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Slocan Mining Review 1907-12-05

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 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Miueral Resources aud Large
Fruit   growing   Area in  the
fertile Slocan Valley.
^W-r   "   ���"'������
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 15   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Colu      ia, Thursday, Dec. 5th 1907.
Single Copies 501
Election of Rip* Trustees.
f- It is gratifying to note the healthy
financial conditi in ol tin* New Denver
Skating Rink, which bu Id ing is also
in a splendid condition. This is a town
ass.*t, built by volunteer labor and sub-
SOiiption, and every winter the building
i-1 rented by a local man, who makes a
substantial clean-up ami the trustees
aro thus able to keep the building in a
good Elate of repair.
Although Iho climatic conditions now
enjoyed in New Denver are far removed
from wintry in thc accepted sense of
the name, yet there arc many who
would willingly welcome a. visit from
Jack Frost and his accompanying train
of painful Inflictions, so ns to have
opportunity ol participating in that
most exhilarating of all pastimes:
A well-attended meeting was held on
Tuesday night, when the election of
trustees for the season took place.
Messrs. J. T. Black, A. Jacobson nnd
II. Cue were the choice of the citizens,
and they ure now gc'ting everything In
shape so as to be ready for the hist
cold snap.
The secretary reportod a substantial
Card of Thanks.
The New Denver Lodge K. of P. wish
to convey their heartfelt thanks to all
who contributed by their efforts to
make their recent Concert ar.d Ball so
great a success, and particularly are
thants extended to tho ladies who
provided the excellent refreshments.
As Clear as Mud.
After reading the findings of Justices
living, Morrison and Martin in the
Star-White case, we in common with
the average lay leader reluctantly admit
we do not Bavvy what the two last
named judges are talking about. We
hone the day .U not far distant when
all legal writing) and liiiuings viill be
couched in good old public school language, and then tlieie will be something intelligible for the people and all
the lawyers will be cither policemen or
tinhorns. Our mad staff lawyer has
handed in the f.How ing:
���' I am buuml to admit that tlie black
fifsuie, which in composed of nitroglycerine, blackjack, graphite, nagya-
giic, inelaconlte, -porous plaster and
other breakfast foods, hits the apex on
the extralateral, therefore whereas
moreover Harris to wit makes it stick,
which to me is as clear as mud (Bee
Nonh vs. Moses vie. ii, sec. 2 p. 3 a, e,
i, o, u, and w and y s metimes); but
ii White had a ace._iii the crosscut and
cji'dwood was two and a half a rick, as
in Adam vb. Eve cap. 6J_ (see Fcx's
Book of Tomatoes), then all will agree
that Ihe party of the first part is, or
should be, particularly so, and if not
why not (as in High vs. Low. Jack and
Game). Judgment Bhould be held up
sine die, status quo, ora pro nobis and
Harris should Bet 'em up."
At Hymen's Attar.
A pretty wedding was celebrated on
the 26th ult, at the Manse, Greenwood,
by the Rev. Mr. McKee, when Duncan
W. Stuart, a popular young man in the
mechanical depaitment of the Granby
mine led to the altar Miss Beicie Florence Radcliffu, eldest daughter of Daniel
Radcliffe, for many years an esteemed
resident of New Denver. The happy
couple are now spending their honeymoon in town.
Injured Man Progressing.
Upcm enquiry at the Slocan Hospital
this morning, wo learned that the man
Hiram Selnivei* who was so badly injured by falling with an ore car over
the dump at tlie Standard mine last
week, is progressing favorably and now
on the road to recovery.
The Sick List.
E. Brookmln, a deck hand from the
steamer Slocan, was admitted to the
hospital ou the 4th inst. witli apparent
symptoms of typhoid fever.
F. Whitfield, an employee of the
Hewitt mine who has been an inmate
of the hospital suffering from severe
blood poisoning ol the hand, returned
to the mine on Wednesday last.
John Cameron, teamster, of Silver-
ton, who has also been treated for erysipelas of the hand, has returned to
J. C. Bolander has nearly finished
stumping his new fruit ranch in the
uppertown, but a couple of big stumps
are causing him some trouble owing to
his having nothing to anchor to. He
is now in tlie bills hunting for a goat
to butt them out���a white one for preference.
It is quite on the cards that a well-
known merchant from a nearby town
will shortly consolidate with one of our
prominent merchants.
When next the C.P.R. thinks of publishing a pamphlet or fulder illustrative
of thc benuty spots for tourist travel,
we would certainly like to take a hand
in its compilation. The world would
tiim learn something about" Bounteous
Slocan " and lead less about that joint
on the main line where the drunks go
to cool off.
While in F.astc Canada they are
suffering from ma* chilling blizzards
and  frost  bite; w ou the western
coast tho populace t.aile along the whole
day 'neiith the everlasting umbrella and
leaden skies; while all around in the
interior of the province Mother Earth
ie enveloped in her winter raiment���
Beautiful, bounteous, lilvcry Slocan
yet raises its smiling emerald face to
a summer sun. 0, ye if little faith;
how long, how long ? The final remarks are dedicated to tl a C.P.R.
Eddie Angrigiion brought into our
sanctum some luscious ied raspberries
gathered In his garden just as we want
to press last week. They wero in fine
condition and lacked nothing in flavor.
Herbert Cue was out after big game
last Wednesday, but whether he shot
anything is neither here nor there, as
Johnny McDonald remarked when he
missed the target at the annual rifle
The most encouraging news from the
Boundary was received with great
pleasure by the people of the Slocan.
Witli the Granby mines and smelter
resuming again shortly the outlook is
far rosier than was anticipated a week
The Sandon suit of Forrc3t vs. Smith
and Treves will be tried this week at
Nelson. The plea is for an order for
cancellation of mortgage, which if
allowed will givo plaintiff and partners
right to sell the ore mined by them at
the Payne whilst working under a sublease from thu defendants.
Bluebird in Ore.
From the Bluebird comes most excellent reports. This property has been
shutdown for several years, but this
summer a lease and bond was obtained
by a syndicate oi local men consisting
of Messrs. P. and It. McLanders. J. A.
McKinnon, It. Turner and A. Forrest,
and di if ting on tho lead they have
struck 20 inches oi galena ore, a car of
which is now sacked for shipment.
Ore Struck at Goodenough.
A few months ngo we reported that
the Goodenough group had been bonded by a syndicate of Sandon miuing
mon, whose program was to crosscut to
the rich Rei'O-Goodenough ledge, from
which the richest car of oie said to have
b"er. shipped from the district was extracted. The crosscut at the time of
the syndicate taking up the property
was in 200 feet, and this has now been
driven for another 300 feet. We have
it fom what ne consider a reliable
source that eleven inches of ore lias
been struck, but wc do not think that
they uie in far enough yet for the main
ledge to have been tapped. The ore is
of a much lower grade.
The Christinas Show.
Through the courtesy of Mr. T. T.
Raukine, our representative was permitted to witness the first act ot the
grand operatta, " The Four-Leaved
Clover " one evening this week. This
operetta is now in eourse of preparation
by tho sehool children under the con-
duotorship of Mr. Rankine, the school
teacher, assiste 1 bv his talented wife.
We confess to icceiving a surpii e that
will linger pleasantly long in our
memory; indeed, it is one of the sweetest musical feasts served up by an
aggregation of school children it has
beeh our lot to hear. There are in all
about eighty performeis whose training
will on the night of the 24th inst. be a
source of pride and pleasure to parents
and the public generally who are lucky
enough to be present.
Slocan Xake fvuit 3Lan6e
For Full Information write
Imperial Bank Block ..   NELSON, B.C.
So Fertile
.:.��>. ������'���!*. ���-.*���..*.�����
Bilboes. !f6laftemore 8. Cameron,
Blaze at Silverton.
Last Sunday evening the cabin
owned by Tom McKochnie, situate
near the Silverton wharf was totally
destroyed by fire. Although the building was not a large one, the flames lit,
up the lake for many miles around,
and mnny citizens of New Denver took
to saddle horses and rigs and hastened
to our sister town to render assistance
fearing that a blaze ot more considerable dimensions was in progress.
The outbreak   was caused  by the
owner upsetting a lamp.
The newly formed Quadrille club is
meeting with the approval of the girls
and boys of the Lucerne if wo are to be
guided by the large crowds which havo
attended its weekly hop since the club's
inception. Calling in at the Bosun
Hall on Wednesday evening last we
found the floor of that commodious
building crowded with merry dancers.
The music was supplied by MisseB
Sinipkins, Kennedy and' McDonald,
and Mr. 0. Slattehrek. Dances are
held every Wednesday, and the membership fee is .2.00, ladies free.
Olcott Pavne, manager of the Hewitt,
has returned from New York.
Mudslide Near Alamo.
Passengers awaiting the arrival of
the 7.50 train at Sandon last Wednesday had eventually to board a hand-car
and be thus taken to about a mile and
a half east ol Alamo concentrator, whore
a slide of mud had come down the
mountain and crossed the track. The
mail sacks were also transferred iu this
manner to thc ordinary train which was
waiting at tho other end of the mudslide, and the passengers readied the
wharf hereon time. A lnrge crew of
men cleared the track in time for the
return trip at night.
Boris,���At Vancouver, on the Stlth ult.,
to the wife of W, Robinson, of Sandon, a daughter.
Mrs, Wm. Ilnntor and children were
visitors tc town Wednesday.
Dr. Simmons, tho Greenwood dentist, has for the past eight days been
practising In New Denver. He reports
doing a splendid business.
W. J. Goepel, traveling auditor for
the Provincial Government, came in
this week to audit the books at the
government office.
Anthony Shilland, secretary of the
Saudon Mineis' Union, passed through
on Friday last en route, to Nelson to
attend the arbitration proc.e.lingB over
the labor dispute at the St. Eugene
mine, Moyie.
D. St. Denis, paid a flying visit to
tho Summit ou tho 4ih. Denny thinks
we are joking when wo aay that lasp-
berrieS) strawberries and wild flowers
weru gathered in New Denver lust
week, which is a fact, nevertheless. Ho
would have us believe that butterfly
catching was the present popular pastime at Slocan City.
A sergeant of police at Nelson was
caught In tlie act of stealing a till containing ,12 from the Silver Grill last
week, and after pleading guilty he was
release! on suspended sentonee. Guardians ot tho people I  Ugh!
Gordon McLennan came in from Silverton on thc 4th,
A sub, in out* hand is'worth two In
your mind,
[Special to the Roview..
Spokane, Dec. 5.���Seen at his offices
in the Empire State building last night
with regard to the recent decision in
the Star-White case, Byron N. White
said he would contest the claims of the
plaintiff to the court of last resort. He
added there is little doubt that tie
Privy Council will bo asked to sit finally on the case. His company believed that a more dispassionate consideration of tho enso could be had in
England than in Canada.    He said:
" We have not been making this
fight for six years for tho fun of it, and
wo will not continue spending money
just to keep the case in court. We bo-
lievo we are in the right, that in the
end the highest court of jurisdiction In
Great Britain can not fail to deal out to
ua the justieo which we have so long
sought. To that end we believe that
the first favorable decision of Chief
Justice Hunter and tho recent dissenting decision of Jmlgo Morrison will not
bo without influence."
i  -i ' ���  i
A ihinco was giyon at Rosebery on
Friday evening last In honor of Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Haigh, (neo Bourne) who
were recently united In marriage, A
largo number of New Denver friends
wero pre.ent and an enjoyablo night
was spout, ��._____
Newsy Notes From Sandon.
From our Correspondent.
Mr. E. H. Glass, accountant for the
Slocnn Star mine, was in from Spokane
on company business this week.
Logan MePhee was among the visitors
this week from Whitew-atr**.
J. G. Duck has returned from a trip
to Nelson.
Two cars of tramway equipment ar-
lived over the G.N. Ry. for the Eureka-
Richmond mines on Thursday..
Fifteen meu are now on the Maggi e
We are sorry to report that John
McKaskill, of Cody, is laid up at the
hospital with bronchitis.
" Hello, Central I Give me Cody."
The 'phone line has again been opened
up between that point and Sandon after
a protracted shut-down.
The Reco mine sent out another car
of high-grade eiiver-lead ore to Trail
smelter this week.
Will Jaffery left this morning for a
trip to Golden, B.C. He also expects
to pay hie folks in  Eastern Canada a
visit shortly.
On Tuesday night an enjoyable dance
and supper was held in the M.U. hall,
in honor of Miss Mary Mclntyre, who is
leaving for Vancouver with her parents
very shortly.
"Harold, keep off my toe " is beard
quite often at the dances now. Harold
has mado his debut, and is learning to
Ern. Towgood left with a string of
pack horeos and mules for Lardo this
week, where they will be put to pasture
for tbe winter.
Oro is being rawhided down from the
Sunset now to Cody.
Alex. Forrest and partners have gone
to Nelson to attend court as plaintiffs
in tho mining case igainst Smith and
Treves. Wm. Bennett Is also in Nelson
iu connection with this case.
Owing to the curling rink building
collapsing under lho heavy pressure of
snow last spring, the curling club,
which also owns the skating rink, nro
trying to come to an amicable arrangement with tlie skaters wherein they
will both havo throe nights a week. So
far the skaters have turned down tho
proposition Ior tho reason that they
would not havo access to the centre of
the Ice, whicli would bo reserved for
curling, and that it would debar them
from playing hockey. There is ulso a
disagreement as to the division of concurrent oxponses, and the outlook for
a winter's fun for tho girls and boys Is
very gloomy.	
J, J, Fingland, the Sandon aBBayer,
was in town to-day. ~\..
The financial crisis has not yet hit
Clever'H butcher shop, If his dally output Is any criterion.
When Boys Were Boys.
Nothing is as it was in those good
old days. Then a boy was a boy, he
wore overalls and was dressed for
work. He had half a day's work to
do before going to school and another
after his return, and you could kick
him ton feet and he would bound back.
Now a boy is a "kid." When he gets
ready to go to school he can't carry in a
pail of water for fear of spoiling his
clothes. If he gets home before the
evening meal is��done, something is
wrong, and If you keep him home after
8 p.m. you will require a atling gu-n.
Then the clothing was all made at
home, and the only way you could tell
which was front or rear was to watch the
forpiece of his cap. The clothing was so
that he could turn round in them after
they were on and thus fool his friends.
Our sisters worked and helped to cook
and wash and mend and all oth-sr work.
Now they have luck if they get duds on
In time to get breakfast and go to
school. When the preacher came the
boys snd girls were expected to sit
straight as a cop and speak when spoken to. Now they are brought to the
front and pnt through their paces.
The girl must knock a few stars out of
the piano or organ and the boy must
"Bpeak his piece" and look like a sick
monkey begging for raisins. Everything is progressive.
They used to gst married for two
dollars and begin housekeeping for .50.
The bride made her own clothes and
the grooms mother made his.. One
suit lasted a year for "good," and one
or two more for every day. Th��y rocked
the baby to sleep in a "saptrough,"
and had a chunk of salt-pork for de3crt.
Tho whole community would work sixteen hours and then go to a "shindig"
and old and young dance till twilight.
They had no "brainstorms," "heart
failures," nor "appendicitis."
"Brainsto-ms" were curol wi'h a
water elm club, heart failures wore
called "fits" and appendicitis was called
bolly ache. They rolled the patient on
a barrel or rubbed with a hot brick,
and no ono knew he had a vermiform
doflicker that was liable to get full of
chug stoneB or ground cherry seeds.
We used to eat soup and have "Bass"
ot all kinds. Now we have fruit salad
and consomme and biscuits made from
baking powder that look as though some
one had sat on them. We had broad
mado from "rising" Ihat smolled liko
a glno-factory whun it was rising, but
tnstod better than anything from XXX
roller process flour ground into dust.
One suspender was enough for any boy.
And it the girls chowed gum, (hoy had
to climb a tamarao treo and dig it out
wltb a screwdriver. Progress don't
always moan betterment, Those old
niuiiecrs were as happy as any other
people on onith, thoy noedod le��i than
a quarter tho luxuries ol to-day, and
hnd six times lho necessaries.
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
Any person who undertakes the
planting of an orchard in the Slocan
country, will he certain before long to
find himself face to face with the problem of how to (obtain a sufficient supply
of manure so that he might bring this
land to the highest possible degree of
fertility. I believe that tho best lands
in this neighborhood are eminently
adapted to the growth of fruit, largely
owing to tlieir splendid natural drainage
but we must recognise the fact that this
advantage of a gravelly and open Buh-
soil tends to mako them particularly
difficult to keep supplied wiuh manure;
tbey are what is known as " hungry
soile." Generally speaking there will
be little necessity for undcrdraining
hero. If more underdrainiug was nocos-
sary, there would probably bo lets manure required. Let us then consider
the three possible sources of manures
to fertilise our lands. First there is
barn yard manure, of which there is
fortunately a fairly good supply, and*
which wo shall learn in time to value
moro highly and to tako better care of
bo as to prevent its being worked by
the action of the sun and rain. The
second source will bo obtained from
various green crops that we shall grow
for the express'purpose ol ploughing under and thus increasing the fertility and
improving the mechanical textnro or
condition of the soil. Chief amongst
these crops will be thc various clovers,
peas and beans. The third Bourca will
be obtained by trying artificial fertilizers
and applying these scientifically to
supplement the deficiencies in tho soil
of the different forms of nutriment required by the plants, for plants in this
respect are like ourselves and they
must be fed an all round diet to supply
tlieir different requirements of their
roots, stems, leaves and flowers. We
should starve to death on an exclusive
diet of lean beef, however excellent Mr.
Clever's steaks may be, and no vegetarian however enthusiastic, would
preach an unvaried diet of soda-crackers
or pumpkins.
The researches of agricultural ch��m-
ists have proved that there are various
elements which must be present in the
soil, and without any one of which,
plant life is simply impossible. Some of
these, such as iron, we may safely assume to be present. Another one, lime
is also probably abundant, but tho fact
needs to be proved, and I would venture to appeal to our eminent friend
Chas. Twigg, who has lately taken a
course of agriculture at the Ontario
Agricultural College, to take upon himself the thorough testing of the soils of
this neighborhood. He would need to
get a number of Bmall samples of the
soil from the head of the lake, from
Rosebery, irom Mr. Cropp's ranch, and
from New Denver, and so on all down
and around the lake and Slocan River
valley. He would; need toJ observe
whether the country rock underlying tbe
soils was of a granitic or shaly character
and then by a simple experiment witb
a very small amount of hydrochloric
acid and a few test tubes he could settle
this important question for all time in
this neighborhood. I shall look forward
to publishing tho results of his experiments with great interest in the near
Wo may also got a great amount of
valuable information as to the requirements of our soil j by forwarding a similar set of samples of soil to tho labra-
tories so wisely provided by tho Canadian government; the collection and
forwarding of these samples would bo a
most excellent work for tho children of
the senior school under the direction
and supervision of Mr. Rankine, it is
possible tliey might reap a reward even
iu th is would by partaking of finer and
moro abundant fruit as tho result ol
their public spirit. The experiments
and tOBts to prove tho presence or absence of lime in the soil might also be
most profitably used as a lossou in nature study.
In succeeding articles I hope to discover tho other funns and sources of
fertility for our soils.
The Canadian Pacific Railway an-
iiouni.o a very bw round trip rato to
all points In Ontario and Quebec wost
ot Montreal. Tickets on salo daily
fit in December 1st to December 111st,
and bear a 00 day limit. This affords
an excellent opportunity to visit tho
cii-t at a very economical cost. Reduced faros to old country arc advertised
.l-owliors in this issue.
Can we Apply it Here ?
Nearly all mining camps havo
"boom" times, and also periods of depression, and the Slocan camp has been
no exception to thc usual course of
events. New life has been infused into
dead or languishing camps In various
ways. About the limo when Butte,
Mont., was losing piestige as a gold-
silver camp, the fact was discovered
that it was really ono of tho greatest
copper camps on earth,
Sudbury, Ont., was struggling along
as a third rate [copper ramp when
Bomoone noted that it was a "bonanza"
nickel producer. Leadville, Colo., has
had all sorts of ups and downs, aud
moBt of the notablo camps all over tho
world have troubles much tho aame as
a normal child haa croup, measles and
se on.
The Slocan is hardly likely to be'trans-
formed into a gold or copper camp, but
that it has good chances of yot becoming a really great silver producer is a
certainty, as a result of two recent
great improvements, one in the metallurgy of zinc and the other in the treatment of complex silver bearing ores.
In Mexico to-day, American mining
companies ure slowly but surely solving
the problem of treating complex low
grade silver ores, such as occur in large
bodies in the mines of the Granite area
in the south end of this district; therefore before long, lively times and prosperity may again prevail along'the dry
ore belt of the Slocan.
It is a possibility of the near future
that zinc ores may bo reduced to spelter
locally; for it is now a certainty that
zinc ores can bo smelted by use of electricity and that the cheapes place to
establish a plant is where water power
is available. The Slocan has both zinc
ores and complete water power.
Regarding the local treatment of silver ores, such as occur abundantly in
the granite area here; theso will undoubtedly be amenable to the same
methods of treatment as similar ores
now being treated with much success
in Mexico.
The least complex of these ores are
crushed and slimed, and then thoroughly agitated, in special tanks, by means
of compressed air, a solution of cyanide
having previous been added to the
The silver in the Blimed ore is extracted by the cyanide solution, which is
then separated from the pulp or slimes
by means of filter frames, the silver
afterwards being precipitated from the
cyanide solution  by chemical means.
Ores contaning refractory elements or
minerals such as galena, zinc blende,,
antimony, arsenic, etc., are after crushing, passed over BloWly moving belt
concentrators which are capable of
holding very fine metallic particles, the
slimes going over to the agitation tanks
In the usual way.
In Mexico, the electro-cyanide idea
appears to have gone to the "hocus po-
ens" pile as no mention is made of the '
Pellatan-Cletacy, Parks or Hendry x' "
proces��es; however it is possible that
after the cyanide solutions have extracted the silver content from the slimed
and agitated ore, that sonic form of
electric deposition of the silver may
prove more effective than, the filter,
frame, and the chemical prcclpltalion
melhod nov*. in use. Mining men in
this camp should carefully wntch tho
progress now being made in nre treatment in Mexico; as the Improvements
mode there will surely In tinio bring
new life and prosperity to the Slocnn
Lake section of this district.   ���
J. G. Duck, principal owner of the
MBggie, a property now being developed
above Cody, passed through en route
to Nolson last Monday to purchaso another oro car and a large quantity of
stoel rails. A strike of groat Importance
was made a few days ago whilst sinking
was going on. A new spur was uncovered with a showing of 2*1 inches of
clean galena. Mr. Thco. 8. Hodkin,
Mr. Duck's .attorney, will arrive in a
few days from Milwaukee to inspect tho
Mr. T,E. Cue left Monday for Hastings,
England, where ho will stay until early
spring, and then return with his wife
to join his sons and daughter bore.
Mr. Oue travels via Now York.
Dan Hurley, who wilh his family is
leaving Sandon for Vancouver tho flist
of tho week, was a nailer nt our office
.o-day lo wish us good by. THE  SLOCAN MINING REVIEW, SANDON, B.  0.
��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The'"English Orphans,"
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc.
Tt was Guy who received her, Guy
who pointed to a chair, Guy who
seemed perfectly at home, and, naturally enough, she took him for Dr.
Holbrook, wondering who the other
black-haired man could be, and if he
meant to stay in there all the while.
It would be very dreadful if he did,
and in her agitation nnd excitement
the 6ube root was in danger of being
altogether forgotten. Half guessing
the cause of her uneasiness, and feeling more averse than ever to taking
part in the matter, the doctor, after
a hasty survey of her person, withdrew into the background, and sat
where he could not be seen. This
brought the short dress into full view,
together with the dainty little foot,
nervously beating the floor.
"She's very young," he thought;
'too young, by far," and Maddy's
chances of success were beginning to
decline even before a word had been
How terribly still it was for the
time during which telegraphic communications were silently passing between Guy and the doctor; the latter shaking his head decidedly, while
the former insisted that he should
do his duty. Madeline could almost
hear the beatings of her heart, and
;only by counting and recounting the
poplar trees growing across the street
could she keep back the tears. What
:was he waiting for, she wondered,
and, at last, summoning all her courage, she lifted her great brown eyes
to Guy, and said, pleadingly:
"Would you be so kind, sir, as to
"Yes, certainly," and electrified by
that young, bird-like voice, the sweetest save one he had ever heard, Guy
knocked down from the pile of books
the only one at all appropriate to the
occasion, the others being as fnr beyond what was taught in the district
schools as his classical education was
beyond Madeline's couimon one.
Remembering that the teacher of
whom he had once been for n week
a pupil, in the town of Framingham,
had commenced operations by sharpening a lead pencil, so he now sharpened a similar one, determining as
far as he could to follow that teacher's example. Mnddy counted every
fragment as it fell upon the floor,
wishing so much that lie would commence, nnd fancying that it would
not be half so bad to have him approach her with some one of the terrible dental instruments lying before
her, as it was to sit nnd wait as she
was waiting. Had Guy Remington
reflected a little, he wonid never hnve
consented to do the doctor's work;
but, unaccustomed to country usages,
especially those pertaining to schools
and teachers, he did not consider
that it mattered which examined tnat
young girl, himself or Dr. Holbrook.
Viewing it somewhat in the light of a
Joke, he rather enjoyed it! and as tht
Framingham teacher had first asked
her pupils their names and ages, so
he, when the pencil was sharpened
sufficiently, startled Madeline by asking her name.
"Madeline Amelia Clyde," was the
meek-reply, which Guy quickly recorded.
Now, Guy Remington intended no
irreverence; indeed, he could not tell
what he did intend, or what it was
which prompted his next query:
"Who gave you  this name?"
Perhaps he fancied himself a boy
again in the Sunday school, and
standing before the railing of the altar, where, with others of his age, he
had been asked the question propounded to Madeline Clyde, who did
not hear the doctor's smothered lnugh
as he retreated into tho adjoining
In all her preconceived ideas of this
examination, she had never dreamed
of being catechised, and with a feeling of terror as she thought of that
long answer to the question, "What
is thy duty to thy neighbor?" and
doubted her ability to repeat it, she
said: "My sponsors, in baptism gave
me the first name of Madeline Amelia, sir," adding as she caught and
misconstrued the strange gleam in
the dark eyes bent upon her, "I am
afraid I have forgotten some of thc
catechism; I did not know it was necessary in order to tench school."
"Certainly, no; I do not think it is.
I beg your pardon," were Guy Remington's ejucuhitory replies, as he
glanced from Madeline to the open
door ot the adjoining room, where was
visible a slate, on which, in huge
letters, the amused doctor had written "Blockhead."
There was something in Madeline's
quiet, womanly, earnest manner which
commanded Guy's respect, or he
would have given vent to the lnugh
ter which wai- choking him, and
thrown off his disguise. But he could
not bear now to undeceive her, and,
resolutely turning his back upon the
doctor, he sat down hy that pile of
books and commenced the examination in earnest, asking first her age.
"Going on fifteen," sounded older
to Madeline thnn "Fourteen and a
half," bo "Going on fifteen" was the
reply, to which Guy responded: "That
is very young, Miss Clyde."
"Yes, but Mr. Green did not mind.
He's the committeeman. He knew
how young I was," Madeline said,
eagerly, her great brown eyes growing large with the look of fear which
came so suddenly  into them.
Guy noticed the eyes then, and
thought them very bright and handsome for brown, but not so bright or
handsome as a certain pair of soft
blue orbs he knew, nnd feeling fl
thrill of satisfnetion that sweet Lucy
Atherstone was not obliged to sit
there in thnt doctor's office to be
questioned by him or any other mnn,
he said: "Of course, if your employers are satisfied it is nothing to me,
only I hnd associated teaching with
women much older thnn yourself.
Whnt is logic,  Miss Clyde?"
The abruptness with which he put
the question startled Mndeline to such
s degree thnt she could not positively tell whether she hnd ever henrd
thnt word before, much less could
.she recall its meaning, nnd so she
answered frankly. "I don't know."
A girl who did not know what logic
wns did not know much, in Guy's estimation, but it would not do to stop
here, and so he nsked her next how
ji".n** eases..thorp j-icre in LutlO-l.
MarM-v' felt "fh(* **hot _iTodb'*Tini.rilSg
to her very finger-tips, the examination had tnken n course so widely different from her idens of whnt it
would prohnhly he. She hnd never
looked inside n I.ntin ernmmnr, snd
Benin her truthful "T don't know,
sir." fell on Guy's ear, but this time
there was a hnlf-desnniritii? tone in
the voung voice usually so hopeful.
"Perhnns, then, yon enn ennjuente
the verb Amo." Guv snid. his manner indicntine the doubt he wu* he-
pinning to feel ns to her qualifications.
Mnddv knew well whnt "coniupnte"
meant, but thnt vrb Amo. whnt could
it. menu' nnd hnd she ever henrd it
before? Mr. Rnrnintrton wns wnitine
for her; she mt'R' snv snmnthine. nnd
with n pnsp she bepi-n ��� ''I nmo. thou
amor-st. he nmo<*s. Plnrnl* We amo.
ye or you nmo. they nmo."
Guy looked nt her ni?bnst for n sin-
pie moment, nnd then n cnmicnl smile
hrnko nil over his fnce. telling poor
Mnddy plainer thnn could words that
she hnd made n most ridiculous mistake.
"Oh, sir," she cried, her eyes wearing the lock nf tbe frichtened hnre.
"it is not right. T don't know whnt
it means. Tell me, tench me. What
is it to nmo?"
To most men it would not hnve
seemed a very disncreeable task,
tenehinp young Madeline Clyde "to
amo," ns she termed it. and some
such idea flitted across Guy's mind,
ns be thought how pretty and bripht
was tbe enger face upturned to his.
thc pure white forehead, suffused
with a fnint flush, the cheeks a crimson hue, nnd tbe pnle lips parted
sliphtly ns Mnddy appenled to him
for the definition  of "nmo."
"It is a I.ntin verb, nnd menns 'to
love,'" Guy said, with nn emphasis
on the Inst word, which would hnve
mnde Mnddy blush hnd she been less
anxious  and  friphtened.
Thus far she hnd answered nothing
correctly, nnd, feeling puzzled to know
how to proceed, Guy stepped into the
adjoining room to consult with the
doctor, but he was gone. So, returning, Guy resumed the examination by
asking how "minus into minus could
produce  plus."
Again Maddy was at fault, and her
low-spoken "I don't know" sounded
like a wail of despair. Did she know
anything, Guy wondered, and feeling
some curiosity now to ascertain that
fact, he plied her with questions philosophical, questions algebraical, and
questions geometrical, until in an
agony of distress Maddy raised her
hands deprecatingly, as if she would
ward off any similar questions, and
sobbed out:
"Oh, sir, no more. It makes my
head so dizzy. They don't tench that
in common schools. Ask me something 1 do know."
Suddenly it occurred to Guy that
he had gone entirely wrong, and mentally cursing himself foi thp blockhead the doctor had called him, be
asked  kindly:
"What do they teach? Perhaps you
can enlighten me?"
"Geography, arithmetic, grammar,
history, and spelling-book," Madeline
replied, untying and throwing off her
bonnet, in the vain hope that it might
bring relief to her poor, giddy head,
which throbbed so fearfully thnt all
her ideas seemed for the time to have
left her.
This was n natural consequence of
the high excitement under which she
was laboring, nnd so, when Guy did
ask her concerning the books designated, she answered but little better
than before, and Guy was wondering
what he should do next, when the
doctor's welcome step was heard, and
leaving Madeline again, he repaired
to the next room to report his ill-
"She does not seem to know anything. The veriest child ought to do
better thnn she has done. Why, she
has scarcely answered half a dozen
questions  correctly."
This wns whnt poor Maddy heard,
thouph it *wns spoken in a low whisper; but every word was distinctly
understood and burned into her
heart's core, drying her tears and
hardening her into a block of marble!
She knew that Guy had not done bet
justice, and this helped to increnso
the torpor stealing over ber. Still
���she did not lose n sylloble of whnt
was saying in the back office, and her
lips curled scornfully when she heard
Guy remnrk: "I pity her; she is so
young, and evidently tnkes it so bnrd.
Maybe she's ns good as they average.
Suppose we give her the certificate."
���""Then Dr. Holbrook spoke, but to
poor, dazed Maddy his words were
all a riddle. It was nothing to him
���who was he that he should be dictating thus? There seemed to be a
difference of opinion between the
young men, Guy insisting that out ol
pity she should not be rejected; and
the doctor demurring on the ground
thnt he ought to be more strict. As
usual, Guy overruled, nnd seating
himself at the table, the doctor wns
just commencing: "I hereby certify " while Guy wns bending ovm
him, when the latter was startled bv
a bnnd lnid firmly on his arm, and
turning quickly be confronted Mnde
line Clyde, who. with ber short hail
unshod from ber blue-veined fore
head, her fnce ns pale ns ashes, snvi
where a round spot of purplish red
burned upon her cheeks, and her
t*yes gleaming like coals of lire, stood
before   him.
"He need not write thnt," she snid,
huskily, pointing to the dotttor. "It
would hp n lie. nnd I could not take
it. You do not think me qualified. ?
henrd ynu sny so. I do not wnnt to
be pitied. I do not wnnt a certificate
because I nm so young a:.d you think
r'U feel bndly.   I do not want "
Her voice failed her, her bnsom
heavi-d. and the clinking sobs came
thick and fnst. but still she shed no
tear, and in ber bright, dry eyes there
was a look which made both those
voung men turn nway involuntarily
Once Guy tried to excuse her failure
saying she no doubt wns friphtened
She would probably do better npnin
nnd might ns well nccept the certi
ficntp. but Mndeline still snid nn, so
decidedly thnt further remonstrance
wns useless. She would not take whnt
she hnd no right to, she snid, hut if
they plensed she would wnit there
in the bnck ofiice until her grand
father came bsck; it would not be
long, and she should not trouble
Guy brought her the easy-eh'tlir
from the front room and placed it
fnr her by the window. With a faint
smile Bhe thanked him and said
"You are very kind," but the smile
hurt Guy cruelly, it was so sad, so
full of unintentional reproach, while
the eyes she lifted to his looked so
grieved and weary that he insensibly
murmured to himself: "Poor child!"
as he left her, and with the doctor
repaired to the house, where Agnes
was impatiently waiting for them.
Poor, poor little Madge! Let those
smile who may at ber distress; it was
the first keen disappointment she hnd
ever had, and it crushed her ns com
pletely as mnny an older person has
been crushed by heavier cnlamities.
"Disgraced for ever and ever," she
kept repeating to herself, as she tried
to shake off the horrid nightmare
stealing over her. "How can I htild
up my head again nt home where
nobody will understand just how it
was���nobody but grnndpn nnd grand*
ma? Oh, grandpa, I can't earn thnt
thirty-six dollars now. I 'most wish I
was dead, and I am���I ain dying.
Somebody- come���quick I"
There was n heavy fall, and while
in Mrs. Conner's parlor Guy Remington nnd Dr. Holbrook were chnt*
ting gayly with Agnes, a childish figure wns lying upon the office floor,
white, stiff,  and  insensible.
Little Jessie Remington, tired of
sitting still nnd listenng to what hei
ninnimn nnd Mrs. Conner were saying
hnd Btrayed off into the garden, nnd
nfter filling her chubby bands with'
daffodils nnd early violets, wended
her way to ",1ip office, the door ol
which was pnrtinlly njnr. Peering cur
iously in, she snw* the crumpled bon
net, with its ribbons of blue, nnd
attracted by this, advanced into the
room, until she cnme where Mnde
line wns lying. With a feeling thnt
something was wrong, Jessie bent ovei
the prostrnte girl, asking if she was
asleep, and lifting next the lonp
fringed lashes drooping on the colorless cheek. The dull, dend expres
sion of the eyes sent n chill through
Jessie's frnme, nnd hurrying to thc
house she cried: "Oh, Brother Guy
somebody's dend in the office, and her
b_.ru.ej,  is , all_,j.nmmed '_.' .   ...
(To Be Continued)
Sailor Startled a Cultured Boston
Waitress With His Order.
A tine example of n deep sea appetite. Illustrated with inuring pictures,
was giveu in u rwiuiuriiut in Newspaper row the oilier uveulug, A hale and
hearty looking ��i,-. p m.*u a..i!oi* moored
up lo one ol' tut* near mahogany tattles
uud without lu'sltutluu started to
guuge his appetite as follows:
"I would like ,*i nice tenderloin steak,
some broiled lUiR'iserel and half u doz-
eu scrambled ejga. Vou may ulso
bring uie if you \,ill a mess of lettuce
aud some sliced cold tomatoes."
The waitress with si.Ueen Inch waist
forgot her usual smile in her anxiety
uot to forget auytlllng, Before Bhe
reached the slide her confidence failed
her, and she coinuiuulcun-d her doubta
about the sanity of her patron to the
The latter decided to Investigate.
With all sails set he tucked up to the
ieep sea sailor mid anchored alongside.
"Have you given your order yet?"
he Inquired, trying to look unconcerned.
"1 have," waa the frank reply.
"What is it?'' Inquired the manager a
Uttle timorously.
Then the deep sea order was repeat
ed, and ou lookiug up and seeing the
blank look upon the manager's face
the sailor asked, "Well, can't I get
"YSu shall hnve It; you shall have
It" said the manager, slightly embarrassed.
"Didn't the girl think I meant It all?"
said the sailor, blushing like n poppy.
"That is ull right," said the manager,
Balling away.
It was the girl's turn to blush when
she placed before her patron the full
order, with half a dozen buns and
five potatoes. And ns nearby patrons
glanced around I hey saw the deep sen
niuu eating slowly, but surely, until
there did not seem to be seven crumbs
left of any pnrt of the order.
"He should have had six potatoes Instead of five," sn Id the waitress, "and
Tin sorry that he did not get them all."
"Amen!" said n chorus from tlie n/iit
table.���Boston Post
His weakness was prevarication.
His wife detested lying and constantly urged hiin to mend his ways. One
morning she said; "Will, see If you
can't be perfectly truthful today
Don't tell n Hi*. Now, promise!" He
promised nnd went nway to work
When he i-anii.* home to dinner, she
"Dear, did you keep your premise?"
"I did," he replied soberly.
Then he caught tier ln his arms.
"Darling," he cried, "I will not lie to
you. When I said I had kept my
promise to you. I did not tell the
truth; bat, believe mc, that was the
only lie I told all day."
Por twenty-two seconds she was
lost in perplexity. Then she gave It
up; the problem was too deep for ber.
Taken In One Way.
lie���So you persist In breaking oft
tlie engagement?
She���Most decidedly. What do you
take me for?
He���Oh, about forty. Better think
It over; it may he your last chance.���
Harper's^ .Weekly.    .
Just the Same as Usual.
"I thought ynu said you weren't
goliur to drink any more."
"1 did."
"But here you are drinking as much
as ever."
"Well, thnt Isn't any more, ls it?"
A hroiid minded mnn never loses nny.
sleep ln'i'iiiHc an.'ther man's opinions
full in ii'.ree wilh his own.���Wnghi
City News
The Effect of Marriage.
MoJlgger���He should have had sense
enough uot to marry Miss Stronginind.
He wiih very stupid.
Tulngutnbob���Yes, but he's shrewed
now.���Philadelphia Press.
Guying the Guileless.
tunny Man (suddenly)���It looks like
8(1 tents, doesil't u?
Innocent (guilelessly)���Wbat does?
funny Man-A nickel und a quarter.
��� Detroit Prep Press.
Nothing you can wear corts you so little in real
comfort, real service and real satisfaction as
Wan-uteri to you b. ike deater. by die nuke** 10
him. Farm-fitted fol comfort'* s*r.r; won't stretch,
won't shrink. Made in mnny fabrics nnd styles,
nt various pricei, in form-fitting sizes for women,
men and children.    Trade-marked in red ai above.
Another   Purpose
Henry C. Frick, the steel man,
was once a guest at a dinner when
he wus unexpectedly culled upon to
respond to n toast. Recovering somewhat from hit*, surprise, Mr. Frick
snid that his situation reminded him
of the case of a Pennsylvania man
who fell into the water while fishing.
With no little difficulty he was
rescued, and after he had regained
his breath and was in a fairly comfortable position his rescuer asked
him how he came to full into the
"I did not come to fall into the
water," replied the unfortunate man;
"I came to fish."
The F'ngging Energies Revived���
Constant application to business is a
tax upon the energies, and if there
be no relaxation, lassitude and depression are sure to intervene. These
come from stomachic troubles. The
want of exercise brings on nervous
irregularities, and the stomach ceases
to assimilate food properly. In this
condition Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will be found a recuperative of rare
power, restoring the organs to healthful action, dispelling depression and
reviving the Hugging energies.
A well-known musician wns talking about  old-fashioned  concerts.
"Some of the hits directed at these
concerts were merited," he said.
"One hit, a good one, was made by a
crusty old man. He called upstairs
to his daughters:
" 'What a time you girls take getting ready for the concert! Look at
jne; a bit of wadding in each ear and
I'm all ready.'"���Tit-Bits.
A Severe Case of Rheumatism Cured
by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
"For many weary months I suffered untold agony. 1 could not wulk.
1 could scarcely raise myself to a sitting posture. I was under medical
care, but in vain. Finally I tried
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and they
have restored me to my former healthy condition."
This strong statement was made to
reporter recent'y by Mr. Charles S.
Keddey, formerly of Kignston, N.S.,
but now living at Port Maitland.
Mr. Keddey is a carpenter by trade
and is now able to work every day.
He adds: "I cannot speak too highly
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, as tbey
cured me after other medicine failed.
While I was living at Kingston, N.
S., I was seized wilh rheumatism in
its most violent form. I was compelled to take to my bed and for
months was an invalid. I was so
weak that it was difficult for n,o li
raise myself to a sitting posture. It
is impossible to tell how much I suffered day and night, week in and
week out. The pains were like pWc-
ing swords. I had medical attendance, but it fuiled. Then I tried
medicines advertised to cure rheumatism, but with the same result-
money wasted. One day when hope
had almost gone a friend advised me
to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I
told him my experience with other
medicines but he assured me that
these pills would cure rheumatism, so
I sent for a supply. After using a
few boxes I wus able to leave my
bed, and from that on my restoration to health was rapid. I am now
as well as ever I was, and have not
had the slightest touch of rheumatism since. The change they have
wrought in my case is simply miraculous and I can strongly recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to any
one suffering from any form of rheumatism."
Rheumatism is rooted in the blood.
Rubbing the aching limbs with liniments and outward remedies cannot
possibly cure it. You must get the
rheumatic acid out of the blood and
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is the one
sure medicine to do this, because
they actually make new blood. That
is why these pills cure anaemia,
headaches and backaches, neuralgia,
indigestion and the secret ailments
that make miserable the lives of so
many women and growing girls. Sold
by all medicine dealers or by mail at
50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50, from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvi'le, Out.
Sure  Enough
Mr. Rich���1 suppose you find that
a baby  brightens  up  the house P
Mr. Benedict���Yes; we burn nearly
twice the gas we  used  to.���Answers.
Ratifications of the new Russo-
Japanese treaty were exchanged at
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Thoughtfully planned, conveniently
arranged, and carefully constructed
buildings are ns essential in the country as in the city. The equipment
of modern conveniences has become
a necessity.
"DODD'S ���'*.*
It's Very Easy if You Only Know Hovi
to Do It Properly.
Castor oil should never be given
without first heutiug it a little. This
Joes not liiean ge.ting it hot or putting
a burning spoon into the little mouth.
The object of heutiug is merely to thin,
a little the consistency of the, heavy
t>H, and the most gentle warmth will
do this. This change ulone makes the,
liquid go down more easily.
When tlie dose Is to be given It ln\
well to cnll In a member of the family
to act as assistant. Put baby downj
on the bed ou his hack and have readyj
a small napkin or other hit of linen
wrung out In cold water. Fold this)
lint, just large enough to go under
baby's chin up to the ears. Give this*
to the assistant nud instruct her in,
her duty, which Is merely that of hold,
Ing the wet compress against the chin
at tlie psychological moment. This
second Is when ynu gently hold the Infant's nose, whicli you are to do Just
as you put the oil well back luto his
mouth, but not In the thYout, which
would then cause hlui to choke.
Holding the nose destroys tlie sense
of taste, and the wet compress causes
a flow of saliva that helps to send the
medicine down. The tiling necessary
to success Is that nil shall be doue to-
getlier nnd that the oil shall fall on
tlie precise spot on tlie tongue���that ls
to Buy, ll should drop us close to the,
throat us it can without going Into the
throat. To put It too near th. front of
the mouth gets It all over baby's gums
and gives hiin full benefit of the nasty
flavor. If nn Infant lights at taking
any kind of liquid medicine, It may be
Kiveii In this way. but as a rule the*.
little one swallows it unconsciously.
If medicine In II powdered form ls to,
be given, the simplest und, for a
young child, the best way Is to givo
It dry. Open his mouth and have the
dose rendy on the point of a spoon.
Drop this quickly well back on that
tongue and then uuTse or give him A
bottle at once.
Why They Do Not Succeed In Their
It seems strange that so few women
succeed ns photographers, for women
prefer to go to their own sex to be
photographed rnlluM* than to uu obviously "professional" mnu whose attentions remind them uncomfortably of
those of a dentist.
The trouble with the feminine photographer ls that she endeuvors to be
too artistic, at the expense of the
wishes of hor patrons? People get
their pictures taken because they desire a likeness, nnd they do not relish
nn impressionistic portrait vanishing
Into the shadow. Furthermore, she
disregards her subjects' individuality.
She should first of all try to find out
how they Imagine they look���u very
different thing from their actual np-
pearnnce���nnd then strive to attain
that Ideal. She must somehow make
a nervous, disheveled, unattractive
woman a miracle of charm, and all
without such gross flattery as to cause
None of the other feminine arts will
come amiss In her makeup. She must
know just what clothes and what alterations In the dress will work the,
transformation, and she must lu a way
play the hostess aud put her subject
at her ease.
It Is diificult nrt, but those who
do succeed find thnt In every wny they
nre repaid fer the trouble It took them,
to reach tbelr present status. And tho
best of nil ls thnt the overaesthetlc
photographer will find that by suppressing her early "artistic" tendencies she has arrived at that true art
which ls only expressed ln simplicity
and naturalness.
To shine boots quickly do not blacken, but rub with a piece of an orange.
Let the juice dry in, then polish with
a soft brush, when they will shine like
a mirror.
A good method of washing windows
Is to take two or three pieces of lump
starch, dissolve in the water aud wash
windows with the same. Let It dry*
aud polish with a dry cloth.
Common tray cloths may be made
from wornout tablecloths by cutting
the desired size from the strongest
parts and foldln;. a hem one and one-
half Inches wide with miter corners.
One of the best remedies for removing corns is turpentine. Touch tho corn
every night before retiring with a little
turpentine. It will come out lu a very
Short time. Apply the turpentine wltb
a toothpick.
Best Ways to Wind ,Wool.
Wool for knlttln.-er crocheting should
never be wound very tightly Into a
hard ball, as this makes It thin and
poor. Some Rood knitters merely unwind the skein Into a soft heap, but,
this method Is only possible where
there Is no fear of entanglement, as If
the heap of wool be disturbed It soou
gets Into a hopeless tannic. A better
plan Is to wind the wool over three or
four fingers of the left hand held outside the ball. These fingers shonld be
gently withdrawn at frequent Intervals to change the position of the ball.
Wool thus wound ls always soft and
full of thread.
A Fashionable Gem.
Of the minor gems of which the,
smartly gowned woman now makes
much there Is a translucent green stone
known ns nmuzoulte. It is of vivid
nnd yet a soft green and purposely ls
worn on a platinum chain to look as
If detached and to make a bright cen-
*cr of color on a white blouse. Rose
luartz Is another of the same Und
sed for necklace ornaments and natulan.
Sum t  Spain.
Spain ls the sunniest of all European
W.   N.   U.    No.   657
A Turkish Admiral.
An admiral if the Turkish fleet, seasick Iu u storm, waa disturbed by a
.rating noise. He Inquired whence It
���iroceeded, and uu being told It was
the rudder of the ship he desired it
might be linnii__.iatelr tajtan*�����*���*.    *���
Aristotle believed that the proper age
for inarrin-re was thirty-seven years
t_r u muu ami en. uteeu for a woman.
From the System���Both Kidneys and Bowels Are Restored To Action By
There are three ways, and three
only, by which the system can be
rid of poisonous waste matter--the
bowels,  tbe kidneys  and  the  skin.
The bowels are named first, because on them falls the greater part
of this work, and so long as they do
their duty there is seldom trouble
with the kidneys or skin as excretory
When the bowels fail, however, and
become sluggish and constipated
there is work thrown on the kidneys
which they have no business to do,
and which they cannot do (for any
length of time without becoming deranged.
Now there is only one medical
treatment which recognizes this condition of affairs, and that is Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. This is,
so far as we know, the only kidney
medicine which regulates the bowels,
as well as the kidneys, and thereby
removes the cause of trouble and
cures the most complicated cases.
You can scarcely find a ease of kidney disease which does not begin
with liver and bowels, ana which
could not therefore have been prevented by the use of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills.
Thousands of people are ready to
testify to the superiority of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills as a cure
for kidney troubles. The reason of
their efficiency is found in their action on the liver and boweis, as well
as the  kidneys.
; Mr. K. B. Dixon, McGillivary, B.C.,
writes:���'I have found Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver    Pills    to    be    exactly
I what I need.   Since 1897 I have been
I on the construction of the Crow'B
Nest Pass branch of the C.P.R., employed in all capacities and exposed
to all kinds of weather. I contracted
a severe  cold,  then  pain  across the
, back,   and   owing   to   the   hard   fare
! we sometimes had to live on, the
liver got sluggish and out of working
I order. Dr. Chase's K-dney-Liver Pills
seemed to be the very treatment I
needed and they have made me well
again. I also used Dr. Chase's Ointment for Eczema lust summer. It
cost only sixty cents a box, but was
worth $60. The cure was complete."
Mr. James J. Jensen, Olds, Alta.,
writes,���"I have been troubled considerably with lame back, which I
suppose came from derangements of
the kidneys, and I have never been
able to find a treatment that was so
prompt aind effective in curing this
ailment as Dr.  Chase's Kidney-Liver
I Pills. At two different times in my
life this preparation has entirely
cured me of this trouble, and of late
years I have found it unnecessary to
use any medicine whatever.    I feel it
I iny duty to add to this statement to
tbe many others which I see in recommendation of this excellent medicine."
j    Dr. Chnse's K*dney-L_7er Pills, one
1 pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., To-
i ronto. i
"Have you any ligut literature?"
she asked.
"Yes," replied the clerk at the
news stand, "we keep the Gas Review  and  the  Electrical  Journal."
They Drive Pimples Away���A face
covered with pimples is unsightly.
It tells of internal irregularities which
should long since have been corrected. The liver and the kidneys are
not performing their functions in the
healthy way they" should, and these
pimples are to let you know that the
blood protests. Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills will drive them all away, and
will leave the skin clear and clean.
Try them, and there will be another
witness to their excellence.
Another Fake
Teacher���Of what profession is your
Scholar���Am I obliged to tell you?
Teacher���Certainly 1
Scnolar���He's the bearded lady in
a show.���Vienna Flohi
Billy Bronx���You've got a new
baby at your house  I hear.
Farlem Flatte���Great heavens,
man! Can you hear it away up
where you live?���New York Times.
It is announced that the Armstrong-
Whltworth  company   will   contribute
$5,000,000 to the works that Vickers,
! Sons  & ' Maxim and   the   Armstrong
I company  are establishing   at   Muro-
I run,   Hukkuido island.
"Does your husband snore in his
sleep,  madam?"
"Well, doctor, I have never noticed
him snoring at any other time."���
Baltimore American.
Minard's   Liniment  for  sale  everywhere.
"Plump figures," said the woman
who was reading the fashions, "are
going out of style."
"Nonsense I" answered her husband. "Food is rather expensive.
But the situation isn't as bad as
that."���Washington Star.
More persons crossed tlie Atlantic
ocean from the other bide during the
first six months of the present year
than during any other similar period.
There were 31,000 steerage passengers
in that time.
The manufacture of an absolutely
weldless chain is now an accomplished fact.       _,
The Bird  Got Wise.
A gentleman by way of a Joke placed
a golf ball ln the nest of his ancient
parrot Polly sat with exemplary patience on her novel egg and appeared
pretty nearly heartbroken when the
weeks went by and she found herself
unrewarded. At last she could stand It
no longer. A terrible screeching
brought her owner downstairs at 4
o'clock In the morning.
"What's the matter, Polly?" he asked
as he noticed tbat the bird's beak was
chipped through trying to get at the Interior.
"Matter!" screetched Polly. "Great
Scott, I'm bunkered!"���London Telegraph.
Pedestrian Rights.
Only In Great Britain, so far as I
know, does the law hold that a foot
passenger has an equal <*'ghr to the
highway with the wheeled traffic and
that it ls the duty of the driver of the
latter to avoid at all costs the former,
even if he has to do so at considerable
Inconvenience and often danger. In
other countries, on the contrary, it ls
the duty of the pedestrian to give way
to  the wheeled  traffic.
If a canary is kept ln a room where
there is a fire all day, the mistress
should on no account neglect to cover
over the cage at night with a warm
wrapper. An opening should be
made in the cloth at the side, just
sufficient for ventilation.
At first when a man wanted to cross
a deep stream he was compelled to
swim across. But man at host Is a
poor swimmer, and it was uot long before he Invented a better method of
traveling on water. A log drifting In a
stream furnished the hint. By restii.*.
his body upon the log and plashing
with his hands and feet he found he
could move along faster and easier.
Thus the log was the first bout a'hd tho
human arm was tbe first oar.���S. 13.
Foruian In St. Nicholas.
He'll Get There, Though.
Finished Thermometer���You are not
a full fledged member of the Order of
Mercury Sliders at present.
Unfinished Thermometer (whose
measurements for heat are just being
��� ilaced on the gloss)���No; I haven't
taken all the degrees yet���Morris*
town (Pa.) Times.
Witty Women.
Women have more wit than huaor.
They 'are more sensitive than men.
Their minds are nimbler. Their
thoughts flash Instantly to an Intuitive
conclusion; hence wit Is far more uat-
urnl to them. They have hardly the
Intellectual patience to create or enjoy
the less obvious and more deliberate
moods of humor.	
Anything Better Than Home.
"I am sick to death of everything,"
said the society woman. "Let's spend
this evening where we've never spent
one before."
"Agreed!" said her husband. "Shall
we try home or church?"
"Church," she replied, sighing.-
So Singular.
"Funny," said Baretop, "but there
was a time when the barbers used to
speak of my hair."
"You mean before you began to get
bald?" asked his friend.
"Yes.   Now the*, speak of my hairs.'*
Miserable An Tbe Tine?
Dull headaches���back aches���low spirited���hate
the sight of food���don't ileep well���all tired out in
the morning���no heart for work.
will make you -well
Your kidneys are affected���either through over*
work, exposure or disease. It is tb_e Kidneys that
are making you feel so -wretched. Gin Pilli cure sick
kidneys���make you well and strong���give you all
your old time energy and vitality. Cheer up���aud
take Gin Pills. 50c. a box���6 for $2.50. Sent on
receipt of price if your dealer does not handle them.
BOLE DRUG CO.     ���     WINNIPEG. MAN.    Ba
Tbe ItrseBU's Friend
���Sale ud Sure.
If you have e lint hone, get Kendall's Spavin Cure.   If yen
hiK! horse that you can't work on account of a Sprain, Strain or
Brul��e ret Kendall'! Spavin Cure,   If you have a horse, that even the
veterinary can't eure of Spavin���or aay Soft Buncbea or Swellings���get
Kendall'! Bpa-rin Cure.
Bt sun y*��u let KENDALL'S.    Two iteneratioM-throughout Canada aad the
United 8ta*es���have used it and proved it.
T��avklk����* Rust, F.B.I., Dec IS, '05.
" 1 have been using Kendall's Spavin Cure for the last 20 yean,
and always And It gala aad sure." HUBERT P. McNKn.1*
II. a bottle���6 forfS. Write for a copy
of our great book "Treatise On The
Hone." It's a mine of information for
tarmersano* horsemen, who want to keep
their stock in prime condition.
Mailed free. 25
Enoaauaa rails.   ���   Vibhsont, u.a.A. m
better for
you���nothing more
invitin g
than a
meal   of
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
Mooney's Biscuits are an evenly
balanced, wholesome, nourishing
food, equally good for young and
old. Made from Canada's finest
wheat flour, rich cream and pure
butter. Baked by the Mooney
baker in the Mooney way.
Say 'Mooney's'to your grocer.
Good Judgment
One of the joke.s Lewis Carroll, tin*
author of "Alice in Wonderland, '
didn't dare puh'ish, according to his
biographer, who found it among his
papers,  is  the  fol'owing :���
A schoolboy asked, "What is the
meaning_of av.iuge?" at once leplied,
"The thine*i liens lay eggs on."
When requested to explain his
answer t.ie boy said:���"I read in a
book tttat hens lay on an aveiag.
200 eggs a year."���Rochester He.aid.
The basis of true national prosperity, of sound industrial and financial conditions, and of a higher civi
lization, is
Getting rich slow.
The cause of a dangerous inflation,
.of -a demoralizing extravagance and
luxury, and of an inevitable unrest,
discontent, agitation, envy, hysteria
and collapse, is
Getting rich quick.���Wall Street
Italy and Argentina have negotiated an arbitration treaty at The
Cheapest af All Medicines.���Considering the curative qualities of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil it is the cheapest medicine offered to the public.
The dose required in any ailment is
small and a botle contains many
doses. If it were valued at the benefit it confers it could not be purchased for many times the price asked for
it, but increased consumption has
simplified and cheapened its manufacture.
"I'll sell you ten thousand dollars'
worth of this mining stock for fifty
cents," urged the promoter. "It's
the chance of a lifetrmtj. Within a
month it will be selling ait a dollar a
"Then why don't you hold oh to
it?" asked the canny man.
"I would, but I need a hair cut and
a shave. How would I look if I
waited a montn?"���Life.
canot reach the aeat of the disease.
Catarrh ls a blood or constitutional disease, and In order to cure It you must
take Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is taken Internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of the
best physicians ln the country for yeara
and Is a regular prescription. It Is composed of the best tonics known, combined with the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces.
The perfect combination of the two in-
Redlents ls what produces such wonder*
1 results In  curing Catarrh.   Send  for
testimonials free. ..
j. J. CHENEY & CO.,  Props..   Toledo. O.
���old by Druggists, price 76o.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
It is probable that the laBt power
extension of the Niagara Falls power
plants has been made. Public sentiment is opposing further use of the
great cataract for industrial purposes.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burnt, etc.
With few exceptions all turbine
steamers have three shafts, with the
high-pressure turbine upon the central shaft and the low-pressure turbines on the wing shafts.
"Ya-as, suh, Ah was a slave befo'
de wah, suh."
"But when the war was over you
got your  freedom."
"No, suh; Ah was married, den,
an' All's been married evah sense."
He got a day off, away from home,
by the old dodge ol saying he was
going out shooting, but he had to
bring his wife a fine rabbit, for which
he paid a good price at the butcher's.
"Ah!" said his deceived darling
after having sniffed a long time,
"You did right to shoot the poor
thing. It was time it died."���Sporting Times.
When You
Take Cold
One ���-���'ay is to pay no attention
jo it; at least not until it develops into pneumonia, or
bronchitis, or pleurisy. Another way is to ask your doctor about Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. If he says, " The best
thing for colds," then take it.
Do as he says, anyway.
W. punish eat Isnsilu
_    We aaaisa. aloekol
J*     from suiMllsUss
Ws nrf ��� TOO t*s
oontmlt jour
New Divisions to Be Complete In
Every Detail.
The work of establishing the new
Territorial Army is being taken very
energetically in hand by the Headquarter Staff at the War Office. This
force is to be divided into divisions
complete in every arm, adjac ent-'Couii-
ties beingv grouped together for this
purpose. But it does not seem probable that" they will exceed ten, if, indeed, so many. The Imperial Yeomanry will of course, eupply the ne-
-lessary cavalry for .these divisions,
'hough we are : ble to.state that Mr.
flaldpne has abandoned his original
intention of forming special squadrons
if this forcp to be trained on a higher
evel. and_to be attached to regular
���avalry r^rflments for a certain period
ivery ye-*r. In order to provide the
ipcossory fi"ld artillery for these divi-
ions it will be necessary to convert
nnny of the existing military and
roluntear corns of garrison artillery
nto field hittor'Ps, while horse bat-
���eries shonld also be provided. These
iew field b-.ttcries will be armed with
'he converted o"ie!t-firing guns, a
-nnkeshift amncement that does not
���om***end itself to military men. Tt
vill be neccssnry to raise several new
'enartmcnt-'l corns, and a consider-
���ble tim�� is liMy to elapse before
hese divisions cin be complete. Sr
ir as trnnsnor* is concerned. Mi.
laldane proposes to rely entirely up
>n his svstem of registration of civi-
'tin drivprR. hordes, nnd wagons to
vhieh he referred in the House of
r'ommo*ns some time opo. It seems
impossible thnt t'-e Tentorial Arm.:
iin be in comp'Me existence for rt
oast two yenrs <*o come, nnd it io
mderstood 'fl*"t t**'** is the period that
'he Secretnrv for ��Tar hns allotted foi
the completion of his scheme.
���Voman Stares at King Edward and
Runs  Into Tree.
King Edward's <<ojoum at varjous
���.ontinental resorts has been rende *
���d unpleasant by the indiscreet way
n which some people have followe:"
dm about, aitho *.gh disapproval ct
such conduct has been made publ:*.*
by the King. S'.rl this did not seeLi
!,o have the de-si ied effect at Carle-
bad, and a lady met with deserved
punishment for acting in this way.
King Edward was breakfasting with
^ir John Fisher and some friends i_.
he gardens of the Savoy Hotel when
t lady ostentatiously walked past the
table with hor husband and waa so
intent on staring at the King, as if
he were a zoological curiosity, that
���ihe marched stra;ght into a tree and
unbraced it, much to her own dis-
;omfort and the amusement of all
.vho  witnessed  the  incident.
The unpleasantness to which the
'���Cing has to submit has -been caused
.y his own subjects, not by foreign-
���rs, and it is worth mentioning that
it a party in Marienbad with Americans recently the King remarked that
he attitude of the latter toward him
vas all that could be desired. He
vished their example would be copied
ljy some English men and women.
Buried For Six Days.
A most extraordinary case of murder has occurred in the Betu district
if the Central Provinces. One Damn
Gaiki had a sick wife, and, tired ol
ittending to her wants, took measures
to get rid of her. Putting her into a
cart, he drove her in the direction of
i neighboring village. On the road
he took her out and, while she was
nearly unconscious, buried her in a
'tole which he dug. Not having the
locessary implements to dig a proper grave, he covered her with leaven
and stones, and returned home. Five
lays afterwards a grazier, watching
his cattle near the place, observed
that the animals shied at something
ind ran away. He went to see what
"it was, and heard a noise from what
���ppcared to be a grave, above which
the twigs and stones seemed to move.
He was frightened and went away.
Vext morning the katwar was told of
'he mysterious grave, and, calling together a few people, went in search
*f it. The party soon reached the
spot, and while they were talking
.bout the parson buried they heard
her say,."Are Ram; I am not dead."
They then went near and discovered
'.he still living body of Dama's wife.
3he was asked how she came to be in
mch a plight, and replied that her
husbnnd had buried her because she
was ill. The villagers, however, did
nothing to rescue the woman, but sent
*!or her relations, who came and ex-
'ricated her from her premature grave.
She was sent by the police t-sjios-
oital for treatment, and her husband
was searched for and arrested. The
woman lived for thirteen days after*
wards. How she lived without food
or water for five or six days, half
buried beneath sand, leaves, and
.tones, is a mystery.
Read  Wrong Service.
Rev. J. H. Taylor, a vicar of a
.Huron at Isle Abbotts, County of
Somerset, England, astonished a con
pie who had conn to him to be married by reading the funeral and baptism rituals.
The opening words of the clergyman were indistinct, but when he
read: "I commit theBe people to thp
ground," etc., Arthur Bart, the groom,
imazed. began expostulating with the
minister, whilp the bride wept.
The clergyman insisted on resuming the service, and this time he be-
���jan with: "I baptize theBe people
with water."
The wedding party then made him
.caist. and some of the members rode
'.hrough the countryside looking for
ino'her minister. They eventually
'ound one, who solemnized the mar-
���inr/p after two hours delay,, under
which period the friends of the bride
had their hands full trying to console
The Bishop of Exeter has apologiz
>d to the erodm writing him that he
���ntrrctted the "vicar's disgraceful conduct."
Mrs. Jawback���There's something
ireying on my mind.
Mr. Jawback���Don't worry. It will
-tarve to death.
British Coast Lights.
British   lighthouses   and   lightships
cost over half a million pounds it year
to maintain,  but this sum  is almost
wholly met by "light dues."
s  Attracting   Much   Notice  Amongst
In the wee sma' hours astronomers,
amateur and otherwise, are pointing
heir telescopes to the heavens and
���tudyin? Darnell's comet, which recently made it*** appearance. The
'comet rises at about half-past two in
he morning and remains visible un-
'���1 dawn ft has the appearance to
the umided sight of a faint, not well-
Ipfined star, of about the third or
fourth magnitude, but, with the aid of
���'. field glass, opera glass or small
'��lescop>, it is possible to see the
tometary nature of tlie object, with
ts stT-like head and long sweeping
'ail. The comet may not be visible
ifter the present month, as it is ap-
oronching the sun. which it will circle
*n September, pfter which it may only
bo visible to oh-ervers south of the
A�� Sei��p  At St. Catharines.
Mr. J. Millpr Ban*, of St. Catharines. Ont.. writes, st a recent date, as
follows: "Some interesting views of
'he new compt were obtained here this
"orning, between 3 and 4 o'clock.
Thc comet was best spen nbout 3.45,
��� t which time its attitude above tin*
'astern hnmon waa nearly fifteen decrees. Its hp��d was rather brighter
'han an avrnrjc star of the third
inaenihidi' The tail could be traced
with certainty for a distance of about
ten degrees, from thp head, and there
were glimpses of a faintpr extension���
���iparly in the direction of the bright
*tnr, Aldobaran. As observed with a
Inld glass. th_ nucleus was almost
itellar in appearance, the outlines of
the comet and tail being well-defined,
for an object of this class. The comet
was located in thp northern region of
Orion, near the line which separates
thnt constell-tion from Tauvus.
"This is the brightest comet which
has visited our system in recent
years. It has already attracted much
notice, and its further progress will
doubtless b�� watched wth keen interest*���-especially at the chief observatories of Europe and America, where
improved photographic and spectro-
graphic methods are now available
for the study of those wonderful bodies."
When the bowels are constipated, poisonous substances are absorbed into th*
blood instead of being daily removed from
the body as nature intended. Knowing t
this danger, doctors always inquire about
tie condition of the bowels. Ayer's Pilla.
���**-_U*.��7U._. O.A/srOs. IrfweU, Maes/����� I
The Tempter.
An errand boy was charged at WI1-
lesden, England, wltb playing pitch
and toss. A policeman said *t>*lien he
caught the prisouer he exclaimed. "I'll
glte you-*all the money I've won If you
will let me go." After the laughter ln
court had subsided the magistrate
learned that the prisoner's wealth, in-
eluding winnings, amounted to seven-
Result of Crusade for Their Protection
���Battues of Sparrows and Finches.
The-protection of birds in England
has reached such a stage that they
have become a nuisance, and now it
is not unlikely that a systematic war
will be wag3d on them. The complaint is not of the game birds, which
pay in Bport and in the market. It
is the little feathered creatures that
are bothering the farmers and gardeners.
Of course the sparrows are the
worst. They have grown to millions
in the southern part of England, and
the Kentish farmers have had to organize battues to reduce their numbers, as they were devouring seed und
grain, and destroying fruit to a ruinous extent. Tens oi thousands of them
have been shot or caught with birdlime.
In Hertfordshire, just north of London, the bullfinches are the worst offenders, swarms of them darken the
air and settle down on the fields and
in orchards. The statement made is
that they absolutely denude the trees
of fruit.
Each apple or pear has only a little
peck taken from it, but it is thrown
to the ground and rendered totally
unmarketable. The farmers and fruit
raisers here talk of organizing formal hunts, to thin out the flocks of
birds. Starlings have also become extremely numerous, and are badly in"
need of slaughter, the country people
The pigeons are the only birds constantly shot all the year around in
England, and in spite of this, their
member never se,?ms to diminish. In
one farm outside of London the proprietor reports that he shot 340 pigeons in a single day.
Fanners and gardeners and fruitgrowers are proposing to memorialize
the Government for the establishment
of a scientific system to combat the
increase in sparrows, finches, starlings,
crows and pigeons in the interest ol
husbandry  and  horticulture.
Only Four Words.
A minister was delivering an eloquent sermon to his flock at a small
church in a village on the sea coaBt.
In the middle of the sermon great
excitement was caused by someone
bringing the news that the drift from
a large wreck was coming in. The
c-mgreeation rose at once, and bsgan
hurriedly to leave the church to get
their share of the spoil.
The minister, distressed to see his"
congregation hankering so much after
the things of this world, to the neglect of the higher things he had to
offer, implored them, with great fervor, to stay and listen to him, as he
only had four more words to say.
Touched by his great earnestness,
thev waited while ho came down from
the' pulpit. He walked to the door,
and, stunning oidside qnietly, said:
"Let's all st^rt f-ir?" and ran for all
he was worth.-Sunday Circle.
An Odd Old English Law.
There is a law an the statute books
of England designed for the protection
of the persecuted male sex which no
man has ever had the courage to invoke. It was pissed during the reign
of Queen Elizabeth when Parliament
solemnly enacted that "nny woman
who, from that date, would deceive or
cajole into matrimony any of the subjects of Her Majesty by the use of
false hair or any other thing false in
connection with her body or by the
use of paints or cosmetics would be
ounished aa for fraud and deceit, with
intent to cause harm."
Witch Doctors.
A curious jase of "witch-doctoring"
occurred recently near Vryheid, in
Natal. A boy belonging to Chief
Kembi's tribe returned to his kraal
from Johannesburg sick, and Man-
ousi TJhlongdwa, a learned Kaffir "doctor," diagnosed his ailment as madness. A hole was dug in the clay,
deep enough to cover the patient to
his shoulders, and bundles of wood
were put into the hole and set alight.
After tho wood had burned for on
hour water was thrown on the fire,
causing clouds of steam. The patient
was placed in the midst of this heated
furnace, and carefully covered with
a cowhide. One witness said the
steam escaping through an op?ning ol
the skin, severely burned him on the
arms and shoulders; so that the state
of the unfortunate patient was obvious. The "dofttor" said they could
take the man out when he became unconscious, but they found him dead.
Four months later native gossip carried the. story to the authorities, who
exhumed the bo'ly and arrested the
"dootor," whr *. now serving' It*
months' hard l.iL'**r,
For Strains
���of Back ���of Shoulder
���of Stifle ���of Hough
���of Whirlebone  ���of Knee
���of Fetlock
���of Pastern
and all
Lameness in
Two or three teaspoon-
fuls in a little Rum or Brandy,
cures Sprains, Bruises and
Lameness in 24 hours���takfl
out all the soreness���and puts
horses "on their feet again."
50c. a bottle.    If your drag,
gist does uot bave it, send to
Nad-mil Drag k Chemlcil Co.
United, MeatreaL    17
Her Uniform
A vaudevillo actress of New York
city, who evidently wants Uncle Sam
to help advertise her, wrote a letter
to the Bureau of Immigration, as
"I am about to put on a new act
and want to wear red, white und blue
tights. The shirt and 'lowers' will
be of red and white, and the trunk
of blue with white stars. Has there
ever been any legislation against
such a uniform?"
Chief Terence V Powderly replied
that tights were outside the sphere
of his official influence.���Pittsburg
Good  Because   It  Doe*.   Good
The common ailments, while few,
are liable to arise at any time. The
best-kept horses, and those receiving
the least care, are alike liable to the
ordinary troubles, as spavins, ringbone, splint, curb, lameness, cuts
and bruises.
It is well for horseowners that*
these diseases all yield to the same
remedy. This dependable remedy
which is very inexpensive is Kendall's
Spavin Cure: Even the most stubborn cases, which veterinaries have
failed to relievp, yield to Kendall's
Spavin Cure.
In the thirty years in which this
reliable remedy has been used by
farmers, stockmen, liverymen, nnd in
private and racing stables, it has
given complete satisfaction. Certainly those who own horses are not
consulting their own best interests il
they do not keep a bottle of Kendall's
Spavin Cure in the barn.
Dr. -B. J. Kendull Co., makers ot
this famous preparation, publish a
book entitled "A Treatise on the
Horse and. His Diseases" which is
invaluable to those who want to keep
their horses well and save veterinaries' bills. A copy may be obtained
at most dealers or will be sent free
by addressing the above company at
Enosburg   Falls,   Vermont,   U.S.
Sixty-three steam shovels are working on the Panama canal at the
present time. Twenty-two other
shovels are to be delivered during
this year.
Corns cause intolerable pain.
Holloway's Corn cure removes the
trouble. Try it, and see what amount
of pain is saved.
Vill be Abolished Within Fifty Years
Says Scientist.
The abolition of consumption and
ail epidemics within fifty years, is the
jiomise made by a well known scientist.   Prof.  E.   P.ay   Lankester.
The wiping out of all epidemics���
'.hink what it would mean! In the
.fourteenth century 25,000,000 peraons
lied in Europe in the Black Death
ipidemic. The great plague in London in 1_64 carried off 63,596 persons
out of a population of 460,000, and the
mortality probably would have been
at least twice as great if one-third of
the population had not fled to escape
the pestilence In 1656 the plague
carried off 300.000 persons in fiva
months in Naples and vicinity, passing the following year to Rome, where
14,000 died, and to Genoa, where there
were 60,000 deaths.
Great progress has b*>en made since
thon in sanitary science, and visitations of the plagut now are rare. But
the death-roll of smallpox, cholera,
bubonic plague, yellow fever, diphtheria, and other epidemics, is an appalling proof of man's ignorance of
sanitary laws.
The weekly mortality statements issued by the Chicago department of
health show consumption and pneu*.
monia almost in variably at the head
of the lists as the causes of the greatest nivmbir of deaths, A movement
of practically national extent has beeu
started to check the ravages of consumption, sometimes called the
"white plague." Special hospitals
and open air camps have been established for the treatment of consumptives, and the results obtained thus
fnr have been encouraging.
One of the most startling theories
advanced by Prof. I.anltoster is that
disonse is a product of civilization.
Furthermore he points out that the
only wild animals which become diseased are those which come in contact   with  domesticated  animals.
The savages before they came in
contact with civilized men, were robust and stroi'C. without disease, but
vit.h the coini"*? of missionaries and
'raders came the diseases of civilization, which are rapidly wiping out the
savage peoples. He cites, for example, the measles, a comparatively
harmless disease among civilized
races, which was introduced by Europeans with deadly results among the
natives of the South Sea Islands.
Prof. Lankester is of the opinion
that the causes and cures of all germ
diseases and epidemics can be discovered within fifty years if sufficient
support and eneburagement are given
lo scientific men who are giving their
whole talents and energies to investigations which promise to make mankind practically immune to such diseases. He tells of examining in the
Pasteur Institute in Paris in 1905, the
minute spiral thread discovered in
that,_year by Frit���. Schaudin, and call-
���-Sd by him spirochaeta pallida, since
altered to spironema pallidum. This
organism has b"en shown to be the
cause of "the most terrible and widely
spread of human diseases, destroying
the health and strength of those
whom it does not kill, and damaging
the lives of their children, so that
it has been said that thia malady and
the use of alcohol as a beverage together, nre responsible for more than
half the diseajre and early death ef
the mature population of Europe."
Same light color in Infusion as Japan, but
more delicious and of double strength.
Sod In Sealed Lead Packets.   By all Grocers.    40o, 50c and
60c per Ib.
Michigan Idea a Winner **���
The theory of that Michigan woman that a wife ought to have half
of her husband's salary is likely to
become popular. Many a man would
be willing to compromise on such
terms.���Indianapolis News.
No one* need fear cholera or any
summer complaint if they have a bot-
of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial ready for use. It corrects all
looseness of the bowels promptly and
causes a healthy u.ui natural action.
This is a medicine adapted for the
young and old, rich and poor and is
rapidly becoming the most popular
medicine for cholera, dysentery, etc.,
in the market.
Weary Willie���Twelve o'clock strik-
in'. Hev yer ever noticed how reg'lar
dinner hour comes round?
Hungry Higgins���Yep, pard; and
I've noticed dat dinners and dinner
hours is entirely different in their
habits!���Pittsburg  Leader.
sll lnird, soft or c.lluusii'l lumps and tilem
..tie-, from lioiaes. blood spttTiii, curbs,
splints, ringbone, sweeney, stifles, sprains, sore
mil swollen Uirout, -<.*uu*_1ib, etc. tiuve . 5U by
4Se ol one bottle. Warranted tbe most won
lerful   Ultiinisli   Cure   e*-*r   known.
Proper disposals of waste around
the farm house is sadly neglected.
Up-to-date plumbing is a requirement for cleanliness, for comfort and
for health.
Good counsels observed are chains
of grace.���Fuller.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gents,���A customer ot our's  cured
a very bad. case .of distemper  in  a
valuable horse  by the  use  of MIN-
Yours truly,
A horse has to be broken before
you can drive him, but it's different
with an automobile.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
avery form of contagious Itch on human er animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford'a Sanitary Lotion.
The professor in charge of a Princeton classroom hnd been annoyed by
the tardy entrance of a student. He
pointedly ceased talking until the student sat down.
After the lecture the student apologized. "Professor," said he, "my
watch was fifteen minutes out of the
way. It's bothered me a good deal
lately, but after this I shall put no
more faith in it."
"It's not faith you want in it," replied the professor; "it's ������forks."���
Harper's Weekly.
Professor���There is a snail, my
boy. Note how, with the tortoise,
he has solved the problem of cheap
housing long before man.���Bon Vi-
The Thumbscrew Ordeal.
William Carstairs, the Scotch divine who for fourteen years served
William III. as confidential secretary
and adviser in chief, had been implicated in the Rye House plot, a conspiracy to assassinate Charles II. and
place Monmouth on the throne. He
was put to the excruciating torture of
the thumbkins, or thumbscrews,
which he endured heroically, without
confessing or implicating others.
After Carstairs became the private
adviser of William he was presented
with the instrument by which he had
been tortured. The King, wishing to
see the measure of fortitude necessary to endure the terrible torture
without making a confession of some
sort, placed his thumbs in the inach
ine and told Carstairs to turn the
screw. He turned slowly and cautiously.
"It is unpleasant," said King William, "yet it might be endured. You
are trifling With me. Turn the screw
so that I may really feel pain similar
to that you felt."
Carstairs turned the screw sharply
The King cried out, and when released said that under suoh pain he
would h"ve confessed to anything,
true or false.
"My wife," began Hicks, "dropped
in to see me at the office today and
"Sorry, old man," interrupted
Wicks, "but my wife held me up before I left home and I can't lend you
a cent."���Catholic Standard and
Then He Howls
"I like your husband's style very
much,"  sa*'d Mrs.  Goodley.
"How do you mean?" asked Mrs.
Marry al.
"He's such a quiet dresser."
"Huh, you Bhould hear him Bome
time when he can't find his sllirt
studs and collar buttons."���Washington Herald.
The superiority of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is shown by its
good effects on the children. Purchase a bottle and give it a trial.
Employer (to his clerk)���Is it true
that when the clock strikes tt you put
down your pen and go, even if you
are in the middle of a word?
Clerk���Certainly not, sir. If it gets
so near 6 as that I never begin the
word at all^-Rire.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
"Mr. Stager," demanded the ambitious soubrette, "I want to know
when you are going to bill me as a
"When you have completed the nebulous .stage of your evolution, my
dear young lady," said the manager.
"And when will that be?"
"Probably a million years., hence. '
���Chicago Tribune.
St George's
Baking Powder
is best for Biscuits ��� best fo.
Cakes���best for Pies���best for
everything you bake that requires
Baking Powder."
"One can to try, will always
mike you buy St. George's."
Have you a copy of our new Cook
Book? Sent frea if you write
National Drug e*t Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Montreal,
Trading In  Hair.
The market for human hair is steadily growing wider, and to supply it
men go regularly from town to town
in France, Germany, Switzerland and
Russia, buying all they can get. Some
enterprising dealers are said- to even
sond agents aB far as China for this*
The finest hair in Europe is futnish-
/d by Britanny, for the Breton women
have very luxuriant tresses whicli
never fail to bring a high price. Mosl
of these women are poor and are quite
nillingTo dispose of their hair, especially as they wear bonnets which
completely cover their heads and thus
.'ffectively hide their shorn locks.
France furnishes more black and
brown hair than any other country,
while fair and golden hair is furnished, as a rulo, by women of German
���Mid the North of Europe. Grey and
white hair is always in demand, and
if of really good quality commands a
very high price.
Much tact is needed to persuade
some women to part with their hair,
and a man who is both a good judge
of hair and a diplomatic bargainer
���commands a high salary.
The Sel'ool of Politics.
"What Is It when your political rival
,s indicted for grafting?" asked tlio
"It Is a triumphant vindication of the
principle thut honesty Is the best policy uud that the people may bo trusted
fo keep n watchful eye upon their serv-
Ants," responded the class glibly.
"And what Is It when you are indicted for the same thlug?" ,
"It Is a malicious,  base cousplracy, '
and we demand a vindication."���Judge. {
Frau Mommsen, widow of the Roman historian, bore him sixteen
children, of whom twelve���six* sons
and six daughters���are still- living.
Mommsen himself was so self-centred
and engrossed with his ideas that he
often passed his ofupring in the
street without recognizing them. One
day a servant burst into the study
of the great man with the announcement 01 the birth of his fourteenth.
"It's a boy, Herr Professor!"
The professor turned, annoyed.
"Tell him to wait," he replied.     )
Unhealthfulness in many homes
can be credited to lack of clear, pure
and palatable water for household purposes. The essentials are
that it be free from disease germs,
turbidity, color, odor and taste.
The French airship Patrie's best
flight so far lasted nearly three hours,
with a speed varying from 18 to 31
miles an hour, against and with the
In one of our large departmental
Btores an obliging salesman had
taken every roll ol cloth but one
from the shelves to show to a persistent wdhian. The last roll was
on the top shelf.
"You needn't bother any more,"
she replied to the weary clerk, who
was about to reach for the remaining
roll, "I was simply waiting for a
"Madam," said the clerk, "i* you
think she's in the last roll I'll gladly
get it down for you."���Boston Post.
for Medern Homes
Far surpasses wood, plssler or paper in beauty���
irislchr*spcneclIytByait-��^me���say color scheme���
makes lhe looms REALLY sanitary���gives protectioa
against fire���these are some of.the reasons why YOUR
house���why any roodera buildingan. where should have
PEDLAR. SiV.f&tlfc
Coil   little���last  indefinitely.   Lei ut lend   yen th*
whole Uie io print end picture*.    The book u free. t0��
The PEDLAR People K
Os-.u-.wi_  Montreal Ottawa Toronto London Winnipeg
Seldom See1
a big Ime* Ilk* this, bat your honw
may have a bunch or bruise on hia
Ankle, Hook, Stifle, Knee or Throat.
win olean them oil without laying tha
horse up.   No blister, no hair gona.
$2.00 per bottle, delivered. Book 8-0
tree. ABSORBINR, JR., for mankind,
.1.O0. Removes Soft Bunches, Curea
Varicose Veins, Varicocele, Hydrocele,
Ruptured Muscles   or   Ligaments,   Knlarired.
Gla*n'"��.     Allfva  Pali.   Mfn. "ll" h��
V. F. YOUM, r.DF.13. Honmoirth St., S*fh_1W_, Ira.
LVMAN SONS k CO.. Montreal. Canaalan Aetata.
Alto fornltntd b, Martin 0.1. A *...���. Co,J./����l��sa>
nt national Dreg A Cnunloal Co., Witting and Oajgoro,
sua* Htndtrcon Brno. Co. ltd.. Itantoootr.
Okanagan is certainly destined to
become the California of Canada.
Our foremost business men of Winnipeg are buying ten-acre blocks of
land ih the subdivision of the Whelan
estate lately put on the market. Any
person intending purchasing land in
the Okanagan Valley should write
Mr. Bulman, Mission Road, Kelowna,
B.C., before buying. Mr. Bulman is
not in the real estate business, but
has large interests near Kelowna and
ia interested in getting settlers in
the valley.
A certain young hayseed from the
country, visiting Paris, left his umbrella in one of the churches one
day. He went back into all of tlfem
again, searching for it, and at last
in the fifth he found it.
"Ah I he said to the verger who
gave it to him, "tliey are evidently
more honest at this church than in
the others."���American Illustre.
Feminine Finesse.
"Amle, It seems to me that you slyly
'provoke your husband to wrath every |
morning," said the mother to her new- '
ly married daughter.   "I'm afraid you
do not know what you are doing."
"I kuow exactly wjiut I'm doing,
mamma. He goes away augry ln the
morning nud always brings me a nice
present In the evening as a peace offering. He would never be so liberal If
le.t to his owu way."���Detroit Free
IN the less expensive Brooches
Diamond Hall has never
shown such excellent value as
the one illustrated above at
THE   mount   is   made_ of
heavy 14k. gold and the
pearls are of the finest quality.
"T"HE crescent is I# inches
long and finished in the
bright gilt*
���and far our Oats-Jogus).
Ryrie Bros.,
134-138 Yonjie St.
On* packet
has actually
killed a bushel
10c. par packet) ar 3 packate fer 25o.
will last a whole season.
For Northwest
Winter Wear
there is no other Underwear like
Warm enough to defy the
most severe blizzard
���yet not too. heavy for
Made in all weights and
sizes for all climates and
figures. n
Insist on having Stanfield's.
W.   N.   U.   No.   667 ���-.'\:::*^^T> ���-���;..
ifeflA of cMontreal,
Winter Wear For
The Children*
BEST. $11,000,000
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.      -      -
President���Loed Ktbathcoka ano Mouict Rotal. ���
"Vice-President���Hon. Giottoa A. Dkummokd. ���
General Manager���E. B. Cloust-ok. J
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada a
��� A General Banking Business Transacted. *
No  need  for parents in any   part of
*  the Slocan to send east for their
Children's wear.
: NEW DENVER BRANCH, - fl. 6. -FISHER, Manager.
And at prices that will suit you.
If yon live in New Denver, call and
inspect my stock. If yon live at Slocan,
Silverton, Rosebery, Naku��p, Three
Forks or Sandon, drop me a line, we
can certainly do business together,
Slocan flMnino 'Review.
PalHia Angripon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
���Subscription .2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
New Denver, B.C.
Finance    your    hard-earned    cash.
Buy where yon save 20 and 25 per cent
on your money.    One half ton of English Breakfa*t Tea, regular price 00 cts.
lb,, our price 50 cts.
Jap enameled caddy,  Regular  price
���__._._.     ���j r���. .i it,. ..in  you are paying .2 60and $3.00, ouriprice
>���* '^f^K^ rate M> P�� caddy.
AnviBTisiitQ Ratbs:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .13.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.60
<i      " Purchase of Land   -     7.60
������      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
of 15c. por line each i��sue.
��� Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Copenhagen enuff, per crock.
Gillett razors, $5.00 each.
Our price lift for spot cash, Toronto
...          ,1-1            !������*;���*. .nrl mtiVn  houses ByBtun will be here in this space
Address all Communications and make               *���
^   . Cheques payable to every weea.      	
Editor and Publisher.
...      ...        ,,,   .. _ District of  West Kootenay.
Make yourself familiar with trie    Take nolice that Andrew Wallacei
;abOVe rates and Save Trouble. acting as agent for the Silverton Lumber and Power Company,.of Silveiton
i '  B.C., Contractor,   intends;to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted on the east shore ol Slocan lake
about one mile south of Rosebery, and
marked A. W.'s south-west corner,
McDougald are ihence east [about one chain to the right
of way of Ihe Nakusp and Slocan railway
thence north 20 cliains, along the railway to the shore of the lake, thence
southerly along the lake Bhore to point
ol commencement, containing five acres
Notes From Nakusp.
From Our Correspondent.
Mi. arid Mrs. L. F
yisiting friends in Enderby.
Mr. Julius Dougall, our C.P.R. line-
,man,   has purchased a  track bicycle.
The beBt pait of it is that it is built   for
two and Julius always lakes a female  m"��� or 'f88',_..   ._.,
November 12th, 1907,
.assistant wilh him.
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
Hermann Clever
The steamer Rossland has been dismantled and laid up for the winter.
Tbe people of Nakusp are looking for-
. ward to the big  minstrel show  which
will be put on  here near Xmas.    The
exact date will bo published  in   the
next issue of this paper,
Mrs. L. J. Edwaids, who has not
been very well lately has gone to Victoria to consult a specialist.
Conductor Chas. Brett is here in
charge of a work train.
W. R. Robertson,,formerly of Nakusp,
was in town on Wednesday last on his
way lo the caast.
Mrs. G. B. Chandler passed through
here from Nelson on a trip to the East.
F. XV. Jordan A Co. have a fine display of Xmas goods.
Groceries *��
My stock of CANNED GOODS
iB always Fresh, and every customer receives honcBt value for
****.      money spent.
Have you seen mv line of Ladies Blouses
and  the assortment of fancy goods
I am now displaying ?
Pay me a visit.
Mrs*   Matheson,
Jeweller and
Late with J. O, Patenaude, Nelson.
Zhc. Slocan Ibotel
Gbree forte,
���    ��. C.    .
Headquarters   for Mining Men
���when visiting this famous Silver-
vi      ���   i   ,    ��� , Lead   Mining   Camp.        Every
toll   Bert iTi 71    n "re "*.'"���" comfort fot the Traveling Public,
���to Mi. iiert Haigh on  the   occasion of
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Iiis marriage to Miss May Bjurne.
The Presbyterian church people are
preparing for a Xmas tree.
Mr. F. J, Rice's wife and iamily, also
the family of J. Crowell, of Wiuuipeg,
have arrived in town.
Purley Ward will be leaving for his
pew localion at Nelson in a day or so.
Purley will be sorely misged by all tlie
boys and girls in Sandon as ho has been
the vital end of till social functions for
the paBt few years. May good luck
follow lilm-
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
local Salesman Wanted Ior
New Denver
And Adjoining Diatrict to represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting.. Grown on limestone coil; hnrdier and longer lived than
coast trees,
Henry Stege took a trip to (he
of tha lake to-day.
John Nyman is expecting Ilia wife
,and family from Sweden this week.
Tliey wil!
occupy one of J. C.  Harris'
Virginea mineral claim, sifuate in the
Arrow Lukes Mining Division of West
Kootenay Distiict. "Where located*
On Kooskanox creek about 8 miles
from iis mouth.
Tako notice that I, Samuel Walker
.of Burton City, _r.ee Miner's Certificate
No. B.95285, intend i-ixtv days from
the dale her.of, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Cer: ideate of Improve-
���nenls for the purpura of obtaining a
Crown Gant of the above claim.
And further tike  notice  ihat aclion
under section 87, ,m,st be commenced
.before lhe issuance  of sueh Cerfiflcats
of Improvements,
Dated this 8Stli day of Nov. A.D, 1907
Slocan Land District���District of
Take notice that Sidney Yates Brockman, of New  Denver,  accountant,  intends to apply fp,. permission lo pur-
chase the   following    described   land.
Comtooncing at o post planted at the
N.K. coiner of].il .-.ml,  thence east 80
chains; ihence soiiiji 40 clmins; thenc
we_l80rlni.il*..; tin nee north  40 chains
to point of commencement and containing .120 acres, more or less.
Sept. 2*41li 1807
A permanent situation, Territory reserved ; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Wrile for particular!.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government.)
TORONTO       ���      - '      ONT.
********* ********** ******
Lucerne J
Shaving Parlor.
The only Public Baths
in the Mocan.
Agent for the kootenay Steam
^flvcrton, $.<3.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
���R. fl> Spencer 0 fl>rop
Funemli conducted on Hiort
notice al any point iu lhe di��-
trict.   Shells always in itock.
fl> HDclean,
Weat Koot enay
I, William Stewart Drewry, by occupation a Land Survoyor, intend to
apply for a special license to cut timber upon six hundred and forty acres
of land, liliial" on the west side of
r-locan Lake about one-half mile northof
Nemo creek luunded sa-followa :
Commencing at a poat planted at
lho N.E, corner of Lot 6521, thenco
north 20 chains more or less to the
8.W. comer of Lot 8420; tlience norlh
100 chains, thence west40cliains, tlience
soutli 80 chaine, tlience west 40 chaine,
tlience mill li 40 chains thence east 80
chains more or loss to the point of commencement.
Dated Aug. 14th. 1007
���������������'���������������'������������������a "   ������siwiihhm   ���*s*si_m__.m___w.. _-�� mm  i r_JMu �����t..*i**��. isTfi ���in ���o-�����aa��� *���***��� i   ������     in
T**************** ********************************* A*
\**-i*-i******************** *************************\
*���+ Did you see the swell line of XMAS PRESENTS
at Nelson's store ?
If not come and see them.   Every one is a beauty,    Here
are a few :
Toilet and Manicure sets in sterling silver.
Jewel Boxes, Inkstands, etc., in ormolu gold.
Candle sticks, Smokers' sets and Paper weights.
Hand painted Calendars and Pictures, 50c to $1.25
Sewing sets and Writing Cases.
Silver Tableware,
SwaStifta pins an& BrOOCbe0 - The Lucky Charm
Come and see the best stock ever shown
in the district.
i' ���
(���' 1
r *
r ���
��� "
I*' '
I" ���
r *
f< ���
\\        " in the district. X,.
kwn m mm
I; $r
J; [^***********************************************}
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, thia modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   GaBoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
���'       TT *??*^*s_ _sf���'*A "SB   #8*  "V Jr***"**. "W *B*      *
J. J. Fingland
provincial Hssaper
ant) Cbemist
Sandon Assay Office
Late F. H. HAWKINS. *
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
��1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganeie,
Lime, 11.50 each.
Zinc,  Antimony,   Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $2.00.
Gold, 8ilver, with Lead or Copper, Zino
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead  $8 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
Special Katee for Mine and Id ill Work.
,, %   *��*_fi\��fc>I.F* ���.���*!��-'
Repair! to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
Shauld your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Excursions East.
TORONTO and all points
west thereof
In Ontario nnd Quebec,  Quebec,
St John, Hnlifax, and other
Maritime Province Cities.
Kates on application.
Tickets on sale diiiiy December 1
to December 31.
Round trip First Clacs, three
mouths' limit. v
Halifax, St. John, or .Portland and return
Return Ocean Fares: Saloon,
$104.50; Second, $76; Steerage
$56 and up nccordinf. lo steamer.
For detailed information, pailingn
ocean Bteamer**, first class or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local afjjentB or
E, J. CoYtB, A.G.P.A.
John Mob, D.P.A., Nelson.
professional Carbs.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Mine
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
A..   O.  OstToy
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block   :    New Denver, B.C.
 P.O. Box 87.	
LjOWB  c?z: I-IsSbll
Capitalization $30,000
��� *       	
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regular ly.
H. S. NELSON   - . ���*  Proprietor.
Ladies' Dress 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown.... 60c
TowelB, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirte 16c.
Special attention to shipping ordera.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
General Merchant   ���   New Denver
supply of Groceries
d_it:s Hot   import tea
fine assortment of
as got in a large and excellent
and Christina** Gooclfj,    He
by tlie half ton,   but has a
Teas,    Some of the varieties are
f-tabob, -Sol&swortl., flptons, IRamlat,
��Uie IRlbbon, Ikotalenne
And the Columbia Clioiucst Sun Dried JAPAN" TEA. W
t. .1. Jt. .*. ������>. ����� .*��.._.. .*.. * ,t. -����� .*. ���*���>��� .*. -***. .*. .*. J. ..*.���.�� .*. .*..��.
St. James' Hotels
First-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
.A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver,rB.C.
Stout        I
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trad��.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
\   ���*
Sandon, B. C.
Heabquarters for flOtning ano Gravelling flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Be*t
Rooms large, ��Xlean"ano Cosf.
The Hew Denver Mftr Co. %* William Bennett \*
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan lake a. owens, *��**      P.O. Box 20,
under tbe provisions o! the Assessment Act, respecting tbe Assessment
Rolls for the year 1908 for the Slocan
Aaseesnicnt Dislrict, will be held as
In the Government Office, Kaslo, B.C.
10th December, 11)07, at 10 a.m.
In   the    Mining    Rooordcr's   Office,
Slocan City, llth December, 1907, at
the hour of 2 p.m.
In the Government Office, New Denver,  B.C., 12th December, 1907, at 2
In the  Reco  Hotel,  San Jon,  B.C.,
111th Decembor, 1907, at 10 a.m.
Judge of Court of Rcviaion
and Appeal.
Kaslo, B.C.,
22nd November, 1907.
E. m. TObbowson
Gold, Silver,CippororLead, each,II.Oo
Gold-Silver..$1 50 Silver-Lead. ..1.60
Zinc.. .2.00 Gold Silver witli Copper or
Lend.. 2.50.
Prompt attention given to all lamplai,
Notico is hereby given that the undermentioned persona bave mado application under the provisions of the "Liquor License Act," 1900 for Holel Licenses at the places set opposite tlieir
Henry Stege, Newmarket Hotel, New
A. Jacobson, St. James Hotel, New
Dan Brandon, Belkirk Hotel, Silver-
R. M. Spencer, Victoria Hotel, Silver-
D. Grant, Windsor Hotel,  Silverton
J. T. Bcaucbesne, Busin Hotel, Arlington Basin.
II. Ncvin. Slocnn Hotel, Three Forks.
Joseph Tciant, Rosebery Hosel, Rose-
A meeting of Ihe Board of License
Commissioners will be held, to consider
���uch applications at tbe Court House
New Denver on Monday thc 16th day of
December; at the hour of 10 o'clock  in
tbe forenoon.
Chief License Inspector.
which go lo make Christmas what it should be.
Pudding or a Plutn Cake is like a dance without music.
Maybe you are preparing for ths Christmas
Tieo Celebration and
have no time to make
tho necessary delicacies
Christmas  without a
will purchase a
small pudding big
enough tor a family of four or live.
Other size:*: $1.15
���.1.45    .1.75 each.
Christmas Cake diirin**
December 'Mc. lb.
plain. Special attention given to icing aud
fancy decorations.
Oi.lur early,
aW. Q?ie&Co4eii
Colin J. Campbell
Notary Public
Slocan Land Dislrict���District of
West   Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Andrew Jacobson,
25 per cent, discount upon Ave samples  agent for J. E. Brouse, of New Denver,
BAKER ST., NELSON. physician, intends to apply for permis*.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phon**. A67  ,ion to pllrc|,ftse the following described
land: Commencing at a poat wln-re
l"t 8096 intersects v,ith lot 435 nnd
marked J.E.B.'s N.K. corner post^
thenca south 15 chains, tbence cast 40
chains, thence south 20 chains, thence
west 80 chains thence  north 25 chains
Go to Wilson's for
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Tako notice that I, Marion Mclnnes,
Angus Mqlnnea, agent, of N.w Denver,
spinster, intend to apply for permi-iion
to purchase the following described
��� J,      /-i_ ���, ���   �����.f  ,.in.,t���,i   more or lees to the boundary of lot 8090
laftd:     Commencing at a post planted
at the norlh-west corner  of  lot 2,500
-G.I., Kootenay di trie., thenca west 20
P.O. BOX 10
chains, thence south 20 chain-,  thence
east 20 chains,  Ihence north 20  cliains
to the place of commencement containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated November 88rd, 1907.
A. Mclnnes, Agent.
G.I., thence eait 80 chains more or less
to the corner of lot 8096, thence north
10 chains, thence eaBt 10 chainB to the
pointof commencement, containing 200
acres moro or loss. The land is . ituate
abont ?,_ of a mile from the head of Slocan lake.
Dated November 22nd, 1907.
J. 80. Andrew Jacobean, Ari nt


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