II. Stege. Nominees all declined in.
favor of Mr. Moeran, who was elected"/,
Bo Fanners Institute, It was agreed
that tho town be canvassed with a view
of finding out how many would join
with tho object of forming n local
branch. "���'
It wns n'se agreed thut a petition be
emulated around all the towns of: Iho
riding nnd forwarded to Mr. Hunter,
asking that the Government agent'a office for the Slocan riding bo transferred
from Kaslo lo Now Denver.
In tho matter of street light, tho
meeting thought Mr. Campbell was .
justified in laying tho matter before tho
committee, and ultimately it was deed led to canvass the town to s.^o how
many would pay the las.
Be Fishing, Mr. Smith drew attention to the lako at Summit, which ho
said would be a lino breading place for
rairibow trout, and suggested that Ihat
lake be stocked wilh trout in thu hopo
that they would multiply and como
down tho  creek to  Slocsn  Lake.
Mr. Moeran said that fish always returned to Iheir spawning ground.
A committee was formed to Investi-
gnto the conditions and appeal to tho
proper authorities for assistance,
Ilillard   XV.   Power,   that   professed
woman hater of the Kaslo Kootenaian,
has betrayed himself. And it happened
In public too. A largo party were
Bkaling at the rink, and a young hdv
who w.ib learning to-skate had a nasty
fall, You know tho kind of stuff in
the novelettes thnt the hero pours into
the ear ol the shcro after an accident in
tho hunting field; well, that's whnt
happened. Then there was n wild rush
to fetch the d *eto**, but tho professed
woman hater when he went (o tako off
his skating shooa couldn't find hia
others, end the awful things be saidi
When thc change was mado he hit the
formation like a released rabbit. Girds
will be out shortly, and aa Sam Wellor
once remarked, " Could n hodder thing
'appen.    'Old yer 'end up 'igh 'Illiard."'
Eva Fractional and Hillside mineral
claims, "situate in tbo Slocan Mining
Division of W.at Kootenay District.
Where located: South-east of Sandon.
Tnke notice that I, Herbert. T. Twigg,
ns agent for the Byron N. White Company, (foreign), Free Miner's Ceilifi-
eato No. B068-13, intend, sixty days
fiom the dale hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for lhe purpose of obtaining down Grants of each of the
above claims.
And further tnke notico that action,
under section87, must bo commenced
before the is*mance of such Certificates
of Improvements,
Dated thia 27th day of Feb. A.D. 1003
Empress Fractional  mineral claim, s't
uate m the Siocan  Cily  Mining Division    of   West   Kootenay' District.
Where located :    On tho south side of
Ten mile creek and adjoins the Enterprise and Mabou mineral claims.
Tako notico that I, Robert  Ira   Kirk-:
wood,   Free   Miner's    Certificate   No.
B95,7"I5, intend (10 dnys from the  dato
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a CctifientH of Improvements,  for
tho purpose ef obtaining i. Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further tako notico that action,
under section 87,  must be  commenced
before  tho is uanceof such  Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 37th day of Jan., A.D. 1903
Tho editor   beg.   to thank tho  boya1',-
who rendc
To N. W. Feeder and 13. V, Rladon,
or to any other person lo whom" tiioy",
or ehhor of them, may have. tranr-
ferrod their interest, or nny part thereof, in tho "Transvaal" mineral chum,
situated*on Ten-mile creek, in tho Slocan City luining'div'sion  of the West
A regular meeting ol lhe executive
was held on Wednesday night. The
secie'ary reported having written to
the Dom. Express Co., R. II. Baird,
Nakusp Commercial Club nnd to "T.P'a
Weekly," as Instructed,
Communications were read from tha
Dominion Express Co. re daily service,
promising due attention; horn Nakusp
Commercial Club referring to a pamphlet the C.P.R. was getting out for advertising th�� tourist ro;*oi*t3 of B.C. Itwas;
agreed to get into communication witli
L, I). Armstrong, Montreal, and givo
give him information ol tho town nnd
Mr. Moeran offered lo get printed
matter if the society would give some
Be street light service, Mr. Nelson
said ho would interview lho manager of
tha I). L. and P. Co. and find out what
ho would do in tlie uuitl'i* of installation and uialnteiiarc-i of lights, and if
ho would put* in e*tra lights providing-
they were paid for.
tor ueg, to thank the WB[KoolL;;^/"d'i:^L,;''"f;,;!;/p,;;:;;JC" of
red us valuable assistance ihj British Columbia, and recorded In  the
A Bookkeeper   wants  a   job, either
whole or part time.   Box 1, Revliw,
moving our heavy machinery Monday
Thc Review ollice this week has looked
a cross between a lumber yard, n blacksmith shop and an eviction sc;no. The
wonder of the thing u wo aro out at all.
Don't got crusty about vour delayod
job order.    Wo aro tho losers,
Tho old shacks near the wharf have
got .to go. They hnve boon an eyesore
long enough, It is proposed to return
to tho Chinese residents the amount of
original purchase price, nnd let China
town go 'way back.
The  photographs for our special arc
coming  In bailer,     Ship the one you ,ol Januiry, A D
thick will sut.
Mining recorders ollice al. Slocan, B.C.
You, and each of you ni*3 hereby notified tnat I havo expended lho sum'of
two hundred nnd five dollars (.206.00)
in payment in lieu of work nnd recording feea up'in the abovo mimed mineral
claim in ordor to'hold the er.me under
the provisions ol secli* n 21 of the mineral act; nud lli.it If within DO days from
iho date of this notice, you f.iil or refuse
to contribute your proportion of the
[aforesaid expenditure, for tho two
years ending tho ltt of Auguat, 1007,
together with all costs of advertising,
your interest in tho aaid claim v. ill become ventolin Ih? undersigned, under
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"���My seSiiie . tu"" more to himself than to Mrs Noah, while his foot
kicked the fender, and he mentally
compared Lucy and Maddy with each
other, and tried to think that it was
not the result of that comparison,
but rather Mrs. Noah's next remark,
which affected him unpleasantly. The
remark or remarks were as follows:
"Of course she'll make a splendid
woman. Everybody notices her now
for her beauty, and that's why you've
no business to keep her hero where you
see her every day. It's a wrong to
her,  lettin'  yourself  nlone."
Guy looked up, and Mrs. Noah continued :
"I've been a girl myself, and I
know that Maddy can't be treated as
you treat her without its having an
effect. I've no idea thnt it's entered
her head yet, but it will bimeby, and
then  good-by to her happiness."
"For pity's sake, whnt do you mean?
Do not talk to me in riddles. What
have I done to Muddy, or what am I
going to do?"
Guy spoke savagely, nnd bis boots
were in grent dinger of beine burned
as he kicked vigorously against the
fender. Coining nearer to him, and
lowering her voice, Mrs. Noah replied :
"You are going to teach her to love
you, Guy Remington, just as sure as
my name is Noah."
"And is that anything so very bad,
I'd like to know? Most girls do not
find love distasteful," and Guy walked hastily to the window, where he
stood for a moment gazing out upon
the soft April snow which was falling, and feeling anything but satisfied
either with the weather or himself;
then walking back, and taking a seat
before !" i fire, he said: "I understand you now. You would save Maddy Clyde from sorrow, and you are
right. You know more of girls than
I do. She might in time get to���to
���think of me as she ought not. I
never looked upon it in this light before. I've been so happy with her"
���here Guy's voice faltered a little,
but he recovered himself and went on:
"I will tell her about Lucy to-night,
but the sending her away, I can't do
that. Neither will she bo happy to
go back where I took her from, for
though the best of people, they are
not like Maddy, and you know it."
Yea, Mrs. Noah did know it, and
pleased that her boy, as she called
Guy, had shown some signs of penitence and amendment, she said she
did not think it necessary to send
Maddy home; she did not advise it
either. She like the girl, and what
she advised was this, that Guy should
send Maddy and Jessie to boarding
school. Agnes, she knew, would be
willing, and it was the best thing
he could do. Maddy would thus learn
what was expected of a teacher, and
as soon as she graduated, she could
procure some eligible situation, or if
Lucy was there, and desired it, she
could come and stay forever for all
that she cared.
"And during the vacations, where
must she go then?" Guy asked.
"Go where she pleases, of course.
Aa Jessie is so fond of her, and they
are much like Bisters, it will not he
improper for her to come here, as I
see, provided Aeries is here. Her
presence, of course, would make a
difference," Mrs. Noah replied, while
Guy continued:
"I know you nre rieht; thnt is, I
So not wiKh to do Maddy a harm by
placing temptation in her way, neither will I hnve everybody meddling
with my business. I tell you I won't.
I don't mean you, for you hnve a
rieht tQ say what no one else has,"
and he glnnced half angrily at Mrs.
Noah. "Pity if I cnn't take an interest in a girl. b"cause I once injured
her without every old woman in
Christendom thinking she must needs
fall in love with me, and so be ruined
for life. Maddy Clyde has too good
sense for that, or will have when I
tell her abofit Lucy.''
"And you will do so?" Mrs. Noah
"Of course I will, and write to
Lucy, too, telline her bow you talked,
and how I cnre no more for Mnddy
than I do for Jessie."
"And will that be true?" Mrs. Noah
Guy oould not look her fully in the
face then, so he kicked tbe grate until the concussion sent the red-hot
oonls out upon the carpet as be replied :
"True?    Yes.  every  word  of it."
Mrs. Noah noted all this, and thinking:
"I ought to have took him in hand
Jong ago," she came up to hiin and
paid kind'* soothingly: "We shall
all miss y:  I as much as any
one,  but tiiink  it  best  for her
to go to school; and so, nfter tea,
I'll manage to keep Jessie with me,
and send Maddy to you, while you tell
lier about Lucy and the plan."
Guy nodded a little jerking kind
of a nod. in token of his assent, and
then with thnt perversity which
prompts women particularly to press
a subject after enough has been said
upon it, Mrs. Nonh. as she turned to
leave the room, gave vent to the following:
"You know, Guy, as well as I, that
pretty and smart ns she is, Maddy
is really beneath you, nnd no kind of
a match, even il you wasn't as good
as married, which you be." And the
good lady left the room in time to
escape seeing the sparks fly up the
chimney, as Guy now made most vigorous UBe of the poker, and bo did
not finish the scorching process commenced on the end of his boot.
Mrs. Noah's last remark awakened
in Guy a singular train of thought.
Yes, Maddy was his inferior as the
world saw matters, and settling himself in the chair he tried to fancy
what that same world would say if
he should make Maddy his wife. Of
course he had no such intention, he
was just imagining something which
never could posBibly happen, becauae
in the first place he wouldn't marry
Maddy Clyde if he could, and he
couldn't if he would! Still, it waa
not an unpleasant occupation fancying what folks, and especially Agnes,
would say if he did, and so he sat
dreaming about it until the bell rang
for supper, when with a nervous start
he woke from the reverie, and wishing the whole was over, started for
the supper room.
jj_U____x __.__: over, ac! Guy waa back
aganrin^"hnrrrbrary. H*a* TiffoT Hoi slopped as he usually did, to romp with
Jessie or talk to Maddy Clyde until
it was so dark that he could not see
her sparkling face, but had come di-
reetlv back, dropping the heavy curtains nnd piling fresh coal upon the
fl-n "rs. Nonh bid liehted the lamps
aud then gone after Maddy, explaining to Jessie how she must stay with
her while Maddy went to Mr. Guy,
who wanted to talk with her.
"Is he angry with me, Mrs. Noah?"
and remembering his moody looks
when she went in quest of the book,
Maddy felt her heart misgive her as
to what might be the result of an interview with Guy.
Mra. Noah, however, reassured her,
and Maddy stole for a moment to her
own room to see how she was looking.
The criniBon dress, with its soft edge
of lace about the slender throat, became her well, and smoothing the
folds of her black silk apron, whose
jaunty shoulder pieces gave her a
very girlish appearance, she went
down to where Guy was waiting for
her. He heard her coming, and in-
vobrntnrily drew nearer to him the
chair where be intended she should
sit. But Maddy took instead a stocl,
and leaning ber elbow on the chair,
turned her fnce fully toward him,
waitini* for him to speak.
"Maddy," he began, "are you
bapoy here?"
"Oh, yes, very, very happy," and
Maddy's solt eyes shone with happiness.
It was at least a minute before he
spoke again, and when he did. it
came out how he had concluded it
best to send her and Jessie to school,
for a year or two nt least; not that he
was tired of tenehing her, but it would
be better for her, he thought, to
mingle with other girls nnd learn the
wavs of the world. Aikenside would
still be her home, still the place
where her vacations would be spent
with Jessie if she chose, and then he
spoke of New York as the place he
had in view, and aske'd her what she
thought of it.
Maddy was too -much stunned to
think of anything at first. That the
good she had coveted most should
be placed within her grasp, and by
Guy Remington, too, was almost too
much to credit. She waa happy at
Aikenside, but she had never expected
her life there to continue very long,
and had often wished that when it
ended she might devise some means
of entering a seminary as other young
ladies did. But she had never dreamed of being sent to school by Guy, nor
could she conceive of his motive. He
hardly knew himself, only he liked
her, and wished to do something for
her. This was his reply ,to her tearful
"Oh, Mr. Remington, you are so
good to "me; whnt makes you?"
He liked her, and all over Maddy's
fneo there sprend a beautiful flush as
the words rang in her ears. And then
she told Ony bow much she wished to
be a tencher. nnd so take care of her
grandparents and her poor Uncle
Joseph. It seem"d almost cruel for
that young creature to be burdened
with the care of those three half-helpless people, and Guy shuddered just
as he usually did when he associated
Maddy with them, but when he listened while sbe told him of all the
castles sbe had built, and in every
one of which there was a place for
"our folks," as she termed them, it
was more in tbe form of a blessing
than a caress that hia hand rested on
ber shining hair.
"You are a good girl, Maddy," he
aaid, "and I am glad now that I bnve
concluded to send you where you can
be better .fitted for the office you mean
to fill tban you could be here, but I
shall miss you sadly. I like little girls,
and though you can hardly be classed there now, yo 1 seem to me much
like Jessie, and I take pleasure in
doing for you as I would for* her.
Maddy "
Guy stopped, uncertain what to say
next, while Maddy's eyes again looked up inquiringly.
He was going now to tell "the little
girl much like Jessie" of Lucy Atherstone, and the words would not come
at first.
"Maddy," he said, again blushing
guiltily, "I hnve said I liked you, and
so I hope will someone else. I have
written of you to her."
Up to this point Maddy had a vague
iden that he niennt the doctor, but the
"her" dispelled that thought, and a
most inexplicable feeling of numbness crept over her as she a��ked faintly:
"Written to whom?"
Guy rlid not look at Maddy. He only
knew that her head moved out from
beneath his  hand  as he  replied:
"To Miss Atherstone���Miss Lucy
Atherstone. Have vou never heard of
No, Mnddy npver bad, and with
that snme numbness she could not
understand, she listened while Guy
told her who l.ioy Atherstone was.
and why sbe was not at that moment the mistress of Aikenside. There
was no reason wby (Juy should be excited, but he was, and he talked very
rapidly, never once glancing at Muddy until he hud finished speaking.
She was looking ut hiin intently, wondering if he could hear as she did the
beatings of her heart. Had her life
depended upon it, she could not at
lirst have spoken, for the numbness
which, like bands of steel, seemed to
press all the feeling out of it. She did
not know why it was that (fearing of
Lucy Atherstone should affect her so.
Surely she ought to be glad for Guy
tbat he possessed the love of so sweet
a creature as he described her to be.
He was glad, she knew, he talked so
energetically���so much as if it were a
pleasure to talk; and she was glad,
too, only it had taken her so by surprise to know that Mr. Guy, whom
she had rather consider as exclusively
her own and Jessie's, was engaged,
and that Rome time, before long it
might be, Aikenside would really have
a mistress. She did not quite under-'
stand Guy's last words, although she
wns looking at him. and he asked her
twice if she would like to see Lucy's
nietnre ere she comprehended what he
"Yes," came faintly from the parted lips, about which there was a slight
oiiiver-us she put up her hand to take
the case Guy drew from his bosom.
Turning it to the light, she gazed
silenttv upon the sweet young face,
which seemed to return her gaze with
a _��� L ._, UJ1-1__._. as bur-uwo.
""'TrTiaT 3b~y6u think oT.ief���of my
Lucy? Is she not pretty?" Guy asked,
bending down so that his dark hair
swept against Maddy's, while his
warm breath touched her burning
I "Yes, she's beautiful, oh! so beau-
'itul, and happy, too. I wish I had
been like her. I wish " And Maddy burst into a most uncontrollable
fit of weeping, her tears dropping like
rain upon the inanimate features of
Lucy  Atherstone.
Guy looked at her nmazpd, his own
heart throbbing with a keen pang of
aomitt'lno (indefinable as be listened
to her stormy weeping. What did ail
her? he wondered. Could it be that
the evil against which he was providing had really come upon her?
Was Maddy more interested in him
than he supposed? He hoped not,
though with a man's vanity he felt
a slight thrill �����* satisfaction in think-
iny that it might be so. Guy knew
this feeling wns not worthy of him,
and be Btrugclod to oast it off, while
he asked Maddy why she cried.
Child as sbe was, the real cause of
her tears never entered her brain,
nnd she answered:
"I can't tell why. unless 1 was
thint'i-" how different Miss Atherstone is from me She's rich and
handsome. 1 am poor and homely,
and "
"No. Mnddv. vou are not;" and
Guy interxupted her
Gently llftine up ber head, he
smoothed b*1"'* her luiir. and keepine
a hand on each side of ber face, said,
"You are not '-".-.inly. I think you
quite as pretty as Lucy; I do, really,"
he continued, ns her eyes kindled at
tbe compliment. "I nm eoing to write
to her to-night, and shall tell her more
nbout you. I want you to like each
other very much when she comes, so
that you mny live with us. Aikenside
would not be Aikenside without you,
In all his wooings of Lucy Atherstone, Guy's voice had never been
tenderer in its tone than when be
said this to Maddy, whose lip quivered again, and who involuntarily laid
her head now upon his knee as she
cried a second time, not noisily, but
quietly, softly, as if this crying did
her good. For several minutes they sat
there thus, the nature of their
thoughts known only to each other,
for neither spoke, until Mnddy, half
ashamed of her emotions, lifted up
her head, and said:
"I do not know whnt mnde mo cry.
only I'd been so happy here that I
guess I'd come to think that you only
liked Jessie nnd nie. Of course I knew
that some time vou would see and
think nil the woHd of somebody else.
but I did not expect it so soon. I nm
afraid Miss Atherstone will not fancv
me. and I know most I shall not feel
as free here, after she comes, as I do
now. Then your beine so good, sending me to school, helped me to cry
more, and so 1 was very foolish.
Don't tell Miss Atherstone that I
cried. Tell her. thot***h. bow b"nutiful
she is, and bow glud I am that sho
loves you, and is going to be your
Maddy's voice wns very steady in
its tone. She evidently meant what
sbe snid, but Guv, the bnd man, did
not feel ns graciously ns be ought to
have felt in knowing thnt Maddy
Clyde wns glad "Lucy loved him, and
was to be his wire."
Guy wns rather uncomfortable, and
as Maddy wns in some way associated
with his discomfort, be did not oppose her when she arose to leave.
Had Muddy been more a woman,
or less n child, she would have seen
that it wns well for her to know of
Lucy Atherstone before her feelings
for Guy Remington had assumed a
definite form. As it was, she never
dreamed of how near she was to loving Aikenaide's young heir; and while
talking with Jessie of the grand times
they should hnve at school, she nuir-
vele.* nt that little round spot of pain
which was burning at her heart, or
why she should wish that Guy would
not speak of her in his letter to Lucy
But Guy did speak of her, frankly
confessing the interest he felt in her,
tel'i*"- just how people were beginning to talk, and asking Lucy if she
cared, declaring that if she did, he
would not see Maddy Clyde any more
than was necessary. In a little less
than four weeks there came an answer from Lucy, who,�� with health
somewhat improved, had returned to
England, and wrote to Guy from
Brighton, where she expected to
spend the summer, half hoping that
Guy might join her there, though she
could not urge it, as mamma still
insisted that she was not able to take
upon herself the duties of a wife. Then
she spoke of Maddy Clyde, saying
"She was not one bit jealous of her
dear Guy. Of course, ignorant, meddling people, of whom she feared
there were a grent number in America,
would gossip, but he was not to mind
them." Then she said that if Maddy
were willing, she would like so much
her picture, as she had a curiosity to
know just how she looked, and if
Maddy pleased, "would she write a
few lines, so as not to seem so in.io,,
a stranger?"
Lucy Atherstone had been educated
to think a great deal of birth, and
blood, and family, and Guy never
dii a wiser thin? than when he told
her that, according to Knglish views,
Maddy was a lady. Lucy asked for a
line from- Mmldy, partly to mortify
that pride, and partly to prove to Guy
how free she was from jealousy.
"Darling little Lucy. I do love her
very dearly," was Guy's comment, ns t
he finished reading her letter, feeling
somewhat as if her mother were a
kind of cruel opress, bent on preventing him from being happy. Then, ns
he remembered Lucy's hope thnt he
mis-lit join her, and thought how
much easier of access New York was
than Brighton, he aaid, half petulant-
"I've been to England for nothing
times onoutrh. When that mother of
hers says I may have Lucy, I'll go
again, but not before. It don't pay."
And crushine the letter into his
pocket he went out upon the piazza,
where were assembled Maddy, Jessie,
and Mra. Agnes, the latter of whom
had come to Aikenside the day before. . - - -. - - ~
(To be Continued.)
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The engineer thanked his employer
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down by the Itlo Grande, where It
forms iu gigantic schools and moves
south In winter, nnd everywhere It Is
the snme sensational equilibrist, tbe
same ulr (���limber nud sky scraper when
hooked or snared. What tbe seusutlons
of the tarpon are when hooked It
would he difficult to say, but 1 fancy
it Is frightened nnd leaps In tbe direction uwny from the pain center, and
uo two leaps ure alike.
It may go directly up Into the air,
currying n big wave with It, and lash
the air, or It iiiny go out of the water
head flrst, rising like u ruy of light ten
or fifteen or mure feet, then fall
gracefully. Every possible position I
bave seen the frlgbteued tarpon take,
from standing on Its tail as upright as
a soldier to exactly the opposite direction, and an old angler informed me
tbut he hnd seen a tarpon make a
lateral leap of thirty feet���Charles P.
Holdeu lu Itecreution.
A Little Too Original.
"You New Yorkers are wonders,"
suid the man from tbe west here for
a brief stny nnd seeing everything
from ��� the Bronx to tbe Bowery.
"Nothing is Impossible here���at least 1
saw vines twined across tbe sky last
night. It wus in n restaurant In Forty-
second street." he continued. "The
ceiling Is painted sky blue, aud there
are little electric lights set to look like
stars. Also there ure the clouds floating ubout, but then tbere are tbe vlues
that kill the otherwise very neat Illusion. Originality ls all right, but
vlues bitched to u sky is too much for
a   man   from   the   west."
The Main Point.
Mrs. Semplelgh They say, my dear,
tbat the new rubber plant, tlie Flcua
paiidiiiuta. Is extremely beautiful. It
has a glossy veined leaf��� Mr Scrap
leigh (who bus strained his buck lug
glng the bouse plants n roll lid i- I don't
cure anything about its glossy veined
leaves. Wbat dues the duiu thing
A Great Financier.
Cholly���Harry Is a greut fltiuncler.
Chappie��� Yass! Cholly-He borrowed
sixpence from nie yesterday to tnlte
hlm to the city to see a mini that In
knew he could burrow u pound from
and with that pound he flew of) to
stand a dinner to another man whom
he borruwed u hundred fl'oui.���Londou
Lots of It.
"Initiative is th. great thing that we
all need und thut most of us lack."
"Well, my husbund hns lots of It,"
replied Mrs Oottnwilddt*. "He's Initialed iu something nearly every night."
"Willie is so sensitive."
"Really r
"Exceedingly so. When papa kicked
him down the steps tbe last time he
didn't call  again  for three  weeks."-
I'llH'illllUtl   Uumr���r
Ther a Is No Treatment So  Certain To Relieve the
Itching and H-aal the Sores As
Dr. Chase's Ointment
The one common feature of nearly
all skin d'seases is itching, annoying
nnd oftentimes almost unendurable
The strong point ubout Dr. Chnse's
Ointment is that by renson of its remarkable soothing qualities it relieves
itching from the moment it is applied.
Hut Dr. Chnse's Ointment does more
than this. It is composed of the
greatest ncnliug ingredients known to
science, nnd its healing powers are
often described  ns magical.
Allaying tlie inflammation, relieving the itching and gradually and naturally healing the raw. Hauling flesh.
Dr. Chase's Ointment is the most effective treatment for eczema nnd suit
rheum that  wus ever discovered.
There are many kinds of eczema,
niifl nearly all itching skin diseases
come under this bend. In children
it is known ns teething eezeinn, nnd
many a fond mother will tell you with
heartfelt gratitude of bow her little
one wns rescued from torturing, itching eczema by the use of this great
Mrs. Joseph Briekman, Gilbert
I'lnins,  Man.,   writes:���"I  have  used
Dr. Chnse's Ointment with good sue-
* cess. For fifteen years 1 wns troubled
I witli itching burning skin disease,
i nnd tried mnny remedies, all to no
| avail, until 1 used Dr. Chase's Oint-
; ment. This preparation gave inime-
. diate and lusting relief, und I would
I not be witnout it for nny thing, as it
: is worth its weight in gold."
Mr. B. Nicholson, Manor House,
I Winnipeg, Man., states: "For several
I months I bud been troubled with
eczema on my ems, and for weeks I
doctored with a prominent Winnipeg
| physician, but to no avail. I wus in-
] duced by u fellow sufferer to try Dr.
| Chase's Ointment, nnd nm happy to
������ suv that the first application gave
j instant relief. I nm completely cur-
I ed, nnd hnve had uo return of this
j troublesome   disease."
Wherever there is itching skin or n
i sore that  refuses  to  heal   Dr.  Chase's
Ointment  will positively prove effec-
��� tive us a  relief and  cure.
Dr. chase's Ointment has an unparalleled record Oi cures; Otle ll box,
at all dealers, or Kdmanson, Hutes
& Co., Toronto.
An  Excellent  Diagnosis
A medical student who prided himself on being a humorist was running
down the steps of the hospital which
he was "walking." when he met with
u fellow student. "Hello, Brown I"
cried the lntter, noticing that his
friend looked pleased, "You're in a
hurry. What's the mutter���uny good
"I should think so," cried Brown.
"We've got a woninn in the ward up-
stnirs who is so cross eyed that the
tears run down her buck."
"Bless me!" cried the friend. "You
can't do anything for her, can you**"
"I should think we can���in fact we
have," cried Brown; "we've treated
her for bacterid."
The Schiller statue which the German citizens of Cleveland will erect
in that city, has been completed in
Berlin. The bronze figure is a little
over seven feet high. It shows the
poet seated in an arm chair.
A  New Sect
It is believed that the barkentlne
Kingdom, of the Holy Ghost Hand Us
Society, is to ninke nnother trip to
Palestine.    The  vessel   is    nt     South
Hollowny's Corn Cure destroys all
kinds of corns unci warts, root and
branch, Who, then, would endure
tliem with such a cheap nnd effect mil
remedy  within  reach-'
A Confederate veteran met his former bodyguard  on the  road.
"ls that you, Peter?" he called to
the old negro, who wns grinning as he
doffed his hat.
"Yus, sub, dis nm me!"
"Well, well!" laughed the other.
"I see Hint nil the old foil's are not
dend yet."
"Dut's so, Mnrs' Tom." Peter pulled his grisly forelock appreciatively.
"I's nionsus glad to see dat you's in
such good health, suh."���Lippincott's.
After  being  conducted   through   nn
old church by a verger, a visitor wns
I so pleased  with the officer's courtesy
and  information that he  insisted  on
giving him  half  a  crown.    The  mini
shook  his  bend  sadly.    "Thank  you.
sir," he snid, "but it's quite ngninst
the rules."
I    "1 :ttn sorry
tor, about to
to his pocket.
|    "But," added the verger, "if I were
I uble  to  find  a  coin  on   the    Hour    it
would not be against the rules for me
to pick il up."���Tit-Hits.
for that," snid the visi-
return   the   half   crown
Bill���Is it  true that  heat  ascends?
Jill���Oh, yes; thut is why so many
hot-headed men get cold feet.���Yon-
(*ers Statesman.
For outdoor work,
for every day wear,
for walking and
driving, Elmira Felt
Shoes are the warmest, easiest, lightest
and most comfortable of all footwear.
The trade mark, shown above,
is on the sole of every genuine
Klmira Felt Shoe and Slipper.
Look for it whenever you buy.
���re CCRBD���leaving the horse sound aa a dollar���by
No matter what yon haTe tried���nor how many vetcrtnnries have
failed���get KENDALL'S .SPAVIN CURB, use it as directed and it will
give perfect result!,
Notre Damk des Bois.'P.Q.. Sept. 20 '08.
"I am treating two horses���one with Spavin���the other,
with Poll Evil.   I am using Kendall's Spavin Cure and must say
1 find my horses much improved.   I have used many remedies '
but find Kendall's Tha King Ol All."        GEO. B ROD EUR.
11. a bottle���fl for IS. Our "Treatise On The Horse'* will give yon many
a hint as to how to keep horses free from blemishes and lameness Write
for free copy. 31
. .���<.__��� ���������*
A  Question  of  Sentiment  on    Whir-*
Honest Divergence of Opinion Ft*.
ists���And a Question of Fact on
Which Everybody Agrees
An eminent writer on the ethical
question of love has said: "To be happy though re-married argues both
ndaptibility and courage." Another
authority says that most women can
really and truly love two, three or
four "times with equal fervor, but th*"t
a man cun only really love once.
There are many cases cited to prot">
these facts, but opponents of the thu-
ory quote witli equal readiness coi;
tra experiences. Tlie writer knows Ot
one man whose wife died of consumption, wliich developed from a slight
cold, and who, though a sense of duty
to his family prompts him to re-marry,
cannot break away from the old love
of his early days. This man says he
contracted consumption from liis late
wife, but learning of the wonderful
merits of Psychine to cure throat and
lung troubles, promptly resorted to
it, with the result that he is perfectly
restored. He states he believes i'
would have saved his wife if he hr*.;
used it. He says he would have usea
it but for the doctors. Now he puts
his faith in Psychine and affirms
that if he ever marries again his next
wife will not die of throat or lull,
trouble, as he knows Psychine to bi
a  positive  e*jre.
"I herewith send my photo and testimonial for Psychine. 1 was given
up 16 years ago as an Incurable consumptive by Prof. Lyman, Rush Medical College, Chicago. I suffered several years after this until I heard of
Psychine, and through it I was restored to perfect health, which I have
enjoyed for the past ten years. My;
sickness began first with catarrh ofi
the head. I readily advise catarrh
and la grippe sufferers to take Psychine.
"Lyndall, Man."
Psychine, pronounced Si-keen, is
the most wonderful cure known to
medical science for coughs, colds, la
grippe, catarrh, pneumonia, pleurisy,
night sweats, chills, wasting diseases,
consumption and stomach troubles.
At all druggists, 50c and "SI .00, or Dr.
T. A. Slocum, L'mited, 179 King
Street west, Toronto.
Mrs. Casey���I don't know what
we'll put in little Patsy's stockin'.
Mike. He writ a letter to Siintn Claus
axil.' fr a rale auttymobile, no liss.
Mr. Casey���Shure, we'll drop a fev
drops iv gassyline in it an' I'll bet
he'll be thankful he didn't get the
list  iv  th'  machine.���Puck.
Much distress and sickness in c1  '
dren   is   caused   by   worms.     Mot.1 3T
Graves' Worm Exterminator gives relief by removing the cause.    Give it
a trial und be convinced.
On the mighty deep.
The greut ocean liner rolled and
"Henry," faltered the young bride,
"do you still love me?"
"More than ever, darling!" was
Henry's  fervid  answer.
Then there wus un eloquent silence.
"Henry," she gasped, turning her
pale, ghastly face away, "I thought
that would make me feel better, but
it. doesn't!"���Chicago Tribune?
Thut names of places in Kngland
frequently are not pronounced as spelled is proven by the experience of
two cyclists who were going from
Clacton to the old village of St. Osyth.
"Are we right for St. Osyth:-*" they
asked of a laborer. But a blank look
met the question. He had never
"heerd of no such plnce." A second
wayfarer, interrogated, was equally
Then came a third. A scratched
head, a puzzled look, and then the
dawn of intelligence. "Aye, to be
sure, I have it now. It's Snosey, you
��� 100   REWARD,   Si on
The ri'iidiTa ul tins paper will be pleas
ed t learn that there Ib at least one
dreaded disease that science has been able
to cure in all its stages, and that is Co
tarrh. Hull's Catarrh Oure Ib the only
positive cure now known to the medical
Fraternity Catarrh being a oonstitu
tional disease, requires constitution
al treatment. Rail i ' tarrh Cure is tak
en internally, actiner directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, n 1 giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and as
���rating nature In doing Its work. The
proprietors have so mu *i fpr*h in its cur
ative powers that they offer Ono Hun
dred Dollars for any case that it fails to
cure.    Send for list of testimonials.
Address P. J. CHENEY 4 CO.. Toledo. O.
Bold by all Druggists. 75c
Take Hull's Family Pills for constlpa
Poultney liigelow, the tamous traveller, was giving some advice to a
young man who was about to join
for the first time the great army of
tourists on its annual trip across the
Atlantic. Mr. Bigelow adverted to
the extraordinary amount of painting
that goes  on  aboard  an  ocean  liner.
"On a certain ship one day," he
said, "I put my hand on a freshly
painted ventilator, and whilo removing the white smear I fell into conversation with the seaman who wns
responsible for the trouble. He was
nn elderly chap and he hnd visited
many outlandish places. As he plied
the brush we had an interesting chat.
"'How long have you been a sailor?'   said I finally.
" 'Sailor?' the old mnn grumbled,
dipping his brush in the enn. 'Bless
yer heart sir, I'm no sailor nowadays,
I'm u bloomin' artist, Hint's whnt I
am'."���Public   Opinion.
A Cough
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is ���
regular cough medicine, a
strong medicine, a doctor's
medicine. Good for easy
coughs, hard coughs, desperate coughs. If your doctor
endorses it for your case, take
it. If not, don't take it. Never
go contrary to his advice.
W* pioliah s .r forauUa
Wa baralnh aleohol
frrsm our nedicinea
W�� ur__ you to
SDniult your
The dote of Ayer's Pills is smtll, only
one st bedtime. As s rule, lsxstive doses
are better then csthsrtlc doses. For constipation, biliousness, dyspepsis, sick*
headache-, tbey csnnot be excelled.
Ask your doctor about this.
���' mttUmw taatl, O. Aam**,tttwaaXtaamt)f~a
It Will Not Lead Us Astray In tha
Matter of Overeating.
It Is the systematic practice of clvl
'ized people to thwart, pervert, defy
mil then alius,.* tbelr appetites���with
iiiiii'iitalile consequences. Let Pie
briefly describe wbat this adiniratJe
guide of ours will do for us If It be
given a elm nee.
The appelite of the properly brought
up child is simply invaluable. A child
needs u greut deal of sugar, nnd if Its
Appetite for tills substance be regarded ns reasonable and not a Bymptoni
if original sin the child will take jnsl
to much sugar as it needs, neither
more nor less, anil will not gorge itself
with sweets when it gets a chance.
I am mil talking at random, lor I
observe dull}' In a small child of my
own. and it Is the experience of al'
parents endowed with sufficient sense.
The fund which the child dislikes, such
is fat. Is the food wliich Ihe child's
���tniimcll lias the most difficulty In digesting. ��� -*
In udult life. If the appetite be not
���heated by the conk. It Is our constant
mentor and guide and friend. When
we nre taking much exercise It Is
itblllldilllt. When we take little exercise It diminishes, as It should.
As old age cullies on much less food
is required ami appetite correspondingly diminishes, In short, at every pe
.-Ind of life ami III all circumstances a
properly respected appetite will guide
us in the fashion for which appetite
was designed
Hut we are much too clever to tie run
liy our Instincts, are we uot? We de
nrive the child of the sugar which 11
craves aud then find It a little nuisance and a pig because It makes itself
ill wilh sweets It Is we who should
be scolded nnd should squirm.
When our own appetites full we never dream of iisklng ourselves whether
this is a morbid failure due to illness
or Is a normal diminution telling us
that we do not need food at present
or that we are not In u fit state at
the moment to digest It.
When warm weather comes most of
us use every device of cookery in or
der to produce nn artificial appetite,
which we will then satisfy. There-
ifter we will complain of the heat. But
since we have just piled unnecessary
fuel on the furnace, can we wonder
that we find hot weather oppressive?
Then, as the years go on and we obtain more leisure and free cash, perhaps we are liable to devote ourselves
nore and more to the pleasures of the
���able, seeking ever new devices to pro-
note that hunger which Is the best
mure- the sauce which all other sauces
ire designed to produce. All doctors
know the results.
If we ttlrn to the lower nnlinals and
ibserve how wisely and well tbelr un-
vitiated appetites guide them we begin
io see the point of tbe saying thai ���'ignorance ls bliss."���0. W. Suleeby. M.
r).. F. It. S. Edln.. in London Mirror.
Look, but Do Not See.
Passengers on n Stnteu Island ferry-
bout were watching a large ocean
lluer thnt steamed slowly up New
Vork buy The steamer wns too fur
off for her name to tie mnde out, but
she was My lug the derma n (lag. l-'or
the space of .1 ft ecu minutes u hundred
pairs of eyes were fastened lutently
upon Ihe ship After awhile the silence thai prevailed on the deck ot the
ferryboat was broken by a woman's
"Say," she said, "what has become
of that ling? It was tbere when we
first began tc watch the ship."
Excited L./ the woman's exclamation,
everybody lu her Immediate neighborhood put forth various conjectures ns
to the mysterious disappearance ot the
"1'bey took It down ten minutes
ngo." volunteered a man finally
������Didn't any of you folks see them
haul It In?"
Everybody looked sheepish. It wns
.1 fact that uo one else had seen It.
Although scarcely a glance hnd been
diverted from the steuiner during the
greater part of the trip across the liny,
lhe ling had been hauled down utidei
(lie passengers" very eyes and only oue
mr.n in the crowd bad observed the
"Whnt's  the   mutter   with   the   new
hired mnn?"
"He snys It's t'*3 ngue."
"Aud wby did you engage hlm?"
"I   thought   he'd   (hi  Hue  at   slinking
*Ke furnace."���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Glided  Cook Covers.
Gliding on book covers ls done by
menus of engraved brass or electro-
typed patterns, heated and pressed
over the gold leaf, which ls fix/d by
an albuminous size-white of eggs.
Art   Roosts  High.
A number of Women founded a club
jr the purpose of dabbling lu litem
.ure nntl artistic pursuits Tbe two
mvlng the most leisure were delegated b}' Ihe other menihers tu look for
elubrooins. A week later they reported thut tbey had made a selection
"Where are the rooms?" asked the
rest of the women.
"On tbe third floor of this bulldlug,"
said the house hunters, aud they
spread out ou the table a number of
exterior nnd Interior views of the
building they hud chosen. But tbelr
club associates refused even to look
.it the pictures.
"If the rooms nre on the third floor
it Isn't worth while to consider them
even for a minute," they said. "It ls
in unwritten law tbut all elubrooins
dedicated to aesthetic and artistic pursuits must huve an aerial location.
Nothing below the eighth floor can *
be tbough.t__of. It is all right for political clubs and other organizations
devoted to material luterests to bouse
themselves in first, second uud third
floors, but tbe higher the aims of any
society the higher the altitude demanded for Its elubrooins."
Tbe house hunters looked sorely puzzled.
"Why?" they asked.
But uot even the most enlightened
woman present could tell why.
"We ouly kuow that it is so," they
said. "Look up tbe location of all
really soulful societies, and you'll And
that the law ls faithfully observed."
New Canadian Reserve Contains Many
Big  Limestone  Caverns.
The Dominion Government has sot ,
apart as a national park the wonder- |
ful region at the summit of the Sel-
kirks. It embraces the great glacier
which thousands of tourists visit
every year, scores of other glaciers
and many of the loftiest mountains
in  lhe  Canadian domain.
A new wonder in this region was
discovered in 1904 near the centre of
tlie park. It is a series of limestone
eaves whose windings have been explored for four thousand feet.
An extensive cave area exists beyond that whicli has been explored.
What is known to-day of the cave region is told in an article by A. O.
Wheeler in the annual report of the
Surveyor General of Canada.
This cave region is to be opened
to tourists. It is owly about six miles
from Glacier, the nearest station on
the  Canadian  Pacific Railroad.
A good trail has been cut and a
road jb to be built between Glacier
and the caves. In the eaves ladders
have been placed and paths roped
in; plank walks are to be built across
rough places and in other ways the
visit to the caves is to be made comfortable  and  convenient.
It is still rough work, for steep
climbing is required to reach the region, and none but seasoned pedestrians can explore the caves and
make the round trip from Glacier in a
day. A camp has been established
at the caves in which visitors may
comfortably spend   the  night.
The caves were discovered by C. H.
Deutschman in May. 1904, while he
was hunting big game and prospect**
ing for minerals. It was a year before anything was done to ascertain
tlieir extent and character.
Deutschman has done most of the
exploring. Mr. Wheeler calls him a
remarkable man. and what he says
about the work Deutschman has done
without resistance shows that he is
devoid  of fear.
Tin*" and again he bus descended
into tiiese caves alone. He has penetrated depths of blackest darkness,
illumined only by the ray of a tallow
dip. Added to the darkness in which
he often groped his way was the roar
of subterranean torrents.
He has crossed huge cracks and
made descents in pitch darkness when
a misstep would have meant death.
Wheeler snys thnt now the ladders
are in position nnd guard ropes set
up it is difficult to realize how
Deutschman made his pioneer jour-
nevs in  these caverns.
The b"st light thus far provided
during the surveys and explorations
hns been from ucetylene lumps, which
hnve proved very serviceable.
The caverns occur at this place only
because here is a limestone deposit,
though this rock is rare in the Sel-
kirks. As one walks along in the
valley of Cougar Creek he will discover that the roaring mountain torrent suddenly disnppears in the earth
nnd away below he will find the
place where it comes to the surlace
One will find other streams where
similar phenomena occur. He will
see in the distance a beautiful waterfall. fiO feet high, nnd a.s he approaches
will be surprised to find that its waters do not flow away, but sink where
they fall into a great hole and disappear into the subterranean regions.
These underground waterways are
the exception nnd not the rule in the
Selkirks and the main range of the
Rookies, Only two streams of the
kind have been found in the main
range   nf  the  Rocky   Mountains.
Another curious phenomenon is observed. No matter how warm the day
may be as one wanders among these
mountains, he mny come to more than
one place where a cold shaft of wind
strikes  him.
If he looks for the cause he will
find a crack in the rock through which
comes a current of air like that produced by nn electric fan, but much
stronger. The nir comes from Bome-
where in the interior of the mountain.
These nir currents gave the first intimation of the existence of the caves.
The streams of water for ages dug
into the limestone and wore it away.
The floors of some of the caves are
no*  250  feet  below   the  surface.
Here and there the waters, swinging from side to side for centuries,
wore away broad surfaces, so_ that the
caves are wide; then something caused them to flow along a narrow track
till they dug out deep beds for themselves, and to-day they roar scores
of feet below the general level of the
Scattered here nnd there over the
floor are enormous blocks of rock salt
which in the opinion of a mining engineer fell from the roof; Mr. Wheeler
i-j of the opinion that something as
potent as an earthquake must be necessary to detach them from the rock
In places the waters have excavated
side channels, making connections
with other underground passages.
Some of these lateral openings are bo
low that they cun be traversed only
by crawling.
Nature did not have the comfort of
the tourist in mind when she dug
these caverns, and a great deal must
yet be done before they can be com*
fortablc traversed.
These caverns- are very different
from the great Bhow caves of the
United States. The decorations that
make the glory of Luray ure wanting.
A few stalactites are found, pure
white in color, but the largest is only
eighteen inches long.
Pipes Scared Wolves.
Donald McLean of Warsaw, who recently came to Cnnada from Scotland,
while, engaged in deer hunting recently at the head of Stoney Lake, returned to camp, only to hear the distant howling of timber wolves; his
rifle was found to be useless in the
dark against the oncoming pack.
McLean, hearing that noises of various descriptions had been effectively
used to frighten off wolves, selected
the bagpipes, and playing them incessantly, walked constantly around a
large tree for several hours. The
howling of the wolves grew distant
and they finally disappeared.
McLean declares thut he owes his
life to the lively skirling of the bagpipes.
The Circus.
Philip Astley, nbout 1770, originated
the modern circus in England.
Fine distinctions In American geog-
rnphy are no( nlwnys observed by foreigners. Le Tour du Monde contains
this enlightened remark upon the present prohibition movement lu the south:
"If In America oue draws n strnlgb!
line from the city of Mason to the elf.
of Dixon, soon everything south ot tha
Hue will become total abstinence terrl
Quick ease for the worst cough���quick
relief to the heaviest   cold���and  SAFE
to take, even for a child.    *r-i
That   is    Shiloh's   Cure.    *-*UreS
Sold under a guarantee    Coudhs
to cure colds and coughs     r,    _,��� Jr
quicker   than  any   other    Ca\ *Lolds !
medicine���or your money back.     34 years !
of success commend Shiloh's Cure    25c    I
50c, $1. ,.g!
Druggists   Here  Say  They   Can  Supply  the   Ingredients  or  Make
Up  the   Mixture
Get from any prescription pharmacy  the following:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kargon, one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three
Shake well in a bottle and take a
teuspoonful dose after each meal nnd
nt bedtime.
The nbove is considered by an eminent authority, who writes in n Montreal daily paper, as the finest prescription ever written to relieve Hack-
ache, Kidney Trouble, Weak Madder
and all forms of Urinary difficulties.
This mixture acts promptly on the
eliniinutive tissues of the Kidneys, enabling them to filter and strain the
uric acid and other waste matter from
the blood which causes Rheumatism.
Some persons who suffer with the
afflictions may not feel inclined to
place much confidence in this simple
mixture, yet those who have tried it-
say the results nre simply surprising,
the relief being effected w'thout tlie
slightest injury to the stomach or
other  organs.
Mix some and give it a trial. Tt
certainly comes highly recommended. It is the prescription of an eminent authority, whose entire reputation, it is snid, was estnblished
by it.
An absent-minded man in a clerical
collar nnd frock coat approached the
ticket agent in the Grand Central
Station several days ago and begnn
in nn embnrrassed manner to explain
that lie wanted n ticket to n town nenr
Boston, but he hnd forgotten the exact
"You see, 1 nm not sure, but���but,"
stammered the reverend gentleman,
"dear mo, it emi't be, but I am sure���
yes, I nm sure it wns something like
Whiskey  Straight."
"Not much," lnughed the ticket
nt'ent. "Not around classio Boston-
Whiskey Straight I Might be near
Chevenne or Tombstone or Medicine
Hat���but n little town nenr Boston
named Whiskey Straight! I guess
yo*i  want to go lo Jamaica Plain."
He  did.���New  York Sun.
The greater the lrritntion In the
thront the more distressing the cough
becomes. Coughing is the effort of
Nnture to expel this irritating substance from the air passages. Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup will
heal the inflamed parts, wliich exudes mucous, and restore them to a
healthy state, the cough disappearing under the curative effects of the
medicine. It is pleasant to the taste.
nnd the price, 25 cents, is within the
rench of all.
"For two cents I'd knock your block
off,"  snid the angry man.
"Well, you don't expect me to furnish your working capital, do you?"
responded the other and calmer one.���
Philadelphia Ledger.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Dentist���My charge for nn extraction is half a crown. Five shillings
extra if you have gas.
Farmer Giles (who knows all about
the price of gas)���Good Lor', sir, shall
I want two thousand feet?
Minnrd's Liniment Co.,  Limited.
Gentlemen,���Lust winter I received
great benefit from the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT in a severe attack
of Ln Grippe, and 1 have frequently
proved it to be very effective in cases
of Inflammation.
"I beg your pardon, sir," said the
young lady passenger as she leaned
forward and tapped the shoulder of
the man who sat just in front of her,
"are you not the strong man whom
I saw at the circus yesterday?"
"I am," replied the gentleman with
the broad shoulders and the bulging
"It was perfectly wonderful the way
you tossed those cannon bulls and
held up nine other men with one
hand. Won't you please see if you
can raise this window for me?"
But the strong man knew his limitations and politely begged off.���
Chicago Record-Herald.
"Bessie, what nre you handling nil
thnt  enndy  for?"
"Because, niammn, you told me I
must ent only the pieces I had touched with my fingers."���Life.
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and
blemisheg from horses, blood epsvin,
ourbfl. splints, ringbone, Sweeney, stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat. Boughs,
etc. Have $60 by use ot one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Oure
ever known.
"Your father is hdhrtless! I told
him   I couldn't live without you."
"And  what did he say?"
"He offered to pny my funeral expenses !"
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
Six-year-old Harry wanted to buy
sister a little Christmas present. His
heart throbbed with joy at the thought
though he had in his pocket only
ten cents. Nevertheless, he went
around the shops nnd came hack with
n verv satisfied look. His mother
nsked him whnt he hnd bought.
"I got her n cream puff," he snid.
"Well, you know. Harry," said his
mother, "that won't Inst till Christmas."
"Thnt's whnt I thought after I hnd
bought it mother," replied Hnrry
calmly, "and so I ate it."���Ladies'
Home Journal.
Over Twenty Thousand Persons Wers
Married by One Ceremony.
The biggest wedding ever known to
jistory was when Alexander the Great
nid over 10,000 of bis soldiers took
mrt In a weddiug In the court of Da-
���i*is, kiug of Persia, after the letter's
ooquest by Alexander. Twenty thou-
nnd two hundred and two persons
ivere made husbands and wives in oue
Tbe facts are these: After conquering King Durius, Alexander deter-
nined to wed Stutiro, daughter of the
conquered kiug, and Issued a decree
that on tbat occasion 100 of bis chief
ollicers should mnrry 100 women from
the noblest Persian uud Medean families. He further stipulated that 10,000
uf his Greek soldiers sbould take to
wife 10,000 Asiatic women.
For this purpose a vast pavilion wai
erected, the pillars being sixty feet
high. Oue hundred gorgeous chambers adjoined this for the 100 noblo
bridegrooms, while for the 10,000 sol-
licrs an outer court was inclosed. Out-
tide of this tables were spread for tbo
Each pair bad seats and ruilged
themselves in a semicircle round tbe
royal throne. As it would have taken
several weeks for the few priests to
have married this vast number of couples had the ceremony been performed
In tbe ordinary way, Alexander invented a simple way out of the difficulty.
He gave his band to Statlro and kissed
her, uud all the remaining bridegrooms
did the same to the women beside
them, and thus euded the ceremony
that united the greatest number of
people ut one time ever known.
Then occurred u five days' festival
which for grandeur and magnlflcenco
never has since been equaled.
Positively the Most Dellolous Tea Grown.
BLACK,       MIXED,      GREEN.
The Way to Show Approval That tho
Animal Will Appreciate.
Caress plays no small part ln developing tbe best in any borse, but this
is never to be by word of mouth. You
may as well curse as bless for all your
borse knows or cares. The caress of
the band addressed to the part with
which the animal has Just performed
some feat Is always appreciated���the
expression shows that���and one loves
to see a good man as he lands safe
over a big place just reach back and
give the clever horse a loving pat or
two on that swelling muscular loin
which has been the chief agent ln
negotiating the obstruction.
Do not pat neck or shoulder or any
part not actively engaged in tbe undertaking. Caress may do no good, but
It ls pleasant to believe that it does,
uud we ure quite positive that tho
voice simply diverts attention. The former mode of address is at leust worthy
of trial if only as a mark of appreciation between two gentlemen. Tbe
threatening tones appear sometimes
serviceable, but this Is so only when
horses have been abused and associate
punishment with tbe stern voice. Tho
wild borse Is as Indifferent to the voice
of affection us to that of rage.���From
���'Schooling tbe Hunter," by Frank M.
Wure ln Outing Magazine.
Drowned Manuscript.
James Uussell Lowell, the flrst editor of the Atlantic, was walking across
Cambridge bridge when bis bat blew off
nnd fell Into the Charles with half a
dozen or more manuscripts with which
It was freighted nnd which he was returning to thc Boston office. A boatman recovered the hat. but the scattered manuscripts perished in those
waves of oblivion. "If they had been
accepted articles, It wouldn't have
lieen quite so bad, for," said he, "we
might witb some grace ask tbe writers
for fresh copies. But how can you tell
a self respecting contributor that his
manuscript has been not only rejected,
but sent to a watery grave?"���J. T.
Trowbridge ln Atlantic.
A Domestio Breakdown.
A well known lord discovered a thief
iu his London bouse. Aided by tbe
butler, he secured the man and then
raug the bell. A servant appeared,
whom the peer requested to "go Into
tbe kitchen and bring up a policeman
or two." The domestic returned and
suid there were no policemen on tbe
premises. "What!" exclaimed bis master In Incredulous tones. "Do you
mean to tell me that with a cook, two
scullery mulds, a kitchen maid and
three housemaids in my employ there
Is uo policeman In my kitchen? It ls
Indeed a miracle, and our prisoner"
sba'l reap tbe benefit Turner, let tho
man go instantly!"���London Standard.
True to Nature.
"Are you satisUed with your dentist?"
"Perfectly. He's a real artist Hia
false teeth are jierfeet jewels."
"Can't you tell the difference?"
"They are exact imitations of nature. There Is even one that's so good
nn Imitation that it aches sometimes.**
���Paris Journal.
Many Sides.
"That's tho way the thing was told
to me, but of course there's always
more than one side to a story."
"Of course. Tbere are always aa
many sides to a story as there are people to blame."
Quite a Difference.
"What does Vernon do for a living?"
"He works in a paint shop."
"Why, I understood be was a writer
for tbe magazines."
"Well, you asked me what he did fo*
a living."���Bohemian.
It isn't so that woman ls at tbe bottom of all trouble. lfs mods)y.���Maa-
chester Union.
The Fork.
The English clergy wus at first very
bitter against (lie  fork, one declaring
that its .use was impious.
A Chair That Grew.
An odd triumph bus been achieved
by a gardener lu Korea in the shape
of an armchair of natural growth. It
ls formed of a vine which the gardener
bnd bent or twisted so us to produce
a chair. After the chair was fashioned
in this way It was cut from the ground,
dried nnd polished until it resembled
Superstitions    of    the   Aborigines   of
New Zealand.
What in the past has been termed
magic presents itself now to the
scientific mind as an imperfect use
of forces tlie full knowledge of which
we hnve yet to acquire. The Maori
priest of old, or tohunga, ns he waa
called, was master of many powers
which can now be explained by
hypnotism, although his methods of
pretending (o procure messnges fronk
the gods wire doubtless due to craft.
Ventriloquism also was prncticed by
the priests, particularly when communication wns desired with a deceased relative. There remains, however, n miiHS of evidence proving that
these men possessed powers which
can only be explained by processes
into which we ure only now beginning to have any insight.
Many white men are familiar with
some of the outward forms of the observances of Uie Maori priest, but of
the inner meaning and origin of their
ritual we know nothing. In the teaching handed down to those chosen
among their direct descendants under
circumstances of great secrecy the
pupil was put to se*, "eral tests in order
to prove his proficiency.
First, he had to take In his hand a
hard, smooth and round stone, and,
repeating a karakia, or incantation,
called a hoa, to shatter the stone into
fragments, nnd that only by ths mental operation of willing, without any
physical effort. To all the priest's
operations the karakia was a necessary adjunct. It supplied to the Polynesian mind an outward sign connecting cause and effect. The old time
Maori believed, indeed, that the
karakia, the form of words used,
wrought the desired effect, and the
efficacy of this incantation depended
on the absolute fidelity with which
the formula was pronounced.
lhe action of Christ in destroying
the barren fig tree presents an exact
illustration of this destroying by the
power of the will, which their word
hoa covers. The latest guess of scientists that every existing object in the
universe is composed of one element,
and that the unit of that element ii
the electric eon, leads one to the gate
of a field of speculation in which the
mind may wander far.
If the pup.il was successful in the
stone test he was next mude to try
his powers on some animate object,
such as a flying bird, the process being the same ns before. According to
the Maoris, the bird was always killed if the pupil was proficient. Or he
might have a fleeing enemy and cause
him to be seized with nil those agonies of retardation which we are all
familiar with when suffering from
Then came the final test, the pupils
being ordered to exercise the power
of willing to denth some near relative
of his own, in order to show that in
the exercise of his powers he could
rise superior to the feelings of natural affection. This was the dread
makuka, and it is well known that
if a Maori hciieved ho was thus bo-
witched he was sure to die. Here we
Bee the effect of hypnotism and suggestion, conveyed by telepathy. Sometimes a priest who considered himself
deeply affronted has been known to
will to death a whole family for the
act of one individual, and all, even
the babe at the breast, have wilted
The tohunga was even credited with
the power of influencing the dead.
The present writer was a witness to
the following incident: A branch of
the Arawas, the tribe of the district
of Eotorua, being at war, had suffered
defeat, and one of their brt-ves had
been brought home dead. The vanquished sought at once to find out,
by some omen connected with the
dead chief, whether they would be
successful in their next encounter.
The tohunga was requested to procure the desired omen, the people
squatting in a ring about the bier.
Advancing a few paces from the dead
body the priest began to recite a
powurfi'l incantation, intent on making the deceased give some sign, the
eyes of all present being fixed on tht
slain warrior. Presently the corpse
was observed to move slightly to one
side, on which a great cry of joj
arose from the people. The move
ment was interpreted as a sign oi
future victory. This feat was often
performed by the tohunga of olden
Tohoto wns the laat of the old to
hungas. The number of his year*
eoald hardly be guessed at. He was
almost a Methuselah of the Maori,
his race, and, careless as to his personal appenrnnce, he wore his haii
long. I visited him several times in
the seventies, but so extremely sacred
was his person held that it was only
after repeated delays that I was allowed to see him. Indeed, he considered that white people were not
fit to associate with, ns they had no
system of tapu. nor did they regard
things which were tapu to the Maori
with any reverence. I was deeply interested in his manifestations, partly
for their strangeness and partly, per
"��nps, because I had myself assimilat
ed many of the Maori superstition!*
bv the mere force of propinquity.-
Pall Mall Gazette.
Short on Princesses.
By the birth of the little sou and
heir to Prince and Princess Alexnndc-
of Teck the number of unmnrrled Eng
lisb princes Is now increused to eleven,
end if to these are added the two son**
of Prluce and Princess Louis of Bul
teuberg there may be said to be Mill'
teen princes for whom wives will bo*'.
to lie found nt some time. It Is note
worthy that nt the present time K'l*
rope Is suffering from n dearth of
young princesses. Of lnte boy balii*.**-*
hnve appeared In all the royal I'nmi
lies. a_d even ns mutters now stnnd li
Is difficult (o see ho v these little
princes ure to be muted ln the future
Bucb princesses ns there are likely to
be seem too old for tbe small boys who
are coming so quickly on the scene.
Listened   Intently
In a Scottish asylum for the feebleminded, a minister was preaehing to
the inmates. Trying to interest them
lie told them of the Hindoo mothers
who threw tlieir babies into the Ganges in order to appease the wrath of
the gods. One of the lunatiCH glared
at the speaker so intently thut the
latter wondered if he hud really succeeded in creating some interest. At
the end of the service lie approached
the man who glared, and nsked him if
tlie service hud been interesting, adding: "1 noticed you regarded me
very intently when I told of tho mothers throwing their infants into tlie
river, and wondered what was in
your thoughts at thnt timo."
"I wns wondering," replied the feeble-minded one, "why your mother
did not throw you in."
Great Medicine���Tonti, one of ths
pioneers of French Canada, lost a
hand nnd wore un iron hook as n substitute. He was in the habit of boxing the ears of refractory Indians
with this iron hand, und they have
remarked that it was grent "medicine." Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is
great medicine. It takes hold of pain
with an i'*on hand and knocks it out
of the system.
"Why is it," asked a young mother,
"that, personal cleanliness is a taste
only acquired with years? My babies
have been scrubbed from infancy upward, till you wouldn't think they
could endure a speck of dirt. And nil
I seem to have nccomplished is a re-
gnrd for outside appearances.
"The other day my husband phoned
me from the office that he wanted to
take Jack to n ball game nnd asked
tne to have hiip rendy nnd nt tlie subway station in half nn hour. Jack was
wild with joy, and I sent him upstairs to dress. After fifteen miiiuteB
he appeared, his face wearing nn expression of keenest anxiety as he
" 'Oh, mother, may T wear my gloves
or must  I wush iny hands?' "
Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Diphtheria.
Marie Dressier has made a great hit
In London.
Mr. Sutro's play called "John Glyde's
Honor" will be presented In New York
by James K. Hackett.
The late Richard Mansfield's production of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is
to be put on for a road tour.
Mrs. Bernard Beere ls soon to make
ber re-entrunce on tbe London stage
after a long absence from the world of
It is understood that Alia Nazlmova
Is trying to get Elinor Glyn to dramatize her new novel, "Three WeekB,"
for her use ln the spring.
Olga Netbersoie is planning to play
a season in tbe City of Mexico in April.
She mny then produce tbe little French
play, "The Submarine," which has set
Paris talking.
Justin H. McCarthy bns written a
.omedy of Frencli manners in the time
of the regent Philip of Orleans���about
1700��� the heroine of wliich Is a sort ot
reckless hoyden.
The 1*1,1.1 metal cerlrnB I-teen* fire-mlr,, beautifies
��� n. interior, i. cleanly nnd kstt (almost (waver.
Such a ce-rlrng r, easily put up. and coats BO more
than the cctumon kinds.   Learn tlu facts about
More thnn 2.000 den'sn*. amiable for everr im.
Sids-waUi in equal variety to natch. Let ut
���end -,���-*�� a book (hat u-ili tha who'* story ol
thc ceiling that ihowa oo aeuiu.    Addrew���   lit
The PEDLAR P.opU ��_S_
Oaba-in Montreal Ottawa Toronto ton-Ion Wltmlptf
A Surprise In Biscuits
Every box of Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas you open���you will
find a new delight in these dainty
When you want to surprise yourself,
give your appetite a treat witb
Mooney's     ��
Perfection Cream Sodas
W.   N.   U.   No. Tlli.   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW.   MEW   DENVER,   B. C.
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, 914,400.000.
1SST. ��n,ooo,ooo
rrasident���T-Otp Etsitetcos', ijiu Xooxt Rota _.
Vic��-I'ret,!a_ni���Hor. Guosaa A. I;_u*.t*_��'>.
Ue.)*ar*?.l Uacagor--E. 8. Cl/ODStoa.
Bri,-i��_*!st In All Tha Prtnclps! Cil.s* In Canada
A General Banking Bu3ins-3 3 Transacted.
NEW DENVER BRANCA, - fl. 6. FISHES, Manager.
Wmkr Wear For
The Children.
No   need  for parents in any  part of
the Stocr.ii lu lend east for their
Children's wear.
An*.! at prices that pill Puit you.
If yon live ia New Denver, call and
i^cjiei t my stock. Jf you liva at Hlosau,
Silr_rtun,' Ros'bery, J*i��kut|i, Three
Forks or Sandon, drop mo a line, we
can certainly do business together.
For the Cough that Keeps You Awake Nights and       1.\
Bothers. irou AH Dav as Well
CZ *�������� r {pa
*___.���*'   _��   ___
irs. mum,
It is a simple,  harmless   remedy,   and has  b.en use;'
very successfully here for years.
Slocan fDinlno Review,
flubncrlpUon. .3.00 per annum, itrlotlf
in advance,   No pay, nu p��;*8r.
Anysr.nsi-iu Rath :
tfotlc.a to Delinquent Owner* - $11.00
"     for Crown Grant*    ���   -    7.50
"     " Purchase oi Land   -    7.��*o
"     " License to Cut Timber 6.00
Palma Angrignon
Genera! Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
Boson Hall Stores
AU loeaifl v.IH be charged for nt the rate
of 15o. per line each Issue.
Transient rates made known on triplication.    No room /or Quacks.
Address all Communications und mske
Cheques payable! to
Editor and Publisher.
Don't be n'rnid lo .end your .van's to
ns. Onr stock is up-to-date end com-
p.do in every particular.
Ladies', Gent's and Children's staple
an,l fine f-'hoea.
Dancing pumps, nil tbe very latent
rlylcs in patent nud Lid.
Ladies' aud Gent's Furnishings, lints,
Cap**., Ties, gout's nnd boys' Clothing,
Hosiery and Gloves, Watches, Clocks,
Chains, English laiar Pipes, Pouches,
Groceries, l-resli Eggs, Butter, Tohac* o
of ovory manufacture, Trunks, Suit
Case., Telescope cases, EnTelopoB, Writing Pads of all kind?, wool and cotton
Blankets, Pillows, S!ice!in_,s, etc.
. i>*+*******************A*t)*4>*****'ili**Atrt}.ti^srAJ^r^
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
Britibh Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tcurists and lhe travelinj. public all tho attractions and
creature comforts that heart cf man deairea. Facing; tha
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating* and angling may bo indulged in all lho year round, an uninterrupted view of lhe
famous Glacier and snow cl.nd peaks may be witnessed at sill
tiuies from thc veranda. Rooms, single or cn suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch ai disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
C*-*5 t\tt\
**>   o* **r*J
*   S     ff
|   o      A
Genera! Merchant
-   Now Denver
Meat Market
Make yourself familiar with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Vlrgine** mineral claim, sUust*** in the
Arrow Lake- Mi;*in_r Division of Woi.t
Kootenay Distiict, Where located:
Ou Kooskanox cic^k about 8 miles
from He mould.
'Inks notico tli-t T, Samuel Walker,
ol Burl m C.t.i, Froi Minor's Certiflcato
No. i-,,85288, ii t��nd sixty days from
the dale her.of, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Cel'tlflcalo of Improvements, for the purp #a ol obtaining a
Oi*o*_-ii G*nl of the a' ovc ciaim.
And further t*._s  notlflo  thnt action
under section ST, lnuet bo commenced
bsforo tho issuance  of such Certificate
of Improvement*.
Dated this 30th day of Nov. A.D. 100T
Slocan Land Distiict���Dislrict of
Take notice that Silney YalM Brock-
i*B*_n, cf New Denvtr, accountant, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the fcl'owing described lr.'d.
Commencing ,it ft post planted at (he
N.E. corner of lot 8101, thence -a.-t 80
ohalniiihSBBesoi.il .) <: i a i ��� i _ i
west80chains; theiice north 40 chains
to poiut of commencement and euntuiii-
n_ 323 ior.*, m-ii*.* or    a.
Sept. SM'h'1907
j* ST* JL/i_ji-_y/'A_u N.JL,
______ __
Diatrlot cf W__t Kootenay,
Tako tioliea Ihat Androw Wallaco,
acting i a iiijent (or thu Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Silverton
B.C., Contractor, lntends_to apply for
permission to purchaso tlio following
described land: Commencing at a poet
p'ai led on ilie enr.t shoro ol Cloc n laic
about one iniio south of Rosebery, und
marked A. XV.'n soi'th-went corner,
Ihencorast 'about ore chain to the right
oi way of the Naknspand Slocan rail nny
then e norlh 30 chaint, along tho railway to ;he shore of the I.*kc, thence.
southerly nlong tho lul-o si;oro lo point
of cjiui: illCemont, contuining five aci'SO
mor*: or 1. ������>_,
Novembor 18th, 1P07. ���
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and   Park oa hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
Elocan Lsnrl Ilistrict��� District of
vTe-t Kootenay.
T��kn notice Urat Clare Lilian Drenry,
o.' NeUiin, B.O. intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
licfl.-ribo.l land*: Onnnioncirig at a
post planted at the ��\ \T. renin* ol loi
8503, thence south 20 chains, thanes
t,>_'. 40 chains, tl,. nee north 20 chains
thenoe wn��l 20 chains, containing So
N..T. 18th, 1007.
Slocan Land Distiiit���District of
Wi-st i'"oten��y
Tika noiico ihat Henry Allen McMillan, of Nelson B.C., occupation rancher,
intends tn apply for pennlssidn lo pm-
clin'e tho following described lands.
Commencing al a post on ih�� S W.
corner of lit lot 7..3H, llir-nco uo-tli 40
elusion, tlioncn rrem "0 iliains, tlience
louMi.iO clmins, thence enst JO chains,
to p*ji:it of cotnmenCemeiit, containing
80 acres.
No*-. !8th, 1907,
profeesionn! ffarft*.
Shelf   end   HeAVj   Hard*s*��re,   Mino
Smelter and Mill .Supplies.
Is otToring goo 1 yaluos in Mon's nndertraar,  in Pen-Angle,       ���
Bi*( Horn, Pope and otlicr .well-known brands,  nlsoshiits of       ?
various *siii'i��, noitio Bpecinlrtics for miners nnd men in  log-       ���*
������inif camps, gloves, milts, so^ku in large variety, collars, the,       j
X      sneaifi-fi, overalls, lilanketi and comforters. J
x Call \nd inspect onr Block ; it will ho appie.-ir.teil. *-       f
* a************************* *.'.���**(***$*!���**? j*****<r*'^t*
6o Ss
.        m   _ISMSJ>MrrirrsSSWSMMBWSSSBSrtMMSMSWBSM*_SMSS*SSW��S*sWI   srs���s���ss__rrs���M
i ��� a ��� ��� ��� a ��� a ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ������ ��� �� ��� t) ��� ��� ��� ��� a ��� ��� ��ti a a ��� ��� ��� �����_ ***************
Jweller and
La*e with J. O. rateosiuJa, Nslson.
Z& *3
My stork of CANNED GOODS
is always Fresh, and erery i-.us-
torn r receives honest value for
money spent,
Havo jou seen my lineoT Ladies Blouses
tnd t!;�� assortment of fancy goods
I am now displaying 7
Pay mc a visit,
Repaire to Brooches, Pirs, etc. in Geld
cr Load Solder,
All rrork guaranteed.     Spccif.l  attention to mail orde.s.
^i Ot
Slocan Lind Diatrict���Diatrict of
V/cjt Koonenny.
TcJte notice trr.t A. Owens, of New
Denver, mil! operator, ir.tendn to r,p-
ply for permiaaion to purchase tlie followin;. deecribod land;��� Commencing
at a port planted on tho west shore of
Jiocaii Lr.ke about one half mile in a
uoutherl/ direction from AT: 11 creek;
commsneinj? at a post marked A. O.'s
S.E. comer post, thence 20 chains webt
thence 40 chr.ins noith, thence 20 chains
eaat, thence 40 chaina south to place
of commencement, containing SO acres
mors or less.
Dated at New Denver, Oct. Slstl 007.
e Slocan Bote!
���Sbree forM
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi tlie Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Kootenav Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
For those who; "could   not g'ct  M
away during tho bosy holiday
���aoeaon, v.e reccomer.d
Ce    fl    ]���
^V*   O.  Ostby
Correspondence Invitod
Madonna Block    :    New Denver, B.C.
P. O. Box hi.     ���
New Denver
Fre.'h Milk <_.)iver*.d  to any
part of i)-.o to��n.
Oottido points snpp e   regularly,
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
facture soaps, polishes, flavoring extracbi, per- ^*<\ $&
fumes, toi-ei articles, medicines, taking pow- JSrv* 'tSb
dcri iJyes, linin.cr.ts, clock .-ind poultry rem- fi'-.W'^''^'..
edies. houichcld ipi*i*ial;it'5 Ltiid _.cve_!,:*s m <fi "">:���{.'
your o'vn homs *nt srn-ilt cc:t. 1'ixors Guide is Y_rv��� ' v*-^
o paper devoted to ths burinusa, li.rce mc.nih_ t-*3*,.'* -.---I"*.
trial subscnciion for 10c; Bttmpl-C fir* 1**^.W^;
KiXfiliS GUIDE. Fort Madtnn, Iowa.     iMouHfi
/J! V at' a
_| irst-clasi" Room..; Firit-claaa Meals j Firat-elass Bnr i Special
attention to Tourists; Luxory nnd comfort -wlien visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Dunlin;,'.und Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and clacier this hotel offers nil that is required
to make your vi:jit * memorable one.     .Vrite or wire to���
! 5 .,_____A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
������_._..*-,-. ._, mism iu      .,.,,..i ..,_._       	
.--���*��� co.-��cof ooc-1c oeo,*��� si : e.*. e->ooo.*<,;tn 3<_.. o30eo ���' **>a 0*;*��� . ��1*��0���_r��(
Thin far-famed sanitarium with
ita sulphur nprings and accomodation is JUST TIIE PLACE to
build up and _rot a fresh start.
Thia company operates  through
star.davcl sleeping csrs, dining
cars, and Firit Class Tourist
For rates, Reservations or any
infornutlon desired, cal! on. or
e, J. Cotls, A.n.r.A.
Johi Mna, D.P.A., Nebon.
���---Mfffl-M-tMraiiii wm iim'sw ibmiiithiiiimi
I \s All V* Q ll 111 Or
Put tip in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
V/e guarantee its Strength and Purity,
���sUDS   KY   TT.3
Lftii:*1?' Dre'ss lOe
Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50o
Towels, handercliiefs, poiti-
co.its, socks, eic 50c d_B.
Woikinir men washing 10cpee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
m Wm
,   Wttrm Cov Rooms.       RestRuraat   in
H     c.nr.cciioa.   Excellent Peoi Tabio.
Par well Stocked.
Shorld pour husines,. or pleasure take
jou to Sandon at  any timj, call at
the   Kootenay   t*.nd let Ed. or
G;ora-e mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail er your
own favoril3 lotion.
No frost horo. Two shifts air;ays.
f! tip \pw
Deii��cr into
Fancy Layer Cakes
From 50cU; Up
BOX 44
f* 'b~~% S~*1
jj u NS
26��t�� Per DjSi.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplup, ami
Kinishlug lfir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc,
Bloc.tn Land   Diitriot���Dintrii t of
West  Kootenay.
Ti.ko notice that|Henri Root. Jorand,
of Siocan, barrister, intends to apply
for perm'ssion to purchftte tlio lollownig
doiicr.bi,(l land. Comm. ncinu si a ) o*t
.dsntrd at the norlh-eait rorncrjof i.ot
_f)2, tl.eiii'9 ,iouth. 40 chains; tliencn
cut 20 clinlin; tin nco north 40 chains;
thonce went *u chaina (0 point of ooir.-
msneoment and routaiiiiiig SO acres
more or lots.
November 10,.1007.
Slocan Lnnd Diltriol���District of
Wcit I Koottnar,
T.-.ko r.oiice that Chr.ilea Clarkgon
Ehod's, of Nelson-, H.C, honk kotper,
inttndi 10 npply lor permission to |. or-
clir.'c the fo'lovvm*. drsciibid lam! ;
Commencing at n po*I, planted on the
*��i*t bound*, ry of lot KS2, nt a point 40
cliains south of tbe no: th-rast cor.in-
ol BAirl lot, thence s*-*iith f*0 oliains;
thonce cast 20 chains; Ihence nortli I')
chains, thonco west SO"chains to point
of commencement, and containing ICO
acres, mors or lo;-?. .
November 18, 1907. 10-25
local Salesman Wanted for
New Denver
Ard Adjoining Diitriot to reprtuoiit
Canada's U.ea.cst Nurseries
Trees ot ri*_?it sirs and a**** .'or British
Columbia planlih-*. Orovrn t-n lim!>-
stone roil; h ��rdit*r kvJ lo;*g��r lived than
I,..,-; tress,
A pormaneht situation, Territ'irjr re-
isrrsd ; Pay   .ve.klj* 1 Fr��r_ cutlH.
\Viit_ for [rsrthtjiirs.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by 3.0. Gorernmoot.)
TORONTO       -      - ���      ONT.
*�� Hotel
Slocan Gity,  *  B.C.
: Headquarter.**; r.nd heme
of the- old-timers, mining
aud commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
wishes a .square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
f. S3. Srfffitl)
Mill 03 SlGcan Lake
A. OWENS. Manager
*' *���******+****���*���****+*++**.
���t  Watch for spring and  summer
+     samples   about  February
+ l*t, from
' Tlie Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Ont.
���i ""���" "���
Slo.an Land District���District of
Wesi K otnnay,
Take notice Hint t1 0 Onlarlo-Slocan
Lumber 0*)., Ltd., ot Sloc-n, 1! C,
Luml emien, intend to apply for a s.'-a-
cisl limber Hcensc OTfti' lie Mlo*phg
i.'cscribed Jamiii: Comincncing at a
p ilt planted dirce'ly oppoiito tha 17
mils board ol the N. & a. K��i!v.��y nnd
cn tha soiuli side of Bonanza *��� nl: and
marked ' Ou'a.io-.l can Luml *r Co.,
Ltd., N,E. corner," tiienc ��� south 40
chains, 1 ience west 100 chains, tlion.a
noith 40 pbslns. thenc- ast 160 chains,
to point of c mme" - ���- * . , contain-
ii g C40 ( ��� ��������� * .*��� I ��� :��� ! covering
. is stine oil id fo nn rlj - vertd by
Titr.b .r Ih 'use No, 1021 J.
l)wi*!i ber 4th  i-i)7.
I'm 1). 3t, Deui��, Agent,
Every suit guaranteed,
.end your ord.r early to
Funsrsll ciuductt** cn Miort 3
DOtlesstaar point In ilia 6;*. [
trict.    Lbc'.iJ *>.lw��ti in Itoek,    I
. r��f��cXean, US***
New Denver Lodge No. 22
.   |  .   P5Z. of F*5.
ff} \.X\- ���1|-'"-* in Pythian Castle
'���. -,' '-������** ���   ill, !.':over llloek, every
.*���'..- ;t;..;*i MONDAY    evening   al
otei ssoseoery
Well furnished rooms.
Fir_t-clasi  Cuisine,
Slocan.Lan    ih'e'rict���Dietrict of
���\Vcit Kootenay.
Take notice'lhat I, Marion Mclnn's,
Angui Mclnnes, a*.ent, of New Denver,
spinster, intend to apply for pei minion
to pnrcliaso th* following described
I/.iivi; C.oinmeticiiig at a post planted
at the north-irsit corner of lot ",."0fi
O.l., Kootenay district, thenco woU SO
bhalus, thencs south 30 cliniiia, tlmnrB
east 20 chains, thence nortli 20 chains
to tbo )il*c.i of coininenoeuient coi.tain-
ing 10 jciei ni.iro ur less.
Dated Nevemt*er28r.l, 1807.
A. Mclnnes, Agent.
enn Lain! Diatrict���Diatrict oi
Weat Kootenay.
Tike notico thnt Roy Black, of Nuw
Denver, miner, Intend* to spply for par*
mi'iion to purchaie the following dcr-
critju'l If.nd. Commen in*** nt a I'.orit
planted on iii* ihors of Sloctn i��ke one
miio north of W'*w Denvor at (lie west
boundary "f tbo Mojly Hughso group oi
mineral e!_.,im; Ihouce nprthsrly 20
chains, thence in>t40 ohalliB, th- m*o
south 20 ChalnSi tlience ea��t nlong tiia
Shore of bloean lake to point of cow
incnceinsiit ami euiitalplng 10 acres more
or loan.
December 10, 1007
Siocan Land   District���District cf
Weft Ki otetyty,
Tnke notice tbat Martha Ann Smith
of New Denver, B.C.,'.'married ivi):n**o,
i'lUndd lo apply for permission to purchase tbo follow::*;*, described land:
Coniiiiunclng at a poit..plant��d on the
north boundary of Urn bar lenou 4M,
noar tbo Nakuap arid Bloean R��., M**.r-
lh�� Ann Smith S.E. corner phintrd on
tlio nonh bound ��rjr of tlmbp. ISmo 185
��nl at ib-* fi iut'li v.* nt corns? of limber
linii'.Wlii *h .vns numbe.ad 8873, thence
north 00 chain**, t'irneo wfat 10 cJaiuri
mora m I as t*j ill > --."St boundary "f
P* tbaWiaffgn application to purchase
linnce solitli 60 iliatus ti liis norili
boundary ol timber loa��e 4S5, tbtuoe
East 10 ,-!i_.in*' more or leas I*.' lio > 1 - oo
of oommanceiuoiit .and ountainiiijt 00
r.crm rno'e or Idbii,
Dcooui ,or*.'*h,   007,   v
J. 11, Smith, agent.
DIPT!   , UftTiWM
-i ii i> ana ill l mm
;i-ii'.ch to i >/ inch, also ^-inch
��� Galvanized Pipe.
.'D,  l4, and    .'.*. Brass Pipe and
Fittings for Launches.
Rubber racking Alwayi Kept.
Pipe cut to any length,
Sinks, Lead traps, etc., etc.
Denver Waterworks
Company, Ltd,
Sweet Grass, Wilraer, Ivan, nn-1 Wil-
mar Praclional mineral claims, situate, in tbo Slocan Mining division of
Wcsl Kootenay Diatrict. Whero lo-
catedi On Ooat Mountain north of
Denvor Siding.
Take notice that r, Frank C, Oroen,
nciiru iu agont for G��o:*ko Boulter
Froe Minora Certificata No. I!lv';-:!i,r>, intend 60 days from tho dato I* renf to
apply to tbo mining reoordar for corti-
ficatea of Improvements, fnr tba pui*-
poso of obtaining Crown Grants of the
abovo claims,
An*l furl ber (nkn nol.ee that nclion
und i* sociion 87, must be commenced
before tho issuance of "inii Certificate
of Improvements
Dated this llth day of Jan. A.D. 1008
Ap. 16 Nelson, B.O,
Mubou mlnoral clilm.  situate In  tbe
Slocan City mnlng division of '.Ve.t
Kootauay di.u'lct,      Whorb located:
On the  south side of Ton Mile creek
above iho Enterprise mino about 50
fed from tho iveaterly oud lineot tbe
En'oi i* is * mineral cfaiin.
Taitt notice that I, Kobort Ira  Klrk-
wool,   Froe    Minors    Certificate   No.
B��5,7H5 f*ir mypo f, sndageiuior  Dnn-
(������ iA.CiM.it,  I'Vco Miner's   Certificate
No.  1-4809,   int nd 00 days  from (be
ilatn hero if, to apply to the Mining He-
oorrler  for a    Oeitiflcato   ot  Improvement**, for the pin pose ol  obtaining a
Or i.vti tirai t of tha nbr.vo claim,
And fur her take notico that nation
nndar i-eoiioii 87, must he commenoed
before the Issuance of.such Oouilicato
of Dnprovoraontu
Datod lhis27(ll day of  Jan, A.D.  1003
It. 1. KIltKtVOOI).
Riversido, Autumn, Alamoda, Treasure
and Laih-y Kraotion mineral claims,
situate in  tin- Slmnn   CHy minin**
division  of V/_*.t  Kootenay Diatrict.
���Where Ipcaiod:    Ou the divide ha
ttveun Ten-uiile ii*.nl SpVingm* crneks,
near tho huad of Springer ci*c;ik..
Take notice thatl,  Robert Ira Kirk-
Tro-id, Froe Miners Cortificnto Mo, H05,-
783, intend 00 days from the dato  hereof, lo apply to tho MininJ Rccordor for
Ubitnioi.tes   of ImpiMvements for tbo
j'urpj.-o of obtaining   Crown  Grunt of
Hi ��� abovo claims.
And further lake notice that nclion,
under section 87, mail U. commenced
bbforo the iesuniice of sucii Curtlfh'ato
of Improvements,
Datod this lift, day of Fob.,A.D. 1008
Ohio Mineral claim,    Minute   i:i   tbo
Slocan Cily   mining   division   of
Weat Kootonay   district.    Whore
Inc.atoil:    On i bo noli lb   nidi  of Ton
Mile o'reok nlmvo   the    Enterprise
Mine, and adjoins tbo Malum   Min-
crul claim.
Take notic ��� that I,   R ibert Ira KirV-
woorl,  Froe    Minor's    Corlidcalo   No.
B05,785,   for  my?elf   ami   -.Kent   fur
Frank A. Wells, Free Miners  Certilicate No. *""04. Intend SO'days from  tho
date hereof, lo apply to lho Mining*Recorder f in a Orrtlfioaio of Improvements
fr,r tho purpose of obtaining a   Crotrn
Grant of tl e above claim.
And further   take notico that ocl
under section 87,  mjsl be commo*ici"d
before tho  issuanco of snob   Oerliflcate-
of finpvovoments.
Dated thla 27th day of Jan., A.D.   1908
Triune   and   Gieat,   Western   Mineral
Claims,  situate  in  tlio  Slocan   City
mining Division of  Wist   Kootenav
District*,        Where     1-iCtit.cl*      Oh
Springer Creek abont half mile kbove
the Alincton S.uvinlll al lhe second
ci*< ising of Springer Oreek.
Take notico lint I, Robert Iri Kirkwood, Frea    Miirer'a    Certiiicate   No,
B95785, it|tend, 80 davs fruin lhe  date
hereof, to npply tn the Minii g RecordeD
for a ("mt li.-Hte. of Iiiiprovuments,   (or
th ��� purpoie of obtaining a U.-owu Grant
of (hi* ii love (laim,
And further tukr   notico that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuancoof 811 ll C**r.i!icnt_ of
ruiprovembn* m
Dated this lat .lev of Fob., A.D. 1H08
Slocan fjand District���'Diatrict of
West  Koote lay,
Te.ko notice thai  i .in-.- McVicar   "of
Slocan  i i*v.   ulli    ,    .*  ���
f    i' ���"     ���'*   i '- *. ���'   * ing
!       I..11 IS I I!     . .*      ; -        t|     .,
p  it |   .-*.-*     ,. ���: from ;.. i-i ..-
. iwnor, claiming
0 chalns-ea.i., tbenoo i'O chains south
thence4 chains west, thenco 8(1 clmins
north lo pointof conimenCmant.
J*mej McVicar, agonf,
���lobn Wafer, locator,
December 7, I'.'OT.


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