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Slocan Mining Review 1908-06-18

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 Devoted   to   Advertisi
Mineral Resources and \jrrge
Fruit   growing   Area  in   thei
fertile Slocan Valley.
Slocan Mining Review.
Printed iu New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 43    Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, June 18, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
St James' Hotels
First-class Rooms; Firit-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to*****-
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
Bread, Pistry, Etc, etc.
Box 44.
8&. QPec&c/iett
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
(.lorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
Xocal ano General.
The editor left on Monday for the
east to supervise the production of a
special number of the Review. This
special will be produced by a Toronto
firm who are making a specialty of this
class of work. He will be absent about
three weeks, and.during his absence
Mr. J. Atherton will look alter the
business nnd mechanical ends of the
Rev. Fr. Jeannotte conducted services iu the Catholic chinch Sunday.
The rev. gentleman has made arrang-
meuls lo hold services here every Hist
Snnday in the  month.
The raffle for the ladies' collarette
was won by  Mrs.H. Ayhvin.
Mrs. H. Stege left for a holiday trip
to Spokane, Monday.
Hermann Clever's new launch, the
"Aornngi," was launched on Wednesday, and was much admired. It is a
splendid craft, being 23 ft. In length,
witli ii beam of 4it. 8ins.
We Ihoughl last week when we mentioned that Eft, lOius. was a record for a
stalk "I wlioul thai it would so unchallenged, but Mi*. Harry Ad*_i*:I1 has
gone om- better, Hardly hud we gone
to press when that gentleman brought
us in an armful of rye stalks, the shortest of which wnp (i it. 8 Ins. and III.
longest 7 ft. 7 ins. They can be seen bv
any doub.ing Tliomas.
* Messrs. E. Marshall and J. McGrath
have embarked into the electrical supply business at Vancouver, Both men
are too well and favourably known in
the distiict to require encomiums at
our bauds, and we join wiih our many
reader friends in wishing them the very
beet of good luck. Both held very responsible positions with the C.P.R., the
former as Agent at R'sebery, and the
latter ns loadinaster, and as both are
mechanics of ability tlieir future in
���assured. The district could ill afford to
lose two such line fellows and we hope
they'll make a million apiece.
A. 0. Ostby iB shortly leaving for
Prince Rupert.
Mike Ryan was the victim this week
of a nasty accident at the Ottawa mine.
He was working in the drift when
some of the roof fell and imprisoned
hiB hand, which when released were
minus one finger and another very badly lacerated, so badly that it is feared
it will have to be amputated. Ryan
was brought lo dock Saturday afternoon
and Dr. Rrouse made the repairs.
Geo. F. Ransom and Geo. Weinant
have secured a lease on the Ruby Silver, a rich property in the McGuigan
The hot wealher is with us and many
New Denverites are having their annual
in the lake.   The water is still rising.
Tiiere can not be much satisfaction in
''goiii' around and hckin' the editor"
when Ihe latter not only makes copy
out of the encounter, but pictures himself as the hero as well. The following
vivid pen pietnie is taken from the
editorial columns of an Iowa journal:
"There was a blow. Somebody fell.
We got up. Turning upon our antagonist, we succeeded in winding his arms
around our waist and by a quick manoeuvre threw him on top of us, bringing our back, at the same time, in conduit with the solid bed of the printing
press, Then inserting our nose between liis teeth, and cleverly entangling
his hands in our hair, we had him!"
Stege vs. Thorpe and Nelson was an
action for the recovery of %\2 balance of
a board bill owing by tlie latter, brought
before Justices Smith and A. Mclnnes
at New Denver last Saturday, Both
men had left the town and weie arrested at Silverton but th|jy den'ed any
intention of jumping the country without paying their board bill. The
magistrates bound them over to pay
tlieir  debt in ten days.
Cul. R. T. Lowery left for Greenwood
There was a fireworks display on Saturday night. The balance oi the goods
left over from the celebration on May
25th were ignited for the benefit cf a
large number of citizens.
G. W. Martin was injured on Monday last, whilst working at. Wilson
creek, by a rock which had become dislodged, falling down the hillside, and
striking him on the knee, but beyond
a severe braising and the limb being
much swollen, the injury was found to
be nothing serious, and he hopes to
resume work in a text days.
A fine specimen of Mason & Ritoh's
celebrated pianofortes call bo seen (by
kind consent), at Missionary Baynes's
residence, by appointment.
Harry Lowe, Arthur Ilendiickson,
and Jink Ilolden left on Tuesday to
stmt work on the Silver Hell.
Jack McGrath left for Vancouver on
Monday to tnke up his new location at
Fuimew, Vancouver.
Messrs. Towgood of Sandon are going
stiong with tlieir pnek train whicli now
exceeds twenty quadrupeds, and will
shortly comprise more.
On Wednesday evening W, Eccles saw
a bear down the by-track, and although
he shouted "Gee!" and "Ha!" it did
not seem disturbed. Qnly being aimed
with a candlestick Mr. Eccles thought
discretion tlie better pait of valor,.so
allowed Bruin to depart with a whole
Mr. N. F. McNaught wishes to publicly expieas his tnanks to the person
who fonml a letter addressed to him,
on the Silverton road, and remailed it
to him.
Mrs. A. H'oiidiii, who has been
spending a holiday during the past two
weeks with Mr. and Mrs. J. Wereley,
returned to h r home at Nakusp on
Percy Wells left on Wednesday for
Carberry, Man., to join his relatives.
Mrs. A. Atherton and son, who have
been spending a hoiiday with their
namesakes, left on Saturday for their
home at Calgary.
A. D. Watkins, employed at thc Rosebery shipyard, is laid up in the hospital
wilh a sprained ankle, and it will be
several days before he will be able to
be about.
Louis Scaia had the misfortune to
have his leg Injured and ankle sprained
by a slide of rock at Rosebery on Monday last, and although the injury is not
serious, it will lay hlm up for some
The services in the Methodist churches
at New Denver and Silverton will be
withdrawn next Sabbath, as Mr. Gifford
will preach that day at Nakusp,
The members and friends of the
Methodist clinch, New Denver, will give
a strawberry and ice cream festival on
ihe lawn of Mr. and Mrs. St. Clair
Brindle, on Wednesday afternoon and
evening, July 8th. Further particulars
will be announced later.
On the 10th May, a party, comprising
Mr. H. G. Rowe and Dr. Freeman, both
from Ohio, and guided by R. M. Cook,
of New Denver, proceeded to Wilton
creek lor the purpose olhunl ing grizzly.
The party made for above tho falls and
after seven or eight days beating round
came upon a liear which fell a victim to
the rifle of Mr, Rowe. During the next
few days throe more bears were sighted
and added to the bag. Of the four, two
were black and two brown, all in splendid condition, one of the bears being ol
unusual size.
A most enjoyable month was spent,
both gentlemen expressing themselves
as highly satisfied with their outing.
Although they were not successful in
adding a grizzly to their bag, they were
loud in tlieir praises as to the district
being a splendid locality for hunting,
and intend coming back next spring
with two more friends.
Mr. Cook, as guide and general factotum, says both were very good in the
hills, being first-class sportsmen and
rustlers. m '
A young grizzly cub accompanied the
party back to the States and will doubtless be the hero of many anecdotes
regarding the hunt.
For I-ease or Bond���on reasonable
term 1���The Hydrabad group of Ten-
mile, a silver-lead property with ore in
sight in tunnel. Another tunnel in on
lead 85 feet.   Apply J. H. Wereley.
2 DAYS 2
Baseball, Lacrosse,
Caledonian Sports, Launch
and Boat Races,
Illuminated Water Parade,
Rock Drilling, Firemen's
Races, etc.
A Continuous Carnival ol
Amusement for Two Days.
Reduced Rates on all Transportation Lines.
And Bless the Maple Leaf for
Wm. Irvine, Chairman.
Geo. Hobstbad, Secy.
Silverton Items.
Mr. Morgan McGrath, of the Vancouver mine, went to Nelson on Wednesday. He returns to Silverton the
end of this week.
Mrs. Malcolm McKenzie returned to
Silverlon last week, after spending a
few days at her home at Slocan City.
Billie Mills is leasing the Preston
mine and has a good showing of ore.
Billie Lawson who has been spending
the past five months in the east is expected to arrive here the latter end of
this month.
Pat Harding went to Sandon last week
where he goes to work at the Silver
Mr. Peter McLarren, who spent last
winter in Silverton, left a few days
ago for his home In Prince Edward
Island to join his family. Mr. McLar-
len has been in this country for the
past five years and has made many
friends who extend him good wishes
for a safe journey home.
Mr. Wm. Berton, of the Vancouver
mine, made a trip to Nelson last week.
Last week D. Grant shipped several
tons of zinc, which he has been boiling
over, awaiting a good price.
The Alpha mine, under the management of White and McNaught is looking very promising. Several men are
at work and it is the general opinion
that it will be one of she mines in the
not far distant future.
J. H. McAulay and family intend
taking a trip to his homo in P.E.I,,
some time next month.
Thorpe and Co., photographers, are
now located in Silveiton and are doing
a good business. They have .aheady
ordered a large canvas tent which will
be to hand in a fow days. They will
then be in a position to give the latest
photographic touches to their work'
Rev. Fr. Jeannotte spent most of
last week in Silverton looking after his
gardens. He has employed Bob Suther-
lank to do considerable repair work on
his house.
S'lverton is a busy spot at present.
A number of men under the direction of
the Silverton Progressive association
are at work laying new sidewalks On
both sides of Main street, and on se veal side streets in the town.
Silverton has decided not to hold
their annual celebration tbis year.
Owing to the town having a lot of other
responsibilities in the line of repair
work, it was feared that a sura sufficient lo make the event equal to those
of the past, could not be realized.
Gordon McLennan, of Rosebery,
made a flying trip to Silverton last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Malloy are spending a holiday this week.
Bruce MacAuIay went to work in the
Hewict mill a few days ago.
D. Grant and Sam Watson went to
Nelson on a  business trip last week.
Charles Gill went to work at the
Buffalo last week after spending a
pleasant holiday in Silverton.
The Hewitt mine, which has been
under course of repairs for some weeks
started work the first day of this week
The Howard Fraction.
L. G. Kelium, representing the Wabash Gas Colnpany of Pittsburg, owners
of the Howard Fraction group, is prospecting the claims and inspecting the
work that has been in progress for over
a year under the management of J. M.
M. Benedum. The crosscut tunnel has
now reached a distance of over 700 feet,
and it is expected that lhe rich Howard
Fraction vein will be cut at a depth of
about 800 feet before the tunnel shall
have been driven another hundred feet.
Tne Howard Fraction ore is quartz,
carrying less than one per cent, of pyrites associated with argentrite, and 1*50
tons of the sorted ore was sold to the
smelters in 1895-6 lor $15,000, about one-
fourth of the value being gold, and the
balance silver. But, as the vein dips
into Ihe hill at an angle of about 80 degrees, the raining, in an incline shaft
was expensive and necessarily shallow,
and no mining has been done on the
claims since '96, till this tunnel was
As there are numerous claims of the
same character of ore and other c.on-
ditiius, in the Howard Fraction district,
all of which have been hold on faith and
little work for a dozen years, it is expected that a revival of mining on an
extensive scale wou'd follow the discovery of rich ore in this Howard Enaction crosscut. Accordingly no work in
Slocan camp is watched with more interest.
Children's Entertainment
Slocan Fruit Lands
We have them in large and small
blocks,   in  every portion  of the  district,
at all prices*    Write me for particulars*
R. W. MOERAN, Manager.
The children of New Denver will give
an entertainment on Friday the 26th.
They are rehearsing assiduously. The
following is the program :���
Chorus, "Men of the North,"  (H. H.
Godfrey); Recitation, "Father William"
(Lewis Carroll),  J.   Hartley Burgess;
Musical    Drill,  Free   Arm Exercises;
Dialogue,   "Contradictions,"      (Agnes
Leigh), Misses Cropp and McDougald;
Song, "Three Little Maids from School,"
("Mikado"), Misses Gordon, Ostby and
Murray; Recitation, "The Dead Dolly,"
Miss Nettie Brindle; Solo and Ononis
"The land of the Maple," (H.  II. God-
frey), Miss Agnes  Ostby:  Announcement of awards and promotions,    Chorus, "The Mermaid;" Recitation, "The
Revenge," (Tennyson), Miss Ethel E.
Burgess; Fan Drill, "The Japanese Fan,"
(Cowley);  Recitation,  "The   Heathen
Chinee," (Bret Harte), Hubert Mclnnes,
Dance, Highland Fling, Miss M. Murray;
Sketch,   "The   Irish    Schoolmaster,"
IT. W.  Paterson), Walter  Ostby and
Class;   Solo and  Chorus,  "Hip, Hip,
Hurrah!" (Words  by Mrs.  Rankine),
Ernest Atherton.     Refreshments and
dance after program.
Program will commence at 8*15 p.m.
Wisconsin Capitalists Put up
$30,000 to Complete Saw
Mill at Summit Lake.
During the past week, a bunch of
���eviill men from Rhineland, Wis., have
been quietly touring the Slocan looking
for business openings, and when on
Thursday last, thee gentlemen got off
the train at Summit, there was much
speculation as to the nature of their
business. Perfect strangers to this part
of tlie country, they looked around and
listened lo what everybody had to say
and eventually they paid a vi.it to Ihe
partly constructed saw mill owned by
G. F. Robertson, which was built under
the firm name of the Summit Lumber
Company. Being the only place in
town where a number of men could be
bunked for the night, Mr. Robertson, in
typical western style, entertained his
guests. It is but natural when a number of business men get together that
the "Almighty iron" should be the
predominant note in the conversation,
and tliey learned from Mr. Robertson
how he was at pres.nt handicapped by
lack of finances, and how the people
who had promii-ed to see the thing
through had failed him.
The next morning Mr. Robertson was
met by Messrs. McEnchern, Smith, and
Brown, three of the guests, and these
gentlemen offered to subscribe the
necessary $80,000 spot cash and take
over the residue of the stock.
Everything was all satisfactorily
settled the same day, and the new saw
mill will be completed as soon as hands
can do it.
The new syndicate own fourteen
limits around Summit Lake which will
keep the mill running for some time.
Mr. Robertson told our reporter that
he has orders in front of him that will
take a year to fill and that the new mil 1
will be in operation by the middle of
July. The mill has a capacity of 40,000
a day and it will mean that not less than
forty men will find employment fn a
few weeks.
The C. P. R. made a change wliich
took effect on Monday that is not meeting with approval. The tri-weekly service between Sandon and New Denver
has again been altered, and the company has cut off the morning service
altogether. In future the train from
Rosebery will make one trip a day to
Sandon, and that in the evenings of
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
The Fishery inspectror, inttead of
bothering his head for the present about
re-stocking the lakes, should pay attention to the sawmills along the shores of
Arrow Lake. One in particular at
Pings ton creek has a huge sawdust dump
that is now half under water. The effect
on the lives of fish is too palpable to
need fuither talk.
A man, a desk, a telephone,
Another man, they two alone,
A big prospectus, an assay,
A mine, two thousand miles away.
Photos of three hydraulic muckers,
Ah, gentle spring's the timef.rsuckers!
Great excitement was caused the
other day to some lonely dwellers
between New Denver and Sandon, when
two bears and a cub were sighted peacefully feeding on the young shoots a few
yards above the track.
Not haying been supplied with arms
by the defence committee of the colony,
it was found that only one person had
a rifle, so the others retired to a coign
of vantage, (aloft), and proceeded to
give instructions to the army below.
Now bear shooting is not exaotly the
same thing as target shooting, but still,
a bear is a fairly good sized bullseye,
and the spectators were highly inter-
sated by some good volley firing; iu
fact they seemed more excited tban tba
living target which would not be driven
off fhe Held until it got the cub into a
place of safety. There are still two
bears and a cub awaiting their end
somewhere higher up the elide.
A deer got into Mr. Harris' orchard*
the other day and was regaling itself
on the young cherry trees when the
owner was made aware of the fact and
promptly proceeded to the spot with a
gun and dispatched it. Venison must
make a very acceptable dish just now.
The following are the assessments
recorded for June:
Mascot, by M. Kirlin; Elk Fraction,
O. V. White; Lady Aberdeen, O. V.
White; Gladstone Fraction, D.CasgrifT;
Now York, J. H. Wereley; Hazel, D.
D. Murphy; Heckla, D. D. Murphy;
Thunder Mountain, E. G. B. Towgood;
Moon, T. L. McAllister; Reliance, J.
H. Corey; Moccasin, H.T. Twigg; El-
Coraino, II. T. Twigg; Tramway Fraction, II. T. Twigg; Kitty Hope, J. G.
Duck; Erin, E. Cunningham; Carrick,
Ed. Cunningham; Hasting**, H. Wool-
ley; Hastings fraction, IL Woolley.
S. M. McCrady to T. C. Gridwood.
,l4 interest in the King Edward, John
Eighteen, and Elith Linconnor. TIIL   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
���in i
Author of   "The Return o.   Sherlock
CopyrlKlit, 1893, by Harper __ Brothers
CriAPTI*:.. IV.
IOUIS had walked1 on to his devotions in no very charitable
g frame of mind, us was easily to
be seen from his clouded brow
and compressed lips. He knew his lute
favorite well, her impulsiveness, her
audacity, her lack of all restraint wheu
thwarted or opposed. She wiis capable
of making a hideous scandal, of turning against him that bitter tongue
which had so often made him laugh at
the expense of others, perhaps even of
making some public exposure which
would leuve hlm the butt and gossip of
Europe. He shuddered at the thought.
At all costs such a catastrophe must be
averted. And yet how could he cut
the tie which bound them? This woman would Struggle hard, light to thc
bitter end, before she would quit the
position which was so dear to her. She
spoke of her wrongs. What were her
In his Intense selfishness, nurtured
by. the eternal Mattery wliich wus the
very air he breathed, he could uot see
that the fifteen years of her life which
ho hnd absorbed or the loss of the husband whom he had supplanted gave
her uny claim upou him. Iu his view
he had raised her to the highest position which a subject could occupy.
Now he was weary of her, and It was
her duty to retire with resignation���
uny, even with gratitude for past favors. She should have a pension, and
thc children should be cared for. What
could u reasonable woman ask for
On the whole, his conscience acquitted hlm. But In this one matter he hud
beeu lux. From the lirst coming of
his gentle nnd forgiving young wife
from Spain he had never once permitted her to be without a rival. Now
that she was dend the matter was no
better. One favorite had succeeded
another, aud If De Montespan hnd held
her own so loug it wns ruther from her
audacity than from his affection. But
now Fnther la Chaise and Bossuet
were ever reminding him thnt he had
topped the summit of his life and was
already upon thnt downward path
which lends to the grnvo. The time
had come for gravity and for calm,
neither of which wns to be expected
In the company of Mme. de Montespan.
But he had found out where they
were to be enjoyed. From the dny
.when De Montespan had Introduced
the stntely nnd silent widow ns a governess for his children ho had found a
never falling aud ever Increusing pleasure In her society. For a time he had
thought that her piety and her talk of
principle might be a mere mask, for
he was accustomed to hypocrisy all
round hlm. It wns surely unlikely ttint
a womnu who wns still beautiful, with
ns bright nn eye and as graceful a figure as any lu his court, could after a
life spent In the gayest circles preserve the spirit of a nun. But on this
point he was soon undeceived, for
when his own language had become
warmer thnn that of friendship he had
been met by an leiucss of mnnner and
n brevity of speech which hud shown
him that there wus one woman at least
iu his dominions who hnd a higher respect for herself than for him. And
perhaps It wns better so. The plncld
pleasures of friendship were very
soothing after the storms of pnssion.
To sit In her room every nfteruoon, to
listen to talk which wus not tainted
with flattery nnd to hear opinions
which were not framed to please his
ear were the occupations now of his
happiest hours. And then her Influence over him was all so good!
And now he knew thut the time had
come when he must choose between
her nnd De Montespan. Their Influences were antagonistic. They could
not continue together. He stood be
tween virtue and vice, and he must
Such were the thoughts which ran
through (he king's bend ns ho bent
over the rich crimson cushion which
topped his priedieu of carved onk. He
knelt'Tn his own inclosure to tho right
of the nltnr, with his gunrds nnd bis
Immediate household around hlm, whll'
Hie court, ladles and cavaliers, filled
tlie chapel. Piety wns a fashion now,
like dnrk overconts nnd Inco cravats
and no courtier was so worldly mlndec
us not to hnve hud a touch of gruet
since the king had taken to religion.
It was the habit of Louis as he walked back from the chapel to receive petitions or to listen to any tales of
wrong which his subjects might bring
to hlm. On this particular morning
there were but two or three���a Parisian who conceived himself injured
by the provost of his guild, a peasnnt
whose cow hnd been torn by n lnints-
iniiu's dog uud u farmer who hud hnd
hurd usage from his feudul lord. A
few questions nnd then n hurried order
to his sccretury disposed of each case.
He wns about to resume his way iigaiu
when nn elderly mini, clud in the gurb
of a respectable citizen and with a
strong, deep lined face which marked
him as a mnn of character, darted for-
wurd und threw himself down upon
one knee lu front of the monureh.
"What is this?" nsked Louis. "Who
nre   you,   nnd   what   is   It   that   you
"I nm a citizen of Paris, and I havo
been cruelly wronged."
"You seem a very worthy person. If
you have indeed been wronged you
shall have redress. What huve you to
complain of?" .   .
"Twenty of the Blue dragoons of
Languedoe nre quartered In my house,
with Captain Dalbert nt their bond.
They have devoured my food, stolen
my property and benten my servants,
yet the mugistrates will give uie- no redress."
"On my life, justice seems to be administered In n strnrige fushlon ln our
city of Purls!" exclulnied the king.
"And yet there may be a very good
reason for it," suggested Pero la
Chaise. "I would suggest that your
majesty should ask this man his nnme,
his business nnd why It wus thnt the
dragoons were quartered upon him."
"You hear the reverend futher's question."
"ITy name, sire, is Catlnat, by trade
I am a merchant in cloth, and I am
treated In this fashion because 1 am of
the Reformed church."
The king shook his head and his brow
darkened. "You have only yourself to
thank, then. The remedy ls in your
"And how, sire?"
"By embracing the only true faith."
"I am alrendy n member of It, sire."
The king stamped his foot angrily.
"I can see that you are a very insolent
heretic," said he. "There is but one
church in France, and that is my
church. If you are outside that you
cannot look to me for aid."
"My creed Is that of my father, sire,
and that of my grandfather."
"If they have sinned it Is no reason
why you should. My own grandfather
erred also before his eyes were
"But he nobly atoned for his error,"
murmured tho Jesuit.
"Then you will not help me, sire?"
"You must flrst help yourself."
The old Huguenot stood up with a
gesture of despair, while the king continued on his way, the two ecclesiastics ou either side of him murmuring
their approval Into his ears.
But the king bore the face a man
who was not absolutely satistied with
bis own action.
"You do not think, then, that these
people have too hard a measure?" said
he. "1 hear that they are leaviug my
kingdom in great numbers."
"And surely It Is better so, sire, for
what blessing can come upou a country which hns such stubborn Infidels
Within Its boundaries?"
"Those who are traitors to God can
scarce be loyal to the king," remarked
"J can see that you arc a very Insolent
heretic," said he.
Bossuet. "Your majesty's power would
be greater if there were no temple, as
they cnll their dens of heresy, withiu
your dominions."
"My grandfather bus promised them
protection. They are shielded, as you
well kuow, by the edict which he gave
at Nantes."
"But It lies wilh your mnjesty to
undo the mischief thut bus beeu done."
"And how?"
"By reeulling the edict."
"And driving into the open arras of
my enemies 2,000,000 of my best artisans and of my bravest servants. How
say you, Louvois?"
"With all respect to the church, sire,
I would say that the devil has given
these men such cunning of baud nnd
>f bruin thnt they nre the best workers and traders lu your majesty's king-
lom. I know not how the stnte coffers
ire to be filled If such taxpayers go
trom among us."
"But," remarked Bossuet, "If It were
mce known that the king's will had
)een expressed jour majesty may rest
assured that even the worst of his subjects bear hlm such love thnt they
would hasten to come within the pule
of the holy church."
The king shook his bend. "They hnve
always been stubboru folk," suid he.
"Perhaps," remarked Louvois, glnnc-
Ing maliciously nt Bossuet, "were the
bishops of France to make an offering
to the state of the treasures of their
sees we might theu do without these
Hugueuot taxes."
"The kingdom Is mine nnd nil that, ls
iu It," remnrked Louis ns thej entered
the grand sulon in wliich the court
assembled nfter chapel, "yet X trust
that It may be long before I nave to
claim wealth of the church. Where Is
Mansnrd? I must see his pluns for the
new wing nt Marly."
"I think." snid Pere hi Clmlse, drawing Bossuet aside, "lhnt your grace has
mnde some impression upon the king's
"With your powerful assistance, father."
"But there Is another who has more
weight than I���Mine, de Miuiilenou."
"1 hear Hint she Is very devout."
"Very. But she has no love for my
order. Sue Is a SulplclUlL Yet we may
nil work to one end. Now, If .vou were
to speak to her, your grade. Show her
how good u serVlce It Would be could
she bring about���'tlie banishment of the
Huguenots."      .... .*
"1 shall do so." ,,.
."And offer her in return that we will
promote"��� He bent forward and whispered into the iirclale's ear.
"What!   He would not do it."
"And why?   The queen. Is dead."
"The widow of the poet Searront"
"She Is of good liirth. Her grandfather und his were dear friends. If she
will serve the church, the church will
serve her. But the king beckons, and I
must go."
The tli in dark figure hastened on
through the throng of courtiers, and
the grent bishop of Meuux remained
standing with his chin upon his breast,
sunk In reflection.
THE elderly Huguenot had stood
silent after his repulse by the
king, with his eyes cast moodily downwurd nnd a fnce In
which doubt, sorrow nnd nnger contended for the mastery. He was a very
large, gaunt mnn, rnwboned and haggard, with a wide forehead, a large,
fleshy nose aud a powerful chin. He
was dressed as became his rank, plain-
ly and yet well, In a sad colored brown
kersey.coat with silver ailated buttons.
_.nee" oreecUes of the same and white
woolen stockings, ending lu broad toed
black leather shoes cut across with a
great steel buckle.
Ills doubts as to what his next step
Bhould be were soon resolved for him
in a very summary fashion. These
were days when, if the Huguenot was
not absolutely forbidden In France, he
' was nt least looked upon as.a mau who
existed upou sufferance, nnd who was
unshielded by the laws wliicb protected
his Catholic fellow subjects. For twenty years the stringency of the persecution hnd increased until there wns no
weapon which'bigotry could employ,
short of absolute expulsion, which had
not been turned against hlm.
Two of the king's big blue coated
guardsmen were on duty at that side
of the palace nnd hnd been witnesses
to his unsuccessful nppeal. Now they
tramped across together to where he
was standing and broke brutally into
the current of his thoughts.
"Now, Hymnbooks," snid one gruffly,
"get off ngnin nbout your busluess."
The old Huguenot shot a glance of
anger and contempt at them and was
turning to go wheu one of them thrust
at his ribs with the butt end of his
"Tnko that, you dog!" he cried.
"Would you dare -to look like that at
the king's guard?"
"Children of Bellnl!" cried the old
mnn, with his hnnd pressed to his side,
"were 1 twenty yenrs younger you
would not hnve dnred to use me so."
"Hn, you would still spit your venom,
would you? That ls enough, Andre!
Ho has threatened the king's gunrd.
Let us seize him nnd drag hlm to the
The two soldiers dropped their halberds and rushed upon the eld mnn,
but, tall nud strong as they were, they
found It no eusy mutter to secure hlm.
They hnd hardly won their pitiful victory, however, before a stern voice aud
a sword flushing before their eyes
compelled them to release their prisoner once more.
It wns Captain de Cntlnnt, who, his
morning duties over, had strolled out
on the terrace nnd hnd come upon this
sudden scene of outrage. At the sight
of the old mun's face he gave n violent
stnrt nnd, drawing his sword, had
rushed forward with such fury that
the two guardsmen not only dropped
tlieir victim, but, staggering back from
the threnteuing sword point, one of
them slipped nnd the other rolled over
bim, a revolving mass of blue cont and
white kersey.
"Villains!" roared De Catinat. "What
is the meaning of this?"
The two hnd stumbled to their feet
ngain, very shamefaced and ruffled.
"If you pleuse, captain," said one, saluting, "this Is a Hugueuot who abused
the royal guard."
"His petition had been rejected by
the king, captain, nnd yet he refused to
De Cutinat wns white with fury.
"And so when a French citizen hns
come to have a word with the great
master of his country lie must be harassed by two Swiss dogs like you?" ho
cried. "By my faith, we shall soon see
about that!"
He drew a little silver whistle from
his pocket, and at the shrill summons
nn old sei'genut and half n dozen soldiers came running from the guardroom.
"Sergeant, you will arrest i-hese
"Certainly, captain," snld the sei*.
"See that tliey are tried today for assaulting an aged and respected citizen
who had come on business to lhe king."
"He was a Huguenot ou liis own confession," cried Hie culprits together.
"Hum!" The sergeant pulled doubtfully at his long mustache. "Shall we
put the charge In that form, captain?
Just ns the enptuin pleases."
"No," said De Catinat, with a sudden happy thought. "I charge them
with laying their halberds down while
on duty nnd with having their uniforms dirty nnd disarranged."
"Thnt is better," nnswered the ser-
geunt, with the freedom of a privileged veteran. "Thunder of God, but
you have disgraced the guards! An
hour on the wooden horse with a mus-,
ket nt either foot mny tench you thnt
halberds were made for a soldier's
baud and not for the king's grassplot."
The Huguenot had stood In the background, grave and composed, without
any sign of exultation, during this
sudden reversal of fortune, but when
the soldiers were gone he and the
young officer turned warmly upon encb
other. . .
"Amory, I hnd not hoped to see you!"
"Nor I you, uncle. Whut In the
name of wonder brings you to Versailles?"
"My wrongs, Amory. Tlie hnnd of
tho wicked is heavy upon us, nnd
whom cun we turn to save only the
The young officer shook his head
"The king is at heart a good man,"
said he. "But he can only see the
world through the glasses which are
held before him. You have nothing to
hope from him."
. "IIo spurned mo from his presence."
"Did he.ask yon your name?"
"He did, and 1 gave It."
The young giiitrdsnian whistled. "Let
us walk to the gate." said he. "By my
faith, if my kinsmen ar*.' to eome nnd
bundy arguments with the king It miiy
not be long before my compuny finds
Itself without Its captain. Whut Is
"Twenty men of Moan hnve been
quartered upon me, with one Dalbert,
their captain, who has loiig beeu a
scourge to Israel."
"Captain Claude Dalbert of the Languedoe dragoons? I> have already
some small score to settle with him.
What, has he done?"
"His men are over my house like
moths in a cloth bale. No place is free
from them. He sits in the room which
should be mine, his great boots on my
Spanish leather chairs, his pipe in his
mouth, his wine pot at his elbow and
his talk a hissing nnd an abomination.
He has benten old Pierre of the warehouse nud thrust me iuto the cellar."
"Because 1 have drugged hlm bnck
when  in his  drunken  love he would.
hnve thrown his arms about your cousin Adele."
"Oh!" The young man's cobr hud
been rising* and his brows knitting at
each successive charge, but nt this lust
his anger boiled over, nnd he hurried
forwnrd with fury in his fnce, dragging his elderly compunion by the elbow.
(To be  Continued.)
Where Clara Barton Spelled on Her
First  Day   In  School.
On the morning of bttT tirst day la
'regular school*' Clara Barton was
taken on the strong shoulders of her
eldest brother. Stephen, a mile through
the deep drifts to the school house. It
was the winter term, and the pupHs,
as was usual at that time, included not
only the large boys and girls, but ln
reality the young men uud youug women of the neighborhood. Little Clara,
then about five, wus the buby of the
She confesses In her book, "The Story of My Childhodd," thnt she recalls
ao introduction to the teacher, but was
set down among the many pupils in
the by no means spacious room, with
her spelling book and the traditional
slate, from which no oue could separate her.
"I was seated on one of the low
benches and sat very still," Miss Burton remembers. "At length the majestic schoolmaster seated himself und,
taking a primer, called tbe class of
little ones to him.
"He pointed ih.> letters to each. I
named them ull and was asked to spell
somo little words, 'dog,' 'cat,' etc.,
whereupon I hesitatingly informed hlm
thut 'I did not spell there.'
"'Where do jou spell?' he nsked.
"i spell In "artichoke,"' that being
the leading word In the three syllable
column iu my speller."
The schoolmaster good natiuodly
conformed to the little girl's suggestion, and she wus put Into tbe "artichoke" class to bear her part for the
whiter and read and "spell for the
It May Be the Beginning of Serious
Mental Trouble.
"Some meu are quite martyrs to office drowsluess," snid a physician to a
patient who wus complaining of thut
feeling. '"Any monotonous sound near
them, the hum of traffic outside or
even the scratching of u clerk's peu ls
sufficient to induce a feeling of sleepiness which it is nlmost Impossible to
resist. The worst' of it Is thut this
symptom seldom is regarded as anything serious, though 1 have known
It to be the beginning of^rllicul mental
trouble. Far more often, however, It
Is merely the effect of constitutional
eccentricity, though in either case a
few simple remedies might be tried
With advantage.
"For example, I always advise the
old Indigestion cure���a gluss of hot
water���when the feeling comes ou. To
keep the eyes tightly closed for two
or three minutes und then buthe them
ln very warm water often gives relief
nt once. And another good idea Is to
lower the head for n few seconds to a
level with the knees. Above all, oue
should never give In to the feeling of
drowsiness by taking a short nap ln
the hope of waking up brighter after
it At the sn nie time the condition ot
the office might be looked to. The
Slightest defect iu ventilation will
often cause one man to be affected by
office drowsiness eveu If other persons
In the same room feel nothing of It
The Dignified Course.
An army examiner ouee had a *cnn-
dldnte before bim who apparently was
unable to answer the simplest question. At last the examiner lost his
temper aud, with sarcastic emphusls,
quite lost on the youth before him,
"Suppose, sir, that you were a captain In command of a company of Infantry; that iu your rear was au impassable abyss; that on either side of
you towered perpendicular rocks of un-
traversable height; that before you
stood the enemy, a hundred men to
each one of yours. What, sir, would
you do ln this emergency?"
���Sir," said the aspirant to military
honors, "1  should  resign."
Similar  Result.
There are certain delicate shades of
expression of which a Frenchman is,
as a rule, past master. One member
of that fluent nation, stranded In New
York, was setting forth his troubles
to a lawyer.
"I understand from want you sny
that you are convinced your friend
Lecomte has stolen your purse," said
the lawyer.
"No, no, monsieur! Not.so fast!"
cried his client "1 only say that If
Lecomte had not assisted me to hunt
for It I should have found It again."
The Reform., He Advocated.
The editor of u British weekly Journal, wishing to know what reforms
well knr*wn men desired to see effected
during the year, once applied to Sir
W. S. Gilbert, among others. The author of "The Mikado" nnswered: "Dear
Sir���A reform which I am particularly
anxious to see cnrrled Mo effect ls
that editors would cease to trouble
busy people for gratuitous contributions."
Sure to Be Convert*.!..
When the south sea lsln ill fer ���said to
the missiounry, "I will cull ntia' ��_i��
upon you tomorrow," the missionary
renlized that he was bound to be con-'
verted.���Brooklyn Eugle.
The Fun of It.
"Dear, I only piny poker for fun"
"But you bet. dou't you?"
"Well,   there   wouldn't   be  any  fun
without   a   little   betting."
Webster's Home Squadron.
A few dnys before his death Danlei
Webster wished to leave his sickroom
once more to look upon the little paradise which his taste had adorued ubout
his mansion. Dressing himself with
the utmost care, he went through the
house on the arm of a servant and
finally reached the library. The night
before there was a terrific storm, and
the greut 'Statesman expressed solicitude for the safety of the fishermen
off ihe const. As he looked from the
Wiudow his eye fell upon n number of
pleasure bouts which had been moored
to a little mound In the artificial pond
in the rear of the house. "Well," snld
he, "the homo squadron Is safe. I
think I will go back." It wa3 his last
playful remark. He never left his
room again.
To Prevent
Taking Cold
And  promptly  remove  Colds  use  Dr.
A. W. Chase's  Kidney-Liver  Pills.
The first thought oi tne physician
when treating a cold is in regard to
the activity ol the excretory organs.
He gives something to ensure the
prompt action of the  bowels.
And if you wait to consider, you
will probably recall Hint your cold
was contracted when the bowels were
.ii  n  sluggish  condition.
You wiil bo unable to find a medicine so well suited for the purpose
of preventing and curing colds ns
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
because of tlieir wonderfully prompt
and thorough action on the liver,
kidneys and bowels.
Tiiese excretory organs when once
awakened quickly carry olf the poisons and thoroughly cleanse the system. Colds quickly disappear in-
stead ol hanging on and finding lodgment in the lungs or developing In-
*.o kidney trouble.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, one pill a dose, 25 cents a box
at all dealers or Kdinunson, Hntes &
Co., Toronto, Out. The portrait and
signature of A. W. Clinse, M.D., the
famous Receipt Hook author, are on
every box.
Good  Intentions Uone Wrong.
"Aren't you going home." asked a
fellow club member,
"Not for several days," answered
Mr. Cumrox. "I'm going to give my
family u chance to forget, You see,
mother und tlie girls hnve been trying to educate ine to nn appreciation
of classical music. This afternoon
1 heard u terrific racket on the piano
so being anxious to please, I hall
closed my eyes and said: "Isn't it
perfectly  beautiful?"
"Wasn't that all right?"
"No. It was the piano tuner."--
Washington Star.
Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup
needs no recommendation, To all
who are familiar with it, it speaks
for itself. Years of use in tlie treatment of colds hnd coughs, and all
affections of the throat bus unquestionably estublished its place among
the very best medicines for such discuses. If you give it a trial you will
not regret it. You will find it 25
cents  well  invested.
"Mrs.   Chauffeurly   is   always   running down people when I go out with
her in her auto."
"Doesn't she ever get arrested?"
"No; they can't arrest you for gossiping,  cun they?"���Home  Mngnzine.
Baby's Own Tablets will promptly
nnd surely cure nil the minor ailments of babies and young children,
such as constipation, colic, indigestion, diarrhoea, worms, teething troubles. They break up eoids, prevent
croup and cure simple fever. The
Tablets contain no poisonous opiate
or narcotic, as is testified by a government analyst. Mrs. Ronald F.
Seafield. Palmer Rapids, Out., snys:
"I hnve found Baby's Own Tablets
so satisfactory in curing tlie ailments
of childhood that I would not care to
be without them in Hie home." Sold
by medicine dealers, or by mail at
2b cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine  Co.,  Brockville, Ont.
"I  didn't  notice you nt the moth
er's congress."
"No," responded the woman addressed, I'm not a theoretical mother, you know. I have six."���Philadelphia Ledger.
and hides, or tan them for robes, rugs
or coats. N. W. Hide & Fur Co.,
"Is he a well-informed man?" was
inquired during an nllegro moment.
She smiled slightly.
"I should say so," she rejoined.
"His wife tolls him everything."���
Philadelphia Bulletin.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Nothing to Talk About.
"Even a puinful disease may afford its possessor some crumbs cl
comfort," a well known physician
once remarked.
"An old chap in Virginia, after
having been afflicted for ten years or
more with chronic rheumatism, was
persuaded to try the medicinal baths
ut a resort in that State. As the result of two months' treatment he returned home cured.
"Your husband looks like a new
man," said a neighbor. "He must
be one of the ha; aest men alive,
alter all those  years of suffering."
"Well, I don't know," was the
doubtful response of the wife. "He
seems rather glum and unhappy.
He hasn't anything to talk about
now, you know."
Her  Exalted   Position.
"Ye needn't think because ye see
me goin' an' comin' be th' back door
iv Mr. Malcolm Gold borough's mansion, thot Oi'm wan iv th' common
sarvants iv th' house," said the
-laughty customer to the uncivil
"Oil!" ejaculated a fat little man,
ibiiiptly turning obsequious, "are���
.ire you a family connection of the
.rent   Goldboroughs,   ma'am?"
"Oi'm more than a mere connic-
tion, sor."
"Pardon me," added tlie butcher,
lazing patronizingly at this person-
lge, "you're one of the family tliot's
been abroad, and whom' I haven't
ind   the  pleasure   of  meeting   before,
"Ye'll have to go higher than thot."
"Not  Mr.  Malcolm's    new    wife?"
jasped  the    little   man.    "I    didn't
nave  a suspicion  that  he "
"Higher, mon.   Oi'm higher."
"Higher?" uttered the perfectly bewildered  butcher.
"Vis!   Oi'm tlie cook."���Bohemian.
Tells How Peruna Rid Him of All
Catarrhal Troubles.
Signs   Not   Propitious.
A young fellow in Pittsburg intended to usk her father's consent the
other evening, but changed liis mind.
He hns decided to wnit until the old
mail is disabled from a fall on the
ce, or till something equally propit-
ous turns up. It happened in this
,vuy :
When he reached the house the
,_iii met him nt the door, pearly'
tears  stealing  down  her  tail*  clieeks.
"Oh, George," she whispered, 1
im so glud you have come. Please
go into the library and see il you can
calm father���he is go excited, and is
raging nbout, knocking over the
furniture and breaking things."
"Certainly," George, said briskly.
"What is tlie matter with the old
"I'm sure I don't know," she
���laid. "He wus all right, and I just
begun to tell him Hint you wanted to
marry   me."���Lippincott's   Mngnzine.
A Washington correspondent who
used to run a newspaper in lowu,
tells how tlie heavy advertiser of the
town once entered tlie editorial offices*.
and with anger depicted in every
line of Ins face, exclaimed:���
"That's a fine break you people
have made in my ad. this week."
"What's the trouble?" asked the
editor, in a tone calculated to inolli
iy Hie indignant one.
"Read it and see!" commanded tin
advertiser, thrusting a copy of Hit
[Taper in Hie editor's face.
The hitter read: "If you want to
have a fit, wear Blank's shoes."���
Harper's Weekly.
If one be troubled with corns and
waits, he will find in Hollowny's
Corn Cure un application that will
entirely  relieve  suffering.
"You always seem to be on the losing side at election  time,  George."
"Yes. 1 generally huve to eal
"Well, the next time you eat it.
dear, suve Hie feathers for my sprint
nat, won't you, please?"���Cleveliino
Plum  Dealer.
"Each day brings some new worry,'
declared  the   pessimist.
"Which enables us to forget the
worry of yesterday," wus the opti
mist's  reply.���Kansus  City  Journal.
Protect the child from the ravage.*
of worms by using Mother Graves
Worm Exterminator. It is a stu.ii
da id remedy, and years of use huvi
enhanced  its   reputation.
Two Lives Blighted
He was a bachelor, as bald as _
billiard ball, and fifty. He had beer
a lifelong friend of her late husbund.
Robin Macarty, and this night he
was to offer her his hand and heart
She knew it, and her soul went oui
in song; so in the twilight she seateti
herself at the piano and sang to
liim that dear old song, "Robin
Adair." Gently he rose from hie
seat, and as he reached for his hat,
said: "Madame, is there any neces
sity to remind me of the fact? 1
know Robin 'ad 'air. I shall nevei
forget his curly locks, but why taunt
nie with it?" Thus two lives wen
"A   Relief   to   Breathe   Freely   Once
MR. G. VV, MARTIN, Hartford,
Out., choir leader at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, writes:
"Peruna is a wonderful remedy for
catarrhal' troubles.
"I have been troubled with catarrh
Ior a great mnny years, und always
trying something for it, but was able
only to secure temporary relief until
I used  Peruna.
"Only five bottles rid my system
of all truces of catarrh, and 1 have
not noticed the slightest trouble for
several  months.
"My head wns stopped up, my
breath offensive, and it is a relief to
be uble to breathe freely once nunc."
Took  Away   His  Nerve
He was a big, bold man and he
valued into Hie gas office with fire
in liis eye.
"1 have come in here," he an-
lounced in loud tones, "to file u coin.
"Well, sir," replied the clerk as he
readied under tiie counter and produced a huge rasp, "here is the file.
Now go 'way off in some quiet corner
and file it, und when you are through I
toss the complaint into Hie waste
basket and return the file. Good-day',
And the big. bold man walk.'i! out:
if  the  ollice   teeling  as  wilted  as  a
linen  collar on  u    July    ufternooii.rr:
Jliicugo   News.
Pills  That   Have   Benefitted   Thousands.���Known   lur   and   near   as   a
ure remedy in the tjrentmeut of in-
ligestion and all derangements of the
itomach,   liver  and   kidneys,   i'lirine-
.ee's   Vegetable   Pills     have   brought
relief to thousands when other speci-
ics   hnve   failed.       Innumerable   tes-
imoninls   can   be   produced   to   establish   the   truth   of     this    assertion.
Once tried they will be found superior to all other pills in the treatment:
if  tlio  ailments  for   which  they   are
Her husband- If a man steals���no ,
natter what it is���he will live to re- ���
(t*et it.
His Wife���During our courtship you
���sed to steal kisses from me.
Her   husband ���   Well,   you   heard
,vhat  I  said.���Casse.I's  journal.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
;uie any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding oi Protruding Piles in 6 to 14
lays or money refunded.    50c.
So Far, So Good.
William H. Crane, the actor, tolls
of two impecunious players who, during a period of enforced "liberty,"
were compelled to dine nt n cheap
table d'hote restaurant on the East
Side. Ono evening dining each course
of such a dinner, one of t..e actors
kept  saying:
��� '"Honest, Frank, isn't this a good
dinner? Isn't it good? Did you ever
eat a better dinner in your life for 35
. Frank wns silent until the end of
Hie, fifth course, when his friend repeated his formula. Then, with n
commendable affectation of enthusiasm, Frank nnswered:
"A splendid dinner, old man! A
splendid dinner! Let's have another."
���Lippincott's Magazine.
His   Own   Interest.
A Richmond lawyer was consulted
not long since by a colored man win
complained that another negro owed
him $3, a debt which he absolutely
refused to discharge. The credito,
had dunned and dunned him, but ull
to no purpose. He had finally conn
to the lawyer in the hope that lit
would give him some good advice.
"What reason Hoes he give for refusing to pay you?" asked the legal
"Why, boss," said the darkey, "he
said he done owed me dnt money so
long dut de interest lind et it nil up,
and he didn't owe mo a cent."���Dundee  Advertiser.
"I understand that Crimson Gulch
has a newspaper."
"Yes," answered Broncho Bob.
"But the fellers around here is so
sensitive that they dnsn't print anything about 'em."
"It's editorial staff must have
many difficulties."
"Mister, that ain't any editorial
stuff. 'Flint's a suicide club."���Clover  Leaves.
"Jnck told Maud her teeth were
iike  stars."
"That's ���> singular expression. He
irobably meant to sny 'peniis'."
"No; I've a suspicion of what he
���enlly meant, though Maud didn't
ee it. He meant they were like stars
because they came out at night."
Vlinaid's    Liniment    fer sale    every-
A young lady who had been ill
wrote to her fiancee in a distant city:
"Dear One, your birdie has been
very, very sick. It was some sort of
lervous trouble, and the doctor said
I must tnink of nothing, absolutely
nothing. Dear One, how much I
missed you. O thought only of you,
and now I nm well again."
After reading it the young man sn*,
for a long time silent.-
She���I wish you would work and
enrn \he money for the flowers you
send me.
He���If you knew how hurd it is to
work Hie Governor you would think
I enrned 'em.���Wusp.
"How versatile your son is," suid
Mrs.   Oldcastle.
"Oh, no, he ain't nt all." replied
her hostess in sudden alarm, "He
never wiote a verse in liis life. Both
me and his pa expect him to be a
business  man."���Chicago  Herald.
ki tifiaVt <
ra*. puis
W.   N*.   U.   No.   685.
Bill Nye used to tell this story of
a Frenchman who Was visiting in
America.' Alter opening his mail one
morning lie wore so gloomy an expression that his hostess asked him if he
were ill.
"No, no," he replied sndly; "but I
���un dissatisfy. My father is dead."���
"Why, Jimmie!   Is it true that you
gave little Bobbie a black eye?"
"What excuse have you for such n
brutal   net?"
"W���well,  he  provoked  me."
"How  did  he  provoke you?"
"He hit bnck."���Cleveland Lender.
Itch, Mange, *~rairie Scratches and
'very form of contagious itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
oy Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
"There was one thing nbout your
spring poem thnt impressed nie very
much," said the editor to the longhaired poet.
"Yes?" .said the poet, eagerly,
"Yes," remarked the editor, "ft
wns the typewriting. Whnt make cf
machine do you use?"���Detroit Free
"I  hen:*   Blank   hns   water  on   the
knee.    Wonder what he'll do for it?"
"Wear   pumps,   probably."���   Ynle
"ts your boy getting along all
right at school?"
"I guess so. He corrects me now
for not calling it varsity."���Philadelphia Ledger.
Galvanized, Rust Proof
Made from very finest
sheets, absolutely free
from defects.
Eaoh sheet la pressed, not
rolled, oorrugatlons therefore
fit aoourately without wasta.
Any desired alze or gauge,
straight or ourved.
Metallic Roofing Co.,
797  Notre  Dame  Ave. Winnipeg ��[\
Nature Needs Assistance in Making New Health-Giving Blood.
In tlie spring your system needs
toning up. In the spring to be
healthy and strong, you must have
new blood, just as the trees must
have new sap. Nature demands it
nnd nature's laws are inexorable.
Without new blond you will feel
weak and languid. You may have
twinges of rheumatism, or the sharp
.tabuing pains of neuralgia, there
may be disfiguring pimples or eruptions of the skin, a tired feeling in
tlie morning and a variable a\ petite,
Tiiese are some of the signs that the
blood is out of order, that the Jong
trying months of indoor winter life
have told upon you. A purgative
medicine, such as too many peof.le
take in spring can't help you. Purgatives merely gallop through the
system and further weaken you. Any
doctor will tell you thnt this is true.
What people need in the spring is a
tonic medicine, and in all the world
there is no tonic can equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Every dose of
this medicine helps to moke new,
rich, red blood���-yotir greatest need
in spring. This new, red blood clears
tlie skin, drives out disease and
makes weak, easily tired men, women and children, b'ight, active and
strong. Try this grent blood-building medicine this spring, and sen
what new life and energy it will
give you.
You can get Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills from any medicine denier or by
mail postpaid at 50 cents a box or
six boxes for ..'2.50 from Tlie Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont,
The  Good Old   Kind.
Wife���My dear, 1 do wish you
would use the word "sheol." it sounds
Hubby���It may sound better at
times, but when a man steps on a
tack he wants the old version.���Illustrated  Hits.
A Pill That Is Prized.���There hove
been many pills put upon the market and pressed upon public attention, but none has endured so long
or met with so much favor ns Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. Widespread
use of them lias attested their great
valuo, and they need no further advertisement than this. Having firmly established themselves in the public esteem, they now rank without n
peer in tlie list of standard vegetable
Mother���If   you  marry    'Pi" ert
swear thnt I'll never set foot in your
Daughter���Please put that down ip
writing. I'd like to give your promise
to Robert for a wedding present.*-
cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is not a quack medicine. It
was prescribed by one of the best
physicians in this country for years
and is a regular prescription. It is
composed of tlie best tonics known,
combined with tlie best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous
surfaces. The perfect combination of
the two ingredients is what produces
such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials free.
F.   J.   CHENEY 4 CO.,
Props.,   Toledo,   O.
Sold bv druggists, price 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Anxious Traveler (addressing street
urchin)-*-Can you tell me, my little
man, the quickest way to reach the
Street Urchin���Run, yer fool !-
The  Circle.
Tab eta. Druggists relund money if
it tails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box.   25c.
Nothing   New.
Mjs. Boorman Wells, the famous
suffragette, said at ladies' luncheon
recently :���
"You may ridicule us as you please
but when We get the suffrage in London we shan't abuse it as some of
your Colorado women do.
"I heard two Denver men talking
at   dinner   the   other   night.
" 'Hello,' said the first, 'here's a
Philadelphia genius has invented
bu.tonless underwear.'
" 'Oil, that's nothing,' snid the second. 'I've worn it over since my
wife got  a vote'."���Denver Post.
"You must have a good appetite,"
remarked the thin man, enviously,
"Whnt do you  tuke  ior it?"
"In all my oxpei ience," replied the
plump' one, "I have found nothing
more suitable than lood."���Philadelphia Public  Ledger. _
The office hoy pied the first pnge
by dropping the form down two
flights of stairs.
"I wish,'* murmured the .gentle
editor, thnt you hnd broken the
news  more  gently."-^-Office  Topics.
Free from
Since May, 1906, Ayer's Sar-
saparilla has been entirely free
from alcohol. If you are in
poor health, weak, pale, nervous, ask your doctor about taking this non-alcoholic tonic and
alterative. If he has a better
medicine, take his. Get the best
always.   This is our advice.
We publish our formulu
o,    We banish -sloohol
__���_   f-qm uur iii-di_*ns.
W�� urg. you to
consult your
A sluggish liver means a coated tongue,
a bad breath, and constipated bowels.
The question is, "What is the best thing
to do under such circumstances P " Ask
your doctor if this is not a good answer:
"Take laxative doses of Ayer's Pills."
��� b�� tbe i. o. Ajet oo., Im wen,
Aocuracy    of    the    Exchange    In    ths
Analysis  tr*  Events.  .
Barring the caje of manipulation,
wliich curries Its nwn remedy and
which Is one of the evils of speculutlon,
tbe stuck market tells the truth. Temporarily Indicuiious mny lie misleading,
but it Is eventually shown thnt Its
nmilysis of events Is correct. The silent puulc of March, 1U07. wns n premise of the panic of November. During the intervening seven months prices
dropped steadily, showing plainly that
there was a weakness in the tinaiiclal
and industrial structure. The utter
foolishness of blaming speculation for
the downward movement ls obvious.
The stock market with Its daily record
of prices suld rs plainly as It was possible to say: "Danger! Stand from under!"
Something slinllnr happened ln 1S93.
Bradstreet's for July 29, 181.3, shows
that twenty represeiitntlve Rtocks fell
on nn average 45 points, or more than
50 per cent, between January and July.
This mitigated the effect of the pnulc.
One of the most striking illustrations
of the cold blooded accuracy of the exchange Is recorded by Proudhon In
the Speculator's Manual, published at
Paris In 1857, in which he shows that
In the Inter days of Napoleon and tbe
restoration, while French patriotism
wus nt while bent, prices on the bourse j
advanced with encb victory of the ul-
lles, reflecting the belief that the defeat
of Napoleon mennt more for Franco
than the success.���Johu Paul Ryan ln
Metropolitan Mngnzine.
Kings Who Turned to Teaching to
Make a Living.
In the early part of the life of King
Christian IX. of Denmark there wos
no prospect of his ever becoming tbe
ruler, of that country. With this In
view he became u schoolmaster at the
German university of Halle.
Being too poor to keep a servant, the
Dowager Czarina Dagmar of Russia,
one of his daughters, used to help her
mother to do the household work and
take care of tbe younger children.
During this period there were King
Frederick VII. and several others In
the direct line of succession that stood
before Prince Christian; but, by a succession of deaths that occurred, he became the heir apparent, and after the
death of King Frederick VII. ln 1863
he wns proclaimed King Christian IX.
of Denmark.
Another Instance of a similar nature
Is tbat of Louis Philippe. During tbe
time he was exiled from France, then
being the Due de Cliartres, be became
a teacher of mat hematics and geography In Switzerland About thirty-six or
thirty-seven years afterward, on Aug.
9, 1830, he wns proclaimed King Louis
Philippe of the French.���London Answers.
Puzzling  Differences In Weights.
Which Is heavier, n pound of feathers
or a pouud of lend? They weigh tho
Which Is heavier, a pound of feathers
or a pound of silver'/ Tbo pound of
feathers Is heavier, because feathers
are weighed by avoirdupois weight,
whlcb has 7,000 grains to the pouud,
while the precious metals are weighed
by troy weight, which has oaly 5,700
grains to the pound.
Which ls heavier, an ounce of feathers or an ounce of silver? An ounce of
sliver, because in the troy ounce there
are 480 grains, while In the avoirdupois ounce there are only 437V_ grains.
The avoirdupois pound of 7,000 grains
Is divided Into sixteen ounces, while
the lighter troy pound of 5.7G0 grains Is
divided into twelve heavier ounces.
The First "Coin Sweater."
"Coin sweating," which so often figures In the Old Bailey calendar, ls a
very, very old crime. More than sis
centuries before Christ there was a
coin sweater, oue Alexander of Byzantium, He Was chief.officer of the pub-
lie treasury, and he amassed an Immense aud sudden fortune by "clipping" the mouey In so skillful a manner tbat his frauds could only be discovered by weighing. The ,Byzantlnes
gave him the nickname of "The File"
from his muklng such dextrous use of
thnt tool, whence probably comes the
modern term of "Ble" . applied to
thieves, pickpockets and cunulng hard-
beaded scoundrels.
Talking Machines.
"Everything lovely down at the
"Yes. We are leading the quiet life
these days."
"How do you work It?"
"Well, you see, we hnve a phonograph, and It alternates with my wlfs
after supper."
A  Storm  as Pictured by the Weather
Bureau and by a Poet.
In commenting on the fact that a
person may be thoroughly equipped on
the scientific side of music without
being sentltlve to Its beauty as an art
Gustuv Kobbe In his book "How to
Appreciate Music" quotes the witty
distinction which Edmund Clarence
Stedmim draws Tn. his "Nature and
Elements of Poetry" between the Indications of a storm as described by a
poet nnd by the official prognostications of the weather bureau.
Mr. Stedman gives two stanzas:
When   descends  on   the Atlantic the  gigantic
Storm wind of the equinox,
Landward ln Ills wroth he scourges ths
tolling* surges,
Laden with seaweed from the rocks.
And this stanza by a later balladlst:
The en3t wind gathered, all unknown,
A thick sea cloud his course before.
He left by night the frozen zone
And smote tho cliffs of Labrador.
He lashed the coasts on cither hand,
And betwixt the Cnno and Newfoundland,
Into tho bays his armies pour.
All this Impersonation and faiviy are
transluted by the weather bureau Into
something like this:
"An area of extreme low pressure Is
rapidly moving up tho Atlantic coast,
w'.th wind aud rain. Storm center now
off Charleston, S. C. Wind N. E.;
velocity, 54; barometer, 29.0. The disturbance will reach New York on
Wednesday and proceed eastward to
the banks and bay of St. Lawrence.
Danger signals ordered t" al'i north
Atlantic porta."
Murder of *Xing Carles Recalls Other
Royal  Tragedies.
Twenty-one rulers of civilized countries murdered in just over a century!
No wonder a timid man like the Tsar
shuts himself up in a fortified palace,
and every one is constantly quoting
Shakespeare's words, "Uneasy lies the
head that wear a crown." And it has
remained for Portugal, which, likelier
neighbor Spain, has been practically
free from royal assassination ��� although attempts have been made by
anarchists and political regicides���to
establish a sad record; for never within modern history, at an rate, have a
sovereign and crown prince been murdered together.
The- assassination of King Alexander
nnd Queen Draga of Servia in June,
1903, is the nearest parallel to the terrible deed which has just horrified
the world. How the young King disgusted his Ministers and the army,
and rendered himself generally unpopular by marrying Madame Masch-
in, his mother's lady-in-waiting, is
too recent history to need more than
a passing mention here. It is interesting to note, however, that most of
the army officers who carried out the
plot, and actually murdered the King
and Queen in the palace, are not only
alive, but still hold prominent military appointments. Moreover, they
were pnid $60,000 for the deed.
"throe years previous to the Servian
tragedy King Humbert of Italy was
slain by the anarchist liresci; while
in 18(18 the cruel and utterly purposeless murder of the beautiful and gracious Empress of Austria took place.
The Empress wns passing through
Genevn on her return from Wiesbaden,
where she had been for treatment of
a heart affection, when she was stabbed with a small file-shaped stiletto,
which pierced her heart. King Humbert was shot while entering his carriage, and it is un extrordinnry fact
that Jie had twice previously escaped
being murdered only by a hair's
breadth. In Naples in 1878 a man
rushed up nud tried to Rtab His Majesty with a poniard, but the King
escaped with a slight scratch; while,
nineteen years later, as King Humbert was driving to tlie Campanile
racecourse, a workman struck nt him
with a dagger. Luckily the blow wus
Included in the twenty-one rulers
already mentioned are eight Presidents who have been assassinated,
and it is a singular fact that three
of them were Presidents of the United States; and they have all been
murdered within the last forty-five
years. First came President Lincoln
in 1805, Garfield in 1881, and McKin-
ley twenty years later. The murder
of President Lincoln came like a thunderclap to the people of America just
when they were rejoicing that the
great Civil war had come to an end.
Lincoln went to Ford's theatre in
Washington, nnd sat with his family
in a box watching the performance of
"Our American Cousin," when J.
Wilkes Booth, nn nctor, who with others had prepared a plot to assassinate tlie several heads of the Government, entered the box and shot the
President through the brnin.
He then stubbed Major Henry Rath*
bone with n knife, and crying out
"Sic semper tyrnnnus; the South i.*
avenged!" rushed across the stage
through the back door, and escaped
by riding off on a horse which waF
kept waiting for him. He was cap
tured twelve days afterward, however
and  forthwith  shot.
President Garfield was shot, by a
disappointed office seeker, while Mc
Kinley, it mny be remembered, met
his death nt the hands of Czolgosz,
the anarchist, at the Buffalo Exposition.
Four of Russia's Tsars have beer
assassinated, the last being Alexander II. in 1881. Six times did assassins attempt this monarch's life. On
one occasion he only escnpe.d through
the barrel of the assassin's pistol
bursting, while in 18GG, when the dining hall of the Winter Palace was
wrecked by nn explosion proceeding
from the cellars beneath, the Emperor
owed his life to a breach of his usual
punctuality, the company not having
sat down to dinner when the explos
ion took place.
His Majesty's "Guardian Angel,"
however, was powerless agninst the
Nihilists' bombs of 1831. The Emperor was returning to the Wintei
Palace after a military review, when
his carriage wns suddenly shattered
by a bomb. Several of the escort were
killed, but strangely enough the Tsai
himself remained unhurt. After in
quirirfg about the wounded, .His Mn
jesty, with phenomenal coolnfss, continued his progress on foot. He had
advanced but a few steps when nnother bomb exploded, at his feet, nnd
mangled his body in the most frightful manner. He died a few hours
From 1872 to 1^70 four rulers were
assassinated���namelv. Col. Bnltn
President of Peru; Moreno, President
nf Ecuador: Outtierez, President o<
Peru in 1172-3, and the Sultan Abdul
Aziz. At the time it was given out
thnt the latt'T. having gone, mid
hnd committed suicide hy cutting the
arteries of his n.-m; but in June. 1881
various* hish officials, including the
Siilt'in's brother-in-law, were convict
ed nf the murder of the Sultan.
Perhaps the most barbarous nss-i-
.-dilation on record wns that nf the
Queen nf Korea in l"!)fi. when n band
nt hired Japanese assassins. Backed bv
lio.e.n troons. entered the pM-co nnd
'lacked the Queen nnd two Indies of
thi court to pieces, afterwards burning the bodies with paraffin.
Pretty Lk3ly
Miss Lamb, sister of Charles, wns
fond of inity cheese, and on one occasion her brother was commissioned
to procur? a piece. When lie hnd selected what he thought would do, the
shop-man said, "Shall I pack it up,
"N-no, I���I th-thnnk y-you," Btam-
meted Lamb. "If���if you���you'll
g-l-ive me a���a string, I'll���I'll lead
it h-home."
Men Are Strange.
Mrs. Hoyle���Men have peculiar
Mrs. Doyle���That's so. I sometimes
Ind a ''ing giay hair on my husband'*
lbe  Problem.
"Literature ls very difficult," said one
"Yes," nnswered the other. "The
problem Is to be a llnaneiul success
without being a social failure."���Washington Star.
Just Like It.
Redd-1 understand that new auto-
molille of yours goes like the wind?
Greene���That's right. Nobody can tell
just when tbe wind Is golug to start or
when It Is golug to stop.���Yonkers
How to  Cure Thorn.
Pimples, face sores, and the kindred eruptions common to late winter and early spring, are the worst
disfigurements tlie fair sex have to
bear. The indoor life of winter has
caused impure matter which the skin
should get rid of for the blood, to
remain in the pores; tlie process of
"exhalation" is interrupted; the
general complexion suffers, and just
where the bud matter collects, pimples, ulcers, and sores quickly appear. To remove the impurities, 'he
pores must be opened and the functions of tlie skin stinn'l.'ited, liy the
vigorous application of Zani-Uuk
mc/.-njng and night, and washing frequently with Zam-Buk Medicinal
Soup. Zam-Buk reaches the root of
tlie disease by soaking through the
skin and tissue nnd its powerful her*
bnl juices expel disease nnd muke
the skin do its work, whicli can't be
done simply by the use of internal
medicine. Miss Ellen Smith, of Soin-
erville Ave., Toronto, snys: "My fnce
wns greatly disfigured by a skin eruption which nnnoyed me dreadfully
for months. I was advised to try
Zam-Bul! and I am glad I did for it
quickly removed the trouble and my
face is now clear of nil  eruptions."
Zam-Buk contains no niiimiil fat
whatever, but is n pure healing salve.
It cures cuts, burns, ehnlings, cold
���iores, itch, eczema, running sores,
ringworm, piles, bnd legs,   inflamed
patches, nnd nil diseased, injured
and irritated conditions of the skin.
Obtainable at all druggists and stores,
Mle.. or postpaid upon receipt of price
from   Znm-Biik   Co.,  Toronto.
Getting  Back.
Airs. Nugget���I see by the paper
that a certain sewing mneliine manufacturer claims liis machine will tnke
the place of a dozen women���
Mr. Nagget���Hull! It must hnve
a phonograph attachment. ���Philadelphia  Press.
A   Prime   Dressing   for   Wounds.���
In some factories und workshops carbolic neid is kept for cauterizing
wounds and cuts sustained by the
workmen. Far better to keep on hand
a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil.
It is just as quick in action and does
not scar the akin or burn the flesh.
There is no other Oil 'tnat has its
curative qualities.
Retort   Suitable   for   a   Fool.
"I believe I'll rock the boat," declared the man in the stern.
"Don't do it," advised the man in
the bow. "It might discharge this
unloaded pistol I have with me."���
Washington  Herald.
Chronic Coughs Cured
Mrs. Joseph Eccles, ol Dromore,
says: "1 took 4 or 5. bottles ol Psychine, nnd a cough 1 had continually for nine months disappeared, it
is the best reuiedv for chronic coughs'
Unit I ever used."
' Thousands of living witnesses pronounce Psychine tlie greatest medicine in the world. It is not a patent
medicine, but a proscription of a
great physician. Put it to the test
in any case of throat, lung or stomach
trouble oi* any run down or weak
condition. At all druggists, 50c and
$1.00, or Dr, T. A. Slocum, Limited,
She (during an alarm of burglars
in tlie night)���Can you see them,
John ?
He���Yes, it's all right; they re ju .
sampling those cigars you gave me;
so in a few minutes I'll be able to
tackle them easily!���London Opinion.
From October to May, Colds are the
most frequent causes of Headache.
LAXATIVE BKOMO QUININE removes cause.   E. W. Grove on box 25c.
"Whistling girls and crowing hens
were  outcasts  a  generation  ago."
"But now they enn both make
money in vaudeville."��� Louisville
all hard, soft or calloused luropB and
blemibhe. from horses, blood spavin,
curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney, stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, coughs.
eto. Save J60 by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Care
.iver  known.
"De faith cure," said Uncle Ebon,
"may be good fob some ailments, but
I hates to see a man standin' roun'
tryin' to i.iend his fences nn' Iif de
mortgage wif  it."���Washington  Star.
the   BEST  liniment  in   use.
I got mv foot badlv jammed lately,
I bathed'it freely with MINARD'S
LINIMENT, and it was ns well as
ever next day.
Yours very truly,
T,   G.   McMULLEN.
Jimmy���Teacher says dat old guy-
Argus  lind   a  hundred  eyes.
Billv���Gee! What a dandy baseball
umpire   he'd   make.���Chicago   News.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, stc.
"You say you met tlie defendant
on a street car and that he hud been
drinking nnd gambling," snid . the
attorney for the defence during the
"Yes," replied the witness.
"Did you see him take a drink?"
"Did you see him gambling?"
"Then how do you know?' demanded the attorney, "that the defendant had been drinking and gambling?"
"Well," explained the witness, he
gave the conductor a blue chip .for
iiis ear fare and told him to keep
the change."
The Reward That Came to a Student
With a  Heart.
Old Rothschild stories are popular
cow in Europe. "Some are true," says
an English writer, "some are only
clever, nnd many are simply Inventions. But all are read with Interest"
Here is oue from the Bystander, London:
"At a luncheon given by Empress
Eugenie at tbe Tuileries the bead of
the Paris house of Rothschild was
.-eated opposite a great painter. Roth-
-icbild was not blessed wltb good looks
nnd had, moreover, an expression of
listrcss and resignation combined. The
painter could not take his eyes off hlm,
:iud this worried Rothschild not a little. After the meal he nsked the painter wby he had taken so grent an interest In hlm, nnd to bis great amazement the painter Informed hiin that he
Ind studied him as a model for n beggar In a picture he was I lion evolving.
Rothschild's fnce brightened, and be
said. 'I will sit for you.' And lie did.
One day when he was posing a pupil
of tlie painter's was so touched by the
expression of woe on the face of the
model that he slipped a five franc piece
Into the 'poor man's' hand and vanished before nn explanation wns possible. The next dny lho young mnn .received MOO us interest on his well Invested 5 francs."
Hitting the Target Is Simply a Matter
of Mathematics,
now do we hit wltb the mortars?
An observer near the shore who sees
the target communicates the horizontal
and vertical angle at which to lay the
mortar and the Instant of time at
which to fire, and the gun does the
rest. If you were stuudiug ut the center of a lnrge clock dial laid flat on the
ground nnd wanted to hit with a base-
bull n inun walking around on tlie outside, you would notice how long it took
the mnn to get from I to II nnd ng.iln
from II to III. Then ynu would decide whether if the ball were thrown
over n point halfway between 1111 and
V just as he arrived opporllte I IT I the
man and the ball would reach the
same spot at the same time, It being
understood, of course, that he main-
talned uniform speed and direction and
that the ball wns thrown with proper
force. Instruments give us the range
nnd observations, und mechanical devices give us the range differences, Increasing or decreasing by certain short
Intervals of timo, too short for a ship
of any size to escape by attempting to
change direction or speed. Our observer's circle hns 30,000 divisions.���
Captain Howell in Scientific American,
Carelessness of the Hens.
The Bridies had been* In their new
country house for scarcely a week before the girl who weut out to hunt for
strictly fresh eggs came back empty
"Where are the eggs, Ellon?" asked
Mrs. Bridle.
'Sure, mum, Ol couldn't folnd 8
"Did yon look In the henhouse?"
"Yls, iiiiini."
"And In the hnymow?"
"Ol whit all over the plnce."
"And the maimer?"
"Tliey wnrn't there, mum."
"Well, sometimes Henry collects the
eggs In n basket nnd bungs It under
lhe cow shed."
"Ol found the basket, but It wnz
linpty. Ol hunted nil over the place
���mil. high nor low, sorra a sign of thim
eggs could Ol foind anywhere."
"Dear ine," snld Mrs. Bridle absently, "I hope they haven't been mislaid!"
- Loudon Scraps.
It Is a Risky Place For a Traveler to
Visit Alone.
Every traveler iu China goes to the
tomb of the Mings if he stays more
tbun a few days In Shanghai. The
Chinese consider tbe Mings the greatest rulers of tbe aucleut kingdom, and
they rank second only to Confucius
The tomb is composed of two colossal
figures facing encb other and elaborately carved In the style affected by
Chinese artists centuries ago. Seen iu
Central park or Versailles they would
look grotesque enough, but stuudiug as
they do among bleak and lonely bills,
outlined ngtiinst tho clear blue oriental
sky, they hnve n rude grandeur and
Imposing simplicity which make them
seem (It guardians of imperial dust.
It Is not an easy journey the tourist
must take If ho wishes to pay his respects to the stone.giants, nor is It n
trip advisable for a woman to under
lake, ns it lies through a region where
hatred of the "white devils" is consid
ered us much a part of the Chinaman's
religion ns the worship of his ancestors. A donkey and a guide ure necessary, nnd It is nlso wise to get n party
if sightseers together for thc excur
ion If possible und to go well armed.
Tor once a foolhardy traveler sturted
forth nlone from Ihe hotel ou the Bub
bling Well rond, Sliniiglini, to visit the
lo.mb of the Mings, and he wns never
leurd of again. There are many places
;i the purlieus of Shanghai eveu where
il Is Imprudent fora white inun to ven
ure nlone In broad daylight. An ex
:rn donkey Is nlso needed to carry pro
.islons as well as the cameras, foi
uost tourists want a" picture of the
oweriug images which have so sue
.essfully withstood the wear of the
Are responsible for ita
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Or perhaps your sick kidneys
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are suffering with Rheumatism,
Sciatica, Lumbago or Neuralgia ?
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guarantee with every box. If, after taking
Oin Pills, you can't say that you are any
better, return the box and your dealer will
refund the money. Try than, on thla
guarantee of a cure or money back. 50c. a box
���6 tor |i.jo.   At dealers or from 103
Men should
look for this
Tag on
Tobacco. It
guarantees the high quality of
Black Watch
The Big Black Ping.
Odd Nortli German Custom,
in northern Germany a familiar flg
arc of tin* rural districts Is n quaint
ikl gentleman whose bat Is very much
decorated   ivitb   flotvors  and   partlcol
Ored ribbons and  who carries a stall
to tlie toji of  which  Is  lied  n  bug.
bunch of real or artificial flowers knotted to it by Ions streamers of slmllai
ribbons.    According to tbe district, his
costume also Is old fashioned and unusual iu other ways.    He Is tbe "boch
zeltbltter," or person employed among
tbe country foils to go from bouse to
house and  Invite  guests to attend  a
wedding.   He delivers himself of a set
speech   In   nn   old    "Piatt   Deutsch"
rhyme when he arrives at each place.
, accompanying ll with wagglns* Sf thi
J head aud stninplng of the staff, nud Is
. generally lu rather a jovial condition
' by the time his lay's labors are ended.
Flax  tbe  Best  Paying Crop  for  New
Settlers���It   Prepares   the   Soil
for Wheat��� Tho Yield
and   Prices.
The question bus been nsked bow
does tbe yield of flaxseed compare
witli the yield of wheat per acre, and
now do the prices obtained for tin-
two crops OOmpare. A report recently issued by the Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture shows that
the average yield of flaxseed and
wheat respectively for the last throe
veil rs  wits  as  follows:
Yield of Flax-      Yield of Wheat
seed per acre. per acre.
1005      15.73  bushels.      23.09 bushels.
11)06       9.35  bush-els.      21.40  bushels.
1907      10,91  bushels.      14.04 bushels.
Thus the average yield of flaxseed
per acre for the three years was
ibout twelve bushels per acre, while
.ho average yearly yield of wheat
was about nineteen and 11 half busb-
ils per acre. It is probable that the
���educed yield of flaxseed per acre in
,900 and 1907 as compared with 1905
,vatj due to the fact that may Saskatchewan farmers grew flax three
,-ears in succession on the same soil.
To get the best results from flaxseed
t must not be sown year after year
.11 the same soil, Nearly every fur
riot in 'he North-West has land enough to sow part in Hax and part in
jtlier crops, changing about to get
.lie proper rotation. The best results are always obtained when flax*
ieed is sown after the first breaking
if the prairie soil.
As regards prices at the present
Jine, No. 1 wheat and flaxseed an*
selling nt nearly the same prices, but
this is very unusual, being due cliief-
y to the following facts. 1. Then
was an exceptionally benvy crop oi
laxseed in the Argentine Republic
and other parts of South America last
/ear. 2. Tlie financial depression
caused a falling off In the production
if those classes of goods in the mak-
.ng o' wliicu flaxseed and linseed oil
ure used ns raw materials. These
causes nre very exceptional and may
lot occur again for years. Lastyeai
.is high as 1.1.38 per bushel was paid
ior flaxseed, and the average price
was about $1.27 per bushel. On the
other hand the price of wheat is at
present exceptionally high. Then in
considering the yield of wheat laet
year as compared with that'*of flax.
it should be noted that much of the
.vheat did not grade very high and
would not command the full price.
However the important point to
remember regarding flaxseed is that
it can be sown so much later than
wheat that very often a farmer can
utilize land t-.at would otherwise go
without any crop at all. After the
wheat, oats and barley have been
iowii the flaxseed may be put in.
Then except in the early spring the
ilax is less liable to injury from frost
than the wheat, and the farmer who
has part of his land in flaxseed may
ieel that be is insured against total
loss if frost should destroy his wheat.
The new settlers are the ones for
whom flaxseed is the most profitable,
not only because it can be sown later
than any other crop, but also because when sown on flrst breaking it
prepares the land for a wheat crop
the following year. Thus the farmer
gets the auvantage of a good paying
crop the first year from land which
would otherwise yield him no return
at all, and he has a bigger crop of
wheat on the same soil tbe following
/ear, because the flax crop rots the
sod and disintegrates it.
An  Easy Task.
"Lieutenant Shackleton, tho young
iMiglisliman who will try to reach
the soutli pole in a motor car, is
intrepid and humorous," said a New
York geographer.
"At a dinner in Lieutenant Shnc-
-.deton's honor I once beard him say
with a humorous glance toward several grizzled explorers whose lives
und been passed in looking for the
north  pole:
" 'After all, who was this Colum
bus that we should make such a fuss
jver him? Surely, gentlemen, Col-
imbus was an overrated man. The
tusk he performed was an easy one
Why, he discovered America the very
.irst time he went to look for it."
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
The Golfers'  Limerick.
A well-known Derbyshire doctor has
just   resigned  his   membership   of   a
Midland  golf  club,  his  letter to  the
ecietary  of  the club  reading:���
A canny old Scot writes to say
Hint.at golf be no more will play;
He thinks nowt of the game,
So please strike out his name
And  his  wife's  from  the  club  right
The secretary of the club was not to*
'ie  outdone,  and he  sent the doctor
.lie following reply:���
A canny old Scot like you ought
i'o play golf like a Vardon untaught;
As I've now got to rub
Your name from the club
Your subscription  amounts to 0.
London Daily News.
"I can't say that I like that Miss
Cliickley. '
"You don't ! *,. hy, her "father is
worth $10,000,000."
"Yes,  I know."
"And money talks."
"Yes,   but   it   shouldn't   giggle.
The Home Paper.
The mail or woman who dues not
rend his or her home papers can not
keep in touch with things at homo
and hoine matters to each and every
one of us, says the National Daily.
A great journalist is on record as
saying that the real secret of success
in journalism is knowledge and proper appreciation of tlio true perspective of news. The same idea was
somewhat differently expressed by
11 Parisian who declined that "a dead
dog on a Parisian boulevard was of
far more importance to a resident ef
Paris than tne drowning of tlie population of a whole province in China.
Ot the overflowing of the Yalu river."
It is tlio duty and it ought to be
the pleasure of a town, village or
rural oommunityto support the town,
village or county paper or papers.
Tn doing so there is mutual benefit
that must be beneficial to the entire
community. The country press of
today is more enlightened and is conducted on a higher plane than it ever
was. The so-called provincial press
was never as worthy of support as it
is right now. Good papers make for
the good of the community in which
they are printed and circulated. No
resident of a town or rural district
can be said to keep in step with the
times and with bis fellowinen, who
does not support and read his local
paper. It may seem to the unthinking that some of the chronicling, i.f
the country press are of a trivial
nature, but one of America's greatest poets aptly says: "These littlo
tilings are great to little men." And
what is any man but little when compared with infinitude?���Western Publisher.
To Build Up
After Crip
There is no restorative treatment
comparable to Dr. A. W. Chase's
Nerve Food.
Few, if any, ilisunses so quickly
and thoroughly exhaust tlie human
strength and vitality as the grippe
and pneumonia. A few days' sickness and then weeks or even montli3
are required to get back the old
But by means of Dr. A. W. Chase's
Nerve Food to sharpen tbe appetite
and to supply in condensed and
easily assimilated form the elements
which go to form rich, red blood you
can hasten recovery and restoration
to a remarkable degree.
Without such assistance many drag
6ut a miserable existence of weakness only to become victims to some
dreadful disease.
When the blood is thin and weak
and the nervous system exhausted,
no matter from what cause, Dr. A.
VV. Chase's Nerve Food can be positively relied upon to gradually and
naturally   build   up   the   system.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Food, 50
cents a box, at all dealers or Edinan-
son, Bates & Co., Toronto, Ont. To
protect you against imitations the
portrait and signature of A. W. Chase,
M.D., tbe famous Receipt Book author, are on every box.
to hear from owner having H
A   600D   FARMl
for sale.     Not  particular   about   location. fi
Pleaee Hive   pricu and   deRcription,   and rea- ���
niui for Hi-Mini.-     -State whon   pow-esaion can ���
be had.   Will deal with owner**, only. ���
L. Darbyahlre. Ho* 9H4.   RoohOflter, N. T. |
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name and address
. for IS piece* of
-^wetjr;ytowllatl-OceniieaL*a. Wheniold Kent' 'in tho
jR&SS,^d���6V'm,"md HS.lhMe TWO SOLID GOLD
filled RINGS. We trunt you with tho Jewelry and w.l l-wnd
ftallchorifeipald.  Send us your -ln-iiio and addrt'SBnow.
STAR MPQe CO.,70E07Bt.,M0VIDIM0S.lt(n.B.l_
0    FOR      *
and a guarantee of positive satisfaction to the wearer. If you want
comfort  and service,  ask for
KING   of the   ROAD
W.   N.   U.   No.   686. THE  SLOCAN   MINING  REVIEW.   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
Bank of cMontreat,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST, 911,000,000
President���Lobd Stbathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gbokgb A. Drumuond.
General Manager���E. S. Cloubton.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Slocan Land District ���District ol
West Kootenay.
Take notice that C.  Provost of On-
  tario, fanner, in 60 days from date, mj
...      ,       .    tt *~*      t tends to apply to the chief commisioner
Take Notice that I,  Harvey Fife, of of T_,ftn_a 8nu* Worka for permission  to
Slocan, miner, intend sixty days-from purchase  tbe following described land
the date hereof, to apply  to lb.. Chief Commencing at a post planted 200 feet
Commissioner of Lanus and Works  for eoutn 0- .������, Bouth weBt corner 0< Block
permission  to puichase tbe  followin-- 716i running norlh 60 chains,  west 60
described   lands:   Starting  at  a   post chainB, soutli 10 chains, east  60 chains
planted on C.P.R. survey line, running following the river to pointof couinience-
enst to Lot 8701, thence nortli to comer ment.
of lot 7702, thence east 40 chains, thence     Located April llth, 1908.
south 20 chains, tbence west to C. P. R. q PROVOST,
survey line, following said line to point jeig p*  Provost, Agent,
of commencement, containing 120 acres, \
more or less. 	
Special Offer
���   Mt. ��� **���.�����.���*. .��.-*��������..-1    ---*----.. .._-_-_      _._._.__._._._._._._._._._..
Warm Weather is Coming!
Slocan flDtnlno Review.
Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnvKHTisiNii RaTBS :
Notices to Delitl incut Owners - |I2.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.80
"      " Purchase of Luml   -    7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber O.uO
All locals will ho charged for ut, the rate
of 15*:. per line each issue.
Transient rates mado known on application.    No rouin for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cbeipiee payable to
Editor and Publisher.
, To John McCiskill or to whomsoever
he mav have trailfeired bis interest in
lhe Mnllie IIo | e minimi claim siluated
lniir Cody, located the 4lh day of July,
1004, in tbe Slocan Mining .Division of
Weft Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended two hundred and live dollars
(.205.00) in payment in lieu of work
and recording f��*es upon the above
tiHmeil mineral claim iu order to hold
the same under the provision of the
mineral net, section 2*4, and if within DO
davs from the date of this notice jou
fail or refuse to contribute your pro-
portion of lbe above mentioned sum
together with all costs of advertising,
your interest in the said claim will become Ihe property of the undersigned,
under section 4 of the mineral act
Amendment act., 1900.
Daled at Cody, this llth dav of May,
All Children's
White Lawn Dresses
��� AND ���
Ladies' Underskirts
At Cost Price.
::i YOU A
May 2, 1908.
John Ground, Agent.
Make yourself familiar with the
-above rates and Save Trouble.
The following letter, from (lie Mc
Naughton Fruit and Produce Exchange,
has been received by Mr. H. Cue, Secretary of the Town Improvement Society,
ami will be of iutenst to shippers of
Dear Sir,
As the strawberry season is getting
very close, we take tlie liberty of
writing you in reference to metbodB of
From experience of past years we
are in a position lo tell you that
shipping strawberries in ordinary express cars in large quantities, when
tbey have lo be transferred once or
ofteuer on tbe way, is anything but a
satisfactory method of transportation.
We strongly advise growera who
have a large enougli quantity to
load refrigerator cars to do so, and
would advise growers with smaller
quantities to get together and load refrigerator cars between them, and
then have tbe cars hitched to express
trains. In tbis way we believe a
lower rate can be obtained and the
refrigeration will mean that the berries will land in our market in good
condition, and if tbere is one thing
tbat tbis maiket is famous for, we
think it ia long prices fur fancy quality of fruit. We have, durii.g ihe
winter time, consulted several times
witli the C. P. R. officials here with
reference to a refrigerator car service
for B.C. fruit to Winnipeg, and we
have tlieir assurance that refrigerator
cars will be placed at the princip:
fiuit shipping points in B.C. three
tunes a week if necessary, providing
tbey get reasonable assurance that
cars will  be loaded.   They ask   for
Marmion andMaiyland Mineral Claims,
situate iu the Slocan City Mining Division   of   West   Kootenay   Distiict.
Where   located: On   Tiger  Cieek, a
branch of the second  north fork of
Lemon Crei-k.
Take notice that I,  Henri Robert
Jorand, F. M. C. No. B4800, acting as
agent for R. Randolph Bruie, F. Ii, C.
No. B85053, intend, sixty dsys from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
coider for a Certificate of Improvements
for lhe purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grunt to an   undivided   four-fifths in
each of the above claims.
And further lake notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
beloie the issuance of such Ceitilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of May, 1908.
Jy 30. H. R. JORAND.
Slocan Land District���District of West
Take notice that Eli Lolonde, of Ontario, farmer, inlemls tu apply for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at n post
planted on the north side of Lemon
Creek 1)_ miles west of lhe first norlh
fork of Lemon creek, thence north 40
chainB, ihence east 40 chains, thence
couth 40 chains to Lemon creek, thence
west 40 chains folluwing Lemon creek
to point of commencement.
April 18, 1908.
Frank Provost, agent.
Slocnn Land Distiict���District of
West Kootenay,
Take notice that J. Crow, Slocan,
B.C., miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands. Commencing at a post
running north 250 feet to the sontb-west
comer of Block 7101, tlience east 80
chains, thence south 60 chains to the
river more or less to the west, 80 chains
following therivertopointof commencement. Located April lllh, 1908.
Jel8 J- CROW.
Kaslo Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take Notice that Lilian E. Gelbing,
of bloean City, married woman, intends
to apply for permission to purchase lhe
following described land : Commencing
ai a post planted at the south-west corner ol lot 3810 about five miles from
Slocan City, Ihence south 40 chains,
tlience west 20 cliains, thence north 40
chaius, tlience last JO cliains to point
of commencement, containing 80 acres.
Robert George Henderson, Agent.
April 27th, 1908. Jy30
Take notice that J. J, Atherton, of
New Denver, B.C., printer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase
following described land. Commencin)
at a po.-t planted on the south side
Lemon Creek, about one hundred am
fifty feet south-west ol lhe mouth of
the first north fork of Lemon creek,
running souih 20 chains, tbence wist
40 chains, thence noith 20 chains, to
Lemon cirek, ihence east 40 chains
following 1*111011 Creek to place of commencement.
Dated this 8th day of April, 1908.
Sweet Grass, Wilm er, Ivan,and Wil-
mer Fractional mineral claims, situate in the Slocan Mining division of
West Kootenay District. Where located: Un Goat Mount ain north of
Denver Siding.
Take notice that I, Frank C. Green,
riding as agent for George Bonller,
Free Miners Ce'rtillcate Nu. B12865, intend 00 days from the date hereof lo
apply to the mining recorder for certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
And furl her take notice that action
under section 87, must be commenced
before tlie issuance of such Certilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this lllh day of Jan. A.D. 1908
Ap. 10 Nelson, B.O.	
Bosun Hall Stores
Big Specials for the
Balance of June.
Now is your chance to compare Prices.
I   Don't be salted!   Here you are!!
... .
��� II .
... .
,.< .
Nelson Land District���Distiict
of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat A. E. Haigb, of
Kakusp, loco fireman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
detcribed lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the west side of Lot 8805,
< about five cliains from Box Lake, thence
north 20 chains, tbence west 20 chains,
thi nee south 20 coains, tbence east 20
chains, to tbe point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or less.
Dated June 17th, 1908.
Augl4 A. E. HAIGH.
C. P. R. tell us that tbey could make
the run in five or six days.
In suggesting that shippers club together to make np a sufficient quantity for a car load we might mention
that if boxes are plainly marked, each
shipper ia certain to get tbe correct
return for his own goods and his proportion of freight will be charged to
his account.
Hoping Ihat the opening fruit sea-
eon will be a satisfactory one for you.
and assuring you that we will do our
utmost at this end to make it eo,
We remain.
Yours truly,
McNaughton Fruit and Prod. Ex.
Jim McKenzie, of tbe Ruth mine,
who had his leg fractured, ia progressing
favourably and able  to be around on
about ten days' notice, and of course j crutches
when you are ordering refrigerator
cars vou will need to state that you
want them pulled by express train:-*.
Of course if you wish to use refrigerator cars with the freight trains, we
feci that your fruit U quite safe lo
land here in good condition, as the
The tug "Arrow" fell foul of her
cable this iFriday) morning, getting it
twisted round the propeller, and required the assistance of the str. "Slocan." Owing to this reason the steamer
did not arrive at New Denver until
General Merchant   ���   New Denver
JUST ARRIVED.   A large shipment of Groceries, orange",
lemons,   bananas, and  candies of   various and  tiuty  kinds.
Rinc up our store.    Telephone instated.     Cau also give
Immediate delivery.
Cull and see ou Assortment of Men's Summer Underwear
Socks, GloVe**, Overalls, Collars, Ties, Hats, etc.
Q" *****************************************et******
Hotel Grand, Nakusp j
Proprietor:  H. J. LaBRASH
t White help employed only.       A Home from Home.      Fully equipped
t for High-Class Trade.       Excellent Accommodation and
* Splendid Cuisine Always,
J Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
t     Choicest Liquors, Wines,  and  Cigars.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootmiiy.
Take Notice tbat William Clough of
Slocan City, occupation miner, intends
to apply for permission 10 purchase the
lollowing described land : Commencing
at a post planted on the weet s de of
Slocan lake about one and a half miles
nortli ol Evan's creek and marked "Win.
C.'s south-east comer post," tbence
west 20 chains, thence north 40 cliains,
thence east 20 chains, tbence soutli 40
chains, following shore of lake to point
of commencement and containing 80
acres more or less.
April 30th, 1908. Jy30.
201"os Granulated Sugar, $1.
31b. caddy No. 1 Tetley's Ceylon Tea, $1
12 bars Eclipse Soap, 46c.
8 bars Sunlight Soap. 45c
Canada Flakes, big prize package,,25c.
3 packages Raisins, 35c.
Grape Nuts, per package, 15c.
Postum Coffee, lib. package, 20c.
Cream of Wheat, per package, 20c.
Macdonald's Chewing Tobaoco, piug, 10c
Slocan Lnnd District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take Notice that John Thomas Chapman, of Lemon Creek, rancher, intends
to apply for permission to purchase tho
following described land: Commencing
at a post planted on tbe west boundary
of Lot 382, Group 1, immediately noith
of Slocan river and marked "J, T. C.
south-east corner," thence north 40
chuins, tbence west 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 20 chains,
to the point of commencement, containing 80 acres more or less.
May 15th, 1908. Jy30
Dealer in Mines, Mineral Prospects,
fruit lanes an&
General IRcal Estate
Preliminary  examinations of  Property   for prospective purchasers a
12 years experience in the Slocan. All
business promptly attended to and
satisfaction guaranteed.
P.O. Box 112, Silverlon, B.C.
Slocan Land District���Dietrict of
Take notice that Beulah Mary Sbep-
ard, of Lethbringe, Alta., married no-
man, intends to apply for permission
to purchase lhe following described
lauds: Commencing at a post planted
on the east shore of Slocan lake about
sixmiles from SlocanCity markedB.M.S.
N. E. Comer post, tbence south 80
chains, thenca weat 20 chains, Ihence
north 80 chains alongshore of Slocan
Lake, thence east 20 chains to point of
com mencement.
April 24th, 1908.
Jy23 Jesse 1. Tipping, agent
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Tako   notice   that    Clara   Gertrude
Spooner, of Nelson,  B.C., married woman, intends to  apply  for   permission
to purchase the following described land :
Commencing at a post planted at the
north cast corner of Lot 8784 Group 1
Kootenay,    thence   south    20   chains,
tlience east 20  ohains,  thence norlh  20
ohains  Ihence   west 20 chuins to the
point of commencement and containing
40 acres more or lePB.
Win, H. Courteiiay, agent.
April 13th, 1908. Jy2
Slocan Land Distiict���Distiict of West
Tako notice that G. Provost, of Ontario, farmer, intends to apply fur permission lo purchase the following described lauds: Commencing at a post
planted on the north branch of Lemon J, \V. M. Bennett, of Pandnn, BC
creek, and 20 chains ea��tof loll), Ihence he.. by give noiice that I intend to apply
west 20 chains, thence norlh 80 chains, lo the Board ot License Commiss'oneiS
tlienee east 20 chains,  thence south 80 0f the Cily of Sandon, U.C., at is next
chuins to point of commencement
April 22nd, 1908.
Jyl F. Provost, agent
Slocan Land Dii-tricf���District of West
Take notice thai Olo. Finaltebrek, of
New Denver, Miner, intends to apply
for permission to pnrcliii��e the following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted about 4 miles from Enterprise
landing on Ten mile creek, near W. E.
Koch's old saw-mill. O. S.'s S. E.
conur p st, Ihence nor h 10 chain**,
thence west. 10 chains, Ihence nortli 10
chains,  thence  west 10 chains,  thence
north 20 chains, thence west 20 chains, ...tnri. c    ��S7    *r*      111      n.-ui***
thence souih 40 chains, thenceeast 40 comfort foi the 1 raveling Public.
clmins to tho point, uf commencement,
and containing 110 acres more or less.
April 80lh, 10.8,
Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
If not, get one, and experience the Delight
of a Comfortable Rest in the Shade.
1,. 1
... ���
, ���.
... .
... ���
... .
��� HI
< HI
1 Ml
.,< 1
... 1
ups DRim wi
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish iu season,
Hermann Clever
���   M.
1iO , , , ,
:::: new Denver. B.C. H;:
. .* . **��
��� ������*
I, .AAAAAAAAA*+****************+*:~rA.<..+**Ai.A****,\.****. ,1 .
I  .     ���*. >. J. i. .���  .*-  I  XJ, .I. its sis its __L aa, Js ill 4i .Hull Jnll ___H_h 4_k_L_L_t A ������  ___ -��--��-sJL s*. .fs sT. ���*��� s's  Its _!���___ _ft ."nfi ifc A*   l<  I
CERTIFICATE OFmPROVEMENTS        profc00|o|-JaI (frfta.*
Emporium Mineral   Claim  situate in	
tbe Slocan Mining .Division of West
| Kootenav I)i*trict.    Where located:
On Payne gulch adjoining the Mercury
Mineral claim.
Take notice that I, Win. S. Drewry,
nclingas agent f*>r Win. II. Yawkey,
F.M.O. No. B4908, Wm. H. Yawkey.
Cyrus Yaw kev, and Augusta Lydia
Austin, F.M.C. No, B4969, executors of
the W. C. Yawkey estate, and John D.
Fanell, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B17586, intend 60 days from the date
hereof, to applv to mining recorder for
a ceitilicate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
ihe nbove claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must b�� commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated thia 23id duy of Apiil, A.D. 1908.
<B. WWiG
'  Jeweller and
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kuotenay.
Take noiice that Francis Woodbury
Spooner, of Nelson, B.C., Real estate
agent, intends to apply for permission
to purchase tl.e followingdescrihrd land.
Commencing at a post planted at. the
north-east corner of Lot 8774, Group J
Kootenay, thence south 20 chains, thence
east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 40 acres
more or less.
William Henry Courteiiay, agent.
Take Notice that I, Jesse T. Tipping of
Slocan City, B.C., occupation, miller,
intends to appiy for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
one and a half mile south east of Slocan
City, B.C., m-ar the north bouudarv of
W. C. E. Koch's land, thence norlh 60
clmins, ihence cast 60 chains, thence
eouth 60 clmins, thence wes-tOO cliains
and containing 'SOO acres more or leis
Slocan Citv, B.C. March 2nd, 1908.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay  and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Hocan Land District���District of
West Kootenny.
Take notice that John Wafer of Slocan, B.C., miner, intends lo apply for
pei mission lo piiichiise tbe following
di-B'iib.d land: Commencing at a post
planted at the north-west corner of Lot
8226, Group 1, West Kootenay district,
tlience n rth 30 chains, thence cast 20
chains, lhvncu south 20 chains, thence
west 20 chains to the point of commence-
mput, and containing 40 acres more or
Dated May 21st, 1908. Augl8
S Hotel
Slocan City,  ���*���  ��.<��.
Headquarters and home
of the old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every oue who
wishes a square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
f. ��. (Bviffitb
, that we intend to apply
Take noiice.
to the Board of L;c*nee Commissioners',
ot the City of Sandon, B.C., to transfer
the hotel license for the Hotel Reco,
this day assigned lo us by W. M. Bennett, of Sandon, B.C.
Dated ttiie 6th day of June, A.D. 1908.
regnUir s;ttings, for a transfer of my
liotcllicense for the Hotel Reco, Sandon, B.C., to Harris and Kelly, Sandon,
Dated this 81 ll dav of June, A.D. 1008.
W. M. BENNETT, Licensee.
Gbe Slocan Ibotel
Gbree forhs,
36. C.
Headquarters for Mining Men
wheu visiting this famous Silver-
I.ead   Mining   Camp.        Every
funerals conducted on t-'liort
notice at nny point. In the district,   shells always ln stock.
flD flDcXean, SInvkr
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Hotel Rosebery
���RosebevE,��. (5.
Well furnished rooms.
First-class   Cuisine.
Summer Excursion Rates
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO   $73.50
NEW YORK    1108.50
MONTREAL $105.00
ST. LOUIS $67.50
TORONTO $94.40
OTTAWA $105.00
ST. JOHN,  NB $120.00
HALIFAX $131.20
SYDNEY, C.B $130 90
Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,
June 5, 6, 19, and 20, July 6, 7,
22, and 23, and August 6, 7, 21,
and 22. 1908.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
Rooras���Tickets are good via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago are good via Great
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
Jon.N Mok, D.P A , Nelson, B.C.
C. E. McPimasos, G.P.A.,
Winni-eg, Man.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
NELSON,   B.C.  :
New Denver Lodge No. ti
��P<1. of F=>.
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Clever Block, every
MONDAY   evenjng   at
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -   -   Proprietor.
factute iORp*, polnhes, flavoring e-rtncti, per*
fumM, toilet articln medicines, baking pew-
dci\ tmlvct, liniments, itock and poultry rem-1
���dire, household specialties md novelties in ��
your own home at small cost, Mixers Guide is ,
��� paper devoted to the business, three months ���
trial subscription (or 10c; sample free
MK&RS QUIDH. Foil Madison, town.
Ladies' Dress 10c
Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towels, handercbiefs, petticoats, socks, etc  .50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 16c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Tie lew Denver Winter Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, and
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake
L. SCAIA, Proprietor
P.O. Box 20.
Is the Home for all Mining Men when at the famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Copy Rooms and flrst-claes table.    Sample Rooms.
I will make vour stay with me a pleasant one.
Take notice that Frank Provost, of
Slocan City, B.C., miner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land. Commencing
at a post planted nt Ihe mouth of tbe
First North Fork of Lemon Creek, running nortli 40 chaine, Ihence West 80
chains, tbence sonlh 40 chains nioie or
le-s, to Lemon Creek, tlience enst 80
chains following Lemon Creek to place -���}���
of commencement.
Dated this 8th dav of April, 1908.
Steam Laundry
For First-Class Work.
I The Crown Tailoring:
Co., Toronto, Ont.
For Spring and Summer Suits
Best Samples Ever Shown "
iu  B.C.
See tliem at the L lorna
Shaving Parlor,
Get price
liet from J. E.
Local Agent.
Palnia Angrignon;
General Freighting
and Transfer.
New Denver, B.C.
Take notice tbat il. Piovost, of Ontario, farmer, intends to apply for permission to pmcliaee tbe following described lands. Commencing at a poat
running north 20 chains, tbence east 40
cliains, tbence souih 20 chains mora
or lees to lbe liver thence west 40 chains
follow ing the liver to point of commencement.
located April llth, 1908.
Jel8 F. Provost, Agent.
Tnke notice Ihat Nels Legrod, farmer,
intends to apply for permission lo purchase the lollowing de cribed land:
Commencing at this post rnuning north
20 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
s nub 20 chains more or less to the rlv r
thence east 40 chains following the
river lo point of commencement.
Located April llth. 1908.
F. ProVoBt, Agent.


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