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Slocan Mining Review 1907-07-18

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Slocan Mining Review.
J"L      <     a
3. C
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. 47    Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, July   iS, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
the deep sense of gratitude I feel toward
tho Council for the uniform courtesy
1 have received at their hands, for the
sympathy and moral suppoit that has
been mine at all times, aud for the
manner in which they have overlooked
my many failings. I am, gentlemen,
Sinoerely yours,
C Fl. Lyons.
Aid. Towgood proposed Ihat the resignation should not be accepted, but
Aid. Waite jumped to his feet and said
that was a most unparliamentary proposal.
" Well, then," said Aid. Bennett, " I
move that the letter lie on lhe table," a
proposition which was promptly seconded hy Aid. Towgood.
A remark from Aid. Wailn touching
the Clerk's salary, brought forth a protest from Aid. Towgood that these
sneering remarks were uncalled for and
out of older," and the Mayor promptly
rebuked the offender.
It looked as if the verbal dynamite
would explode .lmight off, but with
tact the Clerk explained that as far as
he was concerned his decision was
"final and unalterable." He said it
was not a question of sentiment with
him, it was purely a matter of dollars
and cents. lie supposed if he had not
tions were ordered to be filed. The ! something better in view ho would be
last was left on the table to be discussed | glad to ban*, on to the Corporation just
under "new business." j as long as there was any money in the
All accounts submitted were on the treasury. Hut he had something belter
motion of Aids. Gomm and Bennett in view, and he asked the Council to
adopted together with the report of the ' accept his resignation.
Mayor and Health Officer
Lock Horns Over Matter
of Latfer's Salary.
A regular meeting of the City Council
Wns held on Wednesday night, his Worship the Mayor (.1. R. Cameron) in the
chair, there also being present Aids.
Gomm, Towgood, Hurley, McLeod,
Waite and Dennett.
The regular routine business was
Waded through, which was as follows:
Minutes of last Council meeting read
and adopted.
Communications were rend from G.S.
Wilson, secretary Canadian Association
of Municipalities, re affiliation; E. E.
Chipinaii, gold commissioner, authorizing clearance of creek above town; C.
E. Lyons, resigning positions as City
Clerk, Chief of Police, As_csror, and
Collector.     The lirst  two cominuni.a-
Mayor (to Council) : There, gentlemen; don't you think my little talk
did some good ?
Waite: Hold hard, Mr. Mayor; it
would be most improper to pay the
amount before the end of the year.
Mayor: Yes; Quite right. You must
i wait till you have earned it ?
Bennett: Here, hold on you fellowf���
? Xocal -wc- General.
*   Picked up b> Huttliii; In Everywhere.    *
Everybody at, ice-cream but father.
The flag of a thousand battles floated
o'er the silent ���" A'mill on the glorious
13th.    It is supposed that the president
II. 0. (As he pencilled out his resig*  0f the School for Scandal put it there,
nation): Then I call back the f 100. Thej    Ml.fl  Iaw aml M|M ,VR,kel. ,vholmve
tt'Ogoes,     (Will, warmth) Here, r.ad | been visiting  Mrs. McAllister at Cody  camp, and we hope they will   long   re-
Phil Mitchell is   in  from Silveiton. I
The new Presbyterian minister, Rev.
iV. Chalmers, is making a decided hit.
He is a native of Atild Scolia with just
enough of the hraw dialect in his deliv-
eiy to make him a pleasing and effective preacher. He also is an accomplished violinist, and will be a great
acquisition to musical circles. Mr. and
Mrs. Chalmers nre an ideal couple for
thc necessary mission work in a western
Finance Committee.
The report of the committee appointed to interview J. M. Hirris re water
supply through fire hydran's, was on
motion of Alls. Waite and Gomm received and filed.
The latter gave rise to a lengthy and
hoa'.e 1 dis ���ii-si'*u, in  which Aid. Waite
This was reluctantly done, and Aid.
Waite asked what they were going lo
do about finding a successor.
Bennett: Your'e In a mighty big
hurry. We'll iix you up and put the
star on you.
Waite: You'll do nothing of the kind.
McLeod: 1 thought of  putting in for
this. (Warmer) I do not propose to
get thc small end of the horn from this
Board any longer.
Mayor (banging the Uble and making
tho ink fly): You'll get no big end of
the horn, (ir, while I am Mayor.
After bolh sides had paid their coin*
plinn nti to each other aud uttered a
few phrases of an endearing nature, the
matter was left in status quo.
Aid. Hurley drew atlentioil to the had
state of the roads In the upper town
and on Sunnysile. Rei airs were
authorized to be done.
Towgood���Waite : That W. T. McClorf.
be appointed to audit the books for tlie
year.    Carried.
The Council then adjourned.
for the past two weeks, left for their
home in Slocnn City on Wednesday
Miss Walker sustained a painful accident to her foot the previous day, she
unfortunately running a sharp spike
through it.
Kiss Jean Andrew* and Dorothy Fingland   l.ft on    Wednesday's    train   for
Was strong for a public meeting of rate-  the job myself
payers to discuss the question.
The Mayor and Aids.  Towgood, Ben-
Hurley : Same heie.
Waile: No, Alderman Bennett;   You
nett and GO'tlnh expiessed the opinion will novor have another opportunity of
that they had been elected to the Voting as to whether or no I shall bo
Couni il to grapple with such difficulties
and  they did  not propose to do other
wise to see the matter through.
Aid. Waite stood pat for a public.
meeting, but on a division the "nays "
had it by 5 lo I.
The discussion centred upon an old
account for water reaching into livo
figures reiidi red by J. M. Harris as
president of the Sandon Water and
Light Co., against which the City lias a
contra account of magnitude for (axes.
The present Council being essentially a
fighting one, and the other side having
attained considerable repute at the same
game, il, looked as if the Council won Id
settle the anomalous state of affairs
which existed prior to their term of
Aid. Bennett pointed out Ihat Mr.
Harris had expressed his willingness
to effect a settlement on a basis of .75
per month for the years 1905 and 11)00
and deferred interest of li por cent., and
commencing with the present year at a
rate of $60 por month for water supplied
to the Fire Department. And as far as
the City's account was concerned he
thought an amicable settlement conld
bu made, but Mr. Harris had expressed
his atlention of appealing against his
assessments al the next Court of
A resolution was then adopted, which
will   cover  the  ground,  and alter  the
press representative had been solicited
not  to   publish  its text, it was carried.
The report of the Chief of Police
showed lines and penalties collected for
May and June, to be .25.
Scavenger's report showed collections
for April, .18.25; May . 10.76.
NKW   llliSlNESS.
It was agreed lo hold the first silling
of the Court of Revision on the 27tli of
August next, and that the Mayor and
Aldermen constitute the court.
At this point Ex-Mayor < 1 rim melt
cnteied lhe room and waa accorded a
rousiug reception,
Tho tendered resignation of C. E.
Lyons was then discussed. His lellor
being as follows:
Saudon, B.C., July 17, 1007.
To The Mayor and Aldermen ot the
Corporation of the City of Sandon,
1 peg to tender my resignation ns
Cily Clerk, Assessor and Col lector, to
take effect on thi* 81st of August next,
or sooner if it be the wish of the Council.
I may soy that my resignation as
Chief of Police, to lake effect al the
same time, is in lhe hands oi the mayor.
I wish as I place my   resignation he*
Cliief ot Police.    I think ���
McLeod: Stop chewing thc rag and
lot's gel down to business.
Waite: It is business. It shows the
correct public spirited	
The.Mayor:  Order.   Next business.
Waite: 1 want, to know what wo are
going to do about tilling the positions.
Mayor: Let them out by contract.
Advertise them. The proper way.
Next business. .Someone move the adjournment.
Gomm : Will lhe Council now endorse
the action ot the Aldermen who recently
appointed an health officer during the
diphtheria epidemic.
Mayor: At what salary?
Health Officer: ..150.
Mayor: Hundred and fifty what?
Why man, you're talking through your
hat. No, the Council will not endorse
Health Officer! And why.
Mayor: Because it's absurd and extortionate. Do you think that I, who
was sent hero to protect tbe interests
of Ihe ratepayers, would permit you to
deliberately bold them up tn ibis barefaced fashion ?   No, sir.
11. O.: That iB not the question. It
does not follow because the outbreak
was isolated to one household, and that
as my duties did not extend beyond Ihat
household, that you shotdd not endorse
the action of the Aldermen who in your
absence from the city appointed me at
that figure. It might havo been a
far mora serious outbreak, and 1 might
have been working on the epidemic for
three months,
Mayor: Well, I won't boa parly to it,
II. O. : You won't ?
Mayor: No, I won't.    It's a hold up,
Towgood: Hut, Mr. Mayor,somethlug
had to be done, and Alderman Bennett
any myself determined as a protective
policy iii_yuur absence	
Mayor: Then ynu had no light to do
it. 'flic Council will have to adjust it
over my head. I'll vet) the whole
thing, tt's an outrage. (With vehemence): 1���1 won't sign the chick.
H. O. : Well, what will you do about
il '.'
.Mayor: Do? Do nothing, You can't
run no bluff on nie. Wait till you come
down lu your price.
tl. 0, (with warmth) I Then you'll
have to wait a dump long lime. (Aa
an afterthought) What would you consider a fair price, Mr. Mayor ?
Mayor: .Vow, if il wss a hundred
dollars, 1 would think that	
H. 0.: All right; write out a cheque
fore this honorable board to express for a hundred dollars I
Roseherry to visit Mrs. Marshrll.
John Bowles, ono of the very oldest
timers of Sandon, is renewing acquaintances.
Another week gone, and still more
miner, are wanted.
We received a visit on Wednesday
from I). E. McCutcheon, representing
the R. G. Dun Commercial Agency, of
Vancouver, to whom we gave the key of
thc safe and a yard and a half of bull-
con. Our financial visitor never conceived so much wealth existed in a
mountain hot-air joint; indeed he patronizingly spoke of us in tlie same
breath of Morgan, John D. and Jim
Hill, which was very kind. Things
have been coining our wayat"s!uff"
lately, so if our visitor left our sanctum
with a "twofer" between his teeth,
what of it? It was very pleasant tn
dimes were added together, the nice j learn from Mr. McCutcheon that he was
little sum of .72.75 was gathered In by bound to report a great improvement
the Ladies' Ail of the Sandon Presby- fn the financial status of the Slocan.
Presbyterians Hold Social.
Although the night of the 10th was
in no manner nn ideal one for sipping
ice-cream, there was a large crowd present to partake of that delicacy all the
evening, and when  tho nickels and the
teiian church. The fund ion was held
in the basement of the Methodist
church, the capacious ball Iwins* ad
with flowers and foliage for the occasion. Tho evening's enjoyment was
was greatly added to by a number of
solos by P. W. Ward and J. J. and
E. J. Atherton, and quartettes by Mrs.
Robinson, Misses Johnson and Alma
Thomas and P. W, Ward. Quite an
enjoyable feature which caused some
surprise were the solos on tho violin
by Rev. W. Chalmers, the new pastor.
To the Ladies' Aid and tlieir band of
workers every praise is due for the
Quality of the product served, and a
kind word will not be out of place for
the brave citizens and tlieir dames and
future dames who for the good cause
lavishly partook of ice-cream on a cold,
bleak evening.
--*���"Y MARK, 1, *00 lbs, seven
years old; in excellent condition;
broken to saddle,
Price, .160
Or, WILL EXCHANGE for two Tack
Horses.    Apply to
" Review " Office, Sandon, B.C.
Mrs. T. Fox left Monday for a visit to
triends in Nelson, returning Wednesday.
Louis Pratt joined a Nelson and Knslo
fishing excursion to Bonningtou Fulls
last Saturday. The sport was not particularly good, but Mr. Pratt brought
back a nice string of good-sized trout. A
pool for the heaviest catch was won by
Mrs. Archie Johnson, of Nelson.
Fred Ilulten came in from Spokane
on Monday. Bosides owning the Miners'
Hotel ill Sandon, which haB been in the
capable hands ot Gus Gustafaori for the
past tight months, he also runs the
Free Silver Exchange in Spokane.
Ern. Towgood is after more pack
horses. He left yesterday for Poplar
Creek with the object of buying Ed.
Vipond's string.
The following resolution was adopted
by the City Council on Wednesday night;
Proposed by Aid. Gomm, seconded by
Aid. Towgood :���That the resignation
of the City Clerk be accepted and that
the ihanksof this body be tendered him
for the careful, painstaking and able
manner in which his duties have ever
been performed.   Carried.
J. Duck and C. Otgcn. of Milwaukee,
and E. J. Basl.erville, of Madison, Wis.
arrived on Thursday to inspect the Chicago group, in which they are greatlv
Fresh fruits and vegetables for sale at
. , ., ,    ,    , i    Harry C. Briggs, the liquor man, was
said the  man who had I    "*"'/*-        >     '
Peck McSwain is responsible  for the
A man, who has been looking at
some of the fruit lands around Nelson,
that have to be surveyed by the aid of
a balloon because they are located on
the steep mountain side, tells a great
story about an experience that party
had there a short time ngo. They were
standing on the lake shore just below a
steep mountain side, when suddenly a
boulder came tumbling down, and narrowly missing one of Ihe men, dashed
into the lake with a great splash.
"This seems dangerous to me," said one
uf the men. "That is caused by tho
frost coming out of tho ground," said
another, "and it might not happen light
here again in a inonth." Just then
there was a noise of rock falling and
another boulder jumped from place to,
place in its wild flight down tho mountain sidc^. "1 don't want any more of i
this in mine,"
spoken  fust, as the big rock jumped i>-f-'om Victoria, Tuesday.
through the  party  into the  lake, just)    V:  E.  Clements, in  company  with
missing iwo of them.    "Neither do I," I H.  Woolerson; returned  from Victoria
said the other man, as he commenced lo I Tuesday.
pickup his traps.    But before any of!    M. L. Grimmett, barrister, who was
them could get away something else
came tumbling down, causing the dirt
and gravel to fly on every side, and
dropped right into the crowd. They
quickly saw it was a man and all started
to offei* assistance, as they supposed he
must be either dead or badly injured.
Before they reached him the man got
onto his feet, and in reply to a query as
lo whether he was hurt or not, ho said:
"No, I am not hurt, but gol clutii the
luck ; thai is the third lime I have fallen
out of my orchard this morning.
Jack Chisolm and T. O'Leary came in
from Nelson Wednesday.
Dan and Will Brandon came up from
Silverton on Wednesday and Ielt for the
Canadian group tbe following morning,  Bon voyage
for many years located in Sandon, but
who now is doing business at Nicola,
11. C, returned for a few days to town
this week, Ho expressed his confidence
for the future of the district and the
great pleasure it gave him to note the
revival of our staple industry.
Miss Maggie Cunning .and young
Bob, and Mrs. H. Kelso aud Mrs T.Barbour and daughter left for Montreal
this morning, where, they will embark
on the Empress of Britain for Liverpool.
Miss Cunning's destination is Belfast,
Ireland, where she will have a long stay
with relatives. Her brother Robert,
acumpunied her to Revelstoke. Mrs.
Kelso and Mrs. Barbour arc off to visit
tlieir old homes in the north oi England.
main witli us.   The foi vices on Sunday
were very well attended.
New Denver is to have a new industry !
iu its midst, a small one, mayhap, but
most essential aud greatly needed. Mr.
Herbert Cue has made the necessary
arrangements to open up a bakery and
confectionery and as he comes highly
recommended we are confident that his
efforts and enterprise will receive the
support of the dislrict.
In spring a young man's fancy lightly
turns to love, and in some cases to icecream, bassinettes and bread poultices.
The farewell dance in the Bosun Hall
on Friday evening last in honor of
Misses WetterhutiB and Cavan and the
Sinipkins' family was a great success.
There was a large crowd of dancers
present to enjoy the evening program.
' Engine 406, the old fellow who ran
away on two occasions, once with fatal
results to the fireman, is back again on
the Nakusp-Sandon run. There have
been several improvements made on it
which lias greatly altered its appea ranee.
It alsi has new wheels, a patent automatic bell and carries a new number
A correspondent writing to the Review
asserts'that from his personal observa-
iion and research he is confident that
m'gnetile when found as float, originally existed in the ledge as spathic iron,
J. O. Harris, H. J. G. Angell and
II. Cue came up fiom New Denver by
the shanks route Tuesday.
" I want you to distinctly understand
that I can manage a boat! " were the
convincing words of Al. Palmer to Louis
Pratt at the lower pool at Ward's crossing, near Bonnington, last Sunday.
The words of the Kaslo man were a
direct challenge to our " Looey," who
had gently insisted Ihat ho should take
the oars ns he was the bettor acquainted
rriti. u_o irin'ilnools and cross-eurretits
which abound at this point. But Mr.
Palmer insisted that bis hands had not
lost their cunning and that his eye was
too good to go back on him in any crisis.
Mr. Pratt, however, wisely protested
that it would besnferand more judicious
for him to assume the role of master
maiiner, apd it was then that Al
Palmer burst out with :
"I want you to distinctly understand
that I can manege a boat, and that I
was bucking whirlpools and rapids
'round here when you were paddling
toy yachts on Lac Saint Pe yaay," and
as the assembled rubbernecks sided with
Mr. Palmer, the Saudon man took a
seat in the stem and remarked while
Al. took his in the centre:
"Oh, well; if you know, you know,
you know. Anything for peace and
quiet.    Let her go, Gallagher."
It was then that the longshoreman
wero shown a now stunt. Having
divested himself of his sweater and
pushed off the boat, ho took his seat
and prepared to exhibit his prowess to
the multitude, but, yo gods and little
fishes, the man who knew all about it
took his scat wilh his back to the stern
and pulled the oars with vigor. The
loar of laughter which went up from
tho rubberers did not deter Al. He
pulled with renewed energy, and soon
great beads of perspiration stood out
upon his beetled brow*.
" Good for you, Al. ; " " Protly work,
Al.; " "He's an old 'Varsity man, is
Al; " "Keep your eye on Kaslo;"
"Whoa, back pedal," etc., were the
i ude remarks from those on shore, but
the man who knew all nbout it mistook thesircasm for plaudjts and pulled
as if fir dear life to give the rubs, a
treat and practically demons!rate bis
oarsmanship lor all time to con.e.
Alter the boat had been twirled
around once or twice on a whirlpool it
made steadily back for the shore, but
still the man who wanted them to distinctly understand that he knew all
about it pulled eteadi'y on.
Presently the boat was safely beached,
and as if lo show his contempt for any
small trifling snag like  that, he bent
down to put more vim into his stroke.
He made one more frantic effort to dig
the blades of tho oars into Mother
Earth, and then he looked up.
The crowds were rolling on the grass
convulsed with laughter; a jackass on
an adjoining ranch looked up from his
meul and peered in wonder through
the fence; the sun went behind a hill
with a sickening thud, and on the
shore stood Louis Pratt, a lemon in
each hand, and as ho advanced to confer them together with tho freedom of
Slocan Junction upon our hero ho said
something about " Distinctly understanding" and " Lac Saint Pierre," but
Al. cut in wilh: " Sav, boys ;j I gu.ss
this one's on nie. Let's go and bave a
The  tourney   was   resumed   after   a,
pause  for irrigation requirements, but
this time Pratt look the oars, while Al.
studied the depths of the swirling pool ,
and   thought   hard  thoughts    of   the !
nautical  scho >l   he   graduated   in   in
general and Sandon manners and Nelson rubbernecks in particular.
New Comply For
Senator Forget Tlie Man To
Whom They Look For
Intelligent Mining.
FOR $00,000.
A very enjoyable dance was held in
town on Friday night, The Parham
orchestra supplied the muse.
Crowds Enjoy Garden Fete.
Oue of " the events of the season "
was the Garden Party held ou Wednesday, tho 10th inst., in the Vicarage
Grounds, New Denver. Although lhe
weather most unfortunately proved so
unpropiions and seriousjy interfered
with the gathering on tho lawn, the
party was well entertained in the Vicar
age, where various tables adorned with
exquisite flowers were arranged, and
strawberries and cream and other delicacies were provided by the Ladies' Aid,
aie! which met with a ready s iltiMM
Tho weather continuing unfavorable,
it was deemed expedient to adjourn to
the Bosun Hall, where a large and representative company assembled in the
evening. What with Simpkin's orchestral band, who generously contributed
th.ii- services, the hat trimming competition by gentlemen (Mr. Hurry Lowe
taking the first prize), and tbe excellent
catering of the Ladies' Aid, a most enjoyable evening was spent, terminating
with a dance.
It was to i ur mind tho grandest demonstration of sympathy and generosity
yet witnessed in this camp. A company
of over 150 of tho principal residents,
representing all denominations, certainly must prove most gratifying to
the members of the Ladies' Aid, aho to
the painstaking man at tho helm,
Missioner Baynes. As mentioned in a
previous issue of the Review, the party
was arranged with the hopes of raising
sufficient funds to beautify the exterior
of the church of St. Stephen, and we
learn with great satisfaction that this
has been accomplished.
" See how these Chvisliars love one
another " (In New Denver).
ftaftu-ap IMotcs.
On Friday evening last the ladies of
the sidewalk committee gave an enjoyable dance in the Hall, and a
dance was held ii the open air
pavilion on Monday evening. Il, was
beautifully deeorati'd with Chinese lanterns aud the dance was voted one of
tho best ever hi Id in Nakusp.
D. T. Bulger has returned from Halcyon much improved in health.
Mrs. T. (i. Thompson and family, who
have been residents of town for some
years are leaving in a few days for lhe
North-west, lo join Mr. Thompson, who
is located there,
Mr. and Mrs. 0, A. Mnybo aro now
settled in iheir new home.
Miss Mabins, a former S hool I earlier
here, is in town on a visi:, lhe guest ol
Mrs. Muirhead.
Mr. and Mrs. Jor.ind, of Slocan Cily,
are visiting Mrs. L, J. Edwards,
Mr. Win. Hunter, our M.l'.P. was in
town for a day.
R, II. Baird is receiving congratulations on Ihe arrival of a bouncing baby
Several ranchers have arrived this
week from Winnipeg to sittle on the
Nakusp fruit lands.
Mrs. Dauby, the wile oi Rev. M. Dauby, has arrived  from Richmond, Out*
Tho old Payne, one of thc greatest
silver mines of the Province, is by no
m.ans to be considered a "has been,"
and that because its ore bins aro empty
and the mill is dormant, does not even
In part signify that the mine has been
worked out. The history of the Pay no
is one which will never be truly chronicled if the directorate or those responsible for the gross mismanagement are
permitted to escape a scathing criticism.
Had as much attention been given to
the development of the great dividend
payer as there was to gouging out oro
and retaining a long string of high-
salaried mountebanks, the Payne would
still be a name to conjure with.
The properly was originally located
In 189t by Eli Carpenter and Jack
Seaton, who disposed of it shortly af I er
to  Steve   Bailey  for  a beggarly SfSflOO,
the latter working it successfully for
several years and finally sold out for
$11.0.000 lo A, W. McCune, of Salt Lake
Cily, who made a couple of million out
of it. After the now company took
hold dividends came up with a surprising regularity, and .Payne stock was
billeted at high figures, but the modus
operandi of the company lu actively
pursuing lhe ore and neglecting tho
essential development of the mine waa
���WP5W!*u**?\T,SHly,"TTii:iei_c<i loeauy, ana
those who could then see " the finish "
of the company have had their deductions realized.
Paying out hundreds ot thousands of
dollars as dividends to lhe delighted
shareholders���money which should have
every cent gone back into the ground���
had the inevitable ending, and when
lhe big ore lenses were sloped oul clean
and the ore converted iulo dividends, it
was but natural that the eastern shareholders, whose knowledge of mining was
crude, should fail to respond to the call
for funds for a systematic proirram of
long delayed development. They had
been schooled to expect dividends until
the mountain had all boon levelled to
the ground, and asking I hem for money
was apparently a new kind of a skin
game. And so I he downfall of ihe
Payne began. Shares which in IS!).!
sold readily at $4.20 could not find a.
purchaser at live cents three months
ago, nnd as there was no money forthcoming except ill dribs and drabs to
continue development the old producer,
witB shut down and the bondholders
have just sold  tho properly for .00,000.
Tho pnrchafor was Senator Forget,
who, we understand, has formed a new
company, de'ads of which are not yet
t j hand, and il is lo I o hoped that Iho
properly will he opened up in an in-
lelligent way, by doing which wc havo
no fear for the uliimale success Of the
the mine. We can I mil. fully say that,
of all the milling men who know the
properly, not one ha. yet spoke disparagingly of it, and none presume thut ir.
iswot'kel oul, ami if a practical man
is put in chaig.i Iho value ol the holdings will be speedily demonstrated.
The Sandon Football team herewith
challenges Net-inn Fojtball club lo a
mulch, ounu lo be plavcd at Kaslo
Full Fair.
(Signed) S. J. TOWGOOD, Capt.
The following records were ciiter.ul at
lhe Sandon Recording ollice  this week:
I. cations: Walloper, by Dr. W. K.
Gomm rjMinnetotu ff*ucl:on and Rebecca,
by L. li. Mclnnes; Carbojal by A.W.
Davis. Assessments: Owl, by J. 1>.
Ryan : Marwedgp, by Cl es er Thuihrr;
W.H.Y.   fraction  by   W.  T.  McClurg.
Philip Sullivan came in f.om Vernon
on Wcdues lay.
Fred Liebscher, tlie Silverlon tailor,
was doing business here Thursday.
NOTICE is hereby given Ihat tho
Annual Si*till ��� of the Court uf Revision
for the purpo-o of hearing all com-
p'ainls acnin: I iii" A-sessment, for tho
year 1907, us made bv the Assessor of
the City of Sandon, "B.C, will beheld
io Iho Council Chamber, City Hall,
Sandon, B.C, on Tuesday, the 27ih
day of August, l!M>7, at 7 o'clock, p.m.
C. E. LYONS, City Clerk.
Sandon, B.C., J'i'y 1 ���>, 1007. THE SLOCAN MINING REVIEW, SANDON,  B.  C.
Beverly Calhoun sat on the balcony I
���with the princess long after midnight.
The sky was black with the clouds of
an approaching storm.    The air was
heavy with foreboding sileuce.   Twice
from  their darkened corner near the .
pillar tliey  saw Baldos  as he  paced |
steadily past the castle on patrol, with
Haddan   at  his  side.     Dreamily   the
watchers  ln  the cool  balcony looked ���
down upon tbe somber park and Its !
occasional guardsman.   Neither was In
the mood to talk.   As they rose at last .
to go to tbelr rooms something whizzed .
through the air aud  dropped  with  a
slight thud ln the center of the balcony.
The two young women started back ln
alarm.    A faint light from Beverly's
window filtered across the stone floor.
"Don't touch It, Beverly!" cried the
princess  as the girl  started forward
with aa eager exclamation. But Ber
erly had been thinking of the very object that now quivered before her ln
tbe dull light, saucy, aggressive and
jaunty as It was the night when she
saw It for the first time.
A long, slim red feather bobbed to
and fro as if saluting her with soldierly
fidelity. Its base wus an orange, into
which it bad been stuck by tbe hand
that tossed It from below. Beverly
grasped it with more ecstasy than wisdom and then rushed to the stone railing, Yetive looking on ln amazement.
Diligently she searched the ground below for the man who had sent the red
message, but he was nowhere in sight.
Then came the sudden realization that
she was revealing a most unmaidenly
eagerness, to him as well as to the
princess, for she did not doubt that he
was watching from the shadows below. She withdrew from the rail In
confusion and fled to her bedchamber,
followed by her curious companion.
There    were    explanations���none    of
"Don't touch It, Beverly!"
which struck speaker or listener as logical���and there were giggles which
completely simplified the situation.
Beverly thrust the slim red feather
into her hair and struck an attitude
that would have set Baldos wild with
joy if he could have seen it The ne-xt
day, when she appeared in the park, the
feather stood up defiantly from the
band of ber sailor bat, though womanly perverseness impelled her to Ignore
Baldos when be passed her on his way
to mess.
The Duke of Mizrox came into the
city hours after tbe time set for his arrival. It was quite dark when the escort sent by Colonel Quinnox drew up
at the castle gates with the visitor.
The duke and his party had been robbed by brigands in the broad daylight
and at a point not more than five miles
from Edelweiss! And thus the mystery
of the signal fires was explained. Count
Marlanx did not soon forget the triumphant look he received from Beverly
Calhoun when the duke's misfortunes
were announced. Shameless as it may
seem, she rejoiced exceedingly over the
acts of the robbers.
Mizrox announced to the princess
and ber friends that he was not an
emissary from the Axphalnian government Instead he was but little less
tban a fugitive from the wrath of
Volga and the crown adherents. Earlier ln the week he had been summoned before Yolga and Informed that his
absence, for a few mouths at least,
from the principality was desirable.
The privilege was allowed him of selecting the couutry which he desired to
visit during that period, and he coolly
chose Graustark. He was known to
have friendly feelings for that state,
but no objections wore raised. This
friendship also gave him a welcome in
Edelweiss. Mizrox plainly stated his
position to Yetive and the prime minister. He asked for protection, but declined to reveal any of the plans then
maturing iu his home country. This
reluctance to become a traitor, even
though he was not in sympathy wltb
his sovereign, was respected by tbe
princess. He announced his willingness to take up arms against Dawsbergen, but would in no way antagonize Axphaln from an enemy's camp.
The duke admitted that the feeling
in Axphaln's upper circles was extremely bitter toward Graustark. The
old time war spirit bad not died down.
Axphain despised ber progressive
"I may as well Inform your highness
that the regent holds another and a
deeper grudge against Graustark," be
said in the audience chamber, where
were asembled many of the nobles of
the state, late on tlie night of his arrival. "She Insists that you are harboring and even shielding the pretender to our throne, Prince Frederic. It
ls known that he ls in Graustark, and,
moreover, It is asserted that he In to
direct toucn *���*._�� jttxsJkTntjrtuamV'
*Lttn>*-��no*li*!i*v'compaiiions looked at
one another with glances of comprehension. He spoke in English now for
the benefit of Beverly Calhoun, an interested spectator, wbo felt her beart
leap suddenly and swiftly toto violent
"Nothing could be more ridiculous,"
said Yetive after a pause. "We do not
know Frederic, and we are not harboring him."
"I am only saying what Is believed
to be true by Axphain, your highness.
It ls reported that be joined you in the
mountains ln June and since has held
it position of trust in your army."
"Would you know Prince Frederic If
you were to see hlm?" quietly asked
"I bave not seen him since he was a
very small boy and then but for a moment���on the day when he and bis
mother were driven through the streets,
on tbelr way to exile." .
"We have a new man In the castle
guard, and there is a mystery attached
to him. Would you mind* looking at
bim and telling us if he Is what Frederic might be ln bis manhood?" Lorry
put the question, and every one present drew a deep breath of interest.
Mizrox readily consented, and Baldos, intercepted on his rounds, was led
unsuspecting iuto an outer chamber.
The duke, accompanied by Lorry and
Baron Dangloss, entered tbe room.
Tbey were goue from the assemblage
but a few minnte's, returning with
smiles of uncertainty ou their faces.
"It is Impossible, your highness, for
me to say whether or not it ls Frederic," said the duke frankly. "He Is
what I Imagine the pretender might
be at his age, but It would be sheer
folly for me to speculate. I do not
know the man."
Beverly squeezed the Countess Dag-
mar's arm convulsively.
"Hurrah!" she whispered ln great relief. Dagmar looked at her in astonishment She could not fathom the
whimsical American.
"They have been keeping an Incessant watch over the home of Frederic's
cousin. He Is to marry her when the
time Is propitious," volunteered the
young duke. "She ls the most beautiful girl in Axphaln, and the family
is one of the wealthiest Her parents
bitterly oppose the match. Tbey were
to have been secretly married some
months ago, and there Is a rumor to
the effect that they did succeed in
evading tbe vigilance of her people."
"You mean that they may be married?" asked Yetive, casting a quick
unce at Beverly.
"It is not improbable, your highness.
He Is known to be a daring young fellow, and he has never failed in a siege
against the heart of woman. Report
has it thut be Is the most invincible
Lothario that ever donned love's armor." Beverly was conscious of furtive glances iu her direction, and a
faint pink stole iuto her temples. "Our
fugitive princes are lucky in neither
love nor war," wen* on the duke. "Poor
Dantan, who ts biding from Gabriel, Is
betrothed to the daughter of the present prime minister of Dawsbergen, the
beautiful Iolanda. I have seen her.
She is glorious, your highnesa "
"I, too, have seen ber," said Yetive,
mnro u-ovci*. man she thought. "The
report of their betrothal Is true, then?"
"His sudden overthrow prevented the
nuptials which were to have taken
place in a month had not Gabriel returned. Her father, the Duke of Mutz,
wisely accepted the inevitable and became prime minister to Gabriel. Iolanda, it is said, rema'ns true to him and
sends messages to him as be wanders
through the mountains."
Beverly's mind instantly reverted to
the confessions of Baldos. He had admitted the sending aud receiving of
messages through Franz. Try as she
would, she could not drive the thought
from her mind that he wus Dantan,
and now came the distressing fear that
his secret messages were words of
love from Iolanda. The audience lasted until late in the night, but she was
so occupied with ber own thoughts that
she knew of but little that transpired.
Of one thin*, she was sure. She could
not go to sleep that night
(To Be Continued)
We are so used to tttnklng of the soli
u mere mineral matter that it comes
quite as a shock to find this is a mistake. As a matter of fact, the layer of
���oft mold which clothes the ground lu
���11 cultivable districts and from which
vegetation springs ls actually in great
part a living layer of tiny plants and
animals. Interlacing threads of molds
and fungi, worms and grubs, creeping
insects, tiny root parasites, decaying
leaves and the millions of bacteria
which spring from them���all these are
mixed and mingled together for many
Inches down below out feet ln a confused mass of life. Germs of all sorts
swarm ln countless millions. Indeed,
oil the plants that grow and life that
exists on the face ot the earth owe
their being to the fact that tbe ground
ls alive. Yon take ��� shovelful of tbe
finest soil in the -world and sterilize
it���that is, beat It till all the life in It
ls destroyed���and then plant seeds In
It No amount of care or watering will
make those seeds grow. Their life depends on the life ln the soil around
them.���London Answers.	
A Curious Epitaph.
The following epitaph ls copied from
1 tomb lu the vicinity of Port Royal,
lumaicu- "Here lleth tho body ot
Louis Culc'y, Esq., a native of Mont-
pelller, iu France, which country he
left ou account of the revocation. He
wns swallowed up hy the earthquake
which occurred at that place In 1002,
but by the great providence of God
was, hy a second shock, flung Into the
sen, where bo continued swimming until rescued by a boat and lived fortf
-*���*,,tl*.    ofln, '   *-���
Warships That Have Them Oo Not
Dare to Use Them.
It ls proposed to omit the ram from
the battleships of the Lord Nelson type
and the cruisers of the Minotaur class,
says a London dispatch to the Philadelphia Ledger. The ram is a weapon
that bas played a prominent part in
naval warfare and appeals to the popular Imagination, but it is regarded as
effective no longer. It came Into general use with the Hotspur class. These
were battleships of 4,000 tons, with n
speed of eight knots. A vessel of this
displacement and speed might have
many opportunities of ramming an adversary, but the service men of today
regard tbe weapon as a troublesome
"Take a ship like this," said the captain of one of the cruisers this week.
"Here is a hull with a dead weight of
10,000 tons and a maneuvering speed
of eighteen knots. Work out the momentum of such a blow as we could
give, and the figures will make your
brain reel. Before you can ram your
ship you must catch ber. With the
high speed tactics of the present day
ttiis ls practically an Impossibility.
You could only catch her if she were
disabled, and no man would ram a
helpless ship.
"Suppose, however, for the sake of
argument, thut you got home a square
eighteen knot broadside blow. You
would cut clean through your opponent Nobody doubts that for a minute. But what state would yon be ln
afterward? Your hull might sustain
the Impact, though T should predict a
general bursting up of plate rivets.
"Half the boilers, whether they were
box ended or water tubes, would blow
up with the shock. Every steam pipe
would give out. The bedding bolts of
the main engine.- would be wrenched
free, and the whole mass of machinery
would be slung into the fore stokehold. Your heavy guns would jump
clean out of theh* cradles. In fact I
would just as soon set light to the
magazine room ns use the ram ln this
ship, for similar result would be accomplished rather more quickly."
Sahara Growing Drier.
I C. F. Gautler, a French explorer, ls
authority for the statement that the
Sahara is continuously becoming drier
to sueh nn extent that the oases are
perceptibly drying up and will disappear altogether in n relatively short
time. He quotes historical records and
physical signs to show that springs
were at one time much more plentiful
than now and that the extent of the
patches where vegetation flourishes
were much greater even fifty to a hundred years ngo. As the climate of the
region has undergone no change In
perhaps thousands of years, he believes
that the disappearance of the wuter
must be due to purely mechanical
causes. He considers that It is due to
the continual advance of tlie great
sand masses to the north, thus forming
an impermeable barrier against tlie
watershed of the Atlas mountains.
*? The First Oil Well.
' With the -teath of James P. Smith of
Titusvllle recently there passed the
last of the group of men who appear
in the famous Drake well picture,
taken in the autumn of 18C1 by John
A. Mather, the noted oil region photographer. The group ln the picture
included Colonel Edwin L. Drake, the
man who drilled the well; William and
James I*. Smith, practical drillers, who
assisted with the work; Peter Wilson,
Titusville merchant and steadfast
friend of Colonel Drake, and Albrldge
Locke. The tve men ere dead. This
picture adorns the offices of l'iinaj*odr��
ur uii operators and refiners and Is the
only photograph of the first oil well.
The ouly person now living connected
with the nicture is John A Mather,
the photographer. ��� Philadelphia Record.
T.ie Rocky Road to Mour.t Vernon.
i The particular interest I have in the
state of the road from the city of
Washington to Mount Vernon, the
home of him for whom the city was
named, is this, writes a contributor to
Photo-Era: I have been over the road
in a motor car, and I found it so unspeakable as to be literally a disgrace
to the state in which it exists, the
country which holds the state and tbe
people who live in the country. If It
was as bad when General Washington
used It, we should simply be sorry and
argue that without modern methods of
both roadmaklng and transportation,
'all of which he lacked, the state of the
road was not to lie wondered at. If,
'on the ot!>or hand, tbe road was bet's*.- than It is now the depth of our dls-
���W_e�� becomes too srrpnr for ij-wal*
Tbe wide nw*.ke boys and girls
should remember that the abbreviation
etc. means "and other things" and
may not, therefore, be applied to persons. It stands for the Latin words
"et cetera," of the neuter gender. The
symbol Ac. ls only another form of
etc., the & taking the place of the conjunction et
Fisherman's Luck.
Speakin,*: of fishing, "llshermen's
!ii**l;." "lucky fishermen," etc., what
docs it all menu anyhow? To say u
mau Is u lucky fisherman Is merely to
admit his superiority ns a fisherman
over other lin"hei*nn:n. The fish are In
the water. Weal! have the same chance
to get them, jet some "lucky fishermen" ulwavs come home with their
fish boxes full und the other fellow
gets nothing. In the parlance of the
fisherman, the word "luck" really
meaus "knowledge." The "lucky fisherman," you will find, knows the rock
holes where the grouper lurks; he
knows the channels In and about the
patches nud passes where the umber-
Jacks und barracuda live; he knows
where and how to find nud capture the
silver mullet for bolt; he knows how
to halt his hooks for different fish us
occasion may require; he knows the
style of hook to use for every kind of
fish; he ls u judge of whut style of
fishing to do under certain conditions
of wind and weather, and, above all,
he Is untiring In his efforts to use all
of his knowledge wbeu be Is out for
W.    N.    U.    No.   640
UUWBOYS'   bUUl-5.
Why the Plainsmen Want High and
Sharp Pointed Heels.
In Olathe, Kuu., there Is a factory
which makes 200 pairs of cowboy
hoots each week. Each pair of these
boots ls made to order. The company
has a catalogue, which it sends to the
cattle ruuehes throughout the southwest It tells the cowboys how to take
measurements of their own feet These
ure sent to the factory and the boots
made uud sent out
A cowboy boot is in a distinct
class by Itself. The leg must be decorated with fancy lines and curves
sewed iuto the leather, and, above ev-
erythiug else, the heel must he at
least two Inches high, must curve toward from the back, and the bottom of
the heel must be very smull.
A cowboy lakes especial pride ln two
things���his lint and his boots. He often
(toys tfriO for his hat and the best of
the cowboy boots cost from $8 to $1*3.
The ordinary shoemaker eanuot make
Imots to suit n true cowboy; he cannot
.et the heels right, and so the cowboy
sends away for them and pays a big
price uud express charges besides.
The factory 111 Olathe employs fifty
men. All of the work ls done by hand,
and some of the shoemakers were
brought fj'm (lermany nnd lOngland
especially io work In thnt factory.
Cow-boys say they have high and
sharp pointed heels to their hoots not
because of vanity and pride, but as a
matter of convenience. The high heels
prevent the boots from passing through
the stirrups, nnd they ure also n brace
When on the ground roping an animal.
As lhe stepr pulls to get away the cow-
iiov sinks his sharp heels Into the sod,
ind this prevents him from slipping.���
Kansas City stnr
How the Timber Goes.
An Idea of the rapidity with which
ihe timber ls disappearing from some
sections of rvimsylvnuia can be obtained from the following figures,
which refer to the timber cutting on
the Hicks run tract ln Clearfield county: Original size of tract, 0,000 acres;
timber cut the first two years, 3,000
acres; still standing. 0,000 acres;
amount of timber cut, 50,000.000 feet;
amount standing, 200,000,000 feet;
dully capacity of sawmill, 200,000 feet;
daily shipments, fifteen carloads;
amount of timber to Hlcko run yard,
0.000.00!! feet; time of operation, two
yours; estimated time to cut standing
timber, four years; number of men
employed, 800 to 1,000.
Safe to Lots*) Tbem Then.
���*_ like dear little babies before they
have learned to talk, don't you, Mr.
"Indeed I do! Before they have
learned to talk there is no danger of
tbelr parents telling you the remarkable things they have said.*" ��� Stray
Elephant Life In the Jungles.
Without elephants jungles wonld ���_�����
virtually Impassable. Tlie great ueaais
are a mixture or strength and weakness, of craft and simplicity. The
paths through the jungle from village
to village are merely tracks from which
the Interlacing foliage has been cut
and thrust aside and tbe virgin soil
trodden into a black mud. After a
rain this mud Is many feet deep, and
no living creature except an elephant
a buffalo or a rhinoceros could labor
through it. The elephant makes his
way hy lifting one foot at a time and
Inserting it deep toto the slough ln
front, ."ithdrawing another with a
sound like the popping of a huge cork.
Nothing but a ride on an earthquake
could be compared with the sensation
of being run away with by an elephant As for stopping him, some one
has well said that you might as well
try to stop a runaway locomotive by
pulling with your walking stick on the
funnel as seek to check an elepbaut at
such a moment with ��� goad.
Engineers'   Certificates.
The Legislature of Ontario at its r<*
cent session passed an act respecting
stationary engineers in which engineers and employers are alike interested. Briefly stated, its provision*
are that, after the first day of July,
1908, no engineer will be allowed to
operate or have charge of a stationary
steam plant of 50 horse power or upwards who does not hold a Government certificate. There are three
classes of engineers to whom certificates will be granted without the
applicant having to undergo an examination, first, those who on the
20th of April, 1907, (the date on which
tlie Act was passed) held certificates
from an association of stationary engineers in Ontario, or a marine or locomotive engineer's certificate; second, engineers who on the above dato
were in charge of a plant of 25 horsepower or over in Ontario; third, engineers who had at any time previous
to the passing of this act, not less
than two years' experience in the Province. Those who cannot qualify as
above will have to pass the examinations which will hereafter be prescribed by the Board of Examiners.
Those interested may obtain a copy
of the act and application forms f< (
certificates by addressing the Seer.,
tary Department of Agriculture, Tc*
ronto ... .
The Smallest Church.
At Penou, Mexico, a suburb of the
City of Mexico, may be seen what l_
perhaps tlie smallest church lu the
world It nestles under the shadow of
n small volcano. The church Is about
ten feet high and twelve feet wide.
Modem Mexico says, "Whenever a couple is married ut the little altar of the
church there Is barely room for the
groom uud bride to turn around ut tlie
same time."
A Toast to "The Ladies"
Since  Adam  first the  apple took,
And for a woman's word and look
Forgot the call of duty,
Innumerable proofs abound
That sons ot men, the world around,
Their  chief  reward have ever  found
In    th'    approving     glance     of
Through  history's entire  page,
In every clime, in every age,
Still  runs the selfsame story;
Since   Helen  kindled   Ilium's  pile,
And Rome went courting up the Nile,
And chivalry in woman's smile
Found its rich meed ot glory.
And it is still as true today,
Whatever some  may think or say.
Your rule  is still  as  royal.
For you we deck the banquet hall,
We pray that on us you'll  let fall
Your gracious smiles; and from us all
Accept a tribute loyal.
Believe me,  many a gallant life
Which,  like  a  ship,  through  calm
and strife,
Sails on in stately splendor,
Were  wrecked and lost from human
But that, like compass-needle true,
Some woman's loud heart guides him
With love steadlast and tender.
Nor let me Ior a moment seem
To speak too lightly of my theme���
My  purpose  is  quite  other.
The  sweetest  words  the  tongue, e'er
The dearest that our language claims,
The tend'rest of all earthly names.
Are sister, wife and mother.
And so, in words sincere tho' gay.
The  tribute  that  wo  herewith   pay
To matron and to maid is,
That in  this presence fond  and  fail
Our fealty  anew  we  swear;
And  here, as well  as everywhere,
We  say:  "God  bless the  ladies."
���A.  M.  Cummings in the June  Delineator.
Baby's Own Tablets contain no
opiate, no narcotic, no poisonous
drug. The mother who uses these
Tablets for her children has tlie
guarantee of a government analyst
as to the truth of these statements.
This medicine can therefore be used
with absolute safety, and it always
cures such troubles as indigestion,
sour stomach, constipation, diarrhoea
and colic. The Tablets cure simple
fevers, break up colds, destroy worms
and make teething easy. Mrs. W.
H. Young, Roslin, Ont., savs: 'I
have used Buby's Own Tablets ns
needed for more than a year and
would not be without them in the
house. They are just the thing for
teething babies and other minor ailments." The Tablets cost only 25
cents a box and may be had from
medicine dealers or by mail from
the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville,   Out.
"Don't call children encumbrances.
It is rude. They are a blessing to
any man," said Judge Willis to a
witness  at  Soutliwurk   county   court.
They Never Knew Failure���Careful
observation of the effects of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills has shown thai
they act immediately on the diseased
organs of the system and stimulate
them to healthy action. There may
be cases in which the disease ha*
been long seated and does not easily
yield to medicine, but even in such
cases these Pills have been known
to bring relief when all other so-
called remedies bave failed. These
assertions can be substantiated by
many who have used the Pills, anil
medical men speak highly of their
Tlie Bishop of London saya that
considering their temptations, barmaids are a wonderfully respectable
Coins of Japan.
In Japan an Iron coinage begun
nbout 1C3C bas existed up to the present day. A curious coin made of s
mixture of silver and copper was long
n use in Japan. It varied lu size from
i smnll pen to a large bean.
Ask  for  Minard's  and  Taka  no  Other
On the Boom
Two Austrian engineers have invented an automatic machine for tho
posting of registered letters. Consul
Ledoux, of Prague, reports that this
apparatus, which makes it possible
to post registered letters without the
assistance of postal officials, is said
to have been accepted by tlie French
and Hungarian Governments. At a
recent demonstration in the presence
of the postal authorities the machine was declared a success, and
some machines are to be put up to
test the practical value of the invention.
London lias about 34,000 miles of
street���twice the combined length of
Paris  streets.
Hidden Treasure of Cromwell's Era
The ruins of Bradley Old Hall,
near Ashbourne, are to be thoroughly
explored with a view to finding hidden treasure.
The story goes that a quantity of
treasure was concealed in the cellars
when the hall was destroyed in the
time of Cromwell, and that the fact
was made known to Prince Charles
Edward when he was in Derbyshire
in 1745, by n Scottish minister, who
was then in charge of Brudley
church. A detachment of Highlanders came from Derby to secure the
booty, but the Bradley folk have always maintained that all the valuables were not removed. The hull
was formerly the residence of tbe
Meynells.���London  Standard.
Cold in the Chest Seemed to he Ur movable,
but Cure was Soon Effected by
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
It is wnste ot time to use ordinary
cough mixtures for serious colds on
the chest, and time is of infinite
value when the lungs are in danger.
The   risk   is   too  great,   especially
when   you  wait  to  think    that    Dr. j
Chase's  Syrup  of   Linseed   nnd  Tur-:
pentine  is  for  sale  in  nearly  every j
store  that keeps  medicines  at all.    j
This letter gives you some idea of
the  effectiveness   of  this  great  niedi-j
Mrs.    A.    Barnum, Ingersoll, Out.,'
writes:    "My   husband   bad   a  very:
severe cold  on  his chest and got so
bail he could not speak above a whisper.    The cough  medicines be tried
seemed to have no effect and reading
about   Dr.  Chase's  Syrup  ot    Linseed
and  Turpentine   I   sent  for  n  bottle. |
In two days  he  was cured    and    is
very  grateful  for  such   a   medicine,'
He  says we  will  never   be   without
this medicine in the house." j
The very name ot Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is
sufficient to explain the  simple  and
yet powerful and well-known ingredients of which this great medicine
is composed.
While linseed sheathes the mouth,
tongue and throat with a protective
coating to prevent injury from hard
coughing, turpentine disinfects and
stimulates the ulcerated parts of the
bronchial tubes and lungs and is almost specific  for  bronchitis.
Other ingredients, which along
with these go to make up Dr. Chase's
Svrup ot Linseed and Turpentine,
soothe the nerves, loosen the cough,
aid expectoration, and by thorough
action on the whole system completely cure coughs and colds, bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough and
sore throat.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Tin pentine, 25 cents a bottle, at nil
dealers, or Edmonson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. To protect you nt'iiinst imitations, the portrait and signature
of Dr. A. W. Chase, tlie famous receipt book author, are ou every
On the Eoom
Two Austrian engineers have invented un automatic machine for tlie
posting of registered letters. Consul
Ledoux, of Prague, reports thut this
apparatus, which makes it possible
11 post registered letters without the
assistance of postal officials, is said
to hnve been accepted by the French
and Hungarian Governments. At a
recent demonstration in the presence
of the postal authorities tbe machine was declared a success, and
some machines are to be put up to
test the practical value of the invention.
Giving  Him  s  Lead
She   (setting    the    trap)���I   heard
yesterday that you are to be married
in the spring.
He  (walking  into  it)���Help  me fo
make  the  report    true,    won't    you,
deur?���Illustrated   Bits.
Miles���In Russia the soldiers are
not allowed to marry.
Giles���That's where the Russian
government makes a great mistake.
Miles���Because   why?
Giles���Because a married man
knows more about, fighting than a
single one.---Tit-Bits.
Compulsory Votin?_ in Practice
Those who hold that the one remedy for graft and bossism is to make
voting compulsory will be interested
in the working of sue!, a law in Austria. In Vienna and Lower Austria
there were 50,000 who failed to record
their votes at the recent election,
and it is expected that they will he
prosecuted nnd fined. But it is the
second election under the new law
that must test its efficacy. The purpose of such a law is not to make
things uncomfortable for a great
many people, nor to punish offenders
against the state, but simply to make
the ballot representative of the entire class entrusted with it. As to
the proportion ot wisdom and virtue among tse stay-at-homes there is
room, of course, for a difference of
opinion, but there can be no doubt
that a large number of people of
ability are inclined to slight a duty
ill which the individual counts for
so little. Their private affairs are
on a larger scale, and it is natural
for them to feel that one vote more
or less is a small matter. The man
to whom one dollar means something is the man to whom one vote
means most.- Springfield Republican.
Our warm air heat producer (or churches and large
public buildings, possesses a very important feature
in the fact that it has two air courses���the air travels up
through both the inner and outer castings. All products
of combustion f-JX come in direct contact with
and completely      _��__��IWjV*->.  surround the hot air columns,
thusmaking the largest amount
of heating surface to every
square foot of grate surface
ever achieved in a warm air
heater. The flue construction admits of heat being
forced direct to the most
distant and most exposed
part of the building to be
warmed. 107
iFou-driM .t MONCTON, N.B. & MONTREAL.RQ.i
are thc best remedy for a deranged stomach. They are a safe and
gentle laxative; a reliable cure for ob.tinatc Constipation, Bilious
Attacks, Sick Headache and all disorders arifing from a weak Digestion, sluggish Liver or clogged Bowels.    Beecham's Pills
Give Quick Relief
and are a world-famous medicine for the cure of these prevalent1
complaints. Their cost is a trifle; their ose���a duty. For your
health's sake, insist on Beecham's Pills. They do more for your
body than any other remedy. Known and used by hundreds of
thousands all over the globe.
Prepared only by Thorna* Heecham, St. ttcl-nt, Lancashire, England.
Sold 1/y all Druggl-st- In Canada and II. S. America.     In boiea 25 cent*.
You cannot
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in -.-lb. and i-lb Tins.   �����
I3 Shredded Whole Wheat compressed into a cracker or wafer and
cooked by electricity. Always ready to serve; it is tasty, wholesome and nutritious. As a food it is infinitely superior to corn,
oats or white flour bread. Well adapted for "light housekeeping"
and noon-day lunches.
BISCUIT  and  TRISCUIT  ensure  health   and  comfort.
All  Grocers���ia. ���* cart-***; 2 for 25c.
Mado of Hlprh Carbon WIre,-Wll -prove it to you.  C0ILKD -not -rlmped.   This
makns It still stronger In Bcryko.   It stays tuuU     Pulnted WHITE oyer heavy
Balvani-lnfr-rust proof.  Experienced dealers to erect It  Leads all In salon
1809   -as ln merit.    Get illustrated booklot and 1907 prices  boforo buying
���W-atoervlll*,  T*��-onsto.   Montreal.   (St.   John.   Winnipeg ID
Fine muslins, dainty lingerie, iron easier, look
better, last longer if the
laundress uses the only
cold-water (no boiling)
starch that really
saves work and really
won't stick. Try it. Get
A Huge Drydock
A drydock lias been recently
lfimched at Tsingtau. China, for the
German government which in ninny
respects is the largest in the world.
It will lift the largest battleship now
in commission, its bearing capacity
being 10,000 tons. Its total weight
is H.rtOO tons, and it was two .ears
In course of construction. It consists
of live pontoons and the mechanism
is driven almost entirely by electricity supplied from a central station
situated on shine. With the world.'s
largest battleship in the dock the
wink of raising can be performed in
two   hours.
Kaiser Abolishes Checkreins
In 10(15 the use of the checkrein
wns prohibited in the German emperor's stables and almost simultaneously with this prohibition tlie new
police regulations of the city of Berlin governing public cabs came into
effect. According to the provisions
o* these regulations, the use of blinkers or of the checkrein on public cab
horses wits prohibited. In the streets
of Berlin one now seldom sees a
checkrein or blinkers on horses, except on a few belonging to private
A teacher in an East End school
found great difficulty in getting any
answers from an eleven-year-old
member of his class.
"How is it?" he asked, "that you
never know your lessons? When I
was your age I could answer any
question put to me," added the
"Yes," rrplied the urchin, "but
you had a different teacher to what
I have."���Tatler.
We offer One Hundred Dollar* Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot ba
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last It years, and believe
him perfectly honorable ln All business
transactions, and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by his Bra,
WallHng, Klnnan & Marvin,
SVhoiesale Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hal!'* Catarrh Cure ls taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free.     Price,   loo.    per    bottle.
Take ball's Famlfy"Pills for Constipation
The white miners on the Rand are
on strike and troops have been
called out.
Cucumbers and melons are "forbidden fruit" to many persons so
constituted that the least indulgence
is followed by attacks of cholera,
dysentery, griping, etc. These persons are not aware that they can
indulge to their hearts' content if
they have on hand a bottle of Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial, a
medicine that will give immediate
relief, and is a sure cure for nil summer complaints.
London has about 34,000 miles of
street���twice the combined length of
Paris  streets.
Kee i Minard's Liniment in the House
Several Socialist deputies in the
Belgian chambers threatened the
ministers with their fists.
Dorothy, aged three, was to be
taken on her first long trip. She
seemed most interested when told
that she was on a ferryboat. After
a few moments her mother noticed
a look of disappointment come over
her little girl's face. Asking tlie reason,  Dorothy said:
"Where are they, mother?"
"Who?"  asked her mother.
"Why, mother, you told me this
was a. fairyboat, and I've looked and
looked and can't find a single fairy,"
sighed dear little Dorothy.���Philadelphia Record.
A Magic Pill���Dyspepsia is a foe
with which men are constantly grappling but cannot exterminate. Subdued, and to nil nppenrnnces vanquished in one, it makes its appearance in another direction. In many
the digestive apparatus is as deli-
���nte ns the mechanism of a watch
er scientific instrument, iu which
e\en a breath of air will make a
variation. With such persons disor
ders of the stomach ensue from the
most trivial causes and cause much
suffering. To these Parmelee's Vege-
tnble Pills are recommended as mild
and sure.
The house of commons, by 150
votes to 118, rejected the bill to introduce the metric system into Great
If you wish a high-class hair
dressing, we are sure Ayer's
Hair Vigor, new improved formula, will greatly please you.
It keeps the hair soft and
smooth, makes it look rich and
luxuriant, prevents splitting at
the ends. And it keeps the
scalp free from dandruff.
Does not change the color of the hair.
Formula with mob bottle*
���     Show It to your
������^- doqtor
Ask bim about It,
tban do M bo ova
At the same time the new Ayer's Hair
Vigor is a strong hair tonic, promoting
the growth of the hair, keeping all the
tissues of the hair and scalp in a healthy
condition. The hair slops filling, dandruff disappears. A splendid dressing.
*������   Jtsda by tha J. O. Aje- Oo., Lew.ll,
Discovery ol Gold  Reel  In *h�� For*��st
of Dean.
Ths discovery of a gold reef in Kng-
Innd has filled people in the "West
Countree" with visions of another
Klondyke. The reef has been traced
from a place called Eurocyldon *o
Wigpool Common in the Forest of
Dean and thence to Upper Soudley.
A syndicate has been formed, but up
to the present there has been no visible rush ot fortune seekers. Perhaps
that is due to the feet that the auriferous conglomerates in the Forest of
Dean are supposed to contain only six
grains of gold per ton. There are
two gold mines at present being worked in Wales, one of which makes a
substantial profit. The discovery of
the new reef has set gold seekers
wondering whether Gloucestershire is
gifing to turn out a miniature Rand
Tho syndicate has secured mining
rights over nearly 2,000 acres The
Commissioners of Woods and Forests
are at present considering an nppli-
cntion for a lense to work the mine
upon which the mining inspector for
the district is snid to have reported
favorably. The reef is reported to
bear a remarkable resemblance to the
banket formation in the Rand.
A Lesson  In Courtesy.
A Bplendid lesson, both in Knglish
and courtesy, wus that taught n 16
year-old girl, recently in a Hyde Park
market. One of the characters around
Fifty-fifth street is an old colored
mammy, nt times so eccentric that she
is thought mentally irresponsible. She
seems always kind, however, and
grateful for words of greeting from
"de white folks" she meets upon the
street or in the shops. She came into
the market afld after acknowledging
with low obeisance our "Good morn
ing. Auntie," she went into the baeV
of the shop and brought out a rab
bit's foot. She stood examining it
with the quaintest comments about;
''Dis heah a funny rabbit's foot-
it only got four toes-es 'nt I kin see
but it a hind right foot all de same
and guess it bring me luck; maybe de
boss gives me a chicken more cheap
We were thoroughly enjoying het
monologue when a pert miss came in
and said: "Hello, auntie." The old
dame was at once incensed. She ga
thered her scant skirts nbout her nnd
walking to the ofher side of the store
she said, oh, so scornfully:
"Hello'" Don' you sny 'hello' tr
me. Ain't yo' got no manners? Wh>
don' yo' talk stylish and sny 'Good
mawmen ' I suppose yo' say 'hello' to
yo' tencher, do yo'? Girls down
South never sny 'hello.' Dey never did
heah such a word."
The girl wns truly embarrassed and
seemed to feel the reb"ke even
though its source was humble.
Rescued From Raft.
On its Inst voyage to Port Adelaide,
South Australia, during a south-easterly gale, the British ship Barcore
sighted a mnss of wreckage. On the
wieckage, which consisted of the after
housetop of the American ship Great
Admiral, there were 15 men and a
woman. The Barcore was hove to, but
it was then too dark for the captain
to locate the floating wreckage. At
daylight next day the ship was
brought close, and with great difficulty the life-boat was lowered. A crew
volunteered to try to reach the casta
ways; and, with the help of quantities
of oil, the boat eventually reached
the much exhausted survivors, who
were taken on board. They hnd taken
refuge in two separate portions of the
housetop, and had it not been that
the wreckage acted as a breakwatei
they must have perished. The ship
wrecked pnrty included the mastet
of the Great Admiral, the mate, the
mate's wife, nnd twelve seamen. The
cook nnd stewnrd had succumbed during the first night on the raft. The
survivors were in a pitiable condition, having spent two nights and part
of two days clinging to the housetop
without food or water.
Lady Waterford's Thrilling Experience
No less enthusiastic than Lady
I.echmere, Lady Delamere and Lady
Stewart-Richnrdson���to mention three
intrepid titled British ladies who find
cliief pleasure in big gnme hunting-
is Lndy Waterford, daughter of the
Marquess of Lansdowne. And yet
Lady Waterford had an experience
shortly after her marriage in 1897
which, it might have been thought,
would have completely extinguished
any fondness on her part for hunting
in the wilds of Africa. 8he and her
hushand were trekking in the open
in East Africa when a lion bounded
out at them. Lord Waterford wan
knocked down, but his two gun-carriers enme instantly to his assistance.
In despatching the lion they we��e
severely mauled. Lady Waterford,
with rifle in hand, was forced to
stand helplessly by and witness the
struggle, being afraid to fire for fear
of hitting her husband or the beare***-.
Cathedral  In  Danger.
Many of Oie worshipers nt Exeter
Cnthedral have been alarmed by the
erection of scaffolding around the
south tower for the purpose of ascertaining the extent of a crack discovered some time ago.
They absent themselves from the
services, despite the efforts of the
dean and chapter to prevent a scare.
The crack extends from near the
ground to the bnttlemonts. Trenches
have been sunk, but no change in the
foundations has been revealed, and ',
the cause of the crack cannot be ascertained.
The external stonework of the tower is in a very unsatisfactory condition.
A Deal In Buffaloes.
The Canadiun Government has closed a deal for the purchase of a herd
of buffalo from M. Pablo, of Flathead
Reserve, Montana. This herd is
the largest in America. This herd is
60 strong. Some of them will be shipped to Western Canada in May. nnd
the balance in August. They > ill be lo-
cated for the present at ElK Park,
east of Edmonton, but it is the intention at a later date to trnnsfer them
to the New National Park, which is
to be established nt some point in
the Rocky  Mountains.
A Royal Aeronautophobe.
The Prince of Wales is taking much
interest in the attempts of Santos*
Dumont and others to solve the problem of navigation of the air. He possesses an expert knowledge of the
various aeroplanes and their mechanism. His Royal Highness was always
of a mechanical turn of mind, and in
another sphere of life would probably
huve made a name as an inventor.
He is remarkably clever with tools
.of every description, and has already
imparted a good deal of his knowledge to his eldest sons. It is stated
that the prince will soon become president of the Aero Club of England.
Have Secured Options on Adjoining
Properties, Thus Causing Considerable  Comment   in   Cobalt  Circles
The Ontario-Quebec Cobalt Mining
Company, Limited, has not issued
much information lately as to the
condition of their properties in
Bucke township, and they now claim
that this action has been part of a
coupe which the officers have had up
their sleeves for months past. The
veins that were uncovered during
the earliest operations looked so
good and the reports of the various
mining engineers and experts who
examined the property were so promising that tlie officers decided to
maintain secrecy until tliey could
obtain options on the properties immediately surrounding tlieir mines.
These options have now been secured, it is understood, at reasonable
figures, and recent reports are being
made public. The company's chief
engineer, Mr. A. J_. Hogg, M.E., in
his latest report recommends thut
the main shaft be at once sunk to
the 150-foot level, where the richest
ores in the sectioii have been encountered, and the directors huve practically decided to follow his recommendations. The Hon. L. J. La-
brosse also inspected the Ontario-
Quebec Cobalt properties a few days
ago, and his report is extremely
gratifying to the directois of tho
company. The officers of tlie company expect the Ontario-Quebec Cobalt Mining company to become a
heavy shipper in the near future.
Machinery ordered during the winter is now on tho way to the property, and will be in working shape
within a few weeks. At the present
time, in addition to the superintendent and chief engineer, there are
twenty-four miners constantly at
work  at the  mines.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Brought
Back the Ruddy Glow of Health
Thousands of young growing girls
have pale, pasty complexions, distressing headaches, backaches and
sideaches. Sometimes they are unable to sleep; their nerves are unstrung; they are languid, breathless,
nnd the heart palpitates violently at
the least exertion���that's anaemia���
and it may develop into consumption unless promptly attended to.
Anaemia means bloodlessness. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills make pure, red
blood���that's the secret of their success. Miss Winnie Allen, Montreal,
Que., snys: "I was so weak and run
down that my friends thought I was
going into consumption. I was as
pale as a corpse, had no appetite
and did not sleep well. The least
exertion tired me out and if I walked
a few blocks I wns almost breathless. My sister advised me to take
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and after
using them for a few weeks I am
again enjoying good health and have
a good color. I think every weak,
sickly girl should take Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make
new, rich blood and in this way
stiike right at the root of such
troubles as anaemia, indigestion,
rheumatism, St. Vitus dance, the
secret ills of girlhood and womanhood and a host of other everyday
troubles, and cure them. But you
must get the genuine with the full
name "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People," on the wrapper
around every box���imitations never
cured anyone and sometimes they
do much harm. If your dealer does
not keep the genuine Pills they will
be sent at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from the Dr. Williams
Medicine   Co.,   Brockville,   Ont.
During a Lenten lecture on the
poor, Jacob A. Riis, author of "How
the  Other Half Lives,"  said:
"The slums of New York, when I
first came to know them as a police
reporter, were disheartening indeed.
To clean them seemed as hopeless
as cleaning an Augean stable. It
wns like the case of a slum boy of
whom  I heard  the other day.
" 'Jackie,' said this boy's mother,
'vour fnce is fnirly clean, but how
did you get such dirty hands?'
" 'Wnshin' me face,' said the boy."
Liniment asked for at my store and
the only one we keep for sale.
All the people use it.
Pleasant Bay, C.B.
f  Keeps your body
warm,   yet   leta
your skin breathe
' ���knit, not
Princess Louise celebrated her 59th
birthday last month.
r���it fits,
Fdoes PEN-
_A g ainst
Trade fiorit
^Trade-marked in red. In a \
fvariety of styles, fabrics and,
rprices,   for women, men and
children, _ and      guaranteed.
Hut Buried  In  Drift and They Have
to   Tunnel   Out.
An Englishman named Morgan nnd
a German friend of his have bad a
terrible experience on the Salziluh,
a mountain  9,265 feet high.
They left Schruns, on the frontier of
Switzerland and Austria, with the intention of ascending the mountain on
skis, and they took no guides with
Nothing was heard of them, and at
the end of three days a search party
was organized. It found no trace of
the missing men. and Mr. Morgan and
his friend were given up for lost.
They crawled into Schruns half dead
from want of food and exhaustion.
When near the summit of the Sulz-
fluh they were overtaken by a blinding snowstorm, and after wandering
about aimlessly for some time they
discovered a hut, in which they took
Hour after hour the snow fell, until the hut was buried beneath it and
they were close prisoners. Their only
food for four days was two loaves of
bread, and melted snow was their only
Then Mr. Morgan, in desperation,
burrowed through the drift round the
hut, and forced a passage through
the snow, which was waist-high in the
open, followed by his German companion, who was even more exhausted
than he was.
Both of them are reported, to be
well on the road to recovery.
The Queer Parson   Bird.
Two splendid male specimens of the
peo honey eater were recently acquired by the Zoological Society. Its
throat is adorned with small white
feathers, which, from their resemblance to clerical bands, hnve gninod
for it the name "parson bird." Its
metallic green plumage, with bronze
and purplish reflections, is very beautiful. Its long and rather slender
beak is curved; it has rather large
feet and the length of its tail is considerable.
Although somewhat rarely seen in
this country alive, -.his bird is plentiful on both the north and south islands of New Zealand. It is a good
songster and mimic, and its lively
temperament renders it a most interesting cage bird. Its food consists
of berries, insects, and honey. It has
an extensile tongue, the tip of which
is forked, and, being covered with fibres, forms a kind of brush, most useful to the parson bird in gathering ita
food���Pall Moll Gazette.
all dan), soft or calloused lumps and blemishes
from horses, blood spavin, curbs, sullnts,
ringbone, sweeney, stifleB, sprains, sore and
swollen throat, coughs, etc. Save 950 by use
of one bottle. Wurranted the most wonderful
Blemish Oure aver known
"What's the trouble?" asked the
Madrid citizen.
"We've been obliged to arrest this
man for lese-majeste," answered the
"But he's a very peaceful and inoffensive person.
"Yes. But he inadvertently
dropped a remark that he thought
he had the smartest small boy on
earth."���Washington Star.
Home  For Lost Cats.
Lady Decies opened in the Fulham
road, London, a home for lost cats,
which may fairly be described aS a
eats' paradise. The only qualification for admission is homelessnesa,
and the accommodation provided is
most luxurious.
Outside there is a large wired-in
run for exercise, furnished with a tree
and a bed of mould. Inside, the sleeping quarters for the winter time consist not only of little wooden huts
but of shelves, arranged like bertha
in a ship's cabin, which the inmates
reach by vigorous springs from one
to another of a series of brackets.
The daily menu is most elaborate, and
meals are served as follows:
Dinner���Cats' meat; fish, two days
a week; or for invalids, gruel or rice,
vegetables. ,
Tea (at four o'clock)���Milk.
Supper (at eight)���Same as dinner.
Nightcap (at nine)���Milk.
More "Jungle" Complaints.
Dt. Blyth has reported to the Mary-i
lebone Borough Council that a few of
the canned meats from America,
which he analyzed, were distinctly
unfit for human food and made from,
dirty material, "probably enough the;
sweepings of the factory." Samples of
the latest consignments of canned
foods from the United States examined were wholly unobjectionable.
Tlie healthy glow disappearing
from the cheek, and moaning and
restlessness at night are sure symptoms of worms in children. Do not,
fail to get a bottle of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator; it is an effectual medicine.
His Majesty's inspector wns examining n class of boys on the subject
of birds. Having received correct
answers to tlie questions relating to
feathers, bills, feet and wings, he
put the question, "What is it a bird
can do which I am unable to do?"
"Fly" was the answer he hoped to
For several moments the boys
thought, but gave no answer. At
last one held up his hand.
"Well, my lad, what is it?"
"Lay an egg, sir," said the boy.���
The    Colonial    Premiers    and   Thel-
Clothes  Critically  Discussed.
Of Canada's Premier the Tailor and
Cutter says: Sir Wilfrid Laurier seems
to have inherited the good taste of his
French ancestors, and Is alwnys a
polished and well-dressed gentlemnn
whom we hnve lnvnrlably associated
with a well-cut frock coat, a nent vest
and trousers cut wth great precision.
It would be hnrd to pass adverse
criticism on any feature of his sartorial apnearnnce. Even his silk
soarves display judgment in selection,
and are alwnvs in harmony with the
color of his clothes. Perhnns it is his
own desire, or it mny be the style of
his particular tnilor. to nrrnnce n
short brenk on the forepart of his
coat, and to b*'tt**n the lnnels rather
higher than fnshinn nt nrespnt dictates; but even with this vnrintinn
from the aceented stvle. he mnv h��
Bald to be one nf the hopf-dressed
gentlemen nt*T'linp tbe Conference,
This n***.""** In '���'���* Cnnndinn as well
as his British outfit.
The fond husband was seeing his
wife off with the children for their
holiday in the country. As she got
into the train he said: "But, my
dear, won't you take some fiction to
"Oh, no," she responded sweetly;
"I Bhall depend on your letters from
Timely Advice Given on the Fuel
Subject by W.   H. Aldridge
W. H .Aldridge, manager director
of the Pacific Coal Co., in an interview   yesterday  said:
"The difficulties in the western
^oal fields have been settled for '.wo
years, and it is only a question of
getting sufficient men to enable the
joal companies to amply supply the
.jublic, the industries and tlie rail-
vvays. Some of the coal companies
are short of men at the present time,
out it is hoped that this shortage
will be made up during the next
inonth or two.
"One important cause for the coal
shortage last winter was due to the
public waiting until fall before laying in their winter supply. During
last summer a number of the mines
did not have sufficient orders to operate over three or four days a week,
and in the fall the coal companies
had more orders than could possibly
be filled.
"The severe weather later in the
season made it impossible for the
railways to handle all the traffic and
supply sufficient cars, and it was
equally difficult for the coal companies to operate to tlieir fullest capacity under tlie severe weather conditions.
"If the public will, so far as possible, take tlieir coal supply during
the summer months, when weather
conditions are favorable for both railways and mines, there need be no
fear of any coal shortage during the
coming winter."���Manitoba Free
Press,  May 22,  1907.
Minard's Liniment Used by Physicians
Bishop Sanford Olmsted of Colorado, at n dinner in Denver, said
apropos  of Sabbath  breaking:
"I was talking to an eastern clergyman the other day about his
church  attendance.
"'I suppose,' I said, 'that in your
district rain nffects the attendance
considerably P'
"He smiled faintly. 'Indeed, yes,'
he said. 'I hardly have a vacant
sent when it is too wet for golf or
motoring.' "���Cleveland  Lender.
to the East and to the South is via
the Canadian Northern Railway.
Through daily trains between Edmonton, Winnipeg and St. Paul.
Dining and Sleeping Car services
are unexcelled. Compartment Library. Observation cars between
Winnipeg and St. Paul. Have you
seen the great Saskatchewan Valley
with its fertile farm lands? If not,
let us suggest a trip out there this
summer. Any agent will be pleased
to furnish information, or write C.
W. Cooper, Asst. General Passenger
Agent, Winnipeg.
More than 1,200 British tradesmen
are this year entitled to iiBe the
royal  arms over  their shop  fronts.
'Tis Well to Know a Good Thing,
said Mrs. Surface to Mrs. Know-veil,
when they met in the street. "Why,
where * have you been for a week
back?" "Oh, just down to the store
for a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil," and Mrs. Surface, who hates
puns, walked on. But she remembered, and when she contracted a
weak back there was another customer for Eclectric Oil.
The steel and iron interests of
Germany are anxious to have the
present fiscal arrangement with Canada revised.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
Professor Sadler, of Manchester,
has declined the presidency of Toronto university.
Minard's   Liniment,    Lumberman's
Thieves raided the ship Varese oi
the Duke of Abruzzi and stripped
everything, even his uniforms of
their gold braid.
Are your corns harder to remove
than those that others have had?
Have they not had the same kind?
Have they not been cured by using
Holloway's Corn Cure?   Try a bottle.
Guatemala's president is said to
be inciting the Yaquis against Mex-
"This document," said Senator La
Follette, anent an unreasonable petition, "reminds me of the letters that
a civil servant in India sent to the
"The man was a babu, as the educated Indian natives are called. He
was in charge of a state library and
the documents in this library were
being eaten by the rats. Accordingly
he applied to the government ior
weekly rations for two cats.
"The rations were granted him,
and several weeks passed, when the
government received from him this
" 'I have the honor to inform you
that the senior cat is absent without
leave.    What shnll I do?'
"Receiving no reply, he wrote
again as follows.
" 'In re absentee cat. I propose
to promote the junior cat, and in
the meantime to take into government service a probationer cat on
full rations.'"
Scottish folk are proverbially canny
and prudent in money matters, and
the following shows that the younger
generation is no exception to the
A teacher in a Lowland school was
taking mental arithmetic with a
class of boys.   She asked one urchin:
"How much would your mother
give you to buy four pounds of tea
at one and six a pound?"
"We ne'er get sae much at aince as
that, mem."
"Never mind that. Four pounds
nt one and six?"
"But we canna afford the one and
six, mem. We always hae the one
and two."
"Answer tho question. What
would she give you to pay for four
poi nds of tea at "
"Naethin',  mem."
"What do you mean by 'nothing'?"
"She'd na gi'e me ony bawbeeB.
She'd tell me tae ask the man tae
pit  it  doon."
"Oh, dear! Oh, dear! But supposing she did?"
With a pitying smile came the reply : " A' can see ye've ne'er met
ma inither, mem."
Terwilliger, the most ingenious
citizen of Eastport, L.I,, has perfected his chicken-picking machine,
by means of which a chicken can be
separated from its featherB in three
Is all PURE Tea, and is rapidly taking
the place of Japan Teas.
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c, 60c,  and    60c    Per    Lb.    At    All    Grocers.
High-Class Cheese.
In the production of high-class
cheese, it is essential that the milk
be clean, sweet, and free from foreign flavor upon renching the factory. Both the quality of the product will suffer when the raw material is inferior. Unless the patrons
supply milk of good quality, they
cannot in justice hold the maker responsible for the quality of goods
made therefrom. The health of your
cows, tbe water supply, the quality
of the food, the condition under which
milk is drawn from the cow, the care
used in seeing that it is not exposed
to dirt or dust of any kind, proper
handling, etc., all require unceasing
watchfulness   and   care.
In order that the maker may receive instruction regularly and periodically, and thot the producer may
be directed where in he may improve
in the production and care of milk,
the Department of Agriculture has
employed a staff of instructors to visit
both the factories and the farms upon which the milk is produced. The
Instructor is not a detective, but a
co-worker and educator. All tests for
adulteration will be made at the factory, and action for prosecution left
with some official of the factory concerned.
Johnny- -Pa, what is a leading question r
Pa���The one a girl asks before a
man proposes.
Heard  In a Restaurant.
"I haven't any more appetite than
��� canary."
"Waiter, bring thia ladv some bird
*___*_. "	
Women Celebrities  In Jail.
As an outcome of the ultra-aggressive campaign inaugurated by the
suffragettes, there have lately been
contmed in Hollowuy Gaol more
feminine celebrities���of a sort���than
that 'amous prison has ever before
held. And this is "saying something,"
(or "Cocoa Castle"���as its regular pa
trons love to dub it���has seen many
such in days gone by.
Perhaps the most distinguished of
them all was the Duchess of Sutherland, who "enjoyed" its "hospitality"
in 1893. Her Grace "served" six
weeks, living meanwhile in a "cell"
bowered in choicest exotics, and faring sumptuously every day on a succession of dainty dishes sent in from
Mr. Heale's well-known establishment
in the Hollowuy Road.
Her "crime" consisted in tearing
up, In an easily understandable fit of
feminine pique, a legal document to
rhich she had been given access by
the judge of the Probate Court.
Another famous lady prisoner at
Hollowny was Mrs. Weldon, who was
confined there in 1880 for libel. She
made herself a general favorite, and
wardresses and officials used to silently gather outside her cell at night,
contrary, of course, to all regulations
in order to listen to her rendering,
in her sweet soprano voice, of dainty
operatic  morselr,.
These are but two. There are many,
many others. Here wns shut up for
safety Mrs. Carey, wife of the notorious Irish informer, while the Invisibles, who knew she had been
smuggled across to London, were
senrehing high nnd low for her.
fii 1 Bum,* Ume* to��* -here wns
confined there ior a brief spell n
mysterious foreign lndy, about wlioni,
all the higher officials p**ofessed pro-
found ignorance, although thev trent- i
ed her with the grentest deference.
She was registered under the name of
Mary Smith, though she could not
speak a word of Knglish, nnd after a
short incarceration was released by
special ori;er of the Home Office.
Hats Imperil the Entente
Paris���The Matin raises a protest
against the general wearing by
French children of sailor lints, made
in London, with such ribbons as
"H.M.S. Trafalgar," "Victory,"
"Nile," "Cressy," "Aboukir," all recalling French defeats.
"It is nonsensical," says the Matin, "for French children to walk
about with Knglish sailor hats as
though French children were British
subjects. It is the fashion just now
to go to England for boys' sailor hats
and suits, hilt supposing people were
to go to Germany? French mothers
would never allow their off .pring to
wear caps with such words as 'Sedan' or 'Woerth.' "
Count Mazza, Italian consul-general in Canada since 1901, has been
appointed envoy-extraordinary and
plenipotentiary  at  Teheran.
What He Was Looking For.
Sir Robert Bull, the noted astronomer, is fond of telling the following
���itory against himself Sir Robert wa?
engaged to lecture on his own subject
in a remote part of Ireland, but on
ids arrival at the little station hi
walked up and down the platform
looking vainly for the expected conveyance. Finally, when all the other passengers had dispersed nnd diiv
en oK, n typically Irish servant cmnt
up to him with: "Maybe you're Sii
Robert linll?" On receiving nn affirm
ative reply, the man broke out, apol
ogeticully, "Oh, sure, your honor, I
am sorry to have kept you waiting
hut I was told to look out tor an in
ellectunl-looking gentleman I"
"Xook into this
roofing question
Get book on
Right" and
aee how little
risk you take
when you
roof any
building with
i that keeps your roof good for 26
yeara.   With decent care, an Oshawa-
Shingled roof will last a CENTURY.
Easy To Put On
With a hammer
(tinners' shears^
anybody can
put Oshawa/
Shingles on/
perfectly. |
Locked on
all four
the side lock T
It drains the
shingles so tht
water can't seei
under.   Top loci
(see below) makes
whole roof practically one piece and
sheds water quick.
Made in one grade
only���28-guage semi-toughened i
double-galvanized   (saves   painting).!
Wind - water - and - f i r e -
PROOF. Keep buildings
safe from
Cost only
4.50 ���
square (10
ft x 10 ft)
'Send for booklet and learn
how little a RIGHT
roof costs.   Address
���*.*   :   fire proof        -
Worrmnlodlo ttheo Satlafaotlon.
Caustic Balsam
Has Imitators But No Competitors.
A Safe, Speedy and Positive Cure for
Curb, Splint Sweeny, Capped Hook,
Strainod Tendons, Founder, Wind
fuffi, and all lamoneat from Spavin,
Ringbone and other bony tumors.
Ourei all akin diieaaei or Taraaltei,
Thrash, Diphtheria. Removes all
Bunches from Horses or Cattle,
As a Human Remedy for Rheumatism.
Sprains, Bore Throat, W. It Is lnrafuaBTe.
jBvtnr bottle of Cauetio Balaam sold ls
Warranted to (rive Satisfaction. Price $1 60
per bottle.  Sold by druggists, ot sent by ex-
fireai, charges paid, with full directions for
ts use.   tSTBend for descriptive circulars.
0 testimonials, etc.   Address 0
The Lawrence-Williams Co., Toronto, Ont.
Of Oshawa
8*21-3 Craig Bt W.
To *>o n t o
__U Oolborn- St,
|1    76-fO Lombard St.
423 SuBsex St
66 Dundee St. ,
61' Ponder 8k
room, may be decorated
in absolute good taste with
.1, !__���_���"*"- _ ��� rente ot tints to
Mlect from that will let your wall,
harmonize with any furnishing!.
?*"n'- J-Jf for �� copr of " Horn.., II-.lt*..
Jul and B..utifu|/wilh rm-.nyd.i_ty, new
id", for tdie decoration of your heme.
Alabaetltte ������ sold by hardware and paint
dealers overywhere-a S pound package
(or SO cent,.
A��k rout dealer for tint card.
are the common h._innln_e
Ofmany dangerous fl i��__*..
_v     t��_  .   M* old  ,0'����  know  that
when Dr. A. Johnson established in ___.
For Internal and External use
he nova mankind a mi rn household remedy
Ior coldB, coughs, croup, grip, bronchitis,
cuts, burns, wounds anil sore or lame
muscles. __ and 10 els. At druggists.
I. 8. JOHNSON A CO., Boston, Mm.
W.    N.    II.    No.    6*-3 9
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President���Loud Stkatiicona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Gkoiige A. Dkummond.
General Manager���E. S. Cloubto.**. .
Branches in All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan fflMitiiiQ .Review.
���Subscription .2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance,   Nu pay, ih) paper.
Advkiitisinu Ratiin :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - .13.00
"     for Grown Grants    -   -    7.50
"     " Purchase of Land   -    7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will lie charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
{Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and mako
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher,
See McDonald for fresh fruit and
Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Alexander came
"up from Kaslo on Wednesday.
Mrs. A. G. Erickson and daughter,
of Whitewater, vibitcd friends in town
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Duncan Kennedy,  of Slocan,  B, G,  lively keeper,
intends  to apply for a special timber
licence  over    the   following  described
lands.    Commencing at a post adjoining James  Smith's  south-east corner,
and   marked   "Robert   Duncan   Kennedy's N.E.  coiner," tlience south 40
chains, thence west KiO chains, thence
north 40 chain*?,  thence cast 100 chains
to point  of commencement, and containing 1140 acres, more or less.
June 17th, 1007.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon,
on Wednesday, tbe 14th day of August,
1007, for the purchase "I the undermentioned Mineral Claims, which were
forfeited to tbe Crown at the Tax Sale
held in the Government Ollice, at Kimlo,
B.C., on the 7th day of November, 1U04.
To be considered, all tenders must be
at, least equal lo the upset pi-ice asgiven
below, which is equal to tlie amount for
which such claim conld have been repurchased by the owner, or owners, on
the 80th day of Juno, 1005, together
wilh the taxes, costs and interest which
have aocrued since the Tax Sale, tbe
cost of advertising for tenders, and tbo
Crown Grant fee.
Name of Claim      Lot, No.   Upset price
Arena Fraction        25'i!) *f5fi.(i0
J. I.C, 2688 90.05
Jenny Jones 2584 (18.05
Each tender must be accompanied by
a certified check for tbe full amount
thereof, payable at par at Kaslo, B.C.,
in favor of the undersigned. Tbe checks
of all unsucessful tenderers will be inline Jiatcly returned.
Government Agent, Kaslo, B. O.
Take notice that James Smith, of
���Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing
at u post planted about one and one
half miles distant in a southerly direction from Duncan Graham's north-east
corner, and maiked " James Smith's
.S.E. corner,'.Ihence west 100 chains,
tlience north 40 chains, thence east 100
chains, thence south 40 chains lo point
ot commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.    JAMES SMITH.
June 17th, 1007.
T.-ike notice that Dnnoan ��v..i,.m>, or
jSjlocon,B.O., miner, intends to apply
lor a special license over lhe following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore of Slocin
Lake, about one mile distant in a southerly direction from tbe mouth of Indian
creek, and marked " Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thence west 80 cliains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, tlience norlh 80 cliains to point
of commencement, and containing 040
acres more or less.
June 15lh, 1007.
are necessities if you
wish to ward off any
disease that threatens.
These can both be
secured by taking
which is a simple
compound of Sarsap-
arilla and Oregon
Grape Root with Saline laxatives.
5 Drug Store
pQPft,   New Denver.
Take notice Ihat Nils Nelson, of
Slocin, 13.0., a rancher, intends to
apply for a special timber license over'
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted about four miles
distant in a norlh westerly direction
from tbe mouth of Goat creek, a ti Unitary oi thc Slocan River, thenco west I
100 chains, tlience north 40 chains:
thonce east 100 chains, Ihence  south 40
chains lo point of commencement, and
containing 640 acn s more or less.
Juno 20th, 1007.
The Most Beautifully eiluated
Sanitarium in British Columbia.
Us medical waleis are renowned
for curative qualities, "That
Tired Feeling " completely cured,
A certain remedy for Rheumatism
in its varied turnip, A *ur ��� cure
f,,r Mo ill c and "thi i* i oisonlngs, j
Tun in:.:1s a dtiy and telegraphic
facilities. Rates���$12 lo *18 per
I week. For further particulars
apply lo
Bros. I
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.;
At Cost
e Review
To Michael Ten rote, or to whomsoever
he may have transferred his interest
in lhe" Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated    near   McGuiean,
located the Srd day of October, 1000,
recorded   the  17th  dav of October,
1900, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You  are  hereby notified that I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within (10 days from the
cate of this notice you fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in tbe said
claim will become the property of tbe
undersigned, under  Bection   4 of  the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated at Sandon, this 3rd   day   of
April, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that GO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated
ou thc west shore of Slocan lake about
'._��� mile in a southerly direction from
Mill creek. Commencing! at a post
maiked A. O.'s S.E. corner post, thence
20 chains west, tlience 40 chains north,
thonce 20 chains east, thenoe 40 chains
south to place of commencement, cou-
taiiiiiit* HO acres nioie or less.
Dated May 0th 1907.
Jy. 18 locator.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Zbvee jforfts,
Headquarters for Mining Men
wheu visiting this famous Silver-
L-ead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
afier date I intend to apply to tbe lion,
the Cnief Commissioner of LSnds and
Works at Victoria, B. C. for permission
to purchase the following described
lands situate in West Kootenay Districi;
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of lot 7547 and maiked
J. St. D, S.W. corner, thence north
along the east line of lot 7547 20 chains,
tlience east 20 chains, thence south 20
chains lo the nortli-east corner ot lot
8127, tlience following along the line of
lot8127, 20 chains to the pointof commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C. April 30th, 1907.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
Certificate of Improvements.
"Independence"      Mineral      Claim,
situate in  tbe Slocan   City  Mining
Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located:���On  Lemon  C'eek
adjoining   the    Crusader    Mineral
Take notice that I, II. R, Jorand, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 1178,300 acting
for myself and as agent for W. J.   Shut-
ford Free Miner's Certificate No. B4,685,
intend,   00  days  from the date  heicof,
to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of   Improvements,   for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take  notice that action,
under section 37,  must be commenced
before the issuance of Such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated Ibis 2nd day of May, A.D. 1907
Local Salesman Wanted for
And Adjoining District to represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planling. Grown on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
coast trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved ; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Write for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(License.! hy B.o. Government )
TORONTO        -      - ��      ONT,
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
after dale 1 intend to apply to the iloii.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Kootenay District: Commencing at a pest
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Comer
post," said post being at south-east
comer of lot 7 Block 382, Group I
West. Kootenay District, thence south
80 chains, Ihence cast 20 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence Wist 20 chains
to pointof commencement, containing
1(10 acres more or less.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
7-4 A. J. WATSON.
Silverton, 36.(5.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel iu
(lie Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IR. jID. Spencer -* prop
J. J. Fingland
provincial tlseayer
anb o: mist'
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
1)1.00 each.
Silver wilh Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, $1.50 ouch,
Zinc,  Antimony,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $2.00.
Gold, Silver, wilh Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver. $2,130.
Silver, Zinc and Lead    1.3.00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $-1.(10
Special Bc.t-.ri for Mine and Mill Wofk
To Rent
Several Residences at
Very Small Figure
. ._4>^<--><-><e*3>��*-j-*'^^ f
Go to Wilson's for
Floor,   Hay.    Oats,
Coal,   Vegetables,
1, etc.
. fr$rM444^��6��$��Q>QQM>&$><2>��&�� &<&*����*��&��QQ* SO��������������*������ <.
********* ****************************
Zhc Sanbon Ibotel. I
IRobt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class     J
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and ��
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to tlie wants of Our Patrons.
��botcest %f quote, Mines anb   igars.
********************* ^***************- ***********
Visitors to Saudon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and  Cigars
always ou hand.    ::    Au excellent Pool Table.
t* i. .' .' '*�� **' * ���'��� * .' ���*,' **"*"���*��� * * * ���*.' * ****.   S-f. ************************,..
I***"***   Srfij ****.'*H"H'*.
Spring anb J
summer |
from Crown
{Tailoring Co.
1 The Most Complete aud varied assortment ever
in the Country,
If Iu Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
I Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions j
|      Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings aud Supplies.
TKH 3% /TC>ac6onalo
i ������ .,  *_______ j
1 ?
* *** ���H--*"M'lHl*Hl*>"��*'ll-tl * * ****** w *************************
Koof eixay / ^	
ifTkrP I There is no better house in the Kootenays for
JL ^ U -I V-1 ��� the Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors will (ind an up-to-date style of doing
business, and the 1'arkecps arc artists in their
'   line. 	
The Finest Wines aud liquors aud Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
ioo   MINERS
Wanted at
Wages $3.75 to $4 a Day,
Colin J. Campbell
Notary Public
phone 2. P.O. box 10
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Meaocjuarters for flDinino ano Grav-eUinfi flDcn
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
IRooms Xarcjc, Clean ano Cos��.
*& William Bennett S>
j ****************************************************
��� ���
. R.
The Kootenay Talflor
a *ao*mtaaeXme\\\\a\\\\\r'
;************************* **************************
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon fllMners' Xftnion Hospital
Open to the Public.
Rales by Subscription $1.00 nor month. Non-subscribers *.".00 per diem.
 Hospital Stuff	
O.E.ANDERSON. - -    WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will Hnd this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for tho comfort of Tourists.
Woll stocked Bin*..
Excellent boatim..        Grand scenery,
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2,50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter what his occupation, may save
money by gelling bis
Shoes* Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
(litre is nothing better
tlian th.' famous 13AL
with a good, solid,
ham! made bottom	
These shoes can only bo got by
leaving your order wilh
P.   W. WARD
Shoemaker - Sandon
.F-x. ��ail"v^7" ��^"3^"
IB. W. TObbowson
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, each, $1 00
Gold-Silver. .1.1 50 Silver-Lead. ,1.1 50
Zinc.. .2,00 Gold Silver witli Copper oi*
Lend.. 3 51).
Prompt attention given to all samples.
L'5 per cent, discount upon live samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A07
:. Ibotel .:
St. Louis $03.*T5    Chicago $66.7-5
Toronio    .81.25    Ottawa     85.'it-
Montreal i.K'1,75    St. Johns .96.75
Halifax $104 55.
Tickets on Sale
July 3. 4, 5.        August Ft, 9, 10.
September 11, 12, 18.
Corresponding reductions from
all Kontenav points. Tickets
available for lake route including
meals nnd berths on lake steamers.
Through notes quoted io any sta-
i m Ontario Quebec or Maritime
rovinoes on application.
Sixty days afer (Into I intend to
apply 10 the Hon. ('hief Coinniiai'ionoi'
of Lauds nnd Works at Vicorii, B.C.,
for peiniis ion to nurchapo iho following
described lauds, situate in U'ost Ko ilen-
nv District: Commencing at a post on
tho north sido of li.'hl of way of N. i_ S.
Railway, thence 28 208 chains uoi'lli
along west boundary   1 f lot 768-1, tlience
east a'ong norlh fojundiiry of lot 7084
*.'() clinics, thence north 20 chain*,
thenco wi st 20chains more or h ss toS. E.
coiiiei* of lot 7547, thenco iiloiii* soil 111
boundary of lot 7547 10 cli dim more or
less, ihence north 20 chains, I hence
wi st' "0 chains, thence norlh 20 chain.
thenoe west SO clmins more or less to
East si '0 of light of way of N. ��.. S.
Railway, thence along Enst boundary of
N. & S. Railway right of way to a pout
���10 chains .oii'h, thence west. 88.04
chaii s, I hence south 20 chains, thetiui
enst 10 chains, thence s nith 11) clmins,
thence east 26,809 chains !' intersect
'with \ ��� ei S Railway ibiht of way,
(lliecoo Southerly nluiig east tide of
j N. & S. Railway right uf Way to point
of commencement, and containing 402,78
I acres nioie or le.*s.
Located March 33rd, 190'/.
Jo 27 PerD. S*.Penis, agent.
THUS Well Known
W Hotel has lately
heen purchased by the
above, and he promise.'-;
patrons personal attention lo make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
1 Silverton 0 'B.C,
ttmiHi.wtiwnrttTriiiY-r'"'-'''w~"~ru:*'m''',at'n'n* ������'"��� T**-'*r*"* '���'">-*������'
Tnilholt" mineral cl 1 im, sitnati in the
SluCiinCiiy Mining Division o!*\Y*est
Koolenav Dislrict. Where located.���
About 2,000 feet in a westerly dircc*
tion from Howaid Fraction, nbout one
mile north of North Fork  of Lemon
Take no'loothat I, Honti Robeit Jorand, free Miners Cei-tiiicate No. B78,80O,
as agent lor Anna Ferguson, Executrix
of Ihe list will and tesliinient of William Ilcniy. Ferguson dec-ieod, Free
Minora Oerliucato Nc B4719, intend, HO
days from the dato hereof, to apply to
tho MiningRecoidoi* tor a certillcnto of
Improvements for tlie purpose ol obtaining a Crown Giant of thu above claim.
And further take nntice, that action
under section 87, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate ol
Dated ihi.-LTdli davof Apiil, A.D. 1907.


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