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Slocan Mining Review 1907-10-10

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
$-is^~       iAy\^yviy
Slocan Mining Review.
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
__ Review,"   it's  so-
No. 7   Vol. 2.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Oct. io, 1907.
Single Copies ioc_
Grand Entertainment By Local
Talent Announced For
Friday, Oct. 18.
>****tn*********X.*******   iota to to our existence get as much  JJ^gj  flj ^jg-jggf ^ JJjg
* advantage from our boosting and 'spiel-
mote ant> Comment.
ll the apple Mother Eve dangled be
J  ing generally as does tlie former.
Mines Around Sandon.
On Friday evening, 18th inst, the Garden of Eden was anything like the
Sandon Social Club will give their firBt bj.g juicy fellows that the Kaslo District
public entertainment lor the season. Frujt Growers' Association sent up to
This entertainment will also be the first the editor this week, then no wonder he
ono to be given under the auspices of 6tUck his molars into them and told Eve
tbe newly formed society, and those " there ain't gorn ter be no core," even
Who have been privileged to witness the though he knew that by such action he
rehearsal) of " Turn Him Out," the one wouiu \0,e his job as forest warden and
act farce which will be put on for that ev_ would have to darn fig leaves by
occasion, say it is the funniest play to the sweat of her brow, to say nothing of
be staged in Sandon for many years, upsetting the whole shooting match for
Besides the dramatic portion of the en- her children's children and then some,
tertainment there will he a grand con- u WOuld have done the donors good to
cert of vocal and Instrumental music, ge, the way Mi*, and Mrs. Review
(or whichall best known talent of the and all the little Reviewlets and office
district has been pressed into service. Btaff vaccinated those apples; and
Tlie whole will conclude with a grand though the arrival of and devouring the
ball, for which good music has been se- fruit disarranged   the  routine  of our
And then again.   Times are consider-     Woik at the mineg ia progre8Sj_g wi_h
fore the vision of Father Adam in the ab,y more prosperous than they were of  gmoothne.B.   All tbe well-known pro-
-���.'-:���i:. o even date last year, but we have made  per.ie. are maintaining their shipping
no million yet. How many of you, dear average and several prospects are en-
kind considerate readers bave renewed tering the shipping list. From tlie
your subscription? Who does the paper Majestic an initial car of $100 ore was
you are now reading belong to ? Oh, brought down this week and the pack-
no, it doesn't cost anything to buy M( have a, many ordeig ag they _,���
paper, ink, type and labor. The printer _ii from other prospects. Most excel-
ia an ea;y guy who must be the la.t to iont reports continue to arrive from the
be paid, who is expected to dole out Reco, and several car loads of very rich
chunks of fulsome flattery, who must antimonial silver have been sent to
report if your cat has kittens, who must tiie smelter. The Eureka tramway is
lie like a trooper all the time for your being constructed With all speed, and
benefit, and be jumped on and squashed tl,i_ wj._| he in woiking order in about
if he dures to adversely criticUe you or _*,_ wt,ekg. Meanwhile tho work of de-
shows that ho lias the courage of his velopment goes on at the mine with a
convictions relating to the general wel- big crew At tlle Rulh and Hop_ they
fare of the community. He cau live on are worki���g 0n oue, and the mill keeps
mountain sceneiy and broken phdges. up Us gte__y glill_t _y0 ghUtg _re
And therefore can you wonder at an  wor_ing at  t_e Slocan   Star.     At the
The Sandon Social Club beg to announce that on the above date they will give a GRAND
cured.   There will  be one price of ad- mechanical staff for the day, I hey are  "'"*  ���".�����""-������" *-������ *--   ������- _*��.-��..._, ���   ��� _, _   .
*   ��� *������--���-  .i...*.*..'   edi'or  who   is  trying  to walk in the  Elkhorn they have. begun a new crcss-
Btraight and narrow path with a sunny  cut> but a g,li{t jg Btill drifting.   An-
mi-sion for the complete entertainment feeling 100 per cent better now, thank'
and dance, viz., 50 cents, but there will you. Unlike the evil one who got kick-
a few reserved seats at 75 cents, and e_ out 0f Eden with nary a bite, our
children will be admitted at 25 cents. own devil's only apparent grievance is
We expect to see the Opera House that he hasn't two chutes aud a larger
crowded for this occasion as it deserves pantry. Thank's gentlemen 1 By your
to be. fruits we know ye.
Tickets are now on sale and a plan of  ��� ������
the hall may be seen at the usual place. A report hag ga-ne_ cnrre_cy that one
The net proceeds will be devoted to the of 0(]r uiglingoiahed loca* u.edi_al men
hospital.    The cast  of characters  in   ifJ about to open a da_cing acaden_y.
The EVENT of the SEASON    ^*3j_Bf Net Proceeds for the Hospital
' On which occasion will be presented for the first time in Sandon the Laughable Farce entitled;
. ���Followed by a-
Be sure and see the Farce.   Roars of Laughter from start to finish.
Admission includes Dance also.
A Few Reserved Seats at 75 cents.
Children 25 cents.
disposition becoming soured and pre- otner car*���, good ore ia Mns got readyi
maturely decrepit 1 Will the public At the Lone Bachelor, Geo. Petty the
ever realise that a country newspaper 0Wner ig working a ���_*,* er,w w_t_ g00d
is not a charitable institution, but a results. The local syndicate now oper-
powerlul factor   which   links  with  a ating tlie Goodenoug'h are crosscutting ^������������������������������������'f ���������������*���������������;
Dont Forget that tMs is Something Special and that Friday 18th is the date.
The Curtain will Rise Promptly at 8 o'clock.
The champion rock-drillers have returned to the SloCi.n to once more pursue their vocations oi miners. Angus
McGillivray has joined his partners o*_
the lease at tlie Queen Be.s, and Erickson has gone over the divide to the Sil-
H-taluisp motes.
Our new sidewalks are crowded daily
with ladies, children and baby carriages.
Four new families have arrived from
Winnipeg this week and at present the
greater world  and the foremost in the   and confident ol tapping the rich Reco- '.'.   XOCfll   fltlt)    (BCllCVal.
fight for the good of tha district which  Gdodenough  vein.   Litigation still de- '���'. 	
it serves?     There   are   those  who  in  bars the Last Chance management from !.   ��ok��a��Pby Butttag in Everywhere.
...... i ���itAit.tit.tl.titAAiiiAiiitilitJ.AAil.liiiAii
the love for their own pockets are mean  carrying oat their program,   but  the *^***^^M^*************
the laughable farce is as follow.: Tllig wiu giv, opportunity t0 aspirants  ^f. t0 "* ""* ��� W newspaper  long croggcut on undigputed ground ig      The first dance of the season was held ^^ to work at ttle Vancouver. *  -
Count Eglantine Roscleaf (a masher in  o{ terpgichoro_n grace to master the in-  d-'"1-T   �� a district, and these are   being pushed ahead under contract. �����*   week at the  Bosun   Hall,  New AithougU the men ,���_ not secure as    ��� fi J P '
love with all the girls) J. J. Atherton *,  tdcate    _yrationa    of    tll���  hazy  unapproachable when the editor solicits      Tlie Canadian group has been a steady  Dc''ver. **nd was well attended. much lsst month as pe. haps did John *1J b 7
Doctor Mackintosh Moke (the outraged   waltz aa taUght iu the effete  east, and   "J"    But watclv the same guy. sneak-   B,lippe-all summer and the ore is still     We congratulate Mr. J.B.Smith, of JiJ^^^,?^^^  '  '  " w
Benedict with a giddy turn of mind,,   ��� hope J repnrt ,. f0UIlded on f_ct.   *���� ��"<��"* ;��'e ,'�� ��'* *Met a B**��*f coming down.    An a*ljacent prop *rty,   New Denver, upon his recent appoint- JSJJS   th.y drilled a. the various    ,^\ ,T'   , ^.J���^
Geo. Hope; NicodemusNobb. (a broken   u wouU1 alg5 be  ap_reciated   if   ,he   read *hen tl,e     bUdder     c0,*ies ont-  the Adams group, which is being work-  ment as a Justice of the Peace, and feel competition, last   month   in  Sandon, of Nakusp. paid us a short vU.t on his
down  Bowery    tough  with   pugilistic  _aIlci     mMtcr   ave a'_ occasional lee-  T''ey M" the ����Untry Pll**te'8'9lloodo3��.   ed under lease, made a car shipment a 8���re, in   his official capacity, he will Kaslo, Nelson, and Spokane, sixty min-  way to the coast,
ways,  but  also   in  love  with Susan)   ture  on ., Bftllroom Etiquette " *"* What '* W��r86' y��U *'" invarlablv   week ago.    At the Queen Bess, the par* temper justice with mercy, and   main- u*ea' ^ *vhfch they .ecured the prize,
  ' find  thera t0 ** chronic dockers of   tieg wll0 reCentl    t.ok a leage  on the Ui��� the dignity of his office with credit B^reBatln*.  f;0���-^
without going into frai
Purley Ward; Susan (a maid of all
work), Mini K. McArdle; Mrs. Moke
(tlie doctor's wife), Mrs. J. J. Atherton;
Bill and Sain (porters).
utes, for wlifch they secured  the  prizes
irhlch  works out,
factions, at a shade
Mrs. J. W. Drake .pent a few days in
Speaking of dancing, our young
people who indulge in the dizzy waltz
will hear with interestjthat the heads of
Sandon society have declared " sitting
out" a waltz  will be more fashionable
everything and everybody.   Amen.
There was great excitement at the
Last Chance one night last week, and
the inspired genius who caused the commotion had best take this hint and hie
himself to the nearest blacksmith to
be measured for a pair of tin pants with
armor-clad plates rivetted on the fore
and aft. The tired day shift were just
tumbling between the " sheets " for a
harmonious snoring glee, when the
genius popped his head in the bunkhouse and yelled " Bear!"
Imagine the consternation, and depict
In the window of J. B. Smith at New ,ron,now on than dancirg.  T1)e <..Uting
Denver  there  is  on exhibit a potato oul���   el_bodieg   the game posHion aa
which turns the scale at seven pounds dancing_the 0_ly diftorel.ce ig ���__. you
and a half.    This mammoth tuber was g|t In_tea(* Q. _ance<    The man)i rjght
grown in Geo. Williamson's garden at am ,,���______, B*rl*B WaUt while he
New Denver, and is perhaps the record hojdg hw right<   Her m arm .. p,ace(,
spud.     We  have  seen some gigantic Qn bft ,_0_Mcri  ,,,ile her _���_   reglg
specimen, this fall of what can be grown ,ovillg,y .��� h|g bogOBl( an_  M   thfy
ia the district along this line, ranging haye tQ _0 ;_ ,0 Mm ,0  Ul(J mugic_
from  two to three  pounds In weight. Kow   Uia(.  ..  golnething like it,    We   if you can the bunch of fine  fellows
E. R. Atherton has one iu his window __ve a*wayg re(.arded ... quitea nuisance
a fraction under four pounds. t0 g_Uop ft __,,, or tWQ tQ ^ a hng ot
.   * two.     A   room  full   of people silting
SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION. a,.ound 0��� gofa_ lm(?gil)g lQ  ���,_���._ ,,
A Sunday school  convention for  the  "-.ore to our notion.    Thi. will give the
old rheumaticky brethren a good chance
to go some. Must men waltz not for the
dance, but for tlie position, at least so
we are told, and while many a man may
lose hiri appetite for dancing lip has to
get powerful old before he loses his
appetite for hugging a pretty girl. But
the society leaders insist that there
shall be no attempts at the new style he gets too cloBel" cried Scotty.
lower workings are reported to   have to himself and satisfaction to the resi- under $9.Oo per minute  per man, which Mr. S. J. Harlow is visiting frlendu
struck oie.    E. H. Macdonald, consult- dents of New Denver and surrounding appears to us to be a remunerative sort , p   , An���eiea  *,va��h
ing engineer for tho Anaconda, Butle, district. ��* a )00-   The men in a measure have
made an unofficial visit of inspection ���,,.,,.,.��� r,      ,_���       . to tbank  Sa"Qon.  praclically for this, Mr. Julius Dougal is off on a trip to
of the Ya-Ya this week and to our re- T1'C ^^ ��l ArC,"e MeDona,d and ���*�� without our Labor Day Celebration the northwest.
' family will be sorry  to  learn that his there would have been no rock .drilling
presentative spoke in glowing terms of ,,.���..,                     . .   .. .            ....          .,     .       ���           , We have been informed that Mr. L. F.
���'--���������. daughter Tina has been removed to the here on thut dav, or the day after,  and " �����.v��*��u��iiiiwiii������. u -a
Dr. Gomm'a prospects.. He character*  .,..,._,_,.,.       _,   . _,   ,, ,,     . ,
isolation hospital at Phoenix suffering  consequently the men   would not have
from smallpox. hitched np and gone to Nclron, or to
Jess. Tipping, an   old Slocan  City Ka81"' or to SPok8ne'    Every celebra'
war-horse, prospector,  miner and tim-  tion does good to someone, pessimists to
ized the ground as a " shear zone," aud
openly expressed his confidence in the
ultimate great success of the doctor.
The same expert whilst here spent several days inspecting the Chicago group,
which is now being worked by Milwaukee capital.
berman, has gone up to the Sunset.
J. G. Duck, Milwaukee, Wis., and E.
H. Macdonald, Butte, Mont., left for
McDougald has disposed of the Leland
Hitel to Revelstoke parties who will
take possession on Nov. 1st.
Mr. Thomas Abriel i. making exten-
the contrary notwithstanding. They .ive improvements to some of his pro-
got the mon, and the Slocin from their pcrly and has also nicely decorated the
mighty and sensational  victory got  a
front of his real estate office.
springing out of their warm cots, some
with and some without. Scotty lighted
a candle, and Sam Tyler, who by the
way is a crack shot, loaded his rifle for
They are getting out some very nice the Boundary on Monday  to  inspect
oro at the  Sovereign, and the same is some mining properties there owned by
being   done at   the McAlllistcr.    The the former
Alps and  Alturas group is also being the end of the week
worked for antimony with great success,
Mr.  Duck will return at
boost.   We should have something big
in the way of a rock-drilling tournament
here next year.
F. T. .Kelly, of   Greenhorn,   Ore.,
Dislrict of West Kootenay.
Take   notice  that  Brnce White, of
Nelson, B. C , miner, intends to  apply
Kootenay and Okanagan districts is to
be held in the Baptist church, Nelson,
October 22, 23 and 24*
Each school outside of tbe city of
Nelson is entitled to bo represented by
three delegates, for this convention only.
Delegates will be entertained by the
friends of Nelson. Their names should
be forwarded to Mr. Chave, Nelson, on
or before October 15.
Tbe principal speakers will be Rev.
C.   Merritt,   International   Field
B'ar.   To the bunk-house door the brave "��>������>��������-"��'����'��* ol this valuable ore fta SiinJon_.NllklMp tr_ln  for ^ paat
is sacl4t<d ., ....    J.M.Harris.   Messrs. Harris and Kel-
boys congregated, Scotty holding the *on'*l-r^ . two  month., has been transfeired   to ,._.,-,
There is everv nrosnect of the Pavne *.�� . ., , ... ly are partners in considerable real es-
candle  high  above their heads, while      -"-"0 is every prospec-. oi uie rayne Nelson, to the general regret of patron.  /        _ _,.,_,,_,.
��� **      ���������!----..-..:,..  .. t   .__._ tate and mining property in the district.
accompanied by his wife, have arrived  , special timber  licont-e over the
Andy Ila kett, who has had charge of   ......        ���__,   ���:,������_,       -.. j ,      ,
*""���*���* ' ....        __  to  spend some time  as the gueBt oi  following described land-i:���
Commencing1 at a post planted near
the N.E. corner of T.L. 9201, and
marked   B.   W.    S.W.  corner,   thence
the stoutest-hearted one of the  group
muttered : " W-w-w-wh-where is ho ? "
in the near future.    Tlie new company
,,,.,_ . ... are now arranging iheir program of de-
And at that  moment something was
.   . .,     _ _.,    .���.������..!   veloping  the  grand old  shipper, and
with this end in view Secretary Low
seen to be on the trail moving toward
"Shoot him���pepper bim quick before
resuming some of its old-time activity  0|   t*ie  o.p.r. at   this spur  of  their
Ed.   Stirling,  late conductor     Tommy Rus.ell, a very old timer  of
Nelson-Boundary train,   took the Lardeau, arrived iu camp from Fer-
the first time Boson last Tuesday.   It  is probable he
will send for his family and locate here
for the winler.
of " dancing " made behind the scenes,
and with that all will agree. Sam ro(*re<1' "take thatl" and he Poured
Worker for thePacifio Northwest,  Rev.
"Now then, you son of a biscuit,
Sam roared, "take that
_ a volley of lead into the "B'ar."
But the next instant thc stillness of
���  Th0 End.rby Progress  and Midway  the night waa rent with heart piercing
A. J. Doyle, Western Secretary for Sun- Stftr have klcked Uie bucketj and dying gcreaing0, anguiah . everybody waad__c.
day Schools and Epworth Leagues of have leit b��hind a monumental reproach ing arolmd the cabin pulling hair out of
the Methodist church, and Mr. Stuart to the enterprise of the citizens of those their mouths and porcupine quills from
Muirhead, the recently appointed Gen* placea. Lack of p_lr0llBge ia the their nether limbs, singing awlul sweet
eral Secretary for the province, of Bri- miaerero oh_,lted in bol_ iuatanceai but pgft*m, ,__ tho hallelujah choru. in
tish Columbia. Alberta and  Saskatcbe-  �� StarvgQ olu - wo_,_ be a more eppro_  ^..^    Tlior��� w- ,,gomethUlg doing,.
title.     W.   know the kind  of for lhe next half hour.
on the
charge of  this  run for
on Wednesday.
Road-Inspector Cameron has a gang
of men at work on the Queen Bess trail
and putting in a substantial bridge
across Millar, creek. A gang are still
at work on tho  Reco  trail,   and it i.
tween M'Laglen, the Scotch giant, and
and  two experts are now inspecting the
The mines contiguous to the Silverlon
camp are all being worked full blast.
The resumption of operations at tlie
Hewitt on a large scale has given a
fillip to the industry at this end of the
district. The Standard, Vancouver,
Emily  Edith, Buff.il*   aud   other big
mines are all keeping up their repute- House on Friday 25tb, and have one of ,and 0-parritch moppcd the floor will,
lions and shipping regularly. the best laughs of your life. -,,,��� brown ^^ flnd ,rom a gcien.
Work of lcasurs around the Sandon      See  Jay_jay aa tl,e  English   dude, tific point of view Uie whulo display
camp this year has been productive ol   Soraelhi���g to make a cat laugh. taught nothing. "     '
north 80 chains,  thence east 80 cliains
he. nee south 80 chains, thenco   west   80
clininu to point of commencement.
Sept. 9th, 1907.
Dislrict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lruce White, of Nel-
Tlie much advertised  jiu-jitsu match  .on, B. C, miner,  intends to apply for
for the championship of the world be*   a special timber licence over tho  follow
ing described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted near
Prof. Kanada,  Ihe Japanese champion the 8W. corner of T L.  No.  9283 and
at that style of wrestling, was pulled off marked   B.W.'s S.E.   corner,    thonce
hoped to complete this before the suow  ^ ^ Weatlni���at��� la,t we__.     From north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
fliss* a .pectator. point ol view the exhibition thence sou'h 80 chains,  thenceeast  80
���  ���    ��t*    n ,���    ,   __,.  r_���_,_ , ., ,        ..,��� chains to point of commencement.
Bee " Turn Him Out"  at tho Opera  wa8 a brutal one, as the man from the D      '
good results.   In many instances indi-
.   ,    ....   _. _       See Georgo Hope as tho injured bus-
kind   of for lhe next half hour.   One man was 	
The subjects to be discussed are of tradesmen these newspaper mon had to de8pat_hed to town for a bucketful of J*"J!,J^..SStowfalM         "  band and roar at his discomfiture.
vital importance to all Sunday  School   deai ���ith.   We have the same species vll9eline and a pair of pincers, and Sam   ��*������> *   ' drB ^	
workers.   Plant for the organization  ol  ������_ the Slocan.   Boost, boost, boost; the plliiod 0n his jeans and went out into
a Provincial Association fbr the eastern  newspaper may for ever be giving the t|ie cold| coi.d night  lo hunt for the
section of British Columbia, also ior the   yiad shout for thc district, but do these gnPaor who holleretl "Bear," and this
extension of tho Sunday School in this merchants or business men reciprocate time his gun was loaded to kill. On Sunday last the Harve-t thanks-
part of the province, Will be presented to any degree ? Not a bit of it. They -^ & ^^ ._ ^ _ _ ^ ^^ ^ ^ _t ^ church
to the convention.   For these reasons it ftre too close to throw a crust to a bun- ���               vm]      _.rvice_   j. A, Mc. _, B(  Rtf.nl,Pn. New Denver, which was
Harvest Thanksgiving.
Sept. Oth, 190T.
Distiict of West. Kootenay.
Take notice   that    llruce   White, of
Nelson, B.C., miner, intends   to apply
ior  a special  limber licence  over the
following described land**:-���
would do with his man on the mat, but      Colllm(,m,i|)(, at  _ pogt  plantp(,  near
Watch  Mis.  McArdle,   the  talented   he  could  not  make  good against the   t||e  j*.K.   comer of T.   L.  9204,    ond
young nmaleur actrcps, plav Susan as it  strength if the S utchman, whose sole  marked   B.W.'a   S.E.   coiner, Ihence
it    n,\     t   .1. _    _,  ,  or.    ,.,._:	
The chesty Jup has
been  sliooting off a   deal of hot air in
the coast pre-is of late as to what he
that will do you a service.   J. A. Mc- 0j gt- Stephen, New Denver,
.    iB to be hoped that each school will be  gry whelp.   Too attentive lo their own .. ^ Dairy jg diep03
fully rapresented, and that pastors and   tellies to think of the gnawing pain "<
tendonts will do their share in  th0 stomach of the pr'nter and mayhap
tastefully decorated for   the occus'on.
The choir was  augmented  bv  musical
working up an interest in
the conven-  awi(e nnd little ones.   There are others
ing of his live stock, and he is offering
prospective purchasers the pick of five   ,riend| from othor churches.
   who are the backbone and life of acorn- good ���"��**��. in prime condition for $60.
lOnd Noticed., trlctot West Kootenay  *���^>*f*��� men by their adver-  CEurIFicATE 0F IMPROVEMENTS
B     ' tieing patronage enable the editor to
Take notice that William Fovargue produce his sheet and live,
Whellsuns, of Kaslo, B. O., accountant, for tlie moment for ourselves we must
intends to'apply for permission to pur- gay t__t the merchants and business
chase the following described land: men 0f Sandon have treated us as lib-
Commencing at tlie south-east corner ^,ft.]y a_ w_ coul,, e_pecti and there is
thence  north  ^JgJ  co���aeq���enlly   no    kick   coming.     But
The service was well attended in tho
morning, but crowded in the evening
when the members of the Knights
of Pythias   were   present.     Missioner
was never played  before by amateur.
Something to remember.
A rumor ran round Wednesday night
that Sir Tho*. Shaugneesy was on the
train coming up f*om Nakusp, nnd the
'" rubs." turned out in great force, some
it is feared with pokers up their sleeves.
Like the better Eervice promised, there
was nothing to it.
Nelson Daily News*.���Two handsome
silver cups are on exhibit in the win-
aim in the scrap appeared to be to
squeeze Ihe liver out of Ins man. It
should prove a talutary le-ison t> the
Japanese not to get too frisky wiih
their chests when a Britisher is around,
for they aie of different substance to
Chinamen or Ru.siai s.
nortli 80 clmins, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains thence east 80
clmins to point of commencement.
Sept. Oth, 1007.
District of   \Vei*t Kootenay.
Take notice Hint Bruce White, of Nel
son, B.C., miner,   intends to apply for
Ed. Atherton has relumed from atrip a special timber license over the follow
to the const. ng  described lands:���
.      Commencing at a  post planted near
Mrs.  F.  S.   McDonald has   arrived Uie   N w     comer   o( T  j*.   0481 an(,
Hneaklna  Fly   Fraction   and   Dardanells   Frae-	
tion  mineral  claim, situate in   the  Baynes preached an  able discourse on dowg 0, Ewart Bros.,  the one obtained
of Lot 7523,
thence east 40 chains, thence
'"   '    '      .o ponu
of commencement,  and containing 100  send us   to  the  boneyard  to rot there
Slocan    Mining    Division    of   West
Kootenay District.   Where located:���
In Dardanells' Basin.
Take notice that I. D. Fraser, acting
as agent for tho Dardanells and Okanagan  Mining Company,   Limited,    Freo
, .r, ���,.���:������ tn noint   the patronage from Sandon alone would   Miners Certilicate No. B17551, intend, 60     . ���        .       _,,,-_   -
chains,  thence  west 40 clmine to point   tne P^   �� g_   , _-___,   tn rnt t|l(,rR   days from thc date hereof,  to apply  to   tributed to the  children of  the  pa.isb   dlat,.lct
'Fraternity and Brotherly Love," and for t|ie beBt district display of ore, won
took occasion to comment upon the fin- by Kooienny at  the Spokane fair, and
!nl3itionof the mission. t.!e other a smaller cup  presented to  leen ..king In the  New We.tmii.ttr
The flowers, fruit  etc., employed in tho Whitewater mines for the be.t dis-  Fair,
decoration of tho church, were dis- play 0* ore8 from the Kootenay mining
home from Spokane where the has been  marked  B.W.'s  N.K.   corner,   tl.etii
r south 40 cliains, thence west 1*30 chain.,
visiting fiiends.
Mr. and Mis.  Hurley returned Wednesday fiom the coast, where they hnve
th nee north 40 chains, I hence  cast 160
clmins to point Qf commencement.
Sept. 16,h, 1907.
tlie <
acres  more or   less.
covers preemption  of   D. F. Mclvellar,
Preemption Record No.   104, whicli was
cancelled on tho 24th day oi   August
William Fovargue Whellams.
per Henry Stewart Whellams
Dated, September 8,1907. agent
the  Mining   Recorderfor a  certificate   on Mo_day. afternoon.
This  application  wilh our journalistit piedecessors, and orimpro.e"inent�� for the purpose
tnining a Crown Grant of tlie above
consequently wo roust look to the
Slocan generally to supply butter to
Sandon a bread. Our advertising columns are an index to tlie character of
tlie mon for whom wo practically toil,
and the ones who do not contribute one
And further tako  notice, that action
under section  87, must  lie commenced   jn Turn Him Out,
before the issuance of such Certificate of  ..__       j. r  *ree to anybody who
See Purley Ward asNicolemus Njhbs
A year's subscrip-
improvements. '"" ,
Dated this24thday of Aug., A.D. 1907 can   Wa.ch  him   make
0 89 D. FRASER, ���      _.     .���,..,..
J Agent. Hughinghenitlj.
High Buss willbe sung at St. Joseph's
church   on  Sunday   n xt  at  10 a.n*. the Wood, Vallanco Co. Ltd., was here
Evening set vice at 7.80. o;) business two d.iys this  week.    Our
H. R. Jorand, thc well-known Slocan visitor expressed liiniself as gratified at
without  City  b.irris'cr,  passed through  to-dsy the manner in which business was pick-
on his way to Kaelo.
Take notice that Walter Clough, of
Slocan  City,    prospector,  interds   to
apply   for permission  to purchase the
A. Burkett, Spokane, is a guest at following described kr.di;
I{ec0. Comme icing at a post planted  near
the mouth of Indian creek, on the west
R L McDride, NtJson,  repreBenling side of Slocan Lake, marked W.C's N.E.
    ***��� "*   -���--������  s���nth along*
ing up in the Slocuu.
corner,  thenco 40   chains
shore of lake, thence 40  chains  west,
thenco 40   chains   north,   thence   40
chains east to point of  commencment,
160 a'*res moro or less,
Se )t. 23rd 1907.
11....''__.'_,_- "fgg
R~~ VVONE was handsome ln his
borrowed clothes. He was now
the clean,. Immaculate gentle*
__J mnn Instead of tho wretched
vagabond of the hills. Even Beverly
was surprised at the tliange in him.
His erstwhile sad and melancholy facj
was flushed uuu origin t..._ u:.. _hu>-n_.
The kiss he bestowed upon thc delighted Candace was tender in the extreme.
Then, putting her aside, he strode over
and gallantly kissed the hand of Grau-
stark's princess, beaming an ecstatic
���mile upon the merry Beverly an Instant later.
"Welcome, rrince Dantan," said
Tetlve.   "A thousand times welcome."
"All Graustark Is your throne, most
glorious Yetive. That Is why I have
nsked to be presented here and not ln
the royal hall below," suld Ravone.
"You will wait here with us, then, to
hear the good news from our warden,"
���aid the princess. "Seud the courier
to me," she commanded. "Such sweet
uews should be received In the place
which ls dearest to me ln all Graustark."
The ministers aud the lords and ladles of the castle were assembled In
the room when Baron Dangloss appeared with the courier from tlie prison. Count Marlanx was missing. He
was on his way to the fortress, a
crushed, furious, impotent old man. In
his quarters he was to sit and wait
for the blow that he knew could not be
averted. In fear and despair, hiding
his pain and his shame, he was racking his brain for means to lessen the
force of that blow. He could withdraw
the charges against Baldos, but he
could not soften the words be bad said
nnd written of Beverly Calhoun. He
was not troubling himself wilh fear because of the adventures lu the chapel
and passage. He knew too well how
Yetive could punish when her heart
.was bitter against an evildoer. Graustark honored and protected its women.
The warden of the dungeons from
which Gabriel had escaped months before reported to the princess that tbe
prisoner was agaiu In custody. Briefly he related that a party of men led
by Prince Dantan had appeared early
that day. bringing the fugitive prince
uninjured, but crazed by rage and disappointment. They had tricked him
Into following them through the hills,
Intent upon slaying his brother Dantan. There could be no mistake as to
Gabriel's Identity. In conclusion the
warden Implored her hlghuess to send
troops up to guard the prison In the
mountain side. He feared an attack ln
force by Gabriel's army.
"Your highness,'* said Lorry, "I have
���ent Instructions to Colouel Braze, requiring him to take a large force of
men Into the puss to guard the prison.
Gabriel shall not escape agalu, though
all Dawsbergen comes after him."
"You have but little to fear from
Dawsbergen," said Ravone, who was
seated near the princess, Candace at
bis side. "Messages have been brought
to me from tbe leading nobles of Dawsbergen assuring me that tho populace
ls secretly eager for the old reign to
be resumed. Only the desperate fear
of Gabriel aud a few of his bloody but
loyal advisers holds them ln check.
Believe me, Dawsliergen's efforts to
release Gabriel will be perfunctory
and half hearted ln tbe extreme. He
ruled like a madman. It was his Intense, implacable desire to kill his
brother that led to bis undoing. Will
It be strange, your highness, if Dawsbergen welcomes the return of Dantan
ln his stead?"
"The story! The story of his capture! Tell me the story," came eagerly from those assembled. Ravone leaned back languidly, bis face tired und
drawn once more, as if the mere recalling of the hardships past was hard
to bear.
"First, your highness, may I advise
you and your cabinet to send another
ultimatum to the people of Dawsbergen?" he asked. "This time sny to
them that you hold two Dawsbergen
princes iu your hand. One cannot nud
will not be restored to them. The other will be released on demand. Let the
embassy be directed to meet tbe Duke
of Mate, the premier. He ls now with
the army, not far from your frontier.
Mny it please your hlghuess, I have
myself taken tlie liberty of dispatching
three trusted followers with the news
of Gabriel's capture. The two Bappos
nnd Curl Vandos are speeding to tho
frontier. Your embassy will find the
Duke of Matz lu possession of all the
"The Duke of Matz, I am reliably Informed, some dny is to be father-in-law
to Dawsbergen," smilingly said Yetive.
"I shall not wonder If ho responds
most favorably to an ultimatum."
Ravone and Candace exchanged
glances of amusement, the latter breaking into a deplorable little gurgle of
"I beg to Inform you that the duke's
daughter has disdained the offer from
the crown," said Ravone. "She has
married Lieutenant Alsnnol of the royal artillery and is as happy as a butterfly. Captain Baldos could have told
you how the wayward young woman
defied her father und laughed at tbe
beggar prince."
"Captain Baldos Is an exceedingly
discreet person," Beverly volunteered.
"He has told no tales out of school."
"I am reminded of the fact thnt you
gave your purse, into my keeping one
memorable dny ��� the day when we
parted from our best friends ut Gun-
look's gntes. I thought you wero a
pjrlncess, und you did not know that I
Understood English. Thnt wus n sore
hour for us. Buldos wns our life, tho
heart of our enterprise. Gabriel hates
him as he hates bis own brother.
Steadfastly has Baldos refused to Jolt
u. ln the jplot. .to seize l'riuce Gab del
He once tome an outn to kill biiQ 'on
sight, and I wns so opposed to this
thnt he bad to be left out of tbe final
"Please tell us how you succeeded In
capturing that ���your half brother,"
cried Beverly, forgetting that It was
-another's place to make the request
The audience drew near, eagerly utten*
"At another time I shall rejoice In
telling the story  ln detail.   For th*
present let me ask you to be satisfied
wltb the statement thnt wc tricked lilm
by melius of letters into the insane
hope thut he could capture und sluy
his half brother. Captuin Bnldos suggested the plan. Ilml he beeu arrested
yosterdny I feel It would have fulled.
Gnbrlel wns und Is Insane, We led
him a chase through the Grnnstnrk
hills until the time wns ripe for the
final act. His smnll hand of followers
fled at our sudden attack, aud he wus
taken almost without u struggle not ten
miles from the city of Edelweiss. In
his innd ravings we learned that his
chief desire wns to kill his brother nnd
! sister nnd nfter that to carry out the
pluu thnt hns long been lu his mind.
He wns coming to Edelweiss for the
sole purpose of entering the cnstle hy
tbe underground passage, with murder
In his heart. Gabriel was coming to
kill the Princess Yetive aud Mr. Lorry.
He has never forgotteu the love he
bore for the priuccss nor the hatred he
owes his rival. It was the duty of
Captain Buldos to see thnt he did not
enter the pnssugo In tlie event that he
eluded us iu the hills."
Later ln the duy the Prineess Yetive
received from the gaunt, hawkish old
mnn In the fortress a signed statement
withdrawing his charges against Baldos, the guard. Marlanx did not nsk
for leniency. It was not In him to
plead. If the humble withdrawal of
charges against Buldos could mitigate
the punishment he knew Yetive would
impose, all well nnd good. If it went
for naught, he wns prepared for the
worst. Down there iu his quarters,
with wlno before him, he sat and waited for the end. He knew that there
was but one fate for tbe^nan, grent or
Beverly knew that U teas a faded rose I
smnll, who uttacked a woman in Graustark. His only hope was that the
princess might make an exception In
the cuse of oue who hud been the head
of the army, but the hope was too
smnll to cherish.
Buldos wulked forth a free man, the
plaudits of the people lu his ears.
Baron Dangloss uud Colouel Quinnox
were beside the tall guard as he came
forward to receive the commendations
and apologies of Graustark's ruler aud
the warm promises of reward from the
man he served.
Ho knelt before the two rulers who
were holding court on the veranda.
The cheers of nobles, the shouts of soldiery, lhe exclamations of the ladles,
did not turn his confident bend. He
was tin* horn knight. Tlie look of triumph Unit be 'bestowed upon Beverly
Calhoun, who lounged gracefully beside ihe stone balustrade, brought the
rod Hying to hor cheeks. He took something from his breast und hold it gul-
lunlly to his lips before ail lhe us-
si'inhled courtiers. Beverly kuew thut
It was u faded rose!
mil 10 next morning a royal messenger cnme to Count Murlaux.
He bore two sealed letters
from the princess. One briefly
Informed him that General Braze was
Ills successor ns commander In chief
of the army of Graustark, He hesitated long before opening the other. It
wus equally brief nnd to thc point. The
iron Count's teeth cnme together with
a savage snap ns he rend the signature
of the princess at tlie end. There wus
no recourse. She had struck for Beverly Calhoun. He looked nt his wntch.
It wus 11 o'clock. The edict guve him
twenty-four hours from the noon of
that dny. The gray old libertine dispatched a messenger for his man of
affairs, u lnwyer of high stnnding ln
Edelweiss. Together they consulted
until midnight, Shortly uftur duybreak
the morning following Count Marlanx
wus in tlie train for Vienna, never to
set foot on Gniiisturk's soil nguln. He
wus banished nnd his estates confiscated liy tlie government.
The ministry In Edelweiss was not
slow *to reopen negotiations with
Dawsbergen. A proclamation wns
sent to tbo prime minister setting
forth tho new order of nfl'iiirs nnd suggesting the Instant suspension of hos-
lile preparations und tlie restoration of
Prince Dantan, Accompanying this
proclamation wont n dignified message
from Dantan Informing his people thnt
lie awaited their commands. He was
ready to resume the throne thnt had
been so desecrated. It would be his
joy (p restore J>awsl_ergep t,__ Its ouce
peaceful ano prosperous cotulltlon. '-Tn
the meantime tbe Duke of Mizrox dls-
pntcbed the news to the Princess Volga
of Axphaln, wbo wus forced to abandon���temporarily at least���her desperate designs upon Graustnrk. The capture of Gabriel put an end to her transparent plans.
"But she Is bound to break out
against us sooner or later und on the
slightest provocntion," suid Yetive.
"I dare say that a friendly alliance
between Graustark and Dawsbprsren
will prove sufficient to ChM-t* any ambitions sbe may bave ulong that line,"
said Ravone significantly. "They are
very near to each other now, your highness.   Friends should stund together."
Beverly Cnlhoun wus In suspeuse.
Baldos bnd been seut off to the frontier
by Prince Dnutan, currying the message which could be trusted to uo other. He accompanied the Graustark
ambassadors of peace us Dnutau's special agent. He went in tbe nighttime,
and Beverly did not see him. The
week which followed bis departure
was the longest she ever spent. She
was troubled In her heart for fear
tbat he might not return, despite the
declaration she had made to hlm lu
one hysterical moment. It wns difficult for her to keep up the show of
cheerfulness that wus expected of her.
Reticence became her strongest characteristic'. She persistently refused to
be drawn Into a discussion of her relations with lho absent one. Yetive
wns piqued by hor manner nt first, but
wisely saw through the ninsk ns time
went on. She und 1'rluce Dantan hud
innny quiet und Interesting chuts concerning Beverly and the erstwhile
guard. The prince took Lorry nnd the
princess into his confidence. IIo told
them nil there was to tell nbout his
dashing friend nnd companion.
Beverly nnd the young Princess Cnn-
dnco beenmo fust nnd loving friends.
The young girl's worship of her brother wns beautiful to behold. She huddled close to him on every occasion, and
hor dark eyes bespoke adoration whenever his name wus mentioned in her
(To Be Continued)
Shark     Oversees     Risky     Piect     of
A sea captain's ingenuity and pluck
are the subject of a capital story
which comes from Hartlepool. Captain
Ivor Mattson, of the Swedish barque
Flora is the hero of the adventure,
which occurred when the Flora was
on a voyage from Norway to the Cape.
Heavy weather was encountered in
the Bay of Biscay, and the water commenced to make its way into the vessel at the bows. Despite the fact that
the pumps were kept going���b$ means
of the windmill on deck when possible, and at other times by hand���
the water rose steadily in the hold,
and eventually the Flora, which was
by this time in the South Atlantic,
was in a well-nigh waterlogged condi*/
tion. The captain then decided upon
heroic measures. It was impossible
to atop the leak from the inside, so
he determined to try and stop.it from
the outside. For this purpose a diving suit of some form was necessary,
and out of a piece of Bail cloth, Captain Mattson fashioned a huge bag,
sixteen feet long nnd two feet in diameter, fixing metal rings at intervals
inside in order to keep it in shape. At
a snitab'e height he put in a small
window, scraping the back off a cheap
mirror for the purpose. Armholes and
sleeves were fitted, and the whole apparatus so rigged up that the bag
could he loweed into the water to the
requisite depth to enable a person inside it to examine the hull of the vessel under water. Captain Mattson himself descended in this novel diving
suit, nnd discovered, after considerable difficulty, two places where the
wnter was entering.
With tho aid of rags, rope, etc., he
mulked the apertures, the daneers of
tlie task being increased by tho fact
that, whilst the leakages were some
four feet below the actual water line
of the vessel, their depth momentarily
increased to eight feet or so as the
ship dipped to the long Atlantic roll.
The pitching of the vessel, too, caused
Captain Mattson to be continually
thrown with more or less force against
tlie hull, and indeed the friction gradually wore a hole in the canvas at
the foot of the bng. Through this the
water entered the bag and immersed
Captain Mattson to the chin before
he could call out to his men to haul
him up. Another unpleasant interruption was caused by a shark. All the
morning before Captain Mattson commenced operations a large shark had
been swimming around the vessel. The
crew had fished for him with meat,
etc., but without Buecess, but at
length tlie monster, rising to grab at
so insignificant nn article as an empty
mntch box thnt had been thrown overboard. Captain Mattson had a shot
at him withji revolver. Tho shark was
just below the wntor when the bullet
hit him, and evidently not much damage was done. Still, he swam away,
and was not seen again until Captain
Mattson was below in his extemporised
diving suit. The crew at once warned
tho captain of the shark's approach,
but the captain decided to go on with
his work. The shark came up, and
Captnin Mattson, keeping close to the
side of the vessel, saw him come
round the bows. The pilot fish that
accompanied him inspected the canvas bag, but the shark passed, apparently unheeding, some four or five
feet off. Captain Mattson wns at first
somewhat afraid the shark might attack his hands, and had his knife
-ready to defend himself if necessary.
The lenkngos being repaired, the
Flora, continued her voyage to Cape
Town, which slit; reached in safety,
and, as a recognition of his daring
and ingenuity, Captain Mattson was
tlie r_o*piant of several handsome
Raising Holrtein Cattle.
The Dutch system of feeding und
rearing Hn.s_eiu-Frlesl.in cattle Is slm
pllclty Itself. The calves nre glvei
whole milk until about five Weeks old.
when the ration ls gradually changed
to sUitn milk nnd grain. The grain
Is cooked or steamed nnd fed With tne
milk nt first nnd later is fed dry Immediately before the milk Is given. When
grass Is available It forms tlie entire
ration for heifers, nnd during winter
the rations are only sufficient to keep
them growing. Bulls nre fed ln tbe
snme manner until they nre a yenr old,
after which they nre closely confined,
but regular exercise Is given dully.
Bulls used for breeding nre kept In
.tables or pudtlocks anil nre well fed,
but uot allowed to become fat. Roots
In winter nnd green forage In summer
are largely used. ��� Professor W. A
Kennedy, Iowa Agricultural College.
One   kind  oi
underwear,    end
only one, fits right,
wears out slowest, and satia*
��ei you (rom the day you
buy it   That kind U trade-
marked (aa above) in reel, and guaranteed to you
by stores that -ell it and the people who make it.
Made in many fabrics and styles, at various
prices, in form-fitting sizes ior women,
men and children.    Look for the
Elephant Tusks.
Thp average weight of n pair of elephant Uaks is 180 pounds, but n single
tusk   bus  been   known  to  weigh  200
The Human Eye.
Tlie human eye, It Is asserted, enn
distinguish 100,000 different colors or
hues nnd enn appreciate and differentiate twenty shades of each hue. In
other words, the eje is capable of
2,000,000 color Impressions.
Sure Regulators ��� Mandrake and
Dandelion nre known to exert a powerful influence on the liver and kidneys, restoring them to healthful
action, including a regular flow of
the secretions and imparting to the
organs complete power to perform
their*, functions. These valuable ingredients enter into the composition
of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, and
serve to render them the agreeable
and salutary medicine they are.
There are few pills so effective as
they in their actio;..
Academic degrees originated at
Paris and Bologna during the twelfth
Guard   Their    Children's    Health   by
Giving  Them   Dr.   Williams'
Pink Pills
The health of the growing boy or
girl should be carefully guarded.
During the growing time there is i
danger of the blood becoming poisoned and tlie health seriously impaired. The blood should be kept
pure and the child will grow strong,
healthy and active. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills are an ideal tonic for the
>oung. They never fail to bring
color to the pnle cheeks and strength
to tlie growing body. To a reporter
of L'Aven'r du Nord, Mr. Jos. Provost, of S*. Canute, Que., tells how
these pills saved his daughter Marie
fiom a life of misery. He says: "A
yenr ago my daughter, a girl of thirteen, wa*3 very weak. She wns so ill
that I feared she was going into consumption. Though I tried remedy
after remedy she remained in this
weak state for several months and
1 began to think she would never
get better. I read of the good Dr.
Whams' Pink Pills hud been in a
case of anaemia, so got some for her.
Soon she began to improve; her appetite returned; she grew strong;
color came into her cheeks and today she is as healthy us any young
girl could.be. I firmly believe Dr.
Wil'iams' Pink Pills saved her life.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are equally as successful in bringing those of
mature age back to health as they
are in building up the young. They
make pure, rich blood���that is why
they banish anaemia, rheumatism.
St. Vitus dance, heart palpitation,
indigestion and the secret ills of
girlhood and womanhood. But you
must get the genuine, bearing the
full name, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pnle People," on the wrapper
mound ench box. All other ��p-cnlled
Pink Pills are imitations. If your
medicine dealer does not keep tho
genuine pills they will be sent nt 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50,
from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville,   Ont.
Mr. R. W. Perks Speaks On Canadian
Mr. R. W. Perks, M.P., one of the
most  eminent  laymen   in  Methodism
in'England, and also one oi uie laig-
sst contractors oi the otd countiy, recently  was a visitor to Toronto.  He
spoke here before the Toronto Uethb-
iist Conference.
His business purpose in coming to
j the  Dominion  wns  to look  into    the
1 proposition of constructing a $100,000,-
| 300 ship canal in Canada. While    in
this  country he  mnde  no  announcements of significance on this scheme.
A  few  days ago he  arrived  back  in
Kngland   and  gave   an   interview    to
The  London   Daily   News,   which    is
published  ns follows:
The great ��20.000,000 Canadian ca-
j nal scheme has been advanced a big
stage, and all estimates, etc., are now
ready   for   tlie   consideration   of   the
Canadian Coveriiment.
Mr. R. XV. Perks, M.P., landed from
the White Star liner Celtic, from New
York Sunday night. He has been eight
weeks in America in connection with
this enterprise, and during that period he lias traversed the route for tiie
projected canal from end to end, acting in this survey for the company
whicli will undertake the Construction
of this now ship canal, in conjunction with Messrs. C. H. Walker ti
Co., the firm of London engineering
contractors, in which Mr. Perks is a
partner. They were interested in the
construction of the Manchester Ship
The new scheme is to provide a
Canadian ship canal which will enable ocean-going steamships to transport the grain and-other produce from
the interior of the Dominion direct to
Liverpool by water. The new waterway is to extend from Georgian Buy
through three of the great lakes .and
down the Ottawa River to Montreal
and the St. Lawrence. The plans provide for a depth.all the way sufficient
to take any vessel drawing up to 24
feet. Obviously, n great Canadian waterway, directly connecting the fertile
interior with the Atlantic liner services, should prove nn invalunble nid
to tlie rapid -development of the productive resources of Canada.
"My plans," said Mr. Perks, "are
now all formulated, nnd ready for
presentation to the Cnnndinn Government, and I am to see the Dominion
Premier, Sir Wilfrid Lnurier, on the
r subject in London next week. I have
carefully 'Scrutinized and checked the
'estimates of revenue and all the various engineering details, and I have
conferred with my friends in America
and in Canada as to the best methods
of putting the business into practical
form. That lias now baen done. I shall,
after my interview with Sir Wilfrid
Lnurier. probably return to Canada
to get tlie business completed."
One of the most novel clocks in the
world is the sidewalk clock at the
corner of Broadway and Maiden
Lane, New York. Its works are
under the pavement. Only the
hour and minute bunds, protected
by a heavy glass cover, are visible
from an opening in the  sidewalk.
Henry Elliott, Esq., of Sherbrooke,
N.S., Inspector and Supt. of Bulge
Construction  for Nova  Scotia,  says;
"A bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT cured me of a very severe
sprain of my leg, caused by a fall
while building a bridge at Doherty
Creek,  Cumberland Co."
Wltfe In Scot!"".id Inst liiirnmn I arrived ut Muxwolltown, Kirkcudbrightshire, und wanting n stamp for n picture postcard I inquired for the post
office, but to my surprise I was informed the town hud neither post nor
telegraph office. Investigation revealed
that the town had a population of
more than 3,000 inhabitants, being
also a burgh, with its provost, town
council and bailies. This unique town
bus to depend on Dumfries, uenrly
three miles distant, for everything of
a postal nature.���London Tlt-Blts.
DODD'S   v
W.    N.   U.   No.   651
Chief ol Oka Tribj  Resents Enclosure
of   Land.
A recent despatch from Oka, says:
The fact that Chief Angus Corinthe
has announced that there will be
bloodshed in Oka if tlie fencing ol
public land is proceeded with, gives
those who know the ways of the Indian hero more concern than nil the
alarmist rumors that have been set
nlloat at different times during tiie
inst few yenrs. Almost every year
there hove been, so to speak, pocket
rebellions here, in the course of
whicli, nt various times, the provincial police and detectives, as well as
those of the Dominion, have been called out for fervice. Tho outlook, however, hns never before been so serious ns nt -.he present. Those who
know Aligns Corinthe know him as
a careful, deliberate mnn, who would
not openly proclaim such defiance as
he has done unless he had thought the
matter out carefully.
In connection with this it must be
remembered thnt a little over a year
ago he deliberately tried to bring
tilings to an issue by cutting down a
Irno cr* t***^ di<j��t-*ted dnninins to make
a flagstaff fo- his property in the village, li.: defied the gentlemen oi the
seminary nt thnt time to put him in
jail, but, thanks to the moderation ol
tlie lntter, who are somewhat tired of
the constant trouble with the Indians,
nothing serious happened.
Tn tlie present case, whatever occurs will not be at the instigation cf
the Board of Health of the province,
which obiectB to cows and other animals roaming around through the village. The village authorities have been
ordered by the Board of Health to enclose the meadows, and, owing to
threats, have asked for the protection
of the provincial police.
Is a Goose a  Bird?
In a decision by Judge Wuitc, tho
Hoard of General -Appraisers in New
York have decided that Canadian
geese are not wild, and hence are
not tu he deemed "birds," within the
meaning of the Dingley tariff act. The
issue directly affects tho importation
of the geese in the New York market.
The collector assessed the geese for
duty as "live poultry" witli duty at
tlie rale of three cents per pound,
whereas tlie importers insisted that
tiie geese should be admitted as
"birds" tree of duty. Their contention wns that the geese ure wild, or
semi-wilil. in denying Lhe claim Judge
Waite snys: "Tlie evidence shows
that the geese nre kept by tlie funnel's on their farms very much nsfow.s
are generally kept, allowed to run in
the fields, antl ulso kept within closures. The importers claim that thoy
are of a Wild nature, and ure a hybrid, resulting from the mingling of
the wild Canadian goose with the domestic goose. The simple fuel that
tliey mny contain some wild blood
and hnve some */ild tendencies would
not, we think, warrant us in finding
that they are free of duty as claimed." The decision will probably hnve
tiie effect of raising the prices of
peese to hotels, restaurants and individual  consumers.
Quaint London Charities.
Distributions were made recently in
.onnection with three strange charities operating in tbe parish of Holborn. One was the Isaac Duckett bequest, founded in 1620, to be applied
in equal shares for the benefit of poor
maid-servants who had served one
master or mistress for seven consecutive years. Of late this period has
been reduced to five years. Of 67
applicants 31 were elected to receive
each $20. The longest period of service biinr.ted was 32 1 2 years.
The other two charities���Lady Hat-
ton'B und Mrs. Palmer's-- both relatet!
to aged widows of over 60 years of agi
who had resided in tlie pariah for tei
years and never received poor relief
Under the former requeBt nbout 2
widows received money, while Mrs
Palmer's benevolence was rosponsibh
(or 2*1 old ladies receiving $25��� tht
,'nst hall-yearly instalment of theii
$50 pension,
Que to Neglecting to Keep the Liver Right, the Digestion Good, the Bowels Healthy By Using
You may shudder to think of yourself as a dyspeptic���as one who,
through stomach troubles, has come
to look on tlie dark side of things,
and to be ill-tempered and grouchy
���but if you neglect treatment for
repeated attacks of indigestion you
will most assuredly become a chronic
The great mistake is to put the
blame on the stomach, and strive
in vain for lasting benefit from tablets and so-called digestives. The
real cause of trouble in nine cases
out of ten is with the liver.
Thousands of persons are being
cured of complicated cases of indigestion by Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, because of tlieir direct action
on tlie liver, thus ensuring a gootl
How of bile���good digestion and
healthful action of the bowels.
Mr. C. D. Bennett. Maple Grove,
Megantic Co., Que., writes: "I bail
dyspepsia very bad. The food would
sour, my stomach would swell up, 1
suffered a great deal nnd could not
sleep. As the result of using Dr.
Chnse's Kidney-Liver Pills I am now
entirely cured, and can eat any kind
of food without feeling nny had effects. They have made a new and
a younger man of me, and I cannot
say too mucli in their praise.
"Dr. Chase's Ointment cured a
friend of mine of piles when he was
so bnd he could not work or even
stand up."
Mr. Win. G. Purdy, Bridgetown, N.
8., writes: "When I wrote to you
for Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills I
was a sufferer from kidney disease,
stomach troubles, and liver antl
bowel disorders. By using one pill
ut bedtime every night my health
has gradually improved until I can
say that I am in better health than
I have been for twenty years. All
other medicines failed , but Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills have
cured me."
This treatment is thorough, far-
reaching and of lusting benefit, und
cures the most severe cases of chronic
nud intestinal indigestion, ns well us
biliousness and constipation; 20
cents a box, at all dealers, or Kdniun-
son,  Bates A Co., Toronto.
Putting It Gently
The Judge���Well, sir, hnve you
anything to say?
Tlie Lawyer���No, sir. But if your
honor were a mind reader you would
fine me for ��� contempt of court.���
Cleveland  Leader.
Impurities in the Blood���When the
action of the kidneys becomes impaired, impurities in the blood nre
almost sure to follow, and general
derangement of the system ensues.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will regulate the kidneys so that they will
maintain healthy action and prevent
the complications which certainly
come when there is derangement of
these delicate organs. As a restorative these Pills are in the first rank.
"Do you like fiction?" asked the
"Well," he responded, "that depends. Now, something probable, as
the 'Arabian Nights,' for instance, is
all right; but I draw the line at a
mining prospectus."
Minard's    Liniment    Cures     Diph
The best timekeeper in the world is
the electric clock in the basement of
the Berlin Observatory, built in 1875.
It is enclosed in nn air-tight glass
cylinder, and for periods of two and
three months it has frequently run
with an average daily deviation of
only fifteen one-thousandths of a
Death Comes to All���But it need
not come prematurely if proper precautions are taken. "An ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure,"
and to have prevention at hand and
allow a disease to work its will is
wickedness. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil not only allays pains when applied externally, but will prevent
lung trouble resulting from colds
and coughs.   Try it and be convinced.
"Did you ever sell your vote?"
aBked the impertinent friend.
"Never," answered Senator Sorghum. "A Bingle vote is of no consequence these days. You've got to
contract to deliver them in bunches."
���Washington  Star.
Pete���Wha' I git dese does? I'se
been gettin' sure thing t*ps at de
George���Yo'* mua' ha' played 'em
Fete���Nopey; didn't play 'em nohow; dat's why I got de does.���Puck.
���Just Common  Sense
"That handwriting expert snid there
wns  'no    character'    in    my    hand.
What did lie nieun  by that?
"He simply means that you're considerate and sensible enough to write
each character legibly."���Philadelphia Press.
When all other corn preparations
fail, try Holloway's Corn Cure. No
pain whatever and no inconvenience
in using it.
"We all know, ' said the speaker,
as he warmed to his subject, "we all
know that it is better���to use a
homely illustration���to push a lawn
mo.   r than to pull it."
"We all know it is better to do
neither," came a.chilling voice from
the rear of the hall. And the point
was lost.���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form ot contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Woltorrt's Sanitary Lotion.
Johnnn���You nearly got engag.nl
while ynu were on your tour in the
mountains, I hear.
Michel���Precious near. But fortunately, just at the last moment, I
fell down a precipice.���Fliegende
Minard's    Liniment    Cure-   Garget
in Cows.
Undertakers for Birds.
A branch of bnnihess conducted by
a Philadelphia establishment devoted
to supplying nntl hoarding feathered
pots is that of preparing dead birds
for burial. Oliil.'reii who hnve lost
their canaries or oth.*r songsters
through disease or accident bring the
little cadavers to tho store to be laid
out in becoming style. Tiny coffins,
each just lnrge enough for a bird,
nre kept in stock, also quantities of.
pale pink and blue cotton. The latter is used for filling the bird coffin,
and on this the bird is laid. The effect when birdie's body is "decently"
composed on the pink and blue cot-
ten is sufficient to console the little
mourning master or mistress. The
children then convey their coffin
away for burial. Funeral expenses
are light.
THe "First Trousers.
Tockets were one of the great sartorial objections urged against trousers, and a writer on male fashions
eighty yours ngo declared: "No pockets
cun be tolerated on any account whatever. They mnke a man look like a
Yankee,"���London Chronicle.
Is fitted  with   the   improved  Record
Triangular Grate���the most perfect furnace grate on the market   Of the four
triangular urate bars, each bar is operated
by the use of a handle applied to either
of the two centre bars.   To remove this
handle after shaking is impossible  until
tlie grate bar  has been  returned  to its
original  position, flat  and  in
place, without any of the cogs
sticking up. The result is that
the bars are always flat under
the fire and that it is impossible
tor lumps of coal lo drop through
and be wasted.    The Record
Triangular Grate can be entirely removed   from without'
without  lying on stomach or
bothering with a light.      io_
A Write for Catalogue.
foundries at MONCTON. N.B. & MONTREAL. PA
Sales Branches at MONCTON, N.B.; MONTREAL, P.Q
A natural food, clean,
pure, wholesome, nutritious. Made under public Inspection. The
whole wheat and nothing but the wheat. Nature's   best  gift  to  man.
Health  and  strength  in  every  Shred
For tale by all grocers,  13c per package; 2 for 26c. ^3
i Sore, hot, aching or blist-
lered feet are cooled and
��� healed by Zam-Buk.  Store
|girlu. postmen, policemen.
J farmers and all who stand and
| walk a lot should teat its valuel
Zam-Buk also curei chafing
I eoree, Insect bites, sunburn,
I nice**., eczema, heat sores and
I all skin diseases and injuries.
1 Gives ease ln cases of piles.
_*Os. a box at all stores, or Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto.
Marriages in Panama
A daughter of Justin Collins, of the
Buprenie court of tlie Canal Zone
was married in May by a Protestant
clergyman, but there was some doubt
as to the legality of the ceremony
becuuse under the old conditions
only marriages celebrated by Catholic priests were valid. To reassure
tlie young couple tlie president issued an order on tlie subject, which
was reported to permit "ministers cf
Protestant denominations to celebrate marriages." Since then the
question has been asked, "May a
rabbi also act as celebrant at a marriage ceremony?" In reply to the
query Richard Keid Rogers, consul-
general of the Isthmian Canal commission, says that, according to the
executive order, "all ministers of any
religious societj or denomination,
without limitation,"  may  officiate.
Adopted by Chinaman
Pottaville, Pa.���Through a document filed in tlie office of the record-
ei of deeds of Schuylkill county here,
Charlie Sing, a Chinese laundryman,
becomes the foster father of Charles
Hunt, a white boy of Philadelphia
parentage. The boy's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, all
of Philadelphia, are parties to tlie
agreement. They agree that the
boy's nasme shall be Roy Soo Sing,
that Charlie Sing shall be his father
and, in return, the boy become the
legal  heir  of  the  laundryman.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
ease ot Oatarrh that cannot be onred by Hall's Oatarrh Cure.   F. J. OUKNKY A CO.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersign ed, have known F. J.  Oheney
for the last IB years, and believe him perfectly honorable  In all .business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made by his firm.
WALDIHO.   KlMMAH   A   MaiivIN.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Oure la taken Internally, noting
directly upon the blood and mucouH surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free. Prlca 7Bo. per
bottle.   Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
To wind "Big Ben," the clock in
the tower of. the House of Parliament,
Westminster, two men are engaged
for four hours during three afternoons of each week, the chime-lull
occupying five hours, and the hour-
bell seven.
These two desirable qualifications,
pleasant to the taste and at the
same time effectual, are to be found
in Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.   Children like it.
A teacher in a public school was
questioning a boy pupil about the
word "recuperate." "As an example," said the teacher, "we will
take tlie case of your father. He is,
of course, a hardworking man?"
' "Yes'm," assented Charlie.
"And when night comes he returns
home tired and worn out, doesn't
"Yes'm," in further as.-ent from
"Then," continued the teacher, "it
being night, his work being over,
and he being tired and worn out,
what does he do?"
"That's what my ma wants to
know," said Charlie.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distent
The plate at Windsor is valued at
nearly ��2,000,000. It includes a gold
service, ordered by George IV, for
140 persons, and one of the finest
wine-coolers in the world, added to
by the same monarch; a shield made
of snuff-boxes, worth ��9,000, and
thirty dozen plates worth ��10,000.
There is also a variety of pieces from
the colonial and eastern possessions.
The latter include a peacock made of
precious stones of every description,
worth ��30,000, and Tippoo's footstool
���a tiger's head with crystal teeth,
the tongue being a solid ingot of
gojd. Among tlie royal plate t.t
Windsor castle is a knife which was
presented to George IV by the cutlers of Sheffield. It has over 100
Where is
Your Hair?
In your comb? Why so? Is
not tbe head ��� much better place
for It ? Better keep what is left
where it belongs! Ayer's Hsir
Vigor, new improved formula,
quickly stops falling hair.
There is not a particle of doubt
about It. We speak very positively about this, for we know.
Doe, not change the color of the hair.
���formula with soon bottle
%      Shown te your
- doctor
Ask hint abomt It,
then de as he says
Indeed, the one (rest leading feature of
our new Hair Vifjor may well be said to
be this ���It stops falling hair. Then it
toes one step further���-it (Ids nature in
restoring tbe btlr and tcalp to a healthy
condition.   Ask for "the new kind."
hy Use J. O. Aysr Co., LasnU
Teething Babies-|
���re saved suffering���and mothers
given rest���when one uses
Nnrses'and Mothers' Treasure
Quickly relieves���regulates the
bowels ��� preveuts    convulsions.
Used 50 yeara.   Absolutely safe.
At drug-stores, 25c.   6 bottles, tl.to.
National I>ru(- ��t Chemical Co., Limited,
Sole Proprietors, Montreal.        ��� 1
District Has Great  Possibilities Says
R. R. Gamey.
That the people of New Ontario
who talked secession cannot be blamed much for complaining, but that the
district ia one of great possibilities is
the opinion of R. R. Gamey.
Speaking of the trip of the Provincial Ministers and others in New Ontario, he said recently:
"In Port Arthur, Fort William and
Fort Francis, which we visited, mat-
ters are getting on nicely, and th*
Ministers are leaving a good impression.
"This is where the real agitation
commenced and a week ago the Ministers were presented with a bill of
grievances. A number of the requests
made had alread. been dealt with by
the Legislature last session, such as
increase of school grants, aid for
building schools, cheaper school
books, etc.
"I have met many of the people and
I fancy the outburst was an accumulation of aggravations extending over
years, and for which the late Government were largely responsible, if any
Government can be blamed. No doubt
that Government, like all the people
of older Ontario, lacked confidence in
the possibilities of this country and,
for that reason, never took the question of the Government of this section
as seriously as they should have.
Sell to Actual Settler*.
"my opinion now is that between
the Lake of the Woods and the Rainy
Lake, north of Rainy River and the
Minnesota State, lies a Bplendid section of country from an agricultural
standpoint. In about thirty townships
possibly two-thirds of the land is
splendid, but quite impossiblo for tho
settler to open up or deal with from
an individual standpoint.
"The late Government located many
veterans on these lands, thus making
it harder still for an actual settler;
that, of course, cannot be remedied
tiow, but Hon. F. Cochrane has made
it possible for them to obtain a deed
which may lead to some of these lands
being sold to actual settlers.
"What is wanted now is about
$100,000 judiciously expended on
leading roads by a competent Government engineer, nbout $50,000 expended
on a carefully-thought-out drainage
system and then the ordinary grants
in co-operation with the municipal
councils for a few years.
Censures the C.  N.  R.
"The Canadian Northern have utter-
./ failed to give this locality anything
like reasonable service.
"There is much valuable timber
here, which is wanted in the western
market, but the people here are afraid
to make contracts as they know that
they cannot depend on getting cars
to deliver, and tlie poor settler, who
could make a good living by taking
out (imber, is actually suffering. In
fact, the neglect and utter disregard
of the C.N.R. in this section is criminal negligence in some cases as indirectly as your crossings in Toronto
"The postal facilities are bad. There
is no mail-car on this line and a letter going from here to the next station
is actually carried post that station
to Winnipeg, and then back on the
ne.s.t train.
Promising  Country.
"The people do not take Toronto
papers to any extent and are out of
tojch with the east, so that they cannot be blamed  much  for kicking.
"Tlie trip of the Ministers wili do
much good, because the Conservatives
party lack a publicity bureau and the
people are coining to visit them and
learning what tho Government have
really been doing. All day long matters nre being discussed in a manner
that will be beneficial to both the people and the Government.
"I think if the Government will
launch out with liberal expenditure
and regulations, this is one of the
most promising of the newe. portions
of our province, and 100,000 happy,
prosperous and contented people could
be located between Lake of the Woods
and Rainy Lake."
Game   and   Forest   Reserves.
Although I am no pessimist regarding the permanence of animal life, I
nm compelled to believe that unless
several great provincial game and
forest reserves are at once set aside
in Hritish Columbia, the mountain
sheep of that province are doomed to
speedy extinction. To the Stoney Indian, to the hungry trapper, and to
every sportsman, that fine animal is
so great a prize, both for its valuable
trophy head and for food, that it will
continue to be sought everywhere, so
long as the law permits the hunting
of it. It would indeed be cause for
���.real regret if any combination ol
circumstances should bring about in
the splendid mountains of British
Columbia the extinction of the grant!
iBt mountain Bheep in America.
For several rensona I am totally op-
dosed to the trapping of grizzlies for
'heir skins, lo poisoning them, and to
uermitting any hunter to kill more
���han one grizzly per year. In other
voids, I think the time hns come to
protect this animal, at least everywhere south of latitude 54 degrees. As
i st/ite asset, every live, wild grizzly
if adult size is worth from $300 to
.600, nnd as n huntor'a grand object,
it is worth much more. The trapping
���ind poisoning of this noble nnimal
mould stand forever.- Win. T. Horna-
lay, director New York Zoological
Bubble Blowing.
The nit-ther who has lost the art of
bubble blowing has indeed denied her
ittle ones one of life's pl��isures. Al-
'.lioupn tlie soap and water kind are
but very fleeting pleasurns, yet largo
ind lasting ones may bo made by us-
ng a piece of soap mixed' with glycerine. Beautiful pink bubbles may be
naile by adding a few drops of straw-
oerry juice, and to make yellow ones
put in a little orange juice.
"Vour money or your life!" shouted the footpad.
"I have no money," said the victim, "and my life will bo of no use to
"I don't know about that," replied
the footpad. "I have been thinking
tor some time of trying a new life."
Mixed Metaphor.
Prom an address given to a scientific
society near Manchester: "I am glad
that the bread which I cast on the waters nine or ten years ago has tuned
up trumps and Is now yielding fruit."
First Summer (3frr���'WbJis that clean
���haven, handsome boy?
Second Summer Girl���Oh, he's an
First Summer Girl���No. I mean the
other one.
Second Summer dirt���Oh, be hasn't
any money either!���I'uueh.
Variety  of   Its   Industries���Pen   Nibs
By   Millions.
Birmingham is an amazing oity by
the variety and amounts of its iron
and steel industries.
At present Birmingham is making
nearly 300,000 gross of steel pens a
week. In round numbers, this is 2,000
million steel nibs a year, or a pen
and a third apiece for every living
soul on the face of the globe. But
for Birmingham we should, most of
us, be reduced to cutting goose-quills
with our second-best razors.
In this connection it is interesting
to note that steel nibs are turnod
out wholesale at about twopence a
gross, that Italy is the customer for
the cheapest pons, while the best go
to Russia. Two thousand hands are
at work all day and every day running the machinery which pours out
the  essential  implements of writing.
The knight of the pen owes another
essential of his craft to Birmingham
in the shape of metal ink stands.
Hundreds of thousands of these, in
value from a halfpenny up to ��10
are made yearly in Birmingham
workshops. Many other office or study
essentials, such as safes and copying
presses and reading lamps, are from
the same source.
Many Buttons.
Pearl buttons are another essential specialty of Birmingham. A few
years ago the town had an absolute
monopoly of this industry. In those
days pearl shell was so plentiful that
hundreds of tons of waste shell were
dumped into old wells and buried.
This is now being dug up again, and
found to be worth thousands of
All sorts of small necessaries of
man's attire come from Birmingham.
Not only his studs and links, but his
brace buckles, his glove clasps, the
ferule of his walking stick, and the
metal eyelets of his boots are almost certainly Birmingham made.
His key ring, too, his pencil case, and
probably the metal ribs of his umbrella are from the same place.
Debt For Hairpins.
As for woman, she would be an
even worse loser than her husband
or brother were Birmingham to "shut
up shop."
She would present a singularly dishevelled appearance, for 90 per cent,
of English hairpins come from Birmingham, and she would never dare
go out in a gale of wind, for hatpins would be at famine prices were
the Birmingham supplies stopped.
Safety pins, another Birmingham product, would be sadly missed by the
fair sex, and though the town no
longer possesses a monopoly of the
ordinary pin trade, yet she makes
three out of five.
My lady would also lose her muff-
chain and probably her necklet, a
good deal of her jewellery, and���let
us whisper it���the steel supports of
her corset.
The bicyclist would be lost without Birmingham. Although Birmingham does not turn out the completed
article, yet it makes the tubes from
which the frame is built up, and 95
out of every hundred chains are
made in Birmingham.
Speaking of tubes, these are a
monopoly of the Midland city. Welded or Bolid drawn, for cycle building
or drawing be'er, 98 out of every hundred tubes are made in Birmingham's workshops. These are only a
few of Birmingham's specialties. We
have no room to more than mention
metallic cartridges, laundresses' irons,
metal lecterns, stained glass windows.
From life's beginning to its end Birmingham is always with us. Fifty to
one, the metal fittings of your coffins will be Birmingham made.���Answers.
Over Nine Million Pounds to be Spent
Next Year on Railways.
In the coming official year ��9,041,-
000 is to be spent on railways in India out of capital, no less than ��3,-
787,300 of it on new rolling stock, for
which there is an urgent demand and
necessity, but which ought to be provided for out of revenue and not by
permanent additions to the capital
Nearly ��3,000,000 more is to be laid
out on open lines for other purposes,
eo that altogether capital to the ex-
ten of about ��6,755,000 will be poured
into Indian railways already opened
for traffic, and only ��2,245,000 of the
allotted total will remain to be devoted   to  new   construction.
Irrigation works are to have ��833,-
300 spent upon them and ��665,400 represents discharge of debt under various heads, which naturally means
reborrowing unless we regard the anticipated surplus revenue of ��775,000
as being devoted to this particular
Already a loan of ��8,000,000 or
three scores of rupees has been issued in India, and the borrowings in
Kngland by the Secretary of State and
the railway companies are put at ��6,-
697,000. In reality, therefore, about
��9,000,000 will be raised in England
to keep India steady on the path of
progress by usury, Bince it is from
Groat Britain antl not from India it-
boU that even the rupee loans are
chiefly provided.
The net deposits of the savings
banks are expected to increase by
��685,000 during the year, and the
whole of that likewise will be absorbed in the projected capital expenditure, as well as ��113,000 provided by "deposits, remittances, ie."
A   Hopping   Match.
A match, twenty hops for 10 guineas,
took place at Loughborough, Leicestershire, between James Shipley, of
Nottingham, and a person named
Moore, of Leicester. It was very
closely contested, so much ao that
beta of 4 to 1. were laid and taken
on each side. The match, however,
wns won by Shipley.
On measuring the distance it appeared that Shipley had hopped 75
yards nine or ten inches and Moore
something more than 75 yards. The
latter was to have run against Shipley on the same day, 140 yards for 40
guineas, but declined, and in consequence forfeited his deposit.���From
the Sporting Magazine ol 1807.
Social Life Long Ago.
Tho stately dames of the court of
Edwurd IV. rose with the lark, dined
at 11 a. in. aud retired to rest at 8
In tbe evening. Henry VIII. went back
to 10 in the morning for dinner and
had Bupper at 4. In Queen Bess' days
ber maids of honor begnu tlie duy with
a round of beef or red herring and n
Oagon of ale for breakfast at ubout
6:30 and dined at 11, and then went to
the playhouse In tbe nfterne~i not
later thnn 2, sometimes ns early as
12:30. according to the order of the
play and the day.
i5aves A Lot
*   of Bother
The starch that needn't
be cooked..that won't
stick. .thatgives a brilliant gloss with almost
no iron-effort..isn't
that the starch you
ought to have them
use on your clothes.
Buy it by name.,
your   dealer  sells it
King's Counsel as Playwright
The one-act play entitled "A Brace
of Humbugs," produced at a London
suburban theatre a short time ago,
is, in one sense, a record piece. It is
written by John Cutler, K.C., and,
so far as is known, is the first instance on record of a piny written
by a K.C. being produced at a theatre. Music and the drama, however,
constitute Mr. Cutler's recreations,
and for eight or nine years past he
lifts employed his spare time in writing monologues and dialogues, some
of which have mot with considerable
success at London and provincial
theatres. Most of them have been
performed at charity entertainments
and benefit performances.
We have no hesitation in saying
that Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial is without doubt the best
medicine ever introduced for dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and all summer complaints, sea sickness, etc.
It promptly gives relief and never
fails to effect a positive cure. Mothers should never be without a bottle
when tlieir children are teething.
Tommy���Pop, when is a girl an
old maid?
Tommy's Pop���When she begins to
worry for fear she won't get married,
my son.
Tommy���And when ia a man an
old bachelor?
Tommy's Pop���When he begins to
worry for fear he will.���Philadelphia
all linrtl, soft or calloused lumps and blem
Ishes, limn horses., blood spavin, curbs,
splints, ringbone, Bweeney, stifles, sprains, sore
:ititl swollen tliroat, coughs, etc. Save $50 by
use "f ono bottle. Warranted the most won
lt-rft.1   Blemish   Cure   ever  known.
"It's so long since you called upon
me," said the fair girl as she came
down to the young man in the parlor, "that I was beginning to think
you were forgetting me."
"I am for getting you," replied the
ardent youth, "and that's why I've
called tonight. Can I have you?"- ���
Philadelphia Press.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Tho Paris millinery hat, the bane
of the modern husband and father,
came out in Paris in 1404.
A woman on the train entering
Grand Rapids asked the conductor
how long the cars stopped at Union
He replied: "Madam, we stop just
four minutes, from two to two to two
The woman turned to her companion and said: "I wonder if he
thinks he's the whistle on the engine."���Outdoor Life.
Accidents to your horses
may happen at any moment.
GET READY for emergencies.
Buy a bottle of
For Lameness in Horses
Only 50c. a bottle��� and saves
dollars worth of time by curing
lameness of every description.
At dealers, or from ������
National Drug It Chemical Co., Limited,
t National D
** Oil*.,
IS^r r_rin_.__:
5 or 500
���they an sll
Each biscuit
as light as if
made by fairy
Baked to a
golden russet
So fresh,
and crisp, and
tempting, that
just opening the
box is teasing
the appetite.
And   you
find   a   new
delight in every
one you eat.
Yon get perfection
when you get
Sodas   ��
Thousands   Caught,    Numbered    and
Put  Back   In  British  Channel.
Catching fish, measuring and marking them and then returning them
to the sea with the chance of retaking
them later is part of the work car-i
ried on by the Marine Biological Ab-'
sociation of Great Britain.
By means of a stream trawler the.
fish are caught in the usual way.;
Each haul is carefully recorded, thej
fish are counted and measured andj
all details of locality, time, number,;
species, sex and size are put down,
together with accurate observations;
on the water, tlie depth and bottom
of the sea, the kinds and quantity of,
food available, etc. These data are*
subsequently tabulated and charted.
The method of marking the fish is(
interesting, and has been attendedi
with valuable results. The fish chief-1
ly used during the few years the experiment haa been in progreas have
been plaice, because the proposals
which have been made to interfere
with the catching of them were based
on inadequate knowledge.
The fish are marked on the dorsal
surface with a very thin convex metal
disk bearing a number. This iB attached te a fine ailver wire which U,
passed through the thinner part of
the fish and secured on the underside
by a small bone button. The fish do
not appear to suffer inconvenience,
and their growth is not interfered with
in any way. , .    __.
The thoroughness with which the
North Sea is swept by the nets of
the fishing fleets is demonstrated,
says Discovery, by the fact that out
of B.039 mnrked plaice of all siies,
909 were recaptured within a year.
This represents 19.7 per cent., or
nearly one-fifth but for the medium
sized fish the figures are far higher,
ranging from 2S.4 to 39 per cent, for
the whole of the North Sea and to 43
per cent, in the more northern portions.
Tlie men of the regular Ashing fleet
eo-onerate by forwarding to the lubor-
ltory of tlie association at Lowestoft
ill the marked fish they cateh. At
the laboratorv reference to the records easilv establishes how much the
fish has gained in size mid weight
since the previous catching. Moreover the distance between the spot
where it was released and the place
where it was caught establishes its
Human Life and Property Destroyed
By Them   In   India.
Mr. Lloyd and Mr. James were
camping in the vicinity of Mohergong
Garden when one of their elephants,
breaking hia chains, made for freedom and to this day roams tho Terai
Dooars and the Mooroong with his
jungle mates, writes the Terai, Bengal correspondent of The India Field.
For thirty years that and other ele-
phauta have been allowed to work
their wicked will on human life and
property unrestrained, and tlie tale
of mortality has grown year by year
till it ia past bearing. About two
years ago the Government offered a
reward of 300 rupees for the destruction of Mr. Lloyd's runaway, which
is now known as the club-footed rogue
by reason of same malformation caused by the chain round his foot, which
made it swell out. He is said to have
but a single tusk. I am under the
impression tnat the same animal is
known by the name of "the Rooara
rogue," and the number of his victims alone mount high, though I am
certain that he is not the only offender.
Last September an old -woman and
her two young children were sleeping in their hut. Hearing movement*
about their granary in the night, one
of the children woke up their mother, saying there were thieves at their
dhan. The sound of human voices
was enough. An elephant which had
just torn off the grainhouse charged
the house and killed tho woman and
child, one child escaping by hiding.
Next morning showed this animal
to have been a female, for she had a
calf with her. Though retreating to
the Government reserved forest at
night, Terai elephants are getting
bolder and bolder, advancing well into the cultivated houses and gardens
everywhere, till the dread and loss
caused by them are so great that
tenants are throwing up their lands
on all sides.
King Edward Had No Cash-
A valuable autograph is in the possession of a shopkeeper in Bond street
in the form of a cheque signed by
King Edward. It happened a week
>r two ago that His Majesty entered
the shop to make a purchase, and
i nil ing himself not provided with
tufficient cash, pulled out hiB cheque
book and drew a draft upon Messrs.
The Incident Is probably without
..recedent, and it is certain that the
���htique has not been presented at tlie
iank for payment, the tradesman
���tiuch preferring to retain the document, as it is said that no other
���hoque payable to a tradesman * and
rearing the King's signature is in
As a matter of fact His Majesty
seldom knows the luxury of spending money, for his real "privy purse'-
is invariably carried by an equerry
ir gentleman In attendance, who pays
ill outgoings. In fact the King often
.tarrioa no money at all.���London Tit-
Seems  Ra'.her  Doubtful.
An extraordinary story of an lnci-
Jont at St. Giles' Church, Colchester,
is published in Ixmdon. The chancel
of the church Ib in course of demolition for rebuilding, and it was thought
fit to remove the eofflns of Lady Ann
and Lady Johanna Lucas, which were
deposited in a vault near that containing the remains of Lucas and Lisle,
two gallant cavaliers, who were shot
by order of Gen. Fairfax after thc
���liege  of  Colchester.
When a leaden coffin containing thc
body of Lady Johanna Lucas was lifted an aperture was accidentally made
in it, and to the consternation of thc
lookers-on, it is said, a quantity of
blood streamed out. The corpse was
Interred in July, 1671.
None tn Sight.
"Any Interesting legends about here?"'
asked tbe tourist.
"No," returned the native slowly,
"ain't never seen any, though you
may find 'em If you hunt In the
Johnny���Isn't n tin horn made of
tin, mamma? Mamma���Certainly It Is.
Johnny���Then how ls It that a fog
horn Isn't made of fog?
Same light oolor In Infusion as Japan*, but
more dellolous and of double strength.
Sold only In Lead Paokets.     By all Grocers.     40c, BOo and 60a
pep Ib.
Voting In the Senate.
Jefferson's Manual says: 1. When the
yeus aud nays are ordered, the names
of senators shall be called alphabetically, and each senator sball without
delay declare his assent or dissent to
the question, unless excused by the
senate, and no senator shall be permitted to vote after the division shall
have been announced by the presiding
officer, but may, for sufficient reasons,
with unanimous consent, change or
withdraw his vote. No motion to suspend this rule shall be ln order, nor
shall the presiding officer entertain
nny request to suspend It by unanimous request (section 41). 2. When a
senator decline** to vote on calf of his
name ho shall he required to assign
his reasons therefor, nnd, having assigned them, the presiding officer shall
submit tho question to the senate
"Shall thc senator, for the reasons assigned by him, he excused from vot-
lngV" which shall be decided without
debate r.nd these proceedings shall be
held after the roll call and before the
result Is announced, and any further
proceedings In reference thereto shall
be after such announcement (sections
17 antl 10).
A Fiery Speech.
William O'Brien In bis "Recollections" gives this picture of Timothy
Henly's first appearance In parliament;
"A quarter of an hour nfter lie took his
sent as member for Wexford he started
up to make ids mi iden speech���tiny of
frame, sardonic of visage, Ids hands In
his breeches pockets, ns coolly Insolent
us a Parisian gu tin, as entirely detestable ns a smr* 1 Diogenes, peering
over the rims of 1 's plnceuez us from
his tub. through 1 'llous eyes over his
contemptible aud'ince���and horrified
tlie house of comirins with the following exordium: 'Vr. Speaker, If the
noble marquis (II rtington) thinks ho
Is going to bully us with his high nnd
mighty Cavendish ways, nil I can tell
him is he will find himself knocked Into
a cocked hat In a jiffy, nud we will
hnve to put him to the necessity of wiping the blood of nil tbe Cavendishes
from his noble nose a good many times
before be disposes of us.'."
A Singular Dream.
A singular dream ls related ln a well
known British magazine. A woman
suffering from anxiety caused by reduced circumstances dreamed tbat she
went to church. "The people began to
go out oue by oue. I looked around
and inquired why they were leaving
tbe church. They said*. To look for tbe
magic bird In tbe churchyard. You
will always have luck If you find It.' I
thought I would try to find It, went
out and swept away the fallen leaves
aud fpuud a speckled thrush, and as
soon as I took It up It dropped fl in
my baud. Tbe next morning I went
Into our back garden nnd there among
the fallen leaves wus the speckled
thrush, which had just been killed by
a cat. It was yet warm. I said, 'Ilere
is the magic bird, and the money I
know will come by post' Tbe hope
wns Justified, for ��1 came ln the morning and a check from a friend in the
The Unexpected.
A curious story ls that of the late
Colonel Harry McCalmont of the British army. He was a poor man when
be went to the reading of his uncle's
will, hoping that perhaps the departed
might have remembered him to the
extent of an old watch. True enough,
the lawyer read out the words, "To
my nephew, Harry McCnlmont. I leave
my watch and chain." Tho lc ;atee
was satisfied, and, leaning back, he
drowsed, lulled by tho monotonous
tones of the lawyer as be read through
the long Instrument. At the close ho
nrose to go. "I congratulate you," said
the solicitor. "I don't know why yon
Bhould," said the other. "You are
residuary legatee." remarked the law
yer. "You will have ��4,000 annually
for the first five years from this date,
nud afterward you will Inherit some
Unlearned, but Wise.
"I'm after Justice rather than low,"
suit) John Dudley, wbo for twenty-one
yenrs, from 1770 to 1701, was one of
"���(��� most ptipultir Judges of New Ilamp
lire. lie was unlearned In the law,
and his education wns so defective thut
he could not write five consecutive sentence*. In correct English, yet so acceptably did he discharge his Judicial
duties that Chief Justice Parsons of
Massachusetts, one of the most learned
of lawyers, said of him, "Wo may smile
nt his law and ridicule his language,
yet Dudley, take hlm all In ull, was tbe
greatest and host judge I ever knew in
New Hampshire."
The Strain of the Glass Houses.
"The son of n glassblower ls rarely
found iu tbe same employment" said
a speaker at a child labor conference.
"I would rather send my boys straight
to hell thau send them by way of the
glass house," one glassblower ls quoted
as saying. It appears that the character of the men Is greatly affected by the
extreme heat and consequent physical
strain of the glass houses.
Moved tha Audience.
"Did you notice how I moved the audience last night?" asked the amateur
"Moved Isn't the proper name for It,"
rejoined Mb critical friend. "It was
little short of n stampede."
Tbe beginning of wisdom Is not la
the mind, but In the heart.���Abbott
Towne��� Yes. my wife Is able to dress
r ou comparatively little money. Browne
"������Oh, come now! Comparatively little?
i Towne ��� I mean on little compared
J with what she thinks she ought to
J bave.
Clouded Glass.
To cloud a glass for tlie suite of protection purposes, as lu a bathroom, ami
yet to preserve the light u man who
works in glass says that it is done
with a solution of epsom salts und vinegar applied with a brush. This should
give n frosted look that becomes very
durable If It ls gone over at once wltb
damar or white varnish.
Blind Man's  Idea of Color.
"Have you any conception of color?" a friend asked a blind man.
"What idea have you when you hear
colors mentioned?"
"A person blind from birth, as I
have been, can hnve no possible proper conception of color," was the reply. "To me co'or is sound, or rather, music. When I hear the word
red, for example, I instantly think of
a high, piercing note of music; blue
Is to me a delicately sounded note,
fairly high nnd pleasing in tone;
green is a soft tone and rather low,
quiet and restful, while yellow is lively, quick little notes, rapidly sounding and causing pleasure, almost to
laughter. Black, nlas, the only color
we can realize, for we are told thnt
that is the absence of nil light, and
we know only too well what that
One pack*.
haa actually
killed a buahal
of flies.
-s. SOLD BY	
100. por packo*. or 8 packet* for 36c
< will laat a whole season.
Th&t 5t ay-Roofed
The strongest wind that ever blew can't
rip away a roof covered with self-locking
Ratn can't get through it In 25 years
(guaranteed in writing- for that long���good
for a century, really)���fire can't bother such
a roof���proof against all the elements-���the
cheapest GOOD roof there is.
Write us and we'll show you why it
costs least to roof right.   Just address
The PEDLAR People BfijJ
Oshawa Montreal Ottawa Toronto Loudon Wliinlpaf
Cures Spavins
The   world
Wide fttlCCCFB Of
Kendall's Spavin
Cure hats been
won because
this   remedy
can���and  docs
���cure Bog and
Bone    Spavin,
Curb. Splint, Ringbone, Bon; Growths,
Swellings and lameness.
Mbaford, Ont., May 21 'es.
"I used Kendall's Spavin Cure
on a Bog Spavin, which cured it
���completely.'*        A. G. Maso*.
Price |l���6 for **_. Accept no substitute.
Tbe great book���"Treatise on the Horse"
���free from dealers or M
Ir. 1.1. (NUtf C��., Eiutkaif Falta. Itmont, B.IJI.
Warrantodlo Giro Satlataollon.
Gaustic Balsam
Has Imitators But No Competitors.
A. Safe, Speed; anil Positive Ours (or
Curb, Splint Sweeny, Capped Book,
Strained Tensions, roundor, Wind
ruA, and all lameness from Spavin,
Ringbolts and other bony tumors.
Cures all skin diseases or raresites.
Thrush, Diphtheria. Bemoves all
Bunches from Horses or Cattle.
As a Huma-nKomedy for ".LsumaU.ra,
Sprains,  Sore Throat, W, Id lulu valuable.
"Bvsry bottle of Oaustlo Balsam sold Is
Warranted to trlva stttlsfaotlonTTHlee (Lit
per bottle. Bold by druggists, or sent by ex*
ftress, charges t"ila, wish full dlr-BOtions for
ts use.   rSrsond for desorlptlve circulars,
I testimonials, eto.  Address 0
The La wrence- Williams Co., Toronto, Ont.
Will do it and restore th* circulation,
assist nature to repair strained, raptured ligaments more successfully than
Firing. No blister, no hair gone, and
you can use the horse, f 2.00 per bottle,
delivered. Boole 2-C Free.
ABSORBINB, JR.. for mankind, 11.00
__e bottle. Cures Strained Torn Ligaments,
Varicose Veins, Varicocele, Hydrocele,***en-
>Tg. fljjjands and Ulcers.   Allsv" naln e*ttr*ro
�� F. YOUNG, P.0F,137Hanmoirt*i St., SprlngllBltj, Mm.
LYMAN SONS �� CO, Montreal, Canadian Aienls.
tl.. tiirtM.it b) Startle *���/��� * *****Vt���� Co* Wltnle*,
tilt national Dreg 4 Cli.mlotl Co., Vtltnlotg oat Oolgorm,
ami Utoduttt Brno. Co. UA. Vonoomr.
W.    N.    U.    No.   -361 Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
BEST, f 11,000,000
President���Lobd Btbathcoma awd Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gioboi A. Danm-oiiD.
General Manager���E. S. Clooston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
* A General Banking Business Transaoted.  ���
: NEW DENVER BRANCA, - H. fi. FISHER, Manager.
Slocan flMntafi "Review.
Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
__. ADViBTtsilta Ratis:
Notices to Delinquent Owners -113.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.80
"      " Purchase of Land   -    7.50
"     " License to Cut Timber 6.00
All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to .
Editor and Publisher.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Duncan Kennedy, of Slocan,  B.C., Hvsry keeper,
intends to apply for a special timber
licence over   the  following described
lands.   Commencing at a post adjoining James Smith's south-east corner,
and  marked   "Robert  Duncan  Kennedy's N.E. corner," thence south 40
-chains, thence west 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence east 160 chains
to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
June 17th, 1907.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John St. Denii, of
Slocan, B.C , farmer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the folio.,��
ing described land: Commencing a t a
poet planted on tbe south-east corner
of lot 7547, thence nortli 20 chains,
east 20 i liaina, south 20 chains to the
north-ea-t corner of lot 8137, thence
along th line of lot 8127, 20 chains
Augnst  it, 1907.
 P. St. Denis, Agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Cornelias Morgan
Gething, of Slocan, B.C., prospector,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
reuth boundary of the C.P.Ry., lot 882
at a point on the west bank of Slocan
River where said eouth boundary crosses
said river, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
more or lees, to the west bank of tbe
Slocan River, thence following the
meanderings of said river in a northerly
direction, 40 chains more or less to
pointof commencement, and containing
160 acres, more or less.
Dated July 1st, 1907.
Take notice that James Smith, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
lor a _pecial timber license over the following described lands: Commencing
���t a post planted about one and one
half miles distant In a southerly direction from Duncan Graham's north-east
corner, and marked " James Smith's
S.E. corner,";thence west 160 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence east 160
chains, thence south] 40 chainB to point
ot commencement, and containing 640
acres more er less.   JAMES SMl H.
June 17th, 1907.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice  that  Charles Plant,  of
New Denver, miner, intends to  apply
for permission to purchase  the following described  land:   commencing at  a
post  planted at the north-went corner
of lot 6881, ihence north 40 chains, east
10 chains,   touth 40 chains,   west  20
August 12th, 1907.
D. St. Denis, Agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that Florence Lawrence
Mclnnes, of New Denver, wife of Angus
Mclnnes, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at tbe
northwest corner of lot 8506, .roup 1,
Kootenay District, tlience west 20 chains
thence south 20 chains thence east 20
chains thence north 20 chains to the
point of commencement, containing 40
acres more or lees.
Kenneth L. Burnet, agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
about two miles south of the N. & S.
Ry., thence north 160 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more
or less. P. J. GALLAGHER.
Dated July 11,1907.
Take notice that Duncan Graham, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
ior a special license over the following
criled lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore ef Slocan
Lake, about one mile distant in a southerly direction from the mouth of Indian
creek, and marked " Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.
Jane ISth, 1907.
notice  that    Nils  Nelson,  o
B.C., a rancher,  intends  to
apply for a special timber license over;
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted about four miles
dlitant io a north westerly direction
from tha mouth of Goat creek, a tiibn-
tary ol the Slocan River, thonce west
160 chaine, thence north 40 chains;
thenceeast IfiO chains, thence south 40
chains to polnt'of commencement, and
containing *840 acres more or les..
June 20th, 1907.
Gbe Slocan Ibotel
Gbree forfts,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public,
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Notice ic hereby given that *00 days
alter data I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Cnief Commissioner of LSndc and
Works at Victoria, B. C. for permission
to purchase the following described
lamle cituate in West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a post planted at the
eoath-eaat cornerof lot 7547 and marked
J. 8t. D, S.W. corner, thence north
along the east line of lot 7547 20 chains,
thence east 30 chaine, thence south 20
chains to the north-east comer ot lot
8127, thence following along tbe line of
lot8127, 20 chaine to the pointof commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C. April 30th, 1907.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber licenee
over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 2W
miles south of Summit lake, marked
P.J.G. S.W.C, thence north 80 chains
thence east 80 chain, thence south 80
chains, thence weet 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres more or lees.
Dated July 5th, 1907
DlBtrict'of.Wrst Kootenay.
Take   notice    that I,   Bert.   Norris
Sharp, ol Orient,  Waeh.,   occupation
aseayer, intends to apply  f_r  p.rmi__.
ion to purchase the following  dcsciibcd
Commenting at a poet planted on
3* E.\ co^' ���locatt'd ��** SWan Lalteubout
20 miles from fc-locan City, thence weet
40 chains, thence eouth 40 cl aine, I hence
cast 40 chaine, thence norlh 40 chains
to point ol commencement containinu
160 acres more or lese. *
'ihomae Melville Sharp,
July 81st, 1907. Ag*Dt'
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber licenee
over the following described tract of
land. Commencing at a post planted at
the S.W.C, marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
thence north 40 chains, thence east 160
chainB, thence eouth 40 chaint thence
weet 160 chains to point of commencement. Containing 640 acres more or
lees. Poet is planted abont 2miles from
west shore of Slocan lake nearly opposite Silverton.
Dated July 6th, 1907.
The Most Beautifully lituated
Sanitarium iu British Columbia.
Its medical waters are renowned
for curative qualities. "That
Tired Feeling " completolyicured,
A certain remedy for Rheumatism
in its varied forme. A eure euro
for Metallic antl other_lpoisouingB.
Two mails a day and telegraphic
facilities. Rates���$12 to $18 per
week. For further, particulars
apply to
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
At Coat
The Review
Job Printing.
Evelyn Mineral Claim,  situate  in  the
Slocan Mining Division of   Weet Kootenay   District.     Where    located:���
Fonr Mile.
Take notice that I, 8. E. Watson
free miner's certificate No B6073, acting
for C. D. Rand,  free miner's certificate
No. B13520,  intend 60 days  from  the
dale hereof, to apply   to  the  Mining
Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for  the  purpoBe of obtaining  a
Crown Grant of the above claim.     And
further  take  notice that  action under
eoction 37, must be commenced beiore
ths issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this   3rd day  of  September,
A.D., 1907.
8-11 S. E. WAT80N.
Local Salesman Wanted Ior
And Adjoining District to repreient
Canada's Greatest Nnrserles
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
coast trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved ; Pay   weekly; Free outfit.
Write for particulars'.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government.)
TORONTO       -      - '      ONT.
silverton, _6.<S.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
"R. flD. Spencer �� prop
J. J. Fingland
provincial Hesaper
anb  bemiet
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff i
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, $1.50 each.
Zinc, Antimony,   Sulphnr,  Gold and
Silver, $3.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zlno
and Silver, $2.60.
Silver, Zinc and Lead  $1.00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
Special Rates (or Mine and Mill Work
Dietrict of Weet Kootenay.
Take notice that A lexandirDucharme,
of Nnkuep, B.C., bushman, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land.
Commencing at a poet pla-tted at Ihe
north-eaet corner of B. M. Stuart's purchase, thence eaBt 60 chaine, tlience
eouth 40 chaine, thence weet 00 chaint,
thence north 40 chaine, to place of commencement, and containing 240 acree
more or leBB.
Dated August 10. 1907.
Notice, iB hereby givcu that thirty
days from "late I intend to apply to the
Baard of Licenee commissioners of lhe
Slocan license district for a tramfcr of
my liquor license of Rosebery Hotel.
Rosebery, B.C., to Josepli Perant.
m. McCarthy
A meeting of the Board of Licenee
Oommlesioners will be held to consider
such transferat the Court House, New
Dcnvor on Monday thu 7l.li day of Oct.
at ll^o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at New Denver, Ihe 5th day of
Sept.   1907.
Chief Licciie. Inspector.
To Rent.
Several R esldeneesa t
Very Small Figure
Go to Wilson's for
Coal,   Vegetables,
Iron, Steel, etc.
j Zhc Sanson Ibotel
���Robt. Cunntno proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
(Bbofcest Xtquoro, mince ano (Bioarg.
This well-known hotel is now open again for
business. The rooms will be found well ventilated, and cosy, and visitors may rely on
first-class attention always.    Bar well stocked.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Heabquartere for flMnlno anb tXravelltna flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Koome Xarge, Clean anb Goe?.
cJ* William Bennett *��
:J- R-
Kootenay Tailor
************************* ������������������������������MM.M��MM��M ���
Stout        j
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade. I
We guarantee its Strength and Purity. I
New York Brewery I
 TTTiTt I.. ' ' II   ' I I M'l_ 1 _Jkt*
Sanbon flMners' TDMon Hospital
Open to the Public.
Betes by Subscription |1.00 per month. Non-subscribers $1.00 per diem.
 Hospital Stuff	
C. E. ANDERSON. - -     S. PETERSKY, M. D.
Address Communication* To The Secretcryi
************************* m ************************* ���
Spring anb
from Crown
tailoring Co.
t The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country,
1 In Worsteds, Tweeds,, Cheviots, Serges, etc
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
II Groceries,Canned Goods anil Provisions il
��� ���      Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.      ! i
m $. rtfoacfconalfc
There is no better house in the Kootenays for
the Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors frill find an up-to-date style of doing
business, and the Barkeeps are artiste in their
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -   Props.
____***______   .in   Basal *=______��� _______��_____5_i__h____i
Diitrict of Weet Kootenay.
Take notirc that I, Thnmai M. Sharp
of   Nelson, B.C.,  engineer,  intends  to
apply for permission   to purchase the
following ilcscrihed land:���
Commencing at a poet planted on S.E.
corner, located on west shore of  Slocan
Lake,  alxm  12  mile,  from the heart 0f
said Slocan Lake, tbonce west 40 chaini,
thence noi th 40 chains,   thenceeast 40
chains,   tlience  south   along  shove   of
Slocan Ltikq to point of  commencement
containing 100 acres more or lean.
July 81st, 1907,
Colin J* Campbell
Notary Public
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
ior the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent boating;.        Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATES $3 to 3.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining; Trade.
Sploudid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
ti. STEQE.
wi MAI
No matter wbat hia occupation, may save
money by getting, hla
Shoes Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
there is nothing better
than the famous BAL
with a good, solid,
band made bottom	
These shoes can only be got by
leaving your otder with
Shoemaker - Sandon
E. m. Timibbowson
Gold, Silver, CopperorLead, each, 11.00
Gold- Silver.. $1.60    Silver-Lead.. .1.60
Zinc. .$2.00 Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead., a.60.
Prompt attention given to all samples.
26 per cent, discount upon five samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A67
New Soo Spokane
To Spokane up tbe Beautiful
Kootenay Lake.
Steamer Knskanook to Kootenay
Landing, connecting at Curzon
Junction   with  Train   to
Spokane via Spokane
Thi Koit Popular Trip this Staioi.
$9.20       $16.80
Good for Thirty Days.
Apply Local Agent, or
E. J. Coylb, A.G.P.A.
JoiTn Mob, D.P.A., Nelson.
District of Weet Kootenay.
Tuke notice that Fred D. D. Kellv,
of New Denver, nurse, intends to apply
for permii-sion to purchaee the following
dercrihtd land:
Commencing at a pout planted abont
one mile from the Nakusp and Slocan
Railway to the south and about two and
one half mih a from Slocan Lake, and
12 chains wist from the westerly boundary of lot 8127, on the li ne of A. Jacob-
son's northerly boundary, thenco 80
chains north more or less to the boundary of timber less, No. 435, thence 40
chains west, thence 20 clmins north,
thence 30 chaina west, thence 60 chains
sou'h, thence 60 chains east to point of
commencement. Containing 210 acres
more or less.
August 12th, 1007.
W est Koo tenay
I, William Stewart Drewry, hy occupation a Lund Surveyor, intend to
apply for a special license to cut timber upon sir hundred and fnrly acroa
of land, situate on lhe wist Hide of
Slocan Lak. ahOUt one-half mila north of
Nemo creek bounded as follows 1
Commencing at a pout planted at
the N.E. corner of Lot 6521, thence
north 20 chums mnre or 1-<bb to the
8. W. corner of Lot 8426; thence norlh
100 chains, thence weit 40chains, thence
south 80 chain", thence west 40 chain.,
ihence si*ulh40 cliains thence east 80
chains more or lets to the point of commencement.
Dated Aug   14th, 1007
IE(IE 2.
Notice is hereby given Ihat 80 dnys
aftorjdate we intend to apply to the
icenae board ol the city of Slocan B,C.
la tiansferof lir.ei.ee held hy us for the
Arlington Hold,in Block A, lots 1 and 2
to Robt.   Graham and Prank  Giffith.
Slogan  li- C.Augu't 1st, 1007.
District of West  Kootenay.
Take notice that Harry J. Lahrash,
of Nakusp, B. ('., hotel keeper, intends
t> apply fur permission to purchase the
i Rowing described Ian I:
Commencing at. a pout marked ilarry
J, Lnbrmli's N.E. coiner, planted tit
Ilie S.W. cornerof lit 8501), sftiiiited_
about two miles frun lhe Arrow Lik��,
anil one half mile from Mel onald oreek
nnd running 40 chains we* t, llunce 40
chains >outh, thinco 40 chains east,
tlience 40 chains north til place of c m-
menc.nient and omtnining 'UO acres
min*. or ls*8P.
Dated August 19 1007.
4-12 Herman Dorey, Agent.
District of West Kootenay,
Take 11 ilice that  Herman   Dorey,  of
Nakusp D. C, bushman, intends  to ai*-
ly for permission lo purchase  the   following described land.
Coimnencinfr. at a pi st marked Herman Dnrey's N.K. corner, planted at
the S.E. comer of lot No. 8040, situated
about two miles from tho All'OW Lake
on McDonald Crm k, running 40 chains
touth, then 40 chains west, theiee 40
chains north, ili*iiie40 chnns ea.*t to
p'aoe of commencement and containing
100 acres moro or Icsb.
Dated August 10th, 1907.
Wi liftui A. Mitch 11, Ag at.
...���*���'.'. '-i.


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