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Slocan Mining Review 1907-07-25

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . '.
r./n *A
|    Sent/to any address
\   for $2_O0i $&/ ann. ,
v I*f"/,you see it in the//
No. 48   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, July   25, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Consolidated Company About
To Instal Compressor
And Tramway.
It is witb genuine pleasure that we
record a substantial revival in our staple
industry. From the many mines which
surround the once famous payroll centre
come most excellent reports. We can
truthfully write that at the present time
at every mine in the vicinity the miners
are working on ore. In some instances
this is tbe outcome of a program of development and deep miniDg, sterling
factors which have established the per-
mane-ace ol the values and tbe reputa- |
tion of the banner silver-lead section of
the province. For the past six weeks
the arrival of miners to the camp has
Seen steady, and these have immediately found employment at tip-top
wages. But yet many more good miners
are needed, the lack of which is retarding   the  progress    of  many* property
ThiB well-known group, owned and
operated by the wealthy Consolidated
fining and Smelting Company of
Canada, Limited, is likely to rrove the
most potent factor in the resurrection
of tbe industry in our midst. There are
now about forty men on the payroll
and good miners are being eagerly
sought. At the mine there is an immense bodv of concentrating ore blocked out, to treat which the company
have in view tbe construction of a mill
or tbe leasing of either the Ivanhoe or
Slocan Star concentrators. Arrangements are also under way for tbe erection of an aerial tram, tho proposed
site for the lower terminal of which, together with a compressor plant, is the
foot of the Star gulch, a point from
which ore can be dumped direct from
the bim to the cars of both the Canadian Pacific and K. & 8. companies.
This famous high-grade mine, alter
being closed down for some time, has
once more been opened with a large
force of men by J. M. Harris, and it
will shortly enter the shipping lists
again. The Reco trail is a busy one,
pack trains making two trips a day. A
large consignment of ore sacks went up
on Tuesday. We understand that a
new ledge has been located with a pay-
Btrcak of great richness.
This properly was shut down two
months ago when the ore body was
showing up strong, but the legal proceedings which threatened to tie up the
mine for a long time have been withdrawn, and Lieut-Governor Dunsmuir,
virtual owner ei the adjoining Noble
Five group and tbe Last Chance company have agreed to submit the disputed
point to arbitration. Work under contract, however, is being pushed at an-
other level by William Findlay and a
crew of men.
At tbe conclusion of last season's
Work the local syndicate owning the
group shipped 30 tons of ore which
netted them $7,000. It was then agreed
by the owners that to prove tbe value
of the rich vein at depth, a 300 foot
crosscut tunnel would havo to be driven.
Thl8 work is in progress, and when it .s
completed it will give them a vertical
depth of 175 feet on the ledge. Extra
miners are needed, as about the 1st of
August it is intended to develop No.
8 level, running north and south drills,
whichareinore. The syndicate figure
on shipping enough from the noith and
south drifts this fall to pav for the development. Geo. Clark, one of the
owners, is superintending.
Work was resumed at this mine three
weeks ago, and a good sized crew put to
work.    The  property  will  enter  thei
shipping lists again in a few days. The
Towgood packing outfit have orders to
begin on the first car.
Both mine and mill are working full
handed, and gratifying results are reported. The output from the mill is
on an average four cars of concentrates
a month.
This  is  another  of our   high-grade
mines which has been re-opened  the
past month.   This property has yielded
enormous profits to the owners from tlie
grassroots.   Ore is now being sacked by
Howard Thompson and a small force.
The lessees of this property, C. A.
Bigney et al., have broken down a large
quantity  of Al  ore.    A shipment of
twenty tons will be made in a few days.
The lucky leasers of this ground made
enough from their initial shipment to
hold a substantial balance alter putting
in *. 1000 to exploit tlieir holdings.     A
crosscut is   being  driven   which when
completed will given them a good area
for stoping.   There is a large quantity
of clean galena on sight In the drift,
which will  be left standing until the
crosscut tunnel is completed.     A car of
ore "extracted in the process of development now lies in the bins.
Neil and Alex. McMillan and Angus
McGillivray of Queen BesB fame have
just secured a lease of the above group
from Brandon Brothers, and a start has
been made.   There is ore to begin on,
Two shifts are working at this mine,
which is reported to be showing up fine.
Messrs. Duck, Orchard and Baskerville,
of Milwrukee, inspected the property a
few days ago, and to our representative
expressed themselves as delighted with
the ore body and the development work
proceeding. Tliey also said that twenty
men would be put to work in a few
weeks. Mr. Duck, purchased for cash
several interesls iu Cody mining property held by John McKaskill.
A steady output is kept up by the
Sunset, and other mines in the Sandon
distiict being worked from which good
reports aro to hand are the Corinth,
Goodcnongh, Sunshine, Slocan Star,
Moon, Bachelor, Ya-Ya, Alps, Rambler,
Ruth, Redress, Farnum, American Boy,
Slocan Bell, and Surprise.
*��� .���. __���_ ���_*.. .���. .���. .���. ._,. .��. __���*. .*. .*. .���. A .���. .*��,  �����  .at, ,*��, A ,���, .f. ,f, ������*���, ���*���*��,   i
local anc- (Beneral.
Not a Fish Story-A Fact.
There is one lake in the Kootenay
which contains myriads of rainbow-
trout, and he would indeed be a poor
disciple of Isaak Walton who failed to
lure a few dozen to his hooks at any
time in Bear Lake. On Sunday last a
party of Sandon anglers, Messrs, W. T.
McClurg, S. J. Towgood, T. McAllister
and J. J, Atherton journeyed down and
whipped the water for several hours.
On counting up the days' catch the nett
result was, McClurg, 849; Towgood 271;
McAllister 88; Atherton 51. The poor
catch of the last named iB attributed to
the fact of his cooking tbe lunch and
having charge of the " bait." The total
catch of 754 should be a sufficient inducement to any tourist who is looking
for a quiet spot for a fair days' sport.
F. E. Archer and his plumbing staff
were up from Kaslo Thursday to put a
tin hat on the upper stope of the K. &
S. dago mansion.
A. J. Curie, the man who is boosting Kaslo next best to our lakeside
cotem., Assessor A. Lucas, and C. E.
Stone, owner of the famous Lot 819,
came up to make a flying trip to the
burg. Owing to the dense crowds and
traffic block they were unable to reach
the depot in time to make the return
J. D. Moore, government road inspector, is in town.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for ft special timber license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C.
about two miles south of the N. & s!
Ry., thence north 160 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more
or less. P. J. GALLAGHER
Dated July 11,1907.
Picked up by ButtlDg In Everywhere.
Always a full line of fresh frnits nf all
kinds at Macdonald's.
Mrs. S. J. Towgood and children
have gone to New Denver on a two
week's visit to Mn. G. F. Ransom.
Charlie Walmsley, an old-timer here,
and now one of the best hotel men in
Nelson, was in visiting brother George
on Saturday.
Alex. Forrest, Pete McLnnders and
Billy Cliffe have been to Nelson this
week to cousult a solicitor re a bigihip-
ment of ore which was secured bv them
whilst working a portion of the Payne
mine under lease, and through s une
flaw in the agreement they have not
been allowed to sell to a Binelter. The
boys propose to fight the matter in the
courts. Geo. Ranson, also went to Nel-
Bon to make things interesting for the
A small gathering ot both sexes with
terpsichorean inclinations indulged in a
social hop at the M.U. ball on Monday
We regret to report that Geo. Bruder
lias had a very severe attack of lumbago
and rheumatism the past two weeks.
He left on Monday for Harry Mcintosh's
sanitarium at Halcyon Hot Springs,
where he feels confident he can obtain
relief. We all wish Mr. Bruder a speedy
Misses Frances and Doris Wilbers, of
Vancouver, Bchool mates of Mrs. C.
Stewart, paid'her a visit on Wednesday.
The young ladies left the following
morning for Kaslo, where they will
spend their vacation with their aunt,
Mrs. Cockle. Another school chum,
Mis? Mary Cody, will visit Mrs. Stewart
at the end of August.
The famous Bon Ton in Jackson
Basin is open for leasing. The property
is owned by tbe Brandon Bros., of Silverton, who have as much as they can
give personal attention to in the Canadian group. From a 25 ft. opencut on
tlie Bon Ton four tons were shipped
which gave the owners $1,242.00 profit
above freight and treatment.
Tbe best mining boot on the market:
Leckie's.   Macdonald sole agent.
The new time table of the Kaslo and
Slocan Railway which came into effect
on Monday last is as follows*, leave
Sandon 2 p.m., McGuigan 3.2*3, Whitewater 3.42, Sproules 2.55, South Fork
3.30, arrive Kalao 4 p.m. The boat for
Nelson departs on arrival of train. This
arrangement permits of the boat arriving at Nelson forty-five minutes earlier
tban by the old schedule. The Sunday
train is cancelled.
As proof positive that the wave of
prosperity which rolls toward Sandon
has already kissed this city, we might
mention that one of our leading merchants informed us this week that his
business for the past month more than
trebled that for the corresponding month
of last year, and that the present month's
sales would double last month's. He
claimed tbat last month was the best
one with him for four yeara. He ia a
good advertiser, and we hope in five
yeara he will own a departmental store
aa big, well nearly, as Timothy Eaton's.
Ten years ago there was a mining stock
boom in B.C., and little  attention was
paid to fruit lands, lumber or real estate.
The stack boom   faded away, leaving
many a sore heart perched upon a pile
of gilt-colored certificates, but mining ���
did not cease.  It has gone steadily. Tbe
increase alone in the produclion of cop-!
per in  this Province _the last   decade I
amounting to ovei 800 per cent.   All the *
signa now point to a veritable boom  in
real.mining and the wise once are already
preparing for the advent that muBt come
in '08 or '09.���Lowery in Saturday Sunset.
Mrs Joseph Macdonald, writing from
Maiden, MaEs., reporlB a favorable journey and an enjoyable holiday.
Geo. T. Clark had to make a trip
down from the McAllister group on
Thursday. He waB unfortunate enough
to get a piece of steel in his eye the
previous day. Doc. Gomm extracted the
offending morsel, and George left the
lollowing morning for the mine.
A large and varied assortment of
chewing and imoking tobaccos at Macdonald's,
We got ao many new subscribers last
week, after ordering our paper, that we
had to slight a few of our exchanges, we
say by way of apology that we hope the
aame thing may happen often.���Moyie
The Review is in receipt of the last
week's Leader, eo we concluded that the
Review has a warm corner in Peck's big
Every newspaper wants to publish the
news. The better the paper the more
prosperous it will be. Locil news
items are especially hard to rnn down.
How many times, dear reader have
you been approached by the newspaper man for an item and told him
you knew nothing of interest. Probably at that time your wife was away
on a visit or someone from out of town
was visiting at your borne. Of course
you didn't mean to deceive the scribe,
y-*t when you received your paper
you wondered why your wife or
friends were not mentioned. A good
way to avoid this is to inform ua
of the fact or drop a note in the Post
Office to the paper. One item may not
amount to much, but several columns of
such news is the life of a local paper.
There are such men as think themselves religious, but behold no man
knoweth how religious he really iB until he goeth forth alone to ensnare the
finny tribes, and the mosquito getteth
busy with much fierceness.
The only full line of gent's furnieh-
ings and miner's supplies in  town at
Doily Service On
Slocan Lake.
C.P.R. Has Promised to Give
Lake Towns "Just What
Was Asked For."
Rob* to the Occasion.
"I'd like to show you ray new elastic
cement," said the soft voiced man in
the shiny black suit. "I make It myself, and I'll warrant it to mend anything that ever"���
"I don't need any," interrupted the
man nt the desk, "but if you will tell
me the biggest lie nbout your cement
I ever heard I'll buy a bottle of It
merely to encourage jou."
"I wouldu't lie to sell a thousand
barrels of it," protestod the other.
"But I'll tell you of one thing I really
did witb It. You have heard, I presume, of the frog that tried to swell
itself up to the size of an ox. The skin
of that frog, aa you remember, was uot
equal to the strain, and It burst all to
pieces. Sir, I happened to be on tht
Boot, and I gathered up the fragments
of that frog, patched them carefully
together with my cement and made
the creature as good as new���better,
ln fact, for it is a wiser frog. To
prove to you that I am telling the absolute and exact truth I will show you
the frog, which I have here in mjr
"You needn't show it to me," snld
the man at the desk gloomily. "I'll
take a bottle of your cement. Here's
your money. Never mind the obanga.
Good day."���Chicago Tribune.
Sq-aelehlnsT m Bore.
One of the famous Rothschilds was
once entertaining at dinner a distinguished party. The dinner went on
admirably. Nothing marred the general enjoyment save the silly loquacity
of one young man. This young man
insisted on monopolizing the conversation. He insisted on talking about himself���about his books, his works, his
love affairs, his automobile. Finally
he Jumped to bis feet.
"By Jove!" be said. "I must show
you my new cuff buttons. I got thera
this morning. They are malachite."
And he passed from one guest to another, exhibiting tbe buttons. "Malachite," he kept repeating���"genuine
Baron Rothschild watched the young
man's progress with a faint sneer.
When the buttons reached him he
touched them with his finger superciliously and drawled: "Ah, malachite, eh?
It is a handsome stone. I have always
liked it. I have a mantelpiece of it in
the next room."
Hommirn  on  Lanfr��*���*���*���.
The German historian, Professor
Theodor Mommscn, was noted for the
facility with which he acquired languages. The tongues of modern Europe as well as the classics were to
hlm not studies, but tbe familiar tools
of bis dally work. An American reporter who was interviewing hlin some
years ago asked to have a certain reference put Into Knglish, as he did not
read German well.
"Not read German well? And you n
Journalist?" exclaimed the savant. "I
do not see how it is possible. Young
man, German ls one of the four necessities for a student. The other three
are English, French and Italian. Without them you can never know the tendency of modern thought. If you have
them not, do not rest until you have
learned tbem all."
Training; a Hone,
The borse is a logical and therefore
a teachable animal. Once convince bim
tbat a locomotive or any other object
of terror ls not really dangerous and
be will never shy at it again. Every
year accidents occur because the harness breaks or tbe vehicle upsets, and
then tho horse runs away. But such
accidents are unnecessary. Any horse
can, with a little pains, be taught to
hold back a carriage by bis hind quarters ns well ns by tbe breeching. To
have wheels come off and straps and
other things hitting his legs should be
o part of every colt's education.
When the Review joined the people
of the Slocan in the fight for better
terms from the C.P.R., it did so with
its eyes open and fully cognizant with
events which led to the reduction of tbo
passenger service to a tri-wcekly one,
and we do not 'propose at this stage of
tbe fight to throw up the sponge and
cry quantum Buflicit because the railway company has granted tbe prayer of
residents of the four lakeside towns and
reverted to a daily service. Sandon demands a daily mail servi.-e and it will
continue to emphatically voice its demands, yea, even unto the Railway
Commission. When Mr. Coleman visited the Slocan prompted by a spirit of
enquiry, be unburdened himself in a
communication to the Sandon Citizen's
Committee as follows: " Will watch
business closely, and first indications of
revival will put on additional trains."
Tbat revival no one will deny has begun.
During the past month we have kept
close tab on the trains, and we feel confident the increased business will cause
the Divisional Superintendent to redeem
Iiia pledge.
From the Nelson Daily News of the
19tb inst.. we cull the published interview with Mr. D. C. Coleman:
" The result of the agitation started
by the people of Slocan lake and of
Sandon, which was backed by tbe Nelson board of trade was announced yesterday by Superintendent Coleman of
tbe Canadian Pacific. He said: " After
a careful conference with Mr. Wliyte
and Mr. Busteed and a careful examination of the whole of the circumstances
we have determined to give the Slocan
lnko pooplo just that which they asked
for, which was a daily service. That
service will start from Slocan City. Ou
tbe three days in the week when the
tri-week!y service between Rosebery
and Nakusp is conducted, Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, the steamer
will leave Slocan City in the morning
and will take up passengers to Rosebery
to cinnect with the line to Nakusp.
There they will be able to make connections with the Arrow Lake boat and
go through to tbe coast Calls nill be
made going up to Silverton and New-
Denver. The steamer will then turn
round and go back down the lake, calling at both places on its way. In the
afternoon, after the arrival of the train
from Nelson, another trip will be made
up and down the lake, calling at Silverton and New Denver. On the trip
down the lake passengers coining in
from Nakusp and the coast will be
brought toany po!nt on the lake. Thus
on tiiese three days there will boa
double service as before the alteration.
On the other three days of the week
when the boat -:0'8up in the morning
she will not call at the way points. On
her return down she will do so. Aleo
on the afttmoon trip, after thc arrival
of the Nelson train, sbe will call at all
way points but will not do bo on her return from Rosebery on the second trip
of the day. This is arranged in this
manner for the purpose of allowing the
steamer to handle more expeditiously
the freight which has largely increased
of late. No, this docs not mean that
we are going to put in the winter schedule. Privately I am of the opinion
that the winter schedule is the one that
will, in tbe long run, come to be permanently employed, judging from the
conditions of tbe country, but just now,
at all events, we will handle the passenger traffic Irom Nelson and points
east, ns well as from Rot* .land and the
Boundary by way of Robson and the
Arrow Lakes.
"As far as the service between Rosebery and  Nakusp is concerned,   it will
einain tri-weekly, although freight will
go irregularly every day. A passenger
may take chances if he care! to and
avail himself of that. As far as Sandon
is concerned there has been no alteration except in so far as the daily service
on tbe lake has made the diSerence desired."
Commenting on tlie above the News
goes on to say;
It is understood that the change will
partly meet the desires of the Sandon
people, but the chief alteration desired
by Sandon waa the laying over of the
train from Nakusp at Three Forks, just
below Sandon, rather than at Rosebery,
but in this our esteemed contemporary
is at fault. At the present time the
train lays over at Rosebery, Three Forks
being a flag station. We contend that
the most economical and advantageous
point for a roundhouse ia Sandon. The
train could leave here every morning**
for Rosebery, and a daily mail service
and connection would thus be once
again established at no great expense to
the company and to the intense satisfaction of the public. For three daya a
week tbe train makes two trips a day
from Rosebery to Sandon, but one of
these trips���the first���is abortive for tbe
reasons (hat there arc no connections
to make at such an early hour, and on
account of the train laying over at Rosebery (nearly halfway between Nakusp
and Sandon) which entails a useless
trip to this city, after which a few minutes later it turns round and begins its
real and legitimate days' business.
Even if the company cannot see its way
clear to running the train through to
Nakusp, it can at no increased expendi -
ture give thiB important point a daily
connection with Slocan Lake by establishing a round house here. It follows tbat the freight could be just as
expeditiously handled on the three off
days passengers were not conveyed beyond Rosebery.
We commend this point to tbe consideration of tlie powers that be, as
we have every confidence in the executive ability of Mr. Coleman to Btraighten
out the tangle with credit to himself
and to the satisfaction of the travelling
public generally.
We snipped the following from tlie
Cranbrook Herald:
" The Sandon Review is happy
now that there is a prospect of
better terms in the Slocan on the
part of the C.P.R. The Review
has done great work to bring this
about and is entitled to a lot of thc
Our excellent contemporary has a very
observant attitude, and it but. echoes
the sentiment of manv admirers who
have penned us cheery words of congratulations on Slocan's victory and for
the strong stand we took in the fight.
When we issued the fiist number of our
now established weeekly excitement our
outlined policy was to stand as the
spokesman|for)lhe people of tbe district,
and in all matters appertaining to the
common good to fight the good fight.
During our eleven months existence we
have had no cause to complain of the
paucity of "scrap0," in which by a
combination of circumstances we have
always managed to be at tbe winning
end at the stick, but whether we will
secure the " credit" which 'Brer Simp-
sou maintains we are entitled to, the
closing month will decide. There are
those whose standing a Is. in this paper
have been to us our existence. There
are such, however, we regret to say,
whom a goose couldn't graze after, but
when they realize that we are mere -nary to expect a quid pro quo for
services rendered to the community as
a whole they may jar loose. Wc wish
to remark that the paper id not on n
paying basis, and were it not for our
rustling job orders and compe'ing with
cheap John outfits the Review would
have been relegated to Gehenna or the
literary bone yard some months ago.
Now, its up to you, Mr. Merchant and
Messieurs Subscribers to commune with
yourselves before this paper icaches its
52nd number. Yon can have every
confidence iu our doing the right thing,
and wc conclude by quoting from the
Salutation in No. 1, Vol 1.: " We will
do our part; will you dnyuU'S? "
[It must always be diminclly understood
that the E litor is not responsible for
the opinions of correspondents, nor
does he always agree with them.]
Dear Mr. Editor.--As a matter of
public interest, I think the following
should be inserted in your paper, and
in asking you to insert the item I feel
that were vou to do so it might meet
the eye of officials in high places and do
some good.
On Wednesday evening last I traveled from Rosebery to Sandon by the
C.P.R., and a man, whose name I afterwards ascertained wns Brandon, aleo got
on the train. He carried witb him a
grip and a hand saw, which he deposited under tbe end seat of the coach out
of the way. Acting under instructions
from the conductor, a brakeman swooped down on the articles to take tbem
into the express car, but the owner
rightly and strenuously objected to any
such graft being worked, and he took
the two articles into the scat with him.
The conductor came along and prepared
to seize the articles, but the owner refused to part with them. This brought
about a scene, and the passenger was
put in a most humiliating position. I
heard him tell the conductor to either
put him off the train or else go about
bis business and quit tantalizing him,
but the conductor eviilently thought it
was his business to antagonise a respectable member of Ihe traveling public,
for to my wuy of thinking nnd the general opinion also of my fellow travelers,
the conductor had no right to openly
attack a passenger against whom it is
asserted lie bears a petty grudge. Now,
Bir, I am a commercial man, and I have
travelled by rail very many thousands
of miles, but I bave never yet witnessed
anything to compare with the autocratic
action of the being who is head push on
the Sandon-Nakusp run. My point,
sir, is this, and oue as a drummer I
wish emphatically to emphasise, that
if it is the custom on this run for the
offii-ials to lake out of the possession of
a passenger any small articles and
levy express charges on them, then the
sooner it is advertised the belter. For
my part I should refuse lo allow the
articles to leave my possession, and in
consquence I should dread being put
in the same humiliating pos'tion as my
fellow passenger of Wednesday night.
I am, dear sir, yours truly,
Louis E   Devbrkox.
Sandon, B.C., July 15, 1907.
District of West Koo'enay.
Take noticj that Cornelius Morgan
Gething, of Slocan, B.C.. prospector,
intends to apply for perm'ssion to purchase the following dc.-crihed land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
south boundary of tho C.P.Ry., lot 882
at a point on tlie west bank of Slocan
River where said south boundary cresses
said river, thence west 40 chains, thenoe
south 40 chains, tlience east 40 chains,
more or less, to the west bank of the
Slocan River, Ihence following tbe
meandering!* of said river in a northerly
direction, 40 chains more or less to
pointof commencement, and containing
160 acres, more or less.
Dated July 1st, 1907.
Take notico that WiDiam .Ernest
Marshall, of Rosobery, B.C., agent C.P.
Ry,. intends to apply for a special license over the follow ing described land:
Commencing nt a post on the southwest shore of Slocan Lake one half mile
north-west of Sawmill creek about .two
tiiiteu fmm Rosebery and bearing the
initials XV. E. M.'s N. E. corner, thence
south 80 chains, tnence west 80 chains,
thence nortli 80 chaiiiB, thenco cast 80
chains to point of commencement, and
610 acres more or less.
June 21st 1907.
NOTICE is 'hereby given that the
Annual Silting of the Court of Revision
for the purpose of he.iring all coiu-
p'aints neain.t Ihe Assessment for thc
year 1907, as made by lhe Assessor of
the City of Sandon, B.C, will beheld
in the Council Chamber, City Hull,
Sandon, R.C., on Tuesday, tho 27th
day of August, 1907, nt. 7 o'clock, p.m,
C. E. LYONS, City Clerk.
Sandon, B.C, Ju'yJS, 1H07.
Take notico that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special limber license
over the following desuihed lands:
Commencing at a p >st planted about 3'B'
miles soulb of Summit lake, marked
P.J.G. S.W.C, thence nortli 80 chains
thenceeast 80 chain, thence south 80
cliains, tlience west 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated July 5ih, 1907
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, inioiid
to app'y for a special timber license
over the fill.wing d( scribed tract of
land. Commencing at a posi planted at
tha S.W.C, maiked P.J.G. S.W.C,
thenco norlh 40-chain s, thence east 160
chains, thence south 40 cliiiint thencu
west 100 clmins to point i.f commencement, Containing 640 acres more or
less. Post is planted nl> ml 2uiiles from
west shore of Slo. an lako nearly opposite Silverton.
Dated July 5ih, 1P07.
AnlhsK of ~<_ru__ __-_.**
h**?**.*?'. J
(Continued From Last Week.*
���JEVERLY was speechless.
"Of course, your hlghuess,"'
said Baldos, deep apology In
b's voice, "Ravone is woefully
misinformed. He Is honest in his belief, and you should not misjudge his
motives. How he could have been so
blind as to confound you with that
frisky American girl���but I beg your
pardon. She Is to be your guest. A
thousand pardons, your hlghuess."
Sbe bad beeu struck dumb by tbe
wording of tbe note, but bis apparently
sincere apology for his friend Bet her
every emotion Into play once more.
While he was speaking her wits were
forming themselves for conflict. She
opened the campaign wltb a bold attack. "You���you believe me to be tbe
princess, sure enough, don't you?"
But with all ber bravery sbe was not
able to look bim in the face.
"How can you doubt It, your highness? Would I be serving you lu tfie
present capacity if I believed you to be
any one else?"
"Ravone's warning has not shaken
your faith ln me?"
"It bas strengthened It. Nothing
could alter the facts in the case. I
bave not, since we left Ganlook, been
ln doubt as to the identity of my benefactress."
"It seems to me that you are beating around tbe bush. I'll come straight
to the point. How long have you
known that I am not the Princess of
"What!" he exclaimed, drawing back
in well assumed horror. "Do you mean
���are you Jesting? I beg of you, do
not Jest. It ls very serious with me."
His alarm was so genuine that she was
completely deceived.
"I am not Jesting," she half whispered, turning very cold. "Have you
thought all along that I am the princess; that I am Grenfall Lorry's wife?"
"You told ine-fciat you were the princess."
"But I've never said that I was���wu
any one's wife."
There was a piteous appeal ln her
voice, and be was not slow to notice it
end rejoice. Then his heart smote bim.
"But what is to become of me if yon
are not the princess?" he asked after
a long pause. "I can no longer serve
you. This is my last day ln the castle
"You are to go on serving me���I mean
you are to retain your place ln the service," sbe hastened to say. "I sball
keep my promise to you." How small
and humble she was beginning to feel I
It did not seem so entertaining after
all, this pretty deception of hers. Down
in his heart, underneath the gallant ex.
terlor, what was his opinion of her?
Something was stinging her eyes fiercely, and she closed them to keep back
the tears of mortification.
"Miss Calhoun," he snld, his atiine*
changing swiftly, "I have felt from tbe
first that you are not the Princess of
Graustark. I kuew It an hour after I
entered EdelweiBB    Fran* save _n�� ��
i at Ganlook, but I did not read It
until I was a member of the guard."
"You bave known it so long?" she
cried Joyously. "And you have trusted
me? You have not bated me for de
ceivmg you?"
"I have never ceased to regard you
1.1 my sovereign," he said softly.
"But Just a moment ago you spoke of
me as a frlaky American girl," she said
"I bave used that term but once,
while I have said 'your highness' a
thousand times. Knowing that you
were Miss Calhoun, I could not bave
meant either."
"I fancy I have no right to criticise
you," she humbly admitted. "After all,
it does not surprise me that you were
not deceived. Only an imbecile could
bave been fooled all these weeks. Every one said that you were no fool. It
seems ridiculous that it should have
gone to this length, doesn't it?"
"Not at all, your hlgbness. I am
"You bave the habit, I see," sbe
"I have several months yet to serve
���a a member of the guard. Besides, I
am under orders to regard you as the
princess. General Marlanx bas given
me severe instructions ln that respect."
"You are willing to play the game to
tfie end?" she demanded, more gratl
fled tban she should bave been.
"Assuredly, yes. It ls tbe only safe
guard I have. To alter my belief pub
llely would expose me to���to"���
"To what, Baldos?"
"To ridicule, for one thing, and to thi
���generous mercies of Count Marlanx
Besides, it Would deprive mc of tin
privilege I mentioned a moment ago
the right to kiss your hand, to be youi
slave and to do homage to the oul.
sovereign I can recognize. Surely, yoi
will not subject me to exile from the
only joys tbat life holds for me. Yoi.
have sought to deceive me, and I bavt
tried to deceive you. Each has found
tbe other out, so-we are quits. May wt
Hot now combine forces ln tbe verj
laudable effort to deceive the world'.
If tbe world doesn't know tbat \v.
know, why, the comedy may be Ion*;
drawn out and tbe climax be made tin
more amusing."
"I'm afraid there was a touch of
your old time sarcasm ln that remark,''
���ba said. "Yes, I am willing to con
tlnue the comedy. It seems the safcsl
way to protect you���especially from
General Marlanx. No one must evei
know, Baldos; It would be absolutely
pitiful. I am glad, ob, so glad, thai
you have known all the tlma. It re
lleves my mind and my conscience tremendously."
"Yes," he said gently. "I have known
���II along that you were not Mr. Lorry's
wife." He had divined her thought.
���nd she flushed hotly. "You are still o
princess, however. A poor gpf"! _iu*_' t
can only look upon* the rich' Am erica i*
Ctrl as ��� sovereign whom be must wor
ship from far below."
"Ob, I'm not so rich as all that!" sin
cried. "Besides, I think it is time fo:
a general clearing up of mysteries
Are you Prince Dantan, Prince Fred
eric or tbat other one���Chrlstobal some
body? Come, be fair wltb me."
"It seems tbat all Edelweiss look*
upon ma as a prince ln disguise. You
found me in tbe hills"���
"No; you found me. I bave not forgotten, sir."
"I was ��� vagabond and ��� fugitive.
My friends are hunted as I am. We
have no borne. Why every one should
suspect me of being a prince I cannot
understand. Every roamer ln tbe bills
is not a prince. Tbere ls a price upon
my bead, and there is a reward for the
capture of every man wbo was wltb
me ln tbe pass. My name Is Paul Baldos, Miss Calhoun. There ls no mystery in tbat. If you were to mention
it in a certain city, you would quickly
find tbat tbe name of Baldos is not
unknown to the people who are searching for bim. No, your highness; I rr
gret exceedingly that I must destroy
the absurd Impression tbat I am of
royal blood. Perhaps I am spoiling a
pretty romance, but it cannot be help
ed. I was Baldos tbe goat hunter; 1
am now Baldos tbe guard. Do you
think that I would be serving as a
Graustark fuard if I were any one it
tbe men you mention?"
Beverly listened ln wonder and some
disappointment, It must be confessed.
Somehow a spark of hope was being
forever extinguished by this straightforward denial. He was not to be the
prince she bad seen ln dreams. "Yo-i
are not like any one else," she said
"Tbat is wby we thought of you as-
"As one of those unhappy creatures
they call princes? Thank fortune, your
highness, I am not yet reduced to such
straits. My exile will come only when
you send me away."
Tbey were silent for ��� long; time
Neither was thinking of tbe hour or
tbe fact that ber absence ln tbe castle
could not be unnoticed. Night bad
fallen heavily upon tbe earth. Tbe
two faithful cbalr bearers, respectful,
but wltb wonder in their souls, stood
afar off and waited. Baldos and Beverly were alone ln their own little
"I think I liked you better when you
wore tbe red feather and that horrid
patch of black," sbe said musingly.
"And was a free hearted vagabond,"
he added, something imploring ln bla
"An Independent courtier, if you
please, sir," sbe said severely.
"Do you want me to go back to the
hills? I have tbe patch and tbe feather,
and my friends are"���
"No! Don't suggest such a thing-
yet." She began tbe protest eagerly
and ended it In confusion,
"Alas, you mean that some day banishment ls not unlikely?"
"You don't expect to be ��� guard all
your life, do you?"
"Not to serve tbe Princess of Graustark, I confess. My aim Is much higher. If God lets me chooao ���*-*��������� *jiowu i
would serve I would enlist for life. The
crown i would serve ls wrought of
love, tbe throne I would kneel before is
a heart, tbe scepter I would follow ls
in the slender band of a woman. I
could live and die in the service of my
own choosing, but I am only tbe humble goat hunter, whoBe hopes are phantoms, whose Ideals are conceived ln Impotence."
"Tbat was beautiful," murmured
Beverly, looking up, fascinated for the
"Oh, tbat I had the courage to enlist,"
be cried, bending low once more. Sbe
felt tbe danger ln bis voice, half tremulous wltb something more tban loyalty,
and drew ber band away from a place
of Instant Jeopardy. It was fire that
she was playing with, she realized wltb
��� start of consciousness. Sweet as the
spell had grown to be she saw that It
must be shattered.
"It ls getting frightfully late," sbe
sharply exclaimed. "They'll wonder
where I've gone to. Why, it's actually
"It bas been dark for balf an bour,
your highness," said he, drawing himself up with sudden rlglduess tbat distressed her. "Are you going to returu
to tbe castle?"
"Yes. They'll bave out a searching
party pretty soon If I don't appear."
"You have been good to me today,"
he said thoughtfully. "I shall try to
merit the kindness.   Let me"���
"Oh, please don't talk In tbat bumbk*
way! It's ridiculous! I'd rather hare
you absolutely Impertinent, I declare
upon my honor I would. Don't you remember bow you talked when you
wore the red feather 7 Well, I liked
Baldos laughed easily, happily. His
heart was not very bumble, though bis
voice and manner were.
"Red ls the color of Insolence, you
"It's a good deal Jauntier than blue,"
she declared.
"Before you call tbe bearers, Mlss-
your highness, I wish to retract some
thing I said awhile ago," he said very
"I should think you would," sbe responded, utterly misinterpreting bis Intent.
"You asked me to tell you wbat my
message to Ravone contained and I
refused. Subsequently tbe extent of
bis message to me led us Into a most
thorough understanding. It ls only
Just and right that you should know
wbat I said to him."
"I trust you, Baldos," she protested
"That Is why I tell this to you. Yes
terday, your hlgbness, tbe <*astl�� guard
received tbelr month's pay. You may
not know how well we are paid, bo 1
will say Is 10 each.
une envelope which 1 gave to Kavone
contained my wages for the past six
weeks. They need It far more tban I
do. Tbere was also a short note of
good cbeer to those poor comrades of
mine and tbe assurance tbat one day
our luck may change and starvation
be succeeded by plenty. And, still
more, I told bim that I knew you to be
Miss Calhoun and tbat you were my
angel of Inspiration. That was all,
your highness."
"Thank you, Baldos, for telling me,"
she Bald softly. "You have made me
���shamed of myself."
"On the contrary, I fear that I have
been Indulging ln mock heroics. Truth
and egotism, like a salad, require a
certain amount of dressing."
"Since you are Baldos and not a
fairy prince I think you may Instruct
tbe men to carry me back, being without the magic tapestry which could
transplant me ln a whiff. Goodness,
who's tbat?"
Within ten feet of the sedan chair
and directly behind the tall guard stood
a small group of people. He and Beverly, engrossed ln each other, bad not
heard tbelr approach. How long tbey
bad been silent spectators of tbe little
scene only tbe Intruders knew. Tbe
startled, abashed eyes of the girl In
the chair were not long In distinguishing the newcomers. A pace In front
of tbe others stood the gaunt, shadowy
form of Count Marlanx,
Behind him were tbe Princess Yetive, tbe old prime minister and Baron
,To Be Continund.)
Suffered    Two     Years���Relieve,-j     In
TJiree Months
The   Drug   Will  Stupefy  Some   People
���nd Excite Others.
Comparatively few persons know
what opium really 1b. When they turn
to a dictionary and glean therefrom
that it ls tbe "inspissated Juice of tbe
somniferous poppy" tbey are still like
ly to be ln the dark.
The process of obtaining it ls to
score tbe pods at fixed intervals during
a certain period. The milky liquid
which comes out soon turns a darker
hue and thickens and is then scraped
off and molded into cakes, witb poppy
leaves for an outside covering.
It was ascertained from evidence nf
forded to the Indian opium commission
of 1890 that ln some states of India
not a few of tbe natives took as much
as forty to eighty grains of opium
dally and tbat consumption of forty
grains was common.
Contrary to tbe impression that death
results from a sudden cessation of the
habit, it bas been proved tbat when
confirmed opium eaters bave been im
prisoned for awhile and thereby deprived temporarily of their favorite
drug tbelr bealtb has not usually suffered.
The article bas a varying effect on
different races and constitutions, exciting some and stupefying others, it
reduces tbe average Chinaman to u
state of torpor if he takes it plentiful
ly and not infrequently causes tbe Malay to run amuck. It bas been record
ed tbat tbe Javanese regularly took it
before going to fight so as to work
themselves up to a pitch of excitement.
Most of tbe drug that is imported
iuto England is mncb stronger than
wbat ls ordinarily consumed ln India
and imported into China. The stipulation of tbe British pharmacopoeia is
that all opium used medicinally sball
yield at least!)._ per cent*of anhydrous
The morphia percentage in much of
the opium prepared in India for con
sumption tbere and exportation to China is less tban balf this specific
strength. This is a detail which novelists who are addicted to poisoning their
characters should note.
It ls rather striking that opium does
not seem to be largely resorted to in
.rutin oa o. moans of uu'cuie. The evi
dence of tbe largest insurance company was to tbe effect tbat after twenty years' experience there the company
had decided that it was not necessary
to impose any extra premium on Unlives of moderate opium users.���Cham
bers' Journal.
The Servant Problem.
A Washington man was telling some
one of tbe trials of his wife, an excel
lent housekeeper, with reference to the
servant problem. Just about tbe tinu
the mistress would get a new girl bro
ken to the ways of tbe household and
she would bid fair to become a model
servant she wonld decamp or enter tbe
service of a neighbor.
One of these, a Mrs. B., had incurred
the especial enmity of tbe first woman
for she had lately taken two servants
from Mrs. Brown. One night in tbe
winter Brown was aroused from bis
slumbers by queer sounds ln the
"Burglars!" he hoarsely whispered lu
tbe ear of his spouse as be prepared
to tumble out of bed and proceed
"Edward," calmly observed the wife,
"I'd glue anytbtng to possess your optimistic nature.   Always looking on tbe
bright side.    I'll wager anything It's
tbat odious B. woman trying to get
Mary   away  from   me." ���New   J"ork
Times.       _______________________
Knew What He Wanted.
Smart Boy���Got any soap that will
take off trademarks?
Grocer���Take off trademarks?
Smart Boy���That's wbat I said. Dad's
a shoemaker, and he wants to wash
bis hands.   See?
Miss, Mrs. and Mistreee.
"Miss" is an abbreviation of "nils
tress," which, as an English law die
ttonary explains, Is the proper style of
tbe wife of an esquire or a gentleman
By Dr. Johnson's time it bad become
"the term of honor to a young girl.'
In the earliest part of tbe eighteent!
century, however, it was used respect
fully of girls below the age of ten
alone. After that age "miss" was
rude, implying giddiness of behavior.
In Smollett's writings an unmarried
woman of mature years and her maid
are both "Mrs." It is certain tbat
"miss" bas grown older, so to speak,
while "master" has become confined t��
boys.       ____________________________
The Planet Mars.
Flammarlon, the famous astronomer,
says ot the planet Mars: "The climate
ls very mild. There are no gales, while
the atmosphere Is very light, wltb
scarcely any clouds. The inhabitants
enjoy fine weather, the climate being
something like that of Davos Platz, In
Switzerland���dry and clear. We know
the globe of MarB perfectly���ln fact,
far better than the earth."
Mr. C. B. Fizer, Mt. Sterling, Ky.,
"I have suffered with kidney and
bladder trouble  for  ten years  past.
"Last March I commenced using
Peruna and continued for thro.-
months. I hnve not used it since,
nor have I felt a pain.
"I believe that 1 am well nnd 1
therefore five my highest commendation* to the dilutive qualities of
Pe-ru-n?   for   Kidney   Trouble
Mrs. Geo. H. Sitllfler, Grant, Ontario, Can., writes:
"I bud not been well for nboul
four years, I had kidney trouble,
and, in fact, felt badly nearly all
the time.
"This summer I got so very bad I
thought I would try Peruna, so I
wrote to you and began at once to
take   Peruna  and   Miiiiiilin.
"I took only two bottles of Peruna
and one of Manolin, and now I feel
better tlinii  1   hnve  for some time.
"I feel that Peruna and Manalir
cured nie and made a different wo
mini  of  nie  altogether,    1   bless  the
It is the business of the kidneys
day I picked up the little book und
read of your Peruna."
o remove from the blood all poison-
iu3 materials. Tbey must be active
ill the time, else the system suffers.
There nre times when they need a
ittle  assistance.
Peruna is exactly this sort of n
���emedy* It bus saved many people
from disaster by rendering the kidneys service at a time when tbey
were not uble to bear their own bur*
Barrel Racing on lee.
An exciting form of winter sport In
which Canadian boyu excel ls barrel
racing on the Ice. Ordinary barrels
with tlieir heads removed, are placed
���it regular Intervals nlong the race
course for nbout a quarter of n mile.
Then nt a given sIruii! nil the boys
���iknte for (ho first barrel. Many reach
It together, nnd ns ench skater must
crawl through nil the barrels In or
lor to win It Is to be Imagined thnt
there Is quite a scramble for first turn.
.Sometimes n barrel wheels complete!.
nround while the boy Is working his
way through It. nnd when he come,
mt he 19 so confused that he skate*
���ilT In the wrong direction. Usual!.!
'ho Inurrh of the spectators makes lilm
���enllze his blunder, nnd he quickly
turns nbout nnd tries to ninke up for
lost time. It Is quite nn exciting sport
nnd an Interesting ono also for tlie
'poctntor. ns (lie boys and barrels bol*
nbo'.il In (he most amusing fashion.���
Getting Her Legal Rights.
An old colored womnn, nrrnyed In �����
rnstv black dress nnd a gorgeous p-i.r-
pie picture lint over which wns n black
crape veil, appeared nt the courthouse
of a Carolina town.
"Am yo' de Jodge ob reprobates,
snh?" she asked; cautiously opening n
crack of the office door.
"Yes, I nm (he judge of probate,
aunty. What enn 1 do for yotl?" was
the smiling reply.
"Yassah! T'anky, snh! I's henh
'cause mnh oie man died detested an'
lef fo' 111' Infidels, an Ah wanter be
'pinted ter be dere executioner, ef yo'
please, sah."���Success Magazine.
Hinged  Houses.
An American visiting Dublin told
somo startling stories of tbe height of
New York skyscrapers.
"Ye haven't seen our nev-*st hotel,
have ye?" asked an Irishman.
"No," replied the Yankee.
"Well," said the Irishman, "it's so
tall tbat we have to put tbe two top
stories on hinges."
"What for?" asked the American.
"So we can let 'em down while the
moon goes by!" said Pat
All new flowerpots, require to te
soaked In water and allowed to dry
thoroughly before being used. Tbe soil
does not bang well to tbe sides of garden pots unless so treated. Dirty pots
are open to tbe same objection. Let
any one try to put a plant with fresh
���oil Into a pot which has been used
before and left unwashed, and he will
find in a few days, when the soli begins to dry, tbat It leaves a space and
does not adhere as It should to tbe
sides of It No plant can possibly
flourish under such circumstances. The
roots of a plant draw to the sides of n
pot naturally ln search of moisture,
and growth of course Is checked If n
current of air ls allowed to pass between them and the sides. Some plants
exhibit this tendency In sucb a remarkable degree that few roots are to be
seeu, except a network on the outside
of the soil next ihb pot
Eighteen   Men  Sit on  Python   While
Operation  Is  Performed.
Feast day for Salome, the longest
aython in the Zoological Park, proved
to he the busiest day the attendants
lave had for many months and tlie
iveliest occasion in her career. After
'-11 arrangements had been made to
.'eed a brace of rabbits to the twenty-
lour foot serpent the discovery was
nade that fourteen of the snake's
teeth were decayed, and the intended
least became a tooth pulling.
Salome eats only once in a while.
Her last feast was on New Year's
Day, when the attendants forced five
"abbits down her throat. A peculiar
���estlessness during the last few days
*^d the attendants to believe that she
as feeling the pangs of hunger again
md plans were mado to feed her more
rabbits. Three were dressed and tied
together, Salome was untangled and
hoisted into a corridor and twelve
Iturdy men were instructed to range
themselves along her coils. Dr. Dit-
mars stood by with a ten foot pole,
to be used-in placing the rabbits in
the proper place, nnd at the proper
moment tbe jaws were pried open.
A   Patient  Python.
Up to this point Salome hnd been a
patient python. She hadn't so much
rs opened her eyes. But when her
jaws wero forced slie writhed and
Bquirmcd and kept the dozen bodyguards busy. Dr. Ditmars was surprised to find that fourteen of the
forty teeth in the upper jaw were
decayed and the whole mouth badly
Pincers of large size were obtained,
and while eighteen men sat and stood
on tiie snake, which made desperate
efforts to switch its massive tail and
wiggle out of the grasp of the impromptu dentists, Dr. Ditmars drew
out, tlie affected teeth.
Salome was left in a rather ugly
mood, and no effort was made to
force upon her the delectable feast
that had been prepared. Instead she
was carefully rolled up into the conventional coils and was carried back
to her cage. Dr. Ditmars expects she
will recover from the operation and
will be an improved python.
Tn two or three weeks she will be
fed���if her condition is normal. If
the feast were deferred for several
months it would not worry Salome, the
attendants said. Eating is the least
of her worries.
As an After Effect of Pneumonia���Nothing
Proved Effective Until we Used
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
Many a mother can say, as does
Mrs. Harker in the following letter,
fiat Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine has pi oven a friend to her
in time of colds with the little ones.
Mrs. i.'alier Harker, Sydenham,
Prontenao county, Out., writes:���
^ "Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
j Turpentine has proven a friend to me
in times of colds with my little ones.
I have tried many others, hut have
found none just as good. My little*
hoy, about a year old, had pneumonia,
and was left with a nasty bronchial
ooUgh, but Dr. .haae's Syrup of Lin
seul and Turpentine is helping him
wonderfully, and 1 am* sure it will
cure him.
"We have also used Dr. Chase's Kid-
nev-Llver Pills w.ilh splendid results,
and have great faith m all of Dr.
Chase's medicines."
It may not have occurred to you
that both bronchitis and asthma are
diseases of the nerves of the bronchial
tubes and lungs, and that this is why
severe attacks of coughing are brought
An  Ancient Office.
Almost as ancient as the office of
Lord Chief Justice of the realm iB th-t
of Master of the Rolls, to which S.r
Herbert Cozens Hardy has just been
appointed. The master haa precedence over all the other judges of t' e
Supreme Court of Judicature, wi.h
the exception of the Lord High Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice, next
to whom he ranks alike in dignity
and emolument.
One hears of the master of the rolls
already at the beginning of the thirteenth century, and there is no doubt
that in tbe origin he had charge of
all the patents, and grants, and writs
issued under the great seal, and that
he often fulfilled the duties of tbe
Lord Chancellor and Keeper of the
Great Seal during the letter's absence.
In fact, at one time lie used to be
known ns the Vice-Chancellor. Formerly he was eligible to a scat in the
House of Commons, but he was deprived of this privilege, enjoyed by
no other member of tbe judicial
bench, by an act of Parliament passed in IS73, debarring nil judges of the
High Court of Justice, Court of Appeal, from sitting in the House of
Commons. He has custody of all the
national records, which date bacl for
more than 1,000 years���since times
prior to even the Norman conquest���
and which, comprising Doomsday
Rook, are preserved in a huge building known as the Rolls house, which
opens on to Chancery lane through
an arched gateway.
It is precisely on account of his
���keepership of the state records that
the Master of the Rolls is more frequently consulted by the monarch
than any other law officer of the crown
on points concerning his prerogatives
and duties as sovereign. He receives
a salary of $30,000 a year, which is
$5,000 more than the lord justices, or
the judges of the High Court of Justice, and is usually created a peer
of the realm on his retirement or promotion, which latter fate has overtaken that genial Irishman, Sir Richard Henn Collins, who now becomes
Lord Collins, and who will be remembered in this country as .one of the
arbitrators of the Venezuelan bound,
ary controversy.
Jack   Tar's  Song-Book.
DeBpite the time the Lords of the
Admiralty devote to schemes for the
cutting down of Britain's fleet, they
still find a space of that fleeting commodity to issue an official song-book
for the use of bluejacket vocalists.
One recently published contains
seventy-two songs, which have all
been selected to suit naval requirements. The first is, as one might imagine; the National Anthem, and the
book closes with, "Off to Philadelphia."
Other old favorites contained in the
volume are "The Death of Nelson."
"Tom Bowling," and "They All Love
Jack." Of course, the sister countrie"
are all represented with songs, nn<J
those of Scotland, Ireland, and Waltr
respectively are "Bonnie Dundee,"
"Father O'Flynn," and "Men of Harlech." Instructions have been issued
to all naval and marine bands to obtain a copy of this book.
W.    N.   U.    No.   637
Descendants of Cromwell,
Old Lord Norton, who died the other
day at the age of 90, and whom the
late Mrs. Oladstone was wont to describe as "the kindest of all dear''William's enemies (political, of course),
was one of the many descendants of
Oliver Cromwell, his mother being a
Miss Hartopp and a descendant of that
Sir John Hartopp who married a granddaughter of the lord protector. There
are at least a thousand prominent people who can establish their descent
from Cromwell, and who are proud to
do so. Among them are the Marquis
of Rlpon, Lords Chichestev, Clarendon,
Rosslyn, Cowper, Devon, Morley, Lytton, Walslngham, Ampthlll, the Countess of Derby, as well a** the late Lady
Lathom, the Karl of Darnley, Lord
Avcbury, and last, but not least, the
late Charles Stewart Parnell, the great
Irish  leader
Counted Out.
An English paper tells a story of life
In Whltechapel. A man met a friend
outside a public house. "These men ln
here," he exclaimed, furiously, pointing
behind him, "have gone and Insulted
me. Now, Just watch me go ln and
kick them all Into the street, one after another. You can count 'em off
as they come through the door." The
friend stood and watched. Presently
a human form whizzed by him. "One!"
he called. "Stop counting!" Said the
other; "__������ me!"
on whenever these nerves are irritated
hy changing temperature, the briah-
ing of dust, or emotional excitement.
1. is by its remarkable facility for
soothing ihe nerves and sheathing the
delicate membranous linings wiih a
protective coating Ihat Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed aud Turpentine haa
proven so thoroughly effective as a
cure for brbnohltls and asthma. Its
power in tneae diseasea is unquestionable.
Relief from coughing cornea almoat
immediately and hy persistent* uae
cure is gradually and certainly brought
When the system is greatly ruii
down it is advisable also to use Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food in order to assist
in restoring vigor to the wasted nerves.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, 25 een s a bottle, family
size 60 cents, at all dealers or Edinan
aon. Bates & Co., Toronto. The portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase,
tin- famous receipt book author, are
ou  every  box.
A Russian journal tells the story of
how the murderer of Qen. Lunnit'z,
prefect of _,., Petersburg, obtained admission to the semi-official party at
which (die deed was committed, Alter
the crime all the guests were detained
and the tickels were examined. There
was one ticket lhe righilul, holder of
which waa not present, It waB no
other than that of Premier Stolypin
himself. The murder had been committed under cover of Ihe invitation
ticket of no less a personage than the
prime minister. The premier had not
been able to go, and hia ticket fell into the bands of a member of lhe aecret
'���olice named Nakolene. He aold it to
the revolutionists for $16,000.
Made  Well  and  Strong by  Dr.  Williams'   Pink   Pills  After   Doctors   Had   Failed
Mr. H. W. Await is one of tie*
leading  merchants   of   Heinford,  N.
S. A few years ago he was a great
sufferer from that most excruciating
trouble, sciatica. He says: "At
the time I wns afflicted 1 was living
nt Baker Settlement. The attac't
was so severe that I hud been off
work for some (ime. The cords of
my leg were all drawn up and I
could only limp with the aid of a
stick. The pain I suffered was terrible. I was in misery both dtiv and
nipht. Every moment caused me
such pain as only those who hnve
been tortured witli sciatica can
know. 1 was treated by several doctors, but tbey did not help me n bit.
In fact I almost began to feel thnt
my condition was helpless, when
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were
brought to my attention. I got ii
half dozen boxes. I had used about
the entire quantity before 1 found
any benefit. But I was encouraged
and got a second half dozen boxes,
and before these were all gone
every vestige of the trouble had dis-
appeared, Not only this, but I wns
improved in health in every way, ns
it will be readily understood that
the long siege of pain I had suffered had left me badly run down.
I can't speak too highly of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I can't recommend them too strongly to other sufferers."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure sciatica simply because they make the
rich, red blood that soothes and
strengthens the jangled, aching
nerves. That is why they cure such
nerve troubles as neuralgia, St. Vitus
dance and partial paralysis. Thnt
U why tliey cure nil ailments due to
poor, watery blood. That is wby
tliey make weary, despondent,
broken-down men and women
bright, active and strong. But only
the genuine pills can do this, nnd
they have the full name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, on
the wrapper around every box. Sold
by medicine dealers everywhere, or
by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50, by addressing the
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
An exciting experience befell the
Duchess of Connaught and Princess
Patricia while visiting Ceylon. An excursion had been made from Colombo
lb the famous ruins of Auuradhapura,
and a portion of the party visittd an*
oilier show place of the island, .Sign,
and on reaching the (op of lhe hill
were attacked by  -eea.
The Duchess of Connaught aud Ihe
Governor, who awaited the party below
came in for a share of this unwelcome
visitation and had to run. After the
first enoounter the party on the top
took refuge in a he. low and the Gov-
eruor sent mosquito nets from the rest
house. The Princess, Capt. Ponsoby.
and Mr. Hodgaon accomplished a dangerous and difficult' descent under the
nets without mishan though the bec*B
were attacking all the time.���Daily
canot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease, and In order to oure It you must
take Internal remedies, Hall'a Catarrh
Cure la taken Internally, and acts d*��-
ectly on the blood and mucous surface*.
Hall'a Catarrh Cure la not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of tha
best physicians ln the country for yeara
and la a regular prescription. It la composed of the beat tonics known, combined with the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous aurfacea.
The perfect combination of the two Ingredients ls what produces auch wonderful results In curing Catarrh. Send for
testimonials free. ..
F. J. CHENEY & CO.,  Propa.,   Toledo, O.
Bold by Druggists, price 760.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
"Waiter, bring nie a aleak," he requested, aa he aeated himaef at a table
in a small cafe.
The waiter disappeared and returned
in some minutes with a salver of meat
The diner took the bit of sleak on his
fork, turned it around, and gazed at if
"Yes, that's the kind I want," he remarked. "Bring 1110 some."���Bohemian.
Minard's Liniment Used by Physicians
Postal development in China has
compelled a revision of the spelling
of  Chinese  city  names.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
is pleasant to take; sure and effectual
in destroying worms. Many have tried
it witb best results.
About 40 per cent of all the cotton
received in Venice in 1905 was from
the United States, the rest from India,  Egypt and  Turkey.
A Bath (Me.) shipyard has a contract to build what   is   expected  lo be
the   largest   six-masted   schooner   afloat.
Dr. J. D. "���eHogg'a dysentery Cordial ia a speedy cure for dysentery,
diarrhoea, cholera, aummer complaint,
sea sickness and complaint a incidental
to children teething. It gives immediate relief tu those Buffering from tbe
effects of indiscretion in eating unripe
fruit, cucum'bers, etc. .t. acta with
wonderful rapidity and never fails to
conquer the disease. No qne need fear
cholera if they have a bottla of this
medicine  convenient.
A few years ago when a man
spoke of the weat he meant Manitoba
only or including perhaps otie or two
points then in the North West Territories and no one had any conception
of the extent of the era of development that was to arrive.
Today the West means an entirely
different thing and the live Canadian
manufacturers of Ontario have found
it all they can do in some ways to
cope with new conditions. An increasing number every year, however, are
extending and devoting more and more
attention to Western Canada. The
ones who first realized the pdssibili-
ties of the field are, of course, reaping vast results. Think, though, of
one firm, the Mooney Biscuit &
Candy Co. of Stratford, who are shipping goods even to a point 1,000 miles
north of Edmontoji. They say everybody in the West eats Mooney's Biscuits, but found a few people up
there who wanted to and hadn't yet
the opportunitty.
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and blemishes*
from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints,
ringbone, swecney, stifle-, sprains, sore and
swollen throat, coughs, etc. Save *$50 by use
of one bottle. Warranted the moat wonderful
Blemish  Cure  **ver known
Air that has been inhaled has
n higher electrical conductivity
than  normal  air.
Santo Domingo has been officially
made a protectorate of tbe United
PsSffi Esther8*-
use on farms and in rural districts, is equipped with a
:-water reservoir.    The advantage of this in homes where
there is no running water and
where it is impossible to use a
hot-water boiler will be readily
The Penn Esther has
also a commodious warming closet and tea shelves
and is throughout, a heavy,
durable and handsome
range. The Penn Esther
is supplied, without ad**
ditional cost, with a Hot
Air Attachment to warm
an extra room.
Call on our local agent
or wrile us direct for
catalogue. ,���
factories at MONCTON. N.B. t. MONTREAL. RQ.
t# u��l
Probably no household remedy in
existence has won sucli glowing
tributes from people in high places
es has Zam-Buk. Mr. Roger F.
Perry, Justice of the Peace for British Columbia, recently tested this
famous balm, and this is what he
says of it:
"The   Pavilion,
"Goldtields,  B.C.
"To  the  Zam-Buk  Co.
"Gentlemen���After a very fair
trial 1 have proved Zam-Buk eminently satisfactory. In my case it
cured a skin rash of five years
standing which no doctor bad been
able to do any good for.
"I would certainly encourage any
person to keep Zam-Buk in their
home. It truly does even more than
you claim for it. Por my own part
1 would not now be without it in
the house. Yours very truly,
(Signed) "Roger F. Perry,
"Justice of the Peace for B.C."
Zam-Buk differs from ordinary
salves and embrocations, for whilo
these mostly contain animal oils and
fut, Zam-Buk is purely herbal, it
closes and heals cuts, festering sores,
ulcers, eruptions, boils, eczema
chafing sores, etc. In the household it is tbe handiest possible remedy for burns, scalds, children's injuries. It instantly cleanses any
wound to which it is applied; prevents festering, inflammation ot
blood poisoning. It cures piles,
varicose ulcers and fistula. All
druggists and stores sell at 51) cents*
a box, or from the Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, for price, G boxes for $2.50.
At the W iiite Lion hotel at Spalding
(he landlady, Mrs. Bet Is, haa a cat
which is rearing a litter of young rabbits. Mrs. lie*Ms had an Angora iab-
bit which dad, leaving a Inter of aix
8-dayold onea.
At the same time Bhe had a cat
bringing up three kittens, at that lime
five days old. As an experiment two
of these were taken away and two ol
ithe young rabbits substituted. As the
cat took kindly to her unusual proteges the otiher four young rabbits were
added, and the cat is now bringing up
the litter of six young rabbits.���Lou
dun   Standard.
The mother who keeps Baby's
Own Tablets in tlie home has n
feeling of security that her child's
health is safe. These Tablets cure
such ailments as colic, indigestion,
constipation, diarrhoea and simple
fevers. They break up colds, destroy worms, make teething painless und give the child healthy, natural sleep. And the mother has the
guarantee of a government analyst
that the Tablets are absolutely safe.
Mrs. Robert Watson, Combermere,
Ont., says: "I find Buby's Own
Tablets just the medicine needed to
keep children healthy." Sold by
all medicine dealers, or by mail at
_!�� cents a box from The Dr. Williams  Medicine  Co.,   Brockville,  Ont.
A young bridegroom, after wedding* waa all over, and the bride's old
father had gone off t,o the club, began
to search anxiously among the wedding gifts.
"What are you looking for, dear?"
said the bride.
"That $2,500 cheque of your
father's," he said, anxiously. "I
don't see it anywhere."
"Poor papa ia ao absent-minded,"
said the bride. "He lit hia cigar witli
it."���San   Francisco   Argonaut.
The Britisli Columbia legislature
has declined to assent to any prosecutions  under the  Lord's Day  act.
A 500-mile canal, projected to drain
the great swamps of Florida, would
reclaim 6.500,000 acreB of land.
How to i.eanse the System*��� Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the result of
scientific study of the effects oi extracts of certain roota and herbs upon
the digestive organs. Their use has
demonstrated in n any instances that
they regulate the action of the liver
ana the kidneys, purify the blood and
carry off all morbid accumulations
fronii the ayatem. Tliey are easy to
take, and their action ia mild and
A New /ork man was shut up in an
asylum for the insane a few days ago
because he played tag with children
in  tho streets.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches end
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured In JO minute*
by WolWd'i Sanitary Lotion.
V. K. W. Koo, a Chinese student
nt Columbia university, won first
honors in the annual debating contest of the Philolemin society. He
is an associate editor of tlie Columbian   Spectator.
Where is
Your Hair?
In your comb? Why so? Is
not the head a much better place
for it? Better keep what is left
where it belongs! Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula,
quickly stops falling hair.
There is not a particle of doubt
about it. We speak very posi
lively about this, for we know
Does not change the color of the hair.
JTormuU with ������oh bottle
_*      Show it to your
llfjl  ,_J>   1st bin Am
*y ^ th��n do tJho
.oat It,
Indeed, the one great leading feature of
our new Hair Vigor may well be said to
be this ���it stops falling hair. Then it
goes one step further���it lids nature in
restoring tbe hair and scalp to a healthy
condition.   Ask for "the new kind."
I by tho J. C. Avar Co.. Lowall. Xssm���
Nurses'   and
Mothers' Treasure
���safest regulator for baby. Prevents
colic and vomiting���gives healthful rest
���cures diarrhoea without the harmful
effects of medicines containing opium
or other injurious drugs. 4a>
���CljreR 25c.���at��.
���Will CO     national Drug ��t Chem
Inexplicable Fate oi the Ensmiea of
Dreyfus Revision.
"Always the dead!" Relnach cried
bitterly. "Whenever we find a forgery, a crime, always It ls set to the
account of a dead man!*'
And he drew up a list, horrible ln Its
eloquence, of tbe dead who strewed
the dark path of this monstrous case
of crime and cruelty ami Infamy. Yet
tbere bad fallen so many of tbe enemies of truth end justice tbat he might
bave called tbem the expiatory dead.
Three I have told you of���that poor
wretch, Lemercler-Plcard. "found dead"
in his room ln tbe Rue de Sevres; Henri, "found dead," wltb a closed razor
near by; Felix Faure, "found dead"
aud smuggled Into his palace.
There were many others. Captain
d'Attel, who claimed to have heard
Dreyfus avow bis guilt to Lebrun-Re-
nault the day of his degradation, was
"found dead" lu a railway train, bis
corpse blue and already on the way to
decomposition, though bis Journey hud
lasted but au hour. This pretended
confession, which Dreyfus never made,
D'Attel eonllded to bis friend, Chaulln-
Servlnlerc, a member of the chamber
of deputies. Now, the deputy took
train oue day to visit his borne. An
hour later he was "found dead" on the
railway tracks between two stations.
And Itocber of the prison guards, wbo
also claimed to have beard Dreyfus
say, "1 am guilty, but 1 am uot the
only one!" died, aud to this duy no one
knows where or how. It was as
though eternal truth bud reached down
and slain this lie wherever It lifted Its
evil bead.
Tbe prefect Barreme was sujuinoned
to Paris by his government chief. He
was ���������found dead" ln his compartment
when the train arrived at the Gare St.
Ui'/.are. Lauren.euu, prefect of the
north, was called to Paris to give evidence regarding tbe spy system on the
German frontier. There wus uo accident ou the Journey. The next day be
wus "found dejid" iu his room at the
Hotel Terminus.
Lorlmer, one of Henri's most tire
less agents of forgery und crime, was
"found dead," hanged in a lonely buru;
another, Uuenee, was "found dead" on
(be floor of his room lu PariH. Then
(here was Mtinier. His part in tin* conspiracy bad been to falsify tbe mean
lug of a cryptic telegram sent by Pa-
nlmirdl to the Itulluu government, so
that It affirmed the guilt of Dreyfus.
And Muuler wus "fouud dead" lu a
railway trulu. Was It any Wonder tbe
martyr's frleuds began to see m these
mysterious und opportune deaths the
work of an avenging destiny? With
grim emphasis Relnach declared. "De
cldement la fatalite est Dreyfuanrdel"
���tlie very stars lu their courses fought
against the lie.���Vance Thompson In
Success Magazine.
\f-f This cold-water starch
*"*"ZgetM   ironing-day over
quicker, with less wear on
���?*$',�����:'/the ironer's muscles and far
less on the starched pieces.
^���.yGives   a   beautiful   gloss.
.^. Needn't be boiled, -yet cannot
K/stick.   It's astorchyou'U like.
^ Try   It _o_
Remember that the money you
squander won't work for you.
We are always too young to have
known lietter If our mothers are thc
Men do a lot of things Just es fool
Ish as having their clothes button in
the back.
Dreaming of wbat you would do If
you had a large Income is probably
about tbo slowest way to get one.
Tbe man who fails In his efforts to
do something well Is still more of a
success tban tbe one who never trios.
A mother worries If her daughters
are not Invited to parties nnd then sits
up and worries because tbey are out
late when they are invited.
Ever occur to you thnt you ought to
dress up more and brush your clothes
oftener? Most people as they become
old neglect their personal appearance
too mucb.-
Jury Friendships.
"The eleven men ln the world for
whom I entertain a feeling of peculiar
friendliness are those with whom I
served on a Jury once," -snld a broker.
"There Isn't any other human tie Just
like that existing among Jurors in a
criminal case. There we are, twelve
men, all perfect strangers to each other, with different tastes, temperaments and habits, picked up and bound
together for days ln the most tryln*.
circumstances. The hardships, the
tragic phases of the sltuatiou, reveal
us ln a new light. Hltberto unsuspected traits crop out W6 argue, we quarrel, we sympathize, we make up. In a
manner tbat would surprise our closest
friends. The responsibility thut we
shark eets up apart from everybody
else and establishes a bond of Interest
and sympathy that Is pretty stire to
A Plea For the Indolent.
Men who fill unaccustomed positions
exacting severe mental toll are almost
���ure to be short lived. Persons whose
callings subject them to n heavy nervous strain ought occasionally to spend
a day or two ln bed. Even an afternoon nap ls a tonic and may do much
to lessen tbe wear and tear of nervous,
anxlons days. One of tbe ablest statesmen of modern times, when once reproached in early life for Indolence, retorted, "I am storing energy."���William Mathews In Success Magazine.
The Angel Face.
"He said I had a face like on�� of
Raphael's angels," said the blond, wltb
Ul concealed satisfaction.
"Oh, well, the faces of Raphael's angels were all painted, you know," replied tbe Jealous little brunette.
A Lesser Evil.
Messenger ��� Your wife has eloped
with your chauffeur. Husband���Thank
fortune! Now I won't have to break
tt to her that the cook has left���Harper's We"*t|y.
A Sly Thrust.
Miss Ann '1 eek���Ileally, some of the
young girls nowadays nre positively
awful. The Ic.en of n girl bekii: en
gaged to two young men at the same
time! It's Just shameful! Miss Cutting���Besides, you find It aggravating
also, don't you?
His Fatal Mistake.
"Adam wuz his own boss, wuzn't
"Yes, an' ef he hadn't gone ter sleep
at de wrong time be'd 'a' been so
ylt"-Atlanta ConsUtuUon.
Sunday  School  Convention
What promises to be the largest
convention ever held in Manitoba
will meet in the First Baptist
church, Winnipeg, July 2, 3 and 4.
The attendance at the annual conventions of tbe Manitoba Sunday
School association has greatly increased during the past four yenrs.
Four years ago it was 225, three
years ago 425 and last year 750. It
is confidently expected that it will
go up to 1,200 delegates, outside of
No less than three outside speakers ore to be present: Mrs. J. Wood-
bridge, Newark, N.J.; Rev. W. C.
Merritt, Tucoma, Wash., both of the
international staff, nud Marshall A.
Hudson, Syracuse, N.Y., author of
the Baraca and Philathea classes.
Besides these, many of the Sunday
school experts of the province will
take part. The music will be an
important feature of the programme,
Single fares on all the railway lines
will be given. For full information
write W. H. Irwin, oil Mclntyre
block,  Winnipeg.
Minard's   Liniment  Co.,   Limited,
Yarmouth,   N.S.
Gentlemen���In January last Francis
Leclare, one of the men employed by
me. working in thc lumber woods, had
a tree fall on him, crushing him fear-
fullv. He was, when found, placed on
a sled and taken home, where grave
fears were entertained for his recovery, his hips being bady bruised
and bis body turned black from his
ribs to his feet. We used MINARD'S
LINIMENT  on   him   freely   to   deaden
ie pain, and with the use of three
bottle:! he was completely oured and
able   f,o  return  to   his  work.
tflerin   Road,   L'Islet Co.,  Que.
Chief Officer Davis of the steamer
Manchester Commerce was carried
overboard in mid-ocean, and was
rescued niter being one hour in tin*
A Carefully Prepared Pill���Much
time and attention were expended in
the experimenting with the ingredients that enter intio the composition
of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills before
thev were brought to the state in
which they were, first offered to the
oulilie. Whatever oflier pills may be,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the
result of much expert study, and all
���lersons suffering from dyspepsia or
disordered liver and kidneys may confidently accept i hem as being what
they are represented to be.
Ih a Utile tow.n in Louisiana a
voung woman skated for four hours
in a rink and won a prize. Then her
heart gave out and the prize is to be
inventoried  among  her belongings.
Minard's   Liniment,   Lumberman's
In his "Queens of Spain" Major
Hume says that Isabella I authorized the burning of 700 persons in
Seville alone, and condemned 5,000
more to life imprisonment and the
confiscation  of  their  property.
But don't wait until an animal Is
Injured. GET IT NOW���and you
have the remedy that CURBS all
lameness in horses.
If your dealer does not handle
It, send 60c. to
National Drug * Chemical Co., Limited,
MONTRIM. 13   _
The perpetual charm
of freshness and crispness
���of daintiness and deli-
ciousness ��� is in every
box of
���held captive by the
air-tight, moisture-proof
packages. There is a
best in everything. In
Biscuits, it's Mooney's.
Is Madame Dis de Barr, Famous Wo,
man Convict.
"Mother Elinor," sometimes known
as Mrs. E. L. Mason, head of the
Flying Roller Colony, of Detroit and
Windsor, Ontario, has been proven
beyond all doubt to be none other
than the notorious Anne Dis de Barr.
Also it has been learned that she was
known in England as Editha Loleta
Jackson, where she served time with
a man reputed to be ber husband for
a serious offence.
The Editha Loleta Jackson, of Lon*
j don, was positively identified os the
"Mother Elinor," of Windsor. F. E.
Swinden, a member of Mother Elinor's cult, made the identification in
a sworn statement.
Madame Dis de Barr was liberated
last August on ticket-of-leave from
Aylesbury Prison, in England, to
which she had been sent on Dec. 20,
1901, sentenced to seven years' penal
servitude for connection with an alleged immoral cult of which her reputed husband, Theodore Jackson, was
the head. It was her third imprisonment during a singularly sensational
career. For years she had been known
as the "notorious" Madame Dis de
Her Trump Card.
The trump card of her life was probably played when Mme. de Barr
wheedled Luther K. Marsh, the New
York lawyer, out of a fortune and
made him the laughing-stock of bis
old ago. In the seventies she traveled about America representing herself
as a medium who could reveal hidden truths. While living in Madison
Square she met Mr. Marsh. By means
of alleged spirit manLestations and
spook-painted pictures she so infatuated the old man that he gave her
large sums of money and deeded to
her his house in Madison avenue.
There she officiated as a priestess of
spiritualism, and got fame and more
Finally she was sued for conspiring
to defraud Marsh. The grand jury indicted her, the Geny Society took
her children, she was convicted and
sent to prison. After experiences in
Europe after her release she turned
up in Chicago and under the name
of Vera P. Ava was sent to the Joliet
penitentiary for two years. Free
again, she married William J. Mc-
Gowan, in Chicago, in 1895. He had
money but quiet domesticity didn't
suit ber.
Brotherly   Love  Colony.
In 1899 she was run out of New
Oceans with Theodore Jackson, whose
wife she claimed tx> be. They were
spirit materializing again, and were
also said to be running a "fruitarian"
solony in Florida. As "Helena" and
"Horos" they performed in South
Africa, Mine. Dis de Barr incidentally
Setting some money from a rich con
tractor t.o establish a brotherly love
They turned up in London, where
their Theocratic Unity scheme turn
ed into n scandal, and wound up with
their  arrest.
Mme. de Barr has claimed to be the
child of Louis I. of Bavaria and Lola
Montez, a famous dancing beauty.
She really wa*B the daughter of s
school teacher in Harrodsburg, Ky.,
John C. F. Salomon. At the age of 14
sbe was taken by her father to Louisville, and soon became a "medium"
of powers. She waa born in the forties.
Flag For Canada.
A new design for a Canadian flag
has been prepared by Mr. Ernest Gir-
ardot of Sandwich. The design includes a Union Jack in the upper left
corner, a beaver and maple leaf below and perpendicular bars to represent the nine provinces of tbe Dominion. The groundwork of the flag
may be either white or read.
"I think it is time, now that we
have just added two new provinces to
the great Canadian confederation, to
adopt a new flag, a national emblem
that every Canadian citizen may cherish and revere, one that has no objectionable features for any race or
creed, and one on which every province is equally recognized," writes
Mr. Girordot.
''Herewith is a design for a Canadian national flag which, in my humble opinion, embodies all the desirable features which should pertain to
the flag or standard of the Dominion
of Canada.
"The Union Jack on the upper left
corner represents our fealty to England and (he tie which binds us to
her. Our emblems, the maple leaf
and the beaver, dear to all, are preserved. Each perpendicular bar represents one of the nine provinces.
When any other province will be
created another bar may be added to
the flag.
"I believe I am saying the truth
when I state that there is not one per
cent, of the Canadian people who
know or understand the semi-barbaria
symbolisms expressed by the coat-of*
arms which appears on our present
"We are asserting ourselves more
and more every day as a distinct nation. The glowing importance of our
commercial relations with foreign
countries and the glorious succera we
hnve achieved through our participation at the Liege and Milan exhibitions, where we have given evidence
of Canada's greatness and inexhaust.
ible resources, demanded that we
should without any further delay
adopt a national flag, one which does
not recall any conflict between any
of the races which compose the Canadian nation or remind one of any tra*
dition cherished by one class of people and hated by another ��� a flag
which does not symbolize any particular creed, but oue that is an emblem of peace and prosperity."
Irregulars In Boer War.
The number of irregulars engaged
in the Boer war���infantry, mounted
and artillery ��� waa about 80,000, of
which 60,000 were supplied by the
South African colonies, the oversea
dependencies furnishing the remainder, viz.: Australia. 16,415; New Zealand, 6,513; Canada, about 6^500, and
India and Ceylon 600.
Or.   Osier   Says   There   Is   Somerni...
Radically   Wrong.
Publicists nowadays realize that the
public health is one of the most important subjects that confront them
for solution.
There are those who say that perfect sanitation would not only kill off
many deadly oacilli, but would put
a damper  oo   crime.
Writers of fiction picture their morbid types alwi._ as flourishing amidst
unclean surroundings, physical as well
as moral.
The useful man ie the healthy ma i.
The useful community is the healtiy
In ancient cities they had their
frigidorium; their ice-cooled apartments and their sanitary applianc-H.
The model city or town to-day is -ne
laid out as is the mo-del stock fa.-m
stable���clean, airy, presenting smooth,
hard surfaces to resist dirt accumulation; a basic principle is to keep
waste "on the move" to final auni
Are  We Sanitary?
The United States, in parts, has taken cognizance of these truths. So
have some European cities. Canada as
yet would be called by many an unsanitary  nation.
To  be  clean  costs  money,
Belore you spend the money yon
must wunl to be clean. Then you
must  hit  on   the   right   method,
The live mayor of a live town In
Ontario bus given ensiderub'e thought
to these mutters. He sought Ihe opinion of a scientist of world-wide reputation, Mr. William Osier, who, though
not resident in Canada, knows the
situation  here thoroughly.
Dr. Osier sent the following reply
From  the  Hegius   Professor  of  Medi
cine, Oxford.
April   2    1907.
Dear Sir,���Nothing   I think, is more
important in die Canadian provinces
lhan the sunitiition ol lhe small towns
ind rural districts.    While, ot course
inturio  has  dine  a  great  deal,  and
���ie public health work has been splen*
id  in every way. yet. ns I said the
other day  in Toronto, the  prevalence
if  typhoid   (ever  indicates  that  then
is   still   something   radically   wrong
.  million  dollars contributed  by  tlu
Government   in   improving   Hie   sani
lat ion, if it only helped to get rid of
typhoid fever, would be well spent.
(Signed)   Wm.   Osier.
Chance For the Governm��.-it.
The Canadian mayor ubove --pferred
to  recently  expressed  himself us  fol-
!ows:   "The   increased   indemnity   to
ilie provinces from tbe Dominion Gov-
���niinent,   and   the   returns   from   the
nines of Cobalt seem to indicate that
���lie exchequer of Ontario  will  be in
i Nourishing condition foi  some time
io  come.     No  doubt   there   will   be   li
liousand  suggestions us  to what the
Government will be asked to do with
his   money.     Much  of  it  likely   will
ne spent in a manner which will not
_ive   (lie   people   a   full   measure   ol
benefit,  which otherwise might nntur-
illy be expected.    1  venture to point
mt  a  case  which  deserves   the   ser
nus consideration  ol  the   Legislature
���is   being   not   only   urgent,   but   one
.vliich,   if  contributed  to,   will  stamp
'.he   Whitney   Government    as   being
imong   the   foremost,   intelligent,   de
liberative bodies of the world.
"The sanitation of the towns and
villages of Ontario is in a very backward state of repair; more especially
in regard to a proper sewerage equip-
tient. There are 450.000 people, most
iy recruited from rural districts, who
ire congregated in these centres in
-uch  a  manner  as  to cause the soil
0 be thoroughly polluted. The greal
iced of these communities is drain
i'-'e. but the cost is so great (hat they
���iiiinot i"iidertake the work unless as
isted by the Government. In all
owns   there   are   unsettled   districts
.vliich cannot be drained from a front-
ige tax, and the expense, falling upon
lie general taxpayer, simply closes
*.p any possibility of securing a per
,'ict system.
Cost $4,000,000.
"It is estimated that $4,000,000spent
ipon this work by tlie iu��i�� oi On.
ario would produce a fairly complete
.ystem of sewers. Towards this
.rent work the Ontario Government
could well afford to contribute at least
51,000,000, or 25 per cent, of the cost.
1 he method of payment might be apportioned in a manner somewhat similar to that of building good -oada in
the  rural  districts."
Over Japan Teas is so pronounced that
tea critics have nothing but praise for
it on a teapot infusion.
Every   leaf  is  uncolored,  undoctored   and of virgin purity.
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,  50c,  and    60c     Per    Lb.    At    All     Grocers.
The Giant Pine.
There ls a species of pine tree which
grows in California and is known as
the giant pine which la the largest of
tbe pine genus, often rising to a height
of 200 feet, with a trunk twenty to
thirty feet in girth.
Lily's Grammar.
The grammar longest ln use In England was that of William Lily, first
published ln 1513. This grammar
paused through more editions tban any
text book of the kind and was in use in
St. Paul's school, London, up to forty
years ago. The preface to the first edition wss written by Cardinal Wolsey,
the English rudiments by Dean Colct,
the Latin syntax chiefly by Erasmus,
the remainder by Lily, tbe book being
then the joint production of four of the
greatest scholars of the age.
Impure Milk.
It ls stated that 9,000 children die
annually ln New York city from the
poison of impure milk.
Canada's Lakes.
Lake Ontario Is as large as Wales;
Superior exceeds Scotland In size; Huron equals the area of Holland and
Belgium combined. No other country
can match Canada for lakes and rivers.
When Not to Leave a Balloon.
It Is a hideous and unpardonable offense to jump out tbe moment the car
touches the ground. The veriest novice
should know that a balloon always
bounces twice before settling herself
for the third and last time on the
ground, and you must stick to her till
It is all over���Princess Di Teano In
Strand Magazine.
A Sad Case.
"This milk Is blue," said the customer angrily.
"I know It, and I'm very sorry,*' replied tbe milkman, "but the weather '
we've been baring lately has given the '
cows melancholia, and It chows vo 1�� j
the milk."  . '
Trade r[arK
lo a variety ol styles.
fabrics and prices, lor
women, men snd
children. Form-ntted.
Dealers are authorized
io replace instantly and
at our cost any Pen-
Angle garment taulty
in material or making.
Pen-Angle Underwear is form-knit
so it can't help
fitting your figure,
���it's made of
long - fibred wool
so it won't shrink
-and it's guaranteed besides. The
whole idea is to
make it so good
you can't afford
not to buy by the
trademark (in
red). -205
Men spoke of her as "passing fair,"
But Time  Hips  by  so fast,
Now   some   of   these   same   men   declare
She's  actually  "past."
Ask for  Minard's and Take  no  Other
Of the 3,503 vessels of all classes
entered at the port of Montevideo,
Uruguay, in 1005, only fourteen nre
given as American, while England
was  credited   with   1,414.
Why go limping and whining about
your corns when a 25 cent bottle of
Holloway's (.'dm Cure will remove
them? (live it a trial and you will
not  regret  it.
West Deny claims lue only woman
engineer in New Hampshire in Mrs.
Bertha M. Wilson, who is au expert
witli u stationary engine.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House
A powder magazine exploded in
Canton, destroying 1,500 houses.
Twenty-one bodies have been recovered.
"My friond Grealhead has actually
invented a Hying machine, you know."
"Indeed Has lie given it a practical
test yet?"
"Oh, _io, he's still alive."���Pluladcl-
pbia Press.
To. Know Is to Prevent���If the miners who work in cold water most of
the day would rub their feet and legs
with Dr. Thomas' Eclectnic Oil tliey
would escape muscular rheumatism
and render their nether limbs proof
against the ill effects of exposure to
the cold. Those setting out for mining regions would do well to provide
themselves with a supply before starting.
The railway passenger rate throughout Minnesota is 2 Cento a mile, beginning May 1, and the Dakota rate
will be 2 1-2 cents a mile after July 1.
Recommended by a Well-known
Toronto Doctor, Whose Love
for Humanity If -Greater than
tils Prejudice Against Pr��-
prietary Medicines.
Director of Record Foundry Co.
Hon. C. W. Robinson, until recently
Speaker of the New Brunswick Legislature, and who, a few weeks ago, was
sworn in as a member of Premier Pugsley's
Cabinet, is, outside of bis political interests, associated with some of the largest
manufacturing concerns in his Province.
Among the principal interests with
which Hon. Mr. Robinson is connected is
the Record Foundry and Machine Co., of
Moncton, N.B., and Montreal, P.Q.,
manufacturers of the celebrated " Penn
Esther " ranges and " Admiral " and
"Calorific" furnaces. In this company,
Hon. Mr. Robinson is a large stockholder
and a director.
Victoria Day
Fare  and  One=Third
For the  round  trip  between stations  on the
The following T��ry -valuable prescription, by an eminent and success-
j ful physician, will be appreciated by
i many who are suffering from la grippe,
; cold, cough, pneumonia, or any throat,
| long or stomach trouble, or run-down
system, as it is a certain cure, and
| will save many a doctor's bill. It is
| almost a certain preventive as well: ���
j "When you feel that you are taking
' cold or have chilly reeling or aching
1 in any part of the body or head, or
| feel weak, tired, dissy, unfit for work,
Sain in the head or back of the neck,
o not neglect these dangerous symp-
I toms, but send immediately to your
druggist and get a bottle of Psychine
(pronounced Si-kecn), and prepare aa
"Psyohine,  2 teaspoonfuls.
"Sherry, whisky or water, 9 tea-
"Choice of the latter can be mad*
according to the judgment and preference of the patient.
"Mix thoroughly and take regularly   each   meal   and   at   bedtime."
This prescription has been used in
thousands of cases and has been so
universally successful that a number
of leading physicians regularly prescribe Psychine in their practice for
any of the above troubles, or any rundown, wasting or constitutional difficulty. It is the most reliable and
valuable home remedy. It tones np
the entire system, giving a feeling of
youthfulness and vigor, adding many
years to the life of those who use it.
" Years ago I was almost a physical wreck and
was sufferin. with lung troubles. Frlondi and
neighbors thought I would never get better. I
began to despair myself. Losing faith ln my
physician, I procured another one who recommended the use ol PSYCHINE. It was surprising
beyond description the effect it had. I seemed to
_am with every dose. Inside of two weeks I was
able to attend to my housework again. There
are no symptoms of consumption about me now."
St. John, N.B.
"I bad been suffering from Le Grippe. My
lungs were weak and I had a cough, but Plyohlns
cured mo."
Cheapslde, Ont.
Psychine can be procured from any
druggist at 50o. and $1.00. It is a very
Tijkets  good  to  go   May   22nd   to
May 24th,   Inclusive.
Return  until  May 27th,   1907.
Any Canadian Northern Ry.
Agent will be more than pleased to
furnish   fullest   information. I
If so lame, If a common complaint.
Johnson's _
Rubbed on Briskly
J ranoYM all lameness and soreness, of nim-
j cies, aud quickly heals outs, burns, scalds,
J bites and bruises.    Established 1810.
I 15c, three tin-as as much 60c.   All dnslers.
' I. S. JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mass.
Whether it is a fresh Bruise, Cut or Strain���or an old Spavin, Splint,
Ringbone or Swelling���you can cure your horse with
Kendall's Spavin Cure
Thos. Castles, of Newark, N.J., bought a horse���lamed with a Jack
Spavin���for .100. He cured every sign of lameness with Kendall'*
Spavin Cure���won five races with the horse���then sold the animal to bis
former owner for .1,000.00.
Wellington, N.Z.,'Nov. and, '05.
"I have found your Spavin Cure a very fine remedy for
all sorts of lameness tn horses and I am never without it."
Get Kendall's Spavin Cure���the remedy used by two
nations for two generations,    tl. a bottle���0 for *.5.    Our
book���"Treatise On The Horse"
���will save you many a dollar If
carefully read and acted upon.
Write today for a free copy.
I ENoeeusa FALLS,    ���   Vermont, U.S.A.
W.    N.    U.    No.   637
Its        strength-giving,
muscle-building properties fortify the system
against the dangers that
lurk in fickle spring
weather. Keeps ths
bowels healthy and active.
Ready   to  Serve.     BISCUIT  for   Breakfast;   TRISCUIT   for   Toast.
All   Grocers���13c  a carton,  or 2 for 26c.
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���Lobd Stbathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Geohge A. Dbijiimond.
General Manager���E. S. Clouston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan fllMning IRevtew.
���/Subscription 1*2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Rates :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchase of Land   -     7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
See McDonald for fresh fruit and
1  Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Alexander camo
Mp from Kaelo on Wednesday.
Mrs. A, G. Erickson and daughter,
.of Whitewater, yisited friends in town
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Duncan Kennedy,  of Slocan,  B.C.,  livery keeper,
intends to apply for a special timber
licence over   the   following  described
lands.   Commencing at a post adjoining James  Smith's south-east corner,
and   marked   "Robert   Duncan   Kennedy's N.E. corner," thence south 40
chains, thenca weet 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence east 160 chains
to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
June 17th, 1907,
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up ��� to 12 o'clock noon,
on Wednesday, the 14tli day of August,
1907, for the purchase -t the undermentioned Mineral Claims, which were
forfeited to the Crown at the Tax Sale
held in the Government Ollice, at Kaslo,
B.C., on the 7th day of November, 1904.
To be considered, all tenders must be
at least equal to the upset price asgiven
below, which is equal to the amount for
which sueh claim could have been repurchased by tho owner, or owners, on
the 30th day of June, 1905, together
with the taxes, costs and interest which
have accrued since the Tax Sale, the
cost of advertising for tenders, and the
Crown Grant fee.
Name of Claim      Lot No.   Upset price
Arana Fraction        2539 $56.60
J.I.C, 2583 90.95
Jenny Jones 2534 68.95
Each tender must be accompanied by
a certified check for the full amount
thereof, payable at par at Kaelo, B.C.,
in favor of the undersigned. The checks
of all unsuccssful tenderers will be immediately returned.
Government Agent, Kaslo, B, C.
Take notice that James Smith, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
for a Bpecial timber license over the following described lands: Commencing
lat a post pianted about one and one
half miles distant in a southerly direction from Duncan Graham's north-east
corner, and marked " James Smith's
S.E. corner," thence west 100 chains,
thence norlh 40 chains, thence east 160
chains, thence south 40 chains to point
pi commencement, and containing 640
acres more or lees.   JAMES SMl H.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notice that Duncan Graham, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
lor a special license over the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore of Slocan
Lake, about one mile distant in a southerly direction from the mouth of Indian
creek, and marked " Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thence west 80 cliains,
thence south 80 chain.**, thence east 80
chains, tlience north 80 chains to point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less. I
June 15th, 1907.
Take notice that Nils Nelson, of
Slocan, B.C., a rancher, intends to j
apply for a special timber license over
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted about four miles
distant in a north westerly direction
from the mouth of Goat creek, a tribu-'
tary ol the Slocan River, thence west
160 chains, thence north 40 chains;
thence east 160 chains, thence south 40
chains to point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
Juno 20th, 1907.
The Most Beautifully situated
Sanitarium in British Columbia.
Its medical waters are renowned
for curative qualities. " That
Tired Feeling " completely cured.
A certain remedy for Rheumatism
in its varied forms. A sure cure
for Metallic and other poisonings.
Two mails a day and telegraphic
facilities. Rates���$12 to $18 per
week. For further particulars
apply to
are necessities if you
wish to ward off any
disease:that threatens.
These can both be
secured by taking
which is a simple
compound of Sarsap-
arilla and Oregon
Grape Root with Saline laxatives.
Drug Store
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at     .
Reduced  Prices.
The Review
Job Printing.
To Michael Penrose, or to whomsoever
he may have transferred his interest
in the "Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated   near   McGuigan,
located the 3rd day of October, 1900,
recorded the 17th day of October,
1900, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cate of this notice you fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together witb all costs
of advertising, your interest in the said
claim will become the property of the
undersigned, under   section   4 of  tho
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated at Sandon, this 3rd   day   of
April, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
fur permission to purchase the
following described lands situated
on the west shore of Slocan lake about
% mile in a southerly direction from
Mill creek. Commencing at, a post
maiked A. O.'s S.E.corner post, thence
20 chains weet, thence 40 chains north,
thence 20 chains east, thence 40 chains
south to place of commencement, containing 80 acres moio or less.
Dated May 6th 1907.
Jy. 18 locator.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree jforfee,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements.
"Independence"     Mineral     Claim,
6ituate in  the Slocan   City  Mining
Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located:���On  Lemon C'eek
adjoining   the   Crusader   Mineral
Take notice that I, H. R. Jorand, Free
Miner's Certificate No.  B78,800 acting
for myself and as agent for W. J.   Shat*
ford Free Miner's Certificate No. B4,685,
intend,  60 days from the date hereof,
to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of   Improvements,   for tho
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action.
under  section 37,  must be commenced
before tbe issuance of Such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of May, A.D. 1907
Local Salesman Wanted for
And Adjoining District to represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on limestone Boil; hardier and longer lived than
coast trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved ; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Write for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government )
TORONTO       -      - ��      ONT.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
alter date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Kootenay District: Commencing at a post
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Cornfr
post," said post being at south-east
coiner of lot 7 Block 382, Group I,
West Kootenay District, thence south
80 chains, Ihence east 20 chains, tlience
north 80 chains, thence West 20 cliains
to point of commencement, containing
160 acres more or lee..
Dated April 20th, 1907.
7*4 A. J. WATSON.
Silverton, _-&-$.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Meu to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IR. fB>. Spencer ����� prop
provincial Hssa^er
ano -3bemist'
Sawloii Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
.1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, $1.50 each.
Zinc,  Antimony,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $2.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   JIl.OO
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
Special Rat".**, for Mine and Mill Work
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Cnief Commissioner of LSnds and
Works at Victoria, B. C. for permission
to purchase the following described
lands situate in West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east cornerof lot 7547 and marked
J. St. D, S.W. corner, Ihence north
along the eaBt line of lot 7547 20 chains,
thence east 20 chains, tlience south 20
chains to the north-east corner ot lot
8127, thence following along the line ot
lot8127, 20 cliains to thc pointof commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C. April 30th, 1907.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
To Rent
SeveralResldences at
Very Small Figure
Go to Wilson's for
Irom, Steel, etc.
Zhc Sanfcon Ibotel
IRobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
��boicest liquors, Mines anb tgars.
****************** *********
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always on hand.    ::    An excellent Pool Table.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Headquarters for flDining anb travelling fIDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
���Rooms Xaroe, Clean anb Cos?.
S> William Bennett S>
J. R.
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon flMners' XHnton Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subscription $1.00 per month. Non-subscribers $2.00 per diem.
 Hospital Staff	
C. E. ANDERSON. - .     WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
����.-M*v*t.��^��^**K***H**t**l**t'*��**l**��**!**>**��*�����; m ************************.
Spring anb
from Crown
tailoring Co.
1 The Most Complete aud varied assortment ever
in the Country,
f In Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver. B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, tho beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent boating.        Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
IM. 3% /Ifcacfconalfc
.��� .A. *���*.. .���. .*. __.. .���..��.._..    lit     .��. ���*, ��� *__ ___, .���_ AAAAAA _���__. ___. a _*���_, ���**���, __���*, ___ ���*���_. A .��. A ���__. .***. L\
There is no better house in the Kootenays for
the Mining Man to ranko his Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
bu*iness, and the Barkeeps are artists in their
The Finest Wines aud Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walpnsley   -   Props.
Wanted at
Wages $3.75 to $4 a Day.
Colin }* Campbell
Notary Public
phone 2.
P.O. box 10
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter what his occupation, may save
money by getting his
Shoes Made to Older.
For a Mining Shoe
there is nothing better
than tin* famous BAL
with n good, solid,
hand made bottom	
These shoes can only be got by
leaving vour order with
P.   W. WARD
Shoemaker - Sandon
!ER__ail-,**7V- sty
St. Louis ���.('2.75    Chicago 186.75
Toronto    .81.2.    Ottawa     85.30
Montreal .80.75    St. Johns -.D0.75
Halifax if 104 55.
Tickets on Sale
July 3, 4, 5.        August 8, 9, 10.
September 11, 12, 18,
Corresponding reductions from
all Kootenav points. Tickets
available fur lake route including
meals and berths on lake steamers.
Through notes quoted io any sU-
i*m Ontario Quebec or Maritime
rovincps on application.
IB. W. Wfbfcowson
Gold, Silver, Oipper or Lead, each, .1.00
Gold-Silver.. |1 50     Silver-Lead..$1.50
Zinc.. f.2.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. 3.50.
Prompt attention given to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon five samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A07
:  lb otel :
7THIS Well Known
Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
Sixty days af;er date I intend to
apply to the Hon. Cliief Commisi-ioner
of Lands nnd Works at Vic'orii, B.C.,
for phi mis-ion to purchase the following
described lands, situate in West Ko iten*
av District : Commeiicinir at a post on
the north side of rirht of way of N. A S.
Railway, thence 23.258 chains north
along west boundary of lot 7034, thet'ce
bait a'ong north boundary of lot 7634
20 chain*), thenco north 20 chain**,
thence wi st 20 chains more or hss to S.E.
coincr of lot 7547, thence nlong south
boundary of lot 7547 10 clmins more or
less, thence north 20 chains, thence
west 30 chains, thence north 20 chains
thence west 30 clmins more or less to
East sido of right of way nf N. & S.
Railway, thence along Enst boundary of
N. & S. Railway right of way to a po'nt
40 chains south, thenco west 28.0-1
chairs, thence south 20 chains, thenco
east 10 chains, thenoe south 10 chains,
thence east 26.809 chains to intersect,
with N. & S. Railway iLiht of way,
j thenco southerly along enst sir]-) of
JN. AB. Railway right of way to point
I of commencement, and containing*402.78
| acres more or let-s.
Located March 23rd, 1007.
,Te27 PerD. S*.Denis, agent.
Silverton =- J6,(X,
'Tailholt" mineral claim, *.iti.nt*> in the Ciiy Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located :���
Aboui 2,000 feet in a westerly direction from Howard Fraction, nbout one
mile north of North Fork of Lemon
Take nolic? that I, Henii Robeit Jorand, Free Miners Certilicate No. B78.300,
as agent for Anna Ferguson, Executrix
of the last will snd testament of William Henry Ferguson deceased, Free
Miners Certilicate No. 114719, intend, 60
days from the dato hereof, to apply to
the Milling Recorder for a certilicate of
improvements for the purpose ot obtaining �� Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice, that action
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated thia -Joth day of April, A.D. 1907.
JeSW li. It. JORi.NO.


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