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Slocan Mining Review 1907-08-08

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 Devoted to Advert
tising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Jh^1 kLL
Sent to any address'
for $2.00  per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's   so.
No. 50   Vol.  I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday.  Aug. 8. 1007.
Sino-lp Copies inc.
t Xocal anb General.
i-**** .��.
Plekcil up by Uutttng in Everywhere.
4.4. _, **** aa .-..*. **** **** *
The Sandon celebration on Labor Day
m'i 1 off nd opportunity Tor a glad reunion of old-tinien.
The huckleberry imp is a lumper.
The same may bo written of lhe raspberry crop. Some day the big cistern
concerns will lake a lumlilo anil ertct
jam factolies In the Ko 1I1 nay.. 'I here's
money in It. Enough rasp' civics go to
vvin'e each season to supply lhe wants
of Ilie (.011 tint nl in this direction.
Tlie ore body is rerorled to have heen
tap- ed in the new croiitcut at the Sun*
' shine.
J. Coulthard is up from Silverlon to
participate in the general prospeiity
prevailing here.
What about that football challenge
recently isuurd tu Nelson soc.-er players
to mei t the Sandon boys at Kaslo at
the Pall Fair? Saudon are dead in cai-
| ne.-t in the matter, and they require no
j cnurauUc either. This is the second
time of asking.
If you would help out Ihe Celebration
! Coin'nrttoe in their i ffurtB to make the
j Labor Day  Ce'rbrut'ou  a big   sticecs",
Joe Keiee*, perhaps better known as : Dave Kobtrt.-on ii-.J It. J. Green were
the "terrible Turk," came in from visitors from White watt r last Saturday.
Moyie lust n'ght. Keltel, who is a lock
A iiOO-N TO 1IJ. 10 Di__'j.i*UOr.
a.iuned control of *i.o|~,."tlheBev>" t,m,e for ���v**>jim
winch you can use for youi*  coriispuii-
Bioet���everybody boost!
liteiury   end  of  the   Greenwood Li dge J
once mo,e.   Working f r va.es or as a ;
free  lance   in   Vancouver   is   evidently
not what it was cracked up lo be.
Geo. Hughes came in from Spokane
this week. Lucky Jim zinc oie is being
shipped across the border under protest
pending the decision of the court as lo
zinc being dutiable.
S. J. Towgood and Oro. Bruder weie
mi Kaslo hut Saturday nnd s'ayeil ovu*
for several days. Thu f.rmoi* was the
guest of E. L. S;ni h. It wulild f pi ear
that the facial ieaenihlat.ee of Jay-Jay
and 8. J. is likely to get one or Ilie
other inlo s rious mlsi bi'-f one of thete
I'-.tys. Fir further paiticiiiats see
*-Siniili at the People's store.
N. A. Bowers, ri presenting Ihe Technical Woil 1 Magazine, ol Chicago, paid
a visit of lna_*eotion 11 tin* camp on Mi n-
<lay, staying over for s vtr..i days.
While hoi 0 li ��� s qured n uch interesting
<la!a for a wiite up..in (lie excellent
magaz'ne he represents. Hi also ae-
���cured many g iod pho og apbs.
.7. C. Cnrrutl era. of Lens and Le'zer,
of Yicioidi, was doing business he*e
Tuesday. Mr. Curruthers came up
with a ntbstantial donation for the
���celt bullion ; unsolicited, too. Good for
Chaili'e Walins'ey" of lhe Bodega hotel, N kou, and the Koolemiy hoWl of
(.hit city, tame up on .Monday's 11ain.
XV. Jnffiay came down front t he McAllister group Thins lay. lie repi rts
���rood progress being made on iho crosscut.
Always a full line of ficsh trails <-l ail
kinds atMaeduiiald's.
1 cue
We w< re Walking nl ng Ihe boul ivards
of Kas'o with the o lit*u* of the Knoletl*
lllan hst Sunday whin we c��| ied what
wo thought were some nie* lonk'ng
apjiles In a s:ore wimlow. " Ileiln," we
leniaiked, " Apph s", ihu_ utrly!" The
reply came, "Apples be jammed; get
next to yourself, in.iu ; they'r, cherrie ."
Fa'i stories are evitl nt y out of dite,
now tbe faiit is being harvested ai
Juo. Cory, Hugh Nie*i and E.nann 1
Jack weie via'to s In.in 'three forks
Mis. 0. V. While nn 1 con " Mae "
arrive I home last n'ght from New
IX-nv**!*, where lie.- have bueu residing
nt ll eir **u:utm.r risideuce.
Bring your dancing pumps along on
tho 2nd pi*, x.    A twi 11 time is promi el.
The editor of ths Cranbrook Herald
has a scheme in embryo to purloin
Moyie hike and lix it np at Cranioo k.
The citizens of Movie, headed hy Editor
Smyth and Hugh Watt, M.D., are defying Cranbrook to tako a thimbleful.
Three car* of ore have been shipped
from the Flint.
** O.e is Cuming down fiom the Rico.
Several rich veins have been cut recently.   J.   M.   Hauls   is   superintending.
' Six incites of snow fell at the Mountain Con on Monday.
In the hub-ami-hub tact on Ltbor
Day, twelve will coi.sti.ute a team.
Win. Davidson   is an inmate  of the
ho.-pilal   w ith au  abscess   in   his  aim.
pounder of some repu'e, bas been away
from Ihe district Iwo years. lie hopes
lo lift the purse for the tingle-handed
drilling collttst at our celebration.
Isaac Ihtchcy returned from Nelson
Tuesday. He his been employed all
summer at the Nelson Marble quarry,
He t'dd ns lie made a couple of thousand hy disposing of his Okun.igan ranch
a month or so ago.
Continued exprefsl ns of contentment
aie hoard fiom lake side d it oilers.   The
new daily service on Slocin   Lake is the
J. (i. Steel c.una In from Spokane
Tuesday. He isnn old-timer here who
has nn interest in the Flint group. He
visited the property tlrs week.
Louis Piatt, manager for the La** *
Chance Mining Co , left for Nelson on '
Wednesday's Ore.t Noil lie n train on!
company business. The arbiters in the *
dispute pending i>ctwe-n his company
and Ihe owners of lhe Noble Five will
nne' shortly at Victoria,
Olcott Payne, who recently eeriirel
un option on ihe lle-v-tt mine above
Slvetton, nill work the property on un
exiensve scab*.    Mont.-D..vys is about
loieturu to the old i ouirry.
G or^e Walmtley
at Nelson.
I H.F. Pound visitt>ft bis old'stamping
ground on Sntunbiv. Mr. PoUIld is
now located nt Sumtner'and, I!. C,
where he conducts a flourishing building business.
Rain, more rain, and then some. That
is Ilie ptincipil news item of the week,
or rather, the most prominent feature.
We hrve unbounded sympathy for
residents of towrTB where the mosquito
post prevail-, hut we derive more satis-
faction from the knowledge that nios-
qtii(0*>, Chinamen and other pests are
tabooed iu Sandon society.
XV, H. Br.indon, of Ihe Canadian
Group, was in town Vojlerday looking
f'irgiod miners lo wujrk on ore.
It is np lo the school trusties
resident  pircnts the Itaanrai ee ll.at t)ie
Win. Ilunler, M P.P., has been making strenuous efforts to so tire for the
distiict ihe advantageous cliangeof having all government bush ess for the
Slocan distiict conducted at the New
Denver ollice. At the pivsent time the
district is served from the Kasb ollice,
with E. E. Chipman aa gold commissioner nnd J. I). Mcorerond superintendent, and nil funds for this riding has
been disbursed Irom the Kaslo office.
In lighting for Ihe chang*, our member
hits had a bard row to boo, ns much
expected oppos'ti ni was met witli. At
one lime it looked as if his elVo ts in
this direction wouli be unavailing, but
being out to will he joiiinevol recently
toVicto'i.i with his lighting irons girt
about him, nnd Ill's lime he did the
husllies*1. We undetSlOtld the change
*.,, ���jv(1 j will shortly be ma le, nod in this con*
nee iii) several new appointments will
I Here is one tliey are telling ou Chun ii
Missioner Paynes:
A New Denver youngster who had
been wicked onor-tgli to desecrate the
Sabbath by fl.hi'ig ii tl\e creek was
reluming home carrying Lid willow rod
when he was unfortunate enough to
encounter " the parson."
"Oh, sonny, sonny !" be exclaimed,
" I am afraid I sb.ill never iqeet you in
"Oh dear," replied the kid, "What
yer been doill' NOW ? "
" Well; did you Caleb anything ? "
"Don't know," ropliel Ilie serious
looking urchin," I ain't heen home vet."
Gigantic Program Arranged
For A Glorious
school vi 1 ie-* pen a'tei* vacation. We
would like to know if any effoit is being
m ul_ to secure iho s ii vices of a teacher
We haw'no doubts to tbo contrary, but
we are interested i noiigli to,want to le
in the know���and there are otlie'S who
might tako a notion to pull out. to a
town where their children will be as-
i-uied ediicn ion. 1 *nc lilies. The ussui*
���lice, therefore, is imp. r.itiv.i.
(ieo. Weinr.nl and Pete
al.-o on the si *k list.
Ma kenz.e  are
A. H. Sanderson, chief engineer of
the Sandon Water and Light Co., left
for the coast on Monday. That fickle
jade, Dame Humor, whispers that he
will nut return tilone.
Bin Finnell, one of the lncators'of
the well-known Comstock group, is
down (rum the Sunset, He is outfitting
up for a pro'pectilig trip.
Tlie Celebration Cimm'ttee beg to
acknowledge receipt of $100 from the
Cjnsoli luted Mining and Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited ; $15 from the Hamilton Powder Co.; *,10 from the Hudson
Bay Co., and*$5 inch from J. C. Car*
rutbeis, Victoria, and II, G. Fisher,
New Denver.
Mrs. P. Diinphy cume up from McGuigan on Tuesday. It is probable
that th ��� family will take up residence
_-.  VI.    Tri;a.'Ji   -J1UI1U  U|J l.*>ii    0|.vJ.n...
The enr'y cons'ruction nl the railroad
is visiting relatives between (I rrard and Arrowhead appeals
to be a sure I, and thu happiest man in
the golden Lardeau ii " Judge " Murray,
editor of the Lirdeau Review. His
dreams will be fulfilled and his great
ambition realized when an elect*ic line
is in oni ration la t a een Duncan river
and Trout Like C.ty. This is his great
boost, and how sinceie he is in it, and
how well merited it is none know better
than the writer. As soon as tiauspor-
tation is assured acio s the Duncan
divide we prophesy a stampede of pros-
pectors to ihat district.
he gazetted. It is currently reported
thnt Angus Mcliines will be appointed
road atlperiuti ndent, and that the ollice
of mining ii coder which be has to ably
lil'ed wi:l be conferred upon A. St.. Clair
Brin lie. Such appointments will give
entire Satisfac'ion.
\gr C  L. L^
The Grandest Days' Sport in the Kooteuays.
Fare and One Third od C. P. R. and K. & S, Elys.
"    Social Traiu -and Boat Anangeinctits.
Open to the Kaslo-Slocan District.
DouWe-Uaiided, 1st $100, M $39.       Single-Handed, 1st $50,2nd $25.
Buys' Single Rock Drilling Contest - - UnJer 14.
Firemen's SpjrtT-"-     Great" Hub and Hub Race
Between Kaslo. New Denver and Sandon teams.
Caledonian Sports
CMldren's Sports
100 Yards' Dash      Long Jump      Broad Jump      Pole Vaulting      Putting the Shot.
Races and Novelty Events for the Boy3 and Girls.
Nail and Screw Driving Competition for the Ladies.
Bandsmen's Race. Prospector's Race. Fat Men's Race.       Novelty Kveuts.
Nervous prostration appears to be a
fashionable malady aivund tbe burg,
Some mm niver cou lUtaud prosperity.
The Indies of St. Joseph's clmreh nill
serve ice-mum on Labor Day.
Doc. Gomm i- receiving the congialu-
lation-i of bis fiien Is. lie lnv< uncovered
a good body ef 010 at the Ya-V��.
Jim Thompson bus inve.led ill some
��io-iiuuifi    (,...���. .|."i".-           ---
can now tip a schooner of Sandon In er
whilst listening to Atleliu. Ptvttl ting
��� ' Home, swiet home," and if that isn't
heaven, what ia ?
The beautiful flower gaidon at Cody
which is attracting po much ai tent ion is
the outcome of Mrs T. McAllistei*'*-
exeitijna.   lli*i��ell  woitli vi8ltiUJ*.
Piltley W.tr.l tried to break Dad
McClutg'a ncji-il eat'.-h at Ben* Lake
one day this week. Wo undirstiind tbe
star b aub-rs at the Hotel Wax are
dininj ixchuivtly on trout. The health
officer is enquiring when the car of liah
bjnes is likely to be removed from tlie
re.r of thc hotel.
Ge* eral regret will be felt in locul
sporiiug ciiclts at the departure of
Ghailie Garrett (or hi., home in the old
couiitry. Ganett has lendeied yeuiiian
aervici to the Sandon luothall club this
season, and besidei the magnetism of
hia own ohtti'in be is an all-iound good
fellow and admittedly the slickest pig*
skin kicker ih the fnv.aid division in
British Columbia. Heleav.s for Scotland ab ut the 15th. DuVio Scaiilan,
tho little " box o' tricl:s " who partnered him, snys he will not crops the
Atlantic until he haa shown the Nelaon
bucks the way they do it in anld Scotia.
Seivieis in tho l'resbyteihvi church
on Snmliy next. Subject, ol evening
sermon: "God'a remedy foi ain."
It. nmat not be imagined thut the la>t
bus b en beard of the light for the
transference of the ninil contract /nun
the CPU. t> the (i.N.ll. The Sandon
Citizen's cmimiltee has the matter
slill b. fore the Postmaster General, and
next week the It "view proposes lo show
ita r.adora bow the 1'oa: Oiliee Department will s ive money by the change,
and not, as the hob. tlitdolphe Leinietix
BBSerlSi lnae $1,500 per annum.
The G.N.K. fteamer International
and the C.P.R. eteanier Kokanee now
leave Nelson (i d_ys a week at 7 a.m.,
the paesengers on both boit-i being
treated to a thrilling race to Ka*lo.
The C.P.R. carries I lid niaiS-i, but on
several occasions owing to the International arriving first, train connection
has not been made, ml S.'.nd in conab-
(liienlly is still pining for a service thut
will come np to i-eqnirments.
In answer to a ouToipondent who
signs himself "Show M"," we wisli to
remark that ibis ia not asportlng sheet,
hut as he has challenge I us to " lmtkc
good " :n our columns with qualifications of Aided Slmibb, theEngii-b long
dis'anee runningchampion, whieh warranted the remark in hist week's issue
that Shrubb conld heat any runner en
this continent In- any dis'anee from a
mila up to ton, we will answer him.
Here are the ehiiiiuioii's best punlic
performances, which are all world's
Mile and a quarter, 6 mill. 40 1 5 83c.
Mile and a ha'f, 0 min. 47 8-R tec.
Two miles, 9 min 0 3*5 sec.
Three miiea, 1-1 min. 17 8 6 s*'c.
Four mile*', 1!) min. S'i -J 5 tec.
Five m'les, 24 min. !i3 2*5 s c.
Six miles, 20 min. 59 2 5 tec.
Seven miles, ii5 min. 4 8-5 si c.
Fight miles, 4!) min. 10 s.*e.
Nine m,lei, 4"i min. 27 il-I) ue_s.
Ten miles, 50 min. 40 se *.
E'even miles, 53 min. 2!! 2 5 pec.
One hour, 11 ni'les 1 l'!7 yard**.
"Show Me" will now he shown something e'a*. At Oitiwa on I ho.29th tilt.,
Longboat, Iho Indian, b*oke the Canadian reciiil for live miles, be doing the
di.-tunce in So minutes .r)5 PCCondf. Now
"Show Mo," compare the Indian's
time Willi Sht'tlbh's, ami we think if
you figure co"reclly you will find it
puts Longboat over a quarter of it
mile worse than Shrub, for the distance,
and   that'*!   "going  some."   But why
The time fur Canada to settle the
Japanese and Chi* cscquestion is NOW,
uud tin re if onlv OXr*. wuy to Fettle it,
Canada is a white inaiiB' country. It.
has b'en developed and built up by while
men's I'll-or un I money.
British Columbia in particular ia a
monument to tbe eneigy and indomitable pencverinco of the white rate ami
to insure them enjoying the fi tilts of
tlieir labor, the "yillnW ECoiirge'' must
be kept out.   The two   laces   will not
assimilate;   they  will remain  separate i Ujoy wouJ.i ,..,.,_  1111(1 in  8gony
ind distinct and one will be tbe   luling  ,.���,���,,.    )lcV   hhout   ,()    ,|lt.|n
power.    At  present  it I
bow long will it ho ��t the   present,  'rate
before the power will be invested in the
PioRpi'i'Otia Condi I loll" now exist
throughout lhe Pnvince, labor is getting
its full value, and Capital a good return
simply because all are working harmoniously together toward a common goal.
The influx of Japs is bound to glut iho
labor market ami .dstroy Ihe present
existing conditions between capital and
labor. |
The result  is  inevitable;   tbo while
must LIVE; tbe yellow is utti.-lii d if Le '
exists.���Lardeau Mining Review.
The rdilor sat in hi-i ofiice, wboite
nil but him lull lied, and he wished
that every deed In at was hi hi-t grave
���3tono dead     His mind then wandered
die,   and Irs  royal    editorial   coul  go
scooting to the  sky;   when  he'd  roam
the   flelda of paradise,  and sail  over
Jasper ecus,   und all   ihings    g'orious
would combine h's every sense lo please.
He I bought how then he'd  look  across
j the great gu'f dark and   drear,  that'll
.yawn between his happy soul and those
| who swindled lime, mil wlnn for water
caper,   tie'i*.   shout   to     them:    "Just
a  the whites;jqUen(.h'your thiist with ti.u due that's
I l'Ut'"
on your p.ipur."���K:_.
A large and varied assortment of
chewing and smoking tobuccoa at Mac-
dona It's.
Notice  is hereby given that 80 d.iya :
after date  we intend  ti  apply  to  the
license hoard  of the cily of Slocan  for
a transfer of licence held  by ua for  the i
Arlington Hotel, in Bim k A, lets 1 und 2
to Robt.   Giaimm a>*d Frank  G'illith. j
Slocan, 11. C, Augmt 1st, l'.>07, '
The Famous Kaslo Brass Band will lie in Attendance.
Grand 'Ball in the Evening
Don't Forget! Labor Day, Monday, Sept* 2
Come in your thousands to the Great Silver-Lead Camp.
His Worship the Mayor (J. R. ('A MS ION"), President
W. M. BENNETT. Treasurer
S. J. TQWGOOn, Chairman.
J. J. ATf.GR.TON, See.
You will meet Hundreds of Old-Timers at Sandon on Labor* Day,
���*< V,
Wu welcome io our camp Dr. !*.
Peteisky, whi has arrived ti take
charge of the Minora1 Union hospital
and conduct, a general practice, Ih*.
Peteisky C'-mee highly ro'ommeiub d,
He graduated at McGill University, and
for the pa*t sevoli montha has had
charge of the Kuotemiy L-tka General
Hospital at Nelson. He I a.-i taken up
rcse'ence at the hospital. Dr. \V. K.
G'linm is tit [iresent devoting most of
time to milling, but we tinders and he
will still conduct a general medical
"Walni-sp IMotes.
Mrs. Crage of Croaalleld, Alia., is visiting her. eister, Kra.  L.   J.  Edwards.
The two littlo daughters of air. H.
McKenzie, of Nelson, are visiting Mis.
J. A.'Stobo.
Jlra. L. F. McDotigald, Mra. D. T.
Bulger and Mis. A. K. Cowan Ielt on
tbe steam launch Minerva to spend a
few weeks on Mra. McDougalda ranch
near Cipe-Horn.
Mr. E. Crosby is spending a wiek
in Nelson.
A p-uvty of Germans ai'ii-vol from.
| Winnipeg to take up la*idii at Fire Yal-
' i-y.. "
Out* celebration will be the talk of
the country. Kaslo will invade Sandon
lint day.
New* Denver and Silverton, who held
their ce'ehriitiuns on Mu}' ii-l'h, and
Duimiiion Duy rospeetlVt ly, are most
auxlius to recipio a'e. Snndon wna
tin re iu f.nce un both oeeimione. Denver and Sihrotton will close down to
come to tin* S lvn* City.
Slocaii City apprtci.itea the ppecial
lake aertiee which enable then* popula o
to take a da* 's trip to S .liduli.
1,'plUp! We're ciningup! Everybody from Whitewater and M Gu'gau
will be UP.
Three Folks will s ml a big crowd,
II. is prob b'e all the mines wi.l close
djwn 1 jr the i.'av.
District of West Koolonay.
Take no'ic.i Ihat Coriielins Morgan
(ii-thing, of Sloeau, B.C., prospector.
intends to apply for pt-rm'ssion to pur*
cliiiso Ihe following described  land:
Coinmen, ing at a post planted ou the
iOtitli boundary of the C.P.Ry., lot SSS
at a |oint on the west bunk of Slocan
River where said comb boundary creases
suid river, tlience west 40 chains, thenoe
south 40 chains, thenc** eut-t 40 clcinu,
more Or less, to tha wett b.nk of the
Slocan Hivcr, Ihence following .tlie
nieanderings of said river lu a noitlierly
direction, 40 chains mo'C or lest to
pointof comincnci'inent, and containing
KiO acres, more or h*ss.
Dniod July lat, 1007.
I    Take   police    iluit   Wilinim    Ernest
| Man-luill, of Hoseh.-iy, !!.('., agent Cl'.
Ky,. intends io apply   for a   Bpeclal b-
iciisi* over tin* follow ing described lani!-
Cumiuen ing at a post on the  lOtitb:
west sliui'e of Slocan Luke "lie half mi c
ni'itli-west oi Sawmill i re k   about  two
ini'cs fr in  Rosebery  and  bearing the
ijniiiala W. K. M 's N. R, corner, iIibiicu
siutili HO chains, t ence west NU  chains,
I thei.Oil norlh SI) chains,  thrive   oust SI
II huii.s to point of  i oiuni.lii emci.t,   ai.il
(110 a rea mure or less.
June 21st 1007.
District of West Kootenay. '
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber, license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
about two miles south of the N. & S.
Ry., thenca north 160 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence south 160 chajnj,
thence west 40 ohains to point of com-
njienQement, containing 640 acres mere
or less. - P.J. GALLAGHER.
Dated. July 11,1107.
i    Take notice that I, P.   J    Gallagher
of Rosebt-i'.v, B.O.i luinb rnian,  lntea.1
��� to apply f*r a  special  timber  Lceive
lover   the   fol owing     ties riled     la. At:
Cominei dug nt a iinst p'anlodabout *J'n
miles souih of Sunt nil like, m.i.ikol
P.J.G. S.W.C, thence norlh 80 cli.iins
Ihence ea-t v0 chiiiii, llimii'Q toulb 80
chains, t'.enc.i west 80 cliaina tQpoini
of comnioicemeiif, caitaitiiiiB ti1'-'
acres more nr less.
Dated July Sill, 1907
Take   notice  that I,   i'. J.. Oa'l ig'u-r,
of Rosebery, n.C , liijnhi'i'iuai", iniei d
lo app'y for a spcct.il lioit.*r liei n.e
overlie* f.illiwing dificilu'd tail of
land. Coinmeni-iiig. at a post jdaiiied ut
the S.W.C, nuirl.u.l P>J|.G, S.W.C,
thenco north 40 chain.*', thew citat 100
cliains, tlience t-outh 4ti chains thenco
west 1+10 chili* s to   point cf  i.oniiiH n.e
nien.t, Containing 640* aswes more or
less. Post is planted ab *n,i ".miles from
west shore ol 8 0;an lake  nc-aily oppo-
: site Silveston.
'DatedJuly 6th, 1007.
^ P. J. GA'.L,V-yiER.
Sandon never does thing! by halves.
In Ihe halcyon days of long ago .be established a reputation which Ins been
the envy and at the snme tiinean example to towns of far greater aspirations.
This penchant for doing things well still
clings to the piono.u*. of the district, and
when "Celebration" was mentioned,
the bliainoss nun met in conference
anil the outcome wss if determination
to bold a good one, or pass it up. But
tho rospmje to the application (or funds
has been mot gratifying, and at tho
public meeting held on fuiduy night
last it was derided lo go ahead.
The secretary sprung a pleasant sur
prise win n h'* announced that Ilie Consul i'luled Mining and Smelling Company had donated IflOO, und their generosity was the subject of vi ry favorable
coinmi'ii'. The secretary was instructed
to forward the thanks of the meeting to
the con jinny. Several oilier well known
llrms have come up handsomely, nnd
to date lhe lieasurer lias in   hand  *.(10().
Willi this coin Sandon promhes lo
give her visitois a regal time. The
p emiar evonts will he the ro'.k-drillin*.
enntcsta. For a doubls blind competition open lo the Kaslo SI* c:in district,
$1.0 Will bo lhe "pot," a century for
the winners and 'ifiO dol'ars fir Ihe run*
ncs tip. It ia expected thnt the tennis
which competed at Silverton ori Dominion Day wi 1 (i .lit lluii* battle over
again, nn.I several entries will be mado
fiom Whi'ew ad r, S u h Fork McGuigan
and Kaslo. For ihe single banded com-
polition *i50 will go to ihe winner and
1(25 to the second.
The committee appointed to look after tha competitions arc: A. VV, Davis
of the Ivirek-t-lliehnioiid mines, A.
^tlto^-b-gsfr. Mlners Union, ami A. E.
judges, etc. Seven eighths steel will bo
Another big attraction wi'l he the hub
ami hub iatS) between tbe liie-Iighlers
of Kas'o. New Denver and Sandon, and
for which pos'iblya lenin from Silverlon
will conpete. Cotnmbtep, M ssr.'. Law-
son, Ward, and S, J. Tow goo I.
An event upon which much interest
will be cento 1 i* tha Juvenile single-
handed rock-drilling cuit st. All the
sturdy youngsters un left* the age of fourteen being invi cd to get ii to trim for
this event, for which handsome piises
will be given.
Tho Caledonian events as published
will 'ortn a most pi *!*sii*g and exciting;
feature. All the local champions wilt
��� ompele. Committee: A. li. Sanderson
R. T'lriicr and J.J. Fingland.
Messrs. XV. T. Met lug, (i. Lovatt
and W. Parham will have charge of the
clrldien's sport, nnd these gentlemen,
are arranging a series of even Is which
nill  give the kiddies  a high o'd  time.
A novel event lins be ti arranged for
the Lulls. Each competitor will bo
provid d wilh hammer, nail, sci\*w, ami
screwdriver, and upon the signal being
g'ven lo start nil must drive the nail
Hush inlo lhe plank and then turn tbo
screw flush to surface ulso. All ladies
invi'e 1 to enter.
In Iho evening a Grand Lull will bo
held 111 tho Op iv. house,music for which
will he supplied by the Ku-ln orchestra.
Coinini'iec: XV. Tattrie, A. Forrest,
P, XV. Jolns.lo'1 and P. W. Ward.
His Worship the Mnyor if Sandon,
(J. I!. Ciiueron) Wis nnnniniousiy
elivt-d p*c��ident, anl S J. ToWpOO'l,
ohiiirriian. Th" llnancl.il coinmitteo are
Met Bra A. Shllliud, W. T. McClurg.
and J. J. Fingland,
Arrang'.'u.en a   have  b on    mado  for
spcial boa' and lr,iin service a-t excur-
* ion riv'o. of f ire in d ono third.     From  .
SI'cm, the C.PR.  Bteamer   "Slocn'n" -
w'll leave nt *"> n. in., cilliig at all poinls   .
en mule,   und   ii'i-'vingnt  Ro'ebery, lit .
8 a.m., where it will tonuect nit_p.fhe ���
train for Sandon, culling at alL*,pv{nts  .
on the way up.   Returning, train leaves
at ti.SO p.m.,   lhe  Lout  bell*r_h.b-dJv at
R iseliery for connection.
On   the K. it    . Rly.  :t is not yet .
delinitclv  ki own    wbjftl   iu-rangcinents
will  apply,   but   il   | i*.��*,al)le   thnt  tho   .
daily train from KiifTO* will sle.rt mncli
earlier lhan usual, ij-avin-* Sandoir after   .
Op in.
Tho day will Iw-^rpatly .enlivened by-
sel e.lloiis from l-ir... Kaslo biMflB band;,
tinier tho liiiv.fie.r.of.-.Ch is. U>ixon,
Wo nn ti'cdi. u! t'lal a ayiKlicaie of*
pronrn; i_t, :f,.Citl nun have &i'.nrel a
three ;m I- r. In_f ,vi*ar.i' lease aj.di bond
Oil tin* v���:>..-i.i-��!* ������'.i-v'i group. -u ������iil'et-
iug of l*h:*, ^o'n'-noii.h Co. was, l'.l|l
iu Ka.sk*.. ; i..*.i '<t.v eveni 'g. The sinio
syudiciii* ...iv. also leas d t'te itliiehii-d.
J. A. W.iiLiicr will Buneriutfi^'\.uiiiij*ij[s
o,**;..-..U.iia. ' THE  SLOCAN MINING REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.  C.
r a
Beverly of
'���.������sn*- t___4_M(___l_%!
-������***������- - -���I
I-���-i   sfTiisjilist*
IVfralH.   (-104.  Ir SsjJI.
At last he strode? beneath a lamp not
far away. He looked up, but of course
could not see ber against the dark wall.
For a long time he stood motionless beneath the light Sbe could not help seeing that he was dejected, tired, unhappy. His shoulders drooped, and there
wag a general air of listlessness about
tbe figure which had once been so full
of courage and of hope. The post light
fell directly upon his face. It was
somber, despondent, strained. He wore
the air of a prisoner. Her heart went
out to film like a flash. Tbe debonair
knight of the black patch was no more.
In his place there stood a sullen slave
to discipline.
"Baldos!" she called softly, her voice
penetrating the dripping air with the
clearness of a bell. He must have been
longing for the sound of It, for be started and looked eagerly In her direction.
His tall form straightened as be passed
his hand over his brow. It was but a
voice from his dream, he thought
"Aren't you afraid you'll get wet?" asked the same low, sweet voice, with the
suggestion of a laugh behind It With
long strides he crossed the pavement
and stood almost directly beneath her.
Tour highness!" he exclaimed gently, joyously. "What are you doing out
"Wondering, Baldos. Wondering
what you were thinking of as you
stood under the lamp over there."
"I was thinking of your highness," he
called up softly.
"No, no!" she protested.
"I, too, was wondering���wondering
what you were dreaming of as you
slept, for you should be asleep at this
hour, your highness, instead of standing out there in the rain."
"Baldos," she called down tremulously, "you don't like this work, do you?"
"It has nothing but darkness in it for
me. I never see tbe light of your eyes.
I never feel the"���
"Sh! You must not talk like that.
lfs not proper, and besides some one
may be listening. The night has a
thousand ears���or ls It eyes? But lis*
ten. Tomorrow you shall be restored to
your old duties. You surely cannot believe that I had anything to do with
the order which compels you to work
at this unholy hour."
"I was afraid you were punishing me
for my boldness. My heart has been
sore���you never can know how sore. I
was disgraced, dismissed, forgotten"���
"No, no; you were uot! You must not
say that. Go away now, Baldos. You
will ride with me tomorrow," she cried
nervously. "Please go to some place
"You forget that 1 am on guard," he
said, with a laugh. "But you are a wise
counselor. Is tho rain so pleasant to
"I have an umbrella," she protested.
"What are you doing?" she cried Iu
alarm. He was coming hand over hand
up the trellis work that inclosed the
lower veranda.
"I am coming to a place where I
won't get dripping wet," he called
softly. There was a dangerous ring in
his voice, and sbe drew back ia a
"You must not!" she cried desperately. "This is madness! Go down, sir!"
"I am happy enough to fly, but cannot. So I do the next best thing���I
climb to you." His arm was across the
atone railing by this time, and he was
panting from the exertion, not two
feet from where sbe crouched. "Just
one minute of heaven before I go back
to the shadows of earth. I am happy
again. Marlanx told me you had dis-
mlaaed me. I wonder what he holds in
reserve for me. I knew he lied, but it
ls not until now that I rejoice. Come,
you are to shield me from the rain."
"Oh, oh!" she gasped, overwhelmed
by his daring passion. "I should die
If any one saw you here." Yet she
spasmodically extended the umbrella
so that It covered him and left her out
in the drizzle.
"And so should I," responded he
softly. "Listen to me. For hours and
hours I have been longing for the dear
old hills in which you found me. I
���wanted to crawl out of Edelweiss and
lose myself forever In the rocks and
crags. Tonight when you saw me I
was trying to say goodby to you forever. I was trying to make up my
mind to desert I could not endure the
new order of things. You had cast
me off. My friends out there were
eager to have me with them. In the
city every one Is ready to call me a
spy���even yon, I thought Life was
black and drear. Now, my princess, it
Is as bright as heaven Itself."
"You must not talk like this," she
whispered helplessly. "You are making me sorry I culled to you."
"I should havo heard you If you had
only whispered, my rain princess. I
have no right to talk of love���I am a
vagabond, but I hnve a heart, and It is
��� bold one. Perhaps I dream that I am
here beside you���so near that I can
touch your face- but It Is the sweetest
of dreams. But for it I should have
left Edelweiss weeks ago. I shall never awaken from this dream. You cannot rob me of the Joys of dreaming."
Under the spell of his passion sbe
drew nearer to him as he clung strongly to tbe rail. The roses at her throat
came so close that be could bury his
face In tbem. Her hand touched his
cheek, and he kissed its palm again
and again, his wet lips stinging her
blood to the tips of her toes.
"Go   awuy,   please,"   she   Implored
faintly.*   "Don't you see that you must I
not stay here���now?"
"A rose, my princess���one rose to
kiss all  through  the long night," be I
whispered.     She  could  feel  his  eyes
burning Into ber heart    With  trem-
bling, hurried fingers sbe tore loose a j
rose.    He could not seize it with his j
hands because of the position he held, |
and she laughed tantalialngly.    Then
site, kissed it lirst aud Dressed It against '
tils'*uioutli. His lips and tcet'u closed
over the stem, aud the rose was his.
"There are thorns," she whispered
ever so softly.
"They are the riches of the poor," he
murmured, with difficulty, but she understood.
"Now, go," she said, drawing resolutely away. An Instant later his bead
disappeared below the rail. Peering
over the side, she saw his figure spring
easily to the ground, and then came the
rapid, steady trump as he went away
on bis dreary patrol.
"I couldn't bell) It," she was whispering to herself between joy aud shame.
Glancing instinctively out toward the
solitary lamp, she saw two men standing iu Its light. One of them was General Marlanx; the other she knew to
be the spy that watched Baldos. Her
heart sank like lead when she saw
that the two were peering Intently toward the blacony where she stood aud
where Baldos had clung but a moment
"/ should die if any one taw vou here."
If-1 jni- shrank back with a great
1^-^ dread ln her heart. Marlanx,
\lJ ot all men! Why was he In the
l_____J park at this hour of the night?
There could be but one answer, and
the very thought of It almost suffocated her. He was drawing the net with
his own hands, he was spying with his
own eyes. For a full minute It seemed
to her that her heart would stop beat-
there f* "Whiff had lie seen or heard ?
Involuntarily she peered over the rail
for a glimpse of Baldos. He had gone
out Into the darkness, missing the men
at the lamp post either by choice or
through pure good fortune. A throb of
thankfulness assailed ber heart. Sbe
was net thinking of her position, but
of his.
Again she drew stealthily away from
the rail, possessed of a ridiculous feeling that her form was as plain to the
vision as if it were broad daylight. The
tread of a man impelled ber to glance
below once more before fleeing to her
room. Marlanx was coming toward
the veranda. Sbe fled swiftly, pausing
at the window to lower the friendly
but forgotten umbrella. From below
came the sibilant hiss of a man seeking to attract ber attention. Once more
she stopped to listen. The "Hist!" waa
repeated, and then her own name was
called softly, but Imperatively. It was
beyond the power of woman to keep
from laughing. It struck her as Irresistibly funny that the Iron Count
should be standing out there In the
rain, signaling to her like a lovesick
boy. Once she was Inside, however, It
did not seem so amusing. Still, it gave
her an immense amount of satisfaction
to slam the windows loudly, as If ln
pure defiance. Then she closed tbe
blinds, shutting out the night completely.
Turning up the light at her dressing
table, she sat down in a state of sudden collapse. For a long time she
stared at her face ln the mirror. She
saw -the red of shame and embarrassment mount to her cheeks, and then
she covered her eyes*wlth her hands.
"Oh, what a fool you've been!" she
half sobbed, shrinking from the mirror
as if It were an accuser.
She prepared for bed with frantic
haste. Just as she was about to scramble ln and hide her face ln the pillows
�� shocking thought came to her. The
next Instant she was at the windows,
and the slats were closed with a rattle
like a volley of firearms. Then she
Jumped Into bed. She wondered If the
windows were locked. Out she sprang
again like a flash, and her little bare
feet scurried across the room, first *.
the windows and then to the door.
"Now I reckon I'm safe," she murmured a moment later, again getting
into bed. "I love to go to sleep with
the rain pattering outside like that.
Oh, dear, I'm so sorry he has to walk
all night In this rain. Poor fellow! I
wonder where he is now. Goodness!
It's raining cats and dogs!"
But ln spite of the rain she could not
go to sleep. Vague fears began to take
possession of her. Something dreadful
told her that Count Marlanx was on
the balcony and at her window, notwithstanding the ralnpour. The fear
became oppressive, maddening. She
felt the man's presence almost as
strongly as if he were In plain view.
He was there; she knew It.
Tho little revolver that had served her
so valiantly at the Inn of the Hawk
and Baven lay upon a stool near tbe
bedside every night. Consumed by the
fear that the window might open slowly at any moment she reached forth
nnd clutched the weapon. Then she
shrank back in the bed, her eyes fixed
upon the black space across tbe room.
For hours she shivered and waited for
the window to open, dozing away time
and agalif, only to"crime bUcITTO wake.
fulness with a start.
The next morning she confessed to
herself that her fears had been silly.
Her first act after breakfasting alone
In her room was to seek out Colonel
Quinnox, commander of the castle
guard. In her mind she was greatly
troubled over the fate of the bold
visitor of the night before. There was
a warm, red glow In her face and a
quick beat ln her-heart as she crossed
the parade ground. Vagabond though
he was he had conquered where princes
had failed. Her better Judgment told
her that she could be nothing to this
debonair knight of the road, yet her
heart stubbornly resisted all the arguments that her reason put forth.
Colonel Quinnox was pleasant, but
he could give Beverly no promise of
leniency in regard to Baldos. Instructions had come to hlm from General
Marlanx, and he could not set them
aside at will. Her plea that he might
once more be assigned to old time
duties found the colonel regretfully obdurate. Baldos could not ride with her
again until Marlanx withdrew the order which now obtained. Beverly swallowed her pride and resentment diplomatically, smiled her sweetest upon
the distressed colonel and marched defiantly back to the castle. Down ln her
rebellious, insulted heart Bhe was concocting all sorts of plans for revenge.
Chief among them was the terrible
overthrow of the Iron Count. Her wide
scope of vengeanco even contemplated
the destruction of Graustark If her end
could be obtained In no other way.
Full of these bittersweet thoughts,
she came to the castle doors before she
saw who was waiting for her upon the
great veranda. As she mounted the
steps, a preoccupied frown upon her
fair brow, General Marlanx, lean, crafty and confident, advanced to greet her.
The early hour was responsible for the
bright solitude which marked the place.
But few signs of life were in evidence
about the castle.
She stopped with a sharp exclamation of surprise. Then scorn and Indignation rushed ln to fill the place of astonishment. She faced the smiling old
inan with ansrer in her eyes.
(To Be Continued)
Prefirence For the Present Seems t
Be Shelved.
Judging by the reports from Am*
tralia. New Zealand and South Africa
there has been, along with Borne dis
appointment at tbe negative results*
of the Intercolonial Conference, an
outburst of Imperial feeling as a con
sequence of the gathering in London
of the representatives of the over-sea
possessions of the British Empire.
Public opinion in this country has
been, if anything, rather quiescent
and it wn/ild be difficult to guage tbe
exact feeling of Canadians in respect
say, of the preference, which has, foi
the present, at any rate, seemed to
have received  its quietus.
Hon. Mr. Whitney, the leader ol
the Ontario Government, has gone on
record as saying that there are not
t hundred people from Newfoundland
to the Pacific coast who could be
found to favor separation from thi
British Empire,; but he thinks that
it the blinds of the British autbori
ies, and hints tbat tbey might not
he disposed any longer to put up with
hurtful or belittling treatment, due
in grent part, to ignorance.
British officialdom, on tbe othei
hand, was a little shocked at th
rather masterful tone of the Colonia1
Premiers, and is asking, through the
press, who supports the Empire, in
the last resort? The colonies, it is
said, want all tbe favors, while they
contribute nothing to Imperial maintenance.
The Home Government, it is claim
ed, must be allowed to be the beBt
iuH*re of questions, the outcome of
which might, conceivably, affect British power and stability very Beriously
Continued connection with the British Emnire cannot be guaranteed by
i contribution. It is best sustained
-first by the s-ntiments of loyalty
which wero cheered to the echo at
the recent Toronto meeting; and. second, by a spirit of mutual accommodation, wbrn',* shall cordially re-
topnize an identity of interest through-
int all parts of the Empire.���Stan-
amo****    Australian    Statesman    De
tig' '*��   In  Fiction.
Many oi the ablest statesmen of the
1'iwni day are inveterate novel-read-
rs, but none of tbem are likely to
���trry tlieir taste tor fiction-devouring
* far as Mr. Deakin, the Australian
Vernier, wbo, it is said, has more
in once been seen on the Treasury
���**n,.i, j,, _i)P Australian Chamber
'een In the pages of the latest novel,
bile the mem hers of the House are
'"���need in debate. Indeed, it is to be
oubted whether many professional
litics could equal Mr. Denkin'a var-
*d nnd extensive knowledge of con-
���mporary fiction. He has been at all
imes nn omnivorous render, and does
mt disdain the epithet of "book-
fn appearance Mr. Dsakin is by no
���leans the typical Australian. There
** about him none of the bluff breezi-
ioss ''!r>h vns so characteristic of
tl Inte Mr. S"ddon, nf New Zealand.
��� Ml. thin fieure. with the look nnd
tenrine of the scholar rather than
'he platform orator, Mr. Deakin is,
���i,,-nt,, ton,tine, n speaker of unusual
���harm and eloquence.
Spiritualist and Journalist.
Tn his early days Mr. Deakin was
teenly intereated in spirituulism, and
d was whilst pursuing his studies in
neeult that be first met his wife
vho is the daughter of Mr. Hugh
Browne, for many years one of the
loading figures in tbe spiritualistic cir
cles of Melbourne. As may be sup
yv-nd. political cartoonists of the da,
were not slow to tnke advantage o'
the young statesman's bobby, and the
whole city laughed to see bim depict
'tl in a white sheet.
It was at this time that Mr. Deakin
lid n "rout deal of journalistic work
'or Tbe Melbourne Age, in regard to
**hif*h nn amusing story is told Conversing one dav with Mr. Dnvid Syme,
ii-onrietor of The Age. the Hon John
Oavnn Duffv, one of Melbourne's
dinrnest wits, remarked, with a
twinkle in his eye: "My dear Syme,
vou really ought to have something
���nore than a Deal-in on your staff You
>"_*M to hnv n Bishop in the office."
"A Bishop1 Why?" "Because, you
know vour rtal'mients are so sad.lv i-
nepfl of O-uf'i.*-...*-.'-���
Spring Catarrh l�� a well defin
ed Spring disease. The usual
symptoms are _,iven above. A
bottle of Pe.ru-na taken in time
will promptly arrest the course
of the disease known as Spring
Every time the kaiser visits Danzig, ali the old warships in the harbor are towed to a position in which
he cannot see them.
Ke.T Minard's Liniment in the House
It is announced in Washington
that congress at its next session will
be asked to provide a pension appropriation for clerks wbo have
reached a certain age.
to the ^ast and to the South is via
the Canadian Northern Railway
Through daily trains between Ed
monton, Winnipeg and St. Paul.
Dining and Sleeping Car services
are unexcelled. Compartment Lib*
vnrv O'-"""-j"*.*,*/.*... "pro hpt.v.p**n
Winnipeg  and  St.   Paul.    Have  you
seet the great Saskatchewan Valley
with its fertile farm lands? If not,
let us suggest a trip out there this
summer. Any agent will be pleased
to furnish information, or writ. C.
W. Coor'ir, Asst. General Passenger
Agent, Winnipeg.
Bishops Urge Steps Towards Immediate Reform.
lhe subject of Congo misrule was
liscussed in the Upper House of Con
vocation of Canterbury, the Primate
of all  England  presiding.
A series of resolutions were passed
expressing profound regret and' indig
nation at the methods of administra
tion in the Congo Free State, declar
ing that the members of that house
felt keenly the burden that was cast
upon the conscience of England, as
one of the powers by whose consent
the Congo f'Vee State was established
and its neutrality guaranteed, and
statin.! that the gravest responsibility
will lie upon tbe consenting powerp
to bring to an end, in some way
abuses which are so crying, and which
may be of the most sinister effect
upon the relations between white and
colored races throughout the African
continent, and upon the work intrust
ed to the Christian nations of Europe
for the service of civilization and
British  Governrnant   Responsible.
The Bishop of Southwark. in intro-
f-ueing the subject, said the Congo
State began on commercial, philnn
thrnnie nnd civilizing principles. Tie
British Government had considerable
responsibility for it, and there wnc
ample evidence that things had gone
aipnnllv ill.
Dr. Talbot went on to nllude to the
suppression of the evidence of the
roynl commission, nnd directed nt
fruition to the facts contained in Mr
Morel's hook nn "Bed Ruhrcr* Th"
Stm-v of tbe Sbive Trn'V on the Con
eo." No doubt n condition the mos'
barbarous nnd terrible existed. T<
pet a certain amount of rubber ou*
��� of the noor nntives, the most horribl'
i methods hnd been resorted to, sue'
l as eiittintr off the hnnds, and then
was n grent system of hostages. the��<
hostn_">a being larrrely women. N*
resnonsibilitv rested upon Relgium it
self in the mittor. If all the power*
were keen nh-uit it. a verv Riim-nnr-
result, he anid. could be on'oin��d.
The Bishni. of Bath nnd Wells ��ni*-'
tbe Free Church Council to thei'
honor, hnd b*>en fnr before the Oh ����������'���
of England in trving to nronse pnbH'
attention. but this might be parti*
cynlnined hv tbe existence of so man*
Bnntist missionary stations, from
which information had come.
Described as an Abomination.
| The Bishop of Birmingham spoke ir
"enernl sonport of what had fallen
from the Bishop of Sonthwnrk. and
the Bishon of London pleaded for increased British consular represents
tion in the Congo Free State. Thev
ought to be prepared to back up the
Government in any further step which
they might wish to take with the view
to wining awny this abomination
from the face of the earth.
The Primate, in summing up the
debate, said the House had discharg
ed an imperative duty in calling nt
tention to well-established facts. In
the last decade' we seemed to hnv
fallen into something which rivaled
it it did not exceed, the horrors ol
the old slave trade. He could not
suggest what diplomatic action ahould
be taken, but they desired the coun
try to know thnt they cared so much
about this matter that they did not
intend to let it alone.
Baroness Kutz, the philanthropist,
was found murdered in her rooms in
St. Petersburg. It is believed robbery was the motive for the crime.
The sweetheart of the baroness' maid
haa been arrested.
Mrs. V. Olieoret, of St. Benoit
Que., writes as follows : "It is with
feelings of the deepest gratitude that
I write to tell you what Baby's Own
Tablets have done for my baby
When I began giving bim the Tablets
he was so thin and wasted that he
looked like a skeleton. His digestion
was poor *, he was constipated and
cried day and night. I got a box cf
Baby's Own Tablets nnd from the
first they did him a great deal of
good. His food digested better ; his
bowels worked regularly ; his sleep
was natural ; he stopped crying and
began to grow fat. I got another box
and am happy to say before they
were all used he was in perfect health
and is now a plump rugged child. I
always keep a box of Tablets in the
house and would advise other mothers
to do the same." The above is a fair
sample of hundreds of letters that
come from all parts of Canada praising Baby's Own Tablets. The Tablets cure nil the minor ills of babies
and young children, and are absolutely safe, as they do not contain one
particle of opiate or narcotic. Sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at 26
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Ont.
A Big Fan.
A good deal of royal significance has
been given to fans. They were sym
���nils of authority in Mexico before the
conquest Queen Mary of England received on New Year's day In 15.rai "7
famies to keep the bete of the Tyre."
Queen Elizabeth favored the custom
that a fan was tlie only present n sovereign could receive from a subject
Fans have not always been dainty trifles. Jean de Balzac, a French writer
of the seventeenth century, wrote from
Italy during the reign of Louts XIV.
of the enormous fans tn use tbere suspended from the celling and worked by
four servants. lie says, "I have a fan
.hat makes wind enough In my chatn-
'161' to wreck a ship."
Sunday Recreation.
"Don't let us turn Sunday into n
J��.i     nt     rv, >�����,->��.��* ���     !���*���     ������      l,,,d      ���,.!,��/*�����* too
ment for Christianity," declared
Father Vaughan at a public meetinr
held in the Dome, Brighton, on thr
question   of   Sunday  observance.
"When I built a club in the noHl
of England, and let men play at bil
Harris between the services, I wa.'
pelted in the streets. What ar
asinine thing," declared the preach
er, "to tell n boy, 'God wants you t<
sit on thnt chair like an ornament on
a mantelpiece.' He wants a boy to bi
a boy and a good boy, and when he
hns looked after his soul the best
thing for him and his soul is to let
him go to cricket, or football, or some
thing of that."
The masses. Father Vaughan went
on to explain, wanted rest and re
creation on tbe Sabbath day. And
those who wtnted recreation should
hnve it. "Who. for instance, could
object to professional men taking
their week-ends in the country?"
He would not stop trains or trams
or omnibuses on Sundays, but would
give them who worked them every
other Sunday off, pay them extra
when they were on, and give them
time to have rest during the week.
W.    N.    U.    No.    642
�� Child, Fanatio and Emotional
Savage All In One.
He Is a bundle of contradictions, aud,
measured by American standards, he Is
n bedlamite, straight from topsy turvy
land, lie may be a Chesterfield aud
ii cheerful liar one mluute aud a red
Indian Ilie next���a sycophant and a
welsliei* today uud a Napoleon tomorrow.
We westerners have been taught to
regard the little Jap as an amusing
and precocious child given to obstructing sidewalk traffic with bis polite contests In kowtowing, to suspending from
the brunches of the cherry tree his
dainty poems addressed to his friends
nud to dawdling for hours over tho cer-
emonlal tea, and when we see hlm under the tent Hup. bowing and laughing
and playing checkers, he seems a velvet pawed kitten In khaki. And yet
you und I have seen him In battle a
ramping, raging tiger, greedy of Slav
bayonets and nfterward dragging himself to the Held hospital, shot to rags,
uuwhimpering. a mere bull hide wrapped around a will.
We never know n character until we
have seen it put to the test under
stress���least of all the combination of
sphinx and Janus known ns the Japanese. So studied, the embattled brown
hoy .strike's me as a strange compound
of Little Lord Fountleroy, Peter the
Hermit uud Sitting Bull-child, fanatic
and emotionless savage, all in one.���
Appleton's Magazine.
Pat Waa Surprised.
Two Irishmen got the contract to
clean a well. Put tied a rope around
his middle, und Mike lowered hlm Into
the well. When Pat was through
cleaning. Mike began to hoist hlm up
but when h. was halfway up he called
to his companion ln the well:
"Hciild ou a mlunit, Pat till I spit
on mo hands," and let go of the rope.
Naturally Pat descended again a little
too rapidly for comfort When Mike
realized Ids blunder, be ran to the well
and called down:
"Pat. Pat, are ye dead"*"
Aud tils partner replied:
"No. ye brainless spalpeen; Ofm not
dead, hegorry, but Oi'm spachless wld
surmise at ye."
When Doctors' Treatment Failed this Severe
Case was Entirely Cured by
Doctors failed to cure Mr. De pour*
cey because they were satisfied to
treat tlie stomach instead of getting
at the cause of trouble in the liver
and  bowels.
Tbe most complicated and deep-
seau-d digestive liouOies yield lo
Dr. Ulittse s Kidney-Liver lJins, because of then* direct and combined
action on tlie liver, kidneys anil
bowels. We are continually receiving sueh letters as the following in
regard to the failure of mere stuin-
iii-ii   treatment:
Mr. Patrick De Coureey, Midgell,
lot 40, P.K.I., writes: 'For some
time 1 had stomach trouble, and was
scarcely uble to do anything nt, all.
I was treated by doctors, but they
did not seem to do me any good. A
friend advised nie to try Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, and I did so, to
very groat advantage, for my old
trouble has disappeared, and, though
past middle nge, I^feel young and
hearty again. 1 have great faith in
Dr.   (-base's  medicine."
\notlier interesting ��� case of liver
derangements and siomacu Irouo.e.*
io wtui described in tuts tetter:
Mrs. James iviuiiiuitu, rtauriu, Sim-
eue county. Out., writes: "r nave
used Dr. i. liases Kidney-Liver Hum
ior liver complaint, biliousness and
terrible siei. headaches, and have
loutid Unit they are more effective
man any treatment I ever tried.
JL'hey cieanse the system thoroughly,
remove the cause ol pains and aches,
and make you feel fresh und strong
again. Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills are also excellent for stomach
liy means of their direct and specific action on the liver���causing a
healthful Mow of bile���they regulate
nnd enliven the action of tlie bowels
and ensure good digestion in the intestines. At the same time they
stimulate the kidneys in their work
of   filtering  poisons  from  tbe  blood.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills,
one pill it dose, 2,ri cents a box, nt
all dealers or Edmanson, Bates &
Co., Toronto.
He is plump. He is deeidedlv
foxy. " He has ll reddish eoat. He
lives upon -wli- and insects. H-
���niif-es-   from   -Muslta   to   the   southern
���tutei-. He* nn inch longet than
ihe Knglish spin io*.". and li."lungs tt
tiie finch tumil* He mu\ be hioked
���ip   in   ninitholog'    n-   the    I'usserell..
lien    One  ol   liin   conii.mii   name,    i-
_irugition.   fii'cb.
Bibb For Botha.
When tbe new legislative -"assembly
of tbe Transvaui met foi the first time
at Pretoria, the committee cf the
bible Society provided two Dibies,
one in Knglish and one in Dutch, to
be used by the members of the As
-^nibly in taking tbe oath. These
books will be suitably inscribed and
ifterwnrds presented to General Bo-
tba, the .Irst Premier of the Trans
vaul, as a souvenir of this historic oc
Fniuleiit Holida, the daughter of a
Hungarian magistrate, was arrested
by the police for wearing a silk
skirt with yellow and red stripes���
the Roumanian colors���-which they
considered  to  be  treasonable.
An End to Bilious Headache���Biliousness, which is caused hv excessive
bile in the stomach, bas a marked
effect upon the nerves, and often
manifests itself bv severe headache.
This is tbe most distressing headache
one can have. There are headaches
from colds, from fever, and from
other causes, but the most excruciating of all is the bilious headache.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will cure
it���cure it almost immediately. It
will disappear as soon as the Pills
operate. There is nothing surer in
the treatment of bilious headache.
Great Things From Little Onuses
Grow���It takes very little to derange
the stomach. The cause may be
slight, a cold, something eaten or
drunk, anxiety, worry, or some
other simple cause. But if precautions be not taken, this simple cause
may have most serious consequences.
Many a chronically debilitated constitution today owes its destruction
to simple causes not dealt with in
time. Keep tlie digestive apparatus
in a healthy condition and you will
be well. Parmelee's Vegetable Pill's
are better than any other for thiif1
"Opposition, opposition; nothing but
"What's the matter, dear?"
"My parents objected when I wanted
to marry him, und now he kicks because 1  waut  a  divorce."
Because of the presence of a circus
in Mahonev City, Pa., 10,000 miners
took   a  holidav,   compelling  most  of
���il...        ��� .. 111...-1 <>,���      io      .iliul       ___.QXV.tk*
Minard's  Liniment  Co.,   Limited.
Gents,���I have used your MINARD'S LINIMENT in mv family and
consider it -the best medicine obtainable.
Yours trulv,
Proprietor  Roxton    Pond  Hotel   and
Livery   Stables.
Two wild asses from Persia have
been placed in tbe zebra house at
the zoo. Thev are said to be ouite
untamable. Their height is about
that of a pony.
Nature and Man.
Huxley was once talking to Sir William (lull about tlie healing power of
nature. "Stuff!" said Gull. "Nine
times out of ten nature does not want
to cure the man. She wants to put
bim iu Ills coffin."���London Telecrauli
Ask for Minard's and Take No Other
The Shanghai native newspaper
"Shenptio" calls for a boycott of the
oloolrio tram Bervioe which is about
to be inaugurated* on the ground
that the trams are dangerous, und
will throw 10,000 'ricksha coolies out
of  work.
John A. Eassen, of Iowa, is seriously ill at Washington. He has
held a number of high posts, including that of congressman and member of the American-Canadian Joint
Commission.    He is 8!i years of age.
WRITE*     I  Oil     P Fl I C E ?_.
L I M I T II. C3 o
Is  fitted  with   (he   improved  Record
Triangular Grate���the most  perfect furnace grate on the market.   Of the four
triangular grate bars, each bar is operated
by the use of a handle applied to either
of the two centre bars.    To remove this
handle after shaking is impossible   until
the grate bar  has been  returned  to its
original  position, flat  and  in
place, without any of the cogs
sticking up.  The result is that
the bars are always flat under
the fire and that it is impossible
for lumps of coal to drop through
and be wasted.   The Record
Triangular Grate can be entirely removed   from  without
without  lying on stomach or
bothering with a light.       ioi
Write for Catalogue.
iRtrndrfart MONCTON, H.B. & MONTREAL.RQ.*
It        a natural  food,  full me bm earn m earn imh    n    ���gw��.
of   nutrimont   and   eanily B _____[_��� I                      '   ___B   -B___Ef���
digo-ted.        Iti    delicate, ������������ I ���!        ������       M
porous    shreds    are    con- fl         H  HUH ���_____    __��� ____>       _���
healthy   tis- *������������   ^^���j ������   ___________      H
tue   and   red   blood   when ���������_���   I      H _______ __________     B
other* f��ood.Ch                 a" �����   ���HBi.tr"]    ���
It's   all   In   the   Shreds."���BISCUIT   for   Breakatt;    TRISCUIT    for
Lunch. All Grocers���13c, a Carton; 2 for 26c. \n
Celluloid Starch needs
no cooking just
cold water and 'tis
ready. 'Twon't stick,
yet gives a better
gloss, with less iron-
rubbing, than any
starch you know.
jSJS-J    Its price  is   little.
K0    Your dealer sells it.
gggj    Try it this week.   211
I Celluloid
Tlie European residents of Morocco
city have been expelled by the
powerful Rahamma tribe, which has
revolted, and called on the sultan's
brother, Muliii Halid, to declare himself sultan.
The Best Nervine,
Plenty of fresh air day and night,
free drinking of pure water and simple
digestible food will strengthen the
nerves and do more to "build up the
system" thau till the widely advertised
"health foods" and "nerve tonics" in
the world.
English Language.
The first mention of tbe English language is said to lie in tlie tenth century, when "embassadors from England"
spoke English at Constantinople. They
were orobablv soldiers or merchants.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
Tbe Swiss village of Kientbal is
threatened with total destruction.
Heroic attempts are being made to
save the village from being swept
away by a slowly advancing avalanche.
King's    Physician    Tells   of   Choked
Lungs and Other Ills.
How those who live in English cities where soft coal is burned are
pin so tied by the air tliey breathe has
been vividly described by Sir Frederick Treves, the King's surgeon, at
a meeting of the Coal Smoke Abatement Society. Tbe evil of smoke, with
fog, tbe product of smoke, in Loudon,
is so real that a society has been
formed to fight it. Sir Frederick stated that the London air in one of the
cleanest parts contains six tons of
smut to the square  mile.
Describing bow this affects the
lungs of Londoners, the famous surgeon said: "The lung of a young child
is a dainty pink. The lung of an
adult. If he lives in a city, is inky-
blue, thunder-cloud blue, marked by
patches and stripes of black. This is
I due absolutely and entirely to dirt
and chiefly to soot.
"Tli6 snot blocks up the interstices
of the lungs und chokes the bronchial
glands, so that the bronchial gland of
the dweller has a coal-black surface.
I have seen lungs in London that
1 have been absolutely black from the
' surface to the very denths.
"The London fog kills people by
thousands. If no plant can live or
flourish iu a London back-garden, how
can it be supposed that a human being cnn go through a London winter
unharmed f* The wretchedness of a
London winter is that of being weeks
and   months  without  light."
Kine Edward hns paid an unusnnl
hernldic honor to Sir Francis Lakinp
and Sir Frederick Treves, the royal
physician and surgeon. Each of the
doctors may now quarter the lion of
the royal arms on his own shield of
arms, as an "honorable augmenta
This privilege has been granted in
recognition of their great skill snd
unremitting attention during His Majesty's dangerous illness in 1!)02
which caused the postponement of the
coronation. Their work in those critical days will thus be commemorated
in the family arms which will go
down  to their descendants.
If attacked with cholera or summer complaint of any kind send at
,_^pnce for a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kel-
logg's Dysentery Cordial and use it
according to directions. It acts
with wonderful rapidity in subduing
that dreadful disease tbat weakens
the strongest man and that destroys
the young and delicate. Those who
have used this cholera medicine say
it acts promptly, and never fails to
effect a thorough cure.
A French workman who was repairing a well at Jusiers, Seine-et-
Oise, was asphyxiated by foul gas,
and four others was attempted to
rescue him met the same fate.
African  King's Joke.
Sir John Kirk, who possesses three
distinct knighthoods, is one of Britain's retired consular rulers. His
chief service was iu Zanzibar. On one
occasion the Sultan of that country
having n very savage chained lion
thought to get rid of it hy offering it
tn Sir John. Struck by a happy
thought, be reminded the British Con
sol that the Tion formed one of the
supporters of the Royal Arms above
the gate of the Consulate, and thnt
the presence of the real brute would
therefore he highly appropriate I Sir
John got out of the difficulty neatly. "1
am sure that yoar highness would
never make tin incomplete present,"
said he. "nnd when yon are able to
ncoomnnny the lion with a unicorn,
I shall be delighted to receive your
munificent offer."
"vTBTnTfr One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any ense of Catarrh that cannot be
cured  by   Italia Catarrh Cure.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions, and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by hts firm.
Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price. 76c. per bottle.
Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation
_adly Mercenary.
"Why are you so eager for fame?"
���..iked the Idealist.
"Beontisi���." answered the active man,
"1 need it hi iny business. Fame now*
adays is merely 11 synonym for successful advertising."���Washington Star.
Miss Ouch���It was so funny I thought
I'd die!
Mr. Grouch���Why did you change
vour min*********CleveJand Leader
Minard's Liniment Used by Phyiioiani
Poultry  Notes.
Duck eggs lose their fertility very
rapidly, hence should be comparatively fresh when placed in an incubator
or under a hen.
Cleanliness in the poultry yard is
worth a whole medicine chest full of
remedies  in  preventing disease.
Whenever young chickens are taken
from tbe nest while the hatch is in
progress care must be taken that they
do not become chilled, night or day.
The busy hen is tlie one that lays
the eggs,
i ������1 ���
Fine Care
Fine Hair
It's fine care that makes fine
hair! Use Ayer's Hair Vigor,
new improved formula, systematically, conscientiously,
and you will get results. We
know it stops falling hair, cures
dandruff, and is a most elegant
dressing. Entirely new. New
bottle.   New contents.
Does not change the color of the hair.
Formula with etoh bottla
Show It to you*
_Uk him about it.
than do aa ha aay a
Amusing   Scenes   at   Competition   of
The conquest of the air has been
brought one step nearer by the remarkable tests of model aeroplanes
made at the Alexandra Palace, London.
The trials took place under the
auspices of the Aero Club, and were
organized by The Daily Mail in con
nection with their ��10,000 prize for
the (irst flight from London to Manchester. Of tbe three prizes offered
of ElftO. ��75 and ��25 respectively, only the last two were awarded, the
iudges withholding the first prize
Mr. A. V. Uoe secured the second
prize nnd Mr. W. F. Howard the
There were inevitably some almost
laughable failures. Certain models
refused to rise. Others accomplished
i perfect flight to the ground, drawn
there by tlie forces of gravitation.
Some went 12 feet before collapsing;
tome broke down at the moment of
'lielit. One inventor, a Mr. F. W
riiiimns. created a sensation by pro*
lelling his model by a rocket tied
���*o its tail, This novel means of pro
mlsion was not a success, for the
isroplane only dived and ploughed tbe
grass a few feet away.
Al the second attempt Mr. A. V.
'���toe's model accomplished a wonder-
'nl flight. Neither rising nor falling
t went full into the net at the end
if the course���ninety feet away ��� a
'He-it which was warmly cheered.
Three flights were made by Mr
Howard's delicately-constructed mo
lei. Twice he held it captive by 11
uieee of tope, following its course on
'oot Seventy-five feet it covered at
'he first attempt, and it would hnve
���one further nt the second, only Mr
Howard could not follow it fast
���nou"h. At the third trial he waa in-
lueed to li t it fly alone. After a
heni'tiful flight. it unfortunately
-mashed itself into fragments in
reaching the ground.
Even With Long-Tongued Wife.
A man who, during his lifetime,
kept a little inn in a village near Norwich, Kngland, was cursed with a
sharp-tongued wife, who nearly worried the life out of him. Be often used
to say, "Some day I'll get even with
vou, Nan." And when he died, and
iiis will was read, il was found that
he had kept his word. He bad left a
snug sum of money, but before his
wife could touch it she had to agree
to the following conditions. Upon
every anniversary of her husband's
death, sho was to walk barefooted to
the market-place, and, standing there
with a lighted candle in her hand,
rend a written confessioii of how het
'iruel conduct bad shortened her hus-
hand'a life. Not unnaturally the good
'fifty flatly refused to do anything of
���he kind
Her refusal cost her dear. All she
-eceived was a legacy of $100 a year,
'or the purpose, ns the will-maker had
"rimly written, "of keeping her off
'he parish."
Windfall for Treasury.
The British Treasury has had another great "windfall. It will draw
nearly $1,500,000 in "death duty" (inheritance tax) .'nun the estate of the
late Lord Aliendale, whose will has
just been proved. He left an estate
of $16,300,000, excusive of much real
estate, with coal and lead mines, in
the north of England, which is entailed.
His estate is the largest that has
been proved in Kngland for 20 years,
and the new baton succeeds to $12,-
500,000, be.ides all the real estate.
The late peer, wbo was the first baron
of the title, was formerly a member
of Parliament. He inherited his vast
estates and fortune from his father
at the age of nineteen.
A Doughnut Hint.
If doughnuts are cut an hour before they are fried to allow a little
time for rising, they will be much
lighter. Try cutting them out at
night and frvinir in thn mornina.
Ayer's Hair Vigor, as now made from our
new improved formula, is the latest,most
scientific, and in every way tbe very best
hair preparation ever placed upon the
market. For falling hair and dandruff it
is the one great medicine.
 M*a.byth.j.c.4j.rO... Lowell.
The Han Library.
The Hun library at Peking contains
the works of several thousand authors
on philosophy, of several thousand on
mathematics, of many hundreds on
medicine and of more than 1,000 poets.
The library wus founded some 2,000
years ago.
Tobaeeo Smoke.
The smoke from the bowl of one's
pipe Is blue because, coming direct
from the redhot tobacco, it ls very
highly oxidized, but the smoke from
one's lips is gray because it is highly
watered aud hydrocarbouized.
Zam-Buk ia compounded from pure
herbal extract*, is highly antiseptic and
applied to a wound or sore kills all bacilli
and disease germs which otherwise set up
festering, blood poison, eta. It heals cuts,
burns, scalds, bruises; and cures edema,
prairie itch,salt rheum, poi-oneil wounds,
ulcers, etc. All stores and druggists sell
at SOo. per box, or pott free from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, for price. 6 boxes I
fm-.tf.50.   Send le. stamp for trial box.   I
Severe    Winter    Has    Meant    Heavy
Loss  In the  West.
The winter has been nn exceptionally hard one on the ranches ot Western Canada, and of the Northwestern
States. Th_ many reports of losses
on the range from storms have not
been exaggerated. Almost whole herds
and flocks have been decimated. One
rancher says that the loss will be
about 75 per cent. Out of 3.600 cattle
rounded up last fall by a prominent
Alberta man. only 400 can be counted this spring. Others are hit even
Where the ranchers had made better provision than the others, by a
good supply of hay, and some sheltering sheds, the losses are big enough
with all their care. Now is the time
that the destructive work of the past
winter is getting in its fullest show
ing. The weakened animals are dy
ing now in large numbers. Ranchers
are seeing their herds slowly dwindling from them, and the vision ->f
wealth are fading away as rapidly as
they come. The whole Canadian
ranch country is suffering a depression almost equal to the celebrated
year of 1902 among the New Mexican
Effect on Trade.
What effect will this have upon our
West, and upon the cattle trade of
Canada? This is a question not easily answered because of several subsidiary situation. Kansas cattle nev
er came through in better shape; the
sugar-beet factories are successfully
feeding their thousands. There is a
big supply in Ontario of feeders.
Against this we have the dearth of
good butchers' stuff in Ontario. Tbe
prevailing disposition to go into dairy
ing in many sections, owing tn the
good outlook for cheese, has had its
effect in the supplies of good cattle
Sheep are more plentiful throughout
the country, and hogs are incrensine
In numbers also, although the latter
have not made the ratio of gain that
the recent good prices would warrant.
Demand  For Cattle.
Many people say that the demand
for shorthorn breeding stock in a few
months will take a joyouB turn, and
those who have laid in the good breeding type will have their innings. It
is true that the Angus and Hereford"
hnve obtained quite a hold on the
West, but there will be a tendenc*
in the future, in all probability, te
go in for smaller herds with better
care. These smaller holdings will demand more shorthorns than before
and it is because of this prospect that
many base their predictions.
Beef cattle ought to rise in value as
the season advances, but this is nn-
uncertain question. Butchers' cattle
will tend to be fairly good sale for
some time, and, taking all things into account, the outlook is not at all
pessimistic for the cattle breeder.
Reasons Why Ancient Fiddles Are Better Than New.
Fabulous prices are sometimes paid
for old violins, nud many an enthusiastic musician would part witb bis
lust dollur to possess one of the masterpieces of Stradivarius or Guarueri-
us or another of the famous makers of
a century or two ago.
The questioned superiority ef these
old and often buttered instruments bas
beeu variously ascribed to the peculiar
quality of the varnish used in their
construction, to the elasticity of tbe
wood employed and to the ripening and
Improving effects of age and long use.
Of late years, however, much credence has been given the suggestion
of an eminent authority that the real
cause of the superiority of the old Instruments Is due to a peculiar warping of the wood to a higher arch, a
buckling caused by the position of the
"F" holes aud sound post.
It might nt first thought be supposed that the same effect could be produced by giving nn equal arching to a
new instrument, but the effect. If attained, Is not permanent, because with
ago the arching Increases until too
great a degree of rigidity Is tbe result.
"Plugging" a Hotel Guest.
The hotel detective stepped out of
the elevator and walked over to the
"Well, I plugged him," he said.
"Plugged hlm? Who? What for?
Where did you hit him?" quickly asked
a friend who was standing by.
"Didn't hit him anywhere. Just
plugged the keyhole of bis door. Never hear of plugging before? When we
have a guest whom we suspect Is getting ready to leave without settling or
whose credit Is exhausted and fails to
settle up, we just wait till he leaves
his room nnd plug the keyhole In bis
door. Then be has to settle up or leave
his baggage. The plug fits over the
eud of a key. It is placed In tbe lock
and turned. The key Is then withdrawn, leaving the plug In the door."
An Oversight.
When Cbappie got up the other morning he wandered around his apartments ln his pretty pink pajamas, tbe
very picture of woe.
"What's the matter, sir?" inquired
bis valet.
"I don't know, Alphonse," he groaned.   "I passed a most unhappy night."
Alphonse looked bim over carefully.
"Oh, sir," he exclaimed, "I know
what was the matter! The trouserlnes
of your pajamas were not creased.
You must be more careful, sir; Those
I had prepared for you were hanging
across the foot of the bed."
State Care of Insane.
Ontario has done nobly in the care
of its sick and defective classes, but
too often the cry of economy has prevented the best results being attain
ed. In no department has this criticism had greater application than in
the 8tate management of the insane.
Too much attention has been paid to
the care rather than the cure of this
It is a matter of comment that nil
modern authors on insanity insist
that recent and acute cases should bp
treated in small hospitals perfectlv
isolated from the large establishments for chronics.
No building? In America meet the
modern rennirements, and it is here
that the Ontario Government will
seore a triumph with ita Psychiatric
The stiema which always, rightly
and wronglv. attaches to confinement
in an asylum will disappear nnd
psychintrv will be put on n footing
that will keep it in 'ouch with otbe;
departments in medicine. The important moments ln the treatment
of mental cases are in the ineintent
stages, and peonle will not send tbetr
friends at s"eh times to the lnrge
asylums. They would be willing,
thouch. to accent treatment in a
small hf-nltal, where a legal committal would be unnecessary, and where
the methods nf treatment adopted
were on purely hospital lines.
Of course a Psychiatric Hospital
will he nn expensive institution to
build nnd eqnin. but the investment
will be a good one, as every patient
saved from chronicity means a saving of $2 000 to the province. Tts cost
would noon be saved by the ennes restored to sound mental health, for.
after all, insanity is a purely physionl
disease, just as amenable to early
treatment as many other diseases.
Appointed to High Post.
The Executive Council of the T.O.F.
has appointed Mr. Wm. H. Hunter
of the law firm of Hunter A Hunter to
the post of Supreme Counsellor of the
M>. Hunter is a son of Mr. J. Howard Hunter. K. O., inspector of insurance, registrar of friendlv societies and loan corporations. For years
he hns been associated with the order
and wns solicitor for the orgnnizntion.
appearing for it at the Insurance
At th" winding np proceedings in
conniption with the Atlas Loan Co.
of St, Ttiomns Mr. Hunter represented the liquidators, the National Trust
His d"tiep will now consist of revising the decision of the Supreme
Court, nnd Executive Council. The
vaennev wns crented by tbe appointment of Mr. Elliott G. Stevenson to
tbe office of Chief Ranger at the
den'h of Dr.  Oronhyntekha.
The following gentlemen compose
the Execi'tive Council:���Messrs. Elliott G. Stevenson, Supreme Chief
Ranger; Victor Morin, Montreal,
Past 8i<nreme Chief Ranger; J. D.
Clark. Dnvton, Ohio, Supreme Vice-
Chief Rangpr; R. Mathison, Supreme
Secretarv; H. A. Collins, Supreme
Treasurer; Dr. Mill man. Supreme
Physician, and W. H. Hunter, Supreme Counsellor.      _._  _. I
Cannae, where Hannibal won his
greatest victory over tbe Romans, ls
situated on tbe opposite side of the
peninsula from the city of Rome, on
tbe river Aufidus and about six miles
from its mouth. It was from this battlefield that Hannibal sent to Carthage
three bushels of gold rings from the
fingers of the Human knights slain In
the battle. Cannae is about 200 miles
from Home.
Tho Worm Turned.
"Am  I  to understand, then." asked
a disappointed poet ns the editor handed  back  his  latest  productions,  "that
you do not like my verRes?"
"Yes; I don't think much"���
"Ab,  you  don't think!    I see���that
explains It."
World Regeneration.
The world will only be regenerated
by degrees and by reform of human
character, a task that will always and
of necessity remain the task of each
and every member of the human race.
Little Fred-Why Is It that women
are always complaining about their
servants? Little Elsie���Oh, that's Just
to let people know tbey can afford to
have 'em.
Pleasant as syrup; nothing equals
it as a worm medicine; the name
is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator. The greatest worm destroyer
of the age.
President Roosevelt, in a speech at
Michigan agricultural college, Lansing, Michigan, urged farmers to
combine against opposing organized
Nothing you can wear costs you so little in real
comfort, leal service sod teal satuiaclioo as
Warranted lo you by the dealer, by tbe maker I*
bim. Foini-fctted for comfort's ���ate; won't itratrb.
won't ihriak. Made it many fabric, and atyko.
at varioui pricaa, ia (onn-fittini mm lot wobm*.
men aad cbildcea.   Trada-markcd ia fad at abova.
Yon cannot possibly have-
a better Cocoa tban
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritions and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in i-lb. and i-lb Tins.
Women In Argentina.
Girls and men are still kept carefull)
apart in Argentina, and 11 man does
uot Introduce even bis most Intimate
friend to his sisters. Marriages of girls
of twelve to fourteen to boys of sixteen or eighteen ure common.
England means "Angle" and "land,"
or the land of the Augles. It was not
until A. D. Slit) that the name was glv
en, by Egbert, Urst king of the English. The English were not tbe original
inhabitants of the country to which
they gave their name. A Celtic people
known as Britons first possrssed the
Island, from which they were driven
by the English In 449.
The Doctors of Mount Clemens Institute Prove the Value of These Pills
in the Case of Mr. S. Harris, Government Inspector of Elevators of
Hamilton, Ont.
From the Star, Dundas, Ont.
We weie much pleased to see Mr.
S. Harris, the well known Government
inspectat of elevators of Hamilton, ln
Dundas the other day, greatly improved in health and appearance since
tlie last time we met him. As is
known to many of the Star readers,
Mr. Harris has recovered from a long
nnd severe illness, and is now quite
uble to nttend his usual duties. From
this long illness many predicted Mr.
Harris would never recover, and the
fact that he is once more able to go
around very nearly as spry as he did
before he was attacked, is little less
than marvellous to them.
In reply to our reporter, Mr. Harris related the early stages of the attack and subsequent sufferings which
he experienced, and while he did not
court publicity, decided that in the
public interest he would relate the
circumstances of this wonderful cure.
About fourteen months ago Mr. Harris woke up one morning with a stiff
neck; try as he would, and after applying all the remedies externally
that he could bear or think of, lie
was unable to get rid of it. Tbe stiffness moved to the spine and shoulders, then to his hips, until it made
almost a cripple of him, and it was
with extreme difficulty that be could
get out of bed at all. As for walking
it was out of the question with him.
The attack became so bad that he
was unable to put on either bis coat,
vest or hat. From time to time he
called in various medical men, none
of whom were able to give him much
relief. It was almost impossible for
him to raise his feet from the floor,
and all pronounced his a severe case
of muscular rheumatism, giving him
little encouragement as to his ultimate recovery. However, one medical
gentleman finally recommended the
baths, and as a last resort Mr. Harris decided to follow his advice, and
went to Mount Clemens, Mich. As
is customary with all patients, Mr.
Harris had to undergo a thorough
examination in order to determine if
the system can stand this rigorous
treatment. After several examinations
had been made as to Mr. Harris'
condition, the physicians there finally
decided that he was not suffering
from muscular rheumatism at all, but
that his ailment was of the nerves,
and told him tbat tbe baths would
do him little or no good; tbat he requited altogether different treatment.
Mr. Harris placed himself in the
hands of one of the physicians there,
and what seemed quite strange to
him, tbey did nothing for him but
administer medicine in the shape of
pills. Shortly after he commenced
this treatment ho began to
improve perceptibly, and his
appetite greatly improved. He
began to walk around slowly at first,
but soon was able to get around more
than he could for a year previous. He
was able to put on his coat and vest,
and began to feel like his former self.
His improvement was so rapid and
perceptible not only to himself, but to
others, that he was plied with alt
sorts of questions as to his wonderful
recovery. The medical attendant was
questioned as to the nature of the medicine which was being administered.
Much to the surprise of Mr. Harris
and other patients there, he was told
that it was a well known Canadian
remedy. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
wns advised to continue their use
for a time on his return home. Mr.
Harris is loud in his praise of the
wonderful curative qualities of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
consented to make his case public in
the hope that he might benefit others
similarly afflicted. Mr. Harris has
long been a resident of Hamilton, being a well known builder of elevators,
as well as Government inspector of
the same, so that his.r.roniiiience and
well known integrity is evidence that
he is sincere in tbe statements he
W.    N.    U.    No.    642
Queer Custom of the Bagas Forehs of
French  Guinea.
The Bagus Forehs, who live In French
Guinea, quit lite In a manner anything
but com mon place. When a mau dies
ills wife and children do not lament
hlm. Instead they are angry at having
beeu tiliiiiitloneil. They prop the body
up against the bouse wltb the forked
biauch of a tree and Invite their
friends and relatives to come, all of
whom are furious that one of tbelr
own has left tbem. When all tbe guests
/have arrived tbe wife of the deceased
advances and addresses what was
once ber husband ln a way well calculated to seme bis ghost away from tbe
"There now, listen! You'd leave me,
would you? So you don't want to live
with me? Why do you do this way?
Haven't 1 always been n good wife to
you? Haven't I been a good mother to
your children? Haven't your rlee and
fish always been well cooked? Have
you anything to reproach me with?
Nothing. Then sball not you go? Coward! Traitor! You sball not leave
without receiving tbe correction that
such conduct deserves."
Then tho blows begin to rain down
iqiou the poor defenseless figure. Pres
eutly tbe tired wife gives pla**e to tbe
children, and tbey ln turn to tbe rein
lives aud friends, all of whom similarly abuse it. At length, with a natural
human Impulse, their fury speut. they
try to make tununds to the hapless
corpse. Tbey bathe It and bury It 11
meter deep inside tbe house, and each
day at the dinner hour tbe family
places on tbe tomb some grains of rice
and n little palm wine for refreshment
ef tbe soul sbould It return.
Tbat a a satisfactory cup-drawing result must
of necessity depend upon the quality used.
I* Absolutely Pure.    Load  Packets Only.    40o, BOo and OOo
Per Lb.   Highest Award, St Louis, 1904.
Where the Fore and After Beats the
Square Rigger.
The ability of the schooner to meet
the requirements of present day conditions, while the square riggers have
been found wanting, can be readily
understood when we take Into consideration the numerous advantages possessed by the fore und aft rig that are
essential to tbe ideal carrier.
Operating expense, thnt prime factor
hi all transportation problems, Is here
reduced to a minimum, for there is no
motive power so cheap as the free
winds of heaven nnd no other craft so
well adapted to utilize and control this
force. Tho sails are of bandy form
and can be readily bandied from the
deck hy n handful of men or with
steam power if desired. The schooner
can sail several points nearer the eye
of the wind than a square rigger ls
able to do.
Built on the old clipper model, they
sail like witches and owing to their
peculiar constructions can be readily
loaded and discharged. They require
.but little ballast and having no heavy
top hamper can, If necessary to the
trade, take on immense deck loads.
In the lumber traffic of the Taclfic
northwest we find these vessels leaving port with huge deck loads towering ten to fifteen feet above the rail.
Occasionally they get caught in a blow
and have to sacrifice a portion *f the
deck load, but where one meets such
a mishap dozens reach their designations safely and land their cargoes Intact.���James G. McCurdy ln Outing
It Was an Object Lesson on Playing
Cards With Strangers.
A card sharp well known to the
stewards of tbe great ocean liners was
a passenger on a recent trip across.
He received a Hue nt Queenstowu,
which had the effect of keeping him
out of the large games In tbe smoking
room. He contented himself with pe-
nuchle and bridge at 25 cents a hundred points. On tho evening before
lauding one of his bridge party, none
of whom knew that he was a professional witb a bad record, proposed
changing the game to poker. "It's
bad practice," said the card sharp, "to
play poker with strangers. There's too
much risk, but It's all right lu this
case." Tbo others said there was no
risk If n man had good sense and kept
his eyes open. The deal fell to the professional, nnd when cards bad been
drawn by each man he said: "Now
I'll show you how much you know.
Mr. A, you have the winning hand.
Mr. B, your three queens look good,
but what show have they against Mr.
C's four fives? And what good are
they against A's four kings? Does It
It did, and A said, "Well, it's my
"I was afraid that might happen, so
I dcnlt myself a straight flush." He
showed It, arose from his chair and
said: "Give the steward what I put In.
This was an object lesson���don't play
poker   with   strangers."
The Barbecue.
Tbe word "barbecue" ls derived from
tbe Spanish word "bnrbacao" and Is a
native Haitian term for a wooden
framework supporting meat or fish to
be smoked or dried over a fire. In
Its popular sense it means a largo social or political entertainment In the
open air at which sheep or oxen are
roasted whole aud all the feasting Is
ou a most liberal scale. Georgia Is
probably the native home of the barbecue and is called tbe Barbecue State.
Wbo prepared tbe first barbecue Is unknown. Doer, bear and other game
constituted tbo meat roasted in the
barbecues of fifty years ago.
The Butcher's Smock.
The butcher's smock wus blue. It
looked much neater than the white
smocks of his friends, all smeared witb
dried blood. "Every butcher," said the
man, "ought to wear a blue smock.
Wby? Because dry blood won't show
ou It. Dry blood turns bluish, and ou
a smock of this color It Is Invisible. 1
am descended from a long line of
butchers, and from father to son the
word has been passed down always to
wear, for neatness' sake, a smock of
To cut bread into dice before frying,
If It Is to be used as croutons. Is not
the most approved method. When done
In this way it becomes very hard and
Indigestible. The bread sbould rather
be cut iuto thin slices and then stamped out in circles a little larger than a
quarter or cut Into squares of about
the same size or In oblongs two inches
long and over one-half inch thick.
These tossed Into hot lard and taken
out almost Instantly In the frying
basket are the most palatable.
Queer Marriages.
In southern India marriage with inanimate objects Is not altogether unknown. A man who has lost two
wives and wishes to marry another
will go through a formal marriage
ceremony with a plantain tree, which
Is afterward cut down. This stands
for the third marriage, which ls considered inauspicious, and the man feels
free to make a fourth marriage with a
third woman.
The Modern Version.
"I want my boy to be able to ear*
his own living."
"To earn it, Mr. Merger?"
"Well, to eef It"
A shipping office in London was
asked to arrange for the shipment to
India of 100 cats to deal with the
rats in a plague district.
A Soothing Oil���To throw oil
upon the troubled waters means to
subdue to calmness the most boisterous sen. To apply Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil to tlie troubled bodv
when it is racked \?ith pain means
speedy subjugation of the most refractory elements. It cures pain,
heals bruises, takes the fire from
burns, and as a general household
medicine is useful in many ailments.
it is worth much.
The coal output of the United
Kingdom last year was 251,067,023
011s���un increase of nearly 16,000,-
000 tons on the previous year, states
a  home   office  return.
Minard's    Liniment,    Lumberman's
In a manger at Dunstable, a Dorking ben is carefully brooding several
kittens to which a one-eyed cat ���*-*,.
cently gave birth.
���11 nurd, soft or calloused lumps and blemishes
from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints,
ringbone, Sweeney, stifles, sprains, sore and
swollen throat, coughs, etc. Save 950 by use
of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful
Blemish Oure ever known
Mme. Melba laid the corner stone
of a new gramophone factory at
Hayes,   Middlesex.
Give Holloway's Corn Cure a trial.
It removed ten corns from one pair
of feet without any pain. What it
has done once it will do again.
Tbe Collingwood Furniture com-
nanv hns suspended operations. It
employed sixty hands for the two
veins of operation, but made no profits.
'"No sale now for any but
St. George's
Baking Powder
Glad of it, too! I don't get
any more complaints���but lots of
So out with these old lines."
Write The National Drug & Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, tor their new
free Cook-Book. 34
On* packet
haa aotually
klllod a bushel
of fl lets.
��� SOLD BY	
too. par packot, or S packet* for 2Bc
will laat a wholo aaaaon.
Nurses' and
Mothers' Treasure
���safest regulator for baby. Prevents
colic and vomiting���gives healthful rest
���cures diarrhoea without the harmful
effects of medicines containing opium
or other injurious drugs. .a_,
ft 11 fexa        Mc������' dru ff-storss.
*wUI CO     _.,uonai Drug & Chem-
��� 2
tm- +tnmw
Like a. Top
Don't lie awakt with the remedy at
your elbow. To banish wakefulness, nervous starts, bad dreams���*
to sitep soundly and waken refreshed���take
Sotd Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
�� When yoa h����e v__
ln tha head, back, lege.
end muaclaa generally; ��treugth all gon* ,
mil j, ��**i".u|m��n K-'iia-*
aoreneao and fullnew In head, wat��ry eye*
���u-d a ge.ieri.1 feeling of luaaitude-that'a
it���tne "Grip."    Tha  aure   remody la
Por Intertill and Extern*! uee.
Taken ��*���-_  a little eugar It curea grip,
coughs, coliIn, cramp*, colic.   Applied to j
cuts, burna, bruiM-s, it givea quick relief* I
Established 1810. ii & .100. At drufglat*.
I. S. JOHNSON A CO,, lotto**. Moil. ���-** >*���'-'
At- *   v.**;" -<_4r.lt'- ���!.*
'-:-��� = .���    *��}    *-'"i ,.*"**'  "       '    ',
/���    J-       '    *      .   _...���,    -.;    ���   t
iSd/ik of cJyiotittedlt
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,100,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President���Loud Ptbathcon.*. and Mocxt Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Oeouue A. Diii.mmo.nd,
General Manager���E, S. Ci-ouston.
Branches In All Thc Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan iHMniit-3 IReview.
-Subscription $2.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Ratbs :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.60
"      " Purchase of band   -    7.60
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
Al'. locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Duncan Kennedy,  of Slocan,   B. C,   livery keeper,
intends  to apply for a special timber
licence  over   the   following  described
lands.   Commencing at a post adjoining James  Smith's  south-east coiner,
and   marked   "Robert   Duncan   Kennedy's N.K. coiner," thence south -10
.chains, tlience west 100 chains, thence
nortj* 40 chains,  Ihence east 1G0 chains
to point  of  commencement, and containing 040 act es, more or less.
June ���17th, 1907.
Take notice tbat James Smith, of
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing
at a post pianted about one and one
balf miles distant in a southerly direction from Duncan Graham's north-east
corner, and maiked " James Smith's
S.E. corner," tlience west ItiO chains,
thence norlh 40 cliains, thence east 100
chains, thence south 40 chains to point
ot commencement, and containing 640
.acres more or lets.   JAMES SMt H.
June 17lh, 1907.
Take notice that Duncan Graham, of
.Slocnn, B.C., miner, intends to apply
lor a special license over the following
.described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore of .Slocan
'Lake, about one mile distant in a southerly direction from the mouth of Indian
.creek, and marked " Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thence west 80 cliains,
thence south 80 chain?, tlience east 80
.chains, tlience north 80 cliains to point
of commencement, and containing (140
acres more or lets.
June 15th, 1907.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned tip to li o'clock noon,
on Woiln. silay, the 14th day of August,
1907, for tlie purchase -I the undermentioned Mineral Claims, which were
forfeited to the Crowd' at the Tax Sale
held in the Government Ollice, al Kaslo,
B.C., on the 7th day of November, 1004.
To be considered, nil tenders must Le
at least equal to the upset price as given
below, which is equal to thc amount for
which such claim could have been re-
pui chased by the owner, or owners, on
the ISOih day of June, l!)05,.logetlier
with the taxes, costs and interest which
have acerti'd siii'e the Tax Sale, the
cost of advertising for tenders', and the
Crown Grant fee.
Name of Claim      J.ot No.    Up'ct price
Armia Fraction      Sb?,0 $50.60
J.I.C, 2683 90.96
Jenny Jones 2584 68.95
Each lender mutt he accompanied by
a certified check for the full amount
thereof, payable at par at ICaslo, B.C.,
in favor of the undersigned. Thecliecks
of all unsu.tss.ul tenderers will be immediately returned.
Government Agent, Kas'e, B. C.
:> -tic. .
Cu Michael Penrose, or  to whomsoever
he may hnve transferred his interest
in the " Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    t-huateil    near   McGui_*an,
located tbe Srd day of October, 1-300,
recorded  the  17th ilav of October,
1900, iu the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified Hint I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, cud if within 90 tlays from the
cate of this notice you fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together with  all costs
of advertising, your  interest in the said
elaiin will become  tho  property cf the
undersigned, under   section   4 ol   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated   nt Sandon,   this 3rd   day   of
Apiil, 1907.
���    ���     ���-_       .I'"       ... It    i,l    :.i ' .
! aficr dali I ,t*:j a to apply to the lb*n.
i lie Cn ' i Ooi . i. oik * .,;' LSu !���_ nnd
Woika al Victoria, It. C. for perini-sion
to purchase tho following desirihed
lamls situate in .Wat Kootenay Di-iii ��� ;
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east Coiner of lot 7547 anil marked
J. St. D, . IV. cuner, thorne noith
atorg. the enst Hue of lo*tf 7517 20 chains,
thence enst 20 chains, thence south 20
chains to the north-east corner ot lot
8127. I hence follow ing along the line of
lot 8127, 29 chains 11 Hie point i.f com*
meneeuient and containing 40 acres.
Dated nt Slocan, B.C. April 30th,1��07.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
.'-:���  ,-
are necessities if you
wish to ward off any
disease;that threatens.
These can both be
secured by taking
which is a simple
compound of Sarsap-
arilla and Oregon
Grape Root with Saline laxatives.
Take notice that Nils Nelson, o
Slocnn, B.C.J a rancher, intends lo
apply for a special timber license ovGlJ
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted about four mi'es
4i��tant in a north westerly direction
irom the month of Goat erei It, a tiihu-
tary of the Slocan River, tlience west
ItiO chains, thonce north 40 chains;
thenceeast 160 chait s, thence soiiili 40
chains lo point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more oi* leg*.
June 20th, 19G7.     .
o Drug Store
New Denver.
NOTICE is hereby given lint the
Annual Silting of the Com t of Revision
for the purpore of henring nil nuii-
p'aints against the Assessment for the
year 1907, as made by the Assessor o;
the City of Snndon, 'H.C , will be I eld
iu the. Council Chamber, Ciiv Hall,
Sandon, B.C, on Tuesday, iho 87ih
day of August, 1MI7. at 7 o'clock, p.m.
C. E. LYONS, Cily Cleik,
Sandon, U.C., July IH, 1907.
The Most Beautifully (-Hunted
Sanitarium in British Columbia.
lis medical watois are renowned
for curative qualities. '*Tlml
Tired reeling" Completely cured,
A certain remedy for Rheumatism
in its varied forms, A sure cure
for Metallic and other poisonings.
Two mails a day and telegraphic
facilities, Rates-���$12 to $18 por
week. For further particulars
apply to
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
At Cost
The Review
Job Printing".
Notice is hereby (riven that (10 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated
on the west shore of S'o'an lake about
'. mile i'i a "oulherly direction from
Mill crick. Commencing a' a post
maiked A. 0,'s S IS.corner post, theme
20 chains ��e*t, thence -10 chain*, north,
thence 20 clmins east, th nee-10 chains
south to place of commencement, containing 8*1 acres mme or lias-
Dated -May 6th 1907.
.Tv. 18 locator.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
ftbrce jforfes,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements.
"Independence''       Mineral      Cliin*,
.ituato in the Slocan  City Mint.g
Dive-ion of West Kootenay district,
*.\ here located:���Oil   Lemon  C eek
adjoining   the    Crusader    Mineral
Takono'iie that. I, II. R Jorand, Fiee
Miner's  Ceilifica'e No.   liTS.iiOO  Biting
for myself and as agent fur W. J.   Shat*
ford Free Miner's Certificate No B4,685,
Intend,  60 days  from the date heieof,
to apply to  lhe Mining  1-lecorder  for a
Certilicate if   Improvements,   for  thc
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
tlie above claim.
And further take  notice that  action,
under   S"etion 117,   must be c mu cured
before the  issuance  of Such  Ceilifiat**
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of May, A.D. 1907
o i\etii*
Very Small Figure
! ��4*---5*$<!''<*>5-*--*>*--^^ *? I
I Go to Wilson's for
Heavy Goods,
Flour,   Hi ay,    Oats,
Co-all,   Vegetables,
Iron, Steel, etc,
i tTF
i* tr$M4*S4r$���&S-&Sr&&&&Z<$4>���-$<S>$4>'3 **4 **<t>�� i-^*�� ************* I
fKobt. Cunning proprietor.
A. Home from Home.       Fully equipped for Higli-Llass e
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and ��j
Splendid Cuisine Always. ��-
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons. a
(Bbotcest XtQiiors, Mines ano 131:3.
Local Salesman Wauled for
And Adjoining District lo represent
Canada's (licatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and nge for Briiish
Columbia planting, (irom on limr-
stone soil; hardier and longer lived than
coast tiecs.
A permanent situation, Territu"-" reserved; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
'Wiile for pai'licu-ai**,
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by P.C. Government )
TORONTO       -      - '      ONT.
Notice jh hereby given that fiO days
after date 1 intend lo apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of 1,anils ami
Works lor permission to purchase the
following described lands in Wist Kootenay District; Commencing at a p st
marked "A. .I. Wills Hi's N.W, ConiM*
post," fluid post being at south-east
coiner of lot 7 Block 882, Croup I,
Wist Koo'nnay District, tin nee south
80 i hains, Ihence east ~'t) chains, tin nee
north 80 chains, thenco Wist 20 chain's
to point of coniineneenient, O'lltttining
lilt) acres more or less,
Dated April 20th, 1007.
7-4 A. J. WATSON.
Silverton, 36.(5.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Host Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
1?. fH>. Spencer ����� pvop
provincial Hosaycr
ano (Bbeinist
Sandon Assay Office
Late F. II, iiawkins.
Ord'imry Tariff:
Gold, Silver, 1/ad, Copper, Iron, Silica,
if 1.00 each
Silver wiih Copper or Load, Manganese-
Lime, 11.0*0 ouch,
Zinc,   Antimony,    Sulphur,   (lo'd and
Silver, .8.00,
Colli, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, If2 50.
Silver, Zinc and Lend    ��'l 00
Uohl, Silver, Zinc, Lead ami Iron. .-UK*
Specif*! Hi* tis for Mjnc aipl  Mill Wot.
************************* ->��� <r************** *********'**
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and  Cigars
always on hand.    ::    An excellent Pool Table.
^���*H**H''H'*��-^**H*-��'*H"*'-��4''t'��*i'***''H''��'��;   M**-*****-*W**'*"*-**'H'****^
Sprino ant) %
Summer     J
Samples     |
from Crown      i
aatloriiuj do.     .
v afPefP^^^^efPfPfP j
j If The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
f in the Country, ���:���
I TI Iii Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc. \
X Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed. *j
I   =-������ __ .  4
.j.   ___ _ ^
1 Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions |
% Also complete Line of Gent's. Furuishings aud Supplies. |
I "
h ���    i
******** * * ���*��� * ���:��� ���:* ****** * * * * * m **:��� *:��� *:��� ���:��� * �������� ���:< * * * * ���:��� -:��� -:��� ���* * ���:��� **��� * * * * *:���
itt^rV** r    ��� P.     SANDON'S  FAMOUS HOUSE CF CALL.
Kootenay / ^
.   Hotel ol S !���. 2i;. Sioi an
ie Reco
SandOii, B. C.
MeabQuartere for HDinino nnO cra^ellino fiDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms ilaroe, Clean ano <2oe\_.
rilliam'Bennett S
��� ��*><>.-94 CO-..* *>��>*.���)��� ****** <i ******************************
The Kooteoay Tailor
���*rna___H_r__H 2Sb____7
5*********>*(,<��������**-. *�����<>*.�����**���*>************$*/>***********i
T_ D
Put up ill Pint liottles for Family and Hotel Trade
We guarantee its Strength aud  Purity.
Mi'JU   HY   Till'
^fK orewery j
Sanbbn Miners' Vinton Hospital. ���-
Open to ihe Public.
linles by Subscrip ion ijl ,00 per month. Kon-subscriliors $2.f0 por iliwn.
 Uospiml Staff	
C. E  AN'|;K!:;**(iX, - -     W.M. E, I iOMM, M. D.
Address Conirnunicntions To The Secietary.
St. James' Hotel
Mt*   P.
; Denver, B.C.
\'i*-itnrs to Ntsw Denver, tlio liennty s*]n>t
of tin* Continent, will fiiul tlii.** hotel    l
to he thoioiighly equipped for
for the enuifurt "f I'ouiiatB.
Well stoekeil Bar.
Ei'Cellcnt boathi!*.        Grand seohcry.
New Demiveir.
RATES $2 tp 2.50 A DAY.
Special attontion given to MiniiigTrado.
.-'I'lemliil Scoiiery, Fi.-hiiij-, Uunting, etc.
No matter ��l.nt his oc*
l-nprtion, 11 at' s.ivo
1111 in*v hv j_i*in'i'*_ hia
Sli >is Mado io Older,
loi* a Minliiu S'ioe
ili^n* i* iiuihinu hitler
tha*i Ilie fu 111 *ms I! \1,
ET Fl!11,1 K rRKNCII
(I I.F or KIP Ul I'KU
with 11 Bnod, solid,
I111111I nmili- ho: loin	
Tlie.e bIiiich can only Im  ^'ot hy
leavin** your oulei* ��11I1
��^;^il"*v^^_3.3^   i
s������. palm,       nn.UTii
St. Louis $"12.75 Cliluneo   .Wi.:**
Tiiron 0   "j8l.2o OU.i-tVri     83.8"
Moutran] 4f.SO.75 *-'l  .1 >lin�� *i(J8.76
llilifax .104 65.
Tickots on Sale
July 3, *1, 0.        Ajprm. Ft, 9, 10.
September 11, 12, 18.
FIRST CLASS       Itt'l'Ni) TRIP
E0 HAY'S I.I Mil'.
Cnnespmi ll z ieihie'1 ins f**n'n
all l\o I- 11 iv poin **.- 'I ic'iels
avai noli* f r Intiu in He Incl'idlil'
ni-'ti's an I liorlfis mi likislcam-'iH.
'I li'oiii*1! no er qnot- il In any nt. ���-
i 11 ().iti.'io Q11 in*!* oi* .Mariiiine .
ro\*i nc b mi iiiipliiiiitlnn, j
Sixty   liny* 11 f or  date  I  ii tend    lo
apply  0 tho lion, thief Co iinii***liiiier
ni I ain!-! mid tv'orka al   V e <ni >,  11.(.,,
fin* :>*'ini** io 1 to nurc'i'i-u no* 'o*io rlnj*
. it sc llh'il Ian Ih, sitnal ��� In We I Iso dun
I in* H elrli 1 1   Coui'ii* neliu al a post
There is no belter house in the Kootenays fur
the Mining Man to make his Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style nf doing
Lu incss, and lhe Hill-keeps are nr'ists In their
The Finest VViues aud I.iquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars |
,  i
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Preps. j
100   MINERS
Wanted at
Wages $3.75 to $4 a Day,
Colin )* Campbell
Notary Public
I'llON'F 2,
p.n. BOX in
P.  W. WAR
ou __.-,_ (,.,,_       c.-*-,-1-M-,    l"v   '-sii'ieti   uoni'ii" neliu at n post 0.1
HaiirtHJ-,     IllOllCtl '_". *J"iS elni'iis     lull!Ii
 ii.liia*'lies! li u.idiirv if ol 7*88*i. tliui'C��
j eiim a'ong   in', 'll   Ii 1111 I: rv   of Im 7034
t___    7|*,'**-     7|*/fB.."*uV ,.._.^. ��,,. ''-'' i-liai���>���-,   Ihun *t 1  SO   can,
)&.   UUl*    UUltOO0W-80n   M0'*ceM*.st20ehai,snioronrl,s...oS.l*:.
eo n i' ol li 1 'i"ii 1,   'In* ce iilini_ buiiiIi
PROYIN'CIAL ASSAYER iturl hoiiudii'V*  uf Im i*517 IU t'li .in-* mio-i- ii*
'KTALLURUICAL CHEMIST. I Us,   'I,'..**  nurih   SO  .lulus,   ilieneo
(I .Id, Silvi r,C 1 piioi I, *ad, ni,*li,*.l (0  iv stl'.O chain*', n e ������.* 1 orlli SO  c aim
Child Silver,. .1*60     S lvei*L"ii'l... 1 50 I tleneu   u-*l .**:ii e!i ins  mora m* less In
<*.lni,...2U!)  OjIU Silver witli Copioi* or  K si   si'0 nl   ilgliiui   way  ifN  A  S,
Lend.. S 50. Rail way, lliei ce a'oni Ki'st loumla vol
I'm nipt ailenll'in (tlvrn In all saniples. | N. A S   II  ll.vm-rl htofwiii In a pout
*i5 pel* C'llil. discninit nii'in live saniiili'S.'.*li> ehali'S  *ou h,    t 1 n ��*     west   *-'8.(!-l
i,ii--"> c'-j*    \'I__''ON clian ��, theneu sniitli  20 elans,   Ihoi.c*
;���,(>   Dniwir.'lJOU Pl'ioue Afi7 !-���sl ll1 f'\n *.,*. \i'"w. s "" ;'''l"i*>A
Ull!'Cf*   Clint   L..-V..-1   ih;|-i _i   I 1   in I'l'.-i't t
:   lb otel :
|| Proprietor.
i*-  fTHTS   Well   Known
i   ^    Hotel   has lately il
If  been purchased by the r
f  abo\'e, and he promises t
*  pntroii3 .])ersoual atteu- j|:
4   tion to make their stay j|
'���   with   liim   *'i   pleasant S
one. Everything strict- j|:
ly Kirst-Class. ||
Sirterton * S5",
V illl   N .  ,*:   S     l.'ailu   y   1 i.l 1   1 f    way,
I ih"* cn   sonilieilv    ulnn|i  ���   *-i    1 id ��� iif
' N. 1. s.   I'uilv ay  r'glil "i i,. y to p	
iiiiiieiiei'ineiit, 11 id 1 unllll illlii Hl'.'.iS
] . IUT* H   11 11   I*  ol* I '   .
���>�����(���*.','    Locitol March i.,.rd, 1007.
i*;it.\ si. DKX18,
l\*i P. S . Ilenis, iii-i'iil,
' (Villi ill" mi ie al el:-151, -it nil * in t'tu
Wine ,11 I i v Miniii)* I >���. i - 1 > 1 oi West
K "i:i ilav 'Olstrii!*. Wl.i re I, ca'ed :- -
Ahi'il' 2,0 n feel in 11 ivestei ly iliii e-
lio 1 i'i* nn Ifmia'd I niel 1P1, iihoiil onu
mile nor.h ul N'or h !���' i*ii . 1 Lemon
Ti'l.i' no ice lli ii I, fleiiil l:,,hi"l Jul*
and) Krec Min *is Cerlillcat ��� Nu. Ui8,S00,
as np;enl for Anna I'Vigiison, ICxeenlrix
uf lhe I st IV I nnd ii*.*-liiuii nl of \\ il-
liani Mill')' I'*'1*4118011 dee used, Kick
Min"is Ct.'1-iillcale No, i:.7H, intei d, OO
days from tho dalo In ivof, lo apply to
thu M i'.in*.' Hi 1* iiiler loi a eertlllcalo of
in.I i'qvoiui nl- for the piirpoie nl olitain-
ing n Crown Urnnt of the ah va claim.
Ainl fiulhi'i* take Untie", lhnt action
undar sect on 87, inn-t le eommonciil
bi f 1*,* llu* is nance nf H*.ii*h Certilieale of
Dated I hia 25th day of Apill,A.T).lf)07.
Jo 37 11. It. J()U._.\JJ,


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