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Slocan Mining Review 1908-05-21

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 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
���*'*'  . *>;.-_  *'.-.
���*..*. '   lit   ��..,; ���
Printed in New Denver,, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 39   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, May ai, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
St. James' Hotels
l irst-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier thia hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
On flonday, flay 25th.
l . AT THC . . .
Box 44.
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attrac.linn. and
creature comforts that heart or man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
NOTICE is lierebv given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for the Newmarket Hotol, New Denver,
B C, from July 1st to December 31tt,
May 7th, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal ol my license
for the St. James Hotel, New Denver,
B.C., from July 1st to December 31st,
1908.   .
May 7ih, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to apply
to lhe Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoiia, for a renewal of my license
for the Selkirk Hotel, Silverton, B.C ,
from July 1st lo December 31st, 1908.
May 7ih, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license
for the Windsor Hotel, Silverton. B.C.,
from July 1st to December 31et, 1908.
1), A. GRANT.
May 7th, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given thai at the
expiration of 30 days 1 intend to apply
to tlie Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, fnr a renewal of iny license
fur the Victoria Hotol, Silverton, B.C.,
from July 1st to December 31st, 1908.
Mas. A. CAREY.
May 7th, 1908.
Slocan Land Dit-trict���Distiict of West
Take notice that Oie. Slaattebrek, of
New Denver, Miner, intends to apply
for permission topureha-e the following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted about 4 miles from Enterprise
landing on Ten mile creek, near W. E.
Koch's old saw-mill. O. S.'s P. E.
jjirner p ist, thence nonh 10 chain*,
Ihence west 10 chains, tlience north 10
chains, thence west il) chains, tbence
north 20 cluiins, tbence wont 20 chains,
thence south 40 cliains, tlience cant 40
clmins to the point of commencement,
and containing UO acres more or less.
April 20lli, 1908.
Slocan Lund District���District of West
Take notice, tbat (i. Provost, of Ontario, farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase thc following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on tin* north branch of Lemon
creek, and '30 chains east of lot 9, tlience
tvi. t 20 eliniiiH. thence norlh 80 chains,
thoilCB e:i-l 2(1 clmins, thence south 80
chains to point ol commencement.
April 22nd, 190'
Jyl F. Provost, agent .
NOTICE is hereby given thnt at thc
expiration of 30 day** I intend to apply
to the Supeiintenilent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal of my license,
for the Roeeliery Hotel, Rosebeiy, B.C.',
from July let to December 31st, 1908.  ^
May 7th, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby gi veil that at the
expiraii in of 30 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, fora renewal of mv license,
for tlie Sloean Hotel, Three Forks, B.C.,
from July 1st to December 81st, 1908.
Mav 7th, 1908.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
expiration of 80 days I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, tor a renewal of my licence
for the Basin Hotel, Ailinglou Basin,
B.C., from July 1st to December 31st,
May 7th, 1908.
Take notice that I, Harry LaBrash,
of Nakusp, intend applying to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police,
at the expiration of one montli, from
date hereof, for a renewal of my hotel
license for the premises known as the
Hotel Grand, at Nakusp.
Dated April 80th, 1900.
Slocan Lind Distiict���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clara Gertrude
Spooner, of Nelson, B.C., married woman, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted.at the
north east corner of Lot 8784 Group 1
Kiotenay, thence south 20 chains,
tlience east 20 chains, thenco north 20
chains Ihence west 20 chains to the
point of commencement and containing
40 acres more or lees.
Win. H. Courtenav, agent.
April 13th, 1908. J.v2
Emporium Mineral Claim situate in
the Slocan Mining Division of Wist
Kootenav District. Where loca'cel:
On Payne gulch adjoining the Mercury
Mineral claim.
Take notice that I, Win. S. Drewry,
acting as agent for Wm. H. Yawkey.
F.M.C. No. B4908, Wm. H. Yawkey,
Cyrus Yawkev, and Augusta Lydia
Austin, F.M.C. No, B4969, executors of
the W. C. Yawkey tstate, and John D,
Fnnell, Free Miner's Certilicate No.
B17o8(i, intend 60 days from the date
hereof, to apply lo mining recorder for
a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further lake notice that action,
uniler section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 23*<j dny of April, A.D. 1908.
Je26 W. S. Dl.EWRY,
atf   JiJ.AAAJsJu-'.AAA.t.t-*- -*���*- s_L__t_X ���*- _*_______________���___��� J
General Merchant   - -   New Denver
eneral Merchant   ���   New Denver   J
JUST ARRIVED. A large shipment of Groeeiies, orange*,
lemons, bananas, and candies of various and tasty kinds.
Ring up our store. Telephone insta'led. Can also give
immediate delivery.
Lest there be any mistake, we have not bought any shipping tags lately.
Q' ���^���l��*^.]..*^^**.4M*.****4^4,4,4,4^Att.ttt , , CUU ,(,������,,, , |u*fi
j Hotel Grand. Nakusp ii
Proprietor: H. J. LaBRASH j i
White help employed only.       A Home from Home.      Fully equipped !'
for High-Class Trade.       Excellent Accommodation and !
Splendid Cuisine Always. t '
Personal supervision given to the wants of Oar P, trons.
Choicest Liquors, Wines,  and Cigars.
llonnycastle Dale, whose illustrated
nature studies in "Westward Ho!"
have attracted considerable attention,
has in the May issue n timely article
ou the American Navy, being Ihe result
of his recent visit to tbe Bremerton
Navy Yard where he secured several
fine pictures of tlie battleships for the
Maganine. In fiction, Ihe contents for
the month include, "The Widow of
Baalbek," by A. N. St. John Mildmay;
"Joe and Aih.cn," by Arthur Davie.;
"The'Second Claim," by Billce Glynn;
From our Correspondent.
Mr. Thos. Abrte), "ihe man who sells
the laud that grows the big red apple,"
is building a warehouse of considerable
size, for tlie purpose d storing the many
sets of scenery that the Dramatic Club
have on hand. This Club is growing to
be quite an institution, as they now own
six sets of very creditable stage scenery,
and have caph on nanil to the amount
of over .100.00, with no liabilities.
Mr. Fizell who has been io charge of
' The T,. ls of Three," by G. A. Russel; j the station during Mr. Bdwaads leave
"The Braiii-Storm," by L. McLeod
Ooull; "A Hero of the Plains," by
Charles Doian, and the concluding
chapters of Clivo Phillips Wolley's
powor.ul sac-al, "Shakmut." The editor this month has taken Winston
Churchill for his sketch in his interesting department, "Men I Have Met."
Rowland Hoadley tells the story of
Vancouver*) new playground���the Norlh
Arm, while Rinaldo M. Hall deals in an
interesting manner with Portland's
Rote Carnival, both articles being well
illustrated. The publishers announce
that the June issue will be a ''Home-
Seeker's Number."
Messrs. Thorpe & Co. have opened up
tlieir studio in town ior a month, and
now ready to do business.
Of course you are coming lo see the
dramatic performance of "Tom Cobb"
on Monday night.
Bmce While and N. F. McNaught
visited the Alpha group yesterday.
Bruce While lias a bond on the property.
of absence has been transferred to Rosebery.
An enjoyable dance was held in the
Leland Hotel on Wednesday uttanliur
The steam launch Minerva has been
thoroughly overhauled aud was taken
out last Saturday for her trial trip,
Rev. Mr. Dauby is getting the new
gasoline launch in shape lo be launched
next week.
Messrs. F. Atkinson, it. Day, J.
Dougal, J. Cadden, and A. E. Haigh,
attended a K. of P. meeting in New
Denver last week.
L. F. McDougald returned from Victoria where he was attending the Grand
Lodge of the K. of P.'s.
S. J. Harlow has returned from a trip
to the Coast.
Rancher Cropp lost a valuable black
cow, Monday, and another one is not
expectel to live. Clearing has been
going on extensively at the ranch, and
it is believed the cows have devoured
some dynamite.
Everything in Readiness to
Receive Record Crowd
On Monday Next.
Everything is now ready to press the
button on Monday, for a glorious Victoria Day celebration. From 8.15 iu
the morning until midnight, events of
an interesting and exiling nature will
flash in succession, and given "Queen's
weather," the '08celebration will goon
record as one of the best in the town's
history. A large contingent will arrive
from Slocan, and tiiese will be supplemented with Silverton and other way
points. Sandon, Three Forks, Rosebery and Nakusp will also send many
The program of events is an excellent
one, and it will be seen by glancing
through the items, that it is as varied
as it is long. A capable committee haB
been selected for each brunch of sport,
and the days enjoyment bids fair to run
in perfect harmony. Special arrangements are being made by the hotels to
cater for the large influx of visitors.
The decoration committee is working
double shift to attire the principal
thoroughfare in holiday raiment.
In the evening at 8.15, tlie Bosun
Hall will be packed when tbe three act
comedy by W. S. Gilbert, "Tom Cobb,
or Fortune's Toy," will be presented by
the New Denver Dramatic Society, the
cast of which is as follows:
Colonel O'Fipp, an Irish adventurer
,      J. J. Atherton
Tom Cobb, a surgeon C. F. Nelson
Whipple, a surgeon... .T. T. Rankine
Matilda O'Fipp, the Colonel's daughter
Mrs. J. C. Harris
Mr. Effingham J. C. Harris
Mrs. Effingham Miss Cue
Bulstrode Effingham F. D. Kelly
Caroline Effingham
Mis. T. T. Rankine
Members of a romantic family.
Matilda Jane Ann-Miss H. Macdonald
Rastus Snowdrift .... H. Thomlinson
Act 1
To be worked by H. Lowe
and Syndicate of
Victoria Net.
Act 2.
Kitchen at Colonel O'Fipp's
Scene 1.   Street.
Scene 2*.   Drawing   room  at
O'Fipp's mansion.
Drawing room at Effingham
For the Association Football Match
the following is the line up:
Loweb Lakh���
J. J. Atherton
Molloy Kelso
Byrnes      McNaught       Kelly
Walker, Towgood, Towgood  Bane, Gill
Reserves���Owens, Sanderson
Pinchbeck, Tipping,  Jackson,  Nelson,
St. Denis     Plant
Uppeb Lake���
Come early, and stay late.
Tlie fun will be fast and furious.
8.15 a.m.
9.30   "
10.30   "
Slocan Fruit Lands
Fisher Cup
ROWING RACES, while launches are away-
Single Scull, Men's
J'UUUlt- ,,
Mixed Double Sculs
1 tO 1.45 p.m.        JUNIOR FOOTBALL MATCH
1.45 tO 3     " MEN'S RACES
3 tO 4 " FOOTBALL MATCH���Upper vs. Lower Lake
4 tO 5.30    " CHILDREN'S SPORTS-Boys' and Girls' Running Races,
Skipping Match
5.30 " TUG OF WAR���New Denver vs. The World
7tO 8 " -^LAUNCH RACE-Final for Gintzberger Cup
8.15 " DRAMATIC   PERFORMANCE-"Tom Cobb,"  by the
Dramatic Society
FIREWORK DISPLAY after "Tom Cobb "
DANCING after Fireworks in the Bosun Hall.
Slocan Brass in attendance
Boat returns to Slocan at Midnight
Jack Delaney and Russ Thompson
are about to organize a new order called
"The Gillie Gillew Birds." The password will be "The Main Holt." Get in
now, for charter members are admitted
cheap. All members must be smooth
shaved and total abstainers from all
bad habits. Some of the most beautiful music ever beard of will sound from
the Birds later on.
The recent visit of H. Lowe to Victoria to commune with the directors of
the.Silver Hustler Mining Company,
has been fruitful of good results. Mr.
Lowe has secured a lease and bond on
the property, and a number of the Company's directors who have faith in the
mine are going to take a share with Mr.
I.owe in exploiting their holdings. Mr.
Lowe waa forme; ly mine manager for
this company, and under his direction
an ore shoot was located from whicli
many cars of $85 ore was extracted, and
it is the intention of the new syndicate
to continuo a lower level to tap the same
vein and do other exploring work.
There is also a considerable amount of
low grade ore in the drills, and lying
upon fhe dumps there is an estimated
1,250 tons of ore which will yield a ton
of concentrate for every ten treated at
the mill. We understand that tbe syndicate are treating with the Idaho Mines
Ltd. to lease tbe concentrator and tramway, and that it is probable this will be
Mr. Lowe will take a crew of men to
the property In a few days.
Tbe Silver Hustler adjoins the Idaho,
and is considered a property of great
merit by local experts.
We have them in large and small
at all
in   every portion  of the district,
prices.   Write me for particulars*
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
McGillivray and Erickson, the Slocan
drilling team who to signally defeated
all comers at the Fall Fuir of 1007, are
training for tlie $300 pot at Kaslo next
Monday. In practise yesterday morning before a crowd of Denyerites, they
drilled in bard granite, 30 inches in ten
minutes. The team is going stronger
than ever, and if they are beaten, the
winners will be going some. As McGillivray rematked: "The team which
beats us will earn the money and we
shan't begrudge them the victory. But
strange as it may appear to you, we
haye a better opinion of two teams that
will meet us at Kaslo next Monday, than
any team we met at Spokane."
A. M. Deschamps leaves this week
for Swift Current, Sask., where he will
put in two or three months on liis farm.
Mr Deschamps farm is at Feather Lake.
All the members of the launch clnb
who are competing in Monday's events,
were out in their vessels making time
trials Tuesday.
C. F. Nelson and T. Avison returned
Monday from Victoria, where they have
been for a week attending Grand Lodge
as delegates of New" Denver Lodge
K of P. l
Come witli the crowd on Monday.
See the big football match.
Be sure and see "Tom Cobb" in the
evening curtain rises at 8.
Bring your dancing pumps for the
hop afterwards.
after a long absence, to visit brother
Andy. Martin has been on a trip to
the old country.
A subscriber has deposited $100 at
the Review office. He has heard that
McKenzie and Johnson are likely to defeat McGillivray and Erickson in the
drilling contest next Monday, and hi*
money is to cover a similar amount that
McKenzie and Johnson's supporter*
put up.
Says the irreproachable Lowery in
the Greenwood Ledge: "Victoria Day
will be celebrated in New Denver. The
inhabitants are saving up their eggs
for a presentation to the Amateur
Dramatic Society in the evening."
Ladies! Come and see the fine line of
lielts and collars I have just received
for the 25th.   Mrs. Williams,
Just arrived���A splendid assortment
of children's Summer coats at Mrs.
Dune. Grant's palace at Silverton,
the hotel Windsor, has been renovated
in a lavish manner. You can now
turn a tap on in the bar, and make
your ablutions direct from the pipes.
Tom Saunders leaves for tlie north
again in a few days.
The Newmarket Hotel which has been
completely renovated, will be finished
before tlie 25th. Tbis handsome hotel
now has an exterior appearance second
to none iu the country.
Mrs. Cavan was in town from Silver-
ton yesterday.
E. E. Chipman, Gold Commissioner,
paid ns a flying visit yesterday.
W. Stutlcnberg is visiting friends at
W. Nelson, of Rosebeiy, left for
Revelstoke, on Monday.
Anglican Services next Sunday, May
24th, St. Stephen's Church, New Denver. Matins; Prayers, Litany and Sermon, 11.0. Evensong 7.80. Subject,
"Love that Casts Out Fear."
Mrs. Matheson is selling off at panic
Dan McLachlan has a gang ol men on
his limber limit logging for tlie New
Denver Lumber Company.
Nate Tucker shot a tine black bear on
Four-mile, Monday.
Harry Lowe returned yesterday from
W.iat will happen to Lanrier? If he
hangs on to the Aylesworth Bill���Bust I
If he lets go���Bust! THK   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
Author of "Dora Deane," "The
English Orphans," "Lena
Rivers," Etc.
Hours had pone by, and the clock
hands pointed to twelve, ere Maddy
compelled herself to hear the Btory
Guy had come to tell. She had thrust
him from her nt first, speaking to
him of Lucy, hia wife, and Guy had
answered her back: "1 have no wife���
I never had one. Lucy is in heaven,"
and that was all Maddy knew until
the great shock had spent itself in
tears and sobs, which became almost
convulsions as she tried to realize
the fact that Lucy Atherstone was
dead; that the bridal robe about
which she had written, with girlish
frankness, proved to be her shroud,
and that her head that night was not
pillowed on Guy's arm, but was resting under English turf and beneath
an English sky. She could listen at
last, but her breath came, in panting
gasps; while Guy told her how, on
the very morning of the bridal, Lucy
had greeted him with ber usual
bright smile, appearing and looking
better than he had before seen her
look since he reached her mother's
home; how for an hour they sat together alone in a little room sacred
to her, because years before it was
there he confessed his love.
Seated on a lo\v ottoman, with her
golden head lying on his lap, she
had that morning told him, in her
artless way, how much she loved him,
and how hard it sometimes was to
make her love for the creature second
to her love fnr the Creator; told him
she was not faultless, and asked that
when he found how erring and weak
she was, he would bear with her
frailties as she would bear with his;
talked with him, too, of Maddy Clyde,
confessing in a soft, low tone, how
once or twice a pang of jealousy had
wrung her heart when she read his
praises of his pupil. But she bad
conquered that; she had prayed it
all away; and now next to her own
sister, she loved Maddy Clyde. Other
words, too, were spoken���words of
guileless, pure affection, too sacred
even for Guy to breathe to Maddy;
and then Lucy had left him, her hart-
bounding step echoing through the
hall and up the winding stairs down
which Bhe never came again alive,
for when Guy next looked upon her
she was lying white as a water lily,
her neck and dress and golden hair
stained with pale red life current oozing from her livid lips. A blood vessel had been suddenly ruptured, the
physician said, and for her, the fair,
young bride, there was no hope. They
told her she must die, for the mother
would have them tell her. Once, for
a few moments, there rested on her
face a fearfully frightened look, such
as a harmless bird might wear when
suddenly caught in a snare. But
that soon passed away as from beneath the closed eyelids the great
t"ars came gushing, and the stained
lipB whispered faintly: "God knows
best.   Poor Guy!���break it gently to
At this point in the story Guy broke
down entirely,
"Maddy," he said, "I felt like a
heartless wretch���a most consummate
hypocrite���as, standing by Lucy's
side, I met the fond, pitying glance
of her blue eyes, and suffered her poor
little hand to part my hair as she
tried to comfort even though every
word Bhe uttered was shortening her
life; tried to comfort me, the wretch
who was there so unwillingly, and
who at this prospect of release hardly
knew at first whether he was more
sorry than pleased. You may well
start from me in horror, .Maddy. I
���was just the wretch I describe; but I
overcame it. Maddy, and Heaven is
my witness that no thought of you intruded itself upon me afterward as
I stood by my dying Lucy���gentle, patient, loving to the last. I saw how
good, how sweet she waa, and something of the old love, the boy love
came back to me, as I held her in
my arms, where she wished to be. I
would have saved her if I could; and
when I called her 'mv darline Lucy,'
tliey were not idle words. I kissed
her many times for myself, and once,
Maddy, for you. She told me to. She
whispered: 'Kiss me, Guy, for Maddy
Clyde. Tell her I'd rather she should
take my place than anybody else���
rather my Guy should call her wife���
for I know she will not be jealous
if you sometimes talk of your dead
Lucy, and I know she will help lead
my boy to that blessed home where
sorrow never comes.' That was the
last she ever spoke, and when th...
sun went down death had claimed
my bride. She died in my arms.
Maddy. I saw her buried from nrv
���sight, and then, Maddy, I started
home; thoughts of you and thoughts
of Lucy blended equally together until Aikenside was reached. I talked
with Mrs. Noah; I heard all of you
there was to tell, and then I talked
with Agnes, who was not greatly surprised, and did not oppose my coming here to-night. I could not remain there, knowing you were alone.
In the bridal chamber I found your
bouquet, with its 'Welcome to the
bride.' Maddy, you must be that
bride. Lucy sanctioned it, and the
doctor, too, for I told him all. His own
wedding, was, of course, deferred, and
he did not come home with me, but
he said: 'Tell Maddy not to wait.
Life is too short to waste any happiness. She haa my blessing.' And,
Maddy, it must be so. Aikensida
needs a mistress; you are all alone.
'You   are   mine���mine   forever."
The storm had died away, and the
���moonbeams stealing through the window told that morning was breaking,
but neither Guy nor Maddy heeded
the lapse of time. Theirs was a sad
kind of happiness as they talked together, and could Lucy have listened
to them she would have felt satisfied
that she was riot forgotten. One long,
bright curl, cut from her head by liis
own hand was all there was left of
her to Guy, save the hallowed memories of her purity and goodness-
memories which would yet mold the
proud, impulsive Guy into the earnest, consistent Christian which Lucy
in her life had desired that he should
be, and which Maddy rejoiced to see
The close of a calm September afternoon, and the autumnal sunlight falls
softly upon Aikenside, where a gay
party is now assembled. For four
years Maddy Clyde has been mistresB
there, and in looking back upon them
���be wonders bow sn much  ba.oD.nasM
as sn_ nm- Known couio oe experienced in so short a time. Never but once
has the slightest ripple of sorrow
shadowed her heart, and that was
when her noble husband, Guy, said
to her, in a voice she knew was earnest and determined, that he could no
longer remain deaf to his country's
call���that where the battle storm was
raging he was needed, and like a second
SardanaDalus he must not stay at
home. Then for a brief season her
bright face was overcast, and her
brown eyes dim with weeping. Giving
him to the war seemed like giving
him up to death. But women can be
as true heroes as men. Indeed, it
oftentimes costs more courage for a
weak, confiding woman to bid her
loved ones leave her for the field of
carnage than it costs them to face the
cannon's mouth. Maddy found it so,
but Christian patriotism triumphed
over all, and stifling her own grief,
she sent him away with smiles and
prayers, and cheering words of encouragement, turning herself for consolation to the source from wliich she
never sued for peace in vain. 8ave
that she missed her husband terribly,
she was not lonely, for her beautiful
dark-eyed boy, whom they called Guy.
Jr., kept her busy, while not very
many weeks afterward, Guy, Sr., sitting in his tent, read with moistened
eyes of a. little golden-haired daughter, whom Maddv named Lucy Atherstone. and gazed upon a curl of hair
she inclosed to the soldier father,
asking if it were not like some other
hair now moldering bnck to dust within an English churchyard. "Maggie"
said it wns���Aunt Magpie, as Coy, Jr..
called the wife of Dr. Holbrook, wbo
had come to Aikenside to stay, while
her husband did his dutv as surgeon
in the army. That little dauehter is a
year-old baby now, and in her short
white dress and coral bracelets she
sits neeleeted on the nursery floor,
while mother and Jessie, Maggie and
everybody hasten out into the yard
to welcome the returning soldier, Major Guy. whose arm is in a sling, and
whose face is very pale from the effects of woundB received at Gettysburg, where his daring courage bad
well-nigh won for Maddy a widow's
heritage. For the present the arm is
disabled, and so he has been discharged, and comes back to the home
where warm words of welcome greet
him, from the lowest servant up to
his darling wife, who can only look
her joy as he folds her in his well
arm. and kisses her beautiful face.
Only Margaret Holbrook seems a little sad, she had so wanted her husband to bii���� with Guy, but his human'*" would not permit him to leave
the suffering beings who needed his
Jessie, g'own to be a most beautiful girl of nearly sixteen, is still a
child in actions, and wild with delight
at seeing her brother again, throws
her arms around his neck, telling, in
almost the same breath, how proud
she is of him, how much she wished
to go to him when she heard he was
wounded, how she wished she was a
boy, so she could enlist, how nicely,
Flora is married and settled down at
the cottage in Honedale, and then
asks if he knows aught of the rebel
colonel to whom just before the war
broke out her mother was married,
and wb*-""* hnmn was in Richmond.
Guy knows nothing of him, except
that he is still doing wbat he deems
his duty in fighting for the Confederacy, but from exchanged prisoners,
who had come nn from Richmond, he
oWs^Wfli, "arTa^as"rumor" said, Northern woman, who visited them in
prison, speaking kind words of sympathy, and one tv-idi**-* nn a drummer boy's aching head with a handkerchief, which he still retained, and
on whose corner could he faintly
traced the name of "Agnes Remington:"
Jessie'B eyes are full of tears aa she
"Poor mamma, how glad I am.I dicT
not go to Virginia with her. It's
months since I heard from her direct. Of course it wns she who was
so good to the drummer boy. She cannot be much of a rebel," and Jessie
glances triumphantly at Mrs. Noah,
who, never having quite overcome
her dislike of Agnes, had sorely tried
Jessie  by declaring that her mother
had found her level at last, and waa
just where she -v   -ted to be."
Good Mrs. Noah, the ancient man
whose name she bore would as soon
have thought of leaving the Ark aa
she of turning a traitor to her country, and when she heard of the
riotous mob raised against the draft,
she talked seriously of going in person to New York "to give 'em a piece
of her mind," and fqr one whole day
refused to speak to Flora's husband,
because he was a "dum dimoerat,"
and she presumed was opposed to
Lincoln. With the exception of Maddy, no one was more pleased to see
Guy than herself. He was her boy, the
one she brought up. and with all a
mother's fervor she kissed his bronzed cheek, and told him how glad she
was to have him back.
With his boy on his sound arm,
Guy disengaged himself from the
noisy group and went with Maddy to
where the little ladv, the child he
had never seen, was just beginning to
ghr-��� --".ni r-f resentment at being
left so long alone.
"���"���"lu, pan's come; this is papa,"
the bov o-ie-J "-jpuming the honor of
th�� introduction.
Luhi, as they called her, was not
afraid of the tall soldier, and stretching out her fat., white bands, went to
him readily. Blue-eved and golden-
haired she bore but little resemblance
to either father or mother, but there
���> swe<>*-*. beautiful face, of which
Maddy h-.fl 0ft���r, dreamed, but never
seen, and whether it were fanev or
not. Guy thought it h**.-.****..! ,1I)ori him
f<*?in '���n, *&�� ������'���Tint*--- features of his
little girl Pnrtine lovinglv her vellow
curia and kissing her fair cheek, he
said to Maddv. softv, -i.ist as he al-
wav* snoke of that dead one:
"Mnddv. dnrH--** Maruaret Holbrook is right���onr baby ia *.e_y like
dear Lucy Atherstone."
Ease In the Future.
"I trust you dou't always Intend to
be a porch climber?" said the benevolent old gentleman as be banded over
his valuables.
"Ob, no, boss!" laughed the masked
man on tbe sbed. "I hope if business
Improves I will be able to get around
ln an airship, and then I won't bave
to do any climbing."���Chicago News.
Mrs. VIck-Senn's eyes flashed.
"Johnny doesn't get that weak chin
of his from my side of the house,"
she exclaimed.
"No, my dear," meekly responded her
husband. "Johnny bns my cbln, but
he inherits bis mother's tireless capacity for keeping It in motion."���Chicago Tribune.
Dying Words of Some of the World',
Famous Men.
Notbnagel, who died alone In bis
room, noted his own symptoms to the
last A letter to his assistant is said
to have ended aa follows: "Written
late on the evening of July C just after experiencing these severe attacks-
died of calcification of the arteries."
Traube also made observations ou himself to the very end. Locock expressed
a wish to be present at the postmortem examination on himself, and among
Cuvier's last recorded words ls a remark, as his fingers twitched Involuntarily: "Charles Bell ls right: 'Ce Bout
les uerfs de la volonte qui sont inalu-
dlfs.'" Dyce Davidson, professor at
Aberdeen, died Immediately after saying to his class, speaking of the next
meeting, which wns never to take
place, "Four o'clock on Monday, gentlemen; 4 o'clock."
Several doctors have taken their
leave with a blessing to those around
them. Astley Cooper's last recorded
words are, "God bless you, and goodby
to you all!" He had previously said to
his physicians, Bright and Chambers,
"God's will be done; God bless you
both!" adding, "You must excuse me,
but I shall take no more medicine."
Benjamin Brodle was beard to mutter,
"After all, God Is very good." The
saddest of all recorded last words are
probably those of Oliver Goldsmith,
who, when asked by bis physician If
his mind wns at ease, said, "No, It ls
not!" On the other hand, William
Hunter's mind seems to have been full
of bright thoughts at the moment of
death, for he said, "If 1 could hold a
pen, what a book I could write!"
Pasteur and Darwin, though not belonging to the medical profession, are
venerated by It as teachers. Darwin's
last words were, "I am not tbe least
afraid to die." Pasteur was offered a
cup of milk nnd, being unable to swallow It, murmured, "I cannot." He
passed away wiih one hand ln bis
wife's, the other grasping a crucifix.
Lastly are mentioned the last words of
Mlrabeau, which are said to bave been
addressed to a doctor. He wrote on a
slip of paper, which he gave to his
physician, the philosopher Cnbanls, the
single word, "Dormlr." Another account, whlcb may be an expanded version of this, Is that after begging for
an anodyne he said reproachfully to
the doctor: "Were you not my physician and my frleud? Did you uot
promise to spare me tbe suffering of
such a death? Must I go away carrying
with me the regret of having confided
ln you?" This is rather a long and
rhetorical speech for a dying man.���
British Medical Journal.
Japanese New Year Cakes.
An annual event lu Japan ls the
making of the New Year's cake, which
every family must have if good luck
ls to foilow It during the ensuing year.
This cake Is made of a peculiar variety
of rice, boiled and pounded In a great
wooden mortar until it is of tbo consistency of dough. Although the pure
white dough Is often colored yellow
or pink, the shape of the cake is always the same���that of the sacred lnir-
tue Shinto faith. A piece of tills cuke
Is offered to tbe Shinto deities because
It ls of tbe shape of the sacred mirror
which wooed the sun goddess to come
out of the cave where she had hidden
herself ln wrath and thus saved the
land from total darkness. Each member of tbe family takes a band In the
manufacture of the New Year's cake.
Even the baby is carried out and his
baby hand guided ln lifting tbe heavy
wooden mallet for a "good luck" blow.
Enough Is made to last nearly the
whole year through, and It occupies
an important place in the dally menu.���
Leslie's Weekly.
Queer Fish.
At first thought the electric chair,
which sends the criminal to bis doom,
would seem to be a refinement of Invention possible only to man's genius.
But the electric eel can benumb a
horse so tbat It will drown before recovering from the shock, and the
fiercest fish Is rendered helpless by the
geutlest touch of this creature. Small
wonder these eels flourish in their native waters and seldom fall to find
food enough and to spare!
At any rate, the gentleman angler
casting his fly upon tbe ripple is
unique. Surely no animal can match
the rod and line! Yet there ls a fish
with a long, slender filament drooping
forward from Its head, tipped with a
fleshy, wormlike appendage. The fish
lies quietly on tbe bottom and awaits
a nibble. Soon a minnow makes a
dash for the waving luscious morsel.
The huge mouth openB, nnd���the finny
angler has dined! A veritable Shylock
this, wltb rod, line and bait of his own
flesh and bone!
When the Nose Bleeds.
When the nose ls bleeding never hold
It over a basin or hold the head down
ln any way. Tbis only causes further
rush of blood to the broken tissues ln
tbe nose. The head should be held up
and back, the flow being caught ln
handkerchVefs or cloths. One of the
most effective and simple means of
checking a nosebleed is to press on
the upper lip. Near the undersurface
of the lip runs the artery that supplies
the Interior nasal passages where the
ruptures occur. If this ls pressed, thc
flow of blood ls mechanically checked,
thus allowing the blood around tbe
broken tissues to congeal and seal up
the opening. If merely pressing with
the finger does uot succeed, place a
wad of paper under the Up and fold
the'llp over It, holding tt down tight.
Again, If thi*. does not succeed nnd a
drug store Is near get some adrenalin,
saturate a ;ilece of cotton with It and
apply to the Interior of the nose from
where tr.* l.'eoil flows.
Appetites of Woodsmen.
Here are some figures from a lumber
camp up in Greenwood which give uu
Idea as to the appetites of husky
wcoe>3men. There are thlrty-flve men
Iu this crew, and the cook reports that
be makes each day 300 large biscuits, 150 doughnuts, 30 pies, Imkes
0 quarts of dry benns, with potatoes,
vegetables, etc.. In proportion A largo
beef creature ls eaten every Hve dnys.
There ls something to he explained in
that item of thirty-six ple*s dully foi
thlrty-flve men. Probably the boss
gets tho extra one.-Kenuebec Jour I
a,*a brings to you in your own nome
all the healing, health-giving properties of the giant pines. All the therapeutic virtue of the forest trees are
contained in Virgin Oil of Pine (pure).
It heals the lungs and bronchial
tubes, gives almost instant relief to ;
the irritating cough, and will break
up a co'd in 24 hours.
Tlie action of Virgin Oil of Pine
on the kidneys is also most beneficial.
It is a perfect neutralizing agent for
uric acid, and promptly relieves
rheumatism, lame-back and other
ailments due to disordered kidneys.
In the preparation of Virgin Oil of
Pine every precaution is taken to insure freshness and purity. It is put
up in >��-o/.. vials only for druggists to
dispense, each vial enclosed in a round
wooden case to prevent breakage and
exposure to light. The case is sealed
with an engraved wrapper showing
the name���Virgin Oil of Pine (pure)
prepared only by Leach Chemical Co.,
Windsor, Ont.���plainly printed thereon. It is well to get the genuine.
Should your druggist be unable to
supply you, you can have a >_-07..
vial mailed to you by sending 00
cents to the Leach Chemical Co.,
Windsor, Ont.
Automobile Accidents
Consul Frank W. Mahin writes from
Nottingham, England, that the secretary of the Highways Protection league reports that, according to accounts in the press, 932 automobile
accidents occurred in Great Britain
in 1907, killing 215 persons and injuring 675. For tiiese accidents and other
motor car offences 2,270 persons were
summoned, of whom 2,046 were convicted. As the number of automobiles
in use is estimated at 45,000, it would
seem that one in about every twenty-
two did something illegal last year.
Occasionally the same driver is summoned more than once, but his license is usually revoked if it happens
more than twice.���New York Tribune.
Tested by Time.���In his justly celebrated Pills Dr. Parmelee has given
to the world one of the most unique
medicines offered to the public in
late years. Prepared to meet the
want for a pill whicli could be taken
without nausea, and that would
purge without pain, it has met all
requirements in that direction, and it
is in general use not only because
of these two qualities, but because it
is known to possess alterative and
curative powers wliich place it in the
front rank of med'cines.
Mrs. Bridey���To-morrow will be
George's birthday, and I've bought a
lovely box of cigars-
Mrs. Oldenweis���Oh, I wouldn't
have done tlfat. It's a mistake for a
woman to buy cigars for her husband
unless she's careful to get the very
Mrs. Bridey���Oh, but I was careful,
I picked out a box called "Best Ever."
Of course, there couldn't possibly be
anything better than' that.���Catholic
Standard  and Times.
Most of the sickness that comes to
babies and young children is due to
the stomach or bowels being out of
condition. It is then that they are
cross, peevish and upset the whole
household. These are troubles that
Baby's Own Tablets always cure
promptly. Here is proof: Mrs. J.
Stewart, Everton, Out., says: "My
little girl thrived so badly that at
the the age of four months she weighed four and a half pounds. Her stomach was badly out of order, and although the doctor treated her he did
not help her. Then I got Baby's
Own Tnb'ets and right from the first
they helped her and now she enjoys
perfect health." If your little one
is ailing try Baby's Own Tablets���
always do good; cannot do harm
Sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25c a box from the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Thia Greenland Craft Is a Most Difficult One to.Handle.
Tbere ls no craft so difficult to handle as tbe Eskimo kayak. Tbe only
boat familiar to us whlcb In any way
resembles it ls tbe racing shell, but II
a crack oarsman of oue of our crack
colleges were tied Into a kayak and
told to shift for himself even In smooth
water be would bare a bard time of ii.
The kayak has been evolved through
hundreds of years of necessity. Without It the Greenland Eskimos at least
would not be able to provide their dally
bread, or. more properly speaking,
tlieir daily blubber.
It is singular tbat all tbe materials
used In the construction of tbe kayak
come from the sea���driftwood for tbe
frame, sealskin for the covering,
thongs for the harpoon and dart, Ivory
and bone for bow. stern nnd keel and
for the various implements. Tbe women prepare the skin covering and
stretch It over the frame till It ls as
tight and Arm as tbe head of a drum.
On such occasion there Is great excitement ln the community. A regular
"kayak bee" Is held; even refreshments
are not lacking, for the owner of thc
kayak treats to coffee all around wben
the work Is satisfactorily done.
The completed boat is a triumph of
Ingenuity and skill. It Is about eighteen feet long, sharply pointed at each
end. Its greatest depth is six Inches
and Its width about eighteen. It is
entirely covered suve for the little
round bole Into which the owuer slips,
pushing his feet underneath the akin
deck lu front
This bole is fitted to tbe person for
whom the boat is designed, and his
thighs completely fill it up. When be
is seated tn It and his waterproof
jacket Is tied securely round the edge
he Is able to defy the waves which
wash over him or the rain which beats
upon him. The six thong loops arranged on the deck ln front and the
three or four behind hold his implements���bird darts, lances, knives and,
most important of all, his harpoon. A
little stand Is arranged directly In front
of him, upon which ls coiled the harpoon line, and behind him on the
kayak Is the harpoon bladder, which Is
attached, inflated ready for use, to the
The most expert are apt sometimes
to be overturned. It may be by the
attack of a walrus or even a seal, by a
careless movement or an unexpectedly large wave. If he does not right
himself at once, he Is Inevitably drowu-
ed unless a comrade comes to his assistance. The usual method of turning
tbe kayak upright again Is by using
thc paddle as'a lever, holding tt along
the side of the boat, polutiug It toward
the bow, then sweeping It through the
water, hut those wbo are thoroughly
proficient ore able to do It by means of
their throwing stick, their arm or even
their hand.
"Every One
I Had
Saved Me."
"Have you got something that will
remove   superiluous   hair?"
"You bet I* have."
"What do you call it?"
"My mother-in-law."-Houston Post
Tab'ets. Druggists relund money if
it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box.   25c.
Baldwin���The doctors say there are
more than fifty kinds of headache.
Do you believe it?
Rambo���I know it. I've frequently
had all of 'em in one morning.���Chicago Tribune.
Minard's  Liniment for  sale  everywhere.
"Well," directed the sport nfter
giving the name and address to his
typewriter, "tell her I've connected
with a barrel of money on the ponies
and that I'm going to Narrangansett
Pier for two weeks, see?"
For a few seconds the typist's fingers flew.    Suddenly she stopped.
"I can't for the life of me remember," she explained, in a puzzled
voice, "how to spell Narragansett."
The man behind the waistcoat tossed his cigar stump in the waste basket and scratched his head.
"N-a-r-nar-r-r-rer-r���oh., thunder I
cut it out I I'll go to Newport I "���
Everybody's Magazine.
The Earth and the Moon.
As the original earth nebula condensed the lighter materials were distributed quite uulforuily over the en-
**!�����_, Kni*r.i,.,. hut tiiese are now uilas-
lng from one hemisphere, the reason
seeming to be, as Professor G. H. Darwin demonstrated in 1870, that a portion of tbe earth's crust has been
thrown off by tidal action, forming tbe
moon. Tbe surface density of tbe
present continents ls about 2.7, tbe
mean density of tbe moon appearing
to be 3.4, or not far from tbat of tbe
missing continents to tbe depth reached. The moon, it Is computed, equals
a mass haviug the surface area of tbe
terrestrial oceans and a depth of thlr-
ty-slx miles, and it is concluded tbat
the crust wheu thirty-six miles thick
must have been torn away over three-
fourths of the earth, the remainder
breaking apart to form the eastern and
western continents, wltb Australia and
other islands. These continental and
Island fragments floated like great Ice
floes on liquid materials of a density
of 3.7 or more. Tbis great rupture
gave tbe earth's surface its chief Irregularities, With a mean difference of
three miles between tbe levels of tbe
continental plateaus and tbe ocean
beds, and as the water condensed in
the cooling depressions, with the Pacific where most of the moon had
been, the dry land wns formed tbat
has made human life possible. We
may consider that without this change
the earth would be now in tbe condition of Venus, with water over Its
whole surface.
"I hardly know how to thank you for the ~ooJ Peruna has done me.
"I suffered five yean with pain in the stomach. About a year ago ;t
became so bad I could hardly bear it. I coug.ied day and night and grew
weaker and weaker. The pain extended through my body and I also had
difficulty in breathing, which made me cough. Everyone thought I had
"My husband heard of Peruna and bought five bottles. This treatment
virtually cured me and now I recommend Peruna to every one who Is suffering.    I thank Dr. Hartman for this excellent remedy."
Ste. Julie de Vercheres, P. Q., Canada. ���Mrs.  Mois Parizeau.
Peruna has been found the most reliable of all remedies for coughs,
colds and catarrh, by reason of the
fact that it goes at once to tlie very
seat of the trouble.
It searches out every crevice, every duct of the body. It quickens and
equalizes the cir-
A NEGLECTED COLD is generally
the first cause of catarrh.
Women are especial'y liable to
colds. These colds occur more frequently during the wet sloppy weather of winter and spring than any
other time of the year. O'ten they
_______________________________ are not considered serious and are
allowed to run
on, or they
are treated in
such a way as to only palliate the
symptoms, while the cold becomes
more deep-seated and the patient finally awakens to Oie fact that She has
a well-developed case of catarrh.
By reason of their delicate structure, the lungs are frequently the seat
of a cold, especially if there is the
slightest weakness of these organs.
The treatment of catarrh of the lungs
is also more difficult and discouraging
than catarrh of any other organ of the
It wou'd be wise therefore, to guard
against it by every precaution possi-
culation of tiie
blood, thus relieving the congested m u cous
membranes. It
exercises a healing anel soothing effect upon the mucous membranes, no matter whether
they are the more exposed membranes
of the head and throat, or whether
they line the remotest cells of the
Mrs. Jaschob, 1631 Hicks St., Toledo, Ohio, writes:
"When I wrote to you for advice,
I had been sick for three years. I
had trouble with my throat. Often
I could not breathe through my'
nose. I also had pains in my chest
and a cough. I took Peruna according to directions and it has   cured
A Sharp Retort.
The late Duke of Argyll and Sir
William Jenner. physician to the
Queen, were both in attendance at
Balmoral, and one morning at breakfast tlie discussion turned to the virtues of porridge. The Duke, who was
slight of build and small of stature,
overhearing some disparaging te-
marks on the national dish, said:
"Porridge I Why, excellent stuff.
Could not be better. Why, I was
broueht un on porridge myself."
Jenner, who was a Dig man, and
did not like the Duke, looked sharply across the table and retorted:���
"Yes, and a good specimen of the
result I think you think yourself."���
London Times.
It Retains Old and Makes New
Friends.���Time was when Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil had but a small
field of distribution, but now its territory is widespread. Those who first
recognized its curative qualities still
value it as a specific, and while it
retains its old friends it is ever making new. It is certain that whoever
once uses it will not be without it.
Mrs. Hixon���Does your husband
believe in killing two birds with one
Mrs. Dixon���Hardly. He's Vice-
President of the loca Audobon Society.���Pittsburg Leader.
New  Breed  of Animal
Last year the Texas Chautauqua
Association issued a catalogue advertising tlie different attractions that
were to appear on each of its Assemblies, and used as a trade mark a design of a TexaB steer. In many towns
the people had never heard of a
One of their assemblies was located
at Houston, and on tlie day the catalogues were distr'buted about town a
mini in one of the stores remarked to
his acquaintances: "So Houston is to
have another stock show I I wonder
if 'Chautauqua' is a new breed ef
animal tbey want to bring into old
Texas I"���The Lyceumite.
"You are charged with snatching a
woman's pocket-book."
"I know it, Judge. But I wouldn't
do sucli a thing, hungry and broke as
I am."
"Too  conscientious,   I  suppose?"
"No. I don't pretend that. But
why should I snatch a woman's poeketbook? What would I want with a
couple of car tickets, a powder rag, a
piece of chewing gum and a dressmaker's address?"���Washington Star.
Tommy���Say,  Pop,    does  a person
ever get something for nothing?
Papa���Sometimes, and a prison sen-]
tence usually goes with it.
"That man lives twice who lives liis
first "le well."
The Oldest Forename.
In ancient times people had one
name only, as Adam or David, and ln
order to distinguish persons of tbe
same name it wns the custom to affix
the description "son of Isaac or Joseph, as the case might be. Thus we
get Solomon ben David among the
Hebrews and Evnu ap Itlchard among
the Welsh, to quote two examples. Although the argument tbat those names
were not strictly "forenames" ls not
without weight, yet It Is responsible
to accept them as such, seeing that tbe
application had to be supplemented by
another for tbe sake of distinction.
We are therefore entitled to Include
them within the scope of the question.
Adam and other early Biblical names
nre regarded as the oldest for obvious
reasons; but, excluding these, tbe
choice falls upon Marniaduke, which
Is the modern rendering of the ancient
Chaldean Meridug, also written Maru-
duk and Meroduch, the god who Interceded constantly between the angry
Ea and tbe humble Dnmlkna, his father and mother. Tbe Romans used
both forenames and family nnmes, and
of the former two that date back aboul
2,500 years are still witb us���namely,
Marcus and Lucius, represe: ��� *d In
'nodern tongues by Mark and the fern
nine Lucy. The old form Marcus ls
still re'.lued lu some families.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
Old Horseshoes.
Vice Consul Ernest Vollmer reports
that one of the constantly growing Imports Into the Chinese province of
Sbangtung through the port of Tslng-
tau is old horseshoes, which leads him
to give the following particulars: "One
steamer alone in November brought
800 tons of this scrap Iron from Hamburg. The market for these wornout
shoes seems to be almost without limit Chinese iron dealers buy tbe borse*
shoes and sell them to knife and tool
manufacturers all over the province.
It ls claimed by the Chinese that tbe
temper of this class of iron makes It
the best obtainable for knives and
cutlery and also good fgr other tools.
Tbe reason nscrllied for this ls that
the constnut beating the shoes have received under the feet of horses has
given tbem a peculiur temper absolutely unobtainable in any other way
and tbat tools made from them are superior to all others."
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,    )
Lucas County. ) 8B'
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of F.
I. Cheney & Co., doing business in
the City of Toledo, County and State
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use
of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this 6th day of Dee-
ember, A.D.   1886.     A.W.GLEASON,
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
W.   N.   U.    No.
Effect of the Big Guns.
Considerable damage has heen done
at Dover, England, by the firing of the
heavy guns from the Corta which have
been  erected   to  protect  tha   national
harbor.   The   town   erlcr   wus   sent
around the town to advise the hilntli-
Itnnts  to  leave  tbelr   wludows  open,
>hut upon the firing of the nine lucb
J guns the vibration n:as so great tbut
t In many cases portions of the celling
Ifell, many ornaments were It nocked
down and broken and windows wero
8aved For Several Millions.
Gladys (slmperlngi���What do yon
think. Jack? I believe Count Busted-
broke ls going to proposel He told
me yesterday that all he craved waB
Just one kiss-
Jack (excitedly)���Give It to him, by
gadl Give It to him at once! Then
thank your stars you got off so cheaply.���Puck.
A Real Charity.
Tess���And what do you think? Mr.
Goodart hadn't beeu alone wltb me
five minutes before be offered to kiss
Jess���Tea, that's one thing about
Jack Goodart; he's just as soft hearted. _U__l_.l__irltalile as be can ���"***    *""
"I presume old Pinchcent   is   the
closest man in town."
"Well, he is a judicious    business
man,  to say the least."
"He is not overlooking any bets."
"What has he done now?"
"Wanted to get into the circus on
half fare price because he claimed to
the ticket seller that he was in his
second   childhood."���  Nashville   American.
buy furs and hides, or tan them for
robes & rugB. N. W. Hide & Fur Co.,
A gent'eman riding in a railroad
train was impressed with two passengers, one a pretty, delicate-appearing
young lady and the other a plain-
faced maid. While the mistress was
at dinner the gentleman remarked to
the maid in a tone o* great sympathy:
"Your young lady seems very ill."
"Yes, sir; she suffers sadly."
"Consumption, I fear?"
"No, sir; I am sorry to say it is cf
the hear*." *
"Dear me!    Aneurism?"
"Oh no, s!r! It is only a lieutenant
in  the  navy."���Philadelphia  Ledger.
Ktff ��/9_R��AD
-jf-CV    s^
Particular People
wear them. Every garment measures up to all
reasonable   demands.
Ask your dealer to
get them for you or
write    direct.
Every Girl Can Have Them by
Keeping Her Blood Rich and
Red With Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
In tbe early days of her womanhood
every girl���no matter what her station in life���should be bright, active,
cheerful and happy. Her steps should
be light, her eye bright and her
cheeks rosy with the glow of health.
But the reverse is the condition cf
thousands of young girls throughout
Canada. They drag along, always
tired, suffer from headaches, breathless and with palpitating heart after
slight exercise, so that merely to go
upstairs is exhausting. This is the
condition doctors call anaemia, which
means ,weak, watery blood. In this
condition Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is
the only snfe and reliable medicine.
These pills actually make the new,
rich, red blood which can alone give
hea'th and strength, and thus make
weak, liBtless, pale-faced girls bright,
active and strong. Miss Albina St.
Andre, Joliette, Que., says:���"I am
more grateful than I can say for the
benefit 1 have found in the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. I wab weak,
run down and very miserable. I suffered from severe pains in my back
anel chest; had a bad cough; no appetite and would lay awake most of
the night, and what sleep I did get
did not refresh me. 1 tried several
remedies, but they did not help me,
and I, as well as my friends, feared
I was go-ng into a decline. At this
stage a friend, who came to see me,
strongly urged me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and providentially
I acted upon the advice. After using a few boxes my appetite improved and I began to sleep much better
at night. This greatly cheered me
and 1 continued taking the pills for
some time longer, when the change
in my condition waB really marvellous. I was feeling as well as I ever
had done. I could sleep soundly at
night; the pains and cough had disappeared and I felt an altogether different girl. I am so grateful for what
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have done
for me that I cheerfully give you permission to publish this in the hope
that it may point the way to health
to some other weak and despondent
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are good
for all diseases due to weak, watery
blood. That is why this medicine
cures rheumatism, indigestion, neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, partial paralyses, and the sideaches, backaches and
Ijeadaches caused by the troubles
women alone suffer from. You can
get these pills from any medicine
dealer or by mail at 50 cents a box or
Bix boxes for $2.50 from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Ascum���Did you really have the
nerve to propose to that Boston girl?
Yerner���Yes, I told her my heart
beat wildly for her alone���
Ascum���She didn't believe you?
Yerner���No; she reached over and
felt my pulse.
To Those of Sedentary Occupation.
���Men who follow sedentary occupations, which deprive them of fresh
air and exercise, are more prone to
disorders of the liver and kidneys
than those who lead active, outdoor
lives. The former will find in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills a restorative
without question the most efficacious
on the market. They are ensily procurable, easily taken, act expeditiously, and they are surprisingly cheap
considering their excellence.
"Now, John," said the billionaire's
"When the rector asks you if you
take this woman to be your wedded
wife, please don't say there's no truth
in the rumor."���Washington Herald.
Pickpocket���You've been good to me
Mr. Preacher, and when I get out o'
here I'll send ye the best watch I kin
lay me hands on.
Countess Muravieff is known on tlie
Russian stage as Vera Komisarzhoff-
skaya, and people here may think of
her thus, but they won't say it.
"I suppose you always    love    the
things you paint?" asked the sweet
young thing, looking about the stu-!
dio.     "Why, yes; have you come to'
be painted?" asked the artist, sweetly.
���Yonkers Statesman.
PAZO OINTMENT   is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding oi* Protruding Piles in   6 to 14
days or money refunded.   50c.
Change of Mind
The tatooing craze was the rage
among tlie smart set at the time of
Uie South African war; it is now the
rage in the slums among the humbler
classes, especially girls, who pay
threepence for the operation.
A tatooer said that this business
thrives on love. A girl came into his
studio tht other day and had "I love
Jim Curly" tatooed on her arm.
About half-past five the next morn-
is;; the girl knocked at his door, and
on being remonstrated with said:���
"I don't care if yer charges me five
shillin's. "Ere, kiver this up," she
exclaimed, baring the tatooed arm.���
not needed
J-Ayer's Sarsaparilla is not a
strong drink. As now made,
there is not a drop of alcohol
in it. It is a non-alcoholic tonic
and alterative. Ask your own
doctor about your taking this
medicine for thin, impure
blood. Follow his advice
every time.   He knows.
W�� publlih our formulai
_      W* banish aloohol
..*__  from our m.dt.i,,..
Wo lirfo you to
consult your
Ask your doctor, "What is the first great
rule of health?" Nine doctors out of
ten will quickly reply, " Keep the bowels
regular.'1 Then ask bim another question, "Wbat do you think of Ayer's
Pills for constipation?"
�����KM* bj Mm 1.0. Ajti Co., Level], Mm
Many    Infirm   Paupers   Boarding   at
Sanitariums at the Seaside.
Enquiries throughout Great Britain show that lack oi employment is
responsible for acute distress in many
towns, the trades most affected being
building, engineering and shipbuilding.
Owing, apparently, to the slackness
of trade, the forty workhouses of
Greater London are filled to overflowing. The latest returns show that
in these workhouses there are 80.183
boarders, and that 45,821 people are
receiving outdoor relief. This gives
a ratio of 2G.5 paupers to the thousand of the  population.
It is impossible to grant all the applications for admittance to these institutions, and the authorities, in
their efforts to grapple with the situation, have resorted to the novel plan
of accepting the help of professional
boarding house keepers. The managements of seaside sanitariums have
sent circulars to the workhouse authorities which say in effect: "Our staffs
are idle; yours are overworked. Cannot we help each other?"
The offers have been accepted in
several instances and many infirm
paupers have been sent to fashionable
resorts to be nursed back to health
amid surroundings luxurious beyond
their dreams. And, unlikely though
it may seem, the workhouse authorities in adopting this solution of the
difficulty are actually saving money.
It costs 20 shillings a head a week
for infirmary inmates in poorhouses,
whereas the sanitariums are taking
boarders at the reduced terms of 13
shillings a week.
Tho poverty in the Hackney district
of London is such that its workhouBe
is not only accommodating 200 persons more than it is certified for, but
paupers from that district are boarding out in eighty-five different institutions, not including lunatics in asylums. Even the chapel connected with
Hackney workhouse is being used as
a dormitory for some of life's failures.
Among the 1,601 paupers in this
institution there are some who have
been inmates for between thirty and
forty years. S.^ven of the inmates
say they fought for their country in
the Crimea. Several whole families
are in the hoose, and their furniture
is stored in ftie outbuildings until
such time as the men can make a
fresh start.
Many families are utterly undeserving of admittance to these pauper refuges. It has been shown over and
over again that when once a family
has been helped by the workhouse
authorities it acquires the workhouse
habit and again flies to them at the
first sign of trouble.
In course of time, the habit becomes a family tradition, an instance
of which is provided by Hackney.
There died there a few days ago an
old woman whose family was represented in the workhouse by four generations. The woman's daughter and
her husband, her grandchildren and
great-grandchildren were likewise in
the workhouse.
West Hnm, in the east end of London, has the doubtful honor of owning the largest workhouse in England. It is like a small walled city
and contains 2.600 paupers, which is
800 more than it is supposed to be
able to accommodate.
Four branch workhouses give shelter to another 900, and fifty women
are sleeping in a schoolroom whence
teachers and pupils have been evict-*
ed. Seven hundred children are being boarded out with foster mothers
scattered over the district.
West Ham's difficulties are to a
eprtnin extent due to the crowds of
able-bodied who have developed the
workhouse habit. There are 200
"ble-bodied women in the prime of
life, in the workhouse, nnd over a
hundred Able-bodied men between the
apes of 16 and 30.
The latter are strong voung fellows,
most of whom made their acquaintance with the interior, of the workhouse in their childhood. By going
out in the morning after breakfast
snd picking up n dinner where they
can they are able to escape the labor, such as wood chopping, stone
brenkincr or corn-prinding, which
would he their lot if they remained
inside all day.
West Ham has the h��st dietarv of
iny workhouse in the Kingdom.
���Breakfast consists of four ounces of
bread and a pint and a half of por-
ridee. Dinner may be four and a
half ounces of m��"it with twelve
ounces of peas pudding or the Fame
amount of meat with two vegetables.
For Biipper. eight ounces of bread and
one nint of broth are given out.
Tnfirm men live better. They have
a lunch between breakfast and dinner, consistine of bread and butter
and a piece of plum cake. They are
allowed tobacco, and in the eveninp
can piny draughts, bnentelle or dominoes.   No task is set them.
Pigeons  Superseded.
The Admiralty have decided to do
away with the carrier pigeon service
in the royal navy, and all the pigeonlofts on the home stations are to b��
abolished. The loft at Malta is to
be retained, however, and it has also
been decided not to interfere with
the volunteer carrier pieeon service
This decision is no doubt due to the
wonderful progress which hns bsen
made with wireless telegraph. When
the noval pigeon service wns established wireless telegraphy was unknown, where as now it is generally
ised for communications over a long
iistance, and is far more reliable than
.arriftrs, All the principal ships of
His Majesty's fleet are now equipped
and round the coast are a series of
wireless signal stations manned by
skilled operators. Signals are continually passing from the shore to men-
tt-war far away at sea. When the
Montn.u went ashore another ship
famine off the Lizard was "called
up" bv the Admiralty and directed
'o go to her aid, the telegrams are
transmitted across the Bay of Biscay
t.o Gibraltar.
That Judicial  Dicision.
rt ends domestic wars and strifes.
Proud man, 'twill hold you, maybe.
t is your business, not your wife's.
To walk the floor with baby.
Will Sacrifice Beard.
When it was noticed that Oliver
Cromwell was to be excluded from the
list of characters figuring in the London pageant W. T. Stead entered a
protest, vigorously telling the committee that this would boycott "the
greatest man in English history."
The committee replied it would include Cromwell if Stead would appear
in a part. Stead gladly consented,
though it involves the sacrifice of an
ample beard which haB never yet
known a razor and was never even
trimmed till Stead was past 40, but
Stead declares he would shave his
Limbs Weakened by La Grippe
Made Strong, by Zam-Buk.
Mrs. T. Brixton, of 5 Woodworth Ave., St. Thomas, Ont., says:
" I had bad some experience as to the efficacy of Zam-Buk hi healing sores,
cuts, etc., and had heard good reports from friends who alto tried this balm,
so wben it year ago my little lad, four years of age, was left weak in the limbs as tbe
result of a severe attack of influenza, I began rubbing in the Zam-Buk. His legs
were so weak he would tremble and shake and was unable to stand for any length of
lime. Frequent applications of this ointment well rubbed in, seemed to strengthen
him daily, and in a very short time the shaking and trembling in his limbs had been
banished and he soon got strong and able to run about, thanks to Zam-Buk."
Zam-Buk is a splendid embrocation for rheumatism, sciatica, etc, and   is   without  equal
as a healing balm. 4%
WH^evr  z-^m-b-cj-k:  otrEms.
Zam-Buk cures cutt, burns, scalds, ulcers, ringworm, Itch, barber's
rash, blood poison, bad leg, salt rbeum, abrasions, abscesses and all
skin injuries and diseases. Or all stores
and druggiits 50c. box
or from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, post paid for
price. 3 boxes for $��� .a*.
1 i-*.__i -urn. rocum, aurasiuns, ausucsses ana an
Send coupon and
tc. stamp for free
-tampte to Zam-Buk
Co., Toronto.     3K3
At Monte Carlo
"A lady who was visiting Monte
Carlo for the first time desired to try
her luck at the tables, and, being
undecided as to what number to
choose, she asked a friend to settle
for her. 'Put it on your own age,'
was the reply. So accordingly the
louis was placeu nu Number 25. When
the croupier announced 'quarante I'
that poor lady's discomfiture told its
own  tale."
With great deference to the authoress who contributed this story to The
Daily Mail, we. do not believe it. And
We are surprised that she should imperil her immortal soul for the sake
of four paltry pips, when "trente-
six" would have done almost as well
as "quarante." and at the same timo
would have had the crowning merit
of being one of the actual numbers
employed* in roulette.���Punch.
"A Grand Medicine" is the encomium often passed on Bickle's Anti-
Consumptive Syrup, and when the results from its use are considered, as
borne out by many persons who have
employed it in stopping coughs and
eradicating colds, it is more than
grand. Kept in the house it is always at hand and it has no equal as
a ready remedy. If you have not
tried it, do so at once.
His Mistake
"What town is that n few miles to
��� the north.*-'  shouted    the    aeronaut,
I leaning over the edge of the basket.
'    "Oskosh I"  yelled   the  agriculturist
over whose farm the balloon was passing.
"What did he say?" asked the aeronaut's companion.
"He didn't say .anything.   He swore
at me."���Chicago Tribune.
I Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
is pleasant to take; sure and effectual
in destroying worms. Many have tried
| it with best results.
"Don't you believe, then," asked
the plain citizer, "that public office
is a public trust?"
"Sure!" replied the disgruntled office-seeker. "It is very like a trust.
Some fellows seem to have a regular
monopoly  of  it."-Philadelphia Press.
Didn't Agree^Vith .Mc
Mr. Arthur Tennison, 89 London
Street, Toronto writes enthusiastically of the merits of Psychine for all
stomach troubles.
"For seven years I have had indigestion and dyspepsia. I tried
Scores of remedies. My room resembled a drug store with nostrums
which I had bought. Eventually I
used Psychine, and every dose
brought permanent relie'."
All throat, lung and stomach troubles quickly cured by Psychine. It
is the prescription of a great specialist. At all druggists, 50c and $1.00,
or Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, Toronto.
"Pa, what is a philosopher?"
"A philosopher, Tommy, is a man
who does not worry about any financial stringencies, because he never
hns any money."���Somervi'le Journal.
Why go limping and whin'ng about
your corns when a 25 cent bottle
of Holloway's Corn Cure will remove
them? Give it a trial and you will
not regret it.
"Of course," said the tourist, "you
know all about the antidotes for snake
"Certainly."  replied  th explorer.
"Well, when a snake bites you
what's the first thing you do?"
"Yell,"���Philadelphia  Press.
From October to May, Colds are the
most frequent onuses of Headache.
LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE removes cause.   E. W. Grove on box 25e.
"For my part I don't see any more
harm in a game of cards than in a
game of chess."
"But consider the associations."
"What associations?"
"Why, at chess you play with two
bishops, while at cards you play with
four knaves."���Boston Transcript.
and hidis or tan them for robes, rugs
or coats. N. W. Hide & Fur Co.,
A mouse has heen taught to do the
"Merry Widow" waltz. A mouse can
make any kind of a widow waltz.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Thomas A. Edison, the famous inventor, tella tlie following of *one of
his young lady assistants:
The first day of���let us say 1903���
New Year's Day���a man proposed to
this girl and was accepted.
"But," she said, "I must insist that
our engagement be kept secret for a
"Why ?" said the man, in dismay.
He had looked forward to a speedy
"Because, dear," she answored, "it
ie leap year now, and people might
think I had done the proposing."
Minard's Lioiment Co., Limited.
for Croup; found nothing equal to it,
sure cure. 	
Hawkshaw, N. B., Sept. 1st, 1805.
A weary guest at a small and not
very clean country inn wrs repeatedly called the morning after his arrival, by the colored man-of-nll-work.
"See here," he finally burst forth,
"how many times have I told you I
don't want to bo called? I want to
sleep I"
"I know, suh, but dey've got tohab
de   sheets,   anyhow.      It's   almos'   8
o'clock, an' dey's waitin' fo' de table-
clof."���Everybody's Magazine.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured In 30 minutes
by Wolford'a Sanitary Lotion.
"I rea y believe you married me
simply because I huve money," snid
the heiress, who was as stingy as she
was  plain.
"No. replied her husband, candidly; "I mnrried you because I
thought you'd let me have some of
Mrs. Turner���Dead for. a year!���
your husband I Why, Mrs. Stiler, you
should have written to me.
Mrs. Stiler���I truly did intend to
write, Mrs. Turner, but do you know.
I tramped over the whole city and
couldn't find a single black-bordered
souvenir  postal.���Puck.
A Faddist Who Is Bothering the Military Officials of Hanover.
A "nature man." as be calls himself
has given the Hanoveriau military an
tborlties a gouil deal of trouble, lit
was conscripted in the usual way and
arrived In tbe barracks yard wltb his
hair Sowing over his shoulders and
dressed ln a long robe, some light un
derclotbing und sandiils.
He was a good nntured soul, and tht
regiment, officers and meu, bad a good
ileal of harmless fun witb him. When
tbey got bim into uniform, be would
keep tbe buttons open, and as bis principles did not allow him to wear anything about bis neck lie appeared on
parade without his stock and with the
collar of his jacket open. He also sill
up his boots to make tbem more bear
able, and when the corporal thundered
at hlm tbat be wns an ass be mildly
offered to pay for tbe boots, althougb
ln bis opinion lie bad made tbem much
more valuable as footwear.
In tbe matter of diet the "nature
[ man" was also a source of wonder. He
was a vegetarian, ho said, aud wcnl
to tbe stiff and starched colonel t(
know If be bnd any nuts or beans
about, as he would greatly prefer this
diet to animal food. Tbe colonel was
uot quite sure whether to laugh oi
curse, so be did both. For a week thc
[ soldier lived on a box of figs and for a
fortnight on apples. Now he ls 111 ln
the hospital because his vegetables
were exhausted and be had to eat a
pork sausage. But be Is the pet of lbe
regiment, all the same, for he bas invincibly good humor.
Among the members of the regiment
he bas a number of sympathizers
whom tbe "nature man" has converted
to bis Ideas of living. In fact, the predictions are thnt If the number of bis
followers Increase as fast In tbe future as tbey have In the past the "nature man" may not hnve long to wait
before he will be able to start a regi*
ment compospd of disciples of his
Ideas���St Louis Post-Dispatch.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
A Religious Difficulty.
A Scotchman who is a prominent
member of a church in Glasgow one
Sunday recently put by m'stnke into
the collection plate a piece of silver
instead of a penny. On returning
home he discovered the serious blunder. He spent the afternoon in considering tlie matter and in talking it
over with his wife.
"Ye see," he said to her in explanation of his loss, "I niicht stay awn'
for twenty-nine Sawhaths to inak' it
up, but then I wad be piiyin' seat
rent an' gettin' nawtliiii' for't. I'm
thinkin', lassie, this maun be what
the meenister ca's a releegious deo-
Hook���How are your New Year's
resolutions by this time?
Cook���Good as new. In fact they
haven't  been used.���-uustruted  Bits.
all hard, soft or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses, blood spavin,
curbs, spltuls, i'iil_*bon_, _*n-ecuo_-, tuition,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, coughs,
etc Save MO by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Oure
ever known.
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Is generally credited with having Introduced
Inoculation into England from Turkey.
Iu 1718 sbe bad her sou Inoculated at
Adrlanople wltb success. Sbe was allowed to have It tried ln England on
seven condemned criminals ln 1721,
and ln 1722 twe members of the royal
family were Inoculated. ��he practice
was bitterly opposed by tbe clergy until 17G0. A Dr. Mead practiced Inoculation wltb success up to 1754, and Dr.
Dunsdale of London Inoculated Catherine II. of Russia In 17G8. Vaccine Inoculation was Introduced by Dr. Jen-
_er In 1790.
Expert Hoop Rolling.
In this complex civilization of ours
there ore many highly specialized aud
novel means of obtaining a livelihood,
and we can well Imagine the astonishment of our ancestors if tliey hnd been
told that In the twentieth century a
muu would be earning from four to
���Ave pounds a night by rolling hoops!
Tbere are of course different ways of
doing this, and Ever hart bus Invented mnny Ingenious combinations aud
tricks, so that the hoops in his bands
seem like living creatures. One of his
tricks consists In making the hoops
describe perfect circles, coining back
exactly to bis hnnd. He can keep as
many hoops In motion as the size of
the circle will allow. Standing between two screens, he can keep his
boops going ln two circles, one with
the right hnnd -and the other wltb the
left His sense of touch ls��so strongly
developed tbat be can Impart almost
any motion to a boop. as a billiard
player does to a bull by putting ei
side���London Answers.
The Poor. Silly Girll
An heiress who lived ln Dubuque
Was courted and won by a du que,
But the nobleman gay
Mado her wealth fade away,
And ahe had to go out ns a cuque.
���Denver News-Times.
Value Received.
The Cashler-If this gets out our depositors will be down ou us ln force tomorrow.
The President���Well, we'll give them
a run for their mouey.- Puck.
On the Avenue.
Ho thoueht his style would turn the head
Of every girl that day.
And every head, Indeed, 'tis suld.
Was turned���the other way.
���Philadelphia Press.
Measured by  Her Foot.
Tom���Yes, I love the very ground
that girl walks on.
Jack���That being the case, your love
must cover an awful lot of real estate.���Detroit Tribune.
There Are Judges and Judges.
"I'm shober as a Judge,"' quoth he,
Though he was "frisky."
"Oh, yes," she sneered, "you're sober as
A Judge���of whisky."
���Houston Post.
Already In Force.
She���There ought to be a heavy penalty Imposed upon every married man.
wltb half a dozeu children.
He���Tbere is. He bas to support
Cost of Grand Opera.
Last season (l!)0('-07) $1,005,770.20
was taken In at the box office of the
Metropolitau and $750,000 at tbe Manhattan.
This season's subscriptions at the
Metropolitan aggregate $1125,000. This
ls the largest stiui ever subscribed ln
tbe history of the world to foster opera.
Chorus singers average from $25 to
$30 a week. Some who bnve flue
voices nud a good repertory are paid
even higher.
The Metropolitan has eight musical
directors nnd the Manhattan three.
Tbe following are the prices paid to
famous artists for single performances:
Metropolitan���Caruso. $5,000; Frem-
stad, $1,S00; Seinlirlch. $1,500; Eumes,
$1,500; Farrur, $1,200; Caviilierl, $1,-
200; Gndski, $1,200; Roncl, $1,200; Caui-
panarl, $1,200; Scottl, $1,000; Challa-
plne, $800.
Manhattan - Melba, $3,000; Tetraz-
zlnl, $2,000; Scbiimann-Heink, $1,800:
Garden, $1,750; Zenntello, $1,500; Bass', $1,200; Rennud, $1,200; Sammarco,
$1,000; Dnlmores, $800; Uerville-
Keache, $700.���Success Magazine.
A Hard Blow to Greek.
It ls several years now since tbe
word went forth nniong tbe makers of
schoolbooks thnt "the bottom bas
dropped out of Greek." But It Is a
long time since tbe study of thnt
tongue has received sucb a Wow as
that dealt by Harrow. Dr. Joseph
Wood, bend master of the famous
school whlcb for two centuries and a
half has been a stronghold of the
classics, bas announced tbat It is time
for Greek to go. Its place Is to be
taken by practical sciences, modern
languages, art, music and a classical
dictionary. But all this falls to answer the query as to bow In a generation or two we shall understand our
elder poets. Dryden and Ben Jonson
are already drawing away from us.
Milton will be a strange tongue. Tbe
classical dictionary ls useful In settling tbo fine distinctions which lark
ui the lyra and tibia, but It bardly
does justice to the charms of Helen
or the valor of Ilector.-Boston Transcript.
A  Great Actress as Critlo.
Bernhardt In her memoirs sets down
these opinions concerning some of her
Henry Irving was an admirable artist, but not a comedian.
Coquelln Is nu admirable comedian,
but not un artist.
Moiinot-Sully bas genius which he
Sometimes places nt the service of the
artist, sometimes at the service of the
lie. une ls the most comedian of co-
medians and au artist when sbe wishes
to be.
Novell! ls a comedlnn of the old
school, whicli did not trouble much
about tbe artistic side. He la perfect
1n Inuglitor and tenrs.
Beatrice Patrick Campbell Is especially an artist, and her talent Is that
of charm and thought. She execrates
beaten paths.
Cannon's Retort.
One of the cloakroom stories relates
an Incident that happened about
Christmas time. A member wbo bad a
grievance ngnlnst tbe speaker because
of bis committee assignment Insinuated
that Mr. Cannon hnd dlsplnyoi something more thnn pnrtlnllty for the Illinois delegntlon nnd for "others whose
names stood for material help In the
coming campaign."
In bis most perfect son of the soil
manner Mr. Cnnnnn whined:
"Waal, out In my country It Isn't
considered a crime to buy your own
children pants before you put neckties
nn your neighbor's Christmas free."���
A Guilty Conscience.
"Sawyer!" bawled the conductor as
his train approached tbe town of that
"Don't care If you did," said the
young swain who hnd just kissed bis
girl, "We aro going to be married
next montli!"���Harper's Weekly.
Telling a  Family  Secret.
Littlo Clarence���Mamma, how did
papa muke his lirst thousand?
His Mother���He made It, dear, by
marrying your grandfather's 'laugh-
ter.   Now run out uud play.-
Is Guaranteed to be Absolutely Pure and of
Incomparable Quality.
Signals of Distress
Backache and headache���'
swollen hands and feet���
constant desire to urinate���
shooting pains through hips
���painful joints���Pvheuma-
tism���all of these are
nature's calls for help. They
mean kidney trouble. It
may be that the kidneys are
weak, strained or diseased.
Don't delay.
They give strength to weak kidneys
���herd the affected parts���neutraliza
���uric acid���soothe the irritated bladder
��� and cure every trace of kidney
trouble. Gin Pills are sold on a positive
guarantee to completely cure or money
refunded. 50c. a box���6 for $2.50.
Sent on receipt of price if your dealer
doea not handle them. 100
Prof. Thos. Shaw Explains How Flax
May Be Grown Without Injury to the Soil.
Prof. Thomas Shaw ol the University of Minnesota, who was formerly a
professor in the Ontario Agricultural
College at Guelph,  is-of tlie opinion
that there is no more profitable crop
for the larmers    of    the    Northwest
than flax-seed.    He says:
"The idea prevails that flax is hard
on land, viewed from the standpoint
of the removal of plant food from ihe
soil. Essentially it is not more so
than wheat. That wheat among cereals is relatively hard on land furnishes no reason w*hy it should not
be grown where the conditions ure
favorable, but it does furnish a reason why it sbould be grown in such
a way that the fertility of the land
may still be maintained, and the same
line of reasoning will apply to flax.
When flax is grown in a judicious
rotation, it fits aB naturally into the
same as any other crop.
The Proper Rotation
"The question now arises, what is
the rotation in which flax should be
grown? A blue reflection will answer
this question. When land is first
broken, ond when at the same time
a proper seed bed is prepared, it
furnishes the best crops. Why? For
three reasons. First, it is well supplied with tne elements of plant
growth; second, it is well stocked
with humus, that is, vegetable matter in a state of decay; and third, it
is relatively clean. Tlie decaying vegetable matter in the soil adds to the
available fertility from other sources,
and it also furnishes moisture to the
plants. The relatively clean condition of the soil is very favorable to
the growth of the flax crop, as it is
not well fitted to cope with a vigorous growth ot noxious weeds. The
influence of the flax crop is also helpful to the quick reduction of the
prairie sod, owing to the peculiar nature of the fibrous growth of the roots.
These, penetrating every, part, reduce
the soil to a disintegrated pulverulent
muss, which is greatly favorable to
the growth of the succeeding grain
crop other than flax.
Sod Land for Flax
"It has also been noticed that good
crops of flax follow the breaking up
of a sod field. Why? For the same
reasons that good crops of flax are
grown on new breaking. The yields
from crops grown on common sod
land broken up are usually not quite
so good as on new breaking, because
the elements of fertility are not usually present to the same extent. But,
should farmyard manure be spread
ou the sod land the previous year,
the teachings from the same would
so stimulate the growth of grass roots
that these in decay would produce
the best crops of flax that it would
be possible to grow. It may happen
sometimes, however, that in certain |
other seasons the best crops may
not come from sod land. However,
the more sod land which the Northwest can furnish, the more will be the
urea of highest adaptation for growing the crop. Tho more grass to
furnish pasture, the greater the number of th,e live stock kept, and the
greater the number of these the greater will be the supplies of manure to
spread on the sod land on which flax
is to be grown. The close interdependence between much live Btock
and much flax in the future is thus
A Good Crop to Follow Wheat
"No crop north of the corn belt proper can follow wheat so well as flax.
But it has been noticed that when ]
flax is grown on old and worn land
the yields are low. The crop is also
much injured by noxious weeds.
Moreover, it has also been noticed
that usually it is not wise to grow
two crops of flax in succession or
even without an interval of a few
years between the crops. This is owing to some substances left in the
ground by the flax roots detrimental
to the growth of flax that follows on
the same land. How many years
should elapse between the crops will
depend on such conditions as trie
newness and strength of the land.
Usually, however, a wise rotation
would call for an interval of four or
five years between the crops. This
does not mean, however, that in some
instances good crops of llox cannot
be grown in close succession. The
increasing prevalence of flax will
also accentuate the wisdom of growing flax crops in a judicious rotation.
It is thus apparent that tho aim
should be to grow flax Hot more frequently than four to five or even more
than five years on the same land,
and to grow it as far as possible, first
on new breaking, second on overturned sod, and third on overturned
sod previously manured."
Mamma���Dear me I I wonder
where baby got such a temper?
Papa���Never mind. We haven't
time to fight out that question just
now I���Philadelphia Inquirer.
"They fail and they alone who have
not striven."
During the last ten years as .many
people have lost their lives through
the. plague in India as have perished
in all the wars since the time of Na-1
If You Would Become Fair, Eat Simple,
Dainty Diet.
"Forget tbat stupid old maxim,
Beauty Is but skin deep,' and determine to annex all the prcttlncss possible by entlng nnd drinking what is
good for you. It Isn't true thnt beauty ls only skin deep. On tbe contrary,
It is tbe UoaltU���that is, tbe beauty of
the body beneath tlie skin���that makes
a girl's appearance attractive."
Thus spoke a beauty doctor.
"I treat my patients as much by Influencing tbem to eat and drink sensibly as by selling tbem unguents and
cosmetics, though they have tbelr
uses," continued this authority. "And
ono of the first points upon which I
Insist ts that they do not eat to satiety.
"Should tbere bo a sensation of oppression and languor���as there will be
after a heavy meal���It Is an excellent
plan to 'skip* tho next altogether. And
to avoid such feelings I advise my clients to eat no bread, except a very little crisply toasted, with a meat meal
of any kind, and to drink no fluid. Tbe
best time to drink ls an hour before
a meal or three hours after one, and
then pure water is par excellence tbe
elixir among all beverages to take.
"Few women grasp the fact that
pure water Imbibed at the proper time
ls an Investment ln beauty that will
pay her interest at the rate of cent per
cent A tumblerful taken the last
thing before going to bed Is excellent
for the complexion, because It keeps *
the system In good order. It should,
furthermore, be recollected that beer,
tea and coffee all affect tbe heart tbat
Is not strong, nnd thnt ns a stlmulnnt
wben tired nnd overwrought there ls
nothing better than a cup of hot milk,
sipped, not swallowed down quickly,
or If that be distasteful one of hot water or thin cocoa, taken hot.
"Hot milk will bring bnck tbe brightness to lackluster eyes and tbe bloom
to pallid cheeks, not for a few minutes
and wilh lL>_u meretricious gayety be-
���stowed by alcohol, which Is riVnous to
beauty lu the long run, but permanently and with a bestowal" of girlish
loveliness that Is Infinitely be.vitcblng.
Tea should always be drunk freshly
made aud quite weak; coffee very bot
In small quantities nnd black���that is,
without milk, and for the stout without sugar. Buttermilk and barley water are two exceedingly healthy
drinks, and so Is lemon squeezed In
water sweetened by honey.
"A largely fruitarian diet is of the
greatest benefit to girls of a sallow
complexion, prone to dismal forebodings and to attacks of liver disorder.
The fruit may be eaten raw or stewed,
according to preference."
He Was a Bit Unlucky, but Then Ha
Had No Dull Timea.
"One hundred dollars seems an awful high price to pay for a typewriting machine," said Mr. Jetiklnson, who
had just.bougbt one. "It may seem so to
you," answered bis friend, Mr. Uanklu-
sou, "but 1 bave oue ut my bouse tbat
cost me $750, and I don't suppose it's
half as good as yours."
"You needn't tell me such a"���
"It's a fact," broke lu the other.
"Why, bow ln tbe world"���
"Well, I'll tell you. A year and a
half ago 1 bought an automobile for
$000. After I bad paid $150 for repairs, Ctorage, lines aud other expenses
���*oniiect';d with It I traded it for a
suburban lot.
"The lot proved to be In tbe middle
of a swamp, and when a real estate
man offered me a horse and buggy for
It 1 took hlm up.
"Tbe horse ran away one day and
smashed the buggy into kindling wood.
I traded the horse for a gold watch.
"Tbe watch wouldn't keep good time,
and I swapped It for a bicycle. Oue
day I fell from the bicycle and put a
fluger out of joint. Then I exchanged
the machine for a secoudbaud typewriter."
"I see."
"Aud I've no use for the typewriter.
Do you know of anybody tbat would
give me a eooiI dot; for It?"
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
W.   N.   U.   No.   681. TBK   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER.   B. C.
j Bank of cMontreal,
There was something tantamount to
la miniature panic in town yesterday.
At noon the central telephone office was
Slocan Land District ���District of
West Kootenay.
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President���Loan Ptbatiicon.v and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Geouge A. Dhummond.
General Manager���-E. S. Clodsto.n.
* Branches ln All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
��� NEW DENVER BRANCH, - U. fi, FISHER, Manager.
Slocan fiMntno Review.
Subscription .2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pny, no paper.
Advertising Rates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .12.00
"     Ior Crown Grants    -   -    7..*i0
"     " Purchase of Land   -    7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 0.00
All locals will be charged for at Hie rate
of 15c. j a* r line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familial with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
To John McCiskill or to whomsoever
be may have tran.cired his interest in
the Mollie fio | e minora: claim siiuit.d
near Cody, located lbe 4th day of July,
1904, in the Slocan Mining Division of
Went Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended two hundred and five dollars
(.205.00) in payment in lieu of work
and recording bos upon Ihe above
named mineral claim in order to hold
the same under lhe provision of- tbe
mineral act, section 24, and if within 90
davs from the dale of this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of the above nienlioied sum
together with all costs of advertising,
vour interest in the said claim will become the property of Ihe iuulers:gned,
under section 4 of the mineral act
Amendment act, 1900.
Dated at Cody, this llth dav of May,
Take notice that C.   Provost of On
apprised ol an accident at one  of  the ta-'io. farmer, in 60 days from date, in**
.. tends to apply to Ihe thief commisioner
saw mills on the lake near town, and in 0f Lands and Works Ior permission to
a few minuteB the "Leader" and "Lu-  purchase   the following described land*
Commencing at a post planted 200 feet
cerne " were tearing through the water, SOuth of the south west corner of Block
one to Hunter's mill, and the other to 7J6. running north 60 chainB, west 60
cliains, soutli 10 chains, east 60 chaina
Scaia's.   It is the custom when any-  following the river to pointof commence-
thing serious happens to beat a la.oo "'^...ted Aprj, ,.���   ]90g
upon  a big eaw, and  lhe noise thus c. PROVOST,
occasioned was heard by the Rosebery Jl-18 *"��� Trovost, Agent.
operator, and he stnt the warning to
New  Denver.    Crowds lined  the lake ���, 1RkJ_no'     ,, ,,       .  , .     .    ,
Hew   i;euvt.r.    -W.U..UO jjew j)enveri b.*o.( printer,   intends  to
front until the boats returned, and when  apply   for  permission to purchase the
,,       ,-,       .��        t �����,:=f^�����i��*n   _aI   following described land.   Commencing
they .1,-1, a feeling of satisfaction was  at a po^ p,anted on ���,e  Bonth side 0|
evident,  although  at  the  same   lime  Lemon Creek,  about one hundred and
.     T, ��� '   ___ .i.ot   fifty leet  south-west of the  mouth  of
chagrin was rampant.   It appears that  ^ flrgt ^   fork rf UmQn ^^
a man named  Deschamps  went across  running south 20- chains,  tlience   west
 ,. .    ,, ��� ,*_, _.���_.:_  40 chains, Ihence not tli 20 chainB,  to
to Scaia's mill in the morning on busi-  Umon <,;.._,._  (.|e|ice   .__<. iQ ehaing
ness,  and  finding  no  one   there,   he  following Lemon Creek to place of com-
', .   ,    , . ...   ��� ,     mencement.
started to beat the big saw with a ham*      ^ .^ ^ ^ .. ^^ .^
mer,  so tbat any one in the vicinity  jp4 j^ ^ ATHERTON
might know be was on the earth.   The '
rest is self explanatory, and the morbid  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.
,     ,    ,.    j ,, ��� ���i.���..���_ ���*���  .!,_, lokn  Sweet Grass, Wil m er, Ivan,and   Wil-
souls wbo lined the shores of the lake     ^ Fract'ionfl,   mU;ml ��,���    git.
. Special Line of
��� Gents' Shirts ���
In all the Newest Patterns
Strictly Up-to-Date
. ***********A**A*A********************************< >
���t *+**************+********************************��� ���' '
Cannon Crackers and Torpedoes i;
Nelson, B.C.,
May 18th, 1908.
To the Editor, Slocan Mining Review.
I am visiting friends here, who were
staying last summer at New Denver and
who strongly advised me to see the place
before leturniiig to the Old Country.
So by tlieir persuasion, and the perusal
of a charming book of views, entitled
"Silvery Slocan," I journeyed tbere last
wetk, and must admit I was much smitten with the town and its surroundings.
After perambulating the district for a
day, I returned to my hotel completely
"fagged out," and naturally hoped for
a night's repose, but alaBl I had a sleepless and vexatiotisly disturbed night.
.No sooner was the electric light extinguished and I laid me down to rest, an
outcast dog commenced baiking, whicli
was continued throughout the night.
Then started a straying cow (or bull)
brawling continuously, and then fullowed
a lively though distmbin. and unintelligible conversation between two neighbourly cats, who eventually indulged
in a discordant duet, and evidently
parted ditsatistied with their vocal abilities, and so was 1 too.
I understand you have a Town Improvement Society, and! would respectfully suggest to that body of gentlemen
ihe di stability of encaging a night
watchman to ensure the quietude in the
.online hours of the night, o'hirwise
my experience will prove a detrimental
advertisement for your prom-sing ilace
of retort,
1 enclose my card and will thank you
to send a copy of your next issue.
Yours cordially,
As English Totmisr.
P.S.���Let me add, your town is well
provided with good hotel accommodation, where I met a most genial
and superior class of men, deeply interested in New Denver aud its future
N. T. C.
Collars and Ties
FOR MAY 25th.
M >
mm m store i
seeking excitement, dispersed feeling aa
if they bad been " wildcatted."
S.S. Pond, the Calgarv flour and seed
drtiminer, was here yesterday.
G . O. Buchanan, lead bounty inspector, was in town on business yesterday.
If any sportsman is looking for a
likely spot to get  bear,  we can recom-
uate in the Slocan Mining division of
West Kootenay District. Where located: On Goat Mountain north of
Denver Siding.
Take notice that I, Frank C. Orecn,
acting as agent for George Boulter,
Free Miners Certilicate No. 11128(15, intend 00 days from the date hereof lo
apply to the mining recorder for certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
And further lake notice that action
R. J. MePhee is back again in charge
< f the Ottawa mine after an illness
hwling a year. J. Foley has gone lo
visit his family at Vancouver.
Everybody will regret to ltarn of tlie
inrioiis illnojs of Tom McNeish's father
and mother in Nova Scotia. Tom ia
visiting tbem.
Mrs. J. A. Anderson, Slocan, is enjoying a visit from her sister and two
T. McAllister was down from Cody
Wednesday. He reports that the Noble
Five tramway, which was severely
damaged by recent snoweltJrs, ia being
repaired at a hi avy expi-nse.
J. C. Ilariisand H. Angell left for a
ti ip to Nelson on Wednesday,
A. H. Sanderson came down from
Samlon yesterday.
J. VV. M. Tinling was in from Silver-
ton to day.
S. Wynn and family arrived at Silverton this week. He will occupy tbe
position of assayer for the Hewitt
The Silverton footballer, played a
practice game in New Denver lust night.
Thauk goodnes* the dramatic club is
safe. Upon enquiry we liarn there is
not a rotten egg in the district, and
freight rales prohibit importation.
Little Willie will be out with his
automatic cannon on Monday the 25th.
Your photograph in a neat gilt frame
suitable for a brooch for 25cts.
P. J. Gallagher was down from Summit doing business here Tuesday.
XV. E. Marshall. Rosebery, has gone
to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. H. La Brash came up
from Nakusp Monday, returning same
F. S. Deane. late proprietor and editor of the Nelson News, came in from
Sandon on Saturday. He has been
touring the Slocan.
Boun.���On Monday, the 18th  inst., to
the wife of Thos. Avison���a daughter.
G. II. Rowe, editor of the Medini
County Gazette, Ohio, and Dr. C. I).
Freeman, of the same city, arrived Friday. On Saturday morning, accompanied by Bob Cook, they left with a
pack train for Wilson creek, where
they will hunt grizzly for a montb.
The Review has made arrangements
to receive result of Kaslo rock-drilling
contest same day. Telegram will be
posted on (own bulletin board.
R. B. Thompson, who is now engaged
in the ical estate and brokerage business at Lloydminster, Susk., came in
last night on a few days' visit to bi-i old
folks. Mr. Thompson has prospered
amazingly of late and he is considered
to be one of the substantial men of the
greater north-west. His love for New
Denver and its environments has induced him to spend a holiday here and
take in the Celebration.
The Silverton Progressive Association
will in tbe next few weeks put down
some 1,200 lineal feet of new sidewalks.
Residences in Silverton are in great
demand. Last week the local real estate man was kept busy placing applicants in the right kind of dwellings.
J. Cadden,and Bert Haigh, Rosebery,
and F. Atkinson, It. Day, and J. A.
Doucal, Nakusp, were in town Monday,
to attend K. of P. lodge,
Jorgin J. Hayius has returned from
Morvai, Stavengen, Norway, with Martin Jacobson.
After May 10th, for the Biimmer season, Nelson's Dtug Store will close at
7 p.m.
For Lease or   Bond���on  reasonable
eiius���The Hydra bad  group  of   Ten-
mile, a silver-lead property with ore in
sight in tunnel.     Another tunnel in on
lead S5 f'*et.    Apply J. H. Weicley.
That hatchery suggested by the Rev.
Taylor will do the trick. Let's have an
liatcheiy, and the fi.h and tourist will
"Thirty years a newspaper man, and
not an enemy in tbe world, that ia the
record," aays Collier's Weekly, "of
William MacICenzie, dean of the piees
gallery at Oltawa." A remarkaUe man,
surely; wbat a simp he bad! Nodiafts,
no delinquent subscribers, no roasta, no
worries; but there, he didn't live in
New Denver.
Torpedoes and cannon crackers for
May 25tb at Nelson's Diug Store.
mend the pasture land of Corey's ranch  under section 87, must   be commenced
before tlie i.-suance of such Certilicate
as a most likely spot.
Angus Cameron nnd Hugh Niven
were visitors from Three Forks this
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
of Improvements.
Dated this lllh day of Jan. A.D. 1008
Ap. 1(1          Nelson, B.C.
| _____  *_
Bosun Hall Stores
We have arriving this week���25 exlra
  Tailor-made Suits in  new blue, colored
Take Notice that I,  Harvey Fife, of cheviot, and blue serge.   The very latest
Slocan, miner, intend Bixty days from English .ami New York patterns    The
the date hereof, to apply  to lhe| Chief In users are made in rig tops to fit the
Commissioner of Lands and Works   for insteps beautifully,   We can lit you out
perini.-sion  lo puichase the  lollowing in ten minutes for a trip to any countrry
described   lands:   Stinting  at   a   post on earth.   Onr Shoes for men, women,
planled on C.I'R. survey line, running and children are the very latest lssls in
eaBt to Lot 8701, tlience norlh to corner footwear.   We have also receivtd 5 doz.
of lot 7702, I hence east 40 cliains, tbence Japanese  cream   Ferge Outing Sbiits.
south 20 cliains, thence west to C. r. R. Tbe verv latest, design in shiit wear, and
survey line, following said line to point made ttiicily for our own trade.  Latest
of commencement, containing 120 acres, ruts in Collars, Cuffs,  Ties, Hats, and
more or hss. Caps in all varieties.    Big stork of Tet-
ley's Tens ill 81b cuddits for $1 20 each.
New Denver
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
aud  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game aud
Fish in season.
,1, >
��� I
��� III
. ������
., >
4., I,,
1**+****+*************************** ***************
profe00ional Garbs, l
Hermann Clever
Eva Fractional  and  Hillside   mineral  ..,_.__.     *.,.,,    ...Ai.
claim-., situate in the Slocan  Mining WOOD,   VALLANCE
*   Division of West Kootenay  Distiict.
Where located:    South-east of Sandon.
Take notice tbat I, Herbert. T. Twigg,
as agent for Ihu Byron N. While Company, (foreign), Fieo Miner's Certificate No. B05<5._, intend, fixly tlays
fiom tlie date hereof to apply lo tha
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of each of tlio
above claims.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, mint be commenced
beiore the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvement!-.
Dated this 27th day ol Feb. A.D. 1908
May 2, 1908.
John Ground, Agent.
Marmion and Maryland Mineral Claims,
situate in the Sloran City Mining Di-
visi *ii   of   West   Kootenay   Distiict.
AVbero   located: On  Tiger  Cieik, a
branch of the second north fork of
Lemon Creek.
Take notice that I,  Henri Robert
Jorand, F. M. C. No. B4800, acting as
agent for R. Randolph Bruce, F. M. C.
No. B86063, intend, sixty dtys (rom the
date heieof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder fora Cerliticateof Improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant to an   undivided   four-fifths in
each of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
befoie the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of May, 1908.
Jy 30. H. R. JORAND.
Dealer in Mines, Mineral Piospccts,
fruit Xante an<5
General "Real Estate
Preliminary  examinations of Property    for prospective  purcbafers a
12 years experience in tbe Slocan. All
business  piomptly  attended to and
satisfaction guaranteed.
P.O. Box 112, Silverlon, B.C.
<R WaWiQ
Jeweller and
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special atten ���
tion to mail orders.
Slocan Land Dislrict���District of Weet
Take notice Ihat Beulab Mary Sliep-
ard, of Lelhbringe, Alta., married woman, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post planted
on the eas* shore of Slocan lake about
elx miles from Slocan City marked B.M.S.
N. E. Corner post, thence soutli 80
chains', thence west 20 chains, Ihence
north 80 chains alongshore of Slocan
Lake, thence east 20 chains to point of
April 24th, 1908.
Jy23 Je.ee T. Tipping, agent
Slocan Land Distiict���District of West
Take notice that Eli Lolonde,  of On-
Selling Off Kootenay Hotel
Samlon, II.C.
Owing to ill health I am  cbligcdto
close my businees.   After the lOib
ri!sl.f^pu,*,;rtLt fott Jr ff All Goods Sold, at a Reduction
cribed land:    Commencing at  11 post
planted on the nortli side of Lemon A share of vour patronage ia stlicited
Creek lt_ miles west of the first north
fork of Lemon creek, thence north 40
cliains, thence east III chains, thence
south 40 iliains lo Lemon creek, tlience
west 40 chains following Lemon creek
to pointof commencement.
April 18, 1II0S.
Frank Provost, agent.
Mrs.   Matheson,
Take Notice that I, .Ii sae T. Tipping of
Slocan City,  B.C., occupation,  miner,
intends to appiy for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
one and a hall mile soutli east of Slot an
Citv, B.C., near the north boundary of
Slocin Land Distiict���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that J. Crow, Slocan,
B.C., miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands. Commencing at a post W. C. E. Koch's land, thence north 60
running north 250 feet to the sonth-west chains, thence east 60 chains, thence
corner of Klock 7161, tbence east 80 south 60 chains, tbence wei-tOO cliains
chains, Ihence south 60 chains to the and containing 3*80 acres more or leis
river more or less to the west, 80 chains JESSE T. TIPPING
following the river to point of commence-      S|0Mn Citv> BC  March 2lld< 1908-
Located April llth, 1908.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree jTorhs,
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take not ire  that  Francis  Woodbury
Spooner, of Nelson, B.C., Real catate Headquarters   for Miuing Meu
agent, intends   to apply  tor permitmion      .      ^ . ...       _._.���'_���___     ���c**i
to purchase ll.e follow ing described land,  when visiting this famous Silver-
Commencing at a post idanted ai the t,ead   Mining   Camp.        Every
north-east corner of l��t��74. Group 1  comfolt fo, the Traveling Public.
Kootenay, tbence soutli 20 cliains, tbence ��
east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains, a. Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
thence west 20 chains  to tbe   point  of
commencement and containing 40 acres
more or less.
William Henry Coiuli nay, agent.
��_�� Hotel
Slocan Cit^t i $.<L
Headquarters aud home
of the old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
ft J��. (Briffitb
Electoral District.
A convention of the Liberals of
Kootenay will be held at Nelson,
B. C, on
Thursday, June 4tli, 08
For the purpose of selecting a
candidate to contest the riding: in
the next Dominion election in the
interests of the Liberal party.
The convention will open at
2 p.m., and all Liberals are invited to attend, but only accredited delegates will be allowed to
The basis of representation will
be one delegate for every 50
votes, or fraction thereof, polled
at the last dominion election.
Properly accredited proxies will
be recognized.
F. J. Deano, Pies.
1). Proudfopt, Sec.
Take notice that Fiank Provost, of
Slocan City, B.C., miner, intends to
upply for permission to purchase the
following dt'Biibed land. Commenting
at a post planted at Ihe mouth of tbe
First Noi th Fork of Lemon Creek, running nortli 40 cliains, Ihence West 80
chains, tbence south 40 chains nioie or
le-s, to Lemon Creek, tlience east 80
chains following Lemon Cieek to p'ace
of com mencement.
Dated this 8th day of April, 1908.
Shall I send my next washing?
Funeral, oonductcil on Hhort
notice at any point in the ills,
trim.   Shi'llB always in stock.
flf> ADcXean,
There    is   only   one    first class
Laundry in the Kootenay, and that
Kootenay Steam laundry
of Nelson, B.C.
G**t price   list from J. E.  Angrignon
Local Agent.'
Hotel Rosebery
IRoselxn., ffi. 0.
Well furnished rooms.
Fir*st-clas8  Cuisine.
Summer Excursion Rates
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO  $72.50
NEW YORK    .108.50
MONTREAL ?108.50
ST. LOUIS $67.50
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA $108.(50
ST. JOHN,  NP. $127.50
HALIFAX $136.50
SYDNEY, C.B $14190
Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,
June 5, 6, 19, and 20, July 6, 7,
22, and 23, and August 6, 7, 21,
and 22, 1808.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
RourE*-*���Tickets are grood via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago are good via Great
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
John Mob, D.P A , Nelson, B.C.
C. E. McPhhbson, G.l'.A.,
Winnipeg, Man.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
NELSON,   B.C. ���
I ���I 11 ������������maaaarn������    ���_������        ���__��� ���__���_���ptHjj������Msj
New Denver Lodge No. 22
k:. of _��=>.
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock. '
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
���torture loapt, poliihn, flavoring extract.*, per-
fumes, toilet article* medicine*, bitting <"'.-������
den ���Mlvei, liniments, ilock and po'iltry rem-
edict, household specialties and noveltifi in
your own home at tmalt coat. Mixer* Guide ii
* paper devoted to the buune* three monthi
Jtml au b��c riplion for 10:: aampte free
MIXERS QUIDS. Fort Madison. Iowa.
Ladies' Dress 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Working: men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Tie Sei Denver Litter Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on -Slocan Lake
L, SCAIA, Proprietor
M. to 20.
Tl Wind
Is the Home for all Mininf. Men when at tlie famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Cosy Rooms and first-class table.    Sample Rooms.
I will make your stay with mc a pleasant one.
D. Grant, Prop.-SILVERTON, B.C.
To N. W. Fessler and B. V. Risdon,
or to any other person to whom they,
or either of them, may bave trans-
feried their intcro**., or any part thereof, in the "Transvaal" mineral claim,
situated on Ten-mile creek, in the Slocan City mining division of the West
Kootenay distiict ol the province of
British Columbia, and recorded in the
Minini* recorders oflice at Slocan,   B.C
You, and each of you are hereby 'notified tnat I have expended lbe sum of
tno hundred anl live dollars (1.205.00)
in payment in lieu of work and recording foes upon the above named mineia
claim in out r to hold the same under
tlie provisions ol section 2*1 of the mineral act; and that if within 90i*ays from
Ihe date of this notice, you fail or r.-fuse
to contribute your proportion ol the
aforesaid    expenditure,    fer   tho   two
*************** *********4
Tiie Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Om.
For Spring and Summer Suita
Best Samples Ever Shown
iu  B.C.
Seo tliem at the Lic.rne
Sliaving Parlor, X
Agent T
Tako notice that M.  Piovost, of  On-
yeais eiulin*; the 1st of August. ��07, tario, farmer, intends to applv for per-
togelher withal costs of ���idveit'*,ing .nisMon to purchase the following des-
your interest in the  said	
,.....                     {aim wil    lie* cribeil lands.   Commencing at a  post
come vested in ihe  iiiiiler.-igneil, under running norlh 80 chain*., thenco east 40
section 4 of  the  mineral act,   Amend- c|lftjllP)  theme south  20  cliains more
ment net, 1900.         ______���    ,,,.,,   * or less to the river Ihence west 40 chains
Dated at Sloran,  ILL, this -JOth day following the liver to point of commence-
of January, A.D., 1908. lli(,nt.
Ap, tlO              JOSEPH FRANZ. located April llth, 1908,
____________________________________ SI. PROVOST
JeI8 F. ProvoBt, Agent.
Palma Angrignon *mx
*>-���      *���' chase  tli
General Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
notice that Nt'la Legrod, fanner,
to apply for permission lo pur-
ase the following de cribed land:
Commencing at tbis post niuning norlh
20 chains, ihence west 40 cbaiim, tbence
8 mth 20 cliains more or less lo tlio river
thonce cast 40 chaine lollowing the
river to point of commencement.
Located April llth, 1908.
F. Provost, Agent


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