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Slocan Mining Review 1908-01-30

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 ~ ���*__.*_��
Devoted   to   Advertising'   the
Mineral Resources aud Large
Fruit   growing   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
a_?M, b. c j
Printed in New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of thc Continent
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Karth.
No. 23   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, Jan. 30, 1908.
Single Copies 5c.
Oar Fruit Growers' Column
The enterprising Managers of tin
l-.wm.ill opposite Now Denver talk of
manufacturing boxes for the fruit growers of, this neighborhood. The freight
on boxes from t! e coatt is so large an
item in their cost Ihat the local makers
will get considerable protectiou by it
for tlieir industry, and we may all cor-
di.illy wish It success. I have lo:*g felt
that t ti ie neighborhood is well suited
to some forms of manufacture, as it has
cheap waterpOWOr, cheap sites for factories, and a splendidly mild climate.
We will hope Iiom this small beginning other Industries will arise to our
mutual advantage.
Some oi tlie fruit groweis, aided and
abetted by Mr. George Williamson, are
talking of importing a_'.car!nud of artificial manure by getting a cur direct
from the manufacturers���we sbould
save Ihe local freight from Nelson and
the middleman's profits. The idea is a
most ixcellont one and I hope lo see it
carried out successfully.
To make a sueeesa of it we should
know what our soils most need, and we
should act at once. I suggest that we
get several representative samples of
the soil of tbis neigh boi hood and give
them to Mr. Eankine so tbat ho and
his scholars may send them to the
chemist at the Central Experimental
Farm, Ottawa. If anyone who intends
to buy anv ol this fertilizer takes a sample of the soil that he Intends lo apply
the manure to, to be analaysed, be will
bo able to order the] manure more
intelligently and apply it more profitably.
We havo to consider the eoil that the
manure is to be applied to, and also lhe
Crop tliat'we intend to grow when purchasing our manure, or we may do harm
instead of good. Mr. Williamson's
fall wheat would probably greatly appreciate a lop dressing of abont 100 lbs.
of jiitrn'e of foda applied as a top dressing early in Ihe spring, but if he puts
on too much bis chickens will complain
that they have too much straw to scratch
over and not sufficient grain. Great
quantities of nitrale of soda arc used as
a top dressing for wheat in Kngland,
o, small amount per acre ".having a very
stimulating effect on the young plants,
Potatoes are more likely to be helped
by a liberal supply of potash, though
nitrate ol soda wil! also help them to
make a Btart. Potash is rather a slow-
manure to dissolve. It is often applied
during the provious autumn so that the
winter rain and snow can prepare it.
It does not wash away eanly, so that
wliich is not used ono year Is available
for the next.
_' Kainit is the form that is used most
largely in the Old Country, but out, here
we should probably dud sulphate of
potash the best form to purchase, as it
is much more concentrated, it being
nearly four times as strong as kainit;
therefore we should save three fourths
ot the freight. Cabbage can use great
quantities of nitrate to advantage, but
it should he applied in small quantities
and often. It is veiy easily dissolved
and washed away, so if too much is put
on at once much of it may be lost.
Nitrogen promotes the growth of tbe
leaves, therefore cabbage, which we
grow for its leaves, is greatly helped by
it, whereas turnips mny get too much
of it and instead of producing roots go
"all to top" *, turnips insist on a
liberal supply ol phosphates if they aie
to succeed. The mangold is a greedy
eort of fellow that likes plenty of everything going, especially nit into and
phosphates. Doubtless a good deal of
artificial manure will be applied to our
flower garden**, and here again the principles indicated hold god; apply nitrates whoro foliage is wanted, and
potash and phosphates lo develop
flowers and fruit.        J. C. HARRIS.'
Miners' Union Talk Of Co-
At the recent M.U. convention, held
at Greenwood,  tlie following repoit was
" We, your Committee on Co-operation won'd lecommend that each locality open a retail Co-operative store on
the Rochilalo system, and whilst we
appreciate all that has been said in favor of distributing centres, we still believe that the success of the movement
depends largely on each locality showing the true Co-operative spirit and
starting its own store, then later on establishing distributing centres in each
of the following districts: The Crow's
Nest District; lhe Slocan *, Nelson and
Rosslandi nnd the Boundary District.
But first, in tbe opinion of your committee, must come the retail store, then,
afterwards, to supply the nerds that
their establishment will create, the Cooperatively owned wholesale house will
come into existence.
Your committee would recommend
that localities] wishing to start a store
of tlii-s kind, communicate with Grand
Forks, where an enterprise of thia kind
is in successful operation,"
So Fertile
B., Alamo.���No, Walter Thomas Mills'
" Struggle for Existence " was not
dedicated to tho Consolidated M. &
S. Co.
Constant Reader, New Denver.���No wo
bav'nt bought a skating ticket yet,
although its none of your business.
Have yon paid for your sub.
Count B., New Denver.���Yes ; you could
lick 'em both, and Gooey could lick
the three of you.
Pain, Vancouver mine.���Vor a bleeding
nose try standing on your head.
Xocal ant> General.
Boost for Slocan Fruit Lands.
Mrs. E. Marshall, Rosebery,   is visiting friends at Bandon,
There will bo service at St. Stephen's
church next Sunday evening at 7.20.
Bubjs'qt: " Soul Food."
Rev. Fr. Jeannotte will conduct ser
vices next Sunday morning and evening-
The ice at the rink is in splendid
condition and thc citizen! are crowding
it nightly.
Mr. and Mis. Gr-nt, Silverton, came
ln in their new cut er Monday.
At a meeting of the executive com-
miltee of the New Denver Subscription
Library held on [Monday, tlie rules and
regulations were formulated, and it was
urged tbat tho library be started as
soon as possible. In order to_facilitate
the speedy ordering ol tho new books,
all intending subscriber. are_asked to
leave their dollar entrance fie, together
with the nanifs of any books they wish
specLIly to read, at Mr. Nelson's drug
store, or witli Mrs. Eankine, not later
than Feb. 6Ui.
"When does your v, inter begin here?"
asked three tourists Irom Saskatchewan
one day this week. "Begin?" said
Dan McLachlan, as be flicked a fly off
his neck, " Begin ? Why, this Is midwinter, and we 'are having a cold i-nap
right now." The '.visitors looked incredulous, but they were assured by
all present that such was tho case.
" Where we come from," said one of the
visitors, " lhe ico on the Saskatchewan
river is ten feet thick." A shudder
passed through the crowd present. " IIo
Jack! "shouted Henry Stege, " To the
devil with poverty, throw a stick of
wood on tbe fire and thaw these fellows
Bob**.���At Sandon, DC. on the 26th
ini*t., to the wile of S. J. Towgood���
a daughter.
For Full Information write
Imperial Bank Block  ..   NELSON, B.C.
"X&W'tmfr:**;.>���-*&:���:*. '���>:.-;*-�������*-_*.
���Br^beee. SSlaftemore & Cameron,
Corporation Is Now in Most
Flourishing Financial
The Newmarket register announced
tho opening of the tourist season on
Wednesday last. The first to sign was
Billy McClurg, Sandon; then came
lie*). W. Clark, Sandon; W. S. Drewry,
Nelson; J. Tier, Three Forks; A. Hen**
drickson, P. Wood, 0. Slatlebrek, J.
Nyin.tn, Ten-Mile; R. I. Kirkwood,
II. Lee, S'ocau; P. U. Mitchell, Vancouver; Colonel Pearson, Lardo; I'". E
Clemens, Victoiia; F. W. Storey, Winnipeg; Dan Brandon, Silveiton.
A car of steers arrived Monday (or
Hermann Clever,
The Keco Hotel will close down the
first of the month. The dining room
closed down on tbe 16th inst.
The girls in town have formed a
hockey club.
The Improvement Society are arranging for n new booster envelope.
Mrs. Cavan, Silverton, was a visitor
to town Tuesday.
Hiram Scriver, the man who was
severely injured some weeks ago by falling over the Standard dump with au
ore car, is now c invaleicetlt and will
return lo work the firstbf Ihe month.
The SiW.rton wharl resembles a
mountain of o*e these days.
The Slocan for a home or a holiday.
There was a rumor in circulation
at Slocan that the tri-weekly service
would shortly prevail on the lake.
They are getting out some very rich
ore at the Molly Hughes. 200 sacks
-await shipment.
We aie pleased to learn that tbo business men of Nakusp aio unit in** to nd-
vertise that lowu as a great fruit growing centre.
We aro still waiting for photographs
for our special edition. As an advertisement this special edition will be
worth a mint of money to tho district.
If you have any good views of the uis-
trir.l kindly forward them to this office.
They will be returned in good order.
Bob Spencer is applying for a transfer of his license of the Victoria Hotel,
Silverton, to Mrs. A. Carey.
Mrs. Williams Iuib ills'*, received at
her store a new stock of prints, ginghams, muslins, ladies' and gent's umbrellas, and a good lino of lace curtains.
Leave your order early for your costume
for the Masquerade Ball.
The progies ive whist tournament
which was given by tbe Improvement
Society last Thursday evening at the
K. of P. ball was not so well attended
as it should havo been. However over
$20 was netted. The prizes were won
by Miss Klo Kennedy and Dr. Brouse
for the highest score. Mrs. Cropp tied
with Miss Kennedy, but the latter lady
was the luckiest in the deciding cut to
see who was to tako the prize. The
booby   piizos   wore   won   by   Miss  L.
McVicar    and    Mr. but   there,   we
never could stand success.
R. A. Wood arrived from Winnipeg
on Monday, and bas taken up his position at the accountant's wicket at tho
Bank of Montreal lately vacated by Mr.
Cornwall. The new arrival will be an
acquisition to athletic circles.
An interesting hockey match (some
say shindy) was pulled off at the rink
last Friday night, Married vs. Single.
The married men had strict orders from
their wives not to eock'it too hard to
the dear boys, but they were too generous, and the dear boys won. Was it
10 to 4 or 20 to 4 ? Our reporter lost
Say, ladies 1 Here's a chance for you
to swsll the funds of the Improvement
Society. Ariange a hockey match,
Married vs. Sin.(fS, Pretty vs. Ugly, or
any old style, and you bet we'll till be
there to cluer.
Whilst in town ou business last Wednesday, .Mr, W. T. McClnrg tried to
make atranjements for a hockey match
between Sandon nnd lhe home team,
and we believe the match will take
*H. 8. Nelson, of the Denver Dairy,
annonnces that until further notice
he will not deliver milk on Sundays.
Spring is coming.   Boost for your life.
The Prince Rupert Empire, edited
hy John Houston, Is njw a joint stock
Company witha capitalization of *f25,000.
it takes brains to raise that capital for
a paper whicli is printed on a nutcracker press.
The Nelson News of to-day's date
Contained a dispatch which was given
prominence, The despatch referred to
reported tbo suicide of Leo Doiron, an
account of which appeared in our columns nearly a month ngo. Either ihe
Vancouver correspondent of our con-
tsmporary has not got over Christmas
or the despatch has been bung up by
the press censor.
B. GarhrJbell bus arrived from Calgary
to butcher for II. Clever,
Charlie Cook, who recently severely
cut the tendons of some ol bis lingers,
1. almost well.
Lovers of fisticuffs will bo given an
opportunity ofgszing upon two exponents of thu "manly art" at Slocan City
next Saturday night. This will bo a
genuine contest for blood between
"Terrible" Crowo and "Slasher"
Harris, both well known in the district,
it being ihe outcouio of a rough and
tuiublo free-for-all some days ago.
Locally the excitement discounts a visit
from the sheriff, and the men are being
polished up by their trainers, Crowe
in his fighting clothes weighs 152 lbs.,
and Harris 160. The contest will be a
10-round go under Queeiishorry rules,
and the contestants have agreed upon
either Charlie or Billy WaliUBlcy, of
Nelson, as referee. Both men aro in
grim earnest, bo tho fancy will see a
genuine scrap even .if scientific details
are lacking. A party fiom Silveiton
and Now Denver are going down to see
the fun.
Join the army of boosters.
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. William
Tliomlinson will learn witb sorrow of
the death of the former's father, which
occurred at the home of his son Nathan
at Peurith, Cumberland, Eng., on tbe
15th inst.     He was in his 84th year.
There will be.a social dance at the
Bosun Hall this Friday night. Commence at 8.130.
Tom Mnivey, Silverton, was admitted
in the Denver hospital yesterday with
a severe case of stomach trouble.
J. Duggan, landscape gardener, is
taking orders for the spring.
Slocan Fruit Lands will be the talk
of the country,
Neil McMillan ia in the hospital with
Silver is 55l_. to-day; London lead
is X15.
A determined caso of attempted
murder occurred in town last Saturday
afternoon. Two young fe'dows quarrel-
over a beautiful girl, so tis suid, and
the rejected lover attacked his favored
rival wilh a stick of cordwood, and
having floored him proceeded to finish
the job. A chinaman came to the
rescue and beat off the assailant with a
Dad   Wellar   is  down   from Sandon*
Be ready ever to'give the glad shout
for Slocan Fruit Lands���none better.
From our Correspondent.
The ladies of tho Catholic Church  intend giving a box social about February
20 th.
Mr. and Mrs. L, J. Edwards entertained a number of tlieir friends on
Monday evening last. It was tho occasion of the 20tli year of their mairied
life. We siucerly trust that they may
both be spared to see many more years
of married bliss.
On Wednesday evening Feb. 6th, the
Dramatic club will meet at the residence of Mrs. Robt. Abbie.
Mr. Wool, mate on the tug Columbia
who lias been BerioilBly.il!, is able~to be
around again.
A commercial club iB about to be organized in town for the purpose of ad
vertising Nakusp as a fruit growing
Mr. D. Craig, formerly section foreman hero, has removed lo Kaslo.
Mr. Chandler and three daughters
have arrived from Winnipeg, and will
settle on a ranch purchased from the
Frontier Fruit Land Co.
L. F. McDougald spent a few days in
Tbe maj >rity of those who. Bigned the
petition fir the renewal of the load
bounty are now kicking themselves.
NjI becauie they have changed in tlieir
views ub to the need of it, but simply
because on Becond thoughts tbey have
" taken a tumble." Who got the
money when the bounty was last distributed ? Who are tbe only purchasers of load oroB in the Dominion ? Who
owns and operates the largest lead
mines in the Dominion, and who will
rako in the greatest percentage of the
bounty ? Who is supplying funds for
Messrs. Pratt and Retallnck to go lobbying at Ottawa ? Whose system transports your ore te the only lead smelter
in Canada ? Answer those questions
yourself, and we shall be greatly surprised if you- do not feel liko kicking
yourself too, that ia, if you Bigned the
petition. It is a pretty little game
played swift.
But tho bounty is not yoi I Two and
a half million dollars wob the Eum appropriated for a lead bounty last time,
and by reason of a eliding scale based
on current market priceB, only t.000,000
of the amount appropriated was distributed, andG. O. Buchanan's books will
bIiow what company raked in .800,000
of that. Small wonder that a lead
bounty is needed in their business.
We wish again to emphasise sb strongly as possible tho contention, THAT A
Now watch Bill Galliher introduce
the bill for the renewal of the lead
bounty.   The reasons are obvious.
Don't fool youisclf, Mr. Ore Shipper
that you benefitted by the lead bounty.
Turn to your books and watch closely.
Ou a *.*4.50 freight and treatment rato
for example, note the penalty on
lime, on siliia, on zinc, etc., etc. ; note
also that your expected .4.50 rate has
mounted up to iflO, $12 or .13. Ob, yes,
you get the bounty���in the neck. '    .,
Last Week's Ore Shipments.
Following are the shipments to Trail
smelter for week ending Jan. 25th.
Mine. Tons.
Vancouver, Silverton      42
(milled)     400
Hunset, Bandon	
Eureka-Richmond, Sandon
Bluebird, Sandon	
To N. W. Fessler and B. V. Risdon,
or to any other person lo whom they,
or either of them, may bave transferred their iutefest, or any part thereof, in the ''Transvaal" mineral claim,
situated on Ten-mile creek, in the Slocan City mining division of the West
Kootenay district of the province of
British Columbia, and recorded in the
Mining recorders office at Bloean,   B.C.
Yon, and each of you are hereby notified luat I have expended the sum of
two hundred and five dollars (1*205.00)
in payment in lieu of work and recording fees upon the above named mineral
claim in'order to hold the same under
the provisions of section 24 of the mineral act; and Ihat if within 00 days from
the dato of this notico, j'ou fail or refuse
to contribute your proportion of the
aforesaid expenditure, for tho two
yeais ending tho 1st of August, 1007,
together with all costs of advertising,
your interest in tbo said claim will become vested in the under igned, under
section 4 ot the mineral act, Amendment act, 1000.
Dated at Slocan, B.C, this 30th day j
of January, A.D., 1008. (
It is his'ory that 15 monlns ago the
pretty lakeside city of Slocan was in
the hands ol the sheriff, but it haB
never been placed on record how Sheriff
Tuck with all his complete knowledge
of the duties surrounding a bailiff met
a snag in tho shape of Thos. McNeish,
mayor of Slocan City, and bow be dared
tbo sheriff to remove stick or stone.
The story would take too long to relate
for our purpose, suffice i*t to say tbat
the circumstances that led up to tiie
issuance of the writ to seize the city
wero unique, but the rebuttal was an
eye-opener to the worthy sheriff, and
the enemy retired utterly routed.
At that time the city was in a lothar-
gic condition; mining in tlie immediate
locality was not a prolific source of revenue for tho business men and merchants, and lumbering there was little
or none. With euch a black outlook,
and'staggering from a back-banded
slap in the face just received with the
visit of the sheriff, tho optimists were
sorely taxsd to calm the troubled waters.
Exaggerated reports appeared in the
press, and this to a very great extent,
disturbed the serenity of tha camp, as
many citizenB with but a vague conception of the cause and the remedy sorrowfully departed for fresh  pastures.
But those "city fathers" who had
every confidence in what the future
held for the city, devised ways and
means to heal the breach until the
ominous clouds unfolded and'shew their
silver lining, and all praise to their
efforts win or lose.
At tbe present moment Slocan City
ia in as good financial standing as any
Corporation in the piovince. Iu the
treasury there is *J*1,000 and no immediate liability other tban current working expenses.
The municipality is losing no sleep on
account of its debentures. Mayor McNeish remaiked to our representative
the othor day: "If wo can't pay six
hundred a year we may as well shut
Although several of the well appointed
hotels closed tlieir doors during the wave
of depression which bad never receded
for seven years, tbey have never omitted
to renew their licenses, and this is one
great factor in the staving off of a financial crisis. Again, the city has recently disposed of lots at an insignificant
price, but though in the years to come
they will bo Bold for hundred of dollars
yet it may safely be said that tbe city
sold them for present marketable value.
The spirit of progress is in the air!
Anthony Madden who for many years
has run the Hotel Madden, lately purchased tho hotel building known as the
"Blue Front," and this bas been removed a whole block and it now stands
alongsido bis form* r building. Extensive alterations and decorations are being mado to the interior and exterior.
The Madden houso will shortly boast of
a palatial office, dining chamber and
reading room. Its rooms are being
refurnished lavishly throughout, and
when Spring arrives, the hotel will be
a credit to the town, and a boon to
tourists and commercial mon,
That handsome structure, tbe Arlington Hotel, has once again thrown open
its doors to the public. Frank Griffith,
one of the sturdy pioneers of tbo dislrict
made a stake at tlie Westmoiit, a property which ho has developed alciie for
tho past thirteen years, and be is now
the Boniface of the Arlington. Mr.
Griffith contents himself with making
periodical trips to tho mine to mark
progress and issue orders lo the crew
of men employed. By Mr. Griffith's
solo exertions another rich niinu has
been added to the list, and as he will
always bo a big participator in the profits of the uiino, all will  echo our  wish
those self-same scoffers "always knew
that hill would mako good!" To tbo
victor tbe spoils. It goes without saying that Mi*. Griffith will do a good
business at tbo Arlington. His popularity with the prospectors, minere,
lumbermen, and old-timers assures this.
The Wilson Hotel has recently opened
s cafe, which ia now being conducted
by Mr. and Miss Tarns. It was our
pleastuo lo dine there one day last
week and we can assure our readers
that the chef knows bis business. All
the appointments in tlie dining room
are biand new and the cutleiy etc.,
resplendent ly bright, This wrilo up
is spontaneous, ns we feel we got too
much for thirty-five ccuts, and we w'uh
to reciprocate.
that the sweets of snecess may be taBted
fully. "I will mako a stake on that
hill or leave my bones there," was
Frank's often reiterated reply to the
scoffers who fain Would hrwe him  desist
Bobby Allen haves to-day for Mavk-
insons landing, where he has contracted
to get out logs for Lindsay Bros., tho
Spokane telephone pole exporters.
J. J. Hillman and family havo movod
in from Slocan Junction and have taken
up residence in McGregors house,
Norman Morrison, pedagogue, city
clcik, treasurer, assessor, collector,
���we wero nearly writing village Bah-
by,���has found time in his multifarious
duties to have a spell of "grip." He is
well again and the city is saved.
Mrs. Wm. Hicks left for Winnipeg on
the 32nd lo visit her father who ia dangerously ill.    .
Mrs. Wm. Marks and family visited,
friends at Nelson last_week.
W. F. Sbatford's vacant corner store
ia no more. A preponderance of snow
on the roof hastened tbe inevitable ro-
sult. It is cheaper to build a new store
than Bhovel the snow off roofs in Slocan.
II. Paiker, C.P.R, freight cleik has
Mrs. Leabolt, of North Dtikota, Is
visiting her aunt, Mis. Rae.
A dozen men are working at the Arlington. The diamond drill has not
yet been operated, owing to a flaw in
tlie machinery. An engineer is expected daily to fix it up.
Good progress is being made on the
1,000 foot crosscut at the Ottawa. It ia
reported that R. J. MePhee, who has
been ill for many months, will be in
harness again at the mine in the spring.
The new Council is as follows: Mayor,
Thos. McNeish. Aldermen: Jno. Anderson, Alex Stewart, Geo. Henderson,
A. Madden, Neil Gething and R. I.
Kirkwood. The last two aldermen fill
the vacancies caused by the retirement
of Mesers. H. D. Curtis and Geo. Nichol.
The school trusteea are Jno Aidorson,
A. Madden and H. R. Jorand.
H. R. Jorand has returned from Kas-.
lo, where he has been holding a court
of Revision.
The Oddfellows aro fitting up their
ball in a Blendld way. A stage is to be
erected, witb proscenium, scenery, drop
curtain, and a piano ls to be installed.
Jno. Anderson is takii.g 1 :cai views
for our Bpecial edition.
Tho Patrick Lumber Co. have large
gang's nt the new mill and in tho bush.
���The company recently opened an cilice
in town.
During tho forthcoming year, tho
council will grant money for the building of new sidewalks.
Everybody in this town reads the Review.   A lew pav for it.
[from  realizing his d/eam;  a:.d    now | Mra. A. Carey.       R, fll, SPBNQJ.B
Mrs. Marshall,   a  hard-working old
widow, went into the laundry business;
ou   a   small   scale.   She  bad her sign
painted upon tho shutters of her front
window like this:
No.   1 ''.    :-":
Mrs  Mar shall
La undress
All work Punctually        '' ,
-  / Open at 8 o'clock :
See specimens in this window.
Tbe next morning when she went out
to see  what caused   a large crowd to
wait in front of ber window,  she found
the left haul shutter had  been blowii
back by the wind and tho sign  hardly
read as she meant  it should,  although
it  accounted   for   the presence of the
crowd.���Ex.     _________
THIRTY Days  from date I intend'-j-o
apply   to   the  Board   of Jricwl'sj*
Coinmifsioni-rs of  the Slocftii  Lie-'
ense llistricl for H transfer of mv license
of   Victoria   Hole!,   Sil,.r,.,i,   B.C., to THE  SLOCAN  MINING REVIEW,  SANDON,  B.  C.
I*009w9 W ^9+#+9+0+V+0+W+ I
��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans,"
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and .Sunshine," Etc
Saturday came at last, a balmy September day, when all nature seemed
conspiring to welcome the travelers
for whom so extensive preparations
were making at Aikenside. They were
expected at about six in the afternoon, and just before tbat hour tha
doctor rode up to be in readiness to
meet them. In the dining room the
table was set as Mnddy bad never
seen it set before, making, with ita
silver, its china, nnd cutgloss, a glittering display There was Guy's seat
as   carver,   with   Agnes   at   the   urn,
while Maddy felt sure that the two
plates between Agnes and Guy were
intended Ior Jessie and herself, the
doctor occupying the other side. Jessie
would sit next her mother, which
would leave her near to Guy, where
he could see every movement she
made. Would he think her awkward,
or would he, as sbe hoped, be so
much absorbed with the doctor as not
to notice her? Suppose she should
tlrop her fork, or upset one of those
queer-looking goblets, more like bowls
than anything else? It would be terrible, and Maddy's cheeks tingled at
'the very thought of bucIi a catastrophe. Were they goblets really those
funny colored things, and if they were
not, what were they? Summoning all
her courage, she asked the doctor, her
prime counselor, nnd learned that they
iwere the finger-glasses, of which she
had read, but which she had never
seen before.
"Oh, must I use them?" she asked,
in so evident distress that the doctor
could not forbear a laugh as ho told
her it was not of the slightest consequence whether she used them or not,
"advising her to watch Mrs. Agnes,
who was au fait in all such matters.
' Six o'clock came, but no travelers.
Then an hour went by, and there
came a telegram that the cars had
broken down and would not probably
arrive until late in the night, if indeed they did till morning. Greatly
disappointed, the doctor, after dinner, took his leave, telling the girls
they had better not sit up. Consequently, at a late hour they both re*
tired, Bleeping so soundly as not to
hear the noise outside the house; the
banging of doors, the setting down of
trunks, the tramp of feet, Mrs. Noah's
worda of welcome, one pleasant voice
which responded, and another more
impatient one wliich sounded as if its
owner were tired and crosB.
Agnes and Guy had come. As a
whole, Agnes' season at Saratoga had
been rather disagreeable. Guy, it is
true, had been exceedingly kind. She
had been flattered by brainless fops.
;She had heard herself called "that
beautiful Mrs. Remington," and "that
charming young widow," but no serious attentions had been paid, no
millionaire had asked to be her second husband. If there had, she would
have said yes, for Agnes was not
averse to changing her state of widowhood. She liked the doctor, but if he
,did not propose, and Borne other body
did, she should accept that other
body, of course. This was her intention when she left Aikenside, and
when she came back, it was with the
determination to raise the Biege at
once, and compel tbe doctor to surrender. She knew he was not wealthy
as she could wish, but his family were
the Holbrooks, and as she positively
liked him, she was prepared to waive
the matter of money. In this state of
mind it is not surprising that the
morning of the return home she
should listen with a troubled mind to
Jessie's rather exaggerated account of
the number of times the doctor had
been there, and the nice things he
had said to her and Maddy.
"He had visited tbem ever so much,
staying ever so long. I know Maddy
likes him; I do, anyway," Jessie said,
never dreaming of the passion Bhe
was exciting, jealousy of Maddy,
hatred of Maddy, and a desire to be
revenged on a girl whom Dr. Holbrook visited "ever so much."
What waa she that he should care
for her? A mere nothing���a child,
whom Guy had taken up. Pity tbere
was a Lucy Atherstone in the way of
his making her mistress of Aikenside.
It would be a pretty romance, Guy
Remington and Grandpa Markham's
grandchild. Agnes was nervous and
tired, and this helped to increase ber
anger toward the innocent girl. She
would take immediate measures, she
thought, to put the upstart down, and
.the sight of Flora laying the cloth
lor breakfast suggested to ber the first
step in teaching Maddy her place.
"Flora," she snid, "1 notice you are
arranging the table for four. Huve we
company ?"
"Why, no, ma'nm; there's Mr. Guy,
yourself, Miss Jessie, and Miss
Clyde," was Flora's reply, while -.*���-
pas continued haughtily: "Remove
Miss Clyde's plate. No one allowa
tlieir governe.-s  to  eat  with  them."
"But, ma'am," and Flora hesitated,
"she's very pretty, and ladylike, and
young; she has always eaten with
MiBs Jessie and Dr. Holbrook when
he was here. He treats her aa if she
was good as anybody."
In her eagerness to serve Maddy
and save her from insult. Flora was
growing bold, but she only hurt the
cause by mentioning the doctor. Ag-
ineti was determined now, and she re-
"It was quite right when we were
gone, but it is different now, and Mr.
Remington, I am sure, will not suffer
"Might I ask him?" Flora persiat-
,ed, her hand still on the plate.
"No," Agnes would attend to that,
And also Bee Miss Clyde. All Flora
lhad to do wns to remove the plate
which she finally did, muttering to
herself: "Such airs! but I know Mr.
Guy won't stand it."
. Meantime Maddy had put on her
prettiest delaine, tied her little dainty
black Bilk apron, Mra. Noah'a gift, and
'.with the feeling that she was looking
unusually well, started for the parlor
ito meet her employer, Mrs. Agnes.
[Jessie had gone in quest of her bro-
���ther, and thus Agnes was alone when
IMaddy Clyde first presented hersell
'before her. She bnd not expected to
;find Maddy so pretty, and for a moment the hot blood crimsoned her
eheek, while ber heart throbbed wildly beneath the rich morning dress.
Dr. Holbrook had cause for being at-
traded by th^t. fresh, bri_*__.Jae__-sh,e
ir******-*-*rnr, a*��� -*-o ane r*".erea* "Herself
against the better impulses of her nature, impulses which pleaded that for
the sake of the past she should be
kind to Maddy Clyde.
"Ah, good-morning. You are JesBie's
governess, I presume," she aaid, bowing distantly, and pretending not to
notice the hand which Maddy involuntarily extended toward her. "Jessie
speaks well of you, and I am very
glad you suit her. Yon have had a
pleasant time, I trust?"
Her voice was so cold and her manner so distant that Maddy's eyes for
an instant filled with tears, but 8he
answered civilly that she had been
very happy, and everybody wns very
kind. It was hsrder work to put down
Maddy Clyde than Agnes had expected, and after a little further conversation there ensued a silence, which
neither waa inclined to break. At last,
summoning all her courage, Agnes begun:
"Excuse me, Miss Clyde, but your
own good sense, of which I am sura
you have an abundance, muat tell you
thnt now Mr. Remington and myself
nre at home, your intercourse with our
family must be rather limited���that is
1 ���ahem���that is, neither Mr. Remington nor myself are accustomed to having our governess very much with us.
I suppose you have had the range of
tbe parlors, sitting there when you
liked, and all this was perfectly proper. Mind. I am finding no fault with
you. It is all quite right," she continued, as she saw the strange rook
of terror and surprise visible on Maddy's face. "The past is right, but in
future it will be a little different. I
nm willing to accord to a governess
all the privileges possible". They are
human as well as myself, but society
makes a difference. Don't you know it
"Yes���no���I don't know. Oh, pray
tell me what I am to do!" Maddy
gasped, her face as white as ashes,
and her eyes wearing as yet only a
scared, uncertain  look.
With little, graceful tosses of the
head, which set in motion every one
of the brown curls, Mrs. Agnes replied :
"You are not, of course, to go to
Mr. Remington. It is my mutter, and
does not concern bim. What I wish ia
this: You are to come to the parlor
only when invited, and are not to intrude upon ns at any time, particularly when company is here, such as-
well, such as Dr. Holbrook, if you
please. As you cannot be with Jessie
oil the while, you will, when your
labors as governess are over, sit in
your own room, or the schoolroom,
or walk in th<- back yard, just as the
higher servants do���such as Mrs.
Noah and the sowing girl, Sarah. Occasionally we shall have you in to
dine with us, but usually you will
take your meals with Mrs. Noah and
Sarah. By following these directions
you will, I think, give entire satisfaction."
When Mrs. Agnes had finished this,
Maddy began to understand her position, and into her white face the hot
blood poured indignantly. Wholly inexperienced, she hnd never dreamed
that n governess was not worthy to
sit at the same table with her employer, that she must never enter the
parlors unbidden, or intrude herself
in any way. No wonder that ber
cheeks burned at the degradation, or
that, for an instant, she felt like defying the proud woman to her face. But
the angry words trembling on her
tongue were repressed as she remembered her grandfather's teachings;
and with a bow as haughty as any
Mrs. Agnes could have made, and a
look on her face which could not
easily be forgotten, she left the room,
and in a kind of stunned bewilderment sought the garden, where she
could, unseen, give way to her feelings.
Once alone, the torrent burst forth,
and burying her face in the soft grass,
she wept bitterly, never hearing the
step coming near, and not at first
heeding the voice which asked what
was the matter. Guy Remington, too,
had come out into the garden, acci-
dently wandering that way, and ao
stumbling upon tbe little figure crying in the grass. He knew it was Maddy, and greatly surprised to find her
thus, asked what was the matter.
Then, us she did not hear him, lie
laid his hand gently upon her shoulder, compelling ber to look up. In all
her imaginings of Guy, she had never
associated him with the man who
bad so puzzled and confused her, and
now she did not for a time suspect
the truth. She only thought him a
guest at Aikenside; someone come
with Guy, and her degradation seemed greater than before. She was not
aurprised when he called her by
name; of course I * remembered her,
just us she did hint; but she did wonder a little wbat Mra. Agnes would
say, could she know how kindly he
spoke to ber, lifting her from the
grass and leading her to a rustic seat
at  no great distance from them.
"Now, tell me why you are crying
so?" he said, brushing Trom her silk
apron the spot of dirt which had settled upon it. "Are you homesick?" he
continued, and Maddy burBt out
She forgot that he was a stranger,
forgot everything except that he sympathized with her.
"Oh, air, I was so happy here till
they came home, Mrs. Remington and
Mr. Guy. I never thought it was a
disgrace to be a governess; never
heard it was so considered, or that I
was not good enough to eat with
them, till she told me this. Oh, dear,
dear!" and choked with tears Maddy
stopped a moment to take breath.
She did not look up at the young
man beside her, and it was well she
did not, for the dark expression of his
face would have frightened her. Half
guessing the truth, and impatient to
hoar more, he snid to her:
"Go on," so sternly, thnt she started, and replied:
"I know you are angry with me and
I ought not to hnve told you."
"I am not nngry���not at you, at
least���go on," was Guy's reply, and
Maddy continued:
"She told me now they had come
home it would be different, that only
when invited must I come to the parlor, or anywhere, but must stay in
the servants' part, and eat with Mrs.
Noah and Sarah. I'd just aa Boon do
that. I am no better than they, only,
only���the_ wa;___8he told _ne__r*a<___ me
.rtisn,���-���*.*���!.: r i ��__n*it anyCoo*y,
when I am," .M.nr! here Maddy's pride
began to rise. "I'm just as pood as
she. if grandpa is poo-, ind I won'1
stay here to be t-eated Litre a ni?ger
by her and Mr. Guy. I liked bim so
much, too, because he was kind to
erandna and to me when I was sick.
Yes, I did like him so."
"And how is it now?" Guy asked,
wondering who in the world she
thought he was. "How is it now?"
"I s'pose it's wicked to feel such
things on Sunday,.but, somehow, what
she said keeps making me so bad that
I know I hate her, and I guess I hi.te
Mr. Guy!"
This was Maddy's answer, spoken
deliberately, while she looked up at
'he young man, who, with u comical
���>.pression abcut his mouth, replied:
"I am Mr. Guy."
"You, you! Oh, I can't bear it! I
a ill die!" and Maddy sprang up aa
Illicitly as if feeling an electric
But Guy's arm was interposed to
������top her, nnd Guy's arm held her
back, while be asked her where she
was going.
"Anywhere out of sight where you
inn never see me again," Muddy sobbed vehemently "It is bad enough to
have you think me a fool, us you
tnust; but now, oh, whut do you
think of me?"
"Nothing bad, I nssure you," Guy
said, still holding her wrist to keep
her there. "I supposed you knew who
I was, but as you did not, I forgive
you for hating nie so cordinlly. If you
thought I sanctioned what Mrs. Remington bus snid to you, you bud cause
to dislike me, but, Miss Clyde, I do
not, and this is the first intimation 1
have hnd Hint you were to be treated
other tbun as n lndy. I am muster of
Aikenside, not Mrs., Agnes, who shall
he mnde to understand it."
"Oh, please don't quarrel about me.
Let me go home, and then all will be
well," Maddy cried, feeling, at that
moment, more nverse to leaving Aikenside than she could huve thought it
"We shall not quarrel; but I shall
have my way; meanwhile go to your
room and stay there until told that 1
have sent for you."
They went to the house together,
but separated in the hall; Maddy repairing to her room, while Guy sought
Mrs. Agnes. The moment she saw his
face she knew a storm was coming,
but was not prepared for the biting
sarcnsm and bitter reproaches heaped upon her by one who, when roused, was a perfect hurricane.
Maybe she hud forgotten whnt she
was when his father married her, he
said, but he had not, and he remembered well the wonder expressed by
many that his father should stoop to
marry a poor school-teacher. "Yes,
that's what you were madam, much
as you despise Maddy Clyde for being a governess; you were one once
yourself, and before that time mercy
knows what you were���a hired girl,
perhups���your present airs would
seem to warrant as much I"
Guy was in n sad passion by this
time, and failed to note the effect his
lust words had on Agnes, who turned
livid with rage and terror, but smothering her wrath, said beseechingly:
"Pray, Guy, do not be angry; I
know I am foolish about some things,
and proud people who 'come up,' as
you say, always are, I guess. I know
that marrying your father made me
what I am, but everybody does not
know it, and it is not necessary tbey
should. I don't remember exactly
what I did say to this Clyde girl, but
I thought it would be pleasanter for
you, pleasanter for us all, not to have
her always around; it seems ahe has
presided at the table when Dr. Holbrook was here to tea, and even you
can't think that quite right."
"I don't know why," and at mention of Dr. Holbrook Guy's temper
burst out again. "Agnes, you can't deceive me; I know the secret of your
abominable treatment of Maddy is
"Guy���jealous, I jealous of that
child?" And Agnes' voice was expressive of the utmost consternation.
"Yes, jealous of that child; you
think thnt because the doctor has
been kind to her, perhaps he wants
her some time for his wife. I hope he
does; I mean to help it on; I'll tall
him to have her, and if he don't I'll
almost marry her myBelf I" and Guy
paced up and down the parlor, chafing
and foaming like a young lion.
Agnes was conquered and quite as
much bewildered as Maddy had been;
she heard only in part how Mnddy
Clyde waa henceforth to be treated.
"Yea, yes," she gasped at last, as
Guy talked on, "stop now for mercy's
sake, and I'll do anything, only not
this morning, my head aches so I cannot go to the breakfast table; I must
be excused," and holding her temples,
which were throbbing with pain induced by strong excitement, Agnes
hurried to her own room and threw
herself upon the bed, angry, mortified,
(To be Continued.)
The North-Western Line again announce their annual excursions to
Eastern Canada. Rate of $40 for the
round trip to points in Ontario and
Quebec, as far east as Montreal, will
be in effect daily during December,
and tickets will be good for return
three months from date of sale, with
provision for extension at Bmall additional coat. If travelling EaBt be
sure and specify The North-Western
Line when purchasing your ticket, as
this will ensure you best service and
quickest time. Full information on
application to Geo. A. Lee, General
Agent, 215 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg,
A Tempting Chance.
Jones���That young man who play*,
the cornet ls 111. Green���Do you think
he will recover? Jones���I am afraid
not The doctor who Is attending hlm
lives next door.���London Tit-Bits.
Both  Better Off.
"Don't grieve; your husband is bet
ter off."
"So am I," responded the yonng wld
ow; "he carried $25,000 life Insurance.'
The world Is too small for the covet
ius. ���Latin Proverb.
Wanted His Money's Worth.
"Have you any choice as to the wedding march?" asked the church organist     '
"The wedding march?" echoed the
father of the bride.
"Yes; the march that Is played when
the bridal procession moves down the
aisle. Which one would you prefer���
Mendelssohn's or the march from
'Lohengrin ?'"
"Any difference in the expense?**
"Oh, no!"
"Then play tbe one that's the long- I
eat-" ._
The   Question   of   Finances   Overshadowed  by Another of Greater
"Yourself and your wife and your
check book should be a committee on
finance that meets monthly with closed doors," is good advice in the interests of domestic harmony and success.. But if any one member of tbis
committee be permanently absent,
what then? If would be bad if tbe
third member were absent, but much
worse if either of the former. Read
the following little story of how one
member nlmost lost bis place on thut
committee, und how, after u grent
.struggle, be finally maintained it:
"It is twelve years since Psychine
cured me of galloping consumption,
I caught cold working us u fireman
on tbe C.P.R. The doctors suid there
on tbe C.P.R. The doctors suid there
wns no hope for me. I hnd night
sweats, chills und fever, and frequently coughed up pieces of my lungs.
f wns fnst sinking away. Was aid-
vised by Mrs. Stewart, u neighbor,
to try Psychine, und two months'
treatment put me right on my feet
ngnin. Have hud no return of lung
trouble since. Psychine saved me.
To-day I work on my farm near here.
I nm six feet tall nnd weigh over 175
lbs. Use my testimonial nnd photo
if vmi desire,
"Miigiiettnwun,   Mny   21st."
Psychine, pronounced Si-Keen, does
more thnn bus ever been claimed for
it. Coughs, colds, bronchitis, oatarrh,
pneumonia nnd all throat, lung und
stomach troubles yield quickly to its
curative power. At nil druggists, 5l)e
and $1, or Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited,
17!l King street west. Toronto.
Nearly Extinct
The true Newfoundland dogs nre
now almost extinct on the island,
Thousands of them were exported to
the Klondike, nnd those thnt remain
are in deep disfavor, owing to tlieir
ferocity and their ineradicable propensity for sheep killing. Savageness
ia foreign to our conception of the
Newfoundland dog, but n stranger
entering n village of the interior
where these dogs ure still kept would
unquestionably be torn to pieces,
nnd since sheep raising has begun to
figure among the industries of the
island the dogs nre being killed off.
���Pittsburg  Dispatch.
That is What Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
Do���That   Is Why They Cure
So  Many Diseases
When persons have not enough
blood, or when their blood is weak
and watery, the doctors name the
trouble anaemia, BloodlessneBB is the
direct cause of many common diseases, such as indigestion, palpitation
of the heart, debility, decline, neuralgia, nervousness, rheumatism unci
consumption. The swrest signs of
poor blood are paleness, bluish lips,
cold hands und feet, general weakness,
low spirits and headaches and backaches. If anaemia is not checked in
time it will probably develop into
consumption. There is one certain
cure for anaemia���Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. These pills actually muke new,
rich, red blood, which fills tbe veins
and brings new life, new energy, nnd
good health to bloodless people. In
proof of this Miss Mnbel Clendenning
Niagara Fulls, Out., says: "For two
years I suffered from anaemia. I wns
weak, thin, nnd bnd no appetite; I
sometimes hnd distressing henduches
and felt low-spirited, My heart would
palpitate violently; I "could do no
work nronnd the bouse; I became
very pnle and my nerves got unstrung
The efforts of two good doctors failed
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state. One dny a friend urged me to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pjlls nnd I did
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nine boxes I was completely cured
I hnd a good appetite, gained in
weight, I hadn't an ache or pain,
could sleep well, und I am in better
health now than I ever wus. I enn*
not speak too highly of what Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills bave done for me
Whnt Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
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you. But you must get the genuine
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Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville
Every wife conceals something
from her husbund���nnd sbe alwnys
will until n new kind of pocket for
women is invented.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
A Skowhegan Nature Yarn.
Here ls a nature story from Skowhegan which will bear investigation:
"Mrs. Henry Harris broke a common
hen's egg tn a bowl the other morning,
ln so doing she noticed another little
egg in the bowl wltb a shell on It,
which proved to be a sparrow's egg.
Mrs. Harris called Mr. Harris to explain whut this strange discovery
meant Mr. Harris took the spur-
row's egg and broke It. Inside the
shell he found a little sparrow alive.
Mr. Harris solved tbe problem. The
ben had swallowed the sparrow's egg
whole, and In forming the shell about
her own egg the little egg had got within and the warmth of the hen had
been the required aid to hatch the little sparrow. Tbe sparrow, though not
grown quite enough to hatch, le alive."
Kennebec Journal. .   .
W.    N.   U.   No.
Condemned     For     Inefficiency     and
HampereJ   in  Their  Work
By   Legislation
(Montreal  Gaze'te)
Tlie   railways   are    undergoing    in
somewhat aggravated  form  their  annual condemnation because the temporary  demand  for cars  is    greater
than   their  equipment  enable.3   them
to meet.    The  situation is  not new,
nor  is  unything  notably  new   being
said ubout it.    It extends to the United States and to the best equipped
roads there    as well ns    to roads in
Canada.    It wus only a few days ngo
that   lines   between   New   York   and
Buffalo hud to announce they  could
muke no more contracts for the car-
riuge  of grain  over their  trucks  till
those they were engaged on bud been
fulfilled.    In both countries there is,
however,  a disposition  to  tuke  hold
of minor incidents, to niugnify them,
to  represent  tbem  as  indicating  the
general   situation,   und   to   hold    the
railways up to condemnation us being
inefficiently equipped und inefficiently managed by men who have no regard  either  for  those  who  stand  to
the road in the relation of customers
or  for  tbe  general  interest    of    the
country,    To answer such    extreme
tnlk   it should  only  be  necessary  to
point to the work the railways hnve
done and are doing, to the immense
traffic tbey carry at about the lowest
rates prevailing in the world nnd to
their constant expenditures, not alone
on new rolling stock, but on terminals,   warehouses,  and  all  that  is  requisite  to  the  effective    nnd    ehenp
transport   of  passengers  nnd   freight.
In the case of the two lending Canadian  railways, the Grand Trunk nnd
Canadian Pacific, there was an addition to the rolling stock between Julv
11)06,  and July,  1907, of 8,880 freight
curs.     This   represented   an   increase
in  car equipment much  beyond  the
Increase   in   mileage  of    tlie    roads.
Most of it wns designated to meet the
requirements of the increasing traffic
that wus expected.   The records show
the   roads  are   currying  more   traffic
thnn  they  ever  did   before,    though
their profit is not proportionately increasing,    If  in  spite of this  expenditure   nnd   this   increased   business,
there are at times and places delnys
in  the supply  of  curs,  it is  for  the
well understood reason that it is not
commercially   prncticuble   to   keep   a
railway equipped with sufficient rolling stock to meet ut once the maximum demand of the season of greatest
traffic,   particularly  when,    as   often
happens, the movement of the freight
offered   is   largely   in   one   direction.
This  is   recognized   by  nil   who  give
study  to the  question,  und   by  ruil-
wny   commissioners,  amongst  others,
when  they  are  composed  of men  of
practical knowledge and with a sense
of  responsibility  resting  upon  them.
Railways may  not be  expected    to
perform   either  physical   or  commercial   impossibilities.    In  this  connection, also, it may be pointed out thut
while  railways on this continent are
being   condemned   for   not   providing
greater means  for doing  their work,
tbey are nt the same time being hampered by legislation and legal orders,
sometimes to"the extent of reducing
their credit.    No one can  or should
condemn the  law Hint  requires  railways to treat nil who come to them
with business on tbe same footing as
regards   rates,   promptness   and   efficiency of service, etc.    When, on the
plea of seiving the public,  however,
attempts   are   made   to   reduce   their
rates   below  a  reasonable   remunerative standard, barm is done, not only to those who have invested money
in  building rnilwnys, trusting in the
public   faith   to   be   able   to   operate
them  under fnir business conditions,
but  nlso io  the  communities  which
the railways serve.
Oomplloated Cases Which  Led to the Disc2very oi
That Great Medicine
In hia study of kidney diaease, Dr.
Chase found that fully 90 per cent, of
the eases nrose us a direct result of
liver nnd bowel disorders, und it wus
working on this iden thut led to the
discovery of Dr. Chnse's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Through overeating, rrTegular meals
or food that does not agree, the liver
is deranged, poisonous bile is left in
the blood, und the digestive system
is upset. Henduches, biliousness,
pains in buck und limbs, ill temper,
and general out-of-sort feelings result.
These ure among the symptoms of
liver complaint, but during such ut-
tucks the kidneys are overworked and
after a while there is pain and smarting when passing water, the urine
is highly colored and contains deposits, the pains iu the buck become
more severe, you hnve rheumatic
pains it may be, nnd nre gradually
lulling u victim of Bright's disease
of the kidneys.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
were prepared for the express purpose of effecting cure in every stage
of such cases. Tbey enliven the liver,
regulate the action of the bowels und
invigorate   the   kidneys.
In this regard tbey nre entirely different to uny treatment you ever used
and  nre  successful    in    complicated
cases in wliich ordinary kidney medicines have little or no effect. There
are people in every neighborhood in
Canada rendy to certify to this
Mrs. A. R. Price, Nose Creek, Calgary,  Alta.,  writes:���
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"I advised him to try Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, thinking be wns
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bis eyesight entirely returned und
he felt quite well ngnin. We would
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bouse und I cannot spenk too highly
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Dr. Chnse's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill u dose, 25 cents u box, at ull dealers, or Edmonson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
Can Such Things Be?
Creditor (furious, to servant)���Kiieh
time 1 come with my bill you tell me
your master is in his buth. Does he
have a bath every week, then ?���
Meggendorfer  Blaetter.
Sometimes a man does it becuuse
he knows it is nil right to bring an
unexpected guest home to dinner,
but mostly it is just a bluff.
Soooner  or  Later
Miffkins���It is suid thnt aggressive
impulsive people Usually huve black
Biffkins ��� That's right. If they
haven't got tbem ut first tbey get
tbem Inter.���Chicago News.
"Yes," admitted a heartless legislator, "I accompanied the deputation
us desired, and found the conditions
uxisting in tbe slums deplorable���
simply deplorable."
"They are, my dear sir," snid the
expectant missionary; "und what do
you���er���propose to do about these
deplorable conditions!'"
"Deplore tbem, my friend,���deplore them!" wus the calm rejoindei.
"How's your temperature, old
inun?" usked the stockbroker's partner.
"Fine for active speculation," answered tbe invalid. "It went to 104
five times yesterday, each time dropping buck to pur."���Puck.
"Mistall Walkah, whnt inu de dif-
i ftinee 'tween money and a inun?"
"I can't answer thnt one, George.
What is the difference between money
und n  ninii?"
"When de money am locked up it
gits tight, an' when u mnn gits tight
I he nm locked up."���Chicago Tribune.
Some  of the  Marvelous  Feats It Has
By a marvelous piece of surgery
Hiss Dot Stephens of London music
kail fume will be able to appear on the
Itage again In spite of the fact that ln
October last she hud both her feet cut
��ff through falling out of a train. At
l cost of $1,000 she has been fitted
with a pair of artificial feet which are
���ot only so wonderfully made as to
entirely escape detection, but which
tnable Miss Stephens to walk a couple
��f miles without fatigue and without
the aid of a stick.
This remarkable surgical feat retails the frequent remark, "Everything
Is possible In surgery nowadays."
A prisoner had severed his windpipe
with a razor. Thanks, however, to a
remarkable piece of surgery on the
hart of two doctors, the wound was
Itltched up and the man's life saved.
Even this astounding feat, however,
Bas been surpassed. Two years ago a
tailor was stabbed through tbe heart
while quarreling over a game of cards.
He arrived at the hospital ln a state of
collapse, and tbe doctors decided that
the only chance of sowing his life was
to stitch up tbe wound ln the heart
The chest had to be opened, three ribs
cut and part of the breastbone removed before the vital organ could be
reached, after which three stitcbea
were put ln the heart Artificial respiration was then resorted to, and two
months later the tailor was discharged
from the hospital as cured, althongh
he was obliged to wear a shield of
black leather and aluminium over his
thest to prevent any injury to the
���round. ���
Apart, however, from the fact of
Hitching up wounded hearts. It will
probably astonish many people to learn
that it la by no means a rare occurrence for surgeons to make hearts beat
���gain after they have apparently stopped. An operation for cancer was being performed, and under the influence
��f the anaesthetic the putient's heart
luddenly ceased to beat In un Instant
the surgeon's hand was thrust Inside
the body, and he commenced plncbiug
the heart, which began to beat again,
thus saving the patient's life.
Quite recently ut a meeting held at
Baltimore a surgeon explained how he
{rafted a girl's little finger on ber face
where ber nose should have been and
then amputated it The patient ls now
I very presentable looking child.���8t
Louis Post-DlBpnti'h.	
The Close One.
"He's almost as wealthy as you are.
Isn't he?" asked ,llgley.
"Yes," replied IMchley, "but he's awfully tight chested."
"Why. he suld he'd give $50 to that
charity if you would."
"Exactly. That Just shows that he
doesn't expect to contribute at all."���
Philadelphia Press. ______ . '2 "
QUIT ril-PQ the quicke8t PITDIT
OOlLAJrl D cough & cold vUKL
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Signals of Distress'
Backache and headache���
swollen hands and feet���
-constant desire to urinate���
shooting pains through hips
���painful j ints���Rheumatism��� all of these are
nature's calls for help. They
mean kidney trouble. It
may be that the kidneys are
���weak, strained or diseased.
Don't* delay.
They g'vi stitngth to weak kidney*
���hc-l the affectea {/arts���neutralize
uric acid���soothe the irritated bladder
��� and cure every trace of kidney
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Sent on receipt of price if your dealer
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160 Cars  Required  Now to  Do  Work
Formerly Accomplishei With
One  Hundred
(From the Free Press)
The practical working under present
conditions of the clauses of the Manitoba grain act regulating the distribution of cars was frankly discussed with a Free Press representative by William Wliyte, second vice-
president of the C.P.R. Mr. Wliyte
claimed that abuses of the act were
seriously hampering the railway in its
efforts to move the crop expeditiously, and were, in reality, defeating
the main purposes of the law.
"The great Veakness of tlie Manitoba grain net," said Mr. Whyte "is
that its trainers had evidently been
so strongly seized with the idea of
protecting tlie grain growers against
tbe railway companies and the elevator operators, thnt tbey evidently
overlooked the rights of tbe hitter to
be protected ngiiinst the abuse of privileges bv tbe grain growers. In an.
event it is certain that no adequate
provision was mnde which would give
the railway companies such protection, and as the yenrs go by tbe original spirit of tbe act, which wns intended to be simply n chock on tbe
elevator operators, is being more and
more abused by those it was designed to protect. From yenr to year the
fnrmer hns discovered new weak spots
in its provisions of which be may
tnke advantage with impunity to hla
own individual advantage, no doubt,
but with equal certainty to tin* dia-
advantage ol the farming community
ns  ii  whole.
Delay to  Equipment
"This season these abuses hnve
cu'miiiated in such a serious delay
to railway equipment that its evil
effects nre apparent to all, so much so
thnt nt one or two points tlie citizens
and farmers have combined in re-
qiiestiiitr the warehouse commissioner,
if poRsible, to suspend the grain act
temporarily to allow elevators to get
a larger percentage of the cars, so
that they may be enabled to get
their grain out more promptly.
"When it is pointed out that during the senson of 1905 the Canadian
Pacific wns able to get 82 per cent,
of the cars available at grain stations
loaded per day, for the season of 1906
this had dropped to 63 per cent., and
that this season we will average under 50 per cent, of avnilable cars
londed per day, the evil is apparent-.
In other words, it is evident from the
above figures that it is taking, this
season, 160 cars to get the snme result that 100 accomplished two years
ago. This downward tendency can
be ascribed to no other cause than
to the working of the net.
"Innumerable- examples of the
gross abuse of the net, or more properly speaking, of tbe working of the
act, for it provides no restrictions
that will prevent these abuses, might
be given, two or three examples will
serve to illustrate, however.
Flood  of  Bogus Orders
"At one town in Saskatchewan,"
continued Mr. Wliyte, "something
over 800 applications had been made
for cars. It was known by all thnt a
large percentage of the names were
fictitious, in fact, it whs common
talk that the order book contained
lhe names of most of the school children in the distiict. The agent, in
conformity with the grain uct, was
compelled to wade through tbis sen
of nnmes, getting a proportion of the
cars loaded, but in many eases placing the cars uselessly, only to cancel
the order after the car had been held
tlie required length of time. Every
such case, needless to say, costs tbe
railway company money. The situation finally became so acute that the
warehouse commissioner was asked
to investigate the matter by one or
two bona fide applicants. He did so
and many of the nnmes which had
been used to 'pad' the order book
were cancelled. No prosecution followed, however, as the practice was
so widespread it would have involved
the whole community. In fact, it
seemed to be the feeling that if the
case had to come before a jury at
that point there would not be found
enough men themselves innocent of
the practice to try tbe case.
A   Dishonest   Practice
"At another point within the last
few dnys a car was allotted and placed at the loading platform, The applicant on being advised in tbe" usual
way that the car hnd been placed for
him, threw one sack of grain into the
car, thus complying with that clause
of the act which requires that applicant must declare his intention and
ability to load his car and must commence to load within 24 hours. The
placing of the sack of grain in the
car applicant claimed was 'commencing to load.' The car wus not completed until six days later. The above
is a common practice and many instances could be cited.
"The grain producing area west of
Winnipeg is covered by four superintendents' districts. A check made
within tbe last few days of one of
these districts only, showed that on
one day's reports a total of twenty-
two cars had been delayed in loading
from two to six dnys. When it is considered that the suine tiling is happening daily on each of the other four
districts, the delay to n railway company's rolling stock from this source
must be appreciated.
"Again when the farmer has cut
his crop," continued Mr. Wliyte, "he
figures tbat lie will probably start to
thresh at a certain date and he im-
Have One
No sense in running from one
doctor to another. Select the
best one, then stand by him.
Do not delay, but consult him
In time when you are sick.
Ask his o p i n i o n of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral for coughs
and colds. Then use it or
not, just as he says.
W�� yuMUk our formula!
-     ^YW-aUta nltohfll
/_   from MrMMltfiMi
Wo art* you te
a ana-alt ye*f
mediately goes to the railway station
ind puts down his name for a car
.'or this date. He may not thresh for
veeks, in tlie meantime, however, he
vill probably go to the railway sta-
ion, find that the car has been al-
.otted to him and after being held for
:he required iength of time, his ap-
jlication cancelled. He immediately
mts down his name for another car.
���.his) periorinance may be legally repeated an indefinite number of times
ind the railway company has nbso-
.utely no redress. There are cases on
ecord where one car hns been thus
olaced and cancelled for different applicants ten nnd twelve times.
Has Not Attained Object
"Probably tbe most regrettable tenure of tbe whole thing is that the
jinin act does not effect the main
impose for wliich it wns brought
nto existence, tbat is to protect the
(inner by giving him the alternative
>f shipping his own grain direct in
���ni">s where it might be considered
.he elevator operators were making
in unreasonable spread between street
md truck prices. The restrictions of
'.be Grain act, which put an elevator
in the snme footing as the individual
.urnier, compels the elevator com-
innies to make the spread more pro-
lounced, and where in former years
jefore the net came into force there
vas very little difference between
'rack and street prices until tbe close
>f navigation wns approaching, now
he spread is a permanent feature,
is the elevator companies bnve no
���uarantee thnt tbey will be able to
ret out their first week's receipts be-
ore tbe close of navigation. The
bona-flde farmer, on the other harm,
hiding the order book plugged with
in ii it's nnd bis chances of getting a
���ar in the Immediate future very
dim,   nnd   being   pressed   for   rendy
iash to pny bis threshing bill, help,
���Ic, is iii many cases compelled to
tell bis grain to the elevators, anil is
���(impelled to tnke n greatly reduced
nice bv renson of conditions which
the working out of the drain net has
The Solution
"ft is becoming more nnd more
'vident that the solution ol the situation will lie along tbe lines of more
'Omplete government control nnd regulation of elevntor operations, a
'estricted privilege of direct loading
where tbe spread in prices exceeds
t certain ninrk, nnd where direct
loading is resorted to some guarantee obtained from the applicants that
they will not abuse the privilege.
Tbis latter object is to be aeoomp'ish-
id bv having each applicant deposit
<ay two dollnrs with the ngent nt the
time of nnplicntion, snid sum to be
refunded if ear is londed when allotted, or application cancelled previous
to nrriviil of the ear."
A splendid opportunity is being afforded those wishing to take, a trip to
the Const cities during the winter
months. A reduced rate of single
fare, plus ,*.2.00, for the round trip, is
being offered by the Canadian Pacific railway company. Round trip
tickets mny be purchased from all
stations in Ontario west of Port Arthur, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and
Albertn, to Vancouver, Victoria and
Westminster, also to Okanagan Val-
lev nnd Kootenav points. Tickets on
sale December 2,' 3. 4, 17, 18, 19, 1907.
January 4, 5, 6, 22, 23, and 24, good to
return within three months. Full
information can be hnd by applying
to any  C.P.R.  agent.
��� The Explanation
Ansel Oppeiiheini, vice-president of
the Chicago and Great Western Railroad Company, was at the Waldorf-
Astoria last night. He knows all sorts
and conditions of politicians, local,
state and national. He said that he
bad asked a great many of his friends
in financial and political life for an
explanation as to why the words "In
God We Trust" had been left off the
ten dollar gold pieces.
"Wbat  answers  did  you  get?"
"Most of the folks said thnt Teddy
was evidently jealous," replied Mr.
Oppenheim.���Rochester Herald.
Some people build very pretty
homes where they may rest their bodies, with never a chance therein to
rest their hearts.
Often what appear to be the most
trivial occurrences of life prove to be
the most mementous. Many are disposed to regard a cold as a slight
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Consumptive Syrup, the recognized
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The best way to manage a woman
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spraiDB, sore and swollen throat, coughs,
eto. Save .50 by use of one bottle. Warranted the moBt wonderful Blemish Oure
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MUouaness, iadigestion, sick headache.
How many year* hss your doctor known
these pills ? Ask him all about them.
in sritiTr***-* - earno* *���" ****���
A bald head may be bard, but many
a man bus it to hare.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
orrncinfl Disappearances.
Some people scoff at tbe notion that
other folks actually disappear. Tbey
read newspaper stories to tbat effect as
a study la Action. But tbere are serious facts that prove these disappearances do occur. Here Is tlie advertisement of tbe Manhattan company, a
well known bank ot New York city.
This advertisement, published under requirement of tlie law, shows thut one
woman, residence unknown, has owner
one share of the company's stock sine*
1825 and tbat 142 dividends are due to
her. Another woman bas owned two
shares since 18IMJ aud lias eighty-two
dividends due her. One man bas held
two shares since 1853 and anotbei sixteen shares since 1833. This last bas
over $3,4*00 due to bim. Tbe bank can
not find any of these people, whose
claims run from $300 to $3,000. That
Indicates a genuine disappearance. -
Ilartford Cournnt.
This Town    Also   Has   Its Share    of
Dread Disease Which  Is Said
To Yield to Home  Recipe
To relieve the* worst forms of Rheumatism, take a teaspoonful of the
following mixture after each meal and
at bedtime:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kargou, one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three
These harmless ingredients can be
obtained from our home druggists,
and are easily mixed by shaking them
well in a bottle. Relief is generally
felt from the first few doses.
This prescription, states a well-
known authority in n Toronto morning paper, forces the clogged-up, inactive kidneys to filter and strain
from the blood the poisonous waste
matter nnd ur'c acid, which causes
As Rheumatism is not only tbe most
painful and torturous disease, but
dangerous to life, this simple recipe
will no doubt be great'y valued by
many sufferers here at home, who
mould at once prepare tbe mixture
to get  this  relief.
It is said tbat a person who
would take this prescription regular-
'v, a dose or two daily, or even a
few times a week, would never have
serious Kidney or Urinary disorders
or  Rheumatism.
Out this out ami preserve it, Good
Rheumatism prescriptions which really relieve are source indeed, and when
vou need it, you want it badly. Our
druggists here sav tbey will eitht-r
supply these Ingredients or make the
���Mixture ready to tnke, if nny of our
���viiders so prefer,
A new school has been started in
Chicago, It professes to tench women bow to get off street cars the
right way.
If China is ns hard to awaken as a
smnll boy I know, it will be some
time before America need worry
nbout it.
There Ts Only One .'.electric Oil.���
When un article, be it medicine or
anything else, becomes popular, imitations invariably spring up to derive
advantages from the original, wliich
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their own merits. Imitntions of Dr.
Tbomns' Eclectric Oil bnvp been numerous, but never successful. Those
who know the genuine nre not put off
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real thing.
"Good morning, Heir T'ppler, I
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had from me some time ago."
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T bought it you told me it wns such a
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��� I.ustige   Blaetter.
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Thev cure indigestion, colic, constipation, diarrhoea, teething troubles,
nnd all the other minor ailments
of childhood. They can be given with
absolute safety to the new born child,
for the mother has the guarantee of
a government annlvst that the Tablets do not contain one particle of
opiate or poisonous soothing stuff.
Isn't such a guarantee worth something to vou, mother? The Tablets
nre sold bv all medicine dealers or
mny be hnd from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville. Ont., at,
25 cents a box.
How soon nfter tbe mnn gets out
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When a fellow proposes to a girl at
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A laborer in the mining region of
Pennsylvania died recently and the
members of the fraternal order to
which he belonged called upon bis
widow to find out bow tbey might be
of assistance in her distress. They
made all arrangements for the funeral nnd desired to know if the deceased had any special church affiliation.
"Did your husband belong to any
church?" was asked.
"Why, no," snid the woman in astonishment, "he never done nothln'
to belong to church for."
The Noose.
Teacher (expectantly)���Now, chll
drcn, how many of you cau tell mc
what a lasso Is?
Willie (hurriedly raising his band)-
I'lease, ma'am, it's a long rope with a
running nose at tbe end.���Judge.
The Terms.
'The payments ain't so hard."
"Whnt terms?"
"A dollar down and a dollar whenever the collector ketches m__."���Wash
Ington Herald. ... .. .....
St. George's
Baking Powder
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Londonner   Lets   Out  the   First Wall
Against  Ballast  Dropper.
The road hog who whizzes through
town and village leaving a cloud of
dust and a trail of dead dogs and
fowls behind him promises to be surpassed as a public nuisance by the
air hog, now that ballooning is becoming a popular pastime.
Mr. P. P. Warren, writing to The
London Times relates how, as he sat
quietly reading in liis garden in Gloucester road, Kingston Hill, the other
night, a balloon glided over and greeted him with a shower of ballast.
"Good ballast, I have no doubt," says
Mr. Warren: "but when dropped'into
my garden it fulfilled Huxley's definition of dirt.
"What right," he asks, "has a balloonist to shoot his rubbish on me
and my property? I cannot think his
action is legally an act of God; but,
if it is, what a prospect is in view
for peaceful citizens if in a few years'
time air travel becomes a fad of the
vulgar rich!
"Suppose-1 am peacefully tracking
a snail to its lair, and am suddenly
assailed with the tea slops and heeltaps and broken sorts of a millionaire's midair tea party.
"Ail my flock of bad words will
peer out over the fence of my teeth
ready for flight; my wife will tell
Johnny and Amelia tbey must play
more quietly, as poor dada is not feeling well, and a general gloom will
settle over the house. Multiply the
instance and you have a country oppressed as if under the domination
of the Puritans."
As the man wbo flies through the
air has a greater field for his nuu-
ance developments than tbe man who
flics along our ronds, it may appear
advisable, Mr. Warren adds, to get a
strong body of public opinion ready
to crush Uie "air hog" as Boon as he
But, supposing public opinion to be
roused, how is the "air hog" to be
dealt with? How is the action of airships 500 feet or more above the earth
to be regulated?
A correspondent put the question
to Major Baden-Powell, a practical
balloonist and aeroplane inventor
himself. "I told you so," he said.
"There are going to be all manner
of complications when the day of airships comes, and I think Mr. Warren
is a wise man to start thinking about
"But, first of all, I can explain how
the incident of the unfortunate ballast happened. Lately they have taken to putting wet ballast in the bags,
with the result that it falls in clots
and lumps. That's how it is. If it
had been dry ballast the sand would
have simply fallen in a soft, soothing shower that would have done no
"I know a famous balloonist who,
quite recently, dropped wet ballast,
and is smashed through a glass house.
A pure accident, of course, The sort
of thing that might happen to the
best intentioned air traveler. The
owner of the glass bouse made inquiries and found out where thr: balloon started from, the name of the
owmer, and���well, I happen to know
that the owner paid. I should recommend Mr. Warren to claim for
moral damages to his garden, if he
can  find  the   balloonist.
"You see," continued Major Baden-
Powell, "if your balloon is dropping
you cannot stop to consider what is
underneath it. In fact, you are particularly anxious not to find out what
is underneath. You must throw out
"So much for the present. As for
the future there will really have to be
serious legislation when airships become the fashion. But I do not see
how you are going to prevent millionaires emptying teci slops on the heads
of suburban residents if they want
to. You could not take an airships
number; it would be invisible at such
a height. Probably every airship
would be forced to carry ita own refuse box, and midair picnics would
be forbidden."
His Horoscope Indicates Predominance of Mars.
One of the chief features of the
October number of the Monthly Messenger, published by "Old Moore," a
well-known English weather prophet,
is a horoscope of the principal rulers.
This month tlie stars that sway
King Edward come under Burvey.
According to "Old Moore," the planet Mars is predominant in the King's
horoscope. The seer adds that it is
very important in this respect, "that
the total eclipse of tbe sun of January 3 next falls on tbe place of Mars
at the King's birth; and there certainly appears indications of grave international troubles, warlike tendencies, as well as personal dangers and
Not Qualified
Mr. Meenister MacGlucky (of the
Free Kirk, after having given away
more than usual to an expression "a
wee thing strong"��� despairingly) ���
Oh! Aye; Ah, w-e-el ! I'll hae to
gie 't up !
Mr. Elder MacNab���Wha-at, man,
gie up gowf?
Mr. Meenister MacGlucky ��� Nae,
nae !   Gie up the meenistry.���Punch.
"Anything to be grateful for?" replied the optimist. "I should say
so. Have you noticed the awful
shrinkage  of stocks?"
"I guess everybody has," growled
the pessimist.
"Well, I don't own any stocks."���
Philadelphia Ledger.
A nmn's love is a coaling station.
A woman's love is tlie end of the
line, tlie round-house and the officers'
Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Diphtheria.
When a man makes a good guess
he straightway swells up nnd claims
he has contributed to science.
The Demon Dyspepsia.��� In olden
times it was a popular belief that
demons moved invisibly through the
ambient air, seeking to enter into men
and trouble tbem. At the present day
tbe demon, dyspepsia, is at lnrge in
same way. seeking habitation in
those who by cureless or unwise living invite bim. And once be enters
a man's life it is difficult to dislodge
him, He that finds himself so possessed should know that a vnlinnt
friend to do battle for him with the
unseen foe is Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, which are ever ready for the
trial. . ���
A country editor savs his wife spent
two hours while in the city recently,
trying to buy him some postprandial
Mrs. Yellen of Portland says: "My
hands were so sore and cracked that
I could not put them near water. I
seemed quite unable to get rel'ef from
anything I put on tbem until I tried
Zam-Buk. It closed tbe big cracks.
gave mo ease, and in a very short
time   healed   my   hands  completely."
Zam-Buk heals all skin injuries and
diseases. Of all stores and druggists
at 50 cents, or from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for prici.   3 boxes for $1.25.
Es Guaranteed to be Absolutely Pure and of
Incomparable Quality.
Tlie woman who can get money
from her husband without telling
hiin what she wants it for, is a great
Old Gentleman���Have you no family ties?
Willie���Oh, yes, sir! Father makes
me wear all of his old ones.
In Nature's Storehouse Tbere Are
Cures.��� Medical experiments have
shown conclusively that there are
medicinal virtues in even, ordinary
plants growing up around us which
give tbem a value that cannot be estimated. It is held by some that Nature provides a cure for every disease
which neglect and ignorance have
visited upon man. However this may
be, it is well known that Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, distilled from roots
and herbs, are a sovereign remedy in
curing all disorders of tbe digestion.
Mr. Stubb���Yes, Mary Ellen says
she is dying to get a position as cook
mi an ocean liner.
Mrs. Stubb (in surprise)��� Gracious ! What ever put that in her
Mr. Stubb���Why, she read that
there are three thousand pieces of
crockery broken every voyage.���
Chicago News.
The Midshipman.
Writing in Harper's Magazine,
Capt. A. T. Mahan says: By luck, I,
for the first time in my life, have
found a plausible derivation for midshipman. It would appear that in the
days immediately after the flood the
vessels were very high at Uie ends,
between which there was a deep
"waist," giving uo ready means of
passing from one to the other. To
meet this difficulty there were employed a class of men, usually young
and alert, who, from their station
were called midshipmen, to carry messages which were not subject for the
trumpet shout. If this explanation
holds water it, like fore-castle, and
after-guard, and knight-heads gives
another instanco of survival of nomenclature from conditions, which
have long ceased. Whatever the origin of his title, it well expressed the
anomalous and undefined position of
the midshipman. He belonged, ao to
say, to both ends of the ship, as well
as to the middle, and his duties and
privileges alike fell within the broad
saying, already quoted, that what was
nobody's business was a midshipman's. When appointed as such, in
later days, he came in "with the hav-
seed in his hair," and went out fit
for a lieutenant's charge; but from
first to last, whatever his personal
progress, he continued, aa a midship*
man, a handy-billy..
There Is more Oatarrh in thia toe.tr*. r,r
the country than all llur di"""*en nn'
together, and until tbe last few years
was supposed to be incurable. For a great
many yjarB doctors pronounced It a local
disease anl prescribed local roucdies, au.l
by constantly failing to cure with 'oca!
treatment, pronounced it Incurable
Science has proven catarrh to '��� - con
stitutional disease and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Oatarrh
Cure, manufacured by F. J. Cheney A
Co., Toledo, Ohio, is thc only eonstitu
tional cure on the market. It '���* --iron
Internally in doses from ten drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any case
it fails to cure. Send for circii'n*-s and
testimonials. ��...    ,_
Address: F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O
Sold  by  Druggists,  75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Hubby���It makes my blood boil!
Wifey���That's   good.
Wifey���Certainly. Boiling is recommended to remove impurities in
all�� liquids���Pittsburg Leader.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
The man who is able to raise a
disturbance on his farm can seldom
lift a mortgage
"A pleasant walk," said Heir Sau-
senheimer, after a strenuous climb
to tho top of the mountain, wiping
the perspiration from Ins brow, "my
wife couldn't speak a word ull the
way up."���Fliegende Blaetter.
His Head For a Smoke.
According to tbe Chinese opium regulations of last November, nil teachers,
scbolars, soldiers and sailors of all
ranks were to be allowed three months
wherein entirely to relinquish the
opium babit. Information has reached
the authorities In Peking that some
soldiers are paying no attention to
these regulations, so Instructions have
been Issued to the effect that aay officer oi- mau found smoking will be at
once beheaded.
The perpetual charm
of freshness and crispness
���of daintiness and deli-
ciousness ��� is in every
box of V
���held   captive   by   the
air-tight,  moisture-proof
Eackages.      There  is  a
est in everything.    In
Biscuits, it's Mooney's.
Furnishes   Perpetual  Supply  of  Timber   and   Fuel���Conservation
of Water Supply
The setting aside of a timbered tract
of country as a forest reserve does
not mean that this tract is to be a
sort of sacred enclosure within whose
bounds no tree is to be cut. On the
contrary the purpose of setting aside
the reserve is tbat it shall furnish a
permanent and perpetual supply of
timber and fuel for tbe people de-
depending on it��.
In order that tbis object may be
effected, the timbered binds must be
put under proper management, Tbe
central idea of this management is
that the quantity of timber which
shall be allowed to be taken off the
area in any period sball not be greater thnn tbe amount of timber which
is grown on the area during IbiW period. This is the ideal of forest management. Needless to say, the carrying out of this idea meets with various modifications, especially when
scientific management is first introduced.
ln order that this policy may be
carried out, it is necessary to know,
not only the actual iiinount of timber
on tbe reserve at present, but also
tbe rate at which the timber is growing and what amount of timber is being produced. When these have been
found out, tbe amount of timber
which may be removed from the tract
each year may be calculated. It is
to ascertain the points referred to
that parties have been sent out each
summer since 1905 by the Forestry
Branch of the Department of the Interior, in whose charge the management of -the reserves lies.
The number and diameter of the
trees on the tract are arrived at by
going over a certain proportion (previously determined) of the tract,
counting the trees thereon und measuring tbe diameters accurately with
'tree calipers", record of all wliich
is made at the time and kept. The
relation between tbe diameter and
height of the trees are also studied,
for instance, how high a tree four
inches in diameter will be. Kepresen-
sentntive trees of each diameter
are also felled and "stem analyses"
made. From measurements taken
in these "stem analyses" it may be
determined, not only what are tlie
actual cubic contents of tlie tree at
present, but also wbat were the contents of the tree ten, twenty, or any
number of years ago; and from what
it has done in the past, the future
growth of. tlie tree may be arrived at.
liy subsequent calculations in tlie
office it may be determined wbat is
the actual amount of timber (ih
cords, board feet or other measurement) standing on the tract, what is
tbe rate of growth and whnt quantity of timber will grow on tlie tract
in a given period.
Another object for which forest reserves are often set apart is that of
regulating water supply. It is well
known that in regions which have
been stripped of tlieir timber the
streams in spring become torrents,
while during the summer the amount
of water flowing in them is much less
thnn it was during tbe periods before
the timber was removed. The value
of a supply of water, either for manufacturing purposes or for agriculture, depends on the constant How of
the water. Obviously the easiest way
of keeping tbe flow of water constant
is to retain tbe forests, cutting only
the mature timber, wliich ought to be
removed anyway. In several of the
Dominion Forest Reserves, this question of water supply must play an
important part in the management.
Besides these principal objects aimed at���namely, the preserving of a
permanent timber and fuel supply,
and the conservation of tlie water
supply, tbere are various other ends
to be aimed at. In some cases, for
instance, while these objects are the
primary ones, inhabitants of the forest region make considerable money
from the summer visitors who come
there. But the former considerations
are usually head and shoulders above
any others that may be offered, and
must always be of pr;me importance
in the management of the forests.
Here and There
"The poor you have with you always," quoted the preacher.
"Thai's what you're mistaken,"
said the old man. "For the last six
months my oldest boy bas been draw-
in' on me from Texas ("���Atlanta Constitution.
Help your children to grow strong
and robust by counteracting anything
that causes ill-health. One great
cause of disease in children is worms.
Remove them with Mother Grave's
Worm  Exterminator.    It never fails.
Hoax���She   wears   specks.
Joax���Don't say specks. Say spectacles.
Hoax���I don't mean spectacles. I
menu   freckles.���Philadelphia  Record.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
She���The works of the old masters
were well done.
He���And yet they are rnre now.���
Chicago Tribune.
Many a hard case gets a soft snap.
Picture of 4C wild animals in colors,
gun and trap catalogue, price list of
raw furs, hides and skins, sent post
paid for 4c in stamps. N. W. Hide a
Fur Co.,  Minneapolis,  Minn.
for Modern Homes
Far surpauet wood, platter or paper id beauty���
hca[n-if-Tllynny ���hI-cIk'-..*- any color���cbeme���-'
maLei lhe room* REALLY Military���give** proUctioa
again*)! fire��� tht-ie are iome of the. reaaont why YOUR
houie���why any modern buiiiiiuBinywhereJiouJ-Jhava
pirriT   At*      AR.T  STEEL
Coat   little���-last  indefinitely.    Let ui tend   you the
whole tale io print and pictures.     The book is free. KW
The PEDLAR People K!
O.tirtws, M.T.trvsl otwwa 1'o-onto London Winnipeg
You cannot be happy while you
have corns. Then do not delay in
setting a bottle of Holloway's Corn
Cure. It removes all kinds of corns
without pain. Failure with it is unknown.
People can't really bo called selfish
when they occasionally find a thing
too good to keep.
fits perfectly. Every
garment is tested on
models and the exact
size determined. All
sizes from 22 to 70
3 winter weights.
Your dealer can easily get all
desired sizes and weights, if he
should not hive them in stock. _4*_
Commencing Dec. 1st, and continuing to Dec. 31st, excursion tickets
will be on aitle to many points in
Eastern Canada, west of Montreal, at
$40.00 for tbe round trip, good for
return three months from date of sale.
Be sure to specify the North-Western
Line between Minneapolis, St. Paul,
and Chicago.
Care of Tablecloths.
When not in use a tablecloth should
be kept in folded creases and when
brought out to be spread should be laid
on the table and unfolded its entire
length, the width being doubled, with
tfie center crease along the center of
the table. Then the half breadth that
hi folded Bhould be turned back, and
the cloth will hang even. Careless
servants often gather up a cloth "anyhow," without taking the -trouble to
told It up again in its own creases,
and thus fresh ones are made. A tablecloth will keep fresh looking as long
again If it is always folded up ln its
own folds and put away until the next
meal, says Woman's Life.
The French bave a way of making
even an inferior quality of table linen
look well without the aid of starch.
When the napkins are washed and
ready to be ironed they are dipped Into boiling water and partially wrung
out between cloths. They are then rapidly ironed with as bot a fiatlron as
possible y/j.tboi_t_ bujrulng them.
9        &
80025 30026 300IT
���2.75      81.80      ��3.50
A TIE PIN aiways forms a pleasing
and suitable gift to a man, and
especially if it be from Ryrie's.
No. J0025���Fine Mk rope turban tie pin
with whole pearl centre, $2.75.
No. 30026���Hktic pin set with selected
pearls, oriental whole pearl in centre,
exception** ly good value at $1.80.
No. 30027���Tie Pin, twist rope knot,
solid 14k gold, with two fine whole
���pearls���the season's newest style,
Sand for our Catale_.ua
Ryrie Bros.,
134-138 Yonfte St.
W.   N.   U.   No.   665. . THE   SLOCAN   MINING  REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, 8314,4*00,000.
BEST, 811,000,000
President���Lobd Eteitiicoka and Mount Rotai,.
Vice-President���Hon. Gsokoe A. Duummokd.
Genera) Manager���E. S. Cloustom.
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Winter Wear For
The Children*
No   need  for parents in  any   part of
the Slocnn to semi ea*t (or tlieir
Children's wear,
Slocan flDtninfl Review.
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Tranef��r.
And at prices Ihat will suit you.
If you live in New Denver, cnll and
inspei t my stock. If you live at Bloean,
Silverton, Rosebery, Nakuap, Three
Forks or Sandon, drop mo a lino, we
can certainly do business together..
k ���f'f'r'f t-T VTTTTVT M' V T *T"J* T^ V*rT TTTTT'ft'TTT'T V'TT'TT"?1 WTv'T'tt tt t%
t       For tbe Cough that Keeps You Awake Nights and
Bothers You All Day as Well
Bubscrlption t3.00 per annum, strictly   NCW   D*���nV*��r,   B.C.
in advance,   No pay, no paper. ^^^^
."3.50 cnih.    Laillffl and girls   Irish knit
golf jacke'a.   Tbe very lat est New York
ciiIb, in white with sky-blue s'ripis
down front, nlso white wilh red stripes.
Ladies cashmere hose, three pair for *. 1,00
Tob.iceo cms *n prices for ono week.
Smoking IoIjucco.
Traveller, 05cia box
English shag, hla box, 46cts
Wills Navy Cut Capstan 20. ts box
Old Chum. 2 pouches, 4ficts
Seal of North Carolina, 2 pouches -locls
Hondas No. 1, 1 ib. wit.i pipe, BOels
a pkge-i T. & B. cut ..Via
li Cus'k*, big can 45cls
Advehtisi.nu Rates :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $13.00
"    for Crown Grants    -   -    7.60
"     " Purchase of Land   -    7.60
"      " License lo Cut liinher 0.00
All locals will bo charged for nt tlie rate
of ISc. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and mako
Chcjues payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familial with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Virginea mineral claim, situate ln the
Arrow Lakes Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located:
On Kooskanox creek about 8 milts
fn-ni its month.
Tako notice thut I, Saranol Walker,
of Burton City, Free Miner's Certilicate
No. 15.85286, intend sixty days from
the dale hereof, to apply to tbo Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement's lor the purpose o( obtaining a
Crown Gmit of the above claim.
And farther Uko  notioo  that notion
under section 87,  must be  commenced
before lhe issuance  of each Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2oth day of Nov. A.D. 1907
Distr'ct of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Andrew Wallace,
acting as agent for the Silverton Lumber nnd Power Company, of Silveiton
B.C., Contractor, intends'to apply for
permission to purchase tbo following
discrilied lnnd: Commencing at a post
p'anted on the east shore ol Slocnn bike
about one mile south of Rosebery, and
intuked A. W.'s south-west comer,
thenceeast 'about one chain to the right
of way of the Nakusp and Slooan railway
thence north SO chains, along the railway to tho shoro of the lake, tbence
southerly along the lnke shore to point
ol commencement, containing five acres
more or,le��.,
November lath, 1907.
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish iu season,
Hermann Cl
Jvv3llsr and
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
���Bloean Lnnd District���District ol
Take notico tbat Sidney Yates Brockman, of New  Denver,  accountant,   intends to apply for  permission to purchase tbo   following     described   land.
Commencing at a po-t planted at the
N.E. corner of lot 8101,   thenco cant 80
chains; the ico so ith 11 c iiin
weat 80 chains; tbence north 40 chains
to point of com inenc-. mint and Contain-
jag 3i1 a*:re, in ire jr     s.
iflept. 24< h 1907
My stock of CANNED GOODS
is always Fresh, and every customer receives  honest value for
money spent.
Have you seen mv line of Ladles Blouses
and  the assortment of feiicy goods  ���
I am now displaying .
Pay me a visit.
Repairs to Brooches, Pina, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail ordera.
Mrs.   Matheson, KOOteilBy IlOte
Slocan Land Diatrict���District of
West Koonenay.
Take notice that A. Owens of New
Denver, mill operator, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:��� Commencing
at a post planted on the west shore of
Slocan Lake about one half mile in a
southerly direction from Mill creek;
commencing at a post marked A. O.'s
S.E. corner post, thence 20 chains west
thence 40 chains north, thence 20 cliains
east, thence 40 chains south to place
of commencement, containing 80 acres
more or less.
Dated at New Denver, Oct. 31stl 907.
Slocan'Land   District���District of
West  Kootenay.
Take notice that_Henri Robt. Jorand,
ot Slocan, barrister, intends lo apply
for permission to purchase thu following
described land. Commencing at a post
planted at the north-east corner of 1-ot
882, "tbence .soutli* 40 chains; tlience
ea��t 20 chains; tin nee north 40 chains i
the :eo_weet 20 chains to point nl Commencement and containing 80 aci-r a
more or less.
November 10, 1907.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree fovhd,
S3, cl.
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar aud Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
local salesman Wanted Tor
New Denver
And Adjoining District to repreient
Canada's deafest Nurseries
Trees ol right size ami age for Britisli
Columbia plantin*'. Uronn on limestone foil; hardier and longer lived than
const trens.
Sandon, B.C.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the  Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail er your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
Slocan Land Distiot���District of
Wc-t |Kooten��T.
Take notice that Charles Clsrkson
Rhodes, ol Nelson, B.C., hoik ketper,
intrnds lo apply ior permission to purchase the following dfsciibi'd land*.
Command ng at a pout planted on the.
east loniiihiry of lot 882, ut a point 40
chains south of the north-east corner
of said lot, tbence south 80 chains;
thence cant. 20 chains; thence north 80
���chains, thence west 20 chains lo point
of commencement, and eontu'ning 180
acres, mnre or less.
November 16, UO.. 10-25
Slocan Land District���District ol
West Kootenay.
Take notice that tie Oiilaiio-Slnoan
Lumber Co., Ltd., of SloCin, B.C.,
Lumbermen, intend lo apply f n*'a n|i��-
cial timber licenso over the following
described landu: Commencing at a
P ist planted diree'ly opposite the 17
mile board of the N. & S. Railway and
on the south side of Bonanza creek and
marked "Ontario--docin Luiiibu* Co.,
Ltd., N,E. corner," thence aouth 40
chains, thence west KiO chain", thenco
north 40 chains, ihence east 100 chains,
tr> point of commencement and containing 640 acr.s more or Ioh.i and covering
the Bame gi'0'ind formerly covered by
Timber Ilc6ri__ No, main.
December 4th. 1907.
ONPARtO-8f,OCAS I.tlMBiCltOi. Ltd.
for D. Sr, L)eui>_ Agelr.
A permanent situation. Territory reserved; Pay   weekly; Kree outfit.
Wrile for pai-Ui.ij.lars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.O. Government )
TORONTO       -      - ���      ONT.
���dit  Hotel
Slocan* Cit\_,  +  B.C.
Headquarters aud borne
of the old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
wishes a square deal,
Wliich you will surely
get   at
f. US. Griffith
X 1
*  Watch for spring and sum in r  *
T      samples   about   February      *-
lit, from
Tlie Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Ont.
Every suit guaranteed,
Send your order i arly to
cn- ***********************
Fnnmlf eonrtuctiMl on Phort
notiot it nny |><>lni. la the dlf-
triet.    ..hi'lin fcli-rfc-fi in itock.
fl) flftcXean, _.I_?v__5
District of West Kootenay
Take notice that I, Job;:  D. l'eid, of
SloCiin Oily, B.C.,  prospector,  intends
foayply for permission to  purchase tho
following described land:
Commencing at a post near Ten Miln
Creek, Lot 8428, about 400 feet smith
ol post marktd "J.D.R."running south
20 chains, oust 20 chains, no*tli 20
chains, west 20 ohains to point of commencement.
Dated S-.pt, 3nt.li. 1007.
3. D. RF.ID
O80 7
Colin )* Campbell
Notary Public
phone a.
P.O. nox io
It is a simple,   harmless   remedy,   and has  been used
*t  very successfully here for years. I*
- *************************** ******* . *****4t***ta\%*mimm
***** . **************
professional Carta*
Shelf   end   Heavy   Hardware,   Mine
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that Clare Lilian Drewry,
of Nelson, DC. intends to apply for
permission to puichase tbo lollowing
described lahdis Commencing at a
poet pimted .it tbe'8.W. cornerof   lot
81162, Ihence south 20 chains, thenct
east 40 chains, theifce north 20 chains
tbence west 20 cbaiin, containing fcO
Nov. 28th, 1007.
Slocan Land D'slrict���District of
West I_. otonny
Take notice that Henry Allen McMillan', of Nelson B.C., occupation rancher,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following di scribed lands.
Commencing at a post on lhe S.W.
corner of lot lot, 7308, thence noith 40
chains, thonce weal 20 chains, thence
���outhi*i0 chains, thonco enst 20 chains,
to point of commencement, containing
80 acres. v
Nov. 28th, 1907,
.A..   O.  OstToy
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block    :    New Denver, B.C.
P. O. Box 87.
For thoFe__who   could    not get
away during the, busy holiday
seaaon, we  reccomend
This far-famed sanitarium with
its sulphur springs and accomodation ia JUST THE PLACE to
build up and get a fresh start.
This company  operates  through
standard sleeping  cara, dining
cars, and First Class Tourist
Capitalization |20,000
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered  to any
part of tho town.
Outside points supp e    regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
Forratea, Reservation^ or any
information desired, call on, or
E. J. Coylb, A.G.P.A.
Jons Moa, D.I'.A., Nelson.
Ladies' Dress 10c
"      Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towols, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 15c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Warm Cosy Roorn3.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Yer tflmk Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, a��d
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake
A. OWENS, Manager
PA Box 20.
Slocan Lsn    Dip' rict���District of
Weft Kootenay,
Take notice.thut I, Marion 'Mclnnes,
Annua Mclnnes, a!.eiit, of New Denver,
spinster, intend to apply for perniis-ion
to purchase Ihe following described
land: Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west corner of lot 2,50(1
G.I., Kootenay di-trict, thonce west 20
chains, thonce soutli 20 chain*', tbence
east 20 chains, tbence nortli 20 chains
to Iho place of commencement containing 40 acres moro or loss.
Dated November 23r I, 1907.
A. Mclnnes, Agent.
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
, Take notice tbat Hoy Black, of New
Denver, minor, inteml" to apply for permission to purchase the following des-
crlberl lnnd. Commencing at a post
planted on the shore nf Slocan lake one
mile north of New Denver nt the west
boundliry of tho Molly Hughes groiipof
mineral claims; thenco northerly 20
chains, thence west40 chains, thci)c��
south 20 chains, thence east along the
shore of Slocan lake to point of commencement anil containing40 acrea more
or lets.
December 16, 1007
Slocan Lund District���District ofj
West K'lotenay,
Take notice that Martha Ann^Smilh
of New Denver, B.C., married woman,
intends to apply for permission to pur-
chsse the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
north boundary of timber leano 4_5,
near the Kelcuip and Slocan R?., Mar-
tli** Aon Smith S K. i* iriier _jbilllfd nn
the north boueiliry of t'ml er leabe 435
snd at the s'intli w* st corner ef limber
Mini* Which whs numbered SG73, tlience
north 00 chain", thence west. 10 "clmins
more or least*) lh�� o ,9t I onndary of
Bertha Wisffije applic ition to purchase
thence soutli lit) chains to tha north
boundary of timber louse 1S5, thence
E.ist 10 tihflirtl moieor lesn to the pldco
of commencetnent and oon|alniri_.,J80
acre* mo*e Q'* less.
Decern; e*-(Ith.   807,
J. II. Sm th, agent-
^���i-iucli to x]/i inch, also J-2-iuch
Galvanized Pipe.
}o,  %,  aud    3_ I?rass Pipe and
Fittings for Launches.
Rubber Packing Always Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks, I.ead traps, etc., etc.
Denver Waterworks
Company, Ltd.
- Manager.
Slocan Land District���District of
West   Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Andrew Jacohson,
agent for J. E. Brouse, of New Denver,
physician, intend) to apply for permission to purcl.aso the following described
laini *. Commencing ivja, post where
lit 8GS.(i intersects with lot 485 snd
maikeil J.K.H.'s N.k',. coiner post
thence south 1*5 ohains, .thonco east 40
chums, thenco soutli 20 chains, thonce
Wtfll 80 CliaitlB thence north $F> chains
more or le-*.*i to the boundary of lot 8608
G, I., thenco oast 1!0 chains more or lets
to the' cornerof lot 8006, thenco north
10 chains, thenco east 10 clia*'n*> lo tl e
pointof commencement, containing 2,10
acres more or h*:,s. The land is .ituale
ahout :,,j of a mile from the head of Slocan hi lie.
Dated November 82nd, 10.07.'     **
J. 80. Andrew ,bicobp��.i, A-ent.
Situate at New Denver, B.C., tho most beautiful place In
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow did peaks may be witnessed at all
time3 from the veranda. Rooms, single or cn suite, reserved
by wire.   Gaeolino launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
I    T      T>      <r*^ m if T *T* T T   i
WrteF ^iVlJ"     8%   gm        ~i ���_ H_n__Jl 9
*   JLJ? *   kJ A vsJL JL  ill   *
5eneral Merchant   ���   New Denver
��� i
< >
< i
Is olTering good values in Men's underwear, in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands, also shirts of
various kind-!, some specialities for miners und men iu logging camps, gloves, milts, socks in large variety, collais, ties,
sweaters, overalls, blankets and comforters.
Call and inspect onr stock ; it will he appieclated,
Q" t-************************************************j
6�� OS
First-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar| Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and (.lacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
.A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
Put up lu Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trad*,
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
MAD8   ftY   TMS
HERBERT CUE atda&ahs*.
C-n supply you with all kinds of Gn.KE8, COOK-
IKS ami small studs for Parlies or At Homes at
short notice. When you onler your BIRTHDAY
CAKE have it mado to contain a sterling silver cake
set. This affords enjoyment for the young folks as
well as for adults.
Box 44
"Companies Act, 1807."
Canada, )
Province of British Columbia. )
No 420.
This is to certify that "The Weitmont
Silver Mining Company Limited" is
authorised anl licensed to carry on
hniiness within tho province of British
Columbia, nnd to earry out or effect
all or any of the objects of the Company
to whicli the legislative authority of the
Legislature ol Hritinh Columbia extendi.
Tbo bond oflleo of the Company is
situate at the City of Toronto, Province
of Ontario.
Tho amount of the capital of the company is sixtv thousand dollars, divided
into sixty thousand shares of one dollar
X'le head office of the campany in
this province is situate at Slocan City,
and II.R. Jorand, Barrister at law,
whose address is Slocan City aforesaid,
is ihe attornev for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, province of British
Columbia, this twenty-third d��y[of December, one thousand nine hundred aud
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies'
The objects f o- which this company
h��. been established and licensed are:���
(a.) To acquire, own, lease, prospector, open, rxnlirr, dovulop, work,
improve, maintain, and manage
mines and mineral lands and deposit", and to dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyse, reduce, amnlgs.-
mate, pipe, convey, and otherwise treat
ores, metals or iuutetp*ls whether belonging to the company or not, and to
lender the same merchantable, and to
sell or otherwise i!i��posi of the same or
any part thereof or interest therein, and
(h.) 'lo talto, acqu'lrp and hold ns
consideration for ore*-| octal-: or min *
.!���.���!��� Bold *: tlierwiso disposed of or
lor goods supplied r i* for w.ii k done by
Iontiaot or otherwise', shares,. deh i
tnres or otbei   securilie-s  ^,1 or in  nny
other compaii)   havin.   objeej riilar
in whole pr in pm t to I
pany  hereby  incorpot  ted    id  to
and otherwise dispose o! tht   ���
Slocan Land District���Diatrict of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that James McVicar, o
Slocan City, miner, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
describe! lands: Commencing at a
post planted '00 fort from N.E. corner
ol lot 309, II. D. Curtis owner, claiming
0 cliains oait, thence liO ohains south
thenoe ���' chains west, thence 30 chain!
north to pointof conimencment.
Jama's McVicar, agent,
John Wafer, locator.
Decern bor 7, 1907.
Kaslo Land District���District of
West Kootena/.
Take notice that Qeorge Henderson,
of Slocan, B.C., rancher, intends to apply for a special timber licenso over
the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted on Goat
creek about 2 miles easterly from the
N.E. corner of Lot 7101, thence east 120
chains, thence souHi 80 ehatns, thence
west 40 chains thence nortli 40 chaine,
thence west 80 chains, thonce north 40
chains to the point of commencement,
and containing 040   acres more or  less
November 19,1907.
A meeting of the stockholders ol Ilie
Star Mining and Milling Co., Ltd., I.ty.,
���i-i'l be held nt the Ofliqe of the Company
st Sflridon,  B.C.j  nn  tho third day of
February;  18(03, at 10 o'clock, a.m. fol'
tfie inu*]  *     pi electing a board of Dir-
itws foi t'n pu_ulng year and transacting oth i  business.
... M. HARRIS,
���*. 0 ('..
[),*.������   ibvv 'v


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